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Immediately, Qi Fei thought of Cheng Siyu s attitude in front of that Li Xuan just now, which is really weird, how could a goddess of Cheng Siyu s level be with the disgusting Li Xuan What will be the relationship between the two I guess there are some stories here.Oh I can t even take care of myself, and I still think about others, it s funny.Qi Fei laughed at himself, zipped up his pants, looked around, and left here.Then Qi Fei went to the store and bought a box of instant noodles.He felt that these should last for a while.After returning to his place of residence, he put the instant noodles on the table and turned on his own laptop.In this environment, the computer was his only recreational tool, and Qi Fei didn t know what to do just looking at the screen after turning it on.The room was quiet, and there was no sound from outside.Chapter 48 Meeting Speech Cheng Siyu knocked on the office door, Qi Fei hurriedly turned his head to take a look, and after realizing that it was her, he turned around and quickly turned off his QQ.This action was naturally noticed by Cheng Siyu, but she didn t see clearly what was on Qi Fei s computer screen, and only thought he was browsing the web and playing games or something.Mr.Cheng, hehe Qi Fei smiled and stood up.You don t need to be nervous, you are usually busy enough, now I have some free time to relax and I won does cbd gummies interact with medications t say anything to you.Hearing this sentence, Qi Feian breathed a sigh of HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications relief, luckily she didn t see her QQ.I don t know what s going on with Mr.Cheng Qi Fei asked.Cheng Siyu scanned the office with his eyes Where s Manager Yi Has she come back No her mother has come to see her.At this time, the director of the department said to the man in his forties Dean, Qi Fei is recovering very well now.Now Qi Fei was surprised.The director of the hospital came to see him in person When did I have such a big face The dean took a look at Qi Fei, and then said to the director That s good, you can go to work first.The director nodded to the dean and the other two middle aged men, and then left.The dean said with a smile on his face Two leaders, Qi Fei is here.Qi Fei sat up involuntarily, and the two people smiled at Qi Fei, and the woman said to the dean Thank you Dean, you can go on your own.The dean didn t say anything, turned around and left, and closed the door behind him.Anyone who is not a fool can tell that these two middle aged people must have a lot of background.Even the director of the Municipal People s Hospital is so polite to them.How can cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank I trouble you again.Boss Cheng called me and said he won t be back at noon, so let me help you buy lunch for you, you can eat.Li Dafa pointed to the food.Qi Fei nodded to express his gratitude, and then asked about Yi Lan.Li Dafa s face was full of sadness, and he sighed heavily Oh still haven t woken up The doctor told me to be mentally prepared, she may just lie down like this, which is the so called vegetative state , I dare not tell her parents about this.Then continue the treatment first, maybe Sister Lan will do cbd gummies give you the munchies does cbd gummies interact with medications wake up, then go and inform her parents, if her parents see her like this now, they will definitely bear it.I can t stop stimulating.Li Dafa scratched his hair in pain, his eyes were full of despair I have spent almost all of my money to treat Alan.This this is really Li Dafa couldn t continue, but Qi Fei already had an ominous premonition in his heart.Qi Fei saw that these two were the same guys who had been cleaning up Li Dafa in the hospital.Heizi, Maoqiu, from tonight onwards, Qi Fei will be my personal assistant, you two have to listen to him.It s the boss.After the two answered in unison, they turned around and bowed down to Qi Fei Head Hello, Brother Fei Chapter 60 Breaking out in a cold sweat Qi Fei still doesn t quite understand why Li Xuan would use him so much, he just knows that Li Xuan dared to do this, does cbd gummies interact with medications he definitely didn t do it casually, he must have his own confidence.For this person, Qi Fei had to be more vigilant in his heart.Two brothers, please take care of me from now on.Qi Fei said politely to Heizi and Maoqiu.Then Li Xuan asked Qi Fei if he would drive and had a driver s license.Qi Fei nodded, and Li Xuan gave Qi Fei the car keys and told him that there was a red Buick outside, and he would use it later.he.I ve done my best Don t force me anymore, take the money away From now on, neither you nor Yi Lan will have anything to do with me These words made Qi Fei s heart ache, and his eyes were exposed.A sad look.Seeing him like this, Li Dafa seemed to gain confidence, and added to Qi Fei I know you are good at skills, and you have some skills, but I m not afraid to tell you, the boss I m following now is a gangster The people here They are not fuel efficient lamps If you push me into a hurry, I will does cbd gummies interact with medications can i give my dog a cbd gummy talk to the boss, and then don t blame me for being unreasonable Facing such direct threats and threats, Qi Fei showed a strange smile, Slowly raised his hand to take the more than 3,000 yuan, then stood up with a sigh.Are you satisfied Are you happy that you have emptied all my money Don t leave yet Li Dafa urged with a straight face.The taxi entered the residential area, drove for a while, and stopped at the downstairs of a residential building.Not long after, a woman got out of the car.Qi Fei widened his eyes and took a closer look, it was really Zhang Li I saw Zhang Li wearing a fur coat and high heeled boots.It was obvious that she had been carefully dressed.This womandoes she have a lover Date here Qi Fei couldn t help guessing.After Zhang Li got out of the car, she looked around, then took out her mobile phone and made a call.Qi Fei couldn t hear what she was saying, but judging by the expression it should be annoyed.After the phone call, Zhang Li went in.Qi Fei didn t know what cbd gummies how long do they last he was thinking, and followed him all the way.Seeing Zhang Li enter the elevator, the elevator door was completely closed.Qi Fei walked quickly to look at the elevator floor indicator lights The eighth floor so it s the eighth floor.Also, Li Xuan well, I think you should have felt it too.This guy has a fickle personality, moody, and very gloomy.I used to be terrified in chevron cbd gummies front of him every day.It was a hard day.Think about it, that car accident, in the hospitalmy ancestor Almost beat me to death You said, would I still follow such a boss Qi Fei, I kindly advise you, Don t follow him anymore, there will be no good results Qi Fei showed a thoughtful expression Then, do you know HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications that Qin Wu is Li Xuan s competitor How would I know Li Dafa He seemed a little angry Damn it, it s not just the two of them who are engaged in medigreens cbd gummies reviews real estate in Bingang City.In this way, Qin Wu and other real estate developers are Li Xuan s competitors I am familiar with this industry, Wouldn t it be betrayal of Li Xuan to go to any real estate company This sentence made Qi Fei s mind flash, and he seemed to touch the thought that disappeared in an instant before, and he hurriedly asked What the hell is Qin Wu backing I don t know either.What s going on Qi Fei went up to meet him and asked.The manager gritted his teeth Damn it, those three bastards did go in, but they slapped me in the process of persuading me, saying that I would look down on people if I didn t give them a private room Qi Fei s face was gloomy It seems cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications It s really too arrogantI ll go over now, I ll deliver the wine and fruit, and call Heizi and Maoqiu to the door to guard Soon, Qi Fei was ready, dressed in waiter s clothes, holding There was a plate with a wine bottle in it.Heizi and Maoqiu had already arrived outside that box, and seeing Qi Fei appear, Heizi immediately said Brother Fei, how about this, let s go in together, clean up those three little brats, and beat them up violently in there.Pause.Qi Fei waved his hand This is a place to do business, if you don t want to fight and kill, don t fight and cbd gummies 500mg with turtle kill, but you can rest assured that I will handle things well, and if there is an accident, I ll call you too.The excruciating pain instantly spread from the snake head s right armpit to his whole body.At that moment, he felt as if the whole private room was spinning, and it became extremely difficult to breathe.Qi Fei took advantage of the victory cbd gummies for anxiety and depression reviews to pursue and kicked the snake head in does cbd gummies interact with medications the left ear.There was no way for the snake head to dodge or block it.This time it finally fell to the ground, blood was spitting out of its mouth, and finally it couldn t get up again.From Snake s head attacking to Qi Fei knocking him unconscious, the process was only a few seconds, so that Tiger s head and Wolf s head didn t have time to help their brothers.Moreover, both of them were so shocked by Qi Fei s skill that they had nothing to say.They never imagined that an ordinary waiter in a bar would have such skill.So it s like this, it s okay, just get used to it, of course If you can t stand it, you can go inside and wait, it s cold outside, go in and drink some hot cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications tea to warm yourself up, the director will entertain you.To go, or not to go, this is a difficult choice for Qi Fei.He didn t know what Li Xuan would think if he left, but if he didn t leave, it meant that he had seen something he shouldn t have seen with his own eyes.Qi Fei was heartbroken, damn it, I already know about it anyway, this is not something I can change, just stand here But to Qi Fei s surprise, Li Xuan suddenly said to him Okay, don t hold on to it, this kind of thing is really too difficult for you now, get used to it slowly, now You go into the house for me, and wait for me to come back.Seeing that what Li Xuan said didn t seem to be ironic, Qi Fei felt relieved, so he nodded, turned around do cbd gummies give you the munchies does cbd gummies interact with medications and left, and went back along the corridor.You what are you going to do Hu Tou stammered.Platinum shook the dagger in his hand I still need your help for another matter.Hearing this, Hutou and the others breathed a sigh of relief.Seeing that Platinum took out the dagger, they thought the other party was going to do something After doing some things, it turns out that I can still help out, so if this is the case, I will definitely be able to escape.Hutou laughed You really scared me, I thoughtyou were going to kill us, hehe, think about it, too, Wuye has no reason to kill us.Platinum smiled again Say It s quite right, killing people really needs a reason.Lord Tiger always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn t tell what was wrong, he just wanted to get out quickly, so he said to Platinum Hurry up HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications and give me a reason.Let s all untie it, I don t think it will be easy for you to come in, but don t waste your time and be discovered Bai Jin lowered his eyes Actually, it s easy for me to come in.Thisthen thank you Brother Xuan.Thank you, take a good rest and recharge your energy.Come with me to Yunnan tomorrow.Chapter 127 Startled Going to Yunnan Li Xuan gritted his teeth and said, Why, you don t want to go No, no I just felt a little sudden.I don t know what Brother Xuan is going there for I will tell you when the time comes, okay, I m leaving, you go back to the hotel to rest, I will find you around the same time tomorrow, it won t be very early, you can sleep late.Li Xuan said After finishing all this, he took Mr.Guang and left.It took Qi Fei a long time to come back to his senses.Li Xuan, this guy does cbd gummies interact with medications made me rest and get a massage because he was going to Yunnan tomorrow Naturally, cbd gummies for kids wihth autism adhad add Qi Fei couldn t figure out why he had to run so far away all of a sudden.Since Li Xuan said so, he had no choice but to follow suit., still can t resist the person holding the guy, besides, the guy nowadays is not just as simple as a knife, I have some kung fu, and I can even use a knife, but when others come up, it s just a single shot, and I can t even put a fart Sigh Li Xuan laughed loudly What Brother Fei said is very reasonable.Those who are on the road these days don t have .

does cbd gummies help sciatica pain?

any tough guys.After a pause, Li Xuan said Actually, I know your Those details are a good thing for you, otherwise, how would I know that there is a hidden talent around me Now that does cbd gummies interact with medications I know, I will definitely reuse you, and then you will have a lot of opportunities to make money Do you think it s a good thing Before Qi Fei could reply, he heard the ringtone of a text message from Li Xuan s does cbd gummies interact with medications pocket.He was familiar with that voice because it was his own.Mysterious How mysterious Qi Fei s eyes revealed a trace of anxiety.How should I put it, although the village is not completely isolated from the outside world, once you enter it, it seems to be in another world.In fact, the village has very little connection with the outside world After a pause, Xiao Tie suddenly said to Qi Fei in a gloomy manner It is said that there are evil spirits in that village.Xiao Tie was really frightened, his expression changed.Evilghost Are you kidding methere are no ghosts in this world.Qi Fei said anxiously, with a smile on his face.Xiao Tie burst out laughing, and then sighed Oh, I was hoping to bluff you, it seems that you are still calm, there are no evil spirits, I m just joking.Qi Fei was speechless, so this girl It s scaring people.Then Xiao Tie said again There are no ghosts, but there are trubliss cbd gummy still some strange things.The flame went out instantly, and everything around him fell into darkness again.Before Qi Fei could react, he saw a flame suddenly appeared in front of him.It turned out that the lighter caught fire by itself.The flame spread instantly, and the bed board and the blanket on it caught fire all at once.In the flames, Li Xuan s bloody and terrifying face reappeared.Qi Fei wanted to run away before he was engulfed by the flames, but he didn t expect that he couldn t move his whole body.The flames became more and more fierce, and Li Xuan s face was getting closer and closer.Qi Fei couldn t understand what he saw at all.He wanted to shout, but he couldn t make any sound.He could only watch in horror.His own body was also burned with fire.Qi Fei Qi Fei A familiar voice sounded from the side.Qi Fei subconsciously turned his head and looked over, and what he saw was Cheng Siyu.Li Xuan was silent for a long time, then suddenly sighed Don t talk about you, even I wholesale cbd gummies prices was scared enough.Damn it I won t do it after killing me.Qi Fei felt that Li Xuan s mental state seemed to have returned to his original state, so he tentatively asked He continued Brother Xuan, if the matter didn t work out this time, will it have a big impact on you In fact, Qi Fei didn t know how to ask, mainly because he didn t know what Li Xuan was going to do.Now he thought, if he died in mayim bialik cbd gummies price the rainforest at that time, he would be so depressed It s almost dead without cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico knowing why.Li Xuan frowned into a pimple, his eyes showed pain, he slowly shook his head Forget it it s all gone, I can only pretend I didn t know those things in the first place.Qi Fei was confused, so he asked subconsciously What s the matter Li Xuan gave him a cold look It s over, don t ask any more Qi Fei hurriedly lowered his head Yes, Brother Xuan.Qi Fei smiled embarrassingly.Cheng Siyu said again By the way Speaking of drinking last time, could it be you who was pretending Qi Fei s eyes widened Mr.Cheng, do I now become a complete liar in your eyes What you said is just your guess, and I didn t admit it Okay, let s does cbd gummies interact with medications not talk about it.After a while, when the dishes came, Cheng Siyu asked the waiter to bring a bottle of red wine.Qi Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief.Fortunately, what Cheng Siyu wanted was not white wine.Before, he thought that Cheng Siyu wanted to have some drink to relieve his worries, but now it seems that he is thinking too much.After the meal, Cheng Siyu didn t say anything, and he didn t eat much, the main thing was drinking.Qi Fei was afraid that she drank too much, so he quietly drank more.Red wine is also wine, although the alcohol content is not high, if Cheng Siyu drank more than half of the bottle, he would probably be slightly tipsy.It s a replica pistol, right It s so well done, it s just like the real thing.Qi Fei s throat tightened, and he took two steps back slowly Xiao Beilisten to me, put the gun down.Xiao Bei giggled The more serious Qi Fei is, the more she finds it fun.Instead, she aimed the gun at Qi Fei s nose Brother Qi, do you surrender or not If you don t surrender, I will shoot.She put her index finger on the on the trigger.Qi Fei forgot whether the gun was loaded or not, but there must be bullets in it.If it was loaded, Xiao Bei would definitely be finished by pulling the trigger, so he hurriedly raised his hands Okay I surrender I surrender Ye Xiaobei pursed her lips It s really boring, how could you surrender so quickly Taking advantage of Xiaobei s lowered eyelids to look at the pistol, Qi Fei turned sideways with an extremely fast movement Body, quickly snatched the pistol off, but Xiao Bei was also frightened, so Qi Fei could only throw the gun out.This is the key, you go up first, I ll go buy water does cbd gummies interact with medications first.Qi Fei handed the key to Ye Xiaobei.Okay, then hurry up.Yeah.Ye Xiaobei took the key and entered the building, while Qi Fei turned and walked towards the other side.There was a vending machine not far away, Qi Fei went there to buy two bottles of water, it took less than five minutes, he thought that Xiao Bei should have arrived in the house.Just as Qi Fei took the elevator upstairs and just walked out of the elevator door, his cell phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was Xiao Bei calling.He immediately connected the phone and walked towards his door, but a low and hoarse voice came from the phone Qi Fei, right Qi Fei was stunned, and stood where he was Who are you, why are you holding Xiaobei s mobile phone So this girl is called Xiaobei, she is quite beautiful, it s a pity to die.I didn t expect it to be so lively here.They are all young people, very impulsivedon t be so loud, can you listen to me Qi Fei turned his head and saw a burly man in a black windbreaker at the door.A middle aged man, and beside him was a thin looking man in a black trench coat, who didn t know if he was a bodyguard or a secretary.These two people walked slowly one after the other among the two groups of confronting people.Seeing this situation, Li Xuan rolled his eyes and immediately stood up.But Qin Wu didn t respond, he just looked at the middle aged man with some doubts.Qi Fei thought to himself, from this point of view, Li Xuan knew this middle aged man, but Qin Wu did not.Li Xuan s eyes showed joy, which surprised Qi Fei.The person who can make him react like this is probably a big shot.At that time Mr.Xu is already a member of the Yamaguchi gumi in Japan, and he is still a small leader.Later, Boss Li returned to China, and Mr.Xu also came back and lived in Bingang because he was a member of the Japanese underworld.Background, and I am also very powerful, it seems that he has some other background, I don t know, but in short, he is very powerful, so there is no disrespect from the gangsters here in Bingang. That s how it is.Qi Fei nodded slightly nod.At this time, the man who was sent by Xu Kaixuan to ask the waiter to serve tea came back.He personally held a plate with three cups of tea on it.He first gave Xu Kaixuan a cup, then gave Li Xuan and Qin Wu a cup, and finally He stood behind Xu Kaixuan again.Brother Fei, that person is not simple.Heizi winked at Qi Fei.Really What is his background I don t know him very well, but this person is good at collecting all kinds of news on the road.You could tell by his expression.He said to Qi Fei, These three proposals are very good.Brother Fei is indeed a talent.I, Li Xuan, didn t miss it.Thank you Brother Xuan for your compliment.Qi Fei said politely.Then Li Xuan called an employee in, and he handed over the plan of the nightclub to the employee, asking him to fax it to Langzhou, and immediately deal with it according to this plan.When the employee left with the plan of the nightclub, Li Xuan called the general manager of the real estate company.Brother Fei, I just took a rough look at this real estate marketing plan.It s a bit avina cbd gummies of a brainstorm and I haven t looked at it in detail.How about you tell me orally with the manager, I think it will be better.Qi Fei He nodded, and then began to tell Li Xuan and the manager the general content of his plan.Chapter 197 The man in the vest who sent the beggar had obvious bad breath, which made Yi Lan frown again and again when he spoke, and Qi Fei was annoyed He said I ve seen people messing around, but I ve never seen you messing around like this.Don t be too rampant in broad daylight What s wrong in broad daylight See if there are other people around here besides us It s really interesting to say that you guys came here for nothing.Let me tell you, this construction site is full of my people.As long as I m easy to greet, there are still The busy brothers will come over.I can t say what will happen at that time.My request is not too much.I just let these two beauties kiss us.We hardworking people have worked hard to build Is it okay to get some encouragement once in a while looking at the city park Qi Fei lowered his face HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications Don t put money on your face, I can see that you are not ordinary construction workers, and don t fool the working people.After saying this In a word, Qin Wu s eyes shifted to Ye Xiaobei, and his eyes became straight for a moment Qi Fei, is this your girlfriend You are lucky Qi Fei smiled and said nothing.Qin Wu s gaze stayed on Ye Xiaobei all the time You guys just came out of the snack street too, right Where are you going If you does cbd gummies interact with medications drop by, would you like me to give you a lift At this time, Xiaobei suddenly said, Qi Brother, I don t feel like I m full yet, so why don t you accompany me to eat some more Qi Fei immediately said, That s it, that s fine.Then Qi Fei looked at Qin Wu We still have to go shopping here , I won t bother Boss Qin.Qin Wu smiled meaningfully Okay, goodbye.After he finished speaking, he closed the window of the car, and the car drove does cbd gummies interact with medications away in dust.A hint of doubt flashed in Qi Fei s eyes, but he didn t think any more, and asked Xiao Bei, What else do you want to eat Ye Xiaobei pouted, You think I m a pig, but I can really eat it all the time.The two ate and drank some wine, Li Xuan also opened up the chatter box, and with a red face, he told Qi Fei about the situation of the underground casino in Langzhou.Generally speaking, after the casino over there was carried out according to Qi Fei s plan, Li Xuan managed it very well, and he also brought Liu Dengfeng over there to let cbd gummy honolulu Liu Dengfeng take care of some things there.Liu Dengfeng, Commander Liu, do you still remember Li Xuan asked Qi Fei with a smile.Qi Fei nodded I remember, when he was at the border, he helped Brother Xuan a lot.Yes.Li Xuan nodded again and again Although Liu Dengfeng is a bit older, he is almost sixty years old.Yes, but his skills are still good, but this is second, the most important thing is that he has quite a wealth of life experience, and he is very familiar with the casino situation on the border, and I also trust him very much, so many important things Leave everything to him to deal with, hahaha.Unexpectedly, Qin Wu was very surprised when he saw Xiaobei, and immediately came out by himself, and took the initiative Go talk to Ye Xiaobei.Neither Li Xuan nor the guide had thought of this point.After all, they didn t know that Qin Wu had taken a fancy to this girl s beauty before.Thus, Ye Xiaobei and Qin Wu appeared in the photo that Li Xuan had is cbd gummies safe sent someone to take on purpose.As for Platinum, he didn t know about it at all, because Li Xuan found another group of people to do it without telling him.Li Xuan trusted Platinum on the surface, but in fact he still had reservations, mainly because In fact, Li Xuan also vaguely sensed that something was wrong with Platinum.Of course, it was just a feeling, but even if there was a slight abnormal feeling, Li Xuan would pay more attention to it.Afterwards, Editor does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 in Chief Liu didn t bother to touch the camera, nor did Qi Fei.The three of them continued to drink, eat and chat, the atmosphere was so lively.After drinking and eating, Director Dabeitou was so drunk that he couldn t walk steadily, but he still retained a clear consciousness.As for Editor in Chief Liu, he also became more obviously drunk.Compared with before, his body movements and language It s all very random.Editor in Chief Liu held Qi Fei s hand very affectionately, kept saying that he hoped that Qi Fei would work with him, and said that even if Qi Fei didn t want to leave now, if he had ideas in the future, He can still come here at any time, and he has repeatedly assured that the position of general manager will definitely be filled by Qi Fei.Qi Fei thanked him again and again, and then he said goodbye to Editor in Chief Liu and Director cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications Dabeitou and left.Hee hee, isn t my luck very good Ye Xiaobei looked at Qi Fei quite proudly.Qi Fei walked over quickly, and squeezed out a smile Ahit s very good.Chapter 232 Unseen Cooperation Hey, you don t know, when I won the lottery, the aunts around me were more excited than me Xiao Bei said casually.Xiao Bei, why don t you go to where I live first, and I ll go back right after I get off work.Qi Fei said.Okay, okay, originally I planned to cook over there and wait for you to go back to eat, but I was afraid that I didn t inform you that you would go out to eat by yourself, so I will go back first, remember to come back early.Okay, no problem Then Ye Xiaobei left with the computer.Zhang Wei looked at Qi Fei with a half smile and HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications said, Brother Qi is really lucky.If she hadn t come here in person, I wouldn t have known that you found such a beautiful girlfriend.The corner of Master Dog s mouth was bleeding, and his hands were struggling to support the ground.Brother Take it easy, brother, it hurts Big brother, I was wrong Master Dog said tremblingly.Xiong Jun rolled up his sleeves and bent down to pat Master Dog on the back of the head several times.The pain caused Master Dog to howl like a slaughtered pig.Damn it, you re still a dogI think you re a bitch Xiong Jun cursed and spat at him.Yes, yes, yes, I m a son of a bitch, please, big brother Big brother, spare my life At this moment, Lord Dog has no previous arrogance at all, nor does he have does cbd gummies interact with medications the feeling of grandeur that he had when he kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank first entered the door.He is extremely embarrassed Lying on the ground, unable to get up, he could only humbly beg for mercy.Seeing him like this, Qi Fei felt very relieved, but he became worried again.I have to congratulate you.Let s have a meal, how about it But tonight is your treat or me Looking at the chairman s eyes, Qi Fei knew that the other party was still teasing, cbd watermelon gummies with melatonin so Qi Fei said Well, if I treat you, I have to pay for it myself , I don t have much money, and I can t even afford to invite more expensive ones, so it s better for the chairman to treat you, the public s money is also very grand.After speaking, the rest of the people laughed, and the chairman smiled.Nodded You boy, haha, you really want to beat me.Although the rest of the people were laughing, they were very nervous, including shock and surprise.No one would have thought that this guy Qi Fei would have such guts Dare to joke with the boss of the group like this.For people like them, they absolutely dare not let it go and make a joke how much is cbd gummie like this.His meaning is obvious, this is Cheng Siyu listened carefully when he gave work instructions to the issuing company, so he naturally understood.In fact, this kind of instruction was also given to Yan Fengtao.Yan Fengtao understood it, and said to Cheng Siyu as soon as he rolled his eyes Mr.It depends on your efforts.Cheng Siyu said with a smile, I will work hard Chapter 260 The praise of Cheng Siyu by the chairman of Cangtianfuren will naturally make someone feel uncomfortable.This person is Zhang Li.Hmph.Zhang Li snorted coldly, Cheng Siyu, one day I will let you does cbd gummies interact with medications know who is the boss of Bingang Evening News.Zhang Li s words were very soft and did not attract the attention of everyone present.The chairman left the Bingang Evening News under everyone s gaze.Today s trip to the Bingang Evening News was a big deal for him.She will become a legendary female president of Bingang City.When Cheng Siyu spoke out his thoughts, Qi Fei began to take notes while listening.The three major departments of the group, distribution, advertising and printing, have their own division of labor.The advertising department is responsible for the design and editing of newspapers, and the printing department is responsible for printing and publishing.As for the distribution department, it is responsible for printing and publishing newspapers.sell out.These three departments used to work like this, but this time Cheng Siyu has changed them.The distribution department also needs to innovate while publishing.If you have a good idea, you can directly tell the advertising department and the printing department.The other two departments are the same The same goes for the advertising and printing departments.Uncle, according to your recovery, you will be discharged from the hospital in half a month.Wu Wei said.Yi Lan s father breathed a sigh of relief, but then frowned again, This time, all the medical expenses for my hospitalization were paid by Qi Fei.I don t know when I will be able to pay back such a large amount of medical expenses.Wu cbd gummies for quitting cigarettes Wei laughed She smiled and said Uncle, you don t need to worry about money.The most important thing for you now is to recover from your illness with peace of mind.If you recover from your illness, then you will live up to the medical expenses that Qi Fei paid for you.Wu Doctor, you are really good at talking, but what you said is also reasonable, if I don t get well soon, I m really sorry for you.Chapter 275 Tong Shuiyan Yilan cried under Qi Fei s comfort The voice gradually decreased, and being held in Qi Fei s arms, Yi Lan blushed.Could it be that I m not attractive enough The woman wondered in her heart, and immediately caught up with Qi Fei, saying, By the way, I still don t know your name My name is Tong Shisha.Qi Fei stopped and looked at it with great interest.Xiang Tong Shuiyan, My name is Qi Fei.Sunset clouds and lone ducks fly together, the autumn waters create the same does cbd gummies interact with medications color of the sky, what a good name.Tong Shuiyan Meitong turned around and praised Qi Fei s good name.Qi Fei, I wonder if you can do me a favor and accompany me around the port After speaking, Tong Shisha and Meitong stared at Qi Fei, begging.Alas Qi Fei sighed and nodded, seeing Qi Fei nodding his head in agreement, Tong Shuiyan s eyes showed complacency.In a certain park in Bingang, Qi Fei walked around some places with Tong Shisha, and then came to this park to rest, Qi Fei asked Tong Shisha to sit on the stone bench in front and wait for him, after a while Qi Fei took Walked over with two ice creams and a bucket of popcorn.Okay, Miss, I was beaten up too, and my anger should have subsided, and we should go.Walking to the door, Qi Fei reminded Tong Shisha that since he had already beaten someone, he should also leave.Hitomi Shisha is also a sensible person, and he doesn t want to cause trouble, so he puts away his foot that stepped on the man s face, and follows Qi Fei to leave the private room.What Those guests who hurt me here, does cbd gummies interact with medications just want to leave like this Just as Qi Fei and the four of them were about to leave the private room, a thirty four The five year old man had a standard bald head, and with a cigar in his mouth, he looked at Qi Fei and the others with cold eyes.The four men with beer bellies were overjoyed when they heard the voice of the bald head.They thought he would not come out.Since he is here, today s matter will cbd gummies wholesale white label be much easier.I just passed by here today, so I came in to see Mr.Cheng and Sister Lan.Because of love, several employees who had not had a good relationship with Qi Fei before asked for Qi Fei s phone number, saying that they would have time to get together in the future.The employees dispersed, and Qi Fei told them to do what they should do.If the senior leaders saw it, they would be angry.Qi Fei didn t expect that the first senior executive he met when he came to the company would be Ou Hanhua, and Ou Hanhua didn t expect that Qi Fei, a fired employee, would return to the company again.Frowning, Ou Hanhua turned to Qi Fei and said, Qi Fei, haven t you been fired by the company Why are you back Without any ambition, he smiled, Mr.Ou, I m not an old friend who misses the company, come in to visit old friends.Bei Dao Chuanzi blushed, she was able to speak before, but now she could no longer speak a complete sentence.Only then was Bei Dao Chuanzi s subordinates moved and let the two mercenaries go.Immediately, two mercenaries from Xiao Wu s side stepped forward, supported the two mercenaries who were almost unrecognizable after being beaten, and walked into the mercenary team.Miss Chuanzi, the weather is nice today.Didn t we just say that we need to get to know each other again Another day is not as good as today, and we will go and discuss life after a while.Rescuing two subordinates made Xiao Wu feel better Some, looking at Bei Dao Chuanzi in a ruffian manner, Your island country s culture is quite good, Miss Chuanzi, I will trouble you to show it more when we communicate later.Xiaowu scolded Bei Dao Chuanzi s subordinates It s not good to put the gun away and point it like this.We have already adapted to the darkness.You can hold this thing and use it.Let s go.Qi Fei turned on the flashlight incredible edibles cbd fruit gummies and followed the female ninja on the path for about 20 minutes.The female ninja gestured to Qi Fei in a low voice, and after she knocked on the rock wall for a while, a stone door opened.After opening it, the female ninja walked into the stone gate and watched it for a while, then waved to Qi Fei.Behind the stone gate is another path, the path is not straight, it is winding like a small path, and after walking for about ten minutes, the female ninja made a small gesture again, and a door appeared in Qi Fei s eyes.The female ninja gently wyld cbd thc gummies opened the door, looked outside, and waved to Qi Fei.When Qi Fei came out, the female ninja stood outside and waited for him.After he came out, the female ninja closed the door.Qi Fei and the others smiled, but they were not in a hurry to let this team be eliminated.The spectators watching the game on the beach were all extremely excited, shouting loudly that this kind of game is considered a game, this kind of game is considered exciting words.In the next few collisions, the Thunderbolt Beacon Wolf team clearly knew that they were at a disadvantage, gritted their teeth, and said to their companions Brothers, let s do the last collision.If we win, we will be the champions., if we lose, we will come back next year.After speaking, the four members of the Thunderbolt Beacon Wolf team charged towards the four of Qi Fei again, and this time they used their best skills.The four of Qi Fei didn t dare kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank to cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico trust them too much.Although they had does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 the upper hand, the strength of the Thunderbolt Beacon Wolf team should not be underestimated.On the wyld strawberry gummies cbd enhanced phone, Hitomi Shisha complained to Qi Fei and said Idiot, you haven t called me since you went back, did you hook up with some girl again Hitomi Shisha s words were a bit sour, Qi Fei smiled awkwardly , Shisha, what are you thinking does cbd gummies interact with medications I don t have time to hook up with girls.Really Hitomi Shisha obviously didn t believe it, Jiang Fan told me that you went to Japan and hooked up with some female ninja and came back.Qi Fei was a little dumbfounded, what is hooking up, his is also called hooking up, tnd almost died in Japan, it is still called hooking up, and then Qi Fei told about him and Xiao Wu going to Japan.Stupid, you can bring that female ninja here tomorrow, and let me see what the legendary ninja is like Is it as beautiful as me Then Hitomi Shisha told Qi Fei that Milan clothing will hold a clothing exhibition in two days At that time, other companies in the clothing industry will also come to the exhibition.Brother Fei, is the moonlight bath good for you Xiao Wu couldn t stand it any longer.He stretched out his head to look outside the balcony, then retracted his head again.Seeing that Brother Fei is so happy outside, let s go out too.Zhao Yun pulled the female killer No.30 out.There was a slight breeze coming out from the balcony, which made Zhao Yun feel cool and comfortable, and Xiao Wu took Bei Dao Chuan Zi out as well, not to be outdone.Seeing that Jiazi was the only one left in the room, Hitomi Shuiyan walked into the room smiling and pulled Jiazi out to stand beside Qi Fei.Since everyone is so interested, let s watch the moon together.Qi Fei looked helplessly at Jiazi standing on the left and Hitomi Hookah holding his hand on the right.Maybe in the does cbd gummies interact with medications eyes of others, this is a lot of good fortune, but in his eyes it is not.appeared.When I got home, it was still early, so I simply moved a few stools and a small table to the balcony, kowtow melon seeds, chatted, and looked at the stars in the night sky by the way.Like a full time wife, Jiazi is responsible for the meals of Qi Fei and Hitomi Shisha every day, and also practices ninjutsu when she is bored.Qi Fei saw Jiazi practice ninjutsu once, and he felt a little sleepy after watching it for a while.It is really different from the way of does cbd gummies interact with medications practicing Chinese martial arts.The next day, he wondered if he should say hello to Li Xuan.It was not a problem to stay in Langzhou like this all the time.Bingang didn t know what happened to Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan.Bang In the morning, Qi Fei got up for a run, was thinking about things but didn t pay attention to the road ahead, and collided with someone.The place can be forgotten.Qi Fei glanced at the Bingang Hotel.Meng how do cbd gummies help quit smoking cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico Tingting, who was sitting in the car, saw that Qi Fei was still cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications chatting with Long Xiaotian, but couldn t sit still, and kept urging Qi Fei to come back quickly and leave.Qi Fei glanced at Meng Tingting who was sitting in the car, said goodbye to Long Xiaotian helplessly, and went home.Long Xiaotian watched Qi HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications Fei and his group leave, reached out and touched his chin, with an intriguing smile on the corner of his mouth, Interesting, this trip to Bingang is not in vain.On Qi Fei s car, does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 Tong Shuiyan looked at Meng Tingting and asked Said Tingting, I think that Long Xiaotian seems to be interested in you, why are you so which are the best cbd gummies indifferent to him.Meng Tingting thought for a while and said There is nothing good about a man, if you treat him well now If you don t, then maybe he won t know how to cherish you, and only being indifferent to him can make him cherish each other.For a beautiful woman like you, do you think I am Qi Fei Will you ignore it Cheng Siyu rolled his eyes at Qi Fei, and smiled, With your words, Boss Qi, I m does cbd gummies interact with medications relieved, I m really afraid that one day, Yi Lan and I will see you and say hello to you , but you said, Yo Who are you two.At this time, the waiter delivered the food they had ordered, and left after saying slowly.While eating, Cheng Siyu asked Qi Fei if it was worth bidding.Qi Fei nodded and told Cheng Siyu about the bidding.He heard people talking about it as soon as he got off the plane.You have a good relationship with the boss of Yutai Commercial Street.Why don t you ask him about the bidding.Cheng Siyu was not polite to Qi Fei.Both she and Yi Lan knew Qi Fei s character.feel disgusted.Qi Fei smiled wryly in his heart.He is the boss of Yutai Commercial Street.Long nodded in agreement.Qi Fei was happy for Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan, and at the same time served them food.He didn t see them for some days, and he was obviously thinner than before.Cheng Siyu jokingly said to Qi Fei I don t know if you still lack people in Milan Both Yi Lan and I want to jump to work in your Milan.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan can work in Milan, which is naturally what Qi Fei wishes for However, Qi Fei also understands that this is just a joke made by Cheng Siyu.I m afraid Mr.Cheng, you and Sister Lan think that my temple in Milan is small, otherwise the door of my Milan is open for you at any time.What Qi kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank Fei said is true.If Milan goes international, then Hitomi Shisha will be alone The pressure is quite high, if Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan can join it, it will definitely be a helping hand for Milan.Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren came to Metropolis Daily at the time that Editor in Chief Liu said.The staff of Metropolis Daily were already waiting there.At the same time, they also understood in their hearts what editor in chief Liu was talking about.It was not so much an interview, but a recording of a video about how the Bingang Evening News didn t know talents and fired them.Spot talent.The next day, Cheng Siyu looked at the Metropolis Daily newspaper on the HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications table, and frowned.She did not expect that Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren would be hired by the rival Metropolis Daily, and the Bingang Evening News was even discredited What should we do now Consumers have already doubted our Bingang Evening News.Yi Lan ran in anxiously from outside the office.On the way to work, she heard people talking about it, saying how bad the Bingang Evening News was.Li Xuan can t even affect his father s official career.Qin cbd gummies lexington ky Wu, Qin Wu, you said it s not good for you to offend anyone, but you want to offend me, Li Xuan You said that even if you were going to open a fireworks building, I wouldn t intervene, but you just went to get rid of the poison and let I, the policeman s son, have to come and deal with you.Li Xuan muttered softly, but a cold light flashed in his eyes.Heizi, how s the news that I asked you to inquire about Li Xuan turned his head, landed on Heizi s body, and asked Heizi.That guy Qin Wu is really good enough.The nest has been changing, but he still let me know some traces of his poisoning.Heizi smiled and told Li Xuan the news he had found.Qin kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank Wu s name, Bai cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico Xiye, had never been heard before, but seeing Li Xuan s expression was a bit uneasy, although he was a bit stupid, he also knew when to say certain cbd gummies vs kratom things and when not to say certain things.Ahem Xiao Wu saw that Tong Shisha was staring at the computer screen all the time, and left him and the woman aside, feeling a little uneasy, coughed twice, and said, Sister Tong, I came here specially from Bingang to see you , Is that how you entertained me Hearing Xiao Wu s ruffian voice, Tong Shiyan raised his head, Little hooligan, Qi Fei is not with you Qi Fei made an appointment on the phone.Xiao Wu came to Milan with a girl he had never seen before when he was a few years old.Xiao Wu winked at Hitomi Hookah, with a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth, and said, Brother Fei is very busy now, let me bring an old friend over here.Hitomi Hookah frowned, pointed at the woman Xiao Wu asked Which one of your friends is this Believe it or not, I will tell Bei Dao Chuanzi that you came to Langzhou to meet your old friends, and let you go back to Bingang and kneel at the keyboard.Milan s employees stood at the door of the hospitality office, and their eyes fell on Qi Fei and Tong Shisha.Whether Milan does cbd gummies interact with medications would be acquired by Yunxiang was up to their decision.Yun Changkong is a pretty boy when he speaks and exhale cbd gummies shuts his mouth, and even a clay does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 figurine still has some anger, not to mention that Qi Fei is still a living person, so he suppressed the burning anger in his heart, turned his back to Yun Changkong, and said unemotionally Lastly, Milan will not be bought by anyone.Why did Qi Fei turn around He was afraid that when he saw Yun Changkong, he would not be able to help but want to beat him up.Outside the office, the female employee who was slapped by Yun Changkong looked at Yun Changkong and Jialin in the office, and unconsciously clenched her hands.These two people hurt her too much today.As soon as Yun Changkong left, Milan s employees became excited.They walked into the office and surrounded Qi Fei, asking Qi Fei if they could teach them a few tricks.Qi Fei managed to escape from the enthusiastic greetings of Milan employees and came to Hitoshi Shisha s office.The enthusiasm of the employees was beyond Qi Fei s expectation.After a while, Tong Shisha, Meng Tingting, Jiazi, Ye Xiaobei and Ji Ruxue walked into the office.The five girls sat on the does cbd gummies interact with medications sofa and watched Qi Fei.After a while, Tong Shiyan said Milan s trouble with Yunxiang this time is actually an opportunity for Milan, a chance to leap into the dragon s gate.The chairman of Yunxiang, Yun Changkong, was humiliated in front of so many people, and the rift between Milan and Yunxiang was also settled.It can be said that in the future, the two sides will either fight to the death or live.The chief didn t know that the cornucopia he had put in the crevice of the mattress had been stolen.He took the woman to dinner, walked around the street for a cbd gummy strength meaning while, and then returned to the house to stage live erotic pictures again Li Xuan waved his hand to let Heizi and Bai Xiye go out.Out of the private room, Heizi put a pair of big hands on Bai Xiye s shoulders, almost causing Bai Xiye to fall to the ground, Heizi, take it easy Brother Ye, why are you here Pulling it back, he looked at Bai Xiye and asked.The reason why Bai Xiye was so tired was because he had listened to the call to spring for two hours, and thanks to his good concentration, he was able to persevere until now.Bai Xiye glanced at Heizi, If you ask Brother Xuan later, tell him I m leaving first.In Yun Xiang s headquarters, Yun Changkong s pig headed face hadn t dissipated, Jialin put Milan s invitation letter on him Milan s invitation letter was sent two days ago.Long Xiaotian s father, Long Ao, is the current head of the Long family.Although Long Ao also sent the disciples in his family to live in the army, he was not as strict and harsh as he was to him.He wanted to ask Long Ao why more than once.The old man looked at does cbd gummies interact with medications Long Xiaotian and shook his head slightly, Young master, don t blame the master.The master did this for your own good.The old man knew that the reason why the old woman did this was for him.The location does not know how many families and forces want to get it.In the dead of night, Long Ao would always walk into Long Xiaotian s room.Although Long Xiaotian didn t live in this room for a few days a year when he went home, the old man knew that Long Ao Sui and Long Xiaotian didn t care at all.few.Long Xiaotian shook his head, Uncle Fu, let s go, I won t go back to the Long family.If this woman can marry as a wife, her HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications wealth will definitely flow in.Xiao Wu looked at the beauty in red with bright eyes.If there is a chance to make this number one killer his own woman, Xiao Wu Definitely will conquer her well.The more I look at it, the more I feel that the Queen is the woman in white that day.A gun dealer has been does cbd gummies interact with medications staring at the Bloody Queen since she appeared, and suddenly the woman in white that I saw two nights buddha hemp cbd gummies ago appeared in his mind , the figure of the woman in white and the bloody queen completely merged together.After being reminded by the gun dealer, other people on does cbd gummies interact with medications the street felt a sense of enlightenment.No wonder the man hit someone, but there was no killer to stop him.The drug lord who molested the Bloody Queen wanted to die right now.The wound on his face hasn t healed in the past two days.Tianlong is a huge monster in Bingang, and there were some forces who wanted to eradicate them before, but they were all eradicated by Tianlong.It can be said that Tianlong is black and white.There are people everywhere.Cui Yangze remembered what where to buy well being cbd gummies Qi Fei said before he left, telling him to do it boldly and don t have too many worries when encountering things.Cui Yangze looked at Jiang Fan and the other veterans with a smile, Do you do cbd gummies give you the munchies does cbd gummies interact with medications want to get rid of Yang Zhe The veterans nodded with joy on their faces.After Cui Yangze said so, there must be a lot of incidents of beating Yang Zhe.up.So so so so Looking at the smiling old youtiao, Cui Yangze asked, You know what you should do, right The old youtiao looked like chickens Nodding wildly like pecking rice, Cui Yangze finally told a few old fried dough sticks that if there are people making trouble in the commercial street next time, they should not be so impulsive like this time.Qi Fei took the jade pendant from Li Xuan s hand, the jade used for the jade pendant is a high grade jade, if it is made into a jade bracelet , Jade ring the price must be very expensive, this is not the point, the does cbd gummies interact with medications point is that there is a word cheng written on the jade pendant.Chapter 403 Li Xuan s entrustment I have deliberately avoided Cheng Siyu these years, and I seldom spend time with her, but I know that since she was a child, she has always hoped that she would have parents who love her like a child in a normal family That girl Cheng Siyu, if you want to change her persistence, it will be very difficult.Li Xuan glanced at Qi Fei and said, But don t worry, I will take care of these things and take care of them.She has to get rid of you, Brother Fei, to find her family.I heard from my parents that when they first picked up Cheng Siyu, it was on a rainy night.He is thinking about how he will protect Cheng Siyu after Li Xuan and Cheng Siyu regret their marriage, and tell her directly that Qi Fei is just wandering.Qi Fei shook his head and vetoed this idea.Wandering may be the last support of Cheng Siyu s soul.It is better for Cheng Siyu to discover the matter of wandering in his own time.After much deliberation, but still without the slightest clue, he put the jade pendant on, shook his head to wake himself up, smiled wryly, turned on the ignition and drove the car into the traffic on the street.On the other hand, after Li Xuan told the secret that had suppressed him for more than 20 years, he felt a lot more relaxed.He believed that Qi Fei would never tell anyone about this, so he opened a drawer on the car, and inside There was a divorce agreement with his name already written on it, waiting for Cheng Siyu to write her name.Li Xuan took the food by himself, as for Cheng Siyu, but he didn t look at Cheng Siyu who was sitting beside him.This meal, Cheng Siyu didn t take a bite, just sat quietly.After eating, Li Xuan took his things and walked towards the door of the private room.When he reached the door of the private room, he stopped, turned his back to Cheng Siyu and said, You have been the young master s fiancee for a few years.Now, do you know why I don t want you all the time, but I keep looking for flowers and Lius outside That s because you are too ugly and affect the young master s mood too slimz cbd gummies much.The corners of Li Xuan s mouth trembled a few times, and a look of desolation flashed in his eyes.Li Xuan left, taking away the divorce agreement with Cheng Siyu.A silver high cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications end car was speeding along the streets of Bingang, new plant cbd gummies attracting curses from pedestrians and drivers.Offending him is equivalent to offending the entire Mafia.You can only think about killing Young Master Chai in your heart.Do you remember everything I told you Xiao Wu asked for an entire hour, his mouth was dry, and he patted Young Master Chai on the shoulder.Remember I remember everything.Young Master Chai s eyes lit up.Just now, Xiao Wu told him all the ways he had picked up girls over the years.Young Master Chai was already thinking about what to do after returning to Russia.Relying on the forces behind him, he also had to build a harem of his own.Thinking of the kind of life a man dreams of in the future, a few drops of saliva dripped from the corner of Master Chai s mouth.Ahem Xiao Wu took a few steps to the side, avoiding the saliva dripping from Master Chai s mouth, and coughed a few times to make him pay attention to his image.Guangzhou.Ruoyun and Wumo frowned, they also received the news of cbd gummy bears reviews Qi Fei s disappearance.Sister Yun, why don t we go to Bingang.Wu Mo finally mustered up the courage and said to Ruoyun.Sigh Ruoyun sighed, Tongshisha and the others are already in Bingang, so what does cbd gummies interact with medications can we do if we go there Maybe they didn t find Mr.Qi carefully enough.There was a trace of suspicion in Wu Mo s heart.Fortunately, maybe Qi Fei is somewhere with few people.Ruoyun shook his head, and told Wu Mo to stay in Guangzhou honestly, maybe Qi Fei is in Guangzhou now.Will he really be in Guangzhou Wu Mo held a skeptical attitude towards this question, and she also knew in her heart, what can they do now that they have gone to Bingang Isn t it just like Hitomi Shisha and the others, waiting to find news about Qi Fei.Go back to work.Yang Xueyu s job has been settled, and Qi Fei is also happy for her.After greeting Yang Xueyu at the same time, the two of them left the Milan clothing store.Qi Fei and Yang Xueyu left within five minutes, and the four daughters, Tong Shisha, Ye Xiaobei, Jiazi and Cheng Siyu came to the Milan clothing store.Sister Tong.Tong Shisha had been waiting for news from Qi Fei, and would visit the Milan specialty store every day, when the two welcoming ladies saw the four of them, they greeted them with smiles.Hitomi Shisha nodded, tranquileafz cbd gummies shark tank and walked towards the front desk.She asked the store manager to recruit shopping guides.In the manager s office, Hitomi Shisha was sitting on a chair with a naturally domineering president s aura, and asked the manager, How is the recruitment going The manager hurriedly handed the information of those people who applied for interviews to Hitomi Shisha, and sighed in his heart This person is really more irritating than others.Talk to her for more than ten minutes.Really Tong Shuiyan asked Yang Xueyu with great interest What gossip describes me.Yang Xueyu said everything she had seen before, and at the end she said, I What gossip I found was just nonsense, sister Tong, you are very kind, hee hee.Tong Shuiyan looked at Yang Xueyu who looked like this, and does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 thought of Ye Xiaobei, isn t that little girl the same as this little girl They all belong to the lively type.You and Xiaobei are quite similar.I will bring Xiaobei here tomorrow so that you two can get to know each other.Sister Tong, is the Xiaobei you are talking about called Ye Xiaobei Yang Xueyu thought of it.The talented designer can kids have cbd gummies in Milan just doesn t know if she is the Beckham that Hitomi Hookah is talking about.Tong Shuiyan nodded, Xiao Bei s girl is just like you, she is a rare beauty.She wondered where Mu Mu had abducted such a beautiful woman.Qi Fei looked at Yang Xueyu, and then at the Bloody Queen.He really didn t know what the Bloody Queen s name was, so he scratched his head kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank and asked the Bloody Queen, Thatwhat s your name.Your name is Yang Xueyu.The Bloody Queen smiled slightly, and extended her hand friendly to shake Yang Xueyu s hand.Yang Xueyu held hands with that of the Bloody Queen, and asked with a smile, Who are you You can call me Queen.Over the years, the Bloody Queen has forgotten her own name, and only remembers Bloody Queen Such a title.Queen gummy bear cbd amazon Yang Xueyu was even more puzzled.There are still people with such a name in this world.QueenQueenBloody Queen Qi Fei chanted the name of the Bloody Queen, and after repeating it a few times, the full name of the Bloody Queen came to his mind.The security guard didn t give in at all, and he didn t necessarily feel timid after being scolded by Da Kunzi.Master Qi, wait a moment, I ll get you a card.Da Kunzi had nothing to do, he couldn t afford to mess with the boss here, so he had to follow his rules.How much does it cost to get a card Qi Fei stopped Da Kunzi and said to the security guard.The minimum level requires 50,000, and a recommendation from a member is required, said the security guard.Oh, here you go, pay 50,000 yuan, and I ll send the card over in a HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications while, and if you dare to pay an extra dime, I ll break your leg.Qi Fei threw the bank card on the security guard s face very coolly., and then staggered into the clubhouse under does cbd gummies interact with medications the eyes of the HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications security guard does cbd gummies interact with medications who was about to get angry.Walking into the clubhouse, the first thing that catches the eye is a spacious hall, which can accommodate hundreds of people dancing at the same time without any problem.Obviously, you will never be my opponent.In this case, why don t you tell what you did behind your back, maybe I will let you go out to save face.Qi Fei grabbed Wu Lun s hair and pulled his He raised his head and said in a low voice.Chapter 459 The conspiracy is approaching Hearing Qi Fei s words, Wu Lun was a little nervous, but when he thought of the person who ordered him to do things behind his back, a very presumptuous smile appeared on his face.Qi Fei, sooner or later I will trample you under my feet and humiliate you severely.If you say what you want to ask, my answer is very simple, that is, I don t know.Wu Lun said loudly.Very good.Qi Fei sneered and let go of Wu Lun s hair.With a simple kick, Wu Lun was kicked and rolled on the ground for several meters.Qi Fei walked over and kicked again, and Wu Lun rolled to the ground building.Angry, missed classes, and skipped classes, a large number of netizens flocked from all directions in Langzhou to one place, the Qifei Building on the East Fourth Ring Road.When everyone was very angry, in the Qifei Environmental Protection Office, a group of staff members were sitting in the office, watching various reports and abuse on the Internet together.After seeing these reports, each of these people s faces were very unnatural, and even a little angry.How can you do this, open the door to do business, even if you refuse others to seek cooperation, you can t beat people like that, if this continues, Qifei Environmental Protection, which has just opened for three days, will definitely collapse like this As for the rhetoric that Qi Fei said at the group meeting three days ago, everyone suddenly felt so disgusted.Finding such a wife is a blessing, but the ladies are very envious of Wu Lan.Yes, what a happy thing this should be, except for Li Wan, of course.Everyone repeated what they said just now, Qi Fei thought about it for a while, but he still didn t have any mature ideas.At this time, the reality once again proved that this guy really doesn t have any talent in business.I think what everyone said is very reasonable.Since your ideas are very mature, let s start implementing them.I fully support them.As for the details, just ask Mr.Li.Qi Fei pointed to Li Wan and said.This guy pushed away the work that should have belonged to him in one sentence.As for what others think of him, he can do whatever he wants.Anyway, when the company makes money in the future, it will be fine to pay him regular dividends.Childish No.3 said with a chuckle.The palm that looked flimsy suddenly turned into a thunderbolt.One turned into two, and the second turned into four.The palm of the hand has grasped the long knife.Let go Thunder Knife s survival weapon was controlled by No.3.How could this be possible His shoulders were pulled back forcefully, and one foot was also pushed towards No.3 s crotch at the same time.Cut off children and grandchildren.No.3 s body was like flying catkins, and with the pull of Lei Dao, it flew up directly, but the toes did not give up the attack, and directly pointed at Lei Dao s knee.Like the palm of his hand, the toes he kicked out could also shatter gold and crack rocks, but he didn t see any sign of Thunder Knife trying to dodge.Do you want to work hard Come on.No.3 s toe was castrated even more urgently.The water in Langzhou is too deep, and it is turbid and stagnant water.It has reached a delicate balance.If there is not enough energy, don t even try to stir it up.There are many river crossing dragons like Qi Fei every year, but the landscape of Langzhou is still the same.You think it s ridiculous Qi Fei turned around and asked number three.He has offended many people, and many people want to kill him every day.Therefore, in order to survive, he can only fight back desperately in adversity.If someone wants to beat him, he needs to break the other person s hand directly, and if someone wants to kill him, he will cut off the other person s head directly.It s funny.I don t think there is any need for the organization to expend so much effort to eliminate you, because maybe you will die soon in the infighting in Langzhou.It is undeniable that you are very thoughtful.Some things just hit the softest position of others.I applaud you, but you can t make me proud of you, because you don t know that doing so is actually forcing us to be completely irresistible.The enemy launched revenge on us, do you really think that I climbed up to this position by my own strength Isn t it Dad, you were the first in the branch office assessment every year, and there were no unjust, false or wrong cases in your subordinates.The chiefs highly appreciate you, so you are the only one who is most suitable for the position of director of the city bureau.This is a manifestation of ability, and all Feng family members are even more proud of you.Feng Guangming said.His words cannot be denied, because this is a fact that everyone knows.Ever since Da Kunzi was cleaned up by Qi Fei, this guy has confirmed his goal in life, which is to retrace the Long March that Qi Fei walked.He believes that success can be replicated.What a lovely person.You seem to be right, but if they kill you now, I should kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank have nothing to do with it.Hu Mingyue pointed to the gathered bodyguards and said.Crack Lei Dao drove does cbd gummies interact with medications the BMW to a steady stop at the door of the clubhouse, Qi Fei and Meng Tingting whispered twice, pushed the door to get off, and walked towards the gate.Sir, please show your membership card.The security guard at the door stopped Qi Fei and said.Suddenly, Qi Fei wanted to hit someone again.I was stopped the first time I came here, and Wu Lun took the opportunity to humiliate me.If you come again today, you still stop me.I know your boss biolife cbd gummies very well, okay However, being angry, Qi Fei honestly took out his membership card and handed it to the security guard.Sit.Qi Fei pointed to the sofa and said, and then he sat opposite Gao Qiang.I ordered you to speak.Gao Qiang was not polite to Qi Fei.He is a soldier, although he does not have outstanding ability, but he has a lot of strength, and he is also alert and smart, which is a good material.When Qi Fei first took over this building, he made a simple assessment of all the security guards.At that time, he was just a patrol Lou Baoan s high strength stands does cbd gummies interact with medications out from the crowd, and Qi Fei admires him so much that he is now the captain of the security guard.Although this position is not very glamorous, it is cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications the core of the building.Once there is a problem with him, the security of the entire building will have problems.Captain Gao, how is your work going recently, are you still used to being the captain Qi Fei asked.A woman staggered to the launch hall of Qifei Environmental Protection, took out a mask and put it on directly.In an instant, she felt her eyes were bright and her breathing was smoother than ever.This feeling was like going directly from hell to heaven.Is it just because of a mask She didn t quite believe it, so she took off the mask again, and took a breath of the feces yellow gas lightly.The feeling that made her feel so sick that she wanted to die invaded her brain again.No need to ask, it is the function of this mask.So she grabbed a few masks next to her, ran back to Wei Qiao s technology release hall, found a companion who was still standing, and helped him put on Qi Fei s environmental does cbd gummies interact with medications protection mask.Wow, it s amazing, where did it come from the man asked.I got it from Qi Fei Environmental Protection next door.It s not that I want your life.You have already killed me.Did the bench hire you You just dismembered it.The boss spoke with a crying voice.Isn t it just a broken recliner Don t cry.I ll buy you a car later.Besides, if you didn t sneak up on me, I wouldn t be able to kick your chair.Qi Fei said with his eyes rolled.This guy is really weird, he actually regards this broken stool as a family member.I hit you because I think you have a good looking back, and you can fight back, for example, hit me in the face, kick my balls, but you chose to kick the chair, I am really sad.The boss put down the words Cut off the legs of the bench and looked at Qi Fei fiercely.You re really funny.Just now you said I was dripping water into the tank, and now you re staring at me because of the broken chair.Can you pursue me a little bit Qi Fei couldn t help but started to squirt.None of your business.Hua Zhihu was very dissatisfied, and muttered, squatting on the butt of the car, not knowing what to do.After more than ten minutes, Tianwang and the others arrived on time.This time, Tianwang was wearing a military uniform.Although the three five stars on his shoulders were shining in the dark, they still shone brightly.Each of the generals of China has risen after hundreds of battles, and deserves the highest respect.Seeing the arrival of the Heavenly King, Shen Cang and the Southern Dragon and the Northern Tiger both came over.These two people who were always making fun of the poor behaved honestly, but Shen Cang s eyes were full of brilliance.It seems that it is difficult for cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico him to forget the eventful years of those years.You are very punctual.Qi Fei stepped forward and said to Tian Wang.It s fried until there HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications s not even a hair left.It s too boring, go back to sleep.Such a simple conversation highlights their strong self confidence and pride.How can I say that people also come here by car, are they still afraid of some people who rely on their legs However, the moment the man turned around, a deadly gun barrel suddenly appeared a few meters behind him.With a clear gunshot, the man s head instantly turned into a rotten watermelon, blood and tofu Brain splashing.Ah The cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico other person standing next to him seemed to have seen the most terrifying scene, but he could only let out a scream because his mouth had been pierced by sharp bullets.At this time, the driver of the armored vehicle also noticed the outside situation, and manipulating the turret was about to shoot at the place where the shot does cbd gummies interact with medications was fired, but it seemed that everything was too late.head.Niu A s reaction is fast, but the opponent is faster.The other hand blocked Niu Jia s scissors feet, and the direction of rotation of the other hand changed instantly.Crack Due to the huge inertia and reaction force, Niu Jia s arm was instantly twisted into twists, and the pale bone spurs penetrated the muscles and skin and were exposed to the air.Just as does cbd gummies interact with medications Niu Jia was about to scream, the man quickly grabbed Niu Jia how to spot fake cbd gummies s throat with one hand, and lifted Niu Jia up with a little force.It s really a fool.The man said with a sneer.Seeing the boss being picked up like a duck, Niu B and Niu C fought hard to get rid of their opponents with punches, and rushed directly to rescue their boss.However, as soon as they ran two steps, tears flowed down.Seeing that the man s fingers suddenly exerted force, Niu Jia s legs bounced twice, and his whole body softened completely.He didn t care, maybe it was Because of his strength, there is no need to care about Li Er.The contempt he had back then, today he will naturally pay back twice as much.Little Dongyang is here, and his tone is quite loud, but if you have this kind of strength, it will be excellent.Li Er smiled.Now he doesn t care much about other people s challenges.He has disappeared for too long, and he has to make some noise, otherwise it will be really difficult for everyone to remember him.At the same time, he could also see that the leader was an opponent worthy of his attention.The current indifference may be to attack the opponent s momentum, or it may increase the opponent s anger value, making the subsequent battle more refreshing.I won t let you down, said the leader.But I really want to know how you will humiliate me if you win Li Er asked.When this guy came, he told his subordinates to call the police as soon as possible.Judging does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 from his intuition, there must be danger, but the people here are all dead, and they can run away without a trace.These special police officers just came, can Sun Gan not be angry Ah, if you had come earlier, I wouldn t have been injured, maybe these people wouldn t have to die.Boss, you know, the road is very congested.The special policeman said aggrievedly.Chapter five hundred and fifty fifth Looking for Qi Fei Then why did I get here Is there shit in my head, shit, I ran back to the police force after a while.Sun Qian kicked over and directly threw the policeman The staff kicked down.None of the other police officers dared to say a word.Now their leaders are going crazy, whoever speaks will step on the thunder, let s work, hardworking people will not be beaten.After a while, these people came back to their senses, and then they couldn t help laughing.From their point of view, Qi Fei s words were like a super funny joke.They laughed so hard that their does cbd gummies interact with medications stomachs ached and tears flowed out.30 0 16 0 Haha, these guys have been fighting for half a game, and they even said they want to abuse us.Haha, no, what this guy said is too funny.The strength of Yanda basketball bench team is very clear.Now, this new security guard actually said that he wants to abuse them Please, with such strength, he actually wants to abuse us.It s true that we are players on the Yanda basketball bench team, but do you know how strong the Yanda basketball team is Even if you don t know, you should know the strength of our bench team, right Want to abuse us, are you really a group of people, are you really worthy Are you funny You won t be able to laugh later.At the same time, Yuan Minghui, who completely beat the No.10 man with his jump shot, gave full play to his physical strength and quickly cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications ran to the opponent s basket.Quick, there s someone behind, pass the ball Yuan Minghui ran to the basket and found that there were two people behind Xiao Chen running to outflank him.Relying on his physical strength, he easily got rid of the defending players, and from The basket ran out and walked to a relatively does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 open position.But it s a pity that although Yuan Minghui is fast, the basketball bench team of Yanda University is not a vegetarian, so they quickly guarded him to death.At this time, Qi Fei, who is a shooting guard, ran up.Although he is a guard, he doesn t always stay in the backcourt like a point guard.Now that his teammates are in trouble, of course he wants to run up and put pressure on the Yanda basketball bench team.Seeing this scene, Qi Fei deeply felt that playing in a team with these guys was the rhythm of being abused by others, it was so sad If that s the case, then you can only rely on yourself.Thinking of doing it, when he saw the people from the Yanda basketball bench team who were about to surround him, Qi Fei used his crappy running belt to dribble the ball and walked towards that person.I That scumbag dribbling is the one who said he wanted to abuse us My God, where did he get the confidence to abuse us with his dribbling skills like this Could it be that this is a master who talks nonsense Those members of the Yanda basketball bench team outside the court were stunned when they saw Qi Fei s dribbling movement similar to that of a beginner.They really didn t expect that this guy would speak harshly to them with such skills.This is the boys dormitory, no Here It s a dormitory for girls, boys are not allowed, you know Damn it, this girl is so beautiful, she actually found such a boyfriend, in this world, such a cabbage would be bullied by such a beast Hearing what Qi Fei said, the girl was a little embarrassed to take the bag of snacks in the boy s hand, and does cbd gummies interact with medications koi cbd gummies delta 8 said, Thank you for taking me back, it s safe here.Well, you re a good person, goodbye.Qi Fei saw this scene, Just stayed there.this is Could it be that the man is the legendary spare tire Otherwise, how to explain the present situation Well, the spare tire is good I don t know why, but when Qi Fei saw that other people were single like him, he felt quite happy.Well, no one can get the beauties that I can t get.This should be the happiest thing.Hearing what his goddess said, the boy scratched his head in embarrassment, and said, Do you need something for breakfast tomorrow I ll buy it for you.It s okay to be in trouble, maybe something will happen.Good risk, good risk All of a sudden, the few of them had a little more respect for the dog headed military adviser in their dormitory.Then what should we do now Yu Wenbin asked in a low voice, looking at the lively crowd.Looking at the lazy newcomers, Yu Wenbin felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart.He looked at Gao Xiang, thought for a while, and said, Perhaps that kid Gao Xiang can help us indirectly Indirect help They couldn t understand these words at all.Yu Wenbin nodded, and taste hemp cbd gummies said You guys know Gao Xiang s identity.If he makes such a fuss, maybe he can really calm you down for Qi Fei.The little glasses looked at Yu Wenbin a little confused, and said Isn t Qi Fei s identity very powerful Do you think the background of Gao Xiang s family can be compared with Qi s family In the capital, the Qi family has a solid background, and Gao Xiang s father is just the mayor of the capital.Moreover, you said that you were injured.Although it was a little heavier, it was really You re hurt.Seeing that Qi Fei was scratching at the words, Wei Yatong said, But the suspect said does cbd gummies interact with medications it was you who beat them.There is a confession here, I see how you can argue.Boy, don t resist, our Chengnan branch needs you So, you should obediently grab my pigtails.They re slandering It s really slandering Qi Fei would not admit that he beat them, it was a lesson, not a fight.Wei Yatong suddenly felt a little helpless Qi Fei, said That is their testimony.What about the evidence You can t just listen to their words and say I am a bad person, right Show me the evidence Facing this situation, Qi Fei was very calm.Why Because the evidence at the scene has long been destroyed.Wei Yatong frowned at this time, because she went back to the scene just now to take a look, but found that someone was already cleaning, at this speed She really wanted to curse at people, but she couldn t.But, who would have thought that he would actually say that he would take care of him Me I even touched my friend He is really disgusting, I hate him to death.Xie Meiqi has always liked Ye Xiaobei, not only because of their family status, but also, Watching her grow up since she was a child, Xie Meiqi knows her character very well.Hearing what she said now, Xie Meiqi couldn t help but wonder, didn t that kid really say the bastard thing about taking care of Ye Xiaobei What Mrs.Wu, didn t you say you want to call the police Li Xiaoya folded her hands on her shoulders, and said bluntly, If you don t call the police, then I will call the police.out of the phone.Miss, I think we all need to calm down about this matter.Looking at the phone, Xie Meiqi stopped her.No need Call the police directly At this time, Qi Fei said coldly.What s going on The movement in front of the hotel gate naturally caught the attention of the lobby manager, so he rushed out in a hurry.Manager, the thing is this, this gentleman wants to go in, but his clothes are disheveled Fart Where did you see that my clothes are disheveled Qi Fei was immediately angry at this statement.When Qi Fei said this, another security guard said We also regard unclean clothes as disheveled.What unclean clothes Why are you staring at my clothes like this These are performance art, you understand What Or are you planning to ask me to complain to the business administration department about bullying customers in your store Seeing that their eyes were fixed on the splattered stains on his body, Qi Fei said cheekily.The lobby manager has never seen the wind and rain In order to minimize the impact, he directly reprimanded the two security guards, and then let Qi Fei in.Let me tell you, people die in Langzhou every day Thinking of this guy, here to prevent their Xie family from opening up a new economic territory, he was very angry.If Xie Wenjin didn t want to make things so dark, and didn t want Ye Xiaobei to be too sad, when Qi Fei appeared in the box, he would have called someone to clean up Qi Fei What Xie Wenjin didn t know was that he didn t do that to allow him to stand still.Qi Fei picked up the water glass, took a sip, suppressed the feeling of wanting to spit out in his body, looked at Xie Wenjin s angry expression, and said lightly Is your face very valuable If you give it to me, you think I will take it Is it Xie Wenjin was so angry that he threw the red wine glass in his hand.brush Before it hit Qi Fei, Qi Fei casually poked around and took the red wine glass into his hand.After finishing speaking, Get out a file.Looking at the information that the second child brought out, the boss and the third child gasped.Well, this is said to be Ye Xiaobei s information, but it s strange that there is only one sentence written on it.Yes, one sentence introduced her.But this document is several pages thick.All of this is not about introducing Ye Xiaobei, but about the Ye family.These are all information cbd gummies 70364 from the Ye family, although there is no inside story, they are all information on the surface.But just these materials shocked the boss and the third child.OMG The person we are going to kill this time is actually such a big shot When the two thought about offending such a big person, if they were caught, there would be no good fruit, right cost of royal cbd gummies Thinking about it, I couldn t help sweating.As a result, the script showed a direction here, and it was performed towards a script that was how to calculate how much cbd per gummy completely wrong.Xia Mengan thought for does cbd gummies interact with medications a while, since the direction of the script is not right, then I will try to see if I can get it back.Hey, hurry up and return our piano case When she said this, she added a little panic in her tone.Brother Mao, this rubbish is worthless, I ll return it to them quickly.Damn Give the protection money, hurry up and pay the protection money.At this moment, Pingtou was really angry.Just imagine, you are about to complete a task, but all of a sudden it just goes wrong.How is this acceptable You must know that this is the first time he has been so close to success, but at this moment, he was abruptly shattered by reality.It is heartbreaking These days, for cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico a person like me who works so hard to become a gangster, who is committed to cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications being a gangster on the road of being a gangster, why is it so difficult to do a successful thing Boss, you have also seen that it does cbd gummies interact with medications s not that I don t work cbd thc gummy does cbd gummies interact with medications hard, but that HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications the world is against me Well, it s all the world s fault.Qi Fei, who entered the military camp at the age of sixteen and had never experienced this kind of academic atmosphere, was kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank attracted by this youthful youth.The blue kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank sky, white clouds, lake surface, all HCMUSSH does cbd gummies interact with medications of these are so peaceful.On the sidewalk by the lake, Qi Fei looked at the girls passing by.They were either beautiful or youthful, and they were all dressed in fashion and vitality.Let a group of male students who come here to pick up girls under the guise of academic exchanges show their so called talents more and more strongly Well, college is really a season of love Damn it , In the army, there are piles of men, really heartbroken.Although Tianjiao is an existence that will never fade in Qi Fei s memory, he is a bit regretful that he has not experienced a fashionable and dynamic university.On the surface, he found that the skateboarding girl was struggling more and more slowly, and he knew that he could not drag on any longer.Without any nonsense, Qi Fei made a direct move, turned over the main troublemaker student, and then kicked the guy in front of him, pushed away the crowd, walked towards the river, and shouted as he walked You guys A group of bastards who can only swear here, get out of the way, don t stop me from saving people Save people This bastard actually said he wanted to save people At this time, some people were inevitably surprised.However, Qi Fei ignored these people, but kicked those who blocked him again, does cbd gummies interact with medications and cursed Boy, go to the side to cool off, don t get in the way No, in the astonishment of everyone, he plunged into the clear water of the lake.With a bang, a huge splash of water splashed by the Weiming Lake.In doing so, there is a sense of wanting to show off Zheng Laosan.At the same time, this is also a warning to Zheng Laosan that our leader is very high level, so please be more polite.Zheng Laosan wants to unblock the streets According to the news sent back by his subordinates, Zheng Laosan got the note thrown out of the taxi long ago, and then hid in the phone booth to talk to the people inside.Although, for the time being, I don t know the content of their conversation, but now he is asking to unblock the street In this kushly cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank way, has he already reached some kind of deal with the kidnapper Qi Fei Now, in order to complete the deal with Qi Fei, Zheng Laosan wants someone to remove the blockade, and then give Qi Fei does cbd gummies interact with medications a chance to leave here snort Qi Fei, do you now know that does cbd gummies interact with medications you have made a big mistake, so you want to run away Hehe, it s a pity you knew too late, I won t let you have the chance to leave here Chen Tianming sneered, did not speak, but glanced at the taxi downstairs, thought for a while, and strongest cbd gummies 2022 said, Send me Zheng Laosan s mobile phone number, and I will talk to him.Then, he said very loudly Why is that guy afraid It must be Qi Fei who wants to blow him up, so he is like this Yes.Although Lao Wu is a psychologist, Jiang Fan is still steadfast in his reasoning.Hey, what you said seems to be true.Think about it, there are actually quite a lot of beauties around Qi Fei, but according to my long term observation, I have never found that he is particularly nervous about any beauties.That is to say, I don t know whether Qi Fei likes girls or boys.Lao Wu rubbed his chin, thinking about his previous observations, gathered Jiang Fan s random guesses, and said, Could it be that Qi Fei really wants Exploded that guy s chrysanthemum Old Wu, it seems to be true After hearing Lao Wu s analysis, Guan Feipeng also interjected at this time.Zheng Peishan has a dark face, but she is also thinking, does Qi Fei really like boys Actually, maybe Qi Fei has something to ask the other party Why are you all analyzing indiscriminately Oh, you don t understand Jiang Fan glared at Lu Rourou, and then discussed with several people.

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