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Why can t you say it You don t hurt your back when you stand up and talk.Although I look quite formal, I have signed a contract with the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, my work permit has been reported to the provincial department, and I have a duty certificate issued by the provincial department, but in the end I am still a person.Temporary workers are not administrative establishments, nor career establishments, but temporary employment outside the staff.Is the establishment so important I don t want to do it yet, but I haven t found a better place for the time being.Han Chaoyang muttered to himself, and encouraged him This is only temporary, study hard, take the exam next year, and see who dares to look down on you after passing the exam.In fact, no one in the institute looks down on you.

Just as the old factory manager expected, the Zhao Jie that Han Chaoyang asked 4000 mg cbd gummies effects was a person suspected of endangering public security and under the key management of the public security organs.He was dealt with more than once on suspicion of theft, mobilizing crowds for gambling, and intentionally hurting people.He was released smilz cbd gummies bialik on parole the year before, and now he is not only the subject of community corrections by the Street Justice Office, but also the focus of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Considering that the management of key populations is the basic work mastered internally by the public security organs, it is strictly forbidden to disclose it to the outside world.So I just wrote down his name in the small book, and didn t write down what happened before, but kept it in my heart.Is he living in a family home now Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice, looking back at Aunt Wang and the others who started their morning exercises.

I couldn t find it until 3 o clock in the afternoon.Searching any further would be useless.Just when Han Chaoyang was about to withdraw his troops, the Xinyuan Street Police Station finally got news.Sister Chen, the child is found.Where did you find it The parent was too careless, what if he couldn t find it, as a woman, as the mother of the child, Chen Xiujuan really had lingering fears.Han Chaoyang climbed into the patrol car, leaned on the steering wheel with one hand and slowly drove towards the south gate of Factory 527, and held up the police notification in the other hand It turns out that the little guy thinks the little car pushed by the cleaner is fun, so he got into the car.The car was locked in the utility room, and the little guy fell asleep again in a daze.It was not until the people from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and the hospital security department confirmed that the little guy hadn t left the hospital, and organized forces to carefully search for dead corners in the hospital, and opened the utility room to find the still The little guy who is sleeping soundly.

As for the property of Dongming Community, it has nothing to do with our police station.Then I will reply to Da Yu like this How can you reply if you don t reply like this, you can t violate the principle.I don t know if the cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects kid made a blind promise to others, Liu Suo even suspected that Han Chaoyang might have taken advantage of others, and after thinking about it, he asked Han Chaoyang What have you been doing for a few days Assisting in street requisition and relocation, maintaining order in the meeting place during the day, and patrolling the fields with the cadres of the working group at night.I was very busy.I didn t let him come back when I was on duty the day before yesterday.Why patrolling in the fields The people in Chaoyang Village are shrewd.After the family is ready, they start to cultivate the land.

Lao .

were to buy cbd gummies?

Jin obviously early Prepared, looked at the outline listed in advance, and said with confidence The actual situation determines that we cannot assign posts and positions to the team members, so we must be flexible in the assessment.When the full spectrum cbd gummies thc team members are on duty cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects in the community, they will be treated according to the terms of security assessment when performing public security patrol tasks, they will be assessed according to the terms of security when assisting the comprehensive law enforcement of the streets and community work, they will be assessed according to the assessment terms of assistant management.I feel This method is good, Han Da, what do you think Very good, Manager Jin has considered everything comprehensively.It s not comprehensive, I just learned from the way the street treats our community, the police station treats the auxiliary police and the property company treats Security assessment terms.

, there will be more people in the future, do you want to organize a big inventory. This 4000 mg cbd gummies effects work cannot be delayed, not only to find out the base number and situation of the migrant population, but also to register all rental houses in the jurisdiction.In fact This work is also related to the next demolition.There are so many foreigners living in the village, so we can mobilize them to move in advance if we find out the bottom line.Our mobilization may not be effective.Lao Jin said worryingly.Why We said we would demolish the house, but the villagers said it would not be demolished for a while.Moving is troublesome, and it is difficult to find a house that is closer to the city than Chaoyang Village and has a cheaper rent.Those outsiders will definitely continue to wait and see.We won t move because of our mobilization.

Thinking of Secretary Yang once said that the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community should be used as a pilot to strengthen community security, assist the street to maintain stability and deal with emergencies, and assist the street s comprehensive administrative law enforcement.The director felt that the robber should not be handed over to the police just like that.He looked at Su Xian who was coming towards him, and immediately said Director Su, Xiao Han, come here.Director Cai, what instructions do you have Director Cai, here we come.Xiao Han, ask the team members to escort the robber out of the car.Director Su, take a photo with your mobile phone.Take a photo All criminal suspects need to take pictures, provide clues to help the police capture a few suspects, destroy several gangs and ask the case handling unit to issue americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies a certificate, so as to be convincing.

The brigade is the brigade.If we don t bow our heads and are not convinced, 4000 mg cbd gummies effects they can come out as a whole detachment Anyway, it is voluntary , and you can do whatever you want.Liu Jianye lit a cigarette again , and continued The top priority is to do our job well.From today on, we won t go anywhere and don t care about anything else, just pay attention to performance appraisal.Didn t the Hong Bureau let him go deep into the community and take root at pur cbd gummies the grassroots level No matter who he is, let 4000 mg cbd gummies effects 4000 mg cbd gummies effects ignite cbd gummies him go, and treat him as if he didn t exist.Come in.Yes Chen Xiujuan really didn t want to knock on this door, but she couldn t do without knocking, so she could only bite the bullet and walked into the office, carefully putting down four reimbursement receipts Liu Suo, these were called back by Sister Yan.

Yes As soon as he played the violin, Han Chaoyang seemed to be a different person.His eyes couldn t help closing his eyes, his whole body was immersed in the melody, and he was fascinated.He didn t know that the inspector of the Municipal Bureau was taking pictures in the crowd, let alone that the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the head of the Inspectorate Detachment would come out to inspect in person at night.Aunt Wang, Aunt Yu and the broad spectrum cbd gummies 300 mg others sang one song after another, and he played one song after another, which attracted bursts of warm applause.If you don t open your eyes to see, it s like going on stage in a grand theater to accompany the choir.feel.One song is over, and the next one is about to be pulled.Old Xu came over and leaned over and said, Chaoyang, Team Tang is here.

This is not a trivial matter, and I think it should be reported to the superior immediately.Boy, I have never had a chance.How could Xu Hongliang miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, and said as a matter of course Then what are you waiting for, report it quickly, how can you condone the adulterer for such a big event.The HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects key point is which superior do you want me to report to This is indeed a problem.Old Xu lit a cigarette, and analyzed in detail How does he get people as an auxiliary policeman If what Yuan Xiufen said last night is true, then he may be just a middleman.The problem is either with the case team or with It comes from those people.Those people are not the leaders.Xu Hongliang came to the realization as if enlightened.Before the 4000 mg cbd gummies effects matter was found out, the leader, like the police of the case handling team, was suspected of accepting bribes and knowingly breaking the law.

Yes.The atmosphere in the office was rather depressing, and the morale of the policemen was not high.Director Du thought about it and patted Han Chaoyang s arm again, half jokingly I saw it all upstairs just now, the patrol team did a good job, but you are not competent as the captain, not because you are incompetent at work, but because you have no momentum.The team members call you Han Da , and you Han Da should look like a team leader.If you do a good job as a team leader, our face will also be bright.The Huayuan Street Police Station couldn t be left in a slump because of this.Of course, Secretary Guo knew the good intentions of Bureau Du, so he smiled uncharacteristically, looked at the crowd and said, A trainee policeman in our branch can serve as a patrol with dozens of people and several cars.

However, in this illegal underground body photography, most of the models are simply naked, and most of the photographers do not have professional standards.And it was carried out indoors with poor conditions, far from meeting the requirements of art.Most HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects of the photographers also participated with the purpose of hunting for novelty and pornography, so the photos taken are unsightly.In short, if it is for a specific It s not uncommon for professional professionals to conduct artistic creation and artistic research.But providing unspecified people for shooting, without conducting corresponding qualification examinations for photographers, is divorced from art.This is spending money to see nudes, not only watching but also Shoot, it s 100 illegal In any case, it s a good thing for the leaders to give a judicial explanation , at least they don t have to worry about the artists downstairs and the two female models who dedicated themselves to 4000 mg cbd gummies effects art.

Liu Suo and the others also had nothing to do with the masses who surrounded the street cadres, they could only persuade them with earnest words.And they only have a few mouths, not to mention that the owners are indeed reasonable, and they can t justify them at all.Director Gu s situation was getting worse and worse.Not only was he sprayed with saliva, but he even went from being pushed to being pulled.The button of the short sleeved shirt was undone, and a chubby female owner held his arm tightly a female cadre who worked with Director Gu was pushed and pulled by the emotional owner, and burst into tears The most worrying thing is that the owners outside are still squeezing in, the door of the sales department is locked, and people inside, including street officials, have no way to retreat.

Don t you have perfume, you d better spray it on him I don t want him to make the police office 4000 mg cbd gummies effects smell bad.What is he doing He s doing something disgusting and disgusting.Thinking of what his senior brother was doing, Han Chaoyang felt nauseous.Subconsciously took out a cigarette and lit it.Zheng Xinyi frowned cbd gummies for intimacy 4000 mg cbd gummies effects slightly, and pointed to the no smoking sign Did you see it Smoking is prohibited.You have to smoke outside or inside.After taking a puff and being reluctant to throw it away, he took out the cigarette case and stuffed it in after thinking about it.I have never seen such a stingy person before, and Zheng Xinyi felt ashamed for him, so she couldn t help laughing I said, Han Da, you are still a civil servant, or a police officer.You don t smoke wherever you go, so why are you so frugal Civil servant I have money, please, my salary is not as high as yours now.

Compensation will be issued before Saturday, and the construction unit will enter the site next Monday to start building the fence.So fast You can t hurry up.By the way, I heard that two people died in Yangguan Village last night.The mother and daughter were killed at home.Xiao Han, did you go The first policeman to arrive at the scene.Sister Yang suddenly became interested and stopped knocking on the door.She stared at him with her arms around the folder and asked, Is the scene terrible I didn t brag just now, it was best cbd gummies for the money forum indeed the first Police arriving at the scene.But being the first to arrive at the scene doesn t mean knowing everything.In fact, Han Chaoyang didn t know anything for most of the night.Maintaining order outside.Chapter 96 Killing Acquaintances The grassroots police force is insufficient, and the community police have to pick up the police, be on duty, assist in handling cases, and even host some cbd gummies for intimacy 4000 mg cbd gummies effects public security cases.

The building was built by the couple with money, not only a two story building , and renovated it.I can hear and feel that she is very satisfied, even very happy.Didn t say anything else No, there is, just invite me to her house to play, I don t have time.Tang Junmei His tone suddenly darkened, and he sighed sadly and regretfully She is not yet thirty years old, and the child is only five years old.How could such a thing happen, and how could this kind of thing happen to the two of them.Sister Tang , their mother and child were killed, and we are also very sad.I m sorry, I don t know much, so I can t help you.Sister Tang, what s wrong with this, I am very grateful for your call.Together since childhood The good sisters who played until they grew up just disappeared.It is said that they were cruelly tortured before they died.

It s almost 7 o clock, call quickly.Director Su, I actually made two preparations.The march and the national anthem have been downloaded.It doesn t matter if Director Wang and the others can t catch up.The flag raising ceremony will not be affected.Su Xian shook her short hair and explained with a smile Old Jin , This is not just accompaniment, factory director how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies Wang and the others are old party members and cadres, we have to use this opportunity to organize some activities, otherwise what are we going to do with cbd gummies for intimacy 4000 mg cbd gummies effects the third floor.room Lao Jin came to his senses, nodded again and again and said Yes, this opportunity should be used well.The 527 factory has been closed down for many years, and their organizational relationship has long been transferred to the party branch of our neighborhood committee.

After you ve chosen it, you have to bargain with others.After you ve finished, you have to sign a contract and go through the loan procedures.It s not a day or two.Where do you live My God, let me rent a house nearby.Don t your unit have a dormitory, we mother and I can squeeze together.Even if you don t have a dormitory, you have money, and you have no place to live, you can find a small hotel and make up for a few days.It won t cost much.Ma Fengying not only went to the provincial capital to buy a house, but also went to see her son who became the most handsome policeman , and even planned to go to her son s unit to thank the leaders, but it was already decided how could it be postponed.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to agree, Okay, I ll see if I can find a dormitory first.That s it, let your dad tell you, I ll pack up.

The exit rate of the suspect is very high, and it can be confirmed that there is no time to commit the crime Someone will ask her about other things later, Han Chaoyang took his mobile phone back to the community police office, and nodded slightly with Team He.He Yichang was somewhat disappointed, worried that the suspect would notice 4000 mg cbd gummies effects something, and continued to ask about the details of the loan fraud while the iron was hot.The first step is to get a complete set of information.Jiang Huaiyu glanced at Grandpa Gu again, and said anxiously That is, ID card, bank card, mobile phone number, as long as you want to buy these, you can buy them online.The cheap one is one thousand three four, and the expensive one is two thousand.I am worried that those ID cards have been used and that there are problems with those ID cards, so I generally don t buy them online.

He took the initiative to report the good news and helped make the arrangements at night.It turned out that the drunkard s intention was not to drink, and Han Chaoyang was confused, but thinking about it, it s not a bad thing.He stared into his eyes and asked very seriously Hongliang, do you really like Lingling Don t tell lies.Chen Jie said again abruptly.I like it.Xu Hongliang nodded, fearing that Han Chaoyang would not believe it, he emphasized can cbd gummies be brought on a plane I m not joking, Chaoyang, I m not kidding, I really like it.Lingling has been hurt, she can t be hurt again.I know, I told you this, you don t reakiro cbd gummies review know what kind of person I am.This kid has impeccable character, and HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects his family is rich Han Chaoyang felt that he could help match up, so he patted his arm Okay, I ll help her persuade her to see if I can tell her not to go to Donghai.

I also packed a few dishes, waiting for him to come back to eat.He didn t eat dinner, and neither did the team members who participated in the operation.It s not that Aunt Tan didn t cook dinner, it s just that they didn t have time to eat it.This problem is easy to solve.This meal does not need to be managed by the Huayuan Street Police Station.Lao Jin had already considered that the security guards might have irregular meal times.Several duty stations are equipped with microwave ovens.Just heat it up and it won t go to waste.There were a lot of people in the headquarters , Xu Hongliang was very thoughtful, called to ask where he was, and heated up the packaged meals a few minutes in advance, so that Han Chaoyang could eat them as soon as he came back.Why don t you eat these dishes We hardly touched our chopsticks.

It is really not easy to think about it, and you can t sit back and enjoy it.Huang Ying was stunned, and asked with a look of surprise Mom, what do you mean What I mean is very simple.If you can confirm the relationship, if Xiaohan s parents agree to write your name on the real estate certificate, we can help you make up the down payment if the down payment is not enough, and you can also help repay the loan.After all, the house is for you and Xiaohan to live in., Our property will be left to you in the future.It s not that my parents like unlucky eggs one or two times, but they actually want to have raw and cooked rice.They like the unlucky guy but also because of their own daughter.Huang Ying was both moved and confused, feeling that all this happened too fast and suddenly, she hurriedly said Mom, it s too early to say this now, don t force me, give me some time , and give Chaoyang some time, and the two of us.

Be honest, don t look at this place, tell me how you plan to be honest.The restaurant is full of people, we plan to wait for him to come out, rush up and beat him up.Guofei knows his car, and the car is in the parking lot The man didn t leave.Yiping brought a knife, but it was for self defense.Killing people pays for their lives, and slashing people will go to jail.We are not stupid, and we dare not.We really just plan to teach him a lesson and show him some color.I definitely won t kill him.The plan will never keep up with the changes, if the situation changes, the opponent has too many people, you can t beat them or you are impatient, God knows if you will kill people.Han Chaoyang asked him about the details, asked him to read the transcript, and asked him to sign and print his fingerprint on the transcript.

Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about.Just as he went downstairs to go back, he saw Lao Hu and Lao Ding coming back with a suspect.It looks familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere Han Chaoyang signaled Li Xiaobin and the others to wait a moment, and stood in the hall waiting for Lao Ding to lock the suspect into the detention room.He walked up and asked curiously, Inspector Ding, what did you do just now What did Liu Suohe think of him The change does not mean that Lao Ding s view of him has changed.In fact, not only has he not changed, but he has become more disgusted by Guan Xiyuan s stimulation from time to time.Just do your job well, and don t inquire about what you shouldn t.Lao Ding opened the anti theft door and climbed upstairs without looking back.Han Chaoyang got his nose dirty, and after thinking about it, he walked to the door of the detention room and observed the suspect through the small window on the iron door.

I couldn t even move my fingers, and it hurt to the bone.I can t move my right hand, so I can only eat with my left hand.Sprinkle the pickles in the porridge, grab the buns and take a bite, then put down the buns and pick up the bowl to drink the porridge.Seeing his clumsy appearance, Chen Xiujuan couldn t help asking Wu Wei, eating is so so inconvenient, how do you take a shower Wipe it with a wet towel.How else can I wash it Go home and find a wife.If you have a wife, someone will take care HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects of you.Wu Wei finished eating the buns, picked up the bowl and smiled wryly Besides, it s not so easy to find a wife, don t worry, take your time.There is no one at home, where are your parents My father works That company opened a branch factory in Xiangfeng, and the boss transferred him to be the workshop director, and he came back once a month.

The two big sisters in the street consciously stepped aside and smiled meaningfully before leaving laugh.I stayed up late again.I heard that how many more murderers have been americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies arrested Huang Ying asked with a smile as she handed over a bottle of water and stood in the shade.I stayed up until dawn, but I didn t catch those suspects.I was in charge of blocking the outer intersections.Soy sauce all night Almost.Han Zhaoyang smiled and raised his arms Say hello to the grandparents who are coming one after another.Huang Ying took a look, snickered and said, Your mother called me and said that she would bring me sweet corn in a few days.Since there is really no special product in my hometown, and there is not even any land, Han Chaoyang murmured My family has sweet corn Your family doesn t have it.

It s closed From the day I saw the news about this pilot project, I feel that it won t last long.One is whether the advantages of setting up a baby safety island outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages.There are legal and moral controversies about Dali.Many people think that it encourages irresponsible people to do irresponsible things.The second is cannabis cbd gummies reviews that they cannot be rescued at all.It seems that after more than two months, they received 300 Multiple abandoned babies.It s not like in the 1980s and 1990s when most of the abandoned children were girls.Most of the abandoned children now suffer from diseases, many of which are incurable, such as cerebral palsy, Down s syndrome, congenital heart disease disease, clubfoot and cleft lip and palate, etc., if it is not closed, there will be 4000 mg cbd gummies effects no amount of funds to spend.

Yu Zhenchuan knew that he didn t want the younger brother to change jobs, and he also knew that he didn t want to delay the younger brother s future, cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects so he suddenly said Master, I think it s better for us to pretend we don t know anything about this matter.Inspector Gu , What s the matter Chen Jie asked curiously.It is inconvenient cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects to speak in the police room, Grandpa Gu stood up immediately It s nothing, you continue to be on duty.Seeing his old man open the door leading to the inner room, Yu Zhenchuan sighed secretly, and followed him calmly until he reached the neighborhood committee The community police office on the first floor.Zhen Chuan, I understand what you mean, but this is not a trivial best cbd gummy fir the money matter.You don t know how much the bureau leader attaches importance to Chaoyang.He really can t resign.

How do we know this while sitting at home, and You can help us introduce business, anyway, there is no harm in building a good relationship with them.Invite people to dinner, do you still want to give them gifts Han Chaoyang didn t want to get involved.He didn t have the time or the energy to get involved in dating.He held the steering wheel and said with a smile, Manager Jin, I won t get involved in business matters.If you come forward like today, someone who understands the situation Knowing that the security company makes some money is to assist the street to maintain stability, assist the street to comprehensively enforce the law, and assist the public security organs to do a good job of public security prevention and control those who don t know the situation will really think that the security company is run by me, Han Chaoyang, at least I have shares, use it I don t know how much money I made because of my position.

I checked on the Internet, Longdao County is on the Loess Plateau, and there is nothing to ask for.The common people depend on the sky for their food.How can we communicate Let us go to endure hardships, let us go to receive re education, and it is not a good job, why are you in a hurry.I know it is not a good job, because no one wants to go, so we are called to go, but I have to Make some preparations, if you bring single police equipment, you have to buy a 4000 mg cbd gummies effects bigger trolley case, otherwise it won t fit in. Du Bureau didn t make it very clear last time, you have to learn from the class, and the class has to go with others to pick up the police, pick up the police You can t be without equipment, and it s impossible for them to distribute it to us after half a month, so you d better buy a bigger box.

Some owners want to check the accounts of the property, and they must exercise their right to know Facts have proved that the accounts published by the property management company every year are likely to be tricky.Manager Zhang began to say that there how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies is no obligation to disclose, because they are a lump sum property management company, not a salary based property management company.But this time it was difficult for him to perfunctory.Tan Xiaoying, the owner of the house who is currently renovating and is about to move in, is a legal expert who not only understands the Anti Monopoly Law but also the Property Law.Some regulations are known, and the rebuttals are justified and justified.I have already paid the property fee in full, so where are the proceeds from advertisements, booths and public housing rentals used Why didn t they give us dividends, and didn t they announce it to us The backbone, Tan Xiaoying decided to live up to the expectations of the big guys, and stared at Manager Zhang, aggressive.

There were more and more owners watching, some echoed loudly, some cheered, and some held up their mobile phones to broadcast live.There are many homeowner groups in the community, and to what extent the conflict will intensify.Manager Zhang dared not respond positively, and perfunctoryly said Every homeowner, please listen to my explanation.There is a special account for public benefits.We It has always been in accordance with the law that the owners committee needs to discuss and form a majority opinion resolution, otherwise the public benefits will only be used for the special maintenance fund of the community.For maintenance, how much public benefits will you have in a year This this 4000 mg cbd gummies effects requires Ask the accountant for information.You don t know how much you will charge a year, so you need to ask the accountant.

Less than three days after I bought the property, the owners committee split up, and the owners stood in line, and then scolded and teared each other up.Some said the members of the 8 year old cbd gummies owners committee were corrupt, and some said they were lazy and difference between delta 8 and cbd gummies slack in governance.Anyway, what did they say All of them.When they were united to the outside world, they were really united.We sweated and even bleed together, but we didn t shed tears.However, after driving out the black property, many owners shed tears, and some even sold their houses and moved to other places.I don t want to be neighbors with the owners who once fought side by side, and I don t even have to be friends.The situation in the community is even more messy, with cars parked chaotically, small advertisements everywhere, and no one to clean up the garbage.

Xu Hongliang couldn t help asking Chaoyang , you gave Miao Haizhu an order She came to my comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road to exercise, and she wants to learn from her class, what s wrong with my order, I arranged her tasks today.Thinking of big sister Directing around, Han Chaoyang smiled complacently.What mission Huang Ying asked curiously.Assist the Xinmin Community Neighborhood Committee to mobilize the owners of the Xinmin Community to apply for the establishment of an owner s meeting and hire a property management company to strengthen the security of the Xinmin Community.This task is relatively difficult, and it is more suitable for a policeman like her.Is there any mistake It is quite difficult, and this is simply an impossible task Xu Hongliang knew very well that others did not know the situation in Xinmin Community, and immediately burst out laughing.

That is a lunatic.Once the case is 4000 mg cbd gummies effects filed, he really can not eat or drink.Lao Ding neither likes Han Chaoyang nor Wu Wei.A reel of cables suspected to have been stolen from the construction site of the Nancheng Garden Project was found at a scrap collection point that had not cbd gummies help been registered.The collectors were a couple.The man was not at home, and the woman didn t know what to ask.He was waiting there. No registration Liu Jianye s face immediately changed when he thought of the loopholes in the special industry management in the jurisdiction.It s just started, it s only been a few days.It s only a few days since it was just started, it s excusable, does Lao Zhai know Yes, Lao Zhai went there as soon as he received the call.On these basic tasks, There are so many policemen in the community team, only Lao Gu, Lao Yang and Chaoyang are doing solid work, and Xi Yuan is doing better now.

You are ready to prepare, and don t hesitate to say it.Even if you don t go to the Municipal Bureau, the branch bureau will still ask you to write about the experience and experience of the study and exchange Han Chaoyang sat up quickly Okay, I ll think about it now.I can think about it as if I m lying down.Don t get up, the space is so big.Sit up and bump your head.The space between the berth and the upper berth is too small, children are not a big problem, adults can only lie down, don t want to sit comfortably.Han Chaoyang lay down again, just as he was about to respond to Huang Ying who was making faces with him, when the light came on outside the car window, the train drove out of the cave again, and the phone rang without losing the opportunity.Captain He, why do you have time to call me Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing when he saw the caller ID.

Han Chaoyang looked at the girl who was dragging her suitcase and standing behind her parents, then turned and pointed in the direction of the Sixth Hospital The first intersection ahead.Turn left and walk about 200 meters to the north and the best cbd gummies for pain you will see that the hotel gate faces west, and there is a big light box on the roof, which is very conspicuous.Thank you.You re welcome.Just after pointing the way to this family, I saw a The parent walked out of PolyU with a child wearing glasses, put the suitcase on the 4000 mg cbd gummies effects east HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects side of the gate, and chatted with the security guard while taking out his mobile phone to check something.The taxi drivers standing guard at the entrance of PolyU swarmed up, vying to solicit customers, which made the family who was not familiar with the place of birth very anxious.

So he should be a first time offender, Old Tang leaned over to look at Zhu Youwei who was busy filling up the ID card documents in the monitor, and pondered.He can make up nonsense, as long as it is nonsense, it will be full of loopholes.Ask carefully, interrogate carefully, and see how he justifies himself.When he can t make up, a showdown should be able to defeat his psychological defense in one fell swoop.That s what I think.Yan Bin from the Fourth Squadron of the Criminal Police of the Yanzhong Sub bureau said that the owner of the small restaurant that was stolen and his wife quarreled every day because of this incident.More than 20,000 yuan is not a small number for them.She moved her hands, and the proprietress ran to the Fourth Squadron in a fit of anger, and asked the criminal police of the Fourth Squadron why they let him go when they knew he was a thief, and asked Yan Bin if he had taken the thief s favor.

Chaoyang, what s the situation Did you find anything Report to the Ji team.No valuable physical evidence has been 4000 mg cbd gummies effects found.I want to ask how the victim died and whether there was any blunt force injury.A lot of stones were found, including small pebbles and large ones.If the victim s skull is damaged, those large stones may be the murder weapon.There are so many policemen in the city s public security system, why are you the most handsome boy Deputy Squadron Leader Ji, who was busy visiting and inquiring, thought that the most handsome policeman in the limelight must be ashamed at the moment, so he couldn t help laughing The victim s skull was not damaged, and there was no 4000 mg cbd gummies effects ignite cbd gummies blunt force injury from head to toe.Strangled or strangled, so you don t have to worry about those stones.Okay, if you say it s worthless, then it s worthless.

Boss Hou has better vision than Chang Mazi.I partnered with several bosses to invest and build a mixing plant under the Dongbian Bridge.The business is good, anyway, the carts pulling commercial concrete go in and out all day long, but the business of the partnership is not good.Several bosses fell out.The boss cooperated with Chang Mazi on the opposite side, and built another mixing plant.Boss Hou and Chang Mazi compete fiercely It s not fierce, it s almost like an enemy.You report me, and I report you, saying that the other party s concrete is not how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies good enough.Guan, saying that the other party 4000 mg cbd gummies effects gave kickbacks to the material workers at the construction site, and even found a car that broke down at the intersection in front of the other party s mixing station.Anyway, they have used all kinds of tricks.

It is obvious that he will not give up until he catches the murderer.What Han Chaoyang could say, he could only agree No problem, let s divide the work again, it s still the same as before, I m here watching the sand sifting, you go to the other side to visit and ask.The lucky partner in front of him Although the work attitude is not very positive, it is not without advantages, at least very easy to talk to.Thinking of being able to investigate the case again, Wu Wei said sincerely Thank you.My own, don t be so polite, and you are not doing private work.Then you stay here and watch, I will drive to Xianzhuang first.What time is it now, who can I visit now, who can 4000 mg cbd gummies effects I ask Han Chaoyang was so confused that he looked at him like a fool.I ll go get familiar with the environment first, Wu Wei took out his phone to check the time, then looked up at the dark night sky, and said confidently And the sky tonight is similar to the night on the 15th.

Especially after the construction of the high speed rail station started, the housing prices in this area soared by more than 3,000 square meters in just one month.Xie Lingling was both moved and embarrassed, she went to the balcony and asked in a mosquito like voice, Have your parents visited No, I have told them that they are busy all day long.I didn t take care of it.It s such a big matter, how can we not discuss it with them It s not like you haven t been to my house, and it s not like you don t know who my parents are, they said, we just look at it.His family is really his head His father and mother are honest and honest.One works in the development zone and drives a forklift in the factory.One works in the street sanitation office, cleans the roads from dawn to dusk, and picks up junk while cleaning.

Bureau Xu was in a hurry, so he called deputy head Luo first, and then called the leader of the Municipal Bureau on duty to report, asking the leader of the Municipal Bureau to coordinate.The amount involved in the case was tens of millions.Of course, the leaders of the Municipal Bureau had to ask clearly.They immediately called the Yandong Sub bureau to verify, and finally told Bureau Xu that these were just two related cases.The gambling case was first detected by the Yandong Sub bureau, and should be investigated and dealt with by the Yandong Sub bureau s security team, which requested the Gaoxin District Sub bureau to hand over Yu Qinggong and his wife, who facilitated Yang Jiandong s gang to open an underground casino, to the Yandong Sub bureau.At the same time, the Yandong Sub bureau is required to actively assist the Gaoxin District Sub bureau while investigating and handling the gambling case, and provide clues and relevant evidence needed to solve the murder case.

Dozens of special agents in uniform came at once, and the creditors who made the most noise just now were honest.They stopped shouting loudly, let alone dared to push and push, but surrounded Han Chaoyang to complain.Boss Jiang, I understand how you feel, but Zhou Sen not only owes you Boss Jiang s decoration money, but also owes you rent, workers katie courics cbd gummies wages and suppliers money If HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects you take away valuable things, what will others do Others economy How to recover the loss When the reinforcements arrived, Han Chaoyang gained confidence.He looked back at the creditors and restaurant chefs who were deeply convinced of what he said just now, and nodded repeatedly, and said unhurriedly No one wants to encounter such a thing.Since It has already happened and we have to find a way to solve it, but no matter what we think of, it must first be based on the premise of not violating laws and regulations.

Officer Han, I don t agree with this.I protect my legal rights, so how can I break the law Ms.Li, just now I made it very clear to Boss Jiang that the same principle applies to you.If you sell the valuables in the hotel to recover the economic loss, what should others do I m green ape cbd gummies for smoking different from them, they re just the immediate loss, if this matter is not resolved and my house can t be rented out, how much rent will I lose The landlady was very anxious, and looked cbd gummies have carbs back at her husband, anxiously Said To be honest, the three storey shop was bought with a loan, and the bank loan was paid back with the rent.They can afford it, but I can t I was so emotional that I burst into tears, but before Why did you go For a three story shop in such a good location, at least half a year s rent must be collected first.

Those doctors nowadays will not see a doctor if they don t read the films and test sheets You are similar to those doctors.Without monitoring, fingerprints, and witnesses, you can t solve the case.Thinking about you, I can do it too It must be admitted that what the uncle said made some sense, and the surrounding uncles and aunts burst into laughter.Miao Haizhu s lungs were about to explode with anger, and he couldn t be anxious with them.The middle aged man with glasses suddenly said Uncle Fei, it s not like they won total pure cbd gummies 300 mg t solve the case without monitoring, after all, they still don t take our ordinary people s affairs at ease.Wasn t it reported before that a Japanese lost a bicycle and quickly helped to find it.An academician lost a notebook and quickly found americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies it.We are neither foreign guests nor academicians, so how can we enjoy that kind of treatment.

Sister, do you know where it is Tang Junhua asked curiously.I know, when the business is good, I can run several times a day Huayu Village is located in a remote small village at the junction of Yanyang City and Wuchun City.It is not famous now, but it was famous more than a decade ago, because some villagers with weak legal awareness frantically sold bicycles stolen from Wuchun City by criminals, and even formed an industrial chain, which was surrounded and suppressed by Wuchun public security organs many times.The Vehicle Investigation Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Sub bureau suspected that many electric vehicles stolen in the city had flowed to Wuchun City.However, Wuchun City is very large, with four districts and six counties under its jurisdiction.The Xinyuan Street Police Station cracked a series of electric car theft cases today, and found out the identity of the suspect suspected of selling stolen goods.

Hearing that the sub bureau needs the assistance of lesbians, Director Su actually changed into a black special service uniform and decided to take part in the operation himself.She, Zheng Xinyi, Chen Jie, and Chen Xiujuan and Miao Haizhu, who hurried over to gather, stood in the first HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects group with a heroic appearance, which was really a beautiful sight.Han Chaoyang was also wearing all the police equipment, and was about to take out his mobile phone to check the time.Zhang Jinhai leaned into his ear and asked curiously, Chaoyang, you need the assistance of so many people.What are you going to do I really don t know, really I don t know.Keeping it secret from you means it s a big move, and it s a very important big move They chatted in low voices, and Director Su was also whispering to Zheng Xinyi.

It seemed that a deputy director of the government office also served as the director of the administrative service center.There were three deputy directors.Several departments, after you pass, you will be a member of the administrative service center, not those who are stationed in the unit.Huang Ying learned finance does not mean that she likes the boring job now, and she doesn t want to stay in the street office all the time.Opportunity, couldn t help laughing So it s similar to being transferred to a government office Well, but it s a secondment now.Whether you can be officially transferred depends on your work performance during the secondment.Isn t it serving the masses, you You look down on me too much.Huang Ying was so happy that she hurried over to close the office door, giggled while holding her mobile phone tightly, I often go to the administrative service center, so many units are stationed here, so many people go to work every day, It s interesting to think about it.

When it comes to your job as a master, it s really not only the top, but the bottom, in short, he doesn t like to engage in those vain things. So I don t have any ideas now.Han Chaoyang sighed, and said Face helpless.The old factory manager smiled, stared at him closely and said Actually, I want to make it lively and make him happy.It is not difficult to americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies make him feel the big guy s intentions.In the final analysis, we must prescribe the right medicine and do what we want.Good.But for him, work is life, life is work, and he has no other hobbies besides work I said Xiao Han, you are very smart when you usually see him, why don t you have any ideas on this matter The old factory Chang You looked at the door of the police room, then leaned over to Han Chaoyang and whispered something in Han Chaoyang s ear.

After opening the anti theft door and the lights in the house, there was indeed a set of broadcasting equipment, which was exactly the same as the one seized in Washington DC this afternoon When Xu Hongliang was in the police academy, he studied investigation and was responsible for taking pictures and collecting evidence.Miao Haizhu held up the video camera to record the video.The comrades of the Bureau of Wireless Management confirmed the wireless frequency illegally occupied by this equipment, and demodulated the sound signal with special equipment.After the two families obtained the certificates together, they organized the team members to disassemble the broadcasting equipment, and transported all of them to the car parked downstairs before going to the third den.It took more than an hour for one den, and the four dens ran down and added the time on the road, and the team didn t close until after 3 o clock in the morning.

Hahaha, he has achieved a lot this year, and he has been awarded for meritorious service one after another.Grandpa Gu was so relieved that he counted with his fingers I won the second class merit, the third class merit and the commendation once in a year.Let alone the branch office, I don t think there is a second one in the city s public security system.The sub bureau and the city bureau have also comprehensively considered the issue of merit and award awards.If various factors are not considered, it will be even more exaggerated than it is now Having been working for so many years, it is not as good as Han Chaoyang working for a year.Lao Ding really felt a little uncomfortable, and couldn t help asking Considering all kinds of factors, Sergeant Gu, are you saying that the superior is deliberately suppressing you It can t be said that it 4000 mg cbd gummies effects was deliberate suppression.

, 4000 mg cbd gummies effects and I really like being a policeman, and I feel safe looking for a policeman.You can ask me anything, as long as I get along well, it doesn t matter if she gets divorced or not.And then Huang Ying asked eagerly.As a result, I went to the western restaurant to see that it was my classmate in junior high school and the class flower of that year.What a coincidence It s not such a coincidence.She lives in the same community as my aunt, and she is related to my aunt.It s just that when she was in high school, she thought that her previous name was not good, so she changed her name.When my aunt introduced me on the phone, I I didn t expect it to be the same person.Han Chaoyang subconsciously said, My junior high school classmate is good, she grownmd cbd gummies reviews 4000 mg cbd gummies effects knows everything, and she was a class girl back then, so she should be very beautiful.

I know you are busy, so I won t mention the matter of picking up the wind for you.My car is parked in the yard , This is the car key, if you have other needs, just talk to Chaoyang, Chaoyang can solve it, Chaoyang can solve it, and if Chaoyang can t solve it, come to me.If I can t solve it, I will go to the bureau leader.Bao Suo is so enthusiastic, Wang Jianping I was really embarrassed by it, and secretly decided to wait for the case to be completed, and I must invite these helpful Yanyang colleagues.Just as he was being polite, his cell phone rang, and Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang almost at the same time.Understood, it s okay, okay, that s it.Don t worry, I ll be there right away, take it easy, don t startle the snake.Old Ding asked curiously Ling Bin is going out Han Chaoyang accompanied Wang Jianping out Walking away, he confirmed, I m waiting for a car at the door of the hotel.

No matter how you look at it, this plan is goodAlthough I am not in my position, I personally support it as the first party branch secretary of the community.However, if we want to turn the plan into reality, we have to face two problems.One is whether we can mobilize the residents It is very important to invest spare money in investment and development how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies companies registered and established by the neighborhood committee.The second is the operation and management after the company is established and the funds are in place.If the management is not professional enough, it can turn a good game into a bad game.Shareholders are ordinary people.Director Su, don t worry, there is absolutely no problem with Party Secretary Zhang and Director Xie in the financing area As for management, we will never direct experts from outsiders, and we will definitely hire a professional manager to be the CEO.

Finding out her 4000 mg cbd gummies effects trajectory is just a matter of time.Already.Thinking that it would be soon possible to confirm whether the woman who sneaked into the community is Wan Xiaoxia, Grandpa Gu couldn t help laughing, and thought to himself that the boys are very professional, and high technology is good.The old man was about to sit down when a young man in the front row suddenly turned around and said, Da Han, Inspector Gu, I found it At 7 17 21, she entered the underground parking lot from the east exit at 7 21 33 , into the fire exit of Unit 1 of Building 13 at 7 24 36, she came back the same way Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu immediately walked around to the front row and leaned over to look at the monitor.The woman in the white down jacket did not look suspicious at all.Judging from the trajectory of her activities, it was almost certain that she had a problem.

Here we come.Mr.Ling, I have something to do with Mr.Xie, and Xinxin is in the hall cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects Ling Bin reacted, and said with an embarrassed face I m sorry to let you take such a long time, you are busy with you Yes, I ll go to the lobby and watch.Then let s go.Let s go, Miss Miao, I ll see you off.Don t give it away, Xinxin Leather, you have to keep an eye on it, or you won t blink It disappeared.Facing Ling Bin, Miao Haizhu felt an inexplicable sense of guilt.He can find the person he is looking for very quickly, but what will happen after he finds it is definitely not acceptable to him.I really don t know if he can bear it after he finds out everything.Because of this, she pulled it up and just put it on Xie Lingling in the overcoat left, not daring to see him again.Xie Lingling didn t know why, so she asked curiously as soon as she went out Where are you going I can t say it now, it s not a surprise.

Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen carried her into the elevator, and sighed softly He thought you were Zhang Ziyue until now, and he has been kept in the dark.Don t talk about you, even me I don t know how to explain it to him, and I m too embarrassed to face him.I knew he wouldn t betray me.Wan Xiaoxia actually laughed, with tears in her eyes.Ding When we arrived at the first floor, the elevator door opened automatically, and the corridor was full of security guards.Junfeng, take her to the office first.Yes Han Chaoyang handed her over to Wu Junfeng and other security guards, took out his cell phone and started making calls.The one who was just arrested was a repeat offender, so Kang Haigen was not at ease.He glanced back at Han Chaoyang and turned around to catch up.Sister Miao, Wan Xiaoxia has been arrested.

Wan Xiaoxia had quarreled with him many times, and in the end he not only didn t care but beat Wan Xiaoxia.Wan Xiaoxia was disheartened Feeling cold, she started to play tricks on drug funds, she later bought a house and left Ling Bin money all stolen from Zhang Boyu.So that s how it is.Let s not talk about that, let s eat first, Wang Jianping took out his phone and looked at it.Checking the time, he asked with a smile, Which restaurant are we going to Han Chaoyang was so confused, he looked back at the property office and said, Captain Wang, the suspect is still here.It s important to do business.There will be opportunities after dinner, so there s no need to hurry.Tonight.It doesn t matter, Wang Jianye looked condor cbd gummy reviews to the northwest, and said nonchalantly, Lao Song and Xiao Qiu will be here soon, bring Wei Dongmei here, you arrange two or three comrades to assist them in custody, and we will eat ours , we will change them after we finish eating.

Huang Ying was eating, and while taking out the fatty meat she didn t like from the lunch box, she said with a smile It s really something, your mother knows you are a busy person, so she will give you whatever you need.I called, she plans to come with Uncle Miao the day after tomorrow, Uncle Miao wants to buy a house for Sister Miao, let me help you find where to buy it.Han Zhaoyang was happy, and couldn 4000 mg cbd gummies effects high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs t help laughing and asked Does Sister Miao know I probably don t know.Huang Ying took a sip of boiled water and said with emotion Sister Miao is really inferior to you in terms of treating her parents.Every time Uncle Miao calls her, she either has this or that.If you ask her if she has talked, she will even be anxious with Uncle Miao.You said that she is so old, and she will become a leftover girl if she drags on, can Uncle Miao not be anxious.

Captain Wang, I m Chaoyang, what s the matter Chaoyang, report a situation, Wang Jianping looked at the suspect who was being stuffed into a police car by several criminal policemen, and said excitedly, Zhang Boyu has been arrested, and this bastard is still selling drugs., More than 900 grams of heroin were seized at the scene, as well as an imitation May 4th pistol.The accomplice who did not come into our sight and the two accomplices who developed later were also arrested at the same time.The arrest operation went smoothly and no policeman was injured.Great Han Chaoyang was so happy, he couldn t help asking Team Wang, how did you lock them , Organized the police force to monitor the hotels where he often stayed, and after three days of guarding, he really showed his face.Captain Wang, does this count as meritorious service Of course Wang Jianping knew who he was asking, so he hesitated and said This can only be regarded as a confession, and we can only strive for leniency.

Vice Minister Jiang can not give Han Chaoyang Face, but I have to give Grandpa Gu face, put down the phone and ask Old Gu, what are you afraid of Subconsciously identify too much.I m just making an analogy.Grandpa Gu knocked cbd gummies and dementia on the cigarette ash, and then sighed Don t say that 4000 mg cbd gummies effects ignite cbd gummies Chinese students are abroad, even we Chinese have been taken in and repatriated because of insufficient documents before in China.In the early years, natural cbd gummies for sex farmers To work in cities, you must cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects have a work permit and a temporary residence permit.Many migrant workers have been detained and repatriated because of this.But it was in a transitional period, and now it has improved.It will not happen now and will never happen again.Han Chaoyang was so impressed, he thought to himself that the master is the master, and that he could go from inadequate law popularization to the fact that the British training violated the immigration regulations.

But people are leaders, and you cannot say that leaders are doing something wrong.Han Chaoyang thought for a 4000 mg cbd gummies effects while, and said in a low voice Kang Suo, don t worry, I m going back now, you should do the work of those migrant workers first.Tell them clearly what consequences they will bear for tipping off.As long as no one informs that guy, that guy won t run away cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects .

where can you buy keoni cbd gummies?

and will go back.Let s wait for him to fall into the trap.That s the only way, I m going to talk to the migrant workers now.Let s talk.Chapter 480 Prepare for a rainy day Han Chaoyang is actually almost eaten, the work is urgent, the elders are very understanding, and Huang s father even asked him to drive back.It is rare for Huang Ying to go back to her natal home now.There are guests at home, and she has to accompany Teacher Ma at night.

Then we took them back to identify the scene and find the owner, and we have 4000 mg cbd gummies effects been doing it until now.Wu Junfeng, it was written on his face that our master is better than your master, our group caught 4000 mg cbd gummies effects more than you today.Han Chaoyang didn t see him showing off, so he murmured, Haizhu said on the phone that he had just caught two.I thought he was just caught.It turned out that he had already caught the suspect and went back to find the owner.He couldn t even say a buy cbd gummies for sleep near me word.Miaozhi is too excited.Okay, you have worked hard all day, take the time americanna cbd gummies to rest, have a meeting tomorrow morning, and go to the street after the meeting.Yes Sending away a group of cheerful brats, Han Chaoyang counted the results of the anti pickup team today, and then got up and said, Yingying, Lingling, stop swiping, eat supper quickly, go back to rest after supper, and have to go to work tomorrow.

About how many cars, how many people Six or seven cars, a dozen Individual.After asking about the situation, the young 4000 mg cbd gummies effects man was embarrassed to ask if there was any reward for reporting.There is a reward for providing clues, but applying for the reward is very troublesome, and it will take a month to approve the report at the fastest.Some policemen are afraid of trouble and are unwilling to help with the application.There are often situations where they promise a bonus but end up with no bonus.Although they don t have a lot of money, it hurts their morals if they don t keep their promises.Who will provide them in the future clue.Han Chaoyang didn t want to do that kind of dishonest thing, so he agreed straight away Yes, as long as it is true, there must be.I can t just say how much.It depends on how much they gambled and how much they can collect on the spot.

Yes Okay, you are busy with your work, and several more calls came in, go and see what s going on.The leader praised, Deputy Director Xing was very happy, more motivated, and hurriedly opened the glass door to continue working in the police area.Fan Ju looked at the big screen outside through the glass, and sighed Political commissar, on the way back, I heard that the bureau s party committee was going to break the rules and give Han Chaoyang a deputy department.I know him better than you guys.When I led a team to exchange in the Northwest, I heard that he had caught the fugitive of the governor.I rushed to the scene overnight.I saw blood and injuries all over his body.I was moved.I still have lingering fears.The reason why I feel that it is too hasty to give him a deputy department is mainly because he is too young, but it seems that it is indeed necessary for work More than 100 people were mobilized to assist the Xinyuan Street Police Station in half an hour.

I have a situation here Compared to catching murderers, pickpocketing petty thieves are nothing.Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice, Where are you East Bus Station.Notify Lao Ding, please take over.Compared with the Interpol Fourth Squadron.It is precisely because the anti pick pocketing team goes to the streets every day and maintains a high pressure situation on bag pick pocketing and other property infringement cases.The harvest these days is getting less and less day by day.Yesterday, even a thief was not caught.After finally finding one, how could Wu Wei just give up and said eagerly Old Ding is wearing a police uniform, how can he take over As soon as he came out, the thief ran away There is a more urgent situation here, obey orders and listen Commander, notify Lao Ding immediately, and ask Lao Ding to take the target to the station police room for interrogation.

Yu Zhenchuan showed his police ID and warned very seriously Xiao Chef, we are carrying out a mission, and this is a very important criminal suspect, please cooperate, please do not interfere with official duties It s from the police station Well, what happened to the police station The police station dares to run to my place If you come to arrest people, you dare to make my place like this The executive chef s lungs were about to explode, he turned his head suddenly, and shouted Old Zheng, go find Mr.Wang Xiaoqian, what are you doing in a daze, watch for me Good door, no one is allowed to leave unless I nod my head Okay The chefs of the hotel, like the stinky boys on the patrol team, fearing that the world will not be chaotic, unexpectedly surrounded them, and some even held kitchen knives in their hands.

Officer Feng was tempted, turned on the computer, searched for the webpage of Yanyang Online , clicked the mouse and said, Reporter Qian has come forward in person, I can t lose face, but I, a small officer, have told you about this matter.No, it needs to be approved by the leader.Otherwise, tell me what you think, how do you set up this column Officer Feng, how about putting the sub bureau s section here Put it here Officer Feng put down the mouse, looking like an idiot He looked at the editor in chief in the same way Mr.Hu, what are you kidding me about If you put the column here, who will read it You think I don t usually go online, and you think our bureau leaders don t usually go online, and you think we don t even have this bit of common sense Is it okay here No, it s not conspicuous enough.

After finally finding a target, the police suddenly appeared to disturb them as soon as they went up to strike up a conversation.They didn t get any customers all morning, and they probably didn t have a show in the afternoon.They left angrily one by one.If you think about it with your toes, you know that he is definitely planning to fight a guerrilla war with the police, and he will come back after the wind has passed.Let s talk about the future, the most urgent task is to assist He Hong and other urban management in law enforcement.There are too many passengers spitting, littering cigarette butts and other rubbish, one after another is fined, and there will be disputes every time they are punished.The urban management has no deterrent effect, and it is easy to encounter violent resistance to the law.

Before them, several civilian police and armed police had arrived at the scene.The signal in the mountains was not good.They didn t understand the situation and were worried.For my safety, I was worried about whether the suspect would escape, so I was anxious and nervous.Why didn t I see anyone else in the video I watched it just now, maybe it was edited.Edited Hmm.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.It doesn t matter whether you cut it or not.The important thing is that you are fine.The fugitive has a gun in his hand, but you don t have a gun.How dangerous it is The old factory manager lit a cigarette and said with concern I know that gun control is very strict now, but How can a front line law enforcement policeman like you have no guns.Last time I was lucky, if I encounter criminals cbd gummies for intimacy 4000 mg cbd gummies effects with guns again, even if they don t how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies have guns and have knives in their hands, it will be very dangerous.

Calculated as 150 yuan each time, we should refund you 2,550 yuan.Chen Yuexiang didn t expect the other party to be so talkative, so she subconsciously said Okay, 2550 is 2550, how do you plan to refund, WeChat transfer or Alipay transfer I ll give you Mr.Meng s mobile phone number, which is also his WeChat account.Wait a minute, I ll find a pen.The police help decide what Meng Lang can say, and dare to say, After all, the money should have been refunded to others.When applying for membership, they recharged 3,000, but to sell the annual fitness card, they need to give the employees a commission.Every time an order is made, they need to give the employees 300, and the commission has been paid to the employees earlier.Thinking of this, Meng Lang feels even more distressed.But the nosy 4000 mg cbd gummies effects policeman in front of him was watching, with undisguised and unquestionable eyes.

Remember to call me when you Han Da come back.Okay, you go now.As soon as Kang Haigen left, Grandpa Gu walked over holding a big teacup and greeting people he knew along the street as usual.Chen Jie planned to introduce the situation of the police area to Sun Guokang, but the family called and asked when Li Xiaobin and Li Xiaobin would get married.Grandpa Gu walked into the police room, looked at her with his head, and shifted his gaze to Sun Guokang, asking curiously, Young man, what is your name A short and thin old man with wrinkles on his forehead and age spots all over his face , the back has begun to bend, wearing a winter duty uniform, with armbands but no police rank, let alone a chest badge and a police number.Sun Guokang directly believed that Grandpa Gu was an old auxiliary policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District.

There are a lot of 4000 mg cbd gummies effects clothes donated by the masses in the warehouse.Director Xie is on duty today.Please open the warehouse door and give it to him.Get some clean clothes and change.Yes The two escorted Dai Lishi just past the zebra crossing when Wu Wei woke up.Before he could open his mouth, Han Chaoyang said, Sister Miao, help me send Xu Weimin back.You know about his family, so talk to the two old people about it.Angkor, I ll send the suspect to Guokang later.I went to the Second Squadron of Criminal Police, I don t know when Sister Miao will be back, work harder, 4000 mg cbd gummies effects it s all up to you in the police office. What s the hard work, you guys how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies are busy with your work. Okay, I ll go have a meal first.After eating in the canteen of the Sixth Hospital, I walked into the police room through the back door.

If the work is done, it means He has money, and if he has money, he can see a doctor, and if he has money, he will die.As long as his life is not in danger, there is no reason for the detention center not to accept him.The detention center will take him into custody, and the detention center is just sending him to dialysis a few times a week.In 4000 mg cbd gummies effects the end, it s a question of money Chapter 600 The two of them actually came together to celebrate the New Year, and the picture was a celebration.On the first day of the new year, it was inappropriate to run away to help Dai Lishi borrow money to see a doctor.He might be kicked out of the house.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang turned off the engine that was just lit, picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number of his immediate boss again.Yes, work should be done step by step, and you can t rush it.

Understood, you just think that we are here to report the case, and you can decide how to investigate and deal with it.This is not a small case, I have to report to the superior.Let s report.The report must be reported, but some situations need to be clarified , such as how investors earn.These are just promotional materials, and the most important investment income statement is not there.If they design third best cbd for anxiety gummies level 4000 mg cbd gummies effects ignite cbd gummies or even fourth level income to attract investment, that is, the third level and 4000 mg cbd gummies effects fourth level investment offline can be It is not only suspected of illegal fund raising, but also of the nature of pyramid schemes.He Yichang lit a cigarette and took two puffs, and then said We must be cautious in investigating and handling such cases.We must find out the organizational structure of the gang and understand Whether Wang Yigui is the real big boss or a puppet to show his face for the big boss, it is even more important to figure out the flow of funds.

Eat, what are you looking at Liu Jianye pushed the soup in front of him.Liu Suo, I can t eat such a big piece of 4000 mg cbd gummies effects meat.Han Chaoyang clamped the big row to the lid of the lunch box and said with a smile, Guokang likes meat, so let Guokang eat the big row.Liu Jianye just ate at noon He couldn t eat a big meal, so he put the big row on the lid of the lunch box, looked up and asked with a smile Hagen, is Xiaosun back I just called to ask, they just came out of the drug rehabilitation center On the way back. Did the urine test result come out Speaking of Kang Haigen, he was a little disappointed, and said with a bit of frustration It came out, Team Liang said nothing was found.Han Zhaoyang came to his senses, thinking to himself, no wonder he didn t see it just now Sun Guokang, it turned out that he and 4000 mg cbd gummies effects Team Liang HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects sent Qiao Peiming to the Compulsory Drug Rehabilitation Center for a urine test.

Liu Suo, are you saying that you can try to catch big fish with a long line As long as there is an opportunity, you must seize it, eat first, and report to the bureau after the meal.The bureau should agree.Kang Haigen couldn t help asking Will the anti drug team intervene Liu Jianye knew the anti drug team too well, and smiled confidently In normal times, they might intervene, and it s just a possibility.After all, there is no conclusive evidence or even cbd gummies boon a clue.Now During the Chinese New Year, few of them were on duty, so even if we found out, let us investigate first.Waiting to pick peaches It s a good idea, if we can find out the clues, we will close the net, and someone will get all the stolen goods I don t like the anti narcotics team, especially Han Chaoyang, the deputy captain of the anti narcotics team, 4000 mg cbd gummies effects so I can t help but say I have no objection, Liu Suo, tell me, how do you need our patrol team to cooperate Just wait for you In a word, Liu Jianye put down his chopsticks and said with a smile The anti drug team can t get anyone out, and we can t get a few people out in our institute.

The Price Bureau is not the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, let alone the HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and only some of the cigarettes taken away are fake.Boss Zhang thinks the problem is not very big.Just as he was about to get closer, Han Chaoyang said suddenly Boss Zhang, it is right to be loyal to someone who is entrusted to you, but you also have to look at what it is.If you are not busy, you will still put yourself in.Officer Han, what do you mean Tobacco is a product with dual characteristics of high profits and high taxes, and has made great contributions to the country s economic construction.Everyone americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies knows how much money two barrels of oil, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and several major banks make in a year, and how much profit and tax they pay to the country every year, but compared with tobacco, it may be only a fraction.

What s the honor, the public security is a family, don t be so polite.Ni Guoxiong looked up again The suspect immediately took out a cigarette and a lighter, first handed one to Lao Hu, and enthusiastically helped Lao Hu light it, then took out one and stuffed it into his mouth, lit it beautifully, took two puffs, and asked with a smile Just now you wanted to drive, you had to keep an eye on that kid in front of you, it s not safe to make a phone call, and you couldn t tell clearly on the phone, now you can talk about what s going on.That s what I m afraid of Fortunately, the more I thought about it on the road, the more something went wrong, so I reported it to the office in time.Old Hu calmed down and introduced The boy in front is named Qiao, Qiao Peiming, from Menbei County in our province, and has been dealt with for taking drugs.

When the results of the interrogation come out and we find out how many drugs were seized today, the two of us will report at the same time to see if we can apply for the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security and whether we can be included in the drug target cases of the Ministry of Public Security.Joint investigation, no problem Song Kai was overjoyed, put out his cigarette butt and laughed, Da Han, just like the analysis of Bao Da from your branch, the amount of drugs seized at the scene today is not counted in the drug cases we investigated before.There are many, but judging from the transaction price and modus operandi, this case has its own peculiarities, and it might be a big case, so I don t think it s a big problem to apply for supervision from the Ministry of Public Security.

He turned to look at Miao Haizhu, and said calmly, Guokang, you continue to collect clues.I ll call my friends at the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau.Yes Han As soon as Chaoyang hung up the phone, Miao Haizhu couldn t help asking Chaoyang, what s the cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects matter, what s the matter Didn t you go to Yanxing International to call the police yesterday afternoon Guan Mao Kangle asked for a few surveillance screenshots of the suspect.Guokang edited an announcement soliciting clues in the evening and posted it on the patrol team s WeChat official account.Then the groups he created were forwarded one by one.There was feedback, and the people who provided clues said that the little bastard has a Qingshan accent, and he is probably from our Qingshan County.Our Qingshan Miao Haizhu also couldn t believe it, and pondered If you talk about 4000 mg cbd gummies effects the accent, Baoyi s The accent is similar to ours in Qingshan, especially in the towns to the north of us, there is no difference in accent from Baoyi, and it is difficult for non locals to distinguish.

He does things in an orderly manner, no wonder the young man was promoted to the deputy department so quickly Director Qi was very envious of Lao Han and Mr.Ma having such an outstanding son, subconsciously 4000 mg cbd gummies effects looked at Lao Han and his wife, held his mobile phone tightly and smiled Chaoyang, after talking about business and private matters, it is actually business.Confirm again, are you Didn t you come back on Friday The leader of the Tiantian Bureau came to inspect the work in the institute the day before yesterday and mentioned you again.This symposium will be held sooner or later.It s better to hold it early than later, don t you think so If there HCMUSSH 4000 mg cbd gummies effects are any changes, I will definitely go back on Friday.Then it s settled, and I ll just report to the bureau The whereabouts of the suspect can be found, and the identity of the suspect can be found out.

The management is very strict.Han Chaoyang and Lao Tang stood at the edge of the construction area and watched the excitement for a while.The big guests who brought the workers arrived, and under the 4000 mg cbd gummies effects guidance of Jiang Qingwen, they drove slowly to the door of a row of prefab houses.Han Chaoyang, Old Tang, and Wang Jiayong walked over quickly, only to see a middle aged man in a leather jacket jumping out of the car with his bag in his pocket, and greeted Manager Liu as if seeing an old friend reunited after a long absence.Let s get down to business first, and we ll talk later.There s a night market behind us.Let s have a barbecue together after we re done.Hurry up, don t squeeze, get off one by one, the police will look at your ID card, take out the ones you put on your body and prepare them, and get the ones in your bag later.

Why don t you call and ask.Huang Ying couldn t help reminding.It s not good What s wrong, it s not good if you don t ask Thinking about it, I have always valued that your leader is about to be transferred, and you don t know where you will be transferred, but you, a subordinate, don t hear it.Ask what the leader thinks.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, picked up his phone and said, It s too noisy here, I ll go out and make a call.Go Han Chaoyang walked out of the small restaurant, found Zhou Ju s number and hesitated for a while, but still pressed the call key, but the mobile phone of Zhou Bureau is busy.Maybe Zhou Ju had activated the missed americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies call reminder function, Han Chaoyang had just put down his phone and walked back, but Zhou Ju called back.Hello Zhou Ju, Zhou Ju, I m Han Chaoyang, I didn t disturb your work.

They are busy solving the case, but they are responsible for it themselves.However, thinking that what he was doing was to assist others, Han Chaoyang was relieved, and hurried to the gate to wait for the leaders of the branch and the criminal police detachment of the city bureau, and hurriedly called to find a place where he could sit down for a meeting.Chapter 723 Murder 2 Ju Liu, the car is ready, I will accompany you to the scene.Wait.Liu Qiuping never expected that a body would be found in the jurisdiction on the first day he took office, and it was confirmed that the deceased died of homicide.It is better to change the plan.All the previous plans have been disrupted.The city bureau has already introduced a homicide detection mechanism.No matter which sub bureau has a homicide case, the top leader of the sub bureau must rush to the scene of the major homicide as soon as possible to coordinate various investigation resources.

To 4000 mg cbd gummies effects put it bluntly, he was putting salt on Han Chaoyang s wounds.Thinking about the fact that he would see the piles every day, he would think of Liu Chengquan every day, Lao Ding He understood and even sympathized with Han Chaoyang s feelings, and he also understood why Han Chaoyang, who has always been kind to others, didn t give Miao Haizhu a good look, and hurriedly said Haizhu, stop talking, go to dinner quickly, and get down to business after dinner.Miao Haizhu asked unhappily What s the matter I ll find out later, it s not convenient to talk about it here.Chapter 740 The Second Battlefield 2 At the request of the leader of the special case team, Lao Tang searched for two days, interviewed and questioned more than 200 how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies people, but found nothing suspicious, and did not collect even a single valuable clue , At first, I thought it would be fruitless to do the same as the previous two days, and I had no idea about being kicked out of the task force.

As a result, the Zhongshan Road Police District was very busy during the Spring Festival.Sun Guokang, who was an intern at the Zhongshan Road Police Office at the time, found a cbd gummies for anxiety while pregnant clue about drug related issues at the East Bus Station, and unwittingly led to a drug case that alarmed the Ministry of Public Security.The policemen and anti pickup team members in the police district have participated in the detection, and Wu Wei was transferred to the 2.The 12 task force has not returned yet.In short, Han Chaoyang never came to the command center to be on duty, let alone served as the commander on duty.Now that the leadership team of the bureau has just been adjusted, everything before has become past tense , and 4000 mg cbd gummies effects it is estimated that it will not be used in the future.But no matter what, Han Chaoyang is still a member of the command center.

Solve it, if the funds for the anti pickup team are jolly cbd gummies for diabetes type 2 not available, I suggest that Junfeng and Xiaogu return to the company to work once the three months are up, so that they can not only pay wages but also solve social security and medical insurance, especially social security and medical insurance will not be interrupted.This is a very realistic problem.You can t just let the horse run and not give the horse grass.Han Chaoyang said helplessly If there is no other way, this is the only way.Xu Hongliang nodded slightly, and continued I know Jun Feng and the others, they are all dying to save face, and they might not be able to keep their faces if they return to the team like this, so Beibei and I helped to fight for them in cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects the street before coming here.Comprehensive law enforcement coordinators and 30 community workers, they can use this opportunity to join the comprehensive law enforcement brigade, and they can also work in the community.

Director Huo was furious when there was an industrial accident and wanted to shirk responsibility Mr.Tao, this is not a place to talk.If you don t want to be ordered to suspend work for rectification, you can command the headquarters with us.Old Hu, don t americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies say a few words.The deputy director of the Safety Supervision Bureau is on the side.Mr.Tao realized the seriousness of the problem and hurriedly said Let s go to the headquarters together.There is no accident when doing projects.Just solve the problem.Fan Ju wants to go together, of course Han Chaoyang has to follow, and as he walks, he thinks that Xu Min s death is really It s cbd gummies for intimacy 4000 mg cbd gummies effects really timely, if it takes three or four days to die, maybe he really looks like Hu As the boss said, it is not considered a work related accident.They rushed to the conference room on the first cbd gummies wholesale floor of the engineering headquarters, and the government officials including Han Chaoyang sat on the north side, and Mr.

Tao, Hu Songping and Yang Jinjin, the small contractor, sat opposite them.Director Huo opened his notebook, turned around and said, Xiao Han, please introduce the basic situation of the deceased and his family.Yes Han Chaoyang was stunned, and hurriedly stood up and said, The deceased, Xu Min, was from Danqiu.He was 54 years old this year.It is understood that his wife was also an honest farmer who had been working in his hometown and his income from farming was not high.They He got married relatively late, and his son is relatively young.He is 21 years old this year, named Xu Jun.He was a very competitive young man.He was admitted to Yanyang Normal University and is in his sophomore year.The phone number of the deceased s family and his son s phone number are also in the cell phone of the deceased.

Can I open a standard room It s their business, after opening the room, it s their business to order them some takeaway, 4000 mg cbd gummies effects whether to eat or not.Okay, let me ask first Han Da, do you care about this kind of thing Just put down the phone , Jiang Xiaomin suddenly asked in confusion.The anti pickup funds mainly come from the engineering headquarters, and they work for them after taking their money.Han Chaoyang sighed helplessly, picked up his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Beibei s number again.After waiting for about ten seconds, Zhang Beibei s voice came from the other end of the phone Captain Han, what instructions do you have at this late hour What sister in law, am I that old If you don t want to sleep, I still how to make homemade cbd gummies americanna cbd gummies have to rest.If you have something to say, hang up if you have nothing to do.Can I call you if I have nothing to do Han Chaoyang asked back, introducing what happened at night Everything, and then added Don t you know Lawyer Duan, you can introduce a business for Lawyer Duan.

Where is the restaurant opened by Mao Junxian s wife, 4000 mg cbd gummies effects and what is its name It s on Nangu Road.It s called Ruyi Restaurant.I have his wife s phone number, and 4000 mg cbd gummies effects I ll send it to you via WeChat later. Thank you.Han Chaoyang recorded it, and then asked Mr.Jing, every time you have a meeting, do you notice anything unusual about Luo Weixing, or have you said What are some strange words We got together because of abnormality , if we talk about abnormalities, everyone has abnormalities Mr.Jing stubbed out his cigarette butt, and said bitterly We were really 4000 mg cbd gummies effects hurt by that bastard Gan Jianren.Now, Luo Weixing can t pass this test and run away.You have come all the way to catch him.If you can t catch Gan Jianren again, and the government doesn t help solve it, I can t pass this test, even I have to run away Boss Jing, stop joking, you are different from him, you have a lot of money, and this small incident is nothing to you.

Yu Zhenchuan looked up at Huang Ying who was sitting opposite, and then looked back at Zhang Beibei.If the office is not busy, do us a favor.Let s go to Leken to arrest two suspects.Yu Zhenchuan was confused, and said with a bitter face Chaoyang, it s not that the brothers don t help, but Han Chaoyang knew very well Huang Ying was in a bad mood and didn t know how to coax her.Just now, she had an idea and thought that if Yu Zhenchuan also went with her, Huang Ying s mood would be better, because not only would her fianc have to perform tasks before the wedding, Zhang Beibei s So does the fianc As for Zhang Beibei, don t worry at all.She is a real strong woman, and she is as busy as usual, as long as Yu Zhenchuan can rush back to the bridal fun drops cbd gummies mayim chamber, she should not be unhappy.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and said, I know what you re worried about.

Great, what date is it sure Go to rehearsals in advance On the evening of the 30th, as for whether you can go to rehearsals, it depends on when the meeting of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee will 25mg thc free cbd gummies be held there on the afternoon of the 30th.What do you mean It s a good idea He Qiyuan was completely convinced, and could only explain again Yutong, the May Day holiday is the busiest time for the 4000 mg cbd gummies effects Grand Theater.There are two performances on the 1st day, one is a repertory troupe in the East China Sea.One is a German choir, and the 2nd and 3rd are also fully booked, and they started selling 4000 mg cbd gummies effects tickets half a month ago, it is impossible for them to turn away the profitable business, let you hold a personal concert Nie Xuan reacted, and asked self deprecatingly There is a meeting in the afternoon on the 30th, and the evening happens to be a window period, which means we can only enter after the meeting is over Your performance must end before 8 americanna cbd gummies lord jones cbd gummies 45 p.

Before, I only thought cbd gummies after covid vaccine about a tall performance venue, but now that the venue is settled, the audience is another problem Zheng Yutong murmured I ll post it to Moments later, and post it to all the groups.The May Day holiday doesn t mean everyone goes home.There are tens of thousands of people in several campuses of our school.It should be no problem to gather 2,000 people There may be more than 2,000 people who don t go back on May Day, but it s hard to say who is willing to go to the concert.Not everyone likes to listen to music.He Qiyuan looked back at Nie Xuan, and continued And whoever goes, who doesn t, There are too many uncertainties about not going when you promised to go, or going again when you said no.There are too many uncertainties.You can t do this when you hold an event, especially such a large scale 4000 mg cbd gummies effects ignite cbd gummies event.

From yesterday to today cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects before boarding the plane, I have been working on the suspect s ideological work.Luo Weixing has been very safe along the way.Jiang Yonggen also did not dare to make trouble, but his attitude is not very good, and he is even a little arrogant.But what kind of posture can you do to me, looking around on the plane, so that the flight attendants dare not approach them, and do not provide them with meal service.The plane was taxiing towards the T2 terminal on the familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar runway of Yanyang Airport.Han Chaoyang had just turned off the flight mode and was about to call to ask if Miao Haizhu and Sun Guokang had arrived when the stewardess squeezed in from the front , leaned over and asked Officer Han, can you wait for the other passengers to get off the plane before getting off the plane The stewardess smiled sweetly, stood up and squeezed into the empty seat in front, and continued to remind the passengers who were in a hurry to get cbd night gummies 4000 mg cbd gummies effects off the plane that the aisles were already crowded to check their personal belongings and not to leave anything behind.

I stalked Donghai for more than a month, and I didn t come back together until I caught up What do you think of back then, this was last year Okay.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Yu Zhenchuan even scolded with a smile It s shameless enough.What s the shame, I am willing.Xu Hongliang smiled, and continued In short, the man should take the initiative You don t do anything, just say no, Just sit and wait, what can you 4000 mg cbd gummies effects expect The words are rough and the rationale are not rough.Wu Wei thinks that Xu Hongliang s words have some truth in his heart, but his character is difficult to put the shameless spirit into action.He is about to speak but doesn t know what to say.There are not many passengers here, and the stewardess is signaling that they can get off the plane.Luo Weixing, get up Get up, be honest It s important to get down to business, Xu Hongliang stopped joking, and together with Yu Zhenchuan carried Jiang Yonggen and walked in front, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei carried Luo Yonggen behind, Shi Junhua was responsible for helping everyone take baggage.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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