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Chu Mei wants to test the children, who knows what this is She obviously underestimated the child s ability, and the three of them answered in unison that it was an elephant, and then took the initiative to extend the topic, talking about their experiences in the zoo with great interest, not only elephants, but also tigers, little monkeys each other Ask which animal is your favorite.When leaving, Tang Shuang asked curiously about the baby, Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, why does the elephant s tail grow on its head Tang Shuang Chu Mei and Qiqi s mother pursed what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation their lips and laughed.At this time, Qiqi, who is known as a man, took the initiative to answer, I know I HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation know Qiqi s mother said proudly Ah Qiqi is so powerful, tell me.Qiqi said seriously Because that s not an elephant s tail, it s an elephant s trunk.This is kindness, but it must be approved by them.The same is true for other things, such as You washed my brother s jersey, my brother was very happy, thank you very much, but you didn t ask him if it was okay, because the words on the jersey couldn t be washed, and now the words on it were washed away, that s why my brother washed it.Get angry, you know No matter what Tang Tang does in the future, even if it is good intentions or good deeds, you must first ask others if it is okay, and you cannot force others to accept your kindness, so that good things will become bad things.Candy seems to understand I don t understand, but it s good to hear a little bit Tang Tang remembers Tang Shuang took her hand and said, Tangtang is the best, and it s the rarest thing to take responsibility bravely.Seeing that Ye Liang really took out a colored paper bag, but only lightened it up and took it away, Tangtang what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation er red eyed Ah Xiao Ye Zi, Xiao Ye Zi, is there really any candy in the bag Can you give it to me Let me take a look Ye Liang opened the pink candy bag, Tangtanger hurriedly looked over it, and sure enough, the bag was full of colorful candies, she had sharp eyes, and saw banana flavor written on a candy coating eagle hemp cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation He couldn t help swallowing, and stared at the candies without blinking, and didn t look away until Ye Liang wrapped the bag cruelly and took it away.Little Leaf Ah Are these candies sweet It s very sweet Give me one, two, no Try three and I ll know if it s sweet or not But I ve already tasted it, it s so sweet I don t believe it You re lying Give it to me Candy said frankly, stretched out her little hand, and spread it out Ye Liang took the opportunity to say It s fine for you to eat, but how about giving me a hug It s just a hug, it s nothing Candy didn t care about this at all because of Candy, and stretched out her hands actively Then hurry up and give it a hug Ye Liang laughed loudly, picked up the chubby Candy, and sighed It s heavy It s over, in another two years your little brother Ye Zi won best cbd gummies for depression t be able to hug her anymore If Tang Tang was still in Ye Liang s hands, Tang Tang er would turn his back on him based on these words, and never try to hug her again.Seeing that eagle hemp cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation he was unhappy just now, the manager whispered to him that this is society, and since he has entered the quagmire of society, no matter how much he dislikes it, he must be forced to adapt.Just like today, it s just a joke.But is it so After finishing the phone call with Tangtanger, Ye Liang felt very relaxed.He figured it out, there is no problem with normal entertainment, but he must not break his bottom line.After Tangtang er finished calling Xiao Yezi, she continued to rummage through the address book.Crooked who are you Tang Shuang, hey, it s not Tang Shuang, who are you, kid I m Xiaoshuang s sister, who are you I m Tang Shuang s teacher What s your name, little sister Do you have anything to do with me Teacher, have you eaten yet Do you have any babies at home Would you like to come to my house to play Tangtanger thought that teachers love students very much, Like her teacher in kindergarten, but she didn t know that the female teacher who was talking to her was Shi Guangnan.Tangtang er decided to be lazy, she didn t want to work anymore.Hey It looks like you don t like me.Well, I still have a lot of delicious food, which I wanted to give to you, but since you don t like me, I ll keep it for myself.Tang Tang er regained her energy in an instant, quietly left the railing, and walked towards Tang Shuang s room against the wall.She wanted to go straight to Huanglong, so she went straight to find it But obviously disappointed, because the door of the room was locked, Tang Shuang sat down on the stairs on the second floor in frustration, and asked unwillingly, Xiao Shuang, what do you have to eat, tell me quickly.Then Tang Shuang reported a A lot of delicious food is Candy s favorite, making her drool.Seeing that the fire was almost ready, Tang Shuang said, Quickly pick up all your toys, and I ll give you some to eat.Also, Bone Dragon and Wen Ruian didn t come, Tang Shuang was already very interested in it at this moment, wondering what those two were like, whether they were completely different from what he remembered.Mr.Bone Dragon will not come, it is said that he is in Italy now.Li Haonan said.Tang Shuang was disappointed, he really wanted to meet this most characterful master of martial arts.But soon he forgot about the bone dragon, because Wen Rui an came This big brother is a middle aged man with a thick back and a waist.He is wearing a tight black suit, black leather shoes, black pants, a black T shirt, and cool sunglasses.His hair is combed back and shiny.With a broad forehead, he walks like a dragon and a tiger, with a vigor and momentum He doesn t look like a literati, he looks like a gangster brother He was born with a light absorbing attribute, and as soon as he entered the venue, everyone in the venue paid attention to him.Tang Shuang grabbed Candy who hadn t had time to escape maliciously, held her in her arms and spanked her.Help Sister Meimei, come and save Tangtanger, Qiqi, beat Xiaoshuang quickly Qiqi is indeed the hero who saves the beauty, without saying a word, he hugged Tang Shuang s left leg and swung his fist.Little Putao was much quieter, hugging Tang Shuang s right leg, instead of punching or kicking, she raised her head and asked Tang Shuang to let him go quickly, otherwise she would do it too.Tang Shuang felt like she had poked a hornet s nest.Although a hornet s nest was not very good, a nest of hornets was very annoying.He let go with a snap, and the candy fell into the snow.The little man yelled, and with the help of Kiki, he quickly turned over and stood up.Then, two cute babies, one hugged Tang Shuang s left leg, and the other hugged Tang Shuang.What it tells is no longer the quietness of the high places, but the long stream of water in life, the rain, snowflakes, white clouds, and sunshine in the sky all fall back to the world, full of fireworks, full of the warmth and texture of life She drove through the dark night, through high mountains, through flowing water and forests, and saw all kinds of people.She followed her heart and moved forward.While yearning for the mysterious blue lotus, she recalled the details of life and thought of those helpless people.Days, think of those warm moments, think of those smiling faces and help from strangers, think of everyone who loves her and everyone she loves Thinking of a certain morning when she opened a book in the sun, thinking of the happy puppy at her feet while reading, thinking of the red clay teapot boiling on the fire Tang Shuang s whole body was numb when she heard it, and Wang Zhen was even more so.This is awesome, they didn t expect it.But soon, the marketing plan they just made will be overthrown again.Zhang Fei s Shengjing Weihua Film and Television Company came to their what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation door, and they hoped that the marketing plan of the physical book of Heroes could reach an agreement with the marketing plan of the movie.The movie Heroes has already started preparations, and the preliminary publicity is about to start.The marketing cbd halal gummies of physical books is part of this huge marketing plan.With the approval of Tang Shuang and Zhang Fei, several parties sat down to rediscuss the plan.Of course, Shengjing Publishing House will only participate in the drafting of the plan for the physical book, and Xingkong Culture will participate in the entire process.Finally, after half a day of discussion, the physical book of Heroes re determined the marketing plan, doubling the number of reprints from the previously planned 500,000 confor cbd gummies copies, and will directly what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation reprint 1 million copies and put them on the market.However, very few people knew Tang Shuang s contact information, so these media all put their ideas on Xingkong Culture Company, hoping to make an appointment to interview Tang Shuang through here.Li Haonan had already called three times to ask Tang Shuang for his opinion.He screened the media once, and only when he thought it was suitable, he came to consult Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang considered it again and again, but still refused.He didn t like to show his face in front of the media unless necessary.If it is used as one of the promotional methods of the movie, he can do it, but he has not reached that point yet.Tang Shuang knew that if he could refuse now, he might not be able to do so in the future.Judging from the current situation, if the media couldn t interview him, not only would he not back down, but he would chase after him.Tangtanger still shook her head and said, Sister, I don t want any of these, I just want the big white rabbit toffee.Pan what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Wenling asked again Don t you like to eat everything else, why don t you want it Tangtanger looked helplessly again.Staring at the fruit plate, his eyes said very clearly that I want it, I want it, I want it, but Xiao Zhuzhu still looked away with great perseverance, and still said I don t want it, I really don t want it.Pan Wenling spoiled Gently touched her little head, and said softly It s okay, just take it if you want, no one will tell you.You can t be the same as at home, you can t ask for other people s things, and you can t just take it if someone gives it to you, unless your brother agrees.This is the situation now.The elder sister in front of me is too enthusiastic.Tang Shuang This is simple, but very important.People will laugh at ugly handwriting, like My brother and I, with beautiful and unrestrained handwriting, seeing words is like seeing people, and life has already won at the starting line.This is what it is.Tang Xiaoshuang was too lazy to talk to Tang Xiaoshuang, who boasted, and was lying on the desk writing, muttering while writing, not knowing what to say.Tang Shuang saw how laborious it was for her to write a word, and from her posture, she didn t look like she was writing, but she seemed to be drawing, so she couldn t help but leaned over to take a look, and she was indeed drawing Aren t you practicing calligraphy Why are you drawing Can t you control your hands Tang Shuang angrily threw down the pencil and said loudly, The Lun family is practicing calligraphy Xiaoshuang, are you stupid Tang Shuang endured .

are cbd gummies fsa eligible?

Forbearance, said Aren t you drawing a circle What kind of word is this My brother who is so knowledgeable and talented can t tell.He is also one of the judges of the Youth Film Festival.Thanks to his promotion, the Youth Film Festival has settled in Guangdong University.During this time, the students graduation works were submitted one after another, and there were several senior students outside Zhang Tianfeng s office, all of whom Ye Liang knew.Hey, isn t this Young Master eagle hemp cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Ye Didn t you cbd gummies 1000mg jar justcbd switch careers to inherit the family business Why are you still in our director department The person who spoke was a tall young man named Xiao Yungui, and Ye Liang didn t like each other.Ye Liang s family is rich and spends a lot of money.When he was studying, he what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation changed girlfriends one after another, and one of them was Xiao Yungui s crush.Seeing the goddess in his dream being chased by Ye Liang beside him, Xiao Yungui felt resentful and started targeting him everywhere.Xiao Shuang is acting silly Tang Tanger suddenly came up behind Tang Shuang, jumped up and patted his butt, and then ran away with a gust of wind smiling.This chick likes to slap people s butts recently, not only his, but also Huang Xiangning s and Bai Jingjing s, but she dare not do it to Tang Sanjian, because she was trained badly when she slapped him for the first time.Huang Xiangning called Candy over to drink milk, and the little girl ran up to her briskly, and said cutely Mom, I haven t washed my hands yet.If I don t wash my hands, I can t eat.If I don t wash my hands, my stomach will hurt.Huang Xiangning Didn t you wash it when you washed your face and brushed your teeth just now Tang Shuang nodded, Yes, but I slapped Xiaoshuang s ass just now, and it s dirty again.Tang Shuang glanced sideways Glancing at the chick, he said, You like to challenge me recently, don t slap my ass next time, or you will get hurt.But here is the grass, and the little peacock was very, very nervous, his heart was beating like a drum, so he just stood up on tiptoe and fell down Then, I heard Li Xiaoyu, the ice cream boy laughing loudly sound.The ice cream boy first laughed at the little peacock for bragging.He obviously can t dance, but he lied to everyone that he was very good at dancing, so he was ashamed Then she laughed at the little peacock whose eyes were gray her eyes are gray , she is not Chinese, she looks super ugly, she is an ugly duckling It was too late for Mr.Zhang to stop her.In the past, she always laughed with tiny peacocks , but today s crying is many times louder.She is really sad.The little peacock was crying and wiping away tears with both hands, crying his delicate little face.Teacher Zhang didn t expect to be self defeating, and he felt so guilty that he hugged the little peacock in his arms and kept comforting him.Let s ask the teacher to have tea and talk, he is also a tea ceremony lover.Wei Daqun I have wanted to know Professor Tang for a long time, it s not easy to tell the whole country about a pig.Tang Shuang said with a smile He Now I m afraid to hear people talking about pigs, and I always feel like I m swearing at people, but I still want to thank them, which feels weird.Wei Daqun also laughed and said It seems that the derogatory image of pigs can t be reversed.Tang Shuang Teacher, have you been reading any good books recently Wei Daqun There really are, Lu Mingyi s Black and White.Wei Daqun is reading Black and White , and Liu Weiru is also reading Black and White.fire.Black and White only started to be published in October, with a total word count of 50,000 words.It is a thin booklet with simple binding.very dangerous.Tang Shuang looked at the child with a mysterious smile, and the laughing Tangtang hurriedly buried her face in the bowl to drink what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation the porridge.When she felt guilty, she would roll her eyes.She already knew this weakness, so at this critical moment, it is better to It s safer to hide your face, if you have Xiao Jin s sunglasses, no one wants to see her turn her eyes.I heard that you got up in the middle of the night to read martial arts cheats, in order to beat me Did you work so hard You can beat me now.Tangtang er was startled, oh, mother is so annoying, so she told Xiaoshuang snort I told my mother yesterday, don t tell Xiaoshuang, why do you what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation still say it Don t take care of candy at all snort She really likes Xiaoshuang more, and she likes me second, woo woo woo So what should I do now In the end, Candy chose to be a little ostrich.See The icon will make it clear.Xiao Niuniu skillfully opened the movie s webpage, and many cartoon patterns popped up on the screen.She picked it up and what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation down, wanting to watch this one, and then another one.In the end, it was the Wangwang team that attracted her cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation more, so she clicked to play, It suddenly occurred to me that there are many other movies here, not all cartoons.Little Niuniu rolled her eyes wide, and said to the small animal dolls sitting in a row, children can t just watch cartoons, right If they want to watch something else, Xiaoshuang often watches other things, and she also wants to watch adults watching movies.The little animals expressed their support one after another.Yes, that s right, children can watch anything.They won t watch the Wangwang team today, they are already tired of watching those puppies.Seeing the stalemate at the scene, Zhang Tianfeng found a step for Wu Shulian to walk down, and said that it was noon, and he asked everyone to have a meal nearby.Seeing this, the HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation other directors also persuaded Wu Shulian to calm down, eat first, and talk after eating.It is inconvenient for Zhang Tianfeng to invite Tang Shuang, if Tang Shuang also goes, Wu Shulian must not be stunned.However, just as Wu Shulian was leaving, Tang Shuang suddenly said Director Wu, please take a step slowly, I still have something to ask.Hearing this, everyone felt that it might not be a good thing.very late.Tang Shuang ignored them, and said directly Director Wu, I respect you very much.What I said during the discussion with Fei Huang was based on the facts.It didn t involve any personal attacks, and didn t involve you in any words.Tang Shuang said with a smile Thank you Director Qiu for your encouragement.I didn t expect those things to happen.I hope it won t spread to the outside world, saying that I have a tough personality and can be unreasonable.I don t dare to expect a good reputation.Just don t distort it too much.Qiu Sen It s like this in the entertainment industry.The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn t stop.Who can tell right from wrong Don t worry about everything.If you make it too clear, you will be entangled in the world and tire yourself., but please have a clear conscience.In the final analysis, you should speak with your strength.If you have a good work, you won t be afraid of being slandered and distorted. Thank you Qiu Dao for your motto.I hope to write my own work well.You are right cbd gummies for alcohol craving to think so, oh, by the way, why didn t your sister come Tang Shuang O O Qiu Sen laughed Don t be surprised, Little Candy is so cute , very similar to my daughter when she was a child.Tang Shuang sat in the front row, and Tang Zhen sat in the innermost seat, so the short middle aged man only saw a young man listening to music with earphones, and his face was very strange.Newcomer Pointing to Tang Shuang.Deng Ke smiled inscrutablely, but said nothing.Tang Shuang s identity was a bit complicated, not because he was shady, but because he didn t want to reveal the identity of Yuxiang to the outside world.The short middle aged man said I heard that Tang Zhen s new album is ready, is this it I ll listen to it first.He grabbed the earphones that Deng Ke had just taken off and put them on his head.Deng Ke was taken aback, he didn t expect him to be so familiar, but he couldn t tell him.Sorry, you know the rules.Deng Ke best cbd gummies 3019 said, taking the headset from the short middle aged man s hand.Tang Shuang heard this, her heart turned sharply.Tan Si s words seemed to have some meaning.Director Zhang s temper has been quite irritable these two days.The underlying meaning is that he has been swearing a lot, and may even have disputes with some important members, which has caused the relationship between the crew members to be less harmonious.It s even possible that Tan Si has caught his bad luck The more I analyze, the more I feel that it is almost inseparable.Fortunately, Mr.Tang, you are here now.Tang Shuang didn t think it would be of any use for him to come.The crew had more famous and important people than him, and it was his first time joining the crew, so he didn t know most of them at all., there is no intersection Can he play a role in stabilizing the ground Think too much, Tang Shuang doesn t have the legendary domineering aura and pretentious aura of the protagonist.And then nothing else.The handwriting is beautiful, and you can tell what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation it s a girl s handwriting at a glance.Tang Shuang tore open the letter, and was taken aback suddenly, because there were people staring at the envelope.Looking back at Miss Xiangning who was full of interest, and Tang Shuang who was full of curiosity, Tang Shuang said speechlessly, What are you doing Do you want to read the letter Nodding, this doll is very honest, if what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio she wants to read the letter, she can just say it, unlike Miss Xiangning.Huang Xiangning Do I know this girl Tang Shuang I don t know who it is, let me read the letter first.He tilted his body and leaned against the wall, blocking the two fairies, one big and one small.curious gaze.The big fairy was embarrassed to take a peek at it, but the little fairy didn t have so many worries, she burrowed into Tang Shuang s arms like a loach, and tugged at his hand holding the letter Show me, show me, baby needs to read Tang Shuang held the letter.At this time, whoever said that Director Ouyang was here, everyone stood up one after another.Sure enough, a middle aged woman with a lingering charm walked in and said with a smile, You are all here.She is the advertising management center of China TV Station Director Ouyang Rong.When everyone was seated, Ouyang Rong said to Zhao Yu Old Zhao, this is the first public service advertisement broadcast on the whole channel, right It s also the first one.Ouyang Rong nodded, and asked again Are you confident Lao Zhao and Jiang Yiguo looked at each other and said affirmatively Very confident, the quality is obvious to all, and everyone in our advertising department has seen it.I am very touched, this kind of warmth is common, and based on our experience analysis, The Other Shoe must have what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation received a good response.We The goal is watermelon How did it cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation become a watermelon Our watermelon is movies, movies, movies, important things are said three times, our goal is movies This is Ye Liang s home, that empty and deserted villa.Anyway, he and Aunt Zhang live all year round.Instead of this, it is better to have the first floor vacant for office work.So after discussing with Tang Shuang, Shuimunianhua Film and Television Company settled here Yes, firstly, it can save expenses, and secondly, what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Xiaoye s house is lively, so I don t feel panicked.Here, everyone worked in the same hall without any cubicles.Tang Shuang and Ye Liang sat down to discuss the script.Ye Liang Guo Zi, take a look at Tang Shuang s script and give me your opinion.Throwing him a stack of A4 papers, Guo Zifeng didn t take it, but said I don t understand movies, so I can t comment, don t delay It s your big business.Tang Huohuo urged Remember to wipe the wound every cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation day Medicine, don t be careless.The big gold chain was found out, and he is a master.Tang Shuang asked with interest How is it a high skill Well, I was injured and retired.Tang Shuang Come to the streets It s bad enough.Tang Huohuo Then you misunderstood, they opened a security company, this time it was that slick guy who hired him at a high price Yes, otherwise I won t do it.Tang Shuang nodded, and what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Tang Huohuo said, President Luo from Penguin Technology was very interested in you just now.Before signing the contract, I kept chatting with Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang said It s not about me, it s about my book.Tang Huohuo understood right away He wants to buy your book Tang Shuang Not my book, but the copyright of the book.Tang Huohuo asked curiously Don t you just have two books Where are the books Little dirty books I ll give you a hammer Tang Shuang said mysteriously Do you want to read it Seeing his expression, Tang Huohuo said in surprise, There really are Your writing is good, and the writing must be very scaled cbd gummies immersive.horse.Candy is very envious, she has only seen the prairie and horses what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation on TV.Jiajia invites Tangtanger to cbd gummies with some thc her house as a guest, and Xiao Zhuzhu nods immediately.She doesn t need to ask for advice from adults.At worst, she can go by herself by handjob, or ask her younger sister for help.on board.When Jiajia and Meimei came, they took the train, and when they went back, they took the plane, so they could get home at night.When I came here, I took the train to what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation appreciate the human nature along the way.The journey south made the two little girls grow up a lot.When they were tired, they would not complain, and when they encountered difficulties, they would first find their own way.The three children get together to bid farewell.Candy is cheerful and optimistic by nature, but facing parting at the moment, he is very reluctant and sad.Xiaozhuzhu said with a smile Xiaoshuang is my elder brother, you can eat as much as you want.Tang Shuang looked at the sour rot, looked at cbd gummies with some thc cbd gummies for dog anxiety the little pig, there must be a demon if something goes wrong, he had to carefully check the sour rot Will slipping have done tricks.But you can t check it blatantly, or Xiao Zhuzhu will accuse him of not trusting his sister, and he won t be able to hold back the big hat.Little Pig smiled brightly, oops, can you stop laughing like that, I was so flustered, and asked tentatively Well, you won t ask me to double the compensation if I eat it What s the compensation, It s not that the Lun family doesn what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation 250 mg cbd gummy t have money Hmph I still have one in my schoolbag.Little Zhuzhu took out another sour one from his schoolbag, this one in the shape of a little white rabbit.Tsk tsk The sun is coming out from the west, and this stingy pig spirit dares to admit that she is super rich Although it is true that she is very rich, she hides it tightly.If he doesn t want to show his face, he won t show it.Let you guess Tang Shuang agreed to participate The launching ceremony of My Most Hip Hop will not appear in public, but only meet Shauna and the three mentors in private.This was promised at the beginning.If he could go back on his word, he would definitely not come, because Luo Yuqing couldn t come.That day when Tang Shuang was picking up Tang Shuang from school, Luo Yuqing called to tell him about it.She was extremely sorry and couldn t meet Tang Shuang.to visit.Tangtanger walked all the way and looked around, today was an eye opener, seeing a lot of strange people, very exciting There are more rare things than she has seen in her life.It is indeed right to go out to play with Xiaoshuang.There are either delicious things, fun things, or good looking things.Not only that, but this microblog account has communicated with many celebrities microblog accounts, so all those who have communicated, such as mutual comments, likes were dug out one by one Fans of many other celebrities came here to claim their own celebrity s trumpet, and then involved more personal information Although the stars are more or less careful that the content posted on Weibo will not involve too much privacy, but there are always people who are negligent or lucky, and some important personal information is still exposed.For example, a male singer casually complained how long does cbd gummies to work on Weibo in March last year, and then his fans analyzed that he was undergoing circumcision in the hospital that day It s Chen Ding Pan Wenling held back, but couldn t hold back, and said with a suppressed smile.The reason for the fire, I will talk to him later.Wang Kai said Idol writer is not a good word now, it has been ruined by others, it is not easy to deal with, and Tang Shuang s background is not small, he has already become famous Let s see who they are cooperating with.Great directors Zhang Fei and Qiu Sen probably don t like the title of idol writer. It s not easy because those people are too bad.I can t bear to read anything written, it s okay to deceive elementary school students, but junior high school students can t be fooled.Meng You But you said that he has a high starting point, but this is let s not worry about it, let s talk about it.The scene of the show.Mom, mom, what do you mean you will die soon Are you going to die too Tangtanger asked nervously when Xiaoshuang read the first sentence.He didn t play Weibo before, and this was the first time he applied.The account was quickly applied for, followed by the official certification, adding V, he thought he would have to wait until tomorrow to get certified, and was about to turn off the computer, but he didn t expect the message to come at this time, showing that the certification was successful.With this speed, it s no wonder that this thing is popular so fast.The Weibo account shows Yu Xiang the songwriter of Love Is What You Need , Blue Lotus and The First Dream.Then, Tang Shuang posted the first Weibo, writing I don t think so Please raise your hands if you also think it s not good.Phoenix Yufei is Chen Shenfeng s new album, Tang Shuang He didn t directly diss Chen Shenfeng, but took her new album as a knife, he wanted to find Tang Zhen s place again At the same time, tell those hot eyed people that Tang Zhen is not easy to bully, not only is she not easy to bully, but she must never provoke her, want to make sarcastic remarks hold on After finishing writing, Tang Shuang turned off the computer and went to sleep.Ah Yu What are you going to do now Chen Shenfeng said ruthlessly This Yu is too deceitful, the queen should not be humiliated, I am not the kind of person who swallows his anger, since he wants to fight, then fight, I, Chen Shenfeng, have never been afraid of anyone I have been beating Su Lixian for decades, so I am not afraid of a person who hides his head and shows his tail.If Fan Liwen wants to be what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation a grandson, let HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation him kneel down and lick cbd gummies with some thc cbd gummies for dog anxiety him.No matter how poor I am, Chen Shenfeng, I will not be subdued to death.Some people will say that it is difficult Some people say that the phoenix is not as best cbd gummies for lungs good as the chicken, but some people say that the queen of heaven cannot be humiliated.This is the difference between people, and it also shows the gap.Chapter 473 I m a little excited The secretary knocked on the office door twice, pushed it open and said, Boss Fan, the chairman is here.I m going to get sick While talking, he hugged the little person down, knelt down and tied a scarf for her, put on a fox hat, covered her small ears, and put on gloves, and finally she became chubby with only a pair of eyes outside.The doll in the claw machine just now.Tang Shuang helped the little man sit back on the back seat, straddled it herself, and said, Hold on firmly, put your hands in my pockets, tsk don t mess around, give me your hands, all right, put your face on me Don t kick your feet on your back, don t expose your trousers, it will be cold.A loli voice sounded from behind Okay It s done according to Xiaoshuang s request, Xiaoshuang, don t worry, Xiaoshuang, you Thank you for your hard work, let s go home soon, mom and dad need to worry, hee hee Let s drive Tang Shuang pedaled her bicycle and set foot on the way home.Ah Fan Liwen didn t understand, and asked again What Name I mean this song is what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation called Peel a Coconut Peel Tang Shuang had a bad taste, and recently had a quarrel with Chen Shenfeng, who was a bit of a secondary school student.Seeing Fan Liwen s serious appearance in a suit and leather shoes, he wanted to tease him.Fan Liwen still didn t believe it, and asked carefully How do you write these words Tang Shuang Peel, peel the apple, a, a big one, a coconut, that fruit from Qiongdao, peel it, I m so happy Pi, OK O, OK Fan Liwen s expression was like a beeping dog, and a thought suddenly popped up in his mind, this Mr.Yu could not be missing what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation a string, right The method is also very wild, only psychopaths would think of it, but emmmm I think that genius and neuropathy are often integrated, so it s better not to ask.This little guy has already realized that she is going to be unlucky, but she didn t expect to run away from home, emmm, no, so many things will happen when she runs away from kindergarten, it is said that Teacher Zhang cried, oops, she what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation didn t expect such a thing That s too much, my little head can t think so much.At that time, I just wanted to find Xiaoshuang, but no one was looking at her, so I couldn t help but slipped away Yue Yiwan looked at the time and said, We should go, or we will be late.Tang Shuang originally wanted to keep them for lunch, but since it was really inconvenient to pick them up at the station, the two parties left a phone call, and she must thank them both if they find the opportunity.Hearing that the yellow green hair and her sister were leaving, the little guy jumped off the sofa and waved to the two of them See you in two months After thinking for a while, he shouted to Yue Yijie Xiao Yue er, look My brother is good Great, signed so many people, he is a writer who wrote a book, he published a book, I also published a book, with the help of my brother, he gave me a push, hee hee.Yue Yijie left and right Take a look, make sure Tangtanger is talking to her, but still can t believe it You are calling me Xiaoyueer Me My name is not Xiaoyueer Hehe, you are Xiaoyueer, Xiaoyueer Hey, come to my house next time, okay I ll show you my puppy, and I have a little bird Candy Don t call other people s nicknames, you should call Miss Sister.Tang Shuang said.Originally, Yue Yijie wanted to argue with Tangtanger, and she got used to it after arguing all the way, but when cbd gummies green roads froggie Tang Shuang spoke, she immediately choked back what she wanted to say.What this kid what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation named Tang Tang said was true Her brother is really a writer, kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc and he held a book signing here, and when she saw this man, her heart jumped wildly, so handsome, more handsome than all the boys she had ever seen.She was sharp tongued, but she suddenly became quiet.Tangtanger thought in his heart A little disappointed, alas, it was a little bit close, but there was still a smile on his face Okay, the baby has to work hard.Then he continued to lower his head and write a self criticism in the homework book.Tang Sanjian also turned his attention to the computer, closed Tang Shuang s Romance of the Dragon and Snake page, and started typing, but, emmmmm his mind went blank, he didn t know what to write, outline, outline There is no outline, the outline is too big, it looks the same as if he didn t read it.Just as he was racking his brains, there was another sound from the learning machine.Dan, read the fourth tone, d a n , egg, the words are egg, duck egg, and villain, and the sentence is eating an egg every morning, Xiao Ming is a little villain.Tang Sanjian couldn t help looking at the candy again Son, to be honest, it disturbed him, especially when he was thinking hard, a little movement would interrupt his concentration.However, Luo Yuqing didn t give him a chance at all, and said with a smile You only have one chance, if you miss it, there will be no more.She quickly passed the security checkpoint.Tang Shuang didn t leave the airport until Luo Yuqing s plane took off.It was almost early morning when she returned home.When she passed the door of Tangtang er s room, she gently opened the door and looked inside.The princess bed was bulging, but it was the same as the previous experience.He didn t really believe that the bulging meant that the little pig was inside, maybe it was stuffed with puppet toys to fill it up, and it wasn t until he stood at the head of the bed that he really saw the little what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio pig sleeping soundly.It s so fragrant.This little guy is so bold today.Although Tang Shuang doesn t know what kind of lesson she has received at home, it must be difficult.Okay, thank you Lah, thank you, Xiaoshuang.After finishing speaking, Xiao Zhuzhu was about to run into the shop again.Tang Shuang still grabbed her clothes and controlled Xiao Zhuzhu Put on your hat, or you won t be able to leave Tang Shuang couldn t help laughing and said, What s so real Do you think I ve been lying with you all this time Put on your hat Candy muttered, Okay, you re a big man, I m a small man, I can only listen to you Tang Shuang didn t hear clearly What did you say Tangtanger decided not to answer this question, the Lun family spoke in a low voice because they didn t want you to hear it, and even asked the Lun family what to say, the Lun family said I won t tell you anything.She pulled the hat up on her head, and then put on the ear protectors on both sides Okay let the Lun family go.Tang Shuang asked Tangtanger in the back seat if he wanted to say hello to Xiao Guizi.Of course I want candy, they are good friends, so while the speed of the car was slowing down, I rolled down the window, lay on the window and asked Xiao Guizi what he was doing, Xiao Guizi was going to play with her, this weekend, it is rare to have time However, Tangtanger said regretfully and proudly that she and Xiaoshuang are going on a trip.If you want to play together, let s talk about it after she gets home.It s impossible now, she s too young, there s no way , can t be the master.It was as if she really wanted to stay and not go on a trip.The trip was forced by Tang Shuang to go.She did all the good people, and Tang Shuang took all the blame.Let s go, let s go, let s go let s go Doggie, doggy goodbye Jingjing Wow, woof The Porsche carrying the hope of the old Tang family set off for the airport Chapter 562 Was teased On the way to the airport, Tang Tanger fidgeted excitedly.Frost blocked the gun, this time the area was open and flat for ten miles, Miss Yi was unlucky, and was instantly targeted by Tangtanger.Tangtanger grinned and called out Teacher Xiaoyi , then groaned and opened her nostrils as hard as she could, in order to use her internal force to stimulate the snot in her nostrils and blow out a bubble.But at this moment, there is no mucus in her nostrils, neither thin nor thick, so there is no way to really blow out a bubble.Taking a step back, even if she had snot with a suitable consistency, she would not dare to blow it on the dining table, or she would be slapped flat by Xiaoshuang.So now she is just pretending to show that she wants to blow snot bubbles like this, as long eagle hemp cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation as she has the meaning, and sure enough, Miss Xiao Yi understands in seconds, not only the movement of blowing nose bubbles, but also her phrase Teacher Xiao Yi, This is a forced apprenticeship, and it is mandatory to teach the know how of blowing snot bubbles.After returning to the villa, Candy gave them to the staff in the villa one by one, thanking them for their care in the past two days.Everyone also sent blessings to the three brothers and sisters of the Tang family.This villa welcomed and sent them off.Many people have lived in these years, but there are not many people who are as happy and friendly as the three brothers and sisters of the Tang family.The master chefs in the kitchen are particularly reluctant to bear the little sugar man.Although the time of acquaintance is short, the children can always get closer to others in the shortest time.The master specially gave Candy a little wooden squirrel, which he carved in his spare time.He planned to give it to his youngest daughter who lives in the village at the foot of the mountain during the holidays, what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation but now he gave it to Candy.The little parrot is crazy, attacking the caterpillar crazily, this damn caterpillar is immortal If she is not dead, she dare not eat it Fear of parasitism, fear of death, what if she is killed in the stomach, the way of death is too strange, the death is too wronged, only parrots eat caterpillars, never heard of parrots killed by caterpillars When Tang Xiaowu was going crazy, Tang Xiaoren suddenly caught the proud puppy.Huh The little dog was held in the arms of the candy man, looking at the fox like face, Jingjing, why is your nose hurt Bai Jingjing s nose has a small scar, the skin is broken, At this moment when the little master asked, he immediately barked twice at her, and then barked three times at Tang Xiaowu in the bird cage.Candy You mean Xiao Wu hurt you She pecked you What She tried to blind your eyes You pecked her nose when you escaped Ah how could this happen what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Tang Xiaowu immediately noticed something was wrong, regardless of the caterpillars, he watched Bai Jingjing bark in the arms of the little master vigilantly, she couldn t understand cbd gummy bears big bag dog talk, but with her own intelligence, she probably guessed that what she said was not good, it was her As expected, the little master looked back at her, as if he was very unhappy.Hehehe I m sorry, Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang grinned and smirked at Tang Shuang flatteringly, You can say whatever you want, I don t care about you.and said You continue to educate these two little things, it s outrageous How dare you fight While talking, he walked away.The small animals in the house were not under his care.The little sister is concerned, so leave it to her.The next day, Tang Shuang sent Candy to the kindergarten first, and then drove to the university.He hadn t been to school for a long time, and it was during this period that there was a change of senior personnel at Tongji University in Guangdong Province.Sun Xuanyang, the executive vice principal, was promoted to the principal, and finally got his wish, taking an important step in his life and career.Tang Shuang met Sun Xuanyang once.The comments on Maoyan were right.Ren er s smile and laughter are very healing.Tangtanger nodded with a grin, pointed to Teacher Yu and Teacher Xiao Liu who were making arrangements for the children in the small class in the distance, and said quietly Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, do you know that Teacher Yu and Teacher Xiao Liu like you very much, they Said you are such a good boy, it s incredible, graduate students, wow, I am so envious of Tang Tang having such a little brother, it is really a happy thing, they still want to change with the Lun family, huh, I told them not to Think about it This is impossible, Xiaoshuang cannot be replaced, Xiaoshuang is mine Xiaotangren didn t say that Mr.Xiao and Mr.Xiaoliu didn t like him at first, but after listening to her persuasion, he reluctantly liked him, mainly because he was afraid that Tang Shuang would be sad.Now if Tangtanger leaves , she has to continue squatting.As for how long she will squat, no one knows.It is possible to squat like this for the rest of her life.Candy s mind had a fierce struggle, first the little man in black jumped out, and said fiercely Tang Tang, you are still a child, how can you wipe the poop for the child, every child wipes the poop by himself The things to be done, at most, are also done by parents and teachers.It shouldn t be other children, let alone the little princess, who is not the director She doesn t care about the toilet Chapter 623 Ideological Struggle in the what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Toilet Candy asked the little man in black in his heart Does the Lun family care about this little girl with glasses The little man in black jumped up and said, Eat Have lunch right away You just pulled and wiped your poop, don t what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation you think it s enough You want to see other babies poop and wipe other babies poop, you re so disgusting You wipe your poop twice, you Do you still have lunch It tastes like corn Vomit Tangtang er rubbed her stomach, she was already empty after she finished her bowel movements, and she was a little hungry, so she muttered, What you said makes sense.This chick s ability to shake the pot is a must.Huang Xiangning This little Shuang, how can you say such things in front of my sister In fact, Huang Xiangning knew that it was probably an excuse for HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation the villain to prevaricate, but Tang Shuang said the forbidden words of the old Tang family in front of Tangtanger several times, This is what she heard with her own ears, so there must be more things she hasn t heard.The little sister is now in a stage of being very curious about the outside world, and she especially likes to learn from adults.What do adults say, what words do she learn, what do adults do She will learn from her behavior.For example, Tangtanger, who has been nagged by sister Xiangning, always walks with her little hands behind her back, looking like an old leader.This is the father of Sanjian.The earliest and most famous of Black Iron Castle is orchestral music.Later, a band in the United States wrote lyrics for it and adapted it into a rock song.Now the Tunan band is playing the adapted rock version.Ding Xiaoquan introduced to Tang Shuang in a low voice Ji Yanjie is a very hardworking person, and his talent is also very high.In fact, when selecting candidates before, the other two talents were no worse than Ji Yanjie, but Ding Xiaoquan chose him in the end, because Ji Yanjie is one of the hardest working people he has ever met.More importantly, under pressure, he has the aura of breaking the boat and never bending down stubborn.In the song Black Iron Castle , Ji Yanjie s guitar sounded first, followed by Li Yuanlin s bass.Li Yuanlin is a funny guy, always looking at candies.Tangtanger didn t notice him at all, the little man was just playing games.She didn t pay attention to it.Once she packed it up, she realized that such a little person was full of old clothes.Three big boxes.Huang Xiangning likes to dress up little people.She often dressed up Tang Zhen earlier.Now that Tang Zhen cbd gummies to quit smoking near me has grown up, she can t control it, so she can only grab the little pigs, such as those family suits Little pigs grow fast, summer vacation The denim shorts with suspenders that I often wear can t be worn now.It s only been a long time.Before traveling to Mount Lushan, Tang Shuang had already discussed with Tangtanger, and the little Tangerine agreed, so this time she pretended to take her baby away, but the little man didn t stop her with a small seahorse water gun.But she was still very reluctant, looking at Tang Shuang who was picking up clothes in her closet, her heart felt like a knife, she really wanted to kick Xiao Shuang s ass and lock him in the closet.What are you looking at Eat your caterpillars Tang eagle hemp cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Shuang yelled at Tang Xiaowu who was staring at him in a daze.Ga ha The unlucky parrot made a trembling sound, and the ga ha turned into laughter.I , Tang Shuang was furious, and was about to hunt birds, when suddenly the door opened again, Brother Sanjian came out, and Huang Xiangning s voice sounded Go out, this is a whisper between Tangtanger and me, why are you joining in the fun Behind him, the villain came running briskly, and closed the door again with a bang.Hey Tang Shuang is secretly happy, he was not allowed to go in just now, and now he has been kicked out too, ha, what a tragedy, worse than him, he was kicked out even if he got in, how annoying it cbd gummies for kids dose is Nah.With Brother Three Swords as a comparison, Tang Shuang calmed down a lot.With his hands behind his back, he walked away humming a song and walking in a figure of eight.If I wash them again, it won t be enough to make a dish.Xiang Ning The sister also said Xiaoshuang is right.Labor is the most basic right of a person.Xiaoshuang and Tang Tang will go and mop the living room floor.I will contract it to you during the winter vacation.Don t refuse it.It is your chance to fight for glory, and I will give you this chance.Tang Shuang Tangtanger g Candy covered her ears in an instant, twisted her little butt and rushed out of the kitchen like a madman, and yelled I didn t hear it I didn t hear it It s none of the children s business It s impossible not to hear it Yes, the sun of the old Tang family generally doesn t make demands, but once they do, they have absolute authority.After a long time Tang Shuang and Tangtanger came outside the house, stood on the steps at the door, and sat down on the floor disheartened.Tang Shuang said They are going to Maldives, you should know this place, summer vacation dad Isn t mom s honeymoon going to the Maldives, and you made video calls with them at that time.Tangtanger thought for a while, and then remembered, the main reason is that she has a small seahorse water gun.From this, it is easy to think of Dr.Ma.They both belong to the Ma family, but one is a water gun and the other is a doctor, with different occupations.Mom and Dad have gone, and sister Huijie is going too.Little Zhuzhu thinks that place must be so fun, she really wants to go, and begs Tang Shuang to take her there for fun.While dealing with the villain, Tang Shuang stayed cbd gummies with some thc cbd gummies for dog anxiety by Huang Xiangning s side and said goodbye to everyone attending the wedding.Many students of Sister Xiangning came to chat with her and asked her about her life and work over the years.Tang Shuang was a little annoyed Why is Guangdong University still on holiday It s been more than a week.The university lacks humane care and is a bit what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation unfriendly to students.This should be learned from the kindergarten Tang Sanjian waited for him to finish complaining, and then added The students who participated in the discussion this time are all They are selected from the best, and they are all the top ones, so prepare well and don t kneel.After finishing speaking, brother Sanjian was about to leave with his hands behind his back.Tang Shuang quickly gave up his complaints and said, Don t go, tell me about the topic.Candy, twin elements cbd gummies for sale go and call mom, and tell me that something big happened to brother, and dad wants to Sell me, go Little Zhuzhu turned around and ran to help Xiaoshuang move rescuers.At critical times, Little Pig is still reliable.Tang Shuang said, Am I selling money what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio now The owner of the candied cbd gummies for kids near me haws, or your brother Dada Duck said, You are Xiaoshuang now, Xiaoshuang, give me 10 yuan.Tang Shuang touched her palm, pretending to give 10 yuan, candy The son looked at his palm and said, You didn t give it This guy actually wanted real money.Tang Shuang thought about it, took out her wallet, and looked around secretly.No answer, lied that he didn t have any change, and asked Brother Sanjian for it.Koda Ya immediately reached out to Brother Sanjian Father, give me 10 yuan to go shopping.Tang Sanjian opened the desk drawer, took out 10 yuan from it and gave it to Koda Ya.Da Ya smiled and immediately put the money in his pocket, and said, Another twenty yuan.Tang Sanjian had not closed the drawer yet, and there happened to be some change, so he gave it to her casually.Indistinct.At this moment, the figure turned his back to the window and faced the bookshelf that occupied the entire wall.The bookshelf was full of books, can cbd gummies be but he couldn t tell what the books were.In the lower part of the cover is the red brick wall below the window.There are dense red and black palm what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation prints printed on the cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation wall, layer upon layer, countless, as if countless people want to climb from the red brick wall.came out, but was sealed by an invisible force, so that he could only stretch out his palm, as if accusing.In the corner, there is a black cat squatting.Its head is sideways, its eyes are shining, staring at the cover, as if it is staring at danny koker cbd gummy every reader.On top of these patterns is a seal, which reads The World is Wonderful and then signed, Written by Tang Shuang.The entire cover looks extremely mysterious, making people want to take a quick look.This is your family member, your family member has been kidnapped by me Will you give me a bun Ah It turned out to be a hostage It was so unexpected, I couldn t figure it out, the brain circuit was too magical, I couldn t keep up, Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi could only admire it.Thought this was the end I can only say that you adults are too naive thing Affection return No Finish The big black leopard said that the black bird and I are not family He doesn t care about his life.Now he wants to beat the little rabbit But the little rabbit is not afraid at all, do you know why Sister Sister Pan Wenling said The big black leopard He and the crow are indeed not a family, although they are both black, but one of what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation them is a leopard and the other is a bird, they are not the same kind.He Zhenyi said, Maybe little rabbits know kung fu The little rabbit has a what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation real gun on it.Huang Xiangning Little cats sometimes don t kiss.Candy emmmmmm Mom, you will spoil me like this Little princess, sit here and don t move, Tangtang will take a bath by herself.Huang Xiangning Our Tangtang is getting more and more sensible.Tangtang Hehe But Mom, you can t do anything while sitting here.Don t do it, okay, how about you, bring your face closer, let the baby kiss you, okay, hee hee you are very happy, right Huang Xiangning and Tang Zhen After a while, the door of the bathroom Opened it, Candy came out with a bath towel around her pink and tender, very proud and satisfied, taking a smilez cbd gummies bath made her mother shy, ha Huang Xiangning said to Tang Zhen Zhen Zhen, can you find Tang Tang Can you get dressed I ll wash my face first.This must have been a horrible sight to be kissed.Tang Zhen immediately said to Tang Tanger Tang Tang, come quickly, let s get some clothes and put them on.It means that since it is my Xiaoshuang, every word Xiaoshuang says is also hers, and she has the right to hear it.The bald eagle should take care of this matter, this is the real lack of human rights.Chapter 757 The little peacock and Tang Shuang worshiped for an early age, this is really a sensible child Not only Tang Shuang, but also Huang Xiangning, Tang Sanjian, and Tang Zhen, she specially wished them an early year on the phone.After hanging up the phone, Tang Shuang said pointingly Little Peacock is really sensible, and knows how to send New Year greetings to us adults.There are not many such children nowadays.Some children are older than her, but no one is sensible.Ask what kind of fat thing this is What kind of fat thing This is imitating the language of children, and it is obvious to Tangtanger, Tangtanger stared at Tang Shuang for the first time, snorted softly, called Dabai without saying a word, and shouted cheerfully Dabai New Year Good Candy wish you an early year, um, I m not coming back, I m at my sister s place, kindergarten No more kindergarten Lun s parents are grown up, no more, huh, is auntie here Candy I want to say New Year s greetings to auntie Can you give auntie the phone Tang Shuang was speechless, Tang Zhen tapped Tangtanger s little head and said, Be serious.Chapter 764 Going home When Tang Huohuo was restless, the culprit, Bai Jingjing, was also listlessly lying on the lawn in the yard basking in the sun, a black eye patch was very eye catching.This guy also knew that the little master s family was coming back soon, his heart beat faster, like a drum, and he was about to jump out.Thinking that he might what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation be sliced and eaten by the big devil, his heart burst into tears.The sun is so bright, the life of the dog has just begun, I am not reconciled, bird, where are you, come back quickly, the king will never bite your ass again.However, no matter how much she prayed, it was impossible to change the fact that Tang Xiaowu was gone, and her voice could not be heard, it was too late.You know you re afraid, right Isn t it skinny flying in my house Why are you lying still on your stomach now Move, jump, if I knew you were so skinny, I should have given you a killing stick first.I ll wipe it Tang Shuang stood up quickly, tore off the little pig s hand, touched her face, and turned red from being pinched.Beat you Tang Tanger was not disappointed at all, and continued to rush forward, intending to hug Tang Shuang s leg and give him a bobo punch.Tang Shuang quickly dodged and was chased by Tangtanger Tang Zhen glanced at the two arguing and continued what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation to call Huang Weiwei.Weiwei, come back during the Spring Festival.We haven t seen each other for a long time.I miss you so much.I really have something to do.Having said that, Huang Weiwei s tone has actually loosened.Tang Zhen continued to work harder Weiwei, my brother and uncle called Xiaoshuang and I was right next to him.He really said he was going to find you and take you home Here Tang Zhen is convincing Huang Weiwei, Tang Zhen After fighting for a while, Shuang and Tangtang have reconciled.Candy licked her lips, as if she was a little thirsty.I want to drink water.Then she jumped off the sofa by herself, ran to the coffee table briskly, took her baby cup away, sat next to Huang cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Xiangning again, unscrewed the lid and gurgled for a while.Looks really thirsty.Shall we try on the sweater Huang Xiangning asked.That can t be bad, Tangtanger immediately put on this new sweater with Huang Xiangning s help, the dress is a bit long, but it fits well in other places.Huang Xiangning helped Tangtanger straighten the clothes, looked at it, and said, It doesn t matter.Although it has grown a little, it can still be worn, and it looks even more cute.Besides, Tangtanger is growing up, so it will fit perfectly next year.Tangtanger He also happily said It s okay, it s even more cute.The little guy was wearing a sweater dangling in front of Huang Xiangning, jumping up and down, not satisfied, and said I ll ask Xiaoshuang and sister to come and see.After she sent it, she stared at the phone screen in a daze, and began to think wildly in her heart, but no matter what she thought, it was related to Tang Shuang, and his smile couldn t be erased from her mind.You are finished Luo Yuqing, you are caught by him and you can t escape.Luo Yuqing whispered.But it s so hateful, that guy actually said something like that.In order to please Zhang Yu, he said that some people think that their pots are exquisite and often dress up.Most of them are to cover up their inner poverty Luo Yuqing thought of this, thinking back to the day when Tang Shuang was in the Great Wall.What the theater said in an interview with Shi Yu made me upset.She sat in the car silently for a while, the lights in the car had been turned off automatically because there was no sound for a long time, and the car was completely dark.The little man picked up one and fed it to Tang Shuang s mouth.This is a bribe.Tang Shuang thought for a moment, then opened her mouth to eat, but still said Don t eat any more after eating this, grapes are so cold, if you eat too much, your stomach will hurt, you forget how uncomfortable it is The last cbd gummies with some thc cbd gummies for dog anxiety time I ate spicy strips, it hurt my stomach, so don t eat grapes this time so that my stomach is cold.Tang Zhen felt that Xiaoshuang was right.She didn t think about it so much just now, so she put a small dish for Tangtang.Tang Tang, don t eat this one after eating, okay Let s put the grapes back in the refrigerator and eat them tomorrow.Candy quickly grabbed two of them, and handed the small plate to Tang Zhen Listen For adults, well, don t eat it, isn t Candy very obedient.Tang Zhen took her small plate with a smile, stroked her little head, and praised Tangtang is so good.This time the mask couldn t stop Tang Zhen from laughing, and a pleasant laugh came out cbd gummies for sleep colorado from inside.She punched Tang Shuang and said, You read it wrong, the lyrics are wrong Ah The lyrics are wrong Then How is it It should be more or less the same.Brother s chest muscles, if you still want to rely on it, you are so brave, you can make it Tang Zhen sang this line softly and embarrassedly, singing I couldn t go on anymore, covering my mouth with a smile.She participated in the entertainment program of Guangdong TV Station last year and shared the stage with Zhang Liang.The what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation two met and had some friendship.Judging from the image alone, Zhang Liang seems unsuitable to be a singer in the entertainment industry.He is not handsome, has a very ordinary appearance, has a bad figure, is slightly fat, has no muscles, has no shape, is not cool at all, has small eyes, and smiles all day long, which is completely different from the lyrics he wrote.Brother, brother Can you let my sister go The little sister didn t do anything bad What are you going to do Let s talk, can t we Mom and Dad are looking at you, sister is preparing a small water gun can you Can what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio t let me down, I m so tired.Tang Tang er was carried in the air by her clothes, her arms and legs drooping, like she was carrying a pig.She stomped her hands and feet a few times, hoping that Xiaoshuang would put her down, which was very tiring on the one hand, and very disrespectful on the other.She peach ring cbd gummies wanted to raise her little head to talk to Tang Shuang many times, but she was too tired after saying a few words, so she could only lower her head, look at the ground, grind her teeth bitterly, and say all kinds of good words to beg for forgiveness.Pia Pia Ouch Stand up Stand up, I can t stand up, my ass hurts, I want to cry Come on, I didn t hit hard at all, stand up If you don t want to Stand, I will continue to carry you You choose one.Seeing this, Candy beside him bent over for no apparent reason.If you let her know that this is to thank Xiaoshuang, I don t know if she will be so serious, maybe change the way, and use a more friendly way, such as punching him a little, saying I have you, Xiaoshuang.Luo Yuqing tilted her head slightly, staring at Tang Shuang with a smile on the corner of her mouth.Tang Shuang felt the gaze fall on rethink cbd gummies his face, turned her head, and met the owner of the gaze.Luo Yuqing smiled and moved her red lips, but she didn t make HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation a sound, but from the shape of her mouth, Tang Shuang knew she was talking about Mr.Yuxiang.Tang Shuang smiled and said in a low voice Be careful to keep it secret, this is our secret.Luo Yuqing s eyes were bright, what is our secret, what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation many people know it, not just the two of us, huh Luo Yuqing thought to herself, speaking of it, she found out about it relatively late, but she was not angry.Tang Shuang grabbed Tangtang er s little hand, raised the support card she was holding, and her small body swayed along with the singing The words on the support card had been changed to I am Tang Xiaozhen , Below these five big characters, there are ten small characters, which read We are Tang Xiaoshuang and Tang Xiaotang.Candy didn t sing along this time.She felt that her sister s singing this time seemed to be in a bad mood, and it was far less lively than just now.She thought that Tang Zhen was sad when she sang, so she obediently stopped talking, willing to be a seaweed, swaying with the waves of singing. How I want to see you again Even if you leave with just a quick glance The dim silhouette under the street lamp Tang Zhen sang, among all the people, he should be the only one who can sing.Tang Zhen said calmly, I didn t leave anything behind, thank you, Mr.Cheng, it s getting late, you should go back early.When Tang Shuang saw the box in Chengxin s hand, she knew that it was not something Tang Zhen left behind, but an exquisite gift specially prepared by him.Seeing that Tang Zhen was really unmoved and was about to leave, Cheng Xin was worried that there would be no chance kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc in the future, so he quickly said sincerely Ah Zhen I really like you, when you were still on Girl s Day, I ve been following you since I didn t have the chance to meet you.Today s opportunity is once in a lifetime, and I m so excited and cherished, so I followed your car all the way.I don t mean anything malicious, I just want to get to know you.Give us a chance, okay Okay, Ah Zhen Tang Zhen s face flushed, her shame gradually increased, and she felt a little uneasy.Tang Tang stared at her for a while, then turned to Xiao Baozi and said, This sister is talking about you.Xiao Baozi pointed at himself in surprise, and asked the girl who was eating Little bun Little bun is not naughty Let s go, let s go, don t stand in front, Tang Shuang said.The children huffed and jumped forward.What kind of pig is this Candy what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation was full of curiosity, and once again stood in front of a wooden sign and looked up.Little Baozi Ten Mouth Pigs Candy looked carefully at the words on the wooden sign, pinched Little Bun s bulging face, It s not Ten Mouth Pigs Little Putao said, what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation It s Biga Pigs.Candy asked curiously What kind of pig is Picasso The little peacock said cheerfully It s a funny pig, it s HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation on TV.Candy shook her head, indicating that she hadn t read it.Tang Shuang passed them directly, came to a pigsty not far away, opened the wooden fence, and welcomed everyone into the pen.Tang Shuang praised happily The little peacock is the most obedient and most sensible.Are there any sensible children Raise your little hands Tangtanger immediately raised her little hand Tangtanger wants to what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation eat When the others saw it, even the eldest sister who took the lead surrendered.Swiping, brushing, all raised their little hands.Xiaojin s mother took them to the bathroom to wash their hands, came back not long after, and sat down again.Tang Shuang said to Tang Tanger Tang Tang, today is your treat, and all the money is spent on you.Before eating, would you like to say a few words It hurt a little bit, but in this kind of occasion, thousands of fans watched, and couldn t express the slightest displeasure, so he pulled the corners of his mouth, forced a smile, pinched his own little face, sober, and then pretended to say generously Lun The family has money Eat Everyone burst into laughter, Candy saw this, and quickly glanced at the dishes on the table, another burst of heartache, it was all her meat Tang Shuang said, Is that the end Don t you want to talk I ll give HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation you a chance today.According to the price set last year, Alum must be at a disadvantage.Tang Shuang persuaded Bai Fan for a while, but the other party was determined to quit.I can accept it, but I hope you don t quit all of it, and keep a part of the equity in it.You can completely let go, but you must be there, otherwise the company will be disintegrated.Tuzi Entertainment has been sinking for so many years.Alum, the pharmaceutical tycoon, was behind him, and he fell apart long ago.If Alumni withdraws what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio suddenly and completely, it is hard to imagine how the market will react.Even if the shareholders and management were reorganized last year, people will lose their final confidence.Tang Shuang You are the spiritual leader of Tuzi Entertainment, please help Tuzi entertain.It will take time for Tang Shuang to slowly infiltrate his influence into the company, and it will be impossible to replace the role of alumni in a short time.Come on Tang Tang kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc Miss sister, miss sister and her brother are going to the sea Although the tools are simple, Tang Shuang grew up by the sea and has excellent water skills.She was the first to reach the platform, picked the best fishing rod, and then returned to the voyage.No sense of direction.Zhang Huxing picked a wooden pole and rolled in the water with the wooden pole, unable to find a sense of balance.The others were okay, although they were slow, but at least the direction was moving forward.Tang Shuang took Candy When passing by Xia Dashan, Tangtanger shouted at him excitedly Little Qiao s is cbd oil better than cbd gummies father, you are dancing in the sea, wow hahaha Xia Dashan had a hard time Tang Tang, you are right, you have seen this Did you dance Candy shook his head Yes, you are amazing.Tang Shuang told Xia Dashan how to use his strength, and he could control this kind of waist bucket by mastering the basic operations. Clam Sweet potatoes Ah, it s sweet potatoes.Zhang Huxing was about to die, and Zhang Weitong heard that it was a sweet potato.A gust of wind rushed to the big wooden table, looked at the food on the table, and muttered, Which one is a sweet potato What is a sweet potato Dazed.He didn t find any sweet potatoes in the circle, so he ran to the beach again and shouted at his daddy in the sea Sweet potatoes, no sweet potatoes Daddy, I didn t find any sweet potatoes.Zhang Huoxing couldn t hear the sound at all, thinking that his son had already found it, and continued to fish for another food in relief.Tangtanger is a helpful little baby, and when he heard that Xiao Zhizi couldn t find sweet potatoes, he offered to help.Come on Xiao Zhizi , come here, Miss Sister will help you find sweet potatoes.If he what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation didn t wake up at the last moment, he might have scolded Zhang Weitong to tears.This is the little rabbit from Old Tang s family Hee hee, jumping and jumping is so fun.Tang Tanger enthusiastically waved to Zhang Weitong and invited him to come and play with him.Zhang Weitong looked at his what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation father.Go.Yeah Zhang Weitong hurriedly ran to Tangtanger s side, and kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc imitated her, jumping and jumping on the beach with the sea breeze.Zhang Huxing needs to take a boat to go ashore from his residence, and even the people cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation on the boat have arrived, and the others have no reason to be late, and after a while, they all what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation came together.Chapter 920 A supernatural fan The kid is so energetic.So many rabbits.So sleepy.I was so tired last night.The program team will let us go today.Oh, the kids are cute, I really want to catch one and take it home, just the candy.Okay.Tang Shuang opened the Wangwang Team with his mobile phone, put it aside, and let Tangtanger look at it by himself.But Tang Shuang was still worried, and the little vinegar what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio jar asked with concern Xiao Shuang, aren t you really chatting with other little girls Tang Shuang Really not Oh, Xiao Shuang, Tang Tang believes You, but mom doesn t worry about you.It s just that you don t worry about it, don t talk about mom.In order to show her innocence, Tang Shuang said Look at the words I typed now, there is the word Tang Tang in it, right I typed Tang Tang is greeting everyone.Tang Tanger looked at Tang Shuang on the computer.The few words she pointed to showed her name.It seemed that Xiaoshuang hadn t chatted with other little girls.Indescribable Is Tang Tang Is she beside me Ah, Tang Shuang, let me tell you, I am a piece of powdered sugar, and our backstage is going to explode, everyone is using powdered sugar You are still tall, what do you think Let me watch a ball Shall I let you guys chat Chapter 925 Tang Tang s First benito cbd gummies Huge Money in Life After accepting a free interview on the White Dwarf forum, Tang Shuang attended a lecture organized by the Guangdong Writers Association the next day and exchanged writing experience with local writers.Then there is playing games and choosing a house.Although the program group intends to balance the scenes of each pair of babies, the candy still keeps appearing, and the appearances are reasonable.Who makes other people s scenes more interesting At least the audience didn t think Tang Tang s scenes There are too many, but the expectations are getting higher and higher, and they all want to know what the little girl with long hair will say next.The barrage keeps drifting What does Tang Tang say next , Why hasn t Tang Tang appeared yet , Tang Tang talks The biggest highlight of this issue should be Tang Tang and Tang Shuang.Indeed, this It s very eye catching to brothers and sisters. Takes most of the jokes. Even if it s not a joke, it s very comfortable to see them get along. It s very interesting to talk.Cao Kai can t force it, this little girl has the kind of temperament that needs to be buffered.He continued to host the show, and continued to ask Which father combs mother s hair at home This time, Zhang Weitong s child rushed to answer My father Yuan, the director of the garden, my father combs mother s hair.Cao Kai Ah, Really How do you comb your hair Zhang Weitong made a gesture of combing his hair.Zhang Xingxing smiled happily.Cao Kai What about the other children Everyone said that their father combed their mother s hair at home, but they didn t know if it was true or not, or it was just to join in the fun.Cao Kai asked Tang Tang Tang Tang, this time I won t ask if your father will comb your mother s hair at home, because they are so loving, they will definitely do it.Save face, so that children can live happily.Big brother beats big brother.Tang Shuang didn t pay attention to it at first, she just thought that this little person was learning how to crow, but when she saw that she crowed more and more happily, and she would sneak glances at him from time to time, she immediately felt something was wrong.Ah, Zizi Not to be outdone, Tang Shuang also said, Sister hits, sister hits, sister hits sister When Tangtanger heard it, he was discovered But you can t be cowardly, you have to learn from these two chickens, you have to fight, you have to fight back, and the cry of brother beats brother big is even more joyful.Vow to fight Xiaoshuang to the end.The other groups of dads and cute babies who have gathered in Bayeux Academy have been waiting for Tang Shuang and Tang Tang to come.After Cao Kai learned about the situation from the staff, he laughed and said Tang Shuang and Tang Tang are watching a cockfight, forgot , I m rushing over now.Look at me What are you looking at me for Tang Shuang asked suspiciously.Children are right.Little Butterfly is a little girl from someone else s family.I haven t slept with someone else s boy paper.This is the first time.Little Butterfly is afraid and can t sleep.We have to watch you.We will only sleep when you sleep.This is to protect Little Butterfly.Tang Shuang asked uncertainly You say I m a bad guy Tang Tanger said with a smile Little. Little villain You re so smart, what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Xiao Shuang, you It s a cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation little villain.This made Tang Shuang say nothing, but to go out and leave the tent to the two little girls.Then I ll go out to live.You can live here and sleep by yourself.I don t care about you.Tang Shuang made a gesture to leave, but Tang Tanger immediately grabbed his clothes and refused to let him go.Let her pedal if she wants to.Such a small person is as light as a real little butterfly.Even if she steps on the Hot Wheels, Tang Shuang said that she has no pressure.But candy is not enough.Tang Shuang did not refute the words of the two little girls.Although it is the bounden duty of dung beetles to carry dung balls, to humans, who sells cbd gummies for tinnitus they can indeed be called sloppy and unhygienic Don t talk about hygiene So Candy and Little Butterfly what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation didn t slander this race.Tang Shuang Why did the dung beetle bring poop home Why The Lun family doesn t know.Candy asked curiously.Why, why, why Little Butterfly also asked.Tang Shuang Because dung beetles specialize in eating poop, they move the dung balls to the house and hide them, just like Tang Tang, you hide chocolate in the room, so don t dislike anyone.Dung beetles are cleaners in nature Ah vomit Tangtang er covered her little head with her hands, tilted her head, and acted like she was going crazy.I love you little sister Liu.In the first issue of Baby is Coming , the principal asked to confiscate all the children s toys and snacks.Among them, Feng Xiaofeng s toy was a pink Barbie doll, which was seen by Candy after handing it in.He eagerly approached the principal, wanting to take a look, but the principal put it away first.The girl who claimed to be Sister Xiaoliu must have seen this paragraph and guessed that Tangtanger liked pink Barbie dolls very much.Tang Shuang put the written note back into the Barbie doll s pocket, put down the Barbie doll, and picked up a gift from the suitcase.The gift was wrapped, and what was inside turned out to be a yellow screaming chicken with a red scarf.Ah Tang Shuang pinched it lightly, and the cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation screaming chicken immediately let out a scream, which echoed in the room.I also sent it for disciples.Children s entertainment.I sent orange wheat.Tang Zhen felt as if things were going against her expectations, and judging from everyone s opinion, it seemed that she wanted to send more.Did Zhenzhen go home Zhenzhen seems to be at home.Zhenzhen, you show your face too.Chapter 981 The fate of my sister, the words of the elders Tang Shuang came back with wet hair, walking while walking Wipe with a towel.He washed his hair just now.With a super cool hair waxed, it was made into a chicken coop by Xiao Zhen, a silly boy.Just think about it and get angry.As soon as he appeared, he immediately felt two gazes coming towards him, and he couldn t help but stop.He was still wiping his hair with one hand, and looked at the masters of the gaze, the two young ladies.Why Tang Shuang asked, Stop fighting, truce Huh Tang Tanger snorted proudly, feeling that she was the winner and Xiaoshuang was the loser, which made her quite happy.But when I walked over to take a look, I found that her fingers didn t move at all, and the screen of the phone was also black.This guy was in a daze.Seeing Tang Shuang and Tangtanger arguing, Tang Zhen looked up at him, then lowered her head so that no one could see the expression on her face.The Lun family wants to protect my sister Tang Tanger refused to leave, because she had a mission to come in.I don t need your protection anymore, brother will protect me.Tang Shuang insisted on sending her away.No, the Lun family hasn t comforted my sister yet Then you go to comfort her now, and then go can you take cbd gummies on a carnival cruise to play.You haven t had breakfast yet, but your mother keeps calling you, and you don t listen to her.Tang Shuang Move out of Miss Xiangning.You want to bully my sister The villain stared at Tang Shuang suspiciously with his small head held high, trying to think of the bad.Can you stop pinching Don t pinch I have a headache I m going crazy Stop You little pig Tang Shuang held her head like a headache Seeing this, Tangtanger wanted to pinch her even more Hee hee pinch two more three four five six seven eight Xiaoshuang, you big pig.What did you say Hmph Who told you It s called Lun s Little Pig Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the screaming chicken is still screaming.Tang Tang Don t pinch her, Mommy is going crazy.Huang Xiangning knew that if she didn t ride, the little baby would not stop, and Xiaoshuang s ability to restrain her was almost zero.Tang kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc Shuang had only two ways to deal with the villain, either to bribe her or resort to force.Okay Listen to my mother, because Tangtanger is a good baby.The little man put away his claws decisively, stuffed the screaming chicken in his trouser pocket, and screamed again.This is her little baby She took advantage of the confusion to sneak it in, she didn t expect to be discovered by the Great Demon King.Huang Xiangning was speechless for a while, she was the one who opened the suitcase, she didn t know what the little sister stuffed it in, it was really hard to guard against.Xiao Shuang, can you hang it around your neck Tang Tanger said whimsically.Tang Shuang looked at the what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation pink little pig in her hand, and asked in surprise, You want me to hang on to your little pig Candy nodded repeatedly, that s right That s what I mean.Tang Shuang refused without hesitation Let me go, I m an imposing ten foot man, it s impossible for you to let me hang a pink pig.He left with the Screaming Chicken and Pink Piggy in his arms.She had already tried her best to go to Shengjing to play with her, but she was rejected by both her parents, Xiaoshuang, alas these grown ups are always in charge of children Although she definitely won t be able to go, she wants to put her little what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation cbd gummies san antonio animal there so that she can find out what s going on and say hello to her sister and sister in red skirt on her behalf.They won t You overestimate yourself.You scoundrel.Huh What did you say Tang Tang is an egg Candy It s an egg What are you doing How did you become an egg Brother, Tangy was an egg before it was born, do you know that I don t know, but you can even become an egg.Egg It s really rare, tell me what s going on It s such a fat thing. Say. Brother, can the Lun family not shoot if they say so No. The Lun family won t say anything.Don t say it s down, shoot quickly.Ho ho ho, let s talk about the Lun family.If you say there is still a glimmer of hope, if you don t say there is no hope at all, you will be forced to shoot immediately.Tang Shuang shook her leg You tell me.He wanted to see how this villain made up a story.Brother, do you know what happened before Tangtanger Before Before what Wetting the bed Drooling Stealing food Standing for not doing homework Tangtanger listened and rolled her eyes at Tang Shuang.Tang Huohuo was furious, he dared to slander him like this, which is unbearable Although he did say that he wanted to be Tang Zhen s dog s leg, it was super cheap, but he couldn t admit it to death.He said to Tang Xin Xiaoxin, Xiaoshuang has been calling you a little witch in private What do you think Tang Xin immediately sullenly said, Go play on your own, Tang Tang Come and play with your sisters Let s play together She immediately kicked Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo off together, neither of them was a good guy.Candy is a big winner, and immediately agrees cheerfully.On the other hand, Tang Yu had a bitter face, and hoped that Aunt Tang Xin would take care of him, but in the end, Aunt Tang didn t even look at him.Tang Shuang and Tang Huohuo looked at the remaining three, they added Tang Yu, huh This can also form a super powerful what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation team The three of them immediately formed a team, but before playing, they had to see what the four platoon team formed by Tang Xin was Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger are two super rookies, plus Tang Xin is half kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc baked, Tang Tian is going to die of exhaustion.A cucumber shot is just a melon that has been shot to death She can hold back She doesn t like to eat What good is a dead melon, let Xiaoshuang eat it, it disgusts him.Thinking about it this way, Candy is not sad at all.A dead melon She was even a little disgusted.What kind of eyes are you looking at kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc Tang can i make cbd gummies at home Shuang asked the villain wonderingly.Hee hee hee hee hee Candy used the mental victory method to successfully drive away the unhappiness in her heart.Tang Shuang Want to paint Tang Tanger Okay, let s paint for mom.The little man thought about it and did it, and immediately jumped off the sofa and went to Tang Shuang s study to get her set of equipment.Bulling Bulling ran up the stairs, and Bulling Bulling ran down the stairs again.This little meatball was quite nimble and agile, and his energy broke through the sky.Why doesn effetc of cbd gummies t she draw a picture of her sister Why is that eagle hemp cbd gummies what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation Tang Zhen said angrily, It s because you want to be beaten.Tang Shuang was speechless, could she still chat.Xiao Shuang, don t move around Be quiet for the Lun family.Tang Tanger yelled.Tang Shuang looked down at the little person who was seriously crouching on the coffee table and taking a portrait of him, well, since she was so serious, he shouldn t move around.But she couldn t stop talking, and still teased Tang Zhen Sister, why do you always like to be in a daze May I ask what are you thinking Tang Zhen said coldly, I won t tell you.Shocked by her indifference, she continued Xiao Zhen, do you often dream that you become a fairy on the moon when you sleep at night Tang Zhen was not interested in this topic, and said coldly, No.Home Huahua Tang raised her head in the midst of her busy schedule, and answered Tang Shuang s question seriously.Puppy Bai Jingjing.She ran to the gate, and took out a small golden chafer schoolbag from behind the door as if by magic, and put it on her back.Bulling Bulling ran away Tang Shuang immediately felt bad, and grabbed the HCMUSSH what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation painting on the coffee table for a while.Look Rage made him install a rocket booster on the back of his ass, and strode after the little man who slipped into the yard.Ah what are you doing chasing Lun s family Help Help sister, Jingjing, you go Chapter 1037 Candy wants to grow up and become you, Candy s feet are on the ground, fantasies kelly clarkson cbd gummies cbd gummies with some thc take root and sprout like that Xiaoshuang couldn t drag her away.It s a pity that although she can have flowers in her stomach, she can t grow roots on the soles of her feet.It s just a dream.Tang Shuang grabbed the small backpack on her body and dragged her back from the gate of the yard without any resistance.Tang Zhen came in to help Miss Xiangning, that is, washing and chopping vegetables, but she didn t know anything else, just like Candy.Tang Shuang stood at the door of the kitchen.There were so many people crowded in the kitchen, there was no need for him to intervene, so he put his pockets in his pocket and watched the villain flattering wildly.Well, it may be that I received a series of stimuli during the day, drawing pictures of my mother, writing words what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation praising cost of smile cbd gummies my mother, and singing praises to my mother, all of them are mothers After the old Tang s family had a warm dinner, Tang Shuang, Tang Sanjian and Tang Zhen discussed tomorrow s arrangements while Sister Xiangning was urging Tangtanger to take a bath.Tang Zhen suggested to tell Huang Xiangning later, ask her to ask for leave tomorrow instead of going to work, and celebrate Mother s Day with them.She has always protected it very well.A soft spot for affection.Candy doesn t cbd gummies baton rouge what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation know the story of the little seahorse, but she can t put it down since she was a child.There are many things in Candy s room, not only toys, but also her diary, homework book, picture book, copybook Candy also keeps a diary, but only three days of fishing and two days of netting, unless she is caught every day.Go to the small desk and watch her write, otherwise she will be lazy if she can, so the diary actually becomes a weekly diary, or even a weekly diary.Jiang Yue and Tang Zhen didn t look through her diary, children also have privacy, and adults can t read it without what is the best cbd gummies for pain and inflammation permission.Of course, except for Tang Shuang, he watched as much as he wanted, and he didn t care about children s privacy.Jiang Yue and Tang Zhen couldn t do this kind of thing.

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