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will be different.Cui Wei said Brother is worried that someone will deliberately involve Xungui in it.Use less of our manpower, so as not to be calculated by others, Cui Zhen said, If it is a simple robbery case, it is best if no one is behind the scenes.Once someone wants to stir up the wind and rain, we can still leave a retreat for ourselves and use those people in the market to investigate the case, they do not belong to our Dingninghou Mansion, what he does may or may not have anything to do with us.Cui Wei bowed Brother is still far sighted, he said with a sigh, There are constant internal strife in the court, and we don t know when it will end.Besides that, Cui Zhen said, we must also guard against the Wei family.I always I don t understand why Wei Yuanchen is always against the elder brother, Cui Wei said, Our Cui family and the Wei family HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach have never had any feuds, but Wei Yuanchen repeatedly refuted the elder brother s face, relying on his status as a foreign relative to do whatever he wants.He could hear clearly what the man said in the house.The doctor woman was invited to treat them and had nothing to do with this case.So he brought Chu Jiu and others here to ask the doctor.Wei Yuanchen walked towards the doctor woman.The doctor woman began to shiver and tremble, but she just clenched the silver in her hand a little tighter, and when Wei Yuanchen came to her, she had already shrunk behind Liu Su.Can t talk Gu Mingzhu nodded.Illiterate Gu Mingzhu nodded again.This man s pair is like a pool of cold water.Most people can t help but tell the truth after seeing it.Then why do you practice medicine Wei Yuanchen said calmly.Gu Mingzhu still hugged the medicine box tightly.Open the medicine box and let me have a look.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu immediately stepped forward to take the medicine box from the medicine woman s arms, held it in cbd gummies upset stomach her hand and opened it, and moved the lantern in her hand to make it easier for the third master to check.Let s go Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu nodded, jolly cbd gummies for smoking review and he was going to meet the Yacha in a short while.Chu Jiu waved his hand, and all the guards dispersed, and he immediately followed Wei Yuanchen s footsteps.The two entered the small yard one by one.Wei Yuanchen cleaned his hands, stood at the front of the table and drank tea, a faint scent of soap wafted from phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach his fingers, faintly residing the smell of the medicinal material Asafoetida.When he heard about this medicine for the first time, he was in cbd gummies upset stomach prison, and Wei Yuanchen looked far away as if he had returned to that time.Ah Wei, A Wei.He suddenly heard the voice and thought she was calling him.Sun Langzhong just said that it would be better to add asafoetida, you The jailer ignored it.Asafoetida is too expensive, so I won t give it.The doctor stopped her.Second brother, did you hear what I said Lu Shenzhi nodded Okay, I will let someone investigate.Fourth Mrs.Cui continued The Cui family said that they suspect that someone in the yamen gave those thieves I tipped off the news that my master was not familiar with the people in the yamen, so he was suspected for nothing.In my opinion, they couldn t find anyone, so they framed the master.What happened to your yamen Seven years ago Is the Pearl Thief case also to be held on our heads I thought about it carefully.Those cbd gummies upset stomach merchants didn t lose much property.If they were wronged, they might still have a way to survive.Our family is just your brother in law has no official position, how could such a big case be done by him alone, you talk to the prefect and see if you can let your brother in law back.It seems that the doctor woman was brought in by Mrs.Chen to help.Why did she walk into the Cui family s ancestral grave before Just to watch the fun Still looking for news cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate Thinking of shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg the appearance of the doctor wandering around, selling the medicine bags in her hand, without any flaws, it is really not easy to arouse suspicion.Whether the doctor was involved innocently, or did it on purpose, he will get the answer tonight Gu Mingzhu returned to Ziyuan s room, Ziyuan changed into a light blue dress and sat at the table, wearing only a sandalwood hairpin on her head, and the gauze covering her face swayed with her movements , making her a little more arrogant than before.Zi Yuan looked at Gu Mingzhu and said, It s getting late, I ll have someone send you off the boat.Gu Mingzhu nodded as if she didn t know anything about it, and Ah Jin should write down the situation on the boat and put it on the boat.I just got an idea, and I was about to find a boat to approach the big boat, but I felt someone following behind.Such a situation was no small matter, and when he figured out the intentions of those people, he couldn t act rashly.At this moment, there was a commotion on the big boat, and a woman jumped down from the boat.Although Nie Chen had doubts in his heart, he didn t dare to go forward to check, and could only follow secretly.When he saw Master Wei entangled with the woman, the woman acted like a dumb who cbd delights gummies 3000 mg couldn t speak, and he had some doubts in his heart.In an urgent situation, even if he has concerns, he has to show up.Nie Chen looked at the woman s grasped wrist Although the mother in law is old, after all, men and women can t kiss each other Nie Chen turned to look at the woman, who nodded to him, confirming with him The identity of the doctor s wife.Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen s expression and said coldly It s between saving people and killing people, just cbd gummies upset stomach vida cbd gummies like the Pearl Thief who never thought about it, because his actions ruined so many lives.Nie Chen was silent.After a long while, he said We persuaded those people to go back.I know they don t believe in the government office, so I asked people to persuade the government office first.Wei Yuanchen said Just relying on you, they will listen He licked his lips No, Lu Guang and the others are determined to save people and will not give up at will, and they have gone through so many things and only believe in themselves.Wei Yuanchen s eyes darkened What method did you use Nie Chen looked up It started I pretended to be the Pearl Thief.Chu Jiu had a surprised look on his face when he heard this.Lin can probably think of the reason why Mrs.Lin asked her to come over.Mrs.Lin still has a hundred acres of the farm in her hands.Land, Mrs.Lin Tai s mother bought the village with her mother back then, and the mother spent less money, so she entrusted all of it to Mrs.Lin Tai s mother, and only looked at the accounts at the end of the year to collect some profits.Later, this Zhuangzi became Mrs.Lin Tai s dowry, and she never asked Mrs.Lin for money.Mrs.Lin Tai was always thinking about the one hundred acres of land, which is stronger hemp oil or cbd gummies she didn t want it.Mrs.Lin thought about telling the steward Take the fish scale book from the field.I gave it to Mrs.Lin this time, so as to avoid future calculations.The mother in charge responded, but quickly went back Madam, the fish scale book is missing, it s not in your small box.What does this mean Sarcastic that she is old, does she deserve to be arrested Mrs.Lin Tai wanted to throw Mrs.Zhou Ruzhang and Zhou Ruzhang out immediately.After this incident, she didn t want to see Zhou s family again Baotong led the way.Although it was raining heavily, she could see clearly that they had come to Zhoujiazhuangzi on this road before.Ma am, leave here cbd gummies upset stomach as soon as you leave the house.Baotong wiped the rain from her eyes with a smile on her face.Mrs.Lin couldn t help but rejoice, they ran out so smoothly.Just now when she came out cbd gummies upset stomach of the house, Zhuzhu accidentally fell to the ground, she called out to the clan sister, but the clan sister and the Cui family walked forward without stopping, leaving them behind.After she helped Zhuzhu up, Baotong volunteered to lead the way.Although they ran all the way in a panic, they didn t encounter any obstacles.Han Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, his expression became solemn again, and he quickly walked towards the Gu family.It s not safe here, so don t let Miss Gu go out.Han Yu looked at Baotong next to Gu Mingzhu.Baotong was a little surprised, Isn t the murderer on the Zhuangzi of the cbd gummies upset stomach Zhou family My lady just wants to come out to get some air.Han Yu was very solemn, It s better to be careful, Zhuangzi is too big, even if he hides, he might not be able to find him for a while.Baotong immediately stood in front of Gu Mingzhu and looked around vigilantly, My lord, are you saying that there are still murderers in Zhuangzi Then do you need someone to search My wife is pregnant, and the young lady is too timid.Scared.I ll have someone check it carefully.Han Yu s face was upright, and his voice was sonorous and powerful, which made people feel inexplicably at ease.My lord, Baotong reported all the way with a shrill voice, My lordthere are pearlsthere are pearlsthe same as what my lady found in Jinta Templeyou come quickly Ah Baotong ran very fast, his voice was like an arrow piercing the sky.My lord Is the person you want us to arrest the Pearl Thief Is the Pearl Thief in the Zhuangzi The maid next to Miss Gu seemed to be stimulated, and she went crazy.Is it the Pearl Thief Some people began to discuss in a low voice.Han Yu realized that he couldn t hide it anymore, so he ordered out of breath, Hurry up and capture the Pearl Thief , this man murdered the imperial court official, if he refuses to let him go, he will be killed.Baotong seemed to realize that Han Yu s face was so ugly Like a ghost Master Han, are you cbd gummies upset stomach injured There is a doctor in this Zhuangzi, who treats people in the Zhuangzi on weekdays.Jiang and others would not be safe.He has been in the Iron Mountain Mine for so long, and so many people died in the mine, but he has never seen the government office come to investigate.Even though many of the people in the mine are homeless refugees, there are also people from nearby villages.The Tieshan Mine has been in operation for so many years, and the government will not be ignorant.Someone must be hiding everything secretly.The arrest of people on the painting boat has already begun to appear.It must have the cooperation of inside and outside the yamen to wrong Lu Guang and others.Several Yachai were caught, but the big fish was unknown.Wei Yuanchen threw the yacha to Chu Jiu, who neatly tied him up with a rope, and the shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg rest of the criminals were restrained by Wei oros cbd gummies cost s guards one after another.Wei Yuanchen looked over, every time Sun Langzhong wanted to mention Rujun, he always looked like this.Wei Yuanchen said Sir, but it s all right.Sun Langzhong continued I just remembered that I mentioned this to Rujun.Rujun said that medicine is not good or bad, it depends on the person who uses it.This mandala Flowers can cure sick people and treat bad people, she thinks it is a good medicine.I still regret it now, if I had left some mandala flowers for Rujun back then, maybe Rujun would not be caught by those people.Wei Yuan Chen Momo, even if there is a mandala flower, if someone wholeheartedly wants to get rid of her, the result will be the same.If Rujun s words made others hear it, they would be astonished.How could the female relatives think of using medicine to hurt others.She is weak on the surface, but she is 25 mg gummies cbd so strong in her heart and knows how to protect herself.They thought that the Pearl Thief was the nimble knight errant and the portrait painted by Lu Shenzhi.In fact, the Pearl Thief was dead.The pearl thief who attacked Han Yu was no longer the same person.So, how can they find it This new pearl thief knows the past of the pearl thief, and now he wants to avenge and avenge the former pearl thief.Wei Yuanchen s eyes have been searching the tree and the ground, and finally found a shallow mark on the branch.There are two leaves around the branch that were cut by something.Look at the cut, the damage to the branches and leaves.It shouldn t be a sharp weapon, and this thing is not sharp, and it didn t break the branch completely.Wei Yuanchen told Chu Jiu Go and stand where Han Yu was attacked.Chu Jiu s figure soon appeared in the room.The height of the damaged branches and leaves was exactly the same as cbd gummies upset stomach the position of Chu Jiu s shoulders.Sitting on the stone bench, Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand, Baotong was a little dazed, wondering what Master Wei wanted, she only had foxtail in her hand.It was inappropriate to hand the grass to Master Wei, but she seemed to have no other choice.Baotong handed over the grass obediently, and glanced at the young lady who was waiting not far away.The grass rabbit of the young lady was gone Just as Baotong thought of this, he saw the young lady slowly walking over.His eyes fell on Master Wei s hand, and Baotong also subconsciously turned his head to look.Mr.Wei s fingers fluttered, and within a short while, a fluffy cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate little rabbit jumped out of Mr.Wei s palm.The grassy rabbit seemed to be alive.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly, her eyes fell on cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp Wei Yuanchen s slender fingers.Mr.Wei s fingers are white and flexible, let him knead the flexible foxtail, after weaving it, he flicks it lightly, and the little rabbit jumps up.The mother had to guard against leaking the news, and also had to order the servants to do things, so she was too busy to touch the ground for a while.In the room where Wei Yuanchen lived, no one else dared to go forward, they just handed things to Chu Jiu at the door.At the beginning of the ninth day, she was still calm, but after a long time, she couldn t bear it any longer.Gu Mingzhu guessed that Wei Yuanchen s situation in the house had not improved, so she would think of other ways, and when the ninth day left, she would go into the house Look at the situation.Third Master, don t use ice anymore, I ll let someone grab cbd gummies upset stomach the secondary medicine.Third MasterThird Master, can you hear me There was no response from the room.Immediately after Chu Jiu walked out quickly.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, Baotong immediately turned and entered the door, and quickly turned back and said, Miss, Mrs.However, it is not a good thing for the Gu family to see such a weak appearance.With Mrs.Lin s prudence and care, she should not say anything about it.Wei Yuanchen withdrew his thoughts, the most important thing right now is to control the situation When did you come to Taiyuan Mansion Zhao Gong only felt that Master Wei s voice was more indifferent, and replied without thinking I just entered the city today.Wei Yuanchen went on to ask Where did you stay the night before Zhao Gongren was stunned for a moment, and then said after a while It s more than 20 miles away from Taiyuan Mansion in a restaurant.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Go and see the horses that pull the carts of the Lin family.After walking for more than twenty miles, the horses must be tired, and if Zhao Gong is lying, he can tell the clue at a glance.Sun Langzhong heard the news and rushed all the way.Seeing Chu Jiu, Sun Langzhong said Why didn t you come and call me over What happened Don t mention it, Chujiuyi wanted to say that the third master and the horse almost couldn t come back, but now he wants to know whether the third master still remembers doing that kind of thing.Sir, Chu Jiu said in a low voice, if you see the third master losing his mind in a while, you should take some strong medicine so as not to leave sequelae.That would be endless trouble.Chapter 78 Can t move Wei Yuanchen to sit on a chair and show his wrist for Sun Langzhong to take a pulse.After a while, Sun Langzhong showed a surprised expression on his face, and stretched out his hand to test Wei Yuanchen s forehead The third master usually has a fever when the old disease relapses.Mrs.Lin went to see Gu Mingzhu all the way, Gu Mingzhu was sleeping soundly, the girl s mouth was slightly raised, her face was not at all defensive, and after studying her daughter for a long time, Mrs.Lin went back to rest.Gu Mingzhu slowly opened her eyes.Although she can t wait to go to Zhao s shop to check immediately, she should not be careless at this time.The identity of a doctor s wife can hide her face, and it is most convenient to go out for a walk, but last time she was almost caught It might not be safe for Wei Yuanchen to go out as a doctor after seeing his true face.Fortunately, there are also women among the people who are good at detectives.As long as they wear men s benefits of cbd gummies for pain clothes and a bamboo hat with a drape on their heads, and walk beside Nie Chen, nothing will go wrong.She s just going to gather clues, and she ll be back soon.A slightly hoarse female voice sounded Sir, please don t move it, there may be something wrong with the lock.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, raised his head and saw Gu Mingzhu who was just cbd gummies 250mg in a hurry to enter the door.As if she was afraid of scaring him, her voice was very soft, phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach and her tone was as gentle as possible, but she could feel cbd gummies upset stomach that she was nervous.Gu Mingzhu said Is it the eighth lock spring Did you find something strange If the box held in Mr.Wei s hand is really a thunderbolt, no matter how good his skills are, he will definitely be injured.The consequences of a firearm exploding in such a small room would be disastrous.Yan Tanhua back then was by no means an ordinary person, and he lost a pair of arms.Wei Yuanchen s hand had already stopped.He had been concentrating on unlocking it just now, and he didn t have time to think about some things.Through the gauze, Gu Mingzhu saw Master Wei s deep eyes, which were exactly as she had guessed.Without Wei Yuanchen saying anything, Gu Mingzhu turned around and ran out.Everyone in the courtyard stay away, there are firearms.Hearing this, Chu Jiu also understood what the third master meant.I m afraid the box is weird.Quick, cbd gummies market share Chu Jiu ordered the guards, Take everyone away..Many people were busy in the yard, and they immediately dispersed to both sides when they heard such words.Gu Mingzhu carefully recalled what Yan Tanhua had said.I have been cbd gummies upset stomach thinking about that moment all the time, why I stopped at the last moment, but the mechanism finally exploded.I finally figured it out.The eighth lock spring is just a cover up.As long as the seventh lock spring returns, The mechanism is equal to being opened, and there is no room for recovery when the mechanism is opened.Seeing that her illness has improved, I am relieved.At this time, I heard my mother s cry, and when I opened my eyes, it was Wei Mansion.Since then, I have never done anything.After that dream, the old disease relapsed and the dream was only the night she was shot in the prison.Langzhong Sun could only sigh.Wei Yuanchen took a sip of tea When I dreamed that she was sick, although I couldn t talk to her, everything I could see was very blurry, and I couldn t remember many details after waking up, but I could feel it.I was very close to her at that time, and now I also feel this way.Langzhong Sun took his hand away from Wei Yuanchen s wrist, and Wei Sanye s pulse was stable, and there was indeed nothing unusual, maybe he was too nervous.Slowly drank a cup of tea, Wei Yuanchen also recovered from his thoughts, maybe just like what Sun Langzhong said, all this was an illusion, and he couldn t indulge in it anymore.Zhao Er.Mr.Shen said, Is there anything unusual The entourage shook his head No, Lu Shenzhi is about to take people to the city.Check out.That s right, with such a bait, anyone who looks at it will bite it.Even if Lu Shenzhi is a little suspicious, he will not refuse to go.At most, he will come to ask Wei Yuanchen.In the end, I still have to find out what happened, as long as Lu Shenyi made a move, it would be considered a trick.Keep an eye on it.Mr.Shen picked up the tea and drank it.The entourage whispered What if Lu Shenzhi doesn t lead the soldiers Mr.Shen smiled slightly What do you want to do if the suspect has clues and doesn t lead the soldiers to arrest him Go and arrest.The Wei family is doomed, Mr.Shen stood up and opened the window to look at the bustling flower hall, If Wei Yuanchen is here, he can still try to turn the tide, but if he is not when he recovers, the situation is gone.Master Zhao Er s finger was stained with blood, which was blurred in the palm of Wei Yuanchen s hand, as if he had drawn a line, and then there was a fish like thing.When everyone hadn t understood what Master Zhao Er was writing, Master Zhao Er let out a long gasp from his throat, and then dropped his hands completely, only a pair of eyes were still firmly open.Do not rest in peace.The prince watched the second master Zhao swallow his breath, and felt a little more at ease.Fortunately, things didn t go to the worst step, but he didn t know what the second master Zhao revealed to Wei Yuanchen.Prince, my lordthat murdererthat murderer the guard of the East Palace complained hesitantly.Say, the prince frowned, what s wrong with the murderer Prince, that s cbd gummies upset stomach from our East Palace.Chapter 114 lost the words of the guards of the East Palace, as if everyone around them jumped.Gu Mingzhu handed the candied fruit in her hand to Bao.Hitomi, it seems that she must try to find out who gave the white jade hairpin and armlets to Zhao Gongren.Gu Mingzhu looked in the room, and there was a dowry on the table behind Babu s bed, maybe the white jade hairpin cbd gummies potency was in the dowry.Mrs.Zhao Gong didn t speak, Mrs.Lin said angrily I called you here to discuss countermeasures, but you seem to be watching a joke.In this case, you should go back to Gu s house and never visit the door again.Mrs.Lin was about to speak, but A deep voice came from outside Auntie is right.The curtain was lifted, and Cui Zhen and Cui Wei walked into the room.The servants hurriedly moved the Taishi chair and asked Cui Zhen to sit down.Cui Zhen looked worried After the investigation of the war horse case, what cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate does my aunt know Did Aunt Wang Daochang know her before Why didn t Zhige tell the yamen that Wang Daochang was gone and returned What happened Zhao Gongren s lips began to tremble for a while before he said, cbd gummies shark tank scam I don t know that Wang DaochangI don t want Brother Zhi to tell, because I m afraid that the Yamen will confirm that I met my second brother.Lin and Mrs.Lin looked bewildered, and Cui Wei s expression changed drastically.Cui Zhen, who usually looked calm, couldn t help being moved at this moment, he looked at Zhao Gongren with dark eyes How does my aunt know what I did in Shanyin Zhao Gongren swallowed Yessomeone told me.Cui Zhen calmed down in an instant Who is it Zhao Gongren hesitated and did not speak again.Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen What happened in Shanyin What are you talking about Cui Wei hurriedly said It s all small things, it s my son who does it, it has nothing to do with HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach my elder brother.As he spoke, Cui Wei looked at Zhao Gongren Auntie has something to tell me later, brother doesn t know.Zhao Gongren also came to his senses at this cbd gummies or oil for pain time, she really shouldn t mention this secret in front of many people, it s only because Cui Zhen kept pressing her that she would Dimensions are messed up.Knowing that everyone was going back to Beijing, Mrs.Wednesday took Zhou Ruzhang to set off together, obviously wanting to get closer to the Cui family, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly with a sneer, Zhou Ruzhang was always ready to come forward.Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order cbd gummies with turmeric Let s shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.Zhou Ruzhang, who was in the Zhou family s carriage, bit his lip.If Mr.Wei spoke later, she would leave.When she got to that fool Gu, she was holding a purse in her hand and was going to give it to Gu Mingzhu.It would be best if she could take advantage of this to stay in the Gu family s carriage.Unexpectedly it was just one step away.Zhou Ruzhang was so angry that he wanted to stomp his feet.Why did the boss always go against her Putting down the curtain of the carriage, Zhou Ruzhang sat back beside Mrs.Wednesday wearily Mother, do you think Marquis Ding Ning likes that idiot It was the first time that Cui Zhen smiled with that fool.It was the first time she saw Lord Hou smile, and she always felt that Master Hou treated Gu Mingzhu unusually.Mrs.Wednesday couldn t help laughing, and then shook her head Let me do what you want How can that idiot compare to you Ding Ninghou treated her like this because her father uncovered the cbd gummies upset stomach war horse case and used your grandmother It s all about balancing interests, even if there is a little sincerity, it s pity for her, do you want Marquis Ding Ning to like you or pity you Zhou Ruzhang blushed Of course I likebut I don t want him either.Without Wei Yuanchen s manpower, he was most worried about Wei Yuanchen.If Wei Yuanchen discovers the clue first, then they will fall short.Mr.Shen walked forward again, Gu Mingzhu also looked away, and went to Princess Huairou with the snacks in his cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate hand.Princess Huairou looked at Gu Mingzhu and couldn t help smiling Thank you Zhuzhu, cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach I m not hungry, you can eat some Sitting next to Princess Huairou, Gu Mingzhu picked up a piece of snack.Although Miss Gu suffers from dementia, Princess Huairou can feel that Miss Gu cares for her.Miss Gu is well educated.From this point, it can be seen that Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife are somewhat People focus on their own interests and don t care about these family relationships at all.Princess Huairou gently rubbed the purse in her hand, the purse was a little worn out, but she had been wearing it all the time, it was made by the son in law s biological mother when he was a child, and the son fda cbd gummies in law gave it to her, it was the most precious item to her.Laughing.Gu Mingzhu pointed at Zhou Ruzhang.Everyone subconsciously looked at Gu Mingzhu s fingertips.Zhou Ruzhang immediately covered her face with a veil, and those fiery eyes fell on her, making her face tense, with a feeling of embarrassment.Zhou Ruzhang buried his face on the back of Mrs.Wednesday, and nothing good will happen when Gu Mingzhu is around.Master Hou is safe and sound.The steward of the East Palace came out, looked at the crowd, first saw Cui Wei, then found Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou, walked up to Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou decisively and said Madam, don t worry, go back and rest.Well, Master Hou has a Langzhong to take care of him.Madam Lin nodded to the steward, Excuse me, I also brought a lot of trauma medicine, I don t know if it will be useful.The steward smiled Other people s medicine is useless, Madam s must be taken in.I haven t had time to ask what s going on Gu Mingzhu began to search on the ground.It s an excuse, where is that chicken now Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes and looked at Gu Mingzhu, but he hadn t recovered from Gu cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp Mingzhu s performance just now.Miss Gu had a strange look on her face when she saw Zhou Zesheng.She was excited and joyful in her astonishment.Although she quickly covered up her emotions, he could see it very clearly.It was clearly the appearance of acquaintances when they reunited after a long absence., No, it should be closer than acquaintances.But Zhou Zesheng doesn t know Miss Gu at all, what s going on Miss Gu and Rujun are together again.Every time he feels that the two are separated, there will always be new situations that will blur the two again.Miss Gu also pretended to be dazed in a blink of an eye, and she carefully covered it up, just like when she was pretending to be a doctor and Miss Jiang, she concealed her identity as Gu Mingzhu.The case of the Shanxi mutiny, the Zhao family, is Mr.Shen referring to those people like Lin Sizhen The crown prince lifted his robe and sat on the chair Tell me carefully.Mr.Shen said in a low voice Prince, I caught that centurion Peng Liang, and that Peng Liang was about to sneak into the mountain with some men.To save Mrs.Zhao, we stopped him for interrogation.Peng Liang refused to say anything, but his subordinates couldn t bear to reveal a word, saying that they were killing rape for the court.Then I revealed my identity as a member of the Eastern Palace, Peng Liang s subordinates revealed the truth that everyone in Wei has had an affair with the Tatars for many boulder highlands cbd gummies for sale years.The Tatars have been doing whatever they want in the Great Zhou Dynasty.The court was deceived twelve years ago.If they go the wrong way now, it will inevitably lead to disaster.Cui Wei then nodded, and looked at Gu Mingzhu with gentle eyes Zhuzhu is also on the road.Very obedient, yesterday I saw Zhuzhu helping my aunt to walk.Yes, Mrs.Lin s face was full of love, Zhuzhu is very filial.My cousin s illness has also improved, Cui Wei continued She said, Aunt s hard work these years is not in vain.These words touched Mrs.Lin s mind, her nose was slightly sour, and her eyes turned red I don t ask for anything else, as long as Zhuzhu is safe and sound.In the eyes of others, Zhuzhu may be stupid, but to her, Zhuzhu is her most beloved daughter no matter what.She watched Zhuzhu s condition improve, but she didn t cbd gummies upset stomach want to show more hopeful expressions in front of Zhuzhu, that would become a burden for Zhuzhu, her Zhuzhu should be happy and happy, it doesn t matter if she is smart or not, and beautiful or not.Who is going to rebel Don t panic, don t panic, Mrs.Wednesday comforted Zhou Ruzhang, His Royal Highness is here, it s okay, our Zhou family has saved His Royal Highness s life, and His Highness will phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach save us if he doesn t save others.Zhou Ruzhang rushed to Mrs.Wednesday Around him, everyone was trembling.Where s the Cui family The Cui family will also protect us Zhou Ruzhang said, My brother in law must have told you before he left.She believed that Cui Zhen must have made arrangements.These days, she often went to Mrs.Lin s place to ask about her health.Just now she brought buy cure balm dessert cbd gummies Mrs.Lin Tai a bowl of hot tea.Zhou Ruzhang looked out from time to time, and there were guards around the Gu family s carriage not far away.How can the Gu family have a lot of people, these are clearly from the Cui family, Zhou Ruzhang bit his lips tightly, why did the Cui family take care of the mother and daughter of the Gu family, did they forget that if it weren t for the Gu family, where would they be today Ma am, the voice of the mother in charge came from outside the carriage, His Royal Highness has gone somewhere, and there is no one in the carriages and horses guarded by the East Palace.It s easy to say, and the tactics are neat, but to implement it is to fight with flesh and blood.There is no battle that a soldier cannot win.When boosting morale, Wei Yuanchen said this lightly, but it was enough.The general and the army don t need to say too much, just do it.Wei Yuanchen kept rushing forward, unlike Lin Sizhen who was protected and fled away first.On the ninth day of the ninth day, the soldiers surrounded him from behind, pressing forward step by step, and kept fighting forward, and finally saw Wei Yuanchen s shadow from a distance.Chu Jiu finally breathed a sigh of relief, the silver spear in the third master s hand was dancing imperceptibly, and he probably didn t suffer any injuries, but His eyes fell on the third master s side, the three handed knife beside him had been unsheathed, And they all disappeared, which shows how fierce the cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate third master s offensive is.He has been stationed in Datong for many years, and he will definitely be able to defend the old camp.This is his promise.Cui Zhenwhy do you still work for the Great Zhou court Do you know who this crown prince has been wanting for many years It s your dead wife Zhou Rujun.Lin Sizhen s voice came from afar.Cui Zhen If I were you, we would rebel against cbd gummies upset stomach the court together.Chapter 180 Because the Zhou family is in the forest ahead.Cui Zhen heard the voice ordering the people around him Surround the forest.The deputy general responded and immediately led the troops to go.Cui Zhen also wants to fight quickly, and the northern border is uneasy.If we delay here for a long time, I am afraid that there will be troubles at the border passes.No matter whether Lin Temple can really take the prince to Aoerdusi, Aoerdusi these two The young soldiers are strong and the horses are strong, and there are people in Yulin Guard who are cooperating with each other, so they will definitely attack Dazhou.There are quite a few concubines in Cui Zhen s harem, no shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg matter how favored he is, he does not dare to overstep the rules.Except for Cui Zhen s clear distinction between wives and concubines, everyone HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach knows that the Marquis of Dingning likes the Zhang family the most.Back then, the cousin girl who was related to the Cui family was carried into the Marquis s mansion reserve cbd thc gummies reviews as a concubine.Later, she became pregnant and wanted to force Mrs.Zhang, and bought poison from outside to harm Mrs.Zhang.After Zhang found out, she executed the people around the cousin girl.The cousin girl was also imprisoned in the ancestral hall.The cousin girl was frightened and had a miscarriage, and both mother and child died.When Cui Zhen returned to the Hou s Mansion and heard about this incident, he only asked someone to give two hundred taels of silver to the concubine s family as compensation, and nothing else.Yuan Zhi walked out of the house, and had just arrived at the study outside, the Yuan family s servants came to report Master, someone saw that the people in the yamen secretly carried out two corpses, they should be those two merchants.In other words, people died.Yuan Zhixing breathed a sigh of relief Send the news quietly, let that person leave the capital and go back to northern Xinjiang quickly, and don t send any news to the capital anytime soon.The servants of Yuan s family went to do it immediately.There can be no more mistakes, Yuan Zhixing looked at the lights, otherwise the case of the Shanxi mutiny would not have been suppressed, and something would happen to him first.The Cheng family s carriage drove all the way to Yuan s family.Yuan Shi sat in the car and cried non stop.The elder Cheng outside comforted him in a low voice Don t cry, I will make the decision for you.Xue Laotong, who was in the prison, hurried to Mr.Qiao with his people Master Qiao is going to the court to hear the trial Why don cbd gummies upset stomach t we go together Xue Laotong said that he would let Master Qiao out.Gu Mingzhu took the opportunity to lift the curtain and looked out, it was indeed not Qiao Song, Qiao Song was over fifty, this Master Qiao was only in his 20s or 30s.Is Qiao Shilang here with you My uncle has gone to the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Hearing the voices of the two, Gu Mingzhu guessed that Master Xiao Qiao was Qiao Song s nephew, and indeed he was ordered by Qiao Song to come to the prison Viewed.While talking, Mrs.Qiao looked at the valet again, Gu Mingzhu did not move, the light of the valet was dim, and she was standing in the shadow with a fence on her head, so Mrs.Qiao must not be able to see her.Gu shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg Mingzhu didn t know about Empress Wei before, but now she feels more and more respectable about Empress Wei.Mrs.Zhao choked up, unable to restrain her emotions, The Empress is so kind, I don t deserve her to take risks for me.Mrs.Zhao cried like a wronged child, and finally got concern and support.Mrs.Lin walked over and gently patted Mrs.Zhao s back.Everyone for me really shouldn t Mrs.Lin said softly As long as you live well, you will live up to your mother s wishes.Princess Huairou wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief Mother, I ll let someone write it right now.Send the Heli book to the Cheng family.Before the Heli book was finished, the steward came to report Old lady Cheng is here.She waited outside the door, just in time to hand over He Li s book to her.Mrs.Cheng waited anxiously at the door, and finally saw the steward coming out of the inner house.Sure enough, Bai Gongren s teeth turned yellow and black, and when he opened his mouth, he exhaled amazon cbd gummies with melatonin a stale stench.The Yuan family s foundation is not deep, and as the imperial censor of the capital, cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach there is not much money, so how can they use such herbal medicine cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp all year round, and the Danba wild rice has only the effect of dispelling dampness, so why can it cure Bai Gongren s disease Who is the A Chan in Bai Gongren s mouth Could it be that Bai Gong saw the red birthmark on her face as blood Chapter 229 I really miss Bai Gongren being surprised by the doctor s wife.The mother in charge of the Yuan family ordered the doctor phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach s wife to back down, but the doctor s wife seemed to be frightened stupidly, and froze in place in an inappropriate way.For some reason, even though the mother in charge said it was a birthmark, Bai Gongren still panicked, always feeling that the doctor with cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp the fence was up to no good.Isn t Master Wei curious It s really strange, this person went from the capital to Shanxi to investigate cbd gummies upset stomach the war horse case, and he didn t hesitate to confront the prince, but now he stands there leisurely, as if he doesn t care, not as anxious as her.Mrs.Zhang cbd gummies upset stomach couldn t open the lock for a long time, her face was blushing, and just in time, someone came to tell The banquet is ready.Let s go Mrs.Li stretched out her hand to hold Gu Mingzhu, Let s go to the table.Yuan Yuan Mrs.Lin walked forward with Mrs.Lin My wife is very fond of Zhuzhu.When my wife cbd gummies near frisco gives birth to the eldest son in the future, I will have both children and everything will go well.It s about to give birth, and the family will be even more lively then Madam is also blessed with three sons.Madam Yuan nodded, but regret flashed on her face It s a pity that I don t have a daughter.Wei Yuanchen came out of the pavilion, and Mu Qiu came to report There is news in Northern Xinjiang.Cui Zhen won the battle in Yulinwei, and the Aoer Dusi will soon withdraw his troops.Wei Yuanchen Slightly frowning, Cui Zhen will return to Beijing soon.Mu Qiu said Third Master Fortunately, Beijiang is cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp stable, and the case can be investigated slowly.These days, the Third Master asked him to investigate the Qin Tianjian and the Metropolitan Procuratorate, which may be another big case.Wei Yuanchen said Before Cui Zhen returns to Beijing, the case must make progress, and those people cannot be given a chance to breathe.Chapter 240 The return gift from the Wei family When Gu Mingzhu returned to Mrs.Lin, Mrs.Li immediately smiled and said How about it, is it fun in the garden Gu Mingzhu nodded, I also saw crabs.He invited people to go to Cheng s house to check on the order of the imperial court.The criminal department failed to intervene in Yuan s case of framing Peng Liang, so he should also intervene this time.In short, this case is going to be lively.As the sky gradually darkened and the court documents arrived, Wei Yuanchen packed his official uniform and went to Cheng s house.As soon as he got off his horse at the gate of Cheng s mansion, he saw Liu Su and the man wearing the fence walking over.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked towards Cheng s mansion, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help speeding up his pace, they had to follow Master Wei to enter the door, otherwise Cheng s family would definitely step forward to block it.But no matter how fast she walked, Master Wei had grown a pair of long legs and disappeared in a blink shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg of an eye.Gu Chongyi quickly grabbed the waist of his trousers, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.If he was a little later, his trousers would have been separated from his body.Keeping his mind steady, Gu Chongyi looked down, only to see Second Master Wei clutching his trousers, lying on his back on the ground and already passed out.Come again.Chapter 264 Giving gifts Second Master Wei was knocked out.The embarrassed Yu Shi looked shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg at the people on the ground with a livid face, what happened He came to kneel at the gate of the palace to persuade him, how could he get into a fight with Master Wei Er in a flash.He had never fought in his life, and it was in front of the palace gate.Just pretending, Gu Chongyi didn t want to pay attention to Master Wei Er, snatched his trouser legs back with all his strength, and was about to walk forward.Master choice cbd gummies review Wei Er was exactly the same as he was phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach in the woods that night.It s fake, Gu Chongyi thought about it repeatedly afterward, the Second Master Wei didn t seem to be suffering from any illness from fainting to waking up, and now he used this trick again, obviously to deal with Yushi.When such a thing happened in front of the palace gate, the censor didn t have the face to mention Wei Yuanchen again and blame the Wei family, otherwise it would be like deliberately embarrassing the Wei family.The Wei family couldn t suffer much from this stuff, Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi on cbd gummies upset stomach the ground, just in time to see a censor raising his foot and stomping on Wei Congzhi fiercely while taking advantage of the chaos.Gu Chongyi couldn t help trembling in his heart, he seemed to feel the pain, and Wei Congzhi on the ground remained motionless.Gu Chongyi thought of the late Wei Congsheng and Empress Wei who would never step out of the Kunning Palace.They did it because they wanted to protect their own children.If it were him, he would do the same.Boom.Gu Chongyi s knife handle trembled in the tiger s mouth, which cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate was a sign of exhaustion.If he couldn t hold the knife handle, the tiger s mouth would be injured, and the sharp weapon would bite back and hurt himself.Picking up the gun, the long knife in his hand would definitely fall to the ground.Gu Chongyi was bracing himself to deal with it, but the iron gun came to him.When swords and guns met, the originally raging force suddenly weakened a lot.Gu Chongyi s heart shuddered.Wei Yuanchen felt his decline and stopped in time.This kind of control ability was also beyond his reach.There was a cold light on the tip of the iron spear, Gu Chongyi put away the long knife in his hand, although he cbd gummies upset stomach lost, he was sweating happily.Gu Mingzhu sat in front of cbd gummies interaction with other drugs the window holding Yuanxiao.Have you left yet Gu Mingzhu asked Baotong.Baotong said Not yet, the cook even made soup and cakes to send.I have drunk three jars of wine.I am afraid that the kangaroo cbd gummies shipping master will be carried out in a while.Gu Mingzhu sighed for a long time.Zhong s father should have lost, but unexpectedly he was very happy to lose, and even got closer to Mr.Wei a lot.Baotong looked at the restless expression of the eldest lady Why don t miss go and have a look Gu Mingzhu stroked Yuan Xiao s back, what s so interesting about a drunkard, they all look the same after drinking, with their nostrils upturned and mouth spitting Lotus, she doesn t look at it.It s better to take advantage of Mr.Wei s cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach booze while she goes to do other things.Chapter 271 Shunyan Gu Chongyi drank until his cheeks were flushed, sitting on a chair, under the light, Mr.The breeze blew past, swaying the gauze in front of my eyes.Gu cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp Mingzhu felt that Wei Yuanchen s hand was raised, and the silver needle she had just stabbed was still stuck in it.Big Just as she uttered a word, that hand had already taken down the fence on her head.The four eyes met, Wei Yuanchen s eyes were cbd gummies upset stomach clear, as if he had never been drunk before, and it seemed that HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach he was even more drunk.Gu Mingzhu couldn t figure out what Master Wei was thinking and why she suddenly took down the fence that covered her face, when she heard a soft call.Ajun.Chapter 273 Gu Mingzhu was stunned.I felt as if the blood in my whole body had froze all of a sudden, and my heart also stagnated.There was a buzz in my ears, and after that, I felt extremely peaceful.Obviously I can t hear anything, but it seems that even a single feather can make cbd gummies upset stomach a heaven shattering sound.Sun Zhenren was not moved I heard that there are thieves hiding in the Taoist mountain, and I am naturally panicked.Don t worry about it, I am here for those thieves.Time is running out, so don t bother with her.Su Fu didn t talk to Sun HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach Zhenren, but turned to stare at the woman who came running.Xuan Wei finally came to a few people, and before she could speak, she felt the master s stern eyes on her, making her lower her head subconsciously, but she immediately remembered the slowly ignited Dao scriptures, and the earth shattering The voice seemed to be looking down at her from the high sky.Master, Xuan Wei finally said, You did not do it right.We have committed a serious crime.If this continues, the gods will punish us, and Master will be dragged into Hell of the Underworld.If Master does not repent, it will be too late.The third concubine said I was thinking about Zhenren Sun, and I couldn t help being dazed.I really don t know what kind of person she is.We Fortunately, we didn t have any contacts before, otherwise we would be implicated by her.Mrs.Zhang followed Said You are right, who would have thought that a practitioner would do such a thing.The third concubine let out a long sigh of relief Thanks to the timely discovery by the yamen, now that Sun Zhenren is dealt with, Beijing will also be able to deal with it.It s too peaceful.Mrs.Zhang cbd gummies upset stomach followed with a smile, and when she raised her head, she saw Gu Chongyi Your Majesty.The third concubine couldn t help raising her spirits when she heard this, and she was slightly relieved when she saw that it was Huaiyuan Hou.Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen is also a thunderbolt in northern Xinjiang, which should not be underestimated, Huaiyuan Hou is not the case, this man does not have much vigor, and also lacks agility.Gu Mingzhu nodded, it was really important.Chapter 312 Thoughtful It was getting dark, Gu Mingzhu looked around, she stayed in the garden again, Mama Yang would bring someone to check after a while.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, can you sneak into the small study room in front After Master Mo accepted her as an apprentice, her mother packed up the study room closest to her residence for her to use.It contained pens, ink and paper The inkstone is complete, it is the best place to talk and discuss matters, and there is a warm pavilion in the study, and there is a small window in the compartment behind the warm pavilion, in case someone comes, Mr.Wei can get out through the small window.Gu Mingzhu felt that such a troublesome arrangement of hers was a bit like conniving someone to climb the wall.Now that it is inconvenient for his mother to go out, Mrs.Zhang has obviously taken over the affairs of the mansion, and she is more confident than usual.Her shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp eyes are as bright as autumn water, and there is a blush on her cheeks.Cui Zhen still said as before Is your home safe Mrs.Zhang nodded Well.Just as he was about to say something else, Cui Wei stepped forward.Cui Wei put his arms around Cui Zhen s shoulders, he didn t speak, but everything was kept silent.What the Cui family has experienced is only known to their brothers.Cui Zhen patted Cui Wei on the shoulder Has your injury healed Cui Wei said It s been a long time since I ve been out of the way.I want to go to Beijiang to help my elder brother.Since my elder brother asked me to stay at home, I didn t dare to report to the Ministry of War.After shaking for a while, Bao er in Jiao Zhong s arms opened his eyes, saw Jiao Zhong, and Bao er cried Wow.Mo Yangming who entered the door saw this, stepped forward and touched Bao er s forehead with his hands I m sweating, I m better, feed me some food at this time, let s take care of it Jiao Zhong immediately wanted to put his arms around her Bao er in the middle put down his arms and saluted Mo Yangming, but Bao er hugged Jiao Zhong tightly as if frightened.You child, Jiao Zhong couldn t help saying, Aren t you very courageous on weekdays If you didn t run around on the roof all day, how could you be injured like this The immortal saved you, why don t you hurry up and thank you Immortal After Bao er heard this, she turned her head to look at Mo Yangming, and immediately retracted her head into Jiao Zhong s arms.Wei Yuanchen looked in the direction of Bai Jingkun s prison The criminal is In front Master Qiao, please do your own thing.Compared with Wei Yuanchen s indifference Qiao Song still had a gentle smile on his face, and he looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully.After the Wei family experienced the turmoil five years ago, Coming out of such a junior, compared with Wei Congcheng, Wei Yuanchen is smarter and more aggressive.There should be many officials in the court who feel that the younger generation of the Wei family will cbd gummies upset stomach not HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach go far, even if the emperor uses it for a while He will find a reason to put it aside in the future.He didn t think so, because this Wei family boy was far smarter than others thought.Just like this investigation of the war horse case Wei Yuanchen decisively asked for orders to go to Shanxi.Zhang.The general of the pulse case remembers Zhang s condition very clearly.Before Zhang s miscarriage, her pulse was always normal, that is to say, the miscarriage happened suddenly.Mrs.Zhang didn t fall down, and she ate normally all the time.Why did she suddenly have such an accident Chapter 340 It has been more than cbd gummies upset stomach six months since he was going to have a miscarriage in Zhang s family.Gu Mingzhu heard from his mother and Mrs.Lin that the baby boy who fell out was Cui Zhen s legitimate son.At that time, Mrs.Lin was depressed and came to talk to her mother at home.Gu Mingzhu could still recall the general content.Mrs.Lin Tai said Where did I expect this to happen The whole house is ready, waiting for Brother Zhen s eldest son to be born.When Brother Zhen cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate was young, I found an old man who learned easy calculations.Mo Yangming said experience cbd gummies ingredients Time has passed.Come on, good man, do you still remember my apprentice A chan Yu Zhenhai retracted his hand that was about to serve tea, then raised his head and said, Naturally, I remember that Mo Zhenren often brought Miss Bai here in the backyard to help divide the medicinal materials.Mo Yangming stared at Yu Zhenhai That kind person has seen Aunt Zhen, right Yu Zhenhai s expression changed slightly, but soon he continued cbd gummies upset stomach Aunt Zhen has a weird temper, although she lives here, she doesn t show up often, and most people here have never seen her., let alone have spoken to her.Mo Yangming said The people who live in Anjiyuan, Yu Shanren, as the steward of Anjiyuan, always want to see each other, can you find out what s strange about cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp Aunt Zhen Yu Shan Zhenhai s expression was slightly stiff The real person wants to say that Aunt Zhen looks a bit like Miss Bai.Gu Chongyi pondered and said So they found the lotus alley Anyway, it seems to be a good thing now, Wei Wei Yuan Chen said, If Yuan Zhixing and Shangqingguan hadn t been found out now, if things go on like this, I don t know how many people will be attracted by the interests of these imported products and do things that violate the laws of the Great Zhou.I was caught.Gu Chongyi heard cbd gummies for hair loss shark tank the meaning of Wei Yuanchen s words You mean Wei Yuanchen nodded Master Gu in Lotus Hutong should have been wronged.He took it out of his arms.Send out a letter to Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi opened the letter, and remembered that the letter cbd gummies upset stomach was full of names, and the signature of the boss of the ship was signed.The Gu family s goods were transported all the way from Zhejiang to the capital.Not all the people used along the way were from the Gu family.Wei Yuanchen looked at the entourage beside him, who immediately pointed to one of the Fang family nursing homes.At this time, Fang s family members were restrained by Yacha, who stepped forward and pulled the guard s hair, exposing his face to everyone.It s him, it s him.He said his cbd gummies sleep canada name is Ding Da.I cbd without thc gummies thought he was honest and honest, so I let him board the ship.But when he arrived at the pier, he disappeared.The owner of the ship has a fleet that runs through the north and the south.He did not expect that there were more Tamba mushrooms in the cargo this time.The Gu family was arrested, and the goods of the seven merchant ships of the ship owner were also detained.His hard work will be in vain, so he wholeheartedly cooperates with the court to investigate the case.Now that he saw the suspicious handyman, his eyes lit up.When attacking the city, those cannons are useless.Tan Dingfang s eyes showed eagerness Who is it Chen Weicheng looked at Tan Dingfang with a smile Actually, Mr.Tan, groupon usda organic cbd gummies you should thank us, if we didn t want to kill General Zhao, how could you If the Bai family did not let you know firearms well, how could you have won many battles and rose to the Minister of the Ministry of War If Miss Bai had not died back then, she would have been Mrs.Shang Shu.You, the son in law of the Bai family, would have It s under King Huai s account, so there s no need to go through all this trouble.Hearing this, Tan Dingfang couldn t help clenching his fists.Chen Weicheng was very satisfied with Tan Dingfang s reaction, and said with a smile Yes, that s right, that person is Bai Guanzheng.Tan Dingfang s face turned livid You are talking nonsense.How can someone say that about his nephew No wonder the Wei family almost forgot about Wei Congzhi.Gu Chongyi looked at Second Master Wei with disgust Come in, and speak clearly.The two entered the study, and Second Master Wei immediately told Gu Chongyi the news brought by the Wei family.Gu Chongyi was startled when he heard this That s why Prince Huai s Mansion bribed the Metropolitan Procuratorate and just cbd sugar free gummy bears 500mg Wucheng Bingmasi, not only transported imported goods, but also gunpowder, saltpeter, etc., and made so many firearms, just to kill the people who went to investigate the case. This news will again shock the ruling and opposition parties.Are King Huai and the Liang family already so unscrupulous Gu Chongyi frowned and thought about it for a while and looked at the second master Wei What did the third master Wei say Brother Chen hasn t come home yet, said the second master Wei, Although he was injured, he is still busy in the village.Master Hou suspects that the second master sent Mrs.Tai to Lin Sizhen on purpose Wang Jing couldn t believe it.The second master has always been filial to Mrs.Tai.How could he do such a thing If this is true, the second master is naturally not a noble concubine.Wang Jing was even more confused The Ministry of Criminal Justice has found evidence that the person behind Lin Sizhen is the mansion of Prince Huai.The second master did not join the mansion of Prince Huai and is not a concubine.Then the second master Cui Zhen put the secret letter under the lamp and looked at it.A cluster of flames ignited That s what the Ministry of Punishment said, not necessarily the truth.Wei Yuanchen has been investigating the case, and now where is he when everything comes to light It is said that Wei Yuanchen was injured on the Liangjiazhuangzi , needing to recuperate at home, that little injury is nothing to the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu pursed his lips I added some ocher and gambo yellow, and put some clam shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg powder.Wei Yuanchen A faint smile appeared in Yuan Chen s clear eyes Zhuzhu is really good at Danqing.Gu Mingzhu secretly regretted that she had to be very careful when talking to Mr.Wei, and she would be fooled if she was not careful.Danqing, the one who knows Danqing is Zhou Rujun.She has been fooled by such temptations before.Without a chin, it won t be so good looking.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on Gu Mingzhu s chin, and the girl s small chin was exposed, which was particularly lovely against the backdrop of those outfits.Is there something wrong with Mrs.Wei s eyes How can this woman with a sallow face and a bloated face look good Gu Mingzhu said I still have a gauze.As she said that, her hands were about to fall into her bosom, since she came out to walk, how could she be unprepared.Eldest Zhang raised his eyebrows Have you met the folks Qiu Haidao At the beginning, Master Shen Er refused to let Master Shen Er enter the door.Master Shen Er refused to walk outside the door and stood for a stick of incense, and then some people invited people in.However, when Master Shen Er came out, he was still downcast.The master and the steward of the Shen cbd gummies upset stomach family said that people in the market are unwilling to accept this business.As expected, the elder Zhang said The imperial concubine and Huai Wang s mansion are in trouble, and no one wants to go through this cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate muddy water, but still can t be careless, lest People in the market secretly investigate the case.Qiu Hai responded.Grand Master Zhang said Tomorrow my father will present the big picture of the warship to the imperial court.I hope the Ministry of War can adopt this picture and let the shipyard build some ships.Madam Zhang couldn t sit still any longer, she saluted and said goodbye to Madam Lin I ll go back and have a look, otherwise I won t be at ease.As she spoke, she glanced at Gu Mingzhu intentionally.Zhu Zhu was making tea with the servants, and there phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach captain cbd gummies for sale was nothing strange on her face.Mrs.Zhang s heart was beating wildly, and she wished she could follow Cui Zhen s footsteps immediately.Shen Shi also got up to say goodbye.Mrs.Lin sent the two of them out the door.Mrs.Zhang walked so fast that Shen could hardly keep up You are a double body now, don t walk so recklessly Before Shen finished speaking, Zhang Madam grabbed Shen Shi s wrist Sister in law, I feel a little confused, why don t you go back with me and find out what happened.Unable to bear it, she nodded Okay, then I will send you kangaroo company cbd gummies back to the Hou Mansion first.After an unknown amount of time, a hand finally reached out and took away the silver pot, skillfully brewed the tea, and then placed a cup of tea in front of Gu Mingzhu s eyes.The aroma of tea burst into her nostrils, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes and saw Wei Yuanchen.Your Excellency is here.Wei Yuanchen nodded and said, Then Qiu Hai is in a hurry to return to the Zhang family first.After the Zhang family hears the news, they will find someone to report to the imperial court and ask all the ministries of the imperial court to start the matter of reopening the Shibo Department.Decide on this matter earlier to avoid complications.Gu Mingzhu said In this way, we can find out the depth of the Zhang family, and it is also convenient to find out the accomplices of the Zhang family.Wei Yuanchen said I will also let people keep an eye on Qiu Hai and the Shandong coastal shipyard.Mrs.Zhang was panting violently, her hair was in a mess, and two of the luxurious hair accessories on her head fell off.Her eyes were red and swollen, and her face was pale.She looked very pitiful.She first went to see Cui Zhen in a panic, and then died.He stared at the doctor s every move.The doctor waited for a long time before standing up and telling Cui Zhen Madam is happy pulse.Hearing what the doctor said, Cui Zhen s eyes became more familiar, and Mrs.Zhang looked at Cui Zhen in surprise Master Hou suspects that my concubine is pregnant, is it fake Mrs.Zhang smiled hastily, Is this the kind of person I am in Master Hou s heart How does Master Hou plan to deal with cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach our mother and child now Cui Zhen s expression didn t change at all.Without any sorrow or joy, he ordered in a deep voice Take care of Madam, and wait for the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion to come.Gu Chongyi was stunned It s not a month and a half.Wen Po s forehead was covered with sweat It looked pretty good before, and I don t know why it suddenly became popular.There are such things, so I d better ask the doctor to try medicine first Wen Po didn t dare to say that it would be useful.Can t wait.Gu Chongyi was anxious, and Mama Yang, who was standing not far away, brought the mother in charge of the Wei family forward.Mother Yang said Master Hou, the mother in charge of the Wei family said that the eldest wife of the Wei family was like this when she was born as a grandpa.It was only then that Gu Chongyi discovered that the Wei family was still in the house, and now he didn t care too much about it.Gu Chongyi looked at the mother in charge of the Wei family Is it also an early delivery It can be regarded as some experience.The Empress Dowager drank tea to moisten her mouth, and felt very relaxed Sometimes it s better cbd gummies upset stomach to be confused.Seeing some people going to the road of despair, she couldn t pull him back.Everyone in the court and the palace is in danger.This is not a good thing.Under the pressure, there will be resistance.I don t know who the fire will burn.The Empress Dowager rubbed the corners of her eyebrows Ai s family has always been in shock recently.If it wasn t for the freezing weather, I really wanted to stay with the capital for a while.Chapter 420 Helping the Empress Dowager finish speaking, Mo Yangming was still silent.What s the matter The queen mother looked at Mo Yangming.There was no one else in the inner hall, but Mo Yangming was still hesitant, she glanced at Gu Mingzhu, Gu Mingzhu stood up, saluted the Empress Dowager and Mo Yangming, and walked out slowly.The empress dowager stood up and walked around in the inner hall There is a layer of belly and a layer of mountains.Although Ai s family helped the emperor ascend the throne, the emperor still guarded our Guo family.The naval division is too involved.After the emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the sea ban.One of the reasons is to take back military power from the Guo family.The Ai family understands the emperor s thoughts.The Ai family is also tired after fighting.In order to change the emperor s peace of mind, the Ai family Let the Guo family move to Hangzhou to live in.Now the coastal guards have been left alone for a long time, and it is time to reopen the Shibo Department and tidy up super chill cbd gummies reviews the coastal guards, so that the emperor can naturally deploy his own people.These calculations of the emperor are sad Everyone can see clearly that the emperor s art has always been like this, if it is made clear, it may not be a bad thing, one emperor and one courtier have been like this since ancient times, but if they are used by others, the consequences will be disastrous.Mo Zhenren did not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the green ape cbd gummies dr phil navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing to extend her hand.Because the empress do deserve it.After Mo Zhenren s diagnosis and treatment, the Empress also felt more refreshed.She walked out of the inner hall, only to see the girl standing in the yard talking to the palace people, seeming to be avoiding those eyeliners outside the palace.The corner of the empress s mouth raised into a smile, Miss Gu seemed to be unintentional, but she knew everything.Come on Zhuzhu, said the empress, weave a net with me.Gu Mingzhu responded.The female officer also cbd gummies upset stomach followed, the empress did not want to weave the net, but to tear it down.Empress Wei nodded The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp to be escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat them to death, and throw their bones in a mass grave, so as not to burden the family.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Empress Wei nodded The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them to be escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat cbd gummies upset stomach them to death, and throw their bones in a mass grave, so as not to burden the family.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.Mrs.Li responded When the banquet is held at the house, I cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach will definitely join in the fun.Gu Mingzhu asked Zhenren Mo to sit down for a while, and she went to see Mrs.Li and Mrs.Yuan out of the mansion.After they walked up the corridor, Gu Mingzhu said to Mrs.Li I entered the palace today.Master and I went to Kunning Palace to meet the empress.Mrs.Li couldn t help but stop after cbd gummies upset stomach hearing this.Gu Mingzhu nodded Your Majesty is fine, you don t have to worry, next time I go to the palace, if you have anything to say, I can bring it to your Majesty.When she mentioned her daughter, Mrs.Li s expression was no longer so calm My lady, what does she do in the palace cbd gummies upset stomach is smilz cbd gummies legitimate My lady likes to play chess, write, and play nets with me..Your Majesty never made female celebrities when she was at home, why do you want to do these things now My cbd gummies upset stomach Majesty s craftsmanship is very good.Hearing this, Huang Chang knelt down It s all servants who are negligent, eating a lot of cbd gummies and they don t cbd gummies upset stomach know that Chen Xiang has evil intentions.This case is very clear.Chen Xiang first wanted to bite the queen and then targeted the noble concubine.From this, it can be seen that he wanted to provoke a battle in the inner palace.Internal and external troubles made the emperor have no time to stabilize the political situation.Get up, said the emperor, if you don t trust someone, I ll ask Captain Long to interrogate you now.Huang Chang sweated through his clothes.The emperor said Then Chen Xiang is in the Ceremony Supervisor, and he must have sent out a lot of news.Find out who he has been in contact with Huang Chang responded, thinking in his heart, and knew that he should focus on investigating Tan Shangshu.The girl s voice was earnest.Looking at the smiling face, Wei Yuanchen nodded subconsciously.I ve always thought that my lord is very powerful, and those people are not opponents.These words seemed to be praising him, but also seemed to flatter him, but no matter what, hearing it made people happy in his heart, Wei Yuanchen was thinking.A walnut was handed to him.My lord cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp is very skilled, you can crush walnuts easily, right The walnut in her hand is huge, with thick skin and hard shell.Wei Yuanchen received it with a crisp click , crushing the walnut shell.The broken walnuts were thrown into the basket, and the girl handed over another one, so that she could praise Mr.Wei, and she could eat the walnuts inside, and most importantly, she could sit with Mr.Wei HCMUSSH cbd gummies upset stomach for a while longer.Are the walnut cloud 9 cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach kernels delicious Delicious.Wei to the small courtyard, and the two stretched their hands and feet together.After this discussion, the ancestral jade phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach pendant on his father s waist disappeared.Gu Mingzhu s eyes widened, Master Wei actually did such a trick secretly Don t be too thick skinned when touching people and things cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp so casually.Zhuzhu.Gu Mingzhu raised her head subconsciously, and suddenly felt her forehead soften.She froze again, unable to move.The soft lips moved away, but next time they came between her brows.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes in a panic My lordMaster Weiyou If you really want to marry, or if there are other conditions, that s okay, Wei Yuanchen said in a low voice, I will agree , just don t waver.Gu Mingzhu didn t say anything, for fear that if something went wrong, Master Wei would do something else.Wei Yuanchen didn t hide it When my grandson comes back from northern Xinjiang this time, I will go to the Gu family to propose marriage.Mrs.Li was overwhelmed with joy.Someone also wanted it, such a good result, even if you can t dream of it.You silly child, Mrs.Li said, how can I wait for you shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp just cbd gummies 500mg to come back from northern Xinjiang You told grandma earlier that grandma will help you find out what Lord Hou and his wife mean.Wei Yuanchen said Hou Grandpa is not in Beijing.Mrs.Li was also dizzy with joy, and forgot this for a while There are advantages to not being around.It s better to convince Mrs.Lin first.Regardless of his majesty, Mrs.Hou is incapable of doing so.Not waiting for Wei Yuan When Chen spoke, Mrs.Li said Grandmother will help you with this matter.As long as Zhuzhu agrees, everything else is trivial.This was decided when her foolish disease was not completely cured.Gu Mingzhu knows the good intentions of her father and mother, and hopes that her younger brother can take good care of her in the future.The nurse coaxed Brother Chun to fall asleep, and Mrs.Lin also lay down to take a nap.When she returned to her room, she became more at ease, and fell asleep in a short while.Gu Mingzhu came out of Mrs.Lin s room, and was about to go to the flower hall to order the stewards in the yard to do things, when the stewards from the outer courtyard came in to report.The steward said Uncle Xiang sent someone to send the news that my concubine has passed away.Gu Mingzhu had expected it a long time ago, but she didn t expect that Zou Lin would leave as soon as they left.Maybe it was just like what Mother Yang said, Zou Lin was afraid Colliding with mother and younger brother, he persisted until now.At most, he has no intention of starting a family, but Wei Sanye has been a widower for more than five years.Compared with him, he is not so anxious.Zhou Zesheng coughed Of course.Gu Mingzhu said Which family do the matchmaker want to tell my uncle Which family do they want to talk about You girl.Zhou Zesheng was desperate, so he could only pretend to be angry.Familiar people and familiar scenes can only appear in memory, but now they are in front of them, and everything has returned to the way it used to be.Only now can Zhou Zesheng be sure that all this is not a dream.Uncle, Gu Mingzhu said, I think my father s death back then may be strange.The same is true for my mother.My mother said she would raise me well, but why did she commit suicide Zhou Zesheng froze when he went to grab the teacup, The smile on the corner of her mouth also froze, and turned into surprise You found the clue Gu Mingzhu shook her head Not yet.Chapter 487 Practical Gu Mingzhu looked at Chu Jiu s appearance, and the sadness shrouded in her heart also dissipated a little.Is Chu Jiu really the guard next to Master Wei She was afraid that when Lord Wei came back from the war, she would find that Chu Jiu had become her maid.Wouldn t that be a bad idea After all, cultivating a family will take more than cbd gummies age requirement ten years of hard work Chu Jiu, Gu Mingzhu said, Just use some more rouge.Chu Jiu hastily refused That s not acceptable.Gu Mingzhu said The rouge made of safflower juice is very suitable for you.Jiu shook his head solemnly, as if resisting to the death.Gu Mingzhu said Have you prepared this suit for a long time You always carry it with you on weekdays Otherwise, how could you take it out so quickly.Chu Jiu would not lie in front of his master, and subconsciously said The last time I helped the young miss to pretend to be a ghost in Cheng s house After saying this, Chu Jiu covered her mouth.Master, said the steward, it s someone from the clan who came, and Qingniang Rui is also kneeling in the main room.Ruiqing Zhou Zejing couldn t remember who Ruiqing was for a moment.It s Ruiqing, the maid next to Missy, said the steward, I don t know what the family heard, so they brought Ruiqingniang here.Zhou Zejing took a long breath, Zhou Zesheng didn t mean to break up their family After vowing not to give up, he really invited people from the clan to come.Zhou Zejing didn t want to go to the front yard, but the elders of the clan came, so he had to go to see them.Zhou Zejing calmed down, he also had to think of a way out for himself, to help cover up the cause of his sister in law s death, big or small, he was stained, he would not be able to serve in the Sixth Ministry in the future, his official career would be ruined, and invisibly He also offended the Wei family.With the queen s arrow, the archers who were in ambush drew their bows one after another, and countless arrows went towards King cbd gummies upset stomach Su.Concubine De shouted loudly, Huang Chang laughed embarrassingly, but there was no complacency in the smile, but was wrapped in fear.The emperor looked at Wei Shi in a daze.Wei Shi s clothes were cbd gummies upset stomach stretched out, and at this moment he was charming.She was still her, the woman he saw and yearned for.Beads and jade are on the side, and I feel dirty.He wanted to overshadow her brilliance, make her submit, and make her be willing to be a child.He couldn t do it.There was only contempt and contempt in her eyes that annoyed him.King Su vomited blood and fell from his horse, and the cbd gummies upset stomach emperor also spat out a mouthful of blood.His eyes were completely dark and completely unconscious.The Empress Dowager said It doesn t matter, he is the Son of Heaven, and there is someone to take care of everything, so there is no need for these.At worst, treat him like a potted flower , Serve well and take care of it.Mo Yangming said The emperor has not spoken, I m afraid The queen mother stretched her sleeves and gently twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand.It was not in vain for her to eat fast and chant Buddha for many years, and all her wishes came true one by one.The Queen Mother let out a huh and her eyes were clearer than usual The emperor still needs to rest assured to recuperate from his illness.It s not advisable to talk too much, it s phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach not good for the dragon s body.From Aijia s point of view, this is actually a good thing.Apart from these, as long as the emperor s life is safe, It is the blessing of the Great Zhou Dynasty and the blessing of the common people.Zhu Wu naturally also had selfish intentions, that bastard Han Yu belonged to King Liang, how many people in their village died in that private mine.He had to let those rebels know that they were still alive.People always have things they want to do.Young and old in the village, he Zhu Wu is also a hero, his Zhu is crimson red, like a burning flame, like boiling blood, let him burn the fire to the rebels now.Looking at Zhu Wu s back, Lu Guang was so angry that he just wanted to curse.The idiot didn t even say hello, put on cbd gummies upset stomach his armor and ran away.Report to Master Wei, lest Zhu Wu really do it, Master Wei does not know the situation and it will be a bad thing.Zhu Wu still had a firearm in his arms.If the firearm rang, it would mean that Zhu Wu had succeeded.Even if he didn t succeed, it shouldn t be silent.It s all over, it s all cbd gummies help with over.I don t know if it was an illusion, but Zhu Wu s hand seemed to be clenched even tighter.It s okay, it s okay.Lu Guang touched the scar on the back of Zhu Wu s hand, tears fell on the back of Zhu Wu s hand, and said in a coaxing voice Fifth brother, third brother is here to pick you up, third phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach brother is here Take you home.Don t worry, the third brother will look for you in a while, and he will definitely find you.He will find the best sewing in Beijing and sew you up.I want to make you look good I don t know if it s because Lu phil mickelson cbd gummies cbd gummies upset stomach Guang s words were useful, and Zhu Wu s hand loosened a little.Immediately afterwards, a slightly warm object fell into Lu Guang s hand.Lu Guang brought the torch closer, only to see a piece of broken silver in his hand.Zhu Wu, Zhu cbd gummies upset stomach Wu, how greedy you are for money.Chapter 526 Stained eyes were filled with seawater, King Liang came back to his senses, he kicked his legs cbd gummy recipe with jello shark tank cbd gummies eagle hemp down hard, trying to shake off the person on him, but the person was so strong that he kept dragging him towards sink.King Liang couldn t help panicking.Although his water skills were good, he couldn t stand such a torment.He felt a burning sensation in his chest.If he couldn t float to the surface, he would drown here.King Liang drew out the short blade at his waist and wanted to stab the man, but before the blade touched the man, the man let go.King Liang had no time to think about why the man did this.He tried his best to float to the surface of the sea.The moment he came out of the water, King Liang gasped heavily.He knew that the danger was not over yet, but he felt like he had narrowly escaped death.Chapter 537 The truth is revealed that the elders of the Wei family and Pei Shangqing had a banquet in the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion before leaving.Marquis Huaiyuan left Wei Yuanchen behind to talk, seeing the two of them going to the front study, Madam Lin told Gu Chongyi Master Hou, don t do anything, wait until the injuries on your body are healed.Gu Chongyi frowned and looked at Madam Madame is worried that I will break that kid Mrs.Lin nodded Master Hou wants to be merciful.I know.Gu Chongyi relaxed his brows a little, and strode towards the front yard, feeling inexplicably happy in his heart.It seems that in the eyes of his wife, he is still very happy.awesome.Mrs.Lin heaved a long sigh, she had no choice but to lie.Could she say that she was worried that Master Hou would break herself Lord Hou thinks about teaching others every day, as if he can beat others.There were two people standing in front of her, one was Liu Su and the other was Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu smiled Didn t your lord go home You re going to court soon.It s the empress who handles the court affairs now.No hurry.Wei Yuanchen Ruifeng s eyes were not disturbed, Are you going to find Nie Chen Gu Mingzhu nodded For Zhang s case, since Cui Zhen asked the people in the market for help, he should do his best to help him settle it.Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Wei was always hostile to Cui Zhen because of her, so cbd gummies upset stomach she stretched out her hand and gently tugged on Master Wei s sleeve, and saw a smile in Master Wei s eyes.Wei Yuanchen took Gu Mingzhu s hand The steward of the Zhang family admitted that the Zhang family would marry into the Dingninghou s mansion because Cui Zhen killed a rebel general of the Zhou Dynasty.Cui Zhen ignored Zhang s strangeness and continued The court rewarded me more for this reason, and handed over the military power of the Datong Guard to me.That s why you made up your mind to marry into the Cui family, right Zhang looked at Cui Zhen, the sunlight fell on Cui Zhen s face through the window, making Cui Zhen s expression very clear.His brows and eyes were stretched, and his expression was indifferent, but for some reason, Mrs.Zhang couldn t see through Cui Zhen s thoughts.Cui Zhen continued Do you know the father and son of the Luo family in Tingzhou Prefecture Mrs.Zhang s heart cbd gummies upset stomach was pulled heavily, and she sat up from the bed.Cui Zhen knew that someone from the Zhang family leaked the news Or someone from King Liang confessed Cui Zhen s gaze was even colder You married me because of the Luo family.It is obvious cbd gummies upset stomach to all that there have been many changes inside and outside the palace in just one year.The waiter looked at the clouds in the sky, this is called the general trend, after being with the empress for a long time, he is like a brush that has been used for a long time, it is soaked in ink, and no one will believe him if he says he is ignorant.Little Douzi, what are you doing staring blankly at the sky You don t go in to serve.The waiter said, almost forgetting to pour water for the empress because she was thinking about the affairs of the world.The third master and the third grandmother entered the palace to salute.In the long abandoned Fuhua Palace, the deposed concubine Jiang was imprisoned in it.Last fall, the Ministry of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple collected evidence that the imperial concubine party killed Zhongliang.Father, Cui Xiang gently shook Cui Zhen s robe, what s wrong with you Isn t that little aunt and uncle Why don t we come forward to talk Cui Zhen looked down at Cui Xiang They just got married , There are still a lot of things to do, so we won t cbd gummies upset stomach bother you.After saying this, Cui Zhen suddenly felt a stagnation in his chest, some pain and some suffocation, and there was also a faint sourness.It was as if the Zhou Rujun in his dream had been taken away by someone.It was just a dream, and that person was Zhuzhu, but the feeling still lingered, Cui Zhen took a long breath.Cui Xiang was a little anxious Father, your complexion is not good, is there something uncomfortable It s okay, Cui Zhen said with a smile, It will be fine if you take a rest.Maybe his injury hasn t healed yet.It s okay, it ll be fine.

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