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Tang Sanjian had finished his breakfast, and was reading a martial arts novel with serious relish.Huang Xiangning told Candy Eat breakfast quickly, and listen to my brother telling stories while eating.I don t I want to listen to the story first.Huang Xiangning tried to persuade Tang Shuang, Let her listen to the story first, After listening to it, you won t want to eat it.Tang Sanjian raised his head and gave Tang Shuang a warning look.Once upon a time there was a big fish and a small fish.Tang Shuang said.The story of Xiaoyu, I really like it.Tangtanger jumped up and down on the chair, so scared that Huang Xiangning hurriedly supported her.What s their name No name.There must be a name Okay The big fish is called Dashuang, and the small fish is called Xiaotang.Tangtanger thought it was a bit profound natures choice cbd gummies weird, but she Too small to analyze.

After reading the outline of The Sword of Impermanence , Tang Shuang couldn t help but have a thought in his mind.This thought lingered in his heart for a long time, and he couldn t get rid of it no matter what.He looked around anxiously, making sure that Brother Sanjian had gone far away, and then said the words from the bottom of his heart What is this writing about Sure enough, can cbd gummies cause anxiety he rushed to the street.Brother Sanjian lived up to everyone s renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma expectations.But fortunately, there were still many people watching, and at least there were quite a few comments.Tang Shuang felt a little bit of comfort for Brother Sanjian.Unexpectedly, when I opened the comments, many of them were cursing, slandering, and spamming advertisements There were not many comments that really discussed the facts.Although Tang Shuang also thinks that The Sword of Impermanence is not good, but it is the same as that he is only allowed cbd gummy website 3000 cbd gummies to scold his alma mater and not others.

Candy touched her bulging belly after eating, and she was still chattering about sunflowers, but she still couldn t believe it.There were two questions one was how rice was made into sunflowers, and why rice was made into sunflowers Second, is the rice made by Xiaoshuang Why does Xiaoshuang know how to cook, and when did he learn it After serving Tangtanger for dinner, Tang Shuang called Tangtanger Come here, little cutie, brother will comb your princess hair for you, and then I will change you into nice clothes.Poor little baby, you are wearing pajamas all day today.You are such a sloppy little girl.Ah Hearing that Tang Shuang was going to comb the princess s hair, Tang Tanger ran over, and that ball of woodpecker s nest like hair fluttered and fluttered in the hall, like a little beggar.Her bear pajamas were also dirty, with grains of rice stuck to her chest.

After seeing the news about Li Yuchan, with an inexplicable and perhaps mischievous attitude, he sent a song Drunken Concubine from his previous life to Li Yucan.He didn t have much expectations for this, let alone a series of amazing changes later Li Yuzhen finally returned to the stage with this song, his whole person seemed to have changed, and he returned to the gentle Kochi singer he used to broad spectrum cbd gummies 25mg be , No, it is more radiant than before.This change caused many changes in Tang Shuang s mentality.He still has a deep sense of awe for the world, but at the same time he realizes that he can bring great changes to some people and medterra cbd sleep gummies cbd delta 8 gummies things On the show, Li Yuzhen sang The Drunken Concubine again amidst the cheers of the audience.Judging from the reaction on the spot, he was more popular than Girl s Day.

But obviously he misjudged the situation.When Candy started singing, the whole small room was filled with her screams.Tang Shuang patted her little shoulder and took off her earphones.Tang Tanger was very dissatisfied, and said, Why I m singing.Tang Shuang said, Why do you scream when you sing My sister is Do HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies you sing like this You have to use your chest to vocalize Forget it, you don t understand these things, anyway, sing well, don t bark.Tangtang er muttered, I need you to teach cbd delta 8 gummies me , You can t sing as well as I do., put on the earphones again, and sang kiss me in a childlike voice, a sexy song, sung by her full of milky taste.Chapter 35 You Hold My Hand Candy Er Singing I m thirsty, I hope Tang Shuang will buy her something delicious.Tang Shuang looked at the place where drinks were sold, it was not far away, and she could see it, so she said, Don t run around When she came back with the drinks, Candy was still singing ecstasy.

He borrowed part of his own savings and bought a two bedroom house in Shanghai, which is considered to be a home.The arrangement of the home is according to my own wishes, very warm, but every time I come back after get off work, I feel inexplicably uncomfortable, thinking about it, because I am too lonely, the home is ready, but there is no hostess.Wang Ming is a fan of novels, especially martial arts novels.As long as he doesn t work overtime at night, he basically stays at home reading books and chatting to pass the lonely time.I simply made a chili fried pork.He is from southern Hunan, and he cannot do without spicy food for three meals.After finishing dinner quickly, he lay comfortably on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, and prepared to read the novels he was chasing recently.Among them are The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong and Heroes by the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard, but this time he just opened the website and entered the martial arts channel, and saw the advertisement for The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.

Tang Shuang quickly found it on the desk.This painting was put together with Tang Shuang s illustrations of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.It might have been brought by Tang Shuang when he accompanied him to draw.Candy happily held the award winning science cbd gummies work carefully, and trotted in front of Tang Zhen Sister, take a look Tang Zhen took the painting cooperatively, as if what she was looking at was not a painting, but a treasure map.surprise.I saw three abstract people in the painting, the one on the left is the longest, the one in the middle is the smallest, and the one on the right is a girl.You can tell from the handwriting that it was written by Candy.The content is If my brother doesn t like me, I don t like my brother anymore.If my sister doesn t like me, I don t like me either.Because my sister doesn t like me anymore.

Tang Shuang Let my sister sleep for a while.Tang Tanger I ll sleep with my sister.Tang Shuang ignored her and said to Tang Zhen, Sister, go to the room and sleep for a while, you almost have dark circles under your eyes, and your face looks tired.Tang Zhen didn t know that Tang Shuang could cook, so she asked worriedly Do you know how to cook Let s go out to eat, or order takeaway.Tang Shuang said to Tang Tanger, Tang Tang, tell my sister if the food I cook is good.Tang Tanger was really careful this time Said Delicious Tang Shuang proudly said to Tang Zhen You heard it, the most difficult mouth in the Tang family has been praised, it cbd delta 8 gummies is definitely a trustworthy cooking skill.Tang Zhen was also really tired, Needing to rest for a while, I went back to the room immediately, and Tang Shuang, the follower, also followed.

At the beginning of the month, do you want to organize an audition meeting to rush the charting and release work The person who spoke was Liu Yilian, and the singer she was in charge of was called Chen Ding, and it botanical farms cbd gummies website will be released soon It s the first album.Xiao Na said You can bring me Chen Ding s new song after the meeting.If there is no problem, I will arrange it as soon as possible Liu Yilian was very happy when she heard this.The status of singers who have released albums and those who have not released albums are completely different.Sister Na, I have another request Liu Yilian said a little nervously.Speak directly if you have anything to say, don t hesitate.Xiao Na s style of work has always been vigorous and vigorous.In internal meetings, everyone is required to speak directly to improve efficiency.

It s just that Tang Shuang was obviously picking on mice, and Tang Zhen didn t want to talk to him at all.As soon as Tang Shuang said the word love, Tang Zhen gave him a cold look.The eyes were different from the coldness in the past.There were more warnings, and if he babbled, he would pull his ears.Tang Shuang turned a corner, instead of saying bluntly, I will teach you how to fall in love, but to ask about the origin of this buddy Wang Qiangqiang.Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang coldly again, just when Tang Shuang thought she was going to respond in silence again, she only heard her say If you think he is nice, you can live with him.Tang Shuang was furious Please respect my sexual orientation Tang Zhen rolled his eyes at him, and there was a clear word in his eyes stupid.Tang Shuang felt insulted, not only her sexual orientation was distorted, but even her IQ was ridiculed.

The cbd delta 8 gummies makeup artist I met on the road quietly opened the door and came in.Seeing this situation, he stood quietly by the side, speechless.People come in one after another, men and women, old and young, stylists, photographers, assistants, public relations managers, even drivers, front desk Some of them are members of Girl s Day s work team, and some have a good relationship with them colleagues, and some have nothing to do with them But at this moment, they are all here There is no words of comfort, no encouragement to cheer up, everyone just wants to use actions to tell these two girls who are chasing their dreams Don t be afraid, we are with you Any words seem pale and powerless at this moment.Silence finally showed its majesty and strength These people stood in a small room, like sculptures, silent, and together they formed this warm and spring like picture Through the wind, through the rain, dreams may be shattered in the wind and rain, but you will never walk alone Tang Zhen held back the grief in her heart, she didn t cry.

Not long after that, she received a call from Bai Yang er s mother.Bai Yang er was drunk at home alone, laughing and crying.Her mother didn t know what happened, so she was worried, so she called Tang Zhen.Tang Zhen rushed to Bai Yang er s house in a hurry.The little girl was insanely drunk, and the floor was covered with vomit.Her mother wanted to pick her daughter cbd delta 8 gummies up from the floor, but she didn t have enough strength, and Bai Yang er kept struggling., couldn t hold her in her arms at all, and could only watch helplessly as her beloved daughter became drunk.Tang Zhen and Bai Yang er s mother worked together to lift Bai Yang er to the bed, and then wiped her body clean.After a while of work, the girl became quiet.Not long after, she fell asleep on the bed.Tang Zhen looked at Bai Yang er distressedly, for such a simple girl, she didn t even go to the bar to get drunk, but came to the house obediently.

Then Tang Shuang looked in the mirror and brushed it back and forth with a small brush.When she arrived at the scene, the dark circles and bags under the eyes were basically gone.Xiaozhen, I accept your wish, but don t go there, the media reporters are looking for you now, you are shameless, don t get out of the car, or you will steal my limelight.After finishing speaking, Tang Shuang got out of the car in a hurry, worried that her HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies legs would become lame when it was too late.After Tang Shuang walked away, Tang Zhen thought about it and drove away.She really wanted to go to the scene, after all, it was the first time for her younger brother to participate in such an important event, and she wanted to be by his side.She remembered the first time she showed up under the spotlight, she was no better than Tang Shuang, she woke up all night, and the dark circles under her eyes were particularly prominent the next day.

Fortunately, Li Haonan replied in time These are the three swords of our imperial guard As he spoke, he took a photo of Tang Shuang.The Chinese New Year began in the group When the autograph session started, the Starry Sky website s live broadcast was mainly for Jin Yong and a few others.Tang Shuang could occasionally get shots, but not many, mainly as a foil.Tang Shuang s book fans were very dissatisfied, and they moved to the Lincheng library group to chat, where Li Haonan was constantly finding photos of the scene.Suddenly, everyone spotted the coquettish old man next to Tang Shuang, and asked who it was.It s like a coquettish flower butterfly Are the three swords in our family just like cbd delta 8 gummies this The old man is here.Too coquettish, and cheap.Who is this, why don t you rush Go, why bother my husband I really want to drive this butterfly away, I ll sit there, let me tell you, I can sit there for the rest of my life, doing nothing, just watching my husband quietly.

Could it be these three No, the name is Clover.There should be four of them.There are only three of them.Could it be that one of them didn t come These three people s faces are full of greenness, and it is clear at a glance that there is no combination of underage or underage Does this count as child labor legally allowed The more Bai Jianming thought about it, the more interesting he found it.He had heard the news before, but he didn t pay attention to it at the time.Now he thinks it s news that can be dug up.Just because he is underage, it is a gimmick.On the other hand, it may be able to arouse national discussion.It s inconvenient to think about it for the time being, Bai Jianming told Xiao Ma to write this down in advance, and they will come to follow him another day.Xiao Ma didn t expect that he would discover a potential big news with a few casual words, and couldn t help being enthusiastic, staring at the entrance even harder.

Guo Zifeng s ultimate dream is to join the army as a pilot, but he didn t pass the military school exam, so he settled for the next best thing, dreaming of flying a passenger plane, and now he cbd gummies compared to thc gummies is running on the road serenity cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummies of his dream, what a lucky guy.Tang Zhen s dream is to sing and dance, she is also a lucky guy.Among college classmates, some people say that their dream is to travel all over the world, but this is wishful thinking, because he needs to earn money to support his family, and the tuition fees of his younger brothers and sisters are on the shoulders of his old father.Some people said that his dream was to be a writer, but he suffered setbacks before graduating from university, and his internship was as a building salesman.Some people say that his dream is to engage in academic research, but he is not prepared to take the postgraduate entrance examination at all, cbd delta 8 gummies because his family cannot afford his tuition fees for many years Too many, all about dreams, all about frustrated dreams.

Grassland, I ve got it under control.Tang Tanger stood up excitedly, and while showing her teeth and claws, said arrogantly Huh This is the grassland of our chicken clan, I ve got it under control hehe beat you Tang Shuang Sit over and say, Oh, you are amazing.What kind of kung fu do you practice You seem to be number one in the world.Tang Tanger was happy, and practiced a set of inexplicable cbd gummies pain so called kung fu, and finally said to Tang Shuang, I will beat you Tang Shuang Shuang gently pushed the little fist away Sit down and watch TV.Tang Tanger raised her little fist with a smile I beg the little fairy to let you go.Tang Shuang gave her a blank look and didn t bother to talk to the little man.Sword of Enmity and Enmity that is being broadcast on TV is Jin Yong s first work that shocked people.

Let s go Li Wenzhan was about to leave with Zhong Weichen, but the girl gritted her teeth tightly and did not speak.At this time, the elevator that came down opened, and the assistant came out, saying that you are still there, come up quickly, there is only cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review five minutes.Tang Shuang and Wenpin listened cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies to Li Wenzhan s narration, and Zhong smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies 300mg reviews Weichen s appearance couldn .

what is cbd gummy used for?

t help appearing in their minds.She was a short girl, about 1.65 has short hair, is soft and weak, and is small, but always gives the impression of being energetic.Tang Shuang asked, What was the last thing cbd gummies are chewy and delicious she threw into the elevator The writer originally didn t intend to be interviewed, but after reading it, he reversed his attitude and agreed.Wenpin also stared at Li Wenzhan curiously.Li Wenzhan drank half a glass of wine, smacked his mouth, and said, cbd delta 8 gummies That s a note, on which were written the more than one hundred candidate interview questions we prepared earlier.

If she grows up, she can definitely find a way to find out this big villain, but she is still too young Although she Tang Xiaoshuang was always the biggest suspect, but she didn t catch him, so it s not easy to beat people up, not to mention that she still wants to curry favor with him.Now that s all right, Candy heard it, Tang Xiaoshuang, a big villain, said in front of her that he wanted to eat up all her snacks Tang Shuang was actually quite wronged, he just said to control the snacks, but Tang Sanjian was the one who really did it But now he must have made up his mind about the blame, firstly, Tangtanger heard him say it, and secondly, he didn t dare to point at brother Sanjian and say that he did it.Tang Shuang was about to say a few words to restore the situation, but it was too late, Tang Tanger jumped off the chair, bared her baby teeth, and charged at him fiercely Run Chapter 166 Don t Take First Place Swearing not to be human, Tang Sanjian watched Tang Shuang tossing in front of the TV for a while, and asked suspiciously Is this really useful Tang Shuang said with a smile This is entertaining, making Tangtanger painful and happy, playing Try to lose weight, stick to it for a month, I can t guarantee that my children will lose weight, but they will definitely not gain weight, don t worry, just wait for the results of the inspection.

Defeated, in the end almost gritted his teeth, pouted his little butt, his fleshy body was shaking wildly, his long ponytail was up and down, really like a meatball sprinting in a race Tang Sanjian seemed to have a premonition Old Tang s little Zhuzhu was about to be driven crazy by the game he and Tang Shuang had jointly prepared, his left eyelid twitched, and he came out of the study uneasy, and then he saw the little Zhuzhu yelling, screaming and screaming.Swing your little arms and legs to race and compete with the other seven little people on TV They are all fleshy, why can you outrun me snort Seeing Tangtanger sweating profusely, Tang Sanjian began to feel distressed, and told her to rest for a while, but Piggy ignored her and continued to race with the little people over and over again The cartoon little people on TV don t need to rest, the speed Although there were ups and downs, there was cbd delta 8 gummies not renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma much change, and Tangtanger was tired and out of breath, and his speed inevitably slowed down.

This time they didn t have to fight cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review for seats, because there were no seats left, and the scene was full of people, so they could only stand in the aisle.They cbd gummies for ringing in the ears encountered a serious traffic jam on the way here, but they left early and arrived at the scene 40 minutes earlier.They thought it should be early, but they didn t expect to see a dark crowd when they entered the door.People came and went in the noisy hall Past.Xiao Ma murmured, what a ghost, there are no red envelopes, and there are so many people here, Zhang Fei is really amazing.More than 300 people came to Tang Zhen s signing ceremony last time, but this time it is estimated that it should be more than doubled, and there is no red envelope, so they were not invited.For example, Bai Jianming and Xiao Ma, the organizer cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review did not invite them, but can they not come cannot Time passed quickly in anxiety, and soon, it was 9 o clock.

Sing Tang Tanger said to Tang Xiaowu, she thought that as long as she sang to Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang would let her go and get up immediately to make her breakfast.Tang Shuang was in a haze, and suddenly heard a smoky voice yelling Brother Brother Emma was startled, and then saw this colorful little parrot.Who is your brother Don t yell at people.Then she sang loudly with a raspy voice Only an older brother is good in this world A child with an older brother is like a treasure Tang Shuang sighed deeply, feeling like she was going to be out of breath.He rubbed his red and swollen eyes vigorously, sat up with unkind eyes, and first shouted to Tang Xiaowu Shut up Stop singing Tang Xiaowu sang for a while, and then shouted Brother Brother Originally he was very angry when he got up, but he was made more angry by Tangtanger just now, but thinking that this is his sister, he should be kind and loving, and not get angry, so he suppressed it, and now even a bird is angry at himI can t sleep now.

This is the description in Bagua Boxing to break the void and achieve good results.This kind renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma of energy transforming upper level kung fu is only one step away from the state of the great sage who is aware of danger and avoids it.And Tang Zichen is in the realm of the great sage and supreme god, that is to say, the dynasty cbd gummies near sanford florida is only one step away from Tang Zichen.The power of his shots now, whether it is grappling, punching, elbow resting, palm slapping, leg kicking, the explosive strength of joints and muscles, is beyond the reach of human beings, like a human shaped sword hold it a little The child will die, the child will die after knocking, the skin will be broken, and the tendons will be injured after rubbing.Leaving the country and coming to the dynasty that developed in Nanyang, like a fish entering the sea, a dragon ascending to heaven, visiting heroes all over the world, making friends with martial arts, killing thousands of miles, just like an ancient swordsman and knight.

He actually called brother for the first time, quickly bring a tissue, I want to cry Candy has become a quiet beauty, obediently sipping raspberry fruit wine by herself from time to time, smashing it, it s sweet and sour, but it s delicious.Finally drank the legendary wine, which made Candy happy.Tang Shuang and the others chatted casually.They hadn t cbd delta 8 gummies sat and chatted together for a while.In the future, there will be fewer opportunities for them cbd delta 8 gummies to work after graduation.When I came to the cafe, I said that I came to take care of Candy s request, but Tang Shuang and the others also wanted to find a cbd delta 8 gummies place to have a good chat.After chatting for a long time, Tang Shuang and Ye Liang were mainly talking.Another Shoe was approved by Zhang Tianfeng, which greatly increased Ye Liang s confidence and placed him with great hope.

Li Xiaoyu is the most powerful boy in Class Two, and he s the class monitor.He scolded Little Peacock, and Little Peacock cried so sadly.I like Little Peacock, but I don t like Li Xiaoyu.Hmph, he doesn t play well.But many people say that he is very powerful, he is a handsome guy, very handsome Kiki is also very handsome, they are crickets I just caught a cricket in the grass Listening to the surrounding There was a lot of discussion, the ice cream boy was even more proud, he was in high spirits, ding ouch, out of tune hehehe he s back again.Little Putao didn t watch the ice cream boy play the ukulele, because she was busy comforting Little Peacock.The little mixed race beauty cried into tears, extremely sad.Just now, Mr.Zhang saw that the children were resting, so he asked if there were any children who wanted to stand up and perform for everyone One child came up to learn how tigers call and monkey jump, and another child came up and told a story shop cbd gummies online Mr.

Tang Zhen couldn t resist the girl s request, so she took out her mobile phone and dialed Tangtanger s number.Candy s face was full of light, and she held her head upright and smiled at Luo Yuqing and Li Yu Tang Zhen dialed Candy s small mobile phone, and suddenly, the mobile phone rang in the living room, and a childish voice came from the ringtone I m proud of it Laugh hee hee.Smiling proudly again haha.It s time to drink and have fun hehehe That s right, this is the song Tangtanger recorded when he was in Chengmai.After Deng Ke finished it, he sent it to Tang Shuang.When Tang Shuang heard it, she called the little man and said that this was her out of key song Tangtanger firmly does not think that this is an out of key song.She is smug and thinks it sounds very good.This is the first time she heard her own singing voice being recorded.

This time, when a big star comes to the door of the house, there will be a knife falling from the sky and a meteorite will go Tang Shuang s love for beauty broke out, and since she woke up in the morning, she was trying to figure out which beautiful little clothes she should wear, whether she should wear pants or a skirt, whether her shoes should be cloth or leather, pink or black Tang Shuang Suppress backhand, wear what you give, stop muttering, pick and choose, or you won t have to wear it These words sounded fierce, but in fact they were useless at all, because Huang Xiangning, who was in charge of food, clothing, housing and transportation, was I decide the big things , and it was not Tang Shuang s turn to make irresponsible remarks.So when she finally went out, Candy HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies was still dressed up by Huang Xiangning in a shiny buling buling.

There is a piece of green growing in the vegetable field, which is lush Chinese cabbage, and the bamboo supports next to it are full of red tomatoes, dotted in large patches of green.A little above the tomatoes is a long cucumber, and on top of the cucumber is a slender and delicate loofah, the strips are hanging down, and the branches and leaves are still covered with rain and dew.Going forward and turning a corner, there is a mini pond with a little yellow duck floating on the clear water.This is a little yellow duck toy.If Tang Shuang remembers correctly, Tang Shuang should put it in the water last year.I didn t expect it to be still here, and it was wiped very clean.It seems that grandma often washes and takes care of it.There is a tall peach tree by the pond, with lush branches and leaves, but the branches are empty.

Tang Shuang chimed in and said, Okay, Miss Weiwei, what autograph do you want Tang Shuang This little piggy doesn t understand at all What s the fun with a child when an adult talks.Do you know what Sister Weiwei is talking about Do you have the awareness of being a child Have you Tangtanger snorted, Sister Weiwei wants to sign, am I right Tang Shuang asked Tangtanger Who wants it Signature Candy asked Huang Weiwei Whose signature do you want Huang Weiwei opened his mouth like a lion Li Ying, Liang Qiao, Zhen Li, Zhang Yu, Chen Ming, and Zhang Fei.Tang Tang told Tang Shuang I want Li, Li I want theirs Why are there so many names, I can t remember I heard it Huang Weiwei caught them all in one go.Do you want mine Huang Weiwei nodded decisively Okay, let s take a hundred photos together later, and you will sign them all.

Everyone has a little secret, Tangtanger, keep your little secret for yourself, please don t tell it.Tangtanger took off Tang Shuang s hand and said, Then what were you laughing at just now Tang Shuang had to divert Xiaozhuzhu s attention, thought for a while, and said, Little Zhuzhu, we all gave gifts to grandpa and grandma just now, what about yours Isn t there a mysterious gift in your ladybug bag Still don t give it to grandma and grandpa Tang Tang er was startled, and then remembered, yes, she also prepared a gift, just now she just patronized to play and eat, forgot Where s my ladybug Tang Shuang It s in your little room, go get it quickly.Don t need Tang Shuang to say anything, Tangtang er has already ran out like a gust of wind.There is a treasure in her bag, which she has forgotten for so long.

According to the seat card in front of him, this man was named Liu Weiru.It s a pity that Tang Sanjian didn t know this person, but seeing that he was in the front position, it was obvious that his status was not low.Since I don t know each other, saying this is the pig is not very familiar with people, who would call people so rashly.So even if Liu HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies Weiru s words were not malicious, they were definitely not kind, and that s not how he joked.As soon as Liu Weiru said that, everyone who was chatting at the scene calmed down and looked at Tang Sanjian.Although the words did not clearly say that this sentence was addressed to him, it is not obvious.Many people whispered.Who is this person Chairman Liu is talking about It looks familiar, Chairman Liu seems to have had a feud with him I m overthinking it, just to say hello.

His father, namely Pan Lunzhe, was more ruthless than Tang Shuang, and locked him at home at every turn.Because he was busy with work and had no time to take care of the child, and he was worried about letting Pan Fugui go out alone.The child cbd delta 8 gummies was very naughty and would cause trouble when he went out.When Pan Fugui first arrived at Guangdong University, he used a slingshot to break three flower pots on the balcony of someone else s house.This other family was the head of the Biology Department of Guangdong University.The three potted flowers that were broken were his cherished Clivia.As for cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review scaring Candy with a mace, it s really not worth mentioning among the bad things Pan Fugui has done.The more Pan Lunzhe restrained Pan Fugui, the more Pan Fugui wanted to escape and play, and the more fun he had, the more trouble he caused leading to a vicious circle.

Such a bustling atmosphere made Candy very excited.He started yelling from the moment he woke up that he was going to go shopping Tang Sanjian went to the college early in the morning.Although the film festival did not involve the Faculty of Arts, he was worried and went to see it.Huang Xiangning made an appointment with a friend cbd delta 8 gummies for a beauty treatment today, but he has already .

how do they make cbd gummies?

left.Only Tang Shuang and Tangtang were left in the old Tang s house.Candy can only count on Xiaoshuang to take her shopping and eating, saying that she can t wait for a minute She lay on the balcony on the second floor and looked at the faint crowd in the distance.Tangy Tangy it s me, brother Fugui, do you want to go and play, today is a lot of fun Pan Fugui ran to the door of Old Tang s .

can cbd gummies help with copd?

house and invited Tangy to hang out with renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma him.

Huang Xiangning tied a tie for him.Tang Shuang thought about it, but still pulled it off.It was unnecessary So formal, take it easy.Today, Tang Sanjian sent Candy cbd delta 8 gummies to the kindergarten instead, and the little girl with a small schoolbag came to praise Tang Shuang Wow Xiaoshuang is so handsome Tang Shuang There is candy, it seems to be true Handsome, or the kind who breaks through the sky, oh, I m in such a good mood.Tangtang er smiled happily when she heard this, but her face changed, and she said seriously Tangtang er is not around, you can t let other girls abduct you.Run away Hmph Go to school with peace of mind, such a small child, just worry about the adults affairs Tangtang er was even more worried, originally it was just talking, but listening to Xiaoshuang, it seemed that he might really be The other girls abducted.

A footprint was kicked by the little boy in black just now.Tang Shuang patted her off the mark and asked if it hurt.Little Niuniu rolled her eyes, It hurts so much, this little scoundrel kicked me so hard Boom Then she called Bai Jingjing to her, squatted down and asked the puppy, Jingjing, you are so pitiful.Hit, it must be very painful, don t cry, don t cry, hug.The little boy in black pointed at Tangtanger and Bai Jingjing and said that he would push them downstairs and fall to their death.Tang Shuang said with a grim expression I see that you are only six years old.You open your mouth and shut your mouth to kill people.If it is not for the sake of your adults, if you dare to speak to others like this, you will have been slapped.If you If you dare to point at my sister and say murder, I will break your hand Seeing that the little boy looked confident, Tang Shuang ignored it and said directly to the angry Mohican man I don t know why you There are cbd gummies legal in indiana will be such an idea, the puppy is also a member of our family, grew up with my sister, she is very precious, your son hit it, of course my sister can not stand by.

Tang Shuang officially entrusted Guangdong Shuntian Law Firm as the plenipotentiary representative of Tang Shuang to participate in the Dragon Snake project.Among them, Tang Huohuo was specially designated as the first designated person.After signing the entrustment agreement, Tang Shuang took Tang Huohuo to the Guangdong Branch of Xingkong Literature.As Tang Huohuo s assistant, Song Zhifei also followed.There, people from Starry Sky and Black Forest are working together, and the preliminary work of the project has already started in full swing.Tang Shuang officially introduced Tang Huohuo to everyone, and Tang Huohuo will handle all the daily affairs in the future.When Tang Shuang is not around, Tang Huohuo will be authorized to express his opinions.After dealing with these matters, Tang Shuang talked to Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian, and flew to Shengjing.

She took off her coat in high heels.When Tang Shuang looked sideways, she saw Zhang Yu s curvaceous figure and elegant and alluring shoulders.It was just a heartbeat just now, but now it can t stop at all, it s like a rumbling drum beating wildly At the same time dry mouth, which is the sequelae of alcohol.He picked up the teacup and took a sip of the cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies plum blossom tea, but the everyday optimal cbd gummies more he drank, the thirstier he became, and he dried it up in one sip unconsciously.Seeing this, Zhang cbd delta 8 gummies Yu let out a series of small smiles To Tang Shuang s ears, something was wrong.The laughter was sticky, as if honey was mixed with oil.Zhang Yu leaned over to pour tea for him, revealing a piece of fragrant and greasy on his chest Do you want to do this, Tang Shuang felt like a little wolf who had fallen into a trap.

Sister Pan, can I go out and sign for everyone Tang Zhen asked.Pan Wenling shook her head decisively.This situation is too unsafe, there are too many people outside, and there are not enough security personnel on site.Then can you invite some fans in It s not easy for them to come all the way to see me.Tang Zhen asked.Pan Wenling This doesn t work either.Don t worry about the few but the unevenness.It s easy to cause riots.Pan Wenling saw Tang Zhen whispering sorry to the crowd, regardless of whether they could hear it or not.This silly boy is really kind.The crowd outside seemed to be able to feel renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma the idol s emotions.At first, they sang sporadically, and soon they sang in unison If the pride is not coldly photographed by the sea of reality, how can they know how hard they have to work.Only then can cbd delta 8 gummies they walk.

The little piggy was scolded and obediently followed Tang Shuang back.Tang Shuang Straighten your back, don t bend over like a little old lady.Tang Tanger dejectedly quibbled The Lun family is a little turtle Tang Shuang It s your size Stand up, or I ll drag you down Straight Tangtang er pursed her mouth, and muttered in a low voice, Tang Xiaoshuang is fierce, not kind at all, and doesn t take care of the little turtle s mood, hum That being said, Xiaozhuzhu is a pig who understands, she is really worried that she will be straightened by Xiaoshuang like Mao Maoqiong, so she straightens her back instantly But it was an overkill, this guy moved all his body s center of gravity back, and took a figure of eight step, full of style Tang Shuang couldn t stand it anymore, so she picked her up, weighed her twice, Tang Tanger ouched twice, HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies Xiao Shuang, what do you want to do If you don t want to do anything, I will treat you After weighing it for a while, Tang Shuang put the little man down, and warned, Be more honest, don t be shy I m not Teacher Zhang, I know how to beat people Candy was two steps behind, angrily Tang Shuang, who was walking in front of her, kept making faces and sticking out her tongue As soon as Tang Shuang turned around, she turned into a good baby in an instant, cbd delta 8 gummies her big eyes stared at the little peacock with guilt, she cheered, rushed up to give Tang Shuang a bear hug, and said to Tang Shuang with a smile Look The little peacock is mine It s not you Yes I can still kiss her, but you can t Boo I really kissed the little peacock Then he looked at Tang Shuang triumphantly.

You re very tired.What if you re exhausted Take a break, okay Candy immediately jumped up and down, indicating that her energy was exploding, and it was better not to let her vent.Something big will happen.Only four people can sign up for the relay race, and Candy and the others have 6 babies, so two people must not participate.First of all, Li Dun offered not to participate.He is not fast on the slide bike, and he is a player who focuses on participation.Li Dun was excluded, and there was one more.The little peacock stood up timidly.She is the youngest here, and she is also thin and small, but she did not ask to withdraw from the competition, but said that she wanted to participate in the competition.Can she participate She will be very happy.Work hard.In Tang Shuang s impression, the little peacocks were all shy.

Since she grew up, she has a climate, unless the adults of the old Tang family join forces to kill her, Otherwise, she will just continue to grow up, from a little fairy to a king.Let me ask, would a queen be afraid of a sprinkler And it s a super cute sprinkler This is impossible Little Shuangzi, I won t be afraid of you She was obviously exhausted.Tang Shuang shouted It s not big or small.If you dare to call me Little Shuangzi in public, call me King Candy was not convinced and wanted to run away, but thought that Little Shuangzi might really have a photo, mainly because She was really scared at the time, and was chased all the way by the sprinkler.Chasing her was like chasing a duckling.Alas, it was embarrassing to think about it.I called my mother so loudly to save me.I was seen by many uncles and aunts on the street.

Candy smiled without saying a word, and quickly stuffed it into his mouth, like a little rabbit gnawing on a carrot.The little monkey Tang Yu took a bottle of water from Tang Shuang, unscrewed the cap, and was ready to feed the stuffed little aunt anytime.Uh The little piggy eating with puffy cheeks was really full.Tang Yu carefully gave her a drink of water, while Tang Shuang squatted behind her and rubbed her shoulders., Lun s family is very comfortable, hee hee.After eating the jerky and drinking the water, after the energy was replenished, the Flying Piggy was full of energy and was about to explode Tang Shuang put the helmet on for her.This little guy s braid was too long, and it was a bit troublesome renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma to wear the helmet.Come on, have a fist bump with everyone, come on Tang Tanger clenched her fist and touched Tang Shuang, and then successively fist bumped with Huang Xiangning, Tang Sanjian, Tang Huohuo, little monkey Tang Yu, little Putao, little peacock one by one After touching it, the little man said ah, my little fist hurt so much from beating it.

There were so many people watching her from the audience, and she was also on the big screen at the scene.She had never seen such a big battle before, and she was a little embarrassed.Jiajia came down from the champion position, stood with her sister, held her little hand, and encouraged her.The two little sisters looked at each other and smiled sweetly.With her sister by her side, Meimei was finally not afraid and could speak smoothly.Tangtanger looked at the pair of little sisters, and then at the vacant throne, looking ready to move.Seeing this, Tang Shuang was really afraid that she would climb up, so she quickly stopped her with her eyes.It s just that Zhuzhujing didn t look at him at all, she was staring straight at the championship throne, she really wanted to stand on it, she practiced for so long, she sacrificed the time to watch the Wangwang team, and fell dozens of times I fell down and hurt my little hand.

Under Luo Yin cbd delta 8 gummies s kind invitation, Tang Shuang went there on this day.Penguin Technology can be said to be a landmark enterprise in Guangdong.Although its 99 storey building is not the first in height, its influence ranks first.Many foreign tourists make a special trip to take pictures in front of the building of Penguin Technology.It is also enough to see this innovative window that has brought great influence to China and changed people s work and life.Tang Shuang reported his name, and the beautiful lady at the front desk immediately took him upstairs with a smile on her face.The reservation system at the front desk will generate the receptions and appointments for that day every day, and mark them in different colors according to the importance.Among them, Tang Shuang s is in red, which is an extremely important guest.

Her younger sister cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies was going to hold a birthday party.Her younger sister was only 6 years old, and she was such a cute kid.Yesterday, I felt that this Young Master Tang looks very familiar.Now that I think about it, he looks a lot like Tang Zhen.The two siblings are eighty tenths alike.They are handsome and beautiful.The little sister is super cute.Their Parents must have saved the Milky Way in their previous life, otherwise they would not be so lucky Crazier than her is Liu Meimei, cbd delta 8 gummies this girl is a huge fan of Tang Zhen, nicknamed Zhen Ai Fan, and is one of the administrators of Yue Zhou Zhen Ai Fan, The moment she saw Tang Zhen s photo, her heart almost jumped out.This feeling was like looking back suddenly, but that person is in a dimly lit place.She pinched herself more than a dozen times, first to make sure it was not a dream, and second, to warn herself not to be impulsive, and not to send this news to the Zhenai fan group, this is work, not chasing stars , Hold back, girl Just talking about it is no longer enough to satisfy the two of them, and the mood needs to be sung Meng HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies Jieru couldn t help but turn on The First Dream which was played on a loop in the car again, and sang along with Liu Meimei If the dream has never fallen off the cliff, how would you know that a persistent person has invisible wings Dongfang Mu looked at it speechlessly.

Although the words were tactful, the meaning was very firm.After two rounds of communication, they still could not reach an agreement.He had already prepared for the worst.Now I heard that The two parties reached an agreement and were happy in their hearts.Hu Zhongyuan thought of another guest, Zuo Bin asked, Where is Tang Shuang Is his matter settled I planned to read another letter aloud, so I raised my hope to the program team, but of course the program team would not agree, and I have been communicating with him.Wang Kai smiled bitterly and said, Tang Shuang is determined to read the letter he chose.Hu Zhongyuan compromised with the program team of Seeing Letters Like You , but Tang Shuang did not.When he agreed to Luo Yin to participate in this program, he already had some calculations in his heart, and he missed a person he admired very much.

One look, another look in life, there are too many such situations.Besides, celebrities are also human, with a cold side and a warm and lovely side.Seeing Tang Zhen like this, do you like her more Already Meng Jieru smiled and said, Of course, the Tang Zhen in my impression seems to be otherworldly, although beautiful, but the distance is so far away, and now this Tang Zhen has more life, just like our little girl next door At this point, Meng Jieru called Liu Meimei and told her I want to emphasize again to everyone that you are not allowed to take pictures without permission, and it is strictly forbidden to post any photos and information of today s event on the Internet, and you must not disclose the customer s situation.Liu Meimei nodded , but I really want to tell the fans about Tang Zhen s performance today.

Tang Sanjian said Of course I know, I also know that you are a university professor, you don t respect your father, you just keep your mouth shut, you say you haven t called the old man dad for many years Do you still recognize this dad Tang Sanjian said angrily I want to respect him, but I can t respect what he did.Don t interrupt, I don t care about what he did back then, so I haven t quarreled with him, but The only thing he can t HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies do is stay away from Candy Tang Erjian Arguing with the old man Why is the old man arguing with you He wants to quarrel, but he can t speak.Is that quarreling You did it on purpose Angry at him As for Tangtanger, the old man really loves this child.Look at who he has kissed like this before.His own son and grandson have never kissed like cbd delta 8 gummies this.When Xiaozhen was a child, she would cry when she saw the old man.

Practice makes perfect, and it will automatically stop when it reaches the edge of best tasting cbd gummy bears the bed, so there is no need to worry about falling under the bed.Hearing Tang Zhen s words, Candy er stopped, turned her head, and her big black eyes flickered Sister, look It s so beautiful Tangy er pointed to a pink wooden sailboat on the cabinet.It s really beautiful.Li Dun is really ingenious and amazing.The pink sailboat displayed on the cabinet was just given by Li Dun.This child likes the sea, sailboats and all kinds of sea fish.From the sampan, to the cloak boat, to the sailboat, it is very remarkable.He has been working on this sailboat for more than half a year, and it happened to be completed a few days before Candy s birthday, so he generously gave it to her as a birthday present, and please His dad, painted pink pink is cbd delta 8 gummies Candy s favorite color.

Early this morning, she got up very early, and ran to Tang Shuang s room bluffing, and told Tang Shuang, who was still asleep, about the dream she had last night.There was no doubt that it was about the little goldfish.Princess Jinyu, and also sister Jinyu, brother Jinyu, mother Jinyu, and father Jinyu, asked her what the last name of the cbd delta 8 gummies Jinyu family was, as expected, it was Tang.In Old Tang s house, three little girls lay side by side beside the goldfish pond, watching with great interest all kinds of goldfish swimming in renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma the water.Candy pointed out the rivers and mountains.These are her people.However, she would call them by their names affectionately, as if she knew each of them very well, such as what was the name of this one, was that one a boy or a girl, the oldest one was the oldest, etc.

The two went back and sat down, Tang Shuang said, What you ordered will be served right away, but do you really want to eat so many desserts It s not good to eat these at night, you should think clearly.The little belly of the Lun family can eat anything, and it s never afraid to pretend to be anything.Candy proudly boasted that her digestive system is good.The waitress came over and brought a plate cbd delta 8 gummies of tiramisu cake, four egg tarts, a pudding, a macaron and a glass of milk.The little man was greedy and said with a smile Wow I m so happy, Xiaoshuang is such a good brother, I love you.Tang Shuang smiled and said, If mom knows that I order these for you, she will definitely criticize me.You can t tell the outside world, otherwise there won cbd delta 8 gummies t be a next time.The Lun family is not a fool.How could they say such a thing The Lun family still wants Xiaoshuang to bring me here tomorrow.

Tang Shuang summed it up for her, and finally decided on a self introduction of about 300 words, which was written on the card by Tang cbd delta 8 gummies Shuang himself.Tang Shuang Put the card in your pocket, and only take it out if you forget the words, otherwise don t use it.Candy nodded Well, I hid it well, so I can recite it without looking at the card.She is very serious, sitting in the study with Tang Shuang at night, while Tang HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies Shuang reads a book, she memorizes the card, and demonstrated the whole process of the flag raising ceremony in front of the whole family last night.Finished without missing a word.The adults were worried that she would be nervous, but she didn t look nervous at all, but the real man Qiqi was a little nervous.He kept calling Candy on weekends, and the two chatted endlessly about raising the flag.

Does this mean that she has a special status She endured it, but she couldn t help it, and asked Tang Zhen in a showy manner Sister, do you want to know brother s wish Hey, hey, just now you hooked up with me and you will keep it a secret, do you want to reveal it in a blink of an eye Tang Shuang quickly stopped.Tangtanger smiled and asked Xiaoshuang to rest assured, she would not say anything, she was just teasing her sister just now, just to tease her.Tang Zhen The little sister of the Tang family even dared to joke around with her.After making a wish, it was time to cut the cake.Tang Tanger immediately broke free from Tang Shuang s arms, first walked around the table, looked everywhere, probably looking for something but couldn t find it, and hurriedly turned around and ran to the kitchen Huang Xiangning called her from behind Candy, what are you looking for We are cutting the cake with my brother Come here quickly.

This thing needs an invitation card Want to be so HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies formal Didn t you just say that you can go whenever you are free The Lun family is very busy said the little man, is there nothing to do when you are a child Really Children have more things to do.Teacher Xiaoliu curiously asked Tangtanger what he was busy with now.Candy has sweet and greasy candies in her mouth.Since Teacher Xiaoliu came to ask her, let her talk about it.The little man took the initiative to walk to the chair, climbed up with hands and feet, sat on it, and smiled vaguely.Qing said The Lun family is going to participate in Xiaoshuang s book, the book What is the book about It is said that there will be many people.The little man thought cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies for a while, but he didn t come up with it.The book is published, I have to meet many people, and Lun s family is also going, so I m busy Teacher Xiao Liu praised Wow Tang Tang s brother is a writer, right It s amazing.

At this moment, a scream broke the silence Tang Shuang, I love you The voice broke.Immediately there was laughter at the scene, and they all looked at the girl who couldn t hold back the excitement in her heart.This was a tall girl, she was covering her mouth, and she waved to Tang Shuang on the stage shyly and excitedly.The staff approached quietly and quietly, and would stop her in time if she showed signs of rushing forward.Tang Shuang took the microphone and said with a smile Hello Hello everyone Although everyone should know me, please allow me to introduce myself.My pen name is the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard, and my real name is Tang Shuang.This is the first time I have met you alone, the last time I was in Shengjing, for the signing of Heroes , and I was also accompanied by great writers such as Jin Yong and Gu Long.

Host 1 million is far from the goal of Romance of the Dragon and Snake , let alone Tang Shuang s goal, what is our goal Everyone at the scene said in unison Stars and oceans Host Oh, yes, So, this 1 million we want to smash it Smash all records, and then re establish the records that belong to Tang Shuang and belong to Dragon Snake Romance Tang Shao, smash it Everyone at the scene shouted in unison Smash it Tang Kuangshuang took the hammer and went down with a bang, and the 1000000 piled up with crystal stones shattered into pieces with a crash.Tang Shuang joked, I shattered it with my internal force There was a lot of laughter at the scene.The simple celebration party came to an end, and the signing session began.With so many people present, there was obviously not enough time.The first place is a 17 8 year old girl, the second, third all the way to the eighth are girls It seemed that they came together, and sure enough, the girl said excitedly that they came here from Shanghai and cbd delta 8 gummies waited in line at 5 o clock this morning just to meet their idol.

In Tangtanger s heart, when new books are released, there are signing parties like today s.Xiaoshuang held two signing parties when she released two books.So, the first signing in her life will happen sooner rather than later.It s here, isn t her Qingcai Picture Book going to be published soon Tang Shuang didn t know that Tangtang cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies er was dreaming, so he worked up his courage, swiped a few times, and finally signed the bookmarks of the last renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma ten or so people.When the last girl left with the book in her arms, she looked at the idol with her big green dolphin cbd full spectrum gummies eyes curiously.Her child Xiao Shuang, is this your sister She s so cute Looks good, just like you.Tangtanger waved her goodbye and said loudly, We cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies are different How could it be the same She is the same as her elder sister, she is equally good looking, is she a big fairy, Xiao Shuang emmm The little guy looked at the huge cbd delta 8 gummies venue and said with regret, Oh, it s late.

After finishing speaking, Luo Yuqing took out a beautiful box from her bag, put it on the dining table, and pushed it in front of Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang asked curiously What Luo Yuqing smiled and said, A late birthday present, happy birthday, young man.Ah thank you, what is it Tang Shuang took it in surprise.Luo Yuqing pursed her smile, It s an inconspicuous little thing.Tang Shuang suddenly thought that Luo Yuqing s claim in the square that she was going to leave just now seemed to be a lie, and she was trying to scare him, because she didn t have any presents HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies that she carefully prepared.Take it out and give it to him, obviously, she can t bring things and take them away.This girl is a bit naughty Tang Shuang looked at the beautiful woman and thought to herself.Chapter 525 Teach Candy What is cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review Responsibility When Tang Shuang was dating Luo Yuqing, Tang Shuang received a phone call from Tangtang.

She asked other children in the kindergarten without any trace, and they all said that they don t drool.If she counted secretly, she would drool a lot when she sleeps alone Beep The big sister in the kindergarten, the perfect little fairy, and the noble little princess have been depressed for a while because of this.Unexpectedly, now I finally found the reason, it was Xiao Shuang, the villain who secretly pinched her face at night while sleeping Squeeze out the drool Huang Xiangning didn t believe Tang Shuang was the one who pinched Tang Shuang s face, but Tang Shuang liked to pinch Tang Shuang s cheeks.See, Huang Xiangning emmmm expresses her understanding for this, because she sometimes wants to pinch, the hand feels so good, this child is too cute, I can t help it, sometimes this hand is so uncontrollable.

I have a scientific basis.Generally speaking, hot springs are boiled by ground fire, but this hot spring is on the roof, and the ground fire can t cook it, so I can only rely on sky fire.How did the sky fire come from Isn t it from Lei Pi Tang Zhen was speechless, and Xiao Shuang was using her life to tease again.Tang Tanger quickly used his little brain and asked, Why can t the ground fire be cooked Obviously it can be cooked Tang Shuang smiled and retorted easily If the ground fire can be cooked, then this house will burn down.Yes, have you thought about it No The melon seeds of the little head are still too small, not as big as mine.Hearing this, the candy man couldn t help but touched the melon seeds of his little head, still unconvinced Hmph Tang Shuang was so proud that she tricked the little fairy renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma who thought she was invincible again, hahaha, and then he was patted and killed by Tang Zhen Tang Zhen touched Tang Shuang s big head and said, Little boy Tang Tanger immediately smiled and said, Young lady.

She turned on Paihuiwu, and saw Tangtanger cutely patting Huidance in front of the camera.She looked very cute, and the little Tangman cbd gummies college station tx on the side looked at Zhile by himself.Click on the comments again, all praises.Hahaha, so cute.Baogen.Porter.So cute.A baby in the mountains.The eyes are so big and clear, so raise them for me and be my younger sister. Seven years old.It seems that this poison will never be cured for a lifetime.Let me smile at the world alone.Daughter in law Xiaoban bravely.It s so cute, be careful, I want to steal it and be your daughter in law. Yi Yi.This is the happiest smile I ve ever seen, and other people s smiles can t be called laughter. Miss Ran.A beautiful girl in the healing department, if there is such a baby at home, every day will be sunny. Bin.In addition to compliments, the other is to ask where Candy is from, how old is he this year, what is his name, and can super gummies cbd he upload more videos.

After thinking and thinking, he returned the whole bag of multi flavored peanuts to Li Dun.Facing the children who were eating peanuts with many flavors, she said cheerfully Let s go Go to lunch Wash your hands before eating Li Dun ate fast and swallowed it in three bites, so when he had time HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies to talk, he would Echoed Wash your hands before eating Tangtanger whispered as she walked, Oh, it s medterra cbd sleep gummies cbd delta 8 gummies over, the Lun family didn t wash their hands, hehehe, I forgot.Fart, I forgot to wash my hands three times after wiping my poop I m really sorry for the large group of her good friends behind her, sorry The Lun family didn t do it on purpose The orchid fingers curled up again.Chapter 625 Little friend Tang Baoling The first two chapters are all memory kills, which is what Tangtanger immediately thought of when she heard that little friend Tang Baoling asked her cbd delta 8 gummies to go to the bathroom together again.

She wears big glasses and her face is round like a soup dumpling.Tang Tanger likes to rub her face, just like Tang Shuang likes to rub her face.Little Tangbao, Xiaotangbao, your mother is so beautiful Candy greeted enthusiastically.Although she was greeting Tang Baoling, she flattered Tang Baoling s mother, making this big sister very happy.Oh it s nothing, Tang Tang, don t praise me Tang Baoling s mother also has a round face, and she smiles like a sunflower.Honor, and at the same time I thought to myself, oops, I can be praised without makeup today, it s amazing, it s a child s praise, children s words are unscrupulous, children s words are the most credible, heheheha.Tang Baoling broke free from her mother s hand and jumped to Tangtanger s side.As soon as she got close, Tangtanger touched her head, put her arms around her little shoulders and muttered, and then the two little people laughed together.

Tangtanger also introduced herself with a smile My sister is Zhenzhen, and the Lun family is Zhenzhen s younger sister.Little sister, their teacher has such a young daughter Really live younger.The Lun family is not young anymore, it s 6 years old Tang Tang er stretched out six fingers and chatted with everyone, Barabala.Tang Shuang became a spectator, and they didn t leave until the wedding was about to start.As soon as she took her seat, Tang Shuang heard the people at the same table talking in a low voice.Is that Huijie s mother A girl asked the person next to her in a low voice.No, Huijie seems to be an orphan, but I m not sure.The person who was asked replied.I think they look cbd delta 8 gummies similar.The girl said.Doesn t Huijie have an older sister It can t be an older sister, right My older sister won t be cbd delta 8 gummies so much older.

Since our crew came here, many reporters have followed us every day.Although they are blocked and cannot enter, But these people are still increasing, and the security personnel of the crew have doubled in the past few days, most of them are to prevent them from sneaking in to shoot.Qiu Sen s web drama is still a pioneering urban martial arts style, promoting the quintessence of Chinese culture, Adapted from a popular online novel, the investment is huge, and several partners are all powerful, which is really attractive.Dragon Snake has been evaluated by many media as one of the most watched film and television works in the first half of this year.The reason why I want to add one is mainly because Hero will be released during the Spring Festival.This movie, which invested a lot of money, is also attracting attention.

As for Tang Shuang, like Tangtanger, he has a soul that is either free or give me death, so he doesn t participate in many promotions, but it s not that he doesn t participate, and he will join the hero s promotion team in a few days.The staff of Dragon Snake are still introducing cbd delta 8 gummies to Tang Shuang, for example, yesterday a reporter took advantage of the loopholes to slip into the film crew and secretly took pictures with his mobile phone, but was finally discovered and still refused to leave.After making a lot of noise, he was directly framed by security personnel go out.It s about reporters, but they are actually paparazzi.In order to get news, they act like scouts.The staff said.Tang Shuang agreed with this very much.The three knights of cbd delta 8 gummies the old Tang family had just come down from Lushan Mountain and were damaged by the paparazzi.

Candy reluctantly said goodbye to everyone, and everyone gave another candy, this time asking them to grab it themselves in a paper bag.Wow it s moon shaped Blue, this one is sour.Ha, this one is frog candy, it s gooseberry flavored, you have to try it.It s watermelon slices, haha.This one What is it It s so weird. I know, this is a little monster, it s flavored with forest berries, I love this one the most. Children can play hard when they grab a candy, just like catching a treasure Yes, come and guess what shape and taste he caught.In the end, Candy still invited great photographer Tang Xiaoshuang to take a group photo for them as a souvenir.Candy stands in the middle, surrounded by a group of children with bright smiles.Everyone looks at the camera and raises their scissors hands, V The children were taken away by their parents, far away, Everyone was still waving goodbye to each other.

Kang Yu said The smell of wine is not afraid of deep alleys.This principle is outdated.No matter how good the work is, it is useless without exposure.What s more, you don t have new works to come out now, and you need to be on more shows.I don t agree with you, Sister Kang Luo Yuqing said, she got up, walked to the French window, stretched herself, showing her beautiful figure.Kang Yu shook her head and said, Yuqing, look at those variety singers now, who among them has real works No, but they are all very popular now, with various advertisements and endorsements, this is the degree of exposure The effects brought about by it.Luo Yuqing looked into the distance, relieved the sore eyes caused by playing the game for a long time just now, and said without turning her head Sister Kang, what you said is also reasonable, those singers who often appear on variety shows, I think they They can t be regarded as singers.

This is what Tangtanger was afraid of.She still renown cbd gummies review cbd gummies oklahoma remembers being scratched by her mother, and she almost laughed her down.So Xiaozhuzhu became much more honest.Although she didn t kick the quilt, she changed her way and rolled around in the quilt.When Tang Shuang asked her to sleep, she didn t feel sleepy at all.Xiaoshuang Tell me one more time, okay Your little sister still wants to hear it.Little Zhuzhu begged, which was called Long Wangshu.your little sister Little Piggy kissed a little flattery in a small and invisible manner, and sold Xiaomeng.Tang Shuang said no cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review more, and Huang Xiangning also said that he couldn t listen to it tonight.Seeing that the two mountains were pressing down, Little Piggy had no hope of listening to another one, so she begged Huang Xiangning Mom, my brother told my little sister a story, but my little sister didn t understand it yet.

Tangtanger had to memorize the lyrics and sing smoothly before recording.Okay Tangtang er became excited again, singing is her life, although she is often out of tune.Considering that little pigs can only sing when they sing, Tang Shuang didn t intend for little pigs to sing this song, and there were only a few lines in total.The first sentence is ready go The second sentence is hey ha The third sentence is still hey ha The fourth sentence is da da da da da da da keep da to the end, the whole song is over, 35 seconds bell.For the eccentric Candy, it was a trivial matter, and he got familiar with it soon.Climbing up on the chair again, putting on the earphones that were almost bigger than her head, Tang Shuang stood beside her, one was to remind her which line to sing, and what is best cbd oil or gummies the other was to prevent the little piggy from falling off the chair due to over excitement.

This was an act of love.From Tangtanger s point of view, it was a plan not to let her go if she couldn t read the poem She was even more nervous, her mind was small Going crazy, spinning rapidly Have you figured it out Tang Sanjian asked.Think, think about it Well, think about it Wow I m really awesome Dad, am I amazing Tangtang er suddenly came to life, and she really thought of it Really thought of it real The expression seems to be true, only to see that this little pig was dying just now, serenity cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummies and now it is very proud, with its little hands behind its back, circling around Tang Sanjian and Tang Zhen.Tang Sanjian saw, yo, the little sister is coming for real, and said with a smile Tang Tang Come She couldn t bear the things she was proud of, so she cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies opened her mouth without holding back.The Lun family stood on the Great Wall eating buns, and said Xiao Shuang Let s break up our friendship Why do you love the little princess Humph q s t r Chapter 733 The red skirt is jealous of pomegranate flower three Brother Jian is not only good at reciting bitter poems, he has in depth research on classical culture and has been doing this business for decades, so when Old Tang s family came to the National Museum, Brother Sanjian finally changed from the poet that everyone despises.

Tang Shuang said while slipping, Tangtanger, you dirty boy, why are you so unhygienic If you don t wash your hands after going to the toilet, you will have a stomachache.Tangshuang followed Tang Shuang wheezingly, and said with a smile, You You didn t wash your hands, and you even touched the Lun family s belly, hum Bai Liangliang didn t let the Lun family can you take cbd gummies with lexapro touch it, you re so mean Tang Shuang Tang Shuang didn t want to hide anymore, so she grabbed the candy Her son s small body, let her little hands spread their teeth and claws, but she couldn t touch him.Tang Zhen said, Tangtang scared you, Xiaoshuang, she washed her hands.Tang Shuang grabbed Tangtang er s little hand, the palm was still a little wet, it seemed that she had indeed washed her hands, so she felt relieved.However, he had to take off his clothes and wash them when he went home.

Old Xu gave him a surprised look, then went back to watching TV, not caring about whether he won the lottery, because he didn HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies t believe it at all.The young man rummaged through his pockets, but he couldn t find it.Then he opened his briefcase, rummaged through it, and finally found a lottery ticket.He put the bag on the shelf and asked the boss, What s the number just now Boss. Without waiting for Lao Xu to answer, he said happily Ha, 07 08 09, let me just say it, isn t that what I am Numbers, 21 23 10 01.The young man paused, then asked nervously and excitedly, How much Old Xu looked away from the TV again, and landed on the face of the young man whose expression had changed., Said Really match No way You can hit like this Do you hear clearly 21 23 10 01.Make sure.The young man spit out the remaining sliver of cigarette, walked to Old Xu and asked.

Jiang Yue said , can t wait to open it.This time the location is HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies at home, with the lights on, and it is night.Candy er and Tang Zhen appeared in the camera, and Tangy er was bouncing around in front of cbd delta 8 gummies Tang Zhen, saying, Sister, sister, can you give the cake to Tangy er The Lun family wants to give it to Xiaoshuang first.Ah, it s Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen is so beautiful now.Aunt Xiangning, Zhenzhen looks just like you Jiang Yue looked at Tang Zhen who appeared with Tangtanger in the video in surprise.good friend.Zhenzhen has also grown up, she is outside all the year round, rarely In the computer, Tang Shuang s voice sounded I m proud of you, I ll feed you a bag of salt.Candy asked puzzledly Huh What do you mean I ll feed you a bag of salt, come here, open your pure organic cbd gummies mouth Open.A big hand stretched out from behind the camera, and gently pinched Tangtang er s little face with lightning speed, and then Tangtang er waved her two small hands, knocking off the hateful big hand.

After running two steps, he shouted at the little girl who was behind him.They seemed to be two brothers and sisters.Run, little monkey, little monkey The little sister is only about 4 years old, and she can t sprint fast, but she still tries her best to chase her brother.Tangtanger looked at it and shouted, Run, the little monkey is coming hehe She turned her head to look at Tang Yu, and ran even faster, following the little girl behind her like a gust of wind.run everywhere.Chapter 794 Let s Go to the Rivers and Lakes to Play Tang Shuang recognized these children at first sight.They were the ones he and Tang Jin met when they visited Tang Hongjun last time.Xiao Muzi was Mingyu s son.These children asked him why Candy didn t come here to play when he was on vacation.Where are you going, little aunt Tang Yu ran to the gate of the courtyard and shouted at the children who were running wildly.

Although she couldn t see it, she guessed that her face should be proud, proud and full of love at the moment.In order to prevent Tangtanger from discovering herself, and reluctant to be without Tangtanger by her side, Jiang Yue hid herself in the crowd, willing to be the inconspicuous one, even if she just glanced at her and cared about her secretly, she was already incomparable Contentment.Thinking of this, recalling Jiang Yue s longing for Tangtanger during the day, Huang Xiangning, who is also a mother, couldn t help but burst into tears.Seeing this, Tang cbd delta 8 gummies Shuang put her arms around Huang Xiangning s shoulders, heard Candy s cheerful voice from upstairs, and looked at the person in the painting who was most likely to be ignored, feeling mixed feelings in her heart for a moment, and she was speechless.

Tang Shuang was worried that she would lose her, so she said, Come on, you go ahead, and hurry up to catch up with Dad.Tang Tanger muttered, wheezing, and said, The Lun family is already desperately leaving how fast Do you want to leave me She has short legs cbd delta 8 gummies and short steps, and the frequency of her steps is very fast, but cbd delta 8 gummies the steps are very short, it looks like she is walking fast, but she hasn t walked very far.Let me carry you, but you refuse.The Lun family is an older child, so I don t want you to hug me.Okay, okay, you ve worked hard, I ll follow you, and I won t leave you cbd gummies and warfarin alone.Tangtanger looked ahead, and found that her father, grandfather, Dabai, and Erbai had all gone a long way, Tang Yu turned her head and waved to her.She thought for a while, then cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review ran up to chase Tang Yu with Hua Buling in her arms.

Tangtanger suddenly remembered what Xiaoshuang said about premature death, children are easy to die young, so is this the same as premature death emmmmm Although it is true, it is rude to say these things in this place.Tang Shuang said Let s go.We must be solemn and solemn in front of the tombstone.We cbd delta 8 gummies must not joke or talk nonsense.We must respect the deceased.Looking closer to the tombstone, there was a paragraph of text on the tombstone.She read it word by word a few times, but couldn t read any more.She didn t understand many words, so she asked Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, what is written here Tang Shuang looked down, I was taken aback and didn t speak.Xiao Shuang, what is written here Candy asked, not being able to read is really annoying.Let s go, grandpa has cbd delta 8 gummies gone a long way.In the distance, Tang Hongjun and his party had almost disappeared.

It s written on the tombstone.The little baby came to this world to have a can cbd gummies help with headaches look, and was not satisfied, so cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies he went back Where did you go back Candy asked.The word heaven appeared in Tang Shuang s mind, and she was about to say it, but Tang Tanger said He is dead, right Returning to the embrace of nature, just like the leaves of the trees in front of our house, they fall to the ground in autumn Now, this is the rule, right Tang Shuang was stunned, looked at Tang Tang er s serious face, and said, Yes, you are right, do you still remember what my brother told you Tang Tang er nodded, of course cbd gummies uk for stopping smoking Remember.Tang Shuang told Tangtanger about the issue of life and death.When walking by the Aixi Lake, she used the fallen maple leaves on the roadside as a metaphor, and talked about the process of leaves from spring to autumn.

He curled his lips and said, Tang Zhen, look at your moon, it s so troublesome It s over the golden crow was defeated by the little rabbit downstairs.Xiao Shuang is secretly looking at the girl s paper Tang Tanger did not forget to grab Tang Shuang s braid.Tang Shuang rolled her eyes at cbd delta 8 gummies her, and said, Come and see, you must know these dancing ladies, that s what we saw in the red house last time, don t .

is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies?

you always go to peek at other people dancing It s on TV now Don t you want to watch the excitement Huh Young lady Tangtang er was a little confused at first, then thought about it, and remembered medterra cbd sleep gummies cbd delta 8 gummies Snatch Xiaoshuang, squeeze Lun s family Auntie Tang Shuang Can you be kinder, you, why do you call her auntie, she is obviously a young lady, and she is still studying, so beautiful Wow so beautiful Ah Tang Tanger let go of Tang Zhen s hand, rushed to the TV, and was dragged by Tang Shuang to sit on the sofa because it blocked Tang Shuang s view, and sat side by side with him to watch TV.

Tang Shuang said without hesitation.If you don t let go, you have to let go, with so many helpers around you, your arms can t twist your thighs.Wow Tangtang er jumped up and down again, happy to have regained a little life I m alive, the Lun family is still alive Not long ago, she yelled that Tang nature one cbd gummies amazon Shuang should not When he was happy, he would beat her up, his filial piety moved the heavens and earth, and Tang Shuang was also deeply moved, so he rolled up his sleeves and wanted to beat her up.Tang Tanger thought that her parents and sister would help protect her, but no one came to help.Seeing Tang Shuang s vicious look, she even picked up the remote control.She was so frightened that she hurriedly begged for mercy, so to speak, she saved her life.The price is to perform well, and only when he is satisfied with the performance can he let it go, avoiding a severe beating.

It was not the first time Tang Shuang fed carrots to Tangtanger.She still remembered that during the summer vacation, in order not to let her eat ice cream, she kept a basket of carrots in the refrigerator, all of which were thin and long.Selected, washed and placed in a small bamboo basket made of green bamboo, in the cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review lower layers of the refrigerator.Every time Candy opens the refrigerator, looking for ice cream to eat, but only sees a basket of carrots.In desperation, in order to satisfy her gluttony, she eats one.After one day, the carrots in the bamboo basket are gone.The next day I opened the refrigerator and saw that it was full again.After singing Scar , Tang Zhen sat back on the orange high stool, her slender legs reached the ground, and she looked in excellent shape.Beside her, there was another light green stool of the same style.

Oh, you are a child who is studying.You have entrusted your parents hopes, so you can t skip class.Tang Shuang said.Tangtanger was stunned, thought for a while, nodded and said Xiaoshuang is quite sensible.Waving her little hand You go, pay attention to safety on the road, remember to cook for sister.Tang Shuang Thank you, but what are you going to eat Give my sister a few jars and let her smash the jars.Tang Tanger smiled and shouted Kang Bang Bang Bang Dang After is condor cbd gummies a scam dinner, Tang Sanjian patted Clapping Come on, everyone, it s time for a meeting come to the study.Tangtang er struggled to shift her gaze away from the TV, looked at Sanjian s father, and said, What kind of meeting is it Lun s family is watching the Wangwang team.Tang Sanjian Then you can come here to watch cartoons, let s have a meeting first.

Not only Tangtanger was taken aback, but the cameras and other staff on the side were also silent.Everyone knows this guy s fiery temper, and he s well known in the entertainment industry.The life gummy cbd amazon assistant in charge of Zhang Huxing and his son hesitated for a moment, then walked over quietly, and if there was a situation, he would step forward to stop it.Tang Shuang also took two steps forward.Although it is not serenity cbd gummies cbd delta 8 gummies appropriate to intervene in housework, she still has to come forward in an emergency.The surrounding atmosphere suddenly fell into a dignified quagmire, and the audience was silent, no one spoke.Zhang Weitong, who was about to lower his head into the dust, suddenly moved.He patted the dust on his body with his small hands, turned around and walked away slowly with his head down Zhang Hingxing s eyelids twitched, looking at his son who ignored his words, he tried his best to suppress his heart Where are you going Answer my question Zhang Weitong didn t care, walked slowly with his head down, as if he didn t hear.

Destroy Who You.Huh Bad guy When he woke up, the sun was still shining outside the house, and Tang Shuang and Tangtang went out refreshed, walking on the country road blowing in the sea breeze, heading to The stone square at the head of the village.Tang Shuang held Tang Shuang s little hand and walked with small steps, while turning her head to ask Da Lin who was carrying the camera Brother, have you slept yet Da Lin nodded.Tangtanger asked Xiaofu again Miss sister, miss sister, what about you Oh, little sister Tang Tang is so cute, and she still cares about people.Xiaofu nodded in a good mood, but didn t make a sound.Tangtanger looked at her, then at the big brother, and said, You two slept together.Huh No Xiaofu was eager to deny it, but thinking that the staff couldn t speak in front of the camera, she quickly swallowed her words and waved her hands at Tangtanger.

The least was Li Guanping, and the most were Tang Shuang and Tang Tang.The program team cbd gummies review renown cbd gummies review was a little annoyed, because the appearance of a large number of fans had already affected the filming of the program.Fortunately, the show has come to the end, and the two day and one night filming is coming to an end.After selling the fish, the parents went to the village to buy some vegetables with the money they earned, and then everyone cooked a sumptuous lunch together.After lunch, the recording of the show ended, and it was time for everyone to go back to their homes.Everyone bid farewell to each other and agreed to see you next time.Director Li Xiulun and director Cao Kai said goodbye to everyone and shook hands with every baby.When it was Candy s turn, Li Xiulun squatted down and hugged her gently, saying Tang Tang, you are such an elf.

Southern People Weekly has a huge influence will cbd gummies in the country.It once interviewed Tang Sanjian, and later made many contacts, especially the gold medal host Bai Jingyu, who has friendship with the Tang family.This time the invitation was sent by Bai Jingyu himself, and he attached great importance to it.Naturally, Tang Shuang gave her face and nodded in agreement.He still remembered that Bai Jingyu asked him what the meaning of life was, and he was the one who interviewed him this time.Tang Shuang only hoped that this time, he would not ask such profound and empty questions again.It s not that I can t answer, but I can t answer.Another option is Yuezhou Daily.This is easy to understand.It is an official orthodox media.Don cbd delta 8 gummies t refuse it if it is not necessary.This is also the suggestion of Tang Sanjian and Lu Mingyi.

To Tang Shuang s regret, Liu Weiru was so discouraged that he refused to come because he was sick.Although it was a pity that he didn t participate, Tang Shuang s goal had been achieved.Even if he doesn t come, it won t hurt him in person, but everyone knows that there is a gap between him and Liu Wei, and now Tang Shuang is attending the lecture held by the Guangdong Writers Association as the winner, and he is the keynote speaker, which shows that Guangdong Among the two, the Writers Association favored Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang believes that this is also the goodwill that the Guangdong Writers Association wants to convey, and his acceptance and participation in the lecture is a positive response to them.Liu Weiru is just a clown.After having dinner with everyone at noon, Tang Shuang received two great news one after another.

It s just that that area is a village in the city, and the alleys are criss crossed.It is difficult to find the other party after knowing the address, so the other party agreed to take Tang Shuang there, but cbd delta 8 gummies 2000 mg cbd gummies only after he got off work.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger waited here for an hour.The other party drove away with the sprinkler and never showed up again.Seeing that it was getting late, she called the other party, but no one answered.After a while, she heard the only mother in the world OK the bell rang.Candy pointed to the sprinkler in front of her in surprise and said, The big car chasing Tang is here.Last year, she was chased all the way by the sprinkler while riding a yo yo, and her memory is still fresh.Sure enough, it was the other party.You are really still waiting here.I thought you would have already left.

So far, the doubts in the story are still unclear.A thousand people have a thousand opinions, and no one can convince anyone.Everyone thinks their own views are correct.Tang Shuang couldn t help thinking of the previous Inception , which was also a brain burning suspense film, but it was a big hit at the box office.The subject matter has never been a problem, the problem is the skill of the director, how to strike a balance between storytelling and commerciality.Tang Shuang basically agreed after learning about the film s investors, budget, and starring roles.The five year film copyright of Snowy Mountain Ghost was sold to the other party, and like Heroes , they got a cut of the box office.Tang Shuang does not participate in the screenwriting, .

free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd delta 8 gummies.

but has the right to veto the final script.After getting Wang Jian s contact information from Tang Shuang, Luo Ming bid farewell and left.

Following the little man s gestures, he saw both the plantain and a roll of paper tied to the plantain leaf Huh There are mission cards here.The program team s ability to hide things is getting worse and worse.Ha ha.What is it Tang Tang watched curiously as Tang Shuang unwrapped the task card and unfolded the scroll.Can we get some sleep Are you sleepy Well, you ve had too much candy.Then let me smell if you smell alcohol.Ahahaha, don t, ah, don t, Xiaoshuang, brother, spare my life ah run away Tangtanger ran wildly, and Dalin, who was carrying the camera, hesitated for a moment, then decisively left Tang Shuang and went after Tangtanger.Tang Shuang s lens can be absent, but Tang Tang s lens must be available.Not long after, Tang Tanger dawdled back under Xiaofu s persuasion and Tang Shuang s promise not to tickle her again.

Another example is my mother, such a thin and small mother, but Xiaoshuang, sister and her are hidden in her stomach, it is not easy At the same time, I thought, is this true Can mother s belly really hide the three of them Did Xiaoshuang pick it up Did my sister pick it up Only she, Little Tangtang Fairy, was born in her mother s womb Ah Xiaohong is finished giving birth Xiaohong is amazing.Seeing that Xiaohong has not squeezed out any more baby fish, Tangtanger said cheerfully, One, two, three, four, there are four baby fish Acridine, Xiaohong is really amazing, so happy.However, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen, who had some experience, had already noticed something was wrong.Something is wrong with Xiaohong after production.Xiaohong wobbled and floated to the surface of the water, her mouth opened and cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies closed, looking listless.

Superb new song, get ready and listen to it.Su Lixian watched cbd delta 8 gummies plus cbd sleep gummies Tang Zhen holding the guitar on the stage, the lights were focused and the light was shining brightly.Oh Then I have to listen carefully.The combination of Yuxiang and Tang Zhen is a classic.On the stage, Tang Zhen was holding the guitar and standing in the center.The lights were focused on her, and 100,000 spectators were staring at her A new song, Once Upon a Time , is for our senior, Hu Zhong Yuan Tang Zhen said coolly.As soon as the voice fell, all the lights on the scene were turned off, leaving only the river of musical notes appearing on the big screen above the stage, constantly flowing, annihilated and reborn.The piano sounded, and the notes on the screen fluctuated with the rhythm of the piano music A free and easy prelude sounded, resounding through the 100,000 person stadium.

Huh Huang Xiangning looked at his little sister suspiciously, 1.5 million Tangtang er rolled her big eyes, with her little hands behind her back Hee hee, Mom, you are missing an egg, don t forget it.It s too much.Huang Xiangning said hesitantly.Tang Tang laughed Mom, I will give you 10,000, and 500,000 will be given to Tang Tang.Huang Xiangning was a little moved, and asked Then there are nearly 1 million left No more We have finished dividing, 1 50 , 150.Candy was eager to try, thinking that he might make a lot of money, Kaisen, Huahua in the bottom of his heart let out a happy voice of growth.Huang Xiangning looked at the child, judging whether she meant what she said.Is 1 50 really equal to 150 It s so juicy, Mom, there s nothing wrong with it.The child nodded his head at Xiangning s mother seriously and solemnly.

In fact, you can guess this without looking at it.If you love this man to the bottom of your heart, you can t bring him to see your parents, let alone a girl like Luo Yuqing who is so proud.Luo Peiqi has seen how her cousin put all the men she admired aside and ignored her.So when she heard that her cousin was going to bring her renown cbd gummies review boyfriend home, she was shocked but shocked.She found out that Tang Shuang was in a relationship with her cousin during the Chinese New Year this year, but it was just a relationship, and it was still too early to meet her parents.It might just be a process of getting in touch with each other and getting to know each other.However, she didn t expect that after only half a year, it would be time to meet her parents.Is it conceivable that by the end of the year, they may enter the palace of marriage Luo Peiqi also watched the Golden Melody Awards last night.

What Someone stole your submachine gun In the study, Tang Shuang sat at the desk, looking at the villain standing in front of him.As soon as this guy entered the door, he yelled that the old Tang family had suffered a catastrophe and collapsed.Big mold, was stolen baby go Ask her what treasure was stolen, she said her submachine gun.Asked if she had any more, she said she still had her bear socks.Asked if she had any more, she said that her brother s football had also been stolen.Tang Shuang was furious In order to create the illusion of a thief at home, he even lost his football Tang Shuang tried to stay calm, and squinted at the villain in front of him like Guan Gong was about to use the knife.The villain is grinning silly, ho ho ho ho ho ho Do you think you are stupid, or do you think I buy cbd gummy bears near me am stupid Tang Shuang said, dare to find such a clumsy excuse Huh Tangtang er was flustered, but she couldn t show it.

At that time, you were really naughty, and your little feet often kicked back and forth, which hurt your mother so much.She often said that when you grow up, you must spank your little ass, She has suffered a lot.In order not to let you push mom any more, I will sing to you, sing a lullaby, sleep quickly, baby, and I will accompany you in your dream, so you feel very familiar, right Tangtanger nodded with tears in her eyes cbd delta 8 gummies So it s you Why did the Lun family say it so nicely She said best places to buy cbd gummies it as if she really remembered hearing Jiang Yue sing when she was in her mother s womb.Don t cry, don t cry.Jiang Yue wiped Tangtang er s tears.The child was laughing happily just now, but in a blink of an eye, his eyes were full of tears.She s pretty much the same herself, though.Tangtanger wiped her eyes and said to herself Be strong, the Lun family must be strong, the Lun family is a very strong baby, don t cry Jiang Yue said distressedly It s okay to cry a little when you re sad.

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