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As long as the number and situation of the immigrant population in the jurisdiction are clarified, at the same time, the management of rental housing should be strengthened to manage people with housing.Not only can the task of population management be completed, but some clues to illegal crimes may be collected during the investigation process.Although Xiyuan can do it, why can t I Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang s HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies blood boiled with enthusiasm, and he was about to take this opportunity to visit some key households in the village when the police phone rang suddenly.Could it be that there is another police situation, and I am busy receiving and dealing with the police all day.Do I want to gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy do my job as a community policeman Han Chaoyang muttered to himself, pressed the call button and raised the phone.A path.It s been considered comprehensively, so let s do it this way.Deputy team leader Ren nodded with a smile, signaling Han Chaoyang to continue.We have a total of three patrol and interrogation terminals, which can be divided into three groups for simultaneous interrogation.Considering that the superior has strict regulations on law enforcement, we will not divide the troops into groups.We will start with one team and come in rows one by one.The security guards at the terminal are swiping their ID cards at the door, and I can see it from the outside, so I just push from south to north.There are many rules in public security, isn t it just a patrol to check the terminal, and I don t trust others to use it, so I have to fun drop cbd gummies watch it with my own eyes Director Su thought pros of cbd gummies it was a little funny.Han Chaoyang didn t know what the leader was thinking, and continued The entry registration and rental house registration of community cadres and comprehensive law enforcement officers are carried out at the same time as the ID card checks, and they advance from south to north at the same time.I told Section Chief An that he would not be in a hurry for a minute or two and let him go.After showing his ID card, we reported his number to Sister Guo for priority checking, but he said he didn t bring it with him and couldn t remember his cbd gummies live well ID number.Then we asked him his name and home address, and he suddenly said that he had a severe stomachache and asked to Go to the toilet, turn around and run.Which direction did you run To the fifth team, I was the only patrol member at the intersection, and I didn t dare to chase too far, but I saw that he seemed to run into the third house on the west side of the intersection.You what mg cbd gummies are best for pain continue to check at the intersection, and I will be there soon.Chapter 53 Inspecting 5 Xinhua, get in the car and bring your equipment The walkie talkie uses the same frequency, how could Gu Xinhua not know what to do What are you going to do Throw the explosion proof shield and swing stick on the patrol car, and say happily Okay.There are so many Chaoyangs, you are going to make me dizzy Secretary Ma of the District Political and Legal Committee told Secretary Yang can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies of the street made a joke, and immediately held Han Chaoyang s hand that had just been put down after saluting Comrade Xiao gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy Han, I didn t expect to see your deeds in the materials in the morning and see the true face of Lushan in the afternoon.Han Chaoyang defends Chaoyang Community security, you really came to the right place.A young and energetic policeman like you should go deep into the community and take root in the grassroots.Facts have proved that working at the grassroots is fun drop cbd gummies just as promising.Create brilliance Han Chaoyang didn t know that the person in front of him was the secretary of the District Political and Legal Committee, but only knew that he was the leader, and said excitedly, Thank you Secretary Ma for your praise, thank you Secretary Ma for your encouragement, in fact, I didn t do the work alone It s very modest.How can you, a girl, be so mean and mean Can you be more reserved Su Xian couldn t help laughing and cursing.I m not a lady, why should I be reserved, Huang Ying asked back, carrying a small bag on her back, clamping the phone around can you eat cbd gummies while breastfeeding her neck, and locked the office door while laughing and asked By the way, is cbd gummies live green the unlucky guy in your neighborhood committee Just let me be reserved, let me be a lady, you can t let me take the initiative to ask him out This girl is really weird.Su Xian couldn t help asking with a smile If you take the initiative, you can take the initiative.Last time, you drove to pick up someone to go on a blind date.Anyway, it s not the first time for you.He s in the neighborhood committee, come here quickly.What about you I didn t sleep all night, and I ve been working all day today.They have something to do at night, and they want to ask for our assistance.If there is any action at this point, it must be to clean up the barbecue.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, put away the violin and walked can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies up to the conductor , and said apologetically, Director Wang, I m sorry, I can only come here tonight.And with his joining, the performance level of the band has improved significantly.How can the old factory manager hold him back, hold his hand tightly and smiled It s okay, it s okay, go ahead, come back tomorrow night when I have time, and then I will send you a WeChat message.Director Wang, free travel hidden You always remember to help promote the sales trap, after all, there are only a few people who come out to play at night, and they may not believe what they say in the group, and there are many people who don t know how to use smartphones, WeChat, or join the group.Don t you have perfume, you d better spray it on him I don t want him to make the police office smell bad.What is he doing He s doing something disgusting and disgusting.Thinking of what his senior brother was doing, Han Chaoyang felt nauseous.Subconsciously took out a cigarette and lit it.Zheng Xinyi frowned slightly, and pointed to the no smoking sign Did you see it Smoking is prohibited.You have to smoke outside or inside.After taking a puff and being reluctant to throw it away, he took out the cigarette case and stuffed it in after thinking about it.I have can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies never seen such a stingy person before, and Zheng Xinyi felt ashamed for him, so she couldn t help laughing I said, Han Da, you are still a civil servant, or a police officer.You don t smoke wherever you go, so why are you so frugal Civil servant I have money, please, my salary is not as high as yours now.He uses 502 glue to block them, and squeezes the glue into the keyhole.When it dries up, he can t open it.The people who install the rolling gates are all businessmen.How to do business when the door can t be opened early on the first day, people must be in a hurry, so they call the maintenance number posted on the rolling shutter door, and fun drop cbd gummies the money comes just like that, you can tell if they are unscrupulous It s so unscrupulous, our restaurant used to I also encountered that the rolling gate of the warehouse was fine at night, but it couldn t be opened the next morning, so I had to call someone to fix it.Cui Changming s knowledge increased, and his face suddenly realized.Facts have proved that the last investigation was not thorough enough, but fortunately it is not too late to make up for it.Wu Wei didn t go in, but raised his arm and pointed to the camera installed above his head Hello, we want to check the surveillance video of your home.Check it Yeah, I know it s troublesome, But please cooperate, it is the duty of every citizen oroscbd cbd gummies to assist the public security organs in handling the case.The middle aged woman was amused, and couldn t help laughing My son cbd gummies for smoking pretended to play with this, and he could see the outside on the computer before, but then it broke It s not repaired.Even if it s not broken, you can t see it.I heard from my son that this can only be viewed on the computer, and it s not easy to save. Real time monitoring, no storage Yes, it seems to be real time.If you don t believe me, go in and watch it , the computer is in his room.Since it s broken, don t read it, sorry to bother you.

Changbao is far from the city.In villages like Chaoyang, Fenghuang, Yangguan and Chenjiaji, the old houses there can t be rented out, they ve been vacant and unoccupied, and they re about to collapse.Thinking about the development of the city to the east, there will be development there sooner or later , I m planning to spend some money to renovate it.No wonder I didn t grasp it before, it turned out that the whole family moved to the urban area.Liang Dongsheng was not in a hurry to explain why he came here, and .

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asked calmly What does your wife do For business, we have a booth in Xinda Wholesale Market.He does wholesale there, and I retail here.What s your wife s name, and do you remember his ID number Officer Liang, my husband doesn t smoke or drink.He stays in the market every day without even playing cards.After standing in the lobby for a while, I went to the emergency center and asked the medical staff to take care of the patients with gunshot wounds, knife wounds and suspected drug abuse.Just as he was about to call and ask Yu Zhenchuan if he could come over for dinner, Yu Zhenchuan arrived in a police car.The same is a community policeman.For Han Chaoyang, community work is the most important job.For Yu Zhenchuan, the community policeman is equivalent to a part time job.Usually, he is not on duty, preparing for work, or receiving police officers, or assisting in handling cases or even hosting some public security cases.It is really a sneak in the community The situation of each police station is different.Han Chaoyang is very clear that compared with most community policemen, there are not many policemen like him and Grandpa Gu who can devote their energy to the community.The how long to cbd gummies work room is full of fun drop cbd gummies spare parts and wire ropes cbd chill gummies 5 pack for driving.There are company brochures and business cards in the van at the door.There are also a bunch of spare parts in the car.It was a serious business, and Wu Wei felt that this trip was wasted.What happened to Ji Zhaojun HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies touched Liang Dongsheng a lot.He thought to himself that the lack of suspicion in front of him did not mean that he could not collect clues from him.He politely declined the cigarette offered by Pang Zichen, took out a pen and paper from his bag and began to inquire.Boss Pang, you rented in the third group of Yangguan Village for a while last year.Do you have any impression of the landlord s family Officer Liang, what happened to that house Sorry, please answer my question first.I m sorry, I m just curious, Pang Zicheng sat down on the side of the bed, and recalled The landlord s family leaves early and returns late, and I also leave early and return late.Good brother, I really have nothing to say.Han Chaoyang glanced at him gratefully, leaned on the steering wheel and said with a smile I appreciate your kindness, my mother is too busy to enjoy the blessings.She can t take a car, and she feels sick when she smells gasoline.Come here once.It s really not easy, I probably won t be able to eat anything at noon.Motion sickness Xu Hongliang asked with a bitter face.I was very dizzy.I called in the morning and said that I would get up at 5 o clock and take motion sickness medicine.I didn t know whether the motion sickness medicine would work or not.I specially prepared a few convenience bags.I was afraid that I couldn t help but throw up in someone s car.There was no other way, Xu Hongliang After thinking about it, I asked again Auntie can t take a car, so how do you go to see the house Riding an electric car, I have agreed with Xu Cheng, and I will borrow his electric car for a few days.If you want people to know, unless you don t do it yourself, what do you think we are doing Do you think we can t find out your real identity if you don t speak up You don t even think about it, why are we looking for you, why are you sitting here Now Attitude determines everything, if you don t want to explain, I ll give you two minutes to think about it He Yichang knocked on the table with a sharp voice.The phone number of my hometown is in the call log of the mobile phone.Where do you live now, your girlfriend knows.What did he do, the police will know after a search.Even the bank card where all the belongings are stored is in the hands of the police.If you want to deny it, you can t deny it.This hurdle is hard to pass.Thinking that everything that happened in the afternoon could not be a coincidence, the suspect did not dare to quibble, and said anxiously Jiang Huaiyu.Although the house is not her own, Huang Ying is really reluctant to give such a good house Renting it to others, and thinking that it would be really difficult for his family to buy the house, he suggested If you want to save money, you can save it.Don t fun drop cbd gummies best full spectrum cbd gummies 2022 rent it all out.Isn t there three rooms Rent out two rooms and keep the master bedroom.No Rent to those who have no quality, it is best not to rent to men, see if there are any women who are willing to rent.I live with someone else Didn t you say that you don t have much chance to live in it Besides, you are a policeman, so people shouldn t worry about anything.If you really want to rent it, leave it to me and I ll help you find out.Who would be willing to rent such a good house Go out, the problem is that the economy is too tight now.Han Chaoyang felt that this was the best solution in front of him, and smiled happily It s okay to rent two rooms, or rent it to a girl.Maybe he knew that the old man was going back today, or maybe the Xinyuan Street Police Station was not busy today, so Yu Zhenchuan arrived early , sitting in front of the computer and uploading the transcripts in the afternoon while logging into the intranet, and asked curiously Chaoyang, what is the down payment for the house How about raising it, if it s not enough, I have 20,000 here.My mother called in the afternoon and said that the fundraiser is almost ready.Come over with my father on Sunday afternoon.Even my more than 10,000 here won t let you borrow money.I can save more than 10,000 yuan.I didn t save much for my salary.Can I save more than 2,000 yuan for a month of probationary period I saved this private money when I was in college.Han Chaoyang took off his law enforcement recorder and held a teacup Sit across from him.For grilled sausages and meat skewers, Su Xian has always laughed at herself as a neighborhood committee aunt who doesn t care if she is fat or not, and asks the boss to add everything that can be added, and even asks the boss to add more peppers.Snacks are also eaten with relish.After eating and swag brand cbd gummies drinking enough to see that there was a stall on the opposite side, he went shopping at the night market.Huang Ying didn t send Su Xian to the neighborhood committee until after seven o clock.The opportunity is rare, Su Xian naturally won t just let her go.He forced her to get out of the car, opened the back door of the police room and said with a smile, Come on, come in and have a look, come in and have a glass of water together.What s there to see Just stay with me.What only cbd gummies the finance office said, Huang Ying suddenly thought about what the unlucky guy was doing, tightened her shoulder bag and smiled, Okay, just take a look, it seems that I haven t gone in yet.

Two criminal policemen each held one of his arms.It was not very convenient to move, and his steps were very small.A criminal police officer was holding a video camera in front of the camera, and a criminal police officer was filming on the side.More than a dozen special police officers fun drop cbd gummies with guns formed a circle, surrounding the suspect.Can t get close.Where is it buried The middle aged plainclothes policeman Han Chaoyang who asked the question knew him, and he was Deputy Captain Li of the Criminal Police Brigade of the sub bureau.It turned out that the suspect was not as courageous as he had imagined, his legs were so frightened that he might not be able to stand still if it weren t for the two criminal policemen standing upright.He raised his handcuffed hands, pointed to the front tremblingly, and trembled.He committed crimes on the No.102 bus some time ago.At that time, there were three people.There are surveillance cameras when they committed the crime, and I have seen the screenshots of the surveillance.There is really nowhere to find them, and it takes no effort to get them Deputy Director Gu was overjoyed, and asked with a smile, Do you have that screenshot Yes, I save the screenshots in the computer.Send them quickly, to my phone.Yes The tone of the leader is very urgent, and this situation is very useful.Han Chaoyang really had such a small sense of accomplishment, he hurried benefits of cbd gummies without thc into the police room to turn on the computer, logged in to WeChat on the computer, found the surveillance screenshots and sent them to Gu Suo.Gu saw several photos of the suspect when happy hemp cbd gummy bears he committed the crime, and ran downstairs to the detention room to check on the suspect.It s a big deal, and besides, isn t it good now A man should have a little heart and can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies a little tolerance.Master, I m actually not a chicken gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy hearted can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies person.If you don t mention it, I ll almost forget about it.Fearing that the old man might not believe it, Han Chaoyang nodded emphatically again.Having been together day and night for so long, Grandpa Gu didn t know what kind of person his apprentice was, so he couldn t help laughing and said I believe you will soon forget, but it s not because you don t remember grudges against Wu Wei, it s because you re too busy, because you want to buy a house, because I m in a relationship, I can t remember, I can t think about it.How is it possible, I really forgot.Master, I am actually very generous.Okay, okay, you are very generous.Grandpa Gu taught his apprentices that Just stop, take out your phone to check the time, and immediately change the subject It s almost 12 o clock, take off your belt, is Accountant Huang coming to pick you up, or do you go directly to her house Secret, I asked for leave the day before yesterday, and went to buy a big bag of fruit last night.The squadron leaders took turns running up to report how many people should be there.After a set of procedures, Lao Jin walked up to everyone and raised his arms Please rest easy, comrades, let s sing a song Chinese People s Liberation Army first.Military song , go forward, go forward Get ready Following his order, the high pitched military song sounded in the basketball hall.Factory Manager Wang couldn t sit still anymore.He ran from the stands to the field, clapped his hands to the old sisters and brothers sitting in the stands, and shouted Come on, come on, stand up, let s warm up too, warm up Now, how about Nanniwan , okay, just Nanniwan , the fragrance of flowers in the flower basket all ready The fragrance of flowers in the flower basket, listen to me sing, sing.When we came to Nanniwan, Nanniwan is a good place, a good place The military song is sung here, and Nanniwan is sung on the opposite side.Before Director Yu finished speaking, Lu Jiaxi said eagerly Send him here.The tall man also had injuries on his hands, and the woman ran in barefoot, with sandals in her hands, and looked anxious, but whoever came to our place was not in a hurry.Now that I think about it, they were not only anxious but also panicked, very suspicious.If it is a fall, if it is a traffic accident or an industrial accident, they will not run for no reason.There must be something wrong with these four people Han Chaoyang s heart trembled, and he asked, When did you run and in which direction did you go I didn t run for a long time, it took less than five minutes, and I went west.How did you run, did you take a taxi or drive I condor cbd gummies reviews didn t take a taxi, so .

how much cbd in one gummy bear?

I ran like this.Since it is almost certain that there is a problem, he will chase after him, so he can t waste time, Han Chaoyang jumped out of the car immediately, and said to the brothers and team members who came rushing over, In Zhenchuan, there are four people acting suspiciously, three men and one woman.Huang Ying thought about it and asked again What if we use a condenser microphone The condenser microphone has high sensitivity and a wide pickup range.Seven or eight of them can perfectly pick up the voices of more than a hundred actors in the chorus, and the sound quality is very good.Balance, good overall sense, and even a natural sense of reverberation.In fact, I only know a little bit about these things.Brother Wei has been in a band before and is proficient in tuning.I will call later to ask if I have time on the night of August 1st.If there is, please ask him to tune it for us.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing as their brothers are really experts in doing these things.Aunt Qian seemed to know that the two of them were usually very busy.Could it be that they were talking together for a while After hesitating for a while, she walked over and handed over a piece of paper with an embarrassed smile on her face Chaoyang, fun drop cbd gummies we think the third song can also be a backup dancer.Han Chaoyang walked over and saw that it was a young man in his early twenties and a woman with a child.The child was six or seven years old, and it was dirty.You can t put such a minor in a steel cage.He and his mother stood outside the iron fence, letting the two auxiliary policemen watch them, and ended up arguing with the young man inside the iron fence again.Officer Hu, why did they make a fuss Han Chaoyang asked curiously.This kid was getting more and more annoying.He sent a message for help at night, and even Zhou Ju helped forward it.Lao Hu felt that Han Chaoyang was a villain, but he didn t want to offend him.He opened the anti theft door of the case fun drop cbd gummies handling area, and said as he walked, My wife and I are professional beggars.Let the child pester passers by to ask for money, and she hides in the dark.I didn t expect to meet you as soon as I went out.What a coincidence.Body.Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you, Inspector Gu, my wife, Chen Yaxin, also works at PolyU.Yaxin, this is the Inspector Gu I often tell you about, and this is Xiaoyu from the Xinyuan Street Police Station , Our area is all under the management of Xiao Yu.The deputy director fun drop cbd gummies of the security department of PolyU often dealt with each other, to be precise, with several of his subordinates.Although they are not in the same system, Yu Zhenchuan did not dare not to regard the person in front of him as an improper leader.He hurriedly smiled and said, Hello, Director Jiang, and Mr.Chen.Greetings, I know the Chaoyang Community Police Office quite well, so I couldn t help laughing and said, living well cbd gummies Inspector Gu, Xiao Yu, how many policemen are there in your police office Three, me, Xiao Yu, and Xiao Han, Xiao Han has something to do with his family, so he asked for leave today.

Boss Du and the master are angry with me Stop the ink, and I will be angry with you.What exactly happened is really inexplicable.Han Chaoyang also didn t dare to keep the leader and master waiting for a long time.He walked into the backyard nervously carrying the stainless steel, and came to the door of the community police office and shouted a report.Come in.Yes After opening the door, not only Director Du and Master were there, but Director Su was also there.The senior brother wasn t joking, Du Ju really had a gloomy face, sitting at his desk and staring at him closely, his eyes were terrified.Grandpa Gu sat across from Director Du, and Director Su sat on Grandpa Gu s wire bed, one was thoughtful, the other was expressionless but had a playful look in his eyes.The atmosphere was obviously not right, Han Chaoyang was so nervous that he forgot to say hello.Thank you Du Ju.The master s face turned pale No, obviously thought that he wanted to change jobs, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to go out to answer, so he pressed the call button in front of the three of them, and answered the call of Xu Hongliang who was far away in the East China Sea.I have something to do here.To make a long story short, is Lingling interested Well, let her pick it up.Han Chaoyang took a peek at Director Du, and then said, Lingling, Principal Nie was looking for me.I did a good job in the branch office., the leader is fun drop cbd gummies very concerned about me, the master is very caring for me, and my colleagues and comrades in arms are also very good to me, both at work and in life.Even Chen Jie, Xinyi and Xiaobin are very supportive of my work, yes yes yes, I That s what I mean, I can t bear them, so I can only decline Principal Nie s kindness. That s right, I m taking a break today, I ll go buy it later, would you like to bring one for you No, I have a suitcase.I bought it when I was in college and stuffed it under the bed.It can be used for washing and brushing.Just as he was talking, Director Su walked in with a lunch box and a smile.Only then did Han Chaoyang realize that it was time for lunch, and he took his lunch box from Chen fun drop cbd gummies Jie who followed him in, and was about to ask Grandpa Gu and his wife if there was any food delivered.Director Su put down the lunch box and said, Chaoyang, Xiaobin morning I asked the security guard at PolyU, and it turned out that PolyU started relatively late this year, freshmen will report on September 16th and 17th, and sophomores, juniors, and seniors will not start until September 18th. Some schools start early, and some It s normal for your school to start late.The agricultural population accounts for 99 of the total population, and the township has arable land 47840 mu, per capita 7.6 mu, including 31,000 mu of terraced fields As expected of a household registration policeman, talking about these basic conditions is very familiar.Han Chaoyang quickly recorded it and asked Brother Jiang, are the 7 villages far from the township government Sunjiaping is the closest, just over the mountain.Jiang Li raised his arm and pointed to the west, and said with a smile You didn t see it this afternoon because it was blocked by the mountain, and it only takes five or six minutes to drive there.Guojiacha, you should have passed by when you came here.We are in a mountainous area, and the villagers build their houses on the mountainside or even at the foot of the mountain, so you may not be able to see them when you pass by.After harvesting, the millet is milled to remove the bran and it becomes yellow rice.When making rice grits, first wash the yellow rice Clean it, pour it into a boiling pot high dose cbd gummies for anxiety fun drop cbd gummies of boiling water, and when the rice is almost rotten, it is usually about seven or eight years old.Put the grits into the noodles, stir them together, and then you can eat them after stewing.It is very delicious.He Suo, what to say Special features, the water noodles are not counted, and the rice grits are not counted.Hang Instructor came over after making the phone call.Lao Hang, what do you call a special feature He Suo asked with a smile.We live a good life here.We eat sheep in the morning, fish at noon, and eggs in the evening.All we eat are Yang sheep taro fish eggs all day long Instructor Hang was worried that Han Chaoyang would not understand, so he was right.This area outflanks.He is the one who should be in a hurry now, Han Chaoyang is in no hurry.Make up your mind, close your eyes, and open them again to see if you can fun drop cbd gummies adapt to the dark environment better, if you can confirm the fugitive s location, and if you can vaguely see what the fugitive is doing.However, it was too high dose cbd gummies for anxiety fun drop cbd gummies dark in the woods, and I couldn t really see my fingers.The front was so dark that I couldn t see anything clearly.However, the voice confirmed that he was still in place.What is he doing Could it be that he is so seriously injured that he can t get up or walk No matter how many crops the wild boar under the knee has harmed before, it really made a great contribution this time.Unfortunately, it sacrificed heroically.I don t know how many times it was shot, but it died a heroic death anyway Han Chaoyang touched the wild boar s head in a strange way.He didn t know if he touched it.When he touched it, he was startled.Two upward curving fangs can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies protruded from the pig s mouth, at least ten centimeters long.Although the fangs are not very sharp, this guy has a ferocious temperament and is not afraid of people or any animals.I remember a TV program about high dose cbd gummies for anxiety fun drop cbd gummies animals, in which a leopard who was very hungry wanted to prey on wild boars, but was killed by price of eagle hemp cbd gummies several wild boars, and was gnawed to the bone by several wild boars that ate everything.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang realized that the fugitive had encountered this guy on a narrow road.Although he fired several shots and killed the wild boar, the result was obviously a loss for both sides.Even if he didn t die, he might be disabled.Just when Han Chaoyang speculated about the fugitive s injuries, the sound of music suddenly came from ahead, followed by a faint light.It is not easy for Wang Ju to criticize him, nor to give him orders, but he can order his subordinates.Comrade Han Chaoyang, Comrade Han Chaoyang, I am Wang Jinhui, Director of the Public Security Bureau of Longdao County, please hand over the phone to Comrade Jiang Li, please hand over the phone to Comrade Jiang Li.Handed the phone to Jiang Li.Report to Director Wang, we just arrived at the scene, please give instructions.Jiang Li was taken aback, and hurriedly got under the can you take cbd gummies while breastfeeding flashlight to hold up Han Chaoyang s cell phone.Comrade Jiang Li, the reinforcements are on their way to Tanjiagou.The ambulance will arrive at Niangniang Temple soon.Please quickly transfer the fugitive to the entrance of Tanjiagou village, and pay attention to the fugitive s injuries when transferring.Yes The mountain road is difficult at night.

You know what the relatives said, people said that the old man was scolded to death by you, He Pingyuan I scolded him to death What You didn t turn on the law enforcement recorder, and there is no law enforcement video.Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang did not participate in the mediation outside, even if they participated in the mediation with you, their words would not be convincing without the law enforcement video.They need to intervene now Video, you can t get the video, a big living person entered the police station and died after returning, it wasn t you, He Pingyuan who scolded him to death, but you, He Pingyuan, who scolded him to death. Secretary Tang, what kind of person am I, He Pingyuan , others don t know you can fun drop cbd gummies best full spectrum cbd gummies 2022 t know I know it s useful Secretary Tang slapped the table with a bang, pointed at him and roared What did I tell you, how did fun drop cbd gummies I train, and how did I usually How did I remind you We must enforce the high dose cbd gummies for anxiety fun drop cbd gummies law impartially and also protect ourselves.Germany.Twelve policemen went to the Northwest to study and exchange, and three policemen received awards for their meritorious service.What does this mean It shows that the Yandong branch and even the Yanyang branch are extremely combative Director Zhou was happy, and Deputy Director Chu of fun drop cbd gummies the Municipal Bureau was as happy as Director Xie of the Political Department.The leaders of the department gave such a high evaluation, and the brother district and county police chiefs who were brought in by Zhou Ju could only express their congratulations, and could only watch Zhou Ju and Huang Political Commissar take the limelight.From picking up leaks to now, Han Chaoyang has been consoled and praised by no less than 20 leaders.It is no exaggeration to say that he has become numbed , his stomach is growling with hunger, and he only thinks about when he can start eating.Fortunately, the leaders seemed to have had dinner, listened to the introduction, praised a green ape cbd gummies shark tank few words, took a group photo, offered a symbolic toast, and left with various excuses.Zhou Ju didn t leave, but Zhou Ju was the leader of his unit, and everyone had nothing to worry about.They ate like a starved ghost reincarnated, but because they ate too much, they couldn t eat the food that was served later.Eat more, don t be embarrassed, there are no outsiders now.Zhou Ju, I m full, I really can t eat any more.I m full too, Zhou Ju, I m really full.There are so many dishes, Don t eat waste.Political commissar Huang knew very well that Zhou Ju was the worst waste, so he couldn t help laughing Zhou Ju, there will be no waste, this task is left to Chaoyang, and the waiter will ask for a few cbd gummy brand design more lunch boxes to pack and take back.Han Chaoyang looked at the girl who was dragging her suitcase and standing behind her parents, then turned and pointed in the direction of the Sixth Hospital The first intersection ahead.Turn left and walk about 200 meters to the north and you will see that the hotel gate faces west, and there is a big light box on the roof, which is very conspicuous.Thank you.You re welcome.Just after pointing the way to this family, I saw a The parent walked out of PolyU with a child wearing glasses, put the suitcase on the east side of the gate, and chatted with the security guard while taking out his mobile phone to check something.The taxi drivers standing guard at the entrance of PolyU swarmed up, vying to solicit customers, which made the family who was not familiar with the place of birth very anxious.He immediately grinned and said, It s nothing, it s just a joke.What can I tell them, if I really warn them, maybe I will burn myself , maybe they will be asked to show a police card.Without regularization and title, Han Chaoyang has nothing to do with them.Staring at them and watching them disperse, he patted the arm of Xu Hongliang who was gnashing his teeth angrily, and walked up to the family surrounded by the drivers just now Hello, do you think you can report today, don t you No place to live Comrade policeman, we know that we will report tomorrow, and it is clearly written in the notice.We checked on the Internet and found out that the school has a hostel, but we didn t expect that the rooms were all full.I m to blame for this, we should have booked earlier.It s really crazy, I don t think that you are not the only ones who send your children to report.side demolition compensation.Zhang Beibei is different from them, he is poor and short sighted, so how can he spend them with them if he fun drop cbd gummies has no money.Huang Ying came to her senses, thought about it, and then asked, Will Jiang Erhu pay you back the rent I have already, Zhang Beibei explained with a wry smile, My compensation for the demolition is with the demolition company.If he doesn t pay the lawsuit, he will continue to fight with him, and if he wins 100 , the court can enforce it, and it can be directly transferred from the account of the demolition company. Then what standard will the demolition company compensate you It s the same as before.I wanted to transfer the residence registration.I asked the village cadres and village representatives one by one for help, and they were willing to help.The leader also ran outside for a day and just returned before dinner Yes, HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies I don t know much about these situations.Xiao Liu looked down at the record and continued to report The two I haven t contacted for now are Zhou Zhongjie, 24 years old this year.He has a criminal record and was sentenced to three years in prison for theft and intentional wounding.He was released in September last year.After he came out, he has been fooling around with Cao Shengkai.Although he is older than Cao Shengkai, because Cao Shengkai is richer, he has always followed Cao Shengkai s lead.Fang team found his family, and his parents said that he went to work in the south in March this year, and he has not been with his family since he left.Contact.Several other people who often fooled around with Cao Shengkai before also confirmed that Zhou Zhongjie went out to work before Cao Shengkai came to Yanyang, and after going out and before Cao Shengkai came to Yanyang, he had never heard of any contact between the two Teng Jiming took a look at the photo and asked, What s the name of the other one The other one s surname is Wei, Wei Xiaojun, who is the same age as the victim, and was a classmate of the victim when he was in high school.Zhu reminded Brothers, strong dragons don t overwhelm local snakes.You d better take it easy.Don t act fake.I have to go to work tomorrow.I don t want to go to the police station with you.I know what we are doing, so it s okay.While speaking, the No.3 car had overtaken the front of the convoy, and had to slow down in less than pure kana premium cbd gummies for hair loss two minutes after overtaking, and slowly stopped at the crowded village entrance.What are you doing, get out of the way, all the fuck out of the way for labor and capital Before Xu Hongliang could give an order, security guard Cai Shijie from Class 4 and security guard Zhang Yuchen from Class 6 pushed the door and got off the car, with stern faces and wide eyes, pointing to stop The villagers in front of the car asked cursingly.Two burly big bald heads There is a gold chain hanging around the neck, bracelets on the hands, and a black Tang suit on the upper body.

As a result, the lads took four boxes, and these four boxes were mainly lit by helping to set off firecrackers on the road They all got off the car before the wedding convoy arrived at the Royal Court Hotel, and went back to the security company for lunch, not wanting to cause trouble to Mr.Liang s house.The old factory manager was very satisfied with the performance of the boys, took out his mobile phone and said with a smile Chaoyang, I heard that someone posted the video of the wedding reception on the Internet, spreading cbd gummies sunmed false rumors, making it difficult to hear, and saying anything.Don t worry, take the bride If Zishun successfully retrieves it, it means victory.His mouth is on people s faces, and he doesn t care what they say.Teacher Liang knows that some relatives and friends at the wedding banquet saw those microblogs.Another criminal police officer in the special case team continued to interrogate Qi Wenli in the office next door, and it seemed that these two brats would take turns to identify him.As for whether they martha stewart cbd gummies gummy worm cbd lied just now, the two confessions will come to the fore.And it s not just about the confession just now, I can imagine that they will be interrogated repeatedly in the future, the truth cannot be fake, and the fake cannot be true, no matter whether the confession was made in advance, no matter how similar the nonsense made up in advance, it is impossible to make up It was seamless.Leaders and experienced detectives came and went.Han Chaoyang, a rookie, and Wu Wei, a newcomer, had no right to speak.They kept guarding at the office door until a few detectives escorted Qi Wenli away.The two suddenly found that the gravel field had become original appearance.Yingying is going too, what is she going to do You ask me, how do I know, anyway, you are in big trouble, Director Su Make it very clear that if Yingying gets hurt because of this, she will not only settle accounts with you, but also with your parents.Miao Haizhu was really anxious, fun drop cbd gummies but she didn t know what to where to buy jolly cbd gummies shark tank say about men and fun drop cbd gummies women, so she simply said something I just arrived at the police office, and I was next to Sergeant Gu, and asked your master to tell you.Not only did my girlfriend know, but Director Su and his master also knew about it Han Zhaoyang realized that the backyard had exploded at the moment, and hurriedly said Master, things are not what Sister Miao thinks, I broke up with Sheng Yanwen long ago, and we have not contacted for more than two years, and when we talked with Yingying I admitted my mistakes, and I felt that since I wanted to talk about it, I couldn t hide it.But it must be admitted that the good brother s nonsense was very effective, and Huang Ying was no longer angry, but became worried.Yingying, don t worry about him, who is he He s a pig man Naturally, Xu Hongliang would not be so stupid as to expose him, and joked while holding the steering wheel Now that you think about it, you are really his lucky star.As luck would have it, two murderers were arrested, one of them was a Grade A wanted criminal from the Ministry of Public Security, the pig bumped into the fugitive, he bumped into the pig, you said how lucky he was, you blessed him so much Lucky, what can he do Really Xie Lingling took Huang Ying s arm and said with a chuckle, Before I met you, he was so useless, he was not welcome in the institute, and he even helped Brother Wei to save him.I have a lot to talk to him, It seems that there are always endless things to talk about, but unfortunately there are not many opportunities to chat together.The police is really not a good job.I always ask him to come back early, but he always comes back early.When something happens, I have to face it by myself Yes, even if there is anything at his house, I have to come.His uncle is seeing a doctor in the Third Provincial Hospital, and I go to see him every night.Fortunately, he has never been there.It s not easy to be a police wife, Yingying, I envy you very much, but I m not jealous, because fun drop cbd gummies I can t do any of what you have paid for him.How can I say this It was just a chat, you know him, I know him, Some are different, but they have more in common.Sheng Yanwen put down her chopsticks, dragged her chin and said with a smile For example, the man I know is as dedicated as the one you know.To set up a car rental company, no administrative license is required, and no Special Industry License is required.Just go to the public security department to file a case and apply for a Special Industry Record Certificate.In fact, some car rental companies don t even know to go to the branch cbd gummies 0 thc security brigade for the record.Although the management of the car rental industry is not as strict as that of the hotel industry and the pawnbroker industry, and the security brigade does not have all the basic information, Yandong District is so big and there are so many car rental companies.The visit is over, and it is certain that nothing will be missed.It turned out to high dose cbd gummies for anxiety fun drop cbd gummies be nothing, but that was to be expected.After all, there are indications that Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang should be operating in the west of the city and the high tech zone, and it is unlikely that they will come to Yandong to rent a car.Bring your bank card.When we got to the place, when we were playing inside, there were people watching outside.They were very respectful and never had any accidents.The underground casino is in the high tech zone, with pick up and drop off, and security checks, making it so mysterious.Who else could exist in Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and asked What is the surname of the person who organized the game The surname is Guan.We all call him Boss Guan.I don t know what his name is.Only one surnamed Guan Boss His surname is Guan.He has two subordinates, one surnamed Yu and the other surnamed Chen.I really don t know what their names are.They re just there for fun.Just be safe.Who s going to inquire about these things.I don t know the names, and I don t even know the surnames.He was planning to find something to do for Han Chaoyang, fun drop cbd gummies best full spectrum cbd gummies 2022 who was eating inside and out , as the deputy leader of the special case team.Feng Ju suddenly said Old Teng, Our Zhou Bureau just called.Considering that the two cases we are investigating are related, Zhou Bureau asked the security brigade to assist you with all our efforts.Xiao Han will not be involved in the next investigation.The gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy security brigade arranged for two people who are familiar with the case.The policeman replaced him.Boss Feng, there is no need to be so troublesome to replace, Xiao Han is very good, and the young man is very capable.The young man is very good, but continuing to follow you will definitely lead to bad results How could Director Feng not know that he was on fire, and said calmly, No trouble, the police from the Public Security Brigade have already set off and are on their way here to meet you.

He held his hand tightly and comforted him, Uncle, my mother called me on the way here.She found an old Chinese doctor for you.Western medicine can t help you.The Chinese medicine doctor is fine, Yingying is asking for leave from the leaders of their unit, and we will send you back later, and accompany you to find the old Chinese medicine doctor.Chaoyang, tell your mother, don t bother.How can cancer be so serious It s easy to cure, but if you don t read it, it s a waste of money to read it again.The uncle let out a long sigh, patted his hand and said, Yingying is a good girl, I really trouble her this time, your father in law is also good, Sending things here every day, either this soup or that soup, don t bother them any more, call Yingying and ask her not to ask for leave.I don t want you to deliver it either, it s very convenient to take a long distance bus back, it s so troublesome to send it back and forth.When he returned to his hometown, he would definitely visit his uncle and sister in law.Han Zhaoyang realized that, Put the money back into the mother s pocket Mom, we have money, we will buy it ourselves.It s two different things, just keep it if you wantHuang Ying felt a little funny that the mother and son were so polite.I followed Han Chaoyang to the biggest supermarket in the town to buy some gifts, and arrived at Xinhu Village, where Han Chaoyang was born, at around nine o clock in the morning.People in the mountains are superstitious, to be precise, the customs in the mountains are deeply rooted.Although Dad Han is a cadre in the town, he will come back several times a year to worship the ancestors.In addition, there is a small plot of land in front of the old house.Teacher Ma doesn t want to waste it, so he grows some vegetables and fruits, so he often comes back.You can arrest me and go to jail.He is him, you are you, and he is Adults are not minors who don t understand anything, just like what you said just now, the disaster is not as serious as your parents, and the crime is not as serious as your wife and children , no matter what he has committed, we can t arrest you. Then what are you doing here Huo Jianliang stopped in his tracks, pointed to his house fun drop cbd gummies and said, I want money, right I ve been told a hundred times that I have no money If you want a house, you can demolish it, and put a seal on it to take it away.We happen to be able to apply for subsistence allowances, and the fun drop cbd gummies whole family has no food and no place to live, so I don t believe the government will take care of it.I ve never seen such unreasonable people relying on the government He is definitely an insider, and he and his son are definitely in collusion.Breathing the fresh air of the autumn night, looking at the lights of other people s houses in the distance, Huang Ying held his arm tightly and sighed as she walked It s not that your cousin doesn t want to show it to your uncle, it s not that you don t want to spend money, the main reason is this The disease is discovered too late, and it is useless to go to the largest hospital to hire the best doctor.So we have to take the physical examination seriously.In some hospitals, the physical examination is like a formality, and many diseases cannot be detected.Huang Ying let out a long sigh, and said quietly And not everyone has the opportunity to have a physical examination.Some units have a formal job and can go to the hospital for a physical examination once a year.Farmers like your uncle and aunt are can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies willing to pay for it themselves.Seeing four electric patrol cars approaching slowly, Han Chaoyang immediately raised the walkie talkie and asked Zhang Jinhai to arrange four security guards to come over to watch the gate.Four tall young men had just squeezed to the door, when Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin and Wu Junfeng arrived with more than twenty young men.The Chaoyang Community Security Service Company was originally established by Huayuan Street to maintain stability.They are more professional than the security guards of PolyU in terms of stability maintenance.Without Han Chaoyang opening his mouth, the boys acted tacitly.One post at three steps, one whistle at five steps, advised the crowd not to stay here, and even played the role of traffic coordinator, standing in the middle of the road, gesticulating and whistling to direct the traffic that was blocked just now to pass.Maybe considering that the suspect is hiding abroad, and he doesn t know which country he is hiding in, and he is a little helpless.The No.2 Investigation Squadron is following.There is nothing the Bureau can do, and Team He and the others can do anything, and there are no specific measures.As expected Liu Jianye couldn t help laughing and asked, How do you plan to arrest him next Liu Suo, I really don t know about this, but I suspect that the three small contractors who suffered the most losses are also looking for Huo Xuebin.Two of them have already been contacted, and the other has changed his number.I can t get in touch for the time being.Maybe I thought I was investigating the matter of organizing migrant workers to go to the gate of the district government to pull up banners and ask for an explanation, but the two contractors I contacted were unwilling to talk to me on the phone.Yes.It is impossible for the bureau to allocate cars to the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road for no reason.Liu Jianye only wants cars and not people.The reason why people are not fun drop cbd gummies best full spectrum cbd gummies 2022 wanted is not that the police force in the institute is not tense, but that this may involve the division of jurisdictions in the future.As the head of the police station, no one wants to be cededed.He touched the corner of his mouth and pondered Considering that your master will retire soon, the police force in the police room will become very tense.Xiao Wu used to stay with you in the police office, you were responsible for the overall work of the police office and community work, and he was mainly responsible for handling cases, what do you think Who doesn t like workaholics , besides, the leader has already decided, Han Chaoyang Hastily said Wu Wei is so capable, it s really kind of him to go, thank you Liu Suo.Thinking.You are different, you are his youngest apprentice, but he is similar to a junior when you say he is an apprentice, and he will not say anything no matter how well you are in charge.Master, the old man doesn t want to retire, let alone do anything to celebrate his retirement This is the same reason that my uncle hates other people to visit when he is sick Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and asked with a bitter face Bao Suo, let me take care of it, but what about the bureau, what s the opinion , Is the Bayi Song Club doing a good job, I will leave this matter to you, let you come up with a plan as soon as possible, after the plan is made, the bureau will study it, and then consider whether to invite the leadership of the city bureau.Third Chapter 174 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.

It turns out that he He is destined to be a leader.There are too many selected students who have not taken leadership positions, Grandpa Gu glanced at him again, and said with a smile, I know of several, including Sang Zhengbo from the sub district office.I live in the same community as me.I m almost 40 this year, and I m still a section member.Whether you can take up a leadership position depends on your personal ability or work. Master, I m not jealous, I just think it s unfair.Why is it unfair The selection of transfer students is also open to the public.You are not admitted to the selection of transfer students, and you think fun drop cbd gummies it is unfair.Those college students who have not been admitted to civil servants are compared with you, and they feel it is unfair Han Chaoyang endured He couldn t help laughing and said It s not .

what kind of cbd gummies?

that I failed the exam, I didn t go to the exam.She told the customers with a bit of fun drop cbd gummies flamboyance that there are a lot of people who come to the village to buy cars every day.There are also thirty or forty, and they don t have to worry about the car not being sold Chapter 380 Respect for the Leader Director Su and Lao Jin are pointing at the leaders of the sub bureau to help facilitate the large order of security services for the East City Transportation Hub Project.The sub bureau needs the assistance of community volunteer security patrols.How could she and Lao Jin not agree Immediately said that all the community cadres including her will work overtime tonight, go to each duty point to help guard the gate, and deploy as many team members as possible to assist the branch office Perhaps when Han Chaoyang went to the Northwest for an exchange, the Security Office of PolyU and the Chaoyang Community Security Company cooperated very well in the security operations of the concert.It s much more interesting than staying on the street.As long as I can be seconded, I won t be driven back, even if I m still there Okay, I have confidence in you.Han Chaoyang looked back Looking at the old director of Factory 527 who came in through the back door holding a teacup, he continued, The administrative service center may not have less work than the sub district office, but at least it can commute to and from work on time, and we can rest on weekends.The police station is so busy, but they also work overtime every three days.Huang Ying sighed softly Secretary Yang and your Zhou Bureau are really good.If you can help one, why can t you help two It would be great if you can also be transferred to the administrative service center.Your branch has a window in the administrative service center, and you can apply for a passport.Huang Ying snorted and immediately changed the topic Let s not talk about this, no matter how good you are, you are still a film policeman.To be honest, your application for the Music Association has been approved, and the City Music Association and the Provincial Music Association The association has passed consecutively, and I will send you a link later on, there is a public list of new members of the Provincial Music Association, and you are the seventeenth and last.Joining the Music Association, becoming a member of the Music Association is really useless.Huang Ying didn t mention that Han Chaoyang almost forgot about it, and couldn t help asking This is the only person who applied to join the Provincial Music Association But you said that you are a musician, nine out of ten people don t believe it, and the number of applicants is relatively small, so you took advantage of it.He drooped his head and said cautiously, I haven t done it before.It s my first offense.He said sharply Look up and look at me.Where do you think this is, and what do you think the public security agency is doing I can tell you clearly that the technicians of the Bureau of No Management have already monitored your illegal broadcasting signal, And more than one frequency is occupied, and the test report will come out tomorrow Bi Xunchang was startled, raised his head and dared not speak.Kang Suo pointed to his mobile phone again If you don t tell us, we won t be able to find out Check your mobile phone call records, and you will know everything Remind me again, our policy is to be lenient for confession and strict for resistance.Now Attitude determines everything, if you are dishonest and refuse to explain, we will not listen to you if you want to explain Miao Haizhu, who has been busy taking notes and has not spoken, suddenly put down her pen, took out her mobile phone, searched for the legal terms, and held it up to him. How do you know that Zhang Zhishu doesn t pay attention What s so strange about this is that there are only three communities and four administrative villages in the entire street.Whether it s the secretary of the party branch of the community neighborhood committee, the secretary of the village party committee, or the director of the village committee, they have basically worked for several years or even ten years.The old face, who is what kind of person, not to mention the street leaders, even us clerks are very clear.Huang Ying sat across fun drop cbd gummies from him with dumplings, poured a little vinegar into the small bowl, and said Zhang Zhishu is a typical A pragmatist, he doesn t pay attention to relatively imaginary things such as the construction of grassroots organizations, but only pays attention to real things.There are rooms available., It s just a big room, and you need to live with other passengers. If you live together, you can live together, it s okay.The tall man was about forty years old, his hair was half gray, and he looked at Han Chaoyang fun drop cbd gummies and Wu intentionally or unintentionally.Wei, immediately took out the wallet from his arms, and took out the ID card from the wallet.The short man was very young, he looked only in his twenties, he also put down his bag, and leaned over to find his ID card.Strange things happen every year, especially tonight Those who come to stay here are not literary youths who are looking for poetry and distance , college graduates who come to Yanyang to find a job, or parents who bring their children to experience the atmosphere of the youth hostel.Female , two more people who don t look like living in a youth hostel are ushered in. Sheriff Gu is right, it s also a second hand house , Why can t our community sell at a higher price, why can t sell the New Spring Garden next door, it s just that the management hasn t kept up So no matter from the perspective of living or investment, we should set up a general meeting of owners , should hire a property management company to do a good job in the environmental sanitation, greening and security of the community.Inspector Gu, you think we don t want to do it, the key is that we are not in harmony Some people say they don t care about the little money, but if he is really asked to pay, he will make sarcastic remarks.I know, I know, I can understand.Grandpa Gu invited everyone to enter the doorway of Building 8 sideways, holding The door just opened with a swipe card said with a smile When there are too many people, there will be more opinions.

In fact, it is the transition of the sanitation contract area of the old Chaoyang Village to the Chaoyang Community.The only difference is that in the past, the funds for cleaning mainly came from the sanitation fees paid by the migrants renting in the village, but now it has become street appropriations.Han Zhaoyang came to his senses, thinking that it would be hard to find a cleaner, Zheng Xinyi actually agreed, Okay, Secretary Cao, Secretary Zhang, since you two trust me so much, I ll try.Okay, we That s it.Kang Haigen was dumbfounded, and secretly sighed that the efficiency of the neighborhood committee was so high, and such an important appointment and dismissal of personnel was decided after a few people s discussions, unlike what the office wanted to do.For this report, you need to ask that person for instructions After talking about the community, Cao Zefang asked Kang Haigen why he came.Xu Weizhong put on his slippers and walked into the living room, looked at his wife who was lying on the sofa watching TV and fell asleep, picked up the remote control and turned off the TV, sat down and said I went to the bureau for a meeting in the afternoon, and when the meeting was over, Director Wen stopped the meeting.He said that the branch bureau should set up a Literary Federation.We should organize comrades like you who can write fun drop cbd gummies well, be good at writing, and understand music, so as to promote police camp culture.Let you fill out a form, which is your resume, specialties, artistic achievements, etc.The branch bureau established the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, did you make a mistake Han Chaoyang was not interested in participating in these things, and just as he didn t know how to speak, Xu Weizhong said again I just looked at my phone and found out that Director Wen sent me a blank electronic form, and now I m forwarding it to you, quickly fill it out and send it to Me.Although other houses are closed and there is no competition, there is also no business.There is no car in the yard, but the red lanterns hanging on both sides of the gate add a little vitality to this deserted mountain village.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time fun drop cbd gummies she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh gummy worm cbd of relief, put down his phone and picked up the walkie talkie Xiao Liu, Xiao Liu, go to Chen Er Store immediately and wait for him at Chen Er Store.Got it.She should have seen Ling Bin too.Grandpa Gu helped his arms, and said in a deep thought This is the best chance to contact her.If she still doesn t come out, it means that she not only has a close relationship with Wan Xiaoxia, but also knows about Wan Xiaoxia s past Master, you Does it mean that she just knew about it and was only suspected of harboring and covering up, so she is unlikely to be an accomplice I can t be 100 sure, but I fun drop cbd gummies biospectrum cbd gummies don t think she looks like a drug dealer.I will know soon.Han Zhaoyang just finished speaking , the phone rang suddenly, and when I picked it up, I looked at the caller ID, and it was actually the deputy director of the sub bureau Feng who called himself.In fact, once the New Year s Day is over, the traffic at the East Bus Station will increase day by day.The safety of the Spring Festival travel season can be said to be the immediate The most important thing gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy is that when I participated in the Spring Festival travel safety work meeting yesterday, I discussed it with the station manager Qi.They arranged 100,000 yuan as a special fund for Spring Festival safety.No one.You go back and ask Hong Liang if you can transfer two shifts over there.If there is no problem, I will help him and tell Manager Qi.Chapter 463 Zhang Boyu has been arrested Back to the police office, talk to Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin about the relocation of the police office and security during the Spring Festival.Li Xiaobin felt very strange, and couldn t help laughing This business can be accepted, this business can be done, arrange two shifts to go there, and you can earn 100,000 yuan a month.I will send you the address of our police office later, and just send it to me.Remember to take a photo of the delivery slip and send the photo to me when you send it.Give it to me, so that I can find the logistics information online, and if the courier company loses my phone, I will look for them, not you, and it s none of your cv sciences cbd gummies business.Okay, I ll send it to you as soon as I get off the train.You need to pay for sending something.You put it on the pad first, and I will help you take care of the owner later.Officer Han, please don t, how much does the express delivery cost I was wrong.I should hand it over to you after I pick it up, no I should bring it back Let s not talk about this, just send the phone back.It s almost the Chinese New Year, so I ll give you an early New Year s greetings One thing was settled like this, and Grandpa Gu couldn t help sighing on the way back Said Chaoyang, it s not unreasonable for the masses to have opinions on us, just like Chief Wang s mobile phone, can he find it so smoothly by himself It s easy for us to find it.At 8 45, the establishment ceremony of the anti pickup squadron of the Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade and the plainclothes anti pickup squadron of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau officially began.Han Chaoyang took over the revised agenda from Cao Zefang and sat on the rostrum The far left hosts the meeting.First, Director Xie, please announce the decision of the community neighborhood committee on the establishment of an anti picking squad, and then, as a community policeman, announce the decision of the Huayuan Street Police Station on the establishment of a plainclothes auxiliary police squadron.Then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to speak, and then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to announce the appointment of personnel.Before they left, they talked with Liu Suo and the instructor in the yard for a while, and it seemed that they had not yet fun drop cbd gummies decided on the candidate for the deputy director, so they asked Liu Suo and the instructor to study the division of labor of the leadership team of the next institute.One carrot, one hole, no position, no way How can you not arrange someone to take over if you have a position You have to ask the bureau leader, I said Han Chaoyang, do you have any ideas Sister Chen, this is a big joke.It s not up to me to have an idea, you have a great chance, think about it, you and Sergeant Yang both have chances.People walk to high places, water flows to low places, since wearing this police uniform, who doesn t want to make progress.Chen Xiujuan really had some ideas.After all, several deputy department level cadres in the sub bureau were raised from the internal staff, but these thoughts can only be kept in her heart, and she said calmly Why are you talking about me I think Sergeant Yang has a chance.

I bought it in Jinxiu Qiancheng, the location is good, and it belongs to the city center.Political Commissar Huang smiled and sighed Poor parents all over the world., for the sake of your children, who is not selling iron Your parents are so cbd euphoria gummy good to you, you must not let them down, not only must you be filial in the future, but also you must not make mistakes in your work.Political commissar, don t worry, I will not let them down Yes, let alone make mistakes.Han Chaoyang scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly My master often reminds me like this, and often beats the side drum.This is for your concern.Speaking of Lao Gu, I think you are very lucky.You must know that not every policeman can have a master like Comrade HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies Gu Guoli.It s very good.With Lao Gu around, there is nothing to worry about.So expensive Grandpa Gu was taken aback.It s been rising again during this period, master, don t think it s so expensive, people don t have enough to buy, now go to the sales department and ask only the lower floors that don t have sunlight in winter and the top floors that are cold in can you take cbd gummies on a airplane fun drop cbd gummies winter and hot in summer.This is too exaggerated.Thankfully, you bought it early.Grandpa Gu didn t want to delay the young couple from going to dinner, raised his arms and urged, Let s go quickly, don t make people wait, remember to bring me a good one for Director Su.Okay, Let s go.Let s go.When we arrived at the restaurant where Boss Miao was treating guests, the elders were all there, chatting and waiting.The young couple walked into the box under the lead of the waiter, and Boss Miao asked the waiter to serve the how much thc is in delta 8 cbd gummies food.Our security guards The company is really a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, there are people who HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies know some crafts, some who have studied machining technology, and some who have even studied medicine.Who has studied medicine As the manager of the security company, Xu Hongliang really didn t know that there was such a subordinate.Zhang Beibei smiled sweetly and said, Fan Zhiyang from class 6 has attended health school cbd gummy bears symptoms before and studied Chinese medicine for a few days.He was a hygienist in the army.I didn t know it at first.Once he was on duty in Dongming Community, and he went to the hotel to see Lingling and the others after get off work.During the rehearsal, Lao Guan suffered from frozen shoulder, and his arm hurt badly that day, Fan Zhiyang helped him pinch it for a while, and after pinching it, the pain was gone.Huang Ying pondered The merchants should be fine.The work of the villagers must be difficult.Xu Hongliang nodded slightly Yes, they have a small boiler, installed pipes and radiators at home, and even stockpiled a lot of coal, how could they pay for the heating company to provide heat Huang Ying has been working in the street for more than a year, and she is not ignorant of heating in winter.She touched the corner of her mouth and murmured The environmental pollution of small boilers is serious, and the district has been rectified more than once, requiring conditional use of collective supply.It is very hot, and I have no conditions to replace the gas fired boiler, but the resistance is too great, and it has not been pushed forward.Huang s mother reacted, and martha stewart cbd gummies gummy worm cbd said with deep conviction It costs more than 10,000 to buy a small boiler, install pipes and radiators, and it costs more than 10,000 yuan.Don t you need to investigate when you are doing news reports Isn t Jia Meng not investigating , This is to illustrate a fact, after all, after the announcement of the Organization Department of the District Committee, many netizens in several forums of Yanyang Online have questioned it.Reporter Qian, you are changing the concept secretly.Director Feng knocked on the table and said with a sullen face As a media, you must first abide by the laws and regulations, and abide by the discipline of propaganda as a do you have to have a prescription for cbd gummies media practitioner, you must have the minimum professional ethics.Without investigation or research, they sent random news and fueled the flames, which caused a very bad impact on our Yandong branch.So many grassroots policemen are dedicated to their duties to fight against various crimes, and they have worked so hard to change the accumulated image.We police patrol the streets with a plastic fun drop cbd gummies bag in our pocket.When we fun drop cbd gummies see garbage Just ran over to pick it up.You are good, not only did not help maintain environmental sanitation, but also destroyed environmental sanitation, in violation of the Yanyang City Appearance Management Regulations , comprehensive administrative law enforcement personnel have the right to punish you.I have a pack of cbd oil and gummy instagram cigarettes It s only how much, and one fine is 50, which is too much 50 more fines for you He Hong took out the Yanyang City Appearance Management Regulations , held it up to him and said, Look, a person like you wants A fine of 50 to 200 yuan, with your attitude, a fine of 200 yuan is not too much At the gate of the ticket office, another person was arrested, who seemed to be spitting everywhere, and it seemed that the passengers who were caught were as emotional as they were, otherwise There won t be so many people watching.Not to mention that there are still relatives in Yanyang.The father in law and mother in law have made plans for countless times, and they are still planning how to spend this year.Han Chaoyang was very moved, and he answered a few more phone calls, thanking several people in the jurisdiction HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies for their concern.Wu Junfeng had already driven the police car to the toll parking lot at the east gate of Xingye Plaza, rolled down the window and asked the security guard who paid the toll Brother, we are Yan.For the East Branch, what floor is Jinshi Fitness Center on, and where do you go up Chapter 565 Little Fairy has an accident 2 The gym on the third floor the security guard asked from the pavilion.How many gyms do you have here It seems to be only one.That s it, where do you go The security guard subconsciously glanced northwest, and smiled It s useless for you to go up, there is a gym on the third floor.How about this, in order to confirm the identity of the WeChat vest I m looking for, I found out who opened a gym in Xingye Plaza.Boss Meng, Boss Meng is by my side, he can help me prove it.Meng, didn t he run away He is by your side Yes, I found your membership record through looking for him.I know that he closed the store because the top up money was not used up.You may have a problem with him, but there are priorities.You can talk about things with him later, please tell me what your WeChat vest is called first Tranquility, yes What s the problem I haven t used other vests, have you changed the vest recently No, I have been using this vest.Okay, thank you, fun drop cbd gummies there is no other problem.Han Chaoyang didn t hang up in a hurry, thinking Want to add Miss Ning, I m very busy right now, and I m in a hurry to find another member.

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the reason for this How can huuman cbd gummy bears there be such a good thing in the world If the government really does this, it will not condone or even encourage crime As long as No one will get sick.If going to jail can solve these problems, wouldn t everyone commit crimes and commit crimes Officer Han, I didn t think so.I was angry when I fought with Ke Jun.However, he is too bullying and contemptuous of others.Not to mention uremia, even nephritis was detected only after entering the detention center. It s good that you don t think so, it shows that you, Dai Lishi, are sensible.Xiaokang left with a hot water bottle When he came in, Han Chaoyang took the hot water bottle, gently stuffed it under Dai Lishi s infusion, and helped him tuck the quilt, and said persuasively Compared with leukemia and cardiovascular diseases, the cost of treating uremia is not high.It turns out what all does cbd gummies help with that human relationships are also a kind of knowledge.Han Chaoyang was feeling secretly, when the police phone rang suddenly, and the caller ID turned out to be a number that had to be reached, so he hurriedly looked in the rearview mirror, and slowly drove the car to the side of the road.Mo Yunhu, what s cbd gummies north fork valley colorado the matter Officer Han, just now I answered a call just now.Wang Yigui, who used to serve a sentence with me, called me and said he was in the city.He asked me where I lived and if I could Come out.A few days ago, Chaoyang Community Property Company entered Xinmin Community.Stability prevails during the Spring Festival.At this stage, only services are provided, and the property owners of the community are not charged for the time being.The salaries of the personnel and the funds for the maintenance of the fence and the installation of monitoring will be provided by the community for the time being.For a parolee like Mo Yunhu, there is no need to hide and hide.Han Chaoyang bluntly expressed serious doubts about the legality of Wang Yigui s business.Mo Yunhu went back to his sister s house to bring a stack of documents, and said with a bitter face Officer Han, it is unlikely that he will not learn his lesson.Look at this The photos above were all taken during the meeting, so they shouldn t be liars.The printing is exquisite, all the paper is very elegant, and the content is even more grand.Han Chaoyang flipped through it for a while, and couldn t figure out the reason from these promotional materials.He pondered, You high dose cbd gummies for anxiety fun drop cbd gummies can find out if you are a liar or not after consulting a professional.It s not just about whether you can avoid being deceived or not.It s that simple, if he is really a liar, you can even use this opportunity to assist us in handling the case and get a reduced sentence.You just now Didn t you say that your Public Security Bureau also guarantees it Guarantee, I will invite Director Liu of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and even Director Wang of the Judicial Office to be witnesses.I have participated in the entire demolition of Chaoyang Village, and I am quite familiar with the process of evaluation, demolition, and payment of compensation.The compensation is distributed by the district.If you can lend a helping hand, Dai Lishi will lend you the money, including the interest incurred, which can be directly deducted from the demolition compensation in the future.Chapter 614 Borrowing money 3 Brothers Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang After hesitating, their wives simply kept silent.Dai Lishi is Dai Qiancheng s cousin anyway.Although he didn t learn well in the past few years, he was very kind to Dai Qiancheng when he was a teenager.Deng said just now, there are too many dialects in Zhejiang Province, and she can t understand them either.I waited for another five or six minutes, and waited for her to send a mobile phone number to contact a friend of hers.I played it again and asked others to listen.Thank God, I understood it this time Dr.Deng s friend is fun drop cbd gummies also a woman and a doctor.He has seen the world, recalled what he just heard, sorted out his words, and said with a smile Officer Han, the callers started to fun drop cbd gummies ask if there HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies is any problem with the stolen cigarettes., asked if there were any fakes in the store, and you didn t record how the person who answered the phone answered, and later he complained about how the person who answered the phone was so careless, how he put the things in the store, and why the person who answered the phone called the police.Morning, Han Da.Excuse me, are you I didn t know him at all, and Han Chaoyang was startled.Sun Le, from the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Branch.Xiao Sun turned to look at the corridor, reconfirmed that there was no one else, and explained When I fun drop cbd gummies checked in last night, Sergeant Hu said that you live in this room, and our two rooms happen to be opposite each other.Oh oh oh, it turns out gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy to be a colleague of Team Ni.Han Chaoyang shook hands hurriedly, and then said with a smile We are about the same age, so don t be so polite when you come and go, you haven t had breakfast, let smokiez smokiez sour jamberry 250mg cbd gummies s go find a place to eat Order something, let s chat while walking.No matter what, the person in front of me is also the team leader, so Xiao Sun just pretended not to know anything and said with a smile, Okay, please, Han Da.Vehicles, still responsible for the rear of the escort convoy.Ni Guoxiong is both a leader and a senior, and a senior in Beijing.Xiaokang never dared to smoke upstairs.Now that there are no outsiders in the car, he can finally enjoy himself.He lit up the cigarette and took a few puffs.He knocked on the ash and said sincerely Thank you, Han Da.Thank you for what Han Chaoyang asked puzzledly while leaning on the steering wheel.Thank you for asking the branch leader to let me stay.If it wasn t for your martha stewart cbd gummies gummy worm cbd help, I would definitely be on the train back to Yanyang with Junfeng and the others right now.Han Chaoyang patted the steering wheel, couldn t help laughing and said If you stay, you can stay.Whether you can seize this opportunity and make some achievements depends on yourself.When I see Jiao Da and Team Liang later, I will help you with them.He is a bit fun drop cbd gummies capable and has seen the world.Therefore, he became the talker of the Liu family.Officer Feng, the car that hit Chengcheng was detained Detained, and the drunk driving driver is also under control.On behalf of the branch, I can assure you that the driver suspected of drunk driving must not only pay civil compensation, but also bear criminal responsibility My brother died on duty.Do you want to give an explanation from your Public Security Bureau The pension situation, and then looked at the text message just received and said Comrade Liu Chengquan died, and the bureau leaders are equally distressed.Early this morning, our Zhou fun drop cbd gummies Bureau personally contacted the person in charge of China Life Yanyang Branch.This matter is also very important, and I decided to go to Chaoyang Community to hold a public security auxiliary police accident insurance claim cashing meeting this afternoon, and cash the claim funds on the spot to the relatives of Comrade Liu Chengquan who died in the line willies cbd gummies 50 off of duty.

But how much Yandong has changed in the past 20 years, the rural areas of the past have become the urban areas of today, it is not an exaggeration to describe it as earth shaking.Because the new garden is closest to the old city, the changes are even greater.There used to be less than 20,000 people in Xinyuan Township, but now Xinyuan Street has an estimated 200,000 people including migrants.It is not so easy to find someone who has worked in a chemical fertilizer factory that has been closed for many years.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to use the stupidest method.He went back to the police room and asked Jiang Xiaomin and Wang Jiayong, who were on duty at night, to send WeChat calls together.I don t know anyone who has worked in a fertilizer factory.The hard work paid off, and after half an hour of contact, fun drop cbd gummies an enthusiastic member of the public finally helped to find out an old worker who had worked in a chemical fertilizer factory.The good voluntary security patrol team has disbanded, and the anti pickup team will also disband in 20 days.Han Chaoyang is extremely depressed, and he is not in the mood to patrol anymore.He returns to the police room dejectedly, takes out his mobile phone to see if there is any SMS and WeChat.There are several text messages, all of which are advertisements.There are a lot of WeChat messages, some from college classmates, gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy some from Xie Lingling, asking if they have time to participate in the rehearsal tomorrow afternoon.There are more new information in the circle of friends, click on it to browse, and click a few likes casually.It s okay not to order, a little trouble.Just logged into the intranet and was about to fill in the performance appraisal content, the factory director Wang suddenly called and asked Xiao Han, where are you, are you not busy today Is there something wrong It s nothing, I just saw that you liked old man Kang, and thought you were not busy.Xiaokang, an anti pickup member of the 12th task force, also graduated from the Judicial Police Academy.Han Chaoyang has so many graduates from the Judicial Police Academy The police academy of the Ministry of Justice is different from the police academy of our provincial department.It is very difficult for graduates to join the police, and many students are unemployed as soon as they graduate.In our opinion, Xu Hongliang may be just a security company manager, but in the eyes of the leaders of the Judicial Police Academy, Xu Hongliang is definitely the pride of their academy.Although the boy is young, he values love and righteousness, knows how to be grateful, and wants to help his juniors find employment, so Chaoyang Community Security Company has accepted many students from the Judicial Police Academy.Considering the special situation of the patrol team, it is best to invite the leaders can cause gummy cbd lemon tincture headaches of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, and the street to participate.You should HCMUSSH fun drop cbd gummies first inquire and see Minister Jiang and Secretary Gu of the street.Someday they will have time, and they will issue a formal invitation letter when they are determined.Some time ago, they said that they would not hold the listing ceremony, and even wanted to let the patrol team disband through cold treatment, but now they are letting it go, isn t this backfired Han Chaoyang s head got bigger, and he said with a bitter face Director, it s impossible for others not to know you.The leaders are busier than each other.If you have time, he doesn t.It s hard to decide this day And the last time I invited you, he I put it on the schedule, but it turned out that I will not be listed for the time being, how do you want me to talk to others How can Deputy Director Xing know that it is difficult to determine the date of this kind of event, because the leaders have time to rely on touch, besides What I want to invite are the leaders of several units, and more importantly, they have just let go of their pigeons not long ago.Jing, what business does Boss Mao do In the past, he specialized in building scaffolding for construction sites.Later, he also engaged in the rental of steel pipe fasteners and formwork.But his wife is the real master.My wife went out to talk.Mr.Jing took out his mobile phone, clicked on their rights protection group , and explained Don t look at me as the group leader, but this group was built by his wife, and every meeting is held in her hotel.Reporting to the Public Security Bureau, petitioning in the city, and hiring a lawyer were all done with the help of his wife.So Mao Junxian s wife should be familiar with Luo Weixing Luo Weixing is doing civil engineering, and noble cbd gummies reviews he must use scaffolding and templates to deliver the main body.They have known each other for a long time and must be familiar.Zheng Bai was a little flustered by the sight, and hurriedly shifted his gaze, pretending not to look at him, staring at gummy worm cbd clinical cbd gummies where to buy the exit.After waiting for about three or four minutes, Boss Qian and Shi Junhua came out with a black leather bag slung over the shoulders and a small suitcase dragging.Although it was the first time for Qian Shangui to cooperate with the police, he had fun drop cbd gummies traveled far and wide to see the world, and he saw Zheng Bai at a glance.And Jiang Yonggen who was standing next to Zheng Bai, but behaved very calmly, as if he didn t know Zheng Bai, and the man next to Zheng Bai was Jiang Yonggen, holding up his mobile phone and asking Boss Jiang, we came out, where are you The voice was loud, and Jiang Yonggen could hear it clearly.He put down his phone and grinned, Mr.Qian, I m here Shake hands with Jiang Yonggen vigorously.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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