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Thinking of this, Zhou Ruzhang raised her eyes to look at Zhou Rujun s tablet.Green smoke curled up in front of the tablet.She lowered her eyes and was about to start reciting scriptures, but suddenly felt that something was wrong.on the pastry.The sweet scented osmanthus cake that was neatly placed on the white porcelain plate just now was missing two pieces.There is no one else here except her, so who took the sweet scented osmanthus cake Zhou Ruzhang frowned and took a cbd gummies oprah closer look to make sure he was right.The eldest sister liked to eat sweet scented osmanthus cakes the most.Thinking of this, she suddenly felt a chill on the back of her neck, and the hairs on her body also stood up.Zhou Ruzhang clenched the scriptures in his hands, and was about to call the servants outside to ask them clearly, when the blue curtain beside the altar suddenly rose without any wind, and after the curtain fell, there was an extra white figure standing there with his back to her.

Although Gu Mingzhu hemp bomb gummies cbd didn t make it clear, she understood that this silly girl was clearly being treated lightly.Being underestimated by a murderer will definitely be laughed at if it spreads.Mrs.Lin, it s better not to ask, Zhou Ruzhang stepped forward and said in a low voice, There are so many people here, I m afraid it will make Sister Mingzhu lose her reputation.As soon as Zhou Ruzhang finished speaking, he felt his condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work waist tighten.At some point, do cbd gummies really work she broke away from Mrs.Lin s arms and walked over to hug her waist.Just as Zhou Ruzhang was about to struggle, he suddenly realized what Gu Mingzhu meant, and hurriedly stopped the mother in charge who stepped forward It s okay, sister Mingzhu wants to show everyone what happened just now.As she thought, Gu Mingzhu was caught The murderer is frivolous.

Cui Zhen looked at Gu Mingzhu who had no guard or thought on her face, she didn t understand anything, she only knew how to play and would not be affected by the outside situation.The matter of Jinta Temple seemed to have been forgotten by her long ago.Baotong, it needs to be higher.After speaking, Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand to Cui Zhen Let s go, let s play.The palm was open, not at all defensive.The mother in charge pulled the string of the kite and came over to salute Cui Zhen Master Hou, go and do your work, there are slaves here to serve the eldest lady.After finishing speaking, the mother in charge turned to Gu Mingzhu Miss, let s go to the garden., the kite can fly higher there.Gu Mingzhu showed a cheerful smile, and was about to leave with the mother in charge, but after taking do cbd gummies really work two steps, she thought of something, and turned to greet Cui Zhen Goto the garden.

The last time the child s medicine was used, the little hoof screamed for two days and two nights.It was not the first time that the woman had an abortion.Gu Mingzhu knew that the woman must have suffered a lot after thinking about the indifferent expression on her face, and she would continue to suffer the pain of being bought and sold.She could help people Buy the woman, but there are thousands of such things in the Great Zhou Dynasty, just talking about how many poor people there are outside Yong cbd gummie regulations an Lane.She helped one right now, but couldn t help so many people.She will pretend to be a medical woman, just to go deep into the market to find some clues.Only by blending in with these poor people can she HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work see the truth, but changing anything at will will break the balance.She walks the streets and alleys with different identities, and gradually discovers that the person who is most likely to expose this identity is not others, but herself.

Smell, she smelled it, but it really stinks, if there is a 10mg cbd gummies for sale chance for her to see that person, she has to find a way to vent her anger for the young lady.After freshening up, Gu Mingzhu lay on the bed.If the investigation continues like this, the case of Taiyuan Mansion will be solved.She heard the quarryman mention the watchman.The watchman walks all over condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work the streets at night to watch the night.If the husband colludes with the robbers, the theft will become easier.Moreover, the quarryman arrested today is likely to be related to the dead man of Jinta Temple, so the case can almost be finalized.Quarrymen, robbers, murderers, pearl robbers.The Pearl Thief stole Ku Yin seven years ago, and one person is determined not to be able to take away such a heavy Ku Yin, do cbd gummies really work not to mention killing more than a dozen yamen servants.

There was a faint aroma of red beans on the cake.It s soft and not greasy.Even Zhou Ruzhang thought she loved sweet scented osmanthus cake, how could the Cui family know her true preference Is it a coincidence The red bean cake is cheap, so the Cui cbd gummies to stop drinking family hit the right button.After she became Gu Mingzhu, she has always followed Gu Mingzhu s preferences so as not to attract suspicion.Gu Mingzhu likes sweets, and the desserts in Gu s kitchen are all too sweet.She has never made red bean cakes like this, so she also Haven t eaten these things for a long time.The red bean cake in front of her looked so tempting.She is a doctor who is greedy for money, so there is no reason not to be tempted when she sees these foods, and it is reasonable to eat pastries.Gu Mingzhu reached out and picked up a piece of red bean cake, put it on the tip of her nose and smelled it, there was no strange smell, presumably, no one would poison a dead person.

Now she has to use this face at this time.When Gu Mingzhu heard Mrs.Wednesday s words, she also remembered this past event.After Mrs.Wednesday returned to Beijing from Jinling, she mentioned a young talent in front of her grandmother.He said that the man was modest and polite, he always greeted people with a smile, he came from a wealthy family but he had no airs, no matter who saw him, he would be happy, thanks to the help of the young man on the way, they were able to reach the capital smoothly, and said I want to invite the young man to Gu s eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects cbd gummies vegan house as a guest.But where can i purchase cbd gummies in northern virginia at that time, the Gu family was anxious to deal with the marriage with the Cui family, so they suppressed it.Could it be that the young man Mrs.Zhou mentioned is Mr.Wei That was astonishing.Gu Mingzhu felt that she might have eaten a melon without paying attention.

Mrs.Tai is right, Mrs.Wednesday wiped the rain from her face, Let s go Several people continued to run forward, and Zhou Ruzhang held Mrs.Lin s arm again.After taking good care of Mrs.Lin Tai, Marquis Dingning do cbd gummies really work owed her a favor, and he will never be able to talk to her coldly again.Mrs.Tai, there is a dead end ahead, Cui s manager said, Just now Wu Zhuangtou said that there is a small door to get out of Zhuangzi, but I checked and found no door.We have to change the way.After passing the stone archway, there are several small ancestral halls inside, and then there are high courtyard walls inside.It is easy to be surrounded by people when you enter here.Let s go.Madam Lin urged, being trapped here later, it would be really ineffective every day.Mrs.Lin just took a few steps when she found that the guards of the Cui family were confronting several people outside the archway, her heart sank suddenly, it was over, they were trapped here.

Han Yu ran out with a dagger in his hand.Staying in place, Han Yu looked at the huge Zhuangzi in front of him, sweat dripped from his forehead and flooded his eyes, his eyes were already red, the more anxious he was, the more confused his thoughts became, where would he go to catch the Pearl Thief.Han Yu just ran two steps forward and saw a figure in the corner.He subconsciously raised the sharp weapon in his hand, but soon let go because it was Miss Gu.That silly girl.The silly girl was arguing to go out just now, she used all kinds of tricks, cheating, acting like a baby, and now she must have slipped out of the house again while the Gu family was not paying attention.Gu Mingzhu raised her head, and Han Yu really saw a dazed expression on her face.Her face was a little dirty, and there were still tears on her cheeks.

My lord, Nie Chen said to Wei Yuanchen, I ll go and see if there is a lock that matches this key.Wei Yuanchen said Yes.Nie Chen walked out quickly, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed Nie Chen closely.Wei Yuanchen raised her eyebrows as she watched the two figures leave together.Her temperament seemed very weak, and she was very dependent on Nie Chen.If he asked, Nie Chen would definitely say that he had some relationship do cbd gummies really work with her, and that she also had some opinions on detective matters, otherwise Nie Chen wouldn t bring her with him.Wei Yuanchen s eyes turned slightly, wondering if Nie Chen knew all the ins and outs, or was she also deceived Thinking about what Nie Chen did before, it wyld cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies really work is probably the former.Third Lord, Chu Jiu whispered, That s a woman.Wei Yuanchen didn t respond, of course he knew it was a woman.

They had no horses and could only walk.She always felt that the heroic figure not far away was showing off to them.They can only be driven by Mr.Wei now.Riding on horseback, with the breeze blowing Buddha, Wei Yuanchen suddenly felt a little better The door of Dingning Hou Cui s house was knocked open, and the steward of Zhao s family said anxiously I want to see Mr.Gong The government took people to our house, what s wrong with it.Chapter 85 Stain After Zhao Gongren brought his two children to Dingning Hou s mansion, he kept talking with Mrs.Lin Tai.My sister in law has not seen each other for a long time, and she is full of homework.Mrs.Lin Tai had just been wronged by reba mcentire and cbd gummies Zhuangzi, and she felt that there was no one to talk to.Now that Zhao Gongren came, it was as if God took pity on her, and her illness was half cured immediately.

Zhao Gongren s eyes jumped.As an outsider, he would not attack children, but this Wei Yuanchen did everything he could, as long as he diarrhea from cbd gummies found out that Zhi Geer was strange, he would definitely not let him go.Even if it wasn t because of Zhigeer, with all the clues on her now, Wei Yuanchen would very likely take her into prison for interrogation.It s true that she is a daughter of the Zhao family, but she is also a wife of the Lin family, so she can t let the Lin family suffer because she wants to protect the Zhao family.She has a deep relationship with the second brother and sister, but at this point, she may not be able to protect the second brother.Before Zhao Gong could figure it out, Wei Yuanchen said Now, Zhao Gong, tell me what is the relationship with Xing Taipu Si Cheng, why Xing Tai Pu Si Cheng went to the inn to meet you, and why did you kill him and throw him away into the river.

As a mother, she is just a strong woman.It doesn t matter if she is wronged.How can she push a pair of children into danger.Mrs.Lin made up her mind.Now that she has said all this, she is not afraid of tearing up her face with Elder Sister, so that Elder Sister will know that she is not easy to bully, and don t try to plot against swag hemp infused natural cbd gummies reviews her in the future.Elder sister, don t forget too, Mrs.Lin said, Brother in law was blamed for losing the battle, and Taiyuan Mansion was in a famine.Whoever helped your Cui family in those years, don t look down on the countryside.There is no food in the countryside.I m going to starve to death.Don t forget how my uncle became an official, and my father can you bring cbd gummies on the plane never asked you for any kindness.Mrs.Lin wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief after she finished speaking, with a resolute expression on her face The war horse case involves Too big, as a woman, I don t understand anything, so I can t do things for the elder sister, if the elder sister insists on doing this, I ll send someone to invite Marquis Ding Ning to come and let the Marquis think of a way.

Lin Runzhi nodded.Seeing the study door closing slowly, Mrs.Lin frowned.She had heard about the Zhao family early in the morning, and the court was looking for the whereabouts of the second master Zhao.Master Zhao Er is related to the war horse case, does Lin Si really not know at all The Lin family and the Zhao family are related by marriage, and Lin Sizhen is a general on the frontier, and when buying and selling horses with Fanren, there must always be a checkpoint transaction.Besides, did Marquis Dingning participate in it Thinking about it this way, their Gu family is also in laws, if the master didn t wholeheartedly invite the imperial court to investigate the war horse, their Gu family would be very suspicious.The more Mrs.Lin thought about it, the more fortunate she felt.Thanks to herself, she thought it over and rejected Mrs.

This banquet is also for Mr.Wei.When Mr.Wei comes, I will offer you a few drinks first.The crown prince mentioned Wei Yuan Chen didn t call out his name directly, but said Master Wei , which sounded like he eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews reddit gave Wei Yuanchen enough face, but when he tasted Master Wei carefully, there was a sense of unfamiliarity.The Wei family is a relative of the emperor, and the prince called a few nicknames at the private banquet.It may not sound formal, but at least it has the meaning of intimacy.The imperial concubine s party and the queen s party were already competing secretly, and they would expose their face at some point.Now that the crown prince has clearly distinguished the relationship between the two, it is impossible to say that the two will fight in Taiyuan Mansion.This is not an omen for the officials of Taiyuan Prefecture.

body.Master Zhao Er took the opportunity to run forward.Two figures emerged from the surroundings, one rushed towards the murderer, and the other went to meet Mr.Zhao Er.The second master Zhao stared at the mother in charge of the Zhao family, and wanted to speak, but he spit out blood all over his mouth, and then his body staggered and fell down.More people came forward.Chu Jiu stretched out his hand to press the wound on Mr.Zhao Er s body, but the blood couldn t stop flowing out.Chu Jiu couldn t help frowning.The third master came up with the best plan.As long as the murderer s figure appeared in front of him, he would You can shoot it with one arrow, but unfortunately, the murderer was too cautious and hid in the shack all the time and could not come out.When he found that something was wrong, he immediately attacked Mr.

Shen can t figure it out.Han Yu s do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies sold near me unequivocal statement that he is the Pearl Thief must have some basis, and it is precisely because of the Pearl Thief that Han Yu showed his feet.Does anyone still know the truth of the year This matter is also very important.He needs to clarify everything related to the Pearl Thief and send it back to Beijing.Whether he should investigate this resurrected person depends on the young master s arrangement.Mr.Shen put the note on the fire and burned it, and sighed deeply.Wei Yuanchen will never stop after finding out this.If he finds out more, the painstaking efforts of these years will be wasted.After a while, he dipped his fingers in the tea and drew a fish on the table.This is what the second master Zhao left in Wei Yuanchen s hand that day.Staring at the fish, his eyes gradually understood.

His father insisted on telling him the truth, and wanted him to go to the Yamen.I told him that if he didn t go, he would kill his father together with his mother and uncle, but when he reached the gate of the yamen, he couldn t go in anyway.Cui Wei found him.Brother, Cui Wei said, Go back and have a look.My mother hanged herself.Thanks to my mother in charge, I don t know if she can survive.The mother was dying on the bed, and the father had passed away.Brother, what should we do If we don t have a father, will we lose our mother too Brother, I m afraid.He put his hand on Cui Wei s shoulder, looked at the Cui natures one cbd gummies 300 mg clan members who came into the yard to help, and went there He didn t give up for a moment, he still wanted to tell the truth.Until he went to see his mother in the house, his mother asked him Do you really want us to die He saw hatred in his mother s eyes, and since then his meanness, the mother s resentment has always condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work existed between their mother and child.

The man who was twenty six or seven years old, who spoke Mandarin and knew some Shanxi accents, was somewhat similar to the son in law of Princess Huairou he checked., Prince Cheng is twenty seven years old this year.The Cheng family and the Princess House are both in Beijing, so they naturally speak Mandarin.Cheng Prince s biological mother, Mrs.Zhao, is from Shanxi.Prince Cheng must have some Shanxi accent, but these are all his.Guess, unless some definite information can be corroborated.Wei Yuanchen looked towards the back house, could Miss Gu get some news He intentionally asked people to arrange the Gu family s family members and Princess Huairou in the east courtyard, just to provide her with convenience, presumably she would not be idle, at this juncture, there are too many things to do, and it is necessary to distinguish which ones must be pursued Clues, so as not to be too distracted by useless details.

Lin didn t care.A few years ago, there were dead people everywhere on the famine road.That was the real tribulation.When I was a child in Lintao Mansion with my father, there were often Tatars who harassed me.When we heard the news, we all crowded in the secret road, and when I was running away, I was squeezed out of the carriage.It was that time that my father decided to leave Lintao Mansion and gave the house of Lintao Mansion to Lin Sizhen for use., So many years have passed in a flash, I didn t expect that the Lin Temple would really look like this in the end, and there would be turmoil in the Lin clan.Madam Lin sighed thinking of this, and thought of Madam Lin and the women of the Zhou family who parted ways with them.Don t get caught by the Tatars.No matter how bad they were, she didn t want to see any female relatives being abused.

A man can kill a good man by spitting, and he thinks he has done no evil, and perhaps commits the unforgivable crime without knowing it.Clack cluck do cbd gummies really work There was a strange chicken crowing outside the window.The chief hurriedly got up and went out to check, only to see a big black rooster coming to the yard at some point., while the reed chicken in the yard seemed to be dumbfounded, staring at a few corns and following the figure of the big rooster.Li Chang blinked his eyes, his eyes became much clearer, and he vaguely remembered that when the lady came, the servants carried a cage, and there was such a huge monster in the cage, at that time, he only cared about talking to Mrs.Look, it turned out to be such a chicken.Xiaobai, come back quickly.Baotong pulled Gu Mingzhu into the yard.Seeing Lichang, Baotong stepped forward to salute My chicken is very naughty, and it runs around when it HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work can t be watched for a while, which is troublesome for Lichang.

Heaven has eyes.Hahahaha He looked up to the sky and laughed loudly Follow me to kill the enemy.Chapter 173 The one who caught you was the horse under Yang s crotch neighing uneasily.In the dark night, maybe the situation in front of me could not be seen clearly, but the screams of misery came really earnestly.Yang looked at the torches shaking on the city wall, which were sending messages to the soldiers and horses behind her.It halo cbd gummies is impossible to distinguish between friend and foe in the dark night, but if one party discusses countermeasures and prepares in advance, the other party will only fall into a passive state.Yang listened to the people around her report Those people in the village don t have sharp weapons in their hands, and they don t ride horses, so they can easily recognize our people.

Lin Sizhen stretched out his hand and pulled individual cbd gummy the prince s collar, and put the prince s body in front of him Master Wei, look who this is Lin Sizhen reached out and grabbed the prince s throat Get off all of them, or I will immediately Kill the prince.Without any hesitation, Wei Yuanchen continued to draw his longbow, and another arrow pierced through the air as it flew like lightning.Lin Si really wanted to continue threatening.Wei Yuanchen s next arrow aimed at the crown prince s head. an arrow shot out.The prince s eyes widened, and Lin Sizhen also showed an expression of disbelief.The great grandfather said that the royal family of the Great Zhou Dynasty is not afraid of death, Wei Yuanchen said plainly, The crown prince would rather die than let you and other traitors succeed.Chapter 178 Lin Sizhen reached out and pressed the prince at the critical moment of debt repayment The arrow pierced the crown prince s head, and the jade crown on the prince s head was shot off, and the long hair fell down.

The war horse hissed, and the horse s legs couldn t stand the heavy blow and immediately fell to the ground.The prince on horseback was unstable and fell to the ground.The prince s hands were bound, unable to struggle at all, he could only shout Save Before Bengong could say the words, he had already fallen to the ground.The prince heard a crisp bone breaking sound from his nose, followed by a large amount of blood pouring out of his nasal cavity, he had to open his mouth to pant, in the confusion he seemed to be kicked twice by a horse s hoof, just when he felt that he was about to be kicked by a horse s hoof When he was trampled to death, someone finally stretched out his hand and dragged him up from the ground.The prince raised his head and saw that it was Lin Sizhen.Seeing that Lin Sizhen was about to bring him back to the horse, the spear bumble cbd gummies review stabbed at him again, Lin Sizhen hastily let go of his hands to dodge, and as a result, the prince fell to the ground again.

Gu Mingzhu was anxiously waiting for news, Huaiyuan Hou went to ask the soldiers about the situation of the rebels outside, and the women of the Zhou family were left there.After everyone had left, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Ruzhang had the audacity to walk towards the village.Zhou s servants finally found the head of the village.The head of the village placed Zhou s family in a courtyard and ordered someone to deliver some meals.Looking at the dilapidated thatched hut, Zhou Ruzhang felt sad, hugged Mrs.Wednesday and cried aloud.They finally escaped from the rebels, but unexpectedly they offended Marquis Huaiyuan again.What will they do in the future After crying for a long while, Zhou Ruzhang finally remembered Mother, have you seen the man who saved us He looks a bit like a clan uncle.What Mrs.Zhou was pale and sat on the kang in the house in a daze.

Wei Yuanchen walked over step by step, the girl s face remained unchanged as usual, she swallowed the last mouthful of crispy cheese, then raised her big eyes to look at her, the eyes were full of confusion, as if she didn t understand the world.Wei Yuanchen didn t say a word, but looked at her carefully.She is like a child from head to toe, everything she does can be explained by dementia, this is her most useful weapon, she eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects cbd gummies vegan uses it to protect herself, even if he knows so many of her secrets , at this moment, but still can t see through her.It s not that he can t see through it, it s that he can t believe it.Two people can be alike, but they can t be exactly the same.What Rujun knows, she shouldn t know, and she has no reason to know.For example, she knew that Zhou Zesheng couldn t drink goat milk, so she sneaked into the house and ate these things pretending to be greedy.

Although all this is a coincidence, It was he himself who happened to bring his face closer, but Mr.Wei probably wanted to kill someone at this moment Fortunately, Gu Mingzhu can solve the things that she can t solve.She just needs to calm down and let everything take its course.Gu Mingzhu was stunned for a moment, then immediately calmed down.She gently retracted her fingers to Wei Yuanchen s cheek, and pinched his face with two fingers.His handsome face was slightly deformed by her pulling, and she withdrew her hand just right.It s so beautiful.She raised her face, showing a sincere praise, and gave all her sincerity and flattery.When he heard her sweet voice, at that moment, he suddenly felt that she was telling the truth.There was still a little goat s milk on the girl s mouth, and her expression was so innocent that no one could bear to blame her.

He didn t know how his mother was doing now, and whether the Cheng family would come to disturb her.He wanted to get up and find a reason to leave, but Master Wei opened his mouth for help.Cheng Yi stood up and said, The most important thing has been clarified.We will come back tomorrow morning to finish the remaining paperwork.If it hadn t involved the East Palace, the officials of Dali Temple wouldn t have been so impatient to invite Prince Consort and others to come.Seeing such a situation, it is not easy to persuade him to stay Master Consort, Marquis of Huaiyuan and Master Wei have worked hard today.Several people came out from the yamen, and the young servants outside the gate had already been waiting there with lanterns.My son in law, Wei Yuanchen walked up to Cheng Yi, The case of the Shanxi mutiny has not been investigated yet.

If you had a little bit of kindness, you wouldn t be where you are today.A trace of light flashed across Mrs.Zhao s face.Tired Old lady, old man, don t press me any further.I don t want to go back to the Cheng family, and I won t rely on the Cheng family tree.Your Cheng family HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work can write a divorce letter.From then on, we They have nothing to do with each other.I only want condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work to avenge my father, and I want to take my father s remains back to Shanxi for burial.I don t want to fight for other things, and I don t want to fight.It s gone now, the Shanxi mutiny case is being retrialed, and God has treated me well.If I owe it to you, I owe it to Brother Yi for letting him have no mother by his side since he was a child.The restIhave nothing to say, I hope you don t bring it up again.It s a joke, the old lady Cheng said sharply, You have spread rumors that the Cheng family harmed you, but now you tell us not to mention it Can t we be fools Mrs.

Yuan Zhi walked out of the house, and had just arrived at do cbd gummies really work the study outside, the Yuan family s servants came to report Master, someone saw that the people in the yamen secretly carried out two corpses, they should be those two merchants.In other words, people died.Yuan Zhixing breathed a sigh of relief Send the news quietly, let that person leave the capital and go back to northern Xinjiang quickly, and don t send any news to the capital anytime soon.The servants of Yuan s family went to do it immediately.There can be no more mistakes, Yuan Zhixing looked at the lights, otherwise the case of the Shanxi mutiny would not have been suppressed, and something would happen to him first.The Cheng family s carriage drove all the way to Yuan s family.Yuan Shi sat in the car and cried non stop.The elder Cheng outside comforted him in a low voice Don t cry, I will make the decision for you.

Now he suddenly changed his attitude, naturally because he had a new keoni cbd gummies official website eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects understanding of the doctor, so he returned do cbd gummies really work the medicine box.So, thinking about it this way, did Master Wei see through her identity and deliberately not reveal it It s not impossible.It was because he looked at her carefully inside and out that he mentioned the Wei family s affairs in front of her.Thinking back carefully, on the way back to Beijing that day, she was arranged in the same courtyard with do cbd gummies really work her mother and Princess Huairou.Was it Master Wei s handwriting He set up a stage for her and asked her to sing an opera, in order for her to find out more information, and she arranged for Liu Su to be a servant beside Mr.Wei, which most likely met his wishes.This man s mind is indeed as deep as the sea, and having too much contact with him is like seeking skin from a tiger.

Mrs.Zhang is weak but still alive.Your calculation Not even for a moment.Zhou Ruyue watched in astonishment as Zhou Ruzhang was about to speak, only to hear the old lady Zhou s voice from outside I ve been imprisoned for so many days, and you haven t repented at all.If you continue like this, you will be sent back to the family.Zhou Ruzhang s complexion changed, Immediately stood up and bowed to Mrs.Zhou.The old lady Zhou glanced at the Yangchun noodles on the table, and said coldly Third girl, who asked you to bring food here You don t care about what I say now.Zhou Ruyue immediately said It s do cbd gummies really work cold, and it s cold here again.It s cold, so I have to warm up my second sister. You think about her, but she hates you, the old lady Zhou looked at Zhou Ruzhang, condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work Second girl, you went to Taiyuan Mansion with your mother to pay homage to Rujun, In fact, you want to see Cui Zhen, right You said that the third girl wants to marry into the Cui family, but I think you are the one who really wants to be Cui Zhen s successor.

His cheeks dripped down.He and Third Master Cheng were not very old.He was taught by his mother as a step in law son to hold up the lintel early, and he pretended to be mature and prudent in front of others.Now that his mother is gone, he knows Maybe it was his father who killed him, and his spirit was half broken immediately.Aunt Gui went on to say But I am also afraid that if the master finds out, we mother and son will not be tolerated, so I didn t say anything, but Madam will not let you go, give me a few days to think about it, and if I refuse to say it, I will be handed over to you.Interrogate the son in law and Mrs.Zhao.Hearing this, Old Tongjuan Xue glanced at Feng Anping, Feng Anping obviously found something strange, Xue Laotong was a little relieved that his apprentice was not useless.

Su Fu s eyes lit up.Xue Laotong judged Your Excellency saw the Tatars a few days ago and suspected that there are more Tatar eyeliners sneaking into Dazhou.Maybe this opportunity can be used to rectify the common people.This is the responsibility of the Shuntian Mansion Not only can they find out the Tatar eyeliner, but they can also pull out Qiao Song s canine teeth.Su Fu looked at the names on the paper These suspicious people were found out by Mr.privately Xue Laotong judged It s those folks who came from Shanxi with Master Wei.Hearing Master Wei s words, condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work Su Fu hesitated wyld cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies really work a little Could the person behind them be Master Wei Tong San thought about it and said I will ask someone to investigate.If it is really a good knife, adults can also use it to cut through thorns and thorns In the palace.

Wei came forward with sober soup.This young man looks good, speaks very well, and has good fist and kick skills.He will definitely make some achievements on the battlefield do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe in the future.After drinking a few glasses of wine, what happened to the more condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work pleasing to the eye Wei Yuanchen personally brought the hangover soup to Gu Chongyi.Okay, Gu Chongyi patted Wei Yuanchen s arm, as long as the previous frivolity was unintentional, this child can be regarded as impeccable.Gu Chongyi couldn t help thinking of Old Master Wei Speaking of which, when I was young, I wanted to enter the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion.At that time, the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion was really beautiful.As long as there was a war in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion would be invincible.Because Wei The old man served as the left governor of the Central Army.

But drunk Gu Mingzhu was thinking, her eyes lifted up, do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe from misty to clear, the tiredness immediately disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.But his hand was still on her shoulder, and his palm was hot as if it was on fire.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said, Are you drunk Do you want to go back and rest first She often goes out at night, and every time she sees Wei Yuanchen, he is busy, and she has time to catch up on sleep during the day Well, Mr.Wei still has to go to the Yamen on weekdays, so it will definitely be too much for him day after day.Gu Mingzhu looked around, Chu Jiu was not there, so leaning on her was not an option, but Master Wei didn t intend to retract his arms.In the tranquility of the night, it seems that only the heartbeat of each other can be heard, and the strange atmosphere lingers around.

Under do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the bright moonlight, Gu Mingzhu feels a little nervous for no reason.Reaching out to take off Wei Yuanchen s arm, Gu Mingzhu was about to dodge to the side, but she didn t expect to pull Wei Yuanchen who was beside her like this, and immediately sat down on the ground.Gu Mingzhu s face was full of astonishment, she never thought that Lord Wei would be like this, ever since meeting Lord Wei in Jinta Temple, Lord Wei has always been domineering no courageous, even if the old injury recurs Before he fainted, he didn t change his face.Just a few hours ago, Mr.Wei had a heart pounding fight with his father in the courtyard, and she would have fallen to the ground with such a light tug.She didn t mean to.Before kicking and hitting, do cbd gummies really work biting and bumping Mr.Wei, Master Wei do cbd gummies really work didn t hurt at all, but now he just moved lightly, and he just fell down like this.

My lord, I didn t do it on purpose, do cbd gummies really work Gu Mingzhu said, My lordcan you get up Wei Yuanchen didn t intend to move, and she didn t want to leave without conscience.To help her.Master Wei raised his legs and held onto the tree trunk with his hands.He was obviously about to get up, but he stopped there, his breathing sounded a little rough.Gu Mingzhu eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects leaned over to take a look, Master Wei s face was faintly flushed, it was from drinking his father s hidden bar, the wine didn t feel very good when he drank it, but it had a strong aftertaste.She only had sleeve arrows, drugs, and silver needles on her body, and these were not easy to use on Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu looked again in embarrassment.Looking at Mr.Wei s dejected expression, Gu Mingzhu suddenly returned to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice five or six years ago, and she unconsciously felt a little more concerned.

Bai Gong said humanely The left side, the left legit hurts so much.But Mo Yangming waved his hand and pulled out a long silver needle from Bai Gong s right leg I stabbed your acupuncture point but you didn t feel anything, only kneading You can only feel the pain when you are above your knees.Is it really because of your leg injury that you feel pain all day Bai Gong was speechless when a voice came from outside What s wrong Come on, Someone broke into Bai Gongren s quiet room.Mo Yangming looked at Bai Gongren, and Bai Gongren finally waited for the savior and shouted I am herequickcome and save me.Mo Yangming Lengheng, her junior brother came so fast, she waited until the junior brother entered meditation, and caused some trouble by damaging the altar table in the main hall, then came HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work to look for Mrs.

The voice of chanting continued to reverberate in the hall, and this time it became a female voice Conceive the scheme of treachery, steal and wear things, betray the public and follow private interests, deceive openly and secretly, the property of the three treasures, the property of the five surnames, are endless.The male voice said again Stupid and ignorant, trespassing and plundering, ungrateful, unafraid of gods Xuanwei almost collapsed there, she was sure that it was a Taoist god, otherwise how would they know the crimes she committed Hiding those things privately is not the same as committing the crime of where can i purchase smilz cbd gummies theft.A big hole do cbd gummies really work collapsed on the top of the head, and then the tiles fell, but Xuan Wei didn t dare to dodge, just kowtowed non stop I don t dare anymore, I regret it, I don t dare anymore Xuan Wei said Before she finished speaking, she suddenly felt something hit her head hard, and then she fainted.

Unexpectedly, Zhuzhu was always very serious., and asked her what Kunpeng looked like, she embroidered a purse for Zhuzhu.Mo Yangming said Madam told Missy, Missy remembers everything, and even recited it to the Taoist.Mrs.Lin was very surprised Zhuzhushe can recite Mo Yangming couldn t speak, Gu Mingzhu nodded first.Gu Chongyi was also quite surprised, Zhuzhu s illness was much better, but he didn t expect it to be so good, he knew how difficult it was to memorize the South China Sutra.Mo Yangming continued In keoni cbd gummies official website eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects addition, Miss Gu is also interested in medical skills.This Mrs.Lin knew It was when I was in the Shanxi village fort, Zhu Zhu watched the doctor heal the wounded soldiers At that time, there do cbd gummies really work were not enough people.Zhu Zhu also went to help.Mo Yangming nodded, The people around Miss Gu told the Taoist.

Empress Wei could see it when she raised her eyes from the position where she was sitting.There was also a chair made kana cbd gummies for tinnitus by Empress Wei, covered with thick cushions, and a small lumbar pillow placed around her waist.Just now she smelled a faint scent of wormwood, which should have come from the lumbar pillow.It can be seen that the palace people took good care of Empress Wei thoughtfully and meticulously.After she and her master entered the house, the housekeeper who cleaned the yard stood outside the palace gate, with several pairs of eyes on the medicine box in the hands of the palace servants.If it wasn t for Queen Wei s pressure, they would have taken the medicine box away and checked it inside and out.The superficial things are easy to attract the eyes.If you want to find out the truth, you must experience it carefully.

The war in northern Xinjiang was stable, and the imperial court ordered Cui Zhen to return to Beijing as soon as possible.Inquire do cbd gummies really work about the situation of the Beijiang Guard.When she came out of the palace, Cui Zhen had already entered the city.The triumphant return of General Changsheng, although this battle should not be publicized, and the common people did not line up to welcome the triumphant soldiers, but there must be officials from the Ministry of War and Rituals to welcome them, which must be very honorable.After the glory, Cui Zhen will deal with the affairs of the Cui family.In the guest room of Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Zou Lin couldn t swallow keoni cbd gummies official website eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects it after a half meal, but she urged Zou Xiang You have to eat more, so you won t get sick, lest I pass it on to you.Zou Xiang nodded obediently.

The emperor ordered the three justices to deal with the war horse case immediately.Yu refused to confess, and also rectified the law.The emperor wanted to completely deal with the war horse case, which he had already guessed, but what happened next made him a little confused.An official from the cbd gummies to quit drinking Ministry of Rituals pleaded for him, asking the court to forgive him and send his mother lightly Cui Lin, before he handed over his papers to plead guilty, someone paved the way for him first.When he heard the officials of the Ministry of Rites mentioning the rules of human relations, the imperial censor also followed suit.Afterwards, the emperor condemned him, and he knelt down and admitted the sin of Shanyin.Because of his mother s mistakes, the emperor fined him one year s salary, took back the military power in his hands, and temporarily sent General Dingguo to go to northern Xinjiang to take over the army of Datong.

Can chickens get sick of people This is the first time Gu Mingzhu heard about it.Seeing Master Wei like this, she couldn t argue, and turned to look at Baotong.As soon as Baotong stepped forward, Xiaobai jumped out of Wei Yuanchen s arms cbd clinic gummies with a swoosh , and flew into Baotong s arms.Seeing Xiaobai s energetic appearance, a meal of flower cakes will definitely be improved to a higher level.Chickens are easy to deal with, but people are a hassle.You can t pluck their feathers, and you can just feed them something to eat.Gu Mingzhu thinks it s not bad for Master Wei to become a sick cat at this time.My lord, let s drink some tea Gu Mingzhu poured a cup of tea with her own hands.Seeing Mr.Wei put the tea to his mouth, Gu Mingzhu said But it seems to be a little cold.I read a book in the morning, so I didn t send hot water to this room.

Adults, take off your wet clothes and warm yourself by the fire.A charcoal basin was burned in the cbd gummy bears egf mn room, and the steward found two clean robes.Don t bother, Tan Dingfang said, I changed into the outer robe, but the inner clothes are also wet and useless.Both Gu Hou and I are good at punching and kicking, so it s not a problem if you get a little rainy.Go ahead and get busy The steward of Anjiyuan responded and then withdrew.Tan Dingfang picked up the wooden stick next to him, moved the charcoal in the charcoal basin, and then raised his eyes to look at Gu Chongyi Gu Hou is in a much better mood, unlike a while ago when the war horse case was on his shoulder, I asked you a few words Just a bitter face.Gu Chongyi s face was full of smiles At that time, my wife and daughter were in Taiyuan Mansion, and I was really worried.

Listen After Aunt Zhen s death, Bao er became even more nervous, and buried her whole face in Jiao Zhong s arms again, and there was no movement for a while.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong.Baotong took a step forward knowingly Bao er, do you know why Aunt Zhen died Jiao Zhong was very surprised, he didn t expect the Gu family to ask Bao er.How could Bao er know this He was about to answer for Bao er when he felt a pain in his arm, and Bao er s hand do cbd gummies really work dug into his flesh.Bao er has always been bold, and often runs around on the roof of Anjiyuan.When someone dies in Anjiyuan, Baoer will go over to see, what s going on today Bao er, Jiao Zhong said, What s the matter with you Bao er s face was pale, as if he was muttering to himself, I don t knowI didn t see anything, I don t know.Jiao Zhong frowned.

Chapter 334 Mrs.Bai Shoulin couldn t fall asleep after hearing what happened in Anjiyuan.How could she have thought that Master Hou and Zhuzhu would bring back such news when they went out.Mr.Tan is really the murderer Mrs.Lin couldn t help but ask.Gu Chongyi said Now we are just taking Tan Sanye to the yamen for questioning.The post mortem has not yet been done, and the yamen has to investigate carefully.Just relying on a child s words is not considered evidence, let alone that the botanical garden cbd gummies child only heard some words.I didn t see Tan wyld cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies really work Zigeng going to kill people.Madam Lin felt a little cold, and hugged the stove tightly in her hand Then what do you think HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work Gu Chongyi was silent for a while before saying It s hard to say, let s wait for the court to find out.Feng Anping sent news that Tan Zigeng said that the Tan family was framed by someone, and when Tan Zigeng went to the yamen, he told Tan Dingfang to be careful not to fall into other people s traps.

At this time, Mrs.Yuan brought tea and fruit into the pavilion, and the mother and son were together, and the atmosphere was very harmonious, but for some reason, Gu Mingzhu always felt that Mrs.Wei had some inseparable depression and loneliness.Too much, Mrs.Li loves Mr.Wei very much.Needless to say, Mrs.Yuan, what she said reveals how much she valued Mr.Wei.Wei Shangshu left early, and Mr.Wei also grew up in love, how could he be lonely.It was getting late, Gu Mingzhu left with Mrs.Lin.As soon as the carriage stopped at Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, the steward came up to him and said, The second master of the Wei family is at our house.Mrs.Lin was a little surprised.Mrs.Li had a banquet, and the Second Master Wei came to their house to celebrate his gaia cbd gummies birthday.What s the trouble As soon as he entered the inner courtyard, he heard the sound of a huqin.

The husband made calculations for Brother Zhen, and the gentleman said that Brother Zhen would marry a good wife, and the first child would definitely give birth to the eldest son, who was not only intelligent but also very lucky.Later, Brother Zhen married Mrs.Zhang, and Mrs.Zhang also got pregnant smoothly.I thought it was true, but I didn t expect this to happen to a six month old.Looking at the child, Brother Zhen even chose the child s name.Mrs.Zhang likes to eat exactly the same as my brother Huai Zhen when he was a child.Mrs.Zhang also dreamed that the child was a boy who was learning martial arts from Brother Zhen s ass.Unexpectedly, the child was gone.After the child fell, Wen Po looked carefully and said it was a boy.Mrs.Zhang cried so badly that she had to be persuaded to eat some food, and she lost a lot of weight in just a few days.

I m still worried about my master, Mrs.Dong said, Master Geng is in Anjiyuan.Don t say anything, you must be very worried, and when you entered the door, you saw the master standing there, and he didn t write for a long time.Tan Dingfang sat on the chair with Mrs.Dong, and the servants brought tea, Tan Dingfang took a sip before saying I just wanted to write something on a whim.When I picked up the pen, the thoughts in my mind became blurred.Mrs.Dong looked at the infatuated look in Tan Dingfang s eyes.She was not from a famous family, and although she was literate with Xixi, she knew nothing about calligraphy and painting.Sometimes she really couldn t understand the meaning in the master s eyes.Mrs.Dong said Since it s blurry, don t draw any more.Maybe sometime you will be interested again.

Mo Yangming frowned, What s the matter between Ah chan and Tan Shanren It s okay, Yu Zhenhai looked restless, It s really okay, I really don t want to think about it.Mo Zhenren got up from the chair at once, with a solemn expression on his brows I came to Anjiyuan to inquire about Ah chan when she died, and you said at the time that Ah chan came to Anjiyuan as usual when I was away.I also helped concoct medicinal materials, and I believed you back then, but now it seems that you have concealed the truth, and now you still want to cover it up.Guilt flashed in Yu Zhenhai s eyes, but he still lowered his head and refused to speak.Mo Yangming raised his foot and took a step in front of Yu Zhenhai Let me ask the good man again, what s the matter between Ah Chan and Tan Shanren Yu Zhenhai pursed his lips tightly.

Mo Yangming nodded That explains it It makes sense, why Tan Dingfang brought Aunt Zhen back to Anjiyuan again and again, Tan Zigeng must have thought that Aunt Zhen s background was unknown, so he followed Aunt Zhen, and then found are cbd gummies illegal out that Aunt Zhen did have other plans.Wei Yuanchen said When talking about Aunt Zhen, Tan Zigeng deliberately concealed some truths, Tan Zigeng should know the relationship between Tan Dingfang and Ah Chan, Tan Zigeng didn t want to mention it, because he was afraid that we would use this matter to find Miss Bai.Mo Yangming pondered for a moment and said A chan has been gone for more than ten years.Even if Tan Dingfang has such a past, it stands to reason that there is no need to be afraid of being known.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were deep, and Mo Yangming s heart shrank.

Gu Chongyi pondered and said So they found the lotus alley Anyway, it seems to be sinister sweets cbd gummies a good thing now, Wei Wei Yuan Chen said, If Yuan Zhixing and Shangqingguan hadn t been found out now, if things go on like this, I don t know how many people will be attracted by the interests of these imported products and do things that violate the laws of the Great Zhou.I was caught.Gu Chongyi heard the meaning of Wei Yuanchen s words You mean Wei Yuanchen nodded Master Gu in Lotus Hutong should have been wronged.He took it out of do cbd gummies really work his arms.Send out a letter condor cbd gummies penis enlargement to Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi opened the letter, and remembered that the letter was full of names, and the signature of the boss of the ship was signed.The Gu family s goods were transported all the way from Zhejiang to the capital.Not all the people used along the way were from the Gu family.

In addition, hemp seed oil at night cbd gummies during the day we also used Some damaged artillery in the arsenal, it is by these firearms that the city was defended.When Tan Dingfang said this, he let out a long eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects cbd gummies vegan sigh Moreover, the officials from the Ministry of War and the officials who went to manage the weapons joined the soldiers and horses of General Zhao after the city was broken.The official was killed in the camp.Although it was later found out that it was a centurion who killed the official of the Ministry of War, who ordered the centurion The censor suspected that General Zhao was afraid of being impeached by the officials of the Ministry of War, so he ordered people to attack the officials of the Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang thought about it carefully Since Old General Zhao got the news from the lieutenant general that there is something wrong with those artillery pieces, can someone go to check after Daning is taken back Tan Dingfang nodded However, those artillery pieces have been taken away by the Tatars.

How much money do cbd gummies really work will I give you It is worth your life.Madam Yuan stood up and said, How about Prince Huai s Mansion Will someone say that you are playing for selfishness No, Wei Yuanhong hurriedly explained, The third brother said Now, it is the Ministry of Criminal Justice who arrested Fang s family, and it has nothing to do with the condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work third brother.So, King Huai is plotting against the crown prince Wei Yuanzhen cbd gummies vermont said, Isn t this case just following the Lin Si Zhenbing s random investigation It s reasonable to think about it carefully, the crown prince is pulled down, and the most likely to become the next heir is King Huai.Wei Yuanzhen said with a happy expression do cbd gummies really work on his face Buying and selling war horses and smuggling imported goods are all the work of the crown prince and King Huai.Let s see who they can blame.

After sending everyone away, Mrs.Li asked the mother in charge to help her into the inner room.There was no one else in the room.It was painted when Empress Wei first married into the Lu Palace.He secretly plotted against others all day long, and now he has finally reaped the consequences, Mrs.Li s eyes flashed with hatred.It s a pity that the people of Dazhou will also be implicated.The mother in charge stepped forward and kneaded Mrs.Li carefully.Lady s legs.Mrs.Li said The do cbd gummies really work noble concubine, the crown prince, Huai Wang, and the Shen family were all taught by him.They are hypocritical, secretly seeking keoni cbd gummies official website eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects personal gain, and full of plans, but they are not as smart as him.The mother do cbd gummies really work in charge knew that she shouldn t Interrupted, Mrs.Tai just wanted to relieve the depression in her heart.Mrs.Li continued His sons have accidents one after another, he should also feel the pain of heartache, but maybe he doesn t care at all, the Tian family has no father son relationship, I am so glad Thanks to my daughter I saw through this early on.

After she left the palace, she lived away from the capital for two years for fear of being discovered., I just came to serve Brother Chen.Mother Lu has seen many intrigues in the palace and shady methods.In addition to guarding against these things when coming to serve Brother Chen, she can also remind Brother Chen if necessary.Ru s mother continued The third master trusts Mama Lu so much.Firstly, the third master is willing to accept all the concerns from the Wei family.Second, through Mama Lu, he can also feel the empress s love for him.The servant sometimes thinks about it, and feels very sad for the third master.The third master has been too sensible since he was a child.The servant has never seen the third master act like a baby to his wife.Although the wife is the most considerate of the third master, as you said, maybe Too thoughtful, but unnatural.

Firearms Baotong s face was full of surprise, Miss, it s getting more and more dangerous for you to go out now.It s over.The more dangerous it is, the closer they are to the truth, otherwise those people would not spend so much effort to deal with Mr.Wei, and if the investigation continues, those people will not be able to hide.Gu Mingzhu said Maybe the truth will come out soon.She looked at Baotong and said, eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects cbd gummies vegan Listen to my father, maybe there will be guests coming.She always thought that Mr.Wei would come to talk to her father, but she didn t know when will it be.In the study.Gu Chongyi was restless, and finally couldn t help standing up and walking outside.In fact, it is not yet dawn, even if he leaves the mansion, he doesn t know where to go, but he faintly feels that something big will happen tonight, and everything will be unknown, which is the most dangerous.

Lin suddenly became not so sure, she raised her head Master Hou saw the signs Gu Chongyi said I also hope that I am overthinking, but if this is the case, Madam, think about what we should do The Wei family, Mr.Wei.Mrs.Lin s mind was in a mess It stands to reason that this is impossible, even if Zhuzhu is really enlightened and do cbd gummies really work thinks about it Then the Wei family will not have such does cbd gummies help with copd a plan.If Wei San Do you also like pearls Hearing this, Madam Lin took a snack from the plate and stuffed it into Gu Chongyi s mouth condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work Shut up, Lord Hou, are you trying to frighten me to death Zhuzhu is by my side, so I don t know You don t need Hou Ye to tell me, I will see clearly.It seems that when the third master Wei comes to the house again, or when they go to the Wei house again, she has to pay more attention.

The Empress Dowager twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand Whenever there is a disturbance in the court, the harem will inevitably be chaotic.The Ai family heard that cbd gummies for pain and inflammation the Ministry of Officials submitted do cbd gummies really work a memorial, and there were many officials listed in the memorial.Most of these people are from the court.Since the time when these officials became officials, the Huaiwang Mansion and the Shen family lent them money to rent a mansion to support their families.The minister of the Ministry of Rites exposed Shen Guicheng, secretly forming a clique for personal gain, and lent him money Yes, the evidence is conclusive, the Shen family used family studies to support many children from poor families, and now these people are working for the Huai wholesale cbd gummies bulk Palace.The Queen Mother said this, and sighed In the past, the emperor praised Shen Shoufu as a rare man in the Zhou Dynasty.

Master Hou suspects that the second master sent Mrs.Tai to Lin Sizhen on purpose Wang Jing couldn t believe it.The second master has always been filial to Mrs.Tai.How could he do such a thing If this is true, the second master is naturally not a noble concubine.Wang Jing was even more confused The Ministry of Criminal Justice has found evidence that the person behind Lin Sizhen is the mansion of Prince Huai.The second master did not join the mansion of Prince Huai and is not a concubine.Then the second master Cui Zhen put the secret letter under the lamp and looked at it.A cluster of flames ignited That s what the Ministry of Punishment said, not necessarily the truth.Wei Yuanchen has been investigating the case, and now where is he when everything comes to light It is said that Wei Yuanchen was injured on the Liangjiazhuangzi , needing to recuperate at home, that little injury is nothing to the Wei family.

No matter what the result is, with his many years of experience in the battlefield, he has enough tenacity to face it.Master Hou.Zhang s voice came from outside the door.Master Hou, can I come in If it s inconvenient, I ll put the food box outside.After so many years of marriage, Zhang would never casually step into the small study in the backyard without his permission.This move is very fitting.In Zhen s mind, his mother and uncle s affairs come first, and he doesn t like his wife interfering in his government affairs.Cui Zhen ordered Come in Madam Zhang opened the curtain do cbd gummies really work and stepped in.Didn t I let you rest in peace Cui Zhen said, What are you doing running around in the cold weather Mrs.Zhang said I saw that Lord Hou hadn t come back, so I asked the kitchen to make some crispy cheese.Cui Zhen Zhen knows what Cheung is thinking, and the gift of pastry is just an excuse, in fact, he is afraid do cbd gummies really work that he will have a dispute with his second brother.

Gu Mingzhu listened carefully My lord It means Cui Wei, he Wei Yuanchen said Cui Wei is in the prison, and ordered someone to shoot someone he shouldn t have killed.Gu Mingzhu raised his head Your Excellency is talking about Miss Zhou Wei Yuanchen even lowered his breathing a lot, for fear of accidentally scaring the person in front of him Yes, it s Ah Jun.Chapter 384 Confess that Gu Mingzhu s fingers trembled slightly, so Master Wei was drunk It was Ajun that time, and this Ajun was none other than Zhou Rujun. Gu Mingzhu squeezed the wooden box in her hand, the room was so quiet that she could hear her heart beating like a drum, she tried her best to make herself look calm My lord, it s because Miss Zhou is in prison.I saved you, so you want to repay this kindness No.Upon hearing the unexpected answer, Gu Mingzhu involuntarily raised her head to look at Wei Yuanchen who was on the couch.

People are selfish.At this time, he hoped that Mrs.Zhou was really wrong, and maybe he could forgive himself a little bit.There was a bustling scene on the street.In the slowly moving carriage, someone opened the curtain and looked out Is that Lord Hou The steward of the Zhang family who was following outside the carriage followed Mrs.Zhang Shen s eyes to search among the crowd, and saw Cui Zhen His back flashed past It s Master Hou, it s Master Hou, that s right, who else can have such power except Master Hou, is Master Hou going to meet the old man and the elder Mrs.Shen shook her head That s not the direction to go out of the city.The old lady still had to wait for officials from the Ministry of Officials to meet up outside the city and talk about the old days.Let s go.Shen Shi didn t care about these things.

You must have never seen it before.Wei Congzhi s voice resounded throughout the front yard of the Gu family.Wei Congzhi was triumphant Let the children in the family come and see, you see how quiet you are here, without the slightest atmosphere of Chinese New Year, and with such a bird it will be extraordinary immediately.Gu Chongyi frowned and moved forward Walking to the yard, wyld cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies really work I saw Wei Congzhi standing triumphantly in the yard holding the bird cage.Wei Congzhi looked behind Gu Chongyi Where are the children Didn t I tell you to call the children Gu Chongyi s face turned dark, what children It s not just to trick Zhuzhu out, so that Zhuzhu can feed the flower cake made by Zhuzhu to his big fat chicken.With do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the sound of flapping its wings, a big black chicken ran towards the back house uninvited with its buttocks pouted.

Zou Lin took a few sips and lay back on the kang tiredly Where is Brother Xiang do cbd gummies really work Has he gone to study The servant girl said There are guests at the house.Uncle Zou is going to greet the guests.Zou Lin nodded.Head Okay, this is the best Zou Lin finally breathed a sigh of relief that Zou Xiang was able to live a good life in the Hou Mansion.When Zou Xiang s mother just passed away, she wanted Zou Xiang to gain fame in the future by stepping down Dingning Hou s mansion and Mrs.Zhang to avenge his mother.As the emotions gradually calmed down, thinking about it carefully, it was just a dream.Without the support of the clan, how could the outstanding children be as good as the nobles who have been passed down keoni cbd gummies official website eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects for hundreds of years Now that she is going to die, what she is looking forward to in her mind is not to be rich and wealthy, but to be safe and sound.

In his eyes, he only thought that Mrs.Zhang was a good mistress, but he didn t know that there was so much filth hidden behind it, that was human life, and it was just in her hands for nothing.After he came back from Shanxi, he tidied up the inner house, and Mrs.Zhang didn t interfere.Can you figure out what happened back then Cui Zhen suddenly felt a pain in his heart, as if he had been shot by an arrow.In the past, he was quite satisfied with himself.Hebao had been abandoned when he took over, but now it has a strong army, and Lin Sizhen s rebels have not been able to shake it.He led the cavalry forward, keoni cbd gummies official website eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects and his war chess was clearly fluttering in the wind.Facing the strongest Tatar cavalry, he also had the confidence of invincibility.He always felt that what he did was good enough, and he HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work was so honored to stand in front of others, but now he felt ashamed.

Mrs.Zhang said Did Hou Ye send someone to ask me about my current situation Yes, said the mother in charge, You forgot, Hou Ye sent someone here just now.Why Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin.Could it be that she was thinking too much In fact, since knowing that Zhuzhu s condition has improved, she has been a little nervous to help Mrs.Lin take care of the inner house.Thinking about what Zhuzhu did with Mrs.Lin in Shanxi, it may not be easy for Zhuzhu to be good.Will Zhuzhu be like Master Gu, a person who is always hiding his clumsiness Otherwise, how could the condition get better, and she would start stretching her hands and feet like this, she could see that many managers obeyed Zhuzhu s orders, the person in charge of the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion seemed to have changed suddenly, it was not Mrs Lin s handwriting at all, which made her feel a little strange , that s why she was flustered, she had to carefully sort out what happened recently, especially which Zou Lin and Zou Xiang, she had to ask someone to go to the Lin clan do cbd gummies really work to ask carefully.

In addition to inviting the imperial doctor and the stable woman to serve the wife, our grand lady also invited a little Fangmai master to take care of the uncle.Although the little Fangmai master was old, his apprentice had already He is well known in Beijing, if not, the slaves and servants bring the stewards of the house to invite people here, which can be regarded as some preparations.Gu Chongyi was overjoyed Then I will trouble my mother to help.The mother in charge of the Wei family said no.Dare, took Mama Yang and walked out quickly.The two of them had just left when the doctor who had been checking Mrs.Lin s pulse also arrived.Gu Chongyi said Quickly, come and see what s going on here Mrs.Lin saw that Lord Hou lost his position, and softly comforted him Don t worry, Lord Hou, my do cbd gummies really work baby and I will be fine.

Wei, which made me feel at ease.Yes, yes Gu Chongyi said, I think Mrs.Tai is right, our brother will definitely be cbd gummy bear uk healthy.Mrs.Lin retorted Why is it that he will be healthy, and he will be healthy gummy bear cbd oil now.Now she can t listen to the child s bad health.Gu Chongyi repeatedly echoed Yes, yes.Mrs.Lin smiled slightly, and looked at Gu Chongyi I am wronged by Lord Hou.I am not wronged, Gu Chongyi reached out to stroke Mrs.Lin s hair, I just can t help you eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects cbd gummies vegan Anxious, take a break, I m responsible for everything outside.Upon hearing this, Mrs.Lin closed her eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.Gu Chongyi walked HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work out of the main house, just as Mrs.Gu and Mrs.Meng entered the yard.The old lady Gu looked at Gu Chongyi I am relieved to hear that the big and small are safe, where is the child With a smile all over his do cbd gummies really work face, Gu Chongyi took old lady Gu to see his brother in the conservatory.

If you don t make it clear to Master Hou, you are afraid that the Hou Mansion will be affected in the future.Gu Chongyi listened carefully.Mo Yangming said Your Majesty must have heard about my relationship with the Empress Dowager.This case involved my apprentice and younger brother, so I was more deeply involved.This time I went to the Palace of Compassion and Empress Dowager Bring up this case.Gu Chongyi thought of Guo Jiuzhang, the Duke of Fengguo.Back then, the old Duke of Fengguo handed over the position of commander in chief to his father, but the HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work Guo family s reputation in the Navy has always been there.If the Guo family can help, it will naturally get twice the result with half the effort.Mo Yangming nodded The empress dowager also mentioned you, Lord Hou, and promised to let the Guo do cbd gummies really work family help investigate the case.

Be nice to the Wei family.Gu Chongyi calmed down the anger that was about to burst out.Wei Congzhi handed over the bird cage Gu Chongyi As the second uncle, this is a gift from me to the child.Gu Chongyi reluctantly picked up the cage.Chongyi, don t say I m biased, Wei Congzhi winked, To congratulate you on becoming a father, I managed to find such a fetish Looking at Wei Congzhi s face, Gu Chongyi immediately suppressed his anger, but Mrs.Li s kind face appeared in his mind in time.Gu Chongyi said patiently What Wei Congzhi cleared his throat, do cbd gummies really work looked at the birdcage, and shouted without blushing, Call, raise soldiers for a day and use them for a while, call quickly.Wei Congzhi kept running around the cage, looking stupid.Gu Chongyi s patience was about to be exhausted.DaddyDaddyDaddy The bird in the cage suddenly yelled, the voice was unpleasant and faint It s calling Dad Look, Wei Congzhi said triumphantly, I m calling, I m calling, are you celebrating A bird called him father Called his son a bird Is he scolding him or scolding do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe his son Gu Chongyi couldn t bear it anymore and dragged Wei Congzhi out.

Become a cold palace.It took a long time for the internal officials to leave with people and things, and then closed the palace gate, leaving only a small door for food delivery.Empress Wei raised her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief Okay, it s quiet now.will be monitored at all times.As soon as the female officer finished speaking, several servants walked into the palace and stood in the yard one by one, ready to keep an eye on the queen s every move.Empress Wei smiled and said softly We should thank Shengen.The female officer was a little surprised.Empress Wei said There are so many people watching my every move.If someone wants to frame me, it may not be easy.If someone wants to kill me, these eyes are also personal evidence.She didn t dare to come again, didn t she want to thank the emperor What s more, without the emperor, she would not be where she is today.

The repeated blows and lessons made her understand that she had already sent the person she cared about the most out of right and wrong.In this palace, she no cbd gummies missouri longer has any weaknesses It s not that easy to deal with her Jiang Guifei raised the corner of her mouth slightly when she heard the news, revealing a smile.The female official said in a low voice Before, it was a cover up, but now it is an official decree.It seems that the empress of Kunning Palace will be abolished soon.You have waited for so long, and finally you have a clue.Concubine Jiang stood up.Walking to the warm cage, she had been hoping that the emperor would take this step Whether it is the current dynasty or the previous dynasty, as long as the do cbd gummies really work book treasures are taken back and the feet are confined in the palace, the imperial edict will be issued next.

Mrs.Lin was much more energetic, and seeing her daughter, she said, I am willing to come back.Gu Mingzhu also placed the box in her hand in front of Mrs.Lin I bought toys for my younger brother.Mrs.Lin couldn t help laughing I still use it.Can you buy it The ones in your house are enough.Gu Mingzhu hurriedly went condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work to see her younger brother in the greenhouse, her younger brother was still small, but he was different from when he was just born, with a pair of dark eyes everywhere Looking around, when he saw her, he grinned and smiled at him.Oh, look, said the wet nurse from the side, The uncle laughed when he saw the young lady.After all, they are brothers and sisters, but they are different.Mother Yang was also happy.Gu Mingzhu was a little worried.Her mother had just given birth, and her younger brother was still so young.

Wei Yuanchen said This person changed his surname to Xiong and was called Guanshi Xiong.He has been traveling in Daning and northern Xinjiang for the past few years.He also took over and arranged the private goods brought in by sea after they went north.The emperor felt his body tremble when he heard this.The blood in his forehead suddenly poured into his forehead, as if it was about to come out of his eyes What did you say Zheng Ruzong is alive Wei Yuanchen said Not only is Zheng Ruzong alive, he also sent two sons, one After entering the court to become an official, one clings to the Shen family and acts around under the name of the Shen family.This person colludes with the Chief Secretary Zhang Congju to make a big deal of money in the shipyard, using the timber provided by the court to build warships, and kill pirates along the coast.

It s all under the account, and I m afraid it s a good thing at sea.The emperor stood up from the throne all of a sudden Privately build a warship Wei Yuanchen said The account in condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work the emperor s hand is the proof.The emperor s ears sounded like a drum beating , Boom boom boom was deafening, and he looked at Wei Yuanchen sharply You found this out No, Wei Yuanchen said, that s why I invited Mr.Su to wyld cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies really work come together.Seven years ago, someone discovered something strange in the investigation of the pirate case.After chasing to do cbd gummies really work the northern border, I finally found Zheng Ruzong.The emperor said Who is he Wei Yuanchen looked at Su Fu, and Su Fu said He is Yan Can, the apprentice of Xue Jian, a subordinate of Weichen, who was then in Yingtian Mansion.After passing the sentence, he should be added to Dali Temple.

This person actually knew his surname was Zheng, so did he know that his father was still alive Your father Zheng Ruzong Qiu Hai followed the voice, trying to listen carefully to what the man was saying, but before he finished speaking, another wave of feather arrows struck.Cunning Qiu Hai stretched out his hand to block the flying feather arrow, and when he stabilized his figure again, he found that King Huai was gone again.Qiu Hai looked forward again.King Huai, covered in blood, staggered forward.Qiu Hai was about to go after him, when an object fell at his feet, like a thunderbolt.With a boom , the firearm exploded, and the smell of saltpeter and gunpowder diffused in the forest.King Huai continued to run forward, and when the rebels caught up with him again, a figure finally jumped out and grabbed his arm.

There were too many things he needed to deal with, and he couldn t just be knocked down like this.He is the emperor of the Great Zhou, and he has seen more storms, these are nothing at all.The emperor clenched his hands tightly, raised his blood red eyes and told Huang Chang, Please come in, Empress Dowager.Huang Chang responded.The sound of the emperor vomiting could be heard clearly outside, but the emperor did not ask for an imperial doctor, obviously he did not want to say anything, and everyone present knew this truth.Huang Chang came out to invite the queen mother, and the rest of the people knelt on the spot, but the female officials and palace servants of Yongchun Palace were dragged down.Concubine De looked at the female officer, and saw that the female officer seemed to have lost her soul, her expression was flustered, her eyes were distracted, and when she wanted to speak, her mouth was blocked by the servant.

Li will never thank him.Gu Chongyi was about to take off his armor and go down to search for people, when he suddenly saw movement on the sea, he hurriedly lowered his head to have a look.A mouthful of sea water rushed towards Gu Chongyi s mouth and nose with a poof , and then the disgusting face of Master Wei Er.Got fooled again.If it weren t for the many soldiers around him, Gu Chongyi would have already started to curse.Master Wei Er wiped his face proudly.This man is good at swimming.In this case, Gu Chongyi told the people around him Take a Cangshan boat, wyld cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies really work and when it gets dark, follow the second master Wei to approach the rebels to investigate.It is best to investigate all the coastal guards.Many guards have not yet do cbd gummies really work sent reinforcements.He suspects that there are generals in the guards colluding with the rebels.

Zhou Ruzhang couldn t believe it, the second uncle didn t care about them, what should we do What else can she do If Marquis Ding Ning was in Beijing, do cbd gummies really work she could ask Marquis Ding Ning what are vegan cbd gummies for help, but now No, Zhou Ruzhang remembered that she had heard from her mother that Xu Gui HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work was the one who was being watched by Marquis Ding Ning, but she couldn t figure it out, Marquis Ding Ning clearly forgave Zhou Rujun, why did he still target the Zhou family Second Miss, the servant girl persuaded, We can t do anything, we d better go back to the room and wait for the news.The master and wife are not here, so you have to follow the example of the second master and restrain the stewards in the yard.Zhou Ruzhang panicked God, how can she control it.The servant girl said I don t know if the Seventh Master s people will arrest us and question us.

Zhou Ruzhang s eyes widened, and she really went Zhou Zejing listened to the martha stewart gummies cbd steward report After Tian s mother was taken away, the people in the old lady s yard talked about many things.Zhou Zejing looked at the hourglass on the table.Zhou Zesheng has become so powerful.The steward continued The lady in the shop seems to know our Zhou family like the back of her hand, and even went to Zhuangzi to pick up Mama Liang, who has served the eldest wife and eldest lady.The things in the back will be dragged out, that s why Zhou Zejing didn t go to the front yard, he wanted to see how deep Zhou Zesheng and those people in the market are.The youngest was more than successful, Zhou Zejing frowned.If he hadn t been in a hurry to do those things, he wouldn t have been caught.Second Master, that Mr.Jiang brought people here for questioning.

Let Shuntian Mansion find no further evidence, and he will come forward to help talk and let Zhou Zejing return to the yamen.After all, too many people were implicated this time, and the rebel party s eyeliner spread all over the yamen and mansions.If they were sent to prison because of a little relationship, Beijing and China would have been in chaos long ago.Fighting outside is the most taboo of civil strife.In order to stabilize people s hearts, the court is also cautious about this matter, so that he can find a place to start.Unexpectedly, the Zhou family has changed again, do cbd gummies really work and no one knows who actually found out do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe that there was something wrong with Mrs.Zhou s death that year.Xueshi Cao can t sit still anymore, he has already been touched on the vine, if those people continue to investigate, they will definitely find Zhou Zecheng, and then Empress Defei Can you guarantee that it can really kill the weeds When the gate of the palace is opened, he will tell the empress about the Zhou family, so that the empress can also be prepared, and get rid of those who should be eliminated, so as to prevent problems before they happen.

Zhou Zejing is in trouble.Cao Xueshi hasn t come forward to help so far.Is the Cao family planning to abandon him Zhou Zejing s eyes flickered.If the Cao family dared to do this, he would be killed.Don t think that if the eldest brother and sister in law are dead, no one will know about the dirty things that the Concubine De and the Cao family did.The Cao family had better not push him.Chapter 493 Angry Zhou Zejing was frowning and thinking, the door of the study was opened, and then the steward walked in.Master, the steward said in a low voice, Jingmao Alley is empty.what Zhou Zejing s eyebrows stood up.The steward nodded It was moved inside cleanly, as if do cbd gummies really work martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe no one had ever lived in it.Zhou Zejing s forehead hummed, and the Cao family let the people in Jingmao Hutong interact with him.Now that the people in Jingmao Hutong have moved away, it means that the Cao family has separated from him, even if he says something that is not good for Cao.

Seeing his cronies act decisively and neatly, Zhou Zejing calmed down a little, but things did not go as smoothly as Zhou Zejing thought.The two cronies fought with Bao Er for a long time, but they were still unable to win Bao Er.Zhou Zejing frowned, his hands were covered with cold sweat, the two trusted followers seemed to feel Zhou Zejing s anxiety, they gritted their teeth and sped up their movements, Bao Er obviously began to struggle.After a few more meetings, Bao Er staggered and almost fell to the ground.Zhou Zejing s heart was beating like a drum, and it seemed that all this would be over soon.Er Yi kicked it away, and the cronies covered his stomach, and blood gushed out of it.Zhou Zejing s eyes widened, and he saw a cold light flash on Bao Er s feet.It turned out that he had hidden sharp weapons in his boots.

Zhou Zejing had to stand on tiptoes to let the rope leave his throat slightly, but when his feet fell On the ground, he was strangled again.Zhou Zejing waved his hands, but he couldn t free the rope around his throat.Zhou Zesheng walked up to Zhou Zejing, staring at Zhou Zejing with his eyes.Zhou Zejing refused to speak at first, but when the suffocation hit again and again, he finally panicked Savesaveme Zhou Zesheng smiled slightly Second brothernoyou are nothing more than in my heart It s Mr.Tuesday, I ll send you on your way Zhou Zejing didn t want to beg Zhou Zesheng, but the pain that came out of his bones just now was wiped out by the ensuing pain II knowI know Zhou Zesheng knew what Zhou Zejing was going to say, if it wasn t because Zhou Zejing knew the inside story, he would have stood here and watched Zhou Zesheng die.

At the gate of Chengtian, the forbidden army rushed out, King Su drew out the long sword at his waist, and ordered everyone Rush in with all your strength.A group of people successfully entered the Chengtian Gate, and then rushed to the Duanmen.At this time, King Su felt a little strange.The Chengtian Gate behind him was closed tightly at some point, and the road leading to the palace seemed to be slower than usual.It seems quiet.Su Wang had a bad premonition in his heart.My lord, the Wufeng Tower is ahead, do we still want to go After passing HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work the Wufeng Tower, we arrived at the palace.King Su thought do cbd gummies really work for a while Go At this point, there is no way out, no matter what the situation ahead is, you have to make a breakthrough.King Su raised the edict in his hand again, and galloped forward with his men and horses.

With the queen s arrow, the archers who were in ambush drew their bows one after another, and countless arrows went towards King Su.Concubine De shouted loudly, Huang Chang laughed embarrassingly, but there was no complacency in the smile, but was wrapped in fear.The emperor looked at Wei Shi in a daze.Wei Shi s clothes were stretched out, and at this moment he was charming.She was still her, the woman he saw and yearned for.Beads and jade are on the side, and I feel dirty.He wanted to overshadow her brilliance, make her submit, and make her be willing to be a child.He do cbd gummies really work couldn t do it.There was only contempt and contempt in her eyes that annoyed him.King Su vomited blood and fell from his horse, and the emperor also spat out a mouthful of blood.His eyes were completely dark and completely unconscious.

Although Liang Wang s chaos has do cbd gummies really work not completely subsided, do cbd gummies really work this battle is crucial.Under Gongji City, the court soldiers and horses began to count the battlefield.The corpses were removed one by one, the corpses of the rebels were piled up in one place, and the soldiers who suppressed the rebellion were properly transported to Yizhuang.Lu Guang looked around the corpse with a torch, his hands were shaking due to excessive force, and the wound on his body was still oozing blood, but he didn t care at all.Zhu Wu.The pain in Lu Guang s throat was like a knife cut, making him almost speechless.Zhu Wu.Zhu Wu.Besides Lu Guang, other people were also turning over the corpses on the ground.That was ordered by Mr.Wei.Zhu Wu, you can do it.Master Wei went to capture King Liang with his wounds, and he hasn t forgotten you yet.

King Liang looked at the guards beside him I didn t expect this king to have come to a dead end.As he said that, a trace of awe inspiring expression appeared on King Liang s face In any case, even if I die in battle, I can t fall into the hands of the Hunjun, do cbd gummies really work and they don condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work t need to catch it.Let s go on our own.Hearing what King Liang said, the guards knelt down one after another I am willing to follow the prince. Okay, King Liang smiled boldly, If there is an afterlife, I will take you again.Make meritorious deeds together.As King Liang walked out of the cave, feeling the cool breeze in the mountains, King Liang took a deep breath The death of this king will not make them feel better When they get closer, we will set fire to the mountain Chapter 522 Escape Just as dawn broke through the sky, the mountain where King Liang hid began to blaze.

The emperor s hot phlegm surged up, and his mind hummed Suddenly, he almost passed out.King Huai is here, do you want to see the emperor The emperor lying on the couch began to struggle again.He wanted HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work to see, he naturally wanted to see, he wanted his son to kill the poisonous woman Wei, with his body like this, he was willing to let King Huai inherit the throne.As long as King Huai can listen to him, he will be the Supreme Emperor.Empress Wei ordered Come in Chuan Huai Wang The waiter gave a voice, and after a while, Huai Wang walked into the inner hall.Royal father, queen mother.King Huai knelt down and saluted.Get up, Empress Wei said with clear eyes, talk with your father, I and the court elders still have some government affairs to deal with.King Huai did not dare to look into Empress Wei s eyes, and said respectfully Father He and Da Zhouquan have to rely on the queen mother, the queen mother should not work too hard, she must take care of her body.

Thinking of this, the old king Qing took a look at the emperor, and it seemed that the emperor was to blame.Alas, the old King Qing sighed, This time is now and then, now it is different from the past.The Great Zhou Dynasty is in such a state of chaos.In the future, only the queen s son will inherit the throne.The queen s son The emperor s hands began to tremble again.Does the empress still have a son alive in this world And Lao Qing knew about this The emperor wanted to yell loudly and ask old King Qing what was going on.He dared to conspire with the queen and the Wei family.They should all be damned.Empress Wei said indifferently No matter when, what I promised will not change.Back then, I only wanted my child to survive.I never thought that he would have anything to do with the throne.He is just my son.

Mother Chen nodded, half a month ago, the wife had a nightmare, dreaming that she was holding a baby who was still in her swaddling baby.The eldest lady in the middle is looking at the lanterns, and she doesn t want to condor cbd gummies amazon do cbd gummies really work be snatched away by a person with a big doll on her head.Madam always thinks this is not a good omen.Missy is going out.However, Missy s temperament has long been used to walking outside, so how can she live freely Fortunately, now that the capital is stable, there are many fewer nightclubs, and after the Wei family bought a new house, they arranged for Wei family guards to come.Whenever the eldest lady goes out, there will be guards from the two families with her, so that the madam can feel at ease.Mother Chen said Madam, don t think about that big headed doll all the time.According to the servants, this is a good omen.

After the old King Qing finished speaking, the royal family members around him all looked at each other in blank dismay, King Qing didn t even want to show his favor to the Wei family Anyway, they are the clan of the Great Zhou Dynasty, how can they say that they did their duty when they came to help, could it be that the news spread before is true Wei Yuanchen is the direct son of the emperor and empress After hearing King Qing s words, Madam Yuan realized something, and couldn t help but change her expression.With such a reaction from the Wei family, the clan members were more certain of the answer.After hearing the rumors, it was not that they did not ask King Qing for confirmation.However, King Qing kept silent, and they had no choice.Finally, Wang couldn t sit still anymore and chose a few mothers in charge from the clan to bring cbd gummies to stop smoking them here.

Looking around carefully, it seemed that it was the place where he stayed when he came to Beijing that day The girl who came to buy red bean cakes that day did not know him, but unexpectedly fell into his dream when he was drowsy.Cui Zhen was about to ask Cui Xiang if he wanted to eat red bean cake, when a carriage stopped at the door of the shop.Wei Yuanchen got off his horse and stretched out his hand to get the HCMUSSH do cbd gummies really work female family member wearing a fence off the carriage.The female family member should be Zhuzhu in appearance.On the second day of Wei Yuanchen and Zhuzhu s marriage, they should return to Wei s house from the palace to thank him Recently, news came out from Beijing that Wei Yuanchenmaybe he will be called Zhao Yuanchen next time.The eldest son of the emperor and empress, who will inherit the throne in the future, from Wei Yuanchen s point of view, it is unlikely that the Great Zhou will usher in a prosperous age, so that the Great Zhou will have the opportunity to regain the territory of Daning and cbd and melatonin gummies for sleep Liaodong.

Sure enough, she heard it right, Mrs.Lin said coldly What did Hou Ye do outside without telling my concubine No, no.Then why did phone number for eagle hemp cbd gummies you drive away Second Master Wei when you saw my concubine coming Gu Chongyi swallowed and rolled up his sleeves When I bring him back, ask carefully, it s really none of my business, it s the Wei family that got into trouble outside, and wants to come to our house to hide, madam, you have to believe for your husband.If the Mu family can t catch Wei s second son this time, he will help to catch him.Gu Chongyi suddenly felt that Mrs.Li ordered the steward to bring people to his house, as if she also meant to favor the Mu family.Could it be what s the secret Hey, I heard that the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Xining also made meritorious service this time, and she fought against the enemy together with her father and brother.

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