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The original owner of this body seems to be beautiful, with good family conditions.His father is a university professor, his sister is a star, his girlfriend is a flower, and he is studying at a famous university.Can be fiddled with twice, can be described as versatile, and has always been very popular with women.However, Tang Shuang discovered through the past few months that he was actually quite a failure.Tang Sanjian hated him for being weak.It has been abandoned for a long time, and the bottom of the failing class In the end, dementia cbd gummies he failed to study and play, his girlfriend ran away, and his father looked down on him.Although Huang Xiangning always defended him, he hoped that his prodigal son would return.Although Tang Shuang smiled playfully at Tang Sanjian, she was sighing in her heart.There was a long way to go Hi Candy, come here Tang Shuang greeted the lively Tang Tang amiably.Shall we play the wooden man s game Tang Shuang suggested.Playing games playing games Candy clapped her hands and yelled.Tang Shuang came to the study with Tang Shuang, Tang Tang hid left and right, and finally got under the desk, Xiao Shuang, come and catch me Whoever speaks will lose, and if he loses, he will snap his fingers Tang Tanger Ah Tang Shuang We are all wooden people, we are not allowed to talk, move, walk, or laugh Huh finally quiet, Tang Shuang laughed silently, work He uploaded the written 2000 words to the website.Chapter One The Man Who Killed the Killer 1 Dust in the Desert.The horse s hooves soared, almost shattering a person s chest Dozens of elite black armored cavalry rushed in a fan shape across the desert, closely guarding them.There is a carriage in the middle.The iron horse is golden, and the sharp blade is shining.The beauty was amused cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam by the candy, squatted down and pinched her chubby little face, and said, Oh, I know, it turns out that kushly cbd gummies scam eating ice cream can make you look good.It seems that I will also kushly cbd gummies scam look good in the future.I have to eat ice cream every day.En beautiful sister, I haven t eaten ice cream yet.Candy was cute, looking at the ice cream in the beauty s hand, revealing her ultimate goal.Candy s every expression betrayed her heart long ago, the beauty wanted to tease her, and said But I saw you took several ice creams just now.Candy er was quick witted, and said Let my brother eat all of them., I m too young to snatch him.Then he quietly pointed to Tang Shuang who was looking at his phone.The beauty followed Tangtang s direction and looked over.Just as the beauty attracted attention, so did the handsome guy.Tang Sanjian said Then you need to wear more clothes.Although it is summer now, it is winter in the world of ice and snow, and it is very cold.Okay Tang Tanger immediately gestured with scissors happily, and said proudly at Tang Shuang Now Xiaoshuang has kushly cbd gummies scam to do it if she doesn t.Chapter 22 Dian Dian Dian Dian Dian Why go to bed so early, I still watch TV After making video calls with Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian, Tang Tanger was put on the bed by Tang Shuang, and the little man was a little dissatisfied.Tang Shuang It s getting late, it s already 9 o clock Tangtanger argued hard, and said with her fingers, Mom said Tangtanger didn t go to bed until 10 o clock, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, it s not here yet Tang Shuang It s up to you Do you want to hear a story Candy Yes Tang Shuang After listening to the story, it will be 10 o clock.Bai Jingjing also sniffed it curiously, and Xiao Hei flicked its nose with its tail, which startled the puppy and sneezed.Mom takes care of the goldfish every day, which makes Candy very curious why mom likes these colorful little fish so much.She tried to find one out for research many times, but was stopped by her mother.Now mother is not at home, Xiaoshuang is asleep, she is the oldest in the house, and she decides everything.I don t know what Tangtanger is researching, and she looks very serious.Fortunately, what she did was just a small research, and it didn t take much time, so she finally put the unlucky Hei and Xiaohua back into the fish tank.But in just a short time, the two goldfish couldn t slow down, they floated up and down on the water surface, and almost turned their stomachs several times.Tang Shuang Hey Xiao Shuang, you little turtle You won t let me eat meat, what should I do if I lose weight Tang Shuang It s healthier to be thinner.Mumbled and began to call Tang Shuang a little turtle, a little pig, a little mouse, a rotten brain Tang Shuang ate on her own, and took time to fight back.In the end, the chick s firepower was too fierce.Once her chattering attribute was activated, Tang Shuang could only shut up and hide.Xiaoshuang, little pig, you don t give the meat to your kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep sister after you finish eating it.You are a big villain.I want to report you.You are a little turtle.You are a big foodie.You will get fatter if you eat meat.You bad guy, Eat meat for me Eat it slowly Do you really not want me to eat meat Xiaoshuang You are a crayfish, you are a deceiving puppy, you are a little frog and a tadpole Tang Shuang I bounce, bounce, bounce Candy continued to chant and curse Tang Shuang s ears were buzzing, as if she had poked a hornet s nest, and she couldn t take it anymore, so she resorted to her trump card If you scold me again, I will kill you Catch the little animals in the kitchen to cook and eat The extremely human Bai Jingjing was startled, and took the lead to hide Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tang Shuang asked inexplicably, What are you doing I m going to summon the Pao Wang Team to defeat you The child was helpless, she really wanted to eat meat, she was drooling, she lowered her head and dared not look at the meat in the bowl, but her little nose was very kushly cbd gummies scam sensitive, and she still smelled the meat, after thinking about it, she said resignedly I m sorry I was wrong, give my little sister a piece of meat.He was completely different from his usual image, like a hot blooded young man, which made Yin kushly cbd gummies scam tinnitus relief cbd gummies kushly cbd gummies scam Qingqing somewhat disappointed.This is a fierce god It s too scary, so exciting A picture, a paragraph of text, the charm of Crazy Moba has revealed the tip of the iceberg, which makes readers unable to stop, especially the last paragraph, which clearly shows Crazy Moba and the Dynasty.It only started, but stopped abruptly, making everyone scream Crazy Demon is worthy of being the king of martial arts, and his thunderbolt is extremely extraordinary.He was invincible all over the world thirty years ago.Because of the kushly cbd gummies scam loneliness of the master, he was imprisoned.Myself What an arrogant character this is Many people were overwhelmed by the charm of Crazy Moba, who is terrifying, mysterious, majestic, and arrogant As expected of a character who can enjoy the treatment of illustrations in the book What chapter is this Crazy Moba is incomparably terrifying, and the Dynasty didn t even show any weakness, and the big iron chain was smashed by him as soon kushly cbd gummies scam as he grabbed it Ahhh The author is so ruthless Ah, after such a chapter, my mind is full of Dynasty and Madman., exclaimed Wow Xiaoshuang, you are so handsome, aren t you hot You will get prickly heat.Tang Shuang quickly took off her clothes, and after a while, her back began to sweat.Tang Shuang er followed Tang Shuang s feet like a curious baby.She also wanted to look at the suit.After Tang Shuang changed her clothes, she received another gift from Huang Xiangning, and she couldn t help fluffing her clothes proudly Look, little pig, I still have a gift Candy didn t expect Xiao Shuang to have so many gifts , came to him curiously and asked, What is it Tang Shuang opened the box and unfolded it, It s a T shirt.Tangtanger looked at Huang Xiangning, and Huang Xiangning said, Tangtanger also has it, and our family has it.Tang Shuang happily ran over to take her little clothes, and said to Tang Shuang, Wow I have them too At this time, Tang Shuang had no time to pay attention to her.What s up The stewardess said that she was here to thank Tang Shuang on behalf of the flight attendants.What earth shattering good thing did I do that alarmed the entire flight crew Tang Shuang was even more puzzled.The stewardess said that Tang Shuang had volunteered to take care of the two passengers around her just now, and all the flight attendants were very grateful.Tang Shuang suddenly realized, she thought what shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking was the matter, waved her hands and said it was a trivial matter, and it should be done.The stewardess explained that the local accents of the two elderly people were so strong that the flight attendants could not understand them, and they encountered difficulties when boarding the plane just now.This flight belongs to Shengjing Airlines, and the crew members are all from the north, and none of them can understand the Cantonese dialect.Xiaoshuang Someone shouted from behind, and looking back, it was the old couple on the plane.The two thanked Tang Shuang, and at the same time standing with them was a girl, their daughter.After the girl received her parents, she heard from them that she met a kind hearted young man on the plane.The girl has always been very worried that her parents would have an accident when flying.It was the first time for both of them, and they didn t understand anything.Although they had been taught in detail beforehand, they were still very worried.If it wasn t for work, she would definitely fly.Go to Guangdong Province.Just in time, Tang Shuang sent the photo of the old couple to the girl, and the other party thanked her again.Watching Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen walk away, the old lady said, This young man is really kind.Girl s Day is going to be disbanded, and I plan to leave the company.Although she was prepared in her heart, Tang Zhen was still shocked, she stared blankly at Li Xiaozhi, her head was in a mess, her thoughts were buzzing.Tang Zhen knew that Girl s Day was going to be disbanded, but she wasn t sure.Now that Li Xiaozhi said it himself, she knew that the company should have made a decision, and it was irreversible.But Li Xiaozhi is leaving where to go leave the company Will the company let it go All kinds of questions came one after another, and she was also shocked when she saw Bai Yang er, she couldn t believe it.Bai Yang er didn t know anything, neither the management of the company hinted that Girl s Day was going to be disbanded, nor did anyone hint that her company was optimistic about her.No, no, it s just a surprise, you are too young.Li Yu replied stupidly.Tang Shuang briefly introduced himself, and Li Yucan quickly thanked Tang Shuang.He had said these words of thanks in the email, and he had always wanted to say them face to face.Today, he finally waited for this opportunity.Although Tang Shuang was young, Li Yucan did not dare to underestimate her.After Tang Shuang chatted with Li Yu for a while, they talked about business.The reason why Tang Shuang contacted Li Yuzhang was to get to know the management of Orange Mai through him, and then talk about Tang Zhen.If he rushes to say that I am Yuxiang, let s get acquainted, they will treat him as a psychopath.If there is Li Yugan as the middleman, the relationship between the two parties will be closer and the negotiation will be smoother.Tang Tanger was fascinated by listening, her big eyes were shining, she stared at Tang Shuang without blinking, her small mouth was sometimes closed, sometimes slightly opened, sometimes wide open following the ups and downs of kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep the plot No need to listen to the story, just watch her expression You can know the direction of the plot.Xiaoshuang I also want to go to Antarctica for adventure Tangtanger made a request.Tang Shuang I want to go too, you take me there Tang Tanger was stunned, and shook her head seriously, I don t know the way, Xiaoshuang, take me there, you are an adult Tang Shuang Yes I froze you into ice cream.Tang Tanger didn t expect it to be so miserable, but after thinking about it, he asked, Is the seal also frozen into ice cream Tang Shuang was tired, why is it so tiring to deal with Tangtanger s 100,000 , So diverted the firepower and asked sister Xiangning for help.Little Putao nodded thoughtfully, and said Polar bears are not small animals, they are so big, we can t beat them.Brother Xiaoshuang can t beat him either.Qiqi bragged that he could beat him.Tangtang believed it, and said, Wow Qiqi is so powerful, even Xiaoshuang can t beat him, so you can beat Xiaoshuang.Qiqi looked at Tang Shuang, but didn t dare to say anything When Tang Shuang led Tangtanger to the underwater world, the little man was completely lost and found that his eyes were not enough.There were many animals swimming in the underwater world above his head, all kinds of big fish, seals, Penguin The three children held hands, opened their mouths wide, and were amazed.They have never seen such a magical underwater world in their lives.Qiqi s mother and Xiaoputao s mother accompanied them, answering a hundred thousand whys.The young man who struck up a conversation smiled brightly and kindly.Although it was a tinnitus relief cbd gummies kushly cbd gummies scam conversation, it was not annoying.The way the other party strikes up a conversation is not obtrusive or embarrassing, and under the guise of helping people, step by step, it is deceiving , but it is natural, and with their own conditions, most girls will laugh when they encounter such a situation He tried to provide his phone number on his own initiative, and it was tried and tested.Chu Mei has met a lot of strike ups, with various routines.Although this time is new, it is not so easy to get her phone number.So facing the other party s bright smile, Chu Mei said sorry and wanted to return the phone to the other party.Then the young man turned sideways to block it, refused to answer the phone, and began to say something like wishing to know you and having feelings for you.Chinese people yearn for the spirit of martial arts.This mentality is the same in all ethnic groups, just like the admiration of Westerners for knights and the reverence of RB people for warriors.Hero movies are an immortal theme.Zhang Fei is ambitious and wants to show the image of Chinese knights to the people of the world through movies, make martial arts culture a consumer product in the international market, and let Chinese knights go abroad like what do cbd gummies make u feel like kushly cbd gummies scam American individualistic heroes.To achieve this goal, the martial arts culture conveyed by the film must be integrated with multinational elements and integrated into world culture.From this point of view, the novels of Liang Yusheng, Jin Yong, Gu Long, Wen Rui an, etc.are all unacceptable.The ideas embodied in their books are too nationalized, and foreigners cannot understand or accept them.Pan Wenling thought for a cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra while, kushly cbd gummies scam and felt relieved to let Tangtanger go in alone, while she sat down on a nearby sofa, called Xiaoyi, and asked her to bring some snacks Candy went to the bathroom and pushed open the door of a compartment.The door was not locked, so there should be no one there, but there was a person standing inside, and the door slammed on her This woman is wearing high heeled shoes, a black leather jacket and leather trousers, which set off her uneven figure, her nails are colorful and shiny, her face is very thick with smoky makeup, her lips are bright red, she has a dirty braid, and her oval face.Sword eyebrows are rare for women.Women with sword eyebrows are supposed to cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam be heroic, but this woman s two sword eyebrows, not only did not droop slightly at the end, but were raised upwards.In this way, in the high expectations, uh, it is a bit too much to say that there are many people.Tang Shuang smiled charmingly, and cleared her throat while watching Tangtang licking the ice cream.Seeing this expression, there is no need to ask, this song is for sister Tang Tang, the girl is very happy Ice cream is so sweet, isn t it Tangtang licked Licking, said happily The ice what do cbd gummies make u feel like kushly cbd gummies scam cream bought by Xiaoshuang is so sweet.Tang Shuang said comfortingly I don t worry if it s sweet, I m ready to listen to the song, let s go A quiet summer I m eating poop alone Fingers Dip it in a bit Take a bite and say it s so sweet Soon I couldn t continue singing, because Candy slapped the remaining half of the ice cream and threw it into Tang Shuang s arms angrily Deng Ke was very puzzled and wanted to take that Pick up half a stick of ice cream and throw it on Tang Shuang s face Tang Zhen drove Tang Shuang out, calling it a change of clothes.When discussing the cooperation at the earliest, he told Zhang Fei about the situation, and Zhang Fei also understood and agreed.Back home, Tang kushly cbd gummies scam Shuang went back to the room with Tang Shuang in her arms.Huang Xiangning made a small bed for her, and the little girl was lying on the bed, but she still held onto Tang Shuang tightly.Huang Xiangning released her fingers amusedly, just as she was about to release Tang Shuang, the little girl woke up suddenly, looked around with sleepy eyes, and asked where it was in a daze.As soon as the question was finished, the little girl s eyelids started to fight and closed again.Tang Shuang took the opportunity to leave, but Tang Shuang said, Little Shuangzi is so fun and happy.Looking back, the little girl closed her eyes, Half asleep and half awake, she tried to open her eyes again, Xiao Shuang, next time we go to play with my sister, shall we Tang Shuang signaled Huang Xiangning to go back to sleep first, and he put Tangtanger to sleep before leaving., I want to go with Xiaoshuang, you said you used to bring Tang Tang everywhere, you can t lie.Well, well, in fact, I m just worried about Tang Yu.Chapter 193 Monkeys all over the mountain, my butt is the most popular Tang Tian is the second oldest among the three generations of the old Tang family, second only to Tang Jin, but he got married early, and now his son is eight years old, and the other juniors of the Tang family have several bachelors, uh To be precise, Tang Jin is the one who talked about friends, and the others, regardless of gender, are sticks.Tang Tian is a high school math teacher, his wife, Zhang Yifen is also a teacher, a junior high school math teacher.The two were together when they were studying in normal school, and they have been each other s first love all the way to this day, which is very rare.The little girl stopped in front of Tang Shuang, raised her face and asked, Xiao Shuang, do you like Candy s certificate Tang Shuang stabilized her mood and touched the little cutie s head to express that she liked it very, very, very much.This is the kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep best gift my brother received this year.I will treasure it and keep it forever.Candy laughed loudly, jumping up and down, and suddenly thought of something, and asked again Then do you like me Tang Tang Shuang pinched her face and said, You are the cutest baby in the world.Tang Tanger ran away in an instant, and after a quick turn around the sofa, the brakes came to Tang Shuang and said, Then you You can t let the bad guys snatch Tang Tang away.Chapter 203 You are mine Tang natural extract cbd gummies Tanger said to Tang Shuang solemnly Then you can t let the bad guys snatch Tang Tang away.Tangtanger is such an annoying person, I will never say anything bad about Brother Sanjian in front of her in the future The day before, at the daily topic selection meeting of the Huaxia Daily Supplement, according to the procedure, after all the editors in charge had recommended their topic selections, the editor in chief Cui Guofu would adjourn the meeting, but today he knocked on the table to signal that he had something to say Say.Everyone who had already packed up their pens and notebooks and was about to leave sat back in surprise, wondering if there was an important event to report.The editor in chief Cui Guofu is nearly fifty years old, with a unique vision, and a great talent who can write in humanities, social sciences, astronomy and geography.He has excellent personal relationships with many famous writers, abundant author resources, and a strong team of columnists.If you don t tell it, how will I know you want to hear it Do you want to hear it or not, just say it, or just nod your head, turn your legs, I have told you how many times, if you kushly cbd gummies scam have something to say, don t hold it in your heart, who knows what cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra you are thinking if you hold it in your heart , I don t know what you are thinking and how to meet your needs, for example, for Shuangshuang, love should be spoken out loud.Guo Zifeng What the hell is this today How could I have made friends with two of these guys Ye Liang laughed and put his arms around Guo Zifeng s shoulders Xiao Shuang looks like a good person, but in fact he has a bad stomach.This kind of person is the most to be wary of.If you are not careful, you will be deceived by him.Unlike me, who is open and honest, who wants to deceive you You and I will also remind you first, right Give me your mobile phone, and I will send a text message to Shuangshuang, just saying that I miss her, I need you, now Guo Zifeng was going to be spoiled by these two people.See Look, she hasn kushly cbd gummies scam t forgotten the raspberry cider.Little Putao shook her head Baiyun is in the sky, how can you eat it Since you have never eaten it, how do you know that Baiyun is not sour and sweet, obviously untenable.Little Putao was defeated, and Teacher kushly cbd gummies scam Zhang came up, uh this question is so difficult.Chapter 214 Romantic Candy You have never eaten Baiyun, how do you know she is not sweet and sour.Regarding this question, emmmmmmm Mr.Zhang has been eh for .

are 200 mg cbd gummies stronger than 500mg cbd drops?

a long time, his head is a little stiff, and he thinks it must be because of the chattering of cute children in the car, and he is not in a good state, so he can t think of the problem.If this is the case, then Everyone is climbing the mountain, Tang Tang, let s climb the mountain first, or we will fall behind.Tangtang er saw that it was okay, but she was going to be the vanguard, how could she be so far behind, she was going to run now, but After running twice, she found that she couldn t run.Tangtanger s mind was completely attracted by this sleepwalking doll, and she didn t care about cbd hemp gummy bears review other things at all.She followed behind the sleepwalking doll step by step, as if she wanted to follow her to visit the perfect world in the dream, where there are no adults, only refuse to grow up The little child is full of innocence and laughter, occasionally crying, and soon laughing through tears Chapter 233 Cat Slave Li Yuzhen said to Luo Yuqing with a wry smile You made me miserable Moving away from Tangtanger, he asked Li Yuchan, What s the matter Li Yucan pointed to another gift that Tangtanger put on the coffee table, which was from him, Your gift is so popular with the little princess, I don t know what it is.If there is no comparison, there will be no harm.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, I didn t expect Tangtang to like sleepwalking dolls so much.Xiao Niuniu was standing on the chair, which was about the same height as him sitting, and what are cbd gummies for sleep it was uncertain who would block the people behind Tang Shuang was a little displeased, she was excited, and she felt like she was on stage when standing on a chair, then she thought of another cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam question, and asked Tang Shuang solemnly Xiao Shuang Brother, is sister beautiful or sister cbd oil gummies 50 mg Luo Chapter 239 The Man Who Sold Memories Yuezhou, the headquarters of United Life Weekly.At 8 30 in the morning, it s time to go to work, and men and women have started a busy day.The way of working here is relatively free, just like the atmosphere here, free and individual, full of vitality.A lot of bright colors are used.From the moment you enter the company, you will see the eye catching wine red and lake green soft cloth seats.Huh Seeing that Xiaoshuang had gone far away, Tangtang er turned her head and continued chatting with Gui Xiaosan, but within ten seconds, she repeated her old trick and suddenly turned her head to see if Tang Xiaoshuang had returned.eavesdropping.However, Tang Shuang was still cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra far away.He was picking up the broken branches nearby.The wind and rain last night seemed a bit heavy.Not only did many flowers and leaves fall on the ground, but many branches were also blown off.Only then did Tangtang feel relieved to continue the chat I don t know how long after that, Grandpa came to ask her if she wanted to go to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables together.Tangtanger looked at his grandfather, at the little turtle at his feet, and at the Prime Minister Turtle s family paddling around in the pond, what should we do She was reluctant to do both.But the quality of a book lies not HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam in its binding, but in its thought.Undoubtedly, the thoughts contained in the book Black and White are heavy.This is a philosophical book, but it has entered the sales list of Huaxia Bookstore.The Legend of the Condor Heroes topped the list of martial arts novels, and Black and White topped the list of philosophical novels.Tang Shuang I ll buy one right away and cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra go back to read it.Wei Daqun No need to buy it, I have it here.Lu Mingyi sent several copies over, kushly cbd gummies scam you take one away.Wei Daqun got up and took out a gray cover from the bookshelf Tang Shuang took the brochure with both hands and flipped through it casually.It is very retro and simple in design, unremarkable.I must read it when I go back.After speaking, Tang Shuang handed the Soul Breaking Gun he brought to Wei Daqun This is a short story I wrote, called Soul Breaking Gun , and it is also about Chinese martial arts.Tang Shuang immediately Leaving her aside, the multiplication was good, but it was used wrong, haha, this stainless steel basin was completely confiscated Haha Look at you, you still say you re not stupid, you re not stupid Go outside and blow some kushly cbd gummies scam air to wake up and wake up Chapter 276 Lie as soon as your eyes turn Give me back my helmet, give me my helmet Give me back the helmet Xiaoshuang do me a favor, that s my helmet Why did you take my helmet away, whyIf you don t return it to me, I ll sue my mother The confiscated pot of candy clung to Tang Shuang s feet and couldn t get rid of it, so she started muttering sutras again.Tang Shuang cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam was really afraid of this move, she was so noisy.This is a basin It s not your helmet, are you stupid If you want to wear a helmet, don t you have a helmet for riding a motorcycle Wear that.As soon as their eyes met, the two avoided each other.Tang Shuang saw the gray haired Zhang Tianfeng again, and the old dean was sitting in the leadership position in the front row, his face full of relief.Zhang Tianfeng didn t know cbd isolate gummies about Ye Liang s ambitions.He thought it was a surprise that Ye Liang got the second place.This was not a school s selection, but for the whole country.It s not easy to be shortlisted, let alone win the prize The Other Shoe won the award, and it deserves it When voting, there were 15 votes in favor and 4 votes against, which was only one vote less than the first place Miao Wen was full of envy, she didn t expect Ye Liang to win the prize, it was the second prize cbd gummy reviews Under one person, above ten thousand people.It s the honor she coveted.Although kushly cbd gummies scam she didn t like Ye Liang, she was still happy for him from the bottom of her heart.And the picture I m painting now is exactly the bean sprouts kneel down to announce the letter, and the carrots go to war in command in A Garden of Green Vegetables Become Fine.With the efforts of Xiaorener and Grandpa, the painting project is progressing in an orderly manner.Tang Shuang Since it s so delicious and I ve eaten so much, shouldn t I thank my mother for making dinner for us Just as Miss Xiangning came over, Candy immediately said crisply Mom, you have worked hard.You are great, the bean sprouts are so delicious, you can teach Xiaoshuang, so that Xiaoshuang can cook every day.Tang Shuang O O Because Tangtang is practicing every day now, pedaling hard Son, so Miss Xiangning asked to soak the little pig s feet to relieve fatigue, especially the tiredness of the little feet.At this moment, Miss Xiangning came over with a special footbath for candy, plastic, blue, with two ears , in the shape of a cute cat.What if Xiaoshuang was cheated This is not the usual slapstick, he is responsible for Xiaoshuang, for the growth of this suspected writer, and for his own professionalism.It is a bit inhumane to put a heavy burden on the shoulders of a rookie.Although Tang Huohuo was backed by Guangdong Shuntian Law Firm, it wasn t too much to secretly lose sleep all night.When Tang Shuang and Tangtanger went to kindergarten with two pairs of panda eyes, Tang Huohuo also came to the office with panda eyes.He was going to report to his boss about the big dragon and snake project, and Xiaoshuang made an appointment with them in the morning.Oh, Huohuo, what are the dark circles under your eyes, did you not sleep well last night Pay attention to rest, did you win the divorce lawsuit and couldn t sleep because of the excitement Haha, take it easy, it s a small case, there s no need to be so excited.There were two men and a woman who came from Chengcheng University with Huang Wei only, but the other girl had already returned home.There were two other girls at the scene, kushly cbd gummies scam one from Rongcheng and the other from Shanghai.They had already met once and got to know each other.Even if we don t know each other, we come from all over the world, but because we gather together with the same heart, there is a natural intimacy.Among them, it was the first time for Tang Shuang to participate, and it was also the first time for a young man surnamed Zhang from the next county.So the two introduced themselves first.When Tang Shuang said that he was Huang Weiwei s cousin and came to visit her specially, everyone s attitudes were different.Tang Shuang noticed a boy in particular.This person and Huang Weiwei belonged to the same University of Chengcheng, and he had been paying attention to Weiwei frequently before, but when he looked at Tang Shuang, he looked wary.Xiao Ma curiously said to Bai Jianming Didn t it mean that Zhang Yu and Zhang Fei turned their faces and stopped talking Why did Zhang Yu come back from Rongcheng to participate A reporter photographed Zhang Yu at the airport.She had already returned to Jiuyedong from Rongcheng.In the banquet hall.Bai Jianming Do you understand professionalism Even if they fall out, it s a personal relationship, work is work, it s another matter Bai Jianming is right, Zhang Yu really came back with such a mentality.She was in Rongcheng for the past two days, not because of conflicts with Zhang cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam Fei and trying to escape, but because of endorsement matters.Before the matter was finished, Zhang Yu received a call from the crew, and the screenwriter Tang Shuang hosted a banquet for all the staff in the evening.Zhang Yu is not stupid, she can guess the real purpose, she can tell the importance, so she immediately said to come back at night, don t change the time just because she is alone.Whether it is a movie fan or the fan base of the two, they are all happy to see the success.Since then, the turmoil of the crew of Heroes has basically come to an end, and it is menacing, but fortunately there is no danger.At the same time, Tang Shuang also found out about Zhang Yu, and when she saw it for the first time, her heart skipped a beat.Zhang Yu broke up She has a boyfriend, Tang Shuang couldn t help thinking, could it be because of him He became a meddler The news is all today, and it seems that it only broke out today.Tang Shuang continued to read and search, and someone with good intentions followed up the matter in depth, and said with certainty that Zhang Yu actually kushly cbd gummies scam broke up with her boyfriend before joining the Hero crew.The reason why it was known by the media today is because some media photographed the man coming to Jiuyedong and having a big fight with Zhang Yu at the airport.Little Pig stood in front of the TV, startled and staring at the little monkey in the camera with big eyes without blinking, in amazement.After watching it, Tangtanger found a big problem, so she rushed to her little nephew and asked, Xiao Yu, why don t you talk on TV Xiao Shuang said you were a chatterbox.Tang Shuang The most respected uncle said in private that he was a chatterbox, which made Tang Yu extremely disappointed.Just now he was so happy that he almost became a monkey, but now his expression has collapsed.Xiao Yu, don t listen to Tangtanger what do cbd gummies make u feel like kushly cbd gummies scam s nonsense.I never said you were a chatterbox.Really Are you a chatterbox I m not That s right.Tang Yu thought Thinking, this is the truth, and I am happy again.Tang Shuang, a villain who was unwilling to be provoked, said crisply, Xiao Shuang, you often say that Xiao Yu is a chatterbox, often does not do homework, skips classes, and gets zero marks in exams.On Xiao Jin s fifth birthday, his father wanted to invite friends from the kindergarten to participate, but Xiao Jin thought about it for a long time, and finally said that he had no friends, not a single one Nobody wants to be friends with him After careful observation for a while, he found that his son was lacking in emotional intelligence.Many parents miss a link in their children s education, focusing only on the development and improvement of IQ, ignoring the cultivation of emotional kushly cbd gummies scam intelligence in interpersonal communication and other aspects.For this reason, Xiaojin s father specially asked Mr.Zhang to talk for an afternoon, alas, I am really worried.He was right to be worried Last time Xiao Jin said that he would go to visit the injured Tang Tang with his friends.Xiao Jin s father was very happy, and happy that his son finally made friends.Little Peacock s mother, Little Putao s aunt and mother, and kushly cbd gummies scam Tangtang er s brother helped the three dolls summarize the game just now.Chu Mei said Little Putao should concentrate when starting out.It is best to occupy a good position, just like candy.Little Putao s mother, Chu Jing, said Little Putao s characteristics are different from Candy s.Little Putao has an advantage when going through corners, but it kushly cbd gummies scam s not particularly good when running straight.Several matriarchs, you talk to each other., they all stopped suddenly, and looked at Tang Shuang, everyone said it, so if you don t speak, just say a few words.Tang Shuang According to the performance of Little Peacock and Tangtanger, you must be careful when crossing the curve, don t rush, and be careful, so that you won t fall.Everyone What kiss Especially Little Peacock s mother Li kushly cbd gummies scam Na, with question marks all over her face, asked Is bababababa stable What does this two tones four tones mean Little kushly cbd gummies scam Putao and Little Peacock looked confused.Chapter 430 The sun rises as usual At the regular meeting of the director team of See Faithful , everyone conducted the final round of information communication and docking on the next episode of the program.Since all the people invited to read aloud are celebrities, so there is no need for any details.Can not be negligent, the details determine success or failure.Every star participating in the program has a dedicated team to provide one stop service.Of course, the letters they read aloud on the program are fully provided by the program team.Generally, at least three alternative letters will be provided in advance, can you take cbd gummies and cbd oil together with the same theme.Pick from.After the assistant director Wang Kai reported all the situation, he said After our efforts, Hu Zhongyuan has agreed to read Ding Zhanjie s The Last kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep Side.Tang Tanger stuck out her tongue triumphantly at Tang Shuang look, grandpa still loves me the most, hehehe.Candy is right about this point, no matter which generation of the old Tang family, Tang Sanjian s generation, Tang Shuang s second generation, or Tang Yu s HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam tinnitus relief cbd gummies kushly cbd gummies scam third generation who is the only seedling, everyone has respect and awe for Tang Hongjunonly less intimacy.After all, he was a character from the war years.He was a person who broke through the sea of swords and blood.He had an evil spirit on his body.Serious, full of majesty like iron.Tang Shuang, Tang Huohuo, and Tang Jin admired Tang Hongjun very much since they were young, but they rarely got along with each other cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra like ordinary grandparents.Whether it was intentional or not, everyone subconsciously avoided him, including the little monkey Tang Yu.He participated in the show today as a foil for Tang Zhen and Chen Shenfeng, as a green leaf for embellishment.He is very clear about his position, very self aware, not angry at all, he was invited to the center of the stage to prepare for a performance, cheerful, like picking up a treasure.This song is called Don t Love Me, Pull Down.Zhang Liang said cheerfully.When he laughed, his eyes almost lost sight, and he became a line between the sea and the sky, causing a burst are cbd gummies better than oil of good natured laughter at the scene.Just now, because of Chen Shenfeng and Tang Zhen s The tense atmosphere caused by the dispute began to dissipate in an instant.Seeing this, the host decided to ask a few more questions.This young man is nice, with a good attitude, and he can adjust the atmosphere of the scene.Did you write the lyrics and music the host asked.This time it was a bad thing turned into a good thing.It was an excuse to mediate the relationship between Yuxiang and Chen Shenfeng.After going through several relationships, he found Deng Ke.It was not easy to get the phone number cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra of Shenlong.He never thought that a songwriter could be so awesome.This is how to be strong without desire.Yu Xiang does not seek fame or profit, so that people can t find his weaknesses.Instead, everyone wants to beg him, so naturally he can be endless Terrific.Fan Liwen is a businessman, and a businessman always thinks of benefits, and face is always second to benefits.After learning about Yu Xiang s diss Chen Shenfeng, the first thing he thought of was not how to protect his own artists, but to turn the danger into an opportunity from the crisis.He wanted to take this opportunity to get close to Yu Xiang and build a good relationship.Who would say occasionally, it must be often, and said boldly I often make quilts.The baby not only folds his own quilts, but also my brother s, because my brother is a big slob Tang Shuang, who to many cbd gummies was watching the video, was originally happy, but at this moment his face cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra became expressionless.To fight.To be honest, the little person did make the quilts by herself, often, but the folds were horrible, and Huang Xiangning often needed to rearrange them, but at least she did.As for helping Tang Shuang fold the quilt, emmm there were two times in the second half of the year, because this villain was harassing him to sleep, after being caught by him, in order to let him go, he agreed to help make the quilt, so he made it twice This time to experience the hotel waiter, folding the quilt is not as easy as the old Tang s family.Okay Several people came to the security room one after another, Xiao Wu stepped back to record the video, and said There is a camera at the door 24 hours a day, if Tang Tang If you leave here, you will be able to see it.Indeed, Tang Tang appeared on the surveillance video after a while, and the little guy fell down first, hung on the fence, cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra and stood up with his waist pinched Finally, he looked back with a guilty conscience, then looked up at the camera, and then jumped out of the door like a bunny, no doubt he was out of school Teacher Zhang is in a mess.This is what she is most worried about.As long as she is in the kindergarten, she can always find it, but if she goes out, she really doesn t know where to look for it.Several other people also realized the seriousness of the matter, Teacher Yu panicked and said what to do Tang Tang was lost, Teacher Xiaoliu calmed down first, and said quickly Hui Ruo, you should report to the principal as soon as possible Xiao Wu , you should have a camera at the door, call out the video again, see where Tang Tang is going, and try to collect clues, less than the teacher, you chase to the left of the kindergarten, and I will go to the right to see if I can catch Tang Tang , we will meet at the door in 10 minutes.Why are you here Aren t you in class Tang Shuang took Tangtang er s little hand, but didn t hold it for a while., because his hands were shaking.Candy grabbed his hand curiously, looked up and asked him What s wrong with you, Xiaoshuang Your hands are shaking Did you eat chicken feet I didn t eat chicken feet, I m a signature I m so tired.After Tang Shuang finished speaking, the little man immediately breathed on his wrist, and Li kushly cbd gummies scam Haonan took the analgesic he had prepared earlier, and put it on Tang Shuang s wrist, which was already red and swollen Go back to the room , apply ice packs at noon.In the room, Li Haonan described Tangtanger s affairs in detail, and finally said Professor Tang is rushing over, and the kindergarten has already notified you., kushly cbd gummies scam smilz cbd gummies mayim and finally summed it up cbd gummies and diabetes in one sentence You little man Yes, but in the wrong way.The host asked everyone s thoughts Then what is the final result Presumably Dynasty will definitely fight God.What is the result of their battle Have you found a way out Is there a way to kushly cbd gummies scam the end hemp cbd gummies for anxiety of martial arts Tang Shuang said with a smile My new book is about what happened on that new road after crossing the end.Chapter 520 Tang Shuang s World of Martial Arts Tang Shuang said that the new book after The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is about martial arts The story that happened on the new road aroused great curiosity among the people at the scene, and they all guessed what kind of story it would be.Everyone is very concerned about this topic, so the time was extended appropriately, and the audience hoped to ask questions.After Tang Shuang agreed, the host began to select candidates.It s just you.The last time the two met were just ordinary friends.This time, the relationship between the two seems to be close, like a beach with high tide, the tide ebbs and flows, and there are retreats and advances.But generally speaking, the tide is rising, spreading, and submerging on the beach.all precautions.This kind of change can t be said for the time being, but it is definitely advancing rapidly, and both men and women are in this state before they confirm their relationship.Falling in love is a very wonderful thing, everyone knows this, but the ambiguous period before falling in love, the state of seeming distance and closeness, is also touching and itchy.Because the beauty of the relationship between a just cbd night gummies man and a woman is not all about catering, but more about rejection and refusal.This kind of push and pull and hesitation is really unstoppable.Seeing this, Tang Shuang let her go Go, don t fall.Candy With a soft snort, he ran into the audio visual store in a round manner.Before entering the store, the sound of music had already floated out.It was the tactful and affectionate First Love.Chapter 536 Flowers in Dreams is out of stock Candy Erxing rushed into the audio visual store, found the boss immediately, and asked eagerly, My sister s song Where is my sister s song Auntie, emmm yes Elder sister, hee hee.The shop owner is a young woman, Tang Tanger reflexively called her Aunty, and then changed her name to Elder Sister, as long as she has no gray hair, she can kushly cbd gummies scam call her Elder Sister, only people she doesn t like call her Auntie.The store owner saw that Tang er was cute, and asked with a smile, My little friend, do you want to buy records Tang er stood in front of her pretty, gesticulating, and said proudly, Buy, buy a lot Pack it into a car and go home.They are willing to be eaten by females.It is eaten so that it can inject more sperm into the female and reproduce her offspring.This is the survival instinct of creatures, and has nothing to do with ethics.Tang Shuang was still young, so it was difficult to explain these relatively complicated biological phenomena to her, and there was no need to let her know these primitive and cruel facts, so Tang Shuang told her that no other small animals would eat her own.Tang Shuang Praying mantises rarely eat mantises, they mainly eat crickets and aphids, so what is said in the cartoon is very wrong.In fact, the mantis cbd gummies for sleep reviews girl didn t even know that it was a mantis boy at that time.She thought it was food., and I was very hungry, so I ate it.Tang Tanger asked curiously Are children in the cartoon Tang Shuang Well, you can understand kushly cbd gummies scam it that way, in fact, mantises are very cute., but because Tang Shuang keeps a low profile and keeps his contact information strictly confidential, these people They all call the company to invite them.Wang Jian specifically reported this matter to Tang Shuang once.The company has just undergone major changes.During this period, it is necessary to strengthen communication with the media to let them understand the work done by Tuzi Entertainment and create a good atmosphere of public opinion.Therefore, Wang Jian suggested that Select some media to be interviewed.Tang Shuang agreed to this suggestion, so Wang Jian was asked to do it himself, or other managers were called, so several executives of Tuzi Entertainment frequently appeared in the media during this period, but Tang Shuang, the chairman, was hidden behind , gradually faded out of media attention.One side of the music room is full of transparent glass, the curtains are pulled up, and outside are pavilions, rockery, flowing water, strange pines and ancient camphor trees, and the snow that has accumulated for a day has finally fallen, profusely.It s snowing late at night, and it s cold and melting late HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam at night.People can t help but sigh, rich and elegant people will really enjoy it.She stayed at Bai Fan s house until after nine o clock in the evening, before Tang Shuang and the coda cbd gummies others left.When they went out, Xie Zhifei told Tang Shuang to come back more often when she was free.After watching the cars of several people disappear in the alley, the alumnus said to Xie Zhifei with a smile Did you find a friend who has never met you Xie Zhifei This young man is very good, with looks, conversation, and talent., or a middle aged man with vicissitudes, like in First Love , smoking a cigarette decadently and missing his first love, or like in Blue Lotus , a prodigal son who wanders the world and is as free as the wind Who can Think about it He s a writer, the chairman of Tuzi Entertainment, and he s still studying It s unreasonable Ji Yanjie walked away with the guitar, and out of good intentions, he reminded Li Yuanlin If you feel jealous now, Congratulations, you are going to be out, and there are people in the company who want to kick you out Little kushly cbd gummies scam boy, calm down and prepare for the performance.If you mess up, you will lose all your previous efforts.Li Yuanlin said excitedly I No jealousy How could I be kushly cbd gummies scam jealous I worship, it s unbelievable I declare that from now on, besides Li Maowen, I have another idol I want to worship him crazily Ji Yanjie was stunned You Is your idol Li Maowen You talk about cross talk Is there a problem Your eyes look so big right now Li Yuanlin was not satisfied with Ji Yanjie s expression and tone, as if it was incredible that he worshiped HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam Li Maowen.She understood that in the past six months, the long river of time had brought the two of them to benefits of cbd gummie different places.Tribute, their relationship has reached its second stage.Thinking of this, Zeng Yujun felt a little sour in her heart, but she still smiled and waved goodbye to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang watched her going back in silence pure cbd gummies with no thc for a while, until a small hand reached out, held his big hand, looked down, Tangtanger blinked her big eyes and said, Don t cry, don t cry, Xiaoshuang don t cry kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep Oh, Tangtanger is always on your side, the big sister is accompanied by the big brother, and our little Shuang is even more powerful, accompanied by the little princess Smile, come, laugh Huhehe Hearing her concern, Tang Shuang s heart warmed up, and after a smirk, he led the villain away, and he knew why a hundred thousand people were waiting in line for him Oh, this big pond is really big.Pan Wenling put down her luggage and was about to leave.They also booked a hotel on the mountain.Let s go after dinner, we re ready.Tang Shuang stayed behind.Tang Zhen also led the little piggy over to persuade him to stay for dinner.Candy saw this, and the little fairies and big fairies of Old Tang s family were all urging people to stay for dinner.She, the little fairy, had to express it too, with a stern face.The vice admiral said, Have you eaten No Why don t you eat if you haven t eaten Eat it, why don t you eat it You don t have to eat it if you eat it, but you haven t eaten it, of course you have to eat it if you haven t eaten it.Don t you want to eat Our food is delicious.It s not deceiving.If you don t eat it, you won t eat it.I will choose to eat, and it s hard to suffer.Don t suffer.We, little fairy, little fairy Where s the bag from the Lun family Little fairy hasn t answered yet, little The fairy has already rushed to the corner in a puff of smoke, found her mini suitcase, opened it, squatted on the side and rummaged through it, and she found the mini yellow seahorse water gun before dinner, this time she didn t know it again Find out what Soon, the little sugar man ran back in a hurry, wearing a bamboo dragonfly on his head Emmmm Since the little fairy has become a fairy, she must fly.The bamboo dragonfly prepared in time.Tang Zhen and Tangtang er both have long hair.Although they were covered with shower caps when they soaked in the hot springs, they were still wet and they needed to be dried with a hair dryer.Tang Zhen was sitting on the sofa, and Tang Shuang was standing behind her, holding the steaming hair dryer with one hand and slightly swinging it from side to side, while the other hand grabbed Tang Zhen s long hair, blowing along the direction of kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep hair growth.The mother and son fell into a tug of war again, and in the end the son of the Tang family was too enthusiastic and filial, so in other words, if Huang Xiangning doesn t accept him, he just doesn t recognize his son and wants to drive him out of the house , Stand on your own.In the end, between people and wealth, and Tangtanger s eager expectation of accept it, accept it , Huang Xiangning chose wealth, and this left the son of the Tang family, otherwise the old Tang family s sun would lose a son , the villain of the old Tang family is about to lose a unicorn king who plays with her.Seeing this, Tang Shuang was very pleased, and said to the cute little sugar man who was about to run away Little piggy, give mom the card in your pocket, don t think I didn t see you pick it up.Chapter 602 The card in the pocket of the 900 million girl Mengtang was confiscated, and she was instantly dejected.She also worked hard for the snacks.While Tangtanger was reciting the Three Character Classic, an exclamation suddenly sounded from an office in the kindergarten, which startled Teacher Zhang and Teacher Xiaoliu.Teacher Zhang asked, Why are you less than You were so surprised It was Teacher Yu who exclaimed.At this moment, kushly cbd gummies scam kushly cbd gummies scam she pointed to the computer and said to Teacher Zhang in shock Come and see Come and see Teacher Xiao Liu walked behind Teacher Yu to look at the computer, and said, Why are you so surprised Ah Tang Zhen Is Tang Zhen secretly married Ah Teacher Zhang was taken aback, and Teacher Yu said to them eagerly No, I mean this picture, this, isn t this Tang Tang Teacher Zhang, this It s your Tang Tang Also, this is Brother Xiaoshuang Brother Xiaoshuang and Tang Zhen are married The daughter is still Tang Tang Oh my god, it s so messed up At this moment Tang Shuang is Guangdong Tongji University handles formal transfer procedures for graduate students.Tang Sanjian told her no, sitting at the main table is very particular, not everyone can sit HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam if they want.Tang Shuang looked around, there was no one he knew, but these people he didn t know knew all of them The day after tomorrow, apart from Tang Zhen, the old Tang family attended Bian Huijie s wedding in all their costumes.The wedding scene is simple and grand.Although the decoration is not very gorgeous, all kinds of details are very meticulous.For example, there are many big red happy characters on the scene, which were cut by Bian Huijie s sister, and every word was cut with great care There were not many guests at the scene, most of them were relatives and friends of Liu Guozhong, and there were very few relatives on Bian Huijie s side.The two sisters of the Bian family were lonely and had very few relatives.The light is still green.Candy looked at the traffic light on the sidewalk, and said embarrassedly Hehehe, it s a red light, everyone can t cross the road at this time, it will be dangerous, there are cars on the road.Among the pedestrians was a pusher A woman in a stroller, there is a baby in the car, looking around with her little head, Candy pointed and said This is wrong The baby will be in danger, they can t do this, they have to wait for the green light to go, my mother and I both Wait for the green light before crossing the road, and my mother said that it is not enough to look at the green light, you have to look at the left and right sides, and wait for the car to stop before you can pass.Tang Shuang nodded happily and said, Yes, what my mother taught you is right, now Those people who crossed the road did something wrong.Tang Tanger immediately said firmly that she would definitely be able to correct it, and Tang Sanjian said that he would also forgive Tangtanger.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang eagerly again, and Tang Shuang said, Father hurt the frog, so he has a heart of reverence for life, Tang Tanger hurt the little goldfish, and since then he has a heart of reverence for life, so, brother Forgive Candy too.Only by revering life can we become more caring and better people.Yes My brother is right Tangtang also has a sense of reverence.The cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam little man rubbed his heart, said firmly.Tang Shuang left the sofa with a smile, touched the little man s head, and Tang Tang s little face with two obvious tear marks finally showed a smile.Huang Xiangning took out a tissue to wipe the little sister s face, and the little man said Mom, give it to me, I will do it myself.How reckless so what to do now Candy laughed awkwardly Hehehe The Lun family just remembered, really Dad said that a successful boss must seize the opportunity and find a way.The Lun family is like this now, just follow what kushly cbd gummies scam Dad said Little Shuang, do you think what Dad said is wrong At such a time, the little piggy dared to dig a hole for him Tang Shuang said angrily Stop talking nonsense, well, to be honest, I don t knowhehehe Tangtanger thought that Xiaoshuang was omnipotent, but she didn t expect him to be able to do anything, so she stopped cursing instantly , and said with disgust Hey you don t know how to be an adult, Xiaoshuang just asks how you lived when you were a child, hum As he said, Shi Shiran went out with his little hands behind his back, without even looking at Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang shut up immediately, and let Koda Ya take the Bawang bus.The little pig wooed a few times, indicating that she was on the street, and it was her favorite street.There were shops selling toys, clothes, and delicious food.She swayed in the study Put it on, look left and right, and when you see someone selling candied haws, they say they want a bunch.Boss Big boss A bunch of candied haws Dada Ya shouted.Koda Duck looked at Tang Shuang, blinked his eyes, and Tang Shuang understood instantly, picked up a pencil and pretended to be candied haws Ahem Here s a bunch, right Take it, here you are.Suddenly, Tang Shuang knocked his hand off, and Koda Duck said in shock Beat me The boss beat me Tang Shuang almost laughed out loud, but held back, and said, Give me the money I took the Bawang bus just now, and now I still have to pay for it Want to eat Bawang candied haws Da Keya shook his head, No money Then he reached out to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, lend me 10 yuan, you can t go shopping without money.Yushuang, go and listen.It s good for us if you don t have to go home for a while.Liu Yan said with a smile, and offered to help Duan Yushuang carry the box.Oh, by the way, there is another invited guest, Tang Shuang, Professor Tang s son, he will also participate.Duan Yushuang asked strangely Tang Shuang The Tang Shuang we saw last time Yes, that s the one , Professor Tang Sanjian, oh, no, now is Dean HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam Tang, Dean Tang s son, Tang Zhen s younger brother, and brother of 900 million girl dreams.Wow so the little baby I saw last time is Tang Zhen s younger sister, She s so clever and cute, next time I m going to try my luck and see if I can meet her.Liu Yan said.If Tang Shuang hears this, she will have a runny nose and tears to see what he has become.The label is the brother of 900 million girls dreams.The singing of a fairy is beating the beat The car is speeding on the road, and outside the window, there is a running ostrich beside them Uh, huh Ostrich An ostrich is elope on the road Candy Yelling at the window Tinker Bell really appeared A big bird was sent to her .

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Wow she s going to ride a big bird to find her sister Chapter 722 Be a Dare The little rabbit who stared blankly at the big black leopard threatened to ride an ostrich to Shengjing to visit her sister Tangtanger, but in the end she failed, so she was carried on the plane by Tang Shuang.As for the ostrich who eloped with the old Tang family, I wish it a happy time, and wish it soars into the sky, if it is destined, see you in Shengjing Did you hear that If we are lucky, we might be able to see that ostrich in Shengjing.Tang Shuang took Tangtang er s little hand to board the plane, and said to the little man who was obsessed with ostriches.You know, if you can t write poems , Dad will definitely not allow you to eat buns, you will lose 10,000 buns Candy said nervously I don t want it Tang Shuang You don t want 10,000 buns Yes Then why did you say no just now Don t want me to eat buns.Silly boy, do you thank me Come on, feel your conscience and say thank you, King.Tang Shuang helped Tangtang carry it Putting her hands on her conscience, Tangtanger was already confused, and said subconsciously Thank you, Xiaoshuang Be louder, say thank you king Thank you king Tang Shuang patted her cbd gummies camino little shoulder, Said Yes, look after you.Then he leisurely inspected the scenery on both sides of the Great Wall with his hands behind his back Tang HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam Shuang left, Tang Shuang stared at his back blankly, still wondering what happened just now What happened, she was a little confused, emmmmm, very confused As a result, Tang Sanjian and Tang Zhen came, and when Brother Sanjian saw Tangtang, he said, Tang Tang come here, my sister said that you missed poetry just now, Read it to Dad.Old Xu didn t care at all, stood up with a bad face, took a pack of Wuzhishan from the shelf, and handed it to Xiaonian.20 The young man took the cigarette, didn t seem to care about his attitude, and said with a smile I m addicted to cigarettes, I can t help it, smoke one first, boss, are you playing a lottery Speaking of which, I bought it too, it s a sports lottery What number is it just opened Old Xu was only interested in the lottery topic, and said, You bought it too The sports lottery just opened.20 yuan, thank you.The young man tore open Wuzhishan, took out a lottery With a cigarette in his mouth, he said with a smile Hey, here it is Is there a fire I didn t bring a lighter, give me a fire.Old Xu lighted the young man s cigarette with a lighter casually, observed his clothes, Said Boss, with your outfit, why do you only smoke Wuzhishan for 20 yuan I have the Pacific Ocean here.After the three of them were sure, they went crazy for a while and calmed down.Ye Liang looked at the time, it was exactly midnight, he changed his laughing and wide eyed appearance just now, thought for a while, and said It s really a huge sum of money, but it doesn t seem to have anything to do with me.Guo Zi went.At this point, Ye Liang shrugged and said, You two split up, I wish you good luck.You don t want it Tang Shuang asked in surprise.Ye Liang sighed It s pretentious to say that you don t want it, but it really .

do cbd gummies help you go to sleep?

has nothing to do with me.Tang Shuang no longer had a playful smile on her face.disposal.He didn t expect that Ye Liang would take the initiative to ask to quit.He was the one who was most concerned just now.But he didn t immediately say that you would come to share together, if it was just him and Ye Liang, he could say this right away.Ye Liang continued to smile and said Don t be angry, boss, don t be angry, you see I came here with sincerity Yes, the 2,000 yuan in that bag is really for you, you keep it, that is, um, money is a trivial matter, in this era, with advanced information, if you lose your contact information, you will be unable to move an inch, right I will do it A small business, the phone is full of business friends, I just want to see if I can get my phone back It s useless for others to hold it, why not give it to me, it s all about the connections I ve accumulated over the years, If it is lost, it will be a waste of years of work, boss, do you think what I said is reasonable Old Xu finally understood, this smiling Xiaoye came to look for the bag, thank him, give him does cbd gummies contain thc kushly cbd gummies scam a gift, just put it nicely.He was very angry, with an angry expression on his face, he yelled loudly, as if he had been greatly insulted, and it was not enough to calm the anger in his heart if he didn t reprimand him loudly The old Xiong from the store next door had just sent a customer outside the door what do cbd gummies make u feel like kushly cbd gummies scam when he heard the voice of Uncle Hot next door, and only heard a few words, such as What bag , I didn t see any bag , You This young man has good intentions to treat him like a donkey , Ignorant , Fuck off I don t know what is good , A white eyed wolf He came over curiously to check the situation, and saw Old Xu with a young man Arguing, there was a tall, burly young man wearing sunglasses standing next to him, huh This is the bodyguard Rich second generation When Lao Xu saw Lao Xiong, he usually ignored him, but today he was very kind.Okay, no problem.Thank you, Xiaoshuang After finishing speaking, Tang Tang hurriedly slid to Tang Zhen s side, and asked cheerfully, Sister, what gift should I get I really like giving people gifts.She likes to receive gifts, and is also happy to give gifts to others.Every time she goes out to play, she will give gifts to people around her when she comes back.Because whether it is receiving or giving away, it is cbd gummies 300mg viagra very fulfilling.Tang Zhen handed her a pack of supplements for the elderly Tiantanger is carrying this.Tangtanger happily carried it, but it wasn t enough, and said, Is there any more Can you lift it Tang Tanger immediately puffed up his left hand, which was not lifting anything, and did a bodybuilder puffing up the brachialis, and said, The Lun family is a macho Tang Shuang immediately looked around, pretending not to see, not to Hearing that, Tang Zhen s eyes still found him in the first place, but fortunately, they only fell on him for a while, and then she quickly retracted, and then heard her voice Take it to Tangy, I can t lift it.The trees on both sides of the nutriwise cbd gummies uk road are covered with red lanterns, these lanterns are in the shape of the twelve zodiac signs, Candy looks at and recognizes them one by one cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra strangely.This season is the coldest period in Guangdong, especially at night, when the cold wind blows and the chill is overwhelming.Seeing Tang Zhen and Tangtanger exhaling white mist, Tang Shuang rolled down the car window and said, Tangtanger Get in the car, it s so cold outside.Sister, get in the car.Candy is wearing a little fox hat, which cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra covers her ears and her little face, leaving a pair of eyes.When she yelled, her voice was muffled, because her small mouth was also covered by this fully functional fox hat made by Huang Xiangning.She ran to the street to look at the lanterns, so Tang Zhen put on a thick long down jacket, covering her small body and hiding her small hands in the long sleeves.Candy asked worriedly Will you and the baby be exhausted Li Meng I tapped some of the people in Candy s hands with flour sticky hands, and said with a smile, Not only will it not tire the baby, but it s also good for healthy growth.Among the people who ordered, touched a smear of white powder, and said with a smile Candy is also here to make dumplings.Rolling up her sleeves and doing it, Tang Shuang grabbed her kushly cbd gummies scam and said, Wash your hands first, and come back after washing them clean.The two washed their hands together, and Tang Yu joined in the fun.After the three washed up, Li Meng taught Tang Cang er and Tang Yu how to make dumplings.Candy had a great time playing, although the bags were not standard, all of them had big belly, but at least there was no revealing, and they were barely qualified, so they couldn t help but proudly said to Er Niang who was beside him Er Niang, look at the candy bags.Xiao Shuang, can t you praise Candy The dumplings made by Candy are bigger than yours.There are more than you, why are you unconvinced, you don t believe it, believe it, the Lun family can t understand it, you just say that the little sister is the young lady Hee hee Rebellion Tang Shuang decisively subdued this villain.But the villain had been prepared for a long time.As soon as he finished hee hee , he ran away, hid behind Mudan, grabbed her clothes, kept making faces at Tang Shuang, and ordered Tang Yu to help block the big devil.It was impossible for Tang Yu to help his little uncle.He pretended not to hear cbd hemp gummies 300mg or see, so what should he do.Tang Shuang was frightened by Tang Shuang and jumped out from behind Peony, ran out, and just stepped out of the threshold, when she saw Tang Zhen walking towards her, she hurriedly yelled and rushed kushly cbd gummies scam towards her.Big names are guests, mainly interviews, interspersed with some small games.It is somewhat similar to the Round Table Party of Shanghai TV Station, but the Round Table Party is more popular.In terms of kushly cbd gummies scam the selection of guests, it is not required to be a big name.After Sun Jin shook hands with Tang Zhen, he suddenly saw a small hand in front of him.When he saw it, the long haired child stretched out his small hand and looked at him eagerly.He understood in seconds, and quickly reached out to shake Tangtanger.With this small hand, he can hold three with one slap He was about to say something flattering, but the little man had already said it first, and asked curiously Uncle, whose family do you think Elder Sister Lun is from Are you mistaken She belongs to our family, Our family is the old Tang family, and HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam the Lun family is also the daughter of the old Tang family, you must be too happy to make a mistake.Of course, this is what he thought before the show was recorded.This is not the case.The host asked Tang Shuang a lot of questions, and most of them were about the piano piece Your Heart River.Tang Shuang was only responsible for throwing out this classic piece of music, but he didn t care about the impact of throwing it out.For Chinese New Year, this piano piece tops the screen, tops music websites, tops video websites, and tops the search engine topic list and hot search list during the Spring Festival.Although the music is very good, it can be spread in such a short period of time thanks to the support of the platform and many bigwigs.Round Table Party has a strong audience, so the starting point for dissemination is quite high.Secondly, who are the guests on the same stage Zhang Fei, Liang Qiao, Chen Ming, Li Ying, etc.Tang Zhen glanced at Tang Shuang who was laughing in the distance, Tang Shuang was startled, and walked over and said, Don Tang, don t talk nonsense, where did I poison you Tang Tanger said weakly with an ouch The Lun family s stomach is so swollen, why is it always hurting now Xiaoshuang Did you do something to my sister, you little villain In the past, no matter how full she ate, she never had a stomachache.She is so strong, which makes her proud.She once proudly announced in front of the adults of the old Tang family that her little belly is omnipotent.But it s not working now, my stomach was crushed once by the spicy strips, and now it hurts again when I run.Tang Shuang came to Tangtanger s kushly cbd gummies scam side, and saw the little pig whimpering on the sofa, but its eyes were darting wildly, guessing that it was probably pretending to be deceitful.It turned out that Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing s phones were ringing at the same time.Luo Yuqing looked at the caller ID and said, It s my cousin s number.Tang Shuang looked at his cell phone and said, My brother s.The display on the phone tinnitus relief cbd gummies kushly cbd gummies scam was Ye Liang.Only then did Tang Shuang remember that Ye Liang was still waiting for him to pick him up at the airport, forget about this buddy In the beginning, Tang Shuang took the initiative to ask Ye Liang to pick her up as a cover, and moved Xiao Ye Zi to such a mess, but now she forgot about throwing him at the airport.Chapter 844 We are reconciled Tang Shuang hurried to the airport again.After receiving Director Ye, she sent him home directly.Then she didn t go to Luo Yuqing s again, but went to Nanshan Theater.Tang Zhen and Tangtanger were eating box lunch in the background, Tang Shuang asked the little man, Is it delicious Judging by her expression, demeanor, and actions, she is indeed very tasty.The Tang Zhen here is the illusion of Candy.Although she looks like Tang Zhen, there is a villain in her heart.Small person, small person, she is emotionally exposed, she is good at and willing to express her inner thoughts, if she loves you, she will say that she loves real cbd oil gummies you loudly, if she misses you, she will hug you boldly.So Tang Zhen s lyrics are in the same line as Tangtanger s, I want to tell you that my heart is thinking of you , not The moonlight is so beautiful tonight.After Tang Zhen sang the solo part, Tangtanger sang with her, a mature voice, a immature voice, but they matched together very well, and there was a sense of cuteness Do you see the loneliness in my eyes , do you see you hidden in my eyes Can you feel my heart Then once, you will turn around and see me, that s fine The chorus part of the two ended, and in the interlude music, Tangtanger turned around, took small steps to the bottom of the wall hangings, looked up at her and The portrait of her sister riding a merry go round, at the same time Tang Zhen also came out of the mirror and stood side by side with her.When Tang Shuang saw it, she got up and walked backstage.Chapter 852 kiss me backstage.When Tang Shuang saw Tang Shuang, the first thing she said was Xiao Shuang, are you here to play Tang Shuang Tang Shuang was speechless for a while.Shang Hui s smile trembled wildly.You know you ve done something bad, right Tang Shuang said.The Lun family didn t do anything bad Bajibaji Candy said while eating a small grape in his hand.Then how do you say I m here to beat you Still talking Look at you, the iron fist is already squeezed, isn t this trying to kill candy Why are you eating again This is Sister Shang cbd gummies 3 000 mg effects Hui gave it to the Lun family, because the Lun family didn t have enough to eat.As soon as he got off the stage, this little pig was eating, really racing against time.Since it was about eating, Tang Shuang had to explain clearly, and she was determined not to take the blame for stealing her sister s food.Going to kindergarten, after school in the evening, logistics and practice, sweating profusely, perseverance is touching.Later, Tang Shuang carried her to the electronic scale, and lost 4 to 5 catties in just a few days You know, that is the fattening season just after the New Year.The dance Tang Zhen practiced with Tang Zhen those few days was actually the dance of kiss me.This song is a dance song.At the beginning, Girl s Day how often can you take cbd gummies was positioned as a girl group with excellent singing and dancing.They can sing and sing.Although they are not well known, they have practiced their basic skills very solidly.It is their strength, not their appearance.Tang kushly cbd gummies scam Zhen smiled and said, Do you dare to dance with sister and sister Bai Wow This is the time to ask this kind of question, the little cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra baby is on stage to express himself, to be a little sun on the stage, shining brightly, there is no one who dares to dare, only the one who is willing to go out No problem, my sister Candy said confidently.Tang Shuang looked at the pitiful little pig asking him for help, so she could only help her rub her belly, and said You Don t laugh too much, okay Why are you smiling so low Tang Tang er grabbed Tang Shuang s clothes, trying to crawl over him, and asked Tang Zhen who was next to him for help.Hey What did Tangtanger do wrong You can t make the Lun family laugh, and the Lun family can t cry, babe Wow haha Tang Zhen, Luo Yuqing, Shang Hui, and Bai Yang er Just come to comfort her together, rub her shoulders, rub her belly, rub her belly.Xiao Shuang, rub Tang Shuang s little hands.Little Pig instructed Tang Shuang.Let me rub your feet.Stretch them out.Tangtanger immediately said, No Xiaoshuang, you d better rest.Small feet are her Achilles heel, and she will laugh when she rubs them.explosion.The moonlight was like water, stretching the figures of the three people for a long time, until they entered the courtyard, entered the house, and disappeared under the moonlight.Chapter 886 The Curtain Comes to an End On the homepage of XX Literature Network, the original banner has changed, and now it has big characters congratulating Tang Shuang for winning the Silver Literature Award.Anyone who opens the website will notice this at first sight.Book fans are like a festival, very lively.Li Haonan is responsible for the update of Dragon Snake, and today it is a rare day to update two chapters in a row.Awesome, Tang Shuang.This should be the highest honor among Internet writers.It s all silver, and the one that can be higher than it is Zijin.Who do you think can get Zijin The youngest award winner Proud Proud This is my husband, licking the screen.I don t know Tangtang er shook her head, This guy is really worrying I m still so young, so I have to worry about him, what if he doesn t grow up Little Putao comforted her by saying that she was concerned that her brother would not grow up.not big.Tangtanger still sighed, thinking that Xiaoshuang might have eloped, and she didn t want to go home after playing, she was very worried and her heart was broken, the food was not good, and she didn t sleep well at night, if this continues, she won t grow up Yes, always be so small, always go to kindergarten In the same class kushly cbd gummies scam as Xiaobaozi Xiao Baozi is only a small class Xiaozhang listened to Tangtanger s words getting more and more outrageous, and comforted her that she would never grow up.If she cared about people, she would not grow up.As a teacher, she would worry about so many children every day, and she would definitely not grow up.Her mother is from Goose Country, and her father is from our place.Li Xiulun said, Then can she speak Goose Language Yes, yes.slippery.slippery Oh, slippery.Then can you speak Yes.Wow, that s amazing.I can also speak English.Really Then can you say a few words to listen No problem.I Singing is better than talking, I d rather sing.That s better.Then I ll come.Come on.Tang Shuang interrupted Sing softly, don t shout, everyone can hear you You look down on little sister Nothing, I don t want others to listen to my Tang Tang s singing for nothing.How can there be such a cheap thing in the world Are you right Yes No Do such a cheap thing That s the reason.Give me the money So you have to sing softly so that only a few of us can hear it.Then will you pay me Tsk Hehehe , No money, no money Just kidding, why are you so angry Then I ll sing.Tang Shuang is a Promising young writers, young writers have vigor and energy, but life experience is definitely cbd infused gummies cbd gummies 300mg viagra a disadvantage, and they need to constantly enrich themselves.From this point of view, I suggest Tang Shuang to experience life more.From my own experience, it s not impossible to be on the show, but it must be moderate, and you can t indulge in all kinds of colors, and you should be able to move and be still. This young man is swollen, look at what he wrote on the Internet Nothing nutritious, a waste Talent.Broken Soul Gun may have just been done by him by accident, it s not a real skill, it s just a flash in the pan.Tang Shuang should understand that he is far from enjoying his success, and he still needs to prove himself and prove his future Chinese skills.He has a place in the literary world.Oh, yes, Tang Tang is right, the sun has gone into the sea.Everyone took the children home and changed their clothes, Then they gathered at the Tang family s residence, which was spacious enough for cooking.Li Guanping looked at the dishes put together and said, You can make a scrambled egg with onions.Feng Chaoqun said, You can also make a cauliflower dish in a dry pot.Everyone summed up and thought of a few dishes based on the existing ingredients , but not enough, after calculations, up to seven dishes, and the amount is not much, far from enough for 6 adults and 6 children.Tang Shuang suggested Why don tinnitus relief cbd gummies kushly cbd gummies scam t you go to the fellow s house to borrow some food, and I will go.Liu Yanping and Feng Chaoqun also joined the ranks of borrowing food, and the rest of Li Guanping and others were busy cooking first.Didn t you stretch out five fingers Tangtanger looked at her fingers and wanted to break off her thumb truth cbd gummies and little finger, but the facts proved that her two fingers could not be bent.Very kushly cbd gummies scam uncoordinated.Feng Xiaofeng laughed loudly and said Tang Tang, you are a foodie Xia Wenqiao defended the little sister Tang Tang is not a foodie.Feng Xiaofeng laughed and said Her girl ate 5 bowls of rice She is a foodie Candy Er snorted So Lun s parents are taller than you.Feng Xiaofeng You will grow up fat, like my mother, she is also a foodie, a fat woman Tang Shuang thought you were finished, Xiaofeng.Little Comb said My mother often skips meals, she wants to lose weight Tang Shuang said Director, Tang Tang s does cbd gummy bears get you high thumb and HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam little finger can t be bent, but she actually wants to stretch out three fingers.Cao Kai He smiled and said Haha, no wonder, after eating 3 bowls of rice, he is really a powerful little baby.Little Shuang Brother The little guy asked the big devil for help, jumping up and down.Can t you fly 750mg cbd gummies Fly up.Tang Shuang lifted the little man up and sat next to him, looking at the sea in the distance.The sun is shining brightly on the sea, and in the sun, the jasper like sea water is rippling and shining with golden light.In the distance, you can see the giant ship slowly passing by.Nearer, there are speedboats speeding in this sea area.On the shore, there are many fishing rods hanging, and some people are fishing in the sun.Not far from Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, an adult and a child were fishing.It kushly cbd gummies scam justcbd cbd gummies for sleep looked like a father was teaching his son how to fish.Just now, the two of them were arguing, which alarmed each other, and they looked this way from time to time.Especially the little boy, when he looked over, Tangtang er grinned at the other party, which shocked him for a moment, and the fishing rod in his hand was almost dragged into the sea.Let s go, let s stop playing, go back and change clothes, it will be dark, and you will catch a cold.Tang Shuang walked out of the crowd with Tangy er in her arms, and greeted Feng Chaoqun and others at the same time.Everyone looked at the sky, the sun was about to set, and the temperature difference between day and night in the mountains was large, and children were prone to catch colds, so they also looked for their children and brought them back.Xia Dashan took Xia Wenqiao, Li Guanping and Li Yushu and Tang Shuang Tangtang er back together.The three children were still chatting enthusiastically.Li Guanping smiled and said to Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang received something good.Huh Tang Shuang didn t understand.Flower buds, sent by Xiao Duoli, we all saw them.Li Guanping said, Isn t it Dashan.Every song represents an important journey, has a special meaning, and wants to sing it in the best state.Therefore, the design part of the concert is very important, interspersed with other programs to squeeze out time for Hu Zhongyuan to rest.Inviting guests to sing on stage is a good choice.This kind of opportunity is also fought for by many young singers, and there is no better stage than this.Tang Zhen appeared in this situation.She will sing a song by herself first, then sing a song with Luo Yuqing, and then Luo Yuqing will sing a song alone, so that Hu Zhongyuan can have a good rest.This new song was decided by Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen a long time ago.Hu Zhongyuan left to rest, and three masseuses came over immediately to give him a full range of massage, and prepared bananas and functional drinks to replenish energy.Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, How about this, you go take a shower first, and come to brother s room after you cbd gummies work take a shower, brother meets all your requirements and has everything you want to eat.Candy was overjoyed and beaming with joy Is there such a good thing Really great news Well, since there are such conditions, people who get rich overnight will be a local tyrant, so Tangtanger stretched out her small palm, raised five fingers, and said very nervously that she would eat five sweet and sour fish, which is a bit much , four can also be, three can also be, can not be reduced.Okay, just cbd gummies legal in texas no problem, five is five.As the little princess of the old Tang family, you don t have to wrong yourself.My brother will satisfy HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam you, so you can do just that.Now, immediately, immediately, go take a bath Then come to my room, today Spend the night in my bed.Tang Shuang glanced at her, and said, If you have something to say, don t be so sticky.If you can t stand it, don t act like a baby like other children.You are not made for acting like a baby.It is more suitable for .

can you buy cbd gummies over the counter?

you to be an honest girl.Tang Tang gritted her teeth angrily., Tang Shuang stared at her, and she stopped grinding for an instant.I bit Xiaoshuang just now, but I was so scared that I slapped my own little mouth.If I bite again, it will definitely not be me, but Xiaoshuang, HCMUSSH kushly cbd gummies scam and she will die of pain.Sweet and sour fish Tangtang er chuckled.When she asked for help from Xiaoshuang, her attitude was super nice, and she didn t look like a monk when she was scolded.Don t dare to be angry.Tang Shuang laughed when she heard the sweet and sour fish.Seeing this, Tangtanger laughed along with him, and the two looked at each other and smiled inexplicably.The question now is who should make this album, Tunan Band, Huyan Xiaosha or others, and whether these people have potential Becoming the pillar of Tuzi s entertainment is like Cheng Maihu Zhongyuan and Su Lixian.Tang Shuang had to consider many factors, not only commercial, but also loyalty to the company and so on.As for writing songs for Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing, that s what it should have been.Since Xiao Na learned that Luo Yuqing and Tang Shuang were dating last night, she has been worried, worried that Tang Shuang would poach someone.Tang Shuang didn t know what Xiao Na was thinking, if he knew, he would tell her to relax.Li Huaming, the boss of Chengmai, still doesn t know about Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing, but even if there is no such matter, he has cbd gummies 300mg viagra smilz cbd gummies scam already considered it very carefully based on the relationship between Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang.So as parents, they looked at Tang Shuang as they would a son in law.They are 90 satisfied with Tang Shuang.Regardless of appearance, work, family background, and knowledge, they are all much higher than their peers.The only thing they are not sure about is how deep their love for their daughter is.Although Tang Shuang was nervous for a moment in the car, she calmed down immediately, kept smiling and greeted the two old people, and felt their kindness and kindness.Luo Yuqing said that her parents are very kind people, they have been kind to others all their lives, and have never even competed with others for their blush.Auntie, Uncle, hello, I m Tang Shuang Tang Shuang saluted the two old people respectfully, it was the first time meeting parents, it was necessary to be polite.The two old men smiled and asked him not to be so polite, but they were very satisfied by looking at their expressions.Taking a step mike tyson cbd gummy back, even if you can win the championship, look back at the champions of those talent shows, how many are still remembered.If a talent show is run well, generally the champion of the first episode has the most hope of becoming famous, can get the most resources, and will be remembered by the audience the most.In the next two, three, four, five or six episodes, there will be more champions.Everyone is not rare, and if you are not rare, you will not remember it.If you don t remember it, you will not be popular, and you will not have enough resources.The talent show The Sound of Music is the biggest temptation for singers.In this program format, students and mentors are teacher student relationships, and a closer relationship can be established.This is especially attractive to singers.The two have worked together and have drawn almost 20 episodes.At first it was said to draw the first 100 episodes, then halved it to draw 50 episodes, then halved it again to draw 25 episodes, and finally reduced it to 20 episodes.After drawing 20 episodes, it will be handed over to Tinkerbell Studio, and those professional painters will be able to ponder and study, and follow the style of the first 20 episodes to create subsequent plots.Xiao Shuang, have you finished painting Tang Tanger, who was painting on iris gummies cbd infused chewables the desk, put down his brush from time to time and leaned over to Tang Shuang to look at his painting.Tang Shuang said speechlessly, Can you stop coming to see me all the time I ll leave it to you when I m done painting.You should concentrate, go, and paint seriously.Tang Tanger nodded her head and took a look at Tang Shuang She looked at him with a smile and said, Xiao Shuang, your paintings are not as good looking as candy.A young man in his 20s doesn t go out with his classmates and friends during cbd gummies for performance anxiety holidays, but always stays at home and plays with his little sister.In the eyes of outsiders, he is really a weirdo.Because of this, his college girlfriend Zeng Yujun thinks he is childish and kushly cbd gummies scam immature, and they have to bring their little sister with them when they date Candy has spent six carefree years in this way.She is lively, cute, eccentric, pure and innocent, and is a little princess who is completely protected.Just like the pink sleepwalking doll in front of me, it means that all children who get the sleepwalking doll will always be pure and happy like the sleepwalking doll, carefree and living in the world of dreams and fairy tales.Jiang Yue touched the exquisite sleepwalking doll.It looked like porcelain, but it was soft and had a faint fragrance.

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