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Hitler had nothing to hide in front of the lieutenant I said damn the Jew, he teased me before. Is he a Jew Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Hitler nodded Yes, they are Jewish like Sergeant Hall.They always like to calculate others, anyway, I don t have much affection for them.Wang Weiyi fell silent.Jews.Stephen and Hall are both Jews.Has Hitler s dissatisfaction with Jews started now He couldn t get into Hitler s mind, and of course he couldn t guess what Hitler was thinking The British are coming up, the British are coming up The call interrupted the conversation, and Wang Weiyi quickly shouted Ready to fight The heavy machine gun and Mauser rifle were ready at the same time.The enemy is densely packed.In order to wash away the shame of losing the G position, the British seem can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie cbd gummies in checked baggage to have spent all their money.Wang Weiyi checked the magazine and took a deep breath.The bullets kept flying in the air, or fell in front of the position.Although Wang Weiyi was beaten He couldn t raise his head at all, but he was silently counting in his heart.Guo Yunfeng was also ready Soon, the time is almost up The danger is extremely high, as long as the time is not well grasped, if you raise your cbd gummies ebay head too early or appear a little later, you will be beaten into a hornet s nest by the opponent s dense bullets.I kept calculating in my heart that when the last bullet of the British army was fired and the officer s password was not yet on his lips, Wang Weiyi suddenly stood up The timing is perfect The MP18 submachine gun spit out terrible flames Being suppressed until now, the anger is completely sprayed out from the muzzle of the gun.Beautiful mustache, slightly dark face Everything is the same as what the superior described when he explained himself.Tell Major Best that the Germans also have tanks, and they are more powerful than us, but the specific data is the top secret of the Germans, and I will try my best to get it.Wang Weiyi, who has read the false information, said in a low voice The Germans are attacking.We must protect this information and safely deliver it to Major Best.Nine out of ten of the false information is true, such as Wang Weiyi s identity, etc., but in the end One tenth of the key, that is, the tanks that suddenly appeared on the battlefield were completely virtual.A false information that is mostly true will be proven to be reliable to the greatest extent.Please take care.Sergeant Lev suppressed the excitement in his heart I will protect it with my life.Yes, it seems that there is something going on on the right wing in the UK.That s that s Bon Crayley isn t quite sure However, Boncrele and all the officers and soldiers of the third company soon saw a huge German flag suddenly appeared on the right wing of the British army Countless German soldiers appeared on the battlefield under the guidance of this national flag Reinforcements That s the arrival of reinforcements Huge cheers erupted from the third company s position The British army, which suffered heavy casualties on the frontal battlefield, was suddenly attacked from the flanks, and the blow they suffered was undoubtedly HCMUSSH cbd gummies ebay huge.It was difficult to adjust the formation to meet the challenge, and those Germans rushed too fast, and in the blink of an eye, they had already rushed in front of the British Second lieutenant, reinforcements, reinforcements Steck yelled loudly Rush out No Hall flatly rejected the proposal We don t know where the troops come from, and our mission Stay here The stubborn Hall had just finished speaking, when suddenly a person shouted For Germany, attack It was Bon Crayley He was the first to shout such a slogan, and the first to rush out For Germany, attack It was Steck who dropped Hall and rushed out following the pace of Bon Crayley For Germany, attack The whole third company rushed out Hall stared at all this dumbfounded.He didn t regret his action.The only thing he felt strange was, how did the British plane appear so fast It seemed that he knew what was going on next It s the same as myself.Baron von Burke s mood is also extremely complicated.Once something happens to His Royal Highness, he will be a sinner cbd gummies ebay of Germany.Now only himself, His Royal Highness and Major Marison are left here.The situation is very passive.I know where I am, and I don t know where to evacuate.If His Royal Highness falls into the hands of the British, the consequences will be unimaginable Major Marison, His Highness must be protected from here.Booker said seriously.Yes, Baron.Marison looked left and right I don t know where we are now, please allow me to go to a farther place to check.Go.At this point, everything can only be done according to Marison did as he said, he was a pure soldier after all.So you think this is a good game between me and the British Wang Weiyi said lightly Colonel Nicholas, I really want to know through you which country would do this.At that time, I was only a company commander, and I hadn t even been knighted.Would the British make such a big sacrifice for such an insignificant person Nikolai was afraid that it would be even more detrimental to him if he continued talking, so he hurriedly asked, I heard that you captured three British tanks successively during the battle Yes, that s exactly right.Wang Weiyi hawaiin health cbd gummies s answer made Nicholas narrow his eyes What a coincidence, when you finished killing your enemy, three British tanks that surrendered were also destroyed.Do you think there is such a coincidence, Sir Alexon Wang Weiyi s heart was turning rapidly.Didn t the farmer s information be sent to the Military Intelligence Bureau No, it must have been sent.Marklin seemed to have won the victory.When Second Lieutenant Hall stood behind the witness stand, Marklin asked in a condescending tone Second Lieutenant Hall, although you are standing in front of your superior now, I hope you will uphold the condor cbd gummies erectile dysfunction principles of an upright gentleman.Honor, let me tell you about what happened to Captain Ernst Alexon von Brahm that day.Yes, I will.Hall muttered, and after a while he mustered up his courage to say We cbd gummies ebay conquered the enemy s position and captured a large number of prisoners, including Lieutenant Colonel Rosen Captain Ernst decided to release the prisoners.I tried to dissuade him, but he didn t listen to me and insisted Lieutenant Colonel Rosen was releasedandand Captain Ernst went to the British position and stayed for a long time before returning There was an uproar in the gallery, forcing Felix to yell loudly several times before they were able to quiet them down.Could it be that Xiao Ling started to have his own emotions Impossible, absolutely impossible Wang Weiyi quickly denied his thoughts.It s ridiculous, computers don t know what emotions are.Maybe Xiao Ling has some very special emotional programs Right That must be the case, God knows what kind of programs that ridiculous and boring Dr.Qin will develop for computers.Hey, Ernst Richthofen s voice came in, and immediately, Manstein, Elena, Hitler, Guo Yunfeng, Schlaf A group of people came in behind Richthofen.Major Ernst Richthofen stood upright solemnly, and saluted Wang Weiyi Lieutenant Manfred von Richthofen is reporting to you.Very good, lieutenant Wang Weiyi also said seriously I decided to transfer you to the ground for duty, congratulations, Lieutenant Manfred, you don t have to go to the dangerous blue sky.His first thought was that bicycles should be banned throughout Germany his second thought was that making friends is actually very important It would be a disaster to have a cbd sexual gummies friend like Ernst Brahm.Several French soldiers came up to meet them.They also heard that there was a battle on the front line, but they didn t know exactly what happened.Hey, have you been stabbed in the ass by the German guy A French sergeant said while walking with a smile.He saw a big fat man on the back seat of a bicycle at first sight, and was about to continue to sneer.Suddenly seeing clearly that it was Colonel Gustav, he hurriedly stood at attention Colonel You, and you, come quickly, help me down.When there were many people, Gustav resumed the colonel s posture.Wei Yan I was injured, yes, I was injured in the fierce battle with the Germans What a braggart, Wang Weiyi thought to himself.All the officers in command of the infantry uttered an extremely loud voice In the name of Ernst Brahm, advance It was already dawn.The German soldiers huddled tiredly in the temporary trenches, loneliness, fear, and despair invaded and tortured them all the time.After battle after battle and attack after attack, none of them had any confidence in being able to stand out from the encirclement.Maybe soon every single one of them will die here cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment There are not many bullets left, and the grenade is almost empty.That heavy machine gun is now completely for display, and the last bullet has been fired.Rifles with bayonets and sharpened sappers are placed within easy reach.When the enemy starts a new round of attack.That is when the German soldiers here are facing death.Major Wolf, are you ready Yes, I m ready, Colonel Thomas.Commando, commando Kashanov murmured, and he looked up suddenly Pick me Boris from the Eighth Division The call was quickly dismissed After connecting, Kashanov talked to Boris on the phone for a long time, and when he put down the phone, the contempt for Zhukov was completely gone on his face Corporal, you guessed it right, according to the Boris, Commander of the Eighth Division, who presumably spotted some German tanks and cars passing through the position However, we were unable to ascertain their destination General, although we I don t know what they are going to do, but I can know where they will pass.Zhukov raised his voice slightly They will definitely pass here, Omitet It is impossible for the Germans to stay with us for the rest of their lives.They will surely return to their own positions when they have completed their mission You mean we ambushed them at Omejet Kashanov is not an idiot, on the contrary he is a very experienced general This is a good way, but the problem cbd gummies age limit is that they have tanks Zhukov seemed confident Tanks are indeed terrible, but cbd gummies ebay Not omnipotent, they rely on tanks to pass through our positions, but rachael ray jolly cbd gummies they don t let it ostentatiously appear in Russia.Sidney Riley is a smart man, he quickly interjected Then, you want me to do something for you.Yes, you re not wrong at all.Wang Weiyi nodded However, I am very curious, why did you go to Germany and why did you enter Russia At this point, Riley has nothing to hide I got in touch with the US intelligence agency, you have to know, I lost cbd gummies ebay a lot of money in the US,There are some economic problems, and I have to go back to my old job The Americans made me an offer that I couldn t refuse to steal some information from the Germans The United States The possibility of sending troops to Europe is being discussed.Wang Weiyi s words startled Riley.How did the skeleton baron know such important information He looked at Wang Weiyi in disbelief I can best cbd gummies available t say, actually I don t know very well Wang Weiyi laughed Laugh You know, but you dare not say, well, why come to Russia again I said, I have some financial problems Riley, who gradually lost the initiative of the conversation, said with difficulty I hid some things here, and I have to bring them back to the United States Wang Weiyi didn t want to ask other people s opinions Let s cooperate.The Russian army has a huge number, but it is actually vulnerable The military thinking of the Russian army was backward, and many officers even regarded Suvorov s phrase bullets are cowards, bayonets are heroes as a classic when they arrived.Russian army officers can physically punish soldiers at will, and the disparity in treatment between officers and soldiers is very tenseTraining is better than nothing.There is not much money left after layers of exploitation.What is even more ridiculous is that many Russian soldiers often have not fired their guns when they retire.The problem of arrears of military pay is particularly prominent, because this The problem is that mutiny incidents in the Russian army are happening almost every day This unbelievable thing in the German army has become commonplace in the Russian army There was already a mutiny, but it was suppressed by Colonel Sergey.They had to endure enemy shelling.Model still behaved so calmly.When the gunfire kept falling around him, he held up the binoculars in his hand and was always calmly observing the enemy s movements.As a commander, you must be calm and calm even in the most critical moment.Model certainly did this.Shells kept shining on the German positions, and they were going to use this method to make the Germans here surrender, but they didn t know clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies ebay that the nerves of the Germans here were all made of steel.They hid in the trenches silently and endured all this silently.In fact, these are already taken for granted by them.The real contest is at independent cbd gummies the moment when the charge and counter charge are initiated.The artillery preparations went on for more than an hour, and Model knew that the time was almost up.He saw the British on the opposite side begin to gather, and the officers were blowing whistles cbd gummies ebay and directing their soldiers there.However, will the casualties be too great Biwoge looked distressed.Although all the dead are British, this is also closely related to France.Every time an Englishman dies, his strength against the Germans will be reduced.However, Laurent royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie s answer surprised him The s team believes that even at the cost of three divisions, as long as they can defeat the The legend of the skeleton baron s invincibility is also worth it.Biwo couldn t help shivering enthusiastically, for one person, is it necessary to pay such a heavy price They hope to capture him alive.Laurent put down the binoculars Capturing him alive is more meaningful than killing him.Do you know, General Bievere, among us British, it is said that the Baron Skeleton is a real gentleman , there is an even more strange remark.Laurent seemed cbd gummies canabbinol reluctant to say it, he hesitated and said Many British people believe that even if Germany is defeated, the skeleton baron should not be judged.To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and thirty four.assault assault On July 5, 9, the fifth German offensive began The German High Command plans to concentrate the forces of the 1st Army Group in the Marne River area, namely the 1st, 7th, and 7th Army Groups, a total of 4 divisions, 65 artillery pieces, and 400 aircraft.The team s defense line, and then develop an attack on Paris to win .

how do cbd gummies help you sleep?

the war.The French 4th, 5th, and 6th armies consisted of 6 divisions and 00 artillery pieces in a deep echelon configuration to organize defenses and prepare to switch to counterattacks in due course.At 00 00 on July 5th, the French army took by surprise the German army that was about to launch a fierce artillery counter preparation.How does the 30th Infantry Division think about it It s just a trivial victory.Ah, you look down on the US Army, don t you You misunderstood me.Wang Weiyi shook his head I won t look down on anyone A nation s army, but such a victory for the Skeleton Commandos is indeed a victory that does not deserve a special write up An officer, but he didn t give him the most authentic and cruel battlefield survival rules You mean the battlefield survival rules Wang Weiyi nodded Bleeding, death, how to survive on the battlefield.Beasley quickly wrote it down General Smith said that he will put you in a prisoner of war camp.What do you think of this matter Wang Weiyi Smiled Is it really a very happy thing The winners stand in front of the losers to show off their victories I once told my subordinates a Chinese saying, once you succeed, you will die.That is the battle flag that never hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed falls two hundred and fifty four.Please leave October 31, 191 alive.It was the last day before the Rambler Wang Weiyi left this era.After defeating the all out attack of the allied forces, the enemy did not attack any more for a whole day.At this time, the Skeleton Commando has really reached the point where it has run out of ammunition and food.All their bullets went empty, all their grenades were thrown.But what does it matter They still have bayonets, and sapper shovels They can still fight Before the enemy s next attack came, they would all die here, but that was nothing.At least, they have left a legend undefeated Even if they all die here, they are still an undefeated skeleton commando Everyone will remember them, Germans, Americans, Brits, French Satisfied Guo Yunfeng was lying in Wang Weiyi s arms, with blood flowing from his body.But it s still a matter of time One day can t solve everything.Battalion Commander Wang.How much time do you need When Huang Xibei asked this question, he had already made a decision.Judging from their equipment, the people brought by Battalion Commander Wang should be absolutely elite troops, and they will definitely not lose their strength too quickly in the war of attrition.Then let this task be handed over to the relatively weak security team Twelve hours Wang Weiyi looked at the time It is now three o clock in the morning on the 8th.I predict that the Japanese army cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment will attack early in the morning.From now on, I need you to persist until 3 o clock this afternoon.Huang Xibei smiled I don t know if I can do it, but I will try my best.But Battalion Commander Wang.Can you give me a batch of weapons and ammunition Come here and dispatch the weapons Captain Huang needs to give them Wang Weiyi said and glanced at Huang Xibei Captain Huang, you may We may all die in battle.In addition to Wang Weiyi, the four gods of death, within a short time, nearly a small team in Guandi Temple was completely wiped out.Whose tank Zhang Sandao asked curiously.Don t worry about it.Don t worry about it Guo Yunfeng said in time San Dao, Lao Ling, go there with me, and leave this place to the major The attacks at night have not stopped, and Kazushin Sugimoto, who was upset, managed to wait until morning.But there was a shocking news During the night, the Japanese army launched attacks in many places, and a large number of Japanese soldiers were killed or missing in the attacks.And the most frightening thing is that all the teams in Guandi Temple were killed, and the poison gas stored there disappeared Sugimoto Kazushin smiled wryly.Entering Xiguan this time may be the stupidest thing I have ever done.Sir, do you have any family Fu Yu suddenly asked excitedly.Guo Yunfeng shook his head.But then nodded again Edifier and Elena are his family members Enemy, enemy Suddenly, someone shouted loudly.Don t mess up Don t mess around, find a place to hide Guo Yunfeng grabbed Fu Yu while commanding, and rushed into a small forest nearby.Two Japanese fighter planes appeared in the sky, and they rushed towards here viciously Right here At that moment, two American made Hawk destroyers suddenly appeared in the sky That is the Chinese Air Force The soldiers on the ground suddenly burst into thunderous cheers.On the Shanghai battlefield, when the Air Force suffered serious losses, , The Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield, but now, they reappeared Chinese Air Force Hawk appeared in the sky, and then, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the Japanese aircraft Air battle broke out here A series of A string of bullets cbd gummies ebay flitted across the air.A large number of Japanese troops have been ambushing here for the whole night, cold, hungry, thirsty, and tired, and they have been attacked irresistibly.If it weren t for the strict discipline of the Japanese army, I m afraid these people would have already buried their heads in sleep.It seems that your Excellency, the captain, made a mistake in his judgment.Those Chinese didn t want to attack at all.The team members got up yawning in twos and threes.Last night, they regained all their energy.After finding some food to fill his stomach, Fan Guangzhong stretched comfortably Tuan Zuo, what are we doing now Are you rude Wang Weiyi suddenly smiled and said, Now is the time when they are the most tired, I think I should go and say hello to them.The team members who had rested for the whole night became excited.Lu Mingzhai sighed, Yuan Wang smiled bitterly and said Yes, later Lu Deshan and Yuan Song bribed the man himself with the military salary, paid homage cbd gummies ebay to the old man, became a member of the Green Gang, and all the more than twenty brothers also belonged to them.These soldiers were able to fight very well in the first place, they were fierce and they never left anyone alive, and they gradually gained a reputation in Shanghai Beach, even Boss Du was very polite when he saw them He suddenly shouted Said Manager Wang, you are right, my eldest brother is Lu Deshan, and I am Yuan Song I changed my name to Yuan Wang to tell everyone that we were wronged It s not that we don t want to fight, but that the person who only knows how to accompany the opera singers doesn t want to fight Forget it Lu Deshan interrupted him Manager Wang, I have nothing to hide now.Hitler gradually calmed down at this time, Yes, I was a little impulsive We have to find out if that person is Ernst now.Rommel thought for a while We have many advisers in the country.Go check it out.Guderian seemed a little worried Shanghai has been controlled by the Japanese, will the general be in danger there only hope Go and tell those Japanese monkeys to temporarily suspend their attack Hitler no longer hesitated Tell them that Germany is very dissatisfied with what happened in the Far East, yes, it is very dissatisfied that Germany considers mediating the war between the two countries, on this basis In fact, Japan must stop its offensive for three months.Three months should be enough.Manstein exhaled According to the telegram sent back by Steck, several national defense fortifications in China are very well constructed.Instead, he was silently following the arrangements of the officers.Do what they can.Many qualified ones were recruited into the army.Although they have never held a gun before, these students can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie are young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which is their greatest specialty.They will integrate into the army in the shortest time.This is what Wang Weiyi likes to see.They can comprehend their own combat thinking in a shorter time and understand what is the greatest victory at the lowest cost.It is really strange that when most of the military officers know how to fight, they may be able to leave the base.Now it is very strange that there are very few orders given to the Walkers , and Wang Weiyi basically completes them by himself.And the progress of the base s self reform and upgrade is also rising very fast.Because of the protection of Hongji Shantang, the Japanese did not dare to trouble them.One thing is one thing Now Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai are developing in the French Concession Quite well, with French, British, American and even the Japanese themselves.Made a lot of friends.Tang Weihong often asks them about Wang Weiyi s whereabouts.It seems that this girl has some interest in Wang Weiyi It s not difficult to get weapons and ammunition, but how to transport them is difficult, but now we have initially explored some methods.Qiao Zhihe changed the subject when he said this Colonel, do you know a man named Sugawara People from Naomasa Naomasa Sugawara This is the first time Wang Weiyi has heard this name.He nodded I know it, what s the matter I heard that Naomasa Sugawara fell into the hands of a man named Wang Weiyi, and I guessed that there is no one other than you, Wang Weiyi.When the news came out, the whole army was shocked Now, all Chinese officers and soldiers have only two choices either die in the position, or die under the guns of the law enforcement team There will be no third option anymore Let s fight, let s fight with clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies ebay our lives In Changshu, the squadron also faced a strong challenge in front of Xiao Zhichu s 26th Army was the Sixth Division of the clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies ebay R Army s Strong Brigade in front of Wang Weiyi s Huben Guard Brigade was the Japanese No.The 13th Division and the Ueno Detachment Lieutenant General Dizhou Libing, head of the 13th Division, who had suffered great humiliation, appeared on the front line in person.This time, he must not fail again Matsui Iwane gave him the strongest support.A large number of aircraft and artillery bombarded the squadron s position endlessly, with an intensity exceeding any previous one.The 609 tank commanded by Wang Weiyi has already destroyed three T34s in one go, but more T34s are still rushing towards here Finally, after losing an unknown number of tanks, the T34 rushed to the In front of the German tanks, the two sides used tank guns to shoot each other almost close to each other, and the fragments of the artillery would even collapse to the front of their own tanks.Such a tragic scene has never happened before The battle has entered a fierce stage.At the most intense time, the tank members of both sides even abandoned their tanks and fired at each other with light weapons, starting a hand to hand fight with each other.It s hard to imagine Wang Weiyi s 309 tank was also surrounded by two T34s.In such a short distance, the artillery of both sides could not fire at all.They continued to launch attacks again and again, and continued to send supplies to them tenaciously.I even heard that the amount of the party Once the guard troops entered the encirclement, they immediately joined the Ernst battle group.Zhukov sighed This man s personal charm is too great.I have heard more than once that all Germans are willing to die for him, and all German soldiers are willing to fight for him.Comrade Chief of Staff, he has several times Do you know why I know, Vasilevsky said in a daze, the slogan has already begun to spread in the German army in Demyansk, and the skeleton baron will never give up the last one.German soldiers Never give up on the last German soldier Zhukov murmured He is willing to die for his soldiers, and his soldiers cbd gummies ebay are willing to die for him.Supplement, but none of them have combat experience, cbd gummies ebay and the German soldiers in the Demyansk encirclement are all veterans who have experienced many battles.A director made a film sympathetic to the Jews, and he lost his job.Wang Weiyi silently thought, this is the real situation in Europe, including the United States.Ah, Your Excellency the Baron, I remembered this now.Elliot suddenly smiled and said, The fifth part of the Baron film series is already being filmed.The news of your appearance once again set off a whirlwind of the Baron in the United States., some Americans are fanatical because of your reappearance.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, maybe this is also the capital he can use.But how to make full use of these capitals At this time, Videlio walked in Your Excellency the Baron, all your friends are here.Four hundred and twenty.Friends about the war Baron Alexon are here.What surprised Wang Weiyi the most was that Nicholas also came.Adolf Hitler, the head of state of the empire, never had any affection for Nicholas.God, how on earth did the amazing Baron Alexon do it How dare he enter Moscow to save people Although General Paulus and General Kleist had long admired the name of the Baron Skeleton, they were not very familiar with the Baron, cbd gummies ebay but they had heard some stories.For example, there is no place in the world that he is afraid to go, and there is no thing that he cannot do.If the baron wants, he can go to London and bring the diamond in the crown of the British king back to Berlin There are too many legends about him, and now it seems that all of them are completely true He disappeared for a total of three and a half days, and then he drove back to his own position in a car and brought back the Kolkorok family.How on earth did the Baron do it This made all the generals in cbd gummies ebay Germany feel crazy They hope that the war will not stop all day long, so that the baron can command the battle quietly, otherwise, God knows what the baron will do if he has a moment of free time.They waved the slogans in their hands and shouted the slogan of shorten working hours, reduce work pay.procession Hell, at this time the dock workers actually came to parade Recently, there have been many parades like this in the United States, especially in New York, where one can happen every few days.It is nothing more than the conflict between workers and capitalists, which is not a big deal, and problems are often resolved through negotiations.But at this time they appeared at the wrong time The security at the pier and several policemen began to maintain order at the scene, but for some reason, the marchers clashed with a policeman.become confused.Those two cars also stopped moving Daizenbei was very anxious, but he couldn t do anything Damn America, if such a thing happened in Japan, it would definitely be Severely suppressed On his left are Lin Chuanzheng and Yamamoto Taro hiding behind a row of cargo boxes.However, as a veteran, he gradually discovered why cbd gummies ebay those Germans were always invincible.In the case of an absolute advantage, they still did not charge blindly.Shells and machine guns continue to consolidate their superiority, and the Germans regard life as very important They are not afraid of bloodshed, they just don t want fearless sacrifice.And once they need to can i mail cbd gummies to fl bleed, they will not hesitate at all.On this point, Marshal Gleluman was convinced.A bullet passed through Lieutenant General Higru s head, and Lieutenant General died without much pain.The blood of comrades in arms is flowing by my side, and the corpses of comrades in arms are cbd gummies for sleep reddit beside me.Marshal Gleluman was surprised to find that he didn t feel any pain at all.Because I will follow him soon At this time, as the defensive force of the Turkish army approached the point of collapse, the German army finally began to attack.General royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie Casadis, I now appoint you as the commander in chief of all armed forces in Ankara Mr.President, I will defend your safety with my life Cassadis replied HCMUSSH cbd gummies ebay loudly without hesitation The cloud of war has shrouded Ankara in advance before the arrival of the German army Are you ready Yes, Baron, we are ready Klingenberg is ready to attack, Battlegroup Myristel is ready to attack Very well, I will personally lead you in the fight to drag Inonu from his presidential office.Wang Weiyi shook the submachine gun in his hand and said relaxedly.Baron, I personally suggest that you stay here Klingenberg said cautiously.Aha, Mr.Klingenberg, could it be Do you think I can t fight anymore Wang Weiyi smiled and said Come on, let s see our team members go.All the German commandos were ready to attack, and when they saw Baron Ernst appearing in front of them, every team member raised their hands high Hey Ernst My soldiers Wang Weiyi was extremely satisfied with the mental outlook of the commandos Today, some changes will take place in Ankara, and we will be the ones who end all this.The German soldiers who entered Ankara saw this huge battle flag.All raised their right hands high, and the loudest cheers erupted.Hooray Ernst Long live Germany Subsequently, the German Imperial Division, Adolf Hitler Guards Banner Division, and the Wehrmacht entered Ankara in large numbers.Take complete control of the city.On August 7, 1942, the commander in chief of the German Balkan Legion , the German SS and the Honorary Grand Marshal of the Wehrmacht, Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm announced in Ankara The Turkish War is over Although there are still some sporadic resistances, that is no longer important.The main force of the Turkish army has been buried here.The British are gone.The Russians are gone They are not reconciled to what happened in Turkey, but they have no better way to drive out the Germans for the time being.The big counter offensive is kicking off, but at this time, a piece of news that Montgomery doesn t want to hear comes Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm has arrived in Africa and replaced Kesselring The post of Marshal commanded all German and Italian armies in Africa.It was a cbd gummies ebay name that frightened Montgomery.And this fear came from deep in his heart.It was still during the First World War.At that time, Montgomery was just a second lieutenant.He was ordered to hunt down two Germans with Lieutenant Conker.And one of those two Germans was the Skeleton Baron who later shocked the world.A company of British troops, instead of capturing the two Germans, suffered countless casualties at their hands.Even Montgomery was seriously injured.If it weren t for the timely rescue, there would have been no General Montgomery by now.What he needs is a layer of protection.Now that he recognizes King Farouk I, what does it matter if he loses a georgia hemp cbd gummies pocket watch Even Wang Weiyi, a Maserati sports car, has already been sent out.At the dinner, Wang Weiyi met Queen Farouk I s wife, Queen Farida.When he saw this noble queen, these words immediately popped up in Wang Weiyi s mind Cleopatra.Yes, Cleopatra No matter in which aspect, appearance or figure, Farida looks like a famous person in history, but no one knows what kind of Cleopatra she looks like.Although no one knows what Cleopatra looked like, Farida gave people can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie cbd gummies in checked baggage cbd gummies ebay the first impression Farouk I didn t seem to notice that his wife was the most beautiful person in the banquet One of them, as if the king had nothing to do with his wife.He showed off his knowledge to his ministers and guests, what he had seen and heard in the UK, and boasted about how many sexual relationships he had in the UK The ministers were very embarrassed, but the law Queen Rida seemed to have gotten used to her husband s attitude, she just lowered her head and tasted the food silently, and occasionally raised her head, but always found the Baron Andrew from England watching her, He blushed, and quickly lowered his head, but after a while, he couldn t help raising his head This damn does cbd gummies cause constipation baron is really too bold.As for their radio reconnaissance Listen, it s simply not popular.Erwin Rommel is cbd gummies ebay a pure soldier, and he himself can t do anything about it, and the intelligence work of the African Legion was completely paralyzed after Colonel Fels was exposed.But with With the arrival of Baron Alexon and the successful rescue of Colonel Firth, all this will change soon The rescue of Colonel Firth has caused chaos among the British.Everyone knows the importance of Colonel Firth.Not only the British, but also Americans have become a little flustered.Colonel Firth is equally important to the United States.What makes people confused is that those Where did the Germans come from, and where did they get their weapons and explosives According to cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment what Lieutenant Colonel Lewis said, the enemy used a large number of submachine guns and machine guns, and the explosives were also quite powerful, completely killing the British army.Yes, you are Colonel Tamusta asked suspiciously.Ernst Brehm, some people call me Baron Alexon.Baron Skeleton Tamusta gasped, he couldn t believe it anyway, the person standing in front of him was Fantastic Baron Skeleton.No, no, it s not possible.The Skull Baron is the Grand Marshal of Germany.How could he appear in Cairo alone in a tank The fortifications here are not strong enough Arrange one more machine gun here Wang Weiyi ignored Colonel Tamusta s surprise at all, but seemed to take over the command directly.Hey.listen.Colonel Tamusta said hastily I don t care if you are the real Baron Skull, but mutiny is mutiny, and we have no intention of cooperating with the Germans Now, you can t make a choice.Wang Weiyi looked at him coldly, and then saw more and more Egyptian mutiny soldiers surrounding him, he said Egypt is being oppressed, and you are ruthlessly deprived of everything that belongs to you by the British.Mo Guangzhi s order came at once.Except for Liu Yishan, the rest of the police rushed down the stairs with live ammunition, and Hou Dalei ran to the consul s office at the right time.The door is locked.But for Hou Dalei, this is not a problem at all.He took out a special wire from his pocket, inserted it into the keyhole, and twisted lightly for more than ten seconds, the door opened gently.Hou Dalei dodged in, his thief s eyes turned around and he spotted the safe, and he ran over on tiptoebut Hou Dalei didn t press the password immediately.Instead, he turned back and tiptoed towards the desk, his eyes fixed on the lamp on the desk.Remember to turn on the desk lamp before unlocking the combination lock Thinking of Mo Guangzhi s repeated instructions, cbd gummies ebay Hou Dalei carefully pressed the desk lamp switch.Perhaps, this is a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder When Wang Weiyi s own future is still uncertain, he has already made an idea of how to assassinate Tsukada Gong just like what Xiaoling said , This person is really a lunatic Sakagaki Seishiro and Tsukada Kou asked about the situation of Wild on the way from the United States to Japan, but did not continue to ask about the core secrets.They told Wilder that he would fly to Japan tomorrow on a special plane Wang Weiyi tried his best to pretend that he was moved to finally return to his hometown , and his excellent praise did move several senior Japanese military officers.The banquet began, and it was very richly prepared, and there were even Japanese geisha.This is not only to welcome Wilder , but also to welcome the Shanghai occupation army to welcome General Seishiro Sakagaki and Lieutenant General Tsukada Attack.The raw materials needed to make these bombs can be bought in drugstores, Ackerman explained Potassium chloride is usually used to kill slugs, and potassium nitrate is used as a fertilizer.Potassium permanganate is used for mouthwash Iron oxide dyes the floors, and aluminum oxide as a silvery white dye.Chapman was in class late every day.After dinner, Ackerman would pull up a chair by the fireplace and continue tutoring Chapman.Sometimes Pretorias helps Chapman translate technical terms.Three days later, Ackerman seemed more satisfied, and Chapman was dying of exhaustion Back at the Wollaston Centre, Chapman was warmly welcomed by von Groening.He prepared a quiz for Chapman.Colonel Mayer was their friend.Responsible for the security of cbd gummies ebay local factories, including those that manufacture locomotives royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie in the Batignole region.The two Russian soldiers who had been standing in position waiting for the Germans were blown to pieces, their body parts and sandbags scattered everywhere, and their foxhole was now an open crater.Gunshots were heard in the distance, followed by shots from other directions.Some Russian soldiers must have been covering the retreating troops.Commando squad moves carefully through the city.Heisenberg saw terrified women hiding in a large house with broken windows.Heisenberg could not stare at them, their heads were hooded, and many were crying.They didn t speak to the German soldiers, and they seemed to think they could be shot at any moment.Similar scenarios are everywhere In the streets, women hold dead men or children an elderly man wraps his wife s badly injured leg two elderly women help another woman who has lost a foot.On the other hand, he also re established public confidence in the royal family by using the same name as his father.Two years later, when the Second World War broke out, the royal family, whose reputation was very low at that time, hoped to be a role model to lead the country to victory, and they were indeed an important factor in maintaining the fighting spirit of the British people in World War II.Now, the king, who suffers from severe stuttering, looked at his daughter Elizabeth with loving eyes He agreed Yes, father, he agreed.Elizabeth nodded And what do you imagine As before, he made some demands in order to show to everyone that Germany and Britain are easing the tension of the war.When she said this, Elizabeth looked with reverence.King George VI smiled slightly Yes, as I expected.Even Colonel Menzies learned about Baron Alexon s secret mission later Colonel Menzies slowly raised his head What about you.Major Rogermin, why were you chosen to be in charge of protecting Ernst Brahm Is it because you have a lot of experience, or do you have colorado springs cbd gummies any special talents I have no idea.Major Roger Min replied honestly I have not joined MI6 for a long time.Experience in this area, even if I myself think that I am lacking.When cbd gummies ebay I received this assignment, there were still cbd gummies ebay some cbd gummies ebay who couldn t believe it.You know, I haven t even protected anyone before.During this escort, I carefully considered my own mistakes.I should have arranged a few more cars, so that the assassins would not know which one was the real Baron Alexon No, it has nothing to do with you.Colonel Menzies smiled If there is really a ghost among us.Never offend the Skeleton Baron In fact, up to now, Wang Weiyi has been able to give up his plan to rescue Avrona, but he is not willing to stop there.He must take Avrona out of Moscow and bring her to Lindero Let him know that there are some people who should never be teased Sidney Reilly brought information about the Third Arms Factory.After a fruitless night of waiting, the Russians Avrona was locked up and no one was allowed to approach.As for the command of the arrest operation last night, it was Wang Weiyi s old friend Hodwig.When he heard this name, Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing Hodwich.Hodwich, how are you doing these days Do you know that the Skeleton Baron has come to Moscow again He believes that Hodwich will be very happy when he hears the news of his return contradictory I need someone to sneak into the third military factory.We are just invincible of In Flornes, the Germans were invincible Guo Yunfeng is also deeply aware of this He is not particularly interested in the honor of Germany s only foreign general, he is only full of enthusiasm for the battlefield.His battle group is undoubtedly the best performing one since the outbreak of the Battle of Fronis.Just like Baron Alexon, Guo Yunfeng also didn t know what danger was.From the beginning of the Battle of Fronis to the present, his battle group wiped out about five to six Soviet troops, especially after entering the city, Guo Yunfeng s battle group became more and more active.The support provided to him by the Ziguang military base is also so timely Where there are Soviet sniper troops, where the infantry cannot break through, tanks must be called for support, and the Ziguang military base can always report at the first time To Guo Yunfeng.Oh, what did Comrade Stalin say Marshal Vasilevsky asked with a blank face.From now on, the Caucasus just cbd gummy cherries Front Army will be officially renamed the Stalingrad Front Army, and you will be responsible for commanding all participating troops.Speaking of this, Khrushchev paused At the same time, the Supreme Military Council of the Soviet Union also issued Operation No.227.Order, all soldiers who disobey the order and leave the combat position or retreat will be shot, and strictly demand that the Soviet Red Army troops never take a step back Understood.Marshal Vasilevsky sighed softly Said Comrade Khrushchev, I just got news from Fronis that the 57th Army Group has failed, and Comrade Demilov, the commander of the Army Group, is missing Khrushchev gasped, and it took just over a day for Fronis to fall Although in the previous continuous fighting, from Demyansk to Kharkov, the strength of the 57th Army Suffering constant blows, the troops were almost entirely composed of new recruits and lacked combat effectiveness, but it was unimaginable to lose Fronis in one day.This time, Baron Alexon personally led the German soldiers to launch the assault Roaring tanks represent the determination of can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie cbd gummies in checked baggage the German army to move forward shouting soldiers represent the confidence of the German army in deciding to win any victory Now, the big assault begins Vasilevsky s guess was not wrong at all, although the Soviet army unexpectedly completed a siege.But Baron Alexon had no intention of giving up at all.Instead, he took the toughest countermeasures Attack against attack Smash the enemy s encirclement with a surprise attack This is also the situation that Vasilevsky is most worried about but.He had done what he was supposed to do.Next, we had to look at the performance of the Soviet army on the battlefield.Such as Stalav and his 81st Panzer Corps.Although Starlav cbd gummy for quitting smoking was willing to die for his country, the strength of the German army on the opposite side was completely beyond his imagination.Aha, Grenade, give me the grenade Cover me That s all Marshal style.Damn it, Marshal Ernst is Fight the enemy yourself Ike roared loudly Even if the marshal scratches the skin, the head of state will throw us all into the concentration camp Damn it, what are you waiting for Myristel, lead your battle The group goes to the marshal immediately Turning around, Myristel, who had been waiting for General Ike s words, had already run away.Grenade, give me a grenade Cover me Until now, General Ike still couldn t believe that Marshal Ernst actually had a direct exchange of fire with the enemy.God, don cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment t let anything happen to the marshal.Otherwise, there is no way to directly explain to the head of state.No, not just the F hrer, even Marshal Manstein, General Guderian, and General Model will shoot themselves directly What a troublesome baron Hey, Marshal, we succeeded Wittmann jumped out of the tank and looked at the corpses on the ground excitedly I can t believe royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie it, we rely on two tanks and a group of The engineers took back position f Wang Weiyi had probably become accustomed to such scenes Only this number of troops is enough, besides, I don t have any more troops.In addition to his 171st Infantry Division and Workers Brigade, there are also a large number of defeated soldiers who retreated from the Terek River and joined the guards of the port.Major Lyonkov no, Lieutenant Colonel Lyonkov now, one of them.Liaokov, who was said to have been extremely heroic on the battlefield, even when he was surrounded, still struggled to command the troops to break through, was quickly promoted to lieutenant colonel, and was not held accountable for the failure of the Terek River.It is said that during the first breakout, Liaokov charged with the slogan For Comrade Stalin, for Comrade Marshal Voroshilov , and in the second breakout, he shouted For Dear Comrade Stalin, for the great Soviet charge This also quickly attracted the attention of the Political Department after he led the troops to successfully break through.When he heard Stalin s criticism of Vasilevsky, Zhukov immediately said unceremoniously Comrade Stalin, although Comrade Vasilevsky made some mistakes on the battlefield, I think the main responsibility lies with us.He successfully completed the siege of the German army on the Terek River, but you appointed Voroshilov as the commander in chief of the front line.We all know that although Voroshilov fought bravely, he did not command much The ability of an army of 100,000.He did nothing except sacrifice the lives of soldiers for no reason.He is the one who should bear the main responsibility Stalin s face was livid, and what Zhukov said had already been said You are welcome The appointment of Voroshilov as the commander in chief of the former enemy was appointed by Stalin himself.At that time, Zhukov firmly opposed the appointment, but Stalin firmly rejected Zhukov s HCMUSSH cbd gummies ebay opinion.Under the cover of the infantry, under the cover of the enemy s fierce artillery fire, they forcibly charged towards the anti tank trenches.Some of them were destroyed, but this did not hinder the determination of other tanks to win.The soldiers in these tanks know what to do and how to do it.Everything they do here will be forever remembered in the history of Germany.They with the Baron The war is going on fiercely, all the forces that can be mobilized have been mobilized, and the two sides no longer have any reservations.If you can no longer inscribe your HCMUSSH cbd gummies ebay name in history at a time like this, then you will never have another chance.This time, it will be the most glorious battle Dead or alive A great scene has begun During the battle on July 9th, the two sides invested more than 500,000 troops, tens of thousands of artillery roared non stop, and countless aircraft fought in the sky.This is a bit surprising, but in fact, if you think about it carefully, it is not impossible.When an army and a country are completely desperate, no matter what they do Things are no longer surprising.Vasilevsky finally fulfilled his wish, and he once again saw the skeleton baron with his own eyes Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm Their first time We met many, many years ago.At that time, Vasilevsky was still young, but now, the traces of the years have been deeply engraved on his face.The skeleton baron sitting opposite him is still Still so young, it seems that the years have simply forgotten the existence of this person.I don t know how you did it Vasilevsky said with a pun, Some people say that you got Favored by Death, whose shelter keeps you from growing old and from failing.I would love to have confirmation of this legend from your own lips.And now, Gaius seems to have seen a new Crassus He settled down Ernst, you haven t made your real request yet.Ah, yes.Wang Weiyi After thinking about it, I think.After you have won this victory, you will definitely report the battle here to Caesar, right For Caesar, my heart is full of admiration.If possible, I would like to follow you to see Caesar with my own eyes.The name Caesar seemed to be a little irritating to Gaius, his face darkened unknown, and then he said Okay, my friend, I will fully satisfy your request At this time the slaughter had stopped, and Gaius glanced at the bloody battlefield Come on, my friend, we clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies ebay can see Caesar tonight.Judging from Gaius s reaction, it seems that there is some problem between him and Caesar.But Wang Weiyi didn t ask along the way.In the Roman Republic, there are many dirty things, such as Caesar, and his support is everywhere There are also opponents everywhere.Here are the Romans on guard.No one survived the attack of Wang Weiyi, Richthofen, Thebius and those Germanians.Si Knife, we ve settled it here, move closer immediately.Wang Weiyi whispered while the battle was over.Master Ernst, kill them all.Where is Anluges You said there is a way to let him know.Till now, Tibius still doesn t believe that Ernst has a way to contact Anluges Come on, they re almost here.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.After he and Richthofen changed into their armor, a large crowd appeared in the night.Yes.Thebius was sure that he was not mistaken, that it was really Anrugus and his warriors.Look from behind them.The entire Germanian tribe was mobilized.This is Germania, and in the event of war, all men, women, and children are warriors Wang Weiyi even saw Leoni, Butler Depusey, and Butler Videlio Hey, why are you here Wang Weiyi asked curiously.Dear Ernst, all of them have been dispatched.I think we will be in danger if we don t follow them.Leonie smiled.Even though the place is full of dangers now, she doesn t feel afraid at all.Her only purpose is to be with the man she loves.It s too barbaric, it s really too barbaric, a baroness, to come to such a dangerous place.Obviously, Butler Depusey was very dissatisfied with all this.Look, Butler Depusey is royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie actually scared too.Butler Videlio would never give up any opportunity to sarcasm the other party.Wang Weiyi smiled and cbd gummies ebay shook his head.At this time, Guo Yunfeng came over and royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie threw a mask to him and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi looked at it, and found that his own was a skull mask, which was made very ferociously, and his sudden appearance at night could give the other party a strong cbd gummies ebay shock.Although the barbarians have narrowed the gap in numbers, they are still a group without Just ordinary people with any training Caesar nodded.Then he turned his attention to Gaius Gayus, in several battles, your legion has not been challenged by the barbarians.But I know that among all my legions, your soldiers are Tell me the one with the most combat effectiveness.How should we win Gaius s heart beat wildly for a while.Caesar s words seem to be accusing himself of something there.He calmed down his emotions Dear Consul, you appointed Deputy Consul Kaleini as the commander in chief on the battlefield.My legion has been in charge of covering the flanks, so it was ignored by the barbarians.I and My soldiers are eager to join the battle and bring glory to Rome He cleverly shifted all the responsibility to Caesar, leaving Caesar speechless.Say it, I am very interested.Master Centumalus does not seem to be assisted by Lord Caesar, and there seems to be some conflict between the two.Contradictions, so until now Master Centumarus is still stranded in Gaul.Wang Weiyi s words made Gnaus s eyebrows twitch, but he did not show any special expression Oh, I think probably It s the same, my poor cousin.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything.Seven hundred fifty seven.For a moment, Wang Weiyi understood everything.Gnaus and Centumarus are cousins, and they also came from nobles, and they look down on Caesar, who was born as a commoner.But what makes them a headache is that if they want to make a difference in the newly established Germania province, they absolutely cannot do without the help of Caesar.Every move of Caesar will have a great impact on them.Spulius has become so famous in Rome recently that everyone wants to invite him to their home, but few people can succeed.However, this time he accepted his invitation, which is a great honor for Anthony.The banquet was prepared very early, and Anthony decided to let Spurius spend an unforgettable night.At the same time, he also invited many guests.He must let everyone see that he invited the richest person in Rome Those beautiful female slaves.All the guests were called out by Anthony, no matter who they liked, regardless of the occasion and location.No matter how many people are around, you can immediately have intercourse with female slaves here.This is the way of life in Rome.Therefore, in Anthony s banquet hall, you can see a pair of men and women doing this unsightly exercise, while the people around them turn a blind eye to it, which is quite normal for them.Caesar still doesn t know that Gaius has actually betrayed him, cbd gummies ebay cbn and cbd gummies and everything he does is for himself Gaius is also thinking about what he should do.Negotiating with barbarians is actually just negotiating with Ernst Brahm, without any danger.But what next.How should I do it myself Gaius was unable to answer himself for the time being.Maybe Ernst Brahm will have a proper arrangement Then, when Gaius is negotiating with the barbarians, prepare all the legions Caesar s voice sounded in everyone s ears Let those in Rome know what will happen if you betray us Terrible punishment Caesar has made his final decision, and he firmly believes that victory will belong to him He asked most of his generals to prepare, leaving only his most trusted Kalini and Anthony, and then asked lightly What do you think Anthony and Kalini glanced at each other, who I don t know how to answer.After Germany s defeat in World War I, William II went into exile in the Netherlands, but he left in a hurry, and a large amount of treasure that originally belonged to cbd gummies ebay the German royal family was forced to stay in Germany.Jonson and Daveyne paid great attention to one sentence, and they listened to Wang Weiyi s words without daring to say a word Treasures, gentlemen, truly belong to the royal family s treasures.William II did not intend to open the treasure, but only told Queen Wilhelmina the specific location and location.Gentlemen, I think you can probably guess that with the strength of the Netherlands, there is absolutely no way to enter Germany to dig out this wealth, so this can only be passed down as a secret Agent Davien took a deep breath Could it be that you came here for these treasures Of course, otherwise, why would I come to Germany Is it to help the Allies fight Wang Weiyi said easily The situation is completely different now, and Germany is about to be defeated.They continued to fight back with cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment fierce firepower, and they refused to show weakness in the slightest.This is a well trained bunch of guys But at this time, Colonel Kevic was not too worried.The surroundings were like iron cylinders, and there was no possibility of escaping at all.And the enemy s bullets will run out soon Major, there was a fierce exchange of fire at Goethe University.In Colonel Scherer s report, Wang Weiyi smiled Boys, it s time for us to go home He reported the information on the Russian hiding place to Colonel Kevic, and even got a thank you from Colonel Kevic.Perhaps Colonel Kevic will be very frustrated when he knows the whole truth in the future.The best chance to kill the Skeleton Baron has been placed in HCMUSSH cbd gummies ebay front of him.The convoy started off without haste.A large number of American soldiers and military police were mobilizing on the streets of Frankfurt, and everyone s attention was focused on Goethe University.Ah, don t forget to shoot those Russians for me.I will, Major.The lieutenant colonel witnessed the major getting into the car and leaving from his eyes.He couldn t help feeling a little bit emotional.What a polite French major.Wang Weiyi and his convoy left Frankfurt in this way.Americans and Russians A brutal battle was going on at Goethe University, but none of them thought that their common enemy had escaped from danger happily with flapping wings At Goethe University, the US military gradually took control of the situation.However, the price they paid was quite heavy.More than 50 American soldiers fell on the road to attack.Even the tracked armored vehicle was destroyed by the opponent s intensive firepower.Similarly, the militants hiding in the building were not having a cbd gummies for heart health good time, their firepower was obviously weakened, and they also suffered a lot of casualties.Flames ignited on the ground.This is the fire that made the German soldiers most comfortable after the outbreak of the Battle of Berlin The Canadians who fled in a hurry dropped weapons royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie and ammunition all over the floor, just like what their commander, Colonel Winnery, had done before.Not many were killed, but such a defeat would further shatter the morale of the Canadians, who were already demoralized.It is also in this sense.Colonel Winnery probably made a wrong choice.The Nordland Fighting Regiment defeated the 1st Canadian Rangers with little effort.In addition to seizing a large number of weapons and ammunition.More than a hundred Canadian soldiers were also killed and dozens of soldiers were captured.Cheers came from the battlefield The German soldiers have never cheered so heartily since the cbd gummies ebay Battle of Berlin broke out The counter offensive the first counter offensive went like this smoothly.At this time, the child was holding a wooden stick tightly in his hand, and looked at Wang Weiyi with incomparable hatred, as if he would jump up to eat people anytime and anywhere.As soon as the previous assailant was free from the restraints, he immediately took the stick from the child and tried to pounce on it, but then his body froze there.The muzzle of a pistol was staring at him Put down your weapon.Wang Weiyi said coldly.The attacker hesitated, and finally put down the weapon in his hand Don t hurt him, I forced him to do it in pure German.Wang Weiyi smiled Yes, you did it all.Then.He made the assailant put down the weapon in his hand in surprise Look, I don t have anything now.Let s talk calmly, shall we The assailant had no idea what the American military officer was doing.What s your name When asked by the U.Baron, I always feel in my heart that the F hrer is not dead.Wang Weiyi also felt the same way, but if this is the case, where is Hitler now Is it also at the Konstan base If this is the case, why did he make things so complicated The mysteries one by one are in Wang Weiyi s heart rose, but he still couldn t find the answer for the time being.Baron, it s all right now, you are back, and everything is hopeful again.Fels looked very excited at this time We will regain victory, and we will regain the glory of Germany Wang Weiyi said firmly word by word Yes, we will restore the glory of Germany Eight hundred and twenty one.Alexon Manor Yes, I will lead Deutschland to seek the lost glory again Wang Weiyi s tone was so firm Moreover, I will also go back to Berlin to find out what happened what is purekana cbd gummies good for there, and I will solve all the mysteries with my own hands.Although Sergeant Bob didn t like war, he was a dedicated man.He said loudly Stop, Captain, where are you going Reinforcement.The captain did not stop.Tell me, your commander s name, unit number And show your ID Staff Sergeant Bob asked routinely.Moyol, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, the German Nordland Combat Regiment When this voice of astonishment came, the weapons in the hands of the group of American soldiers spit out anger.The unsuspecting gendarmes were swept away in an instant, and Sergeant Bob finally reacted quickly, lying on the ground without daring cbd gummies ebay to move He heard gunshots constantly ringing in his ears, and the wailing of his companions kept coming.He really wanted to stand up and fight, but he didn t have the courage anyway.O God, O merciful God, please bless me through this dreadful calamity.Wang Weiyi repeated Generalissimo of the German army, navy and air force.Colonel Guy was completely stunned Ernst Blem God, is that the skeleton baron Thinking of this, his body began to tremble involuntarily.How is it possible , How is this possible How could I meet this man here God, if he really came back and started commanding the German army again, would the Allies still be able to win Colonel Gay This idea popped up in my heart.Indeed, every European or American has a deep rooted fear of the baron that is hard to get rid of Colonel, I regret that you were bombed, And suffered so many casualties Wang Weiyi said slowly However, I don t think we need to bear this responsibility.This is caused by the US Air Force.Colonel Gay calmed down his frightened mood and nodded silently.Yes, no one knows how this tragedy happened better than him.There is no doubt that William has used the power of the Wittgenstein family.It was a deliberate plan, but why would William do it Wang Weiyi already has a rough puzzle in his heart Oliver continued In the long run, Kroller has more and more powers.With the health problems of clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies ebay Hitler s Fuehrer, he began to gradually accept the actual daily tasks of the Fuehrer, and each one was done very well.In the end, the Fuehrer I handed over all the power to cbd gummies ebay him with confidence.He also successfully became cbd gummies ebay the new head of state of Germany.However, once he became the head of state of Germany, Kl ll quickly became unfamiliar.He backed down step by step to the demands made by the United States, which caused great dissatisfaction in Germany.However, he suddenly became extremely tough again.Instead of backing down a step, he forcibly issued a combat order to the United States when most of the generals believed that the conditions were not ripe.indeed.The path is fraught with danger, but she is proud of having a brother who does.But now there is nothing to worry about, the baron has regained power, Germany is about to get on the right track, and no one can stop Germany s revival.At least these young officers headed by Hart all maintain this view Lieutenant Hart.The division commander told you to go there immediately.When he returned to his defense zone, Hart quickly received an order from the division headquarters.Hart was taken aback.It was so unusual for a division commander to summon a lieutenant.Or did the teacher succumb to Bushman s coercion He knew that his division commander, Eredric, knew about the Young Officers Organization.But General Eredric took a tacit, even conniving attitude.It s just that all people will change in front of power or money When Hart entered the division headquarters, he had already prepared for the worst.They are preparing to attack Report to Commander Garden.33rd Infantry Division, ready to fight When Jean Doss shouted this At the time of the order, the German artillery fire had already sounded first.December 11, 1965 at 5 30 pm.Marshal Ernst Brahm used the lies of the Italians to lure the 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army to go deep, and personally commanded cbd gummies probiotic the Skeleton Commando, the Nordland Combat Regiment and the 2nd and 6th how to make cbd gummies with cbd oil Brigades of the National Army to fight back This is cbd gummies ebay the first counterattack of the German army after the start of the Unicorn combat plan, and.It was personally commanded by Marshal Ernst Brahm.German concentrators locally superior artillery fire.Taking advantage HCMUSSH cbd gummies ebay of the favorable time when the French army had penetrated too deep and a large amount of equipment and supplies could not keep up, it launched a fierce attack on the French army.The air power promised by General Garden has not yet arrived, which made Jean Doss unable to restrain himself from cursing Garden.Come later, the French and the Germans will be strangled together.How can the Air Force bomb and shoot Jean Doss was not wrong on this point At this time, General Catavasso and his Italian soldiers can breathe a sigh of relief.In order to avoid any further problems, General Catavasso actually cut off contact with the command and the French.He needs a good rest.As for what happened on the battlefield, or what was going on, it didn t really matter to him.If faced with accusations from General Garden or General Doss, Catavasso has already thought of a thousand reasons.Italians have nothing else, don t they have mouths He can use his eloquence to silence those guys.General, Doss is under attack.She dressed up as a young American celebrity.Solomon realizes that the blonde is watching him too.But as soon as the eyes of the two made contact, the other cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment party immediately avoided it.After several rounds cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment like this, the blonde finally made her move.While the man was paying the bill, she could only hear her say I m sorry, please forgive me, I met an acquaintance.Before the man could speak, she immediately got up and walked towards Solomon.Solomon stared at her slender legs as she walked across the room and walked gracefully to his table.Solomon stood up too.I m sorry, she said in standard American English this time.You re and then quickly corrected Oh, no, I m afraid I ve made a mistake.The tone was just right, embarrassing, but not artificial.I thought I d seen you sometime before.Unfortunately, we haven t met before, he replied, but do you have to go now The other party smiled and put his hands on the edge of cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies bulk the table I still have friends waiting for me.Some soldiers cursed why they participated in this damn war.This even includes some mid level officers.Because of this, they were not very active in combat, some targets that could have been easily attacked, but driven by such a mentality, fell into a stalemate.And it s even more troublesome.The cooperation between the various branches of the Russian army is not coordinated.The artillery could not give sufficient support to the infantry, and the infantry could not give the armored troops a favorable cover Complaints to each other, and even some officers in the headquarters had a fierce quarrel in front of Marshal Vartuksky The damage caused by a traitor sometimes even exceeds the strength of a division This is the first thought that popped up in Wang Weiyi s mind.Without Tassowski, he would not be able to Grasp the internal situation of the Russian army. No, you shouldn t be the first to strike.Wang Weiyi unexpectedly rejected the colonel s request, and then his eyes fell on Lieutenant General Boschek can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie cbd gummies in checked baggage Lieutenant General, I think your troops will be easily seen through by Travert Boschek frowned, and immediately understood what the marshal meant Your Excellency, I am familiar with everything about the Russian army, and my troops don t even need to pretend.I know Travert, too, he s a coward, the only thing he s got is a pretty face.I will live up to your expectations.Wang Weiyi smiled approvingly Then, General Boschek, you will act as the vanguard of the whole army.I hope that before I arrive, I will see the situation I want to see.Yes, Marshal Boschek raised his voice The war will be carried out according to your wishes, and as your cbd gummies ebay loyal subordinate, I will congratulate you in advance on another great victory you are about to achieve.When the battle was over, we found a Russian general dead bodyhis body was so badly smashed that it was impossible to recognize his original formFortunately, we found his papers, as well as those of the Russian officers who surrendered After careful identification, we determined that this corpse belonged to Lieutenant General Taborsky of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Third Army.Poor Lieutenant General, he completed his last mission on the battlefield Card Lunbu did not gloat at all.He always respected the generals who died on the battlefield.He ordered his subordinates to bury Lieutenant General Taborski Ironically, the remains of the Russian general Had to be buried by the enemy The entire 13th Armored Division has completely collapsed, cbd gummies for back pain relief and the entire Russian army of Robinstel is about to collapse General Kalumbu is well aware of the changes on the battlefield, and he is fortunate to be able to complete this mission by himself.Retreat without fighting.The German tanks rushed towards the entrance of the position at high cbd gummies ebay speed, and collided head on with an American jeep trying to rush into the position.It was an egg hitting a rock, and the American jeep was crushed by the Destroyer 3 tank like a matchbox.After rushing through the ruins, it suddenly became clear that there were wreckage of destroyed American tanks everywhere.This should be the result of a series of battles There are several tank recovery vehicles and repair vehicles working on repairing tanks with broken tracks or repairable ones.In the midst of the flames of war, our appearance surprised Americans who did not know the details.An M 60 immediately opened fire on the German army, perhaps too flustered, their shots missed far away, the gunner Fu in the tank would not give it another chance, and blasted the M 60 into a pile with one shot debris.Three men were carrying submachine guns and grenades.Trying to charge towards a small dirt patch not far from the pine cbd gummies ebay forest, where clinical cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies ebay they might be able to hold off the Russians but they only took a few steps before they were shot by the Russians.Before Hansen s grenade could even be thrown, he was overturned in the snow, and the grenade exploded, splashing the snow and tearing Hasson s body apart.Takot looked to the right, and Otto and his three brothers had become frozen corpses in the snow.Behind them the commando soldiers continued to fight around their machine guns.I don t know whether it is the desire for death or the hope for life that supports them.Simon s gun didn t stop for a moment, and he calmly pulled the bolt.Pull the trigger and aim.Reload.The lean young man leaned on the snow in front of him, and shot at the Russian army in the pine forest like a machine Contrary cbd gummies ebay to Takot s surprise, we gradually gained the upper hand in this raid, The Russians do not seem to have an absolute numerical advantage.Colonel Nat knew very well that when the sun rose tomorrow, he would not be able to persist no matter what.The cold wind whimpered, and the surviving American soldiers sat on the ground in frustration.What else can be done Colonel Turner sighed in despair. Colonel, can we surrender A second lieutenant asked cautiously when he saw the colonel again.Maybe, maybe we really should consider surrendering.Colonel Turner smiled bitterly.Before, he always thought that surrendering was a very shameful thing, but now he knew that being alive was more important than cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies ebay anything else.Colonel, General Corey s call.Hello, General.Colonel, I respect the bravery of the 7th Infantry Regiment, and I hope you will continue to be brave.Corey came from the other end of the phone General Te s unconfident voice I tell you again, reinforcements will arrive soon, and I hope you will fight to the end for the honor of the United States.This insidious act aroused even greater anger among the people.They held a grand funeral for Masanillo.Then the Republic of Naples was established under the leadership of Annis, the owner of the armory.The Spanish governor mobilized warships to bombard the city of Naples, and the rebels were quickly defeated by the Spanish army.In the spring of 1648, Spain reoccupied Naples, and Annis and other leaders were hanged.The uprising failed, but it planted the seeds for future struggles Attention, Mr.Mayor, is the fight ahead cbd gummies apple rings He was 5 cbd gummies review silent for a cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment while when he said this In the end, the wave of uprising spread throughout Italy, and the Spaniards escaped in embarrassment from places that did not belong to them.How similar is this to the current situation Yes, we can repress, and we are perfectly capable of repressing, but what are the consequences of repression This will arouse great anger from the people and condemnation from the international community.The position of the great dictator Vittorio Mussolini is already in jeopardy.Even he is like this, can he still guarantee the future of his subordinates Donani was completely shaken The contact with the Republic of Turin went quite smoothly.Turin still sent Di Nacale as a cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg cbd gummies ebay negotiator.During the negotiations, Di Nacale represented Turin and welcomed General Donani s uprising and promised to Find him a suitable place in the republic, and guarantee that he will be a hero to Italy after the success of the revolution.At the same time, the gifts brought to Donani also included a check for half a million cbd gummies ebay dollars.Listening to the conditions proposed by the other party and looking at the check in front of him, Donani took a deep breath.These royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie are things that leaders cannot give themselves Am I a patriot Donani asked the question he wanted to know most.It seemed that he was really a frightened bird.He wanted to make a decision before acting in any situation.But on the battlefield, sometimes a minute is enough to decide whether to win or not.Fortunately, Troman reacted quickly.Under the encouragement of the two, ten people rushed out of the ruins and gradually gathered in the direction of Ruddock.The Russians were startled.Thirty people were originally arranged to stay behind in the stronghold, and the large force went out to participate in the encirclement and suppression of the German army in the nearby stronghold.Who would have thought that the shadows of the Germans would also appear here, this is simply a nightmare.The passive Russians fled in all directions, and everyone s thoughts were on escaping.The Russian commander Shashut was the one staying at this stronghold.At that time, I will can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie cbd gummies in checked baggage be able to live the happiest and happiest life together with Alice The stock price is just like the house contract, and it is constantly climbing new peaks.Yili Ya s face cbd gummies for sex near me was flushed, and cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment she was already incoherent in excitement.God, money, this is money He s about to become a millionaire.What Wittgenstein family, what Morgan family.The Rockefeller family will all be trampled under their feet.I am the real king of wealth A crazy world.Wang Weiyi shook his head slightly Everyone is lost in it, they forget the danger., cbd gummies ebay Forget about fear, in their eyes only money exists.Mr.Frost, how did the first domino of the Holland Tulip incident be toppled Frost certainly knew how such a terrible thing happened.What royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie happened on February 4, what is the amount of cbd in chill gummies 1637 was the biggest unsolved case in the financial history of the entire world, and none of them.But today It s just a continuation of yesterday.Then, what s your reward for me There s nothing you cbd gummy bears reviews can t say about it, and there must be something in return for what you give.Gates smiled and said Of course, Your Excellency the Baron, of course we will not forget what we should give you in return.We have already completed most of cbd gummies a felony the purchases for all the things you need on your purchase list and will ship them to Germany as soon as possible.Although the Allied Command has discovered that someone is secretly transporting supplies to Berlin, and has stepped up investigations, we still have our own methods, so please rest assured Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction.At this time Elliott walked in Your Excellency the Baron, Ilya has been brought here.Wang Weiyi smiled I can finally appear in front of him with my original face, can t I Yes, Your Excellency, you have nothing to hide.He also asked those who are still loyal to Gregory to immediately give up all unnecessary resistance and accept the summons of the special investigation committee at any time Traitor, traitor Grigory had listened to all the speeches, and now he didn t even have the strength to get angry Let Duyoshenko arrest them, arrest them immediately However, before he finished speaking, the Moscow garrison appeared on TV.The face of Commander Duyoshenko, Duyoshenko solemnly promised that he would be loyal to His Majesty the Tsar and obey all orders of the Special Investigation Committee.At the same time, he ordered that all garrisons in Moscow must accept the transfer of the special investigation committee.Another new betrayerGrigory doesn t know fda approved cbd gummies for anxiety what to do other than scolding these people for being ungrateful Put me on the phone of Admiral Tangeloniv.On June 3, Ukraine and Germany concluded the Treaty of Ukraine and Kiev , and the two sides reached an agreement on politics, military and economy and formed an alliance.This is called the birth of the new Axis Powers.Germany is not fighting alone anymore After the conclusion of the Treaty of cbd gummies ebay Kiev , Germany s traditional allies, Turkey and Iran, experienced domestic political turmoil.The originally powerful pro German faction in Turkey staged a coup under the instigation of Sultan Karami, cbd gummies ebay arrested the Prime Minister Aleksey supported by the United States, and appointed the most staunch pro German faction, Millie, who was once a comrade in arms of Baron Alexon.Va is the new prime minister of Turkey.A new cabinet has been formed in Turkey.Prime Minister Miliwa immediately announced Turkey s secession from the Allies.Boom Steinman s tank fired the first shot, blasting a turning American tank, and then 12 tanks smashed through the wreckage and came to the fork.Look for the wreckage to hide The infantry is close to the wreckage Spread out in a circular formation As soon as Steinman gave the order, a large group of US tanks appeared in front of him, and at the same time, a small number of tanks and infantry appeared on the left and right positions.The German tanks first arrived at the wreckage of the American tank, completely covering the body of the car, only revealing the tank turret with thicker armor and a very high egg jumping rate.Not only that, due to the dense tank wreckage, the German tank hardly had to worry about being attacked from the back, thus The groundwork was laid for the undivided attention of the German army.Here, we can only be Death in vain This was the first time that Commodore Dolby heard someone say that to him Colonel Joaquin should really be shot, but in the eyes of the colonel, all he could see was calmness Yes.Frankly, Dolby swore he was right.It cbd gummies ebay s the look you get when you think you ve done the right natures boost cbd gummies side effects thing.I don t know how to punish you yet.Duby sighed Colonel, but what I want to tell you is that honor is more important than anything to soldiers.We can lose our lives, but we must You must not lose your honor.Go back to the post you entered, Colonel, and I hope that the next battle will wash away your shame However, cbd gummies ebay Colonel Joaquin didn t think he had any shame Duby got through the phone with the Allied Command, and on the phone he reported today s battle to the Commander in Chief of Westmoreland We did encounter some setbacks Ah, please Don t worry, the problem is not that serious, yes, I can handle it and promise to hold on to HannoverColonel Joaquin He did well, although he didn t hold off the Germans, But he has done his best No, I will not give him any punishment, I also suggest that you can forget about it I believe that in the next battle, Colonel and His soldiers will act braver than any other army Duby is also a commander who can protect the interests of his subordinates In fact, he also knows very well that if in such a situation If Colonel Warkin is punished, it will be a serious blow to morale.Grenade someone growled.Boom The enemy grenade exploded, blowing up the surrounding area.After the dust cleared, Torres stood up with difficulty and looked around.He found Phils lying on the ground, motionless.Someone fell to the ground Phils fell to the ground Encounter the enemy The sound of ammunition from the Allied light weapons was heard all around, and the soldiers immediately took shelter in the nearest bunker.The bullets smacked the ground, hitting the cover, kicking up debris and dust.Torres grabs Phils and drags him behind a pillar.Phils must have died, he was covered in blood, his chin, the meat on his left calf were chipped away by grenade fragments, and the bloody bones were exposed, the scene was very horrific.Bastard Torres scolded as he ripped off Phils collar and pulled off Phils ID card.The reason why they want to get rid of Yetiri at all costs is precisely because they are worried about this person s huge influence among the French people But now all this It happened anyway Arise, citizens of France Arise, all who love this country Yetili s speech reached its climax in an instant Fight for a free France, fight for a strong France Get up get up get up Countless people in the square uttered such voices, and the scene went out of control in an instant.General Robito, let s end the welcome ceremony for now.As for your marshal, we will re award you elsewhere Sinagg was unwilling to stay here for a second.Roberto never thought that a good ceremony would lead to the current situation.At this time, two secret policemen came up Your Excellency, here is It s very unsafe, please leave with us immediately.Capanong said without showing any weakness Don t you also go with Lieutenant Colonel Mills Is it very close I heard that you recently planned to send all your family members to the United States through his relationship, ah, at least my family members are still in my motherland.Seeing that the two once close assistants were about to quarrel, Fenton cbd gummies bears hurriedly stopped them Gentlemen, now is not the time for us to quarrel, I hope you can keep calm, and not be there for two foreign countries.What unpleasant things happen to people.Whether it is Colonel Jed or Lieutenant Colonel Mills, I think that since you have chosen them, you must have your own considerations, and I need to think about it carefully.This is not a trivial matter.It is about the future of Britain.Gentlemen, I remind you once again that you must pay attention to your demeanor.George, you swore before you went to the witness stand, I hope you can tell us the truth George s lips began to tremble, and he tremblingly said Yes can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie cbd gummies in checked baggage , Mr.Shukako did come to the bar that night and left around 10 o clock after drinking.Then I got off work too.Ah, I didn t mean to perjure, and Officer Leeson found me later.He demanded that I have to Say that, or I ll get myself into trouble.With a boom , the entire jury box and public auditorium were in complete chaos Quiet, quiet The judge had to raise his voice.Sound can keep the scene quiet.Nonsense When police officer Leeson was summoned again, his face was deformed with anger I never threatened anyone, that s what he told me when I found George that day.No.I swear, I never threatened George, why would I do it I have no reason to do it Because your wife is black Randolph said suddenly, Dear jurors, Leeson The police officer s wife is a black man.In fact, they have no other choice, they can only put all their hopes on the lieutenant colonel.And obviously Lieutenant Colonel Moyol did not disappoint them.On the second day after the German spies were released, several black cars appeared in London secretly, and they were not questioned along the way.The car stopped outside the presidential palace, and the people who got on and off the car quickly entered the presidential palace.They are the families of President Fenton, Premier Wilkins and Minister Capanong.Compared with other hostages, they are more fortunate.And when they finally saw their family members again, these senior British government officials headed by President Fenton were not only grateful, but also increased their trust in Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.The lieutenant colonel is completely trustworthy.The Southampton Undercurrent General Cassano s uprising was not expected by the Allied Command before, and this once again disrupted the deployment of the Allied Forces.As a close friend of General Cassano, General Vincent was obviously suspected by the Allies.Due to General Vincent s reputation in the UK, the Allied forces and the Fenton government did not dare to deal with him openly, otherwise this would cause new turmoil in the army.According to Premier Wilkins suggestion, cbd gummies avis they adopted a more conservative plan.On the evening that General Cassano declared the Second cbd gummies ebay cbd gummies for ed treatment Panzer Army and himself to renew his allegiance royal cbd gummies can you have a alprazolam 1 hoir after cbd gummie to Her Majesty, General Vincent was awarded the rank of General of the Fenton Government and, in view of the rapid development of the current situation, was ordered to command a Armored forces lined up in Milton Keynes.For our victory, I don t think it s a shame.I propose to relocate my troops to the south of Southampton, where adequate fortifications would greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of the 6th Division.In fact, Don Tanner had exactly the same idea as Bacchus before.The combat effectiveness of the 6th Division of the British government army is not particularly strong, and it does not have a lot of tanks and other equipment.Once such a unit faces the elite German army It is easy to suffer a big loss.It is indeed a good choice to arrange to serve as an auxiliary force on the south side of Southampton.As for the loyalty of Bacchus and his troops, Don Tanner is not particularly worried.In the United States In the evaluation report shared by Fang and the Fenton government, Bacchus evaluation is three a s, which means that this person will never betray the Fenton government and the Americans.

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