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That s the only way.Han Chaoyang took out incredibles cbd gummies his police phone and reported to the duty room first, and Chen Xiujuan was dubious A big python three bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies to four meters long, we can How could there everest cbd gummies be such a big python in Yanyang There is an unwritten rule in this line of work, you can solve it yourself as incredibles cbd gummies much as possible, and don t bother your superiors.But the problem we are facing now cannot be solved.Han Chaoyang are cbd gummies good for dogs said eagerly Sister Chen, if you don t believe me, I will take a photo for you and send it to you.It is really a big python.I think it was either raised by the owner or escaped from the zoo.More than once I heard that someone raised a golden python and treated cold blooded snakes as pets.Chen Xiujuan no longer doubted it, and said in a deep voice, I ll help you contact the fire brigade.Li Xiaobin was very excited and was studying the difference between the monitoring system of Factory 527 and the monitoring system of Dongming Community.Han Chaoyang suddenly said Xiaobin, the suspect is back Where is it Li Xiaobin was taken aback.Here, at the north gate.Looking in the direction of Han Chaoyang s finger, Li Xiaobin saw a 30 year old woman in a floral dress parked in front of a fruit stand on the monitor on the left., I was picking watermelons, and it seemed that I was bargaining with the stall owner while picking watermelons.Hongliang, the suspect is back.Where are you Is there anything wrong with you Han Chaoyang stared at the monitor, held up the police pass to make a call.It s good to go back.I just arrived at the east gate of the University of Science and Technology.The pregnant woman handed a false certificate to a young man wearing glasses at the bus stop near the Bank of China on Yanbei incredibles cbd gummies hemp farm cbd gummies Road. Driving the official car, and together with Xiaobin, assist the police officer in escorting the suspect to the police station. Yes, I ll be right there. Xiaobin, Jin Cheng , you assist the police officer to send the suspect to the police station Changsheng, Wang Bing, Xiao Chen, you and my master go to the University of Science and Technology to arrest the co criminal.Yes It s all there.The suspect who had just been arrested also gave a clear account of which dormitory building of HKUST he lived in, what floor and number, which bed, and where he might go if he was not in the dormitory.The war opportunity was fleeting, Yang Tao didn incredibles cbd gummies t dare to delay for a moment, so he called to report to the trainer, patted Han Chaoyang s arm with a half smile, and drove Gu Changsheng, Wang Bing and Xiao Chen to the University of Science and Technology in a police car overnight.It doesn t look like it, is it really a false accusation.Zou Shengnan was about to speak when there was a knock on the door outside.She got up and opened the door and walked out of the office.She whispered to someone outside and came back to sit in front of Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang, do you have any money relationship with Zhang Beibei Yes.Tell me about the money relationship.I know her situation very well.I just reported to you two that she is a girl alone in Yan Yang Yang, who has no relatives, was first insulted by Jiang Erhu, followed by sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang, in order to inherit the property left to her by her uncle and to protect her legal rights.She was punished for renting the house to outsiders and failed to report to the community.At the same time, she faced two civil lawsuits.It s more serious in itself The social impact is extremely bad, seriously endangering the image of the police station and even the city s public security police.Guo Ju, who was in a meeting with the Municipal Bureau, was furious and called to instruct a thorough investigation.When something like this happened katie couric and cbd gummies next, Secretary Guo was equally angry, does cbd gummies give you dry mouth pointing at him with a stern voice What does that mean Even if it is verified that the police were not involved, the series of problems exposed one after another by the Huayuan Street Police Station during this period are enough to illustrate your usual behavior.What a problem there is at work How could he talk back to the leader at this time, Guan Yuanyuan realized that he had not controlled his emotions just now, and hurriedly said Secretary Guo, what you criticized is that we usually patronize business and ignore team management.Generally, they will be released on bail pending trial.And such suspects are generally sentenced to probation by courts.You don t have to sit in jail for a day, and those people think he s doing a favor, and the money is willing. It s that simple It s been verified, it s that simple, and it has nothing to do with the police.It can t be said that it doesn t matter at all.After all, he didn t manage it well.He took advantage of this loophole and caused bad influence.The policeman Lao Hu who led his prevention and control team, the deputy director Gu who was in charge of the prevention and control cbd neon gummies online team, including Liu Suo and the instructors all seemed to be Everyone should be responsible for the leadership.Although they shark tank cbd gummies type 2 diabetes still have to be cbd gummies 20mg for sleep responsible for the leadership, it s better than finding out that the police were involved.From today onwards, I will be Grandpa Gu s closed disciple.In the shade, under the cover of the old master and a group of leading seniors, from now on I, Han Chaoyang, will be the only one who will bully others, and no one will dare to bully me again It s a change of luck, Xianyu turned around I said it earlier It will change luck soon, if you still don t believe it, believe it now, the things in the institute are nothing serious at all.She started chattering again, and Huang Ying said suddenly Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang, the most disgraceful aunt It s your face of being a villain.I ve been forced to be like that, and I finally made it through, and finally turned over, and you let me be proud.It s just a change of luck, and you are proud.Here you come, be careful that extreme joy begets sorrow.Chaoyang Village is closer to the city, and the cbdistillery sleep cbd gummies rent is also expensive.A similar house is 150 yuan more expensive.Thinking about it, it s really a small advantage and a big loss. Again, these things Is it interesting to talk about it Are you saying that you are taking advantage of a small advantage and suffering a big loss, not only a loss but also a bad life, and you have to move after living in Chaoyang Village for less than a year, so it s not troublesome I didn t know that Chaoyang Village would Demolition incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit Uncle Miao, Uncle Hou, no one knows what will happen in the future, they have all moved, let s talk about something else.Xiao Yu didn t want the fellow villagers to quarrel over this matter, so he hurried to smooth things over.Thinking of what the little fellow asked for in the group, Lao Hou, who was eager to change the subject, suddenly asked Officer Han, is it a crime can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies to block people s door locks at night and then post a small advertisement to ask them to call him to fix it This trip was not in incredibles cbd gummies vain The meal was not in .

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vain Those six big watermelons in the corner were not sold in vain Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, put down his chopsticks and said, This may not be considered a crime, but it is definitely illegal.Not only did they not arrange for him, they even let him continue to assist in handling the case as before, and even asked him to return to the police station every week as before.The office is on a 24 hour shift.The security situation in his jurisdiction is so complicated, can he take care of it alone It s okay to go on like this Han Chaoyang felt that this was a solution, and pondered You can ask him to help you.If you can get a few security jobs on the opposite side, the security guards on duty on the opposite side can follow his instructions.At least you can give him more or less.Help.I m fine here, it depends on whether he can lay down a .

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few bases.That s a good idea, Chaoyang, Xiao Zhong, talk to Zhenchuan about it later.Looking back, it turned out that Grandpa Gu When he came back, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but asked suspiciously Master, why are you wearing casual clothes Gu Guoli put down his handbag, took out the body camera steves goods cbd gummies are they strong from the bag, and smiled casually The police uniform is too conspicuous, it s more convenient to wear it.Thinking of this, Han bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies Chaoyang said solemnly Master, those guys who can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies take advantage of the legal loopholes to lend money at usury are nothing, and the students who super chill cbd gummies near me care about those guys borrowing money are also problematic.And it s only right and proper to pay back the debt.As long as those guys don t provoke troubles, we will I have no right to control it, so incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit I think this matter should be referred to the school leaders, and the school should strengthen education in this area.The school should strengthen education in this area, and we will also do some publicity.You will go online, collect some cases later, and make a publicity For materials, I will go to the school leader to see if I can arrange a time to talk to the students.Chapter 107 You can also cause damage during the day Just as he was talking, the sound of a car engine came from outside.Han Chaoyang accompanied Director Su to Factory 527 in the rain.Director Gu of the Sub incredibles cbd gummies district Office called and asked the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team to participate incredibles cbd gummies cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg in waterlogging prevention and control, and asked the two to return to the neighborhood committee immediately to receive the tools and corresponding emergency rescue from the garbage transfer center.supplies.He rushed to the neighborhood committee without stopping, and there were two trucks parked in the yard.Although Director Gu was wearing a raincoat, the raincoat was almost all on his body, and he could tell that it was completely soaked inside.As soon as willie nelson cbd oil gummies he saw the two of them, he gave an order.Su Xian, Xiao Han, this is Deputy Director Hua of the public kanha cbd watermelon gummies toilet management center.The district has activated the emergency response mechanism.Wait Remember to urge him to do his incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit homework and check it for him when he is done.I am not a teacher.You are not a teacher, but you will be a parent in the incredibles cbd gummies future.Now parents pay more attention to children s education, and parents who have children learn must learn it , from kindergarten to elementary school or even middle school, it will be good for you to learn and experience.Why don t you learn, why don t you experience I m busy.Han Zhaoyang smiled secretly and turned around Push open the glass door and walk out of the police room.Chen Jie didn t like to take care of children the least, so she made an extremely ugly grimace at his back just like Little Fatty just now I don t know if it s because the maintenance workers are skilled or the air conditioner is not a big problem.Han Zhaoyang walked to the door of the hotel, and the air conditioner has been repaired.Wear a white advertising T shirt given by the insurance company, black pants or black skirt on the lower body, and white sneakers on the feet.They were all called by you, they are very serious, you have to take it seriously, Han Chaoyang smiled embarrassingly, ran back, picked up the violin and walked to the middle of the band.Grandpa Gu also thought the flag raising ceremony was very meaningful.He chatted with old friends from Factory 527, and then asked the merchants along the street who came to open their doors one after another if they would like to come and participate.There is no business in the early morning, so why not watch it if there is excitement.As a result, 20 or 30 people came at incredibles cbd gummies once, and the proprietress of the typing and copying shop was not only very happy, but kanha cbd watermelon gummies cbd only gummies even planned to show off her singing voice later.Not good enough, I owe you an adult please, and I will offer wine max relief cbd gummies for dementia to apologize later.We have nothing to do with you, you still owe me a favor Hand it over, just hand it over, the next step is too much evidence collection, and they have an advantage over us in the investigation.Thank you for understanding, then we will make a decision.This is both understanding and the overall situation.You can ask them when they will arrest Ke Jianrong, and whether they want our assistance when they are arrested.Definitely, go to your jurisdiction to arrest people How can I not say hello to you.Okay, you are busy first, I will what is green lobster cbd gummies wait for your call.Gu Guoli can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies heard the general idea and couldn t help laughing It is best if someone is willing to take over.If the urban management detachment does not take over, we will run away next.In case 17, Han Chaoyang contacted He Ziqiang when he was waiting for them at the gate incredibles cbd gummies of the police station, and Guan He Ziqiang asked for some photos of their fellow villagers gathering.As soon as I got cbd gummies legal uk out of the car, I took out my phone choice cbd gummies reviews and dug out the photos.Lifting the curtain, walked into the Internet cafe, looked at the network administrator sitting at the bar, then looked at the photo, turned around and nodded to Liang Dongsheng.Zhu Linong Ah The network administrator raised his head and was stunned for a moment when he saw the four policemen who had just entered.You are Zhu Linong Yes, Uncle Policeman, what s the matter, Zhu Linong subconsciously stood up, looked at the guests who were surfing the Internet, and said anxiously All those who come to the Internet have ID cards, no students, no minors.If there were many, those unscrupulous online loan companies would not be able to survive at all.Thinking about those people whose identities were .

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falsely used as the ultimate unlucky ones, I felt that there should not be many such people, and there should be no such people, otherwise a large number of people would be unlucky because their identities were falsely used.Just as he was thinking wildly, Dui He s cell phone rang.Really, that s great, yes, I ll be there right away He team, what s the situation, do you want us to help Gu Guoli asked subconsciously.He Yichang put down his phone, looked at Grandpa Gu, then at Han Chaoyang, and said excitedly The Serious Crime Squad has made a major discovery, and it really is the authorities who are obsessed with the bystanders.Chaoyang, you have done a great job again What s the merit, why can t a bystander know I don t have time to explain now, and I can t reveal the details of the case, just wait and see.What do you mean Zhang Beibei was so depressed that she stared at her and said very seriously Accountant Huang, believe it or not, I came to Yanyang not just for money.Why Jiang Erhu s situation, before Zhang Beibei opened his mouth, he explained Yingying, Beibei best cbd gummies for arthritis and inflammation is not joking.When she meets two unfilial stepdaughters, her uncle can be said to die.Just as angry Jiang Xiaolan, Jiang Xiaofang, and Jiang Erhu are notoriously disobedient and unreasonable in the village, this lawsuit should be filed, and they must not be allowed to inherit the property.They were chatting about the Jiang family., Han Chaoyang and two team members rushed to the scene.Sure enough, there was a middle aged man lying bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies on the side of the road, wearing a cheap T shirt on his upper body, a pair of gray pants on his lower body, and rubber shoes on his feet.You are doing a good deed, and they are also doing a good deed.Stop thinking about it, go back and rest early.Thank you, and you should go to bed incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit earlier.I m on duty, and I need to rest for a few more hours, Lu Jiaxi suddenly became a incredibles cbd gummies little embarrassed, and said with a blushing face Han Chaoyang, you have my mobile phone number and WeChat, and some more If you need anything, you can call me directly.Okay, goodbye.Now a person who has a prospective girlfriend, you can t make random calls if you have a phone, and you can t flirt with WeChat.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to get too close to her, so he drove back to the police station with a perfunctory sentence.No matter which unit takes care of lesbians, Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie take turns to be on duty at night, but under normal circumstances they only need to be on duty until 10 pm.There seems to be no piano shop in our area., and the population is quite large, you can open one.Sister Su, I can t, I I don t have that much money, and besides, I can t be a boss.You don t have the money, Young Master Xu does Seeing Xu Hongliang winking and his senior nodding incredibles cbd gummies his head slightly, Han Chaoyang realized that Director Su and his senior incredibles cbd gummies had been bribed.Lingling, I think cbd hemp gummies for sleep you can try it.There is a music atmosphere in our area.You have been to Yanhe can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies Park.Director Wang and the others like playing and singing.They not only love music, but also pay attention to the education of grandchildren.As long as you can play with them When you get together, they will definitely send your grandchildren to learn the piano here, and they will also help you promote it.Chaoyang, don t be kidding, it costs at least 200,000 yuan to open a piano store.Auntie, it s too late for me to hurt Yingying, how could I bully you.Sit down.Okay, it s too late, you have to go to work tomorrow, go back and rest quickly.Uncle, I will help you watch the car reversing, and drive slowly on the way back.It s okay, after all, it s the police.Pay attention to safety, Yingying, do you feel safe Teacher Guo was very funny, and even rolled down the car window cbd gummies for cancer patients to tease.Send off HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies my aunt and uncle, and then send Director Su home with Huang Ying, and send Miao Haizhu back to the dormitory of the provincial department.Send them to the place and come back to say goodbye to Huang s father and Huang s mother, and then ride an electric car back to the neighborhood committee with the master and parents.The whole family was very excited about such a big happy event, and they hadn t seen their father for a long time.People are running away.How can I find them in the middle of the night But the parents who abandoned their children will definitely not be able to escape.He knows that the child is sick, which means that he has been checked or even treated in the hospital.With so many hospitals, it shouldn t be difficult to check. I ve definitely never been to our sixth hospital, and Director Yang of the Department of Pediatrics and Director Jiang of the bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies Department of Hematology said they ve never seen each other before.As soon as Miss Lu finished speaking, Director Su mused, If you didn t The treatment in the city is troublesome, there are only so many hospitals in the city, and there are many in the whole province, and each family asks when will it be.Director Su, the child is in the hospital in a short time, so it HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies shouldn t be a big deal in a short time.How much money you spend will be in vain.Parents should be fine, right Not necessarily, this is the most worrying thing now, if the bone marrow of the child s parents is not suitable, and the bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, it will be troublesome Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion.Anyway, that s what the doctor said.Whether they can match the type or not, we will take a bone marrow test for them after raising more than 100,000 yuan for medical expenses.If they don t match , if you can t find it in the bone marrow bank, then there is no need to continue to raise donations. It s so pitiful. Who says it s not, so we ll get married in the future, and when you re pregnant in the future, don t play with your phone, don t Close to the computer, I searched just now, and it is said that electromagnetic radiation may cause leukemia in the baby of the pregnant woman.Since he gives the opportunity, he should play well.When the leader enters the stage later, you will conduct it yourself.Yes Good job, this time is an activity in the district.In the future, we will organize more cultural performances in the street.We will decide our own activities, and we don t need to look at other people s eyes.Thank you Secretary Yang for your encouragement, Director Wang They must be very happy to know.This shows that you are well organized, and it also shows that our street s cultural and artistic propaganda activities and even the construction of spiritual civilization have a long way to go Secretary Yang was about to give the young man another boost when he saw the director of the Changfeng Street Working Committee with him.A large group of people arrived, they greeted them with smiles, held Secretary Dong s hand tightly and smiled sideways Secretary Yongjun, you are late again. It s okay to come, what s the matter It s nothing, I just don t feel at ease, call and ask, are you used to life I m used to it.I m greeted by the institute at night.I can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies just came back from dinner.The mutton here is really delicious, without any smell.If it s not too far away, it s not easy to bring fresh things.I really want to bring dozens of catties back.I ll give you a taste.Huang Ying and Zheng Xinyi couldn t bear it any longer, burst incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit out laughing, one laughed so hard, the other laughed so hard.Sister Miao, who else is there, what are you laughing at Han Chaoyang was confused and subconsciously asked.Who else will talk about it later, talk about you first, and talk nonsense with your eyes open.Just now Xiaobin called Guan Xiyuan to ask Guan Xiyuan, but Guan Xiyuan was not as good as you said.The fugitive was not in Feng Guobao s house, not in the house, not in the one story house where the agricultural tools and grain were stored, nor in the water cellar.I can t help but speak.Come here at dawn, and talked for a while in the Westinghouse.They talked and I cooked, and slept in the Westinghouse after dinner.What time did you sleep until Get up to relieve yourself, pack your things and leave as soon as you come back.On the slope is the third group of Lijiayao, where Jiang Li and the policemen from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau came to communicate with each other in the morning to help the villagers get the second generation ID cards.Feng Changdong went to the hut, only to find that there were many people outside the small courtyard on the slope, most of them were old people and children.Not only was the thigh arched a hole by the fangs, but the bent fangs pulled a big hole when it was overturned, and it was caught off guard after being overturned, and it still gnawed, and the left leg was gnawed several times, which may have hurt the bone.Feng Changdong bled so much that he was about to faint from the pain.In the past few days, he had been relying on wild fruits and plant roots to satisfy his hunger.He didn t even drink a sip of water.His physical strength and concentration were not as good as before.What s more, with such a serious injury, there was a black shadow rushing in front of fun drops cbd gummies website him.He was in a trance and thought .

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it was an illusion.He looked up stupidly, motionless.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, waved the wooden stick to greet him, there was a muffled bang , and it hit Feng Changdong s left arm firmly, only to hear him scream ah , subconsciously raised his arm to protect him.The family members who came to the ceremony together were not only her, but also Ning Junde s lover Ke Jing.Although Xiyuan doesn t have a girlfriend, if he has one, the bureau will also arrange it.As a result, they rushed to Longdao County excitedly, but Han Chaoyang was not there.Old Fan, what s the matter, you didn t tell Bureau Wang and the Political Commissioner for Discipline, and you didn t inform Xiao Han It was not easy to ask during the meal just now, but as soon as we returned to the hotel, Political Commissioner Huang helped Huang Ying ask Bureau Fan.Political commissar, you have to ask your little family.Huang Ying, what s the matter I want to surprise him.Huang Ying smiled sweetly, feeling a little embarrassed after thinking about it, and hurriedly lowered her head.Surprise, it s good to give him a surprise, you young people really know how to play, Political Commissar Huang smiled, and continued Anyway, the ceremony will be held tomorrow, and he will definitely return to the county tomorrow.If you have the opportunity to go to Yanyang, you must notify me in advance so that I can take care of it.Let me show you the friendship of the landlord.There is a chance, there must be a chance Instructor incredibles cbd gummies Hang hiccupped, grabbed the luggage and walked downstairs, and said enthusiastically Our county bureau and your branch bureau are paired units.After a while, we will organize the police to go to your place to exchange ideas.Even if I can t go, someone else will go.Even if we don t have a chance this year, we will have a chance next year.Even if it s our turn, it s our turn.However, their exchange in Yanyang incredibles cbd gummies is different from the exchange in Yandong Branch.Although Yanyang is not considered an international metropolis, it is also a provincial capital city, and its conditions are much better than Longdao County in all aspects.The Bureau looked back at Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang who were being stopped by Secretary Tang of the Bureau s Disciplinary Committee, and cbd gummies on sale said solemnly Commissioner Huang, something happened to the Xinying Police Station.Ask Comrade Han Chaoyang to learn more about the situation.It is different when it comes to the police of your own unit.Political Commissar Huang was stunned, and subconsciously asked, What happened What was happening in Xinying Township was no secret, and it might not be long before the relatives of the deceased would post it on the Internet.The people know it.There is nothing to hide, Wang Ju took a deep breath, frowned and said He Pingyuan, director of the Xinying Police Station, mediated a public security case last night.The person involved was a 67 year can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies old man who died after returning home.But no matter what, the young man not only disgraced the director of Yanyang City this time, but also disgraced the police chief of Yan Province Deputy Director Fang was equally happy, and he held Han Chaoyang can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies s hand tightly and sighed Comrade Xiao Han, you played well and beautifully with the stick., Determination to safeguard the safety of people s lives and property It has created a good image of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau and even our Yanzhou Public Security Bureau as being dedicated, unrelenting, and fearless in the face of danger Thank you Director Fang for your praise, I just did what I should do.Yes Ah, the people s police are for the people, since we are wearing this police uniform, who will we not go to cbd gummy dose when we are in danger After introducing Han Chaoyang, Zhou Ju went on to introduce Guan Xiyuan, who was awarded the award, and Ning Jun, who was also awarded the award.It is a state level poverty stricken county.The local government has no money, and the people suffer from wild boars without compensation.I don t know how much they hate wild boars.The forestry department gave Xinying Township a culling plan of 150 can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies pigs, but the pig hunting team organized by the township only culled 6 pigs, and the other dozens were all killed by villagers, and there are still dozens of culling plans that have not been completed.Han Chaoyang explained, feeling very depressed.They talked about wild boars all night, and they could imagine that whenever they mentioned the second class meritorious service in the future, the first thing they would think of was wild boars Just being depressed, Director Su actually brought up the wild boar again.She put down her fangs and asked curiously Chaoyang, what level of protected animals are wild boars I incredibles cbd gummies really don t know, I only know that wild boars are three animals.It was discovered in his jurisdiction, he knows the situation best, and I asked him to assist you in the investigation.Tengda has heard about the most handsome policeman making new achievements in the Northwest, but this is a murder case, not a roundup of fugitives It s nothing to let a community policeman who has just joined the work and is just lucky to participate in the detection.Teng Da was about to speak, when Shi Ju said again Comrade Wu Wei, the police officer of the Huayuan Street Police Station, is also good.He dares to fight and fight hard.He is also familiar with the situation like Xiao Han.Luo Zhi, we will is it legal to bring cbd gummies on a plane send these two elite soldiers over here.What do you think Thinking about it carefully, incredibles cbd gummies the Yandong Sub bureau was quite unlucky, if the dump truck driver who was being questioned at the gate came earlier to pull sand or came later, even if it was another construction site, it would have nothing to do with it.2 Detention Center and No.2 Detention Center of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.Having a certain degree of independence has incredibles cbd gummies both advantages and disadvantages, especially in terms of funding, which is really a headache for bureau leaders.The district said that you are a sub bureau, so you should go to the city bureau.The Municipal Bureau thinks that you said it is a sub bureau, but in fact it is no different from before.In the appointment and removal of personnel in the sub bureau, the district committee has more say than the city bureau.Especially in the appointment and dismissal of political commissars and deputy directors, the city bureau has to discuss with the district.If you want money, of course you should go to the district.Wu Wei was a workaholic.He was busy handling cases all day long.Teng Jiming arranged for people to stay in Kaijing County and take Fang Yaqi s photos.Just send it to them, but it s a pity that you can t awake the grass and scare the snake.18 Task Force has made a breakthrough and is sitting in the monitoring room of Guangming New Village property chatting with Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang.Don t worry, I asked Hong Liang that your ex will leave tomorrow morning.Chen Jie had dinner with Yingying at night.Chen Jie said that Yingying was not very happy, but she was not particularly angry.Li Xiaobin took a puff of cigarette beautifully, and couldn t help making a grimace.The ex is leaving tomorrow, so he should be happy, but Han Chaoyang has mixed feelings in his heart.No matter what, he had feelings after all.Yes.They came all the way here, and they never saw each other.You always said that the case was filed, and every time Let s wait for the news, and there is no news until now, isn t this fooling people Xiao Tan, I told you that reporting the crime is useless, but you still don t believe it.An old man with his hands behind his back looked sideways at Miao Haizhu and sighed They, the police, like to solve big cases, and they can make meritorious service by solving big cases.They don t care about losing a car or a mobile phone.Master Fei, we are really not what you always think.We need to solve big cases as well as small ones, but we policemen are human or not.If we have no clues, how do you always ask us to solve them Miao Haizhu raised her arm and pointed to the northeast, and said persuasively, Xinning Xincun also lost an electric car last week, and the thief was arrested within three days.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other incredibles cbd gummies places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of incredibles cbd gummies them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.You know the temper of the master.There is no way for you Liu Suo to let you make up your mind.The lack of female police officers in the sub bureau reminds us incredibles cbd gummies that we may also lack female security guards in the future.The recruitment plan needs to be adjusted to see if we can recruit more girls.Sister Su, who is willing to do this for girls More retired female soldiers As soon as Zheng Xinyi finished speaking, Chen Jie snickered and incredibles cbd gummies said, There are very few female soldiers, and even fewer are retired.It is not easy to recruit female veterans, but it is not a problem to recruit a few girls who graduated from the police academy.That s a good idea.The Judicial Police Academy doesn t provide assignments, and there are not many people who can be admitted to the police and civil servants.They wear police uniforms for several years in school, but they lose their jobs as soon as they graduate, and they have to take off their police uniforms.If you are willing to change careers, there must be someone who is willing to come to us.Recruit in the name of the community security patrol team, coax people over first.Chen Jie thought of herself when she just graduated, and couldn t help laughing Actually, there is no need to wait for them After incredibles cbd gummies graduating, you can contact the school and ask them to come to practice first.Director Su laughed, and couldn t help but said This task is entrusted to you, and I will give you two days off after I finish my work, so I can go back to your alma mater.While chatting, a police car drove into the compound, followed by three buses cbd gummy bears philippines with local license plates.Director Su hurried up to greet him with Han Chaoyang and Zhang Jinhai.Just as he got to the side of the car, the door opened, and Deputy Director Xing got out from the incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit co pilot.I should apologize to them.Mo Yun Hu s attitude is better than expected, and it seems that he has been reformed well in prison.Han Chaoyang was moved to understand the reason with emotion, and then made a final decision with some side by side discussions, gave him a police and civilian contact card, and asked him to ask for his brother in law and sister s mobile phone numbers, and then sent him to the door.Watching him get into his brother in law s car, he took out his mobile phone and was about to call Kang Suo to ask about the situation in Washington Tiandi, but Kang Suo called him first.Chaoyang, the suspect has been arrested Chief Lei and Xiao Miao are right, he really threw himself into the trap.Kang Haigen looked back at the suspect with his head drooping, and said excitedly The equipment has just been dismantled.This matter is very important, Han Chaoyang quickly said Alright, drive slowly on the road.Then we will split into two groups, let s set off quickly.I sent the seized black radio to the police office, and it was already 4 o clock in the morning when I returned to the faculty dormitory of PolyU.Han Chaoyang was very sleepy but dared not sleep, so he set the alarm on both his mobile phones , and then turned out the reference book , and studied in the dining room and living room how to write the documents for applying for interrogation and how to use French.Chapter 413 Handling the case 8 Worried about affecting Huang Ying s rest, Han Chaoyang Did not go to incredibles cbd gummies bed, finished the draft application for interrogation, and fell asleep on the sofa in the dining room.Before lying down, I covered myself with winter duty clothes.Why, do you know how much this offends people Please, he is the first secretary, and the superiors arranged for him to be the squad can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies leader.How can you not see this clearly when working within the system Huang Ying felt that it was necessary to teach him a lesson, so she simply put down her chopsticks and explained patiently It is no exaggeration to say that the village cadres are grassroots elites, although they are more educated than others.Not the first secretary, but he still has certain skills in bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies dealing with people and dealing with emergencies.If the first secretary behaves submissively after taking office, or is helpless in the face of many things, it will affect his image in the hearts of village cadres If you can t build up prestige, how can you start your work incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit Han Zhaoyang was overjoyed, and couldn t help but tease My wife, I didn t realize that, so you re a good candidate for being an official Huang Ying gave Rolling his eyes at him, he said angrily Even the common people know that there are three fires when a new official takes office, but you don t know, and you feel weird.But the real estate transfer requires two people to be present.How did Zheng Lingbin transfer the ownership Talking nonsense in the haunted house was really intrusive, Zhang Beibei was a little scared while talking, and turned on all the lights in the hall.Wu Wei took a bite of Huang Ying s hot dish, put down his chopsticks and analyzed Ling Bin said that Zhang Ziyue has been taking care of the children, has never been to work, and has never mentioned the past, but there is a set worth more than one million.The house has more than 600,000 deposits, not counting what she spent in the past.What does this mean It means that leaving without saying goodbye has something to do with her previous affairs.It may be hiding from someone, such as her ex husband, who is Xinxin s biological father It s up to you to say, if she wasn t afraid of something, worried about something, could she leave without saying goodbye Zhang Beibei took a bite of chocolate, and then muttered Ling incredibles cbd gummies Bin s conditions are so good.Looking at the hotel on the opposite side.The people called to report that you are sneaky and suspicious, if you are me, do you want to find out.When did the people in Yanyang become so powerful, Wang Jianping was confused Depressed, he could only the platinum series cbd gummies 1200mg take out his police ID from his pocket, and asked with a wry smile, So you ve seen that we are colleagues I just think so, but I m not sure.Han Chaoyang took the ID and immediately apologized Said Captain Wang, I m sorry to interrupt your rest.We is hazel hills cbd gummies legit can bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies rest assured after confirming.If you need our assistance, just ask.As long as you help us keep it secret, don t reveal our identity.Understood, I promise not to let Ling Bin know.Hearing Han Chaoyang mentioning Ling Bin, Wang Jianping immediately became serious, staring into his eyes and asked Xiao Han, have you interrogated Ling Bin Examined.Today, only some owners are here, and there is still a long way to go to really hold the owners meeting.For Grandpa Gu, the establishment of Xinmin Community The owner incredibles cbd gummies s meeting and the hiring of a property company are almost impossible tasks.He was very happy to hear the news and couldn t help laughing This girl Haizhu can do it.Let me just say, as long as you are skilled enough, you can grind an iron rod into a needle.It s good to have hope, a good start is half the battle All the people who came today were Mo Yunhu s enemies and previous owners who supported the establishment of the owners meeting.The reason why this investigation group was able to take place was largely related to Mo Yunhu.Han Chaoyang opened the patrol car door, hehe laughing Said Sister Miao is so dedicated, I knew she could chew this hard bone The incident forced Manager Zhang to lower the property fee.Another example is that the child goes to school in Fujiang, My mother is worried about going to study with her, but she can t be free, there are many cases like this.Officer Han, you are right, I look at the problem too one sidedly.Ling Bin is willing to accept such an explanation, with a face of deep agreement.The most urgent thing is to find someone Yeah, but how can we find someone Ling Bin took a deep breath and said, not without frustration It s okay to sit at home and wait, but you don t know how to find someone when you come out.Officer Han, don t be afraid.You re joking, I haven t had a good night s sleep these days, and I m about to collapse.Understood, anyone who encounters such a thing will collapse, but you must hold on, you must persevere, what will Xinxin do if you collapse The man did not flick his bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies tears lightly, but Ling Bin couldn t bear it any longer, and said with tears No matter what happens, you can tell me, and I can face it with her.Repost something again, this is what bothers me the most Tang Xiaoxuan turned her head and glared at her.Huang Ying didn t care if she wanted it or not, first forwarded the link to the two of them, then picked up Tang Xiaoxuan s phone, entered the password she had never changed in the past few years, opened WeChat, and forwarded it without treating herself as an outsider.Tang Xiaoxuan was driving, so she could only repost it, and could only ask with a bitter face, Second brother, what are you reposting Before Huang Ying could speak, Xu Ying, who was watching the content, said, Don t worry, it s not an advertisement, nor is it a commercial.A canvasser.What s that A missing person notice, Xu Ying smiled as she looked at it, This dad is pretty handsome, and this little girl is also pretty, the Zhang Ziyue I m looking for is really in the middle of nowhere.Ling Bin just turned off the computer for a while, and Han Chaoyang had to turn it on again.Thinking about logging in to WeChat on the computer, it turned out that he didn t have WeChat installed on his computer, and was about to search and use the web page, when a small window for QQ login incredibles cbd gummies popped up.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that QQ would be fine.He kanha cbd watermelon gummies cbd only gummies would first save the form in his phone, then log in to QQ on both the phone and the computer, and then use the file assistant to upload it, so he clicked Login.After clicking on it, I realized that this is not my computer.Although the account password is also saved and there is no need to enter it, it is Ling Bin s account.Just as I was about to log out and enter my account number and password, a system prompt popped up saying when the account had logged in or even logged in from a different place.The pear blossoms are raining, I really feel sorry for them.The interrogation is the work of the Fujiang criminal police, and the Fujiang criminal police will have to wait a while to arrive.Stabilizing her emotions is more important than anything else.Moreover, Han Chaoyang feels sorry for Ling Bin, and he really wants to help her in his heart, agreeing No problem, just stay here.I ll ask someone to get you a basin of hot water.Wu Junfeng went out to fetch a basin of hot water very tacitly, and he didn t forget to bring a towel.Miao Haizhu checked her bag tacitly, put her mobile phone and wallet aside, took out a few bottles of cosmetics and put them next to the washbasin.At this moment, Wan Xiaoxia doesn t look like a drug dealer, not only does she not look like a drug dealer, she is also very polite, she keeps thanking her, and after thanking her, she washes her face and asks Officer Han, sister Wei was also arrested by you, right What do you think what is cbd gummy bears made of Han Chaoyang asked ambiguously.Minister Jiang, I m just downstairs from your house, it s not convenient for you now, I think It s too late.I have to go to work incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit tomorrow.I want to rest.You should go back to rest early.A beeping busy tone came from the phone, and Han Chaoyang felt ashamed and could only walk HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies back resentfully.Unexpectedly, when she returned to the dormitory and was about to change her shoes, Huang Ying ran over with her mobile phone and asked, Chaoyang, what did you do this afternoon Pull it out.Who said that Look for yourself.Huang Ying shoved the phone into his hand.Han Chaoyang read the WeChat chat records on her mobile phone, only to incredibles cbd gummies find that she did not know when she joined the WeChat group of PolyU teachers, and someone in the group said that Han Chaoyang didn t know how to repay her kindness, saying that it would be impossible if it wasn t for PolyU.And it s not just because you re just a man.More importantly, the strong tolerance of the sponge can not only dilute conflicts, but also fuse love I figured it out, but I had to find a way to resolve the immediate crisis.Han Chaoyang was not in HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies a hurry to go to work, so he called the police office and went directly to the PolyU Administration Building, where he heard that one of the three school leaders he was familiar with was on a business trip, one was having a meeting in the capital, and the other was in the Shuxiang Garden.Conference Hall 6 on the second floor received several experts and scholars from the UK.We had to go to the School of International Education to report to Vice President Yang that an international student was caught working as a foreign teacher outside the school yesterday.Haichao used to work in a big hotel.When he went to his place, a big hotel asked him.The wages were increased as soon as it was over, but it has not been increased until now, and even the seven thousand is often in arrears.Is he angry Who would not be angry when he meets such a boss Understand, but this is not the relationship between him and the boss.It s a matter between him and the owner.Han Chaoyang politely refused the cigarette he bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies offered, and said while the iron was hot Master Yu, I can see that your fellow villagers have a good relationship.Please contact him for us.Do his job, let him take the initiative to return the phone, and don t be held criminally responsible for this.It s incredibles cbd gummies fine if you return it Well, we can guarantee this.Grandpa Gu added without losing the opportunity Master Yu, As long as Nie Haichao takes the initiative to return it, not only will he be fine, but the owner will thank him.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, when Xu Hongliang knocked on the table and said Since Junfeng and the others insist on joining the anti pickup team, let them and Lao Wu catch the thief.But there are gains and losses.The team is an anti pickup team member, and they can no longer get the salary of the squad leader and deputy squad leader.As for what to do after three months, we will talk about it at that time. Hong Liang, it s not good to lower the salary Plus, Xu Hongliang looked back at Wu Wei with a smile, and said meaningfully Old Wu, you either don t come, or you will poach all the backbone of my place when you come.I support your work.If you don t say anything, you will You have to think for them, otherwise what is the best cbd gummies for diabetes who will obey you and who will work hard for you.Hongliang, you think highly of me too much, how bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies can I have the qualifications to raise wages for people Isn t your branch going to allocate tens of thousands of supporting funds Well, you are the squadron leader of the Anti Picking Squad, so you have the right to say how the money is paid.Chapter 491 Meeting on a Narrow Road, the Brave Wins It cbd gummy frog sold in des moines is rare to hold a flash mob event, and if it is done, it will have an effect.After the recording, Han Chaoyang did not go with the big troop , and stayed in the studio of his senior brother and friend until after 11 o clock in the evening.After the flash mob video was edited and processed, he thanked him a lot, and then took a taxi and rushed back to the police station.service room.Huang Ying really wanted to go to the airport, but she had to go to work in the afternoon, so she couldn t.Knowing that the sample could be produced at night, they waited in the police room with Xie Lingling.As soon as Han Chaoyang entered the door, sour watermelon gummy platinum x cbd reviews they asked eagerly, Where is the sample, how is the effect U disk, not without a proud smile A total of two edits were made, one is the full version uploaded to several major video sites, and the other is the edited version uploaded to WeChat Moments.The environment is average, and the grade is naturally not high, which is more suitable for working class consumption.There are usually no customers in the lobby, but tonight the business in the lobby is surprisingly good, all the tables are full, and a bunch of guys with crew cut or even bald heads, who don t look like good people at first glance, are eating and drinking some are shirtless, They punched their throats, some smoked and chatted while eating and drinking, making the good hall full of smoke Wu Wei was standing by the garbage at the stairs, smoking a cigarette and pretending to be on the phone, but his eyes were always looking at the bald men in their 30s and 40s who were sitting around the main table intentionally or unintentionally.Manager, how many more dishes are there I m sorry, sir, all the dishes are already served.Han Chaoyang, who assisted in the operation, and Comrade Wu Wei, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, were suspected of participating in the investigation.Among the people at the party, there is likely to be a suspect who was responsible for the tires of the high speed rail station project HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies earthwork convoy two months ago.The Huayuan Street Police Station has called up the surveillance video.Comrade Liang Dongsheng is taking the video to the Dafu Hotel for on site comparison Political commissar Huang couldn t help laughing and said It s not a small harvest Political commissar, this is just the beginning.Director Xing fetched two glasses of water for the two leaders, sat down and smiled, A bunch of bastards ran to our jurisdiction to start the new year Yes, it s too arrogant and rampant, it doesn t take our sub bureau seriously, of course we should treat them well.Said Understood, I will let Jiayong HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies and the others go back, and I will turn around for a while.Uncle Wu, come back too, I am worried about you being outside alone.In broad daylight, there is nothing to incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit worry about.It s fine if you don t come back, but if you find someone acting suspicious, you must call me first, and you can t act until reinforcements arrive.The old man is very stubborn, persuasion is useless, and Han Chaoyang can only retreat.Wu Wenge secretly thought that the anti pickup was to catch the current situation.When the reinforcements arrived at the scene, the day lily was cold, but he still agreed Okay, I will obey the order and follow the command.If I find any situation, I will call and report in time.That s it.It s fixedHan Chaoyang hung up his mobile phone, and while wearing the eight pieces, he said, We will divide the work, and when the pickpocketing team returns, we will be divided into three groups.Xiao Gu drove the 110 police car from the police office to clear the way in front, and Wang Jiayong drove the police office to provide Lao Ding s 110 police car to the rear.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei sat in the back of the second police car, Xinyuan Street Police Station, sandwiching the suspect who was handcuffed backwards, and tightly gripped the suspect s arm to prevent the suspect from struggling.Yu Zhenchuan was sitting in the co pilot, holding a mobile phone in his left hand and a walkie talkie in his right hand, constantly reporting to the police where the escort convoy was.Following behind are two limousines, a Mercedes Benz and an Audi A8 Mr.Wang of Guomao Hotel did not want the police to go to the hotel to incredibles cbd gummies investigate again.He not only personally sent Han Chaoyang, Yu Zhenchuan and others from the elevator to the underground parking lot, but also asked a vice president of the hotel to bring all the personnel related to the employment of Gui Pride to go there.Even if you don t tell me, I can still find out.Your father will beat you if he finds out.Your mother probably won t, and I will be her work.Why not, she hit me harder than my dad Uncle Han, you have pity on me, please forgive me Chapter 548 Every family has a hard to read scripture The internal staff of the criminal police team are also criminal police officers, and Gong Mulan is one of the few female criminal police officers in the whole branch.I was going home tonight, but when I was about to get off work, I received a report that the suspect in a case investigated by the third squadron had appeared.The squadron leader personally sneaked into the KTV where the suspect was to confirm, and all the other people at home rushed outside the KTV to stand by.Facts have proved that the informant is very accurate.Unexpectedly, Director Wang really attached great importance to anti terrorism.He said that peace now does not mean peace forever in the future.The anti terrorism situation is very serious.It is hard to say whether violent terrorist incidents will occur in densely populated places like the East Bus Station The lesson of blood requires us to tighten the string of anti terrorism and be prepared for danger in times of peace.How to prepare for danger in times of peace and organize a patrol team to conduct an anti terrorism drill Anti terrorism drills alone are not enough.Director Wang clearly requires the police on duty to be equipped with guns.Factory Manager Wang just mentioned the issue of guns a few days ago, but he did not expect Director Wang to actually ask for guns.Could it be that the people surnamed Wang have a good heart The leader said it is very simple, and it incredibles cbd gummies is not difficult to do it, but it will be very troublesome to match the gun.The leader said responsible to the end , this is not a joke, in case he runs away or something happens, he will be with Liu some time ago He was also investigated by the procuratorate, and he might be labeled as dereliction of duty.Originally planned to go back to Qingshan s hometown on the sixth day of junior high school, with such a master at the stall, he definitely couldn t go back.Han Chaoyang was so depressed that he naturally didn t give him a good look.He took out the handcuffs from his waist and handcuffed his unstuck left handcuff to the steel wire bed.He went back to the bed and looked at him and said coldly Do you want Where do you live, don t forget your identity, you are a criminal suspect now, it s great to be able to send you for an examination, and help you treat your illness Dai Lishi really didn t take residential surveillance seriously, he really forgot about it.They don t treat me like a cousin, their daughter in .

can i buy cbd gummies?

law hides when they see me, and speaks ill of me behind my back, and their children never call me uncle when they see me, you think they can lend me money But you They are indeed cousins, related by blood.Han Chaoyang didn t want him to become a homeless person from the bottom of his heart, so cbd gummies no artificial color he felt that he should try borrowing money, and urged Besides, I think it s right not to borrow money before.You are an adult, you should be Self supporting, besides, you borrowed money not for anything else, but for eating, drinking and having fun.Now it s different, now it s emergency, there is a saying I remember, emergency is not helping the poor, you are waiting for the money to cure the disease, good Tell me, I think they will lend a helping hand., If it drags on for another month or two, no matter how much money you have, it s useless.It can be said that he has been in hell for a while, and his whole mentality has changed.At least I can feel that he regrets, wants to live, wants to Live a good life.Officer Han, as you said just now, no matter what, you are still a brother in the same family, and you can t just leave him alone, but I m always not at ease.Brother Dai, he s not here.Let me talk to you two and my sister in law.If you feel embarrassed, he can only go to the street to apply for early demolition.You know more about the loss than me.If you can extend Helping hands bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies can be based on bank loans, and he also stated his position just now.How much interest is radiant supplements inc cbd gummies the bank for a year, and how much is the interest on the loan This account is easy to calculate.Liang Dongsheng also didn t go in through the window.While watching Zhang Jinhai reverse the car and turn around, he held up the police phone and made a phone call Old bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies Kong, we ve arrived at the scene.It s easy to find.Come in from the south gate of Factory 527 and see the cement road on the left.Turn around, just drive to the innermost part There are now three policemen inside and outside the factory area, and bay park cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies more than thirty security guards As soon as Liang Dongsheng arrived at the scene, he called again.Zhang Jinhai felt that it was too much work, so he couldn t help asking Chaoyang, who is this guy from the Huayuan Street Police Station It should be technical police to investigate the scene.Wait.It s enough to catch people and take the stolen goods, this kind of small case of breaking doors and sneaking is so labor intensive The procedure for handling small cases and large cases is actually the same, considering that it will be unclear for a while, Han Chaoyang could only laugh and said, Director Zhang, regardless of our public security or your security department, incredibles cbd gummies if you catch a thief, you will definitely try to get the thief in. Full time Full time, targeted training, every semester You have to study for three months off duty, and return to the original unit after graduation.The purpose of setting up this major is to allow those policemen who are older and want to improve their education to continue their studies, can you drive after taking cbd gummy incredibles cbd gummies and to create opportunities for them to study after work.You are so young, there is no need Apply for this.Isn t it just a degree What s the difference between a master s degree in policing and a master s degree in public security, and a master s degree in law It turned out that the leader was worried about his job hopping, and he didn t want to let himself study out of work.Han Chaoyang came to his senses suddenly, and couldn t help asking Zhou Ju, you mean that the two majors of public security and law are part time, and they are part time graduate students It says in the introduction that these two majors are part time.The relationship between superiors and subordinates is very serious.How dare I slap you in the face.You re just slapping me in the face.Okay, okay, stop joking, let s talk about business, are you planning to set me up again today I m not kidding, Han Chaoyang held his hand tightly, and couldn t help laughing Zhang Zhi, you are a senior, and I dare not set you up if you lend me ten incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit guts.Didn t a group of people get a bag robbed at Yanxing International yesterday Guokang and I came to ask if we wanted our patrol team.Assisting.Come to ask Zhang Xugang asked with a half smile.Hmm.Han Chaoyang let go of his hand and nodded with a smile.Zhang Xugang pushed him away abruptly, and said with feigned displeasure Understood, Han Da, you came here in person not to set us up, but to put pressure on us You have difficulties in criminal investigation, and it s not that I haven t worked with you before.The fence is freshly painted, and it is painted with blue and white exterior wall paint, which is a standard public security painting.The rusty iron gate was replaced by an electric roll up telescopic gate, and a duty room was built on the left side of the gate.The big yard was cleaned up, and a dozen parking spaces were painted with white paint at the entrance of the cafeteria and the entrance of the public toilet.The exterior walls of the dormitory building and administrative building were not plastered, but all the doors and windows were replaced with new ones.A row of pillars in the corridor outside were all painted with bright red paint, the handrails of the stairs leading to the second floor and the guardrails in the corridor on the second floor were completely replaced, and even the roof was repaired.He has a wide range, can receive orders, and then come to us after receiving orders.When there are incredibles cbd gummies how long does cbd gummy effects last reddit fewer than ten or twenty people, when there are many, five Sixty people lined up.There are also some big companies holding events, and the audience cannot be without audience, and the audience cannot be without applause.He can also receive such a large order, and sometimes hundreds of people go to it at a time.Compared with before That, this one is even smoother Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and asked Has he ever looked for you Have you ever been a babysitter Chen Haisheng smiled embarrassedly and said, It wasn t he who was looking for me, I was looking for him.The money It s a lot of money.If you don t have a good relationship with him, he usually doesn t call.I met him late, and I have lined up six times and participated in two activities.Why can t it be superimposed Huang s father lit another cigarette, took a sharp puff, looked at the road ahead and said with a gloomy face These are all compensations from outsiders, and the how many cbd gummies can i take unit also has to pay.Xiaoliu sacrificed on duty, so it is impossible for the unit not to pay the pension.Now it depends on the attitude of your bureau leaders.The police are also members of the voluntary security patrol brigade of the sub bureau.What s the use of just admitting that Xiao Liu is an auxiliary police officer of your sub bureau, the key is the compensation standard Dad Huang is a cadre transferred from the army.Watching the news broadcast, and usually reading newspapers, I know more about this than Han Chaoyang.After taking a few puffs of cigarettes in a row, he continued There are special pensions and preferential treatments for the sacrifices of official policemen and civil servants.By the way, I coordinated with the leaders of the Sixth Hospital.I will arrange for a female doctor to bring along an oxygen bag and a first aid kit, and I will arrange where the relatives will live after they are picked up.Your main job is to comfort the relatives.Yes Han Zhaoyang couldn t help but think about it.Question Director, when something like this happened, of course we will try our best to appease you, but we can t just talk about it.You mean pension and compensation Well, that s the only thing we can do now.Zhou Ju said , the bureau will do everything possible to get compensation according to the People s Police Pension and Preferential Treatment, and there is also a special person in charge of insurance sense cbd gummies claims, you can ask Feng Haijun for the specific situation.Han Zhaoyang felt a little better after getting a pension, and he was sincerely grateful to Zhou Ju, and felt that the director was courageous and responsible He rushed to the police station without stopping, and the car that caused the high quality affordable cbd gummies accident, the damaged electric car and the police car had been towed away by the tow truck, and the suspect suspected of drunk driving and the person in the car that caused the accident were also taken away by criminal police and traffic police.12 Task Force, Chen Jieda reported to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau the day before yesterday, and then arranged to go to the Municipal Police Officer Training Center for training at the Fengyong County Public are cbd gummies fsa eligible Security Bureau.He was a classmate with Sun Guokang, who had just finished his internship not long ago.The situation in the anti pickup team was even worse.A good brother died in the line of duty.In short, the division of labor must be adjusted.Liu Hui, who has the most experience, is officially in charge of the daily affairs of the police office, and is also responsible for managing the WeChat official account of the patrol team.Jiang Xiaomin is in charge of managing more than 30 WeChat groups organized by the police office.Whenever he has time, he will find some topics to chat with incredibles cbd gummies group friends.Huang Ying closed the materials, and said quietly, leva cbd gummies cost holding her chin I don t think we can do this behind closed doors.It s better to spend some money and sign up for a class.Training for postgraduate entrance examination There are several training institutions right next door.Okay, you can ask which one is more reliable tomorrow.Huang Ying smiled, and suddenly got up and took out a courier package from the corner It s from your old lover, send it to Xie Lingling , asked Xie Lingling to pass it on to me, saying it was cosmetics.Sheng Yanwen Han Chaoyang asked in surprise.Apart from her, how many old lovers do you have What kind of old lovers, my wife, can we not mention her I don t want to mention her, but they have already sent the things.Tell me what to do.Anyway, they are classmates.Didn t several classmates send us things a few years ago Our school is small, with few students, and the majors are quite special.Feng Haijun didn t rush in, and stood by the door smiling He explained Last year, a pyramid sale gang was seized in Changfeng Street.The clues were provided by a reporter from Yanyang Daily.The reporter had been undercover in the pyramid sale gang for more than a month.Four dens were raided, and thirteen suspects of the Shang Zong were arrested.Shang Zong, what do you mean It s the level of the boss, the main culprit.Wow, it s so powerful It s quite powerful Yes, it is not easy to catch thirteen principal criminals at once, but the clues were provided by the reporter, which made us very embarrassed.When the city held a conference on transmission work, the city leader in charge of transmission work asked Zhou What s going on with the bureau, it s hard to say, whether to rely on media reporters to crack down on pyramid schemes in the future.The technical squadron Currently investigating the scene, Xi Dazheng organized comrades from the Second Criminal Police Squadron and the Xinyuan Street Police Station to visit and inquire.Han Chaoyang, right Yes.Okay, take us there.Director Liu, Bureau Feng, this way please.The new chief actually knew himself, and recognized him at a glance.Han Chaoyang suddenly felt a little excited, and hurried to the front to be a guide.As soon as he accompanied the two bureau leaders, the chief of the economic investigation team, the chief of the network security team, and the director of the logistics support office to the river, Bureau Feng suddenly asked Old Xi, did the leader of the detachment say when he will arrive Report to Bureau Feng HCMUSSH incredibles cbd gummies , I called just now, and they should be here soon.Xiao Han, go out and pick it up.Then I think that solving crimes is not the same as in movies and TV shows.The criminals are not so powerful, and the police are not so good.Just thinking about whether to report such an important situation to the superior in time, Mr.Ji said triumphantly From the footprints, the murderer should be a cripple, but most of the cripples touch the ground with their toes or soles, and dragging.Stress.This cripple is different, he is lame because of a problem with his left leg or foot, and when he walks, his left foot touches the ground and bears force, so the footprints left are relatively deep.It s so powerful, I always thought that the old man would only scratch Thief, I didn t expect to know footprints Han Chaoyang looked at Mr.Ji with admiration, and Mr.Ji became even more proud.He stood up and limped to demonstrate, while happily analyzing Judging from the depth of the footprints left at the scene, the murderer is at least 1.But tonight, uncharacteristically, he didn t go back.Think of the dormitory as 3.14 case headquarters, brought Han Chaoyang together to study and analyze the case.The photos of the victim were printed out with the laser printer of the Sixth Hospital, and even the photos taken with his mobile phone when he and Mr.Wu surveyed the scene were also printed out., using a magnet to bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies hold it on the white blackboard just brought from the meeting room.The fly in the ointment is that the photo of the victim is the photo on the ID card, not a photo of daily life, and it may not look like the deceased himself.Mr.Ji turned his head and looked at the After talking on the phone with Huang Ying, Han Chaoyang picked up a pen and wrote the name of the victim under the photo of the victim, and marked the location of the corpse, footprints and the cover of the septic tank of the chemical fertilizer factory septic tank on the scene photo, then put down the pen and said Old man incredibles cbd gummies Wu, Chaoyang, bio life cbd gummies for ed kanha cbd watermelon gummies we don t have much information now, but there is also a lot.Chaoyang, what exactly are you trying to say Grandpa Gu asked puzzled.Master, I mean that the special case team has already ruled it out.Although it is unlikely to be as detailed as ours, but the suspect s height and weight are so obvious, it is also impossible for there to be too many omissions.We passed through it like a sieve.Several times, if the suspects could be screened incredibles cbd gummies out in this way, they should have been screened out long ago, and it really doesn t make sense to screen them out like this.It wasn t until she joined the small task force that Miao Haizhu felt like a real policeman.How could she give up so easily She couldn t help but ask, What else can I do Han Chaoyang really had no other way, But without saying one, two, three, four, they didn t know how long they would have to toss, so they thought for a while and said in a low voice Exclusion method What kind of elimination method Miao Haizhu asked.Ji s house, he is a living map.Miao Haizhu didn t need to turn on the electronic navigation.Under the guidance of his old man, he drove to the intersection of Xingui Road and Jianshe Street in less than 20 minutes.Uncle Ji, where is it That s right, Ji Kaiyuan rolled down the car window, pointed at him and said, The boss probably wanted to save electricity, so he turned off all the light boxes and neon lights.It s not like this in the evening.The lights are all on, colorful and conspicuous.Okay, I ll drive over.The traffic lights at this intersection are the same as in the daytime, Miao Haizhu waited for the green light to turn left to turn on, turned off the police lights and drove slowly , has been open to the door of the hotel.The store is not small and well decorated.There was a light on inside, and the lobby and bar on the first floor could be seen through the window.It will be safer to wear the bulletproof vest every day in the future.Knowing that this was requested by the new bureau chief, she thought about it and smiled again When I came back, Chen Xiujuan incredibles cbd gummies asked me to send you a message, please do me a favor.She is Chen Da Nei, what can I do for you It s a personal matter.What s the matter Her father in law is sick, and her mother in law is taking care of her in the hospital.Now the management is strict, no one can do personal things during working hours, and no one incredibles cbd gummies picks up the children after school.Isn t there a lot of people here She wants to ask you to arrange someone to help her.Pick it up.When Zhou Ju was there, considering that no one would pick up the policeman s children after school, he had specially arranged for a female policeman to pick them up.Pensions and compensation were all in place, incredibles cbd gummies but the girl who was rescued on the night hemp bomb cbd gummies long term effects of the incident took advantage of the chaos and left.She searched for it later but could incredibles cbd gummies not find it.Han Chaoyang finally found it at noon today.It was his subordinates who sacrificed, and his feelings can be imagined.You know, I called the command center just now and what are fun drops cbd gummies wanted to ask for leave to accompany that girl to commemorate the sacrificed auxiliary policeman Liu Chengquan.Bureau Feng is reporting.Feng Bureau knew the situation best, and subconsciously asked, I found it, how did Han Chaoyang find that girl Director Wen took out a small book, opened it, and introduced The girl s surname is Wang, her name is Wang Can, cbd gummies and drug testing and she is from Wuchun City.An unreliable boyfriend.The man used her mobile phone to borrow money online without her back.Wang Can carefully placed the flowers in front of the stele, knelt down on the ground again, and Lihua kowtowed in the rain, crying thank you and sorry while kowtow.Seeing the reporter go around the grave and take pictures of the crowd, Xu Hongliang and Yu Zhenchuan hurriedly helped Xiaokang up.Han Chaoyang took out the cigarettes from the plastic bag, took the lighter handed by Feng Ju, took out one and lit it, leaned over and inserted the cigarette into the soil in front of the monument, then took out another one, lit it again, and inserted it into the ground again.In the soil, I lit three sticks in a row and inserted three sticks, right to offer incense to my good brother who likes to smoke.Then he took out a bottle of wine from the plastic bag, unscrewed the lid, and poured it in front of the grave.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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