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Where is the tomb.Let us remember this brave man forever.After saying this, he cbd gummies 12mg thc cast his eyes into the distance Crown Prince William must have not escaped far, immediately spread out and carefully inspected every place Gust did not run far, and now his situation is in jeopardy.Eighty seven.Shoot, shoot Captain, there is a gunshot.Wang Weiyi stopped his footsteps.He also heard the gunshots from the other side, and the five member search team immediately became tense.Guderian, Boncrere, Steck, you go to the left.Four knives, and I go to the right.Wang Weiyi whispered Shoot carefully, and we must find Crown Prince William.The five people quietly started to move forward Groping, the gunshots were getting closer and closer In an instant, the gunshots stopped, and Wang Weiyi s heart tightened.Don t let the thing you re most worried about happen Crown Prince William August knew he couldn t run away.But I am a soldier, and I will never do such a thing cbd gummies 12mg thc as running away.Then you have only one choice, and that is to go to trial.If you are convicted, even your title of baron will not be able to keep you.You must know that no matter which country you are in, traitors are hated by all the people in the country.No, I will not be convicted by them Wang Weiyi replied cbd gummies 12mg thc confidently I know what I should do.To deal with them, and know what I should do.You may be a hero Xiao Ling said such a sentence unexpectedly.Wang Weiyi was a little dazed when he heard it.In his memory, Xiao Ling had never praised himself.He rolled his eyes Xiao Ling, I said that you will love me sooner or later.on mine.Humans have a problem, they like narcissism.This problem is particularly prominent in your body.I suggest that you take a comprehensive mental examination after finishing this matter.The French soldiers who were engrossed in dealing with the enemy in the front cbd gummies 12mg thc did not expect such a fierce firepower attack from behind their buttocks.Under the joint killing of submachine guns and grenades, more than a dozen Frenchmen fell to a pool of blood in an instant.Manstein and Guo Yunfeng are here Reinforcements are here Now, rush out Wang Weiyi roared.Orcus trembled with excitement.God, I am providing support to the Skeleton Baron He held the steering wheel tightly with his hands, and his eyes were fixed on the front.The truck rushed forward like crazy, and the two unlucky French soldiers couldn t avoid it, and were knocked into the air.When Wang Weiyi swept out the last round of bullets, the truck had already rushed in abruptly.Guo Yunfeng, give me bullets Wang Weiyi roared loudly.There was no fighting on the Western Front.Under such circumstances, General Galwitz granted the Skeleton Commando a thirty day holiday.Erwin Rommel s marriage can finally take place.Wang Weiyi decided to take his brothers to Danzig to celebrate Rommel s wedding.This was something Rommel could only wish for.Hey, before going to Danzig.We haven t settled the score with one person yet.Manstein said suddenly.Everyone laughed maliciously.This man s name is Manfred von Richthofen I haven t seen this guy for a few days.He has already learned from Mark s brother Mali that he accidentally bombed his good friend, and he hid in fright.But there is an old saying in China Can you hide from the first day of the junior high school and the fifteenth day The Revenge Team personally commanded by Wang Weiyi embarked on the journey of Revenge When those people in the air force base saw the Skeleton Baron appearing with a group of people, they couldn t help laughing.Ernst Brehm Wang Weiyi A Russian general who was still in a coma was dragged out of the cab Hey, someone help me, I brought back General Boris of the Russian 8th Infantry Division.Every German has an incredible expression.God, what kind of person is this Not only did he escape from the enemy s heavy siege, but he also captured a Russian general How did he do it Arrived Impossible, this is really impossible, only those angels full of divine power can do this Saint Ernst A German military officer murmured.Only Saint Ernst can do such a miraculous battle Saint Ernst someone cried after him.Saint Ernst Saint Ernst More and more Germans yelled like this.Then, all the Germans broke out in earth shattering cheers, and they all shouted the same name in their mouths Saint Ernst A One hundred and eighty three.Ernst, have a good talk with Ms.Wittgenstein This is a very understanding and well educated lady.She doesn t want to listen to other people discussing investment issues, that is The other party s .Even if she and Hermione are very good friends Mr.Baron, are you interested in smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies investing To protect your assets.When Hermione said this, she had already made up her mind.Ernst is a good friend of the countess, and he is also a respectable baron.She felt that it was necessary for her to give her advice to the other party on the issue of assets., although cbd gummies 12mg thc she doesn t think the baron can spend much money.v E Book www., and this noble status was obtained entirely because of his HCMUSSH cbd gummies 12mg thc outstanding performance on the battlefield.Then such a nobleman would not have much assets.But even if the other party only offered a hundred Imperial Marks, Hermione was confident Let Ernst make a fortune in a few years Hermione never thought that Ernst Brahm actually came here for investment Wang Weiyi pretended to be thinking After a while I am also more interested in this.Wang Weiyi continued But I can promise you, as long as I can find this gem, I will give you a large sum of francs as a reward.Remuneration, say twenty thousand francs Desimov gasped, this shot called Moyol was too generous.Are you sure Desimov said without much confidence.I m sure, and first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep I can pay you part of the deposit now.Wang Weiyi took out two thousand francs from his pocket and put them in front of Desimov Regardless of whether the two Russians named Loban and Oginnensky knew the whereabouts of Zachwoki, the two live green cbd gummy bears thousand francs The francs are yours now, Monsieur Desimov.Desimov almost wondered if he was dazzled.In this world, there are not many people who can spend so much money at once.He carefully checked the francs Mr.Moyol, you have won my respect now..It s not that I m greedy, but francs are kinder than anything here.No one could have imagined that the US military s first battle in Europe would have such a result.The whistling of the mp submachine guns finally stopped.The German soldiers walked silently on the battlefield, silently admiring their trophies.Although these Americans did not fight well, their surrender gestures were quite standard.A large group of Allied planes flew overhead, and then rumbling explosions sounded behind.Wang Weiyi and his soldiers turned back.The bridge over the Marne River was finally blown up, and their way HCMUSSH cbd gummies 12mg thc back was over.blocked.But the expressions on the faces of these German soldiers were still so calm.Now that you re here, you re ready.What s more, Colonel Ernst is still here.As long as the colonel is still there, he will definitely take them back.What about the HCMUSSH cbd gummies 12mg thc captives Steck pointed to the group of captured American prisoners.Because of this, he was unanimously praised by his colleagues Xiaoling said Later, Matsui Iwane was reactivated, and first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep Sugawara Naomasa was immediately transferred to the Shanghai Dispatch Army.Matsui Iwane heard people talking about his This grandson is so outstanding, because he was decisively assigned to the 6th Division with the most combat effectiveness, and entrusted Hisao Gu to take care of him.But when he entered the army, the real character of Naomasa Sugawara, who didn t need to hide anything, was completely exposed, arrogant and arrogant.It is only because of the strong combat effectiveness of the 6th Division that he has not suffered a defeat Arrogant and arrogant.Wang Weiyi pondered and said What else And he advocates offense.He believed that the best defense was offense, and because of this, he suffered a disastrous defeat on the battlefield in 1943 The fiasco was brought forward.Yoshihiro Maeda was right in saying that when the Sugawara Brigade was chasing, because of Sugawara Naomasa s death order, the entire team was too scattered.Completely disjointed front and back.And this is giving me the best chance to defeat the guard battalions one by one The Noda team that fell behind was defeated The Kameyama team was defeated Wang buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc Weiyi also gave a death order to the guard battalion only defeat, not wipe out The entire Sugawara Brigade must be defeated in the shortest possible time At the same time, the defeated soldiers commanded by Ouyang Yu had also arrived at the predetermined location, and quickly entered the simple position prepared long ago, using machine guns as the main firepower, to block the Japanese army that was chasing up.Now the Sugawara brigade is facing a serious problem the rear team is smashed to pieces by enemy cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc tanks and trucks, and the front team is blocked again.But these security team members found strangely they are not afraid Why why is that No one can answer themR himself started another new attackthe security team mechanically cbd gummies 12mg thc picked up the gun, and then shot mechanicallythey ignored the bullets on their own Flying above their heads, wandering around them regardless of death For them, this position is all they can have If you die, you have to die here A group of Japanese soldiers burst in from the flanks, and there were only the last three soldiers left here, and there were actually four young men.They fought with the devils, fought with their own lives, but the three of them couldn t beat a dozen devils at all One was stabbed downthe other was stabbed down The last one to fall was Xiao Sizi He was stabbed several times by bayonets, he stared at the sky obsessively a wisp of blue smoke came out of his handThe cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies moment he fell, he pulled the fuse of the grenade He saw the Japanese soldiers scattered in panic, and the little four laughed Huang Xi Bei, you bastard, I will pay you back what I owe you Then, the grenade exploded in the position Thirty eight brothers died here, they It s a group of heroes A real hero At 1 00 p.But often when the battle is the most intense, the appearance of Lao s army can only distract the soldiers from protecting them Moreover, these students who have no battlefield experience at all don t know how to protect themselves in war.These things happen often, and we can t stop them for fear of hurting their hearts.Wu Keren knew what Wang Weiyi was thinking, and said with a wry smile.Wang Weiyi shook his head and temporarily put the matter aside Junzuo, we persisted on the outside line for five days and were very successful, but the last three days were the most difficult.Songjiang is like a target and will be caught by the Japanese army.The artillery was aiming effortlessly, and I think we will suffer heavy casualties on the first day of the battle.His words somewhat surprised the officers.If you like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.Vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and ninety eight.Chinese Air Force 1500 monthly ticket plus more We can die, but they can t.When more and more students know this sentence, they begin to know what kind of ruthless major he is people.He is fierce, he is ruthless, and he did not hesitate when he drew his gun, but his heart was there to protect all the students.Listen to the major Don buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc t bother the major Everyone get out of the car and give the car to the soldiers The shouts began to spread.The students jumped off the truck one after another, and gave the truck to the soldiers without any explanation.Soldiers can die for them, and they can die for soldiers What s going on here A car drove by, Guo Yunfeng jumped out of the car, and asked loudly in front of a group of students surrounded by everything.Now there are two women who head the family Hermione Wittgenstein and Lolisa Wittgenstein.These are two women with great wealth and power.Bankhead held a small, purely private banquet today.Not many guests were invited, and they were all Bankhead s partners and partners.Very good friend.These guests all had a somewhat absent minded taste, as if they were waiting for something.Needless to say, Speaker Bankhead knew who they were waiting for the most mysterious, said to be the noblest and most charming Lady Lorisa in the United States.Mrs.Hermione Wittgenstein, Lorisa.Mrs.Wittgenstein is here When this voice sounded, all people turned their eyes to the door.When Hermione and Mrs.Lorisa came in together, the guests, whether they had seen it or not, all uttered a low call in their hearts.Years, It seems that she is trying her best to leave a mark on Mrs.An has brought back General An s head What up.At this moment, tears filled the housekeeper s eyes Really, it s true, General An s head was really taken back from the Japanese by Madam An The woman named Sun Zhifang, 25 years old this year, pregnant with Liujia, took her 6 year old daughter in her hand, and resolutely walked into the Fifth Brigade of the Third Division of the Japanese Army, which was lined with bayonets and hung red plaster flags.Regiment headquarters.The woman s decisive tone shocked the commander of the Japanese army, Katayama Riro I am the wife of General An Zhu I am here to take my husband s head Katayama Riro took a breath, he did not expect that this woman would dare to come Ask for An Zhu s head.An Zhu is a political general who fears and hates Katayama Riro.Although An Zhu died in his hands in the end.The 104th Infantry Regiment, the 5th Infantry Regiment, the 19th Mountain Artillery Regiment, the 17th Cavalry Regiment, and the 13th Engineer Regiment were mobilized.Even some soldiers of the 13th Regiment of the Supplies were added to the frontline troops.The Ueno detachment was also fully mobilized.There is only one goal Jiuhu Town decisive battle In Dizhou Libing s view, this has become a real decisive battle Either win and restore the dignity that was almost lost due to continuous failure or fail, then Dizhou Libing doesn t plan to go back again The shame has been suffered enough.The decisive battle is about to start, but what is Wang Weiyi doing at this time After annihilating the Huben Guard Brigade of the 116th Regiment, most of them returned to Jiuhu Town to deal with the possible attack of the Japanese army at any time, and Wang Weiyi, after explaining the task.By November, the German army occupied 1.5 million square kilometers cbd gummies 12mg thc of land in the Soviet Union.Defeat the Soviet Union within time and end the war before winter comes.begin On September 30, 1941, Germany launched a blitzkrieg code named Typhoon to Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, to capture Moscow before winter, but they failed The failure of the German Army s Battle of Moscow laid the foundation for the turning point of the Stalingrad Battle.On December 6th, the Soviet Army began to counterattack from the outskirts of Moscow The ferocity of the counterattack shocked the German Army.By January 1942, the German Army had 8 divisions After being defeated, the whole situation of the war was reversed.The once invincible cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies German army has now fallen into a huge passive war and it has become unfavorable to Germany Boom Walker , the third space cbd gummies 12mg thc time shuttle is completedtime January 1942 Xiaoling s voice awakened Wang Weiyi from his slumber January 1942 The day he set was clearly April 30, 1938 He clearly remembered that he pressed the button on the Ziguang military base that day.The enemy surrendered.But now the other party actually greeted him there like an old friend, Hello, Magfedrov couldn t help but say.Immediately, he immediately felt that this was not like a Soviet officer I am General Magfedlov, what about you Who are you Ernst Brehm.Baron Skeleton Magfried De Luf will be surprised.It never occurred to him that the person chasing him turned out to be the skeleton baron that he wanted to defeat Many people call me that.The sound of guns kept ringing buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc in the back, but Wang Weiyi didn t seem to hear it at all.He seemed to regard this place as his private reception room General Magfriedloof, actually You shouldn t have run away, I don t like to escape with my prey in hand.I thought, how should I treat you From your point of view, you should commit suicide, right Hearing someone cbd gummies 12mg thc say this to himself, he couldn t help asking Don t you want to catch me I caught you Why Wang Weiyi looked very surprised What use are you to me cheap cbd gummies for sale Let You tell me the situation of the Russians on the battlefield No need, your encirclement will be torn to pieces under my personal command.Airplanes, I still need airplanes to bomb the Russian positions without interruption You can t stop for a minute, bombing desperately from day to night Wang cbd gummies 12mg thc Weiyi s tone sounded murderous By the end of the month, such bombing cannot Stop At the same time, order Paul Hauser s Second Panzer Corps, and the attack must not be stopped for a moment, and the enemy must not be allowed to draw reinforcements from Minthosk If I find a Russian in Minthosk appearing here, Paul Hauser I can resign myself Yes, General Ludwig replied loudly.This is the skeleton baron they are all too familiar with.An order is an order, whether you are the division commander smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies of the SS or the commander of the Panzer Army.When the baron s order is given, no one can disobey it And with the Baron robhots cbd gummies here, the Demyansk breakout battle will surely end victoriously.I m Timilenko, I m sick, yes, I ve got a cold, ah, I don t need a doctor, I need a rest.I don t want anyone to disturb me tonight.Hang up the phone, turn Dimilenko breathed a sigh of relief Mr.Baron, I haven t thanked you cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc for saving my life.Now that I finally see you, I can say thank you in front of your face. It seems like a small effort to you, but it has had a lifetime impact on me and my wife.Dimilenko asked the baron to sit down Tell me, why did you come here so recklessly matter.Wang Weiyi outlined his purpose, and Dimilenko said in a deep voice It s not easy to get an interrogation certificate.I can issue it to you, and the War Elimination Committee cannot refuse the interrogation certificate from the State Security Administration.But its immediate boss.But I have to tell you, I don t want my wife and I to be involved, and we will be shot.The Germans continued to attack.Those cannons and tanks attacked violently like clockwork.The combat assault squadrons of the German army were constantly interspersed and divided the Soviet army.The German army gave full play to their advantages in firepower, numbers, and combat quality.The Ninth Army was simply unable to organize effective resistance.Sometimes, a trench assault team composed of a dozen German troops, under the cover of a tank, can occupy a Russian position without injury.Night, 10 o clock.The Frariakush Division of the 9th Army of the Soviet Army collapsed under the repeated attacks of the German army, and its division headquarters was the most direct attack by the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment of the German Skeleton Division.This combat regiment commanded by Colonel van der Vene learned that he had bitten the enemy s division headquarters.Continuing to push up this stock, no one is optimistic about it What does it matter, at least, a genius in the stock market was born in our hands, doesn t it Yes, Baron.470.A Genius Is Birth A Rising Star Is Rising on the NYSE.Robben.williams.This previously unknown and impoverished young man has shown his extraordinary talent since he first set foot on the stock exchange.In three days, he traded a total of five stocks.Surprisingly, none of these five stocks was favored by those veteran securities brokers.However, as long as Williams buys it, no matter how weak the stock is, 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develop the gold mineSomeone may ask, you already have a gold mine.Why do you need a lot of money Hey, whoever said that is an amateur, we need to buy a lot of machines and hire a lot of local people.The reason why Britain did not continue to firmly support the French movement to hold a military parade is buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc because of their domestic political struggles.Churchill will first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep never succumb, But this does not mean that other people will unconditionally support his decision.Under such circumstances, a compromise is the best way.Now, Adolf Hitler understood why the baron wanted to stop the bombing of London bread.Sometimes it works better than a bayonet.Not only in Britain, but also in France and Germans are doing the same thing.They treated the French with more friendliness, and treated the captured resistance members exactly as the baron said, with the utmost mercy.Give them food, give them shelter, give them what they need, any cannon bombardment will do the trick Marshal Ernst s use of troops is admirable.This has been proven green roads cbd gummies 300mg many times in the history of the United States.Now, no one can prevent the arrival of a new economic crisis.Maybe this crisis is more terrible than any previous one.Suicides are happening every day, every hour in the United States, and those bankrupts live in fear and despair.They protest and march, but in the ruthless capital market, no one cbd gummies 12mg thc will shed a tear for them.A large number of bankrupt companies have caused a large number of unemployed people.The atmosphere of depression has shrouded the United States.Even someone as tough as President Roosevelt.There is no way to deal with the current situation at all.Since he took office, he has worked hard to fight against the American economic depression.He finally led the United States through the depression and revived the American economy, but almost overnight.Colonel Fels relaxed He shrugged his shoulders It s either me or my body, they have to bring something back.Killing me is better than letting me fall into your hands Lieutenant Colonel Lewis smiled wryly, he knew Those enemies are not bluffing to intimidate themselves As time passed by, Wang Weiyi sighed.It seemed that there was little hope of rescuing Colonel Fels alive He raised his hand, and the grenades in the hands of the team members were also raised.Get up After a few seconds, the car will be submerged in the sound of the explosion At the moment when Wang Weiyi s hand was about to fall, the door of the car was opened Wait Wang Weiyi hastily stopped his team members.Four people came out of the car one after another, a driver, a security guard, a British lieutenant colonel, and another Fels I am Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Lieutenant Colonel Lewis raised his hands, indicating that he was not carrying a weapon Your goal has been achieved, and now you can take Fels away, but I don t think you will be able to escape from Cairo.When Wang Weiyi told the whole plan, Klingenberg agreed without any hesitation Fritz.Captain Klingenberg, do you understand the danger of the mission Wang Weiyi asked solemnly.I know, Marshal This time, buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc Klingenberg no longer called Wang Weiyi a baron.The title Marshal can better reflect his respect as a German officer.Do you know that neither you nor your team members can come back alive I know, my team members and I have already made such preparations Do you know why we chose you I know, because we need an officer with weight but not too high a rank to confuse the enemy. Do you think you are such a person Yes.I am only a captain, but I have taken Belgrade, and I have had countless adventures in Turkey, and I cbd gummies dos have enough weight to be valued by our enemies.Marshal Ernst, I am ready to die No, Klingenberg.In order to win the reputation of Skull Baron , he also won the great respect of our UK, but he still failed to help Germany win the final victory This time he is back, and he is still winning, but the deadly supply is about to defeat him General Alexon, actually speaking from my heart.I don t want to see him fail Bernard, if your words are heard by those in the country.There will be another round of accusations against you.General Alexander laughed.I don t care, I admire no, I even admire our enemy, Baron Alexon.Montgomery said calmly To be honest, when this war is over, it is not me and you who defeated him, but the Germans themselves.The same is true of Rommel, he did everything he could, no one was better than him.But when the tank runs out of fuel, no good general can win General Alexander nodded Well, let s end this General Montgomery grabbed Pick up the phone on the table Tell General Woodrow, take the 22nd and 23rd Heights, follow the defeated Italian army all the way, and cut off the connection between the German troops The phone was put down, and General Montgomery had seen the goddess of victory smiling at him Marshal Ernst, the enemy has launched an attack on Heights 22 and 23, and the attack is very fierce Very well, gentlemen, the betting game begins now.The shells of the 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment and the 111th Field Artillery Regiment covered the two high grounds in an instant.And what are the Italian artillery doing at this time The artillery force of the Italians is actually very powerful.They have cannons and shells that are not inferior to the enemy.However, less than ten minutes after the enemy s shelling began, General Tavalle, the commander of the Italian artillery, issued an order Evacuate, leave This damn place reason The reason is very simple, and there is a sound on the ground The enemy will attack sooner or chill watermelon cbd gummies later before the soldiers have time to eat.I will not let hungry soldiers go to fight Crash It s really frustrating.But this is the outstanding performance of the Italian army on the battlefield General Motta was actually planning to do a big fight on the battlefield, so that those Germans who always laugh at the Italian army can take a good look Look, Italian soldiers know how to fight, too but But damn General Tavalle and his artillery fled like cowards I want to report to the where can you buy cbd gummies in pittsburgh pa leader, shoot this coward Amidst the overwhelming sound of enemy artillery, General Motta screamed out at the top of his lungs He should be shot, first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep shot General, the enemy s artillery fire is too violent Now, the 23rd position has collapsed Hold on, let them hold on Damn, we can t let the Germans see jokes anymore cbd gummies 12mg thc There is no way to hold on, those officers are shouting that there is no artillery fire Support them and don t want to die Damn it, have they forgotten the glory of soldiers General, it seems that life is more important Just when General Mota was cbd gummies 12mg thc still unable to make up his mind whether to retreat or continue to resist, the enemy The large scale offensive has begun The mountains and plains are full of enemy soldiers, and the buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc Italian army is panicked.Otherwise he will have to resolve this incident by force The Egyptians were thoroughly enraged.The arrogant British did a despicable and shameless thing, but refused to admit it, and instead threatened them with force Weapons began to be distributed to the Egyptian officers and soldiers.The Egyptian officers, headed by the Egyptian officer Colonel Tamusta, quickly established the Egyptian Officer Corps and decided to defend their legitimate rights to the death.After the establishment of the officer corps, they immediately informed the British side that they refused to release the hostages.If the British army dared to attack, they would not guarantee the safety of the hostages.Now it seems that there is a fierce conflict between cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies the two sides, and the reason for this incident is not because of counterfeit banknotes, but counterfeit banknotes are just a fuse.Not only by telegram, but also in other ways Just as Elena promised, Baron Andrew has already made all preparations.The radio, the tweeter, and General Canlemu s statement came out almost instantly, which shocked the British to the extreme.The radio station is completely controlled by the British, but how did the rebels do it What is even more shocking is the rebellion of General Canlemu.Although the British had taken some precautions before, they still did not expect Canlemu s mutiny to come so quickly and suddenly.Now, the whole of Egypt knows that an armed uprising led by General Canlemu has broken out All of Egypt has taken action Order to Revolt at General Canlemu The whole of Egypt has taken action Order to Revolt at General Canlemu The whole of Egypt has taken action Order to Revolt at General Canlemu Egypt s Response Monthly ticket for the fourth update General Canlemu, who came to the mutiny barracks, did not hesitate at all, and immediately used the radio to issue an uprising order to all the troops he could control.At this time, the voice still said unhurriedly.Mo Guangzhi hesitated for a while, but finally withdrew his hand and turned his head slowly.When he turned his head slowly, he couldn t believe his eyes and shouted General Wang After speaking, he rushed to the person, looked him up and down, and then burst into tears General Wang General Wang my mother and ancestor, you really are not dead, you really are not dead Then, he completely forgot about the disparity in their identities, hugged the person in front of him and cried bitterly.He was not mistaken, this person really came back Major General and Brigadier Commander of the Huben Guard Brigade of the National Revolutionary Army Wang Weiyi Hou Dalei was completely dumbfounded, knowing what happened at all.Mo Guangzhi was his elder brother, and in his memory, he had never seen his elder brother lose his temper like this before.Thank you, Colonel Shimizu.Please rest well, Miyamoto kun.I will meet you tonight.Bring their decision.Qing Shuidong experience cbd gummies ingredients bowed slightly, and then left in a hurry.Looking at his back, a satisfied smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth After all, he succeeded, survived the most difficult interrogation, survived the most difficult stage, and completely won the trust of the Japanese.In those inhuman days, Wang Weiyi never wanted to make a second attempt But no matter what, he finally achieved his goal.Now, it is time to lead the Japanese into the big trap that they have set up a long time ago.Then, let Japan be completely destroyed destroyed in his own hands.For Germany, but also for the Chinese battlefield When designing this plan, in fact, Wang Weiyi himself did not expect it to be successful.Tell me, what kind of person is Baron Alexon Him Elizabeth thought for a while Very young, very attractive A man.Father, I have to admit, he captivates many women, and his conversation, is a real gentleman But the only thing I can t figure out is why you use it in such a way What Even Mr.Prime Minister doesn t know. My child, I have to do this.George VI put away his smile I was forced to take this position, and now, the pressure on me The burden is getting heavier, and the pressure on Britain is also getting heavier.Maybe Churchill didn t tell me, but I know the current situation in Britain.Lord Alexson came with peace and sincerity , he has also received the support of many people, but in China, there are still many people who oppose any form of negotiations with Germany.Churchill and Monlington are under great pressure.Even if it was insulting him, it was fine However, there was still no sound at all, only De Sade s own crazy shouts kept ringing in the room Taptaptap Accompanied by this sound that made De Sade miserable for a long time It s so hard, I can t sleep at all.De Sade opened his eyes wide open, staring at the surroundings, as if he wanted to see something in the darkness where he couldn t see anything Gradually, some scenes really appeared in front of his eyes many Gestapo rushed in, and then grinned in front of him Then, he saw his subordinates being hanged one by one Then, many, many Gestapo surrounded him and grabbed his arm, a noose frame that had been prepared.They cbd gummies 12mg thc were looking at him indifferently No De Sade yelled hysterically.However, he found that there was nothing in front of him, and the surrounding area was still in darkness Hallucinations had already begun When De Sade was imprisoned The door was opened for the third time, and Guo Yunfeng found that De Sade was not sleeping on his own bed this time, but sat on the ground with his knees down.De Sade back to his house No De Sade yelled No, no, please, please, Baron, don t send me back again Oh, really lyft cbd gummies Wang Weiyi asked Those who are interested have a look at De Sade.For six days, De Sade s spirits were completely broken.His face was pale and colorless, and fear flashed in his eyes, which never happened to De Sade before But now De Sade really collapsed , he repeated the same words over and over again Please, buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc don t send me back, please, please anything you want me to do, I ll tell you whatever you want From now on, De Sade has completely surrendered.That dark and silent room became his worst nightmare Even if cbd gummies 12mg thc he hanged him now, De Sade would never go back.Look, I knew we could be friends.Wang Weiyi smiled and asked De Sade to sit down again I never force my friends, my friends are always willing to do things for me.Therefore, Russian agents can only monitor outside.I think From here, we can sneak into Avrona s dormitory at night and take buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc her awayAs for the agents outside, we are responsible for dealing with first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep them Wang Weiyi looked carefully After a while How many people live with Avrona There are four in total, and each dormitory is like this.Riley quickly gave the answer As long as you can enter.I don t believe those women still carry this weapon. Very well, you are doing well.Wang Weiyi once again expressed his satisfaction Go and prepare for action.After Riley left, Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette.For some reason, he always felt that there was something wrong with this action, or more precisely, he felt that some danger was approaching The military factory is the lifeline of the Soviet Union, and such a place is heavily guarded to an outrageous level.Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, I am coming to the Come on, take Ksenia Lindelof back for interrogationit is the Ksenia who is being tightly controlled by you.You who are you talking about Comrade Beria Yes, Comrade Beria, Director of the State Security Bureau of the NKVD This is his order.Tenkovsky gasped, God, what did Ksenia do First, he was closely monitored, and then Comrade Beria actually personally issued an order for interrogation.Tenkovsky met cbd gummies to lower blood sugar Ksenia and thought that although she was the general s daughter, she was actually just an ordinary girl.Comrade Colonel, wait a moment, I ll call to confirm.After carefully reading Comrade Beria s order and following the strict procedure, Tenkovsky picked up a red phone Hello, please Get me the 2nd Directorate of the State Security Service I am Tenkovsky from the Political Department of Moscow State University Hello, I am Tenkovsky from Moscow State University, I have Comrade Madrov sent by youOkay, check it out slowly, don t worryah, did you find it Yes, it was issued by Director Beria himself Order, ok, ok ah, as a rule, I have to record this call, can I ask for your name, Elinava ok, ok.They behaved calmly and could not see any impatience.These Germans like to clear positions one by one, and then continue to advance at a speed that does not seem fast, but it is difficult to stop cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc General Demilov knew that a huge crisis was approaching him , but he didn t have any particularly good solution.The tone of Marshal Vasilevsky s telegrams became more and more serious.Even in the telegram just sent, he had vaguely mentioned that General Demilov should be ready to die for Russia.General Demilov knew why the marshal had such a harsh tone.After repeated defeats, the Soviet army could no longer afford another defeat.If the Battle of Erklin was the prelude to the Battle of Stalingrad, then the Battle of Fronis was the official start of the entire Battle of Stalingrad The Soviet army needs to hold here tenaciously, no matter what the price is.We will be sinners of the Red Army, but heroes of the Soviets.Khrushchev sighed Comrade Commander in Chief, I firmly support your battle plan Vasilevsky showed a little relief.He and the Baron Skeleton knew each other a long time ago, and had never defeated him, and now the best opportunity is in front joe rogan holistic health cbd gummies of him.He doesn t know if he can succeed , but he knows that if he misses this opportunity, he will never be able to have such an opportunity next time.Defeated Baron Skeleton Even if the entire 81st cbd gummies 12mg thc Armored Army no, even if a few sacrifices The group army is worth it.Vasilevsky is condor cbd gummy reviews deeply aware of the existence of the Skeleton Baron and its influence on the entire battlefield Even if people are no longer loyal, we are cbd gummies 12mg thc still loyal.Our team will always stand on this cbd gummies 12mg thc land.The depiction of a better time has awakened our youth, a time of virtue and pride in sacrifice, we are always with you, never surrender, trust us as trust the German oak and sun and moon .In an instant, bullets and rain flew here and there.The Soviet army defending here, although they have light and heavy machine guns, they are powerless in the face of German tanks.The shells fired from those tanks kept destroying the positions that the Russians had worked so hard to manage here.In the firelight, the helpless faces of those Russians could be seen.The only first class herbalist oils cbd gummies thing the Soviet army wondered when they arrived was how the enemy discovered this hidden warehouse and how they got here all the way.You know, there are a lot of armed defenses cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc in front In order to ensure that the ammunition can reach the front line directly, this secret ammunition warehouse is set up relatively close to the front line, but even so, the ammunition warehouse A lot of workers armed forces were set up in front to assist in the defense.Mechanism, insensitivity, is now the only attitude every Russian can have.They can t control their own destiny, they don t even know what will happen in the next second.General Shumilov still did some things.He ordered all the soldiers to be as close to the German army as possible, to stick together to fight cbd gummies 12mg thc as much as possible, and to weaken the enemy s air force and artillery advantages to the greatest extent.Moscow is also not passively waiting.Although the ground forces were severely weakened in several major battles and could not give Stalingrad more ground support, Moscow mobilized all the country s air power.Desperately fighting for air supremacy with the Luftwaffe.However, at this time, 45 German engineer battalions specially trained for siege arrived in Stalingrad and were put on the battlefield as soon as possible.Both of them felt helpless.Wang Weiyi sighed You What about your father and mother Until this time, there was a trace of sadness and pain in Somrov s eyes They are dead, they are all dead My father died in Kharkov, he was A company commander my mother, she cbd gummies 12mg thc she died in a labor camp, she was a traitor Traitor Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, but then he understood Find some food for this child, he must have been hungry for many days Some food was sent to Somroff.Although the child wanted to show himself to be stronger and resolutely refused to eat the enemy s food, the long term hunger made him unable to resist the temptation of food.Anyway, I will always be shot by these German fascists.Just eat and die.The child comforted himself in this way, and then took the food and put it in his mouth to gobble it up., Wang Weiyi said Your goal has been achieved, so what about me What can I and my country get With the full support of an army at my command Timoshenko added Especially when you are attacking Moscow.Your Excellency the Baron, although I have lost my freedom now, I can still command many troops and get the maximum help for you to seize Moscow.Wang Weiyi thought for a while I still have a question, how how much cbd in gummy bears can you command the army now that you are imprisoned here This is what you have to consider.A sly expression appeared on Timoshenko s face Here, I can t even mobilize a single soldier, and I may even be executed anytime, anywhere, so I think I have to leave this place to complete the reconciliation your agreement.Wang Weiyi laughed, and he almost burst into laughter Mr.Marshal, you are such a cunning guy, do you want me to get you and your companions out of here Timoshenko also smiled very happily Yes, what you said is absolutely correct Ah, I once heard that Baron Alexon Wu can only do what he wants to do, There is nothing he can t do, countless people have been first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep rescued cbd gummies 12mg thc by him, so now there are cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc three people here waiting for your rescue Yes, I have saved countless people, but It is the cbd gummies 12mg thc 1000mg cbd gummy first time to save a Russian marshal Wang Weiyi still smiled so easily There are people watching you everywhere, it is not particularly difficult to get you out of here, but how to get you out of here Safe transfer out of Moscow It really hurts my brain.No one wants to fail.Everyone wants to get that coveted victory 5 On the 20th, a fierce battle broke out between the Skeleton Division and the elite 20th Army of the Soviet Army.Both sides, led by tanks, rushed to the enemy desperately.Both sides have used all the power that can be used, and they are interacting uninterruptedly for a moment.The cannonball came out of the barrel viciously, and then smashed viciously at the opponent.The sound of Boom boom was deafening.The earth is shaking. Those soldiers who have not participated in the battle for the time being watched the battlefield almost holding their breath, watching the tanks being ruthlessly destroyed in the flames of war.Such a scene is something they will never forget for the rest of their lives.In the past, the Soviet army maintained the balance on the battlefield with sea of people tactics and sea of tanks tactics, but now all this no longer belongs to them.The two infantry divisions assigned by Zhukov himself as reinforcements had been wiped out long ago.And at this time, Zhukov really had no troops to use.On the afternoon of the 16th, the war known to history as the Three Days of Moscow Tragedy finally broke out. In the afternoon, the German army organized the Skeleton Division and the Imperial Division of the Waffen SS, as well as two Wehrmacht infantry divisions, and the Nordland Combat Regiment, and launched a general offensive against the 20th Soviet Army.This is a decisive general attack.Marshal Ernst Brehm, commander in chief of the German Army Ernst Battle Group, personally commanded the battle.On the Soviet side, Marshal Zhukov once again appeared on the front line.Ernst and Brahm stood face to face again after more than twenty years.The Germans will rush in here soon, and then arrest all of them, even Shooting.Although the failure was expected a long time ago, when the fate of failure really came, it undoubtedly made people feel uncomfortable.Stalin asked them many questions.They couldn t answer either.Stalin wasn t disappointed at all.The reactions of these guys had already been in his expectation He stood up slightly trembling Comrades, since you have nothing to say, please allow me to leave here for a while He didn t care about these guys anymore, but walked Staggered out.After a while, Beria came in, not only him alone, but also many soldiers with live ammunition behind him.Comrade Beria, what do you want to do The person who spoke was Comrade Stalin s most important right hand man, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Bolsheviks , Secretary of the Central Committee, executive adviser of the Soviet Supreme Command, and general political commissar Zhdano husband.After a long time, Stalin said It s over, you can leave too.Comrade Beria.He didn t ask how those people in the meeting room were doing, because he knew.I can rest assured of what I entrusted to Beria to do There is another comrade Zhukov, what are you going to do with him Beria did not leave immediately.Stalin pondered for a long time, and then slowly said Forget it, forget it, Comrade Zhukov has done his best.No matter what choice he makes, please don t interfere with him.Stalin made His own choice, and this choice undoubtedly saved Zhukov s life.Until this time, Zhukov did not know what terrible things had happened in the Kremlin.Although he knew that the war was irreversible, he still persisted on the battlefield.He was the Marshal of the Soviet, the one who commanded all the troops in Moscow, and he swore to fight to the end as long as the enemy had not killed or captured him.Ernst, I believe that with smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies you I can get more Yes, you can get more.Wang Weiyi nodded In addition to wonderful experiences and unforgettable adventures, I can also give you something that no one else can give you Eternal youth Richtho Fern opened his mouth wide Eternal youth is cbd oil gummies Is it the same eternal cbd gummies 12mg thc youth as the Baron Skeleton Legend has it that the Baron Skeleton was once protected by the God of Death.Youth, are all these legends true However, Wang Weiyi didn t say anything more to him September 18, 1943, 7 00 am.Several German planes entered the skies over Hiroshima, Japan.After circling a few times, he left Hiroshima without dropping a bomb.The Japanese air defense alert was lifted.At this time, on Tinian Island, the Marseille Flying Squadron had completed preparations for take off.The Hercules transport plane was loaded with the atomic bomb named Apollo.Roman soldiers Guo Yunfeng s eyes widened What is that Wang Weiyi smiled and stood up mile higher cbd gummies That s nothing.If I m not mistaken, it should be soldiers of the Roman Republic, especially the daggers they use can prove their identities.And the armor on them, although heavy, is well made.We have come to the era of the ancient Roman Republic you mentioned Guo Yunfeng murmured.I don t know.I m afraid I have to go back to the base and ask Xiaoling Ah, it s Su Ling Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Let s go back first.base to go.When returning to the base, Sophie had already woken up, but she was constantly complained by Xiaoling The human body is really too fragile to withstand a single impact.I m clearly sober.But this damn body just can smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies t get up.This is my body, please leave my body.Sophie protested loudly.It s done, it s done, stop arguing.Female spies There are many famous female spies in history.There are ancient ones, modern ones, eastern ones, and western ones.However, Wang Weiyi doesn t approve of women being spies, even though they are easier than men It was successful.However, the sacrifice a woman has to pay to act as a spy is often very high.Seeing Ernst hesitating there, Nelia raised her voice slightly Master Baron, I heard that they are all That s what you call it.Honorable Lord Baron, in my life, revenge for my father, mother, and sister is my only wish, please promise me no matter what The tone in her words was so firm that it was impossible to refuse.Wang Weiyi stared at her Are you really going to do this Yes, no one can change my resolve.Nelia replied more first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep firmly.Okay, then I can promise you.Wang Weiyi thought cbd gummies 12mg thc for a while The Romans attack will come soon.In order to complete the final conquest of cbd gummies 12mg thc the barbarians, however, I am not optimistic about the emergence of such a situation.After all, all people are selfish In this battle, the barbarians used a new type of Weapon, we call it Germanic trebuchet , this powerful weapon.I am deeply worried.But the source of worry is not how much damage it can cause us, but how many new weapons like this will appear in the future The legendary Holy German Empire might really existwill it be Rome s worst enemy When writing here, his attendant walked in cautiously Master Governor, Lord Centumarus has arrived.Oh, the newly appointed governor of the province of Germania After closing his notes, Caesar said coldly.Yes.It was the governor of the Germania province appointed by the Senate.Let him in.Caesar said coldly.For the happy couple.Seeing Hesnia s parents nodding with a smile, Sigitis opened his throat, In the name of Freya, the beautiful goddess in charge of love, I announce that Sildes and Hesnia are married Unexpected Despite the cheers in the crowd, the arena was still silent, which surprised Tenadus who had just picked up a piece of fragrant wild boar.He put down the food and stared intently at the center of the arena to see what would happen next.The soon to be husband Silders took a step forward and stroked Hesnia s beautiful hair infinitely tenderly My dear Hesnia, one day when I came back from the dense forest, one day I was fetching water by the river.The girl stared at me with eyes like the stars in the sky from that moment on, I would come to the river every day when it was time to fetch water, and in countless silent gazes, in my heart you are the incarnation of the god of beauty.When the Romans were in a hurry to besiege you, he asked me to find a way to attract you.Attention of the Romans.Open a way for you In an instant, all the Germans understood that this was the most important reason why the Romans suddenly retreated when they were about to win Although this person who called himself Guo Yunfeng said it lightly, they must have done a lot of hard work A kind of grateful heart is quietly rising in the hearts of these Germans These Germans who participated in the uprising ended the uprising in a tragic way, completed the breakout in an incredible way, and then Miraculously received the support of the Germanic League.When they cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc came to the headquarters of the Germanic League, they finally saw something that surprised them even more This is a completely different world from what they knew before.But Seeing that Hannah still wanted to argue, Kroll interrupted her impatiently Follow my orders, don t forget, I am the head of state of Germany.Hannah sighed softly, and left the head of state s office A sneer was always on Kroll s face.He used to admire the Baron Skeleton infinitely, but now, he feels that he is young The idea at the time was so absurd and ridiculous.What kind of baron, what kind of head of state Adolf Hitler, what kind of skeleton commando, that is already a thing of the past.The people who brought countless glory and glory to Germany at the beginning are now corpses.Of course , including his father, old Nicholas.He felt that his father s thoughts were really puzzling.Don t forget that old Nicholas and the skeleton baron were sworn enemies back then, and no one would put the other to death.said Brigadier General Johnson, leading them to his office Would you like something to drink, Baron gin.So is my wife.Jonson poured a few glasses of wine and distributed them to the Baron, Baroness and Agent Davyn Can you tell me your purpose now Of course, General.Wang Weiyi took a sip of wine Germany and the Netherlands have always had a deep relationship.After the defeat in the First World War, Kaiser Wilhelm II went to the Netherlands.I think you should know this history.Brigadier General Johnson nodded Yes, of course I know.After the war.Wilhelm II arrives in Holland.A country that remains neutral in war.Article 227 of the Treaty of Versailles clearly defined Wilhelm as a war criminal, referring to crimes he committed that violated international morality and the sanctity of treaties, such as Germany s invasion of permanently neutral Belgium.Then, he saw Seeing Leoni s smile Honey, how is my acting skill It s so perfect.A heartbroken wife who was betrayed by her cbd gummies 12mg thc husband is portrayed vividly by first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep you.Wang Weiyi smiled and said You probably don t know, at that moment, I really felt that I was the shameless Baron Preet.Ah, when the war is over, I think I should invest in a movie with cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies you as the heroine.Leonie laughed happily.When her husband told her about cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc the escape plan, she found it cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies extremely interesting.It was a complete plan, from sleeping with Annette to being bumped into by Davyn and CIA s agents Break their affair, and then let the baroness know.No one will doubt the baroness s anger.The most important thing is that Leonie must act vividly, so that Jonson and Davyn are convinced that the baroness has reached a breakdown The edge.Especially since you didn t expect us to be so bold, and our enemies couldn t even imagine it.Colonel Cherus let out a long sigh In any case, you succeeded in the end.Now, Cherus The colonel grew more and more curious about Major Moyol.What kind of person is this person Why does he always look confident no matter what he does What is his origin German intelligence or special forces These things are all mysteries to Colonel Chelus There is no doubt about cbd gummies santa maria ca Guo Yufeng and Richthofen s ability to handle affairs.Not only did they get a truck, but they also stole one from nowhere.car.I like to ride in a car.Wang Weiyi got into the car first You know.I really like the feeling of sitting on it.Because it s comfortable to sit there.Guo Yunfeng muttered.This group of daring Germans swaggered into Wilenburg, and now they are preparing to leave here swaggeringly.Major, we don t care who you are, all convoys passing here must undergo strict inspection.An American sergeant said with a blank expression.Of course you can check, and you will find that there are only some supplies in the car Wang Weiyi had just finished speaking, when a burst of intense gunshots suddenly rang out not far away.Immediately, all the American soldiers hurried into their positions.Let s go, let s go The American sergeant had no time to check the convoy, so he jumped into the trench with his gun in his hands, and yelled at the convoy.Gunshots erupted instantly.But the convoy left here smoothly The attackers firepower was very fierce and well trained, and the American soldiers here could not stop their attack at all.A moment of effort.It was already dead and wounded.The sergeant rushed to the phone under the rain of bullets We were attacked by the enemy A grenade exploded beside him, and the sergeant fell into a pool of blood at once.The front went very smoothly, and he and his team members successfully covered the convoy to pass through various checkpoints, but when they entered Frankfurt, the situation suddenly changed.Originally, in Korkaf s plan, the convoy would deliver the goods to the designated HCMUSSH cbd gummies 12mg thc location tomorrow, so he chose Goethe University as the temporary hiding place for the action team.But what I didn t expect was that the Americans found them so quickly.He is not afraid of death, but he is thinking about the regret of not completing the mission Major, we are running out of bullets.When he heard this voice, Major Kongerkafu let out an oh , and now he best cbd gummies for muscle relaxation must It s up to him to make a choice.Either fight to the death or surrender.A large number of US troops have entered here.And now the Russians are facing the dilemma of running out of ammunition and food.However, those Germans showed a more tenacious spirit.They are fighting hard, trying to prevent the enemy from approaching.They are fearless cbd gummies 12mg thc in fulfilling their mission with their own lives.They inspire themselves with singing, and let the singing fill the battlefield.Face enemies that are several times larger than yourself.They were so determined.A German commando fell, but his companion soon took his place.Several machine guns were roaring desperately, and the bullets formed a dense fire net, blocking the enemy s way forward.They can die, but they cannot take away their faith How should such an army defeat them Lieutenant Colonel Kars was at a loss.You might be able to kill every single one of them, but there s absolutely nothing you can do to bring them to their knees.He saw Captain Christopher command until cbd gummies 12mg thc the troops were repulsed, and then the captain tenaciously reorganized cbd gummies 12mg thc an attack, but they were soon repelled by more tenacious commandos.But after that After that, Antewart will still be lost, the Skeleton Division, the 36th and 37th Divisions of the Wehrmacht will inevitably collapse, and Berlin will inevitably usher in the most direct artillery attack from the enemy.Why do we always have to be so passive defensive Why can t we be proactive General Olitz fell silentWhat does Moyol, who has just been promoted to lieutenant colonel, want to do cbd gummies 12mg thc Take the initiative It is impossible under the current circumstances.He took a deep breath He took a breath I must solemnly remind you, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.We cbd gummies 12mg thc have no power to fight back.Even if we fight back cbd gummies 12mg thc forcefully.We also lack the necessary means of investigation, lack of enemy intelligence, we are just like blind men I will be in charge of scouting and enemy intelligence.Wang Weiyi s voice is still so calm and calm I must tell you all my battle plan Wang Weiyi carefully stated his entire battle plan.Blocked in front of Marshal Paul Hausser.Benekenoff fell.His chest was bleeding, he tried to open his eyes, and cbd gummies 12mg thc saw Field Marshal Paul Hauser hugging himself.He forced a smile Marshal Paul Hauser, the former commander of the 2nd German Armored Infantry Regiment of the Waffen SS Imperial Division Johann von Benekenff has completed his mission, and I can no longer carry out your new orders.General Bennekenff, you did a good job.You shed the first blood of veterans for Germany.Marshal Paul Hauser nodded vigorously and said.Benekenf took a long breath, and then slowly closed his eyes After putting down the corpses of his loyal subordinates, Marshal Paul Hauser slowly stood up He cbd gummies 2000mg uk didn t fall on the battlefield At the hands of your own people.Oliver, is this what you are doing for Germany I will continue to kill until all of you leave here as ordered by the F hrer To this point There was no turning back for Oliver.What he was waiting for was the arrival of his troops.It seemed.After the Skeleton Baron came back, the German counterattack had begun in full swing Night fell quickly, and the news from the front was somewhat depressing.It is said that the offensive of those troops was not smooth, and they encountered the most tenacious resistance of the German army.But these have nothing to do with the French artillery, they just need to do their own thing well.Some soldiers who cbd gummies 12mg thc were drunk in the tavern staggered back to their camp with the help of their companions.Soldiers still on duty could only cast envious glances at their companions.damn it.Who keeps them on duty There was also the faint sound of gunfire in the distance.This is the usual practice of the Allies, and they have to use this method to make the enemy feel tired.But it turned its back on what an ally should do and brazenly launched a war of aggression against Britain and Germany.This will 25 mg cbd gummy not break up the alliance between Germany and Britain.On the contrary, it will bring us closer together Mr.Marshal, what do you think of the new British government That is a puppet government that is not recognized by us Wang Weiyi said coldly Where is Her Majesty the Queen, there is the seat of the British government.I believe that not every British person is willing to take orders from that puppet government, and they will resist if they take orders.Will welcome the Queen s return.And Germany will do its best for this.I promise I promise Baron Alexon once again made his promise This is the first interview Baron Alexon has given after his return.Of course, the reporters are unwilling to give up this golden opportunity Mr.Have you seen that our soldiers are Bleeding.Death, I am their commander, I will never give up my soldiers and be a coward who can only run away Romeo s attitude not only did not cause any displeasure to Rosen, but also made him look relieved smile.Yes.What could be more gratifying than this The young officer on the opposite side has finally become a commander.Romeo, our army is marching towards Berlin.Rosen whispered The declaration of Her Majesty the Queen and Baron Alexon has let the whole world know that those British troops loyal to Her Majesty will not give cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies up hope Yes.They are fighting side by side with the German army in the Middle East and North Africa, and some troops are trying to enter Germany.Romeo, live well, I hope to return to England with you I will.Romeo murmured I still want to set foot on English soil again, and feel the air of London again.Nervous.In front of his father, Kalumbu had nothing to hide It s hard for me to imagine that hemp cbd gummies for arthritis this scene will happen today.There is nothing to be nervous about.Rommel smiled best cbd gummies for weight loss canada lightly In At that time, there was always a saying, what is war A war starts with cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc a confrontation between two armies, and ends with the victory of the skeleton baron.Hearing this, Karenbu couldn t help laughingIn his childhood memory, his father was always extremely majestic, and he couldn t even smile.But I didn t expect my father to say such a thing today.It s the same this time.Rommel stared into smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies the distance When you first set foot on the battlefield, you will be very nervous.But when the horn of attack sounds, you will forget everything.In your heart, you only need Remember one thing, that is victory, and use one victory to welcome the arrival of new victories.Marshal Ernst, Marshal Manstein is here.When the gunfire on the cbd gummies and smoking battlefield was overwhelming, a major general of the SS came to Wang Weiyi and said in a low voice.Manstein Germany s meritorious field marshal Manstein Wang Weiyi took a deep breath I see.There was only such a simple answer.For the relationship between him and Manstein, not many words are needed to express the inner excitement.Then, he saw that familiar figure He saw Manstein appearing on the battlefield He saw his old friend rejecting the protection of all the guards around himhe saw Manstein, the former Skeleton Commando, striding towards him Then.They meet again on the battlefield Captain Ernst, Manstein, the captain of the second team of the Skeleton Commando, is reporting to you.Manstein said loudly, Please assign the task.They are willing to break the bank to buy a tulip bulb, because they believe that someone will pay more than double the price for it.Wang Weiyi took a sip of coffee In 1634, because a large number of foreign businessmen heard that the Dutch tulip business was booming, they rushed to the Netherlands to participate in tulip speculation, which caused the price of tulip bulbs, which was already sky high, to soar again.So far, this tulip mania has lasted for more than 30 years.In order to meet the frantic trading of tulips, the Amsterdam Exchange has specially set up a trading venue for this purpose.In the next two years, the price of a most common tulip bulb rose to 64 guilders, which was in January 1637.Just one month later, the price of this tulip bulb became 1,668 dong, an incredible increase.The body is also instantly quiet.He didn t struggle anymore, just looked at Heisenberg, looked into Heisenberg s eyes with the same fear, and murmured over and over again JesusyeahmomMother mom.The Model assault gun made a dull firing sound in the distance.Countless Russian tanks formed a huge armored cbd gummies 12mg thc cemetery.However, the battle at this moment took place on the square between the post office and the church.The Model assault gun was shot by the building.To block, he could only fire needlessly around the church in an attempt to block the approaching infantry.Heisenberg gasped convulsively, crawled away from the corpse, and grabbed the priest s clothes again in the smoke.Captain cheer up We can hold this city We must hold on I order you Heisenberg put his pistol against the priest s head Get up fight with me Captain Colonel I m dead.Especially, I am lucky enough to take risks with Miss Tatyana, which makes me feel even more happy.Tatyana s face turned red instantly the bold Peter Go Husband, this is a naked provocation But Ivan didn t seem to hear it at all Then please continue cbd gummies 12mg thc your pleasant trip to Moscow Beautiful music sounded in the restaurant.This was the location chosen by Tatyana herself, from which she could have a sweeping view of the outside scenery.What an exciting day.Wang Weiyi seemed to be still reminiscing about the battle just now And your bravery also impressed me, Miss Tatiana.No, it was your bravery that shocked me.Tatyana did not hide it My affection for the other party If it weren t for you, that fat pig would probably have succeeded.What a wonderful place Just as Wang Weiyi was about HCMUSSH cbd gummies 12mg thc to say something, a black car sped cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc up suddenly and stopped on the road facing them for dinner.When Everyone s eyes widened when they saw this thing.This is a steed made of gold, the whole body is made of gold, and smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies the two eyes of the horse are two brilliant diamonds God, they swear joy organics cbd gummies review that they have never seen such a valuable thing in their entire life.I hope this will allow you to gain Gregory s trust in you Wang Weiyi said indifferently Peleas Marquis Khmelitsky, will you fulfill my order Of course, I assure you as a marquis.Khmelitsky vowed to make his own promise.A marquis promise Wang Weiyi smiled coldly in his heart But no matter how good the show is, it has already begun to be staged Berlin, March 1966.The new Allied offensive begins.This is a huge offensive in retaliation for the failure of the last Berlin attack.Enemy artillery and aircraft bombardment everywhere, this Sometimes the air raid basement is the safest.The six American tanks behind successively destroyed three to six bunkers or firepower points and four anti tank guns where the German army exposed their positions.Fortunately, they had no intention of fighting, so they left the twenty or so infantry and retreated.Through the observation of the telescope, the Americans outside the position were commotioned for a while, and then quieted down.Kiritz was not in the mood to celebrate the victory, What will happen in the next round If I were the commander of the US military, how would I make decisions Covered by artillery fire Air strikes Or another group charge After a while, Mel asked Kiritz Report During the first charge to repel the enemy just now, the Germans lost 32 people and four anti tank guns, because many soldiers were newbies to the battlefield, and some were even children.He was taken into a secret room.Here, two female natures boost cbd gummies where to buy bodyguards of Solkina have been brought under control.Mr.Moyol, the one on the left is Nayekova, and the one on the right is Djoswa.Capone quickly pointed to the two female bodyguards.The expressions on the faces of the two female bodyguards were extremely painful.It seems that they have suffered a lot just now.but.No scars can be seen from the outside of their bodies.Wang Weiyi was very satisfied with Capone s work cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc efficiency.He took a look at the information about the two female bodyguards provided by Capone, and then asked someone to move a chair and sat down in front of the two female bodyguards Look, I My subordinates are always so reckless, causing you to suffer harm, I sincerely apologize to you.Wang Weiyi has no way of knowing dr phil cbd gummies review what happened to the two female bodyguards just now, but judging from the expressions on their faces, they are indeed very scared.Although he just recognized the general, he felt a sense of closeness for some reason.Bazooka Bazooka Fu Yunfeng roared loudly.The two bazookas were launched quickly, and there were two explosions of boom boom , the French screamed and fell down a large area, and the remaining ones quickly fell to the ground.At this moment, Fu Yunfeng rushed up General, he will live.Panting, Fu Yunfeng pointed to the wounded soldier and said.Yes, he will be alive, come, help me take him back together.Guo Yunfeng helped the wounded soldier to treat the wound briefly, and then together with Fu Yunfeng, under the rain of enemy bullets, dragged the Wounded soldiers.General, you are very brave.I have never seen a braver general than you.Fu Yunfeng didn t seem to see the bullet flying towards him.There are many people who are braver than me Taking a wounded soldier and dodging enemy bullets is a very exhausting task.Real guns, real battlefields, really felt uncomfortable.And Troman seemed to be born for war, seeing his excitement, he couldn t wait to rush to the battlefield.It seems that he is more suitable to be a general, and he should be suitable for planning in the rear and presiding over the overall situation.Boom.A gunshot pierced the quiet sky, and Sweet cbd gummies 12mg thc listened to the second and third gunshots in surprise.The battle started so quickly.It turned out that Ruddock led people to find a relatively hidden path close kangaroo cbd how much cbd in each gummy to the stronghold.Unexpectedly, there happened to be a Russian soldier here for convenience.Both parties were stunned when they saw it.Carat didn t want to shoot at first.He was afraid of alarming the Russians in the stronghold, cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies but he didn t expect that the Russian soldiers in buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc front of him had quickly drawn their guns, and Ruddock was helpless.Until now.He still thought he had a way to control the Tsar, but he soon knew that he had made a mistake again In the Tsar s palace, Gregory was sent to monitor The Tsar s people refused to carry out this order.In their opinion, the cbd gummies 12mg thc Grand Duke Bierstoka was completely finished 7 o clock, this is the time for the Tsar s ultimatum to Gregory, and Bierstoka Grand Duke Gregory of Toka didn t take .

can i bring cbd gummies on plane?

the Tsar s orders seriously at all 7 10.All TV stations and radio stations in Moscow broadcast His Majesty s statement at the same time.In the statement, the cbd gummies 12mg thc Tsar determined that the wave of protests throughout Russia was just, and that the acts of all Russians who participated in the protests were just.At the same time, he announced that he accepted the people s request, relieved the Grand Duke of Bierstoka from all his duties, and set up a special investigation committee headed by the Minister of Security Milosevic to investigate all of Grigory s corruption and traitorous acts Huge cheers broke out in Moscowthe long awaited thing finally happened Immediately, Security Minister Milosevic also solemnly addressed the Russian people He announced in front of his face that he would accept the appointment of cbd oil infused gummies His Majesty the Tsar, and that he would not take any cover up actions against Gregory just because he was his son in law. What troops Wang Weiyi thought he heard it wrong.The British Royal First Division.Guderian replied very clearly It is the force commanded by Colonel Romeo.Originally they were responsible for assisting in the defense of Berlin, but after we captured Schmerin, in order to strengthen the strength there, at the suggestion of Queen Elizabeth, the Royal First Division was transferred there.Only then did Wang Weiyi understand.This cbd gummies for lungs cbd gummies 12mg thc is a small amount of power that the British government in first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep first class herbalist oils cbd gummies do cbd gummies help with sleep exile can control.Of course, their Royal cbd gummies 12mg thc Navy buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies 12mg thc is not counted among them.In the call of Her Majesty, the Royal Navy has sworn allegiance to the Queen and started Launch an attack on the enemy.But the army in the hands of Her Majesty is not many This is a very important force for the British Wang Weiyi said in a deep voice I believe that in Shimering , A fierce battle will break out in Teton, and the Royal First Division will suffer heavy losses.Bang bang bang bang.Pozik lay on the ground, his whole body ached.He felt his ears screaming.Pozik got up slowly, shook off the debris from his body, and pulled his rifle to support himself.He found that Hope was leaning against the wall on one side like a broken toy soldier, with his head drooping, his eyes were empty and lifeless, and thin bloodshots slowly pulled down from his mouth.Hopper s lower body was hanging out of the window like a pair smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies of trousers.Lieutenant Pozik felt dizzy.Ah An American soldier waved his gun ferociously and rushed to the attic, trying to pierce Pozik with the sharp barrel.Pozik suddenly woke up.It turned out to be too late.It s over.The American s rifle slammed down on Pozik without thinking.His foot slipped and he missed it accidentally.God, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can t be bought in a lifetime of lottery tickets Pozik fended off the enemy s rifle, then quickly drew his pistol.Why Remember what I told you that day That day.What did he say to himself Eric was thinking back.What s your name asked the colonel suddenly.Eric Eric agreed casually without thinking, What Eric became alert.I said Eric, you and Eric go to be a special soldier, he said eagerly, I m a special warfare expert, and I can tell at a glance that you are a good material, you have talent, potential and talent.Courage.I ll train you to be a super fighter, a first rate sniper.Oh my God.What are you kidding Eric said in amazement Don t you know what I m here for I We are here to avenge our friends Eric, it is human nature to kill each other.This nature is hidden deep in our hearts.We desire to kill.Thirst for blood.I guess.You smilz cbd gummies reviews first class herbalist oils cbd gummies must be full of blood in your heart right now.Get angry Eric admitted that he really wanted to avenge his good friends However, Colonel Hawke told him that the real sniper kills are not for revenge.How are your negotiations with us going Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Your Excellency the Baron, I have to admit that the result is frustrating Robertson shrugged Their commander used to be my subordinate.I had a dinner with them after entering Paris, and tried them to a certain extent during the dinner, however, I found them completely loyal to the Cathar government, and I don t believe any force can make them make any changes That s really a pity.Wang Weiyi smiled indifferently I originally thought that all people should be revolutionaries, but the result disappointed me very much.Since they are unwilling to stand in the ranks of the revolution, let them completely stand on the opposite side of the revolution.Robito and Berkeley glanced at each other, and then there were smiles on the corners of their mouths Since they are not cbd gummies 12mg thc willing to stand in the ranks of the revolution, let them stand in the revolution completely The so called revolution, in the eyes of many people, seems to be extremely sacred, but in the eyes of Baron Alexon, it is nothing more than a game.They hurriedly got into the car, and then the convoy .

is cbd gummies like weed?

set off quickly.Now they can probably feel more at ease.Sitting in a saloon.President Khatri said to Sinager who was beside him Mr.Prime Minister, what is the next plan We can go to Lyon first, where there are troops loyal to us.The reason why people are watching and still refuse to send troops is because they are worried that the situation has completely lost our control, but in Lyon, as long as we can regroup the army and counterattack Paris, I believe that the US government will definitely send troops to intervene directly I hope things go as you say President Khatri sighed, telling the truth.He doesn t trust his prime minister very much now.The prime minister always told himself how good the situation was.How much Parisians love themselves, but the real situation is not the cbd gummies 12mg thc cbd peach gummies case at all.certainly.Because of your status as a US military officer, I will discuss it with General Lei Wei.The police came up and put handcuffs on Major White.The major did not struggle, but glanced at his wife who was already in tears Chris, don t worry, I have never done such a thing, I will soon Cleared up the innocence.Chris didn t know what to say other than nodding vigorously Major White was taken away, and a good dinner was unhappily spoiled.Mrs.Delk tried her best to comfort Chris, who had already cried into tears.But at this time, she herself didn t know what to do.Mr.Moyol, would you please come with us Piroko and his wife came to Wang Weiyi and whispered.Wang Weiyi nodded, and followed the couple to a room next to him.Piroko hesitated for a moment Mr.Moyol, thank you for treating Mr.Dona.In Colonel Jed s office, Nash and Lieutenant Colonel Mills got nothing, they didn t even see John Oslow.All they could get was Colonel Jed s cold rejection However, when Moyol Lieutenant Colonel Wang Weiyi came in, he was warmly welcomed by Colonel Jed, and he told Moyol Lieutenant Colonel Colonel himself has successfully captured John Oslow, and at the same time he also told Lieutenant Colonel Moyol John Oslow s true identity.It s really surprising that John Oslow is actually one of us.Wang Weiyi has confirmed John Oslow s true identity at this moment.But he pondered and asked What are you going to do, Colonel Jed Since he is one of us, I think he can be released after a period of time Colonel Jed made his own answer At least.This could frustrate Nash and Mills a bit.Ah, anyway, I must thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, without you I would not have been able to catch John Oslow.There is no need to say thank you, I was thinking about another question.Wang Weiyi said calmly Since Nash and Mills can use John Oslow, why can t we use this man To know.He has a lot of information about the underground resistance organization, if you act faster, the news of John Oslow s arrest will not be leaked Colonel Jed s eyes lit up all of a sudden Get up yes.Why can t I use John Oslow to make up for my loss of Norden Please come with me to interrogate John Oslow Colonel Jed couldn t wait to present such a tempting invitation to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol The interrogation of John Oslow is not very difficult, traitors like this are always greedy for life and afraid of death Yes, always willing to sell everything in order to keep his own life.He promised Colonel Jed in front of him that he would be loyal to Colonel Jed and the CIA from now on, and he promised to provide a steady stream of information with Jade.And we are The baron remains a general in the United States.Yes, Mr.Elliott, I think I can fully understand.Paris regained his previous calm I heard that Mr.Obak, the Speaker of the Oakland Council, has personally gone to Card Sri College, we have always maintained a good relationship with Mr.Speaker, I think I can visit him at this time.Yeah, Mr.Speaker must not be sleeping at this time Elliott There was an elusive smile on his face Obak, who had just returned to his home from Castri College, did not expect Paris, the spokesperson of the Wittgenstein family in Washington, to come cbd gummies 12mg thc Come visit for yourself at this time.He has always maintained a close relationship with the Wittgenstein family, and he remembers when he first ran for city council in Obak.How much the Wittgenstein family has helped me.Huey wasn t scared at all, he felt he had accomplished his task.Bobby once promised himself that no matter what, they would fulfill their dreams.He turned on the horn, and from it came Martin Luther King s speech that inspired countless black people When we act, we must ensure that we move forward.We cannot go backward.Now someone asks Civil rights zealots, When will you be satisfied We will never be satisfied as long as Negroes continue to be subjected to unspeakable brutality by the police.As long as our bodies, weary from our travels, cannot rest in motels by the highways and in town We will never be satisfied.We will never be satisfied as long as the basic sphere of activity of the Negro is to move from the small ghetto to the big ghetto.As long as our children are limited to We ll never be satisfied as long as there s a black man in Mississippi who can t vote.The entire meeting room was in complete chaos.Some people began to say no angrily, and some people began to accuse Lieutenant Colonel Mills angrily.On it, it s all their family, cbd gummies 12mg thc not the bloody American Lieutenant Colonel s family.Fenton knew in his heart that what Lieutenant Colonel Mills said was actually the cruelest but also the most helpless choice.Once the Yinhe successfully arrives in Germany, the Germans can use the plane and the hostages on the plane to control the wind and rain, thus completely and firmly controlling the initiative in their hands.For those British officials who have lost family members, they will no longer have the heart to do their jobs.They will even secretly contact the Germans and fight back.At that time, the whole situation will no longer be under the control of the Americans or the British But how can he issue this cruel order He took a deep breath and tried to quiet the scene Gentlemen, gentlemen, please remain calm.It was also the first time that Captain Roger knew about the Ash Project.He reported this information to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol immediately.The Americans and the Fenton government are a little crazy.They actually want to blow up so many important targets, and this is also reflected from another aspect.The Americans and the Fenton government have completely despaired of the prospect of war.Then let all the British know about this Ash Project Wang Weiyi calmly said this sentence.The Ash Project made headlines on the front pages of major newspapers in the UK, and the news made the whole of the UK explode.Oh, God.Is there anything more cbd gummies 120 mg terrifying than this The outcome of the war is actually not important.After the war is over, life must go on, but the Americans and the Fenton government actually want to blow up so many factories and enterprises.You have to make a choice.To continue to serve the Fenton government, or to serve Her Majesty the Queen who is about to return to England Now are cbd gummies illegal in australia is your best chance.Do you think Moyle will not come to war You are wrong , whether war will break out here is not up to you, but depends on Baron Alexon s choice Colonel Tarrant fell into deep thoughtwhether it will break out here The war does not depend on you, but on the choice of Baron Alexon The baron sent Will, perhaps to give a warning, to himself and the whole Moyle final warning If I choose to serve Her Majesty the Queen, can the baron ensure that no war breaks out here Colonel Tarrant asked.When he saw Will nodding, he continued So what about Adams and the Irish Republican Army he led What should they do Let them do whatever they want in this city I once said that since war cannot be avoided.Jannar replied loudly, and then he asked cautiously And you, Marshal Marshal Rommel has repeatedly explained that if cbd gummies 12mg thc you encounter If it comes to you, no matter what, you will not be allowed to take another new adventure.When necessary, we can even The following man didn t have the courage to say it, but Wang Weiyi smiled When necessary Could even take me into custodyErwin was always worried about my safety, but he didn t know that maybe the adventure was all I had.General Jonar, I can tell you frankly, I will Re enter London, where I still have some things to do.And the same, I will be there to welcome your arrival.Jannar took a breath.God, Marshal Ernst actually wants to re enter London Doesn t he know that London has become the most dangerous place at this time But he couldn t change Marshal Ernst s mind.As for your work here, I can assure you that you will be rewarded by your superiors both during and after the war.Captain Roger fully believes that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol can do this.Especially if the Ash Project can be implemented smoothly, then he will definitely get approval from the United States.If this HCMUSSH cbd gummies 12mg thc is the case, then he will also There was nothing to worry too much about.Before, he somewhat resented Lieutenant Colonel Moyol for dragging him to this passive state of treason, but now he began to be grateful to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.When serving this person, he has already arranged everything for you properly.Maybe if I continue to serve him for a few years, I will be transferred back to China.At that time, I will definitely go back as a hero.Fame, status, money.Everything that ordinary people want can be fully owned long ago, so what is there to regret Although he may never be able to get rid of the control of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol in the future, he no longer takes things seriously.Miracles come only to the brave.General Candra had said just a few minutes ago, but that was only for the British, as a General Gendra never thought that a miracle could happen under such circumstances.No, there might be one man who could do it, but that man would never come to command the Allies.The situation may be very bad, but at such a moment, I think of a German.President William on the other end of the phone was silent for a while.Said the name of the cbd gummies 12mg thc person in General Gendra s mind Ernst Brahm, we prefer to call him the Baron Skeleton.General Gendra, since the First World War.This baron always An unbelievable miracle was created out of desperation, and even though Berlin was about to fall into our hands, he still miraculously succeeded again.The Germans can do it, and the Americans can do it too.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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