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Under this premise, he looked at the painting over and over again, and the more he looked at it, the does green lobster cbd gummies work more pleasing to the eye, he felt that the extra little paw was actually It s also very cute, representing the love of Candy Since it is a symbol of love, it should be preserved and treasured.Just like many people tattoo their relatives names on their bodies, cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart Tang Shuang left a small paw of her sister on the painting, which is also very plausible Tang Shuang quickly convinced herself that she would use this painting instead of redrawing it He logged into the author s section of The Three Swords of the Imperial Guard , re applied to open a new book, and uploaded the painting as the cover.After thinking about it, I wrote a brief introduction to Heroes When talking about heroes, who is the real hero What is a hero Who can be called a real hero Is it the king of Qin who created a generation of hegemony, or Wuming who possessed unique skills , or Canjian, Flying Snow, Sky Heroes may not be judged by others, but may only be for a promise in the heart, a commitment.Tang Shuang drove his family s Volkswagen Passat to the nearest Lego Crown Hotel, where the buffet is affordable, and the most important thing is that the ice cream can fill you up.When Tangtanger heard that there was ice cream, she turned into a baby cow in cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies an instant.Even the seat belt couldn t restrain her, and she jumped on the back seat.Ice cream was her spiritual food Do you want to eat this Yes What about this Yes This Yes Tang Shuang Just say which one you don t want to eat, and I will give the rest You pretend.Candy said proudly I will eat it all, and I will be full.Tang Shuang threatened If you can t finish eating, I will never bring you here again.pretending After filling a plate full of food, Tang Shuang found a seat by the window, asked Tang Tanger to climb up on a chair and sit down, put it in front of her, and prepared a fork, Eat slowly, lady, don t eat all over your face.Who Who is it My candy is so cute that I don t know how to give in.Come on, brother will avenge you Tang Shuang said angrily.Tang Tanger pointed to a big octopus in the game that kept laughing smugly and said, That s it Tang Shuang was completely speechless when she saw it.Dirty It seems that it is not a child playing, at least it is an older child The only consolation is that Candy can t understand Let me come, Tangtanger, let s watch my brother avenge you, okay Tang Shuang picked up the remote controller and operated 900 Million Girls Dream , which is Tangtanger s special account.Okay Candy waited impatiently for Tang Shuang to avenge her.She was so sad that she needed to vent her anger.This game has two modes stand alone and battle.The battle mode is that two players devour each other.Whoever eats the cbd gummies for severe back pain other wins.Under Tang Shuang s strong suppression, Tang Tanger was escorted to lie down on the bed, with her feet together, her little hands folded in front of her body, on her stomach She covered herself with a small blanket, and under Tang Shuang s coercion and lure, she nodded and promised to sleep well.But as soon as Tang Shuang left, the little guy quickly got up on his hands and feet, making Tang Zhen helpless.Sister Do you want to paint it red The little guy approached Tang Zhen curiously, pointing at her bright red lips.Tang Zhen couldn t help laughing when she thought of Tang Shuang s picture of Tang Shuang s make up, and then looked down at the little guy s immature face.Candy got off the bed, climbed up to the chair in front of the dressing table, grabbed a lipstick, ran back and handed it to Tang Zhen, and asked, Sister, Candy can become as beautiful as you by applying red Tang Zhen took the lipstick dumbfounded, and patiently introduced to Tangtanger that this is a terrible move, which is equivalent to opening Pandora s box.Liu Yilian said with a smile So I just hope to ask, if it doesn t work, forget it, just in case.Lin Yuwen Yan thought for a while, and at the same time saw Xiao Na s attitude in her eyes.She knew that even if she could reject it today, someone else would come tomorrow, so she neither agreed nor rejected, but said Everyone is a company.If you can help, Yucan and I will definitely help, but this is Yucan s personal relationship after all, and Yuxiang has cbd water soluble gummies repeatedly told him not to publish any information about him, so it is useless for us to agree, we must first ask Yuxiang, if There is no problem with him, of course we are happy, the better the company develops, the more resources we can get.Lin Yu s words obviously did not satisfy Liu Yilian, she was about to go further, when Xiao Na spoke, she I heard from Li Yugan that this Yuxiang is very mysterious and low key, and it is difficult to contact him.So the anxious little girl yelled loudly at Bai Jingjing who dared not say a word Run away, Jingjing, tell everyone to hide quickly, the big villain is out, take me away ah Tang Shuang What s the matter with this chick, don t you need to be so exaggerated But he didn t know that when Tangtang er was hiding in the room, she had already written, directed and acted in a wonderful little animal story conference, and now she was too involved in the play, and she hadn t pulled herself out yet cbd gummies coupon code Tang Shuang put the excited Candy on the ground and held it down, knelt down and said, Calm down, Tang Tang Children s Shoes I m my brother It s not Xiao Yezi, I won t eat you Ouch, please be more honest Ouch In the end, Tang Shuang had no choice but to imprison Tang Tang er s hands Crazy, aren t you Do you believe that I tied you up and hung you on a swing on the railing Tang Tanger said angrily Bullying children counts.Candy said crisply Mom, sister taught Tang to sing, do you want to hear it This sentence seemed to ask To put it bluntly, it s not.Candy began to sing after she finished speaking, still the milk version of KISS ME .Because this song is a dance song, the little guy sang it intermittently while writhing in the bathtub, still looking good.She wriggled happily in the bathtub, and splashed water all over Huang Xiangning who was bathing her.Huang Xiangning s restraint was ineffective, and no one could stop Maiba s potential explosion.But it took a long time, Tangtanger forgot the lyrics in the middle of the song, funky farms cbd gummies smiled embarrassedly, and smoothed things over Mom, I d better sing you a children s song, little rabbit is good.As long as you don t twist That s fine, Huang Xiangning first praised Tangtanger for singing what are smilz cbd gummies just now, and then encouraged the little girl to sing nursery rhymes with expectant eyes.Xiaoshuang, your stinky sock, it doesn t hurt Tangtang at all.If you don t take me there, I won t let go Tang Shuang had no choice but to stop and talk to Tangtang Little piggy, I really can t take you there., you are still so young, you have never traveled far, and I cbd gummies coupon code don t know how to take care of children, what if you are sick, my sister is still sick.Candy lit up the muscles on her small arms, and she looked Tang Shuang showed off her biceps in such a way, she was so smart, she remembered it right cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies away.I m amazing.Look, I have a lot of chicken I m better than Qiqi, and I never get sick.Tang Shuang Last time, you complained of a stomachache and said you never got sick Candy Son Hmph, that s because you didn t take care of me, and you said it, really Tang Shuang It s all my fault, you see, I can t take care of you well at home, and I m sure I can t take care of you even more if I go out of town.Tang Zhen looked at her younger brother who was flipping through the pages in surprise, curled her lips secretly, and said, It seems like you understand.Tang Shuang replied seemingly casually, Hey, I m amazing.Wow The lyrics are so well written Tang Shuang raised a piece of manuscript paper in her hand in surprise, as if she had discovered a treasure, although in Tang Zhen s opinion, this guy was deliberately exaggerating, but she still felt very good in her heart , the thing she cares about the most is praised by others, of course she is in a happy mood, but her face is calm.Tang Shuang Xiao Zhen, you have great potential as a poet.This song Mother s Hand is very poetic.As she spoke, Tang Shuang took the manuscript paper and began to read in rhythmic rhythms I ve been to the end of the world.She needs to take a breath, a little tired, a little pain.Tang Sanjian Has Tangtanger been injured See if there is any bleeding on your hand Tangtanger stretched out her little hand in front of her eyes and looked again and again, there was no bleeding Haha If you don t bleed, then stand up by yourself, don t sit on the ground.Although there was no bleeding, the two small palms hurt a little, and when I stood up, I didn t dare to support the ground with my hands, and the result ahhhhhhhhhhh Huchi Let s do it again, ah Oh, I can t get up What s the matter Tangtang er tried again, but still couldn t get up, Bai Jingjing was worried for her, and helped her with her head, but Just can t get up.Tang Sanjian took away the newspaper, looked at Tangtanger who was still sitting on the ground, and said, What s wrong Tangtanger said a little frightened Father, Tangtanger can t stand up anymore, woooooo Will it cost four Got it Hurry up and help me Mom, don t wash the dishes, hurry up and help cbd gummies coupon code me It s so scary.Looking at this scene, Huang Xiangning suddenly wondered if Tangtanger was too lonely.There were indeed not many children of the same age around here, and she often played alone.In the past, Tang Shuang often lived on campus, and occasionally went home.Tang Tanger was the happiest.Huang Xiangning now thinks back, when Tang Shuang was at home, the little girl was obviously much more lively and naughty.The only one in the old Tang family who could play with Tangtanger was Tang Shuang, the eldest child.The young woman who came to see a doctor lives in the living area of Guangdong University.She has just moved here, and her husband teaches chemistry at the school.After the baby got the injection, she was about to leave.Tang Tanger looked at the baby in her arms with a look of reluctance, Sister, sister, you have to hold the baby at night, otherwise the baby will definitely I want to have nightmares, Tangtang was like this when I was a child, I was so scared and cried Huang Xiangning was ashamed when he heard it, he could remember such small things clearly, it seems that it really left a psychological shadow.That said, it s generally true.Below that is Huang Weiwei, the daughter of Tang Shuang s uncle, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen s cousin.She said with concern What s wrong with Xiaoshuang She looks very happy.Huohuo, don t talk nonsense.Xiaoshuang is a Good boy, I still want to introduce my best friend to him, Xiaoshuang, do you want to know her The last time I showed you cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart the photos, it just so happened that you also fell out of love.If Tang Shuang were here, she would immediately private message Huang Weiwei, who Who the hell is spreading rumors that I m broken in love Such a private matter was actually exposed in the parent group, think about me, don t you Tang Zhen never imagined that she was going to help Tang Shuang feel proud, but now it turned into whether he was setting up a street stall or not How did he fall out of love Who broke up first What did his old cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies girlfriend look like shark tank natures boost cbd gummies Can it be redeemed After all, he is his own younger brother, so he couldn t be too embarrassed, so he quickly posted three photos in succession.Of the cbd gummies coupon code two people in the photo, one should be Wei Daqun, but when he was a teenager, although his appearance has changed a lot, the eyebrows are still clearly visible.The other cbd gummies 1000mg jar person is a middle aged man, wearing a Chinese tunic suit.Although the clothes are old, they are clean and straight.This person is tall and thin, with a long face and neatly combed hair.Wei Daqun followed Tang Shuang s gaze, took down the photo frame, wiped the dust off it, and said, This cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart is a photo of me when I was 14 years old, and the one next to me is my first teacher.Tang Shuang It s a village Teacher Wei Daqun said, It s not a village teacher.He s an educated youth from Guangdong.He came to the countryside at that time, and stayed and never left.When I was young, he was the only literate person in our village.Our place is poor, and in the deep valley, young people have gone out to work.Until just now, a sentence popped up in my mind.This sentence said that the person who writes poetry is cbd gummies coupon code prudish, and the person who sings is the most ruthless.Everyone was a little bit interested when they heard the words, and cbd gummies coupon code they looked at No.1 mouth one after another.In this sentence, the first sentence is derogatory, and the latter sentence is praise.That is to say, the prudence of the poet is true, and the most ruthless singer is to praise others in different ways.Tang Shuang couldn t help looking at the prudish brother Sanjian.This brother also wrote poetry, and it was in ancient style.He had published a collection of poems at his own expense.Alas I can t read it, I can t read it Find a chance to show off to Brother Sanjian, scare cbd gummies coupon code this smug brother, and tell him that the best poem dr charles stanley cbd gummies written by the old Tang family is Erzai, not that so and so Maybe it s because cbd gummies coupon code of writing martial arts novels that you can feel murderous.Ye Liang said that Tang Shuang was listless, and there was nothing wrong with his words, he just It s bad, and without Tangtanger s knowledge, it s plotting against children, it s simply not caring at all.If Tangtanger heard this, she would definitely grin her teeth again and rush forward cbd gummies coupon code to bite Tang Shuang fiercely If you don t bite him, the flowers will not stop.Haha, even if she knows that I have bad intentions, it doesn t matter.She still can t help but play.I m a conspiracy.I m upright and majestic.Tell her, my brother just wants her to become thinner and more beautiful.She will appreciate my good intentions, and she may thank me with a lot of tears and snot in the future Huang Xiangning looked at the father and son calculating the little baby at home, felt sorry for her, and walked over and said Actually, Tang Tang is now It s not bad, it s not too fat, children are cuter if they are fleshy, and they will lose weight naturally when they grow up, she is only five and a half years old now, it s too early to worry about what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code it.Are children s appearances so deceptive So fucking annoying.It s time for her to perform on stage soon, and she can t be entangled with this brat anymore, so she quickly said I m sorry, I m sorry , turned around and left, took two steps, worried, and turned back and said, Don t talk to me anymore.Come here, or I ll take off my shoes and beat you.Tangtanger thought for a while, and felt that although what she said was not serious, that is, she was not sincere, but she said a few words of sorry, and it was acceptable, so she stopped following and stood where she was Seeing the other party walk into a room, and looking this way before entering the door, Xiao Niuniu immediately responded with a smile, with six teeth, the most standard and warmestAs soon as Tangtanger went back, Pan Wenling found out, and she was deeply relieved Tangshuang, who was sitting in the room eating snacks, had just finished listening to her sister s song for the third time when Tang Shuang came back.Tang Shuang Don t think that I can t hear you because you have a small voice.I will write down everything you scold me.Candy The Lun family didn t scold you Hmph They would bully me and even spank me Tang Shuang Look at my dark circles, it s all because of you.I ll spare you for spanking.I ll tie you up in the woods next time.Candy wheezed angrily, subconsciously covering the spanking Butt, and complained to Brother Sanjian on the left Father, Xiaoshuang beats the child.The child is very wronged now and wants to cry.Tang Shuang You won t cry because you are a strong baby.Isn t that right Tangtang er Boom Children will cry when they are wronged.Tang Shuang suddenly let out a jiu, and tapped Tangtang er s chubby face twice Sunflower Acupuncture Hand Tangtanger Huh Not only Tangtanger was stunned, but Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning were also stunned, which boy s nerves were wrong.Have purekana cbd gummies review cbd gummies coupon code you finished your homework Tang Tanger said confidently It s done.Tang Shuang Looking at her suspiciously, the little man s big eyes were full of innocence, upstate elevator cbd gummies Tang Shuang finally chose to believe.Huang Xiangning patted Tang Shuang s head and said, Xiao Shuang should get her hair cut.Tomorrow, the sister s parent meeting will be more energetic and sunny, so as to make a good impression on other parents.The school barber shop.Tang Shuang ran after her with short legs, and asked loudly, Xiao Shuang, where are you going Do you take the child with you Tang Shuang waved her cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies hand, no.Huang Xiangning called Tangtanger who was pouting over, and the two of them were going to have a private conversation.Half an hour later, Tang Shuang opened the door and came in.Tang Tang, like a rabbit, jumped over in an instant, and a gust of wind rushed three steps away from Tang Shuang, braking loudly.Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, do we want to drink I m still young, can I just drink a little Tang Shuang gave her a white look You think too much, you are still young, so you can t drink at all.Candy is a little bit He said angrily You want to be thirsty As the host, Ye Liang quickly said that he didn t dare, and immediately asked the waiter to serve a bottle of freshly squeezed juice first.Hearing the words, the little man muttered dissatisfied, it was juice again, hum You can drink it at home, people come here from a long distance, just want to drink something different, such as red wine, white wine, and red, green and green wine on the table next to someone else Candy stared at other people s cocktails in a daze, and turned her chubby face with a big hand, it was Tang Xiaoshuang Don t look around, it s not something you can drink.It turned out that Teacher Zhang caught her and told her seriously, reminding her again, she can t run, she must go Candy had a lot of complaints about Teacher Zhang not letting her be the first one on purpose Huh Teacher Zhang must have never eaten Baiyun, just like a child Teacher Zhang In front of the children, the dignity of being a teacher must be maintained, so Teacher Zhang racked his brains while taking the children to climb the mountain, and finally said White clouds are not sweet and sour, because they are blown out by the wind.Teacher Zhang said to Tangtanger Is the wind sour and sweet Tangtanger opened his mouth, and the rushing mountain wind blew past both sides of the mountain road, blowing the pine trees, blowing away the heat and leaving refreshment.Candy Er smacked her lips, shook her head and said, It doesn t taste good.I won the second prize Why only the second prize sera cbd gummies scam Tang Shuang said meanly I thought it was the gold award, the second prize If I had known, I wouldn t have come.Chi A laughing voice sounded how much is green ape cbd gummies beside him.What are you pretending to be Both Tang Shuang and Shi Guangnan looked sideways.It was a boy.Tang Shuang didn t know him, but Shi Guangnan did.Li Yaqi, congratulations on winning the first place The boy named Li Yaqi nodded to Shi Guangnan without saying a word.As for Tang Shuang, he was ignored.Seeing the back of this man walking away, Tang Shuang asked Shi Guangnan Who is this, you look awesome.Shi Guangnan said You also look awesome, his name is Li Yaqi, he is the Chinese A freshman in the department, he won the runner up in the Huaxia Yushen Cup when he was in high school.The Huaxia Yushen Cup essay competition, just like the budding composition competition that Tang Shuang knew, won the runner up, which is amazing.The colorful lights on the square lit up, lighting up the coastline, and Candy was going crazy, holding Tang Shuang s hand and walking around in the crowd, curious about everything, visiting everywhere, seeing something special Her little baby ran over and asked how old he was, was he a boy or a girl, would he be called sister, why was he so cute Probably all children are like this, Candy likes children younger than her, and the same When a child older than her saw her, she rushed over to strike up a conversation without hesitation The two of them unknowingly turned to the backstage of the party.Tangtanger saw the big brothers and sisters in beautiful clothes going in and out, and asked, Xiao Shuang, when is sister coming out Can I go and see her now Tang Zhen s performance is scheduled for the middle period, and it will be around 9 o clock, which is still early.Woolen cloth There is no puppy, but there is a pile of money I saw the little girl took out a stack of hundred yuan bills and cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies put them purekana cbd gummies review cbd gummies coupon code all in grandma s arms, and then grabbed a bag of steel coins and put them all in grandpa s arms.Buy delicious food for grandma and grandpa Accept it.Sending money This, this is really a chick s style, simpleStraightforward Gifts and the like are quite troublesome, so it s better to just send money directly, what do you want to buy, what do you want to eat, go buy it yourself, I m young, and I don t know what you adults like to eat, if I buy it for you, what if you don t eat it In the end, I ate it again, and Xiaoshuang would blame me again when I went home, so you should do it yourself.Candy took out all the money in the safe, there was not a cent left, it was really empty.The two old people were both funny and moved.They hugged the little piggy for a while, and finally said that this is Tangtanger s lucky money, which is for children , adults can t take it, so let s take it back.This made Tang Tanger unhappy.She wanted to who sells condor cbd gummies give it to her grandpa and grandma.Seeing that Xiaozhuzhu is determined to give money, everyone came to persuade him, don t do this, don t give money, it s not popular to give money now, and you will make mistakes.You don t need to send anything, the old Tang s family can send you here, which is great news.Grandpa, grandma, uncle and aunt haven t seen Xiaozhuzhu for more than half a year, so I feel uncomfortable thinking about it.How about this, no money, how about you stay, go to Meilin to go to school, and return to Guangdong when you grow up, okay What Want kids Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning smiled and said nothing.The school teacher gave her repeated orders to restore her plain face, the female classmates around her satirized her for being a prodigal hoof behind her back, and relatives often came to ask if she had a boyfriend.Parents sighed every time, and had several long talks with her, but it was useless, Luo Yuqing still went her own way.These behaviors of hers are very outrageous in a small town with closed ideas.As a result, Luo Yuqing had a great reputation in high school.This kind of reputation is not about how beautiful she is, but about how many boyfriends she has had.It seems that girls who love beauty, beautiful girls, and girls who can dress up must not cherish themselves, and they must be easy to be chased.So she never lacked suitors, but Luo Yuqing didn t like any of them, and didn t accept any of them My mother was worried about her puppy love, and asked her if she fell in love at school, otherwise why would she wear makeup Looking at the other girls, they were all clean and simple.Because of Wei Daqun s sudden attack, Liu Weiru s plan was completely thwarted.chaos Wei Daqun is the vice chairman with a higher ranking than Liu Weiru, and in terms of popularity, he is also bigger than Liu Weiru.And more importantly, Wei Daqun is famous for his literary criticism and is a well known literary critic in China He doesn t write books, only reviews.Now he said that The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is a good book, and it cbd gummies coupon code seems that it is indeed a really good book.To judge whether a book is good or not, no one present has more say than Wei Daqun.So someone immediately said to read The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.After all, the online novel that Chairman Wei can admire must be extraordinary.Director Zhang raised his hand to look at his watch, it was getting late, and then looked at Liu Weiru, his face was flushed, he didn t know whether he was angry or ashamed, so he immediately announced that today s meeting was over, everyone should leave.Can t children play as much as they want Tang Tang er had already shaken off Tang Shuang s hand, but when she heard that she was going for a walk, she quickly pulled it back, and her fingers interlocked Tang Shuang What are you doing Why are you holding my hand like this Tangtanger I m afraid you will run away, so you won t take me with you Tangtanger doesn t know that interlocking fingers has more meanings, she He just didn t want Tang Shuang to dump her.Tang Tanger stepped onto the pink slide car that Ye Liang had given her, kicked her calves, and rushed to Tang Shuang s side with a whimper.I want to ride a slide bike.You must wear a helmet cbd gummies coupon code first to ride a slide bike.Where s your helmet Candy was anxious to go out and cbd gummies coupon code have fun, and didn t want to trouble her, so she said, My head is amazing To her, it s acceptable for her to fall, even if it hits the grove, it s not a problem, she can hold on The moment Little Pig s slide car was about to go out, it stopped suddenly, and Tang Tang er kicked his legs hard, but it didn t work.You re a big kid too, don t stick to your mouth when you eat, be careful next time.Tang Shuang let Tang Shuang toss, while quibbling No, I paid attention, I will wipe clean after eating, and I am still eating.Tang Shuang It is good to keep clean and hygienic at all times.Boy, don t move, let me see your eyes, they are so big and cute, but what s going on, your big eyes are bloodshot, didn t you sleep well cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies last night Candy himself was also very surprised , opened her small mouth wide, and asked, Mine Is there blood in my eyes Ah Tang Shuang nodded, and gently opened Tangtang er s eyelids.Both eyes were bloodshot.It is very obvious here.Ah Why is there blood Did I do something bad Who hit me in the eye Tang Tanger subconsciously looked at Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang Why are you looking at me like this I didn t hit you in the eye.Shang Hui smiled and said Director Wu spans HCMUSSH cbd gummies coupon code two places, both sides count.Your rich experience is a very precious asset.Wu Shulian waved his cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart hand quickly No, no.But his expression was very happy, and he was told the proud thing in his heart.If you count the movies he has made, there are really few in Huaxia who can outnumber him.But many people probably don t want to compare with him, because although Wu Shulian has made many films, the quality is not very good, he has never won important awards, and the box office is so so, and there are no blockbusters.So if others say how good his works are, Wu Shulian may not be happy, but will think they are mocking him, but if they say that he has rich experience, it will hit the point and he will be very happy.Shang Hui s high EQ is evident from this.Whether he wanted to become a sworn brother or something, let alone whether he was sworn or not, this third brother made him very dissatisfied.YouQi heard Ye Liang still say, Well, I can have this one.How can I be ranked I am the oldest, so why am I the youngest Tang Shuang and Ye Liang looked at each other, and said with a smile We are not Arranged by age.Zeng Jian Then based on what Tang Shuang According to height Zeng Jian looked constipated, my sun, this is the first time I heard that seats are arranged according to height Yes, this is clearly bullying.Get out Whoever calls you brothers wants to fool me after beating me up.There s no way, this matter is never over.Ye Liang was about to fight without saying a word, Tang Shuang hurriedly took the first step and hugged Zeng Jian s Shoulders, as a gesture of intimacy, ready to talk sweetly.First, go to the next village and find Heng Nuo.Today, the teachers who support the teaching have a gathering, and Huang Weiwei wants to invite him to join them.Everyone came here from thousands of miles away, they are not familiar with the place, they don t usually have any entertainment activities, and it is difficult to have a common language with the people around them, so this kind of gathering once a month is very precious.Heng Nuo wasn t there, he went to visit his home in the deep mountains.Tang Shuang I guess even if he didn t leave, he wouldn t go to your party.Huang Weiwei Well, he didn t go last time either.He seems very withdrawn.It wasn t just the county s support teachers who attended the party , and the county next door, but the number is not large, including Tang Shuang and Huang Weiwei, a total of 7 men and 3 women.THIS IS BIG NEWS Not to mention the fees paid by China TV, the influence it brings is extraordinary, realizing Tang Shuang and Ye Liang s original dream of letting more people see this heart warming short film It gets dark early in the mountains.Looking out of the mountain, it seems that there is a mountain fire burning on the other side of the mountain.It was the afterglow of the sun.Huang Weiwei looked at the room full of things and asked, What did you buy Although she was there when the purchase was made, she was just a follower, responsible for helping to carry things, and Tang Shuang was responsible for picking and paying for them.Tang Shuang unpacked a package and said with a smile, Look what it is Anti wolf spray And this, self defense electric shock device Look I m not the king of the mountain, how can I have so many enemies.Zhang Yu looked at him with a smile Drink after throwing up Zhen Li was sitting next to him, pretending to be dissatisfied and said, Tang Shuang is too biased.She drank a drink with me.She said she couldn t drink it, but turned around and talked to Sister Zhang.Toast white wine, this won t work Tang Shuang s face turned red, It s true that I can t drink any more, this glass is seriously overloaded.Zhen Li It seems that there is a reason to drink it cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies The tablemate Several people, including Li Ying, Liang Qiao, Zhao Yang, Zhang Fei and others all looked over.Zhang Yu was also full of curiosity.Tang Shuang When we talked about the Heroes project with Director Zhang, we talked about which of the Chinese actresses was the most suitable to play Feixue.Sister Yu s fan, so I immediately told Director Zhang that it must be Zhang Yu.Seeing Xiaoshuang smiling like that, this feeling was even cbd gummies coupon code stronger, but his little head couldn t figure it out, so he asked Huang Xiangning, Mom, is Xiaoshuang scolding me Should I hit him His family background is not simple.Her grandfather, Lu Mingyi, was the editor in chief of Huaxia Literature.Her father is a big shot in the financial circle, with a rich family background.Lu Yingying owns a hotel and a medium sized real estate company under her name.She is financially free and doesn t have to be burdened by life, so she can live a life as she pleases.She lives alone in a seaside villa.Tang Shuang drove around for a long time before finding it.After being led by someone, she saw Lu Yingying standing far away with a smile on her face.The girl is very beautiful today, wearing a bright red short skirt cheongsam, the cheongsam is full of gorgeous peony embroidery, dotted with sporadic rhinestones, graceful and magnificent, the collar is a heart shaped collar, the collar is shaped like a heart, and the collarbone reveals a sexy collarbone , charming and moving.After chatting for a while, he walked to the grand piano in the center of the living room and played a tune.Tang Shuang looked sideways, and then at Lu Yingying.Miss Lu seemed to be very sensitive, and immediately met his gaze, but she didn t understand the meaning.The reason why Tang Shuang looked at her was because the piece Ding Ji played was called Love at First Sight.Any fool could tell that he played it for Lu Yingying.Even if he couldn t tell, Ding Ji looked at Lu Yingying frequently while playing., you can see it by looking at it.Lu Yingying seemed to enjoy the atmosphere, smiling and applauding with everyone.Tang Shuang smiled secretly, and continued to talk about children with Yu Lei.Yu Lei laughed softly and said, Everyone likes cute children, and everyone likes pretty girls even more.What is cbd gummies coupon code your relationship You can t be a hidden couple, right Tang Shuang said, Semi familiar , and opened the door to enter his interview room.A tall man with gold rimmed glasses and a suit and leather shoes was standing in front of the mirror and meticulously straightened his attire.He looked refined and refined, but looking into his eyes, Tang Shuang felt that this person was by no means kind on the surface.His eyes are commonly known as three white eyes, which means that the left, right and bottom of the black eyeballs are all cbd gummies coupon code white.Such people have keen intuition, strong purpose, desire to win and lose, and have a strong heart for profit.They are typical careerists.Chapter 365 I Don t Push Those Who Should Come, cbd gummies coupon code I Don t Chase Those Who Go Far Away Tang Shuang s intuition told him that Ling Wendong was very difficult to deal with.Don t jump, don t jump, are you tired It is impossible to be tired.In the morning, the little piggy is full of energy and has nowhere to vent.Hey, Xiao Shuang, you stink, did you fart secretly Tang Tanger pinched her little nose, and sniffed it in front of Tang Shuang, and suddenly yelled, and fell down straight It stinks, the kid is poisoned What should I do if I am about to die Mom, come quickly, the baby has something cbd gummies coupon code to tell you.The little foot trembled twice, this is a nerve reflex before dying, and it is quite similar.Tang cbd gummies coupon code Shuang This showman But he stinks, he was sweaty and sticky last night.I m going cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies to take a bath, you lie here and call for help.Little Zhuzhu turned his head, seeing Tang Shuang really got out of bed, immediately got up as if nothing happened, jumped out of bed, and followed Tang Shuang step by step, Little Shuang, cbd gummies coupon code Xiaoshuang, I ll take you to see my big baby, I caught it last night, it s amazing.Baji is ferocious and very good at attacking.It is said that three punches break through the defense, and then strike like a storm without stopping until the opponent falls to the ground.At this moment, Tang Shuang was riding under the big 2000mg cbd gummies reddit gold chain, unable to get up, so he 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talk about it, discuss the price, and give you a check, write whatever you want.Wei Come on, give me a hug from uncle, I really like you.Hanfeng When you grow up, I will marry you and go home.Captain Did her parents save the galaxy in their previous life How could they have such a cute and funny little guy I m so envious.Mu Mu So cute This Mu Mu has no eyesight.You can praise Tangtang about anything, but don t praise her for being good, because it s impossible.She is mischievous Tangtanger didn t know that she was angry with Maoyan, she was listening to teacher Zhang s storytelling in the kindergarten with a sad face.The little peacock, who was the third best, couldn t help feeling a lot of pressure.She couldn t help but look at her mother on the sidelines.Li Na felt something and said loudly to her, Why isn t the rabbit afraid There was no last sentence, but the little peacock understood.This is a proverb my mother told her since she was a child, and it comes from the wisdom crystallization of the Russian people.Whenever the little peacock was afraid of helplessness, Li Na would tell her this sentence.The story behind this sentence was a rabbit and a black panther.The little peacock knew it so well that she could tell it herself.What mother meant was that if the little peacock wants to be that rabbit, although the enemy is very powerful, as long as you have great courage and wisdom, you will be able to pass through the danger calmly.It is said that he will write a song for the champion of My Hip Hop this time.Many contestants participated for this purpose.Although Orange Wheat has great potential, its appeal in the hip hop world is extremely limited, and there will be no situation where everyone cbd gummies coupon code will follow.People who play hip hop talk about their individuality, the cbd gummies coupon code more they pick others up, the rarer they are, regardless of whether this is the second disease, in cbd gummies coupon code short, the result is that the more mainstream things are, the more they disdain them, guarding their own one acre three point land to be complacent and self pitying.Xiao Na s worry was right.She was worried that Orange Wheat and Fengxing would not be enough to attract these hip hop experts, so she paid a lot of money to hire Yuxiang as a gimmick.Facts have proved that her vision is very vicious, and many people are aiming at Yuxiang s name.After Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning came back in the evening, the three of them quietly conspired, except Tangtanger, all the adults of the old Tang family would join the battle, Tang Zhen sang, Tang Shuang played the drums, Huang Xiangning played the bass, where is Tang Sanjian emmmmm Considering that brother Sanjian s music cells are negative, Tang Shuang arranged for him the easiest task to complete without any practice.Huang Xiangning trembled with laughter when he heard it, while Tang Sanjian put on a tiger face.Tang Shuang comforted him Don t be like this, be happy, Dad, you are not fighting alone, you have us behind you to support you, and, I have already called Xiao Yu, he will come to the field to cooperate with you, don t Worried.Tang Sanjian wasn t worried, but couldn t let go of his face, but finally agreed, for the sake of his little daughter, he also went all out.You are now a year old.I haven t seen him a few times, you say, how many times have you been phil robertson cbd gummies to my place this year How many times cbd gummies coupon code have you met the old man purekana cbd gummies review cbd gummies coupon code Why didn t you bring Tangy Dajian often cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart runs there, but I never go there because the old man is there Or do you have an opinion on me In this regard, Xiaoshuang is more sensible than you Three swords, how many years have passed, there is no right or wrong in what happened back then, what happened to Jiang Yue has nothing to do with the old man, stop Don t argue, I know what you are going to say.The old man and Jiang Yue have never lived together.There is no need to embarrass her.This matter can only be said that you have nothing to do with each other.Now, decades have passed, things are different, don t worry about it, cherish People in front of you, seeing Tangtanger growing up healthily and happily, why are you dissatisfied.But the villain said, only buy the same ones as Tang Xiaohei and Tang Xiaohua.Tang Xiaohei is Mo Diewei, Tang Xiaohua is Twelve Red Diewei.Huang Xiangning Can I let my sister and brother go shopping with you tomorrow Okay the little man said happily, and then asked, Mom, aren t you going Mom has other things to do, let brother My sister will accompany you.Huang Xiangning said.Candy immediately jumped off HCMUSSH cbd gummies coupon code the sofa happily, ran to Tang Zhen and asked, Sister, sister, will you accompany me to buy the little goldfish tomorrow Let s go to the playground after buying the little goldfish.He left, so he couldn t wait to ask Tang Zhen.As the other party, Tang Shuang, the little guy didn t need to ask at all, because he was often at home, and he cbd gummies coupon code could see it when he opened and closed his eyes, so it wasn t new.Regarding Fang Yu s matter, there was an uproar some time ago, and it was everyone s gossip.In this matter, Fang Yu is really famous, but this name is not a good one.All kinds of advertising invitations that came one after another are all gone at once, and even those who signed the contract will either break the contract or hold him accountable instead.It made this person into a mess, he became popular faster, and collapsed even faster.Chen Shenfeng was not easy to x400 cbd gummies results dismiss.Although she was taken over by the host, she quickly continued to point at Tang Zhen and asked bluntly, Tang Zhen, can you write songs Yes.Tang Zhen replied concisely.I don t believe it.Chen Shenfeng was more direct.Tang Zhen was silent.Seeing this, the host wanted to help smooth things over, but Chen Shenfeng interrupted her and said, Xiao Liu, don t rush to talk, let Tang Zhen talk, Tang Zhen, you still insist that you green earth cbd gummies can write songs Before becoming an artist You must learn to be a human being first, talk about what you have to say, don t boast, and don t imitate certain people in your company.He pointed to the remaining maple leaves on the maple tree.Candy looked at the leaves on the tree, then at the leaves in her hand, and asked suspiciously They look the same, which one is Tang Xiaoye I want to hear a story.Tang Shuang took her little hand while walking While saying Tang Xiaoye is the same as thousands of leaves.They look the same, but they are not the same.Just like us, do I look the same as you Not the same, do mom and dad look the same They re not the same, and so are the leaves, each of them is different.The little man s hand was warm, wrapped in Tang Shuang s big palm.Tang Xiaoye grows up in spring and summer.It grows wide and strong.It has five leaf tips.It is very powerful.He has many friends, Tang Xiaohong, Tang Xiaohuang, Tang Xiaojiao on the same tree, next to him On the tree are all his friends and brothers and sisters.This guy wanted to frame the little princess again.Why did he run If he was full, he couldn t run, his intestines would get knotted, and he would die On the way back, I accidentally received a call from Deng Ke.The gold medal music producer mainly came to talk to Tang Shuang about the production of the new album Flowers in Dreams., and now the recording work is progressing as soon as possible, and Deng Ke is the producer.The first batch of records will be 3 million copies, but this is not the number expected by Li Huaming and Xiao Na, their expectation is to hit 5 million.What is the concept of 5 million In the history of China, there are only 9 people who have sold 5 million records, and 7 of them were in ancient times when there was no concept of digital records.Nowadays, with the rise of digital records, it is undoubtedly more difficult to have more than 5 million physical records.She is about to stop a small car and let the children in the car get out, because She is going to drive.The staff of the Transportation Bureau asked each other Our little traffic policeman here is Tang Tang, right It s her.Tang Tang Your mission is completed, it s great, let s go out now, your mother and brother are here I m looking for you.Candy shook her head, trying to act like a little turtle to show that she was not the Tang Tang mentioned in the broadcast, but she thought that her mother and brother must miss the little baby very much, and must be very anxious not seeing her for so long, so she nodded again.The staff asked What do you mean by shaking your head and nodding Sister, sister, can you take me to the exit, I am too young to know the way, if I don t go home soon, my mother Ingrid and brother Mani will be anxious, they must be missing the baby, and the baby just happens to miss them too Chapter 483 Empty Glove White Wolf Candy was led out by the staff, and Ingrid saw her from a distance De and Mani ran over cheering and played for almost an entire afternoon, but the chick was still full of energy.Tang Shuang got up, and under Luo cbd gummies 101 Yuqing s gaze, sat next to her, and sat side by side with her, immediately, a burst of The fragrance came faintly That s what you mean, cbd gummies coupon code don t try to play tricks.Luo Yuqing also got up with a smile, lifted her bag and said, I won t talk to you anymore, I m leaving.Tang Shuang followed immediately Shut up Let s go tomorrow for one night, don t rush at this moment.The elevator opened, and the two went in, Luo Yuqing pressed down on the first floor, and said to Tang Shuang, I can t stay here, I don t have time.There was no one else in the elevator except the two of cbd gummies coupon code them, Tang Shuang lowered her head and said sincerely Stay for one night before leaving, you will be too tired like this.In the claustrophobic environment, Luo Yuqing looked down slightly, a little embarrassed, and said in a much softer voice I don t.The relationship between them is already the closest straight line, if it goes any further, it will only be counterproductive.When girls say no, it is not necessarily an antonym.It is likely that they are no, and men have to respect them.Sure enough, Luo Yuqing was greatly relieved that Tang Shuang s moderation was enough, and it also deepened her affection for Tang Shuang.She stretched out her finger and touched Tang Shuang s chest mischievously, and said, Go away, rely on me Why are you so close Tang Shuang obediently took two steps back, and Luo Yuqing said, Go away a little more.Tang Shuang obediently took another two steps back, Luo Yuqing smiled and said, You are so obedient, then go further Open it up.If you walk away, there will be no way to retreat, but this is not a problem for Tang Shuang.He swallowed, his Adam s apple wriggled, and he couldn t continue talking.This is a typical hungry wolf.Luo Yuqing, the hungry wolf, was not afraid either.Her eyes were fixed on him like two knives.Tang Werewolf Then how much did you drink today Luo Yuqing was not afraid at all, this woman has great courage.I, I, drank almost a catty Oh Luo Yuqing said blankly, and then asked What will happen after drinking a catty emmmmm Sanliang was already a forced kiss , four two What about five taels or six taels According to the steps of playing hooligans, if this continues, Yijin should have finished the job.Tang Shuang risked being sacrificed in the Temple of Heaven and said How about this, give me a price to jump off the building, and I will count it as three taels for a catty.Three taels Luo Yuqing was taken aback, and immediately recalled Tang Shuang cbd gummies coupon code As mentioned, what are the steps for playing hooligans corresponding to twos and threes However, she didn t have a chance to think too much, because Tang Shuang was a man of action, cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart so he immediately told her with practical actions that three or two was a forced kiss Tang Shuang dropped her umbrella, purekana cbd gummies review cbd gummies coupon code hugged Luo Yuqing and lowered her head to kiss what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code the red lips, as if she was hugging a fire and kissing a peach.This Sugar Heart Storm is a TV series produced by Guangdong TV Station in which wealthy families compete for property.The third film has been filmed.It is a TV series that is widely loved by housewives.Of course, it also includes a 5 year old child , Little Pig saw 6 years old from 5 years old.The members of Old Tang s family don t watch soap operas, and Miss Xiangning, who is most likely to watch them, is not interested at all.She might as well sit in front of the piano and play the piano when she has time, or teach herself a little skill.The reason Tangtanger likes to watch it is because she was taken by that girl Huang Weiwei.Weiwei is studying at the university in Yicheng next to Guangdong Province.She often visits Old Tang s house on holidays.The short haired girl likes to watch Sugar Heart Storm , and the result is unknowingly Bring in the candy.After delivering the presents, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen packed their luggage, and Tang Tanger packed her own mini suitcase.Her small wooden squirrel, small seahorse water gun, big persimmons, persimmon cakes, etc.were all neatly placed in the box.Inside, Tang Zhen checked it afterwards, it was very good, there is no need for adults to rearrange how much is a bottle of cbd gummies it.The short term tour of Lushan Mountain by the three brothers and sisters of the old Tang family ended here, and they began to prepare to go down the mountain.Pan Wenling and others have already driven over to pick them up.Although the trip to Mount Lushan is over, the three brothers and sisters of the Tang family will not be cbd gummies coupon code separated for the time being.In order to let Tangtanger and cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies Tang Zhen stay longer, Tang Shuang decided to take Tang Zhen s car to Hongcheng, and then from Hongcheng City to fly back to Guangdong.Dad, the wine is delicious, tsk I m a little thirsty, hehehehe, Dad, let s talk to you, baby, you are so pitiful, mom and brother ignore you, hum, don t cry, don t cry, baby The baby is here, Dad, are you happy Is the baby treating you well Okay Then do you want to reward me with something Can you buy me a car Xiaoshuang s kind, huh He is so stingy, he bought two cars by himself, but refused to give me one, and let me earn money to buy it when I grow up, isn t my brother s money prepared for my sister Really, earn so much money They are all hidden in the treasure chest, what if the little mouse eats them When Tang Xiaoren was talking, he secretly glanced at Xiaoshuang, saw that he was talking with his mother, and didn t notice her, so he was happy, and continued Hehe, do you know where Xiaoshuang s treasure chest is Emmm, Dad, Dad, are you listening The baby is asking you, is your treasure chest in the mother s room No Where is that Ah In the dark room You are so amazing, I didn t expect it , Is it in the locker in the dark room No Emmmm I guess you are lying to the little baby.Xiaoshuang is really good, can I recommend it to you When the baby drinks delicious food, Xiaoshuang will cool it down for the Lun family first, and then let the Lun family drink it after trying it himself.What a good boy, The number one brother in the world This sentence is just one of the advantages that Tang Shuang introduced.If Tang Shuang was here and heard these advantages summarized by Tang Er, he must be so moved that he immediately gave her Paramela.Although cbd gummies coupon code it s not about Tang Zhen s gossip, Brother Xiaoshuang s is also very good.They like to listen to it very much.Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win all battles.Hehehe, these are all cheats, but Teacher Yu glanced Glancing at Teacher Xiaoliu, I wanted to find an excuse to send Teacher Xiaoliu away.She couldn t let her know all the important secrets of soaking in Xiaoshuang, so as to add a strong opponent.It ended yesterday, and now it is the recorded broadcast.Tang Shuang registered on this show under the name of Yuxiang, but he didn t go to the finals, nor did he watch the live broadcast, but he knew that a young man from Shanghai won the championship.Xiao Na had chatted with him, after all, Tang Shuang was going to write a song for the championship, so she had to know him well.The show My Most Hip Hop was the hottest show in the past year, and the organizers, sponsors, guests, and contestants all became the biggest winners.In the week before the final, there was a lot of relevant news, even those who didn t know about the program My Most Hip Hop and had never heard of hip hop music knew more or less about it during this period.It can be said that this program has created a hip hop music popularization activity for the people of China.Tang Shuang said They are going to Maldives, you should know this place, summer vacation dad Isn t mom s honeymoon going to the Maldives, and you made video calls with them at that time.Tangtanger thought for a while, and then remembered, the main reason is that she has a small seahorse water gun.From this, it is easy to think of Dr.Ma.They both belong to the Ma family, but one is a water gun and the other is a doctor, with different occupations.Mom and Dad have gone, and sister Huijie is going too.Little Zhuzhu thinks that place must be so fun, she really wants to go, and begs Tang Shuang to take her there for fun.While dealing with the villain, Tang Shuang stayed by Huang Xiangning s side and said goodbye to everyone attending the wedding.Many students of Sister Xiangning came to chat with her and asked her about her life and work over the years.Instead of going back to Old Tang s house, he came to the court.Today is the day for the trial of Jian Siming.Hard work paid off.First, a person took the initiative to find Xu Jiaojiao, claiming to be Jian Siming s former student who had been violated by Jian Siming.After that, this person contacted three male classmates who were also violated.In fact, he didn t know whether the other people were violated by Jian Siming, it was all his guess.Because he had been hurt before and knew that another boy had the same experience, he guessed that it was not the first time that Jian Siming had done it, he might be a repeat offender or an old thief, so he found someone who had been a student under Jian Siming and hugged him The mentality of giving it a try, I didn t expect to ask one.And the boy he knew who was raped by Jian Siming didn t get in touch with him.Now she is about to have a psychological shadow on the trap questions.This trap question is about whether the little rabbit goes up the mountain faster or goes down the mountain faster.Candy wrote that it goes down the mountain faster, and was marked with an X.After reading it, Huang Xiangning said Mom also thinks it s going down the mountain quickly.Little Zhuzhu said to Tang Sanjian angrily Both mother and baby think that the little rabbit goes down the mountain fast, why is it wrong Dad, think about it carefully, purekana cbd gummies review cbd gummies coupon code don t mess around Oh, I will be very sad.Although Tang Sanjian was a little worried about making his little sister cry, he still said cruelly The little rabbit s front legs are shorter than the back legs, and the slope is reduced when going up the mountain, so it saves effort.There was no ignite broad spectrum cbd gummies lemon sound.You see, you have met wolves a long time ago, so you have long been a goddess.Touching her little head, he said with a smile You are a wolf.After finding the evidence that she is a goddess, Tang Tanger was concerned about what Tang Yu said just now, and asked, Xiao Yu, do your male and female classmates believe that Zhen Zhen is a goddess now Tang Yu Yes, I showed them the photos of me and Aunt Zhenzhen, and they beg me for Aunt Zhenzhen s autograph every day, I sold all mine, ha, I earned The little monkey suddenly realized that he had said the wrong thing, Quickly braked, took a sneak peek at Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, saw that they were talking on their own, and felt relieved, but as soon as he regained consciousness, he saw his little aunt looking at him with bright what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code eyes and smiling.I I want to say, I m by your side.Kang Yu said.Well, you re right.Luo Yuqing replied indifferently.Kang Yu sugar and kush cbd gummies looked at the male driver and the life assistant sitting in the co pilot, and whispered in Luo Yuqing s ear, Missing a man Which one My sister will give you advice.Luo Yuqing stared into the crystal ball The reflected self was stunned for a while, and said, Hey, thank you, I dare not say.Kang Yu was startled, and said, Do you really have a sweetheart What are you afraid to say I m not that evil, I won t be awesome Playing mandarin ducks.Sister Kang is the best, hee hee But I won t tell you.Tell me quickly, I m gossiping.Is it hard You know it s hard, so tell me quickly.Hey, where are we going to eat tonight I m so hungry.Luo Yuqing changed the subject very quickly.No matter how Kang Yu asked, Luo Yuqing just didn t say anything, and a few people came to the restaurant to prepare for dinner.If you don t eat for such a long time, you will definitely not be able to get out of the station.You have to be supported by the airport security.No lunch The quarreling aunt asked Candy uncertainly.Tangtanger shook her head No.Really the quarreling aunt asked the quarreling cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart stewardess.The stewardess shook her head resolutely Really not.She reminded her about lunch, maybe she would be so hungry that she would open the window to catch the birds flying in the sky.Although this is a solution, it is too bloody, not environmentally friendly, and will cause panic.The key point is that no one knows if the bird being eaten has avian flu or something.It is not worth eating a bird to take its life.Okay, you little friend Tang Tang, you re good at it.Tang Tanger, who had resolved the dispute, was calm and composed, with a heroic demeanor, but when Tang Shuang praised cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies her a little, she couldn t help but chew it cbd gummies shake her legs and feel complacent.Zhen Li had something on his face, and looked at the front row under the stands.That cute little guy was looking at them with big eyes and watery eyes, and said, Your little sister cbd gummies coupon code told me that when she shook hands just now.ha Tang Shuang said that he didn t know, but she might say any weird words, well, it s no big deal if I see a lot.Tang Zhen looked down at the little man.The little man knew it was her, so he was so happy that he couldn t help kicking his little feet.Sister, did you really say it Tang Tanger nodded cutely Hehe Tang Zhen Have cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart you seen that brother s movie cbd gummies coupon code She expressed serious doubts, because Zhen Li acted in action movies, Candy is unlikely to have seen it.Sure enough, Tangtang shook his head very simply.Then you still say Hee hee, you are teasing him, the Lun family is polite Candy saw that everyone on the stage looked at her and smiled, and waved happily to them, do you want to invite Lun go home Hurry up if you invite, or her sister will hold her down again if it s too late.I didn t expect that all the blessings I sincerely asked for were given to you.Young man, you are well off, but I am miserable.The good luck of next year will be used up all at once, and all kinds of bad luck will come one after another.A small amount of money to support the family, if the money is broken, the family can only cbd gummies coupon code drink the northwest wind, what a does cbd gummy bears help with pain pity The smile on Ye Liang s face did not change, but he was thinking in his heart, this stinky shameless person Just said that he was lucky, thought he didn t hear it, and immediately said that he prayed for blessings.Chapter 781 On Acting Hehehe, the boss is right, I am blessed by you, thank you, thank you, I didn do cbd gummies help with menstrual cramps t come empty handed, I brought something, and I brought it yesterday, hehe, boss, you know Yes.Ye Liang chuckled.Old Xu was taken aback, what do you mean I didn t understand, and asked The things were brought yesterday What are you talking about, young man has anyone used cbd gummies and pregnancy It s fine if you don t have a gift.Chapter 788 Visiting Tang Tang s mother Tang Shuang failed to go to Ye Liang s house, he was driven out of the car by Tang Zhen, and Tang Tanger followed each other, and was escorted back to the house by Tang Zhen, who was out of anger.Tangtang er lowered her head, dejected, muttering, not knowing what she was talking about.Tang Shuang explained Sister, it really relax cbd gummies review has nothing to do with me Stop what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code talking Tang Zhen interrupted, Tang Tanger was listening with a dazed little face, and now this little pig is not very cbd gummies coupon code specific.What s going on, if she finds out, she might yell out.Don t talk, don t talk.Tang Shuang sat on the sofa in the living room, Tang Tanger sat next to him, Tang Zhen stared at them for a while without saying a word, her face was cloudy, probably Whether to kill or not to kill, to kill a year ago or to kill a year later In the end, she went back to the room without saying a HCMUSSH cbd gummies coupon code word.Tang Shuang nodded I have no problem.Tang Erjian said This is a routine visit years ago, every year.In previous years, it was me and your uncle, and Xiaotian Xiaojin entertained them.This year Xiaojin went on a mission.You happen to be here again, so you come too.Where s Xiao Zhen Tang Zhen said taciturnly, Can I not go Tang Erjian nodded Of course, you are willing.Tang Zhen immediately said Then I Forget it.Tang Shuang looked at her and smiled, and Tang Zhen gave him a light look.Tang Shuang said to Tang Dajian and Tang Erjian My sister won t participate, her personality is just like this, she doesn t feel comfortable around strangers.Erniang Mudan smiled and said That s not okay, Xiaozhen, you are a star cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies now, you often have to participate I often see you on TV for 1000 mg cbd gummies effect various activities, so it s okay if you re not used to it.Liu Quanquan didn t know, so he asked, General Dingnan, who is this Su Dingnan said to him and the people around him, It must be Xiaoshuang He is the only one who calls me that, as expected.Tang Shuang said with a smile Third Uncle That s right, I m Tang Shuang.Su Dingnan looked Tang Shuang up and down, and said with satisfaction I haven t seen you for ten years, I remember him as a lively little boy, and now he s already a handsome boy, with your height It cbd gummies coupon code s almost two meters, right Tang Shuang s legs were long, and with the backdrop of her clothes, she looked tall.He smiled and said, It s 1.91 meters, not tall anymore.Su Dingnan That s enough, come on, let s talk later.According to seniority, Tang Shuang should call Su Dingnan uncle, Uncle Su, when he was a child Slurred speech, calling Uncle Su is like calling Uncle Uncle , three homophones.Happy New Year.It s really Xiaoshuang Happy New Year, wow, you have changed so much.Mingyu opened her eyes wide and looked at Tang Shuang, as if it was incredible.Mingyu is Xiao Muzi s mother and Tang Jin s childhood friend.At that time, Tang Dajian hadn t moved out yet, and he also lived in the compound of cbd gummies coupon code the military region.Tang Jin and Mingyu, who was the same age, were children who grew up playing together, just like Tangtanger and Xiao Muzi now.Being looked at by Mingyu like this, Tang Shuang couldn t help touching her face, has it changed so much Mingyu withdrew her scrutinizing gaze, looked around, saw cbd gummies coupon code no familiar figure, and asked, Where s Tang Jin Is he here Tangtanger took Xiaoqing s hand and ran outside the crowd to watch the fireworks.There, a string of sparks jumped from the ground into the air, and scattered thousands of colorful flowers with a bang, causing the children on the ground to cheer.Even though he is a child, a child must keep his word.He can t be like Xiaoshuang, right Moreover, the most important thing is, how many people are there in the world, as many as stars in the sky, she now pays New Year greetings to so many people, and each of them wraps a red envelope for her, and she immediately becomes a rich woman.Xiaoshuang is under contract q s t r Chapter 819 Recommending Tang Tang to be on the variety show The recording of the variety show went smoothly on the whole, ending at five o clock in the afternoon, two hours cbd gummies for insomnia uk earlier than expected.Everyone stayed at Guangdong TV Station for half an hour, chatted with the director and staff and took photos before leaving.Tang Shuang had made an appointment with everyone before, so all of them were transferred to Old Tang s house at this moment.Zhang last summer.Didn t you really tell me Tang Tanger shook her head resolutely No, no, Xiaoshuang will be shy, Teacher Xiao Zhang will be shy, and Tang Zhen is also afraid.Tang Zhen asked strangely What are you afraid of Tang Tanger said solemnly Said to Tang Zhen Sister, don t talk like this, Tang er is afraid of many things, here, Xiaoshuang, my brother, Tang er is very afraid.Tang Shuang wiped the sweat from his forehead I What scares you so much What are you afraid of me I feel that you are the least afraid of me.Tang purekana cbd gummies review cbd gummies coupon code Zhen also felt that Tangtanger was not afraid of Xiaoshuang at all Yes, what are you most afraid of brother Tangtanger counted down in the small plate The fifth purple skinned grape was stuffed into his wana cbd thc 1 1 gummies strain mouth, he took a bite, and the juice splashed out from the corner of his mouth.Tang Zhen said This is originally a chorus song.If I record it alone, although it makes sense, I always feel that there is a part missing.Let s come with candy.Besides, this is originally written for us.Two, you can t exclude Tangy er just because she can t sing well.What was not said was, let Tangy er know that you excluded her, and she will fight you desperately.Tang Shuang thought about it, nodded and agreed.It can be regarded as a kind of compensation.The last time I said to record a song for her, I recorded a song Street Fighter , hummed a few words, and it took less than 35 seconds.Then I recorded If I Had a Fairy Wand cbd gummies 5 count 10mg , which is not considered a new song.The Looking at Each Other written for her and Tang Zhen this time can make up for her regrets.Not only is it a complete new song, but it is also a duet with my sister, and it talks about the deep love of sisters, how in line with the artistic conception.In the past, playing as a Kodak Duck was just a joke, pretending to have a headache, but this time it was a real headache She is having a headache for her own destiny and acting career.She felt that she might be going to die, and Xiaoshuang would not let her go, hehe She felt that she was not the one who spoke just now, yes not myself It s the little man in black in the belly That little villain who keeps instigating her to do bad things She was worried about being beaten, worried about being deprived of the role by Xiaoshuang, so she forced herself to be calm, pretended that nothing happened, and continued to rush to say the lines I am changing, changing, changing, changing, changing, becoming big Huge Human I am changing.Become smaller Short Human Bigger Smaller Bigger Smaller However, Tang Zhen, who was supposed to cooperate with her, was indifferent.I hit you when I was in a bad mood Tangtanger s eyes rolled wildly, and he was frantically using his little brain.Tell cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies me Can t you tell Tangtang er shook her head, waved her little hand, and said generously, Tangtang er doesn t give examples.If Tangtanger gave examples, Xiaoshuang would be beaten by her father, and her father would beat her up.Mother beats, mother beats sister, sister beats Jingjing, Jingjing beats Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu beats Spider Pig Candy doesn t want you to be beaten.Candy wants you to be happy.Be happy, don t be in a mood It s not good.Hit the Lun family.When you re in a bad mood, you ll feel better when you hit the Lun family. Tsk, villain, you, since you re so enthusiastic, then I ll really beat you up and beat you up.Smash this pea.Tang Shuang rolled up her sleeves.Tangtang er shrank subconsciously, she couldn t believe that Xiaoshuang would really beat her flat.She wanted dr oz cbd gummys to follow her, but Tang Shuang dragged her away in the end.At 7 o clock in the evening, the guests invited by Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen began to enter the venue.Tang Shuang took Ye Liang to greet the guests.Guo Zifeng was assigned to help backstage.This brother couldn t hold back a word for a long time, so he was not suitable for welcoming guests.Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger were already putting on makeup backstage.The villain also wears makeup, for the first time in his life, uh, to be precise, this is the first time that he legally wears makeup.Once during the summer vacation, she sneaked into Tang Zhen s room to put on makeup, but Tang Shuang scolded her and washed it off.At 7 40 in the evening, the theater is basically full.There are cameras at the scene, and this is a reporter from Guangdong TV Station.Tang Shuang felt her gaze, turned her head slightly, blinked at her, and continued to look at the stage.On the stage, under the blue moonlight, a small bright room appeared on the right.The small pink room is warm and intimate.You can see that the walls are covered with various cartoons and posters.Many are small animals, such as white rabbits with long ears standing upright, such as grinning giraffes.There are more portraits of Tang Zhen, including the cover picture of the Flowers in Dreams album.None of these are the most striking.The most eye catching thing is a portrait facing the audience, which is obviously one size bigger.There is Tang Zhen who is familiar to the audience.What is different from their impression is that Tang Zhen here is not only riding on a pink merry go round, but also has a smile on his face a very rare smile.Candy has a body odor Milk fragrance, it smells so good.Hmm , I also think it smells very good, like a little suckling pig.Oh, you said so, I think it may cbd gummies coupon code wyld cbd thc gummies come from Tangy, I was holding Tangy all the time during the concert., Said, he Sniffing her sleeve, she said, It really smells like milk, mixed with a bit of jasmine, it was Yuqing who left it in the car just now.Tang Zhen believed it, and didn t think about it any more.Candy is really an excellent shield.Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly parked the car on the side cbd gummies coupon code of the road, stopped for more than ten seconds and started again.Tang Zhen asked suspiciously, What are you doing To verify something.What is it I ll tell you later.After speaking, Tang Shuang drove away.He parked the car on the side of the road, got out of the car and bought a cup of hot drink from a shop on the street, returned to the car and handed it to Tang Zhen.After a while.Tang Sanjian Then what do you think Tang Shuang explained his thoughts in detail, and Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning listened the whole time without interrupting.I think you can try it.Of course, the premise is that Tang Tang wants to go.What s your opinion Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian looked at each other.They had a lot of concerns, and what they said made sense.Tang Shuang didn t come to persuade them tonight, but to discuss and brainstorm ideas together.Now is the time for school, will it affect the class Huang Xiangning asked with concern.Tang Sanjian nodded and said, It s fine if it affects the class, but it s absolutely not, not even in kindergarten.Tang Shuang also had the same question and asked Li Xiulun during the day.No, the filming date chosen by the program group is two days on weekends.During the filming, the staff cannot talk to the guests.This will spoil the shot.But Dalin still said it.But Tangtanger didn t listen at all, and ran out in a hurry.Dalin followed with the camera on his shoulders, and after a while, he heard a cheerful loli voiceless voice.Xiao Shuang When Dalin stepped out of the threshold and the courtyard came into view, Tang Tang, who was barefoot, threw herself into Tang Shuang s arms and hugged her tightly.He used his unique assassin s footsteps, approached quietly, looking for the best angle without affecting the two, and took a picture of this warm scene in the early morning.Xiao Shuang, when did you come back Tang Tanger, lying in Tang Shuang s arms, asked with concern.Last night, I came back not long after you fell asleep.Tang Shuang hugged the little piggy s little body, and just got out of the bed, her little body was warm, soft, and smelled of milk.Uh, chairman, um, actually, there are letters like this in the box.Then throw them all away, I can t stand it Tang Shuang stopped reading the letters, and looked through the various gifts in the bag, Strange, why Are they all dolls Isn t there a normal one Li Yaqing felt that if she didn t remind the chairman, she might be fired, so she quickly said Chairman, emmm these letters and gifts are actually for Tang Tang , Not for you.Chapter 971 The Lun family is going to fight the people who stole the Lun family.Li Yaqing said that the bags are all gifts and letters for Candy, not for him Tang Shuang was a little embarrassed, cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies but it was only a little bit.After all, what was given to his sister was also given to him, and his sister s fans were also his fans.When you think about it that way, it s not embarrassing.Give the little princess face Okay, I ll delete this Weibo.Tang Shuang promised.He took out his phone and was about to delete Weibo.Tangtanger smiled and sat beside him, looking at him eagerly, secretly delighted.Tang Zhen Wait, let me read the comments on this Weibo first, there must be a lot of people scolding you.How is that possible Everyone is praising me Don t read it, I will delete it.Wait a minute Tang Zhen couldn t believe it, how could fans praise Tang Shuang s air, it s impossible.In fact, Tang Shuang didn t know how everyone commented, because he hadn t read it.Just post on Weibo, no matter what the comments say Heh heh heh Tang Zhen made such a voice.Very bad sound.Successfully attracted Tang what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code Shuang to her side, Sister, what are they talking about Are you scolding Xiaoshuang Tang Zhen smiled and said to Tang Shuang, Don t you read it yourself Or I ll read it to you, the most praised Those few items.Tang Zhen what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code stared at him, what kind of elder sister Although the cbd gummies coupon code natures only cbd gummies walmart call was correct, but Facing Tangtanger s curious eyes, Tang Zhen patiently explained to her that this was giving birth to a baby fish.Tangtang er was even more excited now, and her breathing became short of breath, feeling that she was even more nervous than Xiaohong.Xiaohong is so brave, she is not afraid at all Seeing Xiaohong cbd trubliss gummies reviews martha stewart cbd gummies standing still in the water with a calm look, she thought that Xiaohong was not afraid, very brave, just live Tang Zhen Xiaohong is actually very scared, what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies coupon code but she is very brave, because she knows that she is going to be a mother.After becoming a mother, Xiaohong is no longer a little girl.To take care of the baby fish, she must be very strong.Xiaohong Are you nervous Emmmm I only look at other people s lives Will not give birth, will not deliver Tang Tang asked anxiously Xiao Shuang, will you know Tang Shuang said blankly No.He will sing, so it s not that after today I will never hear him sing again Huang Xiangning smiled, nodded and said yes.The Sound of Music was produced by Xiaoshuang s company.She knew this.The two singers she likes, Hu Zhongyuan and Huang Hui, were both her mentors.If she wanted, she could watch it at a close distance, but The performance at that time and the performance now are completely different things, with different meanings.Today s performance is like a person officially retiring.Although there will be public appearances after retirement, but the time of meeting is less, and the meaning has changed.Although she was extremely reluctant, Huang Xiangning knew that she had to leave and that life had to go on.The little daughter was already too sleepy and couldn t stand still This little pig s eyelids are extremely heavy, and he tried to open them, but they drooped in the next second.After a while, he booed immediately Shi Yu smiled bitterly and said, Okay, everyone, stop teasing me.Our focus now is on Tang Shuang and his sister Tang Zhen unbs cbd gummies tinnitus Tang Shuang, I bought perfume before, what s wrong Does this question have anything to do with perfume Tang Shuang Of course it does, look at the perfume, its surface is cbd gummies coupon code crystal, very hard, even cold, but it is thorough and pure, unscrew the cap, the fragrance will come, shake it, the air you breathe is sweet of When everyone heard this, they applauded.Liang Qiusha smiled and said to Shi Yu You shouldn t have asked Tang Shuang, you should have asked Zhenzhen.Have you forgotten Tang Shuang is the youngest literature award winner Stop showing off your cleverness in front of others.Tang Zhen s expression didn t seem to change at all, but the corners of her mouth were slightly raised.He became a little interested and asked, What s next Tang Tang er lowered her head slightly to see Tang Shuang s big feet, and her eyes followed pure cbd oil gummies las vegas nv the toes up and down.next what next The next thing she couldn t cbd gummy for adhd hold cbd trubliss gummies back was, she took two steps forward, straddled up, hugged Tang Shuang s calf with her small hands, and hung her feet up, as if she were sitting on a swing.What are you doing I can t support you Tang Shuang only felt her feet sink, and a little pig sat on it, and immediately sat on the ground with a thud.How could he lift up the candy on his toes Stand up for me I m asking you something Why are you distracted Can you be more serious Stand up Tang Shuang stood up, picked up the villain who was sitting on the ground, and put it in front of the French window , ordered her to stand still This kid is really inexplicable.The little monkey didn t know cbd gummies keanu reeves cbd trubliss gummies Luo Yuqing at all, had never seen Luo Yuqing, had no feelings for Luo Yuqing, and was simply happy that his uncle had a girlfriend.Tang Shuang nodded, and Tang Huohuo immediately wailed.Chapter 1029 My sister and brother are hanging together on the branch Tang Shuang stared at him dissatisfiedly Huohuo, what do you mean You seem to look down on me.The previous Little Shuang was also sent by this guy from.Tang Huohuo laughed and tried to deny it.Is Luo Yuqing your girlfriend Xiaoshuang, how did you chase her after her Luo Yuqing is so beautiful.Tang Xin asked in surprise.Tang Shuang How did you catch up I tell you that you don t understand, you alone, emmm We don t give out sugar, we don t give out sugar, ho ho ho.Tang Xin stared at him viciously, almost wanting to fight again up.Huh What is this Bomb What kind of bomb is this Tang Shuang found a weird bomb in this small house, which he had never seen before.Chapter 1030 Showdown Do you know what kind of thunder this is Tang Shuang asked back.The audience standing behind him shook their heads unanimously, indicating that they hadn t seen it either.These people include Tang Yu, Tang Tang, Tang Zhen, and Tang Huohuo.When Tang Shuang saw these people, she knew that she was asking for nothing.These were rookie 1234.fire Fire The words are very powerful, but the reality is very frustrating.Poor Tang Xin was sitting opposite Tang Shuang, with only one brother Tang Tian beside her, and Tang Tian was not watching her match, but was fighting in the game himself.After finally coming out to play for a while, he wants to have a good time, and he doesn t want to delay a minute.Today, a mother can only be a mother, not a teacher.Mom, let s go, the Lun family will do their filial piety to you.Candy stretched out her small hand to hold Huang Xiangning, and walked out.Huang Xiangning turned to Tang Shuang with some embarrassment Xiao Shuang, mom is going to class.Tang Shuang pushed her from behind Don t worry, I have already asked your grade leader for leave.You have a day off today, and the class will be replaced by Teacher Xiao Liu.At this point, he turned to the long haired female teacher in the office Said Mr.Xiaoliu, I will trouble you today.Teacher Xiaoliu said with a smile No trouble, Mr.Huang, you can celebrate the festival with peace of mind today, and leave the lessons to me.Don t worry.Huang Xiangning laughed and said It turns out that you have made arrangements.

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