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Hold her fragile neck with your hand and twist it lightly.any resistance.The man stood up from the darkness, walked slowly to Zhou Rujun s side, pinched Zhou Rujun s neck with his hands, and when he was about to exert force, a pair of eyes suddenly opened at this moment, with a little blur in his eyes, in the dim It s amazing under the bright lights.The man couldn t help being slightly stunned, before he recovered, he felt the woman s body move forward, his chest was chilly, he lowered his head, the sharp weapon had been sent into his body by the woman.Rong Niangzi said that as long as you want to kill, you will succeed in one blow.The gap between men and women is too big, and there will be no second chance.The sharp weapon was delivered neatly, even though it was the first time to kill someone, there was no hesitation at all.Baotong, let s go.Gu Mingzhu held Baotong and walked out.Looking at her daughter s back, Mrs.Lin nodded in relief.Walking out of Mrs.Lin s room, Gu Mingzhu s eyes brightened.She wanted to slowly reveal the news of her healing up to her father and mother Back in her own room, Gu Mingzhu took off her dress and changed into a neat short brown one, then put Zhou Ruzhang s purse in her arms.During the day, she pretended to throw her purse into the water, but she was actually deceiving Zhou Ruzhang.The moment she threw it out, she put the purse in her sleeve, and what cbd gummies vs oil she threw was just a stone.The same is true of the scattered silver that Baotong handed her.This kind of cheating method was taught by Master Zhang.In the past two years, she practiced hard while lying in bed.Not only can it pass the time, but it is also a good thing to have more skills.The platform is high enough, if a woman in the house like her stumbles and falls, it will be very dangerous, but for someone who knows some fists and kicks, she can save her life.She didn t want the man to fall to his death, leaving a life for the government to interrogate.Gu Mingzhu walked to the edge of the platform, knelt down to play with the wild flowers next to her, hummed a tune vaguely in her mouth, and scratched her hair with her hands from time to time, showing the cbd gummies vs oil naive look of a child.A figure finally came out from behind the tree and slowly approached Miss Gu.His original goal was Mrs.Lin, but the silly girl of the Gu family bumped into her.Miss Gu not only took the pearl, but also left the puja halfway, ran out of the meditation room, and touched the mountain alone.It is cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies not easy to kill the Huaiyuan Hou family s female family members in cbd gummies para la vista full view, but now they can achieve their goals with just reaching out.Reckless.Empress Wei has no children, no matter which prince ascends the throne in the future, the Wei family will not have any good results, and it is definitely not a good thing to make enemies against him everywhere.Cui Zhen ordered Don t underestimate him, a famous general of the Wei family, even The emperor is afraid, where do you have the courage to belittle the enemy When the current emperor was in the residence, in order to stabilize his power, he married the Wei family, and after he ascended the throne, he feared that the Wei family s power would restrict him.Fortunately, Empress Wei gave birth to two children and died one after another.Although the third child was a daughter, she only lived for three days.Empress Wei was discouraged and no longer tried to conceive.Five years ago, the Wei family was involved in a conspiracy case Even worse, her vitality was seriously injured, and Empress Wei was so frightened that she became seriously ill.What s wrong Fourth Master Cui got up and asked.Fourth Master, the steward immediately stepped forward and whispered, The yamen went to Yong an Lane, and I heard that the thief was caught.Hearing this, Cui Fourth Master hurriedly got up and put on his clothes, and hurried out, He had to confirm the news.Fourth Brother, Cui Zhen s deep voice sounded, It s so late, where are you going Chapter 16 Night Interview Cui Zhen suddenly appeared, making fourth master Cui a little unexpected, and fourth master Cui froze there , It took a while to turn around and salute Cui Zhen.Lord Hou, Cui Si Master said, why haven t you rested yet Cui Zhen said indifferently There is news from the yamen that a few people have been arrested.I m going to have a look, where is Fourth Brother Cui Zhen went forward The courtyard doesn t need to pass by him, obviously Cui Zhen came to check his movements on purpose, Master Cui Si felt cold.You don t cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies have to worry, take care of me at home.Two children.Mrs.Cui Si s expression immediately froze on her face What is the yamen telling the master to cbd gummies vs oil do I sent someone to ask the second brother to ask, he is not a white magistrate in Taiyuan.It s all trivial things., don t involve your second brother, Cui Si master said, I will be back soon, as for Master Hou If you ask me anything, you can tell the truth.What will Master Hou ask me I Cui Si The wife looked blank, Sir, don t how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil scare me.What is the matter You angered Lord Hou They are all from the Cui family.You have worked so hard for the Cui family all these years, and Lord Hou will do it even if you don t recite monks and face Buddhaand also Fourth Mrs.Cui suddenly thought of something before finishing her sentence Master, didn t you move the money of the clan She couldn t think of any other big things, the master is nothing more than managing the land of the clan That cbd gummies vs oil s all.Five years ago, the second prince s rebellion case, the imperial concubine party used it to get rid of the Wei family, and the Wei family was almost wiped out.If the emperor hadn t thought about the loyalty of the Wei family when they were hiding in the mansion, and ordered people to investigate this matter, the Wei family would have been killed.Nor will the grievance be washed away.After going through so much, Gu Mingzhu knew that the court situation was never as simple as it seemed on the surface.The so called emperor s Gu Nian kindness was just a cover.The Wei family could survive, and there must be a reason behind it that no one knew about.Just like the reason why the second prince became the first prince to rebel , it was only because his mother not only came from a humble cbd gummies vs oil background, but also died early.

Now that the Wei family came to Taiyuan Mansion, they would definitely confront the Crown Prince overtly HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil and secretly, and they would not let it go easily, especially that Awei is not someone who can be fooled at will.It is not easy for her to make waves in the prince s territory, and it would be great if she can take advantage of the situation, so Awei and her may not be incompatible, and maybe they can make a good deal.Before returning to Gu s house, she asked Liu Su to send a message to Nie Chen to find out the details of A Wei.She wondered if Nie Chen received it and whether he could find that person smoothly.It s a pity that she has to go home so early, and now she can only wait can you put cbd gummies in your luggage quietly for news.Gu Mingzhu yawned, since she had nothing to do, let s go to sleep first, thinking of her cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies wrapping herself in a quilt, twisting and leaning against the bed, she closed her eyes peacefully It was still dark, but the whole Yong an Lane was illuminated by torches, and the government sent many more people to search the hiding places of those people just now over and over again.Cui Si s feet, and Mrs.Cui Si was startled and stepped back involuntarily.The birthday was written in cinnabar on the doll, which looked extraordinarily weird.Lu Shenzhi looked down, and immediately stepped forward to pick up the doll Why do some people still use the technique of disgusting victory And it was at Cui s house, and it was held by several children.Several people were stunned for a moment, and Mrs.Cui Si immediately looked at Sister Lin Where did this come from We saw it when we were playing how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil in the woods.Who s birthday is remembered on this Lu Shenzhi handed the doll in his hand to Mrs.Cui Si to see.Fourth Mrs.Cui finally remembered This this is the birth date of Zhou Rujun, Lord Hou s wife.She and her clan arranged Zhou Rujun s burial back then, so she knew this.Chapter 21 The technique of understanding the dislike of victory was banned as early as the previous dynasty.She is really kind Chapter 22 is about me, Lu Shenzhi, looking at Miss Gu s back.The girl is innocent and innocent, and I don t know what to worry about.It really hurt him, he couldn t think of Miss Gu s meaning for a while.Bai, what do you mean Lu Shenzhi unknowingly sat back on the chair, bowed his head in thought, after a while, the maid next to Miss Gu came in, and the maid saluted him and found a piece of silk on the wooden floor.It was Miss Gu who left behind.Such a careful servant girl, who stays with Miss Gu every day, must know some details that have been overlooked, but the servant girl is not a member of the yamen, and will not connect the details with the case, which requires him to deliberate.Lu Shenzhi stopped Baotong with a heartbeat Did Miss Gu say anything after she came back from Jinta Temple For example, the murderer who escaped The murderer Baotong was very angry when he mentioned it, My lord must Catch him and punish him, that man is simply too hateful, he played such a heavy hand on my lady.She has to run around Mrs.Lin s house, and gather around her mother in charge to find a chance to get the key, and then hide in the Pianxia checked the things Mrs.Lin brought, thanks to the strange objects in the box wrapped in red cloth, otherwise it would really take a lot of effort to find them.But the things in that box are really interesting.Yasheng, talisman, paper money, ghost weapon, ghost torque stick These are obviously used to deal with Zhou Rujun s ghost, but unfortunately they are of no use because she has already tried it.She suddenly woke up from Gu Mingzhu.This situation was far beyond her understanding of everything.At one time, she also suspected that the ghosts and gods in ancient books might be real, so she took the opportunity to send paper money, talismans, offerings, etc.The girl s eyebrows and eyes stretched out, her long eyelashes cast shadows like small fans on her cheeks, her red lips were slightly pursed, and her expression was calm cbd gummies vs oil and peaceful.peaceful.Miss Gu actually fell asleep Cui Zhen picked up the official documents on the table to read, but Cui Wei stood aside for a long time, afraid to speak.Finally, when Cui Zhen finished handling the official duties in hand, Cui Wei said Brother, why are you so angry Just now you said that Cui s family was involved, we are in danger, haven t the robbers been caught already The first trial will definitely ask Find out where the stolen goods are hidden, and then the case will be closed.Cui Zhen raised his eyes, and Cui Wei how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil couldn t help but feel a chill in his heart, the elder brother s gaze at this time was the same as when he was facing the Tatars before, which made him feel Danger.They all came to disturb her, how could she still be able to sleep.Mrs.Lin Tai told Yu s cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies mother Before Brother Zhen didn t come back outside, you left at dawn and watched the situation at the ancestral grave.You must let them do it properly and don t let anyone find out.You.Mother Yu responded and served Mrs.Lin Tai some tea, then went out, closed the door and raised her head to look at the sky, there was another sound of thunder in the distance, .

how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost?

which made people jump with fear, and she also hoped that everything goes well Cui Zhen was sitting in the duty room of the government sol cbd gummies office, the cases in front of him were piled up high, and he frowned slightly, staring at the paperwork in his hand carefully.The document records the earthquake situation in Taiyuan Prefecture.The earthquakes have cbd gummies vs oil become more frequent in recent years, and there have been several earthquakes that killed and injured many people, all of whom were middle aged men.

Ding at the door I also want to know how the people on this boat can turn my guards into bandits Lord Han thinks I look like the Pearl Thief seven years ago. Of course Master Wei is not.Han Yu was bitter, and looked at Cui Zhen for help.Cui Zhen had no words, and Wei Yuanchen obviously didn t want to hear what he had to say.If cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration Wei Yuanchen was willing to take advantage of the Cui family s relationship in Taiyuan, he would have taken a post to find him, instead of setting up such a situation.Let them sink in.Different ways do not conspire with each other, Cui Zhen is well aware of this truth, now he is one step behind Wei Yuanchen, in a sense, he can only be restrained by Wei Yuanchen first.But until now, Cui Zhen still doesn t know where Wei Yuanchen s hostility towards him comes from.If it is said that the case of the second prince back then, he avoided it far away and did not harm the Wei family.Fake Taoists, looking for my bad luck everywhere.Mrs.Lin said Has the yamen come to Zhuangzi The yamen wants to ask Mother Yu s son Sun Yong to ask questions.Mrs.Lin frowned when she mentioned this.Then Sun Yong usually works cbd gummies best reddit in this village, and now I don t know where he went.Mother Yu s son, Sun Yong, disappeared.Gu Mingzhu thought, did Sun Yong escape or was silenced Does Lord Wei know about this An accident happened at the Cui family s ancestral grave, although it wasn t long before Master Wei also interrogated Cui s steward in time, but the person who arranged everything knew the joints here, and might have prepared for it when Yu s mother was arrested.hands on.In this way, it is inferred that Sun Yong is probably related to this case.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Lin Tai, who was full of anger on her face, and she was still reprimanding the steward Let someone quickly find that Sun Yong.Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu, his every move gummy bears with cbd oil was so skillful, as if these talents were born with her.Zhuzhu, don t be afraid, Mrs.Lin comforted Gu Mingzhu, wondering if her daughter could understand, They are all victims of being hurt.After finishing speaking, Mrs.Lin looked at the mother in charge Go and see what can help you Help.The mother in charge responded.Baotong said Ma am, do you think their eyes are uncomfortable This servant has suffered from eye disease herself, and knows how to feel better, so I will go over and help.Madam Lin nodded.Wei Yuanchen looked at the servants of the Gu family who went to help take care of the people, what were Miss Gu and her maid whispering just now There is a person with good medical skills beside Miss Gu, and the rabbit picked up by the doctor s wife is on Miss Gu again.The big yellow cbd gummies vs oil dog ran up and down, and the bells jingled.Mrs.Zhao stayed far away, her face was livid, and she hurried away without saying a few words.Don t look at my cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies grandfather s desires and desires, but he never relents when he doesn t like people, and he doesn t say a word of nonsense.This Zhao Gong has insomnia and hates this kind of abnormal and continuous noise the most.Mr.Wei didn t know the inside story, so he wouldn t guess that she did it on purpose, he would only see her carelessly drop the ball and run around chasing it.In the past, she might have stood aside and watched quietly, but after learning that Mr.Wei was a young man in prison, she felt a little bit unbearable.His old injury might be related to the sharp weapon she took out in a hurry.No matter what, let s cover up today s matter first.Chu Jiu nodded You told us to keep an eye on the Gu family, or Miss Gu.This matter must be clarified.Wei Yuanchen said Miss Gu.Chu Jiu nodded again Then if Miss Gu is in danger, should we come forward The Gu family is very important to this case, Wei Yuanchen said If it is very critical, it is natural You can t stand by and watch.Chu Jiu retracted his neck, straightened his back, and looked like an old god, he almost fell into the trick of the third master, saying that he was staring at him was clearly protecting him secretly.If he hadn t been clever, he might have made a big mistake.Who can understand such obscurity That is him.Chu Jiu smacked his lips, the master of this generation is not easy to take care of, he has a feeling that he will not be able to take care of him.Chapter 79 Arranging things for my ninth day and returning to the house.Liu Su nodded.The two cooperated tacitly and tightened the cloth strips at the same time.Being strangled so painfully, the drowsy woman immediately woke up, screamed, and subconsciously grabbed Gu Mingzhu s hand, leaving a few scratches on the back of Gu Mingzhu s hand.Liu Su went to check in shock, Gu Mingzhu waved his hand Go and find me some clean towels, and bring Zhao s trauma medicine.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu looked around, but fortunately, the others were only slightly injured.The mother in law regained her composure at this moment, and began to be afraid, sobbing and crying Am I going to die She followed the adults in the yamen to escort the female relatives, and she did not expect to encounter such a thing.Who is not afraid in the face of life and death, Gu Mingzhu lightly patted the mother in law s arm It s much better, and when the surgeon arrives, he will stitch it up for you.

The next one to be tricked might be the crown prince.Sun Langzhong said after a long while It s old after all.Now the dolls are better than each other.Even if Miss Gu is pretending to be stupid, her heart is not bad.Besides, she has saved the third master.Maybe they will be friends with the third master in the future.Not an enemy He didn t say anything later.After being said by the third master, he felt that Miss Gu was a talent to be made.Chu Jiu nodded again and again outside the door, he now understood that the third master went around a lot, just wanting Sun Langzhong to say this sentence.I really didn t see it, the third master kept saying he was on guard against others, so he gave away his waist card, if he didn t guard up in the future, then it s okay, and he couldn t wait to stuff everything into people s arms.Cui Wei gritted his teeth and said, Aren t you relying on Cui Wei, Cui Zhen Interrupting Cui Wei s words, Cui Wei was too impulsive, it would be useless to let him stay here, Go and see your mother.Cui Wei clenched his hands so that there was a click sound.You don t listen to me anymore Cui Zhen spoke again, and Cui Wei put the sword back into its sheath, and strode into the room.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Does Marquis Dingning have any objections Gone.Cui Zhen returned very simply, and if he continued to entangle, he would cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies be humiliating himself.Cui Zhen turned around and walked in front of Mrs.Lin, bowing and saluting I m sorry for my aunt, I will persuade my mother well when I go back.Mrs.Lin hesitated to speak, not knowing what to say.Cui Zhen reached out and touched the top of Gu Mingzhu s head Zhuzhu, don t be afraid, those things have nothing to do spray cbd on gummies with you at all, and you should not be involved in them at all.The crown prince didn t talk about official business with him, but blindly cited private matters, the intention was already obvious, interests and women are all means to win over the general, not to mention that his children died again and again, many people were anxious about what he was anxious about, hoping to give He filled in a male and a half female.Every time he wins a battle, there will be a reward or a woman from the mansion, all kinds of women, all kinds of charming, when welcoming him back to the mansion, the row in the courtyard is very enviable.Faced with the shyness and anxiety of those concubines, the expectation and pressure of his mother, and the generosity and grievance shown by Mrs.Zhang, at first he would send some objects that women like, just to appease them, and then he gradually saw them clearly.Gu Mingzhu looked at the guards at the door.The prince was really careful.He came to Taiyuan Mansion and brought out about half of the people in the East Palace.This is not like coming to Taiyuan Mansion to ask questions, but to question Wei Yuanchen Seeing such a tense situation, Mr.Wei would probably die in the prince s heart seven or eight times a day.Gu Mingzhu stepped into cbd gummies vs oil the house, followed the guide and walked forward.Ziyuan was still a little nervous at first, but when she saw Miss Jiang s gesture of peace, her heart gradually calmed down.Nie Chen said that Miss Jiang was a little timid, but she felt that Miss Jiang was so powerful that she didn t need to take care of her at all.As soon as Ziyuan thought of this, the mother in charge of the prince s mansion greeted her Hurry up and go to the back house to try the piano, it will be your turn in a while.Wei Yuanchen went all the way down the mountain, told Lu Shenzhi about the matter, and then found Nie Chen who was waiting at the foot of the mountain.It was Nie Chen who came to report Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law just now.Everyone is alright Wei Yuanchen asked flatly.It s okay.Nie Chen didn t know why Mr.Wei asked this suddenly, he just made it clear that Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law s family was neat and tidy, and there was no damage at all.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and Nie Chen continued When we arrived at the house of Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law, we found that there was no one in the house.After inquiring, we found out that after Wang Daochang died, cafe cbd gummies the neighbors never saw Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law again.Searching around, I found an oil lamp on the table.Mrs.Wang s heart sank, and she grabbed the girl s clothes in front of can cbd gummies cause dry mouth her again Then what should we do Gu Mingzhu shook her head, as if concluding that Wang s family was hopeless For a whileMaster Lu I will comeyou will tell Master Lu everything you know, Master Luafter all, it is an official of Taiyuan Mansionyour parents officials.Now the situation is too complicated, who cbd gummies vs oil knows whether the prince s people will come to ask questions, Master Lu With a righteous body and a friendly face, he can not only deter prisoners, but also gain the trust of others.Mrs.Wang realized that this girl was really reminding her.Telling the truth to Mr.Lu might be their last chance.If it falls into the hands of others, they will be even more hopeless.She will hold Mr.Lu tightly.Gu Mingzhu questioned Wang s family in the duty room.

There were two people standing outside the duty room, and through a small open window, they could clearly see the situation inside.Lu Shenzhi turned his head and glanced at Mr.Wei quietly.After he put Mr.Zhao s murderer in the prison, he heard the yamen s officer come to report Miss Jiang is comforting Wang s family.It seems that he will be able to interrogate in a while.Hearing this, Lu Shenzhi walked towards the valet, unexpectedly, Mr.Wei, who was going to deal with official documents, also followed him.So Mrs.Wei heard what Miss Jiang said.Although Miss Jiang was investigating the case, she still pulled the banner of Mr.Wei Mrs.Wei was innocently blackfaced and played the role of intimidating others.Will not feel bad.Go, Wei Yuanchen ordered calmly, The Wang family should be able to tell the truth.The sound of the piano was too short to be heard clearly, at this moment, he actually wanted to get a glimpse of its whole picture.What exactly is going on Chaotic thoughts hovered in Wei Yuanchen s mind.Sun Langzhong who walked to the door looked at Wei Yuanchen in the room, what happened to Wei Sanye Sitting on the chair, I don t know what I was thinking, and my expression looked very gloomy, as if something happened, could it be that the investigation of the case did not go well Sun Langzhong turned his head to look at Chu Jiu who was sitting there paralyzed by the door, and wanted to ask, but Chu Jiu tightly covered his mouth.Sun Langzhong sighed and walked away slowly.Mood swings are always a good thing, perhaps a sign of recovery from the illness Why can t this child wake up Mrs.Lin reached out and touched Gu Mingzhu s cheek It s not a good idea to fall asleep like this every day.Seeing Zhao Gongren rushing out of the inner house, Bao Tong immediately stood in front of Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu.Chapter 136 Zhao Gongren in the outer house was not in good spirits when he was injured, but now he showed a bit of madness, holding the white jade flower hairpin in his hand, as if she would stab anyone who dared to step forward with the hairpin.Gu Mingzhu followed the Cui family stewards behind Zhao Gongren.Those stewards seemed to be blocking them all the time, but they didn t order the servants to actually do it.Obviously, Cui Zhen had ordered them.Nie Chen showed Cui Zhen the patterns of jewelry made by Wang Daochang, and Cui Zhen would naturally ask Zhao Gongren for verification.If you want to find out whether the woman in Dongdaxiang is related to Lin Sizhen or Wang Daochang, you can see the clue from Zhao Gongren.Do you see if this trace is the same as the one on our school field Zhao Gongren looked at Lin Runsheng.Lin Run shrank there and didn t dare to look carefully.How did your father teach you how to use the whip Is he used to stabbing the tiger tail whip here as the last move Zhao Gongren how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil ran to the school field like crazy and asked Lin Runsheng Is he standing here Are you Look at the blue bricks here are really worn out.Lin Runsheng didn t ask, he was speechless, he didn t dare to say, he thought it was the same, in fact, he also found a pair of saddles, which had marks of being injured by sharp objects, The saddle is small and hard, used for war horses, he dare not tell his mother these words.Is it him Is it him Zhao Gongren held Lin Runsheng s hand and talked for a while.She didn t need Lin Runsheng to give her the answer, she actually guessed it.Ah Second Master Wei stroked the two corners of his mouth.After leaving the mustache and growing a beard, he looks stable and down to earth, and he can also have will cbd gummies help lupus some face in front of his old lady, so as not to be often mistrusted when doing things.Second Master Wei showed a bit of eagerness on his face What does the emperor say Can my brother Chen find out the case It is impossible for the Wei family to not know about the Taiyuan Mansion, but Huaiyuan Hou just followed the words and praised Wei Yuanchen Master Wei is really a rare young talent.He found out the clues of the case not long after he arrived in Taiyuan Mansion.Second Master Wei nodded repeatedly My Brother Chen has been smart since he was a child, proficient in six arts, both civil and military, and he treats others with kindness and courtesy.The guards are all working outside, and there is no one serving in this yard, so next time he has to find a way to find a mother in charge to take him with him.However, the mother in charge is too demanding.To be able to ride horses all the way with these men, and to be smart enough to satisfy the third master.With the cold face of the third master all day long, I am afraid that many people in the mansion will be discouraged After Wei Yuanchen said a word, he concentrated on looking at the official document in his hand.Chu Jiu brought the tea, and he picked it up occasionally to take a sip.The tea was bitter and astringent, Chu Jiu couldn t even do such small things well, he still hoped that Chu Jiu would be considerate at critical moments What happened the day he fell ill at Gu s house He originally wanted to ask Chu Jiu, but when he saw Chu Jiu s innocent and calm expression, he became angry.

Chapter 146 Little servant Liu Su walks up to Wei Yuanchen.My lord, Liu Su handed the food box to Chu Jiu, This is the meal made by the farmers.Although it is not so delicate, it is delicious.It s not like the people in the East Palace spend a lot of money to buy some exquisite food, but the cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration meals of this kind of local farmers are simple and have a special flavor.Chu Jiu pried open a corner of the food box, smelling the aroma of the food wafting out of it, he swallowed involuntarily.Wei Yuanchen didn t look at the food box, and said nonchalantly, What do you want to report Liu Su and Nie Chen looked around for information along the way, and it was worthwhile, otherwise they wouldn t have the confidence to come to Mr.Wei.There is a village five miles away from the post house.The farmers there said that six days ago, some men came to inquire about the news and asked where there were horse thieves and robbers in the nearby mountains.Zhou Zecheng said patiently Your father is a great benevolent, and the people in the clan are sorry for you, but don t keep hating them.When you grow up, you will understand that good and evil are not so simple.After growing up, Zhou Zesheng realized the intention of his clan brother, The clan brother would say this because he was afraid that after experiencing these things at a young age, his temperament would become extreme.In fact, the Zhou clan had given up looking for him a long time ago.It was the elder brother who traveled all over the surrounding counties and finally found him on the mountain.It was the elder brother s concern best cbd gummies for focus and concentration and love is 25 mg of cbd gummy a lot that made him slowly let go of his hatred for the clan.Because of Zhou Zecheng s protection, Zhou Zesheng s life in the clan is easier.He has not been adopted to anyone.Princess wants to take someone out with you Madam Lin looked worried, ThisI m afraid liberty cbd gummies for tinnitus it s not safe.Princess Huairou said Master Wei told me that those people just want to use me and the son in law to lure me and the son in law.For the sake of my mother in law and the son in law, I am willing to go this time.Mrs.Lin looked surprised Princess, do you know In case there is a mistake I know, Princess Huairou held the stove in her hand even tighter, but if this happened to Madam, how would Madam choose Do you want to protect your husband and wife Let the family give it a try Mrs.Lin still doesn t know the details, but these words are enough for her to make a choice I will.Princess Huairou said I have been well behaved since I was a child.Remembering the teachings of the imperial concubine, I don t even dare to be self willed in dressing.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand and opened the door, and Zhou Zesheng walked over immediately Princess Huairou left the post house with her guards early in the morning, and someone from the East Palace chased her, what should we do No hurry, Wei Yuanchen said, Let s see what the prince s decision is.If the prince knows the inside story and organizes his troops to fight against those people, which is still a bit like the prince of the Zhou Dynasty, he will try his best to cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies assist and keep the prince safe and sound.If the prince has other ideasthen he has to make some sacrifices for the people of Dazhou.Wei Yuanchen was about to go out with Zhou Zesheng to check the situation when Liu Su came in with porridge.A bowl of brown rice porridge was steaming, and Liu Su waved her hands to drive the fragrance to Wei wyld cbd hybrid gummies Yuanchen without leaving a trace.You go, these How will the female relatives face the real rebels in Lin Temple Wei Yuanchen said quietly, What s more, uncle, you are the general of the Gyeonggi Guards, so if you appear in the guards rashly, even if you find an excuse to cover it up, you will be suspected.I want to investigate Rujun s case, so I asked you to secretly protect the female relatives, and when the female relatives are safe, you will return to your post immediately.This battle will take some time, so don t rush for a while.Zhou Zesheng said Then you What If you lead troops, you won t arouse the emperor s suspicion I m not going to do anything now, Wei Yuanchen said calmly, I ll wait until the prince is arrested and the surrounding guards are in chaos, and then I have no choice but to come forward to rescue him.The caves for Tibetan soldiers in the mountains are too complicated, and they existed in the previous dynasty.Gu Mingzhu heard from his father that in the previous dynasty, Yuanping is an important frontier town, guarded by many soldiers and horses.The territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty moved west and north, strengthening the defenses of Xuanfu, Datong and Shaanxi Xingdusi.Yuanping s garrison was less and some fortifications were naturally abandoned.Lin Sizhen and others People use these to act.Liu Su continued Fortunately, there are people around who have been to the Cave of the Tibetan Soldiers.Nie Chen drew a sketch and gave it to Mr.Wei.Princess Huairou arrived at Wufeng Mountain to attract the attention of the people in the Cave of the Tibetan Soldiers, and treat those people with all their spirits.

Cui Si, and several people hurriedly got on the carriage, and the carriage started galloping again.Mrs.Lin sat in the carriage, hugging Mrs.Fourth Cui, and holding Zhuzhu s hand.After a while, she took a long breath.The scenes she had just experienced flashed before her eyes, as if Zhuzhu had saved her.Mrs.Lin looked at her daughter beside her, with a panicked expression on Zhuzhu s face, but she still didn t yell.Knife, Gu Mingzhu said to Mrs.Lin, there is a knife.Bao Tong said Miss shouted, and the servant happened to see that the mother in charge was holding a dagger in her hand, and her eyes were fixed on the lady.The servant did not have time After thinking about it, I used the sleeve arrow.Madam Lin cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies s eyes were hot, and she suddenly felt that Zhuzhu was just not good at expressing, but Zhuzhu understood everything in her heart, and Zhuzhu threw herself on her when she saw the knife in the hand of her mother in charge.Car.As the chief said, some villagers came forward carrying stones.Li Chang said If the rebels come, as long as Qi Ye gives an order, they can throw stones out.Why did you think of making a catapult Zhou Zesheng finally came to his senses.Thanks to the reminder from the people around Madam Huaiyuanhou, otherwise I would have forgotten that although we don t have those sharp weapons to kill the enemy, we do have wood and stones, and these things can also deal with the rebels.Zhou Qiye, I m convinced of you, Lu Shenzhi stepped forward panting, You are amazing, you have arranged this place so quickly.With these things, they will not be afraid of the rebels outside.Zhou Zesheng nodded, although it was not his credit, but he agreed with Lu Shenzhi s statement.It is really powerful to have everyone in the village perform their duties and prepare for this battle.Gu Chongyi ordered the entourage next to him Go and tell the head of the village that Mr.Wei is back, let them invite the doctor over, and then prepare hot water and meals., go wash up first, and best cbd gummies for focus and concentration cbd gummies florida then ask Mr.Wei to talk later.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand to greet Gu Chongyi Thank you, Lord Hou.The head of the village came to greet him with people The house has been tidied up, and the soldiers are resting The place is also arranged properly, and I will lead Master Wei to go.Wei Yuanchen followed the chief and walked forward, and he glanced at Miss Gu again without leaving a trace, and Miss cbd gummies vs oil Gu has been leaning against Gu Hou, never looking at him.He glanced at him as if he was a stranger.Wei Yuanchen snorted coldly in his heart, but Gu Hou knew that his daughter had pretended to be a doctor s wife and an oiran.Mrs.Wednesday s feet were so weak that she could hardly stand, but there was no one around to help her.She had to grit her teeth and struggle to support herself.She had to bow her head under the eaves.She didn t have the courage to walk out of here again.Wei Yuanchen saw Zhou Zesheng s wound.There was a cut on his head, half of his face was stained red with blood, and there were some minor injuries on his arms and legs, but those minor injuries were not serious.I m fine.Zhou Zesheng woke watermelon slice cbd gummies up slowly, seeing Wei Yuanchen was overjoyed, and his complexion looked better, but he was already tired after going out for a few days without sleep, and he was injured again, making him a little dizzy.Seeing these injuries, Wei Yuanchen already knew in his heart.Seeing Zhou Zesheng wanted to get up, he cbd gummies vs oil held Zhou Zesheng down, best cbd gummies for focus and concentration cbd gummies florida turned his head and where can i get edible cbd gummies in ohio told Chu Jiu Master Qi is seriously injured, carry it to my room for the doctor to treat.A plate of red bean cakes, secretly tasting the HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil taste of the red bean cakes, he suddenly entered the door, cbd gummies vs oil the third master can t avoid it, forced himself to hide the red bean cakes behind him.After thinking about it randomly, Chu Jiu realized that he seemed to have forgotten to report to the third master that the imperial court had sent them to return to Beijing immediately Wei Yuanchen was about to return to Beijing, so the guards and generals of the Wei family would naturally leave together.However, since the third master didn t ask to take it home, Zhang Tong still left a few people to secretly protect the Gu family s daughters.When Gu Houye arrived in the village, the generals did not dare to get too close to the courtyard where the Gu family s daughters lived, lest they would be misunderstood by Gu Houye.Mrs.Wei frowned slightly, still uneasy, such things as lenient emperors would not do poisoning, but the hands of the imperial concubine s party were long enough, and the emperor used the imperial concubine s party to do it Is cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies there anything less No one else knew how King Liang died, but they knew it very well.Seeing Mrs.Wei s worry, Wei Yuanchen said The imperial doctors use ordinary trauma medicine.Hearing what Wei Yuanchen said, Mrs.Wei s complexion became better again.While talking, a few people entered the door, and there was no one else in the room.Mrs.Wei expressed her worry cbd gummies vs oil The prince will not succeed, I am afraid that he will use this energy to suppress you again.Anyway, there are noble concubines and princes.Come on, it doesn t matter if you say it s revenge, or if you re angry, you can always confess.

Second Master Wei had just sat down and was about to say a few witty words to make his mother happy, when he heard a voice from outside saying, Did the third brother come in As soon as the words finished, Uncle Wei Wei Yuanhong stepped into the room while speaking.Wei Yuanhong first bowed to everyone, and then warmly stepped forward and hugged Wei Yuanchen s shoulder Second brother was sent on an errand, and he won t be back until later.I also ran home when I heard the news, but I didn t catch up with him.You.Wei Yuanhong was also very handsome, the two how many mg of cbd are in a gummy bear brothers stood together, they were all good looking talents, but their faces were not alike, Wei Yuanchen was more like the Wei family, Wei Yuanhong and his second brother Wei Yuanzhen were both born like their mother Yuan.Wei Yuanhong also followed the Yuan family.No more trouble explaining.Mrs.Zhang also nodded Auntie s health is the most important thing.Mrs.Zhang ordered her servants to put away the gifts they brought, and then stretched out her hand to grab Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu likes sweet scented osmanthus, and the golden osmanthus in our garden is all in bloom.How about Zhuzhu come over to play in the past two days Sister in law You make sweet scented osmanthus cakes.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Zhang took out a purse from her sleeve and put it on Gu Mingzhu s waist with her own hands.There were two fluttering butterflies embroidered on the purse, which was truly beautiful.Mrs.Zhang was talking about tidying up Gu Mingzhu s dress Zhuzhu is a big girl, she looks better dressed up, and my sister in law will make you a beautiful dress tomorrow.Looking at the gentle Mrs.The Shen family moves around frequently, that is the third prince, and there are often doctors and supervisors from the Imperial College in the third prince s mansion.Since the third prince was given a mansion, he has recruited many scholars in the mansion to study mathematics and law, and he also worked with Qin Tianjian Made cbd gummies vs oil a compass for navigation.Gu Mingzhu thought of the eight spring lock I don t know if there is anyone in the third prince s house who is good at making traps, my lord might as well draw attention to it.Compass and other delicate objects must use mechanism skills to make them.Mr.Shen and Batangsuo are the most important cbd gummies vs oil clues left to them by the Taiyuan Mansion case.Gu Mingzhu said again Your Excellency said that Mr.Shen smokiez edibles cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil is not deadcan you catch him Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly Nie Chen and others will be are cbd gummies legal in north dakota able to bring him into Beijing in these two days.Zhao to take the child to Shanxi together.Even if Mrs.Zhao survived, he would not be able to keep the son in law.Without the son in law, how could Mrs.Zhao come back safe and sound In vain he still helped Nizi Shang the princess, now Nizi uses the princess to suppress him.Mr.Cheng stood for a while and turned to leave.When Yuan s anger subsided, he came to persuade him.Mr.Cheng s figure disappeared into the yard, and the mother in charge told Yuan Master is gone.Yuan snorted coldly I just know they can t do anything.But she didn t expect that Princess Huairou would drive the old lady and the grand master out of the princess mansion.Princess Huairou is usually cowardly and incompetent, so why is she so tough this time.Even if Princess Huairou defends the Zhao family like this, the Zhao family will definitely die.The sparse and curly .

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hair scattered on the head, looked very frightening at first glance.What the prince looked at the princess resentfully, Are you afraid of me too Are you waiting for the document to abolish the prince so that you can ask the emperor to make peace with me By the way, I can t call myself I m already in my palace, I can t go back to the East Palace anymore, no no I have to go back, I have to go back.After the crown prince finished speaking, he suddenly curled up on the couch and began to cry.The concubine tremblingly stepped forward to persuade the prince.Since his return, the prince s temperament has changed drastically.He looks crazy, crying for a while, angry for a while, and he has to go to the palace to see the emperor and the imperial concubine.The imperial concubine has ordered that there should be no movement from the mansion, and she tried her best to appease the crown prince, but if this continues, she may not be able to hold on anymore, so she sent people to inquire, the emperor drafted a document to abolish the crown prince, just waiting After the war in northern Xinjiang subsided, the matter was announced to the world, and the imperial concubine acquiesced in such a result, who would have the ability to fight What s going on outside The prince seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly raised his head, Have you found the person who harmed me Has Wei Yuanchen who stabbed me been punished And Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, if not He is useless, and this palace will not end up like this.Go in, Mr.Weiis disrespectful to Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi heard the blood rushing in his chest, and his brain exploded Madam, what do you mean The surname Wei treated Zhuzhu lightly Mrs.Lin recalled the events of that day.She was too surprised at the situation at that time, and cbd gummies vs oil didn t look carefully.She didn t know whether it was Wei Sanye s frivolity on purpose, or because he fainted and fell on Zhuzhu.Thinking about Mr.Wei s character, it doesn t seem like the kind Shameless disciple.Madam Lin sighed again, and told Gu Chongyi what how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil happened that day in a low voice.She ordered someone to pour water, and when she came back, she saw Wei Yuanchen hugging Zhuzhu, with her head resting on Zhuzhu s shoulder.When she stepped forward to check, she found that Wei Yuanchen had already passed out.Gu Chongyi s frown became deeper and deeper, and his anger became more and more intense.

Madam Lin ordered the steward You call Princess Huairou and tell her to take care of herself, and she will surely get through the crisis safely.The steward responded with a bang and stepped back.Mrs.Zhang can see that Mrs.Lin is really worried about Mrs.Zhao, and she has no other considerations.She is worried that Mrs.Zhao is the idea of the housewife.Besides, Mrs.Yuan s death may also involve the Shanxi mutiny case that is under investigation She always felt that when Lord Hou was in Taiyuan Mansion, someone was around to influence Lord Hou.Could it be Mrs.Lin After Gu Chongyi came down to court, he met Cui Wei who was waiting outside the palace gate, and the two of them also heard the news that Yuan Shi had hanged himself on the way back home.Cui Wei thought for a while when he heard this and looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle, do you think Yuan s suicide has anything to do with the Shanxi mutiny case HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil I always feel that Yuan s death is a bit strange.Now that something happened to the Lin Temple, Mrs.Lin lost her natal support, her father uncovered the war horse case, the Gu family seemed to be raising their heads, and Cui Wei began to approach her again.Want to marry how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil her cbd gummies vs oil into Cui s family and let Cui Wei at his mercy, Cui Wei will use the name of son in law to hold cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion in the palm of his hand It was a good calculation.Cui Wei is like a piece of meat on a fishhook, if you want to lure her over, your father and mother will probably feel happy when seeing this happy scene.It s a pity that this is a piece of rotten meat, and she is not an ordinary small fish or shrimp.At this moment, the kung fu kite fluttered and fell to the ground.Gu Mingzhu looked at a few figures not far away.Mrs.Zhang and her mother were standing in the Chaoshou corridor, looking over here.Cheng Yi continued Father will inevitably feel sad when he sees Yuan s death.After all, it will be messed up, and the inquiries may not be thorough.We should leave these matters to the Yamen.Everyone can rest assured.Don t think that I don t know your intentions, Mr.Cheng gritted his is cbd gummies legal in wisconsin teeth with hatred, You just want to make me lose face.When I come to check, you have to turn over her body.Isn t it enough for a person to die Do you want to take it away too Why are you so ruthless Even cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration if she wanted to kill your mother and Peng Liang, aren t they both alive and well now On the contrary, she took her own life for the sake of fame, and you don t think it s enough At this moment, Mr.Cheng is like a widower who has just lost his first wife, his face is full of sadness and anger, and his behavior does not look suspicious.Under the dim light, Wu Zuo was writing documents, and the yamen of the Shuntian government office guarded Yuan s body.The yamen was not very old, and it was the first time he saw such a scene.Scary face, every time he set his eyes on Yuan Shi s face, he always felt purekana cbd vegan gummies 33 that Yuan Shi s eyes were staring at him.The yacha clenched his teeth tightly, and he couldn t help but lose his mind because of the nervousness.After an unknown period of time, when he went to look at Yuan s corpse smokiez edibles cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil again, he found a black shadow very close to the corpse, and the gauze on his head almost fell off.On Yuan Shi.That scene was even weirder.Yacha was startled and couldn t help but exclaimed.Chapter 251 Nobody Can Run When Wei Yuanchen entered the room, he heard the Yacha s shout.The Yacha quickly realized that he had made a mistake, and immediately knelt down to plead guilty.Gu Chongyi was very annoyed with Wei Yuanchen before, but now if he hadn t been concerned about the case of General Zhao, he would not have entered Shuntian Mansion.However, looking at Wei Yuanchen under the lamp was actually more pleasing to the eye than his annoying second uncle, best cbd gummies for focus and concentration cbd gummies florida probably after looking at the mud, he would feel suddenly enlightened when looking at other things.Otherwise, how could he feel that the little thief who bullied his daughter was a bit righteous.Madam is right, there are some things that should not be made public now, and he came here to see clearly what kind of person this Wei Yuanchen is.Master Hou, please sit down.Gu Chongyi sat down .

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and looked around.The desk was full of files, obviously he had been busy all night.Master Hou must have heard about the case of the Cheng family before he came here, cbd gummies vs oil Wei Yuanchen said, Master Cheng s murder of Mrs.Gu Chongyi frowned.What he thought about Wei San should be something that the Wei family should worry about.In a place like the Yamen, it is good to have food.Those soldiers who went to battle could only chew dry how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil and hard rations.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi continued to urge his horse, and when he arrived outside the palace gate earlier, he could also listen to the courtiers discussion on the Cheng family s case.After Master Gu left, Chu 9 immediately took the official uniform and entered the door cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration It s time for the third master to change.Wei Yuanchen looked outside.On the cbd gummies vs oil ninth day of the first day, he immediately said Miss said that the time is almost the same.The third master should go to court, and she should go back.Before the eldest miss cbd gummies vs oil left, she asked me to tell the third master.That Huixiang didn t tell the truth, and the third master would personally tell the truth when he was free.

Many officials in Beijing are full of envy for Gu Chongyi.This Marquis Huaiyuan has really good luck.The emperor said slowly The Marquis Huaiyuan has made great achievements in exposing the war horse case, and he will go to the Five Armies Commander s Mansion to take up his duties from now on.Although the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion has long been emptied by the Ministry of War, the matter is nothing more than a vacant post, but was keoni cbd gummies on shark tank Huaiyuanhou, who has never been on the battlefield, jumped from his official position as a horse breeder to the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion.In the whole case, this What Marquis Huaiyuan did seemed to be urging the imperial court to review the horses.After discovering the loss of the eagle hemp cbd gummies scam horses, he complained in the hall and went back to Taiyuan Mansion to pick up his wife and daughter.Isn t Master Wei drinking with his father Came here so quickly.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously stretched out her hand to compare under her lips, then squatted down.As soon as the shuntian mansion yamen moved, she was immediately targeted, and she wanted to hide here to see who was coming.There is a big willow tree in front of this small alley, hiding behind the tree is not easy to be found, and now she is hiding, but Master Wei stands beside her and remains motionless.The footsteps were getting closer and closer, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help stretching out his hand and tugging on Mrs.Wei s robe.Mr.Wei is not afraid of those people, but he is easy to scare the snakes.Walking behind Mr.Wei is very majestic on weekdays, but this big cat will also scare all animals.Mr.Wei always appeared in front of people upright, so he might not be willing to hide in a corner, so Gu Mingzhu shook his arm again.In this way, Master Wei should not want to taste it.toothache Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, it seemed that he had to put less sugar next time.My lord, Chu Jiu said, it s almost time, the people from the Yamen cbd gummies vs oil of Shuntian Mansion have arrived.Baotong stepped forward to help Gu Mingzhu off the altar Miss, we should go too, something happened in the temple , the mother in charge must be looking for the eldest lady.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and left the next thing to Master Wei.She looked at the box behind the statue.It would be more credible for the box to be taken by Xuanwei and the people from the government office.Walking out of the hall quickly, Baotong leaned over and said in a low voice Miss, just now Master Wei asked you for candied fruit Did smokiez edibles cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil she hear correctly The candied fruit in Gu Mingzhu s mouth moved from the right bone to the left cheek Master Wei is just curious.Gu Mingzhu shook her cureganics cbd gummies head.That s good, Mrs.Lin said in a low voice, I asked the kitchen to bring some snacks, and I ll have them for you in a while.Hearing the news suddenly, she didn t have how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil time to prepare too much, so she took some ready made snacks, which can always be used as a cushion abdomen.While talking, several people sat down in the quiet room.After the female crown served tea, Zhenren Mo still looked a little ugly because the poison on her body was not fully recovered.She didn t go around in circles and said directly I heard that Madam usually lectures on the South China Classic to Miss Gu Madam Lin nodded, this time A few days ago, Zhuzhu brought a copy of the Nanhua Sutra from the study to her room, and begged her for the contents of the reading.She thought the Nanhua Sutra was boring and boring, and soon Zhuzhu lost interest.Gu Mingzhu removed her hand from her purse and jumped off the chair.Wei Yuanchen noticed Miss Gu s movements, her eyes were slightly in a trance, obviously she remembered something, but she returned to the original state in an instant.Just a little bit, he is going to surpass the candied fruit in her purse, which is really gratifying.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said, Bai Jingkun said that Ah chan has been thinking cbd gummies vs oil about the Hongyi cannon.Do you think that general is close to Ah chan because of this When he said he was going to marry someone, Yuan Zhixing had already married Yuan Bai s family, and Yuan Zhixing was not good at archery, so the tiger bone eel was useless to him, so the person in Achan s heart was not Yuan Zhixing.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and she I also feel that Ah chan is not the kind of person who covets her brother in law.He still remembered Yan Shen s tragic situation.We killed him.Master Shen Er murmured.Chapter 303 Sorry Master Shen Er didn t speak clearly, but his wife Muro Tian Gongren next to him knew where the words came from.Tian Gongren said in a low voice Master It s getting late, you can go to bed Master Shen Er didn t move, if it wasn t for them, Yan Shen would have how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil been working in Dali Temple now, a young man with a bright future Cai Jun, just because he stopped him and said a few words, invited him to have a meal at home, and his life changed all the way afterwards.Not only did he not serve in Dali Temple in the end, but he became a prisoner cbd gummies vs oil and was executed by Qiuhou.Master Shen Er wanted to say something more, but Tian Gongren looked outside nervously Master, go to sleep There are some things that cannot be said.

Often come often In the past, they were very clear about these things, that is, the master was kind, otherwise many people would die in this Anjiyuan every year.Seeing that the people brought here cbd gummies vs oil purekana premium cbd gummies price performed their duties, Tan Dingfang heaved a sigh of relief, and followed him to the Anji Courtyard.However, just as he stepped into the gate of the courtyard, he felt something unusual.There seemed to be many people in the Anji Courtyard.There are some people, these people are busy on the roof.With his familiarity with this place, he can detect few strange things.Tan Dingfang glanced over the roof, and then settled on a figure.The man was wearing a bamboo hat and coir raincoat.After seeing him, he squatted there quietly, like a big monkey.Tan Dingfang immediately raised the lantern in his hand to shine upwards, and asked, Who s there .Feng Anping glanced at a few yamen servants cbd gummies vs oil Searching him is a useful weapon.The lights in the room were shaking, and the dim light made Tan Zigeng s face gloomy and uncertain.Disrespectful, even the Yamen of Shuntian Prefecture shouldn t cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration go forward and keoni cbd gummies help ed search your body indiscriminately like this, I am also an official of the court, how can you be so presumptuous While speaking, Jiao Zhong entered the door with the corn porridge he had just boiled, and the scene in front of him Let him stand there in a daze.When he left, only Bao er was lying on the bed.Why is there someone from the government office now, and the office staff also surrounded Tan Sanye.What s the matter Jiao Zhong asked.Daddy.Bao er yelled at Jiao Zhong.Jiao Zhong put down the corn porridge in his hand and walked forward quickly.When I came back, I was robbed of all the food and grass by the Tatars, so General Zhao was impeached by the censor after he returned to Beijing.Tan Dingfang nodded Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs, and General Zhao is not alone in defeating battles.What the Metropolitan Procuratorate questioned was why General Zhao did not defend the strongest city in Daning, and wanted to abandon the city Previously, the imperial court ordered the old general to defend the city, and the censor who accompanied the army reminded General Zhao several times, but General Zhao did not This will be the case if you go your own way.However, General Zhao s secret memorial had already entered Beijing.The memorial stated that he did not abandon the city and flee.The old general led his troops to rescue the people and handed over the task of defending the city to the deputy general.If the Great Zhou garrison moved south, Yongping Mansion would become more important Wei Yuanchen was investigating the case in Shanxi, involving Yulin Town Looking at it this way, Datong, Xuanfu In addition to Yongping Mansion, this is someone who is attacking the entire northern Xinjiang After King Huai made the East Palace cbd gummies vs oil With the help of such an uncle Contend with the Concubine Party.His thoughts were sorted out little by little, and Gu Chongyi was not as eager as before, and then he remembered to order Kairan will bring up the prepared meals, let s eat first, and then continue.Gu Mingzhu looked at the steward Take out the food box from the big kitchen and send it to the study in the front yard.Although the food is not very grand, the chef cooks it carefully, especially the sweet scented osmanthus cake with a layer of glutinous rice on it, which is not so sweet but a bit more Soft and glutinous.They had been favored by the Shen family since they were young.Without the Shen family, they might have starved to death or died of illness.The Shen family gave them food and let them study in the Shen family school.When it came time to protect the Shen family, they shouldn t be confused.Mrs.Shen looked at Cao Huai Let s do it.Cao cbd gummies vs oil Huai bowed and retreated.Mrs.Shen cbd gummies vs oil didn t feel sleepy anymore She ordered the steward, Quickly ask the master how long it will be before he returns to the capital everything will get better.Cao Huai came out of Shen s house and walked quickly to the north of the city, but he didn t see a few figures slowly following him in the snowy night.Cao cbd gummies vs oil Huai was very vigilant and looked around after walking for a while.Cao Huai s eyes glanced over Gu Mingzhu immediately held her breath and didn t make a sound, and waited until Cao Huai walked forward Gu Mingzhu was ready to follow up again Before she stepped out, her arm was pulled.Seeing Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanhong immediately said Second Uncle said that best cbd gummies for focus and concentration cbd gummies florida something happened to Prince Huai s Mansion, we have been waiting for news at home, and grandmother has not slept, because I am afraid that you will be criticized for working for the court.Wei Yuanchen said Brother, don t worry, this time it was the Ministry of Criminal Justice who brought people to arrest Princess Huai s natal brother.But when it comes to the prince, it s good to avoid suspicion, so as not to get into trouble.Wei Yuanchen said, I ll go to see my grandmother when I go change my clothes. What kind of clothes should I go back to change Wei Yuanzhen also walked over quickly, just to hear At this point, he grabbed Wei Yuanchen s arm and said, Grandmother s side is already ready.Wei Yuanchen glanced around, only to see that Lu s mother had been standing by the side, and then nodded and followed Wei Yuanzhen.

Tian Mang was so frightened that he pleaded guilty Master Hou, calm down, this We reported this, and reported it to the second master.The second master only said that Mrs.Zhou was involved in the treason case.Besides, everyone is dead.No one can prove that that person is not cbd gummies vs oil in the same party as the person who robbed HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil the prison.Cui Zhen said in a deep voice, Why would the person who robbed the prison be so eager cbd gummies vs oil to kill a woman Mrs.Zhou has never admitted guilt, and that person is killing people to silence her.Tian Mang sighed Master Hou is right, but everyone knows that there are many doubts about the second prince s treason case, so this is really nothing.It is nothing.The crown prince and the noble concubine were determined to settle the case.The officials of cbd gummies vs oil the court would either be involved in it, or avoid it from a distance for fear of being stained with mud.When his father passed away, he was always worried about this matter, and he repeatedly warned his elder brother and second elder brother.The Shen family produced another Chief Assistant, and finally became Minister of the Ministry of Rites.The eldest brother thought that he was one step away from his father, but it was more than one step.If the eldest brother was half as meticulous as his father, he would not have fallen to such a point.Now The whole family is in chaos, master, what should I do Shen best cbd gummies for focus and concentration cbd gummies florida tightly pulled Master Zhang s sleeve.Maybe the Shen family will fall on your shoulders in the future, Elder Zhang looked at the Shen family, You have to think about whether to give it a go for the second uncle and elder brother, or to keep the rest of the clan.Shake I I don t know I want to save the second uncle and the eldest brother, but I can t get involved with the entire Shen family, let alone the Zhang family.Auntie Sun beat the girl up, and the girl hanged herself in horror, and her body was carried out and buried.Is Zou Xiang the child of Aunt Sun No, he hasn t been to the backyard for a long time, but Aunt Sun is still in the Hou s mansion.At this time Zou Lin s voice sounded Master Hou can t remember who she is, right Her name is Yao cbd gummies vs oil Qing.I broke my leg that year.Thanks to Qing girl serving cbd gummies vs oil by my side, I like her very much.Who knows you The mother came to the clan, spotted Qing girl, and said that she has a good figure and is easy to bear, even if she can t have a son, it would be good to have a daughter for the joy of .

are cbd gummies allowed on airplane?

the Hou family.I think I can talk in front of your mother, But your mother blamed me, saying that I don t understand kindness, and that she treated me so well in vain.Since she is the one I like, can she still treat me poorly Your mother pulled Qing girl and said a lot, but Qing girl was said I am moved, I know what Qing girl is thinking, her hometown is Datong, her father died in the war when the Tatars invaded, she admires you, Lord Hou, and thinks you are a hero, and promises that as long as Lord Hou likes her, she will I am willing to go to Beijing.First, it s because of Qing girl s entrustment, and second, I also have resentment towards Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou.Even if Mrs.Zhang did it, you won t Is it half wrong Wasn t the Zhou family who hadn t passed the family murdered by the Cui family Let me hand over Brother Xiang to you, it is better to let Brother Xiang be a servant of the Gu family.With this in mind, I went to the Huaiyuanhou Mansion to prove that I was right.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not treat me and Brother Xiang badly.Son, let alone treat Brother Xiang as a servant.Zou Lin looked at Zou Xiang kindly Brother Xiang, you shouldn t do this today.There are many bad people in this world, but there are also many good people.Think about Madam Hou and Miss Gu, you should be good.live.Cui Zhen felt a hot pain on his cheek.Zhang, don t stop me, Cui Zhen said indifferently, It will be good for everyone to find out everything.Cui Zhen s eyes were like deep pools.Seeing that gaze, her heart suddenly trembled.She always felt that Cui Zhen s words had no deep meaning.They seemed to be targeting her, making her think of the Shen family involuntarily.The situation of the Shen family today is also because they didn t find out what happened back then.Are you reminding her or mocking her Shen Shi was slightly absent minded, and the rude envoy pulled her away.Madam, Lord Hou is doing it for your own good.You must not struggle, so as not to hurt the baby in your womb, the doctor said in a low voice, I have practiced medicine for many years and will never kill anyone.Madam, don t worry Mrs.Zhang As if caught by the doctor s words, the strength of the struggle gradually weakened, and was finally pressed down on the soft bed by the mother in charge.I said she was unlucky and you didn t listen, which made the house restless.Mrs.Zhang didn t know how much dirty stuff she had hidden, so you called the mother in charge by my side, and I gave a few orders to get Mrs.Zhang out of here.Check it out.Cui Zhen didn t move, his expression looked even more gloomy, what kind of man would worry about his wife s dowry, that s all his mother thought about.Mrs.Lin frowned Did you hear what I said to you You haven t learned a lesson yet How many times have you bumped into me because of Mrs.Zhang in the past few years If it wasn t for your mother, I would have watched your inner house continue to be chaotic.Cui Zhen looked at the servants in the room and said Everyone get back, I have something to ask Mrs.Tai.The steward responded.Madam Lin was impatient with Cui Zhen, if she hadn t wanted to take the opportunity to get out of the courtyard, she would never HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil have said these things to Cui Zhen What do you want to ask Cui Zhen lifted his robe and sat on the stool Mother I told me before that the death of my child is due to the ghost of the Zhou family, but my mother has seen that ghost with her own eyes How can I be sure it is the Zhou family Mrs.

That is who cbd gummies vs oil are you and what are you going to do Whether it is forced or willing, it is one s cbd gummies vs oil own choice.Gu Mingzhu reached out and touched Zou Xiang s head Go back and stay with my aunt.Zou Xiang kept looking at the girl s figure Leaving, just yesterday when Miss Gu helped him, he felt another kind of warmth.Gu Mingzhu returned to her room, changed her clothes, and then went out again.Today she will enter the palace with Mo Zhenren.Be careful, Mrs.Lin instructed, Speak less in the palace, and be more cautious in doing things.Gu Mingzhu said Mother, don t worry, the empress is very gentle.My daughter removed the netting in the palace and didn t make it up.Madam Lin didn t blame me.Mrs.Lin said It can t be like this today.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile This time I am prepared, my daughter brought some into the palace, if you want to tear them down, you can take them with you.Wei Yuanchen nodded So if you check carefully, you will find problems.There will always be caravans traveling with them.Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up Qiu Hai is using the banner of the Shen family to open the way for those caravans, and that s why he wants to stay in the Shen family.Now, many things will be much easier to how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil do.With a caravan, someone will open the way for them, and they can send whatever they want.After a long time of doing this, people will definitely find out.Someone in the Shen family has discovered the clues.The Shanghai thief Xiujia reminded that the five masters of the Shen family began to investigate the matter, so Qiu Hai asked people to kill Shen Wu and the Xiu family.Qiu Hai almost exposed his identity.In order to avoid the limelight, he followed the Shen family.Accompanying the room went to Zhang s house, and at that time Qiu Hai s people had already figured out the various checkpoints, even if they didn t need the Shen s house, they could go through this road.When Yan Shen asked him for help, he agreed without hesitation, not for anything else, but because he admired Yan Shen and was willing to advance and retreat with him.Yan Shen asked him to agree, so he could only help secretly, and must not expose it to others, otherwise, if someone plotted secretly, they might be tricked again like before.He agreed, and secretly followed Yan Shen to northern Xinjiang to investigate the case.Yan best cbd gummies for focus and concentration cbd gummies florida Shen searched everywhere for the steward of the caravan, and finally found that the steward was hiding in a village in Daning.There was only make your own cbd oil gummies an old couple in the house where the steward was hiding.He was killed in a battle with the Tartars.Yan Shen wanted to go to the village to investigate again, but when he walked outside the village, he found that the village was on fire.Looking at Cui Zou Xiang s stern face, Zou Xiang s long suppressed anger rushed into his head, and said stubbornly Don t even think about it, you don t even want to take me back in this life, I would rather die than recognize you.Cui Zhen said plainly Then what do you want to do Set up your own family Don t you want to trouble the Gu family for help In the end, you will return to Cui s family.It s just to make yourself feel more comfortable after making such a big circle.You thought you could grow up without my help, and you would surpass me in the future, but your identity has been revealed, you are different from Zou Xiang, and the upbringing you will receive in the future will be different.You are still young and don t understand these things, After a while, I will take you back, and if you have anything to say, we father and son can go back to Cui s house and talk slowly.The sword s edge slashed on King Huai s shoulder, and then kicked it over, causing King Huai to fall to the ground.King Huai felt that half of his body was torn apart, and the sword he was holding tightly in his hand was also lost.The man grabbed his injured arm, and when he raised his head.With a slap , he slapped King Huai heavily on the face.King Huai s eyes were staring, and his ears were buzzing.Another slap was thrown on the other half of the face, and then his crotch hurt, and he was kicked firmly.King Huai curled up and fell to the ground, and screams came from his mouth.Bah Qiu Hai spat, If you run cbd gummies vs oil 50 mg cbd gummies away again, I ll kill you.Qiu Hai flew up and kicked King Huai s jaw again.Blood flowed from King Huai s mouth, and before the blood froth could be completely spit out, he was grabbed by the bun on his head and dragged forcefully.It may be that this person put on light armor and mixed among their people.While he was talking to Gu Chongyi, he quietly approached and threw the firearm.Now this person wants to dismiss him again.Take the opportunity to play tricks and bring men and horses to surround him from behind, and deal with the men and horses he brought out, making him unable to come back.I ll kill you first.Qiu Hai raised his sword and stabbed at the man.Gu Chongyi could vaguely see Wei Congzhi who was being chased and fled by Qiu Hai.This shameless thing, while he was shouting at Qiu Hai, quietly went over and fired a cannon.What would people think of him when it got out Conspiracy and tricks are omnipotent His reputation for frankness was suddenly wiped out.It s fine now, and Qiu Hai chased the crap out of him.

Huang Chang became afraid when he thought of this.If he really did this, the consequences would be disastrous.Chen Xiang was identified by the female officer of Yongchun Palace, and was stared at by the emperor like this, his face was full of panic, his legs softened and he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing The emperor spares my life, the emperor spares my life.Chen Xiang s voice seemed to be panicked, The emperor felt an extraordinary calmness from him.Say, the emperor s voice seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth, Who ordered you to do this Chen Xiang was silent for a moment, then turned his head to glance at Concubine Jiang not far away, the meaning was clear but.Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.He could almost guess that the lotus alley would not be so peaceful, and he would make some moves after hearing the news.His father said that a fool would definitely make mistakes at critical moments.If you want to live a safe and secure life, you must stay away from such people, but watching these people do not do stupid things is another matter.As long as there is no movement in the lotus alley, Feng Anping will never show his face.If there is movement, he will rush to it first, so as not to cause trouble and trouble the yacha brothers under him.Toss the brothers for a trip.After the incident, he will inevitably have to treat guests to dinner.It s not that he is stingy.The current season is not suitable.It s cold and everyone has to eat an extra bowl of rice.It s too bad to be a host at this time The door opened slowly, and Feng Anping looked over intently, only to see a person dressed as a maid poking his head over to look around, then retracting his head quickly.Zhou Zesheng looked at the scene in front of him, then at Sanniang who was huddled in the corner, he raised his foot and walked towards Sanniang You own this restaurant Sanniang shook her head and looked at Master Wednesday not far away.Do you know who Xu Gui is Sanniang nodded On weekdays, the third master asked Xu Gui to pass on the message.That s enough, Zhou Zesheng looked at the people around him Invite the servants from Shuntian Mansion This time it s time for him to report to the police.Chapter 478 Returning to the Zhou family Mrs.Zhou knelt in the Buddhist hall to recite Buddhist scriptures.On the low table next to her, Zhou Ruyue was copying scriptures.The old lady Zhou was surrounded by the green smoke of sandalwood, but she still didn t get any peace.After the people in the yamen left, she asked the second and third children carefully, and found that there were no documents in the study related to Xu Gui and Cui Wei, and the Cao family also promised to help find out the news, but the rebels who colluded with Cui Wei were Guan.Liang, you can sleep a little longer.Concubine De nodded and lay back down again, but felt uncomfortable, and asked the female officer to change her sweaty clothes.Concubine De opened her eyes again after the female officer put down the lamp, she always felt that something would happen at any time, and only when the Zhou family s affairs were thoroughly dealt with could she feel at ease.Six years ago, when she heard that Zhou Zecheng s daughter cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration had also died in the prison, she was both regretful and at ease.Finally, no one knew about her relationship with Mr.Na Xin.Now everything has come back again, some people insist on investigating the case back then, but Liang Wang is still alive, if the emperor knows that she had a relationship with Liang Wang when she was in her boudoir, what will happen.All the clothes on King Liang s body were stripped off, and he lay there naked.Gu Chongyi couldn t help sighing, Wei Congzhi was the only one who could think of such an eye staining trick.Take people down.So as not to change.The general responded.Gu Chongyi watched the soldiers wrap King Liang up in sackcloth, stuffed the cloth around his mouth, and tied it tightly, so he felt relieved.King Liang Tsk, he seems hairless On Li s big boat, Tang looked at everything in front of her.She didn t know whether to panic or feel sad.It turned out that the prince didn t want to go with her.This is all calculated by the prince in advance.Under such circumstances, it was understandable for the prince to abandon her, but she was still extremely sad, and an inexplicable emotion wrapped her tightly.Tang looked towards the shore, she left some people in Dagu to prepare for the prince to raise troops again in the future, if something goes wrong here, those people will try their best to rescue them.If I hadn t known that you were not dead, I might not have survived until now.Seven years have passed in the blink of an eye.I want to be with you every day in the future, and I don t want to waste a moment.His voice was much lower and lighter than before, and he just looked at her for a moment Seeing you cbd gummies vs oil wearing a Taoist robe, my mind went blank, and I seemed to be scared to death at that moment.When you think about it, I will go wherever you go, anyway, the responsibilities on my body are already gone, I can let go of everything, and I will become a monk if you become a Taoist priest, so it s good to be with you, and I don t seem to be so panicked anymore.Gu Mingzhu shook her head subconsciously I I don t want HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil to be a Taoist priest.Wei Yuanchen said Then are you willing to marry me Gu Mingzhu swallowed, and the words that Master Wei said echoed in her ears Wherever you go, I will marry you.

Master Zhu Wu swallowed.Gu Mingzhu said When I was in Taiyuan Mansion, in order to investigate my father s case, I changed my name to the elder.Few people know about this.Miss Gu is really the elder.Zhu Wu stood there in a daze again, and it took him a long time to come back to his senses.Before Nie Chen accepted him as his fifth younger brother, he had said about the Elder Master.The Elder Master was about fifty years old.He was a ranger when he was young., with the world in mind, without a wife and children around him, they need to be taken care of cbd gummies vs oil by foster sons like them, and the Elder is very likely to be the Pearl Thief back then.Fart, where are you in your fifties Where do teenage girls get their wives and children Nie Chen smokiez edibles cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil s hairs stand on end and he really wants to fight with Nie Chen.Wei Yuanchen knew what Cui Zhen was thinking about, some things Cui Zhen would never understand.The two move forward separately.Cui Zhen went straight back to the Dingning Hou Mansion.The steward is waiting at the gate of the mansion.Master Hou, you are back.The steward stepped forward to serve.Where are the elders of the clan When Cui Zhen left Beijing, the Dingning cbd gummies vs oil Hou Mansion was managed by the elders of the Cui family, and he wanted to go to salute the elders.The steward HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs oil was busy leading the way ahead.The news of Master Hou s return spread throughout the mansion, and Zhang s spirits have been very good today.From the moment she heard Cui Zhen came back, she has been staring out the window.Does Madam Tai know Mrs.Zhang asked the servant cbd gummies vs oil girl.The servant girl didn t know Madam s meaning, and said in a low voice Understood, Madam, can cbd gummies be split in half don t worry, someone will tell Madam Tai.Zhang went in without knowing it, and subconsciously looked at the door.There was a sound of footsteps, and then a person came into her eyes.Chapter 548 Who Will The Joke Come Zhang didn t take it seriously at first, liberty cbd gummy bear now that Zhang s family looks like this, Cui Zhen also knows her calculations, no matter who comes, they can t change any results.But when her eyes fell on that person s face, Zhang felt all the blood in her body rushing to her chest, making her almost out of breath.She stared at that person, her lips opened and closed but no sound came out, and then her whole body trembled like a dead leaf in the wind.No, it s impossible.This moment seemed to have passed for a long time, long enough for Mrs.Zhang to look back on her life.How are you still alive Mrs.Zhang began to panic, It s fake, it s all fake, you deliberately found a similar person to lie to me, it s impossible the Luo family is dead he Mrs.Cui Zhen still refused to move.He doesn t want cbd gummies vs oil to go back and lie down, so don t force him.A slightly majestic voice cbd gummies 10mg full spectrum came, and Cui Zhen turned to see his father.The father nodded to Cui Zhen gratifiedly Yes, he has a bit of backbone, and he is the son of my Cui family.The mother said displeasedly What about your son of the Cui family My son s body is more important than anything else., if Brother Zhen s illness persists for a long time, let s see how I settle accounts with you. Okay, my father said in a gentle voice, Brother Zhen is sick and can t practice guns, so let him He s sitting next to him, I ll practice it with him.A servant brought a chair, Cui Zhen sat down with his mother, and watched his father pick up the iron gun.The iron spear passed down from generation to generation in the Cui family dances vigorously in the hands of his father.It is obvious to all that there have been many changes inside and outside the palace in just one year.The waiter looked at the clouds in the sky, this is called the general trend, after being with the empress for a long time, he is like a brush that has been used for a long time, it is soaked in ink, and no one will believe him if he says he is ignorant.Little Douzi, what are you doing staring blankly at the sky You don t go in to serve.The waiter said, almost forgetting to pour water for the empress because she was thinking about the affairs of the world.The third master and the third grandmother entered the palace to salute.In the long abandoned Fuhua Palace, the deposed concubine Jiang was imprisoned in it.Last fall, the Ministry of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple collected evidence that the imperial concubine party killed Zhongliang.I ll forget it, Feng Anping said, I ll just deliver the news for you.Gu Ziyan smiled and shook his head.Cousin Feng is good at everything but he s too timid, so he didn t force it.Gu Ziyan said Then Cousin Feng will watch from the side.Let s see how he deals with the Wei family.With the sound of ceremony and music, the courtyard of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion was full of joy, and the children rushed to step on the heights to look out, wanting to see the groom s demeanor first.First, he saw Wei Yuanchen on horseback, wearing gorgeous auspicious clothes, taking advantage of his unparalleled charm.After looking around like this for a long time, everyone turned their attention to the others.There are a lot of people here.The Wei family s welcoming team seemed to have no end in sight, and they didn t know how many people came with them.

Wei Congzhi shuddered, cbd gummies uk cheap his family members chased him, and he knew without thinking that they were going to tie him up to meet the Mu family.Master, we can t go anymore, Chuan Lao said, The waterway is blocked by a big ship.So you want to make him submit Forgetting that the young master is an idiot in the waves, Wei Congzhi how to take cbd gummies cbd gummies vs oil turned around and was about to jump into the water, but his body froze and he jumped off the boat cbd gummies vs oil as he wished, and was firmly hugged by the boat boss at the cbd gummies at gas stations waist.You can t, you can t, the boat boss yelled, It s better to cbd gummy bears just from cbd live than to die.Although you are not young, cbd gummies 300mg best cbd gummies for focus and concentration you still have some time to live after finding a good doctor.Maybe you can find a family and pass on do cbd gummies really work to stop smoking an heir Who is going to die.Wei Congzhi stretched out his hand to tug on the boat boss, he just wanted to have fun.What a good little brother, suddenly became a big lady.Miss Mu sat down, poured two glasses of wine, cbd gummies under tongue and drank one by herself You lied to me, and I lied to you.In fact, we are both settled.Wei Congzhi was taken aback.Miss Mu said I started to regard you as a spy of the Toungoo Dynasty.I wanted to see what you were going to do, so I came to find out that you should be the reinforcements of the Great Zhou Dynasty.You didn t go directly to the Mufu, obviously because you wanted to You have to figure out the surrounding situation by yourself before that, your temperament seems to be unruly, but in fact you are cautious, I also want to find out your details, so I am willing to stay and be used by you.Don t blame our Mu family.The current emperor has been in power for many years, and he doesn t care about the southwest.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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