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The old man who had always supported Li Guohao also said at this meeting, Guohao, I probably understand some of your ideas, but we don t have the capital to do it.Rongji has also opened in Nathan Road for many years, back and forth How many bakeries opened there and were knocked down, and there are too many, I think it s better to find a safer place.Li Guohao, who was silent, folded his hands and put his hands next to his mouth.rear.He said, Papa, Mom, and Grandpa, I know and understand what you said.Why did I open directly opposite Rongji On the one hand, the market entrance there is really very good on the other hand, on Nathan Road, people We only know about Rongji Bakery, so even if we found a safer place nearby, who knows Who will come to our shop to buy pastries The three of them fell silent immediately after saying this.Zhang Dong immediately jumped out and said, Yes, Uncle Li, I have free cbd gummy samples been following Ah Hao all this time, there are indeed so many decorations, and I even asked for a discount from the decoration company.Li s mother also nodded, Thirty thousand is not very expensive, but why did your father say that there is not a dime left in the passbook Hehe, this is mainly to buy some machines.You know that machines are quite expensive.Li Dexiao Asked curiously, Machine What kind of machine Don t you just need a baking oven to make pastries Coffee, but it s basically the same. From the moment I had the idea of opening a store, I ve already found out about the Nathan Road area.Except for high end clothing, watches, gold and silver jewelry, the rest of the store is basically The shops basically tend to be more civilian oriented, that is, the price of selling goods is not high. that night.after get off work.The sanitation is done, right Everyone, come and gather before get off work.The boss has something to tell everyone Zhang Dong glanced at the staff who were cleaning and said to the pastry chef who was cleaning the pastry counter behind.I won t disturb everyone s time to go home from get off work.Let me just say a few words here.Li Guohao glanced at the state of everyone, and they were all tired and impatient.Having worked part time, he naturally knows what the employees think.Let me tell you this time, our Lee Kee Court Dim Sum is about to open a second branch in Central Papa papa Zhang Dong took the lead and applauded first, and the staff on the side reacted and applauded.Okay, don t make these nonsense.In addition to the opening of the branch, there is one more thing, and that is the position of the manager of the new store.Timid Tiger, Spirit Crane, Monkey King, Pretty Little Dragon, Quick Mantis.What kung fu does the image of these five characters remind everyone of Tiger Fist Crane Fist Monkey Fist Snake Fist Mantis Fist The people around were all discussing immediately.Yes, that s right, these are the boxing techniques.So we can completely find boxing techniques suitable for each comic character based on their bel air cbd gummies prototypes.This will not only allow people to understand them accurately, but also highlight the character s image.Li Guohao nodded Agree with what everyone said.Indeed, watching this anime in my previous life, when I saw Furious Five, according to the image of each character, he would automatically think that they would get martial arts.Yes, but what kind of boxing is a panda Panda boxing It seems that there is no such thing.Speaking of which, Xiangjiang was always very chaotic before the reunification.No Mention the rampant evil forces, but the Royal Police administration.This side of the government is also extremely corrupt.I vaguely remember a movie Chasing the Dragon starring Donnie Yen and Liu Dehua before time travelling, which seems to be about Xiangjiang in the 1960s and 1970s.In the movie, the underworld boss played by Donnie Yen hooked up with the detective played by Andy Lau.Black and white blended together, making it difficult to distinguish the colors.Well, I don t care about him.The soldiers will come and cover up the water.Let s talk about it at that time.It s better to cbd gummy rings free cbd gummy samples give a little profit to others than to suffer for yourself.With a long sigh, although this era is the best era for me, it is also the worst era, and the only way to break through the clouds is to go head on.Doing better in the US There is another main reason, that is, I am broken in love Broken in love Li Guohao glanced at Li Qiang strangely, it seems that this is also a lover, he will leave the job in that city after falling out of love, it sounds very artistic.Then I don t know why you choose our Liji Pastry You must know that there are many catering industries in Xiangjiang for you to choose from.Even in terms of pastries, we are not the largest pastry shop in Xiangjiang.The headhunting company will recommend it to you The employees you want, and the employees recommended in the opposite direction can also decide whether to go or not.When the headhunting company sent your information to me, I deliberately studied the development of Liji Pastry, starting from the first store three months ago, which is the store we are staying in now.What is it Li Guohao asked.I don t know.Xiao Min shook her head and asked again Boss, what do you have to do Li Guohao quietly walked into the baking room.When a pastry chef saw someone coming in and was about to scold him, he saw Li Guohao make a booing gesture.The pastry chef glanced sideways at the cashier.He is not an idiot.The person who can come HCMUSSH free cbd gummy samples in through the small door at the cashier cannot be an irrelevant person.It just so happens that Xiao Min is there and nods at him.The pastry chef cbd gummies makers didn t free cbd gummy samples say anything more, thinking to himself that it might be the management of a certain company who came to inspect.The other pastry chef happened to have his back to Li Guohao, and he didn t notice anyone behind him.Seeing Amin standing there, he asked curiously Amin, what are you doing The one standing there motionless is not following the Did you say, make more pastries Ah Oh, I m a little tired, let s take a rest.Then his younger brother Rong Binghua also came to disrupt the situation, wanting to participate in the store management.If Rong Bingcai simply wanted a storefront to be the owner and store manager, Rong Bingcai might free cbd gummy samples still agree, but this time it is not just a question of the grown md cbd gummies review store manager.Rong Binghua has a lot of ambitions.The whole Wing Kee.The two quarreled over this matter.In the end, the trouble came to the old mother of the two.Maybe the mother is too young.Mother Rong only said one word to Rong Bing.Give it a try for my brother.The old mother said, there was no other way, Rong Bingcai had to temporarily hand over the business of the store to Rong Binghua.Brother, don t worry, the business in the store will definitely get better The boy opposite Li Ji is only relying on gimmicks to develop so fast.Let s go, go in and get to know this ghost.After the two went in side by side, they found the front desk and explained their purpose.Wait a minute, I ll call Manager Shen right away.The little girl at the front desk made a phone call, said a few words in a low voice, then hung up the phone and said to Li Guohao and the two with a smile, Please wait a moment, we Shen The general manager will come down immediately.Come down Li Guohao and Li Qiang looked at each other, and they both saw the confusion.soon.Shen Bi took the elevator down to the lobby on the first floor.Haha, my good friend, why did you come to find me When Shen Bi saw Li Qiang, he opened his arms and walked over to hug him.Li Qiang hugged the ghost awkwardly.Li cbd gummies 10 mg cvs grownmd cbd gummies amazon Guohao on the side laughed out loud.I have to say that this scene .

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is very interesting.HSBC passbooks were found on their bodies.Li Qiang glanced at Zhang Dong with a smile and said, Chairman, I ll call the meeting first.Well, let s go.Just as Li Guohao finished speaking, Zhang Dong rushed over.Hey, hey, don t touch it, I ll give it to you.Being attacked suddenly, Li Guohao also took a step back subconsciously, and reluctantly took out a passbook from his arms and handed it to him.After receiving the passbook, Zhang Dong found a seat excitedly, and slowly opened free cbd gummy samples the passbook.The amount shown on the first page was a full five million.Looking at the string of numbers, he do cbd gummies stop thc felt a little dizzy.Five million makes you so excited Li Guohao laughed.Speaking of which, Li Guohao was also very excited.He had never seen a huge sum of five million in his previous life.Although it came from a loan, it was still very shocking. No Then why did you keep saying in front of me just now that Boss Li is so handsome and capable A Zhen said stubbornly It s what it is.Boss Li is handsome, at least he is much more handsome than his two friends just now If Zhang Dong and Li Qiang heard these words, they would have to die of rage.After a lot of fighting, it was considered that the killing of relatives was stopped.Chapter 75 Applying for Rongji Kai Tak Airport.Airport.I believe free cbd gummy samples that many friends have witnessed this airport when watching Hong Kong movies.Kai Tak Airport was once one of the busiest international airports in the world.1.However, the extremely busy Kai Tak Airport is an airport located in the city center with only one runway, surrounded by high density buildings, and the space is very small.Therefore, it was once called one of the most dangerous airports.He asked, I have a few familiar friends, but I haven t had much contact with them since I resigned.Does Ah Fa want to make money Rong Binghua After hearing what he wanted to hear, he asked with satisfaction.Of course I missed Boss Rong Seeing Ah Fa s money greedy appearance, Rong Binghua said happily, I have something here that I want you to help me with.I ll give you 10,000 Hong Kong dollars when it s done Boss Rong can tell you what it is.At this time, Ah Fa probably understood what Rong Binghua ordered him to do, which should be to go to Li Ji to play tricks or something.Rong Binghua smiled and said I ll get you something tomorrow, and you secretly take it to the baking room behind Li Ji.As long as you can finish it, the ten thousand Hong Kong dollars will be yours It s very simple, right Bring something, it s very simple.Oh.It s Mr.Liao.I don t know who is calling Mr.Li didn t read the news that our TV station just broadcast Yes, Mr.Liao arranged it Haha, it s not an arrangement., It just happened that someone hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples called our reporter, and the people below went to interview it, and it was going to be broadcast tomorrow, so I just let me know, so I asked them to insert this news.Li Guohao said happily Then thank you, Mr.Liao , you have helped me a lot Liao Bufan said with a smile, It s nothing more than a hand made effort.It s all the same, if it was broadcast earlier, Li Guohao owed him a favor.Anyway, I would like to thank Mr.Liao.I ll be the host to treat you to a drink when I m free some other day.Okay.I ll wait for Mr.Li s glass of wine.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao returned to the conference room and shared the good The news is shared with everyone.He bought a black suit alone.When he was about to go back, Li Guohao went to a oros cbd gummies official website tailor shop to change his clothes.He also followed suit and asked the tailor to tailor it for him.meeting room.Li Qiang had already sat there waiting for a long time.There are still many new faces in free cbd gummy samples the venue, and it is estimated that there are about 30 people.The moment Li Guohao entered the arena, everyone looked sideways.In the past, Li Guohao still had a bit of stage fright, but with the increasing experience in managing the company, his aura has gradually developed.Although his face is still a little immature, he has an indescribable aura in this close what is best cbd gummies for pain fitting suit, probably It is the sense of sight of a domineering president.Chairman, there are a total of thirty seven people who want to join our palace pastry this time, and those three people agreed to our request unconditionally before.After hearing these words, two blushes suddenly appeared on his face, and he pursed his lips, not knowing what he was thinking.Seeing Zhao Yazhi s delay in speaking, Li Guohao was a little discouraged.Although he had the insight of thirty years ahead of this era, and HCMUSSH free cbd gummy samples had watched many love movies and videos of picking up girls, when it came time for him to face it, he still couldn t beat him.Say a word.Okay, I got it, Ah Zhi, I m going back first.After not seeing the other party speak for a long time, Li Guohao turned around in a daze and wanted to leave.That, Li Guohao.Zhao Yazhi suddenly stopped Li Guohao.What Li Guohao turned around blankly.I can give you a chance Zhao Yazhi said with a blushing face, turned around and ran away with small steps. I can give you a chance Zhao Yazhi s words kept ringing in Li Guohao s ears.Li Guohao thought to himself that maybe he could set up a fast food restaurant like the chain restaurants of later generations, and let his father and mother manage it.That would be relatively easier than opening a tea restaurant by himself and getting up early every day to chop and cook vegetables.Li Huifang looked at her growing son lovingly, as if in a daze, she returned to that summer 19 years ago, the day when Guohao was born in the hospital, the wrinkled and ugly face was like a little monkey The villain, now he has grown up and turned into a handsome young man.In a few years, he will marry a wife and have children, and become a father and husband.Thinking of getting married, Li Huifang suddenly said Look at Zhang Dong, he is going to get married at the end of the year, and you are still single.Would you like your mother to help you out You are much more handsome than A Dong.Mom will definitely find you a good looking one.When you get married and have children, mom will retire early and help you take care of the children at home.Speaking of himself, Li Guohao was a little depressed at first, but when he heard about looking for someone, he couldn t help but Thinking of Zhao Yazhi, a smile involuntarily crossed the corner of her mouth.Chapter 104 Positioning Since breaking up with Zhao Yazhi last time, Li Guohao also invited her out to play several times.Like a couple in love for the first time, they went shopping in shopping malls and parks.company.Well, I see.When will you come back A week So long Li Guohao was sitting in the office and talking on the phone, just as he was getting tired of Zhao Yazhi.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao felt that it made sense.Before he organized membership activities, he wanted to spend customers money in advance to open branches, but after the incident with Rongji, it didn t make much sense to put the money on him.In that sentence, it is a pity to discard it if it is tasteless to eat.After thinking about it, Li Guohao said Well, okay, anyway, this money is worthless in the bank, and it is not of much use except for earning some interest.You should post an announcement in the store first, so that you can apply for a membership card.The customers know.Yeah.Li Qiang nodded and said The franchisees have finally chosen the opening date, and on the next Saturday morning, ten franchise stores will open at the same time.Next Saturday Li Guohao looked up Looking at the calendar, he asked, Isn t that May 20th Well, I told them that it s best to open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone counted the days, and there is no good auspicious day in June.Cut, it s just a pastry maker.You can do it if Arjun asks you to do it.If there are any missing ingredients, I ll ask someone to bring it to you.A young man walked over from behind.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned, glanced at this person, and said It seems that this has nothing to do with you, why are you interrupting You I don t know how to answer the call.What s the matter, both of you He Chaoying happened to come over at this time, and asked when he saw the two of them were at war.It s nothing, Arjun asked this kid to make pastries, but this kid actually refused to say that he didn t have any ingredients, heh, it s okay, if you want any ingredients in Macau and Xiangjiang, just tell me, I ll get them all for you within an hour That person shouted loudly.He Chaoying frowned and said, Xu Guanghe, please don t cause trouble in my place Boss Li is my guest.Li Guohao Divide the glutinous rice balls into small balls one after another, pointing to the mooncake mold next to the yellow crane.Huang He subconsciously handed over the mooncake mold.Li Guohao took the mold and put it aside, he said Just now I have wrapped the bean paste filling in, and the next step is to print the mold directly.After a while, Li Guohao gave more than 20 small glutinous rice balls to the mold.Printed into a beautiful moon cake shape.After it was done, he said, Okay, let s try it.You don t need to roast it Huang He asked in surprise.No, the snow skin mooncakes don t need to be baked.Time is not allowed, otherwise they will taste even better after being put in the refrigerator Li Guohao laughed.When Li Guohao the healing effects of cbd gummies used to eat this kind of snowy mooncake, he liked to put it in the refrigerator to chill before eating.What You are not welcome The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and I have prepared a gift for you After speaking, Cai Lan smiled and raised the two boxes of snowskin mooncakes in her hand Yishu s home.Dongdong Here we come.Yi Shu opened the door, only to see a young man standing at the door, frowning and asking, Who are you Hello, is this Ms.Yi Shu s home The young man He looked at the paper in his hand and asked.Yes, I am.Oh, I am delivering things for someone.After finishing speaking, the young man handed over the packed box in his hand.Yi Shu took a look, and there were four large characters of Snow Skin Mooncake written on it Ming Pao newspaper.Mr.Jin sat in the office and was about to look at today s incoming documents when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a box of moon cakes on the table.Anyway, he really waited until the day he lost, and the person who invited him to dinner must be Li Guohao himself.Anyway, Li Guohao would be happy to lose by himself.In one morning, they ran through all the more than 60 sales outlets in Kowloon, and the two of them didn t go anywhere else, and went back to the company directly.After all, Xie Honghe and Gu Qianqian were there, so they were equal He ran back and forth non stop for a second.The company also specially sent a few people to watch by the phone to prevent the sales point from being out of stock, so it felt like notifying the food factory to send the goods.Just returned to the company.Li Guohao s buttocks are still Before I could sit still, I received a call from a certificate company.Mr.Li, I m Du Deye.Manager Du What s the matter After receiving a call from Du Deye, Li Guohao suddenly remembered that he had invested more than one million yuan in the stock market.Looking at Ah Qiong who had gained a lot of weight, Li Guohao smiled and said Miss He wants to eat, you can come to our shop next time, a lot of new cakes have been released recently.nod.Zheng Jiachun said Ahao Aying, I have something to go first.Yeah.After Zheng Jiachun left, He Qianjin asked Boss Li was planning to open a pastry shop in the Macau Casino Not bad I plan to let Ms.He be the general franchisee of Macau Palace Bakery, and all the business of Macau Palace Bakery will be handed over to Ms.He in the free cbd gummy samples future.Li Guohao nodded, this general franchisee is equivalent to the general agent of later generations, representing a region brand.The business of Macau Palace Bakery Franchise Store is quite good.Relying on the exquisite and delicious dim sum, it has also opened up its popularity in Macau.When Lin Zexu was selling cigarettes in Humen, William Jardine, the founder of Jardine Matheson at that time, personally lobbied the British government in London to start a war with the Qing Dynasty, and also strongly advocated taking Xiangjiang from the Qing Dynasty as a trading base.At that time, Britain was already regarded as capitalist, and opium was the largest source of tax revenue for the British government at that time, so it soon launched a free cbd gummy samples war with the Qing government.It can be said that William, the founder of Jardine Matheson, not only participated in the opium trade, but also played an important role in the Opium War between Britain and Qing.And Jardine Matheson also successfully won a large amount of land when the first batch of land in Xiangjiang was sold.Li Guohao frowned after reading the general information about the Jardine Group.When they heard that the big boss hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples had arrived, several people shouted honestly Hello, chairman.Seeing the big guy, he felt a little restrained , Li Guohao smiled and said Everyone, don t be too restrained.This time, Manager Huang He is going to the United States.I will manage the affairs of the technical department for the time being.Of course, I don t have that much time in the technical department, so What should you do or do You have made a new snack, as long as it tastes good and meets the company s requirements, it can be sold in the store normally.Yes.Li Guohao had already said in advance when he established the technical department Yes, every technician in the technical department makes a new product and sells cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs it in the store.As long as it sells well, each producer can get a certain bonus.It s like this.I don t know if Boss Hao s toy factory makes cards.Li Guohao asked.Cards Hao Shijie asked suspiciously I don t know what President Li wants cards for They are sold outside.No, I want to print the cartoon characters of free cbd gummy samples Kung Fu Panda on the cards.Print Made on a card Hao Shijie suddenly said, You mean toy cards, right Yes.When Hao Shijie heard that it was a toy card, he smiled and said, When I was an OEM for Disney, I bought a set.The equipment is specially cbd oil gummies for afib used to make this kind of toy cards, but the sales are not very good, and our contract with Disney has expired, so we don t continue to do it.Previously, Datong Toy Factory has been helping Disney produce To put it bluntly, workers simply rely on quantity to make money, and the toys they make are also sold to East Asian countries.Recently, the company has produced a new kind of biscuit and plans to cooperate with the toy factory.Specially make a set of Kung Fu Panda jigsaw puzzles and toy cards.This is absolutely no problem.When Hao Shijie heard that Li Guohao wanted to cooperate with him to make customized toys, he agreed with all his heart, but this jigsaw puzzle he still didn t like.I ve never heard of it before, so I couldn t help asking Just, what does this jigsaw toy mean The body, legs, and then assembled by the children themselves.Li Guohao couldn t find the right words to describe this kind of toy for a while, so he had to say it bluntly.Hao Shijie listened to the general idea, nodded, and understood in his heart.It s the same as building blocks Yes, it s almost the same as building blocks, but I hope the toy factory makes it more precise, that is to say, a little more complicated.It s just a biscuit made in the shape of an animal.It looks pretty good.Li Guohao picked up a biscuit and was about to put it in his mouth to taste it, when he thought of Gu Qianqian and said, Try it too.Okay.After finishing speaking, Gu Qianqian He also picked up a biscuit and tasted it.How does it taste Li Guohao asked without eating.After Gu Qianqian finished eating a piece of biscuit It s pretty good, take a bite, it s crispy, it s not greasy to eat, and it also has a milky fragrance.Yeah.Li Guohao ate the biscuit in one bite, After chewing a few mouthfuls, the taste is okay, but the taste is very similar to the bear biscuits I ate when I was a child.Manager Gu, have you tried other brands of biscuits Well, I ve had Oreos, but they re quite expensive.Oreos Li Guohao asked in surprise, wondering if Oreos are available now Well, Oreo is a world renowned brand.I thought the president would be out of his mind.Seeing Wang Zheng s thoughts, Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him and said The registration fee is not for making money, but for raising the start up funds for the next pastry competition.This time I can sponsor the association for free, just to promote the association.publicity funds, but you have to be clear that to hold such a competition, there are at least hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, and I can t spend money on this forever.Li Guohao has not thought of making money from the cbd gummy rings free cbd gummy samples association for the time being, and he doesn t even bother to rely on the association To hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples make money, although the association can indeed make a lot of money when it develops, not only the membership fee is not a small sum, but there are more interests involved.IPO, IPO.Li Guohao read it twice silently.IPO at this time is a very safe choice, because the stock market is booming, and a company with nothing but leather bags can be listed in the mix.Liu Peilin s craftsmanship is good, and there will be more in the future.How can no one invest in a is cbd gummies like weed company that is likely to develop.Thinking of next year s stock market crash, Li Guohao sneered, originally thinking about how to solve Daronghua Company, who ever thought of breaking it without attacking it.Dongdong Secretary Xiao Wang came in and said, Chairman, Manager Li just sent a fax.Li Qiang Li Guohao curiously took the fax from the secretary.A short fax of a few hundred words was quickly read.Seeing the end, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing.Li Qiang sent a fax, probably saying that he has found a new store in the United States, a two story building near cbd gummies make my stomach upset Chinatown in San Francisco.Xie Honghe handed the morning newspaper to Li Guohao, asking him to read today s chepest cbd gummies news.Gossip news Li Guohao took the newspaper, and saw the headline on the front page, Why didn t the pastry contest invite pastry chefs to join What s going on How did it get involved in West Point Li Guohao asked in a daze.He just came back from the United States in less than three hours, and he took a shower and went straight to the company when he got home., I don t know what happened in Xiangjiang recently.I asked my friend to ask, it was the people from the Jardine Group Xie Honghe said angrily The plan you made before, Chairman, was to invite all the well known pastry chefs in Xiangjiang to participate in the pastry competition, but It doesn t mean that pastry chefs can t free cbd gummy samples participate.However, we have stipulated that only players who are traditional pastries or have unique innovations in traditional pastries can participate in the competition, but the newly acquired Maxim s Bakery by Jardine Group, followed our loopholes.Where are those little ghosts I also asked a few people to go over and watch them.Those little ghosts are accompanied by their parents, and they are not afraid of making trouble.If you don t worry about ten thousand, you are just in case.You will free cbd gummy samples go over and watch free cbd gummy samples it yourself later.I know Director You.You Jinjie was a little nervous.This was his first live broadcast.Originally, the finals of the competition were planned to be recorded and broadcasted, but I don t know why the executives of the TV station had a brain twitch and wanted to do free cbd gummy samples it.A live broadcast to expand its influence, and a telephone voting.Telephone voting is what Li Guohao said to Wang Zheng before, but considering that the current communication is not very developed, Li Guohao vetoed it.However, the planning made before has been sent to Li s TV station, and the executives of the TV station saw that this novel method made the executives eyes shine, and felt that it could firmly capture the audience in front of the TV.I don t know the specifics.I haven t looked much recently.The company How much is it worth with the food factory Huh Chairman, don t you want to sell the company Wang Zhenzhen asked.No.Li Guohao smiled awkwardly and said, I m just curious about how much I m worth now.Wang Zhenzhen burst out laughing Hold Sorry chairman.fine.Li Guohao twitched his mouth.I don t know exactly how much the free cbd gummy samples company is worth.The value of an unlisted company is very difficult to calculate.In addition, our company is a leading company in the pastry industry, so there is no comparison.The goal.If you compare it with Maxim s Cakes and Daronghua, it s not very good, but our company s revenue has been growing.Although it has declined recently, it is still at the top of the industry.It is worth at least 30 to 50 million.Many people listened to this statement in the newspaper, some understood it, some were ignorant and at a loss, and then they heard someone say that if they don t sell HCMUSSH free cbd gummy samples stocks, the stock will continue to rise.This is just a normal decline, so they nodded.There is no running on stocks.The crowd is not far away.William of the Jardine Group sat in the car, looked at the scattered crowd, and frowned, What free cbd gummy samples s free cbd gummy samples the matter with David Why is our plan known to others David wiped the sweat from his forehead and shook his head.Boss, I don t know either, maybe someone got it blindly, you must know that only a few people know about the stock sale this time, and it is absolutely impossible for these few people to betray you, boss Hmph, no matter what , This matter must be investigated William snorted coldly, selling stocks at a high price was a plan that the company had formulated long ago, but he never expected that someone would be the first to leak it in the newspaper.That s right, that s right, hurry up and sell it Sell Hehe, so what if I sell it, I bought it at 1500 points, and now it has dropped by a full 500 points, so free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc he lost everything Some people follow the trend and sell stocks hoping to recover their losses.Some people who bought stocks at a high price have dull eyes and no reaction at all.Even if they sell at this time, so what, who will take over The top floor of the securities company.Sitting alone by the fence, watching the crowds and traffic below, shed tears of remorse, why didn t I throw away the stocks earlier, now the Xiangjiang antenna stocks in my hand have been completely reduced to junk stocks, and there are no ten shares for a dollar People want, once worth millions of stocks, now ten yuan may not be accepted by anyone.Even the sanitation workers will dislike to sweep these littered waste papers into the trash can.I still have to thank Manager Shen this time.If it weren t for you, I m afraid I would have to take at least 70 million shares in your bank to get it Li Guohao sincerely thanked.You must know that the difference of 10 million is basically the value of the palace pastry Shen Bi laughed and said The stock market is still falling recently, who knows if Nanshun s stock will drop a few more points tomorrow, if Mr.Li hadn t taken over, I m afraid the bank would have suffered even more losses Shen Bi s excuse.Li Guohao didn t point it out.After all, a well known large bank in Hong Kong like HSBC actually doesn t care about these few points of stock price profit.This is just a method Shen Bi found for this transaction that anyone who understands can understand.On the one hand, Shen Bi made it clear that he sold the shares because he was afraid of the bank s losses, and on the other hand, he wanted to avoid being caught by others in the future.His phone number can be directly dialed to the White House in the United States.One can imagine his power This can be said to be the light free cbd gummy samples of the Chinese inside the house.Mr.Bao has admired your name for a long time, and you are the object of my admiration all the time It is finally my honor .

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to meet you today Li Guohao looked at Bao Daheng with a little excitement.When Bao Daheng heard Li Guohao s words, he also laughed loudly It seems that I am quite popular with young people.When he got up, he was also very kind, and he couldn t tell that he was the Asian shipping tycoon at all.If he met someone who didn t know him, he really couldn t tell that he was the top rich man.Uncle Bao, don t you just want us to stand and chat like this He Qianjin is not very familiar with Bao Daheng, but he has met several times at some banquets and said hello a few times.The daughter is very familiar with it, and she smiled in the name of the younger generation at the moment.Yes, sit down and chat.Bao Daheng said with a smile, calling for everyone to sit down and chat.I heard that, Li Sheng, you want to take away Nanshun s shares from me Bao Daheng is very direct and busy in business, so usually small businesses should be resolved as soon as possible.This time, if it wasn t for Li Guohao s request He Qianjin, I m afraid I might not even be able to meet him face to face.Mr.Bao, you are being polite, just call me Ah Hao.Haha OK, Ahao.Li Guohao also nodded with a smile when he heard Bao Daheng calling himself Ah Hao, and said Yes, I really want to buy Nanshun s shares from Mr.Bao.I don t know why you want to buy Nanshun s shares, Ahao As far as I know you seem to be in the bakery and food business.En.Thank you.Zhao Yazhi took the coat and said to Li Guohao, Take off your coat quickly and try this.Li Guohao honestly followed Zhao Yazhi s instructions, took off the cotton jacket wrapped around his body, and went on.Passing the black overcoat in Zhao Yazhi s hand, she casually put it on.Zhao Yazhi stepped forward and pulled out the collar that was wrapped in the clothes, and helped Li Guohao smooth out the wrinkles that he accidentally made when dressing, and tidied up the suit and coat inside.It s pretty.After Zhao Yazhi tidied up Li Guohao free cbd gummy samples s clothes, she stood in front of her and looked around carefully, before saying with a smile.Really Li Guohao walked up to the floor to ceiling mirror and looked in the mirror, only to see himself in the mirror wearing this black overcoat and matching the black suit inside the overcoat, which gave him the aura of a gangster.With tea, it is natural to have snacks.As a foodie, Guangzhou D came into being such delicacies as refreshments Lu Yu Tea House.The small teahouse was full of people at this time.Regular customers in twos and threes gather together for morning tea.Two middle aged men walked up to the teahouse and scanned around the shop, only to see that most of the tables were already full, and there was only a table in the corner with a few vacant seats.The two walked over, and one of the men in free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc a black coat asked, Is anyone here Sit down, there s no one, said the person sitting at the table.Thanks.The two sat down and asked the waiter to order some morning tea.The two of them scanned the other people on the table.Except for an old man who was reading the Ming Pao, the rest of the young people were all reading the latest stock news.The man in the black coat said to the friend who came with him Have you heard What did you hear The friend asked in agreement.Do you know why the stock market suddenly plummeted all the way One of the people on the table who heard the two talking said, Didn t it be said on TV that the stock market plummeted all the way cbd gummies 10 mg cvs grownmd cbd gummies amazon because the stock market was inflated and the economy was affected The man in the black coat rolled his eyes cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs at the HCMUSSH free cbd gummy samples person who interrupted.Why are you so stupid, you believe everything on TV You The man who was scolded for being stupid was a little anxious.Sorry, my friend is like this, don t take offense.My friend apologized.Say it Not this is for some reason The man asked persistently.The man in the black coat looked around at the other people on the table, seeing them all looking at him curiously, he thought for a while before saying Let me tell you, I also got this matter from the inside.It s not that there is any big crisis, but the previous strategy and plan of exchanging one share for five shares was indeed made by the people of Landmark It came out, relying on this method, the people who bought the land did not spend too much cash, and completed the acquisition of a milk company with a higher market value than themselves.If the stock market crash does not break out, or if it breaks out later, then those who exchanged the shares of the cbd gummies near 21550 milk cbd gummy bears dosage company Shareholders of Hongkong Land stock may make a lot of money because of this, but the reality is that not long after Hongkong Land acquired Milk Company, the stock market crash broke out, and cbd gummies for heart disease the Hang Seng Index plummeted all the way.Those new shares have not yet been free cbd gummy samples distributed to shareholders, their value has already Falling to a certain level.Seeing the dilapidated public housing in front of him, Li Guohao was thoughtful.Speaking of it, since the new house was renovated last year, he has rarely gone back to the old house.Although his HCMUSSH free cbd gummy samples parents are still relatively young, they are also in their forties., Grandpa Li Renzhong is nearly seventy.There is no elevator installed in the old house, and it is very troublesome to go up and down the stairs.Public housing like this usually requires at least free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc 20 or 30 floors.Tall buildings are built on the left, right, front and back, and they are connected together, roughly in the shape of a word.Zhao Yazhi drove the car carefully.Since she got her driver s license, she rarely drove.Recently, she took advantage of the company s bus to drive occasionally.He fixed his eyes on the front, frowned slightly and didn t know what he was thinking, so he asked curiously What s wrong with Ah Hao Ah Li Guohao came back to his senses, heard Zhao Yazhi s words and said with a smile It s nothing, I was thinking of a better villa area in Xiangjiang.You can decide what to do.After discussing what to do, you will report to me for confirmation.Many, many things that the people at the bottom can t decide will report to the top, layer after layer, and finally the do cbd gummies make you dizzy backlog is left to Li Guohao to decide.Jin Jiashi went on to report cbd gummies and covid Chairman, the quick frozen dumplings that you mentioned the day before yesterday, I have already instructed the people below to rent a refrigerator, and the people at the flour mill are stepping up the development of quick frozen dumplings.There are also instant noodles.I have also ordered the matter, but the equipment is not available in Hong Kong, so I need to order it from Japan.A rented refrigerator plan.Yes, the price of the refrigerator is not cheap.I think it is more cost effective to rent it for the time being.Don t you see that there was no chain restaurant in ancient times.If you want to say that the most successful company with a secret recipe is Coca Cola.The formula of Coca Cola has not applied for a patent, and the public relations said that the secret formula is kept in the bank s vault.what.But in the modern era of more and more high tech, the formula of a drink can always be cracked only by reverse research.It is impossible for you to have a drink formula that is more complicated than a nuclear bomb So the secret recipe is just a package and a gimmick for modern catering companies.What is really deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is the brand value.Is Quanjude s recipe delicious No, it s just a famous name.When it comes to roast duck, the first thing that comes to mind is Quanjude.Will it affect our flour mill You must know that the flour mill is for food products, and this area is also a heavy industrial zone, so it is not surprising that it is affected.That s not true.Our flour mill is far away from them, but the air has not been very good.I heard that the government is planning to move all the heavy industries in Kowloon to Tai Po District in the New Territories.Build an industrial park of some sort, and gather all the heavy industries together for rectification.Uncle Li Zhengming also nodded and said Comrade Xiao Jiang in Wanwan also has an idea to build an industrial park can you take cbd gummies abroad in the Taichung area.When I came to Xiangjiang, What kind of new construction is going on over there.Shi Yuda, who was next to him, also heard from people early in the morning that the company planned to send someone to manage the instant noodles, and planned to divest part of the original Xiangjiang flour factory and open an instant noodle factory.When they came to the house, they clapped their are cbd gummies legitimate hands and shouted, Assemble After a while, a dozen or so people were scattered around, and quickly stood in a row, moving swiftly and without delay.Shen Bi next to him was a soldier before and participated in World War II.Seeing the appearance of everyone, he also remembered the situation when he was in the army, and said with a smile, Mr.I wonder how strong the person you finally selected is Hmph, it s just a little bit of bad luck.Someone in the team complained.Quiet Commander Zhou snorted coldly, glared at the man fiercely, then turned his head and apologized free cbd gummy samples to Shen Bi and Li Guohao, I m sorry, both of you, but I didn t manage well.It s okay.Shen Bi smiled Laughing, I don t care, after all, being eliminated and being mentioned in person, losing your temper is also a kind of personality, but this person gave Li Guohao and Shen Bi a bad impression.At first, Chen Sheng thought that he would be able to get rid of the group of people behind him soon, but what he never expected was that the other party was pressing on every step of the way.If it wasn t for the cover of bushes and trees, the other party would have caught up long ago.This Yu Weicheng looked at Chen Sheng s blurred face through the moonlight, and said nervously, Then what should you do , also gritted his teeth and said, No matter what the result is, Chen Sheng, after you go back, you and Yu Weicheng will each receive a bonus of 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.If If you have anything, I free cbd gummy samples will help take care of your family.Okay As soon as Chen Sheng finished speaking, he heard some movement behind him, and hurriedly said, Get down here quickly, and I will attract their attention.Before Li Guohao and Yu Weicheng could reply, Chen Sheng turned around and ran in another direction.Before returning to Xiangjiang, I discussed it with Manager free cbd gummy samples Huang.I think this is an opportunity and an important publicity for our palace pastry American company to expand overseas.No matter whether we can win the championship of pastry making, we Being able to participate in this hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples competition and show up in front of all pastry chefs and media reporters around the world has already had a good publicity effect So far, the Chinese team has never how long does the cbd gummies to start working participated in this competition, and even if there are Chinese, they basically don t like it.They are descendants of immigrants who grew up abroad, and they made some western pastry, but Chinese dim sum did not appear at all, and it would be even better if they could win one or two medals International Skills Olympics After listening What Bai Zhiming said, Li Guohao also repeated the name of this competition in his mouth.More than a hundred people Li Guohao was stunned.Yes.Zhang Bowen was also very helpless.At first there were eleven people, and then a group of eliminated people were accepted, making a total of twenty three, eight of whom were sent to protect Li Guohao, and five of them served as some staff in the company.position, the rest of the people all went to the New Territories, where they selected training bases.To be honest, when the company has no business, these people are already enough.One more person will cost more every month.Now there are more than one hundred people suddenly.It costs more than 300,000 yuan.According to 3,000 per person, it is a very high salary Li Guohao pondered for a while.At first, his idea was to slowly accept these people., but this effort is stuffed into more than a hundred people, and it is definitely affordable to raise him, but it rachel ray jolly cbd gummies is completely unnecessary.In this competition, in addition to the medals for each item, there will also be a title of the best pastry chef.It is to choose the most popular pastry chef from these several items.It can be said that this title is very, very powerful.Just like the cbd gummies 10 mg cvs grownmd cbd gummies amazon best players in football. The International Skills Olympics will not officially start until the 8th.The pastry competition will not be officially held at the Victoria Hotel until the 10th.So Li Guohao, who came to London for the first time, also took Zhao Yazhi to play around here.I have to say that London is still a very attractive city.The ancient buildings, charming scenery, and very contemporary clothing draw a charming picture.In the past few days, Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi almost to visit most of the scenic spots in London.Elizabeth Tower , Buckingham Palace , British Museum , Westminster Abbey , etc.Oh, my God This is cake Simply a work of art Could it be a sculpture I think only sculpture can make something so beautiful Stupid, this is a pastry contest, how could it be a sculpture Then what are they made of Could this be the mysterious oriental woman It s really beautiful, it s so beautiful Listening to the exclamation of the people gathered in front of the exhibition stand, Ren Lianyun felt itchy in her heart, and also squeezed in behind her boyfriend.Oh, stop squeezing shit Stop squeezing As for Huang He and the others who were maintaining order, they were frightened when they saw the big guys pushing forward desperately.They were afraid that they would spoil the pastries and cakes, so they also shouted loudly Stop squeezing Perhaps his utterance played a role, and the people gathered in front of the exhibition stand slowly backed away.Yes, most of the people free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc who came here this morning are asking if we can order special doll cakes.Huang He nodded excitedly.Li Guohao thought about it, although cakes are not the main business of palace cakes, but if they want to expand overseas, they must have a taste that closely follows that of Westerners.This is true for pastry shops in the United States, and it is naturally the same in the UK.After pondering for a moment, he said, How about we open a branch in the UK Okay I believe that with this cake and our other desserts, we can definitely conquer those ghosts American Palace Pastry Shop Since Li Guohao went to help them modify some recipes, such as increasing the sugar content and reducing some dim sums that are not in line with American tastes, their business has gradually improved. That afternoon, after dealing with Li Zhengfeng s affairs, Li Guohao also returned to the company.As soon as he entered the office, he called Huang Yaohua and asked if the new food factory had been planned.Chairman, I have already planned several important workshops of the food factory.This will be a big project, so it must be done slowly.Huang Yaohua s voice came from cbd gummies 10 mg cvs grownmd cbd gummies amazon the phone.Oh Then take your time, but get it done as soon as possible.Yes.When Li Guohao started to build his own food factory, when Li Guohao only had a company of palace cakes, he wanted to build his own at that time The food factory was built, but it was not done because of insufficient funds and the rush to expand the business.Now that the time is ripe, when Huang Yaohua is handed over this matter, he suddenly realizes that building a food factory is far from enough.Fortunately, he is not very old, otherwise he might pass out due to the bad air.Look, Li Guohao Li Guohao is here He s cbd gummies for athletes right next to the police car.Someone shouted in the crowd.The gazes of hundreds of people in unison followed the sound.I heard that Li Guohao and Bruce Lee have a good relationship.That s right, it seems that the two of them had dinner together before Go, go and interview Li Guohao and see if he knows what s going on.Oops Chen Sheng was shocked, it would be bad if hundreds of people in front of him surrounded the boss.In 1973, you can never get around this one.Chapter 275 Life and Death of Bruce Lee Part 2 As Chen Sheng was thinking, he saw a crowd of people surrounded by two policemen including Li Guohao .

what works better cbd oil or gummies?

and Chen Sheng.Get out of the way Don t squeeze together, accidents are easy to happen, get out of the way Seeing the crowd surrounding him, Chen Sheng also subconsciously grabbed the pistol at his waist with his hand, for fear that someone would cbd gummy rings free cbd gummy samples get caught in the crowd and steal the gun Or take it away.I really don t know how Uncle He thought of introducing him to Chaoying.Well, Zheng Jiachun didn t say much, instead he glanced at Li Guohao with great interest and said, It s a pity, Ah Hao, you have a girlfriend, otherwise, Chaoying would be a good match for you, both talented and beautiful.Brother Zheng just joked , Chaoying will find her own happiness sooner or later.Li Guohao did not dare to answer this question.He Qianjin is a beautiful woman of mixed Chinese and Western race.It would be a lie to say that she is not tempted to look at her, but this kind of excitement is only limited to her beauty.Everyone likes beautiful women, unless you are gay.The He family is best cbd gummies for adhd a big family, and there are often many rules in this kind cbd oil gummies benefits of big family.In free cbd gummy samples later generations, Li Guohao often saw the descendants of some wealthy businessmen in Xiangjiang go to court because of money.Mr.Li, you can come in.Master Dong looked at Li Guohao with a smile.Hearing what Master Dong said, Li Guohao felt a little weird, nodded and said Oh good.Entered the room.Li Guohao sat down on the seat and asked Why does Mr.Jian want you Master Dong made a cup of tea and put it in front of Li Guohao, and said with a smile It s nothing, I just want to ask when I can get promoted and get rich.I told him that when it encounters water, it will rise, and when it encounters fire, it will rise.Get promoted and get rich.Li Guohao shook his head and smiled.Li Sheng shouldn t just bring someone to me to promote my business.Master Dong asked sitting on the seat next to him.Recently, Master Dong has been very happy.Every morning when he goes out to have morning tea, he can often hear some people talking about himself.Well, I m leaving before the Mid Autumn Festival, and I may have to stay for half a month.After discussing with Huang Yaohua about the Mid Autumn Mooncakes, Li Guohao went back to the company directly.Considering that he may have to stay in the United States for a while, he is also thinking about arranging some recent affairs.Dong dong There was a knock on the office door, and Secretary Xiao Liu free cbd gummy samples walked in with a cup of coffee.Chairman.After putting down the coffee, Secretary Xiao Liu suddenly said.What A man surnamed Hong called just now and said he invited you, the chairman, to join the Xiangjiang Chinese Manufacturers Association and the Xiangjiang International Industrial Products Fair.Chinese Manufacturers Association Fair Li Guohao frowned Secretary Xiao Liu explained I most potent gummies of cbd available checked the information just now.In one of the classrooms, the circuit box caught fire and burned the curtains.He set fire to all the wooden tables and chairs, and the teacher took most of the students out, but because of panic and crowding, some children were trapped inside and could not get out.Jian Fu happened to pass by there, and ran away regardless of the fire.Go in and bring out the rest of the children.If it s because of this, it s at most praising Jian Fu in the news, or the Education Department will issue some rewards or add a straight line to the resume.It happened.Accompanied by local Anglican priests, the Anglican priests came to this elementary school founded by the Anglican Church to inspect the school.It happened that this group of people met Jian Fu Regardless of the scene of saving lives by the fire, Li Guohao s eyebrows twitched slightly after listening to Jian Fu s ten minute dictation.This is almost nothing in the world pattern after World War II.It is no wonder that after the birth of the oil crisis, the economic free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc losses of the United States and the world have been so heavy.Almost all the members of the Arab countries were mobilized.Dozens of oil exporting countries gathered together to ban the export of oil abroad.One can imagine how much influence it has Dingling The phone in the hotel rang.Li Guohao put down the newspaper in his hand, went to the phone and answered it Hello there Asked You are Li Sheng is me, Bruce Lee.Brother Xiaolong Why did you call me Li Guohao asked in surprise.You must know that my phone number is only given to Zhao Yazhi from Xiangjiang, her parents, and Di Yimin.As for his purpose of coming to the United States, he only said to deal with the matter of the American pastry company, and did not disclose too much information.Coming back this time, what Li Guohao thinks about the most hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples is to set up his own media channel.The first is to run a few newspapers, and the second is to try to win the advertising space of Kowloon Bus all the year round, as well as the advertising space of two TV stations.There is no Internet now, so what people watch most, apart from TV dramas and newspapers, are the buses and bus stops that are necessary for daily commuting If the advertisements in these two places are taken down for a long time, the effect will be obvious.Li Guohao vaguely remembered that when he was in school, Jay Chou s advertisements for M Zone appeared at major bus stops, which set off a trend of M Zone, which once boosted the market value of China Mobile a lot Manager Di, please be busy these few days.Make cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs a list of the storefronts of the restaurants opened by Maxim s Company in various regions as soon as possible.as the center.Since he was investing in stocks in the United States, Li Guohao has clearly discovered that in this era, there is no Internet and any convenient communication era.Even the phone cannot make cross border calls, and can only send telegrams or faxes bitterly.There is a very serious derailment in communication.For many major international events, you can only cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs receive the news one or two days later, cbd gummies 10 mg cvs grownmd cbd gummies amazon and it may be delayed even later due to the blockage of information.It is only 1973, BB Mobile phones have not yet been popularized, and mobile phones will not be available for a long time.Since returning to Xiangjiang, Li Guohao has been thinking about setting up his own media newspaper, so that he can not only build newspaper branches around the world, but also obtain news that is beneficial to the company group The Middle East is at war at this time, and some countries closer to the Middle East are busy transporting materials every day, whether it is official transport or private transport, which has led to a sharp rise in food prices.It s nothing, I just want to ask Mr.Pang if he is interested in being the editor in chief of this newspaper I have read some articles written by Mr.Pang , whether it is about business or international affairs, I have read opinions, so I personally very much hope that Mr.Pang will be the editor in chief.Li Guohao didn t start the newspaper office to make money, but just wanted to get a microphone to speak for himself, and Pang Heshuo s status in the newspaper industry in Xiangjiang is very high, and he has accumulated many contacts accumulated in the newspaper industry for decades.countless.I believe that if he invites some famous consultants to come to the newspaper to publish articles or write articles, they will definitely agree to it.In this case, Li Guohao will viralix cbd gummies be left with a lot of troubles.I didn t expect Mr.Li to be so young. I often buy and eat Li Sheng s palace cakes, they taste really good.When everyone around heard this, they immediately understood that the young man in front of them was the man who made headlines in major newspapers recently.Thinking of him earning hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S.stock market, the group greeted with flattery or admiration.Listen.This group of people greeted enthusiastically, Li Guohao smiled and nodded slightly to respond one by one.The number of banquets he attended was not many, from the very beginning when no one cared about him, now as long as he hears that he is Li Guohao, everyone cbd gummies mail order will take the cbd gummies for anxiety attacks initiative to say hello.I have to free cbd gummy samples Said, it s nice to have money.After dealing with a group of people, Jian Fu took Li Guohao to find a corner and said, Li Sheng, you left in a hurry last time, and I haven t had time to thank you.Li Guohao followed Bao Daheng s assistant to the third floor.Mr.Bao is inside, Mr.Li, free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc go in by yourself, I won t go in.After the assistant finished speaking, he turned and went downstairs to greet the guests.Li Guohao knocked on the door of the study.Boom Come in.Bao Daheng s deep voice sounded from inside the door.As soon as he opened the door and walked in, he saw Bao Daheng sitting at the desk laughing, stood up, looked at himself and said Long time no see, Li Sheng.That s right, Mr.Bao, if you hadn t sold me the shares of Nanshun back then, I m afraid there would have been a lot of trouble.Li Guohao is still very grateful to Bao Daheng.When how long does a 50mg cbd gummy last he bought the stock, Bao Daheng only sold it to himself according to the stock price at that time, and there was no premium.This also relieved Li Guohao, who was short of funds at the time.I can t stand the trouble when I m old, just get through it in peace and stability.Bao Daheng sighed.Now that the family is big and the business is big, many things are no longer in his control.that s it.Mr.Bao, you are still young.I believe you will become the world s shipping king sooner or later Li Guohao complimented him.He vaguely remembered that in a few years, it should be the Wharf Incident, which was mentioned in many Hong Kong entertainment novels.this matter.Now Bao Daheng is 55 years old, and he should have been nearly 60 years old at that time, but he still boldly gathered 2 billion yuan to buy Wharf at a premium, causing a sensation in Xiangjiang.Accept Li Sheng s auspicious words.Bao Daheng smiled honestly. Coming out of Daheng Bao s study, Li Guohao went straight downstairs.And Li Guohao is thinking about being able to produce some other foods free cbd gummy samples to add to instant noodles.In the past, instant noodles were just instant noodles, ready to eat after soaking, but I don t know when, instant noodles have a partner, that is ham sausage Li Guohao also set up a new department under the name of the food company, free cbd gummy samples specializing in the production of ham sausages and the development of new snack products.For example, packaging eggs, crispy rice, melon seeds, pistachios and other related foods.Although these are small foods, but small profits but quick turnover, the profits are still considerable.For this reason, Li Guohao added an additional 50 million yuan free cbd gummy samples to the food industrial cbd gummies great price park to fill up some of the previously vacant areas and build two new factories Wing On Building.The tallest building, the eighth floor.In addition to the film s participation in Guohao Group s soft cbd gummies everett advertisements, this is an invisible benefit.At the end, I thought of the famous Wanda in later generations.I wondered if I could rely free cbd gummy samples on some of Wanda s concepts, add tea restaurants, and combine cinemas to create a project.Golden Harvest probably won t cut their own fortunes.As for the theater chain, you can talk to Golden Harvest people more.I don t expect them to agree to the guarantee agreement.As long as the share is the same as other people s ratio, it doesn t matter.Li Guohao thought for a while, but gave up this idea first.The most important thing now is to expand some of the existing businesses of the group.In other respects, we are making plans after the group stops expanding and stabilizes, and Hong Kong s economy recovers.When I first arrived in the West Kowloon area, the roads in the distance were congested.I saw hundreds of people gathered not far away.Ah B Ah B Look this way Ah B Ah Lun, I will always love you The hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples chaotic shouts came mixed with the music.Hearing the sound, Li Guohao rolled down the car window and looked outside.I saw five wavy haired men wearing exotic costumes singing songs on a temporary stage.When the traffic finally slowed down and the car slowly passed by, Li Guohao saw the words on the stage, Wenner band is on the scene, congratulations on the opening of Daikin Department Store Winner Li Guohao didn t expect that the Wenna band had already debuted at this time, and they were quite well known.He knew about the Winner Band mainly because he liked the headmaster s songs, so he checked the headmaster s information on the Internet.Chen Xuewen said helplessly There is no way, I booked one third of the hotel s rooms at once, and their lobby manager directly arranged for these people to stand at the door Wait, I won t listen to any persuasion.You can do whatever you want.Hearing that the hotel arranged to welcome people, Li Guohao waved his hand casually.Suddenly, a man walked up to Li Guohao with his palms folded, followed by two Thai women in traditional costumes.As soon as the three approached, they were stopped by Chen Sheng and others.The man hurriedly said Busy Sawadika What did he say Li Guohao was at a loss, except for Sawadika who understood, the others seemed to be listening to the scriptures.Xiao Fan quickly translated Chairman, he said that he is the manager of the lobby, who specially welcomes distinguished guests on behalf of the hotel, and said that he would send flowers to the chairman.Thai asked Sir, what do you the pioneer woman cbd gummies need Chen Xuewen translated The chairman asked you what to eat.Let me see.Li Guohao opened the menu, and there were photos of dishes all over the place, which looked very attractive, but just look at the name of Zhongyingtai s dishes Curry Beef Rice, Curry Potato Muscles, Curry Shrimp, Curry Crab, Tom Yum Kung Soup Six pages, more than fifty dishes, almost half of them are curry as ingredients, and the rest are all kinds of soup and rice.It s all curry, which hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples immediately makes Li Guohao lose his appetite, You guys order it.After finishing speaking, he threw the menu to Chen Xuewen and others.Then what do you eat, chairman Chen Xuewen took the menu and looked at it, and asked.Whatever, order a little food, and wait for them to come down later, let them order something by themselves.When they were about to bow their heads and drink the rice wine he had brought, Chen Xuewen couldn t help but interrupted their behavior in Thai.Chairman, don t drink As soon as free cbd gummy samples he stopped the two girls, cbd gummies cheshire he saw Li Guohao was about to drink again.Chen Xuewen went over to stop the other party s wrist in a hurry and said, This is a local custom.If you drink with them, you will marry them.I m going home.The bamboo wine glass had already been raised to his mouth, and after hearing Chen Xuewen s words, Li Guohao was startled, and the glass in his hand dropped on the cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs spot.With a bang, the rice wine was scattered all over the floor.No way, there is still such a bad custom Li Guohao couldn t help complaining.Chen Xuewen didn t have time to explain to Li Guohao, so he turned to communicate with the village.One, I think it must be my sweetheart, and I couldn t help stretching out my slender hand to grab Li Guohao s hand on the table in front of many people.Zheng Jiachun smiled slightly when he saw this, but He Qianjin was very envious Glancing at Zhao Yazhi, she really wanted to find a man as good as Li Guohao.When she thought that her father had already discussed the engagement with Xiao Bai s father, she felt sad.He Qianjin had been ignorant of Li free cbd gummy samples Guohao since a long time ago She was ignorant and had some good feelings, but with the appearance of Zhao Yazhi, this strand of love was cut off directly.She was born in a big family, and she knows that there are many women in the family.Sometimes it is an unbearable torture.This is also the reason why she envies Zhao Yazhi so much.Without him, it is all because of Li Guohao as an example.I don t want my child to be an imbecile from birth.Zhao Yazhi swallowed when she heard that if the child was not born naturally, she might be congenitally mentally handicapped and low energy, and said Then it s better to give birth as cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs naturally as possible.Yes.But the natural birth was extremely painful, and I still have lingering fears Mai Xiaomin couldn t help laughing when he thought of something You don t know, this little kid weighed eight catties when he was born.Didn t you come to the hospital to see me before I gave birth You know how big my belly is.The doctor said that it is rare for such a small belly to give birth to such a heavy free cbd gummy samples miracle cbd gummies baby.The two whispered some more, and Mai Xiaomin asked By the way, aren t you and Ah Hao getting married next month I read in the newspaper yesterday that Ah Hao spent 100 million to prepare for the wedding, is it true I I don t know if it cost so much.As the sound subsided, Ah Zhen ran to the fence at the door and looked down, and saw cars with red happy characters coming in one after another, she immediately shouted excitedly Mom, Li Guohao is here Hurry up, close the door quickly, and let Ah Zhi quickly put on her makeup.Suddenly, the Zhao family was in a hurry, the groom had arrived, and the bride hadn t even put on her makeup yet How can we not be in a hurry.This time Li Guohao arranged a total of more than 50 cars, all Rolls Royce and Mercedes.The marriage reception was still carried out in the traditional way, except that there were no horses and sedan chairs, everything that should be prepared had been prepared, such as wedding cakes, wedding candy, wedding cakes and the like.I saw Li Guohao getting out of the car in a bright red traditional wedding dress.The boy Zhang Dong also got out of the car after him.He came this time mainly to give out red envelopes.The rest of the bodyguards who were driving got out of the car and began to remove all the wedding cakes, wedding candies, gifts and other items from the rear compartment, preparing to send them upstairs.Seeing Father Zhao waiting for him downstairs, Li Guohao stepped forward quickly and said, Uncle Sad, my precious daughter who has been raised for more than 20 years is getting married.Li Guohao glanced around, seeing more and more people gathering, fearing what might happen later, he hurriedly said, Uncle, let s go up go up.Suddenly, a group of children ran over from the side, looking at Li Guohao in the big red dress, hesitant to speak, and finally a child dared to ask Are you the groom That s right.Don t look like it s a romantic monthly magazine, but in fact it s lewd but not lewd, lewd but not slutty, slutty but moderate.In addition to a large number of artistic color photos that Fengyue magazine must have, there are many interesting and moving little stories , as well as serious martial arts novels and various lace news and people s livelihood news, etc.Overall, it s a mishmash free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc of miscellaneous things mixed together.It would be too cool to mess around like this in other magazines, but relying on a large number of beautiful and attractive artistic color photos, the monthly magazine Classic Cars has managed to reach the top position in the sales list of Xiangjiang monthly magazines. The main entrance of the hotel.Li Guohao led people to stand at the door to welcome the invited guests.He had been wondering about one thing ever since he learned that Sixth Shao Shao was going to attend his wedding.Uncle Shao Sixth should not be the kind of person who came uninvited.After thinking about it for a while, he couldn t come up with a reason.He shook his head and put the matter out of his mind, and said to Chen Sheng Ah Sheng, I will go in first.If there are any guests coming later, you can greet them for me.Just say that I went to prepare for the wedding scene.Yes.In the evening, at 5 15.The wedding officially begins.As the beautiful piano music slowly played in the venue, Shen Dianxia, the emcee invited by Li Guohao, stepped onto the stage with a smile as usual.Dear guests, dear friends, good evening I am Fatty Shen Dianxia, the emcee of this wedding.On behalf of the couple and their families, I would like to express cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs my heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the guests who came from afar.Cotton candy is not unique to China, it is quite common in the cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs United States.Many people have eaten cotton candy more or less.Someone held the cotton candy without any desire to eat it, and said to the people around him with some sarcasm Oh, my God, is this future delicacy for us to taste cotton candy If this is also a future delicacy, Then the dog food that my Henry eats should be regarded as the food of the future Hehe, although I feel that this press conference is a bit tricky, the taste of cotton candy is still good Yes, I have been talking about it for many years I haven t eaten marshmallows before, for the sake of this marshmallow, I will report the content of the newspaper more pertinently this time. free cbd gummy samples It s a piece of shit Who would eat marshmallows Shot, this is also the future Food Looks like another gimmick, there is absolutely no need to waste the happy time of Christmas I will go back to Jack first, there is no point in staying here anyway, just make up the contents of tomorrow s newspaper.Li Huifang shook her head slightly Forget it, let s not talk about what happened at that time Fat aunt and some former neighbors came to visit Ah Zhi yesterday afternoon, please ask me for a favor before leaving.What kind of favor Li Guohao had just heard his mother mention fat aunt, and he roughly guessed that it must be someone asking for it.Mother, how can I help you if you think about it.Li s mother said It s not really busy, I just want you to arrange a better job for Xiaozhi.He just graduated recently and has nothing to do at home.The youngest son of the family, I have met him a few times before, always wearing a pair of glasses, looking honest and free cbd gummy samples honest, not at all as smart as the fat aunt.What major is Xiaozhi studying According to Fat Auntie, it seems that he is studying finance or accounting.Hu Changqing smiled and said I have been famous for Fumanlou s dishes for a long time, but I have never had time to come here.This time, with the help of Mr.Li, I want to taste one or two of them.Haha, then I m afraid it will be difficult for you to walk out of this door today.You must know that the food here is enough to make you unable to walk.Li Guohao laughed.People who praise Fumanlou are tantamount to praising him.Zhang Yi, Zhou Zijia and Lu Qingfang are all from Xiangjiang.Whether they knew that Fumanlou was Li Guohao s property or not, they have already inquired about it now.It is clear, and he also praised Hu Changqing.However, Zhang Shaonan is not very clear.He is a Chinese American, and does cbd gummies give you dry mouth it is difficult for him to communicate in Cantonese, let alone explain clearly about Xiangjiang.As long as residents who agree to the acquisition by the New Territories real estate company on that day, their house area will be purchased at 20 of the market price, and tomorrow it will full spectrum cbd gummies online be reduced to 15.Then it s ten percent.The same is true for shops, from 25 to 15.In Yuen Long District, a square with a temporary stage.At around nine o clock in the morning, the entire square was overcrowded, at least thousands of people, all of whom were residents from the small town.For the sake of safety, Li Guohao also specially arranged for the security personnel of Guohao Security to come here to maintain order, and at the same time asked the people from the local police station to cooperate.Backstage, Li Guohao walked over with Qi Boheng and a few bodyguards.Zheng Jiachun, who was negotiating with the staff, happened to see someone coming, so he waved his hand to let the staff go down first, turned around and walked over and said with a smile Ah Hao is here This outsider It s quite a lot.Speaking of this, Zheng Jiachun laughed I m afraid Li Chaoren will admit defeat this time.We have .

can you find cbd gummies on amazon?

paid such a premium, and his Changjiang Industrial can t pay so much money.Perhaps because free cbd gummy samples he was afraid of Li Chaoren s achievements in later generations, Li Guohao frowned.He frowned and said, Don t take it too lightly.If Superman Li has the guts to compete with us, he might have someone behind him.Don t take away the place we must take I will order the people below to speed up the acquisition.Zheng Jiachun waved his hand nonchalantly, Li Chaoren at this time is only a second and third rate wealthy businessman, and in terms of ability and capital connections, he is completely inferior to the combined efforts of the three of them cbd gummies 10 mg cvs Seeing this, Li Guohao didn t say much.After all, the chairman of New Territories Real Estate is Zheng Jiachun.In this way, Xu Guanwen and others joined Guohao Security, thinking about some missing clues on the one hand, and learning Guohao Security s advanced security concepts and various high tech protection technologies on the other hand.The movie is currently showing the period when Xu Guanwen and others were studying in Guohao Security.During this period, Xu s comedy style was naturally displayed, with constant jokes.Even Li Guohao, who has watched countless classic comedies, had to admire Xu Guanwen s No brainer, even a small pager can make him play a wedge that makes people laugh.Because it is to show the powerful strength of Guohao Security in all aspects, Zhang Bowen is not inferior, and has sent a group of top level security personnel, such as shooting training, fighting training, and various high tech imported from abroad.Uncle Bao, these free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc tens of thousands of shares make you so happy After Li Guohao finished speaking, he picked up the red wine on the table, looked at the cbd gummies for diabetes near me bewitching red wine in the glass through the light above his head, and drank slightly.Take a sip.The bottle of Romanee Conti that Bao Daheng opened tasted really good.Even Li Guohao, who has never liked red wine, free cbd gummy samples couldn t help but take a couple more sips.Ahao, you don t know.Bao Daheng looked at the busy crowd in the exchange below, and said with a bitter face Since William Keswick, the chairman of the Jardine Group, asked people to fully withdraw the shares of Wharf, now As soon as Wharf stocks appear on the market, they will be taken away immediately.Apart from me and the people from Jardine, there are many people who want to make a fortune from it.Hmph, I saw it this time too.Next time Xiaohua shows off in front of me, I can say that I have seen the Xiangjiang people The younger sister suddenly curled her mouth and said nothing.The elder sister looked up at the big sun in the sky, it was about eleven o clock, and urged Okay, let s go, hurry up and deliver the food, don t be late, it will delay the third grandpa s business, mom will call Kill us.Understood.The younger sister nodded reluctantly, and before leaving, her eyes were still fixed on Li Guohao and the others On the way to the hotel, Fang Qianjin has been introducing Baoan County at this time.Because it is an important place connecting Xiangjiang River, it is more developed than some inland cities in terms of infrastructure construction and prosperity., but the population is much smaller.There are also many small shops on both sides of the road, and there are many small grocery stores, which are rarely seen in inland cities.In particular, Li Guohao also saw a puppet toy of panda Po in a grocery store, because it was a bit far away, so he couldn t see it very clearly, but the black and white Po doll was found by him himself It was designed and made, how could it be wrong.Along the way, looking at Shenzhen, which was still called Bao an County at this time, Li Guohao couldn t help but lament the construction ability of the Chinese people.In just 40 years, a two story flat building was built everywhere, and the ground was still a paved road.A small county town has developed into a world class first tier city.Walked for about ten minutes.Fang Qianjin led the crowd into a small alleyway, pointed to a private free cbd gummy samples house and said, Mr.Really Since Li Guobang met Li Guohao last year, he admired this second brother very much.After he came to Xiangjiang, he heard that HCMUSSH free cbd gummy samples the tallest house in Asia belonged to his cousin, and he admired him even more.No end, but I have always been skeptical cbd sour gummies cbd gummies 10 mg cvs that Baoan County will surpass Xiangjiang.Trust me.Li Guohao didn t say anything more, but put his arms around his cousin s shoulders, pointed to Wu Xiaohua who was happily choosing new clothes, and said Xiaohua is a good girl, but she is dressed a little rustic.She is going to get married soon, and I don t want you to think otherwise.Li Guobang s heart sank when he heard what his cousin said, and he looked at his cousin carefully and said, Second brother, I like Xiaohua very much, and I will definitely treat her Okay.Well, I believe you.Just as the two were chatting.Shen Bi didn t think much about it, and agreed directly, and also knew from others that Li Guohao was happy to have a son again, so he congratulated him a lot.Chapter 707 The deal of the century that brought Li Guohao straight to the sky was bombarded by newspapers for a week.Almost anyone who is literate in hawkeye hemp cbd gummies free cbd gummy samples Xiangjiang free cbd gummy samples knows that Li Guohao has acquired Hutchison Whampoa, one of the four foreign firms.Although Li Guohao, Guohao Group and HSBC Bank did not officially announce the news, nor did they say how many shares of Hutchison Whampoa were transferred.But this does not affect the exaggeration of the newspapers.Some unscrupulous tabloids, from the acquisition of Hutchison Whampoa shares at the beginning, to the acquisition of a large number of Hutchison shares, to the holding of Hutchison shares in the past two days, can be said to release shocking news every two days Li Guohao didn t go to work in the group for the past few days, and Zhao Yazhi just gave birth not long ago, so he wanted to spend more time with her.I know the chairman.Huo free cbd gummy samples cbd gummies nyc Zheng nodded and said, I will arrange for people to move back to Xiangjiang as soon as possible for the equipment at the molecular laboratory, but I am afraid that some people will not want to work in Xiangjiang.It s okay, I came here just to work in the branch, to teach the basics of the experimenters here, and when Xiao Changhan and the others understand how to study molecular food, let them go back.Speaking of this, Li Guohao suddenly thought of something, smiled and said Don t you think that the concept of molecular food is somewhat similar to genetic modification Maybe you can find some inspiration in it.Huo Zheng thought of this early on, I think so too.After not staying in Xiangjiang for a few days, Huo Zheng hurried back to the United States with his suitcase on the grounds of setting up a genetically modified laboratory.Li Guohao s words had a lot of meaning, and before Huo Daheng and Zheng Daheng could ask questions, the Chartered Ship King and He Gambler rushed in through the door.The charter king smiled apologetically and said, Sorry, I m a step late.The company is a bit busy.Came here in a hurry from Macau.It s okay.After Li Guohao greeted the two of them to sit down, he said directly This time I called you over.I think I made it clear on the phone earlier.The bottom hunting plan will officially start at the end of this month.There are a few.I prepared the money very early.Zheng Daheng said with a smile This time I pointed at Li Sheng and you got rich.He Gambler frowned and said, Isn t it too early to buy the bottom You should know that the British foreign minister seems to be going to the mainland to start the fifth round of negotiations at the end of this month.

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