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Zhou Rujun got up and picked up the medicine bucket and continued to walk forward.After finishing today s work, she was put into the cell again by the prison guards.He tapped his shoulders lightly, moved his body, and finally carefully checked the objects taken from the boy.Inside the small bamboo tube is wrapped a sharp weapon, the sharp weapon is exquisite with a flying thorn, tough and three edged, it is more convenient to kill people with it.He saw that the sharp weapon in her hand was too crude, so he let her take it.At midnight, the prison guards were also drowsy, and it was the quietest moment, and killing people would be the least likely to be noticed now.The figure in the darkness began to move.The woman he was ordered to kill had already fallen asleep in a corner.This kind of housewife is very easy unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation to deal with.Because he what does 10 cbd gummies do wanted to catch the suspicious person, Cui Zhen just changed into a dry robe casually, wiped his hair soaked in the lake water, and walked into the room.Mrs.Lin s eyes fell on Cui Zhen s hair that was still dripping What s wrong Cui Zhen saluted politely I m disturbing my aunt s rest.Although Cui Zhen had just gone through a chase, Cui Zhen was still very calm At home The thief entered, I m afraid my aunt is in danger, so I ll ask someone to come and check.The thief Mrs.Lin couldn t help becoming nervous, and turned to look at the mother in charge.The mother in charge said We didn t hear any movement in the yard.Mrs.Lin immediately thought of something else Go and have a look at the eldest lady.The mother in charge responded.Cui Zhen said I best cbd gummies for constipation found out that thief was splashing water in the lake, so I have to ask my aunt to find out who is soaked in water in the yard.The several cases in Shanxi, ranging from theft, robbery to murder, became more and more serious each time, as if someone couldn t wait to let everyone know of his existence.Mrs.Lin was undecided which dress to wear, Gu Mingzhu pointed to the light lotus colored trousers It looks good.Okay, Mrs.Lin said with a smile, Then listen to Zhuzhu.This dress The skirt looks very ordinary and will not attract attention The Dharma Assembly is held at the Golden Pagoda Temple in Taiyuan City.The Buddhist scriptures handwritten by the Empress Dowager are enshrined in the golden pagoda in the temple, and the incense is very popular on weekdays.Seeing that the Empress Dowager s birthday is approaching, this puja is also to pray for the Empress Dowager.Zhou Ruzhang s face was covered with serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies thick powder, but it still couldn t cover her haggard face.Gu Mingzhu looked out of the window.It s about time.Nie best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation Chen should have gotten the clue she asked Baotong to send, right Nie best cbd gummies for constipation Chen quickly walked into a Zhuangzi.The servants led him into the study room, serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies and brought him a small bamboo tube.When the servants left, best cbd gummies for constipation Nie Chen opened the bamboo tube, poured out the paper inside, and unfolded the paper carefully.What came into view was a simple map.Nie Chen carefully memorized the information on the map, and best cbd gummies for constipation then burned the piece of paper under the lamp.After doing this, Nie Chen walked out of the room.Did the master not come back Nie Chen asked.No.The servant replied simply.Nie Chen nodded.More than a year ago, he was framed and sent to prison for investigating a case.Fortunately, he was rescued by someone.Later, he teamed up with that person to investigate the case, but he had never seen the real face of that person.Cui Zhen said Let s talk.Nie Chen then said People like us are ordinary people who live on the rewards offered by the court.Let us investigate the case.We only care about the case itself and never dare to talk about the powerful and the current situation.This is very reserved, Cui Zhen s eyes are deep, what Nie Chen means is that he will only use money to do things for him, and will not depend on him to become a member of the Cui family.He hasn t mentioned this yet, but Nie Chen refuses It s very straightforward.Cui Zhen glanced at Cui Wei, Cui Wei lifted the cover on the tea tray, and there were ten 20 taels of silver ingots neatly placed on the tea tray.Nie Chen stood up and said, Thank you, Lord Hou.Having said this, he couldn t help showing some hesitation on his face.What Cui Wei saw serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies the clue, Do you think you don t have enough money Nie Chen said I just think it s a little strange.Just after walking out of the yard, Chu Jiu immediately followed.Mr.Sun.Chu Jiu called out in a low voice, and Sun Langzhong couldn t help being startled unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation Chu Jiu, what are you doing so sneakily Sir, Chu Jiu held a super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation big black dog in his arms.Chicken, leaning forward with some embarrassment, Have you checked the pulse of the third master Sun Langzhong nodded, and after looking at the wound, he took the pulse for the third master Wei by the way.Is the third 2019 top cbd gummy brands master okay Okay.The third master didn t deliberately hide any illness, did he As Chu Jiu spoke, he looked behind him, nervously stroking the black chicken in his arms, the feathers of which he groped were spotless, glistening in the sun.Probably because the frequency of his subordinates was too fast, the black chicken let out a dissatisfied cluck.Lin.Zhou Ruzhang froze there, and it took him a long time to turn around to look, only to see Gu Mingzhu shaking his legs, eating osmanthus cake from the plate.Zhou Ruzhang had no choice but to go back to her seat, and the anger in her body made her chest ache.Mrs.Lin was afraid that Mrs.Wednesday would bring up the matter again, so she spoke first, best cbd gummies for constipation When is Mrs.Wednesday going to return to Beijing There is something to do.This should not have been said, but serious illness requires strong medicine.Mrs.Zhou said We took a fancy to two Zhuangzi in Shanxi, and we were going to buy them.Originally, we wanted to ask Mrs.Lin to take care of her.Mrs.Tai is an expert, and those two villages are next to Mrs.Tai s land Mrs.Tai That piece of land is said to have good geomantic omen, and it was brought as a dowry from her natal family.The wound stopped bleeding, but Han Yu vaguely felt something strange.The rope was tied too tightly, which made half of his body feel more uncomfortable.Wei Yuanchen said Although Mr.Han was injured, the case has to be tried.How about Mr.Han asking me about the case here Han Yu pursed his lips, probably out of control Mr.What case Wei Yuanchen said Master Han, have you heard of Yan Hao Han Yu nodded The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Prefecture seven years ago.Wei Yuanchen said flatly I caught him.Han Yu felt pain in the place bound by the rope, and he couldn t help struggling.Master Han, did you hear that Wei Yuanchen continued.Could it be, Han Yu s mind was in a state of confusion, and ants began to crawl all over his body, making him breathless, is he the one who led the murderer to kidnap Mrs.Lin Tai Wei Yuanchen seemed to laugh How does your lord know Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, Han Yu suddenly realized that he had made a slip of the tongue, Wei Yuanchen didn t say when he caught Yan Hao, he was directly connected with Mrs.Lin feel very at ease.Okay.Mrs.Lin said with a smile.Mrs.Lin led Gu Mingzhu to the front yard, only then did she see the people in the yard clearly, and she couldn t help but be surprised when she looked at the people carefully.In a time of great famine, it s just like this This is too miserable, and there is such a thing in Dazhou now.Gu Mingzhu was also watching all this.The doctor in the Zhuangzi was giving medicine to the people, but it was obviously too slow to rely on one person alone.The Zhuangzi actually prepared a lot of herbs.As long as the medicinal materials are prepared, find a few people who can do it quickly.If more people help, the people can get better medical treatment.The most important thing now is their eyes.They have been in a dark place for a long time, and suddenly they will feel uncomfortable when they see light.Sun Langzhong pointed to the pulse case This is the case with the patients I have cbdistillery cbd nighttime gummies treated.His situation is similar to what the third master said.He was used The poisonous arrow hit the shoulder, and later relied on his skill to escape, although the poisonous arrow was pulled out in time, and the flesh was healed, but the poison still remained in the body, and it was difficult to continue after two years.Wei Yuanchen.Frowning, he took over the pulse case and examined it carefully.Rujun asked me to heal him.Although he had someone s life in his hand, he killed a corrupt official.What s more, he got this result because he was framed.The person who murdered him wanted to capture him alive and keep him for his own use.If At that time, he was willing to catch him without a fight, so there was still a chance of life, but he would not die with those people Alas, he is also a poor man, with a damaged heart, and can t sleep peacefully day and night.Han Yu was slightly taller than Chu Jiu.If Han Yu was standing there, it would be the place where Han Yu shot the arrow.I see.Wei Yuanchen serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies narrowed his eyes.He knew that there was also a crossbow machine with a mechanism.A person could control the crossbow machine to shoot arrows by pulling a rope from a distance.Since there is such a crossbow, there will also be such a sleeve arrow.In this case, the Pearl Thief who attacked the prefect of Han could stand at a distance and hurt people, and the traces on the branches and leaves were left when he loosened the rope and pulled it back quickly.Wei Yuanchen strode out of Zhuangzi.Chu Jiu stood there in a daze, he was still out of breath, where is the third master going this time He wanted to ask, but he was afraid of being rejected by the third master, so he hurriedly followed with his aching and sore legs.Chu Jiu immediately entered the door with his personal guards and came to help Wei Yuanchen , Wei Yuanchen waved his hand, and walked out slowly by himself.At first glance, he seemed to be the same as usual, but he walked a little slowly.Walking to the door, Wei Yuanchen remembered Gu Mingzhu s actions just now, he stopped, turned his head, and saw that Gu Mingzhu was already sitting on a chair, her cheeks looked extraordinarily quiet under the light.There was another flash in Wei Yuanchen s mind, and he couldn t help being a little absent minded.Chu Jiu lowered his head and cleared his throat.Only then did Wei Yuanchen come HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation to his senses, and whispered without changing his expression I received a message from Beijing that the crown prince has left for Taiyuan, and he will arrive in two days.Cui Zhen strode forward and was about to go out, Did you tell kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies uncle about our incident in Shanyin Cui Wei said without hesitation, Of course not, then must not say it Cui Zhen stopped talking Let s go Brother, Cui Wei grabbed Cui Zhen s rein and said in a low voice, What are you hiding from me There was nothing we could do when we were in Shanyin Besides, those are the HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation tombs of the nobles of the former dynasty.The property in their hands was also obtained by squeezing the people.In super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation order to defend Datong Mansion, we had to take their silver.The matter.Brothers will never leak this matter.If the court really finds out, the younger brother is willing to bear the charges, and he will never let the elder brother have any stains.Why did the elder brother mention this matter Did someone threaten you Cui Zhen thought of Cui s family s bombed ancestral grave, as if someone was reminding him of something, and he felt more and more dangerous .

where can i buy smilz cbd gummies?

around him.In fact, cbd gummy bears near mansfield ma there are always some hidden places in the houses of big families.If the key is still not found behind the screen wall, they may have found the wrong place.Chu Jiu touched it with his hands, and found a secret door behind the screen wall, with a copper lock embedded in the secret door.Seeing this, the manager of the Zhao family wanted to step forward to stop him, but his shoulders were held down by the servants, and the manager of the Zhao family fell to the ground with his feet limp.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked over, the Zhao family steward was shaking like chaff.Chu Jiuyong inserted the key in, and the brass lock was instantly opened.My lord, it s here.Chu Jiu s voice came.The guard best cbd gummies for constipation immediately raised the lamp and stepped forward.Gu Mingzhu wanted to go to see clearly with Nie Chen, but was stopped by Wei Yuanchen There are not so many people going in.The second master Zhao was inseparable from the war horse case.Now it depends on whether Zhao Gongren and Lin Sizhen are also involved.Driven, the consequences can be imagined.Zhao Gongren was shrouded in chill, she seemed to be able to see the final result of the Zhao family, but she super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation had best cbd gummies for constipation no choice.Zhao Gongren shivered and said Second Brother brought the Sicheng to me.He had something to discuss.I don t know what happened.The two suddenly clashed, and then the Sicheng passed out.Second Brother was afraid that we would be implicated., I had no choice but to take Si Cheng best cbd gummies for constipation out of the inn overnight.Wei Yuanchen answered flatly So Zhao Gong saw it with his own eyes, and the murderer was Master Zhao Er.result.Zhao Gong was kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies separated from his body, clutching Cui Zhen s clothes tightly I heard that Si Cheng said that Master Wei has captured Han Yu, and they will be found soon.There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, this pretentious ability has reached the point of perfection.Knowing that she had come to the secret room, he followed her in, wanting to see if she had found out anything.Although the purpose of him and the Gu family at this time was to find out the war horse case, Miss Gu obviously had other things that could not be solved.telling secret.Of course he wouldn t expect that Miss Gu, who was more cunning than a loach, would tell him exactly if she found any clues.After entering the secret room, I saw her staring blankly at the wall in front of her with the lamp in her hand, wondering what she was thinking about.Seeing this, Liu Su coughed and tried to remind her, but she still didn t recover.What made her fall into deep thought Could it be that she really found a clue He followed her gaze towards the wall, and the lamp in her hand was too dim to see clearly, so he took a few steps forward, but at this moment she suddenly stepped back and stepped on him firmly feet.Chu Jiu watched Cui Zhen s movements and glanced at the third master.The third master s face remained unchanged as usual.Chu Jiu felt anxious and coughed, could the third master be holding Cui Zhen right This Cui Zhen used his in laws to touch Miss Gu, and the third master could bear it The third master seems to be all right now, he won t suffer from internal injuries and get sick when he returns home, right Wei Yuanchen looked at Cui Zhen and Gu Mingzhu, Cui Zhen was very protective of this cousin, when one day Cui Zhen knew that Miss Gu was not only not stupid, but smart and cunning, what would happen Do you hate her, or do you value her more Gu Mingzhu is now targeting Mrs.Lin because of this case.After this case is over, the Gu and Cui families are still relatives by marriage after all, and they will definitely continue to communicate with each other.Master Zhao Er knew the truth, but both of them were dealt with.Wei Yuanchen lowered his voice and said If one day, war horses and iron objects appear in the hands of the prince, it will be even more unclear.The prince s expression did not change, but his heart sank Check, we must check.Clear and clear.If someone really plotted against him behind his back, he would definitely catch that person.Put him in prison, the prince pointed at the murderer, I will personally interrogate you.When the situation was settled, the officials breathed a sigh of relief.My lord, the people in the yamen walked towards Wei Yuanchen quickly, Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law have been stopped overnight.Yuan Chen whispered in his ear Third Master, you lost.They are all alive You killed Master Zhao Er.I am afraid that we will be a dwarf when we meet again in the future.Marquis Huaiyuan, what a coincidence, how best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain could we meet here.Marquis Huaiyuan didn t expect Second Master Wei to come forward to speak before he opened his mouth.There are always ministers coming and going outside the palace gate, the chance of meeting someone is much greater than the chance of not meeting anyone But the second master Wei said it was a coincidence, so it is a coincidence Second Master Wei went on to ask, Is Lord Huaiyuan heading east Huaiyuan Hou smiled and said, Exactly.The road yamen are all near the south, and the restaurant is on the west.How could Second Master Wei walk east with him along the way He wanted to ask him what the emperor had said to him, other than that, the Wei family had nothing to plot against him, and Marquis Huaiyuan understood.After leaving the gate of best cbd gummies for constipation the palace, there was no one else around, Huaiyuan cbd gummies kotaku Hou looked at Second Master Wei and said, Just now the Emperor uploaded me to enter the palace, and there is news from Taiyuan Mansion.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Don t enter the backyard casually, there are all female relatives.Liu Su responded and fastened the belt.Chu Jiu handed the food box to Liu Su, I ll take you to the third master s yard in a while.Seeing that Wei Yuanchen didn t intend to speak again, Liu Su prepared to follow Chu Jiu best cbd gummies for constipation to leave.At this time, Wei Yuanchen said lightly again With the Wei family s badge, you are the Wei family.My rules are big, you must always remember.Liu Su bowed I remember, the younger one is now Wei San The people around you will wholeheartedly serve Wei Sanye.Wei Yuanchen slightly raised the corners of his mouth, who would he not know who Liu Su was working for This is the first time for him to put other people s eyeliner beside him.I hope that Miss Gu and her people can investigate the case honestly and don t make extra troubles, otherwise he will not tolerate it.Brother.Cui Zhen frowned Recently, you are always focusing on these court battles, why not think about these cases, I have already said that we only need to do our own thing well, serve the court wholeheartedly, and will not follow anyone , if you have this thought, you should stretch your foot back early, lest you make a mistake and no one can save you.Hearing this, Cui Wei was surprised Why do I have such thoughts, I have been following By my elder brother s side, the elder brother should know me best.I just remind you, Cui Zhen said, Don t learn from my uncle, for the sake of profit, I will do anything, even if I am rich and prosperous for a while, the debt I owe will have to be paid back sooner or later., Stolen things will never last long, if people can t be frank, how can they stand in front of others in time If you really want to do great things, you have to set your heart right., if this is my uncle s soldiers, they may want to rescue Han Yu and others, and then they want to capture the female relatives as hostages.His Royal Highness and Wei Yuanchen are not here, and they may be dealing with other accidents, and they cannot escape for a while.Female dependents as hostages Mrs.Lin Tai said Your uncle won t arrest us, hehe definitely wants to arrest Gu Lin, yesit s their mother and daughter, your uncle will end up like this today because he was killed by the Gu family.Brother, Mrs.Lin s hand was even stronger, Your uncle is not a cold blooded person, he will not harm us, if you really see him, don t kill him.Cui Wei s expression was complicated Leave your mother alone, Iknow it.Brother Wei, you are a kind child, you must listen to your mother The curtain was lowered, and Mrs.So Wei Yuanchen never thought of solving Lin Sizhen here at the beginning, not to mention that he wanted the crown prince to suffer some more.Thinking of this, a sneer appeared on Wei Yuanchen serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies s face.In the case five years ago, the crown prince s triumphant appearance was vividly remembered.Even if the crown prince was not necessarily the real mastermind behind the scenes, he still couldn t get away with it, and now it is him.When collecting debts from the prince.Lin Sizhen was escorted by his personal guards and rushed out of the siege.There was the sound of soldiers and horses chasing behind him.They dared not neglect and kept driving their horses forward.After leaving the valley, Lin Sizhen took a closer look at the people around him, and there were only about twenty riders left.Lin Si really gritted his teeth, unexpectedly only escaped from these people.When Wei Yuanchen left, Princess Huairou couldn t help but let out a long sigh, she was really useless, she wanted to help the Wei family and the empress, but couldn t think of a good way Gu Chongyi let Wei Yuanchen sit down at the banquet, and began to think about the twists and turns after this case.Lin Sizhen was beheaded by Cui Zhen, and the crown prince was also sent to the capital.It s time for them to return to the capital.Regardless of the fact that this place is becoming more best cbd gummies for constipation and more stable now, the capital is bound to be in chaos.The Lin Temple is really in chaos, and buy cbd gummies hemp bomb the Tatars attacked the northern border pass.The crown prince has an unshirkable responsibility.What s more, the dignified prince was almost taken to the Tatars.After this incident, it is impossible for the crown prince to be the crown prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty again.Wednesday s hand so painfully.Mrs.Zhou frowned.The Gu best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain family is still so impolite.Don t they have the slightest repentance after suffering so much Zhuzhu, come here, Mrs.Wednesday wished to release all the anger and grievance in her heart at this time.It s not easy for the soldiers.It s not all because of us that they are injured and bleeding.There are no rules like this, unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation and we don t know when it is.Who is breaking the rules A mid spirited voice sounded.Mrs.Wednesday raised her head and saw a tall and mighty figure approaching.She looked carefully at this man and it seemed to be Marquis Huaiyuan.Mrs.Zhou opened her mouth wide Hou Lord Hou Since the little girl came to the village, she has been helping the doctor make medicine and take care of the wounded soldiers.What s wrong with her going to see the wounded soldiers Very majestic, no longer the smiling face of the past, what he hates the most is saying this kind of thing in front of people, it seems to be a statement of righteousness, and it is not stepping on others to show himself, obviously he is in a mess, but he does not carefully reflect on what best cbd gummies for constipation he has done , but to find face from others.It was rare for her to plan so hard for Zhou Qiye.He also got a bowl of soup for nothing under Zhou Qiye s favor.Understood.Wei Yuanchen said flatly.Liu Su saluted unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation and retreated.There was no one else in the room, Wei Yuanchen stood there silently, the quiet needle dropping could be heard around.Zhou Zesheng on the bed opened his eyes, and he turned to look at Wei Yuanchen.After Miss Gu put her hand on his wrist after entering the door, he was very surprised.He had paid special attention to Miss Gu because of Wei Yuanchen s explanation serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies before, and always felt that Miss Gu was not a stupid person, but just always No concrete evidence has been found, and now the suspicion seems to be confirmed.But then Miss Gu raised and lowered her fingers alternately, not quite like a pulse best cbd gummies for constipation diagnosis, but more like a child playing around.Zhang Tong turned his back and raised his head.Today s moonlight is very good.Standing under the eaves, Wei Yuanchen heard Baotong s voice coming from the room.Miss, it s so late, I can t eat candied fruit anymore, so as not to make the night uncomfortable.Understood.Wei Yuanchen slightly bent his lips, hearing these words, he knew that Miss Gu was only dealing with maidservants.Through the window, I vaguely saw the girl standing up and going outside to wash her hands.The small box with candied fruit was placed on the table.Put all the delicious food in the wooden box that I carry with me, then put the wooden box in my best cbd gummies for constipation purse, and take it out when I want to eat It really is very convenient.That s how she handed the candied fruit to the prince and Cui Zhen that day.This box is very exquisitely made, and I don t know what precious objects are hidden there.The two masters and servants were fighting best cbd gummies for constipation in the courtyard.Although their strengths were quite different, Liu Su couldn t help but be fascinated by watching them.When Wei Yuanchen stopped, Liu Su was still there in a daze.What You like boxing too Wei Yuanchen s voice came, and Liu Su nodded subconsciously.How can I become like this Liu Su said in a daze, he didn t want to be like Wei Sanye, he was already very satisfied with the skills of the ninth grader.The ninth day of the ninth day is the general of my Wei family, Wei Yuanchen said calmly, My Wei family has a set of methods to practice body shape, fists, kicks, riding and shooting.Liu Su knew that the eldest lady had mentioned these to him.Wei Yuanchen continued You are not from the Wei family, so you can t learn this.Liu Su couldn t help feeling a little disappointed.Mrs.Wei sighed for a long time, and after a glance, she saw Second Master Wei standing outside the door.Mrs.Wei suddenly put on a serious face You haven t come in yet, do you want me to ask you Seeing the two mustaches of the second son, Mrs.Wei became very angry.After giving birth to such an old son, my heart was very bright when I saw it for the first time.He is really beautiful and beautiful.He will definitely become a talent in the future.The master even named him Congzhi.Unexpectedly, as an old son of hers, eating more and more food, but his intelligence is getting worse day by day, I dare say that he has used all his skills in his mother s womb.Only then did Master Wei walk in, and my mother would get angry when she saw him.He was also thinking of everyone, so as not to spoil the happy atmosphere.Zhao smiled and said, Princess, don t worry, I m fine.I thought about it before going to Shanxi to investigate the case.Since I came out of the Cheng family, I don t plan to go back.I don t care what the Cheng family thinks about me.I don t care.Now that the Cheng family has a mistress, I won t fight for any status.I have long since looked down on these things.I just want to avenge my father.Be kind and smooth, that is the best result.Princess Huairou breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, she was afraid that the gossip between the Cheng family and outsiders would make Mrs.Zhao sad, after all Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang falsely claimed that they were together She has lived for so long, and in the eyes of others, she has long lost her virtue.On the way back, someone from the Cheng family asked the son in law about Zhao, but none of them came to see the mistress.Before Yuan could recover, she heard the mother in charge said anxiously Madam, the people from the yamen have come to ask you questions.Yuan was nervous again What are you asking me for I don t know anything.Isn t my master in the yamen Ask him if you have something to say.The master said that he would take the blame for her, how can she show her face as a woman, even if Cheng Yi doesn t admit it, she is still the royal wife appointed by the court, with her wife With his majesty, who would dare to be presumptuous The mother in charge took two steps forward and said in a low voice Madam, masterthe master said he doesn t know anything, so someone will ask kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies you.When Yuan Shi heard this, she raised her eyes What Impossible, why is the master Someone might ask me something.The master said that no matter what happened, he would stand in front of her.Gu Mingzhu walked out quickly, and breathed a long sigh of relief Go back and change your clothes She had just come back from the outside, and she hadn t changed her clothes yet, best cbd gummies for constipation and she was almost caught by her father She stood upright, but luckily there was a rockery nearby, she hid inside, showing half of her face, which made Dad feel at ease.It s really thrilling, you have to be more careful in the future, and you can t come back too late.The two slipped back to the house all the way, and changed into the dresses they usually wear.Only then did Gu Mingzhu feel relieved and lay down on the soft couch to rest.To get rid of the suspicion, it is necessary to put all the blame on Yuan Shi and blame everything on the woman s jealousy.However, the emperor and the imperial concubine s party will also be suspicious of the Cheng family and the Yuan family.The imperial concubine said The Yuan family came to look for Bengong, did they think that Bengong would definitely stand on their side Bengong, who is the eyes and ears of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, is to be kept.The imperial censor is very useful, but I can t take a spy.You can t say that you hurt me like you hurt the prince.The female official said When something like this happened, how could the Cheng family and HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation the Yuan family think that the imperial concubine would help That s not easy, the imperial concubine smiled, They feel they have caught our weakness, especially that Yuan family.The female officer didn t understand.The noble concubine said Then Yuan Shi wants my sympathy.Empress Wei is the main palace.Even if I am a noble concubine, I am nothing more than a concubine.Although she is the successor of Mr.The HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation consort has always respected her as a guest since she got married, and has never acted so intimately in front of others.Huairou, thank you, Cheng Yi whispered, Without you, our mother and son would not be where they are today.The son in law didn cbd gummies by phil mickelson t call her princess, and now they are like an ordinary couple.I also want to thank my son in law, Princess Huairou said.Growing up in the palace, everything is decided by others.Everyone sees me as the princess of Dazhou.After a long time, I don t know who I am.After giving it to the son in law and saving my mother in law, I realized that I am not just the Princess of Zhou, I am still myself, and I still have things best cbd gummies for constipation I want to do and people I want to protect.Cheng Yi hugged Huairou in his arms It got tighter, and for a long time he felt Huairou gently push him We d better go and see mother, mother must how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i take also want to know what happened outside.Looking at Zhuzhu s bouncing back, Mrs.Lin couldn t help sighing That s it, I guess the Wei family won t blame you.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin said, Stop playing, we re going to Wei Home.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong, who followed with a bundle.What is that Mrs.Lin couldn t help asking.Flower cake, Gu Mingzhu smiled, It s for Xiaobai.Mrs.Lin couldn t laugh or cry.With so many things prepared for a chicken, the Wei family didn t know what to think.Chapter 233 Visiting the Gu Family The carriage stopped at the gate of the Wei Mansion, and Gu Mingzhu helped Mrs.Lin get out of the carriage.Mrs.Huaiyuanhou.Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Yuan brought Wei s grandma Zhang to greet her immediately.Mrs.Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu to salute Why don t you come here, Madam Yuan.It s time to say goodbye.Madam Yuan smiled, looking at her dignified and gentle face, she became more cordial at this moment., Lu s mother stopped eating, but brought a bowl of hot tea.After the banquet, Gu Mingzhu followed Mrs.Zhang to the garden.Mother Lu stepped forward and said, Miss, do you want to go for a walk by the lake The weather is fine today, so you can see the scenery along the lake.To see the scenery along the lake Master Wei should be waiting for her there, right Will he explain to her what happened today Chapter 237 It is agreed that the bluestone road by the lake is cleaned cleanly, and there is a faint fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus in the breeze.The lotus in age to buy cbd gummies the lake has withered, but there are still lotus leaves stretching on the water.The lotus leaves have been carefully pruned, and all the green lotus leaves are left.They look thriving and there is no sign of ruin.Walking along the lake, there is an octagonal pavilion not far away.What s the use of being majestic If you grab the vital point, you can make it helpless Master Wei Second was playing with the crab while looking at Gu Mingzhu s expression.It s not scary, is it No matter how I move, it won t catch me.Do you want to play Second Master unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation Wei took the crab to lure Miss Gu.Miss Gu seemed to have some interest, and finally she stretched out her hand, but she frowned soon.By the way, Second Master Wei was overjoyed, what he was waiting for was such a special look, it was said that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and a child has no fear in his heart, so it can be seen that Miss Gu is not suffering from dementia, her mind is like a child of a certain age.It hurts blood Gu Mingzhu pointed at Second Master Wei.Second Master Wei looked along Miss Gu s fingertips, and the dark red blood fell to the ground drop by drop.Cui Wei went to put paper kites in the garden.A swallow slowly flew into the sky.The swallow dragged a long colorful tail, which looked very beautiful.Gu Chongyi looked up best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain at the paper kite, it seems that Cui Wei put his heart into making the paper kite exquisite.The mother in charge stepped forward and reported Mrs.Ding Ninghou and his wife are talking in the backyard.Gu Chongyi nodded and said Tell Zhuzhu that her second brother is here, let her go to the garden to look at the paper kite The mother in charge replied With a sound.Gu Chongyi went on to say Bring a few more people to accompany the eldest lady.It s cold now, so I ll go back and rest after watching for a while.The mother in charge sent the news to the flower hall.Let her see the paper kite Gu Mingzhu blinked, what was Cui Wei thinking She didn t want to see Zhi Yuan, she was still thinking about how to see Yuan Shi s body tonight.Through the gauze, she could see her gradually bulging Flourish cheeks.It s delicious.Most of the pastries on the table are gone.Wei Yuanchen walked over slowly, picked up the file and read it carefully.Going through all the case files, Gu Mingzhu was a little thirsty, and subconsciously reached for the teacup.She moved her fingers, but the teacup seemed to be gone.She subconsciously raised her head and found that there was another person in the room.Master Wei.Master Wei came back at some point, and sat opposite her.My lord.Gu Mingzhu stood up, as timid as Miss Jiang.Wei Yuanchen had expected it a long time ago, he kept looking at the dossier without speaking, picked up the tea and brought it to his lips to take a sip.That teacup looked familiar to her.Two cups of tea were poured on the table, one was for her and the other was for Master Wei.The emperor looked at the booklet in his hand.If something like this happened to the Cheng family, today s morning court would not be peaceful again.One wave of ups and downs and another wave of ups and downs.The fight between the crown prince and the third prince has not yet been resolved.The emperor frowned, but there was no sound in the harem, but he knew that cbd gummies without thc show up on drug test it was just the calm on the surface.Your Majesty, it s time to get up and go up.The emperor stood up and walked out, but he didn t get on the imperial chariot, but walked forward on foot, his hands were slightly clenched, as if he wanted to hold everything in his hands heart.After walking for a while, the emperor suddenly stopped and turned his head to see that it was Queen Wei s Kunning Palace.Chapter 261 The gate of Kunning Palace is closed tightly.All the officials of the next dynasty left in a hurry, fearing that they would be involved if they stayed for a while, only the second master Wei stopped, as if watching the excitement was not a big deal, and it really aroused the disgust of the censor.The bitter remonstrance eventually turned into insulting and fighting each other outside the palace gate.Why 400mg cbd gummies didn t you persuade His Royal Highness the Crown Prince What did you do during the war horse case The war in Yulinwei has not stopped.If you really want to serve the country, why don t you go to Yulinwei to scold those Tatars Also Scolding Wei Yuanchen, what happened to the Wei family Isn t it wrong for Wei Yuanchen to rescue the prince Do you want the prince to be taken away by the Tatars Come on, you still hold on like this Oh don t pull my beard Okay see if your beard grows, or mine grows.At that time, the Wei family was called the Great Governor s Mansion , and the old man Wei was the only person in the Zhou Dynasty who could be honored as the Great Governor.After decades, I finally served in the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion.It s a pity that now the Commander s Mansion of the Five Armies is nothing more than a vain establishment, it only caters best cbd gummies for constipation for idlers, time has changed Today, when he was promoted, Gu Chongyi turned down all the entertainment, but ended up drinking with the descendants of the Wei family, which may be considered fate.Go back Gu Chongyi ordered, It s getting late, and it s time to rest.The steward of the Gu family stepped forward to help Gu Chongyi, and Wei Yuanchen followed him all the way to the Aquarius Gate.Seeing Gu Chongyi s figure disappear from the inner house, Wei Yuanchen looked around.Miss, thanks to the quick response of Miss and Baotong.Catch her.The mother in charge ordered, and several women rushed to Xuan Ming.Gu Mingzhu on the tree handed the wooden stick in her hand to Baotong, and agreed that she would stab one first, and then Baotong would do it when someone climbed up.Chu Jiu was helping in secret, and they had no burden at all to do it.Miss, Baotong looked at anxiously, why don t they climb anymore.She also wanted to hit her with a single blow like the eldest lady.Gu Mingwan had never seen such a scene before.Gu Mingzhu climbed up a tree for a while, and the Taoist girl flew to catch it, and then fell down again.What is this doing Is the gangster disguised as a Taoist nun, or is the Taoist nun just a gangster Gu Mingwan wanted to leave here, but he didn t dare to leave.The moment he turned best cbd gummies for constipation the wheel, he immediately guessed the lock.Where did it come from.This is the lock made by Ah Chan, his sister Ah Chan.Chapter 298 Ah Chan s Death Master Lu immediately fell into memory, and his fingers turned the wheel involuntarily.The small fancy lock was really like a plaything, and Master Lu opened it in the blink of an eye.Master Lu seemed to hear Ah Chan s voice Slow down, elder brother is slower than me again.Master Lu murmured subconsciously It s slow.After practicing for so many years, I m still slower than you.If you Now, everything can be done better than me, even the slightest loss is a thousand miles away, what my father said is correct, but I insist on fighting against you I really shouldn t do this, killing you and killing so many people.Footsteps sounded, and a figure stood in front of Master Lu.The means of the master are not to be underestimated.Mo Zhenren said The Taoist follows the empress dowager, and has seen the methods of Concubine Kang s mother and son.The person in charge of this matter is more powerful than Concubine Kang.The empress dowager thought If this is the case, Da Zhou may have to suffer.Zhenren Mo stopped talking and asked the Queen Mother to rest for a while before pulling out the silver needle.The palace people came in to wait for the queen mother to get up.The queen mother moved her arms, and felt that the whole person was a lot more relaxed.She let out a long breath of foul air, and the queen mother was thinking about those words of Mo Zhenren.The court is really in chaos, who can escape There are too many troubles in this deep palace, but no one can trust her.In the end, she crazily climbed up to the Baojin Pavilion in the back garden, threatening that she would jump down with the child in her arms if no saints hemp leafz cbd gummies canada from outside the palace were invited to see her third princess.Wei Shi, who had just given birth, was still bleeding from his lower body, and the blood flowed down Wei Shi s dress, which looked very vape pen pax dab rib cbd gummies scary.At that time, Wei Shi was trembling like a leaf in a strong wind, her eyes were full of vigilance and fierceness, she didn t allow anyone to get close to her and her child, and she no longer had the slightest appearance of mothering the world.This is the first time since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty that the harem has experienced such a storm, and everyone is in a mess.If the queen and best cbd gummies for constipation the princess are really allowed to jump off the pavilion, then he, the king of the country, will lose face.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously wiped her face with the back of her hand, there is nothing strange on her face My lordyou It s good like this, Wei Yuanchen said, best cbd gummies for constipation You don t have to see through the veil so much, when will you not have to cover up like this Gu Mingzhu always felt that Mrs.Wei s words were a pun Women s relatives have to cover up when they go out.Even if her dementia gradually recovered, she couldn t show her true appearance when she went out to investigate the case, just like her identity, she would never Maybe I will be Zhou Rujun again.After saying these words, Gu Mingzhu felt that Mr.Wei should also leave.She went to the small courtyard of the Wei family, but it was always like this not to cause Mr.Wei any trouble.Gu Mingzhu waited for a while, Master Wei still sat there, showing no intention of leaving.After Tan Sanye said this, Feng Anping was afraid that the night would be full of dreams, so he ordered the Yamen Bring up the body and take it to the courtyard.Zhongguanshi and Tan Zongqi went back to the yamen.Feng Anping left Anjiyuan in a mighty manner with sunday scaries cbd gummies where to buy his people, and the rain had gradually stopped at this time, taking advantage of no one around, Feng Anping shouted twice into the darkness Hou LordMaster HuaiyuanMaster Guuncle No one responded to Feng Anping.Feng Anping s heart turned cold, could it be that Master Hou didn t support him here at all, Master Hou lied to him Gu Mingzhu washed up and lay on the bed, something strange happened tonight.It seemed that everything went too smoothly, and she couldn t figure out what was wrong for a while, so she could only ask Liu Su to find out after dawn.Master Wei should know more about the inside story of the case than I do.And the merchants who have contacts with Aunt Zhen happen to be the Lu family Now that the Lu family has been arrested I don t need to hide things with Aunt Zhen anymore, so I found Aunt Zhen and asked Aunt Zhen the truth.Aunt Zhen refused to say it at first Then she told me when I threatened to send her to the court The reason why she came to Anjiyuan was instigated by someone to keep an eye on my uncle Grab my uncle s handle.The person who instigated Aunt Zhen I don t believe that my uncle has no selfish intentions in taking care of Anjiyuan all the year round.They suspect that my uncle thought that Anjiyuan raised money to buy rice as a cover, but secretly put the money into his own pocket.The imperial court checked it My uncle can also shirk that it was all used for Anjiyuan The imperial court could not find any evidence.Mo Zhenren looked at Zhuzhu, it was rare for this child to kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies keep thinking about it Tomorrow morning, I will go to Yizhuang to do a ritual for Aunt Zhen.Gu Mingzhu smiled when he heard this.Mo Zhenren turned to look at the hourglass Okay, it s getting late, you guys go back first Gu Mingzhu happily agreed, and she will go to Yizhuang with her master tomorrow morning.Chan has some similarities, maybe Master can see some clues Tan Dingfang s residence.Tan Dingfang sat on the chair, looking at the book in his hand, but he didn t turn a page for a long time.After an unknown period of time, he closed his sore eyes, and a woman s face appeared in best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain front of his eyes.After so many years, the memory of her is still so vivid.Chapter 344 Respecting best cbd gummies for constipation each other like a guest Tan Dingfang finally put down the book in his hand, got up and walked to the long table in the side room, polished the ink, picked up a pen, and the pen hung on the snow white and delicate paper, and did not best cbd gummies for constipation best cbd thc gummies for anxiety and stress drop it for a long time.There are often wars in the east of Miyun Weiwei, and the people dare not farm near Daning.At least, except for the military settlements in the guard station, many lands are barren, and a lot of military funds have to be transferred there.Tan Dingfang walked over and bent down to unfold a small map from the cage You come here Look, this is the farming map of Liaodong.On weekdays, Gu Chongyi probably wouldn t look at the map, but now to figure out who Tan Dingfang is, he has to pay attention to some details, so he walked over and took a look at the map.Although the map was newly made, there was already a note inside.On the note was a note made by Tan Dingfang, which clearly stated the situation of the military settlement.Tan Dingfang tried his best to take charge of the Ministry of War.This was not just said by someone to please the Minister of the Ministry of War.After she left the palace, she lived away from the capital for two years for fear of being discovered., I just came to serve Brother Chen.Mother Lu has seen many intrigues in the palace and shady methods.In addition to guarding against these things when coming to serve Brother Chen, best cbd gummies for constipation she can also remind Brother Chen if necessary.Ru s mother continued The third master trusts Mama Lu so much.Firstly, the third master is willing to accept all the concerns from the Wei family.Second, through Mama Lu, he can also feel the empress s love for him.The servant sometimes thinks about it, and feels very sad for the third master.The third master has been too sensible since he was a child.The servant has never seen the third master act like a baby to his wife.Although the wife is the most considerate of the third master, as you said, maybe Too thoughtful, but unnatural.These are not the most important, Chen Weicheng said, Your Excellency, people followed those who came from Daning, and found that there green ape cbd gummies smoking was a familiar face among them, and that person was Wu Yuanwai, who has been sponsoring Anjiyuan all the year round.A lot of money was given to the Anjiyuan, and the hard earned money was handed over to the adults to buy rice for the refugees.What is Wu Yuanwai s picture The adults are afraid that they will not be able to find out these things, and they will be confirmed.I am very suspicious, even if I believe your lord s excuse, I m afraid you won t use your lord again in the future.Your lord has been an official for many years, and you have carefully raised such an official voice.How could you give Qiao Song such an opportunity to step on you Qiao Song can t do it, and Wei Yuanchen certainly can t.Although Mu Qiu moved fast enough, the rope still pulled the porcelain vase on the shelf, and the porcelain vase lost its balance and was about to fall down.Seeing this, best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain the child s expression became ferocious again because of joy.Almost at the same time, Mu Qiu was about to go forward to pick up the porcelain vase, but a figure rushed over from behind and pushed him away.The person who is faster than him is the third master.Since the third master arranged this way, he must have thought of a solution, and the tacit understanding of cooperation for many years made Mu Qiu fly to save the other people in the house without any hesitation.The brocade is in the south room.Child only heard a woman s voice.In the flint and lightning, he didn t have time to understand the meaning of the words.Immediately afterwards, he felt his body was suddenly lifted, and his whole body greeted him.Mo Zhenren best cbd gummies for constipation still can t believe that what he heard is true.It s not bad to say what they said.Ah chan has always respected and admired her father.If she knew that her father killed so many soldiers and people for his official career, it is possible to be devastated.Not long after Ah chan s death, Bai Guanzheng and his cbd gummy shark tank wife also left one after another.Now, according to what Chen Weicheng said, Bai Guanzheng s death was also cooked by rabbits and dogs, and Chen Weicheng still wanted to frame Tan Dingfang and Bai best cbd gummies for constipation Guanzheng s husband and wife for poisoning.Mo Zhenren said these words to Gu Mingzhu, not knowing that he was a young disciple.How much can you understand.Then Senior Sister and Aunt Zhen committed suicide The girl s clear voice sounded.That gummies for dogs cbd s right, Zhenren Mo sighed, According to what best cbd gummies for constipation those people said, they all committed suicide.The Empress Dowager twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand Whenever there is a disturbance in the court, the harem will inevitably be chaotic.The Ai family heard that the Ministry of Officials submitted a memorial, and there were many officials listed in keoni cbd full spectrum 750mg gummies 5 bottles the memorial.Most of these people are from the court.Since the time when these officials became officials, the Huaiwang Mansion and the Shen family lent them money kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies to rent a mansion to support their families.The minister of the Ministry of Rites exposed Shen Guicheng, secretly forming a clique for personal gain, and lent him money Yes, the evidence is conclusive, the Shen family used family studies to support many children from poor families, and now these people are working for the Huai Palace.The Queen Mother said this, and sighed In the past, the emperor praised Shen Shoufu as buy bulk cbd gummies a rare man in the Zhou Dynasty.When they found it, the box was covered with dust, but fortunately there were no insects.Traces of rat bites.The mahogany box was placed in front of Cui Zhen, and the steward breathed a sigh of relief The box is locked, and no one has ever opened it, so it was put away for some reason.Cui Zhen glanced over the small lock , The key to this box has been lost for a long time.In fact, such a lock can be broken with a little power, but this box may contain Zhou s things.Out of respect for Zhou, he still Keep this thing intact.Cui Zhen ordered lightly Look for someone to unlock After a while, the steward led the man in, and the man opened the lock with two bamboo sticks, then bowed and backed out.Cui Zhen was left alone in the study, so Cui Zhen slowly opened the box.Sure enough, the boxes were filled with books.Gu Mingzhu took off the makeup on her face, and then ate red bean cakes and thought about the clues that Xue Laotong said, the old general Zhao case, the Shandong pirate case, Tan Dingfang That both happen to be in the vicinity cannot be explained as best cbd gummies for constipation a coincidence.Gu Mingzhu said Chen Weicheng is seriously ill for a short time, that s why he took the risk of framing Tan Dingfang.After the success of this plan, Prince Huai s mansion will be cleared of suspicion, but if Chen Weicheng knew that the Ministry of Justice and Master Wei were nearby What Didn t you hand over the evidence of Prince Huai s residence and the Liang family s, and actually prove the charges against Prince Huai s residence Chen Weicheng used himself as a bait to protect Prince Huai s Mansion, and in turn he could protect another person, Wei Yuanchen said, That is Tan Dingfang.But not everyone is like Tan Dingfang.Just like her, in order to keep her identity from being known, she can t be too public in front of people, so as not to attract attention, so she will pretend to be an inconspicuous doctor and sister Jiang.Is Qiu Hai like this You must know that the boat steward that Xiu s family called used Xiu s family to annex all the pirates along the coast of Shandong, and he was able to control a warship that was more than twenty feet long.A person with such abilities would only be the son of a steering wheel craftsman, the Shen family A little steward What she likes most is to uncover these secrets.Thinking of these, just getting up from the bed, the laziness that was still lingering on her body was swept away.Gu Mingzhu got up from the bed It s already time, and there will be a banquet in the mansion today, we have to prepare earlier.Cui Zhen settled down and said I have something to ask Aunt Zu, please pack it up, and I will take Zou Xiang into the house.A layer of cold sweat broke out on Zou Lin s forehead, Cui Zhen s tough attitude cannot be doubted, could it be possible What do you know Master Hou Is it Zou Xiang made you unhappy He is a child, please look at it for my sake, Master Hou, don t Before Zou Lin finished speaking, Zou Xiang roared, You don t ask him, even if he kills me, I don t want you to beg him.He super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation just fell off the kang, but luckily the maid beside him stepped forward to help him.Zou Lin said Master Houwhy did you kill you Don t talk nonsense This time before Zou Xiang spoke, Cui Zhen said coldly He is right, such a young child will kill, I shouldn t have kept it.Zou Lin s chest stopped, and he was about to faint, and finally took a breath Brother Xiang won the won t Zou Xiang s fine hair seemed to be They all stood upright, and said sharply He s right, I m going to kill people, I m going to kill Madam Zhang, I m going to kill him, kill them all, and I will accompany you to see your mother.Is it easy for my aunt super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation to do it I was hoping that this would not happen, but Hou Ye had a drink that night and left Qing girl behind.Later, Qing girl went to the capital with your mother.When I saw her again, she had a big belly, her hands best cbd gummies for constipation and feet were full of frostbite, and she went back to Shaanxi begging all the way.Because she was injured before, and running around like this, she almost exhausted all the energy in her body.Blood, already dying.I heard the girl talk about her experience in Beijing, and only then did I know that your wife, Mrs.Zhang, has a reputation for being virtuous and virtuous, but she is actually does cbd gummies help you quit smoking a ruthless character.Qing girl said that being patronized by others is a narrow escape, and she will never return to Hou Mansion, let alone let her child be known by the Hou Mansion, otherwise she will not be able to escape Mrs.When Cui Zhen regained his composure, Gu Chongyi asked, Is what your aunt said true Cui Zhen looked calm, but his voice was slightly hoarse than before Now best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain it sounds probably true, so Yao Qing is the mother.It was not easy for her to HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation do something in the inner house.If she knew that she was pregnant, she would have told my mother immediately.After all, she was not even a concubine at the time.In order to deal with the two aunts, after escaping from the dead, she should try her best to send me a letter, at least let Zou Xiang enter Dingninghou s mansion.I have no heirs, and I will be very happy to have a bastard, maybe I will spare her With Zou Xiang around, her situation is much better than living abroad, and Aunt Zu explained the past very clearly, mentioning Jiang Mama and Geng Si.Will be vague Gu Chongyi nodded It s rare that you can think clearly so quickly.If this person is Qiu Hai, it can be seen that this person s identity is extraordinary.Cui Zhen in the study frowned, walked quickly a few steps and opened the door, he looked around the study, the building was already empty.Cui Zhen closed the door and looked at Gu Chongyi The servants of the Zhang family are here Chapter 411 Panicked Gu Chongyi glanced at the map on the wall, the map was half hidden, if you are not familiar with the coast, you should I don t understand where this map refers to.Next to the map is a sketch of the warship, but the warship only shows a small corner, and people who have a good understanding of the coast and ships can still understand kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies it.However, their conversation in the study only said that the imperial court asked the imperial court to open the sea slowly, and did not mention anything related to maps and ships.The servants went up to Gu Mingzhu to help Zou Linshi back to the house, Zou Linshi walked to the door and looked back into how to make gummies with cbd the yard a few times, it was very nostalgic for the good time just now.Lying back on the bed again, Zou Lin s face showed exhaustion.Taking advantage of best cbd gummies for constipation the time when Zou Xiang went out, Zou Lin took Gu Mingzhu s hand Zhuzhu, Auntie, I beg you one more thing.Gu Mingzhu nodded with moist eyes.Auntie sees that you are transparent, Zou Lin said, If there is something wrong with Brother Xiang in the future, you can help persuade, persuade Okay, Gu Mingzhu agreed, I see best cbd gummies for constipation This is Zou Linshi who was asking the orphan, unexpectedly Zou Linshi did not tell these words to his mother in the end, but told her to her.Zou Linshi cheered up Good boy, brother Xiang said that you were injured yesterday to help him, how is it now Does it still hurt Gu Mingzhu said Don t worry, auntie, it doesn t hurt anymore.Walking into the inner room, I saw Mrs.Li holding a swaddling baby, talking to her mother with a smile on her face.Chapter 422 Getting close to Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.Li.The atmosphere in the room was inexplicably warm, and the haze best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain that was weighing on Gu Mingzhu s heart was blown away at once.Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Li Come and see Zhuzhu, from now on Zhuzhu will have a younger brother.Mrs.Lin watched her daughter walk carefully to Mrs.Li, a smile appeared on her tired face , Such a scene made her heart warm, and her eyes were blurred for a while.How can it be so small Gu Mingzhu couldn t help muttering.The younger brother s cheeks were not as big as hers when he was a baby, his eyebrows and eyes looked like his father s, his nose and mouth were small, Gu Mingzhu wanted to hug him but didn t dare.I m leaving.Wei Yuanchen stood up, It s almost dawn.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Fortunately, everyone in the family was looking after her mother tonight, and Yang s mother couldn t care less about coming to the small study, otherwise she would have to Block it straight.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand, Gu Mingzhu hesitantly passed it over, Master Wei s hand always seemed to be warmer than hers.The two walked to the door holding hands and looked up at the sky together.It is said that the sky is darkest when it is about to dawn, but now that the moon is in the sky, Wei Yuanchen remembered that today is the Lantern Festival, and the lanterns in the courtyard of the Gu family just happened to be lit, so he stood with her to watch the lanterns.Wei Yuanchen looked down at Zhuzhu beside him, and the girl raised her head slightly, wondering what she was thinking.Baotong said.Really Yang s mother remembered that Jiang San was a little fat and couldn t walk so fast.Baotong nodded resolutely I can see clearly even if I have an eye disease.I can t be wrong.There was a smell of pig excrement when I walked past.She was right, the monkey really smelled of pig excrement.Bao Tong silently said sorry to Jiang San, comparing Jiang San and Chu Jiu together really wronged Jiang San, you must know that Jiang San is very capable, every year he will raise the piglets in Zhuangzi to fat, Very gratifying.Mother Yang was dubious, muttering and walking into the house.Baotong pursed her lips, she saw that this matter would not be hidden sooner or later, there is a saying that goes well, if you often walk by the river, there is no way your shoes will not get wet, Master Wei and his servants come and go all day, it really makes her fuck Heartbroken, unless the two families become one family, then she will be relieved.Clue.Peng Shi didn t speak, and the situation in front of him didn t need others to say anything, because every move of Zheng Ruzong and others explained everything.After this incident, there will be a lot of movement purity naturals cbd gummies in the court.Peng Shi has been by the emperor s side for a long time, and he understands the emperor s thoughts very well.The emperor must be very disappointed now.It was reported that Zhang s family and the steward named Qiu Hai had been arrested.Although he hadn t seen the real face of this governor Xiong , it was probably Zheng Ruzong.What Wei Yuanchen said in front of the imperial court was basically confirmed.Thinking about it this way, Tan Dingfang might really be an accomplice.When Zheng Ruzong and others best cbd gummies for constipation had gone far away, Peng Shi ordered Arrest the person who reported to Zheng Ruzong in the Tongzhou Yamen.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine best cbd gummies for constipation Jiang raised her head after saying this.It can be seen that the eunuch who is in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion best cbd gummies for constipation and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.She has done many things in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Huang Chang also lost his usual calmness.The gate of the city was finally opened, and Zheng Ruzong was super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation escorted by his cronies to run out.There was not much time left for them.Captain Long Jin must have brought a lot of natural cbd gummies people, and Vice General Zhao might not last long with his troops.Zheng Ruzong s cronies and entourage stayed behind to help Vice General Zhao.Zheng Ruzong got on his horse and galloped in the dark, with the sound of killing behind him.After escaping for a certain distance, Zheng Ruzong abandoned his horse and moved forward.Although the horse ran fast, it was easy to be spotted.He walked along the path, but it was easier to escape.After going through the accident, Zheng Ruzong gradually realized that it was not that Captain Long hadn t discovered his whereabouts, but secretly followed him to the guard in order to take advantage of the people they had placed in the guard.She never thought that Master Wei would pay so much because of her, let alone that her death would bring so much pain to Master Wei.The adult at this time made her feel a little sad.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously leaned forward, and when she recovered, she had already thrown herself into a warm embrace.Chapter 463 The two figures who are willing to marry me are separated at the touch of a touch.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being annoyed, she didn t know what happened just now, seeing the sadness in Master Wei s eyes, suddenly felt that the Lord might need some comfort.Just like when Yuanxiao huddled into a ball, she couldn t help holding it in her arms.Sure enough, people can t be soft hearted, and when they are soft hearted, they will do irrational things.It took a while for Gu Mingzhu to look up at Mr.The envoy of the Imperial Hospital trembled when he heard this The emperor s dragon body is also the foundation of the Great Zhou.The foundation of the Great Zhou The emperor sneered, maybe they all want him dead, but now he can t kill all those who covet the throne.Such as Wei Shi.The DPRK and the Central Committee were unable to mobilize manpower for a while, and many generals had private contacts with Tan Dingfang.If they sent people loyal to the rebels, the consequences would be disastrous.Now that I think about it, Wei Yuanchen is the most suitable person to lead the army to fight against the rebels.The emperor became short of breath thinking about it.He was unwilling to use the Wei family, but now he had to use it again.This was the case in the harem and northern Xinjiang.The emperor s mind became hot, and everything in front of him became blurred.Mrs.Yuan said, Mother is coming from Brother Chen Is Brother Chen going to fight Mrs.Li nodded.Mrs.Yuan looked hesitant What can we best cbd gummies for constipation do Or let Yuan Zhen go with him, saying that he is a brother who fights a tiger, and that father and son are soldiers in battle, and the two brothers also have a support.Let Yuan Hong and Yuan Zhen guard the house well.Well, I don t know what will happen, Mrs.Li persuaded Mrs.Yuan, Our brother Chen is both civil and military, and he will return victorious, so you can rest assured.Entrusted to him, if brother Chen had a mistake, how would she go to see the master She also thought about it all night before she came up with this idea, otherwise, according to her mind, no one should go to the battlefield to take risks.Mrs.Yuan thought about what else she could do, but before she could speak again, Mrs.Marquis of Dingning suspected Cui Wei a long time ago, so he ordered People are secretly looking for people and things related to Cui Wei, guess what Zhou Zejing didn t want to guess, in front of these people in charge of litigation and prison, best pain relieving cbd gummies he must not talk nonsense, but even if he didn t say it, he also expected the result.Feng Anping said It s really easy to catch a lot of people.Your family s steward is one of them.I brought someone to hold him down on the spot.It turned out that Xu Gui was arrested on the spot.It can t be a misunderstanding, their Zhou family is definitely going to be involved in this case, the hairs on Zhou Zejing s neck stand on end, why does Xu Gui associate with Cui Wei What did Cui Wei do in the unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation Zhou family through Xu Gui What does Xu Gui know Taking advantage of Zhou Zejing s loss of consciousness, Feng Anping said That manager Xu usually serves Master Zhou Zhou Zejing nodded subconsciously, but soon he came back to his senses Although Xu Gui serves by my side, I don t know him Have a private relationship with Cui Wei.Zhou Zejing was overjoyed, his words obviously convinced the judge of Shuntian Prefecture.While talking, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Jerui also walked outside the main room.Mrs.Zhou s voice became more choked Who are you talking about My Jun girl Why are you talking about Jun girl Zhou Zerui comforted Mrs.Zhou in a low voice Mother, don t worry, we all know that Ah Jun was wronged, and the truth will come to light one day.Looking at the sad faces of the Zhou family, Feng Anping nodded for the third time, and then asked a question This The official understands that you love Miss Zhou, and that she was wronged.So, since this is the case, have you ever defended Miss Zhou The room suddenly became quiet, and the old lady Zhou s sobs followed abruptly.end.Chapter 474 The Truth Zhou Zejing did not expect Feng Tongpan to ask such a question.Wei, maybe the current problem will be solved, at least let Feng Tong judge tell us the truth.A sneer appeared on the corner of Zhou Zejing s mouth, he might still hold back when he heard the third brother s words a few days ago Hope, now he will only feel a coldness in his heart.Second, Mrs.Zhou said, you should explain clearly what s going on.Mother, Zhou Zejing said, our family may have offended someone, and my son s uneven official career should also be related to this matter.It s related, and the third brother made various mistakes at the critical moment of doing business several times, we thought it was bad luck, but it s not.Mrs.Zhou was worried about what happened today, but now her hands and feet are cold when she hears this Who did you say you offended Zhou Zejing lowered his eyes I heard a piece of news from my teacher before, but I didn t tell my mother because it was not confirmed.The emperor has been waiting patiently until he serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies ascended the throne and stabilized the political situation before he brought Concubine De into the palace.Such thoughts have never been spent on other women.So when he was in the palace, he saw Concubine De concubine attacking Zhou Zecheng, best cbd gummies for constipation so he helped him out for no other reason.With such a handle in his hands, Concubine De will definitely be used by him in the future, and he expected it up In the palace late at night.Not long after Empress Defei returned to Yongchun Palace, in the small courtyard behind Yongchun Palace, there was a plop sound from a water well, as if something had fallen into it.Fortunately, there was some distance between the main hall of Yongchun Palace in the small courtyard.Otherwise, the sound could wake up the entire Yongchun Palace from sleep.Feng Anping was still thinking about the ins and outs of the whole case, and it took him a while to come to his senses.It was raining heavily and it was inconvenient to walk, and Ms.Jiang should have her reasons for making such arrangements.A fire was lit in the room, Gu Mingzhu sat beside Zhou Zesheng, Chu Jiu and Liu Su also entered the room.Feng Anping saw Nie Chen and Liu Su, and knew that they came with Miss Jiang, but he didn t understand why Sanye Wei kept Chu Jiu behind.This is exile Feng Anping smacked his lips.Could it be that Chujiu didn t serve Wuheiji well Wei Sanye didn t want him anymore and threw him to the common people.Feng Anping rubbed his waist, wanting to give Chujiu some beef jerky Comfort comfort.But looking at Chu best cbd gummies for constipation cbd gummies reviews for pain Jiu s high spirited appearance, Feng Anping felt that Chu Jiu seemed to be living a better life than him now.Su Fu thought of this and sighed The emperor is not good at knowing people, but the concubine De and his son who value the most are such people.Now the court is in chaos.If there is another shock, I don t know if I can bear it.I am still worried.The emperor s body is afraid of the critical moment Xue Laotong judged So we have to plan for the worst, if such a situation really how long foes cbd gummies take to kick in happens, who can stabilize the situation.Su Fu said You mean the empress Listen to the empress arrangement to resolve this matter Before everything is exposed, let the empress control the overall situation to prevent turmoil.If Liang Wang is staring at the emperor, and the empress arranges everything secretly, maybe he can win the first chance Su Fu suddenly scolded I obviously have my heart for the emperor, how could I feel that Empress Wei will handle the current situation better.If you can t even be a dog, you can only be killed.What s more, if he had the intention to seek refuge with King Liang, he would show his clues now.Before King Liang could make any move, he would be in charge first.Tan Dingfang is a lesson from the past.If he is loyal to the emperor, he should always be loyal to the end.This is his way of life.Qiao Song welcomes Su Fu into the duty room.Su Fu said directly I remember Master Qiao has been investigating Tang s case.I wonder if there is any clue Qiao Song shook his head My people have found Tang s whereabouts, but unfortunately they did not catch her.Su Fu said Master Qiao should be very familiar with the Tang family.I found some women.Can Master Qiao tell whether these people are related to the Tang family Sure enough, he guessed right, and Su Fu found another clue.In the end, she ordered the husband next to her to give the piano score to Zhou Zecheng.She thought that Zhou Zecheng would come to thank her, so that she could lift the power barrier.Meeting him, who knew that Zhou Zecheng bowed to her from a distance, then turned and left.She felt a little melancholy, but felt that Zhou Zecheng was a gentleman.If Zhou Zecheng s background was not too low, she might have become the eldest wife of the Zhou family.After all, she not only thinks about herself, but also makes plans for the Cao family.The current emperor was obsessed with her when he was still King Lu, and he always avoided people to come to Cao s house to meet her, and promised that sooner or later he would let her sit on the queen s position.She didn t dare to think about it.Princess Lu was born in the Wei family.Hearing the palace people say that the empress s men were fighting with the prison guards and imperial guards, Concubine Jiang knew that there was a change in the palace, probably related to Concubine De s mother and son.She wasn t guessing randomly, the only ones who dare to confront the queen now are the emperor and Concubine De.Since Captain Long did super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation not show up, the possibility of the emperor is unlikely, so only Concubine De and King Su remained.Sure enough, the palace people sent back a message Lieutenant Long Jin was ordered by the emperor and the queen to arrest people everywhere.Many servants of the twelve prisons were taken away.The turmoil in the palace was basically suppressed.They said that Huang Chang belonged to kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies the king of Liang.Eyeliner, King Su and Concubine De also rebelled against Huang Chang s instigation.Not only the stupid king, but even him was underestimated.This Mr.Wei.It can be said that the Wei family has put in a lot of effort in raising Wei Yuanchen, so Wei Yuanchen is only capable best cbd gummies for constipation of this Wei Yuanchen s fleeing cavalry suddenly accelerated.King Liang was startled, and blurted out Not good.After being chased all the time, he should be more and more tired, why he suddenly became energetic, there is only one explanation, Wei Yuanchen was just pretending before.Pretend to be defeated and lead them to chase.Although Liang Wang saw something strange, it was too late.Wei Yuanchen s cavalry passed in front of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu, and after calculating the distance of the firearm s damage, Lu Guang and Zhu Wu pulled Ji Kuo, and then they split up.Fleeing on both sides, they rushed into the earth pit that had been dug long before the firearms exploded.The guard frowned, and drove his horse closer to the woods again.Liang Wang looked at the back of the guard, and his calm heart was once again turbulent.What appeared in front of his eyes were Wei Yuanchen s cunning methods.Finally, the guard saw a figure swaying in the woods, and he breathed a sigh of relief You After saying the words, the guard sensed something strange, that was not their men, not the people they stayed here waiting to pick up.He wanted to pass the news to the prince.But in an instant, the sound of crossbow arrows piercing through the air sounded, and the arrow was pointing at where King Liang was.The personal guard swung his sword to block the feathered arrow.Now everyone understands that the soldiers and horses they stayed here must have been besieged, and someone cut off their retreat.Now it seems that his life should be saved.Looking at the two people lying on the wooden board, Gu Mingzhu let out a long sigh of relief.After a short rest, she was going to help the medical staff and treat other wounded soldiers.Liu Su heard the news from the outside, walked to Gu Mingzhu and said in a low voice Miss, I heard that Master Wei was injured, but luckily the armor protected the vitals, so there should be no serious problems, now go to the direction of Dagu I m chasing the King of Liang.After hearing the news from Lord Wei, Gu Mingzhu felt that her heart, which had been restless all along, was a little more stable.This super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy best cbd gummies for constipation time the situation was very dangerous.They found that it was too late for King Liang to plan, so they had to deal with it hastily, and best cbd gummies for constipation mistakes might happen in haste.Zhang Tong couldn t help saying Third Lord, it seems that Miss Gu misses you very much now.The eldest lady didn t give anything when the third master went out to fight, but this time when he returned from victory, at least the third master will get a candied fruit No matter how bad it is You can also send a piece of red bean cake as a reward.Seeing the corner of the third master s mouth slightly raised into a smile.Zhang Tong didn t want to disturb the third master at this time, but he still had important matters to report.Zhang Tongdao Miss said that the Shuntian Mansion has found important clues, and those from the Tang family should be hiding in the coastal villages around Beitang.I have arranged a kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies cbd peach gummies retreat for myself, so who will meet Liang Wang The imperial soldiers and horses guarded the Yongping Mansion, and it was not easy for Daning to come from the sea, and I am afraid that some help would be needed.Long up.He fell asleep.Looking at that handsome face, Gu Mingzhu felt extremely at ease in her heart Chu Jiu, who was lying on the roof, reached out and poked Liu Su, then winked her eyes.What should they do next Lying here all the time But, it s best cbd gummies for constipation very cold here.Chapter 534 Too late for Yongping Mansion.After Wei Yuanchen captured King Liang alive, the news quickly spread to northern Xinjiang, and the army of Liang King s party was in turmoil.Cui Zhen took the opportunity to lead his troops out of the city and repelled the unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation rebels for fifty miles.Cui Zhen was seriously injured, and it took two hours for the medical staff to treat his injury properly.The two lieutenants beside Cui Zhen, one died in battle, and the other lost an arm.Regardless of the rest of the Cui family, Cheng Yu admired this Marquis of Dingning from the bottom of his heart.Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin lost her mind.One after another, Wei Sanye s background hadn t brought her back to her senses, and Wei Sanye promised to marry Zhuzhu alone.The same is true for the succession to the throne.Gu Chongyi got up and said to Mrs.Li Mrs.Tai sits comfortably, I will come as soon as I go.He wanted to hear what the Wei family had to say, and then seek Zhuzhu to discuss it.Now he can only ask Zhuzhu first.Gu Chongyi went out decisively.Looking at the back serenity cbd gummies kanha cannabis infused cbd watermelon gummies of Huaiyuanhou, Pei Shangqing knew why Wei s parents best cbd gummies for constipation invited him to come together.Huaiyuanhou really unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation treasured his daughter.Even if he knew the identity of Wei Sanye, his first thought was to ask his daughter about it.Mind, this kind of pampering is not mixed with any interests.Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife have really good personalities.After entering the palace, he won t be able to see her all day long, is cbd gummies legal in tennessee so what can he do When all the female relatives went out, Gu Chongyi looked at Pei Shangqing.Pei Shangqing saluted and said Congratulations, Lord Hou.Gu Chongyi did not respond, but said When did you get married Gu Chongyi urged Boss is not too young to get married and have children.He couldn how many cbd gummies in 3000 mg jar t wait any longer.Pei Shangqing was startled, turned his head to look left and right, he thought he was back in the clan, and standing in front of him was the elders of the Pei family.Walking out of the room, Gu Chongyi asked Pei Shangqing Is your mother thinking about this matter Pei Shangqing knew that Huaiyuan Hou was asking about Wei Yuanchen s life experience My mother only wanted the child to grow up in Wei s family, but the Wei family and Pei s family were not the HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for constipation same.Cui can i take cbd gummies and xanax Hou can ask another Other doctors.Cui Zhen didn t hesitate I also ask Mr.Sun to prescribe the medicine.Sun Langzhong said I boil the medicine first, so that I can clean up the wound for you.He stood up and walked out of the room with his apprentice.Cui Zhen was left in the room facing Chong Hua, Cui Zhen looked at Chong Hua and said, How is the elder Untie the knot Cui Zhen shook his head Elder Lao is thinking about it, but there are too many things at home recently, so I can t help being tired.That s good, Chong Hua said, You must know that life is long, and peace is not easy.Peace is not easy , He has come to this point, how difficult it is to ask for peace Cui Zhen looked at Elder Chonghua s quiet and friendly expression, and suddenly his expression was a little dazed.If everything can be done again.The waiter let out a voice.Empress Wei saw a butterfly resting on the window, and was about to step forward to take a closer look, but unexpectedly, her sudden approach alarmed the emperor on the soft floor, who flinched for a unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus best cbd gummies for constipation while.What s the matter, Your Majesty Empress Wei said, You heard my concubine talking to Lord Pei Empress Wei had a smile on her face.The emperor s body wanted to shrink back, but he couldn t move, so he could only lie there in fear.He heard it all.King Qing and his clan asked Wei Yuanchen to be king.The ultimatum is the serious children of the Zhao family, and the status of the Wei family and her son is stable.Now the Wei family wants to use him to take over the power.Once Wei Yuanchen becomes the crown prince, Wei s mother and son will no longer need him and will kill him at any time.

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