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After the Fa conference began, the female relatives were engrossed in listening to the lecture, not aware of the changes around them, and still unaware of being watched.No one would have imagined that in the pure land of Buddhism, when pure kana cbd gummies amazon everyone is praying for blessings, some people are waiting for the opportunity cbd gummy squares best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress to harm others.Just after the puja was over, many people were going to send offerings, and the remaining female relatives would be ushered into my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares the meditation room by the welcoming monk to wait.That was the best time to do it.She couldn t wait until that time, there were too many people coming and going cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart around her, and the situation was difficult to control, and she couldn t be sure, after she took the pearl, whether the murderer let her mother go and came to kill her instead.So before that, she had to act first, so that the murderer who was hiding in the dark could be restrained by her.ambition.Since the same person committed the crime, the same method must be used.The few robberies that happened a while ago did not place pearls.How can we say that it was the work of the pearl thief Even if pearls were found in this case, cbd gummy squares someone may deliberately confuse the public.Feel free to jump to conclusions, your Taiyuan government is just investigating the case like this, why don t you resign from your official position earlier and plead guilty to the court.A cbd gummies 600mg cold voice came, like a basin of ice water poured Feng Anping from head to toe.Feng Anping shuddered solidly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently However, the current banditry case is somewhat similar to that of seven years ago.Feng Anping regained his energy immediately, and looked at Wei Yuanchen, as if he was listening to a lecture.King Lu and his concubine Wei still had a close relationship, and the Wei family followed King Lu wholeheartedly.Not a few years later, the first emperor passed away, and King Lu officially ascended the throne and became the current emperor.Since then, the feelings of the emperor and empress have not been as good as before.In order to be able to give birth to a son in law, the empress used many methods to help her conceive, but in the end the baby was not kept.After three children died in a row, the empress s temperament changed drastically.She often went crazy in the palace and was punished several times by cbd gummy squares the emperor.Although the position of queen was not abolished, he could no longer take care of the affairs of the harem.The Wei family knew how to advance and retreat.Seeing this situation, the elder brother of cbd gummies military the empress concubine stayed at home on the grounds of an old illness, and lived a life with children wrapped around his knees.What s wrong Fourth Master Cui got up and asked.Fourth Master, the steward immediately stepped forward and whispered, The yamen went to Yong an Lane, and I heard that the thief was caught.Hearing this, Cui Fourth Master hurriedly got up and put on his clothes, and hurried out, He had to confirm the news.Fourth Brother, Cui Zhen s deep voice sounded, It s so late, where are you going Chapter 16 Night Interview Cui Zhen suddenly appeared, making fourth master Cui a little unexpected, and fourth master Cui froze there , It took a while to turn around and salute Cui Zhen.Lord Hou, Cui Si Master said, why haven t you rested yet Cui Zhen said indifferently There is news from the yamen that a few people have been arrested.I m going to have a look, where is Fourth Brother Cui Zhen went forward The courtyard doesn t need to pass by him, obviously Cui Zhen came to check his movements on purpose, Master Cui Si felt cold.Although this kind of confession is useless in the yamen, it is very important to him.He wants to know if the Pearl Thief has really returned.Make it clear.While Lu cbd gummy squares Shenzhi was thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu ran away again.There are so purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me many people around now, it s not a good time, he wants to find an opportunity to ask again, cbd gummy squares Lu Shenzhi looked at the mother in charge Take me to see my sister Hearing the footsteps leaving from full spectrum cbd gummy cubes behind, a smile appeared on the corner of Gu Mingzhu s mouth, If you want to get real news from others, you have to throw out some content that interests you.Interrogation is also about domination and obedience.Whoever is in a hurry will be controlled by others.Mr.Lu was obviously in a hurry.When he asked her, he purposefully asked her How old does that person look like He said this because Mr.He stopped regretfully.Never seen such a brazen person.He didn t want to stand here and look at this woman cbd gummy squares anymore, Wei Yuanchen was going to throw a stone to startle the doctor, and when he heard the sound, the woman would definitely run away immediately.Before Wei Yuanchen s stone was ejected, the doctor standing in front of Miss Zhou s tomb seemed to sense something, and suddenly strode towards the tomb.A mass of things struggled beside the tomb, because its hair was black, and it was not conspicuous in the dark, so Gu Mingzhu didn t see it at first, until it started to move slowly, Gu Mingzhu didn t notice the clue.It was a pure black rabbit, only the size of a palm.When it saw someone approaching, it struggled to escape.It was obviously inconvenient to move.After jumping two steps, it curled up and shivered.If Master Wei fails to solve the Shanxi case, I am afraid that no one will dare to inquire again in the future.Thinking about it this way, Mr.Wei has a long way to go.Gu Mingzhu was quite touched, and fed again considerately, filling the plate in front of Mr.Wei.Eat more, do things with strength.Wei Yuanchen frowned, and tapped the table lightly with his fingers.Is this doctor woman going to put most of the food on the table into his stomach Mr.Ding raised his wine glass, and everyone immediately responded and drank it all together.The more chaotic the scene, the more exciting it is.Good wine and good food, accompanied by beauties, soon most of the people were drunk.Mr.Ding looked at the gradually chaotic crowd, stood up and went to the next room to wash his hands, there was already someone waiting there.This doctor s medical skills are good, Sun Langzhong admired.The medicinal materials are arranged in different categories, which shows that she has a clear idea of how to treat the disease in her mind.I taught my apprentices and those wandering doctors that the medicinal materials in the medicine box must not be confused.Remember, if you make a mistake, it will lead to catastrophe.It is a pity that many wandering doctors follow the same sayings about medicinal materials, and they don t know what their effects are, and they are often confused.Sun Langzhong opened the medicinal residue in front of him, looked intently, his face There is even a bit of love for talent This medicine dregs has also been selected, and it must be curative for external use.I have been collecting prescriptions in the past few years, and HCMUSSH cbd gummy squares it is the first time I have seen a doctor who can be so meticulous.Chapter 44 Rabbit fur that slaps the face, like catkins in March, can be hung on the face at will.But catkins are pure white, and the rabbit fur in front of him, like its owner, is black.The rabbit on the ground hopped forward, the injury on the leg was still not healed, but the scorched hair had grown a lot, and it was fatter than when he saw it at the Cui family s ancestral grave.It can be cooked in the pot.Wei Yuanchen raised his hand and brushed the rabbit fur off his face, but contrary to his wishes, those little furry things immediately covered his body and scattered everywhere.The little girl in front of her was still smiling, and there were still tears on her face under the sun, and her big eyes were in a daze of innocence.Her lips were slightly curled up, and her expression was a bit cute, which made her look more innocent.Master Wei, Feng Anping said suddenly, Why is your face so red It looks like peach mossbut it doesn t have peach blossoms in this season Feng Anping said this, Wei Yuanchen suddenly felt His face was itchy, and he couldn t help wiping it with his arms, but not only did it not relieve the itching, but it made it even more uncomfortable.Wei Yuanchen looked at the back of his hand, a few rabbit furs were still stuck to it and refused to leave.He glanced at the gate of the Gu family.Don t worry, this account can be settled slowly.On the ninth day of cbd gummy squares the ninth day, Yan Hao had arranged for Yan Hao to rush all the way to Gu s house.Before he could catch his breath, he listened to the third master s order Call Nie Chen here and I have something to tell him.He wanted to order Nie Chen to send a message to Miss Gu.Besides, Master Wei was also caught as a bandit hemp gummies vs cbd in Huafang before, Nie Chen slandered, and then withdrew his small thoughts.Wei Yuanchen raised his head.This Nie Chen has a friendly face, which is easy to gain trust when going in and out of the market.He is also a detective and is good at inquiring about various news.Willing to stay by your side to help, not only has a good eye, but also has a lot of skills.Wei Yuanchen said You were on a boat that day, who did you ask to find those people My lord, you met outside Yong an Square, Nie Chen said, He once helped the doctor carry the medicine box.No wonder the doctor was there that day Appearing in Huafang, her apprentice is not around.Wei Yuanchen said, Where is he Just wait outside, Nie Chen said, Even if your lord doesn t tell me this time, I will bring him here.Our Cui family and the Wei family want to come to the well water without disturbing the river water, why does he deliberately make life difficult for us Cui Wei gently persuaded Mother, don t be angry, just wait a while.My eldest brother and I went to the yamen to see why Master Wei wanted to arrest so many people, even if he tried the case, he had to give a reason.What reason does he want Mrs.Lin widened her .

what are the best full spectrum cbd gummies?

eyes, The guards around you are no better than you.He just drank some wine and clashed with Wei Yuanchen, and was killed by Wei Yuanchen for no apparent reason, this man did all sorts of evil because he was a foreign relative, how many souls died at his hands Speaking of this, Cui Wei His complexion also became ugly.Mrs.Lin was talking about Zhang Xiao who was beside him.This person was good at archery.Before the prince arrives in Taiyuan mansion, she will collect all kinds of information as much as possible, and try her best to clarify the case of the lost war horse.Lin Runsheng has not formally entered or left the military camp, but he knows the breeds of cbd gummy squares horses like the back of his hand.He knows that the horses that Mr.Wei rides can be used as studs.At least it can prove that Lin Runsheng has the opportunity to learn this HCMUSSH cbd gummy squares in his daily life.Sister of the Gu family, Lin Runzhi walked over from the corridor, My sister hasn t gone back to rest yet After Lin Runzhi finished speaking, she remembered that Gu Mingzhu was different from ordinary people.With one hand, he held a piece of candy fruit and stuffed it into his palm.A smile appeared on Lin Runzhi s face immediately.Gu Mingzhu has no intention of taking advantage of an eight year old child, and there are many ways to find out the news.Mrs.Lin also felt that she was emotionally unstable and speechless I have been busy for half my life, and I want to enjoy happiness when I am old, but he doesn t let me worry.After Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she told her mother in charge These few days Don t let my clan sister and Zhuzhu come here, my heart will beat wildly when I see Zhuzhu now.I m afraid I can only hope that Miss Gu doesn t want to come to play these two days, cbd gummy squares otherwise no one can stop her.Cui Zhen and Cui Wei sat down in the room.First Chinese website Cui Zhen was silent for a moment and looked at Cui Wei Are there any of our people who have close contacts with the Taiyuan Guards , otherwise there will be suspicion of military cooperation, but they are all in Shanxi after all, and they will naturally move around when preparing for military supplies every year.She even looked carefully at the paper with ghostly symbols in her medicine box, trying to figure out what was written on it.All these things that cost him a lot of heart and energy are all blindfolds.After seeing the black rabbit, he thought he had exposed Miss Gu, but now he realized that the previous discovery was just the tip of the iceberg.Miss Gu is a liar, the doctor is a liar, and this cowardly woman is a liar, so so far the biggest thing they have in common is liars.So where did Miss Gu s medical skills come from Could it be that she was the one who cured her In this case, why do you want to hide it from your mother There are more doubts about her than the war horse case, but it just makes people think that she is just a simple and kind cabinet lady, and no one will be on guard against her.If you try to stop the eighth lock spring, it is a waste of time, so the seventh plate is the last one you can manipulate If you accidentally encounter This kind of mechanism, and the first seven pieces have been opened, don t think that if you release the mechanism, the sooner you can get rid of it, the better, don t delay for a moment.Gu Mingzhu walked quickly into the room, not seeing with her own eyes.rest assured.Junior Sister.Nie Chen didn t expect that Junior Sister Jiang would go back and forth, and before he could step forward to stop her, Junior Sister Jiang wellness cbd gummy bears had already arrived in front of Wei Yuanchen.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on the copper butterfly, and Mr.Wei tightly held the last swivel of the eighth lock spring.According to Yan Tanhua, even if he controlled the eighth lock spring, it would be useless.Lin Runzhi nodded.Seeing the study door closing slowly, Mrs.Lin frowned.She had heard about the Zhao family early in the morning, and the court was looking for the whereabouts of the second master Zhao.Master Zhao Er is related to the war horse case, does Lin Si bee bee cbd gummies really not know at all The Lin family and the Zhao family are related by marriage, and Lin Sizhen is a general on the frontier, and when buying and selling horses with Fanren, there must always be a checkpoint transaction.Besides, did Marquis Dingning participate in it Thinking about it this way, their Gu family is also in laws, if the master didn t wholeheartedly invite the imperial court to investigate the war horse, their Gu family would be very suspicious.The more Mrs.Lin thought about it, the more fortunate she felt.Thanks to herself, she thought it over and rejected Mrs.Cui Zhen looked over, the prince seemed to reach out to grab Wei Yuanchen, but Wei Yuanchen happened to bow down and dodge without leaving a trace.Cui Zhen had a deep expression, while Wei Yuanchen showed his sharpness at all times, without any mood swings, and did not show mercy to anyone.Everyone sat down again.The prince raised his wine glass My palace also said that three glasses of wine should be respected to the meritorious officials.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and met the prince s eyes, his eyes were like HCMUSSH cbd gummy squares pools of water, calm and deep without any fluctuations The case of the Taiyuan Mansion is still pending.If I haven t found out, I dare not cbd gummy squares accept the credit.The prince s expression froze, and he was about to explode when he saw Mr.Shen not far away.Mr.Shen shook his head at the prince, they knew this was the case, three glasses of wine could not make Wei Yuanchen give up the case of Taiyuan Mansion.Your Excellency you can give it a try, Gu Mingzhu said, Ifyou can t seeMaster Weithen Then the possibility of a trap is even greater.Lu Shenzhi s forehead was already covered with sweat.Although this was just the guess of Junior Sister Nie Chen and further confirmation was needed, he felt that it was very likely.Then what should we do Lu Shenzhi said, Aren t we going to arrest Mr.Zhao Er You don t arrest, Gu Mingzhu said, The Yamen received the news and it will also be passed on to the crown prince.There, the crown prince will also go there, and if it is a trap, everything will still happen.It s impossible to go, and it s impossible not to go, so what should we do Lu Shenzhi couldn t think of a way to solve it.Chapter 107 She Came to the Prince s Mansion.Mr.Shen was looking at the chess piece in front of him, the white chess piece seemed to reflect the bright moonlight, he suddenly waved his sleeves, the white chess piece was pinched in his hand, and the original place was replaced by a black chess piece.What kind of drama are the third master and that Miss Gu playing again Should he give more money Or should I pretend I have no money The third master didn t give any hints, which made him a little embarrassed.What can you do next Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork in his hands.Now that the money has been calculated, he also wants to see if it is worth the money.Nie Chen said Let s investigate the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago.Wang Da mentioned cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart it.Besides, we will find out who the woman who cbd gummy squares was in contact with Wang Daochang is., but none of the ordinary people did well.It seems that Miss Gu wants to use these cases to make the ordinary people into a climate.From the beginning of Mr.Zhang s case to the present, she has planned little by little, slowly laying the groundwork, and now she has worked out such careful eyesight, which is really painstaking.The Tatars conquered three cities in a row.The imperial court was deploying troops in northern Xinjiang at that time, and there were no generals available in the court.Under such circumstances, those old generals had to be called out again.The old generals took command temporarily and followed the commander of the Shanxi capital to fight against the Tatars.Unexpectedly, the Tatars had long since reneged on their agreement and took this opportunity to conquer the important town of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Fortunately, Shaanxi Xingdusi realized that the momentum was wrong, and mobilized troops to go there.The old generals fought against the enemy together with Shaanxi Xingdusi, and they were able to hold the pass.The commander of the Shanxi Dusi died in battle with those cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart old generals and lieutenants, and killed himself, and the result was very tragic.What s the matter, Mr.San Dreaming about the beast tiger Or the emperor It s like meeting a nemesis, unable to move anything, and can only freeze there as if facing an cbd gummy squares enemy.Chu Jiu thought for a while, then pulled out the short blade from his waist and handed it to Wei Yuanchen Third Master, if you are cbd gummy squares afraid, just hold the sharp weapon and continue to sleep Before he could finish speaking, that cold gaze fell to Wei Yuanchen.on him.Wei Yuanchen sat up, as expected beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.He was covered in white sweat, thanks to him being able to figure it out, since he is so good at talking Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Come with me to the front yard, sweating a lot.After sweating and taking a shower, those messy thoughts will disappear.Wei Yuanchen put on his boots and picked up the long sword on the table.She is a silly girl, she doesn t need to be restrained by etiquette, she can play as much as she likes, so she can be at her own pace, and when she makes things, she doesn t have to bother to cover her eyes with her eyes down, and she can think about things more conveniently.What is Cui Zhen looking for Nie Chen for Want to get some news from people in the know Gu Mingzhu twirled the blades of grass and made some guesses in her mind.Cui Zhen decided to report the Shanyin matter to the imperial court.She wanted to find out the war horse case, but she couldn t fully trust others, so she wanted to get some information in private.in order to judge the situation.It happened that she also wanted to ask Cui Zhen about the details of the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Although Cui Zhen hadn t entered the barracks at that cbd gummy squares do cbd gummies help anxiety time, various clues showed that the old Marquis Ding Ning was related to this matter.Miss Jiang s identity should not be revealed, what s wrong Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips, time seemed to pass very slowly, and a strange atmosphere gradually enveloped her, at this time he was somewhat similar to the appearance of the old illness that day.It s just that he was in a daze at that time, but now he is awake.Gu Mingzhu coughed and wanted to speak, but the sound seemed to wake him up.Gu Mingzhu only felt the arms around her waist move away quickly, and the strength supporting her body suddenly disappeared.She was unprepared and her center of gravity was unstable., without even making a sound of exclamation, he just sat down on the ground.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being a little dazed, and it took a while to come back to her senses.Master Wei changed so fast that she was really caught off guard.Cui Zhen looked at the drawings with the torch in the hand of the guard, and a white jade flower hairpin among them looked at it.The clothes are very familiar, and it was Zhuzhu who found it from her aunt s dowry.There is indeed a connection between Wang Daochang and Lin Sizhen.What else are they hiding There was a sneer on Cui Zhen s face, after hiding cbd gummy squares it for so long, it was time to see the light of day again Mrs.Lin Tai heard in a daze that it was raining heavily outside, and occasionally there was thunder.She began to sleep unsteadily and turned over on the bed purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me a few times.She slowly opened her eyes and was about cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart to call out.The man brought tea and vaguely saw a person standing in front of the bed.Mrs.Lin Tai exclaimed Who Chapter 131 The mother and son thank the leader for watching the flowers bloom.How can her yellow grooved bamboo be as good as gold inlaid jade.Zhao Gongren thought of this and rushed in like a gust of cbd gummy squares wind.When Cui Zhen said that her hairpin and armbands were fake, she thought they were all fake.They deliberately tricked her, but seeing this house, she gradually began to believe that if That woman is here, she might not have the patience to ask any more, and would slap her hard when she stepped forward.The house was built six years ago.At that time, she lived a tight life with the money subsidized by her mother s family.Could she not believe that cbd gummy lab analysis the master had so much money six years ago Impossible, unless proven otherwise.Zhao Gongren led people to search from room to room, the people in the house were very clean when they left, most of the things were taken away, and nothing strange could be seen for a while.Freshen up in cbd gummy squares do cbd gummies help anxiety the post house, change into clothes, Gu Mingzhu looked around, although the post house is not small, but it will inevitably be stretched to accommodate so many people at once.The female family members were all arranged to live in the backyard.The Cui family and the Zhou family female family members went to the west courtyard.Gu Mingzhu lived with her mother in the east courtyard.There were not many rooms in the east courtyard, so she could only squeeze into one room with her mother.It was really not easy to go out with a different identity, so I had to wait for Liu Su to send her a message.It s just a one night stay.I have to leave early tomorrow morning, so I don t need to bother Yicheng anymore.Gu cbd gummy squares Mingzhu heard that it was Princess Huairou s voice.Princess Huairou walked in front with the prince, and did not meet until the posthouse.Zhao.Even at the family banquet in the palace, some people will use this matter to ridicule the son in law.If the old general Zhao was wronged, then the son in law will not have to live this frightening life again., not to mentionher mother in law Zhao may not have died.Now that there was such a turning point, Princess Huairou looked at Mr.Shen It s timeto get the son in law back, the son in law is in Shanxi, he Princess Huairou didn t say anything later, she couldn t casually reveal the identity of her mother in law Zhao.The news, she only found out that the son in law has always suspected that the biological mother is not dead.Over the years, people have been searching for the birth mother in private.Just half a month ago, the son in law suddenly came to Shanxi in a hurry.She thinks that he got Zhao s information.Cui Wei is in such a state that he just stays to take care of the prince Wei Yuanchen rode his horse on the road, and Chu Jiu didn t dare to say a word beside him.Just now Cui Zhen mentioned Miss Zhou again, now the third master must be in pain, but do cbd gummies help with sleep he can t persuade him, no one can comfort the third master.Chu Jiu sighed inwardly, it would be great if Miss Gu was here.When Miss Gu was here, at least the atmosphere was good, and even if the third master occasionally got angry and turned uglyit was because the third master was inferior to others and did not deserve sympathy.Even if there is a rivalry, there is still someone who is not, it is better than having trouble with yourself.But Zhang Tong couldn t help it Third Master, the credit for saving the prince will be given to Marquis Ning When you go to the guard, are you going to lead troops to the northern border to meet the enemy Wei Yuanchen s voice sounded a little a little Hoarse The purpose of going to the guard is to stabilize the morale of the army.If it is really Si Zhen s soldier horse, when she sees Si Zhen, she will slap him severely, and ask Si Zhen why he treats his nephew like this.Brother Wei didn t feel sorry for him in the slightest.As a sister, she still wants to defend him.If there is something wrong with the Cui family, it is her eldest son who is disobedient and does not agree with her.Can t control it.The horse gradually slowed down, Mrs.Lin was finally able to catch her breath, she turned her head to look at Zhao Gongren, at this time it was already daylight, and everything around her could be seen more clearly, only to see Zhao Gongren raised from the horse s back like a fish out of water , looking around with round eyes, messy hair hanging on both sides, clothes messed up a long time ago, looking crazier than before.Under such circumstances, Zhuzhu was not afraid at cbd gummy squares all, and ran around the village all day, as if she was very happy and at ease.Zhuzhu s behavior also affected Madam, and made Madam feel better.Every time she saw Zhuzhu, Madam smiled cbd sleep gummies with melatonin cbd gummy squares happily, her brows and eyes completely stretched out, and her face gradually became rosy.Gu Chongyi watched his wife and daughter talking together I always feel that during these days in Taiyuan Mansion, it is not Madam who is taking care of Zhuzhu, but Zhuzhu is taking care of Madam.Besides Zhuzhu likes to be busy in the village, she always sneaks to the village castle.During this period of time, the guardhouse gradually became quieter, so he didn t restrain Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu wanted to go and watch as she wished, as long as there were people around her to protect her.Then she was slapped heavily on the face by the rebels, but it was precisely this cbd gummy squares kind of scream that brought her A team of people from the imperial court.When the rebels were besieged by the imperial soldiers, Zhou Ruzhang took the opportunity to bite the rebels.The rebels threw her off the horse in a rage.The same happened to Mrs.Zhou.The mother and daughter were reunited in the rebellion and hugged each other.Trembling, he waited until the rebels were dispersed before being brought to the village.Mrs.Wednesday saw that there were guards around the village fort, and there were still many people in the village.She immediately felt relieved.They were finally safe, and she didn t know who the person in charge in the village was After finding the person in charge, Mrs.Zhou can come forward to thank her, and then explain the my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares identity of the Zhou family, and ask the person in charge to send someone to send them back to the capital.The eldest lady s condition has improved, how is this possible If those witches can cure the disease, what use are we doctors After the old imperial doctor Chai finished speaking, he looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei said, is this true Ridiculous For some reason, he saw Master Wei s eyes deepened a little.Wei Yuanchen swallowed, his voice a little hoarse What happened next This is the first time I have seen such a situation, I am really surprised.After saying this, the old imperial doctor Chai felt that his face was completely gone.A doctor who sees the patient s improvement but can t explain the reason is really embarrassing.The old imperial doctor Chai was thinking cbd gummy squares about it, but he found Mr.Wei stood up, and suddenly bowed to him The old imperial doctor heals the patients but is so humble, really admirable.Zhou Ruzhang huddled next to Mrs.Wednesday in fear, not knowing how his grandmother would punish them The Gu family s carriage stopped at the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu helped Mrs.Lin out of the carriage, and the steward immediately stepped forward to meet her.Entering the courtyard happily, Baotong took Gu Mingzhu s hand, the master and servant raised their heads and saw a paper kite flying above their heads.Gu Mingzhu blinked, this is Liu Su sending her a message, think about the bamboo tube around Mrs Wei s waist, maybe she will try to get out of the house tonight, and I don t know if the dog hole she left is still there up.Chapter 202 Anxiety Huaiyuanhou s mansion is full of excitement.The madam and the young lady have lived in Shanxi for a long time, cbd gummy squares and the back house has always been deserted.Chu Jiu looked at the five black chickens in his arms, but the third master didn t seem to even glance at them.Master, the chicken is back.The ninth day of the ninth day reminded Wei Yuanchen that this was Xiaobai bye peak cbd gummies whom the third master had been thinking about day and night.Wei Yuanchen stopped and took a look sideways, and saw that the feathers of the five black chicken were so black that they shone brightly.Played a few Fang Sheng.What is this Wei Yuanchen looked at the colored rope and asked.Chu Jiu immediately said Miss Gu and Baotong wove the string.It was probably because the hair on Xiaobai s tail was plucked before, and sending a colored rope like this was considered compensation.The five black chickens are all black and shiny, and they look very good wearing bright webbing.Chu Jiu was watching, when a blur suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, the web had already been pulled off the chicken s neck.Cuckling the five black chickens cried out, stretching their necks to look around, and when the chicken s eyes cbd gummy squares do cbd gummies help anxiety fell on Wei Yuanchen, they immediately flapped their wings, like a falcon descending from the sky, fiercely pounced on its prey.Chu Jiu was taken aback.Although the third master was at fault, if the five black chickens pecked at the third master, the consequences would be unimaginable.He was about to stop him, but the five black chickens suddenly turned their heads, and the sharp beak pecked at Chu On Jiu s arm, it seemed that Chu Jiu was the thief who robbed him.The five black chickens flapped their wings, as if they were fighting Chu Jiu endlessly.Wei Yuanchen ignored the man and the chicken in the yard, turned around and walked into the house with a net, and calmly told the boys in the yard Get the hot water ready, I want to take a bath.Old Madam Cheng wanted to wrong Mrs.Zhao for attacking her, but now Mrs.Zhao is still a few steps away from her, no matter what, Mrs.Zhao can t be blamed.Old lady, Princess Huairou s face was full of astonishment, What are you going to do Why can t you talk properly and insist on making trouble like this Old lady Cheng rolled her eyes and was about to faint.If the chicken doesn t lose its rice, it will be reprimanded by the low dose cbd gummies princess, no matter what, it can t be such a result.As soon as Mrs.Cheng s body fell limp in the arms of her mother in charge, she felt someone surrounding her again.What are you going to do Before the steward s mother could finish her sentence, Mrs.Cheng felt a sharp pain in her middle.Someone was strangling her middle, as if to crush her two front teeth up.Mrs.Cheng had to open her eyes, and a magnified girl s face immediately came into view.There was also a hot cage outside, but it was windy tonight, so the outside room was not as good as it.It s warm inside.There are tea and snacks inside, why not come in Wei Yuanchen put down the brush in his hand, and was just about to walk out.Third Master, Mu my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares Qiu quickly walked into the house, There is movement in the Cheng family.Wei Yuanchen said, Where s the person Mu Qiu said, I went to the Liansheng Inn in West Market.Liansheng Inn Peng Liang lived there.Gu Mingzhu immediately looked at Liu Su, who nodded.Wei Yuanchen looked at her and Liu Su s eyes.Although he didn t speak, he understood, obviously thinking of Peng Liang.She cared so much about everyone, but she ignored him.Chapter 213 Tongqi Master my lord, Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, Liu Su these days I am familiar with the guys at the Liansheng Inn.She looked very obedient.It would be great if he was really obedient, would he be able to take her directly back to Wei s house if he stretched out his hand The room suddenly became cbd gummy squares quiet, and Gu Mingzhu raised her head, only to see Mrs.Wei s eyes were dark and she was cbd gummy squares thinking about something.Did Mr.Wei think of any good ideas At this moment, Lord Wei is like a hunter carefully preparing a trap, thinking about how to attract the prey.Doesn t her method work The Cheng family and the Yuan family probably didn t expect them to move so fast, and they would definitely be fooled Outside the door, Cheng Yi was led into the inn.Chujiu looked at the figure of the son in law and was a little embarrassed.The third master finally met Miss Gu.The two of them were talking in the room and shouldn t be disturbed.Gu Mingzhu blinked, Chu Jiu also stuttered.Did you hear Miss Jiang s words just now Wei Yuanchen turned to look at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu subconsciously nodded, but immediately shook his head Nono Now that he said that he didn t eavesdrop, would the third master believe it Still Liu Su is smart, has ear disease and crime , these two old 1000 mg cbd gummies diseases may recur at any time.If he said that he was deaf just now, the third master might kick him out of the house.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were not good, Chu Jiu immediately said I ll make arrangements immediately.Chu Jiu walked out the door neatly, and when he got to the yard, his mind suddenly flashed.People around him will step forward to take care of him, but after a while, he will be fine, without any influence, if he makes a mistake, he will go cbd gummy squares mad that taste must be very good, much better than lame, deaf, or stuttering.Mrs.Zhang met Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu with a smile Zhuzhu, this is Grandma Wei.Gu Mingzhu saluted Mrs.Zhang and said, cbd gummy squares Grandma Wei.Madam Yuan s eyes fell on Gu Mingzhu On the body, the girl is fourteen or fifteen years old, with a bit of naivety and childishness in her eyebrows and eyes, but she looks very healthy, with ruddy cheeks, red lips and white teeth, standing there with a smile, making people feel happy just looking at her.Mrs.Yuan has long heard that the eldest daughter of Marquis Huaiyuan suffers from dementia.Mrs.Marquis Huaiyuan sought cbd gummy squares medical advice everywhere and tried her best for her daughter.It s a pity that such a good child has a congenital deficiency.She will probably have to stay with Mrs.Lin in the future.Fortunately, Mrs.Lin is pregnant again, if she can give birth to a boy, she will be able to support the family, and Huaiyuanhou and his wife can feel at ease.Master Hou, what are you going to do Mrs.Lin panicked.She had never seen the master like this before.His cheeks were flushed, his eyes were sharp, and there was a murderous aura all over his body, as if the sharp sword in his hand would never see blood.Will return to the sheath.Mrs.Lin stepped forward and tightly grasped Huaiyuanhou s arm.Usually, the Hou is very thoughtful and often has to think about things a few times.Today, when he heard about Zhuzhu, he couldn t care about anything.He must go out like this.There was trouble.Lord Hou, Madam Lin said again, Even if you are angry, you have to think clearly Madam Lin felt Gu Chongyi s arm muscles tense up.It was a sign that he would not give up until he had a fight.Madam Lin shouted Gu Chongyi Let me tell you, if you get out of hand, I won t help you.Madam Lin ordered the steward You call Princess Huairou and tell her to take care of herself, and she will surely get through the crisis safely.The steward responded with a bang and stepped back.Mrs.Zhang can see that Mrs.Lin is really worried about Mrs.Zhao, and she has no cbd gummies 300mg for sex other considerations.She is worried that Mrs.Zhao is the idea of the housewife.Besides, Mrs.Yuan s death may also involve the Shanxi mutiny case that is under investigation She always felt that when Lord Hou was in Taiyuan Mansion, someone was around to influence Lord Hou.Could it be Mrs.Lin After Gu Chongyi came down to court, he met Cui Wei who was waiting outside the palace gate, and the two of them also heard the news that Yuan Shi had hanged himself on the way back home.Cui Wei thought for a while when he heard this and looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle, do you think Yuan s suicide has anything to do with the Shanxi mutiny case I always feel that Yuan s death is a bit strange.In fact, it is not difficult for Cui Wei to coax her to be happy.Seeing how hard he worked, she made him a success.Gu Mingzhu turned around and ran to the following maidservant, picked up a cup of tea from the tray and walked towards Cui Wei.Mrs.Zhang saw that Zhuzhu was holding a tea bowl, she smiled and said to Mrs.Lin Madam, you see, Zhuzhu can take care of people.Knowing that her second brother is thirsty, she personally brought tea over.Knowing Zhuzhu s benefits, he was about to speak, but cbd gummy squares found that Zhuzhu s slender figure suddenly staggered, and all the tea in his hand was thrown at Cui Wei.Chapter 249 When Cui Wei hadn t finished arranging the paper kite strings, she felt the beads go back and forth.He was about to raise his head to see clearly when his eyes blurred, followed by warm water splashing down on his head.Lin came to see her daughter Tell mother where Zhuzhu hurts.Gu Mingzhu shook her head Don t worry, mother, it doesn t hurt anymore.Seeing her daughter s strong appearance, Mrs.Lin felt a little sad, Zhuzhu Zhu was afraid that she would be worried, she is such a good boy, just now when Zhuzhu fell down, Bao Tong happened to meet cbd gummy squares her and blocked her sight, so she couldn t see too clearly.Bao Tong stepped forward and said My servant took Miss to the room to change clothes.If Miss feels uncomfortable, I will report to Madam.This is the safest way, Madam Lin said Go After Mingzhu left, Mrs.Zhang said apologetically, I wanted to be lively and lively with my aunt, but I didn t expect to add to the chaos.Don t say such things, Mrs.Lin said, Let s go, let s talk in the flower hall.We re back, we haven t had cbd gummy squares dinner together for a long time.Just as she took down the fence, she felt something rolling down from her body.Before Gu Mingzhu could cbd gummy squares react, the thing fell to the ground with a slap .Baotong hurriedly picked up the thing Miss, what is this Gu Mingzhu looked over, and it seemed to be a small jade seal, which had been wrapped into her clothes at some point.Baotong turned the jade seal over Miss, there are words on it.Gu Mingzhu took the jade seal in his hand and looked at it carefully.The word on it was very clear.It seemed to be Mr.Wei s private seal.This private seal was made of white jade, which was pure, clear and free of any impurities, but it was a pity that one corner Broken.The things Mr.Wei uses are all extremely expensive.It is a pity that this white jade material is a pity.The question is why HCMUSSH cbd gummy squares Mr.Wei s private seal is here with her.Dealing with a man like this It s fine for him, I hope it won t be used on others.Wei Yuanchen thought about lowering his eyes, but he didn t want to force her like this, and he didn t want to leave the drinking parties of Gu s family like this, probably because he was happy in his heart, so the wine was also extraordinarily intoxicating.Thinking about it carefully, he seems to have mentioned Rujun.I don t know if she heard it clearly, and how she would think about it in her heart.The scene of two people leaning together appeared in her mind, and Wei Yuanchen s cheeks couldn t help but feel hot again, five Six years have passed, and when he faced her again, it seemed that he hadn t made any progress, and he had returned to his youthful appearance.Wei Yuanchen completely relaxed, said those words, and the big stone cbd gummy squares on his chest was also removed, but it added worry and apprehension.Ah Chan.It wasn t Ah chan, but the girl who broke into the wooden house.The wooden chair turned around, and the girl happened to be facing Mo Yangming face to face.The girl was attracted by this novelty, her face was full of smiles, and there was a small lotus flower on her lap.The petals of the lotus flower were stretched out, just like Bloom in general.Mo Yangming was astonished.The lotus flower was a lotus lock given to her by A chan.A chan inherited Bai Guanzheng s craftsmanship.All the things she made were exquisite.The lotus flower was opened by A chan in front of her., She tried to play with the lock, but couldn t get it right, so she put it aside and took a closer look at it when cleaning the house.Unexpectedly, the lotus lock was opened again today.How did you open it Mo Yangming stepped forward and took the lotus in his hands, asking the girl sitting on the chair.It can be seen from this that the secret in that view is not small, otherwise Zhuzhu would have found an excuse to go home.Maybe the inside story still needs to be answered from A Chan, so he naturally has to go and help her with such an important matter the back mountain of Shangqing Temple.The third concubine waited for half an hour, and finally heard the voice of scripture reading inside stop, and then sent someone to report that she wanted to see Mo Zhenren.Unexpectedly, he was rejected again.The third prince s concubine s face was a little ugly.Don t worry too, Mrs.Zhang said in a low voice, Mo Zhenren is willing to keep Zhuzhu in it, he must like Zhuzhu, why don t you stay in the Taoist temple today, and when Zhuzhu comes out of the house, you will let me Zhuzhu gave the things to Mo Zhenren.The Empress Dowager walked out of the inner hall and looked at the Yulouchun on the long case, then turned her head and told Mo Yangming I remember that Empress Wei also likes Yulouchun, please send this flower to Kunning Palace, and then show it to Empress Wei.Waist, after she gave birth to the third princess, she suffered from back pain, this medicinal wine of yours is very good, use it for Empress Wei.Zhenren Mo agreed.The queen mother said Go out of the palace after seeing the queen s illness, and come back in a few days.The female officer held up Yulouchun , and Mo Zhenren took Gu Mingzhu to salute and was about to leave.By the way, the queen mother said, the golden pagoda of Empress Gaozong is enshrined in Taiqing Temple, and the phoenix coffin of Empress Zhongzong was also parked there.The manager of the Cui family resigned and left.Gu Mingzhu opened the box of the shadow play, took out a few shadow puppets, and then she looked at Zou Xiang Do you like it Give it to you.Zou Xiang shook his head No I see Just look at itno needthank my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares you, miss.As if these things had teeth, Zou Xiang couldn t avoid them, and the circles of his eyes turned slightly red.Gu Mingzhu couldn t bear it for a while.If she wanted to find out Zou Xiang s identity and intentions, she would inevitably start with Zou Xiang.Children are the easiest to show their strangeness.Although Zou Xiang is very pitiful, she can t be soft hearted for a while, because behind the scenes She is too cunning, if someone uses Zou Xiang to deal with her father, she can t let her father be plotted against and put in danger, it would be a good thing for Zou Xiang to find out earlier.Wei Yuanchen said Master Zhang and Zhang Shen family seem to be helping Mrs.Zhang clear the way on the way back to Beijing., Do something.One thing is such a coincidence, did the Zhang family come to the capital to clear up the relationship or to control the situation Or both.Gu Mingzhu remembered what the empress dowager said, and she raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen The empress dowager said that the third concubine mentioned Sun Zhenzhen s excellent medical skills in the Palace of Compassion and Ning many times.If it weren t for the queen mother and Mo Zhenren getting along well The Compassionate Ning Palace has long relied on Sun Zhenren s panacea.It seems that the Third Prince s Mansion has long been involved.Gu Mingzhu was lost in thought, and it took a while to recover.The study was extremely quiet, she raised her head just in time to see Lord Wei s clear eyes as if he had been staring at her all the time.Are you waiting for dinner here Gu Mingzhu reminded Is Master Wei okay in the yamen Are you It s getting late, or I ll ask the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles and send it over Master Wei is definitely cbd gummy squares do cbd gummies help anxiety not interested in such a simple meal.Wei Yuanchen raised his head, his deep eyes sparkled, and then he said naturally Just add two small dishes.With a gudong , Gu Mingzhu swallowed, and Master Wei ignored her order to see off her guests, and let her go instead.She served a bowl of noodles and two small dishes.Go Gu Mingzhu commanded Baotong.Sure enough, it s easier to invite a god than to give it away, but she didn t invite this great god, did she When Cui Zhen came out of the palace, he saw Gu Chongyi, Marquis of Huaiyuan, waiting outside the palace gate.Cui Zhen stepped forward to salute, Gu Chongyi said How is the situation in Northern Xinjiang Although the Ao er Dusi was repelled, the Northern Border Guardhouse has gone through the baptism of the mutiny, and it is like a piece of loose sand.When he rushed back all the my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares way, except for the wound on his waist, there were no other major wounds.hinder.After leading people to fight in northern Xinjiang for many days, this hurdle was finally passed.Cui Zhen leaned on the bathtub, temporarily put aside his official business, and wanted to relax for a moment, but the trivial matters at home purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me rushed into his mind, and his mother s resentful face appeared in front of him, making him frown.Footsteps came from behind, followed by Mrs.Zhang s voice.Master Hou, I boiled water with saponins, chrysanthemums, and mint.Mrs.Zhang opened the curtain, walked around the screen, and walked to the bathtub with the beam pot in her hand.Mrs.Zhang glanced at Cui Zhen quickly, her eyes flicked over his slender body, her cheeks were slightly red, and then she stretched out her hand to test the temperature of the water in the tub Master Hou, my concubine mixed the water into it for you.His mother s life and what he did in Shanyin were exposed smoothly.Originally, he should have done it alone, but suddenly there were so many helpers.Withdrawing from the main hall, Cui Zhen kept paying attention to the movements of the people around him, and then he saw the third prince give him a deep look.The third prince will be called King Huai tomorrow.Among the princes in his eyes, he is the most beautiful.The officials of the Ministry of Rites and the Imperial Censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate should be arranged by King Huai.King Huai did this to solve his urgent needs and win him over.In the future, he cbd gummy squares will work for Prince Huai s mansion, and looking at Prince Huai s appearance, it seems that he has long been sure that he will accept this favor.Cui Zhen s eyes became darker when he thought of this, he had to go back and be careful, if no one in the manor had any contact with Prince Huai s mansion recently, it would be Wang Huai s wishful thinking, and he was afraid that someone would make an arrogance to ask King Huai for help.Mo Yangming said Pepper water can numb the wound and relieve pain.Although this medicine is not as effective as Aconitum aconitum and other substances, Aconitum aconitum is poisonous.At this time, the patient is weak, so using it will do more harm than good.Gu Mingzhu Said Disciple, remember.While speaking, Mo Yangming pulled out a wooden thorn from the child s wound, and it was this wooden thorn that prevented the wound from healing.After the wooden thorns are pulled out, there are sutures, medicines and bandages.Gu Mingzhu watched carefully, and found that the medicines and healing methods used by Master Mo will cbd gummies help with pain were rougher, because most of Taoist patients are poor people, and the treatment methods are cbd gummies for ed near me simpler and more effective than those of medicine shops, which has something to do with the doctor s original intention.Mrs.Zhang Exclaimed So, the Zhang family is really good.Tian Gongren cbd sleep gummies with melatonin cbd gummy squares nodded She and the master saw the clues.Although the Zhang family was not of a high family compared with the Shen family, the uncle of the Zhang family was a good looking talent.After getting along with him a few times, even the uncle liked him very much.It would be good if she could get out of that incident because of this, and she helped to persuade my sister in law twice, and my sister in law gradually let go of the old things and agreed to this marriage.After the sister in law got married, she went to the south with her husband s family.Now she has a son and a daughter.Mr.Zhang is very good at business.He will send a lot of things to the Shen clan every new year.In addition to the gifts from Elder Zhang, there are also various utensils such as paper, ink, brush and inkstone.In addition, we also used Some damaged artillery in the arsenal, it is by these firearms that the cbd gummy squares city was defended.When Tan Dingfang said this, he let out a long sigh Moreover, the officials from the Ministry of War and the officials who went to manage the weapons joined the soldiers and horses of General Zhao after the city was broken.The official was killed in the camp.Although it was later found out that it was a centurion who killed the official of the Ministry of War, who ordered the centurion The censor suspected that General Zhao was afraid of being impeached by the officials of the Ministry of War, so he ordered people to attack the officials of the Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang thought about it carefully Since Old General Zhao got the news from the lieutenant purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me general that there is something wrong with those artillery pieces, can someone go to check after Daning is taken back Tan Dingfang nodded However, those artillery pieces have been taken away cbd sleep gummies with melatonin cbd gummy squares by the Tatars.After all, Wei Congzhi is different from Wei Congchengit doesn t seem purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me like he has such ability Besides, raising a family will not be effective in a short timeunless the Wei family has made plans for the younger generation early on.The emperor waved his hand and ordered Qiao Song to step back, and he was also helped onto the walking chariot, and he was sent all the way to the Qianqing Palace.The walking chariot had just walked not far when I saw the servant leading the imperial doctor walking forward in a panic.Huang Chang immediately summoned his servant for questioning.The servant s voice was flustered The imperial concubine is not feeling well this morning She hasn t recovered after a whole day of rest.She just got up to go to clean the room, but she passed out unexpectedly.The emperor frowned slightlywaved his hand for a while Go Let s take a look at the imperial concubine Huang Chang respondedEver since the Eastern Palace was abolishedthe emperor has not seen the imperial concubine and the empresstonight the disease of the imperial concubineI am afraid that there will be troubles in the front and rear palaces again Jingnan.She knows that Bai Guanzheng loves her, so she used extreme means to persuade Bai Guanzheng to turn back.Chen Weicheng seemed to be very sorry when he said this I have never seen such a woman who acted so decisively and cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart did not give us any chance to save us.She asked Bai Guanzheng if he wanted to know who the innocent people in front of him and the soldiers who lost their lives were.What pain She suffered as a child on behalf of her father, and first apologized to those people on behalf of Bai Guanzheng, and then she swung a knife and killed herself, just like you saw, cutting her own neck.Chen Weicheng was saying something extremely cruel However, his smile never changed, as if recalling Miss Bai s death, he was very excited.Seeing Chen Weicheng s expression, Tan Dingfang gradually lost his mind, and began cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart to tighten his hands continuously.Could it be that she accidentally heard the thoughts in her heart Mrs.Lin deliberately said seriously What s wrong with Master Hou If she didn t pretend to be angry, Master Hou would not explain it directly.Gu Chongyi raised his head and finally said Madam, do you think Zhuzhu likes Mr.Wei Ah Mrs.Lin was completely shocked, How is this possible Zhuzhu told Lord Hou Gu Chongyi shook his head.Mrs.Lin said That s Lord Hou s own wild thinking.Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin When did Madam like me Did you tell my father in law at that time Mrs.Lin only felt her face heat up, and a blush appeared on her cheeks , she naturally didn t tell her father.At that time, she was not sure about the character of Lord Hou, so how could cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart she mention it to her father But Zhuzhu shouldn t be able to, right Thinking of this, Mrs.Who will stabilize the harem Some people will never be able to hold a high position, while some are born to stand high, and no one can change this.Mo Zhenren came back to his senses after a premium jane cbd gummies reddit while, and looked at the little apprentice It s a pity that this is not the past, otherwise the Empress would like you and often take you to Kunning Palace, you can learn a lot from the Empress.Gu Mingzhu said The Empress is very happy.Great, right Mo Zhenren nodded.Gu Mingzhu cbd sleep gummies with melatonin cbd gummy squares went to Mo Zhenren s side Master, can you tell me more about your mother Mo Zhenren smiled You will see it soon.Empress Wei nodded as she looked at the cages in front of her.The servants immediately closed the cages and sent them to Jing an Temple outside the palace.Concubine Mi s coffin was parked in Jing an Temple, waiting to be sent to the concubine mausoleum for burial.Even Zhuzhu, after her condition improved, became a teacher of Mo Zhenren, and went to the Palace of Compassion and Anji Hospital with Mo Zhenren with the medicine box on her back.In Cui Zhen s mind, the appearance of Zhuzhu and Zou Xiang when they were drawing a bow and archery purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me together, the girl s stubborn and serious expression reminded him of himself when he was a child.Master Hou Mrs.Zhang couldn t help but said, What are you thinking Cui Zhen came back to his senses and looked at Mrs.Zhang Now Cui Wei is different from before, and this time I went to Datong without telling me.When I m not at home, I indulge my mother even cbd gummy squares more.Mrs.Zhang s face changed when she heard this It s because the concubine s health is not good, and she didn t manage the inner house well.I don t blame you, Cui Zhen looked at Zhang s panicked look, but as the mistress, I have to take care of these things in the future.I used to think that Cui Zhen would put his mind on Datong, but I didn t expect him to let go of his military power so happily.This man was invincible when he was fighting outside, and it was a thunderous method when cbd gummy squares he returned home to tidy up the inner house.People were all sent out of the house.With Mrs.Lin missing from the family, the water in the pool gradually became clearer.When the water .

why are cbd gummies so high in calories?

is clear, there will be no fish.No matter who makes any move, Cui Zhen will immediately see it clearly, so she has to be more careful in the future Peace was restored in Cui Zhen s small study.He looked at the food box on the table.Although Mrs.Zhang could not be like his aunt, as long as she had him and the Cui family in her heart and devoted herself to raising children for him, he would try her best to protect her.Wei Yuanchen stood up Sir, rest early, I will come to discuss government affairs with you some other day.Pei Shangqing nodded Go Seemingly calm, he listened carefully to the sound of leaving footsteps.Slightly heavy, but very firm without the slightest impetuousness.It s hard for the third master, Pei Shangqing said, The empress only wanted to find a way out for the child back then, but she didn t know that she had found a chance for Da Zhou.The empress did not let them reveal the truth to the third master before, and she didn t want the third master to bear the burden.Living a burdened life, the third master fell into a slump due to the case of the second prince.He revealed one or two things, and the third master struggled to get better with a heavy burden on his shoulders.Five years ago, Wei Sanye found him after he recovered and asked him for advice on how to quickly understand the political situation.So he naturally said who his mother was, there was no timing, and it was best to tell her at that moment, lest she bother to guess.There was nothing about him that he couldn t tell her.Third Master, don t look, people are leaving.Chu Jiu s voice sounded.Have you left Let s go, Chu Jiu said, I ve been going all the way, the eldest lady must be in the room now I can see clearly, the eldest lady walked very fast, without looking back Take a look.So what s the use of staring here Chu Jiu said Third Master, let s go back Anyway, standing in the wind, no one knows, it s better to go home and sleep peacefully.Wei Yuanchen turned around and walked out of the alley.Chujiu was about to follow quickly.You stay.Chu Jiu s legs stiffened, and he couldn t help rubbing his eyes.He didn t hear it wrong, did the third master meanlet him continue to stand here and guard Huaiyuanhou s mansion Chu Jiu hurriedly opened his mouth to intercede for himself San Before he finished speaking, he found that the figure of the third master had long since disappeared, and even Zhang Tong and Mu Qiu had left.Although these relationships in the family are complicated, he and his mother have not yet reached the point where they are in the same situation.He wants to hand over the Cui family s inner house to Zhang s hands logically.When Yao Qing had an accident, he came back from Datong and heard that the girl brought back by his mother was restless, and what appeared in his mind was the appearance of his mother s scheming.If it hadn t been for the mother s scheming, he would not have lost his concubine and child.Hearing that Mrs.Zhang had stabilized the overall situation, he called the steward over to ask about the situation, and the matter was considered to be let go.Taking advantage of the turmoil in the inner house, he never asked his mother to arrange a concubine by his side.He thought that everything was under control.Master Zhang nodded.The younger sister also knew that the child in her belly was important, so she didn t mess up.A man s natural instinct would not attack a woman who is pregnant with his own child, let alone that woman desperately protecting his flesh and blood.Master Zhang said softly I already know, you go and cbd gummies for body aches stay with mother, and I will come out after a few more words with father.Seeing that the master was about to leave, Shen Shi stretched out her hand and tugged on the master s sleeve Master, Has my little sister mentioned this matter to you What Master Zhang paused for a moment before he understood, You said you killed Lord Hou s concubine Shen nodded, in her heart, Master would not do such a thing.However, before tonight, she did not expect that such a gentle Mrs.Zhang could have blood on her hands.Grandpa Zhang said Qiu Haicai heard the news, and now that my little sister is in trouble again, the top priority is to stabilize the current situation.They can t be allowed to continue to investigate along the clues of fund drops cbd gummies the Shandong pirates and the shipyard, otherwise they will be investigated soon.Come on us.Mrs.Zhang s eyes drooped I know what I m going to do, I ll send out the news, ask the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate for help, and let Qiu Hai arrange the things at hand, don t let others Grab the handle.Grandpa Zhang bowed and retreated Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Just before dawn, Gu Mingzhu got dressed and went to the garden to see Mrs.Zou Lin.From a distance, she saw Mrs.Zou Lin being supported by someone standing not far away, watching Zou Xiang bow and shoot an arrow.Zhuzhu, thank you, Auntie, Zou Lin s eyes cleared, I was able to untangle cbd gummy squares my heart and tell the truth about Qing girl because of your cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart persuasion.I can see that Brother Xiang is very happy.Telling her grievances for her mother made him feel a lot easier, if I don t mention anything like this, I will definitely regret it when I die.Mrs.Lin asked the steward to tell Zou Lin the news about the Dingning Hou Mansion, just to let her Zou Lin felt relieved.Hearing that Mrs.Zhang was locked up in the house, and that the Shuntian government office had taken away Mother Jiang and Mother Zhang, Zou Lin almost burst into tears.She was happy for Girl Qing, and even more happy for Brother Xiang.Zou Lin s eyes fell on Zou Xiang again I don t know what will happen to this child in the future, maybe I will have to trouble you.Gu Chongyi was stunned It s not a month and a half.Wen Po s forehead was covered with sweat It looked pretty good before, and I don t know why it suddenly became popular.There are such things, so I d better ask the doctor to try medicine first Wen Po didn t dare to say that it would be useful.Can t wait.Gu Chongyi was anxious, and Mama Yang, who was standing not far away, brought the mother in charge of the Wei family forward.Mother Yang said Master Hou, the mother in charge of the Wei family said that the eldest wife of the Wei family was like this when she was born as a grandpa.It was only then that Gu Chongyi discovered that the Wei family was still in the house, and now he didn t care too much about it.Gu Chongyi looked at adam sandler cbd gummies the mother in charge of the Wei family Is it also an cbd gummies in 19363 early delivery It can be regarded as some experience.When I was in Shanxi, Daddy was always anxious about the yamen, Gu Mingzhu said, I would always sigh in the yard, and I could see it.Daddy has something to do.Gu Chongyi was astonished, he didn t expect his daughter to know everything.Gu Mingzhu continued My mother and I met murderers on Zhuangzi, and we hid in the village castle cbd gummy squares on the way back to Beijing.Later, my daughter went to cbd gummies strength Shangqing Temple After watching a lot, I understood that my father will deal with those people It s not easy.Gu Chongyi nodded It s not easy, so I don t want Zhuzhu to know too much.But my daughter wants to know, and my daughter also wants to cbd gummy squares share her father s worries, Gu Mingzhu said seriously, Because my daughter and Daddy, Mother and younger brother are together, we have to be together magnolia hemp cbd gummies all the time.Gu Chongyi couldn t help but his eyes warmed up.Yongping Mansion is a matter, and then it is the turn of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.After Shen Tonghuai was arrested, he HCMUSSH cbd gummy squares concurrently served as the censor of the capital of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Not only did he start to oppose Kaihai, but he also criticized the officials he elected to go to cbd gummy squares Kaido.The emperor was already dissatisfied with the Metropolitan Procuratorate, but now he was disturbed by He Shou, and he also began to summon cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart the officials of the Chief Secretary to reconsider the matter of opening the sea.Tan Dingfang closed the official document in his hand.In fact, he didn t need anyone to check him to know who was behind the arrangement.It was Wei Yuanchen, and Wei Sanye had the demeanor of Wei Congcheng at a young age.It s just that Wei Yuanchen targeted the wrong person.Empress Wei suddenly fell into such a situation, I don t know if this strategy is still useful to Empress Wei Just as the servant was thinking about it, someone from the palace not far away called him Hurry up, the concubine De is cbd sleep gummies with melatonin cbd gummy squares waiting in the palace.The prince will enter the palace tomorrow, and many things in the palace have not been arranged yet.The empress and the prince finally met.If you spoil the mood of the empress, you will definitely be punished.The waiter let out a sound, touched the poison in his sleeve, and quickly caught up with the palace servant outside the palace.After returning home, Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and went to Mrs.Lin s house.As soon as I entered the door, I saw the dazzling array of children s objects on the table.There are all kinds of longevity locks and bracelets, as well as children s bellybands and small clothes, which are always dazzling.Fear had already bound him tightly.At the beginning, King Huai felt that his father would pass him into the palace.Listening to his explanation, his father had obviously read his articles carefully, read his bibliography, and praised him for knowing how to do some practical things.There should be a place in my heart.Gradually, he was disappointed.He watched as the Huai Palace was evacuated, the steward was arrested for interrogation, and the homes of the Fang family, the Liang family, and the Shen cbd gummies for quitting smoking near me family were ransacked.Only then did he realize that his father had never cared about him.That s all fake.Appreciation and compliments are all false, he began to understand why the second brother committed suicide, he would die if he had no hope and way of life, because sooner or later he would die.King Huai stood beside him vigilantly, if there was any change in the woods, he would continue to flee until it was safe.The soldiers and horses brought by Qiu Hai were thrown cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart into disarray by the sudden attack, especially Qiu Hai, thanks to him dodging in time, otherwise he would be severely injured.The person who threw the firearm actually came to him, he didn t realize it yet, Qiu Hai gritted his teeth, and it was because he put all his energy on King Huai that he fell for that person s way.Be careful with firearms.Qiu Hai reminded everyone that Huaiyuan Marquis Gu Chongyi was too cunning, using his father to disturb his thoughts, and then ordered people to sneak over and throw firearms.Qiu Hai had blue veins floating on his forehead, and he wanted to kill Gu Chongyi.Steward, to capture the thief first, capture the king first, you go and kill Marquis Dingning, leave it to us.The words he said were fierce and speechless, and at this moment it was like a big hand slapping him hard on the face.The emperor s complexion changed again and again, and the queen mother didn t want to think about it If the queen is not wrong, there is no need to let her be detained in the Kunning Palace.She has to deal with many affairs in the harem.What does the emperor want Chapter 455 Returning to the queen mother is like A sharp knife was slowly cutting in the emperor s heart.He personally ordered the Wei family to be confined to the Kunning Palace, and now he promised to release the Wei family.The Wei family takes care of the affairs of the harem, and the queen s treasure book that belongs to her must be returned.Six years after Wei Congsheng s death, he did not abolish the empress, but wanted to return the Wei family to the throne of empress.Mrs.Dong said Master, we are leaving, no one can restrain you anymore, you can be well Mrs.Dong s voice gradually softened, and her whole body was on the verge of collapse.Tan Dingfang s eyes widened, yes, no mother is willing to lay hands on her child and kill her child, and she herself does not want to survive.All for him.Tan Dingfang reached out to catch Mrs.Dong s body Youwhy are you so stupid I m the one who got you involved.Ma Dai and the others were stunned as they watched this scene.Tan Dingfang s wife and son purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me died in a blink of an eye., He went back and didn t know how to report to the emperor.Without the bondage of his wife and children, it would be difficult for Tan Dingfang to speak the truth.Ma Dai was thinking about it, when suddenly there was a sound of clothes in his ears, and then the voice of Yamen s servants exclaiming in surprise.Thinking of this, Concubine Jiang clenched her hands tightly.She grieved for herself and felt wronged by her two children.The eldest son of the emperor fell into such a situation not only because of being tricked, but also because of the emperor s help.Here, become the target of public criticism.Your Majesty, the female officer said in a low voice, is the emperor going to support King Su in an open and honest manner Concubine Jiang nodded her head The emperor did not punish King Su for such scandalous deeds.I can see the emperor s willingness to defend.Concubine Jiang cast her eyes outside the palace, the Ninth Prince had just finished learning calligraphy, and now he was playing with a small bow in the yard, and when King Su came to the throne in the future, the first thing to do was to completely eradicate her and her relatives.Jiang Shi seemed to know that he would open the door to check, so she stood on the bluestone, where he could see it when he opened the door, and looked at him from a distance.That Jiang family seemed to be able to see through his thoughts, Zhou Zejing shrank in his heart, feeling a little scared.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhou Zejing, no one could stop the person she wanted to take away and the case she wanted to investigate.Zhou Zejing said It s just Zhou Zesheng s dog, how capable cbd gummies dosage guide it is, who can Zhou Zesheng invite to help As soon as Zhou Zejing finished speaking, he saw someone running all the way.At the gate of his yard, he knocked on the gate.Second Master, Master Yin Su of Shuntian Mansion is here.Su Fu came in person, he couldn t see him, Zhou Zejing took a deep breath, how could Zhou Zesheng invite Su Fu Although he still can t figure it out, Zhou Zejing can only bite the bullet and walk out of the house right now.Zhao Qi nodded when he heard this, I didn t expect them to learn the truth so quickly, and the manpower would not be brought out from Daning in time.After so many years, carefully arranged, secretly The arrangement was about to be accomplished, but Wei Yuanchen never thought that it would be seen through.If he had known about him earlier, he would have had someone get rid of Wei Yuanchen in the prison.Really missed a step, but everyone is the cbd edibles gummies near me same, it will not always be smooth, he has never where to buy cbd gummies for joint pain been a person who only leaves one path for himself.For example, Concubine De is a chess piece that he has calculated long ago, and now it is finally going to come in handy.Chapter 491 Rest assured Zhao Qi slowly walked down the mountain, how many soldiers and horses there are in Beijing is in his mind, although Tan Dingfang was arrested, but as his cbd gummy squares minister of the Ministry of my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares War, he had already understood the situation of the guards clearly After the war broke out, how the emperor would dispatch troops was also in his mind.Blood splattered everywhere, and Cui Zhen s eyes were blurred with sweat and blood.Cui Wei s unbelievable expression froze on his face, his eyes were full of pain and fear, and his eyes were fixed on Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen gritted his teeth as Cui Wei looked at Cui Wei being enveloped in cbd gummies and statins death.Cui Wei had done so many wrong things, he could only die.Cui purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me Zhen picked up Cui Wei s body with force Those who follow the king of Liang s conspiracy will be killed.Cui Wei s blood dripped down the spear and fell into Cui Zhen s hand.The blood was hot, like a red hot iron, but Cui Zhen remained Hold the gun body tightly and keep the iron gun motionless, just like what his father said when he handed the gun to him.The scene when his father handed him the iron gun appeared in Cui Zhen s mind.He held the gun body with both hands, and his purekana cbd gummies scam cbd edibles gummies near me father said solemnly It s very heavy.Huang Chang didn t continue to persuade, my dog ate cbd gummies cbd gummy squares but said Then we can only say no.Defeated in the battle, waiting for Empress Wei and the Queen Mother to come to question the empress, the empress has thought about how to explain it What kind of person is Empress Wei, the empress cbd gummy squares will not know, since Su Fu has found those women, the imperial concubine empress You will know that the girl Ruan Qin next to King Gong belongs to the empress, and Concubine Jiang will also stand on the side of Empress Wei.The empress should not delusional to find out the case.In the case of investigation, there is no need for slaves to talk about how Qiao Song is.Once everything is revealed, the empress will have no chance to break free and can only bow her head and plead guilty.Concubine De clenched her hands tightly.What s more, what she gave to Prince Gong wasn t just Ruan Qin As early as when Prince Gong was eleven cbd edibles gummies near me cbd gummies martha stewart years old, he was fascinated by the Lehu she sent.Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised.Mrs.Li heard that something happened outside, so she took someone to the mansion to take care of her mother and younger brother.When my mother was giving birth, it was fortunate that Mrs.Li was by her side to make up her mind.Last time there was chaos in Beijing, Mrs.Li also sent someone to inquire about the situation.It is the same now.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu is very grateful to the Wei family and Mrs.Li.The carriage arrived at the gate of the Hou Mansion, Gu Mingzhu got out of the carriage, and Mama Yang, who was in charge, rushed up to greet her Miss, you are back.Mama Yang wiped the corners of her eyes, and heard that King Su led troops into the palace gate.The madam was so anxious that she asked someone to prepare the car, and wanted to go to the palace to pick up the eldest lady immediately.One, two, three Zhu Wu silently counted how many people were left beside Mr.Wei.There are fewer and fewer people, drowning in the torrent of rebels.Zhu Wu fumbled for the firearms in his arms.Zhu Wu had a problem with always saving the best ones for last.The last two bowls of flat food on his flat food stand must have the most fillings.At this time, the firearms in his arms were also powerful.maximum.Now that it has been made, there is no reason not to sell it.So Zhu Wu stared at the rebel lieutenant general who had been cut off by Master Wei with a single blow, and dragged that lieutenant into the pit.Putting on the armor in one go, Zhu Wu began to walk forward step by step.If he could get close to the rebel formation and throw out the firearm in his arms, he might be able to help Master Wei.He gritted his teeth and swiped the knife flat to save the situation, but Wei Yuanchen was the first to understand his thoughts and blocked the way of his long knife.The lieutenant s eyes tightened, and he resisted again under the embarrassment.He personally felt the fear in the hearts of those retreating soldiers.The setting sun is like blood, and the sky and the earth are blood red, as if everyone is firmly enveloped in it.Blood blurred everyone energy cbd gummy s vision.Seeing the blood pouring out from Wei Yuanchen s abdomen, the deputy general couldn t help smiling.After all, everyone is flesh and blood, and they can still kill Wei Yuanchen here.The lieutenant mustered all his strength, and the sound of the weapons cutting each other was ear piercing.King Liang s voice came from behind the lieutenant Take Wei Yuanchen with me.Li Zhao s legs softened and he knelt on the ground General cbd gummy squares Wei, my servant, I just ask Da Zhou to spare Koryo.Wei Yuanchen said flatly, I won t punish you now, I will send you back to Koryo by an envoy.What you do next is up to you.Li Zhao kept nodding I understand donde puedo comprar condor cbd gummies that King Liang still has remnants of crimes in Liaodong.I will help Da Zhou to wipe out King Liang s party, even if it is a crime.After everything is arranged, he will naturally Suicide gives Da Zhou an explanation.Wei Yuanchen will not check whether the King of Koryo knew about this matter, these are not cbd gummy squares important, the vassal states naturally have their own ideas, even if the King of Koryo is changed, the next King of Koryo may not be willing to surrender.Now it s time to focus on the internal affairs of the Great Zhou.Only when the Great Zhou is strong will the vassal states dare not have other thoughts.The moment he stepped out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, a gust of wind blew, King Huai realized that his clothes were soaked in sweat, and he shivered.It s too scary, it s better for him to close the door of the mansion tightly and not ask about foreign affairs.This time, no matter who it is, no matter what the situation is, don t let him have anything to do with the reserve position.He has no ability to sit on the throne, and sitting on it will only lead to catastrophe.It s fine now, the queen mother is helping to take care of the government affairs, and everything is stable.Just go on like this forever.King Huai fled in despair, the emperor only felt the anger rushing through his body, as if his whole body was about to explode.His throne, but his son did not want it.King Huai is so afraid of the Wei family.Swallowed into the stomach.Gu Mingzhu raised her foot and took a step towards Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen seemed to have just recovered, and strode towards her with a straight face.Big Just as calming cbd gummies for dogs Gu Mingzhu said a word, he felt his shoulders tighten, and he fell into Master Wei s arms.The next moment, the hair crown cbd gummy squares do cbd gummies help anxiety on her head was removed, and the long hair flowed down from the top of her head like water.Why did your lord take off her moon crown That was the outfit that Master had just bought for her.It was the first time she wore it today.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes.My lord would never think She really became a Taoist priest Just as Gu Mingzhu was thinking, one of Lord Wei s arms fell on her waist, and the other hand gently stroked her cheek.Before she could figure out what was going on, Lord Wei lowered his head.When I went to see my mother in the palace, the imperial doctor saw it, Wei Yuanchen said, There is nothing serious.Gu Mingzhu was very happy for Master Wei when he heard this.After more than 20 years, the mother and son finally recognized each other.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, you don t have to worry anymore.Thank you very much, Wei Yuanchen said, My mother was able to walk cbd gummy squares out of the Kunning Palace smoothly, because you helped me after clarifying the case.Gu Mingzhu said It turned out to be very A long time ago, the case of King Liang linked everyone together.Thinking carefully about how much humiliation the empress had suffered at that time, in order to keep Lord Wei from dealing with the emperor, even after giving birth to Lord Wei Once pregnant.The empress must have struggled and did not want to get pregnant again, because the empress has exhausted all her efforts to keep Lord Wei, and it is impossible to keep the next child.Lin blushed.Who would dare to recruit the emperor s eldest son Could it be that the Gu family could still give him the throne Naturally, I can t mention it any more.Mrs.Li said Although you can t get married, you can buy a house next to you and live in it, and open a small door, so it s no different from living together.Mrs.Lin also showed joy.Gu Chongyi sighed in his heart, what he said, Zhuzhu just followed his wife.Mrs.Li suggested Why don t we go to that house together to have a look, the weather is warmer, we can start to repair.Mrs.Lin said with a smile Thisis not good Madam stood up, It s all a family now, so cbd gummy squares be polite if you re not happy.Seeing that the group was about to go out, Gu Chongyi sighed, the house was bought well, if Wei Yuanchen becomes Zhao Yuanchen in the future, they will Can I still live in that house Could it be possible to build a house next to the palace wall for the Huaiyuanhou Mansion If it wasn t groupon cbd gummies banna a for Zhuzhu s willingness to marry, he would really be reluctant cbd sleep gummies with melatonin cbd gummy squares to part with it.Zhou told the steward The house of the long house must be cleaned up every day.If anyone is negligent, don t blame me for being rude.The steward responded and hurried out to make arrangements.The old lady Zhou cried again Zhecheng, mother is all dependent on you, you have knowledge in the spring to help mother.She was right, if it wasn t for the choice, she would have become a traitor now and was taken to prison.The old lady Zhou s voice was hoarse Zecheng, tell me, is there any hope for the Zhou family to return to the past The room was quiet, and no one would answer the old lady Zhou Zhou s parents placed wine and food in the main room.Zhou Zesheng sent all the servants out, and Gu Mingzhu took off the fence.Gu Mingzhu carefully looked at the furnishings in paleo vegan cbd gummies the room.Zhou Zesheng said I don t know what it was like here before.Provide a lot of information, the court wants to conquer Wuliangha, it will definitely be useful, I can still make contributions, the court can separate the tribes of Wuliangha, and defeat them one by one, I also know where the food in the northern border of Liangwang is , Liang Wang still has a lot of eyeliners in Dazhou, I can help the court catch them.I just hope that the court and Lord Hou can give me a chance, Lord Hou, if you can save my life, I can be a cow for Lord Hou As a horse, I was forced to become a Liang Wang party, and now I have come to my senses, and I just want to wash away my sins.Luo Yu s words hurt Zhang deeply, not because Luo Yu justified his fake death before, but now Luo Yu didn t take her matter to heart, after dealing with her, he changed the topic It was led to King Liang and Wu Liangha.Nie Chen and the others got up to toast, and Wei Yuanchen never refused to come.He must have drunk a lot in front, and Master Wei s jade like cheeks flushed.Your Excellency must not be drunk, right She took a sip of plum wine and looked at the situation in front of her.She didn t know who opened the window, and the breeze blew in slowly, carrying a little fragrance of flowers.After an unknown amount of time, Gu Mingzhu noticed that the laughter gradually stopped.She squinted her eyes and looked around.Lu Guang and Nie Chen were being helped out of the flower hall by the servants, and the guests had already left one after another.My lord.Seeing Wei Yuanchen approaching, Gu Mingzhu smiled.Wei Yuanchen reached out and took off the fence on Gu Mingzhu s head.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, where have they all gone Wei Yuanchen said They are drunk.

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