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Afternoon rest time.Li Guohao sat on the table and chairs by the door of the tea restaurant, staring blankly at the street outside the glass door.In the first few days, he knew that his soul had traveled to Hong Kong in the 1970s, and his interest soared.He often went out and wandered around., Take a look at what the legendary shopping paradise Xiangjiang looks like.It is a pity that the sky is not as good as people wish.At this time, Xiangjiang is still in the development stage.Although it has already shown the edge of the four Asian tigers, time is flawed.If the buildings are not raised, the ground of the street alone is full of muck It has not yet been fully developed to the point that every street and every alley is a concrete road.When it rained, it was muddy.I don t know how many Li Guohao s novels have been read.Unexpectedly, this grandma really won the prize by worshiping God.Ah Hahaha, I won the lottery, I won the lottery When the grandma heard that she had won 200 yuan, she was so happy that she danced and laughed.The group of people in the back were not happy, the prize was about to be taken away, and everyone started to worry, Grandma, hurry up to receive the prize, let s go.The young man at the end also complained, Hurry up, grandma, we are still waiting.Oh, sorry, sorry.Grandma smiled and took the 200 Hong Kong dollar shopping voucher from Li Huifang, then turned around excitedly and cbd gummies for covid was about to leave.Grandma, your wife s cake.Li Huifang reminded.Okay, okay.The sales of wife cakes and lottery are in full swing here.Li Guohao behind the tea restaurant is also tired.Huh, my God, there are so many people in front Li Guohao came out to go to the bathroom while his wife cake was being baked, how much is fun drops cbd gummies and glanced at the crowd outside the door, he was surprised, no way , There are still so many people.They sold nearly 20,000 Hong Kong dollars this morning Chapter 12 Agree that Li Huifang covered her mouth, her eyes widened, and her face was incredible.She really couldn t figure out how to sell it for so much money.You must cbd gummies for covid know that no matter how good the tea restaurant business is on weekdays, the income is only a few hundred yuan.But this morning, it sold nearly 10,000 Hong Kong dollars.How did you sell it for so much money Li Dexiao was surprised, but he was overjoyed.This is a huge profit.Li Guohao took the money and counted it.It was about 11,000 Hong Kong dollars.There were still a lot of coins on the table, but he didn t count them.How much is it Li Huifang asked curiously.It s not easy to calculate, minus the materials and labor and the money for the lottery.There must be a rough idea It s less than two thousand.Li Guohao simply calculated.I m sure everyone has seen or participated in this situation.A certain shop near my home, whether it was opening a pastry shop or selling clothes, was promoting promotions.After the one month promotion ended, the shop closed and left.This is running business.The way I call it here Especially those who open temporary stores to sell woolen sweaters, one trip in early spring and one trip in winter can earn 70,000 to 80,000 yuan a year.There are quite a HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid few people running business in our hometown.Well, what Guohao said is right.Although this promotional activity is very good, business, especially the one that sells food, still depends on the taste.Li Renzhong s generation is still down to earth , He made thousands of dollars in this kind of promotion, and he always felt uneasy in his heart.Yes, yes, we are here to ask about the decoration.When Zhang Dong saw the beauty, he looked like a pig, and he was not shy.Instead, he leaned against the front desk carelessly, blinking his electric eyes that he thought were charming, and looked at him secretly.Hee hee, those two please follow me.Seeing Zhang Dong s appearance, the little beauty smiled and led the two of them to an office without bio lyfe cbd gummies cbd gummies for covid showing any dissatisfaction.Dong Dong Who is it A deep voice sounded in the office.Dad the little beauty just yelled, and then hurriedly covered her mouth, Manager, there are two people here asking about the renovation.With a bang, the door opened from the inside, and a bio lyfe cbd gummies cbd gummies for covid middle aged man in a suit walked in.He came out, glanced at the little beauty, and then at Li Guohao and the two of them.Hello, both of cbd gummies for covid you, please come in.What Did you fall in love with that girl Why don t you go out and get to know her Zhang Dong teased.Everyone is of the same age, and Zhang Dong thinks that he guessed exactly what Li Guohao was thinking.Let s forget it.By the way, you take out these snacks and tell the waiter by the way.We will mainly promote these kinds later.Don hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo t tell me, I have something to do ahead of me.There are a lot of people outside.I m afraid that some people can t wait to leave.I m not going to come over and tell you.I m asking if you can make some snacks for outsiders to taste.Try it, so that they can t wait to go to Rongji to buy it.Yo It s okay Li Guohao glanced at Zhang Dong in disbelief, looked left and right.You must have been stunned, Since when did you become so clever, you know how to retain customers Hahaha, that s right, I m a genius These little things can be easily grasped cbd gummies for covid just by thinking about them Zhang Dong also It was rare to be praised by Li Guohao, and that face instantly beamed with joy.Last year, they purchased two color printing machines imported from RB with a loan from the bank.The loan is about to expire., and the company has cbd gummies for covid not made a profit, it may be bankrupted by the bank in a short period of time.Shangguan Xiaobao swallowed after hearing what lawyer Fang Jian said, and looked at Li Guohao embarrassedly.After hiring a lawyer, it is really possible that the person in charge of the publishing house will sell it without knowing it.It has been in a state of loss, and the bank dares to lend to them Li Guohao asked suspiciously.Fang Jian looked at the next page of the report and explained, The owner of this publishing house has other businesses, and there are two car wash shops that are making good profits.But judging from the situation, I am afraid that they are also trapped by the publishing house.Master Wang is overwhelmed.I did the calculations overnight last night All the pastries, from cost to labor, to shop rent and even profit, I have calculated clearly.There are activities to recharge and give more, although some The pastry will indeed lose money, but we can recover it from other pastries.Rong Bing said this proudly, and suddenly whispered into Master Wang s ear, Master Wang sees that you are the master chef of my store., I will tell you this matter alone What is it Seeing Rong Bingcai s mysterious appearance, Master Wang also asked curiously.I imported a batch of very cheap flour from Thailand, which is much lower than the price we are using now If it is used well, I plan to buy it from Thailand for a long time in the future.Master Wang heard this., frowned worriedly, Will there be any problem with the flour imported from Thailand Besides, we have cooperated with Nanshun for many years, and the price of flour they have given us has always been the lowest in the industry.

Do you think it s easy to wear this Don t look at the cold weather now.It nala cbd gummies review s hot and stuffy to wear, and it s easy to get prickly heat.It s better to spend more money than let the people below say that we are mean.Li Guohao in his previous life Before I went to my true 10 cbd gummies reviews learn how to cook, I also did a part time job, wearing something similar cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep to this kind of puppet clothes, and distributing cbd gummies no thc 250mg leaflets on the street.It was cbd gummies for covid still summer at that time, and the feeling was not good.Zhang Dong did some calculations and said, That s still too high, why don t two people wear it How about sharing it in the morning and afternoon and adding a little extra money for each person at the end of the month That s up to you, but the money still needs to be paid appropriately.The Nathan Road store was handed over to 750 mg cbd gummy bears Zhang Dong.Another very important point is that cartoons are not something you can watch whenever you want.After all, this project has not been on demand at this time, and it will only be played on TVB every Saturday and Sunday.Some children naturally hope to see Po every day, so it drives the sales of comic books.In reality, Li Ji, who has the same name and family as the papa goose s palace pastry in the comic book, also became popular.Many children pay special attention to the snacks inside when watching comic books and cartoons.There is no way, who let Li Guohao If there is a pastry plot, please try to describe as much as possible.On the one hand, it is to increase the duration, and on the other hand, it is to promote your own store.At the end of the cartoon, there is a signboard of Li Ji s palace pastry, and in the cartoon, Li Guohao specially ordered the animation company to make an advertisement.He thought to himself Damn, why are so many people coming to refund money Could it be the trick of Li Ji on the other side It shouldn t be, what ability do they have to let members come over to process refunds Rong Bingcai, do you want a refund or not If you don t refund, we will sue you Yes, Master Rong, you open a shop and do business.Since you can get a membership card, you can naturally refund the membership card The screams from people outside came in, which made Rong Bingcai very irritable, and shouted Retreat, why not Our Rongji has been in business for so many years, and it is one of the best in Xiangjiang.Since we have cbd gummies for covid handled Rongji Members, of course refunds are allowed But I have made it clear in advance that the money you consume will be deducted, and there cbd gummies for covid pure herbal cbd gummies is no part of the gift amount Yes, Master Rong is right Good job, Master Rong Hurry up and get a refund Rong Bingcai couldn t help it, there were too many people, originally there were only a few hundred people gathered at the door, but more and more people came to join in the fun and gathered at the door.Because the shop bio lyfe cbd gummies cbd gummies for covid was handed over to the boss Rong Bing to take care of it, and Rong Binghua didn t get along with him, so he went to the New Territories by himself to do other industries.It s just talking on paper.This is also one of the reasons why Rong Bingcai s father did not hand over the store to Rong Binghua.Hearing the word Li Ji, Rong Bing was very angry.To be honest, since Li Ji opened, it seems that even his IQ has dropped cbd gummies for covid a lot.In the past, no matter which famous pastry shop in Xiangjiang opened in Kowloon, he would Defeated with rich experience, but faced with Li Ji s confusing publicity methods and business model, he was quite helpless.Tell me what do you want Just tell me how much you want.Rong Bingcai hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo thought that his younger brother was here to fight Qiu Feng, so he planned to spend some money to bribe him so that his mother would not know about it.To do business with ghosts, it is usually enough to be straightforward.Li Qiang also understands this truth, so he said directly This time I came here to talk to you about the banking business.I wonder if you have time now Yes Time, go, go to the cafe in front to talk.A coffee shop near the HSBC head office.Li Guohao carefully looked at the coffee shop at this time, and he had to say that the layout was basically the same as that of later generations, but the decoration style was quite different.Shen Bi asked, What would Mr.Li want to drink Li Guohao said, Let s get a latte.Seeing Shen Bi looking at him, Li Qiang said, Old rules.Okay.Shen Bi turned to the waiter and said, Have a latte and two mochas.The three chatted for a while.After a while, the waiter put three cups of coffee on the table.Did you two work there before Rong Binghua asked new cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for covid casually.The other side is Li Ji Li Ji Rong Binghua said in surprise.Yes.Rong Binghua casually asked some questions about Li Ji curiously, and Ah Fa followed suit.A Ping, A Ping Rong Binghua shouted.A Ping quickly opened the door and asked, What s the matter, Boss Rong You take the two of them to change clothes, go to the back and get familiar with the environment first.Oh.After the three left, Rong Binghua sat down.Sitting on the chair, thinking about what Ah Fa said just now.Maybe we can use this method Chapter 76 New ideas Please collect and recommend tickets Mid January.The climate in Xiangjiang is not that cold, similar to that of GD.Under normal circumstances, it is around 10 20 degrees, and the lowest temperature will not exceed 5 degrees.There are good time slots and bad time slots for the advertising space purchased on Li s TV station.In general, Li Guohao s idea is that as soon as people turn on the TV and watch Li s TV station, there must be an advertisement for palace cakes on TV.For this reason, Li Guohao has to pay a lot of advertising fees, which is only the cost of advertising on TV stations, and it is still within the two minute advertising time.The cost hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo of filming the ad will be calculated separately.Of course, the cost of shooting advertisements is naturally very low.Chapter 81 Zhang Dong s daily life, Long time no see, Manager Mai.Long time no see, Boss Li, Manager Zhang.Manager Mai.Zhang Dong was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Manager Mai.He came to Maiqi Decoration Company this time to hang out with Mai Xiaomin.

Why is the housing price in Xiangjiang so cheap at this time, and why it will be so expensive in the future The main reason is that the population of Xiangjiang has increased dramatically, which has led to a rise in housing prices.Coupled with a series of financial problems, and as Xiangjiang is a financial capital, housing prices are naturally getting higher and higher Housing prices in Xiangjiang have been inflated since 1978, and the real estate market has begun to deviate from the normal development track and rise like a rocket.Taking East Tsim Sha Tsui as an example, land prices have risen six to seven times in three years, and property prices have also tripled.The rise in land and property prices has stimulated the influx of a large amount of hot money, and Nanyang funds have entered the market on a large scale.I think that no one is worthy of me except myself.In addition, Zhao Yazhi s age should be much younger than her., should not have much ability in terms of career, so I stayed confidently Ah Zhen told the whole thing.Li Guohao said with a strange expression Ah Zhen, you are not afraid that your sister will strangle you to death I am not her boyfriend at all, so your parents have misunderstood you by saying that.Tch, I am not afraid of my sister Ah Zhen curled her lips in disdain and said, You don t like my elder sister I can t even get into a horse Ah Zhen looked Li Guohao up and down, and said with a tsk tsk.Li Guohao rolled his eyes, why is this girl so precocious.Stop talking, hurry up, you have to behave well After speaking, Ah Zhen dragged Li Guohao upstairs.A table side.Mother Zhao put a chopstick of broccoli into Zhao Yazhi s bowl, and asked in a low voice, Ah Zhi, when did you get a boyfriend Mom, why didn t I know Mom I told you I didn t have a boyfriend Don t lie to mom.Li Guohao thought to himself that maybe he could set up a fast food restaurant like the chain restaurants of later generations, and let his father and mother manage it.That would be relatively easier than opening a tea restaurant by himself and getting up early every day to chop and cook vegetables.Li Huifang looked at her growing son lovingly, as if in a daze, she returned to that summer 19 years ago, the day when Guohao was born in the hospital, the wrinkled and ugly face was like a little monkey The villain, now he has grown up and turned into a handsome young man.In a few years, he will marry a wife and have children, and become a father and husband.Thinking of getting married, Li Huifang suddenly said Look at Zhang Dong, he is going to get married at the end of the year, and you are still single.The cooperation of these people is also required.Dingling Li Guohao was about to speak when the phone rang suddenly, and he picked up the phone casually and said, Hello Boss Li, if I have time this afternoon, I wonder if I can go to your store to taste some of your new delicious snacks You are very welcome The two chatted for a few more words, and Li Guohao happily hung up the phone.What The governor cbd gummies for covid s wife agreed Li Qiang also asked when he heard the conversation just now.Li Guohao nodded and said Well, although I don t know why the attitude is different, but Ms.Shen said that she will come over in the afternoon and bring two ladies with her.Because of the sudden addition of two people, he said, Then you have to perform well this afternoon and show off all your special skills.Then when the time comes, shall I directly invite Ms.It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.Well, I told them that it is best to open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone calculated the date, there is no good auspicious day in June, most of them are after hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened this month earlier.Li Guohao remembered the situation of the franchise store recently, so he called Xiong Yi from the franchise department to the office.Chairman, are you looking for me Xiong Yi knocked on the door of the office and walked in and asked.Li Guohao, who was reading the newspaper today, saw Xiong Yi coming, and said, cbd gummies for covid pure herbal cbd gummies Is there any problem with Manager Xiong s franchise store recently Xiong Yi thought for a while and said, There are no major problems, but there are still many small problems., Franchisees still have a lot of complaints about throwing away some of the pastries every day.In their view, cbd gummies for covid it s just overnight, and there is only one day.These pastries are actually not expired and can be sold again. You didn t follow Did they say that the taste and quality of some cakes will change a lot after they are left overnight Yes, but they said that the change in taste is something ordinary people can t eat, and they said that we are wasting food by doing this.Seeing Zhao Yazhi s confident expression, Li Guohao smiled wryly and said This kind of people just make up things with their mouths full of nonsense, so don t believe it too much.Zhao Yazhi didn t think so, and asked instead Then you don t believe what he said about us being the reincarnation of the White Snake and Xu Xian Uh, how could it be, I m sure I believe it, I m just afraid that you will be deceived and remind you, the master just now is quite capable.Li Guohao laughed and said.Hmph.Zhao Yazhi snorted pretending to be unhappy, and turned her head to look not far away.The moment she turned around, her face showed joy.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi was a little angry, Li Guohao smiled and comforted him Don t be angry, Ah Zhi, you know me, I just talk about it, that master is indeed quite capable, at least he called out my name accurately.

On a whim yesterday, I ordered a serving of shark s fin at Yung Kee restaurant, and used it to cook rice.I have to say that the taste of shark s fin rice is really delicious.Awesome Shark fin rice This kid is really willing to eat.Everyone smacked their tongues inwardly.Shark fins are the best food, and it is a waste to use them for cooking.No, I have to order shark fin rice when I go back, otherwise I will be ashamed and ashamed if I have not eaten it next time.Everyone muttered in their hearts.Chapter 125 The Situation Is Not Optimistic Favorites, Recommendations Although Liu Peilin is almost forty years old, his execution ability is many times stronger than that of ordinary young people.Perhaps this is why he became the king of cakes in hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo Xiangjiang later on.The reason.Each of the fourteen shareholders invested 100,000 yuan, together with himself a total of 1.This kind of good thing is not common.Zhang Zhiqiang said again I believe you may not have heard HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid of the name of our Daronghua Company, but Kowloon Guji Bozai Cake, New Territories Ronghua Bakery, Yuen Long Lauji Wife Cake You should have heard of these names, right Are these all from your company Hearing the names of these stores, Boss Liu asked in surprise, you must know that these are all old stores in Xiangjiang for many years, and each store is well known.Yes, these are all shareholders of our Daronghua Company.Our company guarantees that the pastries sold to you will be exactly the same as those of these old shops.There will be no difference, and we promise to promise one thing forever, and we will always make profits.It s half right Hearing what Zhang Zhiqiang said, Boss Liu was very moved.It s okay, it s just on the way.Master Wang said with a smile, turned and left.Seeing Zhao Yazhi s puzzled look, Li Guohao explained Master Wang is a very good person.He used to help people to bring goods from the New Territories to Kowloon.When I contacted him, he paid the money even though he was on the way.Later Knowing that we were sending things to the orphanage, she didn t ask for a penny, but told me to donate his share to the orphanage.That s right.Zhao Yazhi nodded, just now she wondered why she didn t wait Boss go together.Go in and have a look. go inside.Zhao Yazhi covered her nose subconsciously, the smell in the house was a bit strange, saying that the smell was not smelly, it was an indescribable smell.This scene happened to be seen by Valerie who was holding two cups, and she said apologetically, I m sorry Ms.Huang He was curious a lot, but he didn t ask too much at this time.On the contrary, Li Guohao said while making it My new type of moon cake mainly uses glutinous rice flour, rice flour and wheat starch, which is very different from the traditional moon cakes in the past.Look, the glutinous rice balls have been steamed and cooled.Yes.Remember, this kind of glutinous rice balls will still be a little sticky even if they cool down, but you only need to dip a little cake.After speaking, Li Guohao dipped a little cake on his hands to cbd gummies for covid .

why cant u take cbd gummies with maoi?

prevent the glutinous rice balls from sticking to his hands.If your hands are still a little sticky after dipping in the cake flour, it means that something went wrong during the steaming process, resulting in too much water or the ice skin was not fully steamed.Give me the mold.Papa papa There was a burst of violent applause.Welcome the chairman to inspect Dozens of people said in unison.Li Guohao was taken aback for a moment, wondering whether he should say at this time, comrades have worked hard.Then he smiled and said, Hi everyone.When Li Guohao came, he thought he was just looking at the factory s production process and some information, but he didn t expect that the newly appointed director of the pastry processing factory, Huang Yaohua, would actually put up such a big Stance.Huang He was late at this time, seeing that Li Guohao had arrived, he walked over quickly and said with a smile Chairman, the factory has already been finished, and I also talked with Director Huang about the production of snowy mooncakes before.However, through the new method, a faster and more convenient assembly line has been realized.Low end mooncakes have a gross profit margin of 60 , and mid to high end mooncakes have a gross profit margin of 90 , which is normal.The more high end mooncakes, the more money they make.Of course, the money earned from mooncakes is extreme, because throughout the year, you can only sell them within a week or a few days of the Mid Autumn Festival.In the rest of the day, there will be very few people who buy them.Basically, the number of people who buy them is equal to 0, it does not rule out that someone wants to eat and cbd gummies for covid pure herbal cbd gummies buy.After a while, everyone calmed down.Liu Peilin s heart that was about to jump out finally returned to his chest, and he was silent for a long time and said with a smile Very good, the sales of mooncakes on the first day of today are so high, I believe that in the .

how to make gummies with cbd?

next two days, there will definitely be It will hit a new high You must know that the closer the Mid Autumn Festival is, the people s desire to buy will greatly increase He said again Old Gu, hurry up and go to the factory to speed up the production of mooncakes, let them Two days of overnight production, when the time comes, I will give each of them a big red envelope Okay, I know, I ll go there now Gu Yonghe stood up excitedly, and went straight to the factory.Chen Zhipeng met Zhao Yazhi once when he was at the store on Nathan Road, but it was so long ago that he had long forgotten about it.Now, seeing this beautiful woman looked familiar, he asked, Huang He, who is this He smiled and said, Madam Boss.Oh.The office.Azhi, why are you here Li Guohao saw the door of the office was opened suddenly, thought it was Huang He and Chen Zhipeng who had something to do, looked up and saw that it was Zhao Yazhi, and natures method cbd gummies reviews asked in surprise.What Don t you welcome me Zhao Yazhi asked with her lips pouted.Li Guohao stood up with a smile, poured Zhao Yazhi a glass of water from the water dispenser next to him, and handed it to her, Why, aren t you busy with the orphanage I m angry when I say it.When talking about the orphanage, Zhao Yazhi puffed her mouth and said angrily.

Chairman Just as Li Guohao walked in, a person sitting at the desk suddenly stood up and shouted.Are you Chen Chen Li Guohao seemed to have seen this person there before, and Li Guohao frowned, thought for a while, and asked does eagle hemp cbd gummies work suddenly.Chairman, you still remember me.Chen Chen smiled.He was the second batch of pastry chefs to join the palace pastry, and he was in the same group as Chen Dafu.With the improvement of his personal ability, he was recruited by Huang He to the technical department to develop new pastries.Well, of course I remember.Li Guohao smiled.In fact, cbd gummies for covid he also forgot a bit, and said, Manager Huang told you all before he left.I told you about the chairman.Chen Chen nodded.You are the only one in the technical department Li Guohao scanned the office and saw that Chen Chen was alone, his brows were furrowed.Even my son buys more than a dozen packs of bear biscuits every day, and he can t finish it, just for collecting cards.Xie Honghe couldn t help thinking of his son.said with a smile.It s normal.This kind of card collecting activity is the one that can arouse people s desire to buy the most, let alone a child.Li Guohao smiled.After 00, everyone has had this experience.Collecting activities have does cbd gummies raise your blood pressure been popular for a long time, and even some people who have grown up or have children are fascinated by collecting games and activities.Li Guohao himself doesn t know why, maybe some people who do related research understand, but in the eyes of most people, it s not for comparison, or other things.I simply want to collect a complete set of cards or toys, and feel that this is the only way to be satisfied.The area around the airport is still quite messy.Yes, he just came from Xiangjiang, and he doesn t hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo understand English very well, so he might suffer.Oh, I ll take it.When Huang He heard this, he immediately ran to the parking lot and took the signboard that he had made a long time ago from the car.Take it out, trot cbd gummies stands for all the cbd gummies for covid way back again.Zhang Nana glanced at the words Li Guohao on the sign.There are so many of you with the surname Li.Before this, Zhang Nana had never known Li Guohao s name, but now she saw the sign with three large characters in traditional Chinese characters, and said with a smile.It s a lot.Li Qiang smiled.Huang He held up the sign in his hand high, and stood on the only way to the airport gate, waiting for Li Guohao to come out.a long time.I haven t seen Li Guohao come out yet.It turns out that the pastry competition is already being held, and the results are very good.More than 300 pastry chefs in Xiangjiang have participated in the competition, of which the pastry chefs in the company accounted for one third.At the same time, it also said that the interesting biscuits at the food factory were ready, and asked the chairman if he had found a sales channel in the United States.That s right, I almost forgot about this.Li Guohao slapped his forehead, and best cbd gummy for pain and anxiety then remembered that when he was about to come to the United States, he discussed with Huang Yaohua and others, trying to sell the packaged snacks made by cbd gummy retailers the factory to the United States.Scanning around the store, but not seeing Li Qiang, Li Guohao asked Huang He, Did you see where Manager Li went Manager Li Huang He thought for a while and said, It seems that I went out to meet you earlier A few friends, I don t know the details.After stirring, he put the bowl aside, and Chang Xiaotu picked it up again.In a small pot, pour a little milk, and add something that looks like whipped cream, then red bean powder, two spoons of white sugar, turn on the gas, and heat it with a warm fire.Sitting here so dry , It is indeed a bit boring.Li Guohao glanced around, everyone seemed to be very curious about the production process of the contestants on stage.What Boring Cai Lan asked beside him.It s a bit.Li Guohao laughed.That s how recording shows are.You ll get used to cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep it after a few more sessions.Forget it, I may not have time to come over in the future.Dim sum is really boring.Chapter 191 The championship may be what Li Guohao thought in his heart.He let director You Jinjie know that it wasn t because after Master Wang explained the dim sum made by the three contestants, he arranged for several singers to sing songs on stage.Ms.Shen finished the three snacks respectively, discussed with the friends next to her, then picked up the microphone and said Just now the three judges have already said it, so I won t say anything here.The taste of the dim sum of the three contestants is very good It s great, definitely one of a kind craft, but there s always a high and low in the game.After speaking, Ms.Shen held up the drawing and writing board that had been prepared a long time ago.Sun Dafu has eight points, Chang Xiaotu has nine points, and Liu Zhengfeng has eight points.The host Chen Fa looked at the sign in Ms.Shen s hand and read out the final score, and then reported the scores given by other guests.In the end, after the ten guests came together, Sun Dafu scored a total of 87 points, Chang Xiaotu 93 points, and Liu Zhengfeng 81 points.After receiving the report, Li Guohao read it.Ni Xingqing on the side also said Nan Shun Group has three major shareholders holding more than 10 of the shares, Xu Deming holds 35 of the shares, HSBC Bank holds 17 of the shares, and the owner of the ship king Bao Tycoon The company holds 13 of the shares, and the rest are basically small shareholders and shares scattered in the stock market.Li Guohao nodded, and in the report, besides the three shareholders holding 10 of the shares, there was another The shareholder holds the most shares, reaching 7 , but it can be seen that the name is not a rich man in Xiangjiang whom he knows, so he asked curiously Who is this Ying Jiajie who holds 7 of the shares The rich man is from Yingjia in Singapore, and Yingjia has a great influence in Singapore, and they have a foothold in almost many industries, but they have been confined to Singapore and have not expanded outside.

In the end, most of them suffered heavy losses due to the outbreak of the stock market crash.Only a very small number of stock investors who withdrew from the stock market in advance during the outbreak of the stock market made a lot of money, .

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but only a very small number of them.As the days passed, the Hang Seng Index was getting lower and lower.From 1000 points, to 900 points, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid now to 800 points, it has been plummeting every day.Countless Xiangjiang citizens who bought stocks crowded to the stock exchange hoping to sell the stocks and recover a little loss, but in fact, it was already this time, who would dare to buy these stocks What s more, most of the citizens who don t understand stocks buy cbd gummies for covid junk stocks, just like Xiangjiang new cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for covid antenna, the complete three no stocks, all of which are just a game set up by those capitalists Office.Yeah.Li Guohao didn t hide anything from Li Qiang.After all, the money will always appear in the acquisition of Nanshun in the future, so it s better to say hello in advance so that they don t ask about it later.Li Qiang swallowed his saliva and said I should have asked you to help me buy stocks if I knew it earlier You are simply a stock god Not only do you know that the stock market will fall, but you also know that the stock will rise Rat Li Guohao shook his head and said If cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep I had this ability, I should have mortgaged the entire company before, and now I must earn more than 90 million It s still a bit difficult to acquire Nanshun if it s 200 million Li Qiang pondered and said.With the outbreak of the stock market crash, Nansun s market value will decrease a lot, from the original 7.8 billion to 3.They have already fallen to this point, and everyone did not expect to be able to To recover costs, or to make money, the big deal is to hold stocks for a longer period of time, and it may rise after half a year or a year.To put it simply, an item was originally worth 100 yuan, and it was not sold at 50 yuan.When it fell to 10 yuan, everyone didn t care whether it was sold or not.Anyway, it has fallen to this price, so keep it in your hand Let s wait and see.Jin Jiashi said Boss, in fact, you don t need to acquire Nanshun s entire capital.You now hold more than half of the stock, and you can completely control the power of the company.I know.Li Guohao nodded and said I have also thought about only controlling Lam Soon, but there are still many plans to be implemented in the future, it is better to spend more money now and fully acquire and delist On the one hand, Li Guohao plans to acquire Lam Soon, In addition to making flour, try to make some raw materials for catering, ranging from vegetables and fruits to small ones such as rice, oil and salt.It took a long time to negotiate with Warner in the United States, and at a price of nearly 20 million U.S.dollars, he bought all the copyrights in Li Guohao s hands except for the Asian region, including adaptations, peripherals, comics, movies, music, etc.Now Li Guohao has nearly 10 million Hong Kong dollars left in his hand, which is the money left over from the acquisition of Nanshun shares due to the recent stock price drop.Before Li Guohao, Ni Xingqing and some financial calculations, it would cost about three yuan to acquire Nanshun.100 million, based on the stock price at that time, it would cost 300 million.But who knew that in just half a month, Nanshun s stock price fell to nothing, and Li Guohao lost tens of millions for nothing, but Fortunately, there will be much less money to acquire some retail investors and small shareholders in the future.Actually, Boss, according to your wishes, it is entirely possible to form a group, including Nanshun and Guohao Foodstuffs as subsidiaries.As for the palace pastry, it can also be included as a holding subsidiary.Ni Xingqing raised his mouth aside.Li Guohao pondered for a while, and he said It s okay, you can handle this matter as soon as possible.Suddenly thought of the comic company, and said By the way, I used to have a comic company, how about merging together It doesn t matter, anyway, the established group is the parent company, and even if its subsidiaries are not wholly owned, as long as they hold shares, there is no big problem.Ni Xingqing said casually.That s fine, you can also get this by the way.Li Guohao had just finished speaking.There was a knock on the office door.Come in Li Guohao said.Don t look at Li Guohao s horseshoe disease in the spring breeze.In fact, he still has a lot of troubles in his heart.Although Nanshun was successfully acquired and delisted, the debt of nearly 100 million still crushed Li Guohao.There is no way to sell HSBC in the short term.The loan was repaid with He Qianjin s money.Fortunately, Li Guohao still has nearly ten million funds to mobilize.In addition, he has not moved the income of the food processing factory and the pastry company in the recent period, so the company s daily consumption and expenses can still be maintained.Nanshun Company, oh, no, it should be called Guohao Nanshun.Yesterday, chi cbd gummies Jin Jiashi sent someone to change the name of the company at the Commercial Administration.The Xiangjiang Flour Mill is revising the signboard uniformly.Hearing this, Jin Jiashi couldn t help but rolled his eyes.Nanshun, Nanshun, what a simple and easy to remember name, with the addition of Guohao in front, it always feels a little awkward.Nanshun Company originally only had one flour factory in Xiangjiang.In fact, its main business was only flour.However, in recent years, because it has made more cakes and pasta, Nanshun also imported some white sugar, cooking oil, etc.from other countries and regions.things to expand the company s business.Now Guohao Nanshun has cbd gummies for covid two flour mills.The largest and most productive is the original Nanshun Flour Mill, followed by the Xiangjiang Flour Mill it acquired not long ago.Xiangjiang Flour Mill is a local flour mill, and its operation and sales scale is limited to local Xiangjiang.Lam Soon Flour Mill is different, most of its output is sold to Southeast Asian countries and regions.

Li Guohao has a lot of ideas about instant noodles, whether it is from the development of instant noodles in his previous life , or its value, has always made Li Guohao greedy.I dare not say the world, but in China, basically everyone has eaten instant noodles Chapter 220 Separation of the Charity Department The pastry company has long new cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for covid intended to expand overseas franchise stores, but it was not very convenient cbd gummies for covid because of raw material problems.This time, Li Guohao acquired Nanshun to develop more overseas franchise stores for cbd gummies for covid the pastry company.convenience.Li Qiang also asked Xiong Yi from the franchise department to call together some Southeast Asian businessmen who wanted to join the pastry shop based on the phone numbers Li Guohao had left before.Sitting in the former chairman s office and now the general manager s office, Li Guohao looked at today s newspaper headlines, most of which were international news and some people s livelihood reports.Of course, you can also spend a lot of money to buy these The problem is solved.Although the villas in the middle of the mountain are expensive now, they are always at a price acceptable to most rich people.After a few decades, when the land for villas is officially not approved, the housing prices here will explode.Want to buy land Li Guohao was surprised.The British used his new cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for covid relationship to get the property rights of the land until 999.Do you think it was a loss or a profit when he bought it Zheng Jiachun laughed.999 For future generations who have no land but only real estate rights, this is completely unimaginable.Li Guohao was dumbfounded.Ahao, do you want cbd gummies for covid to buy a villa Zheng Jiachun asked, remembering Li Guohao s words just now.Well, I have such a plan.I bought a house in the Sunshine Community in Central, but it s not very convenient, so I thought about buying a villa.The power is coming.This is strange Li Guohao pondered and said Recently, it seems that apart from Xu Deming from Nanshun, he has no grievances with anyone.If we want to talk about revenge, it seems that it can only be Xu Deming or that kid Xu Guanghe. It s possible.Now Xiangjiang is quite chaotic.The factory is working 24 hours a day in shifts.Before that, we just hired a few guards to guard the gate to prevent strangers from entering.This time, I think it s better to recruit more.some security guards.Li Qiang thought that Xiangjiang was indeed in chaos recently.In addition to some evil forces that already existed, a group of people also took the road of breaking the law due to the stock market.Well, I will tell Huang Yaohua later, let him Hire some security guards.This time the factory was smashed, Li Guohao didn t know the specific reason, but anyone who thought about it with his ass knew that the visitor was not kind, and if cbd gummies for covid he could smash it once, he might smash it a second time.He had never been refreshed, but when he heard the last title, his heart It s also a little strange, it seems that I don t have any foundation.Zhao Yazhi saw Li Guohao cbd gummies for covid s doubts, and said in her ear This cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep is the opinion of several managers you recruited before, saying that setting up a foundation is no matter for the development of the company., or enhance your personal reputation.I thought there was no difference anyway, just changed the name and no longer affiliated with the company, so I agreed.Ah Hao, you don t blame me, do you how come Li Guohao laughed and said Anyway, the Charity Department, oh no, the charity foundation is up to you, I just need to pay for it. whee That s good.Zhao Yazhi covered her mouth and smiled.There were a few tables at the front of the venue not far away.Among them, Zheng Yutong subconsciously looked behind him about ten meters when he heard Li Guohao s name.Zheng Jiachun didn t expect Li Guohao to be dissatisfied with this house.How big is Brother Zheng s place Um Zheng Jiachun thought for a while, but couldn t remember clearly, so he asked the real estate agent next to him How big is Xiaofang s house Xiao Liu, the real estate agent, opened the house information that he brought, glanced at the content on it, and said, Mr.Zheng, Mr.Li, there are a total of more than 600 square meters here.It occupies more than 200 square meters, and the garden and swimming pool are almost 100 square meters.More than six hundred square meters It s twice as big as mine Zheng Jiachun is not envious.It s not that he can t afford 600 square meters, but he regrets buying that English style villa at the beginning.Although the villa is magnificent, the interior decoration and exterior patterns are very beautiful, but It is almost very common in wyld cbd gummies for anxiety Xiangjiang nowadays, as long as the houses of rich people in the UK are almost in this shape.Chairman, you are back Xiao Liu stopped immediately when he saw the chairman.What There cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep are guests inside Li Guohao and Xiao Liu have also worked together for more than half a month, and they know that the other party does not like coffee.The coffee in their hands is obviously because there are guests in the house and they made it for them.Miss He just came here not long ago.When I said you were out, she said she was waiting for you in the office.Xiao Liu said.Miss He Li Guohao pondered for a while, thinking to himself what he was looking for at this time, he opened the door and walked in.Miss He is far away, why do you come to me when you have time Li Guohao saw He Qianjin was sitting in the rest area, holding a magazine in his hand and looking at it with relish.He Qianjin looked up at Li Guohao when he heard the voice, and said with a coquettish smile, Why aren t you welcome If not, you should have notified me in advance.Li s family history.I wonder if 300mg cbd gummy bottle Mr.Li would like to Accepted by reporter Chen The interview is also Li Guohao s choice after careful consideration.First of all, the major newspapers have been speculating on a question, that is, why there are so many rich people in paradise island cbd gummies zebra Xiangjiang, and there are more rich people than Li Guohao.Why do these gangsters only find Li Guohao It is because of this problem that the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid newspapers and some programs have been misleading the public, saying that Li Guohao was a gang member before, so there will be such a disaster, otherwise why would Mao not kidnap the gambling king or go to Huo Daheng, Bao Daheng and others, these people are old fashioned rich men, much richer than Li Guohao.Although Li Guohao believed that those who cleared the land would clean up themselves, the major newspapers said that they were well founded and had to be convincing.

Next to the table is a video camera wrapped in a red cloth.Mr.Li, you should burn the first stick of incense at the front.In the past, the director or producer would burn the first stick of incense at the front.Now that the big boss is here, naturally the big boss will come first.As for the culture of burning incense in Xiangjiang, Li Guohao already had eyes and ears.Now that he came to the scene, he found that it was just the same thing.He set up an incense altar, put some tributes on it, lit a stick of incense, and bowed down to worship.Okay.Li Guohao also took the three incense sticks from Xu Guanwen s hands, and after lighting them on the candle, he also watched Guan Erye cbd gummies for covid can cbd gummies make you fail a drug test bow deeply three times before inserting the incense sticks into the incense burner.Behind him, Xu Guanwen, Cai Lan and others also bent down and bowed before they stepped forward and inserted the incense in their hands into the incense burner.At the end, she thought of her own elder brother, and asked quietly, What about my elder brother What does Brother Zhao do Li Guohao asked as he wanted to help each other.My elder brother works in the British government department Li Guohao Chapter 271 Two months have passed in a flash for the gun club.It s approaching July.At this time, Xiangjiang is very hot, and the temperature has risen to about 30 , which is almost the hottest summer in recent years.This hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo ghost The weather, why is it so hot Li Guohao, who had just returned to the office, also took out a tissue and wiped the sweat stains on his forehead.He got off the air conditioned car just now, and before he had walked for a long time, he felt the sweltering heat brought by the scorching summer while sitting in the elevator.Boss, the base of the gun club is under preparation.Fortunately, Jin Jiashi from Nanshun and some The old employees are more skilled in handling matters in this area, which has not caused the group s business to suffer losses.Zheng Jiachun became interested when he heard this, touched his chin and said, What kind of cooperation method Brother Zheng and He Qianjin each get 25 , and I get 50.10 million, each of you liberty cbd gummies tinnitus will contribute 5 million.If anyone wants to invest in the future, it must be approved by the three of us.He Qianjin was very interested in the club s plan, and after hearing Li Guohao said When he invested five million, he smiled slightly and said, Five million is no problem.Zheng Jiachun pondered for a while, five million is not a lot, it is just a small amount of money to him.If it really goes according to Li Guohao s expectation, it is totally worthwhile to spend five million to invest in this club, and he nodded and agreed without hesitation, cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep Okay.Speaking of luck, I ve always been curious about one thing.I wonder if I can ask Jian Fu became curious when he heard about luck.What s the question Seeing Jian Fu s curious expression, Li Guohao asked.Before I read in the newspaper that Li Sheng had a Fengshui master to help him, and he chose several shops with good Fengshui to prosper.Is this true Of course At first I wanted to say it was a lie, but Li Guohao raised his eyebrows, nodded after thinking about it and agreed, It is true that a master helped me choose a few shops.As for whether it has anything to do with Feng Shui, I don t know.When Jian Fu heard that this happened, his heart was tickled like a cat scratching.He wanted to ask where the master was, but he was afraid that the other party would think that cbd gummies for covid he didn t know good and bad, so he said anxiously, If you have the Tao, you would rather believe it.These cbd gummies for covid five companies are all in a state of expansion, and no matter how much money they make, they are all spent on expansion.In addition, 20mg cbd gummies effect the group recently borrowed 100 million from HSBC to build an industrial park, let alone make money.It s not that all the companies have run out of money.The Palace Bakery Xiangjiang Company is very rich, and there are almost several million in the company s account.These are the money earned in the past six months.Why did half a year earn less than the previous month The main reason is that the company started to develop towards formalization, and with the addition of two shareholders, the management of money is stricter.In the past, the company was owned by Li Guohao alone, and the food factory was also owned by Li Guohao alone.When the moon cakes were sold in the Mid Autumn Festival, they sold almost 10 million Hong Kong dollars.Soon a man appeared on the TV.I saw him working overtime in the company.When he got home, he was lying on the sofa exhausted.Very hungry The man frowned and walked towards the kitchen.He searched the kitchen, but found nothing.He opened the refrigerator and saw that the refrigerator was empty.When he was disappointed, he opened the refrigerator and was pleasantly surprised to find a bag of Sanquan quick frozen dumplings .Then, the camera turned and came to another family.A woman got off work early, and her son came home from school arguing that he was hungry.She was too tired, but the son was hungry, so he had to go to the kitchen to find a way to get something to eat, and finally hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo found a bag of Sanquan quick frozen dumplings.The screen switched back and forth again, the man was cooking dumplings, and the woman was cooking dumplings.Jian What can I do for you Is it the school thing we talked about earlier No Jian Fu said excitedly, It s not about the school.Yesit s Master Donghehe s amazing, II really admire him Li Guohao frowned again and said Speak slowly After Jian Fu calmed down his mood, he took a long breath and said, It s like this The primary school where Jian Fu worked, St.Peter s Primary School of the Anglican Church , officially opened on September 1st.It also started three days ago.The school will start as soon as the school starts.The reason why Jian Fu is incoherent and excited is that It happened this morning The Anglican St.Peter primary school was established by the Anglican Church in those days.It has been more than ten years.A few hours ago, this morning.Not long after the class started, some old fashioned electric fans in the classroom had a short circuit because of the hot weather.

half an hour later.Downstairs in the building, when getting off the car, Li Dexiao was nervous again.Okay, Dad, just follow me.Okay, I will follow you.Chapter 306 Returning Meeting 1 Chairman, you are back Chairman, hello.Walking all the way Come, the employees in the office area got up and said hello when they saw Li Guohao who had not seen him for a long time.The employee who greeted him, Li Guohao, did not show a trace of impatience, but just nodded slightly, indicating that he heard it.He has long been used to walking around in the company, and there are always pictures of people taking the initiative to .

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say hello.It cbd gummies for covid s either a flattering shout of good chairman, or a plain shout of good morning chairman.On the contrary, Li Dexiao, who followed closely behind, had a serious expression on his face, coupled with his full face, some employees mistakenly thought it was the boss s new bodyguard.Well, now that there are more and more people in the company, the previous two floors are no longer enough.Li Guohao said casually.Yongan Building is cbd gummies for covid not cheap.Although it is an old building 20 years ago, the location cbd gummies for covid is still very good.Are you preparing for a bank loan If Brother Zheng can make it cheaper, then I will buy it cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep with full money.Li Guohao smiled lightly.Ha ha Zheng Jiachun laughed and said, You, you, when did you learn to be so smart.Well, after I go back, let the people below sell it to you at the market price.do not.I just mentioned it casually, Brother Zheng, don t take it seriously, the price can be as much as you want.As soon as he heard that Zheng Jiachun wanted to lower the price, Li Guohao quickly stopped him.Now he knows one thing, what can be solved with money should be solved with money, and favors must not be owed.Like Li Guohao s current worth and status, a favor is definitely better than a price cut Much more expensive.Zheng Jiachun glanced at Li Guohao without a trace, feeling in his heart, thinking that when he first saw Li Guohao, he ultra cbd gummies was just an ignorant young man who had just started his own business.Now it has grown a lot.That s fine, I ll let the people under me negotiate as soon as possible.I didn t insist.Zheng Jiachun knew it in his heart.From the conversation, he could feel the confidence in Li Guohao s words.If he bought it with all the money, it would cost at least tens of millions cbd gummies willie nelson of Hong Kong dollars., indeed.Soon a group of people came to Bao Daheng s villa.As one of the top tycoons in Xiangjiang, Bao Daheng has a network almost all over Xiangjiang.He even has many friends in some regions and countries with developed maritime transportation such as the Gulf Islands.In order to better handle the group s business, Li Guohao And asked Di Yimin to arrange two assistant secretaries to help Xiao Liu.Yes.Li Guohao nodded slightly, turned around and walked to the conference room.Yongan Building, except for the top balcony, has a total of eight floors.The first floor is the lobby and reception, dealing with visitors.There are four beautiful front desks who change shifts every day The second floor is the office area of Guohao Security.The third floor is the floor of the food company.The fourth and fifth floors are the floors of Guohao Lam Soon Flour Company.Club, Pastry Association, Panda Comic Publishing House, Daily Newspaper Office, and Guohao Real Estate Company.The seventh floor is the staff rest area, and the restaurant is also set up here.The eighth floor is the office of Li Guohao and Di Yimin, plus two There are two meeting rooms, one is a large meeting room that can seat two hundred people, the other is a small meeting room for more than twenty people, plus a reception room for meeting guests.They are particular about what level they are in and what position they are in.I was bored waiting for the meeting to start.He heard someone beside him laughing, Hello, Mr.Li.Li Guohao looked sideways, and saw a middle aged, honest looking man, green roads cbd gummy about forty years old, looking at him with a smile on his face.After peeking at the name plate on the table, Li Guohao responded, Hello, Mr.Wen.Sheng Li knows me Wen Guoyang asked in surprise.Li Guohao chuckled and said, Mr.Wen has your name tag on his desk.Wen .

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Guoyang glanced at the sign with his name written on it, and said with a smile, Haha, Li Sheng really has a good eye.You can see clearly.Where, where.I forgot to introduce myself.Wen Guoyang is currently the director of Xiangjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing Factory.He is also the vice chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers Association and the Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Patent Medicine Manufacturing Industry Committee.Li Guohao mentioned that the school can learn the secret recipe of the palace, and it is completely open, which attracted the attention of many people.You must know that secret recipes have been passed down from male to female since ancient times, and they would rather rot in their bones than reveal them.At around nine o clock in the morning, Yongan Building.Li Guohao looked at today s Daily Daily , the content of the article was roughly the same as what Li Guohao said, but the words were a lot more particular, so he changed his relatively simple words into something else.At this moment, Pang Heshuo walked in with a look of excitement.Editor Pang, why are you here Li Guohao raised his head and asked.Good news, Chairman, just now we received calls from many companies, all of whom said they would subscribe to our newspaper for a long time Pang Heshuo said happily, with a look of hesitation on his face again.They have been guessing that Bao HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid Daheng may be eating abalone and shark fin every day, while Li Guohao is enjoying life every day.In fact, cbd delta 9 gummies review many old fashioned wealthy businessmen live a relatively simple life on weekdays, perhaps a habit left over from their youth.It s possible, but you can t recommend yourself, you need the newspaper to collect it.Li Guohao pondered for a while, this cbd gummies for covid celebrity interview is good, but don t call it a celebrity interview, it should be called Today s Interview.Don t limit yourself to celebrities, wealthy businessmen and those who have a higher status.You can turn your attention to some ordinary people, such as sanitation workers sweeping the streets, or teachers who work hard in schools.You can change the name of celebrity interviews.It became Today s Interview , and it fits the name of our newspaper.

In other words From secular common sense false to religious understanding of truth empty , it is empty view Not only Mr.Liu Yichang wrote a special article to praise Li Guohao s three views, but many literary masters and philosophy masters in Xiangjiang have expressed their own understanding of the three views and the meaning of positive energy.Among them, Mr.Jin jolly cbd gummies quit smoking review wrote the most It can make ordinary people understand.The content of the article is When I wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes in the early years, I put forward the concept of the great man serves the country and the people.With new experience, people often say how unfair this cbd gummies for covid society and the world are to them.Some people can enjoy rich clothes and fine food from birth, but they have to work hard all their lives.And Li Sheng s Three Views can explain the root cause of all this for you.What What s the matter, Lingling Li Guohao glanced at his cousin Li Lingling, who has been in Xiangjiang for more than half a year.Perhaps because of the soil and water, her skin is much better than when she first came to Xiangjiang.Can I ask you something After finishing speaking, the cousin secretly glanced at the aunt who was playing mahjong.Let s talk. I I don t want to study anymore, I want to go to your culinary school to learn how to make pastry.Li Guohao frowned and asked, Is it your own idea Ok Facing this unfamiliar cousin, but with an adult air, Li Lingling nodded weakly.Thinking that her cousin seems to be only 16 years old and has not graduated from the sixth form, Li Guohao asked again Why don t you think about it read I don t think I can continue to study.I didn t study very well in Wanwan.He could not afford to pay 7 million.Even if it was 70 million, he would have the capital to pay, but the price of hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo this watch could not reach the price of 7 million.This made William and He entangled.Being placed in a position by Li Guohao, it was difficult to get off.He had no choice but to say 7.1 million Li Guohao followed up and said 7.2 million 7.3 million 7.4 million Just like this, without waiting for the auctioneer to say anything, the two of them just added one hundred thousand and one hundred thousand.Other guests in the venue were overwhelmed by their cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep arrogance.Some clues, Li Guohao and William should be angry Now it s time to see which side will give up first Except Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin, Huo Zhenting, Bao Daheng, they know that Li Guohao has some grievances with the Jardine Group, and some other people may also I know some of the situation more or less.Chen Sheng said.No need, this is in the hotel.Li Guohao smiled.That can t be done.Although I have never been here in Thailand, I have asked some teammates who have been here.They said that there are often people in Thailand who knock on the door of luxury hotels Immortal dance Almost, in addition to seduction, you may also pretend to be a waiter and knock on the door to rob. So messy Does Thailand care about it Li Guohao said in surprise.Immortal dance is fine.After all, this kind of scam can at least be seduced.As long as you can withstand the temptation, you won t fall into it at all, but if it s directly a robbery, Thailand doesn t care It s hard In Thailand, the military management was officially lifted last year.After the Thanom regime was dismantled, the prime minister was finally selected by the parliament to take power., we also plan to plant some fruits, and then build a processing plant With Chen Xuewen s eloquence, Li Guohao roughly understood his idea, that is, after contracting so much cbd gummies fontana ca land, in addition to the original plan of planting rice, he would also find ways to grow sugar cane, fruits and spices., The supply chain of raw materials can be completed in Thailand for a large part, and the local climate and environment are particularly suitable for pig breeding, so the supply of pork can be considered solved.Can you buy it After listening to Chen Xuewen s words, Li Guohao couldn t help but nodded.The plan is very good.In addition, Thailand is very close to Xiangjiang River, and Roi Et Province has cbd gummies for covid water transport to the port.If this is the case, the problem of transportation is not very big.Buy it Chen Xuewen was taken aback, he thought for a while and said It should be no problem to buy it, but the political situation in Thailand is a bit unstable, I m afraid What Chen Xuewen meant was that regardless of the fact that the president is in power now, maybe the military may be in power in the future.Thinking of what Chen Sheng said before, he was afraid that everyone would go out to play with him, and he would not feel at ease leaving Jin Jiashi alone in the hotel, so Li Guohao said That s fine, cbd gummies for covid I will Find two people to accompany you at the hotel. It s past one o clock in the afternoon.Erawan Buddha Temple in Bangkok.At this time, the Buddhist temple was crowded with people, men and women, old and young, Thai locals, Chinese from all over the country, or ghosts, there were countless of them.Seeing this scene, Li Guohao who was standing behind was very surprised.He didn t expect that temples in Thailand are so popular now.At this time, the tour guide surnamed Zheng smiled and said to Li Guohao and the group behind him Of course you have to worship Buddha first when you come to Thailand, and you must first worship Brahma Buddha when cbd gummies for covid you come to Bangkok Brahma Some Buddhas only stay at the basics, be happy be you cbd gummy hemp multivitamins such as Tathagata, Guanyin and other Buddhas.It feels a bit like drinking Drinking the potion didn t taste like the later generations, which made Chen Xuewen not like it very much.But Chen Sheng followed up and said Yesterday I also drank a little in the boxing gym.After drinking it, I was a little excited.I went back at night and stayed for a long time.When falling asleep, the effect is similar to that of coffee.Yes, I just fancy that this water can relieve fatigue Seeing that Chen Sheng had drunk the water, Li Guohao smiled.The tour guide on the side, cbd gummies for covid pure herbal cbd gummies Old Zheng, asked Boss Li, do you still want to go shopping this afternoon No, I m sorry to trouble you this time.After we return to the hotel later, your tour guide work will be over.We will go back to Xiangjiang tomorrow.Li Guohao said to Lao Zheng.Well, if Boss Li comes to Thailand next time, just go to Chinatown to find me.

After looking at Li Guohao who was sitting not far from the door, he walked forward with apologetic expression Grandpa, Uncle and aunt, I m sorry I m late, this is a congratulatory gift for you, grandpa and uncle.It s not too late, it hasn t started yet Grandfather Li Renzhong heard Zhao Yazhi calling him, and nodded at her with a smile.Seeing the three legged toad, a congratulatory gift that symbolized cbd gummies for covid wealth, Li Dexiao smiled and nodded, taking it from Zhao Yazhi s hand.Seeing this, Li s mother couldn t help but said You child, come as soon as you come, what gift do you want hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo to give.It s okay, auntie, it s not worth much money.I bought these two toads just because my uncle opened a shop.Zhao Yazhi gently wiped the sweat stains on her forehead with the back of her hand and said, Uncle, the one on the inside is calling for gold coins.This movie will definitely have a good result after it is released.Comedy is pretty good.Although the plot in the movie just now is a bit familiar, it still depends on who plays it, for example, Xu Guanwen s vivid interpretation of a shrewd pastry master who likes to play tricks.A small movement of putting the middle finger behind the back can make everyone laugh, I have to say it is still very powerful, even Li Guohao watched cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep so many classic comedies, he was amused by the scene just now.Cai Lan glanced at Li Guohao, saw that he was concentrating on watching the movie, pondered for a moment and said, Golden Harvest means they want to pay dividends.Meaning, after pondering for a while, he said As long as you are like everyone else, there is no problem.People in Golden Harvest are not stupid to know that I own the Friends Film Company, so budpop cbd gummies review I won t exploit you just because of such a small profit.It s better now.When I was just born, I saw it for the first time in the hospital When he saw him, he was taken aback, and thought to himself, was this born by me Why is he so ugly After all, he has inherited my genes from Mai Xiaomin.It s fine if the skin is dry, and it s wrinkled like a seven year old.She looks like a little skinny monkey who has shed her fur.When Mai Xiaomin said this, she covered her mouth and laughed.Maybe it was because of his mother s cbd gummies for covid laughter that the originally quiet little fat man immediately laughed cheerfully, like a baby like laugh, no, it was a baby like laugh, which made the nearby family and friends laugh too stand up.Li Guohao asked Have you chosen a name for the child Zhang Dong hesitated for a while It should be considered a name What else is there to call it a name Li Guohao complained.Li Guohao said with a wave of his hand.Okay, I ll go back to rest if I m fine.I haven t reversed daily cbd gummies for anxiety the jet lag just now. Go ahead.After Ni Xingqing left, Li Guohao called the technical department and told Huo Zheng not to leave work in a hurry, saying that he would come over later Technical department.I m sorry, Professor Huo.I will trouble you if I get off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor Huo works under Li Guohao, he is still a professor of chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he doesn t completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s nothing, I just bio lyfe cbd gummies cbd gummies for covid have something to do, I am going to work overtime today and go back home.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, are you looking for me You know MSG, right MSG I know what s wrong Have you ever studied MSG, is it harmful to the human body Huo Zheng was puzzled and said Why did the chairman ask about MSG so well.Many ingredients for the Manchu Banquet are hard to get in Xiangjiang.I ask some old guys to find a way to get them from Nanyang.Come over here.What ingredients are so difficult to get If it doesn t work, just leave it to me.I bought a piece of land in Thailand and planted some rice and vegetables.If necessary, I will send it back by air.When Li Guohao was busy with the wedding ceremony in the evening yesterday morning, he suddenly received a telegram from Thailand, saying that the fragrant rice, vegetables and fruits in the first season were already ripe, asking what to do.Li Guohao was busy getting married at the time, so he Tell them not to pick for the time being, and wait for a few days for the group to return to the unified arrangement.Thailand farming Li Renzhong, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were all surprised.Ajie and Chen Sheng followed behind, and Ajie looked at the crowds surrounding the entrance of the fast food restaurant and said, Boss, how do you get in here The entrance is full of people Although there were many people at the entrance, it was not impossible to squeeze in.Yes, but Li Guohao thought that there were so many people at the door, and there seemed to be a lot of people in the store, so he thought for a while and said Forget it, let s not go in, I will go back to Xiangjiang in two days, accompany me to the front to buy some Take things back.Hearing Li Guohao s order, Chen Sheng and Ajie nodded.The three of them plus a Chinese driver sent by Bai Zhiming, the four of them strolled along Fifth Avenue.This is the first time for Li Guohao to visit Fifth Avenue in New York.I have to say that almost every item in the store is very expensive.I think the remaining nutrition should be enough to help the human body.Instead of making milk impossible for some people with lactose intolerance, it is better to reduce lactose cbd gummies for covid so that they can also drink a small amount of milk.When Benson heard this, it seemed to make sense, so he chatted with the assistants and several technicians next to him.Follow Benson and others to discuss and come up with a result.Chairman.At this moment, the door of the conference room was opened, and an employee of the boost cbd gummies review laboratory came over, leaned into Li Guohao s ear and said, Chairman, the laboratory is ready. Xiao Changhan is there too Director Xiao has arrived.Li Guohao nodded and said Yes.You go out first, we will go there later.yes.After the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid man left, Benson also discussed with the assistants he brought, and said, Boss, we discussed it.

Every time Li Guohao comes to ask, he insists on calculating Sure, he can t do anything with the old man.At the door of the box, Li Guohao sent the waiter to leave first, and knocked on the door of the box.Dong Dong Ni Xingqing in the box heard that the boss was bio lyfe cbd gummies cbd gummies for covid coming, so he immediately got up and went to open the door.Boss Li Guohao hummed and walked in.As soon as he walked into the box, he saw five people sitting at the table, four men and one woman.Mr.Li Chairman When the five people saw Li Guohao, they all stood up and greeted him, but the names were different.Everyone, sit down.Li Guohao waved his hand, calling for everyone to sit down.Ni Xingqing introduced himself from the side Boss, these two are the Zhang Shaonan and Hu Changqing I mentioned to you earlier.When Zhang Shaonan and Hu Changqing heard Ni Xingqing s introduction, they also stood up again, smiling and shaking hands with Li Guohao.Is it only 300 million Li Guohao pondered for a moment According to the previous budget, it will take a lot to open up the transportation channels between Xiangjiang and Southeast Asia.How much Not less than 300 million Hong Kong dollars At present, we have found some transportation companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and other regions and countries that meet the needs of our group.Most of these companies are in The local business has been operating for some years, but due to insufficient funds or other reasons, it has not developed and grown.Zhang Shaonan continued We have cbd gummies 250mg jar justcbd two transportation companies in Xiangjiang, three in Taiwan, and four in Thailand.There are only one or two in Singapore and Malaysia, and a total of 18 small and medium sized transportation companies have been acquired this time, plus some spare does cbd gummies come out on a drug test companies, a total of 25.He picked up the teapot and empty cup on the table, poured a cup of tea for the other party, and said, Uncle Bao, have you also received the notice from President Liang Yes.Bao Daheng took the tea cup and put it in his hand, sighing.He took a deep breath and said, I don t know.It s a good thing or a bad thing to tell us to come here this time Speaking of this, Bao Daheng took a surprised look, glanced at Li Guohao, and said with a hint of complaint Say Get up, Ah Hao, what you did is wrong, why didn t you tell me in advance when you received President Liang s invitation to go north, I just found out today that you were also invited. Uncle Bao, it s indeed mine this time.Wrong.Li Guohao smiled naively and said Chairman Liang invited me cbd gummies for nausea from chemo cbd gummies delta 8 sleep to go north, the time may be the same as Uncle Bao, it was in October, I think it will be the same when the time comes, anyway, we should be Let s go together.They all looked rich or expensive, and at a glance, they knew that they were not ordinary people.Thinking of the second uncle introduced to him by his father before, he walked to cbd gummies for covid his mother curiously.The side asked Mom, that person just now was really my second uncle Yeah, when you were young, your second uncle hugged you You even peed on your second uncle , Li Defang said embarrassingly Mom, this happened so many years ago, how can I remember it.How many years ago, it was also a good thing you did Li Defang didn t want to get entangled in this matter, turned his head and glanced at the few people in the room.He has been opening this private kitchen for several years, and he has also received many people from abroad.But most of them are not as rich as the second uncle, especially the second uncle s grandson, his own nephew Li Guohao.A can of drinks worth 40 cents is not affordable for ordinary people, and it only costs a dozen or dozens of dollars a month Salary, how could you be willing to spend 40 cents to buy a bottle of drink that you can drink in one gulp Suddenly, there was the sound of trampling footsteps from upstairs.Li Guobang and Wu Xiaohua looked up and saw a beautiful pregnant woman walking down slowly holding a three or four year old child.Noticing the person coming, he immediately walked over quickly, holding the beautiful woman s waist, for fear that she would fall.Second brother, this is the second sister in law Li Guobang looked at Zhao cbd gummies for covid Yazhi, and he swore that he had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life.Yes.Li Guohao nodded, and introduced to Zhao Yazhi A Zhi, this is my fourth uncle s son, named Guobang, and this is his object, named Xiaohua.In the 1990s, Jianlibao dominated the carbonated beverage market across the country.But in 2000, due to some individual reasons, it did not develop for several years.When it came back out of the world, the domestic market had been completely divided up.In the end, they could only sell Jianlibao out of feelings.Giving up the European and American regions this time is not to withdraw Red Bull, but to reduce the publicity and promotion and let it develop slowly on its own.But in the end, he gave up.After all, if there is no publicity for a product, no one will know about it.Just like Jianlibao, the post 80s and post 90s are familiar with it, but the post 00s and post 10s think it is cbd gummies for covid pure herbal cbd gummies a newly launched cbd gummy bears by heavenly candy drink.Huang Yaohua on the other end of the phone closed his eyes and pondered for a long time, and finally agreed to the chairman s decision.Mi Gao, you should have received the meeting of the HSBC board of directors that Shen Daban will hold next month.Mr.Li, adverse reactions to cbd gummies how did you know Mi Gao still doesn t know why Shen Bi convened the board meeting, but this seems to be an internal matter of HSBC.Don t care about Mr.Mi Gao.Li Guohao didn t say cbd gummies for nausea from chemo what Shen Bi wanted to do when he convened the board meeting, but asked directly This meeting is related to me.I hope Mr.Mi Gao can support me.With Mr.Li Related Mi Gao frowned, not quite clear what Li Guohao was talking about, but judging from the other party s appearance, he didn t seem to be able to tell him, so he pondered for a moment and said, Li Sheng, you know what the meeting is about.I don t know what to say, so I can t give you an answer.I can understand.Li Guohao smiled, turned his eyes to the window, and said slowly I heard that Mr.

Not only can you earn money from the title sponsor, but you can also earn money from various period advertisements and illustration advertisements.Not only does the money come in faster, but it also earns more than TV dramas.After thinking about it, the two came up cbd gummies for covid with an entertainment program proposal, proposing that next year they would produce no less than five new variety shows.Li Guohao naturally nodded in agreement with this plan, and even gave a certain amount of rewards, saying that as long as the program is well produced, the ratings are high, and the advertising costs are high, the screenwriters of those programs can get a certain percentage of commission.When the news was announced internally by the two stations, those screenwriters who were not valued in the past were completely excited, and even some TV screenwriters wondered whether they should consider a variety show to make money A cbd gummies for covid few days later, on November 26th, in the morning.My God, the group needs to apply for a bank license, or a third tier bank license Doesn t that mean that after we have a bank, we can have a huge reserve of funds , basically few people knew the news that the group would open a bank in advance.There are three levels of banking licenses issued by the Financial Supervisory Administration of Hong Kong Bank, namely licensed banks, banks with restricted licenses and deposit taking companies.There is basically no difference between a licensed bank and a bank with a restricted license, except that some businesses cannot coexist, but a restricted license is definitely not as good as an unlimited license.As for the deposit taking company, it is a bit similar to the finance company Li Guohao opened in the group.The business scope is narrower than that of normal banks, mainly for deposit business.And with the memory of later generations, those points that can make money will only make Li Guohao s wealth grow faster and more conveniently.With the advantage, it is natural to think of the name.The year before last, after Zhao Yazhi gave birth to her second child, she stayed at home and didn t care about the affairs of the charity foundation, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for covid but Li Guohao did not relax his donations to charity, and still spent tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars that could not be shaken every year.These charitable donations will only make Li Guohao the title of a philanthropist.After decades, the richest man in the United States donates all his assets for charity, and the title of this philanthropist will be meaningless.Therefore, Li Guohao turned his attention to the very, very controversial transgenic technology in later generations.This would cost HSBC a large sum of savings funds, as well as savings customers.After the publicity of these experts, the stock price of HSBC Bank fell a few points in response.When Guohao Bank officially opened its first branch in the Central and Western District of Xiangjiang Island, the people queuing up to open bank accounts that day were blocked from the street to the end.These also caused the stock price of HSBC to drop a lot again.Facing the stock price of HSBC, which has never fallen since 73 years, some people on the board of directors are also a little panicked.You must know that HSBC has fluctuated a little during the stock market crash over the years.is on the rise.This time it has fallen so much, and it is their shareholders who have lost the most.There was no way, the members of the board of directors could only ask Shen Bi to go to Li Guohao again, hoping that he could cooperate with HSBC to hold a press conference.Fu Zhengguang saw that the face of the chairman has improved a lot , just breathed a sigh of relief, and said We are going to work hard on savings customers.At present, we only have more than 30,000 customers, and almost all of them are employees of our group, so we should speed up and let more customers Many Xiangjiang citizens come to us to open an account.Li Guohao asked Do you have any good plans I discussed with Manager Ni and Manager Hu and decided to hold a big event.Fu Zhengguang said truthfully Because Guohao Bank has only opened one branch at present, we plan to open 18 branches and more than 80 self service banking stations in Hong Kong this year, and we have already purchased from some foreign banking equipment companies.The card reader will be specially produced for Guohao Bank Card.Well, I went to pray for blessings.Li Renzhong glanced at Li Guohao who was serving porridge, and suddenly his face changed, and he new cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for covid asked seriously hillstone hemp cbd gummies cost cbd gummies for nausea from chemo Ah Hao, is there anything wrong with your company recently I heard a few waiters in the store say, Many big companies went bankrupt, and many people jumped off the roof to commit suicide.Grandpa, how cbd gummies for covid could it be The drop in housing prices has no effect on my company.It s good that it doesn t have any effect.Li Renzhong said earnestly, Now the money you earn is enough for us to spend, and we ll just do business honestly in the future.En.Li Guohao smiled and hummed lightly.The biggest business the old man has ever done in his life is to open a Fumanlou.He still thinks of the older generation, guarding a shop and living a stable life.For this, he didn t explain anything, anyway, he just nodded and agreed.46pm, it was over.There are too many people to thank, so I won t name them one by one.I know that the content of this book is actually not very good.The main reason is that when I first wrote it, I just wrote it casually, but I didn t expect to be able to sign the contract.Interspersed with a little later thought of the plot.There are many, many problems with this book, and there are many poisonous points.Even the ending is a bit sloppy, but no matter what, it is already finished and cannot be revised.The new book is still in the process of being prepared.I cbd gummies for covid have already written more than 20,000 words.I am going to submit it to the editor tomorrow.If it goes well, it will be published in a few days.The subject matter is infinite sci fi, and I feel like I have made a big breakthrough.In terms of the character of the protagonist, I am also trying my best to find a way to write it well, and try to avoid being mediocre like this book.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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