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Just after typing two lines, the chatter of Tangtanger started again.Xiao Shuang How long will it be in a while Tang Shuang looked at her watch, and it was 11 00 am, so she said, There is still an hour, remember Don t talk.Candy muttered Calculate how long an hour is, and say Xiao Shuang, if there is something very important, can Tang Tang talk Tang Shuang Can you have something very important Do you want to eat or pee your pants Be patient, don t Talk, even HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies if you want to talk, you can t speak directly, you have to raise your hand first, and then you can speak if you agree. I don t want to pee my pants Tangtanger felt insulted, crossed her small hands on her chest, and looked like I d be fine if you didn t apologize.Ignore your expression.Although Tang Shuang wanted this kind of effect, it would be best to ignore him, but for the sake of the children s emotions, he said I m just making an analogy, and I didn t really say that you peed your .

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Tang Tanger heard this, He pouted uncontrollably, but then remembered that he was still fighting Tang Xiaoshuang and couldn t smile at him, so he put on a serious face.Tang Shuang wants to deal with you, little pig, I have a lot of ways, and there are several big moves in the future, let s take your time, and I must capture your carefulness tonight, so that the friendship under the same roof can return again and get back together Better than ever I prepared a beautiful dinner for Tang Tang, do you want to eat it Tang cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies Shuang tempted.Candy turned her head aside, hum But did not wyld cbd elderberry gummies expressly refuse.Tang Shuang brought out the prepared love dinner, Tangtanger s eyes were immediately attracted, it looked megan kelly cbd gummies good and smelled delicious.But, hum With great perseverance she turned her head away, expressing her disdain.

What s up The stewardess said that she was here to thank Tang Shuang on behalf of the flight attendants.What earth shattering good thing did I do that alarmed the entire flight crew Tang Shuang was even more puzzled.The stewardess said that Tang Shuang had volunteered to take care of the two passengers around her just now, and all the flight attendants were very grateful.Tang Shuang suddenly realized, she thought what was the matter, waved her hands and said it was a trivial matter, and it should be done.The stewardess explained that the local accents of the two elderly people were so strong that the flight attendants could not understand them, and they encountered difficulties when boarding the plane just now.This flight belongs to Shengjing Airlines, and the crew members are keoni cbd gummie all from the north, and none of them can understand the Cantonese dialect.

Tangtang er opened his eyes in a daze, and immediately covered them with his hands, rubbing them together.You re hungry, let s get up and have breakfast, shall we have your favorite sweet potato porridge Huang Xiangning combed the girl s long messy hair and wiped the saliva from the corners of her mouth.Gooey.Tangtang er pursed her mouth and acted like a baby, unwilling to get up, and finally knew she couldn t escape, hugging Huang Xiangning s neck, resting her head on her shoulder, and closed her eyes again.Huang Xiangning patted the girl s butt, hugged her and walked to the window, the dazzling sunlight drove Tangtanger crazy.How much do you drool at night, why is your pajamas wet Hurry cbd gummies mg recommended dose up, take off your clothes and change into nice clothes for you.Candy sat on the bed in a daze, watching Huang Xiangning looking for clothes in the closet , dawdly took off the pajamas on his body, and threw them on the ground casually.

Fortunately, Li Haonan replied in time These are the three swords of our imperial guard As he spoke, he took a photo of Tang ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd Shuang.The Chinese New Year began in the group When the autograph session started, the Starry Sky website s live broadcast was mainly for Jin Yong and a few others.Tang Shuang could occasionally get shots, but not many, mainly as a foil.Tang Shuang s book fans were very dissatisfied, and they moved to the Lincheng library group to chat, where Li Haonan was constantly finding photos of the scene.Suddenly, everyone spotted the coquettish old man next to Tang Shuang, and asked who it was.It s like a coquettish flower butterfly Are the three swords in our family just like this The old man is here.Too coquettish, and cheap.Who is this, why don t you rush Go, why bother my husband I really want to drive this butterfly away, I ll sit there, let me tell you, I can sit there for the rest of my life, doing nothing, just watching my husband quietly.

When Lao Liu said falling, he meant the orange wheat.It has been going downhill for a few years.Although it is still beautiful, compared with the previous years, it has a sense of sunset.And Kaitian Culture, which is climbing upwards, has been rising rapidly recently, and with the support of abundant funds, it is poaching people everywhere.Especially at the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony held in cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies Shanghai in June this year, Kaitian Culture won several awards.Compared with it, Orange Wheat is not as good as it is, so many media are already talking about the No.1 company in the Chinese music scene.Mai turned into Kaitian.Although it is a bit exaggerated, the trend of Orange Wheat being quickly overtaken by Kaitian Culture is already very obvious.In the Golden Melody Awards this time, Kaitian Culture won the three awards of Best Female cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs Singer, Best cbd gummies to stop smoking Singing Group, and Best Album, while Orange Wheat Music only won the Best Music Video besides the Best Song Award.

I ll eat a little secretly for you.Dad will never know.Tang Tanger secretly turned to look at Tang Sanjian on the dining table.He really didn t pay attention to this side, so he quickly opened his mouth and said to Tang Shuang in a low voice but hastily I want to eat meat buns, hurry up Tang Shuang held back her smile, and quietly took a small steamed bun for Tang Shuang, The little girl swallowed it in one gulp, stuffed her mouth tightly, in order not to let Tang Sanjian find out, she lowered her head like a little mouse stealing food.What Tangtanger didn t know was that while she was trying to hide it, Tang Shuang had already gestured to Brother Sanjian, Miss Xiangning and Tang Zhen who were at the table, and the whole family immediately knew that Tangtanger was having breakfast Alas If Tangtanger knew about it, she would have to beat Tang Shuang to death.

Brother Sanjian was sitting on the sofa, reading a newspaper with his glasses on.Tang Shuang walked to him, sat on the sofa, asked for a newspaper, and read it with relish.Brother Sanjian glanced at him, but didn t make a sound.Not long after, all the women of the old Tang family came out of the kitchen, Tang Tanger dropped Bai Jingjing, and ran to the piano briskly, sitting wyld cbd elderberry gummies upright like a young adult, with Sister Xiangning and Tang Zhen on the left and right, holding hands Teach her to beat the time by reading the score.This scene was just like how sister Xiangning taught Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang to play the piano.Tang Shuang quickly finished flipping through the newspaper, told Brother Sanjian that she wanted to ask him for advice, got up and walked to the study.Tang Sanjian was stunned, it was the first time he heard Tang Shuang ask him for advice, did the sun come out from the west However, if there is such a sun, it is also a good thing.

This is a short story, and the length will not exceed 5,000 words, so he has to use the simplest language to explain the matter thoroughly.Chapter 134 X The machine is roaring.In a busy factory, Axia is reading a proposal.His hair was neatly combed, he was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, with a serious expression and frowning, and his subordinate, a beautiful white collar woman, was sitting next to him.An old man in blue overalls standing in front of Axia, seeing Axia s displeased expression, quickly bent down and bowed wyld cbd elderberry gummies I will do my best, as long as you can give me additional financing, I will definitely put The factory is running better.The old man is the boss of this factory, with white hair and beard, but he humiliated A Xia, which made the subordinates sitting next to A Xia very unbearable.

He rushed into the house out of ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd breath.His wife and daughter were preparing dinner.Today was the birthday night, and the house was very warmly decorated.A Xia shouted loudly, hurry up and pack your luggage, follow me, something big is going to happen in Yuezhou, and everyone will die.The wife and daughter turned their heads and looked at him inexplicably.The manic Axia suddenly stood still Kneeling on the ground in despair, the wife and daughter also had the fork of death on their foreheads They are going to die too How could this be How could this be what happened What the hell is going to happen A Xia muttered to himself in pain, his wife and daughter were frightened, thinking something happened to him, they rushed over to hug him, and the family of three hugged tightly.At this time, news was being broadcast on TV.

Tang Tanger felt that what Tang Xiaoshuang said made sense, so she looked at Tang Zhen eagerly.Tang Zhen didn t expect that the misfortune would lead to her.It was true that she bought the oranges when she cbd joint pain gummies was shopping, and she also brought them here, but she didn t do it cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies on purpose.The other oranges are very sweet, and Tang Shuang got this sour one.Seeing the teary Candy, Tang Zhen held the little cutie in her arms again guiltily, and the little girl said automatically My sister didn t do it on purpose, Tangtang won t be angry with my sister anymore, because Xiaoshuang is a big villain.Uh ,What is the logic It doesn t even make sense.Chapter 137 Summer Homework Candy er thinks she was crying sourly, not Tang Zhen, but Tang Shuang, because her sister didn t do it on purpose, but Xiao Shuang did it on purpose.

The .

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corners of the mouth are tightly pursed in a natural state.Recently, life is not peaceful, and major events have happened.The eyes are bright, but the depths are hazy, the city is very deep, and the character cannot be seen, it should be relatively strong.The nails of the fingers are often trimmed, the computer should be used more, and personal hygiene is very important.He has calluses on his fingertips and either plays basketball or plays the piano.The senior is so tall, he is very likely to play basketball, his fingers are so slender, he must be very good at playing the piano Oh my god, I can t stand it, he can play basketball and the piano, what a god His hands are slender and fair, with clear lines and no yellowish tint.He probably doesn t smoke or drink tea often.What is that in his hand Tooth marks Although very shallow, it is indeed a tooth mark How could this be, does he have a girlfriend How come there are tooth marks on my hands, woo woo woo, I am so pitiful, I lost love if I failed in love.

What an obedient boy, I heard Her brother Tang Shuang took care of her during the summer vacation, and it really worked Tangtanger pretended to be asleep in order to avoid Mr.Zhang s arrest, but she actually fell asleep.She had a super sweet dream.She dreamed that all Li Dun s snacks belonged to her, and that Feng Yingxin s little peacock also belonged to her.She can hug as much as she wants, and she can bring it home to cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies Xiaoshuang to see Dreams are beautiful, but they are fleeting, and it is not summer vacation, so she can sleep all night, Tang Shuang also wishes she could sleep until the next day before waking up.Soon, Tangtanger heard someone shaking her in a trance, as well as shouting Sister Candy, Sister sour bhotz cbd gummy Candy.The little girl was used cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs to sleeping deeply, shouting and shaking for a long time before she opened her eyes reluctantly.

Tang Shuang said hello cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs to the old man, who waved his hand to indicate that it was okay, saying that the kid is very cute, and his granddaughter is also this old.It is impossible for Tangtanger to be obedient and silent.The little man chattered around Tang Shuang, and Tang Shuang pointed to the blue sky and white clouds outside the window to show her.The chick looked like a little gecko, stuck to the windowpane, and exclaimed Wow There are so many white clouds Xiao Shuang, the white clouds are the shit pulled by wyld cbd elderberry gummies cbd rosin gummies the fairy grandpa in the sky.There were small laughs from all around, and Tang Shuang said helplessly You think too much, it s not poop.Don t you think Baiyun looks like cotton candy It s beautiful and delicious.When it comes to food, the candy is even more exciting I want to eat cotton candy.

Whether it is text or video, they are telling stories seriously, and only at the end of the story are they mentioned its merchandise.Tang Shuang said that he didn t know anything about advertising copywriting.He lied, and he didn t lie, because he had done this business before, but he had never been in contact with it now.After Tang Shuang finished speaking, Ye Liang thought about it for a long time.Without saying a word, he pulled Tang Shuang, Go, let s go buy a car After sending Ye Liang away, Tang Shuang went back to school, and first went to the dormitory, but there was no one there.To be exact, there was no one on their floor except him.The dormitory doors of Wenpin and Li Wenzhan were locked tightly.Know where to go.The other floors of this dormitory building, as well as the building opposite, were very lively, making it even more deserted.

Tang Shuang is her source of songs, and she depends on him to enrich her music library.Tang Shuang was even more unwilling to admit it I really didn t sing, I was reciting textbooks.Tang Tanger didn t believe it, What are you reciting, then you recite it to Tang Tanger.Tang Shuang The core value of socialism is wyld cbd elderberry gummies prosperity and strength., democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendliness Candy couldn t understand it at all, and didn t believe it.Tang Shuang spread her hands If you don t believe me, I can t help it.I m just memorizing textbooks.I love studying so much.Tang Shuang Hey Xiao Shuang, you diamond chill cbd gummies re getting snot in your hair again Jumping, wanting to mess with Tang Shuang s hair, but she is too small, even if Tang Shuang is sitting, she can t do anything.

So at this moment, she could only watch Tang Shuang eating with a sad face, smacking her lips, with more energy than she wanted.Tang Shuang Baby, don t force yourself.Don t eat if you can t eat, or your stomach will hurt and you will get sick.Tang Tanger pouted and muttered, very unhappy.Eat slowly, leave some for me, my stomach will fill up soon Barabara Tang Shuang couldn t help but smile, and when Tangtanger saw it, she said angrily, You hate me You don t have love Tang Shuang quickly suppressed her smile and waved her hands No, no, I didn t smile, you read it wrong, just sit here when you re full, and I ll play Match 3 for you with my mobile phone, okay Candy is not that good Fooling I obviously saw you smiling, why are you laughing Tang Shuang Then if you don t smile, am I crying Tang Tanger Hmph cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies Give me your phone to play with Tang Shuang opened the app for her Le, handed it to her, and said worriedly Only play games, don t mess with other things, or there will be no next time.

This way you won t be bitten by bugs.The sun is setting and the afterglow is shining, if you are going camping, you must seize this moment and set up your tent as soon as possible.Tang Shuang best cbd gummies for dogs changed into her clothes, and helped Tangtanger into a small overall with straps, and carried the tent to the grove.Just here, near the lake, the ground is flat, the view is wide, and the scenery is good, Tang Tang, do you think it is good Okay let s move quickly.I ll pitch a tent, you can either go home or Just stand aside, and I ll call you when I m done.Tang Shuang wyld cbd elderberry gummies said, and began to set up camp.Tangtanger stood in front of Tang Shuang and asked, Xiaoshuang, don t you want Tangtanger to help you Can you do it alone Will you be tired Are you afraid that I will leave Do you want Mommy and Dad to help you emm Candy can help you, I can do a lot of things.

Before Guo Zifeng knew Yang Shuangshuang, many people had broken up with him because they were all frightened by Guo Zifeng s paintings Guo Zifeng s paintings are too morbid Especially the Feeding Ghoul Yang Shuangshuang was not frightened.She even thought that Guo Zifeng was the greatest painter in Guangdong Province.Even now, she still thought so when she abandoned Guo Zifeng.A great painter must have a deep insight into nature, and he can make the creatures in the paintings creepy and lifelike, because they understand the anatomy of terror and the physiology of fear, and they can use precise lines and proportions to directly connect people to sleep Instincts and terrible memories inherited from generation to generation stimulate the abnormal feelings dormant in people s hearts with appropriate color shifts and light and shade effects.

Naughty and funny little stars.Decorate the sky with sparkles.I like to count the stars every night.Unfortunately, I can never count them Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing were both taken aback, Little Star doesn t seem to be the word, playful and funny little stars So cute and fun to fill in the lyrics.After Tangtanger sang the song, Tang Zhen asked Tangtanger who taught you this.Tang Zhen pointed upstairs and said, Xiaoshuang taught me.We sang it in the tent at night.Is it nice, sister Tang Zhen said it very nicely from the bottom of her heart.Tang wyld cbd elderberry gummies Zhen knew that Tang Shuang was good at writing songs, so she didn t make a fuss, but Luo Yuqing was very surprised.She didn t expect Tang Shuang to write lyrics, and she looked very talented.She had a good memory, Tangtanger sang it once, and she remembered it , I can t help thinking at this moment, pondering over the interesting words just now, the more I read it, the more fun it becomes, and the more I read wyld cbd elderberry gummies it, the more artistic I feel Can Tang Shuang write lyrics Before coming here as a guest, Luo Yuqing had a preliminary understanding of Tang Zhen s family.

Grandpa, grandpa, can you wait for Tangtanger for half an hour, I want to say goodbye to Prime Minister Turtle s family.Grandpa asked suspiciously, What is Prime Minister Turtle Tangtanger pointed to the big turtle in the pond and said, Yes.Big tortoise, Xiaoshuang taught me.Tangtanger asked again Grandpa, grandma said there are other little tortoises in the pond, where are they, why didn t I see them.Hide them, do you want to see them Shall we search together Immediately, the two of them circled the pond to look for the dead leaf turtle.Withered leaf turtle, as the name suggests, resembles a dead leaf, and likes to stay still, much quieter than the pig nosed turtle.Tangtang er heard that another family s tortoise was like a leaf, and she was stunned for a moment.A tortoise like a leaf is too strange.

Tang Shuang misfortune Dongyin, lowered his head and asked the pig spirit who was about to slip away Little scoundrel, have you changed anything else The little girl at home even participated in it Tangtanger resolutely refused to take the blame, and threw it back Huh Xiaoshuang, you big villain, the Lun family is so small, and you don t even know a few words.You actually said that the Lun family changed Dad s novel I want to sue The last sentence I want to sue is not groundless, it is really going to sue She put her hips on her hips 35 mg cbd gummies and said to Tang Sanjian Father, Xiaoshuang said a lot of bad things about you behind your back, and the one he said about you, that novel is like candy, so stupid Huh Let s beat him together, shall we It s fine, Tang Shuang swears, he never described it like that, stupid like candy , he said stupid, but he didn t say that.

Huh What s the matter Looking back, a big hand wyld cbd elderberry gummies was holding it, it was Tang Xiaoshuang What is he doing If you don t wear a helmet, you are not allowed to ride a scooter, and you are not allowed to go out to play.You have to think about it yourself.Tang Tanger patted his head, and there was a bang Look My head is very hard Tang Shuang didn t Talking and looking at her, little piggy realized that Xiaoshuang was serious snort So Xiaozhuzhu reversed the car and rushed to the place where the helmet was hidden like a gust of wind.After putting it on, he took Bai Jingjing and went out for a walk with Tang Shuang.Chapter 277 This Face Is Poisonous The Huaxia Youth Film Festival is about to open in three days.Because it is co organized by Guangdong University, the school took the opportunity to organize a series of activities.

This kid is so enthusiastic, Pan Fugui is a bit hard to be overwhelmed by his kindness.Although he is taller than Tang Shuang, think about it, it seems that he can run away without meeting.I didn t do anything bad, so why did I run away I am justice, and justice is me After a while, Pan Fugui finally walked over again and greeted the two brothers and sisters of Old Tang s family with a smile on his face.Brother Big Shuang, Little Princess Tang Tang You are here too, look, they are about to fight.This kid seemed eager for wyld cbd elderberry gummies cbd gummies dose a fight wyld cbd elderberry gummies between the two parties.But this is unlikely.If there is a real fight, it will be a group fight, which is a big scandal for Guangdong University.What s more, people on both sides are familiar.The dancing aunts are teachers or family members of the school, and they don t see each other every day when they come to clear the scene.

It s not Li Haonan s fault, any editor would not care about an author who is not even considered Xiaopujie.It s just different now, because of Tang Shuang s appearance, Tang Sanjian has become a special existence.Li Haonan had long wanted to visit the old Tang s house, and this time he was seconded to Yuezhou.At noon the next day, Tang Shuang specially invited Li Haonan and Li Jiatong to lunch.During the meal, he saw with his own eyes that Li Haonan received a call from the film and television company yesterday, who came to ask how he was thinking.They didn t approach Tang Shuang directly, they wanted to have a buffer.If Tang Shuang refused outright, wouldn t there be no talk Because Tang Shuang was the one who made the final decision, since the one who made the final decision had already expressed his attitude in person, there was no cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies possibility at all.

It s not that enemies don t get together The cheap young director came all the way, and said with a smile Look I have a big golden baby, and yours is silver, hehe Although this guy is cheap enough, he is talented and learned, and he won the gold award Huh wrong duck eggs What a big golden baby, it s oros cbd gummies cost a banana As the saying goes, you can make a lot of money by cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies keeping your voice down, and take a banana to the toilet to have a drink.Aren t you afraid of death Tang Shuang and Ye Liang looked at each other, and at the same time waved to him and said, Come here Before Jianjian could come over, the two rushed forward and gave him a big beating Ye Liang was the most ruthless, pinching his face When you said that you were not good best place to get cbd gummies near me at seducing yourself, if you insisted on this point, you just had cbd gummies spam text nowhere to vent your sulking anger So cheap became a trash can Hey, don t slap your face I still have to accept an interview, so don cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs t slap your face Stop, don t pinch it, shit, I m going to be angry Take that hand away, where do you put it, ouch , Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Oh, it s not good, I m patronizing Heipi and forget about these colleagues.

And the picture I m painting now is exactly the bean sprouts kneel down to announce the letter, and the carrots go to war in command in A Garden of Green Vegetables Become Fine.With the efforts of Xiaorener and Grandpa, the painting project is progressing in an orderly manner.Tang Shuang Since it s so delicious and I ve eaten so much, shouldn t I thank my mother for making dinner for us Just as Miss Xiangning came over, Candy immediately said crisply Mom, you have worked hard.You are great, the bean sprouts are so delicious, you can teach Xiaoshuang, so that Xiaoshuang can cook every day.Tang Shuang O O Because Tangtang is practicing every day now, pedaling hard Son, so Miss Xiangning asked to soak the little pig s feet to relieve fatigue, especially the tiredness of the little feet.At this moment, Miss Xiangning came over HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies with a special footbath for candy, plastic, blue, with two ears , in the shape of a cute cat.

Huang Xiangning was wyld cbd elderberry gummies making lunch in the kitchen, Tang Tanger rushed in like a gust of wind, stood behind her, and said crisply Mom, Mom, Xiaoshuang said that she will go home today, hehe Huang Xiangning touched her little head , Said Then are you happy Tangtang er held her head high and grinned I m very happy, mom, are you happy After hearing her mother say that she was also very happy, Tangtang er put her little hands behind her back and murmured around Huang Xiangning s feet, Xiaoshuang these days What did he do, does he miss the little princess, will he bring gifts for Candy, there are a lot of blah blah blah.Until Huang Xiangning pushed her small body out of the kitchen, ready to have lunch.Candy, who was sitting on the dining table, looked left and right, and suddenly sighed deeply Today is so lonely Huang Xiangning was startled, the cheerful and optimistic child sighed and said lonely.

She yelled at Candy, who was putting a fruit platter in the living room, and the little pig rushed out like the wind, and happily opened the door of the yard, warmly welcoming everyone to visit Old Tang s house.A few children gathered together, chattering, jumping and jumping.Tangtanger led the little peacock to find Tang Shuang, raised her head and said, Xiao Shuang, this is my good friend, this is the little peacock, that is Tang Shuang knelt down and greeted the little peacock You are so small Peacock, you are so cute.Tang Tanger pointed to Tang Shuang and said to adults and children, Look, this is my little Shuang, my elder brother.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning went out after hearing the sound, and invited everyone into the house.Finally, he said to Chu Mei, who was also at the end, Why are you free to ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs pick up Xiao Putao today Chu Mei smiled and said, I ll be resting for two days, long time no see, Tang Shuang.

Chen Long signaled everyone not to worry Since Nie Min s relatives disagree with this marriage, there must be a reason.Don t jump to conclusions until you know the whole thing.He read I know their reason Not going to my wedding because of my husband.They didn t like him, from the first time we met, but it wasn t so obvious back then, and since, as I write this, I can t help crying again.My husband , was electrocuted a month ago and lost an arm, his left hand is gone Whenever I see his empty sleeves and pale face, my heart hurts.Ah, what a pity.Family members who don t attract their wives like it, but now that they are disabled, they will be even more disgusted.A host said.Sa Yang sighed But this is life I love my husband, but the people around him lack kindness to him.Because of a mistake, he lost his left hand.

Now you know you cbd gummies bad for liver re scared, right Huh What did you run just now Are you a wyld cbd elderberry gummies little rabbit How can you run so well , Stop quarreling, quarreling is not a good boy, Candy is going to participate in the competition tomorrow, you have to be in a good mood, and you can get good grades if you are in a good mood, don t make trouble, I m going back, have a good dream, get out of the way After speaking, she took Bai Jingjing up the stairs and went back to her room to sleep, completely ignoring Tang Shuang.When he reached the stairs, he suddenly turned around and made a face at Tang Shuang Hey beat you A little hand Then he ran back to the room in a hurry, letting out a series of giggling and crisp laughter.Dongdongdong Candy, open the door Why did you lock the door, open it Tang Shuang kept knocking on the door without saying a word.

Tang Shuang tidied her hair and clothes.In order to facilitate the competition, she wore a simple ponytail ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd today.The long braids almost fell to her waist and eyes, and her bangs covered her eyebrows cutely.During the competition just now, there was a ponytail on her forehead.There are sweat stains.Tang Shuang helped her tidy her hair while wiping the sweat from her forehead.Xiaozhuzhu obediently let Xiaoshuang do the bidding, and was very excited when he thought that he was going to be the center of attention, but when he thought he only won the second place, he was instantly depressed, so he couldn t be particularly happy.I really want a trophy.Tang Shuang flora sophia cbd gummies pretended to take out her mobile phone to take a picture of her.At this time, no matter how sad the little piggy was, she would greet her with a smile Smile, don t be too serious, Tang Tang, you are a pistachio, just smile, you are a super invincible cute little fairy Hey, by the way, just laugh like this, everyone laughs, making victory gestures, okay, one, two, three, eggplant Candy quickly showed a cute smile Eggplant yeah She was dressed neatly Qi Tanger took the stage.

This pig essence Chapter 401 Tang Shuang s tearful acceptance speech at the scene of her acceptance speech Tang Shuang immediately noticed her little tricks, standing in the crowd and pointing at her, meaning don t mess around, I ve seen you stand on tiptoe.Tangtang er sticks out her little tongue difference between cbd and delta 8 gummies at him, hehe, still standing on tiptoe.Not only was she standing on tiptoe like this, but her expression and imposing manner were completely up.Since it is at the top of the podium, of course the expression must be in place.The champion must look like a king.As for what the king looks like, here it s just like Xiaoshuang.The obedient Jiajia didn t know that the children around her were thinking so much.The Lun family was listening to her sister being interviewed and giving her acceptance speech.Meimei was a little embarrassed.

Ah Why Don t you go for an interview There are three days for wyld cbd elderberry gummies cbd rosin gummies the interview, don t worry At this time, go visit Professor Tang first, he should have class today.Chapter 422 Tang Tang cuts hair and announces that the kindergarten is over.Tang Shuang picked up the candy bouncing out like a rabbit at the entrance of the kindergarten.After she waved goodbye to everyone, she took her little hand and returned to the car.Have you sent out all your birthday cards Send them away Candy was very happy are cbd gummies constipating when she mentioned this, she drew those birthday invitation cards, Everyone likes it very much.Tang Shuang boasted and drove away.Candy Hee hee, I m so happy.Let s eat some sourdough and be happy again.After speaking, she took out a mermaid shaped sourdough from her schoolbag.This time, there was only one, not Tang Shuang s share.

Huang Xiangning thinks the little guy is in the way, but he can t say that, otherwise the little guy will explode Tangtang, why don t you go and show it to Dad, before you come back, Dad has been thinking about you.Ah Little Piggy Only then did I remember that there was a father at home, she got carried away, forgot, ha ha ha, hurried to the study, and stood in front of Tang Sanjian with a smile, waiting for someone who can write poems to praise her The filming of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is about to start At the dinner table, Tang Sanjian asked Tang Shuang.Not yet, but it s coming soon.I m making preparations now.Oh, by the way, the audition starts today.Tang Shuang said.Tang Tanger asked curiously What is the audition Tang Sanjian nodded and said, What role to choose Tang Shuang said a few words one, two, three, four, five, and Tang Sanjian asked This is the responsibility of the director, right You intervene Is it Generally they don t intervene, but they can make suggestions, Tang Shuang said.

I have eaten many people s cakes, and I will let everyone eat mine tomorrow.My cakes are love cakes.They are sweet, and you can laugh a lot after eating them.Tang Zhen said with a smile Just Laughing like our candy, it s pistachio. Hee hee, I m pistachio Pistachio would be happier if it had Tinker Bell, all dreams can come true, and bamboo dragonfly, I want to Wherever you fly, go to see grandma and grandpa in the morning, grandpa in the afternoon, and Miss Weiwei in the evening.After speaking, Tangtang jumped out of the crib and drew drawers in the room, bowing her head to search for each drawer, muttering Where is my Tinkerbell.Tang Zhen asked the little sister who was running around, Tangtanger, what are you doing, what are you doing looking through the drawers Tangninger smiled and pulled one away again, clapped her little hands, jumped onto the bed, and said, I m not looking for it.

Regarding Fang Yu s matter, there was an uproar some time ago, and it was everyone s gossip.In this matter, Fang Yu is really famous, but this name is not a good one.All kinds of advertising invitations that came one after another are all gone at once, cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs and even those who signed the contract will either break the contract or hold him accountable instead.It made this person into a mess, he became popular faster, and collapsed even faster.Chen Shenfeng was not easy to dismiss.Although she was taken over by the host, she quickly continued to point at Tang Zhen and asked bluntly, Tang Zhen, can you write songs Yes.Tang Zhen replied concisely.I don t believe it.Chen Shenfeng was more direct.Tang Zhen was silent.Seeing this, the host wanted to help smooth things over, but Chen Shenfeng interrupted her and said, Xiao Liu, don t rush to talk, let Tang Zhen talk, Tang Zhen, you still insist that you can write songs Before becoming an artist You must learn to be a human being first, talk about what you have to say, don t boast, and don t imitate certain people in your company.

He secretly had fun in his heart.He dug one of them nimbly and quickly gathered ten of them.He ran cbd lion gummies review away with a basket in his hand Miss, miss, I have finished digging my sweet potatoes, I am the first The lady praised her a few words, but unfortunately, there are sweet potatoes and pumpkins in the basket, not all sweet potatoes, so I have to ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd dig again.Candy looked at her little basket and picked out a pumpkin.This one is easier to identify, but which sweet potato is it I don t know, so I asked, Miss, which one is a sweet potato The lady smiled and said, I can t tell you, you have to identify it yourself based on the pictures on the wall.Go, little sister.Without further ado, the younger sister struggled to carry the small basket, and Xiaoman twisted her waist and came to the wall, holding her head up and trying to read the characters.

The prelude lasted for nearly 20 seconds, and then, it was gone Fan Liwen s face seemed constipated, and he asked eagerly It s gone koi broad spectrum cbd gummies review Tang Shuang nodded, It s gone below, I cut it off Hahahaha, unexpected, I can t catch up with my brain Loop it.In fact, Huang Xiangning played the whole song at that time, because it was for Fan Liwen to listen to, so Tang Shuang cut out the prelude on purpose, and did not let him listen to the rest, suffocating him to death.Tang Shuang continued Leave some thoughts, because there are surprises in life.What Fan Liwen thought was that this was Tang Shuang s expression of meaning.If the cooperation failed, he would have no part in these good music.It s not something you can listen to if you want to.Judging by his many years of experience, these two songs are the best of the best, with the potential to become a hit.

Seeing his face, Tang Shuang was extremely disgusted.This HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies person had temporarily changed his position before the class.The reason why he sat in front of Zhao Yayi was unclear.He probably saw that Zhao Yayi couldn t take pictures, so he moved the target.Aim at the girl in the plaid skirt beside her.Everyone who wants to make a fuss knows, so just yell.Tang Shuang said leisurely.The other party was taken aback, and said embarrassingly that he didn t understand what you said, so quickly return the phone to him.The phone was quickly returned to him.It was thrown by the girl in the plaid skirt, and it hit him on the head with a slap.At this moment, everyone noticed, and the teacher stopped the lecture to ask what happened.The girl in the plaid skirt was also quite brave, and she didn t swallow her anger because of the inexplicable sense of humiliation.

After speaking, he hung up the phone and gave Li Haonan the phone for safekeeping, he has no time to take care of it now.Chapter 512 Slipped off from the kindergarten Waiwai Xiaoshuang You are a big villain, and you hang up the phone with your little sister again, really, you are not cute at all Don t even think about going home tonight I won t say anything nice about you Xiaozhuzhu still kept on the phone, muttering unhappily, and then she had no time to take care of Xiaoshuang, because she was discovered by Teacher Zhang The phone was confiscated again The little person doesn t want her mobile phone to be confiscated.In the past, if her mobile phone was confiscated, she should confiscate it.Anyway, she can remember only a few phone numbers, and she hasn t grown into a bow headed person yet.

Several people ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd split up, and at wyld cbd elderberry gummies the same time, Tangtanger was chatting with Balabala in the car heading to the Bird Hotel.The younger sister with yellow, yellow and green hair saw this and said Emma, this is not a dumb person, this is obviously a chatterbox, He kept talking.Tang Tanger said unhappily, Why do you talk about the Lun family like this The Lun family is still a child, you really are not sensible at all.The yellow green haired girl said You Dare to say that I am ignorant, you are a child who is ignorant, you said how did you run out at such a young age Run away from home Did your parents give birth to a little brother and don t want you Haha.Tangtanger heard the words, Stand up from the back seat of the car, lie on the back of the co pilot s seat and say My parents love me so much, I don t have a little brother in my family, I have brothers and sisters in my family, I m a little princess, everyone loves me so much, and I don t care.

Tang Tanger sneered The Lun family didn t want to blow it Don t wrong a good person The girl with yellow green hair Then why are you puffing up your mouth Do you dare to do it or admit it Cut, look down on you Candy stood up excitedly, put her hips on her hips and said, The Lun family doesn t want to brag, the Lun family wants to imitate the cry of a frog, Haha The real frog croaked, and proudly said My brother taught me, you can t, haha.The girl really can t, but she won t admit it, but changed the subject You open your mouth and keep your brother shut, as if your brother is really good, show us if you have the ability, otherwise you are lying and bragging Tangtang er stuck her waist up, huffing and puffing, it was too much, she even said that she was a braggart, she was a villain, a pig, a vixen, a turtle only she was not a braggart.

The girl who asked the question asked confusedly The low level martial arts world Low level High level What is this Not only was she confused, but everyone on the scene was also confused.What does it mean, even the word, low martial arts world, they Tang Shuang said God has actually reached the end of martial arts decades ago, but since it is the end of martial arts, it means that there is no way, or the road is broken.GOD considers himself a god.Since he is a god, of course he does not He will resign himself to fate, so he found an opponent like Dynasty.Their struggle has nothing to do with grievances.I am cbd gummies water soluble looking for a way out for the future generations and fighting for a great future.The ultimate goal of the martial arts conference is to gather the strength of the world s top martial arts masters and explore the future of martial arts.

Thinking that a martial arts conference has so many deep meanings, they originally thought it was just a gathering of resentment and revenge, but they didn t think it was because their level was not enough.The host asked everyone s thoughts Then what is the final result Presumably Dynasty will definitely fight God.What is the result of their battle Have you found a way out Is ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd there a way to the end of martial arts Tang Shuang said with a smile My new book is about what happened on that new road after crossing the end.Chapter 520 Tang Shuang s World of Martial Arts Tang Shuang said that the new book after The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is about martial arts The story that happened on the new road aroused great curiosity among the wyld cbd elderberry gummies people at the scene, and they all guessed what kind of story it would be.

Tang Sanjian didn t say whether he would eat wyld cbd elderberry gummies or not, but 300mg cbd gummies wholesale private label explained to Candy from the physiological habits of mantises, However, Candy at that time could not listen to these theoretical things, so he only asked him if he would cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs eat.don t eat So she ran to knock on Tang Shuang s door and asked him whether he would eat children or not.She had to evaluate the living environment of Old Tang s house, and whether the environment here was suitable for children to live in.If not, she could go find him with her bag.elder sister.Do you want to eat baby Candy asked again.Tang Shuang said angrily I should ask you this question.The mantis girl eats the mantis boy.I didn t hear that the mantis boy ate the mantis girl.Now I m worried if you will eat me Say, you are Don t you want to eat me Huh No, no, hehehe Really You say no, but you re thinking about it in your heart.

But she looked back and rushed over to Tang Shuang, thinking that this was just a dream, and Xiaoshuang would not agree with her, so Xiao Zhuzhu thought for a while, stretched out two fingers and said, Sister, we want two Skewer The biggest one The hostess was really happy when she heard that, the little sister s mouth was sweeter than candied haws, so she picked two bunches of hawthorn and candied haws, specially came out from the counter, squatted in front of Candy, and handed them to her.While saying Little sister, you are so beautiful.What s your name Tangtanger sucked her saliva, chatted with the proprietress with a smile, handed her the money from her pocket, and happily Jumping to Tang Shuang, he held up a bunch and said, My lord This is for you, wow it looks delicious.Tang Shuang took the candied haws from Tang Tanger s hand, and the two of them made a bunch, and the little pig The pig looked at the one in his hand, and was very happy.

Tang Shuang listened for a while, then decided to block it automatically, and concentrate on leading the little piggy on the way.This HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies little pig was all on the phone and didn t look at the road.If he hadn t how long for a cbd gummy to work been leading and carrying it, she would have fallen at least four or five times, and once one of her feet sank into the snow, and she landed.There is a hole in that wyld cbd elderberry gummies place.After she learned that there was a hole here, she insisted that the people here were not friendly to her.Just now she said that the people here are very enthusiastic, but she denied it in a blink of an eye.When we got back to the villa, the sky was still a little bright.There was a bamboo forest in front of the villa.It was dark in the bamboo forest, but the yard was very bright.The red lanterns had been cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies hung up, front, back, left, and right, complementing the big red persimmons on the persimmon tree The staff in the villa brought the menu to Tang Shuang for review, and at the same time asked when dinner was ready.

Almost at the same time, Tangtanger also looked curiously at the toy that was thrown on the water in front of her.She didn t pay attention to what it was at first, until she heard her sister scream, and then saw clearly that it was a yellow bar Little Snake, Little Piggy was so frightened that he fetched water frantically, and ran away in a panic Help, help there is a snake a big snake Xiao Shuang is a big villain Seeing this, the unicorn king laughed loudly.laugh.Tang Zhen patted her chest to appease the shock just now.When she found out that it was a fake wyld cbd elderberry gummies snake, she said angrily Tang Xiaoshuang You childish ghost Her response was a burst of laughter.His ears, Tang Shuang plunged into the water and dodged.Do you think it s okay to dip in wyld cbd elderberry gummies the water It s really whimsical, even if he got stuck in the ground, Tang Zhen wanted to find him and whip him, but the little wyld cbd elderberry gummies fairy s cry for help from the other end interrupted her pursuit.

Hehehe I m sorry, Xiaoshuang Tang wyld cbd elderberry gummies cbd rosin gummies Shuang grinned and smirked at Tang Shuang flatteringly, You can say whatever you want, I don t care about you.and said You continue to educate these two little things, it s outrageous How dare you fight While talking, he walked away.The small animals in the house were not under his care.The little sister is concerned, so leave it to her.The next day, Tang Shuang sent Candy to the kindergarten first, and then drove to the university.He hadn t been to school for a long time, and it was during this period that there was a change of senior personnel at Tongji University in Guangdong Province.Sun Xuanyang, the executive vice principal, was promoted to the principal, and finally got his wish, taking an important step in his life and career.Tang Shuang met Sun Xuanyang once.

A fleshy little finger quickly poked Tang Shuang s face, piercing the brother like smile, and then said with a smile Gee You re so thick skinned Twirling fingers on the old face You can t focus on praise Can t you praise brother more, you have to fight me, go back to the house.Candy grabbed his pants and yelled Don t go, don t go Tang Shuang looked down at the child, and asked, Why Why don t you go, I promised to attend your parent meeting.Candy looked at him with a small face and said Are you very unhappy Why are the parents who participated in Candy s Association unhappy You should laugh, hehe, this kind of.Tang Shuang I can t laugh, I m blue and thin now Just now you said you were smiling like a loving brother, huh You just don t want to attend Candy s parent meeting, don t you Tang Shuang looked at this little guy, and the wyld cbd elderberry gummies words and deeds of this little guy, in the words of the adult world, is that you got it The body of the Lun family, but also the soul of the Lun family The Lun family has agreed to attend your parent teacher meeting, but you still have wyld cbd elderberry gummies to make the Lun family laugh, and you must attend with a smile, expressing that you are very happy, very happy, and very honored.

Tangtang insisted, because although what she was looking at was Tang Baoling s butt, it was the result of her labor, and she had the right to look at it Candy finally followed up in HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies the little room, and saw Tang Baoling taking off her pants to let Teacher Xiao check her ass, and then she rushed out quickly, thinking that she really shouldn t watch, because after seeing it, she thought of wiping her ass again.The feeling of pooping, hey the orchid fingers are raised again.When I got back to the classroom, Teacher Zhang was teaching everyone to sing.Seeing Tang Tanger, he asked, Did Tang Tang finish eating Tang Tanger returned to his seat, and said, I didn t have a baby.The Lun family never No poo poo.Little fairies don t poo poo, and my sister doesn t poo poo.Teacher Zhang was just asking casually, Tangtang er went to papa with her approval, but she didn t expect it to be papa, and asked, Then why did you go out It s wrong to make excuses to papa, If so, Mr.

Otherwise, why are you still married If you want to have a wedding, don t you just let everyone eat and drink.What to eat and drink The wedding is held because this is a happy moment, an exciting moment, and one of the most important moments in life.The bride and groom are so happy, of course they want to share these happiness and joys with everyone, and at the same time hope core cbd gummies to get everyone Blessings, let s witness their happiness together.Tang Shuang explained that she couldn t let this gummies 1000mg cbd gummies little person know how to eat and drink all day long, and she had cbd gummies cause anxiety to think about something else, something more profound and meaningful on the ideological level.Want to eat Candy asked unwillingly, she hadn t attended a wedding yet.No food Tang Shuang replied, what kind of food is there for the wedding.Ah You won t be hungry if you don t eat I won t be hungry.

In order to get the role in The Romance of the Dragon and Snake , she can go to the old Tang s house to make chance encounters on the road, she can ask Tang Sanjian who has no friendship for help, and she can refuse to interview for the role in Grandma.In order to find all kinds of help, she can calmly get rid of her boyfriend wyld cbd elderberry gummies who has a family background similar to hers, and can meet people with connections and resources everywhere.There are fewer and fewer sincere friends around her, and she doesn t care.Liu Yan didn t realize that her words made Duan Yushuang think too much, and she HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies was still asking Duan Yushuang if she wanted to go.Go and listen to Ji Rubing talk about her experience.It will be good for us.Yushuang, let s go together.Many people in the department will go.No.Duan Yushuang said flatly.

Every hotel attaches great importance to it.The first thing they do when they open the door is to take it away.A note to leave a message.I said, we paid for the hotel service, why bother to give them advice, it is their job to do a good job in the service.My friend explained that although he paid for the service, if the hotel can To further improve the service, the guests will benefit in the end.Chapter 681 I Pooh Candy asked Huang Xiangning curiously where Singapore is, Huang Xiangning told her that it was in the south of the south, far away from the wyld cbd elderberry gummies sea, wyld cbd elderberry gummies Little Pig was surprised and asked When did Xiaoshuang go so far away She has been on a plane and a train, but she has never been on a ship.She really wants to cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies see the depths of cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies the sea, and she has always hoped that Xiaoshuang will take her there.

Li Dun followed behind slowly, and soon heard Tangtanger s cheerful voice Little Putao you are thinner My younger sister is fat Chapter 685 They are in love, haha ga Before lunch, all the little people came to the yard to have fun.Although it is winter, the weather in Guangdong Province near the sea is still not so cold, and the flowers are much less, but the trees are still tenaciously evergreen.The yard of Xiaojin s villa is lush with green grass.At this moment, there are six dolls lying on the lawn.The little people headed HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies by Tangtang are lying on the lawn in a haphazard manner, plausibly saying that they are basking in the sun.Li Dun is more educated, saying that it can absorb calcium better and grow stronger.For this reason, he specially helped the little peacock to pose, stretching his hands and feet, trying to expand his area as much as possible, so that the sun can take more cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies photos.

Who will believe it if it doesn t matter Xiao Jin quickly waved his hand, saying that Sima Tianya is a hero, not this horse.In order to prove the truth he said, he kicked the sweaty BMW to the ground, and the sweaty BMW immediately rolled on the ground, look This horse has no kung fu at all, even a child s foot can t stop it, so it must not be Sima Tianya.Candy jumped on the bloody BMW, shouted Lonely, stab you nine swords , ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies for sale justcbd reined in the horse s neck, and almost strangled it to death without any resistance.Then he believed Xiao Jin s words, clapped his hands, stood up and said I ve tried it, and Sima Tianya is not it.Then the question arises, since the bloody horse is not Sima Tianya, then who is Sima Tianya It s you Candy asked Xiao Jin, Xiao Jin quickly shook his head, not daring to pretend to be a hero, he was just a fan of Sima Tianya.

Not so determined.Tangtanger continued to teach the lesson, first pointing at Pan Fugui Little Guizi Your grandpa is here, what a happy thing, if you are gone, your grandpa will be so sad Look, from how happy to how happy you are Sad, how sad it is Are you right Pan Fugui pondered for a while, but still didn t understand how sad it was, he couldn t figure it out, but he didn t dare to ask, because the little princess in front of him was very angry , he quickly said Yes, Tang Tang is right, I was wrong, and I shouldn t do things that make grandpa sad.Candy said with a little relief It s good to realize your mistakes, you still have help.Be obedient, listen to me.Listen, be obedient.Pan Fugui looked hesitantly at the group of dogs staring at him, and said weakly Tang Tang, can you let the dogs go first I wyld cbd elderberry gummies m so scared.

Now you have to go to sleep.Say good night to your brother.Tang Shuang was defeated by Tangtanger s question and couldn t figure it out.He was dizzy now and wanted to Talk to the Romans, and don t want a little wyld cbd elderberry gummies sister, after all, there are often little sisters, but the Romans don t often have them.It s just that the little sister kept pestering him, not only didn t say good night, but also yelled to get up, and the sun father in law was drying his butt.Tang Shuang let her hide, and someone on the other side restrained her.Sure enough, soon Xiaozhuzhu was suppressed by Huang Xiangning, pouted and said goodnight to Tang Shuang aggrievedly, then hung up the phone, handed over the small phone obediently, got into the bed, and lay down in it , showing a small head, looked at the ceiling, there was a little cat painted there, last year Tang Shuang moved the ladder to draw it for her, although you can t buy a kitten, you can always draw one, hum Tangtanger stared at the little cat on the ceiling, and felt like the chinchilla in Xiaoshuang s story, wondering if the chinchilla would come to her in her sleep.

Xiaoshuang s wealth was not due to strong winds.It was all hard work, one yuan and one drop of sweat, so Xiaozhuzhu agreed with Tang Shuang to take a day off.The two of them slept in first, and Xiaozhuzhu wanted to sleep in for a long time, but Huang Xiangning repeatedly sabotaged her dreams, and today she finally had an excuse to sleep with Xiaoshuang, and she just slept in the dark.When Tang Shuang wyld cbd elderberry gummies got up, the little pig was still snoring, like a deflated sesame glutinous rice ball, limp wyld cbd elderberry gummies and unable to wake up no matter how hard he pushed it.Tang Shuang took the opportunity to crazily pinch her little face, the baby fat feel is really not an exaggeration.Little Piggy was half asleep and half awake, and softly punched Tang Shuang, said weakly that he hated it, and then continued to snore and sleep.

Hee hee This is a sunmed cbd gummies for pain must Candy said brazenly.Tang Shuang secretly rolled her eyes and told Tangtanger to be obedient and not to mess around.Tangtanger immediately said a little unhappy Why is the Lun family messing around, why is the Lun family messing around The Lun family never messes around Hmph , I will call you when I think of the song, OK Tang Shuang said.Tangtanger OK.He even made a scissors hand, thinking it was an OK gesture.When Tang Shuang left, Ding Lu suddenly said Chairman, thank you.Tang Shuang looked at where can you get cbd gummies him suspiciously, not knowing what to thank him for, Ding Lu explained The song Until the End of the World is very good, we Thank you very much, I have been looking for opportunities to express my gratitude.Until the End of the World will be released as a single soon, and this will be the first song after the establishment of Tunan Band, marking the official debut of Tunan Band.

Tang Shuang explained Tang Tang wrote it for her on her 6th birthday.Li Yuanlin was envious when he heard it, A person who can write songs is awesome, he can write a song to give away every now and then, if he has the ability, he won wyld cbd elderberry gummies t have a lot of girls behind him Sure, do you want to come together Tang Shuang asked.At the birthday party before, he and Huang Xiangning played the gongs and drums.Now it is a professional band, and the effect will definitely be better.I m looking forward to it.Zhang Chang an said, this is the first time the nursery rhyme band has sung, and it s a brand new nursery rhyme.Candy jumped up and down, threatening to look forward to it, and that she would be the lead singer.No one competed with her for the lead singer, Zhang Chang an had consciously become the second guitarist.

How can you be fierce with people without food in your belly If you can t scare the black panther, it will be eaten by it.So, how important it is to manage your fullness.Huang Xiangning took out the buns he had prepared earlier and gave them to Tangtanger, Tangtanger took them, and rejected his mother s suggestion to unwrap them for her.She held it in her hand like a baby, without tearing it apart, but unexpectedly handed it to the aunt who was arguing fiercely with the stewardess, and said cutely Auntie, do you want a bun Eat one, It s so sweet.Although the aunt was arguing fiercely, she was still very kind to Candy, she slowed down her expression, shook her head and said no, and let Candy eat by herself.Oh Candy took back the little hand that was handing the bread, and with a pia , she swiftly slapped open the bag of the bun, and ate it deliciously.

Many people laughed out loud, and a big sister who was squatting in front of Tangtang got up spontaneously, squeezed with the people next to her, and said to Tangtang, Little sister, stand over here and stand in the first row.Tangtang Er happily moved from the second row to the first row, still in the middle, hehe.Come on, let s count down to three, and then call eggplant together Everyone shouted in unison Three Two One In front of me, I am very happy.The whole family was speechless looking at her.The young man who took the photo hesitated and walked over, took a quick look at Tang Zhen, and said, Well, I took a photo of my little sister, please leave a phone number, and I will send the photo to you later.Tang Zhen led Candy Thank you and then asked Tangtanger Do you want to take a photo with everyone It s better not to ask this question, it is definitely necessary to take a photo Yes Candy said crisply, and stretched out his hand to the young man who took the photo Brother, give it to me The young man who took the picture Tangtanger asked alive healthy choices cbd gummies It s my photo, why did you give it to my sister The young man smiled and said, Then leave me a phone number and I ll send it to you.

Then he said to Shuai Guo Can you also take my sister in Shuai Guo found out that he had forgotten the good baby from heaven, really shouldn t, alas No wonder I m single, I deserve it He quickly apologized to Tangtanger, squatted down, put Tangtanger at the front, and the three of them raised their scissors hands Shuaiguo watched Tang Zhen leave with her little sister helplessly.The little sister turned around and smiled brightly, waving at him and saying, Goodbye, young man, you are a good person The handsome man who had received a good person card Guo Guo couldn t help but think back to the short and extremely tortuous experience just now.It s really endless aftertaste By the way, where did that owl go Find it Ravaged a hundred times One hundred times ah one hundred times Tang Zhen returned to the theater with Candy.

Tang Shuang pointed at Bai Jingjing who was lying in the kennel, and laughed, Look at that puppy, ha, he looks like he was beaten up, Tang Tang, do you want to laugh when you see Bai Jingjing s black eyepatch I I want to laugh every time, it s so funny.Bai Jingjing was sleeping soundly in the kennel, but she was ridiculed and slandered by the Great Demon King for no reason, so where is the reason to say it.She was originally facing the entrance of the kennel with her head, but after hearing the big devil s ridicule, she immediately moved her position, turned her head inside, and pointed her ass at the big devil.Tangtanger stared at Bai Jingjing.Although she gave Jingjing a good beating, she still regarded her as her puppy in her heart, and her place in her heart was still there, so she still spoke for her.

She said happily I heard it.Although I don t understand it, I think it sounds nice and touching.Is the person who plays the piano called Tang Shuang That s really nice.Do you know Yuqing Luo Yuqing smiled brightly, as if only to hear Tang Shuang These two words are enough for the flowers in her heart to bloom.Of course I know each other.Our relationshipis very good.Oh, by the way, he gave you the extra gift.As soon as Luo Yuqing finished speaking, Luo s mother and Luo Peiqi, as well as Luo s wyld cbd elderberry gummies father sitting on the sofa, All look at her Chapter 815 The younger brother can t hit the older sister This night, Tang Shuang received many calls and letters.While paying New Year s greetings, she did not forget to praise Your Heart River.In Tang Shuang s heart, these compliments were not worth a video call from Luo Yuqing, and her words you are the best dispelled all his doubts, and the two of them seemed to be back in Shengjing s last night, intimate.

When Liang Qiao heard Zhang Yu and Zhen Li talking about the piano, she looked at Tang Shuang in admiration, her eyes were confused, as if seeing someone thinking about the piano immediately, the beautiful melody of Your Heart River sounded in her ears again, and she couldn t help but indulge in it.He is a music fan, but he doesn t like pop music very much.He likes pure music.Music of various instruments, like piano, is his favorite.I have heard so much beautiful music, and I have also participated in the live concerts of piano masters.There are many people who have better piano skills than Tang Shuang, have a more magnificent momentum than him, and have more contagious emotions than him, but unfortunately, Tang Shuang The song Your Heart River , let him have endless aftertaste.In the past few days, I wyld cbd elderberry gummies kept thinking about the scene of Tang Shuang s playing at that time, and the video clips on the Internet kept repeating single songs, so that I had no interest in listening to other music, those cherished songs in the past.

The Lun family will cry It s raining, Tangy er can t stop crying Tangy er said firmly.To cry or not to cry is just a matter of her thoughts, what s so difficult about it If Xiaoshuang dared to annoy her, she would cry Wow cry Flood, wash Xiaoshuang into the sea Tang Zhen heard the voice, turned her head to look at the balcony, and didn t understand why the two who were fine just now suddenly started arguing.Seeing this, Tang Shuang thought for a while.Today, the adults of the old Tang family are all here, and they are not far away.If he really makes Tangtanger cry, he will be executed in an instant, so he was persuaded, and bluffed Okay Well, well, you are not Emperor Heihe, you are a princess, you are beautiful, you are amazing Tangtanger couldn t help twisting her little butt, a smile began to appear on her face, and then she heard Xiaoshuang say Then how can you explain that you can t see the beautiful Chang e It s Chang e again Hate Chang e Tang Shuang asked curiously Is Chang e beautiful Very beautiful Tang Shuang replied affirmatively.

But he has some talent, the songs are all written and composed by himself, plus he is humorous, he is popular, and he is very popular.In fact, those who can gain a foothold in the entertainment circle have their own way.Tang Shuang smiled and said, The person who can write the lyrics is also a genius.Tang Zhen looked at the people singing under the archway.Just now, a crowd of onlookers wanted to invite them to a restaurant for dinner.After the two declined, the person packed the bag.Come out and give them.At this moment, the two had stopped singing, took the food with both hands, and were thanking the girl who delivered the food.Tang Zhen felt touched, and said, It s not easy to become famous in singing.Those who can only sing in the street like this, just for a little bit of hope, sing day after day, all over the country, There are countless, and there are only so many singers who can really become known to people.

Teacher Li looked at the clock on the wall, and the third class in the afternoon was about to end.He simply stopped talking, threw the chalk into the box, clapped his hands, and closed the textbook.Looking at the clear and clear weather outside the window, she asked, What s your next class Guo Jing probably felt that she had let down the teacher just now, so she answered first, Ms.Li, it s music class.Music class Ah.Guo Jing likes hodgetwins cbd gummies music very much, right Guo Jing didn t want Teacher wyld cbd elderberry gummies Li to ask such a question, so she nodded shyly Yes, I like it very much.Teacher Li is a middle aged man in his 40s, and he looks quite masculine I used to play the flute very well.I m not bragging to you.Fan Dingming said loudly Mr.Li, let s play a little bit now Didn t Fan return to his soul Wasn t he in a daze just now Fan Dingming was startled, he had already been discovered, and he couldn t help but sneered and said, Teacher has sharp eyes, I admire you.

Wow there was a goddess at that time Ms.Huang must be a goddess like figure, and she is also a goddess now Was Mr.Huang the same as Tang Zhen when he was young Teacher Li smiled and let everyone say what he said.with.Fan Dingming took a look and asked everyone to be quiet and listen to Teacher Li.Teacher Li opened his mouth to speak when wyld cbd elderberry gummies the bell rang for the end of get out of class.He stood up, picked up the courseware, laughed and said If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the next chapter to break it down.I m sorry Hold on to Teacher Li Don t let him go The classroom cheered, but no one did it.The girl who was at the same table as Guo Jing said disdainfully Hey I look down on you boys who just talk but don t do anything Xiao Jing, let s go to the music building.After hearing this, everyone happily walked out of the classroom and went to the artificial lake The music building next to it is ready for class.

Xiaoshuang is watching, and Xiaoshuang specializes in fighting the big villains.Cao Kai smiled and said, That s right, we will also help you fight the villains.Tangtanger looked at him, stared at his mouth, curiously Said Your mustache is very interesting, it resembles my hair.Cao Kai stroked his mustache and asked with a smile, Have you never seen other people grow mustaches My grandfather and grandpa have White beard Tangtanger thought for a while, it seems that only grandpa and grandpa have beards, and Xiaoshuang also has beards, but Xiaoshuang sometimes has beards and sometimes doesn t.Thinking of this, she stared at Tang Shuang s lips with wide eyes.Why What are you looking at Tang Shuang asked.Tangtanger Xiao Shuang, where is your beard Have you plucked it off again Tang Shuang Don t you dislike piercing your skin are there cbd gummies with thc As long as he grows a little beard, Tangtanger will dislike him and say that he pricked her.

A shopping advertisement was being broadcast on TV.Two women with exquisite makeup introduced a high end wine cabinet to the audience emotionally.They said that the usual price was 9999 yuan, but today it only cost 1999 yuan Jump price Bloody price Then he uttered Candy s mantra If you don t buy it, you will suffer If you can t wyld cbd elderberry gummies buy it, you will lose money, if you can t buy it, you won t be fooled Audience friends, why are you still hesitating Act now Candy wyld cbd elderberry gummies s blood was instantly ignited, wine cabinet Wine Xiaoshuang Treasure box Money Hidden She immediately urged Sanjian s father to buy it, but Sanjian s father would not buy it, he would not buy it now.Dare to drink, because I was tricked once The big bear wine stored at home has long been given to Tang Dajian and Tang Erjian.Tang Dajian did not give up, and earnestly persuaded his father to be nice to himself.

Lao Li thanked him, and Tang Tanger also waved to him Thank you uncle, goodbye uncle.Hey , goodbye Little beauty, you are so cute and kind.Tangtanger replied Hey, you are also cute.Brother Sprinkler laughed heartily and said he was handsome without conscience, but he was wyld cbd elderberry gummies the first to say he was cute.once.Little Lili also bid farewell to the sprinkler brother, who said with a smile Little Lili, next time I come to uncle s place, do you want to take you on a sprinkler truck Can you Little Lili suppressed her joy and asked plus gummies mango cbd 9 1 100mg expectantly.Old Li interrupted Lily, don t bother Uncle Kang.Little Lili immediately said obediently Well, thank you Uncle Kang, little Lily won t sit down, grandpa said it will affect your work and deduct money.Little Lily said No, no, don t listen to your grandpa, it won t affect you.

He really couldn t understand how such a big star could have anything to do with his family.His daughter is timid and has few friends.He has no idea that one of her few friends is Tang Tang on TV.Who is Tang Tang That is the younger sister of the big star Tang Zhen.Her brother is also a big star and a great writer.These days, the major media are spreading the word everywhere, especially in Guangdong Province, where Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen are very famous.Their little sister Tang Tang is also well known.Although he never cared about the news, he had read some of the propaganda in this regard.The reason why he didn t recognize Tang Shuang and Tang Tang before was because he didn t think about HCMUSSH wyld cbd elderberry gummies that at all, and he never thought about it.Subconsciously, he thinks who he is, and the people he knows are who he is, and no one from the upper class has ever cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies dealt with him.

Tang Shuang picked it up, but he didn t know what it meant beforehand.The other party handed it to him with his head covered, and he answered it subconsciously.Li Guanping smiled and said, The filming of the show is over, you can stay and be the son in law of the Dai nationality.What is this Brother, show Tangtanger.Tangtanger took a fancy to the flower bud in Tang Shuang s hand.Tang Shuang showed her, and then took it back Someone gave it to my brother for safekeeping.Miss sister Why are you so smart I guessed right, I m really scared of you, and I m sure I ll yell everywhere when I get home.Tang Shuang was noncommittal and said, Give it back to me after you have a look.I can t keep playing with you.I have to return it to others later.Ha, young lady Ring, ring, ring The bell of a bicycle rang behind him.

Since he is a senior brother, it is not difficult to guess, most likely because of Lu Mingyi s relationship.Lu Mingyi is Tang Shuang s teacher, and He Yue is also Lu Mingyi s student, so there is this very traditional teacher brother relationship.She thought Tang Shuang had found a good teacher.It turned out to be a big mistake.Only now did I realize that Tang Shuang s background was deeper than she had imagined General Tang Jingtao s bodyguard There is so much room for imagination here It is far from being explained by the words guard on the show.She couldn t help but secretly looked at Tang Shuang carefully, only to see that this boy always had a smile on his face, young and handsome, kind tempered, cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies rich and talented, mysterious and powerful.People in the entertainment industry are guessing who Yu Xiang is, but they don t know that it s right in front of them Li Yaqing couldn t help blushing and her heart beating as she thought about it.

Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing looked at each other, suddenly held her hand, lifted it up, and said, Sister, are you ok Understand Seeing this, Tang Sanjian showed such an expression on his face.You, you Seeing them holding hands, Tang Zhen was shocked and flustered, this, this Luo Yuqing s face turned red, she was too shy.She couldn t figure out why she blushed so easily today, since she saw Tang Shuang, she had blushed several times in less than an hour.She didn t break free from Tang Shuang s hand, but mustered up the courage to look up at Tang Zhen, advancing and retreating with Tang Shuang, facing it bravely.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Sister, is it so unbelievable Yuqing and I have been together for a while.Hold and close your mouth.Batta A steamed egg fell on the wyld cbd elderberry gummies dining table, and Gulu Gulu rolled to the ground.

At this moment, he did the same with Candy, pushing the little person from one end of the bed to the other, then grabbed her little feet, dragged her back, and continued to push her from the beginning to the end.Wow, haha It s so fun Candy was having a great time playing, and he became more and more experienced in playing, and his whole body became more and more relaxed.In the end, cost of cbd gummies for sleep he was like a sesame glutinous rice ball, soft and weak, and he had no strength at all.So, let Tang Shuang push it all.After Tang Shuang waited on her, she didn t dare to play with her anymore, this little pig was going to play crazy, once she went crazy, she couldn t sleep tonight, and tomorrow both of them would get panda eyes.Turn off the lights and go to sleep Tang Shuang grabbed the villain s little feet for the tenth time, and dragged her from the end of the bed.

Liang Qiusha said Chen Ding, that s amazing.He only made his debut last year, and this year he was nominated for the best male singer of the year Shi Yu asked, Has there been such a powerful newcomer before Yes Liang Qiusha replied immediately Said, Brother COSCO next to Chen Ding is The camera shot to Hu Zhongyuan who was beside Chen Ding.There was immediate applause at the scene.Shi Yu smiled and said, Qiusha, you are more familiar with the music world.I, an outsider, don t know as well as you.It s amazing, so far, he is the only one in the Chinese music scene who has achieved this.That s really amazing, let s give another round of applause, shall we Shi Yu said loudly.The applause at the scene became more enthusiastic.It can be seen that tonight s awards ceremony favors Hu Zhongyuan, and he has not been ignored because he has retired.

Eh Huh Yo What do you mean What are you talking about I asked you if you lost your submachine gun After asking, Tang Shuang took out her wallet and began to count the money.Tangtang er immediately swiped and stared at Grandpa Mao.Do you want it Yes Then I ll ask you again, did you lose the submachine gun I lost it Uncle Mao still works Tang Shuang immediately put away the wallet, hid it, grabbed it with wyld cbd elderberry gummies cbd rosin gummies both hands, caught the lingering gaze in the palm of her hand, and threw it back to her little sister.Okay, you lost what you said.I recorded on my phone.I remember what you said.Recording Is this for Sen Brother, what do you want to do to the Lun family Tang Shuang didn t answer her at all.If so, open the drawer in front of the desk, take out a yellow mini seahorse water gun, unscrew the lid, pour the water from the teapot into it, tighten the lid, put it on the desk with a snap, and say to the dazed Candy It doesn t matter if you lose the submachine gun.

Of course, there were times when Tang Zhen was teased, for example last year when she ran around the house with Tang Zhen s corset on her head.Digua Lun Tang Tanger continued to tease Tang Shuang, looking at him with wide eyes and innocent eyes, as if he was really a studious baby asking questions.Tang Shuang said angrily, You want to be photographed like a sweet potato, don t you Just say one more thing, I will definitely photograph you as a cucumber Candy immediately shrank into Tang Zhen s arms, and then stretched out her little head, smiling.Said Xiaoshuang, can you make cucumbers cbd thc sour gummies ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs for Candy to eat She seemed to remember it after she finished speaking, and she only said that Xiaoshuang would not do it if she ate it, so she took her sister with her.My sister also eats it.Tang Shuang My sister didn t say she wanted to eat it.

A cucumber shot is just a melon that has been shot to death She can hold back She doesn t like to eat What good is a dead melon, let Xiaoshuang eat it, it disgusts him.Thinking about it this way, Candy is not sad at all.A dead melon She was wyld cbd elderberry gummies even a little disgusted.What kind of eyes are you looking at wyld cbd elderberry gummies Tang Shuang asked the villain wonderingly.Hee hee hee hee hee Candy used the mental victory method to successfully drive away the unhappiness in her heart.Tang Shuang Want to paint Tang Tanger Okay, let s paint for mom.The little man thought about it and did it, and immediately jumped off the sofa and went to Tang Shuang s study to get her set of equipment.Bulling Bulling ran up the stairs, and Bulling Bulling ran down the stairs again.This little meatball was quite nimble and agile, and his energy broke through the sky.

Boom A big hand slapped the coffee table vigorously, and Tang Shuang said with a grimace You know it s not good looking, but you still draw it Do you have any attitude of seeking truth from facts How can you make it up Tang Tanger blinked her big eyes in a daze.What kittens and puppies, she can t understand at all.Tang Shuang balabala taught the villain a lesson.Tang Zhen stretched out and took the picture book, looked at it, put it back on the spot with no expression on her face, said nothing, then covered her face with her hands, and shrugged her shoulders.Seeing this, Tang Shuang taught Tangtang er a lesson and wyld cbd elderberry gummies said, Look, my sister is speechless after seeing your painting What is so handsome, I just sighed why it is so ugly.Don t open your eyes and talk nonsense, how handsome is this Tang Shuang said angrily.

If he doesn t go home, the three of them will cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies go out and eat whatever they want.So dad, if you want to eat or cbd gummies charlotte nc wyld cbd elderberry gummies not, please feel free, where to eat, how to eat, please feel free, today you are free.Tang Sanjian Seeing the three children in the family leave without looking back, Tang Sanjian felt that the duck he raised and cooked so hard just flew away from his mouth, and the youngest That one is still so small The biggest one, emm, no It s the one in the middle who is neither big nor small, abducting two cute little ducks, one big and one small Tang Sanjian s secretary was very excited when he saw the three big stars of the Tang family passing by, but when he saw his boss s pitiful appearance, he felt sympathetic and wanted to laugh.Why do you have to come to Dad to tell him Dad will be sad After walking away, Tang Zhen who got into the car said to Tang Shuang who was driving.

The little hand expressed meaning on her mouth, and blew a kiss to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang waved her hand, there was nothing she could do Go, go, 10 minutes, you can only play for 10 minutes, and then we are leaving.Bulling Bulling ran out, and the following two words came from a cbd gummies amazon wyld cbd elderberry gummies long distance Question Is it really so uncomfortable for a small animal to stay in the study and draw pictures after being out of the cage He stood in front of the floor to ceiling windows, only to see Tangtanger rushing out of the room like a small whirlwind under the sunlight.A wyld cbd elderberry gummies ball was kicked and flew around in the yard, Tangtanger, Xiao Guizi, and Bai Jingjing shouted and chased after the ball.Suddenly, the ball flew into the bushes, Tangtanger rushed over first, picked up the ball first, but seemed to find something, threw the ball away, pulled it among the flowers, and came out with a submachine gun on his shoulder with a smile up.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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