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ambition.Since the same person committed the crime, the same method must be used.The few are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding robberies that happened a while ago did not place pearls.How can we say that it was the work of the pearl thief Even if pearls were found in this case, someone may deliberately confuse the public.Feel free to jump to conclusions, your Taiyuan government is just investigating the case like this, why don t you resign from your official position earlier and plead guilty to the court.A cold voice came, like a basin of ice water poured Feng Anping from head to toe.Feng Anping shuddered solidly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently However, the current banditry case is somewhat similar to that of seven years ago.Feng Anping regained his energy immediately, and looked at Wei Yuanchen, as if he are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding was listening to a lecture.The turmoil like today cannot happen again.Cui Wei nodded Brother, don t worry, mother has a sense of proportion.Cui Zhen lowered his eyes and thought about it.What worried him most was Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen never showed up in Taiyuan, so calm, whether the current case has already been settled understand Your Majesty, he followed quickly into the door, there is news from the government office, the robbers have already confessed where the property is hidden.Cui Wei was overjoyed.Have someone prepare the horse, Cui Zhen said, I ll take a few people there first.He was condor cbd gummies on amazon white label cbd gummies afraid that things would change if he was late, and although the situation was unclear, it was always right to hold the evidence first Dozens of boxes were hidden in the cave.Inside the boxes were all gold, silver and soft things, as well as some spices, gems, and pearls.Mr.Wei is so smart, he can quickly figure out the cause and effect, and he definitely wants to find that person.It is not easy to find the key insider in a case.It seems that tonight she and Mr.Wei have to make peace and cherish it.In order to investigate the case clearly, they have to be tied together temporarily.Alas, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help sighing inwardly, her eyes fell on the part of Master Wei s exposed neck.Indistinctly, there was a touch of whiteness protruding from the skirt.Such a sloppy dress, if not careful, it will be exposed, and it will implicate her, thinking so, she took a step to the side.Wei Yuanchen heard the doctor let out a long breath, which seemed to be somewhat helpless, and then she stood a little further away in disgust.Wei Yuanchen frowned, turned to look at are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me the doctor, was she disgusting him The doctor bowed immediately, with a timid yet respectful look.Moreover, she helped Mr.Wei obtain important witnesses in an orderly manner, so she can be regarded as a meritorious person.Gu Mingzhu arched her back and pulled her clothes, trying not to show her figure, standing there trembling like this, looking very pitiful, as if trying to explain something, waving her hands and feet non stop, but because she couldn t Talking, only some strange noises can be made in the throat.Wei Yuanchen looked at it coldly, but it was just a way to lie to green roads cbd gummies ebay him, delaying time like this was waiting for someone to come to help.Wei Yuanchen glanced at the woods not far away, and reached out to pull the cloth covering the doctor s face.My lord As the voice sounded, a figure sprang out from the woods and ran straight to this side, but it was too late, Wei Yuanchen easily got the cloth, and the doctor tried to stop it, how could he fight it In the blink of an eye, the doctor Bubo slipped from the top of his head.Chapter 56 Unfortunately, the rain fell even harder, like a curtain between heaven and earth, Cui s steward was wet from head to toe, looking Very embarrassed.Mrs.Lin put down the tea bowl in her hand Those people The steward said It should be the people who killed Sun Yong.They carried a few boxes and hid nearby.Our people collided with them when they searched around.Mrs.Wednesday clenched her veil tightly How many people are there Or let them go, let them leave Zhuangzi to go anywhere, and then let the government go and get them.The steward s face was very ugly We I wanted to take those are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding people down, but who knows that those people are are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding all Lianjiazi, and they still have sharp weapons in their hands, how much is uly cbd gummies it may not be easy to drive them away now, and it is raining heavily outside, and they may not be able to get away.As long as the arrangement is good, she can control the bamboo tube from a distance.She handed over all the things that are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding might be used in daily life to Baotong for her to keep, and when she found that there might be problems on Zhuangzi, she are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding asked Baotong to fetch them and put them on her waist.This is what Yan Tanhua said about being prepared.No one can think things through, so preparation is essential.After being busy in the garden for a long time, Gu Mingzhu climbed up to the pavilion and looked to the side, a round of red sun gradually peeked out from behind the clouds.Soon the rain will passMr.Jiang was standing on the official road not far away wearing a bamboo hat and looked out.It seemed that things had been arranged properly.Then he would go away and wait until Yan Hao was killed and the case was over.Mr.Jiang immediately are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding looked at Ziyuan, hoping to use Ziyuan as a threat.People in the market cannot ignore the lives of innocent people.The person guarding Ziyuan also saw the situation.He just wanted to draw the sharp knife from his waist but it was too late, and he was buried.He hit the neck with a wave and fell to the ground.Nie Chen said Catch them and escort them to the Yamen to receive the reward.Lord Wei told them to keep an eye on Mr.Jiang and the others.It will cbd gummies to quit smoking where to buy take a lot of work to catch them, best cbd gummies to replace alcohol but fortunately, everyone in the market is good at catching them, so they must win this round Wei Yuanchen rode wildly all the way, Chu Jiu did not dare to relax and followed closely.I don t know why, but with the help of Nie Chen and others, the third master s trip to Taiyuan Mansion is busier than ever.There seems to be a supervisor behind the third master, whipping the third master to work with a small leather whip.First let Liu Su go to Lu Guang s side to find the eyeliner, and let his personal guards stand by Lu Guang s side, and then order Liu Su to lead those who want to catch the Pearl Thief to the courtyard, and then go to the temple to invite those monks Come forward to rescue the innocent people detained in the Iron Mountain Mine.Seeing those monks go up the mountain, they rushed to Mrs.Lin Tai s Zhuangzi without stopping.In a place like Taiyuan Mansion, they can t use too many people from the Wei family, otherwise they will be caught and impeached.What the emperor was most afraid of was that the Wei family had soldiers and horses in their hands.Back then when he fought for the Great Zhou Emperor, hundreds of famous generals under him were invincible.

The entourage strode away.Han Yu looked at Zhuangzi in front of him and tried to calm himself down.He made the best arrangement.With so many people searching, at least the Pearl Thief would flee and hide in a hurry.It HCMUSSH are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding s just that everyone around him has been sent out, and he is now alone.If someone comes close to him at this time, it will be considered real.He still has a sharp weapon in his hand, and it is not easy for the Pearl Thief to hurt him.Besides, the Gu family s female relatives are in the house not far away, and the Gu family still left a few guards to protect the female relatives.If there is any movement here, the Gu family will come to help.Han Yu turned around and walked towards the house.He looked for a place that was easy to defend but difficult to attack.If the Pearl Thief dared to come, he would kill the thief with his hands.They purr cbd gummies thought that the Pearl Thief was the nimble knight errant and the portrait painted by Lu Shenzhi.In fact, the Pearl Thief was dead.The pearl thief who attacked Han Yu was no longer the same person.So, how can they find it This new pearl thief knows the past of the pearl thief, and now he wants to avenge and avenge the former pearl thief.Wei Yuanchen s eyes have been searching the tree are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding and the ground, and finally found a shallow mark on the branch.There are two leaves around the branch that were cut by something.Look at the cut, the damage to the branches and leaves.It shouldn t be a sharp weapon, and this thing is not sharp, and it didn t break the branch completely.Wei Yuanchen told Chu Jiu Go and stand where Han Yu was attacked.Chu Jiu s figure soon appeared in the room.The height of the damaged branches and leaves was exactly the same as the position of Chu Jiu s shoulders.Horses and chariots, pretend that I am going out, take you out of this alley first, and get out of the car when no one is paying attention Chu Jiu was dazed when he heard this, so the Gu family was going to destroy all the evidence.It s obviously a very good thing, but why does he feel that the third master is very pitiful Even pretending to be a female relative to be sent away, such an approach is like being let down.Think about the smile on Miss Gu s face that are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding the third master just hugged, he hasn t seen it for many years.The second master told him before that if he saw the third master smiling at any lady, he would have to hold it even if he carried it.The lady carried it to Wei s house.Of course he won t be as unreliable as the second master.He would just try harder, Chu Jiu coughed Mrs.Madam Lin pinched the handkerchief, she knew nothing about the breeds of war horses, and every time Lord Hou said it, she closed her ears as if she didn t hear it.This kind of thing has nothing to do with the inner house, how cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding could she think are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me that watching a horse can produce so many things.Mr.Wei makes people worry, and this horse is the same.After seeing it, the son wants to breed it.Now she found out that she couldn t invite anything related to the Wei family.After hearing this, Zhao Gongren understood and turned to look at Mrs.Lin Sister, whose horse is that Where did it come from Is it necessary to lie now Now that Mr.Zhao Gong came to Taiyuan Mansion with his two sons, he will definitely meet Mr.Wei.Even if he doesn t know anyone, this horse can t be disguised, so it s better to say it now.Wei is in Taiyuan Mansion, he can find out the prefect of Han, and other things must not escape his eyes.Thinking of Mr.Wei s cold gaze, Zhao Gongren hemp bombsl cbd gummies couldn t help but shudder Trembling, when Cui Zhen walked out, he slumped on the chair.Everyone in the courtyard seemed to have gone out.Zhao Gongren muttered to himself Where did are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding the second brother go Is there anything wrong Amitabha bless the second brother to return to Songjiang Mansion smoothly.Gu Mingzhu was sitting on the corridor.Why was Zhao Gongren so afraid that others would know about the second master Zhao What about in Taiyuan Prefecture Zhao Gongren is so nervous about the war horse case, the second master Zhao must have something to do with the war horse case.Gu Mingzhu thought carefully about the war horse case.On the surface, the father came to Shanxi after being convicted of a crime, and found that there were a lot of war horses in Xingtaipu Temple in Shanxi, so he invited the court to come to are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding review the horses.Lin said, If Master Wei doubts the old man, let him come and meet you.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, the curtain of the main room was lifted , and then several women walked in.What are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding do you want to do Mrs.Lin raised her voice, trying to intimidate these people, Enter the door without waiting for the pass, is there no rule No need to pass.Wei Yuanchen s indifferent voice came from outside the door I obstructed the official s investigation time and time again, ignored the court s laws, and according to the law stick twenty, because Mrs.Lin Tai has an order, let s change it to slap her mouth five times What Mrs.Lin s eyes widened Youyoudare Before she finished speaking, she saw several women coming forward.Who dares to do anything, Mrs.Lin said, If you dare to touch a single hair of my hair today, I will never forgive you.When he dies, the people behind him will take care of his family members for him.Just as Lu Shenzhi thought of this, before he had time to continue thinking, someone came to report The whereabouts of Master Zhao Er have been discovered.The whereabouts of Mr.Zhao Er is more important than anything else.All their inferences are based on guesswork.Only when they really find Mr.Zhao s case will they make great progress.Where is it Lu Shenzhi asked.Yachai said A woodcutter came to report to the officer, saying that when he was going down the mountain in the dark, he heard someone shouting for help, and then saw a man grabbing another person and going deep into the mountain.I will give the portrait to the woodcutter.Unfortunately, it was too dark.The woodcutter didn t see the faces of the two people clearly at the time, but he was sure that they were not hunters nearby, and one of them had a similar body shape to Mr.

A dead friend is not a poor fellow Of course she is not that kind of person, let alone threaten Master Wei blatantly.She is just a little scared and wants to seek protection.After all, she is a weak woman and cannot bear too much.I hope Master Wei can understand , don t scare her again and again, if she gets frightened and gets into trouble, it won t be good to anyone.Gu Mingzhu s feet hadn t landed on the ground yet, she only felt a gust of breeze brought by the clothes clips blowing on her face, and immediately there was a figure in front of her.Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu stood obediently with her head bowed, she knew that Mr.Wei was moral and worthy of trust, and it was the right choice for them to cooperate with Mr.Wei.Prince.The prince kept staring at the luthier, who stood timidly, as if panicked and didn t know what to do.The prince couldn t urge him, his heart seemed to be held in his throat.At this moment, he was like a fisherman by the lake, watching the big fish swimming around beside his hook, and even opened his mouth wide open.Mouth, I don t know when I can bite it.Mr.Shen coughed, Wei Yuanchen was obviously playing tricks on them, but the crown prince didn t know it.Wei Yuanchen said This is unreasonable.Such an obvious exposure of whereabouts may be a trap.The person who kidnapped Mr.Zhao Er may be leading us to go.The prince s fingers closed slightly.Wei Yuanchen looked at the prince Prince, what should we do Please help us come up with an idea.At this time, he was fooled The crown prince shook his head I just came to Taiyuan Mansion, and I don t know the situation yet.Since Mr.Wei is an imperial envoy, naturally we have to do as Mr.There were two people standing outside the duty room, and through a small open window, they could clearly see the situation inside.Lu Shenzhi turned his head and glanced at Mr.Wei quietly.After he put Mr.Zhao s murderer in the prison, he heard the yamen s officer come to report Miss Jiang is comforting Wang s family.It seems that he will best stop smoking cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding be able to interrogate in a while.Hearing this, Lu Shenzhi walked towards the valet, unexpectedly, Mr.Wei, who was going to deal with official documents, also followed him.So Mrs.Wei heard what Miss Jiang said.Although Miss Jiang was investigating the case, she still pulled the banner of Mr.Wei Mrs.Wei was innocently blackfaced and played the role of intimidating others.Will not feel bad.Go, Wei Yuanchen ordered calmly, The Wang family should be able to tell the condor cbd gummies on amazon truth.Ah.Lu Shenzhi said in a deep voice, If what you said is true, the yamen will naturally consider it.Wang s daughter in law immediately thanked Lu Shenzhi a thousand times.Sure are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding enough, after a while, the Liao family came to answer.The master of the Liao family understood something when he saw Mrs.Wang.He never asked too much about making jewelry for others, because some things might not be seen, especially those precious gems.Knowing too much is not good for him, but now The yamen came to the door, and Wang Daochang was dead, so there was no need for him to hide it.There is such a thing.Mr.Wang said that those jewelry were made by a foreigner, but the inlay of the gemstone was not firm, so he came to me to repair it.I remember the phoenix hairpin, top hairpin and The gemstones inlaid in the heart are extremely precious, Master Wang also took out a few ordinary gemstones, saying that they were left over from the heads, and asked me to make a white jade flower hairpin, earrings and armbands.The Tatars conquered three cities in a row.The imperial court was deploying troops in northern Xinjiang at that time, and there were no generals available in the are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me court.Under such circumstances, those old generals had to be called pure cana cbd gummies out again.The old generals took command temporarily and followed the commander of the Shanxi capital to fight against the Tatars.Unexpectedly, the Tatars had long since reneged on their agreement and took this opportunity to conquer the important town of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Fortunately, Shaanxi Xingdusi realized that the momentum was wrong, and mobilized troops to go there.The old generals fought against the enemy together with Shaanxi Xingdusi, and they were able to hold the pass.The commander of the Shanxi Dusi died in battle with those old generals and lieutenants, and killed himself, and the result was very tragic.Mrs.Lin Tai cried bitterly, Cui Wei comforted her all the way, those voices gradually faded away.The wind and rain outside are getting bigger and bigger.Master Hou, the guard stepped forward and said, Look at the injury of Lord Hou Cui cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding Zhen shook his head It s not hurt, so there s no need to deal with it.The guard opened his mouth and didn t say anything more.Stained with blood, how could he not be injured Lord Hou didn t want people to know the truth.Cui Zhen walked up to the elder of the Cui clan, bowed and shouted Uncle clan, please take charge of the family affairs.The elder of the Cui clan sighed It s hard for you, don t worry, since she just said everything , it will be much easier to ask later, I think she has no will to die, so I persuaded her, it is not appropriate for the Marquis to interfere in this matter, lest In order not to let outsiders say that I am not filial, Cui Zhen bowed to the ancestors of the Cui family, Thank you for the protection of the elders.The guard who left with my father said that he heard Lin Sizhen and my father quarreling and fighting, and then my father fell down the mountain.I When I told my mother about this, my mother argued that Lin Sizhen s original intention was to prevent his father from leaving, but his father suddenly attacked him, and he had no choice but to fight with his father.Sue Lin Sizhen, but my mother said that General Zhao and others are rebels, my father cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding insists on avenging the rebellion, and will kill the entire Cui family in the future, Lin Sizhen is also thinking about us After Cui Zhen said this He lowered his eyes, he believed what Lin Sizhen and his mother said, and saw his father die unjustly.Now thinking about the situation at that time, his father repeatedly shouted Lin Sizhen, it may not be to point out to him that Lin Sizhen is the murderer of his father, but to expose Lin Sizhen.

The prince raised his head and looked at the clouds and clouds in the sky.All major events in the world seemed to be weighed in his mind.After a long while, he said If Lin Si really rebelled against Da Zhou, these two children will definitely not survive.If you can lure Lin Si really to Catch them in the middle of the capital, help me to find out the case, catch the envoy Lin Sizhen, I can save the two children for you, although they may not are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding be able to become officials again, but I can give them land Let them be squires in peace.If you want to keep the children, you have to plot against your husband.Although Zhao Gongren was full of hatred for Lin Sizhen after seeing this house, but thinking of Lin Sizhen s future results, he felt sour again.All kinds of things came to my mind, so I cried out mournfully.Mr.Shen paid attention to Princess Huairou s every move.Princess Huairou seemed a little absent minded.She was holding a teacup, her eyes were a little distracted, and cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding she looked at the stewards around her from time to time, as if she was waiting for some news.Mr.Shen was quite satisfied.He had someone leak the whereabouts of some concubines.Princess Huairou left to confirm the news.Since the concubine wanted to hide, she would not let Princess Huairou find her.This made the princess even more anxious.Soon, I can t help but ask the prince for help.At that time, as long as the plan is carried out, the prince and the team will be in their pocket.Mr.Shen turned his head and was about to leave when suddenly something moved in his heart.He always felt that someone was quietly staring at him.He looked around and saw that there were all female relatives here., There are not many personal guards to protect the carriages and horses, and if there is a estrangement in the heart, it may not be good for the situation.The prince sighed If I don t say anything, I m afraid Wei Yuanchen will target you.Cui Zhen smiled faintly Wei Yuanchen and I have been in trouble for a long time, and now I don 30 pack cbd 25mg gummies t know why.The prince s eyes flickered until he stopped Perhaps the northern border was once guarded by the Wei family.Cui Zhen s eyes With a flash of energy, there was faint discontent on his face What does the Wei family have to do with the territory of the Great Zhou It would end so hastily.The prince naturally understands what Cui Zhen is thinking at this time, and for no reason, he has passively moved the guards around him, and anyone will be furious.You must know that these guards are no small matter, touching them is like being forcibly stretched into his arms.Prince, Mr.Shen said, Princess Huairou came to Taiyuan Mansion this time because of her son in law.You said that, the prince said calmly, I don t know what Cheng Yi is doing again.It s not right to be a good son in law.Tossing around, if it wasn t for the Cheng family s usefulness, Huairou would have reconciled with him long ago.Mr.Shen sat on the chair, Does the crown prince know that Cheng s mother in law is from the Zhao family Which Zhao family Immediately after the prince blurted out, he thought of something, You are talking about the Shanxi Mutiny Mr.Shen nodded Cheng s mother in law s biological mother is still alive, not only that, she also married another hundred families.The prince said in surprise Without reviews on natures boost cbd gummies saying a word, what face does the Cheng family have to gain a foothold when this kind of thing spreads to Beijing If he must kill the Zhao family to avoid being ridiculed by others, are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding could it be that Cheng Yi came to Taiyuan Mansion to deal with the Zhao family Mr.I wanted to ask again, but was stopped by Peng Liang.Why did this Peng Liang stop Prince Edward said, What is he hiding Mr.Shen said I probably guessed something, the man mentioned ten things.What happened two years ago, the Shanxi mutiny was related to the Zhao family twelve years ago.They were full of grievances, so it can be seen that there is something wrong with this incident.Zhao and Peng Liang have been in Qi County for many years, and they have been looking for evidence.The Zhao family reversed the case.The prince felt that Mr.Shen s deduction was very reasonable.Mr.Shen knew the art of deduction, and he could predict the result after some calculations after knowing a little information.The crown joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding prince stared at Mr.Shen closely Then did they find any evidence Mr.Shen said The crown prince can call Peng Liang and his subordinates over to inquire.Lin walked to Mrs.Fourth Cui, and Mrs.Cui was sleeping there peacefully.Although her face was still as golden as paper, at least her injuries were healed.Mrs.Lin tightly held Mrs.Cui Si s hand, her face was full of worry.Liu Su said It will take three days to find out.During this time, it is best to rest in peace.Baotong wiped the blood stains on Gu Mingzhu s dress with a wet kerchief, and the blood stains were not so obvious when they faded away No one could tell that the person who treated Mrs.Cui Si s injury just now was the young lady.While her mother was visiting Mrs.Cui Si, Gu Mingzhu told Liu Su Let Nie Chen invite Zhou Qiye over.Liu cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon Su had met Uncle with Master Wei and knew his identity.What Gu Mingzhu was referring to was Zhou Zesheng.My uncle had been in the military camp all year round and was very experienced in warfare.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up the five black chickens, and the two followed the chief.When they passed a well, Baotong suddenly said This is an orange.An orange is used to draw water from a well, and it should be very common in the village.The head of the village nodded.I think of one thing, Baotong said, I heard that when the condor cbd gummies on amazon white label cbd gummies Tatars rebelled in northern Xinjiang, a general demolished the houses in the village and ordered the people and soldiers to make more than a hundred catapults to repel the Tatars.People, since then the people have known the benefits of the catapult, and have set up tangerines beside the well one after another.This tangerine is the same as the catapult, and the water can be pumped out with one pull, saving a lot of effort.Listening to Baotong s words At the same time, Li Chang s whole body stiffened.

The rebels were attacked several times, most of their morale was lost, and everyone was ashamed of fright.When the news of today s situation spread, the third master could become famous in Dazhou, but Chu Jiu knew that the third master didn t care about this reputation.The knife in Chu Jiu s hand was also stained with blood.He wanted to accompany the third master to kill this battle, not only for Da Zhou s rebellion, but also for his family s third master.If he killed the prince, he could return to the third master from five years ago , he had already stretched the knife towards the prince s throat without hesitation.After the accident five years ago, the third master was lying on the bed staring blankly at the curtain above his head, while the second cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding master comforted him Second uncle promises to avenge their grievances with you.Wei Wei Yuanchen nodded I stabbed the prince does just cbd gummies get you high in order to save the prince.He pointed to the collarbone.Princess Huairou s expression became even uglier, she pursed her lips tightly, the imperial concubine knew this and would never let are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding it go Mr.Wei is in a hurry to go back to Beijing I will go forward with the third master, and I can do it in front of the emperor.To tell the truth, the prince himself was tricked into being taken away that day, and Wei Sanye once discovered the clue and went to Tao Duo to try to stop it.Wei Yuanchen shook his head Princess, you don t need to defend me.If you say too much, it will arouse the emperor s suspicion.He thinks that we have joined forces to harm the prince.This time it involves the Shanxi mutiny case.case.Princess Huairou knew what Wei Yuanchen meant Then you Wei Yuanchen said Princess, don t worry, I have a way to protect myself.It s the Crown Prince himself who stepped into the real trap of Lin Temple.What does it have to do with you The emperor said with a little anger on his face, The Prince I went to Taiyuan Mansion privately to inquire about the case, and on the way I was arrogant and wanted to capture the rebels, but I was tricked.If you didn t cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon realize it in time, the prince would be given to the Tatars by Lin Sizhen.By that time, there will be no shame for Dazhou Aiqing found out the case in the Taiyuan Mansion and captured Lin Sizhen to get rid of a traitor general for Dazhou.People were moved after hearing this, and they just wanted to follow Mingjun and serve the court all their lives, just like King Lu back then, who made many people willing to plan for him.Wei Yuanchen bowed again and said Weichen returned to Beijing with where can i buy green lobster cbd gummies His Highness the Crown Prince, so he should have discovered something strange earlier.Wei Yuanchen watched carefully, Zhuzhu s unintentional expression was so similar to Rujun s similar to.Recalling that time in his dream, he followed the sound of the piano to find the pavilion, thinking that what he saw would be Rujun, but unexpectedly, Zhuzhu turned around holding the rabbit, carefully recalling the situation at that time, the girl holding the rabbit and the surrounding scene Blended into one, very harmonious.It turned out that at that time, he was reminding himself through dreams.He should have noticed it a long time ago, although all this sounds too unbelievable, but he once followed Rujun to the Gu family, and saw the situation of the Gu family rescuing Zhuzhu It s a pity that he forgot all about it after the soul leaving disease recovered.Fortunately, God has treated him kindly.Madam Zhang, the Marquis of Dingning, was weak and seldom came out to move around.As soon as they entered Beijing, Madam Zhang hurried over.Apart from visiting her mother, she also To inquire about the news, she will not delay her mother s nap because of these two people.With her in the front yard, it can be regarded as entertaining the guests who came to the door, and the mother in charge can talkMs.Zhang is wearing a lotus colored thong, with a round bun on her head, two Hetian jade hairpins on her hairpin, and a little powder on her face.Her ancestral home is in Suzhou, and are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding she has the beauty of a Jiangnan woman between her eyebrows are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding and eyes, so simple and elegant.She is dressed in such a beautiful way that she has delicate eyebrows and eyes, standing there slim and graceful, no one can t help but take a few more glances.If you had a little bit of kindness, you wouldn t be where you are today.A trace of light flashed across Mrs.Zhao s face.Tired Old lady, old man, don t press me any further.I don t want to go back to the Cheng family, and I won t rely on the Cheng family tree.Your Cheng family can write are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding a divorce letter.From then on, we They have nothing to do with each other.I only want to avenge my father, and I want to take my father s remains back to Shanxi for burial.I don t want to fight for other things, and I don t want to fight.It s gone now, the Shanxi mutiny case is being retrialed, and God has treated me well.If I owe it to you, I owe it to Brother Yi for letting him have no mother by his side since he was a child.The restIhave nothing to say, I hope you don t bring it up again.It s a joke, the old lady Cheng said sharply, You have spread rumors that the Cheng family harmed you, but now you tell us not to mention it Can t we be fools Mrs.Zhao s scandalous affairs.My lord can let someone quietly carry out two bodies Dead bodies ordered people to pretend that these two people were sent to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice The Yuan family will definitely find out that these two people are dead and destroy all evidence in secret Gu Mingzhu looked at the cloud patterned quick boots that stepped over.Wei Yuanchen stopped in his tracks Miss Jiang really has a good plan.Although the rabbit can bite, it is cunning and timid.He can t scare her, lest she are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding shrink into the hole and refuse to come out.He still has to go to the hole to guard.Chapter 218 The Troublemaker Comes Being praised by Master Wei like this, of course Gu Mingzhu couldn t remain indifferent, she immediately blessed her body I still need my are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding lord to decide.

There are palace people walking around outside Kunning Palace, I don t know how many pairs of ears they have.Actually, there is nothing to say about this matter, Empress Wei said, Since the Cheng family already has a new mistress, they need a letter of reconciliation.How can the Zhao family have nothing to do with the Cheng family There is no need for the Cheng family to feel wronged, Huairou Your son in law doesn t have to be in trouble.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei threw the fish food in her hand into the tank, turned around and walked back to the inner hall.The servants outside the Kunning Palace left quickly.If the person in the Kunning Palace said something, it would immediately reach the ears of are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me everyone in the harem.Empress Wei s general idea was this, and the taste might change if it was passed on In Princess Huairou s residence.Third Lord, I heard that Mrs.Huaiyuanhou and Missy will come tomorrow Before Zhang Tong finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked out.On the ninth day of the ninth day of the ninth day, when he was not paying attention, the third master walked out of the yard.What are you still doing Zhang Tong looked at are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding Chu Jiu, Not following.Chu Jiu blinked, the weather has changed so fast recently The Yuan family.Yuan Zhixing was called to the yamen of Dali Temple, and Bai Gong sat at home to listen to the news.It stands to reason that this matter could not be burned in their house.No matter how much the Shuntian government tried the case, they could not get definite evidence.Unexpectedly In the afternoon, someone came to Dali Temple and took away all the documents in the master s study.This is because the emperor became suspicious of the master and wanted to investigate carefully.Looking at all this, the Crown Princess could not help but tremble, since she was carried into the East Palace, she has been living in fear, thinking that it would be nice if she could live in peace, but something happened to the East Palace , this side has not been dealt with properly, His Royal Highness hurt the third prince again, and made a fuss in front of the emperor, I m afraid it will be reprimanded, what should I do Let someone send a letter to the imperial concubine The crown princess ordered the steward, This is definitely unstoppable.Instead of letting the empress hear the news from others, we should report it first.The crown princess suddenly Some understand the Wei family.Back then when Empress Wei are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me lost power, the Wei family s prominence was like the sky falling down.Now it s their turn, maybe they are not as good as the Wei family and Queen Wei.Hearing this, Cheng Yi thought of his mother s situation at that time.If God hadn t allowed her to find a piece of wood and was rescued by Peng Liang, her mother would have died of injustice.No wonder they couldn t find any clues from her father.The people arranged by my father had long since hid in Daning Dusi.Cheng Yi said When my grandfather was alive, my father went to Daning with my grandfather.My father didn t participate in many wars.It is not difficult to find that person.I can t speak clearly, even though it s been many years, I should be able to recognize that person s words again.Cheng Yi wished he could go to Daning immediately to find clues and catch the murderer who killed his mother.Don t are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding even try to get away with it.Xue Laotong looked at Aunt Gui You said that Mrs.Yuan asked you to rub your legs these days to ask you about this Aunt Gui nodded, Yes, after Mrs.Gu Chongyi frowned.What he thought about Wei San should be something that the Wei family should worry about.In a place like the Yamen, it is good to have food.Those soldiers who went to battle could only chew dry and hard rations.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi continued to urge his horse, and when he arrived outside the palace gate earlier, he could are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding also listen to the courtiers discussion on the Cheng family s case.After Master Gu left, Chu 9 immediately took the official uniform and entered the door It s time for the third master to change.Wei Yuanchen looked outside.On the ninth day of the first day, he immediately said Miss said that the time is almost the same.The third master should go to court, and she should go back.Before the eldest miss left, she asked me to tell the third master.That Huixiang didn t tell the truth, and the third master would personally tell the truth when he was free.Gu Chongyi said calmly.Wei Yuanchen then sat down on the chair again The younger generation doesn t know the crux of the second uncle s illness.I only heard from my mother that the second uncle was frightened cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding when condor cbd gummies on amazon white label cbd gummies he was a child.The illness seems to be better in the past two years.I don t know why it will happen again.The old disease relapsed, but fortunately, after each faint, it will be cured soon.Have you been frightened Gu Chongyi thought of the trip to the grove with swords and blood, and suddenly felt heavy in his heart If you are sick, you have to be cured.It is not an option to continue like this.Wei Yuanchen said The family invited a doctor for the second uncle, but It is also because of my second uncle s illness that I have been able to find an idle job in the court, so that there are fewer open and hidden arrows.Gu Chongyi thought of the late Wei Congsheng and Empress Wei who would never step out of the joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding Kunning Palace.They did it because they wanted to protect their own children.If it were him, he would do the same.Boom.Gu Chongyi s knife handle trembled in the tiger s mouth, which was a sign of exhaustion.If he couldn t hold the knife handle, the tiger s mouth would be injured, and the sharp weapon would bite back and hurt himself.Picking up the gun, the long knife in his are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding hand would definitely fall to the ground.Gu Chongyi was bracing himself to deal with it, but the iron gun came to him.When condor cbd gummies on amazon white label cbd gummies swords and guns met, the originally raging force suddenly weakened a lot.Gu Chongyi s heart shuddered.Wei Yuanchen felt his decline and stopped in time.This kind of control ability joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding was also beyond his reach.There was a cold light on the tip of the iron joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding spear, Gu Chongyi put away the long knife in his hand, although he lost, he was sweating happily.

Gu Chongyi ordered the steward Get water for Wei Tongzheng to freshen up, and I ll go change clothes.The steward responded.Since there are guests in the Hou s mansion, Gu Ziyan said that it would be inconvenient to stay for a long time, so he went up to bid farewell to Gu Chongyi Come talk to uncle some other day.Gu Chongyi nodded.Gu Ziyan wanted to leave like this, but after thinking about it carefully, he walked quickly to Gu Chongyi s side and said in a low voice, Uncle, my grandmothermaybe I want to ask my uncle for help.If it s inconvenient, I will refuse.Gu Chongyi looked at Gu Ziyan.Gu Zi said It s my eldest sister s business.He didn t want to talk about the elders in private, so he saluted again.Gu Chongyi thought about it in his heart I understand, you go on your own, don t worry about it anymore.Sun Zhenren laughed and said Good people don t have to worry, senior brother Fangwai people don t care about world affairs.Hearing this, Bai Gong was relieved, her eyes turned red, and she stared at Sun Zhenren whats in cbd gummies as if grabbing a life saving straw.Really, why is my leg injury still not healed There was a gentle smile on Sun Zhenren s face Do good people still feel pain Bai Gongren shook his head It doesn t hurt anymore, but I just can t walk around for some reason , Reverend If you don t do a religious ceremony for me, maybe Bai Gong looked to the left and right Something is causing trouble.Reverend Sun said calmly, How can there be such things in the Taoist holy land I don t know, my dead sister has been following me.Do you remember the first time I lived in Guanzhong I saw her at home.I was with the master that day, and she sat next to the master with disheveled hair , put your hand on the master s shoulder, and I asked the master to look at her, but the master couldn t see her.After walking for a while, Gu Mingzhu hadn t seen Baotong yet, so it was hard to track down that person.People don t often leave behind the mountain, and the road is difficult, and it s because of this that the female HCMUSSH are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding crown can feel at ease and come alone.My lord, did we go the wrong way Gu Mingzhu whispered, Otherwise, let s go faster.As she spoke, she quietly grabbed the corner of Wei Yuanchen s clothes, so that when she walked forward, there was no danger.She can also be faster if she is not a hindrance, and will not become a burden.A rare opportunitycan t Before Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she felt a tightness around her waist, and her whole body was wrapped into a warm embrace.Following the wind under her feet, Master Wei led her all the way to the deep mountains Forward.Gu Mingzhu struggled for a while, and then heard Wei Yuanchen say The opportunity is rare.If he had known that she would not care about Gu Mingzhu, who would have thought that such troubles would occur in a well established Taoist temple.Miss, what cbd gummy bears 900 mg should I do The maid next to her was crying.Gu Mingwan panicked a long time ago.When asked this question, she said sharply, I just know how to cry, it s useless.Fortunately, not all Taoist nuns harbor evil intentions, and more people stood there at a loss just like Gu Mingwan.When the yard was in a panic, Gu Mingwan saw someone running towards him again.The person in front was very fast, and when he saw that he was in front of her, Gu Mingwan was still in a daze when he heard Gu Mingzhu on the tree shout Eldest sister, run quickly.Gu Mingwan subconsciously turned around and ran forward, she couldn t care about anything else, she just wanted to run to the wooden house to hide.There was another sound of footsteps, and the yamen came up and surrounded Sun Zhenren.Seeing that the situation was over, Sun Zhenren looked at Mo Yangming and laughed, and with his arms full of strength, he patted his forehead.There was the sound of cracking bones.Sun Zhenren s arm hangs down limply, and a stone falls to the ground.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yacha stepped forward and threw Sun cbd gummies bear Zhenzhen to the ground.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong also came down from the tree.Seeing this scene, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being surprised.The timing of the stone flying was just right.Is the ninth day so powerful Why did she feel that it was Mr.Wei who secretly helped It s not that monkey.Baotong pouted her nose, she could smell it, but that monkey didn t have such skills.Gu Mingzhu was dubious, but sunmed cbd gummies sour worms Baotong s eyes were believable, and her nose was unsatisfactory.Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes, pretending to look at everything around her curiously like a child, the deep palace was peaceful, no matter how much movement fell here, it was like falling into an abyss, being swallowed mercilessly, even if she had ten pairs of eyes Still can t see it clearly.What s more, the situation in the palace is changing rapidly, so many people are locked in this big courtyard, which is the closest to cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding the imperial power, and they are not allowed to enter or leave on weekdays.People s hearts are used in calculations and competitions.She really doesn t like it here.Mo Yangming stopped and waited for Gu Mingzhu to come forward and said The Palace of Compassion is ahead.When I see the Empress Dowager in a while, it doesn t matter if you forget other etiquettes.Just kneel down and kowtow to salute.Mo Yangming responded, and looked at Gu Mingzhu Go and sit down Mo Yangming doesn t talk much on weekdays.Firstly, she is blunt and her words are hard to hear.Secondly, she is a deserted person.It is rare for her to take such good care of Miss Gu.The Empress Dowager knows Mo Yangming very well, so she is even more curious about this Miss Gu.The queen mother looked at Gu Mingzhu How old are you this year Gu Mingzhu stood up and replied, I will tell you, the queen mother, that she will be sixteen next year.Such a reply was stern, obviously it was taught by her family before coming here, the queen mother nodded I haven t seen your mother for a long time, but when I see you, I can remember your provacan cbd gummies mother s appearance.My daughter s mother also misses the queen mother, Gu Mingzhu said, rolling up her sleeves to reveal a bunch of rosewood, this is My mother gave it to my mother, and my mother has been wearing it carefully.

Gu Mingzhu s eyes brightened Then it s betterthe queen empress and the ministers take it apart together Chapter 308 Like it After a while, the inner hall is full It s the taste of medicinal wine.Empress Wei s back pain also eased a lot.After hot compressing with a salt bag, Mo Yangming told Empress Wei Your Majesty, this waist injury is worse than the previous two years.He kept silent.Mo Yangming said Back then, my mother had just given birth to the third princess, and she ran all the way to the imperial hospital with her in her arms.On the way, she caught a cold and sprained her waist.I was young, I didn t take it to heart, as I get older, the blood vessels will not flow smoothly, and the pain will be severe.When the weather is good, you should go outside and walk around more, don t always stay in the inner hall, especially in the alternation of autumn and winter.He ordered Long Jinwei to go forward to save the queen and princess.No one in Long Jinwei dared to do anything at the moment, and a young guard who had just are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding joined the job recommended himself to go.As a result, he only rescued the princess, but Queen Wei came from the Baojin Pavilion.fell down.Chapter 309 The love is exhausted The emperor still remembers the moment when Wei Shi s figure fell from the high platform, it seemed that the past of him in the hidden mansion also came back to his mind at that time.The Wei family who accompanied him to the battlefield in military uniform, the Wei family whose face was blushing when he lifted the hijab, and the Wei family who was named the queen by him and the mother of the world fell down at this moment.Although at the critical moment, some guards stepped forward to rescue Wei Shi, but Wei Shi was seriously injured.If you can predict things in advance, mobilizing soldiers and horses will get twice the result with half the effort.Isn t that true for Lin Sizhen It is rumored that he may summon heavenly soldiers, what will happen in the end After being seen through, it is vulnerable.He holds the military power, so he should do what he should do.If he has too many complicated ideas, he will be used by others.Cui Zhen said There s no need to ask for help.I m sure I ll tide over the difficulties.Don t think too much about it, and don t run around because of our family s affairs.Lin Sizhen is our uncle no matter what.You have done too much and caused the court to If you are suspicious, it will be self defeating.Cui Wei nodded.Cui Zhen said It s good to stay in Beijing for a while.You are not young, and you should find a good marriage for you.Mo Yangming said Pepper water can numb the wound and relieve pain.Although this medicine is not as effective as Aconitum aconitum and other substances, Aconitum aconitum is poisonous.At this time, the patient is weak, so using it will do more harm than good.Gu Mingzhu Said Disciple, remember.While speaking, Mo Yangming pulled out a wooden thorn from the child s wound, and it was this wooden thorn that prevented the wound from healing.After the wooden thorns are pulled out, there are sutures, medicines are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me and bandages.Gu Mingzhu watched carefully, and found that the medicines and healing methods used by Master Mo were rougher, because most of Taoist patients are poor people, and the treatment methods are simpler and more effective than those of medicine shops, which has something to do with the doctor s original intention.Seeing Zou Xiang s appearance, Zou Lin knew Is it the Marquis Dingning who is here I told you a long time ago that you will definitely see him.This is because I changed my mind and came to Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion.If I go directly You have already seen him since you left Dingninghou s Mansion.Zou Xiang clenched her fists and remained silent.After all, I m a child, so I can t stand a big deal, Zou Lin said, I also regret telling you these things.If you didn t ask me repeatedly and entangled me tightly, I was afraid that you would resent me in are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding the future if you brought this secret underground.I oh no matter how thoughtful I am, I m still a child.Zou Xiang was unmoved by Zou Linshi s words, as if he had been gummy cbd side effects immersed in his own thoughts for a long time and never wanted to come out again.Zou Lin didn t make things difficult for Zou Xiang, just patted Zou Xiang s back lightly with his hands I can protect you and comfort you when I m alive After I die who will take care of you You have to grow up by yourself Ah.Before Zou Xiang could speak, he heard a knock on the door Auntie, Missy asked me to call Mr.Zou to the garden.Hearing this, Zou Xiang threw herself into Zou Lin s arms again Come on this time Zou Lin didn t let Zou Xiang do this stretched out his hand and pushed Zou Xiang awaypretending to be nonchalant Is it Miss Baotong What did Missy ask Zou Xiang to go to the garden Bao Tong Tong said The Marquis of Dingning is here, and he wants to shoot arrows for Eldest Miss and Uncle Zou to see.Hearing this, Zou Xiang tightly grasped Zou Lin with her little hands, as if her little joints had already been scratched.Entering Zou Lin s flesh, Zou Lin endured the pain and pretended to be nonchalant said softly, Okay I ll change Zou Xiang s clothes right now and let him go, and trouble Miss Baotong.Baotong In response, he turned and left.Excessive force will cause damage.Don t try your best to do things on weekdays, there are no shortcuts in studying or practicing martial arts, you can go well step by step, relying on your own innate strengths than others, generally there will be no good results.Cui Zhen s voice was deep and majestic, quite a bit What do you mean by teaching the younger generation Zou Xiang stood there with clenched fists He listened quietly and did not give any response.Cui Zhen felt that the child in front of him was always guarding against and rejecting him.Brother Xiang Zou Lin s voice came.Your elder brother is teaching you, and you still haven t thanked him.Zou are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding Xiang bit his lip and finally said sullenly Thank you, Lord Hou.Or Cui Zhen didn t care if he refused to call him big brother He waved his hand Normally, he wouldn t talk to a child like this.

The weather was are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me so bad that Gu Chongyi was going to stay with Cui Zhen for a while, when he saw the steward saying, Second Master Cui is here.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, and saw Cui Wei being led into the door.Cui Wei stepped forward to salute Gu Chongyi and Cui Zhen with a smile on his face, and said, I knew that my elder brother was here to visit my uncle and aunt, so I would come with me.Before Gu Chongyi could speak, Cui Zhen stood up and said goodbye to Gu Chongyi It s getting late Now, it s time for us to go back, my uncle rested earlier, and our brothers will come again some other day.Cui Wei s smile froze on his face.Gu Chongyi did not expect that Cui Zhen was about to leave.Brother, why are you in such a hurry Cui Wei didn t follow Cui Zhen s intentions as usual, I haven t even had time to talk to my uncle, brother is leaving.Beside the long purple red wound, there are some large and small scars, from the wrist to the elbow, there are about a dozen or so, and they are old scars left by multiple cuts.Gu Mingzhu heard someone talking to the steward outside.Bao er said that she saw Aunt Zhen coughing, and asked the eldest lady to come and see Aunt Zhen, who would have seen such a situation as soon as she opened the door.Aunt Zhen never liked to talk to people, and she didn t live here all the time.Sometimes I don t see you for several months, alasyou are so youngwhat can t you think about.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong, Baotong understood and immediately went to Aunt Zhen s other arm, but who knew that when she lifted her sleeve, she couldn t bear it.It was found that the sleeve was empty.Aunt Zhen is missing a hand.Gu Mingwan opened the curtain and looked out eagerly.Old lady Our wife and eldest lady went to the Wei family for a banquet, and they are not at home today.The old lady Gu continued, Where is Lord Hou hands up.The old lady Gu said sadly Then we will come back tomorrow.Gu Mingwan put down the curtain, his eyes suddenly turned red Grandmother What should I do Father went out early in the morning, just in time to bump into Tan Sanye walking out of the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion I didn t know yesterday Something happened at night.A woman died in the Anjiyuan Blame it on Mr.Tan How could Mr.Tan be that kind of person The Tan family took care of the Anjiyuan all day long, so why did they cause such a disaster.Gu Mingwan felt wronged for Tan Sanye when she thought about it, and when she heard that her uncle was also in Anjiyuan yesterday, she and her grandmother came to hear the news, but they missed it.The Wei family is useless.The female officer said in a low voice, Your Majesty already knows who killed the crown prince Prince Gong Put the chess pieces into the chess basket.Is there still a need to investigate Concubine Jiang Gui smiled slightly, Is there anyone in the harem who doesn t know Only the officials of the previous dynasty have been investigating endlessly.After Jiang Guifei finished speaking, she raised her eyes to look at the female officer You Don t you know The female officer pursed her lips and said, The person who harmed Prince Gong must have wanted to HCMUSSH are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding get the position in the East Palace, and now there are rumors that the Third Prince was named King Huai, the word Huai The female officer did not continue to speak.Concubine Jiang continued Huai is the heart, King Huai means the person the emperor thinks of The emperor also called Empress Wei Zitong, which is a symbol of having a son.Look, my lord, Gu Mingzhu pulled out the hairpin on her head, and carefully moved the burnt iron cylinder, There is a reed here, and the reed is usually in this groove.When using it, just pull the reed Press it down, and the sleeve arrows inside the iron pipe will shoot out.Gu Mingzhu said and handed the intact hidden weapon to Wei Yuanchen This ring is connected with a reed, which is the same as the burnt hidden weapon.Pulling off the reed trigger mechanism, it can be inferred that the burned hidden weapon had a similar ring, but the tendons connecting the ring were are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me burned out by the fire, so that the ring fell off, leaving only an iron ring.barrel.Wei Yuanchen said So these two hidden weapons have similarities in purpose.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen picked up the intact concealed weapon This is what Tan Zigeng carried.It s okay There is no obstacle that we can t get through, Wei Congzhi grabbed the rein and leaned closer to Gu Chongyi I have been through a lot of storms and waves since I was a child There are always troubles around me But I don t think you re much better, and we both feel sorry for each other.Wei Congzhi was looking for trouble everywhere.Someone came to him, so how can he be regarded as sympathetic Gu Chongyi wished he could use a broomstick to stab Wei Congzhi off his horse.This broomstar never felt happy when he met him.I heard that Chongwen s case is related to Tan Zigeng.Tan Zigeng accidentally killed someone in Daxing Zhuangzi and was caught by my brother Chen, Wei Congzhi said with his eyes shining, Brother Chen is in the teahouse not far away.Come and ask Lord Hou to talk to you in the past.Qiao Zheng raised his head and looked at Fang Guiji who was on the horse, his eyes flashed with the look of a hunter when he caught the prey But the Shandong chief envoy is the one who consults the Fang family Fang Guiji gritted his teeth tightly.I m Qiao Zheng, the head of the Ministry of Criminal Justice, Qiao Zheng said, Come here to arrest the suspect.Fang Guiji s foot softened, and he pretended to be calm and looked in the direction Yu Zhenhai left., They saw Yu Zhenhai leave from his village.Master Fang Er sent Yu Zhenhai to the Zhuangzi, because he wanted Yu Zhenhai to go and never return Qiao Zheng said, The Anjiyuan is raising rice for the refugees, and there must be a lot of rice in Yu Zhenhai s Zhuangzi.If Yu Zhenhai If Zhenhai died in that Zhuangzi, it would most likely be regarded as committing suicide in cbd gummies for diabetes reviews fear of crime.

My lord, what are you looking at Gu Mingzhu noticed that Mr.Wei s gaze was a little wandering, and wondered if he had thought of some clues.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak.Gu Mingzhu said Look at his yard, there are a lot of people around, and it s easy to hide his whereabouts when people are mixed together.You have to keep an eye on them these days, otherwise he might slip away.Wei Yuanchen knew that in this regard She knows best.Wei Yuanchen said It s not easy to slip are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd for sleep gummy under your nose.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile How can I compare with adults, adults have good eyes, and you can tell if it s true or not.Wei Yuanchen looked Xiang Gu Mingzhu You didn t tell Master Gu and Mrs.Lin that they were walking outside because you were afraid that the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding would be implicated because of your investigation Master Wei had never asked her this before, Gu Mingzhu thought for a moment and said Everyone must have some means to save their lives, my lord, don t you think so If I were as powerful as Mr.The room was quiet For a moment, Wei Yuanchen looked at Wei Yuanhong Brother is in Honglu Temple, and he cares more about the tributes of the Southern and Western Fans.It s the same with the second brother.You may find something strange in the Beijing camp, Wei Yuanchen said, That person has placed manpower and eyeliner everywhere, and there will be trouble at any time.Madam Yuan clutched her handkerchief How do you listen It s frightening.Knowing is a good thing, Mrs.Li said, We can also take precautions, and what we don t know is scary.Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon the hourglass It s getting late, and we should prepare Getting ready to go to court.Mrs.Li nodded Let s all go The three brothers went out first, and Mrs.Yuan came forward to serve, Mrs.Li waved her hand I don t need you here, and you haven t slept all night Let s rest in peace and quiet for a while.The emperor s face was as quiet as the heavy snow falling down from goose feathers, and he calmed down the panic scene all of a sudden, and even Dowager Mi seemed to have become a little bit normal.Let me tell you, said Concubine Mi, you must Concubine Mi s eyes fell on a figure hiding behind the servant.It was King Huai.The moment she saw King Huai, Concubine Mi His eyes widened, revealing a joyful expression.Prince Huai, Concubine Mi was so excited that she couldn t control herself, she even are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me reached out to pull the emperor s robe, Your Majesty, you must appoint Prince Huai as the heir apparent.Upon hearing this, King joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding Huai felt his brain boom All of a sudden, his eyes were almost blacked out, and he fell to the ground.He wanted to speak to defend himself, but are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding he couldn t make a sound.Concubine Mi raised the dagger in her hand and put it to her mouth to shh , and said mysteriously Your Majesty, you must not trust the noble concubine, let alone set up a noble concubine s heirs, they are all ghosts, and they all want to eat the essence of people.Zhou Shi, Cui Zhen seemed to be looking at Zhou Shi squarely for the first time, and there seemed to be a vague female figure looking back at him, Are you wronged If you were wronged, I will fight for you.You seek justice and return your innocence.Cui Zhen s voice was deep and full of unquestionable certainty I am your husband and should be like this, HCMUSSH are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding and it can be regarded as making up for my mistakes back then.Although there was no chance to meet each other, Zhou s She should also know that her husband is a hero, and his blood is hot.Cui Zhen came from the ancestral hall, and Wang Jing waited in the yard.It s all arranged, Wang Jing said, There is a reliable person who has been working in the prison of the Criminal Ministry, and he can come to see Lord Hou tomorrow.There is no need to are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding bring him to the mansion, Cui Zhen said, find a quiet house Buy it, and go over there HCMUSSH are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding to talk if you have important matters these days.He pointed him to Dali Temple, and then to the Department of General Affairs.government affairs.The third master is very smart, even more powerful than he expected.Their Pei family has assisted so many princes and princes.The third master is not inferior to Gaozong and Emperor Yingzong, and even has the potential to surpass him.He often regrets that the third master did not learn the art of being an emperor as the eldest son of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but now he is too short sighted.The Wei family values friendship, and growing up in the Wei family will help the third master even more.People who are ungrateful will be blinded by the desire for power.Of course, there are shortcomings in emphasizing affection, but after seeing the third master tonight, he can feel at ease.It s been five or six years, the third master has lived so hard, and finally he can take a breath, how can he not be happy The third master found out that everything is now clear, but how many people can see clearly Maybe Da Zhou will have to cbd gummies tampa fl rely on the third master in the future.This chicken is also used to running legs.How You haven t seen this bird, have you Wei Congzhi put the birdcage in front of Gu Chongyi, It s thanks to Prince Huai.Gu Chongyi said How to say Wei Congzhi lowered his voice Prince Huai s mansion was searched , Those officials who intend to defect to King Huai have prepared a lot of rare objects, seeing such a situation, many people took the things to the shop and sold them, I just just picked up a bargain.Gu Chongyi listened I understand that the ramming goods in front of me are not for the purpose of picking up a bargain, but to inquire about the news behind my back.Gu Chongyi said How is Huaiwang s mansion now Wei Congzhi said Chen Jia, the steward of Huaiwang s mansion, dug out a box from Huaiwang s treasury.The box was filled with patterns of various firearms.Wei Yuanchen said Master Wailang Jiao, a member of the Ministry of War at that time, but he was training soldiers and horses in Andongwei, and it was Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War who built the fort.Old Xue was silent in the sentence.Now that the case is so clear, they are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding doubt it any more.Tan Dingfang needs to have real evidence.I m going back to the yamen to sort out the case files, said Xue Laotong as if a fire was burning in his chest, at least keep the statement from Shandong first.Old Tongpan stays here, it is better to let him do what he wants to do.Xue Laotong bid farewell to Wei Yuanchen, turned around and walked out without hesitation, no matter what difficulties he encountered this time, he would investigate to the end and fight those people to the death, in exchange for Yan Shen s justice.

Gu Chongyi looked unexpectedly and turned to look at the second master Wei.Haven t you ever thought about regaining command of the Navy The old Hou Ye was powerful at sea back then, and he was dissatisfied with the water and soil after he got ashore, and that s why he lost the battle.Second Master Wei winked his eyes, To be honest, Ge Zhenning went up The imperial court opposes the re opening of the Shibo Department, do you have any meaning in this The Shibo Department has been closed for many years, and the coastal guards have also neglected drills, not like before.Before sharpening the sword, you must first sharpen the edge.Gu Chongyi heard Here, reining in the horse, Wei Congzhi is not stupid at all to say such a thing, he wants to hear if Wei Congzhi has other opinions.Wei Congzhi went on to say Tan Dingfang won Shen Tonghuai, the deputy capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Sending Mo Zhenzhen and Miss Gu away, best cbd gummies for anxiety and pain Empress Wei looked at the female officer beside her cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon Is there any movement in the palace these few days Prince Huai s mansion has contacts, but he has not done anything wrong, please forgive me lightly, but the emperor has not agreed.Empress Wei said Where are the palace people The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them to I ve been escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat him to death, and throw his body in a mass grave, so that his family will not be affected.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Zhang s words are watertight, whether it is No one can find fault.Gu Chongyi said What are you going to do now Cui Zhen raised his eyes The affairs of the inner house are temporarily handed over to the mother in charge.I found a doctor to let Mrs.Zhang raise the baby at home first, and I bought another yard.For important matters, I will take people there.Manpower and eyeliners have been placed in the courtyard of the Hou Mansion.Someone will stare at Mrs.Zhang to see what she will do in the future.If Mrs.Zhang and the Zhang family had planned, this time It is impossible for the Zhang family and the Zhang family not to intervene.Cui Zhen thought very clearly about this point, those people have been wooing him all the time, for the sake of the Datong Guard, he refused to be fooled, the next thing they have to do is to let him hand over Give up the military power of Datong, and change someone to serve them.The war is also the result of their careful arrangements.Wei Yuanchen continued Although we have uncovered the war horse case, the private mine case, and the pirate smuggling case by officials of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, behind these cases, there are still people who are fueling the flames and trying to Cover up the truth.Wei Yuanchen handed over the account of the shipyard to the servant, who presented it to the emperor.What they want is not to be greedy for some money, nor to secretly seek a reserve for some prince.They are using the internal political parties of the Great Zhou to arrange their own eyeliner and manpower, so that the soldiers and horses of the Great Zhou will be driven by him.Zhou s officials serve him.After Wei Yuanchen said this, he met the emperor s gaze Does the emperor remember Jinzhou Weizhen Fu Zheng Ruzong The emperor naturally remembered that cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon Zheng Ruzong was a general, but it was a pity that he had served in Daning Fortunately, Zheng Ruzong fell into the water and died in a battle, otherwise Zheng Ruzong would definitely be a big obstacle when he personally conquered Liang Wang.After Lu Guang left, Nie Chen touched his tense jaw.Isn t it somewhat similar to Master Wei Hall of Mental Cultivation.After taking the medicine, the emperor s spirit improved a lot.He forced himself to return to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to continue reading the memorial.Especially at such a time, as an emperor, he should not be weak at all.Maybe the person behind the scenes is Liang Wang, maybe someone is trying to confuse the public, but he can t let them succeed.The atmosphere in the Hall of Mental Cultivation was dull, and it didn t get better until King Huai was sent back to the capital.King Huai s return at least proves that the blood letter is true and that King Huai did not conspire cbd gummies for joint against him, but at the same time, it also proves that someone set up a trick behind the scenes.Deputy General Zhao is not the only rebel in Yanqingwei , are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding Now they saw that the situation in the guard had changed, so they led troops to rebel.This is only one guard in Yanqing Guard, if the surrounding guards also respond, the result will be disastrous.Return to aid, Peng Shi said, within an hour, take down the turbulent soldiers.In addition to stabilizing the guard, he also wanted to send the news back to the capital for the emperor to decide the capital.Tan Dingfang was sitting in the main room, and the steward ran into the room quickly Master, there are a lot of forbidden soldiers outside our house, and I don t know what to do.Tan Dingfang looked indifferent, and his hand holding the tea was still steady I see.He knew that the emperor would do something, but it was only sooner or later.Li will never thank him.Gu Chongyi was about to take off his armor and go down to search for people, when he suddenly saw movement on the sea, he hurriedly lowered his head to have a look.A mouthful of sea water rushed towards Gu Chongyi s mouth and nose with a poof , and then the disgusting face of Master Wei Er.Got fooled again.If it weren t for the many soldiers around him, Gu Chongyi would have already started to curse.Master Wei Er wiped his face proudly.This man is good at swimming.In this case, Gu Chongyi told the people around him Take a Cangshan boat, and when it gets dark, follow the second master Wei to approach the rebels to investigate.It is best to investigate all the coastal guards.Many guards have not yet sent reinforcements.He suspects that there are generals in the guards colluding with the rebels.

The emperor closed his eyes and endured a severe headache.Tan Dingfang took advantage of his trust to do so.When he punished Tan Dingfang, he was not facing a minister he trusted, but also those ministers he had placed high hopes on.A general trained with painstaking efforts.Thinking of this, the emperor was furious again.Tianjia, don t dare to get angry anymore.The envoy of the imperial hospital has been standing by the side, fearing that the emperor will make any mistakes, the emperor will be furious and blood will accumulate, and he has symptoms of blocked veins, which is a sign of stroke.When will I recover The emperor looked at the court envoy, I have used needles several times, why is my leg still unable to move It will take a lot of work, now that the emperor is busy with government affairs and can t rest, relying on medicine stones alone is really limited The emperor frowned You mean my illness can t be cured The envoy of the imperial hospital knelt down in fear My ministers must do their best, butYour Majestyyou have toat least don t get angry The emperor looked at the court envoy You let me rest, I can ignore the government are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding affairs, but even if my illness Alright, I m afraid the country of the Great Zhou will also fall into the hands of the rebels.Seeing that the box was about to be carried out of the courtyard, Zhou Zejing stepped forward and stopped him Wait a minute, which adult is in charge here now Before the Yacha could speak, Zhou Zerui walked out quickly Second brother, come back Now, come in and ask Mr.Feng if there is any misunderstanding.Zhou Zejing looked at the courtyard, Mr.Feng from Shuntian Mansion is Feng Anping who was transferred from Taiyuan to the capital, an in law of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion and under the tutelage of Xue Lao Tongpan, Mr.Xue s judge, master and apprentice, is quite trusted by Mr.Su Fu, and that s all.Feng Anping and Wei Yuanchen have handled cases together.The Taiyuan War Horse case is one, and the recent arrest of Zheng Ruzong is another.This case also involves another apprentice of Xue Laotong, Feng Anping s brother Yan Can, if condor cbd gummies on amazon white label cbd gummies there is no Yan Can, the court may not be so easy to catch Zheng Ruzong.It s a pity that he was only a little bit close to succeeding, and he didn t want his sister in law to catch the jade hairpin on his head and stab him hard in the chest.Fortunately, the hosta wasn t sharp enough, so he didn cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon t have to worry about his life.After being injured by Yuzan, he became angry from embarrassment and grabbed his sister in law s neck with his hands.It wasn t me, Zhou Zerui couldn t help but said, I didn t kill the person, it was Xu GuiXu Gui killed my sister in law.Chapter 486 Survival Driven by Zhou Zerui s desire to survive, he said all the following words in one breath.Zhou Zerui said I just pinched my sister in law, but didn t kill her.He didn t expect that my sister in law, who usually looked so weak, was so powerful.He thought that sister in law didn t have the protection of her brother, and maybe she would be half hearted after a few words of persuasion from him.Mrs.Zhou was just about to ask someone to call Zejing to come, when she saw Zejing enter the door, Mrs.Zhou couldn t help but feel happy that at the critical moment, Zejing could still support the family.Zhou Zejing walked into the main room to salute the elders.The old man who usually talked to him just glanced at him, and said HCMUSSH are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding indifferently Zejing is here, just in time, everyone is here, we heard The matter of choosing a daughter in law The old man in the family said and looked at the old lady Zhou What has the Zhou family become like under your control What face will you have to meet Chu in the future Hearing the name of the deceased husband, the old lady Zhou Holding the handkerchief tightly, he lowered his head.The old man didn t are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding look at Zhou Zejing, and looked straight at Qingniang Rui, who was kneeling on the ground Say it Rui Qingniang raised her head to look at the old man, and then at Zhou Zerui who was standing not far away.Hope nothing happens.Senior scholar Cao looked at King Su My lord, Bao Er should have got rid of Zhou Zejing, cbd gummies dosage for anxiety so that the Zhou family s case will not be found on Cao s family, and you and the concubine can feel at ease.King Su s eyes were clear Father has just handed over several thousand elites from the Beijing camp to me, so nothing can go wrong right now.When the rebellion of King Liang is quelled, if Father s health cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding is still not good, he can handle the government affairs as the crown prince., give him a year or so, and he might persuade his father to become the Supreme Emperor.When he is on the throne, there will be few troubles before him.King Su smiled a little It s fine, uncle can t be careless at this time.He is the emperor s favorite son, and unless something serious happens, no one can shake his position.At the gate of Chengtian, the forbidden army rushed out, King Su drew out the long sword at his waist, and ordered everyone Rush in with all your strength.A group of people successfully entered the Chengtian Gate, and then rushed to the Duanmen.At this time, King Su felt a little strange.The Chengtian Gate behind him was closed tightly at some point, and the road leading to the palace seemed to be slower than usual.It seems quiet.Su Wang had a bad premonition in his heart.My lord, the Wufeng Tower is ahead, do we still want to go After passing the Wufeng Tower, we arrived at the palace.King Su thought for a while Go At this point, there is no way out, no matter what the situation ahead is, you have to make a breakthrough.King Su raised the edict in his hand again, and galloped forward with his men and horses.He doesn t want to follow Wei s wishes, but who will resist Liang Wang from behind Even if he wanted to regain his power, he was powerless in his current situation.The corners of the emperor s mouth trembled with excitement, and he wanted to speak, but his tongue seemed uncontrollable.Your majesty, Empress Wei called the emperor affectionately, How do we deal with King Su now Knowing that he was speechless, Wei deliberately put on an act in front of others, as if the respect he had for him was all fake, but it happened The people around him seemed to believe it.His Long Jinwei, his Grand Scholars, and his soldiers and horses all obeyed Wei Shi s wishes.The emperor s breathing was unsteady, and his eyes turned black.If he hadn t been supported by his servants, he would have fallen down.Your Majesty.

Lu Guang was overjoyed.He bought a new pair of boots during the new year.Who knew that they would disappear after wearing them once.He knew they must have been stolen.At that time, he thought, when the little joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding thief puts it on, he will definitely get the stolen goods.Finally got it now.Lu dr formulated cbd stress relief gummies reviews Guang took a few steps and rushed over, holding the ankle first.The legs are intact, the body is intact, but the torch is moved up, and the head is gone.Lu Guang shook his hand, and the torch fell to the ground.The man burst into tears, and fumbled to grab Zhu Wu s hand, which was tightly clenched, and he didn t let go until he died.Must be very painful, right Lu Guang s heart seemed to be torn apart, and tears poured into his chest, making him unable to breathe.Lu Guang held Zhu Wu s fist hard, trying to stretch Zhu Wu s hand.Wei Wei The queen knew that Brother Chen was talking about his life experience Since you are sincerely asking for cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding marriage, you should make it clear.I hope the Gu family will not be too surprised, as long as the Gu family can agree, she will ask the queen mother to marry her.Mrs.Li pretended to be worried Miss Gu is the jewel in the palm of the Marquis of Huaiyuan.Originally, the Marquis of Huaiyuan and his wife were looking for someone to marry, but we would come to ask for marriage first.Mouth Marriage Empress Wei deliberately joked Then my son will change his surname again.The mother and daughter looked at each other and smiled, and Wei Yuanchen s face also turned red.The female officer came to report the arrival of the imperial physician.Empress Wei ordered Wei Yuanchen Let the imperial doctor take a look, and I can feel at ease.Soft lips fell down and pressed against her tightly.Her heart suddenly contracted, and then beat like a drum, her mind went blank, and she let go of her hand, and the lamp she was carrying fell to the ground.Chu Jiu hurriedly covered his eyes, and covered Liusu s face with the other hand, God, what did he see, although the third master covered it, he could still guess what was going on.Liu Su pressed Chu Jiu s hand down, this idiot was peeking at him, why should he stop others.I don t know how long it took, it seemed to be a long time, but it also seemed to be a short time.Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies nightime opened her eyes again, and looked into Master Wei s bright eyes.His Ruifeng eyes drooped slightly, his joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding eyes were clear and deep, and the corners of his eyes seemed to be dyed with a thin layer of charm.He just looked at her steadfastly, and then said in a slightly hoarse voice You want to be a Taoist Gu Mingzhu subconsciously Shaking his head No, no, it s me and Master Before he finished speaking, he lowered his head again.After entering the palace, he won t be able to see her all day long, so what can he do When all the female relatives went out, Gu Chongyi looked at Pei Shangqing.Pei Shangqing saluted and said Congratulations, Lord Hou.Gu Chongyi did not respond, but said When did you get married Gu Chongyi urged Boss is not too young to get married and have children.He couldn t wait any longer.Pei Shangqing was startled, turned his head to look left and right, he thought he was back in the clan, and standing in front of him was the elders of the Pei family.Walking out of the room, Gu Chongyi asked Pei Shangqing Is your mother thinking about this matter Pei Shangqing knew that Huaiyuan Hou was asking about Wei Yuanchen s life experience My hempbombs cbd gummies mother only wanted the child to grow up in Wei s family, but the Wei family and Pei s family were not the same.That day my father s face was particularly ugly, and he said that if he knew today, he would have listened to his grandfather and married his mother half a year later.Her father slept in the study that night, and she heard from her mother in charge that her mother let her father sleep in the study for half a year to make up for his father s mistakes.Wei Yuanchen said I brought some things for my grandfather when I went to Korea this time.He looked at the purse at his waist as he spoke.Gu Mingzhu blushed a little, it was fine for the adults to call Uncle Qi like that before, but now they call their grandfather so smoothly, how much do condor cbd gummies cost I don t know what it looks like in front of my grandfather.Do you want to take a look The adult said so, how could she hold back her hands.Then let me take a look.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand, and after a while, she opened her eyes slightly.Maybe he avoided the hairpin in his mother s hand just now because he didn t want to die, or maybe are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me he didn t want his mother to commit another crime.Cui Zhen went on to say My son will take care of the mother s death.Cui s ancestral grave refused to accept my mother, but my son asked Mrs.Lin, the Lin family can do it, and my mother can rest assured After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he pulled Mrs.Lin s hand This time Mrs.Lin didn t struggle, not because she forgave him, but because she didn t have the strength to break free, but Mrs.Lin s breathing was still short, and she couldn t return to calm for a long time.Are you not reconciled Don t hate me, mother, Cui Zhen said, I sent my mother away and killed my uncle and younger brother with my own hands.The killing is too heavy, and I will surely die a bad death.My father was lying on the chair with his eyes closed, and he could tell whether he was using the gun correctly by listening to the sound of the iron ring.Many things have changed now, but this gun has never changed.Lord Hou, Wang Jing cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon said after entering the door, if our people go to Prince Gong s mansion, they will not find the portrait of Madam.On Wednesday, the master gave Zhou Rujun s portrait to the prince.Should be out again.After Cui Zhen returned to Beijing, he sent someone to ask about the Zhou family s case.Most of the Zhou family s affairs were dealt with cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding clearly by Zhou Zesheng, and he didn t need to help, but there were still some details that he hoped to contribute to.Cui Zhen looked at Wang Jing Have you searched carefully Wang Jing responded It should have been taken away, why not ask the seventh master of the Zhou family Cui Zhen thought of Wei Yuanchen, maybe Wei Yuanchen took him away, although Wei Yuanchen proposed to marry Zhuzhu now, but he always felt that Zhou Rujun held are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding a very important weight in Wei Yuanchen s heart.

She has no right to decide life and death by herself, the only thing that comforts her is that Concubine De took the first step, the life of the emperor will be even more difficult, thinking about these two people, she will not suffer so much.They are more ridiculous than she is The Wei family.Mrs.Li and Mrs.Yuan accompanied the Gu family s are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding family members to make the bed.Everything was ready, and they were just waiting to go to greet their relatives tomorrow.Mrs.Li smiled from ear to ear.How could she be unhappy when she finally waited for this day Miss Gu s family is finally going to become a member of her family.After seeing off the family members of the Gu family, Wei Congzhi stepped forward Mom, I m so busy these days that I don t even touch the ground.Look at how many pairs of shoes have been damaged.Everyone said yes.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to support Mrs.Li.Mrs.Li patted Gu Mingzhu s hand Zhuzhu, when we get to the garden, I ll show you that old tree in the garden.I saw new branches sprouting just now.That s a good sign.The Wei family surrounded them together Mrs.Li went to the garden, the courtyard was soon full of laughter and laughter, everyone stood under the old tree, the old tree stretched out, exuding vigorous vitality.After everyone talked for a while, Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu went to the palace.Sitting in the carriage, Gu Mingzhu lifted the curtain, the majestic palace wall was not far away, and the magnificent palace gate was open to them.A ray of sunlight shines through the palace, so dazzling and so solemn and terrifying.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mr.Wei beside the carriage, her slightly disturbed mood became more at ease at this moment.After much deliberation, she was most at ease in handing Brother Chen to Pei Shangqing, but if the Pei family is unwilling, no one can force it.This matter is very dangerous.If something goes wrong with the Wei family, the Pei family will also be implicated.Pei Shangqing originally has a bright future, but because are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding he wants to secretly plan for Brother Chen, he will not hesitate to stay at home sick.If Pei Shangqing is unwilling to help Brother Chen, no one can Reluctantly, Empress Wei knew this very well.She knew Pei Shangqing when she was young, and she knew Pei Shangqing s character.Pei Shangqing bowed again It s not the minister who taught the third master Wei, but the Wei family and the empress, the empress is the third master Wei s reliance, and I hope the empress is in good health.Pei Shangqing said it sincerely, this is his expectation, as long as everything is well with the empress, he will be relieved, no matter how difficult it is, so what Nor will he be afraid.Looking cbd gummies for back pain relief are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding around carefully, it seemed that it was the place where are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding he stayed when he came to Beijing that day The girl who came to buy red bean cakes that day did not know him, but unexpectedly fell into his dream when he was drowsy.Cui Zhen was about to ask Cui Xiang if he wanted to eat red bean cake, when a carriage stopped at the door of the shop.Wei Yuanchen got off his horse and stretched out his hand cbd gummies for back pain condor cbd gummies on amazon to get the female family member wearing a fence off the carriage.The female family member should be Zhuzhu in appearance.On the second day of Wei Yuanchen and Zhuzhu s marriage, they should return to Wei s house from the palace to thank him Recently, news came out from Beijing that Wei Yuanchenmaybe he will be called Zhao Yuanchen next time.The eldest son of the emperor are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me and empress, who will inherit the throne in the future, from Wei Yuanchen s point of view, it is unlikely that the Great Zhou will usher in a joyorganics cbd gummies are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding prosperous age, so that the Great Zhou will have the opportunity to regain the territory of Daning and Liaodong.Mrs.Li ordered the mother in charge When the second master comes back, lock him up and see how the Marquis of Xining plans to deal are cbd gummies safe while breastfeeding cbd gummy near me with him.The mother in charge responded Wei Congzhi got out of the carriage in desperation, and was led straight into the room by the steward.Second Master, Mrs.Tai has ordered that you don t want to leave the house until the Mu family s affairs are resolved.Wei Congzhi s face collapsed upon hearing the steward s voice.However, Mrs.Madam ordered, the steward handed the food box to the door, Before the Mu family decides what to do, you have to eat and drink well, don t lose weight, what if the Mu family is not satisfied Is this going to sell him Wei Congzhi said I want to see my mother.The steward sighed Second Master, you have caused a big problem, you d better live in peace In and out of the battlefield, the second master I m afraid he won t be able to beat him.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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