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Most of them make a living from farming, small businesses, carpentry, bricklaying and other handicrafts, as well as renting out houses, and they don t need to work from eight to five.Moreover, the government is being relocated.There is a meeting every three days and a small meeting every day.It involves vital interests.There are people in every household.If they are asked to go out, they will not go out.There was no meeting in the village today.There were green galaxy cbd gummies phone number not many people or cars in the village office compound, but the alley in front was full of people.Dozens of men, women and children were watching the fun, and the noise inside could be heard from a distance.We are from the police station, please green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review let me go.There is something to see, the road is blocked, and the traffic notice is affected.I don t know whose electric car it is.As a result, the man in the photo used electric fish equipment big killer.Not only will he not be able to catch it today, but he will also not be able to catch it in the future.This problem is very serious, at least for fishing enthusiasts like his old man.The duties of the river chief seem to include preventing people from electric fish and poisonous fish.Electric fish and poisonous fish are a fishing method that kills offspring and grandchildren , which will not only lead to the destruction of the ecological environment, but also indirectly cause adverse effects on the quality of the water body.influences.The Chaoyang masses came to the door, and this matter cannot be left alone.Han Chaoyang couldn t evade, and immediately raised his mobile phone and said, Master, don t worry, just keep an eye on him, and I ll be right there.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Director Su raised his arm and pointed to the warehouse next to the health care room Arrange some people to clean up this room tomorrow, buy a few canopy beds, buy a few wardrobes, and move them from the second floor.Two desks and a few chairs are used as a collective dormitory for the security guards, not to mention ten people, twenty people can live there.Han Chaoyang was really afraid of the heat, and he didn t want the security guards who were about to be recruited to suffer from heat stroke.Said Director Su, it is possible to live here, but this house has only one window.It is too hot and stuffy to live in.The reason why the street leaders asked the community to register and set up a security service company is because the neighborhood It is stipulated to carry out community service activities that are convenient and beneficial to the people, and to set up some service undertakings and public welfare undertakings.The landlord looked back, grabbed the village party secretary, and asked eagerly, Secretary Zhang , your family also has a house for rent, do you sign it or not My house has a house for rent, but I went to file for registration.So what if you don t sign it Such a big battle shows that the street is serious this do cbd gummies help with seizures time , Zhang Zhishu wryly smiled and said If you don t sign or accept the penalty, you will be prosecuted.At that time, you will not only have to pay a fine, but you will also be detained.There was a rush of calls.Han Da Han Da, I found a suspicious person here Don t worry, speak slowly.Han Zhaoyang was shocked and subconsciously climbed into the patrol car.Just now there was a green galaxy cbd gummies phone number person who wanted to go out without checking his ID card or taking the road signs.We stopped him.He said he had a stomachache and was in a hurry to go to the hospital.A few days ago This tragedy did happen in 2010, and everyone didn t know how to refute it for a while.Guan Xiyuan took a deep breath and continued If it were me, I wouldn t dare to be distracted, so I can t blame him for this matter.Take a step back and say, what happened to him, who did he provoke It didn t happen.Beforehand, everyone seemed to have a deep hatred with him.After all, he was a colleague in the unit, patronizing others and not looking for reasons in himself.He s here, it s a pity that he is only a member of the community voluntary security patrol team The captain, not the captain of the public security department, otherwise you will see Xi Yuan raise the agency just around the corner Don t be ambiguous, I m just discussing the matter.Without speculative words, Lao Hu looked at him with a half smile, and was the first to get up and walk out of the office , Chen Xiujuan let out a cold snort and left.In the eyes of others, Captain Tang is an urban management officer, but in fact he is also a civil servant.Not just civil servants, but also at the sub section level.The leaders in the Law Enforcement Brigade are just names, and he organizes, coordinates and implements the law enforcement actions.It can be said that he is the real Captain of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade in Huayuan Street.He is a leader, and he is also a leader for the cadres of the sanitation office with a business establishment.He bought the big guys to have supper at his own expense, and even toasted three glasses, which is quite a face.Deputy Director Wan of the Environmental Sanitation Office picked up his wine glass, got up and said, Tang Team, Han Da, your affairs are also my Wan Yuhua s affairs.The wife of that outsider also went to find him, but the outsider was not bailed out. He won t help for nothing. How could it be possible to help for nothing Having said that, let me tell you clearly.Many people in our village know about him.Otherwise, how many people would come to him for help I heard that he is very particular about his work.Maybe it depends on the crime of the person who is trying to get it.The foreigner mentioned just now didn t get it out, and he returned the money to the foreigner s wife later.You said you are not particular about it. How did you refund the money Do you know The wife of that foreigner likes to play mahjong, and spends time in the mahjong parlor every day.My mother in law often plays mahjong with her, and my mother in law told me when I came home.Xu Hongliang had already discovered that there was something wrong with the boy, but he didn t expect to be caught by Xu Hongliang.I don t know whether it s the people from the office or the criminal police from the sub bureau.Han green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Chaoyang seized the time to ask the last question Neighbors, our police need to investigate the scene cbd gummies for anxiety where to buy to solve the case.No matter fingerprints or footprints are very important to solve the case, Old Qiao may not I remember who has been in, please come to my left hand side. I have entered the yard, I just walk a few steps, does that count Forget it, come here. Comrade Public Security, you You won t suspect me as a murderer, will you You ll be suspected if you don t stand up Okay, I ll go over, but it s really none of my cannaleafz cbd gummies business.The boy in the T shirt was startled, and hurried out of the crowd to stand by the door.He likes to watch the excitement, but now he knows that he is in trouble, Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and then shouted Whether it s your business or not, you will find out, who else has gone in, hurry up, don t wait for us to find out, and then we will find out.Where are her parents in law Qiao Fugui died long ago.Wang Qiaolan and Yang Guangcheng of the second Phoenix team.Xianhong and Qiuyan After getting married, Wang Qiaolan seldom came back, and she didn t even help to take care of the children, so she didn t care about the affairs here.Gu Guoli asked Regardless of the son, if he doesn t help with the grandson, did Zhang Qiuyan quarrel with Wang Qiaolan because of this matter No, that s what Qiuyan thinks.If you don t help us now, we won t care about you in the future.It s almost like cutting off the relationship.It s a bit of a renunciation.Where s Yang Guangcheng from the second Phoenix team Yang Guangcheng is a An honest man, he only knows how to work all day long, and all the money he makes is handed over to Wang Qiaolan.An old man in his sixties added Yang Guangcheng is an old bachelor.It was sent to your mobile phone, and Chen Jie secretly took one, so we will see yours next.Don t worry, it s easy to find if you have a target, I want to see how many they posted and how many shutters they destroyed.Don t make too much noise, so cbd indica gummies green galaxy cbd gummies phone number as not to overwhelm the snake.Understood, don t you feel kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank relieved when I do things Work hard, run with me, don t give the guy in charge a look, Yu Zhenchuan don t want to sleep tonight.The dredging project can t be completed in a day or two, maybe you won t be able to sleep well tomorrow night Chapter 103 Unexpected Harvest Senior brother won t come back for a while, so Han Chaoyang simply took the takeaway he ordered for senior brother into the car, and rushed to the entrance of Taizhuang Village to let Guan Xiyuan, who had been busy for most of the night, eat first.Speaking of watching WeChat and talking about water groups, I found it was a waste of time.After reading all the Moments, and then replying to a few messages, an hour or two was gone before I knew it.Not only Waste of time and hurt.For example, you can t watch your circle of friends, go to restaurants or watch movies, or go shopping with beautiful young ladies.You are living a life of drunken dreams, and I actually want to give you a thumbs up.Is this hurt People are more angry than angry people.Do you know that I am angry with you every day No, I have to block you, or I will always be hurt.You dare Huang Ying cursed with a smile, and said happily Unlucky, no Talk about nonsense, talk about business, you are famous, and your luck has changed.Famous, is there any mistake, I am not a celebrity.Here we go again, let s get down to business, be serious.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, frowned slightly and said, There is not enough evidence to act rashly., find Lu Xingfan first, and then control Wang Jun after finding Lu Xingfan, and pry the mouths of the two horsemen, Ke Jianrong can t deny it even if he wants to.You can catch the current one.There is evidence.He went out last night and destroyed the anti theft door.My master went to the scene in the afternoon and transferred a surveillance video.With green galaxy cbd gummies phone number the video in hand, he can be arrested whenever he wants.The action is very fast.Why don t you hurry up, there are a lot of things to do next, and this case must be resolved quickly.The police did everything they could, and the next step is up to the urban management.Tang Junwei didn t want to delay their rest, so he pointed to a pile of photos that had just been uploaded to his notebook and said, Please sort it out for me and give me the evidence you have.Call later, by the way, what happened to the woman my master sent me in the morning.Thinking about it carefully, Chaoyang Community is really a good place, and you can always find valuable criminal clues.Chen Xiujuan put down the materials, looked up and said I have figured out the identity of the liar who cheated money and sex.He is not a policeman at all, let alone a department of the provincial department.Chief, he is not only a liar, but also has a criminal record.The criminal police HCMUSSH green galaxy cbd gummies phone number team is busy investigating the murder case in Yangguan Village, so they don t care about such a small case.Let our office investigate and handle it, and Lao Ding and Da green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Zhuang are responsible.Are you clear I don t know, I want to know and call Lao Ding.Although lukewarm, his attitude is much better than before, at least no more cynicism.Gu Guoli stopped in his tracks and explained patiently The quality of college students is relatively high, but there are also very few college students who commit crimes.Chaoyang caught one a while ago and was suspected of robbery with a knife If we turn a blind eye and don t close this loophole, if There is a college student who is suspected of breaking the law and committing a crime hiding in the school, how to find and arrest And this is cbd gummies feel like just hiding, what if he continues to commit crimes in the school Usually, the police station always bothers to check the ID card residence card of the company s employees.When Grandpa Gu said this, Tang Xiaoxuan realized that the management of the immigrant population is very important.Just as he was embarrassed and didn t know what to say, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang.I am so busy all day long that I have no chance to be empty.Only those who are idle can.It will be empty.Your symptoms are not serious, and you still know to call me.You may not believe it when you tell me.Some people are so busy and empty that they call 110 to find a police officer to chat with.For some reason, Huang Ying suddenly fell in love with listening to his serious nonsense.Lying comfortably under the quilt, she closed her eyes and asked, Chaoyang, Tang Xiaoxuan went to see you this afternoon After playing in the park along the river for a while, she probably didn t think it was interesting, so she answered the phone and left.Tang Xiaoxuan is so beautiful, and her family is rich, how does it feel Don t be kidding, I am not from the same world as her , Maybe she hasn t had much contact with the police before, but she is just curious about our profession.Comrades, please be quiet, the rehearsal is about to start, the band is ready, the national flag guard is ready Following Lao Jin s order, everyone stopped whispering.Li Xiaobin was carrying the rolled up national flag, and under the guard of two patrol members, he walked slowly from the southeast corner on the beat of drums in a majestic march.When he approached the first square as the symbol, he looked like a guard of honor of the three armed green galaxy cbd gummies phone number forces on TV.They also kicked up the goose step They have all been trained in the army and the police academy, and the requirements for movements are not very high, at least in the eyes of everyone, they look decent and interesting.The same is true for the band, regardless of the level of performance, at least they can play the March of the People s Liberation Army and the March of the Volunteers in full.Whether it s community work or the work of the comprehensive police platform, you should do as much as you can.You must never let your master collapse on the job.Yes.The intention of the leaders of the sub bureau is obvious.No matter how tense the police force of the grass roots police stations is, at least one or two police stations must do their community work well, and there cbd gummies for pain for sale must be bright spots in community work.It used to be the Changfeng Street Police Station, but now it has become the Fa Yuen Street Police Station.The staff is tight, but it really doesn t matter if he is there or not.Instead of letting the thorn in front of you make trouble every three days, it is better to let him stay in the community.Taking a step back, if he is able to do well, it will be the result of the institute.There are fewer and fewer outsiders in Chaoyang Village, and it has become deserted.Yangguan Village is just the opposite.As the relocation of Chaoyang Village continues to advance, many foreigners who rented in Chaoyang Village have green galaxy cbd gummies phone number moved to Yangguan Village.Connecting to Renmin Road in the south and leading to Bozhuang Road in the north, Xiangyang Road runs through the whole village.At night, it is brightly lit and crowded with people.Both sides of the road are full of small shops, small restaurants, even an Internet cafe and two small hotels that just opened.Vendors saw every opportunity, either setting up stalls or simply setting up street stalls.Along the way, there are the most food stalls, some making egg filled pancakes, some selling cooked vegetables, some selling stinky tofu, some selling cold noodle, and there are three or four large scale barbecue stalls.Happened It doesn t matter, she actually rolled the sheets with someone Even though it happened before they knew each other, Huang Ying still felt bad.Han Chaoyang knew that she would be very upset, but he didn t want to lie, and continued She said her mother was sick, and her younger brother was going to school, and she was short of money.I lent her all the money I earned from running, including the later money She took them away from the elder sister in charge of the class.It was only later that I found out that she had slept with several people and borrowed a lot of money outside, and then I couldn t be contacted.You are not afraid of getting sick I didn t know that at the time.You know, I am a victim, I go out to run every night, sometimes I even skip class to go to run, is it easy to make some money, tens of thousands, just thinking about it hurts.Thank you, thank you so much, come to the police office directly after work , I ll wait for you in the police room.At the same time, Vice Captain He of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Division, and Xi Hongbo, Chief Criminal Police Division of Yandong Public Security Bureau, were on the fourth floor of a building next to the national highway.Look through the glass at the vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot downstairs.In the past 48 hours, 7.17 cases have made breakthroughs one after another in the detection work First, the suspect was successfully identified through DNA technology, and it is certain that Zhang Qiuyan bit Chen Yabing before his death.Immediately afterwards, it was discovered in the surveillance video that Chen Yabing and his brother in law Gao Junfei had been in and out of Yangguan Village on the night of the incident.Now if he looks for someone else, of course they don t believe him.The more Gao Junfei thought about it, the more depressed he became, and couldn t help but turn around and stare at him.Chen Yabing was not afraid of anything, only Gao Junfei, his brother in law, smiled resentfully, with a look of embarrassment.For the sake of this business, Gao Junfei not only sold everything he could, but even risked his life.He was so angry that he was about to say a few more words to him when uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number his cell phone rang suddenly.Chen Yabing came to his senses all of a sudden, glanced at the caller ID, and hurriedly pressed the call button.Boss Chen, where have you been Brother Miao, we are here.We are in the parking lot.We are driving a white Toyota with the car number Yan A023BE.How about you, when will you arrive Have you brought any money Bring it, how can you do business without bringing money.Even Liu s office was interrogating, and he was no exception.Name Shi Renhui.The fat man was not very nervous, but he observed the office environment curiously.This is the third interrogation, and the kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank situation is basically clarified.Han Chaoyang motioned to Li Xiaobin, who escorted him in, to help him uncuff him, and asked while looking at his ID card, Age.20. After asking about basic information such as name, gender, age, education level, home address, ID number, etc., Han Chaoyang raised his head and said, Tell me about the evening.What are you going to do on Shijia Road What s more, I didn t do anything.Shi Renhui didn t think anything would happen, so he was naturally not afraid, and honestly explained Fan Guofei worked in the Wangfu Hotel for half a year, and he said that the first month is a probationary period, and the salary of the probationary period is 2600, starting from the second month.Okay, this favor is mine.Make a note, I ll treat you guys to dinner later.Huang Ying felt a little unbelievable that someone was rushing to work overtime.Crossed the zebra crossing side by side with Han Chaoyang, walked towards the snack street outside the west gate of PolyU, and murmured Chaoyang, Wu Wei is very hardworking.Well, hehe is very hardworking.He knows everything about work, and rushes to do everything.It seems that he has never had a day off since he was assigned to the office.Liu Suo and the instructors like him like this.In fact, not only Liu Suo and the instructors, but almost everyone in the institute likes him.This People are afraid of comparisons, and it can be said that I was so unlucky in the past, and it has something to do with his good performance in this job.You have the nerve to say that Huang Ying laughed loudly.Aunt Zong, thank you., I thank you on behalf of the parents of the child.A little heart, what is there to thank.I saw the photo, and the little guy is exactly the same as my family Bingbing at that time, why did he get this disease, why did he suffer this crime Yes Ah, how cute, everyone likes it.I know you re busy, so I ll send it to you first.In fact, the money is all the red envelopes I usually grab in several groups, and I don t know how to use them.Don t make fun of me by borrowing flowers to offer Buddha.How come, thank you.The uncles and aunts cbd indica gummies green galaxy cbd gummies phone number are very strong, and the minimum is fifty.Factory Manager Wang is the most slick on WeChat, with the highest retirement salary and the cbd diet gummies least burden.To be precise, he has no burden at all.Instead of sending red envelopes, he transfers money, five hundred at a time.Whether the guy will be infected, I don t know if the little guy will have any complications, anyway, judging from the current situation, 400,000 yuan is definitely not enough.How much will it cost A million chips, if the cure is not spent green galaxy cbd gummies phone number in the future After that, it will be returned to the good hearted people who donated in proportion. As long as the money can be raised, it will be cured I asked, this person dare not guarantee it, they said that as long as chronic myelogenous leukemia like this can be matched Type, as long as you do bone marrow transplantation, the cure rate is very high, but the premise is green galaxy cbd gummies phone number that you can match the type, if not, all the work you are doing now is useless, no matter how much money you spend, it will be in vain. Parents should be fine.Right Not necessarily, this is the most worrying thing now, if the bone marrow of the child s parents is not suitable, and the bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, it will be troublesome.Oh, the stage is set up very well, I didn t even see it.Tonight, we use our songs to recall the turbulent years, we use our songs to interpret the grandeur of the Great Wall of Steel, we use our songs to commemorate the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, and we use our songs to sing about the serenity of the peaceful age.Let us release our mood and dreams together, accompanied by the melody of music, and sing the praises of heroes Next, please enjoy the chorus Military Song of the Chinese People s Liberation Army by Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Chapter 206 Serious Songs Listen The wind is howling and the bugle is sounding listen How resounding are the revolutionary songs Comrades rush to the battlefield of liberation in unison, comrades rush to the frontier of the motherland in unison, forward forward Our team goes to the sun, to the final victory, green galaxy cbd gummies phone number to the liberation of the whole country Han Chaoyang closed his gesture, and green galaxy cbd gummies phone number the majestic military song was perfectly sung.The call came at an inopportune time, but it wasn t the place for intimacy either.Han Chaoyang looked at his girlfriend s back with a smile, put his phone in his pocket, and tidied up his police uniform.Walking into the police office through the back door, the couple Chen Jie mentioned were standing in front of the police station.The man looked to be only thirty four or five years old, with neatly combed hair and a clean shaven beard, a white T shirt on his upper body, a brown brand name handbag and a latest mobile phone in his hand, and a wristband on his wrist.Wearing a string of sandalwood beads, he looks young and foreign, and he can tell that he is not a person engaged in physical labor.The woman is just the opposite, short and thin, with rough and yellowish skin, rougher hands, not uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number to mention makeup, although the clothes are new and not cheap, but they are extremely uncoordinated on her body, in uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number short, she looks older, He looked at least forty five or sixteen.The cars are easy to deal with, the city bureau has just distributed a few cars.Money is more troublesome.It s not that the sub bureau can t squeeze out 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, but that a bowl of water needs to be leveled.The Xinyuan Street Police Station is going to set up a voluntary security patrol branch in Xinmin Community to pay money, and other police stations will cbd indica gummies green galaxy cbd gummies phone number also do it and what can be done.If this is approved, so is approved.Not only does the sub bureau not have so much money, but it also violates the original intention of integrating social resources to improve mass prevention and mass governance.In short, other matters are easy to discuss, but as long as funds are involved, the Zhou Bureau is not difficult to talk about one or two points.He weighed it up, and pondered Old Du, it is reasonable to say that you have promised them, and I can t let you go back on your promises, but this precedent really cannot be set.I also think it is called Yanyang University of Science and Technology Voluntary Security The patrol team is better.Okay, that s the name.The logistics department is helping to purchase clothing, electric patrol cars and some necessary equipment.We are also pushing forward with all our strength to get the patrol team up before the end of the month.You go green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies back and report to the leaders of your sub bureau, and there will be an inauguration ceremony at that time, and you are welcome to attend the branch leaders.Yes, I will report when I go back.In fact, our Bureau Du said that he will definitely come when it is established.Come What is a deputy director, Deputy Director Jiang calmly reminded Xiao Han, this is not a trivial matter, and then Principal Mu will personally attend.Understood, I will report the truth to the branch.A bespectacled owner snorted coldly and pointed to the office of the property company Today is not a holiday, it is working time , the accountant should be green galaxy cbd gummies phone number here, if you don t know, you can ask together Yes, let s ask together, and check the accounts together Mr.Tian, the accountant is not here today, and if you want to check the accounts, you have to follow the regulations.You can t check if you want.The property committee will invite a third party independent audit agency to investigate.Manager Zhang wiped off his sweat, and then emphasized We must follow the regulations, and we will not disclose it to a certain owner, but only to the property committee.Xiao Tan, what rule is he green galaxy cbd gummies phone number talking about Mr.Tian, there is no such rule Tan Xiaoying turned to look at her neighbors, then shifted her cbd 3000 mg gummies eyes to Manager Zhang again, and said with a sneer, Manager Zhang, you are always so secretive.Huang Ying couldn t laugh or cry, she didn t know how to comment.Moreover, even if 5 of the owners in such a community initiate, even if more than half of the owners agree to set up an owners meeting, no property management company is willing to accept this business.Because there are still many people who oppose it, they will definitely say that the owner s committee cannot represent justcbd cbd holiday gummies 250mg 500mg 1000mg them., I can t even collect the sanitation cbd gummies murfreesboro tn fee now, and I don t think I can collect the property fee in the future.Although the person in front of him has no grassroots work experience, he still has a thorough understanding of the problem.It only took one day to get a basic understanding of the situation in the community, and realized that to set up a homeowners uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number meeting, it was necessary to handle the work of most homeowners.The little guy was embarrassed and didn t seem to be used to speaking Mandarin, so he scratched his neck and ran away.Chaoyang, his awareness is not as high as you think.Jiang Li took out a wanted warrant from his back basket, and said with a smile Although Feng Changdong is from Lijiayao, he has been selling drugs for a long time in the past few years.Nian and absconded in fear of crime, I guess I haven t seen this kid much.I don t know who asked for a wanted warrant, and he can recognize Feng Changdong as soon as he sees it with him.The machete is probably for self defense, he is here to arrest him.Feng Changdong, you have to earn one hundred thousand yuan Sure enough, Jiang Li guessed it right, the little guy blushed and smiled, and didn t speak, just lowered his head and kept cutting branches with a machete.The bureau needs living heroes, not top ten cbd gummies exactly martyrs who don t want to see sacrifices.Political Commissar Huang and Director Du listened attentively and were thrilled.Han Chaoyang didn t know that the three main leaders of the sub bureau were all there, and continued I didn t know where he put the gun at the time, and I was worried that he would shoot and resist arrest.He was too scared and impulsive, and it would be a mess if he rushed up.Long Dao The people from the criminal police team of the county bureau said that the fugitive s arms and legs were all broken, two ribs seemed to be broken, and his head was broken.What s the matter Director Du said abruptly, Xiao Han, don t worry, he is an extremely dangerous A level green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies wanted criminal.He has a gun and has injured the police before.It s okay to kill him on the spot, even if he kills you.Although Chaoyang is a policeman from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, he has been studying at the Xinying Police Station for the past ten days, so he can be regarded as a policeman at the Xinying Police Station.In other words, the fugitives were also captured by the Xinying Police Station.More importantly, the criminal technicians and forensic doctors of the public security bureaus at the city and county levels unanimously determined that Feng Changqin and her daughter were killed before Jiang Li discovered Feng Changdong through on site investigation and autopsy.And Feng Changdong, who was almost beaten to death by Han Chaoyang, opened his mouth and explained the murder of Feng Changqin s mother and daughter.If he hadn t been bandaged like a mummy, he would have been lying on the hospital bed, and the criminal police would have escorted him to Li s house.How did the criminal police find him of Li Xiaobin asked in a low voice.It wasn t the criminal police who found him.The boss met him on the way to buy vegetables.He grabbed him and didn t let go.He called 110, and the patrolmen rushed to the scene.After learning about the situation, they were sent directly to the fourth squadron of the Yanzhong branch.Xu Hongliang had a hard time connecting a work study college student with a thief, and pondered The shop was so busy on the night of the incident, it would be too far fetched to conclude that he did it based on the waiter s one sided words.The problem is that his behavior after that was too suspicious.He didn t unabis cbd gummies tinnitus have a mobile phone or an ID card on him.He pretended to be stupid when he was questioned by the criminal police.He didn t even say his real name.Not all the funds for case handling are paid by the city bureau, but more than half of it depends on the district finance.If I were a leader, I would do the same.I won t pick up this hot potato, otherwise where in wisconsin can i buy cbd gummy it s obviously for work, but I ll have to ask the district for approval.As Han Chaoyang said, the Yandong branch is the most special one among all the branches.Yandong was a county level city three years ago, and then it became Yandong District.The green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review Yandong Municipal Government has been transformed into a district government, and the Yandong Public Security Bureau has become the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.As Han Chaoyang said, the Yandong branch is the most special of all the branches.Yandong was a county level green galaxy cbd gummies phone number city three years ago, and then it became Yandong District.He went to the police car and took out a tag to write the time of the sieve.He numbered the two evidences he had just discovered.Throw it into the plastic storage box brought by the Ji team in the morning.The owner of the sand and gravel factory cleaned up the office and let the two of them take turns to rest.Wu Wei couldn t sleep well.He lifted the plastic sheet and walked into the work area.Han Chaoyang s side analyzed The location is wrong.The two bags just now should be of little value.What s the wrong location Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.I ve inquired that the body was shoveled onto the dump truck by the loader driver from there.Even if there is something, it should be underneath, and it can t be on top.Han Zhaoyang never thought about doing whatever the leader told him to do.Walking to the direction of his finger, looking at the sand that was no different from other will a cbd gummy test positive for thc places, he turned around and asked, Angkor, who did you ask Boss Hou, who else can I ask besides him So We should sieve from here, from the top to here, how long will it take to sieve, it s like a foolish old man moving mountains, isn t this a useless effort.Old cbd gummies sleep near me Du, Officer Han asked you to understand the situation.Before Han green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Chaoyang could speak, Master Wang put down the shovel green galaxy cbd gummies phone number and raised his head and shouted.A short and thin migrant worker ran over from the first iron sieve, and said with a smile, Officer Han, ask me to find out what s going on, why don t you go out and tell me, because I just want to smoke.Cigarettes are brought in to prevent cigarette butts from being left on site.Although Han Chaoyang had quit early, he could understand their feeling of getting addicted to cigarettes.He pointed to the curtain and walked out of the work area side by side with him.If you want to know what s going on, you can ask.Lao Du ran to the electric car and took out a cigarette from under the seat, took out a lit Meimei and took a few puffs, then walked to the shade with Han Chaoyang.When you pick up the kiss, just pick up the kiss well, what kind of underworld are you pretending to be Ask him.Chaoyang, what s going on.In terms of dealing with negative public opinion, the efficiency of relevant departments is astonishing.Han Zhaoyang realized that the trouble was serious, so he didn t bother to explain to his senior brother, so he hurriedly said Brother Wei, I have to report to my superior quickly, Lingling will explain to you, and I will call you later.He was anxious, and Xie Lingling was even more anxious.He urged Hurry up and tell your leaders that Hongliang will take the civil service exam next year, uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number so he can t be disqualified because of this.Don t worry, he ll be fine.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment , hurried to the police room.Old Tang and Miao Haizhu happened to be having dinner, and Grandpa Gu was standing in the police station on the phone.Report Please come in.Deputy Captain Gong glanced back, and then made a phone call Report to Luo Zhi, the suspect vehicles have a total of 17 violations that have not been dealt with this year, including 6 violations of parking.From this city and other cities And the electronic police in other provinces captured 11 violations such as not following the traffic markings and speeding, etc.From the photos, the people driving the suspect vehicles kept changing, and only two violations were driven by the same person.A criminal policeman was in For the record, Vice Captain Gong drove on hands free.Han Chaoyang could clearly hear Deputy Captain Luo saying on the phone Even if a car worth millions is not worthy of a full time driver, it is unlikely that someone else will drive it casually.Tengda and I also find it strange.I can t think of any other possibility for this murder case except that it was caused by private loans. Xiao Wu, don t hide, you also talk about it.I just heard about the general situation of green galaxy cbd gummies phone number the car owner.Wu Wei also had no opinion.He was about to echo the leadership s opinion like Han Chaoyang, when Vice Captain Gong s cell phone rang suddenly.Luo Zhi Vice captain Gong turned on the hands free as before, and before he had time to ask, he heard Vice captain Luo say on the phone Old Gong, hurry up and notify Lao Teng that the suspected vehicle has been exposed and is on the airport expressway.Now, I m driving from the airport to the city, I ll send you the location of the suspect vehicle a minute ago, please organize your forces and rush to the toll booth immediately.If you can t find the owner of the car, it s fine if you can find the car.The POS machine belongs to the Lantian Auto Repair Factory in the Development Zone, and it is bound to the personal bank account of the Agricultural Bank of China., Work harder, go to Yanyang Sub branch of the Agricultural Bank of China immediately, I will report to Zhou Bureau, and ask Zhou Bureau to help you coordinate with the Agricultural Bank.Upon receiving the text message from He Yichang, Feng Bureau handed the phone to the policeman beside him, and immediately He issued an order Old Liu, take a few people to the Lantian Auto Repair Factory in the development zone to find out.The suspects used the POS machine of the Auto Repair Factory.They must be related to this Auto Repair Factory, but they may not be hiding in the Auto Repair Factory., don t make too much noise, and don t startle the snake.In fact, Director Qiu also felt that Han Chaoyang looked familiar, thinking of the last time he was ripped off, He couldn t help laughing and said, Boss Feng, last time you assisted us in the search and arrest, you dispatched hundreds of people.This time we assist you in the arrest, although not many kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank people are dispatched, but you can t be silent.Don t worry, we Yan East Branch is the most particular about things, tomorrow, no, it should be my treat at noon today, regardless of whether the suspect is in the community or not, and whether the matter can be completed or not.I may not have time at noon, but you must treat this meal , Even if I don t invite you today, I still owe it. No problem, isn t it just a meal, what a big deal Although staying up late was hard, Ju Feng was full of energy and in a better mood, leaning over and asking Little Han, how is it Report to Bureau Feng, I m looking back, but I haven t found it yet.Breathing the fresh air of the autumn night, looking at the lights of other people s houses in the green galaxy cbd gummies phone number distance, Huang Ying held his arm tightly uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number and sighed as she walked It s not that your cousin doesn t want to show it to your uncle, it s not that you don t want to spend money, the main reason is this The disease is discovered too late, and it is useless to go to the largest hospital to hire the best doctor.So we have to take the physical examination seriously.In some hospitals, the physical examination is like a formality, and many diseases cannot be detected.Huang kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank Ying let out a long sigh, and said quietly And not everyone has the opportunity to have a physical examination.Some units have a formal job and can go to the hospital for a physical examination once a year.Farmers like your uncle and aunt are willing to pay for it themselves.Your security personnel are very familiar with the construction team Just when Han Chaoyang thought that he had met two old foxes, despite the help of Secretary Yang and the bureau leaders, the security company still couldn t get the big order for the security of the Chengdong Transportation Hub Project.Several CEOs of the general contractors of the three projects at the station nodded in agreement one after another.Secretary Yang said while the iron was hot Mr.Qi, you have a security department and full time security cadres.This is not in contradiction with coordinating the security work of the entire project.After all, the specific work must be done by the security guards, and only a few full time security cadres are required.It is far from enough.If a security company is in charge, it can set up a command center and a monitoring center like a residential property.It seems that Deputy Director Xing is not joking, and there will probably be many female suspects to be arrested tonight, otherwise it is unlikely that the bureau will get out of the way.The policewoman was transferred here.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say when Liu Suo s voice came over the phone again Xiao Han, Xiujuan is a lesbian.She has been in charge of internal work in the office and has almost never been outside.I also don t know what is going on at night.I don t know if there is any danger in the action, so I don t feel at ease just letting her go. Don t worry Liu, I will take good care of Sister Chen. Okay, I can rest assured with your words.Time is urgent, Han Chaoyang didn t care about apologizing to Kang Zhi, and as soon as he hung up the phone, he opened the back door and ran to Director Su.And it s already November, and the conclusion of this case will definitely not be until 2016, so it can be counted as a task for 2016.If it is really as good as what the eldest sister said, there is no need to worry about whether the strike mission in the first half of next year can be completed.Sister Miao, you said that you can t find anyone more professional than you in the whole bureau, so come here quickly, and I ll send you a position.Okay, I ll be there right away One case, Miao Haizhu was ecstatic.Handling a case is far more troublesome than collecting a clue or even catching a fugitive.Not only must we race against time to ensure that the corresponding tasks are completed at each stage, we must not exceed the deadline.Moreover, the corresponding legal documents must also be able to withstand scrutiny, otherwise the colleagues who were reviewed would not hesitate to call back and repeat it, or even make a big joke.Results Liang Dongsheng was stunned for a moment, looked back at Liu Jianye who had just walked to the door, and said without hesitation Liu Suo is nearby, you can tell Liu.Han Chaoyang had to report again, Liu Jianye was surprised, but still I didn t think it was a big deal, so I pondered Since you really can t get away, then don t go.I ll call the Political Department later hemp bombs and cbd gummies and explain it to you.Thank you, Liu Suo. Xu Weizhong also green galaxy cbd gummies phone number got up very early.Hearing that Han Chaoyang didn t even attend the meritorious service award ceremony held by the provincial department, he found it inconceivable.Walked to the corner of the corridor with Liu Jianye, opened the window and took out a cigarette, first handed one to Liu Jianye, frowned while taking out a lighter and said No matter how busy you are, you won t even have half a day, and you won t participate in the activities of the provincial department.Do you know where he lives Yes, he lives green galaxy cbd gummies phone number at his sister s house., live in Room 202, Building 3, Xinmin Community.It s okay if you don t know, and Miao Haizhu is even more angry if you know, and asks through gritted teeth Since you know, why didn t you tell me Aren t you busy with Bi Xunchang s case the other two days , forget it in a hurry You can forget anything, can you forget this kind of thing Miao Haizhu patted the steering wheel and said bitterly Han Chaoyang, it s not that my sister is scaring you, this time you are in big trouble I m in big trouble, what do you mean, did Mo cbd gummies for pets Yunhu commit another crime Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.He hasn t committed a crime for the time being, but you have committed a crime Are you kidding me, what can I do He is cbd gummies louisville a key population in the area under the jurisdiction of your Huayuan Street Police Station.The key point is that Zhang Beibei may not have time.Cao Zefang seemed to say yesterday afternoon that we will Hold a meeting, not only Lao Jin, Hongliang and Xiaobin, but also green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Zhang Beibei.Zhang Beibei has made it clear that she will not run for the women s director of the community, and Cao Zefang asked her to hold a meeting.About the shares of CYTS Han Chaoyang froze for a moment, and said nonchalantly, Zhang Beibei is not the only one at the hostel, and the New Year s Day holiday will be in a few days.My mother in law is staying at the hostel, and she actually took four days off.She will rest from today.She was able to rest for 9 days during the last New Year s Day holiday, and she green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies should have arrived at the hotel by now.She likes children the most, and even if the community meeting is not held, she doesn t need Zhang Beibei to take her with her.After seeing Xinxin, I really wanted to go up and hug them but didn t dare, so I could only turn around and stare at them.How can this reaction escape the eyes of Grandpa Gu who has been observing her quietly, Grandpa Gu suddenly leaned over and smiled and said Big girl, can you do me a favor and teach me how to send this red envelope, I will only snatch it.I don t know how to send it, it s not good if I don t grab it, people think I m stingy.Sister Wei didn t have the heart to help him, she said absent mindedly I m sorry, I can t either.I don t really remember anything, and I have no impression of Sister Wei at all.While waiting for the French fries with her arms around Miao Haizhu s neck, she looked curiously at Sister Wei and Grandpa Gu with her big beautiful eyes.Nor do you Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.Foreigners who are approved to come to this city to work, hold the Permit to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad apply for entry visas.The employer shall, within 15 days of the entry of the employed foreigner, present the Application Form for Employment of Foreigners and the Registration Form for Employment of Foreigners , the employment contract and the For valid entry documents, apply for an Employment Permit at the Municipal Labor Bureau.After receiving the Employment Permit , foreigners must take the Employment Permit to the Foreigner Management Section of the Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering the country.This procedure must go through, and all of these procedures are indispensable.Please cooperate with us and provide the corresponding certificates.In the end, every time it is important to say it, it is not necessary to do it.Am I the only one who can take care of it I really don t know who Liu Suo and the trainer are.What do you think Lao Dai is not green galaxy cbd gummies phone number an ordinary policeman like i cbd gummies legal Lao Tang and Lao Ding, he served as the captain of the brigade before retiring to the second line, and he would send out any complaints in front of the leaders.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Dai Da, don t worry, it s useless to be anxious.There are only so many policemen in the station, and no one is idle.Liu Suo and the instructor really can t find anyone to come to help.I know the police force is tense, but green galaxy cbd gummies phone number no matter how tense the police force is, we must consider the priorities.Lao Dai patted the table and said with a sullen face There is a problem with the division of jurisdiction.Then what are you waiting for Call them now.The No.4 Criminal Police Squadron green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review of the sub bureau is the anti pick up squadron.The guy, in order not to let that guy know his identity, not only was he wearing casual clothes, but he also pretended to be talking on the phone by the guardrail of the corridor on the second floor of Area C.He was talking to himself when his phone rang suddenly Fortunately, no one noticed, otherwise I don t know how embarrassing it would be, green galaxy cbd gummies phone number and it would even alert the guy who was staring.He quickly ran into the corridor, and when he saw the caller ID, he was taken aback, and hurriedly asked in a low voice, Director Feng, what instructions do you have Pretending to be serious, he said Chaoyang Community has set up an anti pickup team, which is voluntary.The squadron leader and instructor are concurrently served by the police from the Huayuan Street Police Station and the Xinyuan Street Police Station.He slammed the table down and startled the suspect.Wang Xiande, right Han Chaoyang glanced sideways at the ID card on the table, pointing at him with a stern voice, Look up, look up, look at me You think you ll be fine if you die Abducting and selling children in public, is cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding I think your name should be changed, from now on, don t call yourself Wang Xiande, change it to Wang Quide Elder Ji also hated such criminals, and suddenly said You are lacking virtue It has been interrogated for half an hour, and nothing has been interrogated.Wu Wei felt cbd gummies are illegal that it was nothing to go on like this, and was about to go out to make a phone call to report, when Wang Xiande, who had been silent all this time, muttered, I m not a human trafficker.Speak up, speak louder I m not a human trafficker., Ji Kaiyuan asked It s not a trafficker, why are you abducting someone s child The child and the child cbd indica gummies green galaxy cbd gummies phone number s mother are next door, Wang Xiande heard clearly just now, the woman seemed to want to leave but was stopped, and it was clear that denying it would be useless , Thinking of the stupid thing I did at the station, my heart felt like a knife, and I burst into tears and said Comrade Public Security, I am not a human trafficker, I cbd gummies kansas city mo I my wife and I have no children, I I just want to Want a child.I m gone but I ve been in the WeChat group you built, didn t you ask us to keep an eye out for clues in the group yesterday, I sent a WeChat message, maybe you didn t see it, so I made this call.The WeChat group is managed by Wu Junfeng, Wu Junfeng turned his back on the street, maybe he didn t bother to look at his phone.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and hurriedly said, Sorry, I m a bit busy today.Mr.You, what did you find Officer Han, I live in Chenjiaji now.The house next door to mine has people gathering to gamble for the past few days.At night, the gate is full green galaxy cbd gummies phone number of cars, all of which are full of luxury cars.The alley is so congested that cars cannot pass.Every night, they gamble.At three or four o clock in the morning, there was not much movement at first, and the movement has become more and more serious since the day before yesterday.But the division of labor, especially after the adjustment of duties, must also Enter the role as soon as possible, and use the words of the leaders to find the right position.Master, but I have already promised Liu Suo.Finding out the bottom line and scouting the terrain, do you need to do it yourself Grandpa Gu looked at him with a smile, persuasively Said Call Wu Wei, and then arrange for Junfeng or Xiao Liu to go with Wu Wei.Others can do these things, but what you want to do is something that others can t do.Now she is the police chief, although still It is not at the sub green galaxy cbd gummies phone number subject level, but the work to be done is indeed different from before.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and murmured, The uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number most urgent task is to integrate the three patrol teams.It s good to know.Grandpa Gu opened the door easily, turned back and smiled and said, You are busy with your work, I will go back and get a few bottles of wine, anyway, no one is drinking at home.Go up and get it.The Veteran Cadre University is not a full time university, so what is the use of the Veteran Cadre University certificate Besides, you will be seventy one after the end of the year, even if you can get a diploma from the Veteran Cadre University, how can you still find a job with a certificate of completion from the Veteran Cadre University He actually took it seriously, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Director Wang didn t know what he was thinking, but asked excitedly Xiao Han, I heard that you are going to be promoted to a sub department It has been inspected, and there should be no changes.There is no taboo at holistic health cbd gummies full spectrum the age of factory director Wang.He doesn t care what kind of car he is sitting in.He looks left and right to find the window button, and lowers the window halfway.It was the first time to participate in the showbiz party, Xu Hongliang was so excited that he changed into a suit and even a tie.Xie Lingling was wearing a red woolen overcoat, looking lovely and charming.What are you guys doing It s almost New Year s Eve and we re having a meal together, so it looks like we re getting married Han Chaoyang put down the rear armrest and leaned comfortably, but couldn t help but tease him.This is the first time I ve met your friends, so of course I have to dress formally.Xu Hongliang looked at the two of them through the rearview mirror inside the car, held the steering wheel green galaxy cbd gummies phone number and asked cbd gummies dr oz reviews back When it comes to marriage, you have all got your certificates.We ve been living together for a while, when do you plan to hold the wedding Yes, we re waiting to drink your wedding wine and eat your wedding candy Xie Lingling couldn t help turning her head and laughing.The burden of these police officers can be used to better serve the society.On the other hand, it can also make the security costs of the show more reasonable, and can reduce the burden on the audience with limited income.After all, these costs will eventually be passed on to the tickets.price.She spoke clearly and logically, and did not forget to add that this was her immature idea.Han Chaoyang didn t expect to be reprimanded after eating a meal.Seeing their righteous indignation, he took a deep breath and said very seriously Brothers and sisters, I am not very clear about favor tickets and public relations tickets, but I know a little about the security fees for large scale performances, because our patrol team has participated in the security of concerts.You say.The first question, should our police be green galaxy cbd gummies phone number involved in the security of large scale events Han Chaoyang looked around at the crowd, and said unhurriedly I don t think we can use foreign experience to describe China s national conditions, and the security of large scale foreign events is not as good as what you said just now, sister Qiu.I just work in this line of work.We have a supermarket in Yandong District that will hold sales in a few days.Many special products are limited.Supermarkets Worried about a stampede, I found several security companies, and one security guard uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number was 600 a day, which was the same price.Finally, I found me.Considering it was the first time we cooperated, we sent a security guard for 500.For those who celebrate the Chinese New Year, no one will pick up the 500 Thousands of people were mobilized by the Public Security Bureau for a concert, and even the city s policemen were not allowed to leave the city and had to stay at home.And it costs 500 a day to hire a security guard, so the 100,000 to 200,000 security fees for a large scale concert are really not that much.Only then did everyone react, and each of them smiled awkwardly.Go.As soon as Deputy Director Wan finished speaking, Deputy Director Xu, who personally led the team here to chase after him, immediately smiled and said, It s okay, we can t do it because of us.It will affect are cbd gummies illegal in australia your normal work.Just sit down, I ll be right back.Director Xu, don t wait for Xiaosun, you can continue.Deputy Director Wan looked back at the most capable subordinates, and asked his counterparts in Zhejiang green ape cbd gummies shark tank Province to continue to introduce the case.Unexpectedly, just after Xu Ju said a few words, Sun Chenhua ran in in a hurry, leaned into his ear and said Wan Ju, Lao Ji received a call half an hour ago, and the Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Xinyuan A policeman from the street police station called to inquire about Xie Liangju s situation.It is important to assist the brothers in the police chase, but the case in your own bureau is even more important, let alone a murder case Wan Ju was stunned, and subconsciously asked Did colleagues in Yanyang find out about that kid s whereabouts The caller mainly asked about Xie Liangju s basic HCMUSSH green galaxy cbd gummies phone number situation., It has been reported to their sub bureau, and their sub bureau has arranged for technical police to investigate the scene of the fight.If the suspect s fingerprints can be extracted and compared with Xie Liangju s fingerprints, they will definitely notify us, after all, this is our case.It is reasonable to say that if there is a clue, someone should be arranged to go there immediately, but it costs money as soon as you go out, and it costs money like water.For district and county public security bureaus in economically developed areas with guaranteed funds for handling cases, it is up to the director to invest tens or even millions of dollars in solving a murder case.However, Anguan County is not an economically developed area, and the salaries of the police are basically guaranteed.There is a big gap in funds, and hundreds of thousands have been invested in the case Make bricks without straw.I will also hide it from Bao Suo and Gu Instructor.After all, this is the case of the Huayuan Street Police Station. I know.Sometimes you are in a difficult situation.After all, Lunan is under the jurisdiction of our police station, and Lubei is under the jurisdiction of Xinyuan Street Police Station.Lao Xu and I are your old leaders, Bao Qingshan is your senior brother, and Lao Gu is also your old leader.But still There are some differences.You are a policeman who walked out of our Huayuan Street Police Station, not from Xinyuan Street Police Station.You should be closer to us emotionally.Liu Suo, I know what you mean, but sometimes You need to distinguish between public and private.In the future, we have to deal with each other, and we can t push the young man too hard.Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong looked at each other, and then changed the subject Yes, we must distinguish between public and private.Han Zhaoyang reacted, Sighed softly The technique is clever enough The Tao is one foot tall and the devil is ten feet high.Those people can think of any tricks for a little money, making it hard for us to guard against.Fireworks and firecrackers are not other things.The quality is not enough It is easy to cause accidents when setting off for a few days, I just want to go to the Taoyuan community, let s go, let s go to those sales outlets together. Why are you going to Taoyuan Old Tang asked while holding the car door.Han Chaoyang greeted him to get into the car, and at the same time introduced the situation of the disappearance of the residential surveillance personnel under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Old Tang was taken aback, and said worryingly It s easy for the suspect not to commit a crime. Okay.The call was connected quickly, luckily, the resident that Old Tang knew happened to talk to someone at the lottery sales point on the left side of the gate play chess.Please help the public to pay attention to whether there are dubious people harassing Lao Xu and his wife.There is no need to be secretive.Lao Tang and Han Chaoyang walked into the lottery sales point and stated their intentions bluntly.The fifty year old bald headed lottery player took the cigarette, patted his chest and said, Zong Fang, you are right to find me, and I will take care of you In fact, even if you don t come, I will talk to you about it.Old Xu The unlucky son of Xu Weimin on the stall is already unlucky enough.I green galaxy cbd gummies phone number used to go to your police station from left to right, and either pay a fine or apologize or even lose money.Qian Nana didn t expect this to be the result, and was about to ask him if she was a friend, when Han Chaoyang suddenly said Reporter Qian, I m sorry, I m dealing with a police case, and I specially asked a member of the public to come back from other places to help.He s here, I have to work, I ll contact you when I have time.Wait, I don t green galaxy cbd gummies phone number have time today, will I have tomorrow No one can say what will happen tomorrow, I m really sorry, that s all.Han Chaoyang didn t look for An excuse, Meng green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Lang really arrived, driving a black Mercedes Benz, and he was parked at the gate of the warehouse to look over here.Chapter 567 Little Fairy has an accident 4 Officer Han, I m sorry for keeping you waiting.I should be the one who said I was sorry for making you come back from such a long distance.Han Chaoyang declined After taking the cigarette handed by Meng Lang, he followed Meng Lang to the second row of warehouses, and pointed to the slogan on the wall to remind him The warehouse is an important place, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.After the negotiation, I will find someone to renovate after the Chinese New Year, and when the decoration is completed, I will bring these equipment over.Are you going to reopen What can we do if we don t continue to work Don t look at the mess here.You spent a lot of money when you bought it.Understood, I know that fitness equipment is very expensive.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued Boss Meng, did you have a lot of memberships when you were working in Xingye Plaza , you re going to close down, that s not good.Knowing that the police would ask, Meng Lang had already prepared his speech, and said with a flattering smile, Officer Han, HCMUSSH green galaxy cbd gummies phone number I m busy right now Don t worry, when the work in front of you is over, I ll Contact the members who applied for the card one by one, add them to WeChat, and refund them one by one.This involves economic disputes, to be precise, consumer disputes, and is not under the jurisdiction of the police.Moreover, Xingye Plaza is not only not under the jurisdiction of the Zhongshan Road Police District for security patrols, it is not even under the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau.Although Han Chaoyang expressed serious doubts about Meng Lang s words, he couldn t say anything more.Meng Lang didn t want to talk about this topic any more, so he clicked the mouse, and then moved away Officer Han, in fact, there are not many members here.If there are does amazon sell cbd gummies so many people, I won t close the door.Look, all Here.Seeing the member list, Han Chaoyang suddenly found a problem Before coming here, I just thought that Meng Lang must have the kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank basic information of Little Fairy , but I didn t think that when I signed up for membership, I would only leave my name, mobile phone number and home address, and it was impossible to leave a WeChat vest.Meng Lang could only bite the bullet and tap his phone, and reluctantly transferred money to the other party in front of Han Chaoyang through the other party s application for adding WeChat friends.Han Chaoyang was staring at him, but his attention was mainly focused on Chen Yuexiang s WeChat avatar and nickname.After confirming that Chen Yuexiang was not a little fairy , he dialed a third number and played the role of an employee of Jinshi Fitness Center again.What s your surname Han Chaoyang s heart trembled, because it was a man who answered the phone My surname is Cao.Who are you What s the matter Mr.Cao, this should be Ms.Jiao Qin s mobile phone number.I m Xiao Han from Jinshi Fitness Center.I have something to do with Ms.Jiao.Please let her Answer the phone.She s not here, tell me something.As a result, as soon as the door opened, the hand that pushed the door was tightly clenched, and then pulled in, Han Chaoyang and Wu Junfeng grabbed their arms and pressed them against the wall.What are you doing, what are you doing Don t move, we are from the Yandong Public Security Bureau Han Chaoyang yelled, confirming that Wu Junfeng had grabbed the man s left wrist, he immediately let go, and grabbed the man s back with one hand, tightly Pushing it against the wall, he began to search his body with one hand.From the Public Security Bureau Comrade policemen, what are you doing I m a good man, you must be mistaken One, and Han Chaoyang was still pinching the back of his neck, no matter how hard the man surnamed Cao struggled, it was useless.I am really wronged.I have a formal job.I work in a state owned enterprise.The two old ancestors in the anti pickup world.This is what my classmates told you.Don t think that you are a graduate student.I think it s amazing to have a master s degree, but in fact, just out of school is nothing.Others don t know what I am, but you don t know.How could I think I m awesome.Then why are you calling me Mi Zixiao asked back, and continued By the way, your master is very good.Awesome, your master s master is even more awesome.Although he is retired now, he still seems to be working in the Zhongshan Road Police District.When you see him and the two old anti pickups you just mentioned, you must respect him.If your master s master You don t like it, let alone a master s degree, even a doctorate is very difficult to get ahead in HCMUSSH green galaxy cbd gummies phone number our branch.Master s master, what is your surname, and what does it look like My surname is Gu, Gu Guoli, a second level hero model in the national public security system, and an outstanding citizen of the country.I don t have jurisdiction over the cases in the jurisdiction, so I really don t know how to punish them.The Municipal Bureau stipulates that the public security green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review system can enforce the law across districts and police stations for pornography, gambling and drug cases, and has also issued corresponding rules.According to the regulations of the Municipal Bureau, the Yandong Sub bureau should report to the Municipal Bureau, and the Municipal Bureau will decide whether to do edibles gummies cbd make you poop hand over the case to the Chengxi Sub bureau for investigation.Cases involving pornography and drugs in entertainment venues like this will not only pay attention to the public security detachment of the Municipal Bureau, but also the inspection detachment and even the Discipline Inspection Commission.Their first thought is green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review not the case itself, but that there is no problem with dispatching all jurisdictions over the venue, such as Are there any policemen who act as protective umbrellas for entertainment venues that violate laws and regulations, and are there any policemen who tip green galaxy cbd gummies phone number off the owners of entertainment venues.This is not a bad thing, Han Chaoyang pushed him down on the old sofa, took out his police card and showed green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review it See clearly, we are from the Yandong branch, not from the court, and we are not in charge of the money owed.I just want to know where you have been and who you have been with during this time Xu Weimin was confused and murmured, It s from the Public Security Bureau, what did the police want me for What, tell me the truth, how can there be so much nonsense Mr.Xu, who had been watching coldly, was angry, and picked up the plate on the old square table and threw it at him.The dumplings on the plate were eaten by Xu Weimin, and there was some dumpling soup left on the plate.Chaoyang was sprinkled all over in a daze.Uncle Xu, don t get excited, let him wake up first.Sun Guokang hurried over to stop him.He kicked the nearest one lightly, and shouted Dai Lishi, don t sleep, even if you sleep, don t sleep here, why don t you go home after Chinese New Year Who is it He turned around and raised his hand to block the strong light from the flashlight.He couldn t see Han Chaoyang clearly, but Han Chaoyang could see clearly with the help of a flashlight.Sure enough, he was very similar to the suspect in the photo, except that his hair was messier than Xu Weimin s, and his beard was longer than Xu Weimin s.Not only green galaxy cbd gummies phone number was his body dirty, but his face was also dirty.When he shone a flashlight on the other two, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that Xu Weimin probably paid more attention to his image in order to go home, at least he washed his face and hands, and at least put on relatively clean clothes.I m from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.The more Han Chaoyang listened, the more he felt something was wrong, he was stunned for a while, and suddenly asked in surprise, Why do I sound like Zhang Beibei It s Zhang Beibei, Huang green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Ying said with a chuckle, I just I was surprised when I found out, but it wasn t too surprising.Think about it, although Zhang Beibei knows a lot of people, only Zhen Chuan and Wu Wei can match her.That apprentice of yours was not born at the right time.If you come earlier, you may There is a chance, but it is definitely gone now.Zhang Beibei, hahahaha, how could it be Zhang Beibei What do you mean, do you have any ideas Stop joking, what can I think, I just think it s a little funny.Wait a minute, I ll call Hong Liang first, maybe he doesn t know either.Yu Zhenchuan and Zhang Beibei actually came together, which is quite funny when you think about it, keoni cbd gummies contact number Huang Ying green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies didn t want to waste any more time, snatched the phone, giggled and said, What s the fight, hurry up and brush your teeth, I didn t expect you to green galaxy cbd gummies phone number gossip like this Six hundred and zero Chapter 1 The second senior brother is here Huang s father and Huang s mother went out to visit relatives early in the morning.This is the second time.It stands to reason that he will not I can run, but I m not afraid of 10,000, just in case, if I run away, I will be in trouble, I want green galaxy cbd gummies phone number fx cbd gummies review to ask you for a favor.My own people, I can t talk about helping, how can we help There is surveillance in the shed, and Junfeng happens to be here.I will tell the other on duty staff later, and be more careful when on duty.As soon as you find Dai Lishi going out, let us know., please pay attention to the staff on duty here.In short, we can t let him out of our sight.I thought it was a big deal, the hospital is full of surveillance, as long as he doesn t leave the hospital, he will definitely not be out of our sight.Just Worried about him leaving the hospital.Well, let me tell the security guards for you.Dozens of people are watching one, and he can run away.Later, I simply had a showdown with me and asked me if I had a crush on Jin Chuan, and if I could get along with him first.There was something hidden, Huang Ying asked with a smile, What happened next I just met him a few days ago.He was in the police station and I was in the police office.He was busy handling cases all day long, and I didn t see him a few times.I didn t know him at all.I forgot what I said at the time, Gu The sheriff may feel that there is no hope, so he didn t mention it again.Han Zhaoyang reacted and couldn t help laughing That s right, the old man likes to give people red lines, but just introduce him, it s nothing Why do you hide something shameful from me.Your master may consider that we will see each other with our heads up and down.If everyone knows about it, it will be embarrassing in the future.More than 30,000 yuan is not much, but for a young man who goes to work in Beijing, it is not a small number, and it is a current deposit.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, put down his phone to check his wallet, and then checked his travel bag.You only have a change of underwear and long johns, so you re going to work in Beijing like this It s hard to take too many things with you.What s missing will be bought after you find a job and settle down.What kind of work are you going to do, Brother Liu Did I tell you how much it is a month For sales and business, Brother Liu said that you can earn seven or eight thousand a month.Han Chaoyang asked calmly, What are you selling and what business are you running Qiao Peiming was upset Said Health care products, I used to run sales.There is no evidence, there is nothing to do with him, and there is nothing to ask.Hey Commander Dai Li sighed, stubbed out his cigarette butt and said, Since Xiaoqin said so, let s make it together.Liyang, I ll give you 100,000, how much can you give I ll pay 100,000 too, Dai Liyang Looking back at his daughter in law, he saw that she was not very happy, and said, Officer Han, my brothers will settle the accounts clearly, and you will have to guarantee the loan.No problem, I will go to the sub district office tomorrow.Six hundred and first Chapter Fifteen Pursuing Happiness Dai Lishi didn t know if Han Chaoyang had borrowed money from his two cousins for him, but he had already seen the money.He went to pay New Year s greetings to his 80 year old uncle at night.The old man was really happy, and just as Dai Lijun expected, he rebuked him bitterly, and finally said that he was a child if he didn t get married.Xiao Ke was worried that he would jump the wall in a hurry, and now he could not take coercive measures against him, so he quietly sent Tian Xiaobin biolife cbd gummies for sex a WeChat message.Not long after Zhang Lihua sat down, Tian Xiaobin drove an electric patrol car from the north gate and arrived, guarding the green galaxy cbd gummies phone number batch cbd gummies door like a door god.Zhang Lihua uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number is aware of the seriousness of the problem, and all he can do now is to pray, hoping that the police will discuss the matter as it is , check Lao Liu s tobacco shop, and fine Lao Liu.He must not be implicated because of Lao Liu s bad things.At the same time, I also secretly prayed that Lao Liu would never be frightened by the police when he arrived.If he was frightened and said everything, it would be troublesome.Han Chaoyang confirmed that he couldn t run away even if he wanted to, so he took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Team Liang, asking when they would arrive.I have a gun on my body, and the gun cannot be brought into uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number Beijing.I can only rush over to say hello to you and see if I can find the nearest police station to store the gun.Let s go The emergency lane is purely a last resort.After speaking, he untied his coat and let the traffic police see the gun.ID cards, police cards, gun certificates, and letters of introduction issued by the Yandong Public Security Bureau were all available.Looking at Lao Hu s guns, the young traffic policeman realized that Yanyang s colleagues were not joking, and immediately returned the documents to Lao Hu.Glancing at the vehicles behind on the emergency lane, he said calmly, Hurry HCMUSSH green galaxy cbd gummies phone number over, I ll give you a call on the walkie talkie, and ask the people in front to respond.Thank you.The public security is a family, so you re welcome.Old Hu was more embarrassed and unlucky than Han Chaoyang.He didn t pay attention to his feet just now, but stepped on a pile of dog shit.He raised his legs and rubbed the soles of his shoes under the wall, and said with a green galaxy cbd gummies phone number sigh Xiaosun continued to assist, but as for Xiaosun, I guess he will not come again.Han Chaoyang put the travel bag on his shoulder, rubbed his hot face, and couldn t help laughing It s better not to come.The old cbd gummy coupons man Hu was stunned for a moment, then came to his senses, and said with a wry smile Yes, it s best if they don t come.They don t want to come, so I m too embarrassed to see them.Old Hu stepped on landmines like an old Hu, took photos of his feet with his mobile phone, walked to the back of a commercial vehicle, turned his head and said, Sheriff Hu, considering that the surname Qiao is really suspicious, the bureau leaders let us be dead horses as living horse doctors, as long as we can find out If you have some clues, there is no such thing as losing face or not.The Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade has no objections.If you guess correctly, you will help the community collect some stall fees like Zhang Zhishu used to.Everyone is happy.What s the problem Public security Ah Zhang Beibei couldn t help but said The stalls are set up by foreigners, and the migrant workers are also foreigners.It s nothing during the day, but there must be a lot of people at night.If there are too many people, accidents are likely to happen, so I have to say hello to you.Don t worry, even the soup team supports it, HCMUSSH green galaxy cbd gummies phone number how could our police office not support it.In this way, when your market becomes popular, we will arrange a police car to go there every night.Great, thank you.Thank you, your community supports the work of our police office, and our police office also needs to support the work of your community and help each other.You can t see people in the distance, and you can t see vehicles and pedestrians on the winding road for half a day.You really can t spend money there.The population of their jurisdiction is not large, but the area under their jurisdiction is not much smaller than green galaxy cbd gummies phone number our Qingshan County.Many remote administrative villages have no roads until today, and vehicles for police or village errands can only be driven to a place closer to the village, and then get off.Walking by car.The mountain road is difficult to walk, easy to go downhill and difficult to go uphill, and sometimes it takes a day to call the police or do something.Electronic payment, which is common in our eyes, is for our colleagues in the Northwest who stick to the mountains It is really high tech.They know about it through TV and the Internet, but they green galaxy cbd gummies phone number rarely have the opportunity to use it.Thank you, it s the right thing to do.You talk about your business, I ll take out the trash.Mr.Hu, this place is really good, it s so close to the construction site, and the environment is good , especially this hall, it s decorated in a bit of style.The engineer wearing glasses looked back at Mama Huang, took off his helmet and said with a smile.I mainly want to be close to the construction site.In terms of conditions, how does this place compare with a hotel That s true, the short and fat engineering manager, who was obviously a subordinate of Mr.Hu, took out a cigarette and said with a smile, Jiang Gong, no To brag with you, we Mr.Hu have never stayed in a hotel below four stars before.The speaker has no intention, but the listener does.Listening to their conversation, Huang s mother suddenly remembered a sentence that her daughter often said Poverty limits imagination, and the rich people really don t understand the world.It is quite normal, and there may uly cbd gummies shark tank green galaxy cbd gummies phone number be quarrels while working.If this happens, you must calm down Last year, in Shuiyun New Town, a construction site not far from here, the two gangs fought a lot because of a trivial matter.His head was bleeding.If there was something he couldn t talk about, he insisted on fighting, but if he won the battle, he was sent to the detention center, and if he lost the fight, he was sent to the hospital The migrant workers burst into laughter.Han Chaoyang also laughed.After checking green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies the ID card of the last migrant worker, he took the leaflet from Jiang Qingwen, and while distributing it, he said with a smile Everyone, this is a handy flyer specially prepared by Chaoyang Community for everyone.There is a community leaflet on it.The address and phone number of the clinic.However, although the deposit has been paid, it can still be refunded.Han Chaoyang calmed down and asked curiously Director Liu, what kind of electric car is it, four wheels or two wheels The ones issued are almost the same, and they are specially used for security patrols.Chapter 698 The case goes to the sub bureau for two green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies rounds.It s better to have something than nothing The leading equipment is not active, and there is something wrong with the brain.Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about chatting with Lao Ding, so he immediately called Xu Hongliang, organized twelve team members to rush to the branch office by bus, first went upstairs to the police security office to go through the application procedures, and then followed the police in charge of logistics.Lead the car in the backyard.Just as they were riding back on their brand new public security patrol electric vehicles, policeman Guo Yanfeng green galaxy cbd gummies phone number from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and two community policemen ran to the third floor of Shuimu Nianhua with seven auxiliary policemen.Not only was she embarrassed to go in, but she didn t want to go in.Her father was knocked off his legs while on duty.Wheelchair, all this hit her too much, so that she didn t like the profession of police from the bottom of her heart.Han Chaoyang didn t know, so he hurriedly wiped his face and ran back to the police room through the back door.Seeing no one in the hall, he lifted the cover and ran to the door.I have called several times before and added each other to WeChat.The fellow on the WeChat profile picture is very beautiful, so I didn t recognize Jiang Yan at a glance, so I just stood on the steps and looked around.Officer Han, Officer cbd percentage in chill gummies Han, I m here.It doesn t match me Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly went up to greet him with a smile and said, Jiang Yan, welcome.Deputy Chief Fan of the Sub bureau informed the Huayuan Street Police Station green galaxy cbd gummies phone number and Xinyuan Street Police Station of the preliminary investigation situation, and Deputy District Chief Chen asked to call The office formulates 3.The specific implementation plan of the 06 Diagram Operation requires Director Zou Qianjin of the District Market Supervision Branch to be the general commander, Deputy Director Fan of the Public Security Bureau to be the deputy commander, and several other deputy directors of the Market Supervision Branch to be the on site commanders.Since the management sub bureau is the main force in combating pyramid schemes, it has not been proactive enough to combat pyramid schemes, so that the police, who were supposed to be only assisting, became the main force.Taking this opportunity, as the deputy district chief, he said coldly Comrades, everyone knows the dangers of pyramid schemes.Director Xing took a closer look, and asked curiously Chaoyang, is this Wei Ping suspected of committing the crime This only means that he came back before the crime, and left after the crime.Is he lame Not lame.3.If the 14 case is not solved, Director Xing s life will not be easy for a day.After confirming that the person Han Chaoyang ran back to investigate in the middle of the night is not a lame person, he was really disappointed, but he still patted him on the shoulder Whether lame or not, as long as there is doubt Just check.Director, that s what I think.It would be great if everyone had the subjective initiative like you, what should we do now, should we go back or check here.How to check here, I will go back first.It s almost dawn, and now I can sleep for a while when I go back, so I won t keep you here, drive slowly on the way back., my brother in law is working behind that surnamed Yang, and he is gone after such a big incident, why doesn t he show up, why does he hide from us Yes, we only recognize him, he must give us a face to face Explain The Xu family was really excited, and Xu Jun, the son of the deceased, stood at the elevator entrance, hesitating to speak.Han Chaoyang coughed twice, walked up to the crowd, and asked with a straight face, What s going on, why are you arguing The police are here, Comrade Police, my brother in law came out to work hard, but died inexplicably.This man kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank surnamed Jiang stopped us from going to the construction site, and refused to let us go to the foreman.Please judge Don t worry If kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank you have something to say, speak slowly.Han Chaoyang turned on the law enforcement recorder, looked around the crowd and said solemnly Everyone, you are Xu Min s relatives, please introduce yourself first, my surname is Han, my name is Han Chaoyang, and I am Yan Dong.Li Jun was confused and couldn t help asking Bao Suo, Is there something wrong with this woman The surveillance in green galaxy cbd gummies phone number the office was installed a few years ago, there is only video but no audio, only the surveillance screen in the office of the case handling team can be seen, but green ape cbd gummies shark tank who sells royal blend cbd gummies the voice inside cannot be heard, so Bao Qingshan simply sat down and stared at Looking at the monitoring screen, he whispered This Wang Can is very similar to the girl rescued by Liu Chengquan, the anti pickup team.Ah Otherwise, Chaoyang can come here in a hurry But But people can t be resurrected after death, even if it can be confirmed It s the same person, and Xiao Liu can t possibly come back to life.Chaoyang and the others are outraged, don t talk about it, just watch the surveillance.Han Chaoyang pulled out the chair and sat in front of Wang Can with a blank expression.Sixteen years old, lives in the thirteenth group of Yongjin Village, Pumi Town, Yidong County, junior high school education, used to be a bricklayer, and later got a construction worker certificate, and began to lead workers to contract projects.Han Chaoyang blurted out after seeing the photo clearly I have seen this Luo Weixing, Mr.Hu, he seems to be your subordinate, what happened to him He ran away, and took away the wages of forty six workers Everything is not going well this year, the more Boss Hu thinks about it The more depressed he was, he said bitterly I m so blind that I outsourced the work to him Director Huo was most afraid of encountering such a thing, and in the end he was afraid of something, so green galaxy cbd gummies phone number he suddenly said Listen to Liu Suo, is it useful for you to say it now Boss Hu didn t dare to offend Director Huo, and quickly turned around and said, Liu Suo, I m sorry, you can continue.The problem now is that the debt relationship is too complicated.They are worried that there will be sequelae.It is only possible to take over after the district straightens out the debt relationship, but it is not so easy to straighten it out.The district let us Don t worry, let us wait, we don t know how long this wait will be Chapter 803 Chasing and Escaping 9 As night fell, a gray car slowly turned into a small street on Pingxi Road, Changshan District.The driver parked cbd gummies mayo clinic the car in front of a stewed vegetable stand, came down and bought some cooked food such as chicken feet, pig s trotters, peanuts, etc., ran to the small shop next to him, bought a case of beer and stuffed it into the trunk, and drove another hundred Duomi found a parking space and parked the car, put the cooked food kenai farms cbd gummies reviews green ape cbd gummies shark tank on the beer carton, walked into a small alley, and kicked open the iron gate of a small courtyard.Qian Shangui was a little disdainful, and suddenly said Huazi, you changed your girlfriend again What about that girl last time, you always change your parents like this Uncle, what is always changing Last time That is an ordinary friend, and this is a girlfriend.Ordinary friend, hehe Hua Zi, it s not that your uncle talks about you.If you want to talk, you can have a good talk with him, and if you talk about it, you can get married.Is it always interesting I know.Shi Junhua grinned, and chatted with his girlfriend while holding the phone.As expected, the airport is not far from the city.Qian Shangui is lamenting that the young people nowadays are too rambunctious.Jiang Yonggen has arrived at the hotel where Jiang Yonggen cleans up the dust for them.To be precise, it is a commercial plaza.He drives to the underground parking lot and greets the two warmly.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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