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Although he has read many classic martial arts novels, such as Looking for the Qin Dynasty and The Legend of Double Dragon in the Tang Dynasty , he can t remember them at all.Not to mention fantasy novels and fairy tale novels with millions of words or tens of millions of words.It would be nice to be able to remember the names of the main characters in black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd them.What else should I mention Although I can use my future ideas to write novels, Li Guohao doesn t know traditional Chinese characters.Although I read the dictionary every day during this time, the writing style of more than 20 years cannot be changed in a day or two.Moreover, although there are already things like computers in this era, the prices are ridiculously expensive.He doesn t know how to use a typewriter.Even if he bought it, Li Guohao made a copy by himself relying on the ideas of novels he read in his previous life.

Try it After Li Renzhong said this, he turned around and opened the door to go home.Recently, he was obsessed with a TVB TV series.Husband, why don t you let the children try Li Huifang was confused about these things.She had only studied in primary and secondary schools, so she didn t think too much chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd about it.She just wanted to support her son.Try it, can this thing be tried This sum of money will cost hundreds of thousands Li Dexiao said louder, waved his hands excitedly, and a teacup on the table fell down.With a bang, the teacup shattered into several pieces.Okay, Li Dexiao, what do you want to do Do you want to do something Don t think that my plus mango cbd relief gummies old lady talks to you kindly, and you chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd just put on some airs of a gentleman How much effort I have put in this family, you don t have a clue.If you don t support my son, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd I will support you During the recent period of time, Li Huifang s mood has improved a lot because she has made a lot of money, and she is no longer busy arguing with Li chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Dexiao as usual.

It s more luxurious.After Li s father, Li s mother and others helped to clean up the sundries, they went back to continue opening the tea restaurant.After sending a few people to the bus stop, Li Guohao asked when he came back, A Dong, have you notified all the people you recruited before Isn t it just some simple work, which still needs training Who can be a cashier or a waiter. You don t understand this, so let me ask you a simple truth, if someone comes to the store, don t buy anything Touch here and there, what do you do as an employee of this store Of course let him go, it will delay my business black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Zhang Dong blurted out without thinking, he used to help the family When selling fruit, some people just like to come here to ask the price, and they don t buy anything.They just stand there like a pole, asking the price here and there.

Why do you ask this Oh, we need to register here.When you come to the store to order pastries on your birthday, we will give you the biggest discount and a small gift Really My sister asked in surprise.Yes, this is stipulated by our boss, so that every member can enjoy the best service.My sister immediately liked this shop when she heard this, and felt that this dim sum shop not only has a lot of discounts, but also offers There is such a humane service, Oh, okay, my name is Zhao Yazhi, Zhao from Zhao Yun, Ya from Wenya, Zhi from Anzhi Tinglan, my birthday is November 15th.Zhao Yazhi came out with snacks Li Guohao, who happened to hear Zhao Yazhi s self reporting from the side, was excited and said in surprise.Hello, do you know me Zhao Yazhi glanced curiously at the man in the white chef uniform in front of him.

Long live the boss Zhang Dong also secretly shouted among several people at this time.Seeing this, Li Guohao shook his head helplessly.The temporary salary increase is really not a good thing.It s not that Li Guohao is stingy or something, but if this empe cbd gummy sudden salary increase makes employees feel that salary increase is so simple Then next time if the boss doesn t raise the salary, I won t work.Of course, there are very few such people, and most of them are relatively hardworking.As for the reason for the temporary salary increase, the main reason is that today s business is so good, and judging from this trend, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd there will be a flow of people during the opening two days in the next two days.Today s opening made Li Guohao realize that the store is short of manpower and needs to add some extra manpower.

Most people basically just wear a thin coat when they go out.There are very few people who are in good health and still wear long gowns.Walking on the street, I can t tell that the winter solstice will be here in more than half a month.On the streets of Sai Kung District, New Territories, two small chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd chill gummies vendors were setting up their stalls, and one of them was sitting on the side of the road and asked the other.Dakoufa, have you watched a movie recently White fan, where do I have time to go to the movies People don t have the time to go.The peddler who was called Dakoufa let out a long sigh, and sat down after seeing no one else, took out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket, and gave one to the white fan.White powder is not a drug addict, but he is just as his name suggests, as thin as a stick, and has been emaciated since he was a child.

I have to say that Zhang Dong has grown a lot in the past month or so.Li Guohao was also very surprised that Zhang Dong would say these words, A Dong, you are right.Being a store manager does not require strong work ability, as long as you can take your work seriously, and you must coordinate well among the employees.relationship.To be honest, the position of store manager is very embarrassing.If you don t do well in grades, you will be scolded by the boss, if you are too serious, you will be scolded by the employees.If you want to please both sides, this is what the store manager should do.Chapter 33 Encounter Again With the fame of Lee Kee s court dim sum on Nathan Road, not only people from this area flocked here, but also many people in Tsim Sha Tsui knew the name of Lee Kee s pastry.A road, separated by a distance of less than 50 meters, the business status of Li Ji and Rong Ji s pastry shops, one is in the sky, and the other is in the ground.

Like a feudal society, most women would marry early if they didn t have any jobs or academic qualifications.It s like Zhao Yazhi later became Miss Xiangjiang, the most beautiful lady in Xiangjiang, and married Dr.Huang at the peak of her career , to be a housewife.If it is now, it is impossible.Even if you want to marry, at least you are a young talent, or a billionaire.However, in the 1970s, lawyers, doctors, and teachers It s still very popular, it s no wonder Zhao s mother has been introducing Dr.Huang to Zhao Yazhi.Ah Zhen glanced at the sad sister, rolled her eyes, and suddenly thought of a human being, Sister, do you still remember that doctor Is Lee Kee Dim Sum the owner Li Kee Dim Sum Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, and then remembered which pastry shop she went to with her sister more than a month ago, I remember, Boss Li, what s wrong I think that Boss Li is very interesting to you, and he is as old as you, and he is handsome.

Li Guohao pondered for a moment, then nodded and said, Okay then.After speaking, Li Guohao turned to Ms.Deng and said, Sorry, Ms.Deng, we There are independent cbd gummies not enough materials in the store, so there is no way to make these ten desserts, why don t you wait a few days for my materials to be prepared and notify you Deng Liting originally saw Li Guohao and Zhang Dong whispering, thinking that this was just a merchant The usual method of publicity, while disappointed, is also ready to leave.At this moment, I suddenly heard Li Guohao say that it was impossible to make it because of insufficient materials.Deng Liting said excitedly That is really great.It will be Christmas in a while.I am going to hold a dance at home to celebrate my cbd good night gummies husband.I don t know if Boss Li will be able to come and make it when he takes office as the governor of Hong Kong, so I can give it to my friends.

Because Li Guohao was still busy with other things, Zhang Dong was asked to take three lists and run around on the road, going to three branches to post announcements.The situation at the Nathan Road store also happened at the same time as the Central store and the Mong Kok store.Some people were annoyed at why there were so many regulations on fines in the store, and some people who cared paid attention to the regulations on promotion.Chapter 54 Refunds 2 updates When the new rules come out, there are naturally some people who are happy and others are worried.Those who are happy have the hope of being promoted in Liji Bakery.Not only can they be promoted, but their salary will also increase, and this new attendance award, although the bonus is not much, only 100 yuan, many people still hope to get it.

In addition to ordinary melon seeds and candies, pastry is also an indispensable thing for every family.A tea house near Broadcasting Road, Kowloon.Mr.Wu, I m sorry for being late Li Guohao brought Shangguan Xiaobao to the second floor, and he saw Wu Guohua, the director of TVB Variety Department, from afar.Wu Guohua glanced at Li Guohao, then at Shangguan Xiaobao, and said, Haha, Mr.Li, I have just arrived.What would Mr.Li want to drink Wu Guohua asked again.Li Guohao glanced at Shangguan Xiaobao, saw him shaking his head, and said, Just two cups of tea.Dude, have a pot of Tieguanyin Okay The guy next to him heard something, quickly brewed a pot of Tieguanyin from the bar, and walked over with a teacup.Your Tieguanyin, what else do you want asked the man.No need, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd I ll call you when I need it.

If you want to squeeze Lee chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Kee down, you must deal with it head on.Second Boss.As usual, A Ping called out to Rong Binghua, who was enjoying himself in the lounge.Upon hearing the name Second Boss, Rong Binghua frowned chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd and said, What Second Boss, I am the big boss of Rongji now Yes, yes, Boss Rong.For a moment, he secretly rolled his eyes and thought to himself As expected, they are brothers, they are both so difficult to serve.Well, what did you chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd call me for Rong Binghua asked.It s like this.Before, Master Rong said that the store will chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd chill gummies hold chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd a half price promotion recently.May I ask if it is going to be done now A Ping asked.Half price discount Rong Binghua shook his head when he heard this What s the point of doing half price activities This big chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd chill gummies brother is really going back.Do you want to do it or not A Ping asked cautiously road.

Although this toy factory is already an OEM for Disney to make dolls, they still have the technology and complete equipment.They have many regular agents in Hong Kong and even Southeast Asia.Li Guohao thought about it.I want to say You can figure it out, how to do it specifically, you can get me a manuscript first.Yes.Copyright is a very complicated thing.Although Kung Fu Panda is just an animation, there are many copyrights involved in it.People now know that after a book, an animation, a game, a movie, a film, etc.become popular, the extended IP copyright is very important and very profitable.People in the 1970s also understood these principles, but it may be due to the limitations of the times, and many future essential networks have not yet been born, so copyright is basically just a small profit.

After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao picked up today s newspaper on the table and read it.Since starting the company, I have relaxed and slowly learned chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd to read newspapers and books.In the gummies near me cbd cbd 8 gummies past, there was no time, and in later generations, basically no one read physical books and newspapers.But under the leadership of Li Qiang and Zhang Dong, Li Guohao also slowly changed.In the days when there is no mobile phone, no computer, and no Internet, it is better to read books and newspapers than to watch some boring TV series.Chapter 71 The bold Shen Bi HSBC Xiangjiang headquarters.The two came to the gate of HSBC Building.Li Guohao was surprised and said This Shen Bi seems to be quite an official, but he actually works at the head office Well, Shen Bi has worked in HSBC for decades, how can this position be so small Li Qiang laughed.

We can get twice the result with half the effort there There are quite a few high end residential areas there.Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department said Well, Manager Zhang s proposal is good, but in my opinion, it s best to stabilize the market in Kowloon first.I know that there is still Rongji here.And there are many other colleagues on Hong Kong Island.If we rush in rashly, gummies near me cbd cbd 8 gummies it will not be conducive to our market expansion.Li how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Guohao nodded That s right, we are now even Wing Kee in Kowloon has not been defeated, let alone Xiangjiang Island, but according to my opinion, the best is to work on both sides, Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island have opened branches, and by the way, there are a lot of advertisements on TV stations and newspapers.Our current With funds, there is a lack of publicity After listening to Li Guohao s words, Wang Xiaobo from the Ministry of Manpower said Chairman, I didn t say that it is possible to start work on both sides, but there is no way to support the opening of so many stores under the circumstances of insufficient staff.

Li Qiang said with a smile Actually, this is not a problem.Anyway, to open a branch, from decoration to official opening, I think it will take at least half a month.We can hire more employees during this period and train them.Use The old way brings the new, and brings these novices to the right positions.That s too costly If you hire so many people before opening, a lot of labor will be wasted.Wang Zhenzhen from the Finance Department frowned cbd gummie animation Say.Li Guohao took it and said Waste is waste.There is no other way.We need to open more branches.In the case of insufficient manpower, we can only hire novices to enter the store for training.The main purpose of the training is to let novices understand the store.It s not that they don t understand everything on the opening day.The waiters are okay, but the most important thing is the pastry chef and the cashier, how to keep them from being chaotic and orderly in the chaos Li Guohao always remembers that he opened the In a store, the employees looked like they were in a hurry.

Why didn t Manager Xie say a few words Li Qiang smiled and glanced at Xie Honghe, the manager of the public relations department who was sitting aside and kept silent.Seeing Li Qiang called him by name, Xie Honghe smiled cheerfully and said, No matter where General Manager Li opens a store, I just need to do a good job in public relations, and you can discuss the rest.The expressions of Wang Xiaobo and the two of them changed.It is not clear that it means that the two of us have crossed the line.Li Guohao frowned.This meeting was his proposal to involve several important departments in the company.When Xie Honghe said this, didn t he say that it was unnecessary for him, the boss decided to open a store there, and the low level people just need to go to the meeting.Just do your job well and honestly.

You must know that 20,000 Hong Kong dollars is not a small amount, but thinking of his own strategy, he also gritted his teeth and said Yes, but I first I ll give you five thousand, and I ll give you fifteen thousand when it s done What if you go back on your word Ah Fa is very shrewd, not someone who is easily deceived, and he also thought that if Rong Binghua gave it first Five thousand, after completing his mission, what should I do if I don t give myself the rest of the money.Then what do you want Rong Binghua frowned, this time he really didn t think about cheating.Sign a note and say that you lost me 15,000 at cards Ah Fa is a shrewd person.This time Rong Binghua asked him to bring something to Li Ji Bakery.No matter how you think about it, it may be some prohibited items.Naturally, there will be no evidence left to prove that he did it by himself.

Li Guohao said awkwardly.Manager Mai gave Li Guohao a white look, and said Xiao Min is almost twenty years old, and she is an adult.I don t object to her having her own pursuit.I don black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd t object to Zhang Dong.I hope Boss Li will tell Manager Zhang that if he wants to have fun, he d better break up with Xiao Min as soon as possible.I know Xiao Min s character, she looks very lively, but in fact she is still very fragile inside, her mother passed away early, and I have been taking care of her all these years There were a lot of things going on.I was numb, but who told this to be a friend s business, so I had to listen patiently.After a long time, Manager Mai said I m sorry, Boss Li, said too much.In any case, Manager Mai is also concerned about his daughter.I will tell Zhang Dong that the two of them are not children anymore.

Anxiously, Zhang Yingying walked into the camera again and said Everyone saw that there were too many people lining up at the door of this shop named Palace Pastry.I was also shocked when I walked past here just now.The people queuing here go all the way to Queen s Road chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd East.The reporter continued to report.Li Guohao is also anxiously busy with the opening of the new store.The remaining branches also had this kind of crowded queuing situation, but it was not as eye catching as Queen s Road.Another old shop on Nathan Road.Why are there so many people I m so nervous.Xiao Min was very excited when she saw the crowd lined up at the door.She has a strange problem, that is, the more people there are, the more nervous she is.She walked to the cashier trembling.Later, prepare to change positions with the cashier.

Li Ah What s the matter Li Guohao recovered.Mr.Li, you haven t introduced this Yihe crisp yet.Oh.Li Guohao nodded and asked, I don t know if Ms.He has read Romance of the Three Kingdoms She can speak Cantonese, English and Portuguese.This is a snack that Cao Cao gave Yang Xiu back then I know Cao Cao Ms.Shen said suddenly.Although the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong is British, she also learns Chinese from her husband MacLehose.The few of them just chatted, ate snacks, and had a good time.Seeing that the chat was very pleasant, Li Guohao pretended to be involuntary and said I think Ms.Shen and chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Miss He both like pastries, why don t you join our association Association The two looked at Li Guohao blankly at the same time.Oh, I m sorry, I forgot to tell you.Our company is planning to establish a Chinese pastry association dedicated to the promotion of Chinese pastry.

I m fine too, Boss Li.Ms.Shen said with a smile.Seeing the Governor s wife agreeing, Li Guohao said happily I m honored to invite you to join our Chinese Pastry Association.By the high hemp delta 8 cbd gummies way, Mr.Li, I heard you say that your company is joining in recently He Chaoying suddenly thought of something and asked road.Not bad.I don t know what this franchise is He cbd essential extract gummies Chaoying was a little familiar with this word, but couldn t remember it for a while.Joining is Li Guohao simply stated the meaning of joining.Oh, it chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd turned out to be the same as McDonald s.He Chaoying suddenly realized that this franchise chain is just like McDonald s, authorizing the brand to others to open stores.Then I wonder if Mr.Li is willing to think of Macau as a franchisee Macau Li Guohao suddenly became excited.He told Li Qiang in the morning that he was going to find a way to find a franchisee to join the company in Wanwan and Macau.

If we can t reach an agreement chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd this time, the other party may create panda comics by himself.Li Qiang raised his hands, indicating that this is normal.After entering the office, George opened his mouth and said, Mr.Li, I just called the company, and they said that they can give you a certain share, but in the future, the copyright of Kung Fu Panda in the United States can only be handed over to our company to operate After some negotiations, Li Guohao finally agreed to the sharing plan given by George.Fifteen percent of the full copyright operation in the United States and Europe does not seem very high, but in fact it is chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd already very good, not a percentage of profits Fifteen percent is 15 percent of sales.That is to say, the Kung Fu Panda manga version has sold one million copies in the United States, and Li Guohao can get 150,000 U.

Is the do hemp gummies have cbd company ready for Boss Liu s visit this time Yes, I have all the money ready Hurry up, Li Ji has taken away a lot of my business recently.Just read the book carefully Everyone in the arena had just sat down, and when they saw Liu Peilin approaching, they shouted excitedly.Liu Peilin coughed twice, signaling the venue to be quiet, seeing that no one was talking anymore, he was very satisfied with his leadership position, and said with a smile This time I invite all the bosses over, yes, I have already made the company s plan, everyone You can take a look at the copywriting on the table, which introduces the company s investment and subsequent marketing expansion in detail.This time, Liu Peilin spent a lot of money and invited a well known company marketing expert to plan for the company.

what to do We can only recruit other pastry shops to unite, relying on their respective well known pastries, together with the pastry chefs of their respective shops, to form a factory similar to a small workshop.Let the pastry chefs use large scale machinery in the factory to make pastries batch after batch.At this time, Gu Yonghe knocked on the office door.Boss Liu heard that you are looking for my old Gu, what s the matter Gu Yonghe asked casually sitting on the seat next to him.Liu Peilin frowned, a little dissatisfied that the other party came in directly, but the dissatisfaction was fleeting, he said Boss Gu, this is the financial report for the last half month.Oh Gu Yonghe took the report and read it again.I didn t look at the income or expenses, and turned making cbd gummies with isolate cbd gummies thc free near me to the last page directly, with a profit of 300,000 yuan.

Li Guohao frowned, was the voice a bit loud Huang Yaohua at the side glanced at Li Guohao, saw his brows furrowed, guessed what he was thinking, and explained Chairman, this production line is the latest technology in the island country.Although it cannot be compared with the German one, it is It is considered to be first class in Asia, and the sound of the machinery is indeed a little loud, but it is also normal. How do you know that German machinery is good Li Guohao became interested, he chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd knew that the first class German machinery came from In how long do cbd gummies last gummies near me cbd the information explosion of later generations, although German machinery was also in an era of rapid development at this time, it was not as widely known as later generations.My family used to run a soda factory, using German machinery.That was more than ten years ago.

Moon cakes are instant, ready to eat.That is to say, the best selling time for most mooncakes is during the Mid Autumn Festival.Moreover, the shelf life of moon cakes is not very long, so it is best to eat them within a few days after buying them, otherwise they will deteriorate after a long time.In order to prepare for this Mid Autumn Festival, Liu Peilin put in a lot of effort.He not only rented two factories in Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon at a high price, but also started making mooncakes two weeks ago.At that time, the production volume was not very large.After simply sending them to those shops for sale, making bulk gummy cbd isoalte the sales volume was very good, and they were all sold out within two days.As soon as Liu Peilin gritted his teeth, he decided to increase investment and manpower.Thousands of moon cakes to cope with this Mid Autumn Festival.

How can they be so optimistic Unpredictable.If gummies near me cbd cbd 8 gummies you don t understand, you don t want to.When I went back in the vena cbd sleep gummies afternoon, it was almost four o clock.In another hour or so, the company will count today s mooncake sales.Ahao, where did you go today Why didn t I see you when I came back this afternoon.As soon as he returned to the company, Zhang Dong walked into the office and asked.It s nothing.I m busy with some things.By the way, have you seen the new house Well, I saw it.Your father and mother are very satisfied, and they said they will live there tonight.Zhang Dong said with a smile.For the decoration of the house, Li Guohao handed it over to Manager Mai, and he never went to see it.Now, after hearing Zhang Dong say where his parents will live at night, he cbd gummies for pain without thc asked curiously Even if the decoration is done, it seems that I haven t bought furniture yet.

After all, if she made a fool of herself on such an occasion, it would not be Zhao Yazhi s face that would be lost, but Li Guohao s.Fortunately, Zhao Yazhi has been a flight attendant for more than a year, and she has also trained chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd her manners for several months.After hearing what Zhao s mother said about how to deal with banquet occasions, she also understands that it is probably to drink less water and drink, eat less, and try her best to be as calm as possible.From entering the venue to the end of the banquet, I kept smiling and went to the bathroom from time to time to touch up my makeup.Except for touch ups, it s basically the same as when I was a flight attendant.From getting off the car to entering the door, Zhao Yazhi also maintained a standard smile and tried to maintain her demeanor.

Li Guohao only needs to make decisions on the general direction.I believe you can do it Didn t you handle it well before Li Qiang said with a smile Besides, I have stayed in the United States for half a year anyway, and I know a lot about it.If other people from the company go, they will not even be able to speak English smoothly.Li Guohao thought for a while, and now most of the company s affairs have been on the right track, and he is not afraid of competition from interested people.There is also a newcomer Huang Yaohua in charge of the food factory, as long as he sends a report every day.Okay then, you go to the United States.Are you going to take those people there A shop without any roots in the United States must find the best pastry chef, otherwise it would be a waste of money to go there.

Chairman, please take a look at it.After Gu Qianqian finished speaking, she put the folder on the desk.Picked up the folder, opened it and looked at it.After a few minutes.Li Guohao frowned suddenly and asked Miss He wants to get this on the cruise ship Well, Miss He said that their family has a Hong Kong and Macau cruise ship with the Huo family, so they thought about setting up a bar counter like a dim sum shop on it.It is used to fill the stomachs of those crossing the sea.Yes.Li Guohao thought for a while, then nodded and agreed, it is quite normal to open a bar on the cruise ship, get some foreign wine, fruit juice and snacks.That s fine, if it s over here, I will send someone there.Well, by the way, Manager Li Qiang may be going to the United States in the next few days.When the time comes, if there is anything in the marketing department, just report to me directly.

The man said.Then wait.Five or six minutes passed.With the sound of chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd drip , one person put on thick gloves, opened the oven, and took out the baked pancakes inside.A faint fragrance immediately filled the entire room.Zhao Yazhi couldn t help but said, Ah Hao, it smells so good.Well, it s really fragrant.Li Guohao nodded, and suddenly asked, Do you use butter for your pancakes Well, butter not only improves the appearance of pancakes It is more golden, crispy and soft, and the fragrance is also very good.Soon, the butter cake with the appearance of a common flatbread on the street was freshly baked.One person picked up the cream wrapped in a cloth next to it, and relied on the backlog method to let the cream spray out from the tiny holes at the bottom.Soon the butter cake was covered with white cream.

In the past, the affairs of the association were basically dealt with by Li Qiang, and the association has no major affairs until now.Apart from handling the membership procedures for each member, it is to promote the association black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd outside and invite some pastry chefs to join.Actually, I don t really want to bother the president, but this matter is indeed a bit tricky.Wang Zheng thought for a while and said President, you should know that our pastry association has not been established for a long time, and it has little influence in Xiangjiang.The members are basically the pastry chefs of the president s company.Well, I know this, haven t you been promoting the association outside Why Didn t it work at all In other words, the promotion has been going on for several months, Li Guohao also allocated chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd a hundred thousand to the association.

Xie Honghe nodded.Wang Xiaobo said with a smile, I recruited those people, how could I not know about them On the contrary, Luo Bin was a little confused.He had just become a manager not long ago, and he was not very clear about some decisions made by the company.That s good.Li Guohao said, I discussed it with Wang Zheng downstairs, and I plan to hold an event in the near future to promote the association, and at the same time increase the reputation of the food factory and our company.What event The three of them asked in unison.Hold cbd farmhouse delta 8 gummies a pastry competition.Then, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Li Guohao told the details of the pastry competition.This is good Xie Honghe immediately understood when he heard about the pastry contest.This is a very good way to promote the company and the association.Li Guohao said again Manager Luo, I hope you invite those merchants who have cooperated with our company, whether it is flour, butter, or sugar suppliers, let them come cbd gummies for sleep joy organics to the company.

The area around the airport is still quite messy.Yes, he just came from Xiangjiang, and he doesn t understand English very well, so he might suffer.Oh, I ll take it.When Huang He heard this, he immediately ran to the parking lot and took the signboard that he had made a long time ago from the car.Take it out, trot all the way back again.Zhang Nana glanced at HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd the words Li Guohao on the sign.There are so many of you with the surname Li.Before this, Zhang Nana had never known Li Guohao s name, but now she saw the sign with three large characters in traditional Chinese characters, and said with a smile.It s a lot.Li Qiang smiled.Huang He held up the sign in his hand high, and stood on the only way to the airport gate, waiting for Li Guohao to come out.a long time.I haven t seen Li Guohao come out yet.

As soon as Li Guohao entered Li s TV station, he was ushered into the guest lounge by the TV station s staff.As soon as he entered through the door, he heard a hearty laugh.Ha ha Ah Hao, you are finally here I just mentioned you to Yishu, and I also said that you, the facilitator of the pastry competition, why didn t you show your face from the beginning to the end.Looking at Cai Lang and Yi Shu in front of him, Li Guohao hurriedly walked over with a smile and said, I can t help chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd it.There are too many things in the company.I would like to thank Brother Lan for helping me with the pastry contest.Otherwise, I m afraid I really can t invite them.many people.The pastry competition was operated by Cai Lang for more than half of the time.At the same time, the association also gave Cai Lang a very important position, a lifelong honorary director.

Li, I have read your information.At a young age, relying on the handicrafts handed down from your family, you started from scratch.In just one year, you set up a palace cake, a chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd food processing factory, and a stuffing processing factory.As well as several businesses such as packaging and processing plants.If you are not courageous, I am afraid that you will not have such a big achievement.I just lack the courage to break the boat.I don t know if Mr.Jin knows why I set up Your own food supply company Li Guohao asked a question.Jin Jiashi thought for a while and said, Is it because of Jardine Land I know that Nanshun belongs to the Jardine faction.It just so happened that Landmark Real Estate acquired Maxim s Cakes not long ago and opened a large scale black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd store.And Nanshun acquired If you say that, it s not that Nanshun deliberately seized the flour and other raw materials from Mr.

He started from scratch at a young age.It has set a net worth of tens of millions.Some listed companies have been listed for more than ten years, and their market value has not exceeded tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars until now Hehe Li Guohao also laughed when he HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd saw what Wang Zhenzhen said, and he was right.In fact, Wang Zhenzhen s estimate of the company s value was a bit inflated, but considering the reputation of the palace pastry in Xiangjiang and its There are branches overseas, and it is also a leading company in the pastry industry.Combining all these points, the company s value has been placed at around 30 50 million.Together, when it was less than 50 million chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Hong Kong dollars, Li Guohao was very disappointed.After several years of hard work, it was not as good as an accidental stock I knew that I should have invested tens of millions in the first place.

Secondly, she is studying abroad, and she is also studying business.Naturally, she hopes to start her own business, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd otherwise she would how long do cbd gummies last gummies near me cbd not have asked to join Li Guohao s pastry shop.There are currently three royal pastry shops in Macau, and the business has been very good The popularity, coupled with the fact that Li Guohao has recently made a lot of Chinese and Western pastries, has made many local Portuguese like to eat palace pastries.He Qianjin read the company s business reports and profits sent by Li Guohao.His eyes became even hotter.After listening to Ms.He s words, Li Guohao pondered.Li Guohao is not the kind of person who absolutely controls the company 100 , and he also knows that it is impossible to completely control the shares.I don t mention this era, but even in later generations.

Coupled with the rise .

how many mg cbd gummies before bed?

in various prices, the entire trading market was in a sluggish state.The same is true for palace pastries, and their business has dropped a lot.Da Ronghua has basically ceased production.There is only one workshop barely surviving.There is no way for everyone to have no money.Who else would go to restaurants chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd and tea houses for tea.In the pastry industry, the worst one should be Maxim s Cakes.Many people made profits due to the stock market earlier.Most of the money these people earned was used to buy houses and daily necessities, which once caused housing prices to rise.As for Maxim s Cakes, no matter whether they were rented or purchased houses, they suffered heavy losses due to the stock market crash.New Territories Land Purchase Li Qiang looked at the report handed over by Li Guohao in his hand, and read out the name with a strange expression.

yes.There was a loud noise, and everyone in the meeting quickly left the conference room.Seeing that everyone had left, Xu Deming frowned and asked What s going on I I went to the people from Jardine according to your request, but, they said that it is not good for Jardine to intervene in the acquisition of our company by Li Guohao.Xu Guangming said.Don t interfere Xu Deming asked anxiously Didn t you tell me before that people from the Jardine Group would help us The people from the Jardine Group did agree to us before, but recently the newspaper said that the recent stock market decline was caused by the forced acquisition of the Milk Company by Hongkong Real Estate.In addition, many people went bankrupt and committed suicide by jumping off a building.A few days ago, a group of stockholders who suffered serious losses due to how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd one for five shares of Landmark gathered together to march on Queen s Road, asking the government to decide for them This When Xu Deming heard this, he didn t know that the people of the Jardine Group were difficult to protect themselves.

Li Guohao I don t know him.Is that star making a movie again asked the friend.No, I ll show it to you later, I haven t finished it yet Then hurry up It s not very far from TVB, just three stations away.The friend said nonchalantly.Hearing TVB, Ah Fa came over in a daze and asked, Do you think we passed the exam There should be no problem You are so handsome, and I am so talented We should have no problem passing the artist training class.Friends laughed.People who have bought Oriental Daily newspapers or magazines from all over Hong Kong have seen this newly promoted Hong Kong billionaire, the creator of the new Hong Kong dream, Li Guohao Most young people are envious of him, hoping that they can become self made figures like Li Guohao.There are also some people who think that this is nothing more than Li Guohao s luck.

The power is coming.This is strange Li Guohao pondered and said Recently, it seems that apart from Xu Deming from Nanshun, he has no grievances with anyone.If we want to talk about revenge, it seems that it can only be Xu Deming or that kid Xu Guanghe. It s possible.Now Xiangjiang is quite chaotic.The factory is working 24 hours a day in shifts.Before that, we just hired a few guards to guard the gate to prevent strangers from entering.This time, I think it s better to recruit more.some security guards.Li Qiang thought that Xiangjiang was indeed in chaos recently.In addition to some evil forces that already existed, a group of people how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd also took the road of breaking the law due to the stock market.Well, I will tell Huang Yaohua later, let him Hire some security guards.This time the factory was smashed, Li Guohao didn t know the specific reason, but anyone who thought about it with his ass knew that the visitor was not kind, and if he could smash it once, he might smash it a second time.

Seeing that the boss was angry, he also said submissively MengBrother Raptor, I Okay, stop talking nonsense, hurry up and get on this excavator, seal the intersection for me, you two, come with me, go to the side and wait for that kid to come over yes.The two robbers next to me also said in unison Bang On the flat road, there was a sudden explosion.Li Guohao was startled.Both Chen Sheng and Yu Weicheng looked serious, and Yu Weicheng said nervously It s gunshots It looks like the opponent is already ready to intercept us in front.Chen Sheng looked at the construction site less than 100 meters away from him, and suddenly saw an excavator driving onto the road, directly blocking the only remaining lane.He knew in his heart that it was the means of these thieves.What should I do, Brother Sheng Yu Weicheng asked nervously.

Who are they chasing I know that person, it seems to be the newly promoted chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd billionaire Li Guohao that was reported in the newspaper not long ago.At the same time.TVB and Li s TV station interrupted an urgent news.A temporary break in an urgent news, just half an hour ago, there were about five to six gangsters armed with submachine guns.Lei opened fire in the Pokfulam area of Xiangjiang Island.According to the reporter on the scene, this incident was related to the newly promoted billionaire Li Guohao.It is not known whether it was a vendetta or a kidnapping incident targeting a wealthy businessman.Relevant news will be reported on the evening news at 6 pm next.When the host reported the news, he also deliberately brought up the topic of vendetta and kidnapping.After all, these two things are the most attractive.

Li It s because of what happened a while ago that you specially hired so many security personnel.Is it because of the incompetence of the police station or the inaction of the government No, I believe the government and the police station will handle that matter well.These are personnel from my security company.They are here this time.It is to maintain order in the venue. At noon, I had lunch with Zheng Jiachun, Qianjin He and some other shareholders I didn t know.After dinner, I said goodbye to Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin.Li Guohao still had things to do in the afternoon.I went back to the company to deal with the chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd company s affairs well, and I also got in the company s newly equipped car.His own car had been sent back to England for repairs.By the way, they also applied to Rolls Royce to order three bulletproof cars.

Cakes originated in the 13th century in the West.At that time, only kings could eat cakes, but as time went by, they gradually spread to common people.Until now, almost every person on the European continent, when celebrating their birthdays, as long as they have The condition is that a cake will definitely be ordered.Even more so in the UK.And the fondant cake made by Li .

where can i buy pure strength cbd gummies?

Guohao fully fits their combination of art and cake.It should be clear that the predecessor of the fondant cake is an art cake invented in Britain, and the more beautiful, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd chill gummies spreadable and innovative fondant cake is It is more in line with their requirements for cakes.Chapter 263 Gold Award At noon on the second day, when Li Guohao went to the Victoria Hotel to see the competition venue, he learned from Huang He and Sun Dafu HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd that since morning, many people have asked if they can order this kind of translation Sugar cake, and Gravity was promised Are there really many people asking Li Guohao asked in disbelief.

As the founder of fondant cake, Li Guohao also made headlines in some British newspapers after winning the gold medal, even the well known British Daily Mail.Just a few words, the dim sum chef from Xiangjiang won the gold medal After winning the gold medal, Li cost of cbd gummies uk Guohao returned to Xiangjiang with Zhao Yazhi and two bodyguards the next day.As for the others, they stayed in the UK for a few more days to deal with some follow up matters of the competition.one time.Xiangjiang Kai Tak Airport.Xiangjiang is still comfortable Li Guohao looked at Kai Tak Airport, which was several times smaller than the British International Airport.He didn t feel the slightest dissatisfaction because of its oldness and smallness, but he felt very kind in his heart.It was the same when I came back from the chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd US last time.

What s wrong Ah Zhi I Just when she was about to speak, Zhao Yazhi glanced at the secretary Xiao Liu who was sitting not far away.Xiao Liu, go out first.Li Guohao understood.Yes.After Xiao Liu went HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd out.Li Guohao stepped forward and hugged the slender waist of the beauty Qianqian, and asked, What s the matter, so mysterious.My aunt just called me and asked me to ask if you have time recently.The two of us have contacted a master, let us go to the master in a few days.Feeling the warmth of her lover, Zhao Yazhi leaned on his shoulder and whispered softly.Master A fortune teller Li Guohao was stunned for a moment, and then chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd he smiled wryly.Before, he and Zhao Yazhi thought that they could get married at any time, but their mother and mother of Zhao wanted to find a fortune teller to calculate their birthdays and get a good one.

The three of them are just playing tricks now, that is, Lin Zhengying and Bruce Lee are more familiar, but they are also limited to the set, and they have private contacts, but not many, simply speaking, they are more familiar with ordinary friends.Looking at Chen Long with a young face, and Hong Jinbao who is not particularly fat, black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Li Guohao also looked at the two with great interest.These two can be said to be one of Li Guohao s favorite actors.Regardless of their personalities, as far as filming is concerned, many of their films are very classic.Five Lucky Stars , Police Story , Plan A and other familiar works.After thinking for a long time, I decided to let Bruce Lee continue to live in the book, after all, it is the belief of a generation.It s just that I will retire due to physical chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd reasons, and I will no longer make movies, almost transparent.

Almost all of them are villages and fields, which are of no use value at all.Boom Zhang Bowen knocked on the door with two security personnel carrying equipment and guns and came in.Zheng Jiachun, who heard the movement, saw the long gun in Zhang Bowen s hand, his eyes lit up, and he took three steps together.He walked up to him in two steps, took the gun from Zhang Bowen s hand, and said with surprise, I didn t expect you to have an AK here Oh, it s quite heavy.They are all air guns.For the sake of safety, we deliberately asked foreign manufacturers to reduce the power a lot.The power of the bullets is at most enough to break the balloon.Li Guohao came over and explained.Xiao Bai ignored the conflict with Li Guohao at this time.After seeing the guns, he walked over excitedly and picked up all kinds of guns that the security put on the table, including pistols, submachine guns, and AKs.

If there were not some low trenches and sandbags blocking it, I am afraid that people from one end could cbd gummies ratings go directly to the other end.Said that the first issue was finished, so I wanted to come and have a look.After hearing Zheng Jiachun s complaint, Li Guohao also shrugged helplessly.After receiving the wet towel handed over chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd by the bodyguard, Zheng order cbd gummies shark tank Jiachun wiped his face regardless of his appearance, and only wore a camouflage vest to wipe off the colored powder on his arms and neck.Wipe it clean.Li Guohao said, There is a shower upstairs, why don t you go up and take a shower I ll go again later.After Zheng Jiachun tidied up the obviously chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd chill gummies dirty place on his body, he threw the towel to the bodyguards, told them to go out first, and closed the door by the way.Before Li Guohao could ask, Zheng Jiachun said, Ahao, you didn t just come here for fun Let s shoot Haha, I really can t hide it from Big Brother Zheng s eyes Li Guohao laughed.

Just kidding, he couldn t save his face and initiate a conversation.Okay.Thinking about the opening of the school, Li Guohao happily chatted with the son of the Education Department.The two found a sofa table in the lobby and sat down.Looking at a woman singing with heavy make up on the stage, she sang pretty well, but I haven t heard the song before.Jian Fu called out to the waiter, and after ordering some melon and fruit snacks, he also glanced sideways at Li Guohao s figure, and said with a smile Speaking of which, I admire Mr.Li very much.With such a big name, ordinary people can t do this.It s just a matter of luck, if it wasn t for Brother Zheng and He Qianjin s help, I m afraid I might not be where I am today.Li Guohao said modestly.Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin helped him a lot.Although without the help of these two, Li Guohao could have developed by relying on his thirty or forty years of understanding of the future, but I am afraid it would be much later.

After Li Guohao set aside the food factory alone to establish a company, he had to cooperate with the two companies in accordance with the normal business relationship.This not only allowed the financial statements of each company to be recorded more clearly, but also allowed each company to become independent.There are good and bad.The bad thing is that there are more places to pay taxes.The good thing is that if each subsidiary goes public in the future, there will be no financial problems, and they can all be listed independently As Li Guohao s personal financial advisor, Ni Xingqing is naturally aware of the other party s gummies near me cbd recent investment chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd and capital expenditures.Although he doesn t know if he still has money, but seeing Li Guohao s appearance, he can roughly guess a little bit.Is the chairman out of money Ni Xingqing asked.

If I remember correctly, this movie should be a big hit at the overseas box office, allowing Golden Harvest to HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd make enough money in one go.It is also because after tasting the sweetness of the American film market this time, Golden Harvest how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd will push Cheng Long so hard to the international film market in the future.At the same time, the movie Enter the Dragon was also the beginning and end of Bruce Lee s sensational world.Speaking of Bruce Lee, I couldn t help remembering that he seemed to be still in the hospital for treatment at this time, but I don t know if he has been discharged from the hospital now.After calculating the time, I have lived here for more than half a month, so I should be out of danger.Thinking of this, Li Guohao also planned to go to the hospital to see Bruce Lee in a few days.

Well.You should pay more attention to Li s TV .

what is the best cbd gummy for anxiety?

station.If there are any good seedlings, you can dig them in advance.Shao Sixth Uncle pondered.Yes.Fang Yihua seemed to understand that TVB has undercover agents in Li s TV station.Oftentimes, as soon as Li s TV station has a new program, TVB will immediately follow suit or come up with a program chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd to suppress it.I heard that Bruce Lee went back to the United how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd States Uncle Shao Sixth suddenly remembered the contents of the newspaper he read in the morning and asked.Well, I ve gone back to the United States.I heard people say that Bruce Lee s body has a problem, and he won t be able to do some high energy things in the future.Humph.Uncle Shao snorted coldly.An opportunity, but he lost Bruce Lee, a raptor who crossed the river, for nothing, but he didn t feel sorry, after all, the Shaw Brothers family has a great career.

There s nothing to worry about, that s all.McHans said sternly.Wood Shun knew that he couldn t change it, so he sighed and said, zebra cbd gummies amazon Okay.Ok.Seeing that Wood was obedient, McHans was still very satisfied.At the end, he said on the phone Recently, I want to shift the focus of Maxim s company to catering and plan to open a fast food restaurant. fast food Wood Shun was taken aback.That s right, it s a fast food restaurant, roughly the same as the company s Maxim s restaurant, but more convenient and convenient.In the beginning, Maxim s Company was not in the business of West Point, but a Chinese restaurant.In 1956, Wood Shun and his younger brother, Wood Ming, were still in their twenties.Lane Crawford Building, opened the first Maxim chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd s Restaurant.The business was good.Then opened several branches.

It s more likely Ni Xingqing didn t say the worst plan, because if the 200 million Hong Kong dollars were lost in the stock market, Guohao Group would cease to exist.Of course, there are other The turning point is to sell most of how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd the company s shares and keep only a little, so that it is possible to avoid bankruptcy.Li Guohao pondered for a long time, and this time he took out the group mortgage to HSBC and loaned 200 million Hong Kong dollars.If it hadn t been for the previous If you have already borrowed 100 million Hong Kong dollars, you should be able to borrow 300 million this time.After all, where is the value of Guohao Group There is no excess foreign debt, and the financial income is also very good.This is a big adventure When taking out the loan, even Shen Bi told Li Guohao to expand his business as slowly as possible.

Muscle building powder What is that Takeichi Kimura was taken aback.You don t know about muscle building powder It s the kind of protein powder you eat when you re exercising.Seeing that Takeyuki Kimura was stunned, Li Guohao explained.I ve never heard of this kind of thing.Master, he often drinks some strange things.Those are the liquid squeezed out of raw beef mixed with other things.I don t want to drink it.Takeyuki Kimura said with a smile.Hearing that there is no protein powder yet, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.You must know that protein powder is only extracted from soybeans or other ingredients with a lot of protein.Almost many fitness experts in the future will take it, and there is no harm to the body.Wait for the crowd to disperse.After Bruce Lee stepped down.Li Guohao asked Brother Xiaolong, do you know protein powder Protein powder It s fine if you don t know, and Bruce Lee, a fitness expert, doesn t know.

For the Big Seven, this is a humiliation, and how to make cbd gummy candy chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd it will also reduce the company s interests.But now, the situation in the Middle East has once again erupted, allowing them to see the hope of lowering oil again.On October 14, the United States intervened in the Middle East war.On the eve of the suspension of the U.S.stock market, news came that Egypt and Syria were defeated by Israel, which provided military assistance to the U.S.military the night of the 14th.Inside the hotel.Ni Xingqing sat there dejectedly.He no longer had much expectations for this money game.If the news that Israel defeated Egypt and Syria had not spread to the United States after the suspension of trading today, Li Guohao would have gone bankrupt.You must know that in the past few days, if it weren t for the fact that Egypt and Syria have been showing signs of suppressing Israel in the war situation, Li Guohao might have gone bankrupt long ago, and it wouldn t be delayed until today It is not to blame for Ni Xingqing s decadent attitude.

Support, I m afraid Li Guohao really can t hold on to the news that the oil countries in the Middle East announced an oil embargo.Shen Bi was definitely responsible for earning so much money from the U.S.stock market this time.If Shen Bi hadn t unconditionally believed in Li Guohao who was far away in the United States, and had illegally borrowed 100 million yuan, facing Li Guohao would have been bankruptcy and liquidation.It is very likely that the defendant is suspected of two crimes of embezzling company finances and misappropriating company finances.Capitalism is like this.Your company does not mean that it really belongs to you.As long as you took money chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd from the company and did not return it, or did not pay taxes, then sorry, the law does not allow it, and you will be sued by the tax bureau and the court.

I can t stand the trouble when I m old, just get through it in peace and stability.Bao Daheng sighed.Now that the family is big and the business is big, many things are no longer in his control.that s it.Mr.Bao, you are still young.I believe you will become the world s shipping king sooner or later Li Guohao complimented him.He vaguely remembered that in a few years, it should be the Wharf Incident, which was mentioned in many Hong Kong entertainment novels.this matter.Now Bao Daheng is 55 years old, and he should have been nearly 60 years old at that time, but he still boldly gathered 2 billion yuan to buy Wharf at a premium, causing a sensation in Xiangjiang.Accept Li Sheng s auspicious chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd words.Bao Daheng smiled honestly. Coming out of Daheng Bao s study, Li Guohao went straight downstairs.

The problem.One of the most worrying things may be the issue of the cinema.Li Guohao instantly understood the meaning of Cai Lan s words, and asked, Are you afraid that Golden Harvest will not give us the cinema It s not that I m afraid If Golden Harvest doesn t give it to the theaters, I m afraid they ll open their mouths and talk to us about the box office share.Friends Film Company can be said to be an instant hit, relying on the box office hit of Ghost justcbdstore cbd gummies and Horse Twin Stars , just like Bruce Lee back then, Xu s small character comedy style is particularly suitable for the current Xiangjiang people.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned slightly.He didn t care much about the money the film company earned, but considering that the 80s and 90s would be the peak period of Hong Kong s films, it would be a pity not to participate.

However, many newspapers in Xiangjiang later reported the news about Li Guohao, so it was avoided.Self initiated requests for interviews.Until now, almost a year, Li Guohao black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd has not accepted any media interviews since he became famous.It has been almost half a month since the publication of Daily Daily , and the sales volume has been hovering between 5,000 and 10,000 copies.It is good and bad, which makes Pang Heshuo very how long do cbd gummies last gummies near me cbd worried.After all, it is not like in the past.There are all types of newspapers, which makes people overwhelmed.If a new newspaper wants to become famous, it must interview a celebrity who is well known in Xiangjiang, or report a sensational news that other newspapers do not have Or, you can serialize novels in newspapers like Mr.Jin.Chapter 326 Interview 1 After Li Guohao made it clear to tell reporter Qin Feng not to regard himself as the boss, but as the owner of rice, Qin 1500 mg cbd gummies Feng also swept away the tension in his heart.

Since Zheng s tour guide business failed, he became a Chinese tour guide relying on his knowledge of Cantonese, Mandarin and Teochew.Relying on his high quality service every time, the Chinese who come to travel feel the value of the money, which has boosted his reputation.And Boss Li in front of him, since he took forty or fifty people out for a travel , plus a group of powerful men behind him, he can be known to be bodyguards at a glance, he must be of extraordinary status.Oh Hearing this, Li Guohao asked, Then how should we worship Boss Li, start from the front of the Erawan Buddha, first prostrate three times, then burn three sticks of incense and hang a bunch of flowers.Light this candle on the side that prays for blessings.Okay.The trouble was a little troublesome, but Li Guohao patiently did so.

Therefore, in modern society, how to keep the secret recipe intact is absolutely irresistible to the reverse deciphering of technology.The worst thing is that there is a slight change in taste.But before Red Bull went out of Bangkok, out of Thailand, and rushed to the world, Li Guohao took the lead in launching functional drinks with capital, so the name of the father of Red Bull might be placed on Li Guohao s head.This method chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd is more insidious, and it is also the routine used by most capitals.Li Guohao does not want to use this method for the time being, after all, it is too easy to be choked Seeing that Xu Guangbiao disagreed with the purchase of the formula for 1 million baht, Li Guohao frowned and said, Mr.Xu, why don t we find a place to sit down and have a chat Xu Guangbiao glanced at Li Guohao and saw a dozen people gummies near me cbd cbd 8 gummies behind him.

We have invested 400 million baht here this time.One can imagine how much they welcome such a large investment.When I first came, the local county magistrate came to see me in person.The environment here is pretty good, and it s okay to have a tourist attraction.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao couldn t help but took another sip of rice wine.I have to say that this rice wine tastes great, sweet with a little scent of fragrant rice.Except for a small amount of alcohol content, it can be drunk as a drink.attractions Chen Xuewen was taken aback, and then said When it comes to tourism, the scenery here is really pretty good.There is a stream one kilometer to the west, where you can kayak.There is a natural underground cave in the east.I visited it with the locals last time.Apart from being dirty and dark, there are many naturally formed stone statues.

Most of the packaged foods produced by Li Guohao s food company are mid to high end products, which can only be purchased in supermarkets for middle class people with good families.If it is sold in those canteens, there is no holiday now, and it is almost difficult not to sell it in normal times.Li Guohao asked again Is this a breach of contract by Jardine I asked lawyer Fang of the company s legal department, and he said that Jardine Group does have the right to temporarily remove products from the shelves.It was the milk company that signed the contract with us.But now that it has been acquired, the Jardines can find any excuse to trap us.Huang Yaohua apologized, I was negligent.Jardines will not take our products off the shelves properly, right Although we had conflicts with them before, it s not that his supermarket doesn chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd t make money from us.

Before I also mentioned that the prices of the products sold in the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are much higher than those of the small stores.Disregarding the uniqueness brought by the supermarkets, the prices of the same products vary from one to the other.Manager Di, you should choose Let s open a small store. Of course. Yes, supermarkets are very common in foreign countries.They attract people to shop for business competition, so the prices of supermarket products are much cheaper than ordinary small stores.Do this There are several advantages.The first is to attract customers to go shopping.As more and more people go shopping, those customers who go to the supermarket to shop, after buying their favorite items, see that the prices of various commodities in the supermarket are much cheaper than those in small stores.

Well, boss, don t get out of the car. I know.Since he was almost kidnapped last time, Li Guohao has cherished his own life very much.This bulletproof car was bought abroad with a lot of money.It s not because he didn t go to ask in person.It s mainly because it s best not to Going down, maybe the other party has accomplices or something.After going down, Ajie whispered a HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd few words in Chen Sheng s ear, only to hear Chen Sheng say to the man who stopped the car What do you want chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd chill gummies from our boss My name is Huang Yulang, brother bodyguard, you can tell Mr.Li that he will know.Seeing that there was a turning point, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd Huang Yulang spoke instantly.After hearing this, Ajie turned and walked to the side of the car.Li Guohao rolled down the window and asked, What does he want He said his name was Huang Yulang, and he said that you would know the name as soon as you heard it.

If you learn baking and cooking, you don social cbd chill gummies t need to face reading.Well, the teacher has taken care of this aspect Li Guohao has been here today since the school was established, and he has never asked too much before.The most important thing in a school is the faculty.Now Xiangjiang does not have a professional baking and cooking technology teacher, so Li Guohao asked some of the palace pastry techniques Superb pastry chefs come here to teach.As for cooking, Li Guohao visited several apprentices of chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd his grandfather Li Renzhong, and invited them with high salaries to come to the school to train and teach as teachers.Well, they are all here.Director Chen has already arranged the teaching plan before, and has prepared all the subjects that need to be taken every day.Master Wang pointed to Chen Zhidao who was following behind.

After all, he only knew about Xiangjiang Li Guohao from movies, TV and novels.After thinking about it for a long time in the office alone, he was still not at ease.Li Guohao made another call to Zhao Yazhi, asking She helped to ask Ms.Shen about the license.If you want to say that the one who has the best relationship with Ms.Shen now is Zhao Yazhi.In recent years, Zhao Yazhi and Ms.Shen have gone to many charity events together.Is it the TV license Okay, I just have something to ask Ms.Shen, and I ll help you with buy hazel hills cbd gummies it later.Ok.Li Guohao hummed lightly on the phone, suddenly thought of something and said By the way, don t come to work tomorrow morning, you will price of smilz cbd gummies hand over the work to them later.how Zhao Yazhi asked puzzledly.Don t worry about it, just come home before tomorrow morning.Li Guohao laughed.

Whether it is from his personal entrepreneurial experience or from this competition, it is very topical.Most of the British newspapers are mainly based on praise.After all, Xiangjiang was under the rule of the United Kingdom at this time, and the Queen of England also came to the scene to participate in the opening ceremony, both public and private.Especially the British Daily Mail , in one night, they collected all the news about Li Guohao from the newspapers, media and rumors since he started his business.British Daily Mail The World Mixed Martial Arts Championship held with Xiangjiang yesterday openedSeeing that Li Guohao stopped talking, Cheng Xizhi asked curiously What do you mean, Li Sheng Li Guohao paused for a moment, thought for a while, and said with a smile Since there is a selection of Michelin three star restaurants in .

are cbd gummies bad for your health?

foreign countries, why don t we make our own selection In fact, at the very beginning, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd bay park cbd gummies amazon Li Guohao set up the association to make it like Michelin.

Boss, it seems that things are going well.Now there is an uproar in the island country.We only bought the news from a few newspapers, and now the whole island country is reporting this matter.Ni Xingqing said happily from the side.That s right, this time I want to see how Ajinomoto s people do public relations Li Guohao s eyes turned cold, and he continued with a sneer By the way, which countries newspapers and media have already done it Ni Xingqing replied He said I have already contacted you.When Luo Dazhao sued yesterday, I arranged for people to send this matter to those newspapers.I think it should have been reported this morning.Well, very good.When Li Guohao heard that everything was done, he nodded in satisfaction.He had been waiting for this day for almost a month.Now that everything was settled, he waited for it to ferment.

I think the remaining nutrition should be enough to help the human body.Instead of making milk impossible for some people with lactose intolerance, it is better to reduce lactose so that they can also drink a small amount of milk.When Benson heard this, it seemed to make sense, so he chatted with the assistants and several technicians next to him.Follow Benson and others to discuss and come up with a result.Chairman.At this moment, the door of the conference chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd room was opened, and an employee of the laboratory came over, leaned into Li Guohao s ear and said, Chairman, the laboratory is ready. Xiao Changhan is there too Director Xiao has arrived.Li Guohao nodded and said Yes.You go out first, we will go there later.yes.After the man left, Benson also discussed with the assistants he brought, and said, Boss, we discussed it.

I will take this opportunity to talk to Master Guan.Li Guohao paused cbd gummy bears uk legal for a few seconds, then continued I plan to set up Fumanlou as a company and create a brand for it.Just like my palace pastry, after the company, I will open HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd several branches in Xiangjiang.If the effect is good, I plan to promote Fumanlou to the whole world in the future.Promote to the whole world Guan Yunfei s eyes widened.That s right.Li Guohao said Fumanlou is my family s ancestral property anyway, so I naturally hope to do the best business for the restaurant.This time, I also want to invite Uncle Guan to join us in Fumanlou.Li Guohao s plan is to build a brand new catering group, which is similar to Quanjude, chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd but there are also big differences, probably similar to the later Yum Group.Yum Group is the largest catering company in the world.

Difficult, difficultstand up.Well, then HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd I ll go first, and the milk side should also hurry up.Yes Leaving the experimental building, Li Guohao didn t go back directly, but turned to the factory of Guohao Foods, Instruct someone to cbd gummies newport news va call Chen Shao and ask him to come to the industrial park immediately.While waiting, Li Guohao followed the factory manager around the food factory.Since Guohao Foods was split into several subsidiaries, the food company currently produces, except for various packaged pastries, most of the rest are biscuits, candies, potato chips and other snacks.Because the price of some snacks is relatively cheap, the sales in Xiangjiang have been very good, and they are deeply loved by the majority of students.Especially bear biscuits, which are affordable, plentiful, sweet but not greasy, and have always been the most sold food in the food factory.

Thinking of this, Li Guohao regretted not calling Jin Jiashi back from Australia.Although he had already resigned from his position as the general manager of Guohao Lam Soon and became the manager of the Australian branch, the person who knows Guohao Nanshun best, It must be him.In the room, after thinking alone for a long time, Li Guohao decided to call Jin Jiashi over.If the time comes to discuss cooperation, Jin Jiashi, an old man from Nanshun, a national hero, will be there, so that HCMUSSH chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd the cooperation can be discussed more appropriately Chapter 655 Xiangjiang is easy to make money Li Guohao thought of this, he stood up and was about to go out and ask the people in the guest house where he could call Xiangjiang.Bang The door was opened.As soon as Li Guohao stepped out, he saw two young women standing by the door.

Li Guohao suggested How about we go out for a stroll It s rare to come to the Mainland.Bao Daheng laughed and said cbd gummies no high That s right, Ah Hao, you are the first time to come to the Mainland.You must be very curious.The guest house is very boring.It s good to go out and have a look.After discussing black eagle cbd gummies chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd that they want to go out together to see Bao an County at this time, Li Guohao went upstairs and called his grandfather, and he went to call before moving forward.Fang Qianjin asked curiously Mr.Bao, Mr.Li, do you want to go there and see Li Guohao said casually Just stroll around, it happens to be lunch soon, why don t we go outside and see if there are any restaurants What, try some local Tujia cuisine Well, just listen to Ah Hao and go shopping.Bao Daheng also visited the mainland a few times in his early years, but he hardly stayed in Bao an County.

A can of drinks worth 40 cents is not affordable for ordinary people, and it only costs a dozen or dozens of dollars a month Salary, how could you be willing to spend 40 cents to buy a bottle of drink that you can drink in one gulp best way to take gummy cbd Suddenly, there was the sound of trampling footsteps from upstairs.Li Guobang and Wu Xiaohua looked up and saw a beautiful pregnant woman walking down slowly holding a three or four year old child.Noticing the person coming, he immediately walked over quickly, holding the beautiful woman s waist, for fear that she would fall.Second brother, this is the second sister in law Li Guobang looked at Zhao Yazhi, and he swore that he had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life.Yes.Li Guohao nodded, and introduced to Zhao Yazhi A Zhi, this is my fourth uncle s son, named Guobang, and this is his object, named Xiaohua.

In addition, the other party has the help of Tanita Bank.After the listing, there must be a wave of big moves.Guohao Zheng will continue to develop steadily and honestly.Let s talk about it later.Seeing that the chairman rejected Hu Changqing s how long do cbd gummies last gummies near me cbd listing request, Ni Xingqing didn t say anything more.He was just helping out with a message anyway.If he didn t have a temporary position in Guohao, he would usually not help people ask about such things Li Guohao suddenly said I m going to go to the mainland in the next few days.You ask Hu Changqing to arrange a few professional investment people to go to the mainland with me to investigate.He cbd gummie warning label was thinking of finding some people to go to the mainland with him However, in a few years, after the businessmen in Xiangjiang pay more attention to the mainland market, what do cbd gummy worms do their Guohao certificate will be able to provide them with investment advice, and by the way, they can also earn a consulting fee or something.

Only his own private financial management team knows how much of his personal property and private investment.Ever since Ni Xingqing came out of Li Guohao s private financial management team and went to work in the Guohao Securities Group, most of Li Guohao s private asset management has been handed over to another team in charge.However, when tidying up Guohao Group s financial operations and business this time, Li Guohao also asked his private financial management team to integrate his personal property.The Xiangjiang Food Trading Import and Export Company, which he personally funded and cooperated with Li Qiang and Zhang Nana, is developing very well.It has cooperated with many countries in the United States and even Europe, importing or exporting high quality food from various countries, food with regional culture and taste, in the Xiangjiang and Europe and the United States sell very well.

Li Guohao nodded slightly.He knew these things a long time ago.He called Huo Zheng back from the United States this time, but he didn t hear him repeating it.After Huo Zheng listened, he didn t continue talking, but waited.The chairman talked about things.Li Guohao said immediately I called you back this time, mainly because I have two tasks for you.What task Huo Zheng raised his eyebrows.I don t know if you chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd know genetically modified technology.People in Xiangjiang don t know much about genetically modified technology.A few days ago, Li Guohao also went to the research building of the industrial park to find Xiao Changhan and asked him if he knew about genetically modified technology.From Xiao Changhan s mouth, he learned that he only I know there is such a technology, but I don t know much about it.

Just like KFC is like McDonald s, it will become a giant sooner or later.But do you think catering is so easy Every year, the Guohao Food Laboratory Building needs to develop dozens of packaged foods with different flavors and varieties.The pastry company is even more cruel and outrageous, launching new flavors and varieties of pastries every week.With so many varieties and so many flavors, only chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd the one with the highest sales and the best reputation can be kept until the end and become one of the signature snacks or foods.Even the Rende Catering Company and Liji Tea Restaurant launch several new dishes every month to stabilize the market.Not to mention the Panda Express in the United States.As long as the sales of the launched set meals decline, and some people don t like it after a survey, they will improve them.

Ni Xingqing said confusedly Isn t this the competition between Argentina and the UK for the Falklands The two people around me nodded their heads one after another.Isn t this point of conflict the struggle for the Falklands It s very clear.From mid May to early July, this is Britain s first war since World War II., ending in a swift and swift victory.Yes.Li Guohao said I recently received news that the UK intends to discuss the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Xiangjiang with the mainland.Li Guohao suddenly thought of this matter when the Falklands War just broke out.It seems that after the British victory in the Falklands War, Mrs.Thatcher went to the mainland to discuss the return of Xiangjiang with Mr.Deng.Xiangjiang s return The three of them frowned when they heard this.Di Yimin frowned, and his mind was full of how long do cbd gummies last gummies near me cbd thoughts.

But Zheng Jiachun said this, took a deep look at Li Guohao, and said with admiration But you are the most powerful and most admired person among the younger generation I have seen.Haha Li Guohao was a little uncomfortable seeing Zheng Jiachun s seriousness, so he laughed, and after relieving the atmosphere, he said happily, Brother Zheng, I will be proud if you praise me so much.Huo Zhenting smiled Be proud, you are usually too humble.Li Guohao pretended to be naive and smiled, then brought the topic back to the main topic, and said with a little seriousness The collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate is, in chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd my opinion, a crisis and a rare opportunity.Recently, not only Hang Lung Group has fallen into financial crisis, but even established real estate companies such as Jardine Land, Carnival Real Estate, and Far East Consortium Real Estate are facing the crisis of bankruptcy.

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