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will be different.Cui Wei said Brother is worried that someone will deliberately involve Xungui in it.Use less of our manpower, so as not to be calculated by others, plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states Cui Zhen said, If it is a simple robbery case, it is best if no one is behind the scenes.Once someone wants to stir up the wind and rain, we can still leave a retreat for ourselves and use those people in the market to investigate the case, they do not belong to our Dingninghou Mansion, what he does may or may not have anything to do with us.Cui Wei bowed Brother is still far sighted, he said with a sigh, There are constant internal strife in the court, and we don t know when it will end.Besides that, Cui Zhen said, we must also guard against the Wei family.I always I don t understand why Wei Yuanchen is always against the elder brother, Cui Wei said, Our Cui family and the Wei family have never had any feuds, but Wei Yuanchen repeatedly refuted the elder brother s face, relying on his status as a foreign relative to do whatever he wants.

They all said that the prince s mother came from a humble background.Even if he was favored by the emperor, it would be difficult for his son to win the position of crown prince for a long time.So many years have passed, and you fought against each other in the court.Liang Wang, the eldest princess, and the second prince fell into the hands of the prince one after another.Condescending to the empress, in fact, she has already taken care of the affairs of the harem on behalf of Empress Wei.Four years ago, the imperial concubine gave birth to nine princes, and the emperor loved the imperial concubine even more.Mrs.Lin sighed It has nothing to do with the prince and we can find out the truth, otherwise I m afraid the case will never see the light of day.Everyone knows the behavior of the imperial concubine and the prince, and who can do what the empress can t do do it.

Our Cui family has nothing, so how could we act like a thief The money lost by those merchants has come to our Cui family.It s nothing to say, how can I put my master in prison just by a word Cui Wei looked at Mrs.Cui Si and said, Two years ago, the wife and child of the watchman s family died of illness, and he wanted to commit suicide in the forest.When the fourth brother plantmd revive cbd gummies went to Zhuangzi, he happened to save him and found the watchman for him.He and his fourth brother have been in touch for a long time.The watchman also said that those thieves had once hid in the Cuijiazhuangzi, which was HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies originally the safest place, but he got the news in advance that the government officials wanted to check all the manors carefully, so he let the thieves go plantmd revive cbd gummies where can i buy budpop cbd gummies to Yong an Lane, fourth brother Before I was in a hurry to leave Taiyuan Mansion to find a more suitable place to hide the thieves.

Zhou Xueshi s daughter, a woman who is both talented and beautiful in the population, is not as beautiful and rigid as the person in the painting, but so playful and lively.Thinking of his behavior of peeking at this time, he couldn t help but feel a little strange.He had never stared at a female family member like this at his age.After she finished eating the pastry, she stood up and was about to leave.She straightened her dress and took off the veil on her head, but she didn t see a flower petal on the skirt.How can I let her show the slightest clue in front of people.Thinking of this, he took a detour, and was in the garden of the banquet.Taking the opportunity to pay his respects to the eldest princess, he waved his sleeves, causing the breeze to blow away the corners of her skirt and blow the petals off her clothes.

At this old age, don t you want to enjoy the family relationship Your two wives, Mrs.Zhou Needless to say, it was a calamity, and it almost brought disaster to our family before we got through the door.The Zhang family is also a medicine jar, as long as it can be used, my mother will not interfere with it.My mother is dedicated to overcoming thorns and thorns for you, but she will be killed.People take advantage of her, and now even the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion dares to step on my mother.Cui Zhen frowned slightly when he heard this Mother went to find my aunt Mrs.Lin s face was full of resentment Sisters of the same clan met This kind of thing is still on the sidelines, and now you have sent Mama Yu to the clan, and you have confirmed my fault, I don t know how many people will be waiting to laugh at me.

Those who have not experienced the situation back then will not understand his choice.But when he heard that the bandits were going to be suppressed, Lu Shenzhi struggled as if someone had stabbed him in the chest.They re not bandits.Lu Shenzhi raised his head vigorously, and finally saw the person in front of him clearly.It was a young and stern face standing not far away, as if he had merged into the darkness, without any expression on his face , a pair of ink like eyes shone with a slight chill, which made people daunting.Lu Shenzhi s heart tightened for a while, this is Master Wei.Wei Master Wei After Lu Shenzhi was surprised and frightened, he seemed to see hope again, Master Wei has a case to report to you, please listen to me before and Lu Shenzhi replied Before he finished HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies speaking, Wei Yuanchen looked away from him, then raised his hand, and slapped him fiercely with a whip again.

Wei Yuanchen stood there with his hands behind his hands.As a nursing home, Xiaomin has nothing to do with anything on the boat.The sharp weapon on my body was also given to me by the steward, but I have never used it.Just now when I saw the girl on the plantmd revive cbd gummies boat fall into the water, I jumped out of the boat to save her in a moment of impatience In the lake, these two officials came to arrest me.I thought it was plantmd revive cbd gummies bandits, so I had to struggle hard, only to find out later that it was people from the yamen who came to question me.I don t understand what the lord said, what about the doctor, the people in the mountains the matter on the flower cbd gummies legal in california boat has nothing to do with me.After saying this, the man knelt down and kowtowed non stop Your Excellency, the small sentence is true.Hearing what the man said, Wei Yuanchen walked towards the bow of the boat without saying a word.

Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes The guards came and soldiers surrounded the boat, and then the magistrate came to investigate the case The current situation can be said to be both stolen and stolen.It seems that I can t get rid of the crime.Since In this way, my lord will send me to the prison, and I will write a memorial to the emperor tomorrow morning, and the bandits in Shanxi have already caught them.After speaking, Wei Yuanchen stood up Who will escort me to the prison How could the bandits It s Mr.Wei Han Yu said, he looked at the yamen, what are you doing in a daze, put Mr.Ding, Ding s dakota cbd gummies reviews nursing home, the steward of the painting boat, and the old bustard into prison.Your Excellency is wronged, Ding The young master immediately shouted, I don t know who they are, my lordMing Jian I saw a lot of them, I thought they were thieves, I lost my sense for a while My lord Taking advantage of reddit cbd gummy recipe the fact that the servants didn t come around, Mr.

As soon as the two of them took their seats, Mrs.Lin entered the door.Madam.Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang immediately stepped forward to salute.Why did my wife come today Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Zhou on Wednesday.She hadn t seen much with the Zhou family, but since the last time at the Jinta Temple, she had already seen what the mother and daughter were thinking, so she didn t understand.The well behaved young lady who is rushing to the door wants to be a concubine with Cui Zhen Such an anxious self recommendation is simply self deprecating.You still don t know Mrs.Wednesday s complexion changed, Didn t the Marquis of Dingning send any news Mrs.Lin was a little stunned No, what happened Mrs.Tai and Mrs.Lin in the Ninghou jolly cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews Mansion are not as close as they thought.They came this time to use Mrs.

Wednesday is interceding with the official, hoping plantmd revive cbd gummies that the official website will be lenient and protect the Zhou family How could such a crime of covering up fall on the Zhou family.Nono Mrs.Wednesday hurriedly said, I m not Master Wei misunderstood.It s better not.Wei Yuanchen s gloomy voice came.Mrs.Wednesday swallowed, barely daring to catch her breath.Wei Yuanchen came back to his senses and found that Miss Gu had already brought her servants to play with the leaves of grass.Gu Mingzhu raised her head and glanced at Wei Yuanchen inadvertently.Why did she feel that Mr.Wei s face was slightly red, which was a little abnormal, and the redness was uneven, like patches Maybe it was because of Rabbit fur has moss, right Gu Mingzhu hugged the Lantern Festival eating thc cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise on the ground, and Gu Mingzhu ran to the depths of the garden with Bao Tong, in case Mr.

Wei got angry and killed the innocent.After taking away the mother in charge of the Zhou family, Wei Yuanchen turned around and walked out again.Mrs.Lin ordered the steward to see them off, and hoped that Mr.Wei would leave cleanly this time and not come back again.Wei Yuanchen came out of the Gu family s courtyard and saw Feng Anping head on.Feng Anping was walking towards Gu s house excitedly with all kinds of gadgets in his hands.Your Excellency.Feng Anping looked at the gate of Gu s family behind Wei Yuanchen Master Wei is here to ask questions, right Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Feng Anping raised the object in his hand Master Zhifu asked us to come back and rest for a while , I passed by the grocery store, and I cbd gummies shark tank plantmd revive cbd gummies happened to see these things, so I bought them to coax my cousin.Not knowing whether it was he coaxing his cousin or the cousin coaxing him, Wei Yuanchen remained calm, took the reins and immediately got on the horse.

Five years ago, Zhang Xiao shot and killed many party members in the prison robbery case of the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Unexpectedly, he died in the end.In the hands of Wei Yuanchen.Da Lang, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen who was sitting silently in the chair, plantmd revive cbd gummies If you don t speak, someone will ride on your neck.After saying this, Mrs.Lin saw standing by the side Mrs.Lin, she immediately covered her chest and fell on the bed.Mother, Cui Wei said anxiously, Let Lang Zhong take another look.No need, Mrs.Lin Tai panted, I ll just rest, I just want to know What on earth does Wei Yuanchen want What to do He came to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case and not to catch the thieves.He insisted on dealing with our Cui family.I think he is avenging his own personal revenge.Madam Lin extended her arm to Cui Zhen as she spoke Da Lang, you want to write a memorial Then Wei Yuanchen, he stirred up the miasma in the Taiyuan Mansion, really thought he could cover the sky with one hand Empress Wei has no children, and this relative of the Wei family will not last long.

Lin is running away.Now it seems that they stayed on purpose.Third Apart from Lu Shen, the only person who can take on this case is Yan Hao.Yan Hao is related to Tieshan Mine, and he was the same magistrate of Taiyuan Prefecture seven years ago, and he personally killed the magistrate Wang.Setting up a game around Yan Hao is indeed easier to get away with it.It s a pity that Yan Hao is the bait in Master Wei s hand, and now he is waiting for Master Wei to take away the whole fish pond.Needless to say, Zhuangtou must be arrested, and the Mr.Jiang that Yan Hao talked about must also be stationed nearby, so naturally he cannot escape Master Wei s eyes.It best cbd gummies for energy 2021 plantmd revive cbd gummies is impossible to set up such eating thc cbd gummies a big game relying on Mr.Jiang and a liberty cbd gummies penis dealer alone.Who else has not surfaced Gu Mingzhu looked at the front yard.

Why did the magistrate Han, who is thoughtful and considerate to others, come to Zhuangzi today Did he happen to meet Cui Wei and want to ask Mrs.Lin about the case What a coincidence.After Wang Zhifu died seven years ago, the biggest beneficiary happened plantmd revive cbd gummies to be Han Zhifu.Han Yu came to Taiyuan Mansion only after the Pearl Thief case.It stands to reason that he didn t know what happened seven years ago, neither Lu Shenzhi nor Yan Hao would tell him the truth.Let her test it now to see if Han Yu really knows nothing.A person who concentrates plantmd revive cbd gummies on the layout will ignore some small details, which what is cbd gummies uk is why when the mantis catches the cicada, he neglects the danger approaching him.Mr.Wei has worked so hard to get what he has now, if she can t make use of it, she will feel sorry for Mr.Wei.Now all the troubles on her body have been shaken off, and her shell has shed a layer, which can be considered relaxed.

For a moment, even he forgot why he came here.He obviously had so many official duties to deal with, but he came to embarrass a child.Gu Mingzhu is indeed very powerful, she can be called a person with thousands of faces, but she doesn t know which face is the truth, which sentence is the truth.For a liar to reach her level, he is considered a master of the arts.Gu Mingzhu continued to play with the rabbit in her hand, even Yuan Xiao knew that rabbits do not eat grass by the side of their nests.The more things are delivered to the mouth, the more inedible they are.Even if Mr.Wei looks delicious now, it is untouchable.She has seen Mr.Wei s skills before, and if he is not careful, he will catch him.Moreover, the person with a gloomy face all day is now a small ball and a grass rabbit, just like a peacock with its tail open.

Cui Wei has been with them all these years, and when Suzhou Wei was fighting, Cui Wei also She had gone to help before, so she naturally believed in Cui Wei more than Cui Zhen.She didn t believe that with the Cui family brothers around, no one could forcefully break into the Zhao family.Cui Zhen was reading documents in the study, and when he heard the steward s message, he immediately understood that Wei Yuanchen went to the Zhao family s house, and probably found clues plantmd revive cbd gummies in the Zhao family s shop.The steward came in and reported Master Hou, Mrs.Tai asked you and the second master to go to Zhao s house.Cui Zhen nodded, even if his mother didn t say anything, he was going to have a look.He had already told Zhao Gongren in Gu s house during the day In addition to suspicion, if the yamen really found definite evidence in Zhao s house, these things might be inseparable from Mr.

Every time the steward called out, he couldn t help wiping his sweat with his sleeve, as if he was the one who would be tortured co2 extraction cbd gummies next.It seems that this person is very aware of his situation and status, and his mind has been crushed by Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu ordered Liu Su Pull him out.Liu Su nodded, and immediately stepped forward to arrest the man, and only when his hand fell on the man s shoulder, plantmd revive cbd gummies the man shouted Officer, please forgive me I don t know I really don t know anything.Liu Su threw the man beside the steward of the Zhao family, the steward of the Zhao family was beaten to pieces, with hot blood seeping through his pants, the man was even more panicked when he saw it.Don t hit me, I The man yelled, his expression was a little crazy, and he would be disabled if he was beaten with dozens of sticks.

Chu Jiu was thinking about it, Liu Su helped the little lady and walked out first.Chu Jiu turned his face to the side and pretended not to see it.This kind of thing is really broken.That Liu Su is even more ruthless than him, and he will definitely have no wife in the future.No, isn t the third master looking at Miss Gu How come you changed people so quickly A strong sense of justice rushed out of Chu Jiu s chest, how could such a loyal and courageous person like him stand it A war between heaven and man began in Chu Jiu s heart.As a personal entourage, he has the responsibility to advise his master in time, even if he has to bear the master s anger He has to say to the third master, don t learn from those five black chickens, Chu Jiu is thinking wildly , felt that the little lady stopped, as if she was looking at the box in his arms.

Through the gauze, Gu Mingzhu saw Master Wei s deep eyes, which were exactly as she had guessed.Without Wei Yuanchen saying anything, Gu Mingzhu turned around and ran out.Everyone in the courtyard stay away, there are firearms.Hearing this, Chu Jiu also understood what the third master meant.I m afraid the box is weird.Quick, Chu Jiu ordered the guards, Take everyone away..Many people were busy in the yard, and they immediately dispersed to both sides when they heard such words.Gu Mingzhu carefully recalled what Yan Tanhua had said.I have been thinking about that moment all the time, why I stopped at the last moment, but the mechanism finally exploded.I finally figured it out.The eighth lock spring is just a cover up.As long as the seventh lock spring returns, The mechanism is equal to being opened, and there is no room for recovery when the mechanism is opened.

Madame is unlucky.Does Master Wei have any feuds with the Cui family She hadn t heard her mother and the Cui family talk about it, but if she said it like this, the Cui family would really dare not act rashly in the future, at least not blatantly standing on the prince s side.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he stood up again Please trouble Mrs.Lin to prepare a room.I have a few words to ask the second cbd gummies 14221 master of the Lin family.Mrs.Lin cleaned up the study.Wei Yuanchen walked into the room with Wen Li and Lin Runzhi.Lin Runzhi looked at Mrs.Lin Tai with a look of fear.Mrs.Lin couldn t protect herself.She collapsed in the chair and let the mother in charge rub her chest.Naturally, she had no time to pay attention to him.It s okay, Mrs.Lin comforted Lin Runzhi in a low voice, You can say whatever Master Wei asks you, we ll wait for you outside.

He did have a problem with plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states his ears at first, but after he recuperated slowly, he was almost on the mend.Liu Su said Is this the case in the families of high ranking officials and dignitaries in central Beijing Gu Mingzhu shook his head Almost, on the surface it seems to be the same way, but the reality is very different.Most people have only guards around them.Not a general.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu said The Marquis of Dingning also has family generals, but it s a pity that Cui Zhen s generation only started raising them.It s very different from the Wei family.I don t know the Wei family well, but just from the people around Mr.Wei, the Wei family It should be similar to the rumors, and it is the family that is best at supporting the family.Liu Su understood it, and said after a while The Gu family is also honorable.

Your Excellency you can give it a try, Gu Mingzhu said, Ifyou can t seeMaster Weithen Then the possibility of a trap is even greater.Lu Shenzhi s forehead was already covered with sweat.Although this was just the guess of Junior Sister Nie Chen and further confirmation was needed, he felt that it was very hemp bombs cbd gummies melatonin likely.Then what should we do Lu Shenzhi said, Aren t we going to arrest Mr.Zhao Er You don t arrest, Gu Mingzhu said, The Yamen received the news and it will also be passed on to the crown prince.There, the crown prince will also go there, and if it is a trap, everything will still happen.It s impossible to go, and it s impossible not to go, so what should we do Lu Shenzhi couldn t think of a way to solve it.Chapter 107 She Came to the Prince s Mansion.Mr.Shen was looking at the chess piece in front of him, the white chess piece seemed to reflect the bright moonlight, he suddenly waved his sleeves, the white chess piece was pinched in his hand, plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states and the original place was replaced by a black chess piece.

Gu Mingzhu shook her head.The filth they saw was because she took a mouthful of tea and pastries in advance, which looked scary but was actually an illusion.Ziyuan was relieved, Miss Jiang was really amazing, she led her out of the house so quickly, if there was no Miss Jiang, she would not know what to do, and she would ask Miss Jiang for advice when she had the opportunity.The two walked out of the yard and were about to go to the back door when they best cbd gummies for energy 2021 plantmd revive cbd gummies heard a commotion, and then the voice of the mother in charge Quickly tell the crown prince that Princess Huairou is here.Everyone bowed their heads and retreated to the side.When the princess walked past the corridor, Gu Mingzhu raised her head and took a look.Princess Huairou, wearing a dark cloak, walked straight forward with two servants beside her, covered in dust and dust, did she come from a long journey Is this a night trip The birth mother of Princess Huairou passed away in the year when Princess Huairou was born, and the queen s princess also died.

Hearing the yamen s report, Lu Shenzhi s face was serious Go and find out who lives there.The yacha responded with a cry and withdrew.Gu Mingzhu listened carefully, now it seems that finding the woman will take a lot of effort, but the more trouble, the more it proves that the woman has a problem, and she left a month ago.When she came to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate cbd gummies shark tank plantmd revive cbd gummies the case, so she was avoiding Mr.Wei Now that Wang Daochang died, it would be condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies even more difficult to verify her identity.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su, who nodded to indicate that it was almost time.After a wild night, she should go home and rest.The next thing to do is to wait for Nie Chen to send her news.Gu Mingzhu looked at Lu Shenzhi Master Lu, I have something I want to ask the Wang family.Lu Shenzhi nodded.This girl Jiang is smart and smart, and she may find something else.

I know, there will definitely be more, Nie Chen said, I m good at this kind of thing.No matter how hard you put in, you should get as much money as you want.Gu Mingzhu nodded Master Wei has a great career, so don t be embarrassed.She looked carefully, and in the quiver carried by Chu Jiu, the feather arrows were all made of Chong Ling.Chongling is expensive, Master Wei is really rich.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the yamen and walked all the way to Gu s house.She wanted to sleep well when she got home this time Gu Mingzhu had just left not long ago.My lord, Nie Chen respectfully presented the letter in his hand to Wei Yuanchen, It s not easy for people in the world, please be considerate.Nie Chen explained in advance that he thought it was the expenses of the dispatched officials at the post station.

Mrs.Gong is lying in the room.The doctor has come to see him.He is not in any danger now.He just needs to rest for a while.Mrs.Lin sighed I ll go and see Look at her Gu Mingzhu immediately followed Mrs.Lin, on the surface everyone was from the Lin family, but behind the scenes Mrs.Lin and Zhao Gongren must hate their mother because of this case, so they must be more on guard, Gu Mingzhu saw Glancing at Baotong, Baotong understood, walked a few steps quickly and stood next to Mrs.Lin.Walking into the room, Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhao Gongren who was on the bed.At this moment, Zhao Gongren didn t wear any ornaments on his bun, but he was holding his arm tightly with his hands, as if there was an armband on his arm.Chapter 121 Armbands were prevalent before the front of the handle.At that time, women could wear short sleeved shirts, and the armbands were extraordinarily beautiful when exposed.

Some people say that this woman is just a foreigner.The name is not right and the word is not right.The master of that family works in the imperial court, so every time he comes, he will cover up to prevent people from seeing him.However, there is no evidence for these rumors.The only thing that is certain is that whether it is a neighbor or a People who did odd jobs in that house have never met the master of that house.A young woman lived alone in a big mansion all year round, no matter how tightly the news was kept secret for a long time, someone would gossip behind her back, so It is easy to find news, but many of these news are rumors, which need to be carefully distinguished and verified.Wei Yuanchen said Has anyone condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies seen Wang Daochang come to the door Nie Chen shook his head No.Wei Yuanchen continued How long has the house been purchased Nie Chen said It has been more than six years.

The prince was very patient and stood by cbd gummies from colorado on line the side waiting for Zhao Gongren to calm down.Zhao Gongren squeezed the rattle in his hand, and he regained his strength My lord, my second brother said that Lin Sizhen knows all about the business of war horses.If Lin Sizhen didn t open the border pass, they would never be able to do such a thing.But I don t know exactly how to do it, if it wasn t for the war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion, my second elder eating thc cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise brother would still not talk about it with me, but Lin Sizhen has kept me a secret all these years.After saying this, Zhao Gong raised his head.At the beginning, her expression was a little distorted Prince, as long as these two children can live, I am willing to obey the arrangement of the court.The prince did not have much joy on his face, plantmd revive cbd gummies but looked at Zhao Gongren with relief If you think so, you can Count as earning a living for these two children.

Mrs.Zhou said Don t be greedy, be careful of your appetite.With the care of the Crown Prince and Marquis Ding Ning, it seems that they can return to Beijing comfortably Nie Chen, Liu Su and others followed the carriage all plantmd revive cbd gummies the way forward.The first day after coming out of Taiyuan Mansion was fine.After all, it was not far from the guards outside the city.If someone made a move, the soldiers and horses of the guards would arrive soon.So they don t need to be too nervous today, but they don t know what will happen in the future.Nie Chen looked around, and then looked at Liu Su with a strange face Didn t you say that Junior Sister will go to the capital together Why is she still missing Although it would be dangerous to follow these carriages and horses, she is a girl who falls into the trap.It s even worse after ordering.

I have walked in the capital, and I have some experience.When the time comes Nie Chen found that Liu Su had no answer.Meaning, he coughed Did you hear what I said Well.Liu Su didn t even speak this time.Nie Chen frowned, Liu Su condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies s ear disease is serious again In this case, he took the opportunity to decide their ranking.He is the boss, and Liu Su is the second child.Presumably he would not refute Liu Su.Nie condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies Chen said We have all received the kindness of the elders, and the children of the world should know how to repay their kindness, don t you agree Liu Su nodded.Nie Chen continued The Elder has taught us a lot.As the saying goes, one day is a teacher and a life is a father.The two of us are brothers.According to the rules of the people, the elder is the brother.Since we are both Adopted son of the elder, from now on you will call me elder brother and I will call you second younger brother, what do you think Nie Chen waited for a while, but Liu Su didn t answer, as if Liu Su didn t hear anything.

He stopped and slowly turned around to look at Miss Gu who was in the yard again.Miss Gu put away the bamboo dragonfly and kicked shuttlecock cbd gummies are they safe in the yard.A man stood beside him holding a lantern.It was getting dark, but Miss Gu was full of fun.Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin called out, It s getting dark, come back quickly The scene in front of him was very ordinary, and there was nothing strange about it, but Mr.Shen watched it for a long time until the courtyard returned to tranquility.Mr.Shen raised his feet and walked out, all the files and documents of the Taiyuan Mansion case were in his mind.He had read the incident of Han Yu being attacked by the Pearl Thief on Zhuangzi many times., then there is only this stupid Miss Gu, who happens to be unable to explain anything clearly.And the dead man in Jinta Temple was also injured by Miss Gu.

The prince nodded, suddenly thinking that Cui Zhen would go back to Beijing first, and immediately said with regret I knew that Marquis Ding Ning should be kept.Mr.Shen said Marquis Ding Ning left not long ago, I immediately ordered people to chase after him, and ordered Marquis Ding Ning to bring Zhenwu guards and horses to guard His Highness.If His Highness succeeds this time , he will be the most outstanding prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty, not to mention quelling the rebels, but he can also find out the Shanxi mutiny that year, and no one can match him.Just do it, the prince stared intently.Looking at the map, immediately mobilize manpower to plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states encircle those so called bandits.Mr.Shen nodded Before the matter is completed, we must not leak the news, especially Wei Yuanchen and others, lest they do bad things.

Once caught, he will be dealt with by military law Peng Liang would not have made such a choice if he hadn t felt compelled.As I speculated before, Peng Liang and Mrs.Zhao stayed here to investigate the case of the Shanxi mutiny.Whether he is a civil servant or a general, this is not good for his official career, so he is still only a centurion.If there are disadvantages, there will be advantages.If there are obstacles in the official career, it will make it easier for him to inquire about the case back then.Peng Liang is now in the Ningwu Institute.I think Peng Liang found something, and because of this, he was suspected by the other party, and Zhao s identity was exposed.He pressed on with the investigation in Taiyuan Mansion, and Zhao was arrested.Arrest, the son in law came to Taiyuan Mansion, maybe they were afraid that Mrs.

Prince, do you know who I am a loud voice sounded.The prince slowly raised his head from behind the guard and looked at the man.The man slowly took off the hood on his head, revealing his face.He looked at the prince with a contemptuous smile on his face.Looking at the strange face, the prince couldn t think of his identity and official position for a while.The prince doesn t know, right A certain official has a low official position.Even if he has met the prince, the prince will not take it seriously.He is just one of the soldiers who have been guarding the frontier for decades.Blood and life are not worth mentioning in the eyes of His Highness the Crown Prince.We are probably not worth as much as the horsewhip in the hands of His Highness the Crown Prince.As soon as the man finished speaking, a burst of laughter sounded from all around.

It s a pity that Lin Si is really useless, and someone discovered the clue.But this is also good, she can take this opportunity to encourage Lin Sizhen to rebel and let Da Khan help Lin Sizhen.After returning, even if he is not named Jinong, he can still lead a tribe in the tribe.That s why she didn t let someone kill Mrs.Zhao.Mrs.Zhao s HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies so called legal wife was only recognized by the Zhou people, so it was not worth mentioning in her eyes.This time, she negotiated with Lin Sizhen to attack the troops entering Beijing and capture the women of the Da Zhou family.She doesn t care about the women of the Cui family.Lin Sizhen made arrangements in advance.The prisoners who are being escorted are fine, but unexpectedly the team that entered Beijing seemed to be prepared, reacting faster than she thought, and fled all the way here.

The spear encountered an obstacle, and the tip of the spear pierced into the flesh again with a poof , and the prince felt as if his body was about to be torn apart.The prince screamed again, his voice drowned in the melee.Lin Sizhen seized the opportunity to grab the crown prince plantmd revive cbd gummies and threw him on the back of his horse.The horse suddenly increased its load, and its four hooves were no longer as flexible as before.He was stabbed in the ribs by the spear in Wei Yuanchen s hand.Rush out.Lin Sizhen yelled, if this continues, he may be consumed to death here, and he must rush out of the siege at all costs to regain his strength.When Lin Sizhen gave an order, the elite cavalry around cbd gummies in 91710 him immediately rushed forward, not hesitating to open the way with death.After all, he has been operating in the frontier for many years and has trained many generals who can fight for him.

Lin continue to say Eldest sister said, for the sake of the Lin family, I have to survive no matter what.I will be spurned by others, and I will never be able to lift my head.Lin Sizhen looked at Mrs.Lin Tai firmly Elder Sister, do you understand what I mean For some reason, Mrs.Lin felt creepy when her younger brother looked at her like this.At this time, Lin Si was really too calm, as if he had already planned everything out.Sizhen, Mrs.Lin s voice trembled, what are you going to do Elder Sister said that she would always help me and the Lin family, Lin Sizhen said, If I m not here, Eldest Sister wyld cbd gummies amazon will not be able to survive., I m not here, who wants to relieve elder sister s worries I really don t worry about elder sister.Mrs.Lin s hands trembled a little, and she couldn t help taking a step back.

Wei Sanye.Huaiyuanhou smiled, the smile in his brows and eyes was a bit too deep, showing a bit of naivety, lacking the sharpness that a general should have.Just looking at it like this, Wei Yuanchen felt that Marquis Huaiyuan was very kind and he didn t have any city mansions.Miss Gu s ability to pretend to be stupid was passed on by her father.How good this is, Gu Chongyi looked towards the tower, My little girl just learned how to archery, but she almost hurt Wei Sanye.How could it hurt Chu Jiu couldn t help but slander, not to mention that the arrow was shot by Miss Gu, it didn t have much strength at all, and when it flew over it was very slow, even if Marquis Huaiyuan did it himself, the third master could catch it.Bah, bah, bah, Chu Jiu couldn t help but spurn himself, how could he think like this, if Huaiyuan Hou Ye knew that his daughter was being treated lightly by the third master, let alone shoot the plantmd revive cbd gummies third master, he might come forward and fight the third master for his life , what should the third master do then On the ninth day of the ninth day, I chanted a sentence in my heart, Amitabha, the gods and Buddhas of the heavens bless me, I have pity on the poor third master, who has lost his father Facing the smiling face of Marquis Huaiyuan, Wei Yuanchen said, Your Majesty is serious.

Marquis Huaiyuan stretched out his hand and patted Wei Yuanchen on the shoulder The rebellion in the Lin Temple is thanks to HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies Mr.Wei who stabilized the situation, and the women in my family are also thanks to you.Only by being protected by Mr.Wei can he get away, Mr.Wei must be tired from fighting these days, go to the village to have a good rest, and I would like to thank Mr.Wei.Master Wei, you don t need to be so polite, Wei Yuanchen said with a calm expression , He raised his eyes to look at Marquis Huaiyuan, his eyes were bright and deep, If it wasn t for Lord Hou, the imperial court would not have investigated the case of Zhan Ma carefully.People like Lin Sizhen plantmd revive cbd gummies staying in the frontier would eventually become a disaster for Great Zhou.Leading the troops again, but they are very familiar with the affairs of the army.

Wei Yuanchen turned around and wanted to leave, but couldn t help cbd gummies shark tank plantmd revive cbd gummies but look at the wooden box again, only to think that the box was very obtrusive, if he wanted to find out her true face, it would be better to start with these personal items Gu Mingzhu washed up and went back to the inner room.Before Baotong came in, she wanted to get a candied fruit to eat, but when she walked to the table, she found that the wooden box containing the candied fruit was missing.is really gone.Chapter 191 The third master s scheming It s gone if it s gone, Mrs.Lin comforted Zhuzhu, When I get back to Beijing, I ll ask someone to make more candied fruit.You eat a lot these days, so it s good to stop for a while., lest the sweetness spoil your teeth.Baotong led the people to search the house, but did not find Gu Mingzhu s small box, and Gu Mingzhu was also looking for clues nearby, but found nothing unusual, as if someone was sneaking into it.

Why is Gu Chongyi so lucky every time.When Gu Chongwen s two daughters heard the news, the inner house immediately exploded.That silly girl, Gu Mingzhu, is back.Chapter 193 Fate is not good in the capital, the Zhou family.In the Zhou family of cbd male enhancement gummies Daming Mansion, the ancestor of the Zhou family was a peddler, selling goods in the streets and alleys to support the family, and the rest of the money was used to buy books.When they met acquaintances, they would laugh You can t read, why buy books Ancestor He always said I don t know it, and my children and grandchildren have to learn it.At that time, he hadn t married a wife, and people laughed when they heard this.Later, condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies the ancestors got married and had children, and they devoted all their attention to making their sons read and write.First, someone in the Zhou family passed the examination as a scholar, and then someone else won the Juren.

How could the people in the yamen believe that the murderer who killed Xu Bin would fall into the trap of himself So they sent two yamen to check At that time, the two officials arrived at the bottom of the pagoda, and were about to scold the murderer not to pollute the pure land of Buddhism.But the murderer said I am here to give a big gift to the Bodhisattva, hoping that the Bodhisattva will appear and save the poor people from hardships.After the murderer finished speaking, he let go of his hand and dropped an object.The Yacha happened to hold the object in his arms.The Yacha took a closer look and found that the object turned out to be Xu Bin s head.Only now did Yachai believe that the ranger at the top of the tower was the murderer of Mr.Xu.The two were going to arrest the ranger, but the ranger himself came down from the tower and wanted to take the yamen to get the evidence.

ran forward.The ranger ran outside a Zhuangzi and jumped into it, the Yacha rushed in to arrest him, and the Yacha chased the ranger into the cellar in the Zhuangzi.The Wei family is not far away, and Wei Yuanchen knows a little about what will happen next.He said indifferently The ranger is Zhang Yuan.Xu Bin s greedy belongings were found in the cellar of his house, and Xu Bin was going to send these things to the ancestral house in Huizhou Mansion two days later.He was greedy for ink, but framed it to the magistrate of Yanzhou, because of this, the magistrate of Yanzhou finally got revenge.This case is a major case of the household department in recent years, but everyone s eyes are on Xu Binhe, and few people will ask about the ranger.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flickered, Zhang Yuan was able to sneak into Xu s house Killing people, it can be seen that he is very skilled.

Brother Chen was in a hurry to return to the palace.How could he have time to change clothes This must be the emperor s confession.When he was a king, he was called benevolent and filial by others, but now he is also a benevolent king.If he doesn t say anything behind his back, he must live well on the surface.Didn t his family fall for this trick back then The benevolent monarch on the bright side once caused the whole Wei family to suffer, but Mrs.Wei has seen it through these years.This is the so called emperor s art.How is your injury Mrs.Wei asked Wei Yuanchen softly, The family hired a doctor early in the morning and is waiting in the yard.Mother, don t worry, Wei Yuanchen said, The imperial doctor has seen it, and there is nothing serious Mother, let the doctor go out of the house Now that I have seen it in the palace, I come back to change the dressing again, as if I don t trust the emperor s arrangement, it s hard for Brother Chen cbd gummies shark tank plantmd revive cbd gummies to think about these small things, Madam Wei nodded and told the steward Just Do as the third master says.

If Mr.Wei was more generous, maybe they would be able plantmd revive cbd gummies to have more money.No, she still can t open her mouth like a lion, Master Wei is not happy, and if he refuses to do business with them in the future, wouldn t it be a big loss Miss, look, is someone coming to welcome us Chapter 200 Better Than Face Gu do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction Mingzhu looked forward, and immediately saw Chu Jiu plantmd revive cbd gummies bringing the Wei family s guards coming.Wei Yuanchen went to Beijing first, why did he send Chu Jiu and others back Could it be that something happened in Beijing Chu Jiu came to Gu Chongyi to salute.Gu Chongyi showed nervousness and immediately asked But what s the problem He was always worried that Wei Sanye would be blamed by the court after he returned to Beijing.It s not that he is concerned because of his relationship with the Wei family.

The children of the Wei family are still officials in the court, but the cbd gummies shark tank plantmd revive cbd gummies expectations of this generation rest on plantmd revive cbd gummies Wei Yuanchen.The tiger father has no dogs, and the glory of the ancestors is still there.If you don t fall into the trap of others, you should be right.Just as Gu Chongyi thought of this, the handsome Wei Yuanchen stood still in front of him, and then politely bowed to him.Wei Yuanchen bowed his head in a humble manner, which made Gu Chongyi a little stunned.Why didn t I see Master Wei for a few days He seemed to be a different person, standing in front of him without any vigor, just like a junior who was familiar with him, adding a little more intimacy out of thin air.Master Wei Wei Yuanchen s salute caught Gu Chongyi off guard, and when he recovered, Wei Yuanchen had already straightened up.

The Cheng family eating thc cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise s children cannot bear this infamy.After the old lady Cheng finished speaking, she hurriedly called out Princessyou will see the old lady, don t listen to one sided words, our Cheng family has been wronged.As soon as the words fell, Mrs.Cheng immediately knelt on the ground.Mother, what are you doing Master Cheng was extremely astonished, Get up HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies quickly, how can this happen, my son plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states will handle the matter well, you are so old, if there is any mistake, it will really kill your son.Princess Huairou can t sit still anymore.She is Cheng s wife.Even if she has the status of a princess, she can t let Cheng s parents kneel like this.Princess Huairou was about to go out, but she saw Cheng Yi walking over with Zhao Shi Cheng Yi s face was gloomy, his eyes flicked from his grandmother and father, and he was about to speak, but Zhao held his hand down.

He shouldn t have married Mrs.Zhao, his father in law is not enlightened.When he followed him to fight against the enemy in the frontier, he had seen his stubbornness.At that time, she knew that with his temperament, he would lose the battle sooner or later.Unable to defend the pass, and unable to shrink back with elites, it is Tan Dingfang, the Minister of the Ministry of War, who turned the tide and stabilized the situation on the northeast frontier.Tan Dingfang also became famous because of this battle.Later, the Wei family was implicated in the case of the second prince.After Wei Congcheng died , the position of minister finally fell on Tan Dingfang s head, such a person is a capable minister, what is his father in law Mr.Cheng regretted it very much.Back then, he was so cruel that he asked Mrs.

Qian Yunsheng also nodded.Mr.Cheng looked, and he recognized that young man, he was the son of the Yuan family s steward, who was very important to the Yuan family on weekdays, but Mr.Cheng s shoulders immediately collapsed when he saw this.How could the Yuan family do such a thing plantmd revive cbd gummies Master Cheng looked at Su Fu, My lord must be my wife who is afraid of the instability of the wife s position and jealousy to use such methods.The Tartars take advantage of it.Su Fu patted the gavel, and looked at Mr.Cheng with a deep expression This is the Shuntian government office, not the Cheng family.I asked you before, and you said you knew about it.Do you want to change your story after the judge finds out the truth Is Mr.Cheng contemptuous of the court, or is he out of control Mr.Cheng dared not speak any more, he only hoped that the case would stop when it was found here, absolutely.

There are palace people walking around outside Kunning Palace, I don t know how many pairs of ears they have.Actually, there is nothing to say about this matter, Empress Wei said, Since the Cheng family already has a new mistress, they need a letter of reconciliation.How can the Zhao family have nothing to do with the Cheng family There is no need for the Cheng family to feel wronged, Huairou Your son in law doesn t have to be in trouble.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei threw the fish food in her hand into the tank, turned around and walked back to the inner hall.The servants outside the Kunning Palace left quickly.If the person in the Kunning Palace said something, it would immediately reach the ears of everyone in the harem.Empress Wei s general idea was this, and the taste might change if it was passed on In Princess Huairou s residence.

How can you bother the princess Mrs.Lin said, There are so many things to do in the Princess House.If you can use me, the princess will send someone to tell edipure cbd black cherry gummies you.Princess Huairou was very grateful to Mrs.Lin Madam, you are really That s great.Seeing the Gu family s carriage leaving, Princess Huairou was about to go back when she heard the sound of horseshoes approaching from far away.It s the son in law.Mother Huang said first.Cheng Yi dismounted from his horse and walked quickly to Princess Huairou How is the family Is mother okay Princess Huairou nodded Mother cried for a while and talked to me.Madam Huaiyuan Hou persuaded me for a long time, mother The situation is different from last night.Cheng Yi couldn t hide his joy, and took Princess Huairou s hand Go, go cbd gummies for runners in and see mother.The two walked into the yard together, Princess Huairou didn t care about being shy, and remembered the reconciliation just now.

Chu Jiu looked at the serious expression of the third master, and immediately said Our manor The reception banquet here is better than theirs.Compassionate for the people around him, the third master is not inferior plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states to Miss Gu.Chu Jiu continued Nie Chen and Liu Su were afraid that our guards would go to the banquet, and even made excuses not to keep us, as if they could come to our banquet.The more Chu Jiu said, the more indignant he was How kind the third master is to them, all of them seem to have no conscience, and they still cbd gummies show on drug tests work for the Cui family in Taiyuan Mansion.Could it be that in their hearts, the third master is not as good as the Cui family They can t drive us away here, and they can t go there Have you gone to the Cui family With a snap , Wei Yuanchen threw the teacup over and said, Pour tea.

After several years of recuperation, plantmd revive cbd gummies the Wei family seems to have recovered.There is a tendency to rise Wei Mansion.Grandma Wei Zhang began to make arrangements early in the morning.The Wei family often has female family members coming to the door.She is familiar with the preparations.After getting up, she went to check the dishes with the big kitchen.It turned out that the dishes in the big kitchen were different from yesterday.Asked The cook later found out that some fresh vegetables, fruits and game were sent from the Zhuangzi, just to entertain the distinguished guests, which saved her trouble, and it was convenient to make good things.The third master didn t go to the Yamen.The steward reported to Mrs.Zhang.Zhang was taken aback, the third uncle was always busy with business and rarely stayed at home, how could he happen to be at home today, could it be that he would also attend the banquet Do you want someone to ask As soon as the steward finished speaking, he saw the steward s mother in Wei Sanye s yard walking over quickly.

Walking through the hanging flower gate, chirping birds can be heard from the green bamboo forest next to it.Some of the birds voices are clear and some are tactful, just like the singing of warblers and swallows, which sounds very lively.That s where my second uncle raises birds.Madam Yuan said to Madam Lin with a smile.These birds are not so noisy on weekdays.Today, for some reason, they are vying to be the first to raise their voices.I m afraid others won t notice., is it possible that the second uncle is also at home That s really strange, Mrs.Yuan thought to herself, people who hadn t seen her all day, unexpectedly stayed at home today.There is a ginkgo tree in the middle of the courtyard of the main room of the inner house.The tree is hundreds of years old.Now it is autumn, and the leaves are slowly turning golden, which is really beautiful in the sun.

In the octagonal pavilion, Wei Yuanchen watched The master and servant stopped not far away, drank most of the cup of tea in his hand, and the remnant chess in front of him did not move a single move.Wuhei Chicken Nian happily ate plantmd revive cbd gummies in her arms, making clack clack sounds from time to time, obviously very happy.After eating a piece of flower cake, the five black chickens reluctantly leaned on Gu Mingzhu s arm.Don t worry, I brought you a lot, enough for you to eat for a while.Gu Mingzhu reached out to stroke the shiny chicken feathers, and only then remembered that Master Wei was still waiting for her in the pavilion.Gu Mingzhu bent down cbd extreme gummies and put Xiaobai on the ground, then straightened her dress and walked forward.The censer in the pavilion curled up, and a faint fragrance wafted in the air.Wei Yuanchen looked at the endgame in front of him, holding a white chess piece in his hand, and the chess piece made a crisp sound when it landed on the chessboard.

We have used it from the beginning, and we have not invited any other famous doctors to come After saying this, Mrs.Lin said again And then I invited Zhu You, these are only used when there is no other way.Mrs.Zhang listened and benefited Thank you, auntie.Tomorrow, I will have people invite the doctors home one by one.I hope Mrs.Tai will recover soon.Mrs.Lin sighed secretly.It can be solved.Brother Zhen killed his own uncle.This is a hurdle that the elder sister will never get over.this way Should Brother Zhen let Lin Sizhen go In this way, the Cui family will become rebels, how can they do things like collaborating with the enemy and treason.The servant brought new tea again, and Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin Auntie, let s not just sit here are green ape cbd gummies legit and wait, why don t we also go to the garden and watch Uncle Zhu and Zhuzhu put paper kites.

Yuan er s legs softened and she knelt down on the ground.It s the lady, the lady is back, and the lady is demanding her life.Yuan er cried and shouted Madam, please forgive me.Madam I am not a slave, it has nothing to do with the slave, and the slave doesn t know anything When the slave went, I only saw Huixiang standing in the yard.Although there was noise in the room, the slave I don t know what happened.Yuan er kowtowed on the ground as she spoke, but at this moment she suddenly felt something cold touch her shoulder and slowly move towards her neck.It was a dead man s hand, trying to grab her neck.Yuan er was so frightened that she almost fainted, her strong desire to survive made her kneel forward and escape, she crawled and said, LaterlaterHui Xiang entered the door, lit the lamp, and the maidservant saw I just saw someone hanging on the beam At that time, the maidservant didn t know it was Madam, if she knew, she would call for help, Madam, please trust Numaid, don t come to me It must be Huixiang who harmed Madam, it was all done by Huixiang Yes, Madam went to find her and demanded Huixiang s life.

Gu Mingzhu sighed in her heart, she had miscalculated, there was no other exit behind the is rachael ray selling cbd gummies rockery, she was like a mischievous Yuanxiao who ran out, and was suddenly stuck in the hole.Yuan gummies edibles cbd Xiao was still struggling to dig the dirt and wanted to escape, and there was a bluestone road under her feet.Master Wei seemed to have seen through her thoughts long ago, and glanced at her feet.It s still too late to make up a reason, Wei Yuanchen said, I just don t know if Lord Hou will look for you later.Gu Mingzhu raised her face, her eyes were covered with mist, and her mouth was flattened, as if she was affected by it.A great grievance.Wei Yuanchen almost retracted his arm as soon as it softened.If he hadn t put the seal over with his own hands, he must have thought that she was plantmd revive cbd gummies wronged.Fortunately, he saw the evidence with his own eyes, and no one could reverse the case.

It was her leg Ah Bai Gongren screamed loudly.Chapter 283 Deceived By Someone Just as Bai Gongren yelled, her mouth was tightly covered, and a dagger was pressed against her throat.The dagger slowly scratched across her flesh, as if looking for something Appropriate place to start.Bai Gongren s eyes widened immediately, and suddenly remembered the tragedy of Ah Chan s death.He froze there and couldn t move, looking at the person in front of him in fear, his whole body trembling.The light in the room was dim, but the face of the man was clearly visible.The man was old, but his eyes were still clear and sharp, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.She slowly withdrew her hand that was pressing on Bai Gongren s face.Bai Gongren seemed to be able to breathe at this moment, she opened her mouth wide and breathed heavily, even though she couldn t control her trembling body, tears kept streaming down the corners of her eyes.

There is no man in this world who would really like a useless person, and no family would want such a daughter in law.Ah chan kept saying that the man would come to propose marriage, so I will ask Ah chan refused to reveal the man s identity, because there was no such person at all, and I would expose the identity of that man.Even if there is a man who promises to marry Ah chan, it s just a trick to deceive her body and money.Men are interesting only when they can t get it.I ve seen too many normal women, and I find it interesting when I see Ah Chan, so I come to play with it.How can I be sincere Ah Chan said that the man had to make contributions to persuade The elders in the family, wait a little longer and he will definitely come.Mo Yangming looked at Bai Gongren, when Bai Gongren said these words, his eyes were still mixed with contempt and anger, as if he had gradually fallen into the emotions at that time.

Bai Gong said humanely power cbd gummies website The left plantmd revive cbd gummies side, the left legit hurts so much.But Mo Yangming waved his hand and pulled out a long silver needle from Bai Gong s right leg I stabbed your acupuncture point but you cbd gummies shark tank plantmd revive cbd gummies didn t feel anything, only kneading You can only feel the pain when you are above your knees.Is it really because of your leg injury that you feel pain all day Bai Gong was speechless when a voice came from outside What s wrong Come on, Someone broke into Bai Gongren s quiet room.Mo Yangming looked at Bai Gongren, and Bai Gongren finally waited for the savior and shouted I am herequickcome and save me.Mo Yangming condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies Lengheng, her junior brother came so fast, she waited until the junior brother entered meditation, and caused some trouble by damaging the altar table in the main hall, then came to look for Mrs.

In this way, Master Wei should not want to taste it.toothache Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, it seemed that he had to put less sugar next can you drink on cbd gummies time.My lord, Chu Jiu said, it s almost time, the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion have arrived.Baotong stepped forward to help Gu Mingzhu off the altar Miss, we should go too, something happened in the temple , the mother in charge must be looking for the eldest lady.Gu Mingzhu nodded, plantmd revive cbd gummies and left the next thing to Master Wei.She looked at the box behind the statue.It would be more credible for the box to be taken by Xuanwei and the people from the government office.Walking out of the hall quickly, Baotong leaned over and said in a low voice Miss, just now Master Wei asked you for candied fruit Did she hear correctly The candied fruit in Gu Mingzhu s mouth moved from the right bone to the left cheek Master Wei is just curious.

Thanks to Ai s family, he didn t take it a few times, otherwise nothing would happen.In the past, Mo Yang Ming said, cultivating the Tao is the heart, and the mind is at ease, so there will be no worries and sorrows, which is better than an immortal.Thinking about it now, Mo Yangming is right, there is no elixir for rejuvenation and immortality in this world.The queen mother finished speaking Looking at the emperor The emperor is the same, don t believe in those pills in the future, lest you be secretly calculated by unruly people.The HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies emperor nodded I know.The queen mother pondered for a moment This kind of thing happens in places like Taiqingguan.The emperor can t be careless At this point, the queen mother stopped and stopped talking, she should not interfere too much with the affairs of the previous dynasty.

He ordered that Captain Long be imprisoned to be executed, but it was Wei Congcheng who made the HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies memorial and asked him to spare the life of Captain Long for the face of the deceased three princesses, and sent him to the bitter cold frontier.land.It was Wei Shi himself who made a mistake, which killed the third princess.As the empress of the Great Zhou Dynasty, she was so mad.Although Wei Shi survived, she completely ruined her own dignity.Abolished her post, just because he had promised her that she would be his only Zi Tong.He did it, but she didn t feel grateful for his kindness at all.Instead, she said that the death of the third princess was because of cold things in her diet, and plantmd revive cbd gummies that someone didn t want her to give birth to a royal heir.Questioning him before the tablet made him extremely disappointed.

Madam asked you to go and have a look.Mother Yang said this, she couldn t help but agree, Gu Mingzhu stood up and raised her voice Baotong, let s go to mother first.Inside the house.Outside the walls of the Huaiyuanhou s mansion.Wei Yuanchen stood there with his hands behind his back, and gradually there was no sound in the wall.Chu Jiu couldn t help coughing Master, did you hear that Wei Yuanchen didn t speak.Chu Jiu continued Miss Gu went to see Cui Zhen s gift..On the ninth day of the ninth day, he didn t dare to speak, and the third master became more and plantmd revive cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies price more moody.He was punished to feed pigs and ducks during the day, and his body smelled like a pigsty.Even the five black chickens detested him.He had worked hard for half a day HCMUSSH plantmd revive cbd gummies and had just entered the door when Wu Hei Chicken s two strong claws and wings like a cattail fan attacked his head and face, and drove him out of the door before giving up.

Mrs.Zhang nodded I know.She slightly raised her head and looked at the contour of the man s cheek beside her.Ding Ninghou was young and handsome.Such a man would make many women fall in love with him.She finally married Cui.At home, I saw with my own eyes that those concubines did their best for him.He gave those women rich clothes and fine food, but he also had very strict rules.No one could surpass them, and he never pretended to be anyone in his heart.How can that work.Mrs.Zhang continued to raise her head, trying hard to see Cui Zhen clearly Master Hou, I haven t gone out for cbd gummies liver damage a long delta 8 cbd gummies side effects time, and I have been taking care of myself.Now I have finally improved.You have stayed at home these days, can you not go Backyard If I can t conceive again this time, I will try my best to let the concubine give birth to your eldest son.

At that moment, he felt much more relaxed.He thought that the imperial court might not forgive his mother and his crimes.At that time, he would ask the imperial court to take back his title.He killed plantmd revive cbd gummies his uncle, injured his mother, and tried his best to ask for grace for his mother.At least he has nothing for his mother from the heart owed.Even if the court never uses him byo life cbd gummies from now on, he can still go home safely and be a farmer.Thinking of this, Cui Zhen couldn t help laughing, it was not his intention to go home to rehabilitate his wounds at a young age, but even if he made great military achievements, he couldn t be sure that this time he would be able to pay off his merits and let the court forgive him.This is also the punishment he should bear.Not everyone can do it all over again, and not everyone can atone for plantmd revive cbd gummies the mistakes he made before.

Ma am, don t worry, Yang s mother said in a low voice, Master Hou will take care of it.Madam Lin nodded.After some changes, Cui Wei s nature one cbd gummies amazon marriage plantmd revive cbd gummies proposal today made her see clearly.When she heard what Cui Wei said, she was surprised at first, and then she felt that Cui Wei was not worthy of Zhuzhu, not Zhuzhu s innate talent.If you are sick, you can t marry.If she said this kind of thought, she would probably be scolded for being too arrogant and ignorant.In the eyes of others, she is like Zhuzhu.If someone asks for a marriage, she should happily agree to it.How can she be so picky Besides, Cui Wei is still a person of fame and fame.She has been in front of her since she plantmd revive cbd gummies was a child, and she has some understanding Already a top pick.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu who was seriously fiddling with the medicine box with clear eyes.

He should be able to catch sleepy z cbd gummies up with the person he was looking for within a day.Standing at the window, Tan Zigeng saw a ray of sunlight gradually illuminating the sky, he carried his burden and pulled his horse towards the gate of the city, he did not forget to check around along the way, for fear that Wei Yuanchen would order someone to follow him.After successfully exiting the city gate, Tan Zigeng got on his horse neatly and headed south.They galloped all the way, resting for a quarter of an hour, and finally at dusk, Tan Zigeng arrived at a Zhuangzi.He had inquired beforehand that this Zhuangzi was bought by Aunt Zhen two years ago.Tan Zigeng tied the horse and jumped into Zhuangzi.There was no sound in Zhuangzi, as if no one lived here at all.Chapter 341 is all evidence Tan Zigeng frowned.

Chapter 352 The reminder to Gu Chongyi He rushed out of the tea house and rode away on horseback.Just now he thought of the ups and downs of the Wei family in these years, and felt that Wei Congzhi was not easy.As a result, these two idiots always surprised him at critical moments.It s nothing more than falling asleep, but he s still being haunted.Don t you think that your drowsiness is the result of being drugged by the shopkeeper Otherwise, how could they yell black shop It s really stupid.After seeing Wei Congzhi, who would be ashamed to compare himself to being stupid Gu Chongyi looked at the clothes on his body.From Shuntian Mansion Yamen to Hehua Hutong, the robes looked a little messy.He wanted to go back to the house and change clothes before going to Tan s house.After thinking about it for a while, he went straight to Tan Dingfang, so that he looked even better.

My wife s younger brother came to see me.When he saw me like this, he immediately asked a doctor to buy medicine for me.Yes.I took good care of it.After getting along for a long time, Madam s parents and seniors wanted to get married.I only had Miss Bai in my heart, so I pushed this marriage.Later, the elders of Madam s family died of illness one after another.Bringing up the old story again, lest I refuse in a hurry, Madam just said that she doesn t care about those things, and hopes to be by her side to take care of me in the future, so three years after Madam s elder passed away, I married Madam into the door.Tan Dingfang sighed My Madam is open minded, and she has never asked me to ask Miss Bai about this all these years, and I really owe her a lot.Gu Chongyi was silent for a moment Even if Miss Bai has such a relationship with you, it s okay Tan Dingfang looked at Gu Chongyi Don t you know what the old general Zhao was criticized for in that battle Gu Chongyi said In order to rescue tens of thousands of people, old general Zhao fled from the city in plantmd revive cbd gummies Daning, but the people were not rescued.

Because Aunt Zhen and Miss Bai look too much alike, and the past between Miss Bai and Tan Shangshu was told by him and Fang s family.At that time, the Fang family repeatedly assured that they only wanted to make friends with Tan Shangshu, and gave him a lot of money so that he could build a condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies house and buy land after he left Anjiyuan, so he was tempted.They are all true, not harming Tan Shangshu.Thinking of this, Yu Zhenhai took a deep breath.He didn t have Tan Shangshu s temperament, and he was not tempted at all when he saw money.He was a steward of Anjiyuan.At the beginning, he wanted to take care of those poor people, but it took a long time., Seeing Tan Shangshu raising money for Anjiyuan, the money on the account was like a small brush on his heart, so he couldn t help but want to hold the money in his hand.

When he saw Qiao Zheng, Chen Weicheng looked at Zhuangzi again.No one came out of Zhuangzi, so they should have been stopped.Chen Weicheng hesitated for a moment, just like Qiao Zheng shouted Lord Qiao, help Tan Shangshu wants to blame cbd gummies and lamotrigine me.I have letters from Tan Shangshu and Fang s family for many years.It was also Tan Shangshu who was defeated by Tan Shangshu when General Zhao was defeated.Shangshu plotted, he stepped on General Zhao, and killed Wei Shangshu to have his current status.The Bai family Bai officials are colluding with him.The official cbd gummies free and Zheng couple poisoned their food, killed them both quietly, and then secretly tricked Bai Jingkun to Shandong, and used a bitter trick to get Miss Lu to seduce Bai Jingkun, and learned the skills of the Bai family.He did all these things, and now Seeing that the court found him, he put all the blame on me, and just wanted to kill me here.

Hu and went straight to the backyard.Gu eating thc cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise Mingzhu looked at Tan Dingfang s back, and took the clean cloth and herbs from Liu Su.Gu Mingzhu said Let s go, let s go and treat the injured people.The two walked a little farther, taking advantage of no one else around, Gu Mingzhu whispered to Liu Su We must be more careful in the future.Liu Su plantmd revive cbd gummies said Miss, what did you see Gu Mingzhu nodded, Today s game was set against Master Wei and me.Liu Su was startled, and thought carefully, Miss, you mean that trick Gu Mingzhu Said From the very beginning, Ji Kuo was a bait.They knew that some of us knew about Ji Kuo.They deliberately left traces of digging in the yard, just to lead me to guess that there were firearms buried in it.Then we would inform Mr.Wei and take Wei Sir, please go to the courtyard, so the child decisively detonated the firearm after seeing Master Wei.

After these words, Cui Zhen remembered the first time his mother mentioned Zhou s in front of him.That s the daughter of Zhuangyuan Lang Zhou Zecheng.She is outstanding in appearance.She has been clever since she was a child.She is good at playing piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.The eldest princess even invited her to paint screens.The handwriting is also beautiful.After all, she followed her father In front of Cui Zhen s eyes The scene changed, and when he returned to the main room suddenly, he suddenly saw a figure sitting on the chair.That figure is Mrs.Zhou.His mother had invited Mrs.Zhou to her home as a guest.He was summoned by her mother to pay her respects.The mother wanted to let him meet Mrs.Zhou, but at that time he was disgusted with Mrs.Zhou, and he didn t want to look away for a moment.

The servants are afraid of offending the mistress and will be punished in the future, so they dare not speak the truth.Wang Jing goes He entered the room and said in a low voice Mrs.Zhang is gone, and I had some words with Madam before I left.Speaking to Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen listened carefully, is Zhang s words true Zhang is because of fear and jealousy to cover up for Zhang s mother Chapter 416 Go ahead, Cui Zhen said , Follow the Shuntian Mansion Yamen to investigate carefully, it s best to find the doctor from that year.Ask if Langzhong has reported Yao Qing s pregnancy to Mrs.Zhang, and it can be inferred that Mrs.Zhang knew about it from the beginning.Mrs.Zhang must at least tell her mother about her concubine s pregnancy.She deliberately concealed it.Other plans.Wang Jing withdrew, the study was silent, Cui Zhen stood in front of the window, his heart was best cbd gummies for energy 2021 plantmd revive cbd gummies as gloomy as before the storm.

Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes uno cbd gummies ingredients and said After my mother came back from Taiyuan Mansion, have you seen these Mrs.Lin shook her head It must be the Zhou family who made the Cui family into such a mess Speaking of which, she Can t help but stop.Mrs.Lin raised her head and looked at Cui Zhen again Do you suspect that someone did this on purpose That Mrs.Zhang colluded with outsiders to lie to me So she got this result because of Mrs.Zhang.Mrs.Lin straightened her back all of a sudden I m going to ask her.Cui Zhen said, Don t worry, mother, I will find out if it s really Mrs.Zhang.As if someone had poured cold water on her, Mrs.Lin frowned.Frowning, if she didn t want to see Zhang s jokes, she would drive Cui Zhen away now.Cui Zhen said My mother didn t tell me carefully, how did you fall in love with the Zhang family Mrs.

Everyone has to go, but my aunt just wants to go first.She hopes that you will be well in the future.Yes, in the future you will have things you want to do and people you want to protect, just like your biological plantmd revive cbd gummies mother and aunt.Zou Xiang wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his sleeve But my relatives are gone.In the future There will be, Gu Mingzhu said softly, Your mother is not my aunt s biological daughter, but my aunt has been unfair to her and has worked hard to raise you up.She also thought that she had nothing, even lost her life, but Now that she has a father and a mother, Master Wei suddenly appeared in Gu Mingzhu s mind at this moment.Zou Xiang finally raised his head I am Zou Xiang.As if to get Gu Mingzhu s affirmation.Gu Mingzhu lifted the handkerchief to wipe off the tears on Zou Xiang s face There is one thing that no one can force you to do, only you can decide.

The fragrance of tea is overflowing, and it is a best cbd gummies for energy 2021 plantmd revive cbd gummies very good loose tea.After a while, the door opened again, and a woman wearing a fence came in and plantmd revive cbd gummies brought a tray of refreshments.Nie Chen said to the old man, This is my junior sister, surnamed Jiang.Gu Mingzhu saluted the old man according to the rules of ordinary people, and sat down next to Nie Chen.The room became quiet again, and the old man said Do you know why I came Nie Chen didn t answer but looked at Miss Gu When we were investigating the war horse case in Shanxi, my junior sister came across an eight bolt lock box.Although the old man s face remained unchanged, there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.Nie Chen went on to say The person who made the eight spring lock box was extremely vicious.He put a firearm in the box.If my junior sister hadn t been quick eyed and quickly pinned the reel with a hairpin, Master Wei s hand would have been injured at that time.

If it can be found out it must be counted on Yan Shen.He was afraid that he would make a wrong choice.After Yan Shen s death, he made up his mind.Although he has been pursuing the case, he will not tell the truth unless there is someone who is capable of finding out all this.Wei Tongzheng, this ordinary person, moved his heart.He wanted to come here to inquire about the news before making plans, but he didn t expect to tell the whole story like this.Maybe the feeling of Nie Chen and the girl here is just like that of Yan Shen.General, firm and powerful, trustworthy.The old man smiled in his heart.In fact, he should have been frozen to death on the day he overheard these conversations, but he didn t know when the snow stopped and a ray of sunshine shone on him, which slowly made him recover.

The queen mother heard the news and was going to see his jokes.Huang Chang responded, hesitated for a moment, and then said The Empress Dowager still asked what happened to the Empress of Kunning Palace This is to let him release Wei Shi.The emperor took a deep breath I want to tidy up the inner palace.The empress is not in good health.She will stay in the palace for the time being.Huang Chang said I will send you to the Palace of Compassion and Ning to answer the questions.The emperor s lips curled up., with a slight smile on his face, they are all persecuting him, first the Queen Mother Wei, it seems that his harem must be taken care of by the Wei Family, and the Wei Family wants to take advantage of this to get back the queen s treasure, it depends on his answer Do not agree.Those he likes will have everything, and those he dislikes will never get anything.

The lord jones cbd gummy where to buy old man pretending to be rickety is hiding in Tibet.After passing the checkpoint, he will be fished into the sea.The court will never find his trace again.Zheng Ruzong turned his head to look at his cronies and followers Follow me out plantmd revive cbd gummies of customs.Everyone responded, and Zheng Ruzong walked forward quickly.Vice General Zhao said General, what happened in the capital Why is General so anxious to go north Zheng Ruzong said indifferently This time things are not going well, you should pay attention to the movements in Beijing.Vice General Zhao responded, but he believed There won t be any big mistakes.These years have been smooth and smooth.Now the guards have more and more people.Someone from the Ministry of War will help them to support them.If there is any trouble, they will report in advance.

King Su calmed down, went to fetch the battle report and returned to the emperor.King Su opened the battle report under the emperor s signal.Father, Su Wang said, Yanqingwei, Bohai, some generals have led troops to rebel.I m afraid they should hurry up and order people to quell the rebellion The Wei family.Wei Yuanchen was sitting in the room before he discussed the war with his generals and was about to have some food.According to his speculation, when the battle report from Northern Xinjiang arrived, the emperor would order him to go to suppress the rebellion.After all, no one in the court is available now.Nine out of ten of the generals the emperor relied on were involved with Tan Dingfang.Wei Yuanchen thought about taking out a walnut, and thought of the scene of Zhuzhu snuggling in his arms, he couldn t help but slightly curled his lips, thinking that seeing her would make him feel at ease and prepare for the war, but not long after they separated, he began to miss her again, And it was out of control, and I wanted to find an excuse to come to the door again.

Seeing Zhou Zerui understood, the waiter in the restaurant whispered, The shopkeeper is waiting for you in the backyard.The small courtyard behind the restaurant is another world, the garden The pruning looks like a small courtyard in the south of the Yangtze River.It is not a good season now.The weather is warming up and the leaves are lush.Walking in this garden will make you feel refreshed.I don t know how many people have been to this yard, and many businesses were negotiated here, so Zhou Zerui gave up here, he just felt best cbd gummy for sinus infection distressed.But Xu Gui knew this place, so he couldn t take the risk.San Niang.Zhou Zerui called out.A woman came out on lotus steps, and beside her were two women with affectionate eyebrows, fair skin and beautiful appearance.On weekdays, Zhou Zerui would go up to pinch and tease these women, but now he is not in such a mood.

Let s do this, Liu Su said, People in plantmd revive cbd gummies the market must have a title, in terms of ranking I will call you Jiumei, and you will call me Second Brother.In this way, he can feel condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies more at ease.Chu Jiu is a guard, so of course she can t be a Jiumei, but why Jiumei doesn t sound so annoying, and it s a little bit pleasing to the ear Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Mrs.Lin woke up very early today.After this period of recuperation, most of the energy due to the lack groupon gummies cbd of production has returned.Mrs.Lin asked Mama Yang to help her walk around the house a few times, and she felt very good.I m much better, Mrs.Lin sat back on the heating kang, I felt tired after walking before, but can you sell cbd gummies to dispensaries now my legs are not so heavy.If things go on like this, she will soon be able to help Zhuzhu with housework.During this period of time, Zhuzhu was tired and had to take care of the inner house and take care of her and Brother Chun.

General Dong, as a defeated general, the only thing he could do right now was to follow Wei Yuanchen to make up for his mistakes.The emperor s eyes were gloomy.He asked General Dong and his deputy to play by ear.When the rebellion subsides and Da Zhou takes control of the battle, he will find an opportunity to get rid of Wei Yuanchen.I don t know if it will be possible.Now the battle situation in northern Xinjiang is more complicated than he thought.It seems impossible to take Daning back in one fell swoop.With General Dong s aggressive advance, many officials in the court also agree with Wei Yuanchen s opinion.Ning has been planning for a long time, and with the support of the Wuliangha tribe, the imperial court is not easy to use troops against Daning hastily.It should first consolidate plantmd revive cbd gummies the defense line in the northern border, and then make other calculations.

It was said that she committed suicide, but because of her negligence, the concubine Defei was grounded, and she couldn t get over that hurdle.She left a letter and jumped into the well.When the concubine Defei heard the news, she fainted.Concubine De concubine checked her pulse and asked the internal officer to send some things over.Now Concubine De has no one available.Concubine Jiang sneered Do you think Concubine De is frustrated Silence.Ning Nv, who was standing beside Concubine Jiang, was startled.Concubine Jiang said In the past, my palace underestimated her, but now I can see it more clearly than anyone else.The emperor sends King Su to the Hall of Mental Cultivation every day.If there is no accident, when the war in northern Xinjiang subsides, the emperor will immediately King Su is eating thc cbd gummies can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise now the crown prince.

Fortunately, Wei never knew about it.After she entered the palace, although she was able to accompany the emperor in an upright manner, she still had to be careful of the Wei family and the Jiang family harming her secretly.To live in peace.Finally, today, when everything was about to come true, the Wei family actually sat on a high position.Concubine De opened her eyes in shock.Your Majesty, are you alright the female officer stepped forward and asked.Concubine De s heart was beating can you take tylenol with cbd gummies like a drum, and there was a puddle of sweat on her neck, and she was still in shock until now.Is everything okay in plantmd revive cbd gummies the palace Concubine De couldn t help but asked, Is there any news from the emperor No, said the female official, everything is safe, empress, you can rest assured, it will take more than an hour to see it again.

Blood spattered and horses neighed.Wei Yuanchen s men fell one after another An arrow rushed towards him, and Wei Yuanchen had no time to dodge, and the arrow shot straight into Wei Yuanchen s shoulder socket.Injured, Wei thief is injured.Someone in the rebel army shouted.Quick, don t let him run away.After finally injuring Wei best cbd gummies for energy 2021 plantmd revive cbd gummies Yuanchen, of course he had to pursue the victory and take Wei Yuanchen s head.The five square flag waved again, it was Wei Yuanchen s people who were about to evacuate.Kill over there.The eyes of the rebel soldiers turned red.Wei Yuanchen fled to the east with his troops, and this cavalry team was not as sharp as when they came, but rather embarrassed.The lieutenant general next to King Liang said The Wei family is nothing more than that, we will soon be able to take them down.

If he didn t have the armor on his body, Zhu Wu would have died.Lu Guang didn t plantmd revive cbd gummies seem to have any wounds on his body, but his pulse condition was large and hollow, and he could vaguely see the symptoms of a weak pulse.There must be blood loss, and the injury needs to be dealt with immediately.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu were both victimized by Han Yu s private mine.They were forced to dig out the ore in a narrow hole.They managed to escape but could only hide in the mountains.They also lost confidence in the court and even wanted to To rely on their own revenge, but after being rescued by Mr.Wei, they regained hope in life and morals.Now they are fighting for Da Zhou and their beliefs.Most of the common people are like them, with pure minds and low demands.They only need to be stable in this world, have enough food and clothing, but they will be used and harmed by those ambitious people in King Liang.

The surrounding people rushed forward one after another.Gu Mingzhu also stood up and was about to get out of the carriage, but Madam Lin stretched out her hand and pulled her down There are many people outside, so sit in the carriage and wait for your father.In fact, you can see it clearly when you look out the window, Gu Mingzhu is next to Madam Lin.The sound of horseshoes was getting closer and closer, and the sound resounded in everyone s ears, and there was cheering all around.Mrs.Lin looked at Wei Yuanchen who was riding on the horse, and saw that the armor on Wei Sanye s body was shining coldly in the sun.Although he was running all the way, his posture was still upright, and his body naturally exuded a power.Follow him on the road, although the roadside is bustling, but the whole team is still solemn, as if it has not been affected in the slightest.

She has been trapped in this life, and she is destined to be entangled with these things endlessly.Wealth and prosperity will eventually come to an end, the only thing that should be cherished is his own life, her son, it would be better if he could be less helpless and more at ease, that s plantmd revive cbd gummies what she thought about sending him out of the palace back then.Empress Wei came back to her senses Mother, have you thought about cbd gummies extra strength how to persuade the Gu family I will think of ways with my mother.Chapter 532 Surprise Huaiyuanhou s mansion was full of joy.Gu Chongyi made great contributions, not only was he promoted but also received a lot of rewards.Looking at his wife, daughter and infant son, Gu Chongyi has never been in such a happy mood, but thinking of Zhuzhu s marriage, his smile restrained a little.

Xi Niang coughed lightly, and Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses.She seemed to be stupefied looking at Mr.Wei, and forgot that there was a room full of female relatives watching the ceremony.Chapter 560 Huanxi Gu Mingzhu blushed and looked around, and sure enough, she saw pairs of smiling eyes.There were quite a few female family members from the Wei family.The one at the front is the eldest sister in law Zhang, and next to Zhang is the second sister in cbd gummies to reduce alcohol cravings condor cbd gummies review eating thc cbd gummies law Xu who married into the Wei family last year.Gu Mingzhu looked at them all.Although she couldn t know their identities, she recognized them familiarly.It will be easier when you recognize your relatives.Wei Yuanchen looked at Zhuzhu s clear eyes, and easily moved away from him to look at the female relatives, and couldn t help but glance at Xi Niang.

After much deliberation, she was most at ease in handing Brother Chen to Pei Shangqing, but if the Pei family is unwilling, no one can force it.This matter is very dangerous.If something goes wrong with the Wei family, the Pei family will also be implicated.Pei Shangqing originally has a bright future, but because he wants to plantmd revive cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in all states secretly plan for Brother Chen, he will not hesitate to stay at home sick.If Pei Shangqing is unwilling to help Brother Chen, no one can Reluctantly, Empress Wei knew this very well.She knew Pei Shangqing when she was young, and she knew Pei Shangqing s character.Pei Shangqing bowed again It s not the minister who taught the third master Wei, but the Wei family and the empress, the empress is the third master Wei s reliance, and I hope the empress is in good health.Pei Shangqing said it sincerely, this is his expectation, as long as everything is well with the empress, he will be relieved, no matter how difficult it is, so what Nor will he be afraid.

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