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The bullets flew out from the muzzle of the gun, drawing arcs in the air, either they didn t know where to shoot, or they accurately penetrated into the enemy s body.Trench warfare is always the most painful thing, especially for the attacker.They often have to pay ten times and a hundred times more than the defender before they may be able to achieve the victory they want.But victory now looks so out of reach.The submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand is also spitting out flames, and now this submachine gun has become a reliable firepower point on the battlefield.Ruger s bullets fanned out and wounded the charging enemies.Often, one of the enemies rushed forward and fell to the ground with a plop , and then could never get up from the ground again.Adolf Hitler also behaved very bravely, the Mauser rifle in his hand never stopped shooting, maybe he was trying to wash away the shameful nickname of Cowardly Adolf.Where did the Lieutenant get these three monsters The parts of a blown up heavy machine gun were scattered all over the place, and it seemed that it was also sad and helpless looking at everything in front of it Stop shooting.Under Wang Weiyi s order, the tank s shooting stop abruptly.Wang Weiyi looked at the corpses all over the ground, and smiled wryly, the cruel war The results of the battle are confirmed.The results of the battle are being confirmed 181 British soldiers were killed, and there are no survivorsRepeat, no survivors, one hundred and eighty one British troops killed 25.Mister Miracle, Lieutenant Ernst, Lieutenant Ernst Hearing that the noisy battlefield just now fell silent, General Galwitz s heart tightened, and he hurriedly called out to the cbd gummies sanjay gupta phone.But there was no sound at all.Your task is to impersonate the British top spy North Africa and then the German top spy Farmer.You will get their course of action, then kill the two real spies, meet the British first, then the Germans, and give them the information they need.Simple Is this kind of thing simple As long as there is any mistake in this, it will be all over.And to kill two spies separately, you must grasp the timing and score well.Wang Weiyi has never thought about himself now.Going to pretend to be a spy one day.Twenty minutes have passed, and you have two hours and forty minutes from now to complete the mission.When the time is up, I will order the Ziguang military base to fire shells to the joint area, creating the illusion that the German and British spies died in the artillery battle, and covering up all the truth If I haven t How about completing the task Then you wish for luck.Guests began to say goodbye one after another.Wang Weiyi felt that it was time for him to leave.He expressed his gratitude to Wilhelm II, Marshal Hindenburg, and General Ludendorff again, and then left the palace.Compared with these big figures, August still makes people closer.Manstein and Richthofen left together with Wang Weiyi.The atmosphere on the road was a bit dignified.It seemed that the words of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince had planted something in the hearts of several people.It s just that no one broke it.After sending Wang Weiyi to the Berlin Hotel, Manstein and Richthofen left.Walking towards gummy cbd amazon his room, Wang Weiyi kept thinking about August s words.He was thinking that if the current emperor of Germany is August, then where will Germany develop Think about it, I feel a little funny, what does this have to do with myself My only task here is to persist until November 1, 1918, and then leave here and go home As for what will happen to Germany in the future, it is not for me to consider.Major Ma Dan s face was serious We demand that officers cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg and soldiers who surrender shall not be mistreated.Officers and soldiers should enjoy different rights as prisoners of war Major Ma Dan put forward several surrender demands in one breath.Wang Weiyi and his subordinates were dumbfounded, not because the surrender demand was unreasonable, but because surrendering in such a situation is really unbelievable.Andfive minutes Xiaoling s voice seemed to feel that there was no need to continue the countdown.Captain Ernst Brahm, I hope you can accept our request immediately.I accept.Wang Weiyi cheered up, and now the French major best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy standing opposite, from his expression, does not look like a surrenderer, but a victor All your surrender requirements have been met, I guarantee all Surrendering French officers and soldiers will be treated fairly French, French What can you tell Wang Weiyi to say Okay, wait a moment, Colonel Fargud It will be out soon.Xiao Ling, who had just praised Wang Weiyi, became mean again.Wang Weiyi laughed Well, if you help me check, there will be no good resultsXiao Ling , Actually, I m not worried at all about receiving any trial, but I m really thinking about a problem.You said that assuming that one day we can leave here, will I still meet the brothers who fought together You asked this question before, and I can answer you again.In theory, it is possible Theory Wang Weiyi smiled wryly and shook his head So in theory, can I also take them away Originally just a joke, but I didn t expect Xiaoling to reply Yes, it is martha stewart cbd gummys also possible in theory Wang Weiyi was stunned, and listened to Xiaoling s words In theory, you can Anyone who takes away here doesn t even have to worry about exposing the military base, but I believe you won t want to use this method What method Wang Weiyi s curiosity was suddenly raised.After the crazy best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy shelling, countless German soldiers appeared The earth shattering shouts flooded the entire battlefield in an instant The French positions were blown into chaos, and the soldiers could not recover from this terrible attack.Those bloody intelligence services Colonel Gustav cursed.Why was there no news at all before Why didn t anyone come to tell me cbd gummies sanjay gupta about such a large cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg scale attack by the German army This is simply an unforgivable mistake But Colonel Gustav has no time to scold those who do intelligence, he has to face the current bad situation now Several forward positions have been completely destroyed under the almost crazy shelling of the German army.Those French soldiers who survived the shelling turned around and ran away.The German commandos easily occupied these positions and continued to break through in depth.God knows why the hard life on the battlefield can make him so fat.Even worse, Colonel Gustav was reluctant to leave the back seat of his bicycle even when going uphill or on difficult roads.Wang Weiyi wanted to drag him off the bicycle and beat him up Ah, lieutenant, your riding skills are very skilled.Lieutenant Gustav did not forget to praise him.Thank you, Colonel.Wang Weiyi reluctantly replied.It s a pity cbd gummies sanjay gupta that the current Colonel Gustav can t see Wang Weiyi s face, otherwise he will find that the Lieutenant s face is as ugly as it is.Another bicycle came from behind.Wang Weiyi stopped the car, and when he saw the person on the bicycle clearly, the hope of relief rose in his heart Manstein.God is helping me, and there is a companion who can speak French.Sergeant, stop your car.Lieutenant Moyol Manstein quickly got off his bicycle.

Of course he can t find it, but he knows that Ernst Brahm must see When it comes to myself Every second I stay here is an encouragement to my best friend How did you rescue His Royal Highness the Crown Prince by plane The death of his comrade in arms stimulated Rommel.Not now, the plane cannot land.Wang Weiyi put on a shuttle of bullets, and with red eyes, he swept the bullets towards the enemy like a rainstorm Hold on, reinforcements will be here soon The French, who were hit by double firepower from both open and dark places, had no good way to deal with their enemies for a while.Especially the light and fast P18 submachine gun on the opposite side and its heavy and low precision, but its firepower was quite high.Under the fierce fire of the mighty Vera Perosa submachine gun, it was difficult for the French army to make any substantial breakthroughs.Jurgen said with a smile.Private Jurgen, please accept my respect.Colonel Thomas stood up and saluted.Jurgen wanted to return a military salute, but he tried hard, but found that he couldn t do it The battle on the battlefield was very tragic, and the French A wave of attacks was launched.Although the Germans were at a disadvantage in numbers, they were firmly nailed to the position and refused to retreat a step.They had no way to retreat.Major Wolfe to them Having made it very clear, the condition of their targets, the impasse they were in, and the fact that they might not be able to wait for reinforcements, so fear and illusions were cast aside, the German soldiers were left with one last thing to do fight Bite here, desperately waiting for the final judgment The heavy machine gunner was hit by an enemy bullet, and he fell to the ground.Almost everyone s eyes revealed a smirkexcept Elenaeveryone was guessing Has the countess looked at Baron Alexon This powerful countess can do anything she wants to do.Of course, this is not a good thing for Elena Aside from being younger than the countess and full of youthful vigor, Elena doesn t seem to have the upper hand Wang Weiyi also has some headaches.Since the trial, he has stayed away from Berlin.Those are German politics He really doesn t want to get involved in any right and wrong.But refusing the countess invitation may cause trouble for the future Wang Weiyi came to Berlin alone with Depusey.Until he entered Berlin.He was still thinking about Elena s eyes full of distrust towards him Conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, the owner of the Alexandria Manor.The winner of the Blue Marx Medal, the pride of Germany, Ernst Alexson von.Kashanov nodded reluctantly.As soon as he came to the map, Zhukov became more calm Look, this is here, no matter the strength of the German artillery fire , or offensive strength, all concentrated here.And when a gap was torn here, the Germans persisted here for about 20 minutes and then retreated quickly.I think something must have passed here Kashanov s attention was gradually attracted by this young man.Seeing the general s appearance, Zhukov also let go This reminds me of something that happened on the front line in Reims, France not long ago.General, I have cbd gummies fort oglethorpe ga studied specifically.Also on the front line of Reims, the Germans used the same method to cover a commando to enter Reims.Of course, we don t know what the German commando did.But I wondered if they were using the same method to cover for a commando to enter our place Kashanov s expression gradually became serious You talk about the German commandos Yes, General Zhukov replied very positively This is the usual infiltration technique used by the Germans, and they apply it very handily.The blood mist in the air, coupled with the frightening skeleton flag that was always flying on the Nuoxi position last time everything made this elite German army Became synonymous with Death s striker The French retreated.Faced with such a defense, the charge of the dense formation could only be suicide In this attack alone, the French left more than 1,200 corpses in front of the Cinohi position.Most of them were shot to death by machine guns.The Maxim heavy machine gun and Madsen light machine gun constituted the protagonists of this killing mortars and tanks became the most dazzling supporting roles and those German soldiers holding Mauser rifles.It has become the most important part of it HCMUSSH cbd gummies sanjay gupta And there is only one director of this killing feast Ernst Brahm The air was filled with the breath of death, and he couldn t breathe hard.Rommel and Ernst.Bram also became a little crazy.He wants to capture Laner at this time Manstein said cautiously One month of fighting has caused us a lot of casualties.At the same time, the soldiers are very tired, and we have not received orders from our superiors.Wang Weiyi looked around.Indeed, the soldiers were going through Very tired after a month of war.His eyes fell on the map, he looked at it carefully, and after a long time he raised his head and said Laner is very beneficial to the defender.If the French complete the retreat and re fortify the position, then we The counterattack will encounter very big obstacles.He called all the soldiers to his side, and said the idea of the assault proposed by Rommel Actually, this has nothing to do with us.We what cbd gummies to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank are only responsible for defense.Let him shoot down all enemies who attempt to challenge his authority cbd gummies sanjay gupta in the air Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on his black fighter plane a skull was drawn on the head of the fighter plane That represented a person Baron Skeleton Ernst Brahm Soon, The fiery red fighters and the dark fighters will appear in this blue sky at the same time Two hundred and ten.The Dark Fighter July 2, 1917.sunny.Commander, Oates has a severe stomachache, and the doctor is helping him there.Is it his duty today Yes, it s his time, a small reconnaissance mission.Okay, I Complete the task instead of him.Captain, I ll go.Oh, no, you all have a good rest, there are many battles, I will go back.Hey, Captain, you have to be careful.Ah Ha, the enemy who can shoot me down has not yet appeared.Buck, you will be my wingman.Okay, Captain.

Regardless of whether Italy wins or loses this war, I will take off this uniform and do what I like.What about you, Colonel Do you love your profession Did you like being a soldier from the beginning Wang Weiyi didn t know how to answer for a while, and Stino continued I have heard your name countless times, you are the battlefield I have been wondering before on The Birth of Miracle, were you born a soldier Or do you have other hobbies I don t know.Wang Weiyi told him frankly I have asked many times My own question, but I have never been able to give an answer.This is a dangerous profession, and I have to face death all the time, but I have no choice.I must do this job to the end, otherwise I don t know what will happen.He sighed softly, war, maybe in his life, the war will never stop for a moment, unless a bullet hits his heart directly in the future, he can end this torture ate whole bag of cbd gummies Nobody has a choice Although he didn t quite understand the meaning of Colonel Ernst s words, Lieutenant Colonel Stino said with deep empathy cbd gummies sanjay gupta God has arranged all this.Even if it is true, how can you use up so much gold If you stop now, not only will I not pursue this matter, but I will allow you to move it if you can move it The gold will leave safely, I promise Thank you for your kindness, General, but I must keep all this batch of gold, and it is up to me whether I best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy can transport it away.Maridov said coldly However, you are right about one thing, you can no longer live in this world.Kerber smiled and said, Do you really have the courage to cbd hemp gummies for kids make you tired kill me The train stopped slowly and Samara arrived As soon as General Maridov opened his mouth, the train stopped and his body shook a little.At this moment, a gunshot rang out.Maridov looked down, blood was flowing down his chest, and in Kerber s hand, the muzzle of a pistol was still smoking.At the moment Maridov fell, he also pulled the trigger bullet, hitting the phone on the desk.However, although Li Lu made a rash attack in the end, the overall results are quite satisfactory.The Japanese army dropped more than 20 corpses in front of the position.It seems that the number is not much, but if the last attack is not cbd gummies sanjay gupta counted, in this defensive battle, the defender only killed three people and injured two people.This is really an exchange of the smallest price for the biggest victory that I didn t even dare to think of before In cbd gummies sanjay gupta the same way, the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi repelled the Neikou brigade s three charges one after another.During these three defensive operations, the officers and soldiers were highly unified in their thinking and resolutely carried out all the orders issued by Wang Weiyi.They never raised their heads when it was time to hide.When it s time to fight back, there is no fear of death.Kobayakawa, there is a piece of news that I have never had the opportunity to tell you.It turns out that this place is defended by other troops, but your son Jiro happened to be passing by, and since the supplies were only stored here for one night, I ordered Jiro to protect the supplies.Kobayakawa Hongyi s body shook, and then he tried to control his emotions Where is Jiro now I m so sorry Katayama Riichiro finally said what scared Kobayakawa Koi the most This message was found on Jiro s body.A few tears flowed from Kobayakawa Koi s eyes.Manchuria, now, my only son Jiro has died in Shanghai Tianna again, how can I go back and explain to my wife Thank you for your condolences, Kobayakawa kun.Katayama Riichiro sighed and said, I have ordered Jiro s body to be properly collected, but there is one thing you must know, the Chinese people deliberately kept Jiro s body in order to humiliate us, and The rest of the imperial soldiers were destroyed in the explosion.At first, he thought that one of his subordinates had attacked earlier, but when he asked, it was not the case at all.Who is that Team leader, Ah Si has news.At this moment, one of his subordinates hurried in and said.Chen Gongpeng was overjoyed when he cbd gummies sanjay gupta heard this Any news Have you been caught No, after Zhang Xiaolin was assassinated, we found a way to find a relative of him, but we went to ask, Ah Si just left yesterday.According to his relatives, The husband cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg and wife HCMUSSH cbd gummies sanjay gupta seem to have gone to Nanyang, and they also saw two tickets.Hurry up, find out which ship is going to Nanyang.The team leader, it is an American ship, and it left yesterday morning.Ah Si and his wife must be on this boat.Chen Gongpeng said Oh.One step too late, just one step too late cbd gummies sanjay gupta Where s that Wang Dehai Chen Gongpeng asked a little unwillingly.Not only the Sugimoto Infantry Brigade was defeated, but even the Sugawara Infantry Brigade was defeated, and even General Matsui s grandson Sugawara Naomasa fell into the hands of the enemy General, please attack The avenging 45th Infantry Regiment Captain Gao Guyan said loudly Please allow me to command the entire regiment to attack Xiguan and wipe out the defenders of China.Don t worry, Mr.Gao Gu.At that time, your Excellency, the head of the division, found me and gave me a task, which is to rescue Naomasa Sugawara at all costs The subordinates were stunned, and Takaguhiko asked But I heard that General Matsui Takatani kun, General Matsui said that the empire is the most important thing.Ushishima Man sighed But the division chief knows General Matsui best, and he loves this grandson too much.In Europe more than ten years ago, it appeared in the German army.There is a kind of trench assault team, specially equipped with ammunition hands who push small wheeled carts full of ammunition, and this kind of ammunition supply hand is the most important part of the entire team, there is no one.Zhou Wenhao suddenly I feel a lot more at ease.The fighting power of the Germans is known all over the world.It is really remarkable that one country can fight against so many countries in Europe and the United States.I can actually be compared with the most important German soldiers, so there is nothing to complain about.The news of the failure of the 4th Brigade of the has already come, and now, the hunters scattered all over the battlefield finally have their turn to play.The vanguard troops of the Japanese army have already appeared.

Captain Ma was startled and cbd gummies sanjay gupta angry, but under the opponent s gunpoint, he didn t dare to move.Then, something happened that made him even more frightened three grenades were firmly tied to his body A rope passed through the string of the grenade, and then Han Baiyang helped him put on his clothes again.The rope came out along his sleeve and was held in Han Baiyang s hand.Captain Ma, if this best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy thing explodes, it s terrible.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded If you cooperate, you may not die.If you don t cooperate, I guarantee you will die first.The expression looked calmer What do you want to do I heard that you were transferred from Beiping, and you can enter and leave the headquarters of the commander of the 65th Infantry Regiment Mae Otsukahara at any time Wang Weiyi said, almost startling Captain Ma Jumping up, thinking that he still had a grenade strapped to price of pure kana cbd gummies his body, he quickly stood there stiffly You We want you to take you to the headquarters of the captain of the Xiaozuka United.Shall I call him Wang Weiyi nodded First, call Boss Cai from the tailor shop for me.Things get done.Good for you.Little Yangzhou ran out excitedly, Zhang Sandao didn t quite understand Tuan Zuo My name is Manager Wang.Wang Weiyi corrected his address.Yes, Manager Wang.Zhang Sandao also found that he had made a slip of the tongue Manager Wang, what are we doing in Shanghai Doing business.Wang Weiyi smiled.Xiao Yangzhou scratched his head and couldn t figure it out.He was fighting on the front line, and the group had to go to Shanghai to do something.Although Japan s own attack has temporarily stopped, it may launch an offensive again anytime, anywhere.The group seat was fine, and I handed over the whole group to Ouyang Yu and the others, and ran to Shanghai by myself.After waiting there for a while, I saw Xiao Yangzhou walking in with a man who looked like a shopkeeper.She has never seen such a luxurious banquet and such exquisite dishes.They came up one after another, making people dazzled What is this, Your Majesty the Emperor Elena asked, pointing to a new dish.This is braised bear s paw Wang Fengchi said aside, This dish comes from Sichuan, and I have been making it since last night Bear s paw Bear s paw Elena asked in surprise.After getting an affirmative answer.Elena seemed a little regretful That was really cruel She originally wanted to show off, but in the end she was called cruel by the other party, and Pu Yi s recovering complexion sank again.The Queen of Manchukuo on one side saw it, and hurriedly said Baroness, this is a custom in various places, maybe you what cbd gummies to buy don t understand it very well.In our China, only special valuable guests arrive.Will you come up with such a cbd gummies sanjay gupta custom The expensive dishes are here Elena let out an oh , and had a good impression of this queen who didn t speak much, with a smoky face and a not so spirited look.The morale of the people in the war of resistance to the end, are you going to make such a great victory a few more times Wang Weiyi thought for a while there Organizing a battle cbd gummies sanjay gupta requires a lot of energy.Coordination and cooperation between various arms, support from brother troops, etc.are indispensable, butif I want to Get a few more victories against the Japanese army, or a great victory.I don t think this is a difficult thing Guo Mengzhen was a little surprised.He thought the young general would be humble and polite, but he didn t expect the other party to answer like this, so he hurriedly asked According to me As we all know, the Japanese army has a very strong combat effectiveness, are they not worth mentioning in your eyes Wang Weiyi nodded slightly The Battle of Shanghai broke out.Our soldiers went forward and fought bloody battles.They came at the right time.The repeated fierce battles made the Skeleton Master s weapons and ammunition almost exhausted, and the arrival of supplies made the Skeleton Master glow with strong combat effectiveness again.Now, Wang Weiyi s strength has been strengthened by progress.The Paipa battle group and the Altino battle group are the most elite units of HCMUSSH cbd gummies sanjay gupta the German army.The arrival of Tiger tanks and self propelled artillery also gave Wang Weiyi the confidence to continue to deal with the Soviet army.At 5 pm on June 6, the encirclement was closed cbd gummies sanjay gupta again by the equally tenacious Soviet army.Tear it apart, close it, tear it apart again, and close it again, bloody battles, fights again and again, the German and Soviet armies have been completely red eyed in the Radev area.Be fearless.Responsible for tearing open the gap of the Soviet army and covering the retreat of the German army, their fighting will is so high.At that time, I was ready to surrender and was defeated by the baron.It s nothing to be ashamed of, however, just a few minutes before I decided to surrender, a miracle happened.The Baron had lost interest in our position, and instead led his team to launch an assault on our cbd gummies lucky vitamin left flank.My My companion Colonel Mirek died.But I survived because of this battle, I was promoted to colonel and finally retired as a general.During World War I, in the army of the Allies, There is no clearly stated rule in such a rule fight the skeleton baron, as long as you survive, you will be promoted Therefore, in the UK, the reputation of the Baron Skeleton is not inferior to that of Germany.Germany stopped bombing, and Baron Alexon was appointed as Honorary Marshal of Germany at the same time.Is there some necessary connection between the two British intelligence services sprang into action.After the three of them chatted for a while, Wang Weiyi suddenly asked, cbd gummies sanjay gupta Do you recognize the members of the French Resistance Will and Pipondu became embarrassed.What are you worried about Are you afraid that I will arrest you for this Wang Weiyi smiled.Oh, no, how could we worry about this Pipondu hurriedly said, It s just that it s a bit embarrassing to discuss this issue in front of a German marshal.Let s be honest, we do know people from the resistance organization , and saved the lives of some of them.Baron, you have to know that we are French anyway.Wang Weiyi nodded Yes, I can fully understand this.You have to know that the Gestapo is I don t want you to be implicated by arresting resistance members everywhere.I don t need you to betray those people.But I must remind you to be careful.

Who can stop them Victory is within reach.By noon, parts of Oleska and Churminsk had fallen into German hands.Facing such an embarrassing situation, Kolkorok was forced to shrink his remnants to Osmink for the final resistance.But everyone knows that their annihilation is only a matter of time Without the cbd gummy bears for diabetes slightest hesitation, the Skeleton Division and the 34th Infantry Division, which cbd gummies sanjay gupta broke through the enemy s position, quickly followed the order of Marshal Ernst and continued to launch fierce assaults on Volchansk and Barkovo So far, from the launch of the Kharkov counterattack to the present, more than 25,000 Soviet troops have been killed, and another 35,000 Soviet troops have been besieged in Osmink.The number of captured Soviet troops was 50,000 The 1st and 3rd Army of the Soviet Army were hit hard by the Kharkov Group of Germany Commanding the German Army Group is Field Marshal Ernst Brehm A reporter from the Skeleton Division s field reporter platoon described it this way When Your Excellency the Baron gently waved his marshal s scepter full of magic power on the map, in just a few days, one hundred thousand Soviet troops were collapsed.However, since Crimea still threatens the German southern front, the German army needs to pull out this nail at all costs.Therefore, when the Great Battle of Kharkov broke out, the German army dispatched the 11th Army and the Romanian Mountain Army to launch a counterattack against the Soviet army on the Kerch Peninsula.With the effective coordinated operations of the German Air Force, the German army occupied the Kerch Peninsula again on April 6.In this wild goose hunt , a total of 26 divisions of the Soviet army were annihilated and 170,000 people were captured.The door is wide open again.General Manstein, the commander of the German army, knew very well the strong defense of the fortress.In order to ensure the success of this attack, in addition to the support of Reedy Air Force, powerful army artillery is also essential.As long as you have money, you can buy everything, including legal justice You can collect protection money on the street and not be held accountable, as long as you know a policeman, you can kill people and get away with it, as long are 200 mg cbd gummies stronger than 500mg cbd drops as you know a policeman who is an official, you can blow up a house and blow up the people inside., without fear of being arrested.As long as you recognize a high ranking police officer, Casanovich and Frank are undoubtedly the outstanding representatives Director Frank, I think it s necessary to give you another five hundred dollars per month.Kasanovic offered this suggestion.Frank s eyes lit up Aha, my own Casanovich.When did you become so generous Do you need my federal agents for another shipment .Look at what you said, I ve always been generous with these terrible Italian dishes, I hate them.Of course, Wang Weiyi would never think so.Weapons have bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies sanjay gupta been distributed to those in the Capital Corps.Twelve people are slightly less, and nine of them are about the same age as Rafke.No wonder, Abdul Hamid II has been overthrown for so many years, there are not many loyalists like Rafke When these people learned that the Germans had taken action, Prince Karami might be rescued.Everyone suddenly became excited.They don t need to relax get cbd gummies know what gold treasure is, they only know that it is the happiest thing to die for the glory of the Sultan family.As the guards of His Majesty the Sultan, the Capital Legion is at odds with those rebels.This point will never change no matter how much time has passed Now, everything is ready Chulejack, night, 10 00.Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng, Elena, and the Klingenberg assault team quietly appeared The night provided them with the best cover.Since the legendary Trojan gold treasure exists, so does the Mino King treasure.And these treasures all fell into the cbd gummies sanjay gupta hands of Karami s father Abdul Hamid II Otherwise, This can t explain Professor Ivans suspicion that he discovered the Minoan civilization, but only found sporadic cultural relics The mystery has been revealed These treasures are hidden in a hidden and huge cave near Hisarik Hill, and the cave has been cbd gummies mood sealed by my father.Karami said with some sarcasm It s fun, isn t it Mr.Liman discovered the gold treasure of Troy on the hill of Hisarik, but my father still hid all the treasures there.Hamid II did this beautifully, and copd cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies sanjay gupta no one thought that in Hisarik In a cave copd cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies sanjay gupta on the hill where no one knows where, there is actually a huge and terrible treasure hidden the treasure of Troy gold and the treasure of King Mino Mr.He will regain power at any cost One group is Goris, Kyrgyzstan The military faction of Staffa, these people of military origin are the most powerful faction in Turkey, and they will try their best to continue to firmly control the power in their own hands As for the last faction, it is Marfa The politicians have sent He was silent for a while there Although judging from the current situation, the politicians have the least power, but their influence must not be ignored.These people s brains are far greater than Karami and those soldiers are much easier to use.They will maximize their benefits, divide and control the imperial power faction and the military faction a little bit, and finally get what they want.Mr.Kahn, do you think we Who is supposed to support in the dark Theoretically, none of us support Kahn cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg pondered for a while However, I think a certain degree of acquiescence to the politicians, allowing them to hold greater power, will play a great role in our governance in Turkey.King Farouk would love it.Roriman laughed and said Of course, I don t know how many guests will be unlucky tonight.This is the opportunity for this Cairo thief to show his talents Wang Weiyi thought for a while, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies sanjay gupta still remembered what happened yesterday.What happened at night was revealed.I thought that Mr.Roliman would be surprised, but I didn t expect the general counsel of the Egyptian palace to sigh Mr.Baron, you may not be clear about some things.The necklace itself is nothing, but The gems above are heirlooms of Queen Farida s family, with a very distant history.The Queen Farida was probably too lonely in the palace, and she was very addicted to gambling.Sometimes she always liked to use this gem as best time to east cbd gummies collateral when she lost her eyes.Whoever wins, since she s the queen of Egypt, gets most of it back.

Fighter is not just a person, but an organization Lieutenant Colonel Minard, Colonel Innschick, and Major General Hoperick are all fighters.With the British completely kept in the dark, the fighters can be fully utilized.A piece of false information that confuses the enemy will be sent to the British through Enigma and fighters With the efforts of Marshal Ste Brahm alone, he was gradually reversed The first false information has been sent out by Colonel Inschick The Germans already know that the Kraken is dead.Now it s a mess Field Marshal Ernst Brahm reprimanded all senior German officers including Erwin Rommel Supplies are still out of reach and the Germans are in a very bad situation Passive And when this false information was sent out, the supplies that had already arrived finally began to replenish the African Legion.The battle went on from day to night.There was cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg no intention of stopping at all.When night falls.Instead, the battle intensified.Tanks, artillery, machine guns best cbd gummies for depression 2022 No one was willing to stop their shooting frequency, and the soldiers on both sides strangled together with red eyes.General Woodrow gathered some strength and launched an assault directly to the center of the German army.And this is exactly where Baron Alexon is Wang Weiyi what cbd gummies to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank personally commanded the troops to carry out a resolute counterattack.In the most dangerous times, Wang Weiyi s tank directly exchanged fire with the enemy.And protecting him by his side is his most loyal subordinate, Guo Yunfeng.They have experienced too many storms together, and they have long been used to such scenes.Danger far from frightening them.On the contrary, the surging blood kept gushing out.At its worst, Woodrow s headquarters was directly exposed to German artillery fire.Now, there are very few troops that Woodrow can control At 1 20, Woodrow issued an order to allow the officers and soldiers to surrender on their own if they lost the fight He didn t know how many troops could get his order, but it was the only one he could currently What has been done The war has progressed so far, and the British have no possibility of victory.In this case, the soldiers should not continue to bleed for this failed war.As for himself, he will die heroically for the British Empire Destiny is sometimes cbd gummies sanjay gupta very strange.When the Battle of Kalman broke out, Woodrow was bent on defeating the Skeleton Baron to achieve his own great reputation.But he didn t succeed.But just when he was about to die what cbd gummies to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank for the British Empire, the Skull Baron found him.September 1881.Arabi army uprising, surrounded the palace, won the support of the people.Dufik was forced to convene Congress.In 1882, the Motherland Party formed a cabinet.Arabi served what cbd gummies to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank as Minister of War, abolished the dual supervision system, and passed the 1879 Constitution.It seemed that Britain could not control Egypt through the governor and cabinet.decided to intervene armed.In order to realize its long planned ambition of occupying the Suez Canal and the whole of Egypt.On July 11, smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies 300mg 1882, the British squadron bombarded Alexandria.This squadron consists of 8 armored ships, 5 gunboats and 1 destroyer, equipped with 69 large caliber naval guns, 88 small and medium caliber naval guns and 70 Mitrajoz guns, with cbd gummies sanjay gupta a crew of 5700 people.At that time, the Egyptian garrison in Alexandria had 7,500 poorly trained soldiers and poorly fortified positions.The contest between the two cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg sides will continue, and it will only become more brutal.The bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies sanjay gupta last hour of the Irish Regiment has come.A small number of troops were surrounded, and a large number of German troops drove through their flanks, straight into Kantara By this time, Major General Alman knew that he was powerless, and he could no longer continue to snipe the Germans.Moreover, he also lost the possibility of breaking through.At 4 30, Alman contacted the Germans and asked to surrender.Rommel accepted General Alman s surrender request.At 4 45, the last bit of the Irish dropped their arms and stopped resisting.At this point, the 8th Royal Irish Regiment was over.The vast majority of them died on the battlefield, and a large part of the rest surrendered, and only a few succeeded in breaking through.Similarly, I don t think everyone is as fearless as you.Let s change the way.If we reverse our positions now, I believe you will deal with me in a more cruel way.Against the Germans, right Tamusta copd cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies sanjay gupta hesitated, then nodded.This is the so called justice Colonel Fels sighed again So, in order to avoid implicating more innocent people, I beg you to do as we said.You have lost the justice you pursued , but more Egyptians will get the justice cbd gummies sanjay gupta they want because of your sacrifice, okay He spoke there almost entirely in a negotiating tone, but Tamusta found that his heart was slowly Give in to him.As the Germans said, it doesn t matter to them whether they confess or not.However, as long as he speaks, he can really save the lives of many Egyptians He was silent for a while, and then slowly said Can you really guarantee that everything will end with us I It is impossible to make such a guarantee.One day, Mussolini saw a British woman walking towards him with a smile.Mussolini was about to get into the car, watching the British women approaching slowly.Mussolini stood by the car hesitatingly, as if waiting for something.Suddenly the woman pulled out her pistol, and before Mussolini could react, the bullets came whistling.However, the bullet only passed through Mussolini s nostril, and only a layer of skin was injured If it went any further, the fascist leader would be dead This is just the beginning.September 11 of the same year.There was a man named Gino.Luchetti s youth wanted to kill Mussolini with a hand grenade.Before doing it, he observed that Mussolini took a Rancha car every day at 10 am to go to work in Palazzo Zigi via the Pia Gate.He prepared two grenades.On the morning of September 11, Luchetti hid behind a newsstand early.

He ordered commandos to dig foxholes and sit in them and wait.The commando removed the shovel from his belt and began to dig.Finished with a snug foxhole, the commando sat in and talked about the previous fight.The commando talked about how Misha bravely saved the Heavy.It s nothing, Misha said modestly, If I was injured, any of you would do the same to save Heisenberg.Edim asked Heisenberg quietly, Well, how many did you kill Heisenberg Heisenberg paused for a moment I don t know, not many.Edim said with a smile Come on, Heisenberg, I know your marksmanship is very good, I miss you Killed at least a dozen enemies.It s nothing to be proud of, Edim.Heisenberg, these people are enemies.They ll kill us all The commando sat silently.Edim could see that Heisenberg was disturbed.Heisenberg lay down and slept for a while with the helmet on his face.This is probably the most lucky thing.However, a terrible purge movement inside Moscow has begun including Jian Ke, director of the Political Department of Moscow University Lieutenant Colonel Baglovsky and Lieutenant Colonel Baglovich, director of the political department of the Third Military Factory, were executed in secret.No one could save their lives, as Comrade Stalin said, no matter what failure always needs a scapegoat However, although how the third military factory exploded is a closely guarded secret by the Moscow authorities, they are obviously not going to let the German spies who sneaked into Moscow just like that.A wide net has been opened in Moscow.Stalin, who learned the whole truth, was unexpectedly not angry.Instead, he told Beria and Timilenko that they would try their best to crack the case and capture all the spies lurking into Moscow Stalin s attitude is not surprising.German reinforcements arrived, and the Soviets tried their best, and finally came cbd gummies sanjay gupta to naught The counterattack horn sounded Vasilevsky s strategy was correct.He successfully surrounded the German army s assault group, and he also expected the German army s upcoming anti encirclement.But as long as the central assault group can be wiped out, Vasilevsky can Accepting all cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg losses He almost succeeded However, the situation on the battlefield changed.And in Ernst.The Central Assault Group under the personal command of Marshal Bram has a terrifyingly tenacious fighting spirit.But it changed all that.The 5th Viking Division of the Waffen SS became famous in the first battle, the Ike battle group of the Waffen SS had an iron wall and copper walls, and the Waffen SS Guo Yunfeng made a miracle defense The powerful combat effectiveness of the Waffen SS was most fully experienced on the Terek River.The scale and ferocity of the German attack were unprecedented, and even a powerful opponent like the Soviet army could not cope with it.According to statistics, the Luftwaffe launched about 3,000 attacks.After the air strike, the German infantry and armored forces launched an offensive, targeting the right flanks of the 37th, 112th and 308th Guards Navy Divisions.The fighting was fierce.Explosions came and went, buildings collapsed, and planes circled overhead.Tanks rumbled across the ground, creating a horrifying picture of a pre apocalyptic world.Chuikov described the battles of these days as unprecedented and fierce battles In the long and narrow trenches, the officers and soldiers of the 37th, 112th and 308th Guards Navy Divisions tried their best to avoid the crazy air attack.On the ground, the intersection between the left flank of the 37th Guards Navy Division and the right flank of the 308th Guards Division was attacked by the SS Skeleton Division, the 100th Jager Division and the 30th Infantry Division.Most of the people in the reconnaissance battalion could speak Russian.He threw away his weapon and told Yeftina in Russian.Surrender yourself to the Soviet Army.But something amazing happened, but Yevtina didn t do it Because she knew very well that any captured German would not end well in Moscow, they would be beaten to death.However, she somehow had a good impression of the German in front of her, and then hid him in the cellar of her own house, which is here The injury on An Pu s leg became heavier day by day.The wound began to fester and fester, but they could not get medical assistance.So An Puna made a decision by himself, he was completely without anesthesia.Amputated his own calf Heisenberg was stunned by what he heard Did he actually amputate his own leg without any anesthesia at all God, what courage it takes I survived, and we fell in love.Kapusky had closed his eyes forever.I tried my best.After the inspection, there was no possibility of rescue.Sergeant Matthewman cbd gummies sanjay gupta stood up.Pintorov looked at him coldly Then, what s the use of me keeping you doctor I can help you save more soldiers Sergeant Matthew Mann said, but there was no trace of fear in his words and expression If you must kill me.Please release Nurse Linda too.She s just a woman, and a nurse, and she shouldn t die here.I don t need you to save anyone anymore, everyone here will die.Pintorov s cold tone made people shudder I will not let this lady go, should I let her save more Germans No, please give up cbd gummies sanjay gupta such unrealistic ideas.The long night finally passed When the day came, the Klingenberg commando, newly supported by two tanks, re launched the Soviet attack.Pintorov s The t 34s were all destroyed, and under the powerful German assault, the position here will soon be lost.As he himself said.Maybe when When Germany is facing a crisis again, he will come back again in the name of Baron Skeleton The phone on the table rang, and Wang Weiyi answered the phone and listened for a while, then put it down Wasilevsky Marshal, 20 minutes ago, my mighty German army launched an all out attack on the Kremlin I have been here, and I have seen How about you Are you ready to witness this historic moment with me I think.Vasilevsky replied without the slightest hesitation Although I am facing my motherland, I still want to see it.This day will be etched in my heart forever.Wang Weiyi smiled, and then stood up together with Vasilevsky He came, he met, and now, he will go to see the birth of a new history.He will engrave the direct name Entering history, he made his name never be forgotten no matter how many years have passed The war has reached its final juncture, and there is no force that can stop the German army from winning.

On the phone, Zhukov told him very clearly that all the outer lines have been lost.The German army s rush into the Kremlin is probably what will happen in these few hours.He hopes that Stalin will Comrades can prepare in advance.After listening to Zhukov s report, Comrade Stalin did not seem surprised.There was no anger at all, just a few words to Zhukov, and before hanging up the phone, he did not forget to say Thank you, Comrade Zhukov, I and the base camp will never forget your efforts.Thank you you Zhukov felt that these three words were full of too much irony.When the war ends in a fiasco, there are still people who will say thank you to themselves.The shells fell layer by layer, and the Germans seemed to have made up their minds to blow them to the ground.Groups of Soviet soldiers were sent to hopeless positions to continue the hopeless war.Their offense is getting harder and harder.My lord, it s too unsafe here, please step back The commanders at all levels of the legion ran over sweating profusely.Gaius didn t look at them, looked around, but walked towards a small hill further ahead.A brief battle had just taken place on this hill, and a slain Roman legionary captain lay a few steps from his feet.Lost eyes bulge outward.Staring at the sky weakly, there was a big hole in his stabbed abdomen, from which colorful intestines flowed out, and the dirt piled up on the ground under him However, Gaius didn t seem to have seen this at all.After walking up the hill, he continued to focus on the battle cbd gummies sanjay gupta situation on the mountain.The officers who followed Gaius were stunned by his actions and began to dissuade him more fiercely.After a while, he heard a few words uttered from his mouth I m right here Gaius personal slave secretly waved his hands at the officers.Natis walked in with a gloomy face, and he looked at the creditors Who allowed you to plunder the things here When the creditors heard Caesar s name, they were a little scared and involuntarily put down their hands.of those things.Singroa thought she had met a savior, but she didn t expect that Natis subsequent words made her heart fall into the cbd gummies sanjay gupta ice cave Governor Centumalus owes a huge debt to Governor Caesar , Now, Governor Caesar is the biggest creditor of Centumarus.According to Roman law, the biggest creditor has the right to prioritize all the debtor s property.So before that.None of you are allowed to take anything here The creditors kept cursing in cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg their hearts, but what could they do This arrogant guy represents the mighty Caesar Singroa was completely desperate.But something that made her even more helpless had just happened.However, at this moment, they are about to lose the consul Randerer, the base will start up in three hours.Xiao Ling s voice came again.Wang Weiyi silently looked at the Germans and everything familiar around him.Here he is Ernst Brahm in Rome he is called Spurius.Wherever he is, he has left his legacy behind.He had some regrets about leaving, but when he thought about it carefully, he didn t have cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg too many regrets.Here, he used the shortest time to make the originally scattered Germanic people into a whole, and made the Germanic tribes quickly become stronger.When they face the invasion of the Romans again, these brave Germans must be fearless.They already know how to fight Maybe one day they will come back, maybe At that time, the names of the three demonic messengers will inevitably reappear But no one knows when this time will come again Ziguang military base.There are different troops coming in and out here from time what cbd gummies to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank to time, and they often leave after spending a night here, no big deal.Sergeant, gather your soldiers Wang Weiyi said very solemnly You are so lazy, if the Germans launch a sneak attack here, you will all be killed Well, I met another pretending guy up John murmured in his heart, but he didn t dare to offend a major, so he managed to gather all his subordinates together, a total of twenty four listless soldiers.Americans are constantly cursing this damn major in their hearts.What a lovely afternoon, completely ruined by this prim major.Is cbd gummies makes you sleppy it all here, Sergeant Yes, Major, all my people are here.Follow me into the house, all of you Wang Weiyi said, what cbd gummies to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank and came to the nearby building without looking back.In an empty, abandoned house.Probably he s shark tank endorsed cbd gummies going to exercise his majesty as an officer again John murmured, and led his men into the empty house behind Wang Weiyi.Before he is captured and I The last call he made.He told me that you only had about a hundred men and reinforcements from a battalion commanded by Major Loriot were about to arrive.I don t think you can stop our attack.So surrendering now is your best bet.choiceand I can assure you that you and your soldiers will never be tried for espionage Thank you for your kindness, Commodore.Wang Weiyi s tone was sarcasm But I will reject your kindness, and at the same time, I don t think that Major Loriot has the ability to defeat us.So you refused to surrender I think I ve made my point very clear.Good luck.brigadier.Wang Weiyi hung up the phone and looked at Richthofen Can you believe that someone actually made the Skeleton Commando surrender.Richthofen whistled The only reason I don t surrender is probably because there is no supply of gin in the prisoner of war camp.Tell him that what we ve been waiting for has finally happened Ah, I don t think so, Marshal Model must have heard.Manstein no to be honest.He is crying.I shed tears.These are cbd gummies sanjay gupta the tears of a German Marshal.He came back, he promised his brothers, he would come back sooner or condor cbd gummies male enhancement later.What could be more exciting than this Now, the heavy cbd gummies sanjay gupta burden on himself can finally be let go copd cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies sanjay gupta He cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg can t wait to see the baron again today Cry, let the tears dance in the wind as much as you want It s impossible, it s impossible Westmoreland said with a livid face He died a long time ago, how could he come back It s just nonsense, the enemy is spreading rumors General, don t worry, I think This is a lie concocted by the enemy out of desperation.It is impossible for the Skeleton Baron to still be alive. Yes, General, I think so too.

Second Lieutenant Kruman let out a long sigh of relief.A large number of Skeleton Division officers and soldiers quickly took control of this place, free sample of cbd gummies and then, an old fashioned Leopard tank slowly appeared, when the conning tower opened.The people inside appeared, and Second Lieutenant Kruman almost wondered if he was dazzled Two people in the uniform of the German Field Marshal appeared Oh, God.My God, new leaf cbd gummies I actually saw two marshals here And still such a young Marshal Second lieutenant, name, unit number the leading young marshal asked majestically.F.Kruman, the second lieutenant commander of the 11th recruit company What happened here We passed by here and were attacked by the enemy.Your Excellency Marshal, thank you for your rescue Where are you going Berlin.Marshal, excuse me, may I ask your name Ernst Brahm.Then the fiery red also belongs to only one person the Red Baron That s another godlike being in Germany Captain Kurt swore he would never forget that day.As the ace pilot of the Allied Forces, only the people in the statistics office know how many times he took off after the battle in Berlin began.In countless takeoffs, he also encountered danger, but every time he was able to save the day, he never put the Luftwaffe in his eyes.Also, does Berlin have an air force But at this moment, a large number of cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg German planes appeared in front of him.Captain Kurt was taken aback.He really couldn t figure out how the Germans hid these fighter planes, and how they escaped the endless bombing of the Allied forces.However, it was too late for him to think As soon as these German fighter planes appeared in the sky, they rushed towards their target aggressively.Three tanks and more than a hundred soldiers began to grope for the position here.Judging from their appearance, they seem to think that these actions of theirs will not be discovered by cbd gummies sanjay gupta the German army.The German troops on the ground waited quietly.They were not in a hurry.After putting the U.S.troops within range, the firepower on the ground suddenly opened up.Rocket launchers, anti tank guns, and all available weapons let out terrible roars.The tank in the front instantly became a pile of scrap iron under the blow of the anti tank gun.The infantrymen who were advancing with the tanks suddenly fell to the ground and did not dare to move.MG heavy machine gun This kind of weapon that the German army has used for many years, but its performance is still reliable, poured a series of flames on the enemy.Soldier, it depends on what kind of belief you have.If you think you can win, then the goddess of victory must be smiling at you.But , if you don t have such confidence, then I will feel very sorry, maybe you will be the first person to die on the battlefield. Ah, I see.The soldiers immediately understood what Marshal Ernst meant No matter what, I will fight with you to the end.I believe we can defeat those Yankees.At this time, Second Lieutenant Eric and his companions who were fighting with Marshal Ernst encountered Here comes some trouble.They were ordered to block the enemy s attack at the Faberman Tractor Factory, but at this time the U.S.military had already launched the most violent attack on the tractor factory Second Lieutenant Eric and the others were only about half a kilometer away from the arsenal.It was said before that a German army was rapidly approaching Fabaman.The headquarters only sent French and Arab troops to intercept it, and they did not cause much trouble.Therefore, such evil results can only be tasted by themselves.General.The status quo of the 9th Infantry Regiment bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies sanjay gupta is rapidly deteriorating.Chief of Staff Henry hurried in They must get our support before they can persist.Tell them I can t send them reinforcements.Luo Shen, who couldn t even get reinforcements himself, roared furiously Let them block it, and don t be defeated Let Nesko direct General, Colonel Nesko is dead Ah, he is already dead Roshen realized that his most powerful subordinate, Nesko, was in the German army.The troops were killed by the Germans before they arrived.He sighed deeply, but didn t know what to do Henry hesitated General.I know that the Baron will not really leave us.I am looking for the peace of life just like him.But unfortunately, I can chill cbd gummies t do this.When I heard that Germany was suffering, I, returned, as surely as the Baron would return.He looked towards the marshals, hoping to see that very familiar figure, but unfortunately he didn t see it When did the Baron come back No, he still has a lot to do.Rommel quickly replied If the baron knows that you have returned, he will be very happy too.Ah, yes, I can t wait to meet the Baron.Hitler said in a daze, and then he swung his arm suddenly, exactly the same as when he was leading thousands of troops Until the Baron returns, the only thing we have to do is to defend our capital Berlin Berlin is about to usher in a new beginning for her Eight hundred and ninety seven.The soldiers took advantage of this rare gap to prepare the ammunition they needed.Heisenberg asked Zoff for some grenades and a rifle, and handed them to him.A soldier is bandaging his wound.Seeing Heisenberg, Zoff smiled wearily Bring the cigarettes Heisenberg took out the cigarette case, took out two cigarettes, stuffed one into his mouth, and held the other by himself Live Don t be too brave This battle still needs you Heisenberg pretended to be casual and lit the fire for him.Zoff grinned Come on I won t go.You d do the same fucking thing well, I wouldn t give you that chance Heisenberg was a little surprised that Zoff would answer like this, but his calm smile concealed all this Okay.Next time you re a hero, think about that dick calendar in the cbd gummies sanjay gupta bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies sanjay gupta hotel if you re dead, you won t be able to look at those chicks ass Heisenberg took a drag on his cigarette.

You have three major families backing you.Not afraid of those street punks at allMr.Petergoff, I know you have a very strong background, but this is Russia after all.If you can make a reliable friend, it will be very good for your trip The help will be huge I can t hide anything from you Wang Weiyi sighed deeply Well, I have to admit to you that my trip The purpose is to come here for the oil field.Migroski s eyes lit up Are you talking about the Tyumen oil field in West Siberia that is being explored Due to the Second World War and the subsequent overthrow of the Bolshevik government, the There has been no progress in the exploration of West Siberia oilfields.It was not until 1965, after the outbreak of the war, that the Russian government decided to conduct surveys in West Siberia centered on Tyumen due to the tense economic situation.I hope you will keep your promise to invite my daughter to dinner with you tomorrow Of course, it is my greatest honor to have such a beauty as Miss Tatiana to accompany me to dinner.Wang Weiyi knew that more than half of the opponent s body had fallen into his own trap I have plenty of time, and I can wait patiently.Tomorrow I will have a good tour in Moscow.Mr Ivan.Can you stay with me Migroski s confidence in the other party increased even more.Mr.Petergoff deliberately arranged an opportunity for him to monitor him openly.If someone cbd gummies sanjay gupta buy cbd infused gummies with a ghost in his heart would take the initiative to make this request I think Ivan There are still many things to do tomorrow.Migroski thought for a while Why don t you let Tatyana accompany you on the tour, anyway, you will have dinner together tomorrow.Sir, we only have five shells left Gunner Fu reported to Kiritz.Sir, a group of American M 60 tanks appeared at one o clock The observer reported to Kieritz.Take it when you see it Kyritz told Hoffman to reverse, and our tank retreated to the position against the glow of the sunset.It was getting dark gradually.The U.S.Army began a night attack.First of all, the h1 line of defense was attacked by the enemy.Second Lieutenant Cooper asked Kyritz for reinforcements.Their Leopard 9 tanks have been destroyed by American tanks Kyritz had no soldiers to send, so he had to order Lieutenant Cooper to form a circular defensive position for the final resistance.Then the Americans launched an attack on Kieritz s position.The German Second Company was basically composed of police, SS and boy scouts, and it was copd cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies sanjay gupta not an opponent of the Americans at all The advantages of the proficient combat skills of the U.They have shown tenacity since entering Germany, and have repeatedly made outstanding military exploits.But here it is.Commodore Gott lost F Company forever.There are not many troops he can use now, and he has a premonition even when it gets dark, the German attack will not stop.Commodore Gott s hunch was not wrong.The German army, which decided to go all out, continued to maintain a strong attacking posture after the sky gradually dimmed.What made the Americans even more frustrated was that the veteran Myristal Commando also took the initiative to join the attack on the US 3rd Armored Brigade.This is a heroic unit that has been with Baron Alexson since the beginning of the Second World War.They never disappoint.Now best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy Commodore Gott s situation is even worse.The flames illuminated the night like day, and the sound of cannons and gunfire never stopped for a moment.General Kerrett smiled wryly After a moment, he knew that his subordinates were just trying to comfort him At least I respect you Colonel Ryan lowered his voice Because you gave up your escape plan.Chances, even now, you are still fighting with your soldiers.Even if we all die here, many years later, each one will remember what you did for our country, I don t think much Humans can do this Why do we have such a war Kerrett suddenly said with some loss Ryan, you have to know that when the war broke out, I was infinitely fanatical.The army that followed us went to the battlefield.But now I think we should reflect, is this war really necessary Do we really want to let so many soldiers die Can we really see victory As you said, it s the politicians chill plus cbd gummies extreme strength problem Ryan smiled bitterly We are just pawns What they understand is not Night, war is always a game of politicians, and soldiers are nothing more than victims March 23, 1966 is a day that will never be forgotten by the United States 2nd Armored Cavalry Division and their allies.In fact, that s not even fire suppression The Russians were not planning to charge They just let the terrain play to their advantage.The casualties of the German army have become uncontrollable Ten o clock direction High explosive grenade Prepare Nochier used the periscope, and when he determined that the shells were unlikely to be wasted Fire Nuoqier felt the shaking of the car body Schmidt pulled the hot shell out of the barrel, and then threw it out through the gap on the side of the turret.Useless things will only occupy the already crowded space of the German army.The result disappointed Nochel The huge air wave generated by the shell explosion knocked two of the three Russian soldiers operating the heavy machine gun from behind the bunker to outside the bunker.And they were soon beaten to death by the intensive rain of bullets fired by the Wehrmacht grenadiers who aimed to fire.They are still driving in Bodilla s radio received a burst of curses from Klaus 098, damn it Get back behind me Who is covering for us Nuoqier cursed inwardly, idiot cover Look at the Russians now, what ability do they have to counterattack Cover who Hit the air with cannonballs Bodilla took off the headset, then shrugged at Nuoqier, he also knew what he should do 098 keep going The speed at which they drove in at full speed was just a little faster than the speed at which the Russians could escape So they always have something worth attacking Hans pulled the trigger of the mg62 machine gun like crazy The rapid and intensive cbd gummies cause headaches firing of extremely lethal bullets shot down the lagging Russians who showed their butts to them one by one.They have nowhere to hide Even more powerless to fight back The sky is the German army s dive fighter group, and the ground is the German army s armored steel flow What followed was a huge number of infantry groups Unless the Russians have the power to recover They lost 098 hardly fires because they have limited shells And Hans didn t control the heat well.

A fearsome vengeful messenger.Gregory also became more aware that if he fell into the hands of the baron, he would have no chance of surviving.No.Maybe it will be more painful to live than to die.His only way is to defeat the skeleton baron here to avoid those nightmares.However, this goal was cbd gummies sanjay gupta too difficult for Gregory.For the Russians, this is also an almost impossible task But for Marshal Kolkorok and his Ukrainian rebel army, it is great news On April 22, 1966, the day after the end of the Battle of Belsota, Marshal Kolkorok ordered the entire Ukrainian army to switch from defense to offense.Launch a full scale attack on the Russian army.Although compared with the Russians, the strength of the Ukrainian army is still not strong, but the successive victories of the German army stimulated them to the greatest extent.11 people, this was a complete company not long ago And what s even cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg more frightening is that the Germans didn t try their best at all.They didn t seem to want to pay any price to seize the enemy s position.This is the real battle, thought Warren Katzky.To achieve the greatest victory with the least cost The Germans have the capital and the ability to do this, but what about the Russians The exhausted Warren Katzki shook his head sadly, no, his own army would never be able to do this.Unless, Russia can make real changes.At night, the Germans finally stopped their offensive temporarily, which also gave the tired Russian soldiers a rare respite.Ralph, the call from the Army Group Command, General Dahlcroft told you to go there immediately.At this time, the second lieutenant s voice interrupted Volyn Katzky s train of thought, and the surrounding companions were also a little surprised, a little The machine gunner actually wants to be summoned by the commander in chief of the army group in person Warren Katsky stood up, how he now hopes that the enemy s sniper can shoot him down General Volyn Katzky.Dahlcroft boldly said The battle situation is already very bad.It s always good to leave us with a way out.Dahlcroft fully understood what his chief of staff meant.Everyone is afraid of failure.Everyone is afraid of death.One more friend may always lead to another way out.He nodded with some difficulty Haye Raff hadn t seen General Dahlcroft for many years, and when he met again, he said without any disguise You are old, General.And you re getting younger, Hayelav.Dahlcroft s tone was full of sarcasm Is it because the Germans have better food Heyeraf completely understood what the other party meant General, the food in the Germans is actually the same as ours, or even worse.Germany is not a nation that is good at cooking.But there is one thing they did very well, they respect me, even if I am a surrendered officer Don t you feel shameless Dalkrenff interrupted the other party angrily You are a Russian officer, but you shamelessly surrendered to the enemy, and then you still want to help them speak What respect Can a surrendered traitor be cbd gummies sanjay gupta truly respected Yeah, I feel like I m getting real respect.Elden, who was still agitated just now, immediately calmed down, and the last thing he wanted to see happened.The opponent obviously has more weapon advantages than himself, so he can t blindly force it.The whole army stopped charging.Immediately retreat 300 meters.Elden s order also calmed down the German army.They dragged the corpses or wounded of their companions and moved out of the range of the Russian army.Sir, what should we do An adjutant immediately ran up to ask Elden, who also had a headache.What can we do This battle must be fought quickly.We don t have heavy weapons, only rifles.How can we fight and consume the Russians We are lucky, the other party does not have artillery, otherwise, the current situation will be very difficult for us.Very unfavorable.Yes.What should we do now The adjutant said the same thing.This is something everyone knows.The Moscow Herald just wants to use this method to hit itself.Bell Grand Duke Gregory of Stoka seemed a little flustered.But why did the Moscow Herald say such a thing If they are not sure, do they really dare to make such nonsense What if what they said is true Do No, it can never be true never Gregory told himself over and over again in his heart.For the entire Armenian oil field, Gregory invested countless efforts and funds.A large amount of military funds from the United States to aid Russia have been invested in oil fields, which can even be said to have cost more than half of his political life.If, just to say, if If Armenia really has no oil fields, what terrible things will happen The thing the government will go bankrupt because the treasury has long been empty.All around, it seems, is full of dire dangershe has been there waiting.From morning to noon, from noon to afternoon He was hungry and thirsty, and several times he could hardly cbd gummies for energy bear to rush out, but he never had the courage There are traitors everywhere outside, guys who betrayed themselves everywhere He saw a cockroach crawling not far in front of him, and for a moment he had an impulse, almost wanting to catch it.That cockroach stuffed his mouth to fill his stomach But, it s disgusting, this is really disgusting Maybe the cockroach also found the danger and disappeared soon He disappeared without a trace It was slowly getting dark, but Similov still didn t come back Where did he go Where did he go Was he caught by those people, or did he betray himself like those traitors Gregory would rather believe best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy that it was the former result, he could no longer accept a new betrayal It was completely dark, and Gregory experienced too many things in HCMUSSH cbd gummies sanjay gupta 24 hours.Either they couldn t wear body armor or they made the American infantry pause.It seemed that the man eating ant colony in front of them was unstoppable, and the failure was a foregone conclusion.However, Steinman, who had been silent for a long time, said All fire Da da da da da bang bang bang bang bang The German army s light weapons equipped with special ammunition blocked the path of the US infantry s charge with neat firepower, and the American infantry in pieces Knocked down, and the 23mm cannon temporarily assigned to Steinman also roared.The artillery shells with extremely high muzzle velocity and great penetrating power against lightly armored targets pierced the line of American infantry from the beginning to the end.Romeo, the mortar is ready to fire Understood Hundreds of mortar shells of a few millimeters fell from the sky after Romeo s order.

Those artillerymen fired randomly and smashed the shells at the position aimlessly, trying to stop the terrible attack of the Germans in this way However, such bombardment does not seem to be No substantive results could be achieved They had no way to stop the continuous and powerful advance of German tanks As for the infantry, their situation was even more embarrassing Those soldiers huddled in their positions, constantly enduring shells and machine gun bullets whizzing past their headsUnder the stern urging of the officer, they reluctantly threw themselves into the counterattack Letting a group of soldiers on the battlefield for the first time to deal with the enemy s elite assault group is not a very wise choice But best cbd gummies what cbd gummies to buy what better way could you have Major General Ellington The fight lasted less than twenty minutes.Americans are always welcome.Brother, do you have any family all of myall my loved onesare dead , the familyonly a younger sister who is less than ten years old Corporal Sally put down the polished rifle, and she was about to speak when an earth shattering explosion broke out outside the window, bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies sanjay gupta interrupting Sally s thoughts.The deafening explosion pierced the soldiers ears like needles.The shock wave carried fine dust fragments into the room.The room was gray and chaotic.The soldiers yelled anxiously.What the hell happened just now Be careful There was a fierce exchange of fire outside, without any warning, it sounded as if a certain army had begun to fight the US military.The flames lit up and black smoke began to rise.They were not even prepared for such a fierce battle.The soldiers in row A immediately entered the fighting state.The infantry of the 70th Infantry Division surrounded them and covered the convoy from leaving.Let s go Taylor opened the car door, and just about to get in, he was hit on the top of the head by a small bee.Snapped A ripe watermelon has been cut open.Watermelon juice flowed all over the cbd gummies sanjay gupta floor.Sally shoots the mercenary, then runs over to find Tyler s dead face beyond death.Sally had a sore nose.Resisting the nauseating reaction, he pulled the ID card from Taylor s neck.Taylor s body was carried by other soldiers onto an armored vehicle.Connor ran to a jeep and was about to open the passenger s door when he found a person sitting in the driver s seat.That person turned around.Connor suddenly turned pale.That person is Mista Mista was covered in blood.Dressed in rags, smiling at Connor This smile was the scariest smile Connor had ever seen in his life Connor s scalp was numb, his mouth cbd gummies sanjay gupta was wide open, and he couldn t utter a word after he stuttered.At that time, no one can tell who is the master of France.It is wiser to contact the government than to be loyal to the government Of course, they must see this mysterious Mr.Moyol who holds huge money When Luo When Tini showed up with a young man, all the so called members of the board of directors in fact, representatives of real investors stood up.Their eyes did not fall on Rotini, but kept on He looked at the young man beside him.Could this be Mr.Moyol Too young, really too young Respected directors.Rotini cleared his throat I am very glad that you can attend this crucial meeting of the board of directors in your busy schedule Before the meeting begins, please allow me It is an honor to introduce to you Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein from zenbears cbd gummies New York The applause broke out quickly, and at this moment, people with quick brains also quickly understood.What should we do Hadley looked at Johnson gasping for breath.This small charge made more than forty people incapacitated.Engineering team.I need sappers yelled Johansen to Hadley.Hadley shook his head.How bad Johnson saw the private first class not far away Hey, private first class, find me an engineer, no matter how many I need The private first class searched.Only two sappers were found I only found two great.dear God Johnson said Bring them here The first class soldier and two engineers quickly ran to Johansen s side, and Johnson glanced at the first class soldier intently There are only two enemy machine gun bunkers left, and they are less than 30 meters away from us.distance, but the bad thing is that the sniper cbd gummies sanjay gupta can t hit the cunning enemy, so Johnson was silent for a while I accept that you will be the team leader of this blast, and you will lead the remaining engineers to blow up their bastards, Private First Class No problem sir The private first class puffed up his chest and prepared to die.I also remember trembling with nervousness when I first saw jolly cbd gummies website you.Heisenberg said I always think, what kind of person is Marshal Ernst But I soon discovered that you are no different from ordinary people.You will laugh and get angry, but you will always fight side by side with us, whether you are a general or a marshal.Marshal, there is one thing I have never said to you, thank you, Marshal Ernst No, I think it s me who should be thanking you.Wang Weiyi stared at his subordinates Many people call me the miraculous Baron Alexon, but in fact I know very well that without your heroic fighting, all the miracles would be impossible to talk about.There is no self effacing.Wang Weiyi knows that he can never accomplish so many miracles with his own strength.Everything is done with the help of these loyal soldiers Okay, don t talk about these things anymore.Let s go Lawsman yelled at Second Lieutenant Hiram.But Second Lieutenant Hiram didn t move at all, just stood there staring at the roaring Tiger helicopter.Chopsticks asshole Lausman scolded Second Lieutenant Hiram, put him down and ran into the forest.This is Hiram s own death, and he can t blame others.As teammates, they have done their best.Madman, madman Pound and Flashpoint stared at Second Lieutenant Hiram standing there in disbelief, muttering in their mouths.There are all lunatics here, but no lunatic dares to challenge a gunship like this.Because such a challenge is pure courting of death No, Hiram is not a lunatic, .

is cbd oil more concreated than gummies?

he is simply a fool, and no normal person would do this.This bastard Seller s eyes burst into anger, and he punched the tree trunk.If Lieutenant Hiram was in front of him, he would definitely smash the jaw of this self righteous guy with the butt of his gun.

I believe that there are not many officers in this world who are fortunate enough to be the opponents of two German gods of war at the same timeI can proudly tell my Children, I have experienced such an honor It s just that the situation on that day was extremely bad.Our position was constantly lost under the assault of the German armored forces.A large number of casualties made me run out of hands Lieutenant General Carson seemed powerless to deal with all this.The six divisions of the French and the German army launched an attack at the same time.Lieutenant General Carson also did not have many troops to use It is surprising that the situation in France has changed so quickly.According to what I know, in every city in France, as long as there are US troops stationed, they have all been attacked by the French without exception.Telavivsky, you are not dead yet.Piroko hurriedly replied Did you see the person who assassinated you clearly Yes.I saw clearly.Travivsky immediately said White, that is Major White, he suddenly appeared in my In front of him, and then he shot me I knew I wasn t dead, but I cbd gummies sanjay gupta global green cbd gummies 450 mg didn t dare to move, and I didn t dare to rush out to call for help until he left Sure enough, it was Major White, the scum among Americans Pirocco felt a little annoyed that Major White almost lost an extremely important figure in the United States.Seeing Piroko hesitated to speak, Travivski suddenly smiled You are cbd bomb gummies hangover probably wondering where I hid the New Sea cbd gummies sanjay gupta Lion Project Piroko, I can now put the New Sea Lion Project It s up to cbd bomb gummies you.Come up to me and see what s on my shoulder.Piroko walked up and saw some numbers tattooed on Travivski s shoulder.The attack of the young people, they even used the murder weapon, luckily.There happened to be a policeman passing by at that time, and the assailant only stabbed his arm The assassination of an ordinary person is not worth Nash s care, but it was an agent cbd gummies sanjay gupta who was assassinated.This could not help but aroused Nash s vigilance again When cbd gummies sanjay gupta Nash kept running around, Lieutenant Colonel Mills of the FBI also encountered troubles.An FBI office in London was the first to be hit.The attackers threw petrol bottles into the office, causing a small fire, although it was quickly extinguished.But this is the first time the FBI has been attacked in Londonthose bloody underground resistance groups have gone rampant Lieutenant Colonel Mills ordered that the case must be solved in the shortest possible time.And the arsonist was caught immediately, but what he didn t expect was that this was just the beginning On the afternoon of the arson incident, two federal agents who were in charge of investigating the matter finished their lunch in a restaurant , returned to his car, the moment the car exploded when it was started, which caused the death of two federal agents on the spot.Wang Weiyi interfaced and said Seeing my son being wronged, but I can t do anything about it, this kind of mood is very desperate.General, I thought maybe I could be of help to you.General Gandra s eyes lit upYeah, why didn t how much thc do cbd gummies contain I think of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol He is a senior investigator of the Army Intelligence Bureau.Although the person in his heart is not in the United States, he is in the United States He must have many friends and a lot of influence that can be used.Originally, General Gandra would never ask for help.But this has already related to the life and death of his son Shukako.He once consulted a lawyer on this matter, and the lawyer s answer made him He is desperate.Shukako cbd gummies sanjay gupta may be sentenced to death for multiple murders.The most optimistic result is life imprisonment.In fact, General Gandra does not have many friends around cbd gummies sanjay gupta him.The revolution is also quietly being born.While the U.S.government was in dire straits, the Axis Army s war against the British mainland finally kicked off.September 24, 1966, was the day of the American Cassily College Incident A day that is getting worse and worse.On this day, all the senior officers of the Axis power s front line headquarters have appeared here.This day will be the beginning of the decisive war, and this day will be forever engraved In the history of war.The cause of this day 7 On 30, Queen Elizabeth II of the British government in exile, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip and Sir Rosen, appeared at the headquarters at the same time.Marshal Rommel.Your Majesty the Queen.Rommel came in front of Queen Elizabeth II The war is about to begin.I don t think it is a wise choice for you to appear here at this time.Major Barack knew very well that he was definitely not The friends of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol were not in the past, and they are not in the present either.They just take what they need because of the relationship between interests.But at least what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said is correct, The more dangerous things are, the more people can get huge wealth.No risk, no particularly dangerous thing, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol would never spend such a huge sum of money.He took a deep breath I think I can trust you once.But I still hope you can tell me, are you the Baron Skeleton I believe that the Baron Skeleton will never betray his partner.Wang Weiyi He smiled again I think you will know when you should know One thousand ninety two.death of mr envoy Assassination Is someone going to assassinate me Synrag seemed unable to believe what he heard.Your Excellency, I think this is also my greatest luck.Wang Weiyi replied lightly During those years, I have experienced countless adventures, and I hope this will be my last adventure.I love war, but I don t want to see war.War should end in our generation.Although it seems very ridiculous, I still hope so.Both Duke Stephen and Sir Monlington nodded silently.The war should not continue Igor is a sad piano piece, which also means that this evacuation operation is full of sadness.These senior officials of the Fenton government never thought that one day they would be forced to leave their city, forced their families into exile in a strange America, they always thought they were the masters of this land.They would never leave here.However, the day has come after all.Each of them can only Carrying two pieces cbd vegan gummies of carry on luggage, and there are regulations on the weight, this makes the family members of these senior officials of the Fenton government very dissatisfied.

Captain Roger only thought that the other party was joking You really know how to joke, Lieutenant Colonel.I can t replace Colonel Jed.Speaking of which, there are some things that make me dissatisfied.Once London falls, Colonel Jed will evacuate, so who will stay you.And I Originally, in the previous plan, Colonel Jed was going to lurk down.But for some reason, the United States changed its mind and asked Colonel Jed to prepare for evacuation and return with all the lurking list and lurking plan.To the country.And this has been spread through various channels.This has caused serious dissatisfaction among the hidden spies.In fact, Wang Weiyi understands why the United States does this very well.Colonel Jed, who has all the hidden lists and hidden plans, must not In the event of any mistakes, he can play a far more role in the United States than he can in the UK.Army Intelligence Agency mainly analyze the battlefield situation and collect war intelligence.Provide reliable data, they will not interfere with anything else.Moreover, even if they come to the UK, they will definitely inform me first that they need our assistance.But I ve never heard of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Brigadier General Luke thought for a while, then dialed a secret number This is Luke, pick me up General Phillips.No, instead of answering his office, answer the red phone.Yes, a very urgent situation occurred.He waited there for a while, then turned back to the phone and said, General Phillips I m Luke from cia and I have a situation that I must check with you, yes, and yourself.Did you ever send a senior investigator into London Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.What You never knew Lieutenant Colonel Moyolbut it is said that Colonel Jade and the British side have checked his identity with you, and many people have proved that they called your office in personAh, they also said that you answered the phone in person No, general, please don t be angry.And this time.They actually set the target of the attack on a small military camp on the outskirts of London.It was a shocking operation, involving about a thousand elite armed guerrillas.Even two armed helicopters were dispatched again.It was an American barracks, and there were only 50 soldiers in the barracks.Facing the sudden arrival of the guerrillas and their menacing attack, they had little ability to resist bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies sanjay gupta at all.In less than 15 minutes, the commander of the US military was forced to surrender, and the guerrillas took control of the barracks.The attack this time made the Americans and the Fenton government terrified.The guerrillas had already launched such a large scale attack before the Axis offensive started.The consequences would be unimaginable.A large number of combat soldiers and police were sent to the countryside.Damn the British, do they have some secret deal with Taurus He furiously reported the situation to General Gandra.And raised his doubts about Colonel Toros.It s just that General Gandra s judgment seems to be better than his by more than one grade Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel Toros has nothing to doubt, the enemy is just thinking about forcing him to surrender in this way.And I believe that as long as Dorchester copd cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies sanjay gupta is unable to defend, Colonel Toros will definitely surrender.General, it will be difficult for Dorchester to hold without reinforcements.The truth of his subordinates made General Gendra silent for a long time If that s the case, then I approve that you can retreat.Abandon Dorchester, and you can even choose to surrender.Lieutenant Colonel Jansen sighed deeply.What can he do All he could command was a Marine Corps.General Don Tanner did not give us a chance to choose, and General Candra also did not give us a chance to choose, but I can give you such a chance, life or death.The soldiers were silent, No one spoke.Colonel Depra smiled bitterly Yes, this is what we are facing now.Tragedy, but also very ironic.Our faith has been devastated, and everything we thought we had was suddenly It collapsed with a crash.What can we say Gentlemen, choose.The soldiers continued to maintain a terrible silenceSuddenly, one of the soldiers stood up, stood up like this, maybe at this time Somewhere the enemy s sniper is hiding, and the bullets will hit his head anytime, anywhere, but he doesn t care at all Colonel, now I mWe already know the truth, if we continue to fight for you, we will feel very honored, but, I cannot continue to fight under such lies.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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