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He held his forehead and said weakly Our house is very good, but now the funds are too tight, and advertising can t be done That s the problem.Qi Fei snapped his fingers I guess you have also done some preferential measures to attract citizens, but it s useless This well, I have given some gifts worth hundreds of dollars, but it s useless.Sales Manager He smiled wryly, and then he frowned Why should I talk condor cbd gummie to you about this Qi Fei went to his desk and sat down, and said seriously In this world, people who can afford a good cbd gummies boulder highlands house like yours For those who are interested, you must not be short of discount gifts, and you can t afford too expensive discounts.What if use some kind of cheap cultural consumption to attract them The sales manager was slightly taken aback Tell me Look You also know that I sell newspapers, but do you know what kind of newspapers I sell What does it matter Qi Fei shook his finger I sell the most popular newspapers in this city.Sister Lan, Tan Jianren is what is in cbd gummies for sleep shameless.Sitting beside Yi Lan, Qi Fei comforted him, Isn t he just a manager, when Sister Lan is promoted to his head, trample this bastard to death Yi Lan smiled and waved her hands Don t talk about this, let s go and investigate.Yi Lan got up, picked up her bag, and walked out of the office.At this moment, Qi Fei had an idea in his heart, if possible, he must help Sister Lan, at least get rid of that disgusting Tan Jianren.After that, Qi Fei followed Yi Lan and went to those customers homes one by one to inquire carefully, but they all said they hadn t received it, and those people didn t seem to be lying.no problem.This is weird, he clearly remembered that he put the newspaper in it, why did it disappear out of thin air What the hell Chapter Twenty Seven After the investigation was over, the two returned to the publishing station.Qi Fei sighed secretly in cbd gummies circle k his heart, he didn t dare to look into Yi Lan s eyes.Yi Lan said again Let s not talk about this for now, it s not a big deal but the plan you drafted is very interesting.Are you interested in the position of the person in charge of the establishment department Yi Lan raised her eyebrows Of course.That s good, this plan should be useful to you.Qi Fei pointed to the computer screen.Yi Lan stared into his eyes Why did you do this I want to help you.Qi Fei said directly.Don t you want to be the person in charge I think Sister Lan is more suitable, and only in this way can you get rid of Tan Jianren s control.Yi Lan stared at Qi Fei for several seconds, as if thinking about something , After thinking about it, she smiled slightly Okay, my sister will accept your kindness.Tan Jianren snorted coldly, took out his cigarette and lit it, Then he sat on the sofa chair next to him Mr.Cheng, to put it bluntly, Qi Fei actually did that kind of thing, he is a scum, a scum, a pig and a dog Why do you ask Just fire him It doesn t matter What, after all, he is an employee of my company, so it is not difficult to fire him, but I want everything to be done in accordance with the company s regulations, Mr.Tan, you should remember the regulations I made before, right Tan Jianren sprayed a puff from his nostrils.Yan Yan said strangely Of course I remember, I can t forget what is in cbd gummies for sleep what Mr.Cheng has set.Doesn t it mean that you need to get your consent to fire anyone That s right Cheng Siyu s eyes showed majesty So I have to clarify the matter thoroughly.If you think I will do something small, then you just watch here, and I will let Qi Fei come over immediately Cheng Siyu Tan Jianren slapped the armrest of the chair violently Slap You can do it You are the boss and you are awesome Everything needs to be approved by you, so why do you need me as the vice president As a display for you Do you want me to set up a flower pot and stand at your door You like to take care of everything so much, so let you do it Can you dismiss everyone from the vice president Now you don t even believe me, right You can t even listen to what I say Right It s not good to learn what to do, do you have the ability to learn from other people s dictatorship Be careful not to play yourself to death These aggressive words made Cheng Siyu s face extremely ugly, but what she had to admire was that she really endured it, and said to Tan Jianren in a calm tone as much as possible Mr.This moved Qi Fei for a while.In the morning of that day, Yi Lan told Qi Fei a new news, saying that President Ma of the group had abdicated, and the new president who took office today was named Yan Fengtao, who was under forty five years old, and this person was promoted by the deputy director of Bingang Publishing Bureau.Yan Fengtao s position is the deputy secretary and president of the group s party committee.Qi Fei and Yi Lan are very curious about what this person will look like and what kind of personality he has.Seeing that it was almost noon, Yi Lan and Qi Fei were going to have lunch.At this time, President Yan came.President Yan was dressed in a straight suit, of medium build, with a slightly bulging stomach, a crew cut head, cold and haughty eyes, and an obvious official air from the inside out.Oh brother, to be honest, I don t want anyone but Mr.Cheng to be the CEO of the publishing company.You are very clear about her character and ability, right I know, Mr.Cheng It is indeed a rare good leader of the company.People in the company dare not say that like you, everyone is following the wind, and it can be seen that Zhang Li has gained power, so they are also thinking about having a relationship with her.Good relationship, this woman can t do things well, she has a way of making connections, I m really afraid that if she becomes the boss of the publishing company, what will happen after summer valley cbd gummies cost what is in cbd gummies for sleep that I can t imagine it Hu Zhiping said everything At this point, Qi Fei also understood in his heart, after all, he was also for the benefit of his own advertising company, which is understandable, after all, as the boss, he still has what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review so many employees under him who need to eat.Cheng Siyu stared at the corner of his mouth, then oh, and said nothing more.Let s go up together.Qi Fei said.In the ward, Cheng Siyu sat on the chair next to Yi Lan s bed, and Qi Fei said, There s no water here, I ll go get some boiling what is in cbd gummies for sleep water and make tea for you.No need.It s all right.Qi Fei said Then he went out with the kettle.Cheng Siyu gently held Yi Lan s pale palm Yi Lanyou must persevere, Qi Fei is now carrying it alone, and it is not easy for him, whether it is for him or for yourself, you should wake up quickly Let s go.Yi Lan didn t respond as usual, Cheng Siyu looked at her closed eyes, hoping that in the next second, the other party s eyelashes would tremble, even just once.Yilan, I believe you can survive this.Your parents in your hometown don t know about you yet.Only when you get better can you stop worrying the elders After talking for a long time, Cheng Siyu fell silent.It s just that cbd gummies near chapin sc finding a wife and getting married is a big deal, and we have to worry about it.Besides, I m only your son, and I still want to have a grandson as soon as possible.Well.Qi Fei has a big head, with a wry smile on his face Mom, I also understand, I can understand, in short, 30mg cbd gummies effects you and dad can rest assured that I will definitely bring back a beautiful and filial wife.It doesn t matter if she is beautiful or not.The key is to be kind hearted and considerate to the Gu family, alas, I ve heard what you said countless times, but I haven t seen you do it before.Qi Fei s mother said with a little resentment in her tone.Qi Fei didn t know what to say when he heard this, and he also sighed.Qi Fei s mother approached him and asked in a low voice, Tell mom honestly, is that girl your girlfriend Ear, simply said It s not counted.Could it be that the place opposite has become the company of that classmate Thinking of this, Qi Fei made up his mind to find out what the name of the company was.Even if he met some acquaintances again, he didn t care, so he crossed the road, hurried past the company s just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam entrance, and then found the location Looked up at the sign.After reading it, Qi Fei s heart sank, he guessed right Damnthis is really called Feng Shui turn.Qi Fei smiled wryly, then shrank his neck and quickly left that place.Walking fast all the way, Qi Fei lowered his head slightly, his mind was a little messed up, and a thought came to him inadvertently that made his back shiver.Before, I was not only a business competitor with that person, but also a rival in love.Later, my company lost my girlfriend and ran away.I couldn t understand what happened.QiQi Feiwhat are you doing here Qi Fei s sullen face suddenly showed a what is in cbd gummies for sleep smile.He didn t want to do this, but in order to take Li Dafa away without causing too much commotion, he could only Try to let the other party relax their vigilance, or if Li Dafa runs away before anything has been done, it will be fucked.It seems that Mr.Li is doing pretty well now.Qi Fei said.Li Dafa s expression was awkward, but Qi Fei s attitude was quite polite.He immediately stood up and said with a smile Brother In fact, I m just like this.It s not for survival.Please sit down, please sit down. Qi Fei sat on the sofa beside him, and Li Dafa entertained him with good cigarettes, and then Li Dafa lit one himself.Mr.Li, haven t you quit smoking Qi Fei asked casually.Li Dafa showed a melancholy cbd tincture vs gummies expression I m living under a lot of pressure these days, there s nothing I can do I can only smoke for a while.Judging from the skills of the two, the bald head is definitely far behind Platinum, but Platinum stumbled this time.The frantic bald head suppressed Platinum with all his strength, and at the same time stabbed the knife fiercely.This is probably the limit of his super long performance, and even Platinum couldn t react for a while.The bald man was holding a switchblade, which wasn t as easy to use as a dagger, what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review and it wasn t as lethal as a dagger, but if it was really stabbed in the chest, it would still be enough to kill someone.Qi Fei was two steps away.Seeing that such a change had happened, he didn t have time to think about it, so he immediately rushed over and stretched out his hand to stop it.Go to hell the bald man growled ferociously.Chapter 105 Like a couple in love, the pocket knife stabbed down, but it didn t hit Bai Jin s chest, because the blade was held by Qi Fei s hand.When Qi Fei first saw Ye Dabao s younger sister, he thought that she was good looking, much prettier than her brother.It s strange to say that they were all born from the same mother s womb, but Ye Dabao is going to be a lot worse.Although he is quite tall, he is also relatively fat, with a round face, small nose and small eyes, but this boy is very popular with women, probably It s because he s not handsome but looks cute.Qi Fei was working on starting a business before he graduated, Ye Dabao also helped a lot, but after graduation, Dabao went to Guangzhou alone and found a job in a big company, Qi Fei joked that you and him Damn, do you despise Lao Tzu s company Ye Dabao said righteously that he just wanted to go to a big city to have a good experience, and finally added with a wink I just don t like your poor company.Originally, last year, Cheng Siyu took over the distribution company.She carried out a series of reforms and innovations, which greatly increased the sales volume of the distribution company s newspapers.This is a very good thing.At the end of the year, when the company made summary statistics, it was found that the sales volume of all the newspapers of the publishing company, including the rest of the affiliated just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam magazines of the group, had grown considerably this year, especially the Evening News, which almost doubled.It is a lot more than the expected goal issued by the group party committee before.Such impressive achievements should be mainly attributed to Cheng Siyu s management, but unexpectedly, near the end of the year, she was suspended and Tan Jianren took over.How can this guy have such a great ability, the sales volume has increased, and the number of customers has also increased sharply.As a result, Cheng Siyu didn t even eat lunch, so he called the group leader over to give a lecture.From the beginning to the end, Zhang Li watched the play by the side.Zhang Li wished that Cheng Siyu would encounter problems, the more serious the better, because this time Cheng Siyu s reinstatement made Zhang Li go crazy with anger, and she almost lost her temper with President Yan.So she hoped that something would happen to Cheng Siyu as soon as he came back, and he would be completely fired by the group leader.In that case, Zhang Li felt that she would have another chance to grab the position of the CEO of the publishing company.Cheng Siyu was called to give a lecture, Tan Jianren was so busy that he wanted to cry, the entire hairdressing company was dealing with complaints, but there were more and more complaints, and it was impossible to handle them at all.The police found a large amount of drugs from them, and then Li Xuan tried to resist desperately, but was killed by the police on the spot, and Qi Fei was also held to the head with a gun.The moment the gun rang, Qi Fei woke up.This dream was too real, thinking back on everything in the dream, Qi Fei couldn t help breaking out in a cold sweat again, and his pajamas were all wet.As the saying goes, I think about it every day and dream at night.I must have nightmares because I think too much.It must be like this.Qi Fei said to himself.There was no way, he could only comfort himself like this.At this time, it was past eight o clock in the morning.Qi Fei went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then went out to have breakfast, but he didn t have much appetite.When he returned to the hotel, Li Xuan called and asked him to meet at the airport.Li Xuan stood up quickly as if he had been electrocuted after hearing this, and stumbled.Reeling, the right foot stepped on a bush, and the three of them heard a slight clicking sound instantly.Xiaotie s face changed drastically Steady, don t move Otherwise you will be finished Chapter 134 Li Xuan was shocked by Xiaotie s reaction, and hurriedly stretched out his hand to support the tree trunk next to him , Only then did he not let himself fall down, he asked tremblingly What what s wrong Qi Fei frowned, and wanted to go over to see the situation, but Xiao Tie hurriedly what is in cbd gummies for sleep said Don t go over He is very serious.You may have stepped on a mine Landmine Qi Fei froze in place immediately, then slowly backed up a few steps, his heart started what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review beating wildly.Li Xuan s pale face turned even paler now, and sweat quickly came out of his forehead.After leaving the valley and heading south, there is no special dangerous area except for a section of rainforest caves that need attention.Xiaotie said that the main reason is that it is not the rainy season, so many environments are relatively less dangerous.The three rested for about ten minutes, and then continued on their way.Xiao Tie led Li Xuan and Qi Fei along the river bank against the current.When they were on the river bank, she deliberately told them not to get too close to the river, even though there was not much water at the moment., but still dangerous.Qi Fei asked Will there be crocodiles Xiao Tie shook his head There are indeed crocodiles in the rainforest rivers, but there should be none here.The river is too small and the water is too shallow.The piranhas to worry about.As soon as it came into contact with the fire, the ancient jade instantly turned black.Looking carefully, it seemed that some smoke was coming out of it.It turned out that they were all extremely small bugs.After a few seconds, the bugs were all burned into white.Ashes and jade are still the same.Qi Fei thought to himself, it should be these ashes, otherwise it would be impossible to burn this ancient jade into ashes.Qi Fei was afraid that he would accidentally lose those ashes, so he carefully took off his hat, poured all the jade and ashes into it, and hurried back to Li Xuan s side.After being busy for a while, Qi Fei finally let Li Xuan swallow the ashes.Fortunately, the third child didn t drink all the water, otherwise Li Xuan would choke to death if he swallowed the ashes dry.After doing this, Qi Fei saw that Li Xuan s face returned to normal, but he still didn t wake up, but he should be fine.These two fish were very fat, and there was a lot of meat with fatty tissue under their stomachs.Qi Fei natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep took a cloth strip to wrap up the broken fat, and tied it to the tree roots.In this way, a simple torch was completed.Qi Fei lit the torch and tried it, and it lasted for more than half an hour.Cheng Siyu was overwhelmed with admiration.He didn t expect Qi Fei to think of such a trick.After the two of them ate the fish, they started catching fish again.After a lot of work, until just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam all Qi Fei s coats were used up, the two had already made ten torches.Cheng Siyu was worried that it was not enough, so he simply took off his coat and used it as torches.Only the water in this cave is very cold, and the overall temperature is not too low.It is still bearable to wear only one piece of clothing.In this way, the two added seven more torches, a total of seventeen, and it is estimated that they can be used for eight or nine summer valley cbd gummies cost what is in cbd gummies for sleep hours.Okay, then you have to work harder, you must take me out of here No matter what, I m just a woman, I have to rely on you, a big man.Qi Fei was filled HCMUSSH what is in cbd gummies for sleep with pride, natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep he never thought that in reality, Cheng Siyu would tell himself this kind of feeling like a little bird.In other words, this is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for Qi Fei.After the two chatted, their mood improved a lot.Qi Fei even felt that leaving the cave was as easy as taking a walk.I m a little sleepy, don t mind I ll rely on you to sleep Cheng Siyu s voice was a little shy.I don t mind, I don t mind, Mr.Cheng, you have a good rest.Well, you too good night.After saying this, Cheng Siyu rested his head on Qi Fei s shoulder, and then took his arm , This made Qi Fei s body a little stiff.After a while, Qi Fei, who was extremely excited and nervous, gradually relaxed.Chapter 157 is actually by your side Where just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam s Siyu Li revive cbd gummies Xuan asked.We re eating together, I ll give her the phone right now.Qi Fei said and handed the phone to Cheng Siyu.Before Li Xuan could speak, Cheng Siyu said, Why don t you just call me if you want to find me Didn t Qi Fei tell you my new number On the other end of the phone, Li Xuan snorted coldly You don t care what I do.That s fine, don t worry about me, don t talk, I have to eat Cheng Siyu impatiently handed Qi Fei his phone.Qi Fei just looked at it in a daze.Invisibly, he felt a little jealous that the two of them could HCMUSSH what is in cbd gummies for sleep talk like this.Maybe their relationship was not harmonious, but in Qi Fei s view, there was an atmosphere of a young couple who was at odds.Li Xuan on the other end of the phone seemed to be so angry that he opened his throat and said, If you don t say it, don t say it Who do you think you are Brother Xuan, it s me Oh, Brother Fei, wait The plane is ready to fly, you will take her back immediately, you must protect her well, and wait for my news when you return to Bingang, I still have important just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam things to do for you.A guy like this who hangs around on the streets must not underestimate his ability based on his appearance.A dwarf may not be a role, but he still has a few tricks.Before Cheng Siyu could make a move, the dwarf suddenly took out a switchblade from his pocket.With a click, the blade came out, and Cheng Siyu was dumbfounded.Hey, beauty I know you what is in cbd gummies for sleep think I might be easy to deal with if I m not tall, but let me tell you, this guy is on the front line, he doesn t have eyes, you d better cooperate natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep with me honestly, this icyIt s good for you to get it over with, I m a sympathetic person.Youshameless Aren t you afraid of going to jail Cheng Siyu s face was livid.I m afraid, of course I m afraid But I can t control so much now.Now the police are very strict, and it s hard to find a lady.Can I let you leave a beautiful girl like you I will go all out, and I will go if I am happy.Ten minutes later, Qi Fei said, I m going to the bathroom.Listen carefully to Qi Fei s footsteps.It was very quiet here, and Qi Fei s footsteps were very light, but Qi Fei could still hear them clearly.Guessing that the time was almost up, Platinum also put cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews just cbd gummie down the cup and walked out cautiously.Qi Fei found the waiter and learned that Manager Ding had gone to the office on the third floor, so Qi Fei also went to the third floor and quickly found the manager s office.Qi Fei raised his hand and knocked on the door, and Manager Ding s voice came from inside.Please come in.Qi Fei opened the door and went in, seeing that Manager Ding had just hung up the phone.It turned out to be Qi Fei, please sit down, I don t know why you came up specially Manager Ding asked very politely.Qi Fei sat on the sofa, hesitated for a few seconds before asking Manager Ding I don t know is Mr.After a pause, she suddenly asked, Sister Siyu and him have dinner together.What s the relationship between the two of you I ve heard What did Li Xuan say that his parents were waiting Could it be Qi Fei felt a pain in his heart Cheng is always Boss Li s fianc e Chapter 173 unexpectedly met a killer Ah Ye Xiaobei was very surprised Mr.Cheng is such a good woman, but she wants to be with someone like Li Xuan Is there any reason I really can t believe it Qi Fei showed a faintly wry smile ,no answer.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t say anything, Ye Xiaobei was also silent for a while.After a few minutes, she tentatively said Brother Qi, after you resign, you should go back to Langzhou, okay Qi Fei shook his head.This surprised Ye Xiaobei You don t want to Why Qi Fei said I can change jobs here, in fact I already have plans.Although the date when he leaves Li Xuan is getting closer, it is reasonable for him to feel more and more relaxed, but However, he couldn t relax, and always felt that something unexpected would happen.While upset, Qi Fei turned on the laptop that had been kept in Yi Lan s ward.He wants to go to QQ to find Qingyu to have a good chat, maybe talking to the other party can make him feel better.Qi Fei had just turned on his computer and was about to go to QQ, but at this moment he received a call from Li Xuan, and he hurriedly walked outside the ward with his mobile phone.The matter with Li Xuan was over, he called Qi Fei just cbd peach ring gummies as soon as he left the clubhouse, first asked how Qi Fei s injury was, and then told Qi Fei what happened behind the clubhouse.Under Xu Kaixuan s mediation, Li Xuan gave up two construction sites in his hands and gave them to Qin Wu.How did he come here What is he going to do Just as he was thinking, the man beside Xu Kaixuan walked over with a smile.Chapter 186 Xu Kaixuan s suggestion This is Mr.Qi Feiqi, right The man stretched out his right hand very politely.Of course, Qi Fei also had to be polite, and shook hands with this man I met you before, you are someone close to Mr.Xu, and I haven t asked your name yet.The man smiled I am Mr.Xu s secretary , my name is Zhong Da.Hello, Brother Da.Hehe, brother Qi Fei, what are you doing here Qi Fei shook the folder in his hand I ll ask Boss Li to send some Things, but it seems inconvenient Zhong Da always had a smile on his face Mr.Let s meet and chat, brother, if you have something important, I ll go what is in cbd gummies for sleep in and talk to Mr.Xu, so as not to delay you.Qi Fei hurriedly said It s okay, I can wait.Gou stared at Qi Fei, and laughed twice.Then Qi Fei said Brother Fei, I want to tell you something.Qi Fei looked surprised What else Li Xuan s eyes were full of cunning The thing is I suddenly changed Got an idea.Qi Fei was a little dazed, and instantly thought of what Li Xuan meant, but he really didn t want to believe it.Brother Xuan, what are you talking about I don t want to let you go.Li Xuan stared at Qi Fei.Qi Fei s heart suddenly sank Brother Xuan, you what do you mean by this Didn t you tell me before Don t tell me you don t trust me, Brother Xuan Li Xuan laughed loudly , as if hearing some joke Brother Fei, Brother Fei, let me tell you, you don t need to be credited, it s shit with me, Li Xuan, it seems that you still don t know me very well, hahaha.Qi Fei gritted his teeth Brother Xuan, this is the end of the matter, even if you don t keep your promise, I still insist on leaving.At first I invited you so warmly, but you were unmoved.Then suddenly I took the initiative to find me at where to buy cbd living gummies this time, and it happened what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review that Li Dafa s incident happened at that time Do you think I will take the reasons and explanations you said at that time summer valley cbd gummies cost what is in cbd gummies for sleep seriously Qi Fei s palms were cold, and he had to say that Li Xuan was often thoughtful and meticulous.People were surprised.From this point of view, the other party might know more things, which made Qi Feiyue feel terrified.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t speak, Li Xuan stooped to pick up the money on the coffee table, weighed it a few times, and put it in Qi Fei s hands solemnly Brother, take what is in cbd gummies for sleep it, I can see that you are not a People who are greedy for money are also very principled.The money you earn is used to treat Yi Lan.Maybe I am not a good person, but bad people will occasionally show kindness.Qi Fei has also lost love before, this time can be regarded as his second lovelorn, but the trauma to him this time is far more serious what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review than the first time.By the second day, he hadn t recovered much, and he hadn t where to by cbd gummies eaten anything or even drank a sip of water for the whole day.Although this is just online dating, for Qi Fei, that kind of feeling is far more real and unforgettable than what he has experienced in reality.Qi Fei didn t want Dr.Wu who came to treat Yi Lan to see him in a panic, so he sat in a park near the hospital for a day, and he returned to the hospital at night.Opening the door and seeing Yi Lan lying on the hospital bed, Qi Fei suddenly realized that no matter how bad his condition or mood was, he had to hold on first, because Yi Lan hadn t recovered yet.This is his responsibility, summer valley cbd gummies cost what is in cbd gummies for sleep he must bear it to the end, at least he can t collapse before Yi Lan wakes up.When I got here, I asked the nurse on duty, and she said that you were indeed there.So I will come up.Xiaobei said with a smile.Xiao Bei, youyou are not with your family when it s Chinese New Year s Eve Qi Fei was in a complicated mood.Ye Xiaobei didn t answer, but looked at Qi Fei in surprise Brother Qi, youwhy do you look so ugly Are you sick As she spoke, she quickly walked up to Qi Fei, stretched out her hand Holding Qi Fei s face.Qi Fei smiled awkwardly I m not sick, it s just that I stayed up late these two who owns green otter cbd gummies days, and you know I haven t worked yet, so I stayed up late at night to play gamesit s okay.Really Of course it s true Well, you really scare me like this.You must protect your body well. I know.Qi Fei smiled and said to Ye Xiaobei It happens that I am going to eat, so you should sit down and eat together.Qi Fei made a haha It s nothing, I just wondered if you ll get drunk after drinking so much.I can drink well.Ye Xiaobei said proudly, Don t underestimate me.Oh, or I what is in cbd gummies for sleep ll drink it for you.Don t, don t, we just have to just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam drink happily, don t get drunk I m a little thirsty, would you like a glass of water too Qi Fei asked arrive.You should just sit down, I ll pour it for you.Ye Xiaobei took the initiative to get up and pour water for Qi Fei.The smile on Qi Fei s face gradually disappeared again, he sighed silently, and subconsciously turned his head to look at Xiao Bei who was pouring water.Xiao summer valley cbd gummies quit smoking Bei said Oh, there is no warm water, only boiling water Brother Qi, do you have tea How about I make two cups of tea Okay Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei s figure with some fascination, and suddenly, he felt that he was very sorry for Xiaobei.What s more, at this moment, it seems that Qi Fei has no other choice.It seems that there is only such a road in front of him, a road that he knows very well and looks very beautiful.Ye Xiaobei had already made tea, and was about to bring it to Qi Fei.When she turned her head, she happened to see Qi Fei looking straight at her.Turned over, hot water scalded her hands.Ah Beckham exclaimed.Qi Fei immediately stood up natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep and rushed over, grabbed Xiaobei s hand and asked nervously, Are you okay Ye Xiaobei s fingers were burned, and the fingertips turned red quickly, causing her tears to burst into tears instantly.It just popped up, Qi Fei was very anxious, carefully wiped off the water on her hands, and then said to her Wait a minute, what is in cbd gummies for sleep I will get you something to relieve the pain After speaking, he ran to the window , opened the window, and quickly picked a lump of snow from the outside window sill.Please let me in, I m very grateful.Yi Lan said, she could feel that these guys had bad intentions, although she probably didn t dare to mess around in broad daylight, but it was still possible to cause some trouble of.Hearing what she said, a man wearing a vest came out from among the workers.This man was the tallest and the strongest.The weather was still cold, but he was only wearing a vest, showing his muscles and the muscles on his arms.tattoo.The man walked up to Yi Lan with a cigarette in his mouth, lowered his head slightly, showed a mouthful of big yellow teeth and said with a smile Since the beauty has spoken so politely, we are embarrassed to stop her, but However, my brothers were so bored on the construction site that we almost faded away.It s not easy to meet these two beauties How can we not make our hearts itch, but we are also good citizens who abide by the law and don t mess around, okay , you two beauties give each of us a kiss, and then we can leave.Boss, this kid is blind and offended us, so I m leading my brothers to teach him a lesson Someone replied loudly.Damn, you guys are awesome, so many people beat one Then what s the situation, why are you still holding on to the two women Report to the boss, those two women are friends of this kid You bunch of wretches, more than 20 people dealt with one man and two women, and there are so many of them disabled, this kid has some skills, I want to see who he is.Qi Fei heard the man finish speaking Then he walked towards him, the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, Qi Fei took a few deep breaths, intending to use his last bit of strength to hold this person hostage.Judging from what he just heard, this guy should be the boss of the group of workers like the man in the vest.The so called capture the thief first and capture the king first, and holding him as a hostage is the best way.Hello, Xiaobei.Dr.Wu took off his gloves, and then stretched out his right hand My name is Wu Wei, and I m Yi Lan s attending doctor.Ye Xiaobei also stretched out his hand Doctor Wu, you Okay, I heard Brother Qi talk about you before, you really took a lot of effort to wake up sister Yi Lan.I should do it.After speaking, Dr.Wu stared at Xiaobei s cheeks, and then sighed Those guys are really too much, they can even do things to you, your face is still so ugly right now.It s a little red and swollen, how about I get you some medicine to apply it, and it will get better sooner.Ye Xiaobei smiled I m fine, don t bother Dr.Wu.Dr.Wu still wants to say something, Xiao Bei said, I want to go to the bathroom, you can talk to Brother Qi..Qi Fei said that Yi Lan s memory is actually recovering, because she herself said that she can slowly remember some things, and this time she went to the park because she remembered something.What did Li Xuan say, when the time comes to let Bai Jin play his best role, as long as Bai Jin works hard, it is guaranteed that he will enjoy endless prosperity and wealth for the rest of his life.Bai Jin was very happy to hear that, Qi Fei stared at his face for a long time, and he didn t seem to see anything wrong.Qi Fei felt that it was time for him to leave, cbd gummies anxiety and depression so he wanted to take out the gun that Li Xu gave him back then and return it to Li Xuan.At this moment, Li Xuan s cell phone rang, and he picked it up to answer it directly.Chapter 216 Leave the gun What s the matter Lost it You useless things Li Xuan cursed Are you all fucking blind Found it but lost it again What s the difference between this and not finding it What A photo Okay Send it to me After speaking, Li Xuan angrily hung up the phone.Qi Fei is very worried for Cheng Siyu, and he has another feeling for Cheng Siyu.If before, Qi Fei could try to distinguish Cheng Siyu from Qingyu on purpose, but now that Qingyu is gone, then he would not be able to see or think of Cheng Siyu and only regard her as his boss.After all, Cheng Siyu is sunny and rainy.Qi Fei logged into QQ again, and Cheng Siyu s appearance appeared in his mind.He knew HCMUSSH what is in cbd gummies for sleep that he would not be able to see the other party after logging on to QQ, but he still had such a glimmer of fantasy.Qi Fei stared at QQ for a while, Ye Xiaobei was the only person left in his contacts, and the other group was empty, but he still didn t want to delete the empty group.Qi Fei would chat with Xiao Bei from time to time, and Qi Fei was relieved that Xiao Bei never met Qin Wu again.That night, Qi Fei chatted with Xiao Bei for a while, and after the chat, Xiao Bei went to bed.It seems that Ning Bin was really not an easy person.figure.Ning Bin glared at Xiong Jun I told you not to worry about it Xiong Jun s face flushed a little, Okay I know you want to live a peaceful life like this, if that s okay, I ll just ask you In other words, do you still want to how long do cbd gummy bears last live like this Ning Bin fell silent.If you don t speak, you will acquiesce.Xiong Jun looked at Ning Bin Although I really don t want to see you down like this, but this is your own choice.Looking at those days before, it was too peaceful, so I don t force you to do anything else, I only know that if the things here are not settled, then the peaceful life you have so hard to have will be destroyed again 100 mg cbd gummie Ning Bin s expression became complicated.After a long time, he sighed heavily, looked at Xiongjun, and after thinking for a while, he explained the situation of those what is in cbd gummies for sleep gangsters.You are the owner of the hotpot restaurant Li Xuan looked at Ning Bin.Ning Bin nodded I don t know you are I m Brother Fei s friend, Li Xuan.Li Xuan grinned I heard Qi Fei call you Brother Bin, then just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam I will call you Brother Bin too, oops , Brother Bin, you are really lucky to have Brother Fei come to work for you, you know, I expect him to do things for me every day, and he won t go.A look of surprise flashed in Ning Bin s eyes, Can t help but look at Qi Fei a few more times.Boss Li seems to be a big shot.Ning Bin said.Li Xuan grinned What big man is not big man, Brother Bin, you don t have to worry about this matter at all, although I don t know you yet, but Brother Fei is here, if he calls you Brother Bin, I will treat you as a friend Anyway, what is in cbd gummies for sleep you are also his boss right now, don t worry, I will teach those bastards a lesson this time Hearing what Li Xuan said, Qi Fei couldn t help thinking, if he didn t know Li Xuan What kind of guy is he, just judging by his performance this time, he will really be regarded as a good person.Soon, Qi Fei went back to his busy work, and so did Yi Lan.After work that day, Qi Fei returned to his place of residence, and Yi Lan had to work overtime, so she stayed at the company.In the evening, after eating, Qi Fei turned on the computer to browse the news, and inevitably saw the report about Li Dafa s suicide.Qi Fei shook his head, he didn t want to think about it anymore.Then he tried to get his mind on other things, he started thinking about the company, about himself.Qi Fei thought that Yan Fengtao would not let him become the head of the General Affairs Department, which was actually what Qi Fei expected.No wonder what is in cbd gummies for sleep Yan Fengtao would agree.Obviously, Yan Fengtao will take care of Zhang Wei, and the reason is self evident.If Qi Fei becomes the person in charge, what should Zhang Wei do No matter what the reasons are, Yan Fengtao will never take advantage of Qi Fei.Tan Jianren was obviously trying to intensify the conflict on purpose, trying to throw a hole for Qi Fei what is in cbd gummies for sleep and let Qi Fei jump into it.It s okay if Qi Fei doesn t dance, at most Qi Fei doesn t agree, that just happens to make every result of today s meeting even chaotic.Anyway, the worse things are, the happier Tan Jianren will be.Qi Fei thought about it, he must not let Tan Jianren succeed, so he took the initiative to say Boss Tan has what is in cbd gummies for sleep said so, I have no objection, anyway, I will resolutely obey the instructions of the leader.Seeing Qi Fei express his attitude , Ou Hanhua was easy to handle, he immediately made changes according to Tan Jianren s suggestion.Then there is the retail team of the general department, which is directly divided into half and let Qi Fei and Zhang Wei manage it separately.Damn.When the other gangsters heard the movement, they couldn t sit still, and immediately surrounded Qi Fei.Peng These little gangsters are all wandering in the streets, but they don t have much fighting power themselves.They are absolutely happy to do things that bully the weak and fear the strong, but this time they kicked the iron plate.Qi Fei raised his foot and kicked at the punk who was closest to what is in cbd gummies for sleep him.Before the punk could react, he was already flying upside down two or three meters away.A group of punks gasped, where the hell did this come from, it must be too fierce.Brothers, don medigreens cbd gummies where to buy t be afraid that we will exhaust him to death with our crowd tactics.Among the punks, whoever yelled such a sentence, the punks surrounding Qi Fei beat Qi Fei with all their hands and feet.Qi Fei quickly what is in cbd gummies for sleep passed through the punks, and every time he made a move, one of the punks fell to the ground, showing pain.Brother Cui, has Brother Li been to the Commercial Street recently Gongsun Hai provided the land of the Commercial Street and the funds for the construction of the Commercial Street, and Gongsun Hai is also a shareholder of the Commercial Street.Xiao Li will come over.Cui Yangze nodded, told Qi Fei that Xiao Li had come here once, and seeing that the construction of the commercial street was proceeding as expected, he chatted with him for a while before leaving.After saying goodbye to Cui Yangze, Qi Fei returned home, smelling the aroma of food from a distance, and was a little puzzled whether the food was made by Tong Shisha.Pushing open the door, the table has been cleaned up by Tong Shisha, with a few small dishes on it, Tong Shisha is still busy in the kitchen, seeing Qi Fei come back, he smiles sweetly, and asks Qi Fei to wait for a while before he can eat.Seeing that the female killer gave up using the gun, Zhao Yun walked down from the roof of the building, took Cheng Siyu out of the office, took the two girls out of the office, and asked the two girls to go to the security room to wait for a while before he went to help.fly.The security guard asked what happened to Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan, and why they looked a little shocked.Cheng Siyu didn t tell the security guard that a killer was going to kill her, but just told the security guard that he saw Xiaoqiang in the office.Besides, on the top of the building opposite the Bingang Building, Qi Fei has fought against the female killer several times.This woman is very strong.Qi Fei did not bring her down several times, but he was stabbed by the dagger in the female killer s hand.A few wounds came out.This class is not a level.Qi Fei saw that the affairs of Milan Clothing were developing normally, and told Tong Shisha that he would leave Langzhou for Bingang soon, and Tong Shisha reassured Qi Fei that she would take care of things here.When Qi Fei arrived at Bingang, Jiang Fan and several old fritters were already waiting for him outside the airport, and he kept saying that Qi Fei was not what is in cbd gummies for sleep interesting enough, and he would not bring them with him when he went to Langzhou to start a company, if the commercial street was still .

do cbd gummies interfere with any medications?

in Bingang , They have already gone to Langzhou to find Qi Fei.Qi Fei clicked his tongue, these old fried dough sticks are really greasy.When he arrived at the commercial street, Cui Yangze was waiting for him there.The commercial street had already been completed, and the Bingang Evening News had done a good job of promoting it.We have already adapted to the darkness.You can hold this thing and use it.Let s go.Qi Fei turned on the flashlight and followed the female ninja on the path for about 20 minutes.The female ninja gestured to Qi Fei in a low voice, and after she knocked on the rock wall for a while, a stone door opened.After opening it, the female ninja walked into the stone gate and watched it for a while, then waved to Qi Fei.Behind the stone gate is another path, the path is not straight, it is winding like a small path, and after walking for about ten minutes, the female ninja made a small gesture again, and a door appeared in Qi Fei s eyes.The female ninja gently opened the where can i buy oros cbd gummies door, looked outside, and waved to Qi Fei.When Qi Fei came out, the female ninja stood natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep outside and waited for him.After he came out, the female ninja closed the door.Hearing Li Xuan s words, Qi Fei breathed a sigh of relief and asked Li Xuan what When it was time to leave, Li Xuan told Qi Fei that he would call to inform him when he was leaving.After a while, Baijin and Heizi came in from the outside talking and laughing.Heizi stepped aside and continued singing, while Baijin sat on the sofa and smoked.Li Xuan told Qi Fei some of the things he encountered while listening to Yinxuan, and asked Qi Fei to think of a solution for him, and Qi Fei told Li Xuan what he could think of.At just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam six o clock in the afternoon, Li apple flavored vegan cbd gummies Xuan sent Qi Fei out of Tingyinxuan.After leaving Tingyinxuan, Qi Fei received a call from Xiao Wu, asking Qi Fei to go over quickly.They were still waiting for Qi Fei to eat.After Qi Fei arrived at the restaurant Xiao Wu mentioned, he asked the waiter to lead the way and went directly to the private room.While talking, the man launched an attack on the other gangsters, just a few breaths, and the gangsters all lay on the ground.On the ground, there was a scream.Suddenly, the man s eyes fell on Qi Fei, and he said coldly Are you with them pass by.He took out his mobile phone, checked the time, glanced at the little bastard lying on the ground, shook his head and walked towards Milan s company.Hitomi Shisha is sitting in what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review the office discussing with the fashion designer in Milan about the recently designed clothes.Seeing that Qi Fei has come, he will show the design drawings in front of Qi Fei in the form of ppt, and let what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review Qi Fei see what needs to be improved.Qi Fei looked at the design drawings on the projection, whether it was the design of the clothes or the matching of colors, they were all the most mainstream at the moment, but after looking at them for a while, he didn t find anything that needed improvement.state.After sitting for a while, Ye Xiaobei realized that she was still not home, and looked out the window that the driver s route was not the one to her house, Master, did you go the wrong way The driver did not answer Ye Xiaobei s question.Bei, Ye Xiaobei panicked, there were many reports on the news about black car drivers killing customers, but when she wanted to call 110, she found that there was no signal.The taxi stopped in front of a hotel, and the driver got out of the car, opened the door and said to Ye Xiaobei, Miss Ye, our boss invites you to sit up.Frowning, he said to the taxi driver I don t know your boss, I want to go home.Miss Ye, don t embarrass those of us who are younger brothers.My boss and you are acquaintances, you go up Naturally, I know who he is.The taxi driver stretched out his hand as a gesture of invitation.Qi Fei told Xiao Li that Gongsun Hai had already helped him enough.He hopes to solve the bidding activities by himself.Xiao Li glanced at Qi Fei appreciatively.He also saw Qi Fei s growth along the way, and he also understood why Gongsun Hai valued Qi Fei so much.Brother, if you encounter any difficulties, just ask, as long as my brother can help, I will definitely help you.Xiao Li smiled and patted Qi Fei on the shoulder, It s getting late, I should go too It s gone.Xiao Li didn t let Qi Fei and Cui Yangze see him off, and told them that he knew him well.After Xiao Li left, Qi Fei frowned.This bidding was not only a competition between companies, but also competition among major media.I don t know what s going on with Xiaowu s situation There was no news about the matters that Xiaowu was concerned about, which made Qi Fei feel a little worried.Back in the bungalow, Qi Fei took a shower, and after simply bandaging the wound on his body, he stood outside the bungalow, blowing in the wind.Li Xuan came out of the bungalow, stood beside Qi Fei, took out a cigarette and gave Qi Fei a cigarette, lit one himself and smoked, and looked up at the night sky.I believe that Qin Wu already knows the matter of ending Qin Wu s drug line.There is nothing more joyful than watching his competitors run away and get angry.Li Xuan said with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, and talked softly.Talking about the soot, Qin Wu is really a kid.It s not good to offend anyone, but he wants to offend me.Indeed, as Li Xuan said, Qin Wu felt irritable during the day, as if something was about to happen, and at night he received news from Yunnan that one of his drug lines had been terminated.Ye Xiaobei came to Qi Fei s side, took Qi Fei s cbd gummies vs cbd oil arm, and asked excitedly Brother Qi, when did you come, why didn t you tell us in advance.Qi Fei touched it affectionately Ye Xiaobei nodded, smiled and said I came today.When I go home to see if you haven t come back, come to the company to see.Ye Xiaobei blushed.They were talking about women s underwear in the office just now.heard it.Let s go out and have something to eat.Hitomi Shisha has the potential of a big sister, Jiazi, Meng Tingting and Ye Xiaobei all nodded in agreement when she spoke.After leaving the company, Qi Fei saw Long Xiaotian standing at the door of the company.Long Xiaotian was also taken aback when he saw Qi Fei, and then came up to him with a smile, I knew reba cbd gummies there would be a happy event when I heard the magpies calling today.Listen to Yinxuan.Li Xuan was sitting on the sofa, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, tapping his fingers on the wine glass.He has always been watching Milan s development.Although Qi Fei has always abided by the original agreement, Milan is really can cbd gummies cause anxiety a headache.Qi Fei was stiff, but Milan was growing stronger day by day, like a tumor, which made Li Xuan a little uneasy.I hope you will always abide by the original agreement, otherwise A murderous look flashed what is in cbd gummies for sleep in Li Xuan s eyes.Ting Yinxuan s share transfer letter is in his hands, Qin Wu can think of this method this time, I don t know what bad idea he will have next time, what Li Xuan has to do now is like a method, one is best to get rid of Qin Wu at once.5.Ways to eradicate.After a while, Heizi came in from the outside and told Li Xuan what happened in the hotel where Ruoyun stayed today.Drugs and guns can be traded here, and murders often occur here.Maybe one moment they were chatting and laughing with you, and the next moment they died tragically on the street.The government also thought about destroying this place.After paying a lot of lives, it still failed to destroy this place.As long as it does not threaten the status of the government, it will be put aside and left alone.Chapter 377 Golden Triangle 1 Brother Fei, prepare yourself.We are leaving for the Golden Triangle tomorrow.I am not at ease with Zhao Yun alone.After speaking, Xiao Wu asked the driver to drive Qi Fei to the commercial street.When we arrived at the commercial street, Xiao Wu did not leave with the driver.After getting out of what is in cbd gummies for sleep the car, Xiao Wu stretched his muscles and said, It s been a long time since I came here to make a what is in cbd gummies for sleep living.I just rush in the direction pointed by the boss, no matter right or wrong.Qi Fei walked into Xiao Wu s and Zhao Yun s rooms respectively, and the situation inside was more similar to his own.Some dirty clothes were strewn about, and there was even a stinky sock next to the pillow in Zhao Yun s room.It didn t seem like it was today.It was just released, and Qi Fei doubted that Zhao Yun could still sleep with such stinky socks.On the other side, after Thirteen left the hotel, he arrived at the small hotel where the Bloody Queen stayed at an extremely fast speed.How s the HCMUSSH what is in cbd gummies for sleep situation The Bloody Queen sat on the stool and painted her nails, she didn t raise her head when she saw Thirteen came back.Thirteen shook his head, with a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth, sat on the stool opposite the Bloody Queen, picked up a glass and poured himself a glass of water, and told the story of meeting Qi Fei and the what is in cbd gummies for sleep three without reservation.After being so frightened by the bloody queen, Xiao Wu was honest for a while.The three of Qi Fei discussed on the way to find the Bloody Queen.If they find her, they must not kill her.Instead, they must take good care of her.The killer organization is a powerful help.If they can use it, it will be easier to deal with the enemy in the future Many, Qi Fei s current enemies are stronger than each other, if they can t be used, it would be good to form a friendly relationship.For the two hundred li journey, Qi Fei and the others took four full days to get there, and they didn t encounter militants on the way.This is the deserted village you mentioned Xiao Wu pointed to the deserted village in front of him for a long time, and the weeds had grown to the depth of a human leg.Occasionally, a few hares could be seen running around in the weeds.When he comes back, let him talk about what kind of mission he is going out to perform.When Cheng Siyu was talking, there was a sly smile in his eyes, and he was in harmony with Li Xuan s depression during the call was also gone.Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu chatted together in the office for a while, and chatted for a while about the problems they encountered at get off work.When they got off work, Cheng Siyu told Yi Lan that she had to leave first, so she would not leave with Yi Lan up.After leaving the company, Cheng Siyu took a taxi to the restaurant Li Xuan mentioned, and saw Li Xuan waiting how much are royal blend cbd gummies at the door from a distance.Seeing Cheng Siyu get off the car, Li Xuan took her into the private room of the restaurant, handed the menu to Cheng Siyu, and asked her to order.The waiter took the menu and left.Cheng Boss, Sister Lan, I will investigate with Officer Lu, and you go to the ward to take care of Jiazi with Xiaobei.After talking to Yi cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews just cbd gummie Lan and Cheng Si, Tong Shisha followed Lu Zifeng to the police station.Although Zhang Yun was afraid that his affairs would be exposed, he didn t worry at all that he would stay in the small dark room of the police station.There was also a file of Hitomi Hookah in his home.This woman has only been in Langzhou for about a year.In terms of contacts How can there be a relationship with him, a person who has been in Langzhou for decades.the other side.At the fork in the mountain road, Qi Fei and the third child had already scuffled together, Qi Fei was punched by the third child, and the third child was turned into a pig s head by Qi Fei.Bah spit out a mouthful of saliva, got up from the third child, Qi Fei kicked him, touched the cheek hit by the third child, and said indifferently If my brother natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep suffers a little injury , you guys just wait to live a better life.Hitomi Hookah smiled and said I think he probably has a crush on me, a certain female employee in the company.As he spoke, he glanced at Ji Ruxue intentionally or unintentionally.Sister Tong, who do you think he s looking for Ye Xiaobei blinked her eyes and thought for a while and said, Could it be that Ruhua pure kana cbd gummies for copd in xx s office.Ji Ruxue is not young anymore, Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi, Ye Xiaobei and Meng Tingting all hoped that she could find a good home.They went to the hospital to visit Bai Xiye and saw love in the eyes of Bai Xiye looking at Ji Ruxue, but Bai Xiye Whether Xiye is Ji Ruxue s home remains to be seen.Shouldn t it be Ruhua Jiazi, who seldom spoke, also joined the discussion circle.The Ruhua in our company is not the Ruhua in the movie.No matter what, he looks like a flower like a jade, and he really matches Bai Xiye.Sir, do you need any help A female shop assistant on the left asked Qi Fei with a smile.No need.Qi Fei shook his head with a smile, I ll just have a look.Sir, if you have any shopping questions, just talk to our shopping guide, there are our shopping guides on every floor.The clerk enthusiastically explained to Qi Fei.The specialty store occupies a large area.One floor alone is as .

where can i get cbd gummies in ohio?

big as four or five football fields.The first floor is a women s clothing store, the second floor is a men s clothing store, and the third floor is a children s clothing store.It was the first time for the hands off shopkeeper in Milan to walk into a specialty store, and he couldn t help being shocked by the clothes in front of him.There were so many kinds of clothes, and many customers were choosing their favorite clothes.After Bai Xiye stopped the car, he quickly got out of the car, and went to pull the back door of the high end car opened what is in cbd gummies for sleep by Qi Fei in front.Xiao Wu was even more angry about this, and opened the door by himself, and took Bei Dao Chuanzi out , walked to Bai Xiye s side, I think your skin is itchy, young master will take care of you in a few days.Hey Tong Shiyan.Jiazi, Ye Xiaobei and Bei Dao Chuanzi laughed, Xiao Wu and Bai Xiye are really a pair of treasures.Master Wu, I heard that you are good at martial arts.We will make gestures in a few days.Bai Xiye himself is also that kind of militant.When he was in the small county that day, he had seen Xiao Wu s martial arts.He didn t ask Xiao Wu to make gestures, but this time he heard Xiao Wu make it himself, which natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep made him feel that the blood in his body was boiling.Miss Hu, I miss you so much after America is gone.I am very happy to finally meet again today.The man in the suit came over and said to Hu Mingyue, with a deep tenderness in his eyes.Perhaps this is the trait that only men living in Europe and the United States can have.The gentleness of men and the boldness of women are really weird cultures.Sister Mingyue, you don t know that after you left, brother David has been tossing and turning all night.Another man said with a smile.Really, I thought David would forget me when he turned around.After all, you will never lack beauties around you.Hu Mingyue stared at the burly David and said, with bright eyes.They are all playthings, how can they compare with you, and only on you can I experience the ultimate comfort, oh, my God, I can t control it now.In fact, even if Qi Fei didn t say that just now, Yan Ze will still find a suitable one.reason to keep him.The teacher is famous.In that case, you can really hate me, but it doesn t matter.You hate me to prove that you care about me.Although I hate being missed by a man, this is your freedom.Tell me, what do you want to do Qi Fei said.Quack, Qi Fei, it s a pity that you don t want to be a cross talk actor, but your words are not funny at all, and they can t affect my mood.Sun Qian took a step forward, and maybe he could touch Qi Fei with his hand.fly skin.My purpose is very simple, let s fight, either you kill me, or I kill you, that s the only way.Stopping cars and fighting halfway, this how many mg cbd gummies for sleep kind of heartless thing seems to be done only by a lunatic like Yan Ze, but what is in cbd gummies for sleep buy cbd gummies for tinnitus he can just find a place where no one is around and go crazy by himself, why would he bring others what is in cbd gummies for sleep to go crazy with him Qi Fei is very upset, buddy didn t eat much at noon, okay, fighting is very exhausting, besides, this what is in cbd gummies for sleep is a public place, people come at any time, plus the surrounding surveillance cameras, every move will be monitored by others Under the circumstances, if a buddy slaps you away with a slap, wouldn t you be worshiped by many people Why is it so difficult to keep a low profile.Sensing Yan Ze s gaze, Qi Fei suddenly felt what is in cbd gummies for sleep cold all over, so he clamped his legs tightly, and kicked Yan Ze directly, regardless of whether Yan Ze recovered well or not.You can t wait to be beaten by Yan Ze.Take advantage of his illness and kill him.Qi Fei disdains sneak attacks, but he often does such things as throwing stones into trouble.It s such a wonderful what is in cbd gummies for sleep thing to beat up an opponent when he has no ability to resist.However, just when Qi Fei s feet were about to kick Yan Ze s head, Yan Ze, who was still bowed, suddenly fell down, kicked his feet on the ground, and rushed out with his body close to what is in cbd gummies for sleep the ground, with both fists out , hit Qi Fei s knee shop martha stewart cbd gummies hard.Under Yan Ze s crazy gaze, Qi Fei suddenly shook his leg that was under stress, and his knee, which was about to be smashed, moved ten centimeters out natural cbd gummies what is in cbd gummies for sleep of parallel, just passing Yan Ze s fist.But before he was ready to start the next move, Jia Lifen leaned over directly, sobbing silently.Qi Fei was taken aback because he saw Wu Zhong what cbd gummies have thc s murderous eyes through the glass door of the intensive care unit.This is broken, and I can t explain it clearly.Who has ever seen someone who has nothing to do with it and still hugs so tightly But Qi Fei couldn t push Jia Lifen away, since he chose to be a good person from the beginning, then let s go to the end, for the sake of Xiaohu s innocent smile.Ten minutes later, the door of the intensive care unit opened, and Wu Zhong walked out, staring and kissing him fiercely.Doctor, how is Xiaohu Jia Lifen quickly wiped away her tears, grabbed Wu Zhong s arm and asked.Go in and have a look, maybe he can last for five minutes.Wu Zhong shook his head and said.Thank you, doctor.The hope in Jia Lifen s eyes dissipated instantly, and her arms were unable to hang down.The expected result completely destroyed her heart.The child is about to die, and the world will never have a blue sky.How do you feel Wu Zhong asked Qi Fei when Jia Lifen walked into the intensive care unit.I feel sad.The child is very pitiful, but he is innocent.No matter how serious his mother did wrong, he should not bear the responsibility.Qi Fei said.You are right, do you know what this child said when he was sober Wu Zhong asked.What He said you are a good person, and HCMUSSH what is in cbd gummies for sleep he asked me to thank you for him.Qi Fei was silent.People live a lifetime, and all their efforts will be devoted to their children in the end.Children are the foundation of a family and the source of their efforts.5 and destroys their plan.Second, because Thunder Knife is Qi Fei s right hand man.It s easier.Besides, he had fought against Lei Dao before, and the strength of the two was not at the same level at all.Even if he is injured now, his butt still hurts, but he is still confident that he can kill Lei Dao, it just takes more means.Now Lei Dao remembered who this guy was, and his eyes narrowed.The last time they fought, Lei Dao not only failed to catch up after several miles, but was easily defeated after meeting.This has become a knot in his heart.Chapter 476 The Painful Price Even though he is usually sloppy and out of shape, he is actually prouder than anyone else in his bones.The soldiers from Mobei Canglang are all masters with their nostrils upturned.Come on.Lei Dao didn t talk nonsense, and got ready to fight.Mr.Wu, hey, Mr.Qi is here too.It just so happens that I have something to report to you two.At half past nine, Martin opened the door of Wu Lan s office on time.When she saw Qi Fei sitting on the blitz d8 cbd gummies sofa, A mocking cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews just cbd gummie smile appeared on his face.How can I say that Qi Fei promised old man Ma that he would marry her on the small island at that time, Qi Fei can deny this, she still remembers it very clearly, and needs to remind this guy who didn t keep the promise if he had nothing to do.Seeing Martin s smile, Qi Fei immediately felt his heart tighten.If he hadn t said that he still had something to what is in cbd gummies for sleep communicate, he would have found an excuse to run away.These women are all goblins, and they are scrambling to knock Qifei down.As a handsome guy, Qi Fei felt a lot of pressure.Is there a result Wu Lan asked Martin to sit beside her.He wants to nip all troubles and crises in their buds.Youth is their capital, and it is also their biggest weakness.They have not experienced the experience of life and death, and they will never be able to look at everything from the highest point.Although you and I are old, we think about things from different angles, so we will There are different actions, I hope Mr.Hua can understand.Wang Poluo confided to Hua Qingzhang.Hua Qingzhang nodded, but he didn t express his position on Wang Poluo s matter, because he was originally an indifferent person, as an old man, he just made the point.As for the result of the future development , life or death, he will choose to stand on the sidelines.Regarding Tian Buji s matter before, Hua Qingzhang had already expressed his attitude towards Wang Poluo s temptation once.Such talents are naturally cultivated by the Lu family.They need a public figure who can speak out for the Lu family in the media.However, such a person who is very well known in the society is the most cowardly person among all the people present.He has already endured tremendous pressure to stand on the stage and host this banquet, but the leader of the younger generation of the Lu family Wang Wutian didn t give him any face.Because Wang Wutian felt that this person was too wordy, it made him have an urge to pull out that person s tongue.The theme of today s banquet is simple and clear, it is to celebrate Wang Poluo s birthday.As for its hidden meaning, everyone has tacitly understood it.What is the use.It s a good thing to set off the atmosphere and warm up the scene, but you have to distinguish between the priority and the secondary.He felt that the head of the security guard did a good job, he did a good job, he couldn t be angry, he needed to be rewarded.This is 20,000 yuan.I will take my brothers for a walk outside and come back in an hour.The boss threw two stacks of banknotes and said.Thank you, boss.We ll just squat outside for a while.If you need anything, please call.The security chief happily stuffed the two stacks of banknotes into his pocket, and ran away.Ouba, everyone else is making trouble, why did you ask the security guards to withdraw The seemingly innocent girl in the boss s arms couldn t speak Mandarin very well, and she seemed to be Korean.You don t understand, dear, I m in a good mood today, let me relax.After finishing speaking, the boss pressed the girl s head under the lower abdomen, and then a relaxed expression appeared on his face.In an instant, only Wang Wutian and Feng Guangming and Chen Yali were left in the hall.Of course, the sea snake who squatted in the corner and could only smoke was not considered a person.Guangming, how is your father working during this time Wang Wutian asked Feng Guangming.The Wang and Feng families are relatives by marriage, so it is normal to greet them politely.When Feng Guangming heard Wang Wutian s words, he already regarded this greeting as a polite expression.Thank you for your concern.My father has been ill recently, so he doesn t care much about the work.The work of the Municipal Bureau is basically handed over to the deputy bureaus under him.Feng Guangming said.What he meant was to tell Wang Wutian that his father is not involved in the work now, and there are many things he doesn just cbd gummie cbd gummies for tinnitus scam t understand, so don t you want to get any information from me.Qi Fei said with a smile.At the same time, he pressed a button on the steering wheel of the car, HCMUSSH what is in cbd gummies for sleep and a prompt for new number transmission was displayed on the large central control screen.After being tracked once before, Qi Fei asked King Kong to make a simple modification to the Mercedes Benz he are cbd gummies illegal in texas often drives, install anti tracking equipment, and at the same time be able to locate the other party s approximate location based on the signal transmitted by the mobile phone.Military equipment is advanced.I don t think it s a smart thing to trace the source of the signal.If I want to, I can guide you to the cliff, the deep sea or the river.Old friend, please don t make me doubt your IQ.The mechanical voice came later.Come.Qi Fei glanced at the central control screen, there were only scattered white dots, and no valuable images were transmitted.This is the property left to him by his ancestors, and he needs to work hard to protect it.So, he came to Langzhou, he wanted to find Qi Fei, and at the same time, he needed Qi Fei s help even more.But when he was successful, he faced the person he wanted to meet for the first time.One was to show off his own strength and to be praised by his benefactor, and the other was to test the person in front of him.Chapter 515 You are sick If he can t even resolve the sword array he arranged with his eyes, then there is no need for him to communicate more in depth matters with the person in front of him.Feelings belong to feelings.What he will do in the future has nothing to do with feelings.Besides, since he can remember, what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review he has never learned the meaning of the word feeling.Their family has been given an inescapable mission since birth, and there is no difference between blood and fire.Does he appear a little guilty, or does he feel inferior because of his unequal status But Qi Fei is more willing to choose to believe the latter.Who wants to face the ghosts in their own business You said him, he is the old comrade in arms I introduced to you a few days ago.Gao Qiang said, and then he turned his attention to Fang Zi Fang Zi, how did you learn to be shy, like an old woman , come here quickly, the leader wants to lecture you.Hearing Gao Qiang s words, Fang Zi limped over, stood one meter away from Qi Fei, bowed slightly and said to Qi Fei, Hello, President Qi., My name is Fang Zi, I m new here not long ago, and I m in charge of patrolling the building.Looking at the crippled man in front of him, and listening to his work content, Qi Fei suddenly had a different feeling in his heart.Sure enough, there was still no one on the first floor of the teahouse, and the lazy boss must be sleeping on the second floor.Qi Fei scooped out a bucket of cold water from the water tank on the first floor and poured it in, his mood instantly became extremely calm.Uninvited, not for your own use, guests like you are not very welcome, and at least four drops of the water in your ladle just now leaked from your mouth and dripped into the water tank.This tank of water is indispensable.I will make you pay.Qi Fei had just stepped onto the second floor when he heard such words.Qi Fei smiled slightly, looked around the sound, and saw the boss lying on the recliner, shaking three times, and shaking a fan with a hole in his hand.Because both sides of the teahouse are open, there is no need for air conditioning, but it also has an extra natural atmosphere.Even after the disappearance of the Southern Dragon and the Northern Tiger for many years, no one can take their place.Yes, heroes should not be forgotten, and heroes have inheritance, perhaps this is China s greatest blessing.First there was Nanlong, and now there is Beihu.Although these two are still very weak, their youth is their greatest capital.Besides, there is such a superb Qi Fei beside them.The future is really worth looking forward to.How can this make the Heavenly King, who has been what is in cbd gummies for sleep supporting the Chinese military for decades, unhappy But what gave him a headache was why these two guys fought again, and they still desperately greeted each other s vital parts.It s time to organize them.Stop it.Tian Wang took a step forward, bullying into the dense battle circle of the two, and separated the two with a simple wave of his arm.Therefore, even for the sake of comparison, he needs to study and understand the tea ceremony.At this time, he suddenly missed that stupid Bei Hu.Although that guy was a little stupid, he must be very good at tea ceremony, as he was particularly concerned about that bucket of water.Fortunately, Guo Yunyi was in charge of making the tea at this time, and Qi Fei and Guo Yunzong were in charge of drinking it.You asked where did Xia Zhilong go This guy is sitting opposite Guo Yunyi at this moment, putting his hands on his face and staring at him like an idiot, I don t understand, how can this guy pretend so well It was all for profit, is it really necessary to pretend to be such a deep love Or are they true love Thinking of this, Qi Fei was startled suddenly.The Southern Dragon and Northern Tiger are destined to fight in the battlefield all their lives.The sea lion Barabala said a lot of dirty words, with deep feelings, and in the middle After gasping for several times, Qi Fei was very worried when he heard it, he was afraid that this guy would not catch his breath and just hang up like this.At the same time, Qi Fei also felt deep guilt in his heart.He had to pay a lot of responsibility for the result that all members of the Sea Lion special combat unit were seriously injured.He thought that the person who came was still the same as No.3, at best, his strength was a little bit higher, and it would not be too outrageous.The reorganized Sea Lion special warfare unit could handle it completely.But who knew that a big boss came here, and the Sea Lion Special Forces had no room to resist at all, and they were almost killed.Fortunately, he and Li Er came in time, and there were no consequences that he could not bear at all.What the hell is this place, I can t see anything.Hua Zhihu glanced around after getting out of the car, and began to complain.This guy has been babbling since last night.He s not satisfied, he s not comfortable.It s obviously a deliberate pick.We are all bright in our hearts, so we don t feel too dark.Xia Zhilong rolled his eyes and said.As long as Hua Zhihu spoke, Xia Zhilong would definitely choke back.Are you calling me careless Hua Zhihu went into a rage.I didn t say, you made it up yourself.Xia Zhilong ignored him at all.Looking for death.Hua Zhihu swung his fist and was about to hit him.At the same time, Xia Zhilong flipped his wrist, and the special pistol bullet was already loaded.As long as he felt that his life was threatened, he didn t mind shooting Hua Zhihu in the what is in cbd gummies for sleep head.Presumptuous.It would be a great sin to disturb Cuiying to make tea.The leader smiled slightly, retracted the soles of his feet, bent down to pick up the small stone on the ground, and played with it in his hand.After so many years, Mr.Long still likes to scare people, but I ll just let you do it.The leader said.Saying this sentence is equivalent to saying that he is afraid of Mr.Long in front of him.This is a fact, and he doesn t need to hide it.However, the fear now is not the fear caused by the previous failure, so it doesn t matter.Okay, a cup of clear tea, please After a few minutes, when Cui Ying put the brewed tea soup on the table, Mr.Long said.I ve been waiting for a long time.The leader smiled slightly, expired cbd gummies and finally walked into the gazebo, sat opposite Mr.Long, nodded to Cuiying next to him, and then picked up the tea soup in front of him.In the picture, Niu Jia was lying on the ground with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were wide open, but he was completely absent minded.Seeing this scene, Lei Dao bit his lower lip tightly, biting his lip, and blood flowed out, but he still didn t know it.Still died, the comrades who lived together day and night, the brothers who lived and died together, died in the end.Ah Lei Dao roared, although through the glass, people outside the car window could still hear this roar full of anger and sadness, and all cast surprised glances.After that, he completely ignored Li Er s gaze, opened the car door, put the long knife on his shoulder, shook his long hair in the shawl, and walked forward on foot.He really couldn t accept such a tormenting waiting time.If he could, he would rather bleed and be injured in the battle, and would rather die than wait, because he couldn t do anything.Lei Dao said to Niu Yi, who only breathed a sigh of relief, with red eyes.Ohthank you Niu Yi what is in cbd gummies for sleep tried his best to burst out a few words, but before he could catch his breath, blood spurted out what is in cbd gummies for sleep joy organics cbd gummies review from his mouth.The hero is gone.Chapter 554 Very wronged Brother Niu Bing burst into tears.Sitting in the car, Wu Lan felt the heart wrenching pain again, tears streaming down what is in cbd gummies for sleep her cheeks, and taking cbd gummies to foriegn countries she couldn t stop it.He took out his cell phone and dialed the familiar number, a mechanical voice came from inside.Come back soon, your good brother needs you to see him off.Wu Lan sent a text message to Qi Fei s mobile phone number.Boom Suddenly, Li Er and the leader, who were fighting fiercely, confronted each other fiercely.The two separated, ten meters away, staring at each other, panting heavily.Rare opponents, hearty battles.Looking at Qi Fei s back who had gone away, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.It is said that in college, the seat you sit in class determines your grades.Of course, this statement may not apply to everyone, but generally speaking, it is more or less the same.Qi Fei attaches great importance to his first class.So, decisively chose the position of the last two rows.It s not that he arrogantly thinks that he is one of those powerful beings who sit in the back row playing mobile phones all day, get second class scholarships every time they take exams, and get scholarship certificates that can circle the earth for two weeks.It was because he brought breakfast for his younger sister and Ye Xiaobei.If he was sitting in the front row, the preparation teacher would stare at him, so how could he have the chance to give his younger sister something to eat When there were still more than ten minutes before class, Ye Xiaobei and Qi Juanjuan walked into the classroom together.They usually sat in the front row habitually, but this time they walked straight to the back row, leaving the group who were already in the front row The boy who was waiting felt lost for a while.Brother, why are you sitting here When Qi Juanjuan saw Qi Fei, she trotted and sat beside Qi Fei with a sweet smile.Qi Fei pushed the breakfast in front of her, and said It s been so long, I m so hungry.The custard bun you like is still a little hot, so eat it quickly.Well, remember to drink the milk.Good Qi Juanjuan picked up the steamed stuffed bun, took a bite, and felt that the taste of today was particularly sweet.Ye Xiaobei, who was sitting by the side, also unceremoniously picked up the flavor he liked, started to eat, and asked at the same time By the way, aren t you a self examination class Why did those teachers arrange such a class for you It s okay, I I just came here to review, even if the content of the course is a bit deep, it doesn t matter.Not only to remember them, but also to regard them as the military soul of this team, because they used their own blood to defend the honor of Tianjiao and let the name of what is in cbd gummies for sleep Tianjiao shock the world Are you afraid of casualties Blood can be spilled, and military orders cannot be violated We are here for peace This is the military spirit of the Tianjiao peacekeeping force, and it is also the reason why leaders of various countries admire and fear this team so much So, the honor, loyalty, and obedience you just talked about are all bullshit Our .

how to make cbd gummies taste better?

captain said, I only hope that you can live and live well Yes, today s first session What the class wants to tell you is, live This is the school motto set by the captain when he was still alive Tianjiao Military Academy s school motto When the eagle said the last sentence, he cried Every time he goes on a mission, the camp will play dirges, and the captain has burst into tears from the very beginning to crying without tears at the end.why Didn t the diarrhea this time give him a good excuse not to check the high power electrical appliances You know, every time you go to check, it s actually very troublesome, especially in those girls dormitories.When the girls make trouble, their heads get bigger.It s all right now, that fellow Qi Fei will check it out by himself.Haha, this is life.Obviously, Wei Yongxin was helpless when faced with these routine inspections.How nice it is not to trouble him now.On the first floor of the girls dormitory on the 28th, Qi Fei thought about it, and in order not to trouble himself, he shouted directly Everyone, girls, it s a routine inspection of high power electrical appliances in the dormitory.If you see me appear, everyone, don t panic.Qi Fei thought that he strictly followed the rules and regulations, and that he was not a pervert, but a serious doorman, so his tone became calmer, and his aura instantly felt awe inspiring.When Yuan Minghui heard these guys shouting there, he didn t hesitate to heal their wounds.Come on, a few slaps.The wound was already very painful, but after Yuan Minghui s slap, several people couldn t stand it anymore.Captain, is this really all right Wu Yaqin frowned as she watched the security take Shitou what is in cbd gummies for sleep and the others to the infirmary.Wei Yongxin nodded and said, Well, it s really all right.Well, I ll leave the rest of the matter to me, if Teacher Wu is worried.Wu Yaqin looked at the time and found that her It s almost time for class, so he nodded and said, Since that s the case, then I ll trouble the captain of the guard.It s okay, it s all what is in cbd gummies for sleep a matter of little effort.One walked to the classroom of the class, and the other walked to the infirmary thinking about it.Just when Wei Yongxin got into his car, his cell phone rang.Anyway, what is in cbd gummies for sleep this way you can be aboveboard and not be bored in the guard room.Yes, Qi Fei had already seen that she was what is in cbd gummies for sleep lying.Although I don t know what she wants to do, I still cooperate with her.Well, there is no way to do it, I hope you can understand.Wei Yatong was caught off guard by Qi Fei.Qi Fei pretended to think for a while, and said Well, you seem to be right, so may I ask the police officer if you have anything to ask me Wei Yatong didn t answer Qi Fei s question directly, but got out of the car first Out of the notepad and pen, he said in a dignified manner The thing is like this, where were you between 8 30 am and 10 00 am on July 22, 2014 I ll go, this is really professional what However, Qi Fei pretended to think about it, and said decisively Well, I m at Beijing University.Want to bluff me See if I don t play you to death Hearing this, Wei Yatong said helplessly, Can you be more specific Qi Fei nodded and said, Yes, at that time, I should be teaching in No.Suddenly, Ye Xiaobei and the three of them felt that the summer night was suddenly chilly, and they subconsciously cast their eyes on Qi Fei.It was found that he was looking calm at the moment.Oops Qi Fei is angry.Wu Hao, you drank too much, let s go first.The scene before him was the last thing Ye Xiaobei wanted to see.Shut up I didn t drink too much Wu Hao drank Ye Xiaobei, stared at Qi Juanjuan with burning eyes, and asked, Why can t you accept me Don t you want your dad to go back to Qi s house As long as you promise me , Our Great Wu family will what is in cbd gummies for sleep definitely support your dad with a lot of resources and let him be promoted.As long as he is assigned to the position, it will be easy to return to the Qi family.It s over, this guy who is behind the news, wait a minute Really going to be killed by Qi Fei Come on, motherfucker, this douchebag who wants to save you is actually unwilling, and dares to continue to provoke Qi Juanjuan, you just wait to die.Faced with Ye Zhicheng s hint, Qi Fei despised him fiercely in his heart, stepped forward and grabbed Wei Yatong, and dragged him directly to the bathroom.In the bathroom, watching Qi Fei close the door, Wei Yatong s heart was beating non stop.What does this bastard want There are so many people inside and outside, what does he want to do, is this in the cbd gummy bears dr oz toilet Hey, don t come here.If you come here again, I ll kill your little brother with one shot.After finishing speaking, Wei Yatong touched the gun on his waist.Qi Fei ignored Wei Yatong s danger, pointed to the toilet, and said, Sit down, we have something to talk about.We have nothing to talk about Don t think you are a policeman, I m afraid of you.Wei Yatong was still touching the gun, if Qi Fei made a mess, she would definitely shoot him without hesitation.After all, when he found someone here just now, it made him extremely nervous.However, now I finally feel relieved.The fists went up one by one, and the fists of the third child and Wei Yatong blocked each other.Feeling the strength from his arm, the youngest looked at Wei Yatong more.This beautiful girl, unexpectedly with such a strong force, is actually a female man.Such a beautiful female man is really rare.But no matter whether she is beautiful or not, the third child will not show mercy.After all, I ve been in this business for so many years, what kind of woman haven t I seen I have already taken care of a big star, would I still care about a girl like you With a sudden kick, the youngest kicked Wei Yatong directly.Feeling the whirring breath, Wei Yatong made a fierce block, making this attack ineffective.Ye Zhicheng has no objection to this either Although, I don t know what this guy is thinking.When Ye Zhicheng was being interviewed, Qi Fei ate the noodles that Xia Mengan made for himself, and said, Not bad, your cooking skills are really good Hearing Qi Fei s praise, Xia Mengan said unceremoniously Of course, I have been cooking since I was a child.When the police come, remember to include this bowl of noodles.Yes.Xia Mengan quickly waved his hand to express his refusal.Qi Fei gave her a blank look, and said Cut, what s wrong Anyway, it s the public s money, so it s nothing, don t mind.You want to treat me to noodles, next time.Really Of course Then I ll invite you to eat in our school s cafeteria.The noodles from Beijing University are delicious Xia Mengan thought for a while what is in cbd gummies for sleep and smiled directly.Qi Fei, who entered the military camp at the age of sixteen and had never experienced just cbd gummie this kind of academic atmosphere, was attracted by this youthful youth.The blue sky, white clouds, lake surface, all of these are so peaceful.On the sidewalk by the lake, Qi Fei looked at the girls passing by.They were either beautiful or youthful, and they were all dressed in fashion and vitality.Let a group of male students who come here to pick up girls under the guise of academic exchanges show their so called talents more and more strongly Well, college is really a season of love Damn it , In the army, there are piles of men, really heartbroken.Although Tianjiao is an existence that will never fade in Qi Fei s memory, he is a bit regretful that he has not experienced a fashionable and dynamic university.People s desire to survive is very strong.After the girl who was struggling constantly found out what she had encountered, she struggled a little more.It didn t take long for her whole body to shake, and it was all hanging on Qi Fei.Not only that, but the movement was so fierce that Qi Fei, who was an expert swimmer, almost sank.In the end, if Qi Fei hadn t seen the situation and knocked her unconscious, there would probably be news the next day that a man and a woman of Yan University jumped into the lake to die in love or something.At this time, Qi Fei could somewhat understand the reason why both the rescuer and the rescued died in the end after so many news about diving into the water to save lives.Obviously, it was all because of the uncooperativeness of the rescued, the rescuer failed to fully display his swimming skills, and was dragged down abruptly.Although those Qi Fei above often made troubles, but this time the task was completed so perfectly, even if they were picky, they couldn t find a reason to botanical gardens cbd gummies for copd be picky.Chapter 660 The situation is tense Brother Amu looked at the time and said Okay, everyone, let s do it, don t be reluctant to part with your clothes, your life is important.Hurry up, hurry up, while there are still ten minutes, Hurry up and complete the task, and hurry up and leave.When these people were preparing to act, they had no idea what would be waiting for them next.They didn t expect some things.Similarly, Qi Fei didn t expect him to stay in place like this, and then turn off the communication equipment for safety reasons, which made the people on the ground anxious.Xiaoguan, what s going on Why hasn t Qi Fei s position changed Is your equipment broken Zheng Peishan, who has always been grateful to Qi Fei, stared at the monitor that represented Qi Fei.

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