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Actually just living like this is pretty good Qi Fei suddenly said this.What do you mean Yi Lan asked.It s just a sudden feeling that staying in unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies such a place, although poorer, is also considered comfortable.You don t have to work so hard outside, you don t have to fight like that, no matter whether you are rich or poor during your life, you will eventually get old They all just need a quiet and ordinary old age.Why do you suddenly think so I don t know.Yi Lan was silent for a moment, and then said There is a story that a certain rich man came to a fishing village , saw a man drinking and basking in the sun, so the rich businessman chatted with him curiously.The rich businessman asked the man how his life was here, and the man said it was very good, saying that he was a fisherman and could fish every time he went to sea.In the end, Bai Xiu sold all the pigs, chickens and ducks raised by the family to raise a few thousand yuan.Holding the money, Yi Lan left her home with tears streaming down her face.After returning to Bingang City, Yi Lan immediately started working.Even if she didn t go to work until tomorrow, Qi Fei knew that she wanted to use her work to stop her from thinking about her family, so that she could concentrate on making money.For the sake of her father, she can only do this, crying, sad, and running away, these are not the solution to the problem, Qi Fei has to admire Yi Lan s strength, which makes him feel ashamed.Thinking that he had also encountered a huge change back then, the blow he endured might be different from Yi Lan s, but it might not green roads relief broad spectrum cbd gummies be as tragic as Yi Lan what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies s.At that time, it took Qi Fei a long time to slowly regain his senses, start working again and try to start over again, but Yi Lan was able to overcome everything immediately, which is definitely beyond the reach of ordinary people.Really Obviously thinking about drifting away, why cornbread cbd gummies did that guy suddenly appear in his mind Cheng Siyu shook his head depressingly, then closed the curtains and returned to the soft bed.After Qi Fei went to work the next day, he went to look at the several communities he had cooperated with before.The situation was very good.The commission at the end of the month should be very considerable.Not only would he be able to cornbread cbd gummies give a little to Sister Lan so that she could reduce the burden on the family, And Qi Fei still has enough funds to continue wandering.Before leaving, Qi Fei only needs to complete one thing, and that is to help Yi Lan get promoted and get rid of Mr.Tan s control.As for other things such as the relationship with himself and Cheng Siyu just keep it as it is.Time waits for no one, Qi Fei must act now.Yi Lan didn t say anything, and closed her eyes lightly.Qi Fei leaned over and looked at her quietly, thinking she was asleep, so he slowly put her on the sofa.Sister Lan, the company is about to establish a new department that needs a person in charge.I hope you can take up that position just let me help you After Qi Fei said this to Yi Lan, he turned around and sat down.At the desk, open the computer document and start writing the plan.Chapter Thirty Third Writing a plan late at night Qi Fei intends to come up with a related plan and submit it to the company in the name of Yi Lan.When Cheng Siyu sees it, he should be very satisfied.In this case, the position of the person in charge will not be lost.In fact, he originally wanted to talk about this with Yi Lan, but now Yi Lan was drunk, so he could only get it done first.There are nine out of ten There are ghosts in our company., Cheng Siyu s face became even more ugly, and Tan Jianren flicked the cigarette ash casually, Qi Fei saw that this guy s fingers were trembling a little.Cheng Siyu said to Yi Lan Manager Yi, there is no evidence of that at present, so we can only HCMUSSH cornbread cbd gummies guess.It s fine to talk about it here, but don t tell the rest of the company like this, it will make people panic.Lan nodded, glanced at Tan Jianren quietly from the corner of her eye, and said nothing.Forget it, what else can I do I can only give up Tan Jianren gasped It s a big deal to make a new plan at that time, so don t let this happen again.Qi Fei sneered in his heart, You fucking put it so lightly.No, this matter can t end like this Cheng Siyu s attitude was very firm.Then what can you do Cheng Siyu opened her mouth as if to say something, but stopped, she looked at Tan Jianren, and then said to Yi Lan You can figure out the solution, and I will give it to you.Li Xuan is still the same, well dressed but with a ruffian appearance, he will chat with Qi Fei when he meets Qi Fei, and he will always persuade Qi Fei to change jobs to his entertainment place to see the scene.Qi Fei never agreed, but this made Qi Fei have a deeper understanding of Li Xuan.It s not a lot, but it s enough to see that this Li Xuan may be a playboy, but his thinking and communication skills are not bad., definitely not the kind of idiot who only eats, drinks and has fun.This day, Qi Fei ran into Li Xuan who came to look for Cheng Siyu again in the corridor.Li Xuan seemed to be in a good mood, and he pulled Qi Fei to chat by the corridor window.While chatting vigorously, Tan Jianren passed by.He first glanced at Qi Fei, and then squinted at Li Xuan.From his eyes, it could be cornbread cbd gummies seen that he seemed a little surprised that Qi Fei knew this person.Now the advertising company of the group can exchange the income of 50 pages for only the cost of 10 full page advertisements.I don t know Zhang The director doesn t know how much money the 50 boards represent Of course we have to calculate the cost and benefits in management, if we can t even calculate the accounts, how can we go on doing it Mr.Hu s words are well founded and very To be honest, even those who don t move can understand after listening, and his words obviously mocked Zhang Li, which made Zhang Li dumbfounded, cornbread cbd gummies unable to speak for a long time, and finally could only embarrass shut his mouth tightly.Zhang Li s expression was a huge reversal from the previous smug expression.Qi Fei felt secretly refreshed when he saw it.He quietly glanced at the others, and even Mr.Ma seemed to be suppressing a smile.

The moment Qi Fei got up, he saw Li Xuan who was more than ten meters away, and couldn t help showing a helpless expression at him.At this time, brother Xiao finally spoke I said you, what is this The police turned their heads and were slightly taken aback.That person disturbed the law and order, I m cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies here to enforce the law.Li Xuan always had a playful smile on his face, Brother Xiao looked at Qi Fei ten meters away with a complicated expression, and then said something to the policeman.Qi Fei was still under arrest, and those gangsters were laughing and mocking.Only then did he see that the three guys he had encountered before were also among cornbread cbd gummies them, especially the young man with a ponytail full of joy on his face.hey hey,Do you fucking regret it now Now you are dead, my brother s cousin is the captain of the nearby police station the explosive head walked to Qi Fei and said in a low voice.The doctor pushed the glasses Yilan s body functions are all normal, as if a normal person has fallen into a deep sleep and cannot wake up.This situation is quite special.Is there any way to speed up her awakening Qi Fei Said Since it is similar to deep sleep, maybe it can be awakened by using a stronger stimulus The doctor thought for a while Well I want to introduce you to a doctor.Who This doctor is dispatched by Beijing.I came here and I m officially going to work today.It is said that this doctor is very capable and has good research on vegetative people, so he may be able to help you.Qi Fei s eyes lit up I m sorry to trouble you You re welcome, treating patients It s what we should do, and I hope Yi Lan can wake up soon, you just wait here, I ll call him over.After the doctor left, Qi Fei immediately returned to the ward, holding Yi Lan excitedly He said with his hand Sister Lan, the doctor said that there is a very good doctor from Beijing who may be able to wake you up A few minutes later, Qi Fei heard footsteps outside the door, and then the door of the ward was slowly closed.Little feeling, but both of them noticed it, and they both closed their mouths in an instant, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.In order to alleviate this embarrassment, Qi Fei said Mr.Cheng, I got the news that the group party committee above your company is having a meeting, which is related to the candidate for the general manager of the distribution company Cheng Siyu looked Elsewhere, there was no answer, just a slight nod.Mr.Cheng, did you hear what I just said Qi Fei wanted to confirm.Cheng Siyu seemed to have just recovered, and asked in a daze What Qi Fei had no choice but to repeat what he had just said.Well, whateverhow did you know about this Of course, Qi Fei couldn t say that he had been paying attention, and it was hard to find other reasons, so he bypassed this question and said to Cheng Siyu Cheng Siyu Boss, why do I feel that you don t care about the position of the general manager anymore Cheng Siyu s eyes flashed a trace of helplessness Of course I care, but what s the use of it, in the end I can only obey their decision, cornbread cbd gummies so I don t Go think about it.Although Qi Fei was wearing leather gloves, he couldn t stop the sharp blade.In an instant, he felt a tingling pain from his palm.It was obvious that the glove had been scratched and the blade hurt his hand.The bald man was stunned.He didn t expect Qi Fei s reaction to be so fast, and he didn t expect Qi Fei to dare to pick up the sword with his bare hands in order to save someone.Qi Fei gritted his teeth, scolding in his heart that his mother s place is too slippery with ice, and the ligaments of my two legs are about to be broken.At this moment, Qi Fei threw himself on the ground, and he almost fell into a split just at that moment, but now the root of his thigh hurts so badly that he can t stand up at all, and can only keep his original posture motionless.Qi Fei is a trainer, and his ligaments were originally very open, but after all, it has been too long since he has practiced so much, it is inevitable that he is a little rigid, and he still slipped down the split, and he was able to block the blade in time.The sound of the wine bottle shattering was heard, and the surroundings became quiet all at once.The people who were watching the challenge activities with great interest, also began to slowly scatter away, cornbread cbd gummies for fear of being hurt by that person.Such an abnormal situation naturally attracted the dispatch of the security guards, and at the same time, the security guards told Qi Fei about the situation through the walkie talkie.Qi Fei feels that these people should be here to make trouble, but he still doesn t know their purpose of making HCMUSSH cornbread cbd gummies trouble.Now that Xuan er is still there, Qi Fei can t help feeling anxious, but he doesn t want to be seen by Xuan er, so Qi Fei Fei immediately ordered all the security guards to be vigilant, go there first to find out super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies the situation.Afterwards, Qi Fei called Mr.On the other side, in the Tingyinxuan nightclub, everything seemed to be back to normal.The bald man and his subordinates were all arranged in a luxurious private room, and Lin Xuan er was also brought in.But the bald guy wanted to enjoy Lin Xuan er by himself first, so he asked the nightclub to get him a luxurious private room alone, and let him stay with Xuan er, and the two most powerful younger brothers premium jane cbd gummies where to buy in houston Stay at the door.Qi Fei is well aware of these situations, and this is exactly what he wants to see, because he laid out the plan from the very beginning.After the bald man entered the box, Qi Fei asked the vice cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies president to follow him in, using the excuse of discussing money, but in fact it was to temporarily prevent the bald man from messing around with Xuan er.Qi Fei didn t really hope that she would encounter danger.

After quietly reading the text message from Qi Fei, the vice president said to the bald man with a smile.The bald man nodded in satisfaction Go ahead, and ask the waiter to get some good wine get condor cbd gummies and snacks.One of his subordinates said with a smile It s not a problem for you two to stand here all the time.The rest of your brothers are eating, drinking and having fun.It s too unfair to you.How about this Let me arrange things for you two.It s also fun, the private room is next to it, you can still guard Brother Huang, hehe, besides, this place is very safe and nothing will happen.When he said this, the two men also hesitated, The vice president added I can arrange for a beautiful woman to accompany you two.This finally moved them, so they followed the vice president into the viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon box next to them.No problem, I ll ask the waiter to stabilize those two guys.Siyu Don t be afraid I m coming Qi Fei shouted in his heart.There was a muffled bang.Qi Fei opened his eyes, only to realize that he had rolled under the bed, and it was dawn outside the window, and he heard the crisp sound of birds chirping.So it was a dream, shit, I was scared to death.Qi Fei sat on the ground in shock and wiped the sweat from his forehead.Qi Fei groped around and found the lighter and cigarette box.He took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, then lit it with a click.At the moment when the flames lit up, Qi Fei suddenly saw a distorted face in front of him.The face was extremely pale, and the eyes, nostrils, and mouth were bleeding continuously.Qi Fei, who was extremely horrified, saw that the face was actually Li Li s face.Xuan s Qi Fei was so frightened that his soul flew away, and the lighter fell on the bed.The military driver watched this scene not far away, without any expression on his face, Qi Fei glanced at him, showing a helpless look, and he didn t respond at all.How could Qi Fei have imagined that Li Xuan lost again with only his own distraction, leaving only one bargaining chip.I cheated on the eighteenth generation of your ancestors Are you cheating me on purpose Every time it s a little bit worse Li Xuan pointed at the croupier who dealt the cards and shouted angrily.The croupier is a young woman.It is estimated that this kind of situation often happens in casinos.She also seemed calm, but said to Li Xuan in standard Mandarin with a smile on her face Sir, please don t get excited.We don t have deliberate cheating of customers here.It s something.You fucking Li Xuan clutched the bargaining chip, veins popped up on his temples, and he looked like he was going to go crazy.Cheng Siyu stared blankly at the front for a long time, finally sighed, stood up and walked towards the exit of the alley.When she picked up the lost and recovered mobile phone and change from the ground just now, she paid special attention to the footprints.She also planned to try to catch up with the person who she thought seemed to be wandering based on the footprints.It s a pity that as I walked, the footprints became messy, because there was obviously a fight not far ahead, the snow was messy, and there were still blood spots on the ground.Cheng Siyu walked out of the alley and sent a message to Piaoling with his mobile phone.Piaoling justwas that you Ten meters away, at the corner of the street, Qi Fei stared at the screen with his mobile phone, he didn t know how to reply.He was indeed the one who saved Cheng Siyu at the critical moment.Gongsun here Manager Ding showed a look of surprise Are you looking for Mr.Gongsun He is cornbread cbd gummies busy with something.I went.Oh Then when will he come I don cornbread cbd gummies t know about it, but it seems that he has to deal with more important matters.It may take a few days What do you want from him While the two were talking, Platinum had already arrived outside the manager s office.He opened a door, and he could still hear voices talking inside.I super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies really have something to do with him, but cornbread cbd gummies I was wondering if Manager Ding could tell me what the old man s full name is Qi Fei asked this question a little nervously.Manager Ding narrowed his eyes, his pupils flickered, and Qi Fei was startled by that look.Bai Jin standing outside the door pricked up his ears.He didn t understand what he just cornbread cbd gummies heard, so he only knew that Qi Fei seemed to be asking about a person.But before Qi Fei recovered his breath, he saw a black figure turn over and jump in front of him, and then a cold light flashed over.The killer s speed was astonishing.Although the bullet failed to kill Qi Fei, he attacked again with the dagger.Qi Fei had never seen that kind of shooting speed before.Seeing that the blade was about to slit Qi Fei s throat when it slashed in the air, a gunshot sounded suddenly.The killer s blade had already touched Qi Fei s neck, but he still couldn t cut it because his whole body was frozen.bang bang Two more shots were fired, and the killer fell to the ground.A warm liquid with a fishy smell sprayed on Qi Fei cornbread cbd gummies s face.Qi Fei s eyes were full of horror.After a few seconds, he came back to his senses and hurriedly wiped the sweat and blood off his face.The mixed liquid, got up and staggered back a few steps.

When Qi Fei woke up the next day, he found that the healthiest cbd gummies free trial nurse was changing his dressing.Seeing that he had opened his eyes, the nurse told him that the wound was in good condition and he could be discharged from the hospital today.Just cornbread cbd gummies remember to go to the hospital for a dressing change.If viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon you really don t have time, you can change the medicine yourself.Qi Fei looked a little dazed, but nodded silently.Then the nurse went out, Qi Fei thought that Li Xuan would come to ask about the situation earlier, Qi Fei was not cornbread cbd gummies worried about this, he was only worried that Li Xuan would tell Cheng Siyu about it.This possibility is not impossible, but after thinking about it, it should not be possible.Li Xuan is not that kind of big mouth, and he probably doesn t want to talk to Cheng Siyu about this kind of thing.Seeing that Yi Lan was about to approach him, Qi Fei let out a low growl and kicked the man in the vest in the stomach.Things have come to this, and we can only preemptive strikes Qi Fei s kick was fierce, and the man in the vest was caught off guard.As a result, he was kicked by Qi Fei and flew upside down for two or three meters, then rolled a few times, and fell into the dry lake.Although there is no water in this lake, there is still deep silt.After the man in the vest fell, he was instantly muddy, his legs and hands were stuck in the silt, and he couldn t pull it out for a while.His head was covered in mud.I couldn t even open my eyes, so I could only open my mouth and curse vigorously.Qi Fei estimated that the man in the vest was the boss of these people.Now that the boss is stuck in the mud, there cornbread cbd gummies must be other people going down to help, so that there will be fewer people he has to deal with.Qi Fei sat beside the hospital bed and looked at Yi Lan with a complicated expression.This woman has really suffered too much, Qi Fei thought to himself, if he can, he is willing to take care of this woman for the rest of his life.Qi Fei knew in his heart that his feelings for Yi Lan included gratitude, compassion, respect and even affection, but there was no love, so the one who could take care of her for the rest of her life must be another man.At this moment, the words Yi Lan said in the park began to echo in Qi Fei s ears again, Qi Fei gently held Yi Lan s hand, and baypark cbd gummies review said softly Sister Lan, I can t imagine how you survived , but I can feel your helplessness and hardships at that time, I want to tell you that now you don t have to fight alone, I will always regard you as my relatives and accompany you, no matter how difficult it is, I will do my best to help, Sister Lan You can overcome any difficulties, because you are my Sister Lan, the strongest woman.After walking around, it was almost past eight o clock in the evening.The dinner was settled in this way, Qi Fei planned to take Ye Xiaobei back, the two returned the same way, and planned to take a taxi outside, but unexpectedly met Qin Wu while waiting for the taxi.A commercial vehicle slowly stopped in front of Qi Fei, and then the window was opened, and Qi Fei saw Qin Wu s face.Hey, isn t this Qi Fei Happy New Year Qin Wu took the initiative to say hello to Qi Fei.Now, Qi Fei can basically confirm that the person he saw with Bai Jin at that time was 100 him.Although Qi Fei had already discovered that Qin Wu appeared here before, he still had to show a very surprised look.Happy New Year, Boss Qin, I didn t expect to see you here.Qin Wu had a weird smile on his face I went here to eat something, of course, it s mainly for work.If you are always alone, you will not feel lonely, just like a fish has been in the water, but it does not know what water is.Qi Fei lit a cigarette, trying to dispel that oppressive feeling.After smoking a cigarette, Qi Fei returned to the viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon bedroom, turned on his laptop, and logged into QQ habitually.It s more than ten o clock in the morning, looking at the QQ login interface, Qi Fei is thinking, Cheng Siyu should be busy with work at the moment, if he is in the office, he cbd gummies are they drugs might hang up on QQ.Qi Fei felt a desire to talk to her, especially at this time, when the feeling of loneliness was extremely strong.Previously, Qi Fei had something to do, so he had to suppress the strong longing deep in his heart.Now that he is free, all those suppressed longing emotions finally came out.QingyuActually, I really miss you.Qi Fei was exhausted from running around during the day and stayed up all night at night, so his expression was a little sluggish.When he was sitting on the chair, he seemed to collapse at any moment.It didn t take long for his eyelids to start twitching.A few minutes later, Tan Jianren also rushed over.After sitting down next to Cheng Siyu, he muttered casually I thought there was nothing wrong with me Seeing that Qi Fei was dozing off, Ou Hanhua and Tan Jianren also saw it.Ou Hanhua showed displeasure when he saw Qi Fei s report meeting like this, while Tan Jianren didn t seem to care much.Cheng Siyu looked calm, glanced at Qi Fei and said to Zhang Wei You took the initiative to report your plan before, so let you continue.Thank you, Mr.Cheng Zhang Wei opened the previously opened The plan was placed on the green roads cbd gummies groupon gummies with cbd table in front of him, and then he cleared his throat and looked at the three leaders in front of him Leaders, this is the plan I carefully planned for newspaper retailing.

If Lord Dog is so easy to clean up, he wouldn t be able to stay in this place forever.What Qi Fei is worried about is that this will make the situation more serious.If Lord Dog moves out the backer behind him, something big will happen.Xiong Jun s feet kept stepping on Lord Dog s back, he bent down to pick up a wooden stick from the ground, and threw it to Qi Fei casually.Qi Fei didn t understand, so Xiong Jun pointed to the back of Lord Dog s head Brother, this bastard just wanted to hit you on the head, now you have a chance to take revenge, come and do it.At this time, Ning Bin also looked at cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies Qi Fei , the look in his eyes is unpredictable.Qi Fei struggled and said Thisisn t necessary.Xiong Jun frowned I saw that you were quite talented before, what s the matter now Qi Fei took a deep breath, clutching the wood Stick walked in front of Master Dog, and Master Dog s face suddenly turned pale, begging Qi Fei for mercy.Then I I ll change jobs.Qi Fei said.Li Xuan sneered Then I will continue to smash.If I can t, I have other ways.Don t forget who I am.I have enough ways to make no place in Bingang dare to recruit you.He froze, Qi Fei might feel that the other party was bragging when someone said this, but it happened to come from Li Xuan.He really can do it.A thought popped into Qi Fei s mind, could it be that he cornbread cbd gummies had to leave Bingang like this When this idea came up, Qi Fei s heart throbbed inexplicably, because he thought of Cheng Siyu.After all, there is still a person here who I can t bear no matter what.At this time, Heizi looked at his watch, and then said to Li Xuan Boss, it s almost time, super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies and it s time to do that.Li Xuan nodded, cornbread cbd gummies stood up, and then said to Qi Fei Brother Fei, Tomorrow I will stay in Bingang for another day, I will give you the last day, and the day after tomorrow you will follow me to Langzhou honestly After saying this, he did not wait for Qi Fei to reply, just took Heizi with him left.Moreover, she also said that when conducting investigations, by the way, a specific investigation can be conducted on all the lost retail outlets, which is also beneficial to the work.Qi Fei s gratitude was beyond words.Yi Lan said again As for your matter, the situation later is like this, Mr.Cheng and I told the stall owner about your wrongdoing, and then the stall owner helped find the old women who were playing cards next to me that day.After hearing this, the aunts got angry on the spot, and immediately said they would testify for you to prove that you were innocent.Then, they wrote a cbd gummies for drinking statement about the situation at that time as a written proof material, and then all I signed my name and pressed my fingerprint, and tell you, this is all about this afternoon.When I got off work, I learned from Mr.It must be implemented in detail.To do things, you have to take a step by step step by step.This is a clich , but it must not be ignored.I I also feel that we must do a good job in various management assessments within the company, viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon and implement relevant reward policies, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.After saying this, the chairman stopped, and then looked at the crowd and strengthened his tone Remember Live, the distribution company, especially the leadership, must do a good job in solidarity work, must form a united and powerful collective team, and there must be no such thing as infighting For anyone who seeks self interest by damaging the collective interest, for those who engage in small Once the members of the group are found out, they will be punished severely Absolutely no tolerance for traitors I will leave it here.Chapter 268 Meeting Xuan er Again Okay, you don t have to runny nose and tears, just write down everything about how you hooked up with the editor in chief of the Metropolis Daily.Brother Fei, you I promised not to say anything, what do you want these things for It s nothing, I m just afraid that you will go back on your word when the time comes, just keep it as a souvenir.Zhang Wei discussed with the editor in chief of Metropolis Daily to force Qi Fei to leave Bingang Evening News After explaining everything, Qi Fei listened carefully.Looking at the back of Qi Fei going away, the fear in Zhang Wei s heart has not diminished at all.Qi Fei does not leave the distribution company for a day, like a mountain, pressing down on his heart.What Zhang Wei didn t know was which bar belonged to Li Xuan, and many of the employees there were known by Qi Fei.Maybe, just to unravel the mystery that is pressing in my heart.Young man, why are you running so fast, your phone green roads cbd gummies groupon gummies with cbd is dropped An angry voice sounded from behind Qi Fei.Qi Fei looked back and saw that it was a taxi driver.Uncle, I forgot that I haven t given you the fare yet.Qi Fei rubbed the back of his head with embarrassment.The driver said angrily It s nothing, why are you venting, the car is still driving, and you rushed out, don t kill you Sorry, it s my fault.Qi Fei apologized repeatedly.Okay, okay, I still have to pull people, do you still want to cornbread cbd gummies sit If you don t sit, pay the money If you want to sit, I have to go to the hotpot restaurant.Qi Fei said and hurried into the car.Not long after, he arrived at the street outside the hotpot restaurant, and after getting off the car, Qi Fei went straight to the door of the store.

The next day, Qi Fei woke up and saw that Hitomi Shisha was still asleep.He stood outside the door and told Hitomi Shisha that he was going out to do something, and asked her to wake up and go out to eat by himself.A hard hat has already begun to direct the construction of the workers, but Jiang Fan and the old fritters have not seen it, and it is estimated that they have gone to save the lost girl and have not returned yet.Seeing Qi Fei coming, Cui Yangze walked quickly to Qi Fei, and reported the recent construction situation to Qi Fei.Qi Fei remembered that when Cui Yangze first came, he said that someone introduced him, and he was a little curious about who introduced him.He came.Cui Yangze also stayed here in the commercial street for a while, Qi Fei also vaguely knew who brought Cui Yangze here to help him, and talked with Cui Yangze on the construction site about the commercial street until noon, Tong Shisha called and asked Qi Fei Do you want to go home for lunch at noon Cui Yangze has good hearing, and when he heard that his sister was talking to Qi Fei, he gave Qi Fei a meaningful look, and patted Qi unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies Fei on the shoulder, Brother Fei, happiness in life is a big deal, so don t worry about things on the construction site Qi Fei told Tong Shisha that he would be back in a while, and after the two finished talking, Qi Fei found out that Cui Yangze was there, HCMUSSH cornbread cbd gummies and he was really a shopkeeper.Chapter 6 Bei Dao Chuan Zi Qi Fei did not expect that Xiao Wu s face would change so quickly, from a playful smile just now, he would become extremely serious in the blink of an eye.Xiao Tie and Hitomi Shisha are still here with Xiao Wu, can he refuse Xiao Wu s request Seeing Qi Fei s wry smile, Xiao Wu patted Qi Fei s shoulder, Brother Fei, I won t make things difficult for you.If you want to leave, you can take the two of them with cbd gummies gift you at any time, and my people will not make things difficult for you.Qi Fei didn t doubt Xiao Wu s words, since he was the king of mercenaries, his words were naturally trustworthy, Tong Shisha and Xiao Tie both looked at Qi Fei, waiting for Qi Fei to make a decision.Xiao Wu, let s go out and talk.Qi Fei sighed, glanced at Xiao Tie and Tong Shisha, stood up and walked out of the tent.Soon there were three bird calls coming from the woods, and Xiao Wu walked up to Qi Fei and told Qi Fei that the people from the Yamaguchi group were coming out.After two or three minutes, a woman cornbread cbd gummies in the woods came out with several people in military uniforms.Qi Fei glanced suspiciously at the people behind the woman, from them Qi Fei could feel the evil spirit that can only be found in people who have killed someone.The woman is not very old, about the same age as Xiao Wu but four or five years old, and she looks pretty good, watery, with a figure like a devil, the woman walked up to Xiao Wu, smiled at Xiao Wu, and said Wu Jun, I m very glad that we can meet here, my name is Bei Dao Chuanzi.Xiao Wu s ruffian breath revealed, he greedily stared at Bei Dao Chuanzi s pair of murder weapons, and said with an evil smile Miss Chuan Zi You re welcome, but I think it would be great if we could change the place to meet.After leaving the company building, cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies Qi Fei asked Heizi to drive back by himself.He hadn t come back for a long time and wanted to take a good look around.Heizi nodded and asked Qi Fei to be careful and go to Tingyinxuan to find brother Xuan if he had something to do.Hitomi Shisha held Qi Fei s arm, like a couple in love, walking on the streets of Langzhou.Although Langzhou is not a big city, it is a new city with many wealthy people.Qi Fei couldn t help slowing down the pace of pedestrians walking on the street and cars constantly flowing on the road.In the beginning, he was doing well in this city, but the company went bankrupt inexplicably later on.When he knew the reason for the company cbd gummies for sex s bankruptcy, he decided to take back everything that belonged to him.After the company went bankrupt, he also came to Langzhou several times, but at that time he deliberately avoided Gaowei, this time he was not avoiding, but declared war on Gaowei.After these few days, she didn t pay attention to it.The advertisement on the commercial street, Mr.Hu will do it again.It must have been completed and released.Cheng Siyu thought for a while, The advertisement should have been delivered.Qi Fei gave me the information that day.After a while, Hu Zhiping came to the office, and I copied the information to him.Mr.Cheng, do you know that when Qi Fei first came to work HCMUSSH cornbread cbd gummies cbd gummies stop smoking shark tank in the company, he was as scared of you as a mouse seeing a cat.Yi Lan raised her hand.teacup, took a sip.Cheng Siyu smiled.The first meeting between her and Qi Fei was a bit dramatic.Qi Fei came to work in the company and learned that she was the president of the company.It cornbread cbd gummies s no wonder that she wasn t afraid, but Yi Lan didn t know these things.Qi Fei has a good mind and skill, and this time the commercial street advertisement has also brought a lot of profits to the company.There were only 20 days before the opening time.Thinking about the opening of the commercial street in 20 days, the old fried dough sticks felt like they were following Qi Fei.It s just so blissful.Qi Fei didn t bother to say anything to the old fritters, so he asked them to tell Cui Yangze that he still had something to deal with, so he left first.After leaving the commercial street, Qi Fei went directly to the Bingang Evening News, but did not find Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan.After thinking about it, Qi Fei went to the advertising company, where Hu Zhiping was sitting in the office dealing with documents.Seeing Qi Fei coming, she put down the work in hand, walked up to hold Qi Fei s hand, and asked Qi Fei if he got any good projects again.Qi Fei smiled awkwardly, and told Hu Zhiping that he just came back from the commercial street.

At this time, Qi Fei, Xiao Wu and the female ninja were surrounded by warriors, but they were not afraid that they would run away.Hmph the female ninja snorted coldly, and said extremely ruthlessly Traitor What is a traitor Trading us women as goods for profit, this is the so called Yamaguchi group, this is the so called righteous way Yo Oh, I m not late.Just when Qi Fei and the three were thinking about how to rush out of the crowd, a rough voice came, and Xiao Wu s face was happy when he heard it, and he was so excited that he almost shed tears.Third brotherThird brotherwe are here.Xiao Wu raised his head and waved his hands.The people in the Yamaguchi gumi are quite courageous.They even dared to move our people.The third brother that Xiao Wu said sneered and walked out from behind the samurai, followed by some people in military uniforms, the third brother After waving his hand, the people in military uniform behind him immediately surrounded the Yamaguchi gumi warriors and told them to put down their weapons.Go, Xiao Wu threw the phone to Qi Fei, he posed a few poses on the beach and asked Qi Fei to take some photos for him.After taking the photo, Xiao Wu put his arms around Qi Fei s neck affectionately, Brother Fei, I m not talking about you, you see, Xiao Cui has been following you for a long time, and he has never had a girlfriend, you are the boss Shouldn t it be time to introduce some girlfriends for Xiao Cui Qi Fei turned his head to look at Cui Yangze, Cui Yangze had indeed been with him for a long time, and he had never heard him talk about having a girlfriend.Hearing what Xiao Wu said, Cui Yangze waved his hands, telling Xiao Wu that such things as love and fate will come naturally, there is no need to force, and Qi Fei does not need to introduce him.Zhao Yun went quickly, and came back quickly.Hitomi Shisha came out from the house, stood beside katie courics cbd gummies Qi Fei, took Qi Fei s arm, and leaned his head on Qi Fei s shoulder, Dumb, when will Xiaobei come back I haven t seen Xiaobei for a long time It s gone.Qi Fei told Tong Shisha that Ye Xiaobei didn t know when she would come back, Xiaobei told Qi Fei cornbread cbd gummies what he saw in Lasia on the phone, and Qi Fei told Tong Shisha again.Stupid, what do you think of the night tonight Qi Fei raised his head and looked at the night sky.A round and a half moon hangs in the sky, and the stars twinkle like naughty children.Qi Fei remembered that the last time he looked at the night sky was at Xiaotie s home in Yunnan, and it had been so long in the blink of an eye.The moonlight is quite beautiful.Living in the city, Qi Fei almost forgot to look at the starry sky after not having a lot of money.Qi Fei gave Cui Yangze a thumbs up.At this time, Jiang Fan and the old fritters did not forget to flatter them.They opened and closed their mouths because Cui Ge made a good decision like this, and Cui Yangze made a good decision like that, which made Cui Yangze feel a little dizzy.Wave your hands and let these old fried dough sticks greet other people in the hot pot restaurant.After Jiang Fan s old fritters left, Cui Yangze looked at Qi Fei seriously, Brother Fei, I ve heard about sister Tong, you must take me unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies with you when you go to Hong Kong, although I and Tong Sister hasn t been together for long, but if Sister Tong encounters any difficulties, I will definitely step forward to help her.Qi Fei nodded, sat and chatted with Cui Yangze for a while, took out his phone and called Xiao Wu, telling Xiao Wu that he had returned to Bingang, but it seemed that Xiao Wu was doing something inappropriate for children The matter, Xiao Wu s voice was also intermittent, but Xiao Wu told Qi Fei at the end, wait for him, he will be there in a while.This kid is really stubborn.I don t know how many people are fighting for that seat.I gave it to him with my own hands, and he doesn t want it.Thinking of Qi Fei s rejection of his kindness, Gongsun Hai was a little helpless.Which companies will be Qi Fei s competitors in this bidding.Xiao Li thought for a while, Tianlong Real Estate will be their number one competitor.And Yang Zhe went to find Xu Kaixuan.Things became more and more interesting, Gongsun Hai squinted his eyes and looked cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies at the sea, Qi Fei, what kind of height can you grow to Gongsun Hai asked Xiao Li to pay attention Let s talk about the bidding, if it really doesn t work, help Qi Fei secretly.In the Bingang Evening News Building, Yi Lan was sitting in Cheng Siyu s office.The bidding was the top news in Bingang, and the media in Bingang were all paying attention, and the Bingang Evening News was gummy cbd pure hemp naturally among them.close to human.Cheng Siyu was also extremely anxious in his heart, but his face was extremely calm, Don t panic, cornbread cbd gummies since the Metropolis Daily wants to blackmail us, let them continue to blackmail us.In addition, we also published a newspaper here comparing Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren.How to publish the cooperation with Metropolis Daily.Yi Lan thought for a while, then shook her head, It might when did cbd gummies get created not be good to do this, why don t we ask Qi Fei, he has a lot of ghost ideas and see if he has any Idea.Cheng Siyu nodded, at this moment, he could only see if Qi Fei could come up with any ideas.Yi Lan called Qi Fei, told him about Tan Jianren and Yan Fengtao, and asked him if he had any ideas or suggestions.Qi Fei thought for a while and told Yi Lan to wait for him.He will be at the company in a while, and we will talk about it then.

Although the man knew that Heizi had good strength, he did not know until he actually fought against Heizi that this tnd was simply the master of infinite strength.Li Xuan looked at the man with interest, and a strange look flashed in his eyes.This skill is enough to replace Platinum, but he doesn t know if his background is clean.Heizi fought with the man for a while and ended in Heizi s failure.Heizi said to Li Xuan with some embarrassment Brother Xuan, I can t beat him, he is better than me.Li Xuan nodded, motioned for Heizi to sit down, and asked the man, Do you know what job you re going to do next The man nodded and looked at Li Xuan calmly, Of course I know that.Li Xuan gave Heizi a wink and told Heizi to take this guy down, and after Heizi left, he made a phone call and asked someone to check the man s background.He turned his head and gave a wink to the two black suits who followed behind him.walked over.After Qi Fei walked around the room, he nodded to the two black suits.After the two black suits entered the room, they came not far from the security guards and pretended to bargain.Qi Fei winked, and the two ran towards the three sitting beside them like two fierce tigers.In the trading room where Qi Fei is located, there are three people in charge of security.No one has ever viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon dared to make trouble in this drug trading market.Therefore, although these people are in charge of security, it is better to say that they are here to doze off.Step aside and take two mouthfuls of drugs.Two black suits rushed towards the three of them, but they didn t know it.Don t move.They didn t react until a pair of big hands grabbed their throats tightly like pliers.Bai Xiye looked at the trading market as if he was an idiot.People, if they don t have help, how dare they come alone.Li Xuan waved his hand, and immediately a few People s Liberation Army ran over with submachine guns, surrounded the person in charge of the trading market and the younger brothers who surrounded Qi Fei and Bai Xiye, and asked them to put down their weapons.Li Xuan walked to Qi Fei and Bai Xiye, patted green roads cbd gummies groupon gummies with cbd them both on the shoulders, and said with a smile It seems that my decision is quite wise, it is much better to bring you two than Heizi It s gone.The trading market was quickly brought under control, the person in charge of the market and a group of younger brothers were taken away by the police, and the drugs in the trading market were set on fire by Li Xuan.After finishing the work here, Li shark tank tinnitus cbd gummies episode Xuan took Qi Fei and Bai Xiye and left.Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei cornbread cbd gummies looked at each other and smiled, they didn t mean to complain about Qi Fei, on the contrary they understood Qi Fei.Buzz buzz Meng Tingting s phone vibrated a few times, she took out her phone and looked at the information on it, with a happy smile on her face, but Tong Shuiyan smiled and said nothing when she saw it.Qi Fei and his group rested in the small villa in Hekou for three days.During the three days, Li Xuan left early and returned late without bringing Qi Fei and Bai Xiye with him.Li Xuan came back very late every night, looking very tired.On the third night, Li Xuan came back a little early, and walked into the small cornbread cbd gummies villa with a smile.Qi Fei, Bai Xiye and Dao Scar Laojiu looked at Li Xuan suspiciously.Li Xuan poured himself a glass of wine, and after drinking a few sips, he cornbread cbd gummies garden of life cbd sleep gummies said to Qi Fei, Bai Xiye, and Dao Scar Laojiu in the room Tomorrow we will set off to take Li Xuan s poison nest in one After a few days of rest, the scars on Qi Fei s body were almost healed, and after Li Xuan came back and said a word, he told them to go to bed early, but Qi Fei couldn t fall asleep in bed at night.I remember that night under the moon, I met you in the vast crowd The woman frowned cbd diamond gummies when she heard Xiao Wu talking endlessly about how to meet her, Sir, I think you really admitted your mistake It s my first time to come to Langzhou.Xiao Wu s face is definitely thick enough, listening to the woman s words, he didn t green roads cbd gummies groupon gummies with cbd forget to tell some things about Langzhou that he heard from Qi Fei.The woman listened to what Xiao Wu said in a dignified manner, looked at Xiao Wu and asked and answered Seeing that you speak so seriously, are you a native of Langzhou Xiao Wu nodded, looking up at the sky at a forty five degree angle, Langzhou is my hometown.I have lived in Langzhou for more than 20 years.There is no place I don t know.The woman s eyes lit up, Then do you know Milan Yes.Xiao Wu s eyes flickered With a sly smile, she said to the woman, Not only do I know where Milan is, the chairman of Milan and I are still brothers.The last one to appear was Ji Ruxue.The clothes on her body were her own designs.She never thought that one day she would be able to wear the clothes she designed and show them in front of everyone.Sister Ji, come on.Ye Xiaobei stood in the background encouraging Ji Ruxue.Although Tong Shisha, Jiazi and Meng Tingting didn t speak, their eyes told Ji Ruxue not to be afraid and to move forward bravely.Ji Ruxue monjour cbd gummies walked very slowly, and when she appeared in the eyes of everyone, she immediately became the focus of the scene.The boss of Ji Ruxue s former company looked at Ji Ruxue on the stage and the clothes on her body.At first glance, they seemed to have seen it somewhere before, but after a few glances, they suddenly woke up.Wasn t the costume they had originally rejected the design At this moment, the faces of these people were so ugly, and just as Tong Shisha said, they regretted it very much now, and their intestines were full of regrets.

story.It s just super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies that although the idea is good, cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies Qi Fei is hard to see, so he has never had the chance to implement it.By the way, I forgot to tell you, my name is Wu Mo, Wu Wu, Mo Mo s Mo, but I don t use that kind of chat software, so don t forget me.In Milan s hospitality office, Wu Mo told Qi Fei her name while stretching out her fists.If one day Qi Fei forgets her, she will definitely make Qi Fei look good.Looking at Wu Mo s appearance, Qi Fei wanted to laugh but held back.He found that this Lu Chi chick was actually a little bit cute.Ruoyun, who was chatting with the female staff in the office, raised her head and looked at the door of the office.She felt a little uneasy.This time, there were two things about Qifei.One was that she wanted to talk to Qi Fei discussed some things about fashion design, and another point was that she hoped to find a chance to spend time with Qi Fei alone.Milan is cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies a soft persimmon that can be manipulated at will, and the second is to warn us that if we cooperate with Milan, we will be destroyed.Yun Changkong and Han Yu are really hateful.Wu Mo thought super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies of their faces and wanted to go up to them.Two slaps, buying the gangsters to harass Milan s shop, this is a very despicable method.Wu Mo asked Ruoyun if the sky would also send people to support Milan.Ruoyun told her that support must be provided, but it is not now.It should not be difficult to rectify organix cbd gummies those harassers by means of Tong Shisha, etc.Milan s situation is stable and some sky is making a move.It is said that Big Brother Qi is not in Langzhou.I don t know who Sister Tong will ask to deal with the harassment this time.When Wu Mo talked about Qi Fei, he looked a little unnatural, a little hesitant, a little shy, and a little nervous.After a pause, Li Xuan continued If I can exchange my current status and money for anything, I will exchange it without hesitation.Qi Fei didn t speak, and he didn t comfort Li Xuan.It s a shame to put this kind of thing on that man.Li Xuan was able to tell his big secret, but Qi Fei only wanted to say four words Courage is commendable..In modern society, there are actually a lot of men in situations like Li Xuan s.How many people have the courage to speak out like Li Xuan There are also many hospitals for various treatment related problems.Qi Fei has also seen many men sneaking in there Seeing a doctor in a hospital, as for the result, he just doesn t know.A tear dripped from the corner of Li Xuan s eyes, he stopped looking at the cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies sky, looked at Qi Fei and said very seriously There is one thing cbd chiller gummies I want to ask you, Brother Fei.Speaking of which, this Chaidelov is still the boss and your brother in cbd gummies for driving anxiety law Zhao Yun asked Xiao Wu with a lewd cornbread cbd gummies smile.Fuck you.Xiao Wu gave Zhao Yun a supercilious look, Master only likes women, and men can go as far as they can go.Qi Fei, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun sat in the car talking and laughing, Xiao Wu told Zhao Yun not to lose that Master Chaidelov, and it would be of great use to catch him then.Chaidelov was very dissatisfied with Liu Chen s arrangement.He wanted to build a car with Wang Yu, but Liu Chen forced him to sit in the same car with Luo Wei, a zombie.There was dissatisfaction written on Chayderov s face, Liu Chen just pretended not to notice it, Tang Qiu and Zhao Hua looked at Chaidlov s expression and wanted to laugh out green roads cbd gummies groupon gummies with cbd loud.Boss, why did that old man sit in the same car as me Afterwards, Luo Wei found Liu Chen and asked about it very dissatisfied.Moreover, the manager always had a smile on his face and respect in his eyes.Who is this person Could it be that he was sent by the headquarters Everyone was curious, and Clerk A of the children s clothing store asked Employee B beside him.Employee B shook his head, The manager is from the headquarters.When Miss Jiazi came, the manager also sent her off, but he just smiled and didn t show any respect in his eyes.Employee B thought of Jiazi a few months ago When they came to the store to meet the manager, at that time they were harassed by some punks all day long, it was miserable.Jiazi didn t say anything when she arrived, and went straight up and beat up the gangsters.I heard that our boss is a very young handsome guy.Do you think the person sent by the manager will be our boss Employee C recalled a news he had heard before, and whispered to the few employees standing beside him.When Qi Fei opened the office, he saw an acquaintance standing outside the door Hu Zhiping.I heard from the staff that you re here, but I still don t believe that I came here to take a look.I didn t expect it was really you.Hu Zhiping gave Qi Fei a big hug.Brother Hu, your complexion is getting better and better.You must have met some happy things recently.When he was still in Bingang Evening News, Hu Zhiping helped him and Cheng Siyu a lot.Haha Hu Zhiping nodded with a smile, You really hit the spot, my wife is pregnant, and I m going to be a father soon.Congratulations.Qi Fei, Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu spoke in unison Congratulations to Hu Zhiping.Hu Zhiping turned his eyes on Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu, and said meaningfully The three of you are not young anymore, I was already married when I was your age.

He shook his head and told the boss that he couldn t remember ra royal cbd gummies 1200mg apple his name.The owner of the snack bar glanced at the gauze on Qi Fei s head, and he seemed to have suddenly realized.The two then chatted about some business cornbread cbd gummies matters, and the more they talked, the more they hit it off.The boss asked cornbread cbd gummies Qi Fei suspiciously You don t remember your name, so who taught you these business things Qi Fei shook his head, I don t know why, but what kind of things will appear in my mind.Snack shop owner After thinking about it, I had to attribute this matter to the fact that the young man in front of me may have been a business person before.Although he has lost his memory now, some things will not disappear.Qi Fei sat in the snack bar for an entire afternoon, and at night he had another meal in the snack bar before returning to Yang Xueyu s rental house.Yang Zhe took a sharp puff, narrowed his eyes, and his face was full of intoxication.This cigarette is really easy to smoke, with a strong taste, a long aftertaste, and more importantly, it is strong enough.He has been an old smoker for decades, and he has never smoked any stimulating cigarettes.He has not experienced the feeling of fainting for many years.Yes, to be honest, he still misses it.So, Yang Zhe didn t think much about it at all, he finished the cigarette in two or three puffs, spit the cigarette butt on the ground, and his eyes felt more radiant.It s so cool, do you still have this cigarette When it s over, give me some.Yang Zhe said.At this time, it seemed that this guy really didn t regard himself as a prisoner, but as if he was chatting with a friend.Hey, there are plenty of cigarettes.Qi Fei hugged Wu Lan and whispered in her ear.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Wu Lan s body still trembled slightly involuntarily.When the father said so, he had identified Qi Fei as the son in law.If so, the two of them would be justified in the future.Although Wu Lan doesn t care about this matter, which girl doesn t want her love to be blessed by her parents What s the matter Qi Fei felt Wu Lan s shaking and asked.It s okay, when are you going Wu Lan shook her head and super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies said.You decide the time, I can do it.Qi Fei kissed Wu Lan s forehead lightly.About the Mingzhu Wu family, your father also expressed his opinion, saying that I can handle it myself.What do you think You decide the outside affairs.What about the family affairs I decide.Also decided.Such a simple conversation directly confirmed Qi Fei s status, no matter what, his life is still controlled by where can you by cbd gummies Wu Lan, the domineering president, accept it, or not, then let s start fighting.This guy who was shrouded in a halo of not being beaten had met Qi Fei three times in total, and he was beaten three times, each time was more ruthless.Even if the Wu family did not pursue this matter, Wu Lun would not be able to let it go, but this is in Langzhou No matter how powerful Wu Lun is, he can t act recklessly, even if he is beaten by Qi Fei, he can bear it.Anyone who knows how to endure will be very dangerous.It is impossible for cornbread cbd gummies Qi Fei to let this dangerous person continue to develop.Since Wu Lun will not make any big moves cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies in Langzhou, he might as well go to Mingzhu viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon to stimulate him.If he can t help but make a move, Qi Fei Fei then had a reason to fight back.Even if something happened to Wu Lun, the Pearl Wu family had nothing to say.Even so, Wu Lan was completely moved.There is no lack of concern for this cold female president, but Qi Fei is the only one who can move him.That being the case, why let him win Didn t Wang Poluo make such a big show today because he wanted to let all the powerful people in Langzhou recognize Qi Fei and choose their own team He is confident that there will be a very large number of people standing next to the Lu family.Therefore, from Wang Poluo s point of view, Qi Fei s downfall has already entered the countdown when natures boost cbd gummies bradley cooper he goes out in person today.Of course, the premise is that Qi Fei accepts the support of those old people today.But is Qi Fei a fool Car washers also have big dreams.A few months ago my goal was to move from a cornbread cbd gummies basement to a building so I wouldn t have to smell the musty smell.I wasn t ready for that, but I was a soldier., just like you, I just like to fight, since I climbed up, I don t want to fall down, so I bought the car wash factory where I worked before, that s all.Suddenly, Cheng Siyu became nervous.After the phone rang twice, it was connected.Hello, who is it Qi Fei s voice came from the phone.Cheng Siyu was so nervous that HCMUSSH cornbread cbd gummies he didn t know how to speak, but suddenly he heard the voice of longing, which directly defeated his originally well developed brain.What should I say Do you want to say that Xia Zhilong is looking for him Although this excuse is good, it can t express her own feelings.It s embarrassing to say that she wants to talk.So she fell silent.Qi Fei on the other end of the phone didn t green leaf cbd gummies how long does 1000mg last seem to want to hang up, but also chose to remain silent.With a smile on the corner of Xia Zhilong s mouth, he made a gesture to Cheng Siyu, signaling to her that five minutes had passed and it was time to talk, and the phone bill was quite expensive, so it s cornbread cbd gummies not a problem to spend so much time.

King Kong spat the cigarette butt in his mouth to his feet, stamped it out with his foot, and said with an angry face.Give her to me.The judge stepped forward and said.Don t come to those useless ones.If you dare to lift your foot again, I will detonate the bomb, and then everyone will die together.King Kong took out another cigarette, lit it, and dangled around the bomb.This frightened the judge.In his opinion, King Kong is just a piece of shit on the ground, and he is the bright moon and stars in the sky.There is no comparison at all.If the two of them died together, it would be a shame.However, in order to prevent the organization s information from being leaked, even if he was blown to pieces, he would still grab Hu Mingyue or kill her.Compared to killing King Kong, it would be easier to kill Hu Mingyue.He is afraid.That s what he said, but he was so close to Qi Fei, if Qi Fei s head twitched and he detonated the grenade directly, he was still playing a fart, no matter how many people defended him, it would be of no use.I want it, I ll give it to you.Qi Fei said with a smile, and waved his arm directly.This posture is about throwing the safe.Get down.Shangyuan Teng Er yelled, lying on the ground directly, and the group of soldiers behind him was even more timid, some lying on the ground, while some turned around and ran, and even stampede.It really sucks.It scares you, you dare to come to cbd gummies from doughmaine Huaxia with this little courage, go back to Dongyang to drink milk.Qi Fei mocked to the fullest.Hehe, Qi Fei, you are also a dignified generation of soldier kings, so it s a bit worthless to do so.Vulture said with a sneer.He has done a detailed investigation on Qi Fei and the experts around Qi Fei.He has known the three Niu family brothers for a long time, and he also knows that the three brothers know the skill of combined attack.At the beginning, he was really interested in the three brothers, but before viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon He was disappointed after he fought against Niu Jia and broke Niu Jia s neck.With such a little bit of strength, even if there is any combined attack technique, it is still a scumbag.Therefore, in his eyes, Niu B and Niu C are actually given away for nothing, and they can be crushed to death in minutes, and then take Wu Lan away, and wait for Qi Fei to return to Langzhou.This rhythm will definitely feel good.But Ersha slapped him in the face so nakedly, and the two of them showed super level strength, and unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies even resisted his strength.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Tian Wang was a little stunned.Could it be that he was so untrustworthy, and could it be that he looked so hypocritical.Impossible, he doubted himself a little.But he quickly dismissed the idea, the kid in front of him was too good at fooling people.So viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon he stood up, walked to the bed, glanced at the scenery outside the window, took a deep breath, and suppressed the urge to slap this guy to death.What is a country and what is a home asked the Heavenly King.This question was very sudden, and the smile on Qi Fei s face froze instantly.Yes, he thought about this question many times when he was in the army.When he finally confirmed his truest thoughts, the army no longer existed.What is the small self and what is the big self Tianwang asked another question.Now Qi Fei was completely confused.Doing good deeds is like a habit for him.Cao Feng and Xie Hanyan saw the man who had saved them turn around and left.They were startled for a while, then quickly chased after him, saying, This little brother Qi Fei was curious when he heard Cao Feng and the others calling him.Turning around, he asked puzzledly, What s the matter Don t you know the way home The two shook their heads and said, No, we just want to say thank you.It s okay, everything It s just a matter of little effort, next time you encounter such a thing, remember to call the police.Qi Fei said very righteously.Policemen Xie Hanyan pouted, if it was really useful to find the police, she wouldn t be forced to look like this by those people.If Cao Feng hadn t appeared, cv sciences cbd oil gummies she didn t know what would happen to her now.Qi Fei knew from their expressions that something bad must have happened to them.It seemed that she had no feeling for the name Mo Xuanzhuo at all.It s like listening to a passerby introduce himself, it really doesn t matter who he is.Snapped Mo Xuanzhuo felt that he was slapped severely again Because, he didn t see Qi Fei s surprise and astonishment after hearing his name at all.In his script, after Qi Fei heard his name, even if his expression didn t change, he wouldn t be able to remain so indifferent.However, not only did this guy s face remain unchanged, but he was still drinking wine calmly, which was really pissing off.Qi Fei was drinking wine calmly, but he was also inadvertently observing Mo Xuanzhuo s performance.Qi Fei was very satisfied when he found out that he was out of breath.Sure enough, the more understatement, the louder the slap.Hey, wanna kidnap my sister Don t abuse you, I and your surname Control the anger Control the anger Qi Fei s performance made Mo Xuanzhuo go down first, so he kept telling himself that he must control his anger and not let the other party get scared.

The compliment from the short and fat man greatly benefited Mo Xuanzhuo.At this time, there was a smug smile on the corner of his mouth.Young man, it s useless to just talk about it.If you have the ability, let me show you how you can trample me to death Qi Fei still sipped the red wine in style, the astringent taste , sighed with emotion It s just that the year is a little less, it s a pity.Mo Xuanzhuo shook his head, a little regretful.When he learned that Qi Fei had been in the Sword Special Forces for seven years, he somewhat expected that the bastard who beat his younger brother would have some tricks with him.But after seeing the real person, he was disappointed.Because Qi Fei at this time, in his eyes, is completely a clown, a clown who came here to pretend to be tough.How can this kind of person who comes to pretend to be brave have fighting power It s purely courting death It is estimated that only one punch is needed to beat this bastard into a dead dog.As an excellent soldier of the Spike Brigade, as the soldier king who has won the whole army competition for two consecutive years.He really didn t expect that the other party killed himself with just one move.Damn, this guy really didn t come to pretend to be aggressive, but he has such arrogance Yes, only then did Mo Xuanzhuo realize that his contempt for Qi Fei was completely wrong.Thinking about it this way, it seems that it is me who is pretending to be a clown.Scoff With a goblet of red wine in Qi Fei s hand, he lightly let it hit Mo Xuanzhuo s head directly, bent down, looked at Mo Xuanzhuo with a terrified face with a smile, and said, These next words, I ll just say it once, if you do it again in the future, don t blame me for turning into a god of death and taking your life for Yan Luo.Because, in this case, can t you fully demonstrate your handsome basketball skills in front of the goddess referee Well, relying on the skills of the few of them, is it really good to abuse this kind of opponent Will it still leave the girls with the influence of cornbread cbd gummies jolly cbd gummies bullying the weak I have to say that the number ten man still feels very good about himself.To have such an idea is entirely because the opponent s combat effectiveness is too poor, and there is no pressure to challenge.Chapter 570 Fierce Confrontation Ye Xiaobei heard Qi Fei s funny question, gave him a blank look, and said, Is that a foul for you It s an illegal backhand dribbling.You re suspected of throwing the ball.Do you know Throwing the ball Ye Xiaobei said so, Qi Fei knew why he was blown.Ahem, I m sorry, it was an accident It s mainly because I haven t played for a long time, and I m unfamiliar.This is a sophomore, and all kinds of love affairs of other department flowers are spread everywhere, but she cornbread cbd gummies has never had any scandals, and she has never seen any animal who is lucky enough to hold her hand.In addition to her appearance and temperament, as a foreign language student of Yanda University, she is also versatile.Not only is she good at playing the piano, but she also knows the quintessence of Chinese art, the pipa.In addition to being fluent in unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies English, French, German, and Russian are also spoken fluently, with a pure fx cbd gummies accent and standard pronunciation His talent in language has attracted the admiration of all the top students.Such an elegant, accomplished and powerful existence in the foreign language department is simply the goddess in the hearts of many boys in the foreign language department.Then I wrote down a large string of English, corrected the grammar, and marked where it came from.The speed of that line is flowing and smooth, without any stagnation, which makes people dazzled.Such a scene was similar to that of Qu Tianhua unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies who had been in London for more than ten years.A classmate who happened to have that book, quickly dug it out, found the original sentence, tried to find a little mistake, but regrettably found that the mistake was indeed Qu Tianhua.Qi Fei glanced at Paradise Lost on the desk, did not give the people present a super cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies chance to breathe, cornbread cbd gummies and wrote in a burst of swishing Humans have created civilization because of their wisdom Cursed.The fertile soil grows thorns, the green fields become deserts, the clear skies become smoky, and the clear rivers drift with filth If human nature is corrupted by evil, it will lead to terrible consequences destruction This is an ancient And Chang Xin s alarm bell embodies the lofty spirit of pursuing freedom Yes, he s talking about Paradise Lost this time.Hey, don t you know that smoking is not allowed here At this time, the female doctor who came out of the nursing room smelled the smell of smoke and frowned.Looking at the cigarette butt in his hand, Qi Fei was taken aback.When was this lit Feeling the angry eyes of the female doctor, Qi Fei knew that now was not the time to be cornbread cbd gummies confused, so he hurriedly said, I m sorry, I m going to throw it away.Throwing the cigarette butt into the trash can in the aisle, Qi Fei hurriedly returned to the female doctor and said, Doctor, is my friend okay I m going to eat something fried during the special period.After that, she gave Qi Fei the receipt and told him to remember to pay the fee, and then the female doctor went to work.Qi Fei held the payment slip in his hand, looked at the cases on it, his eyes were wide open.

As a teacher, seeing the students like this, she knew that it was really not that simple.At the same time, as early as when Wu Yaqin s figure appeared in the self study room, Mo Qiuling s follower, the little fat girl in the opposite building not far away, frowned when she saw this scene.This Wu Yaqin is very capable in school, so there shouldn t be any problems, right She thought so, mainly because she was in the classroom all the time, holding a telescope, she couldn t see the situation inside, so she was still unclear about what happened in the study room.Therefore, I don t even know the cornbread cbd gummies scene where Qi Fei has already beaten all those punks to the ground.As Mo Qiuling s follower, long before Mo Qiuling left, he followed her instructions and kept an eye on her.If there was anything wrong, he would immediately notify her.All in all, going to the police station is really dangerous.If you can, if you can t go in, don t go I m sorry, I will never let anyone who bullies my students go away.Wu Yaqin showed no mercy to such little bastards.No We re just here to run errands.It really has nothing to do with us.This is green roads cbd gummies groupon gummies with cbd all because Mo Qiuling asked us to come Xiaoqiang and others shouted loudly.Mo Qiuling Who is she Wu Yaqin frowned.Mr.Wu, you also know this Mo Qiuling, the millennium second child in our department Qi Juanjuan said at this time.It s her It seems that I have been too gentle to her during this period of time, and she doesn t take me seriously at all After thinking about it, Wu Yaqin said to herself If this is the case, Then I will teach her a profound lesson.If she is like this next time, don t blame me for not giving face, and ask her to leave Yanda After thinking about it, her eyes fell on Shitou and the others again, and she wrinkled slightly Frowning for a while, he said Although you are not the culprit, you are also accomplices Bullying my students in my territory, I will cornbread cbd gummies not make it easier for you.Alas, these girls are good at everything, just change their clothes and go out to dress up, which is unbearable.I feel a lot of emotion Afterwards, Qi Fei dashed to dormitory 305 aggressively.Hey, hey, hurry up.Qi Fei didn t even think about it, he just pushed the door and left.Ah As soon as he pushed the door open, there was a huge scream in the 305 dormitory.You bastard, what are you looking at Get us out now After all, a piece of clothing was thrown directly on Qi Fei s face.Originally, relying on Qi Fei s skill, facing this clothing, he could completely avoid it.But the pink, black, flesh colored and other colors The bra just made his head rumble.Beautiful So beautiful Big So big Well, there is even a waistcoat line on the lower abdomen Oh my god, it s so beautiful.It s unbearable to look at it so white and tender.Well, I completely regarded myself as an outsider.Get out the m blend cbd gummy bears of the way Facing Wu Hao, Qi Juanjuan shouted in a clear and cold voice.Juanjuan Although she knew that Qi Juanjuan had never liked him, she was yelled at in front of so many people, especially in front of a few beauties.Wu Hao suddenly wana cbd thc 1 1 gummies review looked embarrassed.Don t stand in front of me, I don t want to see you Qi Juanjuan shouted again, no matter the tone or the content of her words, she was merciless.For this, Wu Hao s anger rose in his heart, and he really wanted to slap her right away What does this woman think of herself If I didn t like you, do you think you could be so mighty in front of me Don t forget, besides I like you, who else dares to like you Your brother s status as a deserter, alone, is daunting Obviously, he thought so, completely unaware of Qi Fei s matter.When it s funny, it gives people all kinds of jokes.There is even a hand in the kitchen This kind of person who gives people a sense of security, is humorous and can cook is already very rare.But on Qi Fei, you have to add a label of handsome guy , which is even rarer.Thinking about it, Ye Xiaobei suddenly had a feeling If Qi Fei was my boyfriend, it seemed to be fine.Suddenly, Ye Xiaobei was frightened by his own thoughts No way How can I like this violent pervert Yes, cornbread cbd gummies no matter how good that guy is, he is still a pervert who will break into the girls dormitory to watch other people change their clothes How could I like this kind of person Besides, it s impossible for me to like my best friend s brother After recovering, Ye Xiaobei nodded and said to Wu Hao No way, in fact, he is not as good as Juanjuan and the others said.What kind of emotion does it take to make him throw away everything and go home without hesitation When Qi Fei listened to Ye Zhicheng talking about his past deeds, he couldn t help being dazed for a while.I miss it, but unfortunately, there is always a time when we get together, and there is no banquet in the world that lasts forever.After finishing speaking, Ye Zhicheng immediately stood up and gave Qi Fei a military salute Then he said very solemnly Only representing a person, I salute you Facing the elder s sudden salute, Qi Fei quickly stood up and saluted in return.However, I wondered in my heart, what kind of trouble is this At the same time, I was curious, why did he let me come to his house for dinner After all, people who have access to their own files are not so bored that they just want to see what the people in the files are like If that s the case, it s kind of boring.

After all, he took a step and walked towards the building.Director The two guards looked at the director s back and Qi Fei who was following him calmly.They gritted their teeth and followed directly.However, the way they looked at Qi Fei became uneasy.You are a young guy, don t think that you can speak irresponsibly just because of unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cornbread cbd gummies the name of Ye Xiaobei s life saving benefactor.Hmph, if we go forward later and find nothing, we will definitely teach you a lesson.With different moods in this way, several people got on the elevator and went cornbread cbd gummies directly upstairs.When the elevator reached the top floor, several people came out and found that there was still a floor to the top, so they walked over.However, when they walked towards the passage on the roof, Ye Zhicheng s two subordinates frowned when they saw the footprints and traces on the stairs.After all, when he found someone here just now, it made him extremely nervous.However, now I finally feel relieved.The fists went up one by one, and the fists of the third child and Wei Yatong blocked each other.Feeling the strength from his arm, the youngest looked at Wei Yatong more.This beautiful girl, unexpectedly with such a strong force, is actually a female man.Such a beautiful female man is really rare.But no matter whether she is beautiful or not, the third child will not show mercy.After all, I ve been in this business for so many years, what kind of woman haven t I seen I have already taken care of a big star, would I still care about a girl like you With a sudden kick, the youngest kicked Wei Yatong directly.Feeling the whirring breath, Wei Yatong made a fierce block, making this attack ineffective.In response to the girl s confused sigh, Qi Fei smiled and said, Well, my car is still provided by the unit.You bastard Xia Mengan glared at Qi Fei s words, and said in his heart It s good to know the welfare of your police station, but no matter how good it is, don t show it off like this Tch, is it great to have a car Xia Mengan said against his will.Regarding this, he smiled and said, Actually, you can afford my car.Really At this time, Qi Fei looked serious Twenty eight big bars, can you afford it I guess this viralix cbd gummies reviews green roads cbd gummies groupon thing has been discontinued Find a junk shop and buy a second hand car for only forty or fifty yuan, which is not a high price at all.Xia Mengan gave Qi Fei a blank look, and said, If you don t excite people so much, you will die By the way, what brand is your car Minutes.Poof Holding the glass of water, Xia Mengan just took a sip, but Xia Mengan immediately sprayed it.Afterwards, his subordinates would rush up in a frenzy and give that person a hard lesson.Since Zheng Zheguang weighs nearly two hundred catties, it is not easy to be thrown away.Moreover, he is so strong and has thick flesh.Even if he hugs the thigh of someone with good fighting power, he can still resist blows.This trick was practiced by Zheng Zheguang in combination with his own characteristics.Everything is for the sake of being able to have a good group fight.This time he used this trick to deal with Qi Fei, not because he discovered that Qi Fei is a master or something.It s just that Zheng Ershao felt that this guy who wanted to moles his sister had to use this trick to greet him harshly.What the hell, is it that you can just take advantage of the advantages of our sister Zheng s Don t talk about our girls, even if it s our man s advantage, it s not something you, a bastard, can just take advantage of.Damn, this chick is so beautiful, you ve actually been molested by you Hold If I don t beat you up, I m really sorry for that beauty s face It s day Are all these guys funny Didn t you see that it was a very basic rescue method after a person drowned Looking at the few people who came to him, there were a bunch of students around him, which made Qi Fei very embarrassed.Because in front of these students, it was really difficult for him to put these people down.Because this is not like beating Zhuang Minghui in the girls dormitory building on the 28th.After all, Zhuang Minghui went to the girls dormitory to make trouble But in the scene in front of him, he really couldn t let go and hit someone.Because, there are many people taking pictures with their mobile phones.This is the era of national reporters.They couldn t solve this matter, so they could only seek help from the family.Huh You said, I m already mentally prepared, as long as it doesn t kill someone or harm another girl.If it s this matter, you can hang up the phone yourself and let the police cornbread cbd gummies station deal with business.From Zheng Maocai s words, it can be seen that he is still very cruel to his son.People are responsible for their own choices.Although I can help you, if you don t even have the qualifications to be lifted up by me, then I won t accompany you.This is the Zheng family s request for their male doll Such a requirement has both advantages and disadvantages.The good thing is that several of them are extremely independent.They have never been the kind of children who are bullied outside, go home crying, and then ask their family members to help.

Faced with these problems, Zheng Lao Er, who was only a brawny muscle, didn t crash at the moment.Not only that, but his intelligence seemed to be super extended, and he told him all kinds of information very clearly.After changing his clothes, Zheng Laosan ran directly to Uncle Mo s office at the police station, explained the situation to him, and ran away with others.Then, there was a conversation between the police chief and Zheng Maocai.Just when Uncle Mo asked people to go out to find Zheng Laosan, he drove the criminal police team to Zheng Laosan near Taihe Road and called his elder brother directly.This is what Zheng Laoer told him, saying that the eldest brother is watching the surveillance in the traffic police team, and asking him for help will make it easier to find the taxi.Boss Zheng was waiting for his father cornbread cbd gummies s call, but who knew, what he was waiting for was an unfamiliar call.After saying goodbye to his beloved racing car, it was the first time he felt so comfortable driving a taxi.He looked at the roads around him, patted the steering wheel and said, Well, it s gone.As long as you leave this Suzaku Street, the road to the airport will be flat.Then did we get rid of the white domestic Mercedes Benz in the back Zheng Peishan, who was already vomiting very well, didn t forget to ask at this time.Although the messy hair blocked most of her features, HCMUSSH cornbread cbd gummies cornbread cbd gummies the driver brother still saw paleness from a small part of her face.Feeling a bit unbearable, he nodded and said, It s been thrown a long way, don t worry.Hearing this news, Zheng Peishan was relieved.For a while, I felt that it was worth it to get this exciting news after throwing up so much.Thank you, brother driver.Zheng Peishan said weakly, Thank you too.Fortunately, the goal is still there What Why can t you say no Why can t the road be unblocked I ve found my sister, how long do you want to block the street Could it be true that Suzaku Avenue was opened by your family Yes If you say blockade, then block it After Zheng Sanshao learned that his sister was not kidnapped, he just wanted to rush to the airport, so that she could get to the airport smoothly, he called the criminal police in front of him who was in charge of blocking the street , That s Uncle Mo s man.But when he asked to unblock the road, another person took the phone and said no.I m sorry, we won t unseal the street without an order from our where to purchase cbd gummies to treat anxiety superiors.Facing Zheng Zheming s scolding, the plainclothes policeman still said politely.I knew it would be a good thing if the elder brother said green roads cbd gummies groupon that another team would cooperate with me to block the street.The criminal police captain Wu Yaqin who came along with the crowd nodded and said Yes, although I don t want cornbread cbd gummies Qi Fei to have any accidents, but many things can t just happen according to my subjective consciousness.We are not arguing now Time, but to find a way to solve this problem.I ll go find Qi Fei Zheng Peishan stood up directly at this time and put forward her own idea.While everyone was arguing, Jiang Fan had been staring at the computer screen, seeing that Zheng Peishan wanted to go in and ask Qi Fei for something, he weakly raised his hand and said, Well, can I say something.Zheng Peishan gave Jiang Fan a direct look, and said bluntly, Say Actually, I think Qi Fei is fine.Qi Fei, are you okay It reached Jiang Fan s body of more than two hundred kilograms.What s going on here Jiang Fan might be afraid of so many people s eyes on other things, but what he wants to say at this moment involves his professional field, so he puffed out his chest and was very confident Said Qi Fei said before that he would wear an oxygen mask, so there is no problem in breathing.So, Xiaoguan, please pass the news to Instructor Ma later, and tell her to launch a counterattack after 11 30.Remember, when you let her act, you must be fast, and at the same time try not to let those people hurt To ordinary people.After hearing Qi Fei s words, Wei Yatong nodded in satisfaction.She really didn t expect that Qi Fei would still care so much for the common people in his heart.If Qi Fei knew that Wei Yatong thought of him so much, he would definitely run back to the ward from the sewer and confront her face to face.Damn, I m a soldier like Lei Feng, okay Helping others and caring for the people are my purpose.Those of you who have always suspected that I have no integrity, you really should take a break, okay Because Lao Tzu is full of positive energy.Qi Fei, then hurry up and come out now, it s too late.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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