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Judging from what I just asked, her job is probably in management, and she is just an errand runner, alas Qi Fei originally planned to ask which newspaper the other party belonged to, but after thinking about it, if she asked like this It broke the rules that the two of them had agreed upon at the beginning.Then a flash of inspiration came to his mind, the newspaper management Qing Yu just came back.Chapter Fourteen Waiting Quietly Didn t that Cheng Siyu also go out for a few days and just come back today Depend on It can t be such a side effects of gummies cbd coincidence, can it Qi Fei was a little nervous, and quickly shook his head.Impossible.How can there be such a coincidence in the world.I can t get rid of that woman in reality.Is it possible that even the virtual world will encounter it Funny It s just that the more he thinks about it, the more likely Qi Fei thinks it is possible.She said that she doesn t care how low the starting point of the employees is, as long as they have that talent and ability, she will appreciate and reuse it.This undoubtedly cheered Qi Fei up.From this point of view, there would be less resistance if he wanted to push Sister Lan up.Cheng Siyu s speech continued, and Qi Fei listened carefully.When she finished speaking, all the employees applauded her vigorously from the bottom of their hearts.It was definitely not out of compliment, but affirmation of her ability.Of course Tan Jianren was also applauding, but he seemed to have a bad complexion.Of course, he was not happy to see this kind of situation.Amid the applause, Qi Fei stared at Cheng Siyu for a long time, and Cheng Siyu seemed to have noticed something, and suddenly turned his head to look at Qi Fei.Qi Fei was a little embarrassed.It doesn t matter, you can take a rest.Aren t you dizzy I just slept, and I feel much better.Yi Lan smiled.Then Yi Lan went out, and bought a bowl of noodles, a bowl of wontons, and a few breads, all for Qi Fei.Qi Fei was not polite, he finished a bowl of noodles in two or three strokes, and then started eating wontons again.What are you writing about Yi Lan sat next to him and looked at the computer screen.She obviously asked the question knowingly, but it was the only way, so that Qi Fei would not let Qi Fei know that she was awake all the time.Qi Fei thought for a while This is the newspaper cooperative sales plan I thought of.Oh Can I take a look at it It s still a draft and not finished.Sister Lan, please take a look.Yi Lan leaned over and carefully Looking carefully, he accidentally got very close to Qi Lin.As for what would happen in the officehe didn t bother to think about it, he just waited for Zhang Li to pass the report.Who knew that after a week, there was no feedback from there, Yi Lan couldn t help being anxious, and was discussing this matter with Qi Fei when she was about to get off work.Cheng Siyu had something to do with Yi Lan, and after entering her office, she also heard Yi Lan s worries, so she asked Yi Lan to go over there and ask what was going on.Yi Lan also felt that she could only go there once, but when she was about to go out, Cheng Siyu stopped her, saying that Qi Fei had submitted the report and let Qi Fei go there.Cheng Siyu did this to avoid some unnecessary troubles.Due to the last personnel change, Zhang Li must have a problem with Yi Lan.If Yi Lan goes over, she might really be embarrassed.Li Xuan is still the same, well dressed but with a ruffian appearance, he will chat with Qi Fei when he meets Qi Fei, and he will always persuade Qi Fei best cbd gummies calfornia to change jobs to his entertainment place to see the scene.Qi Fei never agreed, but this made Qi Fei have a deeper understanding of Li Xuan.It s not a lot, but it s enough to see that this Li Xuan may be a playboy, but his thinking and communication skills are not bad., definitely not the kind of idiot who only eats, drinks and has fun.This day, Qi Fei ran into Li Xuan who came to look for Cheng Siyu again in the corridor.Li Xuan seemed to be in a good mood, and he pulled Qi Fei to chat by the corridor window.While chatting vigorously, Tan Jianren passed by.He first glanced at Qi Fei, and then squinted at Li Xuan.From his eyes, it could be seen that he seemed a little surprised that Qi Fei knew this person.Are you okay Don t scare me Qi Fei immediately counted his nose when he saw that sentence, and tears flowed uncontrollably When he came out, even his body was shaking, and he couldn t type for a long time.Cheng Siyu over there was very anxious, and Piaoling didn t respond, which made her extremely worried, and hurriedly asked Hurry up and talk Are you still there I m so worried, don t scare me Then she issued another A weeping expression.Qi Fei wiped his eyes vigorously, then tremblingly picked up a cigarette from the table, lit it and took several puffs.The strong smell of smoke made him cough, but it also calmed him down a lot.Then Qi side effects of gummies cbd Fei replied I m here.Cheng Siyu breathed a sigh of relief You really scared me to death, what happened Tell me.Qi Fei was silent for a moment Actuallyit s okay, it s just that suddenlyI miss you very much, especially.Brother Qiang was overjoyed and was about to thank Li Xuan, but Li Xuan said to Qi Fei I ask you, what have you learned this time Qi Fei s expression was very complicated.He felt that he was going to sink deeper and deeper into this quagmire.After a moment of silence, he said to Li Xuan If people don t attack me, I won t attack others.If people attack me I will definitely Double it back.Li Xuan patted Qi Fei on the shoulder appreciatively You re a fast learner, but theory alone is not enough, you have to do it yourself, do you understand what I mean Qi Fei gritted his teeth I understand.Okay, let s go.Qi Fei took a deep breath joy organics cbd gummies review and walked up to the crew cut man kneeling on the ground.Li Xuan stood aside and watched with interest, and said to Qi Fei Don t worry, I will take care of it for you if something happens, and you don t have to take responsibility.In short, just meet their requirements Hearing this, Heizi and Mao Qiu immediately became excited, and thanked Li Xuan again and again, the boss.Qi Fei hurriedly waved his hand Brother Xuan, forget it, I don t want it.Li Xuan looked surprised You really don t want it Oh, Brother Fei.The woman leaned towards Qi Fei Don t worry , fun cbd gummies our girl, they are all high quality goods, you have to worry about my bad eyesight, I will take you to pick them one by one, and I guarantee that there will be no such unclean problems, so rest assured That s not what I meant.Qi Fei became nervous It s just I really don t need keep cbd gummies in fridge it, thank you Brother Xuan for your kindness.Qi Fei s actions are undoubtedly very out of place in this environment, Heizi s eyes were clouded, and he laughed The ground said to Qi Fei Brother Fei, I didn t expectyou are not interested in beautiful women, could it behehe, you like men Then I have to be careful in the future, I am the most fucking disgusting thing Before he finished speaking, Li Xuan s complexion changed, and he stretched out his hand to slap Heizi Damn you What nonsense are you talking about Do you fucking know who you are How did you talk to Brother Fei You re looking for death Heizi was almost knocked to the ground by the slap, but fortunately, this guy has a strong physique, and there was nothing wrong with him except for his cheeks being slightly red and swollen.Cheng Siyu once said on QQ that he and Li Xuan had never had that kind of intimate contact.Qi Fei was very puzzled at the beginning, and felt that this was simply impossible.No matter what, they are already an unmarried couple, and Li Xuan looks very strong, how could he not touch a big beauty Qi Fei believed Cheng Siyu s words, but he found it unbelievable.Later, the incident of the female college student happened, which seemed to confirm Cheng Siyu s words from the side.Maybe, Li Xuan didn t just treat Cheng Siyu like that, but he did that to all women Thinking of this, Qi Fei was startled, and then Heizi was too excited that day and joked that Qi Fei might like men, and Li Xuan s overreaction My God No, Li Xuan is really Qi Fei felt uncomfortable all over for a moment.But in the final analysis, this is just Qi Fei s guess, and he doesn t want to think about it any further.But he couldn t guess anything like this, so side effects of gummies cbd he decided to close his eyes and take a nap.But at this moment, Li Xuan spoke.He coughed twice, and then said to Qi Fei, How is it Everything is going well, right Qi Fei opened his eyes, and said politely, Thank you Brother Xuan for your help.Li Xuan laughed loudly It s a piece of cake, it s nothing, but I admire you very much, you have been hiding it from your parents, letting them know that you have always been the boss of a company, amazing, really amazing Qi Fei squeezed out a smile, but his heart was full of bitterness.Li Xuan was silent for a while, then suddenly sighed, Qi Fei felt strange, so he asked him Brother Xuan, what s wrong with you side effects of gummies cbd I have been to many people s homes, and I have met many other people s parents, but your home gives me a very different feeling.The curtains in the bedroom were closed tightly, and Qi Fei couldn t see anything, so he put down the binoculars.Qi Fei stood by the window, lit a cigarette and started smoking.He then thought that he had confirmed the relationship between Zhang Li and Yan Fengtao this time, which meant that Cheng Siyu s seat was really dangerous.But what should we do Qi Fei had no idea.Once you think of troublesome things in your mind, it will make people upset, let alone rest, Qi Fei sighed, put away the binoculars, turned on the bedroom lights and went out.Brother Fei, you re awake now It s side effects of gummies cbd been less than an hour.Heizi looked at Qi Fei in surprise.Qi Fei waved his hand It s almost there.I feel like I can t sleep.You and Mao Qiu seem to be quite sleepy.Go in and sleep.I ll call you when the time comes.Heizi and Mao Qiu talked to each other.Heizi and Maoqiu rushed out with a pistol in each hand, and shouted without seeing the situation in the living room What s going on Qi Fei waved his hand It s okay.Heizi rubbed his eyes, and saw Li Dafa who was kneeling on the ground crying miserably.Damn it You re going to die, it s okay to howl your sister, and make me sleep Heizi walked over cursingly, trying to kick Li Dafa over.Enough Qi Fei growled suddenly with a sullen face.Qi Fei yelled angrily, scaring Heizi, Maoqiu and Li Dafa.Heizi smiled awkwardly I m sorry Brother Fei, I was woken up and my mind is still confused.Qi Fei felt annoyed Waving his hand Forget it, go to sleep, it s okay.Yes, Brother Fei.Heizi and Maoqiu exchanged glances, and returned to the bedroom.Qi Fei didn t feel sleepy, turned on the TV and smoked until dawn.Mao Qiu was not at ease Brother Fei, did you bring a guy Qi Fei was stunned What guy It s just papapa Maoqiu gestured.Qi Fei understood, he was talking about guns.To be honest, Qi Fei didn t dare to carry side effects of gummies cbd that thing with him.It is not fun to own a gun illegally.After he used it to scare Li Dafa last time, Qi Fei felt uneasy for a long time, and then he took the gun away.Put it away.No, I don t need that thing.Qi Fei said.That won t work.It s always safer if you have it.Maoqiu said, he pulled out his own gun, and prepared to use it for Qi Fei.Qi Fei s face changed slightly, feeling that these two guys carry pistols with them, he hurriedly said Put it away quickly You think this thing is a slingshot If we want to make a fuss to the point of drawing sun state hemp cbd gummies 750mg a gun, none of us will It s a good end At this moment, a growling voice came from the box I fucked your ancestor Why is there no one to entertain me, I m going to smash this place In fact, the sound insulation effect of the box is not bad, but this All the people standing outside the door heard the roaring sound, which shows how bad tempered the guy inside is.Your fianc e, the family environment must be very good, right Then she is the daughter of a rich family Cheng Siyu asked.You can put it this way.Wu Wei said with a wry smile She comes from a wealthy family, and she was spoiled and spoiled since she was a child, but her personality is not bad, she has the temperament of a lady, and she is the baby of her family.In this way, she can do everything in her life.No need to do it, of course, that kind of environment also makes her not very capable, and she is quite dependent.Qi Fei nodded slightly Presumably Brother Ang likes the kind of independent and self reliant women Yes.Wu Wei said seriously Now more and more men like such women, but most men s views on women are still superficial.When I went to study abroad, I was Not to mention that they are all good, but there is one thing worth learning.Yes, Brother Fei Bai Jin immediately rushed towards the door of the chess and card room, and after a while, the person in charge took two One of his subordinates came over, seeing that Qi Fei s hand was still bleeding, they all looked keep cbd gummies in fridge green ape cbd gummies walmart flustered, and hurriedly said that they would send Qi Fei to the hospital.Qi Fei explained to them, and then asked the person in charge of the chess and card hall to send a subordinate to drive him back to the hospital.As for Bai Jin, Qi Fei asked him to play there by himself, and if he didn t want to play, he would go back.Make sure you don t mess around.Originally, Bai Jin insisted on accompanying Qi Fei to the hospital, but Qi Fei refused, saying that his injury was not serious and he could take care of it by himself, so Bai Jin did not follow.After arriving at the hospital, Qi Fei went to the doctor for treatment and bandaged him.Fortunately, he was wearing a leather glove, otherwise the knife would probably have cut Qi Fei s metacarpal bone.The doctor told Qi Fei that the injury is not very serious, as long as the dressing is changed on time to protect the wound, it will be quite easy to recover.Then Qi Fei returned to Yi Lan s fx cbd gummies side effects of gummies cbd ward.After sitting by the bed and talking to Yi Lan for a while, he felt a little hungry, but he didn t have much appetite.It was already past ten o clock in the evening , the temperature outside is very low, Qi Fei really doesn t want to go out and blow the cold wind.Suddenly, he remembered that there was some bread in the cabinet next to the bed, so he immediately got up, went to open the cabinet, took out the bread stored in it, and gnawed.These breads were bought by Cheng Siyu.When she brought them over, Qi Fei said to her inexplicably, How do you feel about buying these Sister Lan can t eat them.If Li Xuan looked carefully From the call records, you will find that Qi Fei must have reviews of oros cbd gummies deleted something, because the records during that period of time no longer exist.So the best way is to prevent Li Xuan from side effects of gummies cbd even having a chance to look at those.Qi Fei carried a spare mobile phone battery with him, and he forgot to charge the spare battery earlier, so he replaced the spare battery.I turned on the phone and looked at it.There was only a little bit of power, and it looked like it would shut down at any time.Qi Fei hoped that everything would look natural, and that Li Xuan would not notice anything unusual.Seeing Li Xuan s back disappearing at the door, Qi Fei became more and more nervous.Before the power is automatically turned off, he may still find the abnormality through the phone call records.So he replied Dear Qingyu, I also wish you a happy new year.I wish you a better life, a prosperous work, and a more beautiful life Message back soon.You messaged me back as soon as I got home, hehe.Qi Fei was taken aback for a moment, thinking that Cheng Siyu said he had gotten into a taxi when he was on the phone, why did he just go home now He immediately asked, Why did you go back I, I was visiting Manager Yi of the distribution company in the hospital, and I stayed with her past midnight, and then I left the hospital.I planned to go back directly.Yes, but I passed a square on the way and saw many people setting off fireworks, it was so beautiful, I couldn t help but get out of the car and watch it for a while.It turned out that it was like this, Qi Fei was relieved.Chapter 112 The Generous Guest Then Qingyu said Tell you, Manager Yi Lan s situation is getting better and better.I fx cbd gummies side effects of gummies cbd think your drinking capacity should not have declined.Let s have a good drink when green galaxy cbd gummies reviews you have time.By the way, did you figure out those things last night Ye Dabao side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears sat in a seat He flew to his side and handed him a cigarette.Qi Fei didn t want to think about the incident that he almost went astray last night, he stared and said What are side effects of gummies cbd you talking about Ye Dabao laughed Are you pretending I have nothing to pretend Qi Fei took a deep puff of cigarette We ve known each other for so long, you see when I encounter something and don t want HCMUSSH side effects of gummies cbd to pass it, shit, what s the big deal.That s right Ye Dabao patted Qi Fei s shoulder hard But having said that, I m still a little worried.What are you worried about Qi Fei was puzzled.Of course I don t worry about you kid suddenly getting overwhelmed.How should I say it When the dead ashes are still alive, I think the best way to forget a relationship is to start a new one.It may side effects of gummies cbd not be easy for her to deal with it.Qi Fei also thought that some people are very likely to continue to trip Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei became more and more worried.If he was worried, Qi Fei couldn t stay at Dabao s house in peace, so he bid farewell to Ye Dabao and hurried back to the hotel.Qi Fei knew that Cheng Siyu would also be on QQ when he was in the office, so he wanted to see if Cheng Siyu would be online today, so Qi Fei turned on the computer equipped in the hotel room.But after logging in to qq, he found that Qingyu s profile picture was gray, that is to say, Cheng Siyu must be too busy to come to qq at all.Qi Fei subconsciously wanted to make a call to Cheng Siyu, but he couldn t make a call after taking out his mobile phone, because he still felt that he shouldn t waste her time.Those who got the money looked excited, but didn t His expression was gloomy, and everyone was gasping for breath with exhaustion, but their eyes were still shining.My friends, the event is not over yet Are you tired asked the host.Not tired Someone immediately responded loudly.It s good if you don t get tired, otherwise you won t have the energy to grab money That s right, the next event is still money Please look at it The host took two steps back, and then a waiter carried a half meter square glass Here comes the box.As soon as this super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge box appeared, even Qi Fei showed a surprised look, because it was full of red, green, and green bills.The smallest denomination was twenty yuan, and the largest denomination was of course one hundred.It s not a hundred dollar bill.Among these banknotes, some golden beads can be clearly seen.Unexpectedly, the bald man s two subordinates hurried over and stopped them.Chapter 124 Qi Fei s Strategies The bald man s two subordinates are half a head shorter than Gao Wei, but they look stronger and have a fierce face.Gao Wei was so frightened that he dared not move forward , he squeezed out a smile and said politely Brotherswe are just guests here, we Before he could side effects of gummies cbd wyld cbd thc gummies finish his sentence, the bald man yelled at him impatiently Shut up, kid Ball business No one will stop you if you want to get out, as long as the girl next to you stays.Gao Wei was stunned for a moment Why do you want her to stay The bald man squinted his eyes Because I have taken a fancy to her.The vice president of the nightclub frowned suddenly You are here to target our nightclub and have nothing to do with the guests.OkayBrother Qi, do you want to sleep too Xiaobei asked.Qi Fei could only fool her Well I m going to sleep too.Hey, good night, Big Brother Qi.Good night, sweet dreams.As soon as he finished smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit chatting with Ye Xiaobei, Qingyu sent a message.It s so late, you haven t slept yet Qingyu asked.Qi Fei immediately replied without blushing No, this has been waiting for you.Seeing these words, Cheng Siyu s tired expression was dispelled a lot, she stretched her waist and looked at it with a smile dialog box, and then said Oh, I m going to be exhausted today, I guess I ll have to sleep all night tonight, and everyone in the company is busy right now, but the progress is pretty good, and I think everything can be done tomorrow.Then It s really great, finish these things quickly, lest you suffer so much, it makes me feel bad.Why don t you speak Cheng Siyu became even more anxious.Qi Fei took a deep breath of the air with side effects of gummies cbd the unique smell of the toilet, and then said solemnly Mr.Cheng, it s useless for you to talk so much.It is impossible for me to tell your boss s whereabouts.No matter what I do or where I go, I must Absolutely keep it secret, this is my duty as a subordinate.On the other end of the phone, Cheng Siyu was obviously stunned for a few seconds, and then said Youwhat did you say What do you mean Qi Fei added I know you are also worried about the boss, but I will always protect him, Mr.Cheng, so please stop asking, I will absolutely obey the boss.Cheng Siyu reacted , and asked tentatively Is it inconvenient for you to speak right now Qi Fei replied Yes, Mr.Cheng, as long as you side effects of gummies cbd understand.Okay, I get ityou must Be careful, I remember the location you said earlier, take care, I m hanging up.He is in Yunnan, but he knows After seeing the weather here, I must be paying attention to your itinerary, mainly because I am worried that something will happen to you outside Forget it, let s not say good things about him, let s eat, and have a drink.Cheng Siyu raised his glass , Qi Fei hurriedly cooperated.After eating cbd gummies upstate elevator this meal for more than an hour, Cheng Siyu drank a lot of wine, his eyes became blurred a lot, and his cheeks were flushed.Qi Fei knew that she was in a good mood today, but he couldn t let her drink any more, so he paid the bill and took her out of the restaurant.Mr.Cheng, take a good rest when you get back.You really drank a lot.Qi Fei carefully supported Cheng Siyu.Cheng Siyu giggled Actually, my drinking capacity is not bad, right I drink more than you Yes, yes, you drink well, be careful not to slip.He saw Cheng Siyu waiting anxiously, but he couldn t appear immediately.Time passed by one minute and one second, and five minutes later, Cheng Siyu yelled in the wind and snow with a trembling voice Wandering Wandering The voice made passers by look sideways, and Qi Fei, who are there risks combining cbd hemp gummies with perscription meds was standing more than 30 meters away, almost All shed tears.Wandering I m right here Are you here I m waiting for you Cheng Siyu yelled all around.Qi Fei gritted his teeth, picked up his phone and sent a message Honey I m already here, I can only have a side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears look with you from a distance, promise me, don t come over, I tell you I m here Where is it Cheng Siyu side effects of gummies cbd was overjoyed Where are you Tell me quickly Look to your left, there is a forest thirty meters ahead, I m right here, looking at you, you can come over But I will keep a certain distance from you, sorry Qi Fei sent this message with trembling hands.She just walked on the main does walgreens have cbd gummies road, which was a bit detoured.In fact, there was an alley to go back quickly.There were few pedestrians on the road, and there were fewer vehicles.Cheng Siyu decided to go back to the hotel quickly, otherwise she would really suffer from the cold, so she decided to take that alley.There should be some shops and residential buildings next to the alley.It doesn t look remote, so you don t have to worry about any danger.After keeping the route in mind, Cheng Siyu left in a hurry.According to her memory, she walked into a small alley.There were some vendors on both sides of the alley, and some were supper restaurants.They were still open and brightly lit., the air seemed to be a lot warmer, and it also carried the aroma of some food.Cheng Siyu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and strode forward.Qi Fei couldn t help being curious about what this guy was looking for with Li Xuan, and it was so mysterious that it was inconvenient to talk about it when there was a third person.Qi Fei disliked Li Dafa more or less, so even though he was curious, he still stood up consciously and said to Li Xuan Then brother Xuan, I ll go first, you guys talk.Li Xuan smiled and waved Waving his hands It s okay, sit down, you re not an outsider.Li Dafa showed a hesitant look, and quietly glanced at Qi Fei, Qi Fei was also hesitant, but Li Xuan said that, so he had no choice but to sit down again.After all, I haven t left him yet.Oh, Brother Fa, why don t you sit down too Li Xuan enthusiastically supported Li Dafa s shoulders, and pressed him on the sofa, which made Li Dafa very awkward.Qi Fei and Li Dafa were sitting together, out of the most basic courtesy, Qi Fei still greeted him Manager Li should be doing well, his face is full of flesh, and his face is full of red.What is the background of this guy Li Xuan didn t expect this kind of situation to happen, he was stunned for a while, and then became angry.How can he say that his background is not small, so how can Qin Wu be so awesome Li Xuan roared angrily You bastard want to court death, don t you side effects of gummies cbd I will fulfill your bastard today After finishing speaking, he grabbed the teacup in his hand and threw it on the ground with yum yum gummies cbd review a bang , Qi Fei immediately took out his pistol and pointed the muzzle directly at Qin Wu s head.Almost at the same moment, the bodyguard behind Qin Wu also quickly took out his gun and aimed at Li Xuan.Qi Fei s expression was stern, and he threatened in a deep voice If you dare to move, I ll kill your boss directly.As a result, the bodyguard also said coldly If you move, your boss will definitely die Well, the super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge two sides have reached a stalemate.At this time, Qin Wu smiled Why bother Everyone is unhappy with this.Put the gun down.It looks strange.As soon as the words fell, the bodyguard behind him put away the gun without hesitation gun.Qi Fei was stunned, this is not playing the card according to common sense, he couldn t help but look at Li Xuan.Li Xuan didn t seem to be able to react, but he didn t signal Qi Fei to accept the gun as well.Instead, he grinned and said to Qin Wu with contempt You idiot, aren t you seeking your own death Do you think you The bodyguard put down the gun, and I will do the same It s the first time I ve seen you as delta 9 cbd gummies effects an idiot.I really don t understand how you messed up on the road.Even such a pig brain dares to fight with me, okay , I am too lazy to talk about you, now you should come up with a proposal that satisfies me and saves your own life Let me tell you, my brother s marksmanship is not good, of course, he has a small problem, that is If you hold the gun for a long time, your fingers may tremble uncontrollably If you blow the head of some stupid bird, it will not be so good Li Xuan was very proud, but Qi Fei complained side effects of gummies cbd endlessly.Heizi s face darkened, and he turned his head and yelled at the man in the vest and the others You bastards How dare you attack Brother Fei Are you looking for death These workers who attacked Qi Fei originally thought that the boss would come, but it happened To help clean up this kid, what they didn t expect was that their eldest brother Heizi seemed to know that kid, and he was very polite to him.A very ominous premonition shrouded the hearts of the man in the vest and the others.They cbd gummies with thc in them stood aside trembling and did not dare to speak.Heizi, this matteryou have to give me an explanationyou go and show me how Sister Lan and Xiao Bei buddha hemp cbd gummies are doing.Qi Fei raised his finger and pointed not far away.Heizi turned his head and yelled at the two men over there Get over here, be polite to those two beauties At this moment, Qi Fei saw that Yi Lan had passed out on the ground, and Ye Xiaobei knelt down.The corner of Master Dog s mouth was bleeding, and his hands were struggling to support the ground.Brother Take it easy, brother, it hurts Big brother, I was wrong Master Dog said tremblingly.Xiong Jun rolled up his sleeves and bent down to pat Master Dog on the back of the head several times.The pain caused Master Dog to howl like a slaughtered pig.Damn it, you re still a dogI think you re a bitch Xiong Jun cursed and spat at him.Yes, yes, yes, I m a son of a bitch, please, big brother Big brother, spare my life At this moment, Lord Dog has no previous arrogance at all, nor does he have the feeling of grandeur that he had when he first entered the door.He is extremely embarrassed Lying on the ground, unable to get up, he could only humbly beg for mercy.Seeing him like this, Qi Fei felt very relieved, but he became worried again.Ning Bin left quickly, and he said that he could take care of the house completely, so Qi keep cbd gummies in fridge green ape cbd gummies walmart Fei didn t need to worry about it.Until a few days later, Qi Fei received a notice saying that there was a will to be handed over to him, and according to side effects of gummies cbd the content of the will, he would get a property.This property is naturally Ning Bin s hot pot restaurant.Qi Fei thought about it for a long time, but he didn t know how Ning Bin did it, because the will cannot take effect if the person is not dead, but Ning Bin s will did take effect.This made Qi Fei feel very uneasy, could something really happen to Ning Bin He thought of Ning Bin s heart attack, which made him even more uneasy.Fortunately, when the lawyer entrusted by Ning Bin explained the relevant situation to Qi Fei in detail, Qi Fei learned the date of Ning Bin s death it was the day before Ning Bin left.Concretely speaking, it is the purest and ignorant childhood.Because children don t understand anything, what they see is what they see.Then with the growth of age and experience, you will understand that the world is actually very complicated.One thing, what you see is like that, but the situation behind it is another thing, and often it side effects of gummies cbd is even completely opposite.of.Chapter 251 Gives you an innocence.This is the second realm.When you see something or something, you will naturally think whether it is another situation, and what is hidden behind it In this way, people will become more cautious, but they will also have more worries, and people will become complicated, unwilling to believe easily.Qi Fei realized that he was currently in the second realm.Maybe there were some problems before, and he still had a sense of the first realm in it, but after being fired from the company, getting to know Brother Bin, and then experiencing those situations in the hot pot restaurant, he discovered more and more that it is indeed fundamental.Moreover, she also said that when conducting investigations, by the way, a specific investigation can be conducted on all the lost retail outlets, which is also beneficial to the work.Qi Fei s gratitude was beyond words.Yi Lan said again As for your matter, the situation later is like this, Mr.Cheng and I told the stall owner about your wrongdoing, and then the stall owner helped find the old women who were playing cards next to me that day.After hearing this, the aunts best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us side effects of gummies cbd got angry on the spot, and immediately said they would testify for you to prove that you were innocent.Then, they wrote a statement about the situation at that time as a written proof material, and side effects of gummies cbd then all I signed my name and pressed my fingerprint, and tell you, this is all about this afternoon.When I got off work, I learned from Mr.Well, yes.Cheng Siyu was very satisfied with Qi Fei s attitude, side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears but she said, Even if you are willing, I am not willing.I must take into account the overall situation of the company, not just those relationships.After a pause, she continued Mr.Yan didn t pass.In fact, it doesn t mean that I directly rejected my appointment.He said it very tactfully, and he always emphasized to me that when the company arranges employees positions, it must not only consider work However, we must also pay attention to the overall situation, and think about how to mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees more effectively.I understand what he means.He just wants me to pay attention to interpersonal relationships and let me understand what he means.As the leader of the group, it is not convenient for him to directly propose who to appoint to do the job.Li Xuan waved his hand, and the general manager of the nightclub took the seat where Heizi had been.After Li Xuan asked the nightclub manager something about the nightclub, the manager left.On the side of the distribution company, Qi Fei explained his experience to the members of his department B.This talk lasted for two full hours, and his mouth was dry.Seeing the members eyes getting brighter, Qi Fei secretly thought, these two days were not in vain at last.hours of lectures.At noon, Cheng Siyu asked Yi Lan to leave the company.Just after leaving the company, Cheng Siyu called Qi Fei.Mr.Cheng Calling at this hour, is it time to treat guests to dinner again Qi Fei, are you off work Ahem The two hour explanation made Qi Fei s mouth dry and coughing twice After taking a sip of water, Qi Fei said to Cheng Siyu, Just got off.The night in Bingang in March is still a bit cold.Because of the heating in the office, the temperature is much warmer than outside.Qi Fei, Director Zhang didn t do anything to you tonight.When he said this, Cheng Siyu s eyes fell on Qi Fei, and he sized him up.Qi Fei was also unambiguous, and told everything about meeting Zhang Li at the office door at noon today, and after dinner in the evening, and of course about sending Zhang Li to the hotel, without reservation.In fact, Cheng Siyu is also aware of Qi Fei s personality, but she doesn t know why she would suddenly ask about Qi Fei s personal affairs.Qi Fei didn t want to say anything more about the previous incident, so he asked Mr.Cheng, could it be that you have already thought of a solution Qi Fei absolutely believed in Cheng Siyu s ability.The body is critical, and every attack is so vicious.Cheng Siyu saw that Qi Fei s whole clothes had already been stained red with blood, and his eye circles were red, so he hurriedly broke the ropes tied to his body.When Cheng Siyu broke the rope on his body, the fat boss and the three didn t realize it.Cheng Siyu quickly untied Yi Lan s rope, pulled Yi Lan and ran out of the abandoned factory.When Qi Fei saw Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan running out, he breathed a sigh of relief.Before the fat boss and the three found out, he even focused the attention of the fat boss and the second child on himself.Touch Qi Fei held the dagger holding hand of the fat boss with one hand, and when he exerted force, the fat boss s hand hurt one by one, and the dagger in his hand fell to the ground.The whole person fell to the ground.Since Bei Dao Chuanzi is in Xiao Wu s hands, her subordinates have to do the same.However, side effects of gummies cbd Bei Dao Chuanzi was furious, and kept scolding her subordinates in Japanese.There was such a sentence that Qi Fei and Xiao Wu could understand.idiot Qi Fei told Bei Dao Chuanzi s people not to move, and gave Xiao Wu a wink, Xiao Wu understood, waved his hands and led his people to the direction they came from.Bei Dao Chuanzi s angry scolding came from the woods, and Qi Fei remembered what Bei Dao Chuanzi said to his subordinates in Japanese before.At this time, he guessed that he should let his subordinates leave her alone and just shoot.On the way, Qi Fei was side effects of gummies cbd thinking about a question, Bei Dao Chuanzi arrested two of Xiao Wu s subordinates, why did Xiao Wu have to come forward to negotiate Bei Dao Chuanzi s men followed for a while, Xiao Wu grabbed a gun from one of his men, fired a machine gun into the sky, and told them not to follow, otherwise Bei Dao Chuanzi would be killed.Yilan, we have to get out of here.If we wait for the killer to find a suitable position, both of us will be ruined.Cheng Siyu briefly explained the current situation to Yi Lan.Yi Lan is also a smart person.After looking at Cheng Siyu, she pointed to the door of the office.The desk the two of them are hiding now is about 20 meters away from the door.Know enough how many shots the killer fired.Cheng Siyu shook his head, he had to go out, it was impossible to go side effects of gummies cbd out, glanced at the window of the office, gritted his teeth at Yi Lan, and said firmly Yi Lan, I ll take cover later , you go out first, and call Qi Fei after you go out.After finishing speaking, without super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge waiting for Yi Lando to say a word, Cheng Siyu stood up quickly.Bang A bullet flew in from the office window, and when it was about to hit Cheng Siyu s body, Cheng Siyu squatted on the ground and dodged it.Go, Xiao Wu threw the phone to Qi Fei, he posed a few poses on the beach and asked Qi Fei to take some photos for him.After taking the photo, Xiao Wu put his arms around Qi Fei s neck affectionately, Brother Fei, I m not talking about you, you see, Xiao Cui has been following you for a long time, and he has never had a girlfriend, you are the boss Shouldn t it be time to introduce some girlfriends for Xiao Cui Qi Fei turned his head to look at Cui Yangze, Cui Yangze had indeed been with him for a long time, and he had never heard him talk about having a girlfriend.Hearing what Xiao Wu said, Cui Yangze waved his hands, telling Xiao Wu that such things as love and fate will come naturally, there is no need super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge to force, and Qi Fei does not need to introduce him.Zhao Yun went quickly, and came back quickly.The successful conclusion of the Milan clothing show brought happy smiles to the faces of the employees in Milan.After leaving Tingyinxuan, Xiao Wu quietly told Qi Fei to stay away from Li Xuan, because Li Xuan gave him a very sinister impression.Qi Fei smiled, but didn t say anything.Back home, Qi Fei received a call from Xiao Bei, who was still so lively on the phone.Brother Qi, I heard from my brother that you have brought the company back.I congratulate you.Qi Fei smiled softly, Xiao Bei, when will you rest, I will pick you up.Are you still in Malaysia I will tell you when I can come back, hehe.Xiaobei s voice is still so nice.Xiao Bei, let s talk about it like this.When you come back, you can tell me as soon as possible, and I will pick you up.After calling Xiao Bei for a while, Qi Fei hung up the phone.Jiazi stood in the house, looking at Qi Fei and Hitomi Shisha side effects of gummies cbd on the balcony, her heart ached.Bei Dao Chuanzi walked to Jia Zi s side, but Jia Zi didn t know, Bei Dao Chuan Zi followed Jia Zi s gaze, shook his head, and said to Jia Zi Jia Zi, Qi Fei is not suitable for you.Bei Dao Chuanzi has known Qi Fei longer than Jia Zi.She naturally knows what kind of person Qi Fei is than Jia Zi.Jia Zi is her playmate who has played with her since she was a child.Come together with Qi Fei.It s just that Qi Fei is like a magnet, there are too many women who like her and him.Jiazi smiled, but it was so bitter, Chuanzi, maybe this is love, with joy in bitterness.Beidao Chuanzi shook her head slightly, but she didn t know what to say.Qi Fei and Tong Shisha stood on the balcony for a long time, Tong Shisha enjoyed the tranquility, if she could, she would like to stay in this moment forever.China s clothing can enter China, but China s clothing is rarely able to go out, and even if it goes out, it will not occupy a large market share in foreign markets.And his request for Milan is to let Milan go out of China and go to the world, let the world know about Milan as a company, know about Milan s clothing, and make it affordable for consumers to buy and wear.Stupid, you don t want to make Milan international, do you Hitomi Shuiyan looked at Qi Fei with a half smile.Qi Fei nodded, As you said, you want to let Tongjia know your existence and your ability.It is not enough just to let Milan have a high market share in the Chinese market.We have to Take a long term view, look to the world, and let the consumers in the world know about Milan.Hitomi Shisha nodded, What you are saying is that our vision is not long enough.Hitomi Shisha took a deep breath, I haven t breathed the air of Bingang for a long time, and it s still not much different from when I was here before.Meng Tingting held Hitomi Shisha s arm and kept asking Hitomi Bingang What HCMUSSH side effects of gummies cbd s interesting, Hitomi Shisha thought about it and told what she knew, compared to Hitomi Shisha and Meng Tingting s liveliness, Jiazi stood quietly beside Qi Fei, accompanying him.Qi Fei accepted Meng Tingting and took her to some fun places in Bingang.Stupid, how about we go ride the Ferris wheel Hitomi Shisha held Qi Fei s arm and looked at a side effects of gummies cbd Ferris wheel in a park.Qi Fei glanced at Jiazi and Meng Tingting, seeing that there was a trace of hope on their faces, he nodded, walked under the Ferris wheel, asked Tong Shisha and the others to wait for him outside, and he went in to buy a few tickets.Qi Fei didn t know that not far from his home, Youji was staring at this place, and the leader was Wang Er.A gangster said to Wang Er Second brother, the boy who got in the way has left too, should we go and deal with those two old bastards Wang Er didn t speak.He looked at Qi Fei s parents and Qi Fei who were standing at the door.Since he side effects of gummies cbd was defeated by Qi Fei that day, he also inquired about Qi Fei s affairs, but he was a little envious of Qi Fei having such a family.Harmony and love.Let s go, let s not provoke this family in the future.From the time Wang Er could remember, his parents were rarely at home.Every day they went out to play mahjong, and they didn t come home side effects of gummies cbd until late at night, sometimes because of the mahjong table.There will be a lot of noise in the middle of the night, which makes him hate his family even more.Yi Lan told Qi Fei her and Cheng Siyu s worries, but Qi Fei smiled and told them not to think too much, as long as they go to Hu Zhiping about this matter, the truth will be revealed.Cheng Siyu smacked his head and said confusedly, she had already given Hu Zhiping the bidding information, since this information flowed out from the company, then Hu Zhiping must know who was behind it.After Yi Lan hung up the phone with Qi Fei, .

do cbd gummies show up in a urine test?

she came to Hu Zhiping s office with Cheng Siyu.Hu Zhiping told them about Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren s coming to the office yesterday.I didn t expect that there are two of them inside the company.Yan Fengtao still has a high status in the company, and it is can cbd gummies make you tired the next day not easy to get rid of him.Cheng Siyu is thinking about what kind of The method kicked them both out of the company.The summaries of Hitomi Shisha and the others are inseparable.Every time there is side effects of gummies cbd a new product, they will conduct a strict review of the design drawings and then make a summary.Hitomi Shisha reopened a design drawing, looked at Jiazi, smiled slightly, and asked, Jiazi, tell me what needs to be modified on this design drawing.Half of Milan s employees, she is not outstanding in design, but she has her own unique insights in looking at pictures.Jiazi stared at the computer screen for a while, then pointed to the fabric and color of the design drawing, There is nothing wrong with this design drawing at first glance, but if you look carefully, you can find the shortcomings in it.The fabric is nylon cloth, but there are too many types of nylon cloth, which makes it feel too general and unrefined, and these colors also need to be modified, the combination of red and black looks weird.Say these words to yourself.Seeing Qi Fei s doubts, Li Xuan shook his head, Let s go, I should go back.As he spoke, Li Xuan shook his hand at Qi Fei and walked towards the hospital.You can get a taxi side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears at the door.Qi Fei kept Li Xuan s words in mind.Li Xuan told him so much, did he want to tell him that the power behind Qin side effects of gummies cbd Wu was greater than the power behind him.After thinking for a while, he didn t come up with a result.He shook his head vigorously to wake himself up.He glanced at the street, but Li Xuan was no longer there.After returning to Bingang from Yunnan, Li Xuan didn t contact Qi Fei anymore.Qi Fei went to the hospital to see Heizi, chat with Heizi, or go shopping in the commercial street when he was free these days.Hitomi super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge Shisha and Jiazi are both in Langzhou, and Qi Fei is the only one left at home.Cheng Siyu thought for a while, and a wry smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.Didn t he decide to delete Piao Ling to dispel his determination to break away from Li Xuan Maybe Piao Ling already has a girl he likes.Cheng Siyu didn t know when she fell asleep, and the figure of Piao Ling appeared in her dream again.She ran to catch Piao Ling to see his appearance, but every time Every time it was a little bit worse.What Cheng Siyu didn t know was that Piao Ling did have a girl he liked, but that girl was her.Qi Fei went to the hospital to visit Heizi, and Bai Jin knew what to do.Although Heizi was hospitalized with his legs hanging, after a few days of treatment, he could already walk with a cane.Seeing Qi Fei coming, Heizi motioned Qi Fei to sit down, and Heizi told Qi Fei that because he didn t know how Qin Wu planned to deal with Li Xuan next, Bai Xiye went out to help Li Xuan share the pressure.The chief didn t know that the cornucopia he had put in the crevice of the mattress had been stolen.He took the woman to dinner, walked around the street for a while, and then returned to the house to stage live erotic pictures again Li Xuan waved his hand to let Heizi and Bai Xiye go out.Out of the private room, Heizi put a pair of big hands on Bai Xiye s shoulders, almost causing Bai Xiye to fall to the ground, Heizi, take it easy Brother Ye, why are you here Pulling it back, he looked at Bai Xiye and asked.The reason why Bai Xiye was so tired was because he had listened to the call to spring for two hours, and thanks to his good concentration, he was able to persevere until now.Bai Xiye glanced at Heizi, If you ask Brother Xuan later, tell him I m leaving first.In Yun Xiang s headquarters, Yun Changkong s pig headed face hadn t dissipated, Jialin put Milan s invitation letter on him Milan s invitation letter was sent two days ago.Han Yu s assistant was a little puzzled.He was puzzled before.The former Han Yu was not lustful at all, but now this Han Yu is a little bit lustful.Seeing that his assistant didn t speak, Han Yu was a little displeased, Everyone has a love for beauty, and I went to poach the wall to better reflect this beauty.Han Yu s assistant was completely speechless, this lecherous To be able to be so confidently spoken by Han Yu, I hadn t realized before that the boss s face was so thick.Han Yu chatted with the assistant for a while, seeing that the assistant didn t say anything, but instead looked at Han Yu with a look like seeing him for the first time, which made him very upset, and waved his hand to let the can you order cbd gummies in michigan assistant leave room.Everyone has a love of beauty, so how can my spirit of helping others not be known.Qi today.Wu Mo couldn t express the pain in her heart, but she followed Ruoyun s order and didn t tell Qi Fei about Ruoyun s identity.As for how Qi Fei knew, she also wanted to know.I heard from Wu Mo that Boss Yun came here to talk to me about fashion design.When discussing fashion design, Qi Fei wanted Tong Shisha to come side effects of gummies cbd over, but he couldn t even be called half hearted.Ruoyun nodded, and said with some embarrassment, Milan gave me too much shock today.It s not so much a discussion, it s better to say that I learned from Milan.This may disappoint Mr.Yun.A bitter smile appeared on the corner of Qi Fei s mouth, I don t know anything about fashion design.Ah Ruoyun and Wu Mo shouted in unison, looking at Qi Fei in amazement.Qi Fei saw doubts in the eyes of Ruoyun and Wu Mo, and explained to them, Hitomi Shisha has always been in charge super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge of the operation of Milan, and I am just a hands off shopkeeper.Long Xiaotian didn t want to go back, nor did he want to go back.All he could feel in that house was indifference.Ao s side effects of gummies cbd indifference towards him is different in Langzhou.He can feel family affection and friendship, and there is a person he wants to protect all his life.Master, are you unwilling to leave Langzhou because of that girl named Meng Tingting Long Xiaotian can be said to have grown up under the watchful eye of Uncle Fu.When he was training in the army, Uncle Fu often secretly visited him.There was a cold light in Long Xiaotian s eyes, Uncle Fu, this matter has nothing to do with Tingting, I don t want you guys to do things that make me angry.Xiaotian will definitely make Long Ao feel regretful.Ah Uncle Fu sighed helplessly, the gap between Long Xiaotian and Long Ao was too great, when Long Xiaotian was training in the army, Long Ao often visited him in the army.He originally planned to tell the Bloody Queen about the pain of that day, but that day he wanted to moles the white clothes The woman suddenly transformed into a bloody queen.The drug side effects of gummies cbd lords and gun dealers around saw the face of this pig headed brother changed, and they all had a gloating expression.You really don t die if you don t die.You say it s not good for you to molest anyone, but you want to molest the bloody queen.scary people.I won t say any more nonsense, and I ll ask everyone to extend your helping hand.As she spoke, the Bloody Queen pointed to the few black suits behind her, and said to the drug lords and gun dealers on the street Don side effects of gummies cbd t worry , they will record the amount you donate.The Bloody Queen walked to Shisan s side and said in a low voice, Look carefully, anyone who doesn t pay will be killed.Jiazi was very anxious, but she couldn t tell.Seeing the anxiety on Jiazi s face, Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan wanted to ask her for help several times, but they couldn t say what they wanted to say.After leaving the leisure bar, Jiazi said goodbye to Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan, and then hurried to Xiaowu s home.She wanted to find Bei Daochuanzi and ask her what mission Xiaowu was performing this time.It s getting late, let s go back earlier.Cheng Siyu looked at Jiazi who left in a hurry, with a wry best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us side effects of gummies cbd smile on his lips, and took a taxi back with Yi Lan.Cheng Siyu returned home, but she couldn t calm down, her right eyelid kept twitching, as if something bad was about to happen.What exactly is it It is said that the twitching of the left eyelid is a good omen, and the twitching of the right eyelid is a bad omen.When Meng Tingting opened the door of the ward, her face was full of shyness, wishing she could find a crack in the ground to get in.Long Xiaotian whispered in her ear what they were talking about, Meng Tingting shook her head without saying a word.Late at night, under Long Ao s repeated urging, Long Xiaotian brought Meng Tingting back to Long s house.There were many empty rooms in the house, so Long Xiaotian found out the bedding, made a bed for Meng Tingting, said good night to her, and went back to best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us side effects of gummies cbd his room to rest.Today can be said to be a day of driving.When Meng Tingting came back from the hospital, she kept yawning.On the way back, Long Xiaotian was still unwilling to give up, and asked Meng Tingting about the relationship between her and Long Ao.content do cbd gummies show in drug test of the conversation.Meng Tingting shook her head, didn t say a word, but her face became more and more red.I really don t know what to say.Emotional things can t be forced, it s better to let them come naturally.Qi Fei likes Cheng Siyu, but Cheng Siyu is someone else s fiancee, this kind of thing is really quite complicated, things like poaching, Wu Wei naturally He doesn t like it, but Qi Fei is his brother, he would rather Qi Fei dig a corner of the wall, maybe he can also dig the wall down.Qi Fei walked side by side with Cheng Siyu, he really wanted to hold Cheng Siyu in his arms and tell her that even if the sky fell, he would still stand up to her, but he didn t have the courage.He knew in his heart that Cheng Siyu didn t have feelings for Li Xuan between men and women, if she had, she wouldn t have traveled thousands of miles to find Piao Ling.He didn t know how he should tell Cheng Siyu, maybe she had already forgotten who Piaoling was in her heart.She must be a mistress Yang Zhe took care of.Yang Zhe thought of the mistress, and there was a flame burning in his lower abdomen, Yang Zhe, who scolded the neighbor next door, will die on the belly of a woman sooner or later.A woman who can be called a goblin by Jiang Fan best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us side effects of gummies cbd is naturally not bad, and Lu Yang s eyes lit up , whispered side effects of gummies cbd It is obviously impossible to deal with him at Yang Zhe s house, but I have a plan here, and the brothers will cooperate with me in a while.Lu Yang explained the plan he came up with, and the rest of them Old You Tiao s eyes lit up, and they all nodded in agreement.Brother Fan, which door did you close Lu Yang pointed to the door of Yang Zhe s house, they were watching, which door was closed by Jiang Fan when he came out.Which door did I lock Jiang Fan glanced at the door, with a side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears smile in his eyes, But I didn t lock it.What You said Brother Fei was taken away Xiao Wu returned to Bingang a few days before Qi Fei, and when he received a call from Ye Xiaobei, he quickly got up from Bei Dao Chuanzi.Xiaobei, don t cry yet, tell me what happened Ye Xiaobei kept crying on the phone, and only said one sentence to let him mobilize all his strength to Qi Fei.Qi Fei was taken away.As for Qi Fei How she was taken away, Ye Xiaobei didn t say.When fx cbd gummies side effects of gummies cbd green roads relief broad spectrum cbd gummies Ye Xiaobei told Xiao Wu what happened to Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu at the intersection, Xiao Wu cursed, I scolded the neighbor next door.Don t worry, I ll send someone out to look for Brother Fei right now.Just kidding, Qi Fei is his best brother, and after such a big incident happened to him, Xiao Wu is no less anxious than anyone else.Xiao Wu comforted Ye Xiaobei for a while, and called Zhao Yun, telling him to take someone to find Qi Fei quickly.After fighting for so many years, no one has seen David s heart at a glance.Who doesn t want to pursue a beautiful lady, please forgive my rudeness.David bowed.Now that someone has exposed it, just admit it generously.But I don t want to forgive, please go back.Li Wan had already walked to the door.However, Jock standing by the door directly blocked Li Wan s way, walked into the office by the way, and closed the door.They are from the United States, shouldn t they be regarded as gods in the eyes of Chinese people This woman dared to ridicule them, which made him very unbearable.Now that we ve talked about it, hooking up is also a thing, coercion is also a thing, and coercion is more interesting at the same time, isn t it Mr.Li, I think we still need to have a good talk.Qiao Ke said to Li Wan, standing in front of the door.At the same time, this guy is also very black bellied, isn t he handsome, so he will be beaten into a pig s head, so Qi Fei greets the faces of the two of them with fists, ensuring that his mother will not recognize them.At this time, Qi Fei regretted that he didn t bring a blade when he went out.There was such a big commotion inside, the little beauty at the front desk was very uneasy, for fear that the two handsome men in her mind would suffer and be wronged, but she didn t dare to go in and see, so she could only stand at the door and eavesdrop.Ah, Mr.Qi, what are you doing here The receptionist said in amazement as he watched Qi Fei come out with two people who had already been beaten and completely inhuman.Throw out the trash.Qi Fei said with a smile.The little beauty at the front desk was very sad.His eyes were dull, a half foot long mole was left at the corner of his mouth, and there was a stench coming out of his crotch.He was so frightened that he lost control of himself.When he noticed that Qi Fei super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge s eyes fell on him, there was deep fear in his eyes, as if seeing an evil spirit from hell.Trash Qi Fei scolded coldly.At this time, Chang Yan and Qi Fei s appearance changed too much when they saw him for the first time.At that time, he was still the chief of the public security bureau, bossy and arrogant, but now he is a lamb waiting to be slaughtered in Qi Fei s hands, scared into an idiot I don t know if he regrets his behavior of being someone else s dog to attack Qi Fei for a long time.I m trash, Qi Fei, no, Lord Qi, ancestor, killing me is dirty your hands, it s not worth it, why don t you just treat me like a fart and let me go, I promise, I will never follow you again You are against me.Qi Fei replied.He doesn t know what difference the level of brewing tea can bring.Anyway, he thinks that the same tea tastes the same no matter how it is brewed.Don t worry, the tea ceremony is a test of talent and state of mind, and it can t be practiced just by soaking it a few times.Liu Zhengfeng said after taking another sip.Immediately, Qi Fei felt the urge to pour hot water directly on the old man s face, can you not be so annoying when you speak, and scold him for his lack of talent and bad mood But Qi Fei can only think about it in his heart, pouring hot water on a deputy minister, this is really courting death.Leader, I won t take you to bully people like this.Qi Fei said with an aggrieved look.Since you can t pour hot water, it s still necessary to act like a baby.Haha, you kid, you re such a freak.If little Qi Fei is abolished, what do you ask Meng Tingting to do, how will Li Wan live in the future, and let those little girls and mature women who like Qi Fei hang themselves Therefore, Qi Fei decided to fight back.But the opponent is a high level ninja that is rarely seen in the mainland of Japan.It comes and goes like the wind, and every attack points to Qi Fei s most difficult position to defend.After losing the opportunity, it is very difficult to turn defense into offense.He needs to wait.But will the enemy give him time to wait Boom Qi Fei was negligent, and was hit with a strong elbow on the chest.Qi Fei couldn t stand still, stepped back a few steps, and directly bumped into Yan Ze s arms in a very ambiguous posture.Do you want to help Yan Ze asked with a smile.As long as this violent madman sees others fighting, if he can t go up and fight twice, it s really more uncomfortable than killing him.We will be business friends in the future.Please give me your advice.David Qi Fei said.There is an old saying in China, it doesn t matter age, the master is the teacher, and the teacher is also the one who preaches, accepts karma and solves doubts.Don t worry, I will definitely teach you a lot.Qi Fei said.Hearing Qi Fei s words, David s eyes showed a hint of anger, but this guy probably still feared Qi Fei s fist, super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge nodded and left.This guy is quite tolerable, Lei Dao said.If you know that you are not someone s opponent at all, would you still challenge someone with a brain damage He is very smart and chose the best method, incarnation of a poisonous snake hidden in the dark, and will give you the deadliest attack at any time One blow.Qi Fei said in a low voice.Soon I will give him one of the most unforgettable ananda cbd gummies memories.Not only masks, but also other purification equipment will also be exhibited, but those are products that will be released gradually in the future.You can t eat a fat man in one bite.President Qi, there is an old gentleman surnamed Liu who is looking for you outside, and he seems to have a strong aura.At this time, a small employee came in and said to Qi Fei.Qi Fei was overjoyed when he heard the clerk s words.Liu side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears Zhengfeng from the Ministry of Science and Technology is here, what a shame.So Qi Fei turned around and walked out of the backstage.When he went out, he saw Liu Zhengfeng who was casually viewing the exhibits in the release hall with his hands behind his back.The Secretary Zheng that Qi Fei hated so much was not there, and was replaced by a short man who was more shrewd but kind Did Liu Zhengfeng really take away Secretary Zheng Minister Liu, you should let the secretary tell me about your coming here, so that I can meet you at the gate.On the contrary, the security system has no loopholes.Although it cannot stop a master like him, it is more than enough for ordinary people.Perfect.Looking at the entire Langzhou, it may be difficult to find a second building with such a security situation.But it was just too perfect, and Qi Fei felt very uneasy.Since we can t find the cause of the problem, we can only wait for them to jump out by themselves.Walking into the office, all the employees are working .

can cause gummy cbd lemon tincture headaches?

intensely and in an orderly manner.Li is natures only cbd gummies a scam Wan s ability in business management is still very strong.Mr.Qi, Mr.Wu, Mr.Li has been waiting for you for a long time, in the big conference room.Seeing the two people coming in, the receptionist stood up and reminded them.The two of them came a little late today.However, it seemed that she had not received any meeting invitation before, maybe Li Wan had an unexpected incident and needed to discuss it with the two of them.Although it is unreasonable, it is the most sensitive.Qi Fei didn t choose to take the elevator, but walked down the steps instead.He would take a random look at every floor.As the owner of this building, he was patrolling his own territory, and keep cbd gummies in fridge green ape cbd gummies walmart the slightest change could not escape his sharp eyes.He walked all the way up the stairs to the first floor, but he didn t find anything unusual, but his inner anxiety didn t abate in the slightest.Further down was the underground parking lot of the building, which was an open area.Walking to the basement level, Qi Fei casually glanced at the elevator entrance of the parking lot, but a small corner caught Qi Fei s attention.At the lower left corner of the elevator entrance, there appeared a very irregular yellow sign the size of a fingernail.I picked it up with my hand and found that it was printed by someone.Then I would like to thank Heavenly King.Let s go and have a look at that matter in a few days.If there is a chance, wholesale cbd gummies top five companies let s solve it.Qi Fei said.I believe in your ability.If this is accomplished, the name of Mobei Canglang will soon regain its glory, said the Heavenly King.Hearing this sentence, Qi Fei was a little excited.But thinking about those brothers who have died, he immediately lost his mind.The Mobei Cangwolves are on fire, maybe they should be the most side effects of gummies cbd cbd gummies bears happy, but they will never see them again.Several people chatted for a while, and Tian Wang and Cheng Susheng got up to say goodbye.Before leaving, Tian Wang invited Qi Fei to come to his house if he had nothing to do, and wrote down his address and phone number, showing great sincerity.At the same time, Cheng Susheng also agreed with him on the time limit for cooperation and the space for follow up cooperation.You are surrounded by all kinds of beauties, and you are better than me.Xia Zhilong said.Hearing Xia Zhilong s words, Qi Fei immediately wanted to scold his mother.What does it mean to be surrounded by all kinds of beauties I only have Wu Lan by my side, okay As for Li Wan, Ma Ting, and Gao Xiaoyan, they are all a group of hungry and resentful women.Actually, Qi Shao s popularity as a beauty is really enviable.Wu Lan is recognized as a glamorous beauty in Langzhou.She hasn t been taken down for many years, but in the end she was conquered by you, a car wash worker.It really took Langzhou seriously.Brother Zhou side effects of gummies cbd s face.Guo Yunzong said.I can t help it.People are handsome, and love affairs come quickly, and I am always troubled by this matter.By the way, do you think the boys in Langzhou don t like me so much, is it because I am more handsome than them Qi Fei asked Guo Yunzong.The Wang family is a force that cannot be ignored in the entire China.Wang Wutian has scheming, means, and tolerance.To have such an opponent in life, I don t know whether to feel lucky or tragic.Guo Yunzong said.In his mouth, Wang Wutian is definitely an enemy that will never be ignored.However, to be able to have such a high evaluation of the enemy, Wang Wutian should also secretly laugh to himself.Yeah, you won t be lonely if you have enemies.Of course, if you have enough friends and strong enough, you don t need to be afraid of anyone.But in this world, there are many people who can share joys and sorrows, but there are very few people who share sorrows.So realistic.Qi Fei said.This sentence implied a different meaning, and he believed that Guo Yunzong could understand it.Originally, the two met for the first time.All social relationships in this world are based on equality.Only when everyone is equal in status and wealth can more people be born.common topic.Do you think Bill Gates can be good friends with Brother Sharp So Qi Fei doesn t expect Guo Yunzong s death defying friendship at this time, what he wants is to reach out at the critical moment, at least you don t stab the knife in the back.Talking about affirming the relationship now is actually nonsense.Everyone is testing each other to understand each other s bottom line and requirements to see if they can be satisfied.This is Qi Fei s truest thought.For Qi Fei, every morning will be best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us side effects of gummies cbd a particularly happy time, because he can get unlimited pleasure from Wu Lan, and at the same time, he can also take Wu Lan to the clouds.Just perfect.Qi Fei is very satisfied with his ability.Damn, could it be that the battle between him and Wu Lan was broadcast in real time, it was unbearable.However, he can only cast his fire on the woman now.Qi Fei, kill me, and then you won t survive.I tell you, the organization has sent the strongest experts to deal with you.You don t have a few days to live.Qi Fei howled in a tone of voice.At the same time, because of inhaling too much gas from the smelly pill, the woman began to spit white foam from her mouth, which flowed down the corner of her mouth onto Qi Fei s arm, which was extremely disgusting.I really hate people like you.You can t kill me, but you still threaten me.Does it bother you However, since you have this idea, then I will kill you.Qi Fei said.Afterwards, he exerted force on his palm, and only heard a bang, the woman s throat was directly pinched by him, a stream of blood flowed from the corner of the woman s mouth, and she went directly to hell to see the King of Hades.Qi Fei nodded, with Li Er s amazing strength, even if he left by himself, there would be no trouble, and no one would blindly tease Li Er.There s this woman, work has to be done quickly.Li Er gave Qi Fei a meaningful look, as if the senior was entrusting the younger generation.Immediately, Qi Fei was frightened by Lei.What does it mean to do it quickly, what can I do, how can I still have a shot at Hu Mingyue, it s too disgusting.Besides, you, Li Er, were once a man of the hour, and now you are very old, so talking like this will teach the children badly.After working hard for several months, Hu Mingyue was finally caught.Qi Fei can confirm that Hu Mingyue must have something to do with that so called organization.Taking her as a breakthrough point, he might be able to follow the clues to find that organization and destroy it in one fell swoop.If you can go back alive, you really have to talk to that old boy.Of course, it would be best if the old boy can give you some generous compensation.The armed group that surrounded them didn t give Qi Fei much time to think.At this moment, all the lights were turned on, shining directly into the armored vehicle they were riding in.At the same time, the helicopter hovering overhead sounded a loud horn the sound of.Guests from afar, welcome to the land of flames.Please get out of the armored vehicle and give up all resistance.Let s communicate with each other, otherwise, we will blow you up in minutes.There was a tremor, and a huge flame came from not far ahead.Throw a missile to scare you.Qi Fei was side effects of gummies cbd convinced.How expensive is a missile Why don t you just play with the air Don t you know how to save money So, Qi Fei decided to go on.One A man in a neat suit stepped out of an armored vehicle opposite and said to Qi Fei.My name is Shangyuan Teng Er, you can call me Mr.Shangyuan.Mr.Shangyuan, how can I mind To tell you the truth, I have long wanted to beat up this kid, but his background is simply too deep.I can t beat it, now Mr.Shangyuan helps me achieve this ideal, I should thank you.Qi Fei said.While speaking, his hands gradually hugged the back of his head, his fingers shook quickly a few times, and he signaled to Xia Zhilong and Shen Cang who were still hiding in the car.Qi Fei, I really misjudged you, so you are such a person.Hua Zhihu stared at Qi Fei angrily and said, and then he began to struggle, but was firmly held back by the gun.Let go of me, I m going to beat this grandson to death.After howling a few times, Hua Zhihu ease cbd gummies made a sudden move, and directly threw a gunman next to him out, and then swept his legs, smashing the surrounding people with his head on his back.Fuck you, who said that Huaxia doesn t know anymore, who said that Huaxia is not as good as your big fart Dongyang, Shangyuan s second son, if you have the ability to let go of the man, the man will blow up your mouse s nest in minutes.Hua Hua Zhihu scolded loudly.I just like to see you angry.It s boring here.It s great to have you two toys.Shangyuan Teng Er was not angry at all.Maybe in his eyes, Qi Fei and Hua Zhihu have really become toys for him to pass the boring time.I cbd gummies for pancreatitis hope you have a good time here.I forgot to tell you that there is no sunset and sunrise here.You don t even know what time it is outside.Maybe you will go crazy in a few days.I m looking forward to it, goodbye.Shangyuan Teng Er He said with a smile, and then left first.If you have the ability, don t leave, let s fight for three hundred rounds.When these people entered the prison, they began to swear, pushing and shoving Qi Fei and Hua Zhihu.Damn it, you dare to bite me, and still dislike my smelly meat, lowly Chinese people, I will kill you today, brothers, beat me, if you kill me, I will be the one.The little boss waved and dropped a piece.The fleshy palm shouted.This guy feels distressed when he looks at his palm.Why are you willing to bite off the good meat Therefore, it must be your fault for insulting me like this, and you must bear the responsibility if you are wrong.Hearing the little boss s words, those few people each held a baseball bat wrapped in newspaper, aimed at Qi Fei and Hua Zhihu and smashed it down.This way, there will be no condor cbd gummies shark tank trauma, but it can hurt muscles and bones.Besides, Qi Fei and Hua Zhihu are their captives, and the two sides are in a hostile relationship, so they can fight as much as they want, as long as they don t get killed, it s fine, because their boss, Shangyuan Teng Er, still has a package to torture Qi Fei What about the plan.Shut up Cao Feng swept out the tattered broom that was tattered by the machete in his hand, and said angrily, Go away quickly Don t mess around here No We don t know each other, I don t need it What do you do for me, get out of here Do you know that your kindness has embarrassed me Get out of here quickly Since Xie Hanyan had made up his mind, he did not intend to let Cao Feng take another risk.At this time, Xie Hanyan cried again It s just that she resisted and didn t let her cry out.Because she knew that if she shouted out, Cao Feng would definitely not listen to what she said.So, she must be strong Sorry, thank you for your kindness, but this should be life If there is an afterlife, I want to know you and be with you.If possible, let s have a baby together, so beautiful Thank you for giving me a sense of security and warmth, thank you Xie Hanyan thought silently in her heart, she had already made up her mind, after these people let Cao Feng leave, she would commit suicide Yes, even if she died, she would not let these people defile her Absolutely not Hey, Cao Feng, right How did you hear that That chick has agreed to leave with us, and you are still doing futile resistance here.Qi Fei scratched his head and said I seem to remember that there is class in the morning, so Come on, if you don t tell me, I almost forgot that you are a student here.Okay, you can go to class at ease, here I am I will find someone to take care of it.At this time, Wei Yongxin remembered this, but he was not embarrassed at all.Hearing that the old squad leader was driving away, Qi Fei looked at the time and said, My first class is an open class, and I have it with students from Yanda University.Classes don t start until ten o clock.You can let me cbd gummy bear recipes go fx cbd gummies side effects of gummies cbd now.Is this time too early Actually, Qi Fei just came back so early, mainly because he wanted to bring some breakfast for his younger sister, side effects of gummies cbd but at this time Wei Yongxin took the breakfast in his hand unceremoniously, He smiled and said If it s early, you can go to the stadium for a stroll.Qi Juanjuan glanced at Qi Fei, and found that her brother was still super cbd gummies for hair loss keep cbd gummies in fridge calm, she was somewhat anxious.Brother, your sister has been bullied, when will you wait However, she also knew that Qi Fei might have his own plans, so she didn t ask for help.Instead, she took daily cbd gummies a cold look at Wu Hao, who made her hate him so much, and said, No need Get lost Your mother is in the hospital and needs a lot of money to save her life, what Did you sell the diamond necklace I gave you Looking at the angry Qi best cbd gummies pain relief reddit Juanjuan, Wu Hao sneered.Looking up and down Qi Juanjuan s clothes, Wu Hao continued to smile and said The clothes on your body are quite new, but they are not affordable by your family s current financial resources.It seems that the necklace has sold a lot Ah.Hearing this, Ye Xiaobei wanted to step forward and give Wu Hao a big slap in the face, but Qi Fei appeared beside her at some point and grabbed her.Seeing this scene, Qi Fei waved to Qi Juanjuan and the others, and then whispered something to them side effects of gummies cbd Are you sure Ye Xiaobei looked at Qi Fei in disbelief.Qi Fei nodded and said Although I don t know what those security guards said, I can tell from their behavior that this matter is going to be ignored.Therefore, people from the Wu family will definitely come later.Although , Wu Hao deserves a beating Hearing Qi Fei say this, several people gave him a blank look.You also know that you can t beat someone so hard when it comes to feelings But if you knew, why did you go early Qi Fei gave them one Do you think I m an idiot Then he said That s why I asked you to cooperate and act in a play What play Several people looked eager best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress without thc to try.Looking side effects of gummies cbd at the expressions of these guys, Qi Fei was speechless.We just want to seek justice for ourselves Cao Ruoxin pretended to pat Qi Juanjuan on the shoulder again.Hearing this, Xie Meiqi was a little annoyed What does it mean to seek justice for yourself My son was beaten to the hospital by you, who should he ask for justice You guys, are you trying to bully me, a woman However, she knew that it was not time for her to be angry when things had developed to this point.After all, the words of supporting Ye Xiaobei are not so powerful.As a veteran at the mahjong table, Xie Meiqi s IQ is still a little bit.Thinking of this, Xie Meiqi forcibly suppressed the anger in her heart, looked at Qi Fei, and asked, In this matter, should we each take a step back Each one take a step back she said.Your son bullied Sisi and my sister, do you think this is over Seeing Qi Fei s arrogance, Xie Meiqi said angrily, Little brat, don t be ashamed Don t be ashamed Qi Fei, who was a head taller than Xie Meiqi, looked down at Xie Meiqi, who had a plump figure, and said word by word It s up to you Are you qualified Are you qualified These words hit Xie Meiqi s heart heavily.At this moment, they were just side effects of gummies cbd watching a show.Sure enough, after a while, they saw a very exciting scene.I saw that when several security guards surrounded Qi Fei, Qi Fei scratched his head helplessly, and said Hey, if you are like this, I will feel that you are bullying others.What Qi Fei meant was that their fighting power , in his opinion, it was exactly what he meant cbd gummies daytona beach to bully them.Don t worry, as long as you don t resist, we won t bully you.Looking at Qi Fei s innocent face, several people felt deeply helpless.In fact, they were very happy when they saw Wu Hao being resisted.During the time they were on duty here, they saw Wu Hao harming all kinds of girls.But suffering from no evidence, the Wu family threw cash to solve it.The parties concerned have not pursued it, so what else can they say They knew that Wu Hao had done many bad things, but they could only watch him carefree, and felt very uncomfortable.What s going on The movement in front of the hotel gate naturally caught the attention of the lobby manager, so he rushed out in a hurry.Manager, the thing is this, this gentleman wants to go in, but his clothes are disheveled Fart Where did you see that my clothes are disheveled Qi Fei was immediately angry at this statement.When Qi Fei said this, another security guard said We also regard unclean clothes as disheveled.What unclean clothes Why are you staring at my clothes like this These are performance art, you understand What Or are you planning to ask me to complain to the business administration department about bullying customers in your store Seeing that their eyes were fixed on the splattered stains on his body, Qi Fei said cheekily.The lobby manager has never seen the wind and rain In order to minimize the impact, he directly reprimanded the two security guards, and then let Qi Fei in.How This time Ye Zhicheng directly brought more than 20 guys with real guns and live ammunition, fully armed, and ran forward when he saw Qi Fei next time.Qi Fei smoked a cigarette, pointed to their car, and said, Go and have a look at the back.Ye Zhicheng walked to the other side with doubts and found many holes and warheads.Instant cold sweat.He is also a soldier.Judging from the number of warheads, there is definitely more than one sniper.Two or more snipers were dispatched This Which local tyrant hired him So, with a wave of his hand, some of the elite team he brought along looked at the surrounding tall buildings, quickly dispersed, and went to check the location of the sniper.Dad Huh Seeing her father, Ye Xiaobei stood up, ran to his side, hugged her tightly, and twitched slightly.The sound of bullets hitting heavy objects kept ringing just now, but it really scared her.After accessing the criminal central library of the police system, the suspect s information was quickly found.When Ye Zhicheng took the information handed over by the staff and looked at it, he clicked his tongue and said, Xiao Fei, we seem to have encountered a terrible guy this time.It seems that we need to contact the police.Need to get in touch with someone from the police force This greatly exceeded Qi Fei s expectations.In fact, this case should be handled by the police, but as the person in charge of the Ninth Police Bureau, his daughter was assassinated, of keep cbd gummies in fridge green ape cbd gummies walmart course Ye Zhicheng had to handle it himself.This is not some kind of public weapon for private use.This kind of assassin with strong assassination ability may also pose a threat to the safety of the leaders.Not only did he have to deal with it personally, but he also had to pay great attention to it.However, after waiting for where can i buy purekana cbd gummies near me a long time, he didn t see anyone from him, so he went there first with some doubts, and found that this guy was distracted here with his hand.Pa, pa, pa He just hit his head a few times, and said, I want you to read more, you bastard doesn t believe it If we don t collect the protection money from that family, HCMUSSH side effects of gummies cbd then it is estimated that other people will do the same.Follow the example and refuse to give it to us, you know The crewmember nodded and said, Brother, I understand.Huh Now you understand what it means to disrupt the market economic order Changmao looked a little surprised With a crew cut, I really can t figure it out, why did he suddenly become enlightened Chapter 635 Speechless Just when Chang Mao was curious, his little brother shook his head resolutely and megan kelly cbd gummies said, I don t understand Crack This is an affirmative answer, the long hair is straight to the hair A slap was thrown on his head again, and he said angrily You unworthy guy, don t come out with me to collect protection money next time, it s really embarrassing Brother Mao, why did you hit me again The flat head touched his head, and said very aggrieved.After all, the Newton classmate who sat under the fruit tree and let the apple hit his head told us from personal experience that there is gravity in this world.Although, the magnitude of gravitational force has nothing to do with physique.But the skateboard side effects of gummies cbd girl flies up like this, if she can t land perfectly later, won t she be thrown in a mess, with a bruised nose and a swollen face After thinking about the bloody scene, many people couldn t help but shudder.However, when they saw the end, they found that they seemed to be thinking a little too much.Because the girl is not doing gymnastics at the moment Have you seen the unnamed lake People are doing diving.Although side effects of gummies cbd it wasn t a three meter platform or a ten meter platform, they jumped without hesitation.The sun shines on Weiming Lake, and the summer monsoon comes out, sparkling the lake surface.The classmate who was pushed saw Qi Fei s movement and shouted loudly.I greet his uncle, this is going to kill people, and you still want to run away Students, beat him up Let s see if he still dares to run away after beating him up.Someone shouted In a word, someone side effects of gummies cbd really made a move on Qi Fei.Facing the fists of these people, Qi Fei fought back unceremoniously, and beat these people hard in a few blows.Chapter 641 Stabbing each other Students, this guy definitely hits people, isn t he a good guy, he actually hit us, let s go Beat this guy up Hearing this, Qi Fei almost wanted to spray them all in side effects of gummies cbd the face.Obviously it was you people who hit someone first, but I was forced to fight back.This is justifiable self defense Don t you guys who ve been through so many books know that You also said that beating people is not a good person, don t you also beat people with your hands Could it be that you are good people I bother Fortunately, he is still a top student of Yanda University, so shameless Qi Fei, who is still considered superior in appearance, stood on tiptoe and looked at the lake through the heads of these people surrounding him.

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