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The little salary he got in the institute is probably only enough for him to drive to and from get off work.The people in this unit are not normal, but this person in front of him is undoubtedly an abnormal person who is not annoying.Don t come so close to me.I m breaking pots and drums, and everyone is beating on drums.If you get too close to me, what will the leader think Han Zhaoyang reminded with self deprecation as he walked.Xu Hongliang went to another police station as an intern when he was in the police academy, and now he is an auxiliary policeman at the Huayuan Police Station.He has been working in the police station for nearly two years.He has encountered everything and everyone, except that he has never met anyone.I have seen Han Chaoyang be so unlucky.He looked behind him and said calmly, It s not that you don t know.This is a must, otherwise it will really make you bleed and cry when encountering nonsense.Chaoyang, how do we arrange this class Old Xu is definitely old fashioned.He has acquaintances everywhere he goes.After chatting with a few community officials in the backyard, he came in through the back door with a cigarette in his mouth.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that the room inside would be my future dormitory.Do I have any privacy as you walk around like this, and said blankly, You and Hongliang discuss it.Anyway, it s a shift, and each person works for 12 hours.Xu Hongliang took out his mobile phone to check the time, looked up and said, Old Xu, you have a lot of housework, why don t you work the night shift.The two temporary workers took turns to be on duty, and the official police didn t need it.2.1 kilometers to the east is Chengdong Passenger Station, across the road is Yanyang University of Science and Technology and the Sixth People s Hospital of Yanyang City, usually with a large flow of people and vehicles, and it is located in the urban rural fringe.Not here, so the bureau leaders think that xherry gummies cbd the Chaoyang Police Department should play a role.The leader s consideration is very reasonable, but the sub bureau has the cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep jurisdiction of the sub bureau, and the police station also has the purekana cbd gummies for copd jurisdiction of the police station.Traffic accidents on Zhongshan Road are under the control of the traffic police.People who are stolen or lost on the bus are under the control of the bus sub bureau.Public security cases or general criminal cases on the opposite side of the road barrier should be under the control of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Even if it is accepted, there are still so many people in the institute, how could they all be given away.What s more, if they really do this, they may say something good on their lips, but they will look down on them even more in their hearts.After much deliberation, Han Chaoyang found that Xu Hongliang s proposal was good.If they can do something, even if they collect a few criminal clues, it is impossible for them not to treat them differently.How to collect key criminal clues In this regard, I have to admire Guan Xiyuan, who is also a community policeman.I have never seen him go to the community.In order to cope with the inspection by the superiors, all the materials about the .

can i give my dog a human cbd gummy?

community are fake.There is a gambling den, how many people are gathering to gamble.I won t mention that villain Wu Wei, it is said that he also showed his face last night.Hate iron but not steel.Jiang cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang were frightened, they drooped their heads and didn t dare to act anymore.About Yu Xiushui leaving the real estate to Zhang Beibei, if you are not convinced, you can go to the court to file a civil lawsuit.Using violence and threats to enter other people s houses, insulting or even beating others, what kind of behavior is this This is a violation of personal rights and property rights Han Chaoyang took out the Public Security Punishment Law , turned to Article 43, and turned it over for them to read.Comrade policeman, I don t understand, I didn t mean it.Jiang Xiaolan turned her head away, as if seeing it was an admission of guilt.Jiang Xiaofang was more tempered than her sister, so she pushed the Public Security Punishment Law aside, and stood up abruptly Comrade police, you can t favor her just because she looks good What does it mean to enter someone else s house It s my house, okay I best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears ve caught a thief, I m just defending I went, and my mouth was bloody.For example, 5 points are added for each stolen vehicle seized, 5 points are added for each seizure of drugs, and 5 points are added for each batch of controlled knives.If guns and ammunition can be seized, it will be great.Each gun will add 20 points, and every 10 rounds will add 10 points.Lao Xu asked for leave several times because of cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies his wife s illness, and his attendance was deducted a few points.Old Xu really wanted to get back the deducted points, so he couldn t help saying Chaoyang, Hongliang, don t act bulk cbd gummies rashly, you must find out the situation, they may have accomplices.Let s take a look first, if it doesn t work, let s take turns to watch and catch more.One is one.Don t worry, we won t startle the snake.Han Chaoyang smiled, and when he changed into his uniform, he walked out of arieyl cbd gummies the police room with Xu Hongliang without looking back.Li must come out in full force.Han Chaoyang was thinking about whether he should follow, when Liu Suo s face cbd mg gummies cbd gummy near me suddenly darkened Why didn t you report such an important clue, where do you think the police station is, and who do you think you are Self righteous, personal heroism, almost bad best cbd gummies sleep things don t you know I know Nima, if you don t solve the case, you don t like me, if you solve the case, you don t like me, I provoke you, why is it so difficult to serve Han Chaoyang was extremely depressed, and muttered unconvinced It s just a few people who issued false certificates, and they are not murderers.Besides, I was just suspicious before and didn t confirm it.I checked my residence card at night to find out.Talking nonsense with closed eyes.The more Liu Suo thought about it, the angrier he got, he gritted his teeth and asked, You re the only one who is smart enough to pretend that everyone else is a fool Before he was scolded so badly, he could only listen and bear it.

Pull out your phone and take a picture.Sitting in the co pilot of the second electric patrol car, Han Chaoyang held up the walkie talkie and ordered Patrol team, patrol team, please go to the scheduled location immediately to set up checks, please immediately go to the scheduled location to set up checks.The patrol team received it, the patrol team received it, it s over Gu Changsheng, who had just led the patrol team to the intersection of West Street, waved his big hand, and led the team to run towards the intersection of West Street.The large army divided into two groups at the cbd gummies and type 2 diabetes gate of the neighborhood committee, heading east and west, and then marching south at the same time.At every intersection leading to the village, there will be a well equipped patrol team member and two cadres left behind. That s great I ll know if it s good or not, you ll know if you add it, come on, let me help you, note your name, note Let me know where to rent The outsiders are still very reasonable, although it is so troublesome to check the ID card and residence permit in the middle of the night, register, take pictures, and join the WeChat group, but they did not fine them for not having a residence permit.And polite, very cooperative.In contrast, the landlord is not easy to talk to When he learned that he would be fined, and that he would be fined two fines, he immediately slapped the table and cursed.What are you shouting about Han Chaoyang could not continue to patrol outside, walked into the yard, pointed at a landlord and yelled, Do you know that if you rent a house to foreigners, you have to report to the community service station or the police station, even if you temporarily accommodate foreigners to meridian life balance cbd gummies live in Report to the police.What is it.Vicious and vicious, he is the kind of person he is talking about.Don t see him being scared out of our control of urine.He is not timid to others.He can rob a lady who works in KTV with a knife, and he can rob you as well. best cbd gummies sleep Officer Han, I was wrong, I know I was wrong.Please believe me, if anyone comes to rent a house in the future, he will definitely report to the police.In the case of counterfeit evidence, the HCMUSSH best cbd gummies sleep old police from the community team and the prevention and control team had to undertake other public security cases and some criminal cases of low 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep value and not particularly bad nature.Suspects involved in criminal offenses cannot be detained beyond the time limit, and public security cases must be completed within the specified time.Yang Tao went to the sub bureau for approval in the afternoon, and in the evening he worked on materials for several other cases.The new policeman from your station is in Director Xing s office, and Director Xing is learning about the situation.I m going to Xing Take do cbd gummies really work for pain a look at the director.Don t, don t, Director Du has an explanation, so don t embarrass me.The policeman on duty grabbed his arm with a helpless expression on his face.What does the bureau leader mean by not trusting the Huayuan Street Police Station Guan Yuanyuan was angry and impatient, and he didn t know what to say.The policeman on duty asked him to sit in the duty room for a while, and explained Instructor Guan, Huayuan Street is here prepared.It is estimated that they will come at dawn.If a murderer is captured and turned over to our sub bureau, it will be reported to the District Comprehensive Management Office.The District Comprehensive Management Office and the District Political and Legal Committee work together.Okay, okay, I ll call him, and you have to best cbd gummies sleep hurry up.There are not many opportunities to show your face in front of the branch leaders, Guan Xiyuan is both excited and a little bit disappointed, thinking that he should go upstairs to report just now.But this thought just passed by, thinking of the current situation of the leader, he leaned on the steering wheel and asked Chaoyang, did you see Liu Suo and the instructor upstairs.No.Aren t you in the instructor s office All In the conference room, Han Chaoyang scratched his neck and said in a bad mood, I took a peek and saw Xu Suo and Gu Suo, who seemed to be writing inspections, and Secretary Guo watched them write.Writing inspections Maybe it s writing materials.The leaders of best cbd gummies sleep the office are all writing inspections, maybe this is just the beginning, Guan Xiyuan glanced back at him Chaoyang, listen to my brother s advice, find Secretary Tong, and quickly transfer Let s go.Han Chaoyang was in charge of collecting and fixing evidence, and he was extremely busy.Guan Xiyuan, the person in charge, just lifted the big cardboard box out of the room, then turned around and said, I have all your ID cards here, as well as your cameras and phones.Go to the office and explain things clearly, and then you can take your ID cards, cameras and phones back to the office.Home.We can t fit in our car, and we re calling a taxi downstairs.Follow our team members and go downstairs one by one, three people in one car, our team members sit in the co pilot, you sit in the back row, and you re not allowed to whisper on the road. Management Police officer, if you don t understand art, you should understand the law, right Why don t you go to the Academy of Fine Arts to arrest i am edible blackberry cbd gummies you You know the law and break the law Give me back the phone, I want to make a call.

The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more amusing he became.The more he thought about it, the more he felt that what the master said made sense.Sometimes the words of the leader can only be listened to and never taken seriously.Li Xiaobin was asked to follow the police car on the suspect s electric car, and rushed to the Shuxiang Hotel without stopping.He first checked and copied the surveillance video, and then made a record for the owner.Although everyone has proved that the electric car belongs to the owner, it cannot be returned for the time being.The owner needs to go back to the dormitory to find the car purchase invoice.Han Chaoyang assisted in these matters, while Cao Mingzhi took the time to interrogate the suspect in the car.After Han Chaoyang finished the record, copied the video, and explained everything to the owner, the suspect also opened his mouth and confessed to the crime of stealing the electric car, but claimed that it was a first time offender and refused to admit that he had stolen other things.Zheng Xinyi didn t say what a 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep good person thinks in her heart.Report, you should be considered a good person and a good policeman, but it turned out that you were not reported.At the same time, he also felt that he, the team leader, couldn t see beautiful women, and he didn t have a long memory after suffering such a big loss, so he talked and laughed happily with Zhang Beibei.A beauty is a disaster, this Zhang Beibei is definitely a disaster.Just as he was slandering, Zhang Beibei took out his mobile phone and said embarrassingly while using WeChat to transfer money Officer Han, I have money now, and I originally wanted to calculate the interest, but I was worried that I would cause you trouble again, so best cbd gummies sleep I will pay back the principal first.You will make up for it later.There is no need to be in such a hurry, it is time for you to spend money, just use it first, it s okay.He simply picked up the patrol inspection terminal and checked the identities of the outsiders wandering outside together with the police and auxiliary police guards at the intersection best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears of the second team.certificate.Why don where can i buy cbd gummies for sleep t you bring your ID card when you come out Uncle policeman, I live in front, I just took a shower, I just changed clothes, and I don t go far.Why do you bring your ID card Give me your name and ID number.Yu Xiaoping , ID number 330521 The young man remembered very clearly that Liu Jianye entered the query to confirm that there was no problem, and then asked, Do you have a residence permit Without a residence permit, you will be fined.Tian added a WeChat group in Chaoyang Village, explaining Uncle policeman, I just moved here from Chaoyang Village.People from the Chaoyang Community Service Station and the Police Office asked me to work here.So the house Huang Ying introduced is not expensive You don t even look at the location, new Damingmen can sell for 160,000 yuan, and Jinxiu Garden will only be higher, and besides the subway station, the value will definitely increase after the subway is completed cbd r us gummies 1000mg and opened to traffic It turns out that it is a good house, no wonder it is so expensive.Ma Fengying asked suspiciously Director Su, why does he sell it so cheaply Su Xian smiled cbd chill gummies 200mg and said It must be in a hurry to sell, Mr.Ma, you may not know that rough houses in Yanyang sell better than renovated ones.No matter how well decorated they are, they are second hand houses.They can definitely be sold, but I don t think so.It s not so easy to sell quickly.One is that people want to bargain, and the other is that the intermediary wants to sell at a higher price.There is an open air barbecue in the village, and the village collects stall fees and sanitation fees from others.The villagers have no objection.The street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team can only turn a blind eye and close one eye, pretending not to know, let best cbd gummies sleep alone clean up.When there are many people, accidents are easy to happen, especially on hot summer nights.Since the beginning of summer, there have been four fights on this street caused by trivial matters, so it is completely different to come to patrol and not to patrol.Driving a patrol car and turning on the police lights can improve street visibility The police rate can play a certain deterrent effect.But Han Chaoyang s visit tonight was not just for patrolling.He first went around to find out the general situation, and then went from north to south to visit the small shops along the street.Talk to the hospital leaders.I believe that the patient will take the initiative to bear the medical expenses after waking up.After all This is to help him see a doctor, this is to save his life.Director Pang of the emergency center is by my side Furthermore, talk to him carefully, that s it, I have a few more police reports here.The leader hung up as soon as he said it, and didn t give him a chance to continue explaining.Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded, and after thinking about it, he called the office again.Chen Xiujuan also had no other options, and suggested him to report to the sub bureau command center just like the deputy head of the rescue station.With so many patients in the emergency area, Director Pang didn t have time to wait for him here.He took the examination report from a nurse who hurried over and looked at it, walked into the office, took out a pen and quickly wrote out a long prescription.

Anyway, I may not be able to go back for the Spring Festival this year.I will talk about it next year.I won t be able to shark tank uly cbd gummies go back next year.Huang Ying was completely convinced, and thinking that her mother had asked her to go on a blind date when she was out just now, Huang Ying said nonchalantly, Chaoyang, can you be serious and talk about serious things.I won t go out for dinner on Saturday, and go to my house on Saturday night.When asked to go to her house, Han Chaoyang was ecstatic Okay, okay, I will can cbd gummies give you a stomach ache go to your house on Saturday, and I will arrange it on Sunday.It just so happens that my mother and father are coming over.I invite my uncles and aunts to have dinner and introduce them to each other.You really know how to take advantage of the opportunity, you want to cook raw rice, don t you Huang Ying cursed with a smile, and explained My mother forced me to go on a blind date again, I just want you to use it as a shield.The wechat friend that Lin Wenjing just found was surnamed Jiang, and his name was Jiang Xue.Not only was Han Chaoyang impressed, but he was deeply impressed.He took the phone and clicked on the profile picture, and asked with a look of embarrassment Didn t she transfer to another school How did you get in touch with her Sorry, Lin Wenjing sneered and said, Look, it scares you so much.Don t be nervous.Jiang Xue has also married.She is my cousin now.My cousin s family is rich and has three houses in the county.She is now the young mistress.I don t know how moist the days are.What a coincidence The green mountain is that big, so it s not a coincidence.The last time I went back, I talked about you.She said she couldn t even remember what you were like.Get up and chase after him, then this trouble will be big.Those who know her know that she is your senior sister.I don t know Some people will cbd and weed gummies think she is your own sister How can I put it, she is a tomboy She got very good grades in school, and she did whatever the teacher asked her to do.At best, she has a sense of responsibility, and at worst, she likes to use chicken feathers as a pawn.Ling Jian, let her be the class monitor, she manages more leniently and stricter than the class teacher.The teacher likes her, but no one likes her classmates.I didn t expect that nothing has changed in so many years, and I guess no colleague in their unit would like her.Listening to the teacher when I was in school.If so, I must listen to the leader now.When she was in school, she was very responsible, and she could regard the monitor as the head teacher.Now that she is 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep working, no matter what the leader tells her, she probably will complete it to the letter.What kind of divorce, come down, stop making trouble, and make people laugh at me.I don t want you to worry about it, I m not afraid of people making jokes.Brother, can t you be tough She is willing to stay in it, so let her stay in it, anyway, what can happen in the community.But this can only be thought about.The police in the community serve the masses to resolve conflicts.Han Chaoyang coughed twice, walked to the side and knocked on the colored plastic tube Yue Lianlian, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman best cbd gummies sleep from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Your husband is worried.You just went to the police office to report the accident, since we have reported the police, we have to go through the procedure, please come out cbd mg gummies cbd gummy near me and go to the Ximen security room to make a record.Whoever called the police you went to whoever, and I didn t call the police You It s the parties involved, Yue Lianlian, the quarrel between the two of you is the business of the two of you, I asked you to make a statement to perform official duties, and if you don t cooperate, it means obstructing official duties.The man did not cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies flick his tears easily, but he did not reach the point of sadness.Wan Xin wiped away tears, held his wife s hand tightly and said with a choked voice Leukemia costs too much money.On July 3rd, the county people s hospital was transferred to our city s cancer hospital.By July 16th, around two weeks, It cost more than 70,000 yuan to give Binbin blood transfusions, medications, and what kind of three value increase.Even the treatment cost more than 70,000 yuan, and more than 30,000 yuan in the next few days We got married last year, and we spent money on building a house before we got married.Ten thousand eight thousand eight thousand.I owed more than 60,000 foreign debts, and 40,000 of the money for Binbin s medical treatment was borrowed from relatives, friends and neighbors.Study hard, let Li Xiaobin be a family member if you pass the exam.Huang Ying chuckled, picked up her bag and prepared to leave.Chen Jie didn t know that she wasn t going home tonight, so she subconsciously asked, Sister Huang, are you waiting for Han Da It s none of his business, the main thing is that Old Tang doesn t know how to drive.This girl actually helped the unlucky guy, Huang Ying suppressed a smile and turned her head and said I m not angry with him, I have something to do, come back tomorrow, and talk tomorrow.She must be angry , Chen Jie was not at ease, and kept sending it to the door.Seeing Huang Ying crossing the road at the zebra crossing instead of heading west on her newly bought electric bike, she couldn t help shouting, Sister Huang, where are you going Let s go.Huang Ying realized that she was almost exposed, so she simply made a mistake and turned into the gate of the Sixth Hospital as soon as she crossed the road, secretly reminding herself not to make the same mistake in the future, and to go west first and then go around.

He agreed to go to 20 people and only charge 6,000 yuan.Compared to being blackmailed by the villagers for 30,000 to 40,000 or even 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, spending 6,000 yuan is not much.However, for the Chaoyang Community Security Company, this short, flat and fast business of picking up relatives is also profitable.To go to 20 security guards, it is calculated as 300 per person, and the company will give the security guards at most 100, and the 200 is a net profit.Han Chaoyang also believed that sending 20 young men armed to the teeth should be able to bring the bride back before the auspicious time, but this matter has too many uncertainties.In case of physical conflict with the locals, it will be very difficult.trouble.As the manager of a security company, Lao Jin only has money in his eyes, as long as he takes care of it, sugar free gummies cbd he doesn t worry about the repercussions.At least on the surface, it doesn t look like a drug crime. The two bank cards are all reserved with previous mobile phone numbers They are all from before coming to Yanyang.In fact, this Both cards were also issued in his hometown.Teng Jiming paused, and continued When I applied for ICBC s debit card, I opened online banking and mobile banking, but he has never used it, and mobile payment is also used.Not much.Judging from the bank s transaction records, he often swipes his card for consumption, and occasionally goes to an ATM to withdraw cbd gummies pictures money.It s not that Cao Shengkai doesn t follow the trend, but he has been living in a small county before, and the mobile payment applications in small counties are not as extensive as those in provincial capitals.After developing the habit of swiping cards and cash consumption, it will take some time to accept mobile payment.We arrange them to watch the workers sifting the pile of sand in the gravel yard to see if they can sift out the victim s mobile phone or the murderer from the sand.The murder weapon used was not screening.I have been to the scene, and the pile of sand is estimated to be thousands of tons, when will it be screened Boss Feng, there is no other way, if you were you, you would do the same.Arrange someone to go to the screening, in fact, you screened earlier than us.That s true.Director Feng, what instructions do you have, if there are no other cbd mg gummies cbd gummy near me instructions, hang up first, I still have something to do here.Then check outside , this phone can t always be busy. Here again, what instructions can I give.Lao Teng, I just don t think such a division of labor is reasonable.I made it very clear in front of Luo Zhi at the scene that day, and I arranged to go.Political Commissar Huang was in a good mood, and actually talked about how to keep in good health.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that you leaders don t suffer from back pain while sitting and talking, and standing is more beneficial to your health, but if you let stand for a day, can you best cbd gummies sleep stand it Just don t know how to proceed, Fan Ju handed over an exchange arrangement.Xiao Han, take a look too.Today, I will help my Northwest counterparts to settle down.Some comrades may want to go out for a walk.You will be the guide and you will be responsible for accompanying them.Tomorrow at 8 o clock in the morning, a counterpart exchange forum will be held in the conference room on the third floor.This You have to participate in the symposium.Tomorrow afternoon, you will visit the case handling center, criminal police brigade and command center, and you don t need to participate in the activities tomorrow afternoon.Anyway, the public said that the public is right and the woman is saying that the woman is right.Wu Wei reacted and subconsciously asked If one person is sick, Take medicine for the whole family Almost, the bureau leaders think that we should take a warning and make amends.As long as they are police cars of our branch, all the police cars must be equipped with driving recorders.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang s eyes lit up and he stared at the police car.Wu Wei asked Angkor, how long can the video diamond cbd delta 8 square gummies extreme force taken by the driving recorder be saved It seems to be a loop shooting, one section covers another section, it should not be stored for a long time, maybe only five or six minutes.You are an old calendar By the way, you have a driving recorder installed in your car, how long can you keep it Han Chaoyang shifted his gaze to Xu Hongliang.There is also 32G, which can record for a longer time, and can record for about 480 minutes., That s 8 hours.Xu Hongliang paused, and then said There are more advanced ones, my friend just best cbd gummies sleep bought a car, and it is equipped with a cloud sharing driving recorder, which has an emergency lock function, choose to save Even if the memory is full, the emergency images best cbd gummies sleep will not be overwritten.Cloud sharing What cloud computing and cloud storage are popular now, best cheap cbd gummies but I only know what cloud, so don t ask me what s going on.Han Chaoyang is not interested in what cloud is, but eagerly asked Hongliang, how much memory do current car owners usually choose to install in the driving recorder 8G, 16G and 32G are available, and electronic products are updated.It seems to be shooting in a loop.One section covers another section.

Really, being with you is the blessing of Han Chaoyang s eight lifetimes of cultivation.I cherish everything I have now.If there is regret medicine in this world, if time can be turned back, I will definitely not Make that kind of low level mistake.Don t talk sweetly, what do you say now She is her, we are us, we live our lives, what is there to embarrass Han Chaoyang looked at Wu Wei with embarrassment , and continued Anyway, I don t feel sorry for her, and it is even more impossible for her to go to my work unit to make trouble.You really don t need to be angry, let alone go to the airport to pick her up.You didn t feel sorry for her, why did she Come to Yanyang Even though what I said just now reminded me of that person, in fact, my first love is unforgettable.Han Chaoyang knew Sheng Yanwen very well, just as he knew Huang Ying, and said with a bitter face She should have no other intentions, she is actually a very free and easy person, she may just come here this time to see how I look like a policeman By HCMUSSH best cbd gummies sleep the way, let s see what you look like.We have long suspected that it is a Mercedes Benz commercial vehicle.We have even checked all the local Mercedes Benz commercial vehicles.I didn t expect it to be from another place.China is so big.There are so many provinces and so many cars, how can we check it Didn t the surveillance at the intersection capture it The traffic surveillance at the intersection of Dongtai Road and Zheng an Road is under construction, and several cameras are neither powered on nor connected to the Internet., the traffic control center has no record of passing vehicles at this intersection.However, the sky network is not leaking, and they can t escape without traffic monitoring.Xiao Han, you have done a good job, you work hard, stay there and don t move, I will arrange it cbd gummies near beckly wv immediately The technical police went to copy the video.Huang Ying felt very uncomfortable, and was hesitating whether to accept or not, Sheng Yanwen said sincerely again Trust me, all the students who can be contacted will have gifts.Okay, I will thank you for him.Xu Hongliang turned back I glanced at it and found that it was just a violin.From the exquisite case, it should be brand new, and there should be no story.Huang Ying took the piano case and put it on her knees.While stroking the patterns on it, she thought to herself cost of keoni cbd gummies that since she knew about her affair with the hapless guy, she probably just came here this time to see how the hapless guy looks like a policeman.Just to see what I look like.Neither of them understood music, nor did they understand instruments.Xie Lingling understood, she could see the weight of this gift at a glance, she stared at the piano box stupidly and couldn t believe her eyes.I have a fairly stable job now, and I have a girlfriend who I love and she loves me.My parents even sold everything to help me buy it in Yanyang.I got married, and now I live happily, and I sincerely hope that you can live happily.I know, I know what you mean, but it s just a piano But in my opinion, it s not just a piano..Sheng Yanwen suddenly realized that this gift might have do pharmacies sell cbd gummies been given by mistake.He knew the value of the piano, so it was impossible to throw it away, and considering Huang Ying s feelings, it was impossible to pull it, and it was impossible to even keep it at home as a work cbd gummies reviews for tinnitus of art.In short, as long as Huang Ying sees this piano, she will think of her, Sheng Yanwen, and remember that the two of them were once together.I m sorry, I didn t think carefully, how about this, give the piano to Lingling, she will take me to the airport tomorrow, just let her bring it to me, there is no need to go all the way in the middle of the night for a piano.This time he really came back with honor.I just started working and I don t know anything.It s luck Okay, I made Qi Suo laugh.Don t be modest, it s not so easy to get a second class merit.I will add a WeChat later, and I will contact you often in the future.By the way, Lao Miao has a treat in the evening, and we can see each other in the evening.Yes, my mother told me.One for you and one for Haizhu.Our town has two police officers.Now you are both a hero and the most handsome policeman loved by the masses.Haizhu is also doing a good job, working in the provincial department.You two are really proud of your hometown, who said that we can t produce talents in Linshan Town.Here again, Han Chaoyang was embarrassed by the compliment of the police station director in his hometown, so he simply changed the subject Qi Suo, you don t know how to speak now.Breathing the fresh air of the autumn night, looking at the lights of other people s houses in the distance, Huang Ying held his arm tightly and sighed as she walked It s not that your cousin doesn t want to show best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears it to your uncle, what are the benefits of taking cbd gummies it s not that you don t want to spend money, the main reason is this The disease is discovered too late, and it is useless to go to the largest hospital to hire the best doctor.So we have to take the physical examination seriously.In some hospitals, the physical examination is like a formality, and many diseases cannot be detected.Huang Ying let out a long sigh, and said quietly And not everyone has the opportunity to have a physical examination.Some units have a formal job and can go to the hospital for a physical examination once a year.Farmers like your uncle and aunt are willing to pay for it themselves.

Such a tall house can be changed into two floors, with a few more rooms and more beds.The greenery behind the memorial hall is so good, and some flowers and plants are added.Staring in a daze with the garden, burning barbecues, chatting It s a good idea to transform a memorial hall similar to a cemetery into a youth hostel I learned to travel, and I have dealt with hotels and hotels almost every day cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep in the past few days , and I often traveled when I was in school, and I often stayed in youth hostels when I traveled.For those literary youths who like to travel poorly, it is already very good to live in a place with a cheap environment and a good environment.Who cares that the place used to be a What.Zhang Beibei smiled slyly, and said happily It used to be a memorial hall, but there is nothing wrong with it.A young mother who took her child to the Sixth Hospital for treatment 2mg cbd gummies did not go to the emergency center and did not register as a specialist.She sat outside the surgery clinic and waited for a call all morning.Seeing that her child s fever was getting worse, she had a dispute with the nurse in the surgery clinic The medical staff did not call 110, but directly called the police office.Han Chaoyang was about to rush over to have a look, when Chen Jie called again to say that Grandpa Gu had passed.His old man is best at mediating such disputes, Han Chaoyang has nothing to worry about, best cbd gummies sleep he drives the electric patrol car to continue patrolling, intends to best cbd gummies sleep patrol Dongming Community, and plans to have a light meal in the cafeteria set up by the security company in the community, when the senior brother suddenly called.I can t leave for the time being.You should call Lao Du quickly.You will divide the work and you will be responsible for finding those Foreman, find out the whereabouts of the suspect.Lao Du is responsible for the report, first to the city bureau and then to the provincial department.Please help us coordinate with the Nanyun Provincial Department.As far as I know, there is no need to alarm the Ministry of Public Security.Please The warlords on the other side of the border help catch a fugitive, and they can handle it.Okay, I ll call Bureau Du right away.The most handsome policeman best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears released another satellite, which seemed to be just luck on the surface, but Zhou Ju doesn t think so.It didn t take a day or two to arrest Huo Xuebin.Everyone said it was important during the meeting, but the arrest was put aside after the meeting.My master guessed it.Han Chaoyang smiled, and asked curiously Director Su, are you going to raise the street level this time, or return to the municipal committee It was also sudden to notify me.Han Chaoyang asked, Are you going to be promoted What promotion Su Xian stroked the hair next to her ear, and said lightly, The director of the administrative and financial department was hospitalized, and it was found to be liver cancer.Even if I can recover, it will take a long time to recuperate, and the leader decided to let me go back to fill this vacancy.I am the aunt of the neighborhood committee here, and after I go back, I have to work similarly to here.It s almost the same.This is a department level real job, or a department level job run by the municipal party committee Although Han Chaoyang is not an official fan, he knows that not everyone can do this job.However, first class merit is not so easy to obtain, and it doesn t matter if the city bureau says it.It needs the approval of the personnel department.But The bonus is the same as that of a regular policeman for meritorious service, as much as you want. After all, if you want to be a policeman, you have to take an exam, and it is not reliable to expect meritorious service to break the rules. Now it is different from before, and now you must take the exam.The more Xu Hongliang thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong, and he suddenly turned around and said Chaoyang, best cbd gummies sleep the city bureau credited the patrol team with catching the murderer during the investigation of the migrant population in Chaoyang Village, assisting the sub bureau in chasing and intercepting four suspects suspected of manslaughter, and assisting the sub bureau in maintaining stability.To choose an ordinary policeman, who is still a policeman on probation, really is the sun coming out from the west.However, considering that Han Chaoyang was in the limelight during this period, the leaders of the bureau took it so seriously, and everyone was so surprised before, they all looked at Han Chaoyang at the same time.Han Chaoyang was looked at very awkwardly, and was thinking about whether to carry forward his style, stood up and said a few modest 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep words, Xu instructor suddenly said Comrades, the selection is important, and the work is more important.We can t delay work because why do i feel high from cbd gummies of the selection.Let s hurry up Let s vote by show of hands, please raise your hand if you agree to choose Gu Suo and Comrade Han Chaoyang as outstanding police officers.After Xu s instructor finished speaking, he was the first to raise his right hand.

To be more specific, what floor and room is it in Zhonggui Building The top floor, Room 2807.How long have you been working there More than three months.The suspect s psychological defense was overwhelmed and it would be easy.These, how many sets of equipment wana sour gummies cbd thc price do you have that are broadcasting illegally Four sets.Where are they installed Big Sister judged very accurately, not only was this kid not a first time offender, but he also set up five black broadcasting stations at the same time Radio Han Chaoyang realized that he was going to destroy the other four dens as soon as the interrogation was over, so he got up and walked out of the room immediately, and asked Chen Jie to call the off duty team members to gather tonight, and then called Team Tang to borrow a vehicle from the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade.He s not an economic investigation policeman.How could he be asked to assist in the joint operation of the Food and Drug Administration and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Zheng Xinyi poured water for the old man while explaining the cause and effect.Grandpa Gu finally understood, and immediately got up and opened the door to check The suspect in the inner room immediately closed the door and muttered Why don t you send the suspect to the prison for interrogation It s not like there is no detention room in the prison.What s the point of shutting down the police room It s too much fun Sergeant Gu , Our place is not only the Chaoyang Community Police Office of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Branch, but also the comprehensive police receiving platform on Zhongshan Road of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.You say they are wronged or not.Dissatisfied You should know that there are frequent electric car thefts in Xinmin community, and the city bureau s public opinion survey calls, can the owners say good things about them Although the case has been solved now, all the stolen cars have not been recovered.Come on, the owners still have opinions.This is a sample survey, and it s too unfair to deny the performance of a unit just because the people were selected to say a few words on the phone.The superior doesn t think so, the superior You may think cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies this is the most fair, we are ranked first, and it is hard won to get such an honor.In the future, you have to make persistent efforts to give full play to the brand advantage of best cbd gummies sleep Yanyang s most handsome policeman and help the office to manage this reputation well.If you want to withdraw more than 50,000 cash at one time, you must make an appointment in advance.Wang Jianping reacted can you use cbd gummies for arthritis suddenly, and said excitedly Even though I cleaned up the house, it can still be seen that Wan Xiaoxia left in a hurry.If there is enough time, she can t just leave like this.She must I will persuade Ling Bin to go with her and live together in a place where others can t find them.Since she is in a hurry, she neither has time to best vegan cbd gummies for sleep make an appointment to withdraw money, nor does she necessarily have time to go to an ATM to take it slowly, it is probably a transfer Han Chaoyang said with a smile, If it s a bank transfer, you can find the transfer records.As long as you can grasp the flow of funds and the bank card she is using, you can follow the clues to find out her approximate location.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to pat Ling Bin on the shoulder, and walked together with Ling Bin in front of Wan Xiaoxia who was sitting in the room crying.What happened next really made people very uncomfortable.As soon as the door was closed, Wan Xiaoxia grabbed Ling Bin tightly with her handcuffed hands and cried I m sorry , crying heartbreakingly.Ling Bin also cried, holding her tightly and crying, crying heartbroken.If it wasn t for Han Chaoyang s reminder, the two of them don t know how long they would cry.Ziyue, no matter what happened before, you will always be my Ziyue.Officer Han said that as long asas long as you behave well, there is hope.I will wait for you, and I will wait for you with Xinxin.You must persist, no Think about yourself and Xinxin.Xiaobin, I m sorry She really couldn t think of anything else to say except sorry.If this is nothing, the inspector will interview me.And The case has been handed over to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and I can t say anything now.Chaoyang, best cbd gummies sleep if others don t know, don t I know You must have a way, just do me a favor and I ll treat you to dinner later.Minister Jiang, if you ask me to do something else, I, Han Chaoyang, promise that there will be no second thoughts, this matter will not work, and there will be no accommodation.Really not possible Really not possible Vice Minister Jiang didn t say anything else, and best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears hung up the phone directly Yes, I could tell he was upset.Han Chaoyang knew very well that it would be easy cbd mg gummies cbd gummy near me to not give Vice Minister Jiang face, but the consequences would be serious.He put down his phone and sighed, I knew that the human relationship was sad, best cbd gummies sleep but I didn t expect it to be so sad This is a big trouble.

I came out earlier, it should have been out for more than half a year.Han Zhaoyang thought for a while and asked, Who else is there besides Mo Xinchun Fatty Li, Jiang Si er, Ergou, and a few familiar faces I m not famous. When do they usually come Sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes not, it depends on their mood.Wang Shuangcheng looked at the figures on the other side of the road, and continued Just now That thing is a bit weird, people seldom bring cash with them when they go out, and they don t take out bags as much as before, it probably wasn t Fatty Li and the others who did it, it s probably the newcomers. How did Fatty Li and the others do it Han Chaoyang asked.One cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies strikes up a conversation to divert people s attention, the other takes advantage of people s unprepared bags and runs away the second dog has changed his career to be a liar, and has two mobile phones in his pocket, a good one and a bad looking one.Dai Da, you go first, I ll go and see.Han Chaoyang chased out of the police room, while going Running outside the station, he called his own police office and asked Chen Jie, who was changing shifts before Xiaokang came, to notify the security guards at each duty station to pay attention to the young man in the yellow down jacket.What he didn t know was that Lao Dai didn t just complain, but actually called Liusuo and suggested that the two police offices be merged.Liu Jianye felt it was sudden, and pondered Dai Da, the advantages of the merger do outweigh the disadvantages, but the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team is not the patrol team in the institute.They can help in case of emergencies, but it is impossible to help every day.Go to the station every day.Patrol.How can we get Chaoyang and the others to best cbd gummies sleep come here every day This needs to be coordinated with the station.It doesn t matter whether you can help, what matters is how you step down when you help the police but don t give face.How could he fail to hear what Grandpa Gu meant, and subconsciously asked, Old Gu, didn t you say that the law is the law, that every law must be followed and that law enforcement must be strictly enforced How can I change it Minister Jiang, I don t know how to say English, my nephew can speak it quite well, and he can chat with foreigners.Grandpa Gu stubbed out his cigarette butt and said with a smile, When my nephew was learning English, he would go up to strike up conversations with foreigners whenever he saw them., and ran to the bar often visited by foreigners every three days.His mother was green dolphin cbd gummies for dementia worried that he would be a bad boy, so she dragged my cousin to the office to find me, and asked me to help take care of it.He doesn t have a good relationship with other people.Boss Wen touched the corner of his mouth and thought for a while, then added He has a few fellow villagers in the city, all of whom are cooks, by the way, there is also a kid who serves dishes.Sometimes fellow villagers come to him, He went to look for his fellow villagers, and when he got together, he just best cbd gummies sleep drank, and once in my shop.Do you know which restaurant his fellow villagers are doing They all spoke Xichuan dialect when they got together, and I stood by the side.I don t even understand.Oh, I remembered, my wife asked 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep the kid how old he is this year, why he doesn t go to school, where he works, and how much money he makes a month. What did he say He said he Eighteen, but it doesn t look like it, it seems to be working in the high speed service area on the west side of the city.Kang Haigen smiled, and then said What Liu said in the afternoon, it s best to hold an inauguration ceremony tomorrow, and he and the instructor have time to attend if they don t have time.Bring the equipment.It s good to have an inauguration ceremony, it can increase the collective sense of honor.By the way, what equipment will the bureau distribute to us Don t expect too much, just a few pairs of handcuffs and a few bottles of pepper water.There are a few law enforcement recorders.Chapter 481 There are accomplices A few pairs of handcuffs, a few bottles of pepper water, and a few law enforcement recorders, what kind of equipment is this Han Chaoyang was completely speechless.At this time, a short and thin figure appeared on the monitor.He was standing by the side of the taxi talking to the people inside, holding a mobile phone in his left hand and a cigarette in his right hand.What s your name, the police will check your ID card Kang Haigen rushed to the side of the road and grabbed the man by the shoulder.At the same time, Han Chaoyang rushed to the best cbd gummies sleep co pilot of the taxi and slammed the door open.Miao Haizhu cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep even ran to the taxi with the headlights on and the engine still on, and slapped the hood and shouted Police interrogation, turn off the lights and turn off the fire What are you doing The short and thin man was caught off guard, and tried to shake off Kang Haigen s hand, but Xiao Chen, who followed closely, grabbed his left arm.With the help of the headlight at the entrance of the construction site, Kang Haigen saw clearly that he was the fugitive he was going to arrest, and immediately grabbed his coat tightly, pushed him to the wall with Xiao Chen, 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep took out his handcuffs and sternly shouted Hu Qinglin, give me Be honest Hu Qinglin finally regained his composure, but luckily, he struggled and shouted I work inside, comrade policeman, I am not a bad person, you can t just arrest people What time is it , not being honest, shut up When Kang Haigen was in a cbd mg gummies cbd gummy near me hurry to handcuff the suspect, the taxi driver was confused by the sudden turn of events.

, I shouldn t be talking nonsense, otherwise I would be in such a hurry. AIDS patients still have certificates, which department issued them, why haven t I heard of them I made a mistake just now.It s not a certificate.It s an AIDS patient s medical card issued by the Provincial AIDS Prevention Office.It has a name, photo and ID number on it.It matches the ID card.It doesn t look like a fake.Peerless Han Chaoyang regretted it too much, and cursed himself that he shouldn t have suggested an anti picking team.It s all right now, one was injured, and the other was spit all over the face by a thief with AIDS.It s easy to say hello to the doctor and help disinfect the best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears virus.The key is, is HIV so easy to eliminate If it is so easy to eliminate, prevent and treat AIDS It will not become a problem in the world, and AIDS will not become an incurable disease.Han Chaoyang was really not interested in best cbd gummies sleep being the second type of police chief.He didn t know what to say, Zhou Ju stared at him and asked, Xiao cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep Han, after being appointed as the police chief, you know what tasks you should be in charge of.Do you have to do what you have done before, Han Chaoyang smiled secretly, and said without hesitation I know, the main thing is to coordinate the relationship with PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, Chaoyang Community, East Bus Station and Yangguan Village, and organize the police district Police and cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies voluntary patrol members visit and investigate, publicize and launch, patrol and guard, investigate and mediate, on site inspection, accept alarms, on site protection, report alarms, carry out mass work, grasp social conditions and public opinions, manage actual population, organize security precautions, and maintain social order Chapter 504 The spectator Qing Han Chaoyang thought he could go back after work, but Zhou Ju and Du Ju put forward a series of ridiculous demands.Chaoyang, I won t say much about thanking you.Let s get together for a while after we finish our work.Instructor Gu, you are my old leader, and this is my job.To say thank you is to slap me in the face.Okay, then no thanks, but congratulations must be congratulations.Liu Suo just called me and said that you are going to be promoted, and the investigation team is investigating your situation in the institute.Maybe some people will be jealous and think you Too young and not qualified enough.I don t think so, you can be inspected by your superiors because you have worked hard, even put your life on the line, and you have been exceptionally promoted in line with Article 10 of the Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres.Thank you Gu Instructor.No one knows whether the inspection team will ask Instructor Gu to understand the situation.Pulling the team out for two laps every day can scare those who violate the law.The criminal bastards are scared away.Chaoyang, that s it.Vice Minister Jiang thought for a while and then turned around and said, Jin Hai, don t rush back later, and study the time and plan of the superior patrol with Chaoyang and Xiaoxu Good patrol route, finalize the details tonight, and try to organize and implement it within holistic health cbd gummies for diabetes two days.Okay, we will study it tonight.Minister Jiang, Secretary Cao, and Section Chief Xiao, otherwise, from tomorrow onwards, each of you will arrange for one person to be on duty in the police office.This will facilitate coordination, and no matter what happens on either side, you will be able to coordinate better.This is the best way.I can arrange for a security officer to come over where cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies I am not working.I called beforehand, and Xing Hongchang has been waiting.The director went out to work, and Xing Hongchang, the deputy director in charge of the command center, expressed his welcome on behalf of the command center.First, he formally introduced Han Chaoyang to the auxiliary police officers on duty, and then briefly introduced the situation of the command center, especially the internal operation.In the past, he used to deal with the command center on the radio or on the phone almost every day.It was not until today that Han Chaoyang knew why the commander had changed frequently during this period.It turned out that the command center had just undergone a police reform, and the heads of the four departments in the center took turns to be on duty., Whoever is on duty is the commander A shift is 24 hours a day.Well, it has been inspected, and it will be announced soon.Liu Jianpeng was very surprised, and couldn t help asking Chaoyang, didn t you best cbd gummies sleep enter the Public Security Bureau last year Yes, you invited us to barbecue before the exam.You are promoted like a rocket Liu Jianpeng looked back at the crowd, laughed and said, Boys, Chaoyang always does things that we never thought possible, and we also earn a lot of money by running training courses with Kang Wei.He went to take the civil servant test, and he also took the police civil service test How difficult it is for the public security cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies to get promoted.My neighbor is a policeman.He is about to retire and still works in the police station.Deputy department The Wang Xun who had dinner with me last time, that buddy from the Cultural Bureau, seems HCMUSSH best cbd gummies sleep to be a deputy department.

Han University, I also congratulate you on your promotion.Auxiliary police Lao Mao also cupped his fists to express his congratulations.Thank you, thank you.I ll go back to the institute and treat everyone to dinner when best cbd gummies sleep I m done.At the age of twenty four, it is not impossible to become the director or even the director of the bureau in the future.No matter how the previous relationship was, after all, after being a colleague, Lao Hu felt that there should be a good relationship, and he said sincerely It is impossible for an Internet cafe to be without surveillance.You should have a screenshot of the suspect s surveillance.Anyway, I am going outside today.Turn it on, why don t you send me the screenshot, and I ll help you keep an eye out for it.This was a kind offer from a colleague in the old unit, and Han Chaoyang couldn t refuse, so he took out his phone and smiled, Yes, I ll send you the screenshot on WeChat In fact, the suspect used someone else s ID card to access the Internet, and there are only surveillance screenshots.Political Commissar Huang asked in a low voice Zhou Ju, I think criticism is criticism, but after the criticism is over, we must praise and give credit.Awards, otherwise it will affect the morale of the team.Well, your concerns are justified, but later you can only criticize, not praise.Chapter 542 The Big Joke The office is in a hurry to use the car and has already Made four calls.However, no matter how important the matter in the station is, it is not important to cooperate with the inspector to investigate.Even the leaders of the Xinyuan Street Police Station put down their work to cooperate with the inspector to investigate.Wu Wei, a small policeman, dared to leave without saying hello.Waiting until 2 20 in the afternoon, when the inspector finished asking about details of the whereabouts of the suspect Xie Liangju and cbd mg gummies the arrest operation, Wu Weicai hurriedly drove to the police station.When the arrest was made, the phone was on silent, and when I came back, I was busy assisting in the interrogation and best cbd gummies sleep forgot to call it.Gong Mulan subconsciously took out her mobile phone and looked at it, and the elder detective Liu said without hesitation I m here, go and pick it up.Then I ll go, Gong Mulan handed the transcript to Lao Liu, got up and walked out of the inquiry room Walking towards the duty room, he muttered Which Han University did HCMUSSH best cbd gummies sleep I think It turned out to be Han Chaoyang.Their area is not our area of responsibility.Why is he looking for me in the middle of the night Lao Le hesitated, and said with a wry smile It seems to be because of Xiaofu.Being a policeman has abnormal work and rest hours, and working overtime every three days is not like working in other industries where you can take care of your family.Tang Xiaoxuan didn t know that the most handsome policeman was pushed to the forefront of public opinion on the Internet.Xie Lingling knew it and couldn t help laughing Let me see.Don t worry, I ll forward it to you.Forget it, let s just best cbd gummies sleep forward it to Moments.Huang Yingzheng was fascinated, how could she hand over the phone to Xie Lingling, tap the upper right corner of the screen, and directly share the news to WeChat Moments.Look at you, you re the only one who treats you as a treasure.Tang Xiaoxuan couldn t help laughing and cursing, holding up her phone and looking at it.In response to public opinion s doubts about some of the proposed promotion and cbd mg gummies cbd gummy near me appointment candidates on January 20, the Organization Department of the Yandong District Party Committee attaches great importance to it, and now officially explains the many doubts raised by netizens First, it includes the date of birth, where is the hometown , what occupation did the parents engage in, where did best cbd gummies sleep they go to school in which year and month, when did they apply for the civil service examination, written test and interview results, etc.As the editor of the portal website, she had better news than Huang Ying.Not only did I see a positive response from the Organization Department of the district committee, but I also saw soft articles from several media outlets in the city and the province, including Yanyang Daily.Writing Loyalty with Youthful Blood Recording to Han Chaoyang, an Outstanding Police Officer of Yandong Branch of Yanyang Public Security Bureau , Han Chaoyang, a Police Officer of Yandong Branch of Yanyang Public Security Bureau Upward looking and Good Youth , The Most Handsome Policeman Is Not Just Handsome Records of Policeman best cbd gummies sleep Han Chaoyang from Yandong Branch of Yanyang Public Security Bureau, Small Community, Big Society Small Policeman, Big Action Not only the titles are more eye catching than the other, but the content is actually different, really from multiple angles Full coverage of a person The most shocking thing is a short video released by the official Weibo of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Ping An Yanyang and the official Weibo of Yandong Public Security Bureau Ping An Yandong.It s too dangerous, maybe one day they will encounter vicious suspects, they will definitely be worried after watching it, you d better not let them know.Qi Suo, you may not believe it, I just listened to you about the video I know, you reminded me rightly, this video cannot be seen by my parents.If you can hide it, it s okay, if you can t hide it, it s okay, you are okay, and it is very honorable, and it is not something shameful Something.Director Qi smiled, and returned to the original topic By the way, are you coming back for the Spring Festival Director Yang is waiting for my call After going to work after the festival, the superior may arrange for us to take a compensatory rest.It s okay to come back after going to work after the festival, so it s settled, you must call me before you come back, I have to report to the bureau leader, and the bureau leader will make arrangements.

Qian Nana laughed and said, Where did I go You have eight if not ten handsome ones.Since you have a wife, I won t introduce you to you, but you have to eat.How about this, bring your wife. At the end of the year, their work unit is very busy, so they definitely don t have time.She doesn t have time, you should.I don t either.Reporter Qian, don t be so polite.If you have anything to say, as long as it doesn t violate the principles, as long as I, Han Chaoyang, can do it, I will definitely not refuse.Xu Jiameng, the editor who mentioned Yanyang Online , probably won t come out.Qian Nana weighed it up, and said with a smile You are a big celebrity now, and our editor in chief asked me to write a manuscript to report on you If you don t interview me, don t have a good chat with you, I can t do everything you want me to write.He actually led more than a dozen law enforcement officers and coordinators to support cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep him As a result, Lao Ding, Miao Haizhu, the two policemen, Zhang Bin, Wang Jiayong and other auxiliary policemen had a lot of work pressure, so they stopped running around to fight the fire and just worked on site in the square, guarding the side of the police car Centralized mediation allows all passengers who are dissatisfied with urban management to come over.I was so busy that a convoy suddenly came from the direction of Zhongshan Road Nowadays, there are very few police cars clearing the way for leaders to travel.Lao Ding was taken aback and hurriedly signaled Miao Haizhu to continue mediation , while he squeezed out of the crowd and best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears ran over to see what was going on.Unexpectedly, the convoy really came to the East Bus Station.Let alone a master s degree in musicology, even a doctorate in your unit is useless Han Chaoyang realized, Can t help laughing That s right, we don t need a master s degree in music in our bureau.Then why do you want to apply for an on the job graduate student in musicology I think it s best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears a good test site, and the tutors in our school take good care of us students.You can t just look at whether the exam is good or not, it depends on whether it will be useful after you get the diploma Yes, you are right, if it is useless to take the exam, let s go, go back to the dormitory first, and go back to study. With goals comes passion.Huang Ying turned the switch to the bottom and rushed to the faculty dormitory of PolyU as quickly as possible.As soon as I entered the door, I didn t even bother to change my shoes, so I turned on my laptop and checked the postgraduate entrance examination information online.Busy all day Well, Han Chaoyang almost forgot about it when he was reading and preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination when he had time these two days.Is there any value in the reported situation I don t know the value of best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears the clue until the case is best cbd gummies sleep solved and the suspect is arrested.How exciting it is to solve a big case Just as Sun Guokang wanted to take this opportunity to ask the young master how he had collected the clues, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Brother Xu, why did you think of calling me Are you in Yanyang or your hometown He said nervously Chaoyang, didn t you ask us to help you pay attention to the clues of the crime during the last meal I just came out of Kaluodi and went to the bathroom while waiting for the proprietress to settle the accounts.Kaluodi, you have been there, The bathroom is on the second floor, and you have to pass through several boxes, do you know what I saw What did I see Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.After more than ten minutes, Angkor took them to adjust the monitoring, pinched the watch to calculate the time, and waited for less than four minutes, and they said that four minutes would not work.If it was not for four minutes, cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep people would definitely be rescued.You think that the responsibility of the hospital is medical disputes, so follow the procedures for handling medical disputes, let the old lady s body be sent to the morgue first, and best cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies sleep near me then contact the funeral parlor to come over tomorrow, and then do whatever you want.This involves costs, The mortuary fee is very expensive, and there will be an autopsy and appraisal in the future, if it is not the responsibility of the hospital, all these expenses will be borne by them It turned out that they were scared away Han Zhaoyang thought about it and asked again How old is the old lady Eighty seven.It seems that the household appliances only have the lights on the top of the head, and they are not on.Han Chaoyang raised his flashlight to take a picture of the west room, which includes an old wooden bed, an old fashioned desk, and a large wardrobe.There are four bamboo poles tied to the four corners of the bed, and a cotton gauze mosquito net that has not been sold in the market for a long time is tied.There are many patches on the net, and the sheets and bedding are also tattered.Look.There is really nothing to see in a real house with bare walls.Han Zhaoyang sighed secretly, and said calmly, I don t live here for a long time, and I don t open the windows to ventilate.Things are moldy.I will come back to tidy up when I have time, clean up, wash the best cbd gummies sleep sheets and bedding and dry them in the sun.

Han Chaoyang stopped a few people who wanted to push forward, and asked, Old Guan, where are the stolen goods Han Da, here I am Holding a large black plastic bag in his hand, it was bulging, and he could see the outline of the whole day s cigarettes from the outside.Chaoyang, Team Liang ordered the suspect to be taken to the scene for identification first.Okay, let s get in the patrol car.Han Chaoyang escorted them all the chill gummies cbd effects way to the main road and best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears helped them load people and stolen goods into cbd gummy men the electric patrol car.Feeling that something was wrong, he hurriedly grabbed the car window Director Zhang, wait.What s wrong Zhang Jinhai, who was about to drive, turned his head subconsciously.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to answer his question, so he reached out and grabbed the suspect s arm and asked, Be honest, how did you pry open the stainless steel window The people from the 527 factory all followed, all of them holding things in their hands, and they might be beaten.Thank you very much, if it wasn t for your help, We don t know what to do because we don t know each other very well.The young man took the initiative to propose a proposal, which is to act vigorously and resolutely Ni Guoxiong s evaluation of Han Chaoyang was a little higher in his heart, and he 100mg cbd gummies effect best cbd gummies sleep stopped being polite, saying bluntly Han Da, Lao Hu should have reported to you.The attitude of our branch office is very clear.If the family is in Beijing, we will The two joint investigative offices will work together to fight the chain.If the next home is in Beijing, the two of us will still jointly investigate, but we will only be responsible for the next home in Beijing, and we will not intervene if the next one is hit.The person in front of him is a professional drug dealer Yes, what cases have you never seen, what kind of drug dealers have you never caught There are many things that cannot be concealed, and people can find out that something is wrong after two days.Liu Jianye is a person who is in good spirits on happy occasions.He raised his wine glass and said with a smile You didn t wear a uniform today, and best cbd gummies sleep you will take a rest tomorrow.It doesn t matter how many drinks HCMUSSH best cbd gummies sleep you have.Don t say that you can t drink or can t drink.Our Huayuan Street Police Station is not fooling around.The policeman here, there is no one who can t drink and can t drink Sun Guokang has been kept in the dark, not knowing what happened in the past two days, seeing that the director and the trainer invited Wu Junfeng and the others to dinner uncharacteristically, and gave them a warm welcome.Toasting myself, I feel cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep that everything is so unreal.Holding the best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears wine glass and not knowing how to drink it, Xu Weizhong couldn t help but joked Wine tastes like character, Xiao Sun, how long do you plan to let Liu Suo hold it Oh, I drink, Liu Suo, the instructor , I will do it first Okay, this is like a soldier at the Huayuan Street Police Station After Sun Guokang finished his glass of wine, Liu Jianye also took a drink from his glass, and then picked up his chopsticks and said with a smile Little Sun, A total of eight new police officers were admitted to the branch this year..Newcomers have no human rights best cbd gummies sleep The more Sun Guokang thought about it, the more depressed he became, and he couldn t help asking Han Da, you and Inspector Hu are back.Where are Angkor and Xiaokang Where have they been When will they come back I know, but I can t tell.Sun Guokang and Han Chaoyang couldn t help thinking that they seemed to be the same as him when the homicide occurred in Yangguan Village, and they couldn t help laughing In our business, we must control our hands as well as our mouths.Junfeng and the others can keep their mouths shut., I can t even talk nonsense.Even what I told you just now, you have to keep it strictly confidential. Don t worry, Han Da, I promise not to talk nonsense. Okay, let s stop talking about it.Are you okay Let s go to the back together Take a look at Dai Lishi.I m waiting for you, Room 308, hurry up.Alright, I ll be right there.The meal is ready to eat now, and being polite is hypocritical, Han Chaoyang greeted Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng, turned around at the gate of the police station and rushed to Shuxiang Garden without stopping.I took the elevator to the third floor, walked into the box and saw that Vice Minister Jiang and Professor Zhang were waiting, and Vice Minister Jiang s lover and son also came, talking and laughing with Zhang Xiaoyun.Sorry, I m sorry, everyone has been waiting for a long time.Han Chaoyang apologized hastily, and then said with a smile Minister Jiang, Professor Zhang, to be honest, I went cbd gummies for tendonitis to assist the best cbd gummies sleep criminal police team in arresting the suspect just now.Then, that kid hid in cbd gummies for sleep with melatonin cbd mg gummies the Forest Tribe Internet Cafe behind our school and slept soundly.Hospital, Provincial Second Hospital, Municipal First People s Hospital, Municipal Second People s Hospital, and the Sixth Municipal Hospital should have relatively lower requirements.If you have a chance, please ask the hospital leaders for us, and introduce her family to the hospital leaders.Moreover, that best cbd gummies sleep girl is very competitive and studies very hard, we are not trying to go through the back door, but just to help that girl get a chance to compete fairly.Chapter 677 Gaining insight The leaders of the hometown Public Security Bureau are not for themselves , but for a second level hero model of the national public security system who was disabled due to work And if people can ask you for help, they think highly of you, Han Chaoyang agreed without hesitation, and promised to help find the leaders of the Sixth Academy after returning.

Han Chaoyang kicked off his shoes, got into bed and laughed, Why are you looking at this honeydew cbd gummies Do you want to write when you see someone earning more than 100,000 a month I wrote it too.Really Han Chaoyang was amused, and asked in front of the laptop What did you write, is it available online, let me read it Please read your head, Huang Ying pushed him aside , laughed and said I used to read other people s writing, and I couldn t help writing for fun.I started to work hard and wrote 50,000 to 60,000 words in a row, but no one read it when I posted it on the Internet, and the editor didn t sign it.I would like to recommend it, but no one will read it if I didn t recommend it, and the more I wrote it, the more boring it became, so I didn t write any more, and deleted all the previous uploads in a fit of anger.Jiang Qingwen was busy getting temporary access cards for them.Han Zhaoyang looked at it for a while, and asked in a low voice, Xiao Jiang, why do you do temporary work Xiao Jiang looked at the migrant workers who had just walked out of the construction site, and said with a smile, Mr.It s the same as Dongming Community and 527 Factory.All the access control cards must be tied with bank cards, and these two people are doing everything they can to generate income Han Chaoyang hated Zhang Beibei and Xu Hongliang s behavior from the bottom of his heart, and he couldn t say anything to the security guard who obeyed orders and was very dedicated, so he went to the hotel to pick up his wife and go back to the PolyU dormitory to rest, and then went with Cao Zefang early the next morning Leading the security guards who were changing shifts to patrol the streets, they did not go back to the police office directly after changing positions at each duty point one by one, but rushed to the old district committee compound that was still under construction.Not only was she embarrassed to go in, but she didn t want to go in.Her father was knocked off his legs while on duty.Wheelchair, all this hit her too much, so that she didn t like the profession of police from the bottom of her heart.Han Chaoyang didn t know, so he hurriedly wiped his face and ran back to the police room through the back door.Seeing no one in the hall, he lifted the cover and ran to the door.I have called several times before and added each other to WeChat.The fellow on the WeChat profile picture is very beautiful, so I didn t recognize Jiang Yan at a glance, so I just stood on the steps and looked around.Officer Han, Officer Han, I m here.It doesn t match me Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly went up to greet him with a smile and said, Jiang Yan, welcome.Zhou bureau is very embarrassing Of course, Feng Haijun sighed, and continued The city leaders don t know Which department should MLM be in charge of Criticism is indiscriminate.When so many leaders face the situation and can t explain it, they can only bear the blame.We found the clue this time, and it s a good idea to invite a reporter to interview the whole process.Turn around.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then asked puzzledly If you invite a reporter to cover our actions, how can we be received by the people from the Market Supervision Bureau He is also the commander in chief of this operation, and the one just now is Deputy Director Li of the Communications Office, so we can t take the lead.While chatting, the leader of the Third Squadron of the Economic Investigation Brigade, Liu Jianye, the director of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and Bao Qingshan, the director of the Xinyuan Street Police cbd gummies extreme strength Station, arrived.The factory did not help them pay social security and medical insurance, and there was no such thing as social security and medical insurance at that time.Later, it was leased to individual owners to set up other enterprises, but one was established and the other was established.Later, due to objective reasons such as inconvenient transportation, no one thought about the factory anymore, so it was completely abandoned, and it took eight or nine years to abandon it.The old man who is currently guarding the gate of the chemical fertilizer factory is because a few brats were playing with fire in the factory five years ago and almost caused a fire.It is worth mentioning that the old man surnamed Xu is a very poor household, and the arrangement of Taoyuan Community also means to take care of him.Ding, let the seniors pass it on as before, and she holds the printed copy and reads very seriously Cai Yipeng, the truck driver and the owner of the truck, is best cbd gummies sleep 38 years old this year, with a junior high school education, and lives in the fourth group of Yuannan Village.His wife works as a cleaner at Yanxing International, and his son is in the third year of junior high school, with no criminal record Chapter 747 Sleepless Night 3 Miao Haizhu reads the basic situation of the people who were screened out one by one, and will learn more about them during the screening process According to the actual performance of the incident, the three old men and the old man carefully analyzed it one by one like a seminar, and repeatedly deliberated whether it might be related to the victim.They were so serious and focused that just cbd gummies 250mg review Han Chaoyang couldn t intervene.

Han Chaoyang was startled.He didn t know whether to go in to salute and say hello or just go to the command center as if he didn t know anything.Liu Qiuping suddenly said, Han Chaoyang, come in.Yes Han Chaoyang hastily parked the electric car aside, ran into the reception room and stood at attention to salute Hello, Director Liu, and Mrs.Zou.Okay, wait here.Yes.Liu Qiuping returned the salute, turned around and asked Comrade Qiao Yueqing, your courier is here, open it.The dignified director, shouldn t be very busy, why suddenly want to see someone else s courier Qiao Yueqing wondered if someone was suspected of taking bribes, and thought that her package was a piece of clothing she bought online for her children, so there was nothing to worry about, so she quickly took the express package from Zou Jingnan s mobile phone, and opened the outer package in front of everyone.Let him give advice.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said Hahahaha, Chairman cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep Yang s WeChat account should be pushed to Mr.Kang.This is really okay, Grandpa Gu also found it funny, and continued Chairman Yang has even more headaches.The strange thing is that those old comrades not only wanted him to read the works, but also called him every three days to ask how he could join the City Writers Association and even the Provincial Writers Association.He was old enough to write whenever he wanted to, just for self entertainment.If you want to join the Writers Association, you have to be recognized by others.Chairman Yang can t say that their creative level needs to be improved, but he can only coax them like a child every day.Chapter 770 International Marathon 1 Smile and feel better a lot of.Ticket recognition is nothing.I heard that the Municipal Bureau will soon implement a face recognition system, and it plans to apply it to our upcoming international marathon in Yandong.Don t worry.There are tens of thousands of people at once, but as long as there are fugitives among the contestants, the system can still identify him from tens of thousands of people.This technology is good, if it can be promoted, it will be much easier for you in the future.That s right.Han Chaoyang was bragging when his cell phone rang suddenly.He glanced at the caller ID and found that it was Shan Ketian, who had just been transferred from the security company to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station as the squad leader.Xiao Dan, what s the matter Da Han, something happened at our construction site.Tell them one by one.Han Chaoyang glanced back at best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears Jiang Jianxing, turned around and said, Qian Shuangxi, I can understand your feelings, but one thing must be clear before talking about compensation.Unfortunately, your brother in law passed away due to illness, even if it is a work related accident., the compensation should also be paid to your sister and your nephew, even if a compensation agreement is reached, your sister and your nephew must sign it to take effect, don t you think so My sister is crying so badly, and Junzi is here She must be devastated when such a big event happened, but the issue of compensation is not a trivial matter.If she really doesn t want to talk about it, she should give you full authorization.Han Chaoyang paused, then changed the subject Xu Jun , how old best cbd gummies sleep are you this best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears year Xu Jun hesitated for a moment, then raised his head and said, Twenty one.The emotions of the little junior brother and his subordinates Excited, Bao Qingshan was afraid that they would not be able to control him, so he patted him on the shoulder and said Isn t naturesone cbd gummies there surveillance video If there is video, there is the truth.The truth of what Chengquan sacrificed for would have been revealed long ago.Install surveillance, why not have the surveillance video of that night Besides, one must be grateful, her life was saved The more Miao Haizhu thought about it, the more she became furious, and said bitterly The kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by a spring.Not to mention the grace best cbd gummies sleep just cbd gummy bears of saving her life.She is good, Chengquan gave his precious life to save her, but she left without a sound, what is this, is there anyone like her Just as he was speaking, the questioning ended.Haizhu was as heartless as ever.We enforce the law impartially, but in Director Wang s opinion, we are doing nothing.As long as we don t support their work, is it doing nothing Laughing, he turned around and said, Guokang, this is the first time you have encountered this incident today, but it will definitely not be cvs cbd gummies best cbd gummies sleep the last time.If you encounter similar situations in the best cbd gummies sleep future, you must remain calm.You must know that our law enforcement is based on the law.We must not do anything without permission, and we must not be fooled by others.Once the masses are dissatisfied, our life will be difficult, and if we fail, we will be suspended or even punished. Don t worry, Han, even if I am criticized I would do that kind of stupid thing. It s good to understand.Thinking of his current job, Han Chaoyang couldn t help sighing, We re okay, we re only responsible for temporary handling and not for dealing with it, and we don t do much to offend people.

Room, thanks again to the staff of the Administrative Service Center.Huang Ying couldn t help pinching him, and said angrily Have you had enough trouble Go away, it s not over It s not embarrassing enough I m willing to embarrass anyone by proposing marriage.I was killed by you I will definitely be laughed at when I go to work tomorrow.Huang Ying complained, but she held up the flowers and smelled them, her face full of intoxication.How could it be a joke It s too late for them to envy you.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel and begged while driving, Wife, did Lingling and Hongliang call you this afternoon Yes.What they said also makes sense Anyway, sooner or later we will get married, so it s better to get married together and have fun together.Huang Ying was very happy and even touched just now, but now she sounded a little uncomfortable, and asked pretending to be unhappy Han Chaoyang, what do you mean by that They, we are us, and marriage is a matter between the two of us.Case 12 is a case of the criminal police detachment, and the follow up supplementary investigation does not need our branch to worry about.Director Wen also said that Wu Wei, Zhenchuan, and Xiaokang performed well, and they will be given awards after the case is over.This is a drug target case of the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, and it is likely that the Ministry of Public Security will give them awards.Great, if Zhen Chuan can make meritorious deeds and receive an award, and if he can get married with you, then it will be double happiness The more Grandpa Gu thought about it, the happier he got, and he got up and said Section Chief Huang, your family can talk slowly, I ll talk to Beibei, and help Zhenchuan find out her tone and ask her what she means.Chapter 791 The wedding date of the old leader s son and daughter in law has finally been confirmed.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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