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Yes, specialized in the work of more than 200 households in Chaoyang Village.The district sent a work team here, and the deputy secretary of the district committee Zhang personally served as the work team leader.The police had to take it seriously and cooperate with all their strength.It was against this background that Han Chaoyang was sent to the Chaoyang Police Office.Chapter 6 Take office immediately Secretary Su, this is Xiao Han.He has been stationed in the police office from today on.Deputy director Xu originally planned to introduce the auxiliary police and assistant police stationed at the same time.A BMW that is so cool that it can t be any more cool, it s as if you didn t see it in front of you.I know you, Xu Suo.We have dealt with Xiao Han more than once.Hello, Director Su.The community secretary is not the village party secretary, but a sub section cadre sent by the street.

Han Chaoyang raised his head and said, The injury is not serious, do you want to go for an injury appraisal Don t be angry after telling me, I don t think your injury oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews is very serious.Jiang Xiaolan He and Jiang Xiaofang made a move, but the circumstances were obviously minor.We can only fine them a little, which is not enough to take compulsory measures, let alone hold them criminally responsible.Xiao Zhang, please listen to a word of advice, Officer Han is really For your own good.If you don t let me go, police officer Han can only fine them.A few hundred dollars is a small matter, but the fine itself is a big matter for them.They will be even more angry and will definitely get worse.What will you do then As soon as Zhang Zhishu finished speaking, Xie Jun also said earnestly I watched them grow up.

Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked at his phone, looked at his WeChat vest, and said ecstatically, Uncle Lei, this clue you always provided is too important.Take someone to take a look, and we will keep it a secret for you.It doesn t matter if you keep it secret or not, I can still be afraid of them in the factory where the 527 factory is.The old man lit a cigarette with a look of indifference.Han Chaoyang was about to say thank you again, when Mr.Tai suddenly smiled and said, Xiao Han, we reported criminal clues, and you sent all the rewards Yes, is there any reward Master Tai, Uncle Lei, this this I have to ask the leader, I am not afraid of your three jokes, this is the first clue I received.I m just kidding you.We have retirement wages and medical insurance for seeing a doctor.Who cares about that little reward Uncle Lei put down the tea mug and said with a smile, You just started working and are still in the probationary period.

Dealing with smart people is good, Han Chaoyang He said slowly Manager Zhang, I guess you have often gone to the community to hold security prevention meetings.The superiors asked us to clarify responsibilities, make good use of the resources in the jurisdiction, form an alliance to jointly prevent, and improve the community s prevention capabilities.The voluntary security patrol team conducts security patrols in places and areas with a large flow of people and complicated public security.Obligation means that there is no money, and people s life is so stressful now that even if they are willing to be volunteers, they do not have the time and energy to do this.Retired old man My wife does have time, but their physical strength and energy can t keep up, and on such a hot day, if they collapse while patrolling, it will be a big trouble.

After not fishing for a long time, Han Chaoyang was very childlike.He fished .

how much does true bliss cbd gummies cost?

with Mr.Tai s spare fishing rod for ten minutes, and when he put it down, the fish would bite the hook.There will be one here for a while, and Uncle Lei and Mr.Tai will continue to harvest.Although they are not big, and the largest is no more than two taels, they are all wild, and eating fish is cbd thc gummies reviews cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg not as fun as fishing.An instant sense of accomplishment.Uncle Lei yelled that he came to the right place.Mr.Tai decided not to withdraw his troops if he didn t catch five catties today.They had a great time fishing, and Han Chaoyang couldn t accompany them here.He once again told them to pay attention to safety when fishing and on the way back.Wash your hands by the river, take a bus on the side of the road and go home.Go early and come back not too late.

At least it can help you watch.That s fine, you can call him.Time passed by minute by minute, waiting was really a torment.Those little fishes and shrimps are so dedicated that they didn t return to Yanbei Village where they rented until after dark.Han Chaoyang was worried that the four suspects in Building No.When Xu Hongliang brought the big troops back from the west of the city, put on uniforms, helmets or security hats, and rushed to the security department of Factory 527 with rubber batons to gather, Han Chaoyang heaved a sigh of relief.Hongliang, do you remember the whereabouts of those little forgery dealers The place where I live is not far away, and this is the topographic map I drew before I came back.Okay, let s divide the work first, and take action when we finish the work.Han Chaoyang also drew a topographic map, pointing at the map, not without excitement Said The house rented by the suspect has windows.

Now it s not half a year ago, and Liu s office is not even Wan s, so I don t think he would hand over the case to the Criminal Police Brigade so easily. While Chen Xiujuan was talking on the phone with Lao Tao, Liu Suo had asked the police from the case handling team and several auxiliary police officers who had just arrived to put the suspect into the police car, and at the same time signaled to the instructor to call a security leader from Dongming Community, who followed closely.A policeman and a few auxiliary policemen went to the west of the city, and ordered Han Chaoyang, you are not familiar with the situation in Yanbei Village, so you don t have to go.Hurry up and hand over the evidence to the case team.Hurry up and return after handover.The police office is on duty.The case handling team is all elites, responsible for handling all criminal and public security cases in the station, which is equivalent to the serious crime team of the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Han Chaoyang walked into the activity room with Director Su nervously, and there were several people sitting inside.The leader, who didn t know who was Secretary Yang and who was Director Gu, could only stand at attention and salute Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, is here to report, please give instructions First impressions are really important, Secretary Yang said to Han Chaoyang in the morning Resolute and decisive is very satisfied with the performance of maintaining the order of the venue, and feels that the young man is very capable.While gesturing for him to sit down, he asked with a smile, Comrade Xiao Han, judging by your police rank, you have just started working, and you haven t been fixed yet Chaoyang, this is Secretary Yang of our street working committee.

Manager Zhong, I am not from Yanyang, so it HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies reviews is useless cbd thc gummies reviews to pay insurance here.We have also considered this.If someone does not want to pay insurance in Yanyang, we will send The part paid by the unit and the part that should be deducted by the individual are paid to everyone in the form of salary.Xiao Zhong looked back at Han Chaoyang and continued After the security service company is officially established, the salary standard will be re established, and there will definitely be no increase.It will fall.As for how much it will rise, it is hard to say now, but I can tell you clearly that at that time, the monthly salary of each person will not be less than 2,600 yuan.This is after paying the five insurances.In addition, there will be overtime subsidies and performance bonuses.There are additional rewards for those who perform well at work.

As soon as Yang Tao finished speaking, Guan Xiyuan asked curiously, Chaoyang, are you taking the city management car Came back Well, the driver downstairs is also a volunteer of the security patrol team.It s amazing, develop urban management as a volunteer security officer.The matter of the security patrol team is too complicated to explain in a few words.The master is busy.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste the master s time, so he hurriedly talked about the business Master, I am going to check the migrant population in cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg Chaoyang Village tomorrow night.Su The director is very helpful, and the cadres of the neighborhood committee and Chaoyang Village will participate, but we mainly rely on us to check the ID card, can we arrange two people to help for a few hours tomorrow night Yang Tao was stunned for a moment, sat down and said The population Management is your job, as is the job of the community team.

Han Da, I m Gu Changsheng.The night market has confiscated stalls.There are still many people.There are also many foreigners cbd gummies red returning to the village.Continue to patrol and wait for orders.Yes If it is in the cold winter, it will be very late at 10 30, and it is difficult to see a few pedestrians on the road.But it s a hot summer night, many people can t sleep and like to hang out to cool off.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, raised his head and asked, Director Cai, Director Su, why don t you postpone the action until half past eleven In charge of Director Cai, he looked up at Han Chaoyang and continued to look at his phone.For Han Chaoyang, the next action is to check the population of the area under his jurisdiction.For the subdistrict and the working group, the next action is an important measure to encourage the villagers not to make trouble to a certain extent, and to sign the demolition compensation agreement as soon as possible.

The police from the public security brigade opened the Regulations on Services and Management what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd thc gummies reviews of Floating Population and cbd thc gummies reviews pointed to the clauses above Look at this again.Floating populations should register for temporary residence in accordance with the following .

can you take cbd gummies with melatonin?

regulations, and the person in charge of registration or the unit shall register within 3 days after registration.Within days, report to the local public security organ or through the sub district office and the township people s government.Those who fail to declare the temporary residence registration of floating population in time will be ordered to make corrections by the public security organ of the county level people s government if they fail to make corrections within the time limit, they will be fined two hundred yuan A fine of more than 500 yuan and less than 500 yuan.

Huang Ying suddenly remembered something, and said with a chuckle, I m not a party member, and I don t have a chance to join the party for the time being, so it s more troublesome.Grandpa Gu asked curiously, Xiao Huang, what s more troublesome Director Su said that Secretary Yang asked the voluntary security patrol team in the community to establish a party branch.The captain is not even a oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews party member.Can this party branch be established Even if it is established, it is not fishy.A master who does not consider his apprentice is not a good master.Grandpa Gu realized that this was an opportunity, so cbd thc gummies reviews he couldn t help laughing and said, You talk, I ll go around.Master, I ll accompany you.No, you can t leave people here.Seeing Grandpa Gu walking around at the entrance of the hall After a circle, walking towards the south gate of Area A with her hands behind her back, Huang Ying suddenly came to her senses, tiptoed up to Han Chaoyang s ear and snickered, Your luck has really changed, and you found such a good master.

Just think about how many people there are in the University of Science and Technology.There are not many medical staff in the No.6 Hospital of the city, but there are many patients, and there is an endless stream like a revolving door.I admit that the security situation on the opposite side is complicated, but it is under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, which belongs to Xinyuan Street.Our security guards What does the company send people there for The person in front of him is not only the deputy captain of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, but also the deputy manager of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.As the deputy manager, he has to plan carefully.How could Han Chaoyang fail to understand what he meant, and couldn t help laughing You don t have to send, you can let Haiyang come back , only Sheriff Gu and his old man can t have any accidents.

The children thought the cart pushed by the cleaner was fun, and they got into the cart while the adults were cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg not paying attention.They not only played but also fell asleep inside.The child is gone, and I can t find it anyway.Do you think the parents are in a hurry Not only the cbd gummies ny legal parents are in a hurry, but our police are also in a hurry.We even suspect that he has been trafficked by human traffickers.Let me introduce, this is the new police officer in charge of this area.Comrade Yu Zhenchuan, a policeman from the Yuanjie Police Station, this is Comrade Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station on the opposite side of Guanma Road.The two police officers who were dispatched at the time organized the hospital security department and nearby people to help find him.Thank God I finally found it, but what if I can t find it The old man spoke earnestly and persuasively.

In the eyes of others, this It seems unfair to the young man, but in Director Feng s opinion, it is definitely a good thing for the young man.There are so many policemen in the whole branch who can be remembered by the chief and can be registered with the chief.What s more, Ya Ya is for He is good, he is in the limelight, and he is so young, he might get carried away if he doesn t suppress it.Chapter 126 I like to listen to his nonsense.We went to see a house together, but our aunt called me to go on a blind date, and after dinner, I insisted on going to the movies together, and this has been going on until now.How about it, is the one your aunt introduced okay Not suitable.Why is it inappropriate Huang Ma leaned against the door and said puzzledly Your aunt sent me a photo.The young man is very energetic.

You fished it Well, not cbd thc gummies reviews only I m going to try to do artificial respiration to see if I can save my life.He was in a bad mood when he got a dead person, and he got acquainted.Huang where can you buy uly cbd gummies Ying sat up, leaned against the head of the bed and comforted her You have tried your best.If you want to talk about dead people, someday they will not die.There are normal deaths and some abnormal deaths.You are a policeman.If you go to the traffic police In the accident department, it is really possible to see dead people every day, and each death is worse than the other.People are like this, so I want to be more open, especially in your line of work. I am not afraid of death, but I feel responsible for this matter.If Last time I caught him, handed him over to the fishery administration, confiscated the electric fishing tools, and fined him, so he would stop electric.

In terms of the supervision of pre sale funds, such a situation will not happen again.Su Xian looked behind her, and continued Actually, you can look for Secretary Zhang, the houses in Chaoyang Village have not been demolished yet, and some villagers have already started to sell them.Relocation index.The relocation index is calculated according to the demolition area, and cbd thc gummies reviews the cbd thc gummies reviews average family has two or three houses, cbd thc gummies reviews and there are four or five houses more.They don t need so many houses, and they are willing to sell as long as someone pays.A square meter is 200 cheaper than the market price, even if the villagers want Half can also be 100 cheaper.Who thinks there is a lot of money, and saving a little is a little bit.Han Chaoyang was a little moved, and asked Director Su, is it safe to do this The agreement is not protected by the law, and you can only change the name and sign the purchase contract with the developer in your name after the pre sale.

I m relieved to have a house to live in.I didn t expect your house to have several houses.You are from the city and grew up in the city.You don t understand what the house in your hometown means to us farmers.What farmers, Two civil servants and one teacher in your family, how did you become a farmer You are still a farmer in your heart, and you don t understand.Okay, I don t understand, but your mother is really good.She bought it when she said it, and she didn t tell your father.Call to discuss.My mother is in charge of my house, and my father doesn t care about anything.The salary is handed over to my mother.Han Chaoyang turned to look at Li Xiaobin who was snickering, and continued I feel that my mother is not only you, but also the students in our town.I m afraid of her, why do I tell her not to know behind my back now, when I was in school, my classmates nicknamed her Leprosy behind my back.

No one has paid the money or taken care of them.I contacted Xia Yunkui, and not only did he not go, now They even avoided seeing me, and even turned off the phone and refused to answer my calls.Xia Yunkui s subordinates, you should call Xia Yunkui.You don t care Comrade police, we are subcontracted here.He is in charge of the steel bars, and we are in charge of erecting the formwork.Why don t you go to the office and ask Mr.Liu. Which one. The second one to the left of the gate.Find Mr.Liu, the general contractor who is on duty here, and introduce the situation.Mr.Liu tried to call Xia Yunkui with his mobile phone, but he still couldn t get through.He said helplessly, Officer Han, if someone falls on the construction site, we are obliged to take care of it even if it is not a work related accident, but this Luo Chunjun you mentioned is not It was wrong for Xia Yunkui to avoid seeing him, but it is hightech cbd gummies ingredients understandable that he is most afraid of encountering such a thing when he comes out to work on projects.

Are you only responsible for the cash register You also do the accounting.You are also responsible for paying the employees salaries Yes, yes.While Guan Xiyuan was knocking sideways to learn about the hotel s wage arrears to employees, Han Chaoyang was knocking on the door of the office on the second floor.This office was next to the warehouse, and next to the warehouse was the kitchen.The waiter and one of the waitresses were whispering.Boss Bao, I know you re inside.I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.We want to ask you for some information.People from the police station, why are you looking for me You shouted for oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews a long time without opening the door, what are you doing hiding inside The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the weirder he became, he subconsciously took out his stick and patted the door again Tomorrow has something to do, open the door quickly, don t waste time.

Teacher Ma stood in front of a van downstairs in the cram school, looked at a former parent of a student in cbd thc gummies reviews his forties with a smile, and said happily Chaoyang, you know who I met, I met Miao Haizhu s father, You should have an impression of Miao Haizhu, two years older than you, and I took you to her house for dinner when she was admitted to university.The name Miao Haizhu is not only impressive, but impressive Not very pretty, with outrageously good grades, one of the most promising girls in the town, almost all the parents of those students used her to talk to their children.My mother was her homeroom teacher when she was in the third year of junior high school, so I don t know how much I like her.At that time, her parents wanted her to apply for the middle school entrance examination, so that she could become a teacher and make money after she graduated from the normal school.

Wu Wei sat down on the conference table, and said excitedly The main culprits of the July 17 case have all been arrested.Director Feng personally escorted the main culprits back last night, and the little fish and shrimps are almost caught.My master will be back in two days, and the criminal police brigade and the anti drug brigade will be responsible for the follow up work.The principal criminal was arrested early, and oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews he went to identify the scene that night 7.Case 17 is not just a murder case, but also a drug case.It can be said that best cbd gummies 1000mg there is a case in the case, otherwise, who would kill Qiao Xianhong s family for no reason.Wu Wei took out a cigarette, but one cbd thc gummies reviews hand was inconvenient.Han Chaoyang took the cigarette case and took out one to help him light it.Wu Wei smiled, took a good puff, and continued At first, we checked the cigarette.

Guan Xiyuan, Wu Weizheng, Yu Zhenchuan and other brothers from the police station whispered to each other There were still more than 20 people who did not arrive, and Officer Feng stood at the entrance with a roster and made a phone call.Regardless of participating in activities or performing tasks, the Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol team is far more active than the regular army in the bureau.All the available members of the six squadrons came, and Lao Jin was in high spirits, wanting to show off in front of the policemen cbd thc gummies reviews of the sub bureau.He stood in the center of the field and gave orders in a calm manner.There are all of them.Take each squadron as a unit and assemble as a whole Yes First squadron, look to the right Look forward Count Second squadron, count Different pay for equal work, The team members felt that the official police were nothing special, and they also wanted to be the first to catch up with others, and they reported their numbers one by one as if they had been beaten with chicken blood.

Pause for three seconds, one, two, three, stand up straight, and breathe out slowly.Breathe and make a silky sound, not fast, slow and long, yes, yes, very good The young man is a bit interesting, at least he feels very professional, it s a pity not to become a music teacher Having never seen a professional chorus rehearsal, the what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd thc gummies reviews eliminated leaders such as Secretary Yang, Director Gu, and Director Wen felt that it was very fresh, and sat on the side with their arms folded and smiled without saying a word.Okay, let s practice the chromatic scale, that is, the pitch of the melody.Teacher Liang, please play it for a while.Assistant Liang was already prepared, raised his hand and made an OK oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews gesture, and leaned over to play the music.Let the cbd thc gummies reviews can cbd gummies get you high choir members listen to and identify 12 accompanying voices with their ears, and then use the teacher student cbd thc gummies reviews solitaire game for modeling training, so that people on the stage know and understand what pitch is, and just cbd gummies analysis then train two to three voices, one after another Play the music, remind the people in the stands to pay attention to the change of the third tone in the major and minor triads and chords, and encourage them to imitate and listen to each other.

Yu Zhenchuan made a face with Huang Ying, and subconsciously turned to look at Huang Ying s car.Huang Ying had long been used to it, looked at them with a smile and asked, You guys are cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg sneaking around outside, what are you talking about About work.What work are you talking about so late Han Chaoyang asked curiously.Wu Wei took out a cigarette, walked to cbd thc gummies reviews the police car and said, The police office shouldn t be very busy tomorrow morning.Zhenchuan is different from us.There are a lot of things in his office.I said go to Xinmin Community to try your luck and help him.I went to squat in the middle of the night, but he insisted on refusing to let me treat me as an outsider.I m always bothering you, I don t care.Han Chaoyang knew very well that Wu Wei was a workaholic, and he would feel uncomfortable when he was idle.

Zhou Ju was about to agree to the handover, when he suddenly saw a dozen young men from the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community talking and laughing and walking eastward, he couldn t help laughing and said Lao Hang, I can hand over the suspect, but I have to ask you for labor fees.Don t get me wrong, this money is not for you from our sub bureau, but for a security company in our district.In order to help you catch suspects, they dispatched more than a hundred security guards.If you are embarrassed, who will help us in the future Work at the sub bureau.Lao Qiu said on the phone that many people were dispatched to the Yandong sub bureau to round up the suspect.The murder case is not any other case.As long as the money can solve the problem, it is not a problem.The Hangzhou Bureau agreed, No problem.

Xiao Han, I ll leave it to you to find someone, and you must act quickly, even if you dig three feet into the ground, you will get rid of the irresponsible baby.Parents will be back.Yes Han Chaoyang agreed happily, but he really didn t know how to find them.Seeing off Deputy Station Master Chang, Han cbd thc gummies reviews Zhaoyang met Grandpa Gu who hurried back at the door of the cbd gummies franklin tn emergency center.Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, Master, where is Wu Wei After all, they are their own flesh and blood.I suspect that they didn t run away, and they should be nearby.Or the father of the child ran away, but the mother of the child didn t run away.They are likely to inquire about the news nearby, and they will not be relieved until they see that we have sent the child to the hospital.Grandpa Gu paused, and then said So on the way back, I asked Xiao Wu and Xiaobin to organize patrols to continue searching, focusing on suspicious people wandering around the cbd thc gummies reviews hospital.

People in the village donated ten or twenty yuan, and the other 12,000 was the serious illness relief that the township helped us to apply for in the county.The cadres were very helpful.It s The family owed money, and Xiao Binbin suffered from such a disease, which was really a bolt from the blue for the family.They did think of all the ways they could think of.The young couple only had a total of more than 200 yuan.The mother Xiang Yuqing was still breastfeeding the child this afternoon, but the nutrition was far behind.In order to save every penny Like the child s father Wan Xin, he only ate steamed buns worth one yuan, drank plain water, and ate pickles brought from his hometown.Seeing that everyone looked at his wife at the same time, Xiang Xin hurriedly explained 88,000 dowry is a bit too much when we get married, but we are all like this in our hometown.

The person in charge of the song meeting of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles is very powerful, obviously thought of this long ago, and chose an old song that sounds relatively uncommon now.We are walking on the road with high spirits and high spirits.Chairman Mao led the revolutionary team to overcome obstacles and rush forward.The momentum of the revolution is unstoppable Facts have proved that many old songs are very good, and many older audiences are deeply affected.Zizi returned to the passionate years, and couldn t help beating the beat, and couldn t help humming along.Hearing this song, Han Chaoyang felt liberated, and while gesturing for the big guys to get up, he hastily apologized Everyone, I m sorry, the next song HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies reviews is from our street, we should go backstage, and those who didn t take a group photo will have a chance later.

Since you are not suitable to be a policeman, don t take up a position and let someone who is more suitable do it.You can do what you are good at. But Zhou Ju, Du The bureau and the master will definitely be very disappointed, maybe even Secretary Yang and Director Gu will be very disappointed.People go to high places, and water flows to low places.I think they will be a little disappointed at first, but when they think about it, they will understand and even be disappointed.I m happy for you.Yingying, you want me to go to PolyU I don t think it s just me, if your parents and my parents know about this, they will definitely support it as much as I do.Han Chaoyang was really entangled, looking back at Ximen of PolyU, worrying about gains and losses.Huang Ying knew that this was a difficult choice for him, so she leaned close to him and said softly If you go to PolyU to become a teacher, not HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies reviews only will your salary be higher than now, your work and rest hours will be normal, and there will be no danger.

Crawfish are delicious, but also difficult to make.She and the two old mothers have been busy all afternoon to wash them one by one, and to adjust the intestines from the tail.It seemed that they had been pinched by a lobster.Han Chaoyang felt a little funny, and hurriedly got up I didn t play with my phone., I called Hongliang just now.What did Hongliang say I m happy, I ll invite us to dinner after we re done.He has a conscience, but what he says doesn t matter, Lingling has already found a job.How much money does a music producer make in Donghai in a year, and how much salary can a year go to PolyU. What kind of music producer, her current job is not as bright as you think.The domestic music industry is in a downturn.The market only focuses on harvesting, regardless of sowing.Original power is pale, talents are out of stock, and works are lacking.

It s too late , Come here first today, I will go back first, recruit the security guards of the PolyU Security Office, and prepare for the establishment of the Xinmin Community Volunteer Security Patrol.If there is any progress, please call me and ask the branch to provide any support as soon as possible.222 Chapter Thirteen A false alarm The leader is very helpful, but the leader s suggestion is unrealistic.What kind of community is Splendid Future Nowadays, if you have money, you may not be able to buy houses in the community.It seems that only a few houses have not been renovated, and the rest have been renovated and moved in.Let alone renting a few apartments, it is cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg not easy to rent one.What s more, opening a hotel is doing business, not only the risks but also how to operate it must be considered.

What s the matter It is best to report the situation in time.Yes It turns out that the leader s worry is unnecessary, although the meeting room is getting more and more lively and there are constant noises, even though the meeting was a bit long and lasted until dark , but most of the owners finally accepted the city s solution.From 7 30 p.m., owners signed one after another, and after signing, they walked out of the militia training base one after another.The tactics of disintegration and disintegration of the working group worked.By 9 00 p.m., there were only more oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews than 20 owners left in the conference room.There are still nail households in the demolition.The situation of Shenghai Garden is more complicated than the demolition.It is not easy to be able to handle the work of most of the owners.

You can work in the 110 emergency duty room in the future.Our school s security force is still relatively strong Yes, but we don t have the power to enforce the law.If any case happens in the school in the future, you can organize the security office and school guards to deal with it in time, and even set up a special case team to organize the detection Isn t it good to be a special lecturer Become your campus police.Is there any mistake, I am here to recruit your school guards, how can I be recruited by you What s even more funny is that you actually set up some kind of task cbd thc gummies reviews force.Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he hurriedly said, Minister Jiang, in fact, I should be the policeman stationed in the school.No matter what happens in the school, I have to take care of it.After all, PolyU is our Zhongshan University.

If you refuse to disclose the public benefits of the community to us, and do not let us know where every money is spent, you are infringing We have the right to know, and we can sue the court at any time What oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews exactly did she do, she said one thing after another.Manager Zhang was overwhelmed by the questioning, and subconsciously looked at Han Chaoyang.As the owner of a real estate company, he is definitely one of the most tragic ones.Not only did cbd thc gummies reviews he meet an owner like Tan Xiaoying, but his real estate company was cut off, and the security guard was no longer a member of the real estate company.Not only Wu Junfeng and other security guards have always remained neutral and watched him being besieged with a cold eye.Several owners even proposed to fire him just now to drive away such black properties as him.

He was the one who did the water and electricity installation and fire protection projects in Dongming Community.At that time, the housing prices in Dongming New Village were not as high as they are now, but because the location was relatively remote or even not easy to sell, the developer s capital chain was broken, and they had to use the houses in the community to pay for the project.The civil engineering is the big head, and the houses with better room types and floors were snatched away by the civil engineering boss.At first, he was unwilling to want those houses with low floors, poor sunshine and poor layout, but when he wanted them, he was rejected by the materials.The supplier snatched it up.The developer has no money, and it is useless to go to court.In the end, he can will taking cbd gummies make me fail a drug test only get the franchise of community property services.

Xiao Han, is it okay to have some white wine I don t know how deep it is, Han Chaoyang didn t dare how much cbd in gummy bears to touch the white wine, and hurriedly got up and said He Suo, instructor, I I don t know how to drink, I m drunk from a bottle of beer, let alone Talk about white wine.I really can t drink it I really can t.If you can t drink it, you can t force it.I ll get you a bottle of drink, how about Sprite I ll just drink tea.Han Zhaoyang raised his teacup.You re welcome, coming here is like coming home.He Suo, I m really not being polite.I m a little uncomfortable with the climate.Drinking tea is the best.Okay, just drink tea.Director He is more talkative than expected, Handing the wine to Lao Chang to open, he greeted Han Chaoyang to sit down and said with a smile The conditions here are relatively difficult, not comparable to the provincial capital city like Yanyang, but the conditions are much better now than before.

People in the mountains are like this, they are very united.Jiang Li paused, then continued Besides, there are more people named Feng in Lijiayao than Li Although they are not considered village tyrants, none of the villagers want to offend them.Besides, Feng Changdong s family had a good time before the incident happened.They made a lot of money from drug trafficking, and they were very generous to the villagers.They set up wine on New Years and festivals, and they could almost borrow money from whatever happened to them.A little kindness bought the villagers, not only bought, but also tempted even Develop other people s drug trafficking.When the net was closed two years ago, 15 accomplices were arrested, of which 8 belonged to Li Jiayao, and the other 7 were not from Li Jiayao, but they were related to the Feng family.

play an important role in the flow of grass into illicit channels. Director Kong continued to read out the advanced deeds of the county bureau police.Some performed well in the search and arrest operation, some made great contributions in the anti drug operation, and Guan Xiyuan, who helped ordinary people push the water cart and fell cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg injured, and assisted the county bureau police to seize an illegal transaction.Ning Junde of the ephedra draft.These were all expected, and Han HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies reviews Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong.Political Commissar Huang and Fan Ju found it abnormal.It stands to reason that the Xinying Police Station could at least win the third class collective merit, but Director Kong didn t mention it at all.In order to commend the advanced and boost morale, according to the relevant provisions of the Public Security Organs People s Police Reward Regulations , it is hereby ordered smilz cbd gummies amazon that Comrades Jiang Li, Zhang Yongping, Wang Sheng, Liang Xiaohui, etc.

There is no other way but to smoke.Relying on myself, I went to the beaten family to beg someone to tell the truth, but they avoided him.Later, I asked someone to invite a relative of the beaten family to drink.The relative drank too much, and told the truth after drinking, saying that that night was a So and so eats mutton together.Finally the truth is revealed, and it s really not easy to think about where to go Guan Xiyuan sighed lightly with relief.What s the use of knowing the truth The deputy director of the Forestry Bureau was treated as a negative model, but the matter of his false accusation was ignored.After half a month, the Commission for Discipline Inspection still didn t give an explanation.He Suo was not convinced, once again Go to the director and tell him that it is Dingya Township, the place where he was born and raised, how many people know him, the bad influence has already been caused, and everyone knows that he ate other people s mutton.

Han Chaoyang put down the folder, motioned for Li Xiaobin to go in and find the person in charge of the construction site, and asked, Boss Shao, how many cars are there to pick up the muck tonight Eleven, we re here early.The tall driver looked The younger brother who was calling the repair shop said angrily What kind of boss am I I just drive a car and get a truckload of dirt.Who can I offend There are no cameras around.The intersection with the camera is 1.5 kilometers away.The construction site of the high speed railway station has just started to dig the foundation, and the infrastructure of the construction site has not been done well, let alone the installation of monitoring.Where to find the person who punctured the tire in the middle of the night, Han Chaoyang can only ask the situation first.

This is the division of labor, if you don t go back to rest, you won t be energetic tomorrow.Han Chaoyang was not hypocritical, he greeted Liang Dui and Wu Wei, first sent Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin to the police station, and then used the bus for private use with his girlfriend, and drove the patrol car all the way to the downstairs of the teachers dormitory.Team Liang and Wu Wei don t know how long it will take.Also sleepless tonight is He Pingyuan, director of the Xinying Police Station of the Longdao County Public Security Bureau thousands of miles away.The working group led by the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, after two days of cbd thc gummies reviews comprehensive and meticulous investigation, has basically figured out the situation.It can be confirmed that He Pingyuan did not curse him to death for the old man.

Han Chaoyang could obviously feel that he was not welcome here, and he didn t want to get into trouble again, so he hurriedly said, I m protecting the scene.I sneaked here to pick you up.I have to go back.Okay, don t delay the business Wu Wei didn t know why, so he rushed over to deliver the materials excitedly.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and went back to the sand pile.After waiting for five or six minutes, Wu Wei ran over dejectedly.When he saw him, he muttered, Chaoyang, did Teng Da of the High tech District Bureau eat gunpowder Sending materials, and it is a murder case material, you must sign for it.Ask him to sign, but he was reprimanded.I am provoking someone.You didn t provoke him, and neither did I.Even if you wanted to Not qualified.Then what s going on Our bureau leader offended him.

Why doesn t it look like the criminal police asked.It doesn t look like the lights, it doesn t look like me I I can t say, it doesn t look like me anyway.The high tech zone has just started a large scale development, and even the infrastructure such as roads, water and electricity is not perfect, let alone traffic management facilities.It is also because of the investment and development plan along the Beitai River, considering that the land in Xianzhuang and several villages around Xianzhuang will be requisitioned in the near future, and the houses will be demolished in the near future.The superior believes that resources should not be wasted , so the urban and rural roads that are not in the planning are basically installed with traffic monitoring and public security monitoring, and precious resources are not wasted in planning areas that are about to face land acquisition and demolition.

Sweating and crying, anyone would be angry.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, and continued It s understandable for someone else to post these life philosophies.But he is not an ordinary person, he is the director of the police station, so I always I feel a little a little weird.Not only is it weird, but from the perspective of employing people, such a policeman is no longer suitable for leadership positions.This topic is too heavy, and Political Commissar Huang pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile I didn t expect that He Pingyuan is a bit level cbd gummy new york and literary.He graduated from a order cbd gummy normal university and is an undergraduate.No wonder the writing is so good.Political Commissar Huang He picked up his phone to check the time, then stood up It s almost 9 o clock, let s go.Chapter 314 Better than luck Han Chaoyang left, and Master Xu came.

I have them too There are also family members.She was so grand in her work, Xie Lingling was not surprised, she sat on the co pilot sideways and smiled and asked Don t be tricky, I don t need surprises, what did you bring me Your gifts are ready , it s all cosmetics. I know you won t bring anything else, I just need these. Just like it, Sheng Yanwen smiled, turned around and picked it up when she got into the car and didn t put it in the trunk, but put it .

how often should i take cbd gummies for pain?

in the back Holding the piano box at the corner of the window, she held cbd thc gummies reviews it in front of Huang Ying and sent it to Huang Ying Yingying, this is for Chaoyang, I know he is busy, so there may not be a chance to get together this time, so I can only leave it to you, to you It s the same as giving it to him.Carrying it on her back all the time, unlike other gifts stuffed in the suitcase, for fear of being crushed and broken by the porters at the airport when checking in the luggage by plane, it shows how much she values this gift.

If Xiao Han makes a mistake, it is not only Xiao Han s problem, but also our branch As for the suspect, the basic situation of identity information has been grasped, and there is another more important suspect.It will be a matter of time before he is arrested and brought to justice.It is said that there is no loss.After all, it is impossible to give what should be given.If Xiao Han makes a mistake, there is no loss for him.The case will still be solved and the 200 mg cbd gummy bears suspect will be arrested, but for Xiao Han and even our branch It s just wasting all previous efforts. So he likes to be clever, but then again, there s nothing he can do about it, because so much manpower and financial resources have been invested in this case.Although the murder case must be solved, the superiors will definitely support it, but it s impossible for him to do so indefinitely.

What is Cha La Ke The gambling method, introduced from abroad, has a unique style of play, and not many people know how to play it.It is also because most people have never heard of it, and the informant who provided this clue was very impressed by this matter. Have you ever destroyed Have you ever played the Talak game No, not only our branch, but also several other branches.You may not believe me, but I checked the Internet for more than ten minutes just now, but I didn t understand the rules of the game.It s a way of gambling, I don t know how to gamble.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and said eagerly, I haven t smashed up such a gang before, and I haven t caught a gambler playing lark before.What does this mean It means that Yang Jiandong , Tan Haitao s group is likely to be the one who organized the Chalac gambling game Chapter 343 I know Now there is a problem.

Not at all, but not every day.More importantly, the suspect who stole the electric car is likely cbd thc gummies reviews to live in the community and is very familiar with the situation in Xinmin Community.Arranging new faces there will definitely arouse the suspect s alertness.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, gritted his teeth and said, Master, the community has no technical defense measures.We can find a way to make a simple one, install pinhole cameras in a few places that are prone to theft, and count his luck if he doesn t reach out.Well, if you reach out again, he will definitely not be able to escape That s a way, but where is cbd gummies legal in louisiana do you get so many pinhole cameras, and does it work Last time I heard from Team He that they arrested a few debt collectors and seized a batch of illegal monitoring equipment used for debt collection.

Many people really cried, hugging and wailing.I have only been in the army for a few years, your master He must be reluctant to be a policeman for so many years That s right, but the age is here, we are different from doctors, we retire as soon as we retire, and it is impossible to re employ Han Zhaoyang said he was a master, but in his heart there was something wrong think of yourself.If one day, not if, there will definitely be a day when he retires, will he be as reluctant to take off his police uniform as his master and the old man, cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg just thinking wildly, the police station has arrived.Parked the car, opened the glass door, and while beckoning Li Xiaobin to go to rest quickly, he picked up the landline on the police station and called Xu Hongliang.After arranging everything, she put .

how long do cbd gummies last in system?

down the phone and asked, Chen Jie, where is my master I paid him 20 yuan for the phone bill.

Who would dare to go to that ghostly place at night, Huang Ying and Xie Lingling were so frightened that their faces turned pale and they waved their hands repeatedly.The day the grave was moved left a deep impression on Han Chaoyang.Some villagers had already received the compensation for moving the grave and wanted to save money for cremation.Where did I find the firewood to burn it on Until today, as long as I passed by, even if I just mentioned the memorial hall, I would have the disgusting smell of burning bones in my nose, and even my throat seemed to have the air containing ashes that I breathed in on the day the grave was moved.He couldn t hide cbd thc gummies reviews in time, how could he go Seeing that none of the three people were willing to go, Zhang Beibei had no choice but to give up.He took out his mobile phone and called the police office, which is also the duty room of HCMUSSH cbd thc gummies reviews the security company, to ask about the duty arrangements for each duty point tonight, and then volunteered to go to the duty room at the north gate of Factory 527 for help A girl goes to the door at night.

Seeing that the junior sister didn t appreciate it, she couldn t help but tease It s not a small tone.No one takes care of your business.I wonder if you will even lose your dowry.Compensation, what a joke Huang Ying straightened up, Counting happily We have a total of twelve rooms and ninety six beds.Even if the occupancy rate is only 50 , there will be forty eight guests every day.One bed costs 45 yuan a night.There will be at least 2,100 income, 64,800 a month, the investment can be recovered in four months, and the profit can be made after four months This abacus is really good, but it is really hard to make money.Hard to say.Han Chaoyang couldn t see them being so arrogant , and couldn t help pouring cold water on them Even if oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews they can make a profit, so what, there are five or six shareholders, big and small, and how much money can they get after all expenses are divided.

The forest is so big that there are all kinds of birds.Han Chaoyang also looked back at the hospital, and sighed It is said that our police is not easy, in fact, it is not easy for doctors and nurses, maybe even more difficult than us.Take him to the police station, and don t cbd thc gummies reviews let him mess what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd thc gummies reviews around in the hospital.Okay, don t worry, I ll take care of it.This may be the last thing to tell the little apprentice, Grandpa Gu sighed softly , raised his arm and looked at the watch he had worn for decades Oh, it s time to get off work, I m going to pack my things.The big show is about to begin, what to pack Han Chaoyang looked at the 110 police car parked at the entrance of the police office, and smiled sideways, Master, I ll pack up tomorrow, and I ll accompany you to a place.Where are you going Old friend, say goodbye to the people who support your work, let s go, let s go to Changfeng Street together, Gansuo and they are waiting for you.

The two buses drove slowly under the guidance of the auxiliary police who maintained order.To the temporarily painted parking space.The mistress arrived, bringing her two daughters, two sons in law and children.All the old comrades who got off the bus with them were old comrades.One of them was in a wheelchair and needed the support of two policemen.Some came alone, and some came with their wives.A policeman in his forties attracted many people s attention as soon as he got out of the car.Like Grandpa Gu, he was wearing a white shirt and the rank of third class superintendent.Huang Ying sneaked cbd thc gummies reviews up to him at some point, and asked abruptly, Chaoyang, who is the white shirt talking with that old lady Brother, the most powerful brother My surname is Shi, my name is Shi Xiangrong, and I am the executive deputy director of the Fujiang Public Security Bureau.

The situation is different now, and it must be completed according to the regulations.Then after that, you will have the final say on community affairs, or will the new first secretary have the final say Of course it s the first secretary, he s a civil servant.The community neighborhood committee actually has a first secretary.This is the first time Han Chaoyang heard of it.At the same time, he could feel that Zhang Zhishu must be very upset.He didn t know how to comfort him.The big sister who was supposed to be in Xinmin community actually rode a police I hurried over with an electric car.Han Chaoyang immediately changed the subject, went up to him and asked, Sister Miao, why are you here Miao Haizhu parked the electric car, said hello to Grandpa Gu and Branch Secretary Zhang, and explained with a bitter face, Isn t the Kang Institute planning to Do you dig deep into cases that interfere with the order of radio management No matter what action you take, you must first study laws and regulations, and analyze the case.

You and Ling Bin Relationship.If you want to know these photos, you don t need to look at the photos in the space.You only need to look at Ling Bin s blog.Like a diary, he writes all the people he met, what happened and what he did these days.Both pictures and texts.These are not important, the important thing is how to find someone Wang Jianping said in a low voice Chaoyang, you are right.We may be on the edge of a dead end.You can help us stabilize Ling Bin first.I will ask the technical investigators to see if we can use technical means to Ling Bin s QQ.If there is such a technology conditions, you can find out whether his QQ account has been logged in by a second person, and even find out when and where it was logged in.Chapter 448 Where to go The weather in Yanyang is not very good, and the seasons are not clear.

Captain Wang, I understand what you said., staying in the hotel with Ling Bin and Xinxin is really helpful to solve lychee cbd gummies the case.If Zhang Boyu knew that Ling Bin and the child were here, he would definitely not be as vigilant as he was in Fujiang.The key point is that no matter how good the mass base is on our side, the patrol team No matter how many people there are, they don t have the ability to catch drug dealers.If he has a gun, I can t even imagine the consequences. Don t worry about it, I ll go back, Lao Song and Xiaoqiu won oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews t leave, they will stay and guard.Wang Jianping Taking a deep puff of cigarette, he added Besides, the technical investigation has installed technical means on Ling Bin s mobile phone.If Zhang Boyu knew that he was in Yanyang and was also looking for Wan Xiaoxia, he would definitely call him.

A Letter of Intent for the Cooperation Framework of Security Talents in the New Era.Kang Haigen was dumbfounded when he heard it, he really benefited a lot, and he really realized that there is still a big gap between him and Cao Zefang.Han Chaoyang was equally eye opening.He was lamenting how powerful Cao Zefang was, and thinking about how the lunch was arranged when his cell phone rang suddenly.Deputy Security Minister Jiang called.How could he make a phone call Could it be that he was training for England again Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, and he raised oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews his mobile phone and asked nervously, Hello, Minister Jiang.What instructions do you have, Minister Jiang I m not your superior, what instructions can I give.I m reporting the case to you.Director Wang of the Logistics Department lost his mobile phone in the small cafeteria.

We are the anti pickup hero of the Yanyang City Bureau and the public security system of the whole province, and reporters interview him every few days.The Ministry of Public Security once tranquilizer cbd gummies conducted a nationwide anti pickup operation, which was to let the anti pickup police from Yan Province go to other provinces and cities to catch thieves, and let the anti pickup police from other provinces and cities come to Yanyang to catch thieves.Your Uncle Ji represented our Yanyang The provincial police went to Donghai, and they have not yet reported to the exchange unit, but they arrested three on the train, and two more at the train station when they got off the train.Awesome This is a real hero, Han Chaoyang was in awe, and hurriedly stood at attention to salute.Don t believe your master s bragging.

Naturally, such a big movement could not be hidden from Zhang Bin and Wang Jiayong, who were in the same group.They also alarmed the police academy students Xiao Liang and Xiao Xu who were on duty at the security checkpoint and exit gate.As soon as the four of them ran to the side of the road, Ji Kaiyuan said eagerly Xiao Zhang, Xiao Wang, don t worry about it here, send Xiao Gu to the hospital quickly young man, you help Xiao Liu control this bastard, and you, hurry to find the parents of the child Xiao Xu reacted, and hurriedly said Yes Mom, I want my mother The little guy was really frightened, crying and struggling desperately.Be good, baby, don t be afraid, grandpa is not a bad person, grandpa is a policeman, grandpa will take you to find your mother.Ji Kaiyuan turned his head and gave the dejected suspect a hard look, and then walked towards the ticket office without looking back.

Han Chaoyang looked at Xiaokang who just ran in, and ordered Xiaokang , you drive Angkor and Junfeng there in a patrol car, don t get too close to the hotel, and don t turn on the police lights, turn around and come back to pick them up after sending Angkor and Junfeng nearby. Yes Considering that there is not enough transportation, Han Chaoyang turned back and said, Captain Pang, the patrol car can accommodate two people, so you take a security guard there first and stand by near the hotel.Okay, I ll call cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg Lao Wang.Xu Hongliang was also there Called, said a few words and turned back Chaoyang, the first squadron, the second squadron and the third squadron can each transfer six people, I will let them go directly to meet Lao Pang near the hotel.Okay, you are in charge of the community., and strive for follow up personnel to be in place within fifteen minutes.

Wu Wei was not afraid at all, and pouted towards the gate I want to make a move, I want to hinder the official business, look behind you.Don t worry about it, you re the police and I m the director.The short, fat guy swung his arm and was about to make a move, but he was grabbed by a crew cut guy, and the other guys shouted loudly The public security is great, and it s against the law to eat What are you shouting about Sit back to your respective seats Lu Xingen rushed into the hall with armed special police officers and heavily armed patrol members, and shouted sharply, Be quiet , all those who stand up sit down for me, the police will interrogate, prepare your ID card, don t make loud noises, and don t walk around at will.Where are you going, what are you thinking A special police officer held down a guy who got up and wanted to slip, Lao Ding, Xu Hongliang , Wu Junfeng and others outflanked the past from both sides, and in a blink of an eye cbd thc gummies reviews the hall was tightly surrounded.

And the heavily cbd gummies reakiro armed patrols were still entering the hall.They realized that the police were serious, and they didn t dare to boo again.They just sat in their respective positions and watched the big bald head being taken out of the hall Wu Wei let go of the flesh faced fellow, let him return to his original position, then turned around and said, Team Lu, there are still a cincinnati cbd gummies few more in the bathroom.Xiao Bao, buy hemp cbd gummy you go with Wu Wei.Yes Han Chaoyang did not enter the hall, but stood at the door to observe the movement inside, and confirmed that Lu Xingen had controlled the situation.He looked back at the car parked on the side of the road, walked to a waiter who was blocked and couldn t get in, and asked Little girl, don t be nervous.Do you know who these cars belong to Have any of these people in the hall drove over Are you a policeman too Show proof.

Is there any other problem Han Zhaoyang asked in a low voice.No.For fear that Han Chaoyang would not believe it, Miao Haizhu simply put the noodle bucket aside and explained patiently From the investigation situation, it is only this month that In the Mood for Love involved pornography.One month, the business was not so good, the boss started to think differently, and happened to meet a liar who claimed to have a relationship with the bureau, so he started to let Mommy organize the lady to perform obscene performances.They are not unprepared, you I didn t go in last night, maybe I don t know.The lobby is on the first floor, but the private rooms are all on the oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews third floor.You have to take the elevator in the lobby to go up.They arranged two eyeliners in the parking lot outside, and arranged two nails at the entrance of the elevator.

In addition, the Xinyuan Street Police Station suspects that the suspect s occupation is probably a chef, otherwise we wouldn t just visit nearby restaurants of all sizes.Lao Hu took out his mobile phone to look at the screenshot, looked up and said, Chef, yes, I will help you to ask those restaurants by the way.Why are those Internet cafes so tired of using other people s ID cards to surf the Internet It seems that the punishment is still Too light Yes, in the future, these Internet cafes should be more careful and look up from time to time.Okay, then we will be busy on our own, and if I find anything, I will call you in time.Han Chaoyang was crying in his heart , but said sincerely Thank you.Lao Hu patted his arm enthusiastically, and said with a smile My own, you are welcome.Chapter 535 Race against time 4 Anguan County, Xichuan Province , is a large county with a population of 1.

Do you know where Guomao is Why didn t you report to the city bureau first Chen Bureau, I I just found out about it A police station in the Yandong Sub bureau actually sent police to Guomao to arrest people.Said There are two important meetings in China World Trade Center today.One is the work meeting for the deployment of safe production in the province in 2016, and the other is the economic and trade fair.Mayor Gao, Deputy Secretary Gan and our Mayor Meng are all there.Go arrest people Just arresting people, and talking nonsense about anti terrorism, Secretary General Shi of the provincial government was startled, thinking that there were some terrorists, and called the provincial department to ask if they should evacuate It goes without saying that the hotel is not within the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau.

What bee bee cbd gummies s even more frustrating is that you can t post any complaints that have no credit or hard work, because the leaders criticisms are all on the point, and the criticisms are so convincing to you.I cbd thc gummies reviews didn t have time to eat at noon, and I was not in the mood to eat the dinner provided by the bureau.I sent Xie Lingling, Kang Wei and others away, and drove back to the police station listlessly.He was on duty tonight and was about to make a call to Huang Ying when a police car came outside and two people who were so familiar got off.Liu Suo, instructor Xu, why are you two here Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood up to greet him.I m not busy at night, come out for a walk, turn around and turn to your place.Liu cbd thc gummies reviews Jianye put the big brimmed hat on the police station, looked around the environment of the police station, and then looked at the two rooms oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews on the left and right, smiling Fei smiled and said The conditions are good, more spacious than the one across the road.

I thought that Lao Ding and Wu Wei would not participate, but I didn t expect them to arrive just after the security team at PolyU was assembled.Han Chaoyang pulled the two of them aside and asked in a low voice, How was yesterday afternoon Did you have any clues to visit Xu Aimin and Dai Lishi Old Ding looked back at Cao Zefang and others who were walking this way, and said helplessly Running all afternoon, I almost dug the ground three feet.It was not until the team was about to close that they found out that they had been to a rental house a few days ago.They didn t rent it there, but went to a peddler who rented it there Money.The peddler stayed in Lianglin for a while before, and he was quite familiar with Dai Lishi.He also knew Dai Lishi s character, so he didn t dare to lend him money, so he took care of a meal.

Don t you need to investigate when you are doing news reports Isn t Jia Meng not investigating , This is to illustrate a fact, after all, after the announcement of the Organization Department of the District Committee, many netizens in several forums of Yanyang Online have questioned it.Reporter Qian, you are changing the concept secretly.Director Feng knocked on the table and said with a sullen face As a media, you must first abide by the laws and cbd thc gummies reviews regulations, and abide by the discipline of propaganda as a media practitioner, you must have the minimum professional ethics.Without investigation or research, they sent random news and fueled the flames, which caused a very bad impact on our Yandong branch.So many grassroots policemen are dedicated to their duties to fight against various crimes, and they have worked so hard to change the accumulated image.

Calculated as 150 yuan each time, we should refund you 2,550 yuan.Chen Yuexiang didn t expect the other party to be so talkative, so she subconsciously said Okay, 2550 is 2550, how do you plan to refund, WeChat transfer or Alipay transfer I ll give you Mr.Meng s mobile phone number, which is also his WeChat account.Wait a minute, I ll find a pen.The police help decide what Meng Lang can say, and dare to say, After all, the money should have been refunded to others.When applying for membership, they recharged 3,000, but to sell the annual fitness card, they need to give the employees a commission.Every time an order is made, they need to give the employees 300, and the commission has been paid to the employees earlier.Thinking of this, Meng Lang feels even more distressed.But the nosy policeman in front of him was watching, with undisguised and unquestionable eyes.

Nao Desperate Saburo, this is the first time I ve heard of it.In terms of Desperate, Wu Wei deserves his name, Zhen Chuan is also good, I almost, this group s nickname is not very worthy of the name, it is more appropriate to change it to Three Musketeers.What three musketeers, did oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews the bureau give you a gun I don t have a gun, but Zhen Chuan has one.With that said, the elevator door opened.Not only the waiter was standing at the door, but Tang Xiaoxuan and a polite young man wearing glasses were also standing at the door with a smile on their faces.Chapter 579 is nothing to Han Da Han Chaoyang and his lovely wife were at the Japanese and Korean restaurant on the 38th floor of the World Trade Hotel, eating a big meal while looking down at the night view of Yanyang.Sun Guokang, an apprentice, started the endless mode of picking up and dealing with the grassroots police before finishing dinner.

Wu Wei finally got smarter, and couldn t help laughing After all, the leader is still worried.A gun is a bomb, if it doesn t make a sound, it s a big deal , Don t say that the leader is worried, I am at ease. You are the leader now, so just worry about it.I m not joking, let s talk about business.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel tightly, and continued I told Director Xing that one gun in our police area is enough, and we don t need to install safes and money banks, and we don t need any gun officers., and then make a ledger of the use and transfer of guns and ammunition.After the guns and bullets are applied for, whoever is on duty will hand them over to whom, and the guns will not rest.Setting up a gun storage is too much trouble, and Wu Wei is deeply touched by this.All four guns dispatched by Huayuan Street are usually locked in a safe.

It was oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews also inappropriate to say it inside, so Han Chaoyang could only go outside to explain.It s troublesome to run away, but the same trouble to catch Maybe it s more troublesome than absconding in fear of crime.Miao Haizhu is no longer oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews a rookie when she just got a job at the grassroots level.Looking back at Dai Lishi who was wolfing down inside, she frowned and asked Send him to the Second Squadron, will the Second Squadron take over What do you think Han Chaoyang asked back.I don t think so, not guessing, definitely not.Miao Haizhu paused, and then said I don t think you should bother, just send the person to the sub bureau.Send it not pot vegan cbd gummies directly to the sub bureau.What do you mean Han Chaoyang touched his face and explained The only few people in the bureau are on duty.Who do you want me to give them to Do you want to give them to Bureau Du and let Bureau Du take over Leading organs are not the place to handle cases.

For those who refused to accept the test, the public security organ of the people s government at or above the county level or the person in charge of the dispatched agency could make the test compulsory.However, Qiao Peiming, who looked like a drug addict at first glance, passed the urine test.Liu Jianye was also very surprised by the test results, holding his chopsticks and murmured The failure to test out only means that cbd thc gummies reviews he has not smoked in the past few days, and it is indeed suspicious.What kind of job do you go to Beijing on the third day of the first lunar month, and you bring so much money What do you think It s not like someone looking for a job.Han Chaoyang said in a low voice, It s possible that it s not a drug dealer, but a small drug dealer, or even a mule with goods.Mule is more likely, for us It is not easy to catch drug dealers and seize drugs, and it is also not easy for them to buy drugs, he may be a wayfinder, take 30,000 to go there and buy less, to find out the reality of the other party, and to test the quality of the goods.

Han Chaoyang had no choice but to ask, Boss Liu, do you have any trustworthy friends in Yanyang It s fine to invite your friends if you don t come back.After all, you are the person involved.Without a representative, we can t even make records, and you re not there, cbd thc gummies reviews so we won t be able to tell exactly how much alcohol and tobacco was stolen. My friend, Police Officer Han, I ll call my friend right now and ask him to go to the store to see Look.Okay, tell him to call me when he arrives.Han Chaoyang hung up the phone of the owner of the Yan Hotel, and dialed the duty room of the Huayuan Street Police Station.When such a criminal case occurs, it must be reported as soon as possible, and the case handling team of the Huayuan Street Police Station will investigate and handle it first.If it cannot be handled, it will be handed over to the No.

If there is no problem with the cbd thc gummies reviews cigarettes in the store, then it will be hell.However, the authenticity of cigarettes is not so easy to identify from the outer packaging, and it cannot be opened without consent.Liang Dongsheng didn t want to waste time, so he said calmly, Boss Zhang, I ve made it very clear that I have to take these cigarettes back with me when it comes to the case handling procedures.Come on, let s register together.I have a law enforcement recorder here.You can take pictures with your mobile phone, and we will leave evidence together, so as not to be unclear in the future.Captain Liang, I will help you obtain evidence.Han Chaoyang also did not want to waste time, holding a flashlight in one hand and a law enforcement recorder in the other to shoot on the spot The police are doing business, and Boss Zhang has no choice but to bite the bullet and register together.

It is impossible for him to bring five or six people to Beijing to handle the case without asking for instructions or reporting, otherwise how will the travel expenses be reimbursed And They came with a letter of introduction.There is such a thing, if we leave our branch, he will work as a team leader for less than a month Young, and he has just made such a big splash, it s normal to be a little bit drifting.This It s not a little floating, it s just as inflated as it is fake, and it s so floating that you what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd thc gummies reviews forget who you are Song Kaiqiang cursed secretly, and said angrily He is not afraid of embarrassment, but we are also afraid of embarrassment You come back first, let Xiaosun continue to follow, so as not to prevent the Yanyang colleagues from thinking that we want to grab the credit when we see the credit, and run away if there is no benefit.

With him leading the team, even if the city bureau, provincial department and even the ministry know about it in the future, they will not think that our branch cbd thc gummies reviews bureau does not take this case seriously.Xiao Han is still in charge He s young, so it s fine even if he said something wrong.You can call him later and ask him to stick to his principles.If the Nanshan branch brings up the old matter again, it s not impossible to cooperate with us in the investigation.But med cbd gummies the principal culprit must The same is true for the drugs, drug money, and vehicles used by drug dealers and drug dealers seized from the main criminal the small drug dealers and drug addicts captured along the way can be handed over to them, and the seized small packets of methamphetamine and drug money can also be handed over.Okay, I ll call him later.

Han Chaoyang was stunned, and subconsciously asked Qi, did you send the assisted investigation letter I don t know if you sent it, but we haven t received it anyway.Sorry, I ll call and ask.Okay, you can ask first.How does the Second Squadron do things Han Chaoyang hurriedly pushed open the fire door and walked into the fire exit.Just as he found out the mobile number of Zhang Xugang, the instructor of the Second Squadron, the mobile phone rang again, and it was the chief of the local police station who called again.Qi Suo, I m calling to ask.Chaoyang, I m sorry, the bureau forwarded the letter and just received it.Just received it, I thought they didn t take it seriously Qi Suo looked at Gang s internal staff The letter was just printed out, and said with a smile The letter has been received, but the contact person below is not you.

The clue was provided by Beijing.More than 400 grams of methamphetamine flowed into Xinyuan City three times by courier, all of which were picked up by the recipients themselves.The monitoring at the courier delivery point showed that the person picking up the courier was a young man in his twenties, but his mobile phone number had been shut down early, and the mobile phone number belonged to a woman in her forties.That woman had nothing to do with the man, and it was almost certain.It was the identity card that was stolen.And the call records are just a few records of receiving the courier, and I have not contacted anyone other than the courier sending and receiving point.The crowd was vast, and it was difficult to verify the identity of the man based on a surveillance video, let alone find out his whereabouts in a short while.

Understood, let me understand first.A leader is a leader, and he does everything without leaking.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, opened the back door, walked to the carport of the medical staff of the Sixth Hospital, and dialed his senior brother.Bao Qingshan was looking at the WeChat transfer records of two suspects in an office on the first floor, and when he received a call from Han Chaoyang, he couldn t help laughing and said Chaoyang, the information is accurate, these four guys are playing really well, Judging from the WeChat transfer records of two of them, the winning and losing are as high as hundreds of thousands So many, big fish To us, it s a lot, but it s nothing to them.The four are construction bosses, all drive luxury cars, and all spend a lot of money.Bao Suo, how to deal with it is your business, the top priority It is to turn the case into an iron case.

Don t leave in a hurry.Mr.Tao said eagerly Officer Han, I ve delayed you for an afternoon, can you have a meal with us in the evening, and give us a chance to thank you.Long distance The East Bus Station project is a huge project, and it will take at least two years to complete.Hu Songping really wanted to make friends with Han Chaoyang, so he hurriedly said, Yes, yes, let s have dinner together at night, and call your mother in law and your lover together.Tao Boss, Boss Hu, thank you both for your kindness, I have to be on duty at night, so I really can t go. I don t have time tonight, should I have it tomorrow You two really don t need to be so polite.I am also a member of the engineering headquarters, and I should serve you.Besides, Mr.Hu, you still live in the hotel in our community.You will get along day and night in the future, and you will be your own people in the future.

Han Chaoyang thought about it and then asked, How to solve the problem of insufficient parking spaces.Use your method to shovel down a few flower beds.We have checked the bottom and most of the owners have no objection, and many even support it.As for the very few who don t The owner who agrees, I think, will slowly figure it out under the pressure of strong public opinion.After all, if you live in the same community, you can t agree to install elevators and increase parking spaces.If you are so stubborn, how will you be a neighbor in the future As oros cbd gummies cbd thc gummies reviews soon as Manager Zhang finished speaking, Zheng Xinyi chuckled and said, The owners who live upstairs are even more unlikely to disagree.They are more concerned about whether the elevator can be installed than the parking space.If you don t support us on the parking space issue, How dare you ask us to help mobilize other owners to agree to install the elevator.

Under his nose, there is a gang that is likely to be engaged in pyramid schemes, and there is a large number of people.Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness of the problem, so he didn t bother to check the ID cards of the outsiders.He asked calmly Station Kang, who is on duty at the station tonight, can you ask the person on duty to check This is not a trivial matter for the Huayuan Street Police Station.Before Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Kang Haigen said solemnly Xiujuan is on coda cbd gummies duty and she is investigating.You d better call the Xinyuan Street Police Station to see if there is such a situation with them.Okay, we Call Baosuo.Although Yanyang found out one or two MLM cases from time to time, the MLM problem is not serious compared to other cities.The city has always maintained a high pressure on pyramid schemes, because it directly affects the image of the city.

After calling Xu Hongliang, he contacted Zhang Jinhai, the school guard of PolyU, and then contacted Section Chief Xiao, the security department of the Sixth Hospital.As for the investigation, that is the business of the Economic Investigation Brigade.They have Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station to cooperate, and they are assisted by the anti pickup squadron with the most combat effectiveness of the patrol team, so there is nothing to worry about.While Han Chaoyang was busy preparing for closing the network, the 3.06 special action deployment meeting to combat pyramid schemes was being held in the small conference room on the 6th floor of the district government.Vice District Chief Chen and Zhou Ju, who are concurrently the leaders of Yandong District s anti pyramid marketing leadership team, sat in the center of the oval conference table.

On behalf of the District Committee and the District Government, they expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Bureau for supporting Yandong s work for many years, and welcomed Liu Bureau to Yandong to perform their duties.Bureau, Fan Bureau, Zhang Da and Xi Da are closely united around Liu Bureau, continue to maintain the excellent style and tenacious quality of our Yandong County Branch, and protect the overall situation of Yandong s economic and social development.Xu Hongliang knows These are normal, because the security company needs the support of the pain relief cbd gummies for pain sub bureau, and they have been very concerned about it since they knew that the leaders cbd thc gummies reviews of the sub bureau were going to adjust.It is more normal for Lao Ding to know, he is known for being well informed.Han Chaoyang regained his composure, and asked curiously, Director Liu is here.

Didn t Bureau Liu just take office The new official takes office three fires.He may come out to cbd thc gummies reviews check posts at night.I have to keep an eye on him.Okay, I ll wait Go back first.Just as he was speaking, three police cars drove up in cbd gummies 1mg thc the distance.Han Chaoyang hung up his phone in a hurry, ran to the side of the road and waited, guiding the convoy into the factory.Director Xing got out of the co pilot, opened the back door, and a middle aged man in plain clothes got out.Ju Feng got off from the left side.Although cbd thc gummies reviews Han Chaoyang had never met Liu Qiuping, he quickly guessed that the one who just got out of the car was the new director, and hurriedly stood at attention and saluted Report to Director Liu and Director Feng.The scene is cbd thc gummies reviews by the river to the west.The forensic doctor is examining the corpse.

Side It s possible, and it s extremely possible.Old Ji, you can think of it, but the special case team can t Wu Wenge flicked the ashes, and said slowly The special case team must have arranged for someone to call the river.Surveillance on the Binlu Road, now there are cameras everywhere, the time of death is how often can you take cbd gummies not long, and the identity of the deceased has been confirmed, this case should not be difficult to solve.It s really hard to say whether it will be solved.Whether it will be solved or not has nothing to do with you.Old Wu, what do you mean by that Ji Kaiyuan was unhappy, and patted the coffee table and said, It had nothing to do with me before, and it has nothing to do with us if it happened in other places, but now we are the voluntary security patrol team of Yandong Branch.Counselor, the case happened in the security patrol area of our patrol team, why is it nothing to do with us Do you still want to investigate Ordinary people are still doing what is right, what s wrong with my investigation, I am a party member and a police officer Retired public security officers.

The specific work depends on you.The party committee will be held in the afternoon.I will go back first.I will call you if there is anything.Let s go after eating.The food in the canteen of the Sixth Hospital is not bad. No, go back to the game to eat.Han Chaoyang sent Fan Ju away, and then said goodbye to Kang Haigen, who had been hesitant to speak, and drove back to the police station.It was already lunch time.They all ate in the Sixth Hospital.After finishing the dishes on a stainless steel plate, Han Chaoyang sat down at their table, turned around and greeted the medical staff who were also eating in the cafeteria, and then turned around and asked in a low voice Jun Feng, Jiayong, Uncle Ji and Uncle Wu, did you see them when you came back No, but what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain cbd thc gummies reviews I called and asked, and they said they had something to do outside and they wouldn t be back at noon.

Envy I m not envious, money is something outside of me, let s talk about me There is no shortage of money, my choice cbd gummies review son and daughter in law are filial, and even my grandson buys me a lot of things every time he comes back, which is too much to eat and spend.In front of Grandpa Gu, Ji Kaiyuan could only show that he had a son.grandson.Grandpa Gu got used to it a long time ago, and laughed, You are blessed.You have sons, daughters, and grandchildren.You are indeed better than me in this respect.Just as they were joking, the proprietress brought the first basket of steamed buns to the table.out of the cage.Han Chaoyang was really hungry, so he picked it up with chopsticks and ate it.Miao Haizhu was not in such a hurry as he was, she turned into a waiter and went in to help serve the soy milk.The taste of the crab roe buns was similar to that of meat buns.

I know, so I want to criticize education.Feng Ju said a few perfunctory how much cbd gummies can i eat words, and just after hanging up the phone, Liu Qiuping walked in and asked curiously Old Feng, what is it, who should criticize education Han Chaoyang.What s the matter with Han Chaoyang Feng Ju walked to the door, asked his immediate superior to sit down, and said with a wry smile, Xinyuan Street is organizing a group of old men and women to go to Xinmin to create a civilized city.Singing and dancing in the community, setting up a stage, and using a loudspeaker.Residents in the community were annoyed, and had disputes with them, and even called 110 to call the police.Is this under the control of our police, but the masses called 110, and the street also called 110, so we can t ignore it.New Yuan Street invited Deputy Director Zhang of the Propaganda Department.

Mr.Zhang is going to get married too, and he s going to do it with our two families.The groom is actually Yu Zhenchuan, you Is it a flower planted in cow dung The more I said it, the more outrageous it became, but it sounded sincere.Yu Zhenchuan took off cbd gummies ny legal cbd gummies 1500mg benefits of cbd oil and gummies his big brimmed hat, walked out of the crowd, took out a cigarette and stuck it upside down in front of the grave just like Han Chaoyang did just now, and said effortlessly, Chengquan, Beibei and I plan to get married on May 1st, and the banquet will be held in the Garden of Scholars , my own people don t need to send any invitations, just go directly when the time comes, we will reserve a seat for you, and wait for you to drink cbd thc gummies reviews our wedding wine and eat our wedding candy. Chengcheng, let s talk too.Wu Wei what is in green ape cbd gummies walked to Yu Zhenchuan By his side, he first lit a cigarette and put it in front of the grave, then lit one for himself, choked up while smoking and said, I apologize to you first, when you left I was in the task force like Xiaokang, and the superior was worried that it would affect the handling of the case.

If there is anything to think about, there is really no place in Shuxiangyuan.We don t necessarily have to go to the live performance.There are still 20 days left.Let s slowly think about it and give you a surprise then Because she found an important clue by checking the suspect s mobile phone call records and personal bank account transaction records, she just rushed to the Huayuan Street Police Station with Wu Wei to report to Liu Jianye.We didn t have time to trace the flow of more than 100 funds on this bill.We only checked the transfer records of these four large amounts.Wu Wei pointed to the transaction records marked with a pen on the bill and said excitedly The first One transfer was 1.7 million, the second was 2.6 million, the third was 500,000, and the fourth was another 500,000.The transfer dates were May 3, May 12, May 22, and June 4 last year.

Didn t he go to Luo Weixing s hometown He should talk to the local We have dealt with the police station before, please ask him to help us ask the comrades at the local police station to find out the details of this Jiang.Wu Wei was also extremely excited, and while dialing Guan Xiyuan s mobile phone, he grinned and said, Damn it, he actually passed us mayim bialik cbd gummies cbd gummies ny legal by, but if he can run, the monk can still run to the temple.It seems that we have to go to the temple.Go to Leken.I will report to Liusuo, and if Liusuo agrees, we will leave later.Chapter 806 Chasing and Escaping 12 Malicious absconding with wage arrears is not a major case, and both It is not the peak period for migrant workers to ask for wages.Before the Spring Festival, it is not that the Sanjian Company did not deal with the aftermath, and more importantly, the Huayuan Street Police Station did not take it seriously.

Han Chaoyang simply handed over the jacket to the anti pickup team who participated in such an operation for the first time and are still excited.Newcomer Zheng Bai handed the boarding pass with the luggage list to Xu Hongliang, and asked Xu Hongliang, Shi Junhua and Boss Qian reviews on pure cbd gummies to get the luggage first, while he went straight to the police room in the arrival hall with Wu Wei and Yu Zhenchuan.After knocking on the door a few times, there seemed to be no one inside.Just as he was about to turn around and ask the airport staff who was checking whether the luggage of the passengers would be taken by mistake, a policeman in his thirties walked over from the crowd.Is there anything wrong Who are you looking for Han Chaoyang quickly took out his ID, turned his back to the passengers on the same plane who were walking towards the luggage tray, and explained with a smile Hello, I am Han, a policeman from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

m., because the repertory troupe in Donghai will rehearse the next morning, and they will have to set up the stage overnight and adjust the lighting and sound overnight.He Qiyuan scratched his head and added Actually, the performance time is in the theater For Director Chen s sake, the leader made it out of the time he spent setting up the stage and adjusting the sound.After hearing what He Qiyuan said, Zheng Yutong felt like he was rubbing against other people s venues, so he couldn t help but smiled wryly It seems that spending money is not a good idea.Spending money is different.That s for sure, if you are willing to pay hundreds of thousands, they will give you rehearsal time.Actually, rehearsals are the same everywhere, the question now is whether there is enough time for Kang The teacher adjusts the lighting and sound.

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