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Miss Liu Su thought of Gu Mingzhu s current status, and immediately changed his words, Lady.Gu Mingzhu said, Let s go Liu Su took the medicine box behind Gu Mingzhu and followed her with a limp.A gust of wind blew, and Gu Mingzhu smelled a strong smell of herbs on her body.She had learned some medical principles from Lang Zhong Sun in the prison, and read many medical books in recent years, but it was only superficial.Doctors can t compare, not to mention that practicing medicine depends on experience, and no matter how many medical books you read, it s just empty talk.Fortunately, she is not going to sit in court and be a country doctor, these things are enough, vulgar medical skills, unremarkable people, she just needs to remind herself not to do things that do not match her status, no one will suspect her.

Chen pointed Pointing to the door, That dumb doctor.The dumb doctor is illiterate, unable to speak, and greedy for money, so she is not the best candidate Gu Mingzhu crushed fresh herbal medicine and applied it on the patient s festered ankle.It was not a good medicine but it could be of some use.Then she took out some of the medicine dregs from the medicine box and handed them over.The rest, although they cannot be decocted in water, can be applied externally.After finishing these, the master gave Gu Mingzhu five eggs and two copper coins.Gu Mingzhu carried the medicine box on her back and walked out.As soon as she left the village, someone grabbed the corner of her clothes.She turned her head and saw Mrs.Chen s smiling face.Gu Mingzhu s face changed slightly and she walked forward, and Mrs.

I best cbd gummies for sibo have a headache, Gu Mingzhu told Baotong, Please bring mother over here She was uncomfortable, and her mother needed to take care of her, so she couldn t go to Cui s house.At night, she had to carry the medicine box to see a doctor for the girl from Huafang, so do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg she really couldn t spare any energy for Mrs.Lin Tai.When mentioning Huafang, Gu Mingzhu immediately thought of the girl she met at Mrs.Chen s house, who was pregnant and asked her for a set of abortion pills.Could the Huafang girl mentioned by Mrs.Chen have something to do with that woman What the hell are Mrs.Chen and these people doing At this time, the action should be for the quarrymen in the prison.If they want to rescue the quarrymen, they must get rid of the suspicion of the quarrymen.In places like Huafang, rich businessmen and dignitaries often go there, and they naturally carry A lot of money.

Everything cbd gummies for ed amazon is ready, it depends on whether Lu Shenzhi can persuade the people in the mountains.Chu Jiu looked at the back of the third master leaving, and felt that his mouthwas very bitter, and let him be arrested again Did he do something wrong It was the doctor who bullied the third master, organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon not him Gu Mingzhu walked carefully in the cabin.In this Pearl Thief case, besides Master Cui Si and Lu Shenzhi, his father should also be in the calculations of those people.The Pearl Thief took Ku Yin and opened Tieshan privately.What is the reason for Iron do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg can forge weapons, and silver is even more useful.How can a small bandit think like this There must be someone behind him, so who is the Pearl Thief serving All the nobles who are HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon capable of leading troops near Shanxi will be suspected.His father has been implicated in this case, and someone will take the opportunity to impeach his father and suspect that he would let the bandits go.

After swimming away for a certain distance, Gu Mingzhu turned her head to take a look, and vaguely saw that the person who jumped off the big boat following her was caught by two figures.Now is the best time to get out.Gu Mingzhu speeded up, she only needed a moment to disappear without a trace.The shore was getting closer and closer, and Gu Mingzhu was about to speed up her movements when she felt a wave coming from behind her.A figure quickly stepped forward to catch up with her, without giving her cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage any chance to react, and firmly grasped her wrist.She covered her face to look, and saw that the figure should be Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, and Master Wei discovered her intention to escape.Before she came to Huafang, she had a bad feeling.The Cui family, Yamen, and Mrs.Chen were all easy to deal with, but the only one who worried her was Master Wei.

If he hadn t come, she would have left smoothly.When she pretended to be Ziyuan on the big boat, she should have had an idea, when and how to escape was within her calculations.When he entered the water, he also thought about chasing towards the nearest shore, but the thought was only fleeting.The doctor woman seemed vulgar, but her thoughts were very delicate.There is an open space after landing on the road, and it is difficult to cover up her tracks, so she will not cbd gummies for ed amazon choose.Being close to a forest a little farther from the shore would help her cbd gummies for ed amazon get away, and she dared to jump off the bow, at least she was a little watery and didn t care about the distance.He swam decisively, and when he was about to reach the shore, he finally caught up with the doctor.The doctor struggled for a moment, then gave up as if resigned to her fate, and was dragged ashore by him.

Ding How many people were caught Ten people were caught, escaped.One or two, Mr.Ding said, these people are very fierce, many of my nurses were injured.Ten people Cui Zhenxuan glanced at the nursing home of Ding s family, each of them looked a bit tired.It cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage seemed that the ten bandits were very skillful, not only made Ding s nursing home helpless, but also alarmed the guards.Let s go and see if there is any danger.Feng Anping followed Mr.Ding and walked ahead.He also worked hard for these bandits, and do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg finally he was able to sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications see the true colors of those people.There are Ding family guards guarding outside the wing room.These Ding family guards were somewhat injured, but they were not seriously injured.Feng Anping pushed open the door, glanced at him, his eyes froze immediately, and then slowly stared like copper.

Go in and check the situation.As soon as the Yacha finished speaking, the door was pushed open, and then the curtain was lifted.It s him, said the steward of Ding s family, he cbd gummies for ed amazon is the thief who escaped.The Yacha was about to go up to arrest him, but the man who was called the thief by the steward of Ding s family took two steps aside, and one stood with his back behind him.The figure caught everyone s eyes.A faint voice came When did the guards in my house become thieves Han Yu s heart trembled, and Cui Zhen s expression deepened.I don t know when it started to rain outside, and the rain fell on the boat and made a crackling sound.The people in the room have been standing quietly, as if they have no intention of turning around.Bold, reprimanded a yamen servant, you still don t come forward to salute when you see the magistrate and Lord Dingning.

For Wei Yuanchen to be able to accomplish these things smoothly, he must have the help of ordinary people.He Ding Ninghou has a lot of talents around him, and he has never forced anyone.He has given Nie Chen a chance, and he hopes best cbd gummies for nerve pain that Nie Chen will not regret it in the future.The meals offered by his relatives are not so delicious.Cui Zhen said Let him go, don t worry about it Wei Yuanchen walked into the Taiyuan government office, and Lu Shenzhi stepped forward to reply The people didn t go down the mountain.Wei Yuanchen nodded I know.Lu Shenzhi pursed his lips But it s not my credit.When I wentthey were no longer in the mountains.Wei Yuanchen raised his head.Lu Shenzhi smiled wryly That s true.I don t know who convinced Lu Guang and the others to hide.After so many years of hard work, he failed to gain the trust of Lu Guang and others.

That night he went to Ao Cang to investigate, but was ambushed and seriously injured.Liu Su finished speaking.look up.Wei Yuanchen said How do you know Looking at Wei Yuanchen s mouth shape, Liu Su said I saw it with my own eyes, when I was only seven years old, my parents died and I didn t have any organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon relatives around me, all because of the Pearl Thief Bring me food to survive.That year he was plotted against and escaped from Ao Cang with all his might.He found me in the ruined temple and gave me all the money left on his body, telling me to survive.Liu Su still remembered that scene, Pearl Thief rubbed his head affectionately with his big hand Boy, hide it well, don t let anyone catch you and eat it.That night was very organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon dark, but those words made him He thought it was so bright, as bright as the sun, but then he noticed something strange about the Pearl Thief , and the world suddenly dimmed.

Although she didn t know the cbd gummies for ed amazon real inside story, she was confident that she must have guessed something right.So she found some clues today.It s a pity that this tortoise, in fact, its appearance is quite suitable for this place, with its head stretched out, it looks a bit like a turtle, commonly known as the big bastard.Is Zhuzhu okay Cui Wei came over and bent down to look at Gu Mingzhu.Cui Wei smiled modestly, and his eyes were not as deep as Cui Zhen s.In the eyes of the Cui family, he was a soft spoken person.She used to think so when she was Zhou Rujun, until Cui Wei ordered an arrow to be shot into her heart.Zhuzhu, I bought a little thing for you.Cui Wei took out a wooden dragonfly and looked at Gu Mingzhu with a smile on his face.Do you like it Gu Mingzhu s eyes were dull Blinking, how could Cui Wei suddenly court her.

conclusion.If this is the case, the Zhou family will be implicated.Mrs.Lin said I m just speculating.The government will naturally investigate the facts.The amount of treasury money is quite large, and the land dug up in front of me is also very large, which just happens to match.And those who took away the treasury Yin s people are extraordinary, we didn t bring many people, so it s not suitable to chase them now, it s better to let the guards send us to the eldest sister s Zhuangzi first, the Cui family s manpower and guards are more familiar with their own Zhuangzi, so Only with better protection can we be safe.Gu Mingzhu took her mother s slightly cold hand, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon her mother knew exactly what to do at critical moments.But Mrs.Lin will definitely listen to her mother.Mrs.Lin is such a temperament that she will not allow anyone to overshadow her in front of her.

Mr.Jiang immediately looked at Ziyuan, hoping to use Ziyuan as a threat.People in the market cannot ignore the lives of innocent people.The person guarding Ziyuan also saw the situation.He just wanted to draw the sharp knife from his waist but it was too late, and he was buried.He hit the neck with a wave and fell to the ground.Nie Chen said Catch them and escort them to the Yamen to receive the reward.Lord Wei told them to keep an eye on Mr.Jiang and the others.It will take a lot of work to catch them, but fortunately, everyone in the market is good at catching them, so they must win this round Wei Yuanchen rode wildly all the way, Chu Jiu did not dare to relax and followed closely.I don t know why, but with the help of Nie Chen and others, the third master s trip to Taiyuan Mansion is busier than ever.

While the two were cbd vitamin c gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon silent, they saw Feng Anping leading someone over.Lord Wei, Feng Anping said, something happened to Mrs.Lin s house, and the magistrate was stabbed by the Pearl Thief.The organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon Pearl Thief Wei Yuanchen slightly raised his eyebrows, where did the Pearl Thief come from Chapter 63 Watching Master Wei s brows twitch coldly, he walked to a secluded place first.Feng Anping understood.Mr.Wei wanted to know the details, so he immediately followed up and whispered The magistrate Han was afraid that Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi would have murderers, so he asked people to search the Zhuangzi.Unexpectedly, someone suddenly appeared and injured him with a cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies for ed amazon sleeve arrow.Prefect Han, Prefect Han immediately went out to chase him, but he was very skilled and disappeared in a blink of an eye.Wei Yuanchen said Then how can we determine that the person who hurt someone is the Pearl Thief Feng Anping continued Someone saw something suspicious Some people came and went on Zhuangzi, and even picked up pearls.

Chu Jiu thought it was very good, the Gu family had very winking eyes, the maid named Baotong had been sizing him up for a long time just now, either she thought he was imposing, or her eyes were not good.Such a young girl is naturally the former.It can be seen that she has a good eye.Chu Jiu said That treasure pupil has organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon some medical skills, but not good at it.He didn t know why the third master paid cbd gummies for ed amazon so much attention to a girl Do you think she looks like that medical woman Chu Jiu was taken aback and immediately said Not like, not like.The third master must not be able to find the medical woman, and his heart is blocked Speaking of which, do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg why did the third master ask him The third master himself should know better.Didn t the third master hug the doctor s wife, even though the scene was unbearable to look at.

Thinking about it, Baotong handed the box of dried fruit in front of Gu Mingzhu, the wronged young miss had to listen to this.Gu Mingzhu took a candied fruit and threw it into her mouth.Zhao Gongren s eyes were red from crying, she was provoking someone, she came to the Gu family this time, firstly to inquire about the news, secondly to vent her anger on behalf of the elder sister, but in the end nothing was done, firstly, she killed her eldest brother went in.When facing Mrs.Wei just now, she could only admit that she fell her own brother.It is true that her relatives are bullying others.Her horse hurt someone, but she pretended nothing happened.They are still a family of officials.There is no way to complain.The bone is fine, it s just a skin injury, it will heal after a while.The doctor bowed and told Zhao Gongren.

Liu Su nodded.The two cooperated tacitly and tightened the cloth strips at the same time.Being strangled so painfully, the drowsy woman immediately woke up, screamed, and subconsciously grabbed Gu Mingzhu s hand, leaving a few scratches on the back of Gu Mingzhu s hand.Liu Su went to check in shock, Gu Mingzhu waved his hand Go and find me some clean towels, and bring Zhao s trauma medicine.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu looked around, but fortunately, the others were only slightly injured.The mother in law regained her composure at this moment, and began to be afraid, sobbing and crying Am I going to die She followed the adults in the yamen to escort the female relatives, and she did not expect to encounter such a thing.Who is not afraid in the face of life and death, Gu Mingzhu lightly patted the mother in law s arm It s much better, and when the surgeon arrives, he will stitch it up for you.

I understand his thoughts, he can t give Zhou the crown princess, at least he can raise her in the mansion and love her to the fullest, and when he ascends the throne, he will also make her rich and prosperous.It s a pity, it s a pity, if he can see that beauty again, he will do anything The sky has begun to light up, and Gu Mingzhu should go back to Gu cbd gummies for ed amazon s house.Although Mr.Zhao Er is only a small character, he has gained a lot tonight.The next step is to see whether the accounts in Mr.Wei s hands are consistent with those calculated by his father.The same number of lost horses.There should be news of the prince who is hiding in the dark and the second master Zhao whose whereabouts are unknown.Nie Chen sent Gu Mingzhu out of Zhao s house, and told Liu Su to take good care of this junior sister Jiang.

Don t worry, Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su, I will think of a way to find a good martial arts master to teach you.Liu Su responded.Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su walked forward, unaware that there was a general of the Wei family lying on the ridge not far above their heads, and Wei Yuanchen called them secret guards on weekdays.The secret guards of the Wei family followed quietly all the way, knowing that the two had been talking, but their voices were very low, and they didn t hear the slightest bit of what they were muttering.The dark guard felt very strange.Didn t Chu Jiu say that Liu Su had ear problems How can people with ear problems still whisper to others The dark guard was thinking about it, when he noticed that the two people walking below were looking at the roof together, he sank down hastily, and he really can t be careless in the future, if he is noticed, he will lose face Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su went into Yizhuang together and met Nie Chen.

Zhao Er.If it was Mr.Zhao Er, we will bring Let the soldiers go, and they will be caught right away.Yacha said with excitement on his face, and the case of Mr.Zhao Er would make progress, and their hard work was not in vain.Take people there immediately, don t use torches on the way, so as not to startle the snakes.After Lu Shenzhi finished speaking, the Yamen immediately retreated, and Lu Shenzhi also prepared to dress up and head to the north of the city together.My lord.Junior sister Nie Chen s voice came from behind Lu Shenzhi.My my lord can can you listen to me.Lu Shenzhi thought of the conversation between Nie Chen and his junior sister.The girl had some insights into the case, so he stopped and looked over.Gu Mingzhu whispered in Nie Chen s ear and asked Nie Chen to pass a message to Lu Shenzhi.

Everyone subconsciously looked in the direction of the sound, and saw Chu Jiu running back to the yard quickly.My lord.Chu Jiu was followed by the guards of the East Palace.What is this for the prince angrily scolded the guards, Why do the guards around Mr.Wei have to stop them Get down.The guards of the Eastern Palace immediately bowed their heads and retreated after being reprimanded.My lord, Chu Jiu said, I met the yamen servant before I arrived at the yamen.Lord Lu sent the yamen servant to deliver a letter, saying that he found the whereabouts of the second master Zhao.The second master Zhao was held hostage in the mountains outside the city.Wei Yuanchen frowned, although his expression was calm, he still showed surprise at this moment Master Zhao Er is not dead Chu Jiu reported When he was discovered, he was still alive.

Mrs.Lin suppressed her anger, and picked up a plate of candied fruit from the low table Zhuzhu, let s eat it Heart disease is about to commit.Baotong was about to step forward to take the candied fruit, but Gu Mingzhu took the plate first, and then took advantage of the situation and sat on the little chair next to Madam Lin.Madam Lin s heart skipped a beat, she just wanted to kick that little cockroach away, whoever is so ungrateful puts a little cockroach here.Mrs.Lin went to see Zhao Gongren, only to see Zhao Gongren s eyes were cbd gummies for ed amazon red and swollen, and his expression was sluggish.Obviously, he had suffered a lot because of Mr.Zhao s incident.Mrs.Lin sighed and didn t know how to comfort him.Talk about it and you can get over it.This dynasty strictly prohibits privately buying and selling horses from Fan people.

Gu Mingzhu reached out to take it, probably because Cui Zhen used too much force when wrapping the grass.Back to the grass leaves.Both Gu Mingzhu and Cui Zhen were taken aback, but soon Cui Zhen suddenly laughed, the laughter was hearty and indescribably joyful.Gu Mingzhu looked at the pile of grass, what s so ridiculous If he was seen by others, he would think that Marquis Dingning was insane.Cui Zhen smiled for a moment, then suddenly said Do you know where to find those people Gu Mingzhu was startled, but soon recovered, Cui Zhen was not talking to her, but ordering the guards around him.Go and keep an eye on that Nie Chen, I need to find him.Chapter 125 Suspected that after Cui Zhen ordered the guard, the guard retreated silently.Gu Mingzhu just pretended not to see it, and continued to pick up a few straws to weave.

It is really ridiculous, but some people will believe it.Wei Yuanchen said Then when will she come back He looked at Nie Chen carefully, whether this Nie Chen knew more.Nie Chen also heard from Liu Su that the mother in law had a very strange temper, and she never showed up after seeing her last time Why would Mr.Wei care about a medical woman Nie Chen said We people like to pay attention to fate, I didn t ask deeply.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s mouth raised slightly, it seemed that Nie Chen was also kept in the dark.Nie Chen noticed that Mr.Wei s face softened suddenly.What did he say to please Mr.Wei This is also good, because the next words may not make Master Wei comfortable.My lord, Nie Chen said neither humble nor overbearing, I have something to ask you about.Junior Sister Jiang said, as long as you treat all of this as a business, there is nothing to be afraid of.

One heart with me.I didn t take this word to heart, I believed in him so much, I have been with him through ups and downs for many years as cbd gummies for ed amazon a husband and wife, how could I have thought that he would do this behind my back.Six years, Zhao Gongren raised his head and looked up at the sky, as if Lin Sizhen was right in front of him, Do you still have a heart for Lin Sizhen You bought her a house in Taiyuan Mansion and let her enjoy the blessings here.When we were together, I thought you were guarding the border, worrying about you all day long, and aromaland cbd gummies if something happened to the war horse, I even took the whole family in, but you You let the outer room hide away.Zhao Gongren only felt that There was a burst of blackness in front of his eyes, and Lin Runsheng s urgent voice came from his ears Mother, mother I have harmed the Zhao family, I have harmed the second brother, Zhao Gongren murmured, I persuade the second brother to believe him and say He will definitely save the second elder brother and send the second elder brother out of Dazhou, but he has broad spectrum infused cbd gummies already planned to kill the second elder brother and put all the blame on the Zhao family.

Crown Prince, Wei Yuanchen, Cui Zhen, she couldn t escape today.Zhao Gongren was thinking wildly when the sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications prince stretched out his hand and pulled Lin Runsheng up.The prince looked at Lin Runsheng and said, How old are you Lin Runsheng swallowed and replied nervously, Reporting to Your Highness, I Caomin is seventeen years old this year.The prince continued Do you have cbd gummies for ed amazon a younger brother Lin Runsheng said Younger brother Caomin is eight years old.The crown prince sighed One is seventeen years old and the other is eight years old, what a pity.Hearing this, Zhao HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon Gongren cried bitterly, until now she still doesn t know what Lin Sizhen did, her Are the two children still alive Zhao Gongren s voice was hoarse I beg the prince to point out a way for these two children to survive.He kowtowed on the ground non stop.

After all, the Wei family is the best.Huaiyuanhou thought so, walked to the gate of the cbd sleep gummies canada palace and got on his horse, and was about to urge the horse to go forward, but Huaiyuanhou felt a pair of eyes looking at him.Those eyes were full of scrutiny and curiosity, like the sun at cbd gummies for ed amazon noon, it was very dazzling among the crowd, Huaiyuan Hou immediately turned his head to face it.That is the second master of the Wei family.How could Second Master Wei be so interested in him all of a sudden Chapter 139 The Difficult Father Gu Huaiyuan Hou decided to say hello to Second Master Wei, whether he will come up to talk to cbd:thc gummies him is up to Second Master Wei do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg himself, after all the dignitaries in Beijing will take a detour when they see him, I m afraid that I will have the slightest relationship with him, a horse manure nobleman.

The most important thing is that if it is not well controlled, it will harm the people in the frontier.There should be no military chaos in the border town, even if there is a change, it must be calmed down in the shortest possible time, no more than three days, otherwise there will be changes, he sent a letter to the capital to warn, but he is afraid that Lin Temple is really prepared.Although Suzhou Wei was far away, it seemed that he would not be able to reach it for a organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon while, but who said that Lin Si would really stay in Suzhou Wei honestly.A month ago, he asked the women from Dongdaxiang to move out.They had been investigating kaya cbd gummies the case in Taiyuan Mansion for so long, leaving enough time for Lin Sizhen to plan the way forward.Wei Yuanchen pushed the tea aside again, and Chu Jiu took it away with his mouth pursed.

They had ambushed the surrounding bandits, and the Yang s bodyguards calmed down the bandits in an hour.In the village where I live, those passers by can still use flags to talk to each other.According to what the bandit said, the people in the Yang s bodyguard are very similar Before Nie Chen could say anything, Wei Yuanchen said, The soldiers of the official government Horses.In terms of actions and coordination, the manpower in the market place is no match for the soldiers and horses of the government.Nie Chen nodded The Bandit also knew a member of Yang s Escort Bureau, and that person was also a military household like him, but Nie Chen s eyes flickered when he said this The military household reported his death in battle., The imperial court also issued a pension, but the bandits are sure that they are not mistaken.

Okay, said Princess Huairou, Madam will be more Stay with me for a while.Madam Lin wanted to accompany Princess Huairou to talk, and asked Baotong to take Gu Mingzhu back to rest.Gu Mingzhu was lying on the bed, thinking of what Princess Huairou said, tomorrow will be very dangerous for the princess and her son in law, I hope they are all safe and sound.Gu Mingzhu, who has always been able to eat well and sleep well, was in a state of confusion tonight, and couldn t cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage sleep peacefully after tossing and turning.After a while, she got up with a sigh, and it seemed that she had to go to Mr.Wei to see her for peace of mind.Chapter 157 Gu Mingzhu always felt a little indebted to Wei Yuanchen, and every time she thought that the injury was more or less related to her, the guilt in her heart would emerge.

People in the tribe often say that my uncle doesn t obey the rules, and makes troubles outside all day long.When he grows up to this size, the first time he ran to the mountain, he was almost eaten by a bear.I met a bandit and came back covered gummies with cbd and delta 8 in blood, but I also sent the leader of the bandit to the government office.I had a conflict with the gentry in the town for the third time In short, in the eyes of the tribe, if my uncle disagrees with you, he will kill you.Move your fist.When my uncle came to be a guest in Beijing, my grandmother would inevitably ask her a few more words, but she always felt that it was best for my uncle to do so.As Zhou Zesheng got closer and closer, Gu Mingzhu s nose became more and more sore, and she was about to lose control of the tears in her eyes.She hurriedly lowered her head to calm down, and when she raised her head again, it was that Miss Gu who didn t know much about the world.

Now she has three sons and three daughters.The daughter she and Zheng Bian had won the trust of Jinong and stayed in Dazhou.Mrs.Zhao and I searched everywhere, and kept looking for the whereabouts of Zheng Bian s concubine, because she frequently inquired about Zheng s family affairs, so she was targeted.Mrs.Zhao knew that she was very dangerous, and her own son refused to recognize her when she came to her.Although we found out about these things , but there is not much evidence in hand, the Shanxi mutiny involved too much, not only cannot reverse the case for General Zhao with these things in hand, but the fact that Mrs.Zhao is alive will also be leaked.If Mrs.Zhao is arrested, who will do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg defend Mr.Zhao Redress While we were hesitating, a group of bandits captured Mrs.Zhao.The crown prince glanced at Mr.

Sooner or later, he will still be suppressed, and if the thief is captured do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg first, the king will be captured first.If Lin Sizhen is killed, the rebel army s morale will be shaken.They can be conquered one by one, so what Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen have to do is to delay the time and wait for the cbd gummies is weed reinforcements from the court to come.Lin Sizhen s plan was to catch the prince, and it seemed that they had nothing to do with them, but Gu Mingzhu felt that Lin Sizhen and the others would not let them go easily.They were the female relatives of the great Zhou Xungui s family, and they would always be useful after they were caught.Mrs.Lin was a little worried, the carriage stopped for a while to rest, would she like to go and see Elder Sister The eldest sister may still be kept in the dark, do you want to make it clear with the eldest sister, no matter where you flee in the future, everyone will take .

do cbd gummies make you groggy?

care of you.

It also allows people to understand the cave of Tibetan soldiers in advance, so that they can go deep into it and cooperate with the outside.In addition, Wufeng Mountain is a feint, and there are not many soldiers and horses, so it is easy to deal with.The princess and concubine should be safe and sound.No chance.Gu Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief for Princess Huairou HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon and her son in law, it was worth it to exchange a stupid prince s safety for these.As soon as the two of them finished talking, they heard someone rushing to report Someone is coming this way.Cui Wei immediately stepped forward to meet the scout when he heard the voice.The scout gasped heavily About a hundred people.Cui Wei said Is it the manpower sent by the imperial court to escort the prince and the female relatives to Beijing The scout shook his head There is no such thing mentioned in the East Palace.

She walked very lightly and at a very fast speed.In this .

do cbd gummy bears work?

way, she was similar to Miss Jiang.It seems that Nie Chen is not so dull.After all, she is a good detective, very sensitive and vigilant.The darkness under the lamp was temporarily blinded.Gu Mingzhu quickly walked down the village fort.Uncle and Lord Lu came back.They were guarding here, so she went to find her mother so that she would not worry Open the door, open the door quickly.There was a shout, and the gate of the village castle opened to welcome Zhou Qiye, Lu Shenzhi and others.Zhou Zesheng rushed into the village first, and was about to take the guards to fight against the enemy with the villagers.After entering the city, the situation in front of him immediately made Zhou Zesheng stunned.what is this Catapult He just left for a while, why is there a catapult in the city The village chief greeted Zhou Zesheng Zhou Qiye, what about our catapults Maybe they will be useful Time is too tight, we only make three, and after tomorrow morning, I will let people continue to demolish the houses and build .

how many hours do cbd gummies work?


Master, there is a troop of soldiers coming this way.Hearing the voice of the report, Gu Chongyi raised his head and looked into the distance, and immediately there were scouts around him to report Master Wei, these are the soldiers and horses of Lord Wei Yuanchen.Wei Wei grown ups Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised, she thought it would take some time for Lord Wei to come back here, neither Lin Sizhen nor the crown prince is easy to deal with, so so soon Wei Yuanchen saw a person lying on the city wall from a distance, looking up at him curiously.There was a tall figure beside this person, carefully protecting her in his arms.The father and daughter stood there affectionately, holding a small bow together, looking down at him from above.Such a scene was far from Wei Yuanchen s expectation.She thought she was working very hard and was waiting for reinforcements, no wonder no one had ever sent anyone to deliver the news.

The girl s voice was crisp and clear Mother in law, yoube careful Chapter 209 The majestic old lady Cheng never expected a delicate girl to have such strength.If you don t talk about it for nothing, you won t be able to take back the shame you gave up.Old lady Cheng gritted her teeth, no matter who the girl was, she was about to push the girl away, but she had gathered enough strength just now, and was about to shake off the girl s hand, when something tripped her foot, and her whole body The center of gravity had already shifted backwards, but now it was even more crooked and fell backwards.Gu Mingzhu let go of her hand and let out a cry of surprise.With a slap , Mrs.Cheng sat down hard on the ground.Old lady.Mother.Old lady Cheng was in so much pain that she screamed out in pain.The fall was so terrible that her tailbone seemed to be broken.

The sharp weapon cbd gummies for ed amazon in his hand was about to be sent forward when Qian Yunsheng suddenly fell down.Peng Liang didn t have time to check Qian Yunsheng s situation, he stretched out his hand and threw him aside, and immediately went to arrest Hou Yong, he couldn t let Hou Yong leave this room.Hou Yong fled two steps forward, his body went limp for some reason, he staggered on his feet, and fell to the ground involuntarily, at this time Peng Liang quickly walked up to him.Looking at the empty jug on the table, Hou Yong finally understood, and poisonedsomeone poisoned him and Qian Yunsheng, obviously that person was Peng Liang, and Peng Liang planned to kill them a long time ago, so he poisoned them first The last move is to prevent them from getting out of this cbd gummies for ed amazon room.Peng Liang kicked Hou Yong to the ground with one foot, and pressed Hou Yong s shoulders hard.

Is Cousin Feng speaking for Nie Chen, or is he suing Why is it like a child who was robbed of food just now.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu touched the purse at her waist.She was actually the child who was robbed by Huang Daxian for food.Liu Su quickly walked back to the value room and nodded to Gu Mingzhu, the two merchants rushed to confess, and they would definitely tell everything they knew.Gu organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon Mingzhu said Let s get out of here Now that Xue Laotong has taken over, their work is done, and it is getting late, so cbd gummies for ed amazon leave early to cbd oil gummies not helping for inflammation avoid complications.The two of them were about to walk out of the prison after speaking, only to hear footsteps coming from outside.Immediately after, someone asked, Master Qiao, why are you here Gu Mingzhu s heart sank, was he going to meet Qiao Song here.There is a case in the Ministry of Criminal Justice.

My uncle has been in the criminal department for many years and has handled countless cases.My uncle must have his own intentions in doing so.Qiao Song raised his head and looked at the sky I m afraid I ll have to hold an umbrella later.It s going to rain The news that Princess Huairou s son in law sued the Cheng family spread all over the capital.The imperial concubine sat on a chair and sewed clothes for the nine princes.Your Majesty, the female official said in a low voice, Do you want to call the female family members of the Cheng family into the palace for questioning The concubine raised her lips slightly No need.The female official continued If the female family members of the Cheng family come to pass the sign at that time The imperial concubine did not lift her eyes This matter should be decided by the empress.

Bai Gongren opened her eyes in a trance, and half a bright red face appeared in front of her.She immediately exclaimed You Ah Chan come come here Bai Gongren struggled, his upper body He and his buttocks twisted, as if they were about to fall off the bed in panic, the mother in charge hurried forward Mr.Gong, what s the matter with you She s not Ah Chan, she s the doctor who came to see you.A red birthmark, did it scare Gongren Seeing that the doctor was still standing there, the mother in charge couldn t help frowning and reprimanded I haven t stepped back yet.Gu Mingzhu s original intention was to make Bai Gongren exclaim, she Taking the opportunity to look at Bai Gongren s tongue, the jade tube that the steward of Yuan s family held out just now has traces of smoke, if Bai Gongren has used this kind of light rice for a long time, there should be traces on his teeth.

Putting the prince to death, he murmured Kill you, kill you, I m going to kill you Come on, come on The third prince held his neck, and the guards stepped forward to pull the prince, The whole yard was in a mess.Prince, prince, this is the third prince, please let go.It was he who hurt me, it was him, the prince stared at the third prince, he blamed me for pushing him off the tree back then.I ve always wanted to take revenge, but just now, he sneaked into my room and told mehe s going to kill me, I ll dieyou can t live.The guard pulled the prince away with difficulty.The crown prince ordered in a trembling voice Take your highness down quickly, and ask the imperial doctor to see the wounds of your highness and the third prince, go cbd gummies for ed amazon quickly.The two guards lifted the prince up, and the prince still kept shouting Kill him, Kill him.

What does the appearance of Luo Zidai in the eye sockets mean The old Wu Zuo couldn t figure it out, it didn t seem to have anything to do with the autopsy.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mr.Wei, Mr.Wei had deep eyes, as if he didn t quite understand.At Mr.Wei s age, how could he not know anything about it She shouldn t say this too clearly, so as not to be exposed when she uses it in the future, but fortunately she doesn t rely entirely on dressing up.Gu Mingzhu explained A woman covered her cbd gummies for ed amazon face with powder, her eye sockets were smudged with Luo Zidai, and her lips were not puffed up.There is only one purpose for cbd gummies for ed amazon doing this, which is to make herself look haggard and pitiful, in order to win the love and affection of others.Madam Yuan If you want to die with all your heart, it best cbd gummies to replace alcohol would be superfluous to put in effort to do this kind of makeup.

Wei, I m going to court in a while, so I don t want to go there on an empty stomach.Wei Yuanchen looked away from the file After a while, did she care about him, or did she want cbd vitamin c gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon to cover it up for herself After saying this, Gu Mingzhu pushed the tea cup forward again Is the cup of tea cold, my lord This cup has just been poured out not long ago, so it should be just right.Gu Mingzhu greeted her with a smile, only feeling that her attitude was sincere enough, Eyes met, Mr.Wei didn t come to take the newly poured tea, but raised his hand again, drank the tea in the cup, and then picked up the teapot to refill it again.After pouring the tea, Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on the food.Gu Mingzhu saw that heroic eyebrows slightly frowned, Master Wei really found out, after all, there are more plates than pastries now, and the servants of the government office cbd vitamin c gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon did not send plates to Master Wei to eat.

She seemed afraid that Gu Minglan would be wronged.Gu Mingwan wished he could stomp his feet and leave.Good reading, Gu Minglan said, I like books, thank you fourth sister for the gift.What books can you read Gu Mingwan looked at Gu cbd gummies for ed amazon Mingzhu, Are you literate Gu Mingzhu raised her eyebrows and said with certainty I know more than Big Sister.Gu Mingwan rushed to the throat and was held back, she was really out of her mind, she would speak big words when she opened her mouth, if she questioned it, it would be like embarrassing a fool.Zhuzhu can read more words than her, so she won t have to eat in sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications this life.Just like Mrs.Lin Tai said before, Zhuzhu is destined to stay in the Gu family.Such female relatives cannot marry.The Gu family needs her and her younger sister to come forward if they want to get married.

When Baotong saw the eldest lady s appearance, she immediately followed up.The master and servant arrived in the courtyard.Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, Go to the old lady s room to see if there are any long bamboo or jade pipes.Old lady Gu left Zhuzhu to eat at home, Gu Mingwan was not interested in the banquet, so she found an excuse to come out halfway, and sat on the porch in a daze.Gu Ziyan came out of the house and saw Gu Mingwan at a glance Why are you here Didn t everyone go to talk to Zhuzhu Gu Mingwan got up and saluted Gu Ziyan What s the use of being with her, Huaiyuan The Hou Mansion is clearly avoiding us and letting a foolish girl deal with it.What good is there to please a fool Gu Ziyan couldn t help frowning when he heard this.He is older than Gu Mingwan.He is twenty years old this year.

Everyone in Taiqingguan knew that she didn t like people coming to disturb her.Even new disciples would not break in here, so they could only be outsiders.She hides in the temple, and occasionally enters the palace to preach the Taoist scriptures for the empress dowager, just to stay away from those worldly affairs, but because the empress dowager likes her, people outside try their best to come to inquire about the news, and her junior brother Taoism Men and women are equal, and male and female Taoist priests are called brothers and sisters Sun Huixiu, who is cbd gummies for ed amazon in charge of Taiqing Temple, is still full of guard against her.Perhaps Sun Huixiu is playing tricks and finding an outsider to come and cause trouble.She didn t get angry for a long time, did those people forget her temper Mo Yangming raised his hand, ready to grab the man s neck with one blow, and let him teach him a lesson.

Who brought these Tamba wild rice back from the sea Has the Bai family improved the dry compass The court of the Great Zhou Dynasty prohibited privately going out to sea to buy and sell goods, but there were still merchant ships that ventured into the water.These merchant ships ran around when they were captured by court ships, and it was easy to lose their way at sea.If there is a more accurate dry compass on the merchant ship, it will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.Wei Yuanchen said Keep an eye on the Lu family.The Lu family quietly went to eagle hemp cbd gummies owner the Yuan family to report the news, and they also had contacts with the soldiers and horses of Wucheng.There was also a dark room in that courtyard, so no matter how you looked at it, it was related to the Bai family.Maybe the person behind the Lu family is Bai Gongren s elder brother, Bai cbd gummies for ed amazon Guanzheng s son who has not been an official.

It s the same as when Xiaobai saw Yuanxiao eating flower cakes and wanted to try it.The young lady s statement seems to be correct, but it s also weird.Mr.Wei s serious and majestic appearance doesn t match his words and deeds just now.She has to suspect that Mr.Wei just now is pretended by someone else.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong walked cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage away, Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Wake Xuan Wei up.Chu Jiu nodded.Wei Yuanchen took the people away, Chu Jiu pulled out a silver needle and stabbed Xuanwei, the needle was thick enough, Miss Gu asked Baotong to give it to him, he quickly went down with a needle, a series of blood beads immediately appeared, Chu Jiu nodded in satisfaction.There was a small cloth bag hanging on Baotong s waist.I don t know how many novelty things are inside.When Minger waits for Feng Anping to bribe him with beef, he will bring it to Baotong to exchange some of these small things Xuan on the ground moved slightly, Chu Jiu left the hall like a gust of wind.

Sun Zhenren was not moved I heard that there are thieves hiding in the Taoist mountain, and I am naturally panicked.Don t worry about it, I am sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications here for those thieves.Time is running out, so don t bother with her.Su Fu edipure tie dye cbd gummies didn t talk to Sun Zhenren, but turned to stare at the woman who came running.Xuan Wei finally came to a few people, and before she could speak, she felt the master s stern eyes on her, making her lower her head subconsciously, but she immediately remembered the slowly ignited Dao scriptures, and the earth shattering The voice seemed to be looking down at her from the high sky.Master, Xuan Wei finally said, You did not do it right.We have committed a serious crime.If this continues, the gods will punish us, and Master will be dragged into Hell of the Underworld.If Master does not repent, it will be too late.

Miss, thanks to the quick response of Miss and Baotong.Catch her.The mother in charge are cbd gummies illegal uk ordered, and cbd gummies for ed amazon several women rushed to Xuan Ming.Gu Mingzhu on the tree handed the wooden stick in her hand to Baotong, and agreed that she would stab one first, and then Baotong would do it when someone climbed up.Chu Jiu was helping in secret, and they had no burden at all to do it.Miss, Baotong looked at anxiously, why don t they climb anymore.She also wanted to hit her with a single blow like the eldest lady.Gu Mingwan had never seen such a scene before.Gu Mingzhu climbed up a tree ree drummond cbd gummies for a while, and the Taoist girl flew to catch it, and then fell down again.What is this doing Is the gangster disguised as a Taoist nun, or is the Taoist nun just a gangster Gu Mingwan wanted to leave here, but he didn t dare to leave.

Gu Chongyi bowed cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage to the third prince and concubine.The third concubine said Marquis Huaiyuan came to pick up Miss Gu Exactly.After Gu Chongyi said this, he lowered his head as if he had nothing to say.What a ignorant person, how did he expose the war horse case Before cbd gummies for ed amazon the incident happened in the Taoist temple, she might think of an excuse to say a few more words to Marquis Huaiyuan.Looking at the dumbfounded person in front of her, she had no intention of staying any longer.Go straight ahead.Mrs.Zhang did not immediately follow the third concubine, but saluted Gu Chongyi and said, Uncle, wait here for a while.Zhuzhu was left by Mo Zhenren to talk, and she will come out in a while.Last night was safe and sound, thanks to Zhuzhu s meeting.Climb the tree so that those Taoist nuns with malicious intentions will not catch you.

Bai Jingkun still shook his cbd gummies for ed amazon head, but refused to speak more.Wei Yuanchen continued You also caused Yuan Bai s leg to be like that Upon hearing this, Bai Jingkun couldn t help saying My second sister s leg was injured by myself.Wei Yuanchen said Yuan Bai s leg injury was caused by falling from a high place at first, but later someone deliberately wounded the wound and repeatedly festered, and then deliberately cut off the blood in both legs, which made Yuan Bai s look like it is today.Bai Jingkun s eyes widened, it s impossible, who would harm his second sister Bai Jingkun s mood changed, Gu Mingzhu squatted in the corner and took two steps forward, some answers might be ready to come out.Wei Yuanchen s voice was still indifferent You are doing everything you can to achieve your goals, and I don t understand why you want to harm Yuan Bai.

So maybe Bai cbd gummies for ed amazon Jingkun really didn t kill Ah Chan.Wei Yuanchen kept asking questions along Bai Jingkun s train of thought, not asking questions standard cbd gummy milograms first, let Bai Jingkun tell what he knew, and then he would ask questions one by one based on these words.Wei Yuanchen asked, What happened next Bai Jingkun just cbd gummi bears licked his chapped lips, I was found by those people just cbd gummies for ed amazon after I left Beijing.I had nowhere to go and had to go home, and then I heard that A chan committed suicide Ah Chan died, the family was in chaos, we were busy with Ah Chan s funeral, those people never found me again, knowing that my father and mother passed away one after another, my brother in law gave me some money and asked me to do some business , I just met those people again.Those people didn t mention the matter of the drought compass anymore, I thought it was over like this, but I didn t expect that the second sister broke her leg again.

You, you are just too careful, the Queen Mother laughed, Since what happened to the King of Liang last time, the Ai family has always let trusted people take care of these things.If Queen Wei hadn t caught a sneaky servant that time, If you hear the news from his mouth, Ai s family will be poisoned by the dove poison, and they have gone to see the late emperor.Mo Zhenren said It was the late emperor who protected the empress dowager.The empress dowager said these things today do not need to hide from others, these platinum cbd gummies worms are all Many people know about the old things, but if they go deeper, not everyone can listen to them.Seeing this, the female officer immediately sent people away, and also came forward to invite Baotong and Gu Mingzhu.Mo Zhenren nodded to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu put down the scarf in her hand, and happily walked out with Baotong.

The foul smelling pus and blood gushed out immediately.Mo Yang The cloth towel in Ming s hand was soaked quickly.Mo Yangming was about to turn around and order someone to bring a clean towel, so he took the dirty towel from her with both hands, and pressed a clean one on the wound.Mo Yangming nodded to Gu Mingzhu gratifiedly.She didn t know what Miss Gu how much is green lobster cbd gummies s mentality was.In terms of learning medical skills, most people were not as good as Miss Gu.As the wound was cut open, a large amount of pus and blood flowed out, and the child on the bed felt the pain and began to struggle.Mo Yangming said Bring pepper water.Baotong handed the lifting pot filled with pepper water to Gu Mingzhu.After the warm pepper water was poured down, the child on the bed did not move anymore, so Mo Yangming could continue to clean the wound.

I know there is something strange about this, the only time I met this Jin Langzhong was at Yuan s house, Jin Langzhong s behavior must have something to do with Bai Gongren s leg injury, and I had doubts about Bai Gongren s injury for a long time, so I cheated two people.In other words, Jin Langzhong colluded with Yuan s family to harm Bai Gong s family.If I tell the government about this, the Jin family will be finished, but this matter will not do me any good.Why should I take this risk to do things that harm others and benefit myself After hearing this, Jin Langzhong gave me a hundred taels of silver, and gave me the medical books handed down by the Jin family.I promised cbd gummies for ed amazon not to mention this matter again.Many of the prescriptions I have used in the Sore and Ulcer Department of the Imperial Hospital these years are from the Jin family.

Now it is really different, the eyebrows are dyed with ink, and the skin is fair Is it really because the knot in the heart has been untied Maybe people will become soft hearted when they see beautiful scenery and people, and the is smilz cbd gummies legitimate longer they look at it, it seems cbd gummies for ed amazon that they can t bear to continue to deceive him.As Gu Mingzhu was thinking this way, the sound of rustling rain came from outside the house.Suddenly it cbd gummies for began to rain.The thunder rumbled, as if the black sky above his head was about to be suppressed.Gu Mingzhu stood up and walked to the window.Under the illumination of the wind lamp on the porch, the raindrops seemed to draw a thin line of light between the sky and the earth.The rain became heavier and heavier, slowly illuminating the sky and the earth.Wei Yuanchen woke up, opened his eyes and saw the girl standing in front of the window, the girl stretched out her hand to catch the light cbd gummies for ed amazon in the palm of her hand, then she curled up her lips slightly.

After Jiao Zhong finished speaking, he turned his head and saluted Miss Gu Thank you, Miss, I still miss Bao er when it s raining heavily.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the rainwater falling on her head., the rain is too heavy tonight, and the roof that has not been repaired will definitely not be able to withstand the heavy rain, and she also heard that as long as there is something to do in Anjiyuan, someone from the Tan family organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon will come to help.No one will come Tan Sanye walked into Anjiyuan stepping on muddy feet.The weather was fine, but suddenly it rained heavily.He hurried over with his clothes on and brought people to take care of him.Running all the way, his body was soaked, and he hurried to catch up with his uncle.Uncle, Tan Sanye stepped forward holding an umbrella, Qin Tianjian also said that there will be no heavy rain in Beijing recently.

Huai Wang came out of the palace and went straight back to Huai Wang s mansion, even before he had time to change his clothes.into the study.Seeing the figure in the study, King Huai s heart was still in his throat.He saluted the person sitting on the chair Sir.I can t afford it.King Huai said, If Mr.Shen hadn t planned for me, I wouldn t be where I am today.Just now, my father reviewed what I have done these years, and I only have gratitude to Mr.Shen.Shen Guicheng is The eldest son of Shen Shoufu is now in charge of the Ministry of Rites.After Shen Shoufu took over as Minister of Rites, he was promoted to a bachelor, and then became a bachelor of Shoufu.Shen Guicheng and his father walked the same path of promotion.Although Shen Guicheng was not as famous as Shen Shoufu, officials who had good relations with the Shen family often said that the Shen family would produce two chief assistants.

Xue Laotong organixx cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon has already set his eyes on the sea When they land on the shore, they must hide the boat.When the time comes, we will follow the clues and we will know who is picking them up Lotus Alley.The old lady Gu was lying on the bed, holding a jade tube in her hand and sucking the curling green smoke into her mouth.Why didn t the imperial court allow the sale of such a good thing sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications After Sun Zhenren was arrested, she didn t know if she could buy these from Quanzhou smoothly.If she had known, she would have bought more and stocked up.Grandmother, Gu Minglan said in a low voice, Shangqing Temple has already been investigated, maybe these things are not good, so you don t want to use them Seeing her grandmother using more and more, she couldn t help feeling a little worried.What do you know, said the old lady Gu, the imperial court does not allow the sale, it may not be because it is not good, besides, I don t know if it is comfortable to use What can this thing do If it was poisonous, I would have died a long time ago.

After being disturbed and suppressed by Wei Yuanchen several times, he finally won the round in this case Qiao Zheng felt extremely proud at this moment.Chapter 362 The case was reported to Li Shuntian Mansion, the Criminal Ministry, and Wei Tongzheng for a long time, and finally Qiao Zheng led his people to investigate the case.Qiao Zheng watched Wei Yuanchen get off his horse, under the light of the torch, Wei Yuanchen s eyes It was extremely dark.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Fang Guiji, and then searched among the crowd.You don t need to look for it, Qiao Zheng said, Yu Zhenhai has also been captured.After saying this, Qiao Zheng said, Why did Mr.Wei come here The handyman, an hour ago, my subordinates reported to me that he came to this village in the south of Jing.Qiao Zheng raised his eyebrows, and Master Wei gave him another clue to save him a lot of effort.

So that she could know about it earlier.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he saw two figures riding towards him, one of them was thin and small, as if he was covered by heavy snow.Should have known she wasn t that obedient.My lord, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward, Is everything going well Hearing this, Wei Yuanchen vaguely forgot that she had been talking about Cui Zhen before.The Ministry of Criminal Justice has taken over, Wei Yuanchen said, It doesn t seem to have much to do with us now.That s fine, Gu Mingzhu said, If you don t investigate the do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg case, you can always watch the excitement, which is also a compliment to Mr.Qiao.Let s learn from my nephew.How did she know that he was going to watch the fun Gu Mingzhu pretended to be full of reasons, and was about to put them all out to persuade Master Wei, when she felt her shoulders warm, and a cloak fell on her.

Although Mu Qiu moved fast enough, the rope still pulled the porcelain vase on the shelf, and the porcelain vase lost its balance and was about to fall down.Seeing this, the child s expression became ferocious again because of joy.Almost at the same time, Mu Qiu was about to go forward to pick up the porcelain vase, but a figure rushed over from behind and pushed him away.The person who is faster than him is the third master.Since the third master arranged this way, he must have thought of a solution, and the tacit understanding of cooperation for many years made Mu Qiu fly to save the other people in the house without any hesitation.The brocade is in the south room.Child only heard a woman s voice.In the flint and lightning, he didn t have time to understand the meaning of the words.Immediately afterwards, relieva cbd gummies he felt his body was suddenly lifted, and his whole hemptrance cbd gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon are cbd gummies legal in tennessee body greeted him.

, instead of implicating the elder brother, now everything is clear, and the credit is naturally the elder brother s, I will not take half of it, as long as the court allows the elder brother to lead the army again, I will feel at ease.Cui Zhen looked at the sincerity expression on Cui Wei s face, After a long while, he said You did it, and the credit is naturally yours.I told you that now I just want to recuperate at home.Now that the military power has been handed over, I will never find excuses to take it back.Brother, Cui said.Wei was stunned, Are you angry with the court, or are you refusing to forgive me What s wrong with me wanting to marry Zhuzhu, it s worth your anger Chapter 381 The surveillance made a boom.Cui Zhen threw the teacup in his hand on the low table, and cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage stared at Cui Wei with sharp eyes I m talking about political affairs with you, why do you mention Zhuzhu Uncle Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion made it clear Chu, you disregarded etiquette in front of your elders, went to propose marriage with anger, and talked about pearls every now and then.

She told HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon her grandmother that she would cbd gummies for ed amazon cbd gummies in checked baggage go to the embroidery village to see embroidery samples., but quietly left the mother in law in the embroidered HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon village and went to the calligraphy and painting shop.Who knew that the mother in law found that she was missing and looked around.She was afraid that her mother in law would sue her grandmother, so she wanted to return to the embroidery village through the back door without HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon anyone noticing, and almost bumped into her mother in law.Fortunately, someone rode over at that time and just blocked her.At that time, she looked back while running, and vaguely remembered a young boy straddling a horse.The boy was wearing a long robe, and just looking at his back made him feel quiet and immature.Could it be Mr.Wei Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, and it was difficult to put the two figures together, but there was a big difference between when Lord Wei was in prison and now, so she didn t recognize him at first when he was in Shanxi.

Many businesses in the Shen cbd gummies do nothing family have to stop first.The shop should be sold if it should be sold.If there are still charges to difference between hemp and cbd gummy be suppressed, I am afraid that the property will be confiscated by the court.The money is in the hands first, and at least why does my cbd gummy taste like a frog there will be a chance to make a cbd gummies for ed amazon comeback when reviews on cbd gummies for copd the storm is over.The master is right.After Shen finished speaking, she got up and blessed Mr.Zhang, The concubine will not bother the master.As Shen said, she took the maid and walked out, and Mr.Zhang looked at Shen s delicate back Well, after being married for such a long time, she still has secrets from him.The relationship left by Shen Shoufu is not only what you see on the surface.When Mrs.Shen was far away, Qiu Hai walked in and said, My lord, gummy brand cbd pure hemp 500mg ingredients the steward has sent a message that Mr.Shen Er has gone to look for those folks again.

Cui Zhen looked deeply at Zou Xiang for a while, then turned and walked outside the house, he needed to think carefully.In the few years after he married Zhang, Datong was busy with military affairs, and his thoughts were all on the guard.He didn t care about the inner house at home, and he always felt that there would be no big mistakes.Which family didn t live like this, as long as the concubine s room was restrained, Don t spoil concubines and kill wives, the concubine knows that what s left is the trivial matters in the inner house, are these as important as military affairs Mrs.Zhang is his official wife, and she has both prosperity and loss with the Dingning Hou Mansion.She is so gentle and gentle on weekdays, always thinking of him, for fear that her mother will be unhappy, and she will not even interact with her natal family.

There were a lot of disputes in the inner house that killed people, maybe some people suppressed it, and at most sent the steward s mother to the government office to die.But now that the Zhang family is related to the people behind the scenes, he dare not relax at all.Cui Zhen laughed at himself, other people s houses also made a lot of jokes, but everything in his house was up to the sky, there are several advantages to handing over this case to Shuntian Mansion.He can trust the prefect of Su, and Xue Laotong from Shuntian Prefecture once went to Shandong to investigate the case with people from the market, and he is very familiar with the affairs of the Lu family and the coast of Shandong.If the Zhang family is involved in that matter, it will be more convenient to investigate.Cui Zhen let whoopi cbd gummies out a long sigh of relief, and was about to sit down and look at the map.

Zhang.After all, she is also your wife.Fate is bad, first the shameless Zhou family, and then Cui Zhen interrupted Mrs.Lin Mother, don t scold Zhou family anymore, Zhou family has been involved too much.As soon as Cui Zhen cbd gummies for ed amazon finished speaking, the steward knocked cbd vitamin c gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon on the door outside People from Shuntian Mansion are here.Cui Zhen bowed to Madam Lin and said, Mother, rest in peace Mrs.Lin really wanted to go out to see Zhang s miserable situation, but she didn t expect that her son would not allow her to leave the yard, so she couldn cbd gummies and levothyroxine t help complaining.After all, I raised you for nothing, and I still keep your mother behind.Mrs.Lin was resentful.Cui Zhen was about to step forward when she heard Mrs.Lin shout I heard that you have a bastard living outside Can t bring him into the Cui family, who knows if he is a descendant of the Cui family.

If it can be found out it must be counted on Yan Shen.He was afraid that he would make a wrong choice.After Yan Shen s sun valley cbd gummies death, he made up his mind.Although he has been pursuing the case, he will not tell the truth unless there is someone who is capable of finding out all this.Wei Tongzheng, cbd gummies for ed amazon this ordinary person, moved his heart.He wanted to come here HCMUSSH cbd gummies for ed amazon to inquire about the news before making plans, but he didn t expect to tell the whole story like this.Maybe the feeling of Nie Chen and the girl here is just like that of Yan Shen.General, firm and powerful, trustworthy.The old man smiled in his heart.In fact, he should have been frozen to death on the day he overheard these conversations, but he didn t know when the snow stopped and a ray of sunshine shone on him, which slowly made sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications him recover.

He must not believe it.If someone proved it, the emperor would have no way out and had to face the reality.They can wait, but the people of Great Zhou can t wait, and they can stabilize the situation faster if they start a moment earlier, so as to prevent more people from being involved in the flames of war.I m going to see him, Wei Yuanchen looked at Pei Shangqing, Sir, go back earlier, if I have news, I will send Mu Qiu to your home.Wei Yuanchen bowed to Pei Shangqing and strode out the door.When Wei Yuanchen left the room, Pei Shangqing picked up a cup of tea and drank it slowly.The third master s mind was more stable than before.No matter how big things happened, he could feel at easeChapter 435 Sending the letter Cui Zhen went back to the yard to look at the sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications map for a while before receiving the news from Wei Yuanchen.

The sword s edge slashed on King Huai s shoulder, and then kicked it over, causing King Huai to fall to the ground.King Huai felt that half of his body was torn apart, and the sword he was holding tightly in his hand was also lost.The man grabbed his injured arm, and when he raised his head.With a slap , he slapped King Huai heavily on the face.King Huai s eyes were staring, and his ears were buzzing.Another slap was thrown on the other half of the face, and then his crotch hurt, and he was kicked firmly.King Huai curled up and fell to the ground, and screams came from his mouth.Bah Qiu Hai spat, If you run away again, I ll kill you.Qiu Hai flew up and kicked King Huai s jaw again.Blood flowed from King cbd gummies for ed amazon Huai s mouth, and before the blood froth could be completely spit out, he was grabbed by the bun on cbd vitamin c gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon his head and dragged forcefully.

Li came to her grandson s yard today because she was worried about this matter.Going to northern Xinjiang is very dangerous.She was hesitant to tell the truth about her life experience to this child, and her grandson had already thought of this, so Speak first.It didn t bother her at all.Mrs.Li wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, and earnestly asked Do you know if you come back safely At that time, grandma will arrange the marriage for you, and your mother will be more than happy to hear the news.The two were talking, and Mu Qiu entered the door Report Third Master, there are people in the palace, and the emperor calls you into the palace.Wei Yuanchen sent Mrs.Li out of the house and went to change clothes.Mrs.Li was walking on the corridor when she saw Mrs.Yuan who was coming to meet her.

Hearing this, Gu Mingzhu clenched her hands tightly, and she stabilized her emotions and said in an unusually calm voice Say it again.Chapter 481 Dear, it turns out that people will suddenly become deaf and can t hear cbd gummies for ed amazon anything.Gu Mingzhu watched cbd gummies for ed amazon Mama Wang s mouth open and close, and her fingers were tightly pinched.There was a pain in her heart.She was still in pain when she was shot in prison.When people are sad, they will subconsciously cry and curl up, cbd gummies froggies but .

is eagle hemp cbd gummies a scam?

this time she doesn t want to, she just wants to kill.Ms.Wang repeated her words.The quiet room could hear needles being dropped.She raised her head cautiously.The lady sitting opposite her was motionless.Ms.Wang was even more flustered.Didn t she say enough Mama Wang said My lady, this servant is telling the truth.Gu Mingzhu relaxed her hand, and after a few breaths, she said, Have you reported this to the rest of the Zhou family Finally the lady spoke again Mother Wang didn t hesitate Slaves, how dare you say that, this kind of thing If you say it, you will definitely not survive.

She relied on her grandmother, trusted her uncles, and relied on them from the bottom of her heart.She also nodded and told the elders that her uncle and aunt treated her very well.In do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg fact, everything was a sordid illusion.There must be an inside story about the mother s death.The third uncle should not have appeared in the eldest sister in law s yard late at night.After the mother died, the grandmother handled the funeral by herself.It was not because she valued the mother, but because she was hiding some doubts.But who helped manage the Yamen Let the Yamen not check carefully The door was opened again, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes and saw Mama Liang, Mama Liang looked at Mama Wang who was kneeling on the ground, she was a little surprised, but there was a contemptuous smile in her eyes, although it was fleeting, but Gu Mingzhu Mingzhu could see clearly.

He is getting more and more mature.The more foolish he is, he even throws away the life saving straw of the Wei family after ascending to the throne.Well, it is true that he used the children of poor families to check and balance the powerful, but his methods are not very clever, and his selfishness is too serious, making the political situation messy.Of course, there is also his credit for this.If nothing do cbd gummies interact with medications full spectrum cbd gummies 1000mg is broken, nothing can be built, and if the court is like an iron bucket, he will not find a chance to set things right.Zhao Qi said Come slowly, the more critical the moment, the less anxious you are.Zhao Qi got on his horse after going down the mountain By the way, remember to protect Cui Wei.Cui Wei s sunstate cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with medications life is good for us.The emperor ordered Cui Zhen to come back Datong, however, let Captain Long stare at Cui Zhen.

The Cao family had insight into Mrs.Zhou s intention and ordered Bao The second sneaked into Zhou find cbd gummies s house and killed Mrs.Zhou s family.You thought that if Zhou Xueshi and his wife were killed, no one would know the inside story, but they didn t know that Mrs.Zhou also told Zhou Zejing about the whole thing.On the night Mrs.Zhou passed away, Zhou Zejing saw Bao Er again at Zhou s house.Zhou Zejing knew that this matter must have something to do with Cao s family.Under the influence of interests, Zhou Zejing didn t say anything, just wanted to wait and see what happened, and use this handle in exchange for greater benefits in the future.This is Confessions of Zhou Zejing and others.Gu Mingzhu said as she handed the booklet in her hand to Empress Wei, saying this in front of Shen Lan, to let Shen Lan know that the evidence is cbd gummies for ed amazon solid and Concubine De can t deny it.

After the emperor dies, you will be enthroned as emperor.Cao Dashi stuffed how do you take cbd gummies the list into Su In the hands of the king This is the general who needs to be dealt with.It s not too late, let s do it quickly.King Su held the list, his gaze was like a sharp knife, and he strode towards his cronies.Master Cao followed behind King Su.As a civil servant, he never expected to see such a scene one day.He took a deep breath, and when he passed the hurdle in front of him, the Cao family was the real relative, the Queen Mother s mother.family, he finally managed to obtain this supreme wealth and splendor for the Cao family.My lord, one of the cronies went back and forth, that s not right, the people on this list are not in the camp.What King Su frowned.Could it be that these people had already got the news and avoided it Impossible, news has just come out from the palace, they should not have time to prepare.

King Liang was about to look around at the scene when his legs sank again, and he was dragged into the water again.It was almost the same experience as before, except for the fear, a burst of anger welled up, and King Liang stretched out his hand to .

is we the people cbd gummy bears rated good?

catch the person shoulder, wanting to stab the dagger into that man s neck.He has been planning for more than ten years, not only defeated Gongji City, but was also tricked by others.He is unwilling, his strength is more than that, and there are many soldiers and horses working for him.He still has a chance, he can t die here, never However, he was already how many mg of cbd gummies for sleep injured in Gongji City.When he fled, the firearm exploded and severely injured his chest.The day and night of running away also exhausted his strength.Even though King Liang tried his best, he couldn t get hurt.

Although he knew that those people were not the court s opponents, Tang still had a glimmer of hope in his heart, but the shore was quiet, no one was seen, and no more boats were seen entering the sea.Since the imperial court was able to set up a trap to arrest them, they had already found out about her, and those people were also arrested.The boat moved towards the shore.Gradually, Tang got a clearer picture of the cbd vitamin c gummies cbd gummies for ed amazon situation on the shore, more than 20 people were bound and pressed there, all of them were her eyeliner.Tang s legs went limp, and he knelt and sat on the deck of the boat.It s all here, without any hope.Chapter 527 Moved Liang Wang and others to be taken down.So far, the rebellion of Liang Wang has been solved for the most part, and the remaining cbd gummies for ed amazon evils will not threaten the Great Zhou court for a while.

The moment he stepped out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, a gust of wind blew, King Huai realized that his clothes were soaked in sweat, and he shivered.It s too scary, it s better for him to close the door of the mansion tightly and not ask about foreign affairs.This time, no matter who it is, no matter what the situation is, don t let him have anything to do with the reserve position.He has no ability to sit on the throne, and sitting on it will only lead to catastrophe.It s fine now, the queen mother is helping to take care of the government affairs, and everything pure bliss cbd gummies stop smoking is stable.Just go on like this forever.King Huai fled in despair, the emperor only felt the anger rushing through his body, as if his whole body was about to explode.His throne, but his son did not want it.King Huai is so afraid of the Wei family.

A figure stood in the yard wearing a long fence.Chu Jiu and Liu Su stepped aside.I haven t seen Master Wei for a long time, and Gu Mingzhu felt a little nervous unconsciously.Two figures with lamps approached gradually.My lord.Gu Mingzhu reached out and took off the fence above her head.When the moonlight fell on her, Wei Yuanchen stopped involuntarily.The girl was wearing a blue Taoist robe, a moon crown on her head, and her eyes were shining brightly.The girl s Taoist robe spread slightly in the wind, as if she was not touched by the dust of the world Taoist Ling Jing, I learned from Mo Zhenren, and I have met good people.There was a silence in the courtyard.Chu Jiu and Liu Su, who were peeping, held their breath.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei quietly, wondering if Master Wei always liked to expose her Why are you standing there silent this time Chapter 533 Really Sweet My lord Gu Mingzhu called out again tentatively, Master Wei s complexion seemed to be not very good, she was going to say that she would continue the Shangqing Temple.

Gu Chongyi nodded, and Madam Lin also nodded.Mrs.Li said However, before that, our Wei family still has cbd gummies for ed amazon some inside information to clarify to Lord Hou and Madam.Mrs.Li looked solemn, Mrs.Lin looked at the steward s mother, and the steward s mother took the servants out.Then closed the hall door.Mrs.Li then continued It s about Brother Chen s life experience.Gu Chongyi s scalp tingled, his mind went boom , realizing what Mrs.Li might have to say, he wished he could drag his do cbd gummies interact with medications wife away from the place immediately room, but it was too late, it was already too late.Chapter 535 Doting on Gu cbd gummies for kids with add adhd autism Chongyi s face is ugly, he didn t guess randomly, if the Wei family came here just to get married, they would never mention Wei Sanye s background first.When it comes to Wei Sanye s life experience, he has to avoid outsiders, indicating that it is a secret.

Gu Chongyi did not refuse.Wei Yuanchen saluted Gu Chongyi again Thank you, Lord Hou, for your success.Gu Chongyi s eyes were full of the majesty of the elders I hope that Wei Sanye can remember what he said today and treat Zhuzhu well, otherwise I will not give up.Even if it is settled.Madam Yuan was all smiles, she stepped forward and took Madam Lin s hand Madam, don t worry, our Wei family will treat Zhuzhu as their own child and will never treat you badly.It can be seen that Mrs.Lin is very relieved.Mrs.Li said Brother Chen will buy a house next to the house.After they get married in the future, they can move here if they like.This way it will be much more convenient to move around.Move out Mrs.Li smiled and said Madam, don t you want to recruit a son in law for Zhuzhu When mentioning recruiting a son in law, Mrs.

I am afraid that no one will help me after I die.Even if I go down here, I will suffer every day.Relief.Mrs.Lin seemed to breathe more steadily.Cui Zhen s voice was calm and crisp, but he felt a little fuzzy, whether it was because he drank two more glasses of wine, or because he couldn t bear his mother to leave after all.After all, this was his mother, and when she was about to die, she would never think of her faults, but her benefits.Just like when Cui Wei died, every detail was very clear.Cui Zhen s eyes were moist and he said again Mom, let s go with peace of mind I will bury Cui Wei next to you.Our mother and son only have this life, and we will never see each other again.After hearing this, Mrs.Lin became calm again some.Alas.Mrs.Lin finally opened her mouth wide, as if she was sighing, and there was no movement after that.

Cui Wei was surprised That will implicate the elder brother, who may lose his title and years of military exploits, as well as the Datong Guard Cui Zhen said Those are cbd gummies for ed amazon nothing more than It s all external things, so it s not a pity to have today and tomorrow.As long as you don t do the heinous things that Da Zhou said, and you haven t taken that step, big brother can save you.If he wants to save Cui Wei, he must To save Cui Wei, as long as everything is not irreversible, he can figure out a way to drag Cui Wei out of the mud.Cui Zhen clenched his hands tightly, and the scene of him stabbing a sharp cbd gummies for ed amazon weapon into Cui Wei s body suddenly flashed before his eyes, blood spattered, so scorching hot, it was the blood of his closest relatives.No, no, he didn t want that.Cui Zhen resolutely shook off the thoughts in his mind, he looked at Cui cbd gummies for ed amazon Wei again and said firmly, Brother can save you.

She has no right to decide life and death by herself, the only thing that comforts her is that Concubine De took the first step, the life of the emperor will be even more difficult, thinking about these two people, she will not suffer so much.They are more ridiculous than she is The Wei family.Mrs.Li and Mrs.Yuan accompanied the Gu family s family members to make the bed.Everything was ready, and they were just waiting to go to greet their relatives tomorrow.Mrs.Li smiled from ear to ear.How could she be unhappy when she finally waited for this day Miss Gu s family is finally going to become a member of her family.After seeing off the family members of the Gu family, Wei Congzhi stepped forward Mom, I m so busy these days that I don t even touch the ground.Look at how many pairs of shoes have been damaged.

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