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Because those are not people at all, more like, paper people Why do I keep having this dream Why did the groom in the dream also have a white jade pendant He Could it be the person who raped me that night I looked at the time and found that it was only four o clock in the morning, but I didn t feel any sleepiness.Perhaps I have experienced many of these weird things, but I dared to get up from the bed and wanted to go to the toilet to wash my face.As I got up, footsteps sounded, and in this empty night, it was a bit strange and cbd living gummies side effects trembling Da, da, da.Da, da, da This sound The sound of footsteps seemed to be stepping on my heartbeat, walking with the frequency of my heartbeat.I was so frightened that I froze and kept my original posture without daring to move.I held my breath and wanted to listen carefully to where the sound of footsteps came from, but in the next second, my whole mind was stunned and I ran from the room suddenly.But his movements are very flexible.After dodging a few times, I was forced into a corner because I didn t know if the golden talisman would have any effect on him.I could only attack him like a dead horse.Before rushing towards him suddenly, the golden talisman was directly stuffed into his cracked mouth.Hearing the burning sound of hiss, hiss, hiss in the air, followed by a hoarse moan, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that it still worked.Taking advantage of this opportunity, I rushed towards the gate, but at the moment when I was about to open the door, an indescribable chill rushed from my calf to my celestial cap, and I froze in place all of a sudden.A few seconds later I turned around, only to find that the corpse had already spit out the golden talisman cbd living gummies side effects from its mouth.He has already moved to kill I was so frightened by Gu Yicheng s sudden change cbd eco gummy bears of eyes, I swallowed my saliva, and clasped my hands together nervously, the stiffness on my face seemed very confident, but I knew it was because I was scared Although I don t know who you are, I m just an ordinary person.How can He De get such a big game from your subordinates to plot against me He changed the topic and wanted to delay, but he suddenly killed him.The intention was put away, and the smile on his face was like a peach blossom.Just now you asked me if I had done enough, and now I ll return that to you.What do you mean I raised my head abruptly, my face pale.But he smiled brightly, staring at me for a long time, obviously smiling, but it made me feel that this smile was more terrifying than the killing intent before It seems that the Xiao family really didn t tell you all this.So, if I don t tell you, are you going to drive me away When Jun Li heard this, he didn t make things difficult for me at all, just asked.You really don cbd gummy nutrition label t want to say it Yeah.I nodded.But see Junli say goodbye.Okay, then don t say it, and don t say it if you want to talk to me in the future, I don t want to hear it anymore.While saying this, the smile on his face was so bright that I wanted to pull off his handsome face every minute , Look at what his dark belly looks like inside Seeing my face turning dark, Junli asked me as if he didn t see it.Then what are you going to do next Chapter 20 Grandma was a little flustered by Junli s eyes.Open your mouth, and tell Junli that you want to go home and secretly find grandma.Junli has always kept a straight face, until I said the three words Luofeng Village, Junli s complexion began to loosen a little, and he asked me something.The body, the power is sealed, if Gu Yicheng finds his own body first, then no one can control him.Moreover, once the knot is formed, no one can break it for a lifetime.After saying this, my uncle added another sentence.You ve fallen in love with Junli, right Even without Junli, you don t want to marry Gu Yicheng, do you I nodded subconsciously, and then I realized that I actually echoed what my uncle said, and I couldn t help but froze, and asked my uncle.Since it s the grievances between the Xiao family and Gu Yicheng, why do you involve Junli The uncle suddenly smiled, with a gloomy look on his brows.Who told you that the grievances between the Xiao family and Gu Yicheng have nothing to do with Junli After hearing this, I felt a chill in my heart for a moment.I used to think that my uncle was plotting against me, but now I feel that I am like A chess piece is at the mercy of others in this chess game And the person who holds the chess is still my close relative So my uncle came to me after Junli left, because he already knew Junli was not there, and he was sure that Junli would return without success this time, and he would never get his body back, right Uncle seemed to guess what I was thinking, and gave me a look that you guessed right, which made my already cold heart even colder.Is it that ghost When I heard it, I opened my eyes and nodded suddenly, asking how did she know One must know that when Su Xiu heard the sound and rushed over, the ghost had long since fled and disappeared.As soon as I finished speaking, I saw a hint of sarcasm on Su Xiu s face, and the way I looked at me became like looking at an idiot.With such a small wound, who else can 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain have such teeth except ghosts best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects After mocking me, Su Xiu didn t let me get up immediately.Instead, she began to analyze it.How could ghost corpses with no skills appear in broad daylight What s more, it s under such a bright sun According to Su Xiu, she grew up so big, and has seen countless ghosts.She has seen ghosts who dare to appear in the daytime, are not afraid of the sun, and dare to appear with their soul bodies.They can be counted on five fingers, including Junli and Gu Yicheng And in my impression, even the landlady s mother in law Liao Cuilian, can i check cbd gummies atrough tsa a person with such profound morals, rarely appears during the day, and when she appears during the day, it is either cloudy or rainy There must be a reason for the abnormality, not to mention that it is impossible for a little ghost to have this kind of skill.The weakness has been exposed once just now, if it is exposed again, I guess I will really be led away by Gu Yicheng.The night was very quiet, only the sound of Gu Yicheng s footsteps walking towards me could be heard, very lightly and slowly.I saw him gently squatting down in front of cbd living gummies side effects me, and gently stroking my hair with one hand.Why do you think that Junli is the owner of Bai Yupei These words really touched my heart.Yes indeed.Why do I Just because of the feeling Or is it because, the amnesiac Junli said, he is familiar with me In the next second, Gu Yicheng spoke again.You should know that this jade pendant is worth three pieces, right Chapter 40 Junli is back Inexplicably, I have a premonition that Gu Yicheng can know things that my uncle and grandma can t know, but I have never asked.I just turned my gaze to Junli, but I saw that Junli s forehead was already a little angry.I was so scared that I couldn t think too much anymore, I pushed Gu Yicheng away and ran towards Junli.But after only a few steps, best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects he was grabbed by Gu Yicheng again, his gaze didn t look at me, but at Junli, but he was speaking to me.Xiao Xiao, do you remember that I told you just now that I changed my mind No one responded to him, and he didn t mind, but continued with a more explosive tone.Before I let your decision go, I wanted you to come to me by yourself, but why do I feel that I am in love with a wild horse with grasslands growing on top of it When he said the word love, he especially emphasized it The tone of voice seems to be deliberately saying that he loves me in front of Junli, to stimulate Junli.When I looked back again, my face turned livid from fright.The three shadows in front of me actually put on three Peking Opera faces and connected them.And there was a sound of beating gongs and drums in the distance.The sound of beating gongs and drums combined with the sly laughter made me feel a little scared Before I could react, the mahogany door behind me turned automatically.It opened backwards, and I didn t pay attention, so I fell backwards and fell to the floor.I, a carp, scrambled up from the ground, trying to escape, cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects but was firmly grabbed by the three shadows behind me, and a cold feeling spread all over my body.It wasn t until I discovered that the sound of beating gongs and drums came from behind the wooden door that I suddenly woke up.No wonder 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain the three shadows didn t attack me just now, it turns out that Allah is behind The sound of gongs and drums approaching me, my face became paler and paler An ominous premonition rose from my heart, I only hoped, It s not what I thought But in the next second, a red sedan chair appeared in front of my eyes, and two black shadows cbd living gummies side effects smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies with Peking Opera faces were slowly walking towards me carrying the sedan chair, obviously no one was blowing.But this method is also very dangerous, if you are a little careless, turning into a ghost is not worth the loss, not only very few people use it, even few people succeed.And this method of death is affectionately called crossing the vagina in this book.And Chen Yanjin used this method to kill people, and it really wasn t for nothing.Because there is another page called Yin Suction on the side of this Yin piercing.As the name suggests, it is a way for people who practice evil ways to strengthen their Yin Qi and improve their cultivation base.Using the same method to apply it to living people, it is best to choose a woman with pure yin fate, it will get twice the result with half the effort.When I saw this, I felt chills down my back.No wonder it is said to be sorcery.Is it cbd living gummies side effects interesting to kill so many people for one s own selfish desires I just wanted to put this book down, but this book seemed to have magical powers.No.After hearing this, my uncle sneered, and asked me to bring the kit with me when I went to Fuyan s tomb.If there is a way to make the kit open automatically, it would be best for him to open it in Fuyan s tomb.Listening to my uncle s tone, I really can t guess whether he knows that the landlord s old lady gave birth to me.I always feel that if I continue talking with my uncle, I will be fooled by him and find a reason., and hung up the phone with my uncle, before hanging up, I asked my uncle.If I go to Fuyan s Tomb, how can I go alone My uncle told me not to worry, go to Suxiu, he will help me arrange everything.After hearing this, I kept sneering in my heart.In this game of chess, I was really counted to death.But there is a voice in my heart telling me.Forbearance, forbearance, enter the tomb of Fuyan, everything will come to light.Looking at Junli with red eyes like a rabbit, his eyes were wet, countless grievances surged in his heart instantly, deep guilt flashed in Junli s eyes, and he suddenly hugged me into his arms.I m late.Junli s voice rang from my ear, seeing me crying suddenly, I was taken aback by fright, my whole body froze, raised my hand strangely, patted my back, and hugged me I couldn t help but tighten up a little more.In the next second, Junli suddenly spoke.Didn t I tell you not to come after I left for a few days When I heard Junli s words, I was blue madeira cbd gummies reviews so stunned that I even forgot to breathe, I pushed Junli away suddenly, and stared at him dumbfounded.When did you say that Junli told me that before he left, he left a note on the bedside, telling me that he had recovered some of his memories, but these memories were few and special.The photo on the ID card is a very ordinary girl, with a square face, single eyelids, two red circles of plateau red on the cheeks, and a big mole on the mouth.The dregs of the soil are called Zhang Chunxia.I suddenly wanted to die.Is this the identity arranged by the landlord s old lady No wonder she didn t write it in the letter, she probably couldn t describe her appearance, right Holding back his anger, he took the ID card and the pill bottle and ran to the toilet to look in the mirror and look at his own face.Looking at the face on the ID card, he took a deep breath.Isn t it just a change of identity, isn t it just a change of face OK I change The thought just flashed through.I opened the bottle of elixir, poured out a small pill and swallowed it directly into cbd gummies lucky vitamin my mouth.The taste of the small pills is a bit bitter and astringent, but I can t tell what it is.He opened it and gave me an amiable smile.What happened to you running down in such a panic My face changed instantly, I bit my lips together tightly, and burst into tears again, I threw my nose and tears into Chen Yanjin s arms, and shouted.Just nowsomeone tried to rape me just now.As soon as I said this, I heard bursts of mocking laughter from around me.Someone wants to rape a woman with a big mole on her face But their whispers sounded very dark to my ears, especially when I saw Chen Yanjin s expression of wanting to get angry at the moment, but could only swallow the breath forcefully, I was even more happy in my heart.Let you count me, let you dare to harm me Let you put a dead body to scare me, I don t want to kill you I pretended to be very upset at being ridiculed, and cried even louder, my nose and tears all wiped on Chen Yanjin s clothes, and the anger emanating from her body could be felt three meters away.On the other hand, the blood girl on the side, because she drank my blood, the two breaths in her body kept colliding and intertwined, rolling on the ground in pain, twitching non stop, I wanted to help her, but the moment I got close to her, I was caught A force in her body bounced far away, and directly hit the table beside her.When I didn t pay attention, my waist directly hit the sharpest part of the table.The pain caused my nerves all over my body to tremble uncontrollably.After finally getting up from the ground, I saw that the face of the blood girl suddenly changed, her eyes widened, as if she was going crazy, and she kept calling me to go, go.When I saw her expression, I immediately became nervous and asked her what s wrong Subsection blood.But she resisted the pain and got up from the ground, and pushed me towards the door, telling me to leave quickly.Is there any way to save Huo Yan s life and soul first Yun Jing heard.He HCMUSSH cbd living gummies side effects raised his eyebrows, and said yes, just put Huo Yan s soul in her jade pendant to warm him up, but just as he finished speaking, Xiao Jue gritted his teeth and said.When that little bastard Xiao Xiao ran away, he even walked away with that jade pendant.When I heard that he had a little bastard on his left mouth and a little bastard on his right mouth, I couldn t stop laughing, and the grudge against Xiao Jue in my heart also Can t help but feel a little heavier.Isn t there three pieces of jade pendant Yun Jing spoke and answered.But when Xiao Jue heard these words, he was extremely mocking, and asked Yun Jing back.Do you think Gu Yicheng and Junli s jade pendants can be lent to me No.As Yun Jing spoke, his lips and teeth couldn t stop smiling.While getting up, Yunjing glanced at me and asked me to follow.But I feel that since Junli stood up, instead of focusing on Junli, grandma has been cbd gummies for ms staring at me.I don t understand the meaning of the fundus, but my heart beats thumping , Plop can t dance well, and I m always afraid that my grandma will see something.But the moment I stepped out of the threshold of grandma s room, difference between cbd and hemp gummies she turned her eyes away.The whole process was only a few seconds, but it scared me into a cold sweat.Coming out of grandma s house, Junli dragged us around the whole village seemingly aimlessly.The village is small but densely populated.Compared with Junli, Yunjing, these two handsome faces , Naturally caught everyone s attention But I, who followed them, looked quite abrupt, and even the clothes I wore were not much different from cbd living gummies side effects those of the villagers.The moment before I fell into the water, I suddenly saw Junli rushing towards me.But when I got underwater, the surroundings were pitch black, and I couldn t see my fingers.I was very panicked, especially because I was so choked by the water that I couldn t breathe at all, let alone open my eyes.A mouthful of saliva was continuously sucked into my stomach, I kept struggling underwater, eager to find a support point, the whole person panicked, really panicked, I have never encountered such a scene, especially my body is so weightless, But the thing wrapped around me under my feet became even tighter.It kept pulling me, and I didn t know where it planned to drag me.Gradually, all the strength in my body was exhausted, my hands and feet trembled constantly, and I no longer had the strength to struggle.The dagger was inserted very deep, almost piercing through my entire heart.The blood that flowed from the wound not only wet my chest, but also soaked into Junli s body.This dagger was inserted by the woman inside me when I was concentrating on meditating on Junli just now They would rather not take me away than make me feel bad A murderous look flashed across Junli s eyes for an instant, but the moment his gaze focused on my chest, it turned into distress.Don t be afraid, Xiao Xiao hold on.The moment Junli s voice sounded.From his eyes, I saw a few traces of self blame, a few traces of fear, and even mixed with fear Junli gently pulled out the dagger from my chest.Squirted out.Only with holy spit.I bit my lower lip in pain, a stream of blood overflowed from the corner of my mouth, Junli panicked even more, I just wanted to say something, but found that I didn t even have the strength to speak.Even breathing is accompanied by heart piercing pain.And my consciousness began to slowly slacken along with the wound on my body One second before my consciousness disappeared, I suddenly felt the monstrous murderous aura emanating from Junli s body.To say that the murderous aura of the God of Killing Bai Qi before was very scary, but it is far inferior to Junli Junli yelled at me with red eyes, but I couldn t hear what he was saying Goodbye Junli.Narrow escape.It was I who restored Xiao Xiao s identity and saw Junli again.It would be so embarrassing, right But I always thought that seeing Junli s narrow escape would be a big fight cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects The reality is always unexpected.I really want to open my eyes to see what happened to them next, cbd gummies ireland but I don t have my own consciousness.Gradually falling into the darkness, I only felt that I was in dr oz pure cbd gummies a closed space, and the surrounding was dark and depressing.strength.Yunjing stood beside Junli, looking at me with surprise on his face, I just wanted to say hello to Yunjing with a smile, but the tingling pain in my heart reminded me that Zhang Chunxia knew Yunjing, and cbd living gummies side effects Not Xiao Xiao.Junli gently helped me sit up from the hospital bed and told me.I was in a coma for half a month, but I didn t mention anything about what happened to him, Gu Yicheng and Xiao Jue after I was in a coma.And I can see from the look in Junli s eyes that even if I ask, he may not necessarily say it, so it s better to let him say it himself when he wants to tell me.Junli walked to the side and poured a glass of water in front of me, telling me not to speak in a hurry.Drink some water to moisten my throat first, only then did I realize that my throat was so dry that I couldn t even utter a word.It is the memory in your soul, the woman you want to see the most, and the medicine Xiao Jue gave you can make you blacken that woman in your memory, in fact she is not like this at all, but it will make you the most disgusting, The things you are most afraid cbd genesis delta 8 thc gummies of, and the people you want to see the most, merge together.After I heard it, I was speechless.The deepest memory in my soul is wanting to see a woman, which is already very absurd, plus those disgusting maggots, why should I be afraid Can some maggots be afraid to the deepest part of the soul He closed his eyes, sorted out his thoughts, and then asked Junli.Is it you who saved me Junli nodded, and I asked another question.What if I m stuck in the dream and can t get out, or what will happen if I follow the woman in the dream into the white light Junli answered me with two words.Come to me and ask me.What do you want to eat He is tall, standing in front of me like a mountain directly blocking my gaze, I just wanted to look how many just cbd gummies should i eat up at his room, but he dragged me towards the door go.This was the first time that Gu Yicheng held my hands, and I was so frightened that my whole body trembled and my brows tightened.What are you HCMUSSH cbd living gummies side effects doing Gu Yicheng replied me with two words.Eat.I didn t know until he took me out of Xuanzhen Sect by another path that he planned to take me out to eat.The moment I walked out of Xuanzhen Sect, I smelled the air outside.Immediately, I felt relieved, even though Gu Yicheng, the culprit, was by my side, I didn t feel so depressed.He looked at my appearance, smiled, and looked quite bright under the night light.People have two sides.I believe it.But I still can t figure it out, when he treated Xiao Xiao.Everyone, escape the tokens and let the deputy envoy check.As soon as he finished speaking, I broke out in a cold sweat, and I kept circling the countermeasures in my mind, but I almost rubbed the sweat on my palms into strips.Didn t even think of a reason.Is it possible that I want to show her the token of Xuannv Palace Envoy Seeing the snake spirit face check the person cbd living gummies side effects in front of me all over, the moment it was about to check me, there was a commotion all around.Chapter 115 I met an acquaintance by chance, it turned out to be the snake woman who checked the man in black in front of me, but the man in black pulled out a sharp dagger, and rushed towards the woman in the blink of an eye , tightening her neck with one hand and holding the dagger tightly with the other.Tell everyone to stay cbd living gummies side effects smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies still.It is strange that the atmosphere is not tense or weird.Looking at the surrounding situation, it is estimated that everyone has entered a state of alert.After walking through two or three secret passages, the blood girl s voice rang into my ears again, and she said something weakly.I can sense Tang Maru s specific location again.When I heard this, I felt a little nervous, and I asked her to speak quickly, but she suddenly shouted.Be careful The moment the blood girl s voice of caution echoed in my ears, Zhao Yiyun pulled me behind.Only then did I realize that we had entered a very strange hall.And just now a barbed iron door was lowered above my head, if Zhao Yijun hadn t pulled me away, it would have been unimaginable.And the moment she pulled me away, the six of us also fell directly into this extremely weird hall.I took the talisman drawn by Yunjing and went out, and Chen Yanjin saw the one I threw on the corpse road.So he thought it was Zhao Yijun who found Yunjing.Come back and settle accounts with her.To group Li rubbish.It seems that you have to be careful when you use the symbols drawn by Yunjing in the future, this is more powerful than the RMB recognition function And Zhao Yiyun is not a vegetarian, although he didn t understand what was going on, and a little bit of astonishment flashed in his eyes, but the next second he hooked the corners of his mouth and asked Chen Yanjin to take out the things.Chen Yanjin pointed at the mahogany sword, and replied to Zhao Yijun, the thing was not on me, but in the next second, he stepped on the cloth and pinched it with both hands.Cast a killing curse on Zhao Yiyun.With just one glance, I fell into it.I have never seen someone with such captivating and beautiful eyes.Combined with his exquisitely sculpted face, it is hard to find another person.What are you thinking about Jun Li said, his voice was hoarse but charming and charming.But on his cbd living gummies side effects new age cbd gummies handsome face, he didn t even see the slightest bit of lust.Involuntarily, I cursed secretly in my heart.Really can pretend Chapter 127 Xiao Jue sets up a trap, but this Junli can really bear it, he hugged cbd living gummies side effects me into his arms, and said two words on my head.Sleep.Then there was no sequence But the calmer Junli became, the more frightened I became.The day when Junli gets back his own body Could it be that he won t be able to get out of bed for three days a night without dreams.Sleeping in Junli s arms was very peaceful.It was not until we left the dormitory that Qin Zheng said something to 1 1 thc cbd gummies me.That woman is scary.I nodded and said yes.If she hadn t looked completely different from the madam who died in this old dormitory building, I would really associate her with the ghost of the deceased.Throughout the night, Qin Zheng and I walked through the three murder scenes, all of which were the same as the first scene, with bloody palm prints all over the room, and the smell of dead fish, there was nothing weird about it.But the moment Qin Zheng and I walked out of the third murder scene, there was another sound of step, step, step footsteps.Before Qin Zheng and I could react, the woman in the green cheongsam suddenly appeared in our line of sight.She came in the direction of Qin Zheng and me.The smile on her face is no longer as weird as before, but bloodthirsty, sinister, and resentful.Just as I was about to walk out of this family s house, I suddenly felt a chill all over my body, as if something appeared behind me.Swallowing my saliva, the moment I turned my head while holding Fuchen tightly, I fell to the ground in shock from Bi Se s cbd living gummies side effects sinister and venomous face.Sheappeared quietly behind me.Xu Shi saw me fall, she laughed twice, then kindly stepped forward, stretched out her hand and pulled me up from the ground.The moment I pulled me up, a gust of cold air directly hit my heart from the palm of my hand, and the hand she held was as cold as a popsicle in an instant.What exactly do you want when you come to me Bite my head, I spoke first, but Bi Se just didn t answer me, instead she kept looking at me and laughing, and my back, which was already so cold from laughing, suddenly felt cold.I raised my head only to find that countless arrows were shooting towards me and Junli.How have I ever seen such a scene I was frightened and stunned in place Chapter 143 Chu Mo Returns Domineeringly Junli protects me behind him, his strength soars rapidly, and a long sword appears in his hand in an instant, and with two or three blows These long arrows flying from the wall real cbd gummies all hit back, and then pinched my face to let me follow.I looked at Junli s hand and was stunned.The moment he reacted, he immediately clenched Junli s hand, and followed behind Junli.I don t know whether Chu Lianqiao s family left three distinct footprints in the tomb like this on purpose or unintentionally.They walked forward in rows without even a mark of staying.Junli even pulled me to follow behind the set of footprints with a smile all over his face.At night, I tossed and turned on the bed, and the scene of Junli accompanying me was constantly flashing in my mind.I only felt that Junli had only been away for a few days, and I was going crazy.Missing is like magic damage, layer by layer, like a lingering haze.Until I was about to fall asleep, someone called the phone suddenly, I picked up the phone excitedly, and saw that the caller was Yunjing, I felt like I was covered in cold sweat, sighed, and then put the phone away Pick up.Yunjing s first sentence was to ask me.Where are you now Jun Li s home.What are you doing at his house Help him watch the house.He has Xiao cbd living gummies side effects Xiao, why are you going to join in the fun Go with Xiao Xiao I jumped off the building.Yun Jing was at a loss for words, and then asked me to wait for him at Junli s house, cbd living gummies side effects smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies and he came to pick me up, telling me not to stay at people s houses in the middle of the night.I couldn t even get in touch with Master, and Yunjing didn t take the initiative to contact me.Until the eighth day, I couldn t bear it anymore, and set up a game for myself.I was dumbfounded when I saw the Fuyin game in the situation The master of Fuyin is quiet, the master does not move, and the master cannot break through, but apart from the Fuyin bureau, I can t even figure out anything else.Is it good or bad for the Fuyin bureau to appear at this time At night, I tossed and turned on the bed non stop, and finally couldn t help it, so I called Yunjing.I thought Yunjing cbd living gummies side effects was angry with me that day, but he didn t take it to heart like a normal person, and instead asked me why I didn t contact him these days.I replied, I didn t contact you, won t you contact me But Yun Jing replied that there are a lot of affairs in Xuannv Palace these days, Gu Yicheng has been looking for other things, he will not think of me for a while, it happened that I lost my cbd living gummies side effects temper that day and asked me to be quiet.Don t dawdle, but Yunjing told me that it has to be done at night, have you ever seen someone do it in broad daylight I stayed at Yunjing s house all day and lived in fear.More than once, I asked Yunjing to start a game to see if he could break the game today, but Yunjing refused me very confidently.The more he was like this, the more scared I became, until night fell, my limbs were so frightened that my cbd living gummies side effects limbs were so cold that Yunjing opened the altar, and the moment he stepped on the cloth under his feet, the yin and yang energy around him was instantly reversed When he got up, he obviously closed all the doors and windows, but gusts of wind blew up out of nowhere.The flags erected all around were constantly swaying in the wind, but the candles standing on the altar did not even shake.With a solemn face, Yun Jing took a sword flower, picked some water and sprinkled it, then put the sword on the table, made a tactic with both hands, and spit out a mantra The way is learned by the heart, and the heart is passed on with the fragrance.Until the person who intimidated one side withdrew from the battle again, Gu Yicheng and Xiao Jue taste budz green apple 5 1 cbd gummies were left to argue, and the moment the price was raised to one billion, a crisp male voice suddenly came from the first floor.I ll offer a piece.Before the words finished, everyone around burst into laughter, as if they were laughing at the price offerer s overreach, but at this moment, the price offerer walked out of the crowd, took a very serious look at the host, and said yes She said something.What is the name of Yihuan.One piece.Now, not only the people around, cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects but even the host stood there in a daze.The man who walked out of the crowd, although he was wrapped in a black robe and had a sense of mystery, and his 185 figure was very tall, but his ordinary face, which couldn t be seen in are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies the ordinary, was really hard to be separated from the crowd.A bit of doubt suddenly flashed in my heart, why do I feel that I have heard this name before A thought flashed, and then I remembered, Yama of the Ten Temples, isn t Yama the King In charge of the power of life and death in the world, the boss of the underworld Is there a supreme existence with the heaven and the earth But even if Junli himself told me that he is Yama of the Tenth Temple, I would not believe it.If he really was in charge of life and death, how could he are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies come to the world and become the emperor How could you kill Fuyan, regret it, and search for it in the world for many where to buy cbd gummies in texas years As the saying goes, if the king of Hades wants you to die on the third watch, who dares to keep you until the fifth watch Such an awesome woman died, can t he resurrect her With a sound of whoosh , a black figure suddenly flashed outside the window, scaring me into a frightened complexion, I put away the evil book suddenly, nervously holding Fuchen and Bai Yupei, staring out of the window intently.I didn t understand it all at once, but when I asked him why, he told me not to worry, now everyone is ignoring me.because The day before I woke up, the tomb of Fuyan collapsed The eight hilltops built according to Qimen Dunjia Bamen collapsed cbd edibles nerd gummies into eight big pits overnight, and the coffin of Huoyan disappeared, and even the unnamed village where so many people died were destroyed.For flat ground.After I heard this, I was terribly frightened.Just as I was about to say something, gusts of cold wind blew through the window.I was so cold that I ran back to the bed.Without paying attention, I knocked my head directly on the head of the bed, but this knock , but suddenly reminded me of cbd living gummies side effects the scene I saw in my dream.Swallowing my saliva, I cautiously asked Junli Feng Shitian and Feng Jiu, do you know each other He went down and got me something to eat.Yun Qi was cowardly, afraid that the matter between himself and Concubine Xian would be exposed, so he kept persuading Concubine Xian to abort the child in her stomach.But the child in my stomach is my own.Even if it s an illegitimate child, if you can t see the light, you can t bear to kill this child The two were at a stalemate, so there was no more to say, and the days passed like this.In the imperial palace, cannibalism does not spit out bones, how can there be a wall that does not leak The news of Concubine Xian s pregnancy naturally spread to the ears of another noble concubine.Although Concubine Xian is not favored, one thorn in the side may be removed, but one is missing after all, isn t it However, this noble concubine was also very calm, until the day when the concubine Xian gave birth, everything was prepared, and she directly led the emperor of Chu to the palace of the concubine Xian.Now, the Chuyan alliance is really connected, but it is the alliance of Yunjing, Fengjiu and Junli.Just as the whole country of Chu was filled with the joy of marriage, Yun Jing made up dreams for the people of Chu, and at the same time, Chu got a news that Yan and Qin had united, and the two countries best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects of Wei had reached Chu.On the border, within three days the city gates would definitely be breached.The emperor of Chu State at that time was immediately angry when he heard 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain it, and angrily edited a book to question Feng Jiu, the eldest princess of Changle, but got Feng Jiu s extremely sarcastic and revengeful reply.Father, I was so angry after listening to other people s slander.Do you still remember the prophecy of Yun Qi, the former national teacher when I was born What, am I sorry for you Now, the emperor of Chu, who was already in his twilight years, was so angry that he couldn t afford to get sick For a while, Chu s domestic worries, which were already suffering from foreign troubles, became more serious, and Feng Jiu and Yun Jing did not forget to add fuel to this chaotic Chu country.As soon as the words were finished, the two men walked in unhurriedly.Jun Li held a white jade pendant in his hand, and Gu Yicheng spread out a jade bone fan fundroos cbd gummies in his hand.The moment they are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies entered, all the officers and soldiers stopped what they were doing.Even the arrogant and domineering official stared blankly at Gu Yicheng who was holding a fan, and Junli who was cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects holding a white jade pendant, best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects and said something dumbfounded.It turned out to be the famous Mr.Li and Mr.Cheng.The little one has eyes and doesn t know Mount Tai.I don t know that the little brother here is someone who is covered by the two.I hope you don t make trouble with the little one Xiaoguan s voice was still In decline, Jun Li phoenix eyes slanted, Get out.Young one, I ll get out, I ll get out.Saying this, the officer greeted the officers and soldiers who were stunned, as well as the frightened The big man ran away from the door while making up his face with a smile, and only when he knew that he was out of the gate, the big man came to his senses and asked a petty official rather recklessly.And these are not the scariest.The most frightening thing is that these corpses are all wearing cheongsams from the period of the Republic of China without exception, and all of them are bright red.people.These corpses were all frozen in place, but the strange way of death and the hideous facial features made me feel that these corpses were more terrifying than moving corpses or ghosts.Because I don t know when they will move I stretched out a foot nervously, trying to hook back the phone that I dropped far away, but the phone was too far away, and I didn t dare to move when I stood still , had to give up.The first floor of this three story building is surprisingly large, and the mobile phone can only illuminate a part of the area, but this part of the area has already scared me I best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects nervously took out a yellow talisman from my pocket, and was about to I lit it up to illuminate it, but no matter what formulas I cast on it, the yellow talisman seemed to be dead and did not respond at all.The moment the blood hole spewed out, the sound of rumbling and rumbling continued to sound in the sky, and black devil clouds covered the previous blood colored dark clouds This is a sign that the demons came to 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain cbd living gummies side effects the world, and the heavens will not tolerate it Streams of devilish energy could no longer be concealed, flowing out from Bi Se s wound, but I grabbed the air lightly at this moment, and smashed Bi Se out of the window.The scene outside the window was horrifying, the surroundings were pitch black and it was near the deep mountains, and the thunder that streaked across the sky was like sword energy splitting the sky into two halves.At the moment when Bi Se was thrown out of the window, I leaped forward suddenly, and even brought Bi Se under the thunder light with one kick Bi Se was trembling with fear, although she was covered by the demon energy a lot, but what should be exposed was still exposed, I walked up to her lightly, and smiled at her bloodthirsty.There is death in the pit.Even if it s a moth to the flame, as long as the ending is good, I don t care how painful the process is.In my heart, I suddenly feel lucky, fortunately I am the face of misfortune, fortunately the person I love is Junli.A kiss lightly landed on my lips, very warm, it set off a charming atmosphere all over the room, and an ambiguous atmosphere drifted in this room until the temperature rose rapidly.But Junli still stopped at the last step, his tone was very hoarse and accompanied by a bit of lust.Wait for me.Junli didn t say what happened next, but I understand I didn t get my body back.If I used the ghost body, one person and one ghost would cause great harm to me and deprive me of my yang energy.It was okay twice, but the number of times is too many, and I will become neither human nor ghost in the end Pulling my thoughts cbd gummies effects erowid back, I ran upstairs and took down the picture scroll that had fused two pictures of beauties, and then together with the pictures from The scroll that Xiao Jue took out was handed over to Jun Li.For three days and three nights, was she practicing for herself, or was she drinking all the wine in this life at once Three days later, Feng Shitian went out of the customs and took the initiative to invite the emperor of Chu to go out.This is something I didn t expect at all, I was scared, I was really scared.I suddenly realized that if Feng Shitian died on the battlefield like this, then what s the point of me being alive I ran into her palace recklessly, and I wanted to persuade her, reviews of cbd gummies for pain but she cut off a piece of her own robe with a sword and slammed it on my face.she says.She will never forgive me in her life.When she said this sentence.My heart felt as if it was dead, and I froze in place, watching her drifting away figure.How much I want to rush forward, hold her in my arms fiercely, end all this, save the state of Chu for her, and let her be Princess Rongle of the state of Chu forever.But I still didn t hold back, when your soul was broken, I said I love you, I don t want to hide it anymore, I want to be frank and frank, although we have never loved each other, and we have never even had regrets.Although I feel very sad when I think that I love you, I never had you.The girl I love, let me let go of my hatred and shoulders, let me witness the love between you and Junli in the next life, okay Even if I am just a passer by in your long lucent valley cbd gummies for sale life.Even if only in a dream, I dare to say I love you unscrupulously.External story of Yunjing, end Chapter 185 Demon Lord Ling Shun The moment I saw this letter, I was a little confused, but the moment I opened the envelope, I was completely dumbfounded.How could this be my grandma s handwriting It s obviously a disaster But why did grandma have the handwriting of woeful face The content of the letter turned out to be only one sentence.Junli gently pulled me stepped on.This ice bridge is very cold, and the moment I stepped on it was very bone piercing.The cold air rushed directly into my knees, how much cbd to take gummies piercing my knees, and I almost fell into the billowing magic energy.I m in my arms.So stupid.When I said this, the undisguised disgust on my face made me happy, and I made a face at Junli, but in an instant, he had already best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects walked into the tomb with me in his arms.I don t know why, but I always feel that the Junli who entered Lingshun cbd living gummies side effects s tomb this time is a bit strange compared to before, and I can t explain why it is so strange.It wasn t until he took me to cleverly avoid many organ formations in the tomb that I suddenly realized it It seems that since Junli left last time and came back, he has become more and more mysterious and powerful after recovering his memory Ling Shun s tomb is much simpler than the one I went to before, but it is also quite dangerous, but Junli walking in this tomb is as easy as going shopping.powder.The one who dares to touch me Junli s voice suddenly cut through the air, Bi Se s movements suddenly stopped, her eyes widened as if she never expected Junli to appear suddenly, she turned around and wanted to escape, but was caught Jun Li flew far away with a palm slap.I want to save your dog best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects s life and cbd living gummies side effects let you linger on for a while, but don t be too presumptuous.Bi Se glared at Jun Li and me viciously, turned into a fright and fled without saying a word, and I just froze in place.He rarely showed up when 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain I called him to save me before, how could it be so timely this time The blood girl was very knowledgeable, and when she saw Jun Li coming, she took the initiative to return to the blood amber.Why are you here I asked differently, but Junli grabbed my hand and cursed in a low voice.He almost lost his grip on the bed board, Zhao Yijun raised his hand to take it, and pointed to the coffin full of yin Do you feel that this coffin is weird As soon as she finished speaking, the yin in the coffin It has gradually dispersed, showing the whole coffin in front of our eyes.The moment the full view of the coffin appeared, I was dumbfounded What s happening here I have seen many hidden compartments and tomb passages, but I have never seen anyone put a red coffin under his bed as a cover, and connect the coffin to the ground.Even though I have lived megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies in this small yard for more than ten years, I don t know that there is a mystery under this house, let alone that my grandma sleeps on cbd living gummies side effects this mahogany coffin every night.Go down I raised my head and glanced at Zhao Yijun, but she asked me back, Do you want to go down I nodded and said yes.Before I could cbd gummies santa cruz react, below There were bursts of panic from Zhao Yiyun I panicked immediately, and shouted several times to Zhao Yiyun, did something happen to you But Zhao Yijun didn t give me any recovery, I quickly bit the golden best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit talisman in my mouth, and walked towards the dark passage, but the moment I went down, a gust of cold slapped me around me, and at this moment Surrounding him, there were many bloody red eyes When I saw these eyes, the first thing I thought of was Demon Lord Ling Shun.I was so scared that I kept running in the darkness, calling Zhao Yiyun s name, and suddenly , I just felt like I was tripping over something, and when I wanted to get up again, someone had already covered my mouth.Hush The voice belonged to Zhao Yiyun There was a flash of joy on my face, but I heard her whisper in my ear Did you see those red eyes when you came down I said Yes softly, but she told me that she The master once told her that there are ghost cats in the netherworld, they are very cunning, they are very cunning, their bodies are pitch black, and their eyes are silvery white.Their Taoist temple is full of disasters.When she took over as the head, they saw a book in the bookstore.There was a picture of this key on the book, called the magic key, which was the key to unlocking the seal of the demon king Ling Shun After saying this, she asked me differently Could it be such a coincidence I saw a cat wandering in the demon world outside.This door will be opened with a magic key.Could it be that the seal behind the door is Demon Lord Ling Shun, right I smiled awkwardly and replied, who knows.But he knew in his heart that the place where the Demon Lord Ling Shun was sealed was on Changbai Mountain.As soon as I finished speaking, Zhao Yiyun gave me a different look, and asked me Xiao Xiao, why do you have this key My face froze instantly, and in my heart, ten thousand muddy horses galloped past How do I have this key Why can t I have it But I couldn t answer her like this, so I smiled awkwardly at her, and before I could speak, a flash of panic flashed cbd living gummies side effects in her eyes.I just wanted to turn back, but Zhao Yijun told me not to turn back , Then let me be careful I ran away in fright, but after a few steps, I couldn t help but stop how can i run Zhao Yijun was brought in by me, how can I let him take the lead What are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies if something happens to me I turned around suddenly, but the moment I turned back I was shocked by the mess behind me.The mirrors behind me were all shattered, and behind the broken mirror was like a screen made of water.Water ripples And Zhao Yijun actually entered the mirror and fought with a man dressed as an ancient actor The laughing and laughing voice kept ringing in my ear, and I was basically sure that it came from the actor s mouth, and the extremely white cbd gummies apple rings makeup on the actor s face really made me sick.I stepped on the broken glass and was about to touch the mirror made of water to save Zhao Yijun, but suddenly she turned her head and told me to run away The horror in my eyes made my face a bit puzzled.But I m still very different, it s justified that Bise has devilish energy, after all, Bise was born wrapped in devilish energy.But Gu Yiyun, who is obviously Gu Yicheng s own sister, the jewel are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies in the palm of Wei Guo, a good princess, how can she have such a strong demonic energy I even feel that she is much stronger than Bi Se, much more unpredictable.The white paper regained its calm in an instant, and the two candles placed beside it were also extinguished immediately.Yun Jing walked to the side and turned on the light, and then asked me What do you think I never thought that he would hand over the choice to me Let s not talk about whether I exchanged the keys for the souls of the proprietress s two sisters, whether they will be deceitful, but if it is really exchanged, wouldn t the demon king be released Involuntarily, I turned my gaze to Junli.I ran to Gu Yicheng and tried to help him up, but he threw it away.I m fine.The moment the voice sounded, he stood up very bravely, stood up from the ground with a pale face, his body swayed very much, as if cbd gummies length he would fall directly to the ground in the next second.I want to help him enter Junli s house to rest , but was rejected by him.Before turning around and leaving, he reminded me to remember the promise I made with him, remember to cooperate with him, and help him deal with Ling Shun.I said um and asked him again Are you a human or a ghost Or a demon After all, Gu Yicheng doesn t look like a ghost, let alone a human being.How can anyone stand still after being stabbed in the heart But Gu Yicheng, just like before, replied to me with a word devil After I heard this, I found it a little funny, so I chuckled twice and asked him Aren t you the Crown Prince of Wei How could it be a demon But he replied to me Junli is still the prince of Yan, how could he be Lord Yan of the Ten Palaces One sentence, I was speechless in an instant, I wanted to ask something, but he turned his head, looked at me very seriously, and asked me, do you want to know what is the relationship between Bise and the Demon Realm I nodded wholeheartedly, Gu Yicheng smiled and said It s not an accident that Bi Se was born with devilish energy, she was originally a saint from the devil world, she was mistakenly thrown into the human realm.Uncle, oh no, Xiao Jue, sat on the sofa in the living room, saw me coming, and gave me a faint smile, his breath was very peaceful, and suddenly made me feel like the unfathomable uncle from before It looks like it s back again.Come and sit.He said, I walked towards him unhurriedly, and sat down in front of him.The light in his living room was not very bright, but turned on very dimly, which made people feel a faint sense of oppression.It made my already nervous heart even more nervous but fortunately, at this moment, I am no longer the reckless Xiao Xiao I was before.quite calm.Xiao Jue and I stared at each other indifferently for a long time, no one spoke, not even blinked, as if time was frozen in this moment, I don t know how long it took before Xiao 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies Jue showed something on his face Smiling, he cbd living gummies side effects smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies said to me You are different from before.am i tired I don t know, before going back to Xiao s house, my dream was to stay alive, to live until the day I went back to Xiao s house.After returning to Xiao s house and gaining power, avenging her is the motivation for me to live but I know better than anyone that she doesn t need me to help her avenge her.She is so powerful, so dazzling, can t she get what she wants What does she want to do, can t she do it herself Even if she wants to subvert a country, it may only be a matter of time.Even if she wanted to revive Chu, it was only a matter of her words.Only people pay attention to whether I fly high or not, but no one has ever asked me if I am tired from life, botanical farms cbd gummies reviews consumer reports not even my respected mother, but never asked.She told me that if I need help with anything, I can find her.She asked me if I would like to be friends with her She also told me that she was happy for me to see me now.Chain Bridge And the positions where the eight chain bridges are facing each other are on the eight stone walls with iron chains on them Then, the sound of iron chains falling bursts rang from our ears.Chapter 248 Yunjing You fell into the mud I saw that the iron chains on the stone walls in front of cbd living gummies side effects me fell to the ground involuntarily, and some of them sank deep into the mud.But at this moment, Yun Jing said lightly There were originally eight sets of coffins hanging on the eight iron chain bridges, and these eight sets of coffins were used to form a yin and yang eight coffin array.Once someone touched the eight sets of coffins One of them.The rest of the coffins will be used to defraud the tomb robbers.However, the people who set up the formation are too poorly skilled to seal the cave, allowing rainwater and sand to come in, and it will be destroyed abruptly.The undead stood up from the ground.It seems that Gu Yiyun s layout is very big, and Junli has taken precautions, but even so, I don t dare to take it lightly, especially when I just caught off guard and inhaled that strange fragrance, and the poison in my body is constantly wandering.Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound next to my ear, as if something cbd living gummies side effects had been activated.The moment I turned my head, I saw an afterimage passing directly in front of me until the afterimage landed on the ground.On the altar that suddenly appeared, I realized that the owner of the afterimage was Ling Shun who had never appeared.And the moment his voice and figure appeared, a familiar figure landed on the altar together.When I saw someone coming, I breathed a sigh of relief.My good fellow, Yun Jing, a bastard, managed to escape by himself, and has been secretly acting with Jun Li The festival is beautiful.In the words of the folk old people, whenever encountering a Fuyin situation, the three transmissions of heaven, earth, human and god are not ineffective.After the words fell, Junli nodded lightly, and Yunjing then continued Shiqian is the lost blood amber, and at the same time, the time is noon time falling into the palace, and the day s dryness is also Xin, the accuracy rate is higher, and the three gods are cbd living gummies side effects one.Xin Falling into the Palace of Liuyi and punishing, nothing good, Xin represents Xiao Xiao and Xue Po at the same time.The composition of the heaven and earth Xin Jiaxin fuyin the heavenly court, public cbd living gummies side effects wastes and private rescues are fierce, the palace is not prosperous in autumn, and Tianying star is in a state of rest.Jingmen is also a murderous family, and Xin Lingong also explained that there are sinners playing tricks.The moment I let go, I grabbed the flashlight in Yunjing s hand and raised my head.But I just raised my head, but I was so frightened by the scene around the canyon that I couldn t help swallowing.If there are a few corpses or some ghosts here, it s okay, and I won t be so scared But on this rocky reef, on the cliff wall, there are dozens of giant pythons, martha stewart cbd wellness gummies flavor sampler big and small, lying on their stomachs.Even the thin pythons are at least four or five meters long.The bucket is as thick as ten or twenty meters long and as our boat floats deeper into the canyon, their heads get longer and longer, and even snakes stand several meters high, condescending Staring in our direction, my face turned pale with fright.In this life, besides ghosts and corpses, what I m most afraid of is this kind of cold and scary snake if it weren t for the unknown place where we are and the road ahead, I could really regard this place as a zoo Come and see.Unexpectedly, when Junli made a call this time, he was not on the server like before.Instead, after beeping twice, the call was connected Junli was on speakerphone, but after the call was connected, , but no one on both sides took the initiative to speak, and when I saw the call was connected, my heart was lifted to the bone, and I wished that the person on the other end of the phone would speak immediately.Let me see who it is Play me behind my back.The time passed by like this, and the two sides were in a stalemate for about three to five minutes.Jun Li then spoke, but he didn t ask who he was, and he didn t mention the snake gall, but asked him Xue Po Are you safe and sound From the other end of the phone came a strange and unmasculine voice Yeah , and then there was no further text.Oops, when I heard this voice, I was so angry that I wanted to take a kitchen knife and chop off the person on the other end of the phone What time is it, you still want to hide your identity The person on the other end of the phone said um , but Jun Li didn t continue, and quietly held the phone without saying a word.Who did Gu Yicheng provoke can cbd gummies give you a stomach ache To be stabbed in the back like this After asking these questions, I was about to try to blow out the candle to see if I could bring the bloody girl out, but I found that the candle seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit.It became more vigorous When I saw this scene, I was a little surprised.I tried several times in succession, until the wick of the candle was so burned that it was as thick as a thumb, so I gave up.Then I asked Junli and Yunjing what to do Junli didn t answer me, but Yunjing smiled and said to me Take the blood amber off her neck to see if you can get it out.After hearing this, I did as I did, and took the blood amber off the blood girl s neck.The moment the blood amber fell into my hands, I felt like crying in the blood amber, there was My child, the child of Junli and I Especially when I saw the appearance of the little baby emerging from the blood amber, I was trembling all over, and the tears in my eyes seemed to be about to fall.I replied to the blood girl with this without blushing, and was about to return to the circle, but Junli stopped me at this moment.Chapter 260 Bloody Girl Dies Try throwing the blood amber over to see if you can pass through the red candle circle.The moment Junli lit the candle, she spoke to the blood girl unhurriedly.Unexpectedly, the blood girl heard Junli s words.The words changed drastically immediately, and he opened his mouth in embarrassment.Want to say something, but stop talking.See the appearance of the cbd living gummies side effects blood girl.Jun Li said En , with frivolous brows and a mocking smile on his face.What if I can t throw it out.What if I break this blood amber The next second, the blood girl said calmly.Hearing this, she continued to say with a smirk It s okay, it s just a piece of blood amber.You try throwing it out.The pace on the grass could not help but slow down a bit.Layers of white mist kept rising around, covering everything in the forest very hazyly.Yun Jing took a compass from his backpack and held it in his hand, then led the way forward on his own, and said as he walked, The yin energy in this forest is really heavy.When I heard this, I frowned, and my heart It s even more depressing, what the hell is this person thinking, Junli and Yunjing are not human beings so they don t have to sleep, but I m probably going to bleed internally if I don t sleep I took a deep breath, looked around, raised my head again, looked at everything on the surrounding trees, and made sure that there was nothing messy, so I relaxed a little and continued to move cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects forward.As I walked, I held the blood amber in my hand and looked at it carefully, wanting to see that the person who designed me could put a curse on the blood girl and try to attract me.This Bi Se is not a human being.Is it possible that he will starve to death if he does not eat for a few days But just after Yunjing finished asking, there was a commotion on the other end of the phone, as if something happened, and then he hurriedly said to Junli Something happened to me, I ll hang up first.Chapter 272 Bi Se was killed, his tone was heard, not only me, even Jun Li felt a little strange, Jun Li turned around and asked me, do you want to go to Yunjing I nodded and said I could go.Jun is away from home, is it close to Yunjing, or is it far away It drove relatively quickly, and after about half an hour, it finally arrived at the gate of Yunjing s house.But the gate of his big house was tightly locked.I was about to get out of the car and ask the gatekeeper to open the door, but Junli stopped me, pointed to the gatekeeper and said to me The gatekeeper is not here.It s very possible that there was something Xiao Jue wanted in this corpse, or that the identity of this corpse was very special, and the woman found this corpse., then went to find Xiao Jue, and attracted Xiao Jue here.Shi Zhen garbage.After saying this, Su Xiu quickly returned to his master, and told him again.After hearing this, his master glanced at me indifferently, but didn t respond much.The village chief stood aside, looked a little embarrassed at our words, and asked in a low voice Is this corpse still in the village What are you going to do with it Qing Jingzi wanted to speak , but I directly grabbed the right to speak and asked the village chief The mysterious man who left the blood talisman, did he say anything about the blood talisman before he left After hearing this, the village chief shook his head and said No, but just after the words were finished, he seemed to think of something, and said mysteriously He didn t say it, but he lived in my house at the time, and the sound insulation in my house is not very good, have you heard of it He seemed to be on the phone with someone, and he mentioned that after a month of sticking the blood talisman in the village, it seems to be able to form some kind of formation, but I didn t hear clearly what he said after that.Chapter 282 Formation Xiao Xiao, come here.Qing Jingzi s voice sounded, and he waved to me.I walked in the direction of Qingjingzi unhurriedly.The moment I stopped in front of Qingjingzi, he suddenly gave me two candles and asked me to light them here.I saw it.I couldn t help being a little puzzled, and asked in a low voice Why do you want me to order But Qingjingzi replied It must be you.I don t know why, but I felt a little weird when I heard Qingjingzi s words.I glanced suspiciously at him, then at Suxiu and Junli, seeing that neither of them responded, so I lit the candle.Put it in the direction pointed by Qingjingzi.Strange to say, the two candles he asked me to light were not placed in front of the tomb owner s stele, but on both sides of the tomb.There were two candles, one on each side, and the moment they were put on, there was a sudden gust of wind blowing around me, which made me shiver And the village chief, seeing such a strange scene, His face was also pale, and he asked cautiously Is something wrong Qing Jingzi shook her head, and said to us at this moment Go back first, and come back later in the evening.Qingjingzi nodded, exchanged some pleasantries with the village chief, and then led us back to the aunt s house.After arriving home, Qing Jingzi and Su Xiu didn t go back to their room, but followed Junli and me to our room, and asked Junli, Did you find anything just now Junli shook his head, didn t speak, then Qingjing Zi asked again Do you think moon flower cbd gummies these villagers are a bit weird To be honest, I didn t think so, but the person Qingjingzi asked was not me, but Junli, so I followed the trend and turned my gaze are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies to Junli However, he found that Junli s eyes suddenly flickered a little, and he asked Qingjingzi, What did you find , and told Junli everything that happened by the grave.After Jun Li heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched, his eyes were a little dark, and he said in a nonchalant manner There is a show to watch.As soon as the village chief finished speaking, the anger of the villagers subsided a little.No one cbd living gummies side effects dared to say anything.Instead, they looked at Qing Jingzi like they were living gods.When I saw this, I could only sigh, I hope these villagers are really innocent cbd living gummies side effects and have nothing to do with the matter of Nuomi, otherwise, I can only say that the acting skills of the current people are particularly superb.After calming down the wyld 50mg cbd gummies emotions of the villagers, Qingjingzi directly greeted us to go down the mountain, saying that everyone will gather again at night, and let everyone go back to rest and replenish their physical strength.It may be a tough battle are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies at night.As soon as Qingjingzi said this, the villagers became a little nervous, and some people in the crowd asked him directly Taoistdo you mean that the corpse will be drawn out at night But Qingjingzi was He replied very contrived The secret must not be revealed.But we are in the open, and they are in the dark.If they want to stab us in the back, or do something, it is very easy.After returning to my aunt s house, I told them all about Chasing Shisha and what happened in cbd living gummies side effects front of Chen Fugui s grave.After hearing this, they couldn t help frowning, and Qingjingzi even asked Now What should I do When he asked this question, his eyes were on Junli, obviously under such circumstances, only what Junli said could be convincing.But Junli said with a half smile Wait.Then he stopped talking.And Qingjingzi and Suxiu had no reason to stay in our room, they looked at Junli, then at me, cbd living gummies side effects and went back to their room.To cbd living gummies side effects be honest, this village is so weird, the longer I stay here, the more pressure I get, and the more I want to leave this village, but the more mysteries in the village become more and more trapped, so many that it seems to me that I am only one step away.There is no coffin at home and they cannot be buried in the ground.Death, I can t predict it.The moment I saw the coffin of the village chief, my mind suddenly buzzed, and I remembered something I still remember that when we walked around Chen Fugui s grave and saw Fuyan s body, Junli said cbd living gummies side effects that there was a problem with the site selection of Chen Fugui s grave, and we had to ask the village chief who chose the site for Chen Fugui s grave when we went back.It can be seen that after meeting the village chief, I forgot about it, and Qingjingzi forgot about it.Could it be that Junli also forgot Chapter 291 Village Chief Cheating Corpse I really want to ask Junli, but I also know that now is not the time to ask, so I can only put this question behind me, stand nervously behind Junli, and watch him come forward.When I came out, it was already close to ten o clock.This point is in the countryside, and it is already considered late at night.When the cold wind blows, I can t help getting goose bumps all over HCMUSSH cbd living gummies side effects my body.I don t know if Qingjingzi walked are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies too fast, or we came out too slowly.I looked around, but I didn t see Qingjingzi half a dime, and the village was so dark that there were few street cbd living gummies side effects lights.It was almost a dark night road.Junli dragged me, walking slowly through the village, and took are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies out his cell phone from time to time, not knowing what he was looking at.I watched Junli s movements, and I didn t want to ask at first, but after doing too many movements, I still couldn t help asking Junli What are you looking at Junli handed the phone to me directly, and I took it After a look, he turned up the text messages, only to see that the screen was densely packed with text messages from Yunjing to Junli, and all of them were the result of Yunjing s fortune telling.How could he do such a sneaky thing When I saw Su Xiu s expression, I was naturally furious, but Junli told me with his eyes at this moment that a little intolerance would lead to chaos, so let me bear with it.The breath in my throat was abruptly blocked by Junli s eyes, and I said to her, Don t worry, with me here, Junli won t touch you.As soon as I finished speaking, she Only then did I slowly move my beautiful feet, and moved towards me The pace of the movement was very slow, so slow that apart from the sound of her feet rubbing against shop cbd gummies each other, nothing could be heard in the air.The sound, and the turbulent sound that rang in the ears before, also disappeared at this moment.If it weren t for certainty, if I had heard and heard about it before, I would really think it Are you hallucinating yourself But at the moment when she walked halfway, and moved a few steps, she could come to me, but she suddenly threw a ball like object in the direction of me and Junli, and the moment she dropped it , Her shrill laughter suddenly rang out in the air But it s so hard to die, when she threw the spherical object, the village chief s son who was rescued happened to open his mouth, accidentally, the spherical object The object was swallowed by him with a thump The moment he swallowed it, the young man was stupid Prepared to escape, Su Xiu and Qing Jingzi who planned to escape were also stupid If I m not wrong, Su Xiu wanted to use the trick just now to deceive others and throw a smoke bomb to escape But the smoke bomb was thrown into the mouth of the village chief s son, and he swallowed it straight away Immediately, Su Xiu and Qing Jingzi s faces turned dark, and they froze in place, as if they had forgotten what to do next Suddenly there were two laughter in the air, one was from me, and the other was from are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies Junli The two of us couldn t help it anymore, and laughed outright, but the moment our laughter sounded, Su Xiu and Qingjingzi s faces turned black Immediately, they wanted to run outside, but the moment the two of them started running, Jun Li waved lightly towards the air The door behind them was closed by a gust of cold wind for cbd living gummies side effects no reason, directly cutting off the air behind them.I asked a question.The person who kidnapped me, isn t he going to give it back to me Ling Shun said this very easily, as if we had really snatched his things.The moment he appeared, Bise.Qingjingzi, Suxiu s face couldn t help showing a few cbd living gummies side effects touches of excitement, which made me speechless Since Ling Shun appeared, the frequency of crystal shattering has gradually decreased, and in the end there was only a piece of ruins left around.It is difficult to move an inch.So if this bise.Qingjingzi and Suxiu were dragged away by Yunjing in the ruins, and it is estimated that they could be stabbed by thousands of fragments beyond recognition.Junli only glanced cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects at Ling Shun briefly, then ignored best cbd gummies for fibromyalgia pain Ling Shun directly, pulled me, and was about to leave, but Ling Shun wanted to wave his hand, and suddenly shot out a devilish energy.Only then did Yunjing whisper to me Be careful yourself.After I heard this, I looked at Yunjing in surprise, and said with a smile Oh, the sun rises in the west, so you are worried about me.Here we come.After hearing what I said, Yun Jing rolled his eyes and ignored me.Although I often quarrel with Yunjing, and the two often disagree, they are both sharp mouthed and tofu hearted people.They can quarrel with each other and quarrel occasionally, but at critical moments, they are mutual backing, reliable people, and unanimously external Junli glanced at the two of us indifferently, and held my hand even tighter, then pulled Yunjing and me to a place where there was almost no light shining, stopped, and asked Yunjing Are you really sure that Ling Shun and the others left Beijing suddenly Yun Jing nodded, saying that their palaces were all vacant, so there was nothing wrong with that.Involuntarily, I asked again What if there is a ghost inside, what should I do if I eat Yunjing Ghost, what should Yunjing do if he ate that ghost I asked such a nonsensical question, but Junli put on a sullen face, and corrected me righteously It s too old to have a ghost in it, Yunjing sees it.No.I was almost amused by Junli s words, but at this moment, there was a sound in the yard ahead, as if someone was singing Chapter 318 Red cheongsam, the old woman heard this voice, all the pores on my body became tense, my lips were tightly pursed, and I was about to turn to look at Junli, HCMUSSH cbd living gummies side effects when I heard the voice The door opened with a squeak , as soon as I heard this sound.He turned his head quickly, but the moment he turned around, he was almost cbd gummies for neck pain taken aback.A black figure ran out from the door, completely black, even the face and exposed limbs were pitch black.It turned out that as soon as Yunjing entered the yard, he could feel the thick yin and death in the yard, and even the unconcealable bloody smell in the air was constantly filling the tip of his nose, although he had known this for a long time.There is a problem with the courtyard, and it is a big problem, but it is not surprising that there is a courtyard that is so gloomy and even smells of blood.What is strange is that there are people living in this courtyard.Moreover, there are several living people living there You know, a person who stays in a place with heavy yin energy for a month can be corroded by yin energy and be hospitalized, ranging from fever to serious illness But those old women who are cbd gummies illegal 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies lived in the courtyard were not only fine, but their faces were a little pale, and their small mouths were particularly rosy, and they were more energetic than each other.But this time it was not Yunjing who responded to him, but Junli.You told me before that you saw a playful woman who was dressed exactly like Yin er sitting by the well on the wall of the yard in Maoshang, right The moment Jun left the mouth, the boss nodded repeatedly and said, Yes.But Junli laughed.You don t seem to be telling the truth.Chapter 320 When I met Boss Ling Shun by chance, his face suddenly became very ugly.Junli swallowed, wanting to say something.He didn t speak again.The scene suddenly came to a stalemate like this, Junli was mocking, Yunjing was smiling, but my face was more peaceful, and it was just like this that the boss turned his eyes to me for help.glanced at me.I was stunned for a moment, but ignored his gaze.Obviously, the boss really didn t tell the truth, and he deliberately hid something from Junli and Yunjing to cbd living gummies side effects keep us from knowing Time passed by like this minute by minute, Junli and Yunjing didn t seem to be in a hurry, and the two suddenly started chatting without saying a word, leaving the boss aside, but the more invisible oppression.The boss said that the words of the cbd living gummies side effects old man in his father s dream had been fulfilled.The incense of their old Huang s family happened to be cut off here.He is also old.Although he is greedy for life and afraid of death, he doesn t really want to leave the place where he was born.Seeing the loneliness of my boss in this life, I couldn t help feeling a little desolate in my heart.When I wanted to say something, I was dragged out by Yunjing.Before going out, Yunjing said goodbye to the boss very politely, until I arrived After the hotel, I asked Yunjing, why did he pull me away in such a hurry But he replied I ve said everything I need to ask and talk about.Do you still want to chat Yunjing started chatting, the first sentence Yunjing asked Junli You said that old man tonight, is he telling the truth Unexpectedly, Junli nodded and said It should be true.Not to be outdone, Jun Li went straight to meet him, and the two immediately fought together.The movements of the two were very fast, almost in the light of the fire, they passed countless moves, which dazzled everyone sitting here.Xiao Xiao.At this moment, Yun Jing s voice suddenly sounded from my ears.I glanced at him in surprise, but saw him nodded cautiously to me, which meant that the voice was indeed from his mouth.Involuntarily, I whispered back in my heart What s wrong If Gu Yiyun and Bise charge up later, you should find a way to block it and buy me some time.Yunjing s voice came from my mind again The words sounded in the middle, but the words that came out surprised me I couldn t help but think about it, but before Yunjing s words fell, Bise had already moved, and the target was very obvious, which was me standing in front of her Before I could react, Yunjing directly pushed me forward, allowing me to meet Bise head on, but he took several steps back I scolded the eighteen generations of Ling Shun s ancestors from the bottom of my heart.But these yellow skinned boys were very clever.The moment she transformed into a sword, they ran away from her side.On the contrary, they rushed up from time to time, one of them sneaked up on her, and the other diverted her attention.Yin er was so angry that she suddenly turned her cbd gummy bears for insomnia eyes and glanced at me.She didn t know if it was because she saw that I was also being entangled.There was nothing she could do.She breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but she didn t intend to help me cbd living gummies side effects at all., but reminded me Xiao Xiao, it s just a bunch of beasts, why do you show mercy to them Just kill them Xu saw that I was being entangled, but he didn t kill him at all, Yin er s eyes were clouded With several layers of suspicion, he opened his mouth lightly.The moment she opened her mouth, I acted like I was reacting, Ah , a burst of force suddenly shot down the yellow skins.And I looked at this oil lamp, and I still felt a little familiar, but for a moment, garden of life cbd gummies stress relief my head buzzed, as if I was punched by something, and I suddenly rememberedthe four lamps in their hands , isn t it exactly the same as the oil lamp on the third floor of the West Building Could it be that before they came, they had already gone to the west building I cautiously looked around, wanting to see if Junli was coming, but I didn t see his figure.Even the cloud scene that appeared just now seemed to have evaporated from the world, without any shadow showing.What do they want Yin er said lightly, but the gesture she showed was abnormal If ordinary people saw the people they brought cbd living gummies side effects and were controlled by Huang Pizi, shouldn t they be shocked and rush to save them Why didn t she even respond at all Instead, you want to see their next move Involuntarily, I asked her in a low voice Aren t you worried about the comfort of these four mothers in law They are now bewitched by the yellow skin.It is as strange as it is to match my petite body.Fortunately, Yunjing s emotions were imprisoned on his own face, so he didn t have time to laugh at me, otherwise it wasn t me laughing at Yunjing just now, but he mocked me to death Sighing, she came out of the toilet, only to see Yun Jing sitting there with a gloomy face, carefully raising her head to look at Jun Li secretly.And Junli didn t look at Yunjing at all, but turned his gaze to my position, saw me coming out of the toilet, and waved to me to let me pass.After I passed by, Junli also issued an ID card to each of us.I was very curious about how Junli got these three faces before, but now he can still show his ID card, I turned my curiosity into shock One couldn t hold back, so I asked Junli directly How did you get this face Junli was silent and didn t answer me.When Yunjing and I heard Bise s words, we raised our eyebrows together, and instead of talking in a hurry, we paused for a long time before asking Bise How do you and your friend know about this place What Bi Se s reaction was quick, and she hurriedly said, This has something to do with my ancestors.I nodded lightly after hearing this, but I couldn t ridicule in my heart.Using my ancestors as a cover is really a good excuse After talking with her, she didn t talk, she seemed to feel that she had explained her situation to us, and wanted to wait for Yunjing and I to ask her what help she needed.But I ask myself 25 mg cbd full spectrum gummies who sells cbd gummies for pain that I am not a gentleman, and Yunjing can t help people who best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects hate me.I glanced at Bise and saw that she didn t speak.We were about to turn around and leave, but Bise couldn t help it anymore and spoke She said Wait You wait.After pointing for a long time, I didn t understand what she meant and what direction she was pointing at.In the end, I only heard her say something, saying that this place is very dangerous.Not a place for people to stay at all.When I heard her words, I was also dumbfounded I have already lived the fourth life, where have I not seen it I didn t feel how scared I was when I came here, let alone Gu Yiyun, Yunjing, Junli and Gu Yicheng beside me But it was precisely because of her words that Gu Yicheng s face tensed instantly.If an ordinary person who has never seen any big scenes or experienced any dangers said this, it would naturally not attract much attention, but the person in front of him was Gu Yiyun.Coupled with the miserable state of Bi Se before, and the possibility of disappearing with the three of them entering this tomb, I suddenly had a guess in my heart Could it be, the few of us were tricked Compared to the miserable experience of the three of them, the few of us are nothing but the more dangerous palace of the big spider.But at this moment, her voice suddenly sounded again Ican I ask you a question I just turned my head back to the front when I heard her voice turn back and nodded to her , softly said Ask.Yu Puyou said.Did you see Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun inside Unexpectedly, Bi Se, who had always seemed heartless and ungrateful, asked such a question at this moment.After I heard it, I was a little dazed, but the scene where Ling Shun asked me to leave the hall and throw out the beauty picture was replaying in my HCMUSSH cbd living gummies side effects mind at this moment, suddenly, a wave of self blame poured into my heart, and I opened my eyes He opened his mouth to answer Bi Se, but found that he didn t know how to answer In the end, he took a deep breath and swallowed his saliva.It seemed that he had used a lot of courage, and then he smiled at Bi Se and said, Yes.Seeing me wake up, the faces of the three of them were a bit complicated, and I could see from their complicated faces that the three of them breathed a sigh of relief, as if they had rescued me from some kind of abyss.When I saw the expressions of the three of them, I couldn t help being a little surprised.I wanted to get up from the ground and ask them what s wrong, but the moment I got up, my eyes blurred, and something like sand was placed on my face.On the center of my eyebrows, as I climbed up, it fell down, making my whole face covered.I stretched out my hand, trying to wipe off the sand on my face, only to find that there was a red cbd high potency gummies rope wrapped around the wrists of both hands.Bells, as I raised my hand, the crisp and pleasant bells rang through the air.What the hell is going on here I cbd gummy bears 500mg cbd living gummies side effects looked at the red ropes tied around my wrists in a daze, only to find that I also had a pair tied around my feet It s for locking the cbd living gummies side effects soul.Just as Yun Jing walked towards that figure, and was about to reach his side, my heart suddenly lifted It seemed to be afraid, as if I was worried again Just when everyone thought that this figure would turn around to look at Yunjing the moment Yunjing walked beside him, the figure did not move, but Yunjing s eyes were full of shock, There was even a yell.Yunjing yelled loudly, and cbd living gummies side effects the three of us rushed over when we heard the sound.When we ran over, Yunjing had already petrified in does full spectrum cbd gummies have thc place.When I was wondering what Yunjing saw and cbd living gummies side effects was so surprised, the whole person seemed to be trapped.I was poured with cement, and I stood there unable cbd living gummies side effects to move The figure in front of me turned out to be my grandma, no, it turned out to be my grandma s corpse I saw the corpse of my grandma, wrapped in a black robe from head to toe, with a hideous best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress cbd living gummies side effects face, protruding eyeballs, bleeding from seven orifices, but it had solidified on the face, as if she had been dead here for a long time, but no one found it.I only felt that my five senses seemed to be much stronger.The left hand that was hit by the golden light of the beauty picture even healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.Seeing Yin er on the opposite side, surprise flashed across his eyes.He took a few steps back and tried to escape.A thought flashed in my mind, and I suddenly appeared in front of her, and grabbed her neck with one hand, her eyes were red, as if possessed by something, very scary You what are you doing Yin er s voice sounded, she looked at me with a bit of fear, but the power erupting from my body kept attacking the surrounding buildings, and all kinds of voices splashed around my ears.Condensing this weird and terrifying atmosphere even more What did you tell me just now My voice sounded very light, very calm, as if there was no wave in the slightest, what I said to her was nothing more than an unimportant matter.Chapter 383 Say no regrets at the end of fate end of the book Just at the moment of my doubts, the old hag s whisper suddenly stopped, and I saw her get into the coffin unbelievably, and suddenly A female corpse in the coffin was thrown out, and then she suddenly turned her head and looked at Gu Yicheng in disbelief.He asked him viciously You betrayed me I didn t understand what the old witch said, but Gu Yicheng smiled, besides laughing, he was still smiling, smiling cbd living gummies side effects so nonchalantly, even with a full smile.It doesn t matter.Where is Liao Cuilian s soul the old witch yelled at Gu Yicheng.At this moment, I suddenly realized that the old witch really wanted to fight against my master, and the thing sealed in the coffin was very likely It was my master, but Gu Yicheng dropped him Gu Yicheng, he Gu Yicheng didn t speak.

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