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At the end, he reminded Li Huifang again, Don t tell others about this, even though it s not cheating, but it s not good anyway.I know, I know.Li Huifang glanced at the empty surroundings, cbd gummies for memory slightly lowered The head agreed.Li Guohao, who was starting work with his grandfather Li Renzhong in full armor, would have laughed out loud if he knew what his parents were thinking.This simplest way of promotion is basically out of date in later generations, but in Hong Kong decades ago, it was one of the few best ways to attract customers without losing money.Originally, Li Guohao didn t need to do any promotion at all.After all, the taste of wife cake is here, and it is a special kind of rose filling.For Xiangjiang people who how to measure dosage for cbd gummies like to eat wife cake after dinner, this is also a delicacy.It s a pity that there are many delicious wife cakes in Xiangjiang.It s not just the big doll, the other small dolls are also made of the best material that doesn t hurt the skin.Normally, Li Guohao would happily agree to give one to Zhao Yazhi s younger sister, but now the advertisement has been published, and this large doll is a prize.Glancing around the store, there were quite a few children pointing at the big doll and arguing with their parents, so he ordered such a big panda doll.If it is sent out at this time, it will inevitably make people feel that this store is not trustworthy Li Guohao thought for a while and said, cbd gummies for memory Little friend, this big doll is a prize.I can t give it to you now, but I can give you a whole set of Abao expression dolls.Having said this, Li Guohao had a thought in his heart and said, If you really like this big doll, you can tell me your home address or contact information, and I will have someone make an identical one for you in a few days.Deng Sister Wang nodded and said, Well, I happened cbd gummie sick to my stomach tired to see Sir Mai and her daughter in law inspecting the housing estate on the news last cbd gummies for memory liberty cbd gummies for sale night.I recognized the lady as soon as she came here before.Why did she come to our store Maybe she came to buy pastries, but she just bought the pastries, why are you still waiting here for Ah Hao Zhang Dong asked suspiciously.I don t know where Ms.Deng heard about it.She knows that our boss is a descendant of the imperial chef of the Qing Dynasty.This time I came here to try the top ten dim sum made in secret by the palace Asked from the side Who are this Ms.Deng and Sir cbd gummies for memory Mai Li Guohao still knows the title of Sir, but he really doesn t know who Sir Mai and Ms.Deng are.Zhang Dong glanced at Li Guohao contemptuously and said, Ah Hao, you don t even read the news Sir Mai is the Governor of Hong Kong who just took office this year, and Ms.Not to mention going to Nathan Road to collect protection fees, this is a building and shops invested by many British people.In addition to the fact that the former Governor of Hong Kong was revoked by the Queen for corruption this year and brought back to the UK for trial, the newly appointed Governor of Hong Kong this year announced at his inauguration ceremony that he will intensify efforts to crack down on crime and corruption in the next few years.Not to mention the small gangs, the members of the big gangs have also begun to gather power gradually, and are no longer as unscrupulous as they were a few years ago.Master Rong, do you think we are the same as Li Ji, using the money to continue to open branches A Ping asked cautiously.During this period of time, since Rongji s membership activities were very popular, Rong Bingcai ordered some employees in the store to go to the opposite side to steal cbd gummies for memory from Liji.I want to take you there too, but you heard that when that person came over yesterday, there are at most three people What can I do with you You know how to make pastries Is it Li Guohao rolled his eyes.Seeing what Li Guohao said, Zhang Dong couldn t say anything.This time I was able to bring Huang He and Sun Dafu mainly because there were too many people.The Hong Kong Governor s Mansion was afraid that Li Guohao would be too busy alone, so he was allowed to bring cbd gummies for memory two pastry chefs to go cbd gummies for memory liberty cbd gummies for sale there together.Okay, don t be depressed, now the store has added a lot of best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory new members because of A Bao, and the business in the store is getting better and better, I need you to take care of it.Li Guohao took a picture Dong s shoulder, and finally said By the way, when will the person recommended by the headhunting company you said earlier arrive Well, it seems to be next Wednesday.Master Rong is looking for your phone number Rong Bingcai told A Ping to let the group of people calm down first, walked over quickly to answer the phone, and said angrily, Hello who Boss, I m from the Central Store.Xiao Zhang Xiao Zhang Why are you calling at this time, don t you know you are very hillstone cbd gummies cost busy Rong Bingcai said flying with cbd gummies 2021 human immunity cbd gummies angrily.Yes, but the matter is very urgent.Xiao Zhang said timidly.Tell me what s going on This morning, before the store opened, there were a lot of people gathered around the door.I thought they were here to human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed buy pastries, but they said they were here for a refund If it s one or two, forget it.But , but now there are more than a few hundred people at the door What Hundreds of people Rong Bing was shocked.Chapter 56 Suddenly there were many more people Rong Bingcai looked anxiously at the excited crowd in front of him.In addition, he is not very familiar with the employees in the store, so it is hard to say anything about electing the store manager at this time.Well, then the Nathan Road store is tentatively designated as Sister Wang.If it doesn t make any sense, she will be her after this month.Li Guohao said again What about the Mong Kok store Dong, do you have anyone to recommend This Zhang Dong thought for a while, shook his head and said There is no suitable candidate.There are indeed many old employees, but I am quite satisfied except for Sun Dafu and Sister Wang.There are more or less problems.At this time Li Qiang said How about an election Election Zhang Dong and Li Guohao asked at the same time.It s about the same.Just make an announcement in the three stores.Recently, the Mong Kok store is short of a store manager.It can be seen that Rong Bingcai is quite filial.People in this era still attach great importance to and care about filial piety.I don t lack money.I can share whatever Rongji earns, but now I want the position of the head of Rongji Rong Binghua is not short of money.He has shares in Rongji.For better or worse, you get a nice bonus every month.Rong Bing was shocked What On the other end, when Rong Bingcai was entangled with his younger brother Rong Binghua.Li Guohao also came to the Nathan Road store.Actually, I wanted to write about stores 1, 2, and 3, but I was afraid that some people would not understand it for a while.Xiao Min, where is Miss Wang The best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory rest of the people don t know anyone, including the pastry chef who is making pastries inside the glass wall.Boss Xiaomin looked back and saw that it was his own boss and said with a smile Sister Wang seems to have gone to the Mong Kok store, store manager Zhang, by chance, it should be Manager Zhang, he asked Sister Wang to go to Mong Kok.Everyone knows that wasting food is bad, but as a company, you can waste it, but you can t save it., It is absolutely not allowed to disturb the company s plan.Speaking of this, he said Well, starting tomorrow, I will talk to the three store managers, and I will calculate with the cbd gummies for memory liberty cbd gummies for sale company s finances, and try to reduce the number of pastries thrown away every day to one.Point.As for the pastries thrown away every day, I will inform them to reduce them as much as possible, and at the same time, every pastry thrown away must be crushed That cbd gummies for memory is to say, a wife cake must be crushed and inedible.So far I m afraid that some people will pick up these things in our trash for a long time and take them back to eat. Then Ok.When he was a child in his previous life, Li Guohao seldom ate such expensive food.The main reason is that there are many time honored pastry shops in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.After all, crossing regions requires capital and manpower.Chapter 66 Loans Standard Chartered Bank Nathan Road Branch.Li Guohao and Li Qiang walked through the hall and came to the manager s office.Long time no see, Manager Zhang.Li Guohao greeted with a smile.Manager Zhang also smiled and said Yes, I still want to thank Mr.Li for depositing in our bank recently, which has greatly improved my business volume recently After a few words of politeness.Manager Zhang asked I don t know cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory if Mr.Li is here to repay the loan In fact, there is no rush.Our bank can wait for the repayment time for high quality customers like Mr.Li.The longer the loan period, the more profits the bank will best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory naturally make.In addition, from Li Guohao s mouth, it only took half a year for the company to develop to the present.For such a company with potential and development, the bank naturally hopes that the more loans the better, the longer the better.In this way, there cbd gummies for memory is a lot of interest, not to mention that Li Guohao also promised to deposit all the company s daily income in HSBC, which is not a small sum.Chapter 72 At the meeting, I have to say that there are people in the DPRK who are easy para que sirve condor cbd gummies to handle.After negotiating with Shen Bi about the loan, the bank staff went to the company to check the accounts the next day, and the loan was approved in less than four days.up to five million.company.It was approved so quickly Show me quickly, I have never seen a deposit of five million Hong Kong dollars before Zhang Dong looked at the two who had just returned from the bank, and hurried forward, trying to get out of the bank.Long time no see, Ms.Zhao Originally, Li Guohao wanted to call him more intimate, or more familiar, but he found that it was only the second time the two had met.Zhao Yazhi was a little puzzled, the man in front of her seemed a little familiar, but she couldn t remember where she met her, cbd gummies for memory and she was still surprised that Ah Zhen seemed to be familiar with him when she greeted him just now.I m sorry Just when Zhao Yazhi was about to say that she forgot who you were, Ah Zhen introduced, Sister, this is Li Guohao, the tru q cbd gummies former owner of Nathan Road Palace Bakery.Ah, it s Boss Li I m sorry, I haven t seen you for a long time and I forgot.As soon as Ah Zhen said, Zhao Yazhi thought of this person in a daze, and quickly apologized.After all, others can call you by name, but she has forgotten who he is, which is very strange.So I agreed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said It doesn t matter.You are right to agree.If there is not enough manpower, you can recruit.It is a good thing that the comic agency can be responsible for its own profits and losses., This time helping Li s TV station to produce comics is also considered a new business.You can take this opportunity to make the name of the comic agency famous.In the future, no matter who wants to ask us to make comics, as long as the price is reasonable, they will agree.Shangguan Xiaobao asked a question But I have never drawn this cartoon for popular science education.Li Guohao thought about some cartoons with a scientific and educational nature that he had watched in his previous life, including Beva Nursery Rhymes, Mickey Mouse Wonderful House, But these are more complicated to make.Well, the panda is Po.Looking at the newspaper in his hand, my father was a little incredulous.The panda , which was popular in Xiangjiang not long ago, actually went to the United States.At present, the world does not know much about pandas.Until this time, China donated two giant pandas to the United States.Gradually, people from more countries learned about this animal that only exists in China.From 1972 to 1982, the giant panda was established as a rare and protected animal, commonly known as a national treasure.In just ten years, while China established diplomatic relations with many countries, it also donated more than a cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory dozen giant pandas, which was later called panda diplomacy.Inside the Palace Pastry Company.Chairman, this is the list of people who called today.The newly appointed manager of the Franchise Department, Xiong Yi, put the documents in his hand on the table.Gu Qianqian walked up to Li Guohao quickly, whispered to his ear, Fan Weiming and the other three were sitting not far away.Yeah.Li Guohao nodded lightly to show that he understood, then cbd gummies for memory turned to everyone in the meeting room and said, Welcome to our company.I won t say much here.Everyone wants to join our pastry shop.Specifically, You can take a look at the documents on the table first, and you can ask me directly if you have any questions.Everyone nodded, and began to look at the manuscripts on the table in silence.Fan Weiming said at this time Boss Li, I have already understood your joining conditions before, and now I just want to ask, after joining your company, will you help us in the later stage Li Guohao glanced at Fan Weiming, seeing that it was Gu Qian One of the three who Qian pointed at cbd gummies effects smiled and said, Okay then, I ll just say a few points, maybe you don t want to read too many words.Did you find it, sister Don t worry, I found it.He Chaoying looked at the number on the notebook, picked up the rotary dial telephone on the table, and saw it often seen in old movies and TV shows, one number after another.kind of.Hello, this is the governor s house.Hello, I m here to find Ms.Shen.Excuse me Just say that He Chaoying is looking for her Okay, please wait a moment.The maid on the other end of the phone put down the phone and went to the Governor of Hong Kong Madame has gone.Not long after, Ms.Shen picked up the phone and said with a smile, Is there anything Ah Ying can do for me Ms.Shen, I m sorry to bother you., recently I have been arguing about wanting to eat again, there is no other way, so I have to call you, and want to ask where social cbd gummies broad spectrum lemon is the pastry chef who made Hundred Flowers After a few words, Ms.It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn cbd gummies for memory t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn cbd gummies for memory t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in auspicious feng shui days.For such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on an auspicious day according to the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but cbd gummies for memory Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.Well, I told them that it is best to open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone calculated the date, there is no cbd gummies for memory good auspicious day in June, most of them are after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened this month earlier.Miss He s store will open on the 14th of next month, so I have to come over to support her.Seeing that the nearest day is the opening date planned by He Qianjin, Li Guohao pondered.Ding Lingling Hello President, I m Shangguan Xiaobao Hearing the word president, Li Guohao frowned.Brother Yuan has never called himself president, usually he is called Ahao or Calling the boss, he asked, Brother Yuan, what s the matter Mei, Warner America sent someone to our comic book agency, saying they want to cooperate with us.Cooperation Warner America Well, they said they wanted to cooperate.Collaborate with Kung Fu Panda.Chapter 113 After sending the beggar to hang up the phone, Li Guohao didn t rush to go to cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory the comics club, lifestream cbd gummies for sale he turned around after thinking about it and walked to Li Qiang s office.Dongdong Come in.There are still many people in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island who haven t cooperated with the other party, but if you simply let it go, I m afraid it will grow up in the future.Tiger infestation.How much money will Liu Peilin make flying with cbd gummies 2021 human immunity cbd gummies by doing this Li Qiang shook his head and said, I don t know, but I heard that the cost is removed, and the profit is half of the selling price.Sell Li Guohao asked suspiciously.Li Qiang explained Well, why so many shops cooperate with Liu Peilin, it is because Liu Peilin promised that he will share the profits after the pastries are sold.That s why more and more people are cooperating with him.Li Guohao suddenly had a flash of inspiration, but he was a little unpredictable, and he said, That is to say, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory if the pastry cannot be sold, he will bear all the losses by himself That s right, but it s generally difficult, because the number of pastries that each store needs every day will be announced in advance, and no one will intentionally falsely report the figures, so that Liu Peilin will send more, and then fail to sell, causing Liu Peilin to lose money.Li Huifang s voice came from the other end of the phone.Mom What s the matter You didn t go human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed out to eat with Zhang Dong yesterday, right It was dinner with cbd gummies for memory Zhang Dong, what s the matter I met Zhang Dong s father in the morning, and his father said that Zhang Dong last night We ate at home, maeng da cbd gummies and then went to his girlfriend s house, why did you have dinner with Zhang Dong Li Guohao didn t know what to say when he saw his secret, Er Li Huifang asked again on the phone Son, I heard that boy A Dong said that you have been cbd gummies for memory getting closer to a girl surnamed best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory Zhao recently Is it the girl Zhao that was reported on TV yesterday At a loss for words, he said bravely, That s right, that Zhao Yazhi on TV is my girlfriend, I went to her house to have dinner yesterday. real That girl is quite handsome, when will I bring her back to show my mother When she heard that her son was looking for a girlfriend, she was the pretty girl on TV yesterday, and Mother Li was overjoyed.Wow, Rolls Royce Is there anyone getting married here Is it here to pick up the bride Why is there only one wedding car This is a Rolls Royce, one arrives at A Dong Zhang Dong frowned and glanced at the approaching car, and suddenly saw that the person in the driver s seat was Li Qiang Surprised, he turned his head to Li Guohao and said, Ah Hao, did you do this Xiangjiang didn t have this car in flying with cbd gummies 2021 human immunity cbd gummies stock before, and Li Qiang entrusted someone to transport it from the UK.It took a little time, but fortunately, it was in time Li Guohao smiled.At this time, Li Qiang parked the car aside, pulled out the key, walked over and said to Zhang Dong with a smile, Happy newlyweds, A Dong, this is what A Hao and I spent a lot of time getting for you.Throw it over.Zhang Dong caught it subconsciously.Looking at the car keys in his hand, and then at Li Guohao and Li Qiang, he was moved and said, Ah Hao Okay, let the driver drive this car, don t waste time.Sudden.Outside the house, there was a commotion.When everyone in the room heard it, they also understood that it was the bridegroom official who had arrived.The cousin yelled See if the door is locked The sisters next to her also came to their senses and walked over to see if the door was locked.Just walked over.Dong dong, dong dong.There was a violent knock on the door, which scared the girl back a few steps.Xiao Min, Xiao Min, I, Dong, open the door, I ll pick you up.Zhang Dong laughed outside the house.The cousin hurriedly walked over and came through the door Is the bridegroom best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory here Zhang Dong was a little surprised.The woman s relatives next to him said it was Mai Xiaomin s cousin, and he said, Cousin, please help my cousin s husband to open the door.Cousin, I will give you a big red envelope later.When Wang Zheng heard it, what Li Guohao said was also reasonable.Holding such a competition would undoubtedly give the association the greatest publicity.It would not only expand its popularity in a short period of time, but also bring a certain degree of authority.Then what exactly should the president do It s simple, let me tell you, take some paper and take notes.Chapter 162 Contest Plan and Daronghua s Listing 2 3 Thinking of some competitions in later generations, Li Guohao began to talk endlessly.First of all, in order to expand the influence of the game, the best choice is to cooperate with the TV station.As long as you are a smart person, you should understand that if this game is broadcast on the TV station, it will definitely bring a lot of ratings to the delta 8 gummies vs cbd gummies TV station, so this not only does not need to pay the TV station The money, and it is possible to make money back from the TV station.Why is Miss Xiangjiang so influential That s because the whole people participated.When the Miss Xiangjiang Contest started in 1973, it was almost empty when it arrived.The pastry contest is also the same.Asking for money from the TV station, this need not be mentioned.You can also share money from advertising with the opponent when the game is broadcast.Even if you don t share money with the TV station and broadcast it to the TV station for free, you can also cooperate with the manufacturer, broad spectrum cbd gummies review such as baking ovens, flour, butter, and even the most common sugar.You can cooperate with those merchants and exclusively name this competition.At worst, let the host and the like mention this merchant more during the competition.President, cbd gummies for memory it s no problem to cooperate with these merchants, but do cbd gummies for memory you cbd gummies for memory just want to get the materials for making pastries Wang Zheng asked.Mooncakes can also be made with glutinous rice flour, or eaten directly without baking.There are some other terms and conditions, so I won t go into details one by one.Anyway, Li Guohao became the first super pastry chef, which is worthy of the name Then Huang He, who was also a super pastry chef before, was pulled down two levels by the association.He was a pastry consultant in the company before, which is equivalent to a super pastry chef.However, considering that there is no way to be symmetrical with the association, and it has not reached the standard, Wang Zheng of the association has completely unified the ranks of some pastry chefs in the company with the association after obtaining Li Guohao s consent.Chapter 178 The people of Li s TV station are very shrewd.Seeing that the ratings of the first episode of Cake Contest were cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory very good, they thought of a plan and contacted Wang Zheng from the association and asked him if he could delay the preliminaries as much as possible.Walking into the western restaurant, I glanced at the clock on the wall.It was already past seven o clock.The two were led to a corner by the waiter, ordered two steaks and a bottle of red wine, and chatted about the latest interesting things.At this time , a TV set hanging on the ceiling of the western restaurant is broadcasting the news of Jade Channel.Garbage bugs are very happy, follow our lens to see the phenomenon of uncivilized littering.After the news anchor finished speaking, the screen on the TV changed.Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi happened to watch it at this time.Li Guohao s figure appeared on the TV.Haha, Ah Hao, you are on TV best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory It s so embarrassing to be on TV with the garbage bug Zhao Yazhi saw that the person on the TV was Li Guohao, burst out laughing, pointed at the TV and laughed.After finishing speaking, Run Run Shaw threw a document in his hand to Fang Yihua.Miss Xiangjiang beauty pageant Looking at the title on the document, Fang Yihua asked in surprise, Sixth brother, you want to hold a beauty pageant There is also a Miss China competition in Taiwan.I was thinking about whether it is possible to have a Miss Xiangjiang competition, but I have been thinking about whether people can accept this kind of competition cbd gummies for memory on TV, but I have seen so many pastry contests on Li s TV station.From the looks of it, there should be more people coming to this beauty pageant.Daheng Shao smiled. In the evening, at six o clock, Li s TV station temporarily set up a studio.How s the preparation over there You Jinjie glanced at the venue and asked, The director is ready.The assistant replied from the side.Later, he started a shipping company with his friends, and was finally bought by Bao Daheng, and he went to deal with the import and export of raw materials.Mr.Jin is very polite.I read your profile in the headhunting company.I am very curious.No matter where you go, I believe that people like you will get the best treatment.Why did you come to my food raw material company that has not yet been established Supply HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory company Jin Jiashi can be regarded as a manager in terms of experience and work experience.No matter which company he applies for, he will definitely be directly promoted cbd gummies for sale in exxon in memphis to the position of senior management.You must know that the other party has been in contact with People from all walks of life, even Bao Daheng bought shipping from him in the early years.Mr.Li is over the award.Speaking of which, I have always been a failure.Du Deye said Not yet, but I think it s coming soon.Since Hongkong Land exchanged five shares for one share, most of the shareholders have basically exchanged their stocks for Hongkong Land.I heard that there are quite a few milk companies now.Shareholders are all ready to exchange shares with Hong Kong Land.You must know that one share of Milk Company is very high, and it is about two hundred Hong Kong dollars now.It is equivalent to two hundred for five hundred yuan, who would not be happy Not acquired yet Hearing that the milk company has not yet acquired, Li Guohao knew that the stock market crash had not really arrived He remembered very clearly that the entertainment novel at that time talked about the stock market for a long time, although most of them were copied by Baidu.It came, but there is one thing clearly written in it That is, shortly after Hongkong Land acquired the milk company, the stock market crash broke out completely, causing countless shareholders to suffer heavy losses, and many Chinese businessmen also went bankrupt and lost losses.Xu Deming threw his beloved teacup on the ground in a fit best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory of rage, and said to the employees below, Why Why did the other party acquire half of our shares After the other party issued a notice of compulsory acquisition offer, I f cking I just found out about this Why didn t any news come out before cbd gummies for memory What the hell are you doing, are you all eating free rice The big cbd gummies for memory boss got angry, and the employees below were all terrified, and they were also very annoyed.The news of the best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory acquisition has only been published in the newspaper for a few days, and today we are notified that Guohao Foods will forcefully acquire Nanshun.Talk What s going on with each of you Seeing that no one responded to him, Xu Deming frowned and said angrily.Dong Chairman, we were indeed investigating how many shares Guohao Foods had acquired in the group, and today we learned that the shares held by HSBC and Bao Daheng were acquired by them.It s not that there is any big crisis, but the previous strategy and plan of exchanging one share for five shares was indeed made by the people of Landmark It came out, relying on this method, the people who bought cbd gummies for memory the land did not spend too much cash, and completed the acquisition of a milk company with a higher market value than themselves.If the stock market crash does not break out, or if it breaks out later, then those who exchanged the shares of the milk company Shareholders of Hongkong Land stock may make a lot of money because of this, but the reality is that not long after Hongkong Land acquired Milk Company, the stock market crash broke out, and the Hang Seng Index plummeted all the way.Those new shares have not yet been distributed to shareholders, their value has already Falling to a certain level.Wan Fuhao was shocked in his heart.He didn t even care about the business in the store, and hurried to the tea restaurant with the magazine.I said, Lao Zhang, why are you running in such a hurry It was the morning and it was not very busy.It was rare for Li Huifang to sit down leisurely and calculate the income and expenses for the past two days.Here, is this Ah Hao Zhang Dong s father picked up the magazine excitedly, and handed the cover to Li Huifang to read.Li Huifang took the magazine and looked at it.Isn t her precious son Li Guohao on the cover Surprised It s Ah Hao Why is he in a magazine You have given birth to a good son Zhang Dong s father said excitedly.Listening to the movement ahead, Li Dexiao and Li Renzhong also walked out of the back kitchen.What The three of laura ingraham cbd gummies them couldn t believe it when they heard Zhang Dong s father s words Ahao has become a billionaire Not only some strangers got to cbd gummies charlottes web know Li Guohao, even Huo Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun, who had dealings with Li Guohao in the past, were surprised after seeing this newspaper or news.Later, I talked to him at a charity banquet held by the Governor of Hong Kong., only to learn that he has opened a food processing factory, and after a few months, he has acquired the Nanshun Group Zheng Jiachun was really amazed, he had cbd gummies for memory known Li Guohao for more than half a year, and the two of them only nodded Apart from those two encounters, they basically had no contact with each other, but now they suddenly saw that the other party had grown to the point where they could stand shoulder to shoulder with themselves, and they were also shocked.Oh After listening to his son s words, Zheng Yutong pondered for a while and said, Isn t the horse club recommending newcomers for another year recently Dad You mean to recommend Li Guohao Zheng Jiachun asked in surprise.You must know that members of Xiangjiang Jockey Club are not just for ordinary people to join You must be an old member for more than three years to be eligible to recommend a newcomer, and if you recommend a newcomer, that newcomer can join It is also necessary to assess its ability, financial resources and other factors.Guohao Nanshun is engaged in the business of flour and other raw materials.If it is bigger, it is a raw material food supply chain.If it is smaller, it is a company that wholesales raw materials.However, Guohao Lam Soon has its own production site, so it can be regarded as a factory, which is somewhat different from the simple food supply chain of later generations.In the later generations, the simple food supply chain may be equivalent to a platform that brings together natures only cbd gummies prices all raw materials from all over the country and even the world, unified procurement, production, and distribution, so as to reduce transportation costs and earn profits by the way point.To put it simply, it is a bit like selling goods from the south to the north, and goods from the north to the south.Of course, it is not that there is no self sufficient food supply chain, but that kind of scale is still relatively small, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory it can only prevail in a certain area at most.More than three thousand feet, sleep cbd thc gummies nearly 300 square meters, still in the mid level cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory area, the future value can be imagined.Li Guohao smacked his tongue in his heart, and asked curiously Brother Zheng, how much did you spend cbd gummies for memory on this villa I am also planning to buy a villa to live in.It s not cbd gummies for memory very expensive, maybe more than one million.Zheng Jiachun said with a smile This house used to be owned by a British businessman.Later, when that man returned to England, the house was kept here for sale.I just wanted to buy a new villa, so I bought the land and the house from that man.I bought it, and speaking of it, I still lost a lot.I bought it last year, so I m afraid it will be much cheaper now.The main reason why the villa area in the middle of the mountain is so expensive is because there are very few villas here, that is to say, there are not many good locations for building villas, either with dense trees or uneven terrain.Brother Zheng, I know this.Just do what you want.Real estate is always connected with some kind of community, whether it is now or in the future.Since Zheng Jiachun said these words, it cbd gummies for memory means that he has connections with these gang members, maybe as he said, it is a meal for the wild dogs on the roadside.Well, you don t have to worry too much about this matter.The taxes you pay are not in vain.Those police officers are still somewhat useful now.The darkest years in Xiangjiang were before 1971.It was the time when Li Guohao traveled through time, and he pinched it very well.If he had made money a few years earlier, he might have attracted some people s attention.In the later years, the market share has already been occupied, and it is not as simple as it is now to enter.I also chatted with Zheng Jiachun about the Jockey Club event the day after tomorrow, which is commonly known as the annual banquet for the top tycoons.Almost cbd gummies scotland as long as he is an elite talent in Xiangjiang, whether he is a lawyer, a doctor or a university professor, as long as he has made contributions to Xiangjiang, has culture, or is recommended by best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory someone with money, he has no bad deeds.Anyone can join the meeting.Papapapa There was a lot of noise in the arena.Jeske liked the feeling of being sought after very much.Seeing dozens of tables and chairs and hundreds of people scattered under the stage, it was also a great feeling.He raised his hands to signal everyone to be quiet, took a step closer, and continued into the microphone Okay, next is the list recommended by our selection members.Every year, our selection members will use their hands only once a year Referral quota, recommending new talents and friends for our Jockey Club company.Seeing this, Li Guohao frowned, breathing subconsciously, but felt as if dust had entered his nose, and sneezed several times, and his uncle Li Zhengming also sneezed continuously.Seeing this, Shi Yuda who was next to him hurriedly said, Chairman, let s go out.Li Guohao didn t refuse either, it was really uncomfortable inside.outside the plant.Cough cough After coughing several times, Li Guohao and Li Zhengming also calmed down.The chairman s filling workshop is like this.There is no one who does not suck dust cbd gummies condor when filling flour.Shi Yuda also said helplessly.Although the flour mill is not a high risk occupation, because of dealing with flour every day, many workers who have worked for a long time have more or less symptoms, mostly related to the mouth, nose, respiratory tract and lungs.Hearing what Shi Yuda said, Li Guohao also frowned, and asked, Is there no way to deal with it in the factory I ve thought about it, but most of them don t work.As soon as these words came out, the eleven people were stunned.They best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory didn t expect Li Guohao to ask so straightforwardly, but many people turned their eyes to the one standing at the corner.Dozens of people.Chen Sheng Li Guohao took a high look at Chen Sheng.The file said that Chen Sheng was a taciturn person with a relatively introverted personality, but he never complained cbd gummies for memory about every task and had the highest completion rate.Zhang Bowen said aside, Mr.Li, in fact, although our group of people were eliminated, we are basically not far behind those who were selected.The most important point is that apart from me, we are in the same batch.Those who were eliminated could not speak English very well and could not communicate with the British instructors.The captain of the secret force was a member of the Royal cbd gummies for memory Air Force Special Forces at this time, had never been in Xiangjiang, and could not speak Cantonese, so they were the first to be eliminated.There is a private gun club in Xiangjiang Island, which only accepts private members.This club has spent a lot of money to apply for a license from the police department.Li Guohao nodded thoughtfully, since someone can apply for it, it means that it is not impossible, but he just needs to find a relationship the second day.The cold winter is gradually dissipating, the strong cold air is gradually blowing across Victoria Harbour, and the brilliance of the sun is also shining on this Pearl of the Orient.At around nine o clock in the morning, Li Guohao signed some documents in the company that needed to be kushie cbd gummies signed.The work that should be completed was also resolved early, or he could save it for the afternoon.This morning he will accompany Zhao Yazhi, Going to St.Mary s Hospital to visit some sick orphans in the orphanage is something that has been scheduled a long time ago.Tell me about the situation.How many gangsters are there Why did they shoot Is it a gang fight or something There was too little information, and the director didn t know flying with cbd gummies 2021 human immunity cbd gummies what was going on.gangster.If it s a gangster vendetta, then just wait until the other party is over, and take someone there to clean up the mess.What to do at that time will be dealt with by the serious crime team, but if it s a terrorist, it s not something he can handle something happened.No have no idea.The village chief didn t know what was going on at all.He thought it was firecrackers when he heard the gunshot before, until the gangsters rushed to the house with guns and searched around, thinking it was robbery, but the actions of the other party did not take cbd gummies for memory away the house some money.Sir, I know At this time, the owner of the house where Li Guohao stayed before also relaxed after seeing the police coming, and walked quickly to the director.Zhang Bowen nodded, and was also very satisfied with Li Guohao s two methods.The first one does not give a basic salary, but only talks about sharing.The company is equivalent to an intermediary and provides some help for bodyguards, sunset cbd gummies and the second is a basic salary.There is no commission for bodyguards.Yes, I know about the chairman.Of course, this is just my natures cbd gummies reviews preliminary idea.After you go back, you should rework these two contract plans and make them as perfect as possible, Li Guohao said with a smile.Yes.The ribbon cutting ceremony of Chapter 255 passed in a flash.During this period, Li Guohao went to Macau and promised He Qianjin to attend his mother s birthday party.It was a family banquet, but many friends who had a good relationship with He Qianjin or He Qianjin came to visit.Li Guohao asked Zhao Yazhi to help his mother choose a birthday gift, and bought a set of gold jewelry worth more than 300,000 Hong Kong dollars from Zheng Jiachun s family business Chow Tai Fook jewelry, a standard three piece set from necklaces to earrings.Before getting off the car, seven or eight bodyguards came out to survey the surrounding environment, and finally the protagonist debut.If Li Guohao knew the inner thoughts of this group of people, he would be very helpless.Who wants to have so many bodyguards following him every day, the more bodyguards there are, the more dangerous his own safety is.This is not more than human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed 30 years later, if a celebrity goes out without bringing 20 or 30 people, he is not considered a big name Mr.Li, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the crew to attend the opening ceremony.Xu Guanwen walked eagle cbd gummies shark tank over quickly and said respectfully.For this big boss of his own, Xu Guanwen is naturally very respectful.You must know cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory that Xiangjiang has not yet had such a generous person as Li Guohao.As soon as he made a move, he gave himself, Cai Lan and others 500,000 Hong Kong dollars.Chapter 265 Food Industrial Park Recently, Li Guohao has also been busy with the company s affairs, basically every day except going to work and leaving get off work.Now that the economy is poor, a new round of discounts has started on the court pastry.Under the condition of ensuring that there is no loss, the business will be developed as cbd gummies sample pack much as possible, so that no one will buy it.On the other hand, Maxim s Bakery, after nearly two months of poor business, more than 30 of its 50 branches closed down overnight.The remaining 20 stores were barely making ends meet, which made Wood s teeth itch, and finally climbed to the top and raised funds.Just when he was about to flex his muscles, he encountered an unprecedented stock market crash.The economy, income, and jobs are all linked cbd gummies for memory together.If the economy is poor, wages will decrease, or they will lose their jobs altogether, which has also led to a lot of fewer white collar workers who used to like to visit dessert shops.Li, you are welcome.My grades are not as good as yours.I still have a lot to learn from you Hearing that, he suddenly laughed.He also said, If Mr.Li doesn t suggest it, just call me fourth uncle.In this way, Mr.Li will come and Mr.Li will go, so that others will not be able to figure out who Mr.Li is.There are too many.Mr.Li keeps coming and Mr.Li goes.It is indeed difficult to tell who is who.Thenthen take the liberty to call him Fourth Uncle Li Guohao didn t think too much, and called out fourth uncle.After all, the other party can afford the title of fourth uncle no matter in terms of age or experience.Hahahow dare you call me fourth uncle Do me a favor Li Zhaoji is extremely honest.When he smiles and speaks, he has a distinct local accent.If you walk on the main road, people who don t know him will definitely mistake him for an ordinary person.I passed by before and found that the Fengshui there is very good.If Li Sheng has an idea in the future, he can take that piece of land.Master Dong said while stroking the beard on his chin.Then where is the worst place in this area The worst place should be the land directly in front of Li Sheng s company.Master Dong pointed to the towering Kangle Building not far away.Jardine Building Li Guohao was stunned.He had gone to see where it was, and it should be said that it was the best location in his eyes.You must know where you can have a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, even the opposite Kowloon.See clearly.The Fengshui of the artificially reclaimed land has already been destroyed.Master Dong said with a look of disdain.Li Guohao thought in astonishment that a few years later, not only did the Jardine Group fail to snatch the shares of Hutchison Whampoa, but also because of Bao Daheng s move, his own Wharf changed hands.However, for the sake of sales, some cbd gummies for memory small newspapers directly changed the life and death are unknown to the rescue failed and died unfortunately.Countless entertainers or friends who knew Bruce Lee also drove to Mount Elizabeth Hospital spontaneously after seeing newspaper news or human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed hearing rumors.Miao Kexiu, who admired Bruce Lee, was the first to rush over with her sister in law Linda and her two children.Others such as Shi Jian who has just cooperated with each other, as well as friends Xiao Qilin, Chen cbd gummies for memory Huimin, including Hong Jinbao, Big Brother Long, Xu Guanwen and others also came after hearing the news.At the same time, due to the misleading of some unscrupulous newspapers, it was said that Bruce Lee had unfortunately passed away in the early morning, causing best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory more and more people to go to the hospital.The people who go there are basically policemen or some government officials.I plan to build a clubhouse similar to a horse club, and invite some friends who like to play with guns to join in.Of course, in addition to playing with guns, there are also some entertainment activities including nightclubs, restaurants, golf courses, etc There are many such private clubs in later generations, such as the well known Chang an Club, Capital Club, and China Club.The lack of communication made it impossible to expand the business.If there is such a top level clubhouse that includes countless businessmen and rich people, the power to gather together is huge.Originally, Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin thought it was just some simple business, but Unexpectedly, the blueprint drawn by Li Guohao is so big, not only there are gun clubs but also nightclubs, restaurants, golf courses No, the Jockey Club is the Jockey Club, the club is the club, and we don t have the ability to reach the level of the Jockey Club, but if it is a little bit inferior, I believe it should be possible.Li Guohao walked to the desk and put a few bottles on the cabinet behind The champagne was copd gummies shark tank cbd also brought over, and after filling the two respectively, he said with a smile, Then I wish the three of us a happy cooperation Happy cooperation Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin also raised their glasses at the same time.After taking a sip of champagne, Zheng Jiachun asked, Ahao, what s your plan Cooperate to build the Dahua Road in front into a concrete road, so that it is convenient for members to come here.At the same time, a club with at least ten floors or more will be built here, and some infrastructure such as restaurants, bowling alleys, and swimming pools will also be built.Speaking of this, Li Guohao touched his nose and said, For the time being, build these first, and I will also build an indoor shooting range later, so as to avoid the problem of being too hot in summer and too cold in winter.A rich man worth billions is now worried about 10 million.At first, when discussing with Zheng Jiachun and Qianjin He, they planned to wait for a few months, but never thought that it would be so fast, and they would discuss how to get the club in half a month.Forget it, let s talk about it in a few days.Li Guohao thought to himself that if he couldn t do it, he would go to He Qianjin to borrow it once.I believe that according to the relationship between the two, the other party should borrow 10 million.As for why he didn t ask Zheng Jiachun to borrow it, it might be out of face.Compared to He Qianjin, although Zheng Jiachun had a good impression on Li Guohao and took good care of himself, he was still inferior to He Qianjin, a wealthy daughter whom he had known from the beginning.There is another way Ni Xingqing said suddenly.Hearing that the university is a three year system, Li Guohao suddenly came to his senses.This is Xiangjiang, and it was decades ago, so it is normal to be different from later generations.He asked again Jirui, what kind of school do you think my technical school should be Father, I don t know much about this aspect.But if Li Sheng founded this school, there should be no problem.After all, many people in Xiangjiang are unemployed.If they can enter the school to learn some skills, the unemployment rate can also be reduced.At the end, Jian Fu said again Nowadays many people just go to middle school and give up.Instead of directly entering the society to work, it is better to learn a craft.That s what I think.Ideas speak out.Don t worry Li Sheng, I ll help you with this matter.Jian Fu assured, patting his chest.Chapter 295 In case of fire, it will be promoted to the beginning of September.The Mid Autumn Festival is coming.At this time, all schools have already started.Li Guohao finished handling the company s business and went downstairs to the security company.Chapter 295 Bowen was working in the office when he heard a knock on the door, looked up and saw that it was Li Guohao, and said in surprise, Boss, why are you here You pick a few people to apply for passports, and I will go to the United States with me in a few days. To the United States Ok.Zhang Bowen nodded without asking why, and said, I will arrange manpower to apply for visas and passports as soon as possible.Li Guohao found a seat and sat down, looked at the small office, meds biotech gummies cbd infused gummy bears and asked, How is the preparation going on at the club Because the main business of the club is gun clubs, Li Guohao handed over the construction of the club Zhang Bowen will complete it.The war in the Middle East was discussed, and oil, an irreproducible energy source, was mentioned again.Could it be Ni Xingqing asked in disbelief Do you think, boss, that these countries will stop transporting oil to Western countries and force them to raise the price of crude oil You finally came up with an idea Li Guohao smiled.What he said just now is the news from the recent data.It is impossible for me to come to the United States cbd gummies for memory to speculate in oil stocks.It is impossible to come here for no reason.I am really waiting for the moment when oil falls.There will be horrified eyes looking at me.This kind of international oil stocks is not something ordinary people can see through, let alone Li cbd gummies for memory Guohao, a stock idiot.So Li Guohao had to find a reason for himself to come to the United States to trade stocks.Some Middle Eastern countries even sent troops to fight in person.Under the offensive of many Middle Eastern countries, Israel retreated steadily.The U.S.stock market saw a large scale decline for the first time today, but this also made the public think that the U.S.will definitely send troops into the war in a few days.From October 6th to October 13th, it lasted for seven days.The U.S.stock market has been falling steadily, and the decline is not very fast, because more and more people are buying up.In the eyes of many stockholders and financial institutions, this is the eve of an explosion.At the same time, the US State Department officially announced that it would provide military assistance to Israel on the morning of the 14th.Watching the US President Nixon s news about the war in the Middle East on TV, and seeing that the US military was about to participate in the exhibition, Ni Xingqing couldn t help but said, Boss, why don t you withdraw now If you withdraw now, you won t lose much money Li Guohao said firmly Said No It s just these few days.Director.This is Mr.Li Daofeng, who is the vice chairman of the Youth Committee of the Manufacturers Association.Hello, Mr.Zhang, hello, Mr.Li.Li Guohao smiled and shook hands with the two.Mr.Li has admired your name for a long time.He has only read about you in the newspapers.Today is the real one.Zhang Baixi said with a smile.Li Daofeng next to him also said with a smile on the corner of his mouth Li Sheng is really young.In comparison, I, the vice chairman of the Youth Committee, is an old man in front of you A member in his 60s, he can be regarded as a young man in the Chamber of Commerce, but he is more popular than others.Li Guohao is only in his twenties and can join the Chamber of Commerce.There has not been a case since the establishment of the Manufacturers Association.Mr.Li was joking, I still have a lot to learn from you seniors.When I first arrived in the West Kowloon area, the roads in the distance were congested.I saw hundreds of people gathered not far away.Ah B Ah B Look this way Ah B Ah Lun, I will cbd gummies for memory always love you The chaotic shouts came mixed with the music.Hearing the sound, Li Guohao rolled down the car window and looked outside.I saw five wavy haired men wearing exotic costumes singing songs on a temporary stage.When the traffic finally slowed down and the car slowly passed by, Li Guohao saw the words on the stage, Wenner band is on the scene, congratulations on the opening of Daikin Department Store Winner Li cbd gummies for memory liberty cbd gummies for sale Guohao didn t expect that the Wenna band had already debuted at this time, and they were quite well known.He knew about the Winner Band mainly because he liked the headmaster s songs, so he checked the headmaster s information on the Internet.Well Mother Li was so happy, she suddenly thought of something, she opened her mouth and said, Hurry up and give birth to a big fat boy for me, so that I can take care of your children at home, otherwise I will spend the whole day at home and have nothing to do at leisure.Leisurely, but too boring.Hearing that his mother brought up the matter of having a baby again, Li Guohao said with shame Mom, there is no rush, you should go and try this gold jewelry.If the size is wrong and the style doesn t look good to you, I m asking someone to give it to you.change.well.When she heard that she wanted to try it on herself, Li s mother, like most women, ran upstairs to the bedroom to try it on excitedly.That night, after Li Renzhong and Li Dexiao came home, Li s mother couldn t help showing off her son in front of her husband.Before that, the military had always been in charge of the country.If it was last year, I would definitely how to eat a cbd gummy stop you, boss, from coming to Thailand.It was too chaotic here at the time, and wanton bullying by soldiers was too common.When he learned that the boss was coming to Thailand, Chen Sheng collected a lot of information about Thailand.After all, he was the captain of Li Guohao s personal bodyguard, so he had to arrange these things himself.Among the more than 30 bodyguards who came, more than Half of them have the strongest fighting ability in the security company, and the rest are excellent marksmanship and cbd gummies for memory clever people.If it weren t for the guns that couldn t be brought from Xiangjiang, Chen Sheng really wanted every bodyguard to carry a gun with him.Director Have a long shower At this moment, Chen Xuewen came over from not far away.Judging from the records of the two, cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory they human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed are almost on par.Chen Xuewen and the others bet almost on the basis of their eyes, looking at the photos of the two contestants, who has bigger muscles and whose appearance is more fierce.Li Guohao looked at the photo and found that Barron looked a little more fierce.When he was about to place a bet on Barron, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a time limit and the selection of KO in the side betting rules.Can you still buy time to KO Of course.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and said, Then help me buy 1,000 Hong Kong dollars for the first HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory round of KO.Are you sure Old Zheng was taken aback, and he said The strength of these two is similar.It is basically difficult to tell the winner in the first round.You must know that Muay Thai fighters are very strong in fighting ability.Although the court cbd gummies for memory liberty cbd gummies for sale hasn t pronounced the verdict yet, Bao Buqi will order him to compensate the money.He s been thinking about it for several days, and there s no way out of his head.Huang Yulang before On the contrary, he went to find Shangguan Xiaobao, hoping that the other party would give him a break because of his previous experience of working together, but Shangguan Xiaobao just came and disappeared behind closed doors.Huang Yulang s pleading gesture made Li Guohao s heart move.Huang Yulang s status in the Xiangjiang comics industry is still very important.Based on Little Hooligans as the background, he created Dragon Tiger Gate , Legend of the Son of Heaven and so on.It is a classic.After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao said I still have things to deal with, I will give you a business card and you can call him in the afternoon.Hundred days feast It s the hundredth day so soon Zhao Yazhi didn t expect the child to grow up to the hundredth day so soon.Yeah, I m surprised too.Please prepare a gift for me and give it to me when the time comes.You can ask the gold store what kind of gift you need.If you can t, just buy a set cbd gummies for memory of gold jewelry.Yes.Zhao Yazhi hummed lightly on the other end of the phone, thought of something, and asked tentatively Ahao, we are getting married in a few months, how did you arrange the wedding Eh I ve found someone to organize it, so don t worry, I will definitely give you the best wedding Li Guohao thinks that the wedding will get big, not to say that he is not happy, but mainly because he doesn t want to organize the wedding, and he is afraid of letting outsiders do it Zhao Yazhi didn t like it, and recently contacted several shops that specialize in selling wedding items, asking them for advice., Instead, he smiled without any discomfort.Okay, the jokes are over.Looking back at last year, we lost a lot, but we also know how to cherish it In fact, you may not know that since the end of the second youth election in 1971, we have started preparing for the third election, and so on.This time, the number of awards for the fourth Hong Kong Top Ten Youth Awards has passed through our entire year last year.Time for investigation and discussion This year s awards are much more than the previous three editions.This year, a total of eight people have won the title how often should i take cbd gummies of Xiangjiang Top Ten Outstanding Youth Speaking of this, He Dongsheng paused for a few seconds, glanced at the cards in his hand and said, The first one is Director Cheng Wenhui, a surgeon at the famous St.Mary s Hospital in Xiangjiang He has treated more than 100 patients in the past year.Ah, what s the matter Li Guohao looked at the cbd gummies for memory gang of kid who blocked him and smiled.Red envelope You can only go up if you give the red envelope The brat shouted bravely.Yes, you can only go up if you give a red envelope Sister Ah Zhi can t marry you for nothing, you have to give a red envelope The public housing where Zhao Yazhi lives has a good relationship with the neighbors, and almost all of them have watched the children of each family grow up Yes, these little devils must know the most beautiful big sister Zhao Yazhi in this public housing.After Li Guohao listened, he glanced at his watch and saw lifestream labs cbd gummies reviews that the time was still early, so he smiled lightly and said Okay, it s okay if you want me to give you a red envelope, if each of you say a word of congratulations, I will give you a red envelope.Ah Zhen knows Li Guohao very well, but she is not cbd gummies for memory afraid.But I can t play alone, there is no such atmosphere.Xu Guanwen who followed cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory behind asked with a camera in his hand, Don t you plan any activities like finding red shoes Yes, I have.Ah Zhen glanced at several cousins and said, It s just that I can t play alone.Xu Guanwen glanced thoughtfully at the little girls around Ah Zhen, guessing their thoughts in his heart, and said directly It s okay, you have prepared everything before, whoever s activity is better, I will privately discuss it later.Give a big red envelope.Li Guohao smiled wryly after hearing this.When he attended Zhang Dong s wedding before, he saw A Dong being tricked so much, but it s nothing.Marriage is a festive event.If someone is willing to trick you, it means that he cares about you.Song Cunshou on the side laughed and said Qingxia, you will cbd gummies for memory find someone who loves you in the future.Yi Shu, who was sitting at the same table, glanced at the little flying with cbd gummies 2021 human immunity cbd gummies girl, seeing that she was unusually handsome and couldn t help it.Said Who is this girl, Lao Song This is the heroine of my new movie Outside the Window , named Brigitte Lin, don t I want to show it in Xiangjiang, I will ask Brother Cai to help me get an invitation card , I want to see if the boss of any film company is interested in my film.Yi Shu said Then you go directly to Cai Lan, isn t he working in the film company of Li Guohao s friend now Really Song Cunshou complained on the spot This Cai Lang, I asked him to introduce me to the owner of Xiangjiang s film company.I didn t expect him to work in the film company himself.How did you choose him Is it because of the friend film company Yes No.He Zuozhi said Some time ago, a friend who worked in the government told me that someone was asking about the third license plate, and that person was Li Guohao.Li Guohao Zheng Jinghan suddenly lost his mind, He Why are you asking about the license plate I don t know, but I definitely want to get involved.He Zuozhi touched the beard on his chin and said, I have never met Li Guohao and I don t know much about him, but I asked a few days ago Ho Hung, he spoke very highly of Li Guohao, and praised him as a young hero who understands the world.He even attended Li Guohao s wedding in person yesterday.It is conceivable that Li Guohao still has some skills.If Run Run Shaw and Li Guohao give up If I choose one, then I must choose Li Guohao.The restaurant will open next week.Grandpa, your first wish is about to come true.As for the great grandson, I think Li Guohao glanced at Zhao Yazhi and said with a smile I think it should be soon..These words made Zhao Yazhi even more shy, and she couldn t help but put her hand on Li Guohao s waist and pinched it quietly.Sit down, you two, why are you standing still so stupidly.Li Huifang couldn t help but said.Thank you Bo Thank you mom.Perhaps it was because she was used to calling her aunt, so Zhao Yazhi quickly changed her words.Hey.Hearing his daughter in law call her mother, Li Huifang felt very comfortable.The family of five sat and chatted.Do you need my help to open the grandpa restaurant Li Guohao asked, thinking about the restaurant.No, basically everything has been prepared, and now it s just a lack of ingredients.Weird, a genre you ve heard or haven t heard of.In fact, Li Guohao is very satisfied that the first World Mixed Martial Arts Championship cbd distillery gummies can be held like this, but considering that this competition will not only be held once, it may be held in the future.It will continue to be held, so I want to cultivate a group of talents in Xiangjiang.Zhang Qing, Fang Xiao, and human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed Jia Yuming s original cbd gummies for memory jobs were basically related to martial arts.One was a walk on, one was a fitness instructor, and the other was a martial arts coach.They have their own skills, and their practical experience is not bad, but compared with those foreign players, they are really not satisfactory.After all, there are many fighting competitions in foreign countries every year, and the generous bonuses HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory have contributed to the boxers who make a living by professional boxing.A smile cbd gummies for memory is it legal to mail cbd gummies crossed the corner of Li Guohao s mouth, and he snorted coldly I didn t expect that someone would dare to make false accounts.Don t look at the fact that the Guohao Group is getting bigger and more influential, but Li Guohao knows that the Guohao Group has One disadvantage is that it is cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory too bloated.Last year, Li Guohao separated the original Guohao Foods in order to plan better in terms of management and finance.But I never thought that someone would dare to make false accounts.To blame, and only to blame Li Guohao himself, the financial management has not been strict enough, allowing the people below to catch the loopholes.If it weren t for the two shackles of Ni Xingqing, it would really be possible for this gang of fake accounts to get away with it.Time passed quietly, leaving only Li Guohao sitting in the boss chair with a sullen face in the office, not knowing what he was thinking.tvb station.Uncle Shao could not help but frown when he heard the reports from his subordinates.He pondered for a moment and said, Are there really many people signing up for Phoenix TV, what a good voice Yes Uncle Six.The head said When the good voice of Phoenix TV was first promoted, you asked me to pay more attention to the situation there.I sent people to their registration point to guard, and found that more than a hundred people went to sign up for the competition every day.Hearing that hundreds of people sign up every day, Uncle Shao was very upset.He had already moved Miss Xiangjiang s competition to July to sign up in advance, but he didn t expect that the people in Phoenix Stage didn t know the fun and wanted to fight with him.Don t care about them Uncle Shao was annoyed.He was not so wary of Phoenix TV s programs.One is shown in the movie.It is exactly the same as the foreign spy blockbuster 007 , all kinds of high technology Some of the high technology in it is real.Li Guohao also introduced it in Zhang Bowen in Guohao Security, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory most of it was fabricated by Xu Guanwen., such as wiretapping pens, mini tranquilizer guns and so on.At the end of the movie, everyone worked together to retrieve the bronze tripod, and handed over all the criminals to the police.In the end, Xu Guanwen, Zhou Runfa the son of the boss of the hostile security company closed down and joined Guohao Security , Xu Guanjie, Xu Guanwu and others wore black suits and graduated successfully under the award of Li Qianjin Lin and became qualified security personnel.In the end, Xu Guanwen was wearing a black suit, and walked on the road in a show of strength.Last year, the group invested in Southeast Asia We have acquired a transportation company and expanded the group s transportation channels.We can use this to expand production and sell to the Southeast Asian market for small profits but quick cbd gummies for memory liberty cbd gummies for sale turnover.As long as the production increases and we properly control the production costs, the profits will still be considerable.And From an economic point of view, the price of a product pure isolate cbd gummies is not determined by cost, but by supply and demand.Di Yimin talked a lot, and Li Guohao roughly understood that it was nothing more than expanding production and controlling production.Cost price, and then increase product profits.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and said, You can make a detailed report and let me have a look.Yes.After Di Yimin left, Li Guohao sat alone in the office and meditated.It was quite a hurry to come all can i sell cbd gummies in georgia the way from the cbd gummies for memory port before, and Li Guohao didn t take a good look at the environment outside the guest house.Looking through the window of the stairway, he found that there was actually a big artificial lake outside.When he approached the window sill, he saw a figure standing by the lake, and he took a closer look, wasn t it Bao Daheng Li Guohao stepped downstairs and walked directly to the artificial lake, and shouted from a long distance Uncle Bao.Chapter 656 I am your second brother Ahao, why are you here Bao Daheng cbd gummies for memory glanced sideways.Li Guohao smiled and approached and said It happened that I was bored in the room, so I wanted to wander around in the guest house.Bao Daheng nodded and said Well, I was also a little bored in the room, so I went out for a walk.Go No In a few tens of seconds, Li Defang pulled two little girls carrying bamboo baskets from outside the house and walked in.The age of the two children was about sixteen or seventeen.As soon as she entered the door, the younger sister best cbd gummies for kids cbd gummies for memory looked at Li Guohao and the group, secretly surprised, she didn t expect sugar free cbd gummy them to come to the third grandpa s shop for dinner.Xiaoyan, Xiaoping take off the bamboo basket.Li Defang helped the two little girls take off the bamboo baskets on their bodies.Li Renzong waved his hand and motioned for the two little girls to come over Xiaoyan, Xiaoping, come quickly.The older sister Xiaoyan may be because of the presence of outsiders , with a shy face and a ruddy face, walked up to Li Renzong s side a little introverted, and called out, Third Grandfather.The younger sister Xiaoping human immunity cbd gummies was more open minded, and when she saw these outsiders around, she didn t feel the slightest He was timid, but opened his eyes wide and looked at Li Guohao and the others curiously.On the contrary, Li s TV station was the first to be unable to bear it.Not to mention the loss of TV series they filmed, the organization of the programs was creating better days cbd gummies variety also full of difficulties.Many of its artistes and employees were poached by Phoenix TV and TVB, and almost all the rest were poached.It is someone who is not very famous or who has a high position and cannot be poached.While Li Guohao was still cbd gummies for memory thinking, there was suddenly a violent quarrel downstairs, as if dozens of people were screaming desperately there.This really scared human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed Li Guohao and Liang Shuyi.The two hurried to the window and looked to the left, but because of the angle, they could only see a little crowd around the back.The sudden group dispute broke out, causing TVB and Phoenix TV employees diagonally opposite to come out in a swarm to watch the excitement.Chapter 769 Genetically modified food technology The theoretical basis of genetically modified technology comes from molecular biology derived from the theory of evolution.Before 2013, except for relevant scientific researchers or students studying this subject, most Chinese people were extremely unfamiliar with this vocabulary, and some people may have never heard it in their entire lives.However, since 2013, Teacher Cui and Fang Zi had a dispute over genetically modified food on Weibo, and then there was a mutual scolding war, the term genetically modified has spread among the general public.Genetically modified technology is a relatively important technical field of modern science.From the most fundamental technical knowledge, there are gradually different branches, such as genetically modified human immunity cbd gummies grown md cbd gummies for ed crop technology, genetically modified biological technology, etc Humans have used artificial selection or selective breeding to modify the genomes of plants and animals for thousands of years.This time, Guohao Group applied for a banking license and opened its own As far as the bank is concerned, whether it is the group s cash flow, savings funds, or employees accounts, or the bank accounts designated by partners, it is absolutely necessary to withdraw 100 to their own banks.It s as simple as hundreds or thousands of people, but tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, and the amount involved is at least billions In HSBC, Shen Bi temporarily A cbd gummies for memory meeting was held, and the content of the discussion was naturally related to Guohao Group s establishment of a bank.At the beginning of the meeting, someone slapped the table angrily and said viciously What does Li Guohao want to do We at HSBC have cooperated with him for so many years, and we gave him a loan if he wanted funds.On the contrary, Qi Boheng asked with some uncertainty Chairman, are you sure that Xiangjiang s real estate will collapse Xiangjiang s real estate will collapse because of the Sino British talks on the return of Xiangjiang.So I called you three to come over, just thinking about how to make sure that the group will not be affected by this real estate collapse, and at the same time gain something Chapter 777 Iron Maiden Wrestling The three of them pondered, and Di Yimin took the lead to say If it is true, as you said, Boss, that Xiangjiang Real Estate will collapse, then the bank will be the first to be affected the most.Many people buy houses , or real estate developers buy land and build buildings, most of them borrow money from banks.Once the real estate bubble bursts, those borrowers may not be able to repay the high mortgages.In addition, I think the mainland is unlikely to send troops to Xiangjiang, and it is impossible for Britain to send an expeditionary force to Asia to compete with China, as it did in the Falklands War not HCMUSSH cbd gummies for memory long ago.You must know that the era of the empire on which the sun never sets is long gone, and it is impossible for them to have the strength to cbd gummies for memory fight across more than half of the earth.Therefore, whether Xiangjiang will return or not, the final battlefield is still on the negotiating cbd gummies for memory table.As for the final result of the ownership of Xiangjiang, it must be born within a year or two, and cbd gummies for memory I think the mainland has a better cbd gummies for memory grasp.Therefore, taking advantage of the decline period caused by the collapse of Hong Kong s real estate, I think it is possible to carry out a Hong Kong wide real estate bargain hunting plan.If If the UK has opinions, or disagrees with cbd gummies 2000mg cbd gummies for memory China s remarks and negotiating requirements, then it doesn t mind if the two sides see the real trick on another bigger stage.This time, it can be said that He Wei was put on the stove.After finishing this round of negotiations hastily, he hurried back to England to discuss with the Queen and the Prime Minister s cabinet how to solve it.At the same time, Xiangjiang was once again shrouded in the cloud of war, this time more intense than ever, especially in the case of Deng Lao s stern words in the Mainland, it seemed that halloween cbd gummies the war was inevitable.In just two months from October to December, Xiangjiang s immigration bureau received a total of 8,000 immigration applications.Among them, apart from rich family immigrants, the immigrants are mainly elites.In June 1985, Li Guohao secretly arranged for Ni Xingqing to find professional traders from Xiangjiang, the United States and other countries.In July 1985, the island country replaced the United States as the world s largest creditor country, and products made by the island country flooded the world.The crazy expansion of the capital of the island country made Americans exclaim, The little devil will occupy the United States peacefully Many large manufacturing companies and members of Congress in the United States began to sit still.Let the dollar depreciate to save the increasingly depressed American manufacturing industry.Many economists and financiers have also joined the team lobbying the government to change its position on a strong dollar.On September 22, 1985, the finance ministers and central bank governors of the United States, Britain, France, Japan and Germany signed an agreement at the Plaza Hotel in New York, reaching a joint intervention in the foreign exchange market by the governments of the five countries to induce an orderly depreciation of the exchange rate of the US dollar against major currencies to solve the problem.

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