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The past few months have not been in vain As a trainee, Han Chaoyang turned his head and gave Jiang Erhu a hard look Did I ask you Go in first and talk to me one by one.Comrade policeman, she is really crazy Chapter 10 Jiang Erhu is not under the control of the police Emotional, if you ask him to speak later, he insists on rushing to speak.You say one word, he says three words, and then yells and curses.Although Zhang Beibei came here from the south to manage Jiang Erhu s rent collection, although it was strange, she was the policeman after all, and she didn t seem mentally ill, so of course she had to be asked first.There are more and more villagers watching the excitement and outsiders renting in the village.It is impossible to continue like this.Han Chaoyang pushed away Jiang Erhu who was pointing at Zhang Beibei and yelling There is no end Insulting others in public and threatening them openly, do you know what this is Local people, local people are superior, local people can override Above the law The little policeman got angry, and the veteran policeman who came with him took out his mobile phone to make a call, when a woman in her thirties rushed in and grabbed Jiang Erhu s arm Huzi, don t If you scold him, speak up if you have something to say.Even if it is accepted, there are still so many people in the institute, how could they all be given away.What s more, if they really do this, they may say something good on their lips, but they will look down on them even more in their olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies hearts.After much deliberation, Han Chaoyang found cbd melatonin gummies walmart that Xu Hongliang s proposal was good.If they can do something, even if they collect a few criminal clues, it is impossible for them not to treat them differently.How to collect key criminal clues In this regard, I have to admire Guan Xiyuan, who is also a community policeman.I have never seen him go to the community.In order to cope with the inspection by the superiors, all the materials about the community are fake.There is a gambling den, how many people are gathering to gamble.I won t mention that villain Wu Wei, it is said that he also showed his face last night.How many security cases and In criminal cases, 7 people can t handle it at all, and the community police of the community team must help.As soon as the expert stretches out his hand, he will know if there is one.Han Chaoyang tried to pull a few times, and pulled the beginning of The Butterfly Lovers , the beautiful melody flowed from his hands, and Director Wang couldn t help smiling Yes, I didn t expect it, I didn t expect it for a young man like you I can also play the erhu I originally learned to play, but I only learned to play the piano and violin, and I can only play the erhu, but I can t play it well.It turned out to be a professional, very good.Professional work, etc.Let s talk later, let s ebay full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs talk blessed cbd gummies about career first.Han Chaoyang didn pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies t want to be led astray by the old man, so he put down blessed cbd gummies his erhu and took out a cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects stack of police and civilian contact cards from his bag, and explained while distributing them The case handling team, community team, and prevention and control team mentioned just now are just a division of labor, and they are Generally speaking.It turned out that he also had a position in the team.He personally served as the political commissar of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade of the street.Organize and implement the comprehensive administrative law enforcement work of the whole street.Immediately, the topic changed, and he formally proposed to the security guards in the audience that they should not only be the security guards of each community, but also the security guards of Chaoyang Community, and the coordinators who assist the comprehensive law enforcement of the streets.request The more he did, the more mistakes he made, and Han Chaoyang was under a lot of pressure.The security guards in the audience are not afraid of too many things, only too few things.The leaders of the street attach so much importance to it.Don t think that you are the captain of the street comprehensive management office.What they want is your official police status.This is the same as the implementation of the police leadership system in the office and the prohibition of the auxiliary police assisting the staff to enforce the law alone.On the one hand, the members of the voluntary public security patrol team do not have the qualifications for law enforcement.They are led by official policemen, and the team members assist the policemen in law enforcement.Only in compliance with the relevant regulations in law enforcement procedures Effectively prevent problems from happening, so Han Chaoyang is either well, well or I have no objection.Lao Jin was most worried about encountering someone who didn t understand but liked to point fingers.Deputy Director Xing realized that the Huayuan Street Police cbd gummies ch Station had become a big mess.Not only would he be scolded by the bureau leaders, but he would even become the laughing stock of the entire bureau.important things to do At the same time, Guan Yuanyuan, who hurried to the intersection of Chaoyang Village Middle Street and the fifth team, didn t bother to greet the two deputy team leaders of the working group, and asked eagerly with his mobile phone Han Chaoyang, where are you , where is the suspect The street leaders are too foolish It s a blessing or a curse, it s a disaster, it s impossible to avoid it, what Han Chaoyang can say, he can only bite the bullet and say Instructor, I I olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies I m almost at the branch office, .

where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies?

and the suspect is sitting behind me.He is on his way to the sub bureau.His mental outlook was completely different from that of the afternoon.Lao Xu, who was talking to Chen Jie, blessed cbd gummies was surprised and subconsciously asked, Chaoyang, you didn t sleep well last night, why didn t you go to sleep quickly.Not sleepy.He would think about the situation of his immediate superior at the police station, get up and get out blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control of the way, and asked curiously and gossipingly with a smirk on his face, Han Da, that was your girlfriend just now I m a bitch.Han Chaoyang sat down and put Jingwutong and his mobile phone on the desk.She said she was your girlfriend She really said that Han Chaoyang couldn t believe it.Chen Jie nodded, and confirmed with a snickering smile, Really, that s what I said.Thinking of Huang Ying s eccentric character, Han Chaoyang couldn t help poking her on the forehead You are still a patrol member, she said yes.But we are also here for work.Who is not here for work He thinks of his own way.Bureau Feng, there is no money in the office, let alone a small treasury.Four air tickets cost more than 6,000 yuan.What do you make me think of this method Anyway, he is also an old subordinate.Feng Ju weighed it and said in a low voice Okay, I will help you talk to Du Ju whether you can report or not.You d better write a statement of the situation, the best Go to the train station and bus station how many cbd gummies can i eat in a day and ask someone to issue a certificate, proving that the train and bus tickets to Qianhu were sold out in those two days.Go to the train station and long distance bus station and ask pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies someone to issue a certificate Liu Jianye was completely convinced, hung up the phone and sat down with a livid face.If the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Management Office hadn t turned over the murderer to the sub bureau, and the bureau s leaders had allowed the bureau to hand over the suspects and materials involved in the false testimony case to the Criminal Police No.Not only can we not confuse ourselves, but we also need to turn passive into active. How Guan Yuanyuan asked doubtfully.These things were caused by that kid, but the root of the problem is still our own.In the past, we were concerned about the lack of police force, and the second was that it would be thankless to assist the street to carry out demolition, and we were worried that if the police had a dispute with the villagers at the scene Being photographed and posted on the Internet has a bad influence, causing Secretary Yang and Director Gu to have opinions on us.Are you going to go to the street The secretary and Director Gu report to the work.You prepare in the office, and if Chen Da comes over in person, you can apologize for me.Guan Yuanyuan was stunned, and couldn t help reminding Liu Institute, there is no problem with the report, Chaoyang Community is a voluntary Don t mention the matter of the security patrol today.The Municipal Bureau judged your meritorious service and awards.Isn t it the best way to say that you will receive awards for your meritorious service in the future Zou Jingnan was completely convinced, looked at him like a freak and asked, What do blessed cbd gummies you want to explain cbd gummies true bliss Reputation, how can I work in the office in the future, how can I hang out in the community How can I hang out in the community, are you a bastard Section Chief Zou, I don t mean that, I mean that this matter has indeed caused damage to my personal reputation.Bad influence.What the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors do is to supervise you.If I ask you to find out more about the situation, and I have to apologize to you, then how will the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors carry out their blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control work in the future, who will be afraid of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors.It is divided according to one street and one police station.Not only the police station, but also the criminal police team.It involves a series of issues such as household registration.Make full use of blessed cbd gummies geographical advantages, strengthen the power of the police office, improve the working conditions of the police office, and build the Chaoyang Community Police Office into a comprehensive police cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online platform.On the basis of the original, take into account the 110 of the University of Science and Technology, the Sixth Hospital of the City, and the merchants along the street.Police situation, patrolling and anti terrorism and anti riot work.When it comes to Chaoyang community policing, Han Chaoyang dare not be absent minded.As soon as he raised his head, Director Du suddenly called his name Comrade blessed cbd gummies Han Chaoyang, please stand up.When they arrived at the scene and saw that the closed disciples .

don cbd gummies even work redit?

were evacuating the crowd, they immediately jumped out of the car and directed the team members to guide them.Come, come, walk slowly, go forward, there is a supermarket in front of you, first buy a bottle of water to quench your thirst.The children are here too, listen to grandpa, hold the hand of the adults, and don t get lost.Gu Guoli called like pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies a traffic policeman With gestures, he coaxed the owners to go south like coaxing children.Li Xiaobin and other patrol members set up a cordon under the command of Director Xing and Director Su, with one person standing two or three meters apart, lined up in two rows, and pulled out a passage to ensure that the owners would not run to the road to block traffic.There is not room for so many people to stand under the shade of the trees at the entrance of the small supermarket.The suspect is temporarily ignored, and he will not starve to death without a meal.Han Chaoyang handed over the suspect to Wu Junfeng and Gu Changsheng who came in a hurry, and ate in the car with Cao Mingzhi.At this time and at that time, Cao Mingzhi felt that no matter from what point of view, he should have a good relationship with the person next to him.After eating the food in his mouth, he turned around and smiled and said, Chaoyang, you can do a good job in mass work, blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control and you can do everything I can.The jurisdiction is here.It s not really a job, I want to assist the comprehensive law enforcement of the street, I have more dealings with the law enforcement team.Lao Huo and the others are both parking wardens and coordinators of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, so they are more helpful So your eyeliner is all over the street How can cbd gummies for spinal stenosis you be so blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control exaggerated, besides, someone has a job, just happened to see it and call me.My God, I don t make a lot of money a month, so I m reluctant to call a car, can too much cbd gummies make you sick can you ask Team Tang to see if I can borrow a tricycle. A lot of things Pots, pans, sheets, bedding, and There are quite a lot of working tools.Why did the street and the working group fully assist the police in checking the migrant population in Chaoyang Village last time, and why they issued so many fines what.To provide migrant workers with the means of transportation they need to move is also conducive to land acquisition and relocation.Han Chaoyang believed that Captain Tang would borrow it, so he immediately agreed, No problem, I ll ask for you.Thank you, Han Da.He even offered to help pick two tricycles with better condition.Han Chaoyang hung up Captain Tang s phone and called Xiao Yu back.Xiao Yu was very happy and had a good face in front of the villagers, so he couldn t help asking Da Han, do you have time tonight Do I have time for you It s not that I don t know, if you have something to say, you re not an outsider.Just burn it, but not like this.If a gust of wind blows the ashes to Dongming Community or other residential areas, the residents living nearby will definitely not agree.Kong Jinpeng, Zhai Wenming, you want to incinerate the bones of your ancestors on the spot, right OK, go to the back of the memorial hall and incinerate.Old Zhang, go buy plastic sheets, buy more, and find some bamboo poles.Xiaohan, old man After Zhang buys the things, you organize a patrol team to help, surround the road along the road, and block this side with plastic sheeting.Yes Old Zhang, wait, buy fifty masks by the way, thicker Yes.Got it, I know where it s sold.Following Director Gu s order, everyone immediately got busy.Captain Tang even personally helped put out the lit firewood, and organized members of the law enforcement team to help the villagers transport the bones and coffin boards to the memorial hall.Looking around, the senior brother is back.His work was unstable , and he was at the Xinyuan Street Police Station for a while, in his jurisdiction for a while, and came to the integrated police platform for a while.The means of transportation are not fixed.The day before yesterday, I came here by car with their leader.Yesterday, I rode a community electric car used by the police.Today, I drove this new looking 110 police car.Master, have you eaten yet No, have you eaten I haven t either, Chaoyang, you haven t eaten either, why don t you go to Boss Deng s restaurant to order some dishes and ask him to deliver them.Let s eat in the conference room.The teacher s apprentice banquet has not been attended to, Yu Zhenchuan hurried back just to invite the master and junior to dinner.I couldn t eat at the cemetery just now, and I felt nauseous when I saw what I ate.It s so far away, and I can t help you with your affairs.I can, Zhang Beibei touched his lips, and said in a deep thought, It s also demolition, so why is my compensation only half that of others I consulted a lawyer , there is only one way to get the same compensation.What way Transfer the household registration and become a member of Chaoyang Village.Then move.It s not as easy as you think, and it only takes two days pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies to move here.There is one way, blessed cbd gummies either marry someone from the village, or all the villagers representatives agree with me to move my household registration here, as long as the village is willing to accept it, as long as the village provides a proof of acceptance, the police station can talk about it.Find someone to get married in a fake way, and it s over if you give him some money when the time comes.Xu Hongliang was completely convinced by making small reports so confidently.I m done smoking, and I ve asked all the questions I wanted to ask.Can I go to work now Old Wu, you are a good policeman.You know what I admire most about you.First, I admire your unremitting determination and perseverance to realize your dream of becoming a policeman.Second, I admire your openness.I, Xu Hongliang, feel ashamed. Don t be weird.No, you are a role model for me to learn from, and I admire you so much.No matter how good tempered Wu Wei was, he couldn t bear such cynicism, so he turned around abruptly Hongliang, I know you and Han Chaoyang are close friends, and I know you want to fight for Han Chaoyang, but you do this I don t think it s for the good of Han Chaoyang.If you want to do it, do it well, if you don t want to do it, you can quit your job and go home to prepare for next year s public exam wholeheartedly.On the surface, Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is an entity of the neighborhood committee, but in fact it is a company of the street office, which is equivalent to a state owned enterprise It is backed by a big tree to enjoy the shade, and it is a service industry.With a street background, it will never close down.Captain Tang also said a few days ago that the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade will be expanded, and that the security company will give priority to recruiting administrators.A coordinator is not a temporary worker, but a social welfare position.If you can become a coordinator, you blessed cbd gummies will have the opportunity to take the career establishment test.From the perspective of income, staying in a security company is more money worthy than working as a coordinator in the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade.Tang Junmei has been feeling very uncomfortable these days.She even had a nightmare last night.After thinking about it, she said Officer Han, I know Not many, but other people may know her better, why don t you ask Ji Zhaojun, who is also our classmate, Qiuyan mentioned her to me more than once, and they have kept in touch, and they seem to have a good relationship.Sister Tang , do you have Ji Zhaojun s contact information No, her family lives in Changbao Village, no, she should have a family too, her natal family lives in Changbao, and she hasn t seen her since she graduated from junior high school, let alone contacted her.The Great Fort is not far away, so it shouldn t be difficult to find out.By the way, Qiuyan seems to have said that Ji Zhaojun sells clothes at the Huayi store behind Xinglong Department Store.It is undoubtedly a thing to be evaluated as an advanced person within a few months of working good thing.Han Chaoyang really had such a sense of accomplishment, he couldn t help but asked with a smile, Master, besides spiritual rewards, are there any material rewards The floating population and the management of rental housing also played a big role in promoting it.It is impossible for the superiors to say nothing, but the bonus for you is estimated to be not much, and it is only a third class merit.The bonus for the unit should not There will be less.There are also neighborhood committees The street will definitely be overwhelmed, so you should seize the opportunity to complain to super cbd gummies for ed Secretary Yang and Director Gu tomorrow, and help Director Su get more bonuses.The street leaders have a good impression of you, and this It s the first time you ask for money, and what you want is the bonus that belongs to the neighborhood committee, so you shouldn t let it go in vain.After waiting for a long time, he was finally able to answer the phone.Han Dejiang took the phone and smiled proudly Son, I read Weibo and the news of Yanyang Daily.Secretary Wei Hang mayor is very envious of me, and I finally feel proud.Dad, it s purely a coincidence, what blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control s there to envy A chance is a chance, a coincidence is a coincidence, if you don t work hard It s useless to have a coincidence, so if you want to do a job, you must love it.You can t be half hearted, and you can t be too high spirited.You have never suffered from such hardships since you were a child.Looking at the photos of you on duty in the rain, your mother and I are very distressed and relieved.Finally, I have grown up and become sensible. Dad, it s summer now, not winter, the rain is really nothing. It s nothing to be on duty in the rain.Han Dejiang was already prepared, patted his thigh and smiled Don t worry about money, our family has had no major issues these years, you didn t spend much money in college, you can still get two to three hundred thousand, if it s not enough, green lobster cbd gummies customer service don t worry about your uncle, Sister in law, uncle and aunt in law borrow some money, whoever buys a house does not borrow money, we all have formal jobs, and now our wages are guaranteed, and we pay them every month, and we blessed cbd gummies will pay cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects them back slowly. I have 13,000 here.Don t touch your money, keep it with the person you are talking about, we will pay the down payment, and you don t have to worry about the mortgage.I have inquired that the son of the village chief Yu of Dongguang Township also works in Yanyang, and our provident blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control fund cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects can cbd vegan gummy also be used for loans in Yanyang.The ride in this car is simply terrible Ma Fengying felt extremely uncomfortable, and vomited into the convenience bag one after another.Obviously, she had already vomited in the car, and all the contents of her stomach were emptied, and now all she vomited was bitter water.Auntie, drink some water cbd oil in gummies or vape and rinse your mouth.Xu Hongliang put his luggage aside and handed him a bottle of mineral water.Thank you, Ma Fengying threw the convenience bag into the trash can, rinsed her mouth with water, took out a tissue to dry her mouth, stood up and said apologetically, I m sorry, I smell gasoline, blessed cbd gummies so I can t sit in the car , I made you laugh.It s okay, there are many people who get motion sickness, and you re not the only one.Chaoyang, this these two are your colleagues, how do you call them Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you, this It s Lao Dai, this is Hong Liang, I mentioned it to you on the phone.6 million yuan, and rough houses can be bought.We bought a fine decoration and a parking space.Dr.An really didn t make much money from us.I know you must be worried about borrowing so much money, borrowing so much money, and how our family will live in the future.Don t worry, there is nothing to worry about.My salary and your dad blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control s are not low.Housing provident fund, when we retire, we can do something else.He can raise fish as before, and I can run cram school in a fair manner when I retire.Your dad and I can work for at least 20 years, a year is not too much, earning 15 Wan should be fine, so you don t have to worry about the mortgage.You can pay back what you owe to others, but how can you pay back what you blessed cbd gummies owe to your parents Han Chaoyang was very moved and uncomfortable, and choked up and said, Mom, we can actually buy a cbd pharm delta 8 gummy bears cheap house.Reporting to Mr.Xi, I m already in place, and I ve made all the preparations.We ll wait for the suspect to throw himself into the net.I haven t logged in again, it s up to you now. Don t worry, Xi Da, he should come, as long as he dares to come, he will definitely not escape. Okay, I ll wait for your news.Although it has been verified that the person surnamed Yao is suspected of impersonating Using someone else s identity to defraud the loan, and the amount cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects of the defrauded loan should not be small, but the possibility of killing Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son is still unlikely.First, the stolen money obtained by his fraud is unlikely to fall into the hands of Qiao Xianhong and his wife.In the public security and civilian surveillance video, it was not found that he appeared around the murder scene on the night of the crime.Zhang supports community work and volunteers to participate in security patrols.Welcome.Director Su, please don t say that.I m new here, I m not familiar with the place, and I don t have any relatives or friends in Yanyang.Sign up to join the patrol team and participate in security patrols.I can do what I can, and I can also find for myself A backer.With you and Officer Han here, no one will dare to bully me in the future.Zheng Xinyi, who just cbd farmhouse delta 8 gummies came back from the bathroom, was completely convinced, thinking to herself how powerful this southern woman is.Any fool can see that Han Da has an unusual relationship with Accountant Huang, otherwise you wouldn t call him Yingying.You actually put on a cute and pitiful look and said that you need Han Da s protection.What do you mean This is not intentional.Junfeng, you and Xiaobin take a few more people down to let the workers go to work.Come up the others are divided into two groups and check with us.Yes He Hong, deputy squadron leader of Chaoyang Squadron of Huayuan Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, asked eagerly Han Da, what about us Just investigate and deal with it.Okay, Xiao Cui, follow me.Following Han Chaoyang s order, more than 30 heavily armed patrol members rushed into the construction site aggressively, wearing black special police uniforms and anti theft helmets.Some of them were holding shields and steel forks, and some were holding explosion proof shields and throwing sticks.Liu Gong was taken aback, wondering if this is a small policeman, why so many people were called by one phone call What made him even more anxious was that the two urban management officers actually listened to him.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Liu Gong ran up and yelled, Xia Yunkui, look at what you did You didn t commit crimes, and you didn t kill or set fire.There s nothing to be afraid of.Why hide Why are you running Speaking of which, he is a boss, so promising Gong Liu, I m afraid What are you afraid of It s not a work related accident.What s there to be afraid of Han Chaoyang has no interest and no time Watching them sing the oboe, he went up and asked, Are you Xia Yunkui He moved a step to his side, as if he would feel safe only by being closer to Liu Gong.In all fairness, he is also an unlucky guy.Han Chaoyang was angry, but olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies he really didn t want to embarrass him, so he asked in as calm a tone as possible cbd gummy online Luo Chunjun is from your hometown, did you ask someone to cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects find him from his hometown to be a steel bar worker Yes.I, Han Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it Group four received, group four received, it s over.Group five Received, Group 5 received, please instruct.Group 6 received, Group 6 received, it s over.The security company only has a walkie talkie without a repeater, and it is a civilian use walkie talkie, not only can t shout far, even often Being disturbed, Han Chaoyang can only contact the seven groups in this area at the moment.It is too troublesome to call one by one, but it is convenient to send WeChat in groups.It is impossible for key players to stare at their phones at the moment.In order how long do cbd gummies side effects last to save traffic, some team members hardly use 3G or 4G at ordinary times.It was only one person who could be contacted.Han Chaoyang stared at Jing cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online Xiaoan and Xiaogu, held up the walkie talkie and said excitedly All groups pay attention to each group.There will be no deduction in the bureau, let alone a point in the office, but I have a suggestion on how to use it.It is not appropriate to pay overtime pay in the name of assisting our branch work.Think about it, if you pay overtime pay this time, next time If there is an emergency and needs the assistance of a patrol team, they will definitely be unhappy if they don t have money to pay, and a good thing will turn into a bad thing instead.Zhou Ju was so awesome that he even asked for 20,000 yuan in labor fees for his brother s county bureau What security companies lack most now is money, even if they have money, who would think it is too much.Han Chaoyang was delighted, and at the same time felt that the director s words made sense.This time, the Zhou Bureau helped extort 20,000 people.Who will extort next time They can t extort the office or extort the sub bureau.In the singing of the public security police, we felt the indomitable and invincible revolutionary spirit of the People s Army The mighty power of God The male host raised the microphone and said in cadence From the gunshots of the Nanchang Uprising to the fire of the Autumn Harvest Uprising The battlefield.Blood dyed the August 1st Army flag even redder.They erected an unfallible monument with their flesh and blood, and built an immortal Great Wall with their loyalty to serve the country The female host s affectionate voice just fell, cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects and the male host The man raised the microphone again, and the two said together impassionedly Comrades, friends, please enjoy I am a soldier brought to you by the officers and soldiers of the third detachment of the Yan Provincial Corps of the Armed Police Force I am a soldier, From the common people, defeated the Japanese invaders, and wiped out the Chiang Kai shek army I am a soldier, love the country and the people, the revolutionary war has tested me, and my stand has become firmer I am not afraid of ignorance, but afraid of comparing goods.While calling them to come in and sit down, they said with empathy A child is the heart of the parents.If a child is looking for it, The two children are looking for the same.Thank you Officer Han, please Officer Han.The official policeman is much easier to talk to than the temporary worker, and the child s father thought to himself that it is really a bodhisattva who is so hard to cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online find little ghosts, so he hurriedly took out a box of soft Chinese from his bag Thank you, I don t smoke.Officer Han, this is a picture of my family Tingting.She is here.Yang Guangyu from our village met her the day before yesterday and talked to her.Handed over the phone to show her daughter s photo.A very delicate and beautiful little girl, really slim, looks more like her father.Han Chaoyang looked at the photo, put the phone aside, turned on the computer, took out the electronic certificate and plugged it into the USB port to log in to the intranet, blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control and said calmly, Your surname, do you have your ID card I brought it, how can I not bring my ID card when I go out, Officer Han, this is mine, this is my wife s.But this is similar to flying a kite.Of course, the kite flies as high as possible, but the thread must not be broken.If the thread Once it is broken, there will be a big joke.The most handsome policeman is not a cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online policeman suddenly, that is not a joke.Director Du was full of confidence in this, stood up and opened the door with a smile, Ju Zhou, I know Xiao Han, he will not disappoint our expectations, and will not do things that make the branch passive.Old Du, this is not just Regarding our branch office, you must know that he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang , which is recognized by tens of thousands of citizens, not selected by our branch office or even the city bureau through WeChat official accounts.The gold content is very high and the influence is very high.Big, the city bureau had a meeting the day before yesterday, and Hangzhou Bureau and Director Liu specifically mentioned it.Manage yourself.The security guard is the big head, and the security guard doesn t need to worry about other things.There is really nothing to worry about.Isn t it environmental sanitation, water and electricity maintenance, and greening Just find cbd gummy had mold on it a few people.Why let a servant like him ride on the head of the master and shit Han Chaoyang realized that from the moment he was recruited into the community security team, the property was not as strong as before, and the owners had a little more confidence than before, but he did not agree with the proposal of several emotional owners about changing the property, especially self management.There are more than 2,000 households in the community, and less than 50 people came to defend their rights, and none of the owners representatives came.They cannot represent all the owners.Who Drug dealer, Jiang Li licked his lips, and said lightly, The surname is Feng, and his name is Feng Changdong.The third group of Li Jiayao was wanted for suspected drug trafficking, but I didn t expect him to have the courage to come back. Why don t you go and arrest, the two of us, it should be no problem to deal with a fugitive.I searched your deeds on the Internet, and I once captured a fugitive The murderer suspected of cbd gummies do they get you high killing two people who had been on the run for ten years, but the murderer you caught was different from the fugitive you saw just now.Jiang Li took a deep breath, supported the steering wheel and explained Feng Changdong is very dangerous, and he probably has a gun.His father was shot for drug trafficking, and his brother was also shot for drug trafficking.He has not been sentenced to death as an adult, and he is still serving his sentence in prison.With a scream, he hugged him tightly and couldn t open his eyes and didn t dare wana cbd gummies where to buy to look out.They couldn t see the uninvited guest, but the police who rushed in could see clearly.Two policemen rushed to the edge of the kang, dragged him off the kang together, put him in the corner and shouted Squat down, be honest Another criminal policeman with a live ammunition rushed into the West Room, pointed a flashlight at his wife and shouted The police are on duty, cover the bed with sheets, and sit on the kang and don t move Report Jiang Da, there are only two children in the East Room There is no one in the kitchen The two rooms on the east side are empty, and the fugitives are not here.Feng Changdong is most likely hiding in this house.Jiang Da was heartbroken, and immediately turned around and said, Open the lid of the cellar and search the water cellar.What s going on The wind on the top of the mountain is strong, and the smell dissipates quickly.The police dogs the police dogs can t smell the fugitive s smell.The police with dogs are trying to find a way.Other police officers are searching for possible traces left by the fugitive.Deputy Director Wu of the Municipal Bureau didn t know much about police dog technology, so he subconsciously asked, Xiao Yang, how far can a police dog smell After running more than ten kilometers, can it find it There should be no problem about ten kilometers.Are you sure there is no problem No problem, the two police dogs being tracked are all meritorious dogs in the bureau, and we not only have The source of smell, the smell environment in the forest area is also more conducive to the tracking of the police dog.Wu Wei had long thought that this pile of sand would have to be sifted, but he did not expect that his superior would entrust him with this task, so he could only agree Yes There are no idle people in the area, just watch what is sifted out.I have prepared a pack of evidence bags for you, and you must not let go of any clues.Even if a hair is sifted out, you must put it into the evidence bag and report to the commander Report to the Ministry.YesWu Wei is a typical blind obedience, saying yes all the time.Han Chaoyang didn t want to obey orders, turned his head to look at the breezy river, and said cautiously Ji team, it s too blessed cbd gummies open here, even blessed cbd gummies if you can sift out hair, the wind will blow it away in one go.What you said makes sense.Team Ji weighed it for a while, then turned around and said, Boss Hou, can you think of a way to build some scaffolding like a construction site to prevent dust, and surround the work area with plastic sheets.Okay, Thank you.Walking into the office with his bag under his arm, Chang Lihua asked curiously before he could speak Officer Wu, are you looking into the case of Hou Jiakang s hemp cbd gummies for anxiety death Manager Chang, you are very well informed.Wu Wei looked up at the photos and names of the managers hanging on the wall, put down his bag and sat down at his desk.Chang Lihua opened the filing cabinet, took out a paper cup, went to the corner and helped him fetch water, and smiled gloatingly The police station and criminal police team came to ask us, and even showed us the photos.Although we and Hou Jiakang They are business competitors.Although the relationship between our two families is not very good, human life is at stake.We cannot make trouble in this matter.We have never met that person.He is not a worker of Hou Jiakang, so he should have nothing to do with Hou Jiakang.As a result, not long after the report, Tengda himself drove a police car to arrive.Jiang Yu, I m Teng Jiming, please immediately arrange for a policeman and two auxiliary policemen to come to the gravel yard to replace the comrades from the Yandong Sub bureau.Yes, yes, I m on the scene, and the personnel must be in place within 20 minutes, before 9 45 The handover is complete.Teng Jiming put down his phone, raised his arms to salute Han Chaoyang, turned around and found that the police car of Yandong Branch was gone, walked over to lift the plastic sheet and found that there were only two special agents in the operation area, and immediately turned around to ask Xiao Han, where is the policeman with you Report to Teng University, Comrade Wu Wei went to Xianzhuang to visit and inquire.He arranged for someone to replace him, which meant that Director Feng blessed cbd gummies had already reported the situation, so Han Chaoyang could only tell the cbd gummies work for pain truth, but he was really nervous.No matter how annoying you are, it won t be me.Hong Liang has gone back, and you can bother him as much as you want.Fearing that the junior sister would be angry, Han Chaoyang joked out of habit.Xie Lingling chuckled, and hurriedly said Aren t you very busy Don t be kidding, let s cbd gummies effect on blood pressure talk about blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for weight loss reviews business.The best cbd gummies reddit 2021 school will hold a welcome party at the end of the month.The freshmen who are in military training will have a show, and the sophomores and juniors will have a show.Nie The principal asked us to put on a show.The band has just set up a blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control shelf, and it will not be able to perform on stage until next year at the earliest.Every university will hold a welcome party.Han Chaoyang reacted, and subconsciously asked Principal Nie has called the roll, what are you going to do A student from the school will accompany you.Thank you Gong Da.Han Chaoyang picked up the phone record just now, and ran downstairs while saying Angkor, slow down, the Fourth Squadron made it very clear just now, the owner of the car is on a business trip, .

can i take tylenol with cbd gummies?

and the door cannot be opened when no one is around.What s the point of rushing there like this Did you smash someone s car window Hurry up and contact the owner of the car, he may not have taken the car keys away, but even if he did, he should have a spare key.Okay, I ll call and ask first.Han Chaoyang pulled away The car door got into the co pilot, took out the police phone and turned it on, ignoring the dozens of missed calls prompted by text messages, and dialed the owner s cell phone according to the call records brought down from upstairs.Mr.Bing, hello, I m Han Chaoyang, a police officer from the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.It is obviously prepared by the master specially for the task force, but there are a little few people eating.Gong Da is not here, and neither is the Ji team.Let s go with them Several criminal policemen are not here.Lao Teng, I m eating.The food is good.Just being surprised, Vice Captain Luo walked into the meeting room, shook hands with Teng Da who got up to greet him, and while motioning for Han Chaoyang and others to sit down, he said with a smile Comrades, let me report the results of the investigation of the suspect vehicle first.Time is urgent, you real cbd oil gummies continue to eat and listen while you eat.Luo Zhi, you eat some too, there are many here.I have eaten, I don t Hungry, you eat yours.Deputy Chief Luo took out a small notebook from his bag, opened it, glanced at it, and said enthusiastically Comrades, after careful investigation by the Technical Brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau and the Technical Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of the High tech District Bureau, we successfully found the book in the Mercedes Benz car.An uncle in his fifties stood smoking at the door of the neighborhood committee.Rong Zhiping rolled down the car window and said, Uncle Wei, I m sorry, we re late.Here we are.No matter how far the police station is from here, you four wheels are not as fast as me.Get in the car, the car said.Okay.Uncle Wei took the cigarette, opened the door and got into the back row.Rong Zhiping didn t bother to introduce Han Chaoyang, and said straight to the point Uncle Wei, you are not an outsider, so I won t go around in circles with you.We came to you to learn about Cai Xiaofang s situation in your community.Old Wei was stunned, subconsciously Ask Cai blessed cbd gummies Xiaofang, is he the second boy of Cai Chengcai s family in Building 6 That s him, Uncle Wei, are you familiar with his family I m in the same building as Cai Chengcai now, but I used to live in the same village as him , you said I am not familiar with his family.Liu Jianye smiled and said meaningfully And it s just a name, you are still a policeman stationed at PolyU, don t you really stay at PolyU every day.Understood, I know what to do.Just know, today It s here, my girl celebrates her birthday today, and if she doesn t go back, she will come after her.Liu Jianye stood up, walked out of the office, and said with a smile Don t stay in the office anymore, go to the street to accompany the girl Friend.People have boyfriends or lovers to pick them up when they work overtime.They are usually too busy to do cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects so, so I will pick them up tonight if they are not very busy. I didn t expect that the director who always has a straight face is also very humane Han Chaoyang thanked him again, followed him out of the police station, trotted to the street office until he was out of sight, and greeted Xiao Lu, the security guard who was on duty tonight, before running up to the second floor blessed cbd gummies to knock on the door.When the watchmaker saw the video on the eighth memory card, the technical police said happily It should be them, it should be this car Han Chaoyang leaned over and saw two men appearing on the laptop monitor , one pushes a white blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control scooter towards the main road, and the other walks forward on the right side of the scooter.Not walking side by side, but staggering a position.The man behind, that is, on the right side of the electric car, is wearing a light colored windbreaker, with the corner of the coat draped over the back seat of the electric car, holding a mobile phone in his left hand and a cigarette in his right hand, as if chatting while walking, at least from Nothing suspicious on the surface.Just now I heard from the owner outside that she knew that the security of the community was not good and she often lost her car.Team Liang has gone out to handle the case.When he comes back, I will tell him For a moment, please first ask the people who provided clues to help us keep an eye on Sister Hang Weifang s house, and if those debt collectors go again, report to Team Liang immediately and help Team Liang bring those people back.Yes That s right, Is there any news from the patrol team No, Director Xing didn t say anything when the team members set off in the afternoon.With this level of secrecy, it s hard for me to call to ask.Those who shouldn t inquire can t inquire, don t call to ask That s right.But tonight s action was too strange.More than 100 security guards were dispatched from the young man alone, and there were also a can i give cbd gummies to my kid lot of police officers.Whether it was an anti pornography anti drug or some other rectification action, it is impossible that there is no news at all.It s useless, the key is to do it. Understood, I won t let you down, and I won t make you lose face. Just talking about it without a word, just wandering aimlessly like this, Unknowingly, a morning passed.Han Chaoyang excused that today was the last day, and he wanted to make up for the teacher s wine, so he dragged the old man to Boss olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies Deng s restaurant to order four dishes and one soup.Grandpa Gu is not hypocritical, he eats what he wants and drinks what he wants.Just when he was about to check out, he suddenly asked inexplicably No, why is there no police report this morning Is it true or did you not ask Xiao Chen to notify In short, this cannot be concealed.Han HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies Chaoyang honestly admitted We didn t inform us, but I didn t tell you.The bureau leader knew that you were retiring today, so he specifically told me to accompany you, and specifically blessed cbd gummies asked us not to send the police to our father and son.Kang Haigen rubbed the corner of his mouth and said You can go to Huakang Men s Hospital and ask.Since Huakang Hospital has asked him to advertise, he will definitely be able to contact him.There s no need to be so troublesome.Chief Lei looked back at the launch equipment and said with confidence Now the equipment is getting more and more advanced.This set can separate man from machine.He can tell when to play the program and when to stop it.Remote control.Turn off the transmitter, he will know the first time, and will rush over to check if the equipment is faulty.Han Chaoyang didn t want to startle the snake, subconsciously asked What if he becomes suspicious Lei The section chief said, Probably not.Why Kang Haigen asked puzzled.Because the cost of breaking the law is low Miao Haizhu grabbed the conversation again, and said like a machine gun Even if he is caught, he won t care how much money Chief Lei can fine him.However, interrogation is different from subpoena and subpoena in nature.Lien interrogation is an act of policemen exercising administrative powers in accordance with the law in order to maintain public security and order, while summoning, especially arrest, is an act of policemen exercising criminal procedural powers in criminal proceedings.and the Criminal Procedure Law.Since the Criminal Procedure Law is a law on criminal procedure, it only stipulates the rights and obligations between the subjects in the criminal procedure, as well as the methods and methods of the procedure The provisions of the cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online Procedural Law are not binding on interrogation.In other words, according to Article 9 of the Police Law , the time for detaining Bi Xunchang can be extended from the previous 12 hours to 24 hours The Kang Institute made it very clear just now that this case is quite special, and you can continue to apply to the sub bureau.Thinking of this, Zhou Ju s mood suddenly improved a lot, but after thinking about it, he asked inexplicably United No Management Bureau, how come I don t know about such a big event Yes.So Kang Haigen also participated Not just participating, but now it can be regarded as organizing investigations.Director Du smiled, and continued He just called me to report, and it can be heard that he has made up his blessed cbd gummies mind.Determined to dig deep and investigate carefully, some of his ideas are still possible, such as follow the vine, join forces with health, food and drug, industry and commerce departments to carry out a joint operation to investigate and deal with those hospitals and pharmaceuticals that use black broadcasting to blessed cbd gummies conduct false propaganda and conduct illegal operations dealer.Zhou Ju was stunned, and couldn t help laughing It s interesting to extend from cracking down on crimes that interfere with radio management order, to cracking down on illegal business operations pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies and food and drug crimes.These are two different things Huang Ying closed the door of the pantry and reminded The awarding of titles is an internal matter of your public security system.It is a matter for the personnel department to be transferred.Forget it, I will go upstairs and ask about it later.At the window, Han Chaoyang believed that his girlfriend would find out soon.Thinking that his father in law, who had been in the army for more than ten years, was more interested in receiving awards for meritorious service, he couldn t help calling his father in law to announce the good news.Huang s father was really happy, but he was more concerned about his marriage with Huang Ying, so he seized the opportunity and said persuasively Chaoyang, what does it mean to start a family and start a business You have already achieved results and are about to become a full time employee.He asked me to help him sell some things.I like helping others the most, so I helped him sell things.I didn t want the 560, but he had to give it to me The main point, what is it Two electric hammers, the kind of impact drills used on construction sites.Who did they sell to Aren t there many hardware stores on Xinde Road Sold to the second company on the left of the gate of the Xinde Hardware Market.Police Officer Han, Officer Tang, how much the two electric hammers are worth, and it s really none of my business.I haven t even been to their construction site.Just treat me as a fart, let me go, and I pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies will give you two clues later.I am well informed.If you don t believe me, you can ask Officer Hua of the Nanxi Police Station.I have helped him several times, and even helped him catch a bunch of drug addicts.As the initiator of the Flash Mob event, Han Chaoyang took the roster without hesitation, held the microphone in the car, and stood beside Vice Minister Jiang to roll the roll.Fan Zhiwei Here Gu Cuiqin Xiao Han, I m here I see.After counting the last one, Han Chaoyang put down the roster and said with a smile, Uncles, aunts, and classmates , without the help of Minister Jiang and Director Wang, we have to squeeze the bus today, and we have to take the airport bus after the bus.Director Wang is busy with work, and he really can t take time off.Minister Jiang took precious time from his busy schedule., let us first give warm cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects applause to thank Minister Jiang for supporting our event There is a school bus to sit on, no need to squeeze or wait, this must be thanked, and warm applause rang out in the car.Xiao Han, send me a copy too.No problem, I have your WeChat, the file may be a bit big, you blessed cbd gummies can send your QQ number Send it to me, and I ll compress it and send it to you.I m going to record later, and after the recording, I m going to do post production, Vice Minister Jiang didn t want to waste time, so he took out his business card and sent it around, enthusiastically Said Director Huang, I how much are smilz cbd gummies wish the supervisor, I have caused you trouble, thank you again, welcome to our Polytechnic University to play.Chapter 490 is open As an old policeman, Lao Ding really had no idea about being transferred from Chaoyang Community to the Station Police Office.Because there have been many transfers in the past 20 years, the Huayuan Street Police Station is the fourth police station he has worked in.The only difference from previous transfers was that reinforcements arrived within two days of blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control this transfer. Okay.Han Chaoyang paused, then pointed to the phone he had just put down and said, Our original group needs to be used, these are all resources.Can the Fourth Squadron have A few informants, how many eyes and ears can we have We have our advantages, as long as we do the basic work well and mobilize the masses, it is not impossible to catch more than them.Wu Junfeng was full of confidence in this and couldn t help laughing.Han Da, we are only responsible for the arrest.They not only have to arrest but also handle the case, and also go for approval.It is estimated that only half of them can actually go to the street to arrest the current cbd adhd gummies people.And although we only have a dozen people, we have people from the whole company to help If you mobilize the masses again, you will definitely not be outmatched by them.We, father and son, do our best to respect each other, and thank you for your concern and support Thank you Minister Jiang, thank you Secretary Cao, thank you Section Chief Xiao, and thank you Branch Secretary Zhang , Thank you, Director Xie, I ll do it first.Han Chaoyang turned to look at the master gratefully, then raised his glass and drank it down.Officer Gu, please don t be so polite.Didn t you just say that there blessed cbd gummies are no outsiders today.Since you are one wellness gummies cbd of cbd chocolates gummies your own, it would be too rude to say thank you.Yes, yes, we support Chaoyang s work, and Chaoyang is also very grateful Support our work.Inspector Gu, let s have some food first.After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere was even more enthusiastic than before.Vice Minister Jiang looked sideways at Cao Zefang, then looked back at Section Chief Xiao, and said with great interest The Yandong Branch wants to integrate our three patrol teams into one.Xiao Yu, blessed cbd gummies go in and ask how much these tables cost.It s best to bring the menu and let Boss Yan buy the bill first. Yes Han Chaoyang couldn t speak but could see, just as he got close to Lao Ding, Xiaokang actually ran out from the hall and knocked on the car window.There must be something wrong, as soon as he opened the door and jumped out of the car, Xiaokang pulled him aside, pointed inside and said, Han Da, do you know who I saw Who Mo Yunhu, with this guy in the car Sit at a table Who is Mo Yunhu He is a parole prisoner under the supervision of the judicial office.Han Chaoyang never expected that he would get together with these guys, so he frowned and said coldly Go cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects and tell Wu Wei, let him Wu Wei said hello to Team Lu and brought him out.Okay.After waiting outside for two or three minutes, Mo Yunhu hung his head when Wu Wei and a special police came in front of him.I am also a house slave now, and I have to be as careful as you to save a little money.That s right.Miao Haizhu was used to being careless, and really didn t think about anything else.She is too strong, and she is not too young, so it is not easy to find altwell cbd gummies a suitable boyfriend.Wu Wei works at the grassroots level, and his family conditions are also very average.It seems that blessed cbd gummies she is not in the same household as her, but Wu Wei also has Wu Wei s advantages, such as being serious about his work, but he is not a strong person in other aspects.More importantly, there are two brothers in his family.His elder brother already has a child, and his father already has a grandson.It blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control doesn t matter if he is in his family.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more he cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online felt that the two of them were quite suitable, but considering that the eldest sister was not the kind of person who needed help from others, he felt that it was better to let nature take its course, so he simply changed the topic Xiaobin, Chen Jie, what are you planning to do It s time to buy a house, and the house price has risen again, and it s unlikely to fall according to this trend, so you have to buy it early.They are two families and one family.If they want to come and go, it will not be Xiaobin and Chen Jie in the end.I think this is very good.Han Chaoyang patted him on the shoulder, smiled at the elder sister and said half jokingly Angkor, Miao Sister, Yingying and I have already received our certificates, Hongliang and Lingling are coming soon, Xiaobin and Chen Jie are talking about marriage, and even Gu Jun has a girlfriend, what are you guys thinking It s not a problem, or you two get together and get along, so you don t have to go to such a trouble.I think it will work How could Chen Jie miss this opportunity to help matchmaking, and said while the iron was hot Sister Miao, Angkor is a good looking talent, not to mention character, and you are all policemen, all civil servants, and all of you are here.The tire repair of the car was delayed.No matter how urgent you are, don t be in a hurry for three to five minutes, Lao Hu took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, and held up the photo of the suspect sent by Han Chaoyang in front of him Your business is getting better and blessed cbd gummies better.Big, I must know a lot of chefs who deliver food to more than 20 restaurants, take a closer look and see if you have seen this guy.It turned out that he was looking for someone Miao Si er came to his senses, took the mobile phone and looked at it carefully for five or six seconds, and murmured It looks familiar, I seem to have seen it before.Old Hu was amused, and immediately asked cbd gummies will it show up on blood work Where did you see that After a few olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies mouthfuls, he pondered for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, I remember, I saw him in the wholesale market He seems to be the chef of the China World Hotel, and he went shopping with the purchaser.After finishing speaking, he walked out of the barber shop without looking back.There was a second one, and several HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies customers left in a blink of an eye with various excuses.Han Chaoyang looked back at the door, shifted his eyes to the female shop assistant again, and said meaningfully See, now I know how important goodwill is to you.When you open a door to do business, you have to be honest.If you don t have a good reputation , No matter how good your skills are, no one will patronize you.Just as she was talking, a woman in a short skirt in such a cold day ran downstairs, ran to Han Chaoyang and said with a flattering smile, Sorry, sorry , I m the store manager here.I was busy making heads for the customers, but I didn t expect such a thing to happen downstairs.We are the most honest, mainly because these two children where can i buy martha stewart cbd gummies have just arrived, one is careless, and the other can t do things.The lady on the other end of the phone was amused and couldn t help laughing Okay, I believe you are a policeman, what s the matter, what do you want to know Miss Ning, do you have your cell phone Bind WeChat, what is your WeChat vest name What kind of problem is this, by the way, how do you know my surname is Ning I m a policeman, I m handling a case, just want to confirm.If I tell you , What is the name of my WeChat vest, do you want me to add you, and then fool me where my bank card or credit card was stolen, or someone took it for money laundering, fool me to transfer the money in the card to A designated account It was still regarded as a telecommunications fraud by others Han Chaoyang was so confused, he turned around and said, Miss Ning, I m not joking with you, I m really a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Grassroots policemen should not lie, Wang Ting The chief nodded slightly, and continued to walk towards the security checkpoint while curiously asking Comrade Han Chaoyang you mentioned just now, is he the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who is very popular on the Internet Yes, that s him.Everyone knows about Han Chaoyang, which shows that the propaganda is very successful.Zhou Ju was so happy that he couldn t help but took out his mobile phone and dialed Han Chaoyang s number.Han Chaoyang was on his way to Xingye Plaza, when he saw the director calling himself, he hurriedly asked, Hi Zhou Ju, Zhou Ju, what instructions do you have Question Han Chaoyang, shouldn t you be on duty at the East Bus Station Where did you go What police did you call A woman I know in the Shi Gym posted on Moments saying that if she cannot be contacted in the past few days, it means that something happened to her, and anyone who sees her Moments should call the police immediately Han Chaoyang reported the ins and outs of the future, Zhou Ju I also reported the ins and outs to Director Wang.The river bank under the bridge hole is a warehouse and kitchen.The garbage that a few homeless people go out to pick up during the day but have no time to sell is piled up below.Not far away There is a pile of ashes, which should be left over from the picnic.Maybe there is nothing valuable, and I am not afraid of others stealing it.The most important thing is to keep the site that can shelter from the wind and rain.A few homeless people know that someone has climbed up, but they don t bother to ask.Only the homeless outside the cave looked up.Two of them didn t even open their eyes.Han Chaoyang had only seen the photos of the suspect, but not himself.Even if I saw it, I probably wouldn t recognize it now.Once a person becomes a tramp picking up garbage, the change will be great.Han Chaoyang doesn t think the suspect will resist, nor is he worried that the suspect will jump down and escape.Chapter five hundred and ninety eight The solution I knew that Dai Lishi was seriously ill, but I didn t expect cbd gummy dosage cbd gummy online it to be so serious Han Chaoyang didn t dare to play tricks, so he hurriedly called Bureau Du to report.It s the middle stage, and the doctor said there should be no further delay., must be treated as soon as possible, mainly dialysis.so serious Did you ask about how much it will cost Director Yu said that the cost of dialysis treatment is very transparent, not only in the city or province, but also in all major Chinese hospitals in China.A dialysis session is about four to five hundred.If you have medical insurance, you basically don t have to worry about the cost.Calculated, individuals who have received agricultural insurance only need to bear 4 , those who have urban medical insurance blessed cbd gummies only need to bear 2 , and those who have employee medical insurance only need to bear 1.Director Xing realized with a smile and said, Even if his relatives don t borrow it, it s okay.You can borrow from others, or even from the street.That s what I think, Du Ju knocked on the table, and said confidently, It s so difficult to do the land acquisition and demolition blessed cbd gummies work now, as long as Dai where can i buy green ape cbd gummies near me Lishi is willing to demolish it in advance, even if he doesn t demolish it first, he just signs and pledges that he will not cause trouble in the future.It is to eliminate a potential nail household in advance.And after he gets the demolition compensation or borrows money, he can give part of the compensation to the victim first, so that the victim will not complain or petition.This is the best of both worlds.Director Xing couldn t help asking Bureau Du, can we is 500mg of cbd gummies a lot demolish it in advance now Villagers in the administrative villages of several streets in Xinyuan can take the initiative to ask the relevant departments to evaluate the demolition, but the compensation standard is definitely not as high as that of Chaoyang Village.But he falsely used other people s identity evidence to prove it, so why is he fined five hundred The stop sign and the taxi pick up point, and explained with a smile You think the office doesn t want to impose more fines.Although there is no fine task now, more fines are definitely better than less fines, but there is a level of authority at the level.It can only be fined 500 yuan, and the fine of 1000 yuan needs to be approved by the sub bureau.For the New Year s Eve, there is no one to go to the office for approval, and the security team may not be able to handle it even if there are only two people on duty at night.Sun Guokang never thought it would be For this reason, he asked blessed cbd gummies in surprise Afraid of trouble It s not because of trouble, it s because of work olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies efficiency.Han Chaoyang smiled, walked to the police car and opened the door You may think it s okay to take a trip now, After working for a while, you will know that the approval process is not only troublesome, but also really affects work efficiency.Then he picked up the new walkie talkie distributed by the provincial department to the patrol team, pressed the call button and shouted Second Squadron Two Squadron, I am Han Chaoyang, please answer if you hear it, please answer if you hear it Squadron received it, please tell Han Da The CK system of the smoke hotel in the southwest corner of the community is calling the police.Whoever is on duty at the south gate, hurry over and have a look.Report to Han Da, Ke Wenhong is on duty at the south gate, I will notify him right away.Hurry up to notify me.I m rushing to the scene.While you re notifying, surround me from the north gate.I ve received it.Don t worry, Han Da.If someone really dares to come to our place to commit crimes, he will definitely not be able to escape As the person in charge of the safety and security work of Factory 527 during the Spring Festival, Tian Xiaobin, the deputy squadron leader of the Second Squadron, felt very humiliated, and immediately took off the baton hanging on the wall and rushed out of the duty room at the north gate of Factory 527.Just as Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, the blessed cbd gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control old factory manager asked again Xiao Han, do you think the thief is still hiding in the cigarette shop Impossible.The police should have gone in by now, and if the thief is inside, he will definitely call me.The old factory manager frowned and asked The factory area is so big, what else hasn t been searched Teacher Liang pondered The cafeteria , labor service companies, kindergartens, and movie theaters.Why don t you search I can t get in.Teacher Liang turned and pointed in the direction of the movie theater, and said helplessly Some window glass has been broken long ago, and it s easy to get in., People can hide inside, but there is a court seal on the outside, we can only search outside, we can only poke our heads in and use a flashlight to take a picture, we can t just crawl in like blessed cbd gummies this, let alone can cbd gummies help quit drinking smash the door, or we will be held legally responsible.Sure enough, after driving about two kilometers forward, a traffic policeman and an auxiliary policeman appeared in front of him.Stop Please show your driver s license.Do you know what lane this is Have you learned the traffic rules The traffic policeman raised his arm and saluted, and went to the window to check his ID.The auxiliary policeman held the walkie talkie and ran to the back of the off road vehicle while calling.The drivers who followed the emergency lane were dumbfounded.waiting to be punished.Lao Hu was not nervous at all.He pushed the door and got out of the car, took out his ID card from the inner pocket of his jacket, and explained with his back to the car behind Comrade, we are on a mission and we are following a suspect.He is on the bus behind.There are also people from us on the bus, who have been following here from Yanyang.Zhou Ju is so powerful, how can he not know the good intentions of Political Commissar Huang.It s just that they didn t know that Han Chaoyang was right next to Commissar Huang, let alone that Han Chaoyang could clearly hear the call between him and Commissar Huang, and said with a smile Commander, you ve considered everything thoroughly, and it s most appropriate to let Xiao Han go.If you can It s easy to find out the tricks.If you can t find out the clues, there s nothing to be ashamed of.It s normal for young people who have just stepped into a leadership position and want to make some achievements.What do you mean Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded, staring blessed cbd gummies at Commissar Huang, not knowing what to say.Political Commissar Huang knew that Han Chaoyang had heard everything, but the top priority HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies was to solve the problem.He said eagerly, Why is it not considered meritorious service That s not what Officer Wu said this morning What did Officer Wu tell you He said that as long as reporting and exposing is considered meritorious service, he can win leniency.Officer Wu is right, Han Chaoyang got up and picked up a bottle of free mineral water, unscrewed the lid and took a sip, sat in front of him and said coldly.Said What is reporting and exposing Only when you report the criminal facts and criminal suspects that the public security organs have not grasped, and the reported situation is true, this is considered to be a report.In the future, you will be identified as having meritorious service.And those you confessed, we have already Got it, even if you don t tell us, we can still find out.Qiao Peiming was heartbroken when he heard that, and thought to himself that the police were trustworthy and that sows could climb trees, but he didn t expect that the surname Wu was indeed a liar, and his words didn t count.Going out and selling it can make a lot of money The price of drugs was the highest before and after the Anti drug Day.I have never met one.Da Liu in our office caught an addict.According to the kid, he bought it for 1,200 yuan per gram, and it was not pure.After buying something, this box is really worth four to five million.So expensive Han Chaoyang thought it was inconceivable.If you don t believe me, you can ask him.Qiao Peiming, is it true or not Qiao Peiming didn t know Yu Zhenchuan, but was very familiar with Han Chaoyang, and he couldn t even forget it in his life.Seeing Han Chaoyang staring at him, blessed cbd gummies he could only say listlessly I didn t know it at first, but I only found out later. Do you feel pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies that the first purchase was sold at a loss It s a bit of a loss. It s a loss, you bastard Han Chaoyang glared fiercely.Heaven and earth.People go to high places and water goes to low places.There is nothing wrong with thinking like this, but grassroots work must be done by someone.If everyone takes the postgraduate entrance examination, everyone blessed cbd gummies goes to the government, and everyone sits in the office, who will take care of social security Maintenance It turned out that the leader was worried about this Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Zhou Ju, I really haven t thought about that.I m not afraid of your jokes.I didn t think about taking the postgraduate entrance examination a month ago.I didn t think about it a month ago, why do I suddenly think about it now A group of new policemen were assigned, and Sun Guokang, who found Qiao Peiming suspicious, was one of them.He was arranged to practice at the Huayuan Street Police Station, and Liusuo arranged him to blessed cbd gummies our police office and let me be his teacher.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said Also, the construction site will start in a few days, and the migrant workers They will come over soon.Hong Liang, ask the security guards on duty at the construction site to ask the person in charge of each construction site about the date and time of the arrival of the migrant workers.If you know in advance, we can make corresponding preparations.When the migrant workers arrive, we will first Go to the construction site for a while and register them as foreigners.Okay, I will ask you tomorrow.By the way, don t you have a big project Why are the old buildings in Factory 527 untrustworthy now Are you going to deal with the body Zhang Beibei became depressed when he mentioned this, and sighed, The efficiency of the Chengxi District Court is too low.There are more and more messy things, making the house like a garbage dump.I cleaned it up the day before yesterday.All the useless ones were sold, and all the unsellable ones were thrown away as garbage.I was reluctant to throw away those old furniture, so I asked my uncle to drive an electric tricycle to help pull them a few times, and sent them all back to my hometown.This is a two bedroom apartment.Hall, the small room is actually a small study.The construction area is not large, it seems to be gourmet cbd gummies only more than 80 square meters, but the shared area of this stair room is not large, so tidy up and move out useless things, it does not look small.Standing by the dining table, Huang Ying couldn blessed cbd gummies t help laughing and said, I sent them all back to my hometown, so my hometown should be full of things. Really, where is that kid Xinyuan Street Police Station took over, Haizhu said that the kid was very stubborn at first, and then searched in his dormitory.When it comes to the lost courier packages, he dare not take any chances in front of the evidence, and admits that he stole the dozen or so courier packages that were lost before.Han Chaoyang asked in surprise, The ones found in the dormitory are University students, so to speak PolyU has tens of thousands of students, so it s not surprising that a few black sheep come out.Inspector Gu sighed lightly, folded his arms and said, When blessed cbd gummies I met Minister Jiang in the afternoon, Minister Jiang said that he would never tolerate it.1 The first large scale operation was organized.Kang Haigen arrived at 9 45 with six policemen including Lao Hu and Guan Xiyuan, and seven auxiliary policemen from the prevention and control team.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said in a deep voice Okay, let s keep an eye on olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies them first, and see what they do, and see how many of them sunset cbd gummies 24000mg there are.I asked Xi Yuan to check and see who are still registered in the village The workplace is the same company.Okay, let s check first.If you don t check, you don t know, and if you check, you will be shocked After Han Chaoyang chatted with Kang Haigen and continued to check the blessed cbd gummies ID cards of the outsiders for a while, Guan Xiyuan called and said that there were sixty seven outsiders from more than a dozen provinces and cities in the village.When they went to the police office of Yangguan Village to register It is the same work unit.The youngest is 19 years old, and the blessed cbd gummies oldest is 58 years old.Most of them are not highly educated, and only nine have college or undergraduate degrees.Excited and excited, he patted Han Chaoyang on the arm You continue to wait for the leader of the detachment, I will go in and have a look first.It wasn t long before Liu Jianye went in.The leader of the criminal police detachment arrived with the city bureau s forensic doctor and technical police.As a result, so many people came, they could only stand on the sidelines and watch.The leaders looked at the river for a while, and returned to the parking place to talk in a low voice.The leaders of the cbd gummy online green ape cbd gummies side effects various brigades who came with Director Liu and Liu Jianye could only stand aside, and just stood there and waited until 11 o clock in the middle of the night.The bureau turned around and said, Comrade Xiaohan, have you found the place where the case analysis meeting will be held Report to Bureau Liu.I didn t hit him right now.Is the injury serious Han Chaoyang and Zhang Bin asked as they followed upstairs.No heavy, no bleeding.Who called the police Who called 110 The guests in the box next door may think they were too annoying to beat and scold, so they called 110, but those guests checked out and left, just left.Passerby A called the police, and left after reporting the police.This situation is very common.The room upstairs was really noisy, Han Chaoyang didn t ask the waiter any more, he opened the door and walked into the room, only to see two girls and a boy holding a boy wearing glasses, and a tall, thin olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies boy was opposite the round table, I was also held back by several classmates.The one wearing glasses had obviously been splashed with leftovers.The thin and tall one probably dodged fast and escaped the attack of the boy wearing glasses.It was a rare time to come back.Director Xing and several colleagues who were on duty tonight were very enthusiastic and things went smoothly.As for why Weiping had a record of buying train tickets and bus tickets, Han Chaoyang didn t and didn t need to make up nonsense.After all, he was the first policeman to arrive at the scene, and the place where the body was dumped was in the Zhongshan Road Police blessed cbd gummies District.The public security patrol area, as the person in charge of the Zhongshan Road Police District, has the responsibility and obligation to assist the task force in investigating clues related to the murder case.Han Da, I found it.This Wei Ping really came back, but he has already left.Thank you.Han Chaoyang took the printout, looked at the date on the ticket purchase record, and couldn t help showing a knowing smile.Liusuo agreed to appoint several security guards to serve as coordinators of the foreign population at the Huayuan Street Police Station, which strengthened the population control on the construction site, and did all possible precautions.Han Chaoyang walked and thought, and unknowingly transferred to the project site of the East Long distance Bus Station.Han Da, do you want to go in and have a look Xiao Gu lightly stepped on the brakes, leaned on the steering wheel of the electric patrol car and asked.I just visited yesterday, and it s annoying to go in too much, so I won t watch it today.Okay, let s go to the East Railway Station to see Dai Da.As soon as Xiao Gu s voice fell, a black Mercedes drove out from the construction site.Han Chaoyang was wondering if it was Boss Hu, so Boss Hu pushed down the window of the car and said hello Officer Han, long time no see.I won t be listed, is it impossible Is there anything impossible, if you don t believe me, call Director Wen.Xu Hongliang threw With half of the cigarette pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies left, he said with a half smile Brother, I understand.Your District Chief Liu is worried about us, worried that our security company will use the banner of the sub bureau to bluff and deceive him, and worry that we will cause trouble for him.Is it true He is afraid of trouble, and I, Xu Hongliang, are also afraid of trouble If the sign is not up, I blessed cbd gummies will not hang up.This deputy captain is not a good one, and don t ask me if you have anything to do in the future. Don t, don t, don t get excited, I ll call first and ask.Ask who Ask Director Wen.Don t ask, trust me, take care of yourself in the future, just do your job well, make more mistakes, don t make trouble for yourself.After the tenants have almost moved out, the village has become deserted, and the villagers can t sit still, and have signed the compensation agreement one after another.Before that, Liu Qiuping only knew that Han Chaoyang was sticking to his post to prevent the city from being flooded, and the villagers It was photographed and posted on the Internet, and it became popular overnight, and was hailed as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.I only know that the most handsome policeman made new achievements when he went to the Northwest for exchange and study, and helped his colleagues in the Northwest capture an extremely dangerous minister.A fugitive with a gun.At that time, he was working in the Economic Investigation Detachment.Although pure kana premium cbd gummies near me blessed cbd gummies he knew that grassroots work was not easy to do, he had no intuitive impression of what was wrong.Wang Can subconsciously nodded.The first question, where did you go and what did you do on February 27 this year, that is, around 9 pm on the 27th of last month The 27th of last month Wang Can was suddenly asked , but quickly reacted, thinking of everything that happened that night, my heart skipped a beat, and he looked at Han Chaoyang stupidly and said Comrade police, last monthI think about the 27th of last month.I can t remember, I really can t remember.Can t remember, right, let s help you recall.Han Chaoyang looked up at Miao Haizhu.Miao Haizhu tacitly opened the video on the phone and held it in front of her.The surveillance video was shot at night, but the lights at the entrance of the Sixth Hospital and the police station are very bright, and a girl with a bag on her back can be clearly seen walking east from the direction of the bus station through the gate of the Sixth Hospital.A fianc e with a marriage certificate.At 9 41 p.m., everything was ready, and two police cars, Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng, took a group of six people including Boss Qian to the airport.Unexpectedly, just after check in was completed, Xu Hongliang cheerfully chased him with his backpack on his back as he was about to queue olly cbd gummies blessed cbd gummies up for the security check with his air ticket in hand.Wait for me, the plane at 11 30, what are you in a hurry for How did you know we were going to take the plane at 11 30, why are you here Han Chaoyang was confused, stopped in his tracks and asked with a puzzled expression on his face.Xu Hongliang said hello to Wu Wei and others, took out his ID card from his arms and took out the ticket from the automatic check in computer, while grinning and said The last few days before the wedding will be carnival, how can this kind of thing be less Come on me You and Zhen Chuan are here, of course I want to come Han Chaoyang couldn t laugh or cry What carnival, we are going to perform a mission Xu Hongliang glanced at the air tickets in their hands, and selected on the computer One of them was seated by the window in the back row, and he laughed and said, It s so fun to catch people.The Yanyang Grand Theater is the most suitable, and the Concert Hall of the Provincial Art Center is also fine.I said you two, you think highly of me too much.These two places are taller than the other.I have not had a single time since I came to Yanyang for four years.I ve been there, let alone know people, how do you want me to talk to them.He Qiyuan touched his face, and continued Besides, if you want to use these two places, you must pay money, one hundred .

where can i buy fun drops cbd gummies?

and eighty thousand may not be enough, Do you have money No.That s it.Let s be more realistic, okay Just in the auditorium, don t be so grand.Zheng Yutong also knew that it would be difficult to hold solo recitals in those two places, but in her mind He Qiyuan is not capable at one or two points, he is very popular in Yanyang, and he said coquettishly It is only meaningful to be tall, otherwise there will be so many musicians going to perform in Vienna s Golden Hall You are the chairman of the student union and know so many people.Zheng Bai was a little flustered by the sight, and hurriedly shifted his gaze, pretending not to look at him, staring at the exit.After waiting for about three or four minutes, Boss Qian and Shi Junhua came out with a black leather bag slung over the shoulders and a small suitcase dragging.Although it was the first time for Qian Shangui to cooperate with the police, he had traveled far and wide to see the world, and he saw Zheng Bai at a glance.And Jiang Yonggen who was standing next to Zheng Bai, but behaved very calmly, as if he didn t know Zheng Bai, and the man next to Zheng Bai was Jiang Yonggen, holding up his mobile phone and asking Boss Jiang, we came out, where are you The voice was loud, and Jiang Yonggen could hear it clearly.He put down his phone and grinned, Mr.Qian, I m here Shake hands with Jiang Yonggen vigorously.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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