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One family melatonin cbd gummies uk stares at the other, and a bowl of water needs to be leveled.Why didn t the one who demolished my house tear down his house When encountering this kind of incident, the police must be dispatched.The longest time cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies I spent three days and three nights in the village with my master.These alone are enough headaches, but there are even more headaches in Chaoyang Village.In the urban area, land is very expensive, housing prices are high, and the cost of renting a house is naturally rising.Many migrant workers, small businesses and hawkers, and some college students who have just started working best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies rent houses in the village.The migrant population is large and mobile.The bottom line is not an easy task, unless you stare there every day.The village is also accustomed to relying on the mountain to eat the mountain.

Jiang Changgui paused, and continued Compared with the second plan, the first plan is obviously yummy cbd gummies more suitable.Considering you It s your first offense, so we can consider not holding you accountable and punishing you, but we will definitely take yummy cbd gummies the snake away.The forest police wanted to send the snake away, and the snake beauty was really in a hurry Immediately, he burst into tears, making phone calls while crying, looking for relatives and friends who worked in government departments, and even claiming to find a lawyer.Han Chaoyang was furious, turned around and said Manager Zhang, this is not just about our police, nor is it just about your property, invite all the owners committee representatives who can be contacted, or simply hold an owner s meeting, Dongming New Village is This is the common home of the owners, please sit down and discuss whether snakes can be raised in the community It s a nonsense, right It depends on whether you are afraid of the pressure of public opinion from your neighbors.

What s that like Officer Han, you HCMUSSH yummy cbd gummies were cheated by her She must only be with you I mentioned Yu Xiushui, but I never mentioned Jiang Changqing to you.Who is Jiang Changqing My uncle Jiang Erhu was confident, but Han Chaoyang was confused, and subconsciously asked, What does Jiang Changqing have to do with that store The storefront It belonged to my uncle, not Yu Xiushui.Where s your uncle Dead.Dead Dead for many years, Jiang Erhu took out a cigarette and wanted to light it up, when he saw the words Forbidden on the table.Smoking sign, and put down the cigarette resentfully Who is Yu Xiushui A beggar My uncle died early, and my aunt my aunt took him in because of her disobedience.We lived together together, and it took seven or eight years to get the marriage certificate.Where is your aunt He is also dead, my uncle is my father s elder brother, and the two girls were married long ago, and the married girl threw it out.

Who owns this family Let s talk later.Let s talk about who started the fight first, and who beat people Comrade police, please listen to my explanation.Explain what, beating people is justified More and more villagers watched the chewit acai blueberry cbd gummy excitement outside, and the people brought by the two women showed signs of commotion, Han Chaoyang didn t yummy cbd gummies dare to be muddled, and said coldly This is not a place to talk, go, go to the village office.Just go, no yummy cbd gummies one is afraid of anyone.Stop, what are you running for Han Chaoyang rushed to the gate and stopped a young man who wanted to run away No one is allowed to leave until the matter is clarified.Did you see it This is a law enforcement recorder.Everyone present took pictures I went in and wanted to run, yummy cbd gummies right Okay, run and see, I let you run as long as the monk can t run away from the temple 1, 2, 3, 4 16, Chaoyang, a total of 16, including the caller 17 one.

From this detail, you can see that a comrade Work attitude.It s really shooting yourself in the foot, I knew I wouldn t let this kid maintain order.When the leader criticized, Secretary Shan felt remorseful, her expression changed suddenly, and she drooped her head and said in a low voice Secretary Tong, I made a mistake, I will review.This is not only a work attitude, but also reflects your usual work style Thinking of the superior s document on the poverty alleviation of government officials at the grassroots level, he has been undecided who to send to the grassroots.Deputy Secretary Tong said lightly Comrade Shan Xiaoming, in the final analysis, you lack exercise.You have worked in the government for a long time and lack grassroots work experience.How come you have been in contact with the masses, and you have naturally separated from the masses.

I m a community policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Manager Jin should be going to work soon.Please sit down for a while and interview when Manager Jin arrives.There was a crutch on the shoulder, and I thought it was an auxiliary policeman, but I didn t expect it to be a regular policeman.A young man who graduated from the Judicial Police Academy looked enviously at the public security armband on his sleeve, stood up and said, Thank you, Officer Han.Officer Han, smoke.You re welcome, I won t smoke, I yummy cbd gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus still have some I ll see you later.They were all strong and strong young men, among whom there seemed to be five veterans who were party members, and their ID card information was all in their resumes.In order to be sure, last night, I checked them one by one with the police report to prevent criminals or ex convicts from mixing into the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.

The colleagues in the office and the combatants in the street made two more victories one after another.First, two thieves suspected of theft were seized in the fifth team, and more than 20 mobile phones were seized from their rented houses The suspect, the van parked at the door of his rented house had 672 violations, and the traffic police team has been looking for him but has not been found.The victories are not small, but these victories have nothing to do with the Huayuan Street Police Station After working so hard until four o clock in the morning, not only was there no credit or hard work, but even all the previous efforts were in vain.The bureau leaders were very dissatisfied with the work in the institute.The director, trainer and several deputy directors had to reflect deeply, and ordinary policemen followed suit.

I watched him grow up.Han Da, you I remembered this, he seems to be working at your police station too.He is in our police station, he is an auxiliary police officer of our police station s prevention and control team.The female parking attendant hesitated for a moment, but after thinking about it, she said Da Han , you must not let him know that I told you about the pyramid scheme.The landlord who rented the house to the pyramid scheme is his uncle.He seems to be doing well in your police station.He can help people settle many things.People often go to Ask him for help.If you let him know what I said, you have to go to my house to make trouble.Ge Baohua, don t you like to report me.Auxiliary policeman Xieqin is also a member of the police station.He knew that his relatives rented the house to the MLM but did not report it.

Huang Ying was stunned for a moment.She was a pretty girl, her tone seemed to be that of a street cadre, and she seemed to have an unusual relationship with the little apprentice.Gu Guoli didn t want to be a light bulb for the young man, so he raised his arm and pointed to area .

can you fail a drug test due to cbd gummies?

B Chaoyang, you stare at it first, and I ll go and relieve it.Master, I ll accompany you.No need, I know the way.Gu Guoli waved his hand and walked towards Area B without looking back.There are yummy cbd gummies so many leaders inside, and I don t know if there will be any more leaders coming.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to leave his post without permission, and stayed where are king cbd gummys quality cbd he was on duty, and asked calmly, Sister, what are you doing here Please, I m also a street cadre , All the people in the office can come, and the leader said, dare I not come What can you do if you come You ask me, how do I know.

Hi, this is Chaoyang Community Police Office of Huayuan Street Police Station.May I ask what you need Hello, the command center of my sub bureau, are the police stationed in the police room here Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, then walked over to Zheng Xinyi and answered the phone.Hello, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.May I have any instructions Comrade Han Chaoyang, I just received a call from the masses.A murder occurred on the 26th of the third group of Yangguan Village.You are the closest to the scene.Please rush there immediately.Protect the scene Murder, this is no joke.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, and hurriedly answered yes, then ran to the inner room, opened the security door and shouted towards the dormitory, Changsheng, urgent mission, call a few people in uniform to follow me Junfeng, you and the others are on standby.

My nephew s daughter in law and my eldest aunt s 80th birthday will be in two days.My family is going, but Xianhong is not at home and his daughter in law is going.I want to discuss with her how many gifts, but I can t get through on the phone.Finally, I came to see, the mother and daughter Everything happened.Thinking that his grandnephew was only five years old, Qiao Shijie said sadly, This disaster must have been caused by Xianhong, but even if Xianhong owed a lot of money and offended someone, it wouldn t be too bad for them.This murderer.Comrade Public Security, you must catch the murderer, and you must help Qiuyan and her daughter make the decision It is also the job of the criminal police to bring the murderer to justice and avenge the deceased.It s not that Han Chaoyang doesn t want to ask about the specific situation, but now he has to prioritize, turn on the flashlight, look at the lock on the iron gate of the courtyard, and then turn around and ask, Qiao Shijie, how did you get in Over the wall.

Judging from the current situation, Qiao Xianhong is a person with almost no bad habits.It may be because his father died early and his family was difficult in the past, so he is very hardworking, capable and willing to work.No one has seen him play cards.When they get together, they don t play with him, they don t smoke or drink alcohol, and they are very frugal.People like him are neither likely to participate in gambling, nor are they likely to get involved in drugs.From this point of view, it can also be seen that For a cautious person like him, it is impossible to lose money when doing renovations, it s just a matter of earning more and earning less, and you can t owe huge debts because of the renovation. Qiao Xianhong disappeared, Zhang Qiuyan died, Qiao Xianhong s mother, Wang Qiaolan, had remarried long ago, what is going on with this family What s the situation, I can t find an insider The leaders studied and analyzed in front, and Wu Wei sat in the last row racking his brains and thinking hard.

As long as major cases are solved, small cases must be solved as well.Gu Guoli was very supportive of the two apprentices in handling the case, and agreed immediately Go ahead and ask, maybe we can join together.Chapter 108 Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief 1 When I came out, I saw that the south half of the saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart sky was clear and sunny, and the north half of the sky was dark and cloudy.The merchants along the street were busy collecting things, the hawkers were busy clearing their stalls, the pedestrians rushed forward, and the branches and leaves danced wildly with the wind.There are thunderstorms today.Brother Zhong, I best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies m Han Chaoyang.I m drying some clothes in the yard.Please collect them for me.Important, if the police uniforms hanging outside are confiscated, there will be no clean police uniforms to wear tomorrow.

Besides, why should it be withdrawn This is a show of face, which fully proves that people are kind, and things that promote righteousness will still be supported by the masses and resonate with people.Yes, just wait, even if your sub bureau does not promote it, the Propaganda Department of the district committee will not miss this good opportunity to promote positive energy.If the superior really sees it, how will he explain it then The rain washed away the manhole cover, and the manhole cover was so heavy that a three year old would not believe it.If those wells were not covered in the first place, the department in charge of maintaining municipal facilities would be the first to refuse.Han Chaoyang realized that this was not a matter of showing off, and at the same time realized that the limelight was out of control, so he said with a bitter face, Sister, the matter is not what you think, nor is it what the post says.

If you don t want to let this group of crazy girls be satisfied, don yummy cbd gummies t even think about leaving, Grandpa Gu said with a final word Jiajiajia, add it, build another group, and pull Zhenchuan back Come in, if you have anything to say in the group in the future.Okay, don t worry, I have too many friends, so I need to make a note.No hurry, let s sit down and add slowly.Yan Shouhuanfei, The aroma was strong, and there were girls all around him.Han Chaoyang, who thought he was thick skinned enough, was actually made to burn his cheeks by them.Fortunately, just halfway through the increase, the police alarm suddenly rang.Handsome guy, I m Chen Xiujuan.The Political Office called and said that a reporter is going to interview you at 10 30, do you want to prepare Just pretend you kid Chen Xiujuan slandered, and said calmly Since there is nothing to prepare, let s call the yummy cbd gummies police first.

Do you have any public security in your eyes Do you know what this cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies behavior is Officer Han, They want to do it They want to do it, and you are not a vegetarian, otherwise you can call a dozen people, and one of them has a tattoo on his arm.Han Chaoyang really didn t like Tao Hui, who raised a boa constrictor.He picked up a pen and opened the folder and turned around, Did you bring cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies your ID card Didn t you register last cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies time Your name, ID number, and phone number are all there.Yes.Last time was last time, hurry up.So you know each other The big bald head directly thought that the police would help Tao Hui, and was very unconvinced.Just as he was about to say something, Grandpa Gu who was answering the phone suddenly asked loudly, Lawyer Yan, which law firm do you practice in The big bald head thought it was a lawyer He would explain the matter clearly to the old policeman in a white shirt, but within three minutes of the call, the old policeman handed the phone to him, The lawyer you hired has hung up, I suggest you go to the law firm and ask Without him, is he a lawyer Comrade policeman, what do you mean Although Gu Guoli is not very proficient in the law, he has seen too many debt disputes yummy cbd gummies and has some legal common sense, so he called him to the On the one hand, he said persuasively Zheng Jindong, from the IOU, you are indeed not a usurer.

Master, you mean that Yang That case in Guancun Which other case can there be Gu Guoli looked back at the two cbd gummies thunder bay of them, raised his arm and pointed at Yu Zhenchuan Zhenchuan heard it when he answered the phone, and Director Feng was very happy, saying that the clues you provided can be solved.Set the direction for the next investigation work.If the case can be successfully cracked and the murderer can be successfully captured, you will be able to make a great contribution.It s really a good thing, Han Chaoyang grinned and said Actually, it doesn t matter if you make a contribution or not, the key is to be able to help Busy.Besides, Yangguan Village will be under my jurisdiction from tomorrow, and it is also my job to provide clues for the criminal investigation department.Don t be surprised, this kind of mentality is needed to do work.

He didn t get out of the car, and didn t enter the police room.There are five people in total, Han Chaoyang sits in the co pilot, and the rest sit in the back row, so squeeze as much as possible.He Yichang looked at the rearview best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies mirror while reversing the car, and said straight to the point Comrades, what we are going to perform today is a capture mission.The bait has been released, but the suspect is very cunning.He may or may not come in the afternoon, or even Maybe someone else will be ordered to pick up the courier.We only have his general physical characteristics, and we don t even have a photo, so please keep your spirits up, carefully identify every suspicious person, and be prepared are cbd gummies anti inflammatory for a protracted war. Team He Let me introduce you.This is Xu Hongliang, a graduate of the Judicial cbd gummies charlotte nc Police Academy.

It seems that he is very concerned about the 7.Case 17 is very concerned, but he said that the serious case team is investigating this line, and even Liang Dongsheng s master and apprentice have been suppressed, and there seems to be little progress.This case is more difficult than ever He Yichang really hoped that the east side would not be bright and the west side would be bright, and he secretly prayed that Yao would know something even if he wasn t the murderer.Han Chaoyang didn t know the progress of the investigation, and he didn t need to be responsible for anything.He didn t have any scruples.Thinking of a situation he accidentally encountered when he accompanied his mother to look at the house a few days ago, he murmured yummy cbd gummies There is another possibility.On cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies Qiao Xianhong, but not necessarily related to the owner of the house he renovated.

Then it was faked It didn t come true, I was a little embarrassed at first, Later Later, it became better.She gave me greeting cards and small gifts, and I took her home after school.I secretly held hands with her a few times, but her mother found out.I was in class one 1 with Factory Director Yang s yummy cbd gummies daughter was transferred to Class best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies 1 HCMUSSH yummy cbd gummies Class 4 when she fell in love.Her reputation was not yummy cbd gummies very good.Her mother thought I was a hooligan.Not only did she find the school and quarrel with my mother, but she also arranged for her daughter to transfer to another school.A middle school, and then my mother watched closely, and so did her mother, so we didn t contact her again.During adolescence, these things are normal, it s like playing house.Huang Ying was not angry, but laughed and said, Physical isolation again Parents were afraid of affecting their studies, so they adopted this simple and rude method, and told you not to be angry.

Huang Ying is really worried that he will learn everything from Grandpa Gu.How much does Grandpa Gu earn a month How much is his salary Just bought a house and the economy is so difficult.If you want to come back, it will be difficult if you put your head on it.Ask for instructions and report, I don do cbd gummies interact with any medications t know how long you will be a hostage, and you have to cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies go to work tomorrow, so I ll go back first. Go back, drive slowly on the road, and call me when you get home.It s nice of someone to care, Huang Ying Feeling happy in her heart, she subconsciously glanced at Zhang Beibei and said with a smile, Understood, remember to call me if you need anythingChapter 150 A burnt out person is refreshed on happy occasions.With a girlfriend, even yummy cbd gummies if it s just a prospective girlfriend, Han Chaoyang s mood couldn cbd gummies eagle hemp t be better, and he s full of beautiful visions for the future.

Talk to the hospital leaders.I believe that the patient will take the initiative to bear the medical expenses after waking up.After all This is to help him see a doctor, this is to save his life.Director Pang of the emergency center is by my side Furthermore, talk to him carefully, that s it, I have a few more police reports here.The leader hung up as soon as he said it, and didn t give him a chance to continue explaining.Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded, and after thinking about it, he called the office again.Chen Xiujuan also had no other options, and suggested him to report to the sub bureau command center just like the deputy head of the rescue station.With so many patients in the emergency area, Director Pang didn t have time to wait for him here.He took the examination report from a nurse who hurried over and looked at it, walked into the office, took out a pen and quickly wrote out a long prescription.

Aren t you slapping me in the face That s the deal.Okay, thank you.Money is good, money can be self willed Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and asked with a half smile, Are you going to the East China Sea The bus ticket is booked, and the job has been resigned, so I will definitely go.Xu Hongliang smiled secretly, and after thinking about it, he smiled again This matter must be kept secret., I want to give Lingling a surprise, I want her to see and feel my sincerity.When are you going to come back When will you catch HCMUSSH yummy cbd gummies up with Lingling and come back Come back and get married at that time.Are you going to take the public exam next year The public exam is held once a year.If you miss the exam next year, you will take the exam next year.If you don t catch up the year after, you will take the exam again.

Yang According to the secretary s instructions, arrange someone to pick them up, and send them home safely after the party.It turned out that they were old revolutionaries, and they should be invited.Han Chaoyang hurriedly straightened his police uniform, trotted up to meet him, and tried to help him.In the end, Secretary Yang arranged things too well, some were sent by family members, some were sent by cadres of the neighborhood committee or village committee, several people were in charge of one, Han Chaoyang couldn t get involved at all, but he also took this opportunity to get to know five people in his jurisdiction.old revolution.The first row of tables is for leaders as much as they are for them.Helping them to sit down, Director Tu asked people to serve the fruits, melon seeds and mineral water that he had prepared in the morning.

Don t worry, Chang Zhang, my master is talking to them, and we will do their ideological work.That s good, thank you for your hard work.Just after hanging up the phone, Lu Yatou brought a man she hadn t seen much before.The doctor is here.Han Chaoyang greeted them, opened the door and walked into the police room together.The child s parents were brought into the case handling area.The man sat on the left side of Grandpa Gu with his head drooping and said nothing, and the woman sat diagonally across from Grandpa Gu and cried.A black travel bag was placed under their feet.Their ID cards and the baby s previous The medical records during the treatment and the reports of various examinations are all on the desk.Grandpa Gu was taking notes while asking in a slow voice, and vaguely heard Wu Wei calling the office to report from the backyard.

The person in charge of the song meeting of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles is very powerful, obviously thought of this long ago, and chose an old song that sounds relatively uncommon now.We are walking on the road with high spirits and high spirits.Chairman Mao led the revolutionary team to overcome saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart obstacles and rush forward.The momentum of the revolution is unstoppable Facts have proved that many old songs are very good, and many older audiences are deeply affected.Zizi returned to the passionate years, and couldn t help beating the beat, and couldn t help humming along.Hearing this song, Han Chaoyang felt liberated, and while gesturing for the big guys to get up, he hastily apologized Everyone, I m sorry, the next song is from our street, we should go backstage, and those who didn t take a group photo will have a chance later.

Two jobs are in front of you, one is to continue to be a police officer , one is to be a university teacher, a fool knows how to choose Yu Zhenchuan was not only reluctant for his younger brother to change jobs like this, but also happy for his younger brother from the bottom of his heart.After all, no matter from which point of view he looked at PolyU s work, he was more cbd infused gummy bears saucezilla cbd gummies suitable for him.Just as he was imagining how his younger brother turned into a teacher of PolyU, Grandpa Gu suddenly said Jiang Director, Mr.Chen, I have something to do with Zhenchuan, let s go back to the police office first.What can you do, it s because you don t want the most handsome policeman to change jobs.But what can cbd gummies kidney disease you give to the most handsome policeman , let him be the director of the police station, or let him be the instructor of the police station, it involves a person s future, Deputy Chief Jiang is not worried about what measures Grandpa Gu will take, and said with a smile It doesn t matter , you are busy with your work Grandpa Gu rushed to the police room, his expression suddenly changed, he sat at the desk a few times and wanted to call the little apprentice yummy cbd gummies to ask for clarification, and put down the phone a few times.

I love you and love you.I am wronged.How could he say such things Thinking of her parents, and thinking that she is almost married now, Huang Ying felt sore, and couldn t help but shed two lines of tears.I don t have the conditions now.When I have the conditions in the future, I must honor them like my parents.Well, you have a conscience.Huang Ying moved her body, feeling unbs cbd gummies shark tank a sharp pain, and subconsciously said It s over, it s over., What if if you get pregnant Buy medicine You go and buy it, I m embarrassed to go.Just buy it, everyone should be yummy cbd gummies responsible for what they do, Han Chaoyang said with a smile Okay, I ll go buy it, and go to the pharmacy early tomorrow morning.It really is a big radish, and it really has experience.Don t say such hurtful words, are you hungry Not hungry.Just let him like this Success , Huang Ying felt like a dream, felt that everything was so unreal, and suddenly asked Did Xinmin community lose the electric car again Her thinking always jumped like this, and at this time she actually asked Work, but Han Chaoyang is used to it, put his arms around her small waist and sighed softly Well, the one lost in the afternoon may be the twelfth one lost this year, and the thieves are getting more and more rampant, from crimes at night to during the day, Frequent successes, although the value of the case is not big, the impact is very bad, the residents have opinions on us, and they almost point their noses and scold us for not doing anything.

It s good if you can t run away.I was so excited to meet a drug dealer, even if I didn t look at the police rank, I knew he had just started working.Jiang Li suppressed a smile and asked Chaoyang, have you ever seen strongest cbd gummies a drug dealer before Yes.Really Jiang Li was skeptical.I m not lying to you, I ve seen it before.Han Chaoyang was very happy to mention this, and he was not afraid gummy labs cbd of embarrassment.The deputy head of the anti drug brigade of the sub bureau and several anti drug policemen escorted a suspect with hidden drugs in his body to the hospital for examination.After an X ray, they found a lot of drugs in his stomach, so they found a ward for the suspect to detoxify in the yummy cbd gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus hospital.We have good intentions , help them find a doctor, and help them maintain order.As a result, Jiao Da, the deputy head of the anti drug team of our branch, actually asked me and my senior brother to help them wash the drugs that the suspects pulled out.

As soon as we received yummy cbd gummies Lao He s call, we organized the police to set up checkpoints on the road, arranged for the police to go yummy cbd gummies to the station for surveillance, and reported it to yummy cbd gummies the Municipal Bureau as soon as possible., the Municipal Bureau has issued yummy cbd gummies a notice to assist in the inspection, bus stations, railway stations, airports as long as there is a security check, they are all helping us to pay attention, no matter how fast he responds, can he be as fast as us Jiang Dajian enveloped Feng Changdong, even if he ran, he didn t run too much After speaking, he looked up at He Pingyuan, who had more say in this issue.That bastard is too cunning.Shi Ju s analysis makes sense.Ping Yuan, do you think he s not in the village Recognize it.If I were him, I would definitely find a safe place to hide first and see if there is any movement.

Three, isn t it third Really three, At the Xinying Police Station, I read the documents of the forestry department and the Forest Public Security Bureau, which stated that wild boars are terrestrial wild animals that are protected by the state, are beneficial, or have important economic and scientific research values. They talked about wild boars, making jokes and jokes Junior brother.Miao Haizhu smiled and said nothing, but in her heart she admired the younger brother very much, and when she thought about his appearance in middle school, she found that he had changed a lot in these years.Just when Han Chaoyang was getting annoyed by the topic of wild boars, the instructor Xu suddenly said Chaoyang, the sub bureau has issued a task to promote the WeChat official account of the branch, and at the same time asked our office to also set up a WeChat official account, and the assessment will be accepted at the end of the month.

Inspector Gu, this case It was originally theirs.The case is theirs, and the suspect is from our jurisdiction or a student.When it comes to colleges and universities, all aspects must be considered, especially respecting the opinions of best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies the school.Chaoyang, does the leader of the security department know I don t know.Hurry up and call Minister Jiang.You can t hide such a big event from him.If something happened, he immediately put down other work and hurried back to the security office.He walked into the 110 emergency duty room, followed by Yan Bin from the Fourth Squadron of Criminal Police of Yanzhong Sub bureau.There were so many people in uniform what are the effects of a cbd gummy at the school gate, and even the traffic police were on duty at the school gate.No matter whether Grandpa Gu and Old Tang came over just now, or Yan Bin rushed over, they didn t attract the attention of the old Zhu and his wife who were waiting for their son to go through the formalities outside.

She, how to do her family work, please ask her parents to contact her and save her.Chapter 288 Contacted It is unlikely that Zhuman will pay the tuition fee for this semester, but she paid the tuition fee for the previous semester.And even though his grades in the last semester were not very good, he didn t fail a class, and he didn t even miss many classes because he was deeply involved in online loans.In short, at least now, he does not meet the conditions for ordering him to withdraw from school.She didn t drop out of school for a day, and she was a student of PolyU for a day.Even if she dropped out, if something happened to her, she would still be a student of PolyU in people s eyes.The school leaders are working hard to build PolyU into a first class science and engineering university.

That s the end Wu Wei looked at the police car leaving in a puff of dust, and then looked back at the work area tightly surrounded by plastic sheets.He was dumbfounded.Teng University left in a hurry, and Vice Captain Luo didn t say anything before he left.It seems that he will still be here to watch the migrant workers sifting sand for the next few days.Although Han Chaoyang was a little surprised, he didn t think there was anything wrong with sifting the sand here.He couldn t help laughing and said, It s not over.The case hasn t been solved yet.It s not that the murderer hasn t been caught, but he hasn t even figured out his identity.I mean us, we found out the clues of moving corpses and framing them, and we caught the two suspects, so why are they not our business Isn t this crossing the river and demolishing bridges Wu Wei was extremely depressed, and clicked on the phone.

So there are still models with vertical taillights Yes, but not many, I ll make a list, but it s not so easy to borrow such a car, it s not that you can t borrow it, it s hard to see it at ordinary times.It s not a bad thing for us.Yes, the number of cars The less, the smaller the scope of investigation.Just wait, I will send you a WeChat message.After waiting for five or six minutes, Geng Da .

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sent a WeChat message.Looking at the brand and model of the commercial vehicle on the mobile phone, Teng Jiming realized that there was no need for the suspect to identify him tonight, so yummy cbd gummies he forwarded the vehicle information to a criminal policeman, and immediately turned around and said, Old Zheng, look at the WeChat I just sent you.Putting other things aside, you will be responsible for finding a car from now on, first go best cbd isolate gummies for pain back and check if there are any 4S stores or dealers in the city that sell these types of commercial vehicles.

Office, how can there be such a coincidence yummy cbd gummies in the world He Suo, I really misjudged this statement, he is so low key when communicating with us, he can yummy cbd gummies t see that there are so many relationships and such a big background.The more this is the cbd gummies europe case, the more limitless his future will be.It s a pity that it s too far away from us, otherwise I really want to hug his thigh Just as He Pingyuan and others were sighing and sighing through the video, Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying had saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart just sent the aunt and uncle who had drunk too much at night to the hospital.Home.I have agreed with the Music Association that they are willing to develop members like you.The electronic version of the registration form was sent to you last week.Why haven t you filled it out and sent it to others Sent it Did you Yes, I sent you WeChat Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Huang Ying smiled bitterly and said, Auntie, he doesn t usually read WeChat very much, mainly because he has no time.

Li and the others said that Chaoyang found a girlfriend.Seeing him in a police uniform and taking a photo with you when he received an award for meritorious yummy cbd gummies service made me really sad.He is a good boyfriend and will definitely be a good husband in the future.I didn t take care of him.Cherish it, miss it in order to realize the so called ideal, you must not learn cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies from me, because if you miss it, there will be nothing.Huang Ying never thought that she would say these words Xie Lingling didn t expect it, and neither did Xu Hongliang, the car was suddenly silent.Sheng Yanwen took out a tissue to wipe away her tears, she put her arms around Huang Ying s arm and laughed while weeping But I will definitely succeed.I gave up so much to become a first class performer, and I worked so hard.There is no reason not to succeed.

Two fingerprints of the victim were extracted, and four biological samples of the victim were collected, that is, the victim s DNA.I disclosed this in advance.After all, this is a murder case.It won t come out until the afternoon, but it is almost certain that the suspect vehicle is the means of transportation used by the murderer to throw the body, which also shows that our previous investigation direction is not wrong.Here, I think we should thank Comrade Han Chaoyang.If Xiao Han didn t think pain relief cbd gummies of the case The vehicles that drove around the corpse dumping site that night may have been equipped with dashcams, and they may have inadvertently photographed the vehicles dumping the corpses, and we may still be helpless.Comrades, give Xiao Han some applause Although the murderer Still not locked, but not far from locking the murderer.

The list of people who have been dealt with directions on how to take just cbd 500mg gummies because of a huge amount of gambling is all big bosses.After filtering out those who have not been dealt with because of gambling in the past six months, there are only 16 people left on this list.Gambling is addictive, and those who can successfully detoxify are not Many, I don t think there are too many people who can successfully quit gambling.Xu Guoqiang smiled, holding a lunch box and said After all, quitting drugs is best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies still compulsory, and quitting gambling depends on individual self consciousness.Although the conditions are better now, people have money, but how many can afford such a big bet.Han Chaoyang felt that some of these 16 people should have gambled in the underground casino opened by Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao, and said eagerly We will go to them later and ask them Let them see Yang Jiandong, Tan Haitao, Photos of Cai Xiaofang and the victim Cao Shengkai, see if they recognize each other What if they know each other but pretend they don t Li Kaiyi asked back.

These are two cases.Two cases Han Chaoyang asked stupidly.Li Kaiyi is taking notes for the suspects who are suspected of gambling, right The case of gambling will be handed over to the serious crime team.I will arrange a few criminal police officers to assist you in continuing to track down the whereabouts of the three suspects, Yang Jiandong, Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang.From now on, report to me directly if there is any situation, Teng University must be very busy, so don t make trouble for them.Chapter 346 Big action No matter how stupid Han Chaoyang is, he still understands Bureau Feng s intentions.He secretly wants to turn one case into two cases and have a division of labor with the Gaoxin District Bureau.The murder case is still handled by the Gaoxin District Bureau.But in this way, how can Tengda expand its achievements But that s Teng University s business.

Precious, how best cbd gummy art expensive Maybe, maybe worth hundreds of thousands.Hundreds of thousands Huang Ying was taken aback, I can t believe how expensive a violin can be.It s too expensive, I have to return it.Han Chaoyang subconsciously took out his cell phone, yummy cbd gummies dialed Sheng Yanwen s cell phone again in front of his girlfriend, and used it hands free.Chaoyang, don t call anymore.It s too late and sleepy.I really don t want to go downstairs.I told you that you will have a chance in the future.You should go to bed early.Yanwen, I just found out about Qin.It s too precious.I I can t afford it.And I ve changed my job.Now I m a policeman.I usually don t have time to play the violin.Pink is given to beauties, and swords are given to saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart heroes.You need it more than I do.I ll let such a good violin go to waste.

Giving things away There is no reason to take it back.Sheng yummy cbd gummies Yanwen sat up, hugged the pillow and said, Don t think I don t know, you haven t completely changed your career, you are both a policeman and a special lecturer at PolyU s School of Art, and can you bring cbd gummies on an airplane you want to lead apprentices and help PolyU form a symphony band I have become a university teacher, how can I not have a decent piano.I m an amateur, I don t need such a good piano, and best cbd gummies sleep it s too expensive, I can t bear it.Chaoyang, don t do this, this is A little heart from me.This is not a trivial matter, and it has to be said, Han Chaoyang turned to look at Huang Ying, held the phone tightly and said, I ve got the heart, Qin will send it to you later.Yanwen, I don t want to It makes you sad, but I still want to say a few words from my heart.

While talking on the phone with Lao Ji who was far away in Kaijing County, the policeman Xiao Xu rushed into the meeting room, ran to the map and pointed to a location marked yesterday evening, and said excitedly Report Tengda, the old water conservancy station office building and The yummy cbd gummies ancillary facilities were bought by a man named Jiang Hao as early as ten years ago when the system was restructured, and they were used as a dock and cargo yard at first.Due to the remote location and inconvenient transportation on the shore, they were later leased to a boss named Gan as a factory building.Paint was produced there.Qiuping found Boss Gan and learned that there were only two workers in the paint factory.One was surnamed Yu, named Yu Qinggong, and the other was surnamed Gan, named Gan Xinlan.They were a couple who were relatives to Boss Gan.

After lunch, they forcefully handed Huang Ying a red envelope, saying that it was the first time they came to the door, and they were not happy if they didn t accept it.There is indeed this custom in my hometown, Han Chaoyang regrets it, thinking that he should not have come if he knew it would cost his uncle and aunt so much, but since he has come, can cbd gummies lower high blood pressure he can only be accepted by Huang Ying, and this favor will be kept by his mother in the future Eat a pit and gain wisdom, my sister in law s house can no longer go.Put the things I brought cbd infused gummy bears saucezilla cbd gummies to my sister in law at the uncle s house, and ask the uncle to take them over when he is not busy in the afternoon.In the afternoon, accompany Huang Ying to visit the only local historic site, the Mountain Temple with a history of more than 600 years.When I came back, I wanted to take a shortcut, but the Nanhu Village I passed by was on the occasion of the annual temple fair, and the car could not get out after entering the village, so I simply parked the car on the side of the road to watch the temple fair.

My father and my mother passed away one after another.If you want to talk to them now, they won t be able to hear you, so don t imitate me.Liu Suo, who is so serious, can say such emotional words Han Chaoyang was surprised and moved, and hurriedly said Thank you Liu Suo for reminding me that I want to be a good policeman and a good son.I also want to be a good apprentice While looking at cbd infused sleep gummies the desk calendar, he said Xiao Han, your master will retire honorably in just best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies over a month.Although he has not been transferred to our office for a long time, he is a role model for our branch and even our city s public security police.I discussed it with the instructor.I plan to hold a ceremony to congratulate him on his retirement, and you should also help to think about how to do this yummy cbd gummies ceremony, whether the big guys join in and find a decent restaurant for dinner, or hold a farewell party.

What is the current stage Zheng Xinyi asked.You can close the business if you can t keep going, but it s nothing to run away, and you can t owe wages to migrant workers who owe money to anyone Thinking of the main busy things during this compensatory leave, Han Chaoyang sneered The surname Zhou Things are too simple to think about, and you relax gummies cbd infused extreme strength dosage may not know that refusing to pay labor remuneration has already been punished.Article 276 of the Criminal Law clearly stipulates Evasion of payment of labor remuneration by means yummy cbd gummies of transferring property, escaping, etc.or being able to pay but not paying Laborers whose labor remuneration is relatively large and who still refuse to pay after being ordered by the relevant government departments shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also be sentenced to a fine if serious consequences are caused, they shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years , and be fined A person who had only studied the Public Security Punishment Law and the Police Law actually talked about the provisions of the Criminal Law with eloquence.

Don t even think about financial support.Even if we can get some interest free loans, we will lose our legs.It is meaningless to us.That is to say, you can enjoy some tax relief.It s good to be able to reduce a part of the tax.Almost forgot the business, Director Su suddenly remembered, raised his head and said, Chaoyang, you were not in the gravel in the high tech zone a while ago.Have you stared at the sand quarry for several days, do you know the owner of the sand and gravel quarry Yes, what s the matter Han Chaoyang asked.The memorial hall, no, it should be called a hostel in the future.Isn t the hostel going to be remodeled and re greened It needs some pebbles, just a small garden and a few winding paths.They sell yellow sand and gravel, and They don t sell cbd oil in gummy bears cobblestones, that stuff is worthless to them, you can ask, can you bring a few cars back.

She told the customers with a bit of flamboyance yummy cbd gummies that there are a lot of people who come to the village to buy cars every day.There are also thirty or forty, and they don t have to worry about the car not being sold Chapter 380 Respect for the Leader Director Su and Lao Jin are pointing at the leaders of the sub bureau to help facilitate the large order of security services for the East City Transportation Hub Project.The sub bureau needs the assistance of community volunteer security patrols.How could she and Lao Jin not agree Immediately said that all the community cadres including her will work overtime tonight, go to each duty point to help guard the gate, and deploy as many team members as possible to assist the branch office best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies Perhaps when Han Chaoyang went to the Northwest for an exchange, the Security Office of PolyU and the Chaoyang Community Security Company cooperated very well in the security operations of the concert.

The Yandong Sub bureau of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau is conducting a joint investigation.Putting other matters aside, the most urgent task is to seize the opportunity, dig deep and investigate yummy cbd gummies purekana cbd full spectrum gummies based on existing clues, and break down the chain involved in the theft, acquisition, modification, and sale of electric vehicles and bicycles.Yes Besides, for this kind of village where stolen goods are sold, it is far from enough to just crack down on them.The reason why the criminal activities of operating stolen cars have revived and even intensified is that the publicity and education are not in place, and the prevention work is not done well.Immediately Report to the county party committee, the county party committee and the county government will definitely pay attention.At the same time, Director Su was helping a couple suspected of selling stolen goods with their children, and at the same time helping two elderly people who came in a hurry.

regulars.The old man put down his teacup, sat on Grandpa Gu s seat, looked at Han Chaoyang with a smile and asked, Xiao Han, what kind of happy event is it that makes you happy It s nothing, nothing.Han Chaoyang couldn t talk nonsense until the transfer order came down.Han Chaoyang sat in front of him with a smile and asked, Director Wang, I m so busy that I cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies don t have time to read the newspaper.You yummy cbd gummies read it every day.What s the news today What s the news today There is no big news, no big news is a good thing, and the world is peaceful.The old factory manager suddenly looked at the door of the police room, then looked back at the back door, and said in a daze, I was shopping in the vegetable market when I answered the phone in the morning, it was too noisy.I didn t hear clearly, what s the matter, what s wrong with your master He almost forgot about it, so it turned out that he came here for this.

It was 6 10 p.m.when we arrived at the institute.During the special operation, all police officers canceled their vacations.Chen Xiujuan didn t go home, she was talking to a crowd in the yard.Seeing Han Chaoyang get out of the police car, he tacitly raised his arms and pointed to the conversation room next to the auxiliary police duty room.Han Chaoyang nodded, and ran to the door of the conversation room with his bag in his hands.There were three people sitting inside.A middle aged man in a woolen coat was playing with his mobile cbd gummies for tendonitis phone.The woman beside him was complaining.The man sitting on the left side of the woman had short hair and was wearing a new down jacket., but his eyes seemed a little dull.I m sorry to keep you waiting for so long.Han Chaoyang knocked on the open door and walked in front of the three with a smile.

There is no such condition.Excuse Well, it s an excuse for us not to marry, why don t you settle I never thought of getting married so early, and I know my mother and his mother too well, if I really listen to them I will get married at the end of the year, and they will urge me to have a child after the Spring Festival.Having a child, becoming a mother, I am still a child, and I am afraid of people when I think about it It must be admitted that her concerns are reasonable.Parents and mothers are looking forward to holding grandchildren.Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing.Just as she didn t know what to say, Zhang Beibei walked over with the tablet in her hands, glanced at the two of them, put the tablet aside, and took out her phone to make a call.Xiaogu, I m Zhang Beibei, I m serious, don t be joking.

I didn t expect to be afraid of something.No, I have to call Sister Su Is it appropriate to call someone at night Lao Ding knocked on the table and said with a smile Don t worry, he is not a fuel efficient lamp, and Chaoyang is not so easy to mess with.Street leaders must be facing Chaoyang, Chaoyang is here, Chaoyang Community Can t be like Cao Zefang Chapter 426 First Secretary 2 It was past 10 o clock at night when I returned to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, and Huang Ying was not asleep.dumplings.Han Chaoyang had eaten dinner, but he listened to the master s talk, and when he saw something to eat, he suddenly felt a little hungry.Huang Ying served him the freshly cooked ones, opened the refrigerator, took out another twenty or so and put them in the pot.Is there any garlic Don t eat garlic at such a late hour, it s smelly Huang Ying glanced back and asked with a smile, Husband, did you chat with the newly appointed first secretary of your community tonight Well, how do you know Han Chaoyang got up, picked up the cup, and walked to the water dispenser to get water.

I was a fake policeman for a year, and now I m going to become a real policeman Zhang Beibei couldn t help laughing.I used to be a real policeman, but it s just on probationary period.While chatting, the mobile phone plugged in to charge rang.Zhang Beibei glanced back, picked up the phone and put it in Huang Ying s hand Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao s call is coming, your husband is looking for you, answer it.What are you calling now, Huang Ying muttered In a word, slide open the call button on the screen, raise the phone and ask What s the matter Xie Lingling and Zhang Beibei were thinking to themselves, isn t it the title award As for being so excited, Han Chaoyang asked excitedly on the phone Do you know what title I was awarded Huang Ying also felt that he looked like a young man The child smiled and said, Superintendent 3, is there a need to ask Han Chaoyang walked to the police car, raised his hands to his colleagues who had just walked out of the auditorium of the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau, and said with a grin Not the third level superintendent, but the second level superintendent, who is directly awarded the second level superintendent The exception is specially approved by the Political Department of the Ministry of Public Security, and smoke buddies cbd gummies it is not one or two points What about the second yummy cbd gummies level cbd infused gummy bears saucezilla cbd gummies superintendent It s an extra few dozen yuan in allowances.

But the real estate transfer requires yummy cbd gummies two people to be present.How did Zheng Lingbin transfer the ownership Talking nonsense in the haunted house was really intrusive, Zhang Beibei was a little scared yummy cbd gummies while talking, and turned on all the lights in the hall.Wu Wei took a bite of Huang Ying s hot dish, put down his chopsticks and yummy cbd gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus analyzed Ling Bin said that Zhang Ziyue has been taking care of the children, has never been to work, and has never mentioned the past, but there is a set worth more than one million.The house has more than 600,000 deposits, not counting what she spent in the past.What does this mean It means that leaving without saying goodbye has something to cbd american shaman gummies directions do with her previous affairs.It may be hiding from someone, such as her ex husband, who is Xinxin s biological yummy cbd gummies father It s up to you to say, if she wasn t afraid of something, worried about something, could she leave without saying goodbye Zhang Beibei took a bite of chocolate, and then muttered Ling Bin s conditions are so good.

How to prepare and how to cooperate Haven t you ever seen a court auction a house No.Grandpa Gu shook his head.Neither have I.Han Chaoyang thought about it and said, Director Wang, it s different from before.Now it s all online, and you can t see your competitors.You have no chance to do it like bidding.You are still a people s policeman, so you know how to do crooked ways The old factory manager glanced at him and said proudly, Kung fu must be practiced on the field as well as off the field.The hard work on the field depends on the psychological quality, and the visual The situation decides whether to add a little each time, or to add dozens or even millions at once to bluff the opponent.As for the off site, in my opinion, it is more important than the inside.Dongming Community was not a house that was closed by the court some time ago Got it, did you get the online auction Before the auction, many people who were interested in the house went to see the house.

He thinks can dogs eat cbd gummies that he hasn t been given a salary increase after working here for more than a year.Officer Han, my wife mentioned to him before that if he does a good job, he will get a salary increase.But you can also see how difficult it is to do catering now, especially since last year, students and even teachers like to order takeaways, and they are unwilling to go out or even go downstairs, and there cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies are fewer and fewer repeat customers.It used to compete with several restaurants around, but now I don t know how many people are robbing the business, the chef s salary is not low, I really can t add it.Han Chaoyang thought that the labor salary is only one aspect, the rent of these restaurants in the school is not cheap, the cbd gummies canada legal biggest cost should be the rent.But now is not the time to discuss how to transform the catering industry, so I took out a pen and paper and asked again Where did you find Nie Haichao, and how did you invite him to be a chef Later, the business was not good and the shop was transferred.

Considering that the young man is really not easy to talk to their superiors, Principal Nie simply said How about it , I will ask Vice Minister Jiang to call your bureau leader.Principal Nie, please don t, I ll ask for it myself.You can ask for it, but you must take this leave.Send it to me so that I can help you book a flight ticket.Principal Nie s tone was unquestionable, so Han Chaoyang had no choice but to bite the bullet and call Liu Suo.The security guards of PolyU are veterans, all of them are strong and strong young men, and they are organized and disciplined.Liu Jianye has tasted the sweetness of Chaoyang Community Security Company, and he really wants to make the PolyU campus security keoni cbd gummies charles stanley team a real voluntary security patrol team, so he agreed Said Such an important event, such a show of face, and it cbd gummies get u high was requested by Principal Nie, we must go, and arrange the work, isn t it just two days.

Brigade, and then sent to the Zhongshan Road Police District as the chief of police, fully responsible for the work of the police district Why didn t I say it earlier, it was shocking.After confirming that he hadn t been masturbated, Han Chaoyang finally let out a sigh of relief.As for being transferred to the security brigade, it is no different from not being transferred.Anyway, people who are transferred to the security brigade still have to stay at the grassroots level, and it is impossible to sit in an office.In the words of the leader, it is just to straighten out the relationship.As for the yummy cbd gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus sheriff, it was a joke.Because this sergeant is pirest cbd gummies not that sergeant, long before the reform of the sheriff system, the police station began to appoint sheriff , and the criminal police team began to appoint detective.

Yu Zhenchuan looked down at the law enforcement recorder, and cbd gummies tulsa said sharply What do you want to do Do you want to rob people The police are performing official duties, and they all get out of the way.If anyone obstructs law enforcement, I will arrest them according to law There were dozens of handymen, Wu Wei realized the seriousness of the problem, pulled out the walkie talkie from Jiang Xiaoquan s waist, raised his mouth and shouted Chaoyang Chaoyang, I Wu Wei, the suspect has been arrested and stopped by the hotel chef Can t get out, hurry up and bring someone up, we re in the kitchen on the second floor. Got it, we ll be there right away For Gui Proud , the more chaos the better, he actually shouted with aggrieved expression Chef Xiao, I was wronged, I did nothing, you don t know what kind of person I am Shut up, who told you to talk, be honest Wait.

If it s just a fight, he can put aside other things and organize an anti pickup team to visit and inquire everywhere in our jurisdiction.It s all right now., The clues were discovered by you, and you also provided them with good deeds like Lei Feng, and even Wu Wei helped capture them.The main work was done by our Huayuan Street Police Station, but in the end, nothing happened to our Huayuan Street Police Station.It doesn t matter if you make meritorious service or not, I, Liu Jianye, can t afford to lose this face Chapter 543 The activity of asking teachers to ask crimes was a success, the atmosphere was very enthusiastic, and the leaders were very satisfied.My friend Zheng Yutong and the little girls Kang Wei found were very happy, but Han Chaoyang was very depressed.After working hard all morning, he caught a murderer, only to be scolded for being a bloody sprinkler.

The community is still the major shareholder, and must support Sister Xinyi s work just like the property company and security company.In the future, all cleaning and bed linen washing will be outsourced to Sister Xinyi s housekeeping and cleaning company.So Zhang Beibei asked Auntie Chen and Auntie Yang Laid off Not really, Sister Xinyi is short of nurses, babysitters, and cleaners, and Hongliang is short of security guards and cooks.Aunt Tan can t handle it by herself, and she will recruit security guards as before.Helping the kitchen will affect work, so Beibei asked Aunt Chen and Aunt Yang to choose, you can go to the housekeeping and cleaning company, or you can go to the security company to continue.Huang Ying took a sip of milk tea and continued Aunt Yang s family is very nervous At the same time, I may feel that Xinyi s place is unreliable.

Yes, she said, clean it up today, and treat us to dinner tomorrow.Chapter five hundred and seventy three Newcomers 1 Huayuan Street Police Station went to work at 8 o clock, and Sun Guokang reported to the station at 7 o clock like a recruit with a quilt on his back and a suitcase.Although I have to go back to the Police Officer Training Center of the City Bureau to receive one month of training after the year, I have learned from my classmates who joined the police a few years ago that they will be assigned to work at the Huayuan Street Police Station after the training.As a graduate of the provincial police academy with a master s degree in investigative studies, Sun Guokang couldn t help but feel a little disappointed when he wanted to work as a policeman at the police station.Because under normal circumstances, after the one year probationary period for best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies postgraduate students, they should be promoted to yummy cbd gummies deputy chief staff, but several branches including Yandong branch do not have yummy cbd gummies this treatment.

Remember to call me when you Han Da come back.Okay, you go now.As soon as Kang Haigen left, Grandpa Gu walked over holding a big teacup and greeting people he knew along the street as usual.Chen Jie planned to introduce the situation of the police area to Sun Guokang, but the family called and asked when Li Xiaobin and Li Xiaobin would get married.Grandpa Gu walked into the police room, looked at her with his head, and shifted his gaze to Sun Guokang, asking curiously, Young man, what is your name A short and thin old man with wrinkles on his forehead and age spots all over his face , the back has begun to bend, wearing a winter duty uniform, with armbands but no police rank, let alone a chest badge and a police number.Sun Guokang directly believed that Grandpa Gu was an old auxiliary policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District.

Seeing the two of them, Han Chaoyang remembered that there was an old man in the police station for the New Year.Xiao Han, you re back.Come back, Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door, watched Sun Guokang bring Dai Lishi into the police room, turned around and asked with a smile, Uncle Hong, how is this year cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies s party going Favorite show Very good, very lively.The old man stretched his legs and said with a smile, But I haven t finished watching it.I cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies m getting older and my energy is not as good as your young people.I fell asleep watching it, but I slept soundly this time, and slept until dawn.Although the person in front of him has a son and a daughter, his life is similar to that of a widowed old man.Although the house is large and beautifully decorated, it is too lonely for him alone, especially during the holidays.

There was a lot of chatting and laughing in the air, and the meal was enjoyable.Han Chaoyang worked a 24 hour shift, and after drinking a few glasses of wine, he couldn t bear it anymore.It was a rare time to come back, and since it was Chinese New Year, Huang Ying didn t mention going back to the PolyU dormitory, and the young couple just stayed at home for one night.It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Han Chaoyang has slept with Huang Ying since he received a marriage certificate and officially confirmed his relationship with Huang Ying, and he slept with Huang Ying in the same room.In normal times, I would definitely feel a little embarrassed, and even feel a little irritated.But this was not usual.He was too tired and sleepy.He fell asleep as soon as he took a shower and went to bed.

The railway police are not in the same system as us.I, a small policeman, may not believe people who call me, and it is even more impossible to ask the police to come forward and talk to you just because of your matter.Say hello to the railway police department.After a delay of one afternoon, Qiao Peiming hurried to Beijing and said eagerly Isn best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies t there a test sheet I saw it in the drug rehabilitation center.Give me the test sheet, and I can use the test sheet to prove it I can t give you the inspection form, you have to file it in the office.Han Chaoyang pushed open the door of the police room, then turned to stare at him and said, Besides, having the inspection sheet can only prove that you did not take drugs a few days before the inspection.It s been more than an hour since the urine test came out in the drug rehabilitation center, and it s been almost two and a half hours since you arrived at the train station, who knows if you have smoked during these two and a half hours.

All your calls at that time were recorded and stored in the recorder.We also asked someone who could understand to translate it.You said it was off.None of your business Chapter 624 Cracking down on counterfeiting 3 Boss Zhang never thought that helping a friend would cause big trouble, so he subconsciously took out his cell phone and prepared to call his wife.Han Chaoyang immediately showed his police ID Zhang Lihua, according to Article 9 of the People s Police Law , I have the right to interrogate and inspect you on the spot.Put down your phone and accept the interrogation.Please do not interfere with official duties , Zhang Lihua was stunned.Han Chaoyang put away his ID card, looked down at the law enforcement recorder on his shoulder, confirmed that it was on, then snatched the mobile phone from Zhang Lihua s hand, and gently put it on the desk by the window.

Go to Beijing, what mission are you going to Beijing to perform as yummy cbd gummies pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus a policeman What did Huang Ying say Can t believe it s real either.Execute the task of taking the blame.Han Chaoyang felt depressed again when he mentioned this matter, and said with a wry smile Honey, I m no longer a pig man, but now I m a blame man Please, I met him, and was arranged by the bureau leader to go to Beijing to wipe the ass of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and take the blame for the Huayuan Street Police Station. What s wrong with them, and what happened to them I can t tell for a while, and this is also a case.If you can t reveal the details of the case, don t let me make mistakes.Huang Ying was in a hurry, and said angrily Whoever causes trouble is responsible, why do you let you wipe their ass and take best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies the blame for them, how can your bureau leaders That way The leader thinks highly of me for letting me take the blame, Han Chaoyang sighed, and said with a wry smile, And HCMUSSH yummy cbd gummies from the perspective of the Bureau, this blame can only be made on me, and there is no one more suitable than HCMUSSH yummy cbd gummies me.

The problem is the case is off the hook Lao Hu was extremely embarrassed, so he could only say vaguely Captain Ni, even though I have been working for more than 20 years, I am actually an ordinary policeman.Our Han University is best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies on the train to Beijing.How about waiting for him to arrive Discuss with him.You Han Da, are you the captain of the voluntary security patrol just mentioned Well, he is also the youngest deputy section level cadre in our branch and the youngest captain.During the Spring Festival, the police force is tense, and the yummy cbd gummies leaders He is in charge of this case.In Ni Guoxiong s opinion, the voluntary security patrol brigade should be similar to the social security patrol saucezilla cbd gummies and prevention brigade.Police reforms are being carried out everywhere now, and one or two pop up from time to time, which I haven t heard of before.

They should still be sleeping in there now.Where are you now Lao Hu looked at a rental notice at the entrance of the alley, and said in a low voice I m at the entrance of the alley, and I just woke up.There is a house for rent in the courtyard where they live, and the notice is posted at the entrance of the alley.I plan to go in and have a look.What do you think Han Chaoyang pondered If it s just a temporary foothold, then he will leave soon, and we have to follow.If you go in and meet him face to face, then it will be difficult to follow.It s done.That s right, let s watch outside.Thank you, keep watching, I ll go out to have breakfast.Han Chaoyang picked up his mobile phone, walked out of the room and just closed the door, holding the doorknob to get ready After checking whether it was locked, a young man in a black down jacket came out from the opposite room.

Old Hu smiled helplessly, and opened the suitcase to search for a change of clothes.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and immediately turned around to pick yummy cbd gummies up the room card that Xiaosun put here, and handed it to Lao Hu Go to the opposite side, Xiaosun s room also has a bathroom.Great, I ll go first.I don t know the suspicion Whether people are taking a taxi at the entrance of the village or waiting for the bus, there are many people in Beijing and there are many vehicles and roads.Lao Hu is worried that Wu Wei, Xiaogu, and Xiaokang will be lost, so he dare not delay for a moment.Go to the opposite room to take a shower.Wu Junfeng and Liu Chengquan have become a pair of good gay friends at this moment.In order to save time, they stripped naked and squeezed into the small shower room to take a shower together.

Along the way, the phone kept making and answering.Just after reporting the case to Liu Jianye, the political commissar called to convey Zhou Bureau s instructions.Immediately afterwards, Bao Chengle, deputy captain of the anti drug brigade, and Liang Dongsheng, the Jiao brigade of the Huayuan Street Police Station, called again to inquire about the case.Even Yu Zhenchuan joined in the fun, first inquiring about the case and then Thank you so much, I thought it was Han Chaoyang who helped him get involved in the investigation of the drug case.When he arrived at the express hotel, Xiao Gu was sitting on the sofa in the lobby playing with his mobile phone.There is also a trolley case at the foot, as if waiting for the companion upstairs to come down and check out.In fact, they are on sentry , one is to prevent the hotel waiter in the bar from leaking information, and the other is to pay attention to the possible accomplices of the suspect who come to inquire.

Lao Hu brought the suspect in just now, knowing that this is the boss of the anti drug team of cbd gummies michigan Nanshan Branch, he quickly put down the transcript and the suspect s mobile phone and said, Report to Team Song, Liu Qingjun is very cunning, insisting that this is the first time drug trafficking, drug trafficking I bought it from the Internet at a price of 60 yuan per gram, but I couldn t tell who the seller was, and even refused to explain where I lived, saying that I usually live in a hotel, or in a bath, or in a friend s house. Leaving aside the source of drugs, It shouldn t be hard to find out where he lives.Song Kaiqiang mused.Yes, it s not difficult to check.I asked Xiaogu to check his car in the parking lot just now, and found that there are several common addresses set in the car navigation, which should have his whereabouts.

Sweeping out the door, he held the steering wheel and gritted his teeth and asked Chaoyang, what is this Aren t they crossing the river and destroying the bridge by doing this Xiaokang was more depressed than adding cbd gummies to shopify him, and couldn t help muttering This is crossing the river and demolishing bridges, this is removing mills and killing donkeys Han Chaoyang can understand their feelings, but as a leader , what he has to do now is definitely not to complain.While taking out his mobile phone to call the bureau, he smiled and comforted him Don t talk nonsense, they let us go back to the hotel to rest It s about us, and we really can t help here.What can t help, they don t let us interfere.This is anti narcotics, not mediation of civil disputes, nor dealing with thieves who sneak through doors and pick locks.

It s okay not to watch, don t worry, it won t delay you for copd cbd gummies cost long Time.Han Chaoyang let go of his arm, turned around and said, The big guy saw it just now, a little misunderstanding is not a big deal.Regarding what happened today, let me first talk about my personal opinion, and the big guy also helped to comment Judge, see if I m right.Officer Han, tell me, we re listening.Xiao Han, it s not that I don t recognize my relatives.The security guards did something wrong today.Lao Zhong s family moved in when the keys were handed over to the complex.Xiaoyong was still in school at that time.In 2010, I was stopped yummy cbd gummies and questioned when I went back to Zijier s house, and I would be just as angry Director Yang, don t worry, listen to Xiao Han first. Okay, Xiao Han, you go first. Residents in the surrounding community just laughed, but when they heard that it was going to be dealt with or even dealt with, their stance was one sided, and their attitudes were surprisingly unanimous.

Looking at the phone records, he saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart said Jiang Qingwen of the Third Squadron called and said that a group of workers will arrive at the construction site of the high speed rail station later, and the construction company chartered a car.The grid workers in Chaoyang Community are off work, so they can t go to the site at night, and they can t deal with migrant workers.For filing and registration, Jiang Qingwen asked me to ask what to do.If it can t be done at night and will be done tomorrow, it s not a big deal.However, regarding the management of migrant population at the construction sites of several key projects, I greeted the security company a few years ago and asked the security guards to keep in close contact with each construction unit so that the workers can go to the site to handle the registration of migrant workers as soon as they arrive.

familiar face.The police room that Kang Haigen built in the yard before he left cannot be withdrawn, but the door cannot always be locked.After weighing things up, Han Chaoyang simply went to the nearest construction site to borrow tools, and together with Mei Tiejun removed the sign of the police office and the light box with the police badge and the word 110 and installed them at the door of the security room.Anyway, the security guards on duty here They are all patrol members, and whoever finds the security guards in any situation is equivalent to finding the Zhongshan Road Police District and the Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.I hadn t done any physical work for a long time, and I was sweating a lot when I took down the light box and installed it at the door.

Chapter 700 One Stone Arouses Thousands Layer wave gambling can be counted like this Han Chaoyang couldn t help but laugh, but after thinking about it, he felt that what the senior brother said made yummy cbd gummies sense.They used WeChat to transfer money, and WeChat was bound to a bank card.We can t roughly define that the balance in the bank card is all gambling money, nor can we just define that only the money is transferred out.It s gambling money.In short, regarding the definition of gambling funds, the current laws and relevant regulations have not given an authoritative explanation, and this is the only way to do it when you think about it.Hu Songping, who was being held in the detention room, didn t think so, and said in front of Guo Yanfeng, the policeman handling the case, very dissatisfied Mr.Tao, I lost more than 50,000 yuan, and it s fine to confiscate the 50,000 yuan.

Then I think that solving crimes is not the same as in movies and TV shows.The criminals are not so powerful, and the police are not so good.Just thinking about whether to report such an important situation to the superior in time, Mr.Ji said triumphantly From the footprints, the murderer should be a cripple, but most of the cripples touch the ground with their toes or soles, and dragging.Stress.This cripple is different, he is lame because of a problem with his left leg or foot, and when he walks, his left foot touches the ground and bears force, so the footprints left are relatively deep.It s so powerful, I always thought that the old man would only scratch Thief, I didn t expect to know footprints Han Chaoyang looked at Mr.Ji with admiration, and Mr.Ji became even more proud.He stood up and limped to demonstrate, while happily analyzing Judging from the depth of the footprints left at the scene, the murderer is at least 1.

We Life is even more difficult. It s not the best, Liu Suo, I m sorry, I just said it casually, I didn t expect it to be like this. You are helping me, so there is no shame in that.I will go back to the yummy cbd gummies task force Take a shower, change clothes, and send you the photos of the victim and the surveillance video of the cash withdrawal later.Chapter 739 Second Battlefield 1 Really, okay, at noon I Don t go anywhere, just wait in the police room.Fan Ju didn t come to the police room, but Han Chaoyang had just parked his best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies car and walked into the lobby of the police room, and Fan Ju s phone rang.Lao Ding asked curiously Chaoyang, is Bureau Fan coming over Han Chaoyang put down his phone, turned to look at the door and said solemnly, But Bureau Fan can t come.A few ground stakes were installed at the door, Fan Ju said that Liu Ju asked for it, and said it was a remedy after a dead sheep, so as to prevent yummy cbd gummies someone yummy cbd gummies from driving into our place again.

You are a policeman, you don t sleep most of the night, you are so distracted, those who don t know think you are a criminal policeman of the criminal police team.Stop whining, ask Personally, are you familiar with Wei Ping We are a relocated community here, and people who have not moved out after moving here, as long as they live here, not rented here, they basically know each other.Wei Ping, I am very familiar with it.Carpenter, my old man asked him to make birthday materials when he was still alive, but he asked for cremation as soon as it was finished.At that time, the money was worth a lot, and even the wood and labor cost thousands of dollars.It was done for nothing, and it was useless.How to deal with it, you can only sell it to a junk collector who is not worth two pennies.Do you know his wife I said, Old Tang, you are a policeman anyway, why do you always miss his wife What are you kidding, I m telling you something serious Jiangshan Yichang s nature is hard to change, his old friend is still the same as before, and Old Tang is made to laugh and cry.

Oh, I almost forgot, Minister Jiang called me yesterday Call, and say that the old squad leader at the new campus is going to resign and go back to his hometown, and let me go back to the new campus at the end of the month.What a saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart coincidence Han Chaoyang thought to himself that it must be Xu Hongliang s trick, and asked nonchalantly, Where s Xiao Shen and Xiao Xiang Tie Jun was transferred away, and did not give the Anti Picking Team a clean and thorough blow to the bottom.He is originally from PolyU, so what can Han Chaoyang say.With an extremely depressed mood, I drove to the East Long distance Bus Station, best cbd gummies for high blood pressure yummy cbd gummies found Wu Junfeng who was squatting under the bus stop sign, called him yummy cbd gummies into the police car, and prepared to have a heart to heart talk while patrolling.In the end, before he could speak, Wu Junfeng said straight to the point Han Da, I know what you want to say.

The morale of the patrol team was very high, and they felt a sense of belonging to the branch.Relying on these alone is not enough.It s not enough, but management can be strengthened. Don t go around in circles, how to strengthen it Liu Jianye came prepared and said It is not difficult to strengthen management.Many veteran cadres in the district joined the Veteran Promotion Association after retiring.They went to the Veteran Cadre Bureau for meetings every three days.There were many activities and they were very impressive.Our branch office can do the same.Retired old comrades are invited to use their remaining energy to join the voluntary security patrol brigade, and serve as instructors and instructors according to their pre retirement level.This is a way, the key old comrades are willing Of course they are willing to do our job You know, I m usually so busy that I can t wait to retire tomorrow, but when I retire, I suddenly feel empty.

Wang Can subconsciously nodded.The first question, where did you go and what did you do on February 27 this year, that saucezilla cbd gummies cbd gummies at walmart is, around 9 pm on the 27th of last month The 27th of last month Wang Can was suddenly asked , but quickly reacted, thinking of everything that ca cbd gummies happened that night, my heart skipped a beat, and he looked at Han Chaoyang stupidly and said Comrade police, last monthI think about the 27th of last month.I can t remember, I really can t remember.Can t remember, right, let s help you recall.Han yummy cbd gummies Chaoyang looked up at Miao Haizhu.Miao Haizhu tacitly opened the video on the phone and held it in front of her.The surveillance video was shot at night, but the lights at the entrance of the Sixth Hospital and the police station are very bright, and a girl with a bag on her back can be clearly seen walking east from the direction of the bus station through the gate of the Sixth Hospital.

Considering that he came back late yesterday, Huang Ying not only did not take him for a run early in the morning as usual, but also got up first and went downstairs to buy breakfast.Han Chaoyang glanced at the dining table and said happily, Eat steamed stuffed buns today Vegetable buns.Huang Ying inserted the straw into the eight treasure porridge packaged in a plastic cup, and turned her head to urge Hurry up and wash up, and eat together after washing, your unit It s close, just a few steps away.My unit is far away, and there are many people on the road during the rush hour, so you can t be late.I know, I mean, although our family is nervous, it s not so easy, Why don t you buy a few meat buns.Don t always think about eating meat.If you eat too much meat, you will easily gain weight.Huang Ying pushed him into the bathroom, stood by the cbd gummies near yummy cbd gummies door and smiled, If you want to keep fit and healthy, not only You have to move your legs and keep your mouth shut.

To determine the number of people going to the concert before the hour, first, it is convenient to arrange how the big guys will go to the theater at that time, second, if there are not enough tickets, you can find a way, if there are yummy cbd gummies eagle cbd gummies willie nelson too many tickets, you can give them to Mr.Wang, the director of the factory, and they organize community residents to go.Chapter 816 Special gift 3 There is no meeting or reception today.Liu Qiuping came to the bureau early, intending cbd infused gummy bears saucezilla cbd gummies to review the backlog of documents in the past few days, and then called the traffic police brigade and the heads of the public security brigade to go together Relevant teams inspected the safety inspection before the May Day Labor Day and the security preparations for the May Day holiday.As a result, as soon as they sat down, Political Commissar Huang and Director Wen of the Political Department knocked on the door together.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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