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I was just patronizing to take the lost old lady home, and I forgot to drive the community eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan police electric car issued by the sub bureau.110 police car, ran too far, and ran out of power on the way Always have fast chargers in sight when you don t need them, and none when you need them.Just find a shop on the side of the road to charge it.The key is that you didn t bring a charger when you came out.I have no choice but to push it away.It was already lunch time when I HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies arrived cbd edibles gummies 60 mg at the office.I was completely soaked and dizzy from the heat.I parked the car in the shed, plugged in the charger, and rushed into the air martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies conditioned duty room to find water.There is a kitchen but no canteen in the office.Several policemen from the case handling team and the community team are sitting around the duty room with the internal staff Chen Xiujuan to eat.

Xu Hongliang didn t rush in, so he turned on the engine and turned on the air conditioner.cigarette.I heard from Lao Xu and my master when I went to the police yesterday.He is quite well informed, maybe he overheard him when he was answering the phone in the duty room.The police station is a small society, there are all kinds of people, and some people like it Those who flatter the leaders, and those who make small reports for their performance, such as martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies Wu Wei.There are also those who like to gossip, especially those auxiliary police officers and co officers whose HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies wages are not high and their work intensity is not high.No one speaks behind that person, and no one speaks behind that person s back.Han Chaoyang has his own ideals and pursuits, he doesn t care about them or even disdains them, he doesn t bother to comment that he can t do anything in his 40s and can only work as an assistant at the police station.

After asking all the information, please ask the proprietress to put her handprint on the record and sign it, take a photo of the express delivery record with the police, then go to the typing and copying shop next door to copy a copy, and take all the certificates that can be obtained , Once again told to keep it strictly confidential, and then stepped on the electric police car back to the police room.Xu Hongliang has no news so far, and Lao Xu is in a hurry.As soon as he saw Han Chaoyang, he asked eagerly, Chaoyang, will Hongliang get lost He came over, and the driver was a young man in his twenties, wearing a security uniform, and a female security guard in her early twenties with freckles was sitting on the co pilot.Officer Han, I m Li Xiaobin.I met you the day before yesterday when you went to catch snakes in our community.

There is nothing to watch at night, you come back later, and leave one person to watch at Factory 527 tomorrow, and all the others cbd gummies hemp bombs review pur balance cbd gummies will leave early in pur balance cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause stomach pain the morning.You can count as many people as you can, especially those who are representative.Can the security guards in Dongming Community do this Xu Hongliang asked buy cbd gummies michigan cbd gummies botanical farms worriedly.Make some preparations, surprise training, it shouldn t be a big problem.I ll call Manager equilibria cbd gummies Zhang and ask him to borrow a few people.You are in charge of the training.If I can t leave, I will rely on you to keep track.Han Chaoyang added Hongliang, the clues were provided by the people of Chaoyang.We can t make a one shot deal.I ll go to the riverside to play and sing with them later.After we get on good terms with pur balance cbd gummies them, there will be plenty of clues.Xu Hongliang couldn t help laughing I said Chaoyang, your major is really suitable, I will hurry back, you can play and sing with them, go to the square dance with them.

Yes Photos, there s video, the lad did a great job.With these evidences, let s see how she denies it After the auxiliary policemen, assistants and security guards who participated in the battle finished reporting one by one, Han Chaoyang held up his mobile phone and said, Everyone, please work hard, persist for a day, and collect as much evidence as possible without arousing the suspect s alert.Persevere In the afternoon, when they finish work and find out where they are going, our task will be completed.I will invite everyone to dinner later, and when the case is solved, I will help everyone win bonuses.Chapter 29 Operation Fox Hunting 2 Facts have proved that it is really impossible to leave the jurisdiction of the police office.At 10 21, a police pur balance cbd gummies incident broke out in Chaoyang Village.A chef who had worked in the Longfu Restaurant on the East Street of Chaoyang Village for three months had a dispute with the restaurant owner and his wife because his wages were always owed.

Put it here too.The USB flash drive is mine.Are there many photos and videos The capture of the four suspects is just the beginning, and the action must be fast if you want to break the entire chain, Liang Dongsheng is busy studying the suspects.Wechat, QQ and text messages, thinking about how to pry their mouths open in the shortest time, how could they care about these trivial matters, and their tone was a pur balance cbd gummies bit impatient.Han Chaoyang secretly wanted to call you Captain Liang, you are the captain, what s so special, and besides, you can t control me, so he said neither humble nor overbearing Not many, not many.You should join the wechat group in the institute, right You should have Wu Wei s WeChat, just send it to Wu Wei.Okay, I ll send it back.Wu Wei pur balance cbd gummies suddenly raised his head, hesitating to speak, Han Chaoyang picked up the USB flash drive as if he didn t see it, and didn t turn his head.

The expenses required for handling public welfare undertakings can be raised from residents on a voluntary basis, and can also be raised from beneficiary units in the community.That is to say, community neighborhood committees can carry out paid service activities Su Xian, the community party branch secretary, is only temporary, a bit like a government cadre at the grassroots level, and the community director is only a part timer.When Chaoyang Village is officially merged into Chaoyang Community, there will be a re election, and when the work of Chaoyang Community is on the right track, even the party branch secretary All have to resign.The term of office will not be too long, at most two years, Su Xian really wants to do something.She weighed it up and said When the start up funds arrive, I will pur balance cbd gummies buy three air conditioners first, two wall type and one cabinet type, and install them in the police room, security company office and collective dormitory.

Han Chaoyang got into the co pilot and put on his seat belt.A faint fragrance came from around him, and penetrated into his nostrils.It smelled refreshing and pleasant.You are much darker than in the photo.If I hadn t stood beside Director Su, I might not have recognized you.Huang Ying took the lead to break the silence, and looked back, her long eyelashes flickering, and her face was full of palpitations.Smile.Assist the working group in land requisition and relocation.We are exposed to the sun every day.No wonder it s not dark.Han Chaoyang quickly adjusted his mentality, pulled down the sun visor, and looked at the mirror on the back of the sun visor.Don t be smug, in fact, dark spots are better, and tanned spots make me look like a policeman.You mean I didn t look like a policeman before I don t know what I was like before, but I only know that you look like you in the photos in Moments, white and clean Jing, gentle, playing the violin, like a little boy.

The sub bureau also conducts performance appraisals for the police stations.Come to the assessment, even the traffic police brigade began to ask the police station to help arrest traffic violation suspects.Catching a fugitive suspected of intentionally killing two people is not as simple as completing a criminal detention indicator.Guan Yuanyuan became more and more cbd gummies hemp bombs review pur balance cbd gummies excited as he thought about it.While running downstairs, he called the director of the station who was 800 kilometers away.Maybe he fell asleep and didn t hear it.Deputy Director s report At the same time, Ji Qingyun, who was suspected of intentional murder, was escorted by the team members to Santana, who had just sent the robber cbd gummies vs marijuana for anxiety back from the police station, and stuffed him into the back row.With only one arm, Ji Qingyun was tightly sandwiched between them.

Don t be in a rush, don t squeeze, it won t delay everyone.Han Chaoyang let a woman with a child in her arms go first, and signaled a young man with dyed yellow hair and loose clothes to go and line up.Xiaokang was in charge of swiping ID cards, one swiped one to let one go, and the others were responsible for maintaining order.The efficiency was very high, and more than 200 people were pur balance cbd gummies interrogated in less than half an hour.Although they found nothing, the young men who participated in the interrogation were still excited.The last bus came at 11 00, and Han Chaoyang didn t want them to help him check until 11 00.He had to go to work tomorrow and had things to do, so he announced that the bus would close at 10 00.Just as he was about pur balance cbd gummies to untie his armed belt and take a bath in the water room on the west side of the first floor of the neighborhood committee, the landline phone to the police station rang.

Two pronged approach, just divide the work like this Tang Junwei looked around and sighed again It s a pity that I can t get away from moving the grave.If I can get out, the efficiency will definitely be higher than now.Calling someone for help is completely different from asking someone for help in person.Han Chaoyang nodded, thought about it and smiled This is not a big case.Ke Jianrong has been working in Yanyang for so many years.He can only change places and never run away.We have enough time, so we are not in a hurry.Speaking of major cases, how is the investigation of Yangguan s eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan murder I don t know, I don t know.Keep it a secret from me Captain Tang, you can t hide the truth from others, I m not afraid of your jokes, I really don t care Clearly, I really don t know.Thinking that there is a division of labor within the public security, the murder case must be solved by the criminal police, Tang Junwei didn t ask any more, but said with regret I knew the Zhang cbd gummy bears for anxiety Qiuyan who died, he lived in the same village as me, and she married to Yangguan later.

Han Chaoyang warned himself secretly, and said meaningfully Xuanxuan, stop joking, don t make fun of my little film.I have a lot of things here, not only do I have nothing to do after get off work, I don t even have eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan anything to eat , When the salary is paid next month, I will invite you, I know a very good Sichuan restaurant, not only the dishes .

will cbd gummies make you gain weight?

are very authentic, but also very affordable.Next month, the salary is invited, the dishes are very authentic and very affordable.How could Tang Xiaoxuan fail to understand what he meant, and said with a chuckle, Crying poor It s not crying poor, I m really poor, that s it, I m on a mission.Who cares if you re poor, I just want cbd infused gummies effects to be with you You have a meal together Did you make a mistake, you actually hung up on me Hearing the beeping sound on the phone, Tang Xiaoxuan gritted her teeth angrily, Huang Ying, who was sitting by the side, had expected this outcome, and couldn t help laughing The flowers and branches trembled.

We just met at noon.Yes.It turned out that they were sending money to them at noon, Chen Jie realized, and hurriedly said Hello, Miss Tang.Hello, nice to meet you, Chaoyang, who is this little guy Xiaobao, our jurisdiction A resident s half life of cbd gummies child, his father has something to do today, I ll take care of it.The policeman also wanted to take care of the family s child, Tang Xiaoxuan was not only surprised but also a little disappointed, thinking that there would be no romance with this little chubby guy at dinner, edens herbals cbd gummies review right Knowing what to say, Han Chaoyang raised his arm and pointed to the opposite side Xuanxuan, it s better to come early than coincidentally.We are going to have dinner.My master and brother are waiting opposite.Don t you want to visit PolyU Let s go together Go.It s not just Xiaopangdun, there are also masters and brothers Tang Xiaoxuan didn t expect to face such a situation, but she still said with a smile, Okay, I haven t eaten in the cafeteria for a long time, I really miss it a bit.

Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang worked together to drag Qiu Zhimin, whose body was already stiff, onto the boat.When he dragged his torso to the side of the boat, his mouth suddenly opened, spit out a big mouthful of water, and sprayed Xiaokang s face, which shocked them both Chaoyang, are you breathing, is there help Gu Guoli asked eagerly on the shore.Master, let s take a look first.It s hopeless, Li Xiaobin helped Xiaokang wipe his face, raised his head and said, Just now it was the water in his stomach, which was squeezed out by the side of the boat.Corpse spots appeared on his face , It would be hell if he could survive.Thinking of wanting to arrest him today, Han Chaoyang was worried that he would not be able to explain clearly in the future, so he simply came to a dead horse as a living horse doctor, handed the law enforcement recorder to Xiaokang, knelt down and mustered up the courage to help with artificial respiration, just pressing his chest, He wouldn t be so stupid as to mouth to mouth a dead person, holding him down until the ambulance arrived before carrying the body ashore together with Li Xiaobin and Xu Hongliang.

Old Dai, hello Xu Hongliang, why do you look so familiar I ve seen your photo, and Chaoyang often mentions .

how to eat gummies cbd?

you on the phone.Hello, Teacher Ma, welcome to Yanyang.Say goodbye to the driver, say goodbye delta 8 gummies your cbd store to Lao Dai, put on your luggage and get on the electric patrol car.Although there is no air conditioning or even an electric fan, Ma Fengying feels more comfortable than taking an air conditioned passenger.After drinking half a bottle of Pulse, her complexion and spirit are much better than when she just got off the bus.Looking at the tall buildings on both sides of Zhongshan Road, she felt deeply moved Said Yanyang has cbd gummies brands changed a lot.I came here for training a few years ago, and I got off the train at the East Station.Now I can t recognize it.The changes in the past two years are not small.When the high speed rail station is built The whole area has changed even more.

With the support of the sub district working committee and sub district office, it has helped to contract many security services and has a relatively stable source of funds.However, the security service market in Huayuan Street is so big, and setting up another security service company will not be able to receive business at all.Thinking about the serious security situation in the village, Village Chief Cui subconsciously asked Chaoyang, we give 30,000 a year.How many people can the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company send over every day Fan raised his head and said, No less than four people per night.If the village can solve the 30,000 yuan, I can fight for it from the office and see if I can arrange for an auxiliary policeman to is cbd gummies illegal in texas be stationed in the police room.Including the auxiliary police, there are five people, including the grid officer Xiao Cheng, there are six people, and the college student village officer Xiao Liu is always transferred to the street to help, so he can take the opportunity of forming a public security joint defense team to get Xiao Liu back, so there are seven people.

What are you doing, what are you doing Brother, what are you doing, did you make a mistake The suspect finally came to his senses and started arguing with his girlfriend outside the car.That s right, He Yichang motioned to Wu Junfeng to drag the suspect out of the car with Han Chaoyang on the left, handcuffed his other hand, put away pur balance cbd gummies his gun, pointed to the express that Xu Hongliang had just seized, and asked coldly Not only did you buy an ID card, you fraudulently used someone else s identity to cheat loans, and you also used someone else s identity to receive couriers.Do you still live under someone else s identity Does your girlfriend know your last name Uncle policeman, you must have made a mistake.He is Yao Guangming, if you don t believe me, look at his ID card and driver s license The girl really didn t know, not only didn t know but also didn t believe it.

I made a few jokes with her.She called me after the exam, and we went out to play secretly.I found that love at first sight is a lie.It develops too fast and ends too quickly.She After passing the exam, they blocked me.Did anything happen Huang Ying asked again.It s also cuddling, and the time is very short.Didn t go out to open a room How is it possible, we went out to play secretly, my mother kept calling me, and her mother kept calling her, afraid to go back It was too late, and they were still separated when they returned to the hotel, she went in first, and I waited get eagle hemp cbd gummies for ten minutes before going in.This time it was an Aventure , but he was dumped.Huang Ying thought it was a bit funny, thought about it, and asked, The sixth time It s a bit embarrassing to say it for the sixth time.I m too kind, and I was taken advantage of by others.

You will soon become famous.You don t care, pur balance cbd gummies Xiao pur balance cbd gummies Luo can t eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan care, how he will behave in the future, what do the school teachers and classmates think He, how will he go out to work in the future.The current public opinion is really terrible.Nine out of ten people go online.No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you will be dug out by netizens.How to say it in the Internet Human flesh.Han Chaoyang whispered.Yes, it s human flesh, and human flesh can come out.Grandpa Gu paused, and then continued Besides, it s useless to make trouble.If you go to make trouble, if they call 110, we will definitely call the police.When the time comes, we will enforce the law impartially.If you go too far, you will be punished it is useless to go to the labor department, because you don t take it seriously let alone a lawsuit, not only will you not win, but it will also waste time and money.

I know.I m a party member and I know better than you.Not only do I know that Xiao Han is a good character, responsible for his work, and has people in his heart.I also know that there are many little girls who like him.You are close to the water and you are the first to get the moon.If it weren t for your aunt Classmates, help me, can it be your turn for such a good boy It is obvious that Director Su often speaks kind words in front of his aunt for the unlucky guy.Huang Ying was so depressed that she asked with a bitter face Mom, what do you mean by that, do I have a high relationship I don t mean that, I mean that Xiao Han is the most suitable, and this is your own We talked about it.We are a good match, very good, very good match, I have agreed with your aunt, I will not cook at home on Saturday night, I will go to a restaurant I have booked all the boxes, just the restaurant where you celebrate your birthday.

Guan Yuanyuan said with a smile I heard from Lao Gu that Han Chaoyang caught up with Huang Ying from the sub district office.He has already met his parents, and his parents are very satisfied with him.The two parents will meet tonight.He will be a teacher for a day and a father for life.Lao Gu received the invitation, and he will participate with Director Su tonight.The progress is very fast, and it is basically done.Get ready for a stalker.Young Master Xu was not ugly and his family was rich, Chen Xiujuan never doubted that he would not find a partner.She was really surprised by Han Chaoyang, who asked suspiciously Huang Ying from the Finance Office Who else is there besides Huang Ying from the Finance Office Get him How can it be impossible, Han Chaoyang s conditions are also good, the most handsome policeman is not called for nothing, at least the appearance is impeccable.

Borrow the basketball gymnasium of the Polytechnic University Well, how good is the environment, with central air conditioning, lighting, and a large venue, not to mention one or two hundred people, four or five hundred people can be seated.Wu Wei just entered the backyard At that time, I deliberately went around the health care room.After all, I was a comrade in the same unit.I wanted to say hello to Teacher Ma and Dad Han, but I didn t see anyone.I didn t expect him to come back.At the same time, he discovered that it is good to have a skill, and the branch bureau and the sub district office actually entrusted him with such an important task.This thought just flashed by.Wu Weiren was in the police room, but his heart was not here or even in the police station.He kept thinking about 7.17 cases.

The civilian monitoring along the street can only be surrounded and intercepted.You have more experience than me in doing this, so you can directly give orders to Xiaobin and the others as to how to surround them.Understood, leave this to me, pur balance cbd gummies cbd 50 mg gummies and adjust the surveillance immediately.Okay.This is not a trivial matter, Han Chaoyang thought about it and raised the walkie talkie again Who is on duty in the police room now, who is on duty in the police room now Han Da Handa, I am on duty in the police room now.The voice is a bit distorted, how can I know who you are if I don t report your name But Han Chaoyang doesn t need to know who it is now, he directly ordered Go and call Sergeant Gu, just say that there is an emergency in the Sixth Hospital, reviews on pure cbd gummies please come over here.Yes Put down the walkie talkie and walk into the surveillance room.

After a five minute break, let the sound engineer change the microphone, and continue rehearsing with the good microphone, but this time, Mr.Liang will be asked to direct.Han Chaoyang seized the time to test the sound and tune with the sound engineer.The hemp seed oil at night cbd gummies during the day chorus actors sang on stage, and he listened off the stage, running around to feel the chorus and sound effects from different positions and angles.Xiao Han, how is it Director Gu is here, we have this condition, what else can we do, this is the effect.Singing and chorus, neat and uniform, majestic, I listened very well.After listening for a while, I felt really good.Director Gu was not satisfied but very satisfied.He looked up cbd gummies made me high at the chorus actors who were still rehearsing They took out their mobile phones to check the time again Xiao Han, Lao Tu has prepared a box lunch for you, and it will be delivered right away, let the comrades rest for a while, go in to change clothes and make up after eating, the audience will enter the venue at 6 o clock, and we Start on time.

Okay, that s it.The content is ready made Yes, Zheng Xinyi moved extremely fast.Su Xian had just returned to the performance site and took a few photos with her mobile phone.The WeChat official account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade already had four or five news items, and the layout of the interface was also very beautiful.Su Xian immediately forwarded it to the work groups of the neighborhood committee and the patrol team, and then notified the police and patrol members who were maintaining order one by one.The choir actors sang on it, the dance team danced on it, and Han Chaoyang conducted on it, and they spread the WeChat public account of Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team row by row below.This is not only for the patrol team but also for our neighborhood committee.

Old Wen was even more confused, and after he finished speaking, he looked at the entrance again.Qian Nana didn t want to be misunderstood by her colleagues, she explained Have you seen the policeman conducting the performance His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is the Most Handsome Policeman in Yanyang who pur balance cbd gummies was very popular a while ago.I interviewed him and he knows me.What s wrong with knowing each other Listen to me, the day before yesterday he sent me a WeChat, asking me to help report a baby suffering from leukemia, please help forward the letter for help, and help appeal to pur balance cbd gummies the public for donations It s not like you don t know how many similar requests for help I receive in a day, and whether I can report them is not up to me.I can only help post Weibo and Moments.As a result, my Weibo and Moments have nothing but these.

Sufficient Deputy director Gu asked a few times in a row, then shifted his gaze to Kang Haigen Kang Institute, we are suffering a little bit now, Lao Gu and Chaoyang have to work a few extra shifts, work harder at ordinary times, and the work of the police platform on Zhongshan Road can barely Maintain.But Lao Gu will retire in a few months.Once Lao Gu retires, Chaoyang will be left alone.At that time, let alone serving as a lecturer at the PolyU School of Art, he will not be busy with his own work on the police platform.There are only a few people, and there is no one to help.The Chaoyang Community Police Office is on Zhongshan Road, opposite Polytechnic University and the Sixth Hospital of the City, and behind it is the Chaoyang Village that is about to be demolished and the high speed railway station that is under construction.

Han Chaoyang smirked and clapped from time to time.He not only took a group photo at the end of the meeting, but also had a good lunch.When green naturals cbd gummies sending Zhou Bureau and other leaders away, I couldn t help but think to myself, no wonder people want to work in agencies, and they even have more opportunities to eat than working in the front line.That s all, didn t you talk about anything else That s all we talked about during the discussion.Principal Mu and Ju Zhou chatted for a while during the meal.I don t know what they talked about.Going to the Sixth Hospital as usual, Zheng Xinyi, who was on duty today, suddenly stood up Han University, the command center called out the police , pur balance cbd gummies Dongming Community, like Factory 527, is the base area of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, the basic board of the Chaoyang Community Police Office and even the Zhongshan Road Police Platform.

With me, not only did we not communicate on the phone, but we didn t even have a decent road.We had to rely on two legs to handle any case in the village, and just walked with wooden sticks as crutches.A few pairs pur balance cbd gummies of shoes were worn out a year.But at that time the village The first level organization can manage affairs, and civil disputes and civil mediation are basically out of our control, and there are not so many things now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch He Suo, I m really not being polite.I m a little uncomfortable.Drinking tea is the best.Okay, just drink tea.Director He was more talkative than expected, and handed the wine to Lao Chang to open it, while greeting Han Chaoyang Sitting down, he said with a smile The conditions here are relatively difficult, not comparable to the provincial capitals like Yanyang, but the conditions are much better now than before.

I really haven t eaten it.I know you haven t eaten it before.Slurry noodles are boiled cabbage and celery in boiling water, put them into a crock pot with water and noodles, cover and seal it, which is similar to pickling pickles in Xichuan people.When using it, put the The water is mixed with minced ginger, chopped green onion and spicy oil to cbd thc gummies in spokane wa make a slurry, and when eating, the slurry is poured on the La Tiaozi Noodles.Speaking of La Tiaozi Noodles is also a feature.It sounds delicious, why So, we mainly eat pasta here.Well, we mainly eat pasta here, and sometimes we also eat some miscellaneous grains.Grits, I guess you haven t heard of it.We don t have much rain here, so we can t grow rice, but it is suitable HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies for rice.The growth of millet.This year is not good, this year is too dry, and in autumn in previous years, there are millet valleys all over the mountains and plains in some places, heavy and golden.

When Jiang Li and the others arrived, he didn t know that Han Chaoyang was talking to the leader via video, signaling Lu Gang and other four armed policemen to take over the fugitives.Panting, he asked Shouldn t you be at the top of the mountain Why did you run so far down the mountain alone It s gone.Not injured No, I m really fine.It s fine, the fugitive s gun is here.Here, I ll give it to you.Han Chaoyang hadn t been working for long, so he didn t have much chance to touch the gun.Jiang Li has participated in pur balance cbd gummies training more than once, and has participated in anti drug operations more than once.He is relatively familiar with guns.He took the gun and quickly unloaded the magazine.bag, and took out six from the right trouser pocket.Jiang Li got up and patted him on the shoulder, and said with lingering fear Your life is really serious.

Xinying Township was assigned a plan to kill 150 pigs and dispatched all the guns, which naturally became the main force for hunting.47 heads have been killed, and the hunt will continue until the task is completed.Because of this, wild pork has been eaten almost every day in the past few days.Wild boar tusks are not ivory, so they were worthless in the first place, and now they are even more worthless.Han Chaoyang collected more than 20 tusks and planned to take them back as gifts to relatives and friends.Chaoyang, you can leave as soon as you say, we are really reluctant, but there is no permanent banquet in the world, I wish you a smooth journey, and I wish you a high rise after you go back The fugitive sneaked back to Lijiayao was discovered by the police from the Xinying Police Station.

Although Chaoyang is a policeman from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau, he has been studying at the Xinying Police Station for the past ten days, so he can be regarded as a policeman at the Xinying Police Station.In other words, the fugitives were also captured by the HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies Xinying Police Station.More importantly, the criminal technicians and forensic doctors of the public security bureaus at the city and county levels unanimously determined that Feng Changqin and her daughter were killed before Jiang Li discovered Feng Changdong through on site investigation and autopsy.And Feng Changdong, who was almost beaten to death by Han Chaoyang, opened his mouth and explained the murder of Feng Changqin s mother and daughter.If he hadn t been bandaged like a mummy, he would have been lying on the hospital bed, and the criminal police would have escorted him to Li s house.

In short, this police academy, which is no longer a police academy, is not deserted.I don t know how many meetings will be held in a year, and how many various training sessions will be conducted.Following Zhou Ju into the lobby of the guest house, and seeing the sign in the lobby, everyone knew that the provincial department had a meeting held in the training center, and the Municipal Bureau had a training class that started today, and the opening ceremony was held in the afternoon.The executive deputy director of the Municipal Bureau attended the meeting of the provincial department here.In fact, the Zhou Bureau also held a meeting here today.The director of the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau had just attended the opening ceremony.Chaoyang and other policemen from pur balance cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause stomach pain the Yandong branch even asked the restaurant to prepare a sumptuous dinner.

Not yet, mainly because Find a suitable target for development.You think those villagers are you, and their intelligence work is good.Who wants to marry a daughter in law and who wants to marry a daughter, I guess I have figured it out long ago.Besides, it is a big deal for the woman.The happy event must have been prepared for a long time, and trying to quietly bring the bride back is tantamount to a dream.Thinking about the customs in that place, people are afraid of people Huang Ying asked in a low voice Then what should I do I don t know.Anyway, I think Director Wang s idea is bad.He is not even afraid of the police, but he is afraid of security Han Chaoyang touched his nose habitually, and then said No Hands, don t touch them, pur balance cbd gummies no physical conflicts, they are just begging for money under the guise of buying wedding candy and cigarettes.

The case team may not have thought of this possibility.Sex, I think you should call Teng University to report and remind Teng University.Chapter 299 Call Teng University without any evidence, what a joke If he really makes this call, he will definitely think that you are very leisurely, and he will think pur balance cbd gummies that you are not watching the workers sifting the sand carefully, so that you are so leisurely that you should not worry about it.Now he is staring at the workers sifting sand.If he is unhappy, he may arrange pur balance cbd gummies another more unlucky task.Han Chaoyang didn t want to suffer from the fate of gaining wisdom.Wu Wei was so focused on the case that he was relentless on this issue.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to settle for the next best thing.He called Liu Suo in front of him, intending to let the leaders worry about it.

Wu Wei murmured, It s also a Daben, and it still martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies has a foreign license plate.The more Han Zhaoyang looked at the car, the more suspicious he became, and he immediately took out his mobile phone and called the headquarters Gong Da, I found out that we are in Bingping.A Mercedes Benz RV was found in the driving recorder to be very suspicious.The taillights are vertical, and it looks more like a commercial vehicle from a distance. Where was it taken At the intersection of Dongtai Road and Zheng an Road, the driving recorder It shows that the time when the right turn of the Mercedes Benz RV was photographed was 0 27 16 on the 16th, the Mercedes Benz RV is black, and the license plate number is Dong E035G2.Vice captain Gong immediately ran to the map hanging on the wall, pointed with his left hand and found The location of the suspicious vehicle, holding the phone tightly with his right hand, said excitedly It should be this car.

After the arrest, mandatory measures of detention will be taken.Several people have been arrested since the beginning of the battle, but there is still no news of this Ren Guoneng. So the local court is also looking for this car Well, I just didn t expect the car to show up in our Yanyang.Cao Shengkai has never been to Dongguan City, so he has nothing to do with this old Lai Is it possible that this was caused by a private loan dispute In a murder case, is it possible for Cao Shengkai to help people collect debts, but in the end the debts were not collected, but his life was lost instead It is possible, and the possibility is extremely high.Just think about it, if a person like Cao Shengkai is engaged in a proper pur balance cbd gummies job, he can save money in a short period of time.Earn so much money in just a few months Vice Captain Gong nodded, thought about it and added It must be ill gotten gains Xiao Han, what do you think buy cbd gummies michigan cbd gummies botanical farms Teng Da suddenly turned around and asked, Han Chaoyang Startled, he felt that Wu Wei seemed to be pushing him behind his back, Han Chaoyang finally regained his composure, and said with an embarrassed face Report to Teng University, I I have no opinion, I have never learned investigation, I am not Criminal police, I really don t understand these things, I really don t know how to solve the case.

It s just that you will be punished, and it s not safe.I don t go back to the city at night, I live in the village at night, and I have a home here Tian Jiming grinned and pur balance cbd gummies got into the back of the car.Of course, pur balance cbd gummies Village Chief Cui knew that Han Chaoyang was joking, but he was not familiar with Li Kaiyi.He was afraid that people from the Public Security Bureau might misunderstand, so he hurriedly said, Xiao Han, don t worry about it., Don t drink while driving.I have confiscated Mr.Tian s car keys long ago.If you don t believe me, take a look. That s how it should HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies be, Mr.Tian.I think my pur balance cbd gummies sister in law is very relieved that you are friends with Village Chief Cui. That s, I have been friends with Lao Cui for many years, and we grew up together.The second team is very close to the village office, talking and laughing and arriving in a blink of an eye.

Bring your bank card.When we got to the place, when we were playing inside, there were people watching outside.They were very respectful and never had eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan any accidents.The underground casino is in the high tech zone, with pick up and drop off, and security checks, making it so mysterious.Who else could exist in Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and asked What is the surname of the person who organized the game The surname is Guan.We all call him Boss Guan.I don t know what his name is.Only one surnamed Guan Boss His surname is Guan.He has two subordinates, one surnamed Yu and the other surnamed Chen.I really don t know what their names are.They re just there for fun.Just be safe.Who s going to inquire about these things.I don t know the names, and I don t even know the surnames.

I don t worry about you happy body cbd gummies leaving alone.No, their leader seems to give him another What kind of task is pur balance cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause stomach pain assigned, I will go to the county town to take the bus the day after tomorrow afternoon, and he will drive back after finishing the task.There is a task, what kind of compensation is this I don t know, you can ask him later.Third Chapter 157 Going home 3 Han Chaoyang was not used to returning to the home he had been away for a long time.This unaccustomedness is not just returning from the noisy city to a quiet town all of a sudden, nor is it just that you were so busy yesterday that you are suddenly idle today, but that you are not used to living the life of a bachelor.In order to reflect the rigorous and upright family style of the old Han family, and also consider the feelings of his father in law and mother in law who are far away in Yanyang, Teacher Ma cleaned up his former room and let Huang Ying sleep in the small room that has been used as a study.

Chaoyang Village was demolished, and the vegetable market in Chaoyang Village disappeared, but it was impossible for the residents of Factory 527 and the people on the west bank of the Chaoyang River not to buy vegetables.On proleve cbd infused gummies the riverside road.Considering that there is no farmer s market around, the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade did not ban it as before, but just reminded them to pay attention to environmental hygiene while not affecting traffic.It is precisely because the urban management turned a blind eye that Hebin Road, which was originally lively at night, also became very lively during the day.The place where there was a lot of noise was the place where the accident happened.Han Chaoyang didn t need to call the policeman at all, he just drove the patrol car to a fruit stand, jumped out of the car and squeezed into the crowd and asked, Who called the police and why What s the matter Comrade policeman, you came just in time.

As a result, the market this year is not good Well, tens of thousands of catties of pears are unsalable.I have mobilized my classmates who run online stores to help sell them, and even went to several fruit shops near the school to sell them with the cheek, but the sales situation is not very satisfactory.This year s pears are not cheap, why are they unsalable Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.It s not cheap in the city, but it s worthless in their hometown.Teacher Han, it s not like you don t know that there are channels for fruit and vegetable sales, and fruit and vegetable farmers have no say in pricing.That s true.Last time I went back to my hometown, several The relatives who raise pigs not HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies only don t make money but also lose money, but the price of pork is still the same, and it hasn t seen a drop.

How much did you lose Lost more than six million yuan, Hang Weifang peeked at it, and said in a .

do cbd gummies help with hair loss?

daze, I lost all the money in the bank card, and I have no face to come back, thinking about it.Back to the original, just just borrowed a little bit, but lost again, lost my eyes, and borrowed more and more Lies , What do you think this is, what do you think we are doing Make up nonsense and make it up, you can fool your lover, can you fool us Hang Weifang was startled, and subconsciously took a step back.Xu Hongliang thought he had committed a serious crime, so he grabbed his shoulder tacitly.Ning Junmei was confused by this sudden change, and looked at Hang Weifang foolishly.Hang Weilan was also confused, and subconsciously asked Officer Han, what are you doing Wei Fang, what s going on What s going on Han Chaoyang snorted coldly, stared at Hang Weifang and said coldly Hang Weifang, Hang Weifang, I think you should change your name, don t call it Hang Weifang anymore, just call it Hang Shimei In case of land acquisition and demolition, you have money in your pocket.

When she saw the nurse, she kept saying no.The cat kept standing by the bed, and how much is 04 cbd gummies even danced to shake off the gastric tube with mucus.If the medical staff hadn t responded in time and tied it with a restraint belt, she would have even got out of bed.After that, I became more emotional, whats the difference between thc and cbd gummies swearing, saliva flying, the milky yellow nutrient solution brought out by the stomach tube remained at the end of the nose, and the blue veins on the forehead showed a hint of ferocity due to the violent ups and downs of emotions.All in all, horrible.The doctor asked the relatives to be notified that her son and her daughter in law with heavy make up rushed to the hospital to have a look, and asked the doctor that the old lady was a normal person, but how could she become insane after staying in the ICU for a few days statement Relatives determined that it was a medical malpractice, how to mediate this kind of thing Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu had no choice but to pull him aside and explain the laws and regulations to him.

Why didn t I cbd gummies hemp bombs review pur balance cbd gummies know Don t talk about you, I didn t know before.I didn t go to the master s house some time ago.Do you want old photos from my wife I heard what my wife said when I was looking at the album.He must be very busy as such a big leader, so I made a phone call, but I didn t expect him to come.Knowing that Grandpa Gu has many apprentices, no To think that there is such a powerful apprentice.Huang Ying was taken aback, thought about it, and then asked Your seniors are all the ones who receive the old comrades Grandpa Gu, who chatted for a while in the institute after dinner, was invited by cbd gummies for pain canada Gan Suo and Cheng Instructor to get into the police car and said that he was going out for a walk, but he was transferred to Jingshou Community.Bursts, crowds of people, lively and extraordinary.Gan Suo, what are the activities going on in the decoration city at night Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.

Moreover, Mo Yunhu has neither lost control, nor lost contact, nor committed crimes again, so what if the inspector finds out, I don t believe they will pursue me I almost forgot about the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.According to his explanation, the inspector really has nothing to do with him.Thinking of this, Miao Haizhu became even more depressed, and said angrily You can fool me.The HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies inspector can t fool me.Me and I Do you know that the master was hurt by you pur balance cbd gummies Han Chaoyang realized that her outburst must have something to do with the phone call she received during lunch, and asked in a low voice, Sister Miao, is there pur balance cbd gummies someone who doesn t welcome Mo Yunhu to live in Xinmin Community Not someone, but a lot of people A lot of people I don t know, I don t know, but I m shocked when I know, this Mo Yunhu has done all kinds of bad things back then Not only is he rampant in Chaoyang Village, but he also comes to Xinmin Community.

1 in front of him.secretary.Han Chaoyang pretended not to see, let go of his hand and said with a smile Okay, Secretary Cao, whatever you say, we will call you in the future.Did you eat Just did.Really Really gone.Cao Zefang looked back at Lao Ding again, and asked expectantly, Are you busy tonight If not, let s talk later Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Lao Ding blurted out, No, I m on duty today.I m not busy, Secretary Cao, let s go there.As soon as the two of them walked out of the police room through the back door, Lao Ding took off his hat and muttered, You can tell that he is a bureaucrat at first glance.Return Secretary Cao, the secretary of the community branch.What kind of secretary is that A full bottle doesn t ring and a half bottle rattles, that s the kind of person Officer Ding, just cbd gummies 250mg coa don t be so loud, are you afraid he won t hear you Zheng Xinyi hastily reminded.

The case of the criminal police detachment of the Fujiang Public Security Bureau became the case of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau.However, the specific situation should be treated on a case by case basis.From the perspective of the branch leaders, Zhang Boyu and Wan Xiaoxia were not only drug dealers to be arrested by the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau, but also the case of the executive deputy director of the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau who had left the Yandong Branch.The Yandong Sub bureau is the mother s home of Shiju, and when something happens to Shiju, mother s home will of course help, and it must be done beautifully It is precisely because of this that Han Chaoyang will continue to leave production.

There is almost no spring and autumn, only summer and winter, and the summer is extremely hot, and the winter is very eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan cold.Compared with pur balance cbd gummies Yanyang City or Fengyong County, Aikou Town, located in the mountainous area in the northwest of Fengyong County, is colder in winter, especially late at night, when the outdoor temperature only reaches minus ten degrees.The mountain has been closed since autumn, and it will be closed until spring when the flowers bloom.During the months when the mountain is closed to protect the forest, no tourists can be seen, and few people can be seen on the mountain road leading to the pass scenic spot.It is deserted, and many farmhouses are closed because of no business, and they will reopen in a few months when there are tourists.Sansao Leisure Farm may be the only farmhouse around the scenic area that insists on operating.

Don t worry, Captain Wang, I ve made all the arrangements Wait, I ll take a call first.Han Chaoyang switched the police phone to his left hand, picked up another phone that was ringing, and asked eagerly.Junfeng, what s the matter, did pur balance cbd gummies you find something Wu Junfeng had changed into pur balance cbd gummies casual clothes, and was leaning over to look at the monitor, and said excitedly Han Da, I found it, but only one, what will happen now Er is sitting in the newly opened pur balance cbd gummies Hong Kong style tea restaurant to the east of the south pur balance cbd gummies gate drinking milk tea, and Xiao Liu is staring at her at the door of the dry cleaning shop.Young or old Old, I don t see young.Found it Sister Wei, are you still far away from finding Wan Xiaoxia Han Chaoyang was so excited that he hurriedly said, Let Xiaoliu go away, don t get too close, don t make that woman suspicious.

As the crowd was discussing, a twenty three or four year old woman squeezed into the crowd and cried, Bebe, Bebe, where did you go You re scaring mommy buy cbd gummies michigan cbd gummies botanical farms to death Did you know it She cried and complained, and the child cried even harder when she saw her, and stretched out his hands while calling for his mother.Mr.Ji confirmed that she was the parent of the child, let go of his hands, and said angrily, Why are you crying Now that you know how to cry, what did you do I m sorry, I just answered the phone.The child s mother obviously didn t understand Situation, after hugging the little guy, I wanted to go back, and even said politely Master, thank you, my luggage is still in the ticket office.Beibei, listen to mom, don t run around anymore, okay Let s go together Go get the luggage.As soon as Mr.

In the past, when we encountered emergencies, we would urgently transfer members from various squadrons.If the anti pickpocketing team does not disband, The anti pickup team can be used as an emergency mobile force in the entire jurisdiction, and can assist us in emergency response faster and more professionally.This idea is good, but where does the funding come from Reporting to the two leaders, I am working on To win the support of Comrade Cao Zefang, the first secretary of the community, as long as we win the support of Comrade Cao Zefang, we can seek special funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance from the street and even the district.It would be better if the bureau can continue to support, no matter how much the bureau pur balance cbd gummies supports, we will At least it s easy to talk when you go to the streets or even the district to run funds.

But the clues to the suspect s whereabouts were indeed provided by the Huayuan Street Police Station, and there were indeed civilian police and auxiliary police from the Huayuan Street Police Station among those involved in the arrest, but nothing happened to the Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang could understand the feelings of the two old leaders, so he could only raise pur balance cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause stomach pain his head and say, Liu Suo, instructor, I admit that I thought about it and deliberately concealed it, but it s not because I have any objections to you two.In fact, I have no objections at all.The reason why I kept it from you two is because I respect you two from the bottom of my heart, I respect Bao Suo, and I respect Gu instructor.The same thing happened last night.You two asked me to help me go to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to investigate the clues of the suspect.

Han Da, we are all ready He Hong was promoted from deputy squadron leader to squadron leader some time ago, holding back his energy, took out the leather bag from the law enforcement car, and said excitedly I just After returning from the brigade, we have applied for so many fines, Team Tang is very supportive, let us listen to you.A fine is a means, not an end.Yes, yes, it s just a means, not an end.Let s advise first, if someone doesn t Listen to advice before issuing a ticket.The chaos around the station needs to be rectified, but it cannot be made to cause anger and grievances.Han Chaoyang looked around and said, Comrades, we must treat vendors who set up stalls near the station differently.For those who sell counterfeit and shoddy products and are suspected of fraud, those who should be expelled should be expelled, and those who should be cracked down should be cracked down according to law.

This is not a place to talk, let s go out and talk.Let s talk about it here.The cbd super gummies old migrant workers are still a little wary and dare not go out with strangers easily.The man took out a small signboard full of place names from his arms, and said impatiently See, can I still lie to you The car is going on the high speed, not entering the urban area.There is still time to take you to the high speed exit.How come you go Aren t you going How much 120, there are seats.Han Chaoyang had already set his sights on him, walked around the long line in front martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies of the No.3 ticket gate, and asked coldly, What s going on, What are you doing The man froze for a pur balance cbd gummies moment, put away the small card and smiled, It s nothing, I just asked where this uncle is going.Please show your ID card.Officer Han, you don t know me, I do You, I m at the station every day, the man reluctantly took out his ID card, and said with a flattering smile, There s no ticket at the station, what s wrong with me introducing the bus to others It s Chinese buy cbd gummies michigan New Year, who doesn t want to go home early.

It was so shocking, and the strong reaction of netizens was completely expected.Director Wen and I felt that this It s just the beginning, after all, it s only been two hours since the video was uploaded, and as netizens continue to forward it spontaneously, the impact will become bigger and bigger.So Han Chaoyang will become more and more popular Definitely.Promoting the most handsome policeman is buy cbd gummies michigan cbd gummies botanical farms promoting the Yandong branch.How can Zhou Ju miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, pondering Isn t there still a few paragraphs, you should study it, grasp the rhythm, and choose the best time to post it on the Internet one after another.We are responding to netizens doubts, and we can t just publicize that the young man has How heroic, but also to show that the young man has leadership abilities.

It s not like lying.Han Chaoyang took out the police pass, and while checking Cao Wenjue s ID card, he continued to ask, Why did you quarrel It s not about money.But the salary is not high.My parents bought the house for me.She also has a job, but the salary is not enough for her to spend on her own.She also needs to buy clothes, cosmetics, and fitness.It is really costly.Now All the girls are like this, and I didn t say anything.Isn t it the Chinese New Year She insists that I go back to my hometown with her.When I go to her house to celebrate the New Year, I pur balance cbd gummies can t go empty handed.I have to buy this and that.How can I pay it back next month I couldn t help but say a few words, and she got angry with me.The query results showed that he was a collective account holder of a state owned enterprise, pur balance cbd gummies with a bachelor s degree and no criminal record.

Said that we did not file a case cbd gummies hemp bombs review pur balance cbd gummies and did nothing, and complained martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies from the sub bureau to the Municipal Bureau, and from the Municipal Bureau to the Commission for Discipline Inspection.The police in charge of the case began to explain to her, but they could not explain it.How did you solve it How did you solve it She is relentless, and if she doesn t resolve it, she will continue to complain.The superiors don t care so much.If she complains again, it means that we don t care about the suffering of the masses.I bought her a mobile phone out of my own pocket.Sun Guokang didn t know the situation at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and said in amazement, Paying out of his own pocket is too too embarrassing Don t take the opinions of the masses seriously, and you will not have a good life when you meet nonsense.

Since it s been decided, then it s okay to match.Wu Wei often touches guns in the army, and buy cbd gummies michigan cbd gummies botanical farms he seems a little heartless pur balance cbd gummies can cbd gummies cause stomach pain on this issue.Now that the matter was over, Han Chaoyang didn t want to give him the impression that he was timid and fearful, so he said lightly Applying for guns is not as simple as you think.The police must have a gun license, and the gun must have a gun license.You need to prepare for it tomorrow.Come to the branch on time at 8 00 am to participate in the training on the use of weapons and police equipment.You are the first batch, and I will participate after your training is over.It s so troublesome, what is the training Wu Wei asked curiously.Study laws and regulations, Police Law , pur balance cbd gummies Gun Control Law , Regulations on the Use of Police Arms and Weapons by the People s Police , Regulations on the Use of Guns for Official Use and Operational Rules for Stopping Illegal and Criminal Behaviors on the Spot should be relearned , and then there are gun maintenance and target shooting.

Wang Jiayong has participated in several operations, and he has great eyesight.When he saw a guy running towards the east door, he immediately chased him and grabbed him back.Han Chaoyang followed in, and at a glance, he saw the girl mentioned by Old Xu who didn t even have a top on.It wasn t that she wasn t wearing a top, but that she had even taken off her leggings, leaving only one on her body that should have been worn.The skirt was over leggings and was pulled up to the waist.What is even more unbelievable pur balance cbd gummies is that martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies she is lying on the coffee table in an extremely exaggerated posture, with a man in front and a man behind Not suitable for children This is the first time Han Chaoyang encountered such a scene.He was hesitating to help Jiao Da control the crazy four men and two women in the box first, or let those two guys pull out the things that should be pulled out first, and let them lie on the coffee table.

Lingling and I tried it this afternoon, and the location is quite accurate.Did you make a mistake, actually thought of using a children s watch to locate the person under surveillance Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded by Liu Jianye s good idea , and couldn t help asking Liu Suo, I ve seen the tracking bracelet from the Bureau of Justice.It is waterproof and explosion proof, it seems to be 50 meters waterproof, and it will be fine after two days of soaking in the water.Old Tang also thinks this idea is too funny, the person under surveillance really wants to run away, and he really doesn t want you to know his location, so just send him Just take off the watch and throw it away.Even if you find a way to prevent him from taking it off, it is easy for him to destroy this children s watch.It is a big joke to expect this thing to control the people under surveillance.

To catch a thief, you need to get the stolen money.If you just destroy a gang but can t recover the stolen money, it will be eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan a lot of trouble.That s true, If the money cannot be recovered, the deceived investors will definitely come to report the case.Wu Wei agreed, and nodded slightly.Han Chaoyang pondered He team, although Wang Yigui also wanted to cheat Mo Yunhu s money, compared to other investors, he should have more trust in Mo Yunhu, because they have served sentences in the same prison and the same section., It s also pur balance cbd gummies a shared adversity.Would you like to meet Mo Yunhu and talk to Mo Yunhu Is he reliable, and would you like to assist us in handling the case Han Zhaoyang smiled, and emphasized with confidence And Wang Yigui invited him to dinner last night not only to reminisce, but also to trick him into investing.

I just stayed for a few minutes The police came, like this every time It turned out to be a drug addict, no wonder he was so cbd gummies near my location thin If what is said is true, then it is normal to be interrogated and even taken for blood and urine tests.Is it easy to quit drugs Han Chaoyang put down his mobile phone, picked up the police phone again, and asked coldly, What s your surname, what s your name, and your ID number It turned out that he was really Qiao Peiming, and he was really a processed drug addict.Han Chaoyang picked up his mobile phone again, and while looking through the chat history on the mobile phone, he asked, I m afraid of being checked, so I used someone else s ID card to impersonate someone else s identity Comrade police, this was forced by you.Qiao Peiming looked aggrieved, and said bitterly I slipped by twice, pur balance cbd gummies and you caught me the second time.

But he falsely used other people s identity evidence to prove it, so why is he fined five hundred The stop sign and the taxi cbd gummies hemp bombs review pur balance cbd gummies pick up point, and explained with a smile You think the office doesn t want to impose more fines.Although there is no fine task now, more fines are definitely better than less fines, but there is a level of authority at the level.It can only be fined 500 yuan, and the fine of 1000 yuan needs to be approved by the sub bureau.For the New Year s Eve, there is no one to go to the office for approval, and the security team may not be able to handle it even if there are only two people on duty at night.Sun Guokang never thought it would be For this reason, he asked in surprise Afraid of trouble It s not because of trouble, it s because of work efficiency.Han Chaoyang smiled, martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies walked to the police car and opened the door You may think it s okay to take a trip now, After working for a while, you will know that the approval process is not only troublesome, but also really affects work efficiency.

If it is not here within five years, He went to take the initiative to apply for the demolition, and use the demolition compensation to return the principal and interest.How can Dai does cbd gummies help u sleep Lishi not know Han Chaoyang s good intentions, so he couldn t help getting up and saying, Big brother, second brother, I can make a written statement for you, if I don t live until that day , the house belongs to you, and you can t make it cheaper for others.Or don t demolish the house, and the compensation for demolition will definitely not be less.Dai Lijun also felt that the fat water should not flow to outsiders, and pondered Officer Han, if Lishi makes a document, will the government recognize it in the future Will the guarantee from your Public Security Bureau work Brother Dai, how about this, if you and the second brother have time, let s go to the sub district office together, and invite the village party secretary and village director, and ask the sub district leaders and village cadres to be witnesses.

Han Chaoyang believed that since it was confirmed that the tobacco shop was suspected of selling fake cigarettes and alcohol, Liu Suo would definitely not miss this opportunity to cooperate with the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to crack down on counterfeiting.There are counterfeit cigarettes in the store, and there may be some in the store.Officer Liang is reporting to his superiors, and he is asking the tobacco inspector to verify the authenticity, and the results will be available soon.Officer Han, stop joking, how could it be fake Whether it is fake cigarettes or not, we will know soon.Impossible, Lao Liu has always done his business very well, how could he sell fake cigarettes.I also know Boss Liu, and I usually greet him, talk and laugh when we meet, and I don t want him to be dealt with for selling fake cigarettes.

What s the matter I have a gun, and Wu Wei has a gun, so I have to catch up with them.Go ahead and say hello to the checkpoint, and hurry up and find the nearest police station to store the gun.Why store the gun Xiao Gu asked puzzled.Lao Hu held the steering wheel tightly, and explained with a smile The higher authorities have stipulated that no unit or individual can bring guns and ammunition into Beijing, so you must first say hello to the police on duty at the checkpoint, and eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan then go to the nearest police station to deposit the gun.They re there, come back and pick it up after finishing the work.Wu Junfeng was confused, and asked again Officer Hu, since you know that you are not allowed to bring guns into Beijing, why did you and Angkor carry guns Isn t this asking for trouble cbd gummies hemp bombs review pur balance cbd gummies It s not asking for trouble, it s asking for trouble on purpose, Lao Hu grinned, and explained Beijing is the capital, how many people are there in the capital, the police in Beijing must be very busy, and there are probably many colleagues from all over the world who ask them to help.

It s important to do business, and Lao Hu is not hypocritical.He immediately climbed into the car and turned on the engine and headed straight to the checkpoint.As for the drivers behind who followed the emergency lane, they could only hope for luck.The young traffic policeman was very helpful, not only notifying the checkpoint, but also reporting the model number.Under the guidance of the traffic police and auxiliary police, Lao Hu drove the car to an office at the checkpoint without hindrance.The lanes on the opposite side are all inspected, and the police and armed police are armed with live ammunition.I don t know if it s because the traffic jam is too long, or maybe it s because the car owners in the capital can enjoy preferential treatment.At this moment, as long as the car with the capital license plate pur balance cbd gummies is issued, it will be allowed directly.

Since you are willing to join in the fun, then join in.If the Huayuan Street Police Station can jointly crack it with the capital pur balance cbd gummies police The drug case was not bad, thinking of these, I couldn t help laughing Okay, we ll listen to you, I ll wait for your call.The cadres testified, and even the written documents were drafted with the help of cadres from the judicial office revive 365 cbd gummies amazon who are proficient in the law.Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang s last doubts were dispelled.Dai Lishi 30,000 in cash.Part of the 60,000 yuan was used for medical treatment, and part of it was sent to the criminal police team in the afternoon, and the criminal police team would first settle the medical expenses of some of the people injured by Dai Lishi.Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang even expressed that they would go to work in the family that was beaten after returning home.

As soon as Wu Junfeng and Xiaokang turned on the law enforcement recorder, he tacitly checked the mobile phones and wallets of the two suspects.Lao Hu was not idle either.He called Han Chaoyang first, then clicked on the WeChat video, and held up his mobile phone to broadcast the situation live.Success or failure depends on one move, Han Chaoyang was more nervous than Lao Hu who was present at the scene, staring at the phone screen with HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies breathless concentration.Xiao Sun was more cautious than expected, and did not rush to tear the packaging bag, but cbd gummies bio lyfe raised his head and said, Xiao Gu, find a clean plastic bag.If there are drugs in it, it will be calculated by gram He was obviously worried that the contents of the small package would be spilled, so Xiao Gu hurriedly responded and ran to the off road vehicle driven by Lao Hu to search for the convenience bag.

But don t worry, Team Song has arranged for someone to go there.They are all experts, and Han Chaoyang feels like a fake bag For a rookie.Just as pictures of cbd gummies he didn t know what to say, Ni Guoxiong suddenly said, Han Da, the suspects can t be locked up here all the time, it s not convenient to handle the pur balance cbd gummies case and it doesn t conform to the procedure of handling the case.After Team Song s interrogation is over, will you bring them to our anti narcotics team Okay, I was just about to talk about this.Ni Guoxiong looked at the time on his phone, then looked up at the surrounding rooms, and said with a smile, Even if the suspect is taken away from these rooms, it won t be a problem.It s free, the money will not be wasted, you didn t sleep well last night, you can stay here at night, it s not too far from our branch.

Under control, there will be no problem even if there are any changes in those pyramid schemes.Okay, then wait.Zou Ju smiled reluctantly, and the faces of the other deputy directors of the Market Supervision Bureau became uglier one by one., Han Chaoyang felt a little strange, so he simply got up and said, Fan Ju, pur balance cbd gummies you mean Liu Suo and Bao Suo, why don t I go out and have a look.It s not that they don t know the way, don t go, just wait here As soon as Fan square care cbd gummies Ju finished speaking, Lao Qian s voice came from Han Chaoyang s intercom Han Da Han Da, three cars came, two from a TV station, and one from a newspaper office.They said they were here for an interview.Would you like to let me go Come in Reporters from TV stations and newspapers Yes, they are reporters with a press card.What are the reporters doing here Isn t this adding to the chaos Han Chaoyang was muttering, Fan Ju suddenly smiled and said, Let the reporters come in.

He must be in the station.I don t know where he is hiding.The station is so big, so it shouldn t be hard to find.Okay, you welcome Yang Xiaorong s parents first, and I ll be there right away It s a good thing to announce before taking office, but it s embarrassing for Liu Qiuping who is about cbd gummies ut to assume office.From the time when the previous post was posted on the Internet to now, everyone knows that he is about to serve as plus products cbd gummies review the director of the Yandong Branch, and he will be appointed as the deputy head of the Yandong District People s Government in a short time after taking office, so many old friends, old comrades in arms and old subordinates have called Congratulations on the phone, and the first words were Ju Liu or even District Chief Liu.However, it has not been seven days since the announcement, and he was still the deputy team leader before taking office.

He ran up to ask Fan Ju if he would go to the cafeteria of the Sixth Hospital for a light meal, but Fan Ju said with a gloomy face Chaoyang, from this afternoon onwards, I will often go to buy cbd gummies michigan cbd gummies botanical farms the headquarters.Often run this way Director Liu said that the leaders at the provincial and municipal levels attach great importance to the transportation hub project in the east of the city.I am personally responsible.Moreover, it has already expressed its position to the provincial and municipal leaders that a member of the bureau s party committee will be arranged to join the engineering headquarters.It s just a few construction sites.As for letting the leader of a bureau take charge personally, isn t that a big deal Han Zhaoyang thinks it s incredible, but Bureau Liu has already decided that it s hard to say anything, so he can only say Bureau Fan, you are in charge personally Best of all, having you in us is the backbone, and the future work will be easy to carry out.

The 14 case also went back to PolyU for rest.Huang Ying often heard about catching rape.It was the first time that she couldn t get used to Boss Hu s Chen Shimei, and also looked down on Lin Xiaotong, who was clearly self sufficient but willing to be a junior.Wait for your girlfriends to chat about what happened at night.Stop gossiping, eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan go to bed early, you have to go to work tomorrow.After taking a shower, Han Chaoyang changed into pajamas, turned off the light, and climbed into bed with the light of his mobile phone.It is worth mentioning that he had never worn pajamas before, let alone bought pajamas.This is Huang Ying after living together.Asking, maybe this is the difference between city people and country people.Wait a little longer, I can t sleep now.Huang Ying was so busy replying to the message that she didn t even bother to look at him.

There will be a meeting later, so I need to make some preparations before the meeting.Ji Kaiyuan really wanted to enjoy this long lost atmosphere.He looked up at Wang Jiayong, Xiao Gu, Mei Tiejun and others, and then looked back at Lao Dai and Wu Junfeng who had just come in.Then he opened the file bag slowly and took out a stack of The photo and the old map I didn t know where to find, got up and walked HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies to the blackboard, and pressed the photos one by one on the blackboard with a magnet.Seeing the strange yet somewhat familiar photos of the scene, Wang Jiayong suddenly reacted, and asked in surprise Han Da, Chief Gu, is the person in the photo above the corpse we found by the riverside of the fertilizer factory that night Well, that s him.Wewe want to solve this case, the murder case Han Chaoyang put down his teacup, and said lightly To be precise, we will assist the task force to conduct investigations and find out clues to the murder case.

Wu Junfeng, Wang cbd for sleep gummies near me Jiayong, Xiao Gu and the first Mei Tiejun and others who participated in the investigation of a major case once were very excited, and their thoughts became more active.They said they were patrol members, but in fact they were all security guards, so they didn t have any worries about speaking.Xiao Gu looked sideways at a few good brothers, and couldn t help but HCMUSSH pur balance cbd gummies turn his head and say Uncle Ji, I believe that the .

how long is a cbd gummy in your system?

height and weight of the suspect pur balance cbd gummies can be judged by a few footprints, but I don t think it is reliable to judge the age of the suspect.To be honest, I really don t believe those experts and professors now.We can t be judged by those experts.Take it to the ditch You Han Da have also asked this question.I can tell you responsibly that experts are different from experts.

Han Chaoyang was delighted, and couldn t help laughing This is a good idea, why didn t I think of it You are a fan of the authorities Grandpa Gu smiled, and continued Junfeng and the others will not be transferred to the official auxiliary police of the sub bureau, and the bureau will definitely not help them with their wages.And social security, so you have to find a way to solve the salary and social security of the pur balance cbd gummies team members, but you can ask for more anti pickup funds in the management bureau.It used to be 30,000, but now you can try to ask for 100,000.I think 100,000 should not be a big problem Director Liu should approve it.Thank you master, I m sure of what you said.Think about asking for money before you open your mouth.Didn t Qingshan say yesterday morning that he would help you settle accounts with Liu Suo The suspect has been arrested.

Liu Jianye touched the corner of his mouth and asked calmly District Chief Liu, since you can invite comrades trained in the police officer training center to participate, you can also ask how many cbd gummies to take for anxiety for help from the Provincial Police Academy.There are so many students in the Provincial Police Academy, and they are often pulled out to participate in large scale activities for security.You think highly of me too.I am the director of the branch bureau, not the leader of the city bureau, let alone the leader of the department.Moreover, this is a competition organized by the district, which is not considered a large scale event in the eyes of others.Yan Provincial Police Academy and others Provincial police academies are different in that they recruit students on demand.As long as the grades of the police school students are not very bad, as long as they don t make mistakes, they can basically join the police, so the school leaders don t need to ask the public security bureaus of the cities, let alone the district and county public security bureaus.

The Western Wall is maintained.Wu Wei closed the file, frowned and said These are not important, the important thing is how to arrest people.He can cheat so much money, he is definitely not stupid, and he probably won t run away to his hometown.Another case was settled, and Miao Haizhu was a little excited.It s hard to say.Then let s divide the work and go to his hometown Even if we want to go, you can t go.You must know that you are a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and this is a case from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Didn t you say that Liu Suo asked our police district to chase Wu Wei together I am a policeman in the Xinyuan Street Police Station and a policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District, and Liu Suo is now the leader of the bureau.The words of the bureau leader are Command, why can t I participate in the chase Looking at the expression of big sister who was afraid of being dragged down, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, After talking a lot, I got to the point of chasing and fleeing.

Xu said Mr.Xu said that the branch office might second me from Fengyong Come here.The news is very well informed Han Da, so this is true The relationship between Xu Hongliang and the branch leader is as bad as possible, and Xiaokang was a member of their security company before he was admitted to the police and civil servants, so he knew about it It s normal, don t even bother to ask.Now that the young man already knew about it, Han Chaoyang simply confirmed It is true that there is such a thing, and Director Du agreed in principle, but I don t know if the secondment procedures have been completed.You go to report first, go to work first, and wait for the news while you go to work.With Han Chaoyang s confirmation, Xiaokang immediately beamed with joy.It is normal for people to go to high places and water to flow to low places.

Even if the account If there is no money in the bank, you can also find out where the money he took from Jiangjian Group and the project deposits he collected have gone through the bank statement.Wu Wei agreed straight away Okay, tonight happens to be Liu s office on duty, and the formalities will definitely be completed.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and continued Sister Miao was right just now, the reason why he ran was obviously to avoid the river.The people found over there, be it Hu Songping or us, are all lying guns.Hu Songping lying guns is purely his own fault.Whoever makes him eat other people s food and drink others, we are too wronged to lie guns, and we cannot let Jiang Jian Group Eat ready made peaches.Chaoyang, what exactly are you trying to say Now that he can t control the case fees, Lao Ding was confused.

The second bucket was soaked quickly, and when he returned to his position, he quickly tore open the packaging of the three ham sausages, and put them in sections for soaking together.Then cover it and fix it with a straightened fork, turned around and said with a smile I know you don t like instant noodles, so eat a few mouthfuls to fill your stomach first, and then find a decent supper at a restaurant in the middle of the river.Go to the river How much time did you score I have to do business tomorrow, so I ll eat this, I ll eat anything martha stewart cbd gummies coupon pur balance cbd gummies when I m hungry.Han Chaoyang supported the noodle bucket, thought about it and asked puzzledly Angkor, didn t you hempdropz cbd gummy bears say that the high speed rail doesn t work at night Do you drive, why do you still drive at night I misread this afternoon, this trip is a high speed train instead of a high speed train.

The construction site is here, in front of the office south of the west gate, where are you I m in Building 9, wait a minute, I ll be right there. Okay, sorry for your inconvenience.After waiting for about ten minutes, a middle aged man wearing a blue helmet ran over from behind a loader and asked from a distance, It s Officer Wu, you guys came early.Mr.Jing, this is Officer Wu.My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.Oh, oh, sorry, I only answered your phone calls, I haven t seen anyone, so I messed up.After shaking hands with Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei, Mr.Jing turned around and said, It s too dusty outside, let s go to the office. Okay, thank you.Jing always works in fire protection engineering.There is no office for him in the row of prefab rooms next to the door, but it can be seen that he has a bad relationship with the person in charge of the construction site.

He greeted the two engineers, and they not only After giving up the office and enthusiastically helping to make tea, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei thanked each other and sat down to talk about business.Mr.Jing looked at the photos on Han Chaoyang s phone, lit a cigarette and said with a wry smile Officer Han, Officer Wu, in fact, I knew Luo Weixing three years ago.Jiangzhong is cbd gummies 5mg wholesale only this big, and there are only so many projects.He does civil engineering.I m a firefighter, so I don t know if I want to.But I just knew each other before and didn t have much contact with each other.It wasn t until we were tricked by that bastard Gan Jianren that we kept in touch.We often talked on the phone and had a few meals together.When is the meal Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.In the second half of last year, we met once a month on average.

A fianc e with a marriage certificate.At 9 41 p.m., everything was ready, and two police cars, Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng, took a group of six people including Boss Qian to the airport.Unexpectedly, just after check in was completed, Xu Hongliang cheerfully chased him with his backpack on his pur balance cbd gummies back as he was about to queue up for the security check with his air ticket in hand.Wait for me, the plane at 11 30, what are you in a hurry for How did you know we were going to take the plane at 11 30, why are you here Han Chaoyang was confused, stopped in his tracks and asked with a puzzled expression on eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank buy cbd gummies michigan his face.Xu Hongliang said hello to Wu Wei and others, took out his ID card from his arms and took out the ticket from the automatic check in computer, while grinning and said The last few days before the wedding will be carnival, how can this kind of thing be less Come on me You and Zhen Chuan are here, of course I want to come Han Chaoyang couldn t laugh or cry What carnival, we are going to perform a mission Xu Hongliang glanced at the air tickets in their hands, and selected on the computer One of them was seated by the window in the back row, and he laughed and said, It s so fun to catch people.

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