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People need face, trees need bark.If you don t want to be treated like this, can you still flatter yourself A good start is half the battle, and a bad start is the beginning of tragedy.On the first day of reporting, Han Chaoyang was poured with cold water, and Han Chaoyang s enthusiasm was completely blown away.He thought to himself, isn t it just a job Why don t you still look down on you, do your job high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety well, let you get caught, what can you do to me The matter was so simple, but unexpectedly, he was still caught.The words of the leader are orders, and if you understand it, you must implement it, and if you don t understand it, you must implement it.What s more, people said, this is a chance for you.Thinking that he was going to the Chaoyang Police Department, Han Chaoyang s scalp became numb After working in the office for nearly six months, the police were dispatched almost every day, sometimes several times a day, so I can say that I have a better understanding of the general situation in the jurisdiction.I came here.Stalking in a BMW, what are you kidding, Han Chaoyang scolded with a smile, and said without thinking, Wait, I have a power bank, and I ll have someone send it to you.Old Xu Old Xu can t leave, as soon as he leaves the police office, there will be no one else, I will arrange others.Chapter 25 The plan is not as good as the change As night fell, the West Street of Chaoyang Village became lively again.People who have worked or done business in the urban area for a day have returned to their rented places one after another.Some are busy shopping for vegetables and going back to cook, some simply eat at small restaurants on the side of the road, and some It was so hot that I couldn t sleep, so I took my cohabiting girlfriend or friends who also rented in the village to go shopping at the night market.During the investigation in Chapter 32, the prevention and control team found that there were cars and people patrolling nearby, and they came the fastest.Liu Suo took over the command of the Fox Hunting Team without hesitation, and ordered the auxiliary police of the prevention and control team to detain the suspect.Considering that there was a woman among the suspects, he asked Chen Jie to assist in detaining him in an unquestionable tone.Let Xu Hongliang, who is familiar with the situation, lead the police of the prevention and control team to observe the terrain first, and together with Lao Xu who is squatting in the cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain village, keep an eye on the suspects, and wait for the large forces to arrive before collecting the nets.It was not long before the No.2 car set off, and Deputy Director Xu arrived with the on high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety duty police and auxiliary police.Is it funny But now a very serious meeting is being held, so you can t be distracted and don t complain.At the request of Deputy Director Cai, I hurriedly went to the stage with Su Xian, saluted the leaders first, and then saluted the team members and guests in the audience.He received a red flag with the words Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol printed on it.A street cadre and a community worker hurriedly took pictures, and the warm applause lasted for a long time.It was very grand and lively, and the team members who sat upright in the audience were very encouraged.The leader with the highest position is always the finale.Secretary Yang s last speech, from the general secretary s spirit of comprehensive political and legal governance, to the comprehensive management of cbd gummies with thc for anxiety the Huayuan Street Working Committee and offices, especially sending cbd gummies to india the current status of comprehensive law enforcement.Guan Xi Yuan could hear it clearly, and as soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, he pointed to the anti theft door and said, Chaoyang, soldiers are so fast, I ll go find the car keys, and you report.I ll report, please, that s under your jurisdiction All the leaders are being trained at the moment, maybe they are in the court , Guan Xiyuan dare not go upstairs, while packing up the single police equipment, he said eagerly What time is it, I will report to you what is the difference Hurry up, don t waste time.Who will be on duty after we leave You cbd gummies nashville report first, the leader will definitely arrange it when he knows.Guan Xiyuan ran faster than a rabbit, and ran hazel hills cbd gummies ingredients out of duty as soon as he finished speaking room.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to bite the bullet and open the anti theft door, ran upstairs in one breath, stood at the door of the instructor s office, took a few deep breaths, adjusted his posture, and then shouted loudly Report There was no movement inside, and then With a shout, the door of the meeting room next door opened.It is conceivable that she and Chef Cui met in a restaurant.The couple earn over 100,000 yuan a year, and their son lives in their hometown.Although the place where he lives is very ordinary, it is also a two person world.This small life does not need to be too moist, not only the fellow villagers, but even Han Chaoyang is a little bit envious.As long as they work hard, everyone in Yanyang, a provincial capital city with a population of more than three million, has food to eat.No one cares about eating and drinking, the main thing is to get together and chat.Xiao Ma, who has just graduated, is very active and has a good capacity for alcohol.After toasting one by one, cali cbd gummies he said happily Xiaoyu, Linlin, although Chenjiaji is far away, the transportation is very convenient.There are direct buses.If something happens to his old man, not only will your life be difficult, but Director Su s life will also be difficult, and he has specifically explained to us, so seeing that he is going out to patrol at night, I asked Yongming to go with him.Thank you.You re welcome, he is indeed worthy of our respect.That is, otherwise he can wear a white shirt and be rated as a second level hero model Han Chaoyang smiled complacently, and asked again I Brother.The police are out.There is a dirty and smelly river in the Xinmin community.It is being dredged.First, the water in the river will be pumped out, and then the mud from the bottom of the river will be pumped out.The embankment must be solidified like Chaoyang River, and then the river will be dredged.The green belt of the river.This is a good thing, but the construction unit actually worked at night for the sake of the progress of the project.Besides, why should it be withdrawn This is a show of face, which fully proves that people are kind, and things that promote righteousness will still be supported by the masses and resonate with people.Yes, just wait, even if your sub bureau does not promote it, the Propaganda Department of the district committee will not miss this good opportunity to promote positive energy.If the superior really sees it, how will he explain it then The rain washed away the manhole cover, and the manhole cover was so heavy that a three year old would not believe it.If those wells were not covered in the first place, the department in charge of maintaining municipal facilities would be the first to refuse.Han Chaoyang realized that this was not a matter of showing off, and at the same time realized that the limelight was out of control, so he said with a bitter face, Sister, the matter is not what you think, nor is it what the post says.

Dad s arm, angrily staring at the crowd not to let Li Tianzheng go.You can t let this kid stay at home alone, otherwise what should you do if something happens, Han Chaoyang patted him on the shoulder, Li Xiaobao, what does your teacher usually teach you Children should have a sense of right and wrong.If your father is HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety wrong, he is wrong.Since he is wrong You have to face it.Sit in the front and go to the police station with your uncle, and come back with your dad after the problem is clarified.Uncle police, can my dad come back after a visit You don t want him to come back Hope. That s it, be obedient, let go of your hands.You promise that I won t arrest my dad He didn t murder and set fire, as long as he actively cooperates and confesses, as long as he has a good attitude, he will be fined and he will come back.He kept nagging until Xu cbd gummies with thc for anxiety Hongliang finished the resignation procedures and came to find Lao Jin to do the entry procedures.He taught Xu Hongliang as an example before dismissing their father and son Two go back.Inspector Gu, you are always saving face.I will treat you at noon.You boy, just said that you can t spend money indiscriminately, but now you are spending indiscriminately.I appreciate the kindness.It s unnecessary, it s really unnecessary.We have different meals at noon.Yes, Chaoyang and I went to the cafeteria of the Sixth Hospital, you eat at the security company, you are now a member of the security company, Aunt Tan must have cooked your meals.Hong Liang, don t be so polite, you are not an outsider.Okay , I ll eat here.It s true that there s no need to be polite with a good brother and a good brother s master, Xu Hongliang no longer insisted.There is an open air barbecue in the village, and the village collects stall fees and sanitation fees from others.The villagers have no objection.The street comprehensive administrative law enforcement goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website team can only turn a blind eye and close one eye, pretending not to know, let alone clean up.When there are many people, accidents are easy to happen, especially on hot summer nights.Since the beginning of summer, there have been four fights on this street caused by trivial matters, so it is completely different to come to patrol and not to patrol.Driving a patrol car and turning on the police lights can improve cbd gummies with thc for anxiety street visibility The police rate can play a certain deterrent effect.But Han Chaoyang s visit tonight was not just for patrolling.He first went around to find out the general situation, and then went from north to south to visit the small shops along the street.Conceal, but you should not dare to conceal some things that can be verified.The ensuing interrogation not only surprised Han Chaoyang, but even the well informed Grandpa Gu was eye opening and found it unbelievable.He had only heard of those unscrupulous small loan companies defrauding people through online loan platforms.It turned out to be a scam for online loan companies.How do you operate He Yichang asked professionally.To create a set goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website of false information first, it will cost about 2,000 yuan.Many platforms do not strictly review it for momentum.If you are lucky, you can get a loan of 200,000 yuan.To be more specific, let me start from the beginning, how did you learn this When I was in college, I used credit cards.There are cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain all kinds of how to play and how to use credit card forums.At most, there are dozens of credit cards.Do you have a picture of her No, I deleted it a long time ago.Have you been in touch now I haven t been in touch since we cbd gummies with thc for anxiety broke up, Yingying, I m sorry, I know it s not fair to you, but it s no use regretting what happened.Believe me, give me a chance, I m not the same as I was before.I will no longer cbd gummies with thc for anxiety be flirtatious, I will only treat you wholeheartedly, and will only be responsible for my future work, life and even my family.Everyone has a process of growing and maturing, and he is different now than goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website he was when he was first stationed in the police department.It is said that the army is a melting pot that can train people.The public security system, especially the grassroots police stations, is like a melting pot, which can also train people.Now that he has really cbd gummies with thc for anxiety grown up and has a real sense of responsibility, Huang Ying believes that what he said is from the bottom of his heart, and not wanting to make the atmosphere too solemn, she half jokingly said Chaoyang, I would like to believe you, but you are too annoying.Now if he looks for someone else, of course they don t believe him.The more Gao Junfei thought about it, the more depressed he became, and couldn t help but turn around and stare at him.Chen Yabing was not afraid of anything, only Gao Junfei, his brother in law, smiled resentfully, with a look of embarrassment.For the sake of this business, Gao Junfei not only sold everything he could, but even risked his life.He was so angry that he was about to say a few more words to him when his cell phone rang suddenly.Chen Yabing came to his senses all of a sudden, glanced at the caller ID, and hurriedly pressed the call button.Boss Chen, where have you been Brother Miao, we are here.We are in the parking lot.We are driving a white Toyota with the car number Yan A023BE.How about you, when will you arrive Have you brought any money Bring it, how can you do business without bringing money.The situation here has changed a little.The drug dealers are taking money in the parking lot.Delivery to a private house 2.3 kilometers away from the parking lot.There are many people in the parking lot.We don t know how many drug dealers came to get the money.I don t know if they will arrange for one person to take the money and another person to be in the dark Surveillance.In order to ensure everything is cbd gummies sunoco safe, and in order not to startle the enemy, we temporarily decided to let the drug dealers go first.Drug cases must be broken if there is a chance to be solved, and the entire chain must be broken if there is a chance.Director Feng and Captain Cui Weiyuan of the anti drug brigade have led eleven anti drug policemen to Dongguang.Of course, they didn t want to go back empty handed, so they said without hesitation It s okay to let the drug dealers go first, keep an eye on them, follow them closely, and find out how many of them are there.

The clothes and dress of the waiters look like Grid.The cbd gummies with thc for anxiety main business is official cuisine , and even the boxes are named after the palaces in the Forbidden City.It looks grand and luxurious, but they are all new, and there is no trace of historical charm.The business was very booming in the first year of opening, but it was not as good as the next year.There is no so called official cuisine in the eight major cuisines.It is estimated that the taste of the dishes is average and the consumption is not low.Just because the business is not good, the boss not only extended the business hours, but also no longer specializes in official dishes.Not only does it have barbecue, but also hot pot.Who would come here if they want to eat barbecue and hot pot Excuse meexcuse me, how many people A dozing waiter greeted him, thinking that the two policemen were hungry on patrol and wanted to eat supper.Can it be done The special subsidy for the management of migrant population has been approved, and now it is short of supporting funds.20,000 yuan is not much, and the village is working Find a way.As soon as the money is in place, we can arrange people to go over here, and then you will be much more relaxed.Others may not goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website be able to set up the public security defense team, but this one in front of him can definitely.Old Xu knew how highly valued he was by the street leaders, and was about to say a few nice words to flatter him, when Han Chaoyang suddenly asked Old Xu, when you came over, did Xiaobin and I catch those boys on Shijia Road at night Let s go. How did you deal with it It s no secret that the office is cbd gummy bears amazon uk very lively in the morning.Old Xu lit a cigarette, couldn t help laughing and said Detention is not enough, how can we deal with it, we can only hit 50 boards each, let the HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety surname Bao give the boy the wages in arrears, and then fine him, it s like punishing him alone five hundred.Huang Ying has seen such a person, to be precise, she has met someone who is very similar to Miao Haizhu, she laughed and said Fortunately, it s just a friend, not a colleague.Being a colleague with her will definitely be very stressful.Fortunately, she and I Cousin s class, not my class, otherwise my three years in junior high school would definitely be miserable, and even leave a psychological shadow.Han Chaoyang was really lucky, and the idea that her cousin was overheard because of his complaints appeared in his mind., being chased into the men s restroom, being dragged out of the men s restroom HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety by her and punched and kicked all the time.Your senior sister will definitely be a leader.If you don t believe me, we can bet.We can wait and see.Huang Ying didn t know how domineering Miao Haizhu was when she was in junior high school, but she only knew that Police Officer Miao was very powerful now.Making a small report is retribution, Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and muttered That dog is real, why didn t it bite someone else, but went to bite him Chaoyang, your comrade is injured, how can you gloat I How can it be possible to gloat, I just feel a little strange, being bitten by a dog, there is such a thing.You are just gloating Grandpa Gu gave him a look of resentment, and said very seriously The task force Carrying out the arrest mission, it turned out that there was a big wolf dog in the yard where the suspect was.He knew it was dangerous but still stepped forward to deal with the wolf dog and cover his comrades in arresting the criminal suspect.It was clear when it was time to go, even I I admire it very much, if you were you, can you do it Master, don t be angry, I thought he was bitten by a dog while walking on the road.What made Han Chaoyang even more ridiculous was that Gao Yueqing was very dissatisfied after taking a look at the photos taken by Mr.Guo, and then handed the phone to Huang Ying Yingying, what did your uncle take, making me so ugly , you help us take pictures, I only trust you when taking pictures.Auntie, use this one, I have a beautiful face on it.All right, all right, send it to me when you take the picture.Yingying, wait a minute Let me beautify my face too, and turn on a filter.Teacher Guo was super funny, HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety and pointed at Han Chaoyang and joked There is pressure to take a photo with the most handsome policeman, cbd gummies with thc for anxiety and I can t do without beauty.Mr.Guo, don t Just cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain kidding.What teacher Guo, should be called uncle, brother in law, don t you think so This question got to Dad Huang s heart, but the relationship hasn t been finalized yet, Dad Huang can t say yes or no , Just pretend to be stupid and be stupefied, laughing.The fact that you can come together and that we can sit here today shows that there is a relationship between you, and you should cherish this relationship, understand and respect each other, don t get into trouble over trivial matters, and don t let your parents worry about you.Master, we won t.It s good if you don t, Yingying is more sensible than you, and you HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety don t know Yingying, let alone.Oh, today is really double happiness, Director Gao, Director Su, Section Chief Huang, Teacher Ma, everyone, come, let s touch each other to celebrate this happy day.Even though I didn t eat enough to talk, the dinner was still very successful Mama and Papa cbd gummies with thc for anxiety Huang couldn t get enough of tree top cbd gummies it, and insisted on inviting the prospective in laws to sit at home.Of course, Teacher Ma and Papa Han would not refuse, but in the end, Grandpa Gu and Director Su He and Miao Haizhu goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website also went together, chatting at Huang s house until after 11 o clock in the night.The foundation of the construction site, the opening of the shopping mall, and the celebration of the unit, if necessary, we can go there.Really met colleagues Han Chaoyang almost burst out laughing at the thought of running in the field before.Director Wang obviously knew about the transformation of his old subordinates, lit a cigarette, and said unhurriedly Xiao Han, Guangcai s idea is right, but he faces a difficulty in transition.I have been in the business of dead people for nearly 20 years, and everyone around me knows what they used to do.They hold celebrations for auspiciousness, not for bad luck.So whether they can participate in Bayi Song will be very important to them.If they can If you participate in the song meeting, you can take some photos and some videos.It would cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain be even better if you can show it on TV.

I am Tonight s host, Shi Yujiang, welcomes all leaders, guests and friends After two days of rehearsal, Fan Xiaojing raised the microphone tacitly Good evening, comrades in arms I am tonight s Host Fan Xiaojing, thank you for coming.Tonight, let our hearts have wings, fly to the barracks, fly to our cutest people, and use our loud and clear singing to praise the motherland and the soldiers.Celebrate the founding of the army on August 1 Festival The coming August is brilliant because of the midsummer sunshine.The coming August is brilliant because of the music played in the army 88 years ago today, Nan The first gunshot of the uprising announced the birth of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.The People s Army has grown from weak to strong, fought bloody battles, and repeatedly defeated powerful enemies.Du Ju not only felt that the leaders of PolyU were powerful , but also felt that the immediate boss in front of him was also not a fuel efficient lamp.He suppressed a smile and asked Zhou Ju, since we are losing money no matter what, can we agree to their conditions Dealing with them, we can count on taking advantage of them Zhou Ju knocked on the ashes and said with emotion For us, there are several such large units in the jurisdiction, which is a headache for us, but some jobs are also relatively difficult.Don t worry.They have all the functional departments that they should have, at least it is not so troublesome in population management.The key is how to deal with such units.I think this is an opportunity to let Han Chaoyang be a policeman on campus and let him play his best.The role of a bridge.With me, not only did we not communicate on the phone, but we didn t even have a decent road.We had to rely on two legs to handle any case in the village, and just walked with wooden sticks as crutches.A few pairs of shoes were worn out a year.But at that time the village The first level organization can manage affairs, and civil disputes and civil mediation are basically out of our control, and there are not so many things now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch He Suo, I m really not being polite.I m a little uncomfortable.Drinking tea is the best.Okay, just drink tea.Director He was more talkative than expected, and handed the wine to Lao Chang to open it, while greeting Han Chaoyang Sitting down, he said with a smile The conditions here are relatively difficult, not comparable to the provincial capitals like Yanyang, but the conditions are much better now than before.It can be said that he is a desperado.We don t have guns, how can we catch him And he is a local, where can we find him in the mountains Family run drug trafficking Han Chaoyang was taken aback.Our place is the hardest hit area of the country s drug problem.There are historical reasons.In history, our place was the main area for opium cultivation.The tobacco and soil trade was very frequent.It can be said that it was the main source of local finance at that time.In some remote mountain villages, drug cultivation and smoking It has become a habit, and drug crimes have never been eradicated.Some people even think that planting and selling drugs is a skill handed down from their ancestors to make a living.Although we have always maintained a high pressure situation against drug crimes, there are still people who take risks, sporadically cbd gummies with thc for anxiety planting opium poppies and even selling new drugs., People can t go home for ten and a half months.Those who cbd gummies with thc for anxiety have married can t take care of their wives and children, and those who don t have a family stay best cbd gummies arthritis in the barren mountains every day, and they will die of loneliness even if they are lonely.Chapter 251 Drug dealer 6 In the house It is the location of the arrest headquarters, where the leaders stay.A few guides are next door to the command post.Instructor Hang and the leaders of several capture teams are talking to them in the room.The far left is the bedroom of the ranger couple.It is confirmed that there is no telephone extension installed in the room, and they will temporarily help them keep After finishing the mobile phone, the big guys tacitly didn t go in again.For the forest ranger who looks ten years older than his actual age, so many people come at once, no matter what they are here for, at least they can see people He was very happy, and hurriedly called his wife to boil water.Behind the communication vehicle is a command vehicle that was equipped by the Municipal Bureau just two months ago.To be precise, it is a mobile UAV combat command platform.The Hawkeye police drone that was originally intended to be used for aerial inspections of prohibited species has been thrown away by the police.The wingspan is two meters, the maximum transmission distance is 30 kilometers, the GPS navigation is used, the blanking time is as long as 90 minutes, the maximum take off weight is 5400 grams, the maximum speed is 190 kilometers, and the minimum speed is 32 kilometers.The video of the aerial reconnaissance is transmitted to the emergency command vehicle in real cbd gummies with thc for anxiety time , Several leaders can see the situation in the drone detection area while sitting in the car.Report to Mr.Xu, the second hunting team has stopped.Brother Jiang, you let him go up the mountain with me Don t the children in the mountain just run all over the mountain His grandfather is at ease, and I am also at ease with him as your company.This trip will at least stay on the top of the mountain until dark , There was a little guy who talked to at least one person, Han Chaoyang smiled happily Okay, I ll be with him, and I ll call you if there is any situation Having a guide is completely different from not having a guide.No matter what kind of question you ask, the little guy is too embarrassed to open his mouth.When he asks urgently, he scratches his ears and smiles foolishly, but having him is really helpful.First of all, don t go wrong.Feeling climbed to the top of the mountain.Along the way, he led Han Chaoyang to search.He knew exactly where there were caves, where people could hide behind trees, and where there were wild fruits to eat.

Come here later, if someone is lying in the hospital, I really don t know how to explain it to Huang Ying.In our line of work, there is no danger.You are the best at doing ideological work, so talk to Xiao Huang , let her understand and support Xiao Han s work more.Chapter 265 Receiving awards for meritorious service 1 As a quasi police wife, Huang Ying has long followed the WeChat official account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team.Every time Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie update the official account, she will habitually help forward it to WeChat Moments, but rarely click to see what content is updated.Teacher Ma, cbd gummies with thc for anxiety who is far away in his hometown in Linshan Town, does not follow the WeChat official account of the patrol team, but pays close attention to the WeChat Moments of his son and daughter in law to be.Han Chaoyang is not a fool, how can he not know the good intentions of the leaders of the city bureau and the branch bureau, he is excited but also feels a little uncomfortable, he feels like a monkey in a zoo, and then he will be surrounded by many people.Huang Ying was also uncomfortable.She and Ke Jing were the only two women in the huge restaurant.Thinking that many leaders would come in soon, she hurriedly got up and changed places with Jian Yunping, and sat in the corner with Ke Jing.Don t be nervous, just say what the leader asks later.Fan Ju was not at ease, and told Han Chaoyang who was sitting beside him.At this time, two middle aged leaders in short sleeved shirts, accompanied by Chu Ju and Zhou Ju, walked into the restaurant with smiles.Han Chaoyang, Guan Xiyuan and other policemen stood up to welcome them under the signal of Huang Political Commissar and Fan Ju.Wu Wei clapped his hands, brushed off the sand sticking to his hands, looked up at the pile of sand and muttered, Boss Hou said that this pile of sand has never been shoveled clean, and he can sell dozens or even hundreds of sand every day.In order to ensure sand sales all year round, he enters a boat every two days on average, and the sand from the boat is directly unloaded on it. Is the problem the owner of the boat, or the people working on the boat This This possibility is very high.Wu Wei looked back at the busy migrant workers, and said in a low voice According to Boss Hou, he only has three relatively stable suppliers, and he usually sells only four One third of the sand and gravel comes from these three suppliers, and the other sand and gravel are all sent to the dock by the ship owner who is in the business of sand and gravel.It s cbd gummies with thc for anxiety too greedy, there is no such thing It has formed a custom, there is no way.Grandpa Gu couldn t bear this kind of thing that was close to roadblocking and robbery the most, and muttered Knowing that someone in front will stop you, but you keep firing cannons, isn t this a reminder to the villagers in front that the convoy to pick up the bride is coming soon It can t be helped , This is also a custom.Just as he was talking, the young men who had finished setting off the firecrackers threw away their cigarette butts and got into the car.On the projection screen, Sun Jun, the deputy squad leader of the second class, took off his coat and put on a colorful short sleeve.With the camera shaking, he found a thick chain from nowhere and put it around his neck.Car No.1, car No.1, please answer.Car No.Accept inquiries.Okay, I ll let them do it, but we have to hurry up, we re busy.Thank you.Chang Liqun put on his hard hat and went out to call for someone, watching one after another Called into the office as if in court, a worker in his twenties panicked, pulled a worker who had just come out of the office and asked, Brother, what did the police ask It s not about facing each other.I asked who went to work and who didn t go to work on the night of the 15th, 16th, and 17th, who was with whom, whether there were boats on the river, and whether the carts and loaders cbd gummies with thc for anxiety cbd gummies near by had been out.No We can solve the case, and even suspect that we are murderers What do you say Tell the truth.Just as he was inquiring, a worker came over, took off his mask and said, I went home on the night of the 16th, and I was the only one at home.Huang Ying suddenly felt a little sympathetic to this woman, and subconsciously asked What happens after success Bless you, wish you happiness.I don t know when you will get married, but I can be sure that I can t come back to drink your wedding wine.In fact, I shouldn t come this time, and I shouldn t disturb your life.Chapter 326 Show up Han Chaoyang and my gummy bear vitamins cbd Wu Weigang assisted the technical police who arrived in a hurry to copy the video.Vice Captain Gong personally called and asked them to go back to Yuanfeng Hotel to pack their luggage immediately, and then report to the Second Squadron of the Third Brigade of the Traffic Police.There is no doubt that the project command has changed places.It was previously located in the Yuanfeng Hotel not far from the gravel quarry, purely for the convenience of case handling.Sheng Yanwen s appetite was so good that she almost wiped out the three servings of top quality lamb and one serving of top quality beef just now.Don t look at me like that Who s looking at you You re not a handsome guy.Xie Lingling chuckled, picked up the serving chopsticks and continued to put meat in the pot, knowing that she likes spicy food, she took this portion as before.The meat is all sandwiched to the side of the red soup.It s delicious, it s delicious.Sheng Yanwen took out a tissue to wipe the corners of her mouth, and said embarrassedly Is my eating appearance really ugly, does it look like a starving ghost reincarnated If you stay in the United States for two years like me , the eating looks are probably uglier than mine.Is there no hot pot in America Xie Lingling asked curiously.

He went back to the office to change his casual clothes, and went to the police office to change his car.He set off relatively late, but he just caught up.Wu Wei cbd gummies with thc for anxiety was very excited, pointing to the white SUV parked diagonally across the road and said happily Teng University is over there Don t worry, I ll turn around first.There was heavy traffic at the exit of the expressway, and Han Chaoyang looked for a gap and carefully drove the car to the entrance of the Yandong Squadron of the expressway traffic police next to the toll booth, thinking of stopping the traffic police team The door was too eye catching, so he lightly stepped on the accelerator and drove forward for a while, passing by the white SUV parked on the side of the road.After parking the car, Han Chaoyang looked in the rearview mirror, took out his mobile phone and called to report Report to Tengda, Wu Wei and I are here.Wu Wei, who had been lying on the back of the chair to observe the movement of the expressway exit, suddenly turned around and said, cbd gummies legal in georgia Chaoyang, here we come Come on, so fast Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked into the rearview mirror, and saw a black Mercedes Benz parked slowly beside the toll window, because it was too far away to see the driver and the co pilot clearly.Is there anyone sitting.It was the first time to perform such a task, and Han Chaoyang was really excited.At this time, the No.4 car closest to the toll booth suddenly reported Report to Tengda, report to Tengda, the target has been confirmed, the target has been confirmed, the license plate number is Dong E035G2, and the license plate number is Dong E035G2.According to the plan, follow the plan Take action.Car No.2 received Car No.On the phone, Grandpa Gu repeatedly explained that this involved a murder case and should not be treated as a trifle.Those who are strict with their mouths can ask for help in private, and those who are reliable but not serious about their words , You can inquire about it, but you must never disclose the case Master, I know what s in my heart, you can rest assured that Chaoyang s affairs are my affairs.Assisting the criminal investigation department in handling cases is originally the job of the community police, not Chaoyang You have to handle things as your own.Yes, yes, you are always right to criticize, I will review, and I will admit my mistakes.Stop being slick, let Chaoyang answer the phone.The master never said that, I didn t expect to Changfeng sent all the brothers, it s really cool to investigate the case with the brothers Han Chaoyang took the phone and said with a smile, Master, I heard everything just now, what else do you want to explain I m not the leader of the task force, let alone the leader of the sub bureau. I ll send you some photos if you don t practice fake moves, and you enter the system you are working on to see See if you HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety can identify it.Luo Zhi, this is similar to comparing fingerprints and DNA.You don t know that we just started this year.We can only perform face recognition on samples in the tag library, and we can only perform face recognition on the samples in the tag library.The recognition algorithms for facial features, body height, movement gait, hairstyle, facial expressions, etc.need to be improved, and it may take some HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety time for the application system to link the front and back of the does jackson galaxy make cbd gummies for humans system and perform real time comparison. Is there a tag library to recognize At this stage It s like this, and the tag library is new.Afraid that the deputy detachment leader didn t understand, the technical policeman explained This is similar to fingerprint comparison and DNA comparison.Anyway, I don t think he will easily contact his comrades, nor will he go home easily.Since it is a general precaution, it is to avoid the limelight.If the wind is not tight, if we can confirm that we have not found them, they will Jump out by yourself Han Chaoyang asked following this train of thought.Yes, Chaoyang, your analysis is correct.Self righteous suspects like them can t just hide passively.It is entirely possible to take some tentative measures to verify whether the murder of Cao Shengkai has been revealed, and whether our police have found them.Body How would they test it If it were you, how would you test it, and how would you verify it Li Kaiyi asked, staring at Han Chaoyang, the goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website more reasonable she became.Han Chaoyang was stunned, then stood up immediately If I were Cai Xiaofang, if I killed someone, I would hide in the dark and watch the neighborhood quietly to see if the police came to the door.I am really not familiar with the steel market.I can ask someone to find out if this boss Yao has a branch there, and if so , and then inquire about whether he usually goes or not, or where he is usually.Well, first inquire from the side to confirm where he is before going to him, and we can t contact him in advance.Li Kaiyi nodded in satisfaction, and koi cbd gummies near me continued We also received a reliable news that the boss of a company in the development zone often goes to the blue sea and blue sky bathing place.Not only does he go there by himself, but he often invites business partners to take a bath.About a month and a half ago, he was so drunk that he was sent to take a bath.Go, when I arrived at the bathing place, I dragged the waiter to drink and talk nonsense, among which I mentioned that I won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Tra Lak in the high tech zone.Can you recall the details, Li The police officer needs to make a cbd gummies with thc for anxiety record.No problem, I will cooperate.Thank you.Han Zhaoyang picked up his mobile phone and walked out of the conference room, and was about to report to Teng University, but Director Feng called in first.Hello, Director Feng, what instructions do you have, Director Feng Xiaohan, where are you Knowing an important situation, I am preparing to report it to the leader of the task force.What important situation.The leader of his own branch wants to understand the case, of course, he must first report to the leader of his own branch.Unexpectedly, as soon as the report was finished, Bureau Feng pondered and said One way contact, and even changing names, it shows that the criminal suspects don t believe anyone, and it means that the people involved in gambling you just got to know don t know their whereabouts.

No problem, as long as the facts of the gambling are clear and the evidence is conclusive, a chain of evidence can be formed. Is the pre trial comrade here exist A pre trial policeman sitting in the corner hurriedly stood up.Director Du turned his head and said Old Ding, you have also heard the legal opinion of Comrade Jiang Ming.The gambling case that the serious crime team is investigating must be settled.Pre examination must strictly cbd gummies with thc for anxiety examine and check the corresponding evidence.yes Han Chaoyang figured it out, the bureau wanted to arrest the three suspects who killed Cao Shengkai, and was also determined to investigate and deal with the people involved in the gambling, to be precise, to seize the gambling funds of Boss Tian and others from the previous gambling.Boss Guangtian won and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night, so many big bosses participated and gambled more than once.Instructor Wang, I am really troublesome for you.It can t be said.Instructor Wang shook off the car window, throwing away the cigarette butt, and then turned around and said, Every time we go to Litou Village to do business, we will drop by Huo Xuebin s house to talk to his parents and wife, and ask them to help and persuade him.What about them Every time it is said that Huo Xuebin has not called his family, and he does not know where Huo Xuebin is, but it can be seen that it is all perfunctory.I can be sure that Huo Xuebin has contacted his family, and he has been in contact frequently.How to contact of Han Chaoyang asked.Huo Xuebin eagle hemp cbd gummies legit works in engineering and has a lot of cronies, and those people often go to his house.You can call those people and ask them to send messages or even money.Besides, communication is so developed now that it is not always possible to contact him.Usually I always feel that this job is hard and tiring, and I often complain in private, but I also think this job is very interesting, and I even feel that I am indispensable, and I feel that the earth will not turn if I leave myself.I found He Yichang s number and dialed it.Although the other party didn t speak, I could hear that he was outside.Captain He, I m Han Chaoyang, are you working on a case outside Well, you re outside.Aren t you on vacation Why do you think of calling me Take a look in Yi County, I just went to Huo Xuebin s house this morning, your economic investigation team is in charge of this case, the leader asked me to call you and report to you.He Yichang suddenly remembered the Fox Hunt of the sub bureau, and couldn t help asking What did I think it was It turned out to be Huo Xuebin.You know what Huo Jianliang and his father told others, they actually said that the money was all outside and could not be collected back.In the end, I really didn t borrow any money.My family can t even borrow money, it s too stingy His family is notoriously stingy, he s really worth a penny and a piece of meat.After a round of denunciation with the woman, Han Chaoyang changed the subject and returned to the original topic Auntie, it s very easy for adults to go out Just pack a few clothes and leave.What about the child Shouldn t he also go with him Doesn t he need to go to school The child is going to his grandma s house, and Ding Yalan benefots of cbd gummies s family s house is not far away.It s in Dongfeng No.3 Team, the woman held out from the house A bamboo basket, while doing the manual work of processing incoming materials stringing beads, said happily It s not just your police who are looking for you.What s wrong with the current boss Zhang Jinhai put on his seat belt, looked at the rearview mirror and sighed, I know of several of them.The barber shop in the west gate of cbd gummies with thc for anxiety our school has a beautiful decoration, cbd gummies for collitis and the business was very good at the beginning., and also apply for a membership card, allowing customers to recharge, and later consumption best broad spectrum cbd gummies for anxiety in the store can be discounted.As a result, within a few days after the membership card was issued, the boss ran away.There is also Yandu Supermarket opposite the North Gate, which is larger than this restaurant and opened In less than a year, the boss also ran away.Just like the beauty salons that run away, they also provide membership cards and recharged cash cards.Up to now, I still have one at home.There are more than two hundred dollars in it.Okay, what do you want to eat Huang Ying looked at Han Chaoyang who was smiling but said nothing, Putting down the phone, she said, By the way, Lingling called to have dinner together when she was off work, and said that Hong Liang went out to perform tasks, and it was boring for her to eat alone.Chaoyang, what s going on, why is Hong Liang s auxiliary policeman busier than you, a policeman Hongliang is not an auxiliary police officer.Hongliang is now very powerful.He is not only a member of the community voluntary security patrol, but also a shareholder of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, and the third largest shareholder Shareholder, the security company also has a shareholding system Jokingly said You have to ask Mr.Zhang, Mr.Zhang is not only the CEO of the International Youth Hostel, but also the fourth largest shareholder of the security company In the past few days, we have two more big bosses in our circle of friends. It s what they deserve Xu Hongliang has never been to such a rural area, and he doesn t know how big the Daqu Central Police Station of the Jiangxi County Public Security Bureau is, let alone that there are only seven policemen in the Daqu Central Police Station.Said There is a den of thieves under their noses.They don t even know it.They are dereliction of duty.It is light to move the den.There are still a lot of things to do tomorrow, Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk anymore, so he yawned again Brother, I really can t take it anymore, I m going to bed first.That s just a little, let s talk about five yuan No chat No, just give me fifty yuan and don t talk about it, that s it, let s talk about something tomorrow.Chapter 387 Advertising Han Chaoyang slept very late, but woke up very early.

There was no news before.After talking, I looked at him with a smile and said There is no way for the superior to make such a comment.The main reason is that your work performance in the past few months has been too good.If you catch a repeat offender and bust a large The case will be credited once, how much credit will be credited to you this year If it is really judged like that, in the eyes of others, you, Han Chaoyang, are the only one who is dedicated and capable, and the other policemen are not dedicated, and the other policemen are like idiots Already Liu Suo, I actually I know you don t have those messy thoughts in front of honor, in fact not only I know, but also the bureau leader.The reason why I talk to you is also the request of the bureau leader.What, Han Chaoyang is confused.Liu goldleaf cbd gummies strain Jianye smiled again, stared cbd gummies with thc for anxiety at him closely and said meaningfully In the awarding of the murder case in the high tech zone, the superiors also considered it in the same way.Xiao Han, give me the law enforcement recorder.Yes Liu Jianye took the law enforcement recorder, and sneered while filming the scene Sure enough, there is a problem.This instrument is either a black broadcast or a fake base station.Xiao Han, there is a cable going up from the window, go and see if you can go up to the roof from the fire escape, the antenna should be on it.Okay After making such a big commotion, how could the security not come, the two boys are on the way Stand by the elevator.Han Chaoyang pulled them to ask questions, and ran with them from the fire escape to the rooftop.As Liu Jianye expected, a cable was connected from the attic below to the roof of the building, and connected to an antenna that looked similar to a clothes hanger.Han Chaoyang took out his police pass to take a few photos, ran back to cbd gummies with thc for anxiety room 3301, stood under the attic where no ladder was installed, raised his head with his police pass and said, Liu Suo, there is really an antenna on the roof, look, it s a disguise.Sorry, I was training at the Party School today, so I couldn t welcome you.It turns out that he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang Cao Zefang looked him up and down, held his hand tightly and said with a smile Party school training is so important, what s there to be ashamed of Chaoyang, you don t know me, but I know you.I saw you conduct at the Bayi Song Festival Chorus.Secretary Tong talked to me before I came here, not only mentioned you, but also asked me to form a team with you and lead the community volunteer patrol team together.It seemed that there was no airs at all, but when he opened his mouth, Secretary Tong wanted to talk to him Excuse me, isn t this showing off It may also be that the fact that he seized financial power as soon as he came here is a bit repulsive.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies with thc for anxiety cbd gummies near by s first impression of him was not good, so he pretended to be surprised and asked Secretary Cao, do you mean that Secretary Tong remembers me Yes, I don t remember how I mentioned you.The key point is that Zhang Beibei may not have time.Cao Zefang seemed to say yesterday afternoon that we will Hold a meeting, not only Lao Jin, Hongliang and Xiaobin, but also Zhang Beibei.Zhang Beibei has made it clear that she will not run for the women s director of the community, and Cao Zefang asked her to hold a meeting.About the shares of CYTS Han Chaoyang froze for a moment, and said nonchalantly, Zhang Beibei is not the only one at the hostel, and the New Year s Day holiday will be in a few days.My mother in law is staying at the hostel, and she actually took four days off.She will rest from today.She was able to rest for 9 days during the last New Year s Day holiday, and she should have arrived at the hotel by now.She likes children the most, and even if the community meeting is not held, she doesn t need Zhang Beibei to take her with her.Just as she was speaking, a gray Toyota sedan drove into the yard and stopped slowly In the parking space next to the police station s back door.Seeing his brother push the door to get off the car, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Captain Wang, the car is here.So fast Wang Jianping subconsciously stood up.Bao Suo was on his way to work when I called, not far from here.Han Chaoyang opened the door, and Bao Suo just walked to the door of the community police office.When he saw Wang Jianping, he greeted with a smile, Isn t it Team Wang, Bureau Shi You have also called me, welcome to Yanyang.Captain Wang, this is our Baosuo.When the immediate boss came, Old Tang stood up and introduced without hesitation.Bao Suo, Bao Suo, I don t know how to thank you for your help.The whole family doesn t talk about each other.Xu Weizhong put on his slippers and walked into the living room, looked at his wife who was lying on the sofa watching TV and fell asleep, picked up the remote control and turned off the TV, sat down and said I went to the high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety bureau for a meeting in the afternoon, and when the meeting was over, Director Wen stopped the meeting.He said that the branch bureau should set up a Literary Federation.We should organize comrades like you who can write well, be good at writing, and understand music, so as to promote police camp culture.Let you fill out a form, which is your resume, specialties, artistic achievements, etc.The branch bureau established the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, did you make a mistake Han Chaoyang was not interested in participating in these things, and just as he didn t know how to speak, Xu Weizhong said again I just looked at my phone and found out that Director Wen sent me a blank electronic form, and now I m forwarding it to you, quickly fill it out and send it to Me.Nursing staff who don t know the bottom line.What s more, after the police office moved out, they could still rent out the house to generate income Han Chaoyang was convinced, and couldn t help laughing Director Xu, I m sorry, I have nothing to say about this matter.You have to go to our leader.It is probably useless to find our leader.Maybe you have to go to the branch leader.Brother, I know that moving is troublesome, but moving is definitely better than not moving.Although you don t count, your opinion is very important.Help, who makes us good brothers.Who is good brothers with you Even if it was before, you actually wanted to drive me away Will you help me with this No, I just like this place and I don t go anywhere.If you have the ability, you can evict me.It s fine to evict, we have more people than you, but we are only security guards, you police officers, you have power and power and guns, I, a community security officer, would dare to mess with you.

It s more than 20 floors.I don t know what will happen if I jump down..The rooftop is no other place, so just going up like this may be counterproductive.Han Chaoyang pondered It may not be effective to ask the fire brigade to come over.Although they have something to catch, as you said too high, even if they can cbd gummies with thc for anxiety catch it, they will either die or be disabled.Besides, she will not prepare for the fire brigade.Opportunity.It seems that we can only wait until she comes down by herself, or wait for another two hours, we pretend to go up to collect the quilt, and take decisive action to control her when she is not prepared.It is best to wait for her to come down by herself and do it on the roof Too dangerous, too accident prone.The master and apprentice were discussing when the phone rang suddenly.Chapter 456 is here It was too cold, and the roof was even more icy and windy, and the snot was running down from the cold.Master, the Kang Institute understands the case but doesn t know the deployment here.Why don t you go back to the monitoring room first.I ll keep an eye on Wan Xiaoxia here, and you go over and look at Sister Wei.Han Chaoyang didn t want Grandpa Gu to suffer with him.Dong, afraid that the old man would not leave, he emphasized No one knows if she is a drug high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety dealer.The case has reached this stage.If she is allowed to escape, it will be a big joke.Reasonable, Grandpa Gu is as good as he is, gently lifted the quilt at the back, bent over and walked towards the elevator shaft.The suspect stayed on the roof of Building 16 for most of the day, as if he was not multivitamin cbd gummies afraid of the cold at all.In the end, every high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety time it is important to say it, it is not necessary to do it.Am I the only one who can take care of it I really don t know who Liu Suo and the trainer are.What do you think Lao Dai is not cbd gummies with thc for anxiety an ordinary policeman like Lao Tang and Lao Ding, he served as the captain of the brigade before retiring to the second line, and he would send out any complaints in front of the leaders.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Dai cbd gummies with thc for anxiety cbd gummies for penis growth Da, don t worry, it s useless to be anxious.There are only so many policemen in the station, and no one is idle.Liu Suo and the instructor really can t find anyone to come to help.I know the police force is tense, but no matter how tense the police force is, we must consider the priorities.Lao Dai patted the table and said with a sullen face There is a problem with the division of jurisdiction.He seemed a little nervous and even scared.He accidentally bumped into the table when he was about to reach the bar.will fall to the ground.The leader of the service area raised his arm and pointed to the opposite side Officer Han, you can ask, I have something to do on the other side.Okay, you are busy, thank you.You are welcome, you should.Send the leader of the service area away , Han Chaoyang showed his ID, looked at the child with a smile and said, Yu Jun, right My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.I m a policeman from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.Don t be so nervous.I m just looking for you to understand the situation.I, I work in the service area every day, and I don t know cbd gummies with thc for anxiety cbd gummies near by anything Yu Jun looked back at a chef who came out after cbd gummies that give you energy him, as if he needed someone to give him courage.Kang Haigen checked his ID card and confirmed that although the kid in front of him is young, he has a lot of criminal records.Put down the police officer and cbd gummies with thc for anxiety asked sharply Lu Shaotao, be honest, this is Yandong, not Chengxi Be honest, how did you know Hu Qinglin We met on the Internet, can t you meet netizens Still sophistrying I m not trying to quibble.We met on the Internet.If you don t believe me, you can ask Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang realized that he had met Lao Youtiao, and felt that there was rev vape shop cbd gummies nothing he could ask, so he simply handed him over to Kang Haigen and walked to the small room.Chen asked beside him Which boss did Hu Qinglin work with Manager Wang, the boss of the steel bar worker here.Do you have his phone number Yes Han Chaoyang followed Xiao Chen into the duty room and found Manager Wang Considering that it was inappropriate to ask for his mobile phone number in front of Hu Qinglin, he simply went to the place where the templates were piled up, looked at the gate of the construction site and called Manager Wang.In the past, when we encountered emergencies, we would urgently transfer members from various squadrons.If the anti pickpocketing team does not disband, The anti pickup team can be used as an emergency mobile force in the entire jurisdiction, and can assist cbd gummies with thc for anxiety us in emergency response faster and more professionally.This idea is good, but where does the funding come from Reporting to the two leaders, I am working on To win the support of Comrade Cao Zefang, the first secretary of the community, as long as we win the support of Comrade Cao Zefang, we can seek special funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance from the street and even the district.It would be better if the bureau can continue to support, no matter how much the bureau supports, we will At least it s easy to talk when you go to the streets or even the HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety district to run funds.I did it.Instructor Gu raised his arm to look at the phone, and then changed the topic Chaoyang, keep your heart in your stomach, I don t think there will be too many changes in this matter, I will make arrangements first, and send a few people to the tricks in the evening Nianhua has found out, and if it is true, take this pornographic den.If there are not enough people during the operation, I will not be polite to you, and I will call you directly.No problem, just ask how many players you want to arrange to assist cbd gummies with thc for anxiety you The second clue was provided by a migrant worker who had worked at the construction site of the Shuiyun New City project, saying that a painter who also worked at the Shuiyun New City project wanted to sell a 90 new electric car., good cbd gummy as long as 500 yuan, he was worried that he did not dare to ask for it because of the wrong way.

Pulling the team out for two laps every day can scare those who violate the law.The criminal bastards are scared away.Chaoyang, that s it.Vice Minister Jiang thought for a while and then turned around and said, Jin Hai, don t rush back later, and study the time and plan of the superior patrol with Chaoyang and Xiaoxu Good patrol route, finalize the details tonight, and try to organize and implement it within two days.Okay, we will study it tonight.Minister Jiang, Secretary Cao, and Section Chief Xiao, otherwise, from tomorrow onwards, each of you will arrange for one person to be on duty in the police office.This will facilitate coordination, and no matter what jar of cbd gummies happens on either side, you will be able to coordinate better.This is the best way.I can arrange for a security officer to come over where I am not working.The police office is in our hospital, so we have no problem here.The coordination and linkage mechanism was formed in a few words, and the harvest tonight is really Not one or two dots big.Han Chaoyang took the opportunity to propose candidates for the leadership team of the Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade in the Zhongshan Road Police District.Grandpa Gu had already helped with the work in the afternoon.Vice Minister Jiang was very talkative and half jokingly said Secretary Cao, the brigade instructor and party branch Secretary, our PolyU and the Sixth Hospital do not compete with your community, but you have to invite this guest.How much impact would it cause if a team of people from the brigade were pulled out to patrol twice a day, and this is Zhongshan Road Not only district leaders can see it, city leaders and even provincial leaders can see it.Director Du mused, To participate in our fellowship activities, we need to start a live broadcast, right Let s do it.Our event is actually to promote the police camp culture, and it s not something shameful.Besides, Li University needs publicity, and our branch office does the same.Necessary.Okay, I ll go back and tell Teacher Xie that as long as the live broadcast can be broadcast, it shouldn cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain t be a big problem.The PolyU Symphony Orchestra has really become popular, to be precise, it is Zheng Yutong, the violinist of the band.After the flash mob video was uploaded on the Internet, she changed from the temporary PolyU Campus Belle that Xie Lingling and Huang Ying temporarily sealed to PolyU s recognized campus belle.Every time the band broadcasted a live broadcast, those guys with sperm and brains frantically swiped the screen and shouted for her During the appearance, all kinds of gifts were also smashed crazily.This is the drunkard s intention not to drink.As long as the District Political and Legal Committee admits it, then it can manage the special funds for the comprehensive management and stability maintenance of the Political and Legal Committee.And there must be this reason, it s just a matter of more or less.As for whether he will cbd infused gummies justcbd be used in the voluntary security patrol brigade after he arrives, that s up to him, otherwise he wouldn t be known as Zhou Papi.But in any case, it is a good thing to get money, and what the branch lacks most is money.Political Commissar Huang couldn t help but said, Okay, I ll let Xiao Feng complete the materials early tomorrow morning.Zhou Ju smiled, and continued The can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety staff are mainly from the street, and the small courtyard that Lao Du helped coordinate is also from the street.Your work relationship has just been transferred to the command center in the morning.From now on, you are a policeman in the command center.If you have anything to do, you can directly report to Deputy Director Xing Hongchang.Command center Well, is there a problem Report to Bureau Du, no problem, I just feel a little sudden.What s sudden, it s a job requirement.Considering this transfer, decide where the young man will be in the future Focusing on the aspect of work, Director Du simply explained Xiao Han, your new appointment will come down soon, and the Organization cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain Department of the district committee should announce it online tomorrow.I can disclose it in advance, and you will be appointed as Zhongshan next.Sheriff of the Lu Police District, and also serves as high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety the captain of the voluntary security patrol team of our Yandong Public Security Bureau.Actually, it s the same on both sides, Liu Suo, instructor, don t stand outside, go in and sit, I ll pour water.Don t pour cbd gummies with thc for anxiety it, we don t Thirsty.Xu Weizhong walked into the conversation room, sat on the big sofa, and asked casually Chaoyang, I heard that the Xinyuan Street Police Station arrested a murderer this morning Not comprehensive, and was criticized by the Zhou Bureau and cbd gummies with thc for anxiety the political commissar in the afternoon.The capture of a murderer should be praised, how can it be criticized Liu Suo, being criticized is not an honorable thing, I can joke with you like this.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and added with a bitter face Not only will I be criticized, but I will also have to write an inspection later.Chaoyang, do you have a problem with me and Lao Xu How is it possible, Liu Suo, why would you say that How can it be impossible Liu Jianye touched the corner of his mouth, frowned and said, When cbd gummies with thc for anxiety you first arrived at the institute, I committed subjectivism and felt that you were not as capable as Xiao Wu.In the afternoon, Secretary Cao and I went to the heating company.The heating company said that there are heating pipes in Zhanqian Street, but they want to connect the heating to the old district committee building.It s not an easy task. Why, the old district committee compound is not far from Zhanqian Street It s not as simple as you think.If you want to use heating in the old district committee compound, you have to pay the pipe network construction fee , Pipeline supporting fee, if the heat exchange station is built, it will also include the heat exchange station fee.Looking at Huang Ying s thoughtful look, Zhang Beibei explained like a treasure The pipeline network construction fee is also called the account opening fee, which is are cbd gummies legal charged according to the user s building area.After paying the cbd gummies with thc for anxiety account opening fee, you can only connect the heating pipe network to the gate, and you have to install supporting cbd gummies with thc for anxiety cbd gummies near by pipes to connect the heating to the dormitories.

Manager Zhang stopped suddenly, and said with a smile, Chaoyang, I won t be handing over shifts with you guys.Chen Jie and Xiaokang are going to interview later.I happen to have nothing to do in the morning, so I will drive them there.Han Chaoyang suddenly Remembering that Chen Jie and Xiaokang first worked with him and were recruited later, he couldn t help laughing It s okay, you are their old leader, and my current leader has no time, so I can only ask you, the old leader It s gone.Chapter 557 Renovation in front of the station 1 After changing shifts in the square of the East Coach Station, Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu did not leave with the main force, but went with He Hong and others who had rushed to the street The law enforcement officers and coordinators of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade held a small meeting in the square together.The monk can t get away from the temple if he runs away, and the owner of the gym can t rent a shop without a lease contract, so Han Chaoyang said eagerly Go, take me to your office. I can t boulder highlands cbd gummies for sale leave here, as soon as I leave You can t get out by car, and the office is easy to find, just turn left when you enter cbd gummies for pain relief goldleaf cbd gummies strain the door.Okay, thank you.Saving people is like putting out a fire, and every second must be raced cbd gummies with thc for anxiety against.Han Chaoyang ran straight into the lobby of the shopping mall, saw that there was indeed an office next to the two elevators, and immediately knocked on the door.The staff member was a lady in her thirties.After reading Han Chaoyang s documents and hearing about Han Chaoyang s intentions, she cooperatively turned on the computer and called up a rental contract.She pointed to the monitor and said, Officer Han, this phone number We have called several times, but failed once.I am a good person Whether it is a good person or a bad person will be clear.Li took out his wallet, opened it to look at his ID card, and then signaled Wu Junfeng to let go, telling him to turn reviews cbd gummies for sleep around and face him.Comrade policeman, I m really a good person.This must be a misunderstanding.Stop shouting, Han Chaoyang put aside his ID card and the two mobile phones found on him, and showed his police card Cao Wenjue, look Clearly, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau, and I am now interrogating you in accordance with the law.You are not allowed to speak freely, and you are not allowed to hide anything, understand Understood.Cao Wenjue was really taken aback, rubbing His wrists looked a little tense.What s your relationship with Jiao Qin She s my girlfriend, and I m her boyfriend.1.Not to leave the residence without the approval of the executive organ, and those who have no fixed residence are not allowed to leave the designated residence without approval 2.Not to meet with others without the approval of the executive organ Interfere with witnesses to testify Fifth, do not destroy, forge evidence or collude.If the person under residential surveillance violates the above regulations, if the circumstances are serious, he will be arrested on February 9, 2016.No more Dai Lishi asked stupidly.What else do you want Han Chaoyang snorted coldly, stared at him closely and asked, Do you hear me clearly Who will collude with you, you can rest assured, I will do what I say.It s good to cbd gummies with thc for anxiety know.Han Chaoyang handed the decision letter to Wu Junfeng, took out the cbd gummies for animals key and leaned over to help him open the handcuffs, cbd gummies insulated looked at him and said, From now on, you won t need to wear handcuffs, and the outside door won t be locked again, you can Activities in the hospital, but you are not allowed to leave the hospital.It is waterproof and explosion proof, it seems to be 50 meters waterproof, and it will be fine after two days of soaking in the water.Old Tang also thinks this idea is too funny, the person under surveillance really wants to run away, and he really doesn t want you to know his location, so just send him Just take off the watch and throw it away.Even if you find a way to prevent him from taking it off, it is easy for him to destroy this children s watch.It is a big joke to expect this thing to control the people under surveillance.Liu Jianye didn t think so, and said plausibly Chaoyang, I knowI know what you best cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies with thc for anxiety want to say, but don t we have no conditions If we don t have conditions, we must create conditions.Anyway, it s better than nothing.And we should think differently.Dai Li is now penniless.White BYD car.The driver encountered this kind of thing for the first time, and couldn t help asking Aren t you going to Fuzhong Town No, we are on an urgent mission, please hurry up.But how about the fare Don t worry, I won t let you run for nothing.Xiao Gu held the back of the driver s seat and said eagerly Hurry up, you will be driving a taxi, and I will give you as much as you need based on the mileage.Not a penny less.Okay, I ll cancel your order first.Money is no problem, then everything is not a problem, the driver taps his phone, cancels best cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies with thc for anxiety the order, immediately turns around, and slams on the gas pedal to catch up.Xiaosun looked ahead, then looked back at Wu Wei and Xiaokang who had just waited for the car, and asked in a low voice Xiao Gu, do you have a group There is a group.Add me first, then add me.Yes, you told me to call Fei Yongsheng, does this count as meritorious service, can you be lenient Han Chaoyang shook his head slightly HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety This only means that you have a good attitude of pleading guilty, and it is not considered meritorious service.Wu Wei During the interrogation in the morning, the policy was explained, and even laws and regulations on drug crimes were given to him.The sentencing of drug trafficking crimes is mainly divided into four levels, namely less than three years, three to seven years, seven to fifteen years, fifteen years to life, and death penalty.Smuggling, selling, transporting or manufacturing more goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website than 50 grams of methamphetamine is enough for the fourth gear, and you may be sentenced to 15 years in prison, life imprisonment or even the death penalty Qiao Peiming thought that the amount of methamphetamine he had sold was far more than 50 grams, and he might lose his head.

But now, so what if you don t say it Thinking of the possibility of being sentenced to death, Qiao Peiming was terrified to death.He looked at Han Chaoyang pitifully and asked, Does reporting other things count as meritorious service Whether it is minor or serious, if the person making the accusation only commits a small crime, it will help you in court in the future, but it will not help you much.So I suggest you think about it, has anyone committed a major crime.If not, then Think about who has committed minor crimes, one report will not help you much, ten or eight will make a difference.In short, if you want to make a crime and meritorious service, you have to come up with something.Qiao Peiming didn t want to miss even a life saving straw, and was eager He asked, What about reporting the murderer Han Chaoyang was taken aback, and said without hesitation, If it is true, it will be a crime and meritorious service, and it will be of great help to you.Sun Guokang thought for a while, and added The girl s father is a professor of PolyU, Jiang The Minister and Director Zhang came to look for you yesterday, and Sergeant Gu happened to be there, saying that you were on a business trip and handling cases in other places, so they didn t call you.PolyU is now also a base area and a basic base.The property of the people in the base area suffered losses.Han Chaoyang felt that it was necessary to intervene.He immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Vice Minister Jiang of the Security Department of PolyU.Xiao Han, are you back Minister Jiang, I just got home.As soon as I came back, I heard that the daughter of a professor s family in our school was robbed at Yanxing International yesterday.There is this matter.It is the daughter of Professor Liu s family.Teacher Cheng Ji from the second group of Yangguan sent a WeChat message saying that he saw that kid under the flyover in front of the East Bus Station the afternoon before yesterday When and where did Boss Li see that kid Han Chaoyang subconsciously HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety stood up, Hold the phone tightly and ask.The day before yesterday, Boss Li remembered very clearly that his restaurant just opened for business the day before yesterday, and the slop collectors did not go there during the Spring Festival, so he could only dump the leftovers left over from the customers lunch in the trash can diagonally across the road.Clean up After finishing playing cards with the chef and waiter in the store, I HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc for anxiety accidentally found a boy of seventeen or eighteen years old looking through the trash can opposite.Judging from his clothes, the boy didn t look like a scavenger, so he took a second look.Director Qi sat in the cab holding his mobile phone, grinning and said You are all young People, and they are all fellow villagers, they must have a common language, and we will keep in touch in the future.If her work can be done, the Bureau will really owe you a big favor.If you encounter anything in the future, as long as it involves our Qingshan, Call me directly.Qi Suo, I will try my best.Thank you, I will thank you on behalf of Jiang.Qi Suo put down his phone and smiled again He just sent me a WeChat message saying that he would treat you to dinner.I declined for you.You are the team leader now, and you must be very busy at ordinary cbd gummies with thc for anxiety times.It is rare to come back once to spend time with your parents, your father in law, mother in law and Xiao Huang.Yes, there are no big things, but a lot of small things.Uncle Chen, it s not very chaotic now, it s just that there are more liars.Did you hear that, Chaoyang said so, you give me peace of mind in the future, student You should study hard, don t think about making money all day long, money outside is not so easy to earn, go to school hard, find a job after graduation, and work hard.Got it, are you annoying.The unreachable relatives did not come empty handed, but also brought a box of fruit and a box of milk, which is really pitiful for the parents of the world.Han Chaoyang chatted with the family for a while, saw that his father and father in law had returned from fishing, and his mother and mother in law had prepared dinner, so he insisted on keeping the family for a meal.Chen Haisheng was actually very talkative, he chatted a lot about PolyU, and even talked about a person Han Chaoyang had some impression of.It was on hands free just now, Huang Ying could hear clearly, before Han Chaoyang could speak, she got up and put on her clothes in a hurry, opened the door and rushed into the living room and asked, Dad, Mom, something happened to Chaoyang s unit We have to If you rush back overnight, will you go with us or take the bus What happened Papa Huang subconsciously asked.A drunk drove into the police office.Xiao Liu was injured and is being rescued in the emergency center of the Sixth Hospital.Teacher, Lao Han, why don t I go back together.Chapter 679 Sad news Such a big event happened in the unit, the person in charge must rush back as soon as possible Father Han and Teacher Ma were very understanding and supportive of their son s work.They hurriedly helped to pack things, and kept sending the parents in law, mother in law, son and daughter in law downstairs and into the car.Promotion.They want all migrant workers to open accounts in their banks, but they can t compete with big banks.Several general contractors cooperate with CCB, ICBC and other big banks, and construction fund settlement and wage payment are all in CCB and ICBC.The original bank.The competition among them is so fierce that they even target migrant workers for the sake of performance.Although migrant workers have little money, there are many of them There will be more and more migrant workers participating in the construction of the transportation hub project in the east of the cbd gummies with thc for anxiety city, and the number may reach tens of thousands in the second half of the year.If a migrant worker deposits 1,000 yuan in the card, it will be tens free sample cbd gummy bears of millions of demand deposits.It is free to apply for a card, free of handling fees and annual fees, and the bank is not profitable.

I don t know how many are unknown.No matter whether the net is closed now or at a later date, the police force is definitely not enough.You must be prepared to organize your cbd gummies with thc for anxiety forces to assist in closing the net at any time. Director Xing, don t worry, no matter when the net is closed, we will never lose the chain.Okay, you should prepare first.Yes To arrest people, and if you arrest them, there will be more than a hundred or even more Many, that is to say at least 300 police officers must be dispatched, and the sub bureau only has a total of civilian police and auxiliary police.Raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a while, the voluntary security patrol team that has been upgraded to a brigade must play a role.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he called Xu Hongliang immediately.It will cause those pyramid schemers outside to abscond.Fan Bureau, your police officers have more experience in organizing operations than us, how do you think it is more appropriate to deploy I think we should treat them differently.For those ordinary pyramid schemers, we are already There is no good way, but to educate and admonish them and send them home.The ringleaders must be severely punished.Anyone can run away.The team is responsible for arresting the main culprit.Yes, if you want to eradicate the pyramid scheme from the root, you must crack down on the main culprit.Director Zou nodded with a serious expression on his face.Ju Fan took a sip of water, and continued Then we have to wait.You can t eat hot tofu in a hurry.Many things can t be rushed.I suggest to set up eight action teams and a special team to attack the main culprit, and deploy good personnel.So she is also a victim, and she is not the main criminal Old Tang subconsciously asked.No.Han Chaoyang stretched his waist and sighed softly She joined the MLM organization for quite a long time, during which time she developed a few downlines, but those few downlines were disappointed and failed to develop more downlines.She didn t get any income.And the real culprit, Chen De, saw that she was younger and more attractive, one was asking for money and the other was cbd gummies with thc for anxiety lustful, so the two of them lived together like this.Since asking for money, is there a person surnamed Chen Give her money It seems that she didn t give much, but instead let her show her face to deceive those newcomers.So you have no money The poor man must have something to hate, so let s not talk about it.You, I ll go back to sleep.They believe that a personal bankruptcy system should be established.Unexpectedly, the victim was actually a dishonest person subject to execution Han Chaoyang asked curiously He ran out to avoid debts after he was listed as a dishonest executor by the court.I don t know the basic situation after he failed to open a restaurant We don t know who we have dealt with now, so this case is very difficult and has caused us a lot of headaches. Is it possible that those creditors did it Several creditors were all found, and none of them were present It proves that there is no time to commit the crime.Moreover, he owes a total of more than 100,000 yuan, and the one creditor who borrowed the most money is less than 60,000 yuan.There is no motive for committing the crime, and it is impossible for them to kill him for 60,000 yuan.Gong Wenmei watched Hu Songping go in with her arms around a woman, and said through gritted teeth, Comrade policeman, I m really not afraid, I m his wife Han Chaoyang asked knowingly, You are his lover Comrade policeman, don t waste time, do you care about it Since you are suspected of prostitution, you must be concerned.Let s go in and have a look together.The wife reported her husband for prostitution, and such a funny thing happened tonight.Wang Jiayong suppressed a smile, best cbd gummies 2022 cbd gummies with thc for anxiety walked into the lobby with Han Chaoyang, pretended not to know Huang Ma, Huang Ying and Meng Zhen, picked up the passenger check in records on the bar and looked carefully for a while, then turned around and said Han Da, Hu Songping lives here, in room 109, and there is a woman in the room.Han Zhaoyang took the key card, and together with Wang Jiayong, walked Gong Wenmei to the door of room 109 with ease, raised his arm and knocked on the door The police station Check your ID card, please open the door.It is even harder to be found by the river.Why did he throw the body by the river The second is that the murderer does not need to go to the septic tank if he wants to wipe the grass.The river is full of grass and he has to go to the septic tank If you don cbd sunmed gummies t go along the way, you should know that cbd gummies with thc for anxiety he is a lame man, walking more strenuously than normal people, and there are more than ten meters back and forth, why does he take this wrong way Then how do we investigate next Dai Da said just now that we should keep a clear head, check if we are sure, and don t be influenced by the outside world.I think we will continue to follow this line of thinking.The old workers in the fertilizer plant are still under the leadership of me, Lao Wu, and Lao Gu.Responsible, you divide the work, and you are responsible for finding men who match the characteristics of the suspects around the fertilizer plant.In the jurisdiction, you must know which restaurant has the best breakfast, let s eat more, choose the good ones, and let him pay the bill.Master That s it, cbd gummies with thc for anxiety don t forget that you are the director, as the director You can t lose sight of the bigger picture.The new director encountered a murder case as soon as he took office, and he definitely wanted to solve the case as soon as possible.Now whoever solves the case and catches the murderer, the new director will definitely treat him differently.Mr.Ji just wanted to show off, to prove that he didn t get the salary of the voluntary security patrol brigade for nothing.Bao Qingshan didn t want to show off but wanted to make meritorious service.He got up and rushed here as soon as he received a call from Old Tang.It s a pity that Grandpa Gu is also here.

They use their remaining heat, and try to find a way to squeeze some funds in the bureau.There is no more and no less.In short, we can t let the old comrades work for nothing.The old classmate finally let go, and Liu Jianye was ecstatic, and immediately got up and said Okay, I Let s go find Lao Gu.Chapter 773 Turn of the road 1 Just because Han Chaoyang didn t know that an international marathon was going to be held in the district doesn t mean that others didn t know about it.Xu Hongliang received a notice from Secretary Gu of the street yesterday to organize community cadres and mobilize the community to sign up enthusiastically.He even issued a hard target of four full marathons and eight half marathons, requiring the boys from the security company to assist in the management of the comprehensive law enforcement team of the street.Xiao Dan, what s the matter Da Han, something happened at our construction site.A worker suddenly fell down while pouring concrete Take it to the hospital immediately The Sixth Hospital.Han Chaoyang thought to himself what this has to do with me, but then he thought that he had told them before that no matter which construction site there is a work related accident, he should be notified as soon as possible, so he stood up quickly Okay, I see, I will go to the Sixth Hospital Let s take a look.Okay, you re busy.Huang Ying was curious again I don t understand, that s why we say that every line is like a greenhouse research pure cbd gummies reviews mountain.Han Chaoyang wiped his mouth and smiled after eating the last bite At that time, the organizing committee will give each of the registered contestants a piece of cloth, that is, use a paper clip The one that is pinned on the chest, and each person is given a one time timing chip, and the timing starts from the starting line, which is inductive and computer controlled.If there are any troubles among the workers, relatives will definitely cause trouble, and the early intervention can resolve it early Contradictions, you can t wait until the troubles arise to maintain stability. Then go and have a look, Huang Ying walked him to the door, and murmured, Boss Hu is really unlucky, things happen one cbd gummies with thc for anxiety after another.Seven hundredth Chapter Seventy Six An accident happened at Boss Hu s construction site 2 Han Chaoyang drove to the Sixth Hospital and high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies with thc for anxiety ran into the emergency center lobby, only to see Lu Jiaxi was explaining something to a relative of a patient, and rushed to the service desk and asked eagerly Jiaxi, Did cbd gummies victoria tx you send a worker to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station just now Girl Lu was stunned, and asked unhappily, Who are you Is Jiaxi called by you What happened today Did you break up in love You re just broken in love The patient s relatives standing beside thought that they had an unusual relationship, so they smiled playfully and walked away.Old Gu has a way.Liu Qiuping pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head and said, Political commissar, Lao Wen mentioned the issue of the patrol brigade listing some time ago, but there were too many things I didn t pay attention to.Aren t you going to the Political Department I have heard from old people that I will try to hold a listing ceremony before the international marathon.Chapter 784 Treating the former Chaoyang Village with a different perspective has become a busy construction site, and accidents are easy to happen when there are too many people.The high speed rail station Two workers on the construction site actually fought because they jumped in line for lunch.Both were injured, but neither was serious.The one who thought he had suffered a loss was unwilling to let go and refused to accept mediation, so he and Sun Guokang had to send them to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Thinking of Xie Lingling s phone call in the afternoon, Huang Ying realized what was going on.Although she didn t want to get married so early, she didn t want to embarrass Han Chaoyang.She bit her lip and laughed, Get up, don t be so nasty.Ying Ying, I love you, marry me.Han Chaoyang didn t give up until he reached his goal, holding the flowers even higher.Promise him, promise him, how romantic Yes, hurry up.Okay, okay, I promise you, don t be embarrassing here.Huang Ying cursed with a smile, leaning cbd gummies with thc for anxiety over to take the flowers.Han Chaoyang s heart throbbed, he got up and hugged her tightly, and a group of big girls and young wives shouted for another kiss.Shameless enough, Han Chaoyang didn t care, let alone shameless, kissed Huang Ying in front of everyone, then hugged Huang Ying, thanked him and walked to the side of the patrol car, goldleaf cbd gummies strain green ape cbd gummies website first carried Huang Ying to the co pilot, then went around the front of the car and climbed into the driver s seat.Han Chaoyang sat in the police room, looking helplessly at Miao Haizhu who just came in, hesitating whether to call Director Huo or go to the headquarters to report in person later.A person who is about to become the bridegroom s official should be happy.Why is he so sad when he comes back Miao Haizhu took off his hat and asked.The man was not caught, not to mention the wages of the workers, how can you make me laugh Han Chaoyang sighed, with a helpless expression on his face.Miao Haizhu sat down in front of him, put down the car keys and said, What do I think You need clues to arrest someone, and you have to be a little bit lucky.Our police are human but not gods.What can we do if we don t have clues Can we just arrest someone and bring them back Intervention Although you say so, the reason is the same, but the leaders will definitely think so, maybe they don t think this is a big case, and Luo Weixing is not a repeat offender, so it should be easy to catch.Chatting with his girlfriend, even to prove that he is not playing, he even raised his mobile phone to take pictures.Xiaoshi, is your girlfriend checking up again Jiang Yonggen, a young man like this, has seen a lot, not only did not become suspicious, but also cooperated with him to take pictures, and tacitly helped him prove that he was eating Jiang Xiaomin immediately forwarded the photo to Han Chaoyang, sending the original picture Han Chaoyang zoomed in on the photo and confirmed that it was Luo Weixing who was sitting next to Jiang Yonggen.He immediately pushed the door and got off the car.He walked into the elevator with Zhang Da, Yu Zhenchuan, Wu Wei, Xu Hongliang and Zheng Bai, and pressed the button on the 6th floor knowingly.He smiled and said, Finally showed up.It looks like we can take the plane back tomorrow morning.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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