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2023-02-24 condor cbd gummies reviews huuman cbd gummies reviews And cbd gummies at stogies dog cbd gummies near me.

Although he has not been free since he came, in fact, his working hours are much longer than civil servants in other units.Because of his affairs, the director has approached the bureau more than once.The leader made it very clear that it is not possible, other police stations need it, but after he is transferred, don t expect the police to come over again.Since the matter of changing people is out of the question, one more person is better than one less.But one thing is clear, he cannot be allowed to go on like this.Liu Suo, smoke a cigarette to calm down.The instructor weighed it up, first handed a cigarette to the director, and then turned around and said, Xiao Han, you have been here for a long time, and you know everything in the institute very well.How stressful is the work, how tense is the manpower, think about it huuman cbd gummies reviews yourself, is there any problem with your work attitude Who has no temper, and this is the first time he has been wronged in more than 20 years.

The Jiang sisters were emotional and determined to take back all the real estate including the store on South Street.After receiving compensation for the demolition, the two sisters shared it equally.There are too many differences, even if Zhang Beibei is willing to make a compromise and accept mediation, it is wishful thinking.What are you shouting about For these two unfilial daughters who have never fulfilled even a little support obligation, Han Chaoyang will naturally not give them a good look, What time is it, I haven t realized my mistake You told me to turn left The neighbors cbd gummies lose weight asked who owned the house, and I asked, not only who owned the house, but also how your stepfather treated you, and how you treated your stepfather The policeman s voice was stern, and Director Xie s face was full.

The proprietress was very enthusiastic, and she walked out of the cabinet and brought a plastic stool.Don t sit down, don t be so polite.Han Chaoyang looked up at the camera, and said straight to the point Miss Boss, if you don t have anything to go to HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews the Three Treasures Hall, I want to ask you for some information.The next thing to talk about must be kept strictly confidential.The police came to the door to understand the situation, and kept it strictly confidential The proprietress was startled, and hurriedly said Officer Han, don t worry, I won t say a word I shouldn t say, I keep my mouth shut, and I m not the kind of person who likes to chew my tongue.Thank you.Just ask, What do you want to know Did a foreign woman in her early thirties send a courier to you just now The police knew what happened just now, and it seemed that it was not a trivial matter.

Mobilize the power, go back and find the community director and village party secretary, and get the security patrol team up as soon as possible.Yes.Knowing that as long as you can solve the case, you won t really do anything to me, Han Chaoyang thought it was funny, and couldn t help saying Instructor, there is one more thing.What is it We spent some money investigating this case, and I also promised to give them some bonuses after the case is solved.Aren t you very capable, don t mention these things if you have the ability.The more the trainer thought about it, the more amusing he became, and he asked calmly, How much did you spend, and how much bonus did you promise to give 200.If it s less than 200, you can t get it out.2000 should be enough.The gang that was destroyed just now was a fake gang, and the fake certificates and seals and tools for making fakes were seized by trucks, and the stolen money that can be seized is estimated Not less, it is absolutely no problem to apply for a 2,000 yuan bonus, but he must have a long memory and realize that the Huayuan Street Police Station is a collective.

The previous ones must also be made up.Understood, I will make up this one after I get it done.Don t take it seriously.If you find out that you really want to be fined, then you must not intercede with me, because it is useless to ask me.Okay, okay, don t worry, I won t make things difficult for you.Han Chaoyang s assurance HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews to her was deep.I was skeptical, and was about to emphasize it again, when a familiar voice came from behind Miss Boss, have my things been printed, and Xiao Han is there , Han Chaoyang hastily turned to say hello.Director Su dressed very vigorously today, with a white shirt on his upper body, dark blue trousers on his lower tko cbd gummies huuman cbd gummies reviews body, and short hair.While watching the proprietress help her print documents, he smiled and said, Xiao Han, let s go to Chaoyang Village together later.

There is something wrong with my character, no wonder I haven t even been a police chief for so many years.Ding Ren There is indeed a problem with the character of the friend.He likes to flatter the leader.Although he has done a lot of work, solved a lot of cases, and arrested suspects a lot, almost no one in the police thinks highly of him.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and asked, What s the matter with Ge Baohua I didn t offend cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant him., when he was in huuman cbd gummies reviews the army, he liked to tell stories, and he even made small reports from fellow villagers.Yang Yong had a chance to be transferred to a non commissioned officer.Harring others and benefiting oneself The forest is big and has all kinds of birds.I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain.I couldn t control it this morning.I couldn t help but yell at him.

That s great I ll know if it s good or not, you ll know if you add it, come on, let me help you, note your name, note Let me know where to rent The outsiders are still very reasonable, although it is so troublesome to check the ID card and residence permit in the middle of the night, register, take pictures, and join the WeChat group, but they did not fine them for not having a residence permit.And polite, very cooperative.In contrast, the landlord is not easy to talk to When he learned that he would be fined, and that he would be fined two fines, he immediately slapped the table and cursed.What are you shouting about Han Chaoyang could not continue to patrol outside, walked into the yard, pointed at a landlord and yelled, Do you know that if you rent a house to foreigners, you have to report to the community service station or the police station, even if you temporarily accommodate foreigners to live in Report to the police.

But now it s not like before.I was thinking about building a good relationship with the captain of real power , and immediately asked the two co workers to lock the suspect Tan Ke who was under interrogation into the detention room.He smiled and said, No problem, I ll check it out for you.He huuman cbd gummies reviews is about 40 to 50 years old, about 1.65 meters tall, with a thin build, a square face, and a conspicuous mole under his left ear.Okay, wait a moment.Guan Xiyuan clattered on the keyboard, continuously searched according to the physical characteristics provided by Han Chaoyang, and found nothing after five or six minutes of searching.As the center of the circle, from one county to the next, check the online fugitives of the public security bureau of that county.I searched several counties in a row and still found nothing.

Lao Chen, let s go to the branch office together.Yes Guan Yuanyuan got into the police car, Hastily calling the director s cell phone, he urged Old Chen, drive faster, take a shortcut, try to catch up with them, and escort them to transfer the suspect to the branch safely.Okay.Never encountered such a thing before, Old Chen thought to himself that Han Chaoyang not only brought disaster to the director and trainer, but all the people in the institute would be unlucky as well.All he could do now was to remedy the situation.He didn t dare to delay for a moment.He sounded the siren and stepped on the accelerator to rush to the branch office go.Chapter Fifty Eighth Great Investigation 10 The convoy drove into the sub bureau in mighty force, and the on duty policemen from the Criminal Police Brigade and huuman cbd gummies reviews six policemen from the agency who had just been called rushed up to take over the suspect.

No way Where does the money cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant come from Look for a developer again, but the house has been sold long ago, and it is impossible to control the owner to ask for money.Shouldn t fiscal revenue be used to wipe the asses of failed real estate projects So we have to fight a protracted war and be prepared to maintain stability at any time I just know, your life is difficult, our life It huuman cbd gummies reviews cost of cbd gummies s even more difficult, if I have the chance, I really want to be transferred, I really can t work on Huayuan Street.The two children actually talked about the things that the leaders should worry about.Grandpa Gu thought it was a little funny, and abruptly interrupted It s not as pessimistic as you think.The problems of so many people have to be solved, and we can t delay any longer.The superiors will definitely think about it.

Dozens of people guarded the computer at the sub bureau to repeatedly analyze and judge the video, but there were too many people and too many cars in the video, and it turned out that everyone was suspicious There is a license plate number, and the car can be checked.It is impossible to write ID numbers on people s faces, only to grasp the physical characteristics, and the facial features taken at night are not very clear, and there are cbd oil or gummies 10 mg to 15 mg tens of thousands of people, how to check their seats one by one, and how to find out their identities.So in this case, the most stupid way is often the best way.Xi Hongbo felt that the investigation at night was very necessary, so he raised his head and asked, Is there enough police force Definitely not enough, but Liu Suo will find a way.At worst, we will find out until dawn.

You can check it again.Opportunity to enter the house for investigation , as long as you can find a small advertisement, you can photograph it quietly, and the urban management comprehensive administrative law enforcement personnel can conduct targeted investigations and collect evidence.The suspect must have thought that the public security checks every three days were trying to force him to move.In fact, the investigation and even the punishment some time ago were really trying to force them to move.In short, he would not think that the police already knew that he had blocked the lock of the rolling gate, and he would not be suspicious if he went to investigate with great fanfare.Older gingers are more spicy Han Chaoyang was overjoyed.He clicked the mouse to turn off the computer, stood up and said with a smile, Chen Jie, call Xiaobin and ask them to stand by at the entrance of the village.

Seeing Chen Jie chasing and beating cbd gummies at stogies Li Xiaobin, and Li Xiaobin trying to catch up with Xiao Wu who had betrayed him, Han Chaoyang laughed with the team members.Okay, okay, it s none of my business to check the ID card.Xiao Wu, come here for me.Work hard, Han Da, starting from this family, I ll call the door.Xiao Wu said He made a gesture of begging for mercy, and immediately started working in a serious manner Counting the bus stop sign check at the entrance of the police station, this was the third ID card check.The boys already had experience, so there was no need for Han Chaoyang to explain it deliberately.The villagers are also used to it.Although they are not very happy when their doors are smashed in the middle of the night, they are quite cooperative.After checking one after another, they quickly found the shop facing the street that they really wanted to check tonight.

Dial 110.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, and said in a deep thought Taizhuang is under the jurisdiction of our Huayuan Street Police Station, so leave this matter to me.Ask the location of the civilian tools, and send the mobile phone number of the guy in charge, and I ll go there after supper Find it for you.It s fine, you can run for me.Yu Zhenchuan threw away the cigarette butts and walked to the river.In other villages, Han Chaoyang would not dare to guarantee this.But Taizhuang is not another village, but the jurisdiction of Xiyuan.Smiling apologetically with Captain Tang who just sat down to eat, he picked up his cell phone and dialed Guan Xiyuan.Chaoyang, what s the matter Calling so late, didn t it affect your rest Rest, I just finished here I have checked the are cbd gummies good for stress foreigners for one night, and I have been interrogating for the criminal police team until now.

It s so far away, and I can t help you with your affairs.I can, Zhang Beibei touched his lips, and said in a deep thought, It s also demolition, so why is my compensation only half that of others I consulted a lawyer , there is only one way to get the same compensation.What way Transfer the household registration and become a member of Chaoyang Village.Then move.It s not as easy as you think, and it only takes two days to move here.There is one way, either marry someone from the village, or all the villagers representatives agree with me to move my household registration here, as long as the village is willing to accept it, as long as the village provides a proof of acceptance, the police station can talk about it.Find someone to get married in a fake way, and it s over if you give him some money when the time comes.

After walking out of the small restaurant, he was hot and sweaty, and he didn t know when a visit like this would end.Hongliang, the house in front is equipped with a camera.This house is two rows away from the murder scene.Xu Hongliang didn t think that extracting the surveillance video of this house would help solve the case, but he still said, Let s go and have a look.Wu Wei did the same He felt that this was useless work, but this was a task assigned by the task force.He glanced back at Xu Hongliang, and walked up to knock on the door quickly.Is anyone there Is there anyone at home Who is it We are from the police station and want to come over to find out more about the situation.It s about Qiao Xianhong s family.You have been here several times.The iron door creaked open , a short and fat middle aged woman hugged her child and moved away.

It s not an outsider, don t be so polite.Yes, Ms.Tang, I also know Accountant Huang, so I m not an outsider.First Huang Ying, now Tang Xiaoxuan, Yu Zhenchuan is very envious of his junior brother If you are lucky, you can t help but show your hospitality.Huang Ying from the Sub district Finance Office is too high sighted.Director Su said that it seems that the young apprentice has no chance.Since he has no chance, he can t hang himself on a tree.Gu Guoli felt that this backtracking was a good one, and wondered why the police couldn t find a beautiful and rich partner.The main thing to talk about in this kind of relationship is about feelings, so he decided to help the little apprentice, and said excitedly Chaoyang, I received a phone call just now, and Director Feng called in person, saying that the clues you provided to the task force this afternoon are very valuable, and I commend you, our police department, and our Huayuan Street Police Station.

There are fewer and fewer outsiders in Chaoyang Village, and it has become deserted.Yangguan Village is just the opposite.As the relocation of Chaoyang Village continues to advance, many foreigners who rented in Chaoyang Village have moved to Yangguan Village.Connecting to Renmin Road in the south and leading to Bozhuang Road in the north, Xiangyang Road runs through the whole village.At night, it is brightly lit and crowded with people.Both sides of the road are full of small shops, small restaurants, even an Internet cafe and two small hotels that just opened.Vendors saw every opportunity, either setting up stalls or simply setting up street stalls.Along the way, there are the most food stalls, huuman cbd gummies reviews some making egg filled pancakes, some selling cooked vegetables, some selling stinky tofu, some selling cold noodle, and there are three or four large scale barbecue stalls.

With the support of the sub district working committee and sub district office, it has helped to contract many security services and has a relatively stable source of funds.However, the security service market in Huayuan Street is so big, and setting up another security service company will not be able to receive business at all.Thinking about the serious security situation in the village, Village Chief Cui subconsciously asked Chaoyang, we give 30,000 a year.How many people can the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company send .

can you take cbd gummies in checked luggage?

over every day Fan raised his head and said, No less than four people per night.If the village can solve the 30,000 yuan, I can fight for it from the office huuman cbd gummies reviews and see if I can arrange for an auxiliary policeman to be stationed in the police room.Including the auxiliary police, there are five people, including the grid officer Xiao Cheng, there are six people, and the college student village officer Xiao Liu is always transferred to the street to help, so he can take the opportunity of forming a public security joint defense team to get Xiao Liu back, so there are seven people.

Maybe he knew that the old man was going back today, or maybe the Xinyuan Street Police Station was not busy today, so Yu Zhenchuan arrived early , sitting in front of the computer and uploading the transcripts in the afternoon while logging into the intranet, and asked curiously Chaoyang, what is the down payment for the house How about raising it, if it s not enough, I have 20,000 here.My mother called in cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews the afternoon and said that the fundraiser is almost ready.Come huuman cbd gummies reviews over with my father on Sunday afternoon.Even my more than 10,000 here won t let you borrow money.I can save more than 10,000 yuan.I didn t save much for my salary.Can I save more than 2,000 yuan for a month of probationary period I saved this private money when I was in college.Han Chaoyang took off his law enforcement recorder and held a teacup Sit across from him.

I sent him to the No.6 Hospital of the City.He was in the intensive care unit just after the examination.The doctor said it was a cerebral infarction caused by diabetes, and the cerebral infarction caused stomach bleeding Cerebral infarction, stomach bleeding, the person is unconscious, and is in the intensive care unit Xia Yunkui didn t know Luo Chunjun well, they were found by someone else, and they didn t know that Luo Chunjun was sick HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews at all.When they had dinner at night, they thought he had a cold and that he was not acclimatized.He was the one who found him, and he was immediately stunned.Boss Xia, Boss Xia, are you listening Yes, Officer Han, he is sick.He was already sick.It wasn t a work related accident, nor did he fall down on our construction site.I know, Boss Xia, I didn t Other meaning, just want to invite you to come over, after all, he is your worker, and please contact his relatives as soon as possible.

In the evening, I had dinner at the police office of Yangguan Village.After dinner, I started the first public security patrol with Lao Xu and the team members who had just entered Yangguan Village.It was of great significance.Village head Cui, accountant Chang, director Lin and grid operator Xiao Cheng all participated and were divided into three groups.One cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews group patrolled on the busiest Xiangyang Road, and the other two groups patrolled in each team.After learning that there are people patrolling the village every day, the villagers, especially the merchants along the street, are very happy and satisfied.They all think this is a good thing and a practical thing done by the government.Han Chaoyang not only patrols, but also takes this opportunity to visit.He pulled the village cadres to find Qiao Xianhong s two uncles and talked about Qiao Xianhong s family.

We don t advertise, we only publish life information.How to manage this public No.She obviously has a plan, and she is really confident, but what is the difference between publishing life information and advertising, it is just another way of saying it.But now there are only more than 3,000 followers, and tko cbd gummies huuman cbd gummies reviews there is still a long way to go to turn the traffic into huuman cbd gummies reviews benefits.Han Chaoyang didn t want to spoil the scenery, put down his phone and said with a smile Director Su, do you want to go home or go back to the neighborhood committee I ll send Yingying back later, or Let s go together.No, I won t be a light bulb for you, I will go back to the cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant neighborhood committee in a patrol car.By the time Huang Ying finished removing her make up and changed into her clothes, it was already 10 o clock at night.

If you don t want to go to work tomorrow, I ll still go to work.Hanging up, Han Chaoyang clicked on Accept, and directly transferred the money to Zheng Xinyi returned to the police room and said with a smile, Half of the two hundred that I just transferred belonged to my wife and half belonged to my mother in law.It doesn t matter if I remember it or not.My wife so soon, my mother in law so soon, Zheng Xinyi said The more funny I thought about it, I couldn t help but tease Han Da, there is one less person, where is your father in law s Yes, I will I really asked Dr.Cao just now, and Han Chaoyang sighed softly At the beginning, I asked Miss Lu, and Miss Lu said that three to four hundred thousand should be enough, and then I asked the doctor to know how much money will be spent.Whether the guy will be infected, I don t know if the little guy will have any complications, anyway, judging from the current situation, 400,000 yuan is definitely not enough.

If Lu Yatou and other medical staff hadn t dragged the couple to their knees again.Don t thank you, there are so many people who donated money, you can t thank you enough.Han Chaoyang looked back at the elevator, frowned slightly and said, It s already three o clock, and you can t help here, why don t you go back first Rest, your eyes are so red, you probably haven t slept in a safe sleep for several days.Yeah, babies are not adults and don huuman cbd gummies reviews t need your care.If you don t believe me, go to the pediatrics department.Some babies are put into the incubator after birth.Stay inside for more than ten days, and the child s mother visits once a week.Dr.Cao agreed and helped to persuade.I m not going, I m not going anywhere, I want to watch Binbin, I want to be with Binbin.The more Xia Yuqing thought about what happened at night, the more she felt guilty, and the moment her husband put Binbin in the police department appeared in her mind.

The Bureau of Education can mobilize teachers, and the teachers of primary and secondary schools in the district can mobilize parents, but it is summer vacation, and not every parent is online, and not every parent is interested in such a vote.Huayuan Street is completely different from the sub bureau.First of all, the singing is very good, and the show is amazing.Secondly, and most importantly, many of the audience are fans of the most handsome police cbd gummies for energy officers.The sub bureau requires the police to vote.And the voting time is only ten minutes, there is almost no suspense in this competition.Win, win, we won from the audience Director Gu, there will definitely be no problems with the judges.We sang so well, and the applause was so loud just now.Don t get excited, don t get excited, listen to Secretary Ding first.

You know, every time you receive an order to call the cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant police, I feel uneasy, wondering what kind of things you will encounter, what kind of people you will meet, and whether you cbd gummies and muscle growth reddit will be in danger.I m sorry, It made you worry.Don t say I m sorry, you can only blame yourself, who made me talk to you obsessively.When the police are in danger, how could she not be worried.She was nervous, Han Chaoyang was very happy and guilty, hugged her tightly and murmured, Yingying, I don t want you to be worried all day, I don t want to work overtime every day, and I don t want to be in a relationship like a thief.No matter from which point of view I agree with Principal Nie, it is the best choice to go to PolyU to be a music teacher.But I am an ordinary teacher at PolyU, not even an ordinary teacher, no matter uly cbd gummies price whether the school leaders arrange me to be a counselor or go to the Youth League Committee , In the eyes of others, I am an idler after all.

Round after round of talent shows have reduced music to entertainment, and set a deformed benchmark for music.In order to quickly catch the audience in prime time Eyeballs, winning the favor of advertisers, are all engaged in the safest, lowest cost old song cover, which is a kind of twice cooked meat obliteration of original music, especially music producers.Is she helping others adapt old songs What do you think, it s not that easy to make an original, and she s just working, so she doesn t have much money for an adaptation.Since she can t make much money, she might as well continue training.Go It s okay for PolyU to be a music teacher, and to put it bluntly, it s training. Chaoyang, are you awake While chatting, my mother s voice came from outside.Han Chaoyang hurriedly walked into the kitchen with Huang Ying, thinking whether huuman cbd gummies reviews to help out for a while, Huang Ma, who had just washed a crayfish, suddenly raised her head Chaoyang, we discussed about purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking the new house just now, now I want to hear your opinion.

Considering that this matter involves not only the people of Chaoyang community, but also the property of Dongming Community, which has always supported the work of the police department, I feel that the young apprentice should handle it.It would be more appropriate, together with Wu Junfeng cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews to help the beaten old man into the patrol car, while gesturing for Wu Junfeng to drive, while holding the door of the car, he said, Chaoyang, I ll take him to the Sixth Hospital first, and contact me in time if there is any situation.Okay.Han Chaoyang also guessed a little bit, turned to look at Manager Zhang, and said loudly Please don t worry, we will deal with it fairly.The sun grownmd cbd gummies cbd gummies at stogies is so hot, the sky is so hot, go back, what s so interesting about this.Xiao Han, this is unfair competition, this is forced buying and selling Aunt Liu, I know, don t worry, we will inform you of the results as soon huuman cbd gummies reviews as the results are out.

It s an industry practice to designate a person to collect waste.If you don t believe me, you can just ask any community.It s like this now.Manager Zhang tried his best to defend, but he didn t dare to say anything.If it is too heavy, if the intensification of conflicts makes this matter a fuse, the owners may really work together to fire the squid of the property.When Aunt Liu was talking, Han Chaoyang was not HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews easy to interrupt, so he could only listen attentively.However, through their debate, they discovered that it is an open secret that the contracting fee for collecting waste into the community seems to be an open secret, and it has even become a practice in the property management industry.Just when she felt that it was wrong for the property company to do this, and she didn t know if there were any corresponding laws and regulations, Tan Xiaoying suddenly said Manager Zhang, you are making unreasonable words.

Who What did you say Miao Haizhu asked back, and said with a smile You are amazing now, a special lecturer at the School of Art of five cbd thc gummies Yanyang University of Science and Technology, and the cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant leader of the department has considered that you have teaching tasks in a while, and is worried that the police platform on Zhongshan Road will be too busy , let me take Sergeant Tang cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant as my teacher and come to the police office to help you.It sounded like it was true The police force of the Xinyuan Street Police Station is more intense than that of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Yu Zhenchuan is tired like a dog day and night.It is not easy to arrange for Lao Tang to be stationed at the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform.How can the precious police force be used to support the police platform .Arranging you to come here is actually not treating you as an ordinary policeman.

Director Fu is different from Director Su.Not only are they not at the deputy department level, they are not even civil servants.They are just an ordinary community.worker.The salary is not much, and there are many things.He was already very busy, and he was not interested in mobilizing the owners of the Xinmin community to pay for it.While packing up his things, he smiled nonchalantly Officer Miao, the public security management and population management mainly depend on your public security.Cooperate.There is a meeting in the street, you can t be late, I ll take a step first, as for the situation in Xinmin Community, you can ask Xiao Geng, Xiao Geng will cooperate with you.Director Fu That s it, call if you have anything to do.Director Fu left as soon as he said, and disappeared from sight in a blink of an eye when he stepped on the electric car.

The criminal police who landed behind opened the door from the inside as planned.Jiang Da rushed into the yard, and the criminal policemen who followed him turned on their flashlights one huuman cbd gummies reviews after another.Few outsiders come to the village at ordinary times, even less at night.Dogs generally don t bark when they can t see strangers.It was weird tonight, the dog kept barking, there was movement in the yard just now, it seemed that someone came in over the wall, Feng Guoyu woke up from the dream, subconsciously pulled the light rope, subconsciously asked Who is it After falling, there was a bang in the main room.The door was knocked cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews open from the outside, and only a few bright lights entered the inner room, blinding people s eyes.Don t move, we belong to the Public Security Bureau Feng Guoyu from the Public Security Bureau suddenly realized what had happened, and broke out in a cold sweat.

But publicity belongs to publicity, and safety must be considered.Although Feng Changdong was arrested, he is a drug dealer, and no one knows if he has any accomplices.It only mentioned the policemen of the Yandong Sub bureau in general, and only posted a few mosaic photos.The news pushed by the political department of the sub bureau must be reposted by the WeChat public accounts huuman cbd gummies reviews of all brigades and police stations, and even the huuman cbd gummies reviews policemen of the sub bureau.The number of fans can cbd gummies show up on a drug test may be more than that of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol WeChat public account.Others didn t know that it was Han Chaoyang who captured the fugitive, but Grandpa Gu knew it clearly and was shocked when he saw the news.Among the policemen who went to exchange and study together, only Han Chaoyang participated in the search and arrest, Xu Hongliang also suddenly reacted.

The Bureau looked back at Jiang cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant Li and Zhang Tianxiang who were being stopped by Secretary Tang of the Bureau s Disciplinary Committee, and said solemnly Commissioner Huang, something happened to the Xinying Police Station.Ask Comrade Han Chaoyang to learn more about the situation.It is different when it comes to the police of your own unit.Political Commissar Huang was stunned, and subconsciously asked, What happened What was happening in Xinying Township was no secret, and it might not be long before the relatives of the deceased would post it on the Internet.The people know it.There is nothing to hide, Wang Ju took a deep breath, frowned and said He Pingyuan, director of the Xinying Police Station, mediated a public security case last night.The person involved was a 67 year old man who died after returning home.

Put this matter aside for now, maybe he will show up soon.What about after he shows up Keep an eye cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant on him.If he doesn t reach out again, he s lucky.If he dares to commit another crime, Then he won t be as lucky as last time.The school is so big, how can you keep an eye on it There is always a way, I am too tired today, go to bed early As expected, Zhongshan will be in the next six months The road integrated alarm platform will be very busy.After eating two meals in the evening, Huang Ying, who was hungry again after seeing the grilled squid, bought two skewers of squid.She was about to go to the police station to say hello to her master, Lao Tang and her senior sister and go back to rest.Police at the construction site.In normal times, it is not allowed to bring family members with such a serious matter as the police.

Wang Bureau, political commissar, I listen to the organization.He Pingyuan took a deep breath and said with huuman cbd gummies reviews a choked voice But I just bought a house the year before last, and it cost a lot of money to buy a house, and a lot of money to decorate it, which made me win five at once.Ten thousand, I can t afford it, I don t have that much money.A senior police station chief can t afford fifty thousand in cash, and in the economically developed coastal areas, people would really take it as a joke if he said it.However, Longdao County is not an economically developed coastal area, but a state level poverty stricken county.The salary of cadres is not only not high, it was not even paid in full on a monthly basis until a few years ago.As for gray income, that s the real joke.There are only so many people in the mountains, and the seat of the township government can t see a few people during the day, not to mention entertainment venues such as karaoke halls, dance halls, saunas, and baths, and there are not even hotels.

The community is in such a mess.Comfortable.Actually, you still have a big killer.What big killer Xinmin Community is an old community.When there is a heavy rain, the house on the top floor leaks, and many infrastructures need to be repaired.There is no owners meeting., without going through the property committee, the housing maintenance fund cannot be withdrawn. Understood, I will go to the street tomorrow. I have to be on duty here tomorrow, how can you have time tomorrow The day after tomorrow, thank you, please It wasn t you who reminded me, I really didn t think of this.Miao Haizhu saw hope again, and became high spirited again.Huang Ying had never seen such a person before, so she didn t know how to comment, so she simply changed the subject Chaoyang, don t bother advising Sister Miao, what about Mr.

Chang Mazi s business is quite large and he has cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews a lot of cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews people.We have to investigate slowly.There are not many surveillance cameras nearby.The old man who guards the gate sleeps all day.It is entirely possible that it was transported directly from the river.If someone really dares to do such a prank, they will not be afraid of our investigation, and even if they are questioned, they will refuse to admit it.Did someone see it, or did we make him feel that someone saw it Wu Wei asked rhetorically.Han Chaoyang put down the unfinished chicken legs, and murmured Even if you want to bluff, you have to bluff the right person.He has so many subordinates, do you know who did it Besides, our task is to watch the sand sieve, so we can understand it from the side.It s definitely not enough to investigate with great fanfare, and the name is not right.

Manager Chang, you are someone who has seen the world, so you should know this.Okay, I ll get it for you.He here Really, I saw him dig out a pile of ledgers for salary payment and freight settlement from the filing cabinet.Wu Wei took the account book and turned to the roster page, took out the police pass to take a picture, and then took the vehicle information, then opened the notebook and checked the situation learned in the morning against the photos on the police pass.Manager Chang, how are your shifts arranged here Can you give me a copy of the shift schedule from the 15th to the 18th.The murder case at the rival gravel factory was related to the workers on his side, and he happily dug out another work sheet from the file cabinet.Wu Wei took pictures first as before, then raised his head and said, Manager Chang, did Pei Qimin come to work today He works the night shift and doesn t come until 6 o clock.

The old one doesn t go and the new one doesn t come.There is a photo of your current one in Lao Li s phone.She is very sunny and handsome.I plan to When will you get married, and will you invite me when you get married It s early, let s not talk about me, let s talk about you, how did you do in the exam this morning, can you join the National Ballet Orchestra Being dismissed, the competition is too fierce, the competitors are too strong, the recruitment is held behind the curtain, the applicants pull inside, the recruiters listen outside, we stand at the door to listen, how is the performance level I can distinguish between high and low, although I was brushed down, but I was convinced by the brush, and I must admit that my skills are not as good as others.Don t be ambitious and destroy your prestige, huuman cbd gummies reviews I think you can do it, it may be that you didn t prepare much before, this grownmd cbd gummies cbd gummies at stogies time it was too hasty I know in my heart how well I pull, not to mention that I am not the best puller when I was in school.

Is this a large scale gang Even if it is a criminal gang with a large number of people, this kind of situation is unlikely to happen.I can t guess what it is now.I will help you keep an eye on the traffic control center.The suspect vehicle has been entered into the traffic police As long as the detachment s collection and deployment control system is on the road, the system will automatically identify it, automatically call the police, and even push it to the mobile police terminal of the police on duty, and then we can arrange for the nearest police force to intercept it. Thank you Luo Zhi. Don t be in a hurry to thank me, you should hurry up and see if you can find out the basic situation of the owner of the Mercedes Benz before dark.Tengda is personally in charge of this line, and has already contacted the Dongguan City Public Security Bureau.

Teng University didn t let us go, but Gong Da let us go.Wu Wei really didn t want to be caught by the special case like this The team threw it down, and said anxiously Gong Da made it very clear at that time, let us rest first, and act as soon as the suspect vehicle shows up.I said it at that time, but it didn t call just now It s gone, they didn t care about it just now. But if we go like this, it s very likely huuman cbd gummies reviews green otter cbd gummies scam that something bad will happen. It s definitely not okay to go like this, let s go in and borrow casual clothes from the traffic police.I didn t sleep well last night, and I was very sleepy in the morning , but not sleepy now.More importantly, no matter how he was marginalized by the where to buy cbd gummy bears special case team before, since the case has been tossed for so many days and the truth is about to come to light, Han Chaoyang is really unwilling not to go and see, so he couldn t help laughing Okay, go borrow clothes.

They are not ordinary suspects.If we had considered more comprehensively at the time and could not have been so hasty at the time, they might have thought that we would not find them.We don t have to do anything else now, just sit back and wait.They absconded Call the owner of the car rental company and ask if anyone plans to rent a Mercedes Benz car for him these days.Xiaoqian, put aside other work, and immediately go around the car rental company to see how many cameras are nearby.You can watch it at night Call it on the spot, and at night if you can t watch it, call it after dawn.Yes Just after giving the new order, the phone rang again, and when I looked down, it turned out to be the phone number of Deputy Chief Luo.Luo Zhi, I found the information on the owner of the Audi car.His surname is Xiao, and his name is Xiao Qingliang.

Seeing his hesitation, Zhou Ju asked curiously, Who s calling, why didn t you pick it up No, it s Teng University.Fearing that the two bureau leaders didn t know who Teng University was, Han Chaoyang added with a bitter face Teng University of the High tech District Bureau.You have to answer the phone, do you know what to say Yes.Yes, if you know it, answer it quickly, and answer it right here.Yes.When he was about to open his eyes and tell nonsense, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath and pressed the button.The call button raised the police officer to his ear huuman cbd gummies reviews Hello Teng University, Teng University, what instructions do you have Xiao Han, is there any progress on your side He didn t go back to his own house, nor did he go to his sister s house.But don t worry, we will keep an eye on him 24 hours a day, and there will never be anything that happens that he sneaks back from under our noses and we don t know about it.

Qualifications have qualifications, academic qualifications have academic qualifications, and grades also have achievements, maybe you can talk to the leaders every day if you work in an agency, just like my former master, Police Chief Yang, who was defeated by the Kang Institute in the end.Who is it Don t like self motivated people Huang Ying really had a bit of hoping for her husband to become a dragon , so she analyzed it seriously You don t have to worry about the competition between the police and the police.If they can talk to the leaders, you can as well Education is not particularly important to you police.After all, you are only a deputy director, not a deputy director.The key is huuman cbd gummies reviews seniority, which is your shortcoming.You can only work hard on your grades, and you can only use your grades to make up for it.

Where s the guest Director Wen asked.Bao Suo called me just now.He is accompanying the guests for dinner at the hotel.He will come over after eating.He will definitely be in time.There are a lot of people here, and this event tonight is indeed very meaningful.Director Wen took out his mobile phone to check the time, and explained When Xiao Han arrives, I will hand over the scene to Xiao Han.I will be in charge of receiving the leaders, and you will be in charge of receiving the media and guests.Bao Changqing is cbd gummies 120 mg in charge.Yes Director Gu, Secretary Xu, look, the crowd is very enthusiastic, and they really have feelings for Comrade Gu Guoli.It s only what time, so many people are here, safety is more important than anything else, you say yes It s not about sending a few more people over to help maintain order at the scene.

Did you Got it, I just heard about it.Do you have any ideas That s good, it should have been like this a long time ago.Compared with our patrol team, the superiors should give awards to the auxiliary police who performed well.People Doing the same job as us, the same dangers when performing the tasks, but the result is not paid for the same work, and some parties are even discriminated against and even insulted when they are on duty.The wages and benefits cannot be improved, and they can t even lose honor.I thc cbd hybrid gummies knew you would think so, and huuman cbd gummies reviews you re wyld cbd raspberry gummies 500mg right.Chapter 402 Outstanding policemen entered November, and there were more and more various assessments and selections.Han Chaoyang just went to the Municipal Bureau to attend the meritorious service award ceremony with Zhang Zhishu, Lao Jin and others yesterday afternoon.

If you can t find out anything, you can only hand it over to the No Management Bureau.There is no loss.And he will become a regular in a few days.He is an official policeman.He can t always handle cases.Said it was an exercise.Only then did Xu Weizhong realize that Han Chaoyang has been working as an auxiliary policeman with the salary of a probationary policeman, regardless of his achievements since he started working, and has never been approved, never really.Handled a case.What kind of policeman is a policeman who can t handle cases Thinking of this, Xu Weizhong couldn t help laughing Lao Gu is too incompetent to be a master.He didn t even teach him how to handle cases It s not that Lao Gu hides his secrets, it s that Lao Gu has never handled a case in these years Handling a case is so troublesome, and the Changfeng Street Police Station can t let him do such things as sorting materials and 100 pure cbd gummies running goop cbd gummies for approval, so a community policeman like Lao Gu can only You can bring out competent community police, but you can t teach competent case handling police.

Seeing the crowd rushing in, the man stood up subconsciously What are you doing I m from the Food and Drug Administration of Yandong District, Deputy Director Zhang showed his ID, and then leaned over to pick up a piece of paper that he hadn t had time to seal with a plastic bag.Take out a few small boxes of India A8 from the box, and walk to the door with better light to check the approval number on it.The man realized why everyone came, and reacted quickly.While winking at a frightened girl, he took out a cigarette and prepared to go forward to flatter her.Han Chaoyang walked up to him huuman cbd gummies reviews green otter cbd gummies scam without hesitation, and said coldly The police, food and drug, and industry and commerce joint law enforcement, what s your name, please show your ID card and business license and other procedures.No one is allowed cbd gummies for kids with add adhd autism to leave, little girl , where are you going Xiao Liu tacitly stopped the girl who was about to escape huuman cbd gummies reviews grownmd cbd gummies cbd gummies at stogies through the back door.

Although they are all sent by the organization department, the village cadres are not stupid, especially the village party secretary like Zhang Changjian who has worked for more than ten years.It is Qingshui Yamen.For those cadres who come from relatively powerful or wealthy departments, they will actively cooperate.For those cadres from relatively disadvantaged departments, although it is not to say that they are cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant not uncooperative, they will certainly not be very active.Although the United Front Work Department is not a very powerful department, it is a department of the district committee after all.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, thinking that Zhang Zhishu had repented , and simply changed the topic Where is my master Ask Who are you drinking with Mo Yunhu.Drinking with Mo Yunhu is different, Han Chaoyang immediately stood up I ll go and see.

You are not old, you are old and strong.What tko cbd gummies huuman cbd gummies reviews is old and strong, and old is not the same as old Gu Grandpa glared at him, raised his glass and smiled, Yunhu, come on, let s go one more time.Officer Gu, I respect you.What is Officer Gu, didn t you just say that I ve retired, he It s a police officer, I m not. You re a police officer even if you huuman cbd gummies reviews re retired. Okay, call it whatever you want.Grandpa Gu took a gulp from his small cup, picked up a peanut with vinegar in his chopsticks , said persuasively Yunhu, I heard about what happened in the morning, and I think you must be very uncomfortable.But you have to divide things into two parts.They look at you with old eyes, and they are wrong.You also You have to natures tru cbd gummies 2000mg think about it the other way around, why do they look at you with the same old eyes, and why did what happened in the morning Mo Yunhu had a very miserable day, and those people who offended him would call 110 once in a while, Xinyuan The police from the Street Police Station went there once in a while, and later even the people from the Judicial Office went.

The house in the factory and the land in martha stewart cbd gummies promo code the factory should have been taken back a long time ago, and they shouldn t be sold at a low price The old factory manager waved his arms and said excitedly The factory went bankrupt, and the district can t count on it., It grownmd cbd gummies cbd gummies at stogies s better to get it back from the community than to sell it to outsiders.And according to the plan of Secretary Cao and Xiao Zhang, as long as it can be done, it shouldn t be compensated.After all, times have changed.In the past, no one watched movie tickets for two yuan a piece.Now Forty or fifty tickets may not be able to buy tickets, I don t know about others, but as long as cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant the movie theater is renovated and reopened, the business will definitely not be bad.For Cao Zefang, whether the tko cbd gummies huuman cbd gummies reviews commercial complex can be built is related to his political achievements.

Reporter Qian, do you have an informant fee to be your informant Your Public Security Bureau has them, can our newspaper Qian Nana is on her way home from work , Worrying that he couldn t hear clearly, he closed the car window that had just rolled down a gap, and smiled into the car s Bluetooth microphone As long as it is accepted, 50 general clues and 200 major news clues Important news clues, and we must not only abide by the discipline of secrecy, but also the discipline of propaganda, and we must not speak nonsense without the consent of the branch.If I don t say it, you don t say it, how does your bureau grownmd cbd gummies cbd gummies at stogies know that you disclosed it The key point is I Now there is no news clue you need.There is no future now, don t worry, I will help you keep it secret, this is the minimum professional ethics, and it is easy to have a source of clues, I will not follow my job I can t make it through.

, what the Sixth Hospital is most afraid of is medical troubles.If the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road is moved there, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital will really welcome it.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies do they have thc in them came to his senses, looked at him with a smile and asked, Secondly Secondly, the place here is too small.Look, it s crowded.There is no place to lock up a suspect, or even interrogate him.What else Xu Hongliang looked back and said with a smile The last and most important thing is, after you move out, our community can not only rent out this shop, but also raise some funds, and you can move there to share with us.There is no difference between us moving there.The Sixth Hospital has a security department and security guards, but you should be very clear that you really have no fighting power, and you will lose the chain at critical moments.

people.Xie Lingling often took girls from PolyU to the lobby of the reaction to cbd gummy Youth Hostel to rehearse and perform free of charge.The girls were more beautiful than the last, and the security guards who had been on duty in Dongming Community would find excuses to go to see beautiful women whenever they had a chance, otherwise Han Chaoyang would not then ask.My Fair Lady and Gentleman are so good, it s not a bad thing to go in there.Han Chaoyang said eagerly It s good to know each other.Now please put down what you are doing and go to Hebin Road immediately to see if Auntie Chen from the youth hostel is shopping there.Is there a little girl beside her Find them.Report to me HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews immediately afterwards.And then No, then, just finish this matter, hurry up and wait for your news.Han Chaoyang put down the walkie talkie, picked up the mobile phone huuman cbd gummies reviews again, huuman cbd gummies reviews dialed the number of how many mg of cbd gummies to sleep the elder sister, and said as soon as he got through Sister Miao, I am Chaoyang, we will assist you.

Scarf, tightly wrapped man.Miao Haizhu walked to the second stainless steel bench under the stop sign, glanced at Liu Yishan who was following him, touched the pinhole law enforcement recorder hidden at the neckline, and moved a step forward so that he could take pictures to the suspect.The No.107 bus has arrived.There are many passengers getting off and more passengers wanting to get on the bus.The man squeezed forward with a paper bag, Miao Haizhu couldn t see his right hand, but Mr.Wu who was standing opposite could see him clearly, saw him take out his mobile phone from the coat pocket of a young man who had been following him, turned around and Wanting to drill towards the rear of the car, he immediately yelled Stop , then dropped the plastic woven bag and rushed up to grab his arm.Where are you going Miao Haizhu and Liu Yishan came to their senses, quickly squeezed into the crowd and grabbed the suspect together.

Among the 276 team members were leaders, such as the first secretary of the community who also served as an instructor, the captain of the PolyU campus security, Section Chief Cao of the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital, and managers of the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company such as Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin.The other six The security guards in the hospital are not only older, but also under high work pressure.There are no more than ten team members who can actually deploy security patrols on the streets.What cbd oil gummys else The situation at Chaoyang Community Security Company is better.Although some people resigned, they recruited more.Secretary Cao and Manager Xu just reached a consensus with the leaders of the Judicial Police Academy on the employment of students.In a few months, a batch of police cadets may be recruited.

Hurry up I forgot to call and ask, and I only found out they had left when I arrived here. Which Secretary Zou Zou Jingnan.Miao Haizhu put down the fork, looked up and said, What memory, Zhen Chuan said that she also investigated you before, Because of lending money to Zhang Beibei.She has become the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, why didn t I cbd gummies for chronic back pain know Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Captain of the Supervision Team, I just mentioned it some time ago.How powerful Zou Jingnan is The Xinyuan Street Police Station seems to be planning to investigate some law breaking and discipline breaking police officers.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking Sister Miao, what s going on with In the Mood for Love It is because the police force is insufficient, huuman cbd gummies reviews and the number of investigations is small, and the second is that they are too cunning.

The command center commands, and the Political Department is responsible for the assessment of the brigade police, the appointment and dismissal of squadron leaders and deputy squadron leaders, deployment, commendation and rewards, police physical training, and ideological work.This is the recruitment, which is no different from picking peaches Political Commissar Huang asked with a smile Ju Zhou, the key point is that Huayuan Street will have any objections Secretary Yang of Huayuan Street has the final say, and Secretary Yang will soon be the executive deputy district chief.As the executive deputy district chief, he will definitely be able to take care of the overall situation.Then arrange for the political department to prepare a document and report it to the district political and legal committee.

The command center is the department in charge of 110 It s normal for the center to be unclear.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel and explained with a smile The command center consists of the command hall, the 110 alarm service desk, the emergency command room, and the computer room.The 110 alarm service desk is only a part of it.The center not only accepts public security alarms, conducts pre disposition and dispatching command, but also is an information huuman cbd gummies reviews green otter cbd gummies scam research and judgment, decision making staff, and even responsible for investigation and research, drafting of important documents, and responsible for confidentiality and archival work.The old factory manager really didn t know these things , murmured Isn t this similar to an office You re right, the command center has both the office and the intelligence and information brigade.

A female auxiliary policeman in charge of issuing numbers may have forgotten, and she didn t tie up her hair and wear a shawl.Beautiful hair is beautiful, but it is absolutely not allowed in the administrative service center, record it, and go back to find their leader.What you do is to offend people Huang Ying has long been used to it, and as soon as she followed the cbd isolate gummies director back to the main service desk in the hall on the first floor, her colleague Xiao Wang suddenly leaned into her ear calmly Yingying, the pre appointment announcement of the proposed appointment of district management leaders has been posted on the Internet.Is there my husband Xiao Wang took a peek at the director who was still scanning the service window on the left, and said in a low voice, Yes, the 54th.Huang Ying was ecstatic when her hanging heart finally settled down.

I almost made you feel wronged.What wronged you, I was there to help, Believe it or not, I really never thought about making any contribution.Chaoyang, it s not too late for you to think about cbd gummies for anxiety 1000mg it now.Wu Wei, I m glad you think so.But today, even though I m retired, I still want to talk about it.Speaking of you, let s talk about Zhenchuan later.It s dangerous to arrest suspects suspected of robbery and murder.How huuman cbd gummies reviews can you catch them like you did this morning It s lucky that nothing happened, and we can t do this in the future.When encountering troubles, we must calm down and think about it.Act after careful consideration.Chapter 545 Netizens questioned that the Spring Festival is approaching, and people have to go home for the New Year.Literary and artistic youths who do not want to live with each other and want to find poetry and distant places while they are young are no exception.

Although he was very grateful to Han Chaoyang for helping to send his son back, Gong Mulan was somewhat dissatisfied with Han Chaoyang s promotion of deputy division at such a young age.The brigade doesn t have an organization, but he, the brigade leader, has one, and he has soldiers under his command.One phone call can transfer hundreds of people.That s not what the name is.Although Zhang Tongfeng was equally envious, he was not jealous.After thinking about it, he added He is young, and he has only been working for a huuman cbd gummies reviews green otter cbd gummies scam few days, but he has achieved a lot of achievements, one second class merit, one third class merit, and one commendation.Especially the second class merit, the last meeting in the bureau, amazon cbd gummies Fan Bureau mentioned arresting fugitives with guns What happened, he really worked hard.Chapter 549 A leader also needs a good master to send He Xiaofu to the Criminal Police No.

Said Okay, let Lao Ding and Wu Wei go there first, I ll call Team Liang, and Lao Liang and I will go there later The old leader was really in a hurry, and he didn t even bother to say thank you.Han Chaoyang knew very well that the fighter plane could not be delayed, so he called Wu Wei and Lao Ding while rushing to the Chengdong Bus Terminal.Things were prioritized, Wu Wei rushed to the East Bus Station as huuman cbd gummies reviews soon as he received the call, and drove to the west of the city with Lao Ding as soon as Han Chaoyang arrived, and Han Chaoyang asked Wu Junfeng who came in a hurry to drive Lao Tang to Taoyuan and Xinmin communities Checking out the fireworks outlets, he patrolled the station like a policeman.Whose child is this Han Chaoyang stopped, seeing a woman running over embarrassingly to catch the little girl who was running around, holding on to her multi function belt, she reminded There are many people at the station, please take care of your own.

Dai Lishi and Xu Weimin took advantage of his inattention and drove his electric car away.Didn t report it No.They have no money to eat, and they even stole his electric car, they are vicious So it s very troublesome , It s easy for people like them to take risks and make bigger cases.As soon as Lao Ding finished speaking, Wu Wei couldn huuman cbd gummies reviews t help adding Han Da, Liu Suo asked me to ask you to help us keep an eye on Xu Weimin s house.Penniless, desperate, and the Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it s hard to say whether he will go home.It s not about helping, it s my job.Han Chaoyang patted his arm and said, Don t worry, Old Tang Everything has been arranged, as long as he dares to come back, as soon as he shows up, we will receive the news as soon as possible.Wu Wei was about to say thank you, Cao Zefang walked over with a smile, and Manager Zhang of Dongming Community Property Company actually followed behind him.

Han Chaoyang took the phone and looked at it, and asked in a low voice, Are there any detailed rules There must be detailed rules, but I can t find them online.It s impossible without detailed rules, and this is the guidance from a few years ago.Han Chaoyang weighed After a while, he raised his head and said, I ll call Director Xing.Forget it, I ll go to the sub bureau, huuman cbd gummies reviews go to the security brigade and the legal brigade to ask.The security brigade and the legal brigade said that this guidance is applicable, so we will use it This is the basis for law enforcement, and severely crack down on those scalpers and women who solicit customers from small hotels.Chapter 559 The Alliance under the City Yanyang Online is just a website, not even a news media.The website name is quite loud, but the traffic huuman cbd gummies reviews green otter cbd gummies scam is not very large.

The monk can t get away from the temple if he runs away, and the owner of the gym can t rent a shop without a lease contract, so Han Chaoyang said eagerly Go, take me to your huuman cbd gummies reviews office. I can t leave here, as soon as I leave You can t get out by car, and the office is easy to find, just turn left when you enter the door.Okay, thank you.Saving people is like putting out a fire, and every second must be raced against.Han Chaoyang ran straight into the lobby of the shopping mall, saw that there was indeed an office next to the two elevators, and immediately knocked on the door.The staff member was a lady in her thirties.After reading Han Chaoyang s documents and hearing about Han Chaoyang s intentions, she cooperatively turned on the computer and called up a rental contract.She pointed to the monitor and said, Officer Han, this phone number We have called several times, but failed once.

He absconded in fear of crime at their hands.Now that he has been arrested, he should be handed over to They.It s just one sentence the case was handed over to the procuratorate long ago, and it has nothing to do with their Second Squadron Although I expected that the Second Squadron sun valley cbd gummies would not take over easily, I didn t expect the person in front of me to react so quickly and have such a firm attitude.Han Chaoyang rubbed his chin, looked at him with a smile and asked, Zhang Zhi, do you really care What about the case Zhang Xugang was stunned, staring at Han Chaoyang and said, It s another matter to commit another crime while absconding, but you have to figure out what kind of crime you are committing, whether it is a criminal case or a public security case, and where it is committed.If If it is a public security case, if it is not in our jurisdiction when the crime is committed, we will not be able to handle it, and we can only find a competent unit to handle it.

If the work is done, it means He has money, and if he has money, he can see a doctor, and if he has money, he will die.As long as his life is not in danger, there is no reason for the detention center not to accept him.The detention center will take him into custody, and the detention center is just sending him to dialysis a few times a week.In the end, it s a question of money Chapter 600 The two of them actually came together to celebrate the New Year, and the picture was a celebration.On the first day of the new year, it was inappropriate to run away to help Dai Lishi borrow money to see a doctor.He might be kicked out of the house.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang turned off the engine that was just lit, picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number of cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant his immediate boss again.Yes, work should be done step by step, and you can t rush it.

Hey Commander Dai Li sighed, stubbed out his cigarette butt and said, Since Xiaoqin said so, let s make it together.Liyang, I ll give you 100,000, how much can you give I ll pay 100,000 too, Dai Liyang Looking back at his daughter in law, he saw that she was not very happy, and said, Officer Han, my brothers will settle the accounts clearly, and you will have to guarantee the loan.No problem, I will go to the sub district office tomorrow.Six hundred and first Chapter Fifteen Pursuing Happiness Dai Lishi didn t know if Han Chaoyang had borrowed money from his two cousins for him, but he had already seen the money.He went to pay New Year s greetings to his 80 year old uncle at night.The old man was really happy, and just as Dai Lijun expected, he rebuked him bitterly, and finally said that he was a child if he didn t get married.

It is impossible for him to bring five or six people to Beijing to handle the case without asking for instructions or reporting, otherwise how will the travel expenses be reimbursed And They came with a letter of introduction.There is such a thing, if we leave our branch, he will work as a team leader for less than a month Young, and he has just made such a big splash, it s normal to be a little bit drifting.This It s not a little floating, it s just as inflated as it is huuman cbd gummies reviews fake, and it s so floating that you forget who you are Song Kaiqiang cursed secretly, and said angrily He is not huuman cbd gummies reviews afraid of embarrassment, but we are also afraid of embarrassment You come back first, let Xiaosun continue to follow, so rachael ray holistic health cbd gummies as not to prevent the Yanyang colleagues from thinking that we want to grab the credit when we see the credit, and run away if there is no benefit.

Xiao Sun came to his senses and said without hesitation Han Da, he knows you but not me, and I know this place better than you.You stay here for a while, and I ll go down to meet Chief Hu and the others.Han Chaoyang and the old man Hu Yitong was embarrassed to face him, and agreed without hesitation Okay, thanks for your hard work.It s not hard, I m going down.Xiao Sun left as soon as he said he wanted to go, walked to the stairs and thought about it, then ran back to the room, took out the room card from his pocket and put it on the desk Han Da, this is the room card for the opposite room, the suspect may not be able to leave this time.I will come back, if the suspect doesn t come back, there is no need for me to come back, the room is cbd wind gummie open to waste, put the room card here first, if there is no news at noon, you can return the room for me.

Even if several old men fight in the future, I think only Police Gu Long can mediate.Chapter 647 2.The 12 task force 6 was talking about the interesting things about the base area , and was explaining what trivial matters the base area had to do, when there was a knock on the door outside.Captain Ni, is Liu Qingjun dead No, he won t die until he reaches the Yellow River.Ni Guoxiong pointed to Room 601, and said excitedly, There is news from the brigade and the comrades sent out this morning to find out.Team Song, please go over there.I have news, that s great Han Chaoyang and Ni Guoxiong walked to the door of Room 601, when the phone rang suddenly, and he took out the caller ID to see that it was Jiao Chengle calling again.Han Chaoyang smiled apologetically, walked quickly to the elevator and connected the phone and asked, Jiao Da, how far are you guys The door is too eye catching, please find a place for us quickly.

As soon as Zhang Xugang received the notification from Han Chaoyang, he immediately called Mao Kangle and asked Mao Kangle to quickly prepare the investigation letter.In Mao Kangle s view, it is better to have clues than to have no clues, but deep in his heart, he feels a little disgusted with Han Chaoyang s involvement in the case he is in charge of.the goal of.The Fourth Squadron was devastated by their voluntary anti pickup team last year, but now they are targeting the Second Squadron The more Mao Kangle thought about it, the more depressed he became, and he couldn t help muttering Zhang Zhi, that little bastard has a Qingshan accent, which only means that he may be from Qingshan, or even from the surrounding counties and cities of Qingshan.What Han Chaoyang is looking for is Qingshan County.

I didn t expect to be afraid of anything.The most worrying thing happened.Zhou Ju stood on the balcony of the living room, He took a puff of cigarette and said solemnly Liu Chengquan is a good boy and a good comrade.He is an auxiliary policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station and a member of the voluntary security patrol brigade of our sub bureau I just called the Criminal Police Team and the Traffic Police Team.I made a phone call and asked the criminal police and traffic police to immediately file a case for investigation.The director emphasized that Liu Chengquan is an auxiliary policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station and a member of the voluntary security patrol team of the sub bureau, which means that the bureau will not shirk responsibility and will not treat Liu Chengquan as a temporary worker.

The team members are mainly from the community security company, the security department of PolyU, and the security department of the Sixth Hospital.Only by coordinating and communicating well can the next work be done well.From this perspective, it is not appropriate to call it a symposium.It should be It s called the Coordination Committee If a comrade dies, no matter which unit is put in, it s a big deal, and it s the kind where the sky is falling The voluntary security patrol brigade is a young unit , with young leaders and equally young team members.No one has ever experienced this, and no one can accept the blow of the comrades who have been with us day and night, and the brothers who have been fighting together.The big guy is very sad and sad.All of this is understandable, because we are all flesh and blood.

Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, and even Li Qingming, who was hiding aside, gave a thumbs up.She approached Xingshi aggressively to inquire about the crime, and the people inside were really bluffed, and hurriedly opened the door I m sorry, although I live here, the water leakage has nothing to do with me.This house is rented, and I have the landlord s phone number He Before he finished speaking, Li Qingming and Han Chaoyang appeared in front of him, grabbed his shoulders and pushed him into the room while yelling We are from the Yandong Branch.The police are performing tasks, please cooperate What task are you performing Comrade policemen, what are you doing The man was startled and struggled to explain.Stand here, don t move Han Chaoyang handed him koi cbd gummies nighttime rest over to the following special police, Wu Junfeng and others, and walked quickly to push the master bedroom door, but unexpectedly the door was locked.

Since we don t know, it is impossible to log out.How many foreigners are there in the jurisdiction will soon become a confused account., not to mention the bottom line is clear and the situation is clear.There are several or even dozens of people on a construction site, and in order to catch up with the progress of the project, the foremen often temporarily transfer people from other construction sites to help.Difficult to put into practice.Because at several key project sites, engineering construction is the first priority, and the security guards have no right to speak.No one dare not listen to the words of the boss and vice president of the construction unit.Population management is indeed difficult.The security personnel of the construction unit have no idea how many people are on the construction site, let alone the police office.

Dining You have to spend money, it s okay, I can do it. cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant Okay, if we really spend a lot of money, we will ask for an invoice, and we will ask you for reimbursement. Sending away Liu Jianye, Ji Kaiyuan, Wu Wenhua and Grandpa Gu split up, riding a bicycle or sharing a bicycle and continuing to arrange according to the original plan.Han Chaoyang and Lao Ding originally planned to go with them, but Grandpa Gu firmly disagreed, saying that solving murder cases is important but that is the responsibility of the special case team, and the sideline business cannot be regarded as the main business, and it cannot be because of 3.The 14th case affected the normal work of the Zhongshan Road Police District.Han huuman cbd gummies reviews Chaoyang had no choice but to drive to several construction sites to patrol as usual.Lao Ding really wanted to know if there were any bones in the septic tank, and he couldn t sleep when he went home, and after dealing with the foreign police case last night, he hadn t received an order to call the police, so he slept in the conversation room until dawn, so he s not sleepy now He simply got into the police car and worked overtime , while patrolling with Han Chaoyang and waiting for news from Liu Jianye.

The forensic examination identified that Teng Aihua was killed on the night of the 11th, and the time was wrong Liu Qiuping was suspicious, and Qin Tao said again Yu Xiufen hurriedly explained that Teng Aihua is both a colleague of the hotel and a fellow from Qinghe, and that Teng Aihua rented a house nearby and dropped by to take her home after get off work.Teng Aihua must have been terrified too.I said hello, turned around and left.Wei Ping may have become suspicious, but there was no conclusive evidence of Yu Xiufen s cheating, so he didn t ask her about the relationship between Teng Aihua and asked her how many phone calls she had made.Why didn t you answer Yu Xiufen might have a guilty conscience and deliberately changed the subject, complaining as before, complaining that Wei Ping is incompetent, worthless, unable to make money, and how hard she is working in the restaurant, and the two of them started arguing.

Isn t there still some money to pick up the funds Although it is urgent, it is not in a hurry.One or two days.Okay, I ll call them later and ask them what they mean.As the saying goes, Misfortunes never come singly, but good luck comes without pairs.As soon as Xu Hongliang and Zhang Beibei left, Zhang Jinhai, the Security Office of PolyU, started The electric patrol car arrived.As soon as he explained why he came, Section Chief Ke Xiao, the security cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews guard of the Sixth Academy, also came.Director Zhang, Section Chief Xiao, so Hong Liang called you The three of us are in the same boat, why can t he call us when such a big event happened Zhang Jinhai also thought that the branch office did not do well.Authentic, asked a rhetorical question, and said bluntly Chaoyang, it s not that Section Chief Xiao and I don t support your work, but that no matter the patrol brigade or the anti pickup squadron, Hongliang s side is the protagonist, and Section Chief Xiao and I are the protagonists.

At the same time, Han Chaoyang was answering the call from Xu Hongliang from Jiangcheng.It s normal for good brothers to talk on the phone, but what the good brothers are talking about made Han Chaoyang feel very sudden, and asked suspiciously Didn t you say there is no rush, your new house has just been renovated, and it will take at least three months to ventilate and disperse the paint.If you think about it, you will get married.Xu Hongliang was a little embarrassed when asked, so he could only laugh and say Lingling is pregnant, and I just found out this afternoon.Since she was pregnant, she gave birth.We can t get rid of it, it s too bad for our health.Besides, my parents and her parents also want us to get married early.If we let them know that they are pregnant and go for an abortion, it will definitely end with us.

She was sacrificed to save her.And it was the drunk driver, not her, when you see her tomorrow, you must calm down and control tko cbd gummies huuman cbd gummies reviews your emotions.Understood, no matter how much you say, you won t be able to survive.Fengyong is Yan One of huuman cbd gummies reviews the three suburban counties in Yangyang, not too close to the city but not too far.The two chatted all the way, and they rushed to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau without knowing it.The office conditions of the Fengyong County Bureau are better than those grownmd cbd gummies cbd gummies at stogies of the Yandong Branch Bureau.The yard is large, the office building is magnificent, and the square in front of the building is very large.The square is full of police cars, cars with local license plates, and off road vehicles.They are not the private property of the police.The car is the vehicle of the people who come to do business.

Last year, our company won the bid for a renovation and renovation project of an old community, so we handed over the project to him.Fortunately, he took the entry fee and advance payment, and let the small contractor below collect more than 4 million so called security deposits , but only a little bit of work was done.There were still a few workers on the construction site at the beginning, but none of the workers could be seen later.This is a government project.When the district was looking for us, we could only look for him, but we finally found him.He told us cbd gummies at stogies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant Playing tricks, either there was this HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews or that, and then he ran away with the wages of the workers on Mr.Tao and Mr.Hu s side.It was 100 pure cbd gummies for pain clearly a case of the Huayuan Street Police Station, but because of Director Huo s words, the Zhongshan Road Police District was dragged into the water, but he was lenient, and this was also Director Huo s trust in the Zhongshan Road Police District, Han Chaoyang said.

We are more professional than those running venues, and we are free.You and Mr.Xie don t need to spend money Zheng Yutong thought this idea was good, and even started thinking about it.Complement the romantic scene of the wedding scene.What can you do Xie Lingling turned around and said with a smile We are a group wedding, and dozens of tables will be set up at once, and the banquet hall in Shuxiangyuan is so huuman cbd gummies reviews big, it would be nice if the guests can sit down, how can there be a venue for you to play You can change to a bigger hotel It won t hurt your HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews back when you stand and talk, and you don t have to think about how much it will cost to go to a big hotel We really want to wish you well.I know, I appreciate your wishes, and it will be fine for you to go.No, we must give you a gift.As soon as Zheng Yutong finished speaking, Nie Xuan suddenly said Thank you Teacher, we are very grateful to you, and also to Teacher Han, you and Sister Yingying gave us a chance to think about it and help you plan it.

Han Chaoyang sat in the police room, looking helplessly at Miao Haizhu who just came in, hesitating whether to call Director Huo or go to the headquarters to report in person later.A person who is about to become the bridegroom s official should be happy.Why is he so sad when he comes back Miao Haizhu took off his hat and asked.The man was not caught, not to mention the wages of the workers, how can you make me laugh Han Chaoyang sighed, with a helpless expression on his face.Miao Haizhu sat down in front of him, put down the car keys and said, What do I think You need clues to arrest someone, and you have to be a little how long does a cbd gummy take to work bit lucky.Our police are human but not gods.What can we do if we don t have clues Can we just arrest someone and bring them back Intervention Although you say so, the reason is the same, but the leaders will definitely think so, maybe they cbd and thc gummies benefits huuman cbd gummies reviews don t think this is a big case, and Luo Weixing is not a repeat offender, so it should be easy to catch.

Chatting with his girlfriend, even to prove that he is not playing, he even raised his mobile phone to take pictures.Xiaoshi, is your girlfriend checking up again Jiang Yonggen, a young man like this, has seen a lot, not only did not become suspicious, but also cooperated with him to take pictures, and tacitly helped him prove that he was eating Jiang Xiaomin immediately forwarded the photo to HCMUSSH huuman cbd gummies reviews Han Chaoyang, sending the original picture Han Chaoyang zoomed in on the photo and confirmed that it was Luo Weixing who was sitting next to Jiang Yonggen.He immediately pushed the door and got off the car.He walked into the elevator with Zhang Da, Yu Zhenchuan, Wu Wei, Xu Hongliang and Zheng Bai, and pressed the button on the 6th floor knowingly.He smiled and said, Finally showed up.It looks like we can take the plane back tomorrow morning.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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