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Han Chaoyang thought as he walked, and suddenly found that he had his own shortcomings, as well as his own advantages.Other community policemen have become public security policemen or even criminal policemen.They are either on duty to pick up the a88 cbd gummies review police, or to help the case handling team handle various cases.community once.Compared with them, I am the real community policeman.During the training, the instructor said more than once that relying on the masses is a magic weapon for the public security organs.Since there is an opportunity to face the masses directly, we must use this opportunity.They can collect clues to crimes by sneaking around and building a few special eyes and ears.If I a88 cbd gummies review can turn the people in Chaoyang Village and even the entire Chaoyang community into Chaoyang people , then my sources of clues will be much wider than theirs The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more reasonable it became.

Otherwise, we will link the collection of health fees with the application of residence permits.When foreign personnel go to your place to apply for residence permits, first ask him to show the receipt of payment of health fees.With one stop office, all problems are solved.Riding a ride is charged Han Chaoyang was confused.Considering the sensitivity of this issue, he said helplessly, Secretary Zhang, you are trying to destroy my job.You know how difficult healthiest cbd gummies reviews it is for the police now.If you meet someone like Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang People, because it s such a big deal to charge you three or five yuan for sanitation fees, I might really be picked up by the police.Chapter 19 Helpless and did not agree to the ride hailing fee, Zhang Zhishu was not unhappy.After all, Chaoyang Village is facing demolition, the village committee will soon become history, and the sanitation fee will not be collected for a few days.

He was busy taking pictures just now, and now he is busy sorting out and counting the false certificates.All of them have to be registered.Can t finish it either.He actually made a small report behind his back When an enemy meets, it s good to be jealous, Han Chaoyang will not talk to Wu Wei, and takes out a stack of materials from his bag Liang team, this is the transcript I made for the lady boss who received the courier.These are the records of the past two days.The record of the female suspect s courier delivery.Let s put it here.Liang Dongsheng seemed to be very focused on the suspect s WeChat, without even raising his head.There really is a master for every kind of apprentice.Han Chaoyang looked at Wu Wei subconsciously, and then took out a USB flash drive Captain Liang, here are the photos and videos of the suspects in the west of the city selling false certificates.

Director Su couldn t help laughing when he thought of what he was going to cbd hemp dropz gummies do in the future.Why don t you talk to the leader and transfer me to the street.It s not so easy to transfer jobs, and if you transfer here, it will affect the work.Your status as a policeman is very beneficial to our future work, let alone HCMUSSH a88 cbd gummies review not so It s easy to transfer, even if it s easy, I won t transfer you here, this is the best. Director Su, it s not like I m working for the street with the salary of the branch office. Why can t you make a turn, kid Director Su exchanged glances with Lao Jin, who was suppressing a smile, and said seriously, The Municipal Public Security Bureau must work under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.The leaders of the working committee and the office, even your director is working for the street, is it interesting to care about these things Chapter 48 Han Da At 2 p.

It s more serious in itself The social impact is extremely bad, seriously endangering the image of the police station and even the city s public security police.Guo Ju, who was in a meeting with what are cbd gummies for a88 cbd gummies review the Municipal Bureau, was furious and called to instruct a thorough investigation.When something like this happened next, Secretary Guo was equally angry, pointing at him with a stern voice What does that mean Even if it is verified that the police were not involved, the series of problems exposed one after another by the Huayuan Street Police Station during this period are enough to illustrate your usual behavior.What a problem there is at work How could he talk back to the leader at this time, Guan Yuanyuan realized that he had not controlled his emotions just now, and hurriedly said Secretary Guo, what you criticized is that we usually patronize business and ignore team management.

Okay, okay, I ll call him, and you have to hurry up.There are not many opportunities to show your cbd cannabidiol gummies 300mg face in front of the branch leaders, Guan Xiyuan is both excited and a little bit disappointed, thinking that he should go upstairs to report just now.But this thought just passed by, thinking of the a88 cbd gummies review current situation of the leader, he leaned on the steering wheel and asked Chaoyang, did you see Liu Suo and the a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website instructor upstairs.No.Aren t you in the instructor s office All In the conference room, Han Chaoyang scratched his neck and said in a bad mood, I took a peek and saw Xu Suo and Gu Suo, who seemed to be writing inspections, and Secretary Guo watched them write.Writing inspections Maybe it s writing materials.The leaders of the office are all writing inspections, maybe this is just the beginning, Guan Xiyuan glanced back at him Chaoyang, listen to my brother s advice, find Secretary Tong, and quickly transfer a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website Let s go.

A dozen well dressed men with flustered expressions each held a camera, and it was a professional a88 cbd gummies review SLR camera with a telephoto lens.The big bed is directly opposite, and there are even very professional brackets, photography lights and soft boxes, which seem to be engaged in the legendary body photography.We are from the police station.What are you doing Put down the camera Zhao Jie, where are you going to hide Come here You two, put on your clothes.I don t know if this is a crime or not Yuan didn t know very well, but it s all here, he can t just go back and scold Han Chaoyang together.Comrade policeman, what are you doing We are doing photography, which is art Zhao Jie squeezed in front of the two, plausibly speaking.Human body photography is indeed one of many forms of photography, but whether it is art or pornography has always been controversial.

Yes.The atmosphere in the office was rather depressing, and the morale of the policemen was not high.Director Du thought about it and patted Han Chaoyang s arm again, half jokingly I saw it all upstairs just now, the patrol team did a good job, but you are not competent as the captain, not because you are incompetent at work, but because you have no momentum.The team members call you Han Da , and you Han Da should look like a team leader.If you do a good job as a team leader, our face will also be bright.The Huayuan Street Police Station couldn t be left in a slump because of this.Of course, Secretary Guo knew the good intentions of Bureau Du, so he smiled uncharacteristically, looked at the crowd and said, A trainee policeman in our branch can serve as a patrol with dozens of people and several cars.

Therefore, the branch office did not ask the office to arrange for another person to come.This communication a88 cbd gummies review and coordination meeting was convened by the sub bureau, and of course Deputy Director Xing presided over the meeting.He first briefly introduced the units and personnel participating in the meeting, and then announced the branch s decision to set up a comprehensive alarm platform in the Chaoyang Community Police Office.The cases that occurred in the area under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station are still under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, green hornet gummies cbd and the cases that occurred in the area under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station are still under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.He smiled and explained The establishment of a comprehensive police platform is neither grownmd cbd gummies for ed a police reform nor a formalism, but to better maintain the law and order at the joint area of the two police stations.

Han Chaoyang subconsciously turned around, and Liu Suo walked towards this side with a gloomy face, wondering if he should say hello, when he suddenly quickened his pace, passed by, and went straight to Entrance to the parking lot.Huang Ying took a look and reminded in a low voice, The leader of your bureau is here.I see.Han Chaoyang regained his composure and hurriedly straightened his police uniform.Chapter 87 The Hidden Worry Behind the Grades The deputy district chief Lin who came just now had never seen it before, and the deputy district chief Zhou Han Chaoyang who came now has not only seen it but more than once.Deputy District Chief Zhou also serves as the director of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.People outside the system are referred to as District Chief Zhou , but within the system they are generally referred to as Bureau Zhou.

Gu Guoli didn t know what he was thinking.He only had in his mind the case that the criminal police from the city bureau and sub bureau were investigating, and he said to himself, Even such a small child is not spared.The method is really a88 cbd gummies review cruel.A tiger s poison does not eat its own child.It should not be the father of the child who has been missing for more than half a year, and it is unlikely to be the creditor.Master, have you seen the body No, it a88 cbd gummies review is under investigation inside, can I go in.The police said the woman was stabbed to death , the child was strangled to death.Han Chaoyang, who had never thought of being a criminal police officer, suddenly became envious of the criminal policeman, and by accident, he took out the police pass, entered the name of the female victim, and inquired about the household registration information of the female victim.

Now that the rehearsal is complete, there is no need to play the national anthem then.Okay, then I will It s just started.Let s start, you play, I ll sing along.Ten minutes on stage, ten years off stage.Why rehearse every night, isn t it just to perform on stage.The old factory manager and Lao Yu are very happy to participate in the flag raising ceremony in the community.They have rehearsed for three nights.All the band members are in place, holding or holding the combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments.Grandpa Gu was even more funny.When he walked into the choir, he found that he was a little short, so he simply went to Aunt Wang s side.It looked very funny, and everyone burst into laughter.The band is ready Han Chaoyang walked in front of everyone, looked at the old factory manager and other band members, and slowly raised his arms.

Some people were burning paper on the graves, some were digging, and some coffins had a88 cbd gummies review already been dug green hornet gummies cbd keoni cbd gummies review out.To be precise, it should be the coffin board, buried for so many years, it has decayed, and it will shatter when touched.The most unbelievable thing is that some villagers actually used the firewood they did not know where to find to burn the bones of their ancestors who had does amazon have cbd gummies just been dug up.There was an indescribable pungent smell in the air.Director Su and the working team Cadres are exhorting, but they seem unmoved.What are you doing, you want to save even the money for cremation at the funeral parlor Where is cbd edible gummies near me cremation not cremation A villager in his fifties said plausibly, I don t know how many people have been burned in the furnace of the crematorium.I don t know whose ashes are given, it s better to be cremated here.

I went to the grave last year when I was young.Here again, the same sentence, it s useless to say anything now, before the appraisal report that has no legal effect, this coffin is neither yours nor his.Remind you, if you want to do an appraisal Hurry up, the construction team will enter the site immediately, they have to catch up with the progress of the project, and if they are late, they will be treated as an unowned grave.The superior asked to cut the mess quickly, and HCMUSSH a88 cbd gummies review it was too late to do cbd gummy sleep the appraisal.The village cadre Xie Jun, who had just run over and had just learned about the situation, sang red face, gave each of them a cigarette, and said persuasively Yuan Fei, Yun Jing, you have played together since childhood, and you are neighbors for decades., because this matter will go to court, and I am not afraid of being laughed at by others.

I turned around at the entrance of the hospital and sat in the lobby for a while.The situation was not optimistic.There were scalpers who resold the expert account, and there were medical trustees who went to those scam hospitals to lure people.It is definitely not enough to rely on the security of the hospital.When Zhen Chuan comes back, he must study it carefully.Research.Although the case is small, the procedures for handling the case are the same.Just one Ke Jianrong, who was suspected of destroying the door locks of the merchants and making profit through repairs, made the police office a mess.Thinking that it would be more difficult to crack down on scalpers and doctors, Han Chaoyang asked with a wry smile Master, the Xinyuan Street Police Station should pay attention to these situations.

Ma Fengying likes it more and more.Thinking of the housing prices that she has learned in the past few stimulant cbd gummies for ed a88 cbd gummies review days, she can t help asking Chaoyang, a bright future The location is so good, the surrounding environment is so beautiful, and it is next to the city hall, how can it sell for 15,610 square meters A better environment is more beautiful.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled, and continued Besides being next to the city government now doesn t mean it will still be next to it in the future, the development zone is to the east, and there is a new district to the north.Go to the new district, a88 cbd gummies review it s under construction there, and we ll move there when it s finished.Ma Fengying is not an ignorant rural woman, she murmured The land in the city is valuable, so sell the current office building to the developer, and move the municipal government to the city.

It seems that he is very concerned about the 7.Case 17 is very concerned, but he said that the a88 cbd gummies review serious case team is investigating this line, and even Liang Dongsheng s master and apprentice have been suppressed, and there seems to be little progress.This case is more difficult than ever He Yichang really hoped that the east side would not be bright and the west side would be bright, and he secretly prayed that Yao would know something even a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website if he wasn t the murderer.Han Chaoyang didn t know the progress of the investigation, and he didn t need to be responsible for anything.He didn t have any scruples.Thinking of a situation he accidentally encountered when he accompanied his mother to look at the house a few days ago, he murmured There is .

why cant u take cbd gummies with maoi?

another possibility.On Qiao Xianhong, but not necessarily related to the owner of the house he renovated.

I waited like this for six or seven minutes, until the woman in a dress was holding a courier bag containing documents and holding a sun umbrella, crossing the road and approaching the car, He Yichang, who finished buying cigarettes, opened the door and walked to the side of the road, while Han Chaoyang also pretended to be a pedestrian and followed along.Guangming, open the door, it s so hot The car door was indeed locked, and the moment the girl opened the passenger door, He Yichang ran up and pulled her aside, pointing cbd gummies chew or swallow a gun at the driver and yelling No Move, police The driver was taken aback, and before he could recover, He Yichang had turned off the car engine and pulled out the key.At the same time, Xu Hongliang and Wu Junfeng had controlled the woman who was caught off guard, and Han Chaoyang had opened the driver s door from the left and handcuffed the suspect s left hand.

Lu Jiaxi couldn t help laughing when he thought about it.It s quite responsible, use chicken feathers as an arrow.Is stimulant cbd gummies for ed a88 cbd gummies review it okay to not be responsible, if the patient does not bear the medical expenses, it will really be charged to us.Your hospital has a lot of money, do you care about this little money It s easy to say, Do you know how much medical expenses we don t get back in a year It s several million Some run away after seeing their illnesses without getting paid, some run away but don t get paid, and some really have no money and are often called Moral kidnapping.Moral kidnapping, what do you mean Han Chaoyang walked to the service desk and asked curiously.When Lu Jiaxi mentioned these things, he became depressed, and pouted and said angrily I just met a few days ago.It was a little boy who was still on the 16th floor.

They each have their own tasks, and they will be mainly responsible for clearing the traffic later.Liang Dongsheng got off the car to say hello to the traffic police, stood at the bridgehead and glanced west, and then went to the instructor Guan and whispered a few words pure strength cbd gummies price in the ear.Guan Yuanyuan nodded slightly, walked up to Han Chaoyang who had just got off the car, and gave an order Xiao Han, the scene is on the west side, and the task force will be here soon.Two people will be left at the bridgehead, and the cordon will be drawn at the downhill intersection Arrange two people to prevent the crowd from going around from the north to watch the excitement, and then arrange two people to patrol in the middle to prevent the crowd from running over the fields to watch the excitement, and the west is the same, guard the ridges, guard the paths, and set up the first line of defense.

Across the main road, as if he was afraid of being heard by the young man on the other side, he lowered his a88 cbd gummies review voice and said nervously Han Da, I found the five young men to be very suspicious.They have been walking around for more than two hours.They didn t drive., I went into our parking lot just now and walked around, as if looking for some car, as if waiting for someone.Today is wicked In the evening, when I was about to eat, I was called by Liu Suo to maintain the order of the identification scene.After finally finishing my work, I had a romantic relationship with my prospective girlfriend, and the people who asked me to call again.Han Chaoyang looked at .

do cbd gummies cause dry mouth?

Huang Ying subconsciously, and asked in a low voice, Just looking for a car, just waiting a88 cbd gummies review for someone I can see clearly when I go to the toilet in the hotel.

The channels are different, the cost is higher, the profit is thinner, and the risk is greater, but a sales network has also been established by selling small packets of stimulant cbd gummies for ed a88 cbd gummies review drugs.Next home and next home, layer by layer distribution.The special case team is divided into several groups.Compared with other drug related personnel, these in the garden house a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website are just small fish and shrimps.At the same time, they are relatively rich and have a bit of status in society.In short, the arrest stimulant cbd gummies for ed a88 cbd gummies review operation that is about to start is not a big operation.Only two arrest teams came, with a total of sixteen people.Bian Guangping really wanted to be the first to go in, but he thought that the big wolf dog inside might be squatting at the corner of the wall, so he lost his mind for a while.Wu Wei felt a what are cbd gummies for a88 cbd gummies review little funny, so he pulled out the gun and handcuffs and handed them to Xiao Liu behind him.

He blushed and said in a mosquito like voice, It s too far away.Let s put it this way, Donghai Conservatory of Music has an attached middle school, and the first year students of Dongyin Affiliated Middle School have learned melodies at least above the tenth level..So the prospective son in law is so powerful Huang Ma was overjoyed, and couldn t help laughing and asked Chaoyang, you don t have a grade, you should have a certificate, no matter what you do now, you have a certificate.I never thought of asking about his music level, and stared at stimulant cbd gummies for ed a88 cbd gummies review his eyes curiously.Han Chaoyang scratched his neck and said with a smile, There is one certificate, a national three level performer, but now as a policeman, there is no difference between having this certificate and not having this certificate.Huang s father knew a teacher who was engaged in literature and art, and subconsciously asked A national third level performer, is it similar to a national third level actor Almost.

Although the whole family is out to make money now, although the house is deserted, it will definitely be very lively next year.He has just a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website started working, how can he have the money to buy his own house, and at such an old age, it is really a big problem to think about it.Chen Xiujuan was helpless, and immediately changed the subject Since there is no one at home, let s stay in the camp.At least you don t have to cook by yourself in the camp.You re a88 cbd gummies review not left handed, and you can t even take notes until your injury heals, except to help the suspect downstairs to see what the suspect can do.Chen Xiujuan is planning to suggest that he go out to find friends, and see if he can use the few days of vacation to find him.One person, Guan Yuanyuan walked into the reception room with porridge.Morning, instructor.

Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan organized the auxiliary police from the Huayuan Street Police Station and members of the best cbd gummy products for anxiety Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade to maintain the order of the scene and remind the audience to pay attention to the order of the venue later.Please cooperate.Don t make any noise later.If you need to go to the bathroom, hurry up.After the concert starts, don t walk around casually.Don t disturb others watching the performance.Parents, please watch the children.There are too many people tonight.It s troublesome. It s okay to take pictures, but if you don t take pictures, how can you post them on Moments, but it s best to turn your phone on silent, and it s best not to answer and make calls after the show starts, so as not to affect others watching the show, this is the minimum respect for the performers , Do you think so The leaders of the institute and the colleagues in the institute were extremely busy, and Han Chaoyang was not idle either.

There is really nothing that cannot be without money, whether there is disease or not.Han Chaoyang was not sure what to do when Grandpa Gu s cell phone rang suddenly.Xiao Wu, what s the matter I found it Okay, let s take him to the police room first, and we ll be there right away.Master, did you find it I found it, and I hid in the alley west of Boss Deng s restaurant.The child s mother came to inquire about it just now, and Xiao Wu thought she was suspicious, so he quietly followed to the alley, and the boy was hiding inside.Chapter 197 Abandoned Baby 3 There is no rescue station for parents looking for a88 cbd gummies review babies what s the matter.There is no need to report to the superior, no need to contact the Children s Welfare Institute, and no need to even consider the medical expenses incurred by the Sixth Municipal Hospital for the treatment of the baby.

Han Chaoyang kept replying that he was very busy, and Zheng Xinyi took the money softly, turned around and smiled and said Han Da, Director Su just donated two hundred, Captain Tang one hundred, Director Cai fifty, Director Tu fifty, you Liu One hundred for the director, one hundred for your trainer, one hundred for deputy director Xuhow much do you think our patrol team donates The child s parents are behind, can you ask this question here Han Chaoyang was so confused, he didn t know how to speak, when Li Xiaobin said suddenly One hundred for the squad leader, fifty for the others.The people in the community are very supportive.The more Grandpa Gu thought about it, the happier he became, and suddenly he turned around and said, Chaoyang, I don t know how to use WeChat, so you can deposit five hundred for me first.

Oh, the stage a88 cbd gummies review is set up very well, I didn t even see it.Tonight, we use our songs to recall the turbulent years, we use our songs to interpret the grandeur of the Great Wall of Steel, we use our songs to commemorate the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, and we use our songs to sing about the serenity of the peaceful age.Let us release our mood and dreams together, accompanied by the melody of music, and sing the praises of heroes Next, please enjoy the chorus Military Song of the Chinese People s Liberation Army by Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Chapter 206 Serious Songs Listen The wind is howling and the bugle is sounding listen How resounding are the revolutionary songs Comrades rush to the battlefield of liberation in unison, comrades rush to the frontier of the motherland in unison, forward forward Our team goes to the sun, to the final victory, to the liberation of the whole country Han Chaoyang closed his gesture, and the majestic military song was perfectly sung.

In order to further promote the all round and in depth police cooperation with the railway public security organs, personnel exchanges will be arranged next.The railway public security police will come to our branch to follow up, and we will also arrange for the police to study at the railway public security organs.In view of the fact that the high speed rail station under construction is under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station, I hope that comrades must be mentally prepared and enter the state in advance It seems that Kang Haigen came here because of the railway and high speed rail station.Could it be that he will serve as the legendary The director of the police station in front of the station The leader would not say these things for no reason, and Lao Hu, Lao Ding and other veteran policemen suddenly became active.

Once the remaining high level art students pass the prescribed score line for the college entrance examination, they can choose their own.Because of this, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other prestigious schools have never lacked talented, good grades and a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website art students who are good at playing various musical instruments, and a88 cbd gummies review even the performance level of students admitted is higher than that of art schools.The level is still high.As Han Chaoyang said, famous schools not only have a88 cbd gummies review a lot of funds, but also get rich in everything PolyU is just an ordinary undergraduate institution, and it is really not in the same league terp nation gummies cbd as a famous school.It cannot compete with other schools for good students.The more Professor Nie thought about it, the more depressed he became.The more depressed he became, the more he wanted to set up an orchestra and increase the popularity of PolyU.

Study hard, let Li Xiaobin be a family member if you pass the exam.Huang Ying chuckled, picked up her bag and prepared to leave.Chen Jie didn t know that she wasn t going home tonight, so she subconsciously asked, Sister Huang, are you waiting for Han Da It s none of his business, the main thing is that Old Tang doesn t know how to drive.This girl actually helped the unlucky guy, Huang Ying suppressed a smile and turned her head and a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website said I m not angry with him, I have something to do, come back tomorrow, and talk tomorrow.She must be angry , Chen Jie was not at ease, and kept sending it to the door.Seeing Huang Ying crossing the road at the zebra crossing instead of heading west on her newly bought electric bike, she couldn t help shouting, Sister Huang, where are you going Let s go.Huang Ying realized that she was almost exposed, so she simply made a mistake and turned into the gate of the Sixth Hospital as soon as she crossed the road, secretly reminding herself not to make the same mistake in the future, and to go west first and then go around.

He has the guts to come back.Isn t he afraid that the villagers will call the police Our place is different from yours, especially in a remote village like Lijiayao.As long as there is something promising, all go out, and those who stay in the village are either old people or children, or lazy people who just get by.Most of them have never been to school, and they are both illiterate and legally illiterate.When it comes to things, I really don t recognize my relatives.Jiang Li sighed lightly, and continued It s much better now than before, assisting colleagues from other places to handle cases, at least they can a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website take people away from the village.It was not so easy before, as the old man said When he first started working, he assisted colleagues from other places to arrest them in the village, and every time he had to find ways to confirm the cbd gummy 300 whereabouts of the suspects like today, and then act at night, and leave as soon as he catches them, he dare not delay for a minute.

In the past, the villagers might have watched with cold eyes.But now is not the past.Feng Changdong s brutal murder of Feng Changqin s mother and daughter aroused the public outrage of the villagers.Even Feng Guobao, Feng Guoyu and other Feng family members went up the mountain to search for them with machetes, rakes, shovels and other agricultural tools, and at the same time participated in the war.Police and armed police officers and soldiers led the way, not to mention other people, especially the family of Feng Changqin s mother in law.Looking down the mountain, there were people everywhere.It was a real carpet search.The logistics support is also in place.The county and township leaders mobilize the women in the village to help cook, prepare and even help send to the scene of the search and arrest, and send it to the observation posts on the surrounding hills.

There are only a few people in total, how do you search in the middle of the night Just when he was burning with anxiety and almost desperate, God had eyes, finally got news, finally came a phone call.Chaoyang, where are a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website you Jiang Li stopped in his tracks and asked eagerly, holding on to a small tree.I don t know where I am.I m lost.Are you okay It s okay.Han Chaoyang looked back at the unconscious fugitive, and said half jokingly I m fine, but Feng Changdong has something to do.He died He lost a lot of blood and was seriously injured.Now he has heartbeat, pulse and breathing.It will be difficult to tell later, so report to the headquarters immediately.You caught Feng Changdong Well, he is by my side.It s under control, the gun is in my hand, don t worry.He captured the fugitive with the gun with his bare hands, he was fine, the fugitive was injured, but what happened to the gun just now Jiang Li couldn t believe his ears, but he was sure that Yanyang s colleagues would not joke about this issue, so he hurriedly said cbd gummy shark tank Chaoyang, wait a moment, stay where you are and watch the fugitives do not move, I will report to the superior first.

He knows that the old man wants to sell wild boar for some money, and by the way, let his grandson who may not have eaten meat for a long time eat meat, and weigh it After a while, he agreed You can give him the wild boar, but you have to wait for the criminal police to arrive and investigate the scene.Yes.The police caught the fugitive, and the old man picked up a wild boar weighing several hundred catties for nothing.However, the leader said that the wild boar could not a88 cbd gummies review be handed over to him yet.Han Chaoyang wanted to stay at the scene to protect the scene, wait for the criminal police to come to investigate, and might even accept the criminal police s questioning.The little guy was afraid that what the police said would not count, he said he was waiting in the woods with Han Chaoyang, but he was actually guarding the wild boar belonging to his family.

The key guy is not a policeman from the Longdao County Public Security Bureau or even the Xinlan City Public Security System.If he reports it like this, not only the city and county bureaus will be embarrassed, but even the leaders of the provincial department will be embarrassed.Just like Zhou Bureau handed over the task to Fan Bureau, the superiors also handed over this matter to the Disciplinary Committee.The Disciplinary and Political Committee had no choice but to say with an embarrassed face Fan Bureau, considering that you will go back in a few days, the Municipal Bureau and a88 cbd gummies review our county party committee and county government, including our county bureau party committee, feel that you cannot just let you go.At the same time Considering that the purchase of ephedra grass has just started, and the anti drug task of preventing ephedra grass from flowing into illegal channels is very heavy, the superiors decided to hold a grand ceremony of fire cbd gummies legal green hornet gummies cbd line meritorious service and fire line joining the party in the near future to deal with those who emerged during the search and arrest operations and anti drug operations.

Jian Yunping turned into a reporter, holding a SLR camera and running around with the media reporters to take pictures.The policemen Han Chaoyang, Guan Xiyuan and others were assigned to the queue of their respective study units.As soon as they stood beside Jiang Li, cars, police cars and armed police cars drove into the compound slowly one after another.More than a dozen city bureau leaders, armed police detachment leaders, and county leaders came.Just as Wang Ju was busy welcoming the leaders, a policeman ran to Wang Ju with a dignified expression and whispered something in Wang Ju s ear.Report and look this way.Han Chaoyang could clearly see that Wang Ju s complexion suddenly changed, and he looked this way like the police who reported it Who are you looking at What happened At this time, a county leader s cell phone rang, and he was staring at Bureau Wang while answering the call.

As soon as Han Chaoyang turned on the law enforcement recorder, Old Tang tacitly prepared to take notes.Hua Yugang hesitated to speak, but Zhang Jinhai obviously thought it had nothing to do with the school, and quietly poked him on the arm.The parents of the students didn t pay attention, but Han Chaoyang could see it clearly, and asked calmly, Old Zhu, your son is on summer vacation.Didn t go home No, Imy family s conditions are average, he is very sensible, he said he stayed in the city with his classmates to work, and just started calling home every now and then.We thought we were all grown ups, There should be nothing wrong, so I didn t take it to heart.Seeing that school is about to start, we have to pay tuition and accommodation fees, so we called him to deposit money into his bank card, but we couldn t get through.

The buttons on the top are not buttoned, and the tattoos inside can be clearly seen.There are also tattoos on the exposed arms, which is fierce., looks scary.The villagers who squeezed in the front had never seen such a receptionist before, and they were stunned for a while, and a few timid ones wanted to back away, but there were too many people behind, so they could only dodge quietly to the side.Get out of the way, do you hear me, you are deaf Cai Shijie snarled, startling a short and thin villager in the front.Paralyzed, do you know who we are, are you looking for trouble Get out of the way, all the fuck out of the way Youyou are so unreasonable, wewe just congratulate, the point Happy candy, happy smoke, happy atmosphere.If you want happy candy, tell me earlier.Cai Shijie s face softened all of a sudden, and he turned around and shouted Brother, they want happy candy.

Master Xu, who sifted sand here, had a nephew who worked at Changmazi s mixing plant Master cbd gummies legal green hornet gummies cbd Li, who shoveled sand on top of the sand pile, had a cousin who opened a small shop at the gate of Changmazi s gravel factory.Through Master Xu and Master Li, he inquired about many situations, and even got a not very comprehensive list of workers.He was too lazy to go out to buy boxed lunches, so he ate the leftover steamed buns in the morning in three bites, went to the gravel factory office to get water to take a bath, changed into a clean police uniform, and after thinking about it, he took out a third rank police superintendent from his bag to change On the morning, he went back to the work area again to say hello to Han Chaoyang, got into the 110 police car with his briefcase in hand, turned on the lights and slowly drove out of the a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website gravel factory.

We are not traffic police, Yue Jianping is, we can ask him for help.Han Chaoyang remembered the police civil servant who was admitted to the Yandong Branch and received three years at the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau.After a month of training, he really wanted to be a criminal policeman but was assigned to the traffic police team.He couldn t help laughing Yue Jianping is a traffic policeman, but he is just a traffic policeman on probation just like us.He usually directs traffic at Shifu intersection, or Escorting children across the road at the gate of Shifu Road Elementary School, working as an auxiliary police officer on the salary of a regular policeman, he doesn t even have the right to issue a ticket, so what do you expect him to do He can inquire about vehicle information.

Director Su and Lao Jin let me be in charge of coordinating, and we got to know each other a few times, and gradually what are cbd gummies for a88 cbd gummies review got to know each other.Almost forgot, he caught up with the junior sister of the most handsome policeman Xie Lingling is a teacher of PolyU, isn t he half of PolyU s family members Moreover, Han Chaoyang enjoyed a88 cbd gummies review a lot at PolyU, and he and Han Chaoyang had such a good relationship that they a88 cbd gummies review almost wore a pair of pants.How could the PolyU Security Office not give him face.A phone call calls two people.Wu Wei was thinking about whether it would be appropriate to do so, when Xu Hongliang s cell cbd ashwagandha gummies phone rang again, and he smiled while driving Okay, I will pay the transfer fee.You can ask him when he can go through the transfer procedures.You don t need to look at the house., I go to the community every few days, and I am more familiar with the apartment types and the environment of the community than you Wu Wei heard it clearly, and subconsciously asked Buying a house Well, I plan to buy a second hand house.

Teng Jiming is very clear about Feng Ju s behavior.When he is joking, he is joking.When he mentions work, he is very serious.Let me tell you the truth, the society is changing so fast now, new things come one after another, and the security situation is also changing with the social changes, so when the leader speaks at the meeting, it is what is going on in the new era.People have to obey the old, anyway I often feel that I can t keep up with the times, so to solve crimes, you can t do it behind closed doors, you have to brainstorm and listen to the opinions of young people. Boss Feng, we hold Zhuge Liang meetings every day. We have meetings every day, is there any meeting every day Have you heard Comrade Xiao Han s opinion Didn t he ask for leave a few days ago, and you personally asked for it for him He is on leave, HCMUSSH a88 cbd gummies review but we still have a policeman watching the migrant workers sifting sand for you.

If you were me, you would have no way out.Xie Lingling believed this, because her parents had too high expectations for her, and they set up a lofty ideal for her when she was very young, and guided and motivated her in various ways, and even created for her without conditions.condition.Xie Lingling no longer envied her seemingly happy family.Thinking of what she said just now to spend so much money on the family, and thinking of the violin she gave Han Chaoyang, she couldn t help asking Don t you have a scholarship The past two years Yes, before I went abroad.How much family money could I spend in China Not a lot, because I spent too much, so when I went abroad, I vowed not to spend money from my parents.In the past two years Fortunately, I met a good mentor with a wide network of contacts, which gave me a lot of paid performance opportunities.

The technical investigation department has already taken technical measures against the people the two suspects may contact.As long as they call, we can Lock their location immediately.But if they don t call, or don t communicate with the outside world in a short time, it s useless to use technical means.Xiao Han, cbd gummies anxiety reddit Xiao Wu, you are the police of Yandong Branch, and you are tasked with tracking down Cai Xiaofang s whereabouts.I will leave it to the two of you to go back after the meeting in a car with a local license plate just sent by our sub bureau, to reimburse the expenses for handling the case, and to report any situation or difficulties encountered in a timely manner.But one thing must be kept in mind, you must not startle the snake before the truth comes out.Fengjie Street is the base of Master and his old man Master, his old man has such a good mass base, not to mention insinuating to understand a person s situation, even mobilizing the masses to help what are cbd gummies for a88 cbd gummies review deploy control is a piece of cake.

Old Feng, why are you so happy, you answer the phone with a smile.I m laughing at Teng Jiming from the Gaoxin District Bureau.Be smart.Didn t he let Xiao Han stare at the sand sieve, did he come up with something else The sand sieve is old calendar.There is no rush to go out, thinking that the young man is the one in front of him.The talent discovered by Bole , Feng Ju simply accompanied Du Ju back upstairs, pushed open the door of the small conference room next to the stairs, took out a cigarette, handed it a cigarette, closed the door and lit it, and laughed while smoking Ju Du, Ju Zhou is right.We are not as good as you when it comes to judging people.Xiao Han is good, really good.Yes, sure.But Director Du was a little proud of being so recognized by Director Feng.He opened the window and asked with great interest, Don t be impatient, what s going on, did Xiao Han embarrass Teng Jiming again It s not to embarrass Teng Jiming, but to embarrass Teng Jiming Teng Jiming was careful, gave him small shoes to wear, and asked him to stay in the gravel field and stare at the sand.

The new task made Han Chaoyang a little puzzled, but Wu Wei reacted first, looked back at Li Kaiyi and Xu Guoqiang, and said excitedly The actual owner of the Mercedes Benz car that threw the body entrusted the car to several car rental companies at the same time.Chi car a88 cbd gummies review rental company is just one of them, and Yang Jiandong only rents short term rather than long term rental.Fengchi car rental company does not have high end commercial vehicles.Regardless of Mercedes Benz RVs or other high end cars, the boss needs to make adjustments from his peers.No matter what other people can borrow, Yang Jiandong can t rent a car from Fengchi car rental company every time he wants to use it.That is to say, if he can t rent a car from Fengchi company, he can only rent a car from other companies Only then did Han Zhaoyang come to his senses, and he couldn t help laughing The driver of Fengchi Car Rental Company, Cai Xiaofang, helped Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao drive, and became their accomplice.

If everything goes well, we will be able to catch up before noon tomorrow.Lock the location of the suspect, at least Yang Jiandong.Great, Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking after thinking about the case for so many days, Boss Feng, can you let me participate in the arrest I want to watch that bastard get caught.No problem, why best cbd gummies for sleep 2022 don t you come here now, you won t be able to sleep tonight, fighting landlords is boring if you don t play for money, if you play double promotions and three lose one, it s just right for you to come.Three hundred and fiftieth Chapter arrest 1 The leaders want to pass the time by playing upgrades, but in fact they don t have time.Han Chaoyang dragged his exhausted body to the Changlin Street Police Station where the special case team of the sub bureau was located.The police from the Public Security Brigade, Serious Case Squadron, and Changlin Street Police Station had brought back six gambling participants overnight, and they were in several offices on the a88 cbd gummies review second floor.

Huang Ying was not as calm as he was, and couldn t help but say Master, you want to take pictures of snow scenes, and others have to travel If the snow on the road is not cleared in time, there will be many traffic accidents in the morning , I don t know what kind of congestion this road will be Facts have proved that most citizens are sensible.An aunt who sent her grandson to school turned around and said You people are really serious.You scold the government when it doesn t work, and you scold the government officials again.This little a88 cbd gummies review girl is right.If you don t sweep the snow away, the traffic will be paralyzed, a88 cbd gummies review children.How do you go to school, how do young people go to work You even go to the park to take pictures of snow scenes, I don t think you can even get out of the house Why are you lesbians talking so aggressively Looks like you have a dead rat hanging around your waist, pretending to be hunting.

It s a joke, relying on the advantages of the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road, assist the old leaders to do a good job in the security prevention and control of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital and Xinmin Community, and do everything possible to satisfy the masses.Liu Suo, Gu Suo, don t worry, you two.It s my job.Okay, I m relieved with this sentence.Thinking that the young man still wants to treat guests at night, Liu Jianye smiled again Xiao Han, it seems that you have to queue up for that meal, so There are a lot of happy events during this time.Today is the instructor s birthday.In a few days, Gu Suo will be promoted.Xiao Wu is on a blind date.It is said that he has a great chance of success.He is different from you.He will be 31 in a few days Now, as long as both parties feel right, we cbd gummies legal green hornet gummies cbd will get married, and we will have a wedding soon.

Conviction and sentencing are matters for the court, and no one can say for sure what the final result will be.Understood.Thinking of Ling Bin and Xinxin, Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable Son.Wang Jianping also sympathizes with Ling Bin and the child, but as a criminal policeman, he must enforce the law impartially.While gesturing his subordinates to get in the car, he said Wei Dongmei s situation has been clarified, and she can apply for release on bail.There is no need for Ling Bin and the child to stay in the car anymore.Yanyang, I know it s inappropriate for you to come forward, so I ll let Lao Song tell him.Chapter 464 One yard counts for one yard Ling Bin is very dedicated and rational.The moment he was arrested, he guessed the ins and outs of the whole incident, knew that he and Xinxin were used by Han Chaoyang, and knew that Zhang Ziyue was imprisoned because of him and Xinxin, but he never complained these days Who.

Chaoyang, what do you think Grandpa Gu asked curiously.Master, I think that if you want to improve the security of the station, it is not enough to rely on defense alone.The station is so large and there are so many people.If you want to prevent it, you may not be able to prevent it.To really improve the security of the station, you must implement anti light control Multi pronged approach, especially crackdown, if you don t cbd sour gummy neons get rid of the habitual offenders who often commit crimes at the station, let alone kill 16 people, even if you kill 32 people, it may not be effective.If you can make up your mind to fight, I don t think it s very difficult.We can definitely draw backbones from various squadrons to form a professional anti pickup team.They don t wear uniforms, but all wear plain clothes.

You have to find a way to help solve the case handling expenses incurred in the accident and the possible treatment expenses for work related injuries.If you can t solve these worries, this community voluntary anti pickup squadron will still be impossible.Kang Haigen was stunned for a moment.Han Chaoyang froze for a moment, and suddenly wanted to laugh.There is not even an account in the office, so there is no money, and now the superiors are so strict, and the small treasury is even more unnecessary.Not to mention that Kang Haigen is only the deputy director, even if he is the director, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.However, I feel that Cao Zefang s request is very reasonable.The community will provide the big head and promise to solve the salary of the team members.

As long as we can find this child and Nie Haichao s fellow villagers, we will be able to Contact Nie Haichao.Give a88 cbd gummies review him a call and do his work.I believe he will send the phone back.Inspector Gu, it s obviously not in your control, but you are still helping to find it.How dare you What s there to be embarrassed about We have nothing to do with each other.Especially Chaoyang.He lives in the school and is a special lecturer at the school.You, Director Wang, are his leader.As long as you don t violate the principle, you must try your best to complete the tasks assigned by the leader.Chief Gu, Xiao Han, I will trouble you both.Director Wang, you re welcome.Han Chaoyang didn t want to miss this opportunity to reconcile with Vice Minister Jiang, and said politely Jiang Minister, I will go to the west of the city to look for it first, and if there is any progress, I will call you as soon as possible and report to you.

To catch the current situation is to enforce the law on the spot.If the name is not correct, the words will not go well.In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, the leaders of our bureau suggest that the Chaoyang Community, which will be formally established later The Anti Picking Squadron of the Public Security Patrol Brigade has added the signboard of the Plainclothes Anti pickup how much cbd gummy to sleep Auxiliary Police Squadron of the Huayuan a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website Street Police Station, and one team has two plaques, which is more conducive to work.Anyway, the branch also paid for it, HCMUSSH a88 cbd gummies review and the nature of the anti pickup work is indeed true.It is special, and it is prone to both achievements and accidents.Cao Zefang didn t think the police station was picking peaches, and the best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress 2021 police station couldn t pick the peaches if they wanted to, so he agreed, No problem, as long as it s good for work, our community doesn t have any opinions.

Wu Wei is the officially appointed squadron leader, and Wu Junfeng is the officially appointed deputy squadron leader.Miao Haizhu didn t expect that the anti pickup team would have an instructor, let alone that she would be appointed as an instructor.After hearing the appointment announced by instructor Xu, her blood boiled with excitement and she was ecstatic.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, so what if you become an instructor, I m still the team leader But now is not the time to be complacent.As soon as Xu s instructor finished speaking, he quickly took over the conversation again, and said in a cadence Comrades, with the development of society, police auxiliary personnel are fighting crimes, a88 cbd gummies review social patrols, traffic order maintenance, and administrative tasks.Services and many other aspects are playing an increasingly a88 cbd gummies review important role.

As the crowd was discussing, a twenty three or four year old woman squeezed into the crowd and cried, Bebe, Bebe, where did you go You re scaring mommy to death Did you know it She cried and complained, and the child cried even harder when she saw her, and stretched out his hands while calling for his mother.Mr.Ji confirmed that she was the parent of the child, let go of his hands, and best cbd gummies joy organics said angrily, Why are you crying Now that you know how to cry, what did you do I m sorry, I just answered the phone.The child s mother obviously didn t understand Situation, after hugging the little guy, I wanted to go back, and even said politely Master, thank you, my luggage is still in the ticket office.Beibei, listen to mom, don t run around anymore, okay Let s go together Go get the luggage.As soon as Mr.

After moving to the Sixth Hospital, I found that the hospital was really busy.The emergency center was full of people.The ambulance has been busy since the morning.It just brought a patient and was ordered green hornet gummies cbd keoni cbd gummies review to leave.I heard that the ambulance driver is so busy that he doesn t have time to eat now.An old man fell, and fell so badly that two bones were cbd gummies legal green hornet gummies cbd broken.He said he was knocked down by a private car.The driver of the private car said he didn t touch him, and the car was not equipped with a driving recorder.From the scene to the hospital, all the old man s children came.Reasonable, the two traffic policemen were overwhelmed.The traffic accident is not under the control of Han Chaoyang, but the Sixth Hospital is the security patrol area of the Zhongshan Road Police District, and also serves as the voluntary security patrol team leader of the Sixth Hospital, and has the responsibility and obligation to maintain order in the hospital.

The front line policemen are really hard.They are usually too busy to eat.It s hard I eat desperately when I am free, because I don t know when the next a88 cbd gummies review meal will be, and the result is that my stomach is getting bigger and bigger, so it s really not a way to go on .

how long does gummy cbd stay in your system?

like this.The security work in our hospital is not very intensive, but we are busy from morning to night, so there is no time for training.Chief Xiao nodded slightly.The situation at PolyU was similar.Vice Minister Jiang asked curiously, Chaoyang, what can you do Looking at Cao Zefang, and then turning to look at Xu Hongliang, he said excitedly We can use the time of commuting to and from work, and take advantage of the opportunity of handover, to organize team members to have a formal change of guard.For example, where will the team members who are about to take over be gathered first , and then walk all the way, hand over shifts at each duty point, and organize the team members who have completed shifts to return to the assembly point and then disband.

Yes Okay, you are busy with your work, and several more calls came in, go and see what s going on.The leader praised, Deputy Director Xing was very happy, more motivated, and hurriedly opened the glass door to continue working in the police area.Fan Ju looked at the big screen outside through the glass, and sighed Political commissar, on the way back, I heard that the bureau s party committee was going to break the rules and give Han Chaoyang a deputy department.I know him better than you guys.When I led a team to exchange in the Northwest, I heard that he had caught the fugitive of the governor.I rushed to the scene overnight.I saw blood and injuries all over his body.I was moved.I still have lingering fears.The reason why I feel that it is too hasty to give him a deputy department is mainly because he is too young, but it seems that it is indeed necessary for work More than 100 people were mobilized to assist the Xinyuan Street Police Station in half an hour.

Before committing the crime, he had worked in Dongguang for two years and was familiar with Dongguang, so the Anguan County Public Security Bureau has been focusing on Dongguang in pursuit.It is worth mentioning that in the past year, we have received many clues sour watermelon gummies cbd about Xie Liangju s whereabouts.More than once, the bureau has organized a special hunting team, running back and forth across twelve prefecture level cities in four provinces, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, but returning empty handed every time.The murder case must be solved is not just a slogan.Fugitives must be hunted down, but the police force, especially the funding, is limited.Sun Chenhua could understand the difficulty of the bureau leader, and he knew that he had already rushed to nothing, and the bureau leader must have ignored the rabbit and did not stalk the eagle, so he hurriedly added Old Ji said that from the tone of the call, he could tell that the other party paid more attention to this case.

Even the seniors are helping.Of course, Han Chaoyang can t leave.He went downstairs to pick up Xie Lingling and others and followed suit to set up the stage.He adjusted the sound again, and went to the office to let the actors make up and change clothes.He was busy until 1 30 in the afternoon when the police and auxiliary police from various units participating in the social activities came to report one after another, and he was a little relieved.Just as he was about to find something to cushion his stomach, Director Wen suddenly shouted Xiao Han, don t worry about it here, Zhou Bureau and the political commissar have something to do with you, so hurry over.What s the matter I don t know, hurry up Come on, Bureau Zhou is waiting for you in the political commissar s office.Oh.Han Chaoyang turned around to greet his brothers and sisters, and came to the door of the political commissar s office in full police a88 cbd gummies review uniform.

It s only natural for the police to catch thieves, not to mention murderers.This is necessary, I know you won t take it to your heart, let alone have any thoughts, but it s not good if you don t agree to him, and you can t sleep anyway, so come over and have a look, and go to the back later to see if the nurse is busy.Please ask them to take another blood pressure.Hearing what the old man said, Wu Wei suddenly realized that what happened today was really nothing, so he couldn t help laughing.How could Han Chaoyang not know the good intentions of his old man, and lost no time in saying Master, I m fine, the key is Wu Wei, he is really wronged.He ran all morning and threw down the suspect regardless of the danger, but he was also killed by Liu Criticize.If I were the director, I would criticize the same.

Every family has hard to recite scriptures, what s the shame, Zhang Tongfeng took out his mobile phone to check the time, does uly cbd gummies work and said with a smile He didn t warn wrong.You are the parent of the person involved, and it is the same as going to school to attend a parent meeting, we have to accept criticism and education from others honestly.I didn t expect that he, the captain, has not officially taken office yet, so we will deal with it first.It s about my family It s coming soon, it will be publicized for a week, today is the second day, and in five days he will be the veritable team leader, and also the youngest team leader in our sub bureau.I can t make fun of .

how long for cbd gummies to be digested?

Director Han when we meet again , be serious and show respect for the leader.The 24 year old deputy section is really the youngest sub section level leading cadre in the sub bureau.

Commissar Huang nodded and said with a smile Yesterday afternoon s social activity was very successful.I didn t expect you not only to eat The PolyU band was invited, and several professional actors were invited.Director Wen talked to them after dinner, and there seemed to be two girls who were not dating yet.You are married and have a career now, but there are still many people in the bureau who are with you.A policeman who is about the same age or even older than you is single, and if you have the opportunity to help introduce him later, it is best to create some opportunities.Be a matchmaker Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he couldn t help laughing Political commissar, it s nothing to introduce, the key point is that they are freelancers, and and plus cbd gummies review their work is also of a special nature.

If you encounter a routine loan of a few thousand, it will snowball into hundreds of thousands.Xu Weimin has neither a serious job nor a serious loan.Without the help of relatives and friends, what will he use to pay off his debts, I m sure he must pay off his debts.Then what should I do the bald man asked eagerly.The most urgent thing is to find someone else.Usury is not protected by law.If it is confirmed that it is usury, our police can intervene.He doesn t know where he is hiding, where to find him Please help pay attention, do you have my mobile phone number Yes, if you have any news, call me in time.A tall and thin eye suddenly said Officer Tang, Officer Han, I think of something when you say that.What s the matter Old Tang subconsciously asked.When Xiang Haisheng came to buy lottery tickets a few days ago, he seemed to tell someone that he met Xu Weimin somewhere.

Assist the Chaoyang Squadron of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade in law enforcement.Thieves are getting harder and harder to catch.Wu Junfeng is more interested in cleaning up the chaos around the station.As soon as the meeting is over, he calls Shang Gujun, Liu Chengquan, and Zhang Bin, and pretends to be passengers who have just got off the station just like they did during the day.Track and monitor the women soliciting customers, see which small hotels they take tourists to, and see whether those small hotels are involved in pornography.They even caught pickpocketing with bags, and there was nothing to worry about following and monitoring a few women, Han Chaoyang.And if they find out, they will not act without authorization.Han Chaoyang chatted with Dai Da for a while, and then drove back to the police station.

Is there any evidence Yes, the law enforcement recorder has captured it all, and this is what he just threw.He Hong held the cigarette butt he picked up from the ground just now to Han Chaoyang before.Han Chaoyang was just asking according to the procedure.In fact, it was clear that there must be evidence, because each of these brats is smarter than the other, and they all stare at those who smoke or eat while walking.Whoever smokes and eats litters the place, Immediately ran up to issue a ticket.Even considering that some passengers who violated administrative regulations did not bring cash with them, they copied and sealed the QR codes for fines of the brigade and brought them with them.Comrade, this is your fault.Han Chaoyang looked at the cigarette butt, turned around and said, You and I live in the city, and environmental protection depends on everyone.

This alarm situation is even more wonderful Han Chaoyang walked to the door, and Xiaokang said with a bitter face, Aunt Zheng, today is New Year s Eve.Today is the New Year s what are cbd gummies for a88 cbd gummies review Eve.In the eyes a88 cbd gummies review of some residents, it is not a New Year s Eve without setting off firecrackers.They think that only setting off firecrackers can increase the joy of the Spring Festival.Atmosphere.I know, I know, there are regulations prohibiting setting off fireworks, but this prohibition is only prohibiting random setting off.If people set off fireworks in designated places, we can t control them Maybe I HCMUSSH a88 cbd gummies review have never seen it before, Mr.Hong said The police department is more interested in watching the Spring Festival Gala.Before Han Chaoyang could open his mouth, he leaned over and asked, Young man, is there something wrong with setting off firecrackers Noisy, the non stop ringing of firecrackers made her feel frightened and disturbed, it is understandable that she likes to be quiet when she is old, but we really can t control this matter.

He kicked the nearest one lightly, and shouted Dai Lishi, don t sleep, even if you sleep, don t sleep here, why don t you go home after Chinese New Year Who is it He turned around and raised his hand to block the strong light from the flashlight.He couldn t see Han Chaoyang clearly, but Han Chaoyang could see clearly with the help of a flashlight.Sure enough, he was very similar to the suspect in the photo, except that his hair was messier than Xu Weimin s, and his beard was longer than Xu Weimin s.Not only was his body dirty, but his face was also dirty.When he shone a flashlight on the other two, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that Xu Weimin probably paid more attention to his image in order to go home, at least he washed his face and hands, and at least put on relatively clean clothes.I m from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.

Didn t I just say that, otherwise I can t explain to my superiors, it s not that I don t believe you.By the way, it must be boring to infuse here alone.I ll ask someone to bring you some newspapers.You can read the newspapers.To pass the time.Arrange everything and return to the police room.Sun Guokang couldn t help asking Da Han, why didn t you tell him about the house Let him take a88 cbd gummies review the initiative to apply for demolition The relationship between the brothers is not good, so the only way is to take the initiative to apply for the demolition and get the compensation for the demolition to see a doctor.Poor people must have something to hate Looking at the office building of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee across the road, Han Chaoyang explained In a situation like his, the only way is to apply for demolition, but it s not appropriate to mention it now.

It will be very troublesome at that time, maybe people will think that we are taking advantage of the fire.You can explain it clearly in the future by staying here Of course I can t tell by words, but I have this.Han Chaoyang pointed With the law enforcement recorder hanging on his shoulder, he said with a wry smile Director Zhang, don t believe me, this kind of thing has happened before.Last year, a store was stolen.The thief was caught by the investigation team of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and the stolen money was also stolen.It was seized, a total of more than 70,000 yuan, the thief said he had stolen so much before he had time to count, a88 cbd gummies review buy cbd gummies for tinnitus but the shopkeeper said he had lost 120,000 yuan, and asked us where the remaining 50,000 yuan went Chapter 618 Entering the factory Thief 1 Zhang Jinhai held his baton tightly, and asked angrily Did the thief hide, did he get lost, or did the shopkeeper remember it wrong The thief didn t hide, didn t run away, and the shopkeeper didn t remember Wrong.

Han Chaoyang took the law enforcement recorder and rushed to the Sixth Hospital without stopping.The emergency center is busy during the day and night, just as busy during the Spring Festival Director Liu was very busy, and when he heard from the nurse that Han Chaoyang was looking for him, he quickly explained to the young emergency doctor what to do with the patient who just came in, and ran to the small window and asked eagerly, Xiao Han, what s the matter Director Liu, you seem to have mentioned that there is a doctor in our hospital from Zhejiang Province when we were eating in the cafeteria last time Deng Xiaomei from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, what can I do for her I want to ask her for a favor, Han Chaoyang pulled out the Law enforcement recorder, explained I recorded a video.

Yes It s definitely not a trivial matter to forget about food.Han Chaoyang hurriedly apologized to Director Gu and the others, followed Political Commissar Huang out of the hotel, crossed the road, and came to the police car at the entrance of the bank.Liu Jianye was on the phone, and the tone seemed to be for Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, wondering if something happened to Wu Wei and the others Feeling uneasy, Liu Jianye hung up the phone and walked to Political Commissar Huang with a wry smile Commissioner, Lao Hu doesn t know how to explain to others, so he can only find a88 cbd gummies review an excuse to ask for instructions and report to the bureau.He is waiting for a reply.I can t drag it on.How could it be like this, Political Commissar Huang was depressed, he held the car door and said, This is not a place to talk, let s go to the office first.

It is regarded as a major case, and joint investigation is required, and it is not a trivial matter to let the suspects suspected of drug trafficking into Beijing, so they have reason to intervene.Liu Jianye s face was flushed, he hesitated to speak, he didn t know what to do.Commissar Huang didn t have anything to do for a while, and he had to report to Zhou Ju when such a big event happened, so he dialed Zhou Ju s cell phone in front of the two of them.Not enough success, more than failure Let the police bring guns into Beijing, thank goodness he figured it out The political commissar hadn t turned on the speakerphone, Han Chaoyang could hear Zhou Ju roaring on the phone, and then turned around to take a peek Liu Jianye, looking at his frowning face, was filled with infinite sympathy.Zhou Bureau, it s too late to say these things now.

If it was normal, if he refused, he would refuse, regardless of Han Chaoyang s displeasure.Then think of the members of the Anti Picking Squadron of the Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade of the Yandong Public Security Bureau, and also the auxiliary police of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.An auxiliary police officer of the Yandong Public Security Bureau can participate in solving major cases and may even make great contributions in the future.As the director This is also a very face saving thing, and he couldn t help laughing Since that Xiaokang has been admitted as a police officer, our branch office is his natal family.Special circumstances, special treatment, I will call and ask, and report in a few days later It shouldn t be too big. Then I ll tell the political commissar.

The alarm a88 cbd gummies review mode is gone, and some owners called 110 to report that the security guards beat people.I knew that the Xinmin community would not be safe for a long time, and Xiaobin stayed there every day.How can you say they could do anything to the owners Last night Well, the property management company probably didn t post an announcement about the collection of property fees and parking management fees today.But from the moment the property management company enters the community, all the owners know that the property management company will sooner or later control them to collect property and parking management fees.Some property owners who do not want stimulant cbd gummies for ed a88 cbd gummies review to pay property fees and parking management fees are trying their best to mobilize other property owners to unite and fight against property companies.

I was not convinced, so I argued, but he did it, pushing me from here to there.The one who pushes you is not the one who hits you.Isn t pushing the same as doing it Is there a difference There is still a difference, but pushing is wrong.Han Chaoyang put down his pen and turned around and asked, If you don t I remember incorrectly that your surname should be Xu, Xu Guangming, right Yes Xiao Xu said hastily.Why do you push Boss Zhong Report Han Da, I pushed him, but he pushed me first.Xiao Xu walked to the opposite pedestrian entrance, and explained while gesturing I am standing here on duty, and he came in from here.I asked what building I lived in, and he scolded me, spitting on my face.I asked him why he scolded, and he pushed me, from here to there I knew it was deliberately finding fault Han Chaoyang pretended to be skeptical, and returned to the man who called the police Boss Zhong, you all insist on your own opinions.

And they asked you.Uncle Jiang, do you mean to let that kid go Zhang Xiaoyun asked abruptly.How can you let it go casually If you don t teach him a lesson for a little bastard like this, this time it is a robbery, and next time it will probably be a robbery.But the lesson is the lesson, and he must be given a chance to reform.All in all, the parents Be reasonable and promise to compensate no matter how much economic loss is caused.I am a parent like your father, so I must be reasonable.As long as the compensation is in place, as long as the kid knows that he is wrong, he can forgive him.As for how to deal with it, it is the criminal police team, the procuratorate and even the court.Professor Zhang, do you think so Yes, as long as the thing can be found, it is fine to pay the price even if it cannot be found.

Director Qi sat in the cab holding his mobile phone, grinning and said You are all young People, and they are all fellow villagers, they must have a common language, and we will keep in touch in the future.If her work can be done, the Bureau will really owe you a big favor.If you encounter anything in the future, as long as it involves our Qingshan, Call me directly.Qi Suo, I will try my best.Thank you, I will thank you on behalf of Jiang.Qi Suo put down his phone and smiled again He just sent me lip tingling after eating cbd gummy a WeChat message saying that he would treat you to dinner.I declined for you.You are the team leader now, and you must be very busy at ordinary times.It is rare to come back once to spend time with your parents, your father in law, mother in law and Xiao Huang.Yes, there are no big things, but a lot of small things.

Sleeping in broad daylight is not about laziness, let alone becoming a leader and specializing, but for big actions at night.Every time there is a large scale investigation, there will be some gains.No matter what kind of criminal suspects are captured, no matter what clues are collected, the organization and even the police involved in the large scale investigation are busy, and they don t know how long they will be busy when they are busy.Rest early to recharge your batteries.Before going to bed, I not only set the alarm clock, but also called Huang Ying.Huang Ying didn t call him after get off work, and didn t go to the youth hostel.Instead, she went directly back to PolyU, went to the big cafeteria to have dinner, took a meal to take back to the dormitory, and then sat in the small living room to read the previous paragraph.

Kang Haigen kept medix cbd gummies cbd infused gummy bears 300 mg winking, and Han Chaoyang realized that this was not an easy matter, and followed him out of the yard as if nothing had happened.Going back to the original row and continuing to insist on the ID cards of several tenants, Kang Haigen s voice came from the intercom Chaoyang, come here, I m at the intersection.Sitting in the police car, Han Chaoyang opened the door and got into the co pilot.Kang Suo, what happened to those people just now Your team member Xiao Gao went into the room to check.There was a notebook on the bed opposite the door.One of the men was very nervous and quickly hid the notebook.In fact, Xiao Gao just went in to look at it.After a few glances, I didn t notice that notebook at all.So Xiao Gao felt that there was something wrong and wanted to see that notebook Yes, Kang Haigen nodded and confirmed, Not only did the man not let him see it, he even lived in it.

The elevator on the right went up, and Han Chaoyang was about to ask how to call the door after going up, when Miao Haizhu suddenly turned around and said, Don t worry, Junfeng is on the top to meet you.Isn t Junfeng in the Xingye Building I can t keep an eye on him alone.There are three people, and I will ask him to come over to help in the evening.Just as he was speaking, the elevator arrived.Han Chaoyang walked into the elevator and asked, How do you call the door later Miao Haizhu blurted out, Check the water meter.Everyone including Li Qingming and a88 cbd gummies review Jiang Xiaomin couldn t help laughing, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and asked Sister, this meme has been worn out, can you change it Okay, you think of a fresh one, and you can call the door later.I can ask you if I have best cbd hemp gummies a good idea Then Check the water meter, I can t think of a better excuse.

Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, and even Li Qingming, who was hiding aside, gave a thumbs up.She approached Xingshi aggressively to inquire about the crime, and the people inside were really bluffed, and hurriedly opened the door I m sorry, although I live here, the water leakage has nothing to do with me.This house is rented, and I have the landlord s phone number He Before he finished speaking, Li Qingming and Han Chaoyang appeared in front of him, grabbed his shoulders and pushed him into the room while yelling We are from the Yandong Branch.The police are performing tasks, please cooperate What task are you performing Comrade policemen, what are you doing The man was startled and struggled to explain.Stand here, don t move Han Chaoyang handed him over to the following special police, Wu Junfeng and others, and walked quickly to push the master bedroom door, but unexpectedly the door was locked.

It is not suitable for one person to be on duty, in case there is a police incident later.Lao Ding was not hypocritical, and smiled happily It would be best if you can ask for leave.I m almost at the construction site.Let s talk later 3.06 The general situation of the operation has been decided.Fan Ju has just finished being interviewed by the TV reporter.He is in a good mood.He readily approves Han Chaoyang to go back to the Zhongshan Road police area first.Han Chaoyang, Liu Jianye, Bao cbd gummies legal in uk Qingshan, etc.They said hello, and drove to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station.They saw a short and thin boy standing in the guard room, hanging his head and not daring to look directly at Lao Ding.Finally he breathed a sigh of relief.Da Han, let me introduce you., this is Boss Wang who took this kid in.

People don t let them in.Even us policemen have to register to deliver materials.After registering, we can t go upstairs.The elevator We have to swipe the card.We don t have the access control card of the Municipal cbd gummies for weight gain cbd gummies legal green hornet gummies cbd Bureau.We can only call and ask someone to come down to pick it up.Sometimes the phone is not connected, so we can only wait in the lobby.Du Fang, what is this Officer Ding, have you been to the Municipal Bureau I went there last year, and the person who sent the materials was the false evidence case you discovered.Didn t the office cooperate with the Criminal Police Brigade to investigate The Municipal Bureau knew that they needed to know the situation and green hornet gummies cbd keoni cbd gummies review relevant materials.The head of the criminal police team couldn t get anyone out, so the Liu Office asked me to send it.I didn t expect that it was really hard to get in and ugly.

The headquarters is equivalent to a temporary government agency, and it is a municipal agency., have money.If you have money, you have money, but can someone give it to you So I have to invite Fan Ju to come forward Fan Ju is equally depressed when a good thing is done like this.If it were normal, he would find an excuse and push it away, but now he is a member of the East City Transportation Hub Engineering Command, and if something happens at several construction sites, he will be jointly and severally HCMUSSH a88 cbd gummies review liable in the future, and the anti pickup team can He played a huge role in escorting key projects.As the leader in charge of this work, he must find a way to help solve it.The help is back, but the complaints still have to be made, and I can t spit it out.With so many members of the party committee in the bureau, they can only talk to the political commissar in private.

Han Chaoyang accompanied Fan Ju to the project headquarters and knocked on the door of the director s office.Director Huo was very enthusiastic, stood up and smiled and said, Ju Fan, long time no see, how come I have time to come here today.I m also a member of the headquarters, so I can t stop coming all the time.I was too busy a while ago, so there s nothing I can do.I understand, I understand, who is busy if your police are not busy After a few pleasantries, Fan Ju changed the subject Director Huo, didn t the city release a document when we came last time, about petitioning and maintaining stability during the construction of major projects With .

are hemp bombs cbd gummies full spectrum?

this document, it is also required to set up a leadership group with the commander in chief as the team leader, the members of the headquarters team as the deputy team leaders, and the relevant departments and project leaders as members.

But this was requested by District Chief Liu, and it was a political task.He simply said in an unquestionable tone Go and inquire first.The listing ceremony a88 cbd gummies review is not long, at most two or three hours.Think of a way and wait for your news.Director That s it.I still have something to do.Get back to me as soon as possible.Han Chaoyang hung up, feeling depressed, when the phone rang again.He looked down at the caller ID, and it was actually Xu Hongliang calling.Han Chaoyang could only smile apologetically at Liu Jianye who was standing aside, raised his phone and asked, Mr.Xu, what instructions do you have How about Jiangcheng Is the weather good Are the girls pretty Please, I have a wife.It doesn t matter to me how beautiful the girls in Jiangcheng are.Xu Hongliang couldn t help laughing, and then changed the subject Say It s business, did the leaders of your bureau inform you about the patrol team s listing cbd gummies legal green hornet gummies cbd Yes, Director Xing just called.

Comrade sacrificed Miao Haizhu was not only heartbroken but also blamed himself like Han Chaoyang, staring at the surveillance screen and said coldly Is it true Ask her where she was on the night of the 27th last month, who she was with, and what she did.Got it.Chaoyang, Haizhu, I can understand your feelings, but what s the point of confirming that it s her, can she give me some explanation Bao Qingshan put down his phone and asked in a low voice.It may not mean much to others, but it means a lot to us.Han Chaoyang held his left elbow with his right hand and his chin with his left hand, staring at the surveillance screen and said solemnly I don t want her to give any explanation, after all, we just eat this bowl For food, she should go when it is time to go, and go forward when it is time to rush, but Cheng Quan can t just die without knowing why, she has to explain clearly what happened that night.

Anyway, he went to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to report the incident.At noon, the anti pickpocket members of the patrol team caught a pickpocket and sent him to Xinyuan Street When the police station was handling the handover, they happened to meet, and they looked very similar, so they five cbd gummies reviews immediately reported to Han Chaoyang, and Han Chaoyang rushed over to inquire, and confirmed that Comrade Liu Chengquan rescued her at that time, and she also admitted.Although Liu Qiuping was not in office at that time, but Knowing more or less about this matter, I couldn t help asking Why did that woman leave at that time But her situation is really pitiful.Han Chaoyang wants to ask for leave to take her to Comrade Liu Chengquan s hometown District Chief Liu, Xiao Han s mood is understandable.After all, Xiao Liu is his subordinate and has been with him for so long.

Han Chaoyang simply handed over the jacket to the anti pickup team who participated in such an operation for the first time and are still excited.Newcomer Zheng Bai handed the boarding pass with the luggage list to Xu Hongliang, and what are cbd gummies for a88 cbd gummies review asked Xu Hongliang, Shi Junhua and Boss Qian to get can i give my dog cbd gummies the luggage first, while he went straight to the police room in the arrival hall with Wu Wei and Yu Zhenchuan.After knocking on the door a few times, there seemed to green hornet gummies cbd keoni cbd gummies review a88 cbd gummies review oros cbd gummies official website be no one inside.Just as he was about to turn around and ask the airport staff who was checking whether the luggage of the passengers would be taken by mistake, a policeman in his thirties walked over from the crowd.Is there anything wrong Who are you looking for Han Chaoyang quickly took out his ID, turned his back to the passengers on the same plane who were walking towards the luggage tray, and explained with a smile Hello, I am Han, a policeman from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

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