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Half serious, half comforting.In his memory, Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross for his bravery during the First World War, and there were two At that time, of course, Hitler was an orderly at that time, and the Iron Cross is awarded to orderly at regular intervals, every orderly has.Why is the Order of the Order Iron Cross regularly awarded Because when the enemy s attack starts, everyone can hide in the bunker to avoid bullets, but the orderly has to rush around to deliver orders under the rain of bullets, which is almost a job to die.In order to commend the orderly for his bravery and devotion to duty, Germany The command decided to periodically award the orderly Iron Cross.But now that Hitler is no longer an orderly, can he still have a chance to win the Iron Cross Wang Weiyi is not particularly sure.Yeah, it s a good place.Kierock admired Ancient French kings cannot be regarded as real kings unless they held a coronation ceremony in Reims.This city has a very long history.Wang Weiyi brought the wine glass to his nose and sniffed It s really good wineI remember that the great French Emperor Napoleon achieved his last victory in Reims.The French Marshal Marmont said that Reims is the last smile of Napoleon s fate.It is really emotional to cbd gummies relax think about it. Yes, it makes people feel emotional.Kierock felt the same Not only Napoleon won the victory in Reims, but France also won the victory in Reims.On the edge of the urban area of Reims, a river that is not wide flows quietly Flowing through.This ordinary river has an unusual name, the Marne.After the war broke out, the Germans and chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes the French held a big battle.The jewel box in the hands of Major Kiriyenko This is a troublesome matter.People can be saved, but how to get into Kiriyenko to get out the jewelry box I have a headache, and I really can t think of a good way Major, something happened.Guo Yunfeng hurried in Many Russians are coming HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high to surround here.Startled, Wang Weiyi left in a hurry Go out, under the moonlight, dozens of Russian soldiers are slowly surrounding here.Where the hell are there so many Russians Wang Weiyi took off his gun Seize the favorable position and prepare to fight.Now Chong can rush out, but not with these eight Russians, they are a big burden.You can give them up, but this time it becomes meaningless to come to Fandis.Wang Weiyi has only one person here.Looking at the Russians on the opposite side, there are no fewer than thirty people, which is really a headache.Coincidentally, I happen to have a fund on hand that I won t use for the time being Okay, Mr.Baron, how much are you going to invest Wang Weiyi was silent for a while About four million Reichsmarks How many Hermione didn t seem to catch.Four million Reichsmarks.Hermione was completely shocked there, this is a huge sum of money, with this huge sum of money, no matter where you go, you can live the most prosperous life.God, a newly promoted baron.How can you get it all at once So much money Hermione suddenly felt that it was reasonable for her father to refuse to accept the nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire.The nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire is completely different from the nobility of Germany.Do you really want the four hundred Does Wanmark invest at all Hermione asked uncertainly.All for Germany All for Germany Marshal Hindenburg smiled again Aha, today is a good day, there is no need to discuss such a heavy topic.Ludendorff, you always like to spoil the atmosphere Hey, Your Excellency Field Marshal, Your Excellency First General, what are you discussing there At this moment, His Royal Highness Crown Prince William August came over Ah, Baron Skeleton is hereMiss Heinrich, I heard that you are always with Baron cbd gummies make u high Skeleton on the battlefield, I often Thinking about uly cbd gummies para los ojos cbd gummies make u high a question, what should I call you in the future baroness No, I think this name is not worthy chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes of your identity at all, it is more appropriate to call you Mrs.Skeleton There was a burst of cbd gummies make u high laughter, and Elena s face was flushed with shame Can you think of Mrs.Skeleton , Elena couldn t help laughing at the words Ernst, too many people have been looking for me recently.Under such urging, Tolmezzo s Italian army finally looked a little decent They took up arms in a mess.Started to sweep without order.The officers didn t know what order to give.In short, let the soldiers do what they want to do Disorganized gunshots began to ring out The Italians didn t fight back.Well, a counterattack immediately drew retaliatory fire from the Skeleton Commando The 57mm artillery on the a7v tank was the first to speak, and the two artillery told the Italians on the opposite side with shells the shelling is not over yet Then, the Maxim heavy machine gun began to spit out flames, desperately suppressing enemy fire.The artillery shells roared and fell in front of the enemy s position.Although it didn t cause any damage, it made the Italians confused again.Hell, the Germans are still firing The Germans are still firing Then came those dense Maxim heavy machine gun bullets, flying in clusters.However, you may not be happy with this method.Why This is a lot of questions, with Xiao Ling s character, how could he possibly answer.Wanderer, don t think about these things anymore.Now the self reform of the base has been completed by 50 , which is a very fast progress.No, it has increased by another 5.It may be your record in Udine.Wang Weiyi is still returning He wanted to continue asking, but Stino walked over here, so he closed the communication with Xiaoling.Colonel Ernst, congratulations on another victory.Coming in front of Wang Weiyi, Stino said very sincerely Now I know why you are the creator of miracles, and this is not a fluke.No one would put themselves in a dangerous situation as a bait.But you did.Well, now that the battle is over, you can send me to a POW camp.Lieutenant Colonel Stino, You go.But he had to.Hitler the future head of state Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian the three future generals of the empire HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high Model one of the best German military officers.Nothing can happen to any of these people.Once they are killed, it will be an irreparable loss to the future of Germany.Although he decided to attack the U.S.military, he didn t know what the outcome of this event, which had never happened before in history, would be.Will the people he announced to leave be injured or killed in battle He must not risk the lives of these people and Elena, she is only a girl, a girl who loves herself, death, as far away from her as she can Listen to me, my friend We.Wang Weiyi used this address for the first time Do you see the front There are Americans, British and French in front.I don t know what will happen, so I can t let you follow me Adventure together Ernst, you have no right to drive us away.When he finished giving his plan, Li Lu patted his chest and said, Don t worry, Captain, if I can t complete the task, You took my head off for a chamber pot Do it now Wang Weiyi watched Li Lu run away in a hurry, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.What is the name of the Japanese captain Ah, it s called Neikouyan Temple.Although he came to this era, he killed many Japanese people.But I haven t opened a big meat yet, and I haven t cbd gummies make u high even killed fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content a school level officer.Is the captain of the infantry brigade a lieutenant officer It would be worthy of Ernst s name to kill a lieutenant officer.Four knives, Do you think that Neikouyan Temple will be beheaded by me Wang Weiyi asked dreamily.Guo is cbd gummies legal in iowa 2022 Yunfeng gave him a blank look Could it be that he stretched his neck and waited for you to chop it How about we make a bet.Chiang Kai shek said with a slight smile Well done.It grows the ambition of my team, and grows the prestige of my people.I heard that you brought a German with you, what s going on Report Chairman, I was chased by the Japanese army after I was dispersed in Shanghai and the teaching corps.Thanks to Miss Heinrich for sheltering.After a simple exchange.She is also willing to follow the Communist Party of China for free and do her best.This is a foreign Mulan.Jiang Jieshi suddenly thought of something while talking Simple communication Do you speak German Yes, I understand German, English, French, Russian, Japanese and other languages.The top leaders of the Communist Party looked at each other.This Wang Weiyi not only knows how to fight, but also can understand five foreign languages.This is really incredible.Now, the opportunity has finally come Sooner or later, I will become a famous general like my grandfather Pursuit, don t let a single Chinese go I think this is not normal.How could the Chinese attack us with only such a small force And the intelligence said that the problem with cbd gummies the Chinese have chariot troops, where are their chariots now Maeda kun, you are too hesitant Naomasa Sugawara was very unhappy that his deployment was questioned The Chinese army has been defeated under the strong offensive of our army.They can reinforce Songjiang s troops, all of which are in Songjiang City.They have no strength to send reinforcements.As for the battle The car Naomasa Sugawara snorted coldly in disdain We have seen their chariots in Shanghai before, and they are vulnerable Maeda kun, don t hesitate any longer, attack, attack He shook his chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes head helplessly There will be problems sooner or later in such a battle.Before Guo Yunfeng could speak, he quickly ran away.Guo Yunfeng was dumbfounded.When the seven female soldiers including Fu Yu stood in front of him, Guo Yunfeng felt his head was about to explode.Report to Sergeant, the women s squad has assembled cbd gummies make u high Fu Yusheng said.Guo Yunfeng felt dizzy, and he couldn t let go of these female soldiers, so he could only bite the bullet and say, Why did you go to the battlefield Mrs.Jiang Meiling taught us, female soldiers, although the gunshots in Shanghai have stopped, but your muzzles are slow to relax, the violence of imperialism will come at any time What does it cbd gummies texas legal mean Guo Yunfeng was confused.The violence of imperialism What does it have to do with the fact that we are now at war with Japan itself Guo Yunfeng put on a serious face I don t care about violence or imperial righteousness, I just know something.Ah, yes.William nodded earnestly But there is a war going on here.You have to know that I have studied military affairs and can shoot guns.Moreover, I am doing a thesis on China.What do you think, Mr.Officer, is better than experiencing it yourself You have to let me join you.You see, cbd gummies make u high I can still use my fists to teach those Japanese people a lesson As he said, he stretched out his fist and gestured continuously Wang Weiyi s hand suddenly stretched out like lightning, grasped his wrist, and then bent back forcefully, William Ouch There was a loud cry Hey, Mr.Officer, you have to be gentle.Otherwise my hand will be broken Wang Weiyi smiled and let go of uly cbd gummies para los ojos cbd gummies make u high his hand William, no one on the battlefield can agree to your begging for mercy.William stretched his arms I won t beg for chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes mercy on the battlefield Go back.Baron.Zhang Jinghui was afraid of making trouble When something unpleasant happened, he quickly said with a smile on his face If the baron is interested, I will accompany you in person some other day.The simple audience ceremony ended hastily, and Pu Yi endured his cbd gummies make u high unhappiness and said Mr.Toxon, I am ready Some food.I hope you can dine here.Ah, it s my pleasure Wang Weiyi said with a smile.He humbled himself in front of the Japanese, and lacked the majesty of the emperor in front of the British.Now, the banquet is Pu Yi s only chance to save face.Although it is not as luxurious as when it was in Beijing, it can be seen that Puyi really put a lot of thought into this banquet.The baroness Elena exclaimed as the exquisite dishes came up one after another, which finally made the corner of Pu Yi s mouth reveal a winner s smile Elena really exclaimed.Yes.Elena nodded, pointing to the Russian woman before leaving do cbd gummies interact bad with adderall I seem to have seen her somewhere.Oh Wang Weiyi was a little strange, and looked at the Russian woman This Russian woman was about thirty seven or eight years old.For some chill gummies cbd content reason, Wang Weiyi saw her for the first time.Just like Elena s feeling, she felt very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.The Russian woman finally woke up, her eyes fell on Wang Weiyi s face Thank you Then, she was stunned there as if seeing a devil, her whole body was dumbfounded It is completely impossible to describe her expression in words, horror, surprise, surprise These expressions appeared on one face at the same time What s wrong with you Wang Weiyi said with asked in Russian.You Monsieur German officer said the Russian woman in a trembling voice.Wang Weiyi was not angry at all I will give you a large sum of money for every intelligence report, and I will open an account in a Swiss bank for you, and only you know the password., you can take your wifewhat s your name Ah, Rieko, and your daughter, and live happily in cbd gummies make u high Switzerland together Never Hiroshi Yamaguchi He shook his head flatly and refused Some people can be bought with money, and some people can t be bought with money, and I am the latter kind of person You are really admirable Wang Weiyi sighed But what about your teacher Hiroshi Yamaguchi was stunned, he seemed to know what Wang Weiyi wanted to do Wang Weiyi s eyes flickered unpredictable I can catch Naomasa Sugawara , you can also let him go, and then let him snoop on some top secret information under very coincidental circumstances, such as the friendship between me and you, such as the previous cooperative relationship between me and your teacher Ah, You know better than me that a fool like Sugawara Naomasa will definitely believe it.Your Excellency, Captain Akasaka Jijia hesitated and said, If your words fall into the ears of people with ulterior motives, it may cause you some unnecessary trouble.Qingkou Wusan smiled I am different from them.Most of those officers came from military schools.and I I studied history before, but I entered the army by chance, and was appreciated to command a regiment and become a senior officer of the empire Maybe I am not a qualified officer.But I am responsible for the Empire.Only by fully studying the mentality of our enemies can we think about what they are going to do, how we should prepare in advance and be targeted.It is far wiser than blindly shouting that the empire must win Akasaka Jijia nodded.To be honest, he couldn t understand why he sent a person who had studied history to command the army.This is a letter I wrote to my wife.Can.Wang Weiyi nodded Not only will I hand this letter chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes to Umeji Yamada, but I will not kill you.I want you to watch China win with your own eyes Qingkou Wusan is a little convinced.If China has many generals like Wang Weiyi, then the balance of victory will be tilted towards China.And Wang Weiyi s words are cbd gummies make u high also constantly echoing in Qingkou Wusan s ears I want you to see it with your own eyes.See China win at last Three hundred and sixty nine Total War Great victory, great victory Great victory in Changshu Great victory in Jiangjiacun Great victory, great victory General Wang Weiyi made another remarkable achievement, completely wiped out the 65th regiment of the Japanese fierce brigade, and captured the three chiefs of the Japanese chief Qingkouwu alive Great victory, great victory The God of War Wang Weiyi wiped out the Japanese pirates in Jiangjiacun The cries of newsboys resounded in Nanjing, in Wuhan, and in Guangzhou.I don t want to hear anything sorry Matsui Iwane roared angrily You have been defeated by that Wang Weiyi again and again, and you have lost all the face of the Emperor Now, even the flag of the 65th Regiment has cbd vegan gummies uk been lost, how do you want me to face His Majesty the Emperor and all the citizens Dizhou Libing and Dian Yusaburo didn t dare to say a word They also knew why the commander was so angry.This was not just the reason for a fiasco, but it would affect the commander.Your Excellency s tough attitude towards total war Those local war factions in the country can now have a reason China is not so easy to conquer, look, look, you have suffered defeat This is the most important thing Influence Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi Matsui Iwane kept chanting the name, and the name stuck deeply in his heart like a thorn When this person appeared, the invincible Imperial Army suffered such disastrous defeats one after another Some local victories achieved by a Chinese general are not enough to change the situation of the entire battlefield.In fact, this is just a myth, but the Chinese only have the highest honor, nothing more than that In addition to Wang Weiyi, a large number of officers and soldiers of the Huben Guard Brigade were awarded medals.Wang Weiyi became the youngest and most dazzling general in China the Huben Guard Brigade became the youngest and most dazzling army in China A large number of reporters flocked to Changshu, requesting to interview General Wang Weiyi, the hero of the Anti Japanese War, but Wang Weiyi only accepted the interview from zh ngy cbd gummies with thc in them ngr Newspaper reporter Guo Mengzhen, and it was clearly stipulated at the time of the interview.No photography allowed.This is a very strange rule, but if you can interview this general who has made great achievements, then the regret of not being able to take photos can be completely made up for Facing cbd gummies make u high this young general, Guo Mengzhen The veteran reporter actually felt a little nervous.Re generating radiation Could it be that the Y element is resurrecting And this radiation has become stronger and stronger with the self cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc reform and upgrade of the base.Xiao Ling s voice was very dignified If my deduction is correct, the Yevgeny Gemstone will soon return to the real Y element What would that entail Wang Weiyi asked nervously.We may be able to partially control the time and place of travel Partially control the time and place of travel Ziguang military base will obey its own orders It is partial, but the process may be We can t control it Xiao Ling continued This also brings another problem.According to my calculations, due to a series of unexpected situations, it is very likely that after you complete the next mission, the base The self reform and upgrade will be completed, and a new time travel will be launched So fast Wang Weiyi was a little surprised.This was Xiao Ling s answer.When she finished speaking, a HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high new mission for the Rambler suddenly appeared on the screen The eleventh phase of the Daredevil Mission begins where to buy royal blend cbd gummies the final battle on the defense line.Mission objective Defeat the 9th and 13th Divisions of the Japanese Army Weapon support limited unlimited support magnesium and cbd gummies Limited unlimited support What, what does this mean Destroy the 9th and 13th Divisions of the Japanese Army Is it possible with a Huben Guard brigade and the 305th regiment You will understand.The little spirit seemed to be encouraging the walker I am here, when you need me most, I will appear I am here, when you need me the most, I will appear When Xiao Ling said this, Wang Weiyi suddenly felt a sore nose.Why is this happening Maybe when the Ziguang military base began to During the first crossing, Wang Weiyi and Xiao Ling have become a whole.This article was later declared by the Times as a serious problem during the review, and for such remarks, the British government and the People apologize.But Zhang still caused quite a stir in the UK.Give up helping France, that would be of no benefit to the UK Many people began to feel that the British government was very anxious because of such thoughts in the country.They clearly realized that cbd gummies make u high it is absolutely impossible for Germany to stop attacking.What kind of conspiracy are they planning But the bombing that has indeed stopped made them have to have a little doubt Has Germany s strategic thinking changed with the return of Baron Alexon Or is Lord Alexon paralyzing Britain for another raid Can t figure out what Baron Skeleton is thinking Now, the only thing Britain can do is to wait for Sir Monlington, Baron Alexon is back.Petain seemed very enthusiastic.He led all the senior officials of the Vichy zh ngf to welcome the arrival of Baron Alexon, and expressed his respect with words of praise.My most honored thing is that I have fought against the Marshal more than once on the battlefield.Petain said with a smile, But the thing I regret the most is that I have never met the Marshal head on on the battlefield.Dieter General Rich originally wanted to say that everyone who met the Marshal had become dead, but when he was so happy, it was better not to say such a thing, The Marshal is really young, this is simply a miracle of God.Deputy Prime Minister of Vichy zh ngf Laval would never give up this opportunity to please the baron The undefeated god of war, the ageless baron, praise God, and praise you, Marshal The undefeated cbd gummies make u high god of war Not old Baron Dietrich felt that Laval had said something quite brilliant.The officer who played the music for the baron looked back quietly, and then poked his companion Hey, if this is reported in the newspaper tomorrow, will it cause a sensation You must not have such a Thought, Roman, the Baron would be unhappy.What s the matter with you I m only joking, how could I betray the Baron Ah, but the girl is beautiful, she s wearing an SS uniform, but I see She s a girl.Idiots can t figure it out.Where did the baron find this girl Could it be the baroness Hey, stop talking, the baron and the girl are here.The two officers rushed up cbd gummies make u high Baron, we have prepared the car you want.A Peugeot Baby convertible was parked there.Wang Weiyi opened the door Miss Heinrich, may I invite you to HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high visit Paris Thank you, Baron.Elena, whose face was still flushed, got into the car with a smile.Gregory introduced his family.After paying tribute to them, Wang Weiyi glanced at the old woman lying on the bed Did you find a doctor to see the Marquise Ah, yes, Your Excellency the Baron, I have already seen it, and the doctor also prescribed medicine.I believe she will get better soon.Gregory said gratefully We praise you, without you.We really don t know what to do.You are too kind, Your Excellency the Marquis.When the meal was over After the meal, Gregory asked his daughter to make coffee for himself and the guests, and asked his son Ilya to sit down with him.As for the daughter Of course, I can only clear the table.So, Your Excellency, what are you doing in the United States Gregory sat down and asked, I read from the newspaper that you commanded the German army to fight in Demyansk.As he spoke, he put away his smile, and then said slowly Brother Timoshen has left, now, let us end all the fighting here Four hundred and fifty five.Great victory third update It s time to end the battle During the whole day s attack on the 26th, the losses of the Soviet army have reached an unbearable level.A large number of Soviet troops have been wiped out , Tens of thousands of Russians were killed or captured.Every charge of the German army can kill a large group of Germans, and some assault squadrons captured Russians, which made them unbelievable.Attacks are everywhere on the battlefield Those who were caught were Germans, and those who were fleeing everywhere were Russians When the sun rose on the 27th, the last day of Kharkov s besieged Soviet army finally arrived.On this day, Ernst Marshal Brahm put in the last reserve team in his hands, and even fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content his guards were all sent to the battlefield.No one has more authority than his understanding of Baron Alexon.We used to We hired him as our screenwriter, but he flatly rejected him.He said that since the second part, he no longer liked the filming methods, and criticized us vigorously, saying that our filming is not like the Skeleton Baron.Our box office will have a big impact.Wang cbd gummies rochester mn Weiyi smiled, Beasley, Beasley, a bold and smart reporter, relied on interviews to become famous in one fell swoop.He could do Miss Ruiman and the film company a favor, but he didn t intend to do so, it seemed that it had little to do with him.Okay, I think I m leaving.Wang Weiyi bowed slightly to Miss Ruiman I can t wait for tomorrow s arrival and enjoy your wonderful performance.I m looking forward to your arrival, Mr.Moyol.Miss Ruiman said with some reluctance, Mr.Is there anything more arrogant than him It seems that Klingenberg is under a lot of pressure.Wang Weiyi pondered for a moment Order the air force to bomb Qiaobulu The Shadow of Joblou.Several German planes suddenly appeared over the city, and then bombs began to rain down There was a rumbling explosion.The city suddenly became chaotic.There are explosions and flames everywhere around the Qiaobulu radio station, threatening the safety of everyone here all the time At this time, the Germans of the Klingenberg team who were struggling to resist the Turkish attack on the radio shouted excitedly.Just a few minutes ago, they had just lost a chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes companion.And with just a few of them, facing so many Turks.It s a bit passive.Well now, the Luftwaffe has arrived The Turkish soldiers and policemen who were attacking violently were blown out of their wits, and what is amazing is that almost all the bombs fell near the radio station, and the radio station was only bombed by one bomb Maybe it s the superb technology of the Luftwaffe, or maybe it s God s special favor for those brave men The submachine guns on the radio blared more cheerfully, and the tongues of flame rolled out one after another, constantly hitting the worrisome people outside.The situation for the German army became a little more favorable When the shells began to roar and fall, the Turks clearly felt a great crisis.Amid the rumbling explosion, a machine gun was blown to pieces.The mutilated bodies of several soldiers fell beside the machine guns that were blown up Amidst the sound of the guns.Another Tiger has arrived Now, the German army has two Tigers and two assault guns The initiative on the battlefield is back in the hands of the Germans Lieutenant General Higru, who is in charge of commanding here, knows that he has no ability to recover.The only thing that makes him puzzled is that there is no sufficient aircraft and artillery support.Who thought of a decisive battle here This is simply throwing 170,000 Turks to the cbd gummies make u high enemy This is not about Marshal Greluman.And if they don t want to continue fighting, they can go wherever they want.Now there are enemies everywhere in Ayash, and the Turkish soldiers who are still resisting feel numb and desperate at this time.They had no idea when such a battle would be over But now a chance of life was placed in front of them Many Turkish soldiers accepted the persuasion, put down their weapons and came out of hiding Go out and surrender to the opposite German army.The Germans also fulfilled their promise.For these Turks who put down their weapons, the Germans did not even send special guards.You guys, you can go wherever you want Sometimes the war does not need to be ended by force Most of the Turkish army chose to surrender to end this cursed battle.But there are still many people who choose to continue the war to the end for the belief in their hearts.The gemstone exuded a charming light This gemstone is very valuable, but just chill products cbd gummies review It is not at the cost of human life.Six people have died for this jewel, how many more people do you want to die, Queen Seeing the shaking jewel, Queen Farida wished she could rush to snatch it back immediately, But she knew that she was definitely no match for the man in front of her.She took a deep breath Six people Do you think that only six people died on this jewel You are wrong.This jewel bears the history of sixteen years of war.Thirty thousand Egyptians died for it.This gem Wang Weiyi held the gem in front of him suspiciously and looked at it.Apart from being precious, Wang Weiyi doesn t think there is anything particularly magical about it.This is called the Kadestone Stone , also known as the Bloodstone Stone.Miss Elena, I have a question Colonel Firth, who knew Elena for the first time, was obviously not so trusting How did you get such detailed information in such a short period of time He had every reason to suspect that even a good spy would not be able to make the enemy s temporary defenses so detailed in such a short period of time, and he even had the number of the enemy company.Elena looked at cbd gummies make u high him One glance I m not a spy, but I have my own uly cbd gummies para los ojos cbd gummies make u high intelligence system Ah, I don t doubt you.Colonel Fels said hurriedly But any slight negligence during the breakout may cause the destruction of the entire team.Trust Elena, Fels.Wang Weiyi interrupted their conversation Elena s intelligence is worthy of our unconditional trust.Well, gentlemen, cbd gummies make u high now let s start the tour of Hibinko.In order to successfully break through the enemy s blockade and return to the German positions, there is only one last way left break through Behind them were the pursuers who soon discovered that the German spies had rushed out of Cairo, and in front of them were a large number of British intercepting soldiers.The Allied offensive has been unstoppable since then, and the balance of the entire battlefield quickly tilted towards the Allied forces.And what Wang Weiyi has to do now is to completely change this period of history Those officers who got up and walked out one after another did not know that Marshal Ernst Brahm and Erwin Rommy were at this time.Marshal Al was staring at their backs.Who among these people betrayed Germany Who Is That British Super Spy The Fighter When the mystery was revealed, it was when the German Afrika Korps really no longer had to worry about internal problems General Motta from Italy was also invited, of course.It was after the end of the German Council.Wang Weiyi briefly introduced the battlefield situation to him, and then said General Mota, you will be in charge of the 22nd and 23rd heights.Marseio was out of the army for more than two months.However, just two weeks difference between cbd and hemp gummies after he left.A major turning point has taken place in the war situation in Africa.On June 17, 1942, after conquering the British desert fortress Adem, the Italian Erit armored division and the entire German Afrika Korps crossed Tobruk and marched eastward to the Egyptian border.This is Rommel s new strategy.He believes that there is no need to rush to occupy Tobruk, and Gamble, which has the British air base, should be captured first.The second attack wave, composed of the first flight training regiment, began to attack.Ju 88s bombarded British artillery positions HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high in front of German ground forces.After how long do cbd gummies last cbd gummies make u high the bombing, the Me110 planes of the 3rd Battalion of the 26th Destroyer Aviation Regiment rushed to cbd assorted gummies reviews the enemy s machine gun positions and anti tank artillery positions, swooping and strafing.The only difference is that they use more sophisticated methods and have more helpers than the real thieves They are directing Millions of troops act as their cbd gummies make u high helpers Wang Weiyi rubbed his head Si Dao, when did you become .

how long does cbd gummies take to kick in?

so philosophical God, I think you can be a philosopher when the war is over There are many heroes but many enemies.Several Egyptian soldiers were severely beaten The bloody soldiers returned to the barracks and cried out what happened HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high to them, which aroused the vigilance of their companions.After careful inspection, they found that the wages they had just received were all counterfeit money There is also a ridiculous banknote among them, which even Wang Weiyi didn t find at the time, it was printed on an Egyptian pound.It turned out to be the imaginary head of Cleopatra This was a small prank on the whim of Bernhard Kruger when he was preparing to destroy these test objects.Countless lives were involved, and then mercilessly crushed into powder Air Force, Artillery, Navyany force that could participate in the war was all thrown into the warSounds of gunshots, like the urging bells from hell, keep bringing lives into endless darkness War is so cruel Montgomery is in Do your best to resist the attack from the Germans, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high General Alexander is also doing his best to extinguish the rising waves of uprisings in Cairo If it was in normal times, the uprising would have been quelled long ago.But it is a pity that now is a special period, and the uprising has not stopped.On the cbd gummies make u high contrary, it intensified.When the two sides started a life and death competition, Wang Weiyi finally got his helpers the two commandos commanded by Klingenberg and Myristel.It came just in time Some were left behind to protect General Canlemu, while the rest were reorganized into the Skeleton Commando to follow the Skeleton Baron s actions in Cairo.After so many years of British rule in Egypt, they finally regained their freedom.Germany They don t think cbd gummies dosage for autism Germany will continue to colonize Egypt.After all, General Canlemu said very clearly, Germany is a friend of Egypt, and Germany is here to help Egypt Those mighty tanks, those majestic soldiers, will leave cbd gummies make u high soon after the situation in Egypt is stabilized The Egyptians cheered likewise to the Germans, likewise to Baron Alexon.Looking at the crazy Germans and Egyptians, Colonel Tamusta, who survived the mutiny and suppression by chance, frowned General, do you really trust the Germans Why not, Colonel General Canlemu, who was excited, asked very puzzled.Anyway, I don t believe it.I don t think a country will help another country to gain freedom regardless of the cost.Colonel Tamusta said solemnly.Wang Weiyi had a smile on the corner of his mouth But what s the matter We have left one of the most precious treasures for Germany, and our descendants will have the right to speak in the world based on the solid foundation we laid.At that time, the United States will be just as big, but we will be just as big.Two super giants will stand face to face, and we will no longer be afraid of any challenges Adolf.Hitler looked at General Ernst in a daze, and said after a long while General, have you been thinking about these issues during the twenty years you have been missing Have you been thinking about how to make Germany a better place Strong I don t know.Wang Weiyi replied ambiguously After the first war, I heard such a saying that the German army did not fail, but the German government failed.He walked to the front of the conference room and ordered everyone to sit down.Good afternoon First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone here.You are handpicked and the best soldiers among us.You have been selected to perform a highly confidential and extremely important mission.I am Captain Dorn.I ll be your commander during the operation.Standing up, he spread out a large aerial photograph, which he tacked to the wall behind him with a few thumbtacks.The photo shows a huge mountain fortress, with some artillery deployed, and several blockhouse style buildings.Heisenberg had never seen anything like it before.This is Polpov, a fortress of strategic importance in the mountains of Petros, overlooking most of the front line Then he added ominously It is considered It is a very terrifying single fortress, and it is even more difficult to deal with than the Maginot Line for infantry and tanks.Only on the surface, it is true Wang Weiyi said with deep worry However, you have never been to Russia, and you have no idea that the war potential of this country is not inferior to that of the United States..We are in several battles.They wiped out their millions of troops, countless tanks, artillery, and aircraft.But it only takes one night, and they can arm more troops On their assembly line, new tanks, artillery, and what corporate company owns the rights to cbd gummies planes are always appearing there Nothing It is not an exaggeration to say that if there is something I am really worried about, then it is the Soviet Uniontheir soldiers and people have been completely brainwashed by Moscow, regard our belief as the highest honor, and do not hesitate to maintain it with their lives, I I can t imagine how terrible it would be if they were allowed to win the war Sir Monlington and General Rosen heard deep worry from Wang Weiyi s mouth.When war broke out, he was ordered to serve in the French cavalry, which had been converted into a tank corps.However, the enthusiastic French were no match for the German blitzkrieg.The German tank division under the command of Rommel easily destroyed the French resistance with its high speed heavy tanks and sophisticated weapons.The defeat created chaos, the remnants of the French army fled in all directions, and, as the Viscount said with a mocking smile, everyone was only looking out for himself, and it was a veritable flight for life.Depressed by this defeat, he returned to his hometown gloomily.Although France has been a republic for almost cbd gummies make u high 150 years, the Viscount s hometown still maintains an out and out feudal system.After the German army occupied the local area, all the villagers and small farmers regarded him as the natural leader and obeyed his arrangements.Don t let these elite special operations cbd gummy rings soldiers die in vain on the brutal frontal battlefield Yes, I see Ludwig immediately replied loudly I will immediately arrange for someone to replace them Wang Weiyi nodded.The German army has never paid much attention to the special forces, especially the officers on the front line.They can t wait to drive every special soldier to the front line to fight.Although they have their cbd gummies make u high own strict orders, but It is not possible to change this situation in a day or two.Ah, by the way, Marshal, there is an inspection team in Elklin, do you need to interview them After introducing the situation on the battlefield, Ludwig said in passing.The Elklin inspection team, Wang Weiyi, fought earlier than he left, mainly to check the deployment of Erklin and the delivery of materials.In front of his companions, Wang Weiyi unreservedly told them the crisis he encountered First, leave here immediately, I don t think there is any difficultySecond, stay here , find a way to solve this crisis Get out of here at once, Marshal Heisenberg said without hesitation We are responsible for covering you, Marshal. Yes, Marshal.Edim didn t hesitate to stand by his friend s side.Guo Yunfeng and Myristel looked at each other with smiles on their lips.Heisenberg and Edim really didn t understand Alexson.Baron, if the baron is a person who retreats, then he is not a baron of skeletons Sure enough, Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Heisenberg, Edim, I am very grateful for your kindness, but I don t think this crisis is inevitable.Instead, I think this is our chance.Heisenberg and Edim didn t understand the meaning at all.When he returned to the front line headquarters, Wang Weiyi immediately pointed to the map and said Tomorrow, fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content the reinforcements of the Soviet army will arrive soon, cbd gummies make u high and they will chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes launch an attack in these places.Order, the SS Skeleton Division and the 12th and 30th Infantry Divisions of the Wehrmacht overnight Into the field.The 123rd Wehrmacht Division serves as the general reserveGentlemen.Can anyone tell me where the Alcor Group and the Imperial Division are now Reporting to the Marshal, they are in Herbert.Under the command of General Val, he advanced along Maslow in cover.Before we launch a general counteroffensive, the Alcor Group and the Imperial Division must complete the encirclement of the enemy in time Wang Weiyi s tone is unquestionable Has the rest of the Second Armored Army started to move Yes, Marshal.Yes, yes.It s very possible.But I just feel that something is wrong.I don t know where the problem is, but I still think it s better to investigate.If Wang Weiyi underestimated the power of faith this time.Underestimating Lindelof s courage to sacrifice for his country, he made a serious error in judgment, but he still has one last thing.But it is also the most powerful weapon Ziguang Military Base This is a truly god like, omnipotent weapon Lindelof had planned everything, but Ernst Brahm threatened him that if he refused to cooperate, he would announce that Lindelof had surrendered.And a large number of so called confessions will be published.In Moscow, whether the news was true or not, his daughter and sister in law would be doomed.Lindelof was ready to sacrifice, but he also didn t want cbd gummies pop on drug test his relatives to be involved, so he designed a trap and told his relatives and his organization in the most special way.Well then.Please prepare to go, and cbd gummies make u high you, for the victory of the Soviets For the victory of the Soviets Looking at the leaving figures, Vasilevsky showed how long do cbd gummies last cbd gummies make u high a strange expression on his face instead.Comrade Commander in Chief.At this time, Khrushchev put away his deliberately disguised arrogant and rude face Do you really think that Straf can stop the Germans No, he can t Then why are you still Comrade Military Commissar, although the battle has just begun.But the current situation is actually very unfavorable to us.Vasilevsky s complexion became extremely dignified Our series of deployments were completely disrupted by the German army, so.I have to do something for this battleI want to annihilate Ernst Brahm What did you say Khrushchev opened his eyes wide You said you want to eliminate Ernst Brahm Yes.Vasilevsky couldn how long do cbd gummies last cbd gummies make u high t see how long do cbd gummies last cbd gummies make u high any expression on his face He is a brave general and a proud marshal at the same time.He doesn t care about danger, he sees war as a game, so.This will be our best chance.Maybe is the only chance He slowly said all his plans Khrushchev was stunned there, and after a long time, he finally He said with difficulty HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high Comrade Commander, this may wipe out the entire 81st Armored Army I know, I know Vasilevsky murmured However, if you can kill no, even defeating the Skeleton Baron HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high will completely shatter his myth of invincibility.The impact this has on our ongoing war is immeasurable The undefeated myth the skeleton baron Defeat this myth cbd gummies make u high When Vasilevsky said this, Khrushchev fully understoodif the Soviet army can really do this.Then no matter what price you pay, it will be worth it.Commandership The newly organized 48th Infantry Division of the Russian Army was fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content stationed in the uly cbd gummies para los ojos cbd gummies make u high Odessa cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc defense area in its hometown.A week later, the Germans attacked Russia.Major General Malinovsky and the 48th Division cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc were deployed to garrison on the border between Russia and Romania.After the German army aggressively attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, several regiments of hundreds of thousands of troops of the Red Army, which had endured the huge German offensive, were surrounded.At this time, Malinovsky was chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes finally recognized as one of the few generals in the Red Army cbd gummies make u high who had the ability to command a large fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content army.His three divisions were only equipped with part of the infantry divisions, facing the battle line of the German Blitzkrieg offensive along the Pilt River.According to the practice at the time, the Red Army generals generally hid behind their own troops to command operations This was not the case with Novsky he would instead go to the critical front line fan shaped battlefield to join soldiers and encourage their morale Sovsky led the defeated troops to flee along the coast of the Black Sea.Comrade Stalin was also worried about the commander in chief.Khrushchev considered whether to Vasilevsky s remarks were reported to Stalin, but at such a time, he still mustered up his energy and said Comrade commander in chief, although you have just been most popular cbd gummies no on amazon promoted to marshal, in fact, in the army, many commanders think that With your qualifications and military achievements, you should have been a marshal a long time agoI don t mean to flatter you, but just want to tell you that you are expected by everyone, and you are not inferior to Comrade Zhukov.It is expected that you will command the Battle of Stalingrad, and because of this, I firmly believe cbd gummies make u high that under your command, we will be able to win the final victory Vasilevsky smiled wryly, who said that Khrushchev Is the husband just a reckless and rude countryman There is no one who can hide himself better than him Well, Comrade Military Commissar, I hope to achieve the final victory as you said.Voroshilov s idea is actually very simple.Give full play to the superiority of the Soviet army in numbers, and use multiple assaults to win the war.But obviously the battle situation is not what he imagined.When the Soviet army was assembled, the Luftwaffe appeared in the sky.Those bombs and dive bombing.Constantly disrupting the deployment of the Russians.The bomb exploded among the Russians, the German fighter planes swooped down viciously, and the strings of bullets made the Russians have to dodge in embarrassment The Soviet Air Force appeared on the battlefield belatedly, but obviously, the old fashioned Soviet Airplanes were not Luftwaffe counterparts with new fighters.However, the Soviet army finally had the opportunity to gather troops Voroshilov kept calling the front line, asking why the troops had not launched an offensive in the most severe tone.I have been to Moscow many times, and each time is just a trip for me, I will come back safely, I promise His friends were a little relieved, and once Ernst.When Bram said the three words I promise , then he will definitely be able to do it.I think, you still have some backhands in Moscow that even De Sade doesn t know Manstein, who knew Ernst very well, asked at this time.Wang Weiyi smiled again Yes, I have a death squad there, a death squad led by Americans.They helped me blow up the Russian arsenal, and they are now living among the Russians in a completely Russian way.Believe Me, but when encountering the most dangerous things, at least I still have this force to use His friends were a little relieved.At least, although Ernst has gone through so many dangers, he has never been captured by the enemy.We can go.Wang Weiyi and his companions did not panic Busily changed his clothes, and then Wang Weiyi took the driver s seat Comrade Timilenko, can we set off When the car started to start.Timilenko only thought about one question, no matter what the situation was, the skeleton baron was always so calm Could it be that there is really nothing in this world that can scare him he does not know.No one in the whole world can know A car and two trucks appeared one after the other in front of the small building where Timoshenko and his companions were imprisoned.When the sentinel found out that the leader of the team was actually 25mg cbd oil gummies Deputy Director Timilenko, he was taken aback.Comrade Dimilenko Deputy Commissioner The sentinel had just finished speaking when Timlenko coldly interrupted the other party This is an order signed by Comrade Stalin himself.I will immediately take away Timoshenko, Volwork, Belekov and their family.Yes, Comrade Deputy Director Dimilenko.The captain of the sentinel looked at the warrant.It was a red warrant that represented unlimited power in Moscow.A person with this warrant can do whatever he wants in Moscow and Russia, and arrest anyone he wants.To arrest anyone.Even to shoot anyone he asked to be shot.This is a huge power given by Comrade Stalin And in the lifetime of Comrade Stalin, there were not more than five such warrants Timoshenko took his subordinates with him.The captain led valhalla cannabis infused gummies 10mg cbd 5mgthc the way and walked in.Pushing them away, Timoshenko, who was sitting inside telling a story to his grandson, stopped and let his grandson stand Behind him, he quietly looked at the uninvited guest who appeared HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high here.Comrade Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko, you have been arrested for committing treason Please follow us with your family immediately, you are only allowed to bring a small amount of luggage Timoshenko didn t show any surprise on his face, but silently called out his family members according to what Dimilenko said.The base cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc tanks began to hide, quietly waiting for the prey to appear.At around 5 o clock in the afternoon, news came from Xiaoling a train full of gold and other things is coming A kind of excitement suddenly rose in Wang Weiyi s heart.Probably what Xiaoling said is right, he is a money fan. The sound of rumbling wheels hitting the rails began.Then the speed slowed down significantly, and then a train stopped here.At this moment, three planes suddenly appeared in the sky powerful fighter planes far ahead of this era The fighter plane cbd gummies make u high bombed the train immediately without hesitation.The rails were blown off, the front of the train was blown up, and the train lay paralyzed there like a long worm whose spine had been pulled out. then.Those hidden tanks appeared Cannonballs and machine gun bullets flew towards the train like raindrops, and screams continued to come from the train.His money kept entering his luggage like flowing water.He can enjoy the best wine and the most beautiful women, but what about you Did Caesar provide you with the necessary assistance when you needed money the most Gaius shook his head in frustration. When distributing spoils.Caesar has never been stingy, he will generously let those subordinates who have made military exploits choose at will, as long as their carriages can carry them.But outside the battlefield, Caesar would never take out a sestus to pay any debts for his subordinates.In his opinion.A battlefield is a battlefield, and life is life.The two should never be confused together.In fact, Caesar has nothing to blame for doing so.But now that this point was mentioned to Wang Weiyi, a different emotion arose in Gaius heart.Look, I probably guessed it.This is just for them to embolden their courage.No.Caesar pondered and said I once heard Ernst say that there was a great 500mg of cbd gummies Han Empire in the far east.Although he was a spy, I felt that he was not cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc lying.I am very curious about this person, there must be many secrets hidden in him.When I catch him in the future, don t hurt him.I will interrogate him personally.As he said that, he sneered It s really courageous, I will do my best to defeat the Roman legion time and time again until they dare not make any attempts against Germania Did he really think he could defeat me again Did he really think that with the barbarians in his hands, he could defeat the Roman Republic My generals, now that the enemy has brought shame upon us, let us return the same shame to those barbarians tenfold Governor, please issue an order The Roman generals said vigorously.He has seen both cannons and tanks And survived very well, let alone these troops using primitive weapons Of course, such combat conditions are even worse When the light infantry walked to a distance of about twenty yards, it stopped After coming down, these Roman soldiers raised their javelins and threw them out, and the javelins fell like raindrops.Scatter Under Guo Yunfeng s loud call, the Germanians dispersed quickly, but there were still screams from time to time.The Romans who had thrown their javelins immediately stepped aside.Then, the second group of light infantry appeared again.Another group A row of javelins fell like raindrops Finally, those Roman soldiers who held spears or raised daggers and uly cbd gummies para los ojos cbd gummies make u high protected themselves with shields appeared.The team looked so majestic and majestic, powerful The Roman Legion relied on such a phalanx to win again and again.Dang sound.There was a crisp sound when the sword collided.Wang Weiyi didn t stop for a moment, and with a swipe of the saber, the biting cold wind passed Su Kerrs throat.Just a little bit less, and Su Keers will die under this knife.This also made Su Keers break out in a cold sweat Su Kers hurriedly slashed down with his sword again, and Wang Weiyi dexterously dodged sideways.Su Keers suddenly found that the enemy in front of him disappeared A huge sense of crisis emerged in his heart Goodbye There was an emotionless voice behind him.sound.He turned back, but it was cbd gummies make u high too late.The sharp edge of the knife was wiped across his neck The short sword in Su Keers hand fell to the ground, and he stumbled forward a few steps, covering his throat with his hands, but he couldn t do it at all.To stop the blood from flowing out of his fingers in large streams.But he can only suppress such anger in his heart Maybe, he should find time to spend time with Ernst See above, if he can keep his promise and use huge financial resources to work for him in Rome, maybe he will get something that he can t get from Caesar Be it Caesar or any Roman general.It is absolutely impossible to imagine the change in Gaius heart.Excited, Kaleini stood up Dear Governor, thank you for your trust in me.Tomorrow, I will personally urge the brave cbd gummies make u high Roman soldiers to attack.I will win you the greatest honor Caesar was about to speak with a smile.But his valet Tabis hurried in My lord, there is something important Tabis, you humble fellow, haven t you seen that so many adults are holding an important meeting meeting Caesar was furious.Tabis was afraid, but he boldly said Yes, Governor, you can punish me, but please listen to me.A Roman phalanx was overwhelmed.Then another Roman phalanx was overwhelmed The Germans are gradually seizing the initiative on the battlefield Even now, Caesar still doesn t show much emotion on his face.Even if he was fooled by the barbarians and lost one of his best centurions, it would be the same.There are too many various emergencies on the battlefield.You can buy the barbarians, and the barbarians can also use this to do their tricks.This is no big deal Caesar was surprised to find that there was no anger in his heart, but cbd gummies make u high a little admiration for Ernst.How on earth did the barbarian leader discover his bribe of the Franks, and make good use of it Caesar thought for a long time but still couldn t connect.But at least one thing he knows, for a long time in the future, this man named Ernst.The sole consul, please don t worry, all the expenses of your adopted son will be borne by me, not only that, but also all the bonuses in the Sea God Festival will be borne by me Take charge Pompey smiled, very happily.He was now convinced that he had read the right person.What he wanted to win over Spulius was his huge financial resources, although Pompey didn t know how huge the financial resources of Spulius were.But he just had the feeling that this person had wealth no less than that of Crassus.After Crassus death, the alliance between Pompey and Caesar was completely broken, and he needed to find a new rich man to form an alliance with himself and serve as his inexhaustible and inexhaustible treasury.And Spurius filled the huge hole left by Crassus when Pompey needed help most. Pompey s face was full of smiles Then, how do you want me to repay you I don t need to repay your contribution to you.Going forward, a large forest appeared on the side.Suddenly several people sprang out of the forest, each with a weapon in their how long do cbd gummies last cbd gummies make u high hand.The leader came up to him and said respectfully Master Blood Devil, you are back.Charlemagne, I have brought my friends.Some smiles finally appeared on Guo Yunfeng s face.Ah, those people cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc from the Saxon tribe.Charlemagne looked at the refugees My lord consul is already waiting for you there. Thank you my friend.The leaders of the uprising tribes looked at each other in dismay.They thought that they would be safe if they cbd gummies make u high passed the obstacles in front of them, but they didn t expect that the security here would be more stringent.Any troops that passed through the obstacles in front of them would definitely have lax thoughts when they arrived here.At this time, the people hiding in the woods will give them a fatal blow.When he heard the name Caesar , Singroa stopped his action, with anger in his eyes.She suddenly thought of Natis who had just left, and others only wanted to take away her belongings.But Caesar wanted to deprive himself of everything.It s a pity that she is only a woman and there is nothing she can do about pura kana cbd gummies what happened.But what about Spurius Her eyes fell on Spurius Caesar Caesar Spurius, do you think I can take revenge Not for my husband, but for myself Women s anger is often very Incomprehensible.When they are full of anger about certain things in cbd gummies make u high their hearts, the cbd gummies make u high energy that bursts out will be very amazing.This.It will also be a very powerful weapon that I use to deal with Caesar I understand your feelings very well.Wang Weiyi still said calmly But Caesar is too powerful compared to you.The attack of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division had to be slowed down.The entire supply convoy, plus the twenty four American soldiers stationed in Schrottenburg, just disappeared.How many Germans came How on earth did they do it Lieutenant Colonel Karls, I will give you an infantry battalion and a motorized battalion.We must find these Germans in the shortest possible time.It doesn t matter whether they live or die, but they must not be allowed to escape Kerrett said.The general issued such an order viciously At the same time, I will order the plane to conduct aerial reconnaissance and capture the figures of the Germans as soon as possible.Yes, general, I don t think the Germans will escape.Kars is confident He completely gave his general an answer.He didn t think the Germans had anywhere to run, and the whole of Schrothenburg was under the Allied blockade as long as they remained in the encirclement.Wang Weiyi said cbd gummies make u high blankly I must report your decision to the general.15 minutes, Major Bertignano, from now on you only have 15 minutes.After speaking, he swaggered away from the Italians When he returned to his position, Max and the German commandos couldn t wait to greet him Major, have the Italians accepted the surrender proposal They will come out of Longenberg in 15 minutes.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.The commandos burst into cheers.It is too unimaginable, after they got the order to attack Longenberg.Still not that confident.Surprise attack and strong attack are two completely different concepts.But when the offensive started, they saw that the Italians, whose troops far exceeded their own, were in a mess, and there was no command and effective resistance at all.And when the battle didn t last long, when Major Moyol decided to persuade him to surrender, he was unanimously opposed by the commando.Our soldiers are fighting desperately there.No one knows when Berlin will fall, but every German will not give up until the last moment.So those materials have become very important things.The material is very safe, and it is stored with me now.Chekevelski was worried Why did the cbd gummies make u high situation suddenly cbd gummies make u high evolve to the current situation But don t worry, even if Berlin does fall, I will still be the same as before.Major Abel, do you have any plans to get this shipment out Haven t found it yet.I have.I d love to listen.Colonel Papasolovski will be the key. Oh, is it so Yes, because Colonel Papasolovsky is a very greedy Russian 807.Silence Because Colonel Papasolovsky is a very greedy Russian Czekwielski said slowly After Russia occupied Poland, Papasolovski confiscated a large amount of property of the Polish people, and planned to transfer it back to Russia.Whatever it is called, one thing is irreversible the return of Baron Alexon and his immediate resumption of power in Germany.This day, in the eyes of almost all Germans, will be the beginning of a major reversal.Claire.Nicholas and his accomplices tried their best to prevent the Baron from entering Berlin, but they ignored the baron s almost terrifying influence.So when the Baron appeared on the streets of Berlin, the whole situation quickly escaped Kroll s control.The resulting situation was that Creel fled in a hurry from the Empire State Building that he had finally entered, and handed over all the power to Baron Alexon.On the evening of December 8, at 22 00.Although it was night, no German wanted to let himself fall asleep.They gathered around the radio, gathered under the tweeter on the street, and waited quietly.Waiting for Her Majesty s order to counterattack, just.Before that, we were not absolutely sure that we would be able to counterattack This is great news for Wang Weiyi.From World War I to World War II, the navy has always been a weakness of Germany, although I developed the navy in an cbd gummies make u high all round way during the Second World War, and owned an aircraft carrier belonging to Germany, but the establishment of a powerful navy cannot be measured only by how many warships it has.Although suffered losses in the Second World War, the strength still exists.And what is even more gratifying is that the British government in exile can still command these British hemp cbd gummies and high blood pressure fleets that continue to serve the Queen.It seems that although the Allied forces occupy the advantage on the battlefield, But the advantage is definitely not as big as imagined Maybe this is the opportunity I need.In their limited lives, they will always enjoy their lives to the fullest.You have realized some, but not fully.Basang said with a smile It s not that they don t want to pay attention to it, but they don t have the capital to fight, and they don t even want to fight.This is completely different from human beings.Many people are also doomed in their lives, but some of them are not reconciled.They fight against fate and use their own efforts to change their doomed fate.I think you know fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content many such people.Yes, I know some of them, sir.Atedler was in a daze Some people are born in poverty, but they have been working hard.Their fate is completely changed by themselves.They can even control the life and death of hundreds of millions of people.Maybe their parents didn t think about it when they gave birth to them His Chinese is really weird.Ferrer Si quickly replied And she has been commended by the government He carefully introduced some things related to Anne Marie, and Wang Weiyi frowned after listening I m a little strange.With such a tight enemy blockade, where did Anne Marie get these precious supplies I also find it incomprehensible.Fels immediately said It is also because of this.It is possible that the statements in this letter are true.The letter also said that they have exchanged the real military deployment map in a special way.Wang Weiyi put down the letter in his hand If Anne Marie is really a spy, then she must have got the documents when Punet cbd gummies make u high went to the banquet.To prove it is very simple, see if the enemy s planes will bomb the fake artillery positions mentioned in the letter.We will keep an eye on Anne Marie, she may be Old Boy.Constance Base, Constance Base, the legendary Constance that hides terrible secrets There is actually such a fearsome power in the base.At this moment, he suddenly felt that he used the words he said to the baron one day.He told the baron that this era no longer belonged to him, and he asked the baron to surrender to himself as soon as possible.Now look Thinking about it, his words are so ridiculous, and he will soon become the biggest laughing stock in the world The German army is launching a counter offensive across the board, and all the troops under his command have been attacked love hemp cbd gummies by the enemy and suffered heavy losses , and not long ago, a German army had appeared near his headquarters.This was unimaginable before.Would an American general have to take up arms and fight the enemy And more importantly, he Up to now, I can t think of any way to save the war situation The German offensive is in full swing, German armored units in attack can be seen everywhere, and German commandos of all levels in assault can be seen everywhere.In the spring of the following year, an cbd gummies vs tinctures organ repairer, Karl Maulach, came from Zillertal.He casually HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high asked in the midst of the chat How did you manage Christmas mass now that the organ was broken Gruber just mentioned the piece, and he said It s such a worthless thing, I even forgot where it was put.In the back of the church there is a small cupboard full of dusty piles of paper.Gruber found the sheet music here.The organ repairer looked at the score, moved his lips slightly, and hummed the tune from his broad chest.Interesting, he said softly, may I take it back to see Gruber laughed.Okay, okay, just take it.Besides, after you fix the piano, this thing oncali cbd gummies is even more useless.After Maulach left, Gruber forgot about it.But Christmas Eve resounded in the lovely Zillertal Mountain, and since then began its journey of spreading far and wide around the world As folk music, this song spread from Austria to Germany.About two hours later, Martin and Tom suddenly noticed that there were more guards on the roadside, and a large number of tanks and armored vehicles appeared.Martin swears.Since I joined the army, I have never seen so many tanks and armored vehicles.This is probably a place where an important person commands.The car stopped, and when Major Ludman jumped out of the car, Martin noticed a detail.The major tidied up his military uniform deliberately.You know, there is no need to pay attention to gummy brand cbd pure hemp 500mg ingredients appearance on the battlefield.The person in charge of security here is actually a major general.Martin couldn t help sticking out his tongue.God, a general is actually working as a security guard.Who is the big guy in it General, I m Major Ludman, and I m here under orders.Major Ludman, you ve worked hard.Before that, you will be in charge of the uprising in the entire Egypt, and all mobilizable forces must be fully mobilized.Attack the enemy on various battlefields., to cooperate with the frontal offensive of the German army.At the same time, it is necessary to retain its own strength to the greatest extent I will.Kan Lemu said solemnly.Wang Weiyi set his eyes on Luosang and Nolak As for you, I can t order you, I can only ask you to mobilize the Egyptian people as much as possible to support the uprising.Hold on until the arrival of the German army.Can you accept my request Robsang and Nolak s admiration for this man in front of him can no longer be described in words.He can always do whatever he wants to do easily.What makes them even .

where can i buy biolife cbd gummies?

more gratified is that Mr.Moyol is not He didn t show any arrogance in this way, on the contrary, he still upheld considerable respect for them.The last soldier in his hand was also thrown into the battlefield by Colonel Nacker, but he found that he could not stop the German attack.Soldiers were bleeding and dying, and he was helpless.That was the saddest thing a commander could do.He couldn t remember how many times he had called General Corrett to plead for reinforcements, but every time he got the exact same response General Corrett was trying to get reinforcements. What does hard work mean Colonel Nut would like to ask General Kerrett, doesn t he know that with every minute of delay, more soldiers will die But he was only a little colonel.At 17 o clock on March 21, 1966, the German army launched the most violent offensive since the beginning of the war, and this offensive lasted until 19 o clock at night.After the offensive launched by the HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high German army ended, Colonel Nutter had less than 500 soldiers left who could continue to fight, and most of his positions were thrown to the Germans.Whether it is will or spirit, they have collapsed But there is a type of army that fights in despair The Russians are like this, although they know that there is no The hope of winning, but they are also fighting to the death For HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high some reason, a different feeling sprouted in Nuoqier s heart Nuoqier seems to be admiring something that does not exist, but that feeling is real in existence.Their 098 is continuing to move forward, and they have overtaken the infantry who overtook them while they were stranded Nocher saw the two Blasters , they stopped at a safe distance, and kept firing high explosive grenades at the Russian position.That s right, infantry support tanks don t need to rush too far And the armored support tanks of the German army are now about to surpass them.Klaus s Leopard 9 is at the forefront of the entire attack queue Nocher saw those bullets that posed no threat to it hit its thick car body violently, and was bounced away without any suspense.A few seconds later, the dense artillery shells whistling in the sky precisely landed on the point he reported.That is the other half of the Russian position The previous artillery coverage shooting has completely destroyed half of their position system.There was a deafening explosion, and clods, gravel, sandbags, iron sheets, and broken limbs were flying all over the sky.The entire position of the Russians was completely covered by heavy artillery fire Perhaps, a few mice could survive the heinous firepower.German long range artillery support The attacking weapon of the ground troops All the firepower of the Russians was completely destroyed They have lost even the chance to retreat German infantry and tanks flooded the positions the Russians were holding to the death.And killed more Russian soldiers who were unwilling to give up their weapons.Pulandi s brows were tightly locked together.Mr.Fristoia, you, I have been friends with you for many years, and I also know your character, but this is a very serious accusation, especially for the US government, if it is really what you sayI feel that we have been seriously fooled.Can you take responsibility for what you said Please wait a moment.Fristoia stood up.I took out a few documents from the safe, and then sat back again Mr.Prandy.These are some things that my people around Gregory found for me.I cbd gummies make u high do cbd gummies cause diarrhea think you will be interested.Prandy answered After reading those materials, he read page by page, and his brows that were already tightly furrowed became even more frowned God, I didn t expect that as the highest ruling official of the Russian government, I could actually Do such a shameless thing.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly You are wrong, such things will happen sooner or later, what I did is actually not that complicated at all, what I did was just to promote the early occurrence of this matter.In your There are already enemies around, everyone wants to overthrow you, everyone wants your life.But they need a planner, so my task becomes very simple, don t you think so Grand Duke Bierstoka The words Grand Duke Bierstorka were so piercing to Gregory s ears at this moment, it sounded more like a great irony No, no, none of them dared to betray me Gregory shouted out, If you hadn t appeared, they would not have dared to betray me.Why do you want to come back Why do you want to come back Baron, I was created by you Come out, you are an artist, and I am your work of art, do you really have the heart to destroy a work of art that you made by yourself Wang Weiyi shook his head calmly You are not worthy of being called a work of art.Milosevic s head exploded.Natalia said coldly This incomparably noble Marquis.In his bones, it is exactly the same as what Mr.Andreas said, despicable, shameless, and cruel.The pain I have suffered has nothing to do with today, so I don t want to say more , but the truth will be known to everyone sooner or later Milosevic tried his best to get rid of his relationship with the assassination of Marquis Pereas, but I can tell the honorable members that the assassination was planned by him Milosevic was too angry to speak.Did Natalia forget that she was her husband Did she forget that her downfall would not do her any good But probably Natalia didn t Consider this more In the contest for the best position of power in Russia, Marquis Pereas far surpasses my husband Milosevic, which chill gummies cbd content curts cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummies make u high makes him angry, agitated, and helpless.Could it be Steinman suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.Russ No matter what, you have to hold on to me Captain, I am the only survivor in the car.The other crew members were who sells royal cbd gummies all killed, they were British tank soldiers who voluntarily stayed Ruth s last sentence was filled with tears British tank soldiers team leader.They think that we cbd gummies make u high are fighting for their country, and a few of them agree with us, so they volunteered to stay, now.I m the only one left in the carahboth legs are brokenthis scene istoo heavycaptain.I really can t hold on anymore.Steinman was silent, and he seemed to have guessed what his next move would be Can t you hold on a little longer After all, Steinman couldn t bear to give up his comrades in arms, not to mention that Russ had been fighting with him for two years.But anyone who knows him knows that he is suppressing the pain of losing his brother in his heart.Rabbi, get ready, wait The enemy opened fire after crossing the bend.Steinman squatted by the window and observed the situation at the intersection ahead with a telescope.Understood.The rabbi replied.He said to the soldiers on the side Prepare the incendiary bombs.Several German soldiers nodded.Scattered on the sides of each window.Karl, is the anti tank team ready It s over, just wait for them to bring the meat.Carl said humorously, holding a bazooka and squatting behind a window in the HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high house opposite Steinman.Steinman nodded in satisfaction, and walked back into the house with a cat on his back.Steinman, we are too quiet here.Desk cbd gummies make u high reported the situation to Steinman with a headset on Samant Street.The brisk melody flowed from the flute along Gawin s lips, and the notes fluttered out of the flute like happy birds Gawyn was intoxicated by his own music.The Leiden reporter on the side held a cigarette and picked up the video camera.The soldiers were infected by the sound of the flute and began to sing obscenely.Soldiers on the positions of other units also returned.Turning around, joining the chorus On the first day of Christmas, my beloved sent me an unsecured hand grenade.On the second day of Christmas, my beloved gave me two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured hand grenade.On the third day of Christmas, my beloved gave me three bars of soap, two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured hand grenade.On the fourth day of Christmas, my beloved gave me four beetail needles, three bars of soap, two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured hand grenade.A huge shock to France and even the whole of Europe.This caused a great loss to their assets.Dewey Bank is actually the financial institution of the upper class, or more precisely, the middle and senior officials of the French government, which is the guarantee for them to obtain more benefits.They are counting on Dewey Bank to bring them a steady stream of huge wealth, rather than allowing them to suffer any losses.However, it is disappointing that Rodini and his French Dewey Bank have not been able to do this.If it wasn t for worrying that there would be no more suitable candidates for HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high Rodini s dismissal, and that Dewey Bank might go bankrupt and cause them even more irreversible losses, then Rodini would not have stayed in this position long ago.But now things have taken a huge turning pointThe appearance of the Lion Fund is a great encouragement to them Just like in any place, Mr.His self control, endurance and psychological endurance have always been poor.Eric turned his head quickly, but fortunately, he was still there.Billy was crouched behind a rock not far from Eric in the odd position of a stiff beetle.He was well camouflaged, covered from head to toe with fallen leaves and thorny dead branches.If Eric hadn t known he was hiding there, he would have been impossible to spot.Eric was relieved.He poked his head out from under a dead branch, his face was painted with oil paint, Eric couldn t see his face clearly, his eyes were HCMUSSH cbd gummies make u high empty and dazed, dim and dull, and he looked at Eric pitifully, like a helpless man.The helpless child had despair in his eyes.Eric s heart sank quickly, and Eric hated that Hawke.He thought of Colonel Hawk again I m not afraid of you.Erik challenged the Colonel s gaze, looking back at him the same without blinking.Your wife and daughter disappeared.Would you like to know what happened to them Orange felt like a needle pricked his heartwhen his wife and daughter disappeared, he was sure they had been murdered.But now that Berkeley said it, a glimmer of hope rose in his heart.They have been shot in secret When Berkeley said this, the last glimmer of hope in Oranje s heart was completely lost Berkeley looked very regretful I am very sorry to inform you of this unfortunate news, but I think you must have been prepared for a long time, but even under such circumstances, you are still working day and night.I have never given up on my ideals.I have thought about it.At least I am unable to do the things you have doneso my admiration for you is not just talking about it So what do you want, Mr.Superintendent Orange said sarcastically, Do you want me to betray my belief No.With a clang , the bullet passed by and hit the earth and rocks behind him.Second Lieutenant Hiram, who had barely survived, ran away to avoid the gunfire of the helicopter.Quick Go into the cbd gummies make u high full spectrum cbd gummies with thc forest Lausman, who threw out his rifle and saved the life of Second Lieutenant Hiram, shouted and waved vigorously at Second Lieutenant Hiram.At this time, Second Lieutenant Hiram didn t want to go into the mountain forest to find a bunker.But the short tens of meters away from the mountain forest made him It was difficult to move an inch at all.The flexible helicopter above his head fired at him with machine guns and heavy machine guns in the cabin, forcing him to make non stop tactical cbd gummies good for pain movements to evade.The lurkers in the forest launched a chase.Armed helicopters are the nemesis of infantry, and it is difficult to survive if they are stared at.You know, in the 1960s, you didn cbd gummies for pain management t need to go through any inspections when you took a civil aviation plane.The people who can get on the plane are some decent guys.Could these people still do any damage to the plane Hey, miss, this cat is not allowed on the plane.Sir, it s not a cat.This is Katie, my sister, don t you see how kind she is I can cbd gummies make u high t leave her, I have to Take Katie and leave.Miss, this is an order.You can t make it difficult for me.If you must take this cat, ah, sorry, your sister Katie on the plane, then I can only be sorry I inform you that none of you can get on the plane.Oh, my poor Katie, how can you let your sister do you Sir.What is this This is a cello, master luthier Ben from Brescia, Italy Manufactured.There are not many in the world, and it has been with me for many years.There are even many gunshot incidents.There are serious tensions among the police on how to cbd gummies make u high deal with it.If we can t find a solution as soon as possible, I think things will become very troublesome.President William didn t seem to panic He s here, isn t he Turner was overwhelmed by the president s inexplicable words But then William said slowly Here he is, Lord Alexon.Maybe his people are no longer in America, but I can trust him to do everything.Ah, what a man.He succeeded Killed my special cannaco cbd gummies envoy Singlag, successfully hijacked the Galaxy , and now, he made such a big wave in the United States No one can do all these things at the same time.Except Alexon Baron.Turner s head was a little confused.Is Mr.President angry or praising that Baron Alexon Believe me, everything is just the beginning.I don t have any doubts about your intentions.It s just that this incident makes me feel too strange.Maybe your side Enemy spies have also appeared ok, I ll arrest this mysterious Lieutenant Colonel Moyol immediately When he put down the phone, President Fenton and Premier Wilkins were completely dumbfounded.They had never heard anything more incredible.Crazy.Crazy, the world must have gone crazy.Philip General Si has never sent any Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Brigadier General Luke s face was so gloomy Now we can be sure that this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is a spy.Where s Captain Roger Please Captain Roger come here at once.besides.Where is Lieutenant Colonel Moyol now Immediately control him, not allowing him to leave his room a step Captain Roger was called here temporarily, Brigadier General Luke did not want any delay Arrest Lieutenant Colonel Moyol What, the arrest of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Captain Roger almost suspected that he had heard it wrong.Yes, arrest him immediately Brigadier General Luke s voice is unquestionable Captain, it is extremely urgent, if you encounter resistance.I approve you to kill him directly Yes, General Looking at the back of Captain Roger leaving in a hurry, Brigadier General Luke felt that this matter was extremely absurd.An enemy spy yes.He was sure that the so called Lieutenant Colonel Moyol must be the enemy.The spy has deceived so many high level officials and gained the trust of so many people.What happened to General Phillips confirmation before Is the general involved in this matter If so It s just too scary.Maybe all of this will have to wait for Lieutenant Colonel Moyol to be brought here cbd gummies buy online uk to find out Lieutenant Colonel Moyol I m General Gundra, and I want to cbd gummies night hemp bomb tell you some very sad newsyour identity has been exposed.It was full of police.Wang Weiyi smiled and closed the door again.Those policemen can be very confident that there is no place to escape from this office.All they have to do is watch the door of the office.God knows what happened The matter is that the superiors actually asked them to monitor how to get cbd gummies australia Lieutenant Colonel Moyol immediately, and did cbd gummies make u high not allow the lieutenant colonel to leave his office.Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jed were arrested one after another.Could it be Lieutenant Colonel Moyol now Lieutenant Colonel The more the war is approaching, the more unbelievable things have happened.Is there anyone in this country who can be trusted fun drops cbd gummies chill gummies cbd content Randerer, the arrival, are you ready to leave here Of course, but seriously, I m starting to like this office a little bit One thousand one hundred cbd gummies make u high and seven.They ll be wrapped up in a humiliating ending, then They never know what will be then.I thought, maybe we have to retreat early President Fenton is a little helpless.No one cbd gummies make u high knows the situation in London better than them.This place has become a dead place for them now.The only way is to leave here as soon as possible, and the sooner the better.Here On this point, Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Capanong fully agreed.The Prime Minister immediately picked up the phone and wanted to call General Gendra Your Excellency, Mr.President has made a decision.We will leave London as soon as possible.city what what did you say Why is this happening hell.Your Excellency, the situation is urgent He yelled something loudly into the phone, but after a few minutes, he hung up the phone, and all he saw on his face was a look of despair.The victory is firmly in the how long do cbd gummies last cbd gummies make u high hands of the Axis powers.All they have to do is wait for tomorrow.Ernst.We have three troops entering London and have already taken control of some important facilities.Rommel didn t talk too much nonsense, and quickly introduced to Marshal Ernst At the same time, we have made it clear that the enemy The cbd gummies make u high location of the headquarters.The Skeleton Division of the SS is marching to the place.It s just that the whole of London has been severely damaged. I know.Wang Weiyi nodded Half of London was destroyed by artillery fire.Erwin, forget about this, the only thing we have to think about now is victory.Duke Stephen, how is the situation there The underground resistance organization and the British who participated in the uprising have all joined the uly cbd gummies para los ojos cbd gummies make u high ranks of welcoming the Axis Revolution Duke Stephen is obviously very satisfied with his efficiency There cbd gummies make u high is news from Lance that the enemy commander in Coventry has cbd gummies make u high ordered the surrender, and we actually have complete control of Coventry.Yes, he also felt extremely sad.What kind of soldiers are they They re just a bunch of cowards Major Bruce adjusted his breathing Colonel, I think you have made a very correct decision.In my opinion, the war is already over.Our only mission is to wait for the fate to judge us, and It s not like continuing to flee like this.After speaking, he glanced at Colonel Pierce Please give the order, Colonel, no matter what choice you make, we will always stand by your side Colonel Pierce smiled, At this moment, he felt extremely relaxed.Yes, he has never been so relaxed, as if a heavy burden has been completely lifted Order the troops to stop advancing Including the president Yes, including the president Colonel Pierce He nodded solemnly At the same time, control all officials including President Fenton The team suddenly stopped, which made President Fenton very angry.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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