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It s such a beautiful spring day Qi Fei said to himself while holding up his does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit mobile phone to take pictures everywhere.It s spring now, the park is full of vitality, and the weather is also very good, the warm sun makes people very comfortable.Although HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit this is just an unknown small park in Northeast Pine Forest City, the scenery is really very good.After taking a few photos, Qi Fei subconsciously wanted to send them to his girlfriend Xuan er, but the next moment he came to his senses, Xuan er was no longer there.After two people fall in love together, they will form this habit.When they see something beautiful and fun, or encounter something interesting, they will immediately think of sharing it with each other.However, Qi Fei has no one to share with.Alas Qi Fei sighed, lowered his head and kept flipping through the photos he just took, and accidentally found a photo with his girlfriend a long time ago, both of them were smiling so happily.

On the one hand, it will hinder Cheng Siyu s work, and on the other hand, it will also affect Yi Lan s life.Yi Lan picked up the teacup on the table 5 millegrams cbd gummies and took a sip of water, then asked Qi Fei Let s talk about work, what s the matter with you coming to see me told her.I need receipts purekana cbd gummies legit for ten newspaper subscriptions.Qi Fei said.There was a surprised expression in Yi purekana cbd gummies legit mayim cbd gummies Lan s eyes What do you want so much for Ten receipts can at least order 500 newspapers.Have you found a big customer Not yet.Qi Fei shook his head.I ll just say .

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it.Yi Lanyu said earnestly You can t become a big fat man with one mouthful.You have only been here for a long time.Take your time.I will give you a copy first, and you can take it when you run out, okay Qi Fei thought for a while, In Yi Lan s opinion, what she did was indeed too exaggerated, so she agreed to take only one copy.

She compared her plans with After Qi Fei said it again, Qi Fei felt that it was really good, so the two immediately started to act.At this time, Yi Lan and Qi Fei, who were wearing formal attire, were already sitting in the office of the CEO of Xingnuan Home Appliances.The two of them had simply contacted by phone before meeting the president, so this time they went straight to the point.Mr.Yang, you should also know that China s largest home appliance retail chain will enter our cannaverda cbd me gummies Bingang City, right Yi Lan asked.The Mr.Yang she was talking about was the president of Xingnuan Home Appliances sitting on just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies the office chair.Mr.Yang wore a pair of eyes cbd gummies orange county and his face was calm, but there was a trace of anxiety in his eyes at the purekana cbd gummies legit moment I know, the store will probably be far away.Open.Without waiting for Yi Lan to speak, Mr.

After clicking on .

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it, Cheng Siyu couldn t help showing a joyful how should i feel after taking cbd gummie expression when he saw Piao Ling s profile picture was on, and quickly clicked on the dialog box and sent a sentence.Today is really weird In Yi Lan s office, before Qi Fei could do anything, he saw Qing Yu s profile picture flashing, so he clicked on it and saw the message from the other party.Why is it strange Qi Fei replied.I didn t expect to see you in broad daylight.Why, I m not a monster, so can t I come out during the day Hey, it s the first time I saw it, it really surprised me.In this way, the two chatted.How could Cheng Siyu have imagined that Piao Ling, who was chatting with her, was in another office of the same company as her at this time, not far away.While chatting, Cheng Siyu asked Piao Ling I m working in the company right now, and I suddenly remembered that you haven t told me about your work Qi Fei took a sip of tea and replied What do you think What do I do for work You said does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit you were wandering, and then you stayed here to make some money, and you have been in Bingang for a while, and with your abilityhow can you say that you are the management of a certain company A level employee, right Um no.

There was a boy with a crew cut among the gangsters, his head seemed to be a bit bigger than ordinary people, he raised his head and glanced at the policemen, and suddenly hugged one of the thighs Brother, it s me Me Big head The policeman froze for a moment, then frowned and asked, Big head What are you doing, kid Why are you fighting here Aren t you afraid of being beaten by your father The big head wiped his nose, pointed at Qi Fei and said fiercely This guy hurt my brother, we just came here to ask for an explanation, I didn t expect him to be quite powerful, we were all injured by him As soon as the words finished, the rest of the gangsters wailed in cooperation.Qi Fei complained endlessly in his heart, he clearly felt that this policeman had some kind of friendship with this little gangster named Datou, so it seemed that he would inevitably be taken away.

He felt that this matter might be complicated.Chapter 78 I came to pay back the money Not long after, the car arrived near the company.Heizi did not drive the car to the door, but stopped not far away.At this time, Mao Qiu took it out of his bag Out came a black pistol.Brother Fei, take this guy with you.Mao Qiu handed the pistol to Qi Fei.Qi Fei showed a hesitant expression, and asked tentatively Really After staring at the pistol for a few seconds, he finally took it and put it in his pocket, then opened the car door.Seeing this, Heizi cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit Maoqiu was about to get off the car, but Qi Fei said, You two can just does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit wait here.I ll go there alone.What Both Heizi and best cbd gummys Maoqiu were stunned.Qi Fei repeated it again, and this made them both in trouble, Qi Fei said What other ideas do you have I m afraid it s not safe for you to go alone, Brother Fei, uly cbd gummies creator Heizi said.

It was a young waiter who said this.Qi Fei couldn t help poking his head out again.He saw that some private rooms next to him had also lifted the curtains, and the people inside also wanted to see what happened.There are quite a few boxes on both sides of this corridor together, but they are indeed full of people.Qi Fei saw that the foreigner was a Caucasian, about thirty years old, tall and strong, with green eyes, chestnut curly hair, and a full beard, with a rather wild appearance.There are two other people beside this foreigner, a fat man who looks like a boss, and a forty year old bald man with a straight face.Qi Fei thinks that these are probably friends of the foreigner, right The waiter tried his best to persuade the foreigner, but the man looked very arrogant, with obvious contempt and disdain in his eyes, the fat boss said to the waiter This Mr.

After stabilizing his emotions, Qi Fei took a shower, and then rushed to the hospital.Compared with what happened last night, Yi Lan s situation was more important to him.After witnessing Mao Qiu s death with his own eyes, Qi Fei unconsciously had more reverence and cherishment for life, and he hoped that Yi Lan could wake up soon.The ward was very quiet.The nurses just fed Yi Lan through a gastric tube.After finishing everything, they greeted Qi Fei and went out.Sitting next to Yi Lan s bed, Qi Fei said softly, Sister Lan, something happened last night, II feel that my heart has been greatly shocked.At this moment, I hope you can wake up soon, It turns out that human life is so fragile If you say it s gone, it s gone Qi Fei didn t say any more, took his mobile phone and turned on Yi Lan s favorite music and started playing it.

Li Xuan s expression instantly became extremely gloomy, and after a while, he squeezed out a few words between his teeth I want you to kill someone.Heizi s reaction was much calmer, probably because he had seen some similar situations.Platinum s eyes widened, does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit as if he couldn t believe his ears Bosshe s asking me to kill people, are you sure you re not joking Li Xuan s eyes were full of murderous intent Look at me, it looks like I m joking Is it It s not likeit s justI haven t killed anyone It doesn t matter if I haven t killed anyone, as long as I have the ability and determination, let me ask you, do you have the ability Li Xuan asked.Platinum looked confused Yes, but yes Then do you have the determination Platinum was silent.Li Xuan s expression was particularly ferocious The determination you want is nothing more than money.

Brother Xuan.Qi Fei hurriedly stood up and asked, What s the matter Li Xuan raised his eyelids and said expressionlessly, It s settled.Platinum will replace the fur ball in the future.Platinum took a step forward with both hands I m sorry and shouted at Qi Fei Brother Fei, please give me more advice in the future.Qi Fei nodded Congratulations.Don t care about these.Li Xuan said to Qi Fei If you have time these two days, take Platinum to familiarize yourself with the situation.I m going to arrange for someone to hold Maoqiu s funeral.When the funeral is over, you and I will go to Langzhou.Yes, Brother Xuan.Then I ll go first, Heizi, drive me.After Li Xuan finished speaking, he left here, and Qi Fei glanced at Platinum, with mixed feelings in his heart.Brother Fei, what s the next plan Platinum asked.

Cheng, Happy New Year Well, Happy New Year Said It s so fast It s been another year without paying attention, and I don t know what will happen in the next few days.Qi Fei was stunned for a few seconds, and then planned to go back to Li Xuan s room and walk He frowned slightly, as if he remembered something, so he stopped again.Li Xuan smoked it again in the room, it was so refreshing that he felt just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies happier than a god, the two ladies also became high, and the living room was full of depraved atmosphere.Qi Fei had been out for almost half an hour and hadn t come in yet.Li Xuan turned his head to look at the door, squinted his eyes and muttered What kind of plane is this guy doing Damn it, is it possible that he went back to sleep He didn t even talk to me.Say hello At this moment, the door was pushed open, and Qi Fei walked just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies in with a solemn expression, and when he smelled the pungent and strange smell in the room, he couldn t help frowning.

these questions.Regarding this, Hu Zhiping, the general manager of the advertising company, was also very worried, and he was also helping to deal with the matter, because he knew that if the distribution company couldn t resist it and collapsed, then he would have nothing to eat.Chapter 115 Helping Cheng Siyu At noon, Hu Zhiping personally went to the cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit relevant professionals to inquire about it.The reason for the large number of complaints should be due to the sharp increase in newspaper circulation last year, but the later statistical entry and delivery distribution work Not doing well.In other words, these are actually things that Tan Jianren didn t do well before, which led to big problems later.What made Hu Zhiping even angry was that at this critical moment, the president of the group, Yan, said that the increase in newspaper circulation was basically due to Tan Jianren, and now that there are complaints and other problems, it is Cheng Siyu s responsibility.

After I saw your text message, I immediately thought that the issue company s situation is essentially the same as your friend s situation.Almost, so I also thought that the root cause must be found purekana cbd gummies legit immediately Then purekana cbd gummies legit what is the root cause Qi Fei asked knowingly.I analyzed it carefully later.I think that the sudden appearance of so many complaints may not necessarily be due to the delivery problems of our company s publishers.As the boss, I still know the situation of the employees below.They are very hardworking and their overall quality is excellent.Very high, as long as there is a detailed delivery form, they will definitely do it seriously.Well, yes.Then Cheng Siyu said Looking at it this way, if there is a problem with the relevant data obtained by the delivery personnel , For example, if the quantity is wrong, or the address is wrong, they can t do anything, and something will happen.

OkayBrother Qi, do you want to sleep too Xiaobei asked.Qi Fei could only fool her Well I m going to sleep too.Hey, good night, Big Brother Qi.Good night, sweet dreams.As soon as he finished chatting with Ye cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit Xiaobei, Qingyu sent a message.It s so late, you haven t slept yet Qingyu asked.Qi Fei immediately replied without blushing No, this has been waiting for you.Seeing these words, Cheng Siyu s tired expression was dispelled a lot, she stretched cbd gummies fox news her waist and looked at it with a smile dialog box, and then said Oh, I m going to be exhausted today, I guess I ll have to sleep all night tonight, and everyone in the company is busy right now, but the progress is pretty good, and I think everything can be done tomorrow.Then It s really great, finish these things quickly, lest you suffer so much, it makes .

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me feel bad.

Li Xuan also said that if possible, he wanted to take Xiao Tie back to be his personal chef.In such a remote mountain village, there is nothing interesting at night.Xiao Tie still reads in his room, while Li Xuan pulls Lao Tie and Qi Fei to watch TV and play cards.The TV is still the old fashioned black and white.It was almost nine o clock when everyone washed up and went to bed.Qi Fei seldom goes to bed so early, people who are used to staying in the city are like this.In comparison, the work and purekana cbd gummies legit rest time in the mountain village is better and more regular.The rooms of Qi Fei and Li Xuan are both on the west side, and there were some miscellaneous things in them.After the two came purekana cbd gummies legit this time, Lao Tie borrowed two beds from other villagers homes so does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit that they could have a bed.a place does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit to sleep.

There are two medical kits left, I gave them all, what else do we need This Xiao Tie hesitated.Qi Fei thought for a while, and then said to Li Xuan I ll go and send them some compressed food Xiao Tie, do you still have water Have.Well, give it to me.I ll give it to them.After all, it s human life.Maybe we can help each other out of here, and then go to the village to make greenhealth cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg plans.Xiao Tie handed his water bottle to Qi Fei, and Li Xuan didn t object.He rubbed his chin and wondered what he was thinking.Qi Fei walked over slowly with compressed biscuits and water Dude, I have something to eat.and water, I ll bring you this purekana cbd gummies legit first, I don t have a gun, I hope you don t just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies be nervous.come on.The man said.At this moment, Li Xuan also walked over quietly, and he signaled Xiao Tie to stand still and not to speak.

Qi Fei dug the hole, then threw the bag containing the purekana cbd gummies legit antique into it first, and then threw a few burning branches into it.He didn t want the bugs attached to the antique to fly out again and harm people.After the flames faded, Qi Fei put another thick layer of soil on top, and then put all three corpses in and buried them.After finishing all the work, Li Xuan was so tired that he was sweating profusely.He went back to Xiaotie and Li Xuan and sat on the rock to rest.Not long after, Li Xuan woke up.He opened his eyes and asked in a daze Where am I Qi Fei was taken aback Brother Xuan, you have lost your memory, right Li Xuan held his head in a daze for a moment, and his eyes gradually recovered He regained his composure Damn I remembered it, but why did I suddenly faint I remember I was still looking at that bloody ancient jade Wait Where is the ancient jade Qi Fei asked from his pocket Li took out the ancient jade and handed it to Li Xuan Brother Fei, there are poisonous bugs in the ancient jade, and it was that bug that made you lose your mind before Hearing Qi Fei say that there were poisonous bugs, Li Xuan shrank back in fright.

Qi Fei looked around again, but unfortunately he couldn t see anything three meters away, because the light outside couldn t shine that far.In front of you is the stone wall of the cave, and there are some strange stalactites.Behind you and under your feet is the rushing underground river.On the top of the five or six meters on the right is the place where the top of the cave has collapsed, and the rest is dark.It s really uncomfortable to hear the sound of my own heartbeat besides the sound purekana cbd gummies legit of running water.Damn it Trapped in this kind of place, you can t go anywhere, do you really want to die here Qi Fei felt despair.When he just fell down, Cheng Siyu had already disappeared.Qi Fei remembered that the other party fell down with him, and he probably didn t know where he was washed away by the underground river at this moment.

He worried that if he didn t pay attention, he would enter a wandering role.In the environment at this time, it is indeed easy for people s mental state to enter a level that they would not enter under normal conditions.Cheng Siyu suddenly sighed softly, his voice does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit filled with endless sorrow and sadness, which made Qi Fei feel the urge to hold her in his arms, but he still held back.After appalachian cbd gummies a while, Cheng Siyu asked Qi Fei Tell me about you, I always feel that you are different from others.Qi Fei smiled What s different How should I put it Cheng Siyu thought for a moment, and then said I still have that note.Qi Fei was a little confused, so A note What note.At the beginning, someone put a note under my office door.The note reminded me of something.Cheng Siyu said quietly.Qi Fei s heart skipped a beat, and now he remembered that it was the anonymous note he wrote to Cheng Siyu to help Yi Lan when he was in the publishing company, but he didn t expect that she still kept it.

Cheng Siyu stared blankly at the front for a long time, finally sighed, stood up and walked towards the exit of the alley.When she picked up the lost and recovered mobile phone and change from the ground just now, she paid special attention to the footprints.She also planned to try to catch up with the person who she cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit thought seemed to be wandering based on the footprints.It s a pity that as I walked, the footprints became messy, because there was obviously a fight not far ahead, the snow was messy, and there were still blood spots on the ground.Cheng Siyu walked out of the alley and sent a message to Piaoling with his mobile phone.Piaoling justwas that you Ten meters away, at the corner of the street, Qi Fei stared at the screen with his mobile phone, he didn t purekana cbd gummies legit know how to reply.He was indeed the one who saved Cheng Siyu at the critical moment.

One of them was full of smiles Brother, don t you remember us We arethe people who had a conflict with you last time.It s really embarrassing to talk about it.We came here to apologize to you this time.As he said that, he stretched his hand forward, and Qi Fei saw that he was carrying something in his hand, not only him, but also everyone else.So it s you Qi Fei narrowed his eyes, with a murderous look in his eyes.Brother, we were wrong, I hope you will be a big deal, and don t care about us bastards Twenty or so people all respectfully presented their gifts, and then bent over at ninety degrees.Qi Fei snorted coldly I just want to ask you one thing, if I didn t know Heizi and no one came forward to help me, what would you do No one dared to speak.You are lucky, nothing happened to me, and my friend is fine, otherwise I does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit will not let any of you go, and for the sake of Heizi, I don t care.

, Why didn t he tell me about this kind of thing in time Heizi said carelessly It s not unusual.You didn t ask the boss.He hasn t been with you for a long time.It s normal for some things not to pay attention to too much.Li Xuan touched his chin First Regardless of this, in short, this time the goal has been achieved, and it only cost a little money to hire someone, but it can make Qin Wu have one more potential enemy, which is worth it Haha.The boss is really wise.If you change If I were me, I would definitely not be able to come up with such an awesome strategy.Heizi s face was full of admiration.You call now and ask about the situation over where to buy lofi cbd gummies there.Li Xuan said to Heizi.Heizi immediately complied, made a quick phone call and asked about it, and then told Li Xuan about the situation.Li Xuan expressed his satisfaction, which made him feel much better.

Chapter 240 Ripping off these people forced their way in.After they entered, Qi Fei found out that there were two guys inside who had come to collect protection fees.Qi Fei s heart sank, did they ask for money again Qi Fei still remembers those two people, but those two people don t seem to remember Qi Fei anymore.Ning Bin and the three of them turned their heads to look at the door.Seeing these five people, Ning Bin s face immediately turned black.What are you doing here again Ning Bin asked.Hey, it s just to have something to eat with my brothers, don t be afraid, we re greenhealth cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg not here to collect money.The leader man had a weird purekana cbd gummies legit smile on his face, and after speaking, he called the rest of the people to sit down with him.Seeing this situation, Xiong Jun patted the table Don t you know it s closed here The other person squinted and said, Since it s closed, why are you still eating here I belong to Brother Bin Friends Friends are great, anyway, my brothers and I must eat here today.

Sister Lan is over there, so I feel at ease.Yi Lan smiled like a flower I ve been away for so long, and you ve done a good job, and you ve even made such a good job.Amazing plan.Ahem, it s mainly because Mr.Cheng s leadership and help.Yi Lan looked at Qi Fei with a meaningful look in purekana cbd gummies legit his eyes.Immediately, Qi Fei asked Yi Lan Uncles and aunts, are they okay Yes, it s good.Yi Lan nodded.That s good Qi Fei Yi Lan s voice suddenly became weaker That Wu Wei, Dr.Wu, if you are free later, you and I can have a meal with him, I want to thank him very much That s okay.Doctor Wu is really nice, and he took good care of me on the way back.He is indeed a very careful man, and he is worthy of being a doctor.Yi Lan s words were full It HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit is a compliment to Wu Wei.Then she said A man as good as him should have a girlfriend, right No, maybe they are already married.

Li Dafa Qi Fei was very surprised, and he felt even more be surprised.Qi Fei didn t tell Yi Lan that Li Dafa went to work as a spy for Li Xuan but was discovered by Qin Wu and was beaten into a disability.Later, Qi Fei didn t pay attention to Li Dafa s situation, so he didn t actually know what happened to him.That s it.As for Yi Lan, she deleted all contact information of Li Dafa after she recovered.This man has already broken her heart.What is he going to do Qi Fei asked.Yi Lan covered the phone s microphone He said wanted to see me.Qi Fei frowned What do you think Yi Lan let go of her hand and said into the microphone Li Dafa, since you abandoned me, We don t have any relationship anymore, so there s no need to meet, bye.After saying that, Yi Lan hung up the phone, and then dragged Li Dafa s new number into the blacklist.

Yi Lan is a very clean woman, so there will never be any peculiar smell in her home.She thinks it may be the smell coming from other places in the building, and it has rushed into her room.So Yi Lan walked quickly to the living room, put down her bag, and thought about getting some air freshener to spray, at this moment, suddenly a black shadow rushed over from behind her.On the other side, Qi Fei bought some vegetables and walked quickly towards Yi Lan s place.Just as he was about to reach Yi Lan s downstairs, he accidentally glanced at the bottom door of another building.At this moment, someone came out, and someone wanted to go in.After the person who came out opened the door, the person who wanted to go in just walked in without opening the door.Qi just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies Fei frowned slightly, then widened his eyes, and an ominous premonition flooded his heart instantly.

The man hastily stretched out his hand to press the password, but after he pressed it, he purekana cbd gummies legit suddenly looked at Qi Fei suspiciously No, all the tenants here know the password Are you a tenant here Qi Fei really He had the heart to kill, he said with red eyes and gritted his teeth If you don t open the door for me again, I will kill you After saying this, Qi Fei slammed his fist on the iron door.With a bang, there was a dent in the iron door, and blood gushed from Qi Fei s fist instantly.This time the man s expression changed, and he hurriedly entered the password very quickly, only to hear a click, and the door opened.Qi Fei rushed in without saying a word and pulled the doorknob, then ran up like crazy.At this moment, Qi Fei really regretted it to death.Why didn t I pay more attention, even if I asked Yi Lan to tell me the password of the door lock first Qi Fei rushed straight to the fifth floor at an extraordinary speed, and then kicked open the door of Yi Lan s room.

Well, Qi Fei, I ll wait for you at the gate of the company.When Qi Fei walked out of the company, he saw that Cheng Siyu was already waiting there.Qi Fei, I heard you were coughing just now, are you sick Cheng Siyu asked with concern.Qi Fei s heart warmed up, and he shook his head at Cheng Siyu, This morning, I explained some knowledge to the employees of my department.Qi Fei, how do you want to open up the market for your department.Qi Fei said some of his thoughts When he came out, Cheng Siyu didn t seem to have much reaction after listening, which made Qi Fei a little disappointed.After lunch, Cheng Siyu left first, and Qi Fei left behind.When Qi Fei returned to HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit the company, he saw Zhang Li standing at the door of his office purekana cbd gummies legit before he arrived at the office.Qi Fei frowned.Seeing Qi Fei finally appear, Zhang Li suddenly smiled.

Where are Mr.Cheng and Sister Lan I don t see that you have a lot of peach blossoms.Three, nodded.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan were pushed out of the room by the third child, each with stinky socks stuffed in their mouths, when they saw Qi Fei wanted to shout out, but they could only make a woo hoo sound.Tears slid down the corners of Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan s eyes, falling into Qi Fei s eyes no less than a thousand catties of boulders.You read it too, isn t it time to get what we want Qi Fei took out a piece of paper from his bosom, and shook the piece of paper in his hands to the three fatty bosses not far away.The second child came in from outside the factory building and walked towards Qi Fei step by step.Wait a minute, as agreed, hand over the person and hand over the property.Qi Fei took two steps back.

But he completely forgot what Zhang Li said.Back in the office, Zhang Wei s eyes lit up, he got rid of Qi Fei purekana cbd gummies legit last time with the help of Ye Xiaobei s matter, so he can use the power of Metropolis Daily to do it again.Editor in Chief Liu, I wonder if you have time tonight, yes yes I would like to treat you to dinner.Zhang Wei got off work early, mentioned that he came to the place agreed with the editor in chief of Metropolis Daily, and waited for Metropolis Daily The arrival of the editor in chief.Brother, I think you look sad.If you need help, just tell me.I will try my best to help you.Zhang Wei was waiting for this sentence, telling Bingang Evening News about Qi Fei.Brother, I will definitely help you with this matter.Qi Fei is the pillar of the Bingang Evening News.If Qi Fei can be taken away, the Bingang Evening News will lose a general, but for the rival Metropolis Daily That said, that would definitely be a good thing.

The hotpot restaurant does not need to be relocated, and this place will fly together in the future, which made them very happy.Brother Qi Fei, my boss also said that you don t have to worry about the funds cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit developed here.As long as you say it, the funds will arrive immediately.I have to exhale cbd gummies review say that this gift from Gongsun Hai to Qi Fei is too precious.up.Chapter Two hundred and sixty seventh, the cheap bone Gongsun Hai not only gave Qi Fei the land to set up a commercial street, but also paid for Qi Fei s construction costs.Qi Fei didn t say anything, but the managers and employees of the hotpot restaurant had the same expressions, and they looked at Xiao Li with disbelieving eyes, afraid that they just misheard, there are really free pies in this world, and they still Watch the case and hit their boss.

got together.The blind man, one of Li Xuan s former subordinates, was responsible for the security of the bar.When Li Xuan left Bingang, he did not follow Li Xuan, but chose to follow Qin Wu.Just take the money.Qi Fei did meet an acquaintance in the bar, the blind man followed Qi Fei s gaze, and Qi Fei smiled.Brother Fei, do you want me to go up and have a look.Qi Fei nodded, and the blind man followed the figure, stopped at the door of a private room, wrote down the number of the private room, returned to Qi Fei, and put The private room number told Qi Fei.Qi Fei told the blind man not to let Qin Wu know that he came to the bar.He offended Qin Wu when he followed Li Xuan before, and the blind man nodded to show he knew.Editor Liu, the news on the headlines of the Metropolitan Daily, the effect is not so obvious.

Heizi and Platinum did not forget to flatter Li Xuan, Li Xuan did it waved.I regret it very much now.I shouldn t have agreed to Brother Fei s resignation.After being comforted all the way, Ye Xiaobei s mood stabilized a lot.After walking out of the airport, Ye Dabao walked over and gave Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei a Embrace.After two days of shopping with Ye Xiaobei in Langzhou, Qi Fei bought a plane ticket to Bingang, and Ye Xiaobei went back to work the day before Qi Fei, Ye Dabao sent Qi Fei to the airport and told Qi Fei When I cbd gummies fresno ca have time, I fly from Bingang to Langzhou to play.When Qi Fei returned to Bingang, Cui Yangze got along well with some old fried dough sticks from the hotpot restaurant.Brother Fei, is that my purekana cbd gummies legit sister in law She is very beautiful.I wonder when Brother Fei will will cbd gummies make you gain weight bring us here to meet us.

I apologize to you on behalf of my boss for today s incident.Brother Da, you are joking.Today s incident is the responsibility of my employees.Qi Fei doesn t want to have any relationship with Xu Kaixuan Intersection, but this is not the time to offend Xu Kaixuan.Brother, I don t know if I can give you a face Mr.Xu heard that my brother resigned, but after some inquiries, he finally found him.Qi Fei naturally would does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit not believe what Zhong Da said that he had searched for a long time.With Xu Kaixuan s power, he thought It is very easy to find yourself, but what does does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit Xu Kaixuan find himself for Brother Da, since Mr.Xu purekana cbd gummies legit has asked, how can I refuse, and ask Brother Da to lead the way.Qi Fei told Jiang Fan and several old fritters, and told them to go back quickly.Follow Zhong Da and leave the sauna shop.

He liked Qi Fei purekana cbd gummies legit cbd gummies for appetite stimulant and hoped to become Qi Fei s woman.She also knew in her heart that Qi Fei only regarded her as a relative, and cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit did not Emotions involving men and women.Qi Fei Like a frightened deer, Yi Lan broke free from Qi Fei s arms, the tears in the corners of her eyes were not completely dry, and people couldn t help but feel sorry for her after seeing her.Yi Lan raised her head, looked at Qi Fei, with a firm look in her eyes, and said, Qi Fei Qi Fei saw that Yi Lan opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn t say it, and was gentle with Yi Lan.With a smile, Sister Lan, you don t need to say anything, you just need to remember that you purekana cbd gummies legit still have me at any time.Qi Fei knew what Yi Lan wanted to say, and he didn t want to hear Yi Lan s words of thanks to him again , everyone has encountered difficulties, Yi Lan has helped him, and it is reasonable for him to help Yi Lan.

Hookah, protect Mr.Cheng and Sister Lan.After finishing speaking, Qi Fei did not wait for the bald men to attack first, and took the initiative to attack, quickly bumping into the person in black suit who was closest to him.The bald man didn t expect Qi Fei to strike first, and his reaction was quick.He was retreating, but he was still a step behind.Qi Fei bumped his shoulder against the lower abdomen of the man 30 mg cbd gummi cost in the black suit, stretched out his hand to clasp the wrist of the black suit, and threw an over the shoulder forcefully, knocking the black suit to the ground.Damn, you kid Ke is really unkind.After scolding Qi Fei a few words, Xiao Wu also joined the battlefield.The two black just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies suits blocked Xiao Wu one by one, the black suit in the back hugged each other, and the black suit in front raised his foot to kick Xiao Wu s crotch.

After getting out of the taxi and entering the commercial street, Cui Yangze and Tong Shisha were already waiting for Qi Fei inside, Jiang Fan and several old fried dough sticks were also there.Fan looked at Qi Fei, rolled his eyes, walked up to Qi Fei, and whispered, Brother Fei, the construction of this commercial street is about to be completed, shouldn t we celebrate it Qi Fei I figured out why Jiang Fan and his fellow veterans left Cui Yangze and Tong Shisha behind.Even though Jiang Fan and his fellow veterans were very diligent in saving the girl who lost their way, they still need to watch over the hot pot restaurant when it reopens in just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies the future.He agreed to the request of Jiang Fan s old fritters.I found an entertainment place, and after entering, the waiter took them to a private room.

Hitomi Shisha couldn t hold back the requests of the old fritters, and sang a duet with Qi Fei, but it wasn t a mandarin duck match, but ordered the theme song of the movie Very Lucky sung by Wang Leehom and Zhang Ziyi.Chapter 290 Am I Pretty I want to purekana cbd gummies legit say that I will love you a little bit more.I have always been in your ears.I believe you love me a little bit too, but you haven t realized it Tong Shiyan looked at Qi Fei with a little infatuated gaze.It was the first time she heard Qi Fei sing.When Qi Fei chill gummies cbd sang this sentence, she found that she felt a little excited, a little lost, and a little sad Hitomi Shuiyan didn t know why she had such complicated emotions, Maybe It s american shaman cbd gummies reviews really like what the lyrics say, I love you a little too, but I haven t found it. I don t know how much Li Xuan loves you, whether it s as much as I love you, knowing that there is a relationship between us.

Qi Fei said that he would definitely go to the clothing show, but after hanging up with Hitomi Shisha, Qi Fei couldn t be happier.When Xiao Wu learned that Qi Fei was going back to Langzhou purekana cbd gummies legit to participate in the clothing exhibition, he kept saying on the phone that Qi Fei was not enough to be a brother, not enough to be interesting, and he didn t even tell him about such a chance to see models.Bei Dao Chuanzi called, he didn t know that Qi Fei was going to Langzhou.Xiao Wu was going to Langzhou, Zhao Yun naturally followed him, Qi Fei had to book four more air tickets from Bingang to Langzhou.The next day, when Qi Fei arrived at the airport, Xiao Wu and the others were already waiting there.Xiao Wu put his arms around Qi Fei s arm, and kept saying that Qi Fei was not enough brothers, not enough buddies, to go to such a fun place like Langzhou , did not even tell him a word, Zhao Yun echoed and said yes.

Nosy.The female staff in Milan took a pityful look at Qi Fei, shook her head, and planned to have a chance collision with Qi Fei before, and then see if they can create purekana cbd gummies legit a spark of love, or a one night stand or something like that, After listening to Meng Tingting s words, I stopped thinking about it.Qi Fei spread his hands helplessly, looked at Meng Tingting, shook his head, and was about to walk past Meng Tingting.How could Meng Tingting let him pass by like this, and immediately blocked Qi Fei s way, looked at Qi Fei and said without hesitation, Mr.Qi, your airs are really big enough, I really want to know how you What have you been up to for a few days The voice of Hitomi Shisha talking in the aisle was also heard by Hitomi Shisha and Jiazi in the office, the two women walked out of the office and saw Meng Tingting who was blocking Qi Fei s way in the aisle.

After the man hung up the phone, with a smile on his face, he disappeared into the vast crowd.Chapter 321 Similar The waiter quickly brought up the dishes ordered by Qi Fei and the four of them, and after saying slowly to the four of them, the waiter left the private room.Qi Fei saw that the three girls, Tong Shisha, Jiazi, and Meng Tingting were having a good chat, and the sadness on Tong Shisha s face was reduced a lot, so he breathed a sigh of relief.The dishes in Langzhou are somewhat different from the dishes in Meng Tingting s hometown.Meng Tingting has been in Langzhou for a while, but she is still not used to it.Qi Fei is about to go out of the private room and ask the waiter to order some other dishes.But was restrained by Meng Tingting.Meng Tingting told Qi Fei that she had already ordered a lot of dishes, and it was still unknown whether she could finish them all on the table.

Qi Fei smiled awkwardly, Mr.Cheng, you Don t make fun of me.When did you come back When you left, you didn t even say hello, Qi Fei, Boss Qi, are you going to abandon our old friends when you are developed Cheng Siyu When he said this, there was obviously a trace of anger.Even if I abandon other people, I will definitely not abandon you.Qi Fei said this in his heart, and said to Cheng Siyu At that time, I was in a hurry, so I didn t speak loudly to Mr.Cheng and Sister Lan.Hello, I came to the company right after I came back, wanting to give you two a surprise.You have a little conscience.Cheng Siyu said angrily, By the way, have you visited Yi Lan yet Chapter 324 Hong Kong Pupils Qi Fei shook his head, and said to Cheng Siyu, I thought Sister Lan was with you, so I came directly to Mr.Cheng s office.

The hill is not very big, but it is full of plants.There is a path at the foot of the hill.I super cbd gummies for sex don t know if it leads to the top of the hill or where.Bai Xiye and Qi Fei walked along the path.The sun shines on the ground through the branches, and some unknown birds stand on the branches and cry.It s been a long can teenagers take cbd gummies time since I ve been so close to nature.Bai Xiye spit the cigarette in his mouth onto the ground, stomped on it a few dr formulated cbd stress relief gummies times to extinguish the cigarette, closed his eyes and stretched out greenhealth cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg his hands with a look of enjoyment on his face expression.Qi Fei didn t say anything.He glanced around, then at Bai Xiye, and shook his head slightly.He didn t know anything about Bai Xiye.Although Heizi had told him some things, Heizi knew nothing about it.few.Heizi said that you used to be a special soldier.

V shaped necklines are rarely seen in women s clothing, and they are too revealing when worn on the body.The second is that it feels comfortable to wear without a round neck.Chapter 353 Yang Ruhuhukou Tong Shiyan nodded appreciatively, motioning Ye Xiaobei to continue.The neckline has been said, now let s talk about these patterns.These patterns don t seem to have any problems, but you can see the problem after a closer look.These patterns give people a flashy feeling, as if these things are placed on them.It s just too fancy.Ye Xiaobei pointed at the patterns on the design drawing, looked at Hitomi Shisha, and waited for Hitomi Shisha s comment.Hitomi Shisha smiled slightly at Ye Xiaobei, The purekana cbd gummies legit progress is good.The problems on this design are just like Xiaobei said.Milan s purekana cbd gummies legit design does not need to be gorgeous, but it can t be flashy.

Md, I don t believe it.They smashed a few tables, but the wall still didn t break open.Bai Xiye threw a corner of the table in his hand to the ground, and his whole body hit the wall.Boom Qi Fei and Lao Jiu looked at each other, and like Bai Xiye, they hit the wall with their bodies.Under the combined force of the three of them, cracks appeared in the wall, and then it collapsed.After the wall collapsed, a space of about five or six square meters was exposed, and some drugs were placed in this space.Lao Jiu called Li purekana cbd gummies legit Xuan who was outside the trading market.Li Xuan had a sneer at the corner of purekana cbd gummies legit cbd gummies for appetite stimulant his mouth, and said a few words to the team leader policeman, who then entered the trading market with a few younger brothers.The person in charge of the trading market couldn t sit still, and the leading police went in.

Everyone is actually quite happy, but if you have a big heart, you can t feel happy.Milan clothing company.Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi, Meng Tingting, Ye Xiaobei, and Ji Ruxue were HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit very purekana cbd gummies legit involved in chatting.From the chat, Ji Ruxue knew that although Hitomi Shisha was the president of the company, Milan was not hers, except for purekana cbd gummies legit Meng Tingting., it seems that Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei all like Boss Milan very much.Ji Ruxue was very curious about what the boss of Milan looked like, so that three such beautiful women were so obsessed.Xiao Wu was left on the sidelines, but he couldn t get in when he wanted are wyld cbd gummies safe to intervene.He was very depressed listening to the five of them chatting aside.The expression on Ji Ruxue s face naturally fell into Xiao Wu s eyes, and Xiao Wu felt bitter.Can t stop, What the hell is going on The girl I fell in love with turned out to be a wedding dress for Qi Fei Just thinking about Ji Ruxue living under the same roof with Qi Fei in the future, if someday At night, Ji Ruxue and Qi Fei had a love story between dry wood and raging fire, and Xiao Wu felt very upset.

Ah When Wu Mo saw Qi Fei, she couldn t help screaming, she didn t expect that the handsome guy she met that day turned out to be the boss of Milan.Chapter 370 I want to talk to you about Ah When Wu Mo saw Qi Fei, she couldn t help but let out a coquettish cry.She never thought that the handsome guy Wenlu met that day would be Milan boss.Ruoyun looked at Qi Fei on the stage, with a smile on his cold face, I didn t expect Qi Fei to be a handsome guy, and he exuded a unique temperament.Ruoyun was still thinking about it earlier Now, is this Qi Fei an alien with a big head and a thin neck, as Wu Mo said.So he is Qi Fei.The people at the press conference were all guessing what Qi Fei looked like.Looking at Qi Fei on the stage at this time, they felt that he was purekana cbd gummies legit so young.First of all, I would like to thank those who have been supporting Milan, and secondly, thank you everyone who came to our Milan new product launch conference HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit today.

Go find Qi Fei.Hitomi Shuiyan and Jiazi blocked the door, and said to Ruoyun and Wumo who were trembling behind them.How dare Ruoyun and Wumo stay where they are, and ran into the room.Brother Qi, why don t you go and help sister Tong.Standing behind Qi Fei, Ye Xiaobei s fear disappeared.She remembered that time when she encountered militants at the airport.Know how many people will die.No happy body cbd gummies need.Qi Fei didn t have the slightest worry, but instead asked Ruoyun, Is there any melon seeds You can t miss the live martial arts blockbuster.Ruoyun almost choked to death when he heard Qi Fei s words , What is live broadcast of martial arts blockbuster , because of fear, the delicate body is still trembling.Meng Tingting walked up to Ruoyun, shook her hand, and comforted her It s okay, Sister Tong is pretty good at it, and the gangsters outside are not enough for her to warm up.

out.Alas Employee C sighed helplessly, My goddess Tong has been haggard for the past few days.This is something I have never seen before entering the company.Is our Milan really going to go bankrupt Bah Employee Ding looked at Employees A, B, and C without hesitation and said, Thanks to you, you are considered old employees of Milan, and if you say such things, you won t be afraid of chilling the hearts of Sister Tong and Brother Fei.Do you go to Yunxiang or Pathfinder, when you are being bullied, will the chairman and president stand up and vent your anger on you Employee Ding was the female employee who was bullied by Yun Changkong when he came to discuss the acquisition with Milan greenhealth cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg At this time, listening to the three colleagues beside me talking about Milan, I was very angry.The three of you are enough.

He walked in front to check the situation, and Zhao Yun was in charge of breaking the back.The Bloody Queen endured and endured this way.Buttocks, and after a while, wantonly rubbing oil on himself, if not for the injuries on his body, he would ultra cbd gummies have slaughtered this little rascal a long time ago.Mistakes, purekana cbd gummies legit cbd gummies for appetite stimulant mistakes Xiao Wu s thick skin is definitely at the level of a master.Every time the number one killer roared angrily, he would show a sincere and friendly smile, You know, the mosquitoes in this primitive jungle But a lot, I didn t mean to take advantage of it, but to help you drive away mosquitoes.Little rascal, I warn you, if there is another time, you will be ready to end your children and grandchildren.Saying that, the Bloody Queen s eyes fell on Xiao Wu s.crotch.Xiao Wu only felt a chill all over his body and his scalp was numb, so he smiled awkwardly, Come on, queen, I will help you go forward boldly.

They would rather bully others by mistake than just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies Letting go of one, the third child would rather that person is not Wu Wei, so that he can get more money from Zhang Yun.Third brother, the girl next to that little boy is pretty enough.One of the younger brothers looked at Yi Lan and couldn t help swallowing.Slap Lao Sa slapped the younger brother on the head and cursed We brothers don t do things like robbing civilian girls.For the matter of famous women, if anyone can t help but solve that need by himself.The younger brother who was beaten said full of grievances Third brother, I didn t mean to grab it, but I just saw a beautiful woman and couldn t help but let out a sigh of admiration.A little surprised, Did that kid know that we are going to deal with him A younger brother shook his head, Third brother, this should be impossible, I think it looks like he is waiting for someone.

The information of those waiters, could it be someone behind the scenes.Jiang Fei looked at Ren Bufan and said suspiciously.Ren Bufan also thought about this guess last night.He confirmed the contents of the information this morning and it is true.He shook his head at Jiang Fei.A year or two ago, they were all greedy for life and afraid of death.Don t tell the boss about firing the younger brother, you know the boss is in a hurry now, if you hear something bad, our brother It is inevitable that you will suffer.They are Yang Zhe s right hand men, and Jiang Fei and Ren Bufan know Yang Zhe s temper better than anyone else.Jiang Fei nodded, Send some smarter people from Yutai to watch over thereCompared to Ren Bufan and Jiang Fei, Cui Yangze was in a good mood, sitting on the sofa, Sipping tea leisurely, while listening to how Jiang Fan will clean up the few acquaintances outside Yutai Commercial Street in the past few days last night.

The underground organization can be regarded as a local snake in Changsha.Xiao Wu cursed at Zhao Yun angrily What do you think two hundred people can do Don t embarrass us.The mercenary union lacks everything but people.Let s talk about how many people there are in this underground organization.After scolding Zhao Yun for a while, Xiao Wu couldn t stop scolding.The number of people in this underground organization is about six or seven hundred people, half of them are children, one hundred people have gone abroad to study, and among the remaining two hundred people, forty or fifty people are high level members of this organization.Fifty people are killers.Ten killers were killed during the last mission, so the force that can be used in this organization should be less than two hundred people.

Something unexpected happened.Chayderov nodded, assumed that he was the most intelligent person in the world, and said, On the second day after you entered the ancient tomb, I came here to check on the progress.Some people blocked the outside, and after my careful analysis, I found out that you have other plans.Liu Chen almost vomited blood, you, a dandy who can only exercise on girls bellies, would you think Then all the sows in this world will climb the tree.Of course, this is not the place that makes him most depressed.The most depressing thing is that he didn t tell his subordinates, if Chaidlov came to the ancient tomb, don t stop him.Brother, since these old men don t believe our explanation, let s fight to the death with them.Tang Qiu, Wang Yu, Luo Wei, and Zhao Hua had already stood beside Liu Chen, looking warily at Chaidelov s lead.

Xiao Wu used a lot of force, and every time he hit it, he could hear a crisp sound of bones breaking.After Xiao Wu finished venting, Daniel was already venting more and taking in less.When Xiao Wu cleaned up Daniel, none of the mafia members standing around stopped him.Xiao Wu pointed at Young Master Chai and said, You come here Young Master Chai looked at Daniel lying on the ground, trembling uncontrollably, walked to Xiao Wu s side and stammered, III don t know him well Chapter 429 Leaving safely II m reallyreally unfamiliar with him The scene of Xiao Wu cleaning up Daniel still appeared in the mind of Young Master Chai like a movie, Young Master Chai I was so scared that I almost cried, Xiao Wu, don t forget, I discussed the great philosophy of picking up girls with you a few days ago.If you don t say it, I really almost forgot about it.

The bald man said to the younger brother who was listening to Yinxuan Bring that bald man here.Ah The bald head hit the wall and fell unconscious.After being kicked a few times by Platinum s younger brothers, he woke up in pain.Just from the impact, at least three or four of his ribs were broken.broken.What are you shouting for One of Platinum s men kicked the bald man, and said dissatisfiedly, Aren t you arrogant just now Why don t you continue to be arrogant now.The boys under him stood up and followed Bai Jin into a private room.As for the modern girl, when Bai Jin was fighting with the bald man, she had already left quietly.Brother Jin, this bald head is the underworld leader in the southern city of Langzhou.There are one or two hundred younger brothers under his command, and his family relies on drug abuse.

That night, there was not a single star in the sky, and even the moon was hidden in the thick clouds, and several figures ran towards Qin Wu s forces in Langzhou.Zhao Yun got out of the car and walked into the Tingyin Pavilion step by step.When Qi Fei and Xiao Wu were discussing before, they planned to ask Wang Yu to clean up the platinum.Later, Zhao Yun took the initiative to ask Ying and told Qi Fei and Xiao Wu that he also wanted to meet for a while.The fierce general under Qin Wu.He was also does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit a militant madman, and that kind of militant was no less than Hitomi Shisha.When Zhao Yun walked to the door of Tingyinxuan, the people inside Tingyinxuan had already started fighting, and those customers who came to Tingyinxuan to play in Tingyinxuan were running outside with their heads covered.It s you Bai Jin was stunned when he saw Xiao Wu, he now knew who was behind the scenes who ordered Wang Yu to listen greenhealth cbd gummies cbd gummies 300 mg to Yinxuan to make trouble, Brother Fei must be nearby.

Ye Xiaobei pulled Cheng Siyu just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies to his side and sat down.Xiao Wu s gaze swept across Cheng Siyu, Ye Xiaobei, Tong Shuiyan and Jiazi s four daughters, and whispered enviously It is said that three women play a play, here is enough to make a table of mahjong I don t think they re going to have any drama.Buzzbuzzbuzz Xiao Wu s phone rang, and the eyes of Cheng Siyu, Tong Shuiyan, Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi fell on Xiao Wu, Hitomi Shisha signaled him to answer the phone quickly, maybe Xiao Wu s subordinates have already found Qi Fei.It was Zhao Yun who called, and Zhao Yun told Xiao Wu that he had searched Bingang all over, and they even counted the mice in the mouse nest, but they couldn t find Qi Fei.There is only one order from Xiao Wu to Zhao Yun, no matter what, he must find Qi Fei, even if he purekana cbd gummies legit digs three feet into the ground.

Cousin, you must help me teach that little boy a purekana cbd gummies legit lesson.Wang Quan an begged his cousin on the phone to avenge him with snot and tears.You are really a waste.A middle aged man s angry voice came from the other end of the phone, I don t know if you are so sloppy, but if you were beaten by someone, you didn t take the blame.Hearing what his cousin said, Wang Quanan s face became even more ugly, Cousin, I sent you many female stars in the film and television company to make you happy.Wang Quan an is also a talent.With the help of being a director, after unspoken rules for some purekana cbd gummies legit female stars, he didn t forget HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit to threaten them and ask them to serve his gangster cousin well.Damn it.Cousin Wang Quanan scolded, It s really unfortunate that I have a cousin like you.My cousin was upset, and Wang Quanan was even more upset.

Yang Xueyu s job has been settled, and Qi Fei is also happy for her.After greeting Yang Xueyu at the same time, the two of them left the Milan clothing store.Qi Fei and Yang Xueyu left within five minutes, and the four daughters, Tong Shisha, Ye Xiaobei, Jiazi and Cheng Siyu came to the Milan clothing store.Sister Tong.Tong Shisha had been waiting for news from Qi Fei, and would visit the Milan specialty store every day, when the two welcoming ladies saw the four of them, they greeted them with smiles.Hitomi Shisha nodded, and walked towards the front desk.She asked the store manager to recruit shopping guides.In the manager s office, Hitomi Shisha was sitting on a chair with a naturally domineering president s aura, and asked the manager, How is the recruitment going The manager hurriedly handed the information of those people who applied for interviews to Hitomi Shisha, and sighed in his heart This person is really more irritating than others.

Oh Yang Zhe picked up the cigarette on the coffee table and gave Jiang Fei one, and after Jiang Fei helped him light the cigarette, he said, Who is this Qi Fei Two years In the past, he was just a deliveryman of the Bingang Evening News, but later he was framed and excluded in the Bingang Evening News, returned to Langzhou, and established just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies Milan Clothing in Langzhou.Jiang Fei told the news about Qi Fei bit by bit Reported to Yang Zhe, It is said that Yutai still has Qi Fei.Yang Zhe is determined to eradicate Yutai now.Xu Kaixuan has told him before that he, Xu Kaixuan, has been standing behind Yang Zhe support him.With such a backer as Xu Kaixuan, Yang Zhe naturally has no fear, and doesn t put Yutai purekana cbd gummies legit in his eyes at all.Have you found Qi Fei Yang Zhe took a puff of cigarette and asked Jiang Fei calmly.

Yu, purekana cbd gummies legit cbd gummies for appetite stimulant isn t that digging the foundation of cloud thinking Think about how it feels to be able to hug two mistresses in the future and no one cares about you Han Yu was still bewitching Yun Changkong, but Yun Changkong kept shaking his head.Han Yu and Yun Changkong chatted happily with women here, but they didn t know that their company s specialty store was under attack at the moment.Damn, you idiots, hurry up and clean up the virus and hackers.The official websites of Yun Xiang and Pathfinder were attacked by hackers at the same time.The specialty stores in several cities near Langzhou were also attacked by some people.The clerks of the specialty stores were dumbfounded, seeing the men who stormed into the store and left with things, or smashed at the specialty stores.The clerk wanted to step forward to stop it, but he didn t have the courage.

When he finished speaking, he didn t know why he said just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies so much to the woman whom he met for the first time, the Bloody Queen.Which one named Yang Xueyu is beautiful, or me.The Bloody Queen said to Qi true full spectrum cbd gummies Fei coquettishly.If people heard the voice of the Bloody Queen at this moment, their jaws would drop in shock.Is this still the world s number one killer who kills so much No matter how you look at it, she looks like a jealous little girl.Looking at the Bloody Queen, Qi Fei really didn t know how to answer.She is different from Yang Xueyu, each of them has their own temperament.There is no way to compare.Pfft Seeing Qi Fei s embarrassment, the Bloody Queen laughed, tapped Qi Fei s forehead lightly, and asked with concern Does the wound on your head still hurt Qi Fei nodded He nodded and shook his head again, he wouldn t feel pain if he didn t think deeply about things.

Yi Lan smiled wryly, but she didn t know that there was such a thing between Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu.I must find him, he has done so purekana cbd gummies legit many things for me, II Cheng Siyu cried, and her heart ached every time she thought of the little things with Qi Fei this week.Mr.Cheng, Qi Fei will be fine.Yi Lan comforted Cheng Siyu, why wasn t she worried about Qi Fei I decided to quit my job at Bingang Evening News when I found Qi Fei.These days, Cheng Siyu has thought about a lot of things.I don t know when she has integrated into Tong Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei.In the circle, she doesn t care how many women Qi Fei has, as long as Qi Fei rethink cbd gummy drops has her place in his heart, it is enough for her.Sister Yu, Sister Lan.After a few days of getting along, Ye Xiaobei s address to Cheng Siyu changed from Mr.Cheng to Sister Yu , which was cbd gummies and autism also a kind of purekana cbd gummies legit recognition mingo rad cbd gummies for her.

Although she is very likely to be retaliated by the United States for this, but the sky is high and the emperor is far away, wouldn t it be good sigma cbd gummies to use a little trick to put this shit pot on Qi Fei s head Anyway, Qi Fei just beat up these two guys today.Say, who told you to go to Qifei Energy to make trouble Hu Mingyue asked.David was silent, and Jock could not speak.How does it feel to have a fight Tell me, should I say that you two are brave, or that you two are stupid.You dare to make a fight without even investigating who your opponent is.You two have no arms or legs.You re lucky to be back.Hu Mingyue s words were full of sarcasm.Do you really think that I can tell you everything without a city government You two are really naive.If I reveal a little information, you two will help me do everything well.

It feels good to be set up by someone.I advise you two, cooperate with me to perform this play well, maybe I will let you two go back and continue to dominate if I am in a good mood.If you don t cooperate, slap Hu Mingyue slapped David on the face again.I ll let a purekana cbd gummies legit hundred people beat you to death.After speaking, Hu just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies Mingyue twisted and left.The moment the door of the room was closed, David s originally distorted face suddenly burst into a bright smile, and with his face like a ripe tomato, he looked like a pig s head.Did she win I m afraid not.People in the United States have already guessed the result, and it s not certain who will win.David said in a low voice.The room was silent, and even the patient Jock stopped making any noise.The rainy days that lasted for two days finally stopped, and the hot summer in Langzhou returned.

If this old man is upset, he can call Wu Lan and firmly oppose the two of them continuing to develop.Although Wu Lan may not be able to listen to him, it is still can i take cbd gummies in the morning a trouble.Besides, Qi Fei still needs to ask about the Pearl Wu family s information.Wu Lun has beaten Wu Lun back and forth gold leaf cbd gummies strain twice.There has been a deep hatred between the two of them, and it will be resolved eventually.With Wu Lan, Qi Fei couldn t be cruel.Rushing out of the stairs, Wu Zhong had already walked into the office in the building along the corridor, Qi Fei quickly chased after him, and got in the moment Wu Zhong purekana cbd gummies legit was about to close the office door.It s pretty fast, why don t you accompany that woman with mediocre looks, chest and buttocks, why come to me, an old man Wu Zhong gave Qi Fei a blank look, took a glass of water by himself, and didn t Pay attention to Qi Fei who is standing beside him stupidly, sitting at the desk to write and draw.

There are some things that these little rascals are more efficient at doing.Didi Sun Qian s call came in.By the way, Chang Yan has been thinking about his mistakes behind closed doors at home during this time, but there is no special person monitoring him.Why, did he offend you Sun Qian asked.I need to ask him about some trivial matters.Send me the address.After speaking, Qi Fei hung up the phone.At this time, a cold look suddenly appeared in his eyes.Blocking someone s money is like killing someone s parents.Since someone wants to get rid of his property, let s let go and have fun.Anyway, these days are too busy.Just when Qi Fei seized the time to collect information and wanted to trouble someone, a very unwelcome guest came to the villa where Wu Zhong lived.With Wu Zhong s medical skills and connections, he has accumulated a lot of wealth during the decades in Langzhou, and the living environment is of course very particular.

This was the scariest place in Langzhou, even in the scorching heat of summer, it still makes people feel cold inside and weak on their feet.Boom Lei Dao kicked open the door of a cell casually, threw the limp No.3 on the ground, and walked out without even looking at it.Da Kun, go and invite Chang Yan.Qi Fei gave Da Kun an address.Afterwards, he walked into the cell, regardless of the dirt on the floor, and sat down in front of number three.Do you know where this is Qi Fei asked.Xishan Prison, I like this place very much.Number Three replied.Now that he has arrived at this place, he seems to have guessed his own ending.Even if he wants to die now, it may not be realistic, but since he has come, he will be at ease.Those who work just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies in their line of work will sooner or later come to this road.He has been in Langzhou for a while, and according to the requirements of the organization, he also cleared out a few peripheral personnel.

He understands, and so does Old Ghost Yan.Old ghost Yan, you didn t come here today to talk nonsense to me, did you have any meaning other than letting everyone here recognize me as an ungrateful villain It must be done, when it is convenient to stay, I will invite all comrades in arms to drink, and I will not rest until I get drunk Wang Poluo said.After this sentence is finished, everyone will have nothing to do with each other in the future.All life and death comrades in arms and life saving grace will completely dissipate with this sentence.Hua Qingzhang, who was sitting in the background eating melon seeds, heard Wang Poluo s words, coughed violently, accidentally swallowed the melon seeds, and got stuck in his throat.He had long expected such an outcome.Wang Poluo s birthday party was not only to win over the relationship, but more importantly, to announce the status of the Lu family to the outside world.

Sir, please show your ID.A security guard came over and knocked on the car window, and said politely after Lei Dao shook the glass down.The strength of the inspection today seems to be very different from the past.What s going on Lei Dao handed over the certificate and asked.This is required by the higher authorities, and I don t know much about it.After checking the documents and registering, the security guard politely let him go.The expression of Qi Fei who was sitting in the back row changed.It stands to reason that he should be happy that the security intensity has increased, but he always feels that something is not right.This building was taken over from the Chen Group.At the beginning of Qifei Environmental Protection s establishment, he made detailed planning and sorting out the security of the building.

Fang Zi said while filling out the form.Well, you kid is even more unfortunate than me, but we will work together again in the future, come on.Gao Qiang said.Chapter 502 Choose to believe that he is straightforward.Since people say so, he chooses to believe it.Don t worry.Fang Zi didn t look up, because the expression on his face was unnatural.A few minutes later, Xiao Liu came to the office again, assisted Fang Zi to sign the labor contract, and left after completing the entry procedures.Soon, Xiao Liu and Jiang Qin sat in Qi Fei s office.Xiao Liu, please report to President Qi about what happened just now.Jiang Qin instructed Xiao Liu.President Qi, I have verified the person s information, and the identity information is correct.However, I learned from the relevant departments that his ID card has been re registered in the past two years, and the previous information is blank.

If he gives a woman a beautiful love, it may become more complicated, so complicated that he doesn t even know that he is complicated.This is already a limit.Why did you come out Qi Fei asked hemp gummies without cbd after Cheng Siyu left, only Qi Fei and Xia Zhilong were left in the office.At this time, China s undercurrents are surging.If you are not sure that you have the strength to overwhelm all obstacles, it is not a wise choice to come out and stand the test.I wanted to come out, so I came out.Xia Zhilong said.This sentence is very simple, but it is so domineering.I came out by myself because I thought, so even the heavenly king and Lao Tzu can t stop me.If you stop me, I will smash you to pieces.This is my policy.Hearing Xia Zhilong s words, Qi Fei rolled his eyes.He really is the descendant of the Southern Dragon and the Northern Tiger, so he talks so loudly, in fact, isn t it just a high standard outfit ratio Qi Fei will too.

At first glance, they still feel a little tingling.Bastard, how dare you treat me like this, just wait.Cheng Susheng pointed at Qi Fei s face and shouted.Chapter 519 There are ghosts in the building It doesn t feel good to have your life in the hands of others.Since you are sitting in this position, I hope you can really do something for the army.If this is the case, you I am worthy of this skin, I hope that the people who come to me for cooperation next time will show a different attitude, please come back.After finishing speaking, Qi Fei stood up directly and walked out of the conference room very gracefully.Wu Lan and Li Wan looked at each other, then at Cheng Susheng, who was out of breath, with mocking eyes, and walked out following Qi Fei s pace.Isn t this guy arrogant, so let s get mad at the air.

If everyone s identities match, there will be more common topics.Sure enough, preconceived ideas made this tall and thick man even more proud.My buddy is also the security team incredibles cbd gummies leader of Yandu No.1.Although he is also a security guard, the security guards are also divided into three or six grades.Can you compare the security team of Yandu No.1 with the security team leader of Yandu No.1 You, hurry up, this is not where you came from, don t smudge, or I will beat you out.The man pointed at Qi Fei s nose and said.In his heart, Qi Fei is a more cowardly person than him, so why not let him bully him At the same time, the third rank official in front of the prime minister, who works next to Wang Wutian, the most noble son of Langzhou, how could he not be a little proud However, if this pride is not used well, it may directly kill yourself.

But these days he was completely intoxicated by the ultimate enjoyment that greenhealth cbd gummies Hu Mingyue brought him, so ecstasy that he couldn t extricate himself completely.Therefore, many things were delayed, but Hu Mingyue took advantage of the time he came to Langzhou to do many things under the pretense of his name.At least Hu Mingyue was able to reach a cooperation with Wang Wutian because of his name and influence.Now that the Huaxia Special Forces came to the door, he happened to be having fun just now, so let s move his hands and feet.This is a battle of completely unequal strength.It is wrong for you to do this.If people summer valley cbd gummies contact number on the road know about your bullying the weak, they will definitely despise your unbearable behavior behind your back.The loss outweighs the gain.San Qiang said.At this time, the sea lion has been overthrown, life and death are unknown, and San Qiang has become the highest officer of this small team.

Yes, now Qi Fei regards killing people as his job, because his heart is very calm and cold at this time, and there is no fluctuation in his heart at all.Killing is as easy as blinking an eye.Returning to the research room from the cbd zzz gummies review bottom floor, he didn t know how many knives he had swung, nor how many people he had hacked to death.Anyway, his arms were already a little sore.Chapter 547 It s okay to be lonely, just switch hands and continue.At the same time, Qi Fei is also a little depressed now, he has hacked to death so many people, why hasn t there been a master who can stop him until now.So he felt lonely and bored.Hurry up and kill everyone, and he can go home and sleep.To be honest, he was in Langzhou before, surrounded by Wu Lan, Li Wan, Thunder Dao, and Three Idiots.He didn t feel that he had any different thoughts, but now he left Langzhou and came to this shitty place.

When a person receives some kind of stimulus, or sets a goal that must be achieved, he will burst out with superpowers.Therefore, when the simple minded Niu B and Niu C perform the joint attack again at this time, the power is even stronger than themselves.Startled.The fighting power that the two displayed at this time was much higher than before.Could it be that the boss Niu Jia was killed in person and stimulated their hearts Poke your eyes.Kick your ass.Smash your knees.Pick your eggs.In Ersha s heart, fighting is for the sake of winning or losing.What kind of wretched means, what well being cbd gummies amazon kind of martial arts, have something to do with them, as long as they can Kill the opponent, and the future will have nothing to do with them.However, as Ersha s opponent, that person really became more and more frightened at this time.

Kill Everyone present, including Wu Lan who was sitting in the BMW, was deeply shocked by Ersha s actions.Wu Lan knew that the reason why Qi Fei accepted the Niu family brothers was because of their great strength.After getting along with each other for a long time, the relationship between them changed.Qi Fei regarded them as comrades in arms and brothers, but Never treated them as servants.But the cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit brothers of the Niu family never thought of getting along with Qi Fei on an equal footing.They can live so well now.They have clothes to wear and food to eat, all of which are gifts from Qi Fei.Although their brains are not very good, but But he knows how to be grateful, and in his heart, he regards Qi Fei as his master.Wu Lan and Qi Fei are one, they will naturally protect it with their lives.Their actions just now showed such a mentality even more.

Tianwang said.Just when the king of heaven spoke, the guard behind him showed an unhappy look on his face.Isn t she just a sick number, dare to speak out to tease the gods in their hearts, I really don t know how to write the word dead.Don t do anything, wait for this guy to fully recover, you probably won t be his HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit opponent together, go down, I have something to talk to the hero.Tianwang felt the strange eyes of the guards behind him, waved his hand to let them leave.After the guards took him to the door of the ward, Tian Wang pulled up a chair and sat down opposite Qi Fei.What kind of reward do you think the country will give you Tian Wang said.How can I know, but I know that the country will definitely not cheat me, a commoner.As for you, I can t confirm it.Qi Fei said.Now I kind of believe Lei Dao s words.

He looked around and was sure that Yuan Minghui was the only one who could make the final pass, so he threw the ball without thinking.past.Yuan Minghui stepped forward and caught the ball passed by Xiao Chen firmly.When he found that there was no one around, he dribbled the ball and quickly went towards the opponent s basket.Seeing himself cross the three point line and getting closer to the basket, he was very excited.This is, another ball brush When he was triumphant, a white figure rushed over from the backcourt, and the opponent grabbed it with a big hand.Yuan Minghui, who was still dribbling forward, found that the ball in his hand was missing Yes, broken The Yan University student in the ball uniform, after the steal, took the ball quickly, facing the Yan University security guard who stepped forward to defend him, he dribbled the ball under his crotch, then swayed left and right, easily passed and ran to intercept himself center forward.

Thinking of the little guy who would throw a stone at him, Qi Fei nodded seriously, and said, Well, I promise not to yell However, I haven t seen you for many years, and I don t know if I still remember me.Indeed, since their family moved out of the compound, Qi Fei has been very nervous.It is rare to see friends who used to play together in the compound.In addition, he joined the army at the age of sixteen, and then spent six or seven years in Central Africa and the Middle East, not to mention that there are still people who remember him.Qi Juanjuan did not speak, but smiled meaningfully, and then had a late breakfast with Ye Xiaobei.It s almost ten o clock, don t eat so much, we have to cook for ourselves at noon.Ye Xiaobei thought of the pots and pans he bought last night, and couldn t wait to try them out up.

How could Ye Zhicheng not know about this excuse However, since Qi Fei wants to check, it can only be left to him.With the arrival of a large group of people, Ye s living room became lively instantly.Maybe it s because Ye s family eats late, Madam Ye always prepares dinner early.Seeing that her daughter and her husband came back with a group of people, Mrs.Ye, a woman who came to Jiangnan water town, was very happy.Wow Mom, you are so kind, you actually prepared my favorite Coca Cola Chicken Wings Well, Sturgeon Bazhen Pot is also my favorite Ahhh, I am so happy For a purekana cbd gummies legit foodie For me, seeing the delicious food on the table is the happiest thing.Go, wash your hands The gentle and virtuous mother Ye saw that her daughter wanted to get food without washing her hands, she decisively patted her on the back of the hand, and at the same time said to Ye Xiaobei s classmates You guys Go wash your hands too, um, don t be too purekana cbd gummies legit restrained, just treat this as your own home.

Received Received The first person to receive it was the action team of the Ninth Police Bureau.The second answer is the criminal police who have finished their disguise and started to guard the exits around the building to prevent any suspect from escaping.Time flies, the lights have already come on, the action team and the guard team have eaten their lunch boxes for dinner, only Qi Fei is still lying on the girl s bed, staring at the movement of the 505 house opposite.At this time, the director of the room came out of the kitchen cbd vegan gummies 1000mg holding a cup of Laotan sauerkraut noodles.Seeing Qi Fei who was still lying on does cbd gummies help sexually purekana cbd gummies legit his stomach and staring at the opposite side, she said curiously This police officer, you can t move while lying there.Don t move, don t you police lie down like this every day Taking a bite of noodles, the girl ate it deliciously, and continued Look at you, it s just cbd gummies 1000mg greenhealth cbd gummies been almost a day, and I haven t even charlottes web cbd gummies migraine seen you when I urinate Yes.

Click The third child was running wildly, and there was a severe pain in his right calf, which was like a crack in his heart.He wanted to grit his teeth and move on, but he staggered and almost fell to the street.Seeing this scene, Wei Yatong was surprised and ran over.He poked around casually, putting his hands firmly behind his back.At the same time, he kicked away the C4 bomb in his other hand, and with a sudden snap, he took out the handcuffs from his waist and locked them tightly.Afterwards, the team members of the fourth group of area a who received the news also stepped forward and subdued the gangster who wanted to continue struggling.When everyone pulled him up, they were shocked to see the gunshot wound on his foot.They all knew how difficult this shot was.Who is that guy codenamed Ace With his hand, not to mention the police elite, it is estimated that the military elite can t do it, right It s a pity that they all know Qi Fei s identity, and they can t discuss it by themselves.

Someone shouted In a word, someone really made a move on Qi Fei.Facing the fists of these people, Qi Fei fought back unceremoniously, and beat these people hard in a few blows.Chapter 641 Stabbing each other Students, this guy definitely hits people, isn t he a good guy, he actually hit us, let s go Beat this guy up Hearing this, Qi Fei almost wanted to spray them all in the face.Obviously it was you people who hit someone first, but I was forced to fight back.This is justifiable self defense Don t you guys who ve been through so many books know that You also said that beating people is not a good person, don t you also beat people with your hands Could it be that you are good people I bother Fortunately, he is still a top student of Yanda University, so shameless Qi Fei, who is still considered superior in appearance, stood on tiptoe and looked at the lake through the heads of these people surrounding him.

Anyway, when the time comes, I don t want to be HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit acquitted.Although Qi Fei believed that he was really innocent.After all, before he came back to his senses at that time, a girl flew over from there and almost knocked him into the air, so he couldn t be blamed for that.And it HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies legit was the girl who was going to hit someone first, and he kicked her unintentionally, so it was all a nervous reaction.But these words tell the judge, do people believe you Well, it s strange to believe you So, after learning that the girl was still alive and not delayed by those students who were afraid to jump down to save others, Qi Fei was really relieved.However, looking at the skater girl whose struggle strength had obviously weakened, Qi Fei knew that something would really happen to her if she was not faster.Swimming to the girl s side, Qi Fei stretched out his hand and looked cbd gummies walmart purekana cbd gummies legit at the drowned girl in a panic, and fished it.

Fortunately, this is for his father, but if it is for their father, our Young Master Zheng is probably not as simple as being nervous.Intergenerational pro understand Especially in the case of so many boys in their family, a baby princess was born, and she is still such a beautiful baby princess.One can imagine how much the old man loves the little girl.Zheng Maocai has been having a lot of headaches recently, mainly because of his daughter s marriage.why Because he really didn t expect that there would be so many things that his head couldn t handle during this period of time.He suddenly regretted going to the Qi family to divorce so early.That kid is hiding deep enough His regret was not because he regretted after green cbd delta 9 gummies learning that Qi Fei was excellent.He regretted because he found an unreliable fianc for his daughter.

Ask why it is near Yanda University Didn t Comrade Zheng Maocai know that his two young sons were unreliable If you don t arrange your own people here, if something happens, who will take care of it In fact, many times, it is precisely because they know that the chief of police is taking care of them that the two of them dare to do such nonsense.Well, this should be considered a double edged sword.I said second brother, are you harming a girl from another family You were caught by someone else s family.You need to ask Uncle Mo to rescue her Zheng Laosan has always taken it as his duty to tease his second brother, and it is rare for him to take the initiative to call him If you don t make fun of him on the phone, it won t make sense.Fart Do you think I m like you I m not afraid of being broken by my father when I do things to tease my sister.

But those kidnappers never expected that when our little sister talked to me, although she didn t seem to have any clues to ask for help, she is different now.Could it be that the little girl wants to use this abnormality to send me a message right It must be so Haha, I m so smart, is this the detective skill that watching Conan brings Well, it seems that in the future, you can read more about Conan s magic horse.But, what message is she trying to convey There is no hint at all, the content of this transmission is too esoteric, right It has to be said that if Zheng Laosan s head is wide open, his thinking is still far away.I just don t know if all this thinking can circle the earth a few times.Anyway, it s just a little bit off.Regarding her third brother s point of view, Zheng Peishan curled her lips.

Of order Sir After finishing speaking, the plainclothes policeman hung up the phone call from Zheng Zheming, found the call purekana cbd gummies legit record from the phone, and directly sent the phone number to Chen Tianming.After getting the phone number, Chen Tianming immediately called Zheng Laosan.Hello, I m Zheng Zheming.Zheng Laosan said very bluntly at this time Whoever you are, please ask your people to cancel the blockade.You are also really, block the streets at every turn, Do you know that this is a waste of taxpayers money In the end, Zheng Laosan gave a mighty sarcasm.After Chen Tianming heard Zheng Laosan s words, he smiled.Because, when he learned that the Zheng family was his father in law s family, he asked people to find purekana cbd gummies legit out the personalities of the Zheng family brothers.This Zheng Laosan is such a carefree person, so facing his irony, Chen Tianming didn t mind at all.

Brother Amu, tell us what we are going to do Stupid, brother Amu just now Is it a bit too clean to say that we are too clean Of course, we should dirty ourselves a little bit.Brother Amu looked at the younger brother who had understood his intention, nodded with satisfaction, and then said Yes, let s clean ourselves up first.Dirty.However, the water in this sewer seems to be not very dirty.Brother Amu, I know where the dirty ones are.Come on, everyone follow me.After saying that, the tall man took the lead and continued to walk towards the sewer turning in front of him.There is a lot of mud near the sewer corner.When he came in, the tall man accidentally stepped on it.He was very impressed.However, what he didn t expect was that on the left side of the turning, there was a person holding an oxygen cylinder, and the cat was quietly waiting for their arrival.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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