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Oh, it s making wife cakes.You, Li Ji, have also started making wife cakes Lao Zhang asked in surprise.You should know that in general, tea restaurants, apart from making a little pineapple buns, the rest is mainly cooking pasta, and rarely make these pastries.After pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis all, people who come to tea restaurants to eat are ordinary people.At that time, I drank tea and ate cakes at the same time.Create whatever you want, and eat by yourself.Li Dexiao smiled a few words, How about I get some for you first Okay, go get it, how much is it Lao Zhang nodded.Li Dexiao went into the back kitchen, found a convenient bag, and filled it with a dozen pieces of wife cakes.Hearing what Lao Zhang said, he smiled and declined, Forget it, they are all neighbors, and they are not worth a cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep lot of money.Usually you don t Do you often give us fruits to eat Well, that s fine, I ll go first.

The waiter smiled and introduced the huge puppet, and then said, Look, there is a row of such Po over there.Muppet.I think Miss likes this doll very much, why don t you get a membership card, you can not only HCMUSSH cbd gummis receive a puppet for free, but also have a chance to draw a lottery, and you can also get a discount when you buy things in the store.Membership card When my sister was subconsciously about to refuse, the younger sister, Zhen, tugged at the corner of her clothes and stared at her with pitiful eyes.Do you want a doll Yes, old lady, this panda is so cute.Look, the dolls over there have different expressions A Zhen pointed to a row of A pandas with different expressions placed behind the cashier counter.Treasure doll.The older sister looked at the expectant eyes of her younger sister A Zhen, and was about to say no to it, so she took it back, and asked softly, What about the membership card When the waiter heard that he wanted to apply for a membership card, he also became energetic, Miss, look, this is our membership mechanism.

It s not just the big doll, the other small dolls are also made of the best material that doesn t hurt the skin.Normally, Li Guohao would happily agree to give one to Zhao Yazhi s younger sister, but now the advertisement has been published, and this large doll is a prize.Glancing around the store, there were quite a few pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis children pointing at the big doll and arguing with their parents, cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen so he ordered such a big panda doll.If it is sent out at this time, it will inevitably make people feel that this store is not trustworthy Li Guohao thought for a while and said, Little friend, this big doll is a prize.I can t give it to you now, but I can give you a whole set of Abao expression dolls.Having said this, Li Guohao had a thought in his heart and said, If you really like this big doll, you can tell me your home address or contact information, and I will have someone make an identical one for you cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis in a few days.

Li Guohao sent a few people to Sheung Wan, Central, Western District, and even Admiralty.The second step was to try the food for free for three days , made a few hundred catties of the improved version of peach cakes that were newly produced last time, and sent people directly to Central, and set up stalls in more than a dozen important streets.It is equivalent to a display stand for later generations.On the left is the introduction of Li Remembering the history and current development of palace dim sum, I will introduce the promotion activities of the new store recently.As for the last plan, it is to rely on the first volume to be published Kung Fu Panda.I have to say that Xiangjiang people are fast in doing things I used to watch TV entertainment news introducing Xiangjiang people to make movies.

The two closed the door and walked to the baking room.Looking at the boxes full of banknotes on the ground, Zhang Dong asked, How much is Ah Hao s turnover today Li Guohao pointed to the scattered banknotes on the other side and said, About 150,000 yuan, I haven t finished counting, there are about 180,000 yuan in total.Right.180,000 That s tens of thousands more than the opening of No.1 store.Zhang Dong thought for a while.Well, it s about the same.There are more promotional pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen activities for the opening of the new store this time.If you really count the net profit, it is not much different from the Nathan Road store.Several activities have been added, such as a pastry spree of 200 yuan for the cbd gummis first 100 people.One hundred people is 20,000 yuan.Let s count together, hurry up.Li Guohao sat down on the ground and began to count the money.

Speaking of which, Xiangjiang was always very chaotic before the reunification.No Mention the rampant evil forces, but the Royal Police administration.This side of the government is also extremely corrupt.I vaguely remember a movie Chasing the Dragon starring is cbd gummies good for tinnitus Donnie Yen and Liu Dehua before time travelling, which seems to be about Xiangjiang in the 1960s and 1970s.In the movie, the underworld boss played by Donnie Yen hooked up with the detective played by Andy Lau.Black and white blended together, making it difficult to distinguish the colors.Well, I don t care about him.The soldiers will come and cover up the water.Let s talk about it at that time.It chocolate cbd gummie recipe s better to give a little profit to others than to suffer for yourself.With a long sigh, although this era is the best era for me, it is also the worst era, and the only way to break through the clouds is to go head on.

In the past, a restaurant where Li Guohao worked part time organized a spring outing every year.Yes, it is a spring outing, take a bus to go to the local area, or to visit tourist attractions in surrounding cities.The hotel pays for you to play for free.Of course, if you buy something, you have to pay for it yourself.This is also considered a benefit.My idea is to propose this welfare system first, let every employee know about this welfare, and let them know that in the company s development, whether it is a store manager or a small waiter, they can get the corresponding welfare for their labor, so that Their sense of identity with the company has increased.Li Qiang explained that when he first started planning the company, he wrote the welfare system only for the sake of the company s long term development, not to implement it from the beginning.

He thought to himself Damn, why are so many people coming to refund money Could it be the trick of Li Ji on the other side It shouldn t be, what ability do they have to .

are green lobster cbd gummies legit?

let members come over to process refunds Rong Bingcai, do you want a refund or not If you don t refund, we will sue you Yes, Master Rong, you open a shop and do business.Since you can get a membership cbd gummis card, you can naturally refund the membership card The screams from people outside came in, which made Rong Bingcai very irritable, and shouted Retreat, why not Our Rongji has been in business for so many years, and it is one of the best in Xiangjiang.Since we have handled Rongji Members, of course refunds are allowed But I have made it clear in advance that the money you consume will be deducted, and there is no part of the gift amount Yes, Master Rong is right Good job, Master Rong Hurry up and get a refund Rong Bingcai couldn t help it, there were too many people, originally there were only a few hundred people gathered at the door, but more and more people came to join in the fun and gathered at the door.

In addition to ordinary melon seeds and candies, pastry is also an indispensable thing for every family.A tea house near Broadcasting Road, Kowloon.Mr.Wu, I m sorry for being late Li Guohao brought Shangguan Xiaobao to the second floor, and he saw Wu Guohua, the director of TVB Variety Department, from afar.Wu Guohua glanced at Li Guohao, then at Shangguan Xiaobao, and said, Haha, Mr.Li, I have just arrived.What would Mr.Li want to drink Wu Guohua asked again.Li Guohao glanced at Shangguan Xiaobao, saw him shaking his head, and said, Just two cups of tea.Dude, have a pot of Tieguanyin Okay The guy next to him heard something, quickly brewed a pot of Tieguanyin from the bar, and walked over with a teacup.Your Tieguanyin, what else do you want asked the man.No cbd gummis need, I ll call you when I need it.

If you miss your son, just call and ask.Ask, why don t you want your mother to call you No, how come.Li Huifang dotes on her son very much.In the past, Li Guohao would hang out with her every day, but now she only sees her once every three days.Except at night, she seldom sees her.Naturally, she misses her very much.At this moment she said It s nothing, I just want to ask if you have been talking about a girlfriend recently Talking about a girlfriend Who told you Li Guohao shook his head and said, Nothing.Then Why did A Dong tell me that you were very close to a girl before Li Huifang fully expressed her female curiosity.This big mouth Li Guohao thought to himself.When it came to betraying their friends, both of them were not inferior.Li Guohao changed the subject instantly and said, Don t listen to A Dong s nonsense.

Such an idea, and I also told myself that at this time, the second boss intends to expand the store, naturally it is to fulfill Brother Rong s wish.I agree with Boss Rong s expansion of the store.I have enough manpower here.Recently, a few people have come to the store as apprentices.It is completely possible to open a store in the same way as an old master and a newcomer.But getting a loan from a bank, isn t that a bit of a problem Adventure I m going to take a one time loan of two million In addition to occupying the rest of the Kowloon Peninsula, I m also planning to open branches in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.Two million Boss Rong, Master Rong knows about this Master Wang was shocked.I ll tell him later, the main purpose of calling Master Wang this time is to ask you to take charge of the affairs of the Xiangjiang Island branch.

The five stores currently cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis open It is estimated that the expenditure will be about one million Hong Kong dollars.On average, a store is two hundred thousand, including rent, decoration and equipment, etc.But the rent accounts for almost two thirds.After listening to Li Qiang s speech In the report, Li Guohao asked The rent is still too high.Is it possible to buy some stores Now that we have sufficient funds, we can definitely buy the stores.Li Qiang shook his head and said, I have considered the issue of rent, but some market They won t sell any better stores, after all, the profit will be higher if rented out.Is there any place in Xiangjiang suitable for building a factory Li Guohao asked suddenly.Li Qiang asked What Do you want to open a food processing factory Well, now that I have sufficient funds, cbd gummis I want to open a factory to make some high end pastries, seal them well to increase their shelf life, fly with cbd gummies and then take them to department stores and other large shopping malls.

After all, Chinese New Year is coming soon, several branches will open at the same time in a few days, plus a series of promotional activities, I can t care about my little girlfriend s mood when I am busy, so I specially invite Li Guohao to explain.Mai Xiaomin is not an ignorant little girl, just like many girls, she likes to play, but when faced with real business matters, she will not intentionally make trouble for no reason.Dad Mai Xiaomin said timidly while standing at the front desk.Boss Li is here this time Recently, the business of Mai Qi Decoration Company has been getting better and better.Since he listened to Li Guohao s suggestion a few months ago, Manager Mai is now cooperating with several second hand real estate companies in the decoration business, coupled with the expansion of Li Ji s pastry branch, it can be regarded as Please take care of the situation when there is nothing to do.

I saw Li s TV station report on Rongji cakes last night.Food poisoning in the store, I heard that many people have been sent to the hospital, and some have entered the intensive care unit.Food poisoning, indeed, has dealt a big blow to the food store, Ah Hao, you have to take this as an excuse Warning, you must never make the mistakes of Rongji, and the problem of substandard sanitation mentioned earlier, although it is the people of Rongji who made troubles, but we must pay attention to where to buy cbd sleep gummies this aspect.Li Dexiao said with a rare earnestness, and said Business is stressful.Peace is the most important thing.You know why the Rongji Bakery is targeting you.As the saying goes, cutting someone s money is like killing one s parents.In the future, you should try to avoid some streets.Fortunately, Rongji just sent someone to throw it away.

Gu Qianqian walked up to Li Guohao quickly, whispered to his ear, Fan Weiming and the other three were sitting not far away.Yeah.Li Guohao nodded lightly to show that he understood, then turned to everyone in the meeting room and said, Welcome to our company.I won t say much here.Everyone wants to join our pastry shop.Specifically, You can take a look at the documents on the table first, and you can ask me directly if you have any questions.Everyone nodded, and began to look at the manuscripts on the table in silence.Fan Weiming said at this time Boss Li, I have already understood your joining conditions before, and now I just want to ask, after joining your company, will you help us in the later stage Li Guohao glanced at Fan Weiming, seeing that it was Gu Qian One of the three who Qian pointed at smiled and said, Okay then, I ll just say a few points, maybe you don t want to read too many words.

How about Ah Hao s house I think it s okay.Zhang Dong put his arms around Mai Xiaomin and followed behind the real estate salesman.Li Guohao on the side asked.Li Guohao was standing by the window looking at the scenery outside boredly, when he heard Zhang Dong s words, he subconsciously said, It s not bad, the lighting is good, and you don t have to worry about getting out of the sun in the future.Xiangjiang has little land, so there are many high rise buildings, cbd gummis which are densely forested.Later, most of the high rise buildings are difficult to get sunlight, and they are basically covered cbd gummis by the cbd gummis floors next door.Therefore, when buying a house, you must buy a house with good lighting.There are no apartment buildings nearby.Well, although this building is a residential building built in Central, there pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis are very few high rise buildings nearby, and none of them are as tall as these buildings.

Mom, I want to go and see cbd gummis Baobao Feng The 17 year old boy was walking with his family when he heard the word Baobao Feng and immediately pulled his mother to stop her from leaving.The boy s mother turned her head and glanced at the stage, and saw that there were many people gathered around, fearing that she would be crushed if she took the child there, she bent down and said, There are too many people over there with my son, when we go back at night, shall we watch Baobao Feng s TV series No, I m going to see Feng HCMUSSH cbd gummis Baobao I want to tell her that I will marry her when I grow up Let her wait for me cbd gummis Seeing her son s old fashioned appearance, the boy s mother burst out laughing I want to marry a wife at such a young age, and return Baobao Feng Hmph, I m going to marry Baobao Feng Seeing his mother mocking him, the boy snorted unhappily.

Last time I met, I asked him how he could do it.He said that he was completely forced by the palace pastry to do such a mindless thing, and opened a shop in front of his house, leaving him no way out, so he cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep had to go to Thailand to buy a batch of cheap flour to resist the invasion of the palace pastry.Selling aside The boss of Bozai Cake, Gu Ji, Gu Yonghe said Boss Liu, let s just say it directly, why did you call us here this time Rongji is looking for death by himself, and he cbd gummies health bought a batch of low valhalla sativa gummis cbd quality flour.Not only did he eat people to death, but also Even those of us who are in the pastry business have harmed those of us who are in the pastry business, and now many people think of the food poisoning death not long ago when they hear pastry.That s right, Boss Liu, the brothers Rong Bingcai and Rong Binghua deserve it.

Just getting a franchise fee costs 100,000 yuan, wouldn t it cost more than 300,000 yuan to open a cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep store.Liu Peilin saw that everyone in the venue was full of endless fantasies about joining the palace pastry.The corner of his mouth sneered and said, Don t think about it, Xiangjiang is such a big market.I sent someone to investigate before.This time, the palace cake will join ten companies.After the store, Xiangjiang will not be recruiting franchisees for the time being, everyone should not place your expectations on the other party, otherwise your own store will close down due to serious losses before you join in.After a pause, Liu Peilin continued Actually, the palace cbd gummies oil cakes had little contact with us.Although some cakes overlapped with ours, their prices were relatively expensive, which naturally prevented most people from buying them.

Mom, I m not going to the casino in Macau.It just so happens that there s a store opening there, so I just went to attend the opening ceremony.Li Guohao looked at his mother helplessly and said.No matter what, you must not gamble, you know Seeing that it was opening a new store, Li Huifang didn t say much, but repeatedly told her not to go to the casino to gamble, because wherever you have money, you will be buried there.Well, I got it.By the way, Mom, what s your uncle s phone number Li Guohao asked.What You have something to do with your uncle Well, I m going to open a store in Wanwan.After all, my uncle has lived in Wanwan for more than 20 years and knows the local situation better than me.I ll go check the phone book After speaking, Li Huifang went to the room to get the phone book. The next day, the first thing Li Guohao did when he came to the company was to tell about the fact that Liu Peilin and a dozen pastry shops opened the company yesterday.

What are the dragon and lion dances, and festival activities such as free zongzi for everyone to taste at Tin Hau Empress Temple.In recent years, there has also been a dragon boat race in Shatian, but because the scale is small, not many people go there to watch it.Instead, the TV station sends reporters every year to cover and report the event, which is used as news about people s livelihood.There was a crowd of people around Tianhou Temple, and Li Guohao didn t take Zhao Yazhi to squeeze in.Instead, he sat down in a nearby teahouse and watched the activities in Temple Street not far away through the window.Zhao Yazhi excitedly pointed at the dragon dance team at the entrance of Temple Street and said, Ahao, look at the dragon dance over there It s such a long dragon.It s quite long Following Zhao Yazhi s pointing Looking in the direction, I saw a dragon dance team about 20 meters long coming out of the Tin Hau Temple.

There are still many people in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island who haven t cooperated with the other party, but if you simply let it go, I m afraid it will grow up in the future.Tiger infestation.How much money will Liu Peilin make by doing this Li Qiang shook his head and said, I don t know, but I heard that the cost is removed, and the profit is half of the selling price.Sell Li Guohao asked suspiciously.Li Qiang explained Well, why so many delta 9 cbd gummies near me shops cooperate with Liu Peilin, it is because Liu Peilin promised that he will share the profits after the pastries are sold.That s why more and more people are cooperating with him.Li Guohao suddenly had a flash of inspiration, but he was a little unpredictable, and he said, That is to say, if the pastry cannot be sold, he will bear all the losses by himself That s right, but it s generally difficult, because the number of pastries that each store needs every day will be announced in advance, and no one will intentionally falsely report the figures, so that Liu Peilin will send more, and then fail to sell, causing Liu Peilin to lose money.

I have never seen someone like you in Xiangjiang who sent people to deliver pastries every day.Being praised by Master Wang, Li Guohao He smiled and cbd gummis said If you have the ability, please help more.You can t just look at those children alone.Sin, those who killed these days are all my own flesh and blood, so I m so willing to abandon it Master Wang cursed , since he garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies took this job, he who always thought he had a normal heart gradually became sentimental every day.Li Guohao doesn t make many comments, everyone is different.Ahao.At this time, Zhao Yazhi came from not far away, dressed in a bright and beautiful manner.Boss Li, is this your friend So pretty.Master Wang looked at Zhao Yazhi and praised.Yes, my girlfriend.Li Guohao responded with a smile.Good luck.At this time, Zhao Yazhi also walked to the side of the pickup truck, glanced at Li Guohao, then nodded at Master Wang and asked, Where is Ah Hao going The driver s seat was opened, and he said to Zhao Yazhi Get in the car first.

You have also seen that many things like pastries can be reformed and innovated.This snowy mooncake has abandoned the traditional baking process of mooncakes in the past and adopted a new technique, so when you are researching new dim sum in the future, you can completely Learn from western pastry, and you can change it appropriately.Li Guohao has a lot of new pastry making methods in the future, many of which are very different from the present, but he can t take them all at once, so the company will cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen have no problems.innovative mind.I ll go and learn about the process of making pastry.Huang He nodded.Western cakes are not very common in Xiangjiang, and most is cbd gummys legal in pennsylvania of them are Chinese dim sum.There are also pastry shops, but the price is much more expensive than ordinary dim sum, which is not affordable for ordinary people.

Liu Peilin looked at the financial report and said with some regret.When he started the company, he was only afraid of Li Ji.He was afraid that Li Ji would continue to expand and open the shop to his own door in the New Territories.At that time, relying on the reputation of the palace cakes and very delicious pastries, Ronghua Bakery wants to deal with it.Some difficulty.Just like the original Rong Kee Bakery.Although the positioning is different, the two stores are located together.When the big guys compare, it is obvious who has the best pastry and whose pastry is poor.In addition, Li Ji later launched cheap pastries, offering great discounts on many pastries that are common in the market.In this way, Ronghua Bakery is even more invincible.The price cannot be competed, the reputation cannot be competed, and the taste of pastries cannot be cbd gummis competed.

It s up to you to figure out a way.Because the ice skin moon cake is delicious, but it has a characteristic, that is, it is not suitable for preservation.In other words, the shelf life is not very long.If it is made in a store, the general shelf life is three days, or it is only three days at room temperature.If it is exposed to sunlight, it may deteriorate in less than an hour.Why is it so easy to spoil so quickly The main reason cbd with turmeric gummies is that the snow skin mooncakes have not been baked.Although the skin and filling are cooked, just like ice cream, under the long term temperature changes, bad things will happen.The popularity of refrigerators in Xiangjiang is not very high now.Unlike later generations, refrigerators are an indispensable appliance in every household.I ll try my best to find a way.

This scene At the same time, more than 200 temporary sales outlets appeared in the major neighborhoods of Xiangjiang.After the advertisements and promotions were broadcast at noon, each sales outlet was immediately surrounded by crowds Da Rong Hua Company.I actually thought of using a refrigerated truck to sell it on the street Liu Peilin said in horror when he heard the report from his cbd gummis subordinates.Because of the quality of the snowy mooncakes, he had previously concluded that Li Ji s people could only sell them in large shopping malls and supermarkets, or in his own store.Unexpectedly, the people from Li Ji would open up another channel, and even think of using refrigerated trucks to transport the snowy mooncakes, and temporarily sell them on the streets of Xiangjiang.The area is wider than the cooperation with more than 300 stores.

Which building is Wing On Department Store Well, Li Ji s people hung a huge advertisement more than 30 meters high on the roof.From the roof to the middle of the building, you can see the Mid Autumn Festival advertisement of Li Ji s snowy mooncakes from a long distance Liu Peilin cbd gummis widened his eyes in astonishment and said What Thirty meters high Almost, I didn t count it, it s just that it s very big, it takes up one third of the area of Yong an Building.You know how tall Yong an Building is.It takes up one third, and it s at least twenty or thirty meters long.Gu Yonghe didn t how many 500 mg cbd gummies should i eat calculate it carefully at the time, but when he was driving by from there, nearby pedestrians pointed at the building upstairs in amazement, Gu cbd gummis Yonghe stopped the car curiously at that time, looked up, and suddenly found this huge Advertisement.

After chatting for a while, grandpa went back to his room to rest, and his parents washed up and went to sleep.Lying on the makeshift sofa bed in the living room, Li Guohao was still a little excited.Li Guohao has prepared too much for this Mid Autumn Festival mooncake event.If the cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep sales volume is not impressive, the company may go bankrupt, after all, the amount of investment is too large.Clasping his hands together, looking at the ceiling illuminated by the moonlight, Li Guohao muttered to himself It will definitely be better the next day.Li Guohao is still the same as yesterday, inspecting each point of sale, not because he is afraid of employees stealing himself, the main reason is to seek peace of mind, and only by witnessing the hot sale with his own eyes can he let go of his hanging heart.

Jin, Ni Box and other literati help write articles, but also suddenly set up a What kind of refrigerated trucks are sold on the street This is completely beyond our expectations.He made us very passive Although there are more than 300 stores cooperating with us, Liji also has more than 200 refrigerated trucks The car He drove all the cars to the door pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis of other people s houses To put it bluntly, even my wife bought a box of Li Ji s ice skin mooncakes I admit that the sales of moon cakes are not good this time, resulting in a lot of stockpiles, which caused a lot of losses to everyone, but I lost no less than you Speaking of this, Liu Peilin changed his voice But although Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes made martha stewart cbd gummies canada Li Ji take the lead, but the next pastry market is up to us This time, the factories in Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon have been built long ago.

Li Guohao for his donation, and Ms.Zhao Yazhi for her help At this time, the screen changed, and Zhao Yazhi suddenly appeared in the It looks like it was shot in the morning.Although Zhao Yazhi is dressed plainly on the screen, it is difficult to conceal her delicate facial features.She is helping to carry mooncakes from a truck.Ah Zhen sees her sister on TV, Surprised Sister, you are on TV Zhao s father and Zhao s mother next to her also looked at their daughter in surprise.Zhao Yazhi glanced at her family and then at Li Guohao.She was a little shy when she appeared on TV news for the first time, and she blushed and said, I, I don t know why It s on TV, this is what happened when I sent mooncakes to the orphanage in the morning.Maybe it was secretly filmed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said That night, the Governor s Mansion.

Mom, I ll go back tonight and tell you, my company still has things to do.You can do your work in that line.Remember to bring the girl back.It s best to bring her home tonight for my mother to have a look at. I know Mom.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao hung up the phone.Since the new house was renovated, his parents and grandpa lived for one night, and then he went back to the old house.Li Guohao lived in the new house nearby because of work.He didn t deliberately want to hide the matter of getting a girlfriend from Li Huifang, but he was afraid that she would be a little embarrassed if he proposed to bring Zhao Yazhi back to see his parents, so he kept putting off talking about it.In addition, he was busy recently due to the Mid Autumn Festival.Over time, I forgot about this matter.Ding Lingling Hey that one.

Zheng Jiachun asked with a smile.William smiled and said, Please go ahead.Immediately, Zheng Jiachun took Li Guohao to the direction of He Qianjin.The Huo and Zheng families don t give you face to Mr.William Xu Guanghe on the side was dissatisfied, as if Huo Zheng and the others had slapped him in the face.Okay, as long as cbd gummis they don t intervene in the affairs of Zhou s milk company this time, they will ignore it.William asked suddenly What did you mean by that just now The man next to Zheng Jiachun has a grudge against you Hmph, it s nothing more than a small businessman who sells pastries.I didn t expect to be invited by the Governor of Hong Kong.Speaking of this, Xu Guanghe said with a smile Maybe he climbed up to the glory of the He family.Snacks Well, he is the owner of the palace pastry company that has been doing a lot of publicity in Xiangjiang recently.

According to Li Guohao s intention, all the palace pastry franchise stores in Macau will be opened by himself in the future.After calculating the gains and losses, He Qianjin nodded with a smile and said, Yes, I will send someone to cooperate with HCMUSSH cbd gummis you when the time comes.I went to your company to discuss.It s a pleasant cooperation.A pleasant cooperation.The two easily negotiated the cooperation.at this moment.Li Sheng Turning around, it turned out to be Cai Lan.Brother Lan, I didn t expect you to be here.Cai Lan approached and laughed, It s all thanks to Mr.Jin, otherwise I wouldn t have the face to let the Governor of Hong Kong invite me.At this time, Cai Lan was just a simple movie The producer has not yet created the name of cbd gummis the four great talents in later generations.Compared with Mr.Jin, he is already well known in Hong Kong because of his martial arts novels, and he is also the boss of Ming Pao.

Half an hour later, after the last auction item in the auction was sold for 1.1 million, all the auction items in this charity auction were sold for a total of more than 11.7 million.The governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, stood up excitedly again, and after thanking everyone, the charity banquet was finally over.Ahao, why are you going back Cai Lan asked before the show ended.Li Guohao said with a smile I came here by car.Then I ll go back first.Cai Lan said.En.Thank you, little friend.Before leaving, Mr.Jin smiled at Li Guohao.Over there, I like Mr.Jin s The Deer and Ding Ji very much, and I am also very happy to take this manuscript.I chatted with Yi Shu Ni Jia again.Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi upstairs Just got to the meeting room upstairs.Li Guohao caught a cbd gummis glimpse of He Qianjin standing at the door holding his sister.

after.Then it was on fire.Originally, pandas, a living creature, were transported from mainland China to the United States in February this year, which set off cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis a wave of people going to Peanutton, the capital of the United States, to see HCMUSSH cbd gummis pandas.Can t write Makes the local governor both happy and worried.The joy is that it has driven the local economic development, but the worry is that there are too many people, which led to the temporary closure of the National Zoo for a few cbd gummis days cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep to resist this upsurge.With the passage of time, the popularity of going to the zoo to see pandas has not diminished much.On the contrary, because of TV and newspaper reports, many people have traveled thousands of miles to drive and fly to see pandas, which has set off a bigger wave.Watch Panda Craze.It is not ruled out how much role Warner s people played in it.

When Wang Zheng heard it, what Li Guohao said was also reasonable.Holding such a competition would undoubtedly give the association the greatest publicity.It would not only expand its popularity in a short period of time, but also bring a certain degree of authority.Then what exactly should the president do It s simple, let me tell you, take some paper and take notes.Chapter 162 Contest Plan and Daronghua s Listing 2 3 Thinking of cbd gummis some competitions in later generations, Li Guohao began to talk endlessly.First of all, in order to expand the influence of the game, the best choice is to cooperate with the TV station.As long as you are a smart person, you should understand that if this game is broadcast on the TV station, it will definitely bring a lot of ratings to the TV station, so this not only does not need to pay the TV station The money, and fx cbd gummies 1500mg it is possible to make money back from the TV station.

At this time, a female voice came from outside the house.Upon hearing this voice, Huang He, Chen Zhipeng and the others showed lecherous cbd gummis smiles.Well, Manager Li, I m going back to rest first.That s right, Manager Li, let s go first.Let s go, Manager Li, remember to close the door at night.After everyone finished speaking, they all left with smiles and shoves.A little behind the new store is Chinatown.There are many Chinese living in this area, and there are also many Cantonese speaking people, so there is no need to worry about cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis these few people who cannot speak English getting lost.In addition, the place I was looking cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis for was not very far from here, only a distance of more than a thousand meters, and it was only a few steps away.Zhang Nana, why are you here Li Qiang smiled wryly when he heard the voice of the visitor and saw everyone leaving jokingly.

The kid said he wasn t tired at all, so he turned around and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water and walked over.He put the cup on the small table in front of the sofa and asked, You said before that the company was going to hold a pastry contest Opening his eyes, he twisted his body instead, found the best lying position, put his hands around the back of his head, used as a pillow, and then opened his mouth and said slowly Yes.What What are you going to do I received a fax before, Li Qiang looked a little puzzled.He said that the food factory was making biscuits, and later he said that there was a Xiangjiang pastry competition.It s not because of the association.Wang Zheng of the association came to me before and said that the number of registered members of the association has not increased much in the past few months.

At this time, the waiter walked over quickly holding a tray, and after avoiding pedestrians, he put the milk tea on the plate on the table, and set up the refreshments one after another.Stockings milk tea.Looking at the milk tea in the glass in front of him, it looks a bit like coffee with milk.Li Guohao picked up the milk tea, took a few breaths, and took a sip slowly.Why is it a bit bitter Frowning, Li Guohao only felt that this silk stocking milk tea was completely different from what later generations drank, and this tea seemed to be brewed in a teapot, with a strong taste and a slight burnt smell.After drinking a few more sips, Li Guohao also gradually tasted the taste, feeling pretty good, although it is very different from what later generations drank, but the taste is not bad.The milk tea Li Guohao drank the most in his previous life should be Taiwan style milk tea.

Where are those little ghosts I also asked a few people to go over and watch them.Those little ghosts are pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis accompanied by their parents, and they are not afraid of making trouble.If you don t worry about ten thousand, you are just in case.You will go over and watch it yourself later.I know Director You.You Jinjie was a little nervous.This was his first live broadcast.Originally, the finals of the competition were planned to be recorded and broadcasted, but I don t know why the executives of the TV station had a brain twitch and wanted to do it.A live broadcast to expand its influence, and a telephone voting.Telephone voting is what Li Guohao said to Wang Zheng before, but considering that the current communication is not very developed, Li Guohao vetoed it.However, the planning made before has been sent to Li s TV station, and the executives of the TV station saw that this novel method made the executives eyes shine, and felt that it could firmly capture the audience in front of the TV.

The He family and the Huo family jointly established a shipping transportation company.Although most of them are cruise ships and passenger carrying companies, there are also some.cargo ship.At noon, after dealing with the company s affairs, Li Guohao went back to his tea restaurant by car.Since the tea restaurant cbd gummis was renovated two days ago, it officially opened this morning after hiring a few guys and two days of simple training.Sitting in the car, as soon as he arrived near Tung Choi Street, Li Guohao saw a lot of flower baskets outside his shop not far away through the car window.Boss, there are too many people here, so it s hard to park.The driver, Uncle Zhang, looked at a road that could have been parked, but was blocked by people at this time, and turned his head and said.Well, then I cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis ll get off here.

Have you eaten If you haven t, I ll ask your dad to get you something to eat.Mother Li asked.Well, I m a little hungry.Li Guohao glanced at the new menu on the new wall.It was basically the same as the previous one, except for a few more simple and clear fried rice.Golden egg fried rice Li Guohao looked at the name of the fried rice on the wall, and suddenly laughed.Isn t this the same as in later generations of gourmet essays, starting with an egg fried rice, career and love all come.Yeah, didn t you ask your grandpa to make some signature features with your dad before.Now your grandpa made this golden egg fried rice.I have to say that your grandpa s craftsmanship is really good Simple home cooked egg fried rice, which is popular He fried it into flowers.When Li Huifang said the golden fried rice, she immediately gave a thumbs up and praised it.

It s all bought by rich people.Ni Xingqing sighed looking at the villa area surrounded by mountains.Li Guohao asked Is cbd gummis this the villa in the middle of the mountain Well, it is called the cornucopia of the rich.Oh Then I will buy one here sooner or later, and see if I can gather treasures Later generations have long heard of Xiangjiang There is a wealthy area of villas in the middle of the mountain.I took a car to drive around here, and suddenly found that the view and environment here are really good.No wonder those rich people are willing to buy houses here.Banshan Villa is located in the Mid Levels of Xiangjiang, between the peak of Victoria Peak and Central.It is the largest and most upscale residential area today.The security measures here are more complete than the police station, and it is most favored by the local rich.

It is not impossible to buy back the shares at the bottom of the price and try to increase the stock price Hong Kong Real Estate.What s going on Why did the stock price suddenly plummet so much The general manager of Hongkong Land looked at the people in the conference room and cbd gummis asked.The employees of the company stood up tremblingly and said No, I don t know.It fell by nearly 100 points before the market closed yesterday afternoon.We thought it was just a normal decline.It must cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen be rising, but I didn t expect it to fall by more than a hundred.This It s only noon, and we analyze that it may still fall a lot before the afternoon.The general manager said angrily Just such a drop for no reason cbd gummis You must know that when Hongkong Land acquired the milk company, the biggest expectation is that the stock price will increase exponentially who is the ceo of botanical farms cbd gummies after the merger of the two, instead of hoping that the stock price will fall.

It is better to directly find a well known local rich man or The big family will hand over the authority of the general agent to them to handle.They only need to charge a brand fee, and the money for the supply of raw materials is enough.By the way, they can also sell the products of their own food processing factory to Southeast Asia.Why not do it.Well, I ll mention it to them.Ni Xingqing nodded and asked again What about HSBC Bank and Bao Daheng s big stocks Li Guohao thought for a while and said, I ll deal with it.Okay.That night , Ni Xingqing packed his luggage and set off for cbd gummis Singapore.At this time, Xiangjiang s stock price continued to fall next morning.Li Guohao invited Shen Bi to have morning tea together.A teahouse somewhere.Mr.Li asked me to come out for morning tea so early.Could it be that he is planning to return the previous 70 million loan to me Shen Bi took a sip of strong tea, put down his cup and asked with a smile.

It not only listed the big gift packages for the Spring Festival, but also many new dim sums on the market, even the new Western style dim sum produced by the company.The cost of a color advertising leaflet is many times higher than that of black and white advertising paper.If Li Guohao s own comic agency has special color printing equipment, he may not be willing to spend such a high cost on printing.After all, the public usually throws away the advertising paper after receiving it.In order for the advertising paper to play a role and not be thrown away casually, Li Guohao asked the Propaganda Department to set up a 10 discount activity for advertising paper.Watching Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi go upstairs.The young man who handed him the advertising paper earlier looked at Li Guohao s back with eager eyes and said, It s so HCMUSSH cbd gummis majestic I can wear that black coat anytime.

Is the line too tough Li Guohao looked at the protagonist Li Tian in the comics.The lines of the entire face and cbd gummis figure were particularly tough and burly, and he looked a bit gay.Probably not, Bruce Lee cartoons are very popular in Xiangjiang now, even more popular than Kung Fu Panda.Shangguan Xiaobao was a little puzzled.I watched several pictures in a row, and saw that Li Tian, the protagonist in the cartoon, was fighting with someone with a kitchen knife in his hand.Li Guohao was speechless for a moment, and asked, You also added kung fu to it Shangguan Xiaobai nodded and said, Yes, Kung Fu has been added I designed some martial arts and incorporated them into the cooking, such as Yitian Cut, Jianglong Eighteen Stir fry, and Wuhu Chopping Knife.Er Hearing these familiar words, Li Guohao couldn t help but wonder at the comics.

More than three thousand feet, nearly 300 square meters, still in the mid level area, the future value can be imagined.Li Guohao smacked his tongue in his heart, and asked curiously Brother Zheng, how much did you spend on this villa I cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep am also planning to buy a villa to live in.It s not very expensive, maybe more than one million.Zheng Jiachun said with a smile This house used to be owned by a British businessman.Later, when that man returned to England, the house was kept here for sale.I just wanted to buy a new villa, so I bought the land and the house from that man.I bought it, and speaking of it, I still lost a lot.I bought it last year, so I m afraid it will be much cheaper now.The main reason why the villa area in the middle of the mountain is so expensive is because there are very few villas here, that is to say, there are not many good locations for building villas, either with dense trees or uneven terrain.

Later, he got full attendance rewards.Almost everyone can get it every month.To nearly 1200 or so.This is already considered a very high salary in Xiangjiang.Even some contracted actors of TVB and Shaw Brothers are only two to three thousand yuan a month, and some unknown ones are even less.Although the flour mill is a food factory, but because of the problem of flour, there are always some workers who will inhale a little bit from time to time.Even if they wear masks, it is inevitable.Inhaling too much dust is not good for the body, so in terms of wages It is also relatively high, almost around 1500.It s about a thousand yuan.The salary of ordinary workers in the Nissin Instant Noodle Factory was more than one thousand yuan before.I was paid by the management, and I got more than three thousand yuan a month.

Life is priceless, but for rich people, life is just a number.Although Li Guohao came here through time travel, he cherishes his life even more, so he treats his personal bodyguards very well, which is almost unmatched by any profession now.If it was in the mainland, Li Guohao would not spend so much money foolishly to ask someone to protect him, but in this era of Xiangjiang, you have to give enough benefits to make the bodyguard feel at ease and protect himself in his duty, otherwise Just like some people, the robbers conspired with the bodyguards to kidnap the rich man.After talking about a lot of high quality treatment, Li Guohao also said in a calm voice, I shouldn t say something bad when Chief Zhou is here, but just to remind everyone, since I spent so much money to ask some of you to protect me Myself, I will definitely restrict you.

The Zheng family s real estate company, New Century Real Estate, was founded by Zheng Yutong in 1970.It was successfully listed last year on the back of the stock market boom, but it never expected that full spectrum cbd gummie the stock price would plummet all the way due to the stock market crash within half a year after it went public.In order to save the stock price, Zheng Jiachun also racked his brains to find a way, and finally discussed with the company s executives to spend a lot of money to build a five star hotel in Xiangjiang New Century Hotel The land of this hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui.It was purchased by the Zheng family in 1971.It cost almost hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars at that time, and the area is 500 square meters larger than the 6,000 square meters of The Peninsula Hotel.If it is built, it will almost belong to the largest large hotel in Xiangjiang.

Now that he is in a foreign country, the two bodyguards he brought with him are even more cautious than those in Xiangjiang.You must know that citizens are allowed to hold guns in the UK.Huang He, Sun Dafu and the others also didn t dare to run far, there were too many people here, if they took a step back, they might not be able to find their companions.Seeing Li Guohao approaching, Zhao Yazhi also pointed to the two towering white pagodas at the gate of the stadium, Ahao, take a picture for me.Okay.Taking the camera from Zhao Yazhi s hand, Zhao Yazhi put on the hat and put it on.After a pose, there was also a click , recording this cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen moment in the camera.The interpreter who was following him was standing around with Huang He and the others.Ahao, how about I help you take a picture together Zhao Yazhi looked at the group of people in the company and said with a smile.

At that time, I wondered why I didn t also hold an engagement ceremony, so that I green ape cbd gummies on shark tank could cheat you twice.I got a red envelope.You boy Li Guohao shook his head helplessly.From cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep Li Guohao s point of view, the fact that Zhang Dong can still joke with him shows that he still regards himself as a friend and doesn t consider himself inferior to others.Since becoming the chairman of the group and did shark tank invest in cbd gummies to quit smoking a billionaire, many people have changed a lot in their eyes.Li Qiang counts as one, Shangguan Xiaobao counts as one, Cai Lan counts as one, and even the mother in law s eyes on him have changed, not to mention Zheng Jiachun and other people who are basically interested in friendship.Whether it is good or not, or bad is not bad, I can only say that I have not changed, but they have changed.Or maybe, Li Guohao himself has changed, but he just didn t notice it.

Haha how could be Socializing.That s fine, I just have something to do, so I ll leave first.After that, He Qianjin waved his hand and walked downstairs.I ll see you off.Li cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen Guohao was about to go forward to see him off, but he only heard He Qianjin say, No need, a driver will pick me up when I go down. Well, be careful on the road.Ok.night.Big Regal Nightclub.In Xiangjiang in the 1970s, there were not many ways for people to entertain themselves.Apart from TV and movies, there were only nightclubs where they could have fun.Unlike the later generations, a computer can solve all boredom.But for the rich, there are more things to do.Nightclubs are the lowest consumption.If you go up, you can go to horse racing or go to sea on a yacht.If you can t, go to Macau to gamble.The nightclub at this time is roughly the same as in the past movies.

Let me call and ask.Huang Yaohua has been busy recently I don t know about the matter of distributing goods with popsicles, but I also forgot about the matter of market research.Call.Pushing the phone to Huang Yaohua.Huang Yaohua picked up the phone and dialed the marketing department of the food company, Hi, I m Huang Yaohua, um, your Just as Huang Yaohua was calling, another internal phone rang.Li Guohao answered the phone, Hello Chairman, Mr.Ni is looking for you.Ni Xingqing yes.Let him wait at the door. OK.Just as Li Guohao hung up the phone, Huang Yaohua also put down the microphone in his hand, and only heard him say, It was just finished this morning, and this time the pavement is very wide.More than 3,000 people have accepted our investigation, and I have dr oz cbd gummies for ed asked them to send over detailed reports.

This is the clearest and easiest method, other methods cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep are basically difficult.When starting a company, whether you lend money to the company yourself or withdraw money from the company, you have to pay taxes.Basically, in order to develop, companies rarely pay year end dividends under normal circumstances.Even if they earn more money, they will invest in more projects and businesses instead of dividends.This is also why many company bosses sell part of their cbd gummy allergic reaction shares to cash out the first thing after listing, because they are afraid of poverty just pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis kidding, cashing out is the most convenient way.Then do you want me to go to Manager Shen Now if Li Guohao has any loan matters, he will go to Shen Bi directly instead of cbd gummies las vegas contacting the loan manager of HSBC.Because this is something that increases Shen Bi s leverage.

Then I will trouble Ji Rui.It s easy to talk about it.It s been more than one o clock in the afternoon to eat and drink with Jian Fu in the restaurant.Li Guohao asked another bodyguard to drive Jian Fu back.He went back to the company by car.On the way back to the company, Li Guohao kept thinking about Master Dong s words.Risk and wealth are equally important Recently, Li Guohao did have an idea, that is, the Middle East war in two months time This matter was only remembered when I read the content of International Situation in the newspaper.If memory serves me right, this was the first oil war, triggering the world s first oil crisis.In Li Guohao s simple political concept, the oil crisis should be born under the control of some foreign consortiums.Of course, those are some concepts from the previous life.

Li Dexiao also nodded aside, agreeing with Li Huifang s question very much.Li Guohao couldn t help but rolled his eyes at the appearance of his parents, but he also knew that they cared about him, so he explained Mom, not everyone has time to make dumplings, let alone the price of quick frozen dumplings made by our company It s still relatively cheap, and it s not much more expensive than making dumplings at home, and the taste is even better. I don t understand these things either, just figure it out yourself.Li Huifang nodded slightly without knowing.Although in her opinion, if it wasn t for something garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies made by her son, she would definitely not choose to buy it and eat it.The main reason is that Li Huifang runs a tea restaurant and is not afraid of uneaten food.Secondly, cooking for her family on weekdays is also done in the tea restaurant.

Most of the people here are Chinese, and there are also many whites and blacks.Looking at a wall behind the martial arts hall, there is a classic picture of Bruce Lee s naked upper body muscles stretched on it.I have to say that Bruce Lee s muscles are very suitable for Asian aesthetics, not like the one piece pieces of Europe and the United States.It is the kind of beauty that is delicate, smooth and full of strength.At this time, a white short haired woman walked over with a child in her arms.She sized Li Guohao left and right, which made Chen Sheng cbd gummis cbd gummis and the others a little nervous.If they were strong men, they would have stepped forward to block the other party s view.When Li Guohao was about to ask if he was okay, the woman asked, Mr.Li from Xiangjiang I am Xiaolong s wife, Linda.Upon hearing .

can cbd gummies help with diabetes?

this, Linda confirmed that the other party was Li Guohao, and said with a smile.

Okay.Linda took Li Guohao and the others to the lounge of the martial arts hall.When he got to the lounge, Li Guohao found an Asian looking man sitting at his desk.This is Xiaolong s student, named Takeyuki Kimura.This is Xiaolong s friend in Xiangjiang, Mr.Li.Linda introduced each other.Hearing the Japanese name of Takeyuki Kimura, Li Guohao frowned.If I remember correctly, there was this person in the Legend of Bruce Lee filmed by CCTV back then.Hello, Mr.Li.A very standard Japanese bow.There is a difference between Asians and Europeans.That is the relationship between teachers and students.In the common concept of Europeans and Americans, a teacher is just an educator, something that can be settled with money.But Asians are different, they pay attention to teachers like fathers.It s not about recognizing the father, but mainly putting the master and his father side by side.

You Mike was taunted, and suddenly furious I don t care Who did you defeat before, in my opinion, only I am the strongest If you want to open a martial arts gym on this street to recruit apprentices, you d better compete with me, otherwise I can t guarantee that you will win Someone will come to your martial arts hall to make trouble Do you want me to send you away Li Guohao was a little worried about Bruce Lee s body, after all, the other party is no longer the Bruce Lee he used to be.No need, I don t need Li Sheng s help in this matter.My body can still continue to compete.Bruce Lee turned his head and smiled at Li Guohao.Opening a martial arts gym in the United States, especially the Chinese, often faces a series of troubles.When Bruce Lee opened a martial arts gym for the first time in Seattle, many hooligans came up to make trouble, but they were all impressed by his kung fu.

I believe it s either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.As the battle situation changed, Li Guohao gradually recalled more and more things.He remembered one thing, that is, in the United States After intervening in the war in the Middle East, those oil allies will officially announce the ban on oil transportation.When the United States officially announced its involvement in the Middle East war.The world s largest seven oil companies, Exxon, Anglo Dutch Shell, Mobile, Texaco, British Petroleum, Mobil Oil of California, and Gulf Oil.The seven international oil giants, nicknamed the Dragon Balls of Oil by later generations, are also discussing how to negotiate with the Middle East countries in the past two days.Because Egypt and Syria initiated the war on their own initiative, and the United States provided military supplies and technical assistance to Israel, the Big Seven saw the opportunity to regain the pricing power of oil At the beginning of this year, the price of oil rose from US 2 to US 3, which was forced to increase.

At the end, he said Actually, boss, you still have time to run now.If pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis you wait until tomorrow, when the stock market rises, your previous money may be sold by the brokerage firm.If you close the position directly, not only will you not get any money back, but you may also be sued in court for defaulting on handling fees.run If you really close your position, you can go there now Li Guohao said with a wry smile.He was indeed a little arrogant.He thought that he knew that the Middle East war would break out and the oil crisis would happen based on his memory., Of course, the manipulation cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis of some capital consortiums cannot be ruled out.Then where did you go this afternoon We went to find someone, our only hope is tomorrow Li Guohao sighed.His only hope now is for the oil countries in the Middle East to quickly release the news and announce the oil embargo.

I know, cbd gummies 300mg viagra cbd gummis Xiaofang and the others looked for us to look at all the facades, but your grandfather and I have nothing to do at home, so I asked Ah Qin to drive us around.Oh, have you found it yet Do you want me to arrange someone cbd chill plus gummies cbd gummies kopen to rent the store tomorrow, and cbd gummis if you don t want to rent it, you can buy it directly Now that Li Guohao has more than one billion in cash with him, Li Guohao has a lot more confidence than when he talked about the tea restaurant with Li s father before, and he just said no.If you rent, buy it directly.Anyway, tea restaurants also need shops.If you invest in buying a shop, it is also a business that is sure to make a profit.Yes, your grandfather and I have already made cbd isolate gummies 50mg a plan.Because it is a tea restaurant, the consumption level should not be very high.Many of them are in the house, in Central, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok.

Dad, you go to the company with me tomorrow, and then we will make arrangements for the tea restaurant.One incident in the afternoon, he said By the way, Ahao, when my grandfather and I were looking for a store in Central this afternoon, we found that several stores called Maxim s Restaurant had opened, which seemed to be a chain store.It was similar to a tea restaurant.The price garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies is also affordable.Maixin s Restaurant Hearing the word Maximum , Li Guohao frowned immediately.If I remember correctly, Maxim s Company seems to have been acquired by Landmark, a subsidiary of Jardine Matheson Group.The fifty Maxim s opened earlier this year The Western Cakes belonged to them, but due to the poor income caused by the stock market crash, 40 branches were closed down.This incident also made Li Guohao very fortunate, thankful that he did not continue to expand the store rashly.

Li, please. what Ok cbd gummis Li Dexiao was in a daze.Dad, this is my secretary Xiao Liu.You can sit with her in my office for a while, and I will have a meeting.There is a TV in the office.If you are bored, you can watch TV. Okay, you go and do your work.Li Dexiao recovered and nodded.Seeing Li Dexiao walking towards his office behind Secretary Liu, Li Guohao turned around and walked towards the conference room.There was a click.The door of the conference room was opened from the outside.The people in the room who were communicating with each other immediately fell silent after hearing the voice.Li Guohao opened the door and looked around.There were about twenty people, five or six of whom he didn t know himself.He thought they might have been recruited recently.Walk quickly to the chairman s seat.Everyone stood up and shouted Chairman.

It s nothing, I just want to ask Mr.Pang if he is interested in being the editor in chief of this newspaper I have read some articles written by Mr.Pang , whether it is about business or international affairs, I have read opinions, so I personally very much hope that Mr.Pang will be the editor in chief.Li Guohao didn t start the newspaper office to make money, but just wanted to get a microphone to speak for himself, and Pang Heshuo s status in the newspaper industry in Xiangjiang is very high, and he has accumulated many contacts accumulated in the newspaper industry for decades.countless.I believe that if he invites some famous consultants to come to the newspaper to publish articles or write articles, they will definitely agree to it.In this case, Li Guohao will be left with a lot of troubles.

You must know that now the Feng family only has this Sun Hung Kai Securities Co., Ltd.left.In the future, Sun Hung Kai Securities Co., Ltd.will be one of the four major securities companies in Hong Kong, and also the most powerful one.Relying on their unique service attitude, many retail investors are very happy.But now, Sun Hung Kai Securities Co., Ltd.has only been in business for less than a few years.At first, it relied on the stock market explosion and earned a lot of commissions.When the company was seeing prosperity, a stock market crash caused the number of retail investors to decrease day by day.Up to now, almost no one goes to the stock market to buy and sell stocks.If you buy at a loss, you can t make money if you sell it, forming an alternative HCMUSSH cbd gummis stock market collapse.Mr.Feng is too worried.

Don t look at the later generation of Mr.Malaysia who can talk eloquently and eloquently.In fact, at the beginning when he introduced himself to others, he couldn t even speak clearly.To be able to make Mr.Malaysia say I have never touched money, I am not interested in money , this kind of Bge is extremely high, it must have the experience of speaking on stage hundreds or even thousands of times.It blows so fresh and elegant, without the slightest sense of vulgarity Therefore, in order to be able to boast well and pay tribute to his predecessors, Li Guohao also secretly cheered in his heart.Thinking of Mr.Da Ma s freshness and elegance back then, the tension in his heart was also swept away, and instead he began to comfort Zhao Yazhi.Perhaps it was Li Guohao s reassurance that helped, or maybe Zhao Yazhi didn t want to delay his time to speak on stage, so she smiled slightly with a pale face, helped him tidy up his collar, and said with a smile Okay, it s up to you, Mrs.

You must know that after Bruce Lee s movie Enter the Dragon hit the market this year, the box office of Ghost and Horse Double Stars directed and starred by him broke through four in less than a month.One million, in other words, surpassed Bruce nathans natural cbd gummies Lee I remember that we seem to have signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest Then, the film company should make a lot of money this time.Li Guohao asked casually.Cai Lan nodded at the side and said That s right, we signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest, and only paid the basic rental fee.It is estimated that before the release of the movie, we should earn four dollars after excluding the cost of filming and promotional fees.More than one million Hong Kong dollars.The specifics will be calculated by Golden Harvest after it is released.

Li Guohao said modestly.Chen Jiadao said with a smile The three of us have no place for Li Sheng to learn.Instead, we have to learn a thing or two like cbd gummis Li Sheng s parents.Learn how to cultivate outstanding young people like Li Sheng Several people chatted hotly at the door After a while, they walked into the Chamber of Commerce building together.I have to say that the Chamber of Commerce Building is quite tall, with about a dozen floors, and it was built in the early 1960s, which is much better than that of Li Guohao s Wing On Building.Li Guohao was very eager to see, and the idea of building a building in his heart became more and more intense.When going up the elevator, Li Guohao asked Mr.Chen, is there any activity at the manufacturer s association this time It s not a big deal, he said, Next year, our Chamber of Commerce plans to join hands with local Chinese businessmen in Hong Kong, and cooperate with the Hong Kong Export Chamber of Commerce to sell the products of our respective manufacturers to overseas regions and expand the strength of our Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Instead of guessing and guessing after being exposed, it is better to report it directly in your own newspaper.After chatting about the stock market for a while, Qin Feng followed the question given by the cali naturals cbd gummies newspaper and asked, I heard that the Guohao Food Industrial Park, which Mr.Li recently invested 100 million Hong Kong dollars, has been officially built Now only three large factories, a cafeteria and an office building have been built.The overall construction plan has only been completed about 30 percent.Only 30 percent cbd gummis Qin Feng said in surprise What Li Sheng The food industrial park is really big.Yes, this should be regarded as the only largest, best, and most formal food industrial park in Asia.According to the survey of our group, so far, there is no such park in the whole of Asia.Any food industrial park has the scale of ours.

This watch was given to Ms.Shen by the Queen of England.It is a very honorable thing to be able to take a photo of it.In addition, this watch is really good and worth collecting, so it was sold at a high price of 5.3 million.5.3 million once, 5.3 million twice 5.3 million three The auctioneer yelled a little slower, just to see if anyone would continue to bid, but judging by the appearance of the guests in the venue, no one was willing to continue bidding.Just when the hammer was about to drop.Chapter 336 The beauty smiled, After cbd gummis throwing a lot of money, only one person shouted loudly 6 million The auctioneer heard the sound and looked around, only to see Li Guohao holding up the sign, and suddenly excitedly said 6 million Li Sheng once again bid 6 million Hong Kong dollars At this time, William frowned, turned his head and glanced cbd chill plus gummies at Li Guohao who was sitting on the table not far from him, wondering whether the other party did it on purpose or really wanted to take a photo 6.

Tour guide Zheng chuckled, and said again Our Chinatown here is decades earlier than America s Chinatown Ah Zheng, you brought a lot of people this time.At this time, no A person came from a distance and smiled at Tour Guide Zheng in Thai.Yes, they are all from the same country to travel.Tour guide Zheng replied with a smile in Thai.There are too many people here, I m afraid it s not easy to get in.The Thai said.It s okay.On the other side, Li Guohao heard Tour Guide Zheng chatting with people in Thai, so he asked Chen Xuewen, and he said it was nothing, just chatting with friends.Hearing this, Li Guohao felt relieved, since he encountered robbers last year, he is now a bird of fright.Under the scorching sun above the head, finally after more than ten minutes, we queued up to enter the Erawan Temple.

It s free for you to queue up to get it yourself, but if you want Tour Guide Zheng to take it, you will have to charge a little fee, which is why Tour Guide Zheng prepares a set of fragrant flowers every time he brings people to worship the Erawan Buddha.Chapter 341 After the underground black boxing burned incense and kowtowed at the Erawan Buddha Temple, Li Guohao and his group followed Tour Guide Zheng to the largest Muay Thai training gym in Bangkok.A group of people dispersed to take a small wooden boat, and the boatman paddled the waves with wooden paddles at the bow, which made Li Guohao feel like he was in the movie.It s a bit like the water city of Venice, and it s also a bit like a fish and rice water town in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, but the Shuibo Trading Market, which is surrounded by chaos and quarrels like a vegetable market, makes the life here seem more intense.

Tour guide Zheng slowly introduced the current underground black boxing in Thailand That s why I said, Boss Li, you are here on time.It s time, now is the day when all the boxers in Thailand come to Bangkok to compete, and today should be the day when the Chiang Mai boxing champion will compete with the Prachinburi boxing champion.Is it life or death Li Guohao asked curiously.Yes, but there are very few now.In the past, the winner was determined by the death of one side.Now, because more and more people come to watch the game from abroad, coupled with gambling, the organizers of the black boxing can earn a lot of money.More.There are fewer and fewer black fighters, so now it s just a matter of which side admits defeat first.But there are also life and death ones, and that kind is endless.Lao Zheng has been in Thailand for more than 20 years, working as a tour guide It has been more than ten years, and it is not for nothing.

Now that the technology is relatively advanced, it is not impossible to decipher the ingredient formula of Red Bull in reverse.In addition, at this time, Red Bull type beverages have not yet appeared on a large scale in the international market.As long as Li Guohao is the first to produce it and occupy the Red Bull market, when Red Bull rises in the future, I am afraid that there will be no room for it to survive.Just like Coca Cola.The world s first cola was Coca Cola.The recipe should be kept absolutely secret, but there was a rising star, Pepsi.Coca Cola officials have been releasing information, saying that the secret recipe of Coca Cola has been locked in the bank s vault.Only a few people in this world know about it, and it will never be leaked.But there is also Pepsi, and Laoshan Coke and Wahaha Coke have also appeared in the mainland.

When they were about to bow their heads and drink the rice wine he had brought, Chen Xuewen couldn t help but interrupted their behavior in Thai.Chairman, don t drink As soon as he stopped the two girls, he saw Li Guohao was about to drink again.Chen Xuewen went over cbd gummis to stop the other party s wrist in a hurry and said, This is a local custom.If you drink with them, you will marry them.I m going home.The bamboo cbd gummis wine glass had already been raised to his mouth, and after hearing Chen Xuewen s words, Li Guohao was startled, and the glass in his hand dropped on the spot.With a bang, the rice wine was scattered all over the floor.No way, there is still cbd gummis such a bad custom Li Guohao couldn t help complaining.Chen Xuewen didn t have time to explain to Li Guohao, so he turned to communicate with the village.

Just now he saw that the village chief s face was not very happy, and the eyes of the two girls were even redder.After some conversations in Thai, the village chief s face eased a little, and he said something in Thai, then turned around and left with the two girls who were already in tears.What did you tell them I saw that the village chief s face just now seemed not very good.I said, Chairman, that you are already married, and Xiangjiang does not allow polygamy, and then I explained that you don t understand what s going on here.custom, but I think the village head may be a little unhappy.Chen Xuewen smiled wryly.Why didn t you tell me earlier, something happened almost.Li Guohao complained.This is in Thailand, if you break the local customs, maybe something will go wrong.I don t know that the village head is so direct.

And In Xiangjiang, I cooperated with some idle movie theaters and formed a theater alliance to help some private film companies release movies.It is because of these two monopolized businesses that in the past few years with the help of Bruce Lee, several movies have been sold well.Completely revitalized the film company.Coupled with the fact that Enter the Dragon sold tens of millions of dollars overseas, Golden Harvest made a lot of money, and thus laid a strong foundation for Golden Harvest in the future.Let s do this for now, As long as Jiahe s people are not too overbearing, give them a little bit more.Li Guohao doesn t have the energy to argue with Jiahe s people for this petty gain.I know.Cai Lan nodded slightly.In fact, Golden Harvest suddenly charged more money for overseas films than they were greedy.

I want to cooperate with you, Li Sheng. cooperate Yes, I plan to invest in a new shipping company.The company s business cbd gummis is mainly in tourism.It connects Hong Kong, Macau and Nanyang into a new tourist route.If it is feasible in the future, I plan to start another international tourism project Uncle Bao, why did you think of asking me to cooperate Could it be my luck Li Guohao joked.Don t tell me, I just want to see your luck Bao Daheng laughed and said No one in Xiangjiang now knows that you, Li Guohao, are lucky.I have read your previous report carefully.Uncle Bao, you are not joking, are you Do you think I m joking Seeing Bao Yugang s pure kana cbd gummies for copd cbd gummis serious face, Li Guohao couldn t help but smiled wryly and said, Really yes.Bao Daheng really took a fancy to Li Guohao s luck.He has superstitions unique to businessmen.

Li Guohao did not hide Cai Lan s intention, he said If this matter is true, I want to invest in a TV station.For Li Guohao, investing in a TV station has no disadvantages, only advantages Not to mention saving all the advertising expenses on TVB and Li s TV station every year, but at least a large part of it can be saved.Secondly, if the company has any activities in the future, the TV station can help promote it.Moreover, Li Guohao s investment in TV stations not only will not lose money, but may also make a lot of money.You must know that he has a memory beyond the present decades.He has watched countless classic TV how to make cbd gummies taste better programs more or less.Cai Lan listened to Li Guohao I am interested in investing in a natures only cbd gummies cost TV station, and my heart is very hot.You must know that TV stations are much more influential than film companies.

After washing up in the rest room of his own company, Li Guohao rushed to the reception room where He Zuozhi was.As soon as he opened the door and went in, he saw He Zuozhi resting with his eyes closed in the presence of the old god, and when he heard the movement, he opened his eyes and looked over.Mr.He is sorry, I was eating before.Li Guohao walked over and said with an apologetic expression.It s okay, I came here rashly and interrupted you, Li Sheng, for lunch.He Zuozhi laughed heartily, putting the responsibility on himself.Mr.He was joking.After Li Guohao sat down, secretary Xiao Liu also walked in with coffee.Taking a sip of his coffee, Li Guohao looked at He Zuozhi, who was in high spirits today, and couldn t help asking curiously I think Mr.He seems very happy today.Is there any good news from the TV station Haha , Not bad, I have some good news for you, Li Sheng.

However, due to technical reasons, the screen during the live broadcast may need to be delayed for more than 30 minutes in some countries This is also impossible.The opening ceremony still adopted a more traditional way, and two hosts were selected to interact on stage to conduct interspersed programs.The male host is Xu Guanwen, the current star of Phoenix TV.Although he is still making movies, he still signed a host contract with Phoenix TV.The other is a Cantonese cbd gummis speaking female anchor named Emma recommended by BBC TV.The 20,000 people shouted in unison, as if the hormones in the stadium reached their peak at this moment, a heat wave swept over and flooded the entire stadium.Li Guohao, who cbd gummis was sitting in the lounge, couldn t help swallowing when he heard the fierce shouts outside, and asked Chen Sheng who was beside him Is the security ready I don t want to do anything with so many people.

Guan Yunfei glanced at the shop, and said happily With the help of the master, there are Ahao, your investment, since the new decoration, the business in the store has been pretty good.After chatting for a while, Guan Yunfei said Ahao, do you have anything to do with me Guan Yunfei is not a fool either, Li Guohao just came to eat with that group full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep of people, and the two of them were almost talking about the past, they should have gone to the private room, but they never saw each other intending to get up.Haha, I still can t satisfy Guan Shishu s insight Li Guohao said with a smile Guan Shishu, I m planning to set up Fumanlou as a company recently.I don t know much about it, only the management and finance of some restaurants.That s right.Originally, I wanted to come alone to Master Guan.You are here, but today I happened to be in the New Territories for business, and I came over for dinner again.

You two take this money and use it.If it s not garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies enough, tell Grandpa Third.Xiaoyan and Xiaoping saw the thick stack of banknotes that Grandpa Second took out.It was five hundred It startled the two little girls, so much, at least tens of thousands of yuan Not only the two little girls were taken aback, but even Li Renzong and Li Defang were shocked.They are often able to receive some businessmen from Xiangjiang or journalists on official business.They know the value of these Hong Kong dollars, almost Equivalent to RMB, such a thick stack is at least tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars It is difficult for ordinary Xiangjiang people to carry so much money with them at one time, and there is not so much money to carry.The two looked at Li Renzhong with disbelief, and thought to themselves, it seems that the second brother second uncle It is really developed in Xiangjiang.

The split will also make Hutchison Group s financial statements It looks a lot better.People from the West family don t sell it Li Guohao raised his head and looked at Ni Xingqing and asked.Ni Xingqing spread his hands and shrugged speechlessly Yes, they did not agree cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep to the sale, saying that what guaranteed the family s final honor.Oh, Hutchison Co.has disappeared more than ten years ago.Now it is Hutchison Whampoa, and now I am the largest shareholder of Hutchison Whampoa.The honor of their West family has long since disappeared.Hearing the family honor, Li Guohao casually chuckled.Then what do you mean, boss Qing nodded, and suddenly thought of something, and then he opened his mouth and said, Hu Changqing told me that the stock market has been booming recently, and Guohao Securities is doing well.

Li Guohao felt the tenderness in the beauty s words, and couldn t help lowering his head and kissing the other s tenderness lips.After a long time, the four lips separated.Maybe it was because the kiss was very sudden, or maybe it was very hot, anyway, Zhao Yazhi was so ashamed, a faint blush rose on both ends of her cheeks, she secretly glanced at Li Zecheng, who was still playing by herself, and took a picture.Touching Li Guohao s chest, he said delicately I hate it, cbd gummis top cbd gummy brands 2022 the child is still watching Li Guohao looked at Zhao Yazhi s shy face, and said with a smirk on purpose Just watch it, isn t it natural for husbands to kiss their wives Zhao Yazhi Blushing slightly, she listened to her husband s words, rolled her eyes at him, and said angrily Okay, don t be an upright person.Didn t you say you re going to the next door for a meeting Why don t you hurry up Well, then I Go ahead, watch your son.

Of course, there is nothing to continue to develop That s right, many businesses are already in the leading position in the industry, unless they are monopolized, it will be difficult to continue.Li Guohao thought of an important cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep decision he had made earlier after discussing with Ni Xingqing, Zhang Shaonan, Hu Changqing and others, and he said again Well, there is good news, let me tell you.According to the current group s subsidiaries and parent company The financial situation is very good, and the amount of funds is sufficient.In order to obtain greater benefits, as well as the personal interests of everyone here.After my careful consideration, the group will formally apply to the Hong Kong Bank Financial Supervisory Authority in January next year for a third tier bank License.When Li Guohao uttered this shocking news, everyone in the room was amazed, and discussed in whispers regardless of the presence of the chairman.

As for the equipment and equipment, if you need them, you can buy new ones and move all the old ones back.The Molecular Food Laboratory was Li Guohao In order to promote the molecular food that I created , I hope to promote it to the world at the fastest speed.However, the high cost and the molecular food that must be produced by trained molecular chefs obviously did not meet the expectations that Li Guohao thought back then.Except for magic beads and popping candies that are selling well in many regions and countries, the rest can only be ordered by people and dispatched to make them.Investment must continue, but it will be a bit of a loss if it only develops in the United States.Up to now, molecular food has not appeared in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao s idea is to promote it in Asia as much as possible, which can also serve the He effetc of cbd gummies brings the greatest benefit.

The Banking and Financial Supervisory Authority applied for a Tier 3 banking license.The Oriental Daily did not know where it got the news.It learned that the Guohao Group was going to apply for a banking license from the Authority.On the third day after the application, it reported the news in the newspaper.Oriental Daily Guohao Group has recently formally applied for a banking license from the Hong Kong Bank Financial Supervisory Authority.International and diversified development After the news of Guohao Group s application for a bank how long does cbd gummy take to start reddit license was published, most citizens just watched the fun.From the perspective of ordinary people like them, opening a bank has little connection with them.But for some banks in Xiangjiang This is really bad news.Not to mention those large banks, small and medium sized banks are the most vigilant.

This time, Guohao Group applied for a banking license and opened smile gummies cbd its own As far as the bank is concerned, whether it is the group s cash flow, savings funds, or employees accounts, or the bank accounts designated by partners, it is absolutely necessary to withdraw 100 to their own banks.It s as simple as hundreds or thousands of people, but tens of thousands or cbd gummis even hundreds of thousands of people, and the amount involved is at least billions In HSBC, Shen Bi temporarily A meeting was held, and the content of the discussion was naturally related to Guohao Group s establishment of a cbd gummis where to buy cbd gummies for sleep bank.At the beginning of the meeting, someone garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies slapped the table angrily and said viciously What does Li Guohao want to do We at HSBC have cooperated with him for so many years, and we gave him a loan if he wanted funds.

When Li Guohao proposed a wholly owned acquisition, Liao Liewen said in a very firm tone Mr.Li, Chong Hing Bank was developed step by step by my father from scratch, and it is absolutely impossible to want a wholly owned acquisition.It s possible Liao Liewu next to him also said Yes, this is our Liao family s ancestral property, Mr.Li, it is absolutely impossible for us to sell it.Li Guohao said with a smile Mr.Liao, don t worry, you can listen Listen to our quotation.After finishing speaking, he winked at Ni Xingqing.Ni Xingqing understood and handed the documents in his hand to the Liao brothers.He said Chong Hing Bank currently has 13 branches in Hong Kong, and the land and real estate of seven branches belong to Mr.Liao s garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies real estate company, including ours.The Chong Hing Bank building we are staying at now.

It s best to be a high end residential area or villa.It s about the same Li Guohao thought about the current house price, and said in a deep voice 500 million should be a lot Ni Xingqing pondered for a while and said, Boss, 500 million is already a lot.The average set of villas in the Mid Levels is only about 3 million, and 500 million can buy a hundred or less.If you buy a real estate, I am afraid you can buy a dozen residential buildings.Well, let s do it.Manager cbd gummis Qi, let the people of Guohao Real Estate announce to the public that we will spend 10 billion to rescue the market, but it must be after Manager garden of life cbd gummies cbd chill plus gummies Ni has purchased 500 million real estate.yes.Immediately after, Ni Xingqing and Ni Xingqing chatted for a few more words, then turned around and went to do what the chairman ordered.In the huge conference room, only Li Guohao was left thinking about who was behind the carrian group.

The complete collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate was something Li Jiacheng did not expect, but the business opportunities after the collapse, he was able to control it from the slightest.In the 1950s, Li Jiacheng transferred from the plastic flower business After entering the real estate business, I have personally experienced three major real estate fluctuations.The first time was the leftist riot in 1967, which threatened to communist the whole of Hong Kong.In an instant, the land price in Xiangjiang plummeted.Land reserve.Only in 1972, when Changjiang Real Estate went public, its stock was oversubscribed 65 times by the market and investment companies.The second time was in 1973, the second year after Changjiang Real Estate was listed, the stock market crash broke out, and all real estate in Hong Kong was re subscribed.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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