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In the future, relying on this skill, Li Guohao will not lose eat.Li Dexiao said sourly, It looks good, but I don t know if it tastes good or not.Speaking of which, since having his son Li Guohao, Li Dexiao s original status in the family has plummeted.Originally, it was wife first and myself second.But as soon as his son was born, he was reduced to the third place.When I was young, I didn t care, I thought my son was young and let him go, but as my son grew up, my wife s thoughts were all on him, and I couldn t beat him or scold him, that was a grievance in my heart.What are you talking about Guohao, mom, try your handicraft.Li Huifang rolled her eyes at Li Dexiao, without saying anything, and directly picked up the wife cake that was still a little hot on the table.Take a small bite.Originally, Li Huifang had the mentality of encouraging her son.Oh, it s making wife cakes.You, Li Ji, have also started making cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect wife cakes Lao Zhang asked in surprise.You should know that in general, tea restaurants, apart from making a little pineapple buns, the rest is mainly cooking pasta, and rarely make these pastries.After all, people who come to tea is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl restaurants to eat are ordinary people.At that time, I drank tea and ate cakes at the same time.Create whatever you want, and eat by yourself.Li Dexiao smiled a few words, How about I get some for you first Okay, cbd peach gummy rings go get it, how much is it Lao Zhang nodded.Li Dexiao went into the back kitchen, found a convenient bag, and filled it with a dozen pieces of wife cakes.Hearing what Lao Zhang said, he smiled and declined, Forget it, they are all neighbors, and they are not worth a lot of money.Usually you don t Do you often give us fruits to eat Well, that s fine, I ll go first.After all, this is just a dim sum shop, and it s impossible to come here every day for consumption, and I haven t eaten the food here, who knows the taste How about it, but these membership activities sound very attractive, especially the 1,000 ones, and there are other discounts on the membership day every week.Okay, I love you the most, old lady Ah Zhen clapped her hands excitedly at the side.Looking at her younger sister who is like a child, the older sister also smiled with relief.Although she has already spent all her pocket money before starting to cbd oil infused gummy bears apply for a job, it is enough for the younger sister to be happy.Li Guohao, who was making special dim sum at the back, was perfectly preparing a secret palace dim sum, and raised his head to glance at the flow of people outside the glass window wall.They also do activities Looking at the entrance of Rongji, just like his own shop, there is a billboard the height of a person.Ah Hao, you re back.The opposite Rongji also held some activities in the morning.I didn t pay much attention to the cbd focus gummies business before, and I only paid attention to it not long after you left.Zhang Dong, who was busy helping people with cakes, saw Li Guohao push the door Come in and pass the bag in your hand to the employee on the side.Do you know what event it is Well, I sneaked over to take a look when I was not busy.It was just some simple clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd focus gummies discounts and promotions, but it also attracted some old people to buy.After all, the price of pastries is lower than ours.Quite a lot.Since Zhang Dong followed Li Guohao during this period of time and was promoted to the deputy store manager in Jiajia, he has gradually matured a lot.He is responsible for daily consumption and purchases.It is stipulated that the accounts will be settled together at the end of the month.You should take a look.Zhang Dong handed the list to Li Guohao with a displeased face.What s the matter Seeing Zhang Dong s displeasure, Li Guohao took the bill, glanced at ten lines, and suddenly his eyes stayed on one place, Did the price of roses increase And it has increased by so much Yes, it has increased by nearly one doubled.Zhang Dong also complained quite a bit.You must know that the price of roses is already high.In order to find edible roses, Li Guohao traveled all over the major material markets in Xiangjiang, and finally found them in a very old shop.Roses have not yet developed into a kind of food at this time, and most of them are just used as flowers to .

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give to others.After all, I used to be the only one who organized this membership activity, but now there is an extra Rongji.Except for individual customers, customers will only choose one store for long term consumption after applying for a membership card.And today Rongji organized this membership activity, maybe there will be Zhangji and Wangji tomorrow.If this continues, the original advantage will be exhausted.A Dong, you, Huang He, and Chen Zhipeng will calculate the cost of all our pastries later, and how much discount can be used to protect our capital without losing money.When the store in Central opens, we will make a big deal with the new store and the old store.Promotional activities Li Guohao couldn t think of any good way to deal with Rongji for a while, after all, he couldn t copy Rongji s top up and free activities, after all, the cost was there.What comics Look, here is a newly published Kung Fu Panda.The boss happily took out a doll book suitable for children from a pile of comics when he heard that the business came.Kung Fu Panda We don t want to fight.The young woman shook her head and refused when she heard the name.Although the comics industry in Xiangjiang is in a downturn at this time, there are still many comic publishing houses, but most of the comics are mixed with pornography and violence, and it is indeed not suitable for younger cbd focus gummies children to read.No, no, this one has a good name, but it s a children s comic.Look, it s full of animals, and the main character is a panda.The newsstand owner pointed to A Bao on the comic book.Animal Panda After hearing that it was an animal, the young woman picked it up and took a look curiously.After a while of dolls, the owner of this factory changed into a doll toy processing factory.Now it mainly produces some classic Disney dolls, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.Dolls means cartoon dolls.The word comes from the 1970s Hong Kong and Macau are cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect new vocabulary for the prosperity and development of the world animation industry.Dolls and dolls generally include soft stuffed dolls, hard dolls, flat dolls and other types of dolls.The more popular dolls are puppet dolls and hard body dolls.To put it simply, it is a rag doll, and a Barbie cbd focus gummies doll that can be manipulated.Li Guohao contacted lawyer Fang Jian before, and cbd focus gummies learned from him how to register a trademark and copyright.Immediately registered the copyright of all the animation characters in Kung Fu Panda , and even registered some funny and cute expressions.Xiao Min shook her head and said, I don t know either.Sister Wang was the receptionist before, but now They are still upstairs.I called the Central store cbd focus gummies before, and they said that the boss and store manager Zhang are not here, so Sister Wang asked me to wait for you here.Is it upstairs Then I will go up and have a look.Li Guohao strode upstairs.Zhang Dong followed closely behind and said, Ah Hao, you must have provoked the hag, and now they are coming to trouble you.After finishing speaking, Zhang Dong laughed.Fuck you, I don t know any foreign women there.I m either on Nathan Road or in the Central store every day.I don t have the time to go out and pick up girls.Li Guohao rolled his is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl eyes and said, Don t call other people ghosts or witches later.Foreign lady.I know, I know After the two went upstairs, they saw Sister Wang standing near the stairway.At this time, a girl in her twenties, Tao Li Nianhua, with obvious mixed race features, came down from upstairs, saw the little girl sitting on the ground, frowned and said Ah Qiong, don t sit on the ground, you will catch a cold, use it as a sofa Go.Oh.Arjun nodded cbd gummies 25 mg for sleep blankly, picked up the comic book and sat on the sofa.What are you looking at You re so interested.The mixed race girl walked over curiously, sat beside Arjun, and glanced sideways at the comic book.Sister, it s Kung Fu Cat Seeing that Sister was interested, Arjun spread the comic book on her lap generously, pointed at the comic book, and asked, Sister, is there really a treasure I want to eat this with Po too.Listening to her sister s strange words, the older sister looked sideways at the comic book, and saw a cute animal in the comic book eating some kind of pastry with its mouth wide open.The Kung Fu Panda craze, but some people in the comments said why I haven t seen Kung Fu until now.Khan, it s my fault.I didn t choose the chapter name well.I will pay attention to it in the future.Chapter 47 Panda Craze End Christmas is a must have festival in most western countries, and you can find out more about it on Baidu.Under the influence of the British government, Western festivals that Heung Kong has never paid attention to have gradually risen in recent years.Most businesses will hold certain promotional activities on the day to improve their performance.Rongji Bakery still followed the usual routine and held a promotion a few days before Christmas.What s going on Why are there so many people at Li Ji on the opposite side Rong Bingcai looked at the long queue at the gate of Li Ji on the opposite side, and asked the staff beside him.He was as shy as a young man, and he was too embarrassed to talk about things like love and love in front of his parents That s not okay, I don t expect A Dong to show off his daughter in law in cbd focus gummies front of me.Under Li Guohao s repeated assurances, as long as he talked to his girlfriend as soon as he told his mother, Li Huifang was satisfied and let her good looking girl go.son.After having lunch with his parents in the tea restaurant, Li Guohao went back home, took a few management books that Li cbd focus gummies Qiang gave him, and rushed to the company.He still had some things to deal with in the afternoon. Rongji Bakery was established in 1955.After more than ten years of hard work, the founder, Rong Zhiming, started from Yau Ma Tei and developed a small cake shop less than ten square meters into three well known old shops.Bi Ma Wen Haha, did this ghost get this name because he was tricked by someone Although Li Guohao knows that ghosts like to give themselves a Chinese name when they arrive in Xiangjiang, it is the first time I have heard of using the word Bi as a name.Dross, it is as weird as it is really.You re uneducated, right Do you think those ghosts are really so easy to be fooled Although the word Bi doesn t sound very nice to us, it is indeed cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect a good word.Bi, in ancient times, it meant auxiliary It also means to assist.Li Guohao questioned Oh, whoever he is, the most important thing is that this ghost can definitely give us a loan It should be possible.The cbd focus gummies competition between HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank has been fierce in recent years., customers like us who have a lot of turnover and are also regular deposits should be very promising, and I also know Shen Bi, so this kind of help should help.Li a palace pastry Did Mr.Li go to the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion before and make pastries in the Hong Kong Governor s night banquet Yes, it is the palace pastry.Go Mr.Shen also knows about the cakes made by the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion Li Guohao asked in surprise.Haha, I also read newspapers.Seeing that Li Guohao really opened a palace pastry, Shen Bi was overjoyed and said, Mr.Li, is a loan of two million yuan enough How about a little more, how about five million Five million That s right, it s five million The reason why Shen Bi increased the loan amount is to mention the night banquet at the Governor s Mansion.Shen Bi also participated that day.The pastry area of that banquet was basically wiped out.Among them, the governor s wife also strongly recommends these Chinese pastries.So I suggest that we customize a batch of good looking packaging boxes, pack some hot selling pastries for sale, and find a way to seal them to extend the shelf life and avoid the problem of expired pastries when others give gifts.Or talk to the chairman The big gift bag we made before is the same.We can make a similar one during the New cbd gummy with alcohol Year.People who buy New Year s goods want to buy more things to go back, but they don t buy more because of the price, and they can t finish it if they buy more.We completely You can sell hot selling snacks together, and the price and quantity will naturally be reduced to a certain extent.I believe there must be many people who are willing to buy a big gift bag and .

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take it back to entertain guests during the New Year.Let the guests taste a variety of cbd focus gummies HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies delicacies.As the manager of the public relations department, he naturally went to clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd focus gummies the comic book club to consult on the production of the advertisement.At that time, the people in the cartoon club swore that after the advertisement came out, the cartoon character Po would be perfectly integrated into the picture of modern society.But in fact, as soon as the advertisement came out, Ah Bao and several other comic characters posted comic pictures on the photos of the characters with the children, which was so blunt and false.The entire ad lasts about three minutes.It only took three days for the comic agency and animation company to make it.Originally, Li Guohao was perfectly prepared to let Po appear in the modern society, but the technology did not allow it, so he had to abruptly integrate Po and other comic characters into the filmed images.The oriental scenes in its cartoons, such as architecture, musical instruments, weapons, and even kung fu, are all places that attract their attention OK, I m going to buy a ticket today and check the nearest flight to Xiangjiang.Speaking of this, George patted his forehead and said You really should know about Xiangjiang s airport, otherwise I m going to Hong Kong this time.Xiang Jiang, you must be willing to give me a raise I ll check it out.Although James didn t understand, he agreed with a smile. At this time, Xiangjiang is at night because of the time difference.The Li family was sitting in front of the TV series and chatting.Li Guohao suddenly asked, Grandpa, what is the name of the restaurant in our hometown Huh Why do you ask this Li Renzhong glanced at his grandson and asked.It s nothing but curiosity.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao felt that it made sense.Before he organized membership activities, he wanted to spend customers money in advance to open branches, but after the incident with Rongji, it didn t make much sense to put the money on him.In that sentence, it is a pity to discard it if it is tasteless to eat.After thinking about it, Li Guohao said Well, okay, anyway, this money is worthless in the bank, and it is not of much use except for earning some interest.You should post an announcement in the store first, so that you can apply for a membership card.The customers know.Yeah.Li Qiang nodded and said The franchisees have finally chosen the opening date, and on the next Saturday morning, ten franchise stores will open at the same time.Next Saturday Li Guohao looked up Looking at the calendar, he asked, Isn t that May 20th Well, I told them that it s best to open a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, but everyone counted the days, and there is no good auspicious day in June.After Li Qiang finished speaking, he took a deep breath, let the cigarette roll in his lungs, and exhaled a long puff from the end.Qi said I think as long as Warner s profit is not mentioned later, you can cooperate with the other party.Why Li Guohao frowned.Li Qiang leaned his back against the wall, glanced at Li Guohao and asked, Have you ever thought about opening the pastry shop to the United States Open to the United States Li Guohao asked in surprise.Hmm.Li Guohao thought for a while and said, I don t have this idea yet.Although there are Chinese in the United States, it is a white society after all.Most of them like to eat pastries, donuts and cakes, and may not like Chinese pastries.Besides, we haven t done a good job in Southeast Asia yet, so going to the United States is a bit counterproductive.Since we can t handle you with a big store, let s start with a small store.Following Liu Peilin s detailed explanation, Gu Yonghe and the pastry shop owners were a little moved.Gu Yonghe said Boss Liu, to be honest, I have made a lot of money in the stock market now.I don t want to do bowl cakes for a long time, but since Boss Liu wants to set up a company, I will greg gutfeld cbd gummies cost participate in a share., so that you won t say that I m not benevolent If the company is established this time, I ll invest half of the money, which will also reduce the risk for everyone.When Gu Yonghe said this, someone said angrily Gu Yonghe, what do you mean You invest half of the money.Stocks, what shall we do A dozen people get the other HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies half What s the point of making money Yes, since you re making money in stocks, Mr.Gu, you should continue to buy stocks.What are the dragon and lion dances, and festival activities cbd gummies with no thc cbd focus gummies such as free zongzi for everyone to taste at Tin Hau Empress Temple.In recent years, there has cbd focus gummies also been a dragon boat race in Shatian, but because the scale is small, not many people go there to watch it.Instead, the TV station sends reporters every year to cover and report the event, which is used as news about people s livelihood.There was a crowd of people around Tianhou Temple, and Li Guohao didn t take Zhao Yazhi to squeeze in.Instead, he sat down in a nearby teahouse and watched the activities in Temple Street not far away through the window.Zhao Yazhi cbd focus gummies excitedly pointed at the dragon dance team at the entrance of Temple Street and said, Ahao, look at the dragon dance over there It s such a long dragon.It s quite long Following Zhao Yazhi s pointing Looking in the direction, I saw a dragon dance team about 20 meters long coming out of the Tin Hau Temple.After all, I don t have a woman to accompany Mr.Cai to dinner.Cai Langyi He also laughed and said, I can eat a hundred flowers made by Mr.Li himself.It s really delicious.I want beautiful women.I want delicious food without beautiful women.Cai Lang just said, Li Guohao and Shangguan Xiaobao looked at each other and laughed.Strongly push the testimonials.I read the comments before, saying that the layout is too small, or that I have been writing about the pastry.Let me simply respond here, the layout is not small.Speaking of this, I would like to give a special thanks to Dao Tseng Wuchen, who wrote very good comments in the book royal blend gummies cbd review area before, and I also revised the outline according to his opinions.The catering industry does not only refer to hotels, beverages, fast food, snacks, etc.Of course, these things are enough for me to write for a while.But Gu Yonghe changed his voice and said Although the profit is our own, cbd focus gummies but this secret recipe is placed in the company, I always feel a little uneasy.Of course, I don t doubt that Boss Liu will be a ghost, but I simply think that this is not very good.Liu Peilin nodded and asked, What does Boss Gu mean How about this, the company bought our signature pastry secret recipe, or used the shares as collateral.If there is any problem with the secret recipe in the future, the company will also be responsible for it.Let s all bear it together.Gu Yonghe s hidden .

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meaning is obvious, that is, he doesn t trust Liu Peilin very much, and he is afraid that after he steals the secret recipes of the remaining 14 companies, he will turn around and start a company to develop his own.The people in the arena were not fools, they couldn t hear Gu Yonghe s latent meaning, and each of them began to think deeply.You must know that the shelf life is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl of mooncakes is not very long, unless they are sealed by the factory, their Ronghua is just a small workshop, and they have the courage to eat the cbd focus gummies whole The moon cake market is simply wishful thinking.Li Guohao wanted to laugh, and when his mother told him, he almost lost his breath.If a food processing factory says this, and he still believes that a small factory mainly relying on manpower wants to occupy the entire mooncake market, that would be a dream.Even if they can make so many mooncakes and sell them to everyone, mooncakes will expire.Without adding some preservatives, it is difficult to maintain the instant food of moon cake for a long time.In fact, we can cooperate with major shopping malls.There is really no need to rent refrigerated trucks.Xie Honghe persuaded.After all, one is a person who relies on the secret recipe passed down from his ancestors to dawdle, and the other is a person who innovated moon cakes by his own ability.After listening to Gu Yonghe s words, Liu Peilin also picked up a piece of snowy mooncake, tore open the packaging bag, looked at the pure white mooncake, and lifted it above botanical bliss cbd gummies his head.With the help of the lights in the office, he could vaguely see the red mooncake inside.Red bean paste.Take a bite.Chew carefully.Suddenly, Liu Peilin opened his eyes and stammered, This, is this still a mooncake This is a crust made entirely of glutinous rice.He ate the glutinous rice, the main ingredient of the mooncake crust, in one bite.Glutinous rice Can mooncakes be made from glutinous rice Gu Yonghe asked in surprise.According to his impression, aren t mooncakes generally made of flour Liu Peilin didn t answer Gu Yonghe s words, and threw the ice skin mooncake that had only eaten one bite on the table.After speaking, Li Guohao walked to Zhang Dong s room.Zhang Dong s grandparents passed away early.There are three people in his family and two bedrooms.After Li Guohao entered the house, a relative next to him asked, Uncle, who was that just now A Dong s friend and boss, he took good care of our family A Dong.Uncle Zhang smiled.Someone said in astonishment Adong s boss The boss of the palace pastry company They had known for a long time that Zhang Dong worked as a purchasing manager in a pastry company, and many relatives wanted A Dong to help, to see if they could bring their family members in to find a job Just entered the house.Zhang Dong was sitting there nervously, with a makeup mirror in front of him.Zhang Dong asked Is that aunt ready Soon.The aunt said.Li Guohao saw that Zhang Dong s face was covered with all kinds of cosmetics, he laughed and said, I said, Dong, what did you do You have to put cbd gummies with no thc cbd focus gummies on makeup when you get married.He was looking for the bride s red shoes again, and doing some strange things, It was too noisy inside.Not too familiar.Zhao Yazhi followed Li Guohao to wait outside the house.Ah Hao.Zhao Yazhi said suddenly.What s wrong Li Guohao asked.I only heard Zhao Yazhi say Zhang Dong is married.Yes.Li Guohao let out a melancholy, remembering the young man who followed him everywhere to shop and was busy opening a new store.He married his wife in just one year.Getting married, time flies by really fast.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao, and asked a little shyly Ahao, have you ever thought about when you will get married Azhi, when is the best time I don t know.Immediately, two blushes appeared on Zhao Yazhi s face, so charming.marry.Li Guohao has not thought about it for the time being, he is a person of later generations, and his thinking and concept are a little different from those of today s people, that is, it doesn t matter whether he gets married sooner or later., I try to find some Chinese for the waiters in the United States.Li Qiang thought for a while.Yellow Crane He is now the manager of the technical department, how can he go to the United States with you.Li Guohao frowned, and now the company s technical department relies on Huang He there.Aren t you still there Li Qiang rolled his eyes at him and said Huang He s craftsmanship is still very good, and he is the only pastry consultant in the company.That s fine, you go and ask HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies Huang He if he is willing.Speaking of this, Li Guohao asked How much money do you plan to open a store in the United States one million Li Qiang said.Yes.Li Guohao nodded and agreed.Now the company s income is good, and cbd gummies naples fl with the previous Mid Autumn Festival s hot sales, one million is still enough.I m talking about US dollars Li Qiang said suddenly.Huang Yaohua nodded, Yes, I see.I will talk to the technical department later, try to make some snacks that are cheap, easy to produce, and taste good.Glancing at Huang Yaohua, Li Guohao Shaking my head in my heart, it seems that I am cbd focus gummies still a bit reluctant.If there were no people at the time of the interview, otherwise I cbd focus gummies would not have recruited a layman.However, Huang Yaohua is not considered an outsider.He has been the director of a soda factory.If he has the idea of starting a beverage company in the future, he can be transferred there.Then what is the name on the package Is it the palace pastry Huang Yaohua asked.Li Guohao thought for a while, then shook his head and said, No way, the brand of palace pastry has been deeply rooted in the hearts of Xiangjiang citizens.Everyone knows that palace pastry is a mid to high end snack.We opened a shop in a downtown area in Wanbei, and there were no Feizi who came to make trouble.Xie Honghe shook his head.Well, the day of opening.Li Guohao touched his chin with one hand, tapped the tabletop of his desk with the other, pondered for a moment and said You can check the calendar to see if that day is an auspicious day, and choose the one that is closest to open.That s fine, Do you want publicity Xie Honghe asked.After all, it is the first time to open a store in Wanwan.Whether it is successful or not will also have a great impact on future franchisees.Xiangjiang has enough 18 stores at this time, not to say that there cannot be more, but the current economic conditions and In the event of a stock market crash in the future, it is not suitable to open too many new stores.Propaganda is up to you, it s still the same old style, membership, lottery, promotion, whatever you want to do.Then what if there are not so many people participating No one participated Haha, how could it be This time the champion will receive a one time champion bonus of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, and at the same time You can also get employment opportunities in the palace pastry with an annual salary of 50,000 to 100,000 Li Guohao said with a smile.One hundred thousand Employment opportunities with an annual salary of 50,000 to 100,000 You don t think I m doing this competition just to promote the association If this competition is not as I expected, let alone a sensation in Xiangjiang, the least audience watching There will be fewer, the champion is chosen, so just let it go for nothing As long as this game is played in Xiangjiang, the greater the influence and the more people watching, it will not only stimulate the growth of the association, but also be a big influence on the royal pastry brand.Come on, this restaurant is an old sign in Chinatown.The taste is very good.The owner of this restaurant has opened here since the last century.Li Qiang pointed to a Chinese style decoration in the distance, and he knew it was a restaurant at a glance.The store smiled.Along the way, most of the pedestrians seemed to be Chinese, and only a few whites and blacks wandered in this area.Most of them are Chinese here.From here, it stretches for 16 blocks, and there are about 50,000 to 60,000 Chinese living here.So as long as you are here, you don t have to worry about language communication, and you don t have to worry about getting lost.Considering that Li Guohao came here for the first time, Li Qiang went all the way, introducing the local cultural environment along the way.Here we are, this is it.Li Qiang nodded and said, I m setting up a stall at the door While the two were discussing things upstairs.On the first floor, several Chinese waiters recruited from the local area looked curiously at the real boss of the shop on the second floor.Seeing that he was so young, they all thought it was a family business.Otherwise, the investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars would not be It was a small amount.The newspaper and the local private TV station had reported the opening of the store before, and so much money was spent on advertising.Huang He saw that Li Qiang was taking the chairman upstairs for a stroll, and threw the food packed from the restaurant on the table.When he was about to invite everyone to come over for dinner, he saw a few waiters whispering there, and walked over curiously.Huang He, come up here.Okay.After Huang He walked up the stairs, he asked, Why did the chairman ask me Do you like dim sum Can you eat it Yes, I have, but I like it too much.Hearing Huang He said that he didn t like it, Li Guohao frowned and said, I m not asking if you like it, you eat it How do you feel Huang He thought of the donut he ate back then, and felt a little nauseous, endured the discomfort and said, It cbd focus gummies s too sweet.A cbd focus gummies sweet person.Sweet person Li Guohao looked surprised.Well, it s really too sweet.It feels like a few catties of sugar.Do you have a sample The big guys don t like it, so I only took two bites and threw it away.If I can t, I ll go again.Buy some Huang He asked.Go buy, buy a few more, it s best to buy a little of each variety.Okay.Chapter 170 Explosive Huang He rode a motorcycle he had bought in the store before, and left in a chug.Yes, hiss Huang He saw that he had cbd gummies with no thc cbd focus gummies caused trouble, and wanted to apologize, but he ignored the mochi in his mouth.As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt red bean paste flowing out of his mouth, so he took a deep breath and swallowed whole After getting down, he felt and said, I m sorry, Manager Li.Forget it.Li Qiang knew that Huang He didn t do it on purpose, so he didn t make things forbes cbd gummies difficult for him.He picked up the restaurant paper from the table next to him and wiped the red beans on his forehead and face.filling.Chen Zhipeng and the other two apprentices didn HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies t pay much attention to this scene, but stood there enjoying the chairman s handicraft beautifully.How does it taste Li Guohao asked with a smile.Good Chen Zhipeng gave a thumbs up and praised It tastes great, although the red bean filling is a bit sweet, but considering that Americans like to eat sweets, it doesn t matter, especially this mochi skin, which is soft Refreshing, just like eating marshmallows, bite it down, it is soft, with a little bit of elasticity, it s really great.Difficulties What s the problem Naturally, the stock market crash is about to be faced.But what Xie Honghe said is very reasonable.If you don t seize the opportunity to expand now, are you really waiting for the other party to complete the layout and spend time and money with the other party Li Guohao heard such a sentence before, and suddenly remembered it at this time when others are still watching, if you want to succeed, you must enter the water.When others enter the water, you have already taken a few steps ahead of others.Isn t it the same for doing business The stock market crash is coming soon, but in fact the stock market crash does have an impact on Xiangjiang, and the impact will be very large, whether it is a major company or a small citizen.But because of the stock market crash, the world stopped turning Just because of the stock market crash, did you stop eating what you should eat and drink what you should drink No, it s still the same And when the stock market disaster arrives, it is actually a cleanup, cleaning up a batch of junk stocks listed on the .

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market.That s right, Li Guohao is ready to step into the supply of raw materials.Now that he holds more than 80 million Hong Kong dollars, he naturally has other ideas in his heart.As a person of later generations, Li Guohao understands a truth, that is, the terminal will always be the boss.What s the meaning Just like a mobile phone, if it does not support your software to run, then your software will permanently eliminate the users of this mobile phone.Of course, without some well known software, mobile phone companies will naturally not do this kind of thing.Just like Big Brother Q, as a terminal product of a chat software, whatever he wants to appear in front of the public, will appear in front of everyone.The same is true for Taobao.Why McDonald s and KFC can have chain stores all over the world is because they have good suppliers and their own supply chains.From time to time, I switched the camera to the three contestants who were making pastries.Following Master Wang s explanation, the production time of nearly half an hour did not make the judges and audience feel very boring.Okay, the three of us have finished making our pastries.Next, we will invite Master Wang, who has been in the pastry industry for 30 years, and Master Zheng Yuanzheng, the head of Lianxianglou, and Qin Shao, a well known gourmet.When the host introduced Qin Shao, Cai Lan said to Li Guohao with a look of envy Ahao, do you know I have always had a dream, that is to become a gourmet just like Qin Shao.You can taste all the delicacies in the cbd focus gummies world.I believe you can.Li Guohao responded with a smile.In the following decades, Cai Lan not only became a famous gourmet, but also became one of the four great talents in Xiangjiang by virtue of his skill of eating.The simple square cake has a simple appearance, but the addition of shredded coconut not only increases the beauty, but also adds a little coconut fragrance.Chang Xiaotu explained.Master Wang on the side also said Actually, you added milk before, and there is absolutely no need to add shredded coconut to increase the coconut fragrance, but you handled it very well.The combination of shredded coconut and square cake is cbd focus gummies perfect, and it doesn t taste too much On the contrary, it is very good to combine the cbd focus gummies two into one.Zheng Yuan said with a smile The idea is very good.The shredded coconut and milk commonly used in western pastry are integrated into the traditional square cake, not only does the milk and coconut The silk took away the original taste of the square cake and added a new taste, yes, eight points.Leaving aside the three judges, the governor s wife alone is not something Li Guohao can handle.Although Li Guohao doesn t care who the champion is, it can be seen from Chang Xiaotu s championship that Western style dim sum is very suitable for everyone s taste.He opened the Maxim s Bakery in Lenovo.Chairman, this is the store sales in the last two weeks.Gu Qingqing handed the sales report to Li Guohao.After receiving the sales report handed over by Gu Qingqing, Li Guohao how to make cbd edible gummies quickly flipped through it.Combining with the sales situation of Maxim s Cakes before opening last week, the sales of the eighteen stores had a significant decline.The sales of horseshoe cakes, red bean buns and other snacks have dropped a lot compared to last week, about 30.Why did it slip so much Li Guohao frowned.Gu Qianqian replied We have also been doing activities in the past week, but Maxim s Bakery has just opened, and there are more stores than us.Don t look at me.I have opened so many companies and worked in many large groups.I haven t made any progress until now.I have been working for others.Jin Jiashi laughed self deprecatingly and said A friend of mine once asked me that at such an old age, I have already earned enough money.They asked me why I haven t retired yet.I think it might be because I am dissatisfied., For so many years, I have always had the opportunity to develop my own shipping company and import and export company, but I always lost the opportunity because of indecision.Li Guohao roughly understood it from Jin Jiashi s mouth, Jin Jiashi said very straightforwardly, I am capable, but indecisive, and need a capable boss who can control all aspects.Then why does Mr.Jin like my company Li Guohao asked curiously.Jin Jiashi smiled broad spectrum cbd gummies smilz and said Mr.Although the price of flour imported by the company from Wanwan was the local ex factory price, it was because of the transportation cost.For the problem of Xiangjiang, it is almost 10 20 higher.I have a new idea, you come back and talk about it first.Chapter 197 The Stock Market Crash Arrives 5 The next day.pastry company.Jin Jiashi rushed back by boat overnight yesterday.Chairman, why are you calling me back in such a hurry I have already negotiated about the price of flour at Wanwan, which is basically the same as the previous company s price at the flour mill.If the quantity is large, there will be a little more Discount, if we help them introduce some people, the price may be lowered a little bit.Jin Jiashi said with some complaints, you must know that he has spent a lot of effort and spent a lot of effort to get the stable price of flour as soon as possible.It was also mentioned in the report sent to Ms.He that our company opened a store in the United States before, and the business is very good, so we want to continue to expand.He Qianjin also nodded when he heard Li Guohao s words.After reading the pastry company s report, Zhang Peng, the financial consultant, asked him himself.Not enough, that s why I wanted to find myself as a mortgage.As for why he didn t go to the bank for a loan, He Qianjin didn t ask too much.Anyway, the two of them will sign a contract later, and the other party s company and the food factory know it well.That s right.He Qianjin nodded to show that he understood, but he hesitated after a while.Li Guohao saw that He Qianjin was hesitant to speak, so he asked Miss He, what s the matter Is Mr.Li s company short of funds He Qianjin asked.The stockholder who spoke first, the audience was arguing, he couldn t help but spread out the newspaper angrily and read aloud Yesterday afternoon, the Hang Seng Index fell 101 points before the market closed.This is the first and only time since 1971.The decline in the Hang Seng Index happened to happen not long after Hongkong Land acquired is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl the charlottes web cbd gummy buy milk company and the Lam Soon Group acquired the flour mill The contents of the newspaper roughly said that this time the Hang Seng Index fell, there is a high probability that Because Hongkong Land did not follow the formal procedures of the market to acquire the milk company, and adopted the path of one share for five shares to obtain the milk company.Nanshun Group also relied on the British Jardine Group to successfully acquire the Xiangjiang Flour Mill.Enterprises can be compared.Just like the Xiao Bai I met in He Qianjin s .

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villa not long ago, whose father is just the king of Xiangjiang funeral, because he monopolized the funeral affairs of Xiangjiang, He Gambling took a look Let your daughter and each other know the impact of monopolizing an industry.Don t underestimate monopoly.No matter what business or job, as long as it is a monopoly, its social status, influence, and wealth will increase day by day Yes.Xiangjiang originally had a small number of people, and Xiao Bai s father s company was responsible for people s funeral affairs at that time.This was a monopoly industry Just think about how expensive a cemetery is.Although it doesn t sound very nice, doing business with dead people, but this society is either doing business with living people or doing business with dead people, it s just that the way of making money is different.The merger and acquisition of Maxim s HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies Cakes to expand the branch was also planned early.Mandatory tender offer refers to a is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl situation in which an investor holds a target company s shares or voting rights that reach the statutory proportion, or increases its holdings by a certain proportion within a certain period after holding a certain proportion, and must issue a public tender offer to all shareholders of the target company according to the law.Legal System.The mandatory tender offer system began in the United Kingdom in empire extracts cbd edible gummy drops the 1960s.There are two main legislative reasons for the compulsory offer system 1.When the transfer of shares in a joint stock company leads to the transfer of control rights, it may lead to changes in the company s managers and business strategies, which is unfavorable to minority shareholders.Fang Jian said Mr.Li, I m going to the stock exchange if I m here, so I won t stay here any longer.There are still some things I need to deal with.Although the acquisition of the company went smoothly, there are still many procedures to go through of.It s not that as the company s legal counsel, Fang Jian has a lot to do.Okay, Lawyer Fang, go slowly.After sending everyone away, only Li Guohao and Ni Xingqing remained in the conference room.Li Guohao looked around the meeting room, cbd gummies with no thc cbd focus gummies seeing that the area was almost twice as large as his own company, he felt extremely relieved, turned around and walked to the French windows not far away, looking at the entire Central through the glass window, although there was no one.The spirit of Zhongshan is small, but it also suddenly rises with great pride.Although he liked the role of King Kong played by Xu Guanjie very much, it didn t mean he could tolerate the other party s attitude.He snorted in his heart.Xu Guanwen also noticed that Regarding the situation of my younger brother, I heard Li Guohao snort again, I didn t know the relationship between that Miss Zhao and Li Guohao just now, so I was afraid to offend the other party, so I hurriedly said Ajie Hearing Xu Guanwen s words, Xu Guanjie just came to his senses and quickly withdrew his gaze.Cai Lan was also very dissatisfied with Xu Guanjie s unreasonableness, and cbd gummies the hemp dr his original good impression was greatly discounted in his heart, but after all, he was the person he brought, so he had no choice but to try to calm down Ah Hao came to you this time because of something.I want to trouble you.Li will definitely become a member smoothly. After a few days.This year s Spring Festival, Li Guohao did not go to his uncle s house in Wanwan with his mother to visit relatives, because Li s mother said that the uncle s family would bring grandpa and grandma to Xiangjiang for a period of time.I heard that it seems that Nissin instant noodles are in cbd gummies reviews for sleep Wanwan The business is not very good, and many people have been laid off, including my uncle.This time when I return to Xiangjiang, my uncle cbd focus gummies is going to come back and look for a job again.McGee Decorating Co.Li Guohao walked in holding Zhao Yazhi s hand.It used to be a dilapidated company.Because of the good business in the past two years, Mai Qi made a lot of money, and also refurbished the company.The number of employees has grown from one person to more than twenty.If it is really successful, then the patent will naturally belong to the company.Yes, but we ll give him a lot of money.Jin Jiashi said with a smile It s good if we pay him for research cbd focus gummies and development, what money will we give back Li Guohao said with a smile Manager Jin, if you finish the company s new business plan that you showed me before, you should be rewarded more.There is no company boss in these years who does not cheat employees, and Li Guohao is from a later generation.The people in the company know that too much is too much, so they try to increase their salary and benefits as much as possible.Not to mention how good it is, but it is much better than other companies.Ha ha Then I ll be waiting for the chairman s reward If there is less, then I will not be reconciled Jin Jiashi laughed and said.Then let s buy one as soon as possible.Manager Li will be in charge of this matter.After that, Li Guohao can you bring cbd gummies on a cruise also said to Shi Yuda Director Shi, the company is going to separate the current noodles of the flour mill from some miscellaneous businesses., Re build a noodle factory to produce quick clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd focus gummies frozen dumplings and instant noodles, and the manager of the new factory is the manager Li in front of you.I know.Shi Yuda hesitated for a while before nodding.At first, I thought that this Manager Li was only in charge of the instant noodle business.After all, the company said that the other party had worked in the Wanwan Nissin Instant Noodle Factory, but now the chairman said that he actually wanted to divest the flour factory of these businesses other than flour, and start anew.It s normal for a factory to make it, and it s normal to feel a cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect little bit twisted.Why was Li Guohao killed by vendetta Was he involved in gangsters Or did he offend someone Billion The millionaire was kidnapped This is a G spot that can attract viewers.In a certain tea restaurant, people watching TV were all surprised.They didn t expect that someone was holding a submachine gun and a hand mine.Hmph, these rich people It s better to die The rich hater looked at the news and laughed.I think this is kidnapping Kidnapped How could it be a kidnapping If it was really a kidnapping, Li Guohao would have been kidnapped a long time ago.Well, I think this Li Guohao belongs to the gangsters.Otherwise, how could it be possible to earn hundreds of millions of assets in such a short period of time You have a point.At this time, the waiter Ah Shui came up with shark tank cbd gummies for dementia the dishes.Seeing that the big guys were all looking at the TV above his head, he also looked sideways.Food, clothing, housing, and transportation have been carried out in people s minds since ancient times.Whether it is the East or the West, these four things are recognized.Li Qiang mentioned the real estate in Xiangjiang ten years ago.To buy a house, it only cost a few dollars per square meter.With the development of the economy and the depreciation of goods, the current housing prices have reached hundreds of dollars.Some good locations It s even a few hundred dollars, and the villa is even more valuable.Because the subsidiaries of the Guohao Group, although not to mention all kinds, also have comics clubs and security companies, so in the future, they will definitely involve some other industries.Now it is necessary to lay the foundation.Other industries can also quickly form a team to support it, unlike the current situation where it took nearly a month to fully control the acquisition of Nanshun.Regarding the situation that he encountered not long ago, Li Guohao also talked about it, but he didn t talk too much.He just briefly described the situation at that time.He didn t refute the news that he was blackmailed in the newspapers.Instead, he said a sentence that aroused countless people focus on.The thing I regret the most now is the establishment of Guohao Group.I am very busy with work every day, and I have no chance to make my favorite snacks, and I have no chance to spend more essential cbd gummies reviews time with my family.Exclusive interview revealing the new The rise of Jin Fuhao Xiangjiang Dream Zheng Jiachun threw down the Ming Pao newspaper in his hand, smiled and said to Li Guohao I said Ah Hao, do you want to pretend like this, why do you regret founding Guohao Group, or you sell him to me How are you Brother Zheng, stop teasing me.Many pastry competitions of this kind clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd focus gummies are conducted according to this standard.There is a very famous international cake competition in later generations.It is not about whether it tastes good, but whether it looks good.Li Guohao is naturally full of confidence in how to make good looking pastries.You must know that there are many cbd focus gummies amazing pastry makings in later generations.Huang He, Master Sun Dafu, Master Wang, and others who came to participate in the competition also came to the two storey single story building that Li Guohao temporarily rented.In order not to disturb the boss and his wife, Huang He and the others lived in another building not far away.Watching everyone sit down, Li Guohao told Zhao Yazhi, I called you here this time.You should understand the competition rules given by the competition., I also thought about it.Lack of funds If not, can I vote Li Guohao asked tentatively.I can t decide this, I have to go back and ask my father in law.Zhang Dong didn t guarantee it either, after all, the company belongs to Mai Qi and not him, but after a hundred years from Manager Mai, it will be his and Mai Xiaomin s.Okay, go back and ask.Thinking of Li Guohao s promise to give him a project just now, Zhang Dong also changed the subject in embarrassment By the way, when will you get engaged with Ms.Zhao Next month, but It s just that the two families have a meal together, and we don t plan to invite other people, so your gift will be delivered when we get married.Li Guohao laughed.Zhang Dong pretended to sigh and said, That left me with a sum of money.I just heard you talk about cbd focus gummies the engagement.Yes, we have obtained the exclusive authorization.I also sent people from the comic book cbd focus gummies club to say hello to them before, but they ignored them.Shangguan Xiaobao said angrily.He met Huang Yulang and originally wanted to deal with it peacefully, but not only did the other party not restrain himself, but some recent comics were even suspected of making fun of his Bruce Lee comics.It s easy to handle.Later, I cbd focus gummies will instruct the people in the legal department to sue the Little Rascal comics for infringement in court.Li Guohao cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect said not very concerned.That s the only way to do it.Shangguan Xiaobao sighed, cbd focus gummies he is the kind of person who doesn t like to make things big, but the other party has violated the company s interests, so he must be tougher.That s right.Shangguan Xiaobao suddenly said, President, is cbd focus gummies my manga ready to be published Now the ones I draw can basically be published in three volumes.Zhao s father, Zhao s mother and others also went back home separately.Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi research cbd gummies were left behind.Ah Hao, actually you don t need to do this for me.Sister and brother in law are doing okay.Zhao Yazhi pursed her lips and said.Little fool, we are almost becoming a family, so why bother about so much.Besides, I am indeed planning to start a real estate company.I don t know much about it.I asked my brother in law to come and help me.I also want to thank him.Li Guohao scratched Zhao Yazhi s nose with cbd focus gummies his small hand.Hmph.With her nose scratched, Zhao Yazhi snorted softly, Okay, I get it.She knew in her heart that this was just Li Guohao drugs and cbd gummies s words to comfort herself, knowing that the other party didn t want to think that she was with him for money, seeing Li Guohao That said, I cbd gummies naples fl cbd gummies for restless legs feel a lot more comfortable.At the same time, according to the gossip of this newspaper, it was learned that Li Guohao made this large investment because of a proposal from a Feng Shui master.Huaqing Daily The name Li Guohao is believed to be familiar to many people.He is only 21 years old and the youngest billionaire in Xiangjiang.He is the founder of the new Xiangjiang dream.In just three years, Is it really just that the Guohao Group, which has developed from a palace cake to the cbd gummies naples fl cbd gummies for restless legs present, is just a good business mind No.According to the gossip in this newspaper, Li Guohao has always believed in a Fengshui master.His store chooses a place with good Fengshui, which is one of the reasons why Li Guohao s store is sure to be prosperous every time it opens.Even the Fengshui in Li Sheng s office is personally handled by this master, and he has set up a big formation of Longmen Fengshui to make money This is also one of the reasons why Li Sheng s company went in the opposite direction and the business was booming every day when Xiangjiang s economy was sluggish and the stock market plummeted.However, for the sake of sales, some small newspapers directly changed the life and death are unknown to the rescue failed and died unfortunately.Countless entertainers or friends who knew Bruce Lee also drove to Mount Elizabeth Hospital spontaneously after seeing newspaper news or hearing rumors.Miao Kexiu, who admired Bruce Lee, was the first to cbd focus gummies green otter cbd gummies 500mg rush over with her sister in law Linda and her two children.Others such as Shi Jian who has just is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl cooperated with each other, as well as friends Xiao Qilin, Chen Huimin, including Hong Jinbao, Big Brother Long, Xu Guanwen and others also came after hearing the news.At the same time, due to the misleading of some unscrupulous newspapers, it was said that Bruce Lee had unfortunately passed away in the early morning, causing more and more people to go to the HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies hospital.Whether they think it is delicious or not is related to the sales of the product.Li Guohao also asked Di Yimin to do a new market research report.Yes.The market research report is to be done.Advertisements must also be launched From tomorrow, you can tell the people in the publicity department that they will carry cbd focus gummies out a large scale promotion in major newspapers and beautiful TV stations, and new products can also be launched.Do some activities, and you will discuss the details with the people in the sales cbd focus gummies department later.Food companies spend most of their expenses on advertising, and Li Guohao s palace pastry and food factory spent almost five dollars last year.The 6 million is for advertising in major newspapers, TV stations and radio stations, not including the cost of advertising in buses and other places.That s right.Li Guohao thought of another thing and asked, Brother Zheng, Chaoying, do you know the Department of Education He Qianjin was taken aback, Department of Education Zheng Jiachun also asked curiously, You have something to do with the Department of Education being busy.The Jian Fu downstairs just now, his father Jian Ning is a senior official of the Department of Education, it seems to be the Department of Education.The Department of Education is equivalent to the Director of the Education Bureau Is that the white and fat one Ha ha Yes it is him.Chapter 282 The three of them in the nightclub were chatting about the club when they suddenly heard arguing at the door.What are you doing froggie cbd gummies uses I can t go in, you just need a bodyguard to stay at the door.Xiao Bai looked angrily at the bodyguard who blocked him in front of him, and angrily said, Go away Excuse me, Mr.If a new product is launched, it will be advertised in two TV stations, newspapers, bus stops, busses, and other places as required now.Depending cbd focus gummies on the new product on the market, decide how loud the ad should be played.This year, Li Guohao wants to sweep away the decadence and frustration of last year.He is bound to win all the business in the mooncake market, and at least break through 10 million Hong Kong dollars in sales.Chapter 286 is very B.A few days later.Li Sheng really troubled you this time.Sitting in Li Guohao s cbd focus gummies car, Jian Fu saw that Yau Ma Tei was coming soon, and the road to the master was cbd focus gummies getting closer and closer.Meet this feng shui master.Mr.Jian was joking.It just so happens that I have something to ask Master.Li Guohao glanced at Jian Fu and saw that he was quite excited.Seeing Zhao cbd focus gummies Yazhi s sweet face, He Qianjin couldn t help but sigh in her heart.She had a good impression of Li Guohao cbd focus gummies at first.After all, Li Guohao was about the same age as He Qianjin, and he was a handsome man.And young and promising.But after learning that the other party has a girlfriend, she also abandoned this idea.Her father has several wives, and he knows some ghosts in the big family, so he hopes to find a husband who loves himself alone.So He Qianjin would never find a man with three wives and four concubines.In the beginning, Xiao Bai, the person introduced by his father, had an acceptable image and demeanor, but compared to Li Guohao, it was far from it.It s not some career or appearance problem, the most important thing is that Xiao Bai himself is a second generation.Although he is not a playboy, he often goes to nightclubs and other places with his is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl friends, which makes He Qianjin very upset soon.After all, the other party is the pioneer of modern instant noodles.I have to say that the instant noodles sold on the island country are really good A report in 1972 showed that there were more than 30 instant noodle factories in the island nation, among which Nissin s brand Demae Itcho instant noodles was the largest.They produced more than 300,000 packs of instant noodles every day, but they still couldn t resist the people cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect of the island nation.desire to buy.The annual sales of instant noodles in the island country are around 500 million to 600 million, and this is only the total sales in the island country.Overseas, such as the Gulf, Thailand, Southeast Asia and other countries, the instant noodle market is still very promising.Among them, people in Bangzi Country love instant noodles the most.Then go in quickly.Just entering the cabin, Li Guohao couldn t help asking The river is so narrow, how do you buy a boat Buy more small boats, just like this boat, buy a transport boat to free up space in the deck cbd gummies naples fl cbd gummies for restless legs and cabin, and a boat should be able to transport hundreds of tons.Chen Xuewen replied.Small boat Li Guohao pondered for a while, and felt that it was not impossible.Thailand is originally a tropical country, with a year round temperature of no less than 18 , and the annual precipitation is terribly high, so there are many rivers in Thailand.At this time when it has not yet risen to develop road traffic, it is indeed convenient and transportation to buy more ships.When he was about to ask Jin Jiashi for his opinion, he found him lying cbd focus gummies on a bench with a pale face and looked a little seasick.The first official supermarket in Hong Kong, Milk International and Lane Crawford s subsidiary, Dalian Lilian Co., Ltd., refer to the model of foreign supermarkets, and opened the Dalian Lilian supermarket in Central in 1960.It mainly focuses on Western style food and daily necessities.There are trolleys that are common now, and customers can choose goods freely.Due to the high class, the customers are either foreigners or wealthy locals.However, in the early 1970s, the general education level of the citizens improved, and with the economic development, people had spare cash, and they became more and more accepting of Western style supermarkets.The Dairy Link supermarket of Dairy Milk International has successively opened branches on Hong Kong Island.Almost half of the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are owned by Dairy Milk International.I heard that Li Sheng invested in buying land and farming in Thailand, and I thought that Li Sheng could cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect cooperate with him to sell the ointments produced by our factory to Thailand, and by the way, set up a pharmaceutical factory in Thailand to buy local Chinese cbd focus gummies herbal medicines.Hong Kong sales.How does Mr.Wen want to cooperate Li Guohao roughly understood what Wen Guoyang meant, that is to use him to sell medicines to Thailand, and by the way, he bought Chinese herbal medicines from Thailand to Hong Kong for sale.I cbd focus gummies want to use Li Sheng s channel to sell goods in Thailand.Naturally, the part of the money that gave birth to you as the middleman will not be less.Li Guohao pondered for a moment, and he said Yes.Haha, thank you, Li Sheng. Wherever they are, they are all members of the Manufacturers Association.It s not much, it s only two million.Mother Zhao waved her hand casually.Two million Two million is not much I wish I had known that I also raised a daughter.Raising a son last year cost me more than 200,000 yuan Compared to money, Zhao s mother is more happy about the not so small villa in the middle of the mountain.She said a little ostentatiously My son in law, Ah Hao, is filial.Seeing that I live here with Ah Zhi and his father, it s in the Banshan bought a villa for the two of us and asked us to move there.A villa Still in the middle of the mountain My God, there are at least a few million villas in the middle of the mountain Calculated in this way, wouldn t the betrothal gift be five or six million All the close relatives and distant relatives were envious when they heard that there was not only a two million gift money but also a single family villa in the middle of the mountain.His main business is in the catering industry.If he wants to enter the TV industry, it must be for the sake of his company.You don t have to worry too much about cooperating with him.But with Run Run Shaw If you don t, it s like raising a tiger for trouble, and sooner cbd focus gummies or later it will explode and hurt people Aren t you afraid that Li Guohao is also an unfamiliar cub Zheng Jinghan asked with cbd gummies with no thc cbd focus gummies a smile.He Zuozhi suddenly laughed and said There is nothing to worry about.If you know that Li Guohao invested one million to establish the Friends Film Company, gave up half of the shares to the two main persons in charge of the company, and never managed any business within the company.You will understand that cooperating with him is the happiest thing for every power hungry person Is there such a thing Zheng Jinghan has never paid much attention to this aspect, so he is naturally not clear about Li Guohao s investment in Friends Film Company The thing is, you must know that Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen are the envy of many directors and producers in Xiangjiang.But Li Guohao didn t care much about the meaning of this sentence, and said directly It s okay, I woke up drunk yesterday and didn t remember anything I told you not to drink at ordinary times, but you can t drink it when you need to drink.Last night, my in laws poured wine on me, but I didn t refuse anyone who came Li Dexiao showed off his drinking capacity.Go, let your son learn from it, and encourage your son while drinking.What Li Huifang hates the most is drinking.Although she is from the Northeast, she grew up in Xiangjiang since she was a child.Apart from her accent and taste, her living habits are more southern.Li Renzhong looked at his grandson with satisfaction.Said to grandson s wife I have lived my life very satisfied, the only two wishes now are to open the restaurant, and the second is that I can hug my great grandson.Hearing Benson s praise, Xiao Changhan also had a happy expression on his face.He happened to see Li Guohao coming over, and quickly shouted Chairman.Yes.Li Guohao nodded, looked at the small machine in the laboratory and asked This machine cbd gummies with no thc cbd focus gummies is ohmic heating and sterilization Excellent chairman.Xiao Changhan introduced The ohmic heating technology we researched can only be used for tight canned food and some dairy products for the time being.Ohmic heating technology , is a new type of sterilization technology that is paid more attention to at home and abroad in later generations.It has already taken shape in the 1980s, and it was first used in dairy products and canned foods.Hearing the word dairy products , Li Guohao HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies was overjoyed and said with a smile That s just right, this Mr.Benson is the director of the technical department of Guohao Dairy in Australia, and he will be stationed in Xiangjiang recently.Speaking of this, Zheng Jiachun laughed I m afraid Li Chaoren will admit defeat this time.We have paid such a premium, and his Changjiang Industrial can t pay so much money.Perhaps because he was afraid of Li Chaoren s achievements in later generations, Li Guohao frowned.He frowned and said, Don t clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd focus gummies take it too lightly.If Superman Li has the guts to compete with us, he might have someone behind him.Don t take away the place we must take I will order the people below to speed up botanical farms cbd gummies 300mg the acquisition.Zheng Jiachun waved his hand nonchalantly, Li Chaoren at this time is only a second and third rate wealthy businessman, and in terms of ability and capital connections, he is completely inferior to the combined efforts of the three of them Seeing this, Li Guohao didn t say much.After all, the chairman of New Territories Real Estate is Zheng Jiachun.Aya operated the player and pressed the film, and the scene dimmed instantly, and a white light shone directly on cbd focus gummies the canvas in front from behind.Immediately, the canvas lit up with light, only the noise passed, the opening music sounded, the six characters of Friends Film Company, and the pattern of two human figures shaking hands flashed past.The plot of this new Modern Bodyguard is very different from which one Li Guohao has seen.Not only Zhou Runfa, but also Lin Damei have been added to the cast.But it s basically the same plot, with some major changes.For example, the treasure exhibited in the where to bu cbd gummies in sioux falls sd movie is the Jade Clothes, but the real Jade Clothes were first unearthed in 1978, and it s still in 1977.There will be some golden jade clothes, so it was changed into a bronze tripod.As for the rest of the plot, it is very different from the original Modern Bodyguard.Zhang Shaonan and other investment advisory groups, as well as the group s special deployment The employees who come to look for transportation companies, most of the transportation companies they fancy are small and medium sized companies, and the largest company owns no more than one hundred vehicles, and most of them are old cars.These companies have HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies little strength, but there is one thing that Guohao Group likes, that is, they have been operating in the local area for many years, have deep contacts and resources, and relatively stable profits.In the early stage, if these companies are successfully acquired, it is impossible to link them all to some businesses of the Guohao Group in the short term.Therefore, in order to keep the acquisition from running cbd focus gummies 25 mg cbd gummy effect a deficit, having an independent means of profit is the fundamental guarantee.After two o clock in the afternoon.Li Guohao didn t stay in the industrial park for a long time.After inspecting the new flour mill and the workshops it belonged to, he went to the instant noodle factory and visited his uncle Li Zhengming who was working, and then cbd focus gummies returned to the company by car.Just arrived at the company.The secretary Xiao Liu came to report, saying that the manager Qi Baihengqi had just come up to look for him.Li Guohao asked Manager Qi What about others Secretary Xiao Liu said He cbd gummies naples fl cbd gummies for restless legs should be downstairs.Oh, then you call him and tell him I m back, let him come up.Yes.Following the secretary Xiao Liu, he closed the door and went out.Li Guohao leaned back on the HCMUSSH cbd focus gummies boss chair, stretched fiercely, his body was very relaxed, but his mind was always recalling the information he had seen about Bao Daheng s acquisition of Wharf.Forward Hearing this name with a sense of the times, Li Guohao thought for a moment, then nodded and agreed. Stepping into June, the inland is very hot like Xiangjiang.Li Guohao sat in the room of the guest house, blowing the air conditioning that was not too cool, thinking about how to maximize the benefits of this trip to the inland.According to what President Liang and Bao Daheng said, the invitation from Kyoto this time should be due to the fact that they have taken a fancy to their agricultural trade in Asia, but they don t know whether they want to export or import.In the late 1970s, a lot of waste was waiting to be done in the mainland, and almost many industries were in the process of reorganization.As an indispensable food for people all over the world, it was the top priority.In the ten year movement, besides the students, the thing that delayed the most was agriculture.The older sister was looking at the street signs on both sides of the street, and when she heard her words, she turned her head.Looking at it, he asked, What s the matter The younger sister said enviously, Those guys over there seem to be from Xiangjiang.The older sister followed her younger sister s gaze, and saw Li Guohao and others all dressed in suits and leather shoes.They looked either rich or expensive, and they looked a little more curiously.They lived in the surrounding villages of Baoan County.Back to the eldest brother to go on a blind date, and the mother left it to the two of them.It should be.My sister said with uncertainty.In the past, she only heard about those people from Xiangjiang from her elder brother.Most of them were dressed in fashionable clothes, and they all looked like rich people.Li Renzong immediately followed up and asked By the way, where is the second sister in law Ugh Li Renzhong sighed and said Your sister in law has a poor life and can t enjoy the blessings.After going to Xiangjiang, she has been dissatisfied with the environment, and died of illness not long after Guohao was born.Ugh Li Renzong also lamented the impermanence of the world when he heard the second brother say cbd gummies company stock symbols that the second sister in law passed away.Forget it, I don t want these unhappy things, second brother, today our brothers are reunited, we must have a good drink Li Renzong glanced at the group of people behind Li Renzhong.They were all tall and mighty, and they could be identified as security personnel at a glance.He thought to himself, cbd focus gummies it seems that his second brother has developed a lot since he cbd focus gummies went to Xiangjiang.After finishing speaking, Li Guohao took out the key and handed it to Chen Sheng.This time when he brought his grandfather to the mainland, Li Guohao made some preparations.He knew that the old man wanted to go to Anyang to see his relatives and friends, and he also prepared some gifts from Xiangjiang, but he did not expect to use them so soon.up.I know the boss.Chen Sheng nodded, turned around and left with the key.Seeing Chen Sheng leaving, Ajie watched the boss turn around, and asked, Boss, where are we going Didn t you see that I m going to the bathroom Walk into a public toilet with a very strong smell.I haven t smelled this smell for more than ten years When he came out again, Li Guohao almost suffocated to death. In the kitchen of the house.Li Renzong s son, Li Defang, looked at the group of people sitting in the room through the curtain.Announce some of Guohao Group s overseas business and its long term cbd gummies for sleep without thc cooperation with HSBC in overseas business, so as is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl to alleviate the falling stock price.Except for the listing of Palace Pastry, Guohao Group s other subsidiaries what is hemptrance cbd gummies are not listed.According to the corporate management plan, apart from announcing some of the group s profits at the end of each year to improve the group s reputation and prestige, there are few press conferences on weekdays.press conference.After all, Guohao Group is considered a private company, and there is no need for it to face the supervision of shareholders, shareholders and the public like listed companies.However, Shen Bi came to ask himself, and Bao Daheng, who was a director of HSBC, also called in person, Li Guohao had to give a satisfactory answer both emotionally and rationally.Li Guohao nodded with a smile.After getting the correct answer, Ni Xingqing s face was full of horror.He never expected that the chairman could see so far, and he could see the cbd gummies naples fl cbd gummies for restless legs clue from last month.If Ni Xingqing was only terrified, then Qi Boheng was terrified.Since the end of the 1980s, the chairman had told him not to invest in any real estate in Xiangjiang.After what Li Guohao said just now, reviews of kushly cbd gummies I was extremely afraid cbd gummies naples fl cbd gummies for restless legs after careful consideration.Did the chairman predict that Xiangjiang Real Estate would collapse from the year before last Di is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies naples fl Yimin raised the frame of his eyes and quickly collected memories of the Florida bubble economy in his mind.After a long time, he said The real estate bubble in Florida was the first real estate bubble crisis in the world in 1926.In 1925, the real estate transaction volume in Miami, USA shrank from more than a billion dollars in 1925 to 100 to 200 million dollars in 1926.After breakfast, Li Guohao went upstairs to see Zhao Yazhi and the relax gummies cbd infused extreme strength reddit two children who were still sleeping, and then hurried to the company by car. As soon as they arrived can cbd gummies increase your heart rate at the company, Ni Xingqing and Qi Boheng waited in the conference room early.Why are you here so early Although it was still cold outside, the air conditioner was already turned on in the room, and it was warm.As soon as Li Guohao came in and said something, he took off the black coat on the outside of the suit and hung it on the hanger.Ni Xingqing replied I just got the news that before the stock market opened this morning, several subsidiaries of Carnegie Group officially suspended trading and went bankrupt and liquidated Carrian went bankrupt The department took the lead to integrate resources with the remaining shareholders of Carrian, and recover the losses It s irreparable.In the first round of joint development of land, Ascendas Real Estate only took out 5 pieces of land in the Kowloon Peninsula, 2 pieces in Xiangjiang Island, and 10 pieces in the New Territories, a total of 17 pieces of official land.Apart from the elements of hunger marketing, Li Guohao mainly wants to develop these official lands by himself.You must know that the land may be worth tens of billions, but if it is developed, it will be worth hundreds of billions.This is only the current value.In later generations, when a square meter is more than 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, the value of these lands is simply difficult to estimate.17 pieces of land may seem like a lot, but there were hundreds of major real estate and venture capital companies present, and overseas capital accounted for more than half of the total number of people.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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