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Here is the body of a British lieutenant Following the cry, Rommel hurried to bernard pivot cbd gummies france catch up.Sure enough, a British lieutenant died here.The only difference is that he was not killed by a bullet, but His throat was slit with a sharp instrument.The German soldiers were horrified to see it.What a tragic scene Rommel was not too surprised, and walked slowly along the corpse.He stopped in front of a tree and seemed to be interested in the tree.After staying in front for a while, Rommel slowly turned behind the tree, and soon his eyes were fixed on the tree trunk without blinking Yes, yes, I was absolutely not wrong in my judgment There are horizontal bars engraved on the trunk, which must be the number of British troops killed.Rommel counted them, and there are twelve bars.And under these horizontal bars, there is also a name and several numbers written Ernst, September 21, 1916.It caused damage, but I am still confident to continue to defend the position.A rash attack will only bring us unnecessary casualties.Wang Weiyi smiled and did not refute his words.Hall is a very obedient officer, but that s about it.It would be too embarrassing to ask him to do more than what he was ordered to do.But judging from the situation on the battlefield, the D9 position must be taken back Captain, your adjutant is here.With this voice, Wang Weiyi temporarily put away his thoughts about the war Okay, let him in.After a while, a young second lieutenant aged 27 or 8 left When he came in, he gave a standard military salute when he saw Wang Weiyi Captain, Heinz William Guderian was ordered to report to you.Who Who did he send to himself Wang Weiyi wondered if he heard it wrong.Guderian Is it Guderian, one of the three famous generals of the German Third Reich in the future Wang Weiyi asked tentatively Second Lieutenant Heinz, where did you graduate from Report to the captain, I graduated from the central military academy in the Great Richter Field.One hundred and eleven.The defecting general buy cbd gummy uk botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank Although Countess Leonie did not help much in this incident, her influence in Berlin cannot be ignored.But when he came to her manor, Wang Weiyi unexpectedly discovered the distinguished guests that Depusey said Field Marshal Hindenburg, General Ludendorff, Lieutenant General von Bellow, von Galwitz Lieutenant General, and even Crown Prince William August This is simply a gathering of a group of top German commanders Wang Weiyi s rank of major looks so shabby right here.Congratulations on washing away the slander and restoring your reputation.Marshal Hindenburg was more kind I always firmly believe that there are no traitors among the Germans.Throw Nikolai to hell, unfortunately he can only be demoted to lieutenant colonel.There will always be a chance to deal with him in the future.Hearing the words very valuable piece of information , Pease s eyes lit up Say Well, what do I need to do.You know those people in the post office Of course, a lot of them recognize me.You know, I don t have to be so careful in Reims.I have a My friend was locked there Wang Weiyi said lightly I have to find a way to get him out, so I need the names, ranks, and even the characteristics of every officer and soldier there.You can do it Pease A sly smile appeared on Pease s face Do you want to rescue your friend It s not easy.And it s very difficult, and you need to pay a lot of money.Some magistrates ready to mutiny Wang Weiyi s nonsense made Pease s complexion change drastically What you said is true It will be a pleasure to work with you, Pease.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes How much time do you need Pease s mind was spinning rapidly.One hundred and twenty eight.The crisis is approaching This is the best era, and it is also the worst era.Major De Sade closed Dickens A Tale of Two Cities , rubbed his sore eyes, and said to his adjutant, Second Lieutenant Limon, In the storm of the French Revolution, many aristocrats were sent to the guillotine, which is really a French tragedy.Without this hateful revolution, perhaps our war with the Germans would cbd gummies español have been won long ago.Second Lieutenant Rimon knew that the major himself was The descendants of nobles, but after the Great Revolution, although his family survived by chance, they lost all the privileges they should have enjoyed.Therefore, under the influence of several generations, Major De Sade hated all revolutions to the extreme.Carden is really a brave man.Ah, he is a character in Dickens s works.Under deliberate arrangements, the German army began to withdraw in a planned way.And the French are obviously more reluctant to continue fighting.Maintaining the balance of the front line in Reims is undoubtedly the most important The sound of guns and artillery gradually stopped, and large scale offensive battles have disappeared.Of course, sporadic The fighting never stopped.The German side kept tight lipped about the Baron Kierock, and a high level traitor appeared within itself, which is not a glorious thing.It is also because of this that Wang Weiyi only received an undisclosed award from the military.The only substantive award was to allow cbd infused gummies for pain Major Ernst Brahm s troops to use their own military flag the skull battle flag Now, the banner is a legend on the battlefield The review of Lord Kierok is underway.Yes, I did.Wang Weiyi nodded seriously Later, he joined an army organized by peasants.He started as a soldier and became a general step by step.He ruthlessly wiped out all the forces that opposed him.Under the watchful eyes, he unified China and established a powerful empire Hitler listened very intently, and he was greatly shocked by this short story.A beggar can actually build a huge empire What an amazing person this is.A person who can become a marquis, earl, or general or prime minister is irrespective of his background, and anyone has the possibility.The words of the lieutenant colonel are worthy of people s attention Taste.Lieutenant Colonel, can you tell me about this person in detail Hitler asked hopefully.Ah, this story is really too long.I m afraid I won t be able to finish it all today.Zahvorki, I have studied all kinds of gemstones.When I heard that Yevgeny After the news of the gem, I couldn t restrain the excitement in my heart, and I was looking for it everywhere Now, can you transfer the gem to me I ll give you a lot of money as compensation You want gems You want gems Zahwoki stared at a pair of absent minded eyes and kept asking Aren t you afraid of death Are you really not afraid of death This is the jewel that killed the earl s family I m not afraid, maybe I can break the spell above.Wang Weiyi said calmly.You can t, and no one can crack it.Zahwoki said with a trembling voice But, if you want it, I will give it to me.It does not bring wealth, it only brings disaster, I have carried this responsibility for so many years, I have nightmares every day, I am afraid that God knows what day the gem will kill me.

Don t raise your head, don t raise your head Amidst the artillery fire, Wang Weiyi s voice rang out one after another.On the other side, Elena was always monitoring the movement of the Japanese army, and the artillery fire had no effect on her.Guo Yunfeng, holding a rifle, took out his pedicure knife and trimmed his nails carefully.Sergeant, what are you doing A sharpshooter asked curiously.Picture your nails, otherwise it will affect your shooting.Guo Yunfeng didn t even lift his head.With a sound of Boom , a shell exploded nearby, and a huge air wave rushed in, but Guo Yunfeng didn t seem to be affected at all, and he still concentrated on holding the pedicure knife in his hand.In his opinion, this job It is far better than the long term artillery preparations for the battle.The casualties suffered by the Chinese soldiers here this time are smaller than any previous one.The truck was driving fast, and the team members huddled in the back of the truck.Gradually, some Japanese soldiers began to appear.When they saw the truck and the Japanese flag on the front, their first reaction was that this was their truck.Moreover, the car was driving so fast that it was impossible to see what the people above looked like.A sentry post appeared in front of them, about seven or eight Japanese soldiers.The first challenge has arrived Wang Weiyi stood up and patted the roof of the car.Guo Yunfeng soon knew what he should do.Mengzi, mount the machine gun and start.Wang Weiyi said in a faint voice, as if he was talking about a very ordinary thing.The machine gun was set up, the Japanese army Cao started to wave at the truck, signaling to stop and check, and stepped on the accelerator fiercely, Go ahead, brothers With Wang Weiyi s roar, the submachine gun in his hand opened fire first.Seek shelter on your own, rather than keep running.At this point, the Japanese soldiers did a good job.But it s a pity that what they faced was a group of soldiers who could definitely be called mechanized.The truck quickly followed the jeep and rushed up Wang Weiyi jumped out of the car and directed a shuttle in front Four knives, one on the left, yours.Three knives, one on the right, yours The three submachine guns roared together, crushing cbd infused gummies for pain the target so that it was impossible to fight back.Then, a large number of soldiers jumped out of the truck.All kinds of weapons in their hands fired together.And the farm cbd gummies machine guns on the truck never stopped firing for a moment.With such ferocious firepower, such an absolutely superior force, and such an open place where there is not even a place to hide, even if the Japanese soldiers are well trained.Wang Weiyi has broken many rules, such as promoting Guo Yunfeng from sergeant to captain in one go.But for the sake of the War of Resistance, what are these things To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my greatest motivation.Three hundred and three.Kuncheng Lake Quick, quick Trucks drove into Changshu one by one, which surprised the citizens of Changshu.There are machine guns mounted on these trucks, and the soldiers all look murderous, which is different from the old Japanese soldiers in the past.Changshu Security Commander Meng Konghua and the local garrison commander Qin Hebiao heard that a team of policemen had entered Changshu, and they both looked at each other, not knowing what happened.If the battle of the commander s brand is successful, everything is easy to talk about, but what if cbd gummy effect it is broken Hehe, I m afraid that Commander Xue will be the first to shoot me personally. Before you shoot the group, please leave all the cigarettes for cbd infused gummies for pain us.Go.Ouyang Yu salivated and said.Wang Weiyi got angry and flew up his legs Get out, get out In front of the enemy and in front of the battle, what is needed is the dedication of officers and soldiers, and this is precisely what Wang Weiyi is least worried about.He can confidently win the final victory in the defense of Changshu Three hundred and five.The Undead Japanese Army has finally arrived The momentum is menacing, the sky is constantly flying by the plane, and the ground is the sound of rumbling guns.Changshu may fall into a sea of flames anytime and anywhere.Li Zufa snorted and told his wife Tang Ying He brought a bag, with a nonchalant expression on his face Here is five hundred yuan, I don t care about such a small amount of money, drizzle Take it out and reward the brothers He said , throwing her hands behind her back, and walked away arrogantly Commander Wang, take it.Tang Ying forced the bag into Wang Weiyi s hand The situation is not good now, and there is a war again.Fa is not a bad person, but a mouth He wanted to make some contributions to the War of Resistance, but now he can t go back to his hometown in Ningbo.He sold a few calligraphy and paintings in his collection at a low price yesterday, and collected all these oceans.You can take it , It s a little thought from our husband and wife.Wang Weiyi was very moved, this small amount of money was nothing in his eyes, but it was heavy in his hand.But it was at this time that Yezhov began to go downhill, and was soon dismissed by Stalin from all positions.In the end, he died tragically.And the survivors of the Yakoda faction will be reactivated and given greater rights So, what about Anna s husband, Dimilenko characters, and with more power than you can imagine.Xiaoling reported this information to Wang Weiyi in time After experiencing the previous nightmare, he became more cautious and won the trust of Stalin.When he was in trouble, he suffered a lot with him, but he always Anna, who betrayed him, also made Timilenko devoted to her, and never betrayed HCMUSSH cbd infused gummies for pain him in his life.Then it will be easy.Wang Weiyi said at this time Anna, don t worry, believe me, your husband will be released from the gulag soon, and will continue to take the leadership position, and you will also be rewarded for your hardships.

Because of the protection of Hongji Shantang, the Japanese did not dare to trouble them.One thing is one thing Now Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai are developing in the French Concession Quite well, with French, British, American and even the Japanese themselves.Made a lot of friends.Tang Weihong often asks them about Wang Weiyi s whereabouts.It seems that this girl has some interest in Wang Weiyi It s not difficult to get weapons and ammunition, but how to transport them cbd infused gummies for pain is difficult, but now we have initially explored some methods.Qiao Zhihe changed the subject when he said this Colonel, do you know a man green wisconsin cbd gummies named Sugawara People from Naomasa Naomasa Sugawara This is the first time Wang Weiyi has heard this name.He nodded I know it, what s the matter I heard that Naomasa Sugawara fell into the hands of a man named Wang Weiyi, and I guessed that there is no one other than you, Wang Weiyi.I don t believe it, I said you are still alive, and you must be alive for twenty years, but you haven t heard anything about it Brother, your parents are dead , it s just me, brother The feeling of hugging himself is so familiar, as if a relative do cbd gummies make your heart race is hugging cbd infused gummies for pain him.Guo Yunfeng s head hurts, it hurts like it s about to split open, but he can t remember where he saw them before, You ve got the wrong person.Wang Weiyi settled down.Although he was unwilling, he had to separate Yunxia from Guo Yunfeng He is called Guo Yunfeng, but he is not someone you recognize.He is my subordinate.I can guarantee this.No, he is my brother, I know Yunxia said in a voice.No.Wang Weiyi replied very positively Yunxia, you think he is so talented, how could he be your brother Everyone here can prove it.Yunxia and Lu Daxiong stared blankly, didn t they But why do they have the same name and look so similar I also hope that you can find your brother.The enemy surrendered.But now the other party actually greeted him there like an old friend, Hello, Magfedrov couldn t help but say.Immediately, he immediately felt that this was not like a Soviet officer I am General Magfedlov, what about you Who are you Ernst Brehm.Baron Skeleton Magfried De Luf will be surprised.It never occurred to him that the person chasing him turned out to be the skeleton baron that he wanted to defeat Many people call me that.The sound of guns kept ringing in the back, but Wang Weiyi didn t seem to hear it at all.He seemed to regard this place as his private reception room General Magfriedloof, actually You shouldn t have run away, I don t like to escape with my prey in hand.I thought, how should I treat you From your point of view, you should commit suicide, right Hearing someone say this to himself, he couldn t help asking Don t you want to catch me I caught you Why Wang Weiyi looked very surprised What use cbd infused gummies for pain are you to me Let You tell me the situation of the Russians on the battlefield No need, your encirclement will be torn to pieces under my personal command.Especially those machine gunners corpses and seas of blood, Radfu has completely become a cbd infused gummies for pain hell on earth On the morning of the 23rd, the Soviet army launched about six or three attacks, and paused for a while at noon, and in the afternoon, a new attack quickly started.The arms of the cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg g34 machine gunners were already swollen, hallucinations began to appear in front of their eyes, they only felt bloody, and then in the bloody, countless ghosts were charging there.The submachine gunners wished that the p40 in their hands could HCMUSSH cbd infused gummies for pain also be turned into a g34, otherwise there would be too many Russians rushing up one after another, and it would be too late to shoot them.The gunners of the tanks and self propelled artillery were all going crazy.Their shells had never stopped since the beginning of the battle, and later, the shells were almost too late to supply.Investigate Once the conflict broke out, it could not be reconciled.It all started with a personal statement Baron Alexon The man seemed to hold a magic wand in his hand, with which he could direct his enemies to dance at his will.No tanks, no guns, just a few words have already split the enemy to resist everything that happened within the organization, and it didn t affect the individual s mood De Sade This veteran French intelligence officer is also an old opponent of Baron Alexon.He knew too well the power of the cbd infused gummies for pain baron.The baron s actions will guide Europe to do what he wants.During this man s trip to Paris, all his speeches were nothing more than conspiracies with one purpose the complete destruction of France After the German occupation of Paris, De Sade chose to stay and command all the hidden personnel to help the resistance organization s resistance.Sophie hesitated, Finally, she put her hand into her clothes.At least the baron was right, she didn t want these men to touch her body.However, when she stretched out her hand.Everyone s expressions changed, and with the sound of hula , all the German soldiers who could move jumped up from the hospital beds, and surrounded Marshal Ernst them.Saw a pistol Go back to your hospital beds Wang Weiyi didn t care at all, he asked the soldiers to get out of his way, then walked up to Sophie, and took the pistol from her hand.Played around there for a while Resistance organization Sophie didn t say a word, but just stared at Wang Weiyi.Then it belongs to the resistance organization.Wang Weiyi sighed How can you do such a thing This is a hospital.It s a place to save lives The dean turned pale with fright Marshal, Dietrich General, this has nothing to do with the hospital, it has nothing to do with the hospital Dietrich also paled, if Baron Wan had a problem here and was assassinated, then everything would be over for him Come here, let the hospital Lock it up and let me check it carefully No need, General Dietrich.The young man with oily hair and pink face and two women with heavy make up said nonchalantly.I follow too.Wang Weiyi smiled and threw out the chips.Then he laid out his cards Three qs.The greasy faced young man cursed, but at least he could accept such a defeat.But that nouveau riche is different.He just won five thousand dollars the day before cbd gummies seen on shark tank yesterday, but now he has HCMUSSH cbd infused gummies for pain lost all his capital.He kept muttering something in his mouth, then stood up, and suddenly, he took out a pistol from his pocket.Hey, sir, calm down, calm down the bodyguard in the casino called out.The young man with greasy hair and pink noodles shrank into the cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment woman s arms in fright.Wang Weiyi was playing with a chip in his hand, looking at the upstart calmly.Damn it, damn it.The nouveau riche kept repeating this sentence over and over again, then shoved the muzzle of the gun into his mouth, and then pulled the trigger and he died Ah It wasn t the two women who screamed, but the greasy young man.

Find all the information for me.He knew that he would face the Skeleton Baron head on soon, and careful study of his enemies was the best way to defeat him.What cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment will be the result of the duel between them Marshal Timoshenko had no way of knowing the answer, Your Excellency Marshal, welcome to the cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain front In the headquarters, Generals Paulus and Kleist had already been waiting for a long time.It was said that the Baron had already flown directly from Paris to Russia, but it was not until now that he arrived.Paulus and Kleist were also full of admiration for the baron.In the war that ended in 9 years, there was only one person in Germany who did not fail, and that was Marshal Ernst Wang Weiyi, holding the Marshal s scepter in sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd his hand, nodded to them, and then said, Have the Russians made any new preparations No, buy cbd gummy uk botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank Your Excellency Marshal.After the applause stopped, Wang Weiyi continued I must inform cbd infused gummies for pain you of one thing before you arrive.The z y u Russian Union has been established Hurrah The Russian nobles all burst into cheers.Wang Weiyi smiled bitterly, what is there to be happy about the establishment of an alliance It s just the first step in fighting for these people s political path.Please be quiet, my friends.Wang Weiyi tried his best to make his voice sound a little more kind z y u Russian Union, will put all in order to oppose the tyranny of Moscow, pursue The equal fighters of z y u unite together.One day, we will let the light of z y u shine over Russia again The sound of Ulla sounded crazily again.Wang Weiyi was in a dumbfounding mood at this time, but he never thought that he could say such a thing.What can be done Who let themselves need these people now Although these people are rabble.Muzzle position Istanbul The SS is ready to go The Wehrmacht is ready to go The tank roared again, and the soldiers were full of fighting spirit.The unstoppable torrent will soon submerge all of this For Germany attack 4 30.The marshal s scepter in Marshal Ernst Brahm s hand was pointed forward, just like a magic wand in the hands of a wizard.A magical halo that can swallow everything is activated Start Countless German artillery roared, and in an instant, the whole of Istanbul was completely enveloped This is the day that makes the Turks tremble This is also a day that makes Istanbul tremble Shells rain down on Istanbul.The Turkish army, which has not recovered from the previous air bombing, fell into the most terrible nightmare again at this moment Burning Istanbul Burn Turkey In the continuous sound of explosions.Now think about how to rescue Karami.This person will be of great help to the future Turkey.It is necessary to rescue Prince Karami.Difficulty.Kahn is too familiar with these things Rafke is very familiar with the place where the prince is being held.I have had a deep talk with him, and he heard these things cbd infused gummies for pain from his mouth.Baron, if you If you want to complete the plan, you must meet Rafke in person.Wang Weiyi nodded Mr.Kahn, please help me arrange it.Klingenberg, you are responsible for protecting Mr.Kahn s safety.I don t care if Mr.Kahn leaves, but I think Second Lieutenant Ernie will never be reconciled He assigned tasks one by one, and the members of the commando began to move quickly.When there are only Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng and Elena left here.Elena suddenly asked Are you going to dig out that gold treasure Well, I m very interested Wang Weiyi smiled cbd infused gummies for pain Great wealth.In order to win the Second Battle of Alamein , the British mobilized almost all the forces they could use.Even if there were reinforcements, General Woodrow was sure that they were improvised troops And what s more terrible now, the supply problem that had plagued the Germans for a cbd gummies addictive long time was also tightly entangled with the British.Due to the bombing of the supply base, the British were in crisis after replenishing their fuel and ammunition, and in a short period of time, new supplies could not arrive at all.Things in the world are really difficult to say A series of camouflage and deception has now completely adjusted the supply situation between Germany and Britain General Woodrow is not sure if buy cbd gummy uk botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank he can wait for reinforcements , but he decided to follow General Montgomery s telegram Please remember your honor, please remember that you are cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment a British military officer Even if you want to die, let yourself die on the battlefield you love In the disadvantaged situation, General Woodrow issued a very bold order Attack attack the Germans This was beyond the expectations of Rommel and the German commanders, so passive, the British actually launched an attack The sudden attack caused the German army to suffer a lot of losses, which also made Rommel admire.In fact, Malta is the most important link in the entire African war situation.In the autumn of 1941, the German and Italian supply troops to North Africa suffered a devastating blow, forcing the German Supreme Command to send another air force to Sicily.In early 1942, as the Second Battle of Malta began, the fleet bound for Africa became increasingly safe.Therefore, Malta and North Africa s interrelationships should never be mistaken.The more the attack on Malta is strengthened, the more abundant the supplies of the German African Army will be.The reason why Rommel was able to attack from the Gazala front was precisely the result of the German army s intensified attack on Malta.At that time, it had been theoretically concluded that Malta should cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment be occupied by sea and air, but this was not carried out.Rommel held his binoculars and kept shaking his head.He had to admit that Montgomery succeeded.Even if the entire Irish corps was gone, Montgomery still succeeded Now, the British must be racing against time to repair the fortifications of Kantara, right Then, buy cbd gummy uk botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank the main force of the 15th Armored Division arrived on the battlefield, and Rommel did not cbd infused gummies for pain hesitate to send this The elite armed forces were put on the battlefield.The two wings of the Irish Corps were cut off, the center of the Irish Corps was broken through, and the Irish Corps was surrounded But Major General Aleman didn t seem to see all this at all.His purpose was only one Buy as much time as possible for General Montgomery, for this reason, he is ready to die here.The attacks are getting more and more fierce, the fighting is getting more and more cruel, and this place has become a terrible hell on earth.

Damn it, get out, old man Pay your debts, you re a coward Don t blame us for being rude if you don t fucking come out Wu Zheng watched happily for a while with a cigarette in his mouth, He waved to one of his subordinates beside him Don t just shout at them, don t you see that a large group of ordinary people are surrounded Give them some money, and they can help us shout.The subordinate understood and trotted down to make arrangements.Not long after, encouraged by wooden gangs and lured by Manchurian bank notes, the onlookers also waved their flags and shouted loudly, until Wu Zheng s eardrums were buzzing.Three heads, one came out Hearing the report from his subordinates, Wu Zheng went to the gate of the office to look, only to see a military officer in a captain s uniform running towards him.De Gaulle may have forgiven the incident at the time, but he has always been bitter about the British disregard for the sovereignty of Free France.Soon, he ordered the dismissal of all British nationals working for the Free France, and it took a lot of diplomatic effort on both sides to get the stubborn general back.Although this matter was resolved, it became an unspeakable scar between Britain and France, like several previous matters.At this time, Wang Weiyi suddenly mentioned the Misselier incident , in fact, telling him not to have such confidence in the Anglo French alliance.The British appeared in front of the French as saviors.De Gaulle looked at Wang Weiyi coldly for a long time, and then sneered Mr.Baron, I m sorry, I think we will continue to face each other in the future, but I don t want to be on the battlefield.Such a thing did not happen, and the Skeleton Baron not only saved himself by virtue of his bravery.It also saved Germany.However, starting with Prime Minister Churchill, most cbd infused gummies for pain British people were extremely angry about the assassination, and such a thing suddenly happened when the relationship between Britain and Germany had already experienced a major relaxation.Absolutely unforgivable After home made gummies cbd Prime Minister Churchill visited and expressed condolences to the Baron boulder heights cbd gummies Skeleton for the first time.It is strictly required to launch a thorough investigation immediately, and the order must be solved immediately.Stewart Menzies, the director of MI6, took on the task of solving the case himself.In fact, the most embarrassing assassination this time is undoubtedly MI6.Their agents had taken on the main task of protecting Baron Alexon, cbd infused gummies for pain but they had so easily allowed a gang of assassins to infiltrate London and create such a terrible mess.He cbd gummies by martha stewart used another German spy in the UK Na Rhys Codename Dancing Samurai Then he put Naris in touch with De Sade in Paris, got De Sade to send a large number of agents into London, and then the cbd infused gummies for pain assassination scene ensued.Totally true Assassination, Wang Weiyi may lose his life anytime and anywhere.But Wang Weiyi has experienced too cbd infused gummies for pain many such dangerous things Moreover, he succeeded again Churchill began to regard the French as A traitor who lost his trust in de Gaulle and the organization he led.When the German negotiating delegation arrived, the last obstacle was cleanly removed by the skeleton baron Naris was exposed, but So what He won the most precious thing for Germany.Of course, he is still temporarily unable to return to Germany.Under Wang Weiyi s order, he continued to choose to hide.In August 1943, Naris completed his mission and returned to Germany.The Greater Caucasus cbd infused gummies for pain Mountains extend from the Taman Peninsula in the northern part of the Black Sea to the Apsheron Peninsula in the Caspian Sea, with a length of about 1,200 kilometers.The Lesser Caucasus Mountains lie between the valleys of the Kura buy cbd gummy uk and vida cbd gummies cbd infused gummies for pain Aras rivers.There are mountains the highest peak, Mount Elbrus, which is the highest peak in Europe, with an altitude of 5,642 meters, plateaus, plains, lowlands, and various temperate and subtropical climates with different dry and wet conditions.The Kura River, Kuban River, Kuma River, Terek River, etc.originate here And if you want to win here, there is no doubt that Stalingrad will bear the brunt.Stalingrad is important because it is the throat that connects the Caucasus to the heart of the Soviet Union.The reason why the German army wanted to occupy Stalingrad was to cut off the connection between the Soviet buy cbd gummy uk botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank army and the Caucasus.At 11 o clock, a thunderbolt news reached the ears of Lindelof and Marovsky A large number of German troops appeared behind the Third Army In vida cbd gummies cbd infused gummies for pain an instant, the two Russian generals were completely stunned Impossible, this will cbd gummies is impossible, where did the German troops come from The siege has begun six hundred and fifty six.He from hell He from hell Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm He came from hell.On February 12, 1943, the siege of Elklin began In the Great Legend The Birth of Myth published in 1950 by Recker, a German Skeleton Division reporter The book Stalingrad wrote On this day, the great Battle of Stalingrad kicked off an exciting prelude.After a brutal defensive battle, General Herbert Wahl And the Imperial Division under his command, the Alcor Group finally appeared in the rear of the Third Army of the Soviet Army in time according to the request of Baron Alexon, and the large scale encirclement began At that time, I was standing in the Beside Baron Rexon, on his face, I can t see any expression, no joy, as if such a result should appear as it shouldI also saw General Paul Hauser and The same is true for General Ludwig, and nothing can be seen on their faces, because this is a battle commanded by the baron, and any kind of miracle cannot be called a miracle on the baron General Val s The troops are continuing to assault the rear flank of the Russians, the Skeleton Division and the 12th and 30th Infantry Divisions are counterattacking The Great German Regiment, the Viking Division, the Hohenstaufen Division, the Prince Eugen Mountain Division, and the Nordland battle group are Finishing the siege The great war led by the Great Baron has begun I heard the majestic German military music, I saw the mighty figures of German soldiers running on the battlefield, and I saw the German God of Victory appearingI also see.Ksenia was taken away by the cooperation of Tenkovsky and the enemy Beria nodded, he was full of gratitude to Dimilenko But what should we do here Comrade Stalin is awaiting our report.Tell Comrade Stalin that we are hunting the enemy all over the city, and we need some scapegoats now Six hundred and sixty five.Deputy Director Timilenko The bombing of the Moscow Third Military Factory has become a major event in Moscow recently.Failures on the battlefield can be concealed, but they are directly seen by countless Muscovites.The matter could not be covered up at all.Soon, major newspapers in Moscow published similar news, because a certain worker did not operate properly, resulting in an explosion in the third military factory, but with the efforts of the comrades of the workers, The loss was reduced to a minimum.

Send cbd infused gummies for pain it at three o clock today, asking for a monthly ticket.Double the monthly pass until now, this, the spider said quietly, the monthly pass is ugly.During the holiday, cbd infused gummies for pain the brothers are on holiday, and the spider is still in the code.Brothers, if you have votes, please vote, thank you.Don t say much else, continue to work hard cbd infused gummies for pain to code words, I wish you all a happy holiday Thanks again for all the support guys Six hundred and seventy.Even if the people are no longer loyal the most glorious chapter has already begun starting with the victory at the battle of Phronis.But this is definitely not a good thing for the Russians.At 10 a.m.on March 7, 1943, the Soviet Caucasus Front General Command.Comrade Commander, a telegram from Comrade Stalin.Khrushchev, a member of the Military Council, walked in.If the rest of the German army cannot complete the anti encirclement and carry out a devastating blow to the Soviet army in time, then the Central Assault Group is also in an extremely dangerous situation The Russians will never give up such a good opportunity Regardless of the Soviet army, do eagle hemp cbd gummies work attack all the way Wang Weiyi issued an order that cannot be changed Kenklar, defeat the 81st Armored Army, and advance to the Terek River Now, he has made up his mind Assault a reckless assault The safety of his own wings is handed over to friendly troops Race against time, race against the enemy, and use the form of anti encirclement to completely defeat the enemy s encirclement.I made a mistake, but who said that a mistake cannot be turned into an opportunity for me Comrade Commander, the assault group in the German army has been surrounded, but the encirclement is too large for us to do it Don t reveal the gap, the German army may forcefully break through with the support of outside troops When the news reached Vasilevsky s ears, he thought for a while and asked, Comrade Military Commissar, if you were Ernst Brahm, what would you do in such a situation s Choice Khrushchev frowned and pondered for a while If I were the commander of the German army, before cbd infused gummies for pain the encirclement circle was fully formed, I would order to break out of the encirclement immediately to the east or west As he said, he came to the map On his left is the German West Assault Group, and on his right is the East Assault Group.There is no one who never grows old Wang Weiyi smiled Maybe I am just luckier than others Vasilevsky shrugged That s right.But now that you re on the verge of victory, and the war will soon cbd infused gummies for pain be over, I don t know if I should congratulate you.In a hostile position, I should curse you.But as a general, I should congratulate you on everything you have achieved.What I m curious to know is, what will you do when you take Moscow How would you treat the city I have no idea.Wang Weiyi s answer was unexpected I am only responsible for leading the German army to victory, and I will not express any opinions on future national construction.our country.Has a mature mechanism HCMUSSH cbd infused gummies for pain and knows what to do after the army wins Vasilevsky savored these words carefully, and the skeleton baron seemed to be implying something there.At this time, Pompey came up with an idea.Before the barbarians on the other side were conquered, they couldn t wait to establish the province of Germania, and appointed Chorus as the governor of the province to divide Caesar s power.Of course, there are certain dangers in this, which will Wouldn t anger Caesar After all, it was Caesar himself who was conquering there.Caesar was not one to give away his rights.But Pompey decided to try it in his own where can you buy royal blend cbd gummies right .The next morning, two consuls and fifteen senators came to Pompey s mansion as usual.They were ready to wait for Pompey s call to start handling today s official duties, because although Pompey only slept Seven hours, but he hates getting up early.But today is a bit different.As soon as these important Roman officials arrived on the Palatine Hill, Pompey s most trusted subordinate Bilusis, who had been waiting for them, immediately brought them to Pompeii There, several important issues were discussed first, and a decision was quickly made to continue to deploy Roman legions from various places to the Danube region to support Caesar and help him eliminate the rebellion there Commander.They kept talking about skeletons, Vulcans, and blood devils there, discussing where they came from, and discussing whether there really was a Holy German Empire.Some people even started talking about the so called Holy German Empire.In fact, it is the territory of the devil.And the demon opened the door.Released cbd gummy dosage for kids his three generals, in the cbd gummies to quit smoking cigarettes near future, there will be more demon messengers appearing.Caesar was keenly aware of the change in the mentality of his subordinates, and he had to change this situation.If even the general loses the confidence to win, then the victory will be out of the question He took out the best wine to entertain his subordinates, which was rare in the past.That s what Caesar did when he was victorious.But now they are the loser.How can 15mg cbd gummies you deserve such treatment I have experienced the riots of Spartacus Caesar s expression looked very relaxed I think the riots of Spartacus and the slaves, you should remember When we are strong.Caesar decisively focused on this point All Roman auxiliaries were engaged in clearing obstacles before a new large scale attack began.These auxiliary soldiers, under the cover of the Romans, risked terrible casualties and carried out their work desperately.This is amazing, the auxiliaries demonstrated their loyalty to the Romans very well on the battlefield.And Wang Weiyi also knew that these obstacles alone would not be able to stop the Romans for a long time However, he was not too worried, just when the Romans were racing against time.Xiaoling also sent good news that the trebuchet that Wang Weiyi needed had been completed.When Wang Weiyi brought a group of Germanian warriors to the river, the Germanians were does kaiser cover cbd gummies completely stunned.Twelve behemoths were neatly stacked there.What are these behemoths for When did it appear here again Even if the Germanians thought about it, they couldn t figure it out Tabusters, Germanian warriors Wang Weiyi told them with a smile This will be the most effective way for us to resist the Romans.He decided to consume the barbarians at any cost, to win at any cost.Carleni no longer hesitated.Under his command, the Roman soldiers rarely dispersed and launched an attack.Although the Roman soldiers were seriously unsuited to attacking without the protection of the phalanx, it still achieved good results.Under the attack of the Germanic catapults, although the casualties are still increasing, there is no need to form a dense phalanx to face the terrible stone rain.Caesar controlled his losses within an acceptable range Wang Weiyi s worries are being realized, and Caesar has keenly captured the weakness of the Germanic trebuchet.The boulders are still flying out, and the consumption is increasing.The boulders that can be used are rapidly decreasing.However, in order to stop the Romans attack, such a loss is helpless, but it is does insurance cover cbd gummies necessary.

Only a few places are lush water grass.There are rectangular wooden houses scattered here and there, which are the camps where the Saxons live.Before it was dark today, the bonfire had already been lit, and the aroma of barbecued game wafted through the camp.Naked Germanic children ran around the racks where the food was being grilled, and some children squatted on the ground to watch the actions of the adults.The adults were making a light yellow sauce made of salt and other condiments Brush on the game layer by layer to make the aroma more attractive.Although these children were naked and dirty, they had a strong body that the Romans most envied.Because they are all breastfed by their own mothers.In the distance, older children are rolling in the dirt with cbd infused gummies for pain the tribe s sheep, pigs, and goats.Mimil s resurrection The two men blocking the way replied.The visitor breathed a sigh of relief, Take me to see Hellman, I have brought a message from the chief consul of the Germanic Alliance.The two passers by did not give way, and Yayi recognized them as two of Hellman s attendants, You It s too late, you should have been here two days ago It s not my fault, I want to hide my whereabouts, I found cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment suspicious people on every road leading to here, and finally had to come here through a small road.The two attendants stopped hesitating and disappeared down the path with the visitor.Ya Yi an was completely sober, he climbed up from the bottom of the slope, and walked in the direction amazon keoni cbd gummies where the three left In Heilman s residence, the four Germanic chiefs looked at the envoy of the Germanic tribal alliance the envoy was a strong middle aged man who was calmly accepting their scrutiny.Don t cbd with delta 8 gummies get excited about anything.Everyone is watching you, your every move will affect the morale of the soldiers, Consul.Centumarus took a deep breath, and although he was reluctant, he tried his best to put some smiles on his face, and he shouted to the surrounding soldiers Look, those cowardly and barbaric People, they actually want to use this way to block our progress.They are already timid.No one can stop the Holy Roman Legion, no bring it on.Let us take heart, lads, and build the bridge again, and when we reach the other side, all the barbarians will tremble at the cry of Rome s wrath The soldiers burst into cheers, and their frustration was reduced a lot Centumaros tried his best to re inspire the morale of the soldiers, but his mood was extremely low.In order to end the war as soon as possible and let his Germania province truly serve him, he already owed Caesar a large sum of money, and now every day means the consumption of money.Uyr brought back only 20 warriors, and even he himself was wounded.Seeing Hellman, Uyr choked up As soon as we arrived, we were ambushed by the Romans.We fought desperately, but there were 300 soldiers.There are only 300 soldiers left.There are a few people His eyes were red, and even if everyone didn t personally participate, cbd infused gummies for pain they knew what terrible fate Uyr and his warriors met at night.The Romans were already prepared.They discovered our plot.Uyr said loudly, My people must have been attacked too.Hellman, what should they do What should they do Heilman didn t know how to answer at all The Lombards are here.The Cherusis are here.Dunkert is here too.The voices kept ringing out.People from several tribes who participated in the uprising at the same time all arrived.This was their prior agreement that they would meet here once the uprising failed, but this was just an idea.When the Romans were in a hurry to besiege you, he asked me to find a way to attract cbd infused gummies for pain you.Attention of the Romans.Open a way for you In an instant, all the Germans understood that this was the most important reason why the Romans suddenly retreated when they were about to win Although this person who called himself Guo Yunfeng said it lightly, they must have done a lot of hard work A kind of grateful heart is quietly rising in the hearts of these Germans These Germans who participated in the uprising ended the uprising in a tragic way, completed the breakout in an incredible way, and then Miraculously received the support of the Germanic League.When they came to the headquarters of the Germanic League, they finally saw something that surprised them even more This is a completely different world from what they knew before.Singroa was about to collapse.God, where are you now Don t you see that your faithful followers are being oppressed by these shameless people The husband is falling into the hands of barbarians, Maybe she is suffering terrible humiliation now.At this time, she can t even keep the house and all her personal property.When the husband failed.And the news came that the barbarian asked for thirty Ores as a ransom, Singer Luo Ya was completely panicked.She went to her husband and her friends to borrow money, but those guys who were so flattering before all made excuses to shirk, and some even closed the door.She cbd infused gummies for pain couldn t find anyone willing to help My own people, is there anything more tragic than this That is the necklace I gave to Singroa, who dares to take it off Just when Singroa was completely desperate, a voice sounded very timely Spulius When he saw the person who came in, Singroa yelled as if a drowning person had grabbed a piece of wood.Do you believe it I think I will believe it.Jonall just felt incredible Not only are the twelve participating aircraft, but today they are facing When the enemy was attacking, I also encountered even weirder things, three tanks appeared from nowhere and turned the enemy s troops upside down He carefully explained the three ghostly tanks.Fifty ten told General Olitz.What happened Where did the three tanks go Olitz expressed the doubts in his subordinates hearts.It s a pity that Jonall also couldn t give him an answer.General, I seem to have thought of something Jonall hesitated for a moment.But he still expressed the doubts in his heart The fiery red plane has only been used by one person in German history, and that is the Red BaronOf course, we all know that he has followed his best Friends go to find the mystery of life Originally, anyone could paint the plane in any color.

There are different troops coming in and out here from time to time, and they often leave after spending a night here, no big deal.Sergeant, gather your soldiers Wang Weiyi said very solemnly You are so lazy, if the cbd infused gummies for pain Germans launch a sneak attack here, you will all be killed Well, I met another pretending guy up John murmured in his heart, but he didn t dare to offend a major, so he managed to gather all his subordinates together, a total of twenty four listless soldiers.Americans are constantly cursing cbd gummies delta 8 buy cbd gummy uk this damn major in their hearts.What a lovely afternoon, completely ruined by this prim major.Is it all here, Sergeant Yes, Major, all my people are here.Follow me into the house, all of you Wang Weiyi said, and came to the nearby building without looking back.In an empty, abandoned house.Probably he s going to exercise his majesty as an officer again John murmured, and led his men into the empty house behind Wang Weiyi.God, I haven t heard such good news in a long time since the Allies invaded the German mainlandYou need a valuable target nearby Ah, wait a minute He covered the microphone and looked at the chief of staff who coughed Chief of Staff Mark Linman, do you have anything to say Mark Linman said only one name Captain Chelus.Olitz was taken aback for a moment Colonel Chelus No.They can t do it, that s just not possible.General, Colonel Cherus means a lot to us.We sent out three cbd gummies delta 8 buy cbd gummy uk commandos in succession, but they all failed.Maybe Major Moyol can do it Anyway, now we have no hope of rescuing Colonel Cherus.General Olitz was silent for a long time before releasing his hand covering the microphone Major Moyol, we can t find any valuable targets nearby However, I have one Mission Impossibledo you really want to hear it Before the Allies invaded the German mainland, we lost a good intelligence agent.When the Skeleton Commando is wiped out.The American soldiers will gain great confidence The new offensive is going on, Wang Weiyi is calm He stared at the fiery battlefield Sergeant Max, can you light this place anytime Yes.Major.The weapons left behind by the Canadians have done us a great favor, as have the firelighters they have piled up here.I can light up here anytime, anywhere.Let the firelight see us off.Wang Weiyi said in a low voice.Two more commandos fell down, and blood gushed out of their bodies.Wang Weiyi looked at their corpses with sadness in his eyes.In the future, there will be more outstanding German soldiers fallen Like countless times in the past few days, the US vida cbd gummies cbd infused gummies for pain attack was repelled again, but the skeleton commando was only left with 61 people.Captain Scherer.You take Colonel Wennery and those Canadian prisoners and leave.They have elite commandos, combat veterans, and this has formed the basis of victory.When the first attack occurred, the second attack soon followed.What Wang Weiyi can be sure of is that even if the attack has already occurred, the U.S.military cannot respond in such a short time, and even Colonel Gay is not aware of the attack.This is an opportunity you can take advantage of.His next target was aimed at the greatest threat to the Nordland Combat Regiment, but it has now become the weakest link of the US military the 161st Artillery Battalion The U.S.military has a strong line of defense in Ibor.Judging from previous intelligence and news from Fels, the artillery battalion has almost no defensive measures.They absolutely could not have imagined that there were Germans mixed in.And it was a whole commando team and 312 resistance members.Qi I also said it through the people in the police station.It is said that the skeleton baron is really alive, and he also appeared on the battlefield to command the German army to fight.Kasanovic sat down slowly Without saying a word, his subordinates looked at each other, completely unaware of what happened to Mr.Kasanovic.Many, many years ago, I was a penniless poor boy.Kasanovic suddenly said slowly But, I met a person who changed my life.He made me a The king of New York.No, the real king of New York is not me, but him Walking out of the Italian restaurant, Mr.Moyol Ernst Brahm put on his hat Ka Sanovich, I have set up a separate account in vida cbd gummies cbd infused gummies for pain the bank for you, you can withdraw it anytime and anywhere, the rest depends on your own.I will try my best to do it well, I will never I failed your expectations.Maybe after I come back, facing your remains, I can still miss you Please promise me, please do as I promised you.Promise me that you will be able to do this the moment you die We promise Wang Weiyi s ears rang in his ears when he left Germany for the second time, and he explained to his friends, and they all did it faithfully.Now, it s time for him to give them miracles There is when.I will visit them quietly.Ban Keleilei stared at these sleeping friends I really want to lie down with them.Erwin, did you see that Ernst is back.Guderian, did you see that Ernst is back.Sean, Stark, you are still sleeping, it s time to wake up, Ernst cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain is back Unfortunately, no one could hear his voice The cloudy tears flowed down Bang Crayley s old cheeks flow down He is tired, he has been really tired all these years He HCMUSSH cbd infused gummies for pain even envies these friends, at least they can lie here quietly , no matter what happens in Germany, they have no jurisdiction at all He wiped his tears Ernst, will they wake up I came to wake them up.This is the first major decisive battle officially commanded by the Baron after his return.No German soldier wanted to lose the decisive battle.In the case of falling behind in all aspects, they must use ten times and a hundred times of cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain effort to make up for this gap.The artillery fire tested the determination of both sides.The situation of the German artillery was much more difficult.The nasty planes in the sky were constantly bombing the German artillery positions, causing the German army to suffer many losses that should not have been there.But even under such circumstances, no German gunner is willing to back down.Throughout the day, the positions of the German army were under tremendous pressure.But the German soldiers endured silently and waited silently.They are waiting for the final order to be cbd infused gummies for pain issued.

The US military s offensive was ferocious, far exceeding previous performances.In fact, this is also a cbd infused gummies for pain normal reaction of an army on the battlefield.When they first came to Germany, these American troops had never set foot on a real battlefield, but what they faced was the German army that had experienced the baptism of the first and second world wars.Once the gunshots sounded, their fear and panic can also be imagined.However, as the war progressed, the new recruits on the battlefield gradually began to accumulate experience, and they were able to deal with the terrifying battlefield more proficiently.No matter what kind of army, it will always grow up slowly on the battlefield.They have an absolute advantage in firepower, firmly suppressing the German artillery fire, and the joint bombing of the sky and the ground made the German defense more difficult.Miss Anne Marie sighed again But, although I don t know how to fight, I really can t think of what you can rely on to resist the enemy s bombing said a lady.It is the greatest insult to a soldier, especially a German officer like Puneat.He blushed Miss Anne Marie.Please believe that although the enemy s bombing is so cbd infused gummies for pain raging, we also have corresponding countermeasures.The new air defense battalion has arrived and is arranged at a secret location.When the enemy plane appears They will be retaliated by the wrath of Germany Ah, general, are you angry Anne Marie said hastily If my words offend me in any way, please forgive me, I am absolutely not on purpose.The dissatisfaction in Punet s heart dissipated with these few words from Anne Marie Of course I don t blame you, Miss Anne Marie, everyone will have such and such questions in their hearts.They really couldn t figure out where Berlin could get strong support.But since Marshal Ernst said so, it will definitely come true.Such confidence comes from a kind of fanatical worship And at this time, on the night of the .

how much are cbd gummy bears?

18th, an unexpected situation occurred Queen Elizabeth II of England and her husband, Prince Philip, appeared in the German positions.Hell, it s the Queen of England Wang Weiyi was a little annoyed.This is the most dangerous place.Once the queen suffers any damage, it will cause irreparable damage to his entire plan.However, the expressions of the German and British officials who accompanied the queen were a little helpless.This was the queen s strong request, and she repeatedly urged not to tell the baron.Queen, this place is really too dangerous.The enemy s bombing may come anytime and anywhere Wang Weiyi said as he greeted her.But the American soldier on the first floor It was quickly wiped out by Todd and Thomas who rushed down from the second floor and Corporal Zeld who was hiding in the basement.After a few cannon shots, the entrance of the alley was blasted by mortars.American tanks and armored vehicles pressed The ruins drove over.It s so fucking unfair As soon as Todd yelled, he was shot into a sieve by the machine gun.Todd Gattel, who came down from the second floor, shouted.At this time, the second floor was controlled by the machine gun on the armored vehicle.The side cbd infused gummies for pain door was kicked open by the German soldiers who got off the armored vehicle, and Corporal Zelder was swept down by the submachine gun at onceSeven bullets in the body.Although Gattle was a little more courageous, he was still afraid holistix farms cbd gummies of the enemy.Tell them, cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment I need two hours Guo Yunfeng kept listening to the reports and giving his own orders.Victory is close at hand This French army is indeed different.When they survived the initial chaos, they even tried their best to organize a counterattack.What kind of general leads what kind of troops, this sentence has been well reflected in the French 29th Infantry Division.Therefore, this also made Guo Yunfeng curious about the French generals.Maybe they can have a good talk face to face.At 1 p.m., the German army took the 7th Mountain Infantry Battalion and the 7th Armored Company of the Prince Eugen Mountain Division as the main force.An assault was launched against the 65th Infantry Regiment of the French Army.This is the most tormented period for the French.By this time, cbd gummies effect review the 66th Infantry Regiment on their flank had been annihilated.I just hope that the god of fate will take care of my car crew, even if only this time Almost as soon as the shells were loaded.Nochier gave the order to fire hit hit hit Nochier whispered hurriedly in his heart, holding the handle of the periscope tightly with both hands.Sweat dripped from the palms.Bodilla observed the battlefield through the viewing hole in front cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain of the car body And the trajectory of the 45mm shell that was fired head on could be so straight If it misses, Nochell thought, the hell will happen Bodilla almost knocked Lamer over, and he took over the driving right of the tank.He pulled the joystick violently, causing the tank to quickly reverse.They watched his crazy actions, but felt a 10 mg cbd vegan gummies strong sense of powerlessness.098 was reversing, and the 45 shells came to visit in a short while.It seemed that he was really a frightened bird.He wanted to make a decision before acting in any situation.But on the battlefield, sometimes a minute is enough to decide cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain whether to win or not.Fortunately, Troman reacted quickly.Under the encouragement of the two, ten people rushed out of the ruins and gradually gathered in the direction of Ruddock.The Russians were startled.Thirty people were originally arranged to stay behind in the stronghold, vida cbd gummies cbd infused gummies for pain and the large force went out to participate in the encirclement and suppression of the German army in the cbd infused gummies for pain nearby stronghold.Who would have thought that the shadows of the Germans would also appear here, this is simply a nightmare.The passive Russians fled in all directions, and everyone s thoughts were on escaping.The Russian commander Shashut was the one staying at this stronghold.

Besides, there are more important things.You should report this incident to your superiors as soon as possible.The large German troops have come to attack, so of course the No.30 people can t guard against them, and the blame should not be on their own.So, how many people are there in the German army There should be a hundred people.Well, no, it takes a thousand men to drive back such a great French soldier.Well, in front of the superior, that s all.The main general left, and the rest of the people ran out of the stronghold along with them.Who wants to leave their lives here.In less than five minutes, after Sweet and Clark met, there was no Russian in the stronghold, except for a few corpses underground.Sweet, who was still planning for the worst, never thought that he would occupy the stronghold so easily without a single soldier.This has never happened before.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, we have no money.Similov smiled wryly.In Moscow, without money we can t get anything.Gregory felt the pain of being poor for the first time.He thought there for a long time, and suddenly put his hand into his mouth When he took out his hand, there was a gold tooth in his palm Similov, I know this looks It s disgusting.But now this is the last of my possessions Similov took the gold tooth.It could be seen that his eyes were cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain also red Your Excellency, Grand Duke, please rest assured, I will definitely bring you food back.You won t leave me too Gregory s words almost brought Crying I beg cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment you, don t leave me like them, or I will really die here.Your Excellency, Grand Duke, do you think I am the same person as them Simiro As if he felt insulted No, I will never leave you Similov left, with the last of Grigory s possessions, the gold tooth Gerry Gao Li suddenly felt that he was so lonely.Hitler smiled and said Germany has never given up, and none of us has ever given up.Baron, something like belief will exert unimaginable power at certain times Rommel nodded in agreement After we won the second battle of Berlin, The impact achieved cbd martha stewart gummies was huge, large scale uprisings occurred in a large number of occupied areas, and the local Allied forces were attacked like a nightmare.And the newly formed legions have also been put into the front line one after another.Coupled with the Turkish and Ukrainian troops that are about to arrive, Berlin already has the conditions to counterattack Although the situation still cannot be overly optimistic, at least it is moving towards Good development.Especially after the U.S.economy has been severely hit, there have been serious differences in the U.With its long range high power optical sight and fire control system equipped with German technology, it can accurately shoot shells at the retreating US troops.A few American tanks were shot and their ammunition exploded, and they were beheaded directly.There are countless headless tank wrecks on the road.The German heavy mortars continued to fire guided grenades, constantly blowing up the tracks of some retreating tanks, and often these disabled tanks would be fired rapidly from three directions.Then punched into parts At this time, the three roads were already full of tank wreckage.The corpses of the American infantry were also lying on the ground, and the fork in the road was almost blocked by wreckage.The remaining U.S.troops temporarily withdrew from the three way intersection, leaving behind the wreckage of more than 30 tanks and more than 1,000 infantry.Desk, later, when you see that there are six continuous flames at the fork, open fire on the area Okay Try to stay away from the killing range Steinman took out the rangefinder The front 53 Mi, 13 tanks, Russ, 6 rocket launchers Fire Boom boom boom 6 rockets hit the tank s weakest back armor, directly penetrated and caused an explosion, and six flames rose.Flame direction Fire Desk shouted and pressed the firing button.Boom The three assault guns fired at the same time, and in less than three seconds, the shells hit the intersection.Excessive power wiped out all the tanks and infantry within the killing range, and some nearby tanks and infantry were directly swept out by are cbd gummies effective for anxiety the powerful flames and gale, while some tanks were directly overturned by the gale, and the infantry were destroyed by shock waves and shrapnel.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly there Our missile force, our air power, our British ally s naval force, our Italian Allies, our Russian allies, will participate in this attack, General Caroner, victory is already in our hands General Caroner was completely shocked by this sudden situation one thousand nineteen.Full login The huge war machine cbd gummies delta 8 buy cbd gummy uk of the German army started again, and all procedures and plans began to start.Soldiers rushed onto the huge tarmac, carrying all kinds of weapons, and rushed towards the plane parked on the tarmac.The mechanics and engineers quickly buckled the rope between the military vehicle and the heavy transport helicopter, and then patted the fuselage.The pilot cbd gummies appetite in the cab gave the mechanics and engineers outside a thumbs up, and then put on a Put on the flying helmet.The soldiers scrambled but disciplined to find their unit s light transport helicopters, boarded them, found their seats and took their seats.Cole slowly raised his head , shook it lightly against the wall, and immediately drew a shot, bang The gunshot still sounded only after the bullet hit the cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment target.Cole unbuttoned his neckerchief, took out the empty can, looked at the bullet holes on it, turned to Pozik and said, That guy is six hundred yards east by north, about ninety feet high Pozik nodded.Hopper immediately took out the microphone and called for artillery support.Boom boom boom There was a violent shell explosion in the distance.After more than a minute, the shelling stopped.Lieutenant Pozik stood up quietly, and found that almost all the buildings in the north east direction had been blown into empty frames.Artillery is really efficient in doing things Okay, safe Building cleared Downstairs Come down Crash The clothes on my body were soaked by the rain again, and they were shining brightly.

call out call out call out The few German fighter jets that flew over just now flew back again All the German soldiers knew that the return of these fighter jets cbd infused gummies for pain .

is it illegal to mail cbd gummies?

indicated that they were about to do heinous acts, and Donald immediately fell down when he saw this scene.The formation of fighter jets passed over the enemy s head at high speed, dropping piles of incendiary bombs on their heads like a goddess scattering flowers.boom boom boom Flames from the incendiary bomb exploded into the sky, dyeing the entire sky red.Once again the battlefield was illuminated.Apart from the eyes and the top of Donald s head, everything else on Donald s face was blackened.He raised his head, looked around, and found that the US military was in a mess.Donald pulled out the rifle soaked in the dirty puddle, then slowly raised himself up and looked around.Beedler here.Ah Mr.Will, is it appropriate to let a gangster come to you Will smiled indifferently You can do whatever you want with me Wang Weiyi stood up and walked Beside the phone At this moment, whether it was Rotini, Catalina or Berkeley, the surprise in their hearts deepened.look.Will Tinland not only respects Mr.Moyol , Mr.Moyol can do whatever he wants here.After a while, Wang Weiyi sat back again Okay, Mr.Biedler will arrive in about half an hour.Gentlemen.Ah.And Ms.Catalina, I think we can take advantage of this time Taste the good wine of Chateau Margaux carefully, it is not easy to drink Catalina seemed to be full of curiosity about Mr.Moyol , and kept asking this cbd infused gummies for pain and that.Rotini didn t stop his daughter at all, he also wanted to know more about Mr.Moyol.But at this time, Berkeley was not thinking about talking or tasting good wine at all.Johansen looked back and saw that it was a second class soldier of the German army.He was lying on the ground without his legs.God, Johnson quickly pulled him behind the bunker.Thank you, sir the second class soldier trembled.You ll be fine.Johansen s hands were trembling Medical soldier, medic String bullets.Damn it The medic ran to Johansen and cursed loudly at the German machine gun.He s injured, hurry up and treat him Johansen grabbed the medic and said.Okay, okay The medic quickly opened the first aid kit and gave emergency treatment to the second class soldier.ahahah The second class soldier yelled in pain a few times before dying.These bloody bastards The medical soldier watched the wounded die in front of his own eyes, but he was helpless.This is a great insult to a doctor He threw away the gauze in his uly keto cbd gummies reviews hand, and he picked up his rifle.Orange rolled from his chair to the ground, his face was still full of anger and despair.If there is an afterlife, he vowed that he would never trust anyone around him again.However, he probably will never be reborn.Berkeley put away the gun carefully, then opened another door, and respectfully invited Baron Alexon out.Wang Weiyi glanced at the corpse on the ground, and sighed softly Actually, among all the revolutionaries I know, although Ao Lanjie is not the most capable, he is the one who has the most faith in revolution.Yes, I think so too.Berkeley fully agrees with the baron I have been hunting this man for a long time, and I have even personally arrested and executed his wife and daughter, sometimes even I myself would feel uneasy, I said that I admire him, this is completely from my heart, my admiration for him is far more than that of Lantes.Yes.Their tasks are very clear.Heisenberg quickly interjected They are all carefully selected from the Brandenburg commando.They can speak fluent French and are the most elite Special soldiers.They are familiar with everything about urban warfare, and they also know how to maximize their advantages Wang Weiyi showed approval on his face.The commandos in the German army always reassured themselves Heisenberg, I just got a piece of information that the German army wiped out two divisions of the French army in France.A look of joy flashed across Heisenberg s face, and then he regained his composure Under your leadership, any miracle will happen.I think victory is not far away. Heisenberg.You will also say compliments.Wang Weiyi smiled I remember that you were only a child during World War II.But now, you have become the commander of Germany s most elite commando.It s just that Mrs.Delk, who usually lacks exercise, is sweating after playing for cbd infused gummies for pain a short time, and the caddy next to her accidentally smashed the racket on Mrs.Delk s feet.It swelled up quickly Ah, I m so sorry, Mrs.Delk.As Mr.Lopez s friend, Mr.Kim Chuck, the chairman of the Yelverton Cricket Club, said hurriedly and apologetically We will soon fire the caddy who caused trouble.Mrs.Delk, please follow me to the club s own small hospital, where you will receive the most appropriate medical treatment and will be able to walk normally soon.Ah, I think There is no need to fire that poor caddy The kind hearted Mrs.Delk limped to the hospital with the help and company of several people.Fortunately, Mrs.Delk s injury is not serious.Under the proper care of the doctor, she will soon be able to move independently without the support of others After thanking the doctor, Mrs.Then do your best to take care of the chores in life for them.However, after seeing Mr.Lance.He soon learns that he has made a wrong judgment Lance was about fifty years old, cbd infused gummies for pain cbd gummies for ed treatment of medium build, with a deep looking scar on his face.Lance probably noticed Baron Alexon s curiosity about the scar on his face, and he told the baron calmly When I was in my twenties, I fell in love with a girl, but this girl has another An admirer, so I proposed a duel with my rival.The scar was left at that time, of course.I won the final victory of that duel A duel When airplanes and cannons are flying all over the sky, there is such an ancient thing as a duel Moreover, it was actually a duel between a duke s butler I didn t cbd infused gummies for pain kill that man, he and I were put in prison, and in the end His Excellency the Duke bailed me out Lance s words seemed to always be so emotionless That s me The only duel, and I was sure I wouldn t do it again, but now it looks like I ll have cbd infused gummies for pain to do it again.

Now it comes to Fenton s mind again.In fact, he also knew that the crux of the problem was not that the people in the Secret Service were incompetent, but that they cbd gummies delta 8 cbd infused gummies for pain had relied too much on Nash before.Once Nash died, not only them, but even the entire British intelligence agency did not know what to do.something happened.This situation must be changed immediately, and Nash s successor must be selected immediately.At this moment, Fenton has made up his mind.Prime Minister Wilkins also came to their side Mr.President, more than a dozen guerrillas were killed, and all the others fled.We are cbd gummies delta 8 buy cbd gummy uk chasing them, and the injured have been properly placed.I am extremely sorry for this incident.After all, this is something that Prime Minister Wilkins personally intervened in.But Fenton shook his head and said No, this is none of your business, but we have a big problem internally, Mr.This can be regarded as Wang Weiyi s small reward for his arrest.Sir Monlington, Thorpe, I think I need your help.Wang Weiyi said confidently Assembling all the guerrillas, we need to launch a large scale attack.Then.I think I can take those who were killed The exchange of spy gates taught General Luke and the British a lesson they will never forget.Sir Monrington and Thorpe looked at each other.They don t know what kind of plan the baron has in mind It just rained heavily in the early morning, and the weather in London always makes people so helpless.It was clear that the sky was still clear yesterday, but the heavy rain enveloped the city in the blink of an eye.What is even more annoying is the sudden arrival of the guerrilla attack.The actions of these guerrillas seem to be always irregular, and they don t even have specific goals, as if they act on any day they think of, without planning and purpose at all.Will stopped his smile and said very seriously The army commanded by the baron is about to land in England, and before that, he must think of everything The Fenton government is thrown into chaos, and if uprisings break out in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Scotland at this time.The blow to the Fenton government will be very huge.Let me tell you some truth, I really Met Adams, and I gave him maximum financial and arms support Actually.Colonel Tarrant was very grateful to Will for telling himself these things.Without him, I would have been kept in the dark about an IRA uprising even if it came.And more importantly, WillDidn t hide anything from myself.Including his support for the Irish Republican Army.However, everything I do has nothing to do with the unity and independence of Ireland Will s tone was very calm I m just helping Germany, or more precisely, helping Baron Taran Te.Never know what the danger is.He will give everything to win.Gentlemen, Baron Alexon is waiting for us on the other side of the sea.Why do we have any reason to stay here carelessly Our planes have already started bombing.Our warships are ready and our soldiers are ready to go Go, my valiant soldiers.For our common dream, for the man who is fighting alone in England I implore you, soldiers of Germany, soldiers of England, soldiers of France.Use your high morale and unstoppable fighting enthusiasm.Destroy everyone who tries to stand in your way Long live war Long live the Axis of Unity Long live the war When Adolf Hitler yelled these words, everyone s emotions were completely mobilized.The frantic call of Long live the war resounded in every army preparing to land October 1966 At 7 o cbd infused gummies for pain clock on the 8th of the month, Erwin Rommel, the commander in chief of the Axis Army, checked the time.Damn the British, do they have some secret deal with Taurus He furiously reported the situation to General Gandra.And raised his doubts about Colonel Toros.It s just that General Gandra s judgment seems to be better than his by more than one grade Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel Toros has nothing to doubt, the enemy is just thinking about forcing him to surrender in this way.And I believe that as long as Dorchester is unable to defend, Colonel Toros will definitely surrender.General, it will be difficult for Dorchester to hold without reinforcements.The truth of his subordinates made General Gendra silent for a long time If that s the case, then I approve that you can retreat.Abandon Dorchester, and you can even choose to surrender.Lieutenant Colonel Jansen sighed deeply.What can he do All he could command was a Marine Corps.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly He was afraid that he would fall into the hands of the angry British.When it really came to that time, maybe he would Suicide would be best.Major Stroop shrugged.Who can blame this God bless the queen, wish cbd infused gummies for pain her a long life, God bless the queen Always victorious, bathe in glory popular with the people, happy heart God bless the queen Spread the power of God, spread the sky net, protect the royal family, wipe cbd infused gummies for pain out the enemy, clean up with one blow.Break the conspiracy and destroy the traitor party Sweep away the chaotic alliance let us all look up, God bless the queen May God bless you, select the best products, pour out the treasure, long live the queen May she protect the law and make the hearts of the people return, God bless the queen There was a voice outside singing in unison, and then all the English soldiers and people joined in this chorus.I can do it myself.It s nothing more than trying your best to make yourself do what you have done with a clear conscience.other The other Raden Roma generals didn t think about it at all.If a bullet passes through the chest in a minute, then it may be the greatest luck.He no longer has to think about anything, no longer has to think about how the war will end in the end.Sometimes, General Raden Roma himself felt that vida cbd gummies cbd infused gummies for pain his ideas were a little ridiculous.This time, the offensive axis in Telrod showed a completely different side.They maintained a continuous attack from the first minute of the battle, and they never stopped.Seems like they want to settle the fight here on the first attack.The pressure on General Raden Romm and his army is self evident.In the continuous, uninterrupted attack of more than an hour, every inch of the British army s land was baptized with steel and blood.

Then I can do What General Gendra asked tentatively.President William fell silent again, and said after a long time Yes, what can you do We know that he is by our side, but we can t do anything, maybe our sorrow lies in this.Be careful Some, General Gendra, I don t want to open my eyes tomorrow to hear that my general has become a prisoner of the Skeleton Baron.If that day really comes, I hope I can still be an American general The pride.The word proud came out of General Gandra s mouth, no matter how it sounds, it is a kind of irony At least I am luckier than others, and I can finally talk cbd infused gummies for pain to the Baron Skeleton calmly.President William smiled wryly That is not a pleasant memory, good luck to you, General Gandra.Good luck to the United States.General Gandra put down the phone.This is a hopeless city, General Gendra thought again.Don t you think it s strange Why did I appear from the enemy s side Not only me, but now all the guards of the presidential palace are with the enemy.A vague feeling emerged in General Endok s heart Colonel Pierce looked at the general in pity in front of him Because just after President Fenton gave you an order, he also gave me a new order, which is to let me cover their escape No, this is not Possibly General N Dok yelled out loudly, he didn t believe that such a thing would happen, President Fenton had already made up his mind to die, otherwise, why would he still be fighting here in a hopeless situation General, you can go into the Presidential Palace to take a look now.Colonel Pierce said with pity You will find that there is no one there.On the way, I can t bear the condemnation of conscience, I can t stop Let such things continue to happen, so I led my soldiers to arrest all the officials.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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