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Yue Ming asked again Why is Uncle Xiang the most likely Wei Renwu He didn t speak, but kept looking at Yue Ming with his eyes, staring at Yue Ming made him feel uncomfortable, as if he had just taken a shower, was naked, and was being stared back and forth.However, Wei Renwu finally spoke, but his eyes still did not leave Yue Ming s body You are still too ostentatious with your famous brand, Mr.Yue.In addition, you have fine skin and tender flesh on both your face and hands.Explain that you were born in a very wealthy family and grew up living a pampered life.However, I know who Xiang Tianxiao knows, and I also know his relationship with your father.Yue Ming finally understood, and said, Amazing Are you a detective Wei Renwu said, Yes, and no.Yue Ming had just figured it out, but now he didn t quite understand it, so he could only ask Yes, yes, no, no, what do you mean Wei Renwu replied It s just that the nature of the work is a bit similar.

Why does it seem like Wei Renwu asked his own question.Because according to her classmates, she often laughs inexplicably by herself, and sometimes cries inexplicably at night, and asks her what s the matter, but she doesn t say anything.I think this is a sign of love.Fang Ronghua said blankly.When he uttered the last few words, Wei Renwu almost fell to the ground laughing.Hahahahaha, it turns out that HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy Police Officer Fang also understands love.I thought you were a stone man.I laughed so hard, but your analysis is quite reasonable.Wei Renwu struggled to hold back his smile.Ming also wanted to laugh, but he didn t have the guts to laugh at the police.Fang Ronghua remained expressionless, as if Wei Renwu was not the one who laughed at him.The next Yang Wen er.Lin Xingchen urged.Through days and some travel records, I found out that the deceased came to Chengdu on November 7, stayed at Chengdu Minyoun Shangya Hotel that day, and was killed in his room on the evening of November 12.

Wei Renwu took a cbd sleep gummy deep breath of the cigarette, let it out, and said slowly The deceased was a top student at Peking University.She was very smart.She deleted all her friends on purpose because she felt that she had no one to trust.At that time, she was desperate.Yes, I left this poem on purpose, it s not as simple as expressing emotions, it must have left a very important clue.At this time, Wei Renwu suddenly laughed, not the kind of slight smile, but a long smile looking up to the sky, laughing I m so mad at myself.The others were just baffled, Lin Xingchen said angrily, Why are you so crazy Wei Renwu laughed for a long time, finally calmed down, took another deep breath, and said, I just think this case is so interesting., It s been a long time since I ve been involved in such a case, it s so exciting that I m getting goosebumps all over my body.

If there is no wine in the earth, there should be no springs in the earth.There is wine in the sky and the earth, and the wine is worthy of the sky.I have heard that the clear is better than the sage, and the Tao is turbid.Such as sages.Since the sages have already drunk, why ask for the gods.Three cups lead to the road, and one fight is natural.But if you get the fun from wine, don t pass it on to the sober.That s right, it martha stewart cbd gummies discount code s this one, and it s the only one Poetry can perfectly combine poetry and wine into a chic and happy person.Wei Renwu smiled and said, Since a perfect person needs to drink perfect wine and read perfect poems, why don t we have a good drink Voice As soon as it fell, Yue Ming raised his glass first.The two drank the wine in the glass until they didn t even leave the bottom, and the slightly drunken state gradually emerged.

The best man and bridesmaid brought the ring box on a tray, the bridesmaid walked to the groom s side, and the best man walked to the bride s side.The bridesmaid is the best friend of the bride, and she is also quite beautiful, while the best man is Lu Tong s cousin, who is also very tall.The wedding ring is a token of love between lovers.These two small concentric circles tightly hold two burning hearts together.From then on, the nameless ring is no longer nameless.Please each of the two couples be their own.Wear half of this token.Lu Tong opened the bridesmaid s ring box, took out the ring, knelt down on one knee, put the ring on the bride s ring finger through the bride s wedding glove, and kissed the bride s ring finger.At this time, there should cbd sleep gummy global green cbd gummies 450 mg have been applause, but now it became the screams of the audience.

Quan Kai continued When I just entered the door, the assistant outside your door just received a call.Judging by your assistant s expression, the tone on the other end of the phone should be very tough.After entering the office, I found are cbd gummies ok to take while pregnant that on the ground under your desk, There is a pile of messy documents, and I noticed that it is the file of a failed case.So, your concern should be that you lost a lawsuit yesterday.Lawyer Bai s face became as white as his surname.With a contemptuous smile on the HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy corner of his mouth, he said, Now let s go back to the topic just now.Whatwhat topic Why do the police now have to hire amateur detectives to investigate the case Yue Ming He added Lawyer Bai may not know that Mr.Quan is the president of the China Detective Association, and he is known as Contemporary Sherlock Holmes.

Li Jiaran didn t understand.What Lu Tong wanted, he quickly volunteered and said No, Brother Ran, let me come.But who should I ask Quan Kai pointed to the bar and said, Of course I m going to ask the boss.Ten 1.On the Tiao Hu Li Shan bar, there are two women.One of the younger women is standing inside the bar.She is adjusting various cocktails.The other woman in her thirties is wearing a long black dress and sitting cbd sleep gummy at the bar.Drinking white water at the bar, leisurely playing with the phone.Lu Tong looked at the two women and asked Quan Kai Which one is the boss Quan Kai said, Of course it s the woman who looks older.Think about it, who would be alone in such a broken bar How about drinking plain water If it s not something wrong with your head, then you must be the cbd sleep gummy owner of the bar.Lu Tong said tremblingly, Then I ll try it.

The girl was too shy to look directly at Yue Ming, she just took a piece of paper and wrote down her phone number and handed it to Yue Ming, not even daring to speak to Yue Ming.Holding the note, cbd sleep gummy Yue Ming left Lianjia Real Estate immediately, not daring to stay for a second, let alone look at the surprised looks from others.After buying the meat, Yue Ming threw the note to Wei Renwu and said, Take it.Wei Renwu stuffed it back to Yue Ming and said, The first step has been completed, now you have to do the second step.The second step Yes, the second step, you call her, ask her out for a tea, a meal, a movie, etc.Could it be that you asked me to ask for the phone, just Want me to pick her up Why don t you pick her up yourself this time Don t you like beautiful women You have so many questions, let me tell you why I asked you to ask for a phone number.

In less than a second, the call went through.It s cbd gummies killeen tx Mr.Wei, hello, I m the White Paper Fan from Baihutang.On the other end of the phone came an extremely sharp child s voice, and Wei Renwu understood that the other party used a voice changer.I am Wei Renwu.I have admired Mr.Wei s name for a long time.I personally admire Mr.Wei s ability very much.If it is not because of my position, I really want to make friends with Mr.Wei.I hate making friends., I hate making friends with hypocritical people.Hahahahaha, Mr.Wei is really good at joking.Can you stop talking nonsense Can we get straight to the point This really makes me a little disappointed, no Thinking that Mr.Wei is such an impatient person.I was originally a very patient person, but your hypocrisy makes me feel a little sick.Okay, let me just say it directly, Mr.

This time, Fang Jingtang was the one who was tied up.Yue Ming and Wei Renwu stood in front of him and stared at him.Fang Jingtang said Little Yue Ming, I really don t understand why you want to help the person next to you Yue Ming said angrily What tricks are you trying to play Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu sneered Then do you know the real Wei Renwu Fang Jingtang said The day you messed with the Fengshenhui , we thoroughly investigated you.Wei Renwu said Then I cbd gummies for back pain cbd sleep gummy want to hear what all of you have investigated about me Yue Ming also said, Yes, I want to hear it too.Fang Jingtang said cbd sleep gummy Wei Renwu, who is known as the crime buster Here, our Fengshenhui is the most terrifying demon, and Wei Renwu is the same demon in the dark world.In other words, he is even more terrifying than a demon.Crazier than any criminal, so shouldn t he be scarier than a criminal Wei Renwu nodded in praise and said, The description is very pleasant, and I am very satisfied with your evaluation.

How could Mr.Wei join forces with criminals like you Before Yue Ming finished speaking, Wei Renwu said I promise you.Yue Ming couldn t believe his ears However, Wei Renwu agreed to White Tiger so easily.No, no, Yue Ming still couldn t believe that Wei Renwu would say this, there must be something strange about it.Yang Xi clapped his hands and said, Okay, okay, cbd gummies pass drug test cbd gummies recipe jello as the saying goes, one who knows the current affairs is a hero , Mr.Wei really has courage, and Yang Xi really admires it.Wei Renwu said Don t worry, I have conditions.As long as Mr.Wei is willing to join the Fengshenhui , we can meet any conditions.My condition is very simple, as long as your boss is willing to step aside and let me be the boss to lead the Fengshenhui , then I will agree Join you.Only HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy now did Yue Ming understand that Wei Renwu only pretended to agree to play with Yang Xi.

What Xiao Hua described was almost the same as the scene in the surveillance video.Wei Renwu smiled and said Mr.Xiao has already explained it in detail, and I have understood it very clearly.Thanks again to Mr.Xiao for cooperating with our police work.I am also sorry for taking up Mr.Xiao s personal time.Xiao Hua talked with Wei Renwu again After shaking hands, he also smiled and said, You re welcome, Boss Shen is my boss, and I am very sorry for his death.If my help can help the police solve the case as soon as possible, I will be willing to do so.6.Detective When the novel left the apartment, Wei Renwu said, Captain Du, can you check something for me Du Ke narrowed his eyes and replied, If you have any instructions from Mr.Wei, just send them.Wei Renwu said, Help me Find out where Xiao Hua s ex wife lives Why do you want to find out Xiao Hua s ex wife Don t ask, I must have my purpose.

Wei Renwu sat up and laughed too, he laughed Said So we are also the same kind.Xiang Tian said with a smile It seems to be true.The two laughed at each other.What Xiang Tianxiao took Wei Renwu to was his own villa, an independent villa with a garden, the kind that would cost tens of millions no matter what.Just in spring, as soon as you enter the gate, you can see a dazzling array of flowers in the garden.There are countless types of flowers.However, these flowers seem to be unable to catch Wei Renwu s eyes.beautiful maid.Wei Renwu praised I have to say, Boss Xiang is very lucky.Xiang Tianxiao smiled and did not respond, he ordered the two maids Go and put hot water, and prepare two sets of clean clothes.One of them had a melon faced face The maid said Master, do you want to take a bath Xiang Tianxiao pointed to the dirty but smiling Wei Renwu and said, He wants to take a bath.

Li Xuan took off his gloves and handed them to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu put on his gloves, walked up to the hammer, picked up the hammer, and looked at it carefully.Wei Renwu took the hammer and walked to the dead man again.He said with a strange smile Did you just hit the dead man s head like this Wei Renwu suddenly picked up a hammer and hit the cbd gummies for back pain cbd sleep gummy back of the dead man s head vigorously.His astonishing move scared everyone, especially Xiang Tianxiao who was sitting at the desk.Xiang Tianxiao had a straight face just now, but when the blood sprayed on his face, he suddenly lost his composure., showing a frightened expression, even the two maids were so frightened that they cried.Captain Xing and Li Xuan stepped forward to pull Wei Renwu, who was crazy, and Captain Xing cursed If you don t stop, I ll catch you too.

Xiang Tianxiao nodded with satisfaction, and said, Wei Renwu, you are a person who respects the facts, and you never excused me because you owed me favors, I appreciate that You.Captain Xing said disdainfully I thought you, Wei Renwu, could have a different opinion, but the result is the same as what we investigated.Wei Renwu smiled and said There is no way, the fact is like this, When we conduct criminal investigations, we should respect the facts and the truth, so I will not intentionally cover anyone up.Captain Xing said It s really boring.Take Xiang Tianxiao away, seal the scene, and close the team.In this way, the police took Xiang Tianxiao away, and also drove Wei Renwu and his party out of Xiang Tianxiao s office.At that time, Wei Renwu took off his blood stained coat and glanced at the garden outside the office with strange eyes.

Don t worry, what I promised you, I will definitely I won t break my promise.That would be the best.Brother Zhao, you can wait at ease.Beep beep Li Kai hung up the phone, and Zhao He s heart followed the beep of the phone The same non stop.Fuck, could it be that I m playing tricks on me, could it be that he and Fatty Xiao are also on it Zhao He said to himself, and now his heart is in a mess.Ding ding ding The doorbell of Zhao He s house rang.who is it Who came to Zhao He early in the morning Zhao He couldn t figure it out even after knocking his head.He could only find out by opening the door.Zhao He opened the door, and the people outside surprised him.He wondered, Aren t you the do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy one who was with Li Kai yesterday The person who came had a beautiful mustache and long hair.Tie a small whip.

Zhao He is sneaky, there must be something wrong, and this news was inquired by my wife, it should be accurate, hehe, I must swallow Zhao He s goods tonight, so that he will be in the competition for the position of chairman There is no advantage.Why does my sister in law know this She heard from a girlfriend who also participated in Zhao He s smuggling of heroin this time.Male girlfriend or female girlfriend Xiao Yao was a little upset, and he asked, What do you mean The thin man felt that he had said something wrong, and hurriedly said, It s okay, it s okay.It s okay Xiao Zhao said with a fierce look in his eyes, You d better Tell me quickly, otherwise, you will feel better.The thin man was trembling and hesitated to speak.Xiao Yao grabbed the thin man by the neckline and said sternly, Are you going to tell me or not I will, I will.

Why do you say that Then let me ask you something first, and you have to answer me honestly.What s the matter Wei Renwu paused, and said, You said that day that you had an illegitimate child, you meant Li Kai.Xiang Tian smiled and sighed Ah, it seems that Akai has already told you.You re lying Wei Renwu shouted suddenly.This sentence startled Xiang live well cbd gummies canada Tianxiao.Wei Renwu said lightly again Li Kai is not your son at all.Xiang Tianxiao didn t speak, but the frightened expression on his face already gave the answer.Wei Renwu went on to say More than twenty years ago, you and your maid had a long term relationship, and you did some things that lonely men and widows would do.Later, you drove the maid away.Who knows that the maid was already pregnant when she left.Li Kai was married, and not long after, Li Kai was born, and when Li Kai was four years old, the maid passed away, and you picked Li Kai back from the street afterward.

He was conceived by a heartbroken maid and other men after she left you.I can t keep up with the servant s time, and from this incident, I can deduce which of the stories you made up are do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy false and which are true.You are really extraordinary, you can clear up these investigations in such a short period of time.Wei Renwu laughed and said, It s also thanks to my college classmate who is a policeman.By the way, do you know which things are true and which things are false Time went back to the cbd gummy worms cbd gummies pass drug test home of Wei Renwu and Yue Ming seven years later.Yue Ming said with relish What happened later What happened later Wei Renwu smoked a cigarette and said, Afterwards, of course I came to Chengdu.When I was free, I wrote some letters to the boss.Xiang Tian answered with a smile.After talking, he said Yes, every letter will include photos of you and those beauties in the Miracle Bar , but what is strange to me is that you never tell me your phone number or anything like that.

Yue Ming said calmly, I just used one of the words in your name, you don t have to shout.Wei Renwu sat on the sofa angrily, glanced at Yue Ming s computer, then pointed at Yue Ming s computer.The computer roared Just use my name.Why do you want to post cbd gummy worms cbd gummies pass drug test my picture on your website On the homepage of Yueming s website, there was a cbd gummy molds large photo of Wei Renwu smoking.In that photo, Wei Renwu was wearing a The brown jacket and the mustache are particularly eye catching.The entire photo takes up one third of the screen.Yue Ming bared his teeth and said with cbd sleep gummy a grin Because you are famous, if you hang up with you, you can start business soon.Do you know about portrait rights Then do you know that you need to pay rent for living in someone else s house Convinced, he said embarrassingly Unexpectedly, you are more and more good at making small calculations now.

Wei Renwu buried his head and said in a low voice.What s wrong with you Yue Ming asked suspiciously.Wei Renwu raised his head, his complexion was extremely pale, especially in the dark night with poor light, he was clearly white, and he said HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy slowly You are driving too fast, I am motion sick.Yue Ming pursed his lips and said, Okay Come on, Brother Wu, let s follow.When Yue Ming spoke, Wu Wei was already outside the car.The two of them slowly followed Yang Yang twenty meters away.Fortunately, Yang Yang walked very slowly, and the sky was very dark, so it was easy for them to follow him.In the end Yang Yang went up to a very old building, Wu Wei almost followed up, but was stopped by Yue Ming.Yue Ming whispered to Wu Wei You don t need to go up, just look at the voice activated lights in the stairwell downstairs, and if any house suddenly lights up, you will know where he lives.

He can t cbd sleep gummy finish the work that could have been done today.He could not work overtime tonight, but now he has to work another night.Before you know it, it s time to get off work again, and the company s people have left one after another.All day long, apart from explaining work to the boss, he didn t say a word to anyone else, but now he said the second sentence of the day to the phone Hello, are you I want to Only send Only the little brother outside gave him a little smile.This is the only thing he feels that there is still warmth in the world.At first he still thought that Yue Ming was a good person, but after last night, he felt that Yue Ming had another purpose, so he was immediately disappointed in Yue Ming.Maybe only that person was sincere to him, but that person was who Where is he Why hide Yang Yang forced himself not to think so much, and to do the work in front of him well first, otherwise the manager would make him unable to eat and walk around tomorrow.

No, you are not.Yang Yang said firmly.Oh Have you seen me Why don t you think I m not Yang Yang didn t answer, but just sneered.The masked man said again If I m not Then who is Yang Yang looked at the man, pointed at the dark place, tilted his head, and said, If you want to know who is, why don t you ask him Hahahahahaha There was a burst of arrogant laughter in the darkness.Crack, crack, crack.Closer, the laughter in the dark turned to applause.A figure slowly came out from the darkness.This person was wearing a black windbreaker, had a square face, a high nose bridge, short and medium hair, and a well trimmed mustache.It wasn t Wei Renwu, who else could it be.11.I am me.The mask is taken off, the cloak is lifted, and the person under the mask has a handsome face.He is Yue Ming.Yue Ming said with complicated emotions Yang Yang, you Yang Yang Wei Renwu interrupted what Yue Ming was about to say, I m afraid you can t call him Yang Yang.

You guessed the beginning, but you didn t guess the end.Wei Renwu said leisurely Yes, I didn t expect her to be able to fall in love, I thought she would never get married in this life.Mr.Wei, what you said is a bit bitter.I m just telling the truth.However, I would like to see , what kind of man will fall in love with her.Captain Lin, you are beautiful and generous, and your boyfriend will definitely be good.When he said this, Yue Ming secretly glanced at Wei Renwu, wanting to see Wei Renwu Will there be some subtle changes in his expression.However, to Yue Ming s disappointment, Wei Renwu still showed no expression, as if he didn t care about this matter at all.Yue Ming said again Now Captain Lin has returned home safe and sound, can we go home too Wei Renwu did not answer Yue Ming, he observed the surroundings, pointed to a Seven Days Chain Hotel on the street and said We will live here tonight.

You should be at least a branch manager.The president of cbd sleep gummy the bank dare not drive such a Mercedes Benz luxury car.It should be the president of a private bank.Judging from your working years, it is a private bank that has been in Chengdu for a long time, and the profit is not bad.Overall, Look, it should be China Merchants Bank.Wei Renwu said eloquently, which sounded like nonsense, but only Fang Li knew clearly that what Wei Renwu said was not bad.Fang Li tightened his confidence, and said Xingchen really said it right.What did she say about me She said you are a weird person, it s scary.Wei Renwu smiled coldly, noncommittal.Yue Ming came in at this moment, his expression still tense.Wei Renwu asked, Are you on Yue Ming nodded.Fang Lixin asked anxiously What happened Where did the stars go Yue Ming was about to explain the current situation to Fang Lixin, but Wei Renwu shook his head, and Yue Ming immediately dismissed the idea.

After running for two or three kilometers, seeing that Wei Renwu and others did not come after them, Yang Xi and Fang Jingyu were exhausted, so they sat on the ground and refreshed a bit.Smiling Tiger , you escaped as expected.A deep voice came from the darkness.Fang Jingyu shouted in horror Who is it Yang Xi laughed suddenly, he seemed to know who was in the darkness, he cbd sleep gummy said cbd sleep gummy with a smile I didn t expect you to be in Chengdu too, Prime Minister Turtle.Fang Jingyu said this Only then did I realize that the person hiding in the darkness is the think tank of the Fengshenhui and the head of the Xuanwu Hall , Xuanwu.Xuanwu in the dark said I had other things to do in Chengdu, and it happened that you came to find Wei Renwu s trouble.Yang Xi said again I just said, why did Tyrannosaurus Rex come to save me He only listens to you and the Emperor of Heaven , so you asked him to come.

Yes, I used the Austrian Steyr ssg69 sniper, 0.The 308 inch Winchester ammunition is suitable for this kind of sniping.This kind of accuracy is extremely high.Because of its accuracy, cbd sleep gummy it is also called a mark marksman weapon.The most important thing is that the right eye of the hand is blind.Blind in the right eye How did you know You can tell from the soil that his elbow pressed on after he got down on the ground.He pulled the trigger with his right hand and held it with his left hand.Logically speaking, he should use his right eye to look at the scope at this time, so that the center of gravity of the body should be on the left hand.The soil pressed by the elbow should be deeper, but the result is just the opposite.The soil pressed by the right elbow is deeper, which means that he is looking at the scope with his left eye.

Wang Chaoyang pulled Lin Xingchen and others, and said to President Ling Let me introduce to you, these are the members of our cbd sleep gummy detachment, Officer Lin, Officer Zhang, Officer Lei, Officer Xiao, and Officer Fang.Everyone called President Ling After greeting, Wang Chaoyang said again Whether this case can be solved successfully depends on President Ling s information.President Ling said modestly I dare not, please follow me in and have a look.Everyone walked in The fragmented Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, as soon as you enter the door, you can see four human shaped patterns drawn on the ground with a meter pen.According to President Ling, these four cbd sleep gummy human shaped patterns represent four dead people.At that time, as soon as five criminals rushed into the bank, they even killed two people, one was the lobby manager of the bank, and the other was an innocent person who came to the bank to make deposits.

What are they doing by the river Xiao Wei asked suspiciously.Lin Xingchen shook his head and said, I don t know, but there must be a purpose.Wang Chaoyang took Lin Xingchen s words and said, I understand Xingchen s meaning.When we went to the thief s car, we couldn t find anything in it.Without masks, guns, and stolen money, these things are difficult to hide.If the robbers walk around on the street with these things, it is easy to arouse the cbd sleep gummy suspicion of passers by, so So, they must first Hide these things.Lin Xingchen snatched the words back.The two sang together, and gradually Zhang Feng and HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy Xiao Wei also understood the mystery, Zhang Feng said What do you mean, they hid these things on the way to escape Lin Xingchen nodded and said This is It is very possible that hiding these things on the body is undoubtedly timed.

Not long after, I heard Lin Xingchen sticking out his head and shouting I found something, come and see it.The three rushed into the weeds in a hurry, only to see Lin Xingchen squatting on the ground, pinching the grass.The soil on the ground said solemnly This soil is still very new, and it should have been turned over.I guess there is something we want buried under it.Zhang Feng, there is a shovel in the trunk, go and get it.Wang Chaoyang ordered.Zhang Feng flew towards the police car like an arrow on a string.However, what the four of them didn t know was that in a residential building in the distance, a telescope was watching their actions.Under the telescope was a man with a goatee.Talking, he said Brother, something happened.7.Unexpected harvest Zhang Feng carefully lifted the soil with shovel by shovel, and two very large travel bags appeared in front of everyone.

There was another bang.Amei s ass was hit by Wei Renwu, and she couldn t stand up for a while, and wanted to fall to the ground.The Mohigan man hurried forward to support Amei.Moxigan supported Amei with the corner of his mouth twitching slightly, and spat out four words fiercely Kill them And Wei Renwu also shouted at this time Run.Bang bang bang Suddenly, the two Fang raised his hands one after another, and a fierce exchange of fire began.Wei Renwu s side fought and retreated, and quickly got into the woods to hide, while the robbers did not chase too much because the mastermind was still seriously injured, they also fought and retreated, and retreated into the abandoned building.Because everyone was actually concerned about their own wounded and had no intention of fighting.Everyone was very perfunctory, covering their own people to enter a safe place, so no more casualties were caused.

One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it will take Only in cbd sleep gummy this way can we repay all the shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall into it.

, many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen a sad face You forgot when the stock market was turbulent and you suffered losses Lin Feng squeezed Mo Xiaonian He still remembers that not long after he moved here, Mo Xiaonian had quarreled with him for several days because of a story turmoil.At that time, Lin Feng had cbd oil or gummies for anxiety no idea why Mo Xiaonian was arguing with him., Mo Mingqi was good at chess for several days, and then Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market is in turmoil, don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.

When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss cbd gummy worms cbd gummies pass drug test Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.

Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, cbd sleep gummy you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It cbd sleep gummy s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

Lin Feng smiled mischievously, and directly picked up Mo Xiaonian and walked to the bedroom Hey, if you want to eat me, I ll tell you earlier, I ll let you eat me right now, okay Bastard, bastard, put me down quickly, you scoundrel Mo Xiaonian exclaimed, You scoundrel, I m not allowed to do this when my relatives are here today.It s okay, it s okay to run a red light occasionally Lin Feng smirked and threw Mo Xiaonian onto the soft big breasts Hey, before dinner starts, you are the appetizer. cbd sleep gummy The next day, Lin Feng came here with a full face When he arrived at the company, the project manager of the green ecological project team was already waiting for Lin Feng in can you take cbd gummies before surgery the meeting room.Lin Feng handed them the drawings and materials of the first piece of green ecological land that he traded from Boss Liu yesterday, and asked them to start with This piece of construction land was newly designed and started construction at the fastest speed.

One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it will take Only in this way can we repay all the cbd sleep gummy medterra cbd sleep gummies shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall into it.

The auctioneer was a manager of Apocalypse Auction House.When signing the contract, Lin Feng revealed to him that he wanted to meet the boss of Apocalypse Auction House to discuss cooperation.Lin Feng originally thought that the management would agree to him.After all, if such a small auction house can have the cooperation of a big company, it will be of great help to their project, but Lin Feng did not expect that the management would politely refuse.Own.Lin Feng didn t force it either, but hearing Mo Tianxing say that the boss cbd sleep gummy of Tianqi Auction Company was fighting with him, he would inevitably feel a little uncomfortable in his heart.After all, I cheated and used the hand of seizing, so I can naturally be much better than others, but if there is someone who can be similar to me, then what use is there for me to use the hand of seizing This reminded Lin Feng of Shui Qinghan in the Treasure Appreciation Competition, he was the super chill produce cbd gummies only person he admired, but unfortunately, Shui Qinghan was not an ordinary person, if he could find Shui Qinghan, Lin Feng believed that cbd gummies insomnia he would cbd sleep gummy be able to convince Shui Qinghan told himself something about people like him.

If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He cbd sleep gummy walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.

One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it will take Only in this way can we repay all the shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall into it.

And his family is undoubtedly his favorite case.Only the case can give him the most cordial warmth, relieve his emptiness and loneliness, and make him feel the meaning of life.If he can t love the case, then he is really a walking dead.Wei Renwu walked in the howling cold wind, and the wind was filled with the smell of gunpowder.To be precise, it was not gunpowder, but fireworks.Fireworks could be seen everywhere on the street, children playing with each other, and bright lights from house cbd sleep gummy to house.At 9 30 in the evening, Wei Renwu got into a bachelor apartment, which was the address of Wang Aimin.Because most of the tenants of the bachelor apartment were people who came to work in Chengdu from other places, the building was almost empty.Outside the building, the sound of fireworks was like thunder, but inside the building was eerily quiet.

Hey Your father Although he killed someone, he is a good man.Wei Renwu also sighed, I m sorry for making you say such a cruel thing.The number of times Wei Renwu said sorry in his life can be counted with one hand, but Today he used these three words, which shows that he is also saddened by Zhang Xiaoting s experience.Zhang Xiaoting shook her head bitterly, and she said I don t blame you, this is what happened.You are just a listener, not a participant, so there is no need to say sorry to me.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, he did not When he spoke again, he even said sorry, so he couldn t find other words to soothe the heart of this traumatized girl.It s getting late, I should go back, thank .

how.long does it take for cbd gummies to kick in?

you for the bobo chicken.Zhang Xiaoting cleared up her mood, and the innocent cbd sleep gummy and happy smile appeared on her face again.

You call Zhang Feng and ask him to bring someone over.Not long after, Zhang Feng, Yang Wen er, and Xiao Wei came with many police officers non stop.Zhang Feng and Xiao Wei took over Zhang Yuning from Wei Renwu.Zhang Feng handcuffed Zhang Yuning and said sternly Zhang Yuning, you are suspected of multiple murders.I am now formally arresting you.You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say will become evidence in court.Zhang Yuning just sneered, but didn t speak.Zhang Feng was about to take Zhang Yuning away, but he heard Wei Renwu say Don t take him away, I have a few words to ask him.Zhang Feng supported Zhang Yuning and said, Mr.Wei, if you have any questions, hurry up.I have to take him back.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache, looked at Zhang Yuning, and said with a serious expression Zhang Yuning, do you know what you are doing Zhang Yuning snorted coldly and said, I know you, the prisoner People say that when you meet Wei Renwu, you must confess your crimes, otherwise he will expose your crimes after you have suffered a lot.

This small door was added during this period.Why did you put this small door on purpose Yue Ming asked puzzled.Wei Renwu took out his universal wire and said, It s more practical to go in and have a look.Wei Renwu opened the small door and entered the milk tea shop.The milk tea shop was pitch black, and Yue Ming turned on the light of his mobile phone to barely see the furnishings in the milk tea shop.The milk tea shop was clean and tidy.It was obvious that the owner had cleaned it carefully before closing the shop.Yue Ming spread his hands and said, It doesn t seem to be anything special.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, Don t worry, there must be a need for existence if there is something strange, and you need to observe it patiently.Yue Ming observed carefully again Looking at the surroundings, he suddenly glanced out of the corner of his eye to a long cabinet that looked like cbd sleep gummy a wardrobe in the corner, and pointed to the long cabinet and said, Mr.

If he escapes, the number of people injured will undoubtedly continue to increase, but let him It was hard for Yue Ming to accept that he didn t care about the life and death of the people in front of him.Don t hesitate, hurry up and drive for one more minute, and one more person will die.Wei Renwu knew that if Yue Ming made his own choice, he might not be able to make a decision after Yang Xi had completely escaped, so he could only help Yue Ming make a decision.Okay, let s go.Yue Ming finally started the car, but he felt guilty in his heart.He could only watch someone being killed and couldn t stop it.This is human cbd sleep gummy nature, but there is no way to do it.7.Racing Yue Ming drove a Maserati to the east of Chengdu, but his heart was full of remorse.This feeling is like running into an old lady who has a heart attack on the street and you just leave without saving her life cbd sleep gummy Wei Renwu didn t want Yue most potent cbd gummy Ming to have a burden in his heart, which would affect the handling of the case, so he persuaded him Xiao Yue, I remember that your favorite comic hero is Batman, right Yes, I really like Batman.

Yue Ming opened the door with some top cbd gummies companies 2020 hesitation, but there was really a person standing outside the keoni cbd gummy cubes amazon door.When Yue Ming saw this person, he was extremely surprised.3.The White Horse Pirate is an old acquaintance whom I haven t seen for a long time, the president of the Chinese Detective Association Quan Kai.When cbd gummy worms cbd gummies pass drug test Yue Ming saw Quan Kai, he seemed quite excited, and hurriedly said, Mr.Quan, why are you here Quan Kai showed his standard gentlemanly smile and said with a smile, I heard that Ren Wu was seriously injured., so I made a special trip from Beijing to see him.Wei Renwu, who was lying on the sickbed, didn t buy it, and said disdainfully from a distance What do you mean by being seriously injured I m obviously just a little bruised, do you want to curse me Quan Kai walked into the ward slowly, and said with an embarrassed smile Renwu, it s my fault that I can t speak, but I really came to visit you.

Mr.Yu nodded and said, That s right, it s worth nothing.Wei Renwu said, .

will you test positive if you eat.cbd gummies?

Then do I have any other bargaining chips Mr.Yu laughed.Actually, you really have what I want.Wei Renwu asked curiously, Is that so Then what do you want from me Mr.Yu said, Well, sometimes it s better to come early than to come by coincidence.It just so happens that you have something that our department needs.Wei Renwu asked puzzledly, Then let Mr.Yu tell you.Mr.Yu paused, and said, Fengshenhui.It all slipped down, he smiled and said Mr.Yu s words are really one on one.I m afraid you already had this plan when I first stepped into this office.After beating around the bush for a long time, you finally said it.No wonder No matter how rude I was, you didn t get angry, so you were waiting for this.Mr.Yu sighed and said, There is no way, dealing with people like you, you don t have a good eye, and besides, you want to The case of the scepter, then you have to come up with something decent to do it.

The whole room is covered with infrared rays, which can be called airtight.Let alone people, I am afraid that if a fly enters the room, it will trigger the alarm.Wei Renwu deliberately extended a finger into the room.Immediately, the entire Capital Museum alarm sounded one after another, and the sound shook the sky.The sudden sound of the siren startled Yue Ming.Li Yi shouted Wei Renwu, what are you doing Two minutes later, the room was surrounded by seventy or yum yum gummies cbd content eighty security guards who hurried over.When they saw Guo Ling here, they relaxed their tense nerves.Li Yi scolded again Wei Renwu, what the hell are you doing Wei Renwu ignored Li Yi, turned to Guo Ling and said, Director Guo, why did you turn off this thing Enter the code once to turn off the alarm.Guo Ling fiddled with the code device again, and the alarm stopped.

Shu Pu had already reached the door, he turned his head and said, Yes, we are in a hurry.Yue Ming glanced at it and immediately followed.When the two left, they only heard Wei Renwu say Walk slowly, come often when you have free time.He had imagined that the first time the two met, it must be a scene of sparks hitting the earth.As a result the result was too calm, not only calm, but also quiet, and botanical gardens cbd gummies reviews the two of them didn t even have a normal conversation.Maybe this elite power cbd gummies is the real master s tricks, words are better than words, and tricks are better than no tricks.This kind of state may be beyond Yue Ming HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy s reach in this life.It was this thief boat again, it was that driver again, and it was Shu Pu and Yue Ming sitting in the back seat again.Although Yue Ming was curious about why Shu Po and Wei Renwu had such a peaceful encounter, he was too embarrassed to ask Shu Po, so he could only silently look out the window, wondering if the two were secretly fighting against something.

He saw a hemp rope tied to the top of a machine, and then hung down to hang the female corpse s neck.The female corpse s eyes popped out and her tongue protruded slightly.Yue Ming had been observing for a long time before Shu Po walked over slowly.Before Shu Po could observe, Yue Ming shouted, I know What do you know Shu Po asked curiously.I know what s going on.Yue Ming replied very confidently.He looked at Shu Po with a look of disdain.Yue Ming said Obviously, this woman committed suicide.Judging from the stiffness of the skin, she died between one and three in the cbd and melatonin gummies for sleep morning.The eyes of the deceased were open, which means that she was in a waking state before death, and the fingers of both hands were worn out.It is obvious that the pain before death made her struggle.All this shows that the deceased chose to hang himself in a conscious state, and then the neck was so tight that she had to use her hands to pull the rope in pain.

Shu Po narrowed his eyes and said leisurely to his defeated opponent.Yue Ming opened his lips slightly, and said slowly, I think I should go.I m ashamed, so I want gummy cbd sour worms to go Shu Po was almost aggressive.Yue Ming fled away in a flash.Seeing Yue Ming running out of the convenience store , Zhao Jun said to Shu Po It seems that he will not dare to see you again in the future, you ruined this young man.Shu Po said If you are in this world , if you don t have the ability, then just ruin it, you re useless anyway.Yue Ming left the convenience store and ran towards the street, his expression was very distorted, he was fighting for losing to Shu Po.Feeling guilty, or thinking about something else In short, he only wanted one thing now, and that was to go home quickly.He wanted to find Wei Renwu and tell him everything that happened, as well as some of his conjectures.

Yue Ming said There is a phone number on the business card, I ll try to make a call right away.Before Wei Renwu can cbd gummies help with nerve pain answered, Yue Ming immediately dialed the number on the business card.The phone you dialed is turned off, please try again later It seems that things are not going as smoothly as expected.Yue Ming was a little frustrated, and Wei Renwu comforted him Xiao Yue, don t be too impatient, such a big incident happened, and the police are preparing to arrest other people from the Sanmuhui , that Li Yanliang must want to hide, so the phone can t be reached It s normal.Then what should we do now Yue Ming asked.Wei Renwu paused, and said At least we know where this case should be investigated.Later, I will ask Lin Xingchen to find out where Li Yanliang s residence is, and then we will go to his house to try our luck.

Let me take my time.Li Yanliang began to tell the details of what happened that day, That day Mr.Li wanted to discuss business with the boss of the Tiger Gang , and he asked me to bring Xiaohong to accompany him.You must know that the Sanmuhui and The Tiger Gang are giants that control the porn industry.If the two gangs can cooperate, they can monopolize the porn industry in Chengdu, so Mr.Li also attaches great importance to it.Of course I can t cbd sleep gummy let Mr.Li down, I let Xiaohong accompany HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy Tiger Gang s boss drinks, although I love Xiaohong very much, but for the sake of my career, I can only reluctantly give up.Wei Renwu said with a sly smile It sounds like you are really a great person.Li Yanliang knew that Wei Renwu was laughing at him, but he didn t pay much attention to it, but continued That day, besides their leader, the Tiger Gang also came I invited a few brothers, and we respected them as honored guests.

Wei Renwu didn t expect Yue Ming to answer, he knew the answer himself, he continued He didn t run away anymore, because he thought there would be people from the Fengshenhui who would save him there.Stop at that position, I guess He cbd gummies for back pain cbd sleep gummy may have seen some information, and it can only be seen at that location.What this can finally explain is that this is a premeditated plan, first of all, to use the White Tiger s psychology of wanting to escape, to give him a little hope, let him Successfully stand in a position where you will be hit to death, and then pinpoint the timing, so that the car can smoothly cause an accident.Yue Ming frowned, and said It sounds like ordinary people will not do it.I always feel that killing the White Tiger would be too complicated, sometimes a single bullet can do it, why make the plan so complicated Wei Renwu said This is the style of the Reaper , do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy and this is also the reason why he has survived until now and has not been arrested.

The staff member was stunned, and he suddenly realized that Yue Ming was not a customer, but a real father.The staff did not reply to Yue Ming immediately, but told Yue Ming Please wait a moment.Then he got cbd sleep gummy global green cbd gummies 450 mg into an office and closed the door of the office.But he didn t make Yue Ming wait too long, he came out soon, and brought a middle aged man out, it was HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy obvious that this middle aged man was the boss of this company.The middle aged man walked up to Yue Ming and said courteously, This handsome guy, would you like some tea Yue Ming shook his head and said, You don t have to be so polite, I just want to ask if you have any housing resources here, if cbd sleep gummy not I ll change to another serenity green ape cbd gummies house right away, I m in a hurry.Yes, yes.The middle aged man was afraid that Yue Ming would leave, so he immediately ordered the staff member, Hurry up, bring that.

The owner of the house is an official, and now he is in a hurry to cash in.Withdraw the money today, and you can move in today, with all the furniture, but The middle aged man hesitated.Just what Yue Ming asked.The middle aged man said, It s just that the price may be a little higher.How much Yue Ming asked calmly.Two million.The middle aged man said tentatively.He knew that Yue Ming must be in a hurry to place an order, and he could make a deal at any price.It seems to be a bit expensive.However, the middle aged man miscalculated Yue Ming, Yue Ming is definitely not the kind of local tyrant who would be slaughtered because of impatience, so he replied I d better go to another house.At this moment, the middle aged boss of the real estate agency should be the one who is in a hurry.He took Yue Ming s hand and said anxiously Don t go, brother, we can still discuss the price.

Jiang Mengdie is such a magical woman, she can attract men to dedicate everything to her, Even if it means letting men give up what they cherish the most.Yue Ming held Jiang Mengdie in his arms again, and whispered in her ear Okay, I promise you, I will take you out of here to a place where no one is around.Lips fell on Jiang Mengdie s forehead, Jiang Mengdie s forehead was so cold, Yue Ming s cbd gummies for back pain cbd sleep gummy lips were so warm, Yue Ming s warmth completely melted Jiang Mengdie s coldness.Jiang Mengdie raised her head and met Yue Ming s eyes.You have me in your eyes, and you in my eyes.She slowly touched Yue Ming s lips with her lips, responding to Yue Ming s fierce words.deep kiss.Yue Ming hugged Jiang Mengdie tightly, his heartbeat accelerated violently, allergies to cbd gummies and his blood was surging.He threw Jiang Mengdie to the ground, and the two of them were rolling on the soft carpet, as if the world had passed away.

I don t know.Yue Ming and Wei Renwu said in unison.Yue Ming didn t know what Wei Renwu was trying to do, but what was certain was that he might have been tricked.Yue Ming looked at Jiang Mengdie, pointed at Wei Renwu and said, Is this your friend Jiang Mengdie replied with a cbd sleep gummy little embarrassment It s my friend.Although we just met not long ago, he helped me.It s my friend, I thought he hadn t eaten lunch yet, cbd sleep gummy so I brought him along, you really don t mind At this time, Wei Renwu said with a sly smile This little brother looks like a good guy at first glance, I miss him I definitely won t mind.Yue Ming finally understood, Wei Renwu must have found out about Yue Ming s real intention to move, so he deliberately approached Jiang Mengdie to destroy Yue Ming s date, no wonder he agreed to Yue Ming s move yesterday In fact, I have already prepared to do things secretly.

Wei Renwu continued to sneer Don t be nervous, I just visited one of your old friends.I should have visited your old friends do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy one by one, but time is tight, so I can only choose a close old friend.Jiang Mengdie said coldly You thc and cbd gummies re talking about Xu Lu, right Wei Renwu nodded and said, It s really surprising that you still remember her name.You have so many old friends, and you seem to remember their names.Oh, by the way, you haven t answered me yet, what s your name Jiang Mengdie stood up, and she replied For a long time, I have forgotten what my name is, but every one of me Those who have hurt me, I remember their names, this is what I owe them in this life, and I will pay them back in the next life.Wei Renwu laughed and said, You started teasing me again, in the next life I will give you another ten lives , you can t pay off the debts you owe.

Yue Ming tapped the lock of the handcuff on his right hand with a silver needle, and with a click, the handcuff opened.This Jiang Mengdie was too shocked to speak, and Yue Ming didn t give her a chance to speak, so he helped her loosen the handcuffs.Yue Ming threw away the silver needle, supported his painful do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy left leg, stood up with difficulty, and asked Jiang Mengdie with a smile, Where do you want to go now We can go right away.At this moment, Jiang Mengdie felt that Yue Ming is so tall, his body seems to exude a dazzling cbd gummies pass drug test light, and that light is called the light of hope.Jiang Mengdie also stood up, she supported Yue Ming, and said The ends of the earth, wherever you say, I will follow.Yue Ming leaned into Jiang Mengdie s ear and said, It s not over yet, but there is still a gatekeeper outside.

Yue Ming and Wei Renwu approached that cbd tincture gummies classroom, hid outside the window at the end of the classroom, and looked inside.In the classroom, more than 30 innocent children dressed in tatters are looking at the podium seriously, and the male teacher on the podium is explaining the San Zi Jing to the children vividly.He looks young and should be a college graduate.age.Yue Ming asked again in a low voice The murderer you are talking about is he Wei Renwu nodded and said, What do you think Yue Ming carefully observed the young teacher again.Regarding the serial murder case, he questioned again Hands are weak, and the calluses on the palms are also new.He should not be a murderer.Your so called reliable news may not be very reliable.Wei Renwu laughed, and he said with a smile You re right, he s not a murderer.

He hired teachers with high salaries to teach in this remote village, and this benevolent man even made a special trip to name the primary school after his younger brother.Yutang Elementary School.After Wei Renwu s story was finished, he could already see Yue Ming s tears streaming down uncontrollably.Yue Ming said with tears streaming down his face Is this her story Wei Renwu sighed, nodded and said, Yes, she asked me to tell you her story in the hope that you could see the real her, the one she deceived.All the money spent in this school, she doesn t want you to remember her as just a bad woman, so this is why I brought you here, and I don t want you to forget cbd sleep gummy her, I just hope You will always remember her, remember the best of her, this is the way you should commemorate.Yue Ming didn t answer, he couldn t say anything, and now everything he said seemed powerless.

In the eyes of these people, there is nothing more important than work, and there is no harsh environment that can stop them from working, and Yue Ming is HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy the best of them By.Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen were sitting in Lin Xingchen s Jetta car.They were participating in an operation to arrest drug dealers, and he and Lin Xingchen played the role of commander in this operation.The Jetta was parked outside the Royal Garden of the Five Great Gardens.Yue Ming sat in the passenger seat and looked at the moving black dot on the ipad in his right hand, and said to the pen microphone in his left hand Officer Lei and Officer Yang Are you seated Lei Long and Yang Wen er held pistols and guarded the door of a household in a residential building in the Royal Garden , whispering to Mai in their mouths We are already seated.

It was obvious that Xu Jiu was much, much smarter than he imagined, cbd gummies show on drug tests and he guessed Wei Renwu s intention immediately.Wei Renwu asked How did you find out Xu Jiu sneered If I don t even have this ability, how can I escape from the clutches of the Fengshenhui alive In the sentence, I heard two meanings.The first meaning is to tell Wei Renwu that she is definitely not an idiot, and the second meaning is to tell Wei Renwu that she has already do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy seen Wei Renwu s intention to get rid of Yue Ming, and she just wants to ask her if she is an idiot.How to escape from the hands of the Fengshenhui.Wei Renwu sighed softly Since you have said so, then I will ask directly, can you tell me how you escaped from the Fengshenhui And what do you know about the Fengshenhui How much Xu Jiu laughed, high tech full spectrum cbd gummies this time she was no longer a sneer, but a mocker, she laughed and said, I can t tell you, don t think that you only managed to escape cbd sleep gummy from the Qinglong once, and you want to get my Trust, let me tell you, the reason I ve survived until now is because I don t easily trust anyone, including people I used to know.

The morale of Yang Xi s subordinates in the courtyard soared, and there were countless shouts in the courtyard for a while, the voices were loud, overwhelming the sound of the rainstorm.Tang Yu knew that it would not take long for Yang Xi s people to find the house where he was hiding, and it would not take long to find Xu Jiu s secret passageway.He had to do something, and he took out a receiver on his waist.He had prepared it beforehand.There is a red button on the latest and fastest do cbd gummies go bad cbd sleep gummy update receiver, and Tang Yu pressed it without hesitation.boom boom boom Bang For a moment, there was a continuous loud noise in the courtyard, and this was the last sound Xu Jiu heard after entering the secret passage.Xu Jiu was carrying a travel bag, and with a flashlight, he was groping in the shaking secret passage.

Xu is probably too suspicious.Xu Jiu sighed softly You may think that the Fengshenhui is full of treacherous and evil people, why There will be students But in fact, you are wrong.I know the Fengshenhui very well.In order to make their subordinates loyal, the Fengshenhui trains and brainwashes them from a young age, so the students also Maybe they are from the Fengshenhui.Yue Ming exclaimed It s really a crazy organization, but how do you know that those two students are from the Fengshenhui Xu Jiu said I have already I ve said it again, and I ll repeat it now, I know the Fengshenhui very well, and I also understand their methods of doing things.They are very good at hiding their identities, and they can always do their hiding skills perfectly.Just now, those two also hid It s perfect, but it s deliberate if it s too perfect, and if it s deliberate, it will cause a lot of irrationality.

Yue Ming stood up and was about to open the door to go out.Xu Jiu stopped him and said Why are you going Yue Ming said We are in danger, I have to go to the next door to inform Mr.Wei.Xu Jiu said No need to go, he already knows, otherwise why do you think he chose to approach What about the room with the stairs He found out Yue Ming was shocked again, and after a long time, he was the only one kept in the dark.Xu Jiu said Yes, before he sent us into the house, he gave me a wink.I guess he is ready now.Yue Ming was a little nervous at first, but when he heard that Wei Renwu was already prepared Finally, the heavy stone in my heart can be let go.He sat back on the chair and said, Since Mr.Wei is ready, let s watch his performance quietly.Xu Jiu stared out the window as if he didn t hear it.On the other side, Wei Renwu has already returned to the hotel, carrying a large plastic bag in his hand, which contains countless plastic bottles of mineral water.

For these people, if you don t kill them, they will kill you.Who will die This is obviously a question of sending points.Yue Ming must suppress his kindness at this moment, kindness to the enemy is weakness.However, besides seeing the killer s stump, Yue Ming also seemed to see the body that wasn t the killer.It was only then that Yue Ming remembered that there were other guests in this hotel.Wei Renwu s series of bombs not only completely wiped out the killers of the Fengshenhui , but also caused some additional casualties.This is also impossible.If there are no incidental casualties, it is difficult to defeat so many killers out of thin air, so Yue Ming will not blame Wei Renwu.Besides, if the killer succeeds in killing the three of them, the killer will not let them go As HCMUSSH cbd sleep gummy for other people in the hotel, it is impossible for them to let the news leak out.

It would be quite cbd sleep gummy difficult to find Yue Ming, and he had to speed up, because Wu Wei would soon find out However, Wei Renwu did not go to the Efang Palace Ruins at all.Wei Renwu took out his tablet computer and confirmed Yue Ming s exact position again.To Wei Renwu s surprise, his own position and Yue Ming s position overlapped.This is strange, not to mention Yue Ming around, not even a mouse can be seen.But where is Yue Ming Wei Renwu suddenly looked at his feet, and immediately understood that his position overlapped with Yue Ming s because Yue Ming was right under his feet, which meant that the auto repair shop had a basement.basement It s a bit interesting, it s covered with a shell of a serious auto repair shop, and a basement is secretly set up to maintain criminal activities, and the auto repair shop allows criminals to drive in reasonably, which is indeed a good cover.

The further they walked, the more obvious the light became, and there were indeed two people within the line of sight of Wei Renwu and Yue Ming.Unfortunately, there is no Xu Jiu among these two people, but two men in black.Wei Renwu can cbd gummies make u high can recognize that they are two of the thirteen people before, and one of these two people is the one who arrested Wei Renwu.The cbd gummies australia chemist warehouse men in black of the stuff.Although Xu Jiu was not found, it was considered a windfall.Without saying a word, Wei Renwu rushed out like lightning before Yue Ming could react.It was not only Yue Ming who did not react, but also the two men in black.These two people, who would have thought that when they were chatting, a murderous person suddenly rushed out of twin elements cbd gummies full spectrum the darkness, and what was even more unexpected was that when this person rushed out, their throats immediately felt sweet.

Yue Ming shouted excitedly It s started, it s started.Mr.Wei has to observe his magic carefully.His teleportation is a puzzle that humans can t solve.Interested in watching TV intently.I saw that the scene on TV was on the edge of the cliff of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon.A man in a black suit and with a long face was standing on the edge of the cliff.There were many onlookers around who were full of expectations.Looking at this person from outside the cordon, it seemed that he was waiting for a miracle to happen.When the camera turned around, he came to the man in the suit.The man in the suit smiled at the camera, and he said with a smile, Good afternoon, dear viewers.I am your friend Long Qian.I am very glad that you can watch my Show, witness the miracle I achieved today.The camera followed Long Qian s angle of view and moved to the outside of the cliff.

Yue Ming followed behind, and as the two of them made a big can you take too much cbd gummies circle to the Poly Kangqiao Community , Yue Ming was more sure in his heart that this was the cbd 750 mg gummies little girl he was looking for, because Poly Kangqiao Community was closer to Poly Kangqiao Community Mashiqiao , which fully meets the prerequisites Wei Renwu said, they took a long detour to go home, which is actually completely unnecessary.But when the old woman and the little girl had just stepped into the gate of the community, suddenly the old woman ran away with the little girl.Yue Ming said anxiously to himself Oops, the stalking has been discovered.Yue Ming made two steps at the same time, and also galloped.Fortunately, Yue Ming was young and strong, but the old woman and the little girl, one old and one young, naturally couldn t get rid of Yue Ming.

In his apartment, he was stabbed in the throat with a fruit knife and died of excessive blood loss.It is said that Long Qian is most suspected because someone saw him.The two had quarreled, which means there is a dispute between them.Wei Renwu said Then what is the dispute between Long Qian and that magic assistant Have you asked Zhang Feng shook his head and said, No, I will wait for Mr.Wei to go Ask.Wei Renwu laughed and said, Sensible, as expected of a policeman who has worked with me for many years, he understands my habits too well.Zhang Feng knew that no matter what he investigated in advance, Wei Renwu would overthrow them one by one, so it is better to save Just ask Wei Renwu to investigate.Zhang Feng said Mr.Wei, there are three places to go now.The first place is the crime scene, which is the apartment of the magic assistant.

Yue Ming wondered Haggis Isn t it everywhere Especially Jian Yang.Wei Renwu waved his fingers and said disdainfully This haggis is not that haggis.In our common sense, haggis refers to some internal organs of sheep, while the haggis in Yingshan is a sheep.Miscellaneous meat , simply put, is steamed mutton with flour, especially when paired with Yingshan s special red oil, the taste is simply ecstatic.Yue Ming was already hungry, but when he heard Wei Renwu explaining Haggis , his saliva almost spit out, he hurriedly said Stop talking nonsense, let s go eat Yingshan Cold Noodles and this Haggis.These two kinds of food can be seen everywhere in Yingshan County, and almost every restaurant has these two kinds, but Wei Renwu didn t let Yue Ming choose one to eat at random, he had to choose one carefully.

Asked Mr.Wei, what happened to you in the past few days Wei Renwu said Nothing happened, just some discoveries.Yue Ming pouted and said Then let me ask again, what did you discover Wei Renwu said I found out that your brother Qian is a good man.Good man You actually think he is a good man A few days ago you firmly believed that he was a murderer.Do you think your previous speculation was wrong Yue Ming couldn t describe it in surprise, his jaw almost dropped to the ground.Wei Renwu shrugged, and said indifferently Yes, I was wrong before.Oh my god Wei Renwu actually admitted his mistake, that Wei Renwu who was as smelly and hard as a stone in the toilet actually admitted his mistake, this simply refreshed Yue Ming s understanding of Wei Renwu.Yue Ming couldn t believe his ears, and even wondered if this Wei Renwu was pretending.

Wei really taught me a lesson today.Since Mr.Wei asked for money, how much does Mr.Wei want Wei Renwu stubbed out his cigarette and said, Wang How much does Qu cost Long Qian said Wang Qu doesn t want much, he only asked for five million.Wei Renwu nodded and said For your status, five million is indeed not much, as long as It s happy hemp cbd gummies a pity that five million will cost him his life, so how about it, I ll double his base, and I want ten million.Long Qian thought for a while before saying Ten million is indeed a bit much, but I squeezed It can still be taken out after a squeeze.Wei Renwu suddenly showed a sinister smile, and he said with a smile Master Long may have misunderstood me.Mr.Wei has other meanings Long Qian asked suspiciously.Wei Renwu smiled, and replied I m talking about 10 million a year.

Old man Hu s wife was very ashamed, she burst into tears, and cried I know I m sorry for you, and I know you are very good to me, butbut I really can t accept being with a man.He didn t shed any tears, he only remained indifferent now, he said coldly Then why do you still want to marry me This is my parents idea, and I don t want to lie to you, but my parents insist that I marry you, and it is most appropriate for a woman like me to use a man like you to cover up.Right now, Old man Hu s wife no longer has to worry about stabbing old man Hu.The general trend is that their relationship has come to an end.The only thing she can do is to tell the truth, which is also the last respect for old man Hu.Cover Old man Hu s eyes were empty and his expression was numb.It could be seen that his sadness had broken through to the extreme.

I brought them all.They all smelled of blood.Old man Hu s wife, old man Hu s wife s best friend, and three companions who went to catch rape with old man Hu, all their heads were in the suitcase, and none of them was missing.Old man Hu couldn t help but burst into tears, he cried to the bearded man You did it The bearded man didn t deny it, he said I did it, but they did it because of you And die, because you want them to die, so I killed them.Old man Hu did say that, but that was just angry words of old man Hu, how could he really kill them, that is simply a devil Things that can only be done, but now they have come true.Although Old Man Hu did not do it himself, they still died because of Old Man Hu.Perhaps, the bearded man is really a demon.The old man Hu cried Why did you do this Is it just for me The bearded man said Don t you like it You know, no one in this world knows about your scandal anymore.

Therefore, summer is also the best time cbd sleep gummy for bar business.The hotter the day, the better the wine sales.It is also true that Jiuyanqiao s business has also ushered in a booming peak in the new year.As the top bar in Jiuyanqiao, the business of Miracle Bar is also very hot.If you don t arrive at the bar early, or have a good relationship with the bar owner to make a reservation in advance, Miracle Bar is hard to find.It was 9 50, and seeing the guests began to enter the venue one after another, a man in a suit and a goatee in the bar eagerly reprimanded the bar waiter What s the cbd gummies pass drug test cbd gummies recipe jello matter with the toilet door Why did the door frame fall Obviously, this man with a goatee is the owner of the bar, and it is the owner who is very concerned about the unexpected situation of the bar.The waiter lowered his head and said in fear I m sorry, boss, it s my fault.

Yue Ming didn t dare to take any action.He looked at Lin Xingchen, hoping to get instructions on the next step from Lin Xingchen.Lin Xingchen was not afraid because her life was threatened, so she calmly said to Yue Ming, Shoot.How dare Yue Ming shoot, cbd gummy worms cbd gummies pass drug test he just tried to aim at any inch cbd gummies cz of Wang Xuanmin s body, but he never used it With a pistol, he didn t have the confidence and guts to hit cbd sleep gummy Wang Choor.I told you to throw the gun away Wang Xuanmin roared loudly.He was not joking with Yue Ming.In order for Yue Ming to understand his words, he had to use a knife to cut cbd sleep gummy Lin Xingchen s snow white neck.A bloodstain.Wang Xuanmin wanted to do something, but Yue Ming was in a hurry.He couldn t risk Lin Xingchen s life.He immediately threw the pistol and threw it downstairs, making sure that none of the three could get the pistol.

Ah This was Wang Xuanmin s scream.It turned out that Wang Xuanmin did not expect that his knife would be full spectrum 25 mg cbd gummy bears oregon suppliers shot down by bullets, so he did not expect that Lin Xingchen would be able to get rid of his control.However, now that he did not have a knife in his hand, Lin Xingchen was naturally out of his control, so Lin Xingchen was alone.He fell over his experience cbd gummies ingredients shoulder and slammed Wang Xuanmin to the ground.In this way, Lin Xingchen subdued Wang Xuanmin.But at this time, Yue Ming did not take any action.When everything changed, Yue Ming originally wanted to save Lin Xingchen, but before he could make a move, Lin Xingchen was saved.Yue Ming froze on the spot, his eyes filled with tears, and he yelled into the darkness of the room Mr.Wei Mr.Wei Are you calling Wei Renwu Isn t Wei Renwu dead But both Lin Xingchen and Wang Xuanmin knew that Yue Ming would never know another Mr.

Yue Ming didn t dare to open it, he just tried to aim at any inch of Wang Xuanmin s body, but he didn t use it.No confidence and guts to hit the king electorate.I told you to throw it away Wang Xuanmin roared loudly.He was not joking with Yue Ming.In order for Yue Ming to understand his words, he had to use a knife to draw a line on Lin Xingchen s snow white neck.bloodstains.Wang Xuanmin wanted to do something, Yue Ming was in a hurry, he couldn t risk Lin Xingchen s life, so cbd gummy worms cbd gummies pass drug test he immediately threw it downstairs, making sure that none of the cbd sleep gummy three could get it.Yue Ming said I ve already thrown it away, you let Captain Lin go now.Wang Xuanmin laughed and said, What are you thinking You don t have it in your hand, but I have your companion in my hand.Why should I listen to you Lin Xingchen sighed softly Xiaoyue, you shouldn t have thrown it away, now, both of us may be in danger.

Yue Ming didn t know, but he had no choice, he couldn t just watch Lin Xingchen be killed by Wang Xuanmin in front of him.Wang Xuanmin ignored the conversation between the two at all, and continued to direct Yue Ming My key is in your hand, you go and open the door now.Wang Xuanmin may be planning to kill Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming, but he certainly does not want to kill Lin Xingchen and Yue Ming.He will do it outside the door.Fortunately, no one is passing by to see this scene now, but it is inevitable that someone will bump into him outside the door.If he is bumped into, the news will leak out, which will be very detrimental to himself.He must solve Yue Ming secretly And Lin Xingchen, at his home.Wang Xuanmin grabbed Lin Xingchen by the collar, stepped back a few steps, and gave Yue Ming the doorway of his house.

Wei Renwu nodded in praise and said This is a good rule.Wang Xuanmin said again Although you caught me, you don t want me to call to falsely report that I am safe, and you don t want me to tell you the phone number of my contact person.Wei Renwu shrugged and said disdainfully I don t have such a thing either.Thinking, you can rest assured.Wang Xuanmin said So, it is true that you, Wei Renwu, are powerful, and you have already known our identities.One is a vegetarian, you can catch me personally, as long as I don t report my safety, they will know that something happened to me, and they will hide, you don t know how to separate yourself, you can only catch them one by one, but you can t There will be no time to catch them, and if I don t call, they will find out that something has happened to me right away.

Obviously, this tall man was the guest, but Tan Mingming didn t know him, and he didn t know how he had anything to do with this matter.The director said at this time Xiao Tan, come in quickly and close the door.Tan Mingming followed the director s instructions, walked into the office, closed the door, and walked to the director s desk.The director pointed to the tall man next to him, and said to Tan Mingming Let me introduce something to you.This is Captain Zhang of the No.1 Serious Case Detachment of the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau.He asked you to help investigate a case.As soon as Tan Mingming heard the director s introduction, he understood everything.Since Captain Zhang came from the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau, that means he came from Chengdu, so the so called case must be related to Wei Renwu.

Emperor of Heaven snorted coldly and said It really surprised me that Satan would fall into the hands of the Americans, but the Americans are also insidious enough.They hide Satan and will never kill him.He is a very deadly weapon., even more dangerous than nuclear weapons, and Satan in their hands will definitely bring them great help.Wu Wei said with some surprise Is that Satan really do cbd gummis make you high so important At this time , Emperor of Heaven realized that he was talking too much, but now that he has come to this point, he doesn t mind saying a little more For many countries in the world, intelligence means the lifeblood, and the intelligence held by Satan is enough Destroying many so called powerful countries, this is his importance.The current Wu Wei is no longer astonished, cbd sleep gummy he is more shocked now, he never thought that the opponent they are about to face is so unbelievable However, even the Emperor of Heaven who Wu Wei fears most evaluates him in this way, which makes Wu Wei very unconfident.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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