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The housekeeper of Cui s family tightened his expression, and immediately explained Miss cbd gummies pain Baotong, how dare we neglect Miss Biao, it s all a misunderstanding, just now He went to take a peek at Miss Tuesday.Zhou Ruzhang said Just now I was chanting sutras for my eldest sister, and this young lady rushed towards me suddenly, and I couldn t dodge for a while and fell to the ground.Baotong saluted Zhou Ruzhang, and then said coldly Why only My lady is in such a mess Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help frowning, only her lady was in a mess The most embarrassing person in the room was clearly her, and this servant girl seemed to have no one but her young lady in her eyes.Mother Bai immediately said You can ask this young lady carefully.Baotong seemed to have been touched, and immediately widened her almond eyes My young lady is only three or four years old, how can she talk to you guys .The Zhou family s carriage happened to pass by cbd gummies rings the official road and found a dying merchant.The Zhou family sent the merchant to the nearest city for medical treatment.Unfortunately, the merchant was too seriously injured and died on the way.The clues of the case were cut off right here, but after this incident, Zhou Ruzhang started asking people to inquire about the situation of those merchants, and sent a letter to Marquis Ding, and now he came to Cui s house in a big way, asking for credit beyond words.Dingning Hou Cui Zhen led troops in Datong and Xuanfu in the past two years.Most of the food and grass came from Shanxi.The matter is naturally very concerned, Zhou Ruzhang wants to help Cui Zhen catch those thieves and win Cui Zhen s joy.She guessed that Zhou Ruzhang should have gotten some clues from merchants.The platform is high enough, if a woman in the house like her stumbles and falls, it will be very dangerous, but for someone who knows some fists and kicks, she can save her life.She didn t want the man to fall to his death, leaving a cbd gummies pain life for the government to interrogate.Gu Mingzhu walked to the edge of the platform, knelt down to play with the wild flowers next to her, hummed a tune vaguely in her mouth, and scratched her hair with her hands from time to time, showing the naive look of a child.A figure finally came out from behind the tree and slowly cbd gummies pain approached Miss Gu.His original goal was Mrs.Lin, but the silly girl of the Gu family bumped order natures only cbd gummies into her.Miss Gu not only took the pearl, but also left the puja halfway, ran out of the meditation room, and touched the mountain alone.It is not easy to kill the Huaiyuan Hou family s female family members in full view, but now they can achieve their goals with just reaching out.The murderer looked at the half tongue on the ground with a strange smile on his face.Falling from the hillside would have been a heavy fall, but after such a toss, I could see that I couldn t survive.Cui Zhen brought Nie Chen out of the prison.Did you see any clues Cui Zhen asked.Nie Chen said Such dead men will not reveal any clues, as long as they find a cbd gummies pain chance, they will commit suicide.He has seen too many prisoners like this.Nie Chen continued Since we entered the prison, no one has approached this murderer except people from the government office.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes The dead man is far from the robber.Nie Chen said This is the strangest thing.In other places, dead men do assassinations, and the robbers are planning for money.If this person is not caught, one may think that this is the work of the Pearl Thief.In the murderer s cell, the Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion ordered Lang Zhong to stop the murderer s bleeding.He stood beside him and looked down at the people on the ground, as if he was deep in thought.Lang Zhong was busy for a while before bowing and retreating.The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion knelt down and took the assailant s hand, his fingers brushed over the palm and fingertips, and when he was thinking about raising his eyes, the assailant suddenly opened his eyes and stared at him fixedly.My lord.Feng Anping yelled twice before Tongzhi came back to his senses and turned to see Nie Chen next to him.Feng Anping said Then Nie Chen wants to come and check cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies in mn it out again.Marquis Ding Ning was really unnecessary, he insisted on coming to join in the fun, and even invited Nie Chen to help.The cbd gummies pain Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion nodded cbd gummies pain Let him come Identify it carefully and see if anyone in the market has noticed this murderer.Kill them all After saying this, Mrs.Chen shut up and refused to mention a word.The movement outside gradually faded away, apparently the people in the dilapidated house had lured the servants away.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Chen, she should not inquire too much tonight, anyway, Chen Er can t do anything, cbd gummies pain Mrs.Chen will not leave her son and leave, and when she finds out from the cbd miracle gummies reviews yamen what happened HCMUSSH cbd gummies pain tonight from the yamen tomorrow morning, she will probably have a Guess, it won t be too late to test Mrs.Chen at that time.At least Mrs.Chen and those stone quarrymen were not vicious, otherwise she would not have been let go so easily.What Mrs.Chen said, Whoever calls for injustice will be wronged meant that those quarrymen had level good cbd gummies wronged them.What kind of injustice would it be Are they wronged Something happened in the city, she should not stay any longer, Gu Mingzhu pointed to the door to signal to leave, Mrs.They have not had time to clean up when they first arrived.Everyone is too busy to touch the ground, and they have never sent someone to guard there.The problem is that there is only one key.The mother in charge reached out and touched it.The key at the waist, the cold key in her hand exudes cbd gummies pain a chill.She has always hung the key on her waist.Although she never touches it from time to time, since cbd oil gummies chill it is still here, it can be seen that she has never lost it.How can you take something without a key Mrs.Lin Tai said Call Zhuzhu over and I ll ask her.Others can lie, Zhuzhu can t tell lies.After a cup of tea, Gu Mingzhu was invited into the room.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin picked up the doll and said intentionally, Tell aunt, who gave it to you Gu Mingzhu stared at the doll, then opened her mouth and said crisply Me.Sure enough, many boats were parked on the lake, and some people were busy lighting the red lanterns hanging on the boats.I ll listen to my orders later, I shouldn t have said anything A Jin said and stopped here, I almost forgot that you are a mute, the dumb is the best, Aunt Chen is also thoughtful.A Jin fell into thought with her face down In the middle, she staggered in a daze, and threw her body forward.Thanks to a pair of hands holding her, she looked up and saw that it was the doctor.Thank you.Ah Jin said.Gu Mingzhu took out a sachet from her arms and stuffed it into Ah Jin s hand, signaling for her to put it away.Ah Jin put it on the cbd gummies pain tip of her nose and smelled the faint scent of medicine.Gu Mingzhu pointed her finger.When she met Ah Jin for the first time, Ah cbd gummies pain Jin suffered from arguing and headaches.After the doctor finished speaking, he looked at Wei Yuanchen Where is this person Ask her if she is willing to learn medical skills from me, and help me find and copy prescriptions here in the future.Wei Yuanchen thought about what Sun Langzhong said just now, and raised his head Looking at Langzhong Sun She is dumb and illiterate.Oh Langzhong Sun was very surprised, Can the medical skills passed down by word of mouth reach such a level You don t need to read medical books to understand this That s really rare.The scene of the doctor s wife peeking at the note in Zi Yuan s hand emerged in Wei Yuanchen s mind.Is the doctor s wife really illiterate After a moment of silence, Sun Langzhong put the medicine box away again, and was about to give Wei Yuanchen a few more words before leaving, when he suddenly thought of something I met a man in the capital who asked me to give his daughter medicine.Wei Yuanchen set up a big net first, ready to be the last oriole.It s cbd gummies pain a good plan, and the case should be closed soon.It also made her realize that Mr.Wei is really omnipotent, even using a silly girl as a pawn.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he frowned suddenly and shouted Who is it As soon as the voice came out of his mouth, the thing in his hand had already bounced out.Ouch.With a scream, a figure staggered backwards and fell out, followed by the woman s painful wow.Everyone looked towards the sound, and saw the mother in charge of the Zhou family clutching her legs and crying loudly, and Zhou Ruzhang was also knocked to the ground by the mother in charge s sudden retreat.A master and a servant look so embarrassed.With tears in his eyes, Zhou Ruzhang looked at Mrs.Lin for help I saw that Mrs.Wei Yuanchen didn t expect that he would develop such a rash because of some cbd gummies pain rabbit fur, and it would probably heal after Mr.Sun came back and took some medicine.Speaking of which, why did Mr.Sun stay in the Gu family for so long, did he find something wrong After getting dressed, Wei Yuanchen went straight to the study.How is Yan Hao Wei Yuanchen asked Xiang Chujiu.Chu Jiu immediately said Yan Hao said that he listened to the third master s arrangement and will help the third master catch Mr.Jiang.I think that Yan Hao has no intention of struggling, and he has said everything by himself.I have already Let the scribes write it down.Chu Jiu cbd gummies pain handed the documents to Wei Yuanchen.Chu Jiu said My lord, is this case going to be closed As long as Mr.Jiang is caught and Mr.Jiang s master is found, the case will be settled, and no one can quibble with all the witnesses and material evidence.Giving clues about Liu Su and the Pearl Thief now is because he wants to find out the truth of the case.Every time he came to give something, he had calculated the reward long ago.If he didn t have something she liked in exchange, she might go and give the clue to someone else.The cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies two went all the way back to the yard.Third Master, Chu Jiu suddenly understood, Could it be that Nie Chen and the others had already found out that they were being targeted, so they came to cbd gummies pain best cbd gummies for joint pain find Third Master This is a weasel who has no good intentions to give a chicken New Year greeting, then they What do you think of the third master Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and the five black chickens not far away croaked twice.Chu Jiu immediately received two sharp gazes.He didn t imply that the third master was a chicken, and it was these five cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies in mn black chickens who made trouble.Mother just wanted to tell Han Yu what happened just now, and there was nothing to listen to.The most important thing is to figure out the situation in front of you.When she was at Zhou s Zhuangzi, she deliberately wrestled to get separated from Mrs.Lin Tai.Mrs.Lin was self willed and never listened to persuasion.In addition, Mrs.Wednesday, who was not smart enough, was probably already in someone else s pocket.Mrs.Lin Tai s Zhuangzi had a problem.First, she led Mrs.Lin to Zhou s the best cbd gummies dog Zhuangzi, then found that Sun Yong had been killed, and then found the bank silver in Sun Yong s hand, and remembered to check Sun Yong s The body was discovered not long after Sun Yong died, and Mrs.Lin was encouraged to send Cui s guards to investigate around the village.In this way, Cui s guards will fight the murderer.Mrs.Lin looked disheartened Is the Cui family more important than your mother in your eyes Cui Zhen looked at Cui Wei The second brother goes out first, and I have a few words with my mother.Cui Wei glanced hesitantly at Mrs.Lin Tai, then got up and walked out the door.Cui Zhen stepped forward, frowning slightly If mother had listened to my advice earlier and didn t come to this village, these things wouldn t have happened.Now that the prefect of Han has pleaded guilty, there will definitely be big disturbances in Taiyuan.My mother must either go back to the capital, or stay in the clan safely.If something goes wrong again, I m afraid I won t be able to protect my mother.Mrs.Lin shuddered What are you going to do Are you blackmailing your mother by saying this Cui Zhen looked worried Mother think about what your son said.The fourth grass rabbit jumped out.This time Master Wei seemed to use a little more strength.The rabbit went under the stone table.She needed to grab the rabbit to hold it in her hand.It s a good time.Gu Mingzhu reached out to pick up the rabbit, her center of gravity shifted, and her figure was a little unstable.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes slightly, watching the slender how much is cbd gummies cbd gummies pain figure cbd gummies pain turn towards him, he forced himself not to dodge, just waiting for her to reach out her cbd gummies pain hand.The little hand stretched out, but stopped at his waist, gently grabbed the grass rabbit, and then left calmly.Miss Gu didn t touch him.Wei Yuanchen twirled his fingers lightly, and the dog s tail grass trembled.The girl held the grass rabbit, raised her eyebrows, and let out a burst of cheerful laughter.The innocent appearance made people smile.Ding to open so many Tieshan mines.Wouldn t HCMUSSH cbd gummies pain it be easier for Han Yu to mine more mines than to be greedy for fodder Han Yu is covering up.Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork, Feng Anping swallowed and said, Master Wei, can you take away the stolen goods from my house Looking at the money, he couldn t sleep all day long, really afraid that he might lose it.Actually, Feng Anping said, If this kind of thing happens again, adults can leave the money in the Gu family to ensure safety.Wei Yuanchen was a little surprised Why This matter, thinking about the stolen goods, I cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies couldn t help but my heart jumped, and I was about to say it.Feng Anping said Because that house has good feng shui and is solid, unlike my yard which is really thin, with ventilation everywhere The feng shui is good and strong.Wei Yuanchen looked indifferent, and continued to pick up the documents to read I don t think so, your yard is small, but it is easy to guard.They had no horses and could only walk.She always felt that the heroic figure not far away was showing off to them.They can only be driven by Mr.Wei now.Riding on horseback, with the breeze blowing Buddha, Wei Yuanchen suddenly felt a little better The door of Dingning Hou Cui s house was knocked open, and the steward of Zhao s family said anxiously I want to see Mr.Gong The government took people to our house, what s wrong with it.Chapter 85 Stain After Zhao Gongren brought his two children to Dingning Hou s mansion, he kept talking with Mrs.Lin Tai.My sister in law has not seen each other for a long time, and she is full of homework.Mrs.Lin Tai had just been wronged by Zhuangzi, and she felt that there was no one to talk to.Now that Zhao Gongren came, it was as if God took pity on her, and her illness was half cured immediately.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked to the door, untied a token from his waist and threw it to Nie Chen If you want to find clues, go in and out of the government office, use my waist token.Gu Mingzhu was surprised, how could Mr.Wei behave like this today Dafang, could it be that he wants to repay them for saving his life That is too simple, right She had to take this opportunity to remind Nie Chen to ask Wei Yuanchen for more rewards, so that Mr.Wei would not forget about things and reveal them casually.Wei Yuanchen walked into the yard, hoping that she would know what the token was for and not cause trouble for him In the dark night, a small boat stopped by the river.A figure landed on the bow of the ship, and whispered to the people in the cabin Missed, Wei Yuanchen is safe and sound.Chapter 93 The figure of the prince did not hear a response for a long time, so he said again Wei Yuanchen opened the lock spring.Lin went into the main room to see Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin Tai was carried to Ruantang, her clothes were messy, her hair was in a loose bun, her face was red and swollen, she was even more embarrassed than the last time she was in Zhuangzi.You let him go just like that Mrs.Lin opened her eyes and looked at Cui Zhen, Whydon t you kill him Iwhat do I need you for Still calm in the yard, he looked at Mrs.Lin steadfastly Does mother want to take the entire Cui family to be buried with you Mrs.Lin s lips trembled What do you mean Wei Yuanchen just cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies in mn insulted me, Do you want to step on your mother again My son said it long ago, but my mother refused to listen, Cui Zhen said, I have nothing to do with my mother, but when my mother walks out of Cui s house, I should know that not everyone should.To save face for you, today is a slap, tomorrow I don t know if my mother will be sent to prison directly.If you don t ask carefully, everyone will be let in.If we are punished, we will drag them along with us.Stop talking, The servant girl stepped forward to remind, They are all arranged by Miss Ruan Qin, we can t afford to mess with them.Miss Ruan Qin is a popular person around the prince.Even the princess wants to give her some face.This girl usually organizes the piano scores for the prince, or reads and plays happy head shop cbd gummies chess and rarely goes out.The prince is here this time.In Taiyuan Mansion, it was hard for Miss Ruan Qin to agree to come with her, so it s easy to imagine the fate of this girl.The mother in charge didn t dare to say anything more, and immediately ordered people Clean up all these pickles quickly, and throw out everything that Qin Niang touched.the sound of.Are you okay Zi Yuan asked in a low voice worriedly.Lin Sizhen and others made military exploits and gained a firm foothold in Shaanxi Xingdusi.Wei Yuanchen closed the file.Naturally, he didn t know about the case twelve years ago.He only knew that there was an old general Zhao who had contacts cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website with the Wei family.After the death of old general Zhao, no one in the court mentioned his name again.Is there something strange about this mutiny Wei Yuanchen put the dossier away.If there was something strange, people like Nie Chen should be able to find out the clues.Those people like Nie Chen are good at detecting these secrets, but it s a pityshe took them in early.Third Master, you re jealous.Could he be jealous Because of the people she wins over Wei Yuanchen frowned and raised his head, just in time to meet Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu was still looking into Wei Yuanchen s eyes I haven t slept for two days, should I go back and rest Looking at cbd gummies pain the gloomy face of the third master, Chu Jiu pursed his lips, he was right, the third master It made my eyes red.They owe too much.The crown prince kindly asked Mrs.Lin Madam, please let someone prepare to return to Beijing with us earlier It can be regarded as a little help along the way.If you have any difficulties, please tell me.I will arrange someone to do it for Madam.Lin Madam said Thank you, Your Highness.The prince led people to discuss the matter, Cui Zhen walked up to Madam Lin I will ask the guards to take my aunt and cousin home, and I will arrange the rest.Madam Lin nodded.After getting into the carriage and returning to the Gu family s courtyard, Mrs.Lin let out a long sigh of relief.The case is settled this time, right Afterwards, there should be less worry and fear.I don t know if Hou Ye has received any news.Hou Ye will be happy to know that the case has a clue the capital.Marquis Huaiyuan came out of the palace with a somewhat gratified expression on his face, he did not expect the case to progress so quickly.From this point of view, it is very necessary to cooperate with her.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Liu Su Is there anything else She should have thought about it in advance.Listen, how they try to fool him.Liu Su bowed and said Nie Chen took the people in the market to check the news, and I can t help.Can I stay with the lord so that I can pass the news back and forth.The guards around the lord have been sent out, and there must be I can do my best as a servant to take care of the daily life, and I can also help the adults collect clues in the posthouse.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows, she was calling his idea to him, what if he doesn t agree Will they go to Cui Zhen in a blink of an eye Give him the badge.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu handed the Wei family badge that had been prepared earlier to Liu Su.If we go further, there will be no such a big post house.What kind of meat Pork and chicken.Baotong looked into the kitchen Walking away, the cook immediately stopped Gu Mingzhu Miss is not easy to go in, it s too messy inside, it will seriously hurt you.Gu Mingzhu lowered her head slightly, and slipped in through the gap between the cook s arms.Baotong held the lamp to shine a light on the ground, but the chicken was gone, and her gaze was on the steaming cauldron.When Baotong thought about Master Wei s face that seemed to be covered with a layer of frost, she felt a little scared.Where s the chicken I put here Baotong said with a last cbd gummies pain ray of hope.The best 30 mg cbd gummies cook gave a huh and said, I didn t see it, where did it go I ll ask the handyman if it s okay She also looked at the cauldron.When it s over, Baotong s heart thumps , now think about how to pay Master Wei Gu Mingzhu picked up the rope on the ground.He didn t care where Wei Yuanchen s clues came from, he just wanted to know the movements of Lin Sizhen s Heavenly Soldiers.After all, Datong is not far from Yulin Guard.If something goes wrong, the ones who are in danger are the Xuan Mansion and the capital.Wei Yuanchen watched Cui Zhen s eyes flicker, and raised his eyebrows slightly Master Hou also found out.Cui Zhen s expression became more solemn If it s really Lin Temple s real private soldiers, I m afraid there will be turmoil in the frontier.Wei Yuanchen didn t Make a sound.Cui Zhen said I m afraid the imperial court didn t give Master Wei the right to mobilize troops Even though there is a guard station nearby, it is difficult for Lord Wei to mobilize the troops.It s just the hidden threads placed by the Wei family.He will not use them unless it is an emergency.Brother.Cui Zhen frowned Recently, you are always focusing on these court battles, why not think about these cases, I have already said that we only need to do our own thing well, serve the court wholeheartedly, and will not follow anyone , if you have this thought, you should stretch your foot back early, lest you make a mistake and no one can save you.Hearing this, Cui Wei was surprised Why do I have such thoughts, I have been following By my elder brother s side, the elder brother should know me best.I just remind you, Cui Zhen said, Don t learn from my uncle, for the sake of profit, I will do anything, even if I am rich and prosperous for a while, the debt I owe will have to be paid back sooner or later., Stolen things will never last long, if people can t be frank, how can they stand in front of others in time If you really want to do great things, you have to set your heart right., if this is my uncle s soldiers, they may want to rescue Han Yu best cbd gummies for teens and others, and then they want to capture the female relatives as hostages.His Royal Highness and Wei Yuanchen are cbd gummies pain not here, and they may be dealing with other accidents, and they cannot escape for a while.Female dependents as hostages Mrs.Lin Tai said Your uncle won t arrest us, hehe definitely wants to arrest Gu Lin, yesit s their mother and daughter, your uncle will end up like this today because he was killed by the Gu family.Brother, Mrs.Lin s hand was even stronger, Your uncle is not a cold blooded person, he will not harm us, vape gods goldline cbd gummy bears if you really see him, don t kill him.Cui Wei s expression was complicated Leave your mother alone, Iknow it.Brother Wei, you are what is the best cbd gummies for pain a kind child, you must listen to your mother The curtain was lowered, and Mrs.Ma am, no, Li Chang hurriedly said, This is what we should do.As soon as Li Chang finished speaking, Liu Su also caught up.Baotong immediately said to Mrs.Lin This is the little boy from cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website the Wei family who knows how to treat medicine.Mrs.Lin looked at Liu Su Can you cure arrow wounds Liu Su nodded My little one, go and see Mrs.Cui s injury.I will do my best.Liu Su was taken into the house to see Mrs.Cui Si, and the head of the village saluted Mrs.Lin Madam, this way please, the old man has something to discuss with his wife.Liu Su glanced at Nie Chen, Nie Chen was still looking around looking for Junior cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website Sister Jiang.Where did Junior Sister Jiang go Will there be any danger If Liu Su lied to him, he would definitely settle accounts with Liu Su.Nie Chen.Liu Su called out to the goose again, and cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies in mn Nie Chen immediately followed Mrs.Suddenly, hearing Zhou Ruzhang say this, he couldn t help but widen his eyes, Which tribe are you talking about Zhou Ruzhang said It s the seventh uncle in the family.The seventh uncle came to our house to make a noise before.I have some impressions.Although I only saw it once, I think it is very similar.Why is Zhou Qi here Mrs.Wednesday subconsciously thought it was unlikely, but she had encountered too many strange things recently, maybe Zhang s sister was right.But Zhou Qi hated them because of Rujun, how could he save them Liu Su took care of Zhou Zesheng s wound, and then found Miss Gu and reported carefully The injury on the head is a bit serious, and the blood loss is too much.In addition, I have been too tired these days, and the whole person is not too clear.If he didn t wake up, wouldn t he be hurt a bit How s Zhou Qiye s pulse Gu Mingzhu asked.Brother Chen was in a hurry to return to the palace.How could he have time to change clothes This must be the emperor s confession.When he was a king, he was called benevolent and filial by others, but now he is also a benevolent king.If he doesn t say anything behind his back, he must live well on the surface.Didn t his family fall for this trick back then The benevolent monarch on the bright side once caused the whole Wei family to suffer, but Mrs.Wei has seen it through these years.This is the so called emperor s art.How is your injury Mrs.Wei asked Wei Yuanchen softly, The family hired a doctor early in the morning and is waiting in the yard.Mother, don t worry, Wei Yuanchen said, The imperial doctor has seen it, and there is nothing serious Mother, let the doctor go out of the house Now that I have seen it in the palace, I come back to change the dressing again, as if I don t trust the emperor s arrangement, it s hard for Brother Chen to think about these small things, Madam Wei nodded and told the steward Just Do as the third master says.Zhao frowned, I didn t If you want to mention this matter, I can stop talking about it cbd gummy bears price in the future.Hearing this, Cheng Yi clenched Zhao s hand Mother Zhao shook her head But if this matter is related to my father s case If the court asks carefully, I will definitely report the truth.Zhao s words obviously angered Mr.Cheng It is clear that you do not obey women s morals, but pour sewage on the Cheng family.Is this world going to change A woman who elopes, dare to criticize her husband s family here, you are from a famous family, how can you have the face to live in this world.Cheng Yi let go of his mother Zhao, stepped forward and looked at Master Cheng I call now Call me father, but if you insult my mother again, don t blame me for disregarding the relationship between father and son.What do you want Master Cheng sneered, Can t you kill me I m going to say her, this shameless It s Master Cheng didn t finish his sentence, his neck was already pinched by Cheng Yi, cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies and Cheng Yi s eyes were red I ve just said it, don t insult my mother.Zhao was not dead.He sent someone to investigate quietly in Shanxi.He heard Mrs.Zhao was investigating cases in Shanxi., commensurate with that Peng Liang couple, and that Nizi already knew the inside story.There is such a shameless woman, the face of the ancestors of the Zhao family was completely lost by her, and that Nizi even revealed this matter to the world, making such a big commotion in order to save the Zhao cbd gummies pain family.For so many years in Dazhou, he has never seen such a thing, completely lost Gang Chang.Mrs.Zhao not only ruined the Cheng family s reputation, but also caused him a complete defeat.Whenever he thought of this, Mr.Cheng burst into anger.How cbd gummies without thc cbd gummies pain much did Zhao investigate the Shanxi mutiny in private Whether he targeted the Cheng family or not, he didn t know anything about it.Order someone to secretly protect him, for fear that the mastermind behind the disease case will attack him.Hearing about the Shanxi mutiny case, the captain s face became even more ugly We don t know anything, Tang Qianhu ordered us to arrest people Arrest or murder Be clear.Whether he was ordered by Shangfeng to act in vain or he is in the same party phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial as Tang Qianhu, he has to make it clear.The captain s legs and feet were weak, and his heart was beating wildly Tang Qianhu said that if anyone in the house wants to resist, they should be killed on the spot.After getting the captain s confession, Tang Rong can be caught next.Wei Yuanchen ordered Send the person to the Ministry of Criminal Justice to be imprisoned.No one is allowed to visit or interrogate without the court s explicit order.Mu Qiu responded and took the captain and others away.Qian Yunsheng also nodded.Mr.Cheng looked, and he recognized that young man, he was the son of the Yuan family s steward, who was very important to the Yuan family on weekdays, but Mr.Cheng s shoulders immediately collapsed when he saw this.How could the Yuan family do such a thing Master Cheng looked at Su Fu, My lord must be my wife who is afraid of the instability of the wife s position and jealousy to use such methods.The Tartars take advantage of it.Su Fu patted the gavel, and looked at Mr.Cheng with a deep expression This is the Shuntian government office, not the cbd gummies without thc cbd gummies pain Cheng family.I asked you before, and you said you knew about it.Do you want to change your story after the judge finds out the truth Is cbd gummies pain Mr.Cheng contemptuous of the court, or is he out of control Mr.Cheng dared not speak any more, he only hoped that the case would stop when it was found here, absolutely.Growing up, he was polite to him on the surface, but in fact, everyone has long been estranged and guarded against, so after Yuan s death, they will put all the blame on him, and they will go to the princess mansion to make a big cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies in mn fuss.Cheng Yi looked at Cheng Erye I heard that my second brother is going to be married to Linjiang Mu s family.The marriage has not been settled yet Cheng Erye s chest was full of anger, and Cheng Yi came to laugh at him as soon as his mother died Cheng Yi ignored the appearance of Second Master Cheng who was about to be furious, and continued The Mu family has served as commanders for two generations, and cbd gummies pain it may not be easy to facilitate this marriage.Your mother invited Baoshan to come to the door, and began to prepare the dowry in private., good things are coming soon Hearing this, Second Master Cheng s forehead was tinged with veins, and he wished he could immediately step forward and grab Cheng Yi s throat.Yuan er s heartstrings were already tense, and how much is cbd gummies cbd gummies pain she almost screamed out when she heard the sound, the hairs all over her body stood on end, she took two steps to the side, and her whole body hit the wall next to her, looking at her in shock.There are two doors to the house.The door of the house was closed tightly, as if it had been carefully closed by someone.It must have been blown by the wind, Yuan er clenched her fists and tried her best to calm down, but her heartbeat couldn t be controlled no matter what.Another gust of cool wind blew over and landed on the skin of ulixy cbd gummies her neck, Yuan er turned her head to look unconsciously, and a figure came into view in the darkness, that figure was hanging in the air, with two feet dangling go.Ah Yuan er screamed and wanted to run outside, but her feet seemed to be glued to the ground, and she couldn t lift them up.Gu Mingzhu ran towards the yard with Bao Tong, and the how much is cbd gummies cbd gummies pain voice of the steward came from behind Miss, you go to the backyard through the corridor, Madam is waiting for you in the house.If you walk through the corridor, you will bypass the courtyard, so the steward instructed She even went to the yard to have a look.The mother in charge stepped forward to intercept, Gu Mingzhu bent down, and walked around the mother in charge with a sway.In the courtyard, two figures entangled and competed.In order to chase Gu Mingzhu, the mother in charge didn t have time to lead Gu Ziyan, but Gu Ziyan followed.The Gu family uncle and Gu Mingzhu stood aside and stared blankly at the scene in front of them.Chapter 268 Appreciation In the courtyard, the treetops are swaying with the wind, the colorful flowers and plants have come to an end, and the pavilion covered with bluestone slabs looks more open, which happens to be used as a school ground.She should be concerned about her father, so she looked away thinking this way.It can t be her fault either, the two of them are already together, and they can t tell each other apart.She has been with Baotong for a long time, and she probably also contracted an eye disease, staring at her side Gu Chongyi began to struggle , Wei Yuanchen was like a young wolf cub with great strength, he struck with a knife and gun more than ten times in cbd gummies pain a row, and the strength of the iron gun increased instead of weakening, and he seemed to be about to lose.After all, he was born with great strength.He was taught martial arts since he was a child.He followed the path of a family, and his skills were particularly solid.Although he was not very powerful, he had inherited the heritage of the Gu family and had been taught by his old father in law.I will try to persuade my wife When the mother in charge said this, Mo Yangming paralyzed carefully.Sitting on the ground, Bai Gongren saw that Bai Gongren still had an excited expression on his face, his eyebrows were raised, his eyes were wide open, and he looked a little abnormal.Mo Yangming frowned Is this Huixiu s patient Huixiu was the name of Sun Zhenzhen, the master of Taiqing Temple, and the female crown said Master has been treating this good man s leg injury.Mo Yangming Taking a few steps forward, he knelt down and pinched Bai Gongren s leg.The tentacles were shriveled flesh and blood, and Mo Yangming s expression became more serious.Send her down the mountain, Mo Yangming said, this disease can t be cured.When Mo Yangming spoke, Bai Gongren kept staring at her, as if thinking of something The real person doesn t remember me Ten A few years ago I once came to the Taoist Temple, and mysister A Chan is here to heal my wounds, I beg the real person to save me some time, I am grateful to the real person from the bottom of my heart.He met Qiao Song who was summoned head on.Qiao Song first bowed to Tan Dingfang It s getting late, Master Shangshu will go back to court after changing his clothes.Tan Dingfang said The war between the Northern Xinjiang and the Tatars has just stopped, and Lin Temple really disturbed the frontier guards.There are too many things to do.Your majesty decides that Mr.Qiao entered the palace for the Shanxi case Qiao Song laughed and said, The emperor will hand over the case to Mr.Wei, and I just need to report some trivial matters to the emperor.Entering the palace at this time will not be a trivial matter, but just It s just that he can t say it clearly in front of others, and Tan Dingfang didn t ask further Master Qiao, go cbd gummies pain quickly, don t make the Holy Majesty wait in a hurry.Qiao Song went all the way to the Hall cbd gummies buy 5 get 2 free of Mental Cultivation.Unexpectedly, Zhuzhu was always very serious., and asked her what Kunpeng looked like, she embroidered a purse for Zhuzhu.Mo Yangming said Madam told Missy, Missy remembers everything, and even recited it to the Taoist.Mrs.Lin was very surprised Zhuzhushe can recite Mo Yangming couldn t speak, Gu Mingzhu nodded first.Gu Chongyi was also quite surprised, Zhuzhu s illness was much better, but he didn t expect it to be so good, he knew how difficult it was to memorize the South China Sutra.Mo Yangming continued In cbd gummies give high addition, Miss Gu is also interested in medical skills.This Mrs.Lin knew It was when I was in the Shanxi village fort, Zhu Zhu watched the doctor heal the wounded soldiers At that time, there were not enough people.Zhu Zhu also went to help.Mo Yangming nodded, The people around Miss Gu told the Taoist.ThirdThird Lord, Chu Jiu s mouth was a little awkward, Ijustremind youto prepare early, in casethere is still land around the Taoist temple to buy, buy a piece of land in the future If it s not possible, it s better to build a temple.Wei Yuanchen s eyebrows suddenly stretched, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth Before that, I ll cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies send you to the palace to serve my aunt.Jiu suddenly felt a chill under his crotch, and his strong desire to survive made him shut his mouth tightly.Why should the third master be so heartless There is no need to be a eunuch.I can often come out to see Miss Gu and Bao Tong who is next to Miss Gu.That maid Baotong admired him very much.In short, he is loyal.Just as Chu Jiu was thinking wildly, Mu Qiu picked up the skirt of his clothes, and then Chu Jiu smelled the smell of horse manure, not only did he have to light the fire, but he might also have to clean the stables.She is too lazy to intrigue with those people because of the suspicion of the court and the harem.This time is different, Miss Gu is just a little girl, even if a little girl stomps on the ground three times, she won t make any noise.After thinking about this, the Queen Mother finally closed her eyes wearily Shuntian Mansion Prison.After Master Lu was caught, he was thrown into prison, and no one came to interrogate him.Could it be that Fu Ya really regarded him as an ordinary merchant He still doesn t understand how he was caught after walking such a small path.Master Lu couldn t help shaking his fingers when he thought of this, just when he couldn t calm down, something was thrown from the darkness and landed by his hand.Master Lu was taken aback.Seeing that it was a fancy lock by the dim light of the fire, he couldn t help picking it up tremblingly.You can ask people in the market to find out whether Master Lu has a wife and children.Be careful, Gu said.Mingzhu immediately told Nie Chen, Someone in the Lu family may make good use of the mechanism.If you encounter the kind of box that Mr.Wei found in Shanxi, don t move or try to untie it recklessly.Nie Chen immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen, So what Missy meant, Master Wei was too reckless at that time, thinking of this, Nie Chen was actually a little happy.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes Don t waste time, leave quickly The people from pure karma cbd gummies Shuntian Mansion Yamen are one step ahead.Nie Chen agreed.Gu Mingzhu saw the back of Old Tongsan Xue, and when Nie Chen was about to go out, she also chased after her, and said in a low flying with cbd gummies 2022 voice, When we arrive at Dengzhou Mansion, take care of Old Tongsan Xue.Seeing Mrs.Zhang s thin figure, Cui Zhen was a little worried He turned his head and glanced at Cui Wei Those cbd gummies pain plans you made can t even pass my test, let alone the Gu family.After entangled with Cui Wei, he strode out of the study.Tranquility was restored in the study, Cui Wei sat on a chairhe picked up the tea and drank it in one gulp, all the water dripped down his chin and into his collar Master Hou.Cui Zhen was lying on the bed again, Madam Zhang immediately reached out and took Cui Zhen s arm I woke up and found that you were not there, so I went out to look for it.You just entered the door, Marquis, you won t complain about my concubine s body, will you Cui Zhen shook his head Remember to add clothes cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies when you go out, your body has just been raised, so you can t be careless, don t worry about Cui Wei s affairs, I will talk to him Say.Mrs.Lin looked outside It s getting dark, how can I see clearly.Cui Zhen said indifferently It s okay.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu Your eldest brother just came back, and you tormented him.Cui Zhen said I happen to be fine, and I don t have any children at home.It s rare to have such an opportunity.Mrs.Lin turned her head and told the steward Since Master Hou said so, go and get the bow that Master often uses.Cui Zhen walked into the yard first In the prison of Shuntian Mansion.Wei Yuanchen has been interrogating the Lu family and Bai Jingkun, Bai Gong was locked up alone, and he still refuses to say anything, but seeing that she is getting more and more anxious, I am afraid that once the medicine wears off, the old disease will recur.will tell the truth.After the Lu family was captured, Qiao Zheng from the Ministry of Criminal Justice followed him to try the case.Gu Mingzhu let go of her hand, raised her head with a smile, My lord Is that all right Just let me go out like this Wei Yuanchen s voice was a little deep.It seems something is wrong Mr.Wei always stands in front of people in a glamorous suit, but Mr.Wei can t tie the belt of the cloak by himself Gu Mingzhu wanted to speak She couldn t help but sneezed twice Then she felt the arms of the people around her stretch out and close the window.The window is closed, but the two of them are getting closer The faint breath on his body seems to be gradually enveloping her.My lord, Gu Mingzhu looked out the door.Is Xiaobai not in the house Did he get wet in the rain when he went out Xiaobai s illness hasn t recovered yet, it s poor Wei Yuanchen said flatly I If you go out to cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website look for it, you will get wet in the rain.If she wants to inquire about news among the female relatives, he has no choice but to come and talk to her.From the flower hall to how much is cbd gummies cbd gummies pain the main room in the inner courtyard, this is the place where he can talk.Gu Mingzhu sensed the silence in the rockery.Master Wei s eyes are sharper than Bao Tong, and his nose is sharp.She must have been noticed by Master Wei just now when she was snickering in her heart.Gu Mingzhu raised her head flatteringly My lord, you look really nice today, and the accessories on your waist are also beautiful, but the nets are a little messed up.Liar, she didn t even look carefully.Wei Yuanchen looked at his cbd gummies pain waist, the fat jade was covered with a thick layer do cbd gummies work for sex of gold, even if it was not standing in the sun, it was still shining, he stretched out his hand to smooth the webbing without leaving any traces.She still has some confidence in her grandson.Although the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion has not nodded, she seems to be developing in a good direction.Miss Gu A few days ago, I went to the palace to see the Empress.These are all good omens.Mrs.Li doesn t know the inside story, but if she chooses the right person, the road will always go smoother and smoother.This is not luck, but the right person and everything is right.Mrs.Yuan looked at Mrs.Li.She felt that Mrs.Tai had something to say.Brother Zhen s wedding is scheduled for next spring.There was nothing I could do.She didn t know what Madam Tai was planning, and she didn t dare to make decisions on her own.Brother Chen had a serious heart, unlike Brother Hong and Brother Zhen who were willing to tell her anything, she had no energy and didn t know where to use it.It is said that the steward next to him bought it from a craftsman and presented it to him when he was buying goods in the south.Wrap the burnt cbd gummies pain hidden weapon with a cloth towel This was found next to the leg bones of the burned corpse.At that time, the hidden weapon was covered with charred flesh.I suspect that something like a sleeve arrow was once tied to the leg of the corpse.After being burned by the fire, this hidden weapon fell aside.Gu Mingzhu said Things like sleeve arrows are used for self defense.This iron cylinder is smaller than Tan Zigeng s.It is suitable for women to use, but I don t understand why.She was not placed on her arm, but on her leg In such a situation, either the sleeve arrow was tied to her arm, and this hidden weapon was originally used to replace it.When she was killed, she hadn t had time to use it.There are many doubts about the second prince s rebellion.The soldiers and horses in the hands of the second prince and the eldest princess are not enough to force the palace.As for the confession by the people in the second prince s mansion, the second prince s original intention was cbd gummies pain to ask the emperor to abolish the East Palace and make him how much cbd is in chill plus gummies the crown prince.That is even more nonsense , have reached the step of leading the army to conspire against, either you die or I live.Only by taking the throne in one fell swoop can it be considered a major event.Don t the second prince and the eldest princess understand Wei Shangshu mobilized Daning soldiers and horses to help the second prince, which seemed reasonable, without Daning soldiers and horses, the second prince would not be able to compete with the Beijing camp soldiers and horses.But in fact, Daning soldiers and horses did not enter the capital in large numbers.Only three lieutenants led hundreds of people to leave the guard post privately.After the court soldiers and horses arrived, those people fought hard, and all three lieutenants died.Those who were appointed to serve in Daning, and the court seized cbd gummies pain Wei Congcheng s secret letter ordering his family to send him to Daning, almost convicted Wei Congcheng.But if the Wei family really rebelled, could Wei Congcheng mobilize more than three generals and hundreds of soldiers Wei Congcheng was taken down, and everyone in the Wei family was sent to prison.Before the case was heard, Wei Congcheng sickened and died.The rebellion case of the second prince and the eldest princess is full of doubts, and Wei Shangshu s death is even more strange.Qiao Zheng took Bai Jingkun and Bai Gong to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Qiao Zheng will interrogate Bai Jingkun tonight, Wei Yuanchen said I gave Bai Jingkun a look at those two documents.Bai Jingkun has been asking about these things since Where did you come from Gu Mingzhu said Bai Jingkun is very concerned about the person who made this machine.Wei Yuanchen turned to Gu Mingzhu You can tell the difference now Gu Mingzhu stretched out his thumb and index finger to open a small slit A little bit.When he was pretending, he was like the charlatan who set up a fortune telling stall on the street, Wei Yuanchen didn t want to look at this face more, but saw her stretch her brows and smile.Forget it, even a fake smile is still pleasing to the eye.Wei Yuanchen moved his gaze away again I asked him, is his child about seven or cbd gummies pain eight years old He couldn t bear it anymore.The noble concubine used Dowager Mi to inform King Huai, but Dowager Mi died too quickly, so it didn t look like a noble concubine s handwriting.The imperial concubine knows the emperor well, so it s fine to use tricks in front of the emperor, and she can t go too far.Concubine Mi is dead, although there is no evidence that the concubine contributed to the flames, but it is not clear whether Concubine Mi really took refuge in King Huai.The case is unclear, if he can seriously injure King Huai now, he will also kill the imperial concubine in the future.Contributing to the flames, what is the guilt of uncovering the truth, and what is the guilt of killing the concubine, how could the concubine not know Maybe it was just like dealing with the East Palace, someone secretly deliberately caused the imperial cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website concubine party and cbd gummies pain several other princes to fight among themselves, and he would come out to reap the benefits after everyone was hurt.In addition, there are several traces of turning over on the ground, it is clearly like a bait, waiting for someone to come to check, Because no matter who finds this situation, they must step forward and check.Mr.Hu obviously also noticed the clue, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead.He was usually very cautious, but today he was caught in a trap because he was anxious and didn t check the situation in the yard carefully.My lordis she sour watermelon gummies cbd telling the truth My lord, it seems that the ground has really been dug, and there are still things exposed.Get out, don t step on the place that has been dug.Fortunately, the woman reminded her early, otherwise the person who accidentally stepped on it would be blown to the sky immediately.As soon as Mr.Hu finished speaking, he suddenly heard a series of crisp sounds coming from his ears, which seemed to be the sound of a machine turning, and then several arrows shot towards the main room rapidly.Now that cbd gummies pain Mrs.Zhou is dead, it is impossible for him to seek proof of this matter.Wei Yuanchen s sinking expression suddenly appeared in Cui Zhen s mind.Will Wei Yuanchen know more Cui Zhen suddenly smiled, is he going to ask another man about his wife s affairs It s the biggest joke in the world that he really did that.Cui Zhen turned and looked at Wang Jing You go to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice and find cbd gummy shipping green roads a reliable person.I want to ask about the situation when the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice was robbed.Chapter 382 Make up Cui Zhen sent Wang Jing out, and sat in the study for a while, carefully thinking about the changes around him in the past few years.If the Shanxi case hadn t reminded him, he would still be kept in the dark.There are still many things he doesn t know, and as he slowly finds out, he will eventually know.Cui Zhen frowned, the mother in law saw the sharp weapon in Zhou s hand, could Cui Wei not see it Seeing Cui Zhen s face became more gloomy, Tian Mang explained to Cui Wei in a low voice Maybe Second Master Wei didn t see it, let s talk about cbd gummies pain this The reputation of the Cui family is at stake, and we must not take any risks, if the rebels really do something to Mrs.Zhou, even if the rebels are killed that s that s Tian Mang couldn t continue.Zhou s life is cbd gummies pain not worth letting the Cui family take risks for her.This is what Tian Mang wanted to say, right Cui Zhen s heart surged for a while, and he couldn t tell what it was like.In the hearts of Tian Mang and the prisoner in law, Cui Wei shouldn t let someone shoot Zhou, otherwise Tian Mang wouldn t be so guilty to explain to Cui Wei.It was dark trulieve cbd gummies that day in the prison, since the crossbowmen were able to ambush Zhou Shi to death, he could also kill the traitor directly.After Chen Weicheng was exposed, all the clues pointing to Tan Dingfang were logically transferred to Chen Weicheng.Gu Mingzhu said So Tan Dingfang, who is the Minister of the Ministry of War, who is the Minister of the Ministry of War Will it be planned for this child more than ten years ago Gu Mingzhu raised cbd gummies pain her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen I haven t mentioned Mr.Yang s matter to Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen s heart moved, Zhuzhu was talking about Mr.Yang in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice She was finally willing to tell him the secret hidden in her heart.Does this mean that she acquiesced in her identity as Zhou Rujun Chapter 395 Too Fast When Gu Mingzhu just woke up at Gu s house, she was unable to walk for a long time because of her weakness, and she couldn t do anything else in bed.Finding out evidence can shake the emperor s mind, and before that, he will secretly arrange manpower to keep an eye on him.The navy along the coast will eventually have to mobilize the power of the court to eliminate these thieves.Nie Chen nodded.He didn t know anything about government affairs.Fortunately, Mr.Wei was there for those things, and Mr.Wei would have planned in advance.Nie Chen stood up and said, I ll go out and make some arrangements.As soon as it dawns, let people do their own thing.Nie Chen walked out of the room, and it suddenly became quiet.Only Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu looked at each other.Gu Mingzhu stood up My lord, are you hungry It s so cold, I m afraid it will be difficult to have an empty stomach.It just so happens that the candied fruit sent by Pinxiang Building these days is not to her liking, so she didn t bring it out.She was about to turn around and run away when Yan Shen in front of her suddenly turned into her second uncle and elder brother.Shen Shi suddenly woke up from the dream, she shivered and curled up into a ball, finally regained her composure, and looked around, the master got up at some point.Mrs.Shen sat up from the bed, and the servant girl who was serving outside heard the movement and quickly came in to serve with a lamp.Shen Shi asked Where is the master The servant girl said The master went to the study when he was cbd gummies pain ugly.Shen Shi had such a nightmare, she couldn t fall asleep anyway, so she just put on her clothes and took the servants to the study.Knocking on the door of the study room, Mr.Zhang s voice came from inside Who is it Xiao Niang Shen replied, and walked into the room, only to see books and letters on Mr.Cui Zhen said How is it in the flower hall The mother in charge said Don t worry, our Lord Hou said that we will set up a small table in the study, and if we want to talk to you, we will not be with the female relatives.Suspicious, Cui Zhen nodded, this should be Zhuzhu s order, the aunt who was in the garden just now obviously didn t know what Zou Xiang was going to do, so it was impossible to cover it up for him.When Zhuzhu was seriously ill, her aunt said, Although Zhuzhu can t speak, I think she knows everything.A sixteen year old girl can do so properly, but his Dingninghou Mansion is full of leaks.Cui Zhen thought about it and walked into the study.Gu Chongyi was standing in the room.When he saw Cui Zhen, he sighed and said, Sit down, drink some water first, and calm lifestream life cbd gummies down.Cui cbd gummies pain Zhen nodded.The marriage between the Zhang family and the Shen family is probably a move that was arranged long ago.Chess, what about him Is he Chapter 410 Cui Zhen is unwilling to think carefully about the situation with Mrs.Zhang now.Since he wants to find out the truth of the whole thing, he cannot be disturbed by complex emotions.But when Mrs.Zhang entered the door, she respected and feared him because of the grievance of his mother s repeated retreat, scenes appeared in his mind one after another.He knew that his mother was doing things unfairly, so he deliberately helped Zhang Shi secretly, and gave Zhang Shi enough face in front of his concubine s room and mother, but because he was often away from the mansion, he couldn t do it too obviously, lest his mother would hate Zhang Shi.So cbd gummies pain at critical moments, he would speak for Zhang Shi without showing any trace, and every time he went to Datong, he would let Zhang Shi secretly watch his mother.What s going on Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but feel a little annoyed.Mo Yangming could see Gu Mingzhu s thinking Women s birth is extremely variable, even a doctor who is good at making connections with women may not be able to detect it in time.The Wei family s wife and wife are also in our house, Baotong said, The Wei family also invited a doctor who is good at small prescriptions.Mo Yangming listened and nodded Xiao Fangmai s doctor is good at looking after children, and when the children fall to the ground, he can go up to check them.The mansion s arrangements are very thoughtful.When the carriage arrived at Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, Baotong helped Gu Mingzhu out of the carriage.Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around, Baotong said in a low voice Master Wei sent someone to inform him.After Yan Shen s death, there was not much he could do.He didn t have Yan Shen s ability, so it was impossible to find out the whole case, but he could persevere in finding someone, and that was the only clear clue Yan Can left him.So he trekked across mountains and rivers with a cargo box on his back, went north while selling goods, circled various villages, delivered groceries to the guards, and encountered Tatars, lost the cargo box, and escaped by luck, but He never thought of giving up.When he was the revealer, he thought about what such a small existence like them could do.Things that even the skilled members of the public family can t do, and the murderers who can t be caught, wouldn t it be self defeating for them to go after them But seeing the deeds of those murderers, seeing those poor sufferers, the blood will boil in the chest, they are always stronger than ordinary people, some people will feel that they are strong when they look at the weak, although They are not as strong as they think.What kind of chaos will it cause.Third Master, sir is here.Wei Yuanchen hurriedly stood up when he heard Chu Jiu s report, and before he reached the door, he saw Pei Shangqing open the curtain and walk in.Pei Shangqing seldom left Pei s house, but this time the matter was very urgent, so he avoided people with the account and keep cbd gummies in fridge came to the yard to look for Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies said Just give me an order, sir.I ll just go home.Pei Shangqing took off the cloak on his body I know you can t get rid of your body, and there are too many things to prepare.I m waiting at home and worrying, it s better to go home.Come here.Pei cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website Shangqing s health is really bad, especially in winter, he is especially afraid of the cold, so Mu Qiu hurriedly brought another warm cage and put it at Pei Shangqing s feet.The emperor was so focused on the case that he didn t hear Wei Yuanchen s outspoken voice clearly Where is this person Beheaded everywhere.The emperor frowned again.Wei Yuanchen said Yan Shen found the clues and was feared by others, so he lost both arms and the official position of the judge.After Yan Shen recovered from his injuries, he continued to lead the people northward to search for clues.Zheng Ruzong was afraid that he would be caught.Yan Shen exposed the secret, joined forces with the generals of the local guards to frame Yan Shen, and made Yan Shen guilty of massacring the village and was executed by the court.Now thinking about it, Zheng Ruzong was afraid that Yan Shen would leak the case to the villagers when he was inquiring about the news.That village was originally Zheng Ruzong s foothold, but now that it has been exposed, he simply does not do anything, so as to avoid future troubles forever.It was thanks to his preparations that he could come up with such a plan.Based on what he knew about Shen Shi, Shen Shi firmly believed in him.If there is no doubt, he should have been chasing Second Master Shen.When he caught up with Shen Shi, he said that he had clues from the second cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website master Shen, and led Shen Shi forward.If he encountered pursuers, he would cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies be moved with affection and let Shen Shi attract the attention of the pursuers.After all, this is Shen Shi.The Zhang family was innocently involved in the disaster caused by the family.He and Shen have two children, both of whom are in prison.As a mother, Shen has to think about who will take care of the children.Master Zhang reined in his horse, opened the curtain of the carriage and said in a low voice, Mother, get off from here, go for a while and then try to find a way to hire a car to go along the sea to Laizhou Mansion, and my son will pick you up after he gets out.Concubine Jiang s hands trembled slightly, she looked into the inner hall, she was going to find the answer carefully, to see clearly.In the nave.The emperor hugged the pain relief cbd gummies weak Concubine De, the dragon robe was stained with the filth that Concubine De had vomited, he stretched out his hand and gently patted Concubine De s back, Concubine De had her eyes closed and had no strength to speak.The imperial doctor nervously took the pulse of Concubine De, he could tell that if Concubine De had a mistake, all the people who came to the imperial hospital to check her pulse would die.The emperor stared at the imperial physician with gloomy eyes Is the imperial concubine poisoned What kind of poison is it The imperial physician couldn t tell The situation of the empress of the imperial concubine should be similar similar to Pueraria mirifica, also known as mountain arsenic, or it may be something else.Say, the emperor s voice seemed to be squeezed out from between cbd gummies pain his teeth, Who ordered you to do this Chen Xiang was silent for a moment, then turned his head to glance at Concubine Jiang not far away, the meaning was clear but.Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.I don t know about these things.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine Jiang raised her head after saying this.It can be seen that the eunuch who is in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.Wei s mouth.For some reason, every time I feed him the food is sweeter than his own.Gu Mingzhu watched Mr.Wei sip the walnut kernels into his mouth.Mr.Wei s lips were plump and well proportioned, biting the walnut kernels in his mouth, which made her ears feel hot suddenly, and she handed over the walnuts in a panic.The walnuts crumbled in his slender hands.Wei Yuanchen looked slightly far sighted When I woke up at home six years ago, I was very depressed.At that time, my body cbd gummies in mn was too weak to go out for a walk, so my second uncle gave me a bag of soybeans and asked me to squeeze them.At that cbd gummies pain time The feeling is very different from this time.Gu Mingzhu passed the walnut again, this time Wei Yuanchen did not take the walnut cbd gummies pain but took her hand Ajun, Zhuzhu, fortunately, you are still here.Gu Mingzhu Mingzhu met Wei Yuanchen s eyes and didn t know what to say.These people had already made arrangements, and they would decisively go to sea once the incident happened.Fortunately, they noticed earlier that he, the Guo family and the Wei family had used their connections, otherwise even if they chased to the seaside, they would not even see a shadow, let alone be able to quickly Assemble a fleet to follow and check the opponent s depth.Gu Chongyi stood at the bow of the ship, not far away were more than 30 warships of the rebels.The sea here is open and calm, and the rebel ships are gradually slowing down.They are preparing to fight with them here.Further east is Weihaiwei.I don t know how many soldiers and horses will help the rebels.It s a pity that I HCMUSSH cbd gummies pain don t have HCMUSSH cbd gummies pain a frogman in my hand, otherwise I can cover the boat close to the rebel ship at night, check the situation there, and check whether there are any changes along the coast.Although Zhou Zesheng hasn t found out yet, Zhou Zesheng has a deeper dislike for Mrs.Zhou and Tuesday and Wednesday.Zhou Zecheng and his wife.Gu Mingzhu waited until my uncle sat down again before saying This case can be investigated slowly, but there is a small matter I want my uncle to help with.I only found out a few days ago that the Marquis of Huaiyuan was investigating the whereabouts of Ruiqing, the maid who served me back then., Ruiqing s mother was working in the clan.After I died, Ruiqing was also sent back to the clan.Later, I heard that Ruiqing had an emergency on the way and passed away.My uncle helped me write a letter to the clan, so that the reliable People asked Ruiqing s mother about what happened before and after Ruiqing s death.Although she could let people in the market investigate, but if she asked too many questions, Ruiqing s mother might become suspicious and she would not tell the truth.Everyone in the front yard heard what the daughter in law said.The daughter in law mentioned her father and grandmother.Could it be the father Zhou Ruzhang s hands and feet were cold.His first thought was that he must not have anything to do with her family.His second thought was that even if he had something to do with his father, he should not confess, otherwise they would be finished.Where did Ruyue go Zhou Ruzhang found a problem.The third sister who was always by her grandmother s side and filial to her was gone.Aren t those folks amazing Why don t you go to trouble with the second room, insisting on staring at the third room, Zhou Ruzhang s heart is like being set on fire.Zhou Ruzhang was thinking about it, and his servants came cbd gummies pain to report Second Miss, that man has gone to the second room again, and it seems that the person in the second room is going to be interrogated.Lighting the torch, Zhou Zerui s cheeks were red and swollen, and his clothes were torn and stained with blood.It s really not me Otherwise, you will interrogate Zhou Zejing Maybe he knows, it is him, the elder brother is dead, and the sister in law avoids suspicion and refuses to see me, but she sees the second brother in private several times.I bumped into him once, and I asked What did the second brother and sister in law say, and the second brother also said that the sister in law felt that there was something strange about the death of the elder brother.This sounds like a lie to me.The death of the elder brother is already clear, where is the strangeness Chapter 492 Urgent Zhou Zerui s speech was not as organized as yesterday, his expression was crazy, his eyes were full of eagerness and fear, as if he was willing to say and do anything as long as he could get out of the prison.He suspected that there was something wrong with Ruiqing s death, and that was because he knew Rujun He was wronged, but now he can t say this, because he will also be questioned by the elders of the clan.As an uncle, since he knows about his niece s grievances, why doesn t he seek justice for his niece Zhou Zejing cbd edibles gummy worms said At that time, I just had doubts, but I didn t find evidence.Zhou Zesheng looked at Zhou Zejing fixedly After the sister in law passed away, what did the master sneak into the sister in law s cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website house on Tuesday Zhou Zejing s face darkened, who saw him Zhou Zesheng said so with certainty, someone should have confessed to the Yamen.Zhou Zejing said I didn t find anything.Could it best cbd gummies for joint pain uk be that that night, someone saw everything in the dark, took advantage of the time when the master left on Wednesday, went to the sister in law s room and murdered the sister in law.Qiao Zheng was taken aback by what he said.Qiao Song continued If we how much is cbd gummies cbd gummies pain had found out about this earlier, we might be able to do this, but now it s too cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website late, not only is it too late, but we will be punished if we fail.Qiao Zheng s face was still full of confusion Uncle Where did this come from Qiao Zheng sighed, his nephew was really dull So many people related to the King Liang case appeared in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice, and there were criminals who wanted to take advantage of the chaos to kill Zhou Zecheng s eldest daughter Zhou Shi , What can we see from these Qiao Zheng thought cbd gummies pain carefully, and his eyes lit up Uncle said that there is a person from King Liang in the Ministry of Punishment, so he His official position is not low, and he may have are eagle hemp cbd gummies legit been by our side cbd gummies without thc cbd gummies pain all the time Qiao Song said, The emperor has entrusted me with a heavy responsibility, and I have always felt that all cases should not escape my eyes.Huang Chang didn t continue to persuade, but said Then we can only say no.Defeated in the battle, waiting for Empress Wei and the Queen Mother to come to question the empress, the empress has thought about how to explain it What kind of person is Empress Wei, the empress will not know, since Su Fu has found those women, the imperial concubine empress You will know that the girl Ruan Qin next to King Gong belongs to the empress, and Concubine Jiang will also stand on the side of Empress Wei.The empress should not delusional to find out the case.In the case of investigation, there is no need for slaves to talk about how Qiao Song is.Once everything is revealed, the empress will have no chance to break free and can only bow her head and plead guilty.Concubine De clenched her hands tightly.What s more, what she gave to Prince Gong wasn t just Ruan Qin As early as when Prince Gong was eleven years old, he was fascinated by the Lehu she sent.After straightening the emperor s head, Gu Mingzhu let go.The moment the emperor saw Concubine De, his face turned red and his eyes were about to burst into flames.Concubine De s face became even uglier.She wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth but couldn t make a sound.No matter what she said, cbd gummies in mn hillstone hemp cbd gummies website it was useless.The emperor knew the truth, and they all fell into Wei s hands again She is probably gone.Chance of survival.The emperor s lips opened and closed, and a vague voice came out of his throat Bitch The woman he liked the most in the past cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies was just a bitch.If he had the strength, he would have jumped on her and strangled her to death.Concubine De burst into tears, but this time no one felt sorry for her.Several imperial physicians hurried over to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.In order to conceal the emperor s condition, Huang Chang asked his servants to tie up the envoy of the imperial hospital, so the imperial hospital did not know about the emperor s condition.In the cbd gummies pain sound of fighting, it was exceptionally clear.General Ma turned his head and looked over, only to see a group of cavalry approaching from cbd gummies pain cbd gummies pain a distance.The team of troops did not attack amidst the sound of golden drums and horns.They held the five square flag in their hands, like a simple and simple sword blade.It looked inconspicuous but shone with a compelling edge, and they went straight to the rebel formation.among.The rebels saw that the defenders on the city wall were getting tired of coping.They were about to launch a further offensive, but the horses came from nowhere and charged straight over.The former army was unable to dodge for a while, and the archers and sword and shield soldiers were drawn under the hooves of the horses.When the rebels came back to their senses, they cursed and killed this group of soldiers and horses, but more people were killed by the cavalry just as soon as they raised their blades.Ziying said Our eyeliner came back and said that Marquis Huaiyuan is in Andongwei, and he can last for a few more days there.Ziying said Wan Wan persuaded Tang Shi worriedly Madam, take a rest.After a while, the secret guards will report to you when they come back from inquiring about the news.Tang Shi rubbed her sore eyes.After hearing that the prince had lost the battle, she didn t close her eyes., Now two days have passed, and there is still no news from the prince.Could it be that the prince really died in the mountains I can t sleep, Tang said, You d better go out and find out the news.Ziying retreated, and Tang was about to put on her cloak and go out to see the situation.When the ship leaves, there may be chasing soldiers from the imperial court, so everything must be properly arranged.Everyone hurriedly saluted the empress I don t dare to wait.As soon as he said those words, his chest couldn t help heaving.Is this still his courtier Now the report actually mentions the queen first Where does he, the emperor, be placed Although the emperor could not speak, his mind was extremely clear and he could hear all the sounds from outside.Empress Wei quelled the rebellion, Wei Yuanchen made great contributions, and the Wei family finally stepped on his head.The emperor couldn t help but want to speak when he thought of this.It s just that he tried his best, but he could only make a vague sound.There was struggle and resentment in that sound, the emperor wanted everyone to know his anger at this moment.The servant next to him stepped forward and glanced at the emperor, then walked quickly to Empress Wei and said Empress, the emperor must be very happy to hear the news, just look The servant wiped the corners of his eyes as he spoke, as if The scene in front of him moved him extremely.Mrs.Li couldn t help laughing Look at your mother and son, you know what to say.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen, his son is here well, so there are many things that need not be asked, only one How is the marriage in Huaiyuan Houfu The most important thing right now is for Brother Chen to marry a wife.Wei Yuanchen felt the eyes of his grandmother and mother were on him, his cheeks were slightly red, he raised his eyes, his eyes were shining brightly Tomorrow my son wants to ask my grandmother to go to Gu s family.Mrs.Li couldn t help laughing Brother Chen Can t wait for a day.That s right, Queen Wei said, Settle it early, so as not to have long nights and dreams, such a good child, I don t know how many people are watching.Wei Yuanchen said Tomorrow my son wants to tell the Marquis of Huaiyuan everything.The gentle wind blew over her face, but it couldn HCMUSSH cbd gummies pain t take away the hot temperature.She pressed her hand against his chest, and felt his heartbeat seemed to be faster than hers.She seemed to have forgotten where she was at this moment.For a long time.She was a little out of breath, and she didn t know what to do, she just felt light on her body, and he hugged her whole body, and then he walked quickly into the room.Gu Mingzhu really panicked this time, Mrs.Wei s body was scorching hot under the palm of her hand, scorching her like coals, her heart seemed to cbd gummies pain jump out of her throat.Her body fell between the mattresses, and she finally spoke.My lord There was a bit of panic in the voice.He looked at him with a very calm expression, but also seemed to be more nervous than her.Ajun, I have admired you for seven years.I want to ask the elders of the family to come forward and take this house back.Two rooms are set aside for her to live in the yard where Mrs.Zhou lives now..The rest are surrounded by walls and separated separately.I bought it from the clan, and I will take care of it from now on.Gu Mingzhu looked far away, remembering the rules that HCMUSSH cbd gummies pain Mrs.Zhou taught her, and always wanted to To save face in front of others, now the two sons are in deep prison, part of the property of the family has been confiscated by the court, and the rest must be returned to the clan.Even I have only two houses left to live in.The original mansion will be handed over to Uncle Qi , looking at the bustle outside the wall every day, Mrs.Zhou will spend her days in resentment and cannot be relieved.This is a great punishment for Mrs.Zhang s eyes were bright when she saw the filial piety clothes in the servant s hands, and she knew that Mrs.Tai would survive until Cui Zhen came back to die.I wonder if cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies in mn Cui Zhen will be sad now Thinking of this, Mrs.Zhang felt happy.I want to see Lord Hou, Mrs.Zhang looked at her mother in law.It s about the child in my womb.I hope Lord Hou can see me.Lord Hou cbd gummies pain must have something to ask me, and I also have something to say to Master Hou.Say it.The old lady didn t speak.Mrs.Zhang touched her big belly Even if you don t want to see me, Master Hou should also want to see this child.You tell Master Hou that if he doesn t come, the child will cbd gummies pain be disappointed, and he might die.She didn cbd gummies pain ree drummond news cbd gummies t want to pay attention to Mrs.Zhang, but she still had to report Mrs.Zhang s words to Lord Hou.Master Hou came back, and Zhang knew that he would be punished, and now mentioning the child was nothing more than trying to blackmail Master Hou Cui Zhen knelt in the coffin, and put the paper in his hand into the brazier.The family now It s also fun.Gu Chongwen s wife, the Meng family, brought Gu Mingyan and Gu Minglan can cbd gummies cause vomiting to Zhuzhu s house to help.Hearing the arrival of Princess Huairou, Mrs.Meng squeezed over to look around, but it was terrible.Ever since her uncle made great contributions, the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion has been very beautiful.First, the uncle was promoted, and then the empress concubine gave her a marriage.She never expected Zhuzhu can still marry, and she even married the empress s nephew.How rich is this The Wei family didn t care that Zhuzhu had been ill.Meng s heart was full of envy.Thinking of poor Ming Wan, she thought she would use the Tan family to soar into the sky, but before she could fly, she fell a big somersault.Now that she thinks about it, she is still afraid, thanks to Ziyan and Ming Lan in time.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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