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The soldiers didn t seem to be very willing, and they got up from the ground one by one with their guns The routine shelling quickly covered the position, and the German artillery was also desperately fighting back.The huge artillery Amidst the sound, terrible waves of air were set off.The cbd infused gummies plus German soldiers hid silently in the trenches, and they were completely indifferent to the shelling.Some people closed their eyes and thought about something, and some were silently Praying.God decides the life and death of all people.God knows if the shells will explode around him.Hey, enter the position, enter the position Hall s words rang loudly in the ears of all the soldiers.The enemy has begun to attack Bon Crayley raised the gun in his hand and stared at the front without blinking.During the few days of fighting, he has already More than ten enemies were killed, which is a remarkable number besides heavy machine gunners.

Following his words, Colonel Fargud of the French 178th Infantry Regiment walked out with majestic steps.He came to Wang Weiyi, still with the arrogance of the French Captain, congratulations on your HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings achievement victory.Thanks.Wang Weiyi felt a little when should i eat cbd gummies before bed dumbfounded.Although he already had some understanding of the French character, he still found it extremely ridiculous when they met face to face.Perhaps in Colonel Fargud just cbd gummy rings s view, he could get his own surrender, that is It s a great honor for the other party.Captain, I think it s necessary to give you a list.Colonel Fargud said slowly These are cbd gummies 500mg cbd infused gummies plus my personal belongings, including a tea set, an exquisite pipe and Wang Weiyi just cbd gummy rings listened patiently to him I Yes, Colonel, your personal effects will be kept safe and I will personally deliver them to your quarters in the POW camp, and I promise to return them in full after the war Only then did Fargud nodded in satisfaction, and called Major Madan over Major, send some more orderlies and tell everyone in the 178th Infantry Regiment that their battle is over, and ask them to fight in their own Keep calm and serious in the position, waiting for the arrival of the Germans, of course, the dignity of the French soldiers must be guaranteed.

Moyol, are you the same I Think we can exchange some intelligence with each other without compromising our national interests Pease was just cbd gummy rings telling the truth.Low level spies like him can only survive by constantly collecting intelligence, and most of them are not doing well.It is precisely because of this that the low level spies of Germany and France are constantly exchanging information.They have to live too Not all spies are as beautiful as they are portrayed in the movies Wang Weiyi figured this out, smiled and said I have some good information, but it depends on what you exchange.Aha, you are a smart person, you may have a good time in the future.Pease smiled He got up, then put away his smile and lowered his voice Do you know Major De Sade from cbd gummies lifehacj the 3rd Operation Bureau of the French Intelligence Agency is about to arrive in Reims Wang Weiyi said calmly What is this Intelligence Hey, you don t know about Major Dessad.

Russian Poland, the three Baltic countries, West Belarus and Western Ukraine are all lost, which has caused serious dissatisfaction in the country.The Russian economy is alpha iq cbd gummies collapsing, strikes broke out in many cities, and the tsar s rule is shaky.Under such circumstances, Some smart Russian nobles were keenly aware of the coming of Russia s doomsday, they quietly transferred their assets, and took their families and left the empire that would collapse at any time Although Germany and Russia are It was at war, but that didn t stop those Russians from coming to German cities.And Danzig was the first stop many of them chose to settle in in Danzig s largest Kirinovas hostel.There are many Russians living there.There are nobles, and there are big planters.There are also opportunists and some liars and thieves who are looking for opportunities to get rich here.

Baron Bram arrives.Accompanied by Depusey s long list of titles, there was applause in the huge living room.Wang Weiyi really did not expect so many guests to come.The beautiful and charming Countess Leonie, who is full of temptation and beauty, Today is more and more radiant.Those female guests standing there are completely setting off the amazing beauty of the countess.Wang Weiyi also has to admit the beauty of the countess.It is full of huge lethality in front of any man Baron Alexon, you are welcome.Countess Leonie walked over with a charming smile Today is my birthday just cbd gummy rings party, so I took the liberty of inviting you to Berlin.I don t think the occasional slack will delay you from types of cbd gummies continuing to build for Germany on the battlefield.meritorious service.Birthday Countess s birthday Wang Weiyi was a little embarrassed Countess, I really didn t know that today is your birthday.

A surprised expression appeared on Riley s face.Damn it, how did Ernst know that he only went to Haschenbach How could his whereabouts be revealed Could it be Ernst has been sending people to watch him I don t have time to watch you.Wang Weiyi seemed to see what the other party was thinking You have your source of information, and I have mine.As I said, I can know where you are..Riley shook his head in disbelief If what Ernst said was true, it would be a little scary, he was just a soldier greenhouse cbd gummies scam Seeing that beautiful girl yet Wang Weiyi pointed in the direction of Elena She is my intelligence officer, and she brought me as much information as you Hearing that the beautiful German girl was actually his own Riley has some respect.He knows the hard work and danger of this job.It is really not easy for a girl to do this job.

Yes, I am very scared.Colonel Sergey didn t want to hide anything You have to know that if this place is destroyed, all of us here will die You are a gentleman, you must not do this Wang Weiyi smiled I never said that I am a gentleman, but I think I really have to think about your problems Hey, Colonel, I suddenly had a good idea, why don t you cbd infused gummies plus can cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction go to Germany with your people Colonel Sergey almost suspected that he had heard it wrong.Going to Germany Do you want to make yourself a traitor Wang Weiyi also came up with this idea suddenly.After careful consideration, he just cbd gummy rings felt that this attention was quite important.Nice Colonel, I don t think your superiors can forgive you for losing this supply base.But I can tell you with absolute certainty that we re going to blow up everything here, not even a little bit of it.

I was a laborer, and then I met Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Guo Yunfeng also roughly said what he knew.Kelly I was very surprised and unbelievable to hear that a laborer from China has now become an officer of the Germans.Do you want to stay in Germany forever Kelly asked suddenly.No, I want to go home, I think about going home every day Guo Yunfeng said in a daze But I can t go now, the war is not over yet, do cbd gummies work just cbd gummy rings I have to fight with you.Lieutenant Colonel Ernst together The Lieutenant Colonel promised me that as soon as the war was over, he would personally send me home The Lieutenant cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings Colonel said he would do it After finishing speaking, he stood up Kelly, come with me.Without further ado, he brought Kelly to Rommel, regardless of whether he could understand or not Captain, you have to release nurse Kelly.

I have to support it.You have to raise four children, don t you Wang Weiyi smiled and gave him half a pack of cigarettes.The corporal greeted his companions happily, gave them one each, and put the rest in his own cigarettes.pocket Sir, you are such a generous man.Ah, you drive a Peugeot baby, I recognize this car, although it is old, but you have maintained it very well.By the way, where are you going This It s my duty, I have to ask cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings you.By the way, you still cbd gummies forum have to get out of the car for an inspection, and I apologize if this troubles you.Wang Weiyi shrugged I think I m going to Germany.Germany The corporal opened his mouth What are you going to do in Germany That s a place occupied by the enemy.Wang Weiyi had an extra revolver in his hand, and said with a smile, Because I still have troops to command there.

The appearance of Wang Weiyi changed some things.Especially when it comes to tanks.Ernst Brahm s use of tanks made the Germans fully aware of the power of tanks in war, and thus accelerated and increased the research and development of tanks.Due to the needs of the war and the use of an off the shelf Holt tractor chassis, the design work progressed fairly quickly.End of August 1917.That is, on the eve of the skeleton commando s departure, two a7v test vehicles were delivered to the skeleton commando.This HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings kind of crew has 18 just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg people, the main weapon is a 57mm low velocity artillery, and the base number of shells is 180 rounds the auxiliary weapon is six Maxim heavy machine guns.It is undoubtedly the most advanced battle tank in the world.It is already very close to modern tanks With the support of this powerful weapon, Wang Weiyi is more confident about the upcoming Caporetto battle.

But in the eyes of the members of the commando team, it is much better than enduring the terrible sound of just cbd gummy rings artillery 1,200 members of the skeleton commando team launched an attack on an Italian division in Tolmezzo Two a7v tanks rushed to the front and slowly moved towards the enemy s position.Four Mark 1 tanks closely accompanied the commando s main combat weapons.Trucks with machine guns also began to move forward cbd infused gummies plus can cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction slowly A large number of commandos also appeared around these mechanized equipment The 62nd Infantry Regiment has never seen an offensive method Colonel Stodler held the binoculars in his hand and stared ahead without blinking.He wanted to see with his own eyes how the Skeleton Commando defeated the enemy.And the first thing that catches his eyes cbd infused gummies plus can cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction is that huge skeleton battle flag The officers and soldiers of the Italian 33rd Infantry Division seem to have not recovered from the shelling just now.

The enemy has artillery, tanks, and a large number of machine guns, and Udine has none of these.The soldiers were able to persist until now, which is very good, very good, but they have failed Colonel Diego s trust.The tanks moved forward indomitably, and the German soldiers occupied positions that should have been piled up with countless Italian soldiers.But now all they saw were corpses and soldiers surrendering with their hands raised high.Not reconciled to such a defeat, Major Stino left behind his most trusted company, and tried to stop the advancing Germans even a little bit.This company huddled in a small position and kept shooting with two heavy machine guns.They successfully killed HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings two Germans.But their actions obviously angered the Germans.The a7vsh fired terrible shells.Amidst a burst of booming , the machine gun s sweeping sound stopped at once.

Now, Ernst Brehm is about to tell Laurend Who is the real hunter To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and thirty two.Lieutenant Colonel and Doctor Now, it s the turn of the Germans.A large scale counterattack has begun At a glance, the attacking German army can be seen everywhere.The soldiers with Mauser rifles in their hands, with the support of machine guns, kept attacking the British positions wave after wave.The 92nd Infantry Division, which lost troops and generals during the several days of attack, was obviously difficult to resist under such an impact.Major General Laurent tried his best to command his troops to fight hard, but what made him feel strange was why the 9th Infantry Division commanded by General Trenwei has not appeared until now Is something wrong No Laurent quickly denied his own thoughts, this is impossible.

Residents are not unfounded.Although the Red Army has an advantage in numbers, the newly formed army has poor discipline and its combat effectiveness is not very strong.I want to see Major Maridov, I am his friend.Wang Weiyi, who was wearing a Russian major s military uniform, said loudly when he came to the barracks of the White Guards.Major Maridov Are you talking about Lieutenant Colonel Maridov The guard also raised his voice amidst the sound of gunfire.Ah, has Maridov been promoted to lieutenant colonel His climbing speed is much faster than mine, Wang Weiyi said with a relaxed face.Major, wait, I ll invite Major Maridov for you right away.The guard hurried in, and just cbd gummy rings a shell exploded in the direction of Kazan.Wang Weiyi turned his head and saw Steck and the others quietly preparing Alright submachine gun.

The submachine gun roared violently in his hand, and the bullets kept splashing on the Russians.When the last Russian fell, the cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings submachine gun stopped roaring.Wang Weiyi replaced the magazine with a new one and kicked open the door of the carriage.A Russian general held a pistol in cbd infused gummies plus can cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction his hand, and a bullet was fired with a bang.Wang Weiyi tilted his head, and the bullet hit the door frame.The submachine gun roared again.Kerber was almost beaten into a hornet s nest and fell limp on the ground.Kerber is dead, Maridov is dead, and Sergey is dead.Now the secret of gold will be sealed.Little spirit, check the train.Train Check that apart from the Russian driver, you and Elena, there is no living body.The Rambler is about to arrive in Vagach, let the two Russian drivers get off the bus.Wang Weiyi returned to the front of the car with red eyes, and pointed at Russia with a submachine gun.

A truck does cbd gummies have thc in it suddenly appeared.It was Guo Yunfeng who drove the Dodge truck Bombs continued to explode around the truck, causing Wang Weiyi to curse Manfred Suddenly remembered that Manfred was gone, he said angrily Little Ling, kill a Japanese plane for me It s an unreasonable request, but I can help you with this.Xiaoling s voice fell, and a Japanese plane exploded in the air Good job Wang Weiyi cheered.Seeing the large group of defeated soldiers retreating in front, Wang Weiyi asked Guo Yunfeng to stop the car, jumped off the truck, and fired a submachine gun just cbd gummy rings into the air Stop, don t run The defeated soldiers stopped.Wang Weiyi called out a sergeant Which department are you from Reporting sir, we are from the 1st division, and they are from the 26th and 67th divisions.What are you running for Sir, Xiaodongyang s aircraft and tanks It s too fierce, brothers can t stop it Fart Wang Weiyi s eyes widened Little Japan s planes and tanks are fierce, you don t have one in your hand What s your name just cbd gummy rings Sir, my name is Mengzi Mengzi, now I order you to turn your guns immediately Follow me and fight back Remember, we are Chinese, and we must die with blood Yes, sir Mengzi turned around and jumped up and down with a gun Brothers, The commander has an order, fight with Xiaoriben Fight The Chinese soldiers turned their heads one after another, and rushed towards the retreating battlefield again, You guys, stay Wang Weiyi shouted loudly to stop dozens of people Elena, give them the weapons in the car This group of Chinese soldiers looked dumbfounded, where did such beautiful foreign girls come from This captain is amazing, he can actually order foreign women to do things for him.

The brothers can only fight with them with bare hands, and your batch of things has helped us a lot Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Brigade Commander Zhu, you are welcome, you and I are good neighbors, and it is right to help each other.Wang Weiyi did not It is a captain and company commander, but he said such a thing to a brigade commander.He must have been reprimanded before, but now Zhu Zaitang is too late to be grateful, so why would he adding cbd gummies to pay attention to what the other party said Brigade Commander Zhu, come and see.Wang Weiyi asked someone to bring a map Your line of defense is adjacent to my Sanhu Bridge.No matter who can t just cbd gummy rings support there, you can give support.So, I think we can Send liaison officers to each other to inform each other about the battle situation.Only then did Zhu Zaitang become a little puzzled Brother Wang, how many people just cbd gummy rings do you have Over six hundred people.

Although this may become the enemy s target, there is no way now.It is the first time for soldiers to carry out this type of combat.Even though I emphasized to them repeatedly on the road, it was still difficult for them to digest in such a short time.Chariots need infantry to spot the enemy, scout the road, and remove obstacles.This is very important.What the infantry needs is the chariot to remove the enemy s firepower for themselves Tu Tu Tu A string cbd gummies 500mg cbd infused gummies plus of machine gun bullets swept over.Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng fell to the ground at the same time.But a soldier beside him was not so lucky, and he was killed by bullets just cbd gummy rings when he couldn t dodge.Another soldier hugged the broken leg in pain and wailed there Get down, get down Under Wang Weiyi s stern order, all the scouts fell to the ground Report the loss Wang Weiyi shouted.

Stick to Xiguan until 12 days.You can t retreat early even for a minute Now.Wang Weiyi was the last person left on the battlefield, and Guo Yunfeng s car was waiting for him far away.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette and looked at the position calmly.There are still 3 minutes What is joyful is not the successful completion of the task here, nor is it any kind of victory.But those soldiers who survived this cruel baptism will definitely know how to fight, if they use the smallest price to exchange for the greatest victory.Just like those brothers at the Battle of Mitohe Bridge just cbd gummy rings This is the biggest victory Wanderer.Leave at ease When Japan himself sets foot on Xiguan, everything here will be engulfed in flames Xiao Ling s voice sounded slowly.Wang Weiyi smiled, he didn t know why, since returning to the country, Xiao Ling had offered him a lot of help At midnight on the 13th.

Trying to coax away the patrol, I m afraid Wang Weiyi and the others have been exposed now.In the afternoon, Little Yangzhou knocked on the door Manager Wang, Boss Cai wants to see Nong As soon as Boss Cai came in, he closed the door Oh, my Captain Wang, how courageous you are It s really big, to come to the French Concession and cause such a big incident.Wang Weiyi had long suspected that there was something wrong with Boss Cai, so he opened his mouth at this moment.No longer doubted, he smiled and said, Who is Boss Cai I am watching secretly.Commander Wang, you are the one who has been interviewed.If something happens, none cbd gummies vitamin shop of us can get away with it.We can t zero cbd gummies stay here for long, I will take you to a place Wang Weiyi was not afraid that he would harm him, he really didn t pay attention to those French soldiers.

She suddenly remembered a strange thing, twenty years have passed, she has become a middle aged woman from a girl who doesn t understand anything, but why Mr., still so young and handsome Does he know some magic Over there, Wang Weiyi let Guo Yunfeng and Elena continue to monitor the movements of the Japanese from a distance, and he had to talk to the Russian woman about something.After Guo Yunfeng and Elena left, Wang Weiyi returned to Anna.Before he could speak, HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings Anna asked impatiently Mr.Many people know your name not only in Germany, but also in Russia.But you have been missing for so many years, why are you still so young Why is your appearance the same as in my memory Wang Weiyi smiled Because I have been in x z ng these years, and I have found peace of mind x z ng Anna was stunned.Can the peace of mind keep young Three hundred and thirty eighth.

Wang Weiyi waved his hand, and Werner quickly moved his combat team to the left quietly.Then Wang Weiyi made a hollow fist with his right hand, pointed his index finger forward, and William appeared with three grenadiers They use the Japanese Type 89 grenade launcher.In terms of the research on the grenade, R himself expended a lot of energy.This is because although the Japanese army has learned a lot of experience from the Western army, their weapons and equipment, especially the heavy machine gun, have not reached the equipment level of the Western army at all, so the grenadier will be able to make up for this shortcoming.The Type 89 grenadier is the most perfect design.The 89 type grenade is less than 3 kilograms, which is much lighter than a rifle, and is very suitable for individual soldiers to carry.

Air support Air support is here When the decisive battle in Jiuhu Town broke out, the Chinese Air Force appeared in the blue sky That is the Fifth Flying Group of the Chinese Air Force This is the order personally issued by the Military Command Department of the National Government Military Commission.They knew what kind of unit they had on the front line in Changshu it was a trump card unit of the National Revolutionary Army Commanding this force is a star level general who has attracted national attention Wang Weiyi He is Xue Yue s beloved general, he is a disciple of the Son of Heaven, and he is the God of War who is regarded as a hero by the people of the whole country Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, we must give him the most comprehensive support The Fifth Flying Battalion HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings defended China s airspace fiercely.

Holding this legendary battle flag, Blank felt as just cbd gummy rings if he could not breathe Lieutenant Blank Yes, General Don t live up to the name of the skeleton battle flag Will live up to the name of the skeleton Blank said loudly, and then added General, it is my greatest honor to fight side by side with you What an intimate and familiar sentence Wang Weiyi raised his hand and saluted him Lieutenant Blank, it is my greatest honor to fight side by side with you After finishing speaking, he looked do cbd gummies work just cbd gummy rings at the time At 11 30, the breakout officially begins Perzf 4 tanks, stalker tank destroyers, and Wang Weiyi are very curious.The engines of the Tiger tanks that came out in advance have already roared.Wang Weiyi also asked Xiaoling specifically why the Tiger tank came out in advance, and Xiaoling gave His answer is still the same You have changed a lot of history.

Now, it must be the turn of the ace unit of the Soviet army the 3rd Panzer Army under the command of Magfriedlov.No matter what, the enemy must be blocked The 3rd Armored Engineer Battalion of the German Skeleton Division.When Colonel Chris of the Captain armored engineer battalion called out the word captain , he always felt a little awkward.The countryman standing in front of him Guo Yunfeng, his legendary story is also well known in Germany.If he hadn t been killed at Montfaucon, he d be at just cbd gummy rings pollen soothe you cbd gummies least a major general now.But the problem is, he has not been officially appointed yet, but it is not appropriate for a school to report the battle situation to a captain, so Major Chris said to himself and changed his title The colonel supports the Russian armored battalion.Let s get closer Hearing the name Colonel , Guo Yunfeng was stunned before he realized that he was calling himself Kill them Let the soldiers lie in ambush, gather Molotov cocktails and cluster grenades for me, let the boys Get on with it.

type, but I believe it will not be long before the Russians will also develop better tanks to deal with the Tiger type.So we are constantly competing, in order to win, we continue to develop a large number of new weapons, and then continue to send Go to war, but just cbd gummy rings the enemy can do the same.How many resources does Germany have that can be consumed like this I am worried, and I tell you, I have never been more worried than I am now His friends fell silent, and the baron s words were exactly right, In fact, when the war did not go as smoothly as Germany imagined, some senior German generals also had the same worries as the Baron.But only the baron dared to say that.We quickly occupied Paris, and the domestic audience cheered, thinking that France has completely failed, and we can spare our energy to concentrate on dealing with Britain, but is this really the case Wang Weiyi s face gradually became serious France s resistance is not over yet Resistance organizations, guerrillas, and all kinds of forces that oppose us can t solve this problem by relying on a puppet zh ngf .

Marquis Bierstoka, it is my honor to meet you.Entering this dilapidated and shabby house, Wang Weiyi said politely.Baron Alexon, it is my greatest honor to meet you.Mr.Gregory, Marquis of Bierstoka, looked very happy I haven t seen a nobleman in many years.And he is a nobleman who is famous all over Europe.Baron Rexon.God.You are so young, I remember when you got this baronship, Wilhelm II was still ruling Germany Yes, Marquis Bierstoka.Your Excellency, stop chatting here , let s eat, my daughter s hempfusion cbd gummies craftsmanship is pretty good.Gregory said enthusiastically.Wang Weiyi glanced at Ronanova, who was busy, and found that she was also looking at him affectionately, thinking about everything about last night.Wang Weiyi couldn t help but his heart moved again, This is my son, Ilya, and this is my daughter Natalia.

During the siege of Demyansk, it was this SS unit, under the command of Baron Alexson, who continued to create miracles.But what happened this time From the Ninth Army s attack to the do cbd gummies work just cbd gummy rings present, they only resisted for two hours before retreating across the board There must be a conspiracy here Marshal Timoshenko immediately made his own judgment.Enemies facing off against themselves.But the just cbd gummy rings invincible skeleton baron Timoshenko hesitated, and at this moment, Marshal Ernst dispatched his own intelligence department to spread smoke wantonly The German army s powerful armored group is approaching Kharkov, and the German army s huge force of more than 12 divisions is reinforcing Kharkov The new Tiger tank engine of the German army in Erkov was preparing to be airdropped by the Air Force to cbd gummies reviews for tinnitus Kharkov one after another German intelligence, which was intercepted by the Soviet intelligence agency.

But then, Abdul Karami was secretly arrested by the Turkish government and held in an undisclosed location in just cbd gummy rings Ankara.The First Army Corps in the capital has always been trying to rescue Karami, but they can t succeed at all Klingenberg understood what the Marshal meant, he seemed to want to rescue this man named Karami Come out Wang Weiyi said slowly When Kahn was in Ankara, he had contact with those people from the Capital Corps, and he also vaguely knew something about Karami, so this is what we have to put Kahn on.Another reason to get out.I see, Marshal.Klingenberg immediately said loudly I will rescue Mr.Kahn, and then I will rescue Karami at all costs Brave captain.Wang Weiyi smiled approvingly This time, we will rest here for three days, wait for new supplies to arrive, and then advance towards Ankara.

You have never been a genius, ever.You had many opportunities to save yourself, but you gave up Now, you have no chance at all Williams sat down, grabbed his hair with both hands, and kept muttering Then what should I do now Then what should I do now You only have one way Wang Weiyi said flatly, To cause such a catastrophe, a scapegoat is always needed.Who do you think this scapegoat is In pain, Williams was beaten all over his body.Trembling, he suddenly understood what Mr.Moyol was going to do A scapegoat, we always need a scapegoat And that scapegoat is himself Roben Williams, we know everything about you very well.Laurent Rockefeller, who had never spoken, finally said We understand that your mother and sister are in Michigan, and your sister is still in Michigan.Go to college.You know, they need a life too, we can totally ignore it, and even lure those bankrupts to their placeor there is just cbd gummy rings another possibility, no one will ever know that they are you mother and sister, and they also receive a large amount of living expenses every year Mr.

Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head You and I are responsible golf cbd gummy for different tasks, so that we can regain control of the battlefield.Rommel has no choice, who can stop Ernst Hey, why didn t you invite us to the meeting At this time, a voice mixed with blunt German and Italian came from outside.It s General Rota of the Italian Army.Rommel whispered.Is it finally time to face the Italians again General Rota strode in with a very dissatisfied expression on his face Marshal Rommel, I heard that you are making a new strategic deployment.Could it be that the Italian generals have been Have you been abandoned General Rota, I am not in command of the Afrika Korps now, but our Marshal Ernst Brahm, Rommel introduced solemnly.Skeleton Baron General Rota gasped.Baron Skeleton is a guy that Italians will never forget.

As long as the fighters lurking inside the German army send out this information, the secret radio station will soon be intercepted by Xiaoling In this era, the power of a person cannot compete with a computer must General Alexander, General Montgomery, the fighter sent a secret message, and the Germans sent Captain Fritz Klingenberg, the creator of the miracle of Belgrade , to command a A special detachment of 15 people went to Mayum to meet a senior German spy code named Kraken , this spy has important information about us Do the Germans have any senior spies with HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings us General Alexander took the telegram and read it.General Alexander, spies are always everywhere General Montgomery s just cbd gummy rings face was serious.The rescue of Colonel Fels angered the top allied forces.This is a German ace spy who has mastered too many secrets.

Marseio first walked for a long time in the truck of the Italian army, feeling that it was extremely slow.Then he went to the airport on the side of the road and asked if the plane from Benghazi to Derna had landed here, but no one knew.Finally, he found a general in charge of logistics supply on the way the logistics supply vehicle passed by.He tried his best to explain to the general that he was the commander of the four crews, and he must rush to the front line tomorrow anyway, begging for a car to take him.Perhaps the general saw Marseio being so aggressive and remembered his youth.He was moved by the young officer s ardent request, so he sent his Admiral Opel high speed car to see him off.Back to the front.This incident surprised the officers of the Logistics Command, and they looked at each other in blank dismay.

At 11 00, several attacks were fruitless, exhausting all the spirit of the British.At this time, Wang Weiyi s 10th Armored Division completed the last piece of the puzzle in the siege Just when Wang Weiyi was about to issue a general attack order, something happened that made him ecstatic Klingenbe Greg and his strike team are back It is not accurate to say that it is a team There are only three people left in this assault team Klingenberg, are you not dead Although looking at Klingenberg Standing in front of him alive, Wang Weiyi still endured the ecstasy in his heart and asked calmly.Yes, I jumped out of the encirclement of the British.Klingenberg s answer was also so calm I have been engaged in guerrilla warfare against the British, and although most of my team members died in battle, I But cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings he still survived Then, he pointed to the heated battlefield Marshal, can I go back into battle now Klingenberg, you are now a major After Wang Weiyi announced the new appointment of the creator of the miracle in Belgrade , he said I will arm a new commando for you, Major Klingenberg.

After fierce fighting, Egypt suffered 2,000 casualties.British Army 2.Fifty thousand men landed and occupied the harbor.And wantonly looting.Facing the invasion of the British army, the Motherland Party immediately issued a letter to the people.Announcing a deadly war between the Egyptian nation and the English, and promising the peasants to cancel their debts to foreigners.The majority of peasants responded to the call and enthusiastically joined the army, and HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings anti aggression demonstrations were held in Cairo and other cities.Under the leadership of .

where to buy sera cbd gummies?

Arabi, the Egyptian military and civilians focused on strengthening the northern front in Cairo.On July 28, the Egyptian army defeated the British army in the battle of the Daval village.In the next three weeks, the Egyptian army repelled several enemy attacks one after another, preventing the British army from attacking Cairo from the north.

The German commander Collugo my cbd cbd gummy bears was very shrewd, and tried his best to prevent the viscount from being harassed in his living habits, forbidding any German soldiers to station in his castle, and forbidding the confiscation of the manor s products.In a way, the viscount is still seen as the absolute master.The German commander, Colonel Collugo, even apologized for the lack of gasoline in his personal cars, including a luxurious Rolls Royce.You know, said the Viscount resignedly, I didn t ask for any such favors, far from it.The Germans held me in such high regard that it displeased me not to share in the joys and sorrows of my people.For this reason I had Complained to Colonel Collugo.But this brilliant German officer always begs to be forgiven.Fortunately, the people understand me.We divide the food without telling gummi bears with cbd oil sold in south florida the enemy, and everyone who needs it gets a little.

He also had to take into account the weight of the engine, airframe, and fuel, as well as his and Marcel s weight.From the very beginning he had made up his mind to have Marcel with him, for he knew very well that the Germans would have to track down the accomplices if the big bird was found to have flown away.If Marcelle stayed, he would inevitably become a victim.Naris interrupted him May I ask your assistant a question Of course, he replied.Please tell me, Marcelle, what do you think of the Viscount s plan Would you be willing to accompany him to England He glanced at his master, clearly asking for his approval.After the Viscount nodded in agreement, Marcel said The master s order is an order, and you should carry it out without hesitation.Since the master is willing to risk his just cbd gummy rings life, how can you not give up his life to follow You blindly believe that the plan will succeed.

But this is the thinking of the Soviet Army They always believed that the bravery and fearless sacrifice spirit of officers could completely inspire the patriotism and combat courage of the soldiers.Casualties They never I didn t even think just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies for tinnitus scam about it.As long as I can win, it doesn t matter even if everyone is dead.Another row of Russians fell, but before the Germans on the battlefield had time to catch their breath, a new layer of Russians fell again.Charged up again.Can t finish killing, can t stop hitting The German machine gunner s hand is soft the German sniper s eyes are becoming sore Swelling These Russians really crazy They began to wonder if the power cbd gummies for sale Russians never knew what death was, never knew what pain was they even began to wonder.The Russians have no soul just cbd gummy rings at all, they are just being dragged forward mechanically by a powerful wizard Paul Hauser and Ludwig also watched and shook their heads.

Do you want to make a difference Weidmann fully understood what he meant Of course.The other party has only one company, and is an important person However, I think just cbd gummy rings we still need the assistance of Lutzky The opinions of the two officers were quickly unified, Myristel He whispered I think, if just cbd gummy rings we want to succeed, our power alone is not enough.Don t forget that civil servants can also take up arms I ll find a way Find a few tanks Weidmann did not hesitate Once it is determined.You act now, I think we will catch up.good.Myristel watched Weidman start his tank and leave quickly.He returned to the front of Lucki Second Lieutenant, we are very interested in the information you provided, and you are willing to go cbd gummies 500mg cbd infused gummies plus with us to find Tassot General Ski s whereabouts Are you trying to catch the general sky shrugged, and said indifferently I am now a captive, and I want to live, what choice do I have Major, when the war is over, can you promise not to throw me into a concentration camp I promise Myristel said solemnly Not only will you not be sent to a concentration camp, but you will be able to go home when the war is over.

Before the preparations were completed, Voroshilov, green galaxy cbd gummies near me the former commander in chief of the enemy, couldn t wait to issue an attack order.He had to use a victory to tell Comrade Stalin that he was trustworthy.The 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Corps acted as shock forces.And when these two troops took on the main offensive task, even the generals of the German army couldn t believe it.Although the 56th Army did not suffer any serious damage, the 81st Armored Army was disabled in Janklar.They lost more than two thirds of their tanks and had already lost their assault power.The officers of the German army couldn t understand why such a force was used as the main offensive task And while the two Soviet troops were attacking, the Terek River Army commanded by Malinovsky was also attacking.Attacks were launched at the same time.

But now the situation is completely different.With the continuous victories of the German army on the battlefield, a large number of Soviet forces were wiped out.From the very beginning of the war, the German army s intentions were very clear, sweeping away all foreign aid from Moscow, and completely isolating Moscow.The Germans did it Now Moscow has completely become an isolated city.Although on the outer line, there are still a few reinforcements who are desperately trying to reinforce Moscow, but these reinforcements are like a drop of water falling into the sea, and they can t do anything at all.Moscow can only rely on its own strength, but this strength is so small.Now, the only thing they can do is to delay the time as much as possible I hope Marshal Budyonny can delay the enemy s advance as much as possible outside the city Hua Xi Levsky sighed softly.

And now, the Germans are coming The battle for air supremacy has become extremely important.The United States is also eager to end the war as soon as possible, and they unconditionally support Germany s use of such super weapons to force Japan to surrender early.How powerful is the atomic bomb Not only the Americans don t know, even the Germans themselves don t have much background.Although the atomic bomb has fully demonstrated its destructive power on the battlefield in the previous test explosions.More and more German and American air forces joined the fight, although the Japanese used kamikaze for a suicide attack.In an attempt to save the defeat on the battlefield, their attack method of one man, one plane, one bomb for one ship caused great losses to Germany and the United States.But it just cbd gummy rings can t prevent the loss of air supremacy at all.

But, he can t move anymore.It doesn t matter, in my world, Any kind of miracle is possible.Not only Depusey, but also Butler Videlio, who is also seriously ill.I will hand over the manor to Joseph, and Butler Videlio will also walk with us.Go on the journey of pursuing miracles.We will follow you, no matter where you go, we will be by your side The end of the third volume I I will come back Berlin, November 1, 1944.This day is destined to be a sad day in German history.Although the war had been won, sadness still hung over Germany, and hung over all Ernst Brehm s friends.Because on this day, one of their dearest will leave again Ernst Alexson von Brehm This will be their second parting, unlike the previous one, which was a failure at Montfaucon, but this time in Berlin, it was a parting under the condition of victory.

He named you to challenge.Leader of the barbarians, are you willing to accept the challenge of Marris In this era, challenges are a very common thing, even on very serious battlefields.Except just cbd gummy rings for each other s commanders, anyone can carry out such challenges, especially recognized brave fighters.Once someone challenges you by name, if you are rejected by the challenger, it will be regarded as a cowardly act, and no one will follow you willingly from then on.Of course, such a challenge must be evenly matched, if you To challenge a person who is far weaker than yourself, you will also be despised.And during the duel, no one is allowed to participate except for the dueling parties Guo just cbd gummy rings Yunfeng hardly hesitated Go back and tell Caesar to let his Marris die.The Roman envoy nodded and rode back to his own formation.

About Leoni can do cbd gummies work just cbd gummy rings only stay at the base Manfred will go with me.Wang Weiyi thought for a while It is too eye catching to use the names of Ernst and Richthofen.We have to give ourselves a Roman name, just like the old Mojol Before Richthofen could react, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Elena s mouth.Mr.Moyol, this reminded her of the happy time when she was alone with Ernst in China My name is Spurius Wang Weiyi thought for a while Said As for you, Manfred.From now on you will be called TiusAh, we are two slave traders Yes, my dear Spley Lord Seuss.Richthofen said with a smile.Wang Weiyi also smiled Of course, before that, I think we should pay a visit to Lord Gaius This fiasco caused most Romans to fall into deep despair.in deep distress.Of course, not all of them, and some people felt lucky that they survived the terrible attack of the barbarians.

Pompey did not wear his famous nine layered helmet, and his thinning hair was exposed in the air, but he still put on the exquisite armor that the Romans were very familiar with.The armor of the Roman ensign scene, polished today, shines like a jewel.He holds the scepter in his left hand, and raises his right hand in the habitual posture of a Roman senator when he makes a speech.The profile of the face showed a grim proud strength.His stern how much is cbd gummies face made the Roman soldiers recognize his identity as a commander at a glance.He shouted to the audience without showing any weakness I have fought in battle, don t try to scare me like you would with a child Soldiers of the Tenth Legion Laughing, he saluted to the stage contentedly, and then the marching team sang a ditty that the army mocked the commander for embarrassing himself Once there was no army rations, Caesar gave us grass roots, and Pompey made the ship faint on Euke The hostility in such a ditty disappeared, replaced by a joke of love for his commander.

It went on a rampage there in the form of a bump.And its seemingly small hull is actually so strong that any ship hit by it will definitely not be able to support it.There are also wooden sticks on the bow and sides of the ship, and it is not known what material they are made of.The damage done to enemy ships is simply staggering.Ships of noble legions one after another.Under its brutal impact, they sank or retreated one after another.Those just cbd gummy rings who fell into the water were unlucky and injured, while those who climbed ashore in embarrassment were ridiculed by all the Romans.Now, the passive situation of the civilian corps was gradually pulled back The cheers on the shore became higher and higher, but Pompey s face became more and more ugly.And at this moment, Yakulius knew it was time to test himself.

As for Her husband who is still in prison, she probably won t care about it for the time being Pompeo s home is not far from here, and the Spriius MP has already just cbd gummy rings got in and out of here.No one is allowed to stop Pompey s orders.Pompey usually sleeps until very late before getting up, which makes Wang Weiyi have to wait there for a long time before meeting the most HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings powerful person in Rome.Pompey expressed After apologizing to the guests for the long wait, he said Spulius, my dear friend, what caused you to come to my place so early as a guest A poor woman came to me Wang Weiyi said this, and Pompey immediately reacted.He smiled and said, Ah, my dearest friend, I miss you Said the poor woman.Probably Centumalus wife, Singroa Yes.Wang Weiyi did not deny During the time I was not in just cbd gummy rings Rome, she had found me many times.

Hers closed his mouth.A Roman legion had sixty centurions, that is, sixty centurions.The power of the sixty centurions is arranged in order.The centurions of the first battalion have more power than the centurions of the second battalion, and just cbd gummy rings so on.The last battalion, the tenth battalion, The elders have the least power.The promotion of Roman centurions also rose from low level centurions to high level centurions in this order.There are six centurions in each battalion.The centurions of the first battalion are called first centurions , and their power is greater than that of all the centurions in the subsequent battalions.The first centurion of the first battalion was promoted by the veteran with the most combat holistic farms cbd gummies experience, and the most powerful was the centurion of the first centurion, known as the chief centurion.

Hulse did not see this scene.At this moment, he was riding on a red Parthian horse, and followed Yakulius among a large group of cavalry.As soon as the battle on the plain was over, the chief centurion announced to the soldiers of the first battalion that he wanted a group of willing warriors to follow him on horses to pursue the remnants of the Parthian army, and Hels immediately signed up.At first, Yakulius shook his head when 100mg cbd gummy he saw his freshly bandaged injured foot, until Hels repeatedly emphasized that he was a Gaul tribe who was good at riding horses the Allobroges, and Yakulius knew that Hels Erles reluctantly agreed to his request because of his eagerness to make meritorious service.This cavalry of nearly 2,000 men is all lightly equipped, and each cavalry has two empty horses for replacement.

In order to prevent the Romans from discovering your intentions, you and other tribal leaders must often go to meet the Roman generals to express their submission.You vote If you like, you can even invite the Romans to arbitrate the disputes between the tribes.The Romans will definitely fall just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies for tinnitus scam for it, and just cbd gummy rings the time will be ripe at that time At the same time, the time for the decisive battle must be chosen in autumn, because at that time the continuous torrential rain made the roads muddy and difficult to walk.The Roman army relied heavily on logistics, and the mobility of the march would be greatly limited under such conditions.There is only one such place, and that is the Teutonic Forest The Teutonic Forest is located in Lieber County in the northwest of the country, and this place name has been preserved to this day.

They safely handed over the convoy to the Americans.It s just that they probably don t even dream of it in their dreams, disaster is coming to them Schrottenburg has fallen asleep, and a few dim lights are dancing in just cbd gummy rings the dark night.Occasionally, a few night birds fluttered and flew up, but they couldn t disturb the tranquility of the night.At this time, more than thirty ghosts appeared.Wang Weiyi feels that he is lucky for the first battle in the true sense of this era, now.The entire team has been completely controlled in his hands.The trucks have been assembled, and the explosives have been placed one by one Once there is an explosion, it must be earth shattering.Guo Yunfeng came to Wang Weiyi s side and nodded to him.Wang Weiyi smiled and jumped into a truck first, and Guo Yunfeng quickly sat in the co pilot seat.

Wang Weiyi s answer was extremely firm Trust me.Will I take you through Villenburg safely The team members took a deep breath, yes, they must unconditionally trust Major Moyol to take them through the crisis Clothes They found it soon.Wang Weiyi asked them to change into civilian clothes, hid the tanks and those m16s, and then smiled Okay, now let s deal with those French.All of them, divide into three The group passed Villenburg.I led the first group, Max the second group, and Colonel Chelus the third group.After he finished speaking, he tidied up his clothes and swaggered towards the direction of Villenburg He, Guo Yunfeng, and Richthofen s group were quickly stopped by French soldiers, and it was a major who directed these French soldiers to check.Hello, Major, it s a pleasure to meet you.

They only have 1,700 people, but looking at them now, they seem to have a full 17,000 soldiers.And this is what Wang Weiyi wants to see The night always makes me feel happy, I like the night to wrap me up a feeling of.Soldiers, take a good rest and ignore the enemy s bombing.When night falls on the battlefield, tell our enemies that their dentists will have untold business The laughter kept ringing.If people who didn t know saw it, they would probably think that this army had just achieved a brilliant victory.The enemy s planes appeared again, and the enemy s artillery began to roar, but this did not affect this group at all.Soldiers who are about to go on an expedition.They fell on the ground, covered their ears, closed their eyes, and forced themselves to sleep.They must be well rested in order to teach the enemy a good lesson Wanderer, did someone say you are crazy Richthofen and Rambler stood side by side on the ground, suddenly asked.

We will also use Our iron blood, tell each of our enemies that Germany will never surrender Germany will surely win all wars We are ready to shed more blood and sacrifice more lives to safeguard the legal rights of Germany Prepare The people here must be himself and Adolf.A fanatical fan of Hitler Eight hundred and twenty, Baron, I have been waiting for your return When the crisis hits Germany, he will come back.Everyone knows that, everyone expects him to come back, but everyone also knows that there is no possibility of it happening, including me.However , When I saw that very kind face, I knew I was wrong.It turns out that miracles really do happen. Robert Fels, commander of the German underground resistance organization Elder Combat Brigade.November 1965.When danger befalls Germany, I will just cbd gummy rings come back Seeing the extremely kind words, Wang Weiyi seemed to have returned to the time when he left Germany.

In 1963, Kloer ordered the deployment of German troops stationed in Russia and France, as well as a large number of German local troops, to the Middle East and North Africa.Although Manstein The Marshal and Marshal Model made fierce opposition, but because the Committee of Meritorious Veterans of Germany did not have enough people to convene the meeting, the two Marshals could only obey the orders of Head of State Kroll You said What German Meritorious Veterans Committee Wang wyld cbd gummies 500mg reviews Weiyi was a little curious.Yes.Fels nodded This is a committee established by Hitler in 1946.Its members include 12 people including Marshal Manstein, Rommel, and Marshal Guderian.It is used to maintain the German government.normal operation.After the health of Hitler s head of state began to deteriorate, the committee took on the task of supervising the next head of state.

Retreat immediately, immediately.Wang Weiyi emphasized the tone of these two words.Although the U.S.military was forced to retreat under such a sudden attack, according to Xiaoling s information, the two infantry divisions reinforced by the U.S.military are about to just cbd gummy rings arrive.With absolute strength, the troops in Wang Weiyi s hands are not abundant life cbd gummies their opponents.And Baron Alexon has never been a commander who is willing to lose troops in vain.Winning the greatest jolly cbd gummies price victory with the least cost is his only purpose on the battlefield Yes, I ll go get ready right away.Captain Sherer seemed to want to say something, but probably because he was afraid of the baron s majesty, he swallowed the words back into his mouth All this was not hidden from Wang Weiyi Captain Scherer, do you want to say something Ah, yes, Marshal.

Officer and their parents.The Skeleton Division just cbd gummy rings did not leave immediately.They had to settle the wounded here and interrogate U.S.prisoners.Avril finally settled down, this is the first time she and her sister have seen such a large army, she can t help but wonder if any of these German soldiers will be sympathetic to him after the war The family talked about her and her sister, two very embarrassed looking guys.A young woman and a child, carrying a white flag on their shoulders ready to surrender if they encounter the enemy, walked alone to Berlin.Avril Lavigne in natures choice cbd gummies her This passage was written in the r diary I will never forget the moment when we saw so many troops and soldiers for the first time.I was too petrified to look up at the cars and tanks, but little by little my fear dissipated when they threw some goodies at us.

When he went outside, he was suddenly shocked by the scene in front of him Countless German civilians were standing calmly on both sides of the road, waiting The appearance of Baron Alexon.They didn t carry any weapons in their hands, and they wanted to use their bodies to protect the Baron from entering the Empire State Building This is the most special moment, when the baron decided to end the civil strife in Berlin in a bloodless way, then the German citizens chose this way No matter who it is, no matter where the enemy is hiding, when the bullet hits, someone will use their life to block the bullet for the baron The retired old generals walked in the forefront, while the German civilians protected the baron and walked towards the Empire State Building just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies for tinnitus scam mayim bialik and cbd gummies step by step.At this moment, those soldiers even felt that they were redundant This is a powerful force, and what supports such a powerful force is the same powerful belief More and more Germans joined the team, and when it got close to the Empire State Building, the team had become extremely large.

At the same time, tell all the just cbd gummy rings soldiers to load their bullets, and if necessary, kill that shit commander.When he came to the sentry post, Hart finally saw the haughty dog commander who used to be at the foot of Head of State Kroll.He laughed at the car window and said, Oh, isn t this the Commander in Chief of the Guards Who are you going to meet in such a hurry Nothing, go out and do something.You know who I am, Why don t you ask your soldiers to get out of the way I m really sorry.Dear Commander, I can t just let you go out at this critical time.You know, if there are spies among us and leave the city with you But it s not easy, after the investigation from above, my soldiers and I will have to go around, so, please cooperate with us to carry out the mission, please Hart still looked at him with a smile.

Hart understood a little bit.Kroller must be caught immediately.Fels expression suddenly returned to seriousness General Eric, I need you to mobilize a battalion of troops, can you do it I can do it in twenty minutes, best German soldier After Eredric finished speaking, he picked up the phone on the desk.Firth turned his attention to Hart again Lieutenant, do you want to be a major Major Hart couldn t believe it, but then he replied loudly Of course, whatever you want me to do I will appoint you as interim major.Fels invented such an official position You are responsible for commanding this battalion to capture Kroll and his accomplices.If successful, you ll be officially a major, but if you let Kroll run, you ll only be demoted to a second lieutenant.Would you like to take a gamble General, if you can catch Kroll, even if you still demote me to second lieutenant, I am willing Hart replied excitedly I just have one just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies for tinnitus scam request, I hope you can make Lieutenant Hassler my assistant.

Kasanovic s call in New York.I suggest you listen to it.Of course, you have to talk to him in English.He doesn t understand your Italian.Bertrul hesitated and grabbed the phone.As time went by, his complexion changed.When the crying of a woman and child that he was very familiar with came from the other end of the phone, his complexion became extremely defeated.The phone was cut off suddenly.Bertrul grabbed the silent phone, threw it away, rushed to Pipondu and yelled loudly Shameless, this is really shameless, you let those hooligans catch women Threatening me just cbd gummy rings with children No, I will never bow to you Calm down, Mr Prime Minister.Pippondu still had the same faint tone It s not me who is shameless, but you, when you forget the kindness of the Xigang family to you.And I have to remind you that Mr.

Casanovich is definitely not a rogue, he is the king of New York, he can do whatever he wants in New York, you should not call him a rogue.As for your women and children, let me think carefully.The smile on Pipondu s face grew brighter Yes, you used the word threat just now, and I have to admit that I was threatening you.In New York, cbd gummies for ringing in the ears that is your most beloved woman and your most beloved son But what is that If you fail to comply with my request, your son will be killed, and your woman will be sent to a madhouse.What a terrible experience.I almost forgot that you were in Italy There are also wives and children, right Do you think you can protect them After saying this, Pipondu s face became gloomy When you violate the spirit of the contract, you are tantamount to betraying me.For Why should I be merciful to those who betray me I will order you to be arrested immediately Berthruel roared.

The battlefield is cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings the easiest place to train qualified soldiers.When you are fearless, you can quickly become the best soldier.When the enemy started to attack, all the firepower on the ground spewed out a roar, one grenade after another matched with a string of tongues of fire, desperately blocking the enemy s attack.When facing enemy armored vehicles, those bazookas fire off along with all the anti tank weapons.And Ernst.Marshal Brahm obviously also realized that it was the first time for British troops to enter the battlefield.He mobilized a group of officers to guide the British how to fight despite the shortage of people everywhere.Before long, these British soldiers will not need these German advisers, because they will soon undergo a qualitative transformation Casualties were also heavy.

Is it really Baron Alexon No, I still can t believe it.Hell, my heart is pounding.Major, don t waste time, I m getting nervous Ah, I wish it was the Baron, and I d have the honor of seeing the Baron himself for the first time Although these German officers said so, to be honest, they still didn t really believe that Baron Alexon would appear here.Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, His Excellency the Baron is commanding the battle just cbd gummy rings in Berlin Wang Weiyi did not expect that because of a mistake at the base, he was actually sent to Aswan, which was in the middle of the war, and commanded a small German commando to fight.If this gets out, just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies for tinnitus scam the entire battlefield will go crazy.Now is not the time to .

how do cbd gummies make u feel?

consider these issues, he must quickly help the Germans win in Aswan.According to Xiaoling s analysis, the German army s attack on Aswan was purposeful.

The 242nd Infantry serves as the city s defense and our reserve.Is street fighting ready Ah, yes, preparations are underway.Very good , Colonel Fan Siteng, you have done a good job.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction The enemy will use the air superiority to bomb here frantically, and maybe the street fighting will come earlier than we thought.Colonel Fan Siteng, that is the time The key to determine whether Fabaman can hold I understand, Marshal.After Colonel cbd gummies for arthritis pain Fan Siten finished speaking, he boldly said Marshal, for your safety, I think you should choose another A command post.No, I will command here.Wang Weiyi rejected his subordinates kindness without hesitation You don t need to find any command post for me, and you don t need to arrange any guards for me.My only request , just find me a gun.

However, the more this happened, the more Colonel Nesko had an impulse let all the Germans tremble under their own guns When this offensive started, Colonel Nesko had already made the most difficult preparations Sure enough, when the U.S.army entered the range of the German army, all the firepower on the German army s position was turned on.Those assault guns, accompanied by bazookas, roared and just cbd gummy rings returned the shells to the Americans.Unfortunately, several tanks and armored vehicles became sacrificial objects.They lost the power to move on, and the tank soldiers inside climbed out desperately.Turn around and run towards the back of yourself.However, those German bullets poured mercilessly into their bodies.Any battle is enough to turn the battlefield into a hell on earth Wang Weiyi and Nesko thought of this at the same time.

Sometimes a soldier doesn t know what s going on, and he will be thrown high into the sky by the shells.Who is the dead cbd oils or gummies body The soldiers became numb.They attacked and defended mechanically and passively.They couldn t tell the difference between life and death.A U.S.Army soldier whose leg was blown off Soldier.Still trying to crawl forward, to be honest, he didn t know why he did it at all.Crawling, he suddenly stopped moving, he left his life on this strange land.He was probably only in his twenties this year, and he was very young when he died, and he probably didn t know that at the same time, on the opposite German position, a German soldier who was about his age also died, even the dead The methods are similar.The things that seem to have no intersection are confirming the cruelest reality This place has been compiled into a hell battlefield Life is suffering in it, and the soul cannot find just cbd gummy rings rest.

It was said before that a German army was rapidly approaching Fabaman.The headquarters only sent French and Arab troops to intercept it, and they did not cause much trouble.Therefore, such evil results can only be tasted by themselves.General.The status quo of the 9th Infantry Regiment is rapidly deteriorating.Chief of Staff Henry hurried in They free samples cbd gummies must get our support before they can persist.Tell them I can t send them reinforcements.Luo Shen, who couldn t can you give dogs cbd gummy bears even get reinforcements himself, roared furiously Let them block it, and don t be defeated Let Nesko direct General, Colonel Nesko is dead Ah, he is already dead just cbd gummy rings Roshen realized that his most powerful subordinate, Nesko, was in the German army.The troops were killed by the Germans before they arrived.He sighed deeply, but didn t know what to do Henry hesitated General.

The time was so short that these German soldiers were unwilling to delay even a minute more if possible.Marshal, do you really believe me Came Ernst.Beside Marshal Bram, Chenock suddenly asked.I believe in any brave man.Wang Weiyi said, looking at his soldiers.Thank you for your trust, and you will definitely get my most loyal return for this trust.Chenock said with gratitude I believe that under your command, we can achieve all necessary victories.There is one more thing Something I have to tell you, my father always wanted to see you again before he passed away.It is a pity that he was not able to fulfill his wish, but it s okay, I met you on behalf of my father He is a good man, a really good man Wang Weiyi exhaled softly I saw him for the first time in Udine, and his enthusiasm for being a doctor far exceeds He became a soldier, but he is the most just cbd gummy rings dedicated soldier.

March 1966.The city was once the capital of the Red Soviet Union.When the Bolsheviks were overthrown, it became the capital of the Russian Empire.Wang Weiyi is very familiar with this city.it s here.He staged a scene of miracles then, he commanded a powerful German army and entered the city himself.The German army also had defeats and victories here.There have been cbd gummies vs dog cbd gummies tears and laughter.The fate of Germany was actually linked to this city in a certain period of time.And now, Baron Alexon is back At this cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings time, Moscow has completely lost all the imprints of the Bolshevik era.Everything in front of him is both familiar and unfamiliar to Wang cbd gummies 500mg cbd infused gummies plus Weiyi.There are two extremes here.The main facilities are concentrated in a few areas, where there are many tall buildings.Luxuriant.And once you leave these areas, you enter a slum that is completely two worlds.

During the Second World War, I did not know how many battlefields I drove a BMW military motorcycle.I think I can try.Wang Weiyi said nonchalantly.Tatyana gave him the key dubiously.Wang Weiyi stepped on the motorcycle Miss Tatiana, am I honored to invite you up Tatyana got on the back seat and wrapped her arms around Wang Weiyi, which gave Wang Weiyi a different feeling Only in Moscow Is it fast You can drive as fast as you want As soon as she finished speaking, the motorcycle had already been powered on by Fengchi.Just like a flash of lightning.It was out of everyone s sight at once.The motorcycle was driving fast, and at this moment Wang Weiyi seemed to have returned to the battlefield of World War II From the European battlefield, the North African battlefield, to the Soviet German battlefield, military motorcycles equipped by the heroic German army can be seen everywhere.

Petergoff.Now that such a thing has happened, let everything take its course Moreover, the man who is about to get his own body, compared with his husband, is younger, handsome, and generous, no matter how you look at it.Far stronger than her own husband When the Grand Duchess was put on the bed, she closed her eyes tightly because of shyness Even if she didn t have to look, she could feel it Mr Petergoff was kissing his lipsneck the Grand Duchess arid body was moistened by a man for the first time.Her emotions were gradually aroused She began to actively cooperate with the man on her body Suddenly, the Grand Duchess called out in a low voice Mr.Petergoff completely entered her body Oh my god, I was really possessed by this man The Grand Duchess completely relaxed herself.Clinging tightly to the man on her body, she worked hard to cooperate Her body was completely released this night in this small hotel When the passion is over, the Grand Duchess, who has been satisfied like never before, has completely fallen in love with this man.

Brothers, get ready More than a dozen trembling warriors crawled over from behind and approached Takot, waiting for his arrangement.Hansen.Take Joe and Locke to the left behind the pile of snow and wait for my order to charge.Otto.Don t scratch your feet yet.Take three people and carry a dynamite package to the ditch on the right.Simon, The five brothers with the commandos of the Brandenburg commandos followed me, and we walked in the front.Everyone threw away their loads and supplies, and ran fast those can you make gummies from cbd isolate who want to eat meat and smoke, run with their mouths in their mouths Say it.Takot turned around and patted Simon s helmet You guys are not allowed to run in front of me Start now, prepare for the attack for 60 seconds.Wait for my signal.Go The soldiers began to move to both sides.My bullets won t let you go.

Tuckett immediately reached for the grenade at his waist while poking his head out of the snow.Maxim didn t focus on firing on the German army.It turned out that Otto s group attracted their firepower.This brief negligence of the Russian army was their only chance.Takot turned around, and before he could give an order, the commando soldiers behind him had already set up their light just cbd gummy rings machine guns.Simon Smoke bombs Quick Tucket knew that at this time, only smoke bombs could block Maxim s sight, and they would have a chance to fight back.Okay Throw Tuckert shouted, pulled the string, and threw the cylindrical smoke bomb into the snow 30 meters away.Ah fuck Simon shouted angrily, Tuckett turned his head and found that the smoke bomb was still clutched in his hand The lid is frozen and can t be opened Get out of the way Get out of the way shouted the commando machine gunner behind him.

Kieritz stuffed the cigarette back into his mouth We Proud of you, Hoffmannwe your brothers, Kyritz, and your mother.Look at all of this You were born to fight.Kyritz watched affectionately, like a real father comforting his aggrieved son.Nine hundred and forty eight.Child, are condor cbd gummies a scam I hate war.No one hates war more than me.If there is no war, I would rather be a screenwriter, those Hollywood movies are rubbish, I would prefer to write a better screenplay myself. Major General Aveeno, Commander of the 29th French Infantry Division, March 1966.The war involved everyone, professional soldiers, civilians, a bunch of kids, and a rather scripted general.Major General Aveeno and his The 29th Infantry Division performed very well in the Second Battle of Berlin, which greatly exceeded the expectations of the Allied Command.

Wang Weiyi calmly watched the fiery battlefield, and then issued his own order Start Amid the roar, the German counterattack begins Tanks roared out, soldiers roared out, and the entire battlefield fell into a frenzy.The fanaticism of the German soldiers, the fanaticism of the American soldiers, the fanaticism of all people are intertwined.Fight for the honor of the country, fight for your own life The bullets flew wildly in the air, hitting the target from time to time, and then a life left this world like this. This is an extremely shocking scene.For those who survived and witnessed this scene with their own eyes, some people will relish their memories, and some people may never want to remember what kind of nightmare they have encountered.A soldier fell in a pool of blood, he was not dead yet.

As you probably know, William s new campaign sponsors are not us, but several large Jewish consortiums.We need redemption.Now, what do you think of our proposal Robert didn t answer right away, but was silent for a long time before he said slowly So, what do you need in return This conversation is a secret negotiation.Wang Weiyi, who represents the New York League , and Robert, who represents the Kennedy family, have reached a secret agreement.No outsider can know the specific content of the agreementBut it has an extremely serious impact on the future world situation Politics is nothing more than that, there are never permanent allies, there are only permanent interests I hope this is a good start.After nearly three hours of negotiations, Robert was in a good mood I have a new friend.The Kennedy family also has a new friend, ah, you probably know that there is always a dream in our family.

Mr.President is still hesitant on this matter.After all, this will involve the interests of all parties.Can you guarantee it Of course I can guarantee it.Fristoia answered without any hesitation I am a patriot, and I don t want my country to continue to sink like this.I would like to see Russia strong again, not to allow corruption to flood our government.Mr.Ambassador.I hope that the United States can make its own decision as soon as possible.Otherwise, once our people and those patriots in the army act spontaneously, they will not be able to get the support of the United States.This will seriously weaken the prestige of the United States in Russia.Prandy nodded involuntarily, this is also a question he and the president discussed repeatedly during the phone call The United States needs Russia too much.

A tense look flashed across Captain Wheeler s face Accuse us of being American spies just by chewing gum Boy, you re going to make a big mistake.Major Lampden was a little undecided just cbd gummy rings You know, he d rather Allen be wrongBut what if Allen is right Major.I can guarantee that I am not wrong.Allen was very stubborn at this time Major, please order them to take off their upper body clothes, I think I will find more favorable evidence Major Lampden hesitated Next, immediately said to Captain Wheeler Captain, look, this is a paranoid kid, well, take off your upper body clothes as he said.Prove him wrong.Don t worry, I will Give him the most severe punishment Major, I m afraid this is inappropriate Before Captain Wheeler could finish his sentence, Major Lampden s face darkened Captain, this is an order.

Taylor s partner limped toward the tunnel with Doe on his shoulders.Tyler stuffed a beetail grenade into the gun mounted grenade launcher.Pull down the barrel.Slammed the trigger out of the window, and ran away in a jiffy.Chi A missile rushed over upon hearing the news, embedded in the building, and blasted the room where Taylor was just now.Tyler flew down the stairs and jumped into the tunnel like a mouse.A squad of American soldiers followed Taylor into the tunnel, but several booby traps at the tunnel entrance detected them and exploded with a bang.In a flash, the American soldiers were blown down.The tunnel entrance was also sealed by large and small pieces of rubble.The entire sewer network underground in the defense zone was converted into a small underground military just cbd gummy rings hospital by the Second Reconnaissance Company.

Head of the French secret police and head of the French intelligence service.Fertime Berkeley, hailed as the most outstanding intelligence officer since de Sade, was authorized to monitor Paris comprehensively.And has the right to deal with any emergencies and arrest any suspicious persons.Under such an arrangement, the Cathar government believes that everything is safe However, there is one person who obviously doesn t want this grand ceremony in France to be held so easily Ernst Alexson Von.Brahm Baron Skeleton He appeared in Paris at the most appropriate time.He didn t bring any helpers.He was just a person, and he walked into the beautiful city of Paris with a simple suitcase.Sometimes you don t need many people to help you to accomplish something.Wang Weiyi knows exactly what to do at the right time The interrogation in Paris was very strict, and Wang Weiyi was interrogated by many secret police just cbd gummy rings along the way.

The whole of Paris.His name is being proclaimed everywhere in the whole of France, and some people even look at him It has become a new European myth after Baron Alexon.Some people firmly believe that he is the hope of a strong French revival.How should such a person be recruited and replaced in the future What is the purpose of the Baron in doing this Lantes never figured it out, but one thing he was sure of was that no matter what arrangement the baron made, all he had to do was follow the baron faithfully.Wang Weiyi just cbd gummy rings seemed very satisfied with Lantes attitude Lontes, silence is sometimes safer than being in the limelight, and I like you like this, listening instead of putting yourself under the gnashing of teeth of the enemy like Yetiri.Mr.Yetiri still doesn t seem to understand this point After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he turned on the radio, and Yetiri s new speech came from it rise up and overthrow our brutal government Let the light of liberty come to France againwe will do whatever we think possible.

If he can t find a huge investment in the near future, then you will lose everything, even the house you are living in here Katrana was completely shockedeven Burr So did Clay They all looked up and said in unison Mr.Moyol, can you help our father Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Rotini, and he found that the banker s eyes were also full of expectations Please note that it is a huge investment, an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, which is not something that anyone can easily get.from.I believe that Mr.Rotini has found many people before this, but they have all been rejected, right Rodini couldn t help but nodded Wang Weiyi smiled Yes.They all refused, because they hate to know that it is definitely not a wise choice to invest in Dewey Bank under the current situation.Besides, the economy is so weak.

Rotini.Look, Mr.Moyol, of course I am willing to do what you say.Rotini decided to struggle for the last time However, this matter is really very important.Well, I think that s the end of our conversation.Wang Weiyi interrupted the other party again I have a better choice than Dewey Bank.I believe that I can be welcomed no matter where I am.Ah, I also want to tell you that after you rejected me, the Lion Fund will use a sum of money to make a full scale acquisition of the shares of Dewey Bank.I believe that based on the current stock price of Dewey Bank, the acquisition HCMUSSH just cbd gummy rings funds will not be very large.Rodini s sweat kept flowing Yes, Mr.Moyol will not lie to himself.If he really conducts an all round acquisition of Dewey Bank, then this bank will soon I no longer belong to myself, and the positions of chairman of the board of directors and president will be completely away from me.

Yelverton is not a particularly large city, but like any ancient British city, it has a very long history.In particular, the Yelverton Cricket Club here is very famous throughout the UK.Here, a special invitation is required to be a part of it.Once you join the cricket club, it means that you have successfully entered the upper class of the UK.Many people have is cbd gummies safe submitted membership applications more than ten years ago, but they often have to wait for a long time to receive the invitation letter There are a series of supporting facilities here.The hospitals here also gather the best doctors to provide necessary medical services to those members Mr.Lopez is of course a member of the club.Under his introduction, Mr.Moyol, Mrs.Delk and Mrs.White also visited this famous cricket club for the first time, and played a few innings in person.

Paris said quickly, About the batch of war do cbd gummies work just cbd gummy rings bonds Yess still felt a little strange.At the most critical moment in the war, the Fenton government issued a batch of war bonds, but the sentiment of the British people to subscribe was completely indescribable.None of the bonds were sold.This forced the Fenton government to borrow money from the US government.And when he made his request to Mr.Elliott, Mr.Elliott also made a request to Yess, requesting to subscribe for just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies delta 9 near me just cbd gummy rings bonds worth 10 million pounds.For a government, 10 million pounds is not a huge number.The crux of the problem is, what are botanical farms cbd gummies safe does Elliott, who is a super rich man, want this 10 million pounds And in all fairness, these so called bonds will become worthless if the Fenton government falls.Yess raised his own question again Paris, is Mr.Elliot really sure he wants to subscribe for ten million pounds of war bonds Yes, ten million.

They had never been upset by such things in the past, but after Nash s death, Prime Minister Wilkins was forced to directly ask about the president s travel safety.However, even That s right, something went wrong.And those wastes in the Secret Service, where did their usual experience in protecting the president go Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, do you have any good suggestions Prime Minister Wilkins did not have many polite words just cbd gummy rings cbd gummies for tinnitus scam The three intersections are all enemies, those damn guerrillas have mobilized a lot of power, and the security forces are obviously insufficient , Mr.President can t leave here by car now.It will take ten minutes for the reinforcements to arrive. Mr.President, Mr.Prime Minister, I suggest you leave here immediately.It s not just these.Prime Minister Wilkins hesitated for a while, and then whispered something in President Fenton s earPresident Fenton nodded slightly Morisa, now the Lieutenant Colonel Moyol took over my security work.

Once the c If there is any problem with 133, the losses suffered are absolutely unacceptable.Lieutenant Colonel Mills of the FBI took it upon himself to ensure security.The CIA and the British intelligence service headed by Lieutenant Colonel Moyol assumed auxiliary duties.On the night of September 28, 1966.Cars and trucks drove into the London Air Force Base.When the cars stopped, the pampered ladies and ladies got out of the cars in a hurry.There was chaos at the scene, and the soldiers in charge of base security had to call out for them to keep quiet.However, the voices of the soldiers were quickly drowned out by the noise.Getting on board requires strict inspections to avoid any problems during the flight.The strict inspection of Operation Igor is completely different from the flying experience of those ladies who are used to flying in civil aviation.

The process was not just cbd gummy rings optimistic, and he couldn t even hold on until the night came.General Don Tanner told him seriously No failure is allowed without my order.Colonel, remember my words, no failure is allowed.We need to gain the maximum time here.Can you understand my words I think I I will do my best.Colonel Enrique could only answer the other party in this way.What can be done Who can predict what will happen in a minute Who can predict how the war will end Maybe I will be killed, maybe I will be captured, who knows.But at least one thing Colonel Enrique can guarantee, as long as it is not the last minute, as long as the most desperate moment arrives, he will not give up.Skeleton Lancer Colonel Enrique has firmly remembered this name This may be his most glorious battle One thousand one hundred and eighteen.

Can you imagine The guerrillas used helicopter gunships and tanks.Damn, where the hell did they get that equipment Our army suffered losses, and their commanders thought that the guerrillas They won t be able to reach Southampton on time until the threat is lifted Frank couldn t help but smiled wryly.In fact, the Allied Command had been aware of the problem of the guerrillas before, but under the current circumstances they did not have a good choice.The only thing they can do is that the guerrillas will not appear in Akinsai and Hemogenk, but now this hope has also failed.And from what Don Tanner said, the guerrillas were not harassing operations at all, they were simply large scale attacks.It seems.For a long time, we can only rely on our own strength Don Tanner sighed deeply.The air defense siren sounded sharply, and Don Tanner silently came to the window, looking at the somewhat chaotic barracks.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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