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With that little salary, it s difficult to support his family and yet he feels good about himself, but he is not without curiosity.How do you look, does the girl look good, do you feel it It s no fun, I didn t plan to go, but my mother forced me to go.It s not good, don t you feel it Human He looks pretty good, he has a good figure, and he has a good job, so he has a sense of superiority, which is very realistic, and he doesn t like me.Feeling that the car should not be so hot anymore, Xu Hongliang stubbed out his cigarette and called Han Chaoyang to get in the car.Your family s kendall farms cbd gummies conditions are so good, and you are super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies so talented, why should she look down on you Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable, because the conditions of this person beside him were so good in all aspects.Xu Hongliang put on his seat belt and said with a wry smile She works in a bank and looks down on me as an auxiliary police officer.There are 25 official police officers including the director, instructor and deputy director.According to the nature of their work, they are divided into law enforcement and case handling, community management, patrolling and prevention There are four police groups, including comprehensive information, and we cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale internally call them the case handling team, community team, prevention and control canyou buy cbd gummies online team, and internal staff.There are more than 20 people, not including temporary workers.How many people were there in the Huayuan Street Police Station before Like five or six personal.Yes, yes, panda cbd gummy bears everyone is right.There were few people in the past, but now there are many.But what was the security environment in the past, and what was the population in the area Han Chaoyang smiled, pointing to the old office building of Factory 527, and then to Chaoyang Village In the direction of the committee, Besides, the grassroots organization was so strong in the past.River Chief , stop the electricity, row the raft to the side, hurry up A few old bastards actually called the police The electric fisherman looked at Han Chaoyang, put down the electric fisherman and rowed northward, and said with a flattering smile, Comrade police, it only says that fishing is prohibited, but it doesn t say that electric fishing is prohibited.I don t know that electric fishing is not allowed, and I don t Okay Where to go, can you run away You, I didn t hear what you said just now, step aside immediately.Isn t it just an electric fish, it s a big deal, I have to go to work too, goodbye.This bastard, He turned a deaf ear to what the police said.He was in can u drink with cbd gummies the river, and gummy recupe for cbd Han Chaoyang was on the bank.The river was more than 20 meters wide, and there revive cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies with thc near me were no other boats.Although he was not rowing fast, Han Chaoyang could only be in a hurry, and could only watch him walk away.Talk about it, why don t we talk about it Old Xu asked curiously.My family is rich, and she went to study in Germany before she finished her university degree.She is determined to join a big band.I can t keep up with her, and I can t hold her back.I just get together and break up, so I can do it in the future.Friends.What s so great about being in an orchestra, you re still a civil servant I m talking about an internationally renowned symphony orchestra.Have you ever heard of Yo Yo Ma He wants to become a great performer like Yo Yo Ma.What are civil servants Yes.To her and her family, civil servants are a joke.Who is Yo Yo Ma Old Xu may not be able to tell what is a viola and what is a cello, and talking about it with him is like playing the piano against a cow.Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this anymore, so he immediately changed the topic Old Xu, I can t leave the jurisdiction.No Tell me to pull it off.Huang Ying really didn t have any ideas about Han Chaoyang, she really didn t want to go on a blind date alone, and Director Su tried his best to make a connection, so she proposed to pick him up along the way.Han Chaoyang didn t want to say that she didn t care, and pointed behind him I forgot to get it for you just now, do it yourself, there is water in the back row.Thank you.Not to mention disappointed, he picked up a bottle of water and casually chatted with her while drinking.Chapter Forty Three Blind Date 2 Hurry up, but I m still late.The sign in counter outside the banquet hall on the second floor of the Royal Court Hotel has been withdrawn, the hall door is wide open, the inside is full of people, and there are also many people watching outside.Group blind date, what a lively event Not only were there hotel staff outside, but there were also many family members of young men and women who came for a blind date.He didn t bother to ask about the specific situation, so he first greeted the street cadres and the leaders of the working group.Director Cai, thank you very much.Thank you for your support of our police station.In the work of land acquisition and relocation, the police station did not play its due role.Not only is he not proactive, but he always waits for something to happen before coming back.The establishment of the voluntary security patrol team was such an important event.Both Secretary Yang and Director Gu attended in person.The deputy director of the police station did not even show up.Director Cai, like Su Xian, had some opinions on the police station.The two deputy leaders of the working group He has even more dissatisfaction with the police station, so naturally he won HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me t give Yang Tao any good looks.How to tap the potential It is impossible to solve these problems under the current conditions, unless the establishment is increased.Not only did Liu Jianye have no hope for this, but even Han Chaoyang thought that the leader was just talking.Unexpectedly, Zhou Ju suddenly changed the subject Next month, the Municipal Bureau will have an exchange event with our brother s Public Security Bureau.I didn t plan to participate in it.It seems that I should sign up.It is said that the Public Security Bureau to go to is a pilot unit for police reform., the pilot project is the community work.They separated the community police work function from cbd gummies with thc near me the police station and set up an independent community police management brigade with several squadrons.Guidance by the police station.Let the members of the community police team enjoy the best treatment, do not participate do uly cbd gummies work in the duty of the police station, do not participate in the sponsoring of the case, and do not have any target tasks.Old Huo, we are almost there.Where is the trash collector After entering Sanmin Lane, cbd gummies with thc near me do you come from the south or the north South, we are on the east side of the road.It s just right on the east side of the road.I am not familiar with the health pharmacy, the pharmacy is at the entrance of Sanmin Alley, turn right at the pharmacy, Han Da, there must be something wrong cbd gummies with thc near me with that kid, the electric car must have been stolen, otherwise it would be impossible to take the side road instead of the big road.Okay, hard work , hold on, we ll be there soon.Han Chaoyang was not familiar with this area, but Cao Mingzhi was very familiar with it, so he immediately turned on the turn signal, released the accelerator to slow down the speed of the car.Turn into Sanmin Lane, drive eastward for about six or super cbd gummies for sale seven minutes, and saw a middle aged man in a gray security uniform straddling the electric car, raising his arms and pointing forward.I m really rich, my mother just sent me 10,000.It s early and good morning, Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, he took out his mobile phone and said with a smile Okay, then I will order.Order, I will turn over.Take a screenshot.Xinyi and Xiaokang, take a look and be a witness for me.Now that you know you have to be cautious, what did you do earlier Zheng Xinyi cursed secretly, but still got up and glanced at the phone screen.Zhang Beibei felt uncomfortable in his eyes.The more he thought about it, the more he felt guilty.He really wanted to say a few more words of thanks.Thinking that the closer he got to him, the more he talked, the more trouble he might have, so he didn t say anything at all, stood up and pressed The neckline bowed deeply, then turned around and pushed the door away.Chapter 93 Homicide 1 Since it is a comprehensive alarm platform, it must look like a comprehensive alarm platform.The girl came to the police station to ask for directions.She said she was asking for directions, but she actually came to see Xiao Han.There were female college students from the University of Science and Technology, and nurses from the Sixth City Hospital.Hiding inside and not daring to come out, you said why the little girl is so courageous now.You came to the door so soon Director Du couldn t help but asked with a smile.I don t know who said on the Internet that Xiao Han didn t have a date.The next few times I didn t see Xiao Han.They were more and more disappointed.They lingered how many cbd gummies does it take to feel it at the door for a long time before leaving.Anyway, my place is very lively.I have been a policeman for so many years.It s the first time I ve seen it.This is not something shameful, and the positive impact cbd gummies with thc near me is not afraid of being big The more Du Ju thought about it, the more amusing he became.His car has four sets of batteries.Even if you bring someone with a full charge, you can run 60 to 70 kilometers.Just as he was talking, the Yangguan Village office arrived.The village committee of Yangguan Village is not in the center of the village like the village committee of Chaoyang Village, but on Renmin Road.There is no yard, but a four story building facing the street.The police room and health care room are on the first floor.On the left side of the police room is the corridor leading to the upper floor.There is a bar next to the stairs, which looks like the company s front desk.There are several stores on the first floor, one is rented to others to open a small supermarket, one is a car decoration store, and the other is a car tire store.The tire shop has the largest storefront, equipped with four wheel alignment equipment, tire repair equipment, and a device that can erect cars.Master, why did I go over the top Gu Guoli looked at him with a smile and asked back What is group defense and group governance Han Chaoyang felt that the master s words were very reasonable, and was about to talk about improving the way of working, when Gu Guoli suddenly changed the subject and asked curiously The house is settled, are you sure you want to buy the one introduced by Accountant Huang It s settled, My mother My mother likes a bright future, more than two million, in fact it is more than two million, including three or four million in interest, it is scary to think about it It s the same for working people who buy a house.I can t sleep well.I ve never owed so much money.I m really terrified.I m always in a panic.But since I m sure I ll buy it, it s useless to worry about it.You have to live.Making a small report is retribution, Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and muttered That dog is real, why didn t it bite someone else, but went to bite him super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies Chaoyang, your comrade is injured, how cbd gummies with thc near me can you gloat I How can it be possible to gloat, I just feel a little strange, being bitten by a dog, there is such a thing.You are just gloating Grandpa Gu gave him a look of resentment, and said very seriously The task force Carrying out the arrest mission, it turned out that there was a big wolf dog in the yard where the suspect was.He knew it was dangerous but still stepped forward to deal with the wolf dog and cover his comrades in arresting the criminal suspect.It was clear when it was time to go, even I I admire it very much, if you were you, can you do it Master, don t be angry, I thought he was bitten by a dog while walking on the road.Who do you want to be on and who not to be on Director Wang pointed to the opposite side, only then did Han Chaoyang realize that the leaders of the three square dance teams had arrived, and the three aunts were discussing something with the aunts of the choir and Huang Ying, and looked here from time to time.People trust me and entrusted me to communicate with you, Factory Manager Wang lit a cigarette, and said seriously and expectantly Xiao Han, I know this is an activity organized by the district, and many units will participate.It s not easy to be on stage.But you also need to understand the mood of the big guys, why don t you ask the leader tomorrow to see if you can arrange a dance program, we sing and they dance.In the eyes of many young people, aunts dance squares Wu is full of food and has nothing to do, but for the aunt, this is really a part of retirement life.So many The drug dealers captured by Director Feng not only sell drugs but also manufacture drugs.Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing bought the goods directly from the drug lords without going through an intermediate link.The purchase price is about 150 per gram.Each gram of each family can be sold for at least 500 yuan in our Yanyang.The batch of methamphetamine they imported is extremely pure, even if the ordinary methamphetamine is in the can cbd gummies cause erectile dysfunction hands of the next cbd gummies with thc near me family, it will be divided into small packets.It sells for more than 1,000 a gram.No wonder those bastards dare to take the risk, the profit is so high.But their fate can also be imagined, selling so much will definitely be the death penalty Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, Wu Wei smiled and said, Chaoyang, you re not a double happiness, but a triple happiness.Director Tu is watching cbd gummies with thc near me people from the wedding company build a stage on the big playground.A dozen or so street cadres, including Huang Ying, are placing plastic chairs under the scorching sun.The first row has not only chairs but also tables, and the tabletops are covered with flannelette., I can imagine that when it gets dark, there will be a name tag and mineral water.Director Wang, Mr.Liang and Aunt Qian, the lead dancer, also arrived, surrounded by a person wearing glasses who didn t know what to say.Xiao Han, what do you think of this background Director Tu ran over and asked.It s a bit short, Director Tu, can you ask them to raise the background up a bit, or the choir will block it as soon as it comes on stage, and you can t see the cbd gummies with thc near me words.It s two meters high, so it shouldn t be able to block it., This is not only a good event but also a happy event, and it is also worthy of congratulations.Unexpectedly, he remembered himself, Han Chaoyang said quickly Thank you, Secretary Tong, for your concern.In front of so many people, Huang Ying s pretty face was flushed, The mouth cbd gummies with thc near me is embarrassed to speak.Congratulations go to congratulations, but to be honest, I m not very happy.Why, when you come together, it can be regarded as the achievement of the blind date activities organized by the district.There are follow up reports on those blind date activities on TV.When you come together, you should also say goodbye The organizer of the event reported.Xiao Han, this is your fault.I kissed you and fell in love with each other, but in the end, I forgot the Tong secretary who set up the bridge for you.What kind of work The old factory essential cbd gummies clicks manager asked curiously.Han Chaoyang invited him to the yard, pointed to a bulletin board and said with a wry smile Director Wang, look, there is a community people s mediation committee.Not only does it exist here, but there is also a community mediation committee work system hanging upstairs, which is actually in name only.Community Some disputes and conflicts that occurred can be completely resolved through mediation, but they were all pushed to our police.You always know how busy I, my master and Wu Wei are.The civil disputes that are 500mg cbd gummies strong could have been resolved were exhausting.In addition, my master is more experienced in mediating disputes and resolving conflicts.Sometimes the same sentence, my master s words are more effective than ours.Prison.It s hard for an honest official to do housework, Xiao Han, this job is not very easy to do.What does it have to do with us What kind of revenge can it help you Look again, look carefully.It s true that noble people forget things a lot.Tang Meixuan was cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me in high spirits and didn t want to show off anymore.She giggled and said, Do you remember where we had dinner at night Do you remember the little waiter who didn t respond after shouting several times You I must have seen it before, but I just don t remember it Zuo Yanqian thought about it carefully, and suddenly found that the girl in the missing person notice posted on the WeChat official account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team was the same as the little waiter she met at dinner at night.It was very similar, maybe I didn t recognize it just now because the little waiter was wearing a dark blue overalls, with her hair tied back, dressed more maturely, and looked a few years older than the photo.Almost.If you help your parents find it, if you HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me help them find it, they will keep it in their hearts and be grateful.Yes.Han Chaoyang smiled shyly.Don t always be yes.You have done a good job.This is how you should do your work.Just like your master, you should take the people s affairs into your heart.This is the first pennant received by the Institute this year, and the leaders of the Institute are very happy.Han Chaoyang was equally happy.Thinking of Qi Jie and his wife weeping with joy when they found Qi Tingting, he really felt a strong sense of professional accomplishment.After hanging the silk banner, he was about to say hello to Chen Xiujuan and other colleagues and go back when Guan Xiyuan winked suddenly.Old Guan, what s the matter Come on, go to my office and tell me.It s so mysterious, isn t it borrowing money Han Chaoyang didn t ask any more questions, and followed all the way to the community team office.Xu Hongliang couldn t help asking Chaoyang , you gave Miao Haizhu an order She came to my comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road to exercise, cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me and she wants to learn from her class, what s wrong with my order, I arranged her tasks today.Thinking of big sister Directing around, Han Chaoyang smiled complacently.What mission Huang Ying asked curiously.Assist the Xinmin Community Neighborhood Committee to mobilize the owners of the Xinmin Community to apply for the establishment of an owner s meeting and hire a property management company to strengthen the security of the Xinmin Community.This task is relatively difficult, and it is more suitable for a policeman like her.Is there any mistake It is quite difficult, and this is simply an impossible task Xu Hongliang knew very well that others did not know the situation in Xinmin Community, and immediately burst out laughing.Teacher Ma didn t want his son to feel that he was treating others better than him, so he simply changed the subject Leave aside the matter of Haizhu, don t you have to go to the Northwest to exchange and study tomorrow Have you packed your things Have you gone to talk to Ying Saying goodbye to Ying s parents I packed up my things earlier, and said goodbye to them, we had dinner together last night.I should say something when I go out, and remember to buy some local specialties when I come back.It doesn t matter if it s worth it or not.The important thing is to have this heart.Understood, I will buy a few more copies, I can t go back, so I can only send them to you.Don t send them, your dad and I don t care, online shopping is so convenient now, Sitting at home, I can t buy anything.It takes half a month to go, counting back and forth, it s estimated to take 20 days, talk to Yingying and coax her.Brother Jiang, what s the matter Chaoyang, we are rounding up not only drug cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me dealers, but also murder suspects suspected of killing two people Shot No shots were fired, no comrades sacrificed.Jiang Li couldn t believe his ears, staring at the terraced fields one after another at the bottom of the mountain and explained The instructor said that the Stone Bureau super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies has figured out why he took the risk to sneak back to the Lijiayao He may have mistakenly thought that his cousin had informed him about the Dongchuang incident two years ago, and suspected that he had come back to avenge his cousin Feng Changqin who lived in the same village.The ongoing search in the village did not find him, but he The bodies of Feng Changqin and her five year old daughter Li Xue were found in a cellar outside the courtyard of Li Yuanjiu, a villager.Chapter Ten Manhunt 9 Time flies, and in a blink of an eye the unlucky guy has been gone cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale for six days.Mom and Dad are getting more and more comfortable.They drove back to their hometown after work yesterday, and they went back to their hometown when they cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale got back to their hometown.They actually posted a photo in Moments saying it was a self driving tour They say come back Sunday night, maybe Monday morning.There was no one at home, so Huang Ying didn t even bother to go back, so she just spent this weekend with PolyU in the police station.After dinner, as in the past few days, I went to the police office with Xie Lingling.Xu Hongliang has found a job again.He is still a security guard of the Chaoyang Community Security Company and an official member of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team.You I m busy with you, I m not going anywhere When the news reached the command headquarters, the leaders of Mr.Xu, Mr.Wu and Mr.Wang finally breathed cbd gummies with thc near me golden love cbd gummies a sigh of relief.Xiao Yang, order the technical investigation cbd gummies with thc near me team to seize the time to locate Comrade Han Chaoyang s mobile phone.The action must be fast.Is the ambulance leaving Arrange a police car to clear the way for them Make it clear to the medical staff that we want cbd gummies with thc near me to live, please invite them Work hard, bring first aid equipment and medicines and cbd gummies with thc near me walk from Niangniang Temple to Tanjiagou with our police.Report to Mr.Xu, all the search teams have been contacted, they did not cbd diarrhea gummies shoot, no one was shot and no one was injured Report to Mr.Xu, Comrade Han Chaoyang s mobile phone is connected, you can talk and video.Turn on the video.Yes The leader let the video, mayim bialik uly cbd gummies how to video in the mountains where you can t see your fingers.I know you still eat Huang Ying HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me smiled back, recalled what he had described, and asked again No, you know that he was only injured by a wild boar, and he was cbd gummies with thc near me not stunned to death by a wild boar.He has a gun in his hand, so why didn t he hide, instead he charged up and clubbed the dog in the water You don t understand the situation at that time, the forest was silent, I could even hear his breathing.The ground was full of weeds and leaves , full of branches, if I dodge me and run back, he will definitely hear the movement and will definitely shoot me.We are not married yet, the mortgage has not been paid off, the good times and the bad times have just begun, I I don t want to be a martyr, but it is the safest and safest choice to seize the opportunity to rush forward under such circumstances.Wang Ju s face was ashen, seeing him wipe off his sweat, he turned around and whispered a few words to the discipline and political commissar.The discipline and political commissar had the same ugly face, nodded, and quickly ran off the stage, running straight to this side, all the way to He Suo s side Chapter 269 Meritorious Service Award 5 Long Dao s words were difficult to understand, but Han Chaoyang understood what the Political Commissioner for Discipline and Director He said.Because I only said one sentence, only four words Come in with me The grand ceremony of Fireline Contribution and Fireline Joining the Party is about to begin.He Pingyuan is about to go cbd gummies with thc near me on stage to accept the commendation from his superiors.He is caught off guard by the series of abnormal actions of the leaders, and looks back with a look of shock and bewilderment.Can you get in touch with this Song Yaping Yes, Director Zhang took us to him, and he doesn t know where Zhu Youwei has gone.Director Zhang didn t HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me believe it and looked at his phone.It s true that we haven t are cbd gummies illegal in indiana contacted him for a long time.They Didn t you do business together, why didn t you contact me Chaoyang, that boy Song Yaping is a celebrity in our school Mobile phones, computers, cosmetics, sports shoes, bags almost everything he doesn t sell.Last year, he seemed to be helping the driving school and recruiting students for the public examination and postgraduate training institutions outside.It is like a pyramid scheme to cbd gummies with thc near me recruit people everywhere, develop offline everywhere, and in the end he can make money himself, and no one else can make money.mention That guy, Zhang Jinhai, had a headache, and added He ran from one dormitory to another, and even sneaked into the girls dormitory to sell cosmetics.I am only responsible for watching them dig, where, how big and how deep they dig.Han Chaoyang was a little disappointed, but he did not Accident.This is the case in infrastructure construction now.It is estimated that the general contractor does not have a single worker.They all sit in offices.To put it bluntly, it is subcontracting layer by layer.To put it bluntly, there cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking is a clear division of labor.It s a waste of time to ask Han Chaoyang thought to himself that since you have a clear division of labor, we also have a clear division of labor.Team Liang and Wu Wei will be here soon.These things should cause Team Liang and Wu Wei a headache Chapter 278 No Common Sense Captain Liang and Wu Wei came quickly, greeted Han Chaoyang, asked the victim a few words, and squatted beside the car to observe the punctured tires.I have been thrive market cbd gummies working for decades, and I don t know how many conflicts and disputes and public security cases have been mediated.I didn t expect that there would be HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me a day when I needed someone s help to mediate.The more He Pingyuan thought about it, the more aggrieved he became, and the more he thought about it, the more useless he became.However, this can only be imagined.I have been a police officer for so many years, and I really have feelings for this uniform and this job.Besides, when a person reaches middle age and resigns in anger, what can he do if he is not a policeman He has a wife, cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale children, and a family.The house he bought in the county the year before last has not yet been paid off.Various factors determine that he can t act on his will, but can only endure it, and endure it again and again.Xie Lingling sat down in front of the piano with a smile on her face, and accompanies him tacitly.Meditation , Girl with Flaxen Hair , Schubert Serenade , Carmen Fantasia , Turkish March It s been a long time since I HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me touched the piano, and it s been a long time since I played such a professional and tacit accompaniment.The more focused I was, the more I pulled and devoted myself, and I competed for more than an hour before I knew it.While playing, they took photos with the girls who rushed forward one after another.More and more people watched in front of the orchestra booth, so that Miao Haizhu and Zhang Jinhai had to arrange security guards to maintain order.And Han Chaoyang, the maintainer of cbd gummies with thc near me order, became the destroyer of order in such a muddle headed way.Yingying, look at the eyes of those little girls, you can t wait to eat your husband Jokingly said Yingying, men chase women across the mountains, women chase men with layers of gauze, and the little girls who study music are prettier than the other.Han Chaoyang didn t know what Big Sister was thinking, so he hurried to the construction site, and kangaroo cbd gummies review under the guidance of a group of workers who had slanted down, he drove the patrol car to the place where the sand and gravel were piled up.Comrade police, the body is over there Looking in the direction of the fingers of a man who looked like a foreman, most of the corpses were exposed on the west side of the sand dune.The head, arms, and most of the body were exposed outside, and a pungent stench could be smelled from a long distance.The facial features could not be seen clearly, and the arms could only be seen as outlines.Not only was the surface of the corpse covered with yellow sand, but the yellow sand even Creeping The corpse is highly decomposed and maggot infested.No wonder the migrant workers super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies didn t dare to approach, and no wonder the project managers and migrant workers standing on the downwind side covered their noses with their hands.That s the end Wu Wei looked at the police car leaving in a puff of dust, and then looked back at the work area tightly surrounded by plastic sheets.He was dumbfounded.Teng University left in a hurry, and Vice Captain Luo didn t say anything before he left.It seems that he will still be here to watch the migrant workers sifting sand for the next few days.Although Han Chaoyang was a little surprised, he didn t think there was anything wrong with sifting the sand here.He couldn t help laughing and said, It s not over.The case hasn t been solved yet.It s not that the murderer hasn t been caught, but he hasn t even figured out his identity.I mean us, we found out the clues of moving corpses and framing them, and we caught the two suspects, so why are they not our business Isn t this crossing the river cbd gummies with thc near me and demolishing bridges Wu Wei was extremely depressed, and clicked on the phone.He used to be a key training object, so he was highly valued by his superiors His master is a second level hero model in the national public security system, and a third level police superintendent who enjoys the treatment cbd gummies with thc near me of a researcher.Didn t he say that he is resident in the community police office He said that the police office is actually a comprehensive police platform, including him, a total of four policemen, and he is actually the person in charge of the police platform. His master.Do you listen to him Jiang Li asked curiously.His master didn t listen to him.His master will retire in two and a half months.This is a ride on the horse.He Pingyuan took a few puffs of cigarettes, and then said He is also part of two voluntary security patrols.Aren t the members of these two patrol teams old men wearing red sleeves The equipment is no different from that of a special police force. Don t think about money., don t think about whether there is a house or not, the key is whether you like it cbd gummies with thc near me or not. Yes. As long as you like it.Xu Hongliang smiled knowingly, and walked to the balcony with his arms around her slender waist, speaking slowly cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking Whispering After finishing the transfer of ownership, we will renovate.The decoration will dissipate the smell for two months.I will try to invite your parents to come and have a look before the Chinese New Year.Thank you.It should be, thank you.Never He mentioned the matter of the house, but he thought of it and did it.Xie Lingling was really touched and felt very happy.Just as she didn t know what to say, the phone rang suddenly.I ll answer the call first.Xie Lingling smiled sweetly, took cbd gummies with thc near me out her phone to check the caller ID, and pressed the call button after a moment of stupefaction.It can only come out from here, and it is impossible to turn around.Luckily, Tengda s mood is also good.He held up his mobile phone and looked around while smiling, You guys are here too.Where are you and what car are you taking We are in front of you, Han Chaoyang looked behind him.Looking into the mirror, I said a little embarrassedly We didn t take a taxi.We borrowed a car from a friend.It s a white BMW with the license plate number Yan A6F1D8.It s a good car, anyone with a little common sense can t help but take a closer look.Teng Da noticed the BMW they were driving just cbd gummies with thc near me now, looked out and saw that the BMW was flashing twice, and couldn t help laughing Yes, even a BMW can be borrowed, but this car is too eye catching, follow us later, with Keep a distance from the suspect vehicle, and don t follow too closely.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to get carried away, and hurriedly said, Thank you Gansuo, but we re not hungry, did we come for dinner It s just 11 o clock, how could your meal be served so early Report to Gansuo, we really I ate it, I ate it in the task force, it was past two o clock last night, and I didn t have a good rest a few days ago, so I got up late today, and I don t know whether it s breakfast or lunch before I come. Eat less Order.No matter how polite you are, Han Chaoyang readily agreed.Although it is the first time here, there are two policemen I met during the rehearsal, and they are cbd gummies fir anxiety still here today.Han Chaoyang greeted them with a smile.He thought he would go to the dining hall with them, but he was taken away by Gan.To a small conference room on the second floor.As expected, the food was ready.Anyway, I don t think he will easily contact his comrades, nor will he go home easily.Since it is a general precaution, it is to avoid the limelight.If the wind is not tight, if we can confirm that we have not found them, they will Jump out by yourself Han Chaoyang asked following this train of thought.Yes, Chaoyang, your analysis is correct.Self righteous suspects like them can t just hide passively.It is entirely possible to take some tentative measures to verify whether the murder of Cao Shengkai has been revealed, and whether cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me our police have found them.Body How would they test it If it were donde puedo comprar condor cbd gummies you, how would you test it, and how would you verify it Li Kaiyi asked, staring at Han Chaoyang, the more reasonable she became.Han Chaoyang was stunned, then stood up immediately If I were Cai Xiaofang, if I killed someone, I would hide in the dark and watch the neighborhood quietly to see if the police came to the door.No, I would first watch the car rental company , because the only thing that may be exposed to them is the Mercedes Benz RV Did the task force take corresponding measures when they found the car rental company Probably not, even the suspect was unknown at the time.Not to mention the phone call records of Yang Jiandong and Cai Xiaofang, how can I think of so many.It s over, I m sure I ve already alerted the enemy, they are no longer a general defense, and they may have fled in fear of crime Xu Guoqiang and Li Kaiyi s investigation team have always admired Li Kaiyi cbd gummies with thc near me s brains, and said deeply If it is me , I will definitely keep an eye on the car rental company.They are cautious and well organized.A third suspect emerges in the afternoon.God knows cbd gummies with thc near me if there will be a fourth or fifth suspect.Just call and ask if you can rent that Mercedes.Bonus, how much bonus is there It depends The situation, anyway, will not be less, and it will be kept strictly confidential.Afraid that the old lady might have concerns, Han Chaoyang emphasized We are Yanyang s police, and we will return to Yanyang after we catch people and pay the bonus.Anyone who has nothing to do will come here.We don t tell anyone who knows, so you can always rest assured.Okay, I ll keep this for now, and I ll tell my son about it at dinner tonight.When the old lady heard that there was a bonus, she burst into laughter mouthHan Chaoyang transferred more than a dozen households while the iron was hot, made more than a dozen promises that he didn t know if he could keep them in the future, returned to Huo s house, got into the car, took out his mobile phone and dialed He Yichang s number.When people arrived, not only people from the Xinyuan Street Police Station also came, but also the senior brother Yu Zhenchuan who was very familiar with him.Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Alarm Platform is only responsible for temporary disposal, and the next thing will be handed over to them.Han Chaoyang greeted Yu Zhenchuan, briefly introduced the situation to the two street cadres who could be seen as leaders, and then asked Wu Junfeng and other team members to assist the people in Xinyuan Street to maintain order on the scene, and asked Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaolei to lead the others first.go back.The reinforcements from PolyU should be treated with courtesy.Han Chaoyang warmly invited Zhang Jinhai to the police car, planning to send him to PolyU first and then return to the police office.At the same time, I admire a girl who came to this unfamiliar place, not only successfully inherited the property and received compensation for demolition, but even gained a firm foothold in Yanyang through this method.However, I can help with other things.Han Chaoyang really didn t want to go to the haunted house to rehearse, so he suddenly said Mr.I ll eat it, but you don t even think about taking the band to your place to rehearse.Zhang Beibei smiled and turned her eyes to Huang Ying.Huang Ying tugged at his sleeve and said with a giggle, Husband, I forgot to tell you that I was also corrupted by her.Participate in such a profitable activity You can t, I can t, but our mother can Huang Ying shook his arm and explained Who has more experience than our mother when it comes to opening a hotel She has worked in guest houses for decades, hotels Where are the supplies cheap, how to clean the environment, how to make sheets and bedding, she is really an expert.Solve it in their way, what can they do Bureau Feng was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized, and said decisively Xiao Han, you have done a good job, please work harder, and immediately summon the contractor surnamed Chu to the bureau.At the same time, contact the contractor surnamed Qian and ask Find out his exact location, tell him clearly, and you must not act rashly.Yes If you want to arrest a suspect like Huo Xuebin, there is no way if you don t have clues, cbd gummies with thc near me and you must never let him escape if you have clues.Bureau Feng immediately reported to Bureau Zhou that Zhou Bureau, who was having a meeting with the district committee, was really excited, after all, this was a case that the district committee was watching.Hastily asked for a leave, ran to the corridor and held cbd gummies high times up the mobile phone and said It will be easy at the China Myanmar border.Zhang Beibei reacted and said with a smile I always thought that all the houses in the factory area belonged to the factory How is cbd oil gummy bear it possible, the house I live in now is my own.It s all personal.The old factory manager raised his arm and pointed to the office building, and then pointed to several old buildings in the southeast corner There is only one office building, six workshops, three warehouses and the surrounding buildings in the factory.Circle the storefront, the workshops are all rented out to be used as warehouses, Manager Xu and the others have nothing else to do, the main job is to collect rent.At the same time, Kang Haigen had cbd gummies with thc near me returned to the police office with Bi Xunchang after identifying several scenes, He asked two team members to help him continue to detain him, while he himself drove the car of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade to visit Yanyang Traffic Broadcasting Station to inquire.I have known Ah Cheng for a long time, but it is the first time to perform the same program on the same stage.Seeing that he was plucking the strings without any intention of stepping down, Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and played two more songs for him.Now that we know each other, of course we have to eat together.Huang s father, Huang s mother, and Zhang Beibei were so enthusiastic, and Ah Cheng s hospitality was hard to bear, so he could only follow the staff restaurant next to the boiler room with a face of embarrassment, and sat around the round table to cook cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me hot pot together.Ah Cheng, eat more.Huang s father has always disliked the young man with long hair, but tonight is an exception.He raised his glass and said sincerely The singing was so good just now, I was moved to tears, It really sang the heartfelt voice of being a child.I know you are busy, so I won t mention the matter of picking up the wind for you.My car is parked in the yard , This is the car key, if you have other needs, just talk to Chaoyang, Chaoyang can solve it, Chaoyang can solve it, and if Chaoyang can t solve it, come to me.If I can t solve it, I will go to the bureau leader.Bao Suo is so enthusiastic, Wang Jianping I was really embarrassed by it, and secretly decided to wait for the case to be completed, and I must invite these helpful Yanyang colleagues.Just as he was being polite, his cell phone rang, and Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang almost at the same time.Understood, it s okay, okay, that s it.Don t worry, I ll be there right away, take it easy, don t startle the snake.Old Ding asked curiously Ling Bin is going out Han Chaoyang accompanied Wang Jianping out Walking away, he confirmed, I m waiting for a car at the door of the hotel.So I would like to ask you a favor.Go and ask him why he didn t go to Zhang Ziyue s natal family, instead of looking for a nanny first.Worried that this would arouse Ling Bin s vigilance, Han Chaoyang asked in .

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a low voice Captain Wang , Is it appropriate for me to just run over and ask It should be no problem.Wang Jianping stroked his train of thought again, and analyzed Xiaoqiu and I should not have revealed our identities, and he probably didn t know he was being targeted by us.So yes For him, there are countless possibilities for Zhang Ziyue to leave without saying goodbye.The only thing he can cbd gummies with thc near me t think of is that Zhang Ziyue is involved in drug trafficking.After all, drugs seem very far away to ordinary people like him, and it is difficult to put a gentle, considerate, beautiful or even kind woman and a female drug dealer.As soon as Kang Haigen mentioned the monitoring center and the command center, Cao Zefang pushed the question to Lao Jin, and Lao Jin made a haha and pushed it to cbd living gummies get you high Xu Hongliang.Obviously, they have studied this issue today Kang Suo, there are a lot of security service fees to be super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies paid at several construction sites, but there are more places to spend money.Xu Hongliang took a peek at Han Chaoyang, and then said in an official tone Why do your police divide the monitoring into several categories Isn t it because of investment and funding There are not many workers in several construction sites right now.You can wait until the Spring Festival is over.Look, it s estimated to be tens of thousands.We take other people s security fees, and we have to do a good job in security work.If we don t have money, we can t do anything, so we have to break a penny in half and spend it.Ling Bin followed out tacitly, and asked eagerly as soon cbd gummies with thc near me as he entered the yard Officer Han, do you have any news I checked the records of foreign population, but I haven t found any yet.Han Chaoyang walked under the light box, looked back at the hall, and asked, Mr.Ling, what did you plan to do Try your luck.Ling Bin lit a cigarette, and said solemnly I m going to print more missing person notices, bus stations, train stations, bus stop signs, big shopping malls, big supermarkets, as long as there are many people, I will post a few posters.Zhang.But after looking around in the morning, I found that the idea was too simple.Fujiang is building a sanitation city, and Yanyang is too.I can t post it if I want to.Even if I post it secretly, it will be torn off soon.Yes This idea will do Han Chaoyang was waiting for this sentence, and said while the iron was hot It s not that you can t post it, but you can t post it indiscriminately.Fu, super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies with such a good husband and such a lovely girl, she even left her husband and son and left without saying goodbye.The missing person notice for public welfare, look back, and help to pay attention to it.Huang Ying put down her phone and sighed softly I I ve met this father and daughter, they live in a revive cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies with thc near me youth hostel that my mother owns shares white widow cbd gummies in, and my mother is even helping to take care of the child, the little girl is so pitiful, Ling Bin is really not easy, should you help find her Tang Xiaoxuan I didn t read the content of the missing person notice, best cbd thc gummies and subconsciously said The women have changed their minds, so what s the use of finding them , but threw the child to someone else.This is abandonment, you should report to the police Huang Ying took a cbd gummies where can i buy deep breath and explained with a wry smile If you throw a child to someone you don t know, it must be abandonment, but Zhang Ziyue not only knows Ling Bin, but also has a romantic relationship, which has reached the level of marriage.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or cbd gummies with thc near me two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling can you drink on cbd gummies Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight We play small, we just pass the time, Sister Wei sat down by the bed, picked up the mobile phone that had been plugged into the charger, and turned around and asked, Missing the child and Ling Bin So what can I do Wan Xiaoxia sat cross legged on the bed again, hugging the pillow and crying, There is no destiny, this is fate, this is retribution.Five members were urgently dispatched from the No.2 and No.3 Squadrons, and rushed to the bus station to have a look.Not only were there more passengers inside and outside the station than usual, but also a case of theft had just occurred.Wu Wei and Guan Xiyuan were asking the owner about the theft The police handled the case, and many tourists watched.Only one of the six security checkpoints was opened.According to visual inspection, there were at least 300 passengers queuing outside with bags and bags.Many passengers who were eager to check in cbd gummies with thc near me and get on the train shouted from behind, asking why several security checkpoints could not be opened at the same time.Han Chaoyang had been on duty at the station when he first started working, so he had some experience, so he ran to the gate of security checkpoint No.Wang Shuangcheng hesitated for a moment, and said in a low voice There are a buy cbd gummies chicago few, or they don t come, They even greeted me when they came, and sometimes stuffed my cigarettes, do you think I dare to smoke their cigarettes Too arrogant, this is a demonstration, this is a threat.So what s the threat You are not afraid of me.Wang Shuangcheng didn t want to be underestimated by Han Chaoyang, so he leaned over and said, Officer Han, I don t know if you have the impression that Mo Xinchun is the kid you grabbed at the door of Lao Ding s store last year., He didn t know where he found a younger brother who has AIDS He came here every three days to make troubles, and he didn t hide when he saw Lao Dai.You said that I, a small security guard, dare to offend him I have a little impression, when did he It came out.Vice Minister Jiang looked behind him, Then he said This is the lesson of not knowing the law.Tell her that you have to learn the lesson and learn to be flexible.You can also avoid taxes reasonably by starting a company.It is also okay to hire foreign teachers for English training.Just don t mention foreign teachers, and don t worry about it.Inviting international students to attend classes, we can have an exchange activity Just as Vice Minister Jiang was giving advice on the Yinglun training, Han Chaoyang, who had just walked out of the South Gate of PolyU, was complaining as he walked.Master, if this news gets out, the masses will accuse us of seeing the food served.Ordinary people leave their mobile phones and ignore them, but leaders have to find ways to help find them if they lose them.I am on duty on New Year s Eve and the first day of the new year.Since you are also on duty, let s have a New Year s Eve dinner together.The New Year s Eve dinner here is definitely richer than that of the security company.Why don t we have a friendship and make the police All the staff on duty in the office were called over, and we had a lot of fun together.Why is this so embarrassing What s so embarrassing, you are the captain of the voluntary patrol team of Chaoyang Community, and the captain of our voluntary security patrol team at PolyU.During the period, both sides will be on vacation, and there are not many people left behind.It s a good time to get together and get in touch with each other.In the future, the cooperation will be more tacit, and more importantly, we can take care of each other in case of emergencies during the Spring Festival.Considering that the security guards in Chaoyang Community and PolyU revive cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies with thc near me security guards are voluntary patrol members, it was decided to formally establish a voluntary security patrol team in the Sixth People s Hospital of Yanyang City, and asked Han Chaoyang to serve as the team leader.The three large units in the jurisdiction are finally unified, but the patrol team of the Sixth Court is more symbolic cbd gummies with thc near me than practical One is that there are not many security guards, the other is that they are all older, and the third is that the salary is not high.To put it revive cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies with thc near me bluntly, it s all dawdling, but it cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking can t do without them.Han Chaoyang gladly accepted the appointment of the Sixth Hospital, and was expressing his gratitude when the Principal Nie of PolyU, whom he hadn t seen for a long time, actually called himself.He always kept a distance of seven or eight meters from him.After all, Liu Chengquan was young and strong, and he surpassed Ji Kaiyuan in a blink of an eye.This is likely to be bad Ji cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale Kaiyuan was very anxious, but when he saw that the guy was really running towards the most crowded bus station, he let out a sigh of relief.The police station arrests the trafficker, help him, stop him Liu Chengquan didn t think as much as Mr.Ji, and was still chasing desperately, only two or three meters away from the guy, and the guy had already run to the side of the road.The road is full of cars, and many private cars even take up bus lanes for pick up at the station.Just when many reacted tourists were worried that the traffickers would hit the car or be hit by a car when they rushed onto the road with their children in their arms, two figures rushed out of the crowd, and one head on hugged the guy with the child.For you, progress is a matter of time.Even if there are no vacancies in the office for two years, the bureau will transfer you to other places.How could there be no vacancies Old Dai pointed to the brightly lit high speed rail station construction site where no one was doing construction, and said with a smile, See if you see it.After it s completed and put into use, a police station in front of the station will definitely be set up.There will be plenty of jobs. A well informed old man It was normal for Ding not to find out the candidate to replace Gu Institute, because the candidate for the deputy director had not been confirmed.Bureau Zhou, who had just attended the official reception, decided to stay in the bureau at night, and was sitting in the office discussing with Political Commissar Huang and Bureau Du who would be more appropriate to be appointed as the deputy director of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Wu Junfeng looked up Wu Wei, who was watching the video with his mobile phone, said eagerly There is no movement at Chenjiaji, it may be snowing heavily, and those guys didn t go tonight.What s the matter There was a gathering of suspicious people at the Dafu Restaurant next to the hotel.The nine tables in the hall were all full, and there were probably hundreds of people The crowd who ate in the private room on the second floor of the hotel, that is, the whistleblower secretly took a video and forwarded it to In the group.You will know after watching the video, these guys are definitely not good birds Okay, let me watch first.Han Chaoyang hung up the phone and opened WeChat, Wu Junfeng had already forwarded the video from the group to him on WeChat.I don t know if I don t click to open it, but I m startled when I see it.Carrying the dead Especially in summer, some people drink too much and fall asleep lying on the street.When they wake up from super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies the drunkenness and find that they have nothing on them, the first thing they do is get up and report to the police station.Angkor, where did you find him Han Chaoyang asked eagerly.Across the road from East Bus Station, it s not far from the dormitory you found for the security company.It s on the south side of the alley, about 20 meters away from the alley.Wu Wei took out the alarm record, and continued We re turning around nearby.I went around and found nothing.There are a few surveillance cameras around, installed by merchants along the street, and they are all closed.I plan to ask him when he wakes up.If the money on him is indeed stolen, I will go to the surveillance cameras tomorrow morning.Sister Chen, I m back, who wants to use the car When you bring the car back, the day lily will be cold Chen Xiujuan put down the mouse, frowned and said, You are not a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Why are you running to the Xinyuan Street Police Station Liu Suo was running around in a hurry just now, this is yours, and someone else would definitely be angry.Liu Suo was running around in a hurry Wu Weiwei was taken aback, and subconsciously asked Sister Chen, what happened Didn t there be a case of intentional wounding in Lianglin Village last month due to a dispute between neighbors Chronic nephritis, the detention center thinks it is not suitable to be detained, but in fact it is afraid of accidents, so it is suggested to change the compulsory measures.Originally, I thought about getting a bail pending trial, but Dai Lishi s parents are gone, and only one sister is still in the other place.Even if you don t tell me, I can still find out.Your father will beat you if he finds out.Your mother probably won t, and I will be her work.Why not, she hit me harder than my dad Uncle Han, you have pity on me, please forgive me Chapter 548 Every family has a hard to read scripture cbd oil gummy dosage The internal staff of the criminal police team are also criminal police officers, and Gong Mulan is one of the few female criminal police officers in the whole branch.I was going home tonight, but when I was about to get off work, I received a report that the suspect in a case investigated by the third squadron had appeared.The squadron leader personally sneaked into cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale the KTV where the suspect was to confirm, and all the other people at home rushed outside the KTV to stand by.Facts have proved that the informant is very accurate.He wanted to hand over the car keys to Old Tang who was on duty tonight, but Huang Ying was actually waiting in the police station.Why are you here I thought you were back in the dormitory.I delivered zongzi to Chen Jie and Xiaokang.Huang Ying pointed to a bag of zongzi on the desk, and said with a smile, My mother made it herself.Yes, I didn t buy it from the supermarket.There were peanuts and red dates in it.I ate one when it came out of the pot, and it was okay. Sister Yingying, thank you auntie for helping me.Mom didn t wrap it up for me.Han Chaoyang took off the law enforcement recorder, turned around and smiled.You don t need to go to the interview, so why don t you make zongzi Han Zhaoyang suddenly realized, and subconsciously asked, Chen Jie, Xiaokang, are you going to the interview tomorrow Well, at 9 am tomorrow, at the Police Officer Training Center of the City Bureau.That s it.After being ruined by your false report, do you think it s interesting to blackmail our police Officer Feng, I m sorry, I really didn t mean it.Xu Jiameng was so anxious that tears flowed out.It s so beautiful, I feel pity for crying.The editor in chief Hu of the website did not dare to waste any more time, and said cautiously Officer Feng, Xiao Xu just graduated last year and has not been involved in the world deeply.Our website is also responsible, and the management is not in place, especially for manuscripts.Admit your mistakes, reflect deeply after you go back, and strengthen internal management.In the future, as long as you need us, we will definitely go all out, such as reporting more positive news about the Yandong Branch.This is the only way .

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to impress the Yandong Branch.After dinner, I will send you to Zhongshan Road Police District, help you find a master.He is your master during the internship.After the training, you return to work in the office, and you still ask him to be your master.He will teach super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies and help, and you have to learn and practice.Be humble Be diligent and strive to become a qualified policeman in all aspects as soon as possible.Teaching and mentoring is the tradition of public security organs.Although Sun Guokang has been doing internships in grassroots teams in the past few years and does not think he needs a master, he still said very modestly Don t worry, Kang, I will respect the master and learn from him seriously.Okay, let s eat first After the meal, the police were summoned to arrange today s work, but the other newcomer hadn t arrived yet.Hahaha It s too late to say this now, and it seems that you are the most active about Chaoyang and Yingying.Snatch it away, and now regret it, didn t you slap yourself in the face Is it okay to complain Huang s mother glared at Huang s father, then picked up her mobile phone to call her daughter, and asked angrily, Yingying, where are you going Now, do you know about Chinese New Year today, hurry back and wait for you Chapter 585 New Year s best cbd gummies for anxiety ebay Eve 3 Several times because revive cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies with thc near me it was inconvenient to perform some tasks in police uniforms, I had to temporarily borrow civilian clothes from others.Han Chaoyang gained a lot of wisdom from the pitfalls.As early as a month ago, he put the long down jacket that he didn t usually wear in the trunk of the police car.He didn t expect it to come in handy today.Sitting on the head of the bed, I don t feel disheartened, but hopeless.Don t be discouraged.I ll ask you first.If it doesn t work, we ll find a solution.Han Chaoyang took out his police pass to check the time, got up and said, You are both a patient and a suspect now.I know you won t run away.But it is my duty to keep an eye on you.If there are no precautions, the superiors will definitely criticize me, so a camera will be installed on the wall later, and the door will be locked from the outside.You need to go to the toilet or have to pull out the needle after the infusion , just shouted at the camera.The cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking police officer on duty will come to help you open the door and take you to the toilet, and will help you call the nurse to remove the needle.I won t run, my hands are handcuffed, and I can run as much as I want No.Lingling and I tried it this afternoon, and the location is quite accurate.Did you make a mistake, actually thought of using a children s watch to locate the person under surveillance Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded by Liu Jianye s good idea , and couldn t help asking Liu Suo, I ve cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me seen the tracking bracelet from the Bureau of Justice.It is waterproof and explosion proof, it seems to be 50 meters waterproof, and it will be fine after two days of soaking in the water.Old Tang also thinks this idea is too funny, the person under surveillance really wants to run away, and he really doesn t want you to know his location, so just send him Just take off the watch and throw it away.Even if you find a way to prevent him from taking it off, it is easy for him to destroy this children s watch.It is a big joke to expect revive cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies with thc near me this thing to control the people under surveillance.As expected, Team Liang replied that he had not contacted the inspection team of Yandong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, but directly contacted the Special Service Team of the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau s Inspection Detachment.certificate.Considering that the owner is not at home, many things may not be clear in the future, so let me help you find two witnesses.After reading WeChat, Han Chaoyang dialed the mobile phone of the old factory manager without hesitation Director Wang, I am Chaoyang, have you rested yet Two thieves were caught at night.Smoking, drinking tea and chatting, subconsciously asked Xiao Han, what s the matter, do you still have accomplices I would like to invite you to sit in the South Gate Duty Room for a while, and when Team Liang and the others arrive, you can help to be a witness.Han Chaoyang was woken up by the phone call, got up to think about it and ordered Said Junfeng, you should also be careful on the way.Sergeant Hu has rich experience.You must obey orders and follow instructions, and you are not allowed to engage in personal heroism.Don t worry, we all listen to Sergeant Hu and Angkor.Han Chaoyang put down his phone to check the time, and realized that the anti drug special class might already be on the high speed road, and then thought HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me that if he was not in his position, they would not seek success.Now they accept the leadership of Lao Hu and the remote command of Liu Suo and Liang team.I didn t want to deal with the anti drug anymore, so I stood by the sofa and called the old factory manager.After listening to Han Chaoyang s words, the old factory manager said with a bitter face Why didn t you remind me earlier, everyone in the family courtyard was talking about such a big event at night, and everyone asked me and Lao Liang, what should be said should not be said I told you all about it downstairs just now Everyone in the family courtyard knows Basically, we all know, the old factory manager didn t expect it to happen like this, but he didn t think it was a big deal, and he smiled complacently Business pays attention to reputation, and selling fake cigarettes and alcohol is a blow to himself.Being able to see real life heroes, being able to communicate with Ni Guoxiong was really happy to cooperate with the heroes.After thinking about it, he couldn t help laughing and said But as you said, being handsome has its advantages, and lesbians must like it, hahaha Team Ni is very happy, Lao Hu Also very happy.I m afraid that my colleagues in Beijing don t know that Han Chaoyang is very popular on the Internet, it s good to know.Anyway, Han Chaoyang is also a cbd gummies with thc near me hero who went through life and death to capture fugitives from the Ministry of Superintendents At most, it is believed that young people have just taken up leadership positions and want to make new cbd gummies sleep super cbd gummies for sale contributions, but they overreact and treat it as a major case without any certainty.Chapter 632 Back to the blame 1 The bullet train is very fast, and it takes two hours to arrive in Beijing, but it is not easy to drive from the Beijing Railway Station to meet Lao Hu and the others.Han Chaoyang believed that they would not ignore the clues provided by the police office.He believed that the Second Criminal Police Squadron would ask his hometown Public Security Bureau to assist in the investigation.When he notified Zhang Xugang last night, he did not even mention this feedback.It was hard to make up for the rest, and I didn t lead a team to patrol the streets in the morning as usual.After breakfast, I sent my wife to work for the first time.It is rare to come to the administrative service center once, and I have to say hello to my wife s leader and colleagues.Ms.Qian from the immigration management brigade chatted for a while with colleagues who rarely met.Seeing that more and more people came to apply for passports, Hong Kong and Macau permits, and Taiwan permits, Han Chaoyang did not want to affect the work of his colleagues, and was about to find an excuse to go downstairs when the director of the local police station suddenly called.Okay, pull over when you exit the toll booth.How far is it from your home Mama Huang looked out the window and asked curiously.It s not far, less than 30 kilometers, but the roads in the mountains are not easy to walk.For safety, the speed limit is either 60 or 40.It takes about 40 minutes from the toll booth to the town.40 minutes, in a blink of an eye Don t worry when we re here, drive slowly too.After paying the toll, he drove out of the toll booth, and Dad Huang parked the car on the side of the road.Just as Han Chaoyang went around the front of the car and got into the cab, he was busy fastening his seat belt when Huang Ying s cell phone rang again.Mom, we just got off the expressway, and we will be there in 40 minutes.So fast Teacher Ma used to go to Yanyang either by bus or by Boss Miao s van.Call it out, let me watch it.The video, which only lasted a dozen seconds, has been watched countless times by Miao Haizhu since the criminal police and traffic police closed in.Watch it once, cry once.Miao Haizhu didn t want to, to be precise, she didn t dare to watch it anymore, she didn t want to see her comrades who had been together day and night fall before her eyes again.But Han Chaoyang didn t cbd gummies with thc near me look at it.She bit her lip, walked to the main cabinet of the surveillance system, and turned on the computer of the surveillance system.Where there is video, there is truth.As Sun Guokang said, Liu Chengquan can be completely avoided.Even if he stands still on the steps, he will at most be hit by the bumper of the car that caused the accident, and at most his legs will be broken.But in order to save the woman in the video who was wearing a black down jacket, carrying a small red bag, and listening to music while walking with headphones, he rushed down the steps and pushed the girl away, but he himself was hit by the car that caused the accident.After repeated inspections and surveillance, the police found that before the young man picked up the package, a man in his thirties rode an electric scooter around the express delivery point, as if he was stepping on the spot, and his behavior was very suspicious As long as there are clues, we must investigate.With the assistance of the Xinyuan City Bureau, we finally found out the identity of the man in his thirties, and followed the clues to find out here.Without conclusive evidence, everything is just suspicion.Naturally, there is no way to use technical means on the suspect, and we can only use the most stupid method of tracking and monitoring to investigate.Qiu Ming closed his cbd gummy benefits eyes and secretly prayed that it was not a coincidence that the people upstairs appeared near the courier point three times in a row.A few friends came to call him, and they all drove good cars.He is a big boss, has many rich friends, and has a lot of business to discuss, which is normal.They didn t go to discuss business, they cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking went to Shuimu Nianhua to play cards, I could hear clearly what they said about Shuimu Nianhua There is an automatic mahjong table in the box.Mr.Hu also said that he only had seven or eight thousand cash on him, and he said he had to find an ATM to withdraw the money first.The person who came to call him to play cards said not to take it, and he could use the mobile phone to transfer the money regardless of winning or losing.You said they How much fun cbd gummies with thc near me Understood, thank you.My own, what is there to thank, don t let your mother in law know about this, she is straightforward, if she finds out and leaks the truth, that Hu will not live here, and maybe she will take revenge on me.No problem, Bao Suo, we will guarantee that they will be there when they are called.Okay, you can go and meet them first , tell them about handing in their gambling funds, if they have a correct attitude and can actively hand in, then there is nothing else to do I came here to make money, Mr.Tao is also very busy, thank you again Fan, pick up the bag and go with Guo Yanfeng to meet the four gamblers.Han Chaoyang got up and sent them to the door.After confirming that they had entered the detention room at the end of the corridor, he couldn t help but turn around and ask, Bao Suo, they are dishonest, so let Mr.Tao go .

how long does cbd gummie take to work?

to do their work Objection.Any objection It s normal.Bao Qingshan scratched his head and said helplessly If the bet is cash and all the money is on the mahjong table, then it s easy to handle, as long as the money on the table is all gambling funds.I don t know how many are unknown.No matter whether the net is closed now or at a later date, .

what cbd gummies are best to quit smoking?

the police force is definitely not enough.You must be prepared to organize your forces to assist in closing the net at any time. Director Xing, don t worry, no matter when the net is closed, we will never lose the chain.Okay, you should prepare first.Yes To arrest people, and if you arrest them, there will be more than a hundred or even more Many, that is to say at least 300 police officers must be dispatched, and the sub bureau only has a total of civilian police and auxiliary police.Raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a while, the voluntary security patrol team that has been upgraded to a brigade must play smilz cbd gummies ceo a role.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he called Xu Hongliang immediately.The problem now is that I have been engaged in counter picking before I retired, and I am not familiar with the fertilizer factory.The fertilizer factory closed down early.I don t know any old people natures boost cbd gummies for tinnitus who used to work in the chemical fertilizer factory. Don t look at me, Yandong was still a rural area when I caught the thief, and I don t come here often, let alone have acquaintances.The two old men are making a question.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and simply smiled and said, I can think of a way to do this.It s too late now, so I ll go and find out tomorrow morning., knocked on the white blackboard and said The victim s body was found last night, and the dead time has been more than 96 hours.The traffic is so convenient now.If the suspect wants to run, he has already run thousands of kilometers Solving the case is not It s a joke, we can t delay the opportunity for war anymore Han Chaoyang thought to himself that you are too dedicated, took off his hat and scratched his head and asked, Uncle Ji, I want to solve the case as you always do, and I want to catch the murderer as soon as possible.But how much Yandong has changed in the past 20 years, the rural areas of the past have become the urban areas of today, it is not an exaggeration to describe it .

how long will it take for cbd gummies to work?

as earth shaking.Because the new garden is closest to the old city, the changes are even greater.There used to be less than 20,000 people in Xinyuan super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies Township, but now Xinyuan Street has an estimated 200,000 people including migrants.It is not so easy to are cbd gummies legal in virginia find someone who has worked in a chemical fertilizer factory that has been closed for cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking many years.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to use the stupidest method.He went back to cbd gummies with thc near me the police room and asked Jiang Xiaomin and Wang Jiayong, who were on duty at night, to send WeChat calls together.I don t know anyone who has worked in a fertilizer factory.The hard work paid off, and after half an hour of contact, an enthusiastic member of the public finally helped to find out an old worker who had worked in a chemical fertilizer factory.Ding, let the seniors pass it on as before, and she holds the printed copy and reads very seriously Cai Yipeng, the truck driver and the owner of the truck, is 38 years old this year, with a junior high school education, and lives in the fourth group of Yuannan Village.His wife works as a cleaner at Yanxing International, and his son is in the third year of junior high school, with no criminal cbd gummies with thc near me record Chapter 747 Sleepless Night 3 Miao Haizhu cbd gummies with thc near me eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking reads the basic situation of the people who were screened out one by one, and will learn more about them during the screening process According to the actual performance of the incident, the three old men and the old man carefully analyzed it one by one like a seminar, and repeatedly deliberated whether it might be related to the victim.They were so serious and focused that Han Chaoyang couldn t intervene.By the way, I also asked Sister Liu how many months she was pregnant with a smile, and asked Sister Liu to pay attention to it, especially on the way to and from get off work.He doesn t have any leadership airs at all, so he s easy to talk to.Huang Ying super cbd gummies for sale how old to buy cbd gummies laughed and said Leaders are like this, no one can say good things Sister in law, anyway, I think Director Liu is quite nice.It s really good to give you a salary increase and a bonus.The director is very busy, so he won t come to the police office for no reason.Han Chaoyang realized that Director Liu should know 3.The breakthrough in Case 14 was made by the patrol team, so take a look at it.When a new official takes office, taking time to look at it is a kind of concern and a kind of praise in itself.Just as he was secretly proud, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu came back from the police.Not only was there no controversy, but everyone thought it should be.But Han Chaoyang felt a little weird, because all of this was the result of the old unit s leaders fighting for it, and the reason why the old unit s leaders were able to fight for it was based on their very good personal relationship with the new director.In short, it feels a little cronyism.But this is the matter of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and cbd gummies with thc near me it is even more the matter of the leaders.As a captain who does not live up to his name, he has neither the right to speak nor can he say anything cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me on this issue, otherwise he will definitely become the target of public criticism.Old leaders and old friends have been promoted, Huang Ying thought it was a good thing, she put down her chopsticks and said with a smile, Does Sergeant Ding go back to work at the police station when he becomes the HCMUSSH cbd gummies with thc near me captain of the community Go back.I was ordered to rectify and make a deep review.I cbd gummy bears shark tank cbd gummies with thc near me am not wronged., This shows that your bureau leaders are still okay with you.Chapter 764 The new official takes office three fires As a troubled boy who started writing inspections in elementary school and continued to write in high school, a review is really not good for Han Chaoyang What a problem.But this time the review was serious, and it took more than three hours to write more than full spectrum cbd gummie bundle 2,000 words.After finishing writing, please Huang Ying read it to see if the review is deep enough.Early the next morning, I led a team to patrol the streets as usual.Then go back to the police office and wait for Sun Guokang to officially report for duty, and assist Lao Ding to complete the handover with Sun Guokang, and then the mounted police will use the electric car to go to the branch office.She asked in amazement, If 10,000 people run at the same time, how long will the line be How will the time be and how will the results be calculated Said that every other line is like a mountain.Han Chaoyang wiped his mouth and smiled after eating the last bite The organizing committee will give each of the registered contestants a piece of cloth, which is the kind that is pinned to the chest with a paper clip., and each person is issued a one time timing chip, and the timing cbd gummies with thc near me starts from the starting line, which is inductive and controlled by the computer.Do you think that the referee will hold the stopwatch and stand at the start and end just like before.So advanced Huang Ying was skeptical.What era is it It s not that advanced.Mentioning this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Technology is developing too fast, and many people can t keep up with the times.I didn t tell us until several days later, so I m sorry I couldn t see you off.After Wu Wei finished speaking and Miao Haizhu said, half an hour passed before he knew it.Director Feng felt the need to say a few words, took a deep breath, stepped forward and said, Comrade Liu Chengquan, I am entrusted by District Chief Liu to visit you on behalf of the branch party committee.You are a good party member, good willow cbd gummies comrade, and good auxiliary policeman.The action fulfilled the oath of the public security auxiliary police.In the days when you were away, the branch party committee asked all the police and auxiliary police to learn from your glorious deeds, continue to struggle with your example, and shape the Yandong public security spirit of being close to the people, loving the people, and serving the people There must be a sense of ritual in life, let alone such a solemn occasion.Han Chaoyang put away the signed detention certificate, and took is cbd oil or gummies better it out of his bag A summons certificate, read You heard clearly, according to the provisions of Article 117 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People s Interrogated at his residence at 10 a.m.on the 27th, and those who refuse to accept the summons without justified reasons may be detained according to law Comrade police, II You, you, you, you know what you did.Han Chaoyang put the pen that Luo Weixing had just used together with the summons certificate in front of him, and said blankly You know our procedure very well, don t dawdle, sign it, and after signing, put the bill of this meal Buy it and go upstairs with us.Chapter 813 Chasing and allergic reactions to cbd gummies Escaping 19 The two suspects have been arrested and must be reported to the leader as soon as possible., then raised his head to wink at the headquarters staff in charge of conference affairs.Xiao Liu came to his senses and hurriedly picked up the water bottle and went to the stage to refill the water for the leaders.When he reached Director Huo, he whispered a few words in his ear.Director Huo nodded slightly, and then changed the subject Comrades, I just received a piece of news that the case of the construction workers of the East Long distance Bus Station project that was notified a while ago was solved The police not only successfully captured the suspect Luo Weixing, successfully recovered the wages of the workers stolen by Luo Weixing, but also captured a criminal suspect who helped Luo Weixing abscond in fear of crime and was suspected of harboring and sheltering As soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of urgency outside siren sound.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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