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Tang Shuang understood, so she waited patiently Three minutes passed, and Tang Shuang s cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies big eyes were still blinking Blinking Tang Shuang finally realized that children are not easy to lie to, and they still haven t fallen asleep after three minutes.He wants to get away with it In his impression, children will fall asleep in bed.Tangtanger was finally upset, saw through Xiaoshuang s tricks, and pointed out mercilessly You are going to die, Xiaoshuang, I have to trouble you, you lied to children.Of course Tang Shuang couldn t admit it, Oh, I I thought of one, do you want to listen to it Tang Shuang blocked Tang Shuang s voice before she could fully send it out, and said dissatisfiedly, Then hurry up and let me listen, I really think so It s been a long time, I m about to fall asleep, mom has a lot of stories, she doesn t have to think about it for so long.The content of their encounter in the book is very little, just a few dozen, but everyone can imagine that picture However, it is the old owner and three hundred disciples of Lincheng Library who make readers tremble, move, and even shed tears the most The black army came rumbling.Arrows rained densely, covering the sky like locusts, and the few Zhao soldiers left in the city abandoned the city when they saw the strength of the Qin army.But the old hall master, three hundred unnamed disciples, Can Jian, Feixue, Ruyue, and the old servant still stick to their homeland.The long arrow pierced the red window paper and let out a sharp whistle.Dole The arrow pierced deeply into the red cbd releaf hemo gummies wall opposite, and the black arrow shaft trembled buzzing , with the momentum still remaining, it looked extremely ferocious.About to be beaten Hehehehe what are you doing I m still a child.Tang Shuang It doesn t work for children, get down, I m going to bloom your little ass Tangtanger hid in an cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me instant On the bedside, Xiao Shuang, if you attack me again, I ll call a carload of bakers to beat you.Tang Shuang Oh With all due respect, you little pig can t call a baker Candy The son pouted dissatisfiedly, Xiao Shuang, you stinky sock, bullying my sister, are you ashamed Tang Shuang I only saw you bullying me, how dare I bully you, come here and let me pinch you, otherwise I feel bad.Tang Tanger was very dissatisfied What a villain Tang Shuang If you don t come here, then I won t show you Moments Wow So beautiful Wow Candy Tangtang looked at Brother Sanjian s circle of friends, and asked, Why does daddy wear such fancy pants , Because your father is Mensao.Tang Shuang handed her the drink, and the little guy pouted, motioning to feed her.She was not free now, and the singing was at the critical point.Tang Shuang had no choice but to insert a straw for her and put it in her mouth.He wanted to see how this annoying little man drank while singing.It s actually very simple, just stop and don t sing.Tang Tanger just didn t want to be tired, so she wanted Tang Shuang to serve her.Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, there is no song Tang Tanger yelled.Tang Shuang View, Girl s After all koi cbd delta 8 gummies cbd gummies at gnc Day s songs were sung by her, she proposed to end the day here.Tangtanger refused, she still has a lot of energy.So Tang Shuang ordered a few nursery rhymes for her, such as Three Little Ducks and Catching Dragonflies , and then ordered a square dance The Man on the Horse that she hummed and danced today.The two went out again and returned to the shopping mall.Along the way, Tang Shuang kept reasoning with Tangtanger, pointing out that her behavior of robbing giant pandas cbd gummies with certificate of analysis in the shopping mall just now was absolutely unacceptable.At the entrance of the store, Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger Are you going back by yourself, or do you want my brother to accompany you My brother hopes to see you go by yourself.Tangtanger looked at the store, and there was another one in the store It s a giant panda that is exactly the same.She is a little scared.Will she be beaten She didn t think so much when she snatched it just now.Now that she thinks about it, she is so scared.Tang Shuang comforted Don t worry, no one will beat you.Everyone likes children who know their mistakes and can correct them.Go, brother is here to protect you.Comparing the reactions before and after King Qin, it can be seen that Wuming succeeded When Wuming first cbd gummies at gnc entered the palace, King Qin was extremely arrogant.He said What are the six kingdoms The widow wants to lead Daqin s iron cavalry to lay down a huge territory And when Wuming uttered the word Tianxia , King Qin s arrogance and violence disappeared.Wuming exchanged his own death for the awakening of the tyrant, this is a hero Can Jian is a true knight The book says that he bears the tradition of being a hero Can Jian entered the Qin Palace, but did not kill King Qin, because he had comprehended the highest level of swordsmanship.What is the highest state of swordsmanship Even if there is no sword in the hand, and there is no sword in the heart, with a big heart, tolerating everything, is peace For the sake of the world, he gave cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies up personal grievances, gave up personal life and death, and caused his lover to not speak a word to him for three years.However, my brother didn t seem to notice her at all, and he was focused on being a writer.Sigh I m so troubled Tang Tang, do you want to go in by yourself Does Xiaoshuang really dislike me My parents and sisters are not at home, so I will be hungry and skinny Why is Xiao Shuangzi so stingy The Lun family is a younger sister, um, huh The little person s mind is very complicated, full of thoughts, worrying about gains and losses In the end, she finally mustered up the courage to poke her head by the door, pretending that she had just arrived He just stood by the door and shouted, Huh Tang Xiaoshuang You scoundrel, why did you take my kitten The kitten refers to a small mobile phone in the shape of hellokity, At this moment, it was placed on the desk by Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang raised her head Oh Tang Tang s children s shoes are here, come in quickly, come in quickly Don t stand at the door, talk well if you have something to say.Tang Shuang asked Your company strictly prohibits artists from dating Tang Zhen thought for a while and said I didn t say it clearly, but there are indeed considerations in this regard.Some people fell in love and were called by the company to talk, and then they broke up after a while.But it also depends on the situation of the person involved.For a long time, the company will not interfere.Tang Shuang said I figured it out.It means that if you are like this, the company will definitely interfere.This is a serious violation of personal freedom Protest Tang Zhen hit Tang Shuang with a pillow, today she didn t know it There are more and more postures of middle aged girls, angry, staring, and cbd gummies at gnc knocking on the head from time to time, all of which show that she is really relaxed.After peeling off the hard shell, she is a fresh and lovely girl.Speaking of candy, Tang Shuang remembered that the chick was so quiet that she didn t bother him.So I worriedly went out to take a look, and found that this chick was still watching cbd gummies directions Paw Patrol , but she was no longer sitting on the stool, but climbed onto the sofa, with her little feet side by side, giggling while watching TV.In her hand, she was holding a box of ice cream, half eaten.Tang Shuang went cbd gummies at gnc downstairs and asked, Haven t you finished eating that box of ice cream Tang Tanger was a little guilty, and listened to Tang Shuang cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies s question, but kept silent and just nodded desperately.She dug a piece of ice cream and put it near her mouth, but she forgot to eat it, probably because she was nervous.She stared at Tang Shuang with big eyes, really afraid that Xiaoshuang would find out that she had eaten the second box.

Lin Yu took out a USB flash drive, handed it to Chen Ding and said, This is the new song.Chen Ding cherished the USB flash drive in his hand, but Liu Yilian was more tactful and mature, and said, A Ding, since Li Brother and sister Lin are both here, and A Ding, you have always wanted to cooperate with Brother Li, why don t you play and sing this new song live.Chen Ding looked at Li Yuzhan hopefully when he heard that, for professional singers like them, watching It is not difficult to play and sing the score.Li Yuzhen had already read the score when he received the email.To be honest, he liked this song very much, and his heart was itching.So everyone printed out the score, and Chen Ding and Li Yugan each had a copy.When Chen Ding saw that the song was called Love Is What You Need , he liked it very much just by hearing the name.And hidden talents.The gratification in my heart gave birth to self satisfaction.Tang Shuang s ability to write novels must be the result of his exposure and genetic inheritance.In the final analysis, it is still his credit While gratifying, there are so many troubles, probably because he, a university student, cbd gummies at gnc I have written several martial arts novels, but no one cares about them.I have been playing alone for several years.Dejected.It was in this extremely complicated mood that Tang Sanjian couldn t hold back, he wanted to see for himself, what kind of novel Tang Shuang had written, and he had to find fault with his arrogance.pride.Pride is the biggest stumbling block to success, and he has to support Tang Shuang to walk this road well.Thinking of this, Tang Sanjian instantly felt a heavy burden on his shoulders, and a strong sense of mission and sacredness descendedHuang Xiangning was beaten by Candy, and finally agreed to paint her nails.The most important one is Huo Huo, among the eight authors, Wen Rui an is only one of them.Among them, Liang Yusheng and Tang Shuang s book fans are the most excited.They are happier than winning the sports lottery Zhang Danfeng Zhang Danfeng I said that Zhang Danfeng is actually Liang Yusheng, sure enough, hahaha, so handsome, mature man, I like it very much, although I am only 16 years old uncle loves me again.Upstairs Whose girl did the crime, she likes the uncle so young She s shameless I just wanted to say, let go and let the old lady come Hahaha opened her mouth and laughed Hahahahahahaha, I can t stop laughing, why, why, why did my three swords look so handsome Why, why Laughing to the point of insanity and asking the sky Huh I m menstruating Haha, who dares to say that I have low estrogen I have a lot of estrogen I remember someone said that Three Swords is an old man.But the pedestrians on the road and the colleagues in the company said they didn t see it.A Xia went crazy, went to the bathroom to look in the mirror from time to time, and washed it with water over sun state hemp cbd gummy bears and over again, but the X not only didn t disappear, but became more and more obvious and darker.After returning home from get off work, A Xia felt irritable, which caused the atmosphere in the house to be tense and the air pressure was extremely low.When he saw his wife and daughter whispering together secretly, he thought they were blaming him, so he couldn t hold back and yelled loudly.The daughter wanted to argue with him dissatisfied, but her mother pulled her away, the two entered the room, and closed the door with a bang, leaving Axia standing alone in the living room in despair.Axia came to the hospital for an examination, and the cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me MRI scan found nothing.Tangtang er giggled while pushing the swing, and said to Bai Jingjing, Don t be afraid, don t be afraid, Jingjing, come cbd gummies at gnc on, I don t think I can even sit on it, you are a princess puppy now Bai Jingjing won t be able to enjoy what she calls fun.What kind of thing is this It s so scary.Let me go, Mr.Dog cbd gummies at gnc Although Candy can t sit on Qianqiu by herself, she enthusiastically sits for Bai Jingjing, pushing it and muttering Goo talking, the general idea is that Jingjing is amazing, you are lucky today, I envy you, how about cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me you pull me up, I want to sit too blah blah blah.It was Tang Shuang who ran here and rescued Bai Jingjing.At Tangtanger s request, Tang Shuang carried Tangtanger onto the swing and let her swing.Tang Shuang ran far away, but she could still hear the chick s cheerful laughter.Child, are you playing here alone A seven or eight year old fat man came over and asked Tangtanger when he saw Tangtanger swinging alone.Three meals a day can t be moved.When children are growing up, open source is to consume calories, that is, exercise, but Tang Tang doesn t like exercise.She s a lazy woman, so she must teach while entertaining Tang Shuang suddenly found that the atmosphere seemed to be very quiet, and when she turned her head, she saw that the candy that she had been eating hard for was no longer eaten.Stare at him fiercely There are two grains cbd gummies at gnc of rice sticking to the corners of the little piggy s mouth, and the head does not move.It sticks out its little tongue and licks it nimbly.During the process, her eyes never shifted in the slightest, and she looked at Tang Shuang from the beginning to the end, hating him to such an extent.It doesn t look good, I seem to have been discovered, what should I do It s all because Tang Shuang is too arrogant, planning how to force Tangtanger to lose weight in front of Tangtanger, is it really a display for a child, is it really a child cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies who doesn t understand anything, five and a half years old Know a lot, okay Candy has been aggrieved about who cleaned up her snacks all this time.It looks too fierce.Then, Xiao Niuniu twisted her buttocks, and Bulling Bulling ran away, haha, the woman in leather clothes couldn t catch up at all.Do you really want to take off your shoes and chase children What s the point of competing with a child, it s embarrassing to be seen.So the woman in the leather coat stopped, and Tang Tanger stopped instantly, watching her start to blah blah again, why did you blow smoke at me just now, it made me feel so uncomfortable, you know Xiaoshuang hates people who smoke Your adult s name is Xiaoshuang Where is he I ll take you to find him.Tangtanger thought for a while, and thought that she how to cancel green lobster cbd gummies could find it by herself.The small mobile phone was hanging around her neck.Xiaoshuang s phone number is number 3, she remembered it.So Niu Niu shook her head and said, You have to apologize to me.Tang Shuang said to Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger, Don t go to the press conference of Heroes tomorrow.You should watch the live broadcast at home.But if she goes, she must bring Candy with her.The scene will be full of media, and Candy will also be exposed by the media.The villain is too small and needs to be protected.Tang Zhen nodded and said, Pay attention to the details yourself, talk less and listen more.Tang Tanger said worriedly, Xiao Shuang, are you afraid What should you do if you are afraid My sister and I are not around.Tang Shuang Then cheer me up now.The chick immediately moved to his side and breathed on Tang Shuang who was sitting on the sofa.Tang Shuang Have you brushed your teeth The little girl giggled dryly, and kissed Tang Shuang, Come on, little Shuangzi Tang Zhen took out the clothes prepared for Tang Shuang from the room Try it on.

Candy came to the newsstand with a small schoolbag on her back, and said to the boss sitting inside Grandpa I want to buy Guangdong Evening News.Then she saw the little one who was blocked, and smiled and handed her a newspaper My kid, I ve got it, what else do you want Candy heard, ha, it s not what she wants to buy, it s the one inside.Grandpa asked her to buy it.Thinking about it this way, Tangtanger is not afraid that Xiaoshuang will get angry, and said greedily, I want ice cream , and stretched out her finger, I want two Cherry flavor.The boss handed her two more ice creams, girl He squeezed tightly with a smile on his face, and gave the money.Boss Little friend, do you have fifteen Huh Tangtanger thought about it in a daze, shook his head, and said crisply No Boss Then do you have twenty Huh Tang Tanger wondered if Grandpa was stupid, how could she be twenty for such a young person, pointing to Tang Shuang who was in the car not far away, and said loudly My brother is only twenty, and I am only five and a half years old Hmph, I don t even know.What are you afraid of As soon as she was worried, Mr.Zhang saw a crazy girl rushing over, screaming and screaming.She was so frightened that she opened her hand to stop her, and said loudly Tang Tang Don t run forward.There is a hillside, you can wrestle, go back Tang Tanger stopped instantly, Teacher Zhang breathed a sigh of relief when she saw this, she is so afraid of Tang Tang now, this girl s appeal is very strong now, if she keeps going to the hillside Chong, the other cbd gummies at gnc cute kids might all come to learn, swarming to follow, even if the teachers have superpowers, they are not enough.Teacher Zhang hurriedly took Tangtang er s hand and went back, not daring to say a word to provoke her, for fear that the villain would be overwhelmed or not convinced.Fortunately, Tangtanger was more obedient, but suddenly facing the sea, he yelled loudly Small Frost You This Only Little Pig Pig You Come Catch Me Acridine Hum Ha Teacher Zhang was cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies speechless, and didn t understand why Tang Tang s little classmate suddenly started flirting with Xiaoshuang who was far away in the sky.Luo Yuqing Because she is sleepwalking Huh Candy was shocked, sleepwalking Isn t it the state she has been longing for all this time She once pretended to be sleepwalking and nourished Tang Shuang with a water gun.If she could really sleepwalk, would she be able to nourish Xiaoshuang without worrying about being beaten In her eyes, sleepwalking is omnipotent With this function, nothing is invincible, and everything is invincible In layman s terms, as long as she enters this realm, she can hit whoever she wants, and she can t fight back when she hits anyone Although he didn t say it, the who basically refers to Tang Shuang.Luo Yuqing said This is a sleepwalking doll This sleepwalking doll has a plump face with two blushes, her eyes are closed and her eyelashes are long.The light yellow bangs are divided into five locks, which are attached to the white and tender forehead.Candy s gags and innocent and cute words can always arouse a burst of laughter.From Guangdong to Meilin, it takes about five hours by car.Tang Shuang drives fast.According to past experience, it takes four hours.At that time, I was driving cbd gummies side effects reddit cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies the old Volkswagen Passat.Now that the shotgun is replaced, it should be faster.They set off from home at 9 30, and they could arrive at Grandma Meilin s cbd gummies at gnc house around 1 00 noon.Grandma quickly called to ask, have you .

where to purchase cbd gummies?

left Is the whole family coming together Neither Xiaoshuang, Xiaozhen nor Tang Tang can be left alone Driving safety on the road comes first Candy s childish voice made a video call with grandma and grandpa, recording everyone and every pet in Old Tang s family one by one, look The whole family of the old Tang family was dispatched, and none of them were left behind.Tang Shuang just thought about it for a while, and then she cbd gummies at gnc didn t bother, but said to Tangtanger Beauty, are you still sad Don t cry, please, come here, come to brother.Tangtanger HeyThe little fairy will cry if she is wronged.Then who told you to hit me first, I warned you.Damn, I was playing with you, cbd gummies at gnc but you really hit me Hmph I was playing with you too, I didn t really hit it, just lightly.It hurts so much my butt is swollen.You can still sit on the ground if it s swollen Candy immediately lay down, Ouch, it hurts so much, I can t sit anymore, I can t go to school tomorrow.Tang Shuang Wouldn t my butt hurt if I lie down People with sore buttocks always lie on their stomachs.Tang Tanger rolled around immediately, by Instead of lying down, she groaned and chirped, indicating that these two strokes caused her more pain.I want to buy a magic scarf later.It will cover your hair when you ride a bike.It can also wipe sweat.It can be used as a mask, sunscreen, windproof, and it s very cool Candy immediately cheered up, Haha, okay, I want glasses Black ones, the same as Xiaojin s.Tang Shuang I can buy you cycling glasses, but they are not black, mainly because you ride I wear it when I m driving, and don t wear it at other times.That s fine too Just cbd gummies at gnc be cool Tang Tanger came back full of blood in an instant, and shouted Let s go Let s go I ve become stronger again Tang Shuang took the small water bottle and encouraged Let s go if you have enough rest.Rest, can you do it Tangtanger stretched her neck to look at the road ahead, and said loudly, No problem Chapter 286 Strong Tangtanger finally did what she said, and rode the slippery car buy cbd gummies in taiwan to the corner in one breath.There are also quite a few people who fight against injustice, and they are all young directors who have just listened to Wu Shulian s experience.They all remember him well.Tang Shuang glanced around and said with a smile, I have no evidence, but does Director Wu have evidence Said to Wu Shulian Director Wu, do you have any evidence Show it, and I will apologize immediately Wu Shulian s eyes burst into flames, but after all he has rich experience in life, knowing that anger is useless at such times, he quickly calmed down, calmed down, and said This is not a court, we don t talk about evidence, we only look at the results.Tang Shuang Then what is the result Wu Shulian The result is that rumors are flying all over the sky, saying that I, Wu Shulian, are looked down upon by others, and I am not qualified to remake it Movie Tang Shuang suddenly felt a little sympathetic to this person, who was betrayed by an old friend he said he had known for more than ten years, and even kept in the ree drummond fox news cbd gummies dark to fight for him.After everyone sent Yang Xia away, Li Yuzhen invited everyone to visit his house at night.Xiao Na and Deng Ke tweeted that they had something to do, and everyone knew that they really wanted to invite Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.Li Yuzhen then left, and Tang Shuang and others sat down to discuss the follow up matters of the album.Now that the results of the audition meeting had come out, everyone decided to determine the first three title songs according to the results.Of these three songs, one is a folk song and the other two are pop love songs, they have a wide audience and just cover the target market of the album Dream Flower.A few people just determined a few major things and grasped the direction, and more detailed plans will be drawn up by relevant departments.Finally, Xiao Na said That s it.

However, the posture was really uncomfortable.He had to stand on the edge of the mountain as much as possible, stretching his hands forward, feeling like he was going to jump off the cliff.Huang Weiwei laughed loudly Xiao Shuang, what are you doing Are you so stupid Give up, come back quickly, and come to my sister.There is still a bowl of crispy rice in the pot.After eating, wash the bowl.Tang Shuang ignored it., he was busy reading text messages.As soon as the mobile phone signal was connected, all kinds of text messages burst in.Most of them were text messages from brother Sanjian, sister Xiangning, Xiaotanger, Tang Zhen, uncle, aunt, and Huang Qianhe, asking him where he was, did sticky tomato cbd gummies he see Weiwei, how was Weiwei now, and so on.Tang Shuang first called Miss Xiangning.This is a fool After dialing four times, the signal was disconnected four times, and the fifth time it was dialed.After Tang Shuang, the scene was handed over to him and several other assistant directors.Finally, the atmosphere of the scene slowly climbed out of the heavy and became lively Tang Shuang drank too much wine and went to the bathroom to buckle Throat, vomiting is particularly uncomfortable, when I came out, I met Zhang Yu by accident.Zhang Yu handed him a pack of tissues, apparently waiting for him.Zhang Yu I see you drank a lot, you probably haven t drank so much, have you Tang Shuang smiled wryly and shook her head, the last time she and Huahuadiegulong didn t drink so much.Zhang Yu hesitated a little, and said I have good plum blossom tea, come and have a drink later.The organic cbd gummy bears age of a young mature woman.She not only has the beauty and a proud figure that a top actress should have, but also has a changeable and charming temperament Each of these characteristics is a talent worthy of pride in a woman, and now it is gathered in her alone , is really a collection of heaven s favor.At the scene, Nie Min and the groom Chen Mengli were the focus, and Chen Mengli was the main one.He was pale at the moment, and his suit was very stylish.Full of bitterness.Nie Min s family members suddenly appeared at the scene, which made Chen Mengli feel the gloom.Seeing his wife and parents embracing and crying, he kept bowing to the two old people, with tears in his eyes.Luo Yuqing s eyes were red Sayang was not spared either Oh, seeing this scene, it s worthwhile for us to go all the way three times Although cbd gummies at gnc the first trip entered someone s house, he was dismissed after drinking a cup of tea, and the third trip succeeded.Chen Long looked at Chen Mengli who was still bowing and thanking in the camera, and said The man is really nice.Another host said The director came up with a good idea this time, he has cheated us so many times, please forgive him.It seemed that the little pig was really going to faint, and the little pig staggered., took the opportunity to rub against Tang Shuang s side, and hugged his leg.Go away, go away, you fart king, you stink to death, do you want to poop Tang Shuang flicked her legs, but she couldn t shake off the little piggy holding her legs.Hee hee hee hee hee Little Piggy grinned badly, unable to control his laughing hole at all, farting felt super fun.After laughing enough, I felt that it was inappropriate for Xiaoshuang to call her the Fart King.The Lun family is a little fairy, a little princess, a little fox, and a little turtle.How could they be called the Fart King What an ugly name.So she salivated and said, Don t talk about my little sister like that.My little sister didn t do it on purpose.She inhales through her nose and deflates her butt.Tang Shuang knocked his hateful big hand away, and asked again Xiao Shuang, is Tang Shuang cute Tang Shuang Ah Why do you ask this question Can I say it s not cute If I say so, I will be nagged to death by you, right Seeing that Tang Shuang was silent and didn t say she was super cute, Tang Shuang was wronged Are you scolding my little sister in your heart by not talking Even though she knew she was acting, Tang Shuang still said sincerely No, Tang is very cute.Adorable, the most adorable in the world.The expression on Tangtang er s face instantly turned cloudy Hee hee Huh Why isn t it super cute Super cute, super super cute, super cute baby walking on Among adults, that s very dangerous, no, Zhang Yifen, who wanted a girl so much, couldn gummy cbd 180 mg t help it, couldn t control her hand at all, grabbed the little piggy in her arms, and got tired.At the critical moment, the little boy in black stretched out his hand to push Kiki, Kiki was already prepared, and knocked his hand off with a slap, hey he entered the straight line first, his calf kicked up, and he was half a body ahead.Candy looked at it and yelled Little Qinglong, little Qinglong, pig worm, pig worm Yelling is not enough, she insists on venting her emotions, treating Tang Shuang like a little boy in black, yay means that she, the little green dragon, wants to beat down Xiaoshuang, the pig bug.Tang Shuang O O He caught this little piggy and said You made a mistake, don t mess around, watch the game quickly, the little boy in black is catching up again.That s right, the little boy in black has a strong straight sprint ability, and when he entered the seventh corner, he caught up again, and the scene just now repeated the two squeezed inside, trying to seize the opportunity.Tang Shuang touched her little head and said softly Don t worry, brother will accompany you to find mom and dad, okay beside her.I didn t see the little peacock s parents when I went out.The little girl seemed to know where she was, so she kept walking to the left.When the two were about to reach the corner, they suddenly heard a fierce quarrel.The little peacock s cbd gummies duluth mn small body trembled, and her little head drooped deeply again.She didn t go away, as if her soul had been knocked out with a stick, and she remained motionless.Needless to say, her parents were arguing on the other side of the corner.They were speaking in Russian, which Tang Shuang couldn t understand, but their tone was fierce, and there was no doubt that they were arguing.Tang Shuang stayed with the little peacock for a while, trying to take her away, but the little peacock had already taken a step ahead, turned around and ran away like a frightened little rabbit She didn t return to the competition site, but ran to the Star Riding Academy On the playground, this is an outdoor training cbd gummies full form ground, and koi cbd delta 8 gummies cbd gummies at gnc it is empty and deserted at the moment.Chapter 415 The rescuer moved by the monkey has an embarrassing atmosphere in room 118.In addition to Shu Wuying and Fan Tianxu, Sayang and Xiao Na also came, and Tang Shuang brought Candy.Xiao Na hurried over just now, the scene was unexpected, but she has never seen anything before, and she is very adaptable on the spot, let everyone disperse first, and then take Tang Shuang into room 118, what s the matter Solve it in private, don t make a fuss.In the entertainment industry, people are most afraid of making things big.After Xiao Na s introduction, Shu Wuying and Fan Tianxu were taken aback.They never expected that this was the appearance of the rain.It was indeed a real person who did not show his appearance.It was really unpredictable, otherwise such a thing would not have happened.The most embarrassing person on the scene was Shu Wuying.

Maybe there is a bamboo dragonfly, with this bamboo dragonfly, you can participate in the dream party of Tinkerbell and Tinker Bell Candy couldn melatonin 15 mg cbd gummies t wait to bend down and stare at the ground tightly.It was like sweeping a landmine, and she actually swept it She rushed forward two steps like crazy, and held a pink bamboo dragonfly tightly in her hand.Her big eyes were full of wonder and looked again and again, ah, the bamboo dragonfly that she wanted in her dreams finally arrived This I really found the child show us quickly.A voice suddenly rang out from the crowd looking down for the bamboo dragonfly, and then everyone stared at the little one in the crowd, and then stared at the little one in the crowd in unison.Then staring at the pink bamboo dragonfly on the little hands of the little ones in the crowd Oh no, Brother Huohuo, run The little man was startled, as alert as a bird in the grass.After driving away Tang Huohuo, the little dolls gathered again, like little fish in a hot spring.Candy and Peacock hummed If I Had a Fairy Wand , lying in Tinkerbell s armpit, listening to the story of Tinkerbell leading Tinker Bell through any door to explore.Little Putao, Qiqi, Xiaojin, Li Dun, and the eldest child Tang Yu all gathered around and sat on the carpet, listening to Tang Shuang s story with great interest.Tang Shuang was still wearing the inflatable suit, lying on the ground, alas, he couldn t get up anyway, these little people would not let him get up easily, let s run away while they were fascinated by the story, so he spoke more seriously up.The sisters Chu Jing and Chu Mei watched this scene from afar.Chu Jing uses for cbd gummies touched Chu Mei s shoulder and whispered, Tang Shuang is really good.She greeted Tangtanger enthusiastically Tangtanger, come and dance together, it s fun.Said, she cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies ran over to grab Tangtanger.Tang Tanger looked back at Tang Shuang and said something, but koi cbd delta 8 gummies cbd gummies at gnc she couldn t hear clearly at the scene.Tang Shuang encouraged her Hey, little sister, show yourself Come on.Turning to Tang cbd gummies at gnc Zhen, she said Xiao Zhen will also go up.Tang Zhen said awkwardly I can t dance.Candy can t dance either, and stood on the stage eagerly watching everyone dance happily, thinking that standing like this is not an option , So I started to move, shaking my hands, shaking my feet, twisting my little buttocks, stretching my neck, and finally jumping and dancing, it turned into a gray dance, but the music didn t match, and the dancing was completely different.who cares Just dance happily and dare to show yourself.This program is mainly for reading aloud, and there is no need to prepare the manuscript by himself, but Tang Shuang needs to be familiar with it first.Since the three little ones kindly invited her, Tang Shuang sat down and sat on the sofa with her three little sisters to watch a movie.The three little kids swayed and kicked their feet while watching.off the ground.After watching for a while, Tangtanger suddenly said Little Putao, Little Peacock, let s watch a scary movie, shall we Little Peacock turned pale before watching, and kept shaking his head No, no, I m so scared, I m going to have nightmares Little Putao also shook her head and said, No, it s so scary.Xiao Shuang is here, he will protect us.Tang Tanger pointed at Tang Shuang.It was only then that Tang Shuang realized that the reason why this little man asked him to stay was because he wanted to watch horror movies, but he was afraid, so he asked for courage.The reason relax bears hemp derived cbd gummy for the fire, happyhemp cbd ribbon gummies reviews I will talk to him later.Wang Kai said Idol writer is not a good word now, it has been ruined by others, it is not easy to deal with, and Tang Shuang s background is not small, he has already become famous Let s see who they are cooperating with.Great directors Zhang Fei and Qiu Sen probably don t like the title of idol writer. It s not easy because those people are too bad.I can t bear to read anything written, it s okay to deceive elementary school students, but junior high school students can t be fooled.Meng You But you said that he has a high starting point, but this is let s not worry about it, let s talk about it.The scene of the show.Mom, mom, what do you mean you will die soon Are you going to die too Tangtanger asked nervously when Xiaoshuang read the first sentence.Yes.Ah Why is it sad again The little baby shed a lot of tears today, woo woo woo, the Lun family don t want to cry anymore.Then suddenly the topic changed Mom, wipe my tears a little more paper towels.The little man cried a lot today, the old pistachio has turned into a small bag of tears.From the first guest to Hu Zhongyuan, Candy would cry every time someone read aloud.While saying that I will not cry, I am a little sun, and shed tears uncontrollably.Huang Xiangning helped her cover her ears, but she refused.After a while, she felt that she was crying too badly and could not continue like this, so she covered her ears and refused to listen, but after a while, she put it down again, staring cbd gummies at gnc at the podium with teary eyes , pricked up her ears to listen to the story told by the adults on the podium, and then the tears continued to flow So she was almost used to it, this time she didn t cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me talk or listen, and she didn t say what the little sun didn t cry, but skillfully asked her mother to give her a tissue , get ready to wipe your tears.People recognize it, but they dare to show their true side and attract countless fans for them.They never say I can t do it , nor do they say I m overwhelmed , such modest words that I m tired of hearing, Yes, I m the best one , Keep real, keep true to yourself.They admit their own excellence, say what they don t like, and diss if they don t like serenity cbd gummies cost HCMUSSH cbd gummies at gnc it, to a certain extent, they put aside the rules of the adult world.Similarly, they don t shy away from their bad side, dare to speak out and be the most authentic self, Especially in the entertainment circle, this kind of authenticity is too rare, and it instantly highlights their uniqueness.In the My Most Hip Hop program, music has become the second content.This kind of keep real mental state is the most brilliant.It awakens the true heart of many people.Chen Shenfeng He is an old Jianghu, with rich experience in bullying.Although he did have personal grievances with Su Lixian back then, at a deep level, it may have been intentional.He kept attracting attention, occupying headlines, attracting attention, and maintaining popularity.Just like many actors, their acting skills are not worth mentioning.They can t find their works with a magnifying glass.They can be regarded as third rate actors at most, but they are first rate stars.Because of the popularity, news, and paparazzi It s a mother, chasing after this group of fake mothers every day, such trivial things as eating, drinking, messing around, farting, and crotch buckling can be regarded as big news.Ordinary people watched it a lot, so they naturally gained cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me impression points, thinking that this might be a big star, otherwise why would there be news about him every day.

She is no longer the Chinese speaking queen who can call the wind and rain.Although she is still a fighter, she dares to shoot at anyone or anything that dislikes her, but she is not what she used to be, and she can t do what she wants to fight with a little singer.Chapter 470 Tang Deputy Dean Sanjian has been promoted.He used to be the deputy director of the Chinese Department of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and also led graduate students.The one at cbd gummies at gnc the bottom of the vice president, but he is the youngest, and youth is capital.Tang Shuang took Candy to visit Dean Tang s new office, and told him to go home and have dinner quickly.Sister Xiangning has an opinion The so called three fires for new officials, Dean Tang is cbd gummies at gnc a new official who works overtime when he takes office, and Sister Xiangning is a woman with a big heart.Tang cbd gummies at gnc Shuang ignored him angrily, and walked towards the killer from behind.Beautiful women are always easy to attract the attention of men, especially handsome men, because they have the conditions and confidence to take practical actions, unlike low pens that only limitless reverie.Hi Tang Shuang, yesterday I was still asking Ye Liang why I haven t seen you.It was Miao cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me Wen, ouch, the girl didn t wear a hat today, so I didn t recognize her.After Tang Shuang greeted her, she asked, Who are you Miao Wen smiled and said, I happen to have time, so I applied to join the crew of Grandma.Tang Shuang glanced at Ye Liang in the distance.Smile at him proudly.Tang Shuang really wanted to say to Miao Wen, isn t it like a sheep going cbd gummies 3000 mg effects into a tiger s mouth like this Is it really okay, have you really thought about it, is it voluntary, don t be afraid, if you have any grievances, tell me, Xiaoshuang will help you solve it What you said on your mouth is Welcome, welcome, I feel relieved when you are here Miao Wen s beautiful eyes turned, and she said with a smile I m just helping out, mainly for Ye Liang, do you know why I joined This question is like a call from a stranger asking you to guess who I am, Tang Shuang guesses not come out.Tang Shuang woke up at 1 30, felt his wrist first, and it seemed to be better.He tried to turn it gently, but it was still very painful.It seemed that he would not even think about moving his wrist for the next two days.Get up and wash your face briefly, think about it, don t worry about Tang Sanjian, call Tang Sanjian to inquire about his situation, and learn that they have left the kindergarten.As for Teacher Zhang and the others being punished, don t worry, no one will Expelled.As for Tangtanger, she already knew that Li Baibai, Teacher Zhang and Little Brother Wu had been implicated by her escape, so she cried a lot.The fact is that Tangtanger followed Brother Sanjian to Guangdong University with a small schoolbag on cbd gummies at gnc his back, and stayed in his office obediently thinking about his past Face the wall all afternoon until get off work In the past, she couldn t keep her mouth shut, now she is silent and very quiet.It s too difficult if you can t look at your phone.Not to mention everyone, even Tang Shuang can t tell all about it.There are dozens of short stories he published in United Life Weekly.Everyone knows these short stories, but No one could tell everything, so three more people were ordered one after another, and they were all defeated.Tang Shuang said with a smile Well, I ll give you a minute to look cbd gummies at gnc at your phone, and we ll come back in a minute.Whoever gets the answer right this time, We can take a selfie together.Everyone immediately took out their mobile phones to watch, and soon, before a minute had passed, someone raised their hand.The host saw this and clicked on her directly You are the first one, and it takes the least time.You are the one to come, and you must seize the opportunity.Did you write the review Tang Shuang asked tentatively.No, no The Lun family is a good baby, so they don t write a review book.Only koi cbd delta 8 gummies cbd gummies at gnc Xiaoshuang can write a review book, hum You can t think of Tangy like that, Tangy is the flag raiser You cry How many Tang Shuang asked again.However, Tangtang s vigilance has already risen, she shook her head and said I didn t cry, everyone is very happy, there is no such thing as crying, don t think about it, and you can t tell mom.Xiaoshuang, cry How many did you ask Tangtang er wanted to fight back, she couldn t let Xiaoshuang ask her all the time, she had to ask him too, it made him nervous, and he wouldn t ask her when he was nervous.Tang Shuang laughed I didn t pinch any of them to cry.Tang Tanger didn t believe it I must have pinched you, you cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies at gnc are not honest.Candy said crisply Okay , I m here, Xiaoshuang, don t be afraid, I ll protect you Ten minutes later, Tang Shuang dragged his big suitcase, Tangtanger dragged her small suitcase, came out of the room one after the other, followed by Bai Jingjing.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning asked them if everything was ready, Tangtanger couldn t wait and said loudly Don t worry No problem We re leaving, goodbye, Mom and Dad After finishing speaking, Little Pig dragged a small suitcase and walked out, as if he couldn t wait to elope to the moon with the boy.Huang Xiangning was very worried, worried that the little baby would run away from home and never come back, so he quickly stepped forward, grabbed the little man, knelt down and said, Why is Tangtang leaving in such a hurry Mom hasn t whispered to you yet.Tangtanger said with a smile Come on, Xiaoshuang.Then he picked up the small mobile phone from his neck I want to call my sister and tell her the good news, What if my sister also wants to come and play together, she has to work and is not as busy as Xiaoshuang, so what should I do Tang Shuang looked at Xiaozhuzhu from the rearview mirror, and saw that she was holding Xiaozhuzhu The mobile phone hesitated, did not make a sound, and concentrated on driving.Half an hour later, when I finally arrived at the airport, Tang Shuang drove the car to the parking lot and put it here, and said to Xiao Zhuzhu who was still talking on the phone with Tang Zhen in the back seat Stop calling, we are here.Let s go to the handjob Tang Tanger suddenly handed Tang Shuang the phone, saying that it was her sister who wanted to talk to him.Fist.Tang Shuang You look so fierce, do you want to beat me to death Tangtanger said loudly What are you talking about Tangtanger doesn t kill people After all, you are also from the Lun family My brother, I won t kill you, although you want to bury Tang, but the Lun family doesn t have the guts to bury you, come here quickly.This is waving at Tang Shuang, It looked like the stone statue of a lucky cat in front of Ye Liang s house.Tang Shuang stood at a distance of two meters from her, and argued I really didn t want to bury you, how could you have such an idea, you are a dangerous child, your thoughts are so dark, how dare you think Oh, I m your brother, a god like brother, why do you think of your brother like this, you honestly tell me what s going on in your little brain all day long, you re blackening, are you secretly watching again Did you watch the soap opera on TV Did you watch Sugar Heart Storm Didn t you Tell me honestly Tangtang er was immediately diverted from the topic, and forgot to pursue Xiaoshuang s attempt to bury her, but felt embarrassed She nodded, indicating that she did secretly watch Sugar Heart cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies Storm.

Tang Shuang led the little piggy away while talking, went out, stepped on the snow, and was about to walk along the door At this moment, snowflakes began to fall in the gloomy sky, slanting and falling in bits and pieces in the breeze.Wow it s snowing Wow I m what is thc in cbd gummies on TV cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me Little Pig finally saw the scene on TV, and it s snowing She looked up at the sky with her little head up, and a piece just landed on her nose, yawned tickled, sneezed, happy Throwing away Xiaoshuang s hand, bouncing on the spot, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing outrunning forward, running madly, bouncing, little rabbit bouncing, leaping frog, pony chugging, hee hee Hee hee run quickly it s snowing speak louder, let people all over the world know it s snowing It s so cbd gummies at gnc fun in the snow, crunching, like stepping on cotton candy.Turning back to Tang Shuang, she shouted cheerfully Xiao Shuang, you big villain, come and catch me la la la la la la ah Come and catch me, you can t catch me Big villain, Uh making a grimace.Frost blocked the gun, this time the area was open and flat for ten miles, Miss Yi was unlucky, and was instantly targeted by Tangtanger.Tangtanger grinned and called out Teacher Xiaoyi , then groaned and opened her nostrils as hard as she could, in order to use her internal force to stimulate the snot in her nostrils and blow out a bubble.But at this moment, there is no mucus in her nostrils, neither thin nor thick, so there is no way to really blow out a bubble.Taking a step back, even if she had snot with a suitable consistency, she would not dare to blow it on the dining table, or she would be slapped flat by Xiaoshuang.So now she is just pretending to show that she wants to blow snot bubbles like this, as long as she has the meaning, and sure enough, Miss Xiao Yi understands in seconds, not only the movement of blowing nose bubbles, but also her phrase Teacher Xiao Yi, This is a forced apprenticeship, and it is mandatory to teach the know how of blowing snot bubbles.Yuxiang is very optimistic about you, come on Sell more records, and make money for your younger siblings to raise Koda Duck.Tang Zhen What Tang Shuang cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies said with a smile, Kodak is a kind of duck that has mutated and has incredible power, but when using this power, it will be accompanied by severe headaches, so they often hold their heads in their hands and tilt them to one side.My neck hurts so badly that I shed tears.Ah that s really pitiful.Tang Zhen thought for a while, and then said, This is how much pain you can bear, and how much honor you can enjoy.Ah Tang Shuang looked at it.Looking at Tang Zhen, he hadn t thought about it, but it still made sense, so he nodded, You re right.The two of them then chatted about the song A Taoist Friend of mine , Tang Zhen said yes The TV series wanted to use this song as an episode.Don t stop me, don t make trouble, or I won t be happy Her so called business is to prove to the adults of the old Tang family that she will not get drunk when she drinks.The reason why she asked Tang Shuang not to stop her is because this guy stretched out his little hand to take Tang Shuang s wine glass away, but it was a bit awkward when he did it.Lack of energy, giving the feeling of a thief, while reaching out his hand, he looked at Tang Shuang from the corner of his eye, seeing that Tang Shuang didn t stop her, and let her take the cup filled with bear wine smoothly, feeling proud, laughing, and quickly I hugged it and poured it into my mouth, and suddenly the wine glass stopped moving After seeing it, Xiaoshuang grabbed it, and without saying a word, directly snatched it away Hey This is from the Lun family, why don t you take it away without asking me, Mom and Dad will be upset, you give it back to me The little man was about to succeed, and he drank the wine he had dreamed of, As a result, it flew away when it reached the mouth, which is really annoying.The villain took off the HCMUSSH cbd gummies at gnc schoolbag with a smile, and asked, Xiao Shuang, can you help Tangtang carry the schoolbag Why don t you carry it yourself Tang Shuang glanced at this guy and walked towards the gate Let s go and talk.I can t run with a small schoolbag on my back.Candy said naturally.Tang Shuang Alright, Tang Shuang took the little man s schoolbag, opened the door and was about to leave, when suddenly he froze and stood still, the little pig behind him pushed him and urged Xiaoshuang, let s go, Sanjian s father wakes up and we are finished, Hululu, Hululu, run Tang Shuang was a little bit naughty, she turned sideways and walked back without saying a word, pushing the little pig on the back In the front, and then, the little pig yelled Mommy , twisted his little butt and ran to his room with a puff of smoke It was really straightforward.Primary school is not so easy to study.Not all children can read, I worked very hard to pass the exam, it was not easy.Tang Shuang couldn t hold it back, and let out a snort of laughter, and Sister Xiangning also suppressed her laughter.When Tang Tanger heard the laughter, she immediately glared at Tang Shuang, what are you laughing at snort Tang Shuang waved her hand, suppressed her full laughter, and said, It s nothing else, just keep going, leave me alone, I m having a convulsion.Tang Tanger stared at him ferociously, then smiled at cbd gummies side effects reddit cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies Sanjian s father Said Dad, Tangtanger will definitely work hard in elementary school to make you more satisfied, as proud as a big cock Tsk Tang Shuang laughed again when she heard the big cock, sorry, it really is Can t help it.Tangtang er was furious this time, why did Xiao HCMUSSH cbd gummies at gnc Shuang always tear her down, it was too much, she raised her small fist to hit him with Bobo.Tang Shuang laughed loudly Then you should say it.Tang Tanger betrayed without hesitation The one eyed dragon was given to you by the big cheek, and the piece of paper was done by Xiao Jin It s none of the Lun family s business here Me, give it to me, you can give it to me.Tang Shuang patted the little leapfrog s head, this kid really knows the current affairs, and he will become a big villain in the future.I thought she would at least have to struggle in her heart for a while, but she didn t expect to be so straightforward.It seemed that she had thought about it long ago, and there was no need to hesitate at all.Chapter 629 Ignore Three Swords Dad Tang Shuang opened the chocolate, and there were two pieces inside.He took out one and said, Why did you give me these two things What s your intention Tell me What do you mean Say what Tang Shuang I mean, what do you mean What do you mean I HCMUSSH cbd gummies at gnc asked you what you mean What do you mean by the Lun family Tang Shuang Don t do this with me, I know you can understand, you are a kid and you still want to deceive me.She is a self proclaimed little sun, beaming every day.What are you talking about The Lun family only eats a little for breakfast, so you don t let the Lun family eat.The Lun family is growing tall.When Tangtang grows taller, I won t let Xiaoshuang stand on it anymore.If you want to watch dancing, you can Watch the dance, don t ask Xiaoshuang I take my mother to see it every day, without Xiaoshuang, let Xiaoshuang play by herself.After speaking, she opened the menu curiously, opened her mouth like a lion, and was about to slaughter Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang glanced at the little man who blatantly slaughtered him, smiled, and didn t stop her.Sister Xiangning is here, can she not stop her Sure enough, Candy ordered a lot, but was are cbd gummies made with gelatin rejected by Huang Xiangning and dropped more than half.After repeated confirmation with the little man, three dishes were left, and then she ordered one herself.

I ll go home after a week, and my dad will go on a business trip again.My stepmother won t find him for me Be alone for the rest of my life Pan Lunzhe Lunch Don t eat, lose weight.Pan Fugui screamed But he just screamed, and quickly regained his composure, and said triumphantly, My grandpa is here, hehe.It means that his grandpa is here, so you are afraid that there will be no food for him cbd gummies 5mg Chapter 683 My child, don t be picky.Pan Lunzhe is a workaholic.He not only teaches at a university, but also writes his own books.He is the cbd gummies at gnc author of a best selling book on economics.At the same time, he often participates in research activities organized by some companies to diagnose companies.This business trip is to do research for an automobile company.Pan Lunzhe said to Tang Shuang, Is Tang Shuang interested in investing This is a good target.Shuang s younger sister, will Xiao Shuang hear you, blah, cbd gummies at gnc blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.What about the Lun family Lun s family is Tang Tang Who is Tang Tang you Who is Zhenzhen And this little cream.Why did the police uncle appear An image of a little girl bouncing and dancing was automatically generated, but the audience couldn t figure out why they should thank 2019 top cbd gummy brands the police uncle.If they knew the hotline that the police opened to connect the little girl, 110 would be blown up tonight.Luo Yuqing s surprised voice came out Tang Tang Candy Are you Candy Hehe, it s the Lun family.Are you happy to jump up Jump, jump Emmm, jump a little bit After the two got to know each other, the audience was shocked, oh, yes, yes It turned out to be an acquaintance Really acquaintances, everyone only heard that Luo Yuqing and this girl named Tang Tang began to chat about homework Wow, flames of gossip ignited in the vast land, and they all guessed who this little girl named Tang Tang was.He likes the delicate and young girls.Chen Ming played the emperor before, and he is very famous.Tang Shuang called injustice Nothing Since when did I like the cute little girl No Zhang Yu asked.Is there Tang Shuang asked.Exclusion method, if you don t like big ones, then you like small ones.Zhang Yu said.Liang Qiao looked at Zhang Yu, It seems to be pointing.There is often such a tone in the harem.Chen Ming was thoughtful.Li Ying, who had been silent all this time, also chimed in Why does it have something to do with the harem Liang Qiao smiled and said, Besides Jia Liduo, the harem is more jealous.Several other people looked at Zhang Yu, jealous What s happening here Zhang Yu gave everyone a flamboyant look, and said calmly It cbd gummies at gnc seems like you are an exception, except for Xiaoshuang, aren t you all like this Everyone laughed, and Chen Ming said Although I have played the role of the emperor, I am known as the emperor.After restarting, Tang Tang turned into a handjob again and wanted to compete with Tang Zhen.She compared her feet on the ground, saying that this is the starting line, then stood on the starting line with Tang Zhen smiling, running one, two, three Huchihuchi, the little short legs went crazy for a while, and it actually made her win Later, she called herself the number one hero, her sister was the second, and was given the nickname the second hero.Xiaoshuang didn t compete and was called the fifth hero.Brother Sanjian and sister Xiangning were ahead of him.Tang Handjob Tang, who won the game, did not stop and continued to charge towards Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang heard heavy breathing from a distance, and then a little pig rushed over Haha I caught Xiaoshuang I can t run away The little pig hugged Tang Shuang s leg, triumphantly.Hey Weiwei I m Xiaozhen When Tang Zhen and Huang Weiwei were on the phone, Tang Shuang stared back at Tangtanger and whispered, Don t stare at me again, or I ll bite you.Huh Tangtang ignored him, but when she heard that Xiaoshuang was about to bite her, she said with a smile, You can t bite Candy, hehe.Pretending to eat the candy, Tang Tang was so frightened that he slipped behind Tang Zhen, desperately getting between Tang Zhen and the sofa.Tang Shuang giggled, and saw that she was wearing a pair of light blue cotton socks on her exposed little feet, with a cute cat embroidered on them, looking at Tang Shuang innocently.Who bought these socks for you They re so cute.Tang Shuang asked.Candy showed her little head, raised her little feet and said, Hee hee, it s cute, my sister bought it for me, my sister is super Ellen s Show me, okay I really envy you, My sister has never bought such cute socks for me, I m so partial.Candy asked worriedly Will you and the baby be exhausted Li Meng I tapped some of the people in Candy s hands with flour sticky hands, and said with a smile, Not only will it not tire the baby, but it s also good for healthy growth.Among the people who ordered, touched cbd gummies at gnc a smear of white powder, and said with a smile Candy is also here to make dumplings.Rolling up her sleeves and doing it, Tang Shuang grabbed her and said, Wash your hands first, and come back after washing them clean.The two washed their hands together, and Tang Yu joined in the fun.After the three washed up, Li Meng taught Tang Cang er and Tang Yu how to make dumplings.Candy had a great time playing, although the bags were not standard, all of them had big belly, but at least there was no revealing, and they were barely qualified, so they couldn t help but proudly said to Er Niang who was beside him Er Niang, look at the candy bags.After Luo Yuqing sent her home, she breathed a sigh of relief.When cbd gummies at gnc she got home, she parked the car on the side of the road to catch her breath.Today is the first day of the new year, and the New Year s greetings have just begun.Thinking of this, Luo Yuqing had a headache.She took out her mobile phone, turned to Tang Shuang s number, thought about it, and sent a message.Then the car window was opened, and just a little bit, the cold wind seemed to be waiting outside the car window, waiting to reveal a little gap, and they couldn t wait to roar in and squeeze in, instantly lowering the temperature inside the car.Luo Yuqing felt that the temperature had dropped by more than ten degrees.The cold and heat alternated, and her body couldn t help shivering.Rubbing her hands, she quickly raised the window again and closed it tightly.Sister, are we still going to dance today Candy was sitting astride the slippery car, raised her head and asked Tang Zhen.When she looked up, she had long legs.If she wanted to see her sister s face, she had to raise her small body.Tang Zhen thought for a while and how many cbd gummies can you eat a day said, Have you been tired from dancing these days She couldn t move the sofa just now, which would damage her masculine status, and now she has to seize every opportunity to get back on the spot.We re not going to cbd gummies at gnc dance today, let s take a break, shall we practice the piano Yes, sister, the Lun family can play fairy sticks.Then you are really good.Hee hee, so so, a bit good Tang Zhen brought Candy to the piano room.There are not only pianos, but also drums, guitars, basses, electronic organs, and a red lacquered cowhide drum, which looks majestic.

Tang Zhen was sitting on a high chair, holding a delicate microphone in her hand.Beside her were band members, some playing the piano, some playing the guitar, and some playing the flute.On a small stage, they Surrounded by Tang Zhen, they performed a song First Love.I hope I can have a place in your heart strongest cbd gummies for sleep Now and forever, you are my one and only First Love ended, Tang Zhen sang one after another amidst everyone s cheers First Dream , Blue Lotus , Chun Guangmei and other classic songs, the atmosphere of the concert gradually reached its climax.After singing Spring Equinox , Shang Hui came to the stage and said, The song ordering session is over for the time being.Next, we will invite a guest to come on stage to sing with Tang Zhen.Bai Yang er is welcome.Which Bai Yang er Bai Yang er.Yanger Is that Bai Yanger from girl s day It s Zhenzhen s former teammate Ah, it s been a long time since I heard from her.Don t just stand here and say, help move the flowerpots.Tangtanger looked at the pile of flowers and plants in the corner, and then at the small tree that Xiaoshuang had placed on the balcony, rolled up his sleeves, and immediately ran to the corner Moved a small tree with a strange shape, and muttered It s such a strange little tree, is it sick, why is it crooked, is it dancing Standing on tiptoe, I wanted to imitate Tang Shuang Put it on a wooden shelf on the balcony.Tang Shuang I ll come, I ll come, you can leave it to me.Okay Candy was in a good mood, and immediately went to the corner to bring another pot, and looked down at it while walking and muttered It s strange.Acridine, a piece of wood stake, what is this for Dad is so strange, cbd gummies at gnc why would he like such a guy I couldn t help being curious, and said to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, a piece of wood stake.She stopped in front of the TV, just in time cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me to hear the host praising Yu Xiang.After Tang Zhen was nominated for the best female singer, Yu Xiang was nominated for the best lyricist of the year.Ah Yuxiang Xiaozhen has someone to help you.Sitting in front of the TV, Deng Ke pumped his fists excitedly, especially after the host announced that the album Dream Flower was shortlisted for the best album of the year, he couldn t hold back anymore , jumped up from the sofa, and waved his fists into the air Bai Yang er has already reached the other side of the ocean, and now it isDuring the day, in order to watch the program for the first time, she asked a classmate who knows the Internet to help adjust the Internet TV yesterday, and she is watching the computer with another roommate at the moment.Alumni That s enough, so many nominations have proved your strength, so I m relieved.Huh Alumni met Tang Shuang s puzzled eyes and said, A week ago, my pharmaceutical company also held a board meeting.I have officially resigned from the position of chairman and handed it over to Zhifei.I gave Tang Shuang a cup, then gave Ailan another cup, took the remaining cup aside, and said, If you can t do it well, don t blame me.And there are people around you who will help you.The family is big and the business is great and the pressure is great.Bai Zhifei stopped talking, while sipping tea, looking at the sea outside the house through the floor to ceiling windows, the sun was shining brightly, The sea is calm and blue.What Bai Zhifei said made sense.If one person shoulders such a huge burden, even if he is not responsible for the specific work, the invisible pressure will come from all directions.A glass window appeared on the big screen.Looking down from the window, I saw a group of militants holding guns and forming a combat team, marching vigilantly on the street.This is a military themed story.So far, all koi cbd delta 8 gummies cbd gummies at gnc the 9 nominated short stories have been introduced, including 3 emotional stories, 1 science fiction story, 2 suspense stories, 1 documentary literature, 1 historical story, and 1 military story.On the big screen were the covers of nine short stories for a while, and the figures of the nine nominees for a while.Among them, Tang Shuang was the youngest and very conspicuous.Now, Mr.Xiang Wen, please announce the final winner of the Silver Literature Award for short stories Applause is welcome.Xiang Wen is a white haired old man, but he is hale and hearty.He is the winner of the ninth Zijin Literature Award.She balabala told Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang hesitated, and finally agreed.The two rolled up their sleeves, and each of them grabbed a big pig s trotter and went to Xiao Zhou s house next door.They sat at the door of his shop and ate the big pig s trotter from Xiaomu s house.They smiled and waved to Xiao Zhou inside.That s right We re here to find fault what to do When they were on the Great Wall, the two brothers and sisters of the Tang family made an appointment.When they got home, they would go to Xiao Mu s house to buy big pig s trotters, and sit at the door of Xiao Zhou s house to eat, to pick things up, and educate them Who made his big pig s hooves grow hairy Also give the children to eat the big long haired pig s trotters Chapter 897 cbd gummies side effects reddit cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies Banner Young Master Tang, what is this Tang Shuang and Tangtanger sat at the door of Xiao Zhou s house, eating big pig s trotters, eating with relish, exchanging feelings while eating, chatting happily, suddenly a man walked over , looked at them curiously.Emmm, you don t need it anyway. Do you want it Neither do I.Then why do you want to do it You have to be obedient, don t swear, no The Lun family doesn t swear The Lun family doesn t know how to curse Need to be so excited It must be. I didn t say you swear, I mean you can t swear. The Lun family doesn t know how to curse.You make it up.I mean, you can t even whisper. I m talking to the little man in Candy s belly You still have a little person in your stomach There are still flowers. real show me.What do you want to do Ah hahahaha ah, Xiaoshuang, don t touch Lun s belly, it s so itchy, wow haha Hey, don t cry, I ll let you go. Chirp chirp chirpI hate you, scoundrel I think I m all right, not a villain. You are a big bad guy bad guy Not a good brother.Don t say that.Just say so Well, you best cbd gummies sleepy bear cost 300 mg re right.Tangtang er looked back, Xiao Tongzi and his father had disappeared, followed by Dalin and Xiaofu.Room 1 Candy turned around and said crisply.Didn t you change with Xiaotongzi No.Why not Don t you really want to No, I won t change without Xiaoshuang s consent.Are you tired Tired cbd isolate gummies uk I can hold cbd gummies for anxiety amazon on Xiaoshuang.There s yours, kid Tang Tang.Hee hee The Lun family has two brushes The two took Xiaofu and Dalin around the village for half a circle, and found rooms 3 and 5, but they didn t see room 1.They asked the villagers who were watching them with a smile along the way, and everyone just shook their heads and didn t give a damn.any instructions.It seems that it was reminded by the program group.Until meeting Xia Dashan and Xia Wenqiao s father and daughter, Xia Dashan found Room 1 and showed Tang Shuang the way, not far from here.

Oh, yes, Tang Tang is right, the sun has gone into the sea.Everyone took the children home and changed their clothes, Then they gathered at the Tang family s residence, which was spacious enough for cooking.Li Guanping looked at the dishes put together and said, You can make a scrambled egg with onions.Feng Chaoqun said, You can also make a cauliflower dish in a dry pot.Everyone summed up and thought of a few dishes based on the existing ingredients , but not enough, after calculations, up to seven dishes, and the amount is not much, far from enough for 6 adults and 6 children.Tang Shuang suggested Why don t you go to the fellow s house to borrow some food, and I will go.Liu Yanping and Feng Chaoqun also joined cbd gummies at gnc the ranks of borrowing food, and the rest of Li Guanping and others were busy cooking first.But Li Guanping insisted on coming by himself, and Cao Kai chose to believe him.Miss Xia Wenqiao spoke for Tang Tang It s Little Comb who wants to kiss me.Huh Why is there still Miss Qiao Candy snorted, and Balabala told about the situation just now.It turned out that it was Li Yushu who wanted to kiss the little girl Xia Wenqiao, but the little girl refused and ran away in fright.Li Yushu followed behind, laughing amusedly.Miss Xiao Qiao ran to Tang Tang and asked Tang cbd gummies at gnc Tang for help.Tang Tang stopped Li Yushu from kissing Xiao Qiao.Li Yushu kissed Tang Tang and forcibly moved forward.Candy is not a vegetarian, not as gentle as cbd gummies for ed review cbd gummies at gnc Miss Xiao Qiao.She immediately slapped Li Yushu s face, slammed the little comb down on the ground with a plop, then squatted beside his head, ignoring his crying, stretched out her fingers to drill his face, and asked him if he was ashamed After listening, Li Guanping looked at Li Yushu seriously, and .

how do you make edible cbd gummy bears?

asked, Is that so Li Yushu lowered his head and remained silent.A brother and a sister are constantly comparing who is older, and whoever is older is right Puff Cough fund drops cbd gummies cough cough Big brother, big sister No, I m going to die laughing.I want to inherit my ant money.Sisters are all beautiful.Classic.Here comes Tang Tang s golden sentence.Society, my sister Tang.Hahahahaha I can t keep up with Tang Tang s brain circuit at all.Tang Tang is thinking, you ordinary people , how do you know what the little fairy is thinking Mine, I love Tang Tang.It s crispy, Mrs.Tang Tang is so cute.The staff of the program team also laughed a lot.This is how much I want to win my brother.Successful road to fans.Sugar powder I am proud to say that I am sugar powder.So this is the climax of this episode Almost missed it.I laughed like a fool.My mom spit water on my dad s face, haha.The parents and buddies sat on the left among them, and the children sat on the right, facing each other across two rows of monks in the middle.Tang Shuang looked at a young monk beside him in awe, and asked Tang Shuang in a low voice, Is he Guanyin Bodhisattva The son was startled, and he was very talkative Okay, Candy will be obedient.Dubi said Kids, sit down quickly, Tang Tang, sit down quickly, don t look around.We must not listen or talk Don t move or look, keep your body upright.Tangtang cbd gummies at gnc cbd 1000mg gummies er crossed her legs when she heard the words, her eyes turned around and fell on Dubi , thinking that it s over, neither this nor that, that s what I m doing alive Well, Eunuch Sun laughed so cbd gummies at gnc hard that he wanted to burn the baby to death.Dubi said Xiaofeng, don t pick your feet Little Tongzi, don t pick your nose.Tang Shuang Don t mention the cicada thing to me, I feel like throwing up when I think about it now, don t talk about it, otherwise I ll really throw up.Candy giggled.Tang Shuang Although we don t have food, my brother still has a way.Let s see what it is He found two big pineapples in a wooden basket.This is a big pineapple, don t we eat pineapple Candy asked curiously.Tang Shuang Eat rice, and pineapple too.Tang Tanger thought for a while Pineapple rice Tang Shuang touched her little head and praised It s amazing, you re so smart, you can eat it all at once.I figured it out.That s right, we cook pineapple rice, do you like it Candy nodded his head repeatedly I like it cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me very much, and Tangtang likes to eat rice and rice made by brother.Look, the little sycophant is especially good at flattering, The person who took the photo was ecstatic, and he was full of motivation to do the work.Tang Shuang was also forced to say The ball is round, and any result cbd gummies at gnc is possible, so Tang Tang can win the game.It s possible.Tangtang er consciously regained her dignity and was full of confidence, as if what everyone said was true she could really defeat Xiaoshuang.A few minutes later, the little man yelled Brother Huhu brother, can you let me go You want to exhaust my little sister to death You said not to let you just now.Tang Shuang With a slap, the ball hit the floor in an instant, Tang Tanger not only failed to catch it, but also subconsciously jumped away, as if afraid of being shot.She briskly ran to pick up the ball, and did all the dirty work in the past few minutes.When she came back with the ball in her arms, she said, That s what I just said.Now the Lun family hopes that the king will give way to my little sister.Tangtang er instantly felt sorry for Xiaoshuang, and grabbed a pack of seafood snacks from cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies buy cbd gummies near me the suitcase Give it to Xiaoshuang, let him grow some bones.Tang Zhen smiled and said Okay, let s put it here first, and I ll feed it to my brother later, now let s take a video, standemmm, stand cbd gummies at gnc there, by the window, we will draw the curtains, and the sun will come in , Yes, you stand in the sun, stand against the wall, okay, smile, um, yes, are you ready You can talk.Candy immediately gave her presents to the camera with a bright smile Thank you fans, and hope that everyone will not give away in the future, because she lacks nothing, except a dragon.Are there any dragons If there is a dragon, one will be sent.If not, don t send anything else.The little princess only needs a dragon now.There are also knights.It s a very simple video, for the candy who can talk, it s a breeze, and it s over in one go.Then the two sisters got together and murmured that they were going to post the video online.Candy has an account in Maoyan, and Tang Zhen also knows the account password, so she first logged into Maoyan, posted the video, and then logged into Weibo, posted it on her own Weibo, and specially , after all, these are sent to Tang Shuang s gift was sent to her and Tang Shuang, and cbd gummy bears from just cbd coupons in their name, it was appropriate to express my gratitude on behalf of Tang Shuang.Candy was hiding in Tang Zhen s arms, watching her sister operate the phone curiously, pointing to Qingshi Lenghuang and said, Sister, is this Xiaoshuang Yes, this is brother.Tang Zhen saw this The four words make my scalp tingle for a while, it s really a good name for Secondary School Fortunately, Tangtang er didn t know these four words, otherwise she would definitely make a lot of ridicule again.

There was a picture of a baby.It was impossible to tell whether it was a boy or a girl or who it was.This little baby is sitting in a stroller, facing the camera, holding his mouth and crying.There are a few words on the photo, which say half year old me.It s Candy., it s not Candy, this is Mom.Mom Is this Mom Tangtang was shocked, this little one who was younger than her was Mom In her eyes, her mother has always been extremely big, extremely capable, and not afraid of anything However, the little one in front of me is not big at all, can t walk, and has to sit in a stroller, let alone capable And she was crying, she must be scared How could this be a mother.That s right, this is when mom was half a year old.Tang Zhen said with certainty.Candy s eyes were about to get into the photo, and it was difficult to match the little baby with its mother for a while.When Tang Zhen returned home, the house became even more lively.Although she didn t cali born dreams cbd gummies talk much, it was enough to just sit there for everyone to see.The task of delivering Tangyue to school the next day was given to her.Tangtang er s little butt was completely fine, although she still wanted to pretend, it was too late and it was exposed long ago.Sister Xiangning almost took off her underpants for inspection, Tangtanger saw it, knew she couldn t escape, and said decisively that she missed her thc cbd cbg gummies kindergarten friends, so she decided to go to school, don t take off her panties, shy Tang Zhen did not stay at home for three days according to the previous arrangement, but went to Shanghai alone on Friday two days later.She is the guest singer of Hu Zhongyuan s farewell concert.She and Tang Shuang have prepared a new song and must go to the rehearsal in advance.Candy understood, this is a pork fan who met her.I also met it when I was shopping during the day, and she wore a mask for it.The little man looked at Tang Shuang beside him, the king is here, she doesn t have to worry about being stolen, so she can calm down, smiled and waved to these young ladies, and said hello like a little adult Hi my Old friends, it s a pleasure to meet you, 30 years of drinking, 30 years of drinking, .Everyone This passage is Hu Zhongyuan s opening remarks at the beginning of the concert.It s not like drinking for thirty years or drinking for thirty years.But thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi.The original words are Hi my old friends, nice to meet you.Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi.Thirty years ago, I held my first concert in the Jiangding Cultural Center on the east bank of the Huangpu River.Candy muttered a few words, obediently put the gift on the table, and said, Oh, what my mother said is really reasonable.The Lun family listened to mother s advice, eat breakfast first, and then chat with the lady in the red skirt when you are full Luo Yuqing pursed her lips and snickered, although she had seen the cleverness of the younger sister of the Tang family many times, it still made her overjoyed every time.She was originally a girl who loved to laugh, and she didn t have a lot of smiles.Tang Shuang joked, Then what do you want to talk about with Miss Red Dress Tangtanger grinned at Luo Yuqing and gave another smirk, and then said to Tang Shuang, Talk about work, let s talk about our work, and then talk about our life, how is our study, and do we have a lot of homework Hi Don t like drawing Does the puppy like it Do you have cbd gummies at gnc can you drive after taking cbd gummy brothers, sisters and sisters at home No There are older sisters and younger sisters, but no older brothers, right No No older sisters Only younger sisters Ah No younger sisters either Yes Everyone has a little sister at home, so why don t they have anything Is the little sister s house fun Then the question comes, why don t you have one Didn t your parents give you one How did they do it Thinking When Tang Shuang heard her talking more and more outrageous, she interrupted Okay, don t talk about it, pretend I didn t ask, and eat now.Tangtanger didn t expect this trick to fail, and repeated in surprise The Lun family is thinking about Xiaoshuang.Don t think about koi cbd delta 8 gummies cbd gummies at gnc price for cbd gummies for pain it.Tangtanger said angrily, The Lun family doesn t want Xiaoshuang anymore.As you like Tang Shuang said indifferently, a cbd gummies at gnc dime candy can make her overturn what she just said.Candy continued to paint angrily, the little hand holding the paintbrush was very hard, as if he was drawing with a knife.Tang Shuang said worriedly You should draw carefully, and don t draw other irrelevant things.He was worried that the villain would draw his stick figure again.Got it.Candy responded without looking at him.The good times didn t last long, and within two minutes of silence, there was a voice calling Tangtanger from outside the house.The little person in the painting is like a little rabbit crouching in the grass.Tang Shuang had to get up and look at the window, I saw that little Bai Jingjing squatting in front of Pan Fugui and barking at him.What are you crying about Just ignore the little dog.Let Xiao Guizi be stronger.How can the bully in the university be afraid of a stupid dog.After finishing speaking, he left.Behind him, Tangtang grinned at his back, the annoying Xiaoshuang actually called her puppy a stupid dog, Jingjing was very smart.She followed Tang Shuang and asked, Xiao Shuang, can the Lun family go out to play Tang Shuang Where are you going to play We are going to find mother soon.Tang Tanger pointed out her little finger and cbd gummies side effects reddit cbd farmhouse sleepytime gummies said, Let s go to the yard to play with Xiao Guizi, and Jingjing, let s play football, okay Okay You let the Lun family go, okay Hearing the last sentence, Tang Shuang said angrily, Can you stop saying a few words, can you tell me something nice She didn t know what caused the trouble with her unintentional sentence, but she quickly added Xiao Shuang, Candy loves you.Then can you sing Yes, do you want to hear it Then let me say a few words.Go to sleep, baby, I will accompany you in the dream, laugh with you and tire with you, and snuggle with you This is cbd gummies at gnc a lullaby, Candy listened to it, the confusion in his eyes became stronger, and he fidgeted.I always feel that I have heard it somewhere, it is donde puedo comprar uly cbd gummies very familiar, just like the way she looks at the young lady in front of her, she always feels that she has seen it somewhere, it is very familiar.As she listened, the mist in her eyes gradually thickened, and she raised her cbd gummies at gnc hand to wipe her eyes vigorously.Unknowingly, she burst into tears, and asked Jiang Yue in a pitiful voice Miss, does Tang Tang know you Why did Tang Tang say that I think, I I think your voice is very nice, and the songs you sing are also very nice, did Tangtanger hear you sing when she was very young Jiang Yue shook her head, nodded again, and said softly You are very small I have known you since childhood.

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