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Elena continued The British team has about eight to ten people, wearing German military uniforms, and will pass here about today.In addition to recapturing the information, your goal must not let a person go back alive.Understood, Sergeant. I will participate in your operation to ensure that there are no accidents.Elena s words have already caught Wang Weiyi by surprise.He has never thought that women can fight.As for women, it seems that it is more appropriate to stay behind and do some auxiliary work.But the other party is from the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff Department.Higher rank than her, but far from her status.Shrugging Okay, Sergeant, but I hope you can take care of yourself in battle.Elena s expression was still so indifferent You don t have to worry about this at all.Wang Weiyi had some bad premonitions in his heart Do you know Sergeant Heinrich Yes.Rommel replied with a smile That s my cousin.Damn it, Wang Weiyi cursed in his heart Looking at himself, what excuses are not good, insisting that Elena told him Isn t this asking for trouble Elena is actually Rommel s cousin God, I never had this in my database.There are such coincidences in the world.If their cousins meet in the future and they talk about themselves, wouldn t their lies be exposed immediately Wang Weiyi had some headaches, but there was nothing he could do when the matter developed to this point Where did Rommel know what was thinking in his heart After carefully inquiring about how to deal with tanks, and then carefully discussing with Wang Weiyi how the two sides could cooperate and support each other in the next battle, he straightened up Lieutenant Ernst, it is an honor to meet you.I will upload it as soon as I get home.It may be later.Brothers, I recommend it, and it will be on the new book list soon Thirty three.Waltz in the air recommended for the third update The war game has begun This is a war game for two and a group The cooperation between Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng was perfect.Although there was only one submachine gun and exact wellness cbd gummies one rifle, under the joint attack of these two weapons, the entire company plus a patrol team was suppressed.As long as someone raises their head, they will be swept away by joint firepower.Lieutenant Conker was extremely annoyed.He is an excellent officer, but at the same time he is also a rigid officer.Whether offensive or defensive, he must follow the dogma, and no deviations are allowed.So despite being suppressed by the enemy s firepower, Lieutenant Conker was determined exact wellness cbd gummies to arrange the soldiers into a neat formation before they could start the attack.They saw a young German officer walked out of the crowd slowly but firmly, and then walked step by step In front of His Majesty the Emperor Your Majesty, Ernst Brehm pays you the highest respect.Glory be with Germany The hall suddenly became silent, no one spoke, and everyone was looking at him Ernst Brahm.The eyes of soldiers are shining with pride, which is the glory of the military the eyes of nobles are shining with excitement, which is cbd gummies affiliate the glory of Germany the eyes of young people are shining with enthusiasm, which is the glory of all Germans.Of course, those women s eyes also flashed with incomparable excitement and madness.If they could marry this man, it would be their greatest glory.Ernst Brahm A creator of miracles Glory be with Germany, glory be with you Wilhelm II said slowly Deutschland will never forget everything you have done for Germany.After a while, she said Maybe this is the human emotion that I can t understand.Wang Weiyi smiled.Maybe Xiao Ling couldn t understand human feelings.At this time, he found out what materials Xiao Ling was organizing before, and he was a little curious What are you looking at there I d be bored, too.Xiao Ling s voice was annoyed Now the fighting has temporarily stopped, and I will organize the spy materials of various countries in the First World War there.Xiao Ling will be bored as well Wang Weiyi s heart thumped, how is this possible How can a computer feel bored Boredom, this is a feeling that only human beings can have However, this kind of thought was just a flash.It was difficult for Wang Weiyi to understand everything about Xiao Ling.He glanced at the list of spies and found many names he was familiar with or unfamiliar.I didn t think much about it at the time, but when I calmed down, I started to feel something was wrong.Why did you let me leave the protection of the guards Baron, this is not how Marison was before.If you say that, I also feel a little puzzled.Baron Booker s brows were locked together Our escape route was all guided by Marison, and now we are in such a dangerous place In fact, it is necessary to judge whether Marison is Renegade is very simple.August stood up Marison is looking for a way, I think we must find a safe place to hide, instead of waiting here for him to bring England.After finishing speaking, he said to Baron Booker very seriously Kyriyans, my friend, please promise me that if we cannot escape, and there is even a exact wellness cbd gummies possibility of falling into the hands of the British, please Kill me with one shot.Maybe some of you The children, the family, will fall at the gunpoint of these prisoners who should have been in the prison camp, and all this is caused by the irrational behavior of Baron Alexon His words are obvious Resonated with some people.At this time, Wang Weiyi still didn t show the slightest expression.Marklin paused there If Baron Alexon did it simply because he lost his mind, maybe we underestimate the Miracle of the Somme I think He did it on purpose Lieutenant Colonel Rosen who was let go, you don t know his other identity, he is the commander in chief of the British Expeditionary Force, the son of the sister of the famous butcher Douglas Haig Boom Suddenly, there was a whisper in the courtroom.Wang Weiyi s eyebrows also twitched.The Lieutenant Colonel Rosen who was let go by himself is actually the nephew of The Butcher Haig Quiet, quiet Felix quieted the court, and then said to Marklin Do you have any evidence Lawyer Maclean have.There is no doubt that Wang Weiyi won the Blue Marx Medal, and Richthofen has won a total of 13 air combat victories from the first air combat to the present, three times away from the 16 demanding air combat victories for this medal.But this is nothing, the performance when rescuing His Royal Highness Crown Prince William is enough to make up for this gap.A plan carefully designed what is the best brand of cbd gummies for pain by Nicholas turned into a farce, but exact wellness cbd gummies on the contrary, it made Wang Weiyi s great reputation and consolidated his position in the hearts of the Germans.The Great Berliner Zeitung used an entire page to report on the deeds of Baron Alexon.This is a rare official report on such a large scale and large scale method of a hero.Only Marshal Hindenburg had such an honor before.Under the protection of His Majesty the Emperor, under the guidance of the Holy German banner, the great Baron Alexson has done great deeds Surrounded by is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies the enemy, in the near despair Under such circumstances, Baron Alexon Ernst and Baron Albrecht Richthofen miraculously rescued His Highness the Crown Prince, and sneered at those pretentious British people.

Seeing the distance from the fat colonel, Manstein said in a ferocious low voice Ernst, you are definitely not A gentleman, I swear you are not I have to tell Elena to go and make her reconsider her choice.Wang Weiyi smiled, and said in a low voice, Come on, Fritz, when I go back this time, I ll help you find a good shotgun.He remembered that Manstein s greatest hobby was hunting, which was very popular among the nobles in both Germany and Russia.Are you sure I am sure.Manstein s face became better now.Hey, Moyol, Yunal, hurry up.Colonel Gustav on the stretcher shouted at this time.I love this fat man.Wang Weiyi laughed in a low voice.Indeed, without this fat colonel, there might is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies be some twists and turns in entering Lance, but the occasional rescue made it easier to sneak into the French.It s just that the special unit can only come in.invest Will Tinland was stunned there.Although he still didn t know where to get the money, Wang Weiyi still said Yes, investment.Monsieur Pipondu is an excellent winemaker, and you are an excellent tailor.I think you must also need some funds to do what you want to do Pippondu and Will s eyes lit up, this is exactly what they have been thinking about day and night.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Not only that, but I will also let you go to Paris.It has to be said that in Germany you cannot cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies fully display your talents.Oh, HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies God.Will said in a low voice, his tone full of gratitude Whether what you said can be realized or not, cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies this is a great encouragement to Pipondu and me.Major, please have faith in our ability in this regard.Of course I believe, Wang Weiyi thought in his heart, should I doubt the two future super rich One hundred and twenty six.Yes, that s all you need to do.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette.Gradually, bold Frenchmen surrounded them.They were obviously aroused by this scene, and some even helped the girl decorate the tank.No, no, it shouldn t be placed here, it will destroy the overall beauty.Manstein walked over from behind, commanding those who helped with the arrangement, and kept asking them to adjust the flowers as an expert.s position.Elena got out of the tank too.It was the first time she saw such Ernst Brahm, the first time she saw such a German officer At this is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies time, he actually has the leisure to decorate the tank with flowers A romantic and crazy person Flowers can make us forget the stale air in the tank, isn t it, Elena Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.You re such a lunatic.Elena shook her head.Rommel also came over, he picked up a rose and put it in a place he thought was very beautiful.The German soldiers crouching in the trenches loaded their bayonets, gripped their engineering shovels, and then stood up one after another.Stay in formation, stay in formation Don t panic.Don t retreat stay in formation Stay in formation ready to fight The rhythmic melania trump cbd gummies shouts of the officers were exact wellness cbd gummies accompanied by the sound of whistles.Colonel Thomas smiled slightly, it was the greatest luck in his life to have such soldiers.Soon, all of them will die here, but that doesn t matter anymore The dense French army is pressing in little by little Farewell, Wolfe.Farewell, Colonel, finished Wolfe.He raised the binocularsSuddenly, his hands trembled What s the matter, Wolfe Colonel Thomas noticed the abnormality of his subordinates.The strange thing is that Wolfe didn t answer the colonel, and his whole body seemed to stay there.What I care about is the thirty thousand gold coins that Mr.Mistanov promised.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly I will take you back to Danzig, and then go to the Kirinovas Hotel to collect the reward I deserve, but before that, you must be with us.Ivanovic s mind is not on this at all, just nodded mechanically Seeing Ivanovic staggering away, Wang Weiyi suddenly put away the smile on his face.He took out two letters from his pocket.Did the Russian really think he could be fooled by such a trick In Kirienko s office, he found the jewel exact wellness cbd gummies box at once, and soon discovered the contents.The location of the agency, and found these two letters.He has not read the content, but judging from Ivanovic s performance, these two letters should be very important.He opened the letter, but found that it was full of Oh, I knew I should let Xiao Ling teach me Russian.I think if I were their commander, I would order the tanks to hide somewhere, and then continue to support them when they return, but this is not important anymoreMr.General, look, O Mijet couldn t let the tank deploy.The terrain here is too complicated, and the advantages of the tank can t be used.I think we can set up an ambush here while sending a search party to catch their whereabouts, and catch them all when they come back What s your name, Corporal Georgi Konstantinovich.Zhukov.Sergeant Zhukov General, I am a corporal. No, you re a staff sergeant now.Kashanov gave Zhukov a commendation I think your judgment is very correct.No matter what the enemy wants to do, let them come and go.Colonel Fritoyak, I now order your regiment to set up an ambush at Omidet and wait for the arrival of the Germans.Vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my greatest motivation.165.The mysterious Kugla three tanks quietly parked in a hidden place, as long as it is not a deliberate search, it is very difficult found Guderian and some soldiers stayed behind to guard the tank.Now, Wang Weiyi and his skeleton commando temporarily lost the support of tanks.But this is nothing, the tank is a powerful weapon, but it is definitely not the whole of war.The truck was a little bumpy, which made it hard for the people sitting on it.It was already far away from the front line.It was time for the brothers who had fought so far to take a good rest.It is night now, the night wind is blowing, and there are occasional sounds of unknown insects, and the surroundings medterra cbd gummies reviews are pitch black.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette, and suddenly remembered, if a sniper was buried in the dark at this moment, taking such a shot at himself at the moment when the fire was shining, would the Rambler disappear from the world I also think this question is a bit funny.

Pay attention to the surrounding police Rommel s voice came over.This is a conscientious person who can always arrange everything in advance.In the future, he will also be a trustworthy comrade in arms on the battlefield.Four Knives, Bon Cray, Back Wing Cover The entire skeleton commando team is an effective and high speed machine.Each of them has their own specific tasks, and each of them knows what to do.Model, who had just joined the Skeleton Commando, also felt the team for the first time.Every one of them looks ordinary, nothing special.However, once these people unite together, they can form an invincible blade.Smoking on the battlefield exact wellness cbd gummies will kill you.Rommel, who had finished the task, came to Wang Weiyi and said with a smile.The situation is different.Wang Weiyi took out a cigarette case and threw it to Rommel.There is a chance Riley said These two companies are not always in exact wellness cbd gummies the same position.Together.At 7 o clock in the morning every day, they will conduct cross defense, which is when their defense is weakest.Also, Colonel Fritojak s main mission this time is to capture you, not engage in positional warfare, so there are almost no fortifications there.If you can successfully cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies choose to raid time.Maybe there will be a exact wellness cbd gummies chance to go out Wang Weiyi let out a long breath, a plan has been quietly formed in his heart.Twenty minutes, they only have twenty minutes, but it doesn t mean anything.Skeleton Assault From the first day of its establishment, the team has faced countless difficulties and challenges.This time is nothing more than one of them All to prepare here is far from Omjet Very close, the Russians can t imagine that we are lurking under their noses now Wang Weiyi said calmly Departure at 3 o clock tomorrow morning.Lieutenant Kudrich hesitated for a moment, and at this moment, terrible gunfire sounded from the left and right wings 50 meters, 30 meters Seven or eight grenades shot from the skeleton The team members threw it out of their hands.Amid the boom boom explosion, the Russians uttered desperate screams and wails of embarrassment.Thirty seven elites of the Skeleton Commando and seven Madsen machine guns, such a firepower strike is really terrible for the Russians.In order to successfully break through, Wang Weiyi took out all the belongings he could Model was the first to break into Poyaevra s position.He saw that most of the Russians were fleeing in all directions, and only four or five Russians were still fighting desperately there.Model threw a grenade, and amidst the booming explosion, the resisting gunfire stopped.In Xiao Ling s introduction, this woman s persistent spirit is not inferior to that of a man at allThe richer people are, the more low key they are Hermione and the countess are very good friends, and even the countess has many assets that are handed over to the Wittgenstein family Reasonable, there is a dirty relationship between them.In the countess s introduction, the Wittgenstein family could have been promoted to nobles, but Karl Wittgenstein unexpectedly rejected the title of nobles.He once said that he was a Wittgenstein, rather than a general Count of the Ringstrasse.Moreover, Karl Wittgenstein was unwilling to accept the title of nobility conferred on him by flower only cbd gummies the Austro Hungarian Empire.Being born in Germany, he cared more about the title of German nobility.He had spread rumors on many occasions that his family might district edibles gummies tropical punch cbd be an illegitimate child of the Sein Wittgenstein family, a exact wellness cbd gummies high ranking German nobleman.He tried his best, but there was no way to change all this.Ernst Brahm the skeleton baron, this is the nightmare that Brigadier General Gustav can t get rid of in his life He has asked El.General Raffarin asked for reinforcements, and Lieutenant General Raffarin, though as annoyed as he was, could only reluctantly agree to his subordinates request.This was the first tough battle after the spring offensive was launched.Both the Germans and the French were infinitely eager to win, and it was precisely because of this that the Germans put their most elite troops on the front line.Now it seems that the Germans have the upper hand without any suspense.It was already evening, and it was time for dinner.Brigadier General Gustav decided to temporarily forget all these unpleasantnesses.But at this moment, violent artillery fire suddenly rang out from the German positions.221.Udine Udine.Colonel Diego was not in a good mood.The Battle of Caporetto is still in the preparation stage, and he has repeatedly reported various deployment mistakes to General Cadorna.But this not only did not get General Cadorna s attention, but also caused him to be reprimanded.General Cadorna asked Colonel Diago to do his own thing well and not to make irresponsible remarks on the deployment of senior generals on the front line.Attention, it is a senior general Colonel Diego was dispatched to Udine, and the reinforcements and supplies he requested have not even been seen until now.Colonel Diego knows he s being ostracized among his colleagues, but this is war Fight for Italy Have my colleagues forgotten the glory that Italy once had Were Italian officers indifferent to the ridicule of the enemy, or even the allies They re not real soldiers, no The German Austrian coalition forces are already attacking on a large scale, but until now, no one has informed Udine of anything related to the front line.The phone was sent to Second Lieutenant Model, and the voice of Colonel Ernst came from there Second Lieutenant Model, your mission It s done, the British will retaliate wildly tomorrow, now I order you to retreat to the second line of defense and accept the command of Captain Manstein.Yes, Colonel, I ordered a retreat at once.Lieutenant Wymos is dead.He behaved very bravely.I will bring back his body. Lieutenant Model, you are as gallant as Lieutenant Wymos.Two hundred and thirty.The god of death reappeared and the night wind was bleak, and the soldiers quietly left their positions.The first to leave were the captives, among them were the wounded, and then the British soldiers.The last one to be carried out was Wymos Second lieutenant.He died in this battle, so he will be the last one to leave.

Wang Weiyi arranged the people he led on the north bank of the Marne River Bridge, while Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian commanded tanks and soldiers to stand firm on the south bank.As for Adolf Hitler and Elena, this time they were determined to be with Ernst.It best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 exact wellness cbd gummies was useless for anyone to persuade them.They were fearless.No matter how many enemies came, they would never abandon any of them.Team members This is the creed of Skull Commando Are you really not abandoning any of your teammates Beasley seemed a little unconvinced.Yes, never give up Wang Weiyi told the American reporter with a smile They are all my brothers.No matter how long I have to stay here, I will never is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies leave.I am impressed by you, I am very serious.Beasley closed his notebook Now, I gradually find why you are invincible, an officer who regards the lives of soldiers as more important than his own life, he Enough to make his subordinates do anything for him.He had also heard before that there was a very famous general in Germany, even if the whole of Germany failed, he never failed.It seems to be called Baron Skeleton or Baron Rose , cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies and some people call him Saint Ernst , probably this Baron Alexon Also, you are too old fashioned Steck almost roared there You use mechanized troops as a strategic reserve, but they are placed in Nanjing.You don t understand the road conditions in China From Nanjing to Shanghai, cars have to drive More than 20 hours God, when your so called mechanized troops arrive, the battle will be over If you make such a mistake in the skeleton commando, you will be shot Then, he said to Xue Yue General Xue , I would like to express my deep apologies to you for the mistakes made by the German adviser.Ah, no, General Steck, you don t have to do this.Remember, my marksmanship is very good.Ah Si watched Wang Dehai leave the room in a daze.But his daughter in law greedily looked at the golden color Nishimura Zhiming was assassinated at the gate of his club, causing Zhang Xiaolin to be in chaos.How to explain to the Japanese himself That died at the gate of his own club And what s even more terrible is that someone really wanted to do something to him When he was young, Zhang Xiaolin Tian was not afraid of anything, he even dared to fight Japan himself, but as he got older, he found that his courage became smaller and smaller.His subordinates were severely reprimanded by him.None of his apprentices dared to speak out after being scolded.No, the other party seems to be targeting me.Zhang Xiaolin was very sure of his judgment I have to find another bodyguard.Die With Fu Dezhang s roar, the fourth Japanese soldier died in his hands Fu De was shaky, but he always insisted not to fall down.He shouted with the last of his strength Brothers, kill the enemy, kill the enemy Don t embarrass the men of the Northeast After shouting this sentence, he burst into tears Falling to the ground His eyes were wide open, as if he was watching the evening sun Northeast is his home, the loveliest home, but he can t go back, never again I can t go back, he has poured his blood here It doesn t matter, it doesn t matter One day, his brothers will go back with his loyal body of back to his loveliest hometown Fu Dezhang, captain and company commander of the 107th Division of the 67th Army of the National Revolutionary Army, was killed in Songjiang at the age of thirty three.Oh, exact wellness cbd gummies I see.Wu Qian said lightly.In fact, he didn t care what the answer was.As a soldier, as long as the war is not over, you have to stay on the battlefield.Shame needs to be washed away bit by bit dignity needs to be earned bit by bit The 319 brigade will be placed on the front line, and no step back is allowed.Jin Kuibi said sternly.Yes, don t take a step back Wu Qian answered him loudly and loudly.Both Jin Kuibi and Wu Qian knew very well that with the current strength HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies of the 67th Army, it would be difficult to hold on to Songjiang for a long time.Once the Japanese army s large scale reinforcements arrive, the battle situation will become seriously unfavorable to the exact wellness cbd gummies 67th Army.But who cares about these Everyone here is ready to die here.At this time, on the opposite side, Masanori Tanigawa, the commander of the 42nd Infantry Regiment, was also looking at the opposite side with a telescope What kind of unit is that in China It seems to be the 107th Division of China.If one day, the sky is full of Chinese war eagles, the ground is the torrent of tanks, and the sea is full of mighty warships, what a spectacular scene it will be Yes, that day will surely come Go on go on came the voices of the officers.The team set off again.Guo Yunfeng and Fu Yu came out from the hiding place.Maybe they had experienced such a scene before, but Fu Yu didn t panic too much.This also made Guo Yunfeng curious Aren t you afraid After the war in Shanghai, we have been seeing air battles.Fu Yu s expression was a little sad The one next door is because it didn t exact wellness cbd gummies hide it well.In the end, it was captured by the Japanese.The plane was blown up.At first is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies we were also afraid.But after we knew how to hide, we gradually became less afraid.Oh, let s go Guo Yunfeng walked forward in a hurry with his head down Go this mixed ranks of soldiers and students.Guo Yunfeng was furious when he heard that, he didn t have a good impression of that regiment leader.It seems that Qin Hebiao is going to give up Changshu.Once Changshu is lost, Suzhou, Jiangyin, Wuxi and other places will directly face the Japanese attack, and the entire defense line may be shaken.Come here, report the situation here to the head of the regiment immediately.Guo Yunfeng called a soldier and ordered, and then turned to Jiang Huasheng Squad leader Jiang, you will be under my command from now on You are familiar with the situation here, what do you say How should we stop the Japanese themselves Battalion Commander Jiang Huasheng hesitated The east bank of Kuncheng Lake to Xiangcheng Town is the defensive position elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children of the 26th Army.Our place is actually the second line position.Commander Qin doesn t take my advice seriously.

Then a guest voice asked, Hey, Germans, are you singing about the Baron Skull Ah, yes, what about you British American asked a German voice who spoke English.American.The guests raised their glasses For the Baron Skeleton For the Baron Skeleton The Germans all raised their glasses.The American was obviously interested, and he grabbed the fork in his hand Hey, have you seen The Baron Rose It s a good movie, ours is from America But the Baron is from ours in Germany.A laugh arose.The American didn t care at all But we shot it aha, cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies that shot is my exact wellness cbd gummies favorite.May I ask you to dance, Miss Heinrich Then, boom, the baron took his beloved girl I ran away in the car, haha, the Peugeot that the baron drove sold a lot that year, and the French made a lot of money.There was another burst of laughter, and the American asked enthusiastically, Where are you going now Where Country Yes, country, a lot of people are barons there, we have to find the baron, fight with him, and teach those Japanese monkeys a lesson Unscrupulous laughter rang out, and everyone The German poked the companion who said this Yannick, you can t talk nonsense about this, we have some agreements with Japan Go to those damn agreements.Riley was very serious when he said this, and suddenly thought of something Ah, Your Excellency the Baron, you can stay here first, I have to send a piece of furniture to the Wittgenstein Manor.The Wittgenstein estate Wang Weiyi was slightly taken aback.Yes, don t you know this manor Riley seemed a little surprised that such a famous manor baron didn t know That is elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children a manor that everyone yearns for.I heard that they have a masquerade ball there tonight.Hey, unfortunately, people like me are not qualified to go.Wang Weiyi asked suddenly Mr.Sidney, can you help me find a suit 342.Baron s Night Baron s Night It was a masquerade ball that was the envy of all who knew about it but couldn t attend.Outside the Wittgenstein Manor.The theme of today s masquerade ball is Baron s Night, which is an exciting ball.We can only exchange casualties and cold weather for the defeat of the Germans, but now The situation has changed.The appearance of the Skeleton Baron revived the fighting spirit of the Germans.In their eyes, death and cold are fearless.And what I am most worried about is not their breakout.Zhukov was silent there Comrade Chief of Staff, I have something in my heart, please don t tell Comrade Sling.When the skeleton baron appeared, I always felt that we would not be able to annihilate the German army.What I am most worried about is that when the spring season comes, the Germans will be on the skeleton A new large scale offensive under the leadership of the Baron It is unbelievable that these words came from the mouth of the deputy commander of the Soviet Army.It is not too much to say that he shakes the morale of the army. Wang Weiyi liked him a little more, at least he was telling the truth.I ve already thought about everything.Wang Weiyi also said very frankly In the State Security Bureau, do you have any enemies I m talking about the person who always likes to fight against you Of course.Timilenko I just said a few words, and suddenly my eyes lit up Aha, I understand what you mean, you are going to let me go Yes, that s what I mean.Wang Weiyi smiled It s the best of both worlds, isn t it I rescued the person I wanted to save, and you killed your first enemy, and then I took my people away, and you are still your comrade deputy director.Dimilenko nodded slightly Yes But I betrayed my country.Mr.Timilenko.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Whether Germany will win the final victory or the Soviet Union will win the final victory, neither you nor I know.The enemy tanks are assaulting, the enemy infantry is assaulting the Frariakush division, it s over He couldn t get in touch with his superiors, he couldn t get in touch with his subordinates, and he had no idea how exact wellness cbd gummies many soldiers he had lost on the battlefield.As a commander, is there any greater sorrow than this The screams of his own soldiers and the sound of German words have already been heard outside.Major General Frariakush knew the last moment had finally come At this time, he saw several Germans rushing towards his side.He picked up his pistol and fired several shots in best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 exact wellness cbd gummies succession, knocking down a German.But this is of no use More mayim bialik cbd gummies real enemies rushed here Major General Frariakush smiled bitterly, then reversed the gun and aimed it at his temple.In the Three Headed Banshee operation, Major General Frariakush was the first senior Soviet officer killed in battle Is it cbd gummies negative effects over No, this is just the beginning Looking at the corpse on the ground in the uniform of a Russian general, Colonel van der Veeny said triumphantly Give the baron a power, just one sentence is enough.They could see the enemies falling down like leaves from their horses one by one, and they could see the horses neighing in pain.However, the killing of machine guns could not stop the suicidal charge of those cavalrymen at all.The horse stepped on delta 8 gummies vs cbd the horse, and the horse stepped on the corpse.The knights kept shooting at the opposite side with their carbine guns, and kept waving the sabers in their hands.Let out a loud Ulla roar.Officers and enlisted men are exactly the same in this ranks.They were also charging, and they were also bearing the test of death.German tanks appeared.Those is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies German tankers would have preferred not to have such a victory if possible.This is not at all the war they imagined.But war is war, they still joined in the massacre after all, the earth wailed, the sun and the moon dimmed.Mr.Marshal, you don t have to say that.Kahn elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children quickly replied For the sake of Germany, I will not suffer any loss or danger personally.but I must warn you that from the information I have received, the British and the Russians have agreed to give Turkey the necessary military aid, and the first military aid from the British will arrive soon, and they have sea superiority , we elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children can t stop their fast delivery.Yes, they have a strong sea advantage.Wang Weiyi sighed.Britain s maritime superiority has always been a headache for him.He can command the German army to win again and again on land, but he can t conjure up a powerful fleet to defeat the sea overlord Britain.Unless Britain is willing to give itself enough time to order the aircraft carrier under transformation to be launched smoothly, but it will soon be able to do so, only one or two aircraft carriers cannot reverse Germany s disadvantage at sea.

During the period of the Ottoman Empire, the capital of Turkey was the Bosporus Strait Istanbul.With the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the invasion of Russia, Britain, France and other forces, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Turkey faced the danger of being partitioned.The capital Istanbul is also often threatened by the gunboats of European imperialist powers In 1920, the city of Istanbul was occupied by the British army.Mustafa Kemal, revered as the Father of Turkey , went to the Asia Minor peninsula to organize a bourgeois exact wellness cbd gummies revolution that resisted foreign aggression and overthrew the Sudanese feudal monarchy internally.Due to its moderate location and convenient transportation, Ankara has gradually become the center of struggle.At the same time, due to security considerations, Ankara was designated as the capital of the republic after the victory of the revolution.He carefully installed the explosives and looked around.The members of his assault team were busy there, placing pieces of explosives on the ground.They were where they should be.About 20 Turkish soldiers were killed.These unlucky Turkish soldiers probably never dreamed that there would be enemies here Ten minutes later, the team members came back one after another, and they finished what they were supposed to do beautifully.Baron, we are done.Okay, gentlemen, you cbd gummies help tinnitus have done a great job.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction Now, let us welcome the coming German army with a grand fireworks show.This is The Night of the Ankara Explosion.On this night, a violent explosion occurred at the pier in Ankara, and more than two thirds of the supplies that had not yet been transported were destroyed by the bombing.No, I didn t come to see your jokes, I came to see what kind of form you are going to end all of this.Elliot smiled faintly, just like Mr.Moyol smiled You don t even There is no penny left.Have you ever thought about how to face those investors I feel terrible for you.Those who put their life savings in your hands will tear you to pieces Ah, I really do In order to be afraid I seem to see countless people surrounding you, and their saliva is enough to drown you What else can you do now After finishing speaking, he Turning around, when he was about to leave the office, Elliot suddenly turned around and said Taste this glass of best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 exact wellness cbd gummies rum, the best Maybe this is the last time you taste it in your life Williams grabbed the glass of rum with trembling hands, and drank it down hard Carlos, Carlos Williams called out loudly.Fighter is where to buy trubliss cbd gummies not just a person, but an sun state hemp cbd gummy bears 500mg organization Lieutenant Colonel Minard, Colonel Innschick, and Major General Hoperick are all fighters.With the British completely kept in the dark, the fighters can be fully utilized.A piece of false information that confuses the enemy will be sent to the British through Enigma and fighters With the efforts of Marshal Ste Brahm alone, he was gradually reversed The first shop cbd gummies in usa false information has been sent out by Colonel Inschick The Germans already know that the Kraken is dead.Now it s a mess Field Marshal Ernst Brahm reprimanded all senior German officers including Erwin Rommel Supplies are still out of reach and the Germans are in a very bad situation Passive And when this false information was sent out, the supplies that had already exact wellness cbd gummies arrived finally began to replenish the African Legion.Murray said seriously I received a secret order exact wellness cbd gummies from Paris, and General Nicholas ordered me to go out.Your Excellency, the wind in England exact wellness cbd gummies was too tight at that time, in order to avoid being exposed, General Nicholas asked me to come exact wellness cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies to Cairo to continue the activities, and wait until the wind in London calmed down before going back and I only got the tight situation yesterday Will enable contact, I think you need my help.Nikolai, Nikolai Wang Weiyi sighed in his heart.If Nicholas hadn t told himself in Berlin that Murray was a super spy he had arranged many years ago, maybe he still couldn t see what the most successful spy in history looked like.Wang Weiyi adjusted his mood Murray, the German army is about to attack Cairo.I need all our strength in Cairo to work hard to welcome the German army.Wang Weiyi took a lot of toilets, it was a very trendy one.There are urinals and squatting pits, which are very Western style.He came to the back of Tsukada Gong, and suddenly one hand tightly stuck Tsukada Gong s throat, and the other hand tightly covered Tsukada Gong s throat, and then whispered to the struggling Tsukada Gong s ear.He said, I m not Wilder, I m Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi of the Huben Guard Brigade Tsukada Gong showed panic on his facebut he couldn t struggle out at all.Gradually, his body became weak.Move again.Wang Weiyi was stuck for a while, and after confirming that Tsukada Gong was dead, he dragged his body and pressed his head into the pit of the toilet.Tsukada Gong may have thought of a hundred ways to die for himself, but this is the only way he would never have thought of in his dreams.Quick, save people, save people Before falling asleep, Wang Weiyi heard such a voice, this time he can finally close his eyes with peace of mind Wanderer, Walker Xiao Ling The voice called over and over again, Wang Weiyi reluctantly opened his eyes.Everything in front of him was still blurry, and it took him several minutes to fully adapt.Where am I Japanese Army HospitalThere are a HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies large number of Japanese soldiers standing guard outside nowThe ward has been checked, there are no bugs, it is safeah, yes, you slept all day It s Wang Weiyi moved around and found that there was no abnormality in his body Xiao Ling, will hallucinogens cause damage to my body It will be affected in a short period of time, but as long as the injections are not continued, there will be no problem.And when you return to the base, I will give you a comprehensive examination to help you completely eliminate hidden dangers But before exact wellness cbd gummies that, you have to explain the doubts in my heart.

If this is true, is Baron Alexon willing to put such important information and The British share it You know.Once the United States enters the war, it will be very beneficial to the United Kingdom I said that this time I came here with peace and sincerity.Wang Weiyi said calmly, I would like to tell you some information we have, and I am not afraid that you will use this information.Mr.Prime Minister, let us first assume this The intelligence is true, how do you think the United States will react He will provoke a giant Churchill replied without any hesitation The United States will declare war without hesitation, and Japan will be dragged to one end.In a war that is impossible to win, the Allies will benefit the most Wait Churchill s eyes suddenly kelly clarkson and cbd gummies fell on Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, is it true that the Germans Are you not ready to seize this opportunity Or, will Germany also benefit from this war We all benefit.He stunned all his colleagues by announcing his resignation from the National Council.When de Gaulle accepted his resignation, he declared that he would continue to serve cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies as the commander in chief of the Free French Navy and this time, in addition to Mollet, Rabat and others, he also received the full support of the British Secretary of the Navy Alexander.more importantly.All members of the war zebra cbd gummies review cabinet echoed Alexander.They even passed a resolution We must firmly insist that Admiral Miselier should continue to be the commander in chief of the Free French Navy if General de Gaulle disagrees with this opinion, we will have to take the necessary exact wellness cbd gummies measures to make this The opinion takes effect.Thus, an internal conflict in Free France turned into an Anglo French quarrel.Anthony.Eden was a veteran of the previous two Miselier incidents, and this time he was invited to convey the cabinet s position to de Gaulle.In the telegram the F hrer criticized you severely Oh Wang Weiyi became more curious.In his memory, Hitler never criticized himself for anything.Paul Hauser and Ludwig glanced at each other, and said carefully The Marshal hopes that you will stop being so reckless in the future.Deep behind enemy lines, he draws your attention, you are the Field Marshal of the Reich, the only hope for Germany.So Ludwig, when did you become so talkative Wang Weiyi smiled and turned his head to Ludwig.Needless to say, this guy must have reported the information to Hitler.Ludwig straightened his back Yes, I reported it, but I also hope that you Don t take such risks in the future, we cannot afford to lose you again.Wang Weiyi shrugged and said nothing On February 9, Tasotsky, the commander of the 190th Infantry Division of the Soviet Army, did not wait for the return of Major Waderos.Our task is to tear apart the cover and retreat Now, the time has come to study the true loyalty of a Bolshevik.For victory and for the great Soviet, let s contribute our lives.Long live Comrade Stalin, long live the Bolsheviks, long live the great Soviet The sound of Ula sounded again, and the most tragic breakout cbd gummies burlington operation of the 339th Infantry Regiment began Those Russian soldiers with grenades strapped to their bodies braved the dense bullet rain from the opponent s position amidst the sound of Ula.Crazy rushed up.They expect to rush to the front of the Germans, then pull the grenades on their bodies, and burn with the enemy However, their last request cannot be achieved The German machine guns block this advance path of.Killing these completely crazy Russians to their heart s content.The sound of explosions sounded on the battlefield, which came from the Russians.Ksenia was taken away by the cooperation best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 exact wellness cbd gummies of Tenkovsky and the enemy Beria nodded, he was full of gratitude to Dimilenko But what should we do here Comrade Stalin is awaiting our report.Tell Comrade Stalin that we are hunting the enemy all over the city, and we need some scapegoats now Six hundred and sixty five.Deputy Director Timilenko The bombing of the Moscow Third Military Factory has become a major event in Moscow recently.Failures on the battlefield can be concealed, but they are directly seen by countless Muscovites.The matter could not be covered up at all.Soon, major newspapers in Moscow published similar news, because a certain worker did not operate properly, resulting in an explosion in the third military factory, but with the efforts of the comrades of the workers, The loss was reduced to a minimum.These are undoubtedly demotions.But why does he suddenly appear now On the frontal battlefield, and undertook such an important job as k2 life cbd gummies shark tank the commander in chief of the exact wellness cbd gummies former enemy Seriously speaking, Wang Weiyi was puzzled by this point.Similarly, Vasilevsky was also concerned about the sudden appearance Change is powerless.He best black owned cbd gummy companies received such an appointment suddenly, and the order was issued directly by Comrade Stalin, which gave Vasilevsky elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children no exact wellness cbd gummies chance to resist at all.If Voroshilov was to command a division, even with Vasilevsky doesn t have any opinion on this group army, and he is completely competent with his bravery.But it is far beyond his ability to let him command so many front line troops.The order issued by Comrade Stalin himself, We cannot refuse at all, Comrade Voroshilov has already reached the front.I found that you still haven t completely separated yourself from the reactionary family, which is very dangerous Liaokov was hit hard at once.Over the years, he has always been an honest man, tucking his tail to please his superiors, but no matter how hard he tried, in the eyes of Colonel Plov, he was still a reactionary I came from the family.I will never be able to integrate into them I will never be able to get rid of that cbd gummies cool pack shameful identity All my efforts are nothing but my own wishful thinking Ready to attack attack Prepare Plov ignored him, but loudly issued such an order.A new offensive began, but as before, the Russians suffered the heaviest blow from the Germans.Those impenetrable fire The nets terribly blocked the way of the Russians.The densely packed corpses in front of the position looked so shocking.

tired.Everyone is tired The exhausted soldiers fought exhaustingly, completely forgetting their fear, and what they hoped most was that this cursed war would end sooner.Winning or losing is no longer important to them.Combing the artillery fire of the position.It never stops.The flying mud and gravel hit people painfully.After the shelling, the soldiers buried in the mud would try their best to crawl out, and then grab any weapon that could be grabbed around them.It s a random shot at the enemy.Crowds of soldiers died on this terrifying battlefield.Some were directly hit by shells, and there is not even a few bones left Their families are waiting for their return, but I am afraid their families will be disappointed Parents lost Children, wives have lost husbands and children have lost fathers.Without waiting for Major Connings to agree, Second Lieutenant Itman had already poked out his body from under the cover of the steel plate.Half of the head At this moment, a bullet shot out of the air, and Lieutenant Itman fell into a pool of blood without a soundHis head was shot by the enemy.The bullet pierced through so dangerous Major Cunnings looked at his assistant s corpse with lingering fear.If Marshal Ernst hadn t reminded him, the corpse lying here must be his own The enemy s snipers also performed so well Major Cunnings decided to wait.Waiting for the opportunity that really belongs to him At this time, Vasily Zaitsev managed to kill an enemy despite the temptation of the helmet.But with his feeling, he felt that the person he killed was not Major Cunnings.Sometimes, a sniper has such an instinctive reaction on the battlefieldit cannot be explained by normal reasoning Vassily, we have killed the enemy His assistant excitedly said.The changes on the battlefield encouraged the German army, but caused Moscow to suffer a heavy blow.Although surrenders often happened in the past, it must have been when ammunition and food were exhausted and it was no longer conceivable.But this time it was completely different.This time the troops surrendered without any resistance, and the entire Soviet army system is quietly collapsingthe once extremely firm belief.I can t see it now I was willing to sacrifice for my motherland without hesitation, but now the soldiers have fundamentally changed However, I really can t blame the officers and soldiers who surrendered When you see no hope at all, you may make the same choice Marshal Budyonny was severely criticized, and Stalin directly ordered him to stop the occurrence of such things immediately and isolate those who Officers who were suspected of surrendering were shot directly on the battlefield when necessary.On this day, though I don t want to, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell each of you that the war is over.Less than a message after Zhukov put forward his opinion, Volwork came back.He told Marshal Zhukov.Marshal Ernst agreed to his request.Now it s time for you to do what you should do, Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov nodded calmly, and then he issued this order to all the Soviet soldiers Soviet officers.Soviet soldiers, now It was September 15th, 1943.On this day, though I don t want to, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell each of you that the war is over.Less than a message after Zhukov put forward his opinion, Volwork came back.He told Marshal Zhukov.Marshal Ernst agreed to his request.Now it s time for you to do what you should do, Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov nodded calmly, and then he issued this order to all the Soviet soldiers Soviet officers.At this time, Sophie probably regained her consciousness, said a little annoyed, and then turned her eyes to Wang Weiyi Who are you Ah, wait I know you, exact wellness cbd gummies I seem to remember something I even remember your body Remember my body Probably because the memory has not been cleared Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of 300 mg cbd gummy bears something, and a lewd smile appeared on his face Aha, of course you have to remember me.I am a wanderer, and there are people called I am Wang Weiyi, or Ernst Brahm, and you are my woman And you are my woman When Xiao Ling regained the control of her thoughts, she suddenly thought of something when she saw the rambler with an obscene smile on her face.Women have nothing to do with it Look at what you said.Wang Weiyi grinned grimly and walked towards Xiaoling or Sophie step by step I want to hug Sophie, kiss Sophie, and do things that computers will never be able to do.All the enthusiasm and passion are fully released here.This is the truest instinct of human beingsevery collision, fusion again and again, the low call of the wild, the collision of flesh and blood, the great spiritual satisfaction.Let the body completely collapse.When pushed down to the pinnacle of happiness again, I couldn t resist shouting.But Xi Xiya, who couldn t bear it anymore, bit Guo Yunfeng s shoulder with one bite.Finally, Guo Yunfeng stopped the movement of his body and lay down on Xi Xiya s body, panting heavily.Xi Xiya s hands were still tightly wrapped around the man on her body, and her lips were still kissing Guo Yunfeng s earlobe, and then she asked in a low voice, Why, I feel like you haven t touched a woman for many, many years.In fact, Xi Xiya was not wrong, if calculated according to time and space, Guo Yunfeng has probably not touched a woman for thousands of years The two have been in love for a long time, and Guo Yunfeng really wants to vent again Once, but if you really do this, I m afraid you don t have to think about having the orange county cbd gummy bears strength to go to the battlefield tomorrow.A 78 year old Manstein and a 74 year old Model, are there no other outstanding generals in Germany except for these two veterans who have served in the army since World War I There must be something wrong with this, for sure But at least until now, Wang Weiyi still can t find out the answer.Who is leading Germany now Wang Weiyi asked after pondering for a while.Klore.Kroel Nicholas, the head of state.Adolf Hitler designated him as his successor before he died.Klore Nicholas, the son of the old Nicholas.Wang Weiyi exact wellness cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies was not particularly familiar with this person, but it still surprised Wang Weiyi that Old Nicholas son could inherit the position super chill products cbd gummies 50 mg of head of state.However, this is also the son of an old friend.When you return to Berlin and you can disclose your identity, you should meet him and discuss with him why Germany has become like this Where is the President of the United States John.

Both Max and Allen volunteered to undertake this dangerous task for the major.But Major Moyol flatly rejected their good intentions.From the point of view, no one here knows the Italians as well as he does, and he doesn t know how to use the fastest way to make the Italians surrender.The commandos were worried about the major, and some of them even thought that the major would not come out alive But the major not myim bialik cbd gummies only came out well, but also brought the good news that the Italians surrendered.As a result, every commando looked at Major Moyol s expression completely changed.They marvel, respect, and worship.From the first time they met him, the major seemed to have no fear of anything, and everything, in his opinion, was achievable.Follow him, maybe even more miracles can be created Waiting there for about ten minutes, the commandos saw a large number of unarmed Italians coming out of Longenberg.It will be a great honor in my life if I can fight with the legend Wang Weiyi was silent for a while But have you considered such consequences You will become Traitor, when Germany fails, you still talk about going to a exact wellness cbd gummies military court to be tried I thought about it.Major Mario said calmly But what is more important than being able to realize your dream Wang Weiyi smiled lightly up.What is more important than being able to realize your dreams It is really a strange thing for an American to join the Skeleton Commando In HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies the dark night, the Skeleton Commando who had persisted here for four days began to retreat.Weapons and ammunition that could not be carried were collected.Bombs were planted at several key locations.When the Americans set foot on this position, the explosive explosion will set off a huge wave of air, and the firelighters carefully piled up by Sergeant Max will submerge Brest in the sea of flames Perhaps, that would be a magnificent sight Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette, took a few deep breaths, and kept his eyes on the other side.Don t you find it strange Marshal, you mean to say that with us Before Ludwig finished speaking, Marshal Paul Hauser interrupted General Ludwig, there is no conclusive Before the evidence, do not doubt anyone.One man seems to hold the key to unraveling these mysteries, Colonel Carl Cherus.Where is he now I don t know reviews on cbd gummies for copd very well.It is said that he has already entered Berlin Paul Hauser frowned.General Ludwig, I know that although you no longer care about anything, you still have great power.I m old and sick, and it s up to you to support the overall situation below.Yes, Marshal, I will find Colonel Cherus.Marshal Paul Hausser turned on the radio Major Moyol has been promoted to lieutenant colonel.He miraculously withstood an enemy several times his own in Brest for four days and four nightsMo Lieutenant Colonel Joel has dismantled the command of the Nordland battle group, a miracle.The circle around the badge is gold Gold Skull Badge Only one person in Germany can wear such a badge At that moment, Jonar suddenly remembered the incident that happened in 1942 that his father, General Ludwig, told him countless times The German soldiers stood up one after another, and they watched curiously as Sergeant Hans accompanied two people in old fashioned German uniforms and slowly walked past them.The one in the lead was wearing an old fashioned German general uniform, and the one who followed him was wearing an old fashioned German captain s uniform.Moreover, this captain is holding a battle flag in his hand This is a blood red banner, a huge white skull, located in the middle of the banner, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets Skeleton Battle Banner The German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division couldn t be more familiar with it.It is impossible to win here until Xin s reinforcements arrive Budger is not ready to throw his life here.Soon, he made a very wise decision All the US troops involved in the attack on Ibor withdrew from the battlefield as quickly as possible This is the most wise decision Badger has made in his life.He has no chance of winning here.If he insists on it, maybe he can persist for a while, but more American soldiers will die here.It is also for this reason that the officers and soldiers of the 3rd Brigade of the US Marine Corps, who learned the whole truth in the future, felt a kind of gratitude and love for Brigadier General Budger The US military retreated like a tide, The formation of German fighter planes in the air continued to pursue for a while, and then quickly disappeared from the sky.She recorded in her diary These bottles of wine are really heavy.My back hurts so much that I want to take them out and put them on the side of the road.Fortunately, just as I was about to throw them away, a car vivid cbd gummies A large military truck stopped and gave them a ride.My sister sat on a soldier s lap, and I sat between two soldiers.When I saw the boy sitting on my right, I felt a pang in my back.He has a very handsome face and is very kind to the little ones.The care they give us is what we really need.I still remember us sitting in the truck.The soldiers did everything they could to make me happy, telling funny stories, making faces to make me laugh, and occasionally asking questions about myself and my family.They also asked about my doll, and I told them it was called Charlotte, after which we formally introduced ourselves to Charlotte.Here, Colonel Cherus has left some clues that maybe some mysteries will be solved.He walked into room 317 slowly, left everyone outside, and closed the door.Somewhere in room 317, Colonel Cherus left a clue.Wang Weiyi sat on the sofa and carefully looked at everything in the room.There is a painting hanging on the wall, which is Van Gogh s famous painting Man Smoking a Pipe.Of course, this is definitely not an authentic work, it is nothing more than a printing factory.Wang Weiyi noticed the direction of the smoke rising from the pipe, and someone tapped a point with a pen as a joke.Then his eyes turned upward, he stood up, took a stool, pushed open a movable ceiling in the portrait, and reached in again.When his hand retracted, there was already a small suitcase.Sitting back exact wellness cbd gummies on the sofa again, he put the suitcase on the coffee table in front of him and opened it.

Kerrett, exact wellness cbd gummies who is commanding at the forefront, also thinks so.He simply issued an order to prevent the enemy from relieve cbd gummies attacking, and at the same time asked the air force and artillery to continue to strengthen the bombing on this day.It s just that Kerrett at this moment didn t even think about what kind of nightmare he would encounter at this moment Time is passing by every minute and every second, and Wang Weiyi, who is at the forefront, is also waiting calmly.Beside him, is a Panther tank, and if necessary, he is about to be thrown into the front line of battle anytime, anywhere.The exact wellness cbd gummies Central exact wellness cbd gummies cbd gummies vs edibles Assault Group of Greater Berlin has completed preparations The Left Assault Group of Greater Berlin has completed preparations The Right Assault Group of Greater Berlin has completed preparations One report after another was passed to Wang Weiyi s In the ears The base flight team is ready This is exact wellness cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies Richthofen s voice.Tom couldn t bear it again, but the other soldiers didn t think so.Seeing an American soldier jump out, they fired at him together.The sniper blood stained the snow field.The first trench is clean, attack the second trench.Trenches Some German soldiers crawled towards the second trench, which was equipped with a bunker.The other part stayed in the first trench for fire cover, and Thomp exact wellness cbd gummies was one of them.Gyunthel looked around with a telescope, He called his soldiers over, drew on the ground with his fingers and said Look, most of the machine gunners on the second road are on the left side, and the other side is full of woods.The elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children road is rough, and there is only one machine gun there., we can go around and catch him off guard.Their company commander, Captain Luzo, was there listening too.Good idea, sir.A radiant and beautiful woman who is estimated to be less than thirty years old, and standing on the other side of Fuad, Wang Weiyi is very familiar with this person the head of the Egyptian Officer Corps Colonel Tamusta However, now he has also been promoted.Judging from the golden star, elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children he has become an admiral.If I didn t guess wrong.It must be Tamusta who assisted Fuad in doing all this But this is just Wang Weiyi s inner guess Thank you for coming Let We welcome General Roy with warm applause Fuad made the opening remarks in his childish voice.Amid the applause, Wang Weiyi quickly observed.He found that although Kanlemu was the marshal, he didn t receive any special attention, and the position was actually arranged at the back.Could it be that this former Egyptian real power figure has lost his power Wang Weiyi decided to take another risk He quietly approached Kanlemu, and whispered, Marshal Kanlemu.Understood.marshal.Captain Urne nodded vigorously.At this time, the enemy s plane roared from the sky again In the afternoon, the attack of the US military reached the point of frenzy, and every inch of the German position suffered countless The terrible attack of bombs.Then.Those tanks and armored vehicles swarmed like those made with no money.The tide of infantry followed the tanks and armored vehicles, and poured bullets aimlessly at the German positions.The entire battlefield was destroyed The sound of guns was drowned out, and the officers and soldiers had to raise their voices again and again to let the other party hear what they were saying.Under such crazy offensive and defensive, the losses of the US military were increasing rapidly, and the losses of the German army The losses are also increasing rapidly.He saw Slat rushing towards him.Then he swung his knife to kill Slat, but Slat swung the knife horizontally to block the attack.But the vibration from his hands made Slat s hands numb, and enduring the severe pain, he swung the knife sideways, cutting off cbd gummies for tinnitus cost the man s horse s front feet directly, and the horse did not roll over like the previous one.Because of the broken front foot, he directly led the man down heavily.At this time, Slat looked at the man.Looking at the medal of the man, the military rank should be similar to that of Slat.Slat didn t dare to neglect elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children and rushed towards him quickly.His reaction was very fast, and he turned around and kicked himself.In the stomach, the sharp pain from the abdomen made Slater unable to maintain momentum and fell to the ground.He struck at Slater with the knife, and Slater blocked his attack with the knife again.Seeing that Slater was fine, Dollinger let out his HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies exaggerated signature laugh again.Hey, hey, Slater said Linger, I was scared to death if I was not killed Why is Slater in the field hospital What happened to the army At this moment, a group of soldiers rushed out, and Slater Rath was delighted when he saw it, and those boys were all his subordinates.Sir, are you alright Let s just say that you are lucky how to soften cbd gummies and you won t die so easily.It was Arik, Slat s orderly who spoke.This kid is very shrewd.The last time the German soldiers were ambushed by Natf s artillery, he was the one who contacted the tanks urgently.Later, the tanks came to support and quickly defeated the enemy s infantry.You boy, hehe.How could I die without you Slat smiled and looked behind him Clinlan, Winster, and Put Kelin, haha, why are you all here Why don t you continue to advance with the troops Although Slat was very happy with their appearance, he was even more surprised why they appeared here.In order to prevent the enemy from hearing the HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies roar of the Leopard 9 tank, Major Raff was so sophisticated.The Victor tank is on guard and patrolling forward.At this time, the Victor has no idea that there is a terrifying beast waiting for it.If the winner faces the Leopard 9 tank, it will really exact wellness cbd gummies be an elephant vs.tiger battle.The commander of the Victor was poking his head out and looking around.When the distance reaches 900 meters.The tank stopped suddenly, and the commander seemed to see something, No The commander called out the Leopard 9 tank in the ruins ahead Boom Wang Weiyi pulled the trigger in his hand, and the bullet hit the commander s throat directly, and he fell into the tank turret spraying blood.This gunshot was also the clarion call for the Leopard 9 tank to exact wellness cbd gummies attack.Suddenly the roar resounded through the street again, and at the same time a dock core armor piercing shell directly hit the side and chewit acai blueberry cbd gummy rear armor of the Victor , but the thick armor of the Victor prevented the shell from doing much damage.

It s an honor.Tuckerdorf said humbly.Migroski Chairman of the Board of Directors of Castel Group Miglia Andronico.Migroski.One of the most powerful men in Moscow.As for you, Mr.Petergoff, a young rich man, I have to solemnly introduce you to my son, Ivan.Migroski greeted Wang Weiyi as if he and Wang Weiyi were old friends for many years, and introduced him son, and then pointed to the red haired girl who accompanied Wang Weiyi As for her, my daughter Tatiana.Everything has a reasonable explanation.No wonder Daniel and the people in the casino were so terrified when they saw Tatyana.But it s weird.Migroski doesn t seem like a very vicious man.Please sit down, gentlemen.Migroski warmly invited them to sit down Gentlemen, I suggest something to drink before the game begins.Ah, Mr.Migroski, said drink, I I remembered that I brought a bottle of wine.Then the tsar turned Ukraine into Little Russia and formed an alliance with Ukraine.On the one hand, Russia got the seaport it dreamed of, and on the other hand, it also opened Russia s door to Europe.The advanced culture of Europe flowed through the black land of Ukraine.continued to spread to Russia.The alliance with Russia also became an important turning point in Ukraine s history.In cbd coa gummies 1700, Russian Tsar Peter I launched the Northern War with Sweden to compete for the Baltic Sea.During the war, Peter recruited a large number of Ukrainian Cossacks as cannon fodder.Peter also forcibly canceled Ukraine s local autonomy on the grounds of war, which aroused the dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian nobles.In 1708, Ukrainian leader Mazepa allied with Sweden and sought to regain national independence.Several squads of grenadiers attempted to attack the high slope from multiple directions to exact wellness cbd gummies occupy the high ground, but the firepower of the heavy machine gun made it impossible for them to move forward.It is even necessary to retreat to reduce casualties.After leaving behind a few sifted bodies, the remaining surviving soldiers rolled back to the start of exact wellness cbd gummies the road, and more sought shelter.Obviously the 098 tank has also become their first choice but A powerful mortar shell fell less than two meters away from the 098 tank.Nuoqier even heard the screams from the outside in the car Muzzle raised, they how much thc does cbd gummies have must do something The continuous casualties have caused the entire army, which was originally orderly, to be in chaos.Hans was shooting crazily with that mg62 parallel machine gun.Due to the narrow range of shooting, it was difficult for Nocher to convince himself that he had shot and killed enough Russians.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly The German army has launched a full scale offensive in Ukraine, but because we still have to Facing the attack of the Allied Forces, we cannot invest more power in Ukraine, and the battle there is said to be not very smooth.Elliot nodded silently, and Mr.Baron was almost supporting the entire country by himself.Wherever there is danger, where Mr.Baron is needed, Mr.Baron will be there.He never seemed to get tired, like a tireless robot.Germany needs such a person, but Germany cannot completely rely on Mr.Baron alone.However, the reality is not the case.Elliott suddenly felt that Mr.Baron was also cursed, every time he always appeared when Germany was most in danger and needed help, he was always so busy, he was always rushing on the road full of dangers.It s just that Elliott didn t say that.Legion.Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer.How much money can you allocate Andreas was taken aback for a moment Your Excellency the Grand Duke, our treasury has been exhausted Where s the money What about so much money Gregory was immediately dissatisfied, and his tone was full of accusations What about the military expenses supported by the Americans Where did it all go Andreas couldn t laugh or cry.The Grand Duke actually asked where all the money went Could it be that he didn t know that most of the money had been embezzled by himself However, he would not take it anyway.These words came out.Your Excellency the Grand Duke.War keeps us living beyond our means.Andreas can only say so vaguely Especially after the Ukrainian rebellion.We have spent a large amount of military expenses, so now our finances have become very tight, and there is really no way to form a new legion.After reading all these materials, Pulandi s anger can no longer be expressed in words 70,000 US dollars, 100 million US dollars, and the previous aid, were used by him.To these places.Shameless cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies act, this is the most shameless act.Some members of Congress are very dissatisfied with the government s aid to Russia on such a large scale.If these truths are exposed, Mr.President will suffer a heavy blow Pressure.Ah, it seems that the previous report of the Moscow Herald is completely trueGod, I am imagining how the President will face the questioning of those congressmen Difficult.Fristoia sighed The truth will always be the truth.No matter how hard we try to koi brand cbd gummies cover it up, everyone will know it sooner or later.Mr.Ambassador, I think you should have reported to the President about the suggestions I gave you before Prandi nodded silently Fristoya had already had a meeting with him before.The massacre is about to be staged Long live the British army s frontline positions everywhere The British and German troops who were caught off guard started close combat with the American soldiers who broke into the trenches with melee weapons, but they didn t know that they were the prey of this massacre The battle is one sided This this is too close Although the British and German troops on the second line position thought Provide fire cover for the defenders on the front line.But the two armies fought close.The distance is too close, and almost one bullet can kill an American soldier and a sergeant major.This is a choice, a dilemma.If the enemy troops are not killed, the second line position is in danger of being captured, but friendly troops The lives of exact wellness cbd gummies the soldiers The front line was also in chaos Steinman stabbed an American soldier with a bayonet and kicked the body away.

This is definitely an unexpected but reasonable ambush Hidden Lie down on the spot Don t run around Lieutenant Pozik turned his head and shouted.Suddenly, the booby traps on the entire battlefield began to explode.Boom Explosions were happening everywhere, and German troops were blown to pieces.People were blown up everywhere.The screams rang out, ketchup also burst into flames, and the entire battlefield began to heat up At this time, the enemy s light weapons sounded.As if by magic, tenacious Allied soldiers emerged from the ruins and began to attack the German soldiers fiercely.The German soldiers who had been prepared for a long time also fought back fiercely against the Allied soldiers.A war correspondent named Layton was running around, dragging the camera with one hand, and shaking the other hand desperately.He is now being targeted by this ghost sniper, and he must be killed as soon as possible.Only then can you escape.The duel between snipers is about perseverance and patience.However, the current situation is not good for Eric.An extra minute in this dangerous place is dangerous.He is now being targeted by this ghost sniper, and he must be killed as soon as possible before he can escape.Eric looked botsnical farms cbd gummies left and right, the situation was critical.Many U.S.troops followed the gunshots and searched.What should I do Can I just sit and wait Eric thought nervously.Suddenly, he looked at the dead body lying HCMUSSH exact wellness cbd gummies nearby, Eric s eyes lit up, and he had a solution.He quickly took off his camouflage suit, put it on the dead body, and pressed the corpse s rifle in the arms of the dead body, trying to make it as realistic as possible, and then he ordered to kick the puppet double.They even threatened those worker representatives that they would either work overtime at the current salary and working hours to keep the factory running, or they would be thrown into jail by the military and police for the crime of sabotaging production.You must know that the Paris Steel Works is a company backed by the government That ridiculous trade union chairman, Avaco, is still talking to himself.Don t they know that they have the final say here Don t they know that he rewarded them with a bite of food here Don t they know that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the factory, more than 100 military police have already been stationed best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 exact wellness cbd gummies in the steel factory under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Adams These stupid guys, the only thing they can do The only thing is to work honestly for themselvesthey don t have any qualifications to bargain with themselvessee how good the situation is now The exact wellness cbd gummies workers were still working normally, and they didn t make any further moves at all Thierry took a thick cigar and put it in his mouth Avaco.As a soldier, I have the responsibility to ensure the stability of Paris General Robito continued I tell all the soldiers if they want to use the same radical method.Then the only possibility is to step on my dead body There was a burst of applause.General Robito kept everyone quiet again I will not allow a second war in Paris, this Would be a disgrace to a soldier.I will do everything in my power exact wellness cbd gummies to keep Paris safe and Parisians safe.but.The death of Captain Hayes must be addressed.I think all honorable MPs also want to know the truth.So I request to set up a special investigation team composed of the military, with Mr.Berkeley, the former French police chief, as the team leader, to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident Oh, I have no objection to the establishment of a special investigation team At this point a congressman said But why Berkeley He was once the most loyal lackey of the Cathar government, and his hands were stained with the blood of revolutionaries No, he is a meritorious minister General Robito said slowly He has always been a sympathizer of the revolution, and even actively rescued Aurangier when he was arrested.With a clang , the bullet passed by and hit the earth and rocks behind him.Second Lieutenant Hiram, who had barely survived, ran away to avoid the gunfire of the helicopter.Quick Go into the forest Lausman, who threw out his rifle and saved the can cbd gummies help with high blood pressure life of Second Lieutenant Hiram, shouted exact wellness cbd gummies and waved vigorously at Second Lieutenant Hiram.At this time, Second Lieutenant Hiram didn t want to go into the mountain forest to find a bunker.But the short tens of meters away from the mountain forest made him It was difficult to move an inch at all.The flexible helicopter above his head fired at him with machine guns and heavy machine guns in the cabin, forcing him to make non stop tactical movements to evade.The lurkers in the forest launched a chase.Armed helicopters are the nemesis of infantry, and it is difficult to survive if they are stared elite hemp products cbd gummies cbd gummies for children at.Wang Weiyi finally exact wellness cbd gummies said So I think this is a respectable country.Lieutenant Colonel Stam sighed Mr.Moyol.If you hadn t said all this frankly, I wouldn t have any doubts, otherwise I would really have informed the intelligence agency that you were arrested on charges of espionage Isn t the United States a free speech country Wang Weiyi smiled No matter what we say, as long as such things are real.Then I think we can talk freely.Ignore the strengths of others.You will never be able to make yourself truly strong.Lieutenant Colonel Stam nodded involuntarily.In fact, at this time, he did not expect that when Mr.Moyol promoted these remarks here, he was actually sending a strong signal to the US military officials Germany definitely not what they imagined German military officers absolutely not what the U.He told us that you will come to England to command our battles and prepare us for is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies Her Majesty s return.Yes, I think Her Majesty will return to England soon Wang Weiyi nodded Lieutenant Colonel, how many people do you have I have more than 300 people under my direct command.Lieutenant Colonel Hughes quickly replied We are all under the command of General Brad.He was also a commander of the Royal Army.Of course, he is now the commander in chief of the Holy Queen s Resistance Organization.Mr.Moyol, our men will escort you from here all the way to London.Thank you for your efforts.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude, and asked about the situation in Britain Ah, Lieutenant Colonel, can you find me some food My stomach is hungry.Lieutenant Colonel Hughes quickly asked someone to bring food.While eating and chatting, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes said casually Last night, we exact wellness cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies attacked an American convoy full of federal agents.

They even pointed their guns at me.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, arrest them immediately, there are enough prisons in London to hold these horrors Molecules Yes, Mr.President, I m going back to my office now to handle these things Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , the director of the British American Special Cooperation Intelligence Agency Wang Weiyi once again entered the office of the former British National Intelligence Director Nash, of course, this time he entered as the master.It s documents, and those safes are all top secret documents that only Nash can view Open them, all of them.Under the order of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , the safes whose passwords were only in the hands of Nash were violently opened, and then Wang Weiyi asked everyone to leave the office.One by one, the safes were opened After opening, top secret documents appeared depression cbd gummies in front of Wang Weiyi without reservation This is the dream of countless intelligence personnel.Then his only son may be executed, and everything about cbd hemp gummies elite hemp products cbd gummies him will be completely shattered The only one who can save Shukako is me.Wang Weiyi said calmly I can hire the best lawyer.And convince those jurors that Shukka was wronged and that he was just a victim as well, and then he will be acquitted, and I think you will be reunited after the war is over.And I m even more sure that after this lesson, your son will be able to grow up, and you won t have to worry about him anymore.The condition is that I fully cooperate with you, right General Gendra guessed the purpose of the other party Let me sell everything I have.Honor, soul, conscience You are wrong, General Gendra.Wang Weiyi said unexpectedly It s not as serious as you imagined.You re probably thinking that when the Germans land in England, I ll tell you to give up your resistance.He waved to the 11 prisoners.Following the American lieutenant colonel into the manor, they didn t see anyone else, they just saw a middle aged man coming up to them with a smile.But the guard in the car stood beside him.Welcome, gentlemen, I am Sir Grislow Monrington.The man introduced himself with a smile.Sir Grislow Monrington Pross and his companions were a little dazed, they had heard the name many times.But why bring them to meet him Is Sir Grislow Monrington coming to carry out the execution for the police The handcuffs and shackles were removed from their hands.Grislow continued to say with a smile Then, I think I should introduce this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol to you.His full name is Ernst Alexson von Bly Hum Whether it was Pross or his companions, they were completely shocked.Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton Pross couldn t believe what he heard at all, he said in a trembling voice You, you are Baron Alexon Yes, I am Baron Alexon.Captain Roger s original feelings of guilt suddenly disappeared without a trace He even began to thank Lieutenant Colonel Moyol for choosing him to cooperate People s attitudes often undergo major changes in an instant.Once the morals and ideas that have been upheld collapse, then perhaps a person who was once extremely upright will become a devil Seeing that Captain Roger is no longer say.Tuna continued Captain, I think you have figured it out now, that s good.I will make some preparations, and I will be on time tonight at the agreed time to carry out the plan as we discussed.Then, he asked Captain Roger left the room first, and he and Colonel Jed seemed to have some very important things to discuss.And the captain who was standing at the door listened quietly for a long time but couldn t hear clearly what they were saying The general process is like this.And this also allowed Bert Adams to see the possibility of winning.More than a dozen trucks appeared slowly, and when the trucks stopped, Edward, Bert Adams capable subordinate, jumped off the first truck and came to Bert Adams Leader, a new batch of combat The members have completed the training, and our allies have also sent new weapons.Edward, I see the dawn of victory.Bert Adams suppressed his inner excitement.There is even more exciting news.Edward said immediately Our ally, our staunchest supporter, Mr.A has fallen.Bert Adams was taken aback.Mr.A, the code name for the largest provider of IRA funding and weapons, meanwhile.This Mr.A is also in charge of the overseas military training bases of the Irish Republican Army.It s just that exact wellness cbd gummies Bert Adams has never seen Mr.A.When he heard the name, Bert Adams quickly asked, Where is Mr.No one is willing to give up the battle easily, and everyone knows what Southampton means to the entire war.The sky is roaring, the earth is roaring, and the artillery is roaring.Southampton has become a battlefield, which is about to be filled with blood and corpses.Obviously, in the fierce air battle, the unprepared Allied air force is gradually losing its air superiority.They are retreating steadily under the attack of the powerful air force of the Axis powers, and are losing the initiative on the battlefield bit by bit.This worried Don Tanner, but what could he do He couldn t rush to the sky and take part in this fiery battle in person.The only thing he can do is to keep his fighter plane elite hemp products cbd gummies in the sky for as long as possible, and to delay for himself as long as possible.However, now it seems that even this willingness seems to be difficult to realize.Snipers hide in unknown places.They carefully capture the target in the scope.No matter how fierce the sound of the guns around them is, they must keep themselves calm.As a sniper, they will never allow themselves to make mistakes.any errors.The moment the bullet flies out of the barrel, it means the loss of a life.They were able to see the enemy fall at their gunpoint.They could even clearly see the brains flowing out of the enemy s head mixed with blood.However, all this has long been numb to them.They were used to too much death, too much bloodshed.They are more insensitive than machines.Now they are taking lives.But God knows if the enemy s bullet will take his life in the next second.Soldiers fell one by one, Germans, Americans.But all of this did not affect the mood of the soldiers on both sides at all.

Bacchus was very clear that this was absolutely impossible to hide, he smiled General Don Tanner, I am an Englishman, am I I am an Englishman.Yeah When Bacchus said these words, Don Tanner knew that everything was over.But there is still a trace of fantasy in his heart.He controlled his inner anger and tried to make his tone sound softer General Bacchus, you must understand the responsibility on your shoulders, you must understand President Fenton s trust in you Of how to infuse cbd gummies course I understand the responsibility I bear.Bacchus replied very calmly This responsibility is the trust placed in me by Her Majesty the QueenI think I will be accused without any suspense, such as the military Honor or loyalty or something, but I don t care.As we speak, I think my unit is already on the attack.Boom, when Bacchus put down the phone, the 6th Division attacked the American army Also officially started This is something that all Americans did not expect the British who were used as the general reserve team actually rebelled The 6th Division is too familiar with everything about Southampton.Let us take action and let each of us become a real warrior, miracles can only be born on the brave.The officials of the Fenton is ree drummond selling cbd gummies exact wellness cbd gummies government nodded frequently, looking They agree with General Gendra s opinion very much, but I am afraid that only they know what their real thoughts are London has become a hopeless city Ah, yes, President Fenton thought it was a fitting title, The Hopeless City.Continuing to persist will only bury everyone here.Of course, he will not express his thoughts in front of General Gandela at this time.After all, if he wants to leave this hopeless city, he must rely on the help of the Americans General Gendra, President William s call.Upon hearing this news, General Gendra hurried into his own office, closed the door carefully, and picked up the phone Mr.President.General Gendra, tell me the situation on the battlefield.He didn t know when the war would end.For him, all he was doing now was nothing more than delaying the incident and fulfilling the duties that a soldier should perform.Maybe the enemy will appear in front of him in the next minute, but who will pay attention to it He still has some hope.Although the support forces of the Allied forces have been trapped on various battlefields, in Milton Keynes, the British army commanded by General Vincent has not been attacked.Moreover, Milton Keynes is so close to London, as long as General Vincent moves faster, he can become a new force on the battlefield.General Gendra had already issued an order to General Vincent, but General Vincent never expressed his attitude clearly.This made General Gandela a little worried.I have been worried before, whether it is the Fenton government or the US military, is General Vincent a British commander who is loyal to the Queen But the assessment report made him safely through this difficulty.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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