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Judging from Richthofen s attitude towards him, this person is not liked, but most people who do intelligence work are like Nicholas.Sure enough, Nicholas then changed the topic I m just curious.According to the news from the front, you captured a total of three tanks.Ah, about this point, our spies lurking in the British also sent similar intelligence, and confirmed the surrender of British tanks It must be the information that was replaced by himself.But until now, Wang Weiyi still dare not relax in the slightest.He believes that since Nicholas came, he must have another purpose.Nicholas looked at Wang Weiyi Make me curious What s more, why are the British tankers so willing to work for you And three tanks in a row are working for you Do you have some magic What is even more strange is that all three tanks were destroyed on the eve of victory, and none of the tankers survived, which is too weird.He thought that Ernst s battalion could completely kill a battalion of the British.The Brit also has a machine gun battery, but that doesn t matter.Lieutenant Dunxiwei said firmly They have machine guns, and we have Baron Alexon.The enemy has machine guns, the Germans have Baron Alexson It s such a simple matter, such a firm belief Colonel, the Army Staff Military Intelligence is here.Hearing the news, Colonel King Klock couldn t help but frowned What are they doing here at this time We don t need their intelligence right now.Colonel.Lieutenant Colonel Deng Xiwei price of true bliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for dementia took a step forward and lowered his voice I heard that Ernst caused some trouble in Berlin, and Nikolai has his eyes on him, maybe This is the front line, the battlefield, not the damn intelligence bureau There are no traitors to Germany here Here are the real warriors Colonel King Klock looked very angry, but he also had some helplessness Damn it, let them in The two intelligence bureaus came in, and the person at the head saluted Colonel King Klock Major, hello, I am Second Lieutenant Foroman from price of true bliss cbd gummies the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff.He walked to the phone and directly connected Colonel Kinklock of the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment, and the colonel s voice on the phone was very helpless Captain Ernst, price of true bliss cbd gummies I can t Let me tell you something, but I firmly believe that you are a loyal German officer.Thank you, Colonel.Wang Weiyi felt a little relieved Please appoint a new battalion commander to command the troops.No This is necessary.Colonel Kinklock replied without hesitation Since I trust you, I price of true bliss cbd gummies believe that you will soon be able to get rid of the insults you have received from rumors and gossip.You can appoint an officer to take command on your behalf temporarily.Battalion until you return to your combat post.I see, Colonel.Wang Weiyi hung up the phone.Then he called several leading officers to his side If a man has not done such a thing, one need not be afraid wherever he goes.Richthofen, who was sitting in the middle, almost jumped up.What he wanted to do most now was to slap Marklin hard, but Manstein quickly Noticing his actions, she pulled him and tried her best to keep him calm.Elena clenched her right hand, and it could be seen that she was very nervous at this time and Adolf on the other side Hitler was also pale, and he would never allow anyone to slander Captain Ernst like this.Guo Yunfeng was unusually calm, although he could not understand a word of what the Germans said, but he had already made up his mind that if the Germans dared to How about Captain Ernst, he tried his purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain best to save the captain Marklin continued cbd gummies for ra to attack Wang Weiyi, throwing out one reason after another to testify against him.But Wang Weiyi and his lawyer Schlaf have always acted calmly and restrained, allowing Marklin to play to his fullest.Trust Ernst, General Bellow.Yes, trust Ernst, General Galwitz.But what if Ernst unfortunately fails What to do I sun med cbd gummies don t know, maybe we will face great difficulties, but this cannot stop Germany s determination to win the final victory.Reims, Reims Front Command, France.Major, there s word from Mrs.Watts that they ll be on the move at eleven o clock.I see.Tell our people to get ready.Tell them to get the alchemist.What s his name Kevin.Major.Ah, Kevin.Remember, try to kill Kevin.Even if the enemy doesn t kill him, we ll kill him.Kierock is dead, isn t he Yes , Major.Your plan is very well planned.You asked us to find a man who looked like Kierock, and we happened to find this deserter Kevin.You know that once German spies enter Reims, they will definitely try their best to obtain information Yes, and you arranged for Watts to appear in time.Moreover, the mysterious shooter hiding price of true bliss cbd gummies on where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies the roof of a house was so accurate in marksmanship that as long as someone As soon as he appeared, he would be shot accurately.Now Major De Sade knows why Ernst Brahm was able to escape under heavy siege several times.His performance on the battlefield was indeed very outstanding.But there is nothing to worry about, there are only a few of them, and the bullets will be exhausted soon, even if they grow wings, they will not be able to fly Ocus, speed up Manstein yelled, slapping the roof of the car.The gunshots are getting closer, the major is fighting there, uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies and now he needs support Manstein picked up a submachine gun and threw it to Guo Yunfeng Hey, let s fight together.Guo Yunfeng checked his weapon and pulled the bolt.The truck driven by Orcus rushed forward crazily.It is also a cruel test for the Russians.They must prepare a large amount of winter supplies.Ernst.Come and see He took out the map The Russians are already here, Kasmidov, this is the most suitable place for a supply base.What your Chinese friends have discovered is going in this direction.Ernst, if we can cause confusion among the Russians here at the supply base, maybe we will have a chance to escape But, we only have thirty purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain six people Guderian , where is Guderian Wang Weiyi muttered.The three tanks commanded by Guderian cannot break through the heavily defended positions of the Russian army, but they can be used to raid the supply base of the Russian army.But where is Guderian now Major, look, Tanks, our tanks At this price of true bliss cbd gummies moment, Model pointed to the front and yelled out.Three tanks appeared The tank commanded by Guderian The team members couldn t help cheering.Heinz, we still have How many tanks are available Two, but the ammunition is running out.Guderian immediately replied There are still two that cannot be repaired.Concentrate all the ammunition on one tank, it s up to you Command personally.Wang Weiyi issued his own order All units are temporarily cancelled, and I will command them all, and follow behind the tanks to launch an assault on the French army The team members listened to these orders calmly.Lieutenant Colonel, call, General Galwitz in person.When the order was given, Hitler s voice came over.Okay, let s get ready and launch an attack in an hour Wang Weiyi came to the phone and said, General Galwitz, this is Ernst.Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, you and your troops behaved very well.Excellent, you have stood on the ground for a whole month, this is a remarkable achievement, the Second Army congratulates you.

205.Romantic vacation from Paris to Russia, and then from Russia to Paris, this trip is really amazing Unknowingly, Elena, accompanied by Pipondu and Will Tinland, enjoyed a whole day in Paris, and they would never have guessed that Wang Weiyi would do such a thing on this day.A lot of things.Now that everything that needs to be done has been done, Wang Weiyi feels that it is time for him to accompany Elena to visit the scenery of Paris.Next time I come to Paris, God knows when it will be.Elena is very excited He told Wang Weiyi that in the center of Paris tomorrow, there will be a grand banquet to celebrate the United States declaring war on Germany.What kind of celebration is this Wang Weiyi can t think of it.The French would actually come up with such a reason to hold price of true bliss cbd gummies it Banquet.If they can put more energy on the battlefield, maybe there won t be a situation where they lose again and again Major De Sade, Loban and Oginensky are here.Can it be repaired Seeing the sergeant major shaking his head , the headmaster of Steno High School sighed and picked up the binoculars and looked ahead, the Germans were busy there.It seems that a new round of shelling is coming soon.In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Stino didn t know that in the first round of shelling, more than half of the German shells had been used up.Their supplies hadn t reached the battlefield yet.Wang Weiyi s idea is very simple, that is, to use such shelling and machine gun fire to completely destroy purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy the Italians defensive determination and make the subsequent offensive battle easier.And it s clearly paying off.The shells are barely enough to sustain a bombardment.Rommel reported the situation cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies to him.Rest for 30 minutes, give the Italians some time to breathe.Wang Weiyi calmly looked at the opposite position After 30 minutes, throw out all the shells Our supplies haven t arrived yet.Although we are not retreating, we are retreating as victors Wang Weiyi looked so high spirited in front of everyone Today s retreat is for a bigger counterattack tomorrow I am honored that we will stick to Udine and stop those damned British and French We will never let those enemies pass here, even if we lose our last soldier Long live holy Germany Long live holy Germany The crazy clamor rang out again, price of true bliss cbd gummies not only the German soldiers, but also some diamond cbd oil gummie rings Italians also shouted.Wang Weiyi glanced at those people quietly, and found that the guys who came to scout intelligence all seemed to be as if nothing had happened , He smiled and continued We will represent the victory and pride of Germany, and the 62nd Infantry Regiment will also fight with us.Colonel Stodler, we are strong enough to stop any enemy We will perform another miracle in Udine Skeleton commando, invincible The 62nd Infantry Regiment is invincible Germany, invincible Skeleton commando, invincible The 62nd Infantry Regiment is invincible Germany, invincible Amidst the waves of cheers, Colonel Stodler frowned slightly.Foch s plan was to seize a fifty mile strip that included the two railroad junctions of M zi res and Onoy, cutting off the German retreat and thus exposing them to assault after assault.This maneuver was intended to carry out a pincer attack French and British forces advancing from the west towards Aonoy to join the French and American forces advancing from the Meuse Argonne to M zi res in the south.An Allied victory at the price of true bliss cbd gummies Meuse Argonne would allow them to occupy the railway system and cut off price of true bliss cbd gummies all ground communications between the divided enemy forces.The blow would force the Germans to take the circuitous and time consuming route through Lieri and the Rhine valley to restore their broken links.Ludendorff realized that, under the onslaught of rapid advance, his troops could hardly hope to retreat in an orderly manner through the congested defiles of R .On the flank, the commando commanded by Li Lu had broken through the blockade of the few enemies, and the entire battlefield was in complete price of true bliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for dementia chaos.Si Dao, Ouyang Yu, cover me In Wang Weiyi s roar, Si Dao and Ouyang Yu quickly came to his side.Two bayonets protected Wang Weiyi s wings, and Wang Weiyi rushed forward like a tiger.Suddenly became so crazy, there is only one reason He saw a Japanese lieutenant Uchiguchiyan Temple Neikou Yansi, who had no defense against the flank attack, panicked even if he was calm before.The first reaction of human beings is often like this Once in danger, they will always move closer to crowded places as soon as possible.Neikou Yansi also made such a mistake When Wang Weiyi first saw the lieutenant of the Japanese army, he quickly judged that it was the captain of the Neikou Infantry Brigade Now that the opportunity has appeared in front of him, he will never let it go kill At this time, the price of true bliss cbd gummies battlefield was in chaos, everyone was strangled together, and no one could take care of anyone else.Seek shelter on your own, rather than keep running.At this point, the Japanese soldiers did a good job.But it s a pity that what they faced was a group of soldiers who could definitely be called mechanized.The truck quickly followed the jeep and rushed up Wang Weiyi jumped out uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies of the car and directed a shuttle in front Four knives, one on the left, yours.Three knives, one on the right, yours The three submachine guns roared together, crushing the target so that it was impossible to fight back.Then, a large number of soldiers jumped out of the truck.All kinds of cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies weapons in their hands fired together.And the machine guns on the truck never stopped firing for a moment.With such ferocious firepower, such an absolutely superior force, and such an open place where there is not even a place to hide, even if the Japanese soldiers are well trained.Wang Weiyi has decided to devote all available troops to this counterattack.Spare no strength, one blow will kill Brothers Wang Weiyi s voice rang in the ears of the brothers The Japanese are tired, they will not attack anymore They want to wait until tomorrow when they regain their strength before attacking, but I don t want to give them this chance Just tonight, I m going to teach them the worst lesson Tell them that Chinese soldiers will attack as well It will also crush them The soldiers emotions were mobilized at once.Beat the snake, hit the seven inches, the devil s seven inches is now Wang Weiyi s voice was so inspiring No one is left behind, and all who can move will be thrown into the counterattack The mortar fires first, the tank supports, the tank assaults, the second company, the third company, and the fourth company protect the tanks, and all the first companies get on the truck.

15 minutes The casualties of the Japanese army here were so heavy that it was completely unbearable.Corpses were strewn all over the ground, and blood had already pooled into small rivers.They rushed up like a swarm of headless flies, and then were swept down by relentless bullets This is a real killing Eight minutes, prepare to retreat Firm execution is the iron like discipline of the guards.So although the results of the battle can be further expanded, the cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies Guard Battalion is ready to retreat.5 minutes Teams 2 and 3 retreat, and teams 1 and 4 start covering The third and second teams quickly followed the tanks and gradually withdrew from the battlefield, while the heavy machine gunners put away their machine guns.They also retreated together.Teams 1 and 4 continued to attack the Japanese army frantically with fierce firepower.Boom boom After several violent explosions, the position was submerged in billowing smoke After a long, long time, calm was restored here November 1937 On the 13th day of the month, the Guards Battalion, which had fought bloody battles for five days and nights in Xiguan, Songjiang, withdrew from Xiguan Wang Weiyi, then Major of the Guards Battalion, planted a large amount of explosives in advance before retreating, and used a timed explosive device on the battlefield for the first time.When the Japanese army set foot on the position, it detonated, killing 128 Japanese soldiers.More than 200 people were injured, and the 36th Brigade of the Japanese Army continued to suffer the heaviest casualties In later historical records, this is the last battle that took place in Xiguan Now, the battle on Songjiang s outer line is over.Changshu and Jiangyin are too close, and it is the most important part of the entire Jiangyin defense battle In the link, once you engage in battle, you must stop the enemy as soon as possible Yes Guo Yunfeng responded Can I use Changshu s power Yes Wang Weiyi said without any hesitation When we arrive in Changshu, You can do whatever you want, but the precondition is to stick to Kuncheng Lake and prevent the Japanese army from crossing by force.If someone stops you, you can say that this is Xue Yue s order.Yes, I understand.Guo Yunfeng nodded I Then let s go Then, he jumped into a truck and shouted to the first company that had already prepared Brothers, let s go, let s go, let s all go Hurry to Changshu, the little devil is coming soon Truck Started up and drove towards Changshu with a large number of Chinese soldiers.Wang this I will give you a real priceOne tael of gold can be exchanged for sixty two oceans.Gold is expensive now, and it can be exchanged for sixty five yuan.Twenty taels of gold is 1,300 oceansWe have to draw one for every two Oceans as labor .

are cbd thc gummies safe?

expenses I will give you a hundred oceans as labor expenses.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette When will the ocean be delivered This Ding Laosi looked a little embarrassed Mr.Wang, such a large sum is not something I can decide.You have to let me go back and discuss it, and if there is a specific result, I will ask Xiao Yangzhou to tell you Seeing that the other party was offering twenty taels price of true bliss cbd gummies of gold, Ding Lao Si became more polite when he spoke.You have also become you.Wang Weiyi had already guessed that the other party was just a young man, and the real big boss was behind him, so he smiled lightly Then I will wait for the good news from Mr.You know, Xiao Ling was so rigid and inflexible before, but now not only can he take risks according to Wang Weiyi s wishes, but he can even offer such a powerful weapon as the Remington m7oo sniper rifle.This kind of sniper rifle is very suitable for Guo Yunfeng to use The task is set, now we will see if it can be accepted by the base Xiao Ling said at this time Pray Ten seconds, twenty secondsno response from the uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies baseisn t price of true bliss cbd gummies it okay I have no way to make the base accept my order Wang Weiyi felt helpless Suddenly, the computer screen started to jump, and a line of words appeared The ninth phase of the Soaring Man mission is started, the mission objective to rescue the captured Russian intelligence personnel.Weapon support the base self transfers to the ambush site an mp38 submachine gun a Remington One m7oo sniper rifle Mission completion time, 24 hours Two cheers came out at the same time.He He became a monk halfway, can he understand war But now it seems that the new captain is far smarter than other imperial officials He will analyze, try to understand his enemies, and then carefully consider how to defeat them And this is exactly what most imperial officials lack.Your Excellency, Captain, what should we do now The sound of guns and explosions had to make Akasaka Giga return to the cruelest and most realistic battlefield Stop the attack temporarily No Qingkou Wusan raised the binoculars again Let the troops increase their offensive strength, I must know how strong the Chinese people on the opposite side are A decision of a commander can often make an already brutal battle even more brutal The offensive strength of the Japanese army intensified following Kiyokou Gozo s order., Manfred said he doesn t want to meet with us right now, I think so.But what I can be sure of is that he is also creating miracles in China, and he was originally a miracle general.When will he be back Lucy also looked forward to it.She knew how much her husband missed Ernst these years.Every night, she could always see her husband whispering Ernst s name alone.Rommel s face showed Smile Hurry up, he s coming back soon melt cbd gummy bears Yes, the feeling was as strong as Richthofen s He s price of true bliss cbd gummies coming back soon Three hundred and eighty one.The bombing of the 13th Logistics Regiment was a disaster for the 13th Division which was fighting on the front line Miserable defeats on the front lines and horrific air raids on the baggage trains have left everything uncertain on the battlefield.Now, there are not many choices left for Dizhou Libing, and he finally made a decision attack ahead of time In the 27th year of the Republic of China, on April 3, 193 A.

What s the matter with you, General Reiter and Van der Wig hurriedly supported him.Let me go.Ludwig pushed the two subordinates away Is he back Is he really back Reiter and Van der Veeny looked at each other, who was the he the general said Ludwig s steps forward were so heavy.One step at a time, I don t know why his appearance seemed so urgent that he approached the general under the banner a little bit.He could also uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies see the general s face bit by bit.When that face, 500mg cbd gummies gold harvest which was so familiar but impossible to experience for so many years, was still so young and hadn t changed at all, finally appeared on Ludwig s face.in the eyes.He couldn t control it anymore, his body was shaking violently, he had to rely on the support of Reiter and van der Veeny to stand still Ludwig Ellierst, please stay a German officer Your majesty Under the flag, the general said in a low and majestic voice.Soon these photos will be in the major newspapers all over Europe Then, there will be another baron storm in the whole of Europe And on one of the Tiger tanks, stood their most beloved general Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm Forward, skeleton master Four hundred and one.Grim Reaper Reappearance Forward, skeleton master Now, under the pressure of the Soviet army, it became heavy, and the first line of defense, which had been rebuilt after so much painstaking efforts, collapsed in an instant under the strong offensive of the Skeleton Division.The large number of Soviet troops is indeed a great advantage, but these huge troops, recruits account for too much proportion, some things even just received their first rifles before going to the battlefield.Their battlefield experience cannot be compared with those German veterans who have experienced many battles.Investigate Once the conflict broke out, it could not be reconciled.It all started with a personal statement Baron Alexon The man seemed to hold a magic wand in his hand, with which he could direct his enemies to dance at his will.No tanks, no guns, just a few words have already split the enemy to resist everything that happened within the organization, and it didn t affect the individual s mood De Sade This veteran French intelligence officer is also an old opponent of Baron Alexon.He knew too well the power of the baron.The baron s actions will guide Europe to do what he purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy wants.During this man s trip to Paris, all his speeches were nothing more than conspiracies with one purpose the complete destruction of France After the German occupation of Paris, De Sade chose to stay and command all the hidden personnel to help the resistance organization s resistance.The letter told General Kolkorok that the Germans had arranged purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain a big house for them and paid them a lot of money.They can come in and out freely, and no one will interfere General Kolkorok is completely relieved In Moscow, he will be worried anytime and anywhere, maintaining a high degree of vigilance , because any negligence, even a wrong sentence, may become a victim of the next cleaning.But in Germany.Such worries are completely non existent And all of this was brought to me by Marshal Ernst Use a grateful heart to repay everything the Marshal has brought to you Z y u Russian Legion , now has the size of a brigade.The pace of development is slow, but all soldiers are hand picked by General Korkorok.They must be absolutely loyal to the z y u army.Must be willing to fight for free Russia, officers must also have a certain military quality.The German army is not the Greek army, and the German soldiers are by no means comparable to the Greek soldiers.Once a war breaks out, what does it mean to have more information about the opponent No one knows better than the German police officer.Buy me a few more local newspapers when I leave.Wang Weiyi explained in a ridiculous voice, and then changed the topic to the real purpose of his visit this time.Mr.Kahn is currently under house arrest in a large hotel in Turkey.Herbert s intelligence work is very solid There are eight people guarding him, all armed, and two of them are in his room.Not to leave, there are two outside the room, and four people are watching in the hall on the first floor.The agents in charge are not Turks, but a British officer, Second Lieutenant Ernie.Wait, the British are in charge.Wait, wait.Prince Karami, who had a total mental breakdown, cried out, I d like to tell you everything I know Look, we re friends again Wang Weiyi sat down again, and then said with a relaxed expression Now, let us learn some secrets of the treasure.Prince Karami cheered up The purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy thing is like this Hai Inrich.Schliemann made persistent efforts after discovering the treasure of Priam, and soon purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy discovered the tomb circles of a total of 6 shaft tombs.There were countless exquisite artifacts in the tombs bronze daggers inlaid with gold and engraved with lion hunting pictures.There are two handles, each with a tall gold cup facing a dove and so on.In particular, the face of the male corpse is covered with a gold mask, and the chest is covered with a gold sheet.The female corpse wears a gold crown and other gold jewelry, and the child s corpse is wrapped in gold leaves.I think I can Make up enoughMoyol, you are so kind, 60, everyone will be jealous of me Yeah Wang Weiyi stood up You really mortgaged all your things, and asked your brother to borrow a large sum of money After getting a definite answer, Wang Weiyi said slowly Are you really planning to buy such a large amount of stock, and won t you regret it in the future because of the sharp drop in the stock price This is the last chance Wang Weiyi gave her It s a pity that most people would be dizzy in the face of the temptation of money, so Rui Man nodded without hesitation.It s only a thousand shares, what does cbd gummies do to your body and I don t think it should bother Mr.Joe Cole.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly At this time tomorrow, you will get the stocks you want here. Oh dear, I love you Rui Man dragged Wang Weiyi back to the bed, and now the only thing that can repay Mr.

We will miss you too, but I think we will meet again soon.Mr.Moyol has an eternal smile on his face This ship will go to Switzerland first, and when you arrive in Switzerland, German agents will come to pick you up and send you to Berlin safely.Manny Joker suddenly remembered a very serious problem Mr.Moyol, has the batch of gold been settled Mr.Moyol and Mr.Garcia looked at each other, and then smiled Of course, it belongs to our wealth, and of course it has been settled long ago.Joe Mr.Cole, don t worry, I will fulfill my promise, and one twentieth of the gold will belong to you, and when you reach the neighboring area, the gold is already smiling at you.Ah, you Look, I m not worried at all Joe Cole smiled awkwardly Then, I ll take my leave.Goodbye.Watching the ship leave, Mr.Moyol Wang Weiyi smiled and said A lovely person, isn t he A villain.Wang Weiyi sneered contemptuously I can make a bet with you.As long as the enemy starts to attack, the Italian army will be defeated within three hours I will not make this bet with you Rommel also smiled.Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while To generate electricity for Berlin, we still use EnigmaCaptain Klingenberg has already taken on the responsibility of dosage cbd gummies supportingreceivingAi Erwin, what name do you think we should give the person who meets Klingenberg Kraken Rommel smiled I think this name can still reveal something.Mysterious I agree.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, The Kraken is about to arrive.After mastering the enemy s offensive deployment, our army will also make corresponding adjustmentsThe fuel has been exhausted, and the ammunition must be delivered as soon as possible After he sent his meaning in Enigma , he looked at the time I think that Alexander and General Montgomery will soon You will see our telegram.At this time, the British General Command was at a loss for what to do about the situation in the Devil s Land.Neither General Alexander nor General Montgomery could find a better way to solve it.Now, the only thing they can count on is the calm composure of the frontline commanders In a telegram inquiring about the status of the front line, Lieutenant General Connolly replied We are retreating.The soldiers are not panicking.I will complete this retreat.The telegram was intercepted immediately and sent to Ernst.In the hands of Marshal Bram.After reading this telegram, Wang Weiyi couldn t help sighing Brave generals are not only found in the German army.General Connolly s calmness deserves our respect.The same is true for Rommel the opinion of.A fearless general, always respected by most, even his enemies 5 10.Then, finally, comes the hottest part Kalmen Armageddon It was the battlefield ensemble commanded by Baron Alexon himself, and thousands of German troops joined the ensemble.Tanks, machine guns, and submachine guns are the instruments in their hands.And those audiences English, French, Greek.But never want them to have heard such a movement Now that the curtain has been drawn, there is no possibility of it being closed before the music is played The soldiers from the two sides who were strangled together now have a completely different situation.The Allies were completely cut into three parts.Forced to fight on their own.The well prepared German army began to completely show their ferocious fangs.The French officers and soldiers of the 2nd Free French Brigade have the most profound experience of this.Rommel did not have the joy of victory.This is not a victory.Montgomery successfully used the sacrifice of the Irish to delay the advance of the German army.However, when he saw Major General Alman, he showed enough respect for this stubborn opponent General Alman, for your arduous resistance and the spirit of sacrifice that successfully bought you time, I respect you.Congratulations to you.Thank you, Marshal Rommel.Major General Alman did not see any frustration on the face of the loser I don t expect my troops to defeat you, but I will I ve done my best.No one has done it better than you, no Rommel sighed Originally, we had already reached Kantara at this time and launched an attack on the enemy, shark tank cbd gummies website but now we are still on the way to Kantara, and precious time has been lost.Major General Alman smiled faintly, with pride in his heart.Lawson Heaton couldn t help but exclaimed Gilbert, what are you kidding Before Dao Lun could finish speaking, Major Watter waved price of true bliss cbd gummies his price of true bliss cbd gummies hand, and several German agents swarmed up and tied Lawson Heaton up.up.In this way, Lawson Heaton became Major Watter s first prisoner and also his first spoils after the Plunder Operation.Since then, the same situation has been repeated one after another.Batch after batch of allied intelligence personnel carrying radios entered Cairo, and Major Vatel also accepted them time and time again.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the plundering operation , Major Vatel made some small plans, often ordering Gilbert to cast a smoke screen on the British intelligence agencies and send some information to the London intelligence agencies.Most of the information was fabricated by him.In this transaction, they got what they wanted from each other After a while, the door was pushed open, and Ksenia was brought in.The girl, but her expression was a little flustered, as if she didn t know what happened.Comrade Colonel, this is Ksenia Ksenia, now you go with Comrade Colonel, and he will take you to a place where you will undergo some necessary screening.Comrade Major, I shall take my leave then.Madrov stood up, shook hands with Major Tenkovsky and said goodbye, and then took the overwhelmed Ksenia to his car.The car slowly drove away from Moscow University, with a confused look on his face.Ksenia finally couldn t help but asked Comrade Colonel, can you tell me what happened Indeed, Ksenia was so confused during this time, she didn t know how these encounters happened to her.

Starting from Fronis, although the Central Assault Group encountered some resistance, they all completed the breakthrough with a whirlwind.Tenklar is already price of true bliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for dementia in sight.Once the breakthrough is completed, Krasnodar, Mozdok, and Terek River will directly face the threat of German artillery fire.The capture of Stalingrad is no longer a dream Once, the German army failed at Stalingrad.Completely changed the direction of the war Strategic attempts were out of touch with strength, overestimating one s own strength the deployment of troops purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy was scattered, unable to form the focus of attack logistical supply difficulties wrong command of officersetc.Among other factors, such a result was caused.And what Wang Weiyi has to do now is to correct all these mistakes When the Central Assault Group arrived at Tenklar, the 81st Armored Corps of the Soviet Army under the command of Lieutenant General Straff was already waiting.And terrible force, but we firmly control the battlefield.The Russians dropped a field of dead bodies and a large number of destroyed tanks in front of our positions, and they found nothing.But we re also starting to see casualties no force will come out unscathed from an attack like this.The only thing I m purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain thankful for is that the casualties didn t affect the mood of the soldiers when the Russians briefly stopped attacking.The most busy ones are probably the medical officersthey have to save the lives of the wounded soldiers, have to check if there is anything alive in the corpses It s time to eat, but like the vast majority of soldiers, I have no appetite for food at all.Even if I manage to put the food in my mouth, occasionally when I look up and see the densely packed corpses, my stomach will burst into tears.The fierce suppression of enemy artillery, anti tank guns and machine gun fire.Since the German army launched a coordinated counterattack to the Soviet army with the air force as the lead, the Soviet offensive troops advanced very difficult and advanced extremely slowly, which greatly reduced the coordination ability among the Soviet armored forces, artillery and infantry.The Stalingrad Front fought hard for several days, and despite heavy casualties, it failed to achieve any tactical goals except to temporarily contain the Luftwaffe s offensive.The situation has become more and more critical for the Russians, and at this time a more deadly crisis is quietly approaching the Russians.That is the Myristel commando sugar free cbd gummies that is advancing rapidly to the port of Stalingrad.Their bold campaign will soon let the Russians taste the taste of failure.The only thing the Soviet army can do purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy is how to use their last willpower to delay the enemy s attack as much as possible when the ammunition is exhausted.This is not a contest uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies of equals at all.Shumilov and his 64th Army were already too late.Now, the only thing that can be relied on in Stalingrad is Chuikov s 62nd Army and the disabled Soviet troops.Moscow obviously has no hope of winning Stalingrad, and Marshal Vasilevsky is completely desperate.Now.Stalingrad can only fend for itself Now, we no longer have any doubts about the coming of victory In the 2nd Panzer Group General Paul Hauser In his memoirs, he recorded the Battle of the Last Judgment at Stalingrad The Russians were in a hopeless passive defense.They were fighting a battle without any hope Street fighting is still going on, and it is still very brutal, but it is obvious that our soldiers have long been used to this method.Linda walked out waving a white flag Dr.Matthewman is in their hands, here is what the Russians need Drug list.When seeing Major Klingenberg, Nurse Linda hurriedly said Major, please give me the medicine immediately, the purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy doctor s head is now being held by several rifles. Get ready now Klingenberg said without hesitation Smolin, you are responsible for sending the medicine to the Russians.Nurse Linda, you are safe now.No cbd gummies thc free for pain Linda said unexpectedly I have to send it myself, the doctor is still in their hands I will never leave the doctor here alone.Klingenberg was silent for a while Do you know that if we go back again, we are not sure that we will rescue you safely I know.Linda was there, barely controlling her fear But I still won t leave the doctor alone What a brave girl this is all the Commandos have in mind Linda is back with the medicine Sergeant Matthews needs , but it was too late.Will charge like a price of true bliss cbd gummies real soldier.Like a real soldier, when rushing in front of the enemy, he will directly pull the grenade on his body, and then drink the enemy to die together Mercy, what is taken away can only be your own life still those old men and women When the battle has reached the present, all people have fallen into a state of disordered madness, especially the Russians.They don t need anyone to mobilize anything, they know exactly what they should do.Soldiers in the Soviet Army also knew how to surrender in utter despair.But those civilians probably never thought of the word surrender.They frantically sacrificed everything for their capital and their leaders, completely ignoring the enemy s firepower to kill them.They probably think that they can stop the enemy s charge with their own lives.The main body of the Roman army is ordinary citizens, and the government does not have to provide weapons.Now mercenaries are also being popularized in the Roman army, so that the Republic can have a lot of regular Troops, in the early days, the cost can be compensated by the defeated country, but in the middle and late stages, it becomes a great burden for the countrybut it is worth the money, so the combat capability of the army is much stronger than that of ordinary citizensIf the Roman army and the Han army meet and fight, the scene will be The two armies confront each other, facing the crossbows of the Han army, the Romans will approach and fight the Han army step by step The heavy shields of the Romans will resist the crossbow arrows of the Han army, and the formation of the Han army will be frustrated However, the decisive force on the battlefield, the duel between the cavalry will end with the victory of the Han army, as long as the Han army s If the infantry can resist until the moment the cavalry wins, the Han army will win the war Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart, but he didn t say it out of his mouth.

Or to put it more directly, in the Roman army, they belonged to the bottom class.Only by purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain being canonized by the Romans by virtue of his military exploits can he truly get rid of his current status.The sudden appearance of Wang Weiyi made Thibius a little surprised.As soon as this person who claimed to be Ernst Brehm appeared, Thibius kept his vigilance against him.When climbing the cliff, Ernst and his companions acted bravely and calmly.In Thibius view, the sudden addition of two assistants to the Romans was not the same for the Germanians.What a good thing. Tibius, come out with me.Wang Weiyi said coldly.Yes, my lord.Thibius stood up respectfully, and walked out with Wang Weiyi.When you attacked the Celtics, you made a lot of contributions, but you didn t get the reward you deserved.Do you feel resentful When Ernst asked such a question, Tibi Us almost had no time to think and said My lord, I don t have any complaints in my heart.Deputy Consul, may I ask why you call me a coward I have never been afraid when facing barbarians on the battlefield But your soldiers Run away first Kaleini said sternly You, as their commander in chief, must take this responsibility Then, please allow me to wash away this shame with blood Alexei Stubbornly said Tomorrow, I will stand at the forefront of the team Caesar was about to speak, but Caesar had already said Can you still fight I can, cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies respected governor Endure, price of true bliss cbd gummies but Alexei still said Please look at it, even if I die tomorrow, my body must be facing forward.Caesar was overjoyed This is what I want.Warrior Alexey, from now on, you are a centurion Alexey was stunned for a moment, then overjoyed, half kneeling on the ground Dear Governor, except for my life.I thought I didn t know how to repay your kindness Caesar smiled with satisfaction, he knew that the confidence and morale that had been lost are now coming back little by little Leoni, do you feel nervous about today s battle In the camp of the Germanians.The darkness is endless, but this does not make the Germanians have any fear.Here they are, and they are waiting for the enemy to come The sound of the horn pierces the sky.The enemies of the brigade and brigade began to press forward little by little with their spears.In the Germanian team, there was no sound at all, and everyone was waiting for the final order from the consul.Wang Weiyi watched cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies calmly, although such a scene looked grand.But in his career.He himself forgot how many times he had experienced such a scene. Ready In Wang Weiyi s voice, the Germanians knew that their last moment had come Come closer, come closer Wang Weiyi waited, waitedcloser again, very close already Wang Weiyi took off his shield, pulled out his saber bit by bit, and shouted price of true bliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for dementia with all his strength Germany Germany The final decisive battle finally broke out here This is a contest of life and death.Wang Weiyi replied casually.But, they can also be bribed by others So.It depends on who offers a higher price, so high that your competitors can t afford the same price as you.Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi made up his mind Manfred, I think I should visit the winners and losers now.Every point of his investment needs to be rewarded, whether it is for the winner or the loser.This is true for Pompey and Servius.From the first time they accepted their sponsorship They have to take this into consideration from the very beginning.When their alliance with Wang Weiyi begins, they will never be able to get rid of this person for the rest of their lives Servius home It was already full of congratulatory guests, and those poets and dramatists probably would never realize how much trouble Servius had actually caused.Who are you Natis asked coldly.Tias Meleus.MP Spurius.Wang Weiyi also replied in a cold voice.When he heard that this person was the mysterious rich man Spurius, the room became quiet all at once.Mr.Spurius, hello.Natis knew that cbd infused gummies legal this person had a heated fight with Pompey recently, and Rome is now Pompey s territory, so his tone became a lot more polite I am exercising the power of Governor Caesar, do you have any questions Of course, I would like to ask what happened here.Wang Weiyi didn t answer immediately, but asked instead.Natis tried his best to sound respectful You just returned to Rome, so you probably don t know cbd hemp gummies ohio yet.Everyone here is the creditor of Governor Centumalus, and I, as the only spokesperson of the respected Governor Caesar in Rome, can declare here that Caesar is the largest Creditor, I will accept everything here on behalf of Governor Caesar, and this is the power given to Governor Caesar by the holy Roman law.The covenant between Caesar and the barbarians will last for ten years.In the ten year covenant, whoever betrays will be condemned by the gods and swallowed by the flames of anger Those who are willing to abide by this covenant, please speak out loudly Then, with all his might, he snapped the arrow in two.Caesar barbarian Caesar barbarian Caesar barbarian All the soldiers of the Roman legion made such a cry.Enough, this is enough for the Germans.This is a promise above Caesar s promise, and this is a promise above the promise of the Romans.At the same time It is also a very interesting thing.Not long ago, the Caesars Legion and the Germanic people were fighting to the death, but at this moment, they have become allies.In the future, the alliance will become worthless.Any interest group will Betrayal, but in this era, covenants and oaths are the most important things.At this time, he is no longer fighting for Rome, but fighting for his own honor.He once reached the pinnacle of his life, but all the glory and flowers he obtained were ruthlessly deprived by Caesar.He finally regained the power to lead the army, and he was absolutely unwilling to continue to lose completely here.As long as there was a glimmer of hope, as long as there was a last soldier left, he swore he would fight until his own body lay across the Rubicon.This is his duty, this is his mission One legion was defeated by Caesar, and another legion was also defeated by Caesar Servius s legion has already appeared serious The chaotic situation And what is even more terrifying are those barbarians.The soldiers they have realized on the battlefield are better than those soldiers under Caesar.They were completely fearless and charged back and forth in Rome.

In fact, price of true bliss cbd gummies their hearts have always had a deep sense of fear towards the Skeleton Baron Ryan, let our supplies be sent up as soon as possible.Corrett returned to the war I need gasoline, I need shells, and my soldiers need a lot of bullets that can wipe out all the Germans Yes, General, I will personally supervise this matter.Seven hundred and ninety.Schrottenburg s new adventure Guo Yunfeng s ability to handle affairs is enough to reassure Wang Weiyi.A total of thirty German soldiers were lined up neatly there.Among them were soldiers of the German Wehrmacht and the SS.Although they were defeated by the enemy, there was no trace of awe and fear on their faces.As long as they wear this uniform, they must fight for this country.I am Major Moyol.When Wang Weiyi said the long lost name Moyol , he felt some inexplicable excitement in his heart Soldiers, Germany has encountered great difficulties.Then returned to the room, at this time Agent Annette was fully dressed.Her face looked complicated, obviously trying to explain to Major Davyn what he had seen.Wang Weiyi smiled and comforted her.I feel a little guilty in my heart.After she successfully escaped, Agent Annette would inevitably be investigated, and perhaps her identity as a CIA price of true bliss cbd gummies agent could no longer be maintained.But for the sake of the whole, anyone s interests can be sacrificed Brigadier General Johnson and Major Daveyne arrived at the residence of Baron Platt on time.The baron dismissed his butler, and then took out some things from the room Look, gentlemen, what did I find Then There are some ornaments made of gold, only a few of them.But it was enough to make the eyes of Brigadier General Johnson and Major Davyn glow with a strange color.Who s right You or me I was right, and I always will be A nation is going through turmoil, and we, are being favored by the god of luck.We should be happy, the future will definitely belong to us Germany s tomorrow depends on you, Germany Young people We must grit our teeth and do one thing with all our strength otherwise, we shall accomplish nothing.They must be careful, the day will come when our patience will run out, and we will let those shameless Jews Shut up I don t believe that those who used to laugh at us are still laughing now cbd gummies customer service You must follow me and solemnly swear what we need is peace, what we need is dedication Perish for the weak in our cause The Germanic nation shall perish if it is no longer strong enough to defend its own existence with blood.Extraordinary minds will not coexist with mortals.I m back.tonight.I will lead you to regain victory My officers, are you ready Marshal Ernst, the Skeleton Division of the Waffen SS has completed preparations Marshal Ernst, the Mountain Division of Prince Eugen of the Waffen SS is ready Marshal Ernst, the Grossdeutschland regiment is ready The voices came one by one, it was the declaration of the German officers They never thought that in their lifetime, they would still have the opportunity to fight side by side with Marshal Ernst.God, this day they will never die Can t forget I thank you for your efforts for Germany Wang Weiyi said in price of true bliss cbd gummies a gentle voice at this time When Germany was in the most difficult situation, you did not give up, and you still fought for the honor of the country.You did everything you could, including you, General Stock Olitz.Blue Love s eyes widened.Please, please.She began to pray, please don t let them get any of this message too, don t let Dad lie somewhere and let someone take his name tag and tell them his mission in this war is done.And always will be.Will not go back to them again.Blue Love kept wondering then, and I still wonder now, whether these soldiers would have put how much are fun drops cbd gummies the bodies of their comrades price of true bliss cbd gummies alongside those of the enemy soldiers.What about price of true bliss cbd gummies being buried in the same grave In later days, she learned a German proverb They mourn the dead, and they have found their peace.She said it to herself whenever the scene before her eyes.They staggered out of the battlefield, and leaving price of true bliss cbd gummies this sad place relieved price of true bliss cbd gummies their mood a little.On the way they met two soldiers, luckily they went with them and knew which purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain direction to go.We ve been controlled Queen Elizabeth II was very dissatisfied.I m afraid that s more than that.No one even informed us about Baron Alexon s return.I got the news from those guards.No, I want to see Head Kroll immediately and ask him to tell him personally.What happened to me Queen Elizabeth II said stubbornly.Your Majesty, why are you so anxious Prince Philip suddenly smiled and held his wife s hand, Since the Baron has returned, I think he will be able to solve the problem.Trust him Trust him believe unconditionally Invincible Baron Alexon Eight hundred and thirty seven.I am the baroness.Ma am, the situation in Berlin is getting out price of true bliss cbd gummies of control.Joseph walked in hastily, The whole of Berlin went crazy because of your broadcast, and the people were shouting for the government to announce the truth and punish the murderer.Not only that, a large number of outstanding generals were persecuted by him, they purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain died unjustly, and some were forced to leave the army.Like General Fels.In this series of actions, Oliver and Wolfe, the new head of the Intelligence Agency, obviously played a very disgraceful role.Wang Weiyi roughly understood that some kind of conspiracy must have been reached between Kroller and William.Kroller became the head of Germany, and William successfully became the president of the United States.After all this happens, Kroller s repayment to William will officially begin Oliver carefully explained everything he knew.Although there were many top secrets of Kroller that he didn t particularly know, it was enough for Wang Weiyi.As long as Kroll is caught, all the secrets will be unlocked.Of course, there is also something about William.

I will let our enemies know that German air power has not been destroyed, German armor power has not Destroyed, Germany is still a huge war machine that scares you Field Marshal Manstein, Field Marshal Model, all German soldiers who are fighting hard in the Middle East and North Africa, I want you to know that you are not alone, Berlin will always be with you, and I will appear in front of you soon.Victory belongs to Germany Get ready for victory, German soldiers, German citizens.All for Germany All for the beginning of the great counteroffensive The citizens of Berlin, the soldiers in the trenches listened silently, and then they knew what they should do.All for the great counter offensive yes, sooner or later the counter offensive will begin when the Baron returns Berlin s resolve has never been stronger, and Germany s resolve has never been stronger.Ah, General Fels, as for you, the best Christmas present you could ever give me, I think you know what it is Yes, I know what you need.General Fels quickly understood the meaning of the baron s words In Berlin, although Kroller is dead, his accomplices are still active, and they are colluding with the Allied spies lurking in Berlin, preparing to sabotage Our plans for the defense of Berlin.According to our intelligence, the biggest spy of the Allied forces, Old Boy , is in Berlin, and stole a lot of our confidential information, and passed it on to the Allied Command, making us very passive old boys Wang Weiyi frowned.After the end of World War II, both sides paid more attention to the use of spies than ever before.Especially those price of true bliss cbd gummies spies who performed exceptionally well in the World War, their actions were censored countless times.Those assault guns have been transferred here, and price of true bliss cbd gummies the resistance of the Yankees is very fierce.The voices kept ringing out one after another, and the German commandos had already broken through several enemy blockades in Aswan.And some commandos have already entered Aswan.But the resistance of the US military is still fierce.They were broken into parts and kept in various positions.With the support of air power, the German attack was delayed.Colonel Stam, who commands the US 172nd Infantry Regiment here, is well aware of the harsh conditions he has encountered.But he is not worried.Judging from the current situation, although Aswan is in danger, he can continue to persevere.As long as it lasts until tomorrow, reinforcements will arrive.Ah, the Italian reinforcements, they are not very trustworthy, but they are better than nothing.I appreciate this.Any soldier who made a mistake should not be punished immediately, but should be given a complaint.Opportunity.I m not as good at it as you are, Colonel.Stam s interest was piqued.It is not the platinum series gummy bers 500 mg of cbd an easy task for an enemy to publicly admit that he is not as good as himself.Look, what I said is true.Wang Weiyi was very sincere I hate those cowardly guys on the battlefield, and I even shot many cowards.I always think that this is what a commander should do on the battlefield.Yes, but I never thought that not everyone can be a hero.It is human nature to be timid.From what you say, you seem to have commanded many armies Stam was a little puzzled.Wang Weiyi nodded earnestly Indeed, I have commanded thousands of troops.But Stam laughed uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies suddenly Come on.My good sir.If it is true as you said, you young mortal You won t be detained here anymore.They saw purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain a person in the room with his back to them.Even if this person did not turn around.They I also recognized who this person was at price of true bliss cbd gummies a glance.At this moment, it was exactly the same as when I reunited with Baron Alexon.The bodies of the generals and marshals of the empire began to tremble.They could never have imagined that he would be at this time Appeared that person turned around purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy slowlyhe took the initiative to remove the beard around his mouth, and then, even Modor who came in with him finally remembered this person Who is it All the people raised their arms straightly, and then uttered this call in the most solemn and neat voice Long live Hitler F cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies hrer of the German Empire Adolf.Hitler Without witnessing it with their own eyes, no one could believe that such a scene would happen Adolf Hitler, the head of state who everyone thought was dead, even sparked in front of countless Germans, appeared here Long live Fuehrer Long live Germany Everyone shouted loudly there.Poor boy, I also know who brought all of this to me.Kasanovic s voice became trembling It s you, Mr.Baron.Wang Weiyi smiled You are still loyal to me Is it Kasanovic will always be loyal to you.Kasanovic replied without the slightest hesitation I am the king of New York gangsters in front of others, but in gnc sell cbd gummies front of you.I will always be you The most humble servant.No, we are friends.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I gave you everything.I am very happy that you have not forgotten.You still continue to be your king of New York.I am very grateful for this position.Not too interested.Please sit down now, Casanovich.Probably no one would have imagined that Casanovich, who was one individual cbd gummy and only in New York, would be what he is now.Kasanovic sat down like a primary school student Mr.Baron, I know you are back, and such news is spreading everywhere.He shouted frantically.It was getting dark.Heisenberg watched all this and whispered to organic gold cbd gummies 300 mg his comrades beside him This Maybe it s all hope.who Heisenberg was a little surprised, the big man would ask himself, Soldiers.Heisenberg turned his head to look at Zoff.Then you too.He pointed to the Iron Cross on Heisenberg s neck, smiled, and patted Heisenberg on the shoulder.It started.With the flash of the distant sky, bunches of twisted black objects pierced the sky, leaving ripples of air waves.Finally, they exploded on the ground.This wave of artillery bombardment could kill everyone in the German army.It s a pity The calculations of the Russian army were not good enough.All those shells hit the woods on the south bank of the river.Those poor trees were uprooted by the force of the explosion, and then pushed out by the air wave, burning to ashes in price of 600 mg cbd gummies the air.

The wreckage of the tank blocked his way.And behind it was a line of tank convoys.The Russian army tried to smash the destroyed ss6 with heavy tanks.Unfortunately, it failed.The Russian infantry tried to rely on tank armor Fight back.3, 2, 1 Throw Dozens of grenades fell from the sky, and 6 mg62s aimed at the Russian army downstairs and swept away.The Russian infantry was immediately beaten up and had nowhere to escape.They were pinned to the ground, unable to lift their heads.And While suppressing, the German army upstairs poured Molotov cocktails and grenades on the long line of Russian tanks.Within 3 minutes, 6 tanks were even reimbursed.The slow reversing of the Russian army gave the German army a very good nano cbd gummie opportunity, one after another.The Russian army suddenly rushed out a self propelled artillery, raised the body of the gun, and fired a shot purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy at the upstairs, which calmed down the arrogant ambush.Where they are used to going.They The usual course of action must be clearly handed over to me.Everything is price of true bliss cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain as you wish, Mr.Moyol.Call Elliott.Wang Weiyi continued Let him as soon as possible Send a fully trusted geological survey team to Moscow, preferably with an internationally renowned geologist.Moreover, this geologist must be able to completely obey my orders.Tell Elliott that I don t care what method he uses.Although he didn t know what Mr.Moyol was going to do, Capone quickly agreed When leaving Mr.People guessed the true identity of Mr.Moyol like that.Who can make Mr.Eliot, the head of the Wittgenstein family, obey him in this way Who can make Marshal Kerkrok willing to take an adventure Mr.Eliot and Marshal Kolkorock, one in the United States and the other in Germany, have no intersection at all, but Mr.They found the Destroyer 3 tank hidden in the bunker.The second company commander SS The squadron leader of the third level green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review commando, Klaus, had already arrived at the tank and waited for Kiritz.Klaus knocked on the armor of the tank, and the three crew members who were ready to go came out and stood in a row in front of Kiritz.Others Kiritz asked.The loud voice of the commander replied Sir, I am the commander, First Class Corporal Gessler this is the gunner Yunfeng First Class Fu, and the driver Technical Sergeant Hoffmanour loaders and spotters have been killed by American fire.Fu Kiritz was a little dazed, cbd gummies have thc in them the name was too weird.Sir, I am from Qingdao, China, and Yunfeng Fu is my Chinese name.China Kieritz was a little surprised It s a very far away place Kiritz asked Klaus to equip the tank with a loader and an observer immediately.The blood stained position At this time, before the German counterattack began, the 151st Regiment of the Wehrmacht, a team basically composed of recruits, also fell into a arduous battle under the attack of the enemy.The 151st Regiment is responsible for the most northeast part of Berlin, which is the line of fire.We are the front line against the U.S.military.For this reason, their new division commander, Lieutenant General Lai Meng He, specially transported 6 Predator guns from the rear.Three of them are located at the rear of the 151st regiment.At the same time, a small batch of Model assault guns was obtained, and then the SS Skeleton Division transferred the 5th Panzergrenadier Regiment.Their regiment was reorganized into a reinforced regiment.They specially brought a Destroyer 3 tank company with 15 Destroyer 3 tanks, an anti tank battalion with 9 anti tank guns, and 16 Model assault guns.The tenacity and tenacity of the people are best reflected here.They are tenaciously working hard on the ruins.Every one of them knows that the war is not over, and every one price of true bliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for dementia of them knows that the work in hand cannot be stopped But they are not afraid.Because they have seen the smile of the goddess of victory What Wang Weiyi saw was the strength of the Germans A priest is praying for a dead man, The relatives of the price of true bliss cbd gummies deceased stood quietly.They waited until the priest s prayer was over before they buried their relatives bodies.Poor people.Wang Weiyi said in a low voice.I came into this world naked and I should leave like this price of true bliss cbd gummies The priest didn t know who the person standing in front of him was Do you know who said this I think this sentence is also useful now.Father of Frederick the Great, old Frederick William.Catadona is very strange.Why are their own officials so respectful to a young man.He probably would not have known HCMUSSH price of true bliss cbd gummies that it was Mr.Pipondu s check that made the Republic of Turin go a long way.I am here on behalf of the Freedom Alliance Wang Weiyi did not directly say Mr.Pipondu s name, but used the title Freedom Alliance for the first time I can assure you, President Sir.This is a coalition of great wealth and power.We can do what we think is impossible, and we can get you all the help we can get Cataldo Na didn t particularly understand What kind of help can you HCMUSSH price of true bliss cbd gummies provide us, Mr.Moyol.We will provide you with a loan of 1.5 million U.S.dollars.Wang Weiyi said with a smile I am sure about this loan.It can bring you great helpAt the same time, a large amount of weapons and ammunition are on the way to TurinMr.I just hope that the god of fate will take care of my car crew, even if only this time Almost as soon as the shells were loaded.Nochier gave the order to fire hit hit hit Nochier whispered uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies hurriedly in his heart, holding the handle of the periscope tightly with both hands.Sweat dripped from the palms.Bodilla observed the battlefield through the viewing hole in front of the car body And the trajectory of the 45mm shell that was fired head on could be so straight If it misses, Nochell thought, the hell will happen Bodilla almost knocked Lamer over, and he took over the driving right of the tank.He pulled the joystick violently, causing the tank to quickly reverse.They watched his crazy actions, but felt a strong sense of powerlessness.098 was reversing, and the 45 shells came to visit in a short while.

It s a pity that they have nothing but machine guns and submachine guns.Ah, it s not that there is nothing, at least, they still have their own lives.Volyn Katzky can now see the most clearly why the Russian army suffered a crushing defeat.Their weapons are not at the cbd gummies orlando fl same level as the Germans.The Germans can slaughter the Russians without restraint, but the Russians cannot give any substantial harm to them.Apart from being passively beaten in such a battle, what else can they do Volyn Katsky s heart was bleeding, and at this time the machine gun became his only companion.Like all Russian soldiers, he could not know when he would die At that time, it was his real life.relief The enemy s attack was finally repulsed again, but at this time on the position, there were only 11 Russians left in a whole company.Even if the Russian army is defeated again and again on the battlefield, as long as this country does not withdraw from the war, it will be a huge threat to Germany.But obviously, the status of Grand Duke Bierstoka is already in shambles, once he suddenly collapses.And if the United States does not respond to this, no one knows what will happen.Fristoia is a good partner, purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain he knows a lot of inside information that even he doesn t know.Moreover, he notified himself in a timely manner of the major changes taking place within the Russian government.His eyes fell on his old friend Mr.Fristoya, you are my friend and also a friend of the US government.If you can replace the position of Grand Duke Bierstoka.I think we will be very happy.I m interested.Fristoia smiled My friend.As I said, I am a patriot, but that s all.In his eyes, money was more important than anything else.If Gregory could forget about money, even for a moment, the baron might let him go.pity.Rona Nova is really disappointed The baron has completely seen through what kind of person his father is No.No, you don t understand, you don t best cbd gummy for anxiety understand.Gregory said repeatedly We can lose everything, but Only money cannot be lost.Tell me, my dear daughter, are you sure that my money is safe I am sure By this time, Rona Nova knew that her father was hopeless Your money is very safe , come in with me and have a look.She didn t look at can you order cbd gummies online her father again.Instead, he walked into another room.Gregory felt that the fatigue and pain all over his body disappeared instantly, and he stood up abruptly.As long as you can see your own money, what is the pain Ronanova concealed them when she entered.The rest of the German army stuck to the wreckage in different positions, covering each other with the light weapons they carried.At the same time, Steinman also expected that at such a short distance, the U.S.military would not use missiles and artillery to attack, because the distance at this time has reached the point where the troop badges of the incoming tanks can be seen with the naked eye.Free fire Steinman gave the order to attack, and the attack began.Boom boom boom The German tanks fired one after another, using the wreckage as cover, the loading speed of the loading machine, and the accuracy of the fire control system began this battle with fewer enemies and more enemies.A round of shells shredded the front armor plate of the US price of true bliss cbd gummies tank, and then detonated it.One after another, the US tanks were destroyed and beheaded, but more tanks came from the rear, more and more, a steady stream.You know, to start a decisive battle with the Skeleton Baron in Teton and make him lose his original advantage is a battle plan that he and President William personally discussed.But now it is clear that this plan has been seen through by boulder highlands cbd gummies the Skeleton Baron Fort Dukeland and Hannover must not be lost, otherwise this will pose a huge threat to the US flank attacking Teton and directly shake the entire combat plan.Westmoreland personally gave orders to New Zealand General Ellington in Fort Dukeland and American General Dolby in Hannover to stop the German attack at all costs and let the Germans give up their plans to capture these two cities., must drive them back to the front line of Teton To be honest, this is not an easy taskthe opponent they face is the Skeleton Baron The baron who is price of true bliss cbd gummies as invincible as a godMajor General Ellington in Fort Dukeland is not very sure.Sir, stop talking, cbd sleep gummies near me price of true bliss cbd gummies go in and take a look, and go to support them earlier, Ihave to go to the battlefield.The soldier s words were full of pleas.In such a cruel era of war, this soldier still did not forget his comrades who fought on the front line.He had the opportunity to stay at the assembly point, but he still chose to return to the battlefield.The soldier finished speaking After paying a salute, he turned and left.Steinman noticed that the eyes of the soldiers when they left were as firm as steel.Although they did not have the spirit of seeing death as home, they had the courage of a man.The British army The main army is about to be surrounded Steinman angrily crumpled the document into a ball of paper and threw it out, then punched himself on the right cheek with his right hand.Really No way Desk, Bentonson and others who heard about it couldn t believe it at all.Lontes said with difficulty.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, could someone recognize him wherever he went He stared at Lonster What about you and who are you You won t know who I am, but you must know my mother Longhurst said with infinite emotion in his voice During the First World War, you were at her She bought flowers from her florist, and she gave you flowers in Paris during the Second World War.Wang Weiyi knew who Longster s mother was in an instant In Reims, a group of Germans, led by a German major, did the most surprising and romantic thing.That is A tank full of roses The florist girl looked a little crazy when she saw the tank she arranged by herself out of her sight.I really envy the German girl in the tank.She is willing to do whatever she wants In Paris, when the lady who presented flowers on behalf of the Vichy government appeared, the surroundings purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy became a little quieter This lady is about forty When she was around 10 years old, it could be seen that she was trembling with excitement.

Bouvitch stared at the building through the bullet holes in the wall, without even blinking.Everyone stretched their nerves like a string.Will snap almost anytime.Someone asked in a low voice I was blowing the charge horn arrogantly just now, why did the sound suddenly stop What are those idiots waiting for They are considering whether to blow your ass open.Really Damn that s a good sign There were whispers of cursing all around Gavin, you did a great job If we get killed because of you, I ll take a knife and cut the skin off your cock, and then Then make octopus rolls and throw them on the side of the street to feed the dogs Quiet purekana cbd gummies for pain If you say another word, I ll push your ass away The enemy is moving At this moment, the Americans in the distance re emerged Started playing their music, only a lot louder.This also gave him a fantasy, maybe Mr.Moyol and Biedler can really help him This dinner was very fruitful for the Rotini family.Rotini succeeded in approaching a powerful man, Catalina met a rich and charming young man, and Berkeley seemed to see the hope of finding General Roberto.Your Excellency, are you really going to do uly cbd gummies cost price of true bliss cbd gummies something big in Paris After the Rotini family left, Will asked Your Excellency, Paris today is not the Paris of the past, I think you at least We need to find more helpers.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes.Paris is no longer the Paris of the past.In my opinion, the French government at that time was far better than the Catelli government or the French government.Berkeley is much more interesting.The Khatri government is full of flaws.Their only support is the United States, but now the United States has reached the point where they can t control the Khatri government.Moreover, purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain the contact between them also died in that bombing.Berkeley believes that no one in the world can know this matter except himself.But now Mr.Moyol has said it If you can find a way to make up for it by selling weapons to the German resistance organization privately, then releasing important German spies is enough to put yourself on the gallows Mr.Moyol, how do you know these things Berkeley tried his best to calm himself down What is the purpose of your coming to Paris What is the purpose of you telling me this Wang Weiyi shrugged Don t worry, I m just here to make friends with you.For Berkeley, this sentence was actually what he was most afraid of hearing One thousand thirty four.A dog I m only here to cbd blue gummies befriend you.When Mr.Moyol said this, Berkeley tensed up.Once someone says this to you, there are only two purposes.Mr.Leader, I hope you understand your responsibilities Ah Mr.Vaco, I m proud of you Litham said heavily Please rest assured, the whole of Paris and France will be your most solid backing Avako s face showed pride Smile Avaco, let me go with you.Pisnoche, Avaco s most powerful assistant, said No matter what kind of danger happens, please let me accompany you Avako shook his head slightly You have two children.But I have nothing to worry about.Pisnoche, please stay here, this place needs you even more.Pisnoche s eye sockets instantly It becomes moist Major Bin Laden got good news that these insurgents agreed to the negotiation request, and they will send their heavyweight Avako to negotiate, but Major Bin Laden also received a warning that Avako must be guaranteed.Safety, otherwise all the consequences will be fully borne by Ainova.Especially at this particular time.The enemy is about to move against Britain.Who should we trust at this time Mills or Nash Ah, I don t think so.We participated in some important decisions and deployments for the defense of the British homeland, I People are busy all over the UK, instead of just staring at a few insignificant terrorist militants like Mills and Nash.This made Wang Weiyi interested I completely agree with your words, Colonel.I I am also eager to establish a close relationship between us.Of course, I have no secret that I am more eager to do one or two beautiful things in London, so that I can have a good relationship with General Phillips.Confession.Let s be frank, I know of a secret underground resistance stronghold in the UK Colonel Jade s eyes lit up completelyHonestly, the CIA has It has been a long time since he has made any good case, and the limelight was completely suppressed by Mills and Nash, which also put him under a lot of pressure.Today, I received several calls.Prime Minister Wilkins said slowly from one side In addition to expressing our condolences for Nash, he also asked about the successor of the new British National Police Commissioner.In fact, I am very happy.Knowing their real purpose, can you take too much cbd gummies what they are looking at is not this position.It is the power vacuum left after Nash s death.So what do you think Fenton asked a little irritably.The price of true bliss cbd gummies cbd gummies for dementia Americans want their people to take over, nothing more than the FBI or the CIA.Wilkins expressed his opinion The Americans should not be allowed to intervene in such things, but now It is at a special stage that we have to fully rely on the help of the United States.Mr.President, I suggest that you temporarily agree to the American request.President Fenton smiled wryly, what else price of true bliss cbd gummies could he do besides doing this He sighed heavily what percentage of cbd is in gummies Do you have any suitable candidates Lieutenant Colonel Mills of the FBI is the most suitable candidate for succession.General Gendra, who had been silent all this time, thought for a while, and then said slowly I am not particularly familiar with Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, we only met once at a certain banquet, but that time Moyol The lieutenant colonel left a very deep impression on me.I have also heard about yesterday s tragedy, and I have made careful inquiries throughout the whole process.In my opinion, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s handling is very appropriate , It can even be said that he did an excellent job.Gentlemen, in my opinion, even if I was on the scene that day, I could not make such an accurate and effective judgment price of true bliss cbd gummies melatonin and cbd gummies as Lieutenant Colonel Moyol At the same time, I very much agree with Mr.President If it is Lieutenant Colonel Mills or Colonel Jed who chooses any of them, it will cause some unnecessary troubles The situation of choosing the UK is very complicated, and the stability factor is the first thing we must consider Questionif I had to vote, then I think I would give my vote to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Gen.

And this also allowed Bert Adams to see the possibility of winning.More than a dozen trucks appeared slowly, and when the trucks stopped, Edward, Bert Adams capable subordinate, jumped off the first truck and came to Bert Adams Leader, a new batch of combat The members have completed the training, and our allies have also sent new weapons.Edward, I see the dawn of victory.Bert Adams suppressed his inner excitement.There is even more exciting news.Edward said immediately Our ally, our staunchest supporter, Mr.A has fallen.Bert Adams was taken aback.Mr.A, the code name for the largest provider of IRA funding and weapons, meanwhile.This Mr.A is also in charge of the overseas military training bases of the Irish Republican Army.It s just that Bert Adams has never seen Mr.A.When he heard the name, Bert Adams quickly asked, Where is Mr.Coupled with the uninterrupted calls of those tweeters, many officers and soldiers of the government army became upset.Yes, those people on the opposite side are indeed some rebels.But so what Now is the time to think about your future.Everyone can see the failure of the Fenton government, when Her Majesty the Queen set foot on the land of England again.What attitude will they take towards Ireland And these government soldiers, should they continue to implement the orders of the Fenton government, or should they consider some other way out General Rolando must also face such a choice To be honest, he didn t blame Colonel Reeves betrayal very much.If he was in his position at that time, he might have made the same choice However, it seems difficult to make him betray, he is A general personally appointed by President Fenton After the coup d tat in England, President Fenton s special envoy price of true bliss cbd gummies found him, had a secret conversation with him, and promised to promote him, who was still a colonel at the time, to the position of general, on the condition that he be loyal to are cbd gummies legal in north carolina the Fenton government.Then, without the help of the United States, the British government Who else can they rely on Germany yes, they must rely on Germany even more Captain Roger is right, Wang Weiyi thinks so in his heart.Using the hands of the Americans to aggravate the anger of the British against the Americans , and more closely bind the British government and the German government together.Wang Weiyi can see from the expression on Captain Roger s face that he probably guessed his intentions, which also makes Wang Weiyi more interested in Captain Roger Yes.Maybe after the war is over, the American captain can play a more important role for himself.Captain Roger, do what you should do, and try not to expose yourself as much as possible.Wang Weiyi immediately gave him great encouragement We will arrange for your family in the United States, and they purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews purekana cbd gummies for pain can get whatever they need.I have been through three world wars, the first time, my country lost.The German people were in deep pain.However, we have completed the reconstruction in our own unique way.The second time, we won, but we seemed to be dazzled by the victory.As a result, my beloved country nearly perished.He took a deep breath when he said this Berlin has almost fallen into the hands of the enemy.I can t imagine purekana cbd gummies for pain fun drops cbd gummies where to buy what it would be like if that was the case.But luckily we didn t have such a nightmare, we made it, didn t we When the war is over.Berlin will be rebuilt along with London.Together we will dominate all of Europe.Germany and Great Britain I promise What do you make the French and Italians think Queen Elizabeth II couldn t help laughing I think they will probably protest.Hitler also laughed, the queen probably hasn t figured out what he means, but she will understand all this soon This is the suffering that the British people must endure, whatever the price it may cost them War can bring peace, but war brings more destruction endless destruction.The soldiers tried their best to barely stop these people.The car stopped.Wang Weiyi, Hitler and Elizabeth II looked at everyone with a smile.After a long time, the cheers gradually quieted down.The microphone was placed in front of Queen Elizabeth II, and in this car, Elizabeth II s voice was transmitted to the whole of Britain, Europe and the world through this microphone At this moment, my mood and that of each of you Individuals are exactly the same.When I was driven out of this city by the traitors, I knew that one day I would return.Because I have you, loyal subjects of England Cheers another uncontrollable outburst.Queen Elizabeth II continued to wait for the cheers to calm down with a smile never in the history of Britain have we faced a crisis of this magnitude.Something to be proud of.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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