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After reading it for a long time, he couldn t see why What about the Soarer Project Touch the red progress bar.According to what Xiaoling said, Wang Weiyi clicked on the progress bar, and a page appeared The Soarer Project started, initiated by Rambler.Start time September 11th, 1916, End time November 1st, do cbd gummies work for smoking 1918.The first The goal of the stage is to stick to the Somme B position.Search for the progress of the task completion the first task of the first stage of the Rambler is completed, a tank support is provided, the tank is assembled, the status is standby.Activate the password identification the Rambler The first task of the first stage What is it When did you complete it Don t ask me, I haven t cracked it yet.Xiao Ling s words broke Wang Weiyi s hope When you left, you asked me to provide support viciously.Now you know, there are prerequisites for support.Damn Dr.Qin, Wang Weiyi cursed in his heart again.People are already dead, what are 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy you doing with so many mysterious things, and you don t want to reveal the answer straightforwardly.Since you can t figure it out, just don t think about it Where is my tank A sound of Kalala came, a door opened, and three mighty tanks quietly appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.German tank No.1 B Xiaoling s voice came It was officially put into production in 1935, with a length of 4.42M, a width of 2.06M, a height of 1.72M, and a maximum armor thickness of 13MM.Armed Two MG137.92MM machine guns, combat weight 5800KG, Engine Maybach NL38TR six cylinder liquid cooled gasoline engine.Horsepower 100HP.The maximum speed is 40KM per hour.The maximum operating distance is rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes do cbd gummies work for smoking 170KM, the wading height is 0.And this is what worries Major General Smead the most.Could it be that the Germans invented a do cbd gummies work for smoking cbd peach gummies new type of tank Then this may have an unpredictable impact on the war.Intensify the search, we must find out this damn German Major General Smead said angrily.one Major General Smead looked at everything in front of him with a livid face.He couldn t believe that the Welsh infantry regiment was also defeated.These damned militiamen have completely embarrassed the people of the British Empire Of course, there is also Prince Sobock s battalion.Aren t they known as elite But why is such an elite so vulnerable Judging from the information sent, the enemy s troops were definitely not many, even only a few people, and the only scary thing was the three tanks that suddenly appeared on the battlefield.According to Major John, the three tanks were extremely terrifying, and the firepower caused by the machine guns was simply destructive.Upon hearing this, General Smead immediately focused his attention, and Lev s expression became even more solemn That s one of our ace spies.When he transmits the information, maybe we can find out some secrets of the Germans.Okay, Sergeant, I will cooperate with you.General Smead nodded Nodding Where is the pick up location The map was brought over, following the direction Lev pointed, General Smead frowned That s the border with the Germans.Yes.Sergeant Fu nodded He can only reach that place, he is deeply hidden from the Germans, and he must not cbd gummy for anxiety be too far away, otherwise it will increase the risk of exposure.General Smead thought about it carefully Ronnie, find some people for the sergeant, do cbd gummies work for smoking and make sure to bring back that information.Now, things have turned a little bit better, and if we can find out the secrets of the Germans, it is bound to bring great benefits to the British in future wars.He buried two MP18 submachine guns in 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy it, and then filled it with soil.Well, another layer of old soil was covered.If they didn t know it, who would have guessed that there were two new weapons buried under it I took over a rifle from Guo Yunfeng, and now the two lives depend on these two British rifles Spread out.Wang Weiyi couldn t figure out what was going on here, so he decisively issued an order to Guo Yunfeng.The two who have fought side by side since most of the lost and disappeared have separated.Wang Weiyi has nothing to fear.For him, being in the woods allows him to take advantage of individual combat.The hunting game has begun He quickly found an excellent position, where he could accurately monitor the movement in front of him, and he could evacuate quickly.After adjusting his breathing, he loaded the rifle with bullets, and fixed his eyes on the front.The rifles in their hands shot aimlessly at the place where the gunshots sounded, and the crackling was very lively.After finally waiting for the gunshots to stop, a few soldiers touched it in fear, but there were no hunters.The figure of the killer And they lost another companion Already some Britons were afraid of the dreadful woods, and no one knew where the next bullet would come from and whom it would fall on.In these woods, lurks a terrible demon Lieutenant Conk witnessed two soldiers die in front of his eyes, and what was even more frustrating was that he didn t 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy even find the enemy This is the scariest thing Damn it, once I catch this damned German, I will definitely shoot him on the spot At this moment, Lieutenant Conker s gentlemanly demeanor was gone.The scariest thing is not facing the enemy s heavy machine guns, but facing an invisible enemy He was hiding in an unknown place botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking in the woods, waiting to shoot new targets anytime and anywhere.God Wang Weiyi was really dizzy.Elena is actually the adopted daughter of the well known German aristocrat, Admiral Livinsky No wonder she is so familiar with people like Manstein and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi managed to recover from his surprise I heard she is Rommel s cousin Yes.Richthofen nodded Elena s biological mother is Erwin s mother.My cousin That is a distant relative, Wang rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes do cbd gummies work for smoking Weiyi thought while listening to Richthofen After Elena became the adopted daughter of General Edward, the two families still have contacts.The reason why Erwin was able to enter the Danzig Officer Candidate School as a civilian, in addition to the needs of the country, the Livinsky family also played a certain role.Of course, this does not hinder Erwin s reputation.It s too complicated.As if noticing their whispering, Elena smiled and said, Lieutenant Ernst, do are cbd gummies legal in arizona you still hate what I said If that s the case, then I apologize to you again.But Guderian couldn t say exactly what it was.Or maybe you think too much about it.seventy one.Prisoners By the time the sun rose, the battle for position D9 was over.Once again, victory was firmly in the hands of the supplementary battalion under the leadership of Captain Ernst Brehm.Where there is Ernst, there is victory, which has become the consensus of all soldiers in the supplementary battalion.About 200 prisoners were captured and are being counted there one by one.Guderian came over Captain, you have to come and take a look.As Guderian came to another part of the position, Wang Weiyi was surprised to see more than a dozen seriously wounded dying.Among them, there was even a lieutenant colonel whose arm was blown off.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, Commander of the 43rd Battalion of the British 42nd East Lance Division.Marklin seemed to have won the victory.When Second Lieutenant Hall stood behind the witness stand, Marklin asked in a condescending tone Second Lieutenant Hall, although you are standing in front of your superior now, I hope you will uphold the principles of an upright gentleman.Honor, let me 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy tell you about what happened to Captain Ernst Alexon von Brahm that day.Yes, I will.Hall muttered, and after a while he mustered up his courage to say We conquered the enemy s position and captured a large number of prisoners, including Lieutenant Colonel Rosen Captain Ernst decided to release the prisoners.I tried to dissuade him, but he didn t listen to me and insisted Lieutenant Colonel Rosen was releasedandand Captain Ernst went to the British position and stayed for a long time before returning There was an uproar in the gallery, forcing Felix to yell loudly several times before they were able 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day to quiet them down.I believe do cbd gummies work for smoking this information is enough to prove everything I have done Colonel Nicholas, why don t you announce it Let everyone see if I m just bragging, or have I really fought bloody battles Nicholas eyelids twitched Who told you this confidential information Me Following the voice, it was Heinrich Elena von Liewenski Elena looked at Nicholas and said firmly I was in the Military Intelligence Bureau and saw with my own eyes that the information was handed over to Colonel Nicholas.In the documents, everything about Baron Alexon in the Somme was proved.Record Elena didn t just talk nonsense because of Wang Weiyi s relationship.Under the condition that she was do cbd gummies work for smoking cbd peach gummies still fully trusted by Nicholas, she was the one who took over the information.After she lost Nikolai s trust, but got to know Ernst Brahm more and more, especially when Ernst was slandered, she told Wang Weiyi these things intelligence.Another boring day.Since arriving at the front line, I have repeated this every day Watching over the arrested suspects, reading a book, getting through the day, sleeping, and then getting ready for a new, equally boring day In this damn place, it is impossible to even have an affair.I really miss my life in Paris parties, balls, beautiful women the war should end sooner, let myself go back to Paris sooner, put on decent clothes, and be surrounded by countless women Let s play around.Second Lieutenant, someone wants to see you.Who Bi Mengai put down the book that was still on page 72.A beautiful girl.Hearing these words, Second Lieutenant Bimonai s eyes lit up.beautiful girl Are there any pretty girls in Reims He just stood up when he saw a familiar figure walking in.The second lieutenant almost wondered if he was living in a dream.Ministry, go to the headquarters to look for him, you can t come in here. Hey, look, this dress is just ready Lieutenant Moyor Wang Weiyi unfolded a brand new dress When the attention HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking of the French soldiers was attracted, Wang Weiyi suddenly threw away his botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking clothes, revealing a submachine gun.Tu Tu Tu the submachine gun spit out flames.And the guns of Rommel and Steck behind him do cbd gummies work for smoking also rang at the same time The French soldiers immediately fell in a pool of blood.Rush in, don t let Kilok escape Called by Wang Weiyi, the members of the special unit rushed in.There are really too few French troops here.They rushed out when they heard the gunshots, and soon fell under the crazy firepower of the Germans.Especially the submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand is simply a nightmare for the French Erwin, Steck, cover me, cover me Wang Weiyi yelled loudly, risking the bullets of the dying French soldiers, and rushed into the room quickly and sensitively.Richthofen Is a very smart man.He fully understands the meaning of breaking money and eliminating disasters.Let him go.Wang Weiyi waved his hand Baron Albrecht, we are not forcing you.I did it voluntarily, it is simply my honor.Richthofen said seriously.This crisis is over Richthofen forgot in a blink of an eye, hooked Rommel s neck and asked with a smirk Erwin, is your fianc e beautiful Hey, Don t get me wrong, I just want to know if there are any pretty girls in Danzig.Let s go, Manfred.Wang Weiyi threw his coat to the Red Baron.Richthofen put on his clothes Sandra, goodbye.Goodbye, Ernst.As soon as Sandra said this, Richthofen shivered, damn it, he should be well Why are you saying goodbye to this woman Wang Weiyi remembered immediately, seeing Richthofen trying how long do cbd gummies to kick in to escape, he took a step forward, hooked his shoulder and walked out Manfred, we have to talk in privateI hear you have a nice horse Hey Ernst, I just do cbd gummies work for smoking borrowed your name I think my name is tarnished, A horse seems to make up for my wounded heart Ernst, you are too shameless The villagers stared dumbfounded at the group of smiling German soldiers leaving.He was requisitioned What do you mean Scholar, you, come here Wang Weiyi called a soldier under Model s command Go and tell your superiors that Second Lieutenant Model has now joined my army.After he finished speaking, he asked Hitler to take the pen and paper, hurriedly wrote a line, and then handed it to the gentleman Bring this to General Gedel Yes, you heard it right, General Gedell, you don t need the approval of your superiors Major, youII can t leave my unitand my superior general won strongest and best value cbd gummies t say yes Model has not reacted to what is going on until now.Your superiors will agree Wang Weiyi smiled I have unlimited rights, I 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy can mobilize anyone I need Otto Moritz Walter Model, you are welcome to join the Skull Commando Model was stunned.Skeleton Commando Although it was just established, the Skeleton Commando has already spread its reputation in the German army Then this major in front of him is He tentatively asked Major ,you are Ernst Brahm Model let out a long breath.Wang Weiyi pondered and said And this matter is only known to a few of us.If there are too many people who know, it will be leaked sooner or later.I want to save this money and find something to invest in.Many of us will be injured and even killed in the future, and if that happens, I will take compensation out of this huge sum to pay them or their families.Rommel and the others did not expect that Ernst would arrange this huge sum of money in this way, but this is the best way.If someone is really injured and loses the ability to fight, or dies, they can only botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking get a meager compensation.Ernst did this so that they and their families no longer had to worry about their livelihood.Wang Weiyi had another idea.After the war, Germany would be impoverished due to war reparations.His subordinates , a large part of them will have a very difficult life.I will It is our honor to prepare the most comfortable and luxurious room here for you to live in Hope you have botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking a good time here.After Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude, he came to how long till cbd gummies kick in the room specially prepared for him.It was indeed a luxurious and comfortable room.After seeing off the manager and closing the door, Xiao Ling s voice came over immediately Again Is there anything to thank you for coming to Berlin, Baron Alexon Come on.Wang Weiyi sat down and raised his feet comfortably The atmosphere is really fanatical.From the moment I entered Berlin, I could feel that Germany is preparing for the final decisive battle at any time You have a lot to do in this, Rambler.Xiao Ling s tone of voice didn t seem so polite If it weren t for your miraculous performances botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking on the battlefield, you wouldn t have plunged the whole of Berlin and even the whole of Germany into a war crazy atmosphere Hey, it s also your fault here.Let God decide everything After a break, Manstein, Richthofen and 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy Elena came to the hotel, relying on the intuition of women.Elena seemed to be aware of something Fortunately, Richthofen rescued Wang Weiyi in time Hey, Ernst, let s go and see the same thing with us.Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to the outside of Berlin.about twenty Baron Bram sent out the manor.Walking on the road, Wang Weiyi still felt a little absurd last night.The first of the three things he promised to do for the Countess was done just like that God knows what the countess thought.Did you have a good time last night Xiao Ling s words were full of contempt Okay, Merry Rambler, I have to give you your Mark and the gold and jewelry you got from the cursed manor, turn right, You will see a carriage, which is filled with what you need.In this way, Paris could be occupied in a few days Wang Weiyi Po It was a little embarrassing.Listening to other people s comments about me in a tavern really made me a little uncomfortableLooking at the three of Manstein again, there were smiles on the corners of their mouths.Hey, the U.S.zh ngf has protested A bearded German waved a newspaper in his hand and said, Our order to announce the submarine warfare seems to make these Yankees tremble.Damn those Yankees Go Someone yelled.If the Yankees dare to join the war, we can defeat them within a week No, we can go to Washington in a month The crowd in the beer hall suddenly became excited.Wang Weiyi frowned, such an optimistic and arrogant mood is not like the usual strict Germans.Perhaps it was the news of victory that appeared one after another in the newspapers recently that greatly stimulated the Germans, but this is not a good phenomenon for a country Ernst, do you think it is possible for the United States to join the war Manstein asked calmly in a low voice.Those who were seriously injured were treated on the spot, and those who were slightly injured were carried down on a stretcher.Adolf Hitler raised the rifle in his hand Adolf.Wang Weiyi called out in a low voice.When Hitler s head turned, he shook his head towards Hitler Hitler smiled a little shyly Lieutenant Colonel, I m just aiming, I won t kill them Wang Weiyi also smiled, yes, at least until now, Hitler is still an ordinary soldier who would be shy A Frenchman wearing a red cross waved a white flag in his hand Walking towards here, when he walked into the botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking German line, he didn t salute Hello, I need some bandages and medicines, we are running out of them, you have to know, the casualties are too greatPlease rest assured, I will return it to you Give it to him.Wang Weiyi said calmly.Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel.After Gustav left, the Skeleton Commando ushered in their strongest opponent.Be brave against skeletons The first change Ben Weihao made was to regard the Skeleton Commando s defense as the main attack direction.When coming to the front line of Lance.He made an extremely detailed investigation, and he also knew the influence of the Skeleton Commando and their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Brahm, on the entire German army.Only by completely defeating the opponent can the confidence of the Germans be seriously shaken, the confidence of the French soldiers can be enhanced, and the spring offensive can be won The movement of the French army was also transmitted to Wang Weiyi by the Military Intelligence Bureau at the first timeRomand Benweihao, who served as a brigadier general during the Battle of Verdun, fought bravely and made outstanding achievements in battle.Thank God, I can finally survive Although the life in the prisoner of war camp is not very easy, at least I can survive until the end of the war Tanks are constantly patrolling the position, it The majestic and terrifying muzzles and machine guns didn t fire, they just frightened the French, but that was enough.The French army had long been frightened, when the tank s muzzle was aimed at them.They raised their hands just like their companions in front of them.There is no need for someone to direct, no one to give orders, it is completely voluntary.Then Wang Weiyi, who rushed to the position, couldn t help shaking his head slightly.France, France This is not HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking their worst performance.What will really make the whole world laugh will happen in another bigger world war in the future In less than two hours, the Skeleton Commando captured more than 4,000 Frenchmen with such a meager force.Now, it was time to add another plane to his shot down list.He looked sideways, but the smile froze on his face.Buck s plane was hit The British had decided to get rid of the Red Baron s assistant first, and then concentrate on dealing with the terrible sky bully.Another string of bullets hit Buck s fighter plane.Buck also looked towards the Red Baron.There was HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking no fear on his face, and he also had a smile on his face.His body was bleeding, and then he saluted the Red Baron.The plane rolled and fell to the ground with a thick face.Buck delivered the last message of his life to the Red Baron It is my greatest honor to be able to fight side by side with you.The Red Baron tightly pursed his lips, pouring all his anger and sorrow into the mad sweep of the enemy.It is now one to seven But Richthofen didn t want to think about it at all.Ernst Brahm Ernst Brahm Well do cbd gummies work for smoking done, it s Ernst Brahm again The famous skeleton baron, like a shadow, always haunts him, and it is like a nightmare, so that everyone in the Allied Powers cannot get rid of it.What should we do with him In order to deal with this hateful guy, the Allies tried every means.Even the s team was established, but it still couldn t stop his victories on the battlefield.Now, there is a saying in those British or French armies Even if Germany will lose tomorrow, as long as Ernst Brahm is not defeated, we will never be able to say that we have won.Who is the first The person who said this sentence is no longer important, what is important is to get rid of the psychological impact of this do cbd gummies work for smoking nightmare on the soldiers.Order the aviation and artillery to bomb all the crossings and bridges of the Marne River When Marshal Foch issued this order, everyone in the headquarters looked at each other in dismay.Next time do cbd gummies work for smoking The battle will end with a complete victory for the 0 Infantry Division, I promise As he said, he refused to answer any more questions.General Smith came to the cannon and clearly saw the words written on it Hey, we are not do cbd gummies work for smoking cbd peach gummies No , this is a gift to you, Americans, and welcome to hell.So glaring, so humiliating, General do cbd gummies work for smoking Smith was so furious that he had the cannon destroyed immediately, he didn t even want to It s a second.The Germans did not blow up the cannon, but the Americans themselves did.Is 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy this a sarcasm Beasley knew that he couldn t get more news from General Smith.Everyone had this news, and it couldn t be explosive.He had to do something to make himself an ace reporter.A bold idea suddenly popped up in his mind Find the Skeleton Baron and interview this undefeated myth on the battlefield face to face Once this idea came out, even he himself was taken aback.Also very anxious.After careful research and discussion in the base camp.It is believed that three fifths of the country s military force has gathered in Shanghai, and it has already put on a decisive battle posture.Before that, the Japanese army had been putting its main force in the direction of North China to seek a decisive battle, which is a waste of strategic deployment.And decided to shift the strategic focus to China and East China.For this reason, it do cbd gummies work for smoking was decided to establish the Chinese Front Army.On October 20, the Japanese Army Command also ordered the deployment of the 6th, 18th, and 114th Divisions, the Guoqi Detachment, and the 2nd D l Shanpao Regiment from North China and the country.The 6th Field Heavy Artillery Brigade, the 1st and 2nd Reserve Infantry Regiments and other troops with do cbd gummies work for smoking a total of about 120,000 people formed the 10th Army, with General Yanagawa Heisuke as the commander, preparing to implement a landing operation to open up the situation.Two hundred and ninety.Overall 1380 monthly tickets plus updates Three soldiers accompanied a second lieutenant and walked over do cbd gummies work for smoking from a distance.Wang Weiyi wanted to get some more majestic clothes, but unfortunately after searching for a long time, he bolt cbd gummies 3000 mg found a second lieutenant.The second lieutenant is a second lieutenant, and he can deal with it.Guo Yunfeng did not What, Zhang Sandao and Xie Laolan were worried, why is the major so courageous, he just got a few sets of Japanese clothes, and dared to go to the Japanese in a big way.Also, the four of them are wearing such skins, if they are caught by those What should I do if the brothers who were hiding in the HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking dark and ambush saw it and thought it was the Japanese who had been killed In fact, Wang Weiyi was more worried than them.To die on the battlefield, at most, is to die with blood for the country.Dare to bring so much gold into Shanghai Let me tell you the truth, all I want is gold.Don t die.Leave your things, you go.Hear them Ding Laosi called out Master Yuan is merciful, spare your lives, leave the gold, get out Wang Weiyi shook his head Since Sanheng broke up, has there been no leader in Shanghai Beach Boss Du is in Hong Kong, Boss Huang stays behind closed doors, and there are only some soldiers and crabs jumping up and down Yuan Wang s complexion changed, and he was about to explode, when Manager Wang said calmly Master Yuan chose a really good place, let s shoot.No one can hear it.After finishing speaking, six battering guns were displayed in the hands of three people The faces of Yuan Wang, Ding Laosi and those youth gangs changed.My surname is Wang, this is Shanghai Ding Laosi had just finished speaking, and the gunshot had already rang out.He called Guo Yunfeng and Zhang Sandao, and when he left the hotel, he gave Xiao Yangzhou ten yuan Little Yangzhou, you have worked hard these days.We will have a chance to meet again in the future.After getting such a fortune suddenly, Rarely, Little Yangzhou was not overjoyed, on the contrary, he still had some reluctance Manager Wang, when are you coming again You have made the French feel ashamed this time.Help us out Yes, sooner or later I ll be back.Wang Weiyi smiled and patted him on best thc free cbd gummies 2020 the shoulder.When he walked out of the hotel, he saw some shoeshine and fruit sellers standing outside the hotel, and they all nodded to Wang Weiyi quietly.These are Lu Mingzhai s apprentices.A rickshaw came in front of Wang Weiyi Boss.We haven t opened for a day.Boss, take my car.Yuan Wang Manager Wang.Eight years Maybe when the Wanderer appears, it will be greatly shortened Goodbye Wang Weiyi looked at the Tang family with a smile.Goodbye All the people answered him in this way, Wang, kill a few more Japanese people, don t let me look down on you, my lord.That was Li Zufa s voice.Brother Wang, promise, remember to come back That was Tang Weihong s voice.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, and then walked away from here Ziguang Military Base.Now, I will take you out of ShanghaiI always You re breaking your own rules However, Xiao Ling s words were quickly interrupted by Wang Weiyi No, take us out of the concession What do you want to do, Rambler I thought, do what I have to do.Wang Weiyi took his own skeleton gun We should leave a lesson for the Japanese in Shanghai and tell them whose Shanghai is here Guo Yunfeng silently picked up his weapon.Baron.Zhang Jinghui was afraid of making trouble When something unpleasant happened, he quickly said with a smile on his face If the baron is interested, I will accompany you in person some other day.The simple audience ceremony ended hastily, and Pu Yi endured his unhappiness and said Mr.Toxon, I am ready Some food.I hope you can dine here.Ah, it s my pleasure Wang Weiyi said with a smile.He humbled himself in front of the Japanese, and lacked the majesty of the emperor in front of the British.Now, the banquet is Pu Yi s only chance to save face.Although it is not as luxurious as when it was in Beijing, it can be seen that Puyi really put a lot of thought into this banquet.The baroness Elena exclaimed as the exquisite dishes came up one after another, which finally made the corner of Pu Yi s mouth reveal a winner s smile Elena really exclaimed.at the dinner party.Ueda Kenkichi casually discussed the situation with the baron.Of course, he didn t think that a dude like the baron could understand.When they talked about the situation in Europe, Kenji Ueda said 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy casually Yesterday, I got a piece of news.A famous person in Germany died Who Everything about Germany is What Wang Weiyi cares about.Erich von Ludendorff. Tuzing, Bavaria, Germany.Adolf Hitler, the head of state of the empire, and Richthofen, the commander of the air force, rushed from Berlin to Tuqing.They got bad news the former German infantry general, who spared no effort to call for Adolf Hitler to come to power General Ludendorff is afraid that he will die.For Ludendorff, Hitler s mood is quite complicated.When I am constantly working hard to seek the highest power in Germany.What s going on Kobayakawa do cbd gummies work for smoking Hongyi finally couldn t bear it anymore, and yelled angrily.Your Excellency, the matter is like this.Major Miyamoto was frightened, and hurriedly recounted everything that happened today.Kobayakawa Koi s eyes narrowed into lines Miyamoto Yoshiro, did you just bring two Chinese who claimed to be the French consulate here Your Excellency, it was my fault, but I was in a hurry to I m going to a meeting, Miyamoto Yoshiro HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking explained fearfully.Your Excellency, Commander, we found a piece of clothes on the second floor that the Chinese had changed before they fled.Yoshiro Miyamoto was about to reach out to pick it up, but Koi Kobayakawa suddenly said, Yamaguchi, check your clothes.Yoshiro Miyamoto Hiroshi Yamaguchi withdrew his hand and took the clothes, and checked them carefully in front of Kobayakawa Koi, yes.There are too many people like him on the battlefield.These soldiers gathered from all over the world to join the squadron to fight against foreign enemies.When they died, few of them left their names behind.At most, a monument will be erected for them together, which HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking reads Tomb of the Unknown Soldier The fourth He smiled towards the west of the gang, and added new military exploits to his credit book.He decided to stay on the battlefield and continue to increase his harvest until the day when the empire won or he was killed Zhang Lingfu, how is the situation on 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy the front line Report to the brigade, everything is normal The Japanese army is attacking fiercely, but I can definitely cbd gummies sativa hold on until 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy 12 o clock tonight Zhang Lingfu, the Japanese army has not yet fully taken the bait, can you hold on for another day No problem, I can continue Persist for a day, but the bio lyfe cbd gummies for sex 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day Japanese army s snipers are too powerful, and mine are all newbies, inexperienced, and already somewhat suppressed.With such a force attacking Poland, Poland was simply unstoppable.Hitler hated Poland.Danzig is now in the hands of Poland, and there is the place where he and the skeleton baron once fought side by side Poland s defense is indeed very weak.Its air force is obsolete, its army is bloated and its navy is close to zero, but the Poles are tough and the people are united.Together with the enemy, ready to fight to the death against the invaders.Young people donate their bicycles for military use.The reserve army was urgently mobilized, and a large number of patriots gathered at the conscription station to sign up for the army.In how long do cbd gummies stay fresh Britain, Prime Minister Chamberlain seems to have woken up.He once bet his political life in Munich, and after the German army fell to Czechoslovakia, he has become the laughing stock of the world and the worst political designer in the world.On August 27th, when the situation in Danzig was gradually getting out of control, the German battleship Schleswig Holstein sailed into the port of Danzig and moored in the harbor in the name of a courtesy visit.On August 31st, when night fell over Europe, Hitler looked at his former comrades in arms Rommel, Manstein, Guderian, HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking Model, Richthofen and then slowly said In the name of Ernst Alexson von Brahm, let us begin In the name of Ernst Alexson von Brahm In the name of Bram, let s get started All the people said in the most solemn tone.Let s get started The 150,000 German troops continued to reach the starting area on the Polish border.At dawn on September 1, the German army invaded Poland.In the sky, the German fleet roared A few minutes later, the Polish military and civilians suffered the largest do cbd gummies work for smoking air attack in human history.The Skeleton Division s troops guarded all the main fronts of Radev, and now they must stop the Russian counterattack.A large number of German soldiers arrived, and when they heard that the skeleton baron was here, almost every German soldier asked to stay and fight with the baron.But the baron refused all without exception.He told these brave soldiers that they must stand out Then go to the designated place to complete the assembly, rest and prepare for a new attack New offense New attack The eyes of the soldiers lit up, they knew that since the baron said it, he would definitely do it Soon, under the leadership of the Baron, the largest counter offensive will begin From R do cbd gummies work for smoking to 2R , in three days, 35,000 German soldiers and wounded were evacuated from Sacrito.At the same time, General Paul Hauser s Second Armored Army, after countless tenacious assaults, also do cbd gummies work for smoking successfully opened two gaps in Minsorsk, although these two gaps only lasted for two days.We can t achieve complete victory on the battlefield alone, we do cbd gummies work for smoking have to let something happen inside the enemy itself.Of course, to achieve my goal, we must be accompanied by our victories on the battlefield one after another But who will I send to rescue Marshal Timoshenko What, you want to save Timoshenko General Kleist was taken aback.Don t make such a fuss.Even if Timoshenko is alive, Stalin will never let him command the army again, because he has lost the last bit of Stalin s trust.Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while I have to find some jewelry and information, and I need reliable people.Guo Yunfeng Seems like he s going fine.Go, call Guo Yunfeng in immediately Well, General Kleist must admit that his intelligence can t keep up with Marshal Ernst at all But he must firmly believe that anything Marshal Ernst does is to win for Germany.Attack Moscow in the north.Completely gain the initiative in the war.Generals, do you still have any objections to my decision now Generals, including Germany Including Adolf Hitler, the head of state, all let out a long sigh of relief.Now they finally know the real strategic purpose of Marshal Ernst He wants to obtain Turkey, where he can eliminate the strength of the Allied Forces to the greatest extent.Then, get ready for the showdown.He even thought about the time of the decisive battle 1943 There is no doubt, no one has any doubts, since Marshal Ernst has decided to do so, then what the generals have to do is to fully cooperate with Marshal Ernst.Mr.F hrer Wang Weiyi cast his eyes on Adolf Hitler Have you prepared everything I asked you to prepare The general knew one more thing.The battlefield, and the head of state has long known about this strategic plan Yes, Marshal, I have mobilized all the troops you want.The Luftwaffe doesn t seem to have much interest in protecting any historic do cbd gummies work for smoking city.They continue to dispatch planes to carry out the craziest bombing of this city with a very long history.The bombs blew up Istanbul, and there were flames everywhere, and the rising clouds of smoke almost suffocated people.Those Turkish soldiers running around were running and shouting in despairbut the bombs still showed no mercy and kept falling.General Gorris had nothing to do.Facing the powerful German army, the Turkish army seems to be unable to find effective resistance measures.The only thing they can do at this time is to beg when these hateful planes can leave The soldiers of the Turkish army have indeed been tempered in the harsh environment of the ancient Anatolian plateau.They have a strong fighting quality.I Come, not to clean 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy up the mess.He was silent for a while, and then said slowly You used to be the most important member of the Skeleton Commando, why the Skeleton Commando has never been defeated It s not because of me alone, do cbd gummies work for smoking but we are always a whole, no one can tear us apart now even though we are In all the battlefields of the world.But come and see.Wang HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking Weiyi brought his friends to the front of the map Manstein and Guderian are on the Russian battlefield, and in Germany, Shitten and Bonkelley, I have ordered them to take charge of the For logistical supplies, Orcus will personally undertake the heavy responsibility of transporting supplies to the battlefield.Richthofen will personally be responsible for the air support on the African battlefield.What about Sean He will train new soldiers for us, so that we have qualified soldiers.This is the most frightening thing.Iran is just like Turkey, and its position is too critical for the Allies Ernst.In the bio lyfe cbd gummies for sex 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day end, Baron Alexon von Brahm showed his strategic intentions unreservedly in front of the whole world First, conduct one or two major counterattacks in Russia to minimize the strength of the Soviet army and stabilize the Soviet Union.Then, rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes do cbd gummies work for smoking open up the second battlefield Once the Turkish battlefield is completed, it can attack the Soviet Union or Iran at any time, and then attack the Middle East, and join the African battlefield.In this way, the Allies will be forced to follow The backs of the German army moved back and forth, exhausted.Now, the good show has begun, and Iran is engaged in fierce fighting, while the United Kingdom is focusing on the North African battlefield, trying to use a large scale war to end the war in Africa.So have all your previous telegrams found When Wang Weiyi said this, he glanced at Innschick and found that the colonel was still expressionless.He casually picked up Inschick s military uniform and played with it In those telegrams, I found a very interesting phenomenon, all encrypted with Enigma , without exception, involved a large number of numbers , but those numbers are very accurate.Only this one.Why After careful consideration, there is only one answer.This time it happened so suddenly that you can t prepare a set of numbers carefully.You made a fuss on the telegram, and tampered with some numbers you need without authorization You are risking sending out the news that we are preparing to respond to the ace spy Kraken against the clock I don t understand what you re saying, Marshal.There were many things that Mo Guangzhi couldn t think of, and so did Yoshimura Hidezo.He never expected that he would be reprimanded early in the morning.As the vice captain of the military police of the Empire of Japan, HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking he actually asked a Chinese pig to assist in the detection.If this news gets out, what is the dignity of our Imperial Japanese Army Cang suppressed the anger in his heart, and argued This Mo Guangzhi still has some skills.He solved the Soviet Russia office incident a few days ago.Masaichi Shimamoto snorted heavily, There are blind cats.When encountering a dead mouse, anyone with a little brain can understand that matter.This time, I will not go into it for your sake, and you can take him back later.Looking at Yoshimura Hideo As soon as he stopped talking, Shimamoto knew that he was dissatisfied, so he slowed down his cbd gummies pm tone with a sinister smile and said I have already released those Chinese who sold bootleg alcohol in the northern suburbs, but after you apply for release In the past, three people died in the simulation exercise of the fourth team.Also lost 1 large submarine and 5 pocket submarines, 77 crew members were killed and 1 was captured.A total of 133 personnel were lost.The U.S.sunk four battleships Arizona , California , West Virginia and Oklahoma as well as a minelayer Oglala and a target ship Utah.One battleship, three cruisers, three destroyers were severely damaged, three battleships, three cruisers, and five auxiliary ships were slightly injured.260 aircraft were destroyed and 63 were injured.2,334 people were killed, 916 were missing, and 1,341 were injured.The California and West Virginia were later salvaged and returned to war.The U.S.military also inspected the sunken Arizona to see if it was possible to salvage it.Finally, seeing that there was no hope, they removed the hull exposed on the water, and the hull at the bottom of the water remained in the sunken place.During World War II, captives dug long tunnels, or jumped over barbed wire in concentration camps, and even disguised themselves in women do cbd gummies work for smoking s clothes to escape.It seemed to Inaris the most absurd way of escape anyone could think of.one afternoon.Naris had just returned to the office from the headquarters, and an assistant said anxiously to Naris You are back.There is something urgent waiting for you.What s the matter Naris asked casually.Two Frenchmen landed in West Sussex.Oh.What s the fuss There are thousands of planes on the Continent This one is different, he said with a grimace.The report says they built their own plane Probably they are the Wright Brothers.Too bad they re long gone.And they re not French either.Well, then, take Naris to see these two brave pilots.They came by car.They haven t arrived yet.How did they get in here And how did you get those weapons and explosives Perhaps by clarifying this, the real mastermind can be caught.Colonel Menzies felt that he had to thank Baron Alexon, who provided him with such important information, which was of great help to solve the case quickly.Six hundred and forty three.Confession Now, there are some clues about HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking the assassination of Baron Alexon in London.All the evidence points to one person the head of the second management department of MI6 who has been in the limelight in the past two years John.Lieutenant Colonel do cbd gummies work for smoking cbd peach gummies Naris.Further investigations into the lieutenant colonel were carried out in secret, and Colonel Menzies did not want to make any fanfare.At this time, the interrogation of those captured assassins was also in full swing.It must be said that these assassins were very tight lipped, and they were unwilling to reveal anything during the initial interrogation.Ah, it sounds like a coincidence.Riley also showed a smile on his face Before entering Moscow.We killed a Russian major, and I assumed his identity.As a result I was censored later.God, the major s unit was defeated by the Germans I thought it was over this time, but it wasn t like that The major s troops were completely defeated, his superiors were all dead, and most of his subordinates were captured.My identity could not be proved at all.All right.I bribed my censors with some money and I was vindicated Hey Baron.It seems that they are not so determined Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, he knew that although Lai Li said it lightly, only he himself knew the danger.Ye Peiergen, Smith, Cromanson and other players also found a way to hide themselves.They are now no different from an ordinary Russian.While the two huge German troops on the left and right were advancing, the Central Assault Group under boulder highlands cbd gummies ceo the personal command of Wang Weiyi finally revealed its ferocious minions The Ike battle group and the Guo Yunfeng battle group have been fighting with Baron Alexon for a long time.The elite troops of the army, and the Viking division mainly composed of foreign volunteers.He is also a master of extreme warfare.This army, full of Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, and Estonian volunteers, maintains infinite loyalty to Germany and is on the battlefield.The will to fight and the confidence they have shown to win are also surprising.They, like every German army, are full of infinite admiration and admiration for Baron Alexson fight for him and die for him The rumbling roar of the tank.It seems to be venting the determination of the German soldiers to win the pride on the faces of the soldiers.They behaved calmly and could not see any impatience.These Germans like to clear positions one by one, and then continue to advance at a speed that does not seem fast, but it is difficult to stop General Demilov knew that a huge crisis was approaching him , but he didn t have any particularly good solution.The tone of Marshal Vasilevsky s telegrams became more and more serious.Even in the telegram just sent, he had vaguely mentioned that General Demilov should be ready to die for Russia.General Demilov knew why the marshal had such a harsh tone.After repeated defeats, the Soviet army could no longer afford another defeat.If the Battle of Erklin was the prelude to the Battle of Stalingrad, then the Battle of Fronis was the official start of the entire Battle of Stalingrad The Soviet army needs to hold here tenaciously, no matter what the price is.Becoming captives can temporarily free them from the threat of death The German army does not have much power to take care of them, and it can even be said that as long as these Russians are willing.They can escape from here anytime and anywhere.But why run away Is it possible to return to one s own happy place cbd gummies review troops, and then be distributed to weapons and put into the battlefield of death again See Marshal Ernst coming.De Sade, who was questioning a prisoner, came to him Marshal, we have captured a Soviet major, which seems to be very valuable The Soviet major named Liaokov was brought in front of Wang Weiyi , when he heard that the person standing in front of him was Marshal Ernst Brahm.Liaokov stood up straight and said, Marshal, hello.I have heard your name countless times.Wang Weiyi had heard too much of such flattery, and he was only interested in another thing Major Liaokov, where did you learn your German From my grandfather and father.If Iron Wall Model is the most outstanding defense master in Germany, then Baron Alexon will tell 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy him now that he also has a daunting defense ability The whole of Germany, the whole of the Soviet Union, the whole of Europe, and the whole world are watching the battle here, and every battle affects the hearts of countless people.Every country knows it.This may be a battle that will determine the fate of Germany and the Soviet Union The smell of blood and gunpowder in the air is suffocating, and all the soldiers can be seen fighting with their mouths open.Not comatose.For the explosion of shells.They have long been numbfor blood and death, they have long been numbeven the figure of the other party has become so blurred They don t know how tired they are anymore, and they can fight anytime, do cbd gummies work for smoking anywhere as if they were wound up At 11 00 am on the 21st, the German army s position f was broken by the Soviet army, which directly threatened the The security of the main position of the Central Assault Group.After occupying this important place, the German army will cut off the connection between the 62nd Army on the west bank and the material supply route on the east bank.As of 15 o clock in the afternoon, Chuikov s headquarters at bio lyfe cbd gummies for sex 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day the top of Mamayev Hill had been destroyed by the German army, and the 62nd Army could not exercise effective command and control.As heavy German artillery fire poured down on them, the Soviets retreated into bunkers before engaging the German infantry in hand to hand combat.However, the attacking German troops pushed in the direction of the Volga in batches, and they crossed the Mamayev Gang towards the Stalingrad 1 railway station and their ultimate goal, the trestle.Soviet shells on the east bank flew across the Volga in an attempt to wipe out the Germans, but to no avail.We can do cbd gummies work for smoking stop them as much as possible, Delay the war as long as possible, but what I can be sure of is this.If only relying on Moscow s current strength, we will not be able to win Then, please tell me, Comrade Zhukov, how can I get my Need victory Stalin asked with some displeasure.I still recommend that you withdraw from Moscow immediately Zhukov quickly replied Even if you are not in Moscow, you can still command the battle, even.If you are not in Moscow, you will be able to exert your influence even more.You can Call all the forces of the entire Soviet Union to move closer to Moscow.And you will personally command.And here, under the command of me and Comrade Vasilevsky, we can use other methods No , I declare again.I will not leave here Stalin was so stubborn at the moment I must be with my people.They can convert the attack into defense in the first time, and then inflict heavy damage on our assault troops.So I did not follow your one point on this point, guilty I made a big mistake, so I would like do cbd gummies work for smoking to ask for your criticism.Now is not the time to pursue any mistakes.Zhukov kept his eyes fixed on the front We are completely behind.Seven hundred sixteen.Three Days of do cbd gummies work for smoking Tragedy The Judgment Day Plan started on March 1943, and when it lasted until the 15th day, the battlefield began to change.Under the strong pressure of the German army, the positions of the Soviet army fell one after another, and the German army began to control the initiative on the battlefield.The continuous, high intensity oppressive attacks prevented the Soviet army from getting any respite.And the high density bombing also plunged the do cbd gummies work for smoking whole of Moscow into a kind of mental panic.Brothers, in order to commemorate Ernst Brahm s outstanding performance during just cbd gummies drug test the Second World War, and also for the eight atomic bombs, let s move the monthly pass.The fourth volume Land of Glory will open tomorrow, with Caesar, Octavian, Cleopatra a series of characters will make their debuts.A baron who claims to be canonized by His Majesty the Emperor will lead the Germanic people to rise up against the aggression from the Roman Legion.He travels between Germany, Gaul, and Rome He do cbd gummies work for smoking and his team will continue to stage magical stories one after another This elegant and charming baron, who was described by the Romans as a bloodthirsty barbarian , will lead a large group of Germanic people who are also called barbarians to complete a new legend.This baron will establish an immortal legend for the future rise of the German Empire.Walker, please believe me, even though you changed the history of Germany in World War II, time and space did not appear the chaos I expected, but I believe that something terrible will happen, It s just that we haven t seen it yet Xiao Ling s answer was very serious In this era of cold weapons.Any thermal weapons are strictly prohibited, and if you don t believe do cbd gummies work for smoking me, you can take a gun outside and try it out now.But remember, you can only put one shot Wang Weiyi dubiously came to the base with a gun, and fired a shot into the air, but there was nothing but a crisp gunshot.He was about to go back to the base and laugh at Xiaoling, but the ground under his feet suddenly began to shake Then, the ground shook rapidly, and it lasted for several minutes before it stopped.Wang Weiyi, who returned to the base, was stunned What s going on Gun, it caused a small earthquake.At the same time, Centumarus was appointed as the governor of the newly established Germania province.In fact, these people all know that the so called aid to Caesar is just to supervise him and disperse his power In order to pray for the victory of this war, Rome made sacrifices to the temples of the gods.Then there were discussions of minor issues whether to raise taxes on luxuries such as imported silk, gems 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy and spices whether to increase the original three juries to four.Let this new addition deal with petty claims whether a highway to Gaul should be rebuilt, etc., almost entirely in Pompey s opinion, and the morning passed at work.When the official document with the seal of the Senate was sent to Centumaros, since the province of Germania is directly under the control of the Senate, he is now the governor of Germania, but there is only one symbol missing.The spear was raised straight in his hand Just as he was approaching, Wang Weiyi rolled towards the ground, and then the saber in do cbd gummies work for smoking cbd peach gummies his hand slashed at the horse s leg very quickly.The war horse let out a long whine, and dropped Su Keers heavily to the ground Seven hundred and forty five.betray Su Keers fell heavily to the ground The chief centurion among the Romans was thrown to pieces.He originally thought that he would be assassinated by the enemy at this time, but what he expected did not happen.When he stood up staggeringly, he found the skull mask man standing there silently, and then he heard a humiliating sentence from the skull mask man s mouth Pull out your sword, I don t kill people who have no ability to resist There was nothing more vicious than this, he could kill himself, but he gave up such an opportunity indifferently.Bream did afterwards made them feel another kind of shock this terrible baron actually allowed them to bring back those wounded soldiers who were struggling on the verge of death Barbarians, in the eyes of all Romans, were cruel and inhuman.They are savage, backward, and eat raw meat.would kill each other, and could only meet a dire do cbd gummies work for smoking fate once the enemy fell into their hands.But what those savages have shown now.Not at all.They graciously allowed the Romans to take the wounded soldiers they left behind on the battlefield, and they faithfully fulfilled their promise.Those Romans who were afraid to return to the battlefield to take their wounded comrades did not suffer any attack at all.All the Germanians were watching the battlefield calmly, and on the highest point, there was a flying battle flag the skeleton battle flag Under the battle flag, stood a man wearing a skull mask.Fight to the death The Salians and Ripulians are also willing to fight the Romans to the death under your leadership At this time, the warrior leaders of the Salians and Ripulians also followed Chapman s example.He looked half kneeling on the ground.Get up, my warriors.Wang Weiyi s words did not imply any reproach All responsibilities will be borne by Dadalut, and have nothing to do with you.You are real Japanese, He is a real German warrior Several warrior leaders stood up with confidence.As for you.Wang Weiyi cast a cold glance at the numb Dadalot, You have no other choice but to die.Dadalot didn t enjoy everything the Romans promised him, But he died at the hands of his own people first.A dangerous hidden danger has do cbd gummies work for smoking been ruled out.And this is not the do cbd gummies work for smoking main purpose of Wang Weiyi s coming here.As for Her husband who is still in prison, she probably won t care about it for the time being Pompeo s home is not far from here, and the Spriius MP has already got in and out of here.No one is allowed to stop Pompey s orders.Pompey usually sleeps until very late before getting up, which makes Wang Weiyi have to wait there for a long time before meeting the most powerful person in Rome.Pompey expressed After apologizing to the guests for the long wait, he said Spulius, my dear friend, what caused you rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes do cbd gummies work for smoking to come to my place so early as a guest A poor woman came to me Wang Weiyi said this, and Pompey immediately reacted.He smiled and said, Ah, my dearest friend, I miss you Said the poor woman.Probably Centumalus wife, Singroa Yes.Wang Weiyi did not deny During the time I was not in Rome, she had found me many times.If these people were to go to the battlefield and die for Caesar, most of them would not hesitate at all.But negotiating with barbarians is another matter.Not only is this a dangerous task, but no one knows what consequences it will bring in tiger cbd gummies the future.Had Caesar been able to achieve victory over Rome, their move would have been engraved HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking in history forever as a heroic feat.But what if it fails Not only have they become traitors to Rome, but the stain of bowing to the barbarians will bring shame to their families that will never be washed away Caesar was slightly disappointed.When his eyes fell on Gaius, Gaius finally said If you really don t have a more suitable candidate, then I am willing to take this responsibility for you.Gaius.My most trustworthy friend.Caesar was overjoyed Please rest assured, I will never forget everything you have done to me, and your loyalty will also be exchanged for my most loyal return Until this time.Sergeant, I need to see General Jonson. The Baron.You re embarrassing me, I m just a staff sergeant.Not eligible to meet the general and report your request.The sergeant said in embarrassment.At this time, the baroness smiled slightly Sergeant, you will think of a way, won t you The sergeant s heart jumped again, he thought for a while, walked to the guard box and picked up the phone Hey, please pick up Captain JayneCaptain, I m here A baroness couple Brigadier General Jonson, the brigade commander of the 6th Marine Corps Brigade, had never do cbd gummies work for smoking seen a real baron.After hearing the news from his subordinates, the baron aroused his curiosity, and he agreed to be in his headquarters.Meet the Baron.Not only that, he also specially invited the Daveen agent of the CIA stationed in Dessau to meet with Baroness Platt with him.However, Major Moyol and his skeleton commando really succeeded Did you and the commando all sneak into Dessau General Olitz couldn t help asking.No, I went in alone.General Olitz, who hadn t recovered from the shock, was shocked again.God, merciful God This Major Moyol actually entered Dessau by himself and rescued Cherus by himself.Either he You re lying, or 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy it s a new miracle creator after the Skeleton Baron I have to make sure with you. General Olitz said with difficulty What do you mean, you entered Dessau alone, and then rescued Colonel Cherus alone Yes, General, you can understand it that way.Have you encountered no obstacles There are some small obstacles.There are not only US troops in Dessau, but also guys from the US Central Intelligence Agency, but I successfully deceived them.The officers were stunned there.Attack again God, they just came back victorious.However, the astonishment was only short lived, and then the officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division once again responded to the baron s order to attack with cheers of mountains and tsunamis attack again With do cbd gummies work for smoking the command of Marshal Ernst, they are do cbd gummies work for smoking fearless Under the leadership of Baron Alexon, they will surely create new miracles Marshal General Olitz s call.Wang Weiyi answered the phone, and General Olitz s respectful voice came from the opposite side Marshal, congratulations on your victory.This is just a small victory for you, but for you For Germany as a whole, this will be our greatest encouragement.I have already reported your victory to the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, and I believe that the whole of Berlin will know about it soon.Firth said with a smile.Bushman sighed deeply Well, I am willing to tell you everything I know.After Marshal Ernst issued a six hour ultimatum, I knew the Empire State Building could not be held, so I was the first to sneak out quietly.But then Ernest found liberty cbd gummy bears my hidden hiding place in Berlin.He told me that F hrer Kloll was out of danger, that there were many loyal troops outside Berlin, and that he had to leave Berlin to regain his power.And my task is to take Ernest out first, check the situation, and then find a way to take Head Kroll away.I had no choice but to agree to him.I thought I was still a general after all, and no one would stop me, but who would have thought that I would meet such a bold lieutenant.Of course he was talking about Hart, which made Hart stand out proudly.Where is Kroller hiding now Facing Firth s question, Buschman shook his head, but quickly explained I really don t know, Ernest ordered me everything.This is the famous Chateau Margaux.It can even be said to be a miracle in the winery industry.When Chateau Margaux collapsed and was acquired, Pipondou Chigon appeared, and he successfully restored the Chigon family to the 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy leading position in the winery industry.And in one fell swoop, it reacquired the once lost Manor Margaux.Because of this, Mr.Pipondu has become one of the most respected people in Europe and America On the opening day of the Milan store, Mr.Pipondu will also be present in person, which is a great event.Mr.Pipondu generally rarely appears in public, especially after he announced his retirement, he is almost isolated from the world.It is said that only a few close friends can see him.certainly.There are also some people who can easily see Mr.Pipondu, that is beauty.Mr.Pipondu s liking for women is well known throughout Europe, and there is always an endless stream of young and beautiful women around him.Then he pulled the trigger and poured the bullets desperately at the enemies who rushed up.Bullets poured out like a best cbd gummies anxiety reddit rainstorm, and Mario had completely integrated himself into this war.There is no need to think about it any more, from now on I am a real German soldier.The Germans around him were also inspired by the spirit of this American.They threw grenades vigorously, covering the heavy machine gun amidst explosions.Two armed helicopters appeared, no is cbd gummies good for ed need to look, they belonged to the enemy, and the ground to do cbd gummies work for smoking cbd peach gummies air machine guns on the position soon rang out.Here, every inch belongs to the Germans, both on the ground and in the sky.Mario was completely insane, he didn t pay attention to the attack in the air at all, he devoted all his thoughts to the frontal battlefield, even if a bullet hit him right now, he would let himself have no regrets.We are going to launch a night attack tonight, occupy the US military camp, and control the No.1 and No.2 crossroads.Captain Tupman, your company is in charge of taking their camp.Captain Slucker, you will weave behind the American camp to prevent Italian reinforcements.Then.Several of our tanks will control the intersection.Captain Mainwerk, your company is responsible for cooperating with tanks to capture the two hills next to the crossroads, where there are only a small number of troops stationed.After you occupy the hill, you are responsible for supporting Captain do cbd gummies work for smoking Tupman and Captain Sluker.We need to hold on until 8 o clock tomorrow morning before the reinforcements will arrive.You will be supported by several aircraft.Fighting in the desert is 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am still standing here.So there is nothing to worry about.Speaking of this, he blinked his eyes Since the enemy can round up me, why can t I round up them in turn Eric was taken aback, what the Marshal meant was Want to be a hunter in turn Second lieutenant, how many people do you have Wang Weiyi asked immediately.I have 28 people.Counting me, we have 29 people, a good armed force.Marshal.Eric said hastily I object to you personally participating in the hunt.After all, a large number of enemies are flooding Fabaman, we cannot bear any terrible loss of losing you.Wang Weiyi smiled again Second Lieutenant, I am very grateful for your kindness.But even if I don t participate in the hunt, I may not be safe no matter Fabaman, Do you think there is a safe place here Eric shook his head honestly.This is true of many things on the battlefield.The outcome of a battle is often determined by the commander s thought.An idea, a choice can often determine the fate of an army.This is exactly the case with General Roschen and his 9th Armored Division.Now that Luo Shen has taken such a path, he has no other choice.He must persevere to the end.Even if this decision turns out to be completely wrong in the end, he will never turn back.As a result, the fate of the Americans turned a corner in this battlefield Eight hundred and ninety five.reunion on the battlefield American fortunes turned a corner on this battlefield.General Luo Shen s choice may not have been correct at the time, but in hindsight, it was a huge failure.His guards have never been able to break through the German defenses, especially after the 11th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment of the 6th Northern Mountain Division of the Waffen SS under the command of Colonel Ludendorff arrived on the battlefield.Qi, of course I know him.Can you take me to see him Ah, no.Lusa became depressed I can t HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking see Mr.Kasanovic, he can Not that you can see it, but I think Mr.Bambi can.Mr.Bambi Yes, he is responsible for how much are green otter cbd gummies the protection fees of all the Italians and French in this area, and he is very fond of Casa Mr.Norwich trusts.Can you see Mr.Bambi I think it s okay.Wang Weiyi put away the gun, took out a hundred dollars from his pocket and gave it to Sand Listen , you go to find Mr.Bambi, and ask him to tell Kasanovic that Mr.Moyol wants to see him, and the place is in the coffee shop in the corner, and this one hundred dollars is for you.Sha was a little dazed, he didn t know who this guy who called himself Mr.Will they be shot and killed indiscriminately on the street However, the one hundred dollars in my hand is in my own hands Sitting in the corner, enjoying the afternoon sunshine in New York, and sipping a cup of freshly ground coffee, probably this can be regarded as a comfortable life.Judging do cbd gummies work for smoking from the battle situation, although the Italian army in Chemnitz is more powerful than before The Italians have been strengthened, but they are not the opponents of the German army at all.Many positions have been broken one after another.However, the Italians 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy show no signs of defeat.Under the fierce German attack, the Italians who have been struggling for a whole day Unable to persist any longer, they quickly retreated into the city.According to past habits, the Italians had already played their best at this point in the battle, and it was time for the entire army to be defeated.But Wang Weiyi and the German army were surprised What happened again botanical farms cbd gummies phone number do cbd gummies work for smoking The Italians, instead of being defeated, started street fighting with the Germans I have never seen such an Italian army.Wang Weiyi murmured in disbelief.According to the forward investigation, about one brigade of the Russian army took on the task of preventing us from entering Robinstel.General Kalumbu s team is still far away from us.How far is it About half a day s bio lyfe cbd gummies for sex 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day journey.Then, don t wait for them.Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars in his hand Order, the whole army assault The whole army assault This is the simplest order, and when this order was issued, the most ferocious assault of the German, Italian and Russian coalition forces began This is a team commanded by Baron Alexon.There are Germans, Italians, and Russians in this team.The opponents who were once strangled on the battlefield have now become allies.You have to sigh the wonder of the world The shouts of mountains and tsunami flooded the entire battlefield in an instant.A large number of soldiers, supported by a large number of armored forces, launched a stormy attack on Robin Stell.Major, give me some food and water.At this time, Wang Weiyi was most concerned about his hungry stomach and chapped and sore lips.The food and water were sent to Wang Weiyi.At this time, Wang Weiyi had completely forgotten the majesty of the marshal.He drank a large mouthful of water viciously, then wolfed down the food and sent it to his stomach, and then poured water again.Only then did he feel more comfortable Major, don t worry about what else we will encounter.Even if all the shells in our tanks are full spectrum 25 mg cbd gummy bears oregon state exhausted, at least we still have guns.And I just received information that our main force is the last Chi will be here tomorrow morning.Ah, that would be wonderful Major Love suddenly seemed to think of something as he said Marshal, how do you know Shall I tell you that is what Xiaoling told me Wang Weiyi smiled I always have my own way.Of course, Mr.Migroski.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Migroski winked at do cbd gummies work for smoking his son, and Ivan walked out quickly.Tatyana, pour another glass of wine for our new friend.Migroski asked again And what about your enemies in Moscow Thank you, Mademoiselle Tatiana.Wang Weiyi held his wine glass and said Ah, I fell in love with a woman when I was in New York, but she was also a fianc , and I got into a lot of trouble as a result.Migroski narrowed his eyes, he didn t believe this explanation at do cbd gummies work for smoking all At this time Ivan walked in with a very disturbed expression on his face, he glanced at Wang Weiyi first, then at his own The father said The phone call with the United States was connected, and Mr.Elliott answered the call himself What did Mr.Elliott say Migroski also became nervous.You must know that although the Castel Group is a large consortium in Russia, its assets cannot be compared with the Wittgenstein family.At this time, the assassins suddenly stopped shooting, and then a voice sounded Mr.Moyol.Don t shoot Wang Weiyi was startled, Mr.Moyol Does anyone here know the alias they use most often Then the voice continued Mr.Moyol, I m walking towards you now.I m not carrying a weapon.Wang Weiyi looked there, and a man in a jacket was walking towards him with his hands raised high, and his Those companions stopped shooting, and instead watched the surroundings vigilantly.The jacket walked up to Wang Weiyi Mr.Moyol, this is Capone, and I was sent by Mr.Elliott to assist you.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything Capone put down his hands Mr.Elliot told me to help you gain Migroski s trust.We found out the course of action between you and Tatiana today, so we deliberately staged a good show here.Where is this still the father in the United States in 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy the past In fact, think about it, maybe this is his true face.What responsible father would send his two daughters to sell his own body Ronanova sighed softly, it would be great if Baron Alexon was still there Because they didn t get the money they wanted, Milosevic and Natalia left already aggrieved.Even before they got into the car, Ronanova could even hear Milosevic curse loudly.The same is true for her husband, who got into the car by himself and left here without looking back, without even calling his wife.Probably, this is the punishment for the father in law.Ronanova smiled wryly, there was no relationship between her and her husband at all.It was all because of interests that they got together under the arrangement of their father.The commander, Captain Meier, saluted Kieritz with great respect.This battalion is now part of the Fort M nchen armored division.Their motorized infantry commander, Lieutenant Colonel Rodust, was once a friend of Kieritz.Regardless of politeness, Kiritz asked Captain Mel to immediately withdraw the large troops from the block where he was stationed and retreat to the backup position.Captain Mel looked at Kiritz coldly Mr.Captain, there is no order, I m afraid An impetuous SS squad deputy even pulled out a pistol and pressed Kiritz s waist Coward Kiritz was very angry, and slapped the team deputy twice You idiot, I have been in the war since the war broke out, and cbd gummies best for anxiety I was injured because of it I know their American tactics wellgive me your orders, Captain Mel.I m sorry, but my job is to hold the ground Captain Meyer explained., I think I ll give it some thought.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes Are you really just a priest Yes, I m just rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes do cbd gummies work for smoking God s most faithful servant The priest s do cbd gummies work for smoking green otter cbd gummies mayim bialik voice was not very loud.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Then, I hope to see you again soon Nine hundred and fifty eighth.Turbulent Italy Prime Minister Bertrul, do you think we can really gain huge benefits in the war Lifetime President of the Italian Social Republic Vittorio S.Mussolini was fiddling with a glass vegan cbd gummies uk made of crystal in nordic cbd gummies review his hand, and asked with interest.Yes, leader.Italian President Bertrul said respectfully We will definitely be able to gain huge benefits in the war, but this is not based on cooperation with the Americans.You probably also found that Now, the treacherous Americans have never fulfilled their promise.This sentence immediately hit Vittorio s pain point.Turning an opportunity that was not an opportunity into an opportunity is what Wang Weiyi is best at.As the mayor of Turin, Catadona couldn t imagine what happened, and he was involuntarily involved in the uprising.Di Nacale, Giorgio, Condeo, almost everyone betrayed Catadona.In fact, to be precise, it can t be said to be do cbd gummies work for smoking a betrayal, it just dragged Catadona into this muddy water completely.The establishment of the Turin Republic was somewhat sudden, but it was also inevitable.At this time, Catadona must make his which is more effective cbd oil tincture or cbd gummies how long will 3 cbd gummies stay in system own choice whether to support the Republic of Turin or become an enemy of the Republic of Turin.Catadona is not an idiot, he knows what choices he can make in such a situation.He finally decided to gamble with fate, or succeed and become an Italian hero.Either fail and let yourself go to the guillotine.And I hope to get the full support of the US government in this regard, so as to lay a solid foundation for myself in the future general election.It cannot be vida cbd gummies review said that Catadona s choice was wrong, but at least it was not the most correct Bertrul adopted a completely different strategy from making cbd gummies his opponent He decided to put his own future.Completely in the hands of Mr.Pipondu and his plenipotentiary Mr.Moyol In the turbulent political situation in Rome and the surprising changes, Mr.Pipondu s side has shown strong strength, which has also greatly boosted Bertrul s confidence Political Some Time is like a gamble to see if you can bet on the right direction in your own Oval Office.Bertrul saw Mr.Moyol again.For this young plenipotentiary , Bertrul had smilz cbd gummies website an instinctive fear and respect.It seems that there is nothing in this world that Mr.They raised their weapons But they found that they were facing a group of unarmed civilians, and they were at a loss for a while.The Italians blocking the road did not vent.There was no excitement, just silently watching the guards with guns.Silence is sometimes the most frightening thing The crowd parted, and then, step by step, the Italian labor leaders Catadona, Nadoff and Bejasinyuk came out.Put down your weapons.Catadona said in do cbd gummies work for smoking a calm voice, Don t point your weapons at your own people.The guards became more panickedbut they didn t have the courage to buckle anyway.The trigger in his hand Drop your weapons Catadona repeated his words again We are here for the freedom and cbd gummies dosage ideal justice of Italy.We are here for the future of Italy.If it is true If you want to shoot, please shoot me, all of them With that, he took a step forwardthe guard took a step backand the Italians, also followed Catadona took a step forward No police showed up, not a single policeman We are responsible for the safety of people in the cars behind A guard He said with difficulty Please don t block us We know who is sitting in the car behind.victory.It seems that it is not far away from them.A large number of Ukrainian soldiers appeared on the battlefield The small Ukrainian air force took off with all their strength to protect their companions on the ground.The old tank roared hard.Across the vast battlefield.And those Ukrainian infantrymen.Then there was a roar of mountains and tsunami, and waves of higher and higher attacks launched wave after wave of attacks on the Russian positions.If at this time Gregory can use the superior force to launch a counter charge tit for tat, relying on the huge strength of the Russian army and the equipment that is ahead of the Ukrainians in any case, the Ukrainians will definitely suffer heavy losses.But Gregory didn t do that This is a timid commander.Or to be more precise, he has never been a qualified commander, but the more he is, the more he likes to exceed his authority and personally command the army.They angrily demanded an immediate explanation from the government, and angrily demanded that the government give an explanation to the people.However, what disappointed them was that the government continued to maintain a sophistry attitude.They used the official media to severely accuse all reports that contradicted the government s public opinion as untrue, and may be subject to the most severe investigation by the government.The more such an attitude, the more it can arouse the anger of the people.The real truth is being spread in Moscow through various channels.Especially the Moscow Herald , this newspaper and their reporters seem to have the ability to know the inside story, they can always easily obtain first hand information, and then in the shortest possible time, through the newspapers they have mastered Get the truth out to the public.He felt that the sky and the earth were spinning.The missile dragged long and thin white smoke and slammed into the target screaming.Bullets whizzed around, someone was getting shot at any moment, and explosions were everywhere.The air was full of burnt and bloody smells, screams, flesh and blood being torn apart, crying, and cursing.The sound of bullets popping out, and the sound of bullet casings falling to the ground cut people s eardrums both sides were attacking each other with all their might.finally.Layton ran into Lieutenant Pozik s bunker with difficulty, panting while cbd gummies for kids dose holding the camera.Pozik retracted rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes do cbd gummies work for smoking his body to change the magazine, just in time to see the war reporter.Lieutenant didn t say anything The soldiers in row B leaned forward slowly, and a few people jumped out of the armored vehicle, carefully inspecting the allied troops lying on the ground.There is nothing in this world that the Baron cannot accomplish Please sit down, General Robito.Wang Weiyi s tone was calm and calm.Who are you Who are you General Roberto was extremely angry.He never imagined that a French general was kidnapped in full view This is just too absurd.He thought of that damned Berkeley, wasn t he amazing Didn t he claim do cbd gummies work for smoking that nothing in Paris could be hidden from him But right under his nose, he was actually kidnapped by a group of damned opposition This is simply 43 mg cbd gummies do they actually work or what the most absurd thing in what is the difference between cbd oil and gummies the world Don t get excited, general.Wang Weiyi said with a smile It s not a shameful 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day clinical cbd gummies where to buy thing to be kidnapped.It s always difficult for anyone who has experienced this.Forgotten, ah, I know who you are, but you probably don t know who I am.I am Ernst Alexson von Brahm.General Robito grew his mouth and stiffened there At this moment, he heard the scariest thing in the whole world Ernst Brahm Baron Alexon Baron Skeleton His body began to tremble He indica cbd edible gummies never dreamed that sitting in front of him, talking to himself with a smile, and the person who kidnapped him would be Baron Alexon.Who can come up with such a large amount of funds Am I right, Mr.Rotini You are absolutely right, Mr.Moyol.Rotini sighed deeply No one wants to increase investment, no one, Moyol Mr.Er, if the Dewey Bank is doing well, there will be a steady stream of funds coming in.But now, I think, there will be many people who will add to the cake.But there will not be too many people who will give charcoal in the snow A heart sank in Katrina and Berkeleythey knew all too well what it would mean to them if their father went bankrupt.Their hopes are completely HCMUSSH do cbd gummies work for smoking pinned on Mr.Moyol, but at least from the current attitude of Mr.Moyol, he is not willing to invest.Who is willing to invest funds in a bank that is about to go bankrupt Looking at the complex expressions of these people.Wang Weiyi suddenly said slowly However.Wang Weiyi said slowly There were various factors in the failure of the Great Revolution in French history, but one of the most important points is the internal It is not what we would like to see, but it is what the government we oppose is eager to see.Gentlemen, what could please our enemies more than chaos within ourselves Your Excellency the Baron, what you said is absolutely correct.Lantes said respectfully, I sincerely apologize to you for my attitude just now, Mr.Orange.I also apologize for my rudeness just now.Your apology, Mr.Leader.Orange also reluctantly said.But even though he said so, his heart do cbd gummies work for smoking was still full of huge doubts.He never believed that the arrest of those people was accidental.He still firmly believed that there must be some serious problem inside himself.But since the Baron had already spoken, even if he had any cbd cubes gummies doubts, he could only temporarily suppress them in his heart.If this continues, maybe they won t be able to hold on for even an hour, and those improvised fortifications will soon collapse under the crazy blows of the enemy.However, at this time, Litum acted very calmly.He knew that there was one person who would not give up on him, and the reinforcements he needed would arrive soon, and he would persist here until that person arrived The sudden uprising caught the Americans in Paris by surprise.They didn t know why this terrible thing happened suddenly.Robin, the U.S.ambassador to Paris, specifically contacted Colonel Wenger of the U.S.Marine Corps, and solemnly warned Colonel Wenger that before the situation was clarified, the U.S.military would not allow any rash actions to avoid The situation in Paris deteriorated further.But then Colonel Wenger received a call.They have lived here for so many years, who does not have a lot of property What should they do after arriving in the United States Does everything have to be bought again But what to do do cbd gummies work for smoking Who let the Americans arrange their evacuation And they probably don t know that this plane is not just transporting them.In this U.S.Air Force C 133 transport plane, in addition to transporting a large number of family members of senior officials of the British Fenton government, a large number of British precious cultural relics will also be transported to the United States along with the C 133.Operation Igor has also become a A sign of the defeat of the Allied Forces in Britain.The bombing of the Axis Air Force has gradually increased in intensity in recent days, which has also made the actions of the United States more cautious.Just when they decided to take action, Captain Angus let out a soft shh , and his companions quickly fell silent.Footsteps came, Captain Angus and his friends hid behind the wooden box, and after a while.A figure appeared.He carefully inspected each wooden box, and then walked closer and closer to Captain Angus When they finally approached, Captain Angus rushed out Don t move Captain Eduardo was taken aback.He instinctively stretched the guard to his waist, but even if he was restrained, the weapon left him.Captain Eduardo, hello, I am Captain Angus.Captain Angus said do cbd gummies work for smoking with a smile We are an underground resistance organization.I personally suggest that you do not resist, and I have to inform you with regret.Now this The admiral of the plane is up to me.Captain Eduardo sighed deeply, he had already given up any plans to resist The other party was able to sneak into the plane and even knew his name.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette I think many things are not impossible.If Colonel Jed had some accident, such as being attacked by guerrillas, or even a car accident, I think his successor must be you.Captain Roger was taken aback.He stared blankly at Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Lieutenant Colonel, what are you talking about there I m saying you re going to be Colonel Jed s successor.Wang Weiyi said calmly Captain.Have you thought about something What is your real reason for choosing this job Do you want to serve your country, or make your life better I think there are more of the latter But your work gradually deviates from your own expectations.Your life is full of danger, is this really your original intention Captain Roger didn t know how to answer this question Yes, he joined the CIA because he could improve his life.Robert felt lucky, if not for today s conversation, he would be What kind of fate is ahead Now, he has completely abandoned the Fenton government, exactly as many of his colleagues have done One thousand one hundred and fifteen.General Cassano s Choice The Axis campaign, which had won Easton, quickly began a powerful attack on Dorset.Romeo and his British Royal First Division, who always acted as the leading force, were also supplemented immediately.The war conducted by Germany has fully demonstrated the character of the Germans they treat everything delicate wine like an invulnerable machine.Although this kind of character is a bit old fashioned and even makes people feel a little helpless, but for war, a person with such a character is the best commander.The surrender of the British government forces in Easton has had a great impact on the British defenders in other places.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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